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 - Class of 1954

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-X V a,ir.Y,-:L-L iflillllfllliibil ilY17lU!EYd6n!4!.i --fm: uzzzniamg Jia ' QQ-.fikhxfiviwl-:u3:k"iQ' fda iii: '2 wail 111 2'Wl!JF.'fii5f4iZf71'f1'p!l UE !I31WlfMW!f6Mi w if .4 wwe 4 'ii' ff ei 2 ,A fwfr-fy ,Q-WL M. an nffffmzrlaezgczyaxkznfimlliz 5 l sxgmtxwhuknnm ms nud3BnA uni-vNlv 2?':x "3 1if"N-Kiki? lqfi-L'-41LWL5i64fiLE5C-fLfLE 151132 Gr 'Sf' X sllverlogue 954 montgomery blalr hugh school silver sprung maryland in 94 .. 6 4, 6 I ,f"'f,., it F' I K - Q .14 5 1' N W A .. ipw 32,97 wa- -.0 'W' , '4, .xx Q - A I sk? . ' f . V ' 1 . Nw- 1 ,' , by 1. M 4 "1 ' " 'M 1 AWA " K' R .. lf? QL K x I, ,, V lm., -fain!! A s Y '1'- 'S ' , I ,Y ,nib 53.rff,,4,,, H -r 1 ,M A 5 , K if ka -nf, H. 4' V 7 . ,Y , 4. , E' 7' "F V Hr .. Q Q. h . , 41 -L. 'p,,J'.1, , 1' N A nl' 0 Y 4 4 , 4 1 L na' .. k Y'-Q M ,. , f . ff-, - - , X M' "" .' 121 A. , f .- - .., -, -.f. - ML- ' . .. .E wf? 55-.I If J' I .1 in X:--J , 3 - Xa . --.,, A, - - ,51- - S ,K Q , . V . x f I 1 I an - , , 'Tix XM if .Lg 5 i ' ' -., -.,.' - 3 --uv. A A , ' ' ' f 1-iq, ..,,v I I i ' A 'W -, '19, I., .1 Q .0 , ,M .v - 1 "" ' '- . 1 "'vr-ig. ' -1-v ,..." ' K-'41 Q ff,-. ' " X l-. , , "vm 'ni ,Q ','1. fi L. QA Awh ' 4- f "f"'w, ,, ,,, -,,, Aly. I 'L- ,, -1 p is , , . H t iffy' . V, Q , 9 .fr .gf f 4,5 5 p Q ' 'HRW 4 ff - 4" g ' n is mf. - N Y 'J ff .. ' " ' 1 - ' , ' 4 , J ' v A - - , 5 -4 -- P . 5.26 ff-, ., , Yip . ' " 1 -' ' ,, ! M. ' I' T., ' V 1 w 1: Xin! Q 1 . ' - , i M ' '12 - -- . fe .e g ' Af'- . 15 .si ""'- Yr'-gf ' ' W 'M' PM A-H - ' A 4 5' ' ' g " ' ...M f ' 1 , 1 2 ' 1 raw . x 9 ,. p "Jai . J. 7'-V 1 ", 9 , cv "' 1 ,- . , A ,. 2,4-.0 - R XS? R xxxg XX. Qs ,M fs-4 -I-. ' , -1 f" 'Ze w.,. F v ll -gsm, N,N v 1 PIII 'f-fm.. 5. ?Q1 'H 5?-. 'bf - i5Q,N'f'f"1?Qw N - K' X Tu.-wwx 1 . 'lk 4 1- W, ya-9 . J .X '-'41, ' X -, mesa L f 'A nr 25 as mn. 1 , W G' 5 19' i W, 5144? K ff- 1 i , ' M ., ' . 21 ,. ff' . ff , 55,3 1462: 1 , ,Q un prachce contents Nxllrl I1 ilru 1 .IFR H, N11 gig ermr ll min 81 rf f allrhd x 1 J I 0 N u I . .1 Ip' 'Q' Q' Q Y L I yzmxr- .I FA '. 1. Ka ff z XFIHIA, Km!! P. Fitzgvr Ii g -wtf-ll th Wgvfll-Iwvnfx and rw' sm nfmx I 1- :how pzixt wars. liIHI!iNlI.!Igl'VI fy ,ul 'Dlx I2 lvmx I2 X 30 "IU4v!N INIIIIHIF U1 ulrfwllzmrlw-N 105, 118 QIXH :ti-ffl'-"ah ISI ! i lx 133 In I t"lkIx rx' in X P-uilflmu. 311. li-N I.1:.f5': lil-E rr-f'4u131: Wx-. Kwlw H"lX1'- I ",1' 115-111-N1-11 H Ili! MUN! -, 9 'iz , 235' E. '4 af 3 f P f 'N Zu - , i -4 'er MARIAN L. SCIIWARTZ, 8.5, 513.5 Vice-Principal, Super- visor uf Instruction fl-1" Q i I -uf, ALLAN F' VOGT, BS., M54 Vice-Principal, acting principal teachers exercise democracy, too MARY F. WHITCOMB. Ferre-tary, LOUISE C. DUEY, Secretary, ALICE D. NORTH, Rf-gistrar. X TL 'ss' 21 9 'ff' A Q , lst row: S. Shooman, K. Sites, S. Foose, E. Robinson, M. Seltzer, M. Weller, S. McKenzie, J. Swett, A. Saunderson, J. Williams, A. Goldstein. NI. Nlattison. 2nd row: M. Sansone, B. Reid, L. Dabney, J. Peacock, B. Deering, K. Ulrich, M. Anderson, N. Denison, A. Adams, N. Mayer. H. Johnson, A. Steeley. 3rd row: B. Feldesman, J. Fine, B. Kimmel, L. Darry, ,l. Irving, E. Powell, S. Crowley. B. Berry, K. Keeler, J. Buch, I. Schelly, P. Mister. Teachers of tomorrow turned their talents to preparation for their vocation through the club, Future Teachers of America. The members practiced teaching in the nearby schools, which gave them valuable experience. guidance and college counselor LUCILE D. APPLEBY. B.A., M..-X.: Twelfth Grade Guidance: Chairman of Guidance: Inter School Relations Committee. ROBERT C. HENLEY. B.S., M.Ed.g Eleventh Grade Guidance Honor Society: Senior Banking Committeeg Activity Committee. ELIZABETH C. MACDO.NALDl. B.S., M.A.g College Counseling. ROBERT T. ZININIERNIAN, B.S., M.S.g Tenth Grade Guidance Welcoming Committee. L. Appleby R. Henley E. Macdonald R. Zimmerman ps, 'Q . 513 W 1 "Can you switch me to typing class?" "But how can I fit chemistry into my schedule?" Questi-ons! Questions! Patiently, the counselors helped you solve your many problems and eased your worries. Every day, mixed-up sophomores and sophis- ticated seniors kept the guid- ance department whirling with frenzied activity, trying to find just the right class for their special interests. MTS- Cdrflrlfrr, the Blair Nurse. weighed Joy Swett. Mrs. Gardner administered pills for pain. She sponsored the Future Doctor and Nurse's Club. lncluded in the training program of the club were field trips and guest speakers. aid for all 1 i X, Gardner YESTAI. N. GXRDNER. BA.. RN.: Health .-Xtlxiser: Future Doctor and Nurses Club. Future Doctors and Nurses Club lst row: S. Lyons. H. Johnson. C. Brown. T. Winner. F. Hile. 2nd ron: D. Grubb. S. Israel, A. Acrr-ff. Nlrs. Gardner. J. llanow. C. flux. Sm' rout B. Baum. E. Xllverslieirn. Xl. Faust. J. Estes. F. Woodward. li. lfary. 5. Fal- Coner. Nl. Wostvr. I.. Anderson. P. 05:-r. F. Grosso, M. Wood R. Callahan M. lcangelo D. Love 'US C. Lushy MAY L. WOOD, BA.. M.A.g Englishg Chairman of English Department. RUTH Y. CALLAHAN, B.A.g Englishg Welfare Com- mittee, Monogram SOPiPty. MARY L. ICANGELO, B.A.g Englishg Assembly Committee. Cheerleaders. DOROTHY S. LOVE, M.S.g Englishg Silver Quill. CARRIE R. LUSBY, BA., M.A.g Englishg Sophomore Adviser. You turned your talents to creative writing for the "Evening Star" contest and tried to dis- play what you learned in English. Macbeth stalked. knife in hand, across the pages of your book during literature and Hamlet spoke again his famous lines. With your knees shaking, you stood up bravely and gave a halting speech in Public Speaking. and then, with a sigh of relief, returned to your comfortable Chair. You con- tributed to Silver Chips and Silver Quill during Journalism and gained experience for future attempts at professional writing. individualists Row 1: C. Galt, C. Brown, B. Andrews. P. Jolley. Rou' 2: J. Meyers, J. Neuman, R. Self. M. Bragdon. A. Shine, W. Kramer, B. Barnhart. T. Hicks. J. lionsby, H. Iwata. R. Cox. Standing: B. Rast. S. Roush. A. Huber. J. Anderson, D. Thomen. cl lg L. Moler J- MOIHII M. Robison A, Rogenbaum LIQCILLE N. MOLER, B.A., M.A.g English, Journalismg Silver Chips Adviser. Public Rf-lations Chair- man. JOSEPH A. MORAN, B.A., M.A.g Englishg Adviser of Student Court. MARCUERITE E. ROBI English, Debating Club, lnterschool Relations Committee. expressed their thoughts Participati-on in the "Youth Wants to Know" television program was only one of the inspirational, informative programs of the Debating Society. lst row: Left to right: S. Katzin, G. Loeser, H. Silkett, C. Megby, J. Callahan, B. Desind. 2nd row: E. Willcher, P. Kantor, L. Cranat, T. Carroll, J. Partello, B. Burt, A. Nevin, R. Miller. SON, B.A., M.A.g English. ADELE ROSENBAUNI, B.A., M.A.g English. MARY E TENNEY, B.A., M.A.g Englishg Assembly Committee, Coordinating Committee. RICHARD E. WAGNER, B.S., M.A.' s , i 'lf- ,4 .4 'l"1 7,17 'Q' Q Nl. Tenney R. Wagner .. 0-O 'UIQ L. Rubin D. laoughrie I.Ol'l5 RUBIN. BS., NI.A.g English, Dramatics. Ra- die Puhlit' 9 eakin ' Qenior Pla Yariet Show through speech and action Future orators vied for honors in the class roomg radio scripts were turned outg and blurbs for the P.A. were manufactured. The continual reminder of proper diction and posture finally took effect. Drama was studied: local plays were visited, and the "Hasty Heart" and the HHeiress" were produced. Shown here are Jackie DuNlars and Alan Shine. second and first place winners respectixely. of the. "I Speak for Democracyw con- test. John Durkuvie lnot shown! won third place. -P gf - ya Y 1 flhildrenis Tlieater, PA. Announcements. DONALD LOPCIIRIIC. l3.A.g English. Puhlic Speakingg Spring Play. Variety Show. An original script by Mr. Rubin gave the Christmas Assembly a modern play. Mary Gates created the role of the mute. 2 I4 K" ' ,Viz Q5 silver quill- freedom in writing There was still the usual rush. although the Silver Quill staff had one deadline to meet this year. ln room C-100. Editor, Lorrie Le Roy ran about checking and approving hook reviews, stories, poems, and essays, which were published in the literary magazine. Editors. J. Williams. Nl. Ford. l.. l.eR0y. Nl. Lowe. and lf. Engstrom looked owr an issue of Silver Quill. lst row: N. Marchad, T. Hambright. J. Myers. J. King, M. Lowe. E. Martin. D. Kinkle. C. Nleghy. L. Le-Roy. 2nd rout B. Kahn. G. Litvinsky, M. Ford, J. Williams, B. York, H. Filkett, K. Sisk, N. Jones. 3rd row: J. fNlcHale. N. Heim, B. Kennedy. J. Lucado. E1-aL. IEE, Q' silverlogue - d x ' 1 ,-.1 I K X H. Rau' 1: Holm Mcliain. Howard Kriv-gy-r. Ri1l'll2il'l ll:-Rita. Carolyn Ile:-kvr. Paul fly:-rs. Ron' 2: Row-mary Nlarlf-ll. ,lzmwt Kauffman. and Row Curry. . 5 if xx X, 4 y , f if T, T. Sirkis, P. Munz, and J- Theofield worked on copy to mret the printer's deadline. .lunnqngw ,,,,,,.......,A.... STAFF Editors: Sue Sinclair, Lyn Taylor Literary Editors: Mary Abrahamson, Jo Ann Wolman, as- sistants: Marilyn Boote, Jo Rogers, Dan Fallon Senior Editors: Margaret Clements, Betty Richardson Junior Editors: Carolyn Decker, Jo Ann Wolman Sophomore Editors: Margie Weidman, Mary Abrahamsom Teacher Editor: Janet Kauffman Club Editor: Paul Myers, assistant: Ellen Green Boys' Sports Editor: Bruce Beatty, assistant: Peggy Munz Girls' Sports Editor: Helen Johnson Picture Committee: Joy Swett, chairman: Carol Cox Typists: Rosemary Martell, Rachael DeRita, Charlotte Higgs, Betty Andrews, Rose Curry, June Spates Photographers: Bob McBain, chairman: Thomas Sirkis, How- ard Kreiger Advertising Manager: Janet Theofield, assistants: Fred Fry, Jeanine Pair, Jacqueline Dean, Jeanne Rice Cubs: Fran Carrodus, Lyda Dabney, Helen Dayhoff, Meg Fike, Maureen Fitzgerald, Ceorgeann Freeman, Barbara Frentz, Connie Fry, Mary Gains, Merle Coleberg, Jane Johndrew, Janet Kauffman, Judy Lewis, Judy Lindner, Love Martin, Nancy Maddox, Vivian Reeden, Lynne Rus- sell, Marian Sherman, Kate Siske, Nadyne Silverman, Ken- dall Sites, Sandy Stern, Janice Theen, Lou Jane Taylor, Susan Woodward "Through thick and thin the work must proceed," this was the motto for the year. We remembered all those things which seemed too much of an obstacle, yet we surmounted them. Many friends were made during the 5th period and after school, by the single striving for a goal which made all considerate and helpful. Last year the "logue" made first place in Colum- bia Scholastic Press Association, National Scholastic Press Association, and first in Maryland Scholastic Press Association, and won the Roebuck trophy. freedom of ideas Row 1: Green. IJ. Swett. Row 2: R. Martell. J. Kauffman, R. Curry, C. Cox. J. Wolman, M. Weidman, S. Sinclair. Row 3: B. McBam, H. Kreiger, R. DQ-Rita, C. Decker, P. Meyers, B. Richardson. M. Abrahamson, l.. Taylor, J. Rice, J. Pair. 0 ,,.f K4 frm EULUNIAL LANU GRANT IEZ5fl73Z ft . , Q. 5 q, , 1' F23 54 'J f l.. . y . B N- lsl row: J. Du Mar-. K, Silu-rman. R. Nifonge-r. Mrs M1114-r, 3flVi4fIT, 9. flriffilh. 21111 rout K. Coyrlr. F. llvllu-ra W. Kramr-r ChalupQky. IS. Ualvnlinw. V, l"+-rn-ll. silver chaps - lst row: J, Taylor. II. jon:-Q. T. Hamlmright. B. Hao Nw-kin. YV. Nlurphy. fl. Ifrf-vlnlrgfr L.........J freedom of the press Editor-in'l.'ht'ef ............. .......... R osemary Nisonger Managing Editor ........................... Sally Griffith Feature Editor ......,.................... Cynthia Ferrell Page Editors .. Jackie Dulfars, Ruthie Silverman. Kay Coyne Sports Eflitors . Hob fialentinf-. jerry Kearns. Anne Chalupsky Assistant .................................. Wally Murphy Columnists ................................ Fred and Walt Reporters .................. Nancy Murdock. Ellen Ragan. Ray Custin. Bob Nfann. Klarie Kelly, Betty Reid. Sally Smith Photography Editors .... .... B ill Garrett. Charlie Peterson ffartoonist ....,... .........,............ T om Devlin Business Vgr. .. ................ Christine Fref-burger Cirrztlaliorr lfgrs. ...... Janet Kauffman, Barbara Kfachfeekin Exrhfmge Editor ..,.,................... Troy Hambright Typisls .,............,..... Barbara Thompson. Betty Ault. Nancy Jones, Pat Hoover, Bonney Farley. Nfary Ciddings. Rosemary Mattingly. Diane Lackey f4111'ertIs1'n,Q lfurmger ....................... Hartley Jones Srhnols Nervs Bureau ................ Jim Taylor Adviser ........................... Nfrs. Lucille N. Bloler A first place winner in the Maryland Scholastic Press Association, the Columbia Scholastic Press As- sociation, All American in the National Scholastic Press Association, and International Honor Rating by Quill and Scroll, your Chips was one of the most outstanding publications at Blair. Under the expert leadership of Rosemary Nisongzer the many featured columns, sports, and reports combined in one were eagerly read and appreciated. Left to right: B. Farley, D. Lackey, T. Devlin, B. Ault. B. NfacNleekm J Taylor W Nfurphv B Thomp on C Peterson P Hoover li. Daniels. fb CV H xx ,... 20 'lg Y 5' -.45 A H. Bratt M. McCarthy A. Steele 91 ws- 1 97 K. Johnston I. Masses foreign languages-freedom of selection HAZEL M. BRATT, B.A.g Lating Prae- co Argenteusg Chairman of Foreign Language Department. K A THR YN JOHNSTON. RA.. fVI.Ed.: I.atin. Eng- lish. IRIS If. NI.-XFFEY. RA.: Spanish. MARY E. MQC.-XRTHH. ll..-X.. M.Ed.: French: Iflem-tion Committee. Future Teacliers of Ain:-rim-a. .-XVDRICY L. 9TEIiI.I'f. RA.. NIA.: Spanish: Variety Show. I N 1 If-anne Rice showed Tommy Van Roy- an the conjugation chart in French class. The Spanish Christmas was a joyous one celebrated hy S. Babcock. R. Brown. S. Foose. D. Edwards. W. Lanham. B. Redding. and Anderson as they watf-he-tl G. Locks break the traditional pinata. praeco argenteus - lun with the ancient word ici lst row: M. Faust. T. Winner, E. Robinson. Nl. Nlattison. 2nd row: A. Shine. N. Beveridge, M. Halliday, F. Samstag, J. Tiedeman, C. Megby, P. Villone. Eccel Haec est Acta Duirna Latina '6Praeco Argenteusf' Blair's four year old Latin-English paper placed in national contests this year and had excerpts published in six professional magazines. Letters of commendation were received from an aid to Queen Elizabeth II of England, personal letters from Jim Tatum. Maryland Lvniversitys football coach: the editor of "Readers Digest." and the editor of "Time,' magazine. Crossword puzzles and movie reviews comprised a few of the features which stimulated student interest. Editors of Praeco Argenteus: N. Bev- eridge. M. Matlison. 1. Tiedeman. A. Shine. .1 ' 'sf 1' in . 25 f 'fi J R. Maguire C. Sanborn ROBERT E. MACUIRE. BA.: Driver Training: Rifle Team. CISSY E. SANBORN, Sc.B.g Driver Training. 34.35- driver training-safety lor all "Be careful, don't grind the gearsf, That was a familiar plea to all driver training students, made by instruc- tors, who took you out on the open road and showed the rights and wrongs of driving. After a semester of jolted, jerked and ground gears you finally lie- Carne safe drivers, drivers with a capital C5D,7 DRIVING RODEO - lst row: N. Kruse, M. Keller. D. Kruse, 2nd rowt N. Martin, J. Sipple. Cooley. Martin and Cooley conducted the rontest. 22 I M, 'X Ralph Lopez and Yeronira Carnvale learned the parts of a motor in driver training rlass. aft' 'N Q If 1 l l 'Q 5.1 fi E. Stickley J. Ardayne ELIZABETH STICKLEY, B.A., M.A., M.L.S.g Librari- ang Library Club. JULIA C. ARDAYNE, M.A.g Research-Librarian. Quietly you tip-toed into the library, chose a book from Blairis vast collection of books, and sat down for a few minutes of reading leisure. You consulted Mrs. Ar- dayne for the location of material for your term paper, or sat in quiet meditation, pondering over your Latin conjugations. You. appreciated the good, lightirfgf the In the senior corner of the library, R. Nisonger and 5PaC10l15 f00m, .and thi? wide Varlelly of R. Goldback observed the new painting of Dr. Edwin magazines and literature, all gf whlch add- W. Broom, retired school superintendent, which was ed t0 your pride of Blairfs fine library. presented to the school by the class of 1953. democracy in learning Left to Right: J. DuNlars. Treasurer: J. Dublar-. Vive-President: N. Warfield, President: J. Ramsey, Secretary kept the library in tip-top condition. ZQQQ' , not ,, an A ,ff 15? ii? v3 ' 'PT' -ag af f- F. Andrews H. Erickson L- GIHFPI' CATHERINE M. ACKERMAN, B.S.g Shorthandg Chairman of Commercial Department, Faculty Treasurer. .Assistant Senior Adviser. Chairman of Variety Show Financial Committee. FRANCES A. ANDREWS, B5-3 Typingg Care Welfare Committee. HELEN F. COOK. tnot slirxwnt. BA.: Elementary Business. Typing l. 4-"" HAZEL E. ERICKSON. BCS.. B.A.. MA.: Typing l, Office Practice. LILLIAN S. CLASER, B.B.A.1 Rookkeeping. Business Organization anil Personal Typing: Awards and Scholarship Committee. ELlZ- ABETH J. LEAR, BS.: Typing. WALTER A. KElBl.ER. BS.: Bookkeeping. Bankingg Treasurer of Blair, Athletic Control Board. '02 commercial training- a career for many C. Ackerman W. Keibler E. Lear The Banking Organization of Montgomery Blair was affiliated with most of the banking institutions of Silver Spring. V The Citizens Building and Loan Association gave a scholastic award of SlO0 each year. gist row: Nlr. Keihler. J. Tapp, J. Craver. J. Carson. C. Crawford, A. Ervin. P. Fuclis. M. Clark. R. Ferl:-rlinc. N. Colden, C. Duvall. .Ed S. 4- . - 'Q ' f W ' 1 ' ward 2nd rou. J. Fergenon. R. DeR1ta. Y. Stachura. R. lxarkin. Nl. Benn, M. Bolilayer. L. Frechurger, J. Hambright. C. Higgs, J. Selby. A. Hayden. D. Carwither. J. Bennett. D. Mayor. -1' ifa 4-.. ,, A,hq tar M -1 t Yogi 'n I Q Y! gi, ai Qi 5 ,WI I ' f?? " ' I ,fs 5 K s,f 1 H ,fF -.5 .1 Mc It ,I 1. "Z.f.C'5 , ,ZQ 'i an Q' 70 we ff 4' l , it , 4 P 1 J ,I lj exe' A. Davidson W. Bagnall A. Chakan R. Delauder H. Dodge ALMA E. DAVIDSON. B..