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 - Class of 1964

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X . f , 5 . ww ff ,, . gf 'fig ,, ,Az 1, "K-W ' . ,szi Y-wk' 8 1.1. -59.2 - , L Y-gi 5- T ,Q N. . Q, V . . A .- jalfL.fQ' .-slits! 1 sf' " , ' 1 A":7'ZaJ , Mag J e , gp ' 'f Wu ff 11-gzffi, : 'A f f.wfs'e- ff? wi. P , -' '1'-Qffwiii 1' ' , H 5. lf' .' H Q vi-1, - 'i,,7,,,1 ' ,. ,jj gr ' ,5,H f55s13i,5Yf- : ,. 0,42 ,wg ,....i', Y' Y' ,. '75, 'T i ff? E . A . P-f vi' -,JV f in Lg gg, ., ,ggfgf ,Ji 1. 755: 1.7051 iff 1?f51,,:,Ag 45. ,fic-Y D: V x v .Q4, g-A 1 ' ,ss f 6' ., ?1tf, ':sA'w-' 'Y ,Eff In A - Q 1' A, n .r f H. f "ur L 1. vt ifgfvllt , aww- Enwfj- N U-k ww wily -- 7' 4 . V k. U .rzsj ya j TS -5-Ylkwf W 'F' T rf . - ,W-if " :ff -1w,4g'f "-15.3 531 lr, 113, 'E A , ' . J, "-R241 Q Qi f71"f-Ii JF wi - - i i 3324 A if 41,11 ff fa , ,"' 9 'jg f ,Msg ., fa-fmn 3' 'i'!-n,'.F"1 1 h Lage ,, ii? ,Jaw gk' - --3-,Q iffy! vw An fiimfglv ' 11 27 - V", 111.1 Qi , ff'-fi .. rf : 4' 1 , 1 Y zyvrzgf, , ., M f Fug ' 5 123551, ,L V' H Pi.. V 'm Qi- - Af- 'avail Y , ,ii ,. - 4 2, if WLS f 1 W1 L .Y , Af . 5, , . 1 . w 1 una. I Qi 1,-L .. fw:"z3Q,"f7 1 M if V 1 ,M , ggi fmfizyi? . L W ' 1' A Lg", 4 ff? tw, AQ I "' " 1, .5 ff: ' V , Jw, i, G ff: 313' :fw'5,g, 5 :H-Q es' , . 1 4 , , , ur , 731 9. 7 A, . uf f ,159 , -fl .31 .- -W fi" qv- . 5'5" , ' we , , . f ffl, 'W' Elk. Z , A f ' 17? v ' v ' ' 'N-s -v - ,wif ff L ui,- ,f 'fn " W was Q 1 . , L 1 ,A-, L - 4 ""f 'if 1:0 q,zaE7'ff'Pi: My I H4 X nfl ,Law V: Mfr, 4 vWffQ5f'4 -N if-5. -' f, M, , Y ' A1g3,af -a. 1 Y ' ' M? , -,:J,,.'.. min? l 1 f N 1' 'ff ,eff ' uf' . 3' A35 if f, ' ,, N , Y' fag 'Y 1 'QP' v V 5 V L 1 Q dv f 4 f I 3 , 1 ' S :Q-'V ayvfv, 1 . 3 . a . G 4 Jr' 1 ,rr -Y , . V 4" N V- ' ,pf Q4-' i ,453 H,1l . ', 3,w, 3 ,,,', rf, ,u ,V 5,5 1, 1 "Q V3.5 'R ,.v. ' n?"'iA'F1yg, J - hw M Um- :wrt 1 1: M fi ! 1-414 1.13 M '- :we 1: f af.: gi'ii1 H 1 Q, -:Hui 4 - ,igvefm MQ -, IV' . nv f V W ir' 32 'f 3 g E. V .gi 'L Af, V I ' 'Jig F, M, ffvifi ,, , , , My .zuwffax ' ra 'gm' '-7, -' I f 'K nf '. ,.', ' :,,:h '.,' :nj M: T . N ff ff" 1 QQ . "'...A"'f,5a2 535 1 f -J, A- if xy, 15' 5 . 1-Q'-5 ' ' -L' E.. Q" , f.nyQ,,.w gl' 1 y.,-1 11 5' r h 5, , 'H T 175 , ' L ,J 553557. '1 3 gsm I . ' . -mx' W k- 44.2 l-fi y 2 ' 1 'fo mf. ' , 'X - 'if M5 12 ffl ' M .AL ,Md , 1 . .wffag "fu +I' . 9 1 -' 'vig 11. . W 2 1 ' 'F ' "' r-pi '- 1: 91. vb 4 1 :N -1 f A if , Lg f A 4 'I 'z if Ni,- HM.. H V -1 ' ..' in Q ., 1, Q . s , P 1 .+. : 1 1 ......6..m, i v,.,, lamp,,3..,,,f ff . , . . WM. ' fy H-Y-4. 'un Q- ' I il is ii Q" 3 1, 1, 34 9 I , Agp' A f 53 5 , . ,L f Et. 23 Q ' ' 1' ' - gi 5, M 3 " ' I p EQ 1 2 , is 2 3? Ywifq 4 Q" '- if ", V.!ff' 1 Y. w Eff ' l I-'T' , , E51 . - 5 1 f x - 1 '47,-,J , , .b uw- , if fl' Q12 iff! Q, :mf ' - 1 nap .. The Days of Uur Year 1964 ,r N, I 3 Q f - '-. lava WV , -. . gf f fw f 6 f . if 'Gif' i , W ' if V 1 2 , A , Km L 55l,v.,m,, ,Q 4,- M,"W 'sl f vi 4. 'if 4 . ff, QMLKLL , V, 1 'a , ff., Q'-9 Am'- si H, s I' vf. 5' Q K u x I I -4 'Ib' W Af: fi S ' ,f H M . 41 , 'v Q' 1 'lf A fin 9' 6 1, 1 V53 'f' 1" ,.. I v 4:92:11 Agua X , Silverlogue 1964 Montgomery Blair High School Silver Spring, Maryland Published by The Silverlogue Staff Joy Chapper Editor-in-chief fix, W '-M.. 1 if-'f-vp. WV' in D ,L iff, 5 mt' qv' I 3 . ' 1 IVV, , wi ap V - ' if ' A f 5212? 71x,1pff4'ff , MQW, , ,M bm , 'Sw - v 3535 'NY' -Q-wa, .Q K ,, . i Q E I E E i I: II I p l F 4 2 1 ,,, - E 1 A. F f n,lxu:.:...:nnnniJ:lvnl.u1nmnnn.v: nanauanansu A ns nal: L Q 2 1 ' 1 "W, fm! 10 5, W' X fy, Wy, ,, WZZWTX ,,,f MU aff f f Y ff X 5, , 55, rf, f 1 2 .. f v N ufhf' ""w' r-4 . Q' fp. . , X ,Y . wp,-.2f .n,fx,, ,y y f ,, . ,J e-'fgfe . . f ' ' -2 vifyfgfiwi ' f 1 ' , J 'zqQ'?2 'Q A f - ' -1 2' x x ,, ' Q 4' M QQ ., -. Z 4 , fxvgkl X. X , f 'WG , : 1.5 .L ,. , nw-1 A' - X-1Z'3f:J,H V .f f 5 ' mf a Rf , - WL ,K , 1 v X Z x fmgw ...a sm -. ,. I . ,X ,424 ,LW vw X ' .3 -.Q My 2.31 Aki... . I wi., n f il fw 1. 5: 1 ' nw . b 1 f, ,,., . . B '!fW '7'23Q'2i" ' " M' fx! . J 4,,dlX,!,,V I . 43. f 4 f' ' . ?.,,,g,,2'L J - ,W ,C 1, Y 7 I I ,,,.,, ' ?1'QQAf2f, gf, ,WN V f- '4.Qffwvmh,, ,. M f ,, :M!.W.,,g ,, ,, ' f 'f'1'253:52TZgg2. , 7i'af,-Lf,gQ,,' . . M ,C . kf N- . M. ,ww W, 4 A f f., . f ., 2 ,N ww,-A ,Z I , ,,f,.,i,. ,V 1. -, ,V f ' ,nun , ' V 55 ,yn 1 14" K , , . 'fff" W2'fq , fig 15 w ,JH J " 4' 5 EQ.. ' " ' ,.,. -J 4-512' .MA- fq W V DM, b W... xf- , , 'fbzfr' 15 1.. D , WW. ,, J- fwiww. e 9 ,, M,.,.,,W.,, , f,.... I 1964 Faculty ..... Organizations . . Sports . . Activities Honors . Classes . Ioy Chapper ...., Catherine Perkus . . . ..,. . . . . Cale Closter .,.... Betsy Cohen .......,. ..,,.....,. Nancy Drukenbrod Nancy H. Goldberg. , . Steven Meltzer . . . Richard Owens . . , Roberta Peisner Len Reich ....... Martin Shenker. . . Irene Wattenberg . ..10 ..4O H72 H96 . .106 . .114 . ...,... . ...... Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor-in-chief , . . . Organizations i7 Honors Editor . . . . Literary Editor . , . . . , Senior Editor , , . . Organizations if Honors Editor . . .,.. Sports Editor . , . . ..,. Business Manager . . . , . . Senior Editor Underclasses Editor . , . . . . Photographer . . . . , . . .Faculty Editor LxMay-Louise Wood Corder IN MEMORIAM When we beheld yourhnal sleep 'Twas this resolve we aimed to keepg We will remember many days Made cheerful by your merry ways, Anal all the spicy, saucy quips That tumbled dancing from your lips' And tales well told that only you The wit and humor could construeg Welll miss you, Mazie, and you know The pain will pass as time will go, But even though the ache won't last, We will remember where you passed. a Lillian Abramson A teacher affects eternity. HENRY BROOKS ADAMS C1838-19181 2 l l i I 1 1 2 Kia A ,W HM, , , ., ,. MR. WACNER frequently confers with members of the student body. dministration As principal of Montgomery Blair, Mr. Wagner administered and supervised the entire instructional program, and in general strove to raise the standards of our school. With this his predominant goal, he worked to maintain the quality of Blair's teaching staff by acquainting new members with school rou- tines and procedures, by conducting staff meetings, and by offering the teachers opportunities for in- service training. In addition, he oversaw the actual material taught and the methods teachers used in teaching it. To create a link between the home and the school, Mr. Wagner frequently conferred with parents. As a result of these efforts Blair has main- tained its liigh quality of education, has strengthened the bonds between the community and itself, and has become an efficient and smooth-running organization. MR. RICHARD E. WACNER Principal fi. 1 ,,., 2 .' If i f i 'Z if 45? , ,,., fmt W WW .- 'MM ygiffg., qi i 272 if" rw , fm, ,,,, ,405 if 0 . 5-gfiif f A X X V if K, V.: X V7 , . ,i,,,,1,,1ff , Y ' -img fi' ' f V f f f2'ZfFfiL?ff ' , f f , ,J ,fl ,' f , ' f ' H' ' 2 'f .f M ,P .f'lL'f,4,. mwzf: ww- ,- 1+ 1,. " f, e'k5em.'4g"'2?-Mita? . , "2s.':5ii-iam, , G - 'Y J - 'ilfylifzf W J' ' ,fx l ag ff. . 4 2, I-fm.,-Q , .- ,., g,jg,f,,.y,y.Qp-gi ,115 ,Y , 1- .IN,!- ' V eff f'1fs'41f-"' nv vu - f4:""' 'W' t,,,, 1 gags .Mm Y.,f,., .,,,3,W3v , ,uv 371' ' -Sf' My '4 M ' ,vt .j W ','.'u'f,,p g r' .nm x -gq,1.,.-r,,y?- - ' V. 4 44 -' 2 f f 1 ja if 3 . ' " X L g '- fA ,,.,, ,, ,aim ,,gQ,,,f,,.r fit' 4 31' - ' - '-Miss f ' 2-'ws fwfr L' iv. af-V ,y ,t l i f,.,,,,i it . M MR aromas w 3 - 'S 4 A in ,W , -.-f . t ...... . - .Wu .5 I2 MR IVAN W. FITZWATER IT, f wi 1---M ,Q ,,,.M.N Administration i Each of Blair's assistant principals ran his depart M "f'f' A ment to insure the smooth transaction ofbusiness ind H W the efficient operation of our school. Mr. Frtzvx itei s duties entailed the administration of such school personnel as the secretaries, custodians, and cifeteili staff, and the supervision of the schoolis business affairs, the office staff, and the maintenance of the building and grounds. He also scheduled lctixities on the school calendar, and handled disciplin nx situi tions. Mr. Craft worked closely with the students checking their daily and classroom attend ince ind keeping their records in order. ln addition he supei vised the Guidance Department, and cooidin ited student publications. Mrs. Lavery's responsibilities involved maintaining the effectiveness of the instiuc tional program. She ordered textbooks and educi tional films, oriented new teachers, obtuned sub stitutes, and administered the student teachci piogi nn MR. SILAS E. CRAFT Assistant Principal Vlllnq Assistant Principal ,V ""' as ,- Lia,- !-Q N1RS. LENORE P. LAVERY A Assistant Principal " 'R A wi i H iq Guidance NVith the ever-increasing student enrolhnent at Blair, individual counseling for each student hecanie Xlis A COIKOIN 1 X rs. li, Flood . . . , - . - , a freater res Jonsihihtv. Careful 5Cl1GClUllllU' ot hiffh - 'f ' 'v771'7j Y I I., bl ' school .courses led all students into their possihle , ' areas ot concentration. Iwhrough the Guidance Depart- J ,,,. inent, college hound seniors learned about their 4 4 .1 5 selected schools and Jrebared themselves to meet f . , A 1 1 , the entrance requirements, while through vocational Y' t ff X' ' ' . . r f Z counseling, students learned ot the Joh opportunities g' in their chosen fields. J ' f, , 'MPV V - ,Qi , J.y - X is lx ina. s I lex s 1-i.NIacdonaId PUPIL PERSONNEL XVOHKEH Robert Yeit assists Nlrs. Pierrcl in advising Kathy ltupli on the progress she has made this year, XIIKS, Xl.-XCIDONALID, Hlairls College Counselor, reviews personal records before conferring with each student. pb :A ii ZW We I -4 Qf S mf r , - W f 'U X 1 '1 . Mrs. E. Dax is gffyvfqzfg, 'ff , f I 4 ' V fi V H .4-, 3 52 , 1 ? , 5' Xlrs. C. Xlatson .WM yn 553 my m f. .. I 0 ,ln , W , , .f n MMM. f,CcfL',,,f f fc 'V V ! 4 f 96' 'Y-M.. Xlrs. C. Dietz K. af 5' , V. ,.k. , ,fy A 7: Xlrs. Nl. Nludd S., : MRS. MUDD PERFORMS the important task of taking telephone messages for school personnel. , 'iff f 1 K I4 055 X i e ." Y I, 'bt Nlrs. L. Lyon Office Staff The office staff served as receptionists, secretaries, and assistants to our principals and vice-principals in the Blain Office, to the vice-principal in the Attend- ance Office, and to the Counseling Department. The efficient personnel received guests, filed, typed, and received and answered phone calls. The staff' also helped to schedule the school calendar, put out W bulletins and notices, and prepared orders for school :.- . ' Z,3 supplies. In the Attendance Office, the staff helped " A to maintain complicated daily and monthly attendance , VV A Q records. To aid the college counselors, the staff fi-' helped to maintain permanent record cards and to "' f' send out material to colleges regarding applications. school 'of Blairls size could not have possibly func- ' tioned without the competent assistance of the office Nlrs. A. North personnel. NIHS. BHEAKIRON treats a minor cut on Elaine Xloslto- witfs linger. ..,- W R ...wg , fu 0v'A',f' U f v, ,., ,mx V 'Av MA. '..A. . Q-I Nlrs. li. lirealiiron Xlrs, Nl. Carson Ei' fi f V t The nursels office was staffed at all times liy the nurse, her assistant, and several student volunteers. They were prepared to give medical assistance to Blairites who might have lieen injured in such areas as physical education, home arts or shop, or to stu- dents Who liecame ill during school hours. Students were then advised to lie down and rest until they felt lietter or were talien home. 15 z AA' 1 ,r ,,f,,..,,,V .la w,,, 01 .iff 5,,,' I ? .rfn - a 1 0 45431, f'3,.w'f. ,l"l .J se 1 ,wa ' as xv- -1 f'.,,a, we 4 ,Lv Q . V, nd, t ' A' I I '.'.L if as s K 7 Z 9-'fs-11 , , -f .,,.,u. . Z, W . . Ph .- M t Q.,V,!, ,. , , x , xv. N- Mrs. S, Ackerman Xliss B. Bt-clfnnui Mrs, B. Beer I, , I. as A Q fm ,A VI:-ev Mrs. H. Callahan Mr. AI. Coley E English Xlr. E. Cortner This year Blairis English Department emphasized a progressive program of literature and composition. The Structured VVriting Program enabled students, after first analyzing the works ofclassical and modern authors, to analyze objectively their own composi- tions. Selected Seniors participated in the Advanced Placement program, a new freshman college English course at Blair. After they studied the various types of literature, poetry, drama, short story, and essay, they created their own. MRS. ACKERMANN waits for Carol Livingston to finish Act II of The Crucible preparatory to discussing Ahigail's characterization. IN VARIOUS ATTITUDES OF CONCENTRATION, these seniors scan Lady Nlaclnetlfs soliloquy hefore listening to a recording ofjudith Anderson's rendition. ,idF NIR. LEBARON explains to hir. senior Englixli students many of the subtleties in T.S. Eliot's poetry. MHS, XVUBNIC lc-aclm lim' CPA English students in ii stimulating diwcussiim of Silas Marner. 1 t,s....., 1 Nlrs. H. EClVVkll'Cl5 ,f '. 9 21. ff 'X W5 , le? i f . Mrs. B. Garner Mr. B. LeBar0n ff ,, . X X .wg 3 'wi if 1 K Mr. WI. Felclluius 5 ' Q-. 'YM , X11 I. Hagv 'ark' V if 's. R. Nli MR. HACY and two students, Mike Huinplirics uncl Peter Cunnan enyox the rustic humor in josh Billings "Essay onthe Muelf' 'Y , 5 f .X 4 N111 P. Giinz . . .t 5 -.fwrggig i I QS is . WS au " .- ..A 4 5 . 1- ff? Nlrs. V, johnston Mr. L. Orlnff xx, O .V T Stix.. Q .4 .an , g'0x,. fy. i f V"0m.iT4w 4 Lf' 1 fgvcim km' 4 K 6 352 its 3 ae 'S A if MW 2 UD X at .rat .1- V' V , Mr. H. Piuli Miss M. Sulrwurtz , , - i f 522 ' --C at A 2 ' . Agia? at SM fl?izZP?? J Hrs. L. XVl1itc-liurst Mrs. S. Wnbnig English MR. GANZ points out un interesting example of Ern- est Hemingway's distinctive style to joseph Kerr, a soplminnre English student. "Wai I8 M 7642 4 fi' K if f Lmksfzfx A f ' 'f 9950519 AA. s . 2 Fm' Mr. B. Slack NIR. PIOLI'S drinna students put on a class production of Noel Cowurcl's Calvalcade. CPA STUDENT STAN BLACKER Compares the styles nfl. D. Salinger and XVilliznn Faulkner, noting their use of genealogies. , x 'F i Q, LIBRARY The Montgomery Blair library with its ever-growing number of books, magazines, and reference materials, served its students in all areas of scholastic research. The first room to open its doors in the morning, and through the PTA night library service, the last to close each evening, students found it always avail- able at their convenience. But the library was more than just a place to study. Seniors found relaxation in their corner, clubs had a hospit- able place for their teas and inductions, Stu- dent Council made it a central location for its drives, and all students, upon entering, took pride in Blair's trophies adorning the shelves. BLAIRITES UTILIZE the libraryls atmosphere ofstudy to c itch up on backwol k or to do lese nch tor upcoming projects M11 NV, Bugnull if Z-4 X, Mr. D. Bridges ECONOMIC CEOCRAPHX S 1'UDh.lX fb C uole 5z,l1c-ULU md Ixnunr-th Karl's'fL1dyz1relief1napInex xlu lflllg the QODOLII xplw of wVt'Stt'l n UmtedSt1tes www. 20 N., V. 4 .524 X l '-f. x N-.3 rx . is iii 'Yo ails fair X111 R. DeLauder Bliss D. DeNloss Hrs. NI. Enright ,. 5, : 'SQ' . . - FJ E px, - Q QL-Q 2-"5 i ' YQ--.V N35 9 ,f 'mi K 'FE' ' ' " is .- 171- if F5 'ff' ": tt Ea Mrs. C. ,Ioardar Nlr. P. jones Xlr. V. Pugliese L-.Q..,.,,........M..QN...,i,,W,,, V , 1 T. lf, FAR-EASTERN HISTORY STUDENT, Roslyn Brandon, shows the class the urea of India Where English trading companies established their holdings. Social Studies MR. BRIDGES' PAN AMERICAN HISTORY CLASS discuss with South America today, Nlr. R. Thomas Mr. F. Turco Mrs. H. XVilson Added to the already established curriculum were three new courses: Far Eastern history, Pan American history, and Twentieth Century Problems. Pan American history, a semester course, included the sociological, political, and economic development ofthe South Amer- ican countries. Far Eastern history, a semester course al- ternating with Pan American history, provided an inten- sive study of the cultures of three Oriental countries, India, China, and japan, Twentieth Century Problems dealt with present-day problems in international relations. Students gained both a better understanding ofthe growth of democracy and its struggle for survival in the modern world through their study of history and an insight into human behavior and motivations. All these courses will enable the students ofthe present to make a better world for the future. animation how geography has affected the political problems in M , ,l il we I vi ' .i S .V , A . fx ,mfg t ,N A . .-Q., f . "' ' 1' Migg A, Ayres Mr. H. Bernard Miss H. Bratt ns 1-' fi v -gym A 1 eff , 'pf E 1 .. Mr.. cpfraffia-,1f:f, s, l .. Mrs. I. Campa Mrs. M. Dermody Mrs. J. Dogoloff W 1 Foreign Languages Mrs. B. Forden The main objective ofthe modern foreign language courses at Blair under the audio-lingual system was the art of speaking. Students of Spanish, German, and French first listened to the tapes, then imitated the accents, and finally learned to write what they heard. The Spanish Department had a unique situation with nearly twenty Latin-American students enrolled in the third and fourth year courses, enabling the classes to be held entirely in Spanish and teaching the Amer- ican students colloquial vocabulary. Latin was not conversational, and through the traditional method, second, third, and fourth year students studied Cae- sar's Gallic Campaigns, Cicero, and Vergil. MRS. FISHEITS GERMAN 2 CLASS, meeting in an audio-lingua tens to especially prepared tapes of German speakers to improve their pro- nunciation. 1 Ll' I nv! U1 4 J SPANISH STUDENT ANDREA DHIESEN displays a pinata used in Mexico on festive occasions. l. MRS. DOGOLOFF answers questions from her inquiring French 1 students. MRS. KOCH explains the schema form to her French 4 class. A ,. . kk . 5 1 1 w w- w ff Y " 471' I ' .-1 1 .ffiia V-fn' 5 I TFL, Mrs. C, Fisher Mrs. A. Koch 7 n A. Ji t.. WA . W QE W 'So rx WHEN, Mrs. E. Nicholas Mrs. Z, Seijo MISS BRATT works with her Latin 4 students on their Aeneicl translations. ,ji 4, 23 P11 fr-1 E v1.1 ...A P1 ..- ..4 L.- i-ul L... L: iq. '-5 ... M. i . i. Po- E... ,.-- '4 , L. E5 ,f r X Mrs. L. Abramson P 179 'L' if 'i A my , ff . W V M Z if iflb' Mrs. T. Baker f 'Dv H i vw-,v 4 Mr. R. Dexter f' i 1 , LVN . ' in QV Mr. D. Adelman SJ T7 Mrs. N. Boyd Science Keeping pace with the recent emphasis on sci- entific knowledge, Blair's students enthusiastically participated in an intensive program of experimenta- tion. They viewed the physical world through the lens of a microscope, broadened their knowledge of the chemical world through laboratory research, and explored the world of physics through experimenta- tion with mathematical theory and the laws ofnatural science. NANCY KRAMER AND STEVE CHATSKY weigh and record the results of an experiment in their advanced Chemistr course. , ,V,.,,,,! , - 1 . Y 'f ' , iw.. f Col, F. Holmes PRACTICINC THE ART ofdissection during their study of animal life, Ann Levine and Carlos Covar- ruhias probe the internal organs ofa cat. 2 at 5. Wh 13 , 1 W Em if I. , I . ,fx N 'rf ff? Mr. S, Rlau'der N111 L. Nlclienzin "' A W frm ,W Miss P. NlcNutt Mr. Nl. Michaelson . , NX JN ' , 0 5 ' A -, 5 V NIR. SAUNDERS observes physics student, Everett Childs, pouring ether into a XY container of water, thereby lessening the water's surface tension. Mr. XV. Suunclers Mrs. L. Siegrist MRS. ABRAMSON supervises Mark Silverstein as he heats mercuric oxide to study the effects of heat used as STEVE FIRSHEIN AND MARK SOLER apply their knowledge of a chemical agent. physics in operating a signal tracer and an audiogenerator. 31 Mathematics Blairls Math Department was one of the most advanced in the county, this year offering a special "Math sr class in advanced cal- culus. In addition, the department met the needs of all students with its standard courses in applied math, business math, algebra 1 and 2, plane, solid and analytic geometry, trigonometry and elementary calculus. Six- foot slide rules, green plastic conic sections, and map-size blackboard graphs became standard equipment in all classes and aided students in their comprehension of mathe- matics. MR. EDDY'S GEOMETRY CLASS applies the principles of isoceles triangles to prove a given problem. 26 4 M. x ,Q 3, ,. ' , ' Q. .V V .sf 0. is, ,V XR" V , , ., f Hz X' ,Xl .av Miss S. Aud fan. .. L. .. LV.. ' . og, Z. .st M 4 5 e' M L' 2 'M as ..,. " ffflffv 5 Miss M. Darling 76501 fx ,Ja A1 f 4 1-ry , 0 ' Q4 4. 1 Q1-... -' fy Mr. M. Dedeyan M .2 , , I W , .,,. ,A , V ,su 74 ri., V ,sv I LV WA Lf? . V' A Mr. D. Eddy Mr. A. Graham Miss E. Kokiko MRS. LEES SHOWS Algebra 1 student, David Stein, the importance of equating. if ji 1 , fe R fx XQ Ay i I 'aim A", , '-' S if .- ,.-f ig -1' Mrs, L. Lees 'Mrs B. Mallack 'f I tm 1 W .ff fr , Y .A , s Y V za ' l S .L S 'VA ,, K . X 1, MR. DEDEYAN EXPLAINS the fundamental theory of calculus to h1s introductory ' analysis students, Mark Silverstein and Alan Weisberg. Mr. Pi. Popovich Mr. W. Smith ' MISS AUD'S ADVANCED MATH CLASS applies rules of algebra to develop the half angle formula. 'PETER HOWE refers to his geometry book while attempting to prove a theorem. 1 1 I , , if i X f' f 1 Q K ,J ,, Stn,- A 27 ' an - i- . .-.. .ru -1 1.. -1. 4 1 1 I I v 1 :null iii .Y-.. .-v. -., . 1 an E5 i ,e L. 2 -1 . W, .,,, rt f M f' S if v 1. ef u , , HOLLACE GOLDBERC AND JEAN WELCH I Q I gain speed and accuracy in shorthand by taking a l ' dictation through a dictaphone, ii 14 Mrs. NI, Curry . eg, , I? fy ' 6 i .V sf ,wffsff - - 14 Mrs. S. Harrison was I A in 3 ' gg p J ,,,,. Mrs. E, Lear 28 +P- . ,j 12 ,, 4 A ,m , . V' W, Mrs. A. Cuasterland Mr. VV. Keibler v mf Mr. VI. Kopera Business Education Blair,s Commercial Department prepared, business students for future careers by giving them a thorough grounding in the basic skills of typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping, as well as the academic subjects, English and history. To gain additional office experience, the students learned how to become adept in operating such office equipment as mimeograph machines, automatic calculators and adding machines. MRS. LEAR explains the typewriter keyboard chart to her attentive typing class. -, - . , I , . Vw, ,,.,,l, V,MV,,f., 666666690 ffsf.-1 00000190000 000000 000000 00 , V , V W,.,,..,....,..u..m-A .. f 9 , , W XZ K9 lk f n f? lr a ' V 6 A , f 5 f f WW, W , fu W . , ' M V - W? MARY ATWOOD, CHARLES FALL and Sharon Pisapia develop skills in operating business machines. SILAS CRAFT, intent on a future business career, concentrates on his bookkeeping homework. Accou n ting - 6: - 6: , if ,si, ... K is Miss il, Neely , 2 fy! ii 1 Mrs. D. Tibbs :4 l N112 C. Rubens , -fxswkifa in 1' Q, . fx Jve, 'Z ln," R G , J' V' Nliss Xl. Trottncm j fs., DEBBIE WALDNIAN totals figures by fast manipu lation on the adding nmchine. 30 Co-operative Experience , 5 we ir . f Mrs. F. Andrews Nlr. T. Heyser Mr, S, Figt-nlmum Under the Co-operative Work Experience pro- gram, students gained practical experience in their chosen vocations and acquired on-the-job training. The participants attended school in the morning and in the afternoon Worked on jobs which the depart- ment had secured for them. They Worked in such fields as retail and Wholesale merchandising, in- dustry, electronics, and business. An advantage of the program was that the department placed the stu- dents in the jobs best suited for them, and as a result, many of them continued in the samejob fulltime after graduation, or secured a similar occupation. ywf W X X 5. 7.1 HW Q I A -" N M. I w,fQ 57' f . ,YV NM . . 1 7, if ,fffif fl Vfltfdfy a s ... - u 1 f '-" , Q 12.1 T155 1 " .fr "'!"7Pf"' A 1 1 If f, , 1 W f ,C "K ' f 0 f I ff f , ,ff f Qi f ,Q f f XZ f f 1 f , W, ,f f f f fn 1,1 , ff jf f f 4 j Z f W! ff f if 4 f ff X02 X! f L Mf Kr ,iz f XIELODY XECOSTA types busily at her job in an at- AS A PARTICIPANT in the Co-operative XVork Experience program, Don w,.,,t.y'5 Uffiu., A Dositim, which thc CIQXVVEV depu,-Umsm Lawson vsiorks for Sears, Roebuck and Company. Here he helps to decorate ugqujl-trgl fm- hm-, the store for Christmas. T QQ 'Lind f'vSEtRS nn- DECA-Front How: Bob French fPres.lg B, Pitts, J. Claffey, M. Krebs, D. Lawson, Mr. Figenbaum Csponsorl, Second Row: R. Fuller, A, DiBene- , . , .V H A . . k- dictis, B. Scruggs, L. Quirlc, M. A. Bowman. Third Row: B. Curtis, -I. Nusbaum, C. WVcndal, J. Mull1can.Back How. R. Sanchez, K. Scee, L. Lin o ff, A Z xv THE BANK XVINDONYS are opt-n before school, during lunches, and atter school to aecornrnodate student and faculty business, SHARON LEXVIS, NIH, KEIBLER lsponsorl, and Nlarlene jones review accounts after the bank has closed, Bank 4.5 . ck I if Nlr, XV, Kciblcr Forty-five banking students under the training and guidance of Mr. Keibler learned the fundamental skills of totalling, balancing, recording, and cle- positing while serving the school with financial ad- vice and conveniences, Through their hands passed funds from ahnost every phase of Blair life-games, dances, welfare contributions, shows, publications, class rings, pictures, caps and gowns and club ac- counts. The bank was operated entirely on a profes- sional level, with JJZJ interest on savings and all funds insured by Federal Deposit Savings and Loans In- surance Corporation. MUCH WORK TRANSPIRES be-hind the scenes at the banlsg here Lynn Dietlc and Oliver I lida check deposits in the savings accounts. Q.:-1-ll 31 Horne Arts The Home Arts Department on the third floor ot 'ABM building with its two kitchens, sewing room, livingroom and bedroom was well equipped to teach girls the art of homernaking. Students in Home Arts 1, 2, 3 and 4, depending upon their previous experi- ence in junior high, learned to cook nutritious but delicious meals, designed and made skirts, blouses, suits, coats and formals, studied wardrobe plan- ning and budgeting and became acquainted with home decoration and furnishing. juniors and sen- iors planning to major in home economics took Home Arts Major 1 and 2 which gave them a strong back- ground for college or a career. Home Arts Survey was offered to senior girls who had not previously taken Home Arts and taught them the basic skills necessary to raising a family. AS PART OF A HOME DECORATING PROJECT, Candy Giroux stuffs a throw pillow with foam rubber be- fore sewing the pillowcase. fy yr , We f O05 4 - A --111g if 32 Mg ., Q, ' jam. J A VE, 41 KA 1535 is ri , H W- X '1- A T' W at T ' f 'A M Mrs. M. Dickenson Mrs. E. Finley Mrs. C. Werlinich ' if ' 3 K W 2-f ' ' ' I f if fl iffwfg 'Lama REBECCA CORYELL, HELEN CILBRETH, SUSAN HEITMULLER, AND DIANE PEMBERTON, learn to make curtains and bedspreads in Home Arts 2. HOME ARTS' STUDENTS OBSERVE as Sandy Craham gives a cooking demonstration, and Mrs. Werlinich looks on with smiling approval. Industrial Arts Practical application of skills learned through lecture and study was the purpose ofthe Industrial Education classes. Students studied the fundamentals of drafting and then read and drew their own blue- prints in the Mechanical, Architectural and Elec- trical Drafting courses. In Cabinetmaking I and 2 stu- dents learned the proper care and use of hand and power tools and developed the skills of furniture making. The Art Metals classes designed, cut and polishedjewelry of enamel, sterling silver and stones, and the Printing students, after learning about type case, layout and design, linoleum blocks and offset platemaking practiced what they had learned from Blairis printing machines. Ag f Y 1 mf V Haw- w x A X Mr. C. Bennett Af' ,Q fs...-A iff 2 Mr. I, Hardy ra- - Ax w fl Mr. E. Brakus X ap-. 1' if iii ' Mr. I. Rice 5 'V Mr. VV. Burns Mr. P. Weagraff .W 2 Iv----A-4 1 A 1 fa . h',, ' ik I , L '?f 'f " 2 I X I rrfr 1 A ' ,',., igi4'f1?' 5 ' I " "" V f BUTCH CRISMOND OPERATES an offset press to print DOUG WHITE APPLIES a red mahogany stain to the end table he has assembly programs, constructed in Cabinetmaking 2, MECHANICAL DRAWING STUDENT, Robert Permison, works with compass and straight edge on an isometric projection. f X T 44, ,,,, . . V -, , f 4? , V M ? V. ff Q 3 W ' 1. sn . gr.. y Fme Q5 Z, . A K ,fn 1-f-W K 1 X . sf r 4. A It , x g A fx- i 1 Miss 1. Harvey Mrs. F. Sherry Mr. R. Speidel Mrs. B. Stevens MR. SPEIDEL offers Nancy Cole, Alex Cross, and Cathy Cinciotta as sistance in completing, their student portfolio. ,.-1 SCULPTURE STUDENT ELIZABETH HOUSE observes as Alice Reznikoff perfects the shape ofthe clay tray she is making. F 1.. 'sw ,111 if tx ,f -,-., - 3 1, --ff Qt, Qs - , ev' , , f ' ' ' 1' 'l ...f gi ' 'ch , f-,v.,i,...4. Students developed creativity through art courses of every level and interest field. Art 1,2,3 and 4 emphasized sketching, painting, silk screen, seri- graphy and portraiture, While students interested in ceramics and sculpture, poster and display or illustrative art applied themselves the entire year to these specific skills. The art courses at Blair en- riched students, leisure time by developing an ap- preciation of art, and also prepared those in pur- suit of art as a vocation. CHRIS ABEL labors over her Art 1 painting with the sculpt- metal figure by 'Sue Jerome adding to the creative atmosphere. 'n 2 Q ,ig Slwlflii 1 1 me ,Q li M "-si L E' I i 9'-7 'l cal. 1' ". -1 L ' Xlrs. XI. Huntley Xlr. E. Koch Music Musically minded students improved their skills in the band, orchestra, and chorus classes. These elective courses concentrated on both music theory and playing and singing techniques, and as its ulti- mate goal, trained students to perform in a group. Blairites with an interest in music but without mu- sical training, took music appreciation and through lectures, field trips, recordings and outside read- ing, learned about composers of different periods, and how to appreciate good music. rg ,.5 Y Rf I .:,,,J uf,,,,fvl 17? . X V 51 ALAN CEOFFREY works out the technical difficulties in at clarinet piece. ii"'++,, R xA 1 MRS. HUNTLEY directs the Xlontgomery Blair chorus during the an- nual Christmas program. STUDENT, XYILLI.-XXI ROXYLES, directs the orchestra during class. C: -1 t rv 1-5-rw 1 J r Q nga Tk? ,446 47 1 'wax , -qw. Vx Mr. E. Clements . .54 ., A, 9- 1 X if Miss I. Lippy Mr. R. Wa W! +3 A Z l if Boys, and X I Girls, Dofflemyer Miss I. Keeter f f W L., M I ff 4 ,e I ff ,, ,. f Mr. J. 6, 'A fd W r Q . . ' ,,f ffg , f , g., McKivigan Miss T. Reed WITH ALL EYES FOLLOWING THE BALL, the right forward stretch- es to make a net recovery in a volleyball game. ,,, 2 1' -an lst 36 f a gg! I A , I l 4 1 g f I 7 I U U M ' 1 I 'H lu me as 1, M f I . , E W . ,f , ni, 3, fp f ' r l , , I . V ff . sg.. ., 1 -'ezefxg' ,, J , . IQ .2 .271 3' ' 5 a 5 1 I, ,,, , 5 , f,,.: t f -ff' .s,s .f-.. , 4 af I f M I 3 id ff' xi W ' 7f 7 f , , fm ,fr ,F ,. w ff' J .M , 1 4 f ay ' fggf' . " I ,V 5930 9557 fy 5 W inf? iv . Wi, . j 'ff - ,f44r,mma ff , --ve. ., .W M,.,,,,, I 4 - , , fiwgfwifg 4.1 ,M wfdt-.,., W2 Z igi Wfiiffff M'-in ' f 'f s .Wa s wa-'w'a:,ff Qwhg N' 1 . f '?fLZfZf475Je'f Mr. N. Kobren Physical Education Physical Education was a required course for sophomores and an elective for juniors and seniors. The Boys, Physical Education course began the year with touch football, soccer and speedball, concentrating on agility, speed, strength, balance, coordination, timing, and teamwork. During the winter the classes turned to indoor sports-basket ball, gymnastics, tumbling and volleyball-and to a classroom unit of social hygiene. With the return of warm weather, the classes undertook the spring sports and developed the skills of baseball and track. Girls' Physical Education had a two-fold objec- tive. The main goal was to develop athletic ability, coordination and sportsmanship through participa- tion in such individual and team sports as basket- ball, softball, field hockey, golf, tennis, and archery. The second area of instruction was health educa- tion, which included social hygiene, marriage and family relationship, and mental hygiene. In addi- tion, after school hours, interested students parti- cipated in the intramural programs and earned points toward GSA letter awards. KEEPING FIT DURING THE WINTER, two sets of teams play strenuous games ofvolleyball. I if , 2 MISS LIPPY DISCUSSES dating etiquette with her sophomore class during a social hygiene unit. ,,,...,...,..----H 7 f' 4 ,Jr U 1 ,m ms. ' I - ,, 1 gy . ma. 'l I 1, ' f Q 5' ul I IX' J Q .V I ,Alike l I L9 I J IIM WIEBUSH AND MIKE LEIBOVICI practice shots from under the basket. GIRLS' HONOR BASKETBALL TEAM tensely waits after ajump ball during a game with Northwood. 37 Jie? 4' TERRY BOLLS AND RICK SOYARS gain experience in changing a flat tire, so that they will he prepared for any future emergency. PQM4' C 4, A ' .. i ' by-,gs A' v QW, ,x , , K, , , F 1 xy ,,, . - ,wfv f""v . F1 .ea 'Q f If Mr, R. Davis Mrs, C. Ciedzi X a 1 ,wwu fig t ,gf -, K X my 4. QT, Xl, ' 'fftv A , ffl, r Wsiitt ' 6 HB x . A Mr. A. Nimetz Mr, E. Smith 38 Driver Education Driver education combined classroom instruction with actual behind-the-Wheel training to teach stu- dents the laws, skills and proper attitudes of driving. A text and Workbook, a handbook of Maryland traffic regulations, movies and slides were the instructional devices used in this course as Well as machines and instruments testing and developing reaction timing, distance judgment and visions adjustment at night. Students earned a certificate attesting to their driv- ing skill and a reduction in insurance rates. MIKE CABOE, a Driver Education student, tests his reflexes using an electronic gauge. ,..., T mf, 1 fx FU R f J , I N if 3 Mrs. V. Carroll pi it Qu . 552.