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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1943 volume:

The 1943 Echo, Published by the Echo Staff and Echo Board of Monticello College, Alton, III. Copyright 1943 EDITOR ........................................ Betty Brewen ASSISTANT EDITOR .......................... Nancy Schmidt CONSULTING EDITOR ............................ Eunice Larson COPY EDITOR ..................................... Ann Lenzen ART EDITORS ............... Jane Osterhoudt and Nancy Tackett PHOTOGRAPHER ........................... Maryette Charlton ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHER .............................. Annella Hammett MANAGERS OF ECHO BOARD Elizabeth Ardelt and Ruth Wilbur ADVISORS................ Elizabeth C. Supplee and Hillis ArnoldTHE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Member Emeritus and Treasurer: CHARLES A. CALDWELL. President, First National Bank and Trust Company, Alton, Illinois President: THEODORE S. CHAPMAN. Chapman Cutler, Attorneys-at-Law, I I I West Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois MRS. WILBUR KITCHENER JORDAN. Chicago, Illinois. Former Dean ot Radcliffe College MRS. SPENCER T. OLIN (ANN WHITNEY), Alton, Illinois. Class of 1925. Alumnae Member MRS. WILLIAM WOOD PARSONS, Terre Haute, Indiana. President-emeritus of the College Secretary: EBEN RODGERS. President, Alton Brick Company, Alton, Illinois Ex-officio: GEORGE IRWIN ROHRBOUGH, President, Monticello Collegesv; GEORGE IRWIN ROHRBOUGH This Echo of 1943 is dedicated to the President of Monticello College, Dr. George Irwin Rohrbough. His faith in youth and belief that the future belongs to those who prepare for it, is the inspiration guiding those girls who come to him not only as students, but as friends.A WISH FOR EACH SENIOR I wish for you a flexible mind — a tenacious, wiry philosophy of life that never permits you to buckle in the middle and give up! I wish for you a deepening appreciation of plain living and high thinking! May you ever see life clearly and may life always bring you of its most durable satisfactions. May happy memories of Monticello days come back to you with the tenderness of the years upon them. May those memories light you a happy pathway through the stern days to come. G. I. R.JOHN RIPLEY YOUNG Academic Doan Chairmon. Deportment of Foreign Languages B.A.. Marshall College; Ph.D., University of Illinois 10 AUDLEY N. SULLIVAN Secretory and Director of Admissions University of NobraskoADMINISTRATION ADA H. DIESH Registrar B.A.. Illinois College H. MARGARET HARDIN Librarian Assistant in Psychology B.A.. B.S. in L.S.. University of Washington; M.A.. University of Chicago HARRY ZIEGLER Burjor B.A.. University of Illinois yv.DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN NOTLEY S. MADDOX Choirmon, Deportment of English and Spocch Director of Tests ond Mcosure-monts University of Illinois; B.S.. M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University JOHN KIRKPATRICK Chairman, Deportment of Music Pionoforto Princeton University; Conservatoire do Fontainebleau; Ecole Normalc dc Musique LUCRETIA CRESSEY Chairman, Department of Science ond Mathematics Physics ond Chomistry B.A., University of Illinois; M.A., Columbia University; graduate study. University of Chicago 12...... ELAINE M. DEAR Chairman, Department of Phys-icol Education, Hygionc, and Recreation B.A., Stanford Univorsity; M.S. in Hygiene ond Physical Education, Wellesley Collogo HOMER F. YOUNG Chairman, Department of Social Sciences B.A., Ohio Univorsity: M.A.. Harvard Univorsity CORINNE TAYLOR Chairman, Department of Secretarial Science B.S., State Teachers College, War-rensburg, Missouri; graduato study, University of Missouri, University of California DOROTHEA LOUISE GALEHOUSE Acting Chairman, Department of Visual Arts Department Chairmen B.S., Iowa State Collogo: graduate study, Univorsity of Iowa 13■ ■ ■ • FLORENCE BERGENDAHL Voico Mus-B.. Westminster Choir College: groduote study, North- western University GEORGE BARR CARSON Social Scionces B.A., College of Wooster. M.A., Ph.D.. University of Chicago Sculpture B.A.. University of Minnesota: graduate study, Minneapolis School of Arts; twice holder of the Vandcrlip Travelling Follow-ship; Cranbrook Academy, two year fellowship ABBA WILLARD BOWEN Fronch B.A., University of Nebraska; graduato study. University of Chicago, the Sorbonnc, University of Brussels; holder of C.R.B. Fellowship, 1921-22 HILLIS ARNOLD 14CLARK NIXON CRAIN Geography B.A., M.A., University of Colorado; graduate work, Clark University MARGARET EVANS Head of Gilman Residence B.A., University of Nebraska CATHERINE WOERMANN EAMES Visual Arts B.A., Vossor College; graduate study. University of Colorado and Washington University JULIA CASSIE FOSTER Social Scionces Mathematics B.A., M.A., Washington University; graduate study. University of Missouri and University of Wisconsin 15RICHARD GATES On leovo of absence in fhe armed services Chairman, Department of Visual Arts B.A., M.A., University of Iowa LOUISE ELIZABETH GULICK Biology B.A., M.A., University of Illinois WINIFRED MORGAN GOTTSCHALK Physical Education, Riding A.A., Monticello Collcgo; University of Wisconsin NAOMI K. HADE English B.A., Hood College; M. A.. Columbia Univorsity; graduate study, Oxford Univorsity and Columbia University 16JULIA HARNED Speech and Drama B.A., Byrn Mawr College: M.F.A., Yale University. Department of Droma MARJORIE LEW KAY Physical Education Modorn Danco Lingnan University, Canton, China; B.A., University of Washington; M.S. in Hygieno and Physical Education, Wellesley College GRACE BOK HOLMES Head of Baldwin Residence Career Counselor B.S.. Northwestern University; graduate study, University of Chicago. HOPE MILLER KIRKPATRICK Assistant in Bible Assistant in Baldwin and Caldwell Residences Educated privately in N e w York and in Europe; Pius X School of Liturgical Singing 17 LUDWIG LENEl. Music Mus.M., Obcrlin College; Hoch-schule Fucr Musik, Cologne; 8oscl Consorvotory ALICE MAY GEORGE MORRILL Assistant in Biology Hoad of Caldwell Residence Ph.B., Denison University; M.A., Northwestern University ELIZABETH MASON Physical Education B.S., University of Wisconsin CHARLES J. LIENERT Mathematics B.Ed., Southern Illinois State Normal University; M.S., University of IllinoisEILEEN RUBINKAM Music Northwestern University RUBY SHAW Music Mus. B.. Oberlin Collego BARBARA SEYBOLD French, Gormon, ond Spanish Ph.D., University of Wuorxburg; graduate study. Univorsity of Munich, the Sorbonne, University of Mexico ELIZABETH CORNELL SUPPLEE Diroctor of Publications ond Publicity English B.A., Cornell University; B.J., M.A., University of Missouri liEMILIE PALMER Monogcr of Bookstore Assistont in Residence The People s Academy, Morris villc. Vermont WALTER G. HUGGETT Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds CATHERINE BREEZE Resident Nurse Graduate of St. Luke's Hospital Troining School. St. Louis 20BARBARA BURTON Secretary to the Admission Office A.A., Monticcllo College; Tulsa University EMILY GRIER CARRINGTON Secretory to the President 8.A., Hood College LILLIAN LESLIE Secretary to the Admissions Office B.A.. Culver-Stocltton College RUTH EILEEN O'DELL Socrctory to the Acodomic Of. fice Drury College HELEN EILEEN WILES Cashier Illinois State Normal UniversityPAULINE ADAIR