-X.. M.A.g US. Historyg Silverlogue, Rollers. Chairman of Social Science Department. WILLIAM G. BAGNALL, BS.. MS.: World History, Consumer Education, Human Relations. Vocations. ALBERT CHAKAN. BA., M.Edg Civ- ics, Human Relations. World History. ROY A. DELAUDER, B.-X.. MA.: LS. History: Majorettes. Concessions. HERBERT W. DODGE. BA.. MA.: World History, Economic Geographyg Faculty Manager of Athletics, End Q11-ich of Football. social sciences lst row: S. Fitzgerald. S. Iwata, J. Irvington, I... Lovelace, S. Israel. H. Johnson, J. Scoltock. R. Silwrman. P. Halesky, N. Mar chand. L. Garrison. Y. Goad. J. Norris, D. Ehlert. 2nd row: B. Bosworth. L. Atkins. M. Chase. NI. Hazen. M. Clarke, E. Garrett G. Loeser. T. Wright. NI. Hancock. G. Braum, L. Nicodemus, C. Higgs. D. Gooch. P. Fuchs, G. Schultz. 3rd row: J. Hummel, B Carr, L. Russell. B. Cox. J. Bennett, B. Baum, Golden, A. Huber, S. Grosso. H. Johnson, J. Grubb. L. Anderson, E. Albersheim S. Theis. The Welfare Committee took charge of contributions from the Red Cross. March of Dimes, Crusade for Freedom, and Care. It adopted an Italian girl of 9 whom it supported. I i .f' M. Enright P. Kline W. Marks J. McHugh MARY C. ENRICHT, B.A., M.A.g U.S. History, European History, World History: Junior Class Sponsor. X PRISCILLA C. KLINE, B.S., M.A.g U.S. History: Radio Club. WILLIAM B. MARKS, B.A., M.A. M.Ed.g Social and Political Science. JEWELL A. MCHUGH, B.A., M.A.g English, U.S. History PETER P. PAZAHANICK, B.S., M.A.g World Historyg Line Coach, Football. L. CHARLES PIERCE B.A., M.A.g Spanish, Psychology, Sociology. L. KENNARD RHODES, B.A., M.Ed.g Problems of Demo cracyg Director of Attendance, Acting Vice-principal. teach democracy P Pazahamck C Pierce K Rhodes To students who took history, the past was relived, and man's progress was unfolded. Other Social Science courses brought the com- plex modern day world, and the problems that are created into discussion. During the li ' . . , , , Y ' .Ieanme Pair pointed out year U.N. competitive tests were taken, and g the thirteen original col- tests by the Bar Association of Maryland. 'mics during 8 U' 5- His' tory class. bf ef Ist row: A. Chaplupsky, M. Seltzer, M. Boate, B. Beven. H. Jones. J. Gold. KI. Greene, B. lngleton. W. Kraemer, J. Rudiger, D. Kinkle. P. llacl-:lc-ton. 2nd row: A. Schreiber. B. Dyer. A. Celfeld. F. Sallers, J. Decker, N. Murdock. The radio club handled all publicity for Blair on the PA., gave an original Christmas show, "The Angelng and produced shows on radio stations WASH-FM and YVDON. science for pleasure BIOLOGY Cl.L'll -V lst mug Left Io Right: R. llollis. R. Wilson. G. Litvinsky. 2nd mu J. Ewan. C. liurganwlim-. ll. Ross. fin! rout F. lloll. R. Parklillr-I. -X. lleyger. 0. Cretlon. ,ymw-mf Q., L 3 P7 i Row 1: T. Sinclair. B. Kahn, G. Litvinsky, Row 2: R. Nuttal, M. Barnard, P. Argerake These watchers of outer space and its activities, found adventure in the possibility of life on other planets. One of their projects was the publishing of 6'Bedlam,', a magazine in true science fiction style. You spent a busy year cramming scientific terms in your brain. and tried to remember how many legs the spider had. You pensiyely examined the inert form of the frog you were bisecting and tried to draw what you saw on paper. Formulas haunted you in your dreams, but the next day you promptly forgot them as a big test approached. At the end of the year you patted yourself on your hack. considered yourself a second Luther Bur- bank, and reviewed your accomplishments of the year in the science world. 31 767' ,painful R, -Z ji f,...,.if l C. Blatt E. Glime B. Jones R. Keiter SUSAN E. AUD, B.A.g Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Montgomery Blair Chapter of the gg., National Honor Society, Chairman of Mathematics Dept. CALVIN A. BLATT, B.A., BS., Plane Geometry, Business Arithmetic, Applied Mathg Order Committee, Traffic and Parking Committee. ELLIS G. GLIIVIE, agp, BS.. M.A.g Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Senior Class Adviser. BERNADINE M. Q JONES, B.A., M.A.g Geometry, Algebra ll. M. ROBERTA KEITER, B.S., M.A.g Plane Geometry, Con- sumer Nlathg Coach of Girls' Rifle Team, Ways and Means Committee. BERNICE E. MALLACK, B.A., M.Ed.: Algebra Ilg Monogram Committee. GUY VVILEY. JR., BS., Algebra I, Plane Geometry. JN. Foot- ball Coach. mathematics 63" enq- S. Aud B. Mallack G. Wiley, Jr. A problem of multi- plying 35,852 by 6,332 and you were off, in a confusing whirl of num- bers. You struggled like mad trying to figure out how to find the degrees in angle A and angle B, in triangle XYZ, if the degrees in angle C were 75 and the triangle was isoseeles. Finally, when you received that final MAB you said, t'Oh how easy," to the incoming class, "It was a snap '99 John Gregg and Bob Garrett worked out a theorem in Plane Geometry. With the use of the sill-:screening process. effective Christmas cards were produced. The bulletin boards and dis- play cases were filled throughout the year with creations of chalk. charcoal, paint, ink, and sculpture. The cover for the IVKIFIICQ' Short' Program and Silver Quill were designed by the art classes. What fun it was to decorate the Silver Spring windows with Hall0we'en witches and goblins. for which prizes were received. Painting and designing scenery was an activity which called for many hours of planning and work. it F. Sherry 9. Cf-lfancl Fill Department. Art Club. Art Sponsor of Silver Quill Variety Show. SYDNEY F. CHLFAND. BA. '..-K.: ffornrno-rcial and Fine Arts. fine arts preserve our heritage nihright, P. Tully, and C. Maskell paintf-tl tht- windows in Phil Melvin did a modern abstract in Art for llallowe-'t-n. class. 2 G' f . l 9 I+? i L41 'E SHERRY. link.: Art: Chairman of Art ap. t I 5 t M. Cross F. Koch MARY C. CROSS, BA., NIA., Choral Music, Chairman of Music Department. Variety Show. ERNEST H. KOCH, BS., Instrumental Mu- sic: Band. Orchestra. Blairls Advanced Chorus presented programs at Blair, at Walter Reed Hospital Annex, at the Christmas Green Show at the Corcoran Art Gallery. at the Kiwanis Club Banquet, and for Jim Cibbon's show. The Blair Band added zest to the football games. and its Winter and Spring Concerts provided an excellent combination of jazz and classical music. music-the universal language lst 70102 P. Halesky, B. Huston, K. Wheeler, J. Williams. 2nd row: M. Hurney, L. Kellert, M. Klein, J. Levine, K. Tiedeman, J. Sylvester, W. Duvall. 3rd row: B. Brookman, B. Anderson, L. LeRoy, H. Silkett, H. Hill, D. Gegeld, N. Gummel, J. Mathews, P. DeNeane, S. Cildel, A. Lee. 4th row: J. Hauf- man, D. Marshall, Mr. Koch. Louise Johnson tune-d her harp in preparation for the concert. lst row: L. Johnson, L. Slattum, J. Teideman, P. Hansen, S. Pope. 2nd row: C. Brown, D. Hathaway T. Cherrix, J. Anderson, K. O'Berg, M. Barnard. 3rd row: B. Houston, B. Williams, J. Richard- son, R. Falck, H. Kolodny, C. Cory, L. Koschmeder, R. Smith. 4th row: L. Bamett, F. Harman. ,LA 'Q R211 ' N ,XX I 4.4 L.. l ' . ,,."R I ? i 8 My I f .5 ,fb J 54 , 4:11 V .3 , 5 H1 -In f. ' V as Ray-ij , ,...i.. f... , ,Q , v :r f1 1 :jj 3 - ..I.. W 'qi o- ,-I-. Q-.'T"" i'5Tf"'fQ.FL'i"1f..., ff-, G: as jf - . "" - gf L ' 'V S 4- vi -'Q .. L, .ans , fi I 4f' wtf., 3 Q- 2 1 'Ta "'5' 69 EVM A K1 -ff .- ' Lk? r v A ,Dv If 7 2245? li f W ,-. 4.-' wa. 'Q' E l K+ rv? 1:-.1-J L, a J' ,, M 1- Q v ,Q t r i L Y T, A 'E' K " 1' l ,J ri SVLRQ ' . xx ' , . L4 1 . 3 ' L - LJ ' . Lu? ,JJ f L15 .. L W ' if S' : A 3 1 ' M' 1' 1 L' .l ' n V L L. I Q I . ' 2 E A ' 4 - 1 ' - ' ' ' I . 4,8 . it . .5 1 y K . I I . K 1 X , E-5 X l . 1 ' i x 3, .IS n :Y 1 X r 71' A ...1 2? ' R Q- Na 'QL , gq ,, an lun Q? 4 ,LS ff ' : , I 2 , , I , .4 ' A 4 Q K A 5 44 , . 1 z - - , nl. .gg C ,im 1 HP" ff l sr: YW I Y ' I " -1 Q 'ic ,lx ,Q 1 I 2... , TN if DWL, l,, ,LW,y, , 4, V, , . . M K" 1 . 0 jx, ' li, ' . x - 1 ff . ' . A 1 - Q, . 1 sit A sin - 1 3 I ' I .,. Q: C14 ' 1, 'W' 1 I f pb Q - A -., "' ' 2, -2 fi 1 .- Ift' 2 .gf f 8' 1 , F' . l k . Q W - X ., 1 - ' ..,' fx Yay . N 1? 3 A f ah-L' '9:4' t , , X jv i4 'Yi - A 'fx' fi N5-ul' gl i ,I bf af M ." A 92 j W ' wf. , 1 Af' i 2 ,ff l A Q91 A .1 1-L, Ly -,, M41 l f M 3- Y v B W ' t Q 5 VV -if 1. , ,EJ x :LV . .J .. gawk if Y S.L ' 1 P ,,A4,K :,J, Irtikhqmq 11- :L+ NJ-.-L 'LH V 6 . : 1 x J 5- ,Z - 7,4-I , N M v qi Q J vp! xx I .var K 'S v Y: Q ! J I . if X -3 mxg K it 5 K S , I i ' M ' . Q 5 . C5 K 2' , kk ji f 2 I - J' in V ' I 9 fi J: I Q - 1 f U!! ' ' 1 ly 1 , ki X . I - I .. ,,.- l. - - K - I Ll f 1 f! 'N V . XXIII! NIIXVIJ ll I ll I right loner lst rou I Hud ln D Hornbevk ,I Nlcflrrvn F Hawkm H John on III nu n D DPPTIII 'Sn' rou I Loonfx R irhergvr J Dean 'W Lu 1 mu N Nlmkenfu X Hoon-r F Powlll W Tobin L Darr 1 Fn le P Horna aw rr r W montgomery blaur 1 u 1 1 2 JH Qi ADY,'XNffi-TD MIXED CIIDRVS--Left In fl.gl1f.II7ll.'6V1SlT01l.'Z Miss Cross. F. Cray. B. Cm-agf-. P. Dunn. D. llopai. 37111 mu I. Irving. J. Carniwll. M. Seltmr. A. Seymore. 3rd rout D. Perkins. K. Kevlar. J- BPHU. J. Film. P. xllllll. 4177 rout A. Ervin NI. Home. D. Lowry. C. Eyrv. R. Dyer. J. Corey. 5th row: C. Newberry. M. Coder. A. Callfltly. L. Sturm. NI. Corrifion. advanced chorus Delicious odors filled the air when the Home Arts girls were cooking, and your mouth watered as you thought of their appetizing concoctions. ln the sewing rooms the hum of the sewing machines filled your ears and before your eyes, the creations of the young homemakers took shape. From the care of the apartment down to the bottle washing, these girls gained experience for their future in home- making. The yearly Style Show produced great excitement as Miss Blair showed off her latest models. home economics a science for all Visions of sugared plums vsere fancied bv the Future Homemakers of America. lst row J Schroeder G Eyre C Decker J Theofxeld H Zmnamon S Niason B. Johnson. 2nd row: D. White, S. Williams, H. Srlkett NI Stake-r L Slattum B Anderson C Litvinsky L Anderson D Phillips, P. Hand. 3rd row: R. Kendrick, K. Temple, J Shetler Nlr Harmon S Bosworth E Walder S Yates J John on D Kempfer, Mrs. Dickerson, B. King, B. Phillips, J. Gould. Mlllllllli bfi? nv fve- CLEO C. CUMMINCS, B.A.g Diversified Occupa- tions: Director of Work Experience. JOHN M. NIACHALE, JR.. M.A.g English, Job Problems, Diversified Occupations: School Store. LOIS P. PARKER, B.A.g Job Problems, English: Work Experience Program, Dance Committee. f V 1 W9 I , 'gym 'viii C. Cummings J, MacHaIe, Jr, L. Parker diversified occupations-learn while you earn The Diversified Occupations department provided a chance for students to gain work experience in local stores and shops. ln the job problems class they discussed the subjects involved in proper working techniques. At Christmas time a program was set up which helped the local mer- chants. When students worked full time two weeks previous to the Christmas rush. 1 4-:iff ,- K .-'ll ef' . 1 X gr Helen Stein on the Diversified Occupation Program sold jewelry at Bob and Frances' Gift Shop. Another Diversified Occupation 4D.O.I stu- dent. Barbara Poole worked hard at an add- ing machine for the Southern Engineering Company. 41 QI 6 4 Qu Qu fi At vw., A 14' P. Steigner R- Fi0l'am0f1fi A. Fiorill M. Nye PAUL E STEIGNER, BS., Ni.,-X.: Chairman of lnduitrial Arts Of-partmentg Vocational Industrial Arts. ROBERT F. FIORAMONTI, KI.S.q Vocational Wood Working. ALBERT C. FIORILL, B.S.g Printingg Graphic Art Club. JOSEPH ,-X. HARTY. L.L.B.g Elervtric Shopg llam Radio Club, Visual Aids Club, JV Basketball Coach, not showng MERLE E. NYE, B.S.g Jewelry Shopg Jewelry Club. ERNEST E. RHODES, BS., M.Edg Mechanical Drawingg Tennis Team, Photography Club. Safety Committee. CHARLES I. WILES, JR.. B.S.g General Shop. work for the future E. Rhodes fl-...-. C. Wiles, Jr. Steward Dobbson operated the newest printing press. '-ual girls' physical education Girls of Blair do not compete in inter-school activities. There- fore. an intramural program was planned to present more sports in which many girls could participate. Lack of facilities forced the activities to take place after school in places determined by the weather. Left Io righl: C. Megby, B. Varey, N. Warfield, J. Hcidenrf-ich. A. Dietrick. were on the Planning Committee. iQ J. l.ippy .l- Baker JUNE E. LIPPY. B..-X.. Nl..-'Lg Physical Educa- tion. Hygiene: Intramurals. Chairman of Girls' Physical l'ftlnc'atinn Department, Student Planning Cnininittcc of Girls' Physical Education Depart- me-nt. Yarie-ty Show. JEAN C. BAKER. B.A.l Pliysical Education, Hygif-neg Intramurals. Girls' "ll" fflnlm. S. Smith 'N-.Af--P' 5- - 4-is F 5? 1 5 After earning an athletic letter you became a member of the Girls' "B" Club. Activities sponsored were the Slumber Party and the County Sportsday. Expenses were met by selling pencils of school colors lst row: P. Berry, J. Buch, H. Barnard, M. Dennis, 2nd row: B, Varey, Nl. McNeal. J. Hcimlcnre-ich, A. Sanndcr un builds for citizenship The girls' physical education course was planned around individ- ual and group activities in the field of sports. These included field hock- ey, paddle tennis, volleyball, tum- bling, folk dancing, square dancing, archery, badminton, and softball. The sophomores were instructed in first aid. The juniors were given a course in personal adjustments, and social hygiene. The seniors had safety education first semester and, marriage. and family life the second semester. .X scene that was a familiar one In all girls during volley ball season. .,-,Q H , N4 ,,,, .. , .- I qw Q6 K Wm: My . -lf-4-1 1-il - S- X i a-if thx D. Carrasco C. Brown E. Rieder DAVID L. CARRASCO, B.S.: Physical Educa- tion, Health: Chairman of Boys' Physical Educa- tion Department, Basketball Coach. CONRAD BROWN. BS.: Physical Educationg Football, Golf. EDWARD P. RIEDER. B.S.. NI.A.g Physical Education. Health: Track Coach. Soc- Cf r Coach. Cross Country Coach. Director of Boys' Intramurals. boys' physical education September will find Blairites in the new gym. Class rooms, showers, dressing rooms. and a large floor are features, which the space hungry athletic department is going to enjoy. 4 1 1 ILELJJZL . ,xi ...4zr1"' Y . , . sf. ..- ... ,4 .nv I ou' l: ll. Trvvus. U. Dillard. li. Overman, li. T'iiT'lt'TI113Il. K, Clement U ll N 1 H . 1 s. . arman. R010 2: .l. Kzitiin. 5. llarlmt, R. flnldliar-li, R, Cnld havh, ll. Rim. P.. lurm-5, C. luv-rf-tt, ll. Street. Ron' 3: R. jane. Nl. Cm-limi. T. Walker. C. Riu-rs. T. lliwlxs, ll, Uvnrivt, .N llowlin. lf. Wan f. Smith. Hou' lv: li. Pe-ak:-. ff. fiisar. J. Ferrara. li. Nlcflonald. l.. Briggs. H. lflilr-rt. R. Culp:-ppt-r. Run' 3: lf. Rutkuski. C. tluffiu. Nl. K+-lla-r l. Y:-r-is, P. Fr:-as, F. Harmon we-re in the Boys' H Club. in the defense of democracy The hoys' Physical Education classes learned fundamentals of games and practiced drills: hut had plenty of fun doing them. The year started with funtlizill and moved on into soc- cer. The 4-older months came. games were played inside as vollcyhall and lmaskethall: and health was studied. This year the usual square dancing was exchanged in favor of wrestling and lWOXlllQ. Then spring: and track. archery. gulf. and tennis filled the days. Hopes for next year were high with the new gym. new equip- ment and an enlarged coaching force. During gym 1-lass I., Thompson slid into home plate wliilf- ll. Vrawford tried to tag him out. lst row: Dolly Stokes, Clark Snowen, Hazel Parks, Dorothy Peter, Ella Hardesty, Marie Croomes, Elizabeth Weaver Rosa Howard and Doris Street. cafeteria Everyday at lunchtime our modern cafeteria was filled with hungry Blairites. The cafeteria was managed by Mrs. Carroll and kept going smoothly by her staff and student helpers. There were three lunch shifts: senior, sophomore. and junior. On certain holidays, as Thanksgiving and Christmas, special turkey dinners were served. Mr-. flarroll arranged the- milk. as John Coyle lookerl on, , Q Q H. fmf.