-. o f AA-' l. A Mr. J. Roberson FAR INTO THE EVENING, this dedicated member of Blair's custodial staff works to keep the school in good condition. Cafeteria and Custodian The cafeteria staff provided lunch each day for the faculty and approximately twenty-eight hundred Blair students. Food preparation began early in the morning. During the lunch periods, the ladies served the delicious food from the hot tables to hungry Blair- ites. After lunch, the industrious staff readied the cafeteria for the next day's luncheon. The Blair Custodial staff worked throughout the school day and into the evening keeping the halls and classrooms clean. Each day they provided the necessary services in maintaining the proper func- tioning ofthe school's utilities. In addition, they were always available for such detail as setting up chairs for night meetings and cleaning up after dances, basketball games and shows. i . f L Q, Q ly X 4 if f .. t.. f ir . E a fe rf an I, saga., . sf' f 2 A3 511 . I V .fkvx . l' cl "r'f 1 I lf!! i E . l,,, ,,kx I A J-ig , ,M 1 1 y V fi L ' I -4 if Zi' ft, -...... ,, .. V, A CAFETERIA STAFF-Front Row: D. Stokes, S, Reed, D, Barden, M. Williams, C. Scarpelli, M. Caberson, W. Orem, E. O'Brien, Y. Carroll fcafeteria managerl. Second Row: B, james, M. Newby, D. Peter, H. Calles, M. Horwell, E. Frey, L. Sullivan, J. Ohlhaven, Bi. Tarleton. 39 . W, :-ur , , . ' K FF" . uAY , .., -'M f ,, x U4 S 'f w,,,4k , . W x if 4 V 1 D A Q 413 wax' ' .:i?fr.,p P04 62,41 ,,, ' -V 'O KN x I' A Q if A'-xwxk V is R'-.w xv' 'X i X ALR ai?-Q 'Qi 'Wh new rf Qin 12 43' 3 f 2 9f?i?"'s 4 A M050 1 df When one has much to put into them, a day has a hundred pockets. FRIEDRICH WILHELM NIETZSCHE C1844-19003 Q: A 41 CONSTITUTIONAL BOARD-Front Row: Bill Curtis iCh.l, S. Xleltzer, VI. Odins, S. Berlin, P. Kirchheimer. Second Row: I'l, Cohn, C. Yudlcoff, H. Tavan, H. Caplan, M. lloffman. Communication between student government and the student body was the keynote ofthe executive branch, the bicameral congress, and the Activity Council. Four elected officers -made up the student gOV6I'IlI1lG1lt,S executive committee. The president appointed his cabinet, each member chaired a stand- ing committee. He also formulated policies on inter- school affairs, and held the veto power over legisla- tion enacted by the Congress. The vice-president served as a liaison between the two houses of Con- gress-as a voting member of the Senate and Presi- dent of the Representative Assembly. The treasurer formulated the student government budget, handled its financial transactions, and coordinated selling projects. Acting as legislative coordinator of student government, the secretary scheduled proposed bills on the calendar for both houses. The judicial branch of student government, the Constitutional Board, acted as the final interpreter of the Constitution, supervised all elections, and compiled student gov- ermnent records. The Senate used its powers to co- ordinate and schedule selling projects, plan assem- blies, and maintain the school store. The Representa- tive Assembly, composed of one representative from each homeroom, allowed students to express their OFFICERS-Hob LaRocca tPres.l1 Steve Goldberg tTreas.l, Mark Soler CY.P.l, Bob Arnebecli fSec'yl. Communications opinions in Congress. 'these two houses held con- current power to approve the budget, to initiate ref- erenda, and to schedule record hops, as well as to de- termine activity ticket policies. The Activity Council, including all club presidents and organization heads, advised the president on such student government duties as the issuing ofclub charters and the schedul- ing of record hops. CABINET-Front Row: D. Fishbaek, S. Schuman, P. lieldock, S. Xllills, NI. Soler, Bob Laltoeca tPres.l, H. Arne- beck, S. Goldberg, C. Springer, S. Nlcltzer. Second Row: D. Gurewitz, D. Hose, li. Goldstein, D. Baker, S. Perin, D, XYaltt-rs, R. Brandon, Xl. Xlilewsky, li. Bunch, L. XVolf, E. laffe, C. Yamanouchi. , M f gm. ... 42 r:r S Il Y' I: 1' lvii ,.- ll - 1,1 U 1 n mst! n nv 2 Q., Q"-,,., g. ,v,', , f i REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY-Front Raw: Xlurlf Solt-1' 4Pi'ew.l, H. Huy, X. T'l0lllllKlL'I', C. Sturni, H, Green, P. Heuxner, K Nelson, ,l. Keiu'ns-Preston, C. Oveiliolt, C, Cooper, bl. Bluna, D. Cushing, N. Ellerlmc, E. Littinun, Feinstein, L. Krenu-r, K Ficlfer, F. XVulke1',,l. Xlurccron, S. Xlliple. Second Row: B. Katz, ll. Forinuxli, B. Brinmcoinlye, 31.1-tmp-iifeltl, C. Smilies, R. Cornell B. Slieiifim-, ul. Beucli, D. l'lowe, S. Overliolt, H. I-frieflinain, K. Lauulziu, X. Kmnier, Xl. Hussey, T. Peters, K, Ilemtli, NI. ,luim-K, C Tuve, S. Hom, N. Lewis, Rl. Creenspain, E. Seliwin-tz, Pi. NYol1l. Third Row: F. Spiegellan-rg, D. l.,UllgllL'l'y, C. Clmpnmn, XY. .-X11-mls P. dt-Vos, P. Xluntly, j. Ccissal, B. Boettner, X. Black, E. Cinalnirg, B. XYollx, Nl. Peixrlmun, -I. Alt, A. Sniitli, XI. Sclweliter, D Xlolfe, il. Larson, B. Crazy, l. Emerson. the Keynote SENATE-Frnnf Row: XYill1n'cl Oglwurn lPi'em. Pro Teinporel, C. Walker, D. Rose, C. Cliung, bl. Xlc- Colly, B, Bunch, D. Baker, bl. Vlluiit-i', NI. Sole1',.l. Cooclmun, Xl. Curliinlxlt-. Second Row: D. Kunz, C. Kliliu, Nl. Cunnningx, S.Pe1n'son, S. Holzincl. Third Row: Xl. lllllllC'l'IlHlIl, Ni. Geiger, D. Dzn'L'npoi't, Al.Al'Cllil,,l.C1!1llt'j', H. xYlt'Cl1lll'Oll, C. l5an'lJei', B. Nlulilxin. ACTIVITY COUNCIL-Front Row: Nlzirk Soler lCl1.l, E, little, li. Einlmincler, lf., Bailey, S. Lanxoii, X. Spelling, E Littlnzin, -I. Clmpper, X. Alilrott, B. Colien. Second Row: T, DL-ming, S.PisaLpiz1,.l. Nlzirgolis, XI. Pezn'linun, S. Firsliein Xl. Nlillx, B. Pillow, B. Lewis. Third Row: Al. Crussie, l. Alt, D. Lawson, j. SXX'ill'lXYOllt, 51.11-iilxim, H. May, Sotslfy N,1GolcllJn'1'g1, P. Perzitino. , w Y f ! Pt. , 43 1 6 T Y, , 1 :zu E-. l 'l 111- i 1.1- Planning for Student Student Government committees planned and puhlicized school activities and programs. The Activity Committee enforced the activity limitation which provided tor more student participation and handled the chartering of new organizations. The NVellare Committee allocated its funds evenly he- tween American and foreign interests, The American portion helped support six students through the Save the Children Federation, aided the American Cancer Society, and contributed to the Salvation Army. The other half aided the support of a Creek orphan, and went to such organizations as CARE, SS Hope, and the American Farm School in Greece. The PUBLICITY COMMITTEE-Front Row: David lfishhack tCli.9, E. DeYries, D. Stahlherg, Nl. Creenspan, A. Nlbinherger. Second Row: C. Kozak, C. XVoodley, Nl. Thorn, E. Schwartz, L. liohins, li. Kaniinsky. - Third How: D. Brookes, C. Ulrich, L, Coldstein, I. Allen, D. Freedman. WELFARE COMMITTEE-Front Row: Roslyn Brandon lCh.l, S, Ross, E. Karp, Xl. Ilsinng, S. Swindle, L. Weinberg, S. Kurycki, gl. Stieher, -I. Yoshihashi, S, Slralsewitz, S. Reisrnan, A. Crahani, A. Sandberg, B. Scheiner, D. Keini, D. Suzar, T. Cohen. Second Row: C. Lihin, A. Seldeen, S. Lief, E. Cinsln-rg.5, l. Cranat, S. Coldline, D, NValchnan, N. Sclireiher, C. lflarher, A. Laihson, Nl. Teitellmaurn, L, Steinherg, li. X11-Connell, L. Xleglsy, -I. Fike, C. Schecler. Thirl1R0u:: Y. Dietlc, Y. lllachsin, K. Sims, li. Allen, T. Bragg, K. Klein, XI. XYL-her, S. NIL-ltzcr, ,l. lieax L-s,I5.Owen,Ii.Sisl4iml,I'.lh1liin, N. NYitlvin, H. Cohen, P. Triana. ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE-Front Row: Ellen .lalle 1Ch.7, K. Slnngaar, B, XYood, S. Ynter, E, Nlote f' 5 'nt' W' T ,,, 71... T il fu' fm- .gf 'Mama' f M' veg, Fe . ... U uf fl AA 'X , XL. if ln i lvl" cf Information and Enjoyment Publicity Committee announced school activities through a weekly radio program and colunms in tour local newspapers. The In-school Publicity Committee innovatcd a news liulletin hoard of cluh and Student Council announcements. Nlemliers of the Public Bela- tions Committee served as guides and hosts to Blaiifs visitors and helped to orient sophomores. This group also held jurisdiction over the Homecoming activities and the domestic exchange program. The Dance Com- mittee planned the themes of Blair's dances and class parties, and designed the decorations. Suh- committees sold tickets and cleaned up -after the activities. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE-Front Row: Sue Wills CCh.l, D. Cushing, B. Bunch, T. Denning, bl. Oaks, Nl. Akelcy, L. Eiduson, P. Heavner. Second Row: P. Duvall, C. Rowell, ll. Fon- dren, S. Overholt, Xl. Bryant, S. Nelson. Third Row: K. Kroll, 5. Lee, B. Beach, L. Gregor, P. Pcratino, E. Francis, QI. NValton. if sj f lf, fjf f W? W2 V351 Q f 20 " 2 X 1 M025 1 :ug , 15 f 1 ' . GV f I 1, 3 ' 7 , DANCE COMMITTEE-Front Row: Don Howe 1Ch.D, B. Xlushct, D. Cushing, P. XVhite, ll. Spit-lacrinan, C. Coaklcv, L. Gentry. Second How: P. Conlyn, Xl. Xlilcivskv, B. Sim, C. Howland, N. Elle-rhe, NI. Bryant, D. Pcmperton, B. Nannnack. Third Row: NI. Nlason, S. Turner, -I. Kerscy, j. Ellis, B. Hohis, li. Lihhcr, K. lin-ichcl. Fourth Row: S. Beers, K. Ficlier, B. Lewis, A. Dawson, C. ljnlow, B. For- cicr. Fifth Row: C. Parry, -I. lloox er, C. Xlcvcr, B. Brimacoinhc, ,I. Smith, B. Lear, C. Kenner, D. Davenport. IN SCHOOL PUBLICITY COMMITTEE-Front Row: Paula Bcldock fCh.J, ll. lloilmaii, CI. Szafir, 5. jollcs, I Cranat, Clos- tcr D. Asracl, D. Alincs. Second Row: B. Banos, L. Silverman, E. Dcvrics, D. Stahlhcrg, Xl. Alva, T. Spincli-l, Ii. Lightfoot, C. Frank. Third Row: N. Dunn, B. NVollf, D. Owens, -I. Harris, L. St-mln-jo, E. Krupcn, Raising Funds SCHOOL STORE-Front Row: Alan Kirshen iCl1.J, O. Prystay, ml. Bhoad, E. Ubcrman, K. Brooks. Second Row: H. Caplon, S. XVeldon, T. Duvall, S, Doblcin,j. Nlenicli, 1. Aaronson. WAYS 81 MEANS COMMITTEE-Front Row: Ray Goldstein iCh.J, M. Holtzman, S. Schuman, D. Budden, B. Mayer, A. Fris ATHLETIC COMMITTEE-Front Row: Larry Hewitt iCli.D, D. Har- grove, C. Springer, L, XVeinberg, L. XVolf, A. Speizman. Second Row. C, Pellerzi, H. Forcicr, ml. McLaughlin, XXI. Prystay, O. Prystay, C Yaloris, S. XVade, C, Albert, L. Sutler, Y. Miller. Third Row: ,l, Dykstra K, Davis, A. Brooker, Hargrove, E. Storo, ,l. Harris. After a remodeling, the school store reopened this tall with items to meet the students, needs. The staff sold school supplies, sweatshirts, decals, and stream- ers, providing both a saving for their customers and a profit for student government. The Ways and Means Committee also raised money for Blairis treasury. Enthusiastic students sold student directories, tickets at a discount to area cul- tural events, and "heath buttons, including this year's HBeat the Examsn slogans. The Athletic Committee assisted in another major fund-raising activity by taking tickets and punching activity cards at athletic events. ch, B. Gordin, N, Lewis D. Stein, Second Row: j. Berkowitz, K. jones, F. Walker, B, Klein, J. Rumizen, N. Kramer, B. Sun. Third Row: NI. Bisker, S. Graham, S. Brown, G. Lang. Fourth Row: H. Goldberg, R. Greenberg, E. Surwit, K, Snitfin, E. Davis, N. Laczka, C. Schecter. , f -.2 " 822:90 2 1' 5 :swag . CHAIR COMMITTEE-Front Row: Rohert Troll CCl1.J, F. Herrultl, - S. Kalb, A. Mann B Posner S Gregory I Stevens Second Row' , l E. Chilcls R. Sitniek G. Kennt-dv I. Steinilk. Scee D.-XValters. Third CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE-Front Row: Louis Hosenhlatt R I B In I L Hi V. 0 , I5 Sl X It Al D T I tCh.J, AI. Dykstra, FI. Both, B. Pfatif, B. Owen, Pt. Young, I. Bragg. 53534-1 ' Gull' ' Ulm, 'l' ppul mlm' i upwlf ' ' Sep 6' 'l' Second Row: S. Nlahaney, T. Brantly, R. Prinz, D. Walters, D. ' Wincles, B. Novicli. Third Row: G. Kesler, S. Craig, R. Ruhling, B. Levy, L. VVall4er. Fourth How: N. Oremlantl, D. Brookes, H. May, il. Poolos. The students of three committees at Blair volun- teered their services in assisting school iimctions. The Citizenship Committee aided faculty members in monitoring the halls ancl the cafeteria at lunchtime, antl in seating stuclents at assemblies. The Safety Committee postecl instructions in each room for fire and Civil Defense clrills. The Chair Committee set up the seats at each assembly, at school dances, cluh teas and for classroom visitors. Special Projects SAFETY COMMITTEE-Front Row: Jill Starr CCh.D, N. Sorrells, K. O'Leary, A. Graham, R. McClintie, P. Habih, S. Gregory, K. Nelson, D. VVal- ters. Second Row: A. Sandberg, S. Wadsworth, S. Long, B. Britton, K. Fischer, C. Snodcly, S. Nolan. Third Row: L. Gregoor, S. Latimer, A. Bison, C. Clawson, S. Mai, S. Graham, L. Senclejo. Fourth Row: B. Allen, F. Hamann, C. Parry. Fifth Row: A. Flax, A. Brooker, N. Atwood, E. Higgins, S. Hargrove, D. Moke, P. Hoey, T. Bolls, R. Soyars. 47 il: il? L l.- iz r i r in ,-1 r ,- ,1- ,1. ,- 11 i. , rv .1 .1 ,1- '-1 .1 i. I. .1 L- ' 1 X .- .1 B if I. I. H2 1 1 1 BLAIR'S CHORUS sings out at the Thanks- giving Assembly. M. Soler. Second Row: W. CHORUS-Front How: J. Stuart, E. Barney, L. Ernest, P. Smith, J. Firkser, P. E. Pavlovsky, D. Beachley, C. Cory, L. Moser, S. Jolles. Second Row: K. Bro C. Howton, E. Schenker, J. Degen, H. Cildenhorn, D. Miller, M. Nomkin, M J. Pierce, E. Caldwell, E. LaBuda, R. Sawyer, J. Miller, W. Hanson, L. Bas Johnston, C, Enlow, S. Irwin, M. Whitehill, S. Lee. Fourth Row: R. Marzullo, S. Singman, C. Huber, J. Pavlovsky, S. VVilliams, M. W'eissman, F. Freedenb Woodley, Fifth Row: B. Rabenhorst, P. Beldock, C. Husted, P. Heinmiller, Railey, D. Teeple, R. Owens, B. Schlossenberg, D. Moke, J. Rice, G. Ulrich, F. INTERHIGH-Front Row: Donald Curewitz CPres.J, P. Deming, B. Bunch, N. Druckenbrod, fJglDl1l'1l,R.AI'I1Cllt'ClC, R. LaRocca, R. Malikan. Ambassadors This year the Advanced Chorus sang at assemblies and PTA meetings, for NValter Reed, Kiwanis, and for TV and radio broadcasts. The group also performed at the Twentieth Century Club and at the chorus ex- change program for the area junior high schools. In- terhigh served as the coordinating council of county high school student governments. It improved the student governments of new schools and represented Montgomery County youth in controversial issues. Through inter-school cooperation the member schools exchanged ideas and evolved programs beneficial to both themselves and the community. Wellen, B. Nammack, Mrs. Huntley 1DirectorD, J. Fike, S. Brown, wnlowe, E. Isenberg, R. Hersey, C. Sturm, D. Rothman, H. Sauer, .Sourwine, T. Hoffman, M. Steele, J. Blana. Third Row: J. Conway, hoor, P. Craley, E, Dawson, D. Edwards, J. Freitag, L. France, J. J. Schmidt, M. Brown, J. Snow, M. Johnston, T. Bolls, D. Daniels, erg, R. Cordon, P. Johnson, K, Roberson, B. Raines, J. Hendrie, C. M. Middleton, D, Seltzer, J. Whiddon, R. Hertz, R. Baumann, W. Ekstein, M. Coubeau, L. Case, S. Taylor. i iiWQ"Jli.v sawn. . . are W ,. J : X fin: .............. i. '67 fa ' cr- W-72. VARSITY CLUB-TFr0nt Row: Robert Pfaff CPres.l, T. Crum, R. Ruhling, R. Crismond, J. Haycock, 1. jones, D. Olson, -I. Roth, J. Cingell, B. Owen, J. Oppenheim, T. Moore, C. Barber, B. Higgins, D. Edwards, K. Brooks, B. Ringler, E. Higgins, P. Hoey, j. Weisleder XI Renner Second The Varsity Club consisted of members who have - shown outstanding athletic ability and have earned - at least one varsity letter. At the end of each season, new members were recruited until the club was com- posed of lettermen from every school sport. The cul- mination of the year was the annual "Father-Son Banquetn at which trophies were awarded to those graduating seniors who excelled in athletics by achieving two 01' 11101-9 letters- ITT END ofa half-time performance, the band marches oft - tie ie c . BAND-Front Row: j. Whitten, C. Schuman, N. Dick, T. Berg, C. Kretmar, 1. Cayman, P. Washer, S. Pippin, J. Van Camp, P. Leishear, Mr. Ernest Koch lDirectorJ. Second Row: B. Burger, C. Knepley, B. Herbert, C. Cross, N. Toothaker, I. Allen, R. Prind, C. Bass, P. Haminann, D. .- .V Lewis, B. Rowles, L. Iordan, 1. Light, N. Lewis, M. Berman, S. Cuinberg. Fifth Row: P. Silbey, T. McCarthy, J. Weiss, B. Fallon, F. Legg, P. :Ln tress, S. Berlin, J. Odins, B. Haffner, D. Putnam, P. Wolfard, L. Monk. Seventh Raw: J. Sisson, L. Aronow, R. deMars, L. Romans. l F :L New if eww C fr fy , X ....'. ,,., . ff - -If .Kl1!JV'LlfV'3Il-i!i!!: AH - - W1 - :' i Row: K. Taylor, I. Levy, B. Pitts, C. Meyer, J. Freitag, D. Tabler, I. Cooley, G. Goodenough, T. McKenna, T. Windsor, M. Beynolds, Kozar : D. Ross, L. Sauerbacher, B. Bryan, D. Atamian, C. Tavenner, I. Sullivan,A. Schoen, G. Slade, B. Orletsky, R. Ficher, C. Kesler V Padgett Third I Rvwr R- Wahl-UC, 5- LHB-ke, H- C-alliani, A. judd, H. Cooper, C. Clark, S. Mahaney, R. Young, F. Hamann, M. Soler, D. Rose, M.,Tull, S. Caracofe, I C. Stonebanks, D. Hale, C. Huber, D. Howe, D. Scheller, B. Arnebeck. 1 of Goodwill i E The Blair marching band celebrated its 15th an- 'Z niversary this year. The members performed in coin- if petitions, parades, and concerts, and displayed 'Z precision skill at half-time. ' - - MacKnight, N. Berman, J. Luftig, C. Abel, D. Arteman, M. Teitelbaum. Third Row: M. Mitchell, H. Eden, S. Overholt, A. Jeffreys, R. Reiter, c., D. Loomis, P. Byer, G. Cohen, F. Fertick, B. Mooney, D. Goldstein, E. Woody. Fourth Row: P. Cohen, 1. Levy, B. I-Iaberman, M. Hoffman, 1. .S Minnhaugen, N. Atwood, W. Miller, C. French, R. Blond, J. Burris, M. Steiner, B. Chiffron. Sixth Row: j. Sanguinetti, D. Weatherbee, D. Fen- N L.. BLAZER CHEERLEADERS reflect the Homecoming crowdls ex- uberance at the 25-6 upset of the Barons. CHEERLEADERS-Front How: K. Herath, S. Overholt, A. Ling, K. Nelson, Grace Rowell CCaptainD, P. Heavner, B. Bunch, M. Akeley, M. jones. Second Row: D. Cook. 50 + V -- - -- - Spirited Blairites 'V ,A 7 alfa' fm '5 2 ' 'ffl' Lf r 'fl L, aff ' 4 I wr Q56 ,j f Y if' gh uf Y T ff ,rf N, . Q tg. 4,1 , 3. W fr.: !' V H: 15135: , 3- ' , fftvz f " ' j, 453. . , WI, . J..-,sf nn' ..,. A 41. l W 1 DEBBY COOK excitedly cheers after a Blazer touchdown. The most spirited group of Blairites were the Cheerleaders. These ten lively girls led the songs and cheers expressing our support at football and basketball games. Through their enthusiasm, the cheerleaders instilled sportsmanship, loyal support, and school spirit in every Blairite. 5 , Y , 41' K, , E ,, . , 2 1 I f I . 5 , ff 'G W' ' f f 5 ,V , if I MAJORETTES-Front Row: Susan Mossburg CCapt.D. Second Row: A. Graham, C. Cooper, C. Power, K. Wolfe, B. Britton, S. Mai. Third Row: R. McClintic, B. Banes, L. Gregor, J. Kessing, N, Sorrells. POM-PON GIRLS-Front Row: Pam Geiger. Second Row: I Inderdohnen, T. Gerhold, G. Lang, J. Burdette, K. O'Leary, L Gates, A. Sandberg, B. Downing, G. Dewhirst, M. Geiger, S. Beers, M. Warren, D. Whitaker. + '--4-' w3f!QQ lW SUSIE MOSSBURG leads a routine for half-time pro- gram, Entertainment at Half-time Providing the half-time entertainment at all the home football games and Several away-games were the twenty-six inajorettes. Reflecting many hours of practice, the seven baton twirlers, flanked bv the fourteen pom-pon girls and five colorguards, per- formed With precision at all times. This group also operated arsnack bar after school, which was a favorite meeting place for Blairites. 51 K. Ficker, R. Reiter, C. Dane, j. Raines, T. Morse, H. Colm, N. Hollander, C. Yud koff. Memories of the Year 1964 Award-winning SILVERLOGUE mirrored the year at Blair. The twenty-three staff members met daily to plan layouts and write copy, so that the student body would have an enduring memory of school life. Candids captured that winning touchdown, a pensive student, and the enthusiasm and spirit of school. A new teacher or a new organization suddenly became familiar to the student through the copy. A year at Blair was recorded. HRS. MILLER CSponsorD and joy Chappel' lEditor-in-eliiefl discuss at layout plan with Cathy Perkus K.-Xsst. ljditorl. SENIOR STAFF- Frm1tR0w: C. Perkus. joy Chapper lEditor-in-cliiefl, N. Goldberg, B. Cohen. Second Row: I. Wattenberg, L. Reich, S. Nleltzer, M. Shenker, B. PL-isner, N. Druckcnbrod, C. Closter. V AJ ,J ...f JUNIOR STAFF-Front Row: K. Herath, R. Niederinayer. Second Row: F. Walker f-Kwik '72, ' 4i5'a'9'- V' iw, 'fx ART STAFF-Front Row: Betty .Io Mushet tC0-editorl, jamie Heath tCo-editorl, E. Higdon, C. Grossman, L. Knapp, Nl. Johnston, C. Kennedy, E. Schwartz, Al. Sookne, L. Robins, C. Pellerzi, Y. Bliven, K. Cinciotta, D. Pollekolt, C. NViley. Second How: A. Frisch, P. Hartness, T. Joseph, S. Jerome, -I. Harris, E. Francis, C. Frank, P. Hregarty. Silver Quill, Bl2li1',S bi-annual literary-art magazine, represented the creativity of the student body. The staff held weekly meetings to discuss and evaluate the literary material submitted by members and in- terested students. Staff members met daily during sixth period to Work on production ofthe magazine and to develop policy. Expressing Student Creativity SPONSORS, Mrs. XVubnig and Mrs, Sherry evaluate articles with Sue Larson CEditor-in-chieti. LITERARY STAFF-Front Row: Susan Larson CEditori, B. Levine, C. Holstein, N. Abbott, S. Kahn, E. Jaffe, D. Goldsmith, S. Caldwell, B. Briinacombe. Second Row: M. Johnston, M. Rosen, L. Grossman, Il. Stokoehl. Margolis, K. Derow, B. Schultz. Third Row: B. Meier, F.Ka1nel, E. Kurtz, I. Snyder, N. Sperling, T. joseph, S. Turner, L. Knapp. I 1 53 K 'GWQKVLSIA-2 .ling ELLEN KURTZ and Leigh Cuinnce review the latest edition. Informing the Student Bod Blair's Award-Wiiming newspaper, Silver Chips, reported the activities of the various clubs and the Student Government. The thirteen staff memlners combined their talents of writing copy, photography, and organization, to put out fourteen issues and such special issues as Silver Slips and the election issue. SILVER CHIPS-Front Row: Hollace Goldberg lCo-editorb, Steve Perin lCo-editorj, S. Feinstein, N. Goldberg, L. Guinnec. Second Row: L. VVisenian, L. Kramer, J. Rudin, A. Bernstein, E. Kurtz, L. Lewis, D. Xlarchant, C. Valoris. 54 CO-EDITORS-Steve Perin, Hollace Goldberg and M1 Cooley CSponsorJ determine Chips policy. 19 ff Promoting Friendship Throughout the World Two of Blair's clubs shared the common purpose of promoting international understanding and friend- ship. The U.N. Club acquainted the students with the workings of the United Nations through speakers, movies, and displays. The members made regular trips to International House, the meeting-place of foreign students, and contributed to UNICEF. The Foreign Exchange Club acquainted the student body with the exchange students in the area by having them speak at the Weekly meeting. The club sponsored candy sales and drives to help pay for exchange ex- penses. FOREIGN EXCHANGE CLUB-Front Row: Betsy Cohen lPres.D G. Klika, L. Silverman, L. Triana, -I. Hart, D. Schneider, R. Kaye, N Ahuinada. Second Row: C. Shiskin, T. Cramer, S. Brill, D. Alines, A Steiner, C. Schwartz, Nl. XValsh. Third Row: K. Fitzgerald, E. Braer F. Levy, S. Sager, C. Yaloris, E. Cettlenian, T. Shapiro. Fourth Row C. Ulrich, Nl. Coubeau, D. Davenport, E. Saftlas, 15. Scheiner, B Banes, S. Roots, S. Sotsky. FU'Hz Row: L. Ryan, N. Gustafson, T. Collier S. NVorsIey, E. Everidge, il. Pierce. U.N. CLUB-Front Row: Eleanor Littman QPres.l, il. Johnston, E. Pavlovsky, l.,.SllYCl'l1li1I1, B. Schulte, R. Karninski. Second Row D. Keini, K. Miller, F. Brener, C. Silver, D. Sabghir, H. Pollack. Third Row: XI. Farrell, X. Laczka, pl. Stieber, L. Schaefer, C Libin, N. Slonim. 55 GERMAN CLUB-FFOHI' ROM: Hamlin Schwartz flirt-Ni, FRENCH CLUB-Fr0ntRo1.u: Nlichuel Peznlinzin fCo-prcs.i, Terry Speilnmn S- RiCl1L'lllJ21ClI, C. Sturm, li. Freeman, C. Albert. Second lCo-prexi, B. Lewis, C. Allin-rt, A. Bernstein, R. Lundsinun, N. Druclvsn- Row: L. Len, B. Flowers, K, 'lirpritlinkeyx I-,, L,,rw,im, Third hrod, li. Cohen, L. Triinm, P. Bt-lcloclf, S. Feinstein. Second Row: il. Yosho- How: B. Lzrtzlm, j. llniwey, D, Scln-Ilr-1-Ml, Suqn-:Wong lmxhi, B, Wood, E. Lithnun, S. Dryzer, 5. XVeldon, L. Slnu-lcr, D. Davenport, 41. Xloldxnx, L. Ryan, B. Super, H. Pcisner, E. Barney. Third Row: C. Power, H. Polluch, L. Reich, Al. Pulmtch, Nl. Neiniroft, B. Nlurlowe, L. Lewis, S. Nlcltzer, Ki. Schechter, Xl. lloltznmn. ppreciating Foreign Cultures 1313,-'S fm-eign language Clubg Cont,-jl,uted ti, the cuisine. The French Club also held conversational extra-curricular cultural prog.grnni, All three featured mfff'tiUg5 imfl 1'ili5C4l INOUCY to SUDDOIT HU AlgC'1'i21U liilins and speakers on their respective countries and refugee lilmilY iN FVHUC9' T116 SPk1l1iSl1 Club held had dinners at the end oi' the year at downtown res- Latin SWR' ulii95til5,H ilml the Gfffmim Club 5P0U501'f'fl tllllI'i1l1fS specializing in French, Spanish, or German il Pell Dill D1'0ii1'iUN- SPANISH CLUB-Front Raw: li. Sun, A. Spa-iznnni, L. Guinnee, li. Cohen, L.'I'rii1m1, S, Hile, Nl. Schoendorfer. Second Row: Rebecca Pillow CPrem.i, S. Sotaky, S. Ciinple, B. Dohlix, Nl. jacques, -I. Sismon, -I. Morgan, Nl. Pl.L'l.l4Cl'lllLll1, K. CillIilX'illl, V. BlilC.'liSill.TI1iTd Row: P, T1'iaml,j.Cor- mlon, C. Kretniur, li. Hunnner, li. Crawford, L. Mueller, D. llorslev, B. Fixher, K. Fitzgerald, A, Foster, A. Elias, S. Eiurcia, B. NVood, E. Schenker. Fourth Row:VP. Louhc, VI. Luwsoii, VI. Hudson, ,I. Snlum, S. Xlowsliurg, Y. Nlclienncy, P. Bau'un, S. Lulitig, C. Sliz1piro,H. Posin, A. Frisch, D. Car- rillo, -I. Diaz-Nlurtu, C. Simpson, -I. Heuvcs. . 'i A1 1 Y' 2 Awilbiw l QMDIM 1 f , 1 ' DER DEUTSCH ADLER-Front Row: Stn-pliun XVintt-rs lEnlitorl, S. Sklar, H. Schwartz, C. Alhurt. Second Row: 5. Chzltzky, E. Gins- hurg, 5. Kuhn. Blaiifs four foreign laiigiiagc newspapers sharecl the common purpose of providing information ofthe culture and lzuigiuige of tlieiiglsespective countries, All the papers, Praeco Argenteus, Le journal D,A'r- gent, El Toro de Plata, and Der Deutsch Adler, in- cluclecl short stories, puzzles, und cultural essays. El Toro de Plata also included write-ups ofintc-rviews with an authority on Latin America. EL TORO DE PLATA-Front Row: Stuart Sotsky lCo-eclitorl, Lourdes Trituiu CCo-etlitorl, QI. Kcinpcrs, B. Cohen, A. Frisch, NI. SL-lion-iicloi'fci', G. Krutnizrr. Second Row: B. Sun, bl. Hearth, P. Starch- urzi, S. Bluustin, D. Currillo, li. Grccnlicrg, il. lie-avvs, NI, Gil, S. Hilo. wg. . , Nil? A in WMM- -'A 'Mike um ' A '1' F PRAECO ARCENTEUS-Front Row: K. Pmlzniiiuii, B. Klt-in, K Rohn-rson, Toni llllltl-Illilll lliclitorl, S. Price, D, lit-uclilt-y. Second How: E. PQ1xlox'slq', Xlr. Cortiivr lsponsorl, T. Collier, li. Nivclcl' lIltlf'L'l', D. l"'L'wL-ll, li. Built-y. ,,., ,,,,,v, W ,W y,., . . , , Q .f., 'Ms 1 S' gs. Af 4 JOURNAL d,ARCE!VT-Front Row: .-Xrlhur Ouus rliclitori, S Firsht-in, li. Liulu-rsolni, D. Cfliii'ic'l1-ison, 5 Kuhn. Second Row S. Siallilvr, 5 NYisl1, 15 llowtoln, 'lf Spinflnuni, G Clor-in'l', ll. Balch rucli, pl. XXI-isslilzili, fl, Kuzulx. 5 Cylolrllliiuv, li l1:llllJlllilt'I', A. XXI-in lM'lf'L'l' 57 I ,N WW-. X E 5 a,.w.4u 55,7 Mmm, :zz One ofthe newest areas of interschool competition grew more popular this year as the German and Latin Scrabble teams composed ten letter words with "x,s,', "q's" and 'KZ's,' to total a winning combination of points. Combining the fun ofa competitive game with the study of a foreign language, these students were rewarded by the enjoyment and the education they gained. Learning by Competing GERMAN SCRABBLE-Front Row: Hank Schwartz lCapt.J, M. Dia- mond, C. Alhcrt, L. Lea, B. Latzko. LATIN SCRABBLE-Front Row: Dale Fewell CCapt.J, B. Sartwell, L. Ki1n,.I. Nleliuen, S. Stahler, S. Mahaney, QI. Utter. ,M -K , ' Q ld 58 rf .A BRIDGE CLUB-Front Row: Martin Protas lPres.J, L, WValker, N. Orenilancl, N. Lewis. Second How: K. Oppenheiin, N. Colclfine, A. Frisch, D. Brooks, R. Tavan, M. Cook, S. Rapley, S. Kane, l, Poulos, R. Levy, H. Stevens, D. Freetlinan, D. Stein, K. Klein. Sharing Common Interests Members of the Bridge Club met weekly to im- prove their game and to increase their knowledge of contract bridge. CHESS CLUB-Front Row: Lawrence Kaufman lPres.J, S. Kahn. Second Row: Xl. Xlitchcll, C. Collins, S. Chatzliy, C. Stone, -I. Alt. Third Row: Al. Levy, Nl. Schwartz, E. Chilcls, S. Kane, S. Shavell, S. Norton. Lab tables in the chemistry room were transformetl into chess boarcls each Thursday afternoon as the Chess Club met and practiced for league tournaments. Blairites with stamp or coin collections charterecl the Stamp antl Coin Club and met bi-weekly to tracle duplicates and to discuss their hobbies. STAMP 81 COIN CLUB-Front Row: Nornian Spurling lPrL-s.l, N. Yoclselson, ll. Cohn, F. Spiegvllxerg, 15. Sharpe, S. XYisli, S. Berman, A. Pollin. Second Row: C. Citoincr, D. lirooltcs, P. liyer, S. Zwt-ig, L. Fisher, N. llacln-in, D. Sabghir. ,.::m,,W.f. . ,Ln x .11-X 'N-sg ll! Q CHEMISTRY CLUB Front Row H1IllxlELC1ll1fP18SJ N Coldbug 5 Blmdxu H GIJIIIISLJII G h,Lldelnmn,S. Norton C Stone Second Row 5 Sllllth D Sxehs L NLWIIIIII I Rudm Tlzzrd Row A Goldberg R CIBLIIIDLIE B Rubinstem L W nllxer B Shepard L BISSLH Fourth Row D FlLLdl'l1lll C btlthu L Imdm S Tlylm D Hum R PuuI,F1 th , I., I 0 the Sciences Blair's science clubs provided their members with opportunities to gain a better understanding of the sciences and encouraged interest in the fields they represented. The Science Club engaged speakers and ran movies on such branches as medicine, astronomy, physics, and math, and in addition, took charge ofthe Science Fair. Blairls Math Team matched its problem- solving ability against other area schools in bi-weekly contests. Each competitor tried to complete five math problems within a time limit. Members of the Chem- istry Club viewed educational movies, listened to lecturers, and on one occasion visited the Naval Research Laboratories. The Astronomy Club met to view the heavens through telescopes and to discuss their mutual interest. The Herpetology Club strove to counteract the trend of misunderstanding of rep- tiles with lectures in biology classes and demon- strations with live snakes, The group studied rep- tiles by taking field trips to snake farms and going on snake hunting trips. HERPETOLOGY CLUB-L. Woodburn, J. Davidson, C. Selby, Dan Flowers CP1es .-511- E AMATEUR RADIO CLUB-Front Row: John Stone lPres.J, ,l. Stein, B. Goldstein, T. Olszewski, B. Ilermach, T. Nlurtaugh. Second Row: C, Stern, D. Sabghir, B. McCallum, S. Mason, NI. Roueche, R, Tavan, K. Klein. In the Amateur Radio Club, licensed amateur radio operators taught interested Blairites the Morse code and radio theory, and helped them to obtain their licenses. The group also set up an amateur radio station Within the school, enabling it to take part in area communication drills. The Audio Committee operated amplification equipment for such school activities as the football games, basketball games, and outdoor assemblies. For activities taking place inside the Boyis Gym, the committee worked in the audio booth. In addition to their usual tasks, they operated the elaborate lighting system tor the Senior Class Play and the Annual Show, A related committee, 'the Audio Visual Aides, supplied the schoolis pro- jectors to classes needing them. AUDIO COMMITTEE -J. Stone, NI. Levin, T, sf . Ap . sir k in ,af Y f If 1 , X ' .Q .V r P 'fi-2, A Q1 Q 99? if-fa: 1 ' Q fi we x lQ.yl,5 !w - A '- , A N 'Q 'sf wi Q 62 .riff S'15s.fvv. ww Q, u,,m.r.,f,,. f. ..,., .. af ,N-ia!! fs 1 .V i ,W H -.. 'QMS A 1- 4.- Preparmg for Aix- -f.. AUDIO-VISUAL COMMITTEE-T. Nlurtaug.,h NI xllllifIC,l1 I Lexin D. Levy, P. Taylor, H. Coodall. Murtaugh, M. Mantich, S. Mason, B. Herm ach SMI!! 'IWJITGYEJP 'i75A!S'L2E!E'L 4-I the Future This year three of Blairls clubs acquainted their members with the requirements of their chosen pro- fessions. Future Teachers of America taught students and observed classes at area elementary and junior high schools during their Week-long program of prac- tice teaching. Future Doctors and Nurses of America observed nursing classes at Sibley Hospital and Washington Hospital Center, and in addition did volunteer work at junior Village. Members of Future Homemakers of America held discussions and viewed films on every aspect of homemaking and engaged speakers on the arts of interior decorating and hair- styling, activities preparing them for their future lives as capable housewives. FDNA-Front Row: Judy Wilson lPres.J, E. La Buda, C5 Miwqll. S, Wells. Second Row: B. Mayer, F. Miller, B. Cox, B. Platt. Third Row: I. Wade, C, Harrison, D. Cohen, E. Moskowitz, R. Marzullo, A. Policoda. FTA-Front Row: Blaurine Mills lPres.l, E. Bailey, B. Cohen, K, Bupli, L. Klein, D. Shooman, NI. Bauer, C. Nluzzy, C. Strauss. Second Row: R. Peisner, S. NVelclon, H. Funk, R. Einbinder, E. Karp, C, Einbinder, E. YVaren, L. Cuinnec. Third Row: D. Brott, E. Libber, T. Reff, L. Stein- berg, XI. Alva, K. Fainberg, M. Blagiclson. Fourth Row: B. Creenstein, ml. Losikoff, M. Noniliin, A. Reznilqoff, I. Cranat, S. Luftig, N. Radcr. Fifth Row: B. Orernland, I. Renofsky, K. Ovcrholt, K. Nlenichelli, I, Pierce, C. Valoris. Sixth How: j. Cand, E. Leahey, nl. Catlett, S, NVelsch. FHA-Front Row: Barbara Hollis lPres.J, 1. Kempers, Nl. Luck- ett, Al. Fondren, H. Smith, D. Keim, Nl. Bauer,j, XVade, D. Hollis Second Row: H. Funk, K. Herath, N. Noe, L. Flinner, D, Luck- ett, D. Rliley, B. Mayer, C, Charulcas, pl. Losikoff, Rl. Orvald Third How: P. Harwell, C. Leverton, S. Beers, S. XVaclsxvorth, A. Dawson, L. Biggs, K. iloncs, P. Habib. Fourth Row: K. Norwood E, Cunion, B. Banes, D. Crier, C. Cooper, S. jackson, S. Crisby, Nl. Massey. Fifth Row: A. Graham, S. Nelson, rl. Kenipers, S Brown, C. Giroux, 5. NVelch, E. Krupen, K. Nelson. , 63 V' -1-.4 ---.-f E E ,- . P r ,, L. -. ir P. -. ,. r ,. ' 1 l T2 TI g: lf L? IZ nn: ' P""! "S '. ' P ,. . 3. IE TH" S39 FORENSIC TEAM-Front Row: L. Guinnee, A. Stupler, N. Gold- berg. Second Row: M. Meekham, I, Rice, R. Sparks. Third Row: G. Brigham, D. Fishback, N. Chaillet. Fourth Row: L. Levin, J. Sper- ling, B. Landers. Fifth Row: B. Brimacombe, S. Goldberg, S. Ber- lin, G. Yudkoff, D. Beeken. DEBATE UNION-Front How: H. Cohn, T. Spielman, K. Fleisher, T. Spindel, R. Arnebeck, D. Waldman, M. Breeskin, G. Yudkoff. Second Row: R. Niedermayer, M. Hoffman, Louis Rosenblatt CPres.J, L. Wiseman, L. Goldstein, D. Fishback, S. Goldberg, I. Allen, R. Tannen, -.