Secretary to tho Alumnae Office Illinois College; Brown Business College FRANCES BAKER Latin B.A., B.S., Drury College; groduoto study, Univer-sity of Missouri NORMA LEE MERRICK Admissions Counselor A,A.. Monticollo College; B.S.. lowo Stote College LUCIE B. MOTT Admissions Counselor Purdue University HELEN CLOSSON Dietitian University of Missouri; Northeast Missouri Stote Toochers' College MARTHA ROHRBOUGH French B.A.. Obcrlin College; M.A., Rodcliffe College; graduate study, the Sorbonnc THELMA HAVENS Information Office Hadloy Vocotionol School W. VLADIMIR ROUSSEFF Visual Arts Bulgarian Notional Gymnasium; L'Ecolo do I'As-somption, Vcrno, Bulgorio; Art Institute of Chi-cogo; studied with Randall Davey, George Bellows. Albort H. Krohbcil, Carl Buehr. VIRGINIA R. KING Admissions Counselor A.A., Monticollo Collego; University of Chicago KATHLEEN B. MADDOX English B.A., Ohio State University GROVES B. SMITH College Physicion Lecturer in Psychology M.D.. Columbia University; Director of Surveys for the National Committee on Mental Hygieno; Assistant Chief of Staff, Alton Memorial Hospital. MAX TARTASKY Violin Studied with Raphaol Bronstein (pupil of Leopold Auer); New York debut, 1929; concert artist in New York City for eight years; soloist Community Center Faculty Quartet; member first violin section St. Louis Symphony Orchcstro. MARGARET K. WEIGEL Admissions Counselor B.A., College of St. Theresa; graduate study University of Wisconsin.Meet the Executive Council of the senior class: Helen Brand-horst, former president; Josephine Reschke, vice-president; Mary Bob Seiler, secretary; and Eunice Larson, treasurer. They were elected to their respective offices in February of their junior year. 24MARTHA APPEL Tulio. Oklohomo Baldwin Houso Council; War Effort: Motor Mechanics; First-Aid; Choir; ECHO; Tennis Club; I.R.C. secretary; Pegasus; Art Association: Dean's List. Daffodils ond Chopin, Cezonno and Robin Hood, rain on city streets ond new mown hoy. JANE VAN CLEVE ABBOTT Dallas, Toxas ECHO; Morlin Club; I.R.C.; Science Club; Swimming Team. White sands ond corol, Burns ond cutty sark. Moxican fiesta ond morocco leathor. ELIZABETH JEAN ARDELT Denver. Colorodo Choir; ECHO, businoss managor; War Effort: First-Aid; Pogosus Club, socrefory ond treasurer; Sponsor; Dean's List. Pheasant foothors ond nut brown ole. Irish linen and pastel pottery, soaring eagles and Mac. PRISCILLA ALLEN Evanston, Illinois War Effort Council; War Effort: First-Aid: Piano Club; Madison County Symphony. Mozart and o great glass bear, tho shadow of a grond piano and a limp wrist.HELEN ADELLE AYERS Winnctka, Illinois Scionco Club; Tro-Com; "For You To Live"; "Fashion"; "Loiters lo Luccrno." Alfred Luni and Lynn Fontaino, "Nut Cracker Suite", and cut gloss. BETTY BEEKLY Tulso. Oklahoma War Effort: First-Aid; Bandogo Rolling; ECHO; TIMES; Tro-Com; I.R.C. Bubbling Burgundy and Hepburn, white hands and chimes, "Tigress" and blowing sands. KATHLEEN BAETZ Detroit, Michigan ECHO; Modern Dance Club, secretory-treasurer; Basketball Tri-Collogo Toam; Basketball toam. Spodo and a groy-groen dinner gown, rose-colored rugs and carved mahogany, "Ponitonto” and "Voguo”. JEAN BELANGER Glen Ellyn. Illinois War Effort: Offico Techniques; TIMES; Tro-Com; ' Fashion '; "For You To Live". Prairie grass and spring rains, square danco and a yellow lantorn. 26HELEN BRANDHORST Webstor Grovof. Missouri Student Council: Closs President (resigned): Caldwell House Council; War Effort: First-Aid; ECHO; TIMES; I.R.C.; Hockey Team; Junior Committoo Chairman; Fall Prom Committee; Sponsor; Dean's List. Ogden Nosh and stone walls, Viennese wolhes ond a clear shining light. DOROTHY BINNER Winnotko, Illinois War Effort: First-Aid; Choir; ECHO; Art Association; Marlin Club. "Til-oulenspiegol" ond brood pudding with raisins; silver bolls ond cocklo shells. BETTY BREWEN Kansas City. Missouri War Effort Council; War Effort: Motor Mechanics; ECHO Editor; I.R.C.; Sponsor. A cross-word puxzlo ond Mayan ruins, Kipling and chrysanthemums, football gomes ond Irish settors. ELINOR BORGSTEDT Wood River. Illinois Choir; Music Workshop; Dean's List. A loco collar ond o flute, o pekinese ond square toes. 27DOROTHY BURKE Ovcrlond Pork. Kansas Prom Committco, Docorations; Doll Dinnor Committoo; Sponsor. A broad lown, a blue sky, and o place in the sun. MARY REBECCA COLVERT Wichita Falls. Texas Baldwin House Council; Choir; I.R.C.; run With Foods; Golf Team; Clearing Committee; Principio Conference; Sponsor. A sandpiper and golden syrup, a wheelbarrow, and a poko bonnet. MARYANN MERRICK BUSH Ames. Iowa Studont Council; Baldwin House Council: War Effort Council; Social Chairman; TIMES; Marlin Club; Sponsor; Dean's List. Gardenias and Now Year's Eve. cactus and red vclvot. moon-lit clouds and dipping wings. MILDRED CRANDALL Poinesville, Ohio Wot Effort: Conservation Corps; Dance Club, president, manager; Music Workshop; Hobby Horse; Sponsor; Deon's List. Greon spotlights and velvet shoes, a riding crop and iris. Mozart’s "G Minor Quintet," and "Time." 28MARLENE FELTER Cincinnofi, Ohio Wor Effort Council; War Effort; Red Cross Knitting Committee. Flog Committeo; Choir. Flowcrod chintz ond Wedgowood. grey crepe ond rhododendron, "Liebestroum" and a soft wool sock. DOROTHY JEANNE ERICKSON St. Joseph, Missouri ECHO; I.R.C.; Art Association; Donee Droma; Hillcrest. Agotha Christio ond monks cloth, o white gonoral store ond pio in a kitchen window. CAROLYN JEAN EVANS Ames. Iowa Student Council; Caldwell House Council; War Effort Council, chairman; I.R.C.; Science Club; Sponsor; Dean's List. Test tubes ond Curie, "Potpourri” and pigskin, a cherry wood gavel and white china horses. DOROTHY DILLER Peoria, Illinois War Effort; First-Aid (advanced); Music Workshop; Science Club; Spring Riding Meet. A Swiss chalet and tinkling bells, yollow tulips and a burnished grond piono, a chestnut moro and rippling wheat.MARY JANE FOSTER Dallas, Texas Choir; ECHO; TIMES, co-foaturo editor; Danco Club; "Fash, ion"; Dean's List; Hordman Memorial Poetry Award ‘42. June ovonings and pole honeysuckle, "Ballot Russo" and Koussc-vitsky. HELEN ELIZABETH GORDON Omaha. Nebroska Piano Club; Music Workshop; Fun with Foods; Golf Team. Rod and reel, blue shirt and white pinafore, on organdy opron and tiny Doctor Denton's. EVELYN FENTEM Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Caldwell House Council; War Effort: Motor Mechanics; M.A.A. Board; Tro-com; Marlin Club, meet chairman; Baskotboll Tcom; Swimming Team; Hockey Teom; Riding Team; Sponsor. Moss and side roads, stern chins and crinkly eyes, a P38 and November twilight. PRISCILLA FOSTER Bartlesville. Oklahoma I.R.C.; Scienco Club; Hobby Horse; Sponsor. Pinafores and circus crowds, blue grass and poliminos. 