-mf-lrl. R. Hunk. J. Hum md. and NT. fgI'f'Q'Ilf' PXIDPI-iIYlPIltPl ulxilf- Ur, Thx :uw hir apprfwal. democracy in numbers ,.7,, M ,N , VVI., V 3 .V M.,,,,,f .:,, , , ,,, V , V 1 34 - 'fxwxi " 5731? ' WU fsffi4'4lEi, 'liiff ,am , ,.Lf.w.3 ,, . N ,M .. , ,., 4, w , fi Wy., i , ,, ,V,, A . ,Q , 7 .7 X .V- M . , fffw. - , , . ' 'jf 3gg',gg3,5,f,,,gA?:,3,"iQggifj, V . , , , ,, , ,,X, . ,, ,. . ,MQ .M , ., . V I 5 1 4 Kfe'.,,,Qg, vig?" I , Q Y i ,Q 4 ily, .rfmihy gp V5 v I X x I ' - - xii, y ,ggffv-g,q,w,4 u , . - , , A , , ' V ,,, , A-'?fQ53ff5ff.,f Q H 1 , w" .'f2a4.y,z,ftf f ' x W' f ww, , 14, :.,,-fifawe 1' ' .3 A 'iv '? " J P, ' "K . 1 Vice-President, R. Coxg Treasurer, B. Balentineg Secretary, J. DuMarsg Presi- dent, B. Barnhart. K-F Ty 5 r .1 is ps .47 Charles Abbott Howard Abemethy Harry Abrams Anna Acree James Aitchison Alton Alford Kara Alkire Gerald Allen CHARLES BARNES ABBOTT, Hunting and Fishing Club, '52, HOWARD MCCORD ABERNETHY. HARRY EDWARD ABRAMS. ANNA BELLE ACREE, F. Drs. 81 N. A. .'52,'53,'54 Pres., Library Club '52,'53,'54 Pin Comm. Chairman, Variety Show Make-up '52,'53, Dance Comm. '54, Order Comm. '52. AUDREY MAE ADAMS, Pep Club '52,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54, F.T.A. '53,'54, Publicity Comm. '54, Spring Play Comm. '53, Junior Prom Comm. '53, Variety Show Comm. '52. ELAINE AHL, Intramurals '52,'53,'54, Square Dance Club '53, Girls' Rifle u '53. JAMES LYNN AITCHISON, Intramurals '52. ALTON ALFORD. KARA DIANE ALKIRE, Library Club '52,'53,'54, Majorettes '52,'53,'54,. Care '53, Publicity Comm. '53,'54, Inter-School Relations Comm. '53,'54, Dance Comm. '53,'54, Welcoming Comm. '54, Variety Show '53, H.R. Sec. '54, Junior Prom Comm. '53, Senior Play Comm. '54, Senior Prom Comm. '54, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. GERALD HAIGHT ALLEN, Chair Comm. '53,'54. STUART RAMSEY ALLEN, Boys' Glee Club '53, Dance Comm. '53, Visual Aids '53, Blair Rollers '53, Rifle Squad '53,'54, Track '54. JERRY CHARLES ALLINGER. Elizabeth Andrews Nancy Appleby Betty Ashmore Altan Atak '53,'54, Senior Play Comm. '54. ciety '53,'54. Comm. '54. ALTAN IFFET ATAK. Audrey Adams Ruth Ahl Stuart Allen .Ierry Allinger Patricia Andersen ,lack Anderson Martha Anderson Raymond Anderson PATRICIA MAY ANDERSEN, Chorus I '52, Chorus II '53. JACK HORTON ANDERSON, Library Club '52,'53,'54, Student Court '52,'53,'54, Chief Justice, Advanced Chorus '53,'54, Variety Show '53, Spring Play '53, H.R. Pres. '53, Monogram Society '54, .I.V. Football '52, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. MARTHA CLAIRE ANDERSON, Library Club '53,'54, Election Comm. '53, F.T.A. RAYMOND LEROY ANDERSON. Football '52,'53, Track '53,'54, ELIZABETH ANDREWS. Library Club '52,'53.'54, Dramatic Club '52, Pep Club '52, Intramurals '52,'53,'5-lg Safety Comm. '53,'54, Dance Comm. '53,'54, Radio Club '54, Spring Play '53, H.R. Sec. '54, Silrerlogue '54, Senior Play '54, Monogram So- NANCY LEE APPLEBY. Art Club '53, Dramatics '53. BETTY ANN ASHMORE, Ways St Means Comm. '52,'53,'54, Senior Announcement 53 Bette Ault Conrad Bailer Nancy Balderson George Baliles Arthur Bacon Mary Baker Robert Balentine Thomas Balgie John Bankhead Harry Bayz TE 53 Q Ai Clarence Barbee Lloyd Beasley, J BETTE JEANNE AULT, Rollers '52g Silver Chips '54-. ARTHUR ROGER BACON, D.O. '5-1. CONRAD BAILER. Senior Class Play '54. MARY ANN BAKER, Welfare Rep. '54g Pep Club '54. NANCY LEE BALDERSON, H.R. Vice Pres. '52,'53g Variety Show '53g Bowling l52,'53g Senior Prom Comm. '54. ROBERT WADE BALENTINE, Assembly Comm. '53,'54g Publicity Comm. '53, Silver Chips '53,'54, Sports Editorg Senior Class Treas. '54. GEORGE CONRAD BALILES. H.R. Pres. '54. THOMAS ROBERT BALGIE. Chamois High Missouri, Class Vice Pres. '53. JOHN MARION BANKHEAD, Band '52,'53,'5-1-Q Orchestra '53. CLARENCE RAYMOND BARBEE. NOEL CHARLES BARBOT, I-LR. Vice Pres. '52q Square Dance Club '53g J.V. Foot- ball '52g Basketball '53g Baseball '52.'53. CHARLES WILLIAM BARCLAY. HELEN MAY BARNARD. Rifle Club '53,'54g Intramurals '52,'53,'54g Jewelry Club '53g Photography '53g Girls' "B" Club '53,'54. ROBERT MILLER BARNHART, Student Council Rep. '52,'53,'54g Library Club 'S2,'53,'54g Welcoming Comm. '53,'54g Assembly Comm. '54g Inter-School Relation Comm. '52,'53,'54g Dance Comm. '53g Class Treas. '52,'53, Pres. '54. CONSTANINE BAYZ, Welfare Rep. '52g Track '52g Basketball '52,'53g Football '53. LLOYD LEE BEASLEY, JR., Square Dance Club '52. BRUCE LEE BEATTY, Chair Comm. '54g Silverlogue '53,'54. GEORGETTE WINFRED BEATTY. ROBERT STANLEY BECK, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. MELVIN BECKER, Football '52, Noel Barbot Bruce Beatty Charles Barclay Georgette' Beatty Helen Barnard Robert Beck Robert Barnhart Melvin Becker 1 is E- Jerry Bedo Betty Bell Donald Bell, .lr. Katharine Belford William Bennett Joyce Bennett Charles Bern Pallie Berry Charles Best Mildred Bevan Norwood Beveridge Margaret Bxller .IERRY WALTER BEDO. BETTY MARIE BELL, Bowling '52g Knitting Club '52.'53. DONALD MIDDLETON BELL, IR. KATIIARINE ELISABETH BELFORD. WILLIAM P. BENNETT. Order Comm. '54-g Safety Comm. '54g Chair Comm. '54g Boys' "B" Club '53,'54g Football '53,,54. JOYCE EILEEN BENNETT, Welfare ,52,'53,'54g Blair Rollers '52,'53,'54g Bowling '52,'53,'54g Intramurals '52.'53,'54. CHARLES RONALD BERN. Intramurals '52,'53,'54. PALLIE MARIE BERRY, E.T.A. '52,'53g Girls' HB" Club '53, Pres. '54g Girls' Intra- murals '52,'53,'54. CIIARLES RICHARD BEST. MILDRED FRANCES BEYAN, Stadium Comm. '52,'53,'54g Blair Rollers '53, NORWOOD PIERSON BEYERIDGE. Praeco Argenteusg Publicity Manager '53, Assistant Ed. '54g Spring Play '53g Ways Sr Means Comm. '54g Quill and Scroll '53,'54: Dance Band 533 Orchestra '52,'53g Chess Club '53g Senior Class Play '54g Silver Quill '54. MARGARET ANN BILLER. Bowling ,521 Silver Quill '52g Art Club '53g Senior Prom Comm. '54, ,lohn Bunsby Patricia Bott Charles Boss Dolores Bovello Charles Blackmere Nancy Blalock Elizabeth Blanche Mary Bohlayer CHARLES BLACKMERE. NANCY JANE BLALOCK. ELIZABETH ANNE BLANCHE. Variety Show '53g H.R. Sec. '52g Bowling '52g Senior Play Make Lp Comm. '5-lg Commencement Comm. '54, MARY LEE BOHLAYER. Silver Chips '53: Banking '53,'54. JOHN CLEARY BONSBY, Library Club '52.'53.'5-1-3 Audio Comm. '53.'54g Chair Comm. '53.'5-lg Dance Comm. '53.'54g Junior Neuman Club 752,'53,'54g Visual Aids '52g Thespian Society 'S-13 Variety Show '53.'54g Senior Class Play '5-lg Spring Play '52.'5-1. CHARLES ROBERT BOSS. Graphic Arts '52.'53g Square Dance Club '52.'53g Librarv Club '52.'53,'5-I-. 1 PATRICIA ANN BOTT. Dance Comm. '53.'5-lg Publicity Comm. '53,'5-1-g Welcom- ing Comm. 'S-I-g Silver Quill '5-1-. DOLORES FRANCIS BOVELLO, Intramurals '52g Bowling '53. Lewis Bowman, Jr. Michael Bragdon Robert Brice 'Vlady Brody f ... V if . G - fb 5 : Ann Boyle Mary Bray John Bricker Robert Broom 1 f, LEWIS GEORGE BOWMAN, JR. ANN H. BOYLE, F. Drs. 81 N.A. MICHAEL HENRY BRACDON, Spring Play '52g Football '53,'54g Intramural Track Meet '53g Senior Play '54. MARY JEAN BRAY, Library Club '53,'54g Senior Play Comm. '54, Archery '52g Bowling '53. ROBERT JONATHAN BRICE, Graphic Arts Club '53,'54g Rifle Club '53. JOHN HENRY BRICKER, Baseball '52g Visual Aids Comm. '52,'53,'54g Band '52, '53,'54. MADY BRODY, Senior Play Comm. '54, Intramurals '52,'53,'54g Care '52. ROBERT HARWIN BROOM, Library Club '53,'54g Welfare Comm. '53. CAROLYN EUPHEMIA BROWN Bowlin '53' Dance Comm. '53- Libra Club , E , , TY '54g Senior Prom Comm. '54, Senior Play '54. CHARLES VICTOR BROWN, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Chairman of Patron Comm. '54, Student Conductor Blair Band '54, H.R. Treas. '53,'54g Welfare Comm. '53,'54. DAVID ALLEN BROWN, Chess Club '52, EVELINE GLENDORA BROWN. IRIS MANNING BROWN, Blair Rollers '52,'53,'54. .IOANNE BROWN. RICHARD KENARD BROWN, National Rifle Association of America, Member of Modelcrafters of America. BARBARA ANN BRYANT. LARRY MICHAEL BUBES, Track '52g Intramurals '52,'53,'54g Blair Rollers '53, Dramatics '54-5 H.R. Pres. '52. '3 .IOANNE LOUISE BUCH, F.T.A. '52,'53,'54g Girls' "B" Club '53,'54-3 Intramurals ' ' ' '52,,53,'54. I I EDGAR ALLAN BUCHANAN, D.O. '54. JULIA ANN BUCKINGHAM, School Store '52,'53,'543 Care '52, Dance Comm. '53, W .gg '54g H.R. Pres. '53, Monogram Society '54g Welcoming Comm. '54, Senior Relations " , ' I Comm. '54-3 Athletic Publicity Comm. '54, Advanced Chorus '53,'54g Intramurals '52, ' '53,"4g S ' P1 C . '54-. -4 o enior ay omm Carolyn Brown Charles Brown David Brown Eveline Brown Iris Brown .Ioanne Brown Richard Brown Barbara Bryant Larry Bubes Joan Buch Edgar Buchanan Julia Buckingham az-N -. Ia'-Q Q Z' Sv Ralph Burch Charles Burriss Robin Caldwell Judy Cammisa Barbara Carmack Veronica Carnvale Elizabeth Carr Joyce Carson RALPH ROBERT BURCH, D.O. '54g Baseball '52,'53g Football '52. CHARLES RONALD BURRISS, H.R. Pres. '53. ROBIN AMOS CALDWELL, Chair Comm. '54-g Visual Aids '53g Band '52,'53,'54. JUDY LYNN CAMMISA, Dance Comm. '52g Intramurals '52,'53,'54g Variety Show '53,'54g Senior Play Comm. '54g Pep Club '54. RICHARD ALAN CAMP, H.R. Treas. '54, FEDI CARBO. BARBARA ANN CARMACK, Senior Class Play Comm. '54g Bowling '52,'53,'54. VERONICA M. CARNVALE, Library Club '52g Variety Show '52,'53,'54. ELIZABETH RUTH CARR, Band '52,'53,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Ways 81 Means Comm. '54g Welcoming Comm. '54g Care '54g Publicity Comm. '54g Senior Prom Comm. '54, Bowling '52,'53,'54. JOYCE ANN CARSON, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. DORIS JUNE CARWITHEN, Bowling '52,'53g Typing Club '53g H.R. Treas. '53. WAYNE DOUGLAS CATES. ROSS CARL CHAIMSON, Western High School '52,'53. ANNE MARGARETTA CHALLPSKY, Silver Chips '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Order Comm. '53,'54g Welcoming Comm. '5-lg Radio Club Vice Pres. '53,'54g Pep Club '54g Intramurals '54g Variety Show '53,'5-15 Library Club '54g Senior Gift Comm. '54, GEORGE THOMAS CHERRIX. Band '52,'53.'54g National Senior Honor Society '54-5 Dance Orchestra '52,'53g J.V. Football '52g Intramural Track. AVON BURNHANI CHISHOLNI, Radio Comm. '52,'53,'54. Fred Cellar and Walter Kramer broadcasted the morning disc jockey show. ,- A r"' 'Z t ,F ff 3 4 Q Carole Christensen Raymond Churan Clayton Cisar Mary Clark Perry Cleaveland Kent Clements Margaret Clements David Coffin Wallace Cohen Martha Cole Mary Collms Jack Colson CAROLE EMILY CHRISTENSEN, Intramurals '52,'53,'54-g Variety Show '53g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Pep Club '54, Ways 81 Means Comm. '54g Commencement Comm. '54g Senior Play Comm. '54g Advanced Chorus '53. RAYMOND PAUL CHURAN. CLAYTON FRANK CISAR. Football '52,'53g Order Comm. '54g Chair Comm. '54g Graphic Arts Club '52,'53,'54g Boxing Club '53. MARY ANNE CLARK, Intramurals '52,'54-5 H.R. Pres. '53g Athletic Publicity Comm. '53,'54g Senior Relations Comm. '54, Monogram Society '54, H.R. Vice Pres. '54, Pep Club '5-lg Inter-School Relations '54-. PERRY CLEAVELAND, Visual Aids '52,'53g Care '53. KENT ANTHONY CLEMENTS, Football '52g j.V. Basketball '52, Basketball '53,'54. MARGARET JEANETTE CLEMENTS, Blair Rollers '52, Sec. '53, Pres. '54, Silver- Iogue '52, Teacher Ed. '53, Senior Ed. '54, Pep Club '52,'54g Senior Prom Comm. '54g Intramurals '52,'53,'54g H.R. Treas. '54g Quill and Scroll '53,'54g F. Drs. 81 N.A. '52,'53,'54-3 Inter-School Relations '54g Senior Play Comm. '54g Dance Comm. '54. DAVID MEDARY COFFIN, Order Comm. '53. WALLACE JOEL COHEN. Yearbook and Orchestra at Coolidge High School. MARTHA ELIZABETH COLE, Pep Club '52g Silver Chips '52, Dramatics Club '52g Jewelry Club '53g Dance Comm. '53g Publicity Comm. '53. MARY LOU COLLINS, Knitting Club '53g Jewelry Club '53. JACK DEVER COLSON, Amateur Radio Club. Jean Corey Nancy Cornell Michael Corridon Larry Corsini 'J ' N, ROBERT CLARK COOPER. H 'Q A NANCY LEE CORNELL. N I tt' LARRY GENE coRs1N1. 9 SUSAN MARY COMAN, H.R. Sec. 52 53 Majorettes 52 53 54 Bowling 52 53 Variety Show '53g Senior Prom Comm 54 HARRISON COMBS, Library Club '52 53 54 DARLENE COOLEY, Blair Rollers 52 53 Bowling 52 53 Dance Comm Square Dance Club '53, Library Club 53 l JEAN LOUISE COREY, H.R. Vice Pre 52 F Dr 8 'N A 53 Library Club '53,'54g Advanced Chorus '53,'54g Variety Show 53 'Nlonogram Society 53 54 Honor Society '53, Pres. '54g Chairman Senior Commencement Comm 54 Dance Comm. '54, Chairman Music Library Comm 54 MICHAEL P. CORRIDON, Library Club 52 53 54 Junior Newman Club 52 53 Treas. '54, Blair Rollers '53,'54g Dance Comm 52 53 54 Boy Glee Club 53 1 r ,1 William Cosgrove Rodney Cox Margaret Coyle Joan Craver Y' Betty Cox Denise Coyle Connie Cozanitis Gayle C'awford rf I5 st- Ltd Judy Crawly Barbara Daniels Arthur Crowether, Jr. Jonathan David WILLIAM JAMES COSGROVE. BETTY ANN COX, H.R. Pres. '53,'54g Intramurals '52, Variety Show '532,B0Wllng '53, Square Dancing Club, Pres. '53, Activity Comm. '54, Welfare Comrn. 54: Slu- dent Council Rep. '54, Inter-School Relations Comm. '54, Order Comm. 54. RODNEY VERNON COX, Student Council Rep. '52,'53, Library Club '52,'53,'54S Ways 8: Means Comm. '53, Inter-School Relations Comm. '52,'53,'54': ASSCIDPIY Comm. '54, Welcoming Comm. '52,'53,'54, Class Vice Pres. '52,'53,'54-5 Spring P1-'IY 53- DENISE COYLE, Care '53,'54, Advanced Chorus '53,'54, Sports Publicity Comm. '54, MARGARET ANNE COYLE, Dance Comm. '53. CONNIE VIOLET COZANITIS, Blair Rollers '52,'53,'54. JOAN GENEVIEVE CRAVER, Senior Play Chairman '54, H.R. Pres. '52,'53,'54, Election Comm. '53, Chairman '54, Student Council Rep. '53, Inter-School Relations Comm. '53, Chairman '54, Cheerleaders '53, Captain '54, Welcoming Comm. '54, Pep Club '52,'53,'54, Intramurals '52,'53,'54, Dance Comm. '52,'53'54. GAYLE HARRISON CRAWFORD, Silverlogue '52, Dance Comm. '54, Intramurals '52,'53,'54, Blair Rollers '52. JUDY FAY CRAWLY, Dance Club '52, Bowling '52. ARTHUR RAYMOND CROWETHER, JR., Track '52, SUE ANN CROWLEY, Library Club '52,'53,'54, Dance Comm. '52,'53,'54, F.T.A. '53 '54, Honor Society '54, Election Comm. '53, Senior Play Comm. '54, H.R. Sec. '53: '54, Vice Pres. '53, JOHN KNOX CULLEN, JR., Advanced Chorus '53, Chair Comm. '54, Senior Rela- tions Comm. '54, Boy's Glee Club '53, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. RONALD MALCOLM CULPEPPER, Visual Aids '52, Biology Club '52, Chemistry Club '53, Physics Club '53,'54, Blair Band '52,'53,'54, Science Fair '53,'54, Dance Comm. '54, School Store '54, Football '52,'53,'54. SUSAN JEAN CURTIS, Library Club '54. BARBARA ANNE DANIELS, H.R. Sec. '52, Variety Show '53,'54, Silver Chips '53,'54, Senior Play Comm. '54, Blair Rollers '52 JONATHAN DAVID, Visual Aids '52, Basketball Manager '52,'53'54. LENORA MARY DAVIS, Blair Rollers '52,'53,'54 EARL KENNETH DEADMON. JACQUELINE DEAN, Junior Neuman Club '52, Sec. '53, Vice Pres. '54, Library Club ' '53,'54, Inter-School Relations Comm. '52, 53,'54, Student Council '54, Dance Comm. '53, Welcoming Comm. '54, Monogram Society '54, Silverlogue '53,'54, Variety Show Make-up '52,'53, Variety Show Scenery Comm. '52, Advanced Chorus '54, Election Comm. '53, Chairman '54-. CAROLYN G. DECKER, Library Club '52,'53, Executive Board '54, Silverlogue '53, Junior Editor '54, Monogram Society '54, Radio Club '54, School Store '53,'54, Dance Comm. '53, F.T.A. '53,'54, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. Sue Crowley John Cullen, Jr. Ronald Culpepper Susan Curtis Lenora Davis Earl Deadmon Jacqueline Dean Carolyn Decker 3 Donna Decker ,lacqueline Delvecchio Donald Demey Roberta De Mott Rachel De Rita Robert Dessez Ellen Devol Don Dieffenderfer DONNA DEE DECKER, Dance comm. 