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 7Mil HCtKI© flDID PUBLISHED BY THE ECHO BOARD MONTICELLO COLLEGE GODFREY, ILLINOIS I Hm .. - Ji ' a!«m ca a: ■ -v., ,.-,vw n-,yMnn|uM| I ,, y ,yii 11■ jn a i BP 111a—Mail 11 ■ H H M ■ IIII ■ i M■■ O foirest Monticello, We bring to thee our praise . ic u © Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-Nine It is with deepest rev’rence That we our voices raiseMonticello is proud to announce that she has regained custody of the Godfrey Congregational Church built for the seminary by Captain Godfrey in 1854. The structure, of value because of its beauty and historical significance as an authentic piece of middle-nineteenth century architecture, will be functional as well as ornamental, Sunday afternoon vespers for the college will be held there. The interior is to be re-conditioned so that it can be used as an auditorium for plays, speakers, commencement exercises and other important events.IF © 53 THE 101 ST CLASS OF MONTICELLO presents THE ECHO Recording permanently the year’s activities— Compiled chiefly to please those who possess it— Illustrated by original and modern art forms— Expressing the tradition of the past, the progressive spirit of the present, and the hope for the future. MAY THE ECHO OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE be worthy to take its place among ECHOES of the pastc © m M 1 BOOK 1 DESK COPY (Administration) BOOK II 101st EDITION (classes) BOOK III BEST SELLERS (activities) BOOK IV BOOK OF THE MONTH (calendar) The administrator, with his feet on the desk, examines av ■■rv-,. :.i- ; ■ mmsi mmuMri MR. CALDWELL, MISS CROUCH MR. CHAPMAN, MR. ROHRBOUGH ®©DOK1]ST®ATO®KI, IFM m M@ graiFiF The students of Monticello appreciate the many opportunities afforded them to become acquainted with the administrative officials, the faculty and the staff members who constitute the personnel of the college. It is under the leadership of outstanding personalities that high standards in achievement and character are established. The informal relationships which are possible in a small college help to foster a better understanding and application of the aims, purposes and values of education. 1 ® ® B © ® IF TT B (U) § T CHARLES ALBERT CALDWELL.....................................Alton, Illinois Mr. Caldwell was appointed to the Board of Trustees in 1903. He was secretary of the Board from 1910-1918 Since 1921 he has been the president and treasurer. THEODORE S. CHAPMAN ..... Chicago, Illinois MRS. WILLIAM WOOD PARSONS . . . Terre Haute, Indiana Mrs. Parsons was elected to the Board of Trustees in October, 1938, to replace Dr. Karl Morgan Block. Mrs. Parsons is the first woman to serve as a trustee of the college. She was Principal of Monticello from EBEN RODGERS ....... Alton, Illinois GEORGE IRWIN ROHRBOUGH .... Godfrey, Illinois Mr. Chapman has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1930. 1910 until 1918. Mr. Rodgers has been a member and also secretary of the Board of Trustees since 1929. As President of Monticello College, Mr. Rohrbough is an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.CHARLES A. CALDWELL Alton, Illinois President-Treasurer of the Board of TrusteesGEORGE IRWIN ROHRBOUGH President ol Monticello College(FACWMLTY AM® I TAP IF NORMA ADAMS, Ph.D....................................................History Counsellor 8.A., M.A., Mt. Holyoke. Ph.D., University of Minnesota. Instructor at Choate School, Brookline, Massachusetts. Reader at Mt. Holyoke. Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota. Sterling Fellow in History, Yale University. MARY JANE ALSPACH spa polis Civic Theatre. Drama and Speech, Head of East Residence, Junior Class Adviser School of Fine Arts, Yale University. Assistant Director, Indiana- HILLIS ARNOLD, B.A................................................Sculpture B.A., University of Minnesota. Graduate Study: Minneapolis School of Art. Two traveling scholarships. Fellowship at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit, with Carl Milles. BARBARA PAGE BEISWANGER, M.A. . Physical Education, The Modern Dance B.S., University of Oregon. M.A., Ohio Wesleyan University. Study of dance at University of Wisconsin, New York University, Benninaton School of the Dance, Vermont. Instructor in Physical Education, University of Oregon. Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Summer Sessions, University of Colorado and New York University Camp. Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Ohio Wesleyan University. GEORGE W. BEISWANGER, Ph.D. . Philosophy and Psychology, Counsellor B.A., Carthago College. B.D., Hamma Divinity School. M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa. Instructor in Psychology, Wittonborg College. Resident Fellow and Summer Visiting Professor, University of Iowa. Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ohio Wesloyan University. TESSA BELL ........ Alumnae Secretary Northern Counties School, Newcastle-on-Tyno, England, Diploma. Member of the staff of the Northcliffe Press, London. Correspondent for the Russian Union of Zemstovs and Towns, London. Research assistant of the staff of the Historical Dictionary of American English and the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, University of Chicago. DOROTHY BOSLEY................................................ Shurtleff College, Alton, Illinois. ABBA WILLARD BOWEN, A.B. . Secretary French, Counsellor Principal Brownell Hall, HELEN LOUISE BUSCH, M.A. . History and English, Counsellor on Admissions B.A., University of Wisconsin, M. A., University of Chicago. Instructor in English and History in the Chicago Public High Schools. Instructor in Economics in Crane Junior College, Chicago. C. DEAN CHIPMAN. B.S. B.S., Northwestern University. Graduate Study: Northwestern University, Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Hunstgewerbeschule, Vienna, and Columbia University. Art GERTRUDE COYNE, M.A. B.A., Cornell. M.A., University of Chicago. School, Clinton, New York. English and Latin, Counsellor Instructor in English, Clinton High LUCRETIA CRESSEY, M.A. ..... Physics and Chemistry 8.A., University of Illinois. M. A., Columbia University. Graduate Study: University of Chicago. Instructor in Science, Batiin High School, Elizabeth, New Jersey.MARJORIE S. CROUCH, M.S.S. . . Assistant to the President, Counsellor B.A., University of Colorado. B.S., Simmons Collego. M.S.S., Smith College. Assistant Dean, Acting Dean of Women, Colorado College. Psychiatric Social Worker, Child Guidance Clinic, Minneapolis. Secretary of Admissions and Student Counsellor, Scripps College. VERA L. DICKEY, R.N. .... . . Instructor in Hygiene Graduate of St. Luke’s Training School, St. Louis. MARY ESTELLE ELLINWOOD, M.A. . . Latin and Mathematics, Registrar B.A., Wellesley Collego. M.A., University of California. Summer study: University of Vermont, Muskingum College, National Music Camp. Instructor in Latin, Mathematics, and Music in Enfield, Now Hampshire,- Pacific Grove, California; Grafton and Amsterdam, Ohio. LOUISE ELIZABETH GULICK, M.A.......................................................Biology B.A., M.A., University of Illinois. Assistant in Botany, University of Illinois. Instructor in Biology, Will Mayfield Junior Colloge. Head of the Department of Biology, Hannibal-LaGrange College. HARRIET HASKELL, Ph.D. . . English, Assistant in East Residence B.A., Mills College. M.A., Bryn Mawr. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Instructor in English at the University of Wisconsin. JEAN HEDEMARK, B.M...................................................................Piano B.M.. University of Wisconsin. Graduate of Juilliard School of Music, New York. Graduoto Study: Juilliard School of Music. Pupil of James Friskin, George Wedge, Dr. Madley Richardson. LOUISE HENDRYX, B.A. . . . English, Assistant in West Residence B.A., University of Rochester. Graduate Study: University of Rochester. ELIZABETH HOLT, B.S. . Director of Residence Halls and Dietitian B.S., Iowa State Colloge. Graduate study: University of Chicago, Hutchinson Commons. Diotitian, Shurtloff College, Alton, Illinois. WALTER HUGGETT .... Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds BERTRAM LUCIUS HUGHES, Ph.D. .... Counsellor on Admissions B.A., University of Michigan. M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University. Graduate study: University of Cincinnati and Harvard Low School. Head of Department of English, Poekskill Military Academy, Peokskill-on-the-Hudson, Now York. Instructor, Cornell University. Assistant Professor, Director of Public Relations, Keuka Collego. LUCRETIA LITTLE ILSLEY, Ph D...........................................Political Science B.A., Mount Holyoke. Univorsity Fellow. M.A., Ph.D. University of Illinois. Resoarch Secretary, Northwestern University. Resoarch Assistant and Secretary, Yale University. KAY IRWIN, M.A.......................................................................Art B.A., Scripps Colloge. M.A., Claremont Colleges. ELIZABETH JACKSON, B.A. . . . Head of Haskell House, Counsellor B.A., University of Oregon. Associate Secretary, Metropolitan Student Y. W. C. A., Boston. ROBERT JACKSON, M.A. ....... Mathematics B.A., M.A., University of Oregon. B.A. (Oxon) Assistant in Physics, University of Oregon. Instructor and Tutor in Mathematics, Harvard University. ORA BETHUNE JOHNSON, M.A. . English, Counsellor on Study Habits B.A., M.A., Washington University, St. Louis. Assistant in the Department in Psychology, John Burroughs School, St. Louis. Instructor in English, University of Missouri, Extension Department. Member of staff of University College, Washington University, Department of General Literature. 18VIRGINIA KIESEL, M.S. . . . Riding, Assistant in the East Residence Ward-Belmont College, Certificate in Riding. B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin. Instructor in riding and art, Fassifern School for Girls, Hendersonville, North Carolina. LOUISE McCONNELL, B.S. . . Typewriting; Secretary, Information Office B.S., Simmons College. JESSIE SARGENT McNIECE..............................................Cataloguer in Library Monticello Seminary ELIZABETH McQUATE, A.A. .... Secretary, Financial Office A. A., Southwost Baptist College, Bolivar, Missouri. Graduate of Chillicothe Business College, Chillicothe, Missouri HARRIET MILLIGAN, B.S......................................Commercial Subjects, Secretary B. S., Iowa State Teachers College. SALLY MORRISON, A.A. .... Secretary, Information Office A. A. Monticello College. LUCILLE BROWN SCHMIDT . . Secretary, Physical Education Office BARBARA SEYBOLD, Ph.D. ...... German and French Ph.D., University of Wuerzburg. Graduate Study: University of Munich, The Sorbonne. Instructor in French and German, Loreto College, St. Albans, England. Instructor in French and English, Oberrealschule, Wuerzburg, Germany. BARBARA E. SMITH, M.S. ...... Physical Education, B. A., M.S., Wellesley College. F. EUGENIE SMITH, M.A. . . Head of West Residence, Counsellor B.A., M.A., University of Rochester. Graduate Study: Columbia University. GROVES B. SMITH, M.D. . . . College Physician, Lecturer in Hygiene B.S., University of Illinois. M.D , Columbia University. GUY MILLER SNELL ...... Organ, Piano, and Voice Graduate of Juilliard foundation. New York, Pupil of Rudolph Ganz, Arthur News-lead, and Violette Gahlbeck. Instructor in Music at State School for Blind, Jacksonville, Illinois. NORMA TAYLOR, B.A. Dramatics and Dance, Assistant in West Residence B.A., Radcliffe. Graduate Study: University of Buffalo, and Washington University, St. Louis. DELILAH VAN BLARICUM, B.S..........................................Cataloguer in Library B.A., University of Rochester. B.S., Columbia University. Assistant Librarian, Monroe County Traveling Library, Rochester, New York. Assistant, Cataloguing Department, Columbia University Library. MARY WALKER, M S................................................................Librarian B.A., Depauw. B.S., M.S., Columbia University. Reference Librarian, Evansville, Indiana, Public Library. Reference Assistant, Columbia University Library. TILTON WE AD Associate Librarian, Senior Class Adviser, Assistant in Haskell House Graduate Wheaton Seminary, Massachusetts, and St. Louis Library School. EMILY WHITMAN, B.A. .... Secretary to the President B.A., Swarthmore College. Grcduate Study: Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Medford, Massachusetts. JOHN RIPLEY YOUNG, Ph.D. ..... Spanish and French B.A., Marshall College. M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. Instructor in Spanish at the University of Illinois. inTHE HONORABLE RUTH BRYAN OWEN ROHDE The Honorable Ruth Bryan Owen Rohde, distinguished alumna of Monticello, has accepted an appointment to the faculty for the year 1939-1940. Mrs. Rohde is a well-known author and lecturer, a former Member of Congress, and one-time Minister to Denmark. She will act as Student Counsellor and Special Lecturer, and will be on the campus for a period in each semester. There is much valuable inspiration and stimulation to be gained from the presence of one who has achieved great things and an honored position in the world of today. The students and faculty welcome Mrs. Rohde to Monticello.  1938-1939 MISS NORMA ADAMS MISS MARY JANE ALSPACH MR. HILLIS ARNOLD MRS. GEORGE W BEISWANGER MR. GEORGE W. BEISWANGER MRS. TESSA BELLMISS HELEN BUSCH DEAN CHIPMAN MISS GERTRUDE COYNE MISS MARY ESTELLE ELLINWOOD ELIZABETH GUUCK 22 MISS HARRIET HASKELLMISS JEAN HEDEMARK MISS ELIZABETH HOLT MR. BERTRAM L. HUGHES MISS LUCRETIA ILSLEY _ r MISS KATHERINE IRWIN MRS. ROBERT JACKSON Imiss louise McConnell MISS ELIZABETH McQUATE MR. ROBERT JACKSON MISS VIRGINIA KIESEL MISS BARBARA SEYBOLD MISS BARBARA SMITHMISS EUGENIE SMITH 2ft MR. JOHN R. YOUNGA representative of the Class of 1939 takes from the shelf a . . . ' . (d t" ctitL i  Wilifred Amelia Sauer 1919-1938 Wilifred Amelia Sauer came to Monticello in September 1935. Her untimely death in August 1938 prevented her being graduated with her class here represented. Her classmates of 1939 consider it a privilege to have thisoppor-tunity to keep ever in mind the memory of one who to the fullest extent shared their devotion to Monticello.Jane Porter Esther Anne Wright Helen Lanagan C@ILILI(§ As always, the senior class has led the others in social and academic activities. To the college play, Elizabeth the Queen, to the Hallowe’en and Christmas festivities, and to the Washington's Birthday Banquet the seniors have devoted their efforts. Senior "calling” in February sealed the bond of friendship between the two college classes. With the year of accomplishment and progress behind it, this year’s graduating class leaves its traditions and best wishes to the classes of the future. Jane Porter. Esther Anne Wright Helen Lanagan Miss Tilton Wead OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Class Adviser 30RUTH URSULA ALTHAUS 2324 North Walnut Shelbyville, Illinois Glee Club and Chorus ’37-’38; Language Club ’37-’38; International Relations Club '37-’38 ’38-’39; Monticello Athletic Association '37-’38 ’38-‘39. Horst and Paderewski, Steinway and drums, soap and water, sun on her hair, "Hi!” RUTH BENNETT 2035 Grove Avenue Quincy, Illinois Chorus ’37-38 Science Club ’37-'38; Varsity Hockey ’37-‘38; Dance Club '37-‘38; "First Lady” ’37. Shower caps and Dr. Dentons, pop-corn and architecture, long strides for such a tiny person, "It’s amazing!" MURIEL BERRY 10140 Leavitt Street Chicago, Illinois Riding Club ’38-’39; Language Club ’38-’39; Chorus ’38-’39; Monticello Athletic Association ’38-‘39. Sherlock Holmes in high heels, carrots and criminology, carnations, confusion crowned by copper curls. ANNA LOIS CARTER 403 Bowie Street Luling, Texas Science Club ’37-’38; "First Lady" '37; Language Club ’37-’38, ’38-‘39; International Relations Club ’37-'38, ’38-'39; Monticello Athletic Association '37-’38, ’38-’39; Chorus ’38-'39; "Elizabeth the Queen" '38. Stepan Fetchit, Why the Chimes Rang, dress patterns, smiling and the South, languid pep.