30FRANCES ELIZABETH HOOVER Tulsa, Oklahoma Baldwin House Council; Wor Effort Council; I.R.C., choirman; Dean's List. A whistling tcakettlo and Browning, "Silver Pennies" and a feather bed. ANNELLA HAMMETT Kansas City. Missouri Wor Effort: Conservation Committee; ECHO, assistant photographer; Dcnco Club, honorary member. Light and shadow, "Currier and Ives." a swinging goto and pipos of Pan. ROSEMARY HURST Oxford, England War Effort: Bondage Rolling; TIMES; Tro-com; I.R.C. Corgis and Switzerland, magnolias ond whitecaps. Tschoikowsky and a mill wheol. ANN HAMPTON Denver, Colorado War Effort: First-Aid; M.A.A. Board; Choir; Hobby Horse, president; Riding Managor; Sponsor. Saddle leather ond horses, delft blue ond cashmere, lemonade and cool country club lawn. 31DOROTHY ANN INGLIS Hompton, Iowa War Effort: Hillcrost; TIMES; I.R.C.; Hobby Horse. Lobster ond champagne, white toil and burning sun, military balls and candle light. JEANNE KURZ Glen Ellyn, Illinois Choir; TIMES; Art Association; Class Song Comm.ttec. "Blithe Spirit" ond a smudgo of charcoal, o P'"n'ng whcol and pixie glasses. EFFIE JO JENSEN Coffeyvillo. Kansas Glintings wings and leather jackets. Oanish linen and sun flowers, a hoystack ond a brook. RUTH MARY LANE Chicago, Illinois War Effort: Bondoge Rolling; TIMES; Science Club. "Strook" ond a silver napkin ring, a boardwalk ond a striped umbrella. 32Studont Council; Closs Treasurer; Haskell House Council; M.A.A.: treasurer. Golf. Badminton, manager; ECHO: co-editor, consulting editor; Marlin Club; Hockoy Team; Basketball Team; Softball Team; "Ladies in Retirement''; Sponsor. Argyles and o golf tee, a Toby mug and knotty pine. "Archie" ond "Mohitoble." GRACE LINDSEY Beverly Hills, California Caldwell House Council, secretary; Caldwell Fire Chiof; TIMES, business staff; ECHO. Will's Coffee House ond "The Shropshire Lod," "Volse Triste" ond dashing waves. ANN LENZEN Cedar Rapids. Iowa Haskell Houso Council, social choirmon; War Effort Council: secretory, Bandage Rolling, chairman; ECHO, copy editor; TIMES. To| Mahal ond gladioli, "Largo" from the New World Symphony'' ond o Rembrandt, a white fur rug an® French blue wolls. PAULINE LEWIS Newtonville, Massachusetts Baldwin House Council; Wor Effort Council; War Effort: Hill-crest, Motor Mechanics. First-Aid; M.A.A. Board; Choir: executive committee, president; ECHO Board; I.R.C.; Tonnis Toom, monagor; "Fashion"; "Ladies in Retirement"; Sponsor; Doon's List. Mountain crags ond ivy, Cuba Libras and T. S. Eliot, Bohemian glass and quaint roofs. EUNICE LARSON Denver. Colorado 33Roinbow trout and gurgling streams. wet socks ond wood smoke, block tulle ond toll candlci. JEAN MILLER Coffeyville. Kansas Drama Club. Proportiei Committoo. choirmon. "Ladiej in Re-tiromont," "Letters to Lucerne": Flying Squadron. Cokes ot midnight. Helena Rubenstein and friendly slocks, moss and gravostonos. MARILYN MEEK Carrollton, Illinois Hobby Horse Lilacs ond springtimo. butterflies and Pooh-bcor. BETTE MOONEY Dotroit, Michigan War Effort: Hillcrest House. "Bolero" and silver slippers, Borgdorf Goodman ond rubrum lilies, lobstor Nowburg ond o dimity apron. Patricia McClelland Davenport. Iowa Caldwell House Council: War Effort: First-Aid; M.A.A. Board; Marlin Club, pageant choirmon. president; Basketball Teom; Swimming Team.GEORGEANNE O'HORNETT Tulso. Oklahoma War Effort: Shorthand, Office Technique ; I.R.C.; Tennis Club; Science Club, treasurer; Sponsor. Gershwin and "Shocking," pecans and plaid, queen of hearts ond opera gloves. CRYSTAL NAY Okmulgee. Oklahoma Student Council: Caldwell House Council: Choir; TIMES; I.R.C.; Morlin Club; Basketball Team; Hockey Team; Sponsor, choir-mon. Violet nosegays and a firefly, turned-up toes and powder puff muslin. Bloomington, Illinois ECHO, ort editor; TIMES; Art Association; Tra-com, president; "For You to Live"; "Fashion"; "Ladies in Retirement"; "Letters to Lucerne"; Foil Prom Committee. Buskin ond sock. Nool Coword ond crescendos, a sori veil ond rubies. MARCIA NEAD Hommond. Indiana Choir; TIMES, business manager. Best's ond an alligator bag. a Harris ond Ewing photograph, Sun Volley ond a birch log. JANE OSTERHOUDT 35SALLY ELIZABETH PHILPOTT Denver, Colorado War Effort: Bondage Rolling, Stomps: M.A.A. Board, treasurer: ECHO, consulting editor; Hobby Horse, secretary: Drill Toom; Riding Team; Chairman Junior-Scnior Competition Week; Sponsor. Jasper ond "The Amoobo" poem, Juno bugs ond silver knitting needles, electric eels and mushrooms. JOSEPHINE RESCHKE Genoseo, Illinois Studont Council: Vice President of the Senior Class: Caldwell House Choirmon: Choir, president: Tra-com: "For You to Livo”; "Fashion"; "Ladies in Retirement"; Sponsor; Dean's List. Needlepoint ond sapphire. "Tit-willow" and Rise Stevens, a quill pon ond lily-of-thc-volley. PATRICIA ELAINE REILLEY Alton, Illinois Wor Effort: Hillcrest; Art Association; Science Club. 8rocmcrs ond one o'clock fashion shows, clicking nocdlos ond pussy willows, almonds ond domi-tosso. PHYLLIS RUSSELL Duluth, Minnesota Wor Effort Council; Baldwin Houso Council, fire chiof; Scionco Club, vice-president. Groon-oyed kitions and chili powdor, o Dobormonn pinscher and "Dcop Purple." 36MARTHA SIMON Lincoln, Nebraska TIMES; Hobby Horse. A monorch butterfly and a corvcd ivory box, The Rovcn and dawn over Tahiti. SUE SCHOONOVER Salem, Illinois Red ric-rac ond yellow pique, ''Pilgrim's Progress" and ’ Clair do Lune," frilly curtains ond mople furniture. ROSEMARY SMITH Chicago, Illinois War Effort: Child Core. First-Aid. Hillcrest; Choir; TIMES. Co-fcoturc editor; Art Association; Dean's List. T. E. Lowronco ond Verdi, conte sketches, and a studio apartment, night lamps ond rustling poges, typewriter and a pensive curl of smoke. MARY BOB SEILER Pona. Illinois Student Council; Closs Secretory; Baldwin House Chairman; War Effort: Child Core, Hillcrest; Pegasus Club; I.R.C.; Sponsor; Doon's List. Frothy veils ond silver filigree, sparkling cyos and a molody in static, "House ond Gordon." 37JUNAVONNE SOUTH Chicago, Illinois War Effort: Hillcrest. Pond Lilies and black locc. larkspur and Dickons, white spires and mahogony. GLORIA STEIN Webster Grovos. Missouri Choir; ECHO; I.R.C.; Baskotball Team; Hockey Team; "Fashion"; "For You to Livo"; "Lettors to Lucerno." A small white bunny and pink net billows, Elisabeth Arden and butterfly glassos. JEAN SPENCE Chicago, Illinois Art Association; Prom Committee, Decorations. Morning glory and glistening dew, a white enamel telephone and lattice windows, station wagons ond a scotty. MARTHA STEIN Waukegan. Illinois Coldwoll House Council; Morlin Club; Hobby Horse: Bicycle Club: Hockey Team. Brahm's "Second" ond a cockatoo, a downy puff ond fresh, baked cookies. 38ELEANOR STRAUB Webster Groves, Missouri Student Council: Coldwell House Council; ECHO: TIMES, editor; I.R.C.; Hockey Team; Foil Prom Committee; Sponsor. A cosy window scot ond gentle roin, o November apple ond climbing boots, clicking presses anud a copy lay-out. NORMA STEWART Tulsa. Oklahoma War Effort Council; ECHO; TIMES; Student Art Association; I.R.C.; Pegasus Club; Deon’s List; Art Assistant. Damask napkins and a tcrrocc, o water color ond o Dutch holf-door. HARRIET STUHRBERG Ann Arbor, Michigan Red Cross Drivo Fancy dress ball ond gloss slippers, copper and emeralds, slim hands and "Harper's" sketches. CATHERINE STOCKTON Evanston, Illinois President of Student Association; Student Council, recording socrotary; Morlin Club; Hobby Horse; ECHO; Art Staff; Sponsor; Dean's List. A Chippendale desk and Peter Pan, Bonwit Teller and a silver urn. 39VIRGINIA LEE THOMPSON Wotorville, Kansas War Effort Council: War Effort: First-Aid: Choir. White-face cattle and Western boots, canyons and sage brush, polka dot curtains and the second hand of on electric clock. RUTH SUMNER Bucks, England Caldwell House Council, secretory; M.A.A. Board; Choir; Tennis Club, president; I.R.C. "Punch" and on ookon door. Francois Villon ond a crew race on the