'S2,'53: Square Dance Club '533 Safety Comm. '54g Advanced Chorus '53g Intramurals '52. .IACQUELINE JOYCE DELVECCHIO. Athletic Publicity'Comm. '54q Senior Play Comm. '54g Welcoming Comm. '54g Senior Prom '54q Bacculareate Comm. '54g Care '543 Order Comm. '54g Intramurals '53,'54. DONALD WILBUR DEMEY. ROBERTA DE MOTT, Library Club '53,'54g Band '53,'54. NANCY E. DENISON, Dance Comm. '53,'54g Pep Club '54g F.T.A. '53,'54g Senior Play Comm. '54. MARILYN LILLIE DENNIS, Blair Rollers '52,'53, Vice Pres. '54g F. Drs. 81 N.A. I 1:54 Nancy Denison Marilyn Dennis Donald Dillard William Downs '53,'54g Library Club '52,'53,'54q Girls "B" Club '53,'54g Intramurals '52,'53,'54g Senior Announcement Comm. '54g Majorettes '54. RACHEL JEAN DE RITA, Dance Comm. '54q Intramurals '52g Senior Play Comm. '54g Siluerlogue '54g Variety Show Advertising '53. ROBERT NORVAL DESSEZ. ELLEN FRANCES DEVOL, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Publicity Comm. '53g Vice ' , Chairman '54g H.R. Sec. '54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Silver Chips '52g Monogram Society '53,'54g Majorettes '52,'53.'54g Senior Baccalaureate Comm. Chairman '54: Ways 8: Means 'SSQ Intramurals '53, DON MYRON DIEFFENDERFER. DONALD EVERETT DILLARD, Football '52,'53g Basketball '52,'53,'54g Baseball '54-3 Chair Comm. '52,'53g Safety Comm. '53,'54. WILLIAM RUCKER DOWNS, Library Club '53.'54g Track '52,'53g Football '52. " '54g Library Club '53. Nice Pres. '5-1: Senior Class Sec. '54-3 Order Comm. 153: Richard Drake Robert Dunham John Durkovic Claudia Duvall Jacqueline Du Mars Judith Du Mars Joan Eaton Carolyn Edwards RICHARD DRAKE. f ROBERT EDWARD DUNHAM. A .IACQUELINE DAY DUMARS, H.R. Pres. '52, Sec. '53, Pres. '54g Class Sec. '52g Majorettes '52.'53.'5-1: Silver Chips '52. Staff Member '53, lst page Ed. '54-3 Monogram . Society '53.'54g Quill Sz Scroll '53.'5-1: National Senior Honor Society '53,'54g Library Club '53. Treas. 154: Dance Comm. '53.'5-lg Publicity Comm. '53g Student Court '53g X 34 Variety Show '53: Ways Sa Means '53: Senior Prom Comm. '54 . I" JUDITH ANNETTE DUMARS. Majorettes '52.'53,'5-1-3 Ways Sa Means '53g H.R. Pres. 153: ,lunior Class Sec. '53: Dance Comm. '53.'54: Monogram Society '53. Pres. ,, . Monogram Comm. '53g Art Club '52g Publicity Comm. '53: Senior Party '5-13 Intra- murals '53, JOHN GERALD DLRKOVIC. Advanced Chorus '53g Variety Show '53.'5-1: Chess Cluh '521 Boys Glee Club '53. CLALDIA EYELYN DLVALL, Blair Rollers .541 Senior Announcements Comm. '54, JOAN MARIE EATON. Intramurals '52.'53.'54: Cheerleaders '53.'54g Girls .Athletic Comm. '53.'5-lg Inter-School Relations Comm. 54: Dance Comm. '5-15 Senior Prom Comm. '5-1. CAROLYN ANNE EDWARDS, Intramurals '52. 95" Elsie Edwards .lay Ehlert Robin Ehlert Juliet Elliott Carolyn Engel Adrian English Eileen Engstrom Katherine Ervin -Nr .XV C1, Joyce Estes Nadene Ettinger Bonney Farley Rita Federline ELSIE EUGENIA EDWARDS, Care '52. .IAY MITCHELL EHLERT. ROBIN GEORGE EHLERT, Chair Comm. 'S2,'54g Safety Comm. '53,'54. JULIET ANN ELLIOTT, H.R. Sec. '52,'53g Election Comm. '52,'53g Variety Show '53g Intramurals '52g Knitting Club '53. CAROLYN CORRINE ENGEL, Library Club '53,'54g Silver Chips '52.'53g Blair Roll- ers '52: Dance Comm. '52,'53g Advanced Chorus '53,'54g Senior Prom '54g Senior Trip Comm. '54-4 Senior Announcement '54g Senior Commencement Comm. '54g Baccalaureate Comm. '54-. ADRIAN ENGLISH, Ways and Means Comm. '54-g Senior Announcement Comm. '54. EILEEN LENORE ENGSTORM, Blair "A" Band '52,'53,'54g Variety Show '52g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Silver Quill '53, Exchange Ed. '54g Welcoming Comm. '54g Athletic Publicity '54. KATHERINE ADELE ERVIN, Blair Rollers '52,'53,'54g Advanced Chorus '53,'54. JOYCE CAROL ESTES, Library Club '54g Pep Club '54g Advanced Chorus '54g F. Drs. Sz N.A. '54g Senior Banquet Comm. '54, NADENE ELAINE ETTINGER. GEORGE DORCHESTER EVERETT, Safety Comm. '52,'54g Order Comm. '52,'53,'545 Library Club '53,'54. M. JAYNE EYERMAN, Library Club '53, Chairman Initiation Comm. '54g Student Council '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Publicity Comm. '53,'54g Sec. of Student Coun- cil '53g Order Comm. '53g Monogram Society '54-3 Welcoming Comm. '54g Girls "B" Club '54-g Silver Chips '52. GERTRUDE LEE EYRE, Chess Club '52g Aeronautics and Navigation Club '53g Senior Trip Comm. '54g Baccaualreate 81 Commencement Comm. '54-g Advanced Chorus '53,'54g County Chorus '53. BRUCE DEXTER FALES. BONNEY JUNE FARLEY, Radio Club '54g Bowling Club '52,'53g Order Comm. '53, '54g Dance Comm. 53,'54g Welcoming Comm. '54g Silver Chips '54g Library Club '54g Activity Comm. '54-g Inter-School Relations Comm. '54. RITA JANE FEDERLINE, Knitting Club '53. RACHEL EUGENIA FERGUSON, Care '52g F. Drs. 8 N.A. '53g Typing Club '53. JAMES JOSEPH FERRARA. Band '52,'53,'54g Visual Aids '53. CYNTHIA SUTHERLAND FERRELL, Care '52g H.R. Vice Pres. '53, H.R. Pres. '54g Silver Chips '53g Feature Ed. 'S4g Art Club '52,'53g Dance Comm. '54-g Variety Show '53g Scenery Comm. '53. PATRICIA HOPE FITZGERALD, Silver Chips '52g Jewelry Club '53g Athletic Comm. '54g Order Comm. '54. George Everett M. Eyerman Gertrude Eyre Bruce Fales Rachel Ferguson James Ferrara S B V ,F- .xv Cynthia Ferrell Patricia Fitzgerald 1 l It is I 3 0' Q. -r' Sharon Fitzgerald James Fitzpatrick Nancy Fitzpatrick ,Iane Fleischman Evelyn Fletcher Harry Flickinger Donald Flinn Nancy Floyd Robert Forbes Margery Ford Kenneth Foster Marian FOSUQT SHARON LEE FITZGERALD, Dance Comm. '53,'54g Blair Rollers '53,'54g Alternate CARE Rep. '54-. r. JAMES KERIN FITZPATRICK, Intramurals '52,'53,,5-1. NANCY CAROL FITZPATRICK. 43 JANE FLEISCHMAN, Square Dancing Club '52g Bowling '52. M EVELYN PAULINE FLETCHER, Intramurals ,52,'53,'54g H.R. Pres. '53, Treas. I '54g Order Comm. '54g Inter-School Relations Comm. ,54. ' ' ""' X - HARRY HARNER FLICKINGER, Chair Comm. 63554. A' - DONALD DEAN FLINN, Library Club '52,'53,,54g Band '52,'53,'54g Audio Comm. ' ' '52,'53,'54g Dance Comm. '52,'53,'54g Chair Comm. '52,'53,'54g Radio Club '53,,543 ji Publicity Comm. '54g Visual Aids '52, E NANCY JO FLOYD, Blair Rollers '53,'54g Ways 81 Means Comm. '53,'54-5 School Store '54-g Dance Comm. '53,'54. ROBERT JAMES FORBES, Junior Newman Club '52,'53,'54. MARCERY LOU .IEANETTE FORD, Silver Quill '52.'53g Silver Quill, Asst. Art Ed. '54 KENNETH ARDEN FOSTER. MARIAN DUANE FOSTER, Intramurals ,52Q F. Drs. Sa N.A. '52,'53g Gourmet Club '52,'53. ANNA CHRISTINE FREEBURCER. Silver Chips '53,'54g Banking '54-. FREDERICK RONALD FRY. Baseball '53,'54g Library Club '53,'54g National Honor Society '53' H.R. Pres. '52'54' Silverlo ue Advertisin . Ed '53'54' Intramurals '52 Q Q 1 8 g '533 Monogram Society '54. PAIILINE FUCHS. Intramurals '52,'53.'54g CARE '53,'5-1-1 Monogram Society '54, . National Honor Society '53,'54g Senior Class Play Comm. '54g Banking '54. Anna Freeburger Frederick Fry DANIEL HENRY FULLNIER library Club D2 53 '54g Student Council '52,'53,'54g Pauline Fuchs Daniel Fullmer Chairman Ways 81 Means Comm 03 HR Pres '52,'53g Chairman Senior Trip Comm 54 HR Nice Pre .14 Welcoming Comm '52,'53,'54. 'sytxff' it Q 4 Af, -ww MW A group of seniors visited Maryland University. '47 .Ianice Funk Carolyne Galt Allan Gelfeld john chormi.-y ,IANICE CLAIRE FUNK, H.R. Pres. '52g Variety Show '52g Library Club '53.'54g Majorettes '52,'53,'54g Assembly Comm. '54g 543 Silver Quill '54-g Senior Prom Comm. '54, CAROLYNE ,IEANNE GALT, Intramurals Comm. '54g Dance Comm. '53.'54g Band '54g Silver Quill '53,'54g Science Fiction Club A 1 P v '53g Spring Play Scenery Comm. '53g School Store '53,'54g Thespians '53,'54g Senior Play '5-ig Senior Party Comm. '54-3 Senior Trip Comm. '5-1. ,IOANNE GANDY, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Dance Comm. '52,'53g Ways 8: Means Comm. 543 Senior Play Comm. 154. LOIS MAE GARRISON. RICHARD CALDWELL GAY. DAVID MICHAEL GEEHAN. Band '52,'53.'54g Science Fair '53g Intramurals '52. ALLAN GILBERT GELFELD. Band '52,'53.'54g Radio Club '53,'54. .IOHN HARNED GHORMLEY. Order Comm. '53.'54: Safety Comm. '53,'54g H.R. Pres. '53,'54g Student Council '5-Ig Libarary Club '53-3 Chair Comm. '54g Publicity Comm. '53g W'ays 8 Means Comm. Chairman '54. LORRAINE DIANE GIDDINGS. Intramurals '52g Blair Rollers '53, MARY ETHELYN GIDDINGS, Dance Comm. '53,'54g Silver Chips '54g Variety Show '53g Dramatic Club '53g Pep Club '54g Inter-School Relations Comm. '54-5 Majorettes '54 Nancy Golden Phillip Golden James Goodman Laurence Goodman C .loanne Gandy Lois Garrison Richard Gay David Geehan Lorraine Giddings Mary Giddings Barbara Given Maurice Glatrfr Dance Comm. '53,'54g Publicity Comm. .521 Library Club '53,'54g Welcoming Advanced Chorus ,53' Silver Chi s '52' Raymond Godman Joy Gold Richard Goldbach Robert Goldbach BARBARA CLAIRE GIVEN. Dance Comm. '53q Publicity Comm. '53.'54g Senior Play Comm. '543 Radio Club '5-1. MALRICE GLATZER. Soccer '53.'54: H.R. Pres. '54-3 Senior Relations '54g Wel- coming Comm. '5-lg Chair Comm. '54. RAYMOND WILLIAM GODMAN. Senior Tip Comm. '54. JOY GOLD. Radio Club 54: Inter-School Relations Comm. '54. RICHARD ALBERT GOLDBACH. Football '52.'53: Track '52.'53.'54: Boys "B" Club '52.'53.'54g Senior Trip Comm. '54: Chair Comm. '54. ROBERT DOLIGLAS GOLDBACH. Chair Comm. '5-1: Order Comm. '54g Senior Trip Comm. 54: H.R. Vice Pres. '52.'53g Football '52.'53g Track '52,'53,'54. NANCY LEE GOLDEN. Library Club '52.'53.'54g Exhibit Comm. '52, Chairman '53. '5-11 Baccalaureate Comm. 54: Senior Announcement Comm. '54g Care '53.'54. PHILLIP K. GOLDEN. Order Comm. 'S-1: JN. Basketball '52, JAMES STANTON GOODMAN. LALRENCE MARTZ GOODMAN. J. Y. Basketball '52. 6 I T . .. I x VZ' Kay Goyne De Estye Graumann Robert Gray Robert Green Marcia Greene Naomi Griffith Stephen Greenhouse Sara Griffith iq ,,, rf Aki KAY GOYNE, Library Club '53,'54g Silver Chips '53,'54. DE ESTYE MADELLE GRAUMANN, Advanced Chorus '53,'54g Pep Club '54-3 Dance Comm. '54g Senior Play Comm. '54g Library Club '54. ROBERT LEROY GRAY. D.O. '53,'54. ROBERT RICHARD GREEN, Rifle Club '52,'53,'54. MARCIA LAVERNE GREENE, Quill and Scroll '54. STEPHEN CARL GREENHOUSE, Assembly Comm. '54g Intramurals '52,'53,'54. NAOMI FAITH GRIFFITH. SARA FAIR GRIFFITH Silver Chi s ,52.'53 Mana in Ed. '54' Librar Club '52 Q P v E E v Y v '53,'54g Pep Club '52g School Store '53.'54g Ways 8: Means Comm. '53,'54g Monogram Society '53,'54g Quill and Scroll '53,'54g Debate Club '53. EDWARD LOFSTRAND GUMMEL, Band '52,'53,'54. ANABEL LEE HAGEN. MALCOLM FRANK HALLIDAY, Library Club '54g Ways 81 Means '53,'54g Wel- fare Treas. 543 Care '53,'54-Q Election Comm. '53g Senior Trip Comm. '54-3 Praeco Argenteus '54-5 Pep Club '52g Concert Band '53,'54g Safety Comm. '54-g Orchestra '52, '53. TROY LUCILE HAMBRIGHT, Monogram Society '54g Variety Show Scenery '52, '53,'54g Silver Quill '52,'53,'54-4 H.R. Vice Pres. '52g Silver Chips '53,'54g Dance Comm. '54g Publicity Comm. '53,'54g Sales Director for Spring Play '53,'54g Senior Play Comm. '54-. PATRICIA JOSEPHINE HAND, H.R. Pres. '52, Sec. '53g Dance Comm. '53g Blair Rollers '54g Intramurals '52, WILLIAM GEORGE HANLON, Attended a Porto Rican School in '51,'52g Basket- ba . FRANK HAROLD HARMON, Safety Comm. '53,'54g Chair Comm. '54-3 Band '52, i53,'54g Montgomery Symphonyg Maryland State Orchestra. HERVEY BATES HARPER, JR., Library Club '53,'54g Order Comm. '53,'543 Safety Comm. '53,'54g Ways 81 Means Comm. '54g Chair Comm. '54g Dance Comm. '545 Publicity Comm. '53,'54g H.R. Pres. '54g Inter-School Relations Comm. '54g Intra- murals '53,'54g Football '53,'54g Basketball '52g Baseball '52g Advanced Chorus '53. CAROL JANE HAWKINS, Dance Comm. '53,'54g Advanced Chorus '53,'54-g Bowling Intramurals '52,'53. GUY HAWKINS. ADA ANN HAYDEN, Stadium Comm. ,53,'54g Banking Club '53g Knitting Club '53. ELSIE JANE HEADLEE, Blair Rollers '52,'53,'54g Treas. '53g Intramurals '52,'53. Edward Gummal Anabel Hagan Malcolm Halliday Troy Hambright Patricia Hand William Hanlon Frank Harmon Hervey Harper, Ir. Carol Hawkins Guy Hawkins Ada Hayden Elsie Headlee Q r NP L-1 5 30 px 41 5' '57 Philip Heffelfinger, Jr. John Heflin Phyllis Heflin Ellen Heft Janice Heillenreicb Nancy Heim James Hendersbot Margaret Henderson Terrin Hicks Charlotte Higgs Robert Hines James Hoag PHILLIP JEROME HEFFELFINGER, JR., Rifle Club '52g Radio Club '53. JOHN CURTIS HEFLIN. PHYLLIS BERYL HEFLIN, National Honor Society '53,'54: Variety Show '53: Senior Play 54. ELLEN JANE HEFT. nc' qu 'ah Af, K 'uv JANICE ANN HEIDENREICH, Girls Phys. Ed. Planning Comm. ,52,'53, Pres. '54-3 t . '13 Order Comm. '53' Girls UB" Club '5354' Student Council Re . '54' Libra Club r ' li 'i A-,,.,, . i , P v FY 53,543 Typing Comm. Chairman 54: Dance Comm. '53,'54: Senior Prom Comm. Chairman 54: F.T.A. 52: Silver Chips 52: Senior Executive Comm. 543 Intramurals '52,'53,'54. NANCY VIRGINIA HEIM, Library Club '53,'54: Senior Play '54-g Silver Quill '53, '54-3 Senior Announcement Comm. 54: Activity Comm. 54: Variety Show Comm. '53, '54-: H.R. Sec. '54. JAMES BROOKS HENDERSHOT. Dance Comm. 54. MARGARET JEAN HENDERSON, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Dramatics '52g F. Drs. '75 and N.A. '53. TERRIN DINSMORE HICKS, Sturlent Council '52, Treas. '53, Pres. 54: Class Pres. 52,533 H.R. Pres. 523 Library Club 5354: National Thespian Society ,53.,54l-1 Order Comm. 52: Inter-School Relations Conuu. 52,'53: Variety Show M. C. 533 Basket' ball 52. Football '52,53.'51l. John Holmead. III Alice Hoover Patricia Hoover Elizabeth Horak 'C' William Hoey Joseph Hogge Covert Holley Nona Holman CHARLOTTE LOIIISE HIGGS. Variety Show Advertising 53.54-g Pep Club 54: Silrerlogue 5-1: Dance Comm. 54: Welcoming Comm. 54: Care 53,541 Senior Play Comm. 54: Senior Prom 54: Blair Rollers 52.53.54: Variety Show Usher 52,533 Intramurals 52. ROBERT HINES. JAMES FRANKLIN HOAG. Blair Rollers '54. WILLIAM ALGCSTLS HOEY. Band '53.'54: Library Club '5-1. JOSEPH HOGGE. COYERT PYNCHON HOLLEY. NONA CARLENE HOLMAN. Dance Comm. 53: Bowling Club 53: Library Club 53: Square Dance Club 53. JOHN HENRY HOLMEAD. III: Track '53.'54. ALICE SERENA HOOYER. Library Club 52.53.541 Advanced Chorus 54: H.R. Nice Pres. 54. PATRICIA ANN HOOVER. Silver Chips 5-I: Ratlio Club 54: Intramurals '54-. ELIZABETH MARGARET HORAK. Bowling '52,'53. 65 4. Edward Howlin Aldrian Huebner William Ingleton Sandra Israel Alfred Huber Richard Hyland Carmen Iorio Harvey Iwata EDWARD HOWLIN. Football '53,'54. ALFRED GRAT HUBER. Spring Play '53g Care '53,'5-49 Photography Club 'S2g Senior Play '54. ADRIAN STEPHEN HLIEBNER, Hunting and Fishing Club '53. RICHARD WIAYNE HYLAND. WILLIAM CHALIVIERS INGLETON, Radio Club '54, CARMEN IORIO. SANDRA CLAIRE ISRAEL. Care '52.'53.'54g Blair Rollers '53g Senior Play Comm. '54g Variety Show Scenery '52. HARVEY KIAKOTO IWATA, Library Club '53-,'54g Ways 81 Means Comm. '53g Order Comm. '53,'54g Safety Comm. '53.'54g Publicity '53g Welcoming Comm. '54g Inter-School Relations '54: Dance Comm. '53g Assembly Comm. '54-3 Spring Play '53g Football '53, CLIFFORD WAYNE JAMES. PATRICIA LOUISE JAMES, Variety Show ,53g Senior Prom '54g Senior Play Comm. '54. ROBIN DONALD JANS. Chess Club -52Q Square Dance Club '53g Band '52,'53,'54. ROBERT DONALD JARBOE, H.R. Pres. '52g Intramurals '52,'53. THOMAS NORTHEN JARRELL. ROBERT DEAN JARRETT, Paint Club '53,'54. NORMAN FRANKLIN JENKINS. ELIZABETH JOHNSON, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Radio Club '53g Care '5-45 Senior Play Comm. '54g Variety Show Comm. ,5-1. GAIL BYTHE JOHNSON. Intramurals '52.'53g Care '54g Senior Play Comm. '54-g Jewelry Club '52. LOUISE NYGAARD JOHNSON, Athletic Publicity Comm. '54. Clifford James Norman Jenkins Patricia James Elizabeth Johnson PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON. Intramurals '52,'54g Library Club '54g Dramatic Club '52 JANE HEADS JOHNSTON, F.H.A. '52.'53g Care '53g Square Dance Club '53g Bowl- ing '53,'54. Robin Jans Gail Johnson Robert Jarboe Louise Johnson LJ., Thomas Jarrell Patricia Johnson Robert Jarrett Jane Johnston cr Lkl xl Marie Jolley Barbara Jones John Jones Nancy Jones Ralph Jorgensen Rota Karklins Joel Katzin Janet Kauffman Susan Kaufmann John Keams Melvin Keller Frances Kelly MAIRE PHYLLIS JOLLEY, Senior Play Comm. '54-3 Athletic Publicity Comm. '54-g P.A. Announcer '54g Spring Play '53. BARBARA TAYLOR JONES, F.T.A. '52g F. Drs. and N. A. '53g Gourmet Club '53. JOHN I-IARTLEY JONES. Silver Chips '52.'53. Advertising Manager '54g Radio 4 , Club '54. lg NANCY L. JONES, Silver Chips '54-. ,, RALPH G. JoRoENsEN. ig' ROTA INESE KARKLINS. V .IOEL CARL KATZIN. Visual Aids '52,'53g Photography Club '53g Basketball Man- V EL! M' ager '52g Order Comm. '54g Biology Club '52. ig K JANET R. KAUFFMAN. Library Club '52,'53,'54-3 Silver Chips '52,'53.'54g Silver- iff logue '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53g Safety Comm. '53,'54g Order Comm. '54g Ways 81 M Means Comm. '53. , SUSAN COODE KAUFMANN, Dance Comm. '52.'53,'54g Majorettes '52,'53,'54g Pub- I licity Comm. '54g Variety Show '54g Bowling Club '52. JOHN JEROME KEARNS. Silver Chips '53, Sport Ed. '54g Chair Comm. '53.'54g Safety Comm. '53.'54g Library Club '54: P.A. Announcer '54-. MELVIN KELLER, Safety Comm. '54-: Order Comm. '54g Square Dancing '53g hi Jewelry Club 53.543 Dance Comm. 