— — -:r. Trrr - r-v r-CCC T": CATHERINE EDGERTON 1430 Dewey Avenue Bartlesville, Oklahoma Varsity Basketball '37-'38; Varsity Hockey '37-]38, '38-'39; Monticello Athletic Association Board 37 38; Swimming Club ’37-'38; Science Club 37- 38; International Relations Club 37-’38; Varsity Hockey, captain '38-'39; Monticello Athletic Association, vice-president ’38- 39; Junior Dance Club ’38- 39; Echo Board ’38-‘39. Basket-balls and caracul, white smiles and the Big Apple, scarcely surpressed gaiety. SALLY GAGE 100 Great Pond Road North Andover, Massachusetts Riding Club ’37-’38, president '38-’39; Language Club '38-'39; Echo, business manager ‘38-’39. Contract and bids, smoke-house and saddles, station-wagons and blunt remarks. Best’s. CATHERINE GAINER 217 Ninth Street Wood River, Illinois Withdrew, January 1939. MARY ALICE HARLEY Kaysville, Utah Relations Club ,37-,38; Junior Dance Club 38- 39; Science Club 38- 39. Tidy, Colorado and the Rockies, wings and propellers, palettes and turpentine, fantastic experiences, "You know what, kids?"MARY JANE HAWKINS 516 Spencer Avenue Marion, Indiana Chorus ’37-’38; "First Lady" ’37; International Relations Club '37-'38; Junior Dance Club ’38-’39; Science Club '38-’39. Easels and low-voiced conversations, cooperative, roses and races, petite and confident. JACQUELINE HELMERICHS 60 Aberdeen Place Clayton, Missouri Social Service Committee 38- 39; Times Staff 38- 39; Language Club '38-’39; Internationa! Relations Club ’38-39. Mid-night reader, Kipling and Japanese prints, unquenchable laughter and colonial costumes, Cuba. JEANNE HENDERSON 1347 East 27th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Monticello Athletic Association Board 37- 38, president '38-'39; "Elizabeth the Queen" '38; Swimming Club '38-’39; International Relations Club 38- 39; Basketball, manager ’38-’39; Archery 37- 38, 38- 39; Chorus ’38-’39. William Tell and Steichen, damask napkins and white tulle, blue eyes, M. A. A. and dance club, horses, and narrow hands. HELEN LANAGAN 405 Huntington Drive San Marino, California Chorus '37-'38; Language Club 37- 38, secretary-treasurer '38-‘39; International Relations Club 37- 38, '38- 39; Student Council, treasurer '37- 38; Times Staff ’37-'38; Echo Board '38-'39; Secretary-treasurer Senior Class '39. Erin-go-bragh, sphinx with a sense of humor, class bankbook and bills, class minutes.VIRGINIA MILLS 6815 South Union Avenue Chicago, Illinois Foreign Language Club 38- 39; Riding Club, secretary-treasurer 38- 39; Echo Staff 38- 39; Times Staff 38- 39; International Relations Club 38- 39. Superlatives and formals, paint-smudged and ecstatic, wooden shoes and opera pumps, Gauguin. DEANE MITCHELL 1109 South 26th Street Fort Smith, Arkansas Chorus '37-'38; ' First Lady'' '37; Basketball 37-’38, 38- 39; Dance Club 38- 39; International Relations Club ‘38-’39; Language Club '38-’39; Varsity hockey, manager 38-'39; Echo Staff ’38-’39; "Elizabeth the Queen" '38. Fancy dress ball and box combination, tweeds and slipper satin, copper and green, wide-eyed. HELEN PAXTON 506 South Vale Street Bloomington, Illinois Echo Staff '37-‘38, editor-in-chief ‘38-’39; Times Staff '37-'38; Science Club, president '37-'38; Language Club '37-'38; International Relations Club, secretary-treasurer '37-'38 38-‘39; Riding Club '37-’38; "First Lady" '37; Varsity basketball 38-'39; Monticello Athletic Association '37-’38, '38-’39; Archery '37-'38, 38-’39. Page boy and gardenias, extemporaneous poems and Echo deadline, beakers and rubber apron, Liebestroum. ELEANOR PEARSON 116 Garden Avenue Fountain City, Tennessee Language Club '37-’38, '38-’39; Science Club '37'38, Dance Club ’37-'38; International Relations Club 37-38; Monticello Athletic Association '37-'38, '38-39; Elizabeth the Queen" ’38; Echo Board 38- 39 Canvas and brushes, procrastinating and quizzical clever and casual, Special Delivery.JANE PORTER 23rd Street and Park Avenue Nebraska City, Nebraska Riding Club '37-’38; International Relations Club’38-'39; ‘First Lcdy” '37; Dance Club ’37-'38, ’38-’3°; Junior Class Council ’37-’38; Monticello Athletic Association 37-’38, '38-'39; Chorus '37-'38, ‘38- 39; "Elizabeth the Queen” ’38; Senior Class President 38-'39. Budgets and fudge, minuets and fox trots, head tossing, strawberry jam, class meetings, and chorus. Friend of the People, "What a funny thing the frog are!” FLORENCE RICE 140 Sunset Road Highland Park, Illinois Science Club '37-‘38; “First Lady” '37; Language Club '38-'39,- International Relations Club 38-'39,- Decorating Chairman '38-’39; Echo Board '38- 39; "Elizabeth the Queen” '38. Orchids and floor wax, country-club and settlement house, Tschaikowski and Rubenstein, artistic and capable, laughter like carbonated water. MARY MARTHA SELLERS 1417 Dewey Avenue Bartlesville, Oklahoma Science Club '37- 38; Junior Dance Club 37- 38; Senior Dance Club 38- 39, Echo Board 38- 39; Times Staff ’38-'39; Monticello Athletic Association 37-'38, ‘38-'39. Blue and yellow dance costumes, auiet dignity and reserve, dreams and whimsicality, Reflections. NANCY SMYTHE 2741 Harrison Street Evanston, linois Chorus '37-‘38; "First Lady” 37; Language Club '37-'38, '38-’39, president '37-’38: Student Council, social chairman '38-’39,- International Relations Club '38-39, "Elizabeth the Queen” '38,- Senior Dance Club ‘38-‘39. From the sublime to the ridiculous, foot-lights and rabbits’ feet, black velvet and long white gloves, spattered coveralls,- New York, Chicago, and Paris.nHHHnmnnBHnsBR JEAN WHITNEY 1806 East 15th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Dance Club ’37-'38, president ’38-‘39; Chorus ’37-’38; Language Club 37-’38; 38- 39; Monticello Athletic Association '37-'38, Athletic Board ’38-‘39; "First Lady 37; Social Service Committee 37-'38; Echo Board ’38-’39; Student Council, chairman Haskell House ’37-'38; "Elizabeth the Queen" '38; International Relations Club ’38-’39. Peppy and petite with a drawl, yellow dance skirt and hair ribbon, convictions, gay but demure. SONIA WILD "Cumberlands" Kenley, Surrey, England Riding Club ‘38-‘39; Science Club '38-’39; Dance Club ’38-’39; International Relations Club, president 38-’39; Varsity hockey "38-'39, "Elizabeth the Queen" 38; Chorus ’38-'39; Monticello Athletic Association ’38-'39; Times Staff ‘38-’39. Diplomats and horses, soap and cold cream, roses and jodhpurs, wind-blown-British Yardley’s, straight sitting and standing, "Oh, dash!” ESTHER ANNE WRIGHT 96 Dexter Road Newtonville, Massachusetts "First Lady" '37; Times Staff ‘37-’38, ’38-’39; Chorus 37-'38, '38-'39, Language Club '37-'38, ‘38-‘39; International Relations Club ’37-'38, '38-'39; Vice-President Senior Class ‘38-‘39; Student Council, president ’38-'39; "Elizabeth the Queen” ’38; Echo Board ’38-’39. Diplomacy at appropriate times, naive but well-informed, funny cracks and pig banks, billiards and long dresses. Class motto: "Courage" symbolized by cherry blossoms across the new moon Class colors: Silver and rose.1 IBelle Biller Frances Chandler S® MLl §li Cta OFFICERS Bette Bitter . Ruth Wright Frances Chandler . Miss Mary Jane Alspach President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Class Adviser The Class of 1940 made its official bow at the traditional and impressive Washington's Birthday Banquet. This event climaxed a junior year which was made colorful and exciting by a resourceful senior class, and was made to run smoothly by an efficient junior class council. The council was elected early in the year, and consisted of Virqinia Hart, Chairman; Betty Hemenway, social chairman; Janet Root, secretary,- Ann Caldwell, treasurer,- Etholeen Williams, social service cnairman. When the night of senior "calling" arrived, closer relationships were established between classes, and the juniors realized the meaning of another Monticello tradition. The black and gold ribbons had scarcely been pinned in place before frenzied preparations for the banquet were underway. Committee meetings in secret became numerous, songs were practiced, and officers elected. Thus at the Washington’s Birthday Banquet the junior year of the Class of 1940 culminated. It can be safely prophesied that its senior year will be marked by service, loyalty, and the originality already displayed. 