Thames. NANCY TACKETT Mexico City. Mexico War Effort: First-Aid: ECHO, art co-editor; Art Association, socrotory-treosurer; Prom Committee, docoraiions chairman; Doan's List. Sibelius and a cloon Nordic profile, smock and palotto, El Greco and a skylight. MARGARET SWARTS Grecnburg, Indiana Choir; Piono Club; Tennis Club; Music Workshop. "Rhopsody in Blue" ond blithe fingers. Gertrude Lawrence ond coviar, modern skyscrapers ond soft, bright wools.MAXINE VIGNOLA OoV Pork. Illinois Choir; I.R.C.; "Letters to Lucorno"; Prom Committee. Joggod lightning and Ernest Hemingway. Ethol Merman ond block crepe, poppios and "Potpourri." RUTH THORNQUIST Chicago, Illinois War Effort: Hillcrost, Child Care; Art Association; Pegasus Club. Lord Potor Wimsoy ond pinochlo, pencil sketchos ond a brown sotin Oachshund, a lamasery in Tibet and burnt-orange skins. BETTY LOU WARREN Beatrice, Nebraska War Effort: Bondage Rolling, Office Techniques; Science Club; Choir. A Siamese kitten ond cabarets, soft brown velveteen and a clorinet. ANNE TREHEARNE Surrey. England War Effort: First-Aid; ECHO; TIMES; I.R.C.. treasurer; Tennis Club; Tennis Team; Doan's List. Dartmoor and heather, timbered ceilings and Dovon lanes, whito pews and a thin proyer book. 41RUTH WILBER Denver. Colorado War Effort: Bondage Rolling; M.A.A., secretary; Choir; ECHO, assistant business manager; Hobby Horse; Sponsor. Sterling gadgets and I. Millors. slow swirling water and friendly collies, artichokes and summer thoatres. SUSAN WILSON Des Moines. Iowa Studont Council; Haskell House Chairmen; War Effort: Motor Mochanics, chairman. Bondage Rolling; Tra-com; Tennis Club; Sponsor. Plaid slocks ond Peck and Peck, pink champagne and "Now Horizons," pigskin ond stcoming coffee at the half. BARBARA WILCOXSON Carrollton, Missouri Wor Effort Council; War Effort: Bondage Rolling, Stamps; TIMES; I.R.C. An early summor morning ond collies, toffy pull ond a robin's ogg, white brick ond eyelot pique. NANCY WOLFF Pontiac, Illinois Tra-com; "For You to Live." Swedish gloss ond Wendy, a coffee table ond a cluster of gropes. 42MARTHA LOUISE WRIGHT Wcbitor Groves, Missouri M.A.A.; College Bosketboll Team; College Hockey Team, manager; Dean's List. Lapping waves and on underground labyrinth, great mochincs and cold blue lights. Mexican twoed ond a wicker bosket. BARBARA ANNE WOLFS Westfield, New Jersey War Effort: First-Aid, Motor Mechanics; Fun with Foods. A gnome and a doop emerald pool, loaf patterns ond Sugar Plum trees, moon-stone and a sea cottago. ESTELLE YOUNG Fort Smith, Arkansas ECHO; Variety Show, chairman. Mountains ond a roof in the moonlight, "Piglet" and "Owl.' RUTH WOOD Houston, Texos War Effort: First-Aid. Bondago Rolling; ECHO; Fun With Foods; I.R.C.; Sponsor. Honey-colored spaniels and zinnias, canopy beds ond homespun, ripples on a pool, ond o far blue ridge.H RSli jane McLaughlin Chicago, Illinois Student Council: Bold in Houso Council; M.A.A. Board, president; Choir; TIMES, sports editor; Marlin Club; Basketball Tcom; Hockoy Team; Sponsor; Dean's List. A chipmunk and Chinese checkers, "The Walrus and tho Carpenter." DALE WYNKOOP Scarsdalc, Now York War Effort: Motor Mochan:cs. Zebra and sleek coiffeurs. “Chateau Richelieu" and Fifth Avenue, lovely strong hands and Michclangolo's "David." LENORE SIMONSON Forgo, North Dakota Class Secretary, resigned; War Effort: First-Aid, Bandage Rolling: Choir; Art Club; I.R.C.; ECHO. Crystal porfume bottles and tea roses, leather books and English script, a maribou puff ond "Estrollito.” Welcome and welcome homel Jane Abbott and Lcnore Simonson returned to us after a too long absence and are now back in tho "swing" of things. We’re happy to havo you back and we’re happy that you couldn't stay away any longer! We're unhappy about those few who were unable to make appointments with the photographer. Better luck next time. 44 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS To carry on the fine class spirit that is part of Monticello's tradition, this year at the Washington Birthday Banquet, the junior class announced Nancy Pat Davis the new class president, Ann Jaquith, vice-president, Kathleen O'Brien, secretary and Jean Cody, treasurer. With such a wise choice of leaders the class will most assuredly live up to the trust of all those who have had the privilege of going before them. 45MARGARET ANSLEY Auburndole, Mossochusetts NANCY BEAN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma BETTY ALSPAUGH Liberty, Missouri BARBARA BERRY Sapulpa, Oklahoma JEAN BANGS Tulsa, Oklahoma HELEN BERRY Mamoroneck, New York BETTY LOUISE BAILEY Eaton, Colorado NANCY BINGMAN Okmulgee, Oklahoma LORRAINE BARRON Cedar Rapids, Iowa WINIFRED BOWEN Bloomington, Illinois 46 JEAN BARNETT Tulsa, Oklahoma JOELLEN BRANHAM Tulsa, OklahomaEDNA LEA BURRUSS Hommond, Indiono NANCY COPELAND Davenport, Iowa PEGGY BRYAN Momphis, Tennessee GRACE COREY Sioux City. Iowa BARBARA CHARTIER Omaha, Nebraska SHIRLEY CORNELIUS Clarendon Hills, Illinois MARYETTE CHARLTON Manchester, Iowa BARBARA JEANNE CRAVENS Sonborn, Iowa JEAN CODY Sioux City. Iowa ANNE CULVER Houston, Texas 47 i MARTHA CHILTON Mexico. Missouri EMILY DAILY Kansas City, MissouriDOROTHY DAUGHERTY Renssclocr, Indiana ANN EBERT San Antonio. Texas SARA FORD DALLMEYER Carthage, Missouri DOROTHY EUBANK Kansas City, Missouri DOROTHY DENNIS Paris, Illinois REBECCA FELLOWS Tulsa, Oklahoma NANCY DAVIS Omaha, Nebraska JANET FOWLER Detroit, Michigan JAYNE DUVALL Glen Ellyn, Illinois BARBARA ANNE FULLER Solido, Colorado 48 ELIZABETH DENNIS Poris, Illinois BETTY JANE GRAY Evonston, IllinoisBARBARA GROVES Ann Arbor, Michigan JULIE HARVEY Kansas City, Missouri MARGARET GREEN Dcs Moines. Iowa MARGARET HEDRICK Oklahoma City, Oklahoma LUCY ANN HAPEMAN Minden. Nebraska HELEN HENRY Saginaw, Michigan GAIL HAMILTON Homewood. Illinois BETTY HERMES Sapulpa, Oklohoma JOAN HARRIS Evanston, Illinois JEAN S. HIMMEL Wilmotto, Illinois JUNE YORK HARMON Carthage, Missouri NANCY HOAGLAND Newtonvillo, Massachusetts 49JEAN HOMAN Konsos Oily, Missouri JEAN KELLOGG Evanston, Illinois MARY HOGE Columbus. Nebraska ELIZABETH KENNEDY Webstor Groves, Missouri ANNE RYRIE JAQUITH Evanston, Illinois NORMA JEAN KENNEDY Kansas City. Missouri BOBBY HOUSTON Kansas City. Missouri MARTHA LAKE KNIGHT Oklahoma City. Oklahoma ANN JENNINGS Council Bluffs. Iowa SARA LEE KRAMER Parker, Indiana JACQUELINE JEFFERSON Des Moines. Iowa ANN FRARY LADD Elgin. Illinois 50•• .............. HELEN J. LAUGHLIN Oklahoma Oily. Oklahoma BETTY McCULLY Chicago, Illinois NANCY MARCUS St. Paul, Minnesota MAY JO LUNDGAARD Ada, Oklahoma JEAN LYONS Chicago, Illinois JEANNETTE MAGNUSSEN Omoho, Nebraska NANCY LEE Kenilworth, Illinois MARY FRANCES LYONS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma BETTY PEG LICHTENHELD Oklahoma City. Oklahoma ROSEMARY McKELVIE Council Bluffs. Iowa CHARYS LENZEN Cedar Rapids. Iowa RUTH McKISSICK Oklahoma City, OklahomaPATRICIA MARTIN Tulio, Oklahoma NEALE B. MINNIS Carrollton, Missouri EDYTHE MART Kansas City. Missouri MARJORIE MURRAY Highland Pork, Illinois BETTY MATHER Culver, Indiana ANN NEWCOMER Kansas City, Missouri ANN JOY MASON Liberty, Missouri KATHLEEN O BRIEN Birmingham, Michigan MARTHA JEAN MAYFIELD Norman, Oklahoma DOROTHY PARK Evanston. Illinois 52 BARBARA MAY Chestor, Illinois JOAN PARK Oklahoma City. Oklahoma ISABEL PIERCE San Jose, Californio BARBARA