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 - Class of 1958

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if 9'1- 1 Q iii, Af kwa W? 'Y Fd E-nm u .af iii ,L .W,,.n 5 6 P 11 L' SH-4 THE ANNUAL STAFF PRESENT THE 1958 CC 2? ofazi Wemoriad ANNUAL STAFF SEATED: N. Motot, K. Farabee, G. Stannard J. Chamberlain. STANDING: R. Rogers, S. Stiger, C. Brubaker, J. Firsdon, K Sawyer, J. W' 'ams DEDICATION Mr' D319 BI"-mi-118 Mr. Russell Frgvel We, the Senior Class of Montgomery High School, dedicate the 'Las Memories' of 1958 to Mr. Dale Bnmi.ngandMr. Russe11Frave1. Thoycoachoda championship team in both football and basket- ball for the 1957-1958 season. ADMINISTRATION Hr. Acocks, Superintendent, Mr. Rogers, Principal, Mr. Hosafros, Executive Head SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Oestrich, Tir. Phillips, V. P., Hrs. Selby, Clerk, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Pelton, Pres., Mr. Stahl I FACULTY Mr. Fravel Drivers Ed. Head Football Coach Head Track Coach Jr. High Basketball Coach Sociology world History Mrs. Wilson f Girls Phyu, Ed. Mrs. Meyer Typing I, II Shorthand I, II Journalism School Paper Advisor Mr. Bruning Head Basketball Coach Head Baseball Coach Physical Education American Government American History Mrs. Keller English 9 English Literature American Literature Latin I, II Librarian we Lutz Biology Chemistry Physica Gr. 1 8 8 Science General Science NX M Zweidinger Band Chorus Jr. High Chorus Grade luaie Irs. Siekeraa Home Eo. Algebra I Q II Plane Geometry Practical Hath Irs . Stafford General Business Public Speaking Bookkeeping English 9 In 10 In . Garner Englilh 7 Hath 'I t 8 Gr. 7 In 8 History Mrs. Gilliland Grade 1 Mrs. Stahl Grade 2 Mrs. Clontz Grade 1 Mrs. Trott Grade 2 Mrs. Kelbley Grade 3 M s. Hileman Grades 3 Q h 2 silly Mrs. Mahaffey Grade h Mrs. Biasch Mrs o BOQSTS Grade 5 Kindergarten Mrs. Ream Grade 6 Mrs. Nietz School Secretary COOKS CUSTODIAN Mrs- Ohler, Mrs. Wiechart, Mrs. Lewis Mr, wiecl-man BUS DRIVERS Mr. Bankey, Mr. Fox, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Amos Amos Grocery, lost Uillfrovo, Ohio C. J. Stahl Texaco Station, lhyno, Ohio 529' I Q 4 C' 'a .1 CARL RRUBAKER President U Q I ,- E 'r Q I , U ,. M :-A , Y ,Xin RICHARD FARWIG Vice President SUSAN STIGER Secretary ,,e J IM HARTLEY Treasurer GARY STANNARD Studen t Coun oil RONNIE ADKINS Reporter 5 a sf' JL , , ,mv ws' Wi elffgg JOYCE' CHAMBERLAIN 'M ANN FEW Vg! ' NORMAN ANDERSON KENNY FA IRBANKS PAUL GRABER 1 3.P?.'f1xf:,, " I O 0 5 i 01, 0 45 ,Q 3 . Q. ' ,M A v KAY FARABEE JUDY FIRSDON MARIETTA HOLCOMBE , 4, if RICHARD HOLCOMBE TICHAELYN JCHVSOV TAUCY NOTGT .-Y.,.!. .J f'X L- 6 I I 'P '1 QQ 'fieg DUAN E KERN HOQERT SABC JAN E N GNNTMAK KAY SAWYER xl 6' ' 1 K , fu N CETAEK. S15--3-Ggq J-flf'7'LT S9120 -1-ff .T ,ET T TV? CTW Q.. 1 ROS.5xTiIT'D ' 'fHTTIWf7TOV fX 1 LLOVD TV F? -" T DONALD UALTTRYIER I' IJ ufy ,-. JULIA BILFIGMS SENIOR FACTS RON ADKINS: Chorus 1 2 3 4, Basketball l 2 3 4, Football 1 2 3 4, Track 2 3 4, Baseball 1 2 3 4, Class Officer 2 3 4. NORMAN ANDERSON: Baseball l 2, Drama Club 1 2, Class Play 3 4. CARL BRUBAKER: Basketball 1 2 3 4, Football 1 3 4, Track 3, Baseball 2 3 4, Annual Staff 4, Boys State 3, Class Officer l 2 3 4. JOYCE CHAMBERLAIN: Chorus 1 2 3 4, Annual Staff 4, Volleyball 4, Class Play 4, Drama Club. KEN FAIRBANKS: Band 1, Chorus l 2 3 4, Basketball l 2 3 4, Football 1 2 3 4, Track 3, Baseball l 2 3 4, Boys State 3, Class Play 4. KAY FARABEE: Band 1 2, Chorus 1 2 3 4, Volleyball 4, Annual Staff 4, Class Play 3, Class Officer 1 2 3, Cheerleader 3. RICHARD FARWIG: Band 1 2 3 4, Chorus 1 2 3 4, Basketball 2 3, FFA l 2 3 4, Class Play 3, Class Officer 4. ANN FEW: Chorus 2 4, Glee Club l 3, Ensemble 1 2, Drama Club 1. JUDY FIRSDON: Band 1 2 3 4, Chorus 3 4, Annual Staff 4, Band Officer 3 4, Class Play 4. PAUL GRABER: Chorus 1, Basketball 1 2, Football 1 2 3, Baseball l 2 3 4. JIM HARTLEY: Basketball 2 3 4, Track 3, Class Officer 3 4. MARIETTA HOLCOMBE: Girls Basketball 2 3, Latin Club 2 4, Senior Play 4. DICK HOLCOMBE: Football 1 2 3 4, Basketball 1, Track 2 3 4, Chorus 3 4, Band 4, Class Play 3 4, Baseball 1. MICHAELYN JOHNSO : Chorus 1 2 4, Ensemble 3, Class Plays 3 4. MIKE KELLER: Football l 2 3 4, Baseball 1, Class Play 3. DUANE KERN: Band 1 2 3 4, Chorus 4, Class Play 4, Boys State 3. NANCY MOTOT: Girls Basketball 2 3 4, Volleyball 4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play, Girls State 3. JANE NONNEMAKER: Chorus 1 2 3 4, Wood County Festival 3 4, Ensemble 1 2 3 4. ROBERT SABO: Junior Class Play. KAY SAWYER: Band 1 2 3, Chorus