-www., ,M The Art of Oral Communication To develop the quality ofclear, concise expression, interested students participated in three groups- the Debate Union, the Forensic Team, and the Dis- cussion Club. The Debate Union competed in six debates-three County tournaments, one Maryland statewide tournament, and two national debates. The members met once every two weeks to plan their strategy for this year's topic, "Resolved that the Fed- eral Government establish medical care under Social Security." The Forensic Team participated in three area tournaments during the year. The fifteen mem- bers competed in five categories-poetry recitation, serious and humorous interpretation, original oration, and extemporaneous speaking. The members of the Discussion Club met to discuss many aspects of litera- ture, philosophy, and politics. f DISCUSSION CLUB-Front Row: james Alt CPres,D, B. C0hen,I Pearl, S. Kahn, I. Chapper. Second Row: L. Cheskis, S. Winters, D Chirieleison, R. Einbinder, A. Ogus. 'if DABBLERS DEN Front Row Louise Knapp CPresD W Aaron son, E. Rosenfeld, L. Robins, B. Meier, B. Mayer, B. Mushet, C. Rosenbloom. Second Row: P. Hartness, M. Thorn, C. Bonner, M. Griffin, T. Shapiro, S. Stephens, V. Lipov, E. Schwartz, R. Bellack. Third Row: j. Sookne, B. Phillips, J. Lasky, C. Kennedy, B. Ber- man, L. Levin, J. Sykes, S. Worsley, D. Grier, J. Nolan. Artistic Workshop Dabblers, Den, Blair's art club, and the Folk Mu- sic Club were Workshops where students gathered to express their creativity. Dabblers' Den members met Thursdays to sketch or sculpt, and to plan dis- plays for the school corridors. The members ofthe Folk Music Club met every Friday afternoon to sing, play instruments, and write new folk songs. STAGE CREW-Front Row: H. May, K. Reichel, S. Bahn, M. Bry- ant, K. Nelson, S. Nelson, J. Pierce. Second Row: L. Robb, B. Mus- het, B. Meier, J. Kersey, D. Miley, K. O'Leary, L. Lawson, 1. Stev- ens. Third Row: 1. Fondreng M. Thorn, M. Goubeau, D. Matejko, L. Flinner, J. Inderdohnen, J. Shaheen. Fourth Row: E, Crigg, S. Kalb, 1. Smith, C. Kennedy, P. McCuckian, C. Huber. The Stage Crew was indispensable to all Blair's theatrical productions in designing and building sets for the Senior Play and the Annual Show. In the fall and spring the organization trained addi- tional students to add to its basic nucleus for work on the school productions. FOLK MUSIC CLUB-Front How: John Grassie fPres.D, S. Berlin, M. jenkins, S, Schlachman. Second Row: M. Kennealy, F. Kanel, N. Berman, B. Cooper, E. Karp, C. Rosenbloom, M. Lieberman, B. Malikan. Third Row: R. Blackstone, R. Milstead, 1. Odins, M. Cook, I. Snyder, S. Kahn, I. Sookne, R. Specter, E. Schwaitz, L. Triana, B. Lewis. Fourth Row: D, Sabghir, H. Stokoe, E. Liebersohn, B. Lear. Fifth How: D. Chirieleison, J. For-tin, B. Owens, j. Utter, N. Gustafson, T. Colker, S. Luftig, C. Gettinger, C. Porter, R. Sparks, J. Menide, C. Bridan, j. Larson, J. Whitten, fam fu -L 4 QP S, .Maw Q ' 'jf' NNN-1. 'Af - -IZ 1' galil' 'Q nf: 9 '-2 E'F'Tl1'1f lE."ii!SE5 Q p Aiding Librarians hrary Cluh was not only the largest club in the school but the largest of its kind in the state of Klaryland. Its purpose since its incepticm thirty-four years ago has heen to aicl the lihrarians by shelving, filing, lbookhincling and lenclingg and their work provided Blairites with a quicker and more efficient library service. OFFICERS-Emilyl5ailey'iP1'es.l,lt. Sparks, L. Iirwinilmiim, 1. Sisson COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN-Front Row: Emily Bailey CPres.7, H. Sparks, I. Sisson, S. Larson, Second Row: L. Schaefer, L. Weyer, H. Stokoe, P. johnson. Third Row: UI. Lrmgerbeani, P. Washer, 5. Rapley, S. XX!-ltlon, N. Goldberg. 3 l- NVith a inelnhership of over 250 students, the Li- ff' H ll .i. 'F ll i Y. I v i l l l l I l W. i I i I CSAjFr0nt Row: Barbara Sopcr lPres.J, P. Adkins, S. Brown, L. Lightfoot. Second Row: B. Herbert, N, Dunn, G. Davis. Third Row: L. Woodull, L. Weyer, .Q -ak .SAV fs fs wmv' Sports Enthusiasts The new Equestrian Club at their meetings fea- tured discussions on every aspect of horse raising, and each weekend went to the YVheaton Regional Stables for riding instruction. I The Girlas Sports Association worked with the physical education department in planning class pro- grams and assisting at Sports Days and intraniurals. EQUESTRIAN CLUB-Front Row: Steve Sloane 1Pres.l, B. Fisher, On Monday afternoons the Blair Bowlers conipeted L- Fmllfzs L- C1'ifli1L C- Villoltii B- C0011 Second Rowf C- ROUWIB Xl- against each other and practiced for interschool coni- Wills, j. Gang, E. Gettleinan, A. Fitzgerald. Third Row: C. Bricken, -I. Gordon, B. Upholt, S. Swindle. petition. BLAIR BOWLERS-Front Row: Pete XVasher fPres.l, B. Levin, XI. Purzitsky, B. Schulte, A.' Sanderoff, D. Reinsen, j. Cehringer. Second Row: L. Eyster, O. Gilbert, S. Ptapley, B. XVc-atherall, C. Brielfen, Xl. Goldberg, R. Abel. Third Row: S. XVish, L. Alexander, il. Bass, C. Cooper, B. Griffin, S. Luftig. 'QE' kj i '..'w Lf 67 1 4' fb fw 'si' ,uf I I 2 if gh l ORCHESTRA-Front Row: M. Greenspan, L. Fisher, R. Seaton, I. Koch, I. Herberg, M. Rosenhaft, D. Fishback, D. Albert. G. Brigham, T. 1 Spindel, L. Kim. Second Row: M. Kim, G. Gitomer, L. Kirschbaum, P. Benson, H. Stokoe, H. Blumenthal, B. Lutsky, L. Gqldiamond, M. Shen- ker, C. Sullivan, W. Rowles, N. Lewis, W. Mooney, E. Woody. Back Row: I. Margolis, W. Caron, I. Morman, J. Frankina, Mr. Ernest Koch fMu- sical Directorl. . . . YIOLINIST BONNIE LUTSKY plays xl I Tcliaikovskyls uNIarche Slavef' Blairls orchestra this year combined knowledge of music theory and techniques with hours of exercises and practice. They performed at assemblies and PTA meetings with a Wide repertoire including the clas- X sical Works of Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Handel and Brahms, French and German operas and songs from i Broadway musicals. Supplemented by members of the band, the orchestrals rendition ofthe score from Carnival helped to make the show a success. i li l JOHN HERBERG, MARTY ROSENHAFT and David Fishback ' practice a difficult passage during orchestra class. l V r . W W ' rig! i , iz 4' 4 J' I 4 Qs f :l I pf E l ff l ., f , , 4 ., 4, ,warg i fl ' 1168 ,K 224 ' ' KEY CLUB-Front Row: james Swartwout CPres.J, D. Rose, K. Sniffin, D. Kunz, D. Nloke, L. DeSimon, XV. Ogburn, B. Brimacombe. Second Row: R. Ruhling, F. Herrald, M. Leibovici, j. Hull. Third Row: T. Crum, H. May, C. Barber, D. Walters, S. jasper, ,I. Sis son, E. Hilberg. Fourth Row: -I. XViebush, pl. Ross, B. Cray, D. XVeathcrbec, j. Cooley, D. Luke, VI. Nlatson, B. Boettner. Fifth Row A. Mixon, Berlin, H. Packard, M. Levin, P. Nlinnahagen, ll, Goodall, S. Roland. Serving With a Coal Bl21l1',S service clubs shared the common goal of making happier the lives of those people less fortun- ate than ourselves. The Key Club cared for the grounds at the Brookland junior Child Center, made general repairs, and gave a Christmas party for the retarded Children. Members collected money for such organizations as the Heart Fund, Alsac, UNICEF, and the National Symphony Orchestra. Finally, Key Club- bers went Christmas earoling at area homes for the aged. The O'Debs brought NIH patients to dress rehearsals of our school plays and sponsored a war orphan in a foreign country. At Christmas time they gave a needy family a dinner and gifts, sponsored a party at Junior Village, and sold Christmas mums to raise money for local charities. 0'DEBS-Front Row: Patricia Deming CPres.l, B. Bunch, C. Chung, G. Rowell, B. Britton, 1, Fondren, I. Wagner, D. Cushing, B. Freeman. Second Row: M. Akely, C. Paleologos, C. Cooper, N. Sorrells, A. Sandberg, P. Duvall, D. Baker, A. Ling, S. Mossburg. Third Row: K. Heichel, J. McC0lly, M. Jones, B. Downing, L. Riggs, K. Ficker, S. Nolan. WYCHE M T f WY f ve . 1 MUIQCNWV3 3 I 2, 6 1, 4 f ' in 3 alumna sa ...L 'W' 2 mfmwwimi Q E " 3' 521"'-253525 ,ig .. :ff i t V I an ,nw Q mm ' 9? was - - K Q .. 5 , . f'?'i'f " E 3 ,Q T I r sf - - .V -.P 1 F' - M M tm L ,0.', 2, ' ' its mmm X.. ii KEYETTES-Front Row: Patricia Peratino tPres.J, K. Kroll, S. Overholt, C, Holstein, T. Hoffman, D. Hsiao, C. Klilia, QI. Carney, L. Kramer. Second Row: K. Landau, C, Gottlieb, T. XVilson, B. Payne, F. Walker, K. NVolt'e, Nl. NVarren, -I. Hoover, S. Pearson, il. Baker, L. HIJllll7Lll'Q,'. Third Row: L. Eitluson, S. NVills, BI. XValton, -I, XValton, N. Kramer, L. Simpson, C. Burns. Serving the Community and Blair Blairis service clubs accomplished a clual pur- pose this year- serving both the community and Blair. Meinbers ofthe Keyettes entertained the chilclren at Junior Village, and took a group of orphans to the dress rehearsal of the annual show, Promoting school spirit, they sold homecoming buttons and confetti CRESTS-Front Row: Don Lawson lPres.l, -I. Cingell, S. Cralt, A. Gonzalez, B. Young, XI. Lanahan, Nlr, Keilmler CSponsorD, F. Hamann, P. NlcCucliian, Nl. Soler, T. Bragg. Second Row: Nl. Tull, R. Camphell, F, Howlin, 1. Beach. Third Row: B. Prinz, T. Moore, D. Bea-lien, B. Bryan, 1, Nushamn, li. Katz, B. Owen, S. Nlahaney, L. Sarlmacher. Fourth Row: D. Ataman, j, Smith, XI. Sossen, T. Brantley, D. Wintles, QI. Bell, D. Kruse, H. Cooper. Fifth Row: B. Cumming, D. XV2llliL'l', D. Ross, D. Troll, L. Hewitt, G. Cooclenough, C. Krantler, B. Curtis, ul. Friealman. fa l 70 fi , I ,ls la-me ,.,,, M TQ Qin -31 -21" ., U 335 .. .. , , K H BCA-Front Row: Nancy Abbott lPres.l, M. Kennealy, D. Hsiao, H. Cohn, N, Spt'l'lIlU.f, C. Yudkofll, I. Allen, li, Arncbeclv, Xl. Nleyerson, B. Crt-cn C. Yaloris, L. Robins, -l. Soolcne, C. Goldberg, C. Albert, li. Einbindcr. Second Row: N. Gustafson, S. -laclason, N, Sloniin, C. Frank, P. Conlyn, S Nlossburg, B. Burdick, S. XVade, li. Pollack, B. Banes, N. Laezka, S. Clazer, E. Perslfy, T. Dress, Nl. Farrell. Tl1irc1Ruw: C. liosenblooin, E.. Karp D. Sabghir, Nl. Cook, XI, Schechter, It. Goldstein, Goldberg, bl. Meniek, S. Roland, K. Derow, D. Fisbback, li. Nlalikin, li. Ort-mland, pl. Katz at the game, and in addition, sold quality paperbacks in their bookstore. The Crests visited area mental institutions and collected canned foods at Christmas for the needy. Serving Blair, they cleaned the stadium after the games, and with the help ofthe Varsettes, painted the railings. The newly formed Blair Citizen- ship Association, BCA, a service club accepted all interested students. Its projects included raising funds lor local charities, and bringing speakers to Blair for open meetings. Members of the Yarsettes visited NValter Heed Hospital where they held parties folxthe patients. In cooperation with the Crests, they donated gifts to a local mental institution and gave toys to needy area children. VARSETTES-Front Row: Mrs. Baker CSponsorJ, Sharon Pisapia lPrcs.l, I. XVattenberg, -l. Federman, S. Lee, ,l. NYade, S. Latimer, S. XVaple, Nl. Holtzinan, Second Row: li. Levine, S. Feinstein, l. Stir-ber, N. Troxler, B. Crawford, E. Crigg, C. Ilarrison, Il. Goldberg, I. l"ribush. Third Row. nl. Hiee, C. Ulrich, P. Beldocli, B. Klein, NI. XVasser, C. Livingston, B. Nannnaclf, S. Irwin. I , e l if , , bi ' T f- f 3 I ,,I,.,,N ...M ,... ' , ,M A. ' L.. I, 1 . it -af f-QA I if I l . 'lwfne ai , 1 la ' gg i . 2 ,,.,. .. ff. iw A ' i9-fi-R My ,.1--- , Wg,-. . -I -qv'-q -.I - ,, f W ,W If M, Q 'OJQ 126 3' X ,ff fffmh, f X , ' , ,V' ' ',iffA.. 1 if ,vfbfjf lm ' ,,, if ' I 5 f A ., , . , . V W 'fn , ' , ah Yf4K f ,I V iw f .V af' "tri, . ,. A 1 V 'T f 'I 121 jjj bw! ' "'.4fu YT' V sv M, , J. 'Q f L ,,,g,, f, f ,f 5, , ,, '46 fu ff My Q f X 1 f f f , f, f 1- ' , ,ny 5 ,V pw ,hieyffiiviaf F f 2, 'W ' ' "ff ' , , ', ,+ 1 ,M ,Q 1 f , V j,,'W4! " J," rf- 'wwf , ,wif , 4. f K, 'A , ',, Wm ww, ,, 4 5 c.' ggi' M, ajft I .f ',, , , . f ff f . -' 1 4 , " , 4 ., nf y f , , M . 'H f, 1 w ' ' , , v . , s , , I 1 M . 'h U f 1 " f. , .H , f, 1' f . ,' .- , . ., w' 4 r A -y , I , 'f H f , I , 1, 1 f' . ,yr , C. I ' f of n ,' r - 4' ' v f . , 7 l'w f I , rv fu i Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson C1803-18822 73 . 5 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: J, Freitag, I. Gingell, R, Young, J. Sullivan, T, Dant, R. Pfall CCo-Captl, T. Crum 1Co- Captj, C. Meyer, M. Tull, J, Rotli, W. Hale. Second Row: C. Clark, M. Hunipliries, R. Bryan, M. Reynolds, C. Kozar, C. Goodenougli, j. Cooley, A. Schoen, L, Sarlhaelier, M. Lanalian, E. Ringler, T. Moore. Third Row: V. Padgett, M. Tavener, 1, D'Agaris, J, Carrity, R. Arnebeck, T. Windsor, A. Mixon, S. Caracofe, D. Ross, S. Craig, C. Stonelnanks. Fourth Row: Mr. john Mcliivigan lCoaehl, Mr, Vincent Pugliese ll-Ieacl Coachl, R. Booth, J. Bass, J. Haycock, T. Kellington, A. Aron, D, Windes, E, Ulierinan, K, Taylor, D. Tabler, Mr. Roger Speidel CCCJ21CllJ. First Game Demonstrates Teamls Potential QUARTERBACK BILL HALE. pivots and liancls offto Tom Crum, as Tommy NVincl- sor ruslies in to block. gf.. Sz l R , my A .gf f fl A . Bla 25 113 20 0 45 26 19 0 18 27 5 Wins RECORD Eastern .......... Springbrook ..... Bladensburg ....... NValter johnson. .. Northwood ....... Caitliersburg .,..,.. Wheaton . .,..........,...... . Richard Montgomery ...... Sherwood .......,. B-CC ............ , 5 Losses opponent .,.,...l4 0 ......,18 0 .......27 .......16 6 91 0 Ties CONRAD STONEBANKS, BOB BRYAN, and Mickey Tull smother a Richard Montgomery ball carrier. Varsity Scores Upsets The performance of Blair's football team was the product of weeks of intensive drill, molding the squad into one efficient unit. The powerful Blazer line, un- yielding defense, and speedy backfield scored a total of 193 points, while limiting the opposition to 114. The opening game with Eastern brought a 26-6 vic- tory, and showed how rugged our team promised to be. In spite of a few close defeats, the teamis morale and spirit never dimmed, and the Blazers exhibited their ,true potential by defeating Wheaton 19-16. 1n a fitting finale, Blair removed all doubts as to its strength as a team and defeated B-CC 27-6, in its third big upset of the season, BLAIR'S HARD-HITTINC, fast-moving linemen overpower their B-CC adversaries. GARY COODENOUGH eixtithrough 21 gaping hole created by the powerful Blazer line, 75 SHIFTY TOM CHUM slices between two Final Victory Over B-CC BOB PFAFF, in an oft-repeated scene, trips up an Eastern back, in the 25-6 upset ofthe Ramblers. EVADINC a Baron tackler, Alex Mixon races goalward with Doug Ross running interference. would-be Northwood tacklers. DAVE HICHETT, .IOHN BOTH, and Jerry Freitag reach for il Bladens- burg pass. X. 95 '4 7 JV FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: 1. Potter, P. Mundy, D. Stein, B. Boettner, I, Ross, B. Bracht, T. BIcCaw, C. Cately, M Steiner, P. Rothman, A. XVeinstein. Second How: L. Bolet, Terry Burns, Tim Burns, C, Branham, R. Sweeney, C. White, B Humphries, Xl. Rosenhaft, S. Fritter, R. Drummond. Third Row: Y. Starks, D. Rolls, G.Brigham,1,Morris,j.Levin, B. Scherr, B. Kane, S. Joyce, I. Hubscher, B. Kellington. Fourth Row: R. Arthur, L. Greenberg, P. Brown, T. Gough, F. Howlin, T Render, T. Theoharis, E. Banks, Mr. Robert Dofflemyer CCoachJ. FULLBACK TERRY BURNS sprints around end for a long gain against Ein i i I s f Bi., 6 l J o , 19 13 Q 14 y 12 1 ze o o . 3 stein. ir RECORD ,.....Northwood....... ......Einstein..... .......Wheaton....... XVins Sherwood .................. Richard Montgomery '...... Pear? '... ..............,...... ......Wa1ter johnson... 3 Losses opponent 13 0 0 .......113 .......14 ......,19 .......1-1 2 Ties A Determined Squad XVhat the JY lacked in size and in speed, it more than made up for in its determinatio" and will to win. The Blazers ended the season with a 3-3-2 record-a number ofthe losses being close, hard fought games. Einstein, Sherwood, and Peary all succumbed to Blairis relentless attacks, and the squad recovered from a 153-O deficit to tie the Wheaton Knights. Many of the players of this team will be valuable assets to next yearis Varsity. COACH DOFFLEBIYER DISCUSSES strategy with his weary but optimistic squad during halftime at Northwood, S.- 'illu- 3 . M.: ga, 5 SOCCER TEAM-Front Row: R. Scheller, H. Calliani, B. Higgins, I, Weislecler, R. Wahlne, S. Sagman, P. Howe, D. Howe, Second Row: N. Ahumada, P. McCuckian, A. Judd, C. Covarrubias, j. Beach, P. Balough, E. Hilberg, J. Levy. Third Row: R, Forero, J. Linares, X. Covarrubias, F. Ford, S. jasper, B. Boor, R, Dudley, F. Araujo. Fourth Row: Mr. Nelson Kobren CCoachJ, I. Wiebush, M, Silverstein, M. Albornoz, R. Farrel, M. Smith, M. Renner, R. Rizzo. Victory - the Result f k RECORD 0 Teamwor y 2 3 ....,... ,....... S uitland ........,. ......... l This year the Blair soccer team compiled a 6-4 A 3 ......., ......,. N orthwestern ....., .,..,. 1 record. It displayed outstanding offensive and de- 0 .....,.. ......., N orthwestem ...... ...... 2 5 fensive ability and accumulated 26 goals to its Op- 2 ..... ,....... w aifwhifman ......... ..,..,. 3 s ponents, total of 16. The excellent teamwork demon- l 3 -'..-..- --'.--,4 B ,CC .AAA-A.'4"..-',.- '.-.A- 2 4 strated the capacity of the different nationalities com- 4 -4.--.AI .--.-'I- W alt Whitman lhkhnu .A--Y" 3 prising the team to work together -harmoniously, a A E 1 ,....., . ........ Wakefield ...... , ngoaln for world understanding and friendship. , Y 5 ........ , ...,... Wakefield .,.... ,...,. 1 ? I 3 .,...... ........ S uitland ......,. ...... 0 RICHARD DUDLEY leaps high to head the ball i away from a Northwestern opponent. 1 ,......,... ........ B -CC .......... ......... 2 i I 6 Wins 4 Losses 0 Ties DUNCAN HOWE boots the ball downfield past a B-CC player - - .. v " ' ' . 'M 1. alum - .ff .f 'uf ,.,fv'..A A .V W sri . A, fig 1, , , . , Q wi f 'f 2 ' 2 f 'Q V . Q 1 . err ' Q f l ' 7 'iff ,,.,,,m, ' , wp ,.,. . 21,1-2 V - ' , " J f , .. ' .fr 1 ' f , ,. 7. ,Y NM A ,W e M' " ' ,, ,WW13""'r. ' c,.fzff5?Q2f37f'37 ' 'll 1 . f mi . W""'er f'M e4,., ,iwwafa 'Z' ' z W "" "MT" ' I la " I MM" lr 1 f T - 1 ' iv. ...yy . Q ' Z W W V, . 2 V 3 'T' 1 V X 5 w s 2 A ' -f' +2 9 4 , 'ff k- I -' rg f ' or . . x L r 2255, . Sf!-Q if -. X 7 . ' ' X 1 2 i, . 1 , ' , ' A , iv, ' we 2 ' , . . ' ' ' 2- 7' , N - f "W: ' Wzfwf ' 1 A 1 1 ' 1' W3 ,.r . p , V v , If I ., ms., ' H 4 1,1 aww . 4, , 3,.,,,, ., a V "2 '5i " '2f ff ' X M :. 4 H 'X J . V - mzwvff., Q.. . J, fl r W BLAIR HARRIERS Glenn Barber, Kent Taylor, and Dan Frye spearhead their team at the start of a meet at Walt Whitman, RECORD Blair Opponent 16 ,.,... ......, W alter johnson .................. 51 Walt Whitman ........ .. ...... 65 Peary ............., ..... 1 24 f f 18 -'A--' ""--' B 'CC "-'-'-""" """' 5 5 2 GLENN BARBER races to the finish line with Steve Mahaney also Northwood .......,. .....,. 6 0 placing in another Blazer victory. Walter Johnson ...... ..,.. 1 10 19 ...... ....... B rooklyn Park ...,... ....,.. 4 4 Q . . . 15 ,...., ....... B -CC ................. ....... 4 7 Walt Whitman ....... ..,.... 9 2 f f Gaithersburg ....,.. ..,.. 1 03 1 The Cross Country team completed its season 2 Peary .............. ..... 1 51 5 without a single defeat, and captured both the Mont- 22 -4---- -A-'--- 3 DfiI1gbf00k ------------- -----'- 3 9 gomery County and Maryland State Championships. LOW Score Wins 1 Every afternoon for three months the team ran from g , 5 two to nine miles-around the field, over Dale Drive, 1 along Sligo Creek, and through Takoma Park. This strenuous training developed the speed, stamina, f and skill which led to the team's successful season. 3 Blair lst Place-Montgomery County Meet 3 Blair lst Place-Maryland State Meet CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front How: G. Golladay, D. Edwards, S. Mahaney, K. Taylor fCo-Capt.J, G, Barber, D, Widman, M. Ferrenz. Second Row: E. Gertler, E. Smith,,B. Sheaffer, D. Frye KCO-Captli H. Cooper, B. Hitchens. Third Row: Mr. Edward Clements fCoachj, D. Utter, C. Walker, G. Taylor, M, Lewis, Cn Huber. I Q, 51,1145 E W " WV. BLAIR 712 1 ' ul. 'vjywv iss, YTlB"QQ1 V' 79 S EVER DANGEROUS BOB OWEN leaps high in the air to elude the St. johnls clefense for il quick basket. 2 s Z y 83 K :lf D! I ALL-METROPOLITAN RAY R rivals for another score. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM- UHLINC bursts through XVl'llfD121I1 H I I I I Front Row: B. Owen, M. Soler, Mr. Eclwurcl Clements CConehJ, R. Ficlcer, R. Ruhling. Second Row: j. Mitchell, j. Roth, V, Padgett, ll. Furrt-l, H. Puckarcl, R. Leupley, j. Oppenhciin, D, Olson, M, Reynolds, D. Utter. I , ,,, Q ,AV -i fs 95 25 a +3 93 L2 9. H 5 RECORD Bl- Opponent fl 41 ...,........... Springbrook ....... ...,..,.... 5 1 7O ,....,.,....... Wheaton ....,.., . ..,..,. 62 59 ..,,.......,... St. Johns ........ ........ 6 9 54 ...,.......,... Einstein .,..,....., ........ 5 1 53 .,.....,..... Good Counsel. ..... .,,..... 5 5 63 ,. ..,........ Whitman ........... ....,... 7 1 49 .,........... B-CC ......,.......... ...... ......., 5 5 52 ............. Walter johnson, ............. ........ 5 3 48 .,........... Richard Montgomery .,............, 63 Q, 66 ...,........... Northwood, ....... ,, ........ ,. ........ 70 54 ............. Springbrook ......, .,.... .,.,.... 3 9 vs 54 ......,,..... Wheaton ........ ....,.. 5 1 70 ............. Einstein ...... ..,.... 5 8 53 ..,..,....... St. johns .,.... ..,.... 7 4 71 .........,.., Whitman ....,. ....... 7 8 61 .........,.., B-CC .......................,,. ....... 6 3 55 55 ............, Walter Johnson .............. .,...,. 4 1 49 ............. Richard Montgomery ..........,.... 53 54 ,............ Good Counsel ....,........,.........,.. 52 63 ,. .,......... Northwood ......., .,.............,... 7 0 7 Wins 13 Losses J ,M WS ,gi 13 qma- 'mm r me 7 ,i,, t1s,f ,Tx ,mwt ,, TOP BALL HANDLER Mark Soler shoots amid tenacious B-CC defenders as Rod Ficker moves in for a possible assist. SPIRITED RALPH FARREL steals a rebound from a dogged Wheaton oppon- i ent. Adopting New Strategy Blair's Varsity, adjusting to a different style of play under their new coach, turned in a record of seven wins and thirteen losses. The squad displayed good height, speed, and shooting in defeating such schools as Springbrook, Good Counsel, and Walter johnson. In addition, the Blazers clashed with champion Northwood, yielding by a mere tour points, and lost to B-CC and Walter johnson by less than three points. The squad further proved its merit forcing both Good Counsel and Richard Montgomery into double over- time. With its year of reorganizing its strategy be- hind it, Blairis Varsity threatens to be a title con- tender next year. 81 ' 'Q Hi' 5 ' A2535 iv' gg-1, 42'-A '- 1- 1 f ' 1- Q.-aff--mg, qi. ,ff "iff , 'iff V , V A gg, Q' f 7 X f f 4,35 V N' - L-:Irv V , gf, , I ,, , ,I .W ,ff K ff? f ,X f ' uf 1 X21 l 'E ,I EW ff X- ' if ' :Qin H, Wt x X f ' . . xg ,oy x,N,f Y-1? .www Wfu- M4.m'w w:mzm" su, . I' l DURING TIME-OUT in the close Richard Montgomery game, coach Doffle- i 3, mt yer lnstl ucts his championship team members. RECORD Blair Oppvnenf 46 ....., ...... S pringhrook ,.,.,.. .....,..... 2 7 65 ....., ...... W heaton ......... ..,..... 4 8 54 ...... ...... S t. johns .........., ........ 4 5 75 ...... .....,. E instein ....,......... ........ 4 4 61 ...... ...... C ood Counsel ....... ...,... Q .41 64 ...... ...... N Vhitman ,...... .... ........ 5 3 61 ...... ...... B -CC ...,.,.....,.............. ........ 2 1 44 ...... .,..,. V Valter johnson .....,....,... .,,..... 2 9 40 ...... ...... R ichard Montgomery ...,.,,.,...... 36 54 ...... ...... N orthwood ..,..,,..,.....,..,. ..... , U34 54 ...... ...... S pringbrook ................ ........ 4 2 55 ...... ...... W heaton ......... ...... , .37 60 ...... ...... E instein. .,... ......,. 4 0 46 .,.... ...... S f. johns ........... . .,..... 38 49 .,.... ...... B -CC .......,.............,.,,. ..,..... 3 3 54 ...... ...... W alter johnson ..................,.,... 36 50 ...... ...... R ichard Montgomery ...... ,........ 4 8 71 ...... ....... W hitman ,..,..,.,,.,..,,....... ..,..... 5 3 51 ............... Good Counsel .........,.,. ,. ..,.,.... 37 66 ...........,... Northwood. .,..,.. ,. .,...,..... 39 20 Wins 0 Losses it . J ' 'R 'L Nh fi A 4,9150 E .IV STAR DAVE PRATT hooks into the basket from under the boards. An Undefeated Season The Blair IV Basketball Team ended the season with a spectacular undefeated record. The opening game was prophetic of the season of sweeping vic- tories with Blair defeating Springbrook by 19 points. Combining shooting skill with defensive ability, the team went on to defeat such strong rivals as St. john's, Walt Whitman, Walter johnson, and Northwood. After slaughtering B-CC by 40 points, the unde- featable squad beat their strongest rival, Richard Montgomery. Another win over Northwood completed the outstanding season for the JV team. JV BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: Mr. Robert Doff1emeyerCCOachQ, A. Mixon, B, Sheaffer, A. Judd, J. Hubscher, B. Boettner, P. deVos, I Roth F Herrald, J. Ceissar. Second Row: S. Winsor, I. jones, E. Banks, D. MacDonald, D. Pratt, 1. Rogers, M, Levin, T. Windsor, S. Colen Strasberg B Beecken. . 7 ef VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-Front Row: Mr. Roger Davis CCoachD, S. Heath, H. Gitelson, H. Cooper, R. Ratliff, C. Parry, P. Pierce. Second Row: R. Ratliff, M. Trilling, F. Hamann, T. Nichols, R. Young, S. Sagman, J. Sullivan, D. Ross. Third Row: B. Alperstein, R. Campbell, JV WRESTLING TEAM-P. Hudes, J. Casp, A. Hsiao, D. Loughery, T, Duignan, G. YVilson. Fourth Row: S. Singmun, P. Weaver, B. Jensen, I. Connell, D. WVei1', E. Szaloczi, N. Ehrlich, M. Rall e i gh. T- i ll la ii i i Q l lf' -1 is Z i l cl 1 1'1 Individual Effort CHUCK PARRY struggles successfully to flip his help- imtlciliiltion Ofil Dili- less opponent. 84 ACILE TOM CRUM slzuns Peury wrestler to the inzxt in QI stunning victory. 911. ' . lil-IAMPION WRESTLER HOBART COOPER breaks down his opponent in l Conditioning for the Pin Blair's wrestlers finished their regular season with a winning record of four and three, achieved a fourth place finish in the Montgomery County Tournament, and earned a second place in the Tri-County meet, Of the four Blazers competing, two emerged champions in their weight classes, and the other two captured second place in their respective divisions. The twelve men ofthe varsity practiced after school and with the JV received instruction on wrestling maneuvers and methods of increasing their strength, balance, and speed. These hard workouts developed ability and strategy, and paved the way for the squadis winning record. AT A DISADVANTACE, Blair grappler Bob Ratliff braces with his arm for a reversal. TRI-COUNTY RUNNER-UP TOM NICHOLS skillfully maneuvers his opponent into the cracldle. swfmmtm.,y.w,v mswumwef -m,Msw,W-was fs 'A if my - 2 D 2 9 4 COASH DAVIS refreshes exhausted Chuck Parry with a welcome drink between erio s. Z 2 RECORD 4 . Blair Opponent 35 ....... ..... B -oc .........,...,.,.. ..,......... 1 3 17 .,..,.. ..... S pringbrook ..,..... ....... 3 1 18 ....... ...., C aithersburg ...... ,,.,... 3 1 35 ,..,... ...,. P eary .,.......,.....,...,. ......, 1 5 23 ..,.... .,,.. S outh Hagerstown ,..., ....... 2 1 in 17 ....... .,... N orthwoocl ..,,...,..,. ,,..,.. I 31 31 ...,........... Wheaton .i......................,.....,.. 16 Blair 4th Place-County Tournament 1 Blair 2nd Place-Regional Tournament 4 Wins 8 Losses ?4i.E-...s- Blair y 1358 ..... 1332 ...... 1325 ..... 1354 ...... 1347 ...... 1 1337 ...... 1386 ...... 1357 ...... 1325 ...... 1353 .,.... 1363 ...... 965 ...... 1355 ...... 1849 ...... 1083 ....,. 1354 ...... 9Wins RIFLE TEAM-Front How: D. Rose, B. Loper, D. Walter, iCo-Capt,J, T, Propst fCo-Capt.J, D. Fales. Second Row: D. Lindsey, F. Gatchell, G. Moore, P. Craley, J. Davidson, G. Gollaclay, I. Wiebush, Mr. M. W. Snider fCoachD. Third Row: D. Williams, I-I. Grad, G. Gitomer, I. Rains, H. jordan, F. Roecker, Mr. Stuart Marder fCoachP. ' RECORD Opponent Bishop I. O'Connell ...... 1244 Navy Plebes ........... Coolidge ...... B-CC ......... Coolidge ...... VVilson ................... Maryland U. ROTC Bullis Prep ............. Roosevelt ............. Walter johnson ....... Georgetown Prep .... Peary .................... . Wilson ............ New Albany ...... Western ....... B-CC ....,.. ......1425 ......1363 ......1400 ......1302 ......1369 ......14I5 1223 ......1302 ......1312 ......1205 926 ......1317 ......1867 ......1023 ......1389 7 Losses FRED GATCHELL, in prone position, takes caretnl aim at the target. MY Sure Shooting Blair's marksmenl, selecting their new teammates from open tryouts held alter an intensive training pro- gram, held their first matches after Christmas vacation, shooting against such opponents as the Maryland UQ versity ROTC and the Navy Plebes. Fulfilling their potential behind a core of returning lettermen, the team compiled a 9 and 7 record. Early April saw a fit- ting climax to their successful season. Victorious in the National Sectional Tournament, they were rated among the top one hundred teams in the country. T J 8 fs, . r ,!u4:.,-.F My 1- . 5.-:D r'-'ef , - -w.f1:91-fx 331 QTQQU' .nf " x 1 lk SHADOWED RIFLEMAN sights-in on the bulls-eye 50 feet down range. E ,iff 'wi r r ,awww ,yay DAN FRYE paces himself during a pre-season trial run This year the Blair track team, through strenuous daily workouts, overcame the handicap of not having a track to practice on. The squad fielded strong run- ners in track events of all distances, in the hop, step, and jump, and in relays ranging from one to four miles. The Blazers first showed their speed in the Roosevelt Relays, where, in the four events entered, the team took two first places, fsetting meet records in both of these eventsj, one second place, and a third place. With the season just under way, Blair's track team showed excellent promise to score well in both County and State championships. RELAY RUNNER Bill Higgins passes the baton to his partner, Mike Masse. were Swift on the Cinders TRACK TEAM-Front Row: A. Nathan, 1. Smith, J. Levy, B. Higgins, R. Ficker, D. Frye, G. Barber, Mahaney, B. Sheaffer, E. Smith, IC Taylor, B. Hitchens, E. Hilbery, C. Kesler, D. Luke, M. Masse, Mr. Arthur Nimetz tCoachJ. Second Row: D. Loughery, C. Parry, 1, Ross, C. White, L. Lewis, R. Ruhling, 1. Cooley, B. Humphries, C. Chapman, C. Hardy, j. Matson, H. Cooper, E. Satinover, j. Whiddon, M. Ferrenz, R. Jacobs, D. Putnum. Third Row: M. Smith, E. Certler, M. Bowen, R. Habersat, B. Bracht, R. Wynn,j. Emerson, R. Farrel, M. Humphries, I. Patterson, D, Scheller, P. Weaver, E. Surwit, M. Baldwin, S. Mudrick, A. Boum, S. Hoffenberg, L. Levin. .5-, '24!n'2'd'S2F'7' 'J 'T L3 vis. " 1.755 l ffl, Yi' '39'5'm:'. 'hL"u,i"i '4' 1' -" ful f' 7' 3 ul V' " 4' V., .' in f"F,,,,, 0 'QQ n7liL.'-QnQffI"47?fvAA 16 STRAININC for extra kick to a record leap. 2 A Jifglf-" 4th Blair f lst... Q lst 2 lst 2nd Tie 2 lst... i lst 5 Z 5 ? Z Q 55 RECORD . , . Roosevelt Relays . . . County AA Relays . . . ,Northwood Walt Vilhitman . . . Gaithersburg . . , Wakefield Invitational . . . . .Springbrook . . , . Northwood Invitational . . . County AA Meet Maryland State Meet f ff HIGH-STRUTTINC HURDLER Bill Hitchens Clears all barriers on the Way to a Blair victory. ,- ,. ' " T ,."'v?"!v!f"'-tv:-sv . -1- , 1 if-1 A f.. r 1 ' ' 'G v Jw., W ,LLM ""',,,4.W Q la ew. M f 45,1f,n, ELC., if ' V , M ,ffm .E he f-.H . KA 'J-H22 'H-iw. gin 1 N' 1 - S 5?1!Qf4ff"Rf.,m 9' .- . . " Wzfiw , ,. ' , V f Qgiaifzxt e,-:iii K- 'Ai ' f I - 'rt 5151111 ,, ,Zi2q:"Lw,i-. 1' 5 , N? X- 2.1 -f Rt -V A, gi '- fwfr '29 f!"'Tz'--V' -41' -?f'Y2i7Q',.ef0p ' N f " ., ' ,' N t ' gm ,sw-'1'f'i9-W ,' -xi ft fzdfw-,v:,as.fxa:1fifty. , , f if : ROD FICKER AND ALAN NATHAN break quickly from the starting blocks. Sprinting Toward the Title SPRINTER ALAN NATHAN streaks around a curve in the 220-yard dash. ' B9 E . 9' ' ff"-P1151 u -f'- , , ' M Al r 3 1 2 S ,. 2 RECORD 5 Blair Opponent 4 4 ...... ..,.. p Iohn Carroll ....... , ....,...... 0 12 ...... ...,., S pringbrook ....... ...... 6 4 .,.,.. .,.... Y Vlieaton .,........ ...... 3 if 8 ...... .,.,., E instein ......,... ...... 1 0 ...... ...... V Valt VVhitnian .... ..,... 1 12 ...... ...... B -CC .....,...,......... ....,. 4 ? 4 0 ,..... ...... V Valter johnson ...,........ ..,... . 6 .,.... Richard Montgomery ,..... fp Q, 0 ...... ...... N ortliwood .,.,..........,... ...... 2 U 3 ,.,... .,.... S pringbrook ....,.. ...... 4 1 ...,.. ...... N Vheaton .,....,.,. .,.... 5 11 ...,.. ...... E instein ....... , ..... 2 1 ,.............. Peary ,.... .... , ...... 5 ..,.,.....,...NValt Whitman.... , t B-cc ......................,............. Z ..........,.... Walter johnson ............ ...............Richard Montgomerym... ...... Northwood .................. ......... Wins Losses s Blair's baseball team displayed flexibility, excep- tional speed, and a tight defensive unit capable of providing vital support for the pitcher. The offense, too, performed admirably, as "The Monsterf' an auto- matic pitching machine, was always ready to throw a few fast balls to a slumping Slugger. This sure-fire power at the plate, coupled with crafty base running on the diamond, made every batsman a potential score. Sparked by superior coaching, with pointers from a former pro, and boundless enthusiasm, our squad was more than a match for even the best of teams. BASEBALL TEAM Front How S Luke D MacDonald S Mayor B. LaRocca, D, Howe, B. Sartwell. Second Row: A. Mixon, T McKenna I Colen C Oglebay M jenkins S Colen P Brown L Sarbacher. Third Row: Mr. Allan Graham CCoachD, B. Hale, C Wagener I Freitag A Schoen T Windsor I jones A Judd Mr Robert Dofflemyer CCoachD. Fourth Row: A. Sauer, R. Katz, S. Hoy I Allen E Higgins P Hoey I Longerbeam H Davis R Childs J.Kefalos. MIKE JENKINS snags a sharp line drive behind second base, ATTEMPTINC to steal second, Loren Sarbacher is caught by wary Tom McKenna. A Spirited Fight for First Place ACE PITCHER, Sherman Mayor, bearing down on opponents hurls a perfect strike. .1-"S, I, ft' . 4-'- I fri E! y. X .ff Z ,I Q I' f E, U ig E, 4 l K tx ' 1 , K '. E ff I .XM ,fix 3 or ,fr , 3 Q . I A 4' if 5 5 3 25 ' 4, 2 I 2 I E r'ii , Q " 'r'i' , -w E U' ff' V ' 91 i 'N '1 ' . ,f KZ' , ff.. 1 2 S ' " A DUAL MENACE, top Varsity Wayne Stern and Dale Ehrbright finish off a doubles match. ,552 X ' 1 ryrf f A 7 . , s X , MW r W7 a7.,1:,2f' f: 11.4, fr o,e,4f.f,taM ff4, .M mw,mw.w.