LEE PERKINS Okmulgee. Oklahoma SHIRLEY JEAN ROBINSON Evonston, lllinoi SALLY PREIHS Pane, Illinois ELAINE PORTER Chicago, Illinois NANCY SCHMIDT Davenport, lowo BETTY READE Kalamazoo, Michigan PATRICIA SAVAGE Tulsa, Oklahoma ANN RADTKE Appleton, Wisconsin PAULINE PECK Newton, Iowa • ■ ■ ' • ANN SHAW Dos Moines, Iowa JANE THORNTON Glencoe, Illinois SARA ANN SLOAN Tulsa, Oklahoma VIRGINIA THOMAS Keokuk, Iowa BARBARA JAYNE SMITH Sterling, Colorado REBECCA VALLETTE Beloit, Kansas MARY EMILY SNYDER Oklahoma City, Oklahoma LOUISE TOUCHSTONE Dallas, Texas MILDRED TARPLEY Quincy. Illinois MARJORIE STALCUP Tulsa, Oklahoma MARY LOUISE WARREN Beatrice, Nebraska HELEN WHITE University City, MissouriNANNETTE EUWER Sonto Monico, Californio LORENE FIENUP Kimey, Missouri VIRGINIA MANNING Amos, lowo YVONNE PERRIN Chicago. Illinois MARGARET SUPPLEE The war has made many changes in our lives. The Echo official photographer was unable to roturn to the campus to take the pictures of girls who entered at mid-semester or of those who missed him when he was here. We are sorry but know that our photographer, Maryette Charlton, has given us a reasonable likeness. Here’s a great big welcome to the girls who entered Monticello at mid-semesters! We're glad you're here with us and we know that you'll love Monti as we do. And to all you who missed the photographer—our apologies. Bainbridgc. Now York 55SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS OFFICERS Sue Freer........ Lu Lynn Green Jone Foster. . . Peggy Lynn . . . .... President Vice-President .. . .Secretory .. . .Treosurer 56 JUNIOR PREPARATORY CLASS OFFICERS Jeon Moeys...............................President Nancy Lee Deck......................Vice-President Moxiene Ford.............................Secretary Peggy Parkinson..........................TreasurerJACQUELINE BECKER Springfield. Illinois Ono thing's certoin in Jackie’s future—friends. MARJORIE COSH Alton. Illinois Marjorie will go places with her talents and sunny disposition. BETTY BERNARD Springfield. Illinois Brains a la mode will keep Betty on top. MARTHA DAVID Glencoe. Illinois Mortha con’t help but be a succoss. for she is an extraordinary sportswomen and a fine artist. JANE ANDERSON River Forest. Illinois Shooting high is Janie’s motto not only on the archory range, but everywhere. SHIRLEY COOTER Kenilworth, Illinois Beauty, brains, and moke Shirley a hit. personality combine to SALLY ANN BERRYHILL Sapulpa, Oklahoma Sally’s cheery smile can’t help but mean hop. pincss. SHIRLEY DeGRAFF Corvallis. Oregon The futuro holds hoppincss for Shirloy. for she is a perfoct friend. BARBARA BURRUSS Hommond, Indiana Babbie will ride her way to fame. AUDREY DICK Wolsenburg, Colorado One hundred men and a girl is a perfect and literal motto for Audrey.MOLLY DOWSE Solina, Kansas Molly’s friendliness and attractiveness make Kcr outstanding. SUE FREER Hinsdale. Illinois Sue’s future holds everything a perfect stu-dont and friend deserves. MARTHA EASTMAN Galesburg. Illinois Martha is o success in everything she docs. BOBBY ANNE GEORGE Edwardsvillo, Illinois True friendliness means true happiness for Bobby. JOAN EDDY Galesburg, Illinois Sincerity is sure to get Jodie places. LU LYNN GREEN Olney, Illinois Lu Lynn ond her ultra ultro scholastic standing will go places. MARY CAROLYN EMANUEL Ado. Oklahoma Postmistress-general will be Ado's title. YVONNE HAYES Oklohoma City, Oklahoma Handling financial mottors is Yvonne's specialty. ELIZABETH JANE FOSTER Benton. Illinois Janie will reach the top of the ladder with that efficiency and leadership. MARY MARGARET HILL Benton, Illinois Brains ond personality will make Mary Margaret a success.MARILYN KROC Arlington Heights, Illinois Lynn's cheerfulness will olwoys keep her hoppy. GEORGETTE MANDIS Wilmetto, Illinois Georgic’s friendliness mokes her o splendid person. JOYCE LoROCCA Glen Ellyn, Illinois With Joy comes joy. THERESSA MYRACLE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Torry is so winsome and fun-loving, she rotes tops with overyono. ANNETTE LEVIN Vandalia, Illinois Annette's nico disposition is a real asset. JOAN NEUSTADT Ardmore, Oklahoma Jo's many friends are proof of hor fine per-sonality. A sparkling disposition and dimples moke Janet a favorite. PEGGY LYNN Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Peggy's sure to bo a hit wherever she goes. ANNE LOURIE Burlington, Iowa Modosty and cheerfulness moke Anne a fine person. LUCILE NORTON Alton. Illinois A worm smile and kocn intelligence will always keep Lucilc out in front.EDITH PICKERING Springfield. Illinois A riding enthusiost of the highest caliber is Edith. JEAN RUCKER Independence. M:ssouri Bobby's future is sure to have its shore of hoppincss. PATRICIA ANN PLUMMER Marysville. Colifo'nia A roody smilo and sparkling eyas combine to moke Pot popular. EDITH SPICKELMIER Indionopolis. Indiana There'll never be a better friend than ''Spic." BERNICE POSTEL Mascoutah, Illinois Incxhoustoble energy and plenty of dotes olwoys koep Bernice busy. MARY LOU SPIVA Quincy. Illinois Twinkling toes and eyes will keep "Spivc" dancing and everyone else happy. VIRGINIA RODDY Chicago. Illinois Ono of the brainiest and cleverest is Virginia. HELEN THEIS Kirkwood. Missouri If thorc is a horso around Sis will always be happy. JOANN YOUNG Dos Moines. Iowa A quiet life forever holds greot charm f°r Joann. 60ADRIENNE AHLGREN Whiting. Indiana MITZI ALTER Chicago. Illinois BARBARA BEYE Iowa City. Iowa STEPHANIE BILHARZ Baxter Springi, Kansas SUSAN BOYNTON Detroit, Michigan CATHERINE CHARLES Oklahoma City. Oklahoma MARGARET COX Ferguson, Missouri NANCY DECK Tulsa. Oklahoma PRISCILLA EVANS Wilmette. Illinois BARBARA JEAN FOLEY Winnetko. Illinois 61maxiene ford Omoho. Nobrosko DIANE BRODERICK JANNOTTA Kenilworth, Illinois NORMA SUE McCULLOCH Okmulgeo. Oklohoma LAURA BELLE MEANS Soguacho, Colorado JEAN MAEYS Columbia, Illinois JOANNE MILLER Gunnison, Colorado MARGARET Parkinson Chicago, Illinois ELIZABETH JACKSON Hinsdaln, Illinois MYRA ANN KING Hobbs. Now Moxico JEAN KUEHNE Mattoon, IllinoisJOSEPHINE BAKER Lot Angclet, Colifornia LOUISE POPE Glencoe, Illinois MARGUERITE HOUCK Excolsior Springt, Missouri MARY E. SMITH Urbona, Illinois JUDITH PAGE Sonto Monica, Californio NELLE McCUISTION. P-ll Alfon, Illinois We're sorry you missed the photographer last fall, but we're glad you're here at Monticello with us. 63 NANCY SCOTT. P-ll Mentor, OhioJiJ'auntaiii ($aart r9n Sjif'iiigturia 70“Standing. Stii'ni 9i itfuud (2 Sean” 723raditumA dnd Our £.oij aitij SxaJtted Clle’er Witt £ e” 74 ‘ iCJjour Sturdy 9itatfA tiiefund Clh Cliaur 3outer b, 3iitfi 3i9ij §j reen”uCl7laif J fui diet-tb clljx c_9n 3fiat Steefxie CltwaijA (p fiintc” 78. ». .■ »iu . - Catherine Stockton, president Sue Freer, vico-presidcnt Kothleen O'Brien, recording secretory Mory Emanuol, corresponding secretory Maryette Charlton, treasurer Maryann Morrick Bush, social chairman Josophine Roschko. chairman of Caldwell Mary 8ob Seiler, chairmon of Baldwin Sue Wilson, chairman of Hoskoll Catherine Charles, choirmon of Gilman Crystal Nay. Sponsor chairmon Jane McLaughlin, M.A.A. president Jono Foster, chairman of tho preparatory school Eloonor Straub, editor of tho TIMES Jeon Evans, chairmon of the War Effort Council Eunice Lorson, treasurer of the senior closs Nancy Pot Davis, president of the junior closs Jeon Moeys. president of tho preparatory junior closs Catherine Stockton, President 1942-1943 The Student Council, elected to represent all the Monticello girls and to aid in governing their affairs, has been more active this year than ever before. Its fine efforts indicate the success of democracy and the fine co-operation of girls under their own student government. 