l 2 3 4, Girls Volleyball 4, Cheerleader 3 4, Class Plays 3 4, Class Officer 3. JANET SCHROEDER: Chorus 1 2, School Paper 4. GARY STANNARD: Band 2 3, Chorus 1 2 3 4, Football 3 4, Basketball 1 2 3 4, Track 2 3 4, Baseball 3 4, Annual Staff 4, Class Officer l 2 3 4. SUSAN STIGER: Band l 2 3 4, Chorus l 2 3 4, Annual Staff 4, Cheerleading 3, Girl: State 3, Class Officer l 2 3 4. MICHAEL SUTTER: Basketball 2, Football 4. JANET TYSON: Chorus 1 2 3, Latin Club 2, Senior Play, School Paper 4. LLOYD TYSON: Baseball 2, Senior Play. DON WALTERMIER: Track 2 3 4, Baseball 4, FFA 3 4. ROSALIND WHITINGTON: Chorus l 2 3 4, Glee Club 2 3, Basketball 2 4, School Paper 4, Plays 3 4. JULIA WILLIAMS: Chorus 1 2 3 4, Class Play 4, Ensemble 1 2 3 4. K. K. Stannard, West Millgrove SENIOR OFFICERS SEATED: S. Stiger, Secretary, C. Brubaker, Pres., R. Farwig, Vice President. STANDING: G. Stan ard, Student Council, J. Hartley, Treasurer, R. Adkins, Reporter. VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN , ,, , S ...,.:., ,AI ,XX . sz-.ww-'f+2' wwf'r5r,fiJ12ff'fM:f 71 ff In ,,,, ,,., ,A - .,.,,. , ,.-- . W., f5 gXg ,z,r f ,1 ',.-'gm-3,v. ,y y-2 -1' .ggw I I I v - wf-f wfg - 53 -,?" q :,sf5' Qt: Qrypvgn me-f fwki .Mr f haf .1 P E, Susan Stiger Gary Stannard D. 6 L. Pure 011 Service, Fostoria, Ohio Kitchen House of Music, 318 8. lain, Fostoria, Ohio Willows Drive Inn, Fostoria, Ohio ' POPULARITY CONTEST mosm' LIKELY T0 SUCCEFID BEST PERSONALITY Gary 5 Susan Richard 5 Kay MOST POPULAR Kenny k Kay Ann BEST LOOKING Mosm' ATHLETIC Bob 5 Marietta A1len's Hardware, Wayne, Ohio Noble Clover Farm, Wayne, Chio Ronnie, Nancy k Carl uosfr oourcm. N1 CEST SMILE gig, 5 Ann Paul Q Rosalind BIGGEST FLIRT Dick A Judy HOST MUSICAL MOST POLITE DUGUO E JHDO Norman k Jhnet Ridgloy lotor Sales, Pembervillo, Ohio Mentor Motor Sales, Pemborvillo, Ohio A f 'E S4 621 V PRETTIEST HAIR BIGGEST TEASE like k Julia Lloyd b liohnslyn PRETTIEST EIRS NEATEST APPEARANCE Don a Janet Jim Q Joyce Ann Prairie Farmer Co-Oo, Wayne, Ohio LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of 1956, being of sound mind and able body, do hereby will to the Junior Class, all old textbooks, our overdue homework, our untidy lockers, old comic books, and all old bills encurred in the last school year. we leave to you the knowledge that no one can ever take the place the Senior Class holds in the hearts of the teachers. They will never love you as they have loved us, but they will try to love you a little. Now to the individuals we bequeath the following: FIRST: I, Ronnie Adkins, will my ability to stay out late at night to Evelyn Kirkendall, providing her mother lets her stay out until h:OO a.m. SECOND: I, Norman Anderson, will my h? Hudson to Dollie Wood, providing she shines it every day. THIRD: I, Carl Brubaker, will my position as President of the Senior Class to Ruth Kreais, providing she doesn't giggle too much at the meetings. FOURTH: I, Kenn Fairbanks, will my dark complexion and my big brown eyes to Pat Kelly, providing she doesn't break too many boys hearts. FIFTH: I, Richard Farwig, will my little black book to George Reynolds, providing he isn't as bashful on the telephone as he is in person. SIXTH: I, Paul Graber, will my whiskers to Judy Jacobs, providing she grows only blonde ones. SEVENTH: I, Jim Hartley, will my white bucks to Jacob Petersen, providing he keeps them as clean as I do. EITHTH: I, Dick Holcombe, will my track ability to Janice Waltermier, providing she sets more records at hurdle jumwing than I did. NINTH: I, Mike Keller will m position as A11 Conf Ldn man to Nada B Providing she goes by the name of W Big Mike '. ,renee loam' TENTH: I, Gary Stannard, will my positions as Salutatorian to Suzanne Petersen since she's studying so hard to get it. ELEVENTH: I, Robert Sabo, will my ability to attract girls to Larry Emison, providing he leaves my old girls alone. TWELFTH: I, Duane Kern, will my tuba to Faye Davies, providing she carries it by herself in all parades. THIRTEEN: I, Mike Sutter, will my ability to argue with Mr. Bruning to Barbara Hartenfeld, providing she wins more arguments than I did. FOURTEEN: I, Donald Waltermier, will my ability to throw the shotout to Bonnie Teeple, providing she doesn't break m record. FIFTEEN: I, Joyce Chamberlain, will my glasses to Roland Zender, providing he doesn't lose them as much as I did. SIXTEEN: I, Kay Farabee, will m diamond to Delorse Tyson, providing she wears only one at a time. SEVENTEEN: I, Judy Firsdon, will m job at the drug store to Dann Gorrill, providing he makes better sodas than I do. EIGHTEEN: We, Ann Few and Lloyd Tyson, will our comical ways to Jack Beair, providing he doesn't steal any of our jokes. NINETEEN: I, Marietta Holcombe, will my football cro n to Lee Pollard, providing he wears a new formal to go with it. TWENTY: We, Michaelyn Johnson and Julia Williams, will our acting ability to Larry Ream, providing he takes a woman's part in the Senior play. TWENTY ONE: I, Nancy Motot, will my athletic ability to Melvin Kane, providing he plays only girl's basketball. TWENTY TWO: I, Jane Nonnemaker, will my soprano voice to Barbara Gallagher, providing she sings all the soorano solos in the choir next year. TWENTY THREE: I, Kay Sawyer, will my polka dot tights to Lawrence Stein, providing he goes out for cheerleading instead of football. TWENTY FOUR: We, Janet Schroeder and Janet Tyson, will our gym suits to Pat Parker, providing she wears them both at the same time. TWENTY FIVE: I, Susan Stiger, will m ability to go steady to Karen Kuhn, providi1 she keeps her ring as clean as I do. TWENTY SIX: I, Rosalind Whitington, will my red hair to Marcia Thompson, providing she doesn't use a rinse. Signed this twenty-eighth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight by the Senior Glass of 1958. an ,J.....J,!a?w President Secretary Vice President Treasurer Wayne Duck Hatchery, Wayne, Ohio SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY As I was wallclng to my office on Wall Street the other day, I noticed the bill board in front of the Broadway Opera House. It read: COMING SOON! Hake your reservations now! See Duane Kern and his orchestra featuring Miss Jane Nonnemaker. I wandered on d0WI1 the Street making a little note that I would have to see this. Just as I was filing it away, I ran into--why, it couldn't be! Kay Bocldarader CFarabeeJ and her little boy and girl. I started tallcing to her and she asked me if I was going to see the Armed Services Parade. I told her I would try. Later that afternoon as I was fighting nv way through the crowd to see the parade, I looked up in time to see Paul Graber giving his batallion their orders. My, how he had changed! The parade passed, and then I heard a voice yellg "I:Ia1t!" there stood Norman Anderson with enough stripes for three service men. Susan Stiger was standing near by with her fifth grade. Then I heard a familiar voice saying, "mv, if it isn't Gary Stannard! How's the world been treating you?" I turned around to find myself face to face with Ron Adkins. Some how we got on the subject of teeth and I found nvself telling Ron about the trouble nv wisdom teeth had been giving me. He replied. "Drop in any time. I'lJ. be glad to take care of it for you. W office Ls on Sth Avenuei Be seeing you. I've got to get back to the office." Still in a daze I wandered away from the crowd and there stood Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brubaker. He said, "We are going to go eat. Come along." Having nothing else to do , I accepted. We went to a quaint little restaurant away from the roaring crowd. I asked Carl if he knew the women behind the counter. Pkwy surely did look familiar. Carl said, "mmf, that's Nancy Motot and Janet Schroeder. They own this place md they really have good food. Remember how they always wanted to be secretaries? dell, I'm glad they're not. My wife and I always come here to eat on special occasions. Say, remember Julia WiJ.liams? Well, she is a nurse for the doctor across the streetg and Rosalind Whitington, well, she is a private secretary for the ?airbanks Engineering Comparv. Kenny sure made his way to the top. Say, how about going to the Ohio State--Michigan game with us this coming Saturday? We have two extra tickets, and you and your wife are welcome to come along." I told him I would let him know later. Saturday I found nvseli' watching the game. Midway in the third quarter the coach jumped up off the bench and shouted, "Holcombe". Get out there and let'em have it." I stared in amazement as my old classmate Richard Holcombe ran out on the Eield. After the game was over Carl and I wandered down to the locker room to have 1 chat with Dick. I asked Carl what he was doing for a living. He said he was coaching basket- oall at the University of New York. Man! How things had changed! It seemed like just yesterday that we were seniors, but time marches ong and much to :W amazement this wasn't to be the last of nv surprises. I had been running an advertisement in the New York Times for a stenographer. The next morning Michaelyn Johnson, the receptionist in the building, told me that two ladies were waiting in the outer