--wNw- k f W RECORD Blair Opponent f 4 ,..... , ..... Walter johnson ...... .,.,,.. 2 5 6 ...... .,..., X Vestern .,...,...... ......, l J DISPLAYING CHAMPIONSHIP FORM, ace shotmaker 5 A-A-4- Wr1lfWVhif1m111--- Wayne Stern winds back for a smashing serve. 8 ...... ...... S pringbrook .,.... ....... 1 8 ....,. ...... E instein ,...,... ,,..... 1 C t ' 6 ....., ...... N orthwood .,..... ......, 3 1 21 6 ,.,. .. ...... WVheaton, .....r. ,...,.. ...... ....... 3 8 ...... ...... R ichard Montgomery ...,... ........ l F h dh S h 7 ..,.,. , ..... Springbrook ..........,...,.. ....,.. 2 3 5 ...... ...... N ortliwood ....... ....... 4 8 ...... ...... E instein ..... ....... 1 The tennis team, composed of twelve devoted net- 8 ....,. ....... B -CC ,...,... ........ 1 men, has built an excellent reputation on the basis 2 9 --4--- -----A- 5 'f-10111154 ---'A'-' 0 of their many triumphs in this season and the last. CH- -'-'t'- Wheaton -"" -""'4' The boys spent hours of afternoon practice on the J """ ""'t' D 'Wal """ """" 0 Sligo Creek courts developing speed, agility, and co- Wim Losses ordination, as well as accuracy in serves and re- ' K turns. Several star racketmen joined the determined 1 first year boys in making this team a most formida- ,V W W M V V V -if WZZZWV-W7'IfiZ'1W WWWAW " L' TC 'YM' ble threat to area competition. TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: M. Raleigh, S. Shavell, W, Stern, D. Ehrbright, J. Pizer, D. Weatherbee, R. Fried- man. Second Row: P. Rubin, R. DeNeane, B. Malkin, B. Dobbs, R. Rizzo,j. Ellison, Mr. Nelson Kobren, CCoachD. 92 3 w l 1 1 gi'W: " 1665! ' Y . 'l 1 it HF 'X l I Q, I. l " l '- 'N if - f-"ff r HER'!JS.'Hf'iV Wy' BOB GORDON AND RICH DREISEN study the tricky breaks in the green during a recent match. RECORD Gaithersburg ..... Blaclenslnurg, ..... Northwood ...,. ...... Richard Montgmnery Walter johnson.. Einstein .,.... B-CC ..,....., .Wheaton ....,. Foresight on the Fairway Competing on the familiar area courses that these seasoned par golfers have played many times before, this year's golfing Blazers carried high hopes and showed promise for a successful season. At nearby Sligo Golf Course the team met for frequent prac- tice rounds under the critical eye of Coach McKivi- gang here they gathered again after matches to per- fect their swings, stances, and grips, insuring their continued high performance from tee to green. GOLF TEAM-Front Row: B. Orletsky, R. Dreisen, T. Scheick. Second Row: J, Hemptling, L Reich M Rider, M. Micka, B. Cordon, Mr. john McKivigan CCoachD. 49' BRIAN ORLETSKY AND TONI SCHEICK perfect their driving skills on the practice tee MEMBERS OF THE HONOR BASKETBALL TEAM wait forloan Mack to complete a foul shot as Miss Reed officiates. GIRLS, SPORT A MISS REED AND GAIL CARY 'Kspotn for Ardeen Copeland as she demonstrates an inverted hang. MADCE BARNES, SHARON SVVINK, klI1dJklH6fG6l"Il'lI1gGl' Consult T ,Xl the basketball intramural Schedule. 1, I .,,.. , , .,.,, ,,... I iw S 5 yy NJ W3 of S K 3' X I TUCHEH FIUUM NANCY DUNN consults Charlotte Catcliell as she begins to create the january C,S,A. bulletin board. This year Blair girls-participated in an active pro- f gram of physical exercise and sports. The girls bene- MUSCLES TENSE in a skillful spike at the climax of the fited by acquiring not only grace and poise, but also gillne' a sense of sportsmanship and fair play. The G.S.A., Girls Sports Association, sponsored all extracurricular sports activities -intramurals, Sports Days, and Honor Teams. The Executive Board met monthly to evaluate the work ofthe subcommit- tees and to plan future events. HEADS UP, GIRLS eanother exercise inthe body mechanics course, 95 .it if ,, 4, 4 3 fm, yff, , QWM gn, , f f 4 gn?" ' W If I aff ff f N7 A15 ,X A .W , Am.- ajldifw' The days that make us happy make us wise. N V -s 'W . Q s HANGING THE BARON in effigy foretells the clown- fall of B-CC, 98 tw' Crisp fall Weather, bright blue skies, and a feeling of excitement characterized this year's homecoming weekend. Friday's pep assembly with mock football players, cheerleaders, and majorettes officially inaug- urated the festivities. That evening, Blairites danced at the spirited record hop. Saturday morning brought sunshine and the float parade through Silver Spring, terminating at the stadium for the traditional B-CC game. Throwing confetti and waving pom-poms, the students cheered the team to a 27-6 victory. That night at the "Manhattan Merry-go-roundi' formal, Blairites danced among the skyscrapers of New York, and when the evening Was over, reflected on a wonderful weekend and a homecoming to remember. THE ANTICS of the mock cheerleaders unconventionally greet the football team. Q 'F . ANNOUNCING HOMECONIING, the parade nears the stadium. Weekend of A Memories BLAIR MOCK FOOTBALL PLAYERS exhibit their fine physical condition and outstanding team strategy. THE CHEERLEADERS' ENTHUSIASM as the team takes the field embodies the spirit ofhomecoming. 99 Christmas 763 On the night after Christmas Blairites danced un- der sprigs of mistletoe at the "Mistletoe and Ma- jestyn Christmas formal. The entertainment ofthe Collegians provided one of the highlights, but the climax of the evening came When admiring Blair classmates crowned Grace Rowell their Christmas queen. CHRISTMAS COURT A Lmg B Bunch P Heavner, Grace Rowell CQueenD, S. Mossburg, T. Deming, C. Walker, 'Mimi n C n fit -',, Timm ' 'N' ' 'ff ew nf Q! W, , E . . 4 M.-Q vw 1 -ni SANDY SHAIXEWVITZ QUERIES Ken Parlaman, "Isn't that an ice- berg, on the horizon, Captain?" The World of Carl Sandburg One hundred and fifty students from the drama and speech classes presented "The World of Carl Sandburgn at the December PTA meeting. The pro- duction, which had run on Broadway, consisted of staged readings from many of Sandburg's unpub- lished Works, including "Baby Poemsf' "The Ma- chinef' and c'Who1nadoonr.,' This was the first time that a program of this nature had been undertaken by drama and speech students, and, if continued in the future, it will have introduced a Whole new field of serious drama to Blair. KEN PARLAIXIAN COMMENTS, "A hundred years has come and 'KTHEY ALL VVANT TO PLAY HAMLET," gone." 101 T BANJG CSTU SOTSKYJ SLYLY AWAITS the proper moment to close the mummy case on Lorraine Sheldon fBarbara Crawfordj, PROFESSOR METZ KHARRY CILDEN- HORNJ ecstatically raves to Burt jefferson CEric Shugaarj about his cockroach city, a present to Whiteside, F22 'S-M N 102 J WHITESIDE QKEN PARLAMAND holds his nurse fAnn Kellerb, doctor Cjohn Degenl, and hosts CNancy Goldberg and Marc Nemiroffj at bay during a scene of the play. The M an Who l Came to Dinner This year, Blair,s Senior Class presented the Kauf- man and Hart comedy hit, The Man Who Came To Dinner, in a successful three-day run. The thespians delighted audiences with their interpretations of the diverse characters, ranging from a scatter-brained pro- fessor to a Hollywood glamour girl. The seniors com- prising the stage crew, make-up, ticket, costume, and publicity committees worked together for many weeks prior to the performance to give the show the quality of a professional play. It was the biggest fund-raising project for the Senior Class, and netted enough money for a free prom. l BURT JEFFERSON KERIC SHUCAARJ shoots a tender glance at Maggie Cutler fNancy Druckenbrodj as they look at Whiteside's Christmas presents. l .J PRE-SHONV ACTIVITY CONTINUES in the gym, to the background of lighting and scenery preparation. 1 gm- iwf . . 'rv wi? r Z5..., vifiisi. '2 4 M , , bers at an early rehearsal. The Annual Show The preparations involved in producing this year's annual show required the close coordination of six different committees. The props committee built, begged or borrowed materials to construct the sets, while the costume committee fitted and sewed the colorful costumes, adding to the glitter ofthe pro- duction. The publicity committee distributed posters throughout the area, made radio uspotn announce- ments and wrote articles for the local papers, and the ticket committee handled the advance sales. At re- e hearsals, members of the stage crewltrained them- - TDXN, ' selves for twelve-second changes, and before the . fwqqf- shows, the make-up committee, through powder and N ' charcoal, transformed Blair students into performers of Carnival. ,X M f ff Xi'-., f' x-T , V I ...rm-, xx 'X' STAGE MANAGER MARC NEMIROFF AND DIRECTOR MR. RICHARD PIOLI tensely Watch final rehearsals before showtime. 103 ERIC SHUGAAR AND THE DANCERS discuss production num- 7 V 141 uwfv. PAUL CERIC SI-IUCAARJ tries to explain himselfto Lili fSancly Bornsteinj in one ofthe showis most dramatic scenes. THE CARNIVAL PERFORMERS WHIRL in frenzied anticipa- tion of le Cirque de Paris. f . L. C arnwal! Living up to its reputation of professionally staged musicals, this year Blair produced Carnival, a poign- ant story about an orphan girl, a puppeteer, and a carnival. Rollicking scenes between a suave magician and his girl friend provided comic relief for the high emotional pitch maintained in the scenes with Paul and Lili. The four leads were supported by a superbly directed troup of singers and dancers. The Blair or- chestra, augmented by selected members ofthe band, played the complicated musical score. Through school-Wide effort, the student body and community enjoyed another Widely anticipated and exciting Blair annual show. 104 rs? 7214, 4 ,, dy fivfww 1 'Q f ig, Qu F i , , . Q A K' V., . 'Q A 3' EXPRESSINC PAUL,S HIDDEN THOUGHTS to Lili, Carrot- 1 top and Horrible Henry win her love. f Wah., if ' 1. 5 ,X , M. 8 ff 1 rf 4 i 'lj ?'s.f?2ue.f1 JACQUOT LDAVE FISHBACKJ HOISTS Greta Schlegul at the circus roustabouts CBar1'y Lewis, Bob Greene, Harry Cilden- horn, Leonard Levinj. SCHLEGAL CKEN PARLAMANJ CASTS R condescending glance Uucly Ogusl during a moment of exuberant celelnration. I MARCO THE MACNIFICENT LSTUART SUT- NS SKYD suuvely gestures to his assistant CNuncy Druckenlnrocll during the sword act in the main tent. f' 'i ND- i N r fm: .ffl l It 1,732 ,, AM fi ' X33 7 ,,.. i iq 1 -ix ' . L I A LI 1 U we fm ,f f' WW , MZZLLZKQVZZ if" Q f Each clay is the scholar of yesterday. Publilius Ccirca 4 Sy B ff , aM j'wQ ?7??v Y ,scan sauna 2530! iii!! away: Qian: lil fm: I Af? fs-an LATIN HONOR SOCIETY- Larry XYL'lSIll2ll1, ,lames Alt,1loyChap- Outstanding loilit The purpose ofthe National Honor Society and the three language honor societies was to recognize stu- dents displaying outstanding interest and ahility in their studies and school activities. The National Honor Society stressed qualifications not only ofscholarship, but also of character, leadership, and service, The Latin French, and Spanish Honor Societies required participation in an extracurricular activity concerning their respective languages, as well as a straight HAH scholastic average. These Honor Societies performed a vital service to the school in providing tutors from among their members to aid other students to gain a better understanding of their courses. EI : Es: af, E1 was FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row: Carol Allmert lPres.l, li. Cohen, lt. liinlminder. Second Row: S. Gnu-nlioocl, H. Peisner, 15. XYood Thil'fl'RUll2I il. Chappel-, B. Lewis, N. Colcllmerg.F0urfl1Row:N.Drucli- enlurod, C. Cluster, -l. Berkowitz. Fnttll Row: A, Weisslnerg, NI. Pearl- man, XI. Solcr.Sixfl1Row: S.Xleltxcr, L. Kaufman. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row: L. Triana, I, XYattenl:erg, Bender. Second Row: A. Stupplcr, lt. Spiekerman, 15. Sun. Third w: D. Frye, S. Sotskv, Nl. Silverstein. , Y . L Q Y! s 42 fl ' ' 5 gm We Z 41 MU ALPHA THETA-Front Row: Bill Hermach CPres.l, E. Ginsburg, B. Levine, S. Larson, G. Springer, C. Chung, S. Fraser, L. Sen- dejo, A. Goldberg, H. Shapiro, L. Cheskis, T. Nichols, S. Winters, A. Weissberg, A. Ogus. Second Row: B. Cohen, N. Goldberg, S. Stei- fel, B. Soper, I. Margolis, E. Littman, B. Goldstein, E. Kurtz, S. Goldberg, M. Hsuing, J. Burdette, j. Berkowitz, D. Teeple, J. Pearl, D. Chireilieson, T. Schmidt. Third Row: S. Chatzky, R. Goldstein, S. Meltzer, A. Smith, M. Soler, I. Alt, L. Kaufman, S. Firshein, M. Pearlman, G. Yudkoff. Recognition of Ability Blairites excelling in academic ability and per- forming skill were recognized by honor societies and special awards. Mu Alpha Theta honored the mathematically talented student and provided an afterschool tutoring service in all levels of math. Sixteen seniors who excelled in the National Merit Scholarship Examination became finalists, compet- ing for the scholarship awards. Quill and Scroll recognized the creative writing of students who worked on the school publications, while Thespians honored those with dramatic ability. Students out- standing in the art of speech were inducted into Masque and Gavel where they practiced for forensic competition. 7!H? 1VMf3l 1 MERIT SCHOLAR FINALISTS-Front Row: D. Chireilieson, A. Ogus, S. Larson, B. Cohen. Second Row: M. Soler, J. Alt, L. Kaufman, B. Peisner. Third Row: A. Kir- shen, S. Berlin, J. Rudin, S. Meltzer. Fourth Row: B. LaRocca, S. Firshein, S. Winters, af! A. Goldberg. hw! ,fu fq JZ.. S 'W vi:,Qf'w 414' 5 lab? QUILL AND SCROLL-Front Row: B. 1. Mushet, B. Meier, N. Abbott, E. Higdon, H. Goldberg, I. Wattenberg. Second Row: J. Chap- per, S. Larson, C. Grossman, C. Holstein, B. Levine, I. Rudin. Third Row: S. Meltzer, L. Reicl1,D.Owens,I. Harris, S. Perin,Y. Bliven. 'mm g ,V as THESPIANS-Front Row: Ken Parlaman fPres.J, M. Kennealy, B. Goldstein, H. May, S. Kalb, K. Reichel, P. Men delson, J. Shaheen. MASQUE AND GAVEL-Front Row: Nancy Goldberg CPres.J, L. Reich, P. Geiger, L. Newmann, I. Wattenberg, S. Gold- fine, 1. Ghapper, S. Dobkin. Second Row: A. Ogus, D. Fisliback, S. Goldberg, B. Sartwell, B. LaRocca, S. Winters, G. Yud- koff, B. Wolk, S. Mai. . -ML,,,, L ,U 'Q 4' f . lll OUR FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS came from three different countries-Chieko Yamanouchi, ,lapung Gabriele Klika, Austriag and Arly Britto, Brazil. Here they experienced and learned u new life, ENGLISH HONORS went to Arthur Ogus and Steve Winters for their performance when they competed in the National Council of Teachers of English test. Arthur was a first place winner and Steve received an honorable mention. V 'nf' 'M' , iS ,, - ' J ' My H . ,fbi f, I, M 5 TES 'Z X 11,2449-vt .A , 1 3' 1, 15' f f f? m ,WMV ,U 1? ' W 'MQ Agn STEVE WINTERS was a finalist and chosen as one of two alternates in the West- inghouse Science Search. Bill Herrnach won an Honorary mention in the contest. Scholarship awards were based on individual projects and a standardized test. NANCY H. GOLDBERG, MARTHA MEEKHAM, AND LEICH GUINNEE were this year's American Legion Oratorical Contest winners. They were required to make an eight-minute prepared oration and a three-minute extemporaneous speech on certain aspects of the Constitution. 3 'Y l l l 2 Q f 'Am Individual Honors 'yfkk ,,-4..0..M..m,,....... .. PRACTICING, perhaps for his next match, is Larry Kaufman, this year's Maryland State and Eastern junior Chess Champion. He also earned the rating of "Expert" JIM ALT, PETER KIRCHHEIMER, AND LARRY KAUFMAN who comprised this year's "It's Academic" team, stand with team sponsor Mrs. Abramson and moderator Mr. Mac McGarry, They competed against teams on the popular TV program. I QU gf if 2 Z 5 8 .JSI ,- 'vw ,, ei, , 5 1 lf' 0-J 53 12' BASED ON A RIGOROUS TEST, Susan Larson placed first and Lindi Schaefer second in the United Nations Contest. GEORGE WAYNE explains his First Grand Prize-winning project- Inhibition and Activation on Isolated Alpha and Beta Amylase- to the second and third Grand Prize winners, Kenneth Klein and An drew Baum. 'I IA H3 -4 nwffw aff rf A -, V ', a I l mn 1 X ' I , ,M A Q z Qu nu A 'li ' Q .m qniw ! if nv' -' 2 I 4 9' '. fl , Y Q 1 I grow old learning something new every da SOLON f638?-559 B.C.D H5 V giww,-f The Sophomore uYear lj W, 'lip' .iv-iii .7 , if Nr' sf' 'uf' ,Av v gm J"-'N-. fx fr CLASS OFFICERS-B. Lou fTreas.J, P. Richardson CV.P,J, P. Kas- MEMBERS-AT-LARGE-Front Row: M. Geiger, M. Cum- nett CPres.J, I. Geringer CSec.J, mings. Second Row: M. Binderman, M. Garfinkel, J. Goodman. Third Row: R. Weichbrod, J. Arends. Class Officers HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES-Front Row: H. Greene, K. Overholt, M, james, L, Kremer, R. Wohl, J. Marceron, C. Tuve, S. Heitmul- ler. Second Row: D. Loughery, M. Rosenfeld, 1. Emerson, N. Black, P. DeVos, R. Boettner. Third Row: F. Speigelburg, P. Mundy, B. Schaefer, J. Forinach, G. Chapman, J. Geissal. M... - , .Sava-auzfmff? . 3 xx 1741 10-1 Row 1: D, Edwards, M. Pierce, I. Wade, T. Felts, C. Pusti. Row 2 E Donoway J Bry in W. Bakeman, K. Henderson. Row 3: 1. Turner, D. Tucker, G.B1-iggs. B. Joyce, P. Yaros, S. Fuller, B. Ervin, J. Momyez: Row 2: S. Felde 'X ,' .l ,, I 10-3 Row 1: 1. Ayros, M, Bacalman, I. Adler, D. Almes, A. Albert, P. Avant, D, Aloi, D, Albert, M, Anderson, G. Bach. Row 2: M Albernoz, E. Banks, N. Adkins, L. Altman, S. Bacalman, M. Alva, D. Asrael, L, Alperstein, VV. Aaronson, I. Arthur, L. Alonso, C. Abcliun I, Aaronson. Row 3: C. Apter, E. Acller, R. Aufclembrinke, 1. Alahouzes, L. Akinan, J. Bacon, J. Arencl, D. Alterman, R. Abel, L. Aclznns R. Arthur, K. Abell. CLASS OF 1966 10-4 Row 1: H. Blumenthal, M. Bauer, M. Berg, M. Bennett, L. Bernstein, M, Bisker, M. Blevins, V. Berger, D. Burden, M. Barnes. How 2: T. Berg, J. Beasley, A. Barmack, B. Berg, B. Belton, E. Blankenship, S. Blanken, R. Bearcl, P. Blevins, L. Bernstein. Row 3: S. Bernstein, R. Bierly, B. Beecken, A.B3L1ll1,-I. Beckley, N. Black, M. Binclerman, J. Bass, I. Barnaj, M, Benedict, M. Basclavanos. f Y f t fx ., 4. fi ,i wa- Q. af av 1 10-5 Row 1: I. Broome, B. Brady, D. Caldwell, A, Bollie, F. Brooks, I. Caplan, I. Byrd, C. Brunner, D. Boyer, S. Brooks. Row 2: R. Burger, I. Burdett, R. Burcline, P. Byer, B. Cain, B, Bracht, B. Caron, R. Buzik, S. Boyer, B. Boor, P. Cabarga. Row 3: R. Carpel, D. Bunting, G. Brigham, G. Branham, B. Boettner, R. Carter, P. Brown, S. Budzianowski, B. Britton. OPHO ORES 10-6 Row 1: 1. Chinn, A. Cooper, S. Clevering, P. Connell, C. Cohen, S. Clarke, C, Coakley, C. Charuhas, j. Catlett. Row 2: R. Ceri inele, 1. Celentano, M. Clark, D. Connor, P. Cockerill, D, Cohen, K. Church, M. Claridge, L. Cook. Row 3: R. Childs, I. Casper, M Cohen, S. Colen, B. Clark, A. Chaney, C. Chapman. C. Cheniae, C. Covarrubias. ji Si I 2 ,J 10-7 Row 1: D. Ditzler, J. Diaz-Marta, B. Danish, L. Deckelbaum, B. Davis, V. Dietle, V. Cushman, D. Crutchfield, M. Craver. Row 2 W, Crawford, L. Decker, T. Cramer, S. Deckelboum, C-. Diggs, C. Crone, M. Cummings,1. Craver, D. Davis, J. De-Vries, E. Deslauriers N. Danish, N. Dick. Row 3: H. Davis, P. deVos, S. Davidson, C. Day, R. DeVroom, M. Dennis, B. Davis, M. Davis, B. Crutchfield,j Cunningham, R. Dailey, J. Dickson, R. Denenberg. CLASS GF 1966 10-8 Row 1: B. Farmer, E. Finchon, C. Fineran, M. Emmons, B. Eiker, R. Ewing, G. Fitzgerald, S, Einbinder, C. Ely, J. Feldman Row 2: M. Fine, L. Fisher, N. Ehrlich, R. Dreisen, D. Fisher, M. Farson, L. Eyster, 1. Ellis, M. Feldman, C, Duke, K. Figgers, B. Fay I. Duvall, T. Duignan. Row 3: D. Elling, D. Drucker, J. Doyle, K. Fay, L. Eiserer, D. Fertick, J. Emerson, S. Durst, J. Fentress, L. Fan- ning, J. Donoghue, M. Field. fly ' Q 1. 4. ms. , 1- A 'sw rw , -. .i 1 .3 1.. W, r.. V 1 1 X. X Vx Q , , W I 'T T1 Q x i . .. L f r 10-9 Row 1: A. Friedman, KI. Fortin, C. Gary, P. Fuller, K. Fleislier, L. Gable, H. Funk, J. Galin, S. Garcia. Row 2: M. G2ll'l:iI1lCl6, D. Ford, D. Fraser, D. Garson, H. Galliani, M. Ford, A. Furman. Row 3: P. Garcia, J. Forinasli, D. Fratantuono, F. Gatchell, F. Ford, W. Fraser, S, Frantz, S. Fritter. OPHGMGRES 10-10 Row 1: C. Goldberg, J. Godbolcl, O. Gilbert, C. Giroux, D. Gilkenson, M. Geiger, L. Gordon, H. Gilbreth, E. Gettleman. Row 2: J. Goodman, j. Geissul, P. Goldberg, 1. Gehringer, T. Gerliolcl, S. Gnlladay, R. Glick, L. Geraci, L. Gentry, S. COlHlJ6l'g. Row 3: D. Goldstein, G. Gitomes, M. Goldberg, B. Goodman, T. Gough, B. Gilbert, G. Golladay, R. Gatewood, J. Gomez, H. Goodall, N. Golclfine. fc"- li Qi 1' ' 'k 3554! Ziw .V .fa 1 72 r 'vw 10-11 Row 1: A. Grabin, R. Gruber, B. Greenberg, C. Gregory, E. Hale-sky, F. Gropper, B. Hammerland, H. Green, M. Hall. Row 2: R. Green, M. Greenblatt, L. Griffin, E. Gunion, R. Gudelaky, E. Hairr, B. Grimes, D. Guiffre, L. Greenberg. How 3: N. Hachern, H. Grand- ier, M. Green, D. Gray, D. Graves, S. Hall, B. Haberman, J. Griffith, j. Griffin, K. Grover, M. Greene. CLASS OF 1966 10-12 Row 1: P. Harwell, D. Hollis, B. Hayman, D. Hill, P. Hersey, E. Hersh, I. Hart, I. Hayden, P. Hargrove, M. Hauver. Row 2 J. Heatl1,j. Hertz, H. Hoffman, J. Hoaclley, K. Hile, L. Hernandez, V. Hauser, S. Heitniuller, M. Hauver, W. Henshall. Row 3: B. Hen ning, M. Hoffman, G. Hardy, S. Hill, T. Harris, J. Herberg, M. Hockman, L. Harrison, H. Hoffman. L .I 1 Q 10 13 Bowl Xl Johnston Nl June-s C Hostermun, L Jannson L Howard B Hubbard S Johnson V Johnson NI Johnson B Jenkins Row 7 A H8110 T Isucoll A Hughes S. S, Huang L Hutgluns L Home B Huggins C Hunt P Jensen P Hudes J Johnson Row3 R Houugm J Jolles S Hu R, Jackson D James C Hutchxson N1 Jaxboe C Jones R Jacobs D Houchm J OPHGMORES 10 14 Bowl P Jordan S Kerlmg C Ixnepley B. Keisex L Kremer J Kasper C kelly M Koelll D lsllx Row? L lxnn J lxefllos J Kurtz XI K1m L Krrshblum S Krluss L Kle1n,B.K1on1u S lxellel NI In Lus K Ixleln R Kxttredge J Koch R0w3 R Kelly B Ixane J Klmgeu J KllE'Il16lIll6j6l R Koppal XI lxnnes,J lxexr C lXl.lh1tZ R Kuzner NI klllg B Ixellmgton P Kasnett 1 3 fm? 1 V Z ,J W. . , 10-15 How 1: J. Lone, L. Lohmeier, M. Long, P. Lazzari, S. Linkins, A. Levine, A. Laibson, C. Lang, R. Lepson, A. Laskowitz. Row 2: M. Lewis, E. Long, B. Lewis, L. Leibelson, S. Leadbeater, 1. Losikoff, D. Labofish, J. LeBlanc, B. Lou, L. Lee, D. Lane, L. Levin, D. Lougl1e1'y.R0w 3: G. Lanahan, S. Leibowitz, D. Levy, R. Lee, M. Levine, F. Legge, D. Loomis, S. Levin, K. LaCovey, N. Lea. CLASS OF 1966 10-16 Row 1: A. Magill, S. Mahaney, M. Massey, N. McCeney, P. McKenna, P. Marcnn, B. McConnell, D. Marvin, M. McFarland. Row 2: T. McCarthy, K. Martin, J. Marceron, C. Mason, L. Lugar, P. Manning, I-I, Mathis, S. McGuire, A. Mastandrea, W. Marlowe, D. McG1ynn, B. Lucas. Row 3: J. Marshall, J. McKelvey, M. Lynch, G. Mutott, C. Lundgren, D. MacDonald, T. McCaw, J. McEuen,1. Matson, R. McKinley, M. March. 15111 fr 10-17 Row 1: L. Miller, I. Miller, S. Metelits, 1. Miehaelson, V. Miller, C. Melirling, L. Morrisette, T. Moore, L, Mills, E. Miller Row 2: P. Muntjan, S. Mudrick, C. Muzzy, K, Meniclielli, L. Megby, Y. Morales, L. Menzer, J. Meyer, B. Michaelson. Row 3: D. Mills, R. Moss, j. Musher, W. Miller, R. Murry, I. Moorefielcl, C. Meadows, M. Micka, I. Michael. 10-18 Row 1: D. Ott, T. Nicholson, D. Pemberton, K. Overliolt, M. Pappas, M. Niemeyer, S, Partee, H. Peasley, C. Peck, B. Owens Row 2: P. Peck, j. Nunez, R. Nichols, J. Nathanson, W. Oaks, J. Parsley, K. Norwood, C. Niewenhous, C. Paul, K. Oppenheim. Row 3 C. Patrick, B. Penniman, C. Oglebay, B. Malkin, H. Ohe, A. Osliinsky, R. Naylor, B. Novieli, C. Patterson, E. Paul, V. Owen. Hi -I3 m 10-19 Row 1: V. Pratt, B. Ridgley, I. Reaves, I. Rinaldi, S. Rhodes, P. Ralston, M. Pollock, L. Reichhardt, J. Pierce, M. Price. Row 2 D. Perkins, M. Raleigh, R. Rizzo, I. Rains, P. Richardson, 1. Reed, J. Richmond, O. Prystay, B: Pippin, S. Press, C. Quinn, D. Remsom B. Renclelman. Row 3: B. Pierce, D. Renshaw, T. Render, B. Radford, J. Radsclale, S. Piper, R. Rippeon, T. Pitts, YV. Pcratino, L. Portal 10-20 Row 1: H. Schechter, M. Saslaw, D. Schneider, C. Schwartz, S. Schlachman, B. Schotterj. Rothenbuhler, 1. Rosenthal, J Ross, S. Schnebly. Row 2: P. Rubin, M. Salter, S. Sanchez, L. Rose, A. Sanderoff, N, Schreibner, L. Rosenberg, L. Romer, S. Schwarz, E. Saftlas, I. Ross, P. Schreiber, P. Rothman. Row 3: I, Sanguinetti, F. Roeclcer, C. Rupertus, H. Rowe, R. Sacco, I. Rosenfeld, ll. Ross B. Scherr, I. Roth, N. Schaffer, il. Roth. we V ,hav 12? ,ii w QNZN ff ff rv yff. 10-21 Howl: S. Smith, B. Smiley, D, Shooman,C. Shiskin,A Seldeen K Shupe R Sehgmdn P Smith A Slsk A Shannon T Sha piro. Row 2: M, Sher, R. Shif1'in,l. Shay, M. Skarnpa, S. Sloane R Snllexs I Silxennan E Smith Row 3 A Sheuflan P Sheplee T Smith, E. Shipley, NI. Smith, H. Siskind, B. Sharpe. DPHO ORES 10-22 Row 1: A. Steiner, P. Sun, S. Sornson, T. Spindel, L. Spiegelmfm S Sutton C Stmuss Xl Spence R Stfnnblel K Stephenson Row 2: S. Stahler, I. Stevens, D. Stone, H. Solomon, l. Snow, C Sullivan X Stlllxs A Stfmlex Row 3 S Stamfmd N1 Stlasbelg T Stetson, R. Stringer, F. Spiegelberg, C, Stern, D. Stalter. Ng :Qxiw X ,V ii ailwxx f b 4 'I IYXIXIUVZQU 1 ,.. . .Q A .ll XX '4- l0-23 Row 1: Nl. Teitelhaum, C. Tuve, S. Swink, N. Thnmpson. S. Tukach, M. Tucker, J. Utter, NI. Tripe, B. Tippctt, L. Tierney. Row 2: J. Turner, B. Tracy, K. Uglow, 1. Thompkinson, C, fhompson, N. Turner, N. Troll, M, Tamhcllini, S. Turner, B. Swuh, T. Turner. Row 3: R. Tannen, T. Theoharis, P. Taylor, R. Tavan, ,l.TllKJl1lilS, L. Thompson, B. Sweeney, B. Thompson, E. Szalocji. CLASS OF 1966 10-24 R010 1: M. NVells, J. Wade, A, VVeinberger, L. VValker, D. VVuigz1ncl, P. XVerncr, M. Vanflamp, L. XVklltCl'S, S. NVl:lacl1, K. xVllllihlllS Row 2: L. Wells, S. NVeiner, R, VVcichbr0cl, J. VanCamp, D. Virts, D. VVarmkessel, NI. NVehcr. Row 3: E. VVez1v0r,j. XVCHL-n, C. XVeinherg M. Veres, J. Vammino. ffv . . f i Q yi ' V12 3 l 2 Z f 2: T . li' f nn 'N A if 1,117 , Q T Q' , . 1 ,gi , Q59 fmufvil .ln 45 V. MFT., I -iw . . Ui., W5 'VZ . S? A 4 x f Q2 10-25 Row 1: C. NV1'igl1t, H. Zulu sky, E. Zwlm, E. Zippcrnnnl, C, Ymnnuna, R. XVol1l, B.Wincll1om, 1i.Woolston,Al Yuffe, Row 2: D.Wil1iQnns H. NVyclmfl', C. XVllS47I1, H. XVillis, tl, XVouclw1u'cl, K. XVl'Ullt'l, P. NVolfo1'cl, D. York, T. XVilson. Row 3: E. NVillnnns, XVinsm', D, ZllNlTlC1'Il'lkll'l, L XVOUCllJl1l'N,.l. NVi11gf:, T. XVi11clso1',,l. XVillinms, Nl. XVoll'snn, S. XV4YOClS, C. XVl1itc'. ' CLASS OF 1966 DURING LUNCH, SODl1UlNUl'Qh uxclnlngv iclcus on tlw nvw Stu- clc-nt Council clrc-as code. STEVE NVINSOH listens tn il native speaker rn-cite ll new French rliulognc. K Fla' ,ul R , ...Wi wf' 'VIVH X MW . N C --. 5,42 ' l . l 5 Q N - 4' .A T N 1' - ,X as , gg fu-www BRIAN THOMPSON and Mike Raleigh take l'kllli2lfiUl1 counts with u Geiger counter in 11 new biology COLIINC. The Junior Year, 1 ,ff N NA 1' WK, fi , 5 3 7 , I X ' V I ,4 , , 2 1 fpikgygww f, ' f ff , ' Wil f CLASS OFFICERS-D. Weatherbee fPres.J, M. Warren CV.P.D, R. Smith CSec.J, W. Stern CTreas.D. 'K f K 5? 2 fr 1 i ax 5 W Y MEMBERS-AT-LARGE-Front Row: S. Pearson, J. McCally. Second Row: W. Ogburn, D. Kunz. Third Row: J. Cooley, D. Luke, S. Roland. Class Officers HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES-Front Row: N. Lewis, M. Massey, N. Hollander, K, Nelson, M. Greenspan. Sec- ond Row: D , Whittaker, S. Ross, E. Schwartz, N. Kramer, ul, Kearns-Preston, N. Ellerhe. Third Row: C. Gottlieb, R. Brown, E. Woody, K. Ficlcer, K. Herath, K. Landay. Fourth Row: B. Arends, B. Ochsman, J . Tokin, R,CKJ1'Il6ll, T. Petershl. Beach. ffWT! 4,4 133 gy M. B., 1 "' , .iw ., N f i in f if 5 Ez' . V, 71? X , Q r sa.. gag? Q 7,, V .y I H , 2 1 " Y 3 V -ff 'V f f E E if Q , 4. E3 A .4 ' . 2. A x. Q 9 A1 , A 4 134 Ji L f we M 5 I Q iv 5 5 Y' 1 ,,. 4fWf'4, ff X4 ,gf 'ff , f f ,, S W h i t y v' ", ,f W?-2 f gy? 5 , 457 , 4 , , 11 ya Christine Abel Don Abell Peter Adams Pat Adkins Cheryl Adler Liz Alexander Buddy Allen Ira Allen Kathy Allen Patricia Aloi Robert Ankney Bill Arends Robert Arnebeck Richard Arnett Adina A1'non Arthur Aron Larry Aronow Neil Atwood See Austensen Eric Baarslag Burt Bachrach Susan Bahn Bill Bailey David Bailey Delores Bailey Steve Bailey jo Baker Carol Baldwin Marion Baldwin Iackerleen Banks Doug Barnes Mike Barnes Bob Barr Richard Barr Barbara Barsky jerry Bass Linda Bassett Marlyn Baynard jeff Beach jim Beadles Sandy Bean john Beane Sharon Becker Susie Beers Richard Belanger Steve Bender Mary Ann Benedick Pete Berliner Barbara Berman Byron Berman Stan Berman Elaine Bernstein Mary Bernstein Martie Bers Bill Betts ggi. , .',' i Q, f 4 L J 1 in A f 2 ay .,.' 45 "" M Q r ' 3972 , f ', A : ivy 56 L11 I ' , ' 42' KATHY HEBATH admires Richie Reiterys new class img l JU ioas CLASS or 1965 I mm f 1 B A 1 r it , if at e y 'VL' ' V in K 7 ,fm ,.,. f KZ 4 A J 5 'V I I i f f T!! LZ.: ft Z Ali l if 'A B A h Q. I I Laraine Betts Harriet Billingsley Stan Blacker Linda Blair john Bland Irene Blanken Sue Blaustein Roger Blond Roxanne Bohrer Larry Bolet Eileen Bomstein Sue Borg Sandy Bornstein Millard Bowen Alice Bowman Sandy Bowman Christine Bowwer Elaine Braer Thomas Bragg Michael Braid Duane Brand Bill Brazelle Michael Breeskin Karen Bright Sue Brill David Brookes Barbara Brown Pete Brown Susan Brown Susan Brown Bob Bryan Margie Bryant Milton Buchler Margie Buckland Mike Burch Joann Burdette Judy Burns Terry Burns Tim Burns Jim Burris Cheri Burton Bob Busch Randy Busliaw Vicky Calicchio Susan Camlnas Ralph Campbell Rita Campbell Steve Caracofe Daisy Carillo Linda Chaillet Steve Chatzky Fred Chen Cathie Cinciotta Bill Clark Chris Clark Randy Clark john Clawaon Carol Clore Peggy Coale Diane Cohen Helaine Cohen Larry Cohen Lee Cohen 'M ff . ' , ' L J if f JI 4 1411 1 A' na -1' - pg r ii 24 ' ' " ' A!! ill M I M :Q V , :S 5' , in , 242 51 ,., " Y Q , 3, ag f 2 ' I :af X " 1 , ' 1 S: Q .,,., VI 4 Z I',, 1 ' L' if I A V "i,, 1, If , fp ' 4, L, ' Y' 1 .g V li I V f , ,mi 3 25 V35 g, ig. 7 ,,, iq I, Q J U A V A C 'Z' X IJ 1 V, nz' ,, A I if , ' f , 5 ' 135 wp, " 1? ,lf ? x , , x d l H A" A P Ai ' 211 "' ' Z' y - L-Ja., 4 ' ' if z ' fl' f, ,V A Y 7 it s W i 2 y is fl' 3 LH -4 L ll 41 y t o . y 1 f' p Z 'V K 6 136 Marcia Cohen Phil Cohen Henry Cohn Joy Cohn Larry Cole Nancy Cole Laura Colker Bud Collier David Coner john Connell Judi Conway Michael Cook Greg Cooley jack Cooley Steve Coombe Caron Cooper Penny Cooper Deenie Copeland Mike Cormicle Ron Cornell Carol Cory Rebecca Coryell Dean Costantinou Barbara Cox Brooksie Craig Paul Craley Charles Crauer Esther Crawford Rita Crawford Lynda Cromer Cheryl Cross Dianne Cross joe Cucchiara Mike Curtin William Curtis Richard Cushman Diane Cutler Sharon Cutler Kedron Dalgliesh Lonnie Danchik Carolee Dane john Davidson Barbara Davis Eileen Davis Andi Dawson Dianne Dean Cecilia DeCarlo Richard DeNeane Ken Derow Linda Derrick Doreene Devore Mark Diamond jean Dickson Thomas Dixon Bruce Dobbs Betsy Dorman David Dove Richard Doyle Andrea Dreisen Rodric Drolshagen Roger Drummond Helen Duhrowsky Phyllis Duvall f QAJI JU Ions CLASS OF 1965 4 i If-1, 3-- Q . QW l! 4 4 1' 22 1 4' A W , ' 1' f ' if A 4 ' A -1.4 V '4 f , l , If ,f .IV 2, ,Q U 7' 4: i an W lv X25 f , Y- an J ' .KW WJ: '4' A 2 rg 1 9 a ff! WV 3 7: 5 ff 1 f V ,re Y H 64 11 ' f ' 7: I , , If y A412 mf? 1"" W rm Q f 1- f 'Q ,i , X f 'fi af 6" I J A ,, K J, 3. 5,2 ..-A if . f ' ag, 55? Z' fi -,ff W , . Y . wg ,, 5 ,L F S W AQ ,., X i i, i it i f ' Q ,f ' ffffi . sv .:' ' 2 -.., aw, I , f' E tits in f S r f '- Wt, . ia, .,. 'fff ' syn ,a , , A- Wg: ' i V324 ,V ' Ais h Tom Duvall Talis Dzenitis Drew Eagle Fran Eckstein Gail Edelman Steve Edlis Margo Edmands Diane Eggers Lois Eiduson Gail Einbinder Steve Eisenberg Nona Ellerbe Carol Ellis Ned Embree Norma Emerson Tom Engleman Connie Enlow Linda Ernest JUNIORS DISCUSS the upcoming class party during lunch. Fran Estrada Evelyne Everidge Linda Eyster William Fable Karen Fainberg Brian Fallon Ralph F arrel Margaret Farrell Gordon Faust Marty Feldman Faith Ferris Dale Fewell Kathy Ficker Joann Fike Mike Fink David Fishback Lewis Fleischman Dan Fletcher Daniel Flowers Ginny Foley Renee Forcier Rosanne Fort Allan Foster Bob Foster Linda France Elaine Francis Paula Francis Betty Frank jan Frankina Anita Frazee Arlene Freedman David Freedman George French Helen Friedman Jaime Friedman Amram Frisch Richard Fuller Linda Gaetano Ken Gage Beth Gales af gif! ., . 1 4 ,ik i , e E i I Egg A ,js , I I 'vii ' ' lm A I ,1 A ly ' Q ,,.. , llyv L ' I - I A .L g . A i Ai ' ' A --gg, 'f-IM J Z , I S A All e' as f t,i if L . ,XL s,ee l it r' 5' if y J W V , , i L s, ff t , I . 4 E' A I S 137 s- .. 4' ., . ff? V., ' f- s GGL Z. f 1 1 171 1, M M W 2 f ff W., 4 J if , , Jn, S 5 ig if ix 2. A ,fe yew! f 'T " Ji 1, V"A M , A3 VV 4 A... W B -.Q 2-1 f I 4 , ,r -"1 1 'fl' f f' , ,' hfy' 5 W 4 I -1 A H - -V f ff' we ff, , My in 4 .4 G1 If ,Aa 2 3,4 ' - ' 5 Q D' -, 31:04 , 'L , i if "'f ' , S o ' 1 j 4 ,i f , flaw I A " - Q B in V 4 52174. f S "1 Q Ab M. ,. Q M , ,Q my gg, , ' I ifij' .f L l38 Steve Gallagher George Gamble Lucy Gampel janet Gang Sandy Garber john Garberson Terry Garritty George Gately jerry Gayinan Edward Gertler Gail Gettinger Eva Gevirtz Maria Gil Kim Gilbert Stephanie Gimple Bill Gise Ed Gjolstad Celia Goldberg Steve Goldberg Arlene Golden Kathy Golden Katie Goldiamonr Karla Goldman Len Goldstein Ray Goldstein james Goodman Barbara Gordin Bob Gordon jeff Gordon Howard Gorinson Lynn Gorman Pete Gorman Cynthia Gottlieb Maurine Goubeau Debbi Gould Steven Grabin Abby Graham Bill Grandy Bonnie Green Terry Greenan JUNIOR TERRY BURNS, on the move lor Blair. Ken Greenbauni V 5' my 1,4 .' Robert Greenberg Zip, if, 1' M f Dennis Greene ' Dianne Greene Q ' li IW' U1 M," Judie Greene J Af' QQ !,' iii " I Robert Greene -7 I' , 5 Miriam Greenspan , 'gg ' Q! 3 Steve Gregory 1:5 ' M, Bob Griffin f 2 ' Y ,fy , "f'fQfw I N f,Q:, fZvf.,, , A , ag I , Robert Griffin ' ,Z 1. . V. , U, ,Q 'Qlfgv 2 , ,sr , f C Eileen Grigg 3 F 2 V! V Sally Grigsby 7 fs ffm f If ' fa- 57, wwf 3 W Q. 1523: Z ' '31, Lynn Grossman I: wg, W, 5 ' xi Christine Grubbs f V p l, Andy Gudelsky ,M if 1' T ' if H f 1 A A ' W 1 , , f Pvggy Cussman V 3, " g il V Nancy Gustafson - ' A Arturo Guzman 'Z " j Y 1 . ' ,- is f' Richard Haberstat W' K , 1, M 1 ji Q, 'L J Patricia Hale , ix f 2 Ah ' JO Hall M ' ll f , JU ioa CLASS OF 196 " .' ' E 1- s ,S u L, . 4 -' ,ef ' R L 'Q , ,, A :Z KA W' I. . I .f lp' lf i - 2 p , ite, it ,ix 1 if ' ' i wr ' H . 