82COUNCILS HOUSE CALDWELL Josephine Roschkc. Chairmen Groce Lindsey Mory Emanuel Jeon Evans Evelyn Fentcm Jane Foster Sue Freer Potricia McClelland Crystal Nay Martha Stein Catherine Stockton Eleanor Stroub BALDWIN Mory Bob Seiler. Chairman Edna Leo Burruss Maryann Merrick Bush Mory Colvort Nancy Pat Davis Beth Donnis Rebecca Vollottc Bobby Ann George Margaret Green Frances Hoover Pauline Lewis Jane McLaughlin Phyllis Russell HASKELL Sue Wilson. Chairman Ann Lenten Barbara Berry Charys Lenxen Eunice Larson Betty Roado GILMAN Catherine Charles. Chairman Laura Belle Means "1 Discipline is conducted in a democratic way at Monticello. and girls are governed by their fellow students. Each dormitory has its council to maintain order and regulations within the house. 83 Sponsors greet the newcomers with open arms, playing big sister until the fear of a new experience fades into the thrill and pleasure of calling Monticello "my school." The Sponsors, chosen for their admirable citizenship, help the girls to become adjusted in September and to remain happy throughout the whole year. The Sponsors have been under the leadership of Crystal Nay. Crystal Noy, Sponsor Chairman BALDWIN Mary Colvert. Chairman Dorothy Burko Mildred Crandall Martha Eostmon Maryann Merrick Bush Bobby Ann George Pauline Lewis Jane McLaughlin Solly Philpott Goorgconne O'Hornctt Mary Bob Seiler CALDWELL Crystol Noy, Chairman Jean Evans Jonnifcr Tanner Eloonor Straub Helen Brondhorst Josephine Reschke Catherine Stockton Priscilla Foster Ruth Wood Betty Brewen Jono Foster Lu Lynn Green Mary Emonuol Suo F-'eor Peggy Lynn HASKELL Ruth Wilber, Choirmon Elisabeth Ardolt Ann Hampton Eunice I arson Lcnoro Simonson Sue Wilson SPONSORS 84Jeon Evans, Choirmon of the War Effort Council WAR EFFORT COUNCIL The War Effort Council guides Monti-cello's war activities which this year included the M.S.O., Monticello Student Organization. The council is also a medium for raising the morale of the present and planning for the future. The officers this year are: Jean Evans, president, and Ann Lenzen, secretary. Jean Evans Priscilla Allen Sue Boynton Nancy Pat Davis Joan Eddy Marlene Foltcr Annello Hammett Holcn Henry Frances Hoovor Anno Joquith Ann Lcnzon Ann Joy Moson Maryann Mcrriclt Bush Nancy Schmidt Ann Show Norma Stewart Virginia Thompson Jane Thornton Barbara Wilcoxson FACULTY ADVISORS Pres. George I. Rohrbough Miss Catherine Breeze Miss Lucretia Cressoy Dr. George Carson Miss Julia Foster Miss Dorothea Galohousc Miss Elizabeth Gulick Miss Marjorie Kay Mrs. John Kirkpatrick Dr. Notley Maddox Mrs. Alice May Morrill Miss Elizabeth Supplee Mr. Homer Youngn WAR ACTIVITIES Lost Chrisfmos the student bought defense stomps which they decorated os ornaments for the tree. These stamps wore then turned into a bond which wo presented to the college. Miss Mason leads a group of Commandoes in colisthonics. Th" Commando course includes oil tho exorcises and drills used by the WAVES in their troining. Every Tuesday and Friday Monticello students work at bandage rolling at the Godfrey church. Ann Lenzen is in charge of this project. The captains of three of our teams are working in the victory garden. We have three acres of victory garden which the students have planted and tended. With the exception of Sunday, every afternoon and evening finds some student selling Defense Stamps and Bonds by the Echo Counter and at the Cabin.International Relations Club Frances Hoover, President The I.R.C. brings speakers to the campus, keeps students informed on current events, maintains a reading shelf in the library, and with various other activities helps to keep Monticello up-to-date in this war world. Its officers are: Frances Hoover, president; Josephine Radcliffe, vice-president; Martha Appel, secretary-treasurer. Mortho Appel Priscilla Foster Peggy Porkinson Jeon Belanger Lucy Ann Hopomon Sally Preihs Betty Bcokly Frances Hoover Josephine Radcliffe Sue Boynton Rosomary Hurst Nancy Scott Betty Brcwen Dorothy Inglis Lenore Simonson Barbara Chartior Jeannette Magnusscn Ruth Sumner Mary Colvort Nancy Marcus Norma Stewart Groce Corey Rosomary McKelvio Rebecca Vollotfo Both Dennis Ruth McKissick Helen White Dorothy Erickson Lucile Norton Barbara Wilcoxson Jean Evans Georgoonno O'Hornett Ruth Wood Estelle Young 87Priscilla Allen Josephine Baker Nancy Boon Dorothy Binner Elinor Borgstcdt Winifred Bowen Suo Boynton Mary Colvort Nancy Copeland Shirley Cornelius Nancy Pot Davis Elizabeth Dennis Dorothy Dennis Audroy Dick Martha Eastman Joan Eddy Dorothy Eubank Paulino Lewis. President Mary Jane Foster Crystol Noy Marlene Felter Ann Newcomer June Harmon Morcio Nead Joan Horris Joan Pork Lucy Ann Hopemon Martha Peel Helen Honry Josephine Radcliffe Nancy Hoaglond Josephine Reschke Elizobeth Kennedy Bobby Jean Rucker Normo Kennedy Patricio Savago Jeanne Kuohno Sara Ann Sloan Annette Levin Barbara Jayno Smith Pauline Lewi Margaret Sworts Joy LaRocco Virginia Thompson Jeonnette Mognusscn Moxine Vignola Virginia Manning Mary Lou Warron Patricio Mortin Helen White Edythe Mort The Chorus is heard at Sunday Vespers and various on-campus events throughout the year. It often provides entertainment for guests as well. Officers arc: Pauline Lewis, president; Martha Eastman. secretary; Dorothy Dennis, treasurer; Josephine Reschlce, mistress of the robes; Martha Peet, librarian; and Priscilla Allen, accompanist. 88SCIENCE CLUB Jeon Cody Noncy Pat Davit Roicmary McKclvio Gcorgoanno O'Hornett Betty Bailey Jeon Barnett Helen Berry Jocllon Branham Barbara Chortier Noncy Copoland Emily Daily Joan Event Janot Fowlor Barbara Fullor Joan Kollogg Bobbie Houiton Ann Ladd Mary Francct Lyont Betty Peg lichtonhcld Jeannette Magnotten Betty Mother Ann Newcomer Lucile Norton Kathleen O'Brien Mildred Tarpley Elaine Porter Joan Cody, Protident The Science Club, advised by Miss Elizabeth Guliclc, meets once a month to discuss new theories and discoveries and to extend the "scientific attitude" to the student body of Monticello. The club entertained the student body at a Barn Dance in the spring to bring their year to a close. 89Members of the Dromo Club DRAMA CLUB Scenes from "Letters To Lucerne." o ploy describing life in o women" college in wor-forn Europe. Membership in the Drama Club is based on work in previous productions or by try-outs. With the aid of Miss Julia Horned, it sponsored a one-act play. All its work is done for the purpose of furthering the interest in drama on the Monticello campus. 