'S-1: Soccer '53,'54g Tennis '52g Track '53,'54-5 5 Intramurals '52.'53. FRANCES EMILY KELLY. Blair Rollers '52.'53.'54g Jewelry Club '53, MARGARET DEANE KEMPFER. Dance Comm. '543 Bowling Club '52,'53.'5-Ig Sen- ior Announcement Comm. '54g Variety Show '541 Senior Class Play Make-up Comm. '54 li: 'vs BEVERLY LYNNE KENESTRICK. Majorettes '52.'53. Captain '5-lg Dance Comm. '52.'S3g Knitting Club '53: Blair Rollers '52g H.R. Vice Pres. '54-: Variety Show '54g V Margaret Kempfer Beverly Kenestrick Intramurals 92' Elizabeth Kerkstra Hana Kefllman ELIZABETH JEAN KI-IRKSTRA, Library Club '52,'53,'54: M'elC0ming Comm. '52.'53.'54: F.T.A. '53. ILANA KERTZMAN, Library Club '53.'54g Pep Club '52.'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54-5 Knitting Club '53g H.R, Pres. '52g Square Dancing Club '52g Baccalaureate Comm. '53g Intramurals '53.'54. 11 hu... Mr. Maquire explained the techniques of starting a car to Pat Bott, as stu- dents in the back looked on. f Re Douglas Kim Ronald King Joann Kinney Richard Kirby .loan King Donna Kinkle Patricia Kinney Robert Kirchman DOUGLAS JOSEPH KIM, H.R. Vice Pres. '53,'54. JOAN KAY KING, Art Club '52g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Publicity Comm. '53,'54g Variety Show Scenery Comm. '52,'53g Variety Show Makeup '53g Silver Quill '52,'53, 'o4g Quill and Scroll '53,'54g Monogram Society '54g Care '53g Order Comm. '54, RONALD STANLEY KING. DONNA JOYCE KINKEL, Publicity Comm. '53,'54g Care '53. .IOANN CATHERINE KINNEY, Dance Comm. '53,'54g H.R. Sec. '53,'54. PATRICIA GAIL KINNEY, Art Club '53g Silver Quill '53. RICHARD LOYD KIRBY, Track '52,'53. ROBERT ARNOLD KIRCHMAN, Library Club '53,'54g Order Comm. '54g Spring Play '53g Senior Play '54-. KENNETH KLEIN, Visual Aids '52,'53g Geometry Club '53. MARGARET LUCIE KLINE, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Variety Show Make-up Comm. '52g Variety Show '53g Monogram Society '53,'54g Ways 81 Means Comm. '52,'53g Dance Comm. '53,,54g School Store '53,'54. LOIS LORAINE KOEHLER, Silverlogue '52,'53,'54g Care '53g Publicity Comm. '53, '54g Dance Comm. '53g Intramurals '52,'53,'54. JANET LEE KOHL, Dance Comm. '53,'54g Variety Show '52,'53g Care '54g H.R. Sec. ,511-. LOUIS ANDREW KOSCHMEDER, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Band '53,'54g Orchestra ,52,'53,'54. DOUGLAS CHRISTIAN KRUSE, Library Club '52.,53'54g Visual Aids '52,'53g Foot- ball Manager '54g Chair Comm. '54g Rifle Team '53,'54g Science Club '53g Hunting and Fishing Club '52,'53,'54. GEORGE G. KUHN, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. ULRICH HERMAN KURZWEG, Biology Club '52g Photography Club '52g Library Club '53,'543 Physics Club '53g Radio Club '53g Photography '54, MURIEL DIANE LACKEY, F.T.A. '53,'54g Welcoming Comm. '54g Order Comm. '54-g Dance Comm. '54q Activities Comm. '54g Silver Chips '5-1. JAMES GORDON LAMPE, Chair Comm. '54g Welcoming Comm. '54. enior Class Play '54g Variety Show '54g Pres. of Aeronautics and Navigation Club '53. MICHAEL WIMBERT LASHLEY, Library Club '52.'53,'54g S WENDELL HARRIS LEE, Band '54. Kenneth Klein Margaret Kline Lois Koehler Janet Kohl Michael Lashley George Kuhn Ulrich Kurzweg Muriel Lackey James Lampe fi aaa Louis Koschmeder Douglas Kruse Rendell Lee PHSQM li 'ii ng George Leonhardt John Leventry Mary Loffler Mary Lowe R3 iN t in 3.4 Loraine Leroy James Limric James Long Deanna Lowry 53 George Laxzari Thomas Malloy Y 6- ' Wialter Lueelu' George- Mangum ,. . GEORGE THEODORE LEONHARDT, Tennis '52,'53. LORAINE MAE LEROY, Silver Quill '53, Ed-in-Chief '54g Art Club '52,'53,'54g Intramurals '52,'53,'54g H.R. Vice Pres. '52,'54g Senior Executive Comm. '54g Senior Party Comm. Chairman '54g Monogram Society '53, Chairman '5-13 National Honor Society '53,'54g Orchestra '52,'53,'54g Library Club '54-. .IOHN UMBAUGH LEVENTRY. Somerset High School. Somerset. Pa. JAMES MICHAEL LIMRIC, Football '52,'53,'54g Basketball '52,'53,'54g Intramural Track '52,'53,'54g Intramural Softball '52,'53,'54. MARY LAIN LOFFLER, Care 2534 D.O. '53. JAMES RICHARD LONG, Library Club '53,'54g Chair Comm. ,54-. MARY ELIZABETH LOWE, Library Club '53,'54g Publicity Comm. '53,'54g Variety Show '52g Senior Play Comm. '54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Silver Quill '53, Assoc. Ed. '54-3 Welcoming Comm. '5-lg Advanced Chorus '53. DEANNA SHIRLEY LOWRY. GEORGE LAZZARI. WALTER HAROLD LUECKE. SARAH LOUISE LYONS, F. Drs. 8: N. A. '52,'53,'54g Biology Club '53. BARBARA ANN MAC MEEKIN, Dance Comm. '53,'54g Spring Play Make Up '53g Senior Prom Comm. '54g Library Club '53.'5-1-3 Ways and Means Comm. '54g Senior Play l54Q Silver Chips '54-g Silver Quill '53,'54. FRIDA MARTHA MAIER. F. Drs. and N. A. '53,'54g Silver Quill '52. FRED WILLIAM MALEY, Intramural Track '52g Library Club '53,'54g Chair Comm. '54g Dance Comm. '54g Senior Play '54g Print Club '52g Chemistry and Physics Club '53 THOMAS JOHN MALLOY, Care '52g Chair Comm. '54g Order Comm. '54g Intra- murals '52.'53,'54g Biology Club '52g Boys Chorus '53. GEORGE DONALD MANGUM. Glee Club '52. NINA KARA MARCHAND. Library Club '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Care '54g Baccalaureate Comm. '54-3 Inter-School Relations Comm. '53,'54g Senior Party 'o4. WILLIAM PHILIP MARKEY. PEGGY ANN MARKWOOD, H.R. Sec. '52,'54g Cheerleaders '53,'54g Pep Club '54-3 Senior Prom Comm. '5-1-5 Senior Commencement Comm. '54g Senior Play Comm. '54, ROSEMARY ANNE MARTELL, Dance Club '52g F.H.A. '53g Silvrlogue '53.'54g Knitting Club '53. Sarah Lyon. Barbara Mac Mc-elcin Frida Mail-r Fred Maley Nina Mart-hand William Markey Peggy May-kwgod Rosemary Martell Wm- ? , JSI' L ul.. V Elaine Martin Louise Martin Rose Martin Carolyn Maskell Mary Mattison Nancy Maye R ,l F r vert McBain Barbara Meflullah ELAINE MARTIN, H.R. Sec. '54-g Publicity Comm. '53g Dance Publicity Comm. Chairman '5-1: Art Club '53g Silver Quill '53,'54g Pep Club '52,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Order Comm. '543 Inter-School Relations Comm. '54-9 Senior Baccalaureate '54g Commencement Comm. '54: Intramurals '52. LOUISE MARTIN, Bowling Club '52g Blair Rollers '52,'53,'54g Radio Club '54g Spring Play Comm. '53g Square Dance Club '52. ROSE JOYCE MARTIN, Blair Rollers '52,'53g Bowling Club '52,'53g D.O. '54. CAROLYN ELIZABETH MASKELL, Silver Quill '52,'53,'54g Silverlogue '52,'53g Pub- licity Comm. '53,'54g Monogram Society '54g Quill and Scroll '53,'54p Art Club '53g Intramurals '52g Welcoming Comm. l54Q Senior Play Comm. '54g Dance Comm. '54-. WILLIAM CHARLES MASON, H.R. Pres. '52,l53, Vice Pres. '54g Publicity Comm. '52,'53g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Variety Show '53g Baseball '53g Assembly Comm. '54-3 Library Club '54g Safety Comm. '54g Vice Pres. Student Council '54g Chairman of Order Comm. '54. ROSEMARY MATTINGLY, Dance Comm. '52,'53,'54g Election Comm. '52,'53,'543 Silver Chips '54-g Variety Show Make-up Comm. '53,'54g Blair Rollers '52,'53. MARY ELISABETH MATTISON, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Blair Rollers '52,'53g Quill and Scroll '54g Praeco Argenteus '53, Editor '54-g Intramurals '52,'53g Monogram Society '54g Glrlls Rifle Club ,53.'54. NANCY JEAN MAYER, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g F.T.A. '53, ,541 Activity Comm. '5-lg Pep Club '54: Spring Play Comm. '53g Inter-School Rela- tions '54g Welcoming Comm. '54g Intramurals '52g Blair Rollers '53g Variety Show William Mason Rose-mari' Mattingly William McDonald Catherine McDearmon F Make-Up Comm. '52g Order Comm. '54: Senior Play '54. ROBERT NEAL McBAIN. Silver Chips '53g Silverlague '53,'54, Photographer '53,'54. Mary Mt-Neal Phillip Melvin Paul Meyers i, Miehaelyn Miller Gerald MeEerren Jean Mclferren June Mclalalr- Norma M4-Iuty BARBARA ANN MCCIQLLAH, Library Club '52, Chairman '53,'54g School Store '52, '53,'54g H.R. Sec. '52,'53g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Inter-School Relations Comm. '53, '54g Pep Club '53,'5-13 Welcoming Comm. '543 Girls' "B" Club '54g Square Dance Club '52g Monogram Society 754g Monogram Society Sec. '54. WILLIAM BLANTON MCDONALD, J. V. Basketball '52g Basketball '53,'54. CATHERINE VIRGINIA MCDEARMON. JEAN MARIE MCFERREN, Library Club '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53.'54g Intramurals '52.'53.'5-I: Blair Rollers '52g Spring Play Comm. '53g Advanced Chorus '53,'54g H.R. Sec. '53.'54. GERALD FRANCIS MCFERREN, Golf '52,'53,'54g Band '52,'53,'54. JUNE LALRINE MCHALE. Library Club '53,'54: Activity Comm. '54-5 Variety Show '53,'54g Senior Class Play '54g Commencement Comm. '54-g Advanced Chorus '53g Silver Quill '53.'54g Biology Club '52,'53. NORMA JUNE MCINTYRE. MARY JANE MCNEAL, Dance Comm. '53,'54g Publicity Comm. '53g lntramuralsg Senior Prom Comm. '54-g Library Club. PHILLIP LEWIS MELVIN, Radio Club '53,':4g Silver Quill '53,'54g Library Club I-525 Spring Play '53g Senior Class Play '54-g Tennis '52,'53,'54. PAUL FRANK MEYERS, Library Club '52,'53,'54g F.T.A. '53,'54g Silverlogue '53,'54. MICHAELYN JOY MILLER, Activity Comm. '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Dance Publicity Comm. '53,,54. ft Nancy Miller Wallace Murphy Robert Miscbler Marian Mohler Judith Mulitor William Musgrove .lurlith Myer- Beverly Nau NANCY LEAH MILLER, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. ROBERT CARY MISCHLER, Science Club Club '52g Band '52,'53,'54g Dance Band '54-. MARIAN ANN MOHLER, Intramurals '52,'53,'54. ,IIQDITH MARIE MOLITOR. Silver Quill '52.'53,'54g Library Club '53,,54g Quill and Scroll Treas. '5-Ig Art Club '52.'531 Publicity Comm. '53, Chairman 549 Student Coun- cil '543 Dance Comm. '53,'54g Variety Show Scenery '52g Monogram Society '53,'54. LEWIS FREDERIC MORLOCK. ALLAN B. MCCHIN. Tennis '53. WALLACE IRWIN MURPHY, Visual Aids Order Comm. '54. WILLIAM WARNER MUSGROVE, Advanced Chorus '53g Boys' Glee Club '54g Intra- murals '52,'53. JUDITH ANN MYERS, Publicity Comm. '53,'54l-3 Pep Club '54g Dance Comm. '54-g H.R. Sec. '53g Silver Quill '52,'53,'54g Care '52g Dramatic Club Pres. '53g Variety Show Scenery Comm. '52: Variety Show '53g Spring Play 535 Children's Theater '53g National Thespian Society Pres. '5-1. BEVERLY NAU, Intramurals '52.'53g H.R. Vice Pres. '52, Treas. '53.'54. CHRISTINE CRETTA NELSON, Library Club '52.'53.'5-lg Dance Comm. '52.'53,'54g Dance Publicity '53,'54g Order Comm. '53q Pep Club 523 Blackboard Publicity Comm. '54g Care '53g Senior Play Comm. '5-lg Senior Party '5-Ig Activity Comm. '54. JOHN RUSSELL NESBITT. Library Club '52.'53'5-lg Order Comm. .5-IQ Boxing Club '53: Track '52,'53,'5-lg Football Manager '52.'53.'54. '52g Science Fiction Club '53g Chess '52g Silver Chips '54g Silver Quill '54g DARLENE NESTLER, Library Club '53.'541 Safety Comm. '53,'54g Inter- School Relations '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53g Dramatics '52g Square Dancing '521 Debate Club '53g Baccalaureate Comm, 'Sig Senior Play Comm. 545 Senior Prom Comm. '54. .IUDITH MARY NEUMAN, Spring Play '53. CECIL NEWBERRY. Spring Play -53: Advanced Chorus '53,'54. MARJORIE ANN NEWSOME. g Lewis Morlock Allan Muchin Christine Nelson ,lohn Nesbitt 'icq 1 i Darlene Nestler ,lutlith Neuman Cecil Newberry Marjorie Newsome D. Carwithen received money from I. Tapp and G. Crawford for the bank. 7l A-e.. NE 1 .gs .1 41434 Rs. James Newton .lill Norris Barbara Novaek George Offutt Rosemary Nisonger ,loan Norris William Oass Ci-offrey Orc-bin 3 A if W'illiam Orr-rman Slit-lit-lle Paehe Diane Perkins Xlargy Perrin JAMES KENNETH NEWTON. Amateur Radio Club '52,'53. ROSEMARY NISONGER. Silver Chips '52.'53, Ed.-in-Chief 'S4g Quill and Scroll '54. Pres. '54g Senior Baccalaureate Comm. '54g Library Club '53.'5-lg Monogram Society '53,'54g Publicity Comm. '54g Ways 8 Means Comm. '53: Dance Comm. '53,'54g Variety Show Advertising '53,'54: H.R. Pres. 533 H.R. Vice Pres. '5-1. JILL LOIS NORRIS, JOAN VALERIE NORRIS, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Care Rep. i53,'5-lg Dance Comm. '52,'53,'54. BARBARA FRANCES NOVACK. WILLIAM JOHN OASS, Library Club '53.'5-1: IV. Football '52.'53. GEORGE COLRTNEY OFFUTT. GEOFFREY LEWIIS ORCHIN, Publicity Comm. T123 Yisual Aids '52,'53,'54g Order Comm. '54. WILLIAM NIALLETT OVERMAN, Football '53g Basketball '53,'54g Baseball '52, '53,'54. MICHELLE PACHE, Variety Show Make-up '53g Jr. Dramatic Club '53g Dance Comm. I-54g Welcoming Comm. '5-4. MARGARET ANN PARK, Intramurals-Bowling '52g Majorettes '52,'53,'54g Dance Comm. '53, Variety Show '53. THEODORE CHARLES PARKER, Intramurals '52,'53,'5-1. ROBERT HARRIS PEMBERTON. JOSEPH PITTMAN PENDERGRAPH. DIANE JOAN PERKINS, Advanced Chorus '53,'54g Ways 81 Means Comm. '53,'54g Archery '52g Bowling '53, Silverlogue '53,'54g Silver Quill '52g Senior Class Play Comm. '54-g Dance Comm. '53,'54g State Chorus ,54g Art Club '52g Variety Show Scenery '53. MARGY LEE PERRIN, Intramurals '52,'53g Blair Chorus '53,'54g Rifle Team '53,'54. MARJORIE IRENE PERSION, National Senior Honor Society '53,'54g Student Coun- cil ,541-g Monogram Comm. '52,'53,'54g Library Club 523 Executive Board '53,'54-3 Senior Banquet Comm. Chairman '54-4 .Advanced Chorus '53. GERALD ALTON PETERS. ROBERT WOODARD PETERSON, ,l.V. Basketball ,522 Varsity Basketball '53,'54g Varsity Golf i52,'53,'54. FREDERICK VALENTINE PFAFMANf Margaret Park Theodore Parker Marjorie Persion Gerald Peters Robert Pembert,on joseph Pendergraph Robert Peterson Frederick Pfafman Q' flaw 1 i nl, 0 1 Jeanne Piazza William Power Robert Pierce Earl Price -Ar' I Alice Plum James Poling Barbara Pool Nlilton Porche Norman Price Raymond Quigley Nelda Reagan Iloward Rebach JEANNE BROCKWAY PIAZZA, Library Club '52,'53,,54g Order Comm. '52g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Silver Quill '53,'54g Advanced Chorus '53g Athletic Publicity Comm. '54, Welcoming Comm. '5-15 Senior Announcement Comm. '54-. ROBERT LEWIS PIERCE. ALICE .IO-ANN PLUM. JAMES EDWARD POLINC, Art '52,'53. BARBARA L. POOL, Spring Play Scenery '53. MILTON J. PORCHE, Boys' Clee Club '53g ,I.V. Basketball '52. WILLIAM WALLACE POWER, Boxing Club '53g Radio Public Speaking Club '52. EARL PRICE. NORMAN PRICE, Football '52,'53,'54. RAYMOND FREDRICK QUIGLEY. Typing Club '53g Intramurals, '52,'53,'54. NELDA MARIE REACAN, Blair Rollers. '52g H.R. Sec. '54, HOWARD REBACH. Jeanne Rice Donald Roberts Betty Richardson Jeanet Roberts .Ianet Reed Yiilan Rn-eden Walter Regonis Rolwrl Rf-id JANET LEE REED, Intramurals, '52.'53.'54. VIVIAN GRACE REEDEN. Inter-School Relations Comm. '54, WALTER CLEEN RECONIS. ROBERT DUYANE REID, Football '53. JEANNE VICKERS RICE, Silver Chips '52g Silverlogue '53.'54g Intramurals '52.'53 '5-1-3 Library Club '53,'54g Welfare Rep. '53g H.R. Pres. '54-3 Dance Comm. '53.'5-I3 Ways 8: Means Comm. '54g Pep Club '54g Inter-School Relations Comm. '54' Publicity Comm. '5-lg Senior Play '54. BETTY JANE RICHARDSON, Pep Club '52g Art Club '52.'53, Debating Club '53g Silverlogue '53,'5-Ig Commencement Comm. '54g Intramurals '52g Order Comm. '52' Variety Show Comm. '52,'53g Senior Play Comm. '54-g Archery '52, DONALD LOUIS ROBERTS. JEANET FAYE ROBERTS, Chess Club '52: Activity Comm. '52g Library Club '53, '54g School Store '52,'53g Ways 8 Means Comm. '54g H.R. Vice-Pres. '53g Senior Play Comm. '54g Senior Announcement Comm. '54-. v s 73 . l, I Wax K , f Wi' Mary Rogers Douglas Ross Edward Rutkoski David Sabin R. Howard Roher Sondra Roush Dorothy Rutley Aleric- Sanders Alarguerite SEIHSOIN James Sartwell Albert Schmitz lfilna Sf-bofer - J K., E '-Q MARY JOSEPHINE ROGERS, Silverlogue '53,'54g Senior Banquet Comm. '54g Na- tional Honor Society '53,'54g Quill and Scroll '53,'54. R. HOWARD ROHER, Visual Aids '52.'S3g Radio '53. DOUGLAS MAITLAND ROSS, Band '52,'53,'54g Variety Show '53. SONDRA MARIE ROUSH, Spring Play '53, Student Director. EDWARD RUTKOSKI. DOROTHY ELIZABETH RUTLEY, Cheerleader '54g Senior Trip Comm. '54g Senior Play Comm. '54g Dance Comm. '54. DAVID H. SABIN, Order Comm. '54-. ALERIE SANDERS. .I.V. Football '52. MARGUERITE SANSONE, Order Comm. '54g Welcoming Comm. '54-3 Ways ll Means Comm. '54g Pep Club ,543 Senior Play Comm. '54-9 Library Club '52,'53,'543 Inter-School Relations '54g Care '53, JAMES SARTWELL, Advanced Chorus '53g Boys' Glee Club ,53. WILLIAM JACKSON SAUERS. PHILLIS ARLA SAUNDERSON, F.T.A. '52,'53,'54g "B" Club '53,'54g Intramurals '52,'53,'54. RUTH LILLIAN SCHERGER, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Advanced Chorus '53,'54g Dance Comm. '54g Honor Society '544 Pep Club '52g Senior Commencement Comm. '54-3 Order Comm. '52g Variety Show Make-Up '52,'53. PAUL EUGENE SCHLOSSER, H.R. Vice Pres. '53,'54g H.R. Pres. '52g Welcoming Comm. '54-. ALBERT DAWSON SCHMITZ. EDNA LOIS SCHOFER, H.R. Sec. '53g H.R. Treas. '53g Public Speaking '53g Radio Public Speaking '54g Jewelry '53,'54. ANN SCHREIBER, Art Club '52,'54g F. Drs. 81 N.A. '52,'53,'54-5 Senior Play Comm. '54g Senior Announcements '54g Variety Show '52,'53,,54g Radio Club '54g Library Club '54. JOAN EVELYN SCHROEDER, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Advanced Chorus '53g Variety Show Make-Up '52,'53g Announcement Comm. '54g Pep Club '52g Senior Play Comm. '54g Order Comm. '52g Blair Rollers '53,'54. ROGER THOMAS SCHULZE, H.R. Vice Pres. '52g Band '53,'54. JEAN MARIE SCOLTOCK, Welfare Representative '52, Treas. '53, Chairman '54g Senior Commencement Comm. '54g Library Club '52,'53,'54g Variety Make-Up '52,'53g Advanced Chorus '53g Monogram Society '54, William Sailers Phillis Saunderson Ruth Scherger Paul Schlosser Ann Schreiber Joan Schroeder Roger Schulze Jean Scoltock 6" fx i V . 