34: Y 3 K '. - ' nl-H fa wt- ,W-. x. . 1 4' ' 1 ,yi . hx. at 5, F i Q .V f fi A lr t N Virginia Hall Betty Hamill Paul Hammann Kenneth Hammer Evan Handler Susan Hardy Claudia Hargrove Carole Harris Larry Hartig Pat Hartness Leslie Hartswick Eloise Harvey john Harvey Richard Hastings john Haycock Eric Hayden Tammy Hazleton Frank Heflin Harriet Heft Louise Heft Pat Hegarty Mike Heiss Meryl Helman Rick Helmbolcl julie Hendrie Kathy Herath Barbara Herbert Bonnie Herbert Fletch Herrald jerry Herskowitz Oliver Hicla Jeanne Higgins Eric Hilberg Raymond Hill Sherry Hirsch Christine Hoadley Louise Hoeh Janis Hochinan Steve Hoffenberg Sharyn Hoffinan Patty Hother Nancy Hollander Bruce Hong Binnie Horowitz Evyun Horowitz Michael Howe Peter Howe Torn Howell Fred Howlin Frecl Howton Dorothy Hsiao Mimi Hsiung john Hudson jim Hull Bob Humphries Mike Humphries jill Inclerclohnen Peter lsikotii Sheri jackson Alan Jacobs Mary jacques Stephen jasper Carol jett Z. f ,gf -N gg B J le -1 1? i fi 43 5 ' 4 A a 1' 'Al BA1 f p D ' L .A gg :IAN l im L i ini? A Q 1 1 A 139 Q ff ,a fy . if bl 2 K nf E 1 ji 42 A na V' A .,.:3 A,.A, L In .A 2 u V , ' ' - 1' ,TQ ""? AA I M " ,, . ' K 7 i ,. T ,MAJ Q , Aw 4 vw f n "' Ai 'A f 1 I t M , " ,M ,Q ' . ggi-f, , if 1 L .-A my f 665, V. " 1 ' f ,ggivf , 1 up A '1,, X , I wi, s ' v V 55 f " V W f f, L ep I l it , J 1 J xg 1- f W 227. V 'igi' , ' ,Vw A if ,, or Q K., M , ,' A- as ., 4 V , , ,- , Vu , ,. I I 3 sw , f vw ff 'V 1- , V - .f V . .. ., i , I i UN Q2 X Lf 'E 2 01.1, JS 9 O M w 4 ' V 140 Leslie Jeweler Steve Jeweler Toni Johannessen Diane Johnson Donald Johnson Jake Johnson Judy Johnson Leo Johnson Cheryl Jones Jack Jones James Jones Jeff Jones Karen Jones Margie Jones Stephen Jones Lyman Jordan Allan Josefslnerg Tom Joseph Steve Joyce Allan Judd James Junghans Richard Junkins Sharon Kahn Alan Kalons Freja Kamel Karan Kandel Marlene Kaplan Allyson Karmel Enid Karp Noreen Katz Ron Katz Toby Katz Louis Kaufman Andy Kaye Alan Kazdoy Judy Kearns-Preston Mary Keiling Doris Keim Bonnie Kellert Thomas Kellington Jane Kempers Judith Kempers Gordon Kennedy Nancy Kenney Bruce Kerman Gene Kesler Barbara Kessler Sue Marie Kinna Steve Kirschbaum Ellis Kitsoulis Janice Klingebiel Fern Knott Joan Koenick Susan Kolb Henry Kopp Marilyn Korneguy Betty Korth George Kozar Robert Kraft Nancy Kramer JU 1oR CLASS CF 1965 N. 22. .Af ., V :X t 'Q f r 154 ig E .E VI? 1.31 .." 'llvn Z 1 1 an is , 14,3 ff ' V J J I 1:11 Sfxvs X LJ A 'Si L. r M . ff ,Q V7 y y ' f l ij , ,J gg wg J K Y , I ff L ,f 1 .f if f VX SSX Y x -- X 0 ,S 343 , ,-,. 7' M y .,.. A ia. .zf 5 Jt J ir l 'X i f gp gn 1 Q All , i X f -9' sz 1 ff I if X X . 2 W, 4 ' f 1' K , , X fm 111' i rr by y, X 4 Ta A: 1: Wig! n y ' f 1 7 g ,.. , ,1 1 fn Q A ' 'Q 1-: .1 4 Stephen Kramer Charles Krautler Gerald Kretrnar Clifford Kristal Susan Kronenberg Brenda Kruger Mary Kryder Douglas Kunz Ellen Kuperberg Sima Kurycki Elaine LaBuda Peter LaGow Katherine Landau Charles Langelan Larry Larsen Sandy Lashley john Laski Bill Latzl-co JUNIORS AWAIT the opening of the annual Thanksgiving As sembly. , 5 john Lawson x Barbara Lay 'N 'L ' if ' 'fi ' Leonard Lea 1 it ,' LL Mary Leadbeater I l .V ' Marcia LaBarge I ' A 1 Lisi LeBovit 4 Alu 1' ' L ' Michael Lee M V, X Lf if- ,' Michael Libovici W, ' i for 4.4 Ar Marla Leinson V X- I X52 V Georgia Lempke .3 ' Z. , .fx 1 e 'ff i Robert Levin ' 554' A G Ly gt, .left Levine Q I 3 g "" 1 A gli ,fl ,li ' A A 1 - L A 41 ! Rita Levine ,A .- 7 Frances Levy tn -. ,D 1 'JT rf-r 7- ' Gertrude Levy 1 I V F-I, ,lay Levy , r x, ' Y K Richard Levy My ' 1 A Barbara Lewis M ,' , H.. 7 -I as 7 7- 4 Harriet Lewis ij., Xb ,Q ily X l ',.. jim Lewis ' " ' I 7 l 4 .ll A i di h john Lewis M L M f-'ff -. Nancy Lewis Sharon Lewis I ffw A rf, Gail Libin h f ff, V L . D 1 A 'Ir -1, . ze my fi Sandy Lieb - ' ,L V A V Judith Light N M I ,X - V ,Q 41 g if Dean Lindsey 5 , ' 'K V if g "" Vicki Lipov M ' A ?r fl' ' fl I Kay I f l , . ,V I 1-4 l f A , Fran Lipton 7.11 G , . I V A fl Cecile Litvin "4 'Tl j 5 Wx I . 5 Carol Livingston ' dl? ag' - f A f' ' Beverly Locke V, V I , ' E ,. I - 4 Karen Loeb VA I X Judith Lotlancl ' M . zz Q, ,N Judith Long A, fe. f in Leanne Long V I ry--f g I W john Longerbeain X 4 la , Richard Love Am Q ' 1- M7 , , 3, Carol Lowder .Lf I V 4, Marcia Lowenstein ' il 't cw ' G . Jr A41 r f fe 141 Q. ,I i ' 1 ZA! M 25933 f,A. y,Q .,1, z q ":s.f? 4 - 4 f 4 A W5 to gdyk filkfvi C MW' A . fy A A ' V'A-' P ff 'L U C 7 if 1 A VA M A-ggi Aff 5 "'V ., an 2 L ,A Ab " 2 r s " ' ' ,. 'dt?llLd3 ip I i?aM4lI L 15. W' il 1 1 .141 I .4 E 1 , A' ' 514 , 3: A 'qi I ix ', QE Z - A 44 sc 'QQ lf' A , E A 'sill S1 "i, 1 L " lk V- .4 A 1 g V U 4 A , , , .. , A M Q E5 QQ? gf,w'JQf? E Q I5 z.,,. Q 1 K W ,V CAT, VVVA S, 2, - . , in A. in Ehqj Wg lrwaaiiy 2.. in '.,V ,f h V .2 . , '41 . J f as 4 . 142 Christopher Lucas Susan Luftig Don Luke Marsha Lutsky Bonnie Lutzky Rodney MacDow joan Mack Margaret MacKay Margie Magidson Sandra Mainking Michael Mantich Daryl Marchant Randy Marcus Peter Marean Michael Maijorani Richard Markle Alan Marrantz john Marston William Martin Rose Marzullo Barbara Mason Margaret Mason Michael Mason Mike Masse' Mary Massey Valerie Masulis Darlene Matejko Linda Matson Audrey Matzel joel May Bruce McCallum Diane McCann jean McColly john McConnell Elizabeth McKelvey Kathleen McNaughton Pat Mehling Susan Mercurio Diana Merrit Elaine Mesavage Susan Meyer Cynthia Michnick Toby Miedzinski Ann Miller Bruce Miller Charles Miller Frances Miller Ianet Miller Mary Miller Laurel Mills Linda Mims Peter Minnhagen Helana Miskin Steve Misler Iames Mitchell Candy Mixsell Sandi Mize Bill Mooney George Moore Linda Moore Mignon Moore A 4 A A f A it fri fff A 4 a rp r XA ' iei'rir + ' M 'rid' A . "-- 2-1 2 I 'A VA- Hifi! + J L ww AV W f V -Lf 1' I AA f L A Ai f fi by f f., WM f , ., , , W E ,y,y i M , v ' 0L le a " L' X, j V. ,Q1A, ,V , ffff ?5KfQqV3fQ j r Hi, TW , ,glr is ' , I ' , 'fe-. ,. . 1 .v Ac 147 .. i 5 A d L MR. PHIL JONES conducts a lecture in a stimulating American Civilization discussion group. JU Ion CLASS OF 196 Z ,, gf Wiz, ' f a ' - 4 ' Nfl X ' , S 'Y 'USES P NI , ' i by N A QQ 4 1' i 'E ex Q Q2 - N, i QS-5.4 3 X fi X i Q ' 6' 4 1 - , OA . t X QT" X Q A NQ,N g X if ist gi wp Ei ,- E xxx X ,Q di' 2 Q . g A . A . ' Q 425, 2 .4 'A' Q X , gm , 4 14 -VQ , Louis Monk Henri Morales Newton More Judie Morgan james Morris Elaine Moskowitz William Moyer Anne Mullin Shirley Murphy . Penny Murray Cindy Myers Larry Naftal Arlene Nearhoof Karon Nelson Sharon Nelson Diana Nesbitt Lynn Newman Ronald Newman Roy Niedermayer Nancy Noe johnny Noffsinger Judith Nolan Marsha Nomkin jeff Norman jean Oaks Darrell Oberlin Sue O,Brien Bob Ochsman Danny O,Connor XVillard Ogburn Mark Olman Dolores O'Neil Randy Orem Signe Orem Barbara Oremland Norman Oremland Mary Orvold Hugh Packard Vernon Padgett Andy Page Chryssa Paleologos Hallie Park Chuck Parry Eric Partee Jeffrey Paskow james Patterson Robert Paul Pam Pavlock Bob Pavlovsky Arnold Pearlman Sue Pearson Nancy Peers Toni Ann Pergantis Robert Permison john Perry Barbara Pesacov Tom Peters Barbara Pfaff Carla Pfanstiehl Iacquelyn Pierce Iudy Pierce Elaine Pien'el Audrey Piltch . H -v kg, x All , -. , Q' Q .1,f "'M'?li I ,WX 'ble-fl! 1 1. 4: iw-P+ Ie' Q I gy I Ar 4. A .A 45 X, ' P i i H A Ab li A P Y Lu A W 1 ' i"' A ' MQ' yy n 4 ff 451. f if A U Q 2 1, 2 L, " 35' ' if f , If 1 Ar AF T43 XIX QF.. , . -- . 1 'ff 7 Earl A A , y ,,'i'.. " 'wiv . 5 . .1 Zlv, 2 1.1 J .A I A' " ' ' Q " , 2, ww, 3-K, H QJA W'f, 3,f A 'E .A.Z y iyr orgy, ,iii gain ff M fi A 5 fm figrf' 'EA , If X 4 cg, Z ' ' I , ' I -Y f , I 5 it L ' ' Af V ,1., ' A In P f , h , S seq ,yrs 'fgx , 5 R'i sigh? aw X M L f in f za V y AiQi Q II. fir iq r s 3 M J ., Q-W K! f gi Ag 1, ' P., ' ' my 1. A A . , Rl sv- r', 1 gg l 71 ,iw . . f f , ,s M 55, ,ffm 'fi' All , R' ? 'fs W i iii . 9 if 4 144 Suellen Pittleman Barbara Podnos Ira Polikoff Arleen Polivocla Dale Pollekoff jim Potter jim Poulos Linda Powers David Pratt Sharon Price Martin Protas Mary Pugh Marvin Purzitsky Michael Pustilnik Nancy Rader Bill Railey Betty Raines jerry Raines Steve Rapley Bob Ratliff Russell Ratliff William Ravenscrott Sherry Rechenbach jackie Reed Helen Reichmann Sherri Reisman Richard Reiter Monroe Renner Michael Reynolds Alice Reznikoff lucly Rhoacl Betty Richter Sandra Riclgley Patricia Riggs Verne Riggs Ricky Rincl Don Rivlin -lane Roach Cynthia Robb Daniel Robbin . '4 ". ,Ng KARAN KANDEL, Fran Walker, and Betty Richter familiarize themselves with the catalogs in the college library. Laurie Robins Steve Roland David Rolls Stuart Roinanow Larry Romans Patrick Rooney Steffie Roots Betty Rose Cheryl Rosen Margaret Rosen Sandra Rosen Louis Rosenblatt Grace Rosenblooin Ellen Rosenfeld Sharryn Ross Jeri Rothchild Debbie Rothman Mossman Roueche Kathy Rourke Elizabeth Rouse 4 , s wfwz if g A ? ?g ,,, ,. 3, ,V fig- . vtrt ' i 'i is - , Y ' ,,., ii 4' in if a fy., Xkfayf f!f,, gg, - 2, fi 71' J3Zm,,! V V ., K? P , , il 1 WWW! an 2 " " ' w 4 1 f ZZZW ,V V jf- aff l 1 f , Q gw a,, Q his Wu? 3 ff V' if' i -' 'n JU IOR CLASS OF 1965 15' 'li ft. Z1 if V VA.?f" t ' E2 54 ,,.lA, Z1?J,4ll.4ff . ' , W? 5 V 1 'N ,gn 7 gg,i,f Q,,f, , , 4. S ,, S I Q 'i 5 I r if , X I S' y i ' ? .f ' , S r at , , 4 .ji 4.1 Thomas Routh Catherine Rowland Barry Rubinstein Diane Rudden joy Ruinizen john Rupertus Sandy Russell Anne Rusteberg Dave Sabghir Steve Sacharoff Diane Sachs Marilyn Sacks Reed Sadler Suzanne Sager Judy Salim joel Salus Lorin Sarbacher Bruce Sartwell Arthur Sauer Linda Sauter Ronnie-Lee Sawyer Charlotte Schecter Tom Scheick Dick Scheller 4 .gf t st- ,N gif be Karen Schiff A 4 V, Y Y ' joel Schlesinger Q lv ' ' Judy Schmidt If V ? I ve f fi i Louise Schnitinan J' - y J . Allan Schoen 3 5 ww- E 4 , Marilyn Schoendorfer 3-F . i' KL 3 Roger Schooley 5' f" Bm SME it ld I I 4 A I i Steve Schuman f p 2. A 1 rs' Bruce Schwartz f I' WL "' I 3 I Ellen Schwaitz E K' 3 gi- 25- j Nancy Schwartzinan 'ff t ' K , I A 1 Yip, Mike Schweitz I 4. 'lj 3 ' N Cathy Schwimer L, I at 1 ' t 0 I h Bill Scott an M fi' at K' Nancy Seaton X f S VA Neg" li? iii l Eric Seidel I L., ii A I K fl ' Kathie Self 5 f 3 "V ' ' 'N ' Steve Sexton Q" 2?-H ' T ' Carolyn Shankle fb K I y 'I 1 ' ' .1 9 li ' Henry Shapiro K I 1 hr 4 1 V Tom Sheehy I I, M 4 Dolores Sharpe 4-W ' K , lv Edward Shenker a f - Marie Shepherd Priscilla Sheppe Sheila Shilby Kay Shriver Chuck Sliuman Florence Shupe Doug Siegel jill Sieinon Nlartin Silbert Candi Silver Stuart Silver Larry Silverman Lucy Silverman Adrian Simpson Marion Simpson Marty Simon 4? ', , 1 ' KV M fr: ,. ., , Q , .. ,,, , - -V fi- rf' ' 4 ig- 1 V , l i ' A-I 'if K ,K f, A V S- ' 'f " f 'im fi' Q S 5Vfi 4 tis! Qri? I' Y A If fl ' 1 "" t ,ws 1 4- , dp I4 or in I Ai 3 a at X 1 fi 'I ' ' l , Z .f , ' .ic .aiu ' .an 4?.4ll1ul i,1l 145 f N ,, , ,. 4 , :I A , s n ua Qrfiq 5 K M wr X Kathy Sims V 1: 1,5 Q , t , fy fi . ll 0 GUY Slildk' Paul Stollei' l -. . ' " 'fre , gr Elaine Sloan Kathy Smuffgl- ' . I l I Nancy 5lUHi1N jimmy Stromberg J, - . , lf ' W wi , - ' 1 - P-mfs I A ' ,ma K M 'A I W ?Y A M Doug Smith ' A lx , Q, gr M I Linda Smith .ludy Stuart L 'N WA' 5 X if ff Paula Smith Carol Sturm It V' '- ' 5 E' I ' Roberta Smith Debby Sugar ' I' " -lil 1.145 All. .ll fv,,4lll ,Vg -www , , ,, ww - 3 "-s ' t t Q . ' M Stuart Smith ,S A i j ,, Q , fy , Mk P Kim Sniffin Bonnie Sun I Q L f ig 'ye l 5 Jeanne Snow Paul Sun 7 V A I S . If IW Snyder Earl Surwit ff ' i Q5 9 b 1 .wwf if H X A 4 h X A i S . I ,.,. I . -. ,, A 0, 4, , 5 J., -gy , , ' Sharon Soles f, . , 5 , M lf if , 4. , M, - arg , we f' ' , il 1' l H i - I Robert 50l0m0n Lynda Sutler A - 1 , V ji " S if fl Wf .-ff Peter Summers P. -' .k S V M' ' ' -F' 'ef gf ff lk . , .. d k ati ic Weeney , , 1 f , ,, -ff ju y Soo 'ne H , S t Q V Y l . f A em Wee 5 D I f 1 "" Q, Q' f , ., LM Y Mary Aim Sourwine Y " ' , S , ' 1 S 4, if Richard Soyars Dom Swim-115501 r ' ' ' ' lf: W, uf NOUTUUI 5Dfffl1ng Shannon Swindle Q f V, 'Q ,g, jean Spiekerman Cecy Szafir , . ' " - fr W ith: A. A Ilia? ,ik lQg!g!g!I! N 4 x X-1 f .f M'i af, C tr' gf L45 my I N , N 1 ld? il , Q if ' ,- 'N I -, ef 146 ...R , la if l Terry Spielman John Spigler Nancy Spoecher Susan Spotts Suz Staphens Chris Stathes Pam Staubs Mary Steele Daniel Stein David Stein Linda Stein Luanne Stein Lise Steinberg Michael Steiner Craig Sterling Wayne Stern Mona Stewart Roger Stewart Paul Stillman jean Stokely GARY YUDKOFF decants potassium nitrate while Chris Strthes records results. is tiara I 25 2255 ' gf X if M yi, V. ? 5 5 . 1 fl fo" ,- 4, A ab f ' C ,Ch H 1, ,M . JU 1oR CLASS OF 196 f J? f 1 'ii J f H' I ri W Al ti X 'Q Yi if f . It ' ul at - T , Q W :Ty E., Ye' T ig, 2 1' T-'4 S Suzanne Szalouzi David Tabler Margie Taulelle Greg Taylor Henry Taylor Kent Taylor Kiln Taylor Loretta Taylor Robert Taylor Shannon Taylor Albert Teter Evans Theoharis Tommy Thomas Mary Thorn Ronnie Thorpe Georgene Tickno jim Tobin Lorraine Tobin Steve Train Genny Travis Patricia Triana 1. Harold Troutinan Marcia Trutter Bill Turner Susan Turner Eric Uberman Gretchen Ulrich Dennis Utter Iinants Vanags Laurie Verber John Verrill Bill Vitello Fran Walker Larry WValker Jane Wallace William Wallace Ellen XVallach Marilyn Walton Gordon Ward Mona VVarren Howard XVarshaw Michelle XVason Betty Weakley Warren Weakley Dick VVeatherbee Dolores Webb Gail Weinraub Steven NVeinstein XVarren XVeif Ellen XVeisberger Maureen VVeise joe Weiss Marshall VVeissnian Carol Welch Peggy VVencllandt Eva Wertlieb Robert XVest jerry XVhiddon Donna Whitaker Doug XVhite :eg 9' ' l ii J , dl - x 1 E .. G A L Iii I s , Q 'R W, - Qi fzyv H tw 1 V lf, 'Z .4 ii A QL. Q TV, IA LS 5 :YV A 44 Ml 3 T if ifyflt' M A z S rg if ,T iz I' Al , -- t M g A .Ada h 1 AAI -, at f T if A- ix, ,f i ka- 3 A E A A X Az T if ,J iii 4 , QA' . T 'I Ji W 1 W 1, 'L Q c, r' , '- I TA., 147 ,J 9 If 34+ i 1 M i X Y' A .. ' I ,iii X V- SA 7 ,vi 1 7 , gf , 2,51 3 . ,. N A Z ,. , I , , v, 148 fi, fe? 1 is ,f ji Y. if if 5 f Pam White Phil XVhitc Mary XVhitehiil jim NViehush Christine hViiiJlll'lI Czirhi NViley Cindy XViiliz11ns Steve XViiiiillNS john XVilson Tom XVindh0in Diane XVinei' Larry XViscnmn Steven NVish BiH'iJill'il XVitkin tory students how NIH. BRIDGES shows his U.S. His A-Q1 M,.,.,-ww W Bruce XVolf Lyle XVolinsky Dun XVOOCiill'Ci Ed XVoociy Sully NVn1'sley Eugenia NV11 Jeanette XVyc0ff Hay XVynn Bm'huru Young Frank Young Cary Yndkoff' .lack Zapalski Lynn Zzipulski Bzibette Ziish 'li i Q f..-, V to organize raw .,.,W., Wi 6'?WffZ'?5f x ' " 24 f ifzfwtvv 'EQ U? ef f if ? an-uh papers, 2 6 -' L 531 g13352gf2 S S 1 wg! ' if ff I 5 I if X E535 W sf , gym x 132 xx yv:,g:g,1w pa-fi X35 4 Q wi ,X , , , 7,01 i ,, fx 5 ,if . ., 58.1 , ' , . gf ' '- yfxii, 2 , J , , 4 - -i V7 .js 5 , k'k, ff Q If ' ' " 1' xfwfwfwfa ' ' X, - f f i Q ' izffmii '- fs? 5 .. ,V ,.,. ' f f' ,, V 1 sis. . ,M y 5 isgwiff My i ' W, ,GW ,gl y in WW, A ,M-wi K ! l,f,,Qq, " iii' i i 1 , V 4 ' 5 " , i fQ'i . , ' Q, 1 f , 3 f 45 - " WW? -f yr ,, ,, M f. A IU 1011 CLASS OF 196 .IUNIORS REED SADLER and Don Rivlin begin thc tinal stagesuftlwil'cabilmet-1mxki11gplnic-cts. STEVE SHUXIAN and Henry Cohn concentrate on at difficult micl-tern: exaxninution. an M , fi' Q Z1 t' L ,p f ,f .4 7, ,V ,, ' if Li f W, :iw ' df K 'ZW' Ao' '1 .uf .pf ,Li E fi 'V far yf 4,4 x '42 X J Y S I ' 5 mfs' W"'-fmtxxx .- :bw- .,- H' ,fa V, 1 La. 'x 149 The Senior Year L-421' ' "1i!i""'i' S' 77Z,.Anf4fL We W , A : vf. 47 'f k .Lv ,R W, Q W .-"' Pkg 5, Ea W2 fl? ' CLASS OFFICERS-Grace Rowell fSec.J, Mike jenkins CPres.j, Tom Crum fV.P.D, Tom Moore fTreas.D. I or 4.-of MEMBERS-AT-LARGE-Front Row. c. Walker, D. Baker Second How: D. Davenport, C. Chung, J. Wagner. Third Row. G. Barber, B. Malikan. Class Officers HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES-Front Row: H. May, B. Brimacombe, S. Waple, S. Wade, P. Heav- ner, D. Cushing. Second Row: M. Schechter, J. Blana, S. Feinstein, E. Littman, C. Cooper. Third Row: I. Alt, A. Smith, B. Katz, S. Overholt. Fourth Row: B. Wolk, E. Ginsburg, M. Pearlman, D. Howe. Fifth Row: B. Cray, J. Larson, D. Make, R. Friedman. f ,. .. ..,. i -" B -- .f. .-. 151 Mr. Wagneris Message To the Class of 1964: In the years ahead you will look back on your last term in high school with many memories. The pages of this annual Will remind you of the out- standing events in your life at Montgomery Blair, You will no doubt recall the school year 1963-64 as one marked by great changes on the national scene, with the sudden passing of a president and the rapid and orderly transition to new leadership, Working to maintain the position of the United States in the troubled world of these times. We hope that your high school days have given you a solid base for future action. We hope, too, that these days have equipped you to make choices and to reach decisions that Will serve you Well in later life. It is important that we make long range plans in terms of our life goals, but it is just as important that we plan the activities of each day toward those goals. Our best wishes go to each of you as you leave Montgomery Blair, and We trust that your high school days will have been the prelude to success, good health, and happiness in the future. C ordially, f K 'T 9' 152 yi! ugh Bs... 4. 1 Senior Activities THE SENIOR YEAR IS rye 11 of prepal ltlon im college Here students lIlfCI'8Stf:'d1I'lfi'lE Umve1s1tvofCh1c1p,0 llsten rtteutlxdy is the representative describes L rmpus hfe V hall.. 4- NANCY JANE ABBOTT: BCA 3,4 lPres.J5 Silver Quill 3,4 lBusiness NlanagerD5 Activity Council 45 Praeco Argenteus 25 French Club 35 H.R. Officer 2 CV.P.J5 Quill ISI Scroll 4. BARNETT HONVARD ABRAMS: Senior Class Play 4 MICHAEL ROSS ADELMAN NORMAN AHUNIADA-CALLARDO: Foreign EX- change Student 45 Spanish Club 45 Soccer 45 Student Council 45 Key Club 4 lHonorary MemberD5 Foreign Exchange Club 4. MARY BARTON AKELEY: Cheerleader 3,45 O'Debs 45 Homecoming 2,3545 NVays lk Means Comm. 2,35 Public Relations Comm. 45 Class Comm. 5354. CAROL ANN ALBERT: French Honor Society 3,4 CPres.D5 Athletic Comm. 45 FTA 2,3,4 CSec'yP5 Der Deutsche Adler 45 BCA 3,45 French Club 3,45 Foreign Exchange Club 253. JOHN PAUL ALLEN: Transfer 45 Football 25 Bowling 2,35 T1-ack 2. WALTER FRANK ALLEN: Intramurals 2. BRUCE ALPERSTEIN: Football 253,45 Baseball 2,35 Wrestling 45 Varsity Club 45 Senior Class Play 45 Transfer 4. SENIORS lvfx K' , rash, WUT gy-v J- IUN 'NIV 'Wk ,Qw- JAMES EDWARD ALT: Nat'l Honor- society 3,44 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Latin Honor Society 3,45 Dis- cussion Club 2,3,4 lPres.D5 Chess Club 3545 Rep. As- sembly 4 lP211Allk1lH6lIfRl'IZ:1Y1iQ Latin Scrabble 2,55 CCY Captainj. NANCY BARBARA ALVEY: Silver Chips Rep. 45 Class Comm. 4. DONALD BRUCE ANDBERC: Transfer 3 DOUGLAS PAUL ANDBERC: Transfer 35 H.R. Officer 2 CPres.J. RHODA LENORE APPLEMAN: Homecoming 2,45 Silver Chips Rep. 3,45 Pep Club 25 Student Ass't 3,45 H.R. Officer 2 lSec'yP. FERNANDO MEDINA ARAUJO: Spanish Club 3,45 Spanish Honor Society 35 Soccer 3545 Foreign EX- change Club 45 El T010 de Plata 3. DIXON GREY ATAMIAN: Baseball 2 U.V.D, 3545 Safety Comm. 45 Homecoming 45 H.R. Officer 2 lPres.D5 Rifle Team 2, MARY LOU ATWOOD: Intramurals 2. MICHAEL ATHIE BACHE: Transfer 35 Banking 3 CHeacl Bookkeeperj. 6-0, " Q Ex WM as ' ?T""' BARBARA MARIE BEACH: H.R. Officer 3 CSec,yD, 4 CSec,yD4 Rep. Assembly Comm. 34 Public Relations Comm. 44 Welcoming Comm. 3444 Annual Show 34 Homecoming 2,3,4. DIANA CAMPBELL BEACHLEY: Library Club 2, 3,44 Adv. Chorus 3,4 CAccompamstJ4 Praeco Argen- teus 44 Homecoming 2. DAVID KEITH BEECKEN: Basketball 2 CNIgrD4 Crest Club 3,4 CHist.J4 Student Government 4 CChap- lainl4 Constitution Board 34 H.R. Officer 3 iP1'GS.J4 Publicity Comm. 3. ANDREA SUSAN BEGAB: Discussion Club 2,3444 Foreign Exchange Club 24 Civil Defense Club 24 H.R. Officer 2 CSec,yD. SUSAN BEISER: Transfer 34 Prom Comm. 3. PAULA BERNICE BELDOCK: In-school Publicity Comm. 4 iClT.DQ Annual Show 2,34 Senior Class Play 44 Varsettes 44 Homecoming 2,34 French Club 243,44 Adv. Chorus 344. JAMES SCOTT BELL: Baseball 24 Crests 344. RUTH BELLACK: Chorus 34 BCA 44 Art Club 4. ELLIOTT JEROME TUCKER BELLAND: Welfare Comm. 4. PHYLLIS SUSAN BAHN: Annual Show 34 Senior Class Play 44 Class Comm. 44 Welfare Rep 3 iAlt.l: GSA 24 Student Assit 344. EMILY AUGUSTA BAILEY: Homecoming 2: Li- brary Club 3 CSec'yD, 4 CPres.D4 XVelfare Comm. 2. DAPHNE DIANNE BAKER: Student Council 2 fAIGIUIJSI'-HI-lk11'g6P, 4 Olember-at-largekq O'Debs 3,44 NVays 81 Means Comm. 34 Girls, Planning Comm. 34 Stage Crew 34 Class Comm. 243. ELIZABETH ANN BANES: BCA 3,44 Foreign Ex- change Club 3,44 FHA 2,44 In-school Publicity Comm. 44 Class Comm. 34 Majorettes 44 Homecoming 2,4 CCOITTIII. Ch.D. PATRICIA ANNE BARAN: H.R. Officer 2 CRep.D, 3 CAlt.D, 4 CAlt.D4 GSA 3,44 Library Club 44 Home- coming 4. GLENN NOLT BARBER: Class Officer 2 QPres.D4 Student Government 3 fTreas.D, 4 Cklember-at-largef Key Club 243,44 Track 2,3444 Cross Country 3,44 Varsity Club 3,44 Nat'l Honor Society 344. ELEANOR JOYCE BARNEY: Library Club 2,3,44 French Club 3,44 FTA 24 Adv. Chorus 344 CSec,yJ. LEWIS RONALD BASHOOR: Senior Class Play 44 Masque 81 Gavel 2,3444 Adv. Chorus 3,44 Class Comm. 4. ARLENE LESLIE BASSIN: Awards Comm. 24 Wel- fare Comm. 44 Dabblers' Den 44 Homecoming 4. CLASS OF 1964 1 Af' 011 -Avg '--o eww- Q 'QW rw A ff m., . - 4 .,..,i -L, " 'I V 'fi A ' 754 if '. . . . an la 'ff , - SENIORS CAIL MARCIA BERNSTEIN: Publicity Comm. 2,3, Stage Crew 2, Civil Defense Club 2, Annual Show 3, Welfare Rep. CAlt.D 4, StudentAss,t 4. ANNE MARIE BISON: Library Club 3,4, Stage Crew 3, Homecoming 3, Class Comm. 3,4, Safety Comm. 4. GAIL ANITA BIXLER: Cheerleader 3, Art Service Club 2,3 CSec'yl, Leaders, Club 3, Transfer 3, Student Ass't 4. DAVINA M. BJELLOS KATHLEEN PATRICIA BLACK: Banking 4, Pub- licity Comm. 4. PAUL FREDERICK BLACK ROBERT MAYER BLACKSTONE JEAN NICOLETTE BLANA: Class Comm. 2 QCO- Ch.J, 3,4, Athletic Comm., 2, Rep. Assembly 3,4, Dance Comm. 4, Library Club 2,3,4, Adv. Chorus 3,4. MELVIN LOUIS BLANK: H.R. Officer 4 CV.P.P, School Store 2,3,4. 156 SHERRY MARVA BENDER: Spanish Honor Society 3,45 Annual Show 3, Awards Comm. 2, Student Ass't 3,4, Class Comm. 4. CAROLE SUE BENNETT: Chorus 3, Work Exper- ience 4. IOSEPH ROLAND BENNINCHOVEN: Stage Crew 2. PATRICIA ANN BENSON: Orchestra 2,3,4, Annual Show 3, Library Club 3,4, Music Club 3. RHONA DALE BERG: Transfer 3, French Club 2, Math Club 2, H.R. Officer 2 CSec,yD, Student Assit 3.4. JUDITH BERKOWITZ: Nat'l Honor Society 3,4, French Honor Society 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta- 3,4, Ways or Means Comm. 2,45 Annual Show 3, Senior Class Play Comm. 4 CComm. Ch.D, Homecoming 4. STEPHEN BERLIN: H.R.' Officer 3 CV.P.l, Band 2,3,4, Folk Music Club 3 CPres.D, 4, Key Club 2,3,4, Nat'l Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 4, Nat'l Honor Society 4, Constitution Board 4. NEIL MARTIN BERMAN: Transfer 3, Amateur Radio Club 2 CPres.D, Band 2,3,4, Folk Music Club 3 fV.P.P, 4, Science Club 2,3, Astronomy Club 3, H.R. Officer 4 CV.P.J. ANNE LOIS BERNSTEIN: Transfer 3, Student Council 2 CMember-at-largeb, FTA 2, Annual Show 3, Student Assit 3, Silver Chips 4 CPage 3 Ed.D, French Club 4. 'Wav' f JOHN JEFF BLEVINS: Rifle Club 2, Izaak VValton League 2 fTreas.D, 3,4 fV.P.D5 H.R. Officer 4 CPres.J. ARLENE FLORENCE BLICHER. Silver Chips Rep. 2,35 Class Comm. 3, Annual Show 35 Homecoming 35 Class Comm. 45 H.R. Officer 3 CSec,yD, 4 CSec'yD. VIRGINIA LOUISE BLIVEN: Silver Quill 3,45 An- nual Show 3. BARRY STEPHEN BLOOM: Blair Bowlers 2,3,4. TERRENCE MICHAEL BOLLS: Wlelfare Comm. 35 Safety Comm. 45 Adv. Chorus 45 Audio-Visual Comm. 9 BRUCE LEE BOOBERG: French Club 3,45 Foreign Exchange Club 45 Library Club 4. ERAST NICHOLAS BORISSOFF: Transfer 45 Math Honor Society 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Latin Honor Society 25 Chess Club 35 Math Club 35 In- tramurals 3. MARY ANN BOWMAN: Transfer 35 Commercial Club 35 DECA 45 Distributive Education 4. ALBERT JONES BOYLE V04 f. mr. rf' 'Pg 'il 37531 4'-f, E-11 5 vwfrjwifywa' A AALL2 'iff' If 'F 5351! ' A . I up- E vlltzll T-,T 'iff 'VX CLASS OF 1964 ROSLYN JOAN BRANDON: Welfare Comm. 2 CRep.D, 3 CTreas.P, 4 CCh.D5 Library Club 2,35 French Club 25 Homecoming 3,45 Monogram Society 3. TERRELL DAVIS BRANTLEY: Crests 3,4 fSr. ACI- visorD5 Football 2 CJ.V.D, 3,45 Track 25 Citizenship Comm. 3,45 Varsity Club 35 Banking 45 Student Assit 2,3. FANNY BLANCA BRENER: Intramurals 2,45 Or- chestra 2,35 Music Club 35 U.N. Club 45 Spanish Club 4. ALICE BRENNER: Spanish Club 25 Homecoming 2, 35 Silver Chips Rep. 35 Annual Show 2,3 Adv. Chorus 35 Senior Class Play 4. JOHN XVILLIAM BRIMACOMBE: Key Club 2,3 CSec,yD, 45 Annual Show 25 Rep. Assembly 4 CSgt.- at-ArmsD5 Dance Comm. 45 Silver Quill 4 CExchange Ed.D5 SILVERLOGUE 35 Class Comm. 4. BARBARA ANN BRITTON: Majorettes 2,3,45 O'Debs 3,4 iChaplainD5 FHA 3,4 CChaplainJ5 H.R. Officer 2 fPres.J5 XVays 81 Means Comm. 2,35 Class Comm. 2,3 CCh.J, 45 Safety Comm. 4. ALEXIS BRONROTT: H.R. Officer 2 CAlt.75 Home- coming 4. ROBERT ALEXANDER BROOKER: Silver Chips Rep. 25 Safety Comm. 3,45 Athletic Comm. 4. IAN KENNETH BROOKS: School Store Comm. 3,45 Baseball 3 CMgrD, 4 CHead Mgixjg Class Comm. 45 Homecoming 45 Varsity Club 4. 157 -.., IULIA ANN BROOKS: Class Comm. 45 Home- coming 4. DIANNE SHARON BROTT: FTA 2,45 Annual Show 35 Senior Class Play 45 Homecoming 25 Library Club 2,3,45 Office Ass't 4. LINDA ANN BROWN: Library Club 3. KATHERINE LOUISE BROWVNLOWE: Transfer 45 Latin Club 25 Newspaper 2 tEd.j5 Homecoming 2,35 Prom Comm. 3. IANICE JUANITA BUCOS: Bookkeeping Award 35 CSA 2. 5 BRIDGETTE REE BUNCH: Student Council 2 tMember-at-largel, 3 tSec'yl, 45 Interhigh 4 fSec'yD5 O,Debs 3,45 CV.P.D5 Cheerleaders 45 Monogram So- ciety 3,45 Welcoming Comm. 4. sEN1oRs wa . . ,. .ygfwi ,ff A ,l f X a A 2,55 - 'EB ,,f gee'-1 Hi' Wa' ar"" -fi' -,.f..,,v 'N ,i l l ' 158 X 'WHY' ROSEMARY GLADYS BURDICK: BCA 3,45 CComm. Ch.D5 Welfare Comm. 3,45 CSA 2,3,45 Homecoming 4' Ways Bt Means Comm. 3,4. a DIANE ROSE BURKE: Homecoming 25 Banking 3,44 Work Experience 4. a BABETTE DOROTHY BURNS: Spanish Club 2,3. CHRISTINE WHITLEY BURNS: Keyettes 2,3,4 CMd. District Pres.D5 Election Comm. 25 Annual Show 35 Foreign Exchange Club 4. BARBARA ANNE BYRD: Bookkeeping Award 35 Work Experience 4. NANCY LEE CALDER ELIZABETH ANN CALDWELL: Silver Quill 3,4 CPublicity Mgr.D5 Adv. Chorus 45 Dabblers, Den 25 Foreign Exchange Club 3,4. ,RAYMOND FRANCIS CAMPBELL: Crests 45 Wres- tling 3 CI.V.D5 Transfer 35 Basketball 2 U.V.l5 Home- coming 4. MAUREEN SUE CAPLAN: Awards Comm. 25 Class Comm. 45 Homecoming 45 Student Ass't 3,4. HARRIET JOAN CAPLON: Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Constitution Board 4 CClerkD5 Library Club 2,45 Folk Music Club 3,45 Latin Scrabble 25 School Store 45 FTA 4. JOYCE INIARGARET CARNEY: Library Club 2,35 FHA 25 Keyettes 2,3,4 CBookstore Ch.D5 Annual Show 2,3 CComm. C1134 LEON WRIGHT CARPENTER Q9 Cv' PATRICIA COURTNEY CHARMAN: Chorus 2,35 Transfer 45 Steering Comm. 3. CAROL RAY CHASIN ROBERT CHUNG UENG CHEN: Transfer 35 Span- ish Club 25 Work Experience 3,45 D.O. 35 Far Eastern Club 4. LELAND MEREDITH CHESKIS: Discussion Group 3,45 Chemistry Club 35 Astronomy Club 45 Welfare Comm. 4 fAlt.D5 Mu Alpha Theta 45 First Place Na- tionwide Latin Exam 2,35 Second Place State Latin Vocabulary Contest 3. EVERETT JESSE CHILDS, JR.: Senior Class Play 45 Chess Club52,45 Chair Comm. 45 Science Fair Award 35 Homecoming 45 Audio Visual Aids 2,4. DON MILLARD CHIRIELEISONQ Natll Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 journal D,Argeut 4 CEd. Staffl5 Discussion Group 3,45 Library Club 2,3,45 Nat'l Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 45 Folk Music Club 4. CONSTANCE JYU-HWA CHUNG: Student Govern- ment 4 CMember-at-largeD5 Class Officer 3 CV.P1l5 H.R. Officer 2 CPres.l, 3 CS6C,Yl5 Class Comm. 2,3 CCh.J, 45 Athletic Comm. 25 Awards Comm. 3. IUDITH ANN CLAFFY: Distributive Education 45, DECA Club 4 fSec,yD. MARYANN CLARK: H.R. Officer 2 fS6C,Yl9 DECA Club 4 fV.P.l5 Distributive Education 4. CAROL ANNE CLAWSON: Transfer 35 Homecoming 45 Senior Class Play 45 Annual Show 45 Welfare Comm. 35 Safety Comm. 45 Class Comm. 3 ROYANNE INEZ CLINARD: GSA 25 Bowling Club 35 Work Experience 4. GALE HILARY CLOSTER: Natll Honor Society 3,45 F1'ench Honor Society 3,45 SILVERLOGUE 4 COrgan- izations and Honors Ed.D5 journal D,Argent 3,45 Homecoming 2,3,4 CCh.D5 Election Comm. 35 Pub- licity Comm. 4. x LEAH D. ANDREIE CASE: Adv. Chorus 3,45 Annual Show 2,35 Dabblers' Den 45 Folk Music Club 45 For- eign Exchange Club 4. JANICE SUSAN CASSESE: Bank 3,4 CSeC,yl: Student Asslt 45 Homecoming 2. ANITA CAROL CATZVA: FTA 25 Homecoming 45 French Club 4. EDWARD VVILLIABI CHAILLET III: Transfer 25 Debate Union 2 CSec,yl5 Rep. Assembly 25 Silver Quill 3,45 French-German Club 2 CTreas.l. KATHLEEN MARY CHANEY: FDNA 2,3 tV.P.l, 45 Adv. Chorus 3. JOY AVIS CHAPPER: SILVERLOCUE 53,4 CEd.-in- chiefD5 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 French Hono'r So- ciety 3,45 Latin Honor Society 253,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Masque and Gavel 3,45 Discussion Group 2 CSec'yJ, 3 CSec'yD, 4. CLASS OF 1964 . .. 4,', 1 5 fl' 0. -594 wy- 'Q' .Q'v. ' N , f 1 U .5 ' f . 4 ,ZW "M 1-H4 473' Qnfw .f WW :fs Q7 SENIORS HARRIET COLBREUNER: Powder Puffs 35 Home- coming 3. ESTELLE MAUREEN COLEMAN JAMES COLEN: Athletic Comm. 25 Homecoming 4. COLLEEN COLLINS: Transfer 45 Chess Club 45 Office Ass't 45 FDNA 3,45 Adv. Chorus 2. PAUL MAXWELL COLMAN: Band 2,35 Chess Club 35 Stamp Club 2. FRANK JOSEPH CONICLIO MARGARET ELEANOR FLOYD CONLYN: H.R. Officer 3 fV.P.J, 4 fV.P.J5 Class Comm. 2,354 CCh.b Dance Comm. 3,45 Stage Crew 535 Fashion Show 2,3 FHA 2,3545 Library Club 253,4, JAMES WILLIAM CONNELLEE MARJORIE JAYNE CONNER: Transfer 3. DEBORAH ANNE COOK: H.R. Officer 3 CP1'es.l5 Cheerleader 45 Homecoming 2,3545 Class Comm. 2, 3,45 Dance Comm. 3,45 Public Relations Comm. 45 Stage Crew 3. SUELEN LEIOLA COOK: H.R. Rep. 2 fAlt.l5 Wel- fare Rep. 3. CAROL ANN COOPER: Majorettes 25354 fCo-capt.D5 H.R. Officer 4 fPres.D5 Dance Comm. 2535 O,Debs 45 FHA 3,45 Class Comm. 2,3545 Homecoming 354. 160 CARY STEPHEN COHEN.. Band 23.4. Cliemishv Club 41 PGP Band 3,45 Blair Bowlers 39 Student Asslt 4. LINDA ANN' COHEN. Annual Show 2,34 Chorus 24 Student Ass't 45 Homecoming 4. MARSHA BARBARA COHEN: Blair Bowlers 35 Student Asslt 4. SARAH BETSY COHEN: SILVERLOGUE 4 CLiterary Ed.D5 Nat'l Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 45 Natll Honor Society 3545 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 French Honor Society 3,4 CTreas.D5 Foreign Exchange Club 3,4 CPres.J5 FTA 2,3 CTreas.J, 4 fV.P.1. THELMA ELYSE COHEN: Annual Show 25 Welfare Rep. 45 Library Club 253,45 Class Comm. 45 Home- coming 45' Senior Class Play 4. HELENE COKAS: Spanish Club 45 Foreign Ex- change Club 45 Transfer 4. HOBART SCHOFIELD COOPER: Varsity Club 2,35 45 Crests 45 Wrestling 2,3,4 CCapt.D5 Cross Country 3,44 Track 43 Nationwide Latin Contest Award 25 Silver Chips Rep, 2 QAILQ, JAMES MICHAEL CORRADO IGNACIO XAVIER COVARRUBIAS: Soccer 2,3,45 Spanish Club 3,45 Spanish Honor Society 3,4. SILAS EDWIN CRAFT, JR: Football 2 U.V.l5 Basket- ball 2 tJ.V.l5 Track 25 Crests 3,4 fS6C,YlS Chorus 25 H.R. Officer 2 CPres.D. BARBARA DEE CRAWFORD: Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Varsettes 3,45 Annual Show 2,35 Senior Class Play 45 Spanish Honor Society 3,45 Welcoming Comm. 2,35 Homecoming 3,4. ROLAND JOHN CRISMOND: Football 2 CJ.V.l, 3,4 CCapt.D5 Track 2,3 CCapt.D5 Citizenship Comm. 3. "" nw ,,f9v' - Q AW ,no, '32 ff ' rg-X sv r I 'V' . 'K . 2 ,., y CLASS OF 1964 JEROME PAUL CROWN THOMAS FULTON CRUM: Class Officer 2 CV.P.J, 4 iV.P,D5 Student Council 3 CMember-at-largeD5 Foot- ball 2,3,4 CCo-capt.D5 Varsity Club 3,4 tV.P.l5 Key Club 3,45 Track 25 Natll Honor Society 4. ROBERT EBY CUMMINGS: Crest 2,3,45 Football 2 tMgr.l5 Track 2. DELPHIA MAE CUNNINCHAM: Dance Comm. 25 Stage Crew 35 Welfare Comm. 45 Homecoming 3. DONALD CALVIN CURLEY: Wrestling 2. WILLIAM CLAPP CURTIS: Crests 45 Track 3,45 DECA 4. DONNA JEAN CUSHING: FHA 2 CV.P.D, 3,45 Fash- ion Show 2,35 O,Debs 3,45 Rep. Assembly 45 Public Relations Comm. 45 Dance Comm. 2,3,45 Class Comm. 2,3 CCh.D, 4. DANIELJOSEPH DALTON: Soccer 3 CMgr.j. JOY TEMPLE DAMERON: FHA 25 Welfare Comm. 2,35 Homecoming 3,45 Class Comm. 2,3,45 CSA 3. DIANE ELIZABETH DANIELS: Wo1'k Experience 4. THOMAS CLEMENT DANT: Football 2 CJ.V.l, 3 CI.V.j, 45 Wrestling 2 tI.V.l. MARY ELIZABETH DARNVIN: Welfare Comm. 2,35 Praeco Argenteus 25 Adv. Chorus 35 Library Club 2,3545 Intramurals 2,35 FDNA 4. 161 49 Q SENIORS THOMAS ROSS DAVIS EDWARD DOUGLAS DAWSON: Adv. Chorus 3,45 Blair Bowlers 3 CCapt.D, 4 QCapt.Dg Tennis Team 25 Homecoming 2, Choral Ensemble 3,4, Science Fair 3. JOSEPH ANDREW DEBENEDICTIS: D.E. 4, Stage Crew 2: Chair Comm. 2. JOHN FINDLAY DEGAN: VVrestling 2, Adv. Chorus 3,4, Stage Crew 35 Senior Class Play 4, Annual Show 3, Folk Music Club 4. RANDY ALBERT DEMARS: Band 2,4g Annual Show 3, Track 3,4. PATRICIA ELLEN DEMING: O,Debs 3,4 CPres.lg Class Officer 2 CSec'yJg Student Government 3 CMember-at-largelg Nat'l Honor Society 53,45 Home- coming 3,4 fCh.jg Girls' Planning Comm. 2,3 CV.P.Dg Cultural Exchange Program 4 CCh.J. GEORGE DENENBERG LASZLO BELA DESIMON: Key Club 2,3545 Cross Country 2,3,4g ,Special Projects Comm. 4, Safety Comm. 45 Folk Music Club 3,4g Astronomy Club 3. RICHARD LAWRENCE DETWILER: Rifle Club 2, Homecoming 4. ELLEN DEVRIES: Class Comm. 4: Publicity Comm. 253,45 Homecoming 3,4g Dabblers' Den 2, Intra- murals 2. GWENDOLYN JAN DEWHIRST: Majorettes 3,4, Dance Comm. 2,3,4g Student Government 3 CRep.Dg Homecoming4CChl. LYNN ELAINE DIETLE: Bookkeeping Award 3, Shorthand Award 3, Banking 2,3,4 CV.P.Dg Intramur- als 2: Student Assit 4, Homecoming 4. 