33Morgaret Arnold Manzanola, Colorado Jane Baskin 503 North Broadway Holdonville, Oklahoma Bette Bitter 1645 York Street Quincy, Illinois Betty Bohne 4961 McPherson Avenue St. Louis, Missouri Jeane Burdick 1404 East A Stroot Casper, Wyoming Ann Caldwell 2740 8uchanan Street Son Francisco, California Romaync Cardwell 500 Country Club Drive Holdenville, Oklahoma Betty Champion 4719 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Frances Chandler 545 Suffield Road Birmingham, Michigan Belly Chapman 1242 Lake Shore Chicago, Illinois Drive Jean Day 301 West Avenue Alamosa, Colorado Ann Driemcycr 44 Grandvuo Drive Belleville, Illinois Katie Cracraft 211 St. Andrews Terrace Helena, Arkansas Jane Cummins 1144 North Fifth Street Seward, Nebraska Mosette Davis 8122 Leander Street Houston, Texas 39 Mary Jo Gross 1216 N. W. Fourth Ave, Mineral Wells, Texas Mary Lou Geis 2045 Marengo Avenue South Pasadena, Calif. Mary Gildersleeve 102 East Third Street Alton, Illinois Margaret Hanna 1211 Washington AverW Alton, Illinois Betty Fox 1111 South McComb St. El Reno, Oklahoma Betty Harford 321 East Fifth Street Alton, Illinois Annclicse Ickralh 3517 Holliday Avenii St. Louis, Missouri Betty Hemenway First Mesa, Broadmoor Colorado Springs, Colo. Jeanne Herxler 1307 Washington Avenue Alton, Illinois Jean Hayward 601 Westover Road Kansas City, Missouri Emily Johnston 1655 Jersoy Street Quincy, Illinois Harriet Houston Vandalia, Illinois Helen Ijams 9246 South 6th Street Terre Haute, Indiana Lenorc Kahn Evelyn Keil 3832 Greonwood Drive Milan, Tennessee Des Moines, IowaMTT i -T- - - - Mary E. Loar 922 North Collint Okmulgee, Oklahoma Margaret Lowdcn 2215 Huntington Lone Fort Worth, Texas Phoebe Little 1618 River Street Burlington, Iowa leannc Kellogg ’ercivol, Iowa Charlotte Kinnear 809 South Park Avenue Springfield, Illinois Mary Muller Jefferson Barracks St. Louis, Missouri Barbara Mills 6815 South Union Avenue Chicago, Illinois Caroline Petles 7430 Prairie Avenue Chicago, Illinois Agnes Mashidlausky 702 North Main Street Brockton, Massachusetts Harriet Meyers 1528 State Street Alton, Illinois Mary Anna Ruth 336 North Main Street Poplar Bluff, Missouri Janet Root 2214 East 17th Denver, Colorado Alison Phillips 2501 North Deere Park Highland Park, Illinois Milouise Priest 319 W. Washington Ave Kirkwood, Missouri Ann Preston 303 Ridgway St. Joseph, Michigan StreetMargaret Stauffer Godfrey, Illinois Betty Spelsberg 123 S. Oak Street Clarksburg, Virginia Betsy Smith 6826 Rosewood Avenue Hammond, Indiana Rosemary Schmitt 2021 Central Avenue Alton, Illinois Jeanne Scripsma R. R. No. 1 Ada, Michigan Jane Thomas 5630 Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois Mary E. Thompson Waterville, Kansas Peggy Stewart 352 Park Terrace Cedar Rapids, Iowa Margaret Strale 1519 Hinman Avenue Evanston, Illinois Jean Stevenson 904 W.C.U. 8uilding Quincy, Illinois Betty Walker 1221 Main Stroet Grand Junction, Colorado Betty Todd 1506 Lake Avenue Wilmette, Illinois Ann Wallis 2031 Sunset Boulevard Houston, Texas Helen Ward 2336 Lincolnwood D'1 Evanston, Illinois 113 Maple Street Manistee, Michigan I "A 3 42Ancelec Wicnshicnk 931 Main Street Alton, Illinois Etholeen Williams General Delivery Regina, Saskatchewan, Can. Belly Wing Fort Winfield Scott San Francisco, California Rulh Wrighl 304 West Ninth Street Concordia, Kansas COLLEGE JUNIORS P. S. Class motto: "Progress' symbolized by a winged sandal in copper on a royal blue background. Copper suggests endurance and strength; blue stands for purity. Class flower: Snapdragon. Class hymn: "O God Our Help in Ages Past." 13■—-x7S55B53S3 5555K55555SJBS3Bt™ The years of toil and pleasure, replete with wisdom's gain Those years of richest measure, that will not come again. ran THE HISTORY OF THE SENIOR CLASS The first meeting was called on the twenty-sixth of October for the purpose of electing officers. Miss Phyllis Smith was elected president. We are proud to say that Phyllis has been appointed an exchange scholar at the Rodean School, Brighton, England for the year 1939-1940. The next very important event in our history was the senior dinner in the faculty dining room at which affair we received our class pins. The class president delivered a speech appropriate to the occasion. On February 26th the seniors entertained their juniors and the faculty in the the faculty dining room. Next in the social events came our impressive senior dinner-dance. Our colors are royal blue and white, our flower, the pink sweetheart rose.SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Phyllis Smith .... President Betty Hart .... Vice-President Jane Spindler .... Secretary Mary Helen Witwer . Treasurer Gerda Wootten .... Social Chairman Miss Gertrude Coyne . . . . Faculty Adviser JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Patricia Taylor ...... President Joan Burnham ....... Vice-President Marilyn Milner ...... . Secretary-Treasurer Jean Raith ....... . Social Chairman Miss Abba Willard Bowen .... Faculty Adviser FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Patsy Kates ..... . President Ann Ballagh .... Vice-President Jane Clark ..... . Secretary-Treasurer Miss F. Eugenie Smith Faculty Adviser New Students—Preparatory School—January 1939 Marjorie Lee Adler ......... (Sophomore) 7425 Parkdale Avenue, Clayton, Missouri Alice Elizabeth Mather ........ (Sophomore) Ann McCauley Culver Military Academy; Culver, Indiana 14355 Abington Road, Detroit, Michigan (Freshman) Ruth Milliken Traverse City, Michigan (Sophomore) Mary Hallie Plummer ........ (Sophomore) 1400 Court Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee June Watkins .......... (Sophomore) Little Rock, Arkansas Miriam Watkins Nancy Witt Little Rock, Arkansas (Senior) (Junior) 6701 Hunters Glen Road, Dallas, Texas HELEN ANDERSON 5648 Dorchester Chicago, Illinois SUSAN ARNOLD Manzanolo, Colorado Riding Club "38- 39; Dance Club (Jr.) 37- 38, (Sr.) "38-"39; Vice-President of Freshman- Sophomore Class "37-"38, Science Club 38- 39; International Relations Club "38- 39; Language Club "37-"38; Archery "38. GLORIA CALL 3679 De Tonty Street St. Louis, Missouri Riding Club "37-"38; "38-"39. ANN CATLETT Foirmount, Illinois Science Club "38-"39; Glee Club "38-'39; International Relations Club "38-"39; Swimming Club "38-"39; Basketball "38-"39, "The Mad Hopes" "39. SHIRLEY FERGUSON 605 Clara Avenue St. Louis, Missouri Science Club "37-'38, "38-"39; International Relations Club "38-"39; Swimming Club ]37-]38, "38-"39; Monticello Athletic Association "37-"38, "38-’32; Hockey varsity "37-'38, "38-"39; Basketball "37-’38, "38-"39; Dance Club "37-"38, "38-'39. ALICE FITZ Des Arc Missouri "Prep Personal" Staff "38-"39; Glee Club "38-"39; Chorus "38-"39; Science Club "38-"39; Drama class play "38. GAYLE FOSTER 20 Lincoln Place Decatur, Illinois Riding Club '37-"38, Vice-President "38-"39; Champion Monticello Spring Horse Show "38; Social Service Committee "37-"38. ELIZABETH GILMORE Middle Road, R. R. No 1. Jeffersonville, Indiana Riding Club "37-"38, "38-’39; International Relations Club "38-"39, Glee Club "38-"39; Monticello Athletic Association "37-"38, "38-"39.WINIFRED GOTTSCHALK 2032 Willamore Avenue Springfield, Illinois Riding Club '38-’39. ELIZABETH HART 283 Lake Park Drive Birmingham, Michigan Riding Club "37-’38; Dance Club ’37-’38; Monticello Athletic Association, Secretary '38-'39; Vice-President of Senior Class ,38-‘39i Hockey varsity ’37-'38; Basketball varsity '37-'38. KATE SUSAN HEARNE 714 Main Street Poplar Bluff, Missouri Editor of "Prep Personal" ‘38-'39; varsity hockey '38-’39; Drama class play '38. LOUISE K. HUTCHINSON 311 Prospect Street Alton, Illinois Hockey '38; Swimming '38-'39; Science Club '38-’39. SUSAN ISAACS 6920 Pershing Street St. Louis, Missouri Science Club '37-'38; Swimming Club '37-'38, '38-'39. PEGGY JAYNE LILLY 1008 Edgewood Drive Charleston, West Virginia Hockey '38; Basketball '38-'39; Drama Class Play '39. LORRAINE NORQUIST 420 East Armour Boulevard Kansas City, Missouri "Prep Personal" Staff '38-'39; Tennis 39. LESLIE ROBINSON 924 Euclid Avenue Winnetka, Illinois Language Club '38-39; Prep Personal staff 38-39.JARVIS SCHAEFER 735 West Junior Terrace Chicago, Illinois Social Service Committee '38-‘39; Science Club ‘38-'39; Riding Club ‘38-'39. BARBARA ANN SHIELDS 821 North Iowa Avenue Washington, Iowa Science Club '37-'38. PHYLLIS JANE SMITH 132 Ridenour Street Clarksburg, West Virginia Monticello Athletic Association '37-'38, '38-‘39 International Relations Club '37-’38; Language Club '37-'38; Science Club, Treasurer '37-’38; Vice-President of Junior Class '37-‘38; "Two Orphans" '38; Dance Club (Jr.) ’37-’38, (Sr.) '38-'39; Vice-President of Student Council '38-'39; President of Senior Class '38-'39; "The Mad Hopes” '39; Treasurer of Junior Classical Society of Illinois. CHARLOTTE GRETCHEN SPANG 126 West Penn Street Butler, Pennsylvania Riding Club ’37-'38, '38-'39; Baseball '36-'37 Hockey '37-'38, ’38-‘39; Archery ’37-’38 li ANE SPINDLER ighland, Illinois Chorus '37-'38; Science Club ’38-'39; International Relations Club '38-'39; Secretary of Senior Class ‘38-'39. LUCY STORMES Box No. 242 East Prairie, Missouri M. A. A. Board ‘38-’39; Assistant Editor of "Prep Personal” '38-'39; Baseball Team '37-‘38; Hockey '37-'38; Basketball '37-‘38, '38-'39; Badminton '38-’39. MARY LOUISE TREADWELL 306 West 15th Street Benton, Illinois M. A. A. Board, Treasurer [38-'39; "Two Orphans" ‘38; "The Mad Hopes" ‘39; Swimming Club ’37-’38, '38-‘39; Science Club ‘37-’38; Language Club '38-‘39; Varsity Hockey ‘37-’38; Class Hockey '38-’39; International Relations Club '38-‘39; Tennis ‘37-'38, ‘38-'39. DORIS VOLWILER 2472 North Deere Pork Drive Highland