30 luvlith Scotton JOHN Sffllly' Leroy Self Margaret Seltzer Jeri Settle Alberta Seymour SVITWF' SIWHTIWY Richard Shepherd Roger Sherman Beverley Shetler Allan Shine jamf-. Shun .IL'DITH ANN SCOTTON. JOAN MARIE SELBY. Blair Rollers '52,'53g Care '52,'53. LEROY FRANKLIN SELF. Care Comm. '53. MARGARET EDITH SELTZER, Library Club '52.'53,'54g F.T.A. '52,'53.'54g Radio Club '53, Treas. '54g Quill and Scroll '53,'54g Advanced Chorus '54-3 Intramurals '52. ,IERI DEE SETTLE. Care '52g Silver Quill '52, ALBERTA LAVERNE SEYMOUR, Advanced Chorus '53,'54. SIDNEY RAYE SHARKEY, Pep Club '54-3 Library Club '54, RICHARD SHEPHARD. Advanced Chorus '53,'54. ROGER SHERMAN. BEVERLY ANN SIIETLER, H.R. Sec. '52.'543 H.R. Vice Pres. '53g Activity Comm. '53, ALLAN M. SHINE. Praeco Argenteus '53, Business Mgr. '54g Science Club '53: Quill and Scroll '54g Senior Play '54g Intramurals '53. JAMES WHITFIELD SHORT, Election Comm. '52,'53,'54g H.R. Pres. '52g Debating Club '53, Pres.. '54-3 Library Club '53,'54g Ways 8 Means Comm. '53g Dance Club 535 H.R. Treas. '52g Monogram Society '53,'54g Tbespian Society '53,'54g Inter- School Relations Comm. '52.'53g Variety Show '52.'53. Her-clit-I Slio-teck Ruth Silverman Rlirsiu'-k S- I- Si A .. . ll "I In km' rd IW Su an Sinclair john Sippi-I llf-rnarfl Smith lfurolxn Smith HERSCHEL SIDNEY SHOSTECK, Library Club '53.'5-I-3 Science Club '52.'53,'5-1. RUTH ELAIN SILVERMAN. Chorus '52g Silver Chips '53.'5-13 Silver Quill '53,'5-43 Care '53.'5-I: Senior Party Comm. '54: lnter'School Relations '53.'54. SIQSAN LOUISE SINCLAIR. Quill and Scroll '53.'5-1: Sllrerlogue Junior Ed. '53. Silrerlogue Co-Ed. '5-1. JOHN PARKER SIPPEL. Senior Play '54: Variety Show '53. ROBERT IVAN SITNICK. Football '52.'54: Baseball Manager '52,'53: Intramurals '52.'53.'54. SANDRA SARAH SLYE, Majorettes '53.'5-lg Square Dance Club '53g .Athletic Public- ity Comm. '53g National Honor Society '53.'54g Monogram Comm. '5-1-1 Monogram Society '5-lg Senior Prom Comm. '5-I: H.R. Sec. '53g Dance Comm. '54, BERNARD SMITH. CAROLYN JANE SMITH. Majorettes '54. Dale Smith Gary Smith Sara Snyder Mary Sorrells 1 Frances Smith Phillip Snyder Jay Solomon June Spates 41' x .. 3 inc 5 ' Virginia Stachura Sandra Stack Larry Stotler G Z . . Kg, V Stephen Stout DALE HOMER SMITH, D.O. '54. FRANCES ALICIA SMITH. GARY FRANK SMITH, "A" Band '52,'53g Drum Major '54. PHILLIP GENE SNYDER, Library Club '53.'54g Band '52,'53,'54, Science Fiction Club '53. SARA ANN DICK SNYDER, Honor Society '53,'54g Silver Chips '53. JAY MURRIE SOLOMON. J.V. Football '52: Baseball '52,'53,'54. MARY ANN SORRELLS, Library Club '53,'54g Advanced Chorus '53. JUNE MARIE SPATES, Advanced Chorus '53.'54q H.R. Pres. '53,'54g Pep Club '54, Inter-School Relations '54, Dance Comm. '54, Welcoming Comm. '54-g Junior Prom Comm. '53, Senior Prom Comm. '54: Senior Plav Comm. '54-: Senior Announcement Comm. '54, Intramurals '52. VIRGINIA MAE STACHURA. SANDRA BRITOMART STACK, Library Club '52,'53,'54g Dance Comm. '52,'53, '54, Safety Comm. '543 School Store '53: Care '54: Variety Show '53, Spring Play '53: Pep Club '54, Monogram Society '54. JOHN WINTON STEELE, Athletic Publicity Comm. '53,'54g Intramurals '52.'53.'54. HELEN IRENE STEIN. ELIZABETH ANN STORM, Lakewood, Colorado '52, Dance Comm. '54: Dramatics '53g Safety Comm. '53, F. Drs. 8: N.A. '53. JUNE GLENNA STOTLER, Intramurals '52,'53. LARRY DEAN STOTLER, Library Club '52. STEPHEN BUCKNER STOUT. Band '52,'53.'54: Blair Rollers ,53,'54: Radio Club '53. LINDA ANNE STRAUGHN, Library Club '53, Chairman of Social Comm. '54, H.R. Sec. and Treas. '54, Publicity Comm. '54g Pep Club '54g Dance Comm. '52: Intramurals '52.'53,,54. BARBARA RUTH STREICHER, Library Club '53,'54g Senior Play Comm. '54: Wavs 81 Means Comm. '54g Senior Prom Comm. '54: Advanced Chorus '53g Dance Comm. '53, Order Comm. '52. JUDITH ANN STRIEBY, Dramatics Club '52g Gourmet Club '53: Art Club '53. JAMES ROGER TAPP. John Steele Linda Straugh Helen Stein n Barbara Streicher 0 f Elizabeth Storm Judith Striehy June Stotler James Tapp f l liwlyn Taylor fs- as 17 lg riff, Jann-s Taylor Dixit- Tvlfortl Janet 'l'lieofit-ltl Jo-4-pll Thompson Kar,-H 'fllompgon John Ti,.,i,.man Ramon Toussaim EVELYN COLINDA TAYLOR, Silverlogue ,52, Club Ed. '53, Co-Ed. '54g' Intra- murals ,52g Art Club '53g Jr. Dramatic Club 533 H.R. Treas. '53g Quill and Scroll '53,'54-3 Variety Show Comm. ,532 Welcoming Comm. '54g Dance Comm. 542 Senior Play Scenery Comm. '54. JAMES NORTON TAYLOR, Editor of School News Bureau l53.'54. DIXIE SUZANNE TELFORD, Advanced Chorus '53. JANET GRACE THEOFIELD, H.R. Sec. '52,'53g Welfare '53g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Publicity Comm. '53,'54g Silverlogue '53,'54g F. Drs. 81 N.A. '53,'54-g Intramurals '52,'53,'54. CAROLYN MANNAKEE THOMAS, Library Club '53,'54g Dramatic Club '52,'53g Ways 81 Means Comm. '53, Chairman '54g Student Council '54-5 Dance Comm. '54g Debating Club '53,'54g Square Dancing Club '53. BARBARA ANN THOMPSON. Silver Chips '53,'54. JOSEPH THOMPSON. KAREN LYNN THOMPSON. JOHN DENBY TIEDMAN, Praeco Argenteus '52g Typing Ed. '53,'54-9 Photography Club '52g Orchestra 53,543 Silver Quill '52.'53.'54. RAMON TOUSSAINT. litlgar Turn y Don Llpchurch Jo Yactli .-'lntlrt-c Yaillancourt 53: Intramurals '52.'53,'5-1-. PHYLLIS IRENE TLLEY, ET..-X. '53, '53.'54: Safety Comm. '54. DON BURNEST LPCHLRCH. ANDREE VAILLANCOURT. JOAN MARILYN TRAPANI. Activity Comm. ROBERT JOEL TREYAS, Tennis '52.'53. Carolyn Tliotna Joan Tranani 15' Barbara Thompson Robert Trevas .Z MCA Suzanne Trf-vas Phyllis Tulf-y '53.'54. Norton luclu r Turner SUZANNE CAROLE TREYAS. Athletic Publicity' Comm. 'Mg Dance Comm. '5-lg In tramurals '52.'53.'5-l: Variety Show '53: Spring Play '53. NORTON ALLEN TL'CKER. Librar' Club '52'53: Biolof' Club '52' Physics Club Y y BY T FALSTENE LA YONNE TLRNER. Library Club 153.541 Cheerleatler .541 Dance Comm. 53.542 H.R. Vice Pres. 53: Inter-School Relation Comm. '54g Welcoming Comm. '54: Pep Club '53.'54: Intramurals '52.'53. EDGAR WILLIAM TURNEY. Football '52.'53.'3lg J.Y. Basketball '52g Order Comm. .IO ANN YAETH. Senior Bowling Club 533 D.O. '53.'5-l. 77 . A graphy Club 53. , HELEN IRENE VAN DYNE. -af 54' Rifle Squad 53. . ' 41, N A WILLIAM S. VAN ROYEN Visual Aids 52' Photography Club '52' Sr. Play Comm. f JOYCE ARMANDO VALLADARES, Graphic Arts Club '53g Chair Comm. '54g Photo- ! 1, U e . , . , 131. Intramurals '52.'53,'54. '54g Football '53,'54. Joyce Valladares Helen Van Dyne William Van Royen Marilyn Varey Carol Walker Robert Walker Thomas Walter John Wade HOWARD DANE WALTERS. IQ EUGENE IRA WATERS. JOHN FORREST WATERS. JUNE ELLEN WAUGH. LEONARD ENNIS WAYLAND. PATRICIA A. WESS. 1 A H.R. Vice Pres. '53g Intramurals '52,'53,'54. mm GRACE WEYER. Howard Walters Lueva Ward Natalie Warfield Eugene Waters Leonard Wayland Patsy Weir Patricia Wess Marjorie Wessells I , A rt MARILYN ASHWORTH VAREY, Library Club 52.'53,'54g Care 52, 533 H.R. Sec. , '53: Dance Comm. '53,'54: Student Planning Comm. '52,'53.'5-lg Student Council '54g Girls "B" Club '54g Cheerleader 'S-15 Variety Show '53g Monogram Society '53,'54g JOHN W. WADE, Chair Comm. '54. CAROL ELIZABETH WALKER, Dance Comm. '53, ROBERT THOMAS WALKER, Safety Comm. '54-5 Chair Comm. '54g Order Comm. THOMAS WILLIAM WALTER, D.O. '53,'54-3 Photography Club '52. LUEVA LEE WARD. Senior Announcement Comm. '54. NATALIE ,IO WARFIELD, Library Club 752. Sec. '53, Pres. '54g Dramatics '52g Ma- jorettes '52,'53.'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Senior Prom Comm. '54g Senior Play Comm. '54-3 Monogram Society '53,'54g Chairman Athletic Publicity Comm. '53g H.R. Sec. '52Q PATSY RUTH WEIR, Library Club '53,'54g Advanced Chorus '53g Ways 81 Means Comm. '53,'54g Athletic Comm. '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54g Welcoming Comm. ,54g Senior Relations Comm. ,541 H.R. Sec. '54-g Intramurals '52,'53,'54. MARIORIE CHRISTINE WESSELLS. Knitting Club '53. KEITH RICHARDS WHEELER, Student Council '52,'53,'54g H.R. Pres. '54g Quill and Scroll '53.'54q National Thespian Society '53.'54g Radio Club '53, Pres. '543 P.A. Announcer 'S-13 Senior Gift Comm. Chairman '54g Senior Executive Comm. '54. John Waters Inga Weyer June Waugh Keith Wheeler i 4? 'v 'Q'-' ai, ,321 T Dolorea Williame Janie Vllilliama Pomeroy Williams Richard Wilroy Shirley WN- Charles Winner Fred Wilmer Lynn Wolf DOLORES SALINA WILLIAMS, Silver Chips '53g Junior Newman Club '53. M. JANIE WILLIAMS, Library Club '53,'54g Puhlicity Comm. '53.'54g H.R. Sec. '53,'54g Orchestra '52,'53.'54: Art Club '53g Spring Play '53,'54g Senior Play '54. POMEROY WILLIAMS. RICHARD GRECG WILROY. NANCY SLE WILSON, Ilanee Comm. '53,'54g Eleetion C0mm.'53g H.R. See. '52g H.R. See. and Treas. '53, BENNIE CHARLES WIIVIRERLY. SHIRLEY LEE WISE, H.R. Pres. '52g F. Drs. 81 N.A. '53.'54. CHARLES ROGER WITMER. FRED EARL WITMER, Intramurals '52,'53.'54. LYNN KERLIN WOLF. PANSY MARIE WOLFE. HELEN MAE WOLFREY. Pep Cluh '521 Inter-School Relations Comm. '53. BETTY JOAN WOOTEN, Chairman Announeement Comm. 'FAQ' Senior Executive Comm. '54. MARY ELIZABETH WOSTER. Blair Rollers '531 F. Drs. 84 N.A. '53g Lihrary Cluh '53.'54g Junior Newman Cluh .531 Danee Comm. 'S-Ig Sehool Store '54g Order Comm. '54g Blackboard Puhlieity Comm. '54g Welfare '54. KIZZIE ANNA WRASSE, Lihrary Club '52.-53,543 Chairman Vocational File '53,'54g School Store Manager '54g Yariety Show '53.'54g Advaneed Chorus ,531 Monogram Society '53,'54g Dance Comm. '53,'54: Ways Si Means Comm. '53g Pep Club '54-3 Welfare '52g Variety Show Makeallp 52: Senior Play '54-. PATRICIA ANN WYATT. H.R. Fee. and Treas. '52: Typing Club '53: Radio Club '54: Intramurals '52. 1 Nancy Wilson Rennie Wimherly Pansy Wolfe Helen Wolfrey 4 r, 1- A ,gi 'fs , - fl - N Rs-tty Wooten Mary WM-ter Kizzie Wra-se Patrieia Wyatt I. Heidenreich. S. Stack. and L. Le- Roy discussed their choice of col- leges. .4 'la -Z. llrmnzi Wynian Rolwrt Yale- Jean Ymingman Hinflz, Zinnamon Jerrold Zlotowilz DONNA RUTH WYNIAN. ROBERT YATEF, JEAN ANN YOIWNCMAN, Blair Rollers .SQQ Dance Comm. '521 lntramllrals '52.,53. HINDA ZINNAMON. ,IERROLD ZLOTOWITZ. Railin llluli '53.'54: Library fllulm .541 P.A. Announcer 54: Graphic Arts '52: Atlilc-tir Publicity '53.'54: Football Manager '52g Track '52. F. R. Goldbach, J. Anderson, and R. Shepherd studied diligently in the senior corner of the library for the coming exam ' , ,, 1' , ff H f M ww , V w 5 if, f Y, W' , 5 t if :ff Y . ,142 I .D 'Wai lil "ilu Q vwq ' 1' , ff. v ' i, f 4 ,L U, , I LVL W fy, V -'MV fm 2:4 - 7 Lf W., 511' ,,, , lst row: L. Barnes, E. Powell, Nl. Persion. S. Slye, B. Eckztein. the gIi2?rQ?2?,Sfa1U Lommmee audited, i0taled. and evaluated individual pointsg and awarded honors given and received lst row: N. Warfield, J. Buckingham. C. Megbey. J. DuMars. T. Hicks. C. Decker, S. Stack. S. Griffith, NI. Pe-r . . . . v . V V f. QI sion. 2nd row: T. Hamliriglit. J. Molitor, J. Scoltock, M. Kline, B. Andrews, B. Narey, S. Slye, M. Clark, B. . rel ler. 3rd row: J. lrving, R. Nisonger, C. Maskell. Nl. Mattison, R. Cox. B. Barnhart. J. Corey, J. Eyerman. J lfrawr. ll. Mr-flullali of the- "lin Cfluli. Coronation of royalty Ex 91- Row 1: P. Jolley. R. Se-lf, M. Bragdon, J. Craver. A. Huber. Row 2: B. Streicher, W. Murphy, C, Brown. P. Fuchs, J. fNlcFi-rran. B. Barnhart, D. Fullmcr. Row 3: J. McHal6, N. lleaini. A. ChalupQky. N, Golclvn. D. fiarwitlwr. 'lf Malloy. Row il: ll. Kinklr. J. W'illiarns. R. Carr. J. Rico. S. llrawlvv. Nl. Sansone, fl. flhrislvnsvn. S. Roush. M. Lashloy. C. Bailvr. Rau' 5: J. Dvan. J. Frot- " ton. M. Greene. J. Este-S. 5. Sharkc-y, J. Ne-wman. 'iv H A, Shine, J. lPJQ'lwJf'Cl"lll0, This Coniniitte-v hvlpr-cl f I' Y , , Io makv your Senior flla-X Play a -iivrvw. kk ,J aff' aff A MJ 'Va or just for fun Re-niemhor the dav the Seniors came to school in their PJs or nighishlrts? Nire 1 U' it was perniiisihle. because it was Senior If Pajama Top Day. ' Li-fi to Right - J. Sipplf. ll. JOHFN. E. Turnvy. . P. Srhloxsfar l f . I ' , . ' 3 fvt"Vf , 1,7 ,yi Vw: V ., I , , 4 ' f W - 1 , A 4 . U, " u T V3 V l. ' Y " 'V ,. V14 i-'ith' ' Q .,. 77" V ,Q ja sz G. oi,Q Mi' at ii K t -y ' 1 ,. tf.Q"F ' ff- .' rf 'sa . 'K -aj 1.....,.-4r,,,e ,, and 1 gnu V rm gm rm W ,m V ' 4 ,V t 5 get iz: t it :te itz' f' ff 5: ll gn in us tn, ii 5 I W' 'r I 117' V I SX 5 F I s Q? ' L 1 N 8 Every month the- Student flonnril earried out the rules of the Fire Department hy having superxi-ed fire drills. Ring . . . The fire helll Everybody Came to attention with either an excited laugh. or an annoyed expression. Anyway it was the signal to file out the nearest exit in an orderly manner. student council-democratic procedure The work of thf- Student Counril. representative of Blair's student life. was Carried out entirely by committees. The exe:-utixe hoard visited other student rouneils and held memhership in the Montgomery County. Bi-County. Mary- land and National 'Xssor-iation of Student Councils. lw- llriuus. lr:-.1-int-ri Sandra l.onrt-. S'-1-rf-tarx: Charles Xldson. x11't"l,I"'NlIll'lllI lvrrx lltvlv. l're--nl:-lit. ' as mf? Q-PM in I ,, ' fi' f" , I v ,, E B7 88 they planned school orcler, activities, safety Rail' l: fl. Nelson. B. Flietler. J. Mcllale. Row 2: M. Miller. M. Propst. Ron' 3: J. Greenleaf. N. Heim. The Activity Committee sent out a question- The order committee supervised the student nire to find activities and committees to parking lot. students in the cafeteria, and helped which each Student belonged, The reguhs were to CIlf0fC6 the rules OH Sm0kiTlg- used to plan a new program for the coming year. The Safety Committee supervised fire drills, regulated traffic on the stairs, and in the halls. Any necessary measure to promote safety in and around Blair was put into its hands. Row 1: B. Ryan, L. Martin, J. King, S. Stack, H. Iwata. Row 2: A. Chalupsky, T. Devlin, J. Del Vecchio, V. Ricci, B. Kirch- man. Row 3: M. Halliday, C. Mason, T. Malloy, J. Lamphier. Row 1: C. Valladares, M. Clatzer, H. Iwata, T. Malloy, R. Caldwell, B. Beatty. Row 2: B. Eshelman. R. Goldbach, R. Cold- bach, B. Kirchman, A. Shine. Row 3: B. Bennet, B. Balantine. H. Flickinger, V. Rice, C. Mason. 'I fx. , l 5 YS' 3? Rau' 1: S. Sinclair. J. Klolitor. C. Haskell. R. Nisonger, J. DuXIars. N. Beveridge. Roux 2: NI. Greene. L. Taylor, J. King. M. Seltzer. S. Griffith. Quill and Scroll is a National Honorary Society for high sc-hool journalists. for faculty advisers. and writers of outstanding r-ontrihutions to high sf-html publieations. quill ancl scroll and ways and means The Vllays and Means Committee sold booster buttons on Red and Wlhite days and at all the big football games to raise funds for the school. nn B rr Thoma Riu D R e H ll li Xlnnorf R014 2 B Streither I Varrrtt B Farlex N. Row 1: S. Svhuma . .Ca .C. s. J. . ic , J. i . .f - -. ' 1 ... ' . .. 1 - . . 1 Chalupsky, XI. Sansone. Row 3: J. Sweet, C. Christenson. C. Brown. P. Weir. ll. Iwata. Row 4: J. Nlichellot. D. Holt. Y. Ricci. R. Kirchman. Row 4: NI. Halliday. R. Colilluack. R. Goldback. A. Shine. B. Hoey. idl Clbihlninsug-fit Ol lb Ci ui: -oe' 4' Q 7 -A 'T W9 3 T lst row: J. Craver, A. Smith, J. Dean, M. Halliday, P. Edwards. 2nd row: J. Charuhas. S. McKenzie, M. Park, A. Lallande N. Wilson, M. Dieste. The election committee took charge of distributing ballots and counting votes of all school elections. business of the council The hard working members of the Dance Committee were responsible for Blair's ten successful dances lst mu: R. Dessez. C. Higg, J. Carrico, N. Candislt, N. Marchand, ll. Andrews. D. Kinkle, J. Molitor, M. Lowe. E. Engstrom, E Martin, J. King, J. DuMars. J. Funk. E. Devol, J. Charuhas. 5. llalieock. lf. Powell. 