162 DENISE LENORE D'AUGA: GSA 2. MARGEROY DAUGHTRY: H.R. Officer 2 iPres.l5 Spanish Club 53. DEBORAH ANN DAVENPORT: Student Govern- ment 4 fMember-at-largelg H.R. Rep. 3, Social Comm. 3: Nat'l Honor Society 4, Foreign Exchange Club 4: French Club 4, Senior Class Play 4. ANITA ANN DAVIS: Band 2,3 GERALDINE DAVIS: Intramurals 2,3,4g Shorthgand Award 3: GSA 2,3,4 CExecutive Councillg GSA Pub- licity Comm. 3,4 CCh.D: GSA Student Aids Comm. 3,43 Dabblers, Den 4. IAN KEITH DAVIS: Safety Comm. 4g Athletic Comm. 4. , , ffniv www SUSAN LEE DIETLE: Intramurals 2,3,45 CSA 2,3,45 Banking 4. SANDRA TOBA DOBKIN: Nat,l Honor Society 3,45 Masque Bt Gavel 3,4 CComm. Ch.D5 School Store 3,45 H.R. Officer 2 CSec,yD, 4 CSec,yD5 Annual Show 35 Library Club 2,35 Folk Music Club 3. ELIZABETH ANNE DOWNINC: Majorettes 45 O,Debs 45 Ways 51 Means Comm. 3,45 Homecoming 2,35 Stage Crew 4. RICHARD LARRY DREISEN: H.R. Officer 2 tV.P.D5 Football 2 U.V.l5 35 Golf 2 CCO-captj, 3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 H.R. Rep. 3 fAlt.l. TOBY PHYLLIS DRESS: Transfer 35 Foreign Ex- change Club 35 Athletic Comm. 35 Homecoming.35 BCA 3,45 Student Ass,t 45 Home Arts Fashion Show 4. NANCY CAROL DRUCKENBROD: Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 French Honor Society 3,45 Student Coun- cil 4 CRegional Coordinator of MCR of MASCD5 SILVERLOGUE 4 CS1-. Et-1.5, Annual Show 2,3,45 Senior Class Play 45 FTA 2,3 CComm. Chl, 4. 77,1 ww V, W IWW Wd' E' 'iihrnf f 5 If A ,,,,., ,Z A X . CLASS OF 1964 SANDRA FRANCES DRYZER: Transfer 35 Student Council 25 French Club 2,3,45 Student Ass't 3,45 Dramatics Club 25 Annual Show 35 Senior Class Play 4. . RICHARD WENTWORTH DUDLEY: Soccer 2,3,4. CELIA SHARON DUNAYER: VVelfare Comm. 35 Election Comm. 2. NANCY MARIE DUNN: CSA 2,3,45 Class Comm. 3,45 Library Club 2,35 Publicity Comm. 2,45 Homecom- ing 2. JUDITH ELLEN DWORIN: Intramurals 2,3,4. JOHN JEFFERSON DYKSTRA: H.R. Officer 2 CPres.D,,3 CP1'es.D, 4 fV.P.l5 Rep. Assembly 2,3 CParlia- mentarianl5 Welfare Comm. 25 Citizenship Comm. 4 CCapt.D5 Activity Co1n1n. 45 Stage Crew 35 Homecom- ing 3 CComm. C117 4. HENRY SPENCER EDEN: Chemistry Club 3,4 CPres.D5 Science Club 2,3,45 Dance Comm. 3,45 Pep Band 45 Science Fair Awarcl 25 Natil Honor Society 45 Mu Alpha Theta 4. ARLINE ANN EDMONDS: Transfer 35 FHA 35 Library Club 3. DOUGLAS WHITE EDWARDS: Adv. Chorus 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Cross Country 4. . DALE HAAK EHRBRIGHT: Tennis 2,3,4 CCapt.D. ROSALIND EINBINDER: Nat,l Honor Society 3,45 French Honor Society 3,45 FTA 45 Orchestra 35 Activity Council 45 Folk Music Club 4. SUSAN ELBIN: Late transfer 45 picture on page 199. ARLENE BARBARA ELDEN: Publicity Comm. 25 Homecoming 35 Student Ass't 3,45 Class Comm. 4, 163 ANDREA LYNNE ELIAS: Spanish Club 45 French Club 45 Welfare Comm. 45 GSA 25 Silver Chips Rep. 4. JAMES FERRELL ELLISON SARAH JANE ELPERN: Chorus 2,35 Cerman Club 45 Dabblers' Den 45 Student Asslt 3,45 French Club 3. ROBERT CARY ETHERSON DAVID HANCOCK FALES: Rifle Team 3,4. CHARLES HENRY FALL: Silver Chips 4 fRep.J5 Wrestling 45 Student Asslt 45 Bank 4. JAMES EDWARD FANNON SHEILA HARRIET FEINSTEIN: Transfer 35 Silver Chips 4 CPage Ed.J5 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Varsettes 45 Masque 61 Gavel 3,45 Rep. Assembly 45 French Club 3,4. CEORCETTE SYLVIA FELA: Transfer 45 Latin Club 25 French Club 3. SENIORS 4 'fi BURT IRWIN FELDMAN: Welfare Comm. 25 H.R. Rep. 3 CAlt.J, 4 CAlt.D5 Silver Chips Rep. 35 Class Comm. 45 H.R. Officer 3 CSec,yD, 4 fP1'6S.D. MARTIN MANNY FERBER MARK TIRRELL FERRENZ: Track Team 2,35 Cross Country Team 4, ANDREA ROBERTA FEUER: Transfer 45 Intramur- als 2,35 Executive Council 2,35 Yearbook 2,3. RODNEY FICKER: Track Team 2,3545 Basketball 3 tJ.V.J5 45 Football 3 fJ.V.J5 Varsity Club 45 Jr. Science and Humanities Symposium 25 Welhire Comm. 25 Natll Honor Society 4. JACQUELYN FINE: Annual Show 35 FTA 25 Student Asslt 3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Homecoming 2. JOAN BARBARA FIRKSER: Transfer 35 Adv. Chorus 45 French Club 45 Folk Music Club 45 FTA 4. STEPHEN IRA FIRSHEIN: Natll Honor Society 3,4 CPres.J5 journal D'Argent 4 CAss't Ed.J5 Welfare Comm. 25 French Club 35 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Nat'l Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 45 Tennis 2. KATHLEEN HOPE FISCHER: FHA 3,45 Homecom- ing Comm. 3,45 Ways Sz Means 35 Class Comm. 45 Safety Comm. 45 Senior Class Play 4. MAUREEN THERESA FORD: Distributive Educa- tion 4. JANE EMERSON FOSTER: FTA 253, French Club2,J3. CAROL ELAINE FRANK: H.R. Officer 2 CV.P.D, 3 CPres.D5 Class Comm. 2,35 Annual Show 3: Keyettes 2,3,4g BCA 3,4g Publicity Comm. 45 Silver Quill 3,-1. THOMAS ARTHUR FRANKENFIELD LINDA CAROL FRANTZ: Transfer 3. SUSAN ELIZABETH FRASER: Natil Honor Society 3,44 Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4g Publicity Comm. 2: FTA 3: French Club 3, Intramurals 2 CMgr.J, 3. GERALDINE IRENE FREDERICK FRANK STUART FREEDENBERG: Adv. Chorus 3,4. BETSY GLORIA FREEMAN: Rep. Assemblyg2,4 fAlt.Jg O,Debs 4, Class Comm. 4, German Club 45 Library Club 2,3,4g Science Fair Award 3: Natyl Honor Society 4. BEVERLY ILENE FISHER: Rep, Assembly 3: Span- ish Club 4, Powder Puffs 2,3g Foreign Exchange Club 4, Folk Music Club 4: Homecoming 3. EILEEN RUTH FISHBIAN: Homecoming 4. JACQUELYN FRANCES FITZGERALD: Orchestra 2, GSA 2,3,4g Intramurals 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,45 Homecoming 4, KAREN JEANNE FITZGERALD: Transfer 3: Cheer- leader 2, GSA 2,3,4, Spanish Club 44 Foreign Ex- change Club 4g Intramurals 2,3,4. JOY LORRAINE FJORDBOTTEN ALVIN DAVID FLAX: Safety Comm. 4: Science Club 4g Civil Defense Club 2. LINDA CHARLENE FLINNER: Ways 61 Means Comm, 2,35 Class Comm. 2,3,4g H.R. Officer 2 CSec,yJ: Stage Crew 4, FHA -3,4, Liblaiy Club 2. JEAN MARIE FONDREN: O,Debs 3,4 CSgt.-at-Armslg FHA 3,4 CSec'yJ, Stage Crew 3,45 Library Club 2, Publicity Comm. 2: VVays Sz Means Comm. 3, Public Relations Comm. 4. CARL GREGORY FORD: Silver Quill 3,44 Junior Craftsman f3,4. CLASS OF 1964 va, V .- K X Q5 T f ro' .A 'S Q eq A 0-A V. .A-,, D-S ' ev- fm' SENIORS GEORGE JOSEPH CALEANO: Transfer 3. BEVERLY CARBER: Civil Defense Club 2, Class Comm. 3, Welfare Comm. 4, Homecoming 4. STEPHEN HARRIS CARY: Annual Show 3, Stage Crew 2. CHARLOTTE SUE CATCHELL: Natll Honor Society 4, GSA Honor Teams 3,4, GSA Comm. 2,4, Intramurals 2,3,4. LAURETTA IRENE GATES: Majorettes 3,4, Li- brary Club 2,3, Annual Show 3, Intramurals 2, Class Comm. 3. PAMELA ELAINE GEIGER: Masque or Gavel 2,3,4, Majorettes 3,4 CCapt. of Pom-ponisj, Homeroom Officer 2 CSec,yj, 3 fV.P.D, 4 CSec'yD, Annual Show 3, Dance Comm. 4, Fashion Show 2 CDirectorD, 3 fDirectorD. LOIS ANN CENTILE: Bowling Club 3. ALAN FRANCIS CEOFFREY: Transfer 3, Varsity Track Manager 2, Soccer 2 f,I.V.D, 3 CMgr.D, Math Club 2 CV,P.P, School Newspaper 2, Basketball 2 qv Mgrp. FRANCES BERNADINE CERACI: Intramurals 3,4. I66 M,-, nm IERRY LYNN FREITAC: Varsity Club 3,4, Football 2 U-V-l, 3,4, Baseball 3, Adv. Chorus 3,4. ROBERT FREDERICK FRENCH: Distributive Education 4, DECA 4 CPres.Q. IRMA KARLYN FRIBUSH: Varsettes 3,4, Ways and Means Comm. 3, Welfare Comm. 3 CAlt.D. RALPH HERMAN FRIEDMAN: Tennis Team 2 Cj.V.D, 3,4, Homeroom Officer 3 QAlt.D, 4 CPres.lg Sen- ior Class Play 4, Band 2,3,4, Athletic Comm. 3, Stu- dent Asslt 4. THELMA PRISCILLA FRITTER: Library Club 2,3, 4, Publicity Comm. 2,3, Foreign Exchange Club 3, Silver Chips Rep. 3,4, Band 2,3,4, Annual Show 3,4, Nationwide Latin Exam Award 3. DANIEL EVAN FRYE: Cross Country Team 2,3 CCapt.D, 4 CCapt.D, Track Team 2,3 CCapt.l 4, Nat'l Honor Society 3,4, Spanish Honor Society 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Transfer 3. PATSY IRENE FULLER: Silver Chips Rep. 2,3. RICHARD ALBERT FULLER: Transfer 3, Baseball 2,3, Football 2 U.V.D, Distributive Education 4, DECA 4, Intramurals 2,3. KRAYNA BETH CALBLUM: Library Club 2,3,4, Publicity Comm. 2, Class Comm. 4, Safety Comm. 4, Senior Class Play 4, Homecoming 4. VW -7 -41 - RICHARD WAYNE CERACI ELLEN SUSAN GETTLEMAN: FTA 2,45 Library Club 25 Intramurals 2,3,45 FHA 45 Foreign Exchange Club 45 Senior Class Play 4. HARRY SAMUEL GILDENHORN: Natll Honor So- ciety 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Annual Show 35 Senior Class Play 4. STEPHEN CRAIC GILLIS: Band 2,354 fAss,t Drum Majorlg VVelfare Comm. 3. JAMES CARVER CINCELL: Student Council 2 CMe1nber-at-largeJ5 Football 2 Cj.V,D, 3,45 Basketball 2 U.V.D Crests 3 lV.P.J, 45 Varsity Club 354. ELAINE ANN CINSBERC: Welfare Comm. 3,45 Li- brary Club 2,3545 Annual Show 2,45 FTA 45 Class Comm, 45 French Club 35 Senior Class Play 4. ELLIOT NEAL CINSBURG: Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 CV.P.D5 Rep. Assembly 45 School Store 2,35 Der Deutclie Adler 45 French Club 3. HONVARD ALAN CITELSON: Track 25 Band 2,35 Wrestling 3,4. SUZANNE CAROL CLAZER: CSA 2,3545 Intramurals 25 BCA 3,45 CSA Ways 51 Means Comm. 3,45 Student Assit 45 Homecoming 4. 979' 5 '-ery., Wim' 'H-R W 5 ':f"'7 '-r-- ' 'VFQFVT' as fi K IR JPL CLASS OF 1964 ALFRED CLUECKSMANN ALLEN JAY COLDBERC: Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Science Fair 'Winner 25 French Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 3,45 Election Comm. 25 Research and Development 2. HOLLACE AVA COLDBERC: Silver Chips 3,4 CEd.- in-ChieD5 Natil Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Quill oz Scroll 3,45 Ways Sz Means Comm, 2,3,45 Varsettes 2,3,45 Class Comm. 2 lCh.D. LEWIS STANLEY COLDBERG: Student Ass't 35 Visual Aids 2,I3. MARCIA FAYE GOLDBERC: FDNA 35 Folk Music Club 3,45 Chorus 2,3. MARCY COLDBERC: Homecoming 2. NANCY HARRIET GOLDBERG: Natll Honor So- ciety 3,4 CSeC,yls SILVERLOGUE 4 COrganizations ESI Honors ECl.l5 American Legion Oratorical Contest State Finalist 35 Masque 61 Gavel 3,4 CPres.J5 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 French Honor Society 3,45 Senior Class Play 4. NANCY LYNN COLDBERC: Transfer 35 Yarsettes 45 Student Council Rep. 25 Silver chips 45 BCA 3,45 Natll Honor Society 45 H.R. Officer 2 CPres.J. SAUNDRA LEE GOLDFINE: Masque BZ Gavel 2,3, 45 XVelfare Comm. 3,45 journal D,Argent 41 Nat'l Honor Society 45 Annual Show 35 Senior Class Play 45 H.R. Officer 3,4 CV.P,J. 167 v .. RICHARD JAY COLDSMITH: Silver Quill 2 CCir- culation Ed.J, 4 CCirculation Ed.D5 Annual Show 2,35 Baseball 2 CJ.V. Mgr.D5 Audio Visual 253,45 Home- coming2. BRENDA CAROL COLDSTEIN: Transfer 35 Stu- dent Government 2 CRep,D5 Annual Show 35 Nat'l Honor Society 45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 French Club 3545 Dabblers' Den 3. BRUCE JOEL COLDSTEIN: Stage Crew 2,354 CCh,J5 Thespians 3,4 QTreas.D5 Awards Comm. 2,35 Dance Comm. 45 Amateur Radio Club 4 CSec'y-Treas.D5 Science Club 25 Class Comm. 2. ARTHUR RONALD GONZALES: Football 2 Welfare Comm. 25 Athletic Comm. 35 Crests 2,354 CTreas.J. JOSEPH CARTER GOOCH, JR. JANET ETHEL COODWYN: FHA 25 GSA 35 Senior Class Play 4. SENIORS f .kg 4 1 I I I i 'ni 'VM Z5 :a+"fa?fFw 4 Q 5, 2 if f f m f cf' Hmm, HINDA JEAN GORDON: FTA 25 Class Comm. 35 Annual Show 35 Senior Class Play 45 Homecoming 45 Student Ass't 3,4. SUSAN MARIE GORMAN: Transfer 35 French Club 2535 Sciences Club 35 Mendel Honor Biology Society 25 Song Leader 253. HOWARD ARTHUR GRAD: Rifle Team 3545 Chess Club 2,35 Bowling Club 25 Silver Quill 25 Science Club 4. SANDRA ELAINE GRAHAM: Homecoming 2,3 lCo- Ch.D, 45 Ways 61 Means Comm. 3,45 Class Comm. 2,35 45 Dance Comm. 25 Election Comm. 2 fAlt.J5 Safety Comm. 45 FHA 2,3. ILENE JOANNE GRANAT: Stage Crew 3,45 Home- coming 3,45 Welfare Comm. 45 Senior Class Play 45 Foreign Exchange Club 45 In-school Publicity Comm. 45 Assembly Comm. 2. JOHN EDWARD CRASSIE: Transfer 35 Student Council 25 Folk Music Club 3,4 CPres.J5 Senior Class Play 45 Activity Council 45 Rifle Club 3. ELENDER JOY CRAVELLY: Work Experience 4. CYNTHIA CRAVES: Transfer 3. SHARON CRAY WILLIAM CLARK GRAY: H.R. Officer 4 CPres.J5 French Club 45 Choir Comm. 2,45 Safety Comm. 35 Natll Honor Society 4. CAROL ANN GREEN JANET LYNNE CREENBERC: Silver Quill 4, Blair Bowlers 3. WW 'AZN if' MARY ANNE GRIFFIN: Transfer 34 FDNA 34 Dab- blers' Den 44 Folk Music Club 44 Homecoming 44 Class Comm. 4. ELIZABETH MARY GROOMES: Library Club 2,3 CCO-Ch.J, 44 GSA 2,3,4. GERSON GROSFELD ALEXANDER KENNEDY GROSS: Rifle Team 2. CARMEN TERESA GROSS: Student Asslt 34 Work Experience 4. CORINNE MICHELLE GROSSMAN: Silver Quill 3,44 Annual Show 3,44 Homecoming 3,44 Quill St Scroll 4. STEPHEN CONRAD GROSSMAN: Senior Class Play 44 School Store 2,34 BCA 4g H.R. Rep. 3 fAlt.D. CHARLOTTE LEIGH GUINNEE: Natil Honor Society 3,44 Spanish Club 2,3,44 FTA 243,44 Silver Chips 4 fBusiness Mg1'.l4 Publicity Comm. 44 Home- coming 4g Transfer 3. DONALD GUREWITZ: Interhigh 4 CPres.l4 Rep. Assembly 3 CSpeakerD4 H.R. Officer 2 CV.P,D, 34P1'GS.l4 Natll Honor Society 3,44 Student Govermnent 4. PATRICIA ANNE HABIB: Dance Comm. 3,44 Horne- coming 3,4 fComm. Ch.J4 Class Comm. 3,44 Stage Crew 44 Safety Comm. 44 FHA 4. WILLIAM CLYDE HAFFNER: Band 2,3,44 Wres- tling 24 Track 2,4. WILLIAM IULE HALE: Football 3,44 Varsity Club 3,44 Annual Show 3,44 Wrestling 4. liil- SUSAN ROSE GREENHOOD: French Club 34 French Honor Society 3,44 Class Comm. 34 Student Ass,t. 4. BEVERLY REBECCA GREENSTEIN: Annual Show 34 FTA 44 Student Ass't 44 Xlleliire Rep. 4 CAlt.J. LYNN ARLINE GREGOOR: H.R. Officer 2 CSeC'yD, 3 fP1'6S.lQ Welcoming Comm. 3,44 FHA 2,3444 Home- coming 2,3,4 CCG-Ch.J4 Class Comm. 2,3444 Major- ettes 4. SUSANNE GREGORY: Welcoming,Comm. 34 Safety Comm. 44 Homecoming 243,44 Class Comm. 2,3444 FHA 44 Publicity Comm. 2. DOROTHY HARRIET GRIER: IHt1'3.1llL1l'3lS 24 Dab- blers, Den 44 FHA 4. IUDITH SUZANNE GRIFFIN: VVelfare Comm. 24 Intramurals 24 Student Ass't 3,44 Stage Crew 24 H.R. Officer 2 CSec'yl. fr CLASS OF 1964 6 5gi'fK-,' .ig,.. than if' ft -...ff Dx 4 . fa, S EDWARD HALL LARRY EUGENE HALLMAN: Science Fair Award 3. CERALDINE HALPARIN: Annual Show 35 Senior Class Play 45 Class Comm. 45 Homecoming 45 Pub- licity Comm. 4. FREDERICK WRAY HAMANN: Crests 3,45 Wres- tling 2,3545 Football 2 QJ.V.l, 35 Varsity Club 3,45 Safety Comm. 3,45 Class Comm. 354, TREVA ELIZABETH TODD HAMMER: Dabblers' Den 2,3,4 CV.P.l5 Spanish Club 3,45 Annual'Show 35 Blair Rollers 2. WILLIAM ALFRED HANSON: Chorus 2,3,4. STEVEN LAWTON HARGROVE: H.R. Officer 2 lPres.l5 Safety Comm. 2,3,45 Athletic Comm. 45 Banking 3,4. JANE MARIE HARLOWE: In-school Publicity Comm. 45 Class Comm. 4. JOHN DOUGLAS HARRIS: Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Quill 61 Scroll 45 Silver Quill 3,45 journal D'Argent 3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Swimming Club 45 Publicity Comm. 4. SENIORS wmv,- jkw as mt "i.wZf2 -5 . -. , Q JOHN RICHARD HARRIS: Track Team 2 lMgr.l, 3 CMgr.l5 Blair Bowlers 25 Athletic Comm. 45 Welfare Rep. 4 CA1t.J. GAIL ELAINE HARRISON: FDNA 3,45 Varsettes 45 Student Ass't 2,3545 Shorthand Award 35 Natll Honor Society 4. RANDI EILEEN HARTUNG: Transfer 45 Cheer- leader 35 Drama Club 3. JAMES HENRY HAUVER: Library Club 3,45 Wel- fare Comm. 2,3 fTreas.l. DAVID ALAN HAYES: Inter-school Relations 2 CCo-ord.l, 3 CCo-ord.l, 4 QCO-ord.D5 Blair Bowlers 35 Homecoming 4. BARBARA JEAN HAYNES: Publications 25 FHA 25 Clee Club 2 CSec,yl5 Student Council 2 CRep.l5 Trans- fer 3. JAMES ALBERT HEATH: El Toro de Plata 3 fArt Ed..l, 4 QArt Ed.l5 Silver Quill 3 CPublicity Mgiij, 4 CCo-Ed.D5 Wrestling 3 CJ.V. Capt.D5 Quill 81 Scroll 354. PATRICIA ANN HEAVNER: Cheerleader 45 H.R. Officer 3 fPres.j, 4 fPresD5 FHA 45 Stage Crew 3,45 Public Relations Comm. 45 Ways 61 Means Comm. 35 Class Comm. 4 CCh.l. JOSEPH RENO HEFLIN: Chorus 25 Silver Chips 35 Blair Bowlers 25 Homecoming 4. iw" pil' ff' Kip., W""'Q ELLEN VIRGINIA HIGDON: H.R. Officer 2 fSec,yD, 3 CSCCIYJ, 4 CSec,yD4 Publicity Comm. 2,34 Library Club 2,34 Silver Quill 3,44 Annual Show 24 Homecom-. ing 24 Senior Class Play 3. EDWARD WILLIAM HIGGINS: Baseball 2 U.V.D, 3,4 fMgr.J4 Safety Comm. 44 Varsity Club 44 Home- coming 4. WILLIAM CLYDE HIGGINS: Soccer 243,44 Track 3,44 Mu Alpha Theta 24 Chess Club 24 Wrestling 2 lJ.V.D4 Biology Club 24 Varsity Club 4. SUSAN HILE: Spanish Club 3,44 El Toro de Plata 4. MARTIN ALLAN HIRSCH MARIE LYNN HOCKMAN: Strayer Bookkeeping Award 34 Varsettes 3,4. PHILLIP HARVEY HOEY: Baseball 243,4 fMgr.Q4 Varsity Club 3,44 Blair Bowlers 34 Safety Comm. 44 Homecoming 44 Student Ass't 3,4. TONI ALISON HOFFMAN: Natyl Honor Society 3,44 Quill Sz Scroll 3444 Keyettes 2,344 CChaplainD4 Praeco Argenteus 2,344 CEd.D4 Adv. Chorus 3,44 Library Club 24344 CComm. Ch.D4 Homecoming 3. BARBARA KAY HOLLIS: FHA 2 fTl'CkIS.l, 3,4 lPres.D4 AFS Hostess 44 Dance Comm. 3,44 Annual Show 24 Adv. Chorus 44 Foreign Exchange Club 44 Homecom- ing 2,344. MARGARET CAROL HEINMILLER: Adv. Chorus 3,44 Homecoming 24 Spanish Honor Society 3444 Spanish Club 44 El Toro de Plata 44 H.R. Officer 3 CSec'yJ. JAMES FREDERICK HEMPFLINGZ Blair- Bowlers 344. EILEEN ESTELLE HENDRICKSON IACQUELINE HENRY: Shorthand Akward 34 WVork Experience 4, MARY ELLEN HERBERT: Natyl Honor Society 3,44 Mu Alpha Theta 3444 Praeco Argenteus 24344 CCO-Ed.D4 GSA 2,3,4. WILLIAM FRANCIS HERMACH: Natll Honor So- ciety 3,44 Mu Alpha Theta 344 fPl'6S.l4 Audio Comm. 3,44 Chemistry Club 34 Science Club 3444 Amateur Radio Club 4. RAMONA CLARA HERSEY: Library Club 24 Wel- fare Rep. 3,4 lAlt.D4 Homecoming 34 Chorus 3,44 Intramurals 24 Powder Puffs 3. RAYMOND MILTON HERTZ: Chorus 3444 Spanish Club 3. LARRY BLAKE HEWITT: Crests 3,44 Athletic Comm. 4 CCh.D4 Chair Comm. 44 Silver Chips Rep. 3. CLASS OF 1964 our 53 I 4259 !"" erm A ff 'QQ vwap SENIORS CHARLES EDWARD HUBER II: Senior Class Play 4, Cross Country 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4, Advanced Chorus 3,4g Varsity Club 3,4. MICHAEL PATRICK HUCCARD: Transfer 35 Bas- ketball 2 Cj.V.D, Track 2, Intramurals 2,35 Band 2. FAYE ELLEN HULL: Intramurals 2,3,4. CHARON RENEI HUSTED: Adv. Chorus 4g Welfare Comm. 4. GRACE CASQUITE HWANG: Foreign Exchange Club 4, FDNA 45 Intramurals 2,3,4g Senior Class Play 4, Welhlre Co1n1n. 2, Far Eastern Club 4 CSec,yD. MICHAEL WAYNE HYLTON: Transfer 4. CALE ELLEN INOFF: FTA 2. SALLY ANN IRWIN: Adv. Chorus 45 Varsettes 3,4. ELLEN JOAN ISENBERC: Annual Show 2,3, Senior Class Play 4g Adv, Chorus 3,4g Homecoming 2, Class Comm. 2, Intramurals 2,35 Md. State Chorus Fin- alist 4. 172 -..wff CAROLXN EDITH HOLSTEIN: Rep. Assembly 2,3 fEXeCUUVf? BOHTCUL Keyettes 3,4 CTreas.Dg Silver Quill 2,4 fASS,t ECU, Planning Comm. 2, Home- coming 2,3 fC0'Cl1-l, 45 Class Comm. 2,3 CCO-Chl, Quill and Scroll 4. CHRISTOPHER RUMSEY HOLT: Dabblers, Den 44 Advanced Chorus 3. MARGARET SUE HOLTZMAN: Varsettes 8,45 Ways 81 Means Comm. 2,4g Welfare Comm. 3, French Club 3,44 Bowling Club 3, Class Comm. 2, Intramurals 2. JOAN ELIZABETH HOOVER: Keyettes 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council Comm. 2,4g Stage Crew 3,45 Rep. As- sembly 3, Homecoming 2,45 Class Comm. 2,3,4g Li- brary Club 2. IANICE ELAINE HORM: Intramurals 2. DIANE MARIE HORSLEY: Spanish Club 45 CSA 2,3,4, Intramurals 2,3,4, Homecoming 2. BARBARA MAY HOUCHIN: Transfer 3. DUNCAN BAKER HOWE: Natil Honor Society 3,45 Rep. Assembly 4, Baseball 2 fJ.V.D, 3,44 Soccer 3,4, Varsity Club 4. IAMES RACSDALE HOWTON, Bowling Club 2,3g Library Club 3,44 Safety Comm. 4. -' WILLIAM DOUGLAS IVINS BERNICE JACKSON: GSA 2,3,4, Intramurals 2,3,4, Honor Basketball Team 3, Class Comm. 3. ELLEN JAFFE: Activities Comm. 4 CCh.D, Silver Quill 2,4 fEd,D, Discussion Club 2,3,4, Folk Music Club 3,4, Science Fair 3,'Activity Council 4, Literary Forum 3. ARKADY APIN JANCHEVSKY: Track 2,4. MICHAEL JENKINS: Class Officer 4 CPres.Jg Stu- dent Council 2 CMember-at-largeD, 3 flN1GlIIlJ6l'-HI- lar-gey, Basketball 2 4J.v.p, 3 qjyp, 4, Baseball 2 CJ.V.J, 3 CJ.V.J, 4, Folk Music Club 3,4, MASC Rep. 3, Boys, State 4. SUSAN JOY JEROME: Natll Honor Society 3,4, Welfare Comm. 3,4 CCo-Ch.D, Quill Sz Scroll 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Silver Quill 3,45 Athletic Comm. 3, GSA 2. CHARLOTTE ANNE JOHNSON: Library Club 2,3,4, Homecoming 2,3 CCO-Ch.D, 4, Annual Show 2,3 CCO-Ch.J, Class Comm. 2,3, Chaplainls Comm. 2,3g Foreign Exchange Club 2,3 PANEEN SUE JOHNSON: Library Club 2,3,4 CComm. Ch.J, Adv. Chorus 3,4, FDNA 4, GSA 2. JAMES IRVINC JOHNSTON: U.N. Club 4 fV.P.J. , . AGN CLASS OF 1964 JANIS ELIZABETH JOHNSTON: Library Club 2,3, 4, Adv. Chorus 3,4, French Club 4, Foreign Ex- change Club 2. MARGARET ANNE JOHNSTON: Adv. Chorus 3,4, Silver Quill 3,4, Quill Sz Scroll 4, Foreign Exchange Club 2,3,4, Welfare Comm. 2,3, Nat'l Honor Society 2,39 Science Fair Award 2. SHARON JOY JOLLES: H.R. Officer 2 CPres.J, Adv. Chorus 4, Publicity Connn. 2,3,4, Annual Show 2,3, FTA 2, Class Comm. 4, Homecoming 2,4. MARLENE ANN JONES: Banking 3,4 fPres.J, Junior Banking Award 3, GSA 2, Senior Banking Award 4. DENNIS MICHAEL JORDAN: Bowling Club 3,4 HUBERT MILLER JORDAN: Transfer 4, Rifle Team 2,3, Rifle Club 3 CTreas.J. STEVEN MICHAEL KALB: H.R. Officer 3 CAlt.J, 4 QAlt.J, Annual Show 3, Stage Crew 2,3,4, Thespians 3,4, Class Comm. 2,3,4, Election Comm. 2, Home- coming 4. ROBERTA ELIZABETH KAMINSKY: FTA 2,3 CV.P.J, Public Information Comm. 2,3,4, French Club 2,3, U.N. Club 2,3,4, Homecoming 2,3,4, Adv, Chorus 3, Class Comm. 4. CATHERINE ADELINE KANE: Transfer 3. 173 SENIORS JOHN MICHAEL KELLY: Transfer 35 Homecoming 45 Folk Music Club 4. KAREN LEE KEMP: HR Officer 3 fSeC,yD5 Adv. Chorus 35 FDNA 35 Welfare Rep. 35 D.O. 4. ELIZABETH SHARON KENNEDY: Chorus 225 Span- ish Club 35 Welfare Rep. 3. MARTHA SUSAN KENNEDY: FDNA 354. MARY KATHRYN KENNEALY: Thespians 3,4 CV,P.D5 Public Relations Comm. 45 Rep. Assembly 3 CV.P.J, 4 lV.P.J5 BCA 3,4 CV.P.J5 Stage Cl'6W 3,45 POW- der Puffs 2,35 Senior Class Play 4. JOHN ERIC KENYON: Safety Comm. 35 Stage Crew 35 Basketball 4 fMgr.D5 Homecoming 45 Student Assit 3. BARBARA JEAN KERMAN: FHA 45 Fashion Show 2,35 Senior Class Play 45 Student Ass't 45 Class Comm. 45 Homecoming 4. JOYCE MARIE KERSEY: Homecoming 3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Annual Show 3,45 Powder Puffs 3,45 BCA 3,45 -Silver Chips Rep. 253. MARY JANE KESSINC: Majorettes 45 H.R. Officer 3 CSec'yD, 4 CSeciyD5 Dance Comm. 25 Homecoming 2. 174 STEVE RANDALL KANE: Chess Club 3,45 Bridge Club 45 Stamp and Coin Club 4. KENNETH DAVID KARR: Annual Show 25 Izaak Walton League 35 Senior Play 45 Student Assit 3. BRUCE STEPHEN KATZ: Homeroom Officer 3 CV.P.D, 4 CPres.J5 Class Comm. 45 Student Ass't 4. JANE HANNAH KATZ: Silver Quill 253,45 Homecom- ing 3,45 Annual Show 35 Senior Class Play 45 Activ- ities Comm. 45 BCA 45 Class Comm. 4. LAWRENCE CHARLES KAUFMAN: Chess Club 2,3 CV.P.D, 4 fPres.J5 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 French Honor Society 3545 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Woodman of the World History Medal 35 First Prize Annual Math Contest 3. DELANEE RANDA KAYE: Transfer 25 Natil Honor Society 3,45 H.R. Rep. 35 Senior Class Play 45 Class Comm. 45 Spanish Club 35 Foreign Exchange Club 354. JOHN PATRICK KEENAN: H.R. Officer 2 fV.P.J5 Homecoming 4. ANN REBECCA KELLER: Keyettes 3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Foreign Exchange Club 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 354. ELIZABETH ANN KELLY: Transfer 45 Pep Club 2,35 Class Officer 2 CSec'yD, 3 CSec,yD. ROWAN PETER KIRCHHEIMER: Discussion Club 2,3,45 It's Academic 45 Debate Union 2,45 Constitu- tion Board 45 Natll Honor Society 4. JAMES ELLISON KIRKLEY: Ho1necoming3. ALAN HOWVARD KIRSHEN: School Store 4 CMg1'.D5 Science Fair 3,4 CCO-Ch.J5 Nat'l Honor Society 4. BARBARA RUTH KLEIN: Bowling Club 2 CSec,yJ, 3 lSec,y-Treas.D5 Varsettes 45 Class Comm. 4 CCo-Ch.D5 Ways ESI Means Comm. 45 Praeco Argenteus 4 lArt Ed.D5 H.R. Officer 4 CSec,yD5 Welfare Rep. 4. LYNN FELICE KLEIN: FTA 2,3,45 Student Asslt 2,3,45 Homecoming 4 lCh.D. CABRIELE KLIKA: Foreign Exchange Student 45 Foreign Exchange Club 45 Keyettes 4. LOUISE ELIZABETH KNAPP: Dabblers, Den 2,3,4 CPres.D5 Silver Quill 3,45 Annual Show 35 Natll Honor Society 4. LAWRENCE GILBERT KOHN: Stage Crew 35 Bowl- ing Club 3. GLORIA JOAN KOZAK: Silver Quill 2,3,45 journal D,Argent 3,45 Publicity Comm. 2,3,45 Public Rela- tions Comm. 35 Homecoming 2,3,45 Class Comm. 2,4 415 'V -rprv ,,,,,, CLASS OF 1964 JOYCE MARIA KRAFT: BCA 35 School Store 35 Work Experience 4, DAVID KRAMER: Biology Club 25 Chess Club 35 Rifle Club 2. LINDA WELLS KRAMER: Silver Chips 45 Keyettes 3,45 Athletic Comm. 45 Foreign Exchange Club 3,45 French Club 45 Public Information Comm. 25 GSA 2. KAREN JEANNE KRAUSS MICHAEL JOHN KREBS: Band 2,35 Annual Show 3,45 D.E. 45 DECA 4. CECILE BETH KREMER: Transfer 35 Student Council 2,35 Art Club 2,35 Dabblers, Den 45 French Club 35 Stage Crew 4. KATHLEEN MILDRED KROLL: Nat'l Honor So- ciety 3,45 Monogram Society 3,45 Keyettes 2,3,4 lV.P.J CDistrict Corresponding Seciylz Lower Merion Exchange 35 Public Relations Comm, 45 H.R. Officer 3 CV.P.D5 Foreign Exchange Club 3. ELAINE KRUPEN: School Store 2,35 Homecoming 25 Annual Show 35 FHA 45 Senior Class Play 45 Foreign Exchange Club 45 Class Comm. 4. RICHARD WILLIAM KRUSE, JR.: Football 2 fJ.V.J5 Crests 4. 175 Qi- SHARON TINA KURLAND ELLEN PAULA KURTZ: Silver Chips' 3 tPage ECl.J, 4 CPage Ed.D5 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Quill 61 Scroll 3,45 Silver Quill 2,3,45 Rep. As- sembly 25 Music Club 3,4 CV.P.J. BETTY JEAN KUYKENDALL: Homecoming 25 Annual Show 25 Election Comm. '25 Intramurals 25 Work Experience 4, STUART HUDCINS LAAKE: Transfer 35 Annual Show 25 Baseball 2,3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Varsity Club 45 RHAVE 4 CPres.i' Homecoming 4. NORNTANDIE KAY LACZKA: FHA 2,45 Ways LSI Means Comm. 45 UQN. Club 45 BCA 45 French Club 25 Intramurals 2. -JAMES NTICHAEL LANAHAN: Football 2,3,45 Crests 3,4 CChaplainJ5 Varsity Club 3,4. WILLIAM LAMONT LANDERS: Library Club 45 Forensic Team 45 Debate Club 45 Winner, County Forensic Contest5 Chess Club 3,4 ROCHELLE LEE LANDSMAN: Dramatics Club'25 French Club 2,45 Math Club 25 Class Officer 2 CSec,yD5 Transfer 35 FTA 45 Student Assit 4. JEAN ESTELLE LANE: Intramurals 25 Work Ex- perience 4. SENIORS QU' 'ka 'Uv xx dbx ROBERT JOSEPH LAROCCA: Student Govt. 2 CMeniber-at-largel, 3 CPres. Pro-temp. of Senatej, 4 CPres.J5 Natll Honor Society 3,45 U.S. Senate Youth Program 35 Baseball 2,35 Discussion Club 2,3,45 Natil Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 45JOuT11al D,Argent 4. JAN CHRIS LARSON: Election Comm. 25 Rep. As- sembly 3 CAlt.J, 45 Class Comm. 45 Special Projects Comm. 4. I SUSAN GAYLE LARSQN: Silver Quill 3,4 CEd.-in- chiefJ5 Natil Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Latin Horror Society 2,35 Quill 61 Scroll 3,45 Mono- gram Society Comm. 3,45 H.R. Officer 2 CSec'yD, 3 fPres.J, 4 iV.P.D. SANDRA KATHLEEN LATIMER: Varsettes 3,4 CHistorianJ5 H.R. Officer 2 CV.P.J, 3 fSec'yJ5 Fashion Show 35 Annual Show 35 Safety Comm. 4. DON MURHL LAWSON: C1'ests 2,354 CPres.J5 An- nual Show 35 Publicity Comm. 25 Silver Quill 35 DECA 4 CParliamentarianD: H.R. Officer 2 CV.P.D' Homecoming'2,3. EDWINA MARY LEAHEY: FTA 2,3,45 Homecom- ing 4. BRADLEY EDGAR LEAR: Stage Crew 2,35 Home- coming 35 Welfare Comm. 25 Class Comm. 3,4. a SUSAN LINDA LEE: Varsettes 2,3,4 CTreas.J5 Home- coming 2,3,4 fCh.D5 Class Comm. 2,3 CCh.7, 45 Public Relations Comm. 45 Welfare Comm. 35 Stage Crew 25 Adv. Chorus 3,4. DIANE MARIE LEEMANS: Banking 23,4 qganking Ass,tJ5 Intramurals 4. , -me 'QTQQW in LAWRENCE DAVID LEWIS: County Science Fair Award 25 Library Club 2,3,45 BCA 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Natll Honor Society 3,45 Silver Chips 4 CAss,t Edd. EDNA MARLENE LIBBER: Welfare Comm. 2,45 Dance Comm. 45 GSA 25 FTA 2,3,45 Homecoming 2,45 Annual Show 25 Class Comm. 2. MARSHA JILL LIEBERMAN: Powder Puffs 2,35 Election Comm. 25 Senior Class Play 45 FTA 25 Homecoming 3,4. ELINORE FRANCES LIEBERSOHN: journal D,A1'- gent 3,4 CArt Ed.l5 U.N. Club 2,3 Ur. Officerj5 Pub- licity Comm. 25 Chemistry Club 45 Blair Forum 25 Folk Music Club 45 Discussion Club 3. SHARYN IRIS LIEF: Awards Comm. 25 Homecom- ing 3,45 Annual Show 35 Welfare Connn. 45 Stage Crew 3,45 Library Club 4. CLAUDIA ILYNN LIGHT: FHA 2 CHistorianD, 45 Athletic Comm. 25 Library Club 25 Publicity Comm. 35 Intramurals 25 H.R. Officer 2 CAlt.D5 Homecoming 4. LAURIS LEE LIGHTFOOT: FTA 2,35 GSA 3,4 CTreas.D5 Publicity Comm. 45 Intramurals 2,3,4. ANGELA C. G. LING: Class Officer 2 CTreas.D5 O'Debs 3,45 Cheerleaders 3,4 tCo-Capt.D5 Annual Show 2,35 Ways 81 Means Comm. 2,35 Powder Puffs 25 Homecoming 2,3,4. DONALD LING: Wrestling 3,45 Senior Class Play 4. WILLIAM THOMAS LEGRO: BCA 45 U.N. Club 4. SUSAN KIARCIA LEINSON: Powder Puffs 25 Stu- dent Asslt 35 Work Experience 4, GEORGE PERRY LEISHEAR: Band 3,4. CAROL ANN LEVERTON: FHA 2 CPres.j, 3 fTreas.l, 45 Fashion Show 2,35 Lower Merion Exchange Stu- dent 35 Public Relations Connn. 45 Homecoming 2,3, 45 Annual Show 3,45 Activity Council 2. BONNIE GALE LEVINE: Silver Quill 2,3,-I CAssoci- ate Ed.D5 Chemistry Club 45 French Club 2,35 Vars- ettes 2,3,45 Quill 61 Scroll 45 Natll Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 fSec'y-Treas.J. JONATHAN MARK LEVY: Soccer Team 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Chess Club 3,45 Band 2,3,4. MYRA KAY LEVY: Transfer 35 Modern Dance Club 2 CTreas.D5 Class Comm. 4. BELITA JOSEPHINE LEXVIS: Spanish Honor So- ciety 3 tPres.J, 4 CPres.D5 Natll Honor Society 3,45 French Honor Society 3,45 Publicity Comm. 2,35 French Club 2,3,4 lSec'y-Treas.J5 El T010 de Plata 45 Silver Quill 3. DAVID GEORGE LEWIS: Baseball 2 CJ.V.D5 Senior Class Play 3,45 Annual Show 3,45 Chair Comm. 3,45 Homecoming 4,Tl1eSpial1s 4 CSec,yD. CLASS OF 1964 ISK aw rp- LAWRENCE LINKOFF: DECA 4. SHARON TRUDY LITT: Annual Show 35 H.R. Of- ficer 2 fPres.J5 Monogram Society Comm. 25 Library Club 2,35 FTA 2,35 Chorus 2,3. ELEANOR LITTMAN: U.N. Club 2,3,4 fP1'es.J5 Natll Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Rep. Assembly 45 French Club 2,3,45 Foreign Exchange Club 3,45 Annual Show 2,3. ROBERTA JOY LITTMAN: H.R. Officer 2 fSeC,yl5 Library Club 25 Fashion Show 2,35 Annual Show 35 Natll Honor Society 45 Senior Class Play 45 In-school Publicity Comm. 4. SHARON ANN LOCKE: Intramurals 25 Fashion Show 2. HEATHER ELIZABETH LODGE: Adv. Chorus 3 SENIORS 540' . ,, E . M fa 1-"" I 'Q -wwf , I "'n"r'-af JAMES ARTHUR LONG SANDRA IRENE LONG: FTA 2,3,45 Safety Comm. 3,4 CMontgomery County Seciylg GSA 2,3,45 HR. Officer 3 fSec,yD, 4 CSec'yJ5 Intramurals. ROGER WAYNE LONGLEY GILBERTO LOPEZ, JR.: Library Club 2,3,45 Latin Scrabble- Team 45 Art Club 4. ROBERT LORD: Rep. Assembly 25 Wrestling 2 fJ.V.D, 3 fMgr.J5 Issac Walton League 2 CCh.J, 3 CPres.D5 Blair Pep Club 35 U.N. Club 3. PAUL JACOB LOUBE: Welfare Comm. 3,45 Span- ish Club 4. BONNIE LYNN LOUGHERY: Masque 61 Gavel 2,3,4 CSec'y-t1'eas.J5 Welfare Comm. 3 fCorresponcling Sec'yD, 45 Chaplain's Comm. 35 Athletic Comm. 3,45 Annual Show 2,35 Senior Class Play 4. EVELYN DIANE LUCKETT: GSA 25 FHA 2,3,45 Class Comm, 25 Homecoming 2. MARIAN RUTH LUCKETT: FHA 2,3,4 CV.P.D5 Homecoming 2,45 Class Comm. 2,35 Ways Sz Means Comm. 35 GSA 25 Fashion Show 3. CHARLES JOHN MACGOWAN: Transfer 25 Stage Crew 2,3,4. DAVID DOUGLAS MACKNIGHT: Chess Club 2,3,4 CTreas.D5 Band 45 Nat'l Honor Society 4. STEPHEN JAY MAHANEY: Cross Country 3,45 Track 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Crests 45 Annual Show 35 Adv. Ghorus 3,45 Senior Class Play 4. AS fx 'ml NADINE DIANE MARKS: Transfer 3: H.R. Officer 4 fSec,yJ. BRIAN JAY MARLOWE: French Club 4: Silver Chips Rep. 3: H.R. Officer 2 CV.P.J: Rep. Assembly 4. EVELYN MARIE MARTIN: CSA 3,4. RICHARD HENRY MARTIN: SoccerTeam 2. ROBERT BAKER MATSON: Banking 4: Work Ex- perience 4. JOHN HENRY MAY: Rep. Assembly 2,4 CSpeaker of' the Housel: Thespians 3 CTreas.J, 4: Citizenship Comm. 2,3,4: Stage Crew 2,3 CVice-Ch.J, 4: Key Club 2,3,4: Homecoming 3,4: Dance Comm. 2:3,4. BETTY JEAN MAYER: Intramurals 2: Foreign Ex- change Club 2,4: FHA 3,4: Ways Sz Means Comm. 3,4: Dabblers, Den 4: FDNA 4. SHERMAN BENNETT MAYOR: Basketball 2 CJ.V.D: Football 2: Baseball 2,3,4: Transfer 2: Key Club 2. SUZANNE JANE MCCLAIN: Annual Show 2: Class Comm. 3: FDNA 3: Homecoming 3. RETA MARIE MCCLINTIC: Majorettes 4: Class Comm. 2,3,4: Dance Comm. 2,3: Homecoming 3,4: Annual Show 2,3: FHA 3,4. JOSEPH FRANCIS MCGINNESS: RHAVE 4: Home- coming 4. DALE ROGER MCGRAW: Track Team 2,4: Soccer Team 2: Cross Country Team 4: Bowling Team 4, 9 SUSAN HELEN MAI: Majorettes 3:4: Masque 31 Cavel 2,3,4: Class Comm. 2:53:44 Homecoming 2,3,4: FHA 3,4: Library Club 2,3 CComm. Ch.7: YVays 8: Means Comm. 273. SANDRA MARSHA MAIZEL ROBERT JULES MALIKIN: Rep. Assembly 2: Stu- dent Council 4 CMember-at-LargeJ: MCR Rep. 4: Athletic Comm. 3: Folk Music Club 3,-1: Tennis Team 2: BCA 4. CHARLES LEE MALONEY: Homecoming 3. ALLAN LOUIS MANN: Chair Comm. 45: Track Team 2,3: Homecoming 3. JANE ELLEN MARCOLIS: Science Club 2,3 lV.P.J, 4 CPres.J: Mu Alpha Theta 3,4: Silver Quill 2,3,4: Astronomy Club 2,3,4 CV.P.D: Orchestra 2,3,4: Nat'l Honor Society. CLASS OF 1964 "Wk vo- lz 'Wav 005 xg-'V YET'-1 - M! 