Park, Illinois Language Club '38-'39.NANCY MARTIN WARNER 1601 Noble Avenue Springfield, Illinois Science Club 38-'39. GERDA WOOTEN 1119 Kansas Avenue Chickasha, Oklahoma Monticello Athletic Association '37-'38, '38-'39,-International Relations Club '38-'39; Language Club '37-'38; Science Club '37-'38; Social Chairman, Senior Class of 1939 ‘37-‘38, '38-’39; "Two Orphans" '38; Dance Club (Jr.) '37- 38, (Sr.) '38-'39; Riding Club '37-'38, '38-'39; Swimming Club '38-'39; Hockey ‘38; Junior Class Play '38. BETTY WISE 814 St. Louis Street Edwardsville, Illinois Swimming Club ‘37-"38, Vice-President 38- 39; Hockey (Prep Captain) '38-,39; Swimming Team '37-'38; Preparatory plays '37-'38, '38-'39; baseball team '37-'38, 38- 39; Prep Personal staff '38-'39; basketball '37- 38; Student Council House Chairman of West Residence '38-'39. MARY HELEN WITWER 838 Berkshire Road Grosse Pointe, Michigan Varsity Hockey '38-'39; Varsity Baseball '38; Monticello Athletic Association 37- 38; Two Orphans" '38, "The Mad Hopes 39, House Council '38-'39; "Prep Personal staff 38- 39; Treasurer of Senior Class '38- 39. "May we be ever worthy. Standing firm without a fear. May we your ideals echo, O Alma Mater dear." —ANN BALLAGH Freshman— East River Road Grosse lie, Michigan ANN BRADSTREET Junior— 606 Provident Avenue Winnetka, Illinois JOAN BURNHAM Junior -1667 Hampshire Quincy, Illinois MARY E. CARLE Junior— 2802 Mitchell Avenue St. Joseph, Missouri PHYLLIS CARTER Junior— Trenton, Illinois FRANCES JANE CLARK Sophomore— 664 South Crea Street Decatur, Illinois LENORE COMPTON Sophomore 904 Edgewood Drive Charleston, West Virginia MYRTLE COOK Sophomore— 1040 Monroe Avenue River Forest, Illinois BETTY COX Junior 40 East Oak Street Chicago, Illinois BARBARA DRAUDT Junior- 124 North Hill Street Marion, Indiana ANNE LOUISE EARLE Junior - Hermansville, Michigan ANNE WILLIAMS EARLE Freshman Jefferson Barracks St. Louis, MissouriVIRGINIA ELLIOTT Junior— 130 North Wells Street Chiccgo, Illinois WINIFRED EVANS Junior--1635 Ruth Place Springfield, Illinois NANCY FOWLER Sophomore— 914 Williams Street River Forest, Illinois Barbara franklin Junior— R. F. D. No. 3. Springfield, Illinois PATRICIA FREER Junior— 427 East First Street Hinsdale, Illinois MARIE FREEMAN Sophomore— 433 Washington Street Hinsdale, Illinois SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN JANE FROTHINGHAM Junior— 120 Keeney Street Evanston, Illinois ANN FROTHINGHAM Junior 120 Keeney Street Evanston, Illinois INA MAE HEATH Junior— 2722 East Newton Avenue Shorcwood, Wisconsin LOIS HELMERICHS Sophomore— 60 Aberdeen Place Clayton, Missouri HORTENSE HENGER Junior -2026 Adelaide St. Louis, Missouri NORMA HOLLENDER Junior -1225 Park Place Quincy, Illinois .PATSY KATES Sophomore- 723 Oakland Avenue Birmingham, Michigan JANE LAMKINS Sophomore— 1228 Three Mile Drive Grosse Point, Michigan DOROTHY LIESE Junior— 7440 Teasdale Avenue St. Louis, Missouri LILA MANFIELD Junior- 2300 Lincoln Park West Chicago, Illinois BETSEY MARSH Junior— 2001 Liberty Street Alton, Illinois VIRGINIA MARSH Junior— 1427 Ashbury Avenue Winnetko, Illinois PATRICIA MCFERREN Junior— 502 East Penn Street Hoopeston, Illinois MARY McKITTERECK Sophomore 105 Grand Street Burlington, lov a ANNIE McNEIL Junior Paw Paw, Michigan BARBARA MEYER Sophomore 327 Southfield Road Birmingham, Michigan TEKLA PFEFFER Junior Lebanon, Illinois JEAN RAITH Junior -6206 Pershing University City, Missouri •. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________. ANE ROHRER Junior— 501 North, McKean Street Kittonning Pennsylvania MARY ALICE SEIPPEL Junior - 1204 Sheridan Road Evanston, Illinois PATSY SMITH Sophomore— 1624 North Union Street Decatur, Illinois VERNA SMITH Freshman— Hdgmont Station, R. No. 1. Bell eville, Illinois JO ANN SPIVA Junior- 1680 Main Street Quincy, Illinois JOANNE STIFFLER Freshman—■ 871 Poppleton Avenue Birmingham, Michigan sophomores and freshmen MURRAY JO STIRTON Sophomore— 201 East Delaware Street Chicago, Illinois PATRICIA TAYLOR Junior - 3735 Brookside Rood Toledo, Ohio ELAINE THORNTON Junior— 536 South Kensington La Grange, Illinois KATHERINE WELLS Sophomore 2346 Presidio Drive Son Diego, California MILDRED WELLS Junior — Callejon de Luna No. 12 Guatemala City, Guatemala, C. A. JOSEPHINE ELLEN WHITE Junior— Hyde Park Hotel Chicago, IllinoisSeated in tailor fashion, with open books, our girls appraise the . . .THE echo The Echo Board, which publishes the Montir-A.'lr « u i ■ j (he members of bo.h (he editorial staff ondX " made u,DLoi members of the Board ore college seniors Thtv n e n« k ? °J the original, art.Stic ana entertaining a manner as possible. Editor-in-chief . Associate editor Literary editors Literary assistants Art editors Photography Assistant Sports editor Faculty adviser THE EDITORIAL STAFF . Helen Paxton Helen Lanagon Esther Anne Wright Florence Rice Jean Whitney Jane Porter Jane Cummins - Helen Ward - Frances Chandler Virginia Mills Eleanor Pearson Jeanne Henderson Agnes Mashidlausky Deane Mitchell Miss Louise Hendryx 57iwi—TTiwimirffiyHi limn mi ii ii m-' ■' -1J — ‘ mi iiiiiiiiiiiinfirnininTmrim THE BUSINESS STAFF Business manager . Sally Gage Associates Mary Martha Sellers Phoebe Little Assistants Helen Ijoms Catherine Edgerion Virginia Hart Ann Caldwell Charlotte Kinnear Joan Kellogg Betty Todd THE ECHO COUNTER The business staff maintains the Echo counter to help finance the yearbook. The counter opens at 4:00 p.m. and at 9:00 p.m. each day, at which times candy, fruits, and soft drinks are sold to the students. The business staff also sponsors the sale of Monticello jewelry as another means for raising funds. At the beginning of each year the Echo Board publishes the Monticello College Directory which is sold for twenty-five cents a copy.THE MONTICELLO TIMES The Monticello Times is published bi-weekly by a staff of students who are desirous of practical experience in the actual publishing of a newspaper. This year the paper has been a scoop in itself with its larger sheets and feature articles.. A staff eager to work traced news, reported news and made news! THE 1938-1939 STAFF Editor-in-chief ....... Betty Sarafian News Editor ..... Etholeen Williams Editorials ....... Sonia Wild Art editor ...... Agnes Mashidlausky Copy editor ...... Helen Jean Ward Contributors ...... Romayne Cardwell, Jane Cummins, Betty Fox, Mary Lou Geis, Margaret Hanna, Jacquoline Helmorichs, Emily Johnston, Virginia Mills, Eleanor Pearson, Florence Rice, Janet Root, Mary Martha Sellers, Betsy Smith, Betty Spolsberg, Ancelee Wienshionk, Betty Wing, Esther Anne Wright. Copy Staff f Mary Jo Gross Virginia Mills { Margarot Strale Faculty Advisers Miss Harriet Haskell Miss Louise McConnell THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION Freedom commensurate with responsibility . . . The institution of student government is comparatively recent at Monticello, but its success is pronounced. The purpose of this association is to increase in the student a sense of individual responsibility in upholding the academic standards of the school, and to give official expression to the opinions of the student body. Its membership consists of all students of Monticello College and Monticello Preparatory School. The association is governed by a constitution, and its officers are a president, a vice-president, a secretary-treasurer, and a social chairman. These officers, together with the chairmen of the various residences, form the Student Council. The aim of the Student Association is to develop in each of its members a sense of honor, loyalty, and cooperation which will lead to freedom from formal rules and regulations in the future. «oEsther Anne Wright. Phyllis Smith Winifred Evans Virginia Hart Nancy Smythe Etholeen Williams • Betty Wise • Jean Whitney Miss Marjorie S. Crouch President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman House Chairman, East Residence House Chairman, West Residence House Chairman, Haskell House Faculty Consultant 61 iMONTICELLO ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A shipwreck party complete with Robinson Cruso, his man Blue Monday, terrifying savages, scores of pirates, and even an unfortunate victim of Neptune returning in white robes and a halo for the party, started the activities of the Athletic Association. The purpose of this organization is to promote an interest in intra-mural activities of all kinds. The association sponsors parties, hikes, picnics, and makes available to its members a l of the recreational