21111 row: K. Sites. L. Dabney, A. Peckham. R S Sclierger, J. Corey. C. Maskell. T. Hambright. C. Sanger. A. Lt-xen. A. Lallande. Smith. D. Rice. L. Barnes. J. Heidenreich. J Eyerman, M. McNeal. N. Mayer. J. Myers. A. Chalupsky. B. Farley. A. At-ree. 5. Mattisnn, R. Peterson. S. Brickell, J. Pair. J. Rudi gier. S. Sullivan. P. Eady. 3rd row: C. McWhorter. M. Balderson. F. Furner. J. Crater. B. York. B. Bosworth. L. Manning. C. Cox J. Sale. R. Thorley. li, Yarey, F. Lovre, V. Bagby, K. Payne. J. Kelly. J. lrxing, lf. Ragan. J. Ceranton, B. Cox, M. Ciddings, N Murdock. J. Wolman. R. Carr. A. Seaton. A. Marchi, C. Galt. D. Nestle-r. 5. Fitzglvralfl. J. Norris. ll. lihlert. C. Sheaffer. B. llowcll B. Kimmel. 5. Gumpper, J. Peacock. sith row: S. lwata. A. Crow-r. ll. Nicudenius. J. Francis. A. Kennedy. L. Hartwell. C. Nelson K. Alkire. J. Eaton. L. Taylor. M. Pache. A. Chisholm. J. Bunsby. D. Flinn. J. Lamphier. M. Keller. R. Culpepper. C. Peterson, B I-eff, D- NPWUIHH- M- WOSIPT. K. Wrasse. M. Kline, C. Thomas, S. Crowley. J. Hanback. ll. Mcflullah, M. Cates. C. Schultz. J Rice. G. Pratesi. Sth row: J. Buckingham. D. Craumann. Sharkey. S. Stack. J. DuMars. D. Wheeler. F. Maley, D. Fullmer R. Cox. B. Barnhart. C. Mason. F. Fry. A. Huber, R. Kirclunan. 61h mir: N. Floyd. D. Perkins. J. Ilummel. S. Walker. R. Mooney P. Thompson, J. Swett. L. Martin. D. Lackey. F. llarper, M. Weidman. R. Ford. A. lliedrieh. lf. Robinson. 5. McKenzie. S. Foose, A Adams, l. Kertzman. N. Wilson. P. Bott. N. Denison, J. Piazza. ,J iffii If li A , K. J I' 5 'JC 2. U. ,ff X ,J , 'W 1 -J. .-1111 ,M M. mors Q. ., Vice'-Prvsiclf-nt. D. Wvhw-lerg Pre Trefasurvr. R. Nuttall. 4id4'Ht. W. Schx-ickg Secretary. B. Yorkg 5 pq N Q91 e.l is 1K 3 ,.- 'WS f,u ,,,,.f- 11' 1 1 I Q u r , u n Q u 1 u s 0 s U s Q o .' -L, Q-. 'Q o UI s c s . ,I ,n u , a I 1 ' n Abrahamsen, Abramson, E Adams, R. Adams, R. Ades, C. Alkire, A. Anderson, F. Anderson, N Anderson, R. Arnold, J. Atkins, L. Avner, A. Babcock, S. Bacher, D. Bagby, V. Bailey, C. Balrlerson, M Baldwin, J. Ballenger, E. Barksdale, C. Barnes. I.. Barnes, T. Barnett, E. Barnett. L. Bath, D. Baum, B. Bean. I. Be-avin, B. Behrman, NI. Bell. J. Rf-ll, B. Bennett, W. llvnlnn. Br-ntl. J. Blalock, J. Bli C 45. 1. Block. C. ff? es , ,Ms , RJ , .. M 'Ui '17 'O 1 0 N .4 .. . 5 h X Q3 M C. if W, qc :QR 1 Bontlurant. J. 'N If 2 Bonifant. W. Boote. XI. Bosworth. B. Branch. T. Braun. G. Brickell. N. Bright. W. Bromley, K. Bronzonie. D Brown, R. 4. T 1 fp. X. g ....- ..4- -V .Y .- , . in 'fda I-017+ T76 A v w f 'Q .rv 1. s., 5 n I L,1, A, 1 ' , f 'V-1,14 : y Y . -. - 0 4 fs- fv. Us , Q I . 1 fa- K . CM -. W X H B113 -, fs., ,z 'lx 'U bl 1 Q7 . r " K ,.,,, ap 'N QR R YN 'ek , x Q 2 for V --vu X an -N n 0, ,..,, IVV ,' 1 H 5 V XX.. dx f i f n . 1 " ,s- ' l I I s 'I , 'F 5. 'gp fu. M1 N ',, 'V 1' 0 4: :A .gf K we v 7 r I U. .354 fia- si? '01 r 3 'in Yi- .J 'U VT 3- ' 1 F' .1 . I L DJ cn cn O -'PH ui U1 x f ' 'S PX n. . A' 'Q ru M 1-9 Q, 'n -J I, -5 WS . cs' X tw' k 'T as I -9 '- g 1 f-jp ' it la. 3 alfa. rib L F n 11' Bryer. P. Buranvn, B Burmlinf. E Burris. B. Bursenos. Callahan. J Calvin. N. Campbeall. J Campbell. B Canclish. N Cannon. C Caplan. P. Carol, M. Carpenter. Carrico. J. Carter. L. Catudal. D Ceranton. ,I Channvll. E Christensen D Collins. B. Colvin, B. Comer, F. Condon, A Cook, C. Cox, C. Coyle, J. Crabill. M Cramer, R Cunningha Curry. R. Dabney. L Daly, B. Danowski, Dant, lf. Darr. L. Davis, D. Davis, .l. Davis. ll. Davis, R. Dayton. P Deering. D Degf-n. C. Dvmas. C. DP Nf'3l'1f'. 'Ni Dennis. .L DFDHY. B. Devlin. T. Aa. as -4 .'.Lf 4 ."'fp 1. 'T W' X 3 Ile' ff N ! Nl' i Q Im' "HN S. .I nz' "' my Q n 15 ,Q I QM "' .W g bi --.. VW' , 1: A 2 ' Q . Q' Msn ' '5 wr' "' 5 A , , 1'- , n Q , ,, '- " ' . V' "' x fn, -... - ' 4' 4 . " 'J Q KQV 'H J HL 3, : fr i-1 3, f ' i l A 1 .Y I K ,,-.v sf 4 "9 - 'f?'? -x . X ,uqsvu -A .- g . " - 'UH Y' l',. f' 1.11: ,N ' 1- 1" 'D- n""" ?' Y U H 'vs 'fx V' lb 2 'T 1? i 1-Mu. I ' J 1' ' .. V I 5 lumors -ei.. Q 1.1-.M ' ' J ' 'i lr X x 5 ' 'X . 5 'Q 1 ! , J 2 . if r .- 1 I I1 A A . ix' Q85 X " :A - 3 3-5 Q. tix ' Q ' J +4 ' ' J 1 l W , 'S' rv is .. .1-it I2 6 'tin A" J 1' . 3 pl so g 5 E' ? 5 V 1 5 , V. -fn . l 'L f... a. Us 5 '17 f .I Uh.. 5 f v nw is v. N . I ' ? Q 4' . f .,. ':,-if , A .L I -L Q---fr Fr:-ntz. B. Furlow. D. Galilv. L, Garrle-lla. J. llarrfftt. Nl. Garrett. W. flarxin. Nl. Cates. Nl. Celfvlrl. D. Cf-rlwr. R. Cf-sell. P. Gilliland. D. Claizv. C. Qoacl. Y. Goebel, L. Going, S. Ilolclfmrg. M. Uolrlvn. P. Golllstf-in. J. lloorlwin. Nl. imssagv, B. flnwvn, J. Grant. R. Cray. 5. Grvlwr, 9, Crf-gg, J. Crwn. lf. Green, R. Cre-vnlf-af, J. Cn-1-nlw-. E. Crovnwlml. H Crow-r. A. Crow-r. lf. llnvlwrt. T. Culivk. S. Cmnppvr, S. llnstin. R. Hal-kle-ton. P Hagan. C. llalr. H. Half--ky. P. llall, U, Hall. F. Hallman. L. llallman. R. llalpr-rt. E. llanliark. J. Hanson. J. Harris. J. Hartwell, D. Harvey, N. Hawkins. N. Haycraft. B. Hays, B. Heber, D. Hemmin way. J. 3 Herherfk, J. Heybey. 0. Hile, S. Hill. F. Holt, J. Hornaflay, P. Hornlif-ck. D. Howell, B. Hudson, J. Hummel, ,l. Humr. ll. lnscue. C. lrelan. R. Irving. J. Iwata, F. lzquieralo. R. Mlarlloe, E. Jeffries, 5. linking, R. johnson. F. Johnson, ll. Julinsnn. H. Johnston, T. Jones. E. Juneau. E. Karklins. A. Karnes, C. Keeler. K. Keeth. C. Kelly. ,l. Kelly. Nl. Kelly. NI. Kenipfers. Nl. Kennamer. H. Kennecly. 3. Kennerly. l. Kennedy. R. Kern. Cl. KK'ICllllIIl. H. Kimmel. B. . . . , 'Q MW " vm ww? if .54 fv iirr e , -1 l We n H in Chl JS . .ff 'A I' Q ' Q I " " ,K ' , ' Q 5 YQ- f' A f. . 10 ' , - f , ,, A M. ' 'xg .QQ lm. - . -. - 1-We cf -K.-. N , mn. iii , - 1 Q f, H 'O 'K . .., ,Q Q. ' .9 f. ' A . We - N 2 1' 7 I ,Milf ' T , 2a,,M- G ' I f I l I 5 l hw AAA-Li A 4 M K A . lt "' v. , fd , 1- ' 4 'av- v . . We Q l 24 z ll 3, f l . . xx! df", I , ' Q- z , If ,. 42 3, Rik 533 .,y,,M 1 I gf A M 'i l ff 'W-M ,fn 11" 7 'V l :: fi 1 J ' mi! M .gif 'l ', -.iz " X 2... .. . ,x , . .. ,, N f 'A 'R 4 QQ! ' if ii . r f 1 L f ,P K .. ,f Af. . 1. f I class of ,'55 l-2 T: i . it ii' . ' 7 l 'Q Xi j fl? L... I1 fx x 'Q - x 1'- 1 bl arp .5 , if 'A' .sw at QQ. f- -x s R' h V1 ' 7 ff 1,5 f X. .Mi fe, , :BSC 1 Ll "' ' K King, C. X King, S. Kogok, W. Y Kolodny, H. Korschen, R. f Kowalchik, R. 2, Q ,V Kraemer. W. . gt 5 ' . .V - "fy Krauei J. . 4 rn - -- A Q ' Kremer, B. w ,f , 'wax Krouse, C. X- gi 1 'fs' , A .vlwli N .. ' U. N '-ar juniors ,K M ,Q 5' Krouse. R. I 4 A ,, Kruhm, C. Kruse, K. Kupfer, D. Lallande, H. ,V .Qi 73: 9 Lamb, C. r' vu.. 3. fa. 4.4 M . 1' .Q nf 5 , 2 .r Q 7 1 f an-. ,Q v- -4,5-. -9' v N 1 7 . 71 A ' 1 'J .mf 1 5 4 Vw. X I .XA ' -0 X I I K rf. ' e lv " .Que n 5 . I wa -rv 3. " L . f 5 i' , n. g " V J Lamb, N. .. f , . . gg' ., K f Lamphier, J. A, Langford, J. 'J Lanham. W. Last, R. -,W is Lee, A. " " A Lee, B. - 'gb ' ff' 5 ., . 1' A I 1' Lee, W. Lewis, C. Lexen, A. , Linaugh, D. , Lindholm, R. fr ,ge 'fgx Lindner, J. , ' f Q? , v fa xi ' A J Lockamy. J. Loekard, E. f Lockhart, L. , Locks, G. LQ Lockwood. R. 7. 4" ' ' " Logan, S. . , 1 5 .X f f ,f I 'Rx ' X Long, J. Looney, L. ft Lopez. R. Love, J. A. -. Lovelace-, L. ' ' Lovre. S. I Lowe. M. Lynch. P. . Mar'Dnnalci. B 464 Mccaulpy. M. ' McDaniel, H. A ,Q 'e Mcllale, P. .:.., J - Kissenberger, C Mclxer. .-X. NICK -nny. I.. 5 , KICKwnziP. f.. ., , ' xIf'Kf'HZif', jr . 1 xIf'Kf'HZif', 9 ' ' R I 0 I' do I NIcKi+Qon. NTCQIIPPH. W. , Nialpa-1. D. . NIFWvhOTIPF. Maddox. N. Mann. R. Niarchi, A. Martin. B. Marlin, R. Martine.-iii. J Niafon. S. Xlattilon. S. Niazzucciwlii Mffade B. Meghy, C. Nleroney. R. 3I6TI'ilIf'. R. . fs, igfNf6. I ,Q s ,- ,,,g Manning. I.. A L" tb 1 ,, X . ,I f N7 sr 7 - if? fx J'- f' , Merchant. S. 1' . .,., rx Q ... A i ,Q U- 5 3 gp K. 45 , 9 U' Q ' Q 'ff Meyerle, F. Millar, P. Miller, K. Hiller, P. Hiller, S. Milli. J. Niohle-r. F. Nlonoghan. R. Moonvy. R. Nloorfn M. More F. XIOIIP. F. Morgan. N. Mnrrii. G. Nlneer. D. XIII-N. ly. Xloye-r. Ni. Nlillikvn. fx. Mnnz. P. Ninriiork. N Nmvinan D NiF0I'iPINll9. Xlflvr, W. Norrii. J. 51' T5 x V xl ,. A A z is A w K V I Q , class of 55 ls ., . ,.,a,'x 1 , r N.. 3 . J i x Norton, P. Nuttal, R. V V. 0'Brien, B. O.K8?fP, P. 'Q V. 0'I,eary. C. ,. y Packard, H. i ,IF ? a V as , Eaeketf, R. :Ts " "5 inn vs Q L A 14 Pgilhnsi, C. Yf V' NV , f ' Patterson, T. 1 N' if Payne, K. N , Peacock, J. ..., fa. ,fm . Peckham, A. , ,. f .. " S- Perry, E. 3 'P ' ' W 'P 1" 'N Persky, H. A N Peters, J. - 'R . Peterson, C. V y f ,X Peterson, R. - 1 M Y f .ff WV Pfafman, J. A 'M' Phillips. C. R Phillips, D. V A: 'gy V A Pickard. R. .nv W 1' 4" " " ' e,:' 3- ...rx ' rf "' V Pickett, J. 1 i W P' Pi F t 1 5 1 Per, - ' 1-"zz Q 1" V. ,J Q, r ,. . , ,rn i J , ,ff J P f rf 1 lv? i i A Pope, W. 'Vf f Porche, H. ' 'P' " .. '01, Powell, E. 1. V , i ' " ,i"fi1 f- . Powers, C. n ' ' 5V 2 5. ' 1 Ni Pratesi, C. . V f Priesman, R. iff 'dz 'Hx I 1 V J f 1 ' Q ' . Price, S. V Raeburn. P. Ragan, E A 1 ,. - A -. R s J. J' ' i 'at 'S' 'W 'S Rzzi:.eRX'. W 1 V ' p Redd. S. -f "e , ' 1' fi -qui, I i A - Redding, B. Q Redmond, E. ' i Reid. B. ,. .. Ricci, V. A , 2. 7, .4 - .f Rice, D. ' N A Rice, R. 3 -J' , . ri' - p 'F e. J. y. f a"'v "N i , Richards. E. P Richardson. i 1 1 Richardson. J jg -'M 1' 'Q ,.. 'N ' fx , Richter, C. 7' ' A 3 L ' Qi Rivera, R. K ' + ' ax e . ,. Robertson. F ,al ' 1 'Q f ' -1' , , 1 R, 4 16 L if Robertson. .l Robertson. P. RulJlnS0n. E. Ronk, R. Roome, B. Rouse, N. Row, .-X. Rowland. H. Rowland. Y. Rowley, Nl. Rucligier, J. Rule-. J. Ruwe-ll. P. Ruth. R. Ryan. B. Sale. Sampson, C. Sangre-r. C- Sayler. J- Y Schf-ick, W. Schlosser. C. Schmitz, C. Schovn. J. Schuch, M. Schultz, G. Schuman. D. Schwartz. A. Scott, I. Seaton, A. Seaton, J. Sellers, F. Seymour, 0. Shade. R. Shanlilin. D Shaploy. R. Sheaffer, C. Siegel. M. Sigler, D. Silw-rman. N Sincell. J. Firliii. T. Site-s. K. Sitnick. A. Skinm-r. C. Skolnick. NI. Smith, A. Smith. C. Smith, ll. wx mf I X 1... iff. 1' -.. , ,W .-, 17- 'Ds ,. 'v"l ,..,, 4 a u fav Y in ,ig A Y " ' A B , " 7 11:17 V " 7 -. v "T, 3? ., . lf,, V 5, i I ix 'awk sl . ,L was ' ,, - .,.L.L..,. ..,. 1 5, I . as . fin 2 W WK QA .4 ,ga . 2. 1 f mw gt! W ,I , uw ' .55 I X cf? ff I W f-- Q ' . 1. M07 ' 1. . . . R tw X2-f , A , 'T , , 4 5 V 'FV'-I-" , W 1: ': vm, 3 xii' . V, - I . ' 'V ' ' W ' -I , ev' 'li M1 A' f 1, Q-. .., QQ 3 ff- - t " F.. ' " ' - , 5 Q f A f A Z X ga t R . ff . Q. V "'f . it I V, .Zi X X I . A' 'df a m K Y ' K . ,. Aww . 'M . Y fav- -at ' A R Q' 7' -. 'V 2 U R r f New , Sax v .A v, ,,' A Q4 , H C7 ' 1' ,- Y 4 Q' dv A F R 'N' R v 'E I - R ' class of '55 'ffm ex' '7. I f .Zi rv. ' v- al 'QC' ',X .T 1- '.. .J v' R -H", V- l - Q., J Sad- , ' I... .. , 1 wg -A- C . Y '5 in 32- -2 l - 'V' -, K 79 -1 YJ KISS, . K . 4 l R 17 .4 5 , an ,V y Z? N , a E, p 2 l X. f: v- " ' A .-4, K f -. , N W s S-.Sf ,, -5, -nb I 'ft 1 1 Q5 .. -, S ,WWW ,Q ,Q Win Q Y, ., ... , K. 'E 1 2 Qrff f 'J s .Q NJ, ,left h' Y x, , 7 4 0' ' . T7 . ,ua 1. , . , . el 1 7 -lv . t 5- 'I I.-. -sv. '- ,J 'x SN, I' ' I 'VS ' an sf' .lt ' J A Smith. S. Smith, W. Snapp. G. Snyder. B. Somers. C. Sorrells. J. Stafford, J. Staiman, R. Stakes. J. Stanfield. E. Stanfield, I. Stant, S. Starke, M. Starke, W. Starkey, P. Stern. Sterns. R. Stevens. B. Stewart. R. Stone. P. Stonebanks, C Storm. L. Strows. J. Street. R. Strickler, D. Stutz. C. Sullivan. S. Sumpter. J. Sutter. J. Swaim. P. Swett. J. Sykes. F. Tatum. R. Tarbett, P. Taylor. J. Taylor. P. Tereshanko, B Theen. J. Theofield. J. Thibadeau. J Thomas. J. Thompson. J. Thompson. J. Thompson, P Thompson. R. Thorley, R. Tobin, W. Toth. M. Tracvwell, S. W Trayfors, Trlissvll. H Tucker, P, Turner. D. Tuve. R. Twigg. D. l'lanow. J. llrich. K. Yan Losw. W8-5. X f'I'Sl!-. .-X. X :Clie-rs. l. Yillonv. P. Yogf-l. B. Wailea ll. Waggom-r, Walder, B. Walker, S. Wallace-. R. Ward, R. Watson. R. Weaklf-y. L. Weaver. K, Weicllor, B. Weidman. Nl. Weirich, B. Werner. B. Whvvlf-r. D. W'lif'c'lc'r. L. Whitt, NI. Wilbert. C. Wilkes. A. Willherg. J. Williams, B. W'illiams, D. Williams, J. Williams. .l. Wlilllr. A. Willmett. K. Wilson. N. Wilson. R. Winnf-r. T. Wolman. J. Wylie. R. York. B. Yost. T. Zamudio. NI. ,, D ,ff s- I-c-Y t. ., 9 ,M f. W1 I vs -,V M :vm .110 f 2 Mg'-pn HJ 'avg I 4 r .xv f 1 vv K 'V L N 1 N. . Q 2 1 ,Qi h i, ,f ' ' lr. , W' 4. -if V. . . X mf E' 'J xg' . '17 3 .- ,KN fu: .NXM r ' V in-7 X 1 ,f V' W 1 W W' l' 'L ii: 'fx 47 'C wi ff. 4 1 ,,, "3 B x JI? X ff" Q W- , , . . ' 3 , w- 1 1 K Ki V we ' 'ii 'ks' K I ' f N ' 'A .? 'vw A as .xii A if' r, I xv' P I " . 1 ax 'Z c ass o 55 I f ' , , l Q D 'fr v 5 :X 'S 73:1 yrs ni ' , 2 .1 A - 5 ,gy . 'K gh' ,fl . , K .W., L ' A gg... 7'- X . 1 . 'N 04 i ....?' '+P' 1 . V 1 . if T r 5' s. lr ft-99? ! A 1 1 UI! gf:- U! 5 2e'c.M 1. ' 1 Ah 4 ,Q f ' . , g ,',' . .1 ' v Mfitqnvy ' 4154, , ' l?'Q uyk A , ' - r - 1 1, 5, . V , 1:-"'f..A4'l fy , I ' 'f , Q4 ,sf y if 4 ,M W Q, gi 'iff if , V' .ffm 7,16 ,. rmg. YR 3 ,K F., I i 47 , 1- fu gg if 52 i 'fix "" , Richard Smith, treasurer: Phyllis Holt, secretaryg Robert Colvin, vice-presidentg David Williams, president l-l- L- , XI A. V 10-4-Left to right, lower, lst row: B. Denny. P. O'Bannon, B. Krause. L. Nachman. 5. DeLoach, J. Pickard, N. Steele, M. Morton L. Russell, H. Burch, R. Lewis. 2nd row: W. Shifflett, J. Rahn, J. Sullivan. F. Edwards. F. Baumann. B. Wade. J. Mazur. K Wlood, R. Crummitt, C. VanDyne, R. Hornbeak. 3rd row: H. Schwartz. E. Cook. C. Allegar. P. Hughes, J. Simons, F. Schultz, D Harris, J. Lenahan. C. Wahlstrom. B. Whichard. sophomores 10-5-Left to right, lower, ls! row: M. J:-n, R. Parsons. D. We-ru. B. Schaefvr. M. Sherman. G. Lilvinsky. B. Kahn. P. Narcy, S. Wlright, P. Hansen, M. Park. 2nd row: J. Pfeifer. M. Cinsherg. J. Kalinoglou, B. Br:-nn:-r. P. Kantor, M. Brodsky. P. Srhovn- feld, D. Fortier. J. Moe-rel, R. Larkin. 3rd row: R. Smith, B. Dworski. T. Sinclair, B, Blomgren, J. Hill, J. Partello. V. Frf-nch, T. Carroll, B. Huston. 10-6-Left to right, lower, lst row: K. Temple, K. Fisk. J. Neely, J, Johnson. ll. Jackson. E. Wildrnsleinf-r. M. Stoker. C. Burns, K. Dempsey. P. Seay. J. Anderson. 2nd row: J. Liherman, H. John-on. B. Phillips. A. Johnson. J. Sharp, J. Michellod. S. Williams, R. White, D. Reynolds, S. Koetzle. J. Grubb. 3rfl row: R. Gruber. H. Holland. P. Teague. K. Tiedeman, J. Battles, B. Edmunds, D. Larson, K. Young. 4-th row: J. Conklin. B. Moore. E. Parsons, T. Longerhean. F. Fellows. R. Blavatl. D. Reardon. -' l , 5 E 5 i -N. g 194. .ex s x 2. Q Ilia L .a 9Q , W . I .HN fx X5 fs' sin XA . X1 A ,1 s L s 4 - 14- N L ..- l , Q 10-13-Left to right, lower, lst row: K. Lyle, R. Bowman. E. Eckstf-in. S. Crown. l.. Amle-rson. P. Argerakf-. M. Cannon. Flogel, R. Flowers. B. Crant, B. Newton. 2nd row: F. Jrfferson. R. Fowl'-y, R. Evans. C. Cerlmf-r. J. Rajottsf, R. Bronktnan, Robinson. M. Easley. C. Baker. H. Marrz1ffa.B. Haut. Srrl row: R. Wiloon. T. fhh. lf. Broomall, B. Fox, R. Holland. R. Horne, Harr. 4th row: D. Fallon. W. Croslvy. 9. Cree-n. D. Fiilior. W. Kvelf-r. 10-14iLefttor1'ghf lower lit ron" l 'l"ivlor NI Vrvolatnl 9 Katiin l" Qliufle-l l Qrliell 4 Tlifi' 'Ni Whll' R D ' B. D. J. , . . . .. if . . . . . .. . . .. . - v. . . -5. . . 1 l3INN. . winrl. C. Brown. H. Marshall. E. Qniglf-y. 2111! rout C. Carlliois. R. Coin. H. Rolzinxon. R. Rnln-rt-. Nl. l'Qt'lflt'NTI13U. N. fframv-r. Ni. 1iLllIlf'4. J. Slivrlrwk. Nl. Wvckvr. l.. Kvllvrt. M. Nlvxiay. T. Sullivan. J. I.:-xx. Yr! run: R. Rr-tt:-rx. R. Willis. J. Stvin. 5. Whit'-. D. Ron- nottef, T. Morris, NI. Duma-. ith row: F. Hardy. J. Brady. J. l3Pan.Vll. Wallwr. Nl. Xl:-5+-r-lnirgg. sophomores 10-15-Left to right, lower. lst row: J. Wright. F, Wootluaril. K. Sauvr. l. ln-1'-lion. Nl. lmltl. ll. Iliilpf-ppvr. J. l.:-tin.-. lf. l.inf' R. Kendrick. D. Morman. C. liiirvh. 2nd row: I.. Thompson. S. Conde-Il. P. llrovnn. Nl. ,lzu'olmx. R. lllgf-rtori. Nl. Je-n-on. K. Walkw- B. Geoghf-gan. D, Hathaway. J. Blalock. J. Kantz. 3rd row: J. Rurke-. R. xlrrxtuw. J. Nloorf-. ff. Willvtt. R. Haw. ll. Wltitliarrl. R Mc-yersburg, J. Be-hrman, R. Gentile. ,ith row: R. Harris. J. Bow:-n. J. l'f'I+'rN. R. XTlI1'fVUIl,!. J. Faltf-y. 'I . KN ,f ' Sli were you there? calendar september 11 14 19 october 3 7 31 november 21 28 december 10,11,12 17, 18 26 january 28 29, 30, 31 february 5 19 march 41 19 25, 26, 27 31 april 1, 2 7 23 may 30 7 14 28, 29 june 17 -i. . back to school dance first day of school football iamboree cheerleacler's dance exchange club assembly homecoming formal senior class party thanksgiving dance senior class play christmas assembly and play christmas formal winter banfl concert enior class trip sweater clance double B Hop home arts fashion show vice versa variety show science fair science fair library club banquet spring clance slumber party junior prom senior prom spring play graduation if He'-5'-79" ill? Hi, 747-1-1' ffl "' V V wha Vg 9'll3l.Xl"!'slQ.Q.l5lp'!lpally? JP-'I'2'.'