'fum J-4 E ' 6 . X qzfdf' SENIORS PHILIP WILLIAM MCMILLAN FREDERICK NORMAN MCNAMARA- PATRICIA JOYCE MCNEAL: Work Experience 44 Banking 44 Chorus 3,44 Welfare 3 CAss't CIIJQ Intra- murals 243. JEAN ELLEN MCPHERSON: Homecoming 2,3,44 Intramurals 2,3,44 CSA 4. MARTHA JEAN MEEKHAM: Homecoming 2,3,44 Intramurals 2. MARGARET ANN MEHLER: CSA 2,3,44 Girls' Planning Comm. 2,34 Homecoming 24 Intramurals 2,34 Work Experience 4. BARBARA LOU MEIER: Stage Crew 44 Silver Quill 3,44 Art Club 2,3,44 Library Club 2,3,44 Nat'l Honor Society 4. LAURA ROSE MELTZ: H.R. Officer 2,3 CSec'yJ4 Senior Class Play 44 journal DiArgent 44 School Store 44 Intramurals 24 Homecoming 4. STEVEN LEE MELTZER: SILVERLOGUE 3,4 CSpoi-ts Ecl.J4 Constitution Board 3, CCh.D 44 Natil Honor Society 3,44 Quill-ESC Scroll 3,44 Mu Alpha Theta 3,44 French Honor Society 3,44 Natll Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 4. PHILIP LEE MENDELSON: Audio Comm. 2,3 CTreas.J4 Annual Show 2,34 Thespians 344, Senior Class Play 2,34 Visual Aids 2,3. JEFFREY MARK MENICK: H.R. Officer 3 tPres.J4 Annual Show 2,34 Senior Class Play 44 Stage Crew 34 School Store 44 Class Comm. 44 Homecoming 2,3. ALLAN CURTIS MERIT 180 . ff PETER THOMAS MCGUCKIAN: Crests 3,44 Stage Crew 34 Soccer 44 Chair Comm. 2,3 ALICE EILEEN MCCUIRE: Banking 4. PHILIP ALAN MCKEAN: Blair Bowlers. THOMAS JOHN MCKENNA: Baseball 3,44 RHAVE 44 Homecoming 44 Varsity Club 3,44 Transfer 2. VALERIE ANNE MCKENNEY: GSA 24 Publicity Comm. 24 Election Comm. 34 Spanish Club 44 FDNA 44 Class Comm. 44 Foreign Exchange Club 4. JOANNE MARIE MCLAUGHLIN: Dance Comm. 2 fCh.J, 3,44 Student Gov't Rep. 2,3,4 CAlt.J4 Athletic Comm. 2,3444 Transfer 4. MW' ,WG wr MICHAEL ZALMAN METZCER: Annual Show 2,3, Student Ass,t 4. WILL CRAIG MEYER: Football 2 U.V.D, 3,43 Key Club 2,3,4, Rep. Assembly 25 Annual Show 2,3, Or- chestra 2,3, Wrestling 3. MICHELE LU MEYERSON: Rep. Assembly 2,3 iSec'yDg Publicity Comm. 2,3,4, Homecoming 2,3g BCA 3,4. MAUREEN JOY MICHAELS: Welfare Comm. 2,3,4, Homecoming 3,4, Dabblers' Den 4. MELISSA STEPHANIE MIDDLETON: Athletic Comm. 3, Library Club 2,35 Adv. Chorus 3,43 Home- coming 3,4, Debate Club 25 Annual Show 3, Senior Class Play 4. MARLENE RENEE MILEWSKY: Ways 61 Means Comm. 2, Library Club 2,3,4g Dance Comm. 3,4, Student Covlt Typist 3,45 Homecoming 3. ,Worr 'QD' 8 ?,w"'f' If K CLASS OF 1964 DEBORAH LEE. MILEY: FHA 4, Class Comm, 4, Homecoming 4. DANA FRANCES MILLER: Latin Scrabble 2, Adv. Chorus 3,4, FDNA 4, Student Assit 3, Nat'l Honor Society 4. KAREN LOIS MILLER: French Club 2,3,4g FHA 2,3,4g BCA 2,3,4, Election Comm. 2,S3,4, Foreign Exchange Club 2,3,4g U.N. Club 2,3,4. MONA ELAINE MILLER: Publicity Comm. 2, An- nual Show 3, Class Comm. 4: Silver Chips Rep. 4. MARY MAURINE MILLS: FTA 3,4 fP1'es.Dg Natll Honor Society 3,4, Dabblers' Den 2, Foreign Ex- change Club 4. RICHARD MOORE MILSTEAD: Tennis 2, Rifle Club 2, Folk Music Club 3,4, Student Ass't 4. MARK EDWARD MITCHELL: Band 2,3,4g Pep Band 2,35 Chess Club 2,3 CV.P.J, 4, Chess Team 2,3 CCo-Capt.D, 4 CCo-Capt.D. DOUGLAS BLAINE MOKE: Key Club 2,3,4, Rifle Team 3,4, Football 2 f,I.V.D, 3 U.V,D, Adv. Chorus 3,4, Annual Show 2,3, H.R. Officer 2 fPres.D, 4 CPres.J, Safety Comm. 2,3,4. JULIA MOLDVAY: Intramurals 2,3,4, French Club 4, Social Comm. 4. RONALD ANTHONY INIOLTZZ Audio Visual 2,3g Chemistry Club 45 Radio Club 4. HARRY THOMAS MOORE: Class Officer 3 fT1'63.S,D, 4 CTreas.D, Football 2 Cj.V.D, 3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g H.R. Officer 2 CPres.Dg Special Projects Comm. 3, Crests 3,45 Varsity Club 3,4. 181 pw. JOHN ALBERT MORARRE ROCHELLE FRANCES MORSE: Transfer 45 Nat'l Forensic League 2,3 CCh.j5 Welfare Comm. 45 Bowling Club 25 Pan American Club 25 Foreign Exchange Club 2. LINDA LOUISE MOSER: Transfer 45 Adv. Chorus 45 Majorettes 2,35 Student Cov't 35 Student Ass't 4. JEFFREY MICHAEL MOSES: Transfer 45 Bowling 2 QCapt.D5 Orchestra 2. LESTER MOSKOWITZ: Tennis Team 25 Stamp Club 25 Transfer 2. BARBARA ILENE MOSS: Transfer 25 FHA 3545 Homecoming 35 Welfare Comm. 4 CAss,t Rep.D5 Pep Club 25 FTA 25 H.R. Officer 2 CSec,yD. SENIORS fum W if 5' eff. 2 f"xf'x IQRWQ C-fw L. 422' VWWY SUSAN ELAINE MOSSBURC: Majorettes 2,354 lCapt.J5 O,Debs 3,45 Library Club 2,354 CComm, Co- Ch.D5 Class Comm. 2,3545 Fashion Show 2,35 H.R. Officer 3 fV.P.D, 4 fV.P.D5 Nat'l Honor Society 4. EXA MARIE MOTE: Activities Comm. 45 Silver Quill 45 Class Comm. 45 Foreign Exchange Club 45 FTA 45 Transfer 3. SANDRA LEE MUELLER: Spanish Club 354. JOHN EDWARD MULLIGAN: Distributive Educa- tion 45 DECA 45 Student Assit 45 Tech Electronic 4. ALAN JAMES MUNITZ: Band 2535 Athletic Comm, 45 Student Ass't 4. BETTY-JO MUSHET: Silver Quill 354 QCO-Art ECl.l5 Dabblers, Den 2545 Stage Crew 2545 Natll Honor Society 45 H.R. Officer 2 CPres.D5 Silver Quill Lit- erary Staff 4. RICHARD LEE MYERS: Diversified Occupation 4. SHARON LEE MYERS: Homecoming 3545 Bank Officer 3 CAss,tD, 4 CSec'yD. PETER HAMILTON MYLKES VIRGINIA JULIET NAJARIAN: Welfare Comm. 25 H.R. Officer 2 CSec,yJ5 3 fSec'yD. DOROTHY BLAINE NAMMACK: Varsettes 45 Stage Crew 2535 Welfare Comm. 35 Adv. Chorus 3545 FHA 45 Dance Comm. 45 Senior Class Play 4. ALAN MARC NATHAN: Transfer 35 Track Team 2,35 45 Class Officer 2 fV.P.J5 Football 25 Latin Club 2 lTreas.D5 Lab Ass't 45 Nat'l Honor Society 4. was W my HARINC JETSE YVALLES NAUTA: Science Fair K Comm. 3 CCO-Ch.J, 4 CCh.J5 Chess Club 45 Science --L Club 3,45 Biology Club 25 Annual' Show Orchestra 2,3 CConcert MasterD5 Lab Asslt 4. MELODY NECOSTA: Work Experience 4. CHERYL JOYCE NEHMAN: FTA 25 French Club 25 Student Ass't 4. ARTHUR LEWIS NEMIRO MW MARC ANDREYV NEMIROFF: Silver Quill 25 Public Comm. 35 Senior Class Play 45 French Club 45 Class Comm. 45 Student Ass't 4. MARCY NEUMAN: Annual Show 25 Homecoming 25 Welfa1'e Comm. 35 Student Ass't 4. CLASS OF 1964 KENNETH WILSON NEWELL: Band 2,35 S ' 'Qh 'vrl 51 "4: ' Club 4. palms ff. I THOMAS MICHAEL NICHOLS: W1'eStli11g 3,45 I I F A l Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 4. 53. 'vi 4' V X 'gl' -f .lfll JAMES KEN NISHIMOTO: Basketball 2,3 CMg1'.D. if ,- 2 3, RICHARD HANSEN NOFFSINCER: Spanish'Honor Society 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 45 Mu Alpha Theta 4. SHARON ANN NOLAN: O,Debs 3,45 Homecoming 3,45 Class Comm. 3,45 Safety Comm. 45 Transfer 3. 'Figs HAROLD BENJAMIN NORMAN: Transfer 3. at 45, 'HQ' STUART ALAN NORTON: Transfer 45 Newspaper 2 CChief Photographe-rD5 Chess Club 253,45 Bridge Club 2,35 Stage Crew 2,35 Nat'l Office Management Assn. Award 35 Kiwanis Science Award 2. ION PHILIP NUSBAUM: H.R. Officer 3 fV.P.l5 Homecoming 2,35 Crests 45 D.E. 45 DECA 4. ANITA ESTA NUSSBAUM: Class Comm. 45 Student 5 'far Ass't 3,45 Homecoming 4. " Wav IUDITH ANN O'BRIEN: Transfer 35 Latin Auxil- ium 2. VIRGINIA LOUISE ODEN: Welfare Comm. 2,3 CCor1'esponding Seclylg CSA 2,3,45 Homecoming 2,35 Dance Comm. 25 FDNA 25 U.N. Club 25 Intramurals 2,3. JURIS CEDERTS ODINS: Constitution Board 3,45 Election Comm. 35 Annua'l Show 25 Band 2,3,45 journal D'Argent 45 Nat'l Honor Society 4. 'D l ARTHUR EDWARD OGUS: journal D,Argent 354 fEd.l5 Natll Honor Society 354 fV.P.J5 Annual Show 35 Discussion Club 3545 French Honor Society 3545 Mu Alpha Theta 3545 Masque 61 Gavel 2,354 KATHLEEN ANN O'LEARY: Majorettes 3,4 CTreas.D5 Stage Crew 3,45 H.R. Officer 4 QVPJ5 Safety Comm. 45 Homecoming 3,45 FHA 3,45 BCA 3,4. MICHAEL PATRICK O'LEARY: Work Experience 4. DONALD WILLIAM OLSON: Football- 2 CJ.V.J, 3,45 Basketball 2 CJ.V.J, 3 CJ.V.J5 45 Track 2,3545 Varsity Club 3545 H.R. Officer 2 fPres.D. HENRIETTA CECELIA OLSWFSKI: Transfer 45 FHA 35 Class Comm. 3. THOMAS EDWARD OLSZEWSKI: Audio Comm. 4 CCh.D5 Radio Club 4 CV.P.D5 Audio Visual Aids 4 CCh.P. JEFFREY NEIL OPPENHEIM: Basketball 3545 Football 35 Varsity Club 3,45 Annual Show 35 Chair Comm. 45 Election Comm. 35 Homecoming 3. MARY ANN OREM: Publicity Comm. 25 Library Club 2535 Stage Crew 35 Homecoming 4. FRANK BRIAN ORLETSKY: Golf 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Blair Bowlers 45 Student Asslt 3. SENIORS NTLK 33-f ? 'VW aim, . f 'K iw! P29 42 .,, .5 T - an -r"'t few CHRISTIAN JOHN ORNES: Chair Comm. 3545 Foot- ball 25 Homecoming 2,3545 Class Comm. 3545 Annual Show 35 Student Ass't 253. ELOISE MARIE ORR: FTA 25 Library Club 25 In- tramurals 2. RHONDA OSHEROFF: Annual Show 35 Class Comm. 45 Student Assit 2,3,4. STEPHANIE ELAINE OVERHOLT: Keyettes 2,354 CSeciyJ5 Cheerleaders 45 Annual Show 25 Welcoming Comm. 45 H.R. Officer 3 CPres.D Stage Crew 45 Natil Honor Society 4. STEVEN LOWELL OVERHOLT: Chemistry Club 3545 Science Club 3,45 Chess Club 2,3545 H.R. Officer 4 CPres.D5 Concert Band 2,3545 Marching Band 253,45 Pep Band 253. ROBERT JAMES OWEN: Basketball 2 fJ.V.J5 3,45 Varsity Club 3545 Crests 2,3,45 Welfare Comm. 45 Citizenship Comm. 45 Chair Comm. 35 Election Comm. 2. KENNETH VAUCHN OWENS: Welfare Comm. 35 Blair Bowlers 2. RICHARD HAMILTON OWENS: SILVERLOGUE 3,4 CBusiness MgrD5 Quill 61 Scroll 3545 Nat'l Honor Society 45 In-school Publicity Comm. 45 Welfare Comm. 253545 Annual Show 4 CComm. Ch.D5 Adv. Chorus 354. DIANA LILLIAN PARKER: Varsettes 3. M- Hhs "47"Z'V Qffwf' bm, Wu... -S-4....,, FRED WAYNE PENCE: DECA 44 Homecoming 44 Far Eastern Club 4. PATRICIA ANNE PERATINO: Keyettes 2,3 fTreas.D, 4 fPres.D4 Rep. Assembly 2,3 fAIt.J, 44 Stage Crew 2,3,-44 Class Comm. 2,3,44 Publicity Comm. 24 Public Relations Comm. 44 Activity Council 4. BARBARA ELAINE PERDUE: Intramurals 2,3,4. JOHN PATRICK PERCAL: Transfer 3. STEPHEN GERSON PERIN: Silver Chips 3,4 CEd.- in-chiefQ4 Natil Honor Society 3,44 Student Covit 4 fCabinetD4 Interhigh 4 CPermanent D6lCgk1f6D, H.R. Officer 2 CPres.D, 3 4V.P.JQ Quill Sz Scroll 3,44 Annual Show 2,3. CATHERINE LESLIE PERKUS: Franklin-lVIarshall Book Award 34 Discussion Club 3,44 Inter-school Relations Comm. 2,34 Foreign Exchange Club 3,44 Nat'l Honor Society 3,44 Quill Gt Scroll 3,44 SILVER- LOGUE 3,4 CAss't Ed.-in-chiefj. ELLEN SUE PERSKY: Senior Class Play 44 H.R. Officer 2 CSec,yD, 3 CSec,yD4 BCA 3,44 CSA 2,34 Powder Puffs 24 Fashion Show 3. CAROL ANN PETER: FHA 24 CSA 24 Stage Crew 34 FDNA 44 Class Comm. 44 Student Assit 4. ROBERT JOSEPH PFAFF: Special Projects Comm. 3,44 Varsity Club 3,4 CPres.D4 Football 2,344 fCapt.D4 Track 3,4. MARILYN LORETTA PARKS: French Club 2,34 Dabblers' Den 24 FHA 44 Homecoming 344. KENNETH BEDELL PARLAMAN: Thespians 3,4 fPl'GS.DQ Forensic League 3,44 Annual Show 2,3 CComm. Cha, 4 CComm. Ch.D4 Senior Class Play 3 CComm. Ch.D, 4 CComm. CTTDQ Stage Crew 2,34 Library Club 24 Homecoming 2. CHRISTINE MARIE PATTEN: Transfer 44 Library Club 2,34 FHA 44 Homecoming 4. ELIZABETH RAWLS PAVLOVSKY: Adv. Chorus 3,44 Public Information Comm. 24 Pmeco Argenteus 34 Nat'l Honor Society 3,44 U.N. Club 4 CSec'y-Treas.D4 Rep. Assembly 4 CAlt.D. BARBARA ANN PAYNE: Keyettes 3,44 Powder Puffs 24 Publicity Comm. 34 Homecoming 24 Annual Show 2. MICHAEL ALLEN PEARLMAN: Natll Honor So- ciety 3,44 Mu Alpha Theta 3444 French Honor So- ciety 3,44 French Club 3,4 CCO-Pl'GS.lg Annual Show 2,3,44 Athletic Comm, 34 H.R. Officer 4 CPres.D. CERALDINE KAY PEEBLES: Banking 2,44 Activity Comm. 24 Work Experience 4. ROBERTA ELAINE PEISNER: Nat'l Honor Society 3,44 French Honor Society 3,44 Powder Puffs 24 SILVERLOGUE 4 CSr. Class Ed.D4 FTA 2,3,44 French Club 3,44 Nat'l Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 4. SANDRA PELTIN: Transfer 34 Annual Show 2,44 Cho1'us 24 Class Officer 24 FTA 24 Student Ass,t 3. Y CLASS OF 1964 fx Fw. 4 tzf-' 'SN 'Rr' ""'-N mv ,M v3i',',,H x,.Tg,j SENIORS GERALD LAYVRENCE PIZER: Tennis 2,3545 Bancl 25 Wfelfare Comm. 4. PAUL ALAN PoL1NC.ER1 Band 2,:3,4. ROSELLA POLLACK: FHA 2g UN. Club 3,45 BCA 3545 Foreign Exchange Club 45 French Club 43 H.R. Officer I3 fSec,yJ 4 fSec'yJ5 Annual Show 2. ALAN NEIL POLLIN: Science Club 45 Coin Club 45 Civil Defense Club 2. RICHARD KENT POSNER: Chair Comm. 3,45 Sen- ior Class Play 25 Stage Crew 2. CONSTACE ELAINE POXVER: FIIA 3,41 Major- ettes 2,3 CSnack Bar Mgixj 45 Fashion Show 2,35 Homecoming S35 French Club 4. PAMELA CONN PRICE: Transfer 25 Stuclent Ass't 3. RICHARD GILES PRINZ: Track 25 Senior Class Play 335 Crests 53,45 H.R. Officer C3 CV.P.D5 Class Comm. 53 . TONY DWIGHT PROPST: Rifle Team 2,354 186 NIARION CHARLIE PFEFERNIAN: Transfer 3g Class Comm. 45 Spanish Club 45 Homecoming 45 Intramurals 2553. PAUL DENNIS PHELAN: Homecoming 45 RHAVE 45 Far Eastern Club 45 Colf2. BONNIE TYLER PHILLIPS: Transfer 35 Dabblers' Den 45 Homecoming 4. CATHERINE AMELIA PICKETT: Activity Comm. 25 Banking 45 VVork Experience 4. REBECCA ANNE PILLOW: Spanish Club 3,45 AC- tivity Council 45 Hockey Honor Team 3545 FDNA S35 CSA 253,45 Hostess Comm. 3,45 Class Comm. 4. SAMUEL DAVID PIPPIN: Baseball 253,45 Marching Bancl 2,3545 Concert Bancl 2,3545 Homecoming 25514. SHARON LYNN PISAPIA: Varsettes 2,3 CTreas.D, 4 fP1'GS.DQ Welfare Rep. 2 CAlt.J5 Homecoming 25 Activity Council 45 Monogram Society 3,45 Banking 2,3545 Nat'l Honor Society 4. RICHARD VINCENT PISCIOTTA: Track 2,3,4. ROBERT LEYVIS PITTS: DECA 4 fT1'6klS.DQ Track 35 Baseball 33,45 Football 25 Transfer 3. 624 "'fi""zv Mu! QM '44 MARIE PRYSTAY: Homecoming 2,35 Class Comm. 45 Athletic Comm. 44 German Club 3, Intramurals 2. JEFFREY MARK PUKATCH: Class Comm, 2,44 French Club 45 Homecoming 4. NORMAN BRENNER PURDY DEAN REED PUTNAM: Band 2,3,4g Transfer 35 Photography Club 2, French Club 2 CTreas.Dg Wres- tling 3. LYNDA MARLEEN QUIRK: Mlelfare Comm. 2, Student Asslt -'Eg DECA 4, BARBARA LYNN RABENHORST: Adv. Chorus 53,44 Library Club 2,3,4g H.R. Officer 2 lSec'yJ 3 fSec,yDg Homecoming 4. JANE PAULA RANOFSKY: Intramurals 2,3,4g GSA 2,3,4g Blair Bowlers 35 FTA 45 Senior Class Play 44 Annual Show 4. WILLIAM HENRY RAPLEY: Orchestra 2,3. JESSE LEE REAVES: Spanish Club 3,44 El T070 de Plata 4g Stage Crew 53,44 Rifle Club 3,45 Dance Comm. 45 Welfare Comm. 4. 0554 .qw In, ,il-A, ll! Ai xv- Elf' ry W me -if" CLASS OF 1964 CARL EUGENE REDDIX: Football 4. ROBERT ALAN REED: Track 24 Basketball 3 CJ.V.Dg Citizenship Comm. 4. DAVID BROOKS REEVE: Football 2 CMgr.Jg Bas- ketball 2,S3,4g Transfer 2. TRINA MADELYN REFF: YVelfare Comm. 3,44 Class Comm. 2,35 FTA 44 Silver Chips Rep. 2. LEONARD SIDNEY REICH: Nat,l Honor Society 53,44 Masque 61 Gavel 3,4 CY.P.Dg Quill Sz Scroll 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 SILVERLOGUE 3,4 lUnderclass- men Ed.JgH.R.Officer-IBQP1-es.Jg Science Fair Award 3. KATHRYN ELIZABETH REICHEL: O'Debs 53,4 CHistorianDg Stage Crew 2,-3,4 fCo-Ch.J, Thespians 3,4 CRecording Seclyls Wlays Sz Means Comm. 2,34 Lower Merion Exchange 35 Class Comm. 3g Dance Comm. 4. DIANE LOIS REID: Work Experience 4. Josii ALBERT REIG: Foreign Exchange Club 4. JANET ELIZABETH RICE: Yarsettes 41Adx'. Chorus 33,44 Forensic Tournament 45 Library Club 2,331 GSA 2, Foreign Exchange Club 4. 187 M670 SENIORS DONALD BRUCE ROSE: Dance Comm. 2,3 CCh.l, 4 lCh.D. Key Club 3,4 QV.P.Dg Rifle Team 2,f3,4g Varsity Club 4g Monogram Society 3.4. Annual Show 2g Class Comm. 2. MARSHA BETH ROSENBERC BETTINA ,IOYCE ROSS: Transfer 35 H.R. Officer 2 tTreas.J. Art Club 2,35 Senior Class Play 53. ANTHONY CARL ROTA IOIIN GILBERT RUTH: Basketball 2,3,4g Football 3,4g Baseball 4g Key Club 2,I3,4g Varsity Club 2,5144 Citizenship Comm. 3,4 NAORII ELIZABETH ROTIIROCK: Ii.R. Officer 3 CPres,l, 4 CPres.lg Annual Show 33g Publicity Comm. 2,3,4g SeniorClass Play 4. Class Comm. 3,4g CSA 2,J3,4. GRACE ANNE ROWELL: Cheerleader 3,4 CCapt,Dg O,Debs 3,4 tTreas.Dg Class Officer C3 CSec,yD, 4 CSec,yJ. Annual Show 2. CSA 13 lSec,yDg Dance Comm, 2g Homecoming 53. NVILLIANI BOYD RONVLES: Transfer 33 Orchestra f3,4g Concert and Marching Band 3.4. Annual Show 3,4 NIARNIORIE ANN RUBEY: Annual Show 2: Chorus 2g Typing Award 3. DONA SUSAN RUBIN: Election Comm. 25 FTA 2g H.R. Officer 2 CSec,ylg Class Comm. 53g Homecoming 45 Chorus 2. MARILYN ELAINE RUBIN: Transfer 24 Class Ol'- ficcr 2 fPres.j. JANE PAULA RUDIN: Silver' Chips' 53,4 fPage One Ed.lg Natal Honor Society 3,4g Quill ESI Scroll 3,45 Nlu Alpha Theta S3,4g Science Club 2,53 CSeciyD, 4 lSec,y-Treaslg Astronomy Club 2,53 tSeciyl, 4 lSeclyl: Chemistry Club 4. 188 lx PATRICIA CHARLOTTE RICHMOND: XVelfare Comm. S35 XVork Experience 4. MICHAEL -IAY RIDER: Transfer 531 Athletic C0111111. 4g Homecoming 4. LINDA JEAN RICCS: H.R. Rep. 4 lAlt.Dg Class Comm, CCo-Ch.lg Homecoming 2,S3,4g FHA 4g O,Debs 45 Dance Comm. 2. ELVIN XVARREN RINCLER: Football 4. Homecom- ing 4. Varsity Club 4g Visual Aids 2g French Club 3g Rifle Club 2g Transfer 3. KATHLEEN ANNE ROBERSON: Adv, Chorus 3,44 Praeco Argenteus 2,5145 Foreign Exchange Club 4. Latin Nationwide Exam Award 25 Intrannirals 2. BRUCE CRAIC ROCNLIE - V f f QWWQ ' ' as 'lf' 'wil RAYNIQND XVALTER RUHLING: H.R, Officer 2 212:93-li 3 KY-PJ: Varsity Club 2,514 CSec,yDg Key Club 351,49 Bflskctllllll 573,41 Baseball 25 Citizenship Comm. BETH .IANE HUXIERNIAN: Annual Show 2,34 Blair Bowlers 35 Homecoming 4. KATHY LEE RUPLI: H.R. Officer 3 CSec,yDg XVelfare Comm. 32 FTA 4 QTrcas.Dg Student Ass't 4g Class Comm. 4g Senior Class Play 44 Homecoming 4. ANN LOUISE RUPPRECHT: Banking J3,4g Banking Award 3. IOSEPH AUBREY RUSH LOIS ANN RYAN: Library Club 2,J3,4g Foreign Ex- change Club 253,43 French Club 4g Stage Crew 3. ev 'arf tm' 'TT CLASS OF 1964 SCOTT SACMAN: Wrestling 253,44 Soccer 4g Annual Show 35 Varsity Club 253,44 Football 2 fj,V.j, 3. RICHARD PETER SANCHEZ CAROLYN ANN SANDBERC: H.R. Officer 4 fSec'yQg Majorettes 44 FDNA 35 O'Debs 44 Homecoming 2,I3g VVelfare Comm. 3. Safety Connn. 4. PAUL SAPERSTEIN: Football 2 Q-I.V.J, 3g Student Government 2,35 Varsity Club 3,43 Annual Show 2,35 Science Fair WVinner 2g Latin Scrabble 25 Track 2, NATHAN SAMUEL SAPOSNEKOO: Intranuirals 25 H.R. Officer 4 tTreas.D. EDVVARD LEONARD SATINOVER: Annual Show 2. KENNETH EDWARD SCEE: Crests 53,44 Chair Comm. 4. DECA 4. LINDA MARIE SCHAEFER: Library Club 2,3,4g WVelfare Comm. 2,3g French Club 4g UN Club 45 Class Comm. 4g Nat'l Honor Society 4g CSA 2,J3,4. MICHAEL GENE SCHECHTER: French Club 3,4g H.R. Officer 4 CPres.Dg BCA 33 Natll Honor Society 4. RALEIGH HELENE SCHEIN: Homecoming 45 Stage Crew 4. BEVERLY CLAIRE SCHEINER: H.R. Officer 4 CSec,ylg Welfare Comm. 4g Foreign Exchange Club 4g Dabblers' Den 43 Transfer 3. French Club 2g Intrgl murals 2,f3,4. CAROLE LYY SCHENKER: Fashion Show 23 An- nual Show '51 Class Comm. 33,41 Senior Class Play 4g Hoinecoming 4. T new TERRY ALLAN SCHMIDT: Nat'l Honor Society 3,44 Mu Alpha Theta 3,44 H.R. Officer 2 fPres.D, 3 CV.P.D4 French Club 44 Special Projects Comm. 4. EILEEN SUE SCHULMAN MADELYN IANE SCHULTEN- Transfer 0 s .wish . - ' - HS D Club 24 FHA 44 H.R. Otficer4 iSec,yD. MARK HENRY SCHWARTZ: Nat'l Honor Society 3,44 Latin Scrabble 2,3 CCapt.J4 Cerman Scrabble 3 CCapt.D, 4 CCapt.D4 German Club 4 iP1'6S.DQ H.R. Rep. 4 CAlt.D4 Der Deutsche Adler 4 CArt Ed.D4 Mu Alpha Theta 4. ROBERT CAHRINC SCRUCGS: DECA 4. MARIAN SECAL: French Club 44 Homecoming 2,44 Dance Comm. 3. ' SENIORS sry.,-1 WW ?9'- Q- -- 4 1 tw 4 5-6-v 'rr' """"" .jg My I JAMES EDWIN SEIDEL: Election Comm. 24 Chair Comm. 4. DAVID STEWART SELTZER: Athletic Comm. 3,44 Adv. Chorus 3,44 Homecoming 4. LYNNE CAROLE SENDEJO: Mu Alpha Theta 3,44 Homecoming 2,3 CComm. Co-Chl, 44 CSA 24 Nat'l Honor Society 44 Safety Comm. 44 Interschool Comm. 44 Class Comm. 4. ION RONALD SHAHEEN: Thespians 3,44 Stage Crew 3,44 Class Comm. 44 Publicity Comm. 3. SANDRA ELAINE SHAKEWITZ: Welfare Comm. 2,44 Stage Crew 2,34 Praeco Argenteus 2,34 Spanish Club 3,44 Class Comm. 344. KAREN SUE SHARE: Annual Show 34 Welcoming Comm. 34 FHA 24 Student Ass't 34 W0l'k Experience 4. STEVEN MARK SHAVELL: Transfer 34 Class Of- ficer 2 fV.P.lQ Yearbook 24 Science Club 3,44 Chess Club 44 Nat'l Honor Society 4. JOHN SHEINTAL MARTIN STEWART SHENKER: Annual Show 243,44 SILVERLOGUE 44 Senior Class Play 4 QComm. Chl, All-Maryland High School Orchestra 3,44 Montgom- ery County Youth Orchestra QA? BARBARA CLAIRE SHEPARD: Publicity Comm. 44 Homecoming 44 Stage Crew 24 Blair Bowlers 2,3 fTeam Capt.D4 Chemistry Club 4. RICHARD ALLAN SHEPHERD: Adv. chorus 3,44 HB- O1Lf1C61'4 WAP-ls Class Comm. 44 Chair Comm. 4. CAROL ANN SHORTER: Transfer 34 Homecoming 3. JOHN CARROLL SISSON: Key Club 2,3 CChaplainD, 45 Library Club 3,4 CTreas.D5 Annual Show 35 Span- ish Club 45 Band 2,3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Annual Show 4. RICHARD DONALD SITNICK: Track 2,45 Chair Comm. 4. JOYCE GEORGETTE SKIDMORE: FDNA 25 Li- brary Club 2,3. SUSAN ETTA SKLAR: Natil Honor Society 3,45 Latin Honor Society 2,35 H.R. Officer 2 CSec'yD, 3 CSec,yD5 Discussion Croup 2,3,45 Science Club 3,45 Der Deutsche Adler 4. ALAN KENT SMITH: Rep. Assembly 253,45 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Chess Club 3,4. FREDERICK DUNCAN SMITH: H.R. Rep. 2. GLORIA CAROL SMITH JAY HOMER SMITH: Crests 3,45 Stage Crew 3,45 Dance Comm. 45 Track 2,45 Class Comm. 4. SUSAN LESLIE SMITH WALTER HAGEN SMITH: Homecoming 45 Trans- fer 2. KAY LORENE SNEIDERMAN: Band 2,354 CAROLE JEAN SNODDY: Library Club 2,35 FTA 45 Homecoming 2,35 FHA 45 Safety Comm. 4. PAULA JANE SILBEY: Music Club 2,3 CPres.P, 45 Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Foreign Exchange Club 253,45 Annual Show 2,3,45 Homecoming 2,3,45 VVelfare Comm. 2,3,4. MYRNA SUE SILVERMAN: VVelfare Comm. 2. MARK ALAN SILVERSTEIN: Soccer 45 Spanish Honor Society 3, Chemistry Club 25 Blair Bowlers 25 Silver Chips Rep. 35 Nat'l Honor Society 4. KENNETH ROBERT SIMON: Stage Crew 2,3,4, Blair Bowlers 2,35 Class Comm. 2,3,45 Stock Ex- change Club 2,3,45 Dabblers, Den 253,45 Homecom- ing 2,3,4. LORETTA HARRIET SIMPSON: Keyettes 2,3545 Annual Show 2,35 FHA 2 CSec,yD, 3,45 Library Club 2,3545 Publicity Comm. 2,3,45 Class Comm. 2,3,4. STEVE ALAN SINCMAN: Adv. Chorus 3,45 Rep. As- sembly 2,35 Homecoming 45 Wrestling 3,4 CMgrD. CLASS OF 1964 fi' ,W mf '-fu ,M- in .., NANCY LEE SOCKS: Transfer 35 Citizenship Comm. 3,45 Foreign Exchange Club 45 Dabblers' Den 4. MARK IRVIN SOLER Student Council 3 M n 1 I z . C e 1be'- at-largel5 4 fV.P.l5 Basketball 2 C-I.V.D, 3,45 Natll Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 French Honor So- ciety 3,45 Crests 3,45 Natll Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 4. EUGENE SOLOMON: Discussion Group 2,3545 Chemistry Club 35 Science Club 45 Math Club 45 Natll Honor Society 4. JUDITH ANN SONKIN: WVork Experience 4. BARBARA LEE SOPER: GSA 2,3 CV.P.D, 4 fPres.D5 Natll Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Rifle Team 3,45 Library Club 253,45 Election Comm. 2,35 Class Comm. 4. NANCY LEE SORRELLS: O,Debs 3,45 Majorettes 45 Safety Comm. 45 Welfare Rep. 35 Library Club 2,354- Siluer Chips Rep. 25 Publicity Comm. 3,4. w MARSHALL DENNIS SOSSEN: Stage Crew S35 Crests 4. STUART MARSHALL SOTSKY: EI Toro de Plata 2 fAss't Ed.D, 4 fEd.-in-chieD5 Senior Class Play 45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Spanish Honor Society 45 Spanish Club 2,4 CV.P.D5 Nat'l Honor Society 45 Math Team 4. a SHARON LEE SPADARO: Homecoming 35 Short- hand Award 35 Student Ass't 354. SENIORS My 27'-'H' MTN QW, amd' ffm M 'K-ek RAYMOND EARL SPARKS: Library Club 2,3,4 fV.P.l5 Class Comm. 45 Senior Class Play 45 Annual Show 35 Stage Crew 3. ALICE SPEIZMAN: Homecoming 3 CCO-Ch.D5 Ath- letic Comm. 45 Annual Show 25 FTA 2,45 French Club 2,45 Spanish Club 45 Foreign Exchange Club 3. CAROLYN ANNE SPENCE: Library Club 253. JOSEPH SPERLING: Baseball 35 H.R. Officer 4 fV.P.l5 Public Relations Comm. 45 Silver Chips Rep. 2. GLORIA THELMA SPRINGER: Nafl Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Athletic Comm. 45 Class Comm. 45 Bowling Club 3,45 Homecoming 45 Student Council 4 CTypistD. FRANCIS PATRICK STACHURA: Election Comm. 25 El Toro de Plata 4. MARSHA HARRIET STAHLER: Annual Show 35 Homecoming 2,35 Student Asslt 35 Welfare Rep. 4CAlt.D. DOROTHY FAYE STALBERG: Publicity Comm. 2, 3,45 Annual Show 35 Stage Crew 25 Dabblers' Den 4. JILL DIANE STARR: I-I.R. Rep. 35 Class Comm. 3,45 Safety Comm. 3,4 CCh.Df Annual Show 25 Powder Puffs 2. Q-' 1? QQ -c-4' .Qi bw 'ff JOHN FRANCIS STONE: Amateur Radio Club 4 CStati0n Trusterjg Audio Comm. 45 Transfer 3. EDDY ROGER STORO: Track 25 German Club 2,35 Athletic Comm. 45 U.N. Club 4. ANITA RUTH STUPPLER: Natll Honor Society 3,45 Spanish Honor Society 3,45 Homecoming 2 CCh.y, 3,4 CCh.D5 Praeco Argenteus 2 CAss,t Ed.D5 Debate Union 45 Silver Quill 35 Folk Music Club 3. JAMES JOSEPH SULLIVAN: Football 3,45 VVres- tling 3,45 Varsity Club 3,4. MARK WAYNE SURREY: Basketball 2 CJ.V.J5 Base- ball 25 Newspaper staff 25 French Club 2,4. SUSAN ADELE SWARTHOUT: Wlelfare Rep. 2,35 Adv. Chorus 35 CSA 25 Nation-Wide Latin Exam Merit 2. JAMES RUSSELL SVVARTWOUT: Key Club 3,4 CPres.D5 Adv. Chorus 2,35 Activity Council 45 Special Projects Comm. 45 Nat'l Honor Society 3,4. SOL SWIERDSIOL: H.R. Officer 2 CPres.D. SHARON GRACIA WVILBERETTA TALLEY: H.R. Officer 2 CSeC,yl5 Silver Chips Rep, 35 Intramurals 2,35 Homecoming 3. MELANIE MAE STEESY: FHA 2,3,45 Publicity Comm. 45 Student Ass't 45 Swimming Club 4g FDNA 45 XVelfare Comm. 3. JOHN TUSKA STEIN: Amateur Radio Club 45 Chair Comm. 45 Student Ass't 4. DIANNE MARIE STEINER MARSHA SUE STEINGART DARRILYN MARIE STEINGREBE: FHA 2. JOHN MONTGOMERY STEVENS: Stage Crew 35 Chair Comm. 4. JANE CAROL STIEBER: Varsettes 2,3,45 NVelfare Rep. 3,45 U.N. Club 253,45 French Club 2,35 Silver Quill 4 tTypistD5 Annual Show 2,35 Homecoming 2. SUEELLEN STIEFEL: Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Publicity Comm. 2,35 Student Ass't 3,4 HELEN MARIE STOKOE: Library Club 2,3 CComm. Ch.D, 4 CCOIIIIII. Ch.J5 Silver Quill 45 Folk Music Club 3,45 Science Fair 25 Student Ass't 45 Natll Honor Society 4. CLASS OF 1964 -'Wx -- SENIORS JILL ANN TODD: Spanish Club 2. MARJORIE DONNA TOLSTOI KATHLEEN JANE TooTHAKER. Band 2,:3,4, In- tramurals 2,f3,4g German Club 4. CERARD STEPHEN TOTH LOURDES ISABEL TRIANA: Transfer 25 Spanish Club 2,3,4g French Club 45 Foreign Exchange Club 44 CTreas.D El Toro de Plata 3,4 CCo-Ecl.Dg Spanish Honor Society 53,4g Natll Honor Society 4. HUGH FRANCIS TRICCS: Yearbook 3g Football 2,3g Transfer 4. MICHAEL PAUL TRILLING: Transfer 35 XV1'estling 53,4 Olgrjg Science Club 3. FRED ROBERT TROLL: Crests 3,45 Chair Comm. 2,3,4 CCh.Jg Track 3,4. NANCY ANN TROXLER: Yarsettes 4g FHA 2 CChap- lainj, 45 FDNA 45 NVelfare Rep. 2 CSA 2g Stu- clent Asslt 4. 194 FRED JOSEPH MICHAEL TAMBELLINI: Reptile Club 25 Armed Forces Club 2. ROBERT LEE TARKINGTON: Band 2,35 Annual Show 2. DONALD WAYNE TAULELLE LYNNE MICHELLE TEARLE DAVID SHEA TEEPLE: Adv. Chorus J3,4g Home- rooin Officer 3 fV.P.Dg 4 CV.P.J5 Nat'l Honor Society 3,49 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Annual Show 4g Chair Comm. 4. NANCY LANE TEMPLETON: H.R. Officer I3 CPres.J. ROBIN YVILLIAM THOMAS: Chemistry Club 4. NANCY ELIZABETH THOMASSON: Aclv. Chorus 3g Dance Comm. 35 Intramurals 25 XVork Experience 4. GLORIA LYNN THORNE 4?-'Z' IVN N4-Q., ff f l V A H Y V Jw 5, w e f-qi -. .. "sn . ff . . . my - , 'ili tfv ' " J ' 2 . ii , ' ' 4, ff f Y ,. -5 A- i . . .. f ' -f. 1 V if I 2!"'fo-ix 'X .- """t fxxf MICHAEL CARY TULL: Football 2 lJ.X'.J, 3 QJ.V.J tw 45 Varsity Club 45 Crests 45 Baseball 3,4. 49? RUTH JOYCE TURNER: Banking 45 YVelfare Comm 243. ROBERT HENRY UPHOLT: Band 25 YV1'estling 3 Blair Bowlers 3. RICHARD BYRON USKIEVICH W CAROL SUSAN VALORIS: Silver Chips 45 FTA 2,45 Foreign Exchange Club 2,3,45 Class Comm. 4 CCli.D Homecoming 2 CComm. Cli.J, 35 H.R. Officer 2 fY.P.J Atliletic Comm. 4. NANCY CAROLYNE VAN WYCK: Transfer 3. JAMES AUGUSTUS VERDIN 'wi Y HARRY JAY VIENER: Blair Bowlers 3. CARMEN RENEE VIENS: Wlellare 2,3. CLASS OF 1964 JOAN MARIE XYADE: Yarsettes 2,3,4 QCliaplainJ5 Homecoming 2,4. SHARON JEANNE WADE: FDNA 4. mf SHIRLEY ANN NYADE: Rep. Assembly 45 BCA 3,4 'KZ' CComm. Cli.D5 FDNA 2,3,45 Spanish Honor Society 3,45 Atliletic Comm. 45 Class Comm. 3,45 Homecom- ing 3,4. sg, SUZANNE MARIE WADSWORTH: Publicity Comm. 25 H.R. Rep. 3, Class Comm. 2,35 FHA 4, Homecom- ing 3,4. JULIA LEE NVAGNER: Dance Comm. 2,35 Class Comm. 2,3 CCli.J, 4: O,Debs 3,41 Student Council 4 CMember-at-largelz Homecoming 2,3,45 Stage Crew 2. W we ff RAY BJORN XYAHLNE: Soccer 3,-1. DEBORAH RAE NYALDMAN: Senior Class Play 41 Annual Sliow 45 FTA 2,45 Frencli Club 31 NYelfai'e Rep. 2,45 Debate Union 45 Student Ass't 4. CHRISTINE MARIE NYALKER: Keyettcs 2,3 lPub- licity Cli.J, 41 Rep. Assembly 21 Student Government 3 1Member-at-largel, 4 CSecly of Senatel: Senior Class Play 45 Homecoming 35 Intramurals 2,3. CRAIG ARLEN WALKER: Election Comm. 2. Track 2,3,45 Public Relations Comm. 41 Cross Country 4. 195 '15 iw... I SENIORS PETE LEEN WASHER: Library Club 3,4 CCh.J, Blair Bowlers 2,3 CV.P.J, 4 CPres.J, Athletic Co1n1n. 3, Band 2,3,4. MARIAN KAY WASSER: Welfare Rep. 2,3, Chorus 2,3,4, Annual Show 3, Varsettes 4. GUY B. WATSON III: Transfer 3, Yearbook 2,3 CLayout Ch.J, Senior Class Play 2, Newspaper 3 fCo-Ed.D, Debate Club 3, Student Council 3 CSgt.- at-armsj, Basketball 2,3. IRENE MARIE WATTENBERG: Nat'l Honor So- ciety 3,4, Varsettes 3,4 CV.P.D, Masque 61 Gavel 3,4, Quill 61 Scroll 3,4, Spanish Honor Society 3,4, Rep. Assembly 2,3, Siloerlogue 3,4 CFaculty Ed.J. GEORGE WAYNE: Silver Chips Rep. 2, Ways 61 Means Comm. 2, Athletic Comm. 3, Biology Club 2, Science Club 2,3,4 CUsherJ, Chess Club 2,3,4, BCA 4. RICHARD WILL WEATHERALL: Track 3, Blair Bowlers 4. RICHARD ALAN WEBER: Transfer 4, Baseball 3. ITA LOLA WEINBERG: Blair Bowlers 3, Athletic Comm. 4, Senior Class Play 4, Welfare Rep. 4, Stu- dent Assit 4, Homecoming 4. JAY MITCHELL WEINSTEIN JEFFREY HONVARD WEISBLATT: fournal D,A1'- gent 3,4 CTreas.D, Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 H.R. Officer 3 CPres,J, 4 fPres.J, French Club 2,3,4, Biology Club 2,3, Ways Gt Means Comm. 3, Nat'l Honor Society 4. JEFFREY IRA WEISLEDER: Blair Bowlers 2, Bi- ology Club 2, Soccer 3,4. ALAN BERIL WEISSBERG: Natil Honor Society 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, French Honor Society 4, Band and Orchestra 2,3,4. I96 DAVID GORDON WALKER: Crests 3,4. DAVID COLE WALLACE: Science Club 3,4 CV.P.J, ASIVOUOTUY Club 2,3,4 CPres.J, Civil Defense Club 2,3,4 CPres.J, Junior Science and Humanities Sym- posium 3. DEAN ALLEN WALTERS: Special Projects Connn. 4 CCh.J, Safety Comm. 2,3 CCh.D, 4, Key Club 3,4, Foot- ball 2,3, Basketball 2, Rifle Team 3,4 CCO-Capt.D, Track 2.3. JEANI ANITA WALTON: Keyettes 3,4 CDistrict Treasj, Nat'l Honor Society 3,4, French Honor Society 3,4, Annual Show 2,3, Homecoming 2 CCh.J, 3, Election Comm. 3, Public Relations Comm. 4. SUSAN CLARISSA WAPLE: Varsettes 4, Rep. As- sembly 4, FHA 4, Typing Speed Award 3, Student Ass't 4. EILEEN HOPE WAREN: Welfare Comm. 2, Senior Class Play 4, Awards Comm. 2, FTA 4, Annual Show 3. fy eg! GW- M af Y 401 My uw, WWW 'Riagg JEAN MARIE WELCH: Library Club 25 FDNA 25 Shorthand Award 35 Work Experience 4. STEFANIE GAIL WELDON: Silver Cl'LipS Rep. 3,45 HR. Officer 3 CSec'yD, 4 CSeC,Yl5 Library Club 2,3 CComm. Chm.D, 4 fComm. Chm.P5 School Store 2,3545 Senior Class Play 45 FTA 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 4. PATRICIA LUCINDA WELLEN: GSA 25 Adv. Chorus 354. CORNELIA ELAINE WELLS: GSA 25 Office Oc- cupations 4. SHERRILL ANN WELLS: FDNA 3,4 QSec'y-TreaS.l5 FHA 25 HR. Officer 3 QSec'yj5 Senior Class Play 45 Intramurals 25 Homecoming 45 Student Ass't 3. CLARA LEE WELSH: Homecoming 2, Work Ex- perience 4. rr-Y GK X -33' W5 CLASS OF 1964 CHARLES VICTOR WENDAL: Safety Comm. 2,35 Welfare Comm. 2,35 Homecoming 2,3545 Blair Bowl- ers 2,35 DECA 4. VALERIE ANNE WERNER: Shorthand Award 35 Diversified Occupations 4. LOIS MARIE WEYER: Library Club 2,3,4 CComm. Ch.D5 Intramurals 2,35 GSA 2,3,4 CComm. Ch.D5 Home- coming 3,45 Election Comm. 2. ANNA ELIZABETH WHALIN KAREN JEAN WHITE LINDA ELAINE WHITE: RHAVE 25 Homecoming 35 Bank 4. MARYMARTHA POPP WHITE: Homecoming 35 FTA 3,4 CTreas.D5 Annual Show 3. SANDRA JOYCE WHITE: U.N. Club 2,3,45 Silver Quill 3,45 Dabblers, Den 45'FTA 4. SHELIA GAY WHITT JOHN CHARLES WHITTEN: Band 2,3,4 cD1-um MajorD5 Orchestra 35 Annual Show 2,35 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Folk Music Club 4. DENNIS COOPER WIDMAN: Baseball 2,3545 Cross Country 45 Student Ass't 4. LOUIS ALLEN WILCOVE: Safety Comm. 2,35-1. 197 mb' ' SENIORS DOUGLAS STEPHEN NVINDES: Football 2 CMgr.D, 3 CMgrD, 4 CHead Mgrlg Crests 3,45 Citizenship Comm. 45 Track 2. ROBERTA EVELYN WINKLER: Homecoming 25 Annual Show 25 Welfare Comm. 2. PATRICIA ANNE WINTERBLE: Transfer 35 Latin Club 2. STEPHEN MARRON WINTERS: Discussion Club 2,3,4. NANCY DAWN VVIRTH: FDNA 25 Library Club 2,34 Folk Music Club 4. LESLIE DAWN WOLF: Transfer 25 Student Asslt 35 Blair Bowlers 35 Athletic Comm, 45 Student Coun- cil Typist 45 Class Comm. 45 Homecoming 4. MARILYN ANN WOLF: H.R. Officer 2 CSeC,yP5 Welfare Comm. 3 CAlt.l, 4 CAlt,D5 Spanish Club 4g Student Assit 3. BARBARA ANNETTE WOLFE BERTRAM ANDERSON WOLFE: Discussion Club 2,3,4. TERRY ALLEN WOLFSON BARRY MILES WOLK: H.R. Officer 2 CPres.l, 4 fPres.D5 Annual Show 2,35 Senior Class Play 45 Elec- tion Comm. 2,35 Thespians 45 Latin Scrabble 25 Masque Sz Gavel 354. BEVERLY ANNE WOOD: French Club 2,3545 French Honor Society 3,45 Spanish Club 2,3545 Spanish Honor Society 3 CSec'yD, 4 CSeC'yls Silver Quill 45 Activity Comm. 45 Nat'l Honor Society 4. 198 EDGAR MARSHALL VVILLIAMS: Transfer 35 Class Officer 2 CPres.D. LYNN RICHARD WILLIS PAULETTE TERSA VVILLIAMS: Intramurals 2. SUE CAROL WILLS: Keyettes 2,3 CSec'yD, 45 Student Gov't. 3 KMember-at-largel5 Public Relations Comm. 4 CCh.J5 Homecoming 3,4 CCh.J5 Natll Honor Society 3,45 Student Gov't Survey Comm. 3 CCh.D5 Class Comm. 3. IUDITH JANE WILSON: FDNA 3,4 fPres.D5 Intra- murals 3,45 Student Ass't 4. LOIS ANTONIA WILSON: Keyettes 3,45 Class Comm. 25 Dance Comm. 25 Annual Show 2,35 H.R. Officer 3 CPres.Dg Publicity Comm. 4. 3404 ,Y , .J uw aff" LORETTA RUTH VVOODALL: Intramurals 2,3,45 Student Aid Comm. 3,4 CCh.J. CAROL JEAN VVOODLEY: Publicity Comm. 3,45 Library Club 2,3,45 Adv. Chorus 3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Homecoming 2,4. KEITH DONALD VVYBLE, JR.: H.R. Officer 2 CPres.j, 3 fV.P.D5 Soccer 25 Baseball 2 U.V.D. ESTHER YAARI: Foreign Exchange Club 45 French Club 45 Natll Honor Society 4. .ELAINE LEE YAFFE: GSA 25 Science Fair Comm. 25 FHA 25 Student Ass't 354. MICHELE FAYE YAFFE: Library Club 2,3,45 Silver Chips Rep. 35 Homecoming 2,45 Annual Show 2,45 H.R. Officer 3 CSeC,yl5 Student Ass't 35 Senior Class Play 4. 'WHL' -A ef x-4--, I I 15- CLASS OF 1964 KATHARINE CHIEKO YAMANOUCHI: Foreign Exchange Student 45 Foreign Exchange Club 45 Stu- dent Council 45 FHA 4. NORMAN RALPH YOCKELSON: Blair Bowlers 25 Stamp 61 Coin Club 45 Student Assit 4. JANE MICHIKO YOSHIHASHI: VVelfare Executive Board 3 CSec'yD5 Welfare Comm. 2,3,45 Praeco Ar- genteus 2,3,45 French Club 3,45 Library Club 2,J3,45 H.R. Officer 3 CSec,yD, 4 CSec,yj. RAYMOND JOSEPH YOUNC: Football 2 C-l.V.D, 3,45 Crests 53,4 iAuditionD5 Citizenship Comm. 3,45 VVrestling 3,4. SHEILA MERLE YUTER: Activity Comm. 45 French Club 35 Annual Show 25 Fashion Show 25 Science Fair Award 2. LAWRENCE STEFAN ZWEIG: Transfer 35 Debate Club 25 Basketball 2 CI.V.D5 Band 35 Annual Show 4. STEVEN TERRY ZWEIG: Election Comm. 25 Silver Chips Rep. 45 Student Ass't 45 Annual Show 45 Stamp or Coin Club 4. SUSAN ANN ELBIN: Silver Quill Art Staff35 Welfare Comm. 3. MAUREEN LOUISE MEDLEY: Transfer 45 Quill ESI Scroll 45 Thespians 45 Newspaper 45 Library Club 253,45 Powder Puffs 2,3,45 Homecoming 2,3. BARRY MELVIN ROSEN: Student Asst. 2,3,4. 199 Abbott, N.1. 