advantages of the campus. THE M.A.A. BOARD Jeanne Henderson . President Catherine Edgerton . Vice-President Betty Hart . . Secretary Mary Louise Treadwell Treasurer Virginia Hart . Hockey Manager Jeanne Henderson . Basketball Mgr. Ina Mae Heath . Volley Ball Mgr. Jean Whitney . . Modern Dance Sally Gage . . Riding Caroline Pettes . Swimmingautumn Midst the fall of red-gold leaves, made brighter by the setting sun, fly the puck and shuttle cock. Down the field run the white clad figures of the Gold and Black team. Bandanas fly in the crisp October wind; hockey sticks clash, and the shrill treble of the referee s whistle reverberates from the sidelines. WINTER The thud of rubber-soled feet resounds as they race across the hardwood floor of the gym—a free throw- a basket—and a cheer from the crowd. Other sports lovers face the net for a clean serve of the volley ball. Then water minded companions splash lustily away in the deep green pool below. A swan, a back, or a clean jack cuts the water with easy grace. SPRING Green trees once more, soft breezes Stir the curly locks of a golfer, poised in air the white ball is sent swiftly down the green with all the smoothness and poise of the arrow that Has just been released from the archer's bow. The resounding twang of a tennis ball and racket is carried to the more restful minded members of our clan who are basking lazily in the warm rays of sunshine. 03 When Monticello’s campus is tinctured with color, when the days grow shorter and a little colder, when school has become a reality, it's time to get into real hockey form. The all-school practices are a series of left-hand lunges, dribbling down the field, and quick drives at the goal. After a few weeks of hard work plus a lot of fun, the college and preparatory school varsities are chosen. The 1938 season of hockey games opened October 20th with truly competitive playing between Haskell House and East Residence the latter being victorious. A memorable day in hockey history was College Play Day on November 12th at Urbane. The team profited by its taste of gala university life and first place in the state meet. Monticello’s two guest teams of the season were Font Bonne and Principia. The season ended with one of the most colorful events of the year, the Hockey Banquet on December 2nd. Miss Barbara Smith, Monticello’s hockey coach, introduced Miss Marjorie Harowell, member of the United States Field Hockey Team and guest speaker of the evening. With Miss Haro-well’s exciting account of her many experiences in playing international hockey, a successful season at Monticello officially ended. COLLEGE VARSITY PREPARATORY SCHOOL VARSITY Ruth Althaus Ann Caldwell Anna Lois Carter Catherine Edgerton Virginia Hart Jeanne Henderson Deane Mitchell Caroline Pettes Jane Thomas Sonia Wild Betty Wing Substitutes Ann Ballagh Lenore Compton Barbara Draudt Anne W. Earle Barbara Franklin Ann Frothingham Substitutes Jane Lamkins Murray Jo Stirton Betty Wise Mary Helen Witwer Gerca Wootten Jean Hayward Jane Savery Helen Ward Ruth Wright Anne L. Earle Shirley Ferguson Jane Frothingham Kate Hearne Ina Mae Heath Charlotte Spang JBASKETBALL A quick change in athletic life means replacing shin-guards with tennis shoes, a slightly battered hockey stick with a good long arm, and a hockey ball with a basket ball. Yes, basketball is on and this time Monticello comes to the front with a new and successful plan of organization. The entire student body is divided into two teams, the blacks and the golds, Monticello’s colors. This affords keen competition and numerous intra-mural games. The varsities were chosen as always from the allschool practices. During the winter months inter-class competition was keen and a very successful season was climaxed by an athletic field day in which every student participated. Each type of indoor athletic activity at Monticello was demonstrated— tumbling, the modern dance, social dancing, gymnastics, and swimming. The crowning event of the cay was the Black vs. Gold basketball gome. Although the Gold team won the final game, the Black team had already piled up enough points to be the season’s victor. College Varsity Anna Lois Carter leanne Henderson Catherine Edgerton Betty Todd Mary Lou Geis Betty Wing Preparatory School Varsity Ann Catlett Lenore Compton Shirley Ferguson Barbara Franklin Jo Ann Spiva Lucy Stormes Substitutes Ruth Althaus Harriet Houston Agnes Mashidlausky Deane Mitchell Ann Wallis Myrtle Cook Barbara Draudt Substitutes Anne W. Earle Marie Freeman THE RIDING CLUB Membership in the Riding Club, otherwise known os the Hobby Horses, is restricted to the most skillful riders. In October four members participated in the Westwood Horse Show in St. Louis. They were: Joan Burnham, Gayle Foster, Elizabeth Gilmore and Patricia Freer. In April Monticello was well represented in the Maryville Horse Show Club members participating were: Gayle Foster, Jarvis Schaefer, Patricia Freer, Winifred Gottschalk, Jeanne Henderson, Sally Gage, Harriet Houston, Anne Williams Earle, Anneliese Ickrath, Ann Wallis. On the annual Guest Day in the spring, Monticello presents its own Horse Show. Besides the regular saddle classes, this program includes drills and novelty classes for which prizes are awarded. The Grand Prize goes to the champion rider of the entire show. Chief among the activities of the Riding Club are Sundoy morning rides on the campus trails, dinner meetings in the cabin and joint meetings with Western Military Academy Riding Club. This year the club members redecorated the stable tack room as a special project. They were assisted in this undertaking by Miss Katherine Irwin of the art department. MSally Gage . RIDING CLUB OFFICERS • • President Gayle Foster Vice-President Virginia Mills . Secretary-Treasurer Miss Virginia Kiesel Faculty Adviser I MEMBERS Muriel Berry Joan Burnham Anne Williams Earle Patricia Freer Elizabeth Gilmore Winifred Gottschalk Jeanne Henderson Harriet Houston Anneliese Ickrath Patricia McFerren Jarvis Schaefer Murray Jo Stirton Ann WallisThe aim of the Monticello Dance Club is to combine technique with inspiration so as to develop a sense of poise, self expression, and freedom of movement. The group is composed of two individual organizations, the Junior Dance Club and the Senior Dance Club. The Senior group consists of the most advanced dancers. These organizations meet once a week and often combine their efforts, particularly during the times when programs are being constructed. The members of the Junior group are qualified for membership in November and again in February. On March eighteenth the Dance Club presented a series of compositions in a Recital of Modern Dance. Included in this program was a Cycle, composed by the Senior Club, and made up of four separate dances: Uncertainty, Chaos, Affirmation, and Exaltation. SENIOR MEMBERS Jean Whitney Deane Mitchell Margaret Arnold Susan Arnold Winifred Evans Shirley Ferguson Barbara Franklin Jeanne Henderson Caroline Pettes lane Porter Mary Martha Sellers Phyllis Smith Nancy Smythe Sonia Wild Etholeen Williams Gerdo Wootten JUNIOR MEMBERS President Mary E. Thompson . Secretary lenore Kahn Ann Caldwell Anne Louise Earle Catherine Edgerton Margaret Hanna Mary Alice Harley Mary Jane Hawkins Anne McNeil Betty Jane Walker Aincelee Weinshienk Josephine White President Secretary j r- v' icK»ggAjjgi' V 5 ’' ;n-t 3 i n,--". -'.......;v.. ..