office for an interview. I picked up the two application blanks and started to read: NAME--Joyce Chamberlain. I stared for a moment and then read the second: IAME--Kay Sawyer. Why, I had gone to school with two girls with the same names, :ut this couldn't be! I read on: School from which you graduated: Montgomery Iigh School. MU, it certainly was they! I opened the door and motioned them to :ome in. While I was completing the interview, I was called into the board room. When I left the board room, I felt a splurge of pride. I had been promoted to 'x-esident. Later on that afternoon, 1 ran into Susan Stiger again, and after awhile I discovered that I had a chance to see some more of my classmates. I notified the office that I would be gone all day, and that if there was an emergency, I could be reached at the stock car races. When I arrived at the race, the cars were just lining up for the take-off, and Jim Hartley was driving humber 6. He sure hadn't changed much-still crazy about cars. I read on down the list of events that were to take place that after- noon and found that Lloyd Tyson was the main attraction of the 'dare-devilu event. After awhile discovering that I was mighty hungry, I decided to go down to the refreshment stand. And there to my surprise stood Ann Few, shouting, 'Hot dogs! Peanuts! Popcornln As I was walking back to the grand stand, I thought I recognized another familiar face, sure enough, there was Janet Tyson and her familyg she had two boys and two girls. Upon my return to the office, I hailed a cab, and as I got in I looked up to find Robert Sabo driving. The next day I pushed the elevator button and the door came open. There stood Mike Sutter wearing a bell boy uniform. He said to me, NYou just missed Jud Firsdon. She came down on the elevator with three businessmen. She was wearing real classy clothes along with a mink stole.U Finally I settled down in my comfortable chair behind my new desk and began to think, NM what a weekendln and off to sleep I went. I awoke to a loud banging on my door, and there stood Richard Farwig. I learned he was a ranch owner and had come to see me about buying a couple of tractors. I asked him to go to supper with me and he accepted. Leaving the office, we almost tripped over a baby carriage. As I was catching my balance, I heard a rough voice say, "What's the matter with you, man? Can't you- Wh , Gary Stannard and Richard Farwigl Fancy meeting you here! I looked up to fin: Marietta and Mike pushing twin baby buggies. All of us wound up going to my home for supper. I had just been seated to eat a peaceful meal and talk over old times with my friends when the door bell rang. My wife answered and there stood Don Waltermier. He started to tell me something and then recognition ca e across his face, Wwhy, if it isn't Gary Stannardl I just finished the work on your car and brought it home to you. Here is the bill.' At last I got to settle down and eat m meal and think of all the things that had occurred. M , what a small world afterall! ff f ZW 'Y Q , 5 x . ,Mi L. as 'QW x, 1 A f W 4 UMW...-mw.w W, Q ,, I., L.LA, lm L r , ' 2 J 'W Wi, . 5155 ""' Wv ,Q "Li: -"' i ' M91 Misiiifg :ix 5 Q 1 All BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM Processional. . . . . . . Jeanette Wright ULargoW-Handel Invocation. . . . . . Rev. Fred H. Schott Soprano Solo. 0 0 0 o 0 Q 0 Bonnie Teeple WJust For Todayn- Seaver Saxophone Solo. . . . .Barbara Hartenfeld nPremier Solo De Concours - Pares Class Sermon. . . . Rev. Charles Stephens WThe Lord Looketh On The Heartn Saxophone Quartet. . . Janet Carr, Jeanne Sexton, Barbara Hartenfeld, Gordon Daugherty Ensemble. . . . . . . . . Sophomore Girls WThe Lord's Prayern - Malotte Benediction. . . . . .Rev. Fred H. Schott Recessional Jeanette Wright UGrand Marchn from WAidaW by Verdi Dean Bros., block 8: Tile Co.. Ph. Wayne 214314, Bradner, Ohio Bo 49' V13 Co., Pho Ohio COMMENCEMEN T commucsmznm PROGRAM my za, 1958 Processional. . . . . . .Sandra Stafford 'Pomp And Circumstanceu by Elgar Invocation. . . . . .Rev. G. Luther Mann Salutatory Address. .... Gary Stannsrd nBlue Prints And lelcomeu Piano Solo .......... Duane Kern 'Clair do lunen by Debussy Valedictory Address. .... Susan Stiger nwhat ls Our Destiny?' Soprano Solo.'