15-1,43,53,70,1 1 1. Abrams, B. H. 154. Aclelman, M. R. 154. Ahumada-Gallardo, N. 15-1,55. Alreley, M. B. 154,45,50,69. Allierf, C. A. 154,46,56,57,5s,71,100. Allen, P. 154. Allen,YV. F. 154. Alperstein, B. 154,84 Alt, E. 154,-l3,59,60.64,108,109,110. Alvey, N. B. 154. Andberg, D. B. 154. Andberg, D. P. 154. Appleman, R. 1. 154. Araujo, F. M. 15-1,78. Airirniein, D. G. 154,.19,70. Atwood, M. L. 154. Bache, M. A. 154. Bahn, P. S. 155. Bailey, E. A. 155,43,63,66. Baker, D. D. 155,-12,43,69. Banes, E. A. 155,45,51,55,71. Baran, P. A. 155. Barber, G. N. 155,43,44,67,79,108. Barney, E. 1. 155,48,56. Bashoor, L. R. 155,48 Bassin, A. L. 155. Beach, B. M. 155,45 Beachley, D. C. 155,-18,57. Beecken, D. K. 155,16-1,70. Begab, A. S. 155. Beiser, S. 155. Beldeek, P. B. 155,42,45,48,56,71. Bell,1.S. 155. Bellac1c,R. 155,65 Belland, E. 1. T. 155. Bender, S. M. 156,109. Bennett, C. S. 156. Benninghover,1. R. 156. Benson, P. A. 156,67 Berg, R. D. 156. Berkowitz,1. 156,46,108,109,110. Berlin, s. 156,42,65,64,69,110. Berman, N. M. 156. Bernstein, A. L. 156,54,56. Bernstein, G. M. 156. Bison, A. M. 156,42. Bixler, C. A. 156. Bjellos, D. M. 156. Black, K. P. 156. Black, P. F. 156. Blackstone, R. M. 156,65. Blana,1. N. 156,43,4B. Blank, M. L. 156. Blevins,1.1.157. Blicher, H. F. 157. Bliven, V. L. 157,53,111. Bloom, B. S. 157. Bo11s,T. M. 157,411 Booberg, B. L. 157. Borissoff, E. N. 157. Bowman, M. A. 157. Boyle, AJ. 157. Brandon, R. 1. 157,42,44. Brantley, T. D.W157,47. Brener, F. B. 157. Brenner, A. 157. Brenner, A. 157. Brimacombe, 1. W. 157,43,45,53,64,69. Britton, B. A. 157,47,51,69. Bronclrott, A. 157. Brooker, R. A. 157. Brooks, I. K. 157. Brooks,1. A. 158. Bren, D. S. 158,63 Brown, L. A. 158. Brownlowe, K. L. 158,-18. Bugos,1.1. 158. Bunch, B. R. 158,42,43,45,48,50,69. Burdick,R.G.158,71. Burke, D. R. 158. Burns, B. D. 158. Burns, C. W. 158,70 Byrd, B. A. 158. Calder, N. L. 158. Caldwell, E. A. 158,48 Campbell, R. F. 158,70,84. Caplan, M. S. 158. Gnplrrri, 1-1.1. 158,-12,46,108. Carney, 1. M. 158,70 Carpenter, L. W. 158. Case, L. D. 159. Cassese,1. S. 159. Catzva, A. C. 159. Chaillet, E. XV. 159,64 Chaney, K. M. 159. Chapper, 1. A. 159,4J3,52,64,108,109,111. Charman, P. C. 159. Chasin, C. R. 159. Chen, R. C. V. 159. Cheskis, L. M. 159,60,64,110. Childs E 15941 59 "i -1- Hr 'ri- Chirieleison, D. M. 159,57,64,65,108,110. 200 Senior Index Cniinge. r. 159,1B,69,110. Claffy, 1. A. 159. Clrn-L, M. A. 159. Clawson, C. A. 159. Clinard,R.1. 150. Closter, G. H. 159,-15,52,57,108,109. Cohen, G. S. 160,60. Cohen, L. A. 160. Cohen, M. B. 160,57. Cohen, s. B. 160,4f3,64,52,55,56,108,109, 110 Cohen, T. E. 160,44 Cokas, H. 160. Colbi-euner,l-1. 160. Coleman, E. M. 160. Colen,1.160. Collins, C. 160,59 Colman, R. M. 160. Coniglio, F. 1. 160. Conlyn, M. E. 160,45,71. C0nne11ee,1. XV. 160. Conner, M.1.160. Ciinlr, D. A. 160,50,.51. Cook, S. L. 160. Cooper, C. A. 160,4l3,63,67,69. Cooper, H. S. 161,79,84. Corratlo,1. M. 161. Covarrubias, 1. X. 161. Cr-nh, s. 15. 161,70. Crawford, B. D. 161,71. Crisinond, R. 1. 161,49 Crown,1. P. 161. Crum, T. F. 161,49,69,74. Cummings, R. C. 161. Cunningham, D. M. 161. Curley, D. C. 161. Gin-tie, W. C. 161. Cushing, D. 1. 161,4T3,45,69. Dalton, D. 1. 161. Dameron, 1. T. 161. Daniels, D. E. 161. Dalit, T. G. 161,74. Darwin, M. E. 161. D'Auga, D. C. 162. Dau htrv M. 162 ll , r -i Davenport, D. A. 162,43,45,55,56. Davis, A. A. 162. Davis, G. 162,67 Davis, 1. K. 162,46. Davis, T. R. 162. Dawson, E. D. 162,48. Debenedictis,1.A.162. De-gan,-1. F. 16148. Demars, R. A. 162. Deming, P. E. 162,-13,45,48,69,108. Denenberg, G. 162. Desimon, L. B. 162,69 Detwiler, R. L. 162. Devries, E. 162,44,-15. Dewhirst, G.1.162,51. Dietle, L. E. 162. Dietle, S. L. 1613. Dobkin, S. T. 163,46,108,1 1 1. Downing, E. A. 163,69,51. Dreisen, R. L. 163. Dress, T. P. 163,71. 9. Druckenbrod, N. C. 16I3,48,52,56,108,10 Dryzer, S. F. 163, 56. Duc11ey,R.W. 163. Dunayer, C. S. 163. Dunn, N. M. 163,67 Dworin,1. E. 163. Dykstra,1.1. 163,46,47. Eden, H. S. 163,60 Edmonds, A. A. 163. Edwards, D. W. 163,48,79. Ehrbright, D. H. 163. Einbinder, R. 163,-113,44,68,64,57,71,108,109 Elbin, S. A. 199. Elelen, A. B. 163. E1ias,A. L. 164 El1ison,1. F. 164. Elpern, S. 164. Ethersoll, R. G. 164. Fales, D. H. 164. Fall, C. H. 164. Fannon,1. E. 164. Feinstein, s. H. 164,43,54, Fela, C.S.164. Feldman, B. 1. 64. Ferber, M. M. 164. Ferrenz, M. T. 164. Fever, A. R. 164. Fieker, R. 164.80 Fine,1.164. Firkser,1. B. 164518. Firshein, S. 1. 164,43,57,60, Fischer, K. 1-1. 164. Fisher, B. l. 165,47,67. Fishman, E. R. 165. Fitzgerald, 1. F. 165. 56,71,108. 106,110 Fitzgerald, K. 1. 165,55 Fjordbotten, 1. L. 165. Flax, A. D. 165,60 Flinner, L. C. 165,63,65. Fondren, 1. M. 165,45,63,65,69. Ford, C. G. 165. Ford, M. T. 165. Foster,1. E. 165. Frank, C. E. 165,45,53,71. Frankenfielcl, T. A. 165. Frantz, L. C. 165,67 Fraser, S. E. 165,108,110. Frederick, G. 1. 165. Freedenberg, F. S. 165,48. Freeman, B. G. 165,56,69. Freitag, 1. L. 166,48,74. French, R. F. 166. Fribush,1. K. 166,71. Friedman, R. H. 166,43. Fritter, T. P. 166. Frye, D. E. 166,79,108,109. Fuller, P. 1. 166. Fuller, R. A. 166. Galblum, K. B. 166. Galeano, G. 1. 166. Garber, B. 166. Gary, S. H. 166. Gatcliell, C. S. 166. Gates,L..1. 166,51 Geiger, P. E. 166,51,111. Gentile, L. A. 166. Geoffrey, A. F. 166. Geraci, F. B. 166. Gerirei, R. W. 167. Cettleman, E. S. 167,55,67. Gildenhorn, H. S. 167,48. Gi11is,S.C. 167. Gingell,1. C. 167,70,7-1. Ginsberg, E. A. 167,44,110. Ginsburg, E. N. 167,4T3,57,10l'i. Gitelson, H. A. 167,84. Gliizer, s. G. 167,71 Glueclcsmann, A. 167. Geldliere,A.J. 167,60,108,110. Goldberg, H. A. 1ei7,46,54,10B,1 11. Goldberg, L. S. 167. Goldberg, M. F. 167. Gnldlierg, M. 167,67 Goldberg, N. H. 167,43,52,60,64,66,108,109, Goldberg, N. L. l67,54,71. Goldfine, s. L. 167,-14,57,111. Goldsmith, R. 168,53 Goldstein, B. C. 16B,62,111. Goldstein, 13.1. 168,110. Gonzales, A. R. 168. Gooch, 1. C. 168. Gootlwyn, E. 168. Gordon, H. 1. 168,67 Gorman, S. M. 168. Grad, H. A. 168. Graham, S. E. 168,46 Granat, 1. 168,44,45,6f3. Grassie, 1. E. l68,43,55. Gravelly, E. 1. 168. Graves, C. 168. Gray, S. 168. Gi-ny, W. C. 168,69 Green, C. A. 168. Greenberg, 1. L. 168. Greenhood, S. R. 169,109 Greenstein, B. R. I69,63. Gi-egniir, L. A. 169,45,47,51. Gregory, S. 169,47 Grier, D. H. 169,63,65. Griffin,1.S.169. Griffin, M. A. 169,65 Groomes, E. M. 169. Grosfeld, C. 169. Gross, A. K. 169. Gross, C. T. 169. Grossman, C. M. 169,53,111. Grossman, S. C. 169. Griinee, C. L. 160,54,6:3,64,10B. Gurewitz, D. 169,-12,48,108. Habib, P. A. 169,6S3,77. Haffner, W. C. 169. Hale,NV.1.169,74. Hall, E. 170. Hallman, L. E. 170. Halparin, G. 170. Hamann, F. W. 170,70,84. Hammer, T. E. T. 170. Herrald, F. 170,41,47. Hanson, W. A. 170,48 Hargrove, S. L. 170,46. 1-1ar10we,1.M. 170. Harris, 1. D. 170,45,46,53. Harris,1. R. 170,108,111. Harrison, G. E. 170,63,71. Hartung, R. E. 170. Hauver,1.H.170. Hayes, D. A. 170. 110,111. Haynes, B.1.170. Heath, 1. A. 170,53,57. Heavner, P. A. 170,43,45,50. Heflin,1. R. 170. Heinmiller, M. C. 171,48. 1'1empl1ing,1. F. 171. Hendrickson, E. E. 171. Henry,1.171. Herbert, M. E. 171. Hermach, W. F. 171,108,110. Hersey, R. C. 171,48. Hertz, B. M. 171,48. Hewitt, L. B. 171,46,47. Higdon,E.V.171,53,111. Higgins, E. W. 171. Higgins, W. C. 171,78. Hile, S. 171,57. Hirsch, M. A. 171. Hockman, M. L. 171. Hoey, P. H. 171. Hoffman, T. A. 171,48,57,70. Hollis, B. K. 171,63. Holstein, C.E.17:2,53,70,111. 1-1o1t,C. R. 173. 1-Ioltzman, M. S. 172,46,56,7l. Hoover, E. 172,70. Horm, 1. E. 172. 1-1ors1ey,D. M. 172. Houchin, B. M. 172. Howe, D. B. 172,43,40,7B,10B. Howtin,1. R. 172. Hiilier, C. E. 172,4B,40,ri.5,79. Huggard, M. F. 172. Hu11,F.E. 172. Husted, C. R. 172,48 Hwang,G.C.172. Hylton, M. YV. 172. 1nol1', G. E. 172. Irwin, s. A. 172,41-s,71. Isenberg, E. 1. 172,48 Ivins, W. D. 17.3. -lackson, B. 173. Jaffe, E. 17:3,42,53. 1anc1'1cvsky, A. A. 173. 1enkins, M. 173,-1f3r65. jerome, S. 1. 173,53,108. 1ohnson, C. A. 1753. 1ohnson, P. S. 173,48,66. 1ohnston,1.1.173. 1ohnston,1. E. 173,-48. johnston, M. A. 173,-18,53. 1o1les,S.1.173,45,48. jones, M. A. 173. 1ordan, D. M. 173. 1ordan, H. M. 173. Ka1b,S. M. 17J3,47,65,11l. Kaminsky, R. E. 173,44 Kane, C. A. 173. Kane, S. R. 174,59. Karr, K. D. 174. Kirrz, B. S. 174,43. Katz,1. H. 174,71. Kaufman, L. G. 174,59,60,108,109,110 Kaye, D. R. 174,55,108. Keenan,1. P. 174. Keller, A. R. 174,108 Kelly, E. A. 174. Ke11y,1. M. 174. Kemp, K. L. 174. Kennealy, M. K. 174,65,111. Kennedy, E. S. 174. Kennedy, M. S. 174,71. Kenyon,1. E. 174. Kerman, B. 1. 174. Kersey, 1. M. 174,45,65. Kessing, M. 1. 174,51. Kirchheimer, R. P. 175,42. Kirkley, 1. E. 175. Kirshen, A. H. 175,46,110. Klein, B. R. 175,46 Klein, L. F. 175,63,57,70. K1ika,G. 175,43,55,70. Knapp, L. E. 175,53,65. Kohn, L. 175. Kozals, C.1. 175,44,57. Kraft, 1. M. 175. Kramer, D. 175. Kramer, L. W. 175,54. Krauss, K. 1. 175. Kress, M. 1. 175. Kremer, C. B. 175. Kroll, K. M. 175,45,90. Krupen, E. 175,45,63. Kruse, R. W. 175. Kurland, S. T. 176. Kurtz, E. P. 176,53,54,110. Kuykendall,B.1. 176. Laake,S.1-1. 176,40 Laclcza, N. K. 176,46. Lanahan,1. M. 176,70,74. Landers, NV. L. 176,64. Landsman, R. L. 176,56 Lane, 1. E. 176. LaRocea, R. 1. 176,42,48,108,110,111. Larson,1. C. 176,-13,65 Larson, S. C. 176,4J3,53,66,108,110. Latimer, S. L. 176,47,71. Lriweiiii, D. M. l76,43,70. Leahly, E. M. 176,651 Lear, B. E. 176,45,65. Lee, S. L. 176,45,48,71. Leemans, D. M. 176. Legro, W. T. 177. Leinson, S. M. 177. Leiehetir, C. P. 177. Leverton, C. A. 177,611 Levine,B.C.177,53,71,108,110, Levy,1. M. 177,59 Levy, M. K. 177. Lewis, B. 1. 177,4J3,-15,56,65,108,109 Lewis, D. C. 177. Lewis, L. D. 177,54,56,l08. Libber, E. M. 177,63. Lieberman, M. 1. 177,65. Lie11ersohn,E. F. 177,57,65. Lief, s. 1. 177,44. Light, C. L. 177. Lightfoot, L. L. 177,45,67. Ling, A. C. C. 177,69,50. Ling, D. 177. Linkoff, L. 178. Litt, S. T. 178. Littman, E. 178,43,56,108. Littman, R. 1. 178,110. Locke, 5. A. 178. Lodge, H. E. 178. Long,1. A. 178. Lon11,S.1.178,97. Longley, R. W. 178. Lopez, G.,1r. 178. Lord, R. 178. Loube, P.1. 178. Loughery, B. L. 178. Luclcett, E. D. 178,65. Lueket, M. R. 178. Macflowan, 1. C. 178. MacKnight, D. D. 178. Mahaney, S. 1. 178,47,49,58,70,79. Mai, S.1'1. 179,51,111. Meiizel, s. M. 179. Miilikih, R. 1. 179,43,48,65,71. Maloney, C. L. 179. Mann, A. L. 179,-47. Mafgo1is,1.E. 179,43,53,61,68,110. Marks, N. D. 179. Marlowe, B. 1. 179,56 Martin, E. M. 179. Martin, R. H. 179. Matson, R. B. 179. M.iy,J. 1-1. 179,43,47,65,69,111. Mayer, B. 1. 179,-46,63,65. McC1ain,S.1. 179. McClintic, R. M. 179,47,51. MeCinness,1. F. 179. McGraw, D. R. 179. McGuekian, P. T. 180,65,70. McGuire, A. E. 180. McKean, P. A. 180. McKenna, T. 1. 180. MCKenney, V. A. 180. MeL.iiighlih,J. M. 180,46 McMillan, P. NV. 180. McNamara, F. N. 180. McNea1,P.1. 180. McPherson,1. E. 180. Meelcham, M. 180,64 Mehler, M. A. 180. Meier, B. L. 180,53,65. Meltz, L. R. 180. Meltzer, S.fL. 180, 42, 44, 52, 56, 108, 109,110,111. Mendelson, P. L. 180,111. Meniclt,1. M. 180,46,60,71. Merit, A. C. 180. Metzger, M. Z. 181. Meyer, N. C. 181,49,74. Meyerson, M. L. 181,71. Michaels, M.1. 181. Middleton, M. S. 181,48 Milewsky, M. R. 181,42,45. Miley, D. L. 181,63,65. Miller, D. F. 181,48 Miller, K. L. 181. Miller, M. E. 181. Mills, M. M. 181,43,108. Milstead, R. M. 181,65 Mitchell, M. E. 181,59 Mol-ce, D. B. 181,43,48,69. Moldvriy, J. 181,56 Moltz, R. A. 181. Moore, H. T. 181,49,70,74. Morarre, 1. A. 182. Morse, R. F. 182. Moser, L. L. 182,48 Moses,1. M. 182. Moskowitz, L. 182. Moss, 81.182, Mosshurg, S. E. 182,51,69,7l. Mote, E. M. 182,44 Mueller, S. L. 182. Mul1i1.1an,1.E.182. Munitz, A.1. 182. Mnshct, B. 182,-15,53,65,111. Myere, R. L. 182. Myers,S.L.182. Mylkcs, P. H. 182. Najarian, V. 1. 182. Nainlnaek, D. B. 182,45,-18,71. Nathan, A. M. 182. Nauta, H. NV. 183. Ne1.:os1a,M. 183. Nehman, C. 1. 1823. Nemiro, A. L. 1853. Nemirofl, M. A. 183,56 Neiimtiii, M. 183. Newell, K. WV. 183. Nicl1ols,T.M.18l3,84,110. Nishimoto, 1. K. 1853. Noffsinger, R. H. 183. Nolan, S. A. 18J3,47,69, Norman, H. B. 183. Norton, A. 183,59,60. Nusbaum, 1. P. 183,70 Nussbaum, A. E. 183. O'Brien, 1. A. 183. Oclen,V. L. 183. Oclins, C. 183,42,65. ogiit, A. 15. 184,57,64,108,110,111. O'Leary, K. A. 184,47,51,65. O'Leary, M. P. 184. Olson, D. XV. l84,49,84. Olswfski, H. C. 184. Olszewski, T. E. 184,62. Oppenhein1,1. N. 184,-17,49,84. Orem, M. A. 184. Orletsky, F. 11. 184. Orens, C.1. 184. Orr, E.M.18-1. Osheroff, R. 184. Overho1t,S. E. 184,-15,50,70. Overholt, S. L. 184,453,611 Owen, R. 1. l84,44,47,49,70,80 Owens, K. V. 184. Owens, R. H. 184,45,48. Parker, D. L. 184. Parks, M. L. 185. Parlaman, K. B. 185,57,111. Patten, C. M. 185. Pavlovsliy, E. R. 185,48,57. Payne, B. A. 185. Pearlrriiiii, M. A. 185,43,56,108,109,110. Peebles, C. K. 185. Peierier, R. E. 185,52,56,6:1,108,109,110. Peltin, S. 185. Pence, F. W. 185. Peratino, P. A. 185,43,45,90. Perdue, B. E. 185. Pergtil, 1. P. 185. Periii, s. C. 185,412,111 Perkus, C. L. 185,52. Persky,E.S.185,71. Peter, C. A. 185. Pfaff, R. 185,47,49,63,74. Pfeferman, M. C. 186. Phelan, P. D. 186. Phillips, 8. T. 186,65 Pickett, C. A. 186. Pilliiw, R. A. 186,43 Pippin, S. D. 186. Pistipiti, s. L. 186,43,71. Piseiotta, R. V. 186. Pitts, R. L. 186. Pizer, C. L. 186. Polinger, P. A. 186. Pollack, R. 186,56,71. Pollin, A. N. 186,59 Posner, R. K. 186,47 Power, C. E. 186,51,56. Price, P. C. 186. Prinz, R. C. 186,47,70. Propst, T. D. 186. Prystay, M. 187,46. Pulcatch, 1. M. 18756. Purdy, N. B. 187. Putnam, D. R. 187. Quirk, L. M. 187. Rabenhorst, B. L. 187,48. Ranofslcy, 1. P. 187. Rapley, W. H. 187. Reaves, 1. L. 187,44,57. Redclix, C. E. 187. Reecl, R. A. 187. Reeve, D. B. 187. Reff, T. M. 187,63. Reich, L. S. 177,52,5G,108,111. Reiehel, K. E. 187,65,69,111. Reicl, D. L. 187. Rice, J. E. 187,48,64. Richmond, P. C. 187. Rider, M. 188. Riggs, L. 1. 188,63,69. Ringler, E. XV. l88,7-1. Roberson, K. A. 188,48,57. Rognlie, B. C. 188. Rose, D. 8. 188,-15,99 Rosen, B. M. 199. Rosenber11,M. B. 188. 11844, B.1. 188. Rota, A. C. 188. Rrith, 1. C. 188,47,49,74,84. Rothroclii, N. E. 188. Rowell, C. A. 188,45,5o,69. Rowles, W. B. 188,68. Ruhey, M. A. 188. Riihih, D. s. 188. Rubin, M. E. 188. Rudin,1.P. 188,54,rso,41,108,110,111. Ruhling, R. XV. 189,47,49,69,80. Ru1nerman,B.1. 189. Rupli, K. L. 189,631 Rupprecht, A. L. 189. Rush, 1. A. 189. Ryan, L. A. 189,55,56. Saglnan, S. 189,78,84. Sanchez, R. P. 189. siiridherg, C. A. 189,44,47,69. Saperstein, P. 189. Saposnekoo, N. S. 189. Satinover, E. L. 189. Scee, K. E. 189,47 Schaefer, L. M. 189,66. seheehter, M. C.. 189,43,56,71. Schein, R. H. 189. Scheiner, B. C. 189,44,55. Schenker, C. L. 189. sehmitlt, T. A. 190,108,110 Schulman, E. S. 190. Schnlten, M.1. 190. Schwartz, M. 1-1. 190,55,57,58,59,108. Scruffs, R. C. 190. Segal, M. 190. Seidel, 1. E. 190,47. Seltzer, D. s. 190,48 Sendejo, L. C. 190,45,110. Shaheen,1. R. 19o,65,111. Shakewitz, S. E. 190,-1-1. Share, K. S. 190. Shavell, S. M. 190,59 Sheinta1,1.190. Shenlier, M. S. 190,52,68. Shepard, B. C. 190,60 Shepard, R. A. 190,-17. Shorter, C. A. 190. Silbey, 12.1. 191. Silverman, M. S. 191. Silverstein, M. A. 191,78,109. Simon, K. R. 191. Simpson, L. H. 191. Singman, S. A. 191. Sisson,1. C. 19l,66,69. Sitnicli, R. D. 191,47. Skidmore,1.C.191. Sl41ar,S.E.191,57,108. Smith, A. K. 191,43,108,110. Smith, F. D. 191. Smith, G. C. 191. S1nith, H.191,45,65. Smith, S. L. 191,60. Smith, YV. H. 191. Sneiderman, K. L. 191. Snoddy, C. 1. 191,47. Socks, N. L. 192. seler, M. 1. 192,42,43,-18,70,80,108,109,110. Solomon, E. 192. Sonlcin, 1. A. 192. Soper, B. L. 192,67,56,108,110. S0rre11s,N. L. 192,47,51,69. Sossen, M. D. 192. stitelty, s. M. 192,43,55,57,60,109. Spadaro, S. L. 192. Sparks, R. E. 192,64,65,66. Speizman, A. B. 192,46 Spence, C. A. 192. Sperling,1. 192,64 Sprin11er,C.T.192,42,46,108,110. Stachura, F. P. 192,57. Stzlhler, M. H. 192. Stalberg, D. F. 192,44,-15. Starr,1. D. 192,47. Steesy, M. M. 193. Stein, 1. T. 193,-17,62 Steiner, D. M. 193. Steingart, M. S. 193. Steingrebe, D. M. 1913. Stevens, 1. M. 193,47 Steil1er,1. C. 193,-14,71. Steife1,S. 193,108,110 Stokoe, H. M. 19?3,65,66,68,53. Stone,1. F. 193,62 Storo, E. R. 193. Stnppler, A. R. 193,64,108,109. Sullivan, 1. 1. 19J3,74,84. Surrey, M. W. 1933. Swarthout, S. A. 1913. Swartwout, 1. R. 193,-13,56,69,108. Swierdsiol, S.19l3. Talley, S. C. NV. 1953. Tambellini, F. 1. M. 19-1. Tarkington, R. L. 19-1. Taulelle, D. XV. 19-1. Tearle, L. M. 194. Teeple, D. S. 194,-17,-18,108,110. Ten1pleton,N.L.194. Thomas, R. W. 19-1. Thomasson, N. E. 19-1. Thorne, C. L. 194,65 Ttidd,1.A.191. Tolstoi, M. D. 194. Toothaker, K. 1. 19-1,56. Toth, G. S. 194. Triana, L. 1. 194,55,56,57,65,109. Triggs, H. F. 194. Trilling, M. P.19-1,84 Troll, F. R. 194,-17. Troxler, N. A. I94,71. Tu11,M. C. 195,707-1. Tu1'ne1', R. 1. 195. Upholt, R. H. 195,67 Uslcievich, R. 8. 195. vitlorit, C. S. 195,46,54,55,63,67,71. veii 1Vvck, N. C. 195. Verdin, .l. A. 195. Viener, H.1. 195. Viens. C. R. 195 1Vaf1e,1. M. 195,63. 1Varle, S.1.195,71. 1VaCle, S. A. 195,46 Wadsworth, S. M. 195,-17,63. Wagne-r,1. L. 195,43,69. Wahine, R. 11. 195,78 YValdman, D. R. 195,-44,6-1. VVallfer, C. M. 195,45 Walker, C. A. 195,79 1Vallier, D. 196. NVallaee, D. C. 196,60,61. Walters, D. A. 196,42,47,69. Walton, 1 . A. 196,45,70,108. wtiple, 5. C. 196,43,71. XVaren, E. H. 196,611 1.Vasher, P. L. 196,66,68. XVasser, M. K. 196,71 Watson, G. B. 196. XVatten11erg, 1. M. 196,52,71,108,109,111 Wayne, C. 196. 1Veathera1l,R.1V. 196,67 NVeber, R. A. 196. Weinberg, I. L. 196,-14. Weinstei ri,1. M. 196. Weisb1att,1. 1-1. 196,57 Weis1eder,1,1. 196,78 VVeissberg, A. is. 196,108,109,110. XVelch, 1. M. 197. XVe1don, s. G. 197,46,56,63,66. Wel1en,P. L. 197,48 Wells, C. E. 197. Wells, S. A. 197,63 Welsh, C. L. 197. Wendal, C. U. 197. XVerner, V. A. 197. Weyer, L. M. 197,66,67. 1Vl1alin,A. E. 197. White, White, K. 1. 197. L. E. 197. White, M. P. 197. White, 8. Whitt, S. Whitten, VVidman, Wilcove, Willie, L. XVil1ian1s Williams 1. 197. C. 197. J. C. 197,49,65,108. D. C. 197,79 L. A. 197. R. 198. , E. M. 198. , P. T. 198. Wills, S. C. 198,42,45,70,l08. YVilson,1 . 1. 19863. NVilson, L. A. 198,70 XVinr1es, D. s. 198,47,74,111. YVinlcler, R. E. 198. Winterble, P. A. 198. NVinters, S. M. 198,64,57,108,110. Wirth, N. D. 198. wolf, L. D. 198,42,46. Wolf, M. A. 198. XVo1fe, B. A. 198. Wn1fe,B.A.198,111. Wolfson, T. A. 198. wellt, B. M. 198,-13,45. Weed, B. A. 198,44,56,109. Woodall, L. R. 199,67. Woodley, C. 1. 199,44,-18. Wyble, K. D. 199. Yaari, E. 199. Valle, E. L. 199. rritte, M. F. 199. Yamanouchi, K. C. 199,42. Yockelson, N. R. 199,59 Yoshihashi, 1. M. 199,-14,56 Young, R. 1. l99,47,49,7-1,79,84. Yuter, S. M. 199,-44. Zweig, L. S. 199. Zweig, S. T. 199,59 201 Abramson, Lillian K., B.A., M.A., Chcmistry, Honors Comm. iCh.J, Chemistry Club Sponsor, Science Department Chairman. Ackermann, Shirley S., A.B., English Adelman, David M., B.S., M.S., M.S.S.T., Chemistry, Chess Club Sponsor Andrews, Frances A., B.S., Typing and Office Prac- tice, Welfare Comm. Sponsor, Work Experience Education Department Chairman Aud, Susan E., B.A., Math, Mathematics Department Chairman Ayers,Adrienne C., B.A., French Bagnall, William G., B.S., M.S., U.S. History, At- tendance Office Baker, Thelma L., B.S., Biology, Recording Secre- tary Executive Board P.T.A. Baker, Vernona M., B.A., U.S. History, Varsettes Sponsor Beckman, Beverly, B.S., M.A., American Civiliza- tion, English Beer, Beverly L., B.A., English Bennett, Gene M., B.S., Metal Shop Berg. Stephen D., A B M.A., Sociology, World History Bernard, Henri J., A.B., French Boyd, Nancy B., B.A., M.A., Biology, Herpatology Club Sponsor Brakus, Edward WC, B.S., Applied Math, and Cah- inet Making Bratt, Hazel M., A.B., Latin, Foreign Language De- partment Chairman, National Latin Honor So- ciety Sponsor, Latin Scrabble Team Coach Breakiron, Ruth B., P.H.B., Nurse Bridges, David L., B.A., M.A., Pan American His- tory, NVorld History, United States History Burns, William E., B.S., M.S.. Architectural Draw- ing, Pre-Engineering. Drawing, Mechanical Drawing Callahan, Ruth V., B.S., M.Ed., Remedial Reading, Curriculum Comm. Campa, Irene Q., B.A., Spanish, El Toro De Plata iSponsorl, Spanish Club iCo-Sponsorl Carroll, Virginia M., Cafeteria Manager Carson, Mary, Public Health Aide, Nurse tAsst.l Chakan, Albert, B.A., M.Ed., IVorld History, Psy- chology Clements, Edward, S., B.A., M.S., Physical Educa- tion, Physical Education Department Chairman Varsity Basketball, Cross Country Cgleyl James WQ, A.B., M.A., English, Journalism, Silver Chips Sponsor Cordom, Anitsa, B.S., M.A., Counselor Curtner, Edward T., B.A., English, Latin, job Prob- lems, Praeco Argenteus Craft, Silas E., B.S., M.S., Attendance, Guidance 6r Supervision iAssistant Principal for Attendance and Guidance! Curry, Mary B., B.S., M.A., Notehand, Elementary Business, Sophomore Class Sponsor Darling, Mary E., B.S., M.S., Geometry, Algebra II, Introductory Analysis Davidson, Alma E., B.A., M.A., U.S. History, Social Studies Department Chairman, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Curriculum Comm. CCh.l, U.N. Club Y.F.C. Sponsor Davis, Ellen L., A.A., Secretary, Attendance Office Davis, James F., B.A., Mechanical Drawing Davis Roger C., A.A., B.S., Driver Education, Wres- tling Team Coach Dedeyan, Sahag K., B.S., M.A., Geometry, Intro- ductory Analysis DeLauder, Roy A., A.B2, M.A., Psychology, Soci- ology, U.S. History, Concessions iCh.J, Faculty Lounge Comm. CCh.J, Teacher's Handbook Comm. Dermody, Marina, B.A., M.A., Spanish DeMoss Dorothy D., A.B., American History, Gov. 51 Economics, Problems of the 20th Century Dexter, Richard D., B.S., Chemistry Dickenson, Mary L., B.S., Home Arts, Home Arts Department Chairman, F.H.A. Sponsor Curri- culum Comm. Dietz, Grace S., Secretary, College Office Dofflemeyer, Robert W., B.S., Physical Education, J.V. Football Coach, Varsity Baseball Coach Dogoloffhlane R., B.A., French, U.S. History Eddy, David C., B.S., Geometry, Algebra, Ways 51 Means Comm. Sponsor 202 Facult Index Edwards Helen T., A.B. ISI M.A., English Enright,Mary D., B.A., M.A., U.S. History, European History, ,Iunior Class Sponsor, Foreign Exchangc Club Feldhaus, Joseph, A.B., M.A., English Figenbaum, Samuel, B.S., M.S., Distributive Ed., Salesmanship, Econ. of Z Distribution, Night Librarian, Curriculum Comm., PTA Program Comm. Finley, Ethel D., B.S., Home Arts, National Honor Society Co-Sponsor Fitzwater, Ivan W., A.A., B.S., A.M., Assistant Prin- cipal for Administration Flood, Eileen S., B.A., M.A., English, Guidance Forden, Betty C., B.A., French Frantz, Nevin R., B.S., Mechanical Drawing Freeman, John F., B.A., M.A., Counselor, National Honor Society Advisor Gaasterland, Katherine W., A.B., M.A., Shorthand, Typing Ganz, Paul, Jr., B.S., M.A., American Civilization, English Garner, Bernice T., B.A., English. Gieda, Cissie E., Sc.B., Driver Education, Driver Education Department Chairman, Safety Co- ordinator, Awards and Scholarship Comm. Co-Chairman Graham, Allan D., B.S., M.Ed., Algebra, Physics Hagyq James, B.A., M.A., English, American Civili- zation Harrison, Sarah B., B.S., M.Ed., Shorthand, Typing Harty, Joseph A., L.L.B., Electronic Technology, Audio-Visual Colnin. Sponsor Harvey, Judith A., B.A., Art, Sculpture, Dahblers' Den Co-Sponsor Heyser, Albert T., B.S., Work Oriented Curriculum, Math, D.O. Holmes, Frank H., B.S., Chemistry Huntley, Mary C., B.A., M.A., Chorus, Music De- partment Chairman, Chorus Director, Bacca- laureate and Commencement iCh.7 Jahn, Mary K., B.A., M.A., Assistant Librarian, Li- brary Club Co-Sponsor, Curriculum Comm. Joardar, Grace, B.A., M.A., Far Eastern History, XVorld History: Stamp and Coin Collectors' Club Sponsor Johnston, M. Voncile, B.S., Speech, English, De- bate Team Sponsor Jones, Phillip L., B.S., Economic Geography, World Geography, American Civilization Keeler, Josie, B.S., M.A., Physical Education: Girls' Intramural Sponsor, Curriculum Comm. Keibler, Walter A., B.S., Bookkeeping, Banking, Crest Sponsor Kline, Priscilla C., Counselor, Curriculum Comm., Faculty Honors Comm. Kobren, Nelson, B.S., M.A., Physical Education, Soccer Coach, Tennis Coach, j.V. Tennis Coach Koch, Alice R., A.B., M.A., French, Le journal d'Ar- gent, French Club Sponsor, French Honor So- ciety Sponsor Koch, Ernest H., B.M., B.S., M .Ed., Music Appre- , ciation, Orchestra, Band, Curriculum Comm. Kokiko, Elaine M., IFA., Geometry, Algebraa Ma- jorettes Sponsor, Curriculum Comm. Kopera, John J., B.S., Introduction to Business, Bookkeeping, Business Manager for Athletics Lavery, Lenore Paine, B.A., M.A., Assistant Prin- cipal tor Instruction Lear, Elizabeth J., B.S., Bookkeeping, Personal Typing, Typing Lebaron, Bruce B., B.S., M.A., English, Adxanced Grannnar and Composition, Senior Class Advisor Lees, Leatrice L., B.S., Physical Science, Algebra Lewis, Pauline, Secretary, Guidance Office Lippy, June E., B.A., M.A., Health, Physical Educa- tion, Physical Education Department Chairman GSA Sponsor, Girls' Intramural Sponsor Lyon, Louise R., Secretary, Administrative Office Macdonald, Elizabeth C., B.A., M.A., College Coun- selor Mallack, Bernice O., B.A., Algebra, Trigonometry, Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor, Math Team Sponsor Marder, Stuart C., B.S., M.S., Biology: Rifle Team Sponsor Matson, Cornelia K., B.A., Assistant Registrar, College Office McKenzie, Leonard M., B.A., M.A., Biology, Phys- ical Science McKivigan, John J., B.S., M.S., Physical Education: Assistant Football Coach, Golf Coach fllcNutt, Peggy, B.S., Chemistry, Astronomy Club Sponsor, Folk Music Club Sponsor Meacham, Carmen L., B.A., German, English, Ger- man Club Sponsor, German Newspaper Sponsor, German Scrabble Team Sponsor Michaelson. Myron B., B.S., Biology: Student Council Advisor, Cheerleader Sponsor, Mont- gomery County Region of MASC Advisor Miller, Ruth Z., B.A., M.A., English, Sn.vEaLoGUE Sponsor, Masque and Gavel Sponsor Mudd, Marguerite C., Administrative Secretary Neely, Joan, B.A., Typing, Shorthand Nicholas, Elizabeth P., B.A., French Nickerson, William J., B .A., M .A ., English, Speech. Nimelz, Artlhur, A.A., B.S., Driver Education, Track Coach Ogus, Shirley F., Secretary, Library Orloff, Leonard M., B.S., L.L.B., M.A., American Civilization, English DepartmentChairman Pierrel, Elizabeth N., B.A., M.S., Guidance De- partment Chairman, Curriculum Comm., FTA Sponsor Pioli, Richard T., B.A., Speech, Drama, National Thespian Society Sponsor, Annual Show Di1'ector Popovich, Roddy, B.S., M.Litt., Geometry, Trig- onometry, Algebra, BCA Sponsor. Pugliese, Vince B.A., XVorld History, Problems of Democracy, U.S. History, Head Football Coach, Varsity Club Sponsor, O'Debs Sponsor Reed,Theresa F., B.S.: Physical Education Rhodes, Ernest V., B.S., M.Ed., Counselor, Key Club Sponsor Rice, Joseph A., B.S., Vocational Printing Roberson, J., Head janitor Rubens, Calvin C., B.S., M.A., Office Practice, Bus- iness Law, Business Education Department Chair- man, School Store Sponsor, Bridge Club Sponsor Saunders, William W., B.A., M.A., Physics, Physical Science, Science Club Sponsor, Science Fair Sponsor Schwartz, Marian L., B.A., M.A., English: Audio Visual Materials iCh.J Seijo, Zaida M., B.A., M.A., Spanish, Spanish Honor Society Sponsor, Spanish Club Sponsor Sherry, Faye, B.F.A., Art Illustration, Art Depart- ment Chairman, Dabblers' Den Sponsor, Silver Quill Sponsor Siegrist, Louise S., B.A., M.Ed., Biology: Honor Society Comm. Slack, Benjamin H., B.A., M.A.1 English, Director, Senior Class Play Smith, Edward P., B.A., Driver Education, Record Hop tCh.J, Night Librarian Smith, Wendell, B.S., M.Ed., Algebra, Geometry, Citizenship Comm. Sponsor, MCEA Delegate Snider, M. W., B.S., M.S., Electronics, Radio Club, Sponsor, Rifle Team Co-Sponsor Speidel., Roger W., B.S., M.A., Art, Poster and Dis- play, Bulletin Boards, Cur1'iculum Comm., As- sistant Football Coach, Stagc Crcw Sponsor Stevens, Barbara, B.F.A., M.A., Art Stickley, Elizabeth, B.A., M.A., Librarian, Library Club Sponsor, Social Comm. Chairman of Memor- ial Funds Thomas, Robert A., B.S., U.S. History, job Prepara- tory Economics, Business Math Tibbs, Diana C., B.A., M.A., Shorthand, Typing Trottnow, Marcella E., B.A., Typing Turco,Thomas R., B.A., U.S. History, IVOC Wagner, Richard E., B.S., M.A., Principal Weagraff, Patrick, Metal Shop Weisizer, Christine L.H., B.S., M.L.S., Assistant Librarian Werlinich, Carol B., B.S., Home Arts, FHA Co- Sponsor Westphalin, Roberta L., B.S., Library Aide Whitehurst, Linda P., B.A., English, Keyettes Sponsor Wilbert, Lloyd G., B.A., English Wilson, Helen H., B.A., American Civilization, World History, Monogram Comm. Wubnig, Sylvia, B.A., M.A., English, Discussion Club Sponsor, Silver Quill Sponsor Activities ............... Annual Show ...... Carl Sandburg ..,..,.. Christmas .....,..,.. Homecoming ......,. Senior Class Play .,.. , Classes ..................,.,.. -luniors ....,.. Seniors ....,.... Sophomores ...,. Faculty ........,........... Administration ...,.. Art .,.......,..,.,..........,....... Bank ....,....,.,,.,................. Boys, Physical Education ....... 36-, Index 98-105 103-105 101 100 98- 99 102 1 14-199 1332-149 150-199 1 16-131 10- S39 12- 13 34 531 '37 Debate Union ....,. Discussion Club .,... Folk Music Club ...... Forensic Team ....... Stamp and Coin ...... 'Music Organizations Band .........4........,.. Chorus .,...,......,.,,.. Orchestra .,............. Publications Der Deutsche Adler. El Toro de Plata ...,.. Le journal d'Ar,qent. Praeco Argenteus ...,... Silver Chips .,..,..,. Business Education .,.,.,.,... 28- 29 SILVERLOCUE ,.,, Cafeteria ..............................,.,. S39 Silver Quill ........... . Cooperative XVorlc Experience ..,.,.. 30 Science Clubs Custodial Service ..........,.........,. 39 Amateur Radio Club ..,,.., . Driver Education, .,.. 38 Astronomy Club ...... English .... ,.....,.........., 1 6- 18 Chemistry Club .... ,. Foreign Language ,.....,....... 22- 23 Herpetology Club....., Cirlsl Physical Education .....,. 336- 37 5121111 Team -....... Guidance ........................ .14 Science Club ....... Home Arts .,.,..... 532 Service Groups Industrial Arts ......, 33 Audio Cfllllllliffee --Av Library ......,..... 1 9 BCA ....,......,....,.. . Mathematics .... 26 27 CFHSU --.-.-...-.-. hlusic ,,,,,,,, .35 Dabblers' Den ...., Nurse ............ 15 KEY C1U1l ---------- Office Staff ...... 15 Keyettes ........4 Science .............. 24- 25 Library Clubs... Social Studies ........ 20- 21 01136115 ......., Honors .......,...................... ...... 1 06-1 13 Sfelllt' CTGW -......... .. French Honor Society ...,., 109 Vkll'SGtt6S .......,.,.,.,.,., Individual Honors ......... 112-113 Student Government ...,. Latin Honor Society ...... 109 Activity Council .,....... Masque and Gavel ,....... 111 Cabinet .,...........,..,. Mu Alpha Theta ...............,.,............ . 110 Committees National Honor Society ......,............... . 108 ACfiVifit'S ...-, National Merit Scholarship Finalists 110 1311116116 ----,---.-- Quill and Scroll ...........,..........,.......... . 111 CitiZ611S111P ----.-. Tlqegpjmw ,.,,,,,,,, l ll Dance ............. Organizations ........ 40- 71 111-5011001 .-.- Athletic Clubs Publicity ........... .. Blair Bowlers ,,,,. GT Public Relations ....i. Cl-,eel-leadel-5 .,,.,4 521156157 ................... Equestrian ...................... 67 5011001 Store -4------- Cirls' Sports Association ..... 67 WHYS HUC1 MCH115 ----- Mlljol-etfes ,.,,4,,.,,,,,,A,A,,A 51 llleltare ..,............,......,... Pom Pom C11-lg ,,,,,, 51 Constitutional Board ..,,.,.. Vgrgify Club lllhl.. Illteflllllli .......,....,.,...., Career Clubs Officers ..........,..............,.. FDNA ,,,,,,,,,, 63 Representative Assembly ...... FHA ,.,,,,,,i,,,,,,i,,,,,.,,, 63 Senate ....,....,.........,.,...., .... FTA .......................,.... 63 SPOITS ------------ Foreign Interest Clubs 151156191111 -----.--4- Foreign Exchange Club ....,. 55 1335146115811 -1-1----1 French Club .................. 56 C1055 C0Ul111'Y -11- 1- Ge,-mlm Club ...,-,l-...l....., 58 Football ....... ,....... German Scrabble Team ...... 58 C1115 111f1'2lml11'2115'-- Latin Scrabble Team ........ 58 C0111 ---14---4---14-1-- Spanish Club ...........,... 56 R111ff1'Y -'-1-- UN Club ........... 55 Soccer -t-. Interest Groups TC'11l1iS--- Bridge Club ...i.... 59 Tl'ilC1f -------v--- Chess Club ...... 59 W1'C'511111fl 1-1--11 64 64 65 64 .7 9 49 48 68 57 57 57 57 54 52 53 63 61 60 61 60 60 62 71 70 65 69 70 66 69 65 71 47 43 42 44 46 47 45 44 44 45 47 46 46 44 42 48 42 43 43 95 91 853 79 77 95 93 86 78 92 89 85 2 E ifxg 'L05ffli5'55'7i,J 7 ' 2 -57 ., get 'KJ ,fy M! 2 1 2' 2 H ' f Q 4 xv . 4, 1 X A ,iff , , Q, . 'Q' 1, ,,1z,,v."4 gem? 4 Never satisfied with today we have always staked our fortunes on tomorrow. JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY l19 17' 19631 -fa.. 1- f Jr 4 4., , g4,, 'B :Y " 5 .. W iA:.q.', fig". if .1 V' A ME' - r , ' v 4, .' , . . ' -V. 1 'ir Q I' I X 1.7 g,. - vi 19,11-4L5,X.y32,,gy-R.: A , , ' . Ag, ,ff ff ,.:.,-.- .4252 YY 1 - i Q 7 Q5 X4 ,fmdbjbgx fwwfmfw , '-CQ cm 'xp .ff Af WMM kqfmivvw , .D I' ? Q f ww 4 wwf? mf s' 0W k JW ' 9 1 W , QP W W' Q We WWE 35 my MWQ X ,W DQ f H' A 'AO- + f W 1f'W,MfQMfNfMTW0ifffCiQ ' 1 ' f W f QQ J 6 4 A,"' X WJ X 0 X W , - f X Mw UF ,M f'z5"fmJ?:"H I, it J x 5 . vt' ,1 , - 1 r n .Sf r K, uf." f , . .gh It A1z,,Q?i, N Zfi' Q' 'Z ' Q ' 411' wfT?3??f Lim. 1, " 14'??x3w ' at L, .f'f.' :J A r'Tu,'i4lL4' 1 fm,fff".g.'2'Lq'i.' I bw. "W -5 '3-A , ', - .W .'?- Y Aswmp 4, f, 51 Q4 X' 2 Y- F Q! 'Lf L ,, . ff' 5.35 V: , P3 -fix ' " 'T w C ,tg al, 4 4'2-- --W i fn, f fs., A ,t,- v. - . I -F1 'JI 'Ey'?1i ir ' A gl gf 'Nj -,fibhfwr :,,'3, :if""?f, Lizfglg i f f,- :iw il. 4' A .Eff u -ww gn , 'if-'fx gf: rl '.1..,L. U ' R' Y ni. W ' A-x,.:'y I ' ,mf X. . ,Q .. , ,M fig , f'!LJ:f--.'.3"11FWa . I' 4 .lx-',,g -F" f"f"'f7 ,ijfgiy ' '1- . f ,.,5.,KA1,E7Ag , 1 4 . 1':-f'9,,5- f Y u?"'5':"" yi 1 HQ ff' ' A if , ,,,:'!s'w C X -Q W , fe, - .H ld x V VK , . . q A V fax 4' K, 1 C0 jf' feyl J . ,r, . L Q qu f ,,I.

Suggestions in the Montgomery Blair High School - Silverlogue Yearbook (Silver Spring, MD) collection:

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