- —- Swimming Club meetings are called to order by the president, Caroline Pettes, every Monday afternoon at the pool. The members’ strokes are timed once each week and a record of their progress is maintained. The club is trained for the A. A. U. meet in St. Louis. One moy become a member of the organization by meeting standard requirements in stroke-form, diving, and endurance. To retain membership, the girls must swim at least four times a month and three times a week to be on the varsity team. There have been three very successful try-outs and initiations this year. The other officers are Betty Wise, vice-president; Phoebe Little, secretary-treasurer. MEMBERS Ann Ballagh Ann Catlett Betty Cox Anne W. Earle Winifred Evans Shirley Ferguson Barbara Franklin Mary Lou Geis Jeanne Henderson Susan Isaacs Helen Ijams Patricia Kates Phoebe Little Mary Muller Caroline Pettes Hallie Plummer Milouise Priest lean Raith Betsy Smith Mary Louise Treadwell Betty Wise Gerda WoottenA T “Lord Essex, tolce my Kingdom”- and the curtain closed on Elizabeth, the Queen, the first aromatic production at Monticello for the 1938-1939 season. This performance on November 22nd was followed by a second performance on January 13th. On January 20th the Preparatory School drcma class presented a program of scenes from Pride and Prejudice and Little Women. At the same time a one act play, Repentance, written by Jarvis Schaefer was produced. The month of March was ushered in bv the Preparatory School, who carried on the Monticello tradition for four-star events with their excellent presentation of the delightful Mad Hopes. The play was produced by Miss Alspach, with sets by Mr. Chipman. The cast included: Mrs. Clytemnestra Hope Geneva Hope . Lady Ingleby Claude Hope . Henry Hilton Hope Mr. Klein French Maid Rene Phyllis Smith Ann Catlett Murray Jo Stirton . Ann McNeil . Marie Freeman Anne W. Earle Mary Helen Witwer Anne L. Earle Mary Louise Treadwell Visitors at the College on Guest Day in April were entertained with two one-act plays produced by students in play production class. The dramatic department was represented by John Synge’s Riders to the Sea, directed by Sonia Wild, and Noel Coward s comedy. Hands Across the Sea, produced by Jean Whitney. Other student productions were The Valiant, directed by Lenore Kah n and The Florist Shop, directed by Deane Mitchell. The commencement play is presented in May by cn all-school cast. This play culminates the dramatic presentations for the year. 70 Elizabeth, the Oueen by Maxwell Anderson was directed by Miss Mary Jane Alspach. The settings were designed by Mr. C. Dean Chipman, and incidental music was arranged by Dr. George W. Beiswanger. THE CAST Elizabeth Lord Essex Sir Walter Raleigh . Penelope Gray Sir Robert Cecil Frances Bacon . The Fool Lord Burghley . Captain Armin Tressa Ellen Marvel . A Courier . A Herald Burbage Guards . Nancy Smythe Betty Wing . Deane Mitchell Jean Whitney Sonia Wild . Esther Anne Wright Charlotte Kinnear Anna Lois Carter Etholeen Williams Jane Porter Florence Rice . Jecnne Henderson Lenore Kahn Ann Caldwell Betty Fox Eleanor Pearson, Jeanne Scripsma 71THE MONTICELLO CHORUS Vespers . . . Sunday at four thirty . . . graceful robes in maroon and white . . . hymn books and praise ongels . . . Director, Guy Miller Snell . . . president, Jean Day . . . librarian, Ruth Wright . . . wardrobe mistress, Charlotte Kinnear. The main activity of the chorus is to provide appropriate music for the Sunday Vesper Service. Any girl who can sing and is willing to giver her time for practicing is welcome to join. There are three hours of practice during the week. Special renditions are prepared for the Christmas Vesper. The “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel s Messiah was particularly effective this year. On February nineteenth the Chorus was the guest of the Methodist Church in Alton. Mozart's Ave Verum” was sung as an anthem. Participation in the Baccalaureate exercises at commencement time concludes the choral activities for the year. Jane Baskin Anne Lois Carter Jean Day Anna Louise Earle Alice Fitz Mary Lou Geis Mary Jo Gross MEMBERS Jeanne Henderson Hortense Henger Emily Johnston Charlotte Kinnear Phoebe Little Jane Porter Jean Raith Janet Root Betty Spelsburg Betty Todd Grace Topping Helen Ward Jean Whitney Sonia Wild Esther Anne Wright Ruth Wright GLEE CLUB To sing for the pleasure found in singing, to develop the ear so as to harmonize three and four part songs easily and well without help from an instrument, and to become acquainted with the vast repertoire of secular songs, are the purposes of the Monticello Glee Club, which has met this year on Tuesday and Thursday evenings immediately after dinner in Miss Hedemark's studio. The easy informality which prevails throughout the forty-five minute period lends itself to the development of good ensemble singing. The Glee Club, which is open to students from both the Preparatory School and the College, has sponsored several informal “sings’ in the drawing room to which students and faculty have been invited. The Glee Club took part in the Christmas Vesper service and featured in the April Misucale where it sang Max Vcgrich’s arrangement of “Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes", "The Lass with the Delicate Air” by Dr. Thomas Arne, and Color by Miss Hedemark. The following girls are members of this group: sopranos Jean Raith, Anne Louise Earle, Myrtle Cook, Annie McNeil, Elizabeth Gilmore, Phyllis Carter, Charlotte Spang, and Phyllis Smith; second sopranos Phoebe Little, Ann Catlett, Barbara Franklin, Jo Ann Spiva, and Marjorie Adler; altos Jane Spindler, Gayle Foster, Hortense Henger, Alice Fitz, and Jane Lamkins.Charlotte Kinnear, Barbara Mills, Marilyn Milner, Barbara Franlclin SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club has succeeded this year in creating a vast amo unt of interest in science and has allowed those individuals who possess a love of the scientific to increase their knowledge and experience in this field. Biological and chemical interests alike are treated by this group. Charlotte Kinnear is president of the organization,- Barbara Mills, vice-president; Marilyn Milner, secretary,- and Barbara Franklin, treasurer. This has been an unusually active and interesting year for the Science Club members and the rest of the student body as well. Several of the events sponsored by this group hove been open to the public. Activities and programs for the year have included a liquid air demonstration by Dr. Rodewald of Washington University; a lecture on naturalism by Reverend Link of Grafton, Illinois, and several movies of a scientific nature. The club plans to include in its future activities a trip to the Alton Glass factory and a hay-ride in which its members may participate. MEMBERS Joan Burnham, Phyllis Carter, Myrtle Cook, Katie Cracraft, Jean Day, Anne Louise Earle, Winifred Evans, Shirley Ferguson, Mary Lou Geis, Mary Jo Gross, Margaret Hanna, Mary Alice Harley, Mary Jane Hawkins, Louise Hutchinson, Lenore Kahn, Betty Lou Kennedy, Betsey Marsh, Agnes Mashidlausky, Barbara Mills, Halen Paxton, Milouise Priest, Jarvis Schaefer, Jo Ann Spiva, Grace Topping, Helen Ward, Ancelee Weinshienk.INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB With a student from England as president, the Monticello International Relations Club has had a very successful year. This club has as its objective the instruction and enlightenment of public opinion. The group makes a study of the underlying principles of national conduct and does not necessarily support any one viewpoint. The International Relation’s Club has sponsored several speakers such as Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen Rohde, Professor Roland Usher, and Rabbi Isserman. Miss Norma Adams is the faculty adviser for the group. She has been assisted by Miss Lucretio llsley and Miss Emily Whitman. FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB OFFICERS Etholeen Willicms . President Betty Sarafan . Sec.-Treas. NTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS Sonia Wild . . . President Janet Root . Vice-President Helen Paxton . Sec.-Treas. FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB Bonjour— With French, Latin, Spanish and German students vying for linguistic honors, it was no wonder that the Language Club projects were so successful. Aside from its regular club activities, the members sponsored the sale of tickets to the series of movies shown at the college. According to custom, at Christmas time a French Nativity Play was presented, and Tannenbaum ’3 ”, and other songs were sung by the other groups. Also during the year, language dinner tables were established at which the students were given an opportunity to learn idiomatic everyday conversation.At the open door the student receives the . .The Washington Birthday Dinner—The Event of the Year TRADITIONS The traditions of a school prove something about it. They are evidence of background; they make the past seem real, and the future important. A year at Monticello is mellowed by the observance of traditions which are rather unique when compared with those of other schools. These are a part of the spirit of Monticello, and will live as long os that spirit lives. The end of October sees one of the first of Monticello traditions with the iron-handed governing of Juniors by Seniors on Hallowe en. This is for from a solemn day; and indeed, the traditions seem to grow in importance as the year progresses. Senior calling is preceded by the Junior exam, which is conducted