90 "Ladie In Retirement." o spoctocular ploy of suspense and mood.The Monticello Art Association is composed of students interested in art and who are taking work in the art department. The Association has brought members of the entire student body into contact with a variety of art forms by means of the several travelling exhibits which have been displayed in the Arcade. The highlight of the year was the open house held in the art studios at which student work was displayed. The open house gave all students an opportunity to "look in" on work done in the art department. Guests of the open house inspect student work ol close rongo. Finishing up murals depicting the history of Monticello which appear on the wolls of ono of the ort studios.The Book Fair Finding your way around a library is often quite a task, but Monti has a Pegasus Club, composed of the library staff and the librarian, Miss Hardin, that gives helpful service to a bewildered student. This year the club sponsored a book fair that was colorful as well as exciting and educational. For onco food was a attraction. minor Elizabeth Ardelt Dorothy Eubank Virginia Manning Nancy Schmidt Mary Bob Seiler Ruth ThornquistTHE TIMES Eleanor Straub. Editor The Times Staff Editor .......... Nows Editor ................ Feature Editors ............ Assistant Feature Editor Sports Editor ............... Sports Assistant ............ Make-up Editor .......... Copy Editor ................. Photographer.............. Business Managers ........... Assistant Business Manager. ....................... Eleanor Straub ....................... Rebecca Vallette Rosemary Smith and Mary Jane Foster .................Jeannette Magnussen ...................... Jane McLaughlin .................... May Jo Lundgaard ................. Sara Ford Dallmeyer ........................ Edythe Mart .......................Maryette Charlton Marcia Need and Jeannette Magnussen ............................Ann Ladd Business Staff: Winifred Bowen Groce Corey Julio Harvey Jean Kellogg Ann Lenzcn Mildred Tarpley Grace Lindsey Nancy Marcus Kathleen O'Brien Margaret Supplee Helen Henry Reporters: Betty Alspaugh Jean Barnett Helen Brandhorst Joellen Branham Grace Corey Jeanne Cravens Dorothy Daugherty Nancy Deck Shirley DeGraff Molly Dowse Martha Eastman Barbara Fuller Lucy Ann Hapeman Diane Jannotta Jean Kuehne Jean Kellogg Nancy Marcus Ann Joy Mason Crystal Nay Lucile Norton Jane Osterhoudt Edith Pickering Barbara Wilcoxson Betty Mather Ann Lenzen Nancy Schmidt Ann Shaw Twice a month the Times Staff lines up those galleys for the press to print all the news at Monticello. 93THE ECHO Boity Brewen, Editor The Echo Board i$ in the lime-light every night at nine when food is sold at the Echo Counter. The money gained from this has produced the 1943 Echo. Here's hoping you like it! Editor, Betty Brewen Editorial Staff: Consulting Editor, Eunice Larson Jane Abbott Assistant Editor, Nancy Schmidt Copy Editor, Ann Lenzen Adrienne Ahlgren Art Editors, Nancy Tackett and Jane Ostcrhoudt Kathleen Baetz Business Manager, Elizabeth Ardelt Betty Beekly Assistant Business Manager, Ruth Wilber Jeanne Cravens Photographer, Maryette Charlton Dorothy Erickson Assistant Photographer, Annella Hammett Art Staff: Julie Harvey Elizabeth Ardelt Jean Kellogg Maryette Charlton Charys Lenzen Priscilla Evans Pauline Lewis Sallie Kramer Grace Lindsey Ann Radtke Margaret Parkinson Nancy Schmidt Sally Philpott Joanne Young Martha Stein Echo Board: Elizabeth Ardelt Norma Stewart Sue Freer Ann Trehearne Ruth Wilber Barbara WolfsEvery student at Monticello is a member of the Monti-collo Athletic Association. The Association is governed by a board consisting of four officers and the manager of each campus sport. M.A.A. offers an equal opportunity to all students who wish to participate in the voluntary sports program regardless of proficiency. Jane McLaughlin Jane McLaughlin, president Edna Lea Burruss, vice-president Ruth Wilber, secretary Sally Philpott, treasurer Ann Hampton, riding manager Mildred Crandall, modern dance manager Barbara Burruss, bicycle manager Martha Wright, hockey manager Evelyn Fentem, basketball manager Jane Anderson, archery manager Pat McClelland, swimming manager Eunice Larson, golf and badminton manager Pauline Lewis, tennis manager 96ARCHERY Jane Andcrjon, Archery Manager Variety has been the keynote of the archery program this year. It was offered both as a fall and a spring sport and as a class sport and part of the voluntary sports program. Novelty and clout tournaments as well as archery golf were added attractions for the Monticello "Robinette Hoods." Archery teams participated in the Tri-College Sports Day at Lindenwood College and met Lindenwood again on the Monticello campus in a contest between the two colleges. 97- Pot Sovogc ond Brown Betty Riding was more popular this year at Monti than ever before. Ring and trail riding as well as English and Western technique, and driving singles and doubles were all part of the regular class work. Riding team competitions were held with MacMurray and Lindenwood during the year. Adrienne Ahlgron "porks" her horse. Soro Ford Dallmoycr ond Laura Bello Means ♦ rot and canter around tho ring. Libby Kennedy trots back compus. Dot ond Beth Dennis, riding in pairs.Eddie and Babbie Bur-russ trot around the ring. Ann Hampton. President of Hobby Horse Hobby Horse took in a large number of new members this year. Sunday morning rides were popular when the weather permitted. Members Beth Dennis and Rummy participated in the Tri-College competitions and also sponsored a demonstration for the parents on Thanksgiving Day. Ann Hampton was president of Hobby Horse and Ruth Wilber acted as the riding manager. The riding demonstration given at Thanksgiving. Members of Hobby Horse 99MODERN DANCE The activities of modern dance have been varied. An exhibition of techniques was presented for the parents at Thanksgiving, and later an informal demonstration was held in the Dance Studio. The Dance Club participated in the Candle Light Service at Christmas and in the spring presented a dance drama entitled "The Changing Frontier." Mildred Crandall was the very efficient manager who guided the Dance Club in its many activities this year. A modern dance clo»j practice back orchos with side tlretchc and tide lunge . Rohearjal for the danco droma. The choreography wa done by tho member of the Dance Club with tho aid of Mitt Marjorio Lew Kay. 100 Scene from the Candle Light Sorvice given at Chrittmos.SOFTBALL Softball, offered at Monticello for the first time last year, has risen to a place of primary importance in Monticello sports. It was played both in class and voluntarily. Two teams were chosen, and a series of competitions were held between these teams. Wo regret that it was only a spring sport, and we were unable to take any pictures of the teams. TEAMS BALL PARKS MAD BATTERS Joan Pork, Captain Anne Jaquith, Captain Jane Abbott Adrienne Ahlgren Jane Anderson Martha David Lorone Fienup Evelyn Fentem Elizabeth Jackson Janet Fowler Joyce LaRocca Grace Lindsey Crystal Nay Jean Maeys Lucile Norton Nancy Schmidt Sally Philpott Gloria Stoin Nancy Scott Catherine Stockton Junavonne South Ruth Thornquist Martha Wright 101Poulinc Lewis, Tennis Monogcr Ann Show, Noncy Pol Davis, Peggy Parkinson, and Sukio Joekson go out for a set of doubles. Ruth Sumnor. one of our excellent ployors. steps out for o game of tennis. Tennis was offered both as a fall and spring sport this year and was a favorite for class work as well as a voluntary sport. The tennis team went to Principia in the fall for a lively tournament, and faculty-student tournaments were also held. 102Golf was popular this year at Monti during both the spring and fall seasons. The college team took numerous trips to the Muni Golf course in Alton and competed in the