. . . . . .Jane Nonnemaker nGive Us This Dayn by Day-Kaye Class Address. . . .Rev. James Trautwein nBegin Heron Presentation of Awards. . . Mr. Hosafros Presentation of Class. . . . .Mr. Rogers Presentation of Diplomas .... Mr. Kelly Benediction. . . . . Rev. G. Luther Msnn Recessionsl. . . . . . . Sandra Stafford ,LVL 1 ,m.L AS WE WERE on ,,,--- nnuusaup.. Q-an-'pq fffgggi 513, W M 5 Qi gli. sf 1 EM E g 3 . ' if Compliments of Rock Inn, Risings n, Ohio Dunn's Lanes, 1657 N. Union, Air-Conditioned, Automatic Pin Setters ' Nl 5 E 5 wg! Q 4 2: 211 .xiii F214- 9.2, f i asf, 2, v , . . rf ! if Ff h Q . JUNIOR CLASS SEATED: J. Beair, President, F. Davies, Vice Pres. STANDING J. Jacobs, Treasurer, S. Petersen, Reporter, B. Hartenfeld, Student Council, D. Wood, Secretary. FIRST ROW: P. Parker, J. Weltermier, K. Kuhn, B. Teeple, D. Tyson, D Wood, P. Kelly, N. Bloom, F. Davies. SECOND ROW: E. Kirkendell, H Thompson, B. Hartenfeld, R. Kreais, B. Gallagher, S. Petersen, L. Emi- eon, R. Zender, H. Kane, I . Rogers. THIRD ROW: L. Reen, L. Pollard G. Reynolds, L. Stein, D. Gorrill, J. Merritt, J. Petersen, D. Rife. Adams lerathon Service, Bradner, Uhio Cttewe Rubber Co., Bradner, Ohio Gibeonburg Farmers Elo., Gibsonburg, Ohio SOPHOMORE CLASS SEATED: ,3'3- LONE. Vice Pres., D. Dieter, Pres. STANDING: J. Carr, Student Council D. Zender, Treasurer, C. Blasius, Sec. J. Wright, Reporter. FIRST ROW: J. Ward, J. Sexton, J. Carr, J. Wright, C. Blasiue, R. Kr- eais, S. Hardy, M. White, N. You kin. SECOND ROW: M e. Siekeres, B Lombard, S. Stafford, E. Ortega, J. Firsdon, D. Zender, S. Morgart, P Hartley, U. Tyson, K. Theme, R. Mapes, M . Lutz. THIRD ROW: M. Sti nehart, D. Carpenter, H. Tyson, T. Hoilee, J. Nicodemue, B. Nietz, D Weber, B. Long, D. Dieter, J. Wentz, C. Borton, D. White. Miller-Sanders Hardware 149 N. Main St., Bowling Green, Ohio Rose Beauty Shoppe, Wayne, Ohio Hoilee Grocery Store, Wayne, Ohio FRESHMAN CLASS SEATED: R. Cribbs, Vice Pres., G. Stone Pres. STANDING: J. Firsdon, Treasurer, K. Wilcox, Secretary D. Foster Reporter. FIRST ROW: P. Keller, B. Ferrell, S. Evans, K. Wilcox, H. Hummell, E Gallagher, P. Rojewski, E. Peebles, L. Kresser, H. Davies. SECOND ROI lr. Fravel, B. Sherman, G. Daughtery, D. Whitman, D. Keesbusry, J. Fer- guson, G. Stone, J. Fulford, B. Peebles, Irs. layer. THIRD RCN: J Firsdo , D. Foster, G. Cheatwood, G. Fairbanks, R. Cribbs, D. Dobis, R Todd, T. Harrison, C. Clifton, P. Sams, R. Ault, J. Petersen, R. Gal- e Hunmels lerket, Pemberville, Ohio Huffman Brothers Florist, Pemberville, Uhio Dill Jewelers, Bowling Green, Ohio 7th GRADE 1 5.-Lil 6 FIRST ROW: J. Crawfoot, B. Kelly, C. Brueggemeier, M. Morg- art, J. Nicodemus, J. Nietz, J. Sams, E. Yates, D. Harrison, L. Richendollar. SECOND ROW: A. Dilley, E. Gallagher, J. Firsdon, L. Tyson, M. Clifton, J. Hull, J. Hull, L. Bibbee, C. Ortega, E. Nonnemaker, D. Merritt, C. Eckert, D. Motot, Mrs. Garner. THIRD ROW: J. Firsdon, 5. Kreais, G. Dieter, L. Salisbury, M. Long, D. Reynolds, J. Himes, K. White, FI. Haldeman, T. Petersen, T. Ketcham, J. Carpenter. 8th GRADE J........-iX FIRST RCW: K. McEwen, M. Winkler, A. Schroeder, M. Daugherty M. Burns, B. Matson. SECOND ROW: J. Nonnemaker, J. Wright, D. Shane, L. Woodruff, B. Boggs, E. Ault, T. Younkin, R. Dieter, Mrs. Stafford. THIRD ROW: L. Brossia, W. Beaver, G. Aurand, L. Tyson, D. Gee, J. Gallagher, J. Dilley, N. Merritt. Henry 6 Keller Realtors, 117 Sandusky St., Fostoria JUNIOR HIGH OFFICERS SEATED: J. Wright, Vice Pres., R. Dieter, Pres., W. Beaver, 'treasurer STANDING: A. Dilley, Vice Pres., B. Kelly, Student Council, L. Bibbee Sec., E. Ault, Student Council, M. Winkler and C. Eckert, Reporters SNAPSHOTS Bank of Wood County Co., Bowling Green, Ohio A llember of Federal Reserve 8: F. D. I. C, 6th GRADE ROW: J. Gallagher, J. Ward, G. Bruggemeier, D. Weber, L. Tyson, S. Traut, L. Hover, M. Nominee, B. Sexton. SECOND HOW: P. Gilliland, M. House, M. Whitman, D. Mowrey, B. Dieter, D. Petersen, M. Ferrell, E. Aurand, D. Rojewski, J. Padebaugh. THIRD ROW: B. Sabo, P. Cribbs, G. Wise, E. Fay- lor, L. Strabele, R. Himes, T. Yates, R- GWYT1, D- Foltz. Mrs. Ream. ABSENT: V. Brough. 5th GRADE FIRST ROW: S. Eckert, L. Harmon, G. Lewellen, D. Tyson, V. Connell, J. llobermott, R. Wentz, D. Walters, K. Tyson, D. Bolomen, J. Boggs, J. Diebert. SECCND ROW: S. Brossis., H. Davies, C. Clifton, S. Kirkendall, B. Blssius, F. Tyson, P. Schroeder, T. Firsdon, S. White, T. Hoiles, V. Bensoho- ter, B. Fsrwig. THIRD ROW: R. Merritt, ll. Lewis, H. Coch- onour, F. Greulioh, C. Peebles, B. Bibbee, R. Ross, G. Kidd, D. Alexander, D. Schroeder, T. Tyson, J. Stewart, G. Smith, I. Kreais, J. David, Mrs. Rogers. 