!'-!,Eb,9,F?'lgAV'flugsv Fl vm Q gg V 19,vlWllx'?73D V 9 vivwv in- y :l,vmwiil"o'1' "' fl Jr--r Fl av- "' v Q M v . X 5. 1 el J, it :K ,N Q Q., V WV we-,vrvisnke vw .5 Y vm fs 4,5-. 4--xp., I - , . .4 nn f p 5, . , H7 A - 1 ,e X1 is 'HQ M W A. fd curvy? V A - .M , L f 3 Q fr V. ? I X if A b Z www M1 3. J 6 Qffff ggi A . V Y' 'W 7 ' 9 f' 1 J' - 3 wg, ,:' ' ' Q , .V Q, , 9 'fu Q , k if W , - ft 'L f -v b W 5 1 . f -Q ' ,wp ,5 ' 1 ' "' Q ' , " ,.'ff'A Q ,' ' , I ff' f 3 .Y , - QQ ' ' 7:3 , ' J - A 4 - '-1 Q , A if, fi gy , Ns I gf., . Y Q, ,4 ,Q X , K A 1 Y ' ,VZ J I 'vw Maw, ' Q ,A K CAQY an 'N 4 ns . 1.-1 'J in . , , ' as S -0 K' .1 v 03. Y' 'X .L 'W 5, 'Q "7 N , ""1am-- vs"--- ' 'P ," g, A yi 1 , .QA A V In Af ' 1' ft' ' . 5 r Y' Q - l !',j44 a i L , il .gvg-, . . '- ' xml -" 1' -r -4-' 5 4 . 5. .K Aw Q. 2- Ph 'lofff 4 W ,. ' 1 U-F -. ,,g.,.v. :sa W .., ss W. W ' w . A ' vv , - ' Y - J," p Ol' .4 pv- I You met the sixth period every school day for majorette practice with Mr. De Lauder. During the fall season practice was held at Nolte Field. The year's activities were marching: at the football games, in several parades, and for various local colleges. There was also competition in the Lions Club con- 5, t 1 f ,K test and the Tri-State marching trials. Lynn Kenestrick. captain of Blair's majorettes. stepped forward to lead the corps onto the held at half time. ffl I 0 f a lively group of s Vlfr I lst row: M. Williams. A. Grover, K. Alkire, J. Schelle. C. Smith, L. Lovelace 2nd row: J. Callahan. N. Murdock. P. Tarbett. Nl. Ciddings, B. McCu1lah, M R-'C Gales. 3rfl row: A. Chesley, J. Wolman. D. Ehlert, N. Harvey, N. Warfield, J Funk. J. Dullars, S. Cumper. maiorettes, for half-time show B. Bosworth. J. Battles. J. DuMars. S. Slye. S. Kauf- mann. were honor guards. lst row: M. J. Park, M. Park, S. Coman, J. Lanham. E. Duvall, L. Kenestrick. 2nd row: M. J. Moore, G. Harmon, C. Maskell. M. Dennis, M. Williams, L. Hartwell. 3rd row: J. Battles, J. Dullars, S. Kaufman. S. Slye, B. Bosworth, R. Mooney, NI. Whitt. 18-.. l sat-P V fx cheerleaders-colorful and peppy lst row: S. Iwata J. Craver B. York. 2nd row: D. Rutley P. Markwood S. Burkhalter. F. Turner. 3rd row: J. Eaton, J. Thoma B Vare Y :ml 'IH WN SSE!! 'E ...ui ,-... W, X very busy , f' .Q A 1 -.f Jeannelt Thomas and Binky Varey led the cheers at one of Blair's has kethall games. 11,3 'iid Captain ,Ioan Craver led the H15 rahs" for the football team. "Our team is red hot," yelled the cheerlead- ers at athletic events, pep-rallies and bon- fires to encourage Blair's school spirit. The uniform was changed slightly by adding a red trimmed collar and a cheerleader pin. Each year found new members ready to wear the candy-stripped skirt and white sweater and carry on the yells. E. Ward football C. Everett E. Turney fccl E. Howlin T. Walker T. Hicks September 19. The annual Jamboree began the season. Richard SCHEDULE Montgomery was defeated by a score of 7-0. The game of two September Blair Opponent eight-minute halves, was scoreless in the first half, but in the 19 Jamboree '..- 7 0 second half, Dick Street ran around left end for 37 yards and 6 26 S .U d 0 6 points. He then booted the extra point. ul an "" ' ' September 27. The first regular game was played against the 0 t b Suitland Rams at 8:00 Saturday night in the Northwestern stadi- C 0 er um. We were a serious threat, several times, but Suitland won the 3 Bladenshufg ---- - 6 0 game by a score of 6-0 on a touchdown made in the first half. 9 Hagerstown . . . 12 0 October 3. After the loss to Suitland, the Blazers came back 11 Alleghany .... 6 13 to defeat the favored Bladensburg team 6-0. The Blazers had the 24 N th t 6 7 ball most of the third quarter, and capitalized on a drive with a or ,Wes em ' short flat pass by quarterback, Edgar Turney to George Everett 31 Coolidge ""' - 7 0 for the game's only score. A few plays before the tally, the Blair crowd was shocked to see Bladensubrg's Knott run 90 yards to the November end zone only to discover the whistle had blown before he received 14 Bethesda Chevt' Chase - 0 0 the laie1'8l- 19 Frederick .............. . 26 0 October 9. Friday evening, at Hagerstown, the Blazers chalked up another victory over the heavily favored Hubs by a score of 12-0. Our first score was set up when George Everett recovered a fumble deep in Hub territory. The score was made when Eddie Ward ran it over. After a long pass in the third quarter the Blazers found themselves deep in enemy territory. Ed Ward once again scored on a series of running plays to make the final score read 12-0. 124 WV' ., 25 E' www-.45 P if F9 W 0? W, lt llladr-nsliurg: Donald Harmon went in to block as the pass ment ow-r ,iim l.imeric's head and he was hit vxliile jumping for it. 1953 ,,.-WN"-A s Dick Street sidestepped a tacklcr as he went around right end. Coaches Dodge-. llrown. and Pazalianirk rt-fl:-ctt-rl tlu- trend of tlic game as thi-y prepared to send Sonny Harper into sire-ngtlivn tlu- line-. Nov. l9. l71'ederick. originally scheduled for Nov. l7, had been postponed because of a six inch snow. The stands were still filling when the first score was made and Edgar Tur- ney ran around left end for an extra point, and a pass to Ed Howlin made the score 13-0 for the first quarter. Aided hy a hlock from Jim Limric, Norman Srrith ran 80 yards to the one yard line and a score was made on the next play. ln the third quarter. Frederick fumbled the kickoff and Larry Stottlemeyer caught a pass from Edgar Turney for a score. The last quarter of the game was played al- most entirely by second and third string and J.V. players. Throughout the game, six Blazer tallies were called back. It goes without say- ing, that the Blazers had no trouble in finishing their season with a real romp over Frederick. 7- ,-54, V , 7 . 1 . ,, AV MM 1 .- K, 1 A....,. f- xeg, ,h gl ,,,, ' . 126 w ' ,, ,p . f,, The Blazers met the traditional rival, the Barons. November the 14th. Spirits were high. but the scoring wasnt as the Blazers fought the Barons to a scoreless tie. The Blazers had their biggest chance to score in the second quarter when Anthony Yersis recovered a B.C.C. fumble on the enemy 23-yard line. Bill lfshelman ran to the eleven yard line for a first down. Eddie Wvard carried it to the 1- yard line. But on the next play, a hard- rushing Baron caught Eshelman on the nine yard line. and the Barons took possession of the ball. Blair recovered another B.C.C. fumble on the B.C.C. 20-yard line, but Blair fumbled and B.C.C. regained the ball. ln the third quarter. George Everett was al- most thrown for a 10-yard loss. but he re- versed his field and nent for an 8-5 ard gain and a spectacular play. ln the last quarter. best gain was on a 15-yard pass, but the runner was brought down by Bob Grant. Later when B.C.C. had the ball. Ed Howlin pinned the quarterback for a loss. B.C.C. punted and Dickie Street brought the ball back to our 10-yard line. Lee Briggs ran to the 49-yard line. but it could not be pushed for a first down. Edgar Turnev got off a beautiful punt which was dropped by the B.C.C. safety and Jack Chormley fell on the ball, retaining it for Blair. Shortly after that. the gun went off and the score ended 0-0. Needless to say, the game was characterized by numerous fumbles. football 1. f' , as , Ili' 1953 , .. -, 4-iris, 1. L. .fem Y I 5' this o...., h,N , , 91 "on-v.,,,A ' .1 . , .. ' Coolidge: The Coolidge backfield began to close in on Edgar Turney as he went for a first down against them. Frederick: Robert Sitnick hung on to a Frederick player and tried to bring him down while Ed Howlin moved in to finish him off. Anthony Versis 447i .lim Limric 154-l, and Paul Freas 1521 also assisted. ,r t- ' 'if W4 k'l,t, R, it eq 4.4. f-Q.. j"""' sr' ' HQ ' -Us N s 4 , A S' ,Q o q , Y ' 3-L' golf' "J ,"!'lftf'T- J 1 ' ' lu ,.' , ,L -V U - ' r K-rf-e.f.f-'H '- f 't . NY!-s.'t.7 '95 ' -Q.'5'1"-' is -. fi- 4 7' . ,J BJ' ,'3'i"v, W luigfiji ,: fi' l " Qwf fik 5" "' 5 W' 'f 4- -'1 if-ffl bah, .. . . 1.-.'?wf3'?Z255f.f-...T ' Sl la xt' Bethesda: George Everett eluded one Bethesda tackler and got good blocking as Dick Street came up to give his assistance. j.v.'s next year's hopefuls Although the junior varsity did not win any official scheduled games, they worked hard and kept in condition and showed prom- ise for next year. SCORES DATE TEAM BLAIR OPPONENTS Oct. 1 Northwestern . ............ 7 13 Oct. 12 Bladenshurg .... ... 7 19 Oct. 20 Gonzaga ..... ... 6 24 Oct. 29 St. Johns ... ... 0 O Nov. 2 Suitland ... ... 12 14 Nm. 12 B.C.C. ... .. . 0 0 Blair battled Coolidge for the lmall. lst row: T. Longerbeam, T. Wise, E. Ricketts, L. Bennett, N. Hill, A. Webster, B. Seibert, E. Smith, J. Sutter, H. Snoots F Schuttz. 2nd row: A. Saidman, J. Kalinoglon, T. Sinclair, A. Mclver, B. Dixon, R. Williams, J. Zavona, B. Solomon, R. Harris I Sullivan, B. Culpepper, S. Balderson, G. Owen. -1 '1 u-1 ,rl mfr .2 ...Male , 25349. l 1 l T. ,Xnflerson R. Brown D. Ilillartl ll. ,larulrsr-n This ywtrfe team wav the laat X araity to play in the olfl gfyzn. since the new gym will be vumpletecl by next year. The last game was the Bailxetlvall Hutlnfl- up when the lm-ts defeat:-rl the Hicks in an intramural game: ancl our Yarsity clefeatefl the .Xlumni ancl Fac- ulty team. The evening was higlmliglm-fl hy spcf-eltes nf well lxnuwn figun-F fr-nm Blair! past. Thr- prrvipvf-IS for next yeatris Xarsity' will he gtmcl SHIV!! llllxll' HH' 4PXt'l'ill jllllIllI'S Htl llllf f0llI'S l1'illIlI antl nur "B" team anal ,luninr Xursity will aflfl their talents. When askvrl almul the team. Coac-ll ffarrascu -aicl, "The remntl war nut untitanrling. tllere were many' close gamei lint the team gate a gfmfl af-rwnlrit uf it- it-lf. ll, Nlvllwnalfl ul lilair wtiitfwl for Y R. le-It-r-0111 pa-N: whilf- l'i.- 'I' Llmrl" 4l.ff.'- ll. Sault. xl. lil'lTI1"lltI- antl I3 Hpnmnam G. Talov trir-tl to retrivu- the '- hall. B. Ov-rman ll. Pete-rxnn 'l 1 - X t .fx V N- rf' 3 . , , f 'M' lv A o A -we .,,,,, 5 Q .4 DATE OPPONENT Where played Blair Opp Dec. 11 Cambridge ........,......... A 33 55 Dec. 12 Eastern .......... A 47 44 Dee. 18 Rirharrl Montgomery T 60 31 Dec. 19 Westminster ...... A 58 38 Dec. 23 Coolidge .. T 49 50 Dec. 30 Alumni ..... H 53 58 Jan. 5 Gaithersburg .. ... H 56 39 Jan. 8 Northwestern A 43 33 Jan. 13 Roosevelt ... ... A 47 38 Jan. 15 Blarlensburg ... ... '1' 54 41 Jan. 22 B.C.C. ..,....... A 46 56 Jan. 26 Suitlanfl ........... A 53 57 Jan. 29 Washington 8 Lev- . A 50 53 Feb. 5 Northwestern .... .... T 49 33 Feh. 9 Bladensburg .. ... A 40 51 Feb. 12 Gonzaga ...... .... T 53 60 Feb. 17 John Carroll ..... A 35 30 Feb. 20 B.C.C. ........ .... A 37 41- Feb. 23 Suitland .... .. ... H 60 48 Feb. 26 Frederick .,.......... .... , A 51 47 Mar. 5 Basketball Roundup ......... H H - Home A - Away T - Takoma H. Jackson from Blair. outreaehefl N. Williams from Con zagag when he jumped for the ball to start the game. basketball 1954 Coach Carrasro explained a play to R. Peterson and W Overman. J. Scbovn X. Smith gpywp . Q my Y .sm . NJX L 1, -bp Kits . , .. t .- n f . uw 'fl' . Z i L- K I -il..- 7-1 -Q lx! nm: JS, Ou-riiiaii. li. N11-llunalfl. B. P1-te-r-fin. N, SI1lilil.J, Limrif-. Zim' mu: X. Xlkirv, Il. Jac-olm-e-n. Coach Carrasco, R. Ui'uwi1. J". .'Xn4ie'rx0n. Jin! mic: Mgr. J. Daiiri. Mgr. Wayiif- Jionifant. Juv Si-hm-n. Frank Corcoran. Divk Str,-Q-1 DOH Dillard, Dirk Brown jumped at thv lwginning of the Bladensburg game, while Jim Limric waited for the hail. ,Q M, .I ,,,::r . , .12-g V J, Q 5 , , I it ig, I basketball ll'-Az. -is 'VY ,, G. Lewis. J. Williams. Mr. Maguire. R. Stearns. D. Kruse, R. Tatum. C. Schlosser. v "f."" 99' . cliff. if G. Lewis looked at his target during rifle practice rifle The rifle team fired after UD" building. There were rifle teams from all over the school on the rifle range of many postal matches with country. In a postal match, each team fired on its own range and sent the targets to the other team, and the scores were compared. They also fired in the XR..-X. Postal. in which the boys com- peted with all the teams in the country for a national ranking. The team held an impressive thirteenth place in a four hundred team competition. Captain Bob Green, along with Courtney Schlosser and Gregg Lewis. re- ceived the distinguished marlcsman award. the highest achievement of any rifleman. P1 i4- ,- -Hg, 'B' Ron' 1 W T llslman X A h R Klrchman R Goldback R Coldback J 'M hlt R 'NICK1 ion J Dnllastalwu Run 2 loam h RQ'lflfI' IJ Newman 5 Allen R Engle NI Keller J Hoag M Bragflon D Heber 'N Prlee B LPG B Rfdllln ll S lone! 1 fhomp on H Huntt J Qawler W qtewart R 'Vloore ,I Plckvtt J Hahn C Qamp on compo ul the trank ham trac Date Nleftc ,Xpril April -Xpril fx pril Slay Slay Klay May May Crox Nl. Hogg. Nlr RPlIlPl' coach J Naxlor R lol 'fhix flr t or anlzc- year tm-e I ran h n kinl nm runlpflltmn and nvxt wPar Zi lr! the results OPPONENT BLAIR OPP. Landon ..... . . ...- 0 1 Episcopal ........ .... 0 O Wnodbf-rry Forest . . .... 4 5 Sirlwell Friends Alumni ....... Landon ....... Episcopal ..... Sidwell Friends St. Albans .... SOCCGI' .. .... 4 2 .. .... 2 2 ....O 2 .. .... 4 3 ....3 O .. ..., 2 0 Despite the loss of our South American stars of last year the soccer team came out on top as co- champions with Episcopal. Episcopal could not play in the post season play-offs because of school regulations. The outlook was dim at the beginning of the year, but the team managed to settle down toward the end to win the last three games. Coach Reider said, "that the Booteris success was because of spirit and determination. He felt next year's team would be excellent because many will be playing their third year. If we win the championship next year it will make three consecutive years and we get permanent possession of the Metropolitan lnterscholastic Championship Trophy. This year four of our players made the All- Metropolitan soccer team. They were M. Kel- ler, J. Aitchison, F. Carbo and R. Campbell. Row l: P. Yillone. J. Cr'-gg. J. Nz-sbitt, R. Thompson, C, McKenzie, R. Bell. D. Kim. K. Miller. F. Garbo. J. Dawis. R. Cambell, J. Flowers. Row 2: J. Goodwin, Coach Reifler, F. More, J. Betters. J. Dinowski. J. Long, R. Cox. J. Aitchison, B. Lee. C. Parsons. J. Cards-lla, B. Pickard. Row 3: NI. Rattner, C. Dagen. R. Tuve. T. Sinclair. C. Lewis. R. Scherman. M. Keller, T. Yass, L. Dutton. I f.. . r -1-,gf Q z 1 ig f we .1 r. .wr f ' "li 3 '44 on pn f V11 an f f .4 ...x,,,.....-. a ff 4, ,gi Q 5 Y . ll U4 E ' eff' fa 'rl 1 I f 5 ,H sl! HI A 3 ,. 1 f M P , 9' 'F a '- 5 4.4 ,,,,4, ' '36, .1 -" .. V Q l ,QQ QU , Q IX 1, 45 -uf "ii 'fiffrj ft I' 'i i- ffy f :TWD W ln! ifiml. n. 4. - x N.-.9 lib " rw f' 4 4 Af .' gil 1- 14. Y 4 fs h a 3 1 1 5 1 'f X I lm S- ,S xr lf X U--.1 K .EN ,. . ' 1 ,Mv,g,.f N x-1 I- ,.:Qj -:HA', -, 1 fn'-. NG-51 Q Q 1-, N f""- A V . .LLL 5. 1 , , -.XH5 Ni! '3- x xv 'x A A52 4 x 0.5, p 4 w 4 'S' J, +1 'X . -A. . Juv nw 93 'Tri I fo- X, W '- . , ,NN ,av v Q V" Y'-f' A , Q z. wr- ' L. g" ,ak ' 4 '-: . ' .,n.g., . - 5.-JJ-'. " N' ."""2-,- ... ,I Q r-':. J., ' ,-.2i"'v:H+2 .' . . -1'-my-fp u 4 'Q . ,, , - ,uf ' 'E vv',,,'- !.-4 in L ".-m.l,9'x1-f",Y4f Q,-.' 3, gf.,-L0 -f , ,. J . -., fi?-rx fff i1 'a -QI X- 'fu f'?.x-wi fs -4-e-A '19 Que' ,.,4.k . N , ,,,... , K. .L ., , s Ln M . xg, xx . 456. . "im 'rm - r-fv..-Q N.:f A nh -ww . - . 5,11a' i w""'PrvaF?M2 K, ,, FT if - I rv? I fi, f. . , -4 - 1, . 34. . l 2' 1,42 ,M Wgwff ,A f W I 4 L. . I I ., F 4,3 ,kyy QE , WN-MQW ,a Nancy Wilson wat'-In-fl whilf- Pallif- Berry and Ioan Buch had a Sportsman argument over the hall. 5 the year in review v..,, .XX ' .I N. vlllIf'li1'7'l1fl1l K. f:l!'lIll'llIN e-N' mlm fliu-rl in Illf- xv-rxic-1-. began with september went into october ,Ioan Craver and Sandy Burk- haulter pulled the young king and queen of Honwvoming in a wagon: while Jeanette Thomas followed. Af xminw-rltlu-trophvfrolnrl1vl'.9.NlL1rir1fN. lr wu- rlwlin-air-rl In Iln- -IIIYIVDIR nf Nlontgonu-rv lllair S Tttfexg f 4 MF- i s,1'fza' ' . At the Freedom Shrine Assembly, Terry Hicks, Student Council President, received an engraving of the Maryland State Capitol in Annapolis, and an autographed book written by Governor McKeldin. The majorettes put on a show for the mock-football game during half time. 4 christmas events Mary Ann Clark, Christmas Queen of '53. received her crown of white carnations from Nancy Brown, Queen of '52, at the Christmas Formal. Betty Andrews took Bull Barnharfs picture while Roy Sf-lf, Rodney Cox, Allan Shine