Tri-College sports competition held at Lindenwood in the spring. A group on route to dost. Eunico Lonon, Golf Manager A golf cloji practice "driving."FENCING Fencing thrust itself into the fall sports season and continued through the winter. Monti's fencing classes "parried" and "counter-parried" in numerous trial bouts and learned fencing from "salute" to end. Ann Ebort is ore of our most outstanding fencers.HOCKEY Hockey was offered this year as a class and voluntary sport. Intra-mural competitions were held between the "Black" and "Gold" teams. The College team played a game with Principia. Games were played between the Prep and College teams and between Junior and Senior Class teams. The season was brought to an end with the annual Sports Banquet. Martha Wright, hockey manager ond capioin of the "Gold" Intra-mural team; Jeon Lyons, captain of Collogc team; and Ann Shaw, captain of tho "Black" Intro-murol team, relax a little after a gome. Our College hockoy team: Bottom row. left to right. Evelyn Fontcm, Crystal Noy, Helen Broodhorst. Jane Mclauqhlin. Jeon Lyons. Top row. Martha Stein. Eloonor Straub, Martha Wright. Eunice Larson, Potricio McClelland, Ann Shaw, Gloria Stein. "Sis" Stockton and Ann Shaw roce down tho field after the boll. Barbara Chort'cr is determined to prevent the other team from making o goal. 105BASKETBALL The turnout for voluntary basketball was so large this year that three college intra-mural teams and one prep team were chosen. Pat McClelland's "Graveyard Shift" played the "P43's" captained by Jean Macys and Gail Hamilton’s "WABT's" played Jean Cody's "BB's." The college team played Lindenwood at the Tri-College Sports Day held at Monticello this spring. A faculty-student game was played and the season was closed with the Winter Sports Banquet. ‘‘Stubby" Fcntem, Bosketboll Manager "Water-boys" Jeon Cody and Barbara Chortior qivo aid to their team at the Tri-College Sports Day 9 "Stubby" Fer.tcm shoots for a basket. Miss Gottschalk guards for tho faculty teom in a faculty-student game. Monticello ploys MacMurroy at the Tri-College Sports Day. 106Dole Wyn'xoop twirls tho racquet to decide upon the server. Shirley Cooler hits the "birdie.' Badminton is one of Monti's more popular winter sports, end the "birds" fly all winter long in the Entertainment Hall. At the end of the winter sport season a badminton tournament was held at which every girl tried her skill. Betty Mather is an enthusiastic badminton player. Jean Spence seems to be o formidable opponent. 107Somoono mode o big splash. Swimming was more popular than ever this year with Monticello students, and there was an increased interest in life-saving and swimming as a voluntary sport. Several inter-class meets were held and preparatory school members participated in a National Telegraphic meet. Monti-cello took high honors in the aquatic division of the Tri-College Sports Meet held in the Monticello pool between swimmers from Lindenwood, MacMurray and Monticello. Dot and Both Dennis practico for the pogoont. A wotor design os anyono can plainly sco. MARLIN CLUB Try-outs for membership in Marlin Club were held soon after the opening of school. With enthusiasm the group held "swimming clinics," obstacle races and planned "Injun Injunity," the annual water production, which they gave in the Monticello pool and in the Y.W.C.A. pool for Alton friends and alumnae. Marlin Club board members are: Pat McClelland, president; Ann Shaw, vice-president; Yvonne Hayes, secretary and treasurer; Edna Lea Burruss, pageant chairman; Martha Stein, publicity chairman; and Evelyn Fentcm, meet chairman. Tho Indian chioftain, Juno Harmon, waits for an escort to tho final coronation corcmonics in "Injun Injunity." Pot McClelland The oudionco holds its breath as the pogoant stunt divors pose. Three splashes, but docs the biggest splash make a winner? Swimming the hard way—that is. with clothes on.THE BICYCLE CLUB Jo Radcliff© brings o bike out for a ride. Borbaro Burru , Manager of the Bicycle Club Monti's lassies explore the country with the aid of the Bicycle Club. For the many girls who love to ride and for those who would like to become proficient, the Bicycle Club has been very popular. Mr. Homer Young is the faculty advisor of this organization which is celebrating its second year. Edi Mart and Maggio Grocn keop tho wheel rolling. Sally Bcrryhill, Betty Horme . and Barbara Berry go out for o hort jaunt. Fascinatin’ Rhythm .... Symphony in red .... The photographer said pose, not stare .... Campin' at the Cabin .... Two who know what makes the world go 'round .... Spellbound by Hulu Young .... Artistes en masse eat .... Model of a miniature. 114Just plain cute .... Brrrrrrrr! Gee, -fellers, the snow's cold . . . . B.W.O.C. and B.M.O.C. . . : . Where is that train? .... The long and short of it ... . Phooey to you, too .... Esquire? . . . . Coming or going .... Looks nice to us .... It must be a ghost story .... Parting is such sweet sorrow .... Communing with nature .... Riders on a spree.5 Dirty work .... Who said Varga was good? .... Sunshine of her smile! . . . . More dirty work .... It must be funny .... Spring has come .... Every girl for herself .... And she can ride, too .... Where did you get the shirt, Dodo? " .• "■ Li 3 t-V ' I fIt must bo Sunday .... Miss B. and some of her flock .... George and Martha and modern jive .... C'est la guerre .... Naughty, but nice! .... Octagon triangle .... Winsome profiles .... Terry the Pirate .... That certain touch. Combining work and play . . . . Brushing the brush . . . . Ho—Ho .... Falling leaves .... Sunrise service .... My name's Sis. What's yours? .... What's that you say? .... All this and heaven, too .... Artist and model. 124" . Monticello's daughters (Class of ’42) take their final leave of the campus. Poignant memories remain of those last few busy days —Class day exercises and tree planting, the academic procession, Commencement and farewells. Another group of Monticello students leaves the campus, but never will they leave behind Monticello for they are always loyal Monti alumnae and always a part of the life and growth of their alma mater.A U R E V O I R The one hundred and fifth year at Monticello has been one of outstanding accomplishments. We are now in the second year of one of the greatest struggles between nations the world has ever experiencd. It has changed many of our lives. It is making us more mature. Our account of what we have done is set down in this book. It may not be accurate, but it does show a glimpse of our crowded days. Classes will come and go for years to come. We feel that our ideas and ideals are best expressed in the Junior Class song, "Ours Forevermore." Each and every Monti girl will always have a place For the lasting friendships, the smile on every face, The campfires in the evening, The serenading, too, These thoughts will keep reminding us of you; The fountain court in springtime The chapel in the snow, May the bells up in that steeple always chime. When we ore far away from all this we adore, Then's the time we'll think of all the fun we've had before, Of tears we shed at parting, Of memories so haunting, Oh, Monticello, ours forevermore. Our thanks for a glorious ycarl There will always be in us a part that is forever Monticello.05625764

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