4th GRADE FIRST ROW: D. Benschoter, M. Nonnemaker, W. Richendollar, D. Keller, C. Stahl, M. Marshall, A. Scott, S. Wright, V. Mo Ewen, C. David, J. Stahl. SECOND ROW: J. Farwig, S. Bankey S. Hoiles, L. Zelenak, J. Kirk, B. Nelson, L. Evans, D. Gil- liland, J. Cribbs, D. Hoiles, M. Tyson. THIRD ROW: J. Stearns, D. Mowrey, B. Cheatwood, J. Gwyn, P. Burns, D. Carr C. Salisbury, S. Burton, B. Workman, G. Evans, V. Zelenak, M s. Mahaffey. :ard sz 4th GRADE FIRST ROW: N. House, S. Firsdon, G. Engle, M. Baker, K. McDermott, S. Smith, T. Sharp, J. Reynolds, B. Bibbee, V. Nelson, V. Hoiles, SECOND ROW: S. Dilley, C. Tyson, G. Carr, C. Brough, G. Beaver, J. McEwen, K. Davis, H. Pollard, D. Wentz, R. Hardy, Mrs. Hileman. THIRD RCW: D. Shoendorff, L. Leemaster, R. Kreienkamp, D. Trout, H. Himes, C. Tyson, J. Caswell, P. Echelbarger, B. Settle, B. Burrows. Coote's Publishing Company, Publisher of the Observer-Advocate 3rd GRADE FIRST RCW: L. Sexton, D. Mitchell, J. Bibbee, M. Hespe, N. Scott, R. Sawyer, G. Lesher, D. Busch, B. Chamberlain. SECOND ROW: M. Weichman, C. Lynley, N. Woodruff, K. Hollom, T. Ket- cham, B. Carpenter, D. Boggs, B. Weichman, G. Weller, L. Gal- braith. THIRD ROW: T. Tyson, J. Radabaugh, R. Moyer, B. Baker, G. Holman, M. Diebert, B. Ross, R. Whitman, R. Pee- bles, R. Hardy, Mrs. Kelbly. ABSENT: T. Kinsey. 2nd GRADE FIRST ROW: K. Tyson, L. Wieohman, H. Merkel, D. Schoendorff, D. Davis, V. Mitchell, L. Zelenak. SECOND RUW: K. Cham- berlain, T. Tyson, J. Baker, J. Stahl, M. Him s, D. Greul- ich, D. Firsdon, D. Jaoquot. THIRD ROW: J. Engle, C. Aur- and, D. Hoiles, S. Whitman, S. David, J. Topp, M. Kresser, Url. Trott. ABSENT: J. Hoiles. C. k B. Market, Ph. 2935, Wayne, Ohio 2miGRADE FIRST ROW: K. Wiechman, S. Gallagher, S. Tyson, V. David, B. Evans, J. Stewart, C. Alexander, K. Gwyn, B. Knisely. SECOND ROW: D. Tyson, T. Hoiles, D. Lesher, D. Garner, D. Perkey, L. Smith, F. Gilliland, T. Brossia, H. Hosafros, L. Stahl. LAST ROW: F. Baker, C. Echelbarger, B. Hoiles, P. Cochenour, M. Marshall, D. Vosburg, T. Thom son, J. Wise, Mrs. Stahl. BtGRADE FIRST HUW: J. Gallagher, J. Stearns, V. Tyson, M. Kresser, J. Tyson, J. Galbraith, M. Baker, C. Kirk, P. Garner, L. Pollard. SECOND ROW: F. Lewallen, P. Johnson, D. Weller D. Riley, B. McDermot, M. Connell, D. Lindley, J. Merritt, R. Zelenak, C. Harrison. THIRD ROW: H. Foster, T. Rojewski D. Maxwell, S. Ault, K. Corben, D. Schroeder, G. Brady, T. Lesher, J. Sexton, Mrs. Gilliland. lst GRADE FIRST ROW: C. Galbraith, B. David, J. Stahl, R. Leemaster, C. Gwyn, P. Weaver, C. Schroeder, C. Knight. SECOND ROW: V. Richendollar, M. Hosafros, K. Bruning, L. Nelson, M. Wag- ner, K. Marshall, W. Rogers, J. Shane. THIRD ROW: B. Max- well, B. Tyson, D. Carbin, R. Williams, D. Himes, G. Tyson, B. Wise, Mrs. Clontz. KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION Western k Southern Life Insurance, Compliments of Paul F. Ho er, Ph. 3344 Bentley Furniture Vompany, nwe will not be knowingly undersold.n Wayne, Ohio KINDERGARTEN FIRST RCI: C. Cain, P. Carr, H. Weiehmnn, T. Busch, J. Topp, S. Burrows, S. Cline, D. Foster. SECOND ROW: L. Brady, R. Plouok, T. Daughtery, R. Loimgrubor, D. lbwrsy, T. Burrows, J. Stearns, S. Engle, Mrs. Poraochio. FIRST ROI: D. look, E. Brough, J. Caswell, L. David, D. Hoi- los, L. Stahl, F. Alexander. SECOND RCW: D. Scott, G. B r- rown, T. Bankey, R. Jacquot, T. Hurd, H. Byers, I lrs. Poracchio. Poter'a Clothing, 201 S. lain, Fostoria, Ohio Shnrp's larathon, 115 lain St., lhyne, Ohio lhltor A. lhndke, Trucking, Pomberville, Ohio Ty'uno ff"': 'Y' . .lf urn urn rue , , - .J Shaw' 1 Jr ' , 5 ,. W NH! in '73 r m 'Q X G 3 'Q uhh ,Z A 5 s - 'gm 3 in if .M E if' ,Yu , ,N ., . as We yy' I us A mv, L I sa' . 2 'sigh xii! 4 Q L Q A I fu 'H d Fic O ED Adkins, D. Foster, R. Fairbanks, ood, K 5 I 2 CP :S E m E4 ID as F4 cz. Q S va bf E-I 0 -A Q -J ll 0 U1 la 0 'P 0 Q Q Pr in 5 R10 5 6 Q 6 G 5 +7 U2 0 U M S O O Ei TD A D D E 5 Ofc Q 95 r-4 D11 E-0 o S4 0 3 5 U1 I 2 I ls 0 'U H 0 N o M Q 0 5 hd :E m 0 I-4 -rl O D1 O E-I -P TD o C5 E 5 s SBU. Nicod J. Stein L. D. Gorrill, D. Holcombe E E' in sa 'Q 9-3 0 5 sf 0 'U 0 fa 0 ID 0 M uf 'U Fl E U Z o cb Q l-0 'H U 3 o 'T A '6 F' '37 H C I C11 EQ C U U2 They W0 They lb 12 32 Bloomdale Troy-Luokeyi 0 26 Bloomdale views 2 a. I0 r-1 13' CD H Q18 Bloomdal 58 6 Bloomdale Wbnd St Fostoria 0 12 12 26 There P6 The M 0 H s is Pu-I Us 5:- O 59 7 I0 00 There if gs nspringlr E: In Eu ' Q3 Sggm rvfi I 1- 0 E O o Q ll 'rl o -w VI O -1 Q :- 'rl .5 I fa ll 53 B-A on fu-rs o-4 3. B01 IQ Q.-1 1-e :UH at -oo no KS. Q I as fi go -'zz Qu: .O IQ Q U .D .bv cuz me go 5.25 ,Zi Has A avel . Fr R'r'11n'i nv - vi Q' finnnhnn u , , if 'X -1 ,xiii 2 71 135 V -v .- .Ju it V Q , A Y V lf' . fem" -f, 5351, i kDJLl .LY lldlf ' 0 .M .3 if CD o CJ Q In 0 '-0 'B' K U 2 Beair, Adkins. Stein, J. R. L. in C 43 VJ Zander R. 0 Eb I-1 If' -1- li o cs Q s. od +1 0 C 'dl cz . on :- ai' ears. sz D-ll .