by the Seniors and serves to acquaint Juniors with the history of the school. The definite date of "calling " is known only to Seniors, until the ceremony actually takes place at an impressive candle-lighted dinner. The Washington's Birthday Banquet climaxes the period of Junior-Senior activities. It is given by the Junior class, and marks their debut, with the presentation of their officers, colors, and songs. The seniors add an appropriate and graceful note by dancing the minuet in costumes of Washington’s day. The Banquet ends with the singing of the friendship songs, and the intensification of a feeling of class unity. S m IfOon jlues |Ue i Tkgl'Fn |Sc? September i |7ucs U I 2 3 X5 ©7 »i9 vn i Xihnm’) V Kloyemter V»n Tuti Wei ILoTFti 3©i o ; 10II1213 Kw If tfxi SEPTEMBER Sunday, the 4th—Tea for Preparatory School Faculty at "The Evergreens." Tuesday, the 6th Preparatory School Registration. Thursday, the 8th Opening assembly for Preparatory School. Speaker: President Rohrbough. Fridoy, the 9th -"Get acquainted" parties. Saturday, the 10th -Preparatory School cabin party for students and faculty. Tuesday, the 13th -College Registration. Friday, the 16th -Opening assembly for the College. Speaker: President Rohrbough. Saturday, the 17th—Sound picture: "April Romance". Sunday, the 18th -First Convocation. Speoker: Dr. Arnold H. Lowe, Kingshighway Presbyterian Church, St. Saturday, the 24th—Shipwreck Party given by the Monticollo Athletic Association. Sunday, the 25th-Vespers. Speaker: Dr. William M. Hudson, President of Blackburn College, Carlinville; OCTOBER Saturday, the 1st -Monticollo sends representatives to Illinois Junior Classical Society, Urbano. Sunday, the 2nd Vespers. Speaker: Dr. Ralph E. Diffendorfer, Corresponding Secretary, Board of Foreign Missions, Methodist Episcopal Church, New York City. Tuesday, the 4th -Annual Fall Boat Trip up the Mississippi River. Friday, the 7th -Assembly. Dr. Hughos. speaker for tne International Relations Club. Saturday, the 8th -Hobby Horses attend the St. Louis Horse Show. Saturday, the 15th Mrs. Ruth Bryan Rohde arrives f 3r week-end visit. Sunday, the 16th Vespers. Soeaker: Mrs. Rohde. Monday, the 17th -Art Exhibition, Water colors by Mildred Zornes, loaned by Walker Galleries of New York. Fridoy, the 21st -Assembly. Speaker: Dr. Harl Douglass, University of North Carolina. Sunday, the 23rd Monlicello representatives participate in Wostmoreland Country Club Horse Show. Fridoy, the 28th -Monticollo Night at Historical Pageant, Godfrey Church. Saturday, the 29th Halloween Party, College Seniors act as hostesses. NOVEMBER Tuesday, the 1st Alton Junior College Guest Meeting on campus with program by Play Production Class. Saturday, the 5th Hockey: Prep vs. University City of St. Louis at Monticollo; College Formal Dance. Sunday, the 6th Vespers. Speaker: Rev. John Lampo, First Presbyterian Church, Jorseyville. Tuesday, the 8th 1st Metropolitan Evont: John Charles Thomas. Saturday, the 12th ProDaratory School Formal Dance; College Playday at Urbana. Friday, the 18th Rollo Walter Brown lectures on "The Romance of Being a Student." Saturday, the 19th -Peace Conference. Speoker: Dr. Roland G. Usher, Washington University, St. Louis. Monday, the 21 St Art Exhibition, three Mexican Artists, original paintings by Orozco, Rivera, and Siqueiros. Wednesday, the 23rd -Collego play, "Elizabeth the Queen.’ Thursday, tho 24th Thanksgiving Day. Saturday, the 26th Trip to St. Louis Art Museum; Informal Dance. p« . December Sun 1 Hon iTufeV iWed .TfmrflTri Sect I 8 6 i8 i 9ioninivlii 25 26 27 28 V) }0 y Cli- 3an uarif Sun I Hon Tucj I U d|lW, 2X 10 16 Pf8 Fr SouT fydhlfiAj $ L Vju ' February 5uo Mon fuej hied rhuo TVi ! dt 7 9 26 20 2 2728 X X i2i3) It'S m X 102 J Ml 272 | DECEMBER Friday, the 2nd—Hockey Banquet; Opening Moeting of the Modern Dance Classes. Sunday, the 4th—Vespers. Monday, the 5th -Art Exhibition: Drawings by Lew Keller, loaned by the artist. Friday, the 9th—Song Recital: Leonard A. Stocker, baritone. Saturday, the 10th —Christmas Formal Dance. Sunday, the 11th—Christmas Vesper Program. Thursday, the 15th—Doll Dinner. Friday, the 16th -Christmas Recess begins. JANUARY Tuosdoy, the 3rd—Holidays end at 10 P. M. Thursday, the 5th—Scionce Club Open Meeting. Friday, the 6th—Liquid air demonstration and lecturo by Dr. Charles Rodewald of Washington University. Monday, the 9th—Third Annual Exhibition of American Artists Group, New York City. Friday, tho 13th—Monticello entertains Rotary, Kiwanis and Exchange Clubs of Alton at a banquet and repeat performance of “Elizabeth, tho Queen." Saturday, the 14th—Progressive Dinner. Tuesday, the 17th—Metropolitan Event, Lubshutz and Nemenoff, duo-pianists. Monday, the 23rd—Beginning of mid-semester examinations. Monday, the 30th—Beginning of second semester. FEBRUARY Wednesday, the 1st—Class of 1939 examines Class of 1940 on Monticello History. Thursday, the 2nd—“Calling". Friday, tho 3rd—Movios of Sun Valley, Idaho, shown by Mr. Gallaaher of the Union Pacific Publicity office. Saturday, the 4th—Basketball: Blackburn vs. Monticello; Informal 3ance,- St. Louis Symphony. Sunday, tho 5th -Vespers: Piano Recital by Miss Hedemark. Tuosdoy, the 7th -Metropolitan Event: Trudi Schoop. Wednesday, the 8th—Junior-Sonior competitions: Draping contest. Friday, the 10th -Patriotic Assembly,- Junior-Senior Play Competitions. Saturday, the 11th—Junior-Senior competitions: Scavenger hunt; Lawrence Tibbett with St. Louis Symphony. Tuesday, the 14th—Alton Alumnae Association Book Review. Saturday, the 18th—Washington’s Birthday Dinner. Sunday, the 19th—Recognition Service and buffet Supper honoring Class of 1940. Thursday, tho 23rd—Science Club movie; Lecture by Rabbi Isserman. Friday, the 24th- Movie. Sunday, the 26th—Preparatory School Senior Tea. 81v Sun (Ton | Ho fres ircrv lileJ TWs Fri Set Sun Don npril Tues jtded fllx s Fn Sat Swn Plon r t Ti ej Thurt F ri Sal 1 1| X 1 2 5 K 6 7 8 9 K II X 3 H HE i]X % 8 9 10 ii ; m X 10 X a oH © K S 16 i7 18) 20 WM, 25 g 7 K 18 19 2 MS X 11 23 H 25 2 b X zb 27 2g|29|30|3l w X 25 2b 2 I MARCH Friday, the 3rd Assembly. Speakers: Presidont Rohrbough, Miss Kicsol; Language Club movie, "Mayerling”. Saturday, the 4th Senior Dinner dance, all-school formal. Sunday, the 5th- Vospers. Spoakor: Mr. Robert Jackson, Monticello. Friday, the 10th—Assembly. Speaker: Dr. Beiswanger. Preparatory School play, "The Mad Hopes". Wednesday, the 15th—Assembly. Lecture: Mr. and Mrs. Proctor of Springfield on "Puppets". Friday, the 17th--Dance Recital by the Modern Dance Club. Saturday, the 18th—Informal dance; Language Club movie, "Show Boat". Sunday, the 19th —Vespors. Speaker: Dr. Lowe. Tuesday, the 21st Metropolitan Event: Nathan Milstoin, violinist. Thursday, the 23rd -Physical Education Exhibition. Friday, the 24th—Spring Vacation begins. APRIL Saturday, the 1st -Concert: Marian Anderson, famous negro singer, auditorium, St. Louis. Sunday, the 2nd -Vacation ends. Friday, the 7th—Assembly. Speaker: Dr. Beiswanger,- Civics and history classes visit Springfield; Language Club movie: "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". Sunday, tho 9th—Special Easter morning services. Tuesday, tho 11th- -Founders Day. Saturday, tho 15th Guost Day. Sunday, the 16th Vespors. Speaker: Dr. Lowe. Monday, the 17th Metropolitan Opera: "Die Valkyrie". Friday, the 21st International Relations Club; Metropolitan Opera: "Otello; Principia Concort. Saturday, the 22nd Language Club movie: "My Man Godfrey". Sunday, the 23rd Vespers. Speaker: Dr. Truman Douglass, Pilgrim Congregational Church, St. Louis. Monday, the 24th Metropolitan Event: "Faust". MAY Friday, the 5th Assembly. Speaker: Dr. Beiswanger. Saturday, the 6th—Junior Prom. Sunday, the 7th —Vespers: Music. Saturday, the 13th—Guest Day. Sunday, the 14th Vespers. Speaker: The Reverend Stoddard Patterson, Bolleville, Illinois. Friday, the 19th Language Club movie: "Carnival in Flanders." Sunday, the 21st Vespors. Monday, the 22nd Examinations begin. Saturday, the 27th Commencement ploy followed by commencement dance. Sunday, the 28th Baccalaureate. Monday, the 29th Commencement.who would join the numbers, Qt form her glorious past. Pledge yourselves to Monticello, Faithful to the last.ACKNOWLEDGMENTS JAHN AND OLLIER ENGRAVING COMPANY Chicago, Illinois ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY Dixon, Illinois FRANK OBERKOETTER STUDIOS Peoria, Illinois 80— v - m gissSssBS m mm iMM im w« i£$

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