-ls: A 'U 0 Fl FOOTBALL QUEEN SEATED: Kay Sawyer, Marietta Holcombe, Queen. STANDING Sharon Thompson, Jeanette Wright, and Marcia Thompson. fag on f ieme .Q1- , 1 ,.,, fr . K E di n V X it gk 'Q 5 f Pemborvillo Elevator Association, Pemberville, Ohio Pemberville Lumber Company, Pembervillo, Ohio FOOTBALL HOMECOMIN G Shar on Jeanette Marc ia Mike like Carl ,. ,. Ron Marietta Ken Gary Kay Hughuu, Am llarietta Dick y Xen Bigelow llueio Shoppe, llueie Supplies, Bowling Green, Ohio Nieman Beokmn, Furniture Dealers, Funeral Director, fb. 1584, Penberville, Ohio KNEELING: K. Fairbanks, J. Hartley, D. Gorrill, C. Brubaker, R. Adkins, G. Stannard. STANDING: L. Emison, Manager, D. Weber, J. Nicodemus, L. Ream, D. Dieter, Mr. Bruning, Coach. SCORES Opponent lb They Oppo ent le Portage 66 58 Haskins 74 Rilingsuni 55 54 Webster' 76 Hopewell-Louden 67 74 Bloomdalei 57 Jackson-Liberty 44 58 Weston 66 Pembervillei 54 51 Lake 60 Tontogany 70 54 Westwood 41 Olney' 74 37 Grand Rapidslv 52 Bettsvillo 75 77 Hhskins'4 46 Troy-Luokeyi 72 61 lestwoodfi 41 Elmore 41 55 North Ba1timore'4 71 Cygnet' 75 46 Troy-Luokeylf 43 Cory-Rawson 62 54 Elmoreivv 55 League' Countyf' Seetiomalrrr WOOD COUNTY CHAMPS "58" Compliments Riverside Dairy, Ph. Vie. 9-2681, Woodville, Ohio Zorn-Hornung, Gibsonbu g, Ohio They 38 55 49 62 56 59 46 56 30 56 42 61 SENIOR PLAYERS Kennyf' Lee'a Lodker, Heats, Groceries, Rentals, Food Lockers, Ph. 3841. Wayne, Ohio Bee Gee Athletic Equipment Co., 136 N. Hain St., Bowling Green, Ohio I '91 3' 34? X Q 05,4 2 15 69 Qi 1 ar C15-I :A Blf A 2 fi If RESERVES FIRST ROW: Mr. Hosafros, Coach, H. Tyson, L. Ream, D. Weber, J. Nicodemus, D. Dieter, B. Long, G. Cheatwood, SECOND ROW R. Cribbs, T. Harrison, T. Hoiles, J. Ferguson, B. Nietz, G. Daugherty, D. Borton, M. Stinehard, L. Enison, Manager. JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS: B. Matson, K. McEwen, L. Tyson, B. Kelly, FIRST ROW: Mike Lewis, Manager, N. Merritt, D. Reynolds, E. Ault, B. Boggs, R. Dieter, J. Wright, G. Dieter, M. Long, T. Ketcham. SECCND ROW: Mr. Fravel, Coach, S. Kreais, L. Brossia, K. White, L. Salisbury, J. Hines, T. Younkin, D. Gee, J. Nonnemaker, J. Dilley, W. Beaver, D. Shane, Manager. BASKETBALL QUEEN K , V 2 SmWNDTWC P t SWHTBU: Queen, Kay Farabee, Susan Stiger. .A.Emr:: a Hartley, Dollie Wood, and Marlene U2V195 Compliments of Kelsey-Freeman Lu ber Co., Bradnor, Ohio 7 Trunks Dairy Bar, Rt. 6 k Rt. 23 BASKETBALL HOMECOMIN G Marlene Pat D013-ie Jim Dan Carl Gary Ken Jerry Ray Susan Rebecca KW Ron G W. R. Truck Stop b Restaurant, Rt. 199 5 6, Open 24 hr. B ad er lnchine Products, Bradnor, Ohio ary VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Judy Jacobs, Kay Sawyer, Marcia Thompson, De101'eS TYSOT1- GIRLS' BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: M. Davies, P. Keller, N. Bloom, L. Kresser, K. Wilcox. SECOND ROW: D. Motot, F. Davies, Managers. THIRD ROW: N. Younkin, N. Motot, R. Whitington, B. Gallagher, S. Morgart, J. Carr, J. Wright, Mrs. Wilson, Coach. BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: P. Graber, R. Adkins, G. Stannard, G. Daugherty, SECOND HOW: Mr. Bruning, Coach, G. Cheetwood, K. Fairbanks, L. Ream, D. Gorrill, C. Brubaker, H. Tyson. SENIOR CHEERLEADER Kay Sawyer Eisenhour Motor Sales, Ph. 24, Pemberville, Uhio CFUPB bervice Station, Pemberville, Ohio TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: R. Holcombe, G. Stone, G. Stannard, D. Waltermier L. Pollard, SECOND EDN: M. Kane, R. Adkins, D. Gorrill, D. Weber, G. Reynolds, L. Ream, Mr. Fravel, Coach. OUR ENTRY IN STATE TRACK MEET Richard Holcombe Marsh bhoe Store, 106-108 Main, Fostoria, Uhio Chapman Jewelry, 103 S. main St., Fostoria, Ohio 015 . mn. ,nf uuvnm ' o 0 .,,":.:: TQQQFS 4: Vs 'ugh' 'o'::,"'-s W, , 5' ,jj X 5 2 f 5 CTI ITIE E ! ! I Q QQ E C3 fi BQ' EJ ack' Qi 0 as Sc: .. 5.5.-CT' .ii 56 CD5-1 Bw B Im N was EK 'Bai 5-1 vt!! cg.-wnnbz. G-i '-"cz 1353451 me :15 525 A U55-SU! ..2 CCM A -S -23.22 UIEEQX pomp -HOITCIS If-.1-405-1 .m 3? Pu -'-J' 'Zi ' Q S-4 adam 53,530 .-fCD"C n S5"f2'iZp aaa:-F'-'f ctr? 'Q-Sf .9 ""i-1 4-p:'1fD,5 -.sigma 'KID-S2 n ID girl -f-40 S -P3594 .P-. n,Q-: lin '-C2572 U30 n QEUJ 5., U3'Hf-LACID a:cnE f-4 -.-1013... 1-4.5603 VEJUZPQBEJB1 no . sfrgfffa' 0005 alll +9-PCQSO 2UJ8LJ'1 -I-I lm if-lmuwgf: A C 'U 'ri S-1 GJ CU +3 C UJ C1 C5 ' -P r-I UD A o N C5 -P QD A 'rl CD 'Z C O ' -P FD UD fs CD I-4 'rl Os 53 B O E C7 O O ' r-4 L7 C '11 np s ECDC A Q? 5:1-Hb: 'C-P f3'Ei'a3 IE.-C1 AINUO W Z3 'EAS 4 Gif. ,O 0 S-4 ncj -1-tw CUC O4 f14't"s-I .5-4fD aff-ji-Q 564,25 .rf ADS o C CT O A LOS.. A EJGJKBU -PS3 S-QCDO Q7'v-in-J P1-ACI Q Om PDQ A AAUJ ECB Q2-H I-IS-QS-1 I-lCDLJ O,.C1 Cl-4UJ 0 011 I C v-lf-'D :' 'iz 55063 Qjb 5.1: 'UGS S-mfr-0-ig LP' -O E-'Gifs'-1 CHORUS OFFICERS Standing: Carol Blasius, June Firsdon Susan Stiger Seated: Jeanette Wright, Gary Stann- ard BAND OFFICERS Standing: Nada Bloom, Barbara Harten- feld, Carol Blasius, June Firsdon Seated: Jeanette Wright, Judy Firsdon Patty Kelly ACCOMPANISTS Susan Stiger, Sandra Stafford t Wayne Pharmacy, wayne, Ohio SENIOR Judy Firsdon, Joyce Chamberlain, Kay Sawyer, Julia Williams, Rosalind Whittington, Kay Ann Farabee, Jane Nonnemaker, Susan Stiger GIRLS' EN SEMBLES SOPHOMORE June Firsdon, Jeanette Wright, Sharon Morgart, Carol Blaeius, Sharon Hardy, Janet Carr, Sandra Stafford Jean Sexton, Dalene Zender Compliments of A1an's Barber Shop, Fostoria, Ohio Music Center, 226 N. Main, Fostoria, Ohio JUNIOR CHORUS First Row: Schroeder, Burns, Nicodemus, Morgart, Nietz, Dilly, Brueggemeier, Kelly, Nonnemaker, Merit, Sams, Tyson Second Row: Ortega, Crowfoot, Firsdon, Daugherty, Hull, Hull, Yates, Bibbi, Richendollar, Harrison, Eckert, McEwen, Matson, Winkler, Dilly Third Row: Peterson, Krease, Long, Halterman, White, Himes, Dieter, Shane, Reynolds, Wright, Nonnemaker, Gee, Salisbury, Gallager, Beaver, Dieter, Zweidinver JUNIOR BAND FIRST ROW: J. Radebaugh, P. Gilliland, D. Motot, E. Yates, J. Firsdon, J. Carpenter, S. Traut, C. Eckert. SECOND ROW: D. Mowrey, B. Bibbee, T. Yates, W. Sabo, L. Salisbury, M. Long, J. Firsdon. THIRD ROW: Mr. Zweidinger, Director, P. Cribbs, E. Haldeman, A. Dilley, B. Sexton. Citizens Savings Bank, Pemberville, Ohio IQ TEAM SEATED: G. Stannard, B. Teeple, S. Staf- ford, J. Fulford. STANDING: S. Stlger, F. Davies, D. Zender, L. Kresser. JOURNALISM CLASS SEATED: Mrs. Meyer, R. Whitington, E. Kirkendall, J. Tyson. STANDING: J. Waltermier, P. Parker, M. Johnson, B. Galla- gher, J. Firsdon, J. Schroeder, R. Kreais. Veres Sportman's Shop, Ph. Hb. 5-4850, 309 S. Main St., Fostoria, Ohio Fruth Hardware Company, Our 50th year in Fostoria, Ohio JUNIOR SENIOR PROM MOONLIGHT-AND-ROSES . ' ams Co., Wayne, Ohio J UN IDR-SEN IOR PROM MOONLIGHT-AND-ROSES h f JUNIOR PLAY CAST SEATED: E. Kirkendall, P. Kelly, N. Bloom, F. Davies, S. Petersen, M. Thompson. SECOND ROW: K. Kuhn, D. Tyson, D. Wood, D. Gorrill, G. Reynolds, L. Ream, L. Pollard, Mrs. Stafford. THIRD ROW: J. Merritt, R. Zender, J. Petersen L. Stein, L. Emison, D. Rife, M. Kane. VARSITY CLUB SEATED: M. Keller, P. Graber, R. Holcombe, C. Brubaker, G. Stannard R. Adkins, J. Hartley, K. Fairbanks. STANDING: M. Kane, R. Zender G. Reynolds, J. Nicodemus, L. Stein, D. Gorrill, D. Weber, D. Dieter H. Tyson. Korner Arcade-R. W. Knight, Ph. 5855, Wayne, Ohio PATROL DRIVERS' TRAINING E. Au:-and, R. Gwyn, P. Cribbs, D. Foltz, Mr. Fravel, G. Stannard FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA SEATED: L. Pollard, B. Nietz, L. Stein, R. Farwig, H. Tyson, B. Long, SECOND HDW: R. Ault, C. Clifton, M. Stinehart, J. Fulford, G. Reynolds, D. Waltermier, W. Sherman, G. Cheetwood Mr. Rogers, Sponsor. The State Exchange, Ph. lhyne 2649, U. lillgrove, Ohio Reynold'l Radio k Tv. Sales k Service, Ph. 5452, Weyne, Ohio Ferguson-Pemberville Tractor Sales, Pemberville, Ohio AUTOGRAPHS Photographs Courtesy of Dicken do Wonders Studio, Fostoria, Ohio ' r ai n.. f1 'F A 1, nfs. x M 5, 41: K 1 lltliiru 'pos it A 131' i Q 0 Mexican girl athlete Enriqueta Basilio races up the stairs of Olympic stadium in Mexico City with the Olympic flame to climax the opening ceremony. The U.S. was not the only nation to feel the effects of rebellious youth. Here a crowd of students jam the Via Del Tritone in Rome demanding educational reforms. Hardly a wall was left standing after this lranian town of 14,363 people was struck by an earthquake on Au- gust Z8th, The death toll throughout Eastern Iran was estimated at more than 11,0011 A Parisian reads a newspaper headlining the monetary crisis in France. French President Charles de Gaulle later announced there would be no devaluation of the franc. Commander lloyd M, Bucher, skipper of the captured U.S, intelligence ship, Pueblo, is shown as depicted in news film from North Korea. Officers and crew were released in December, Rescue workers and residents sift through the ruins of Arab dwellings in lbbid Eara, Jordan, after what Arab authorities described as an Israeli bombing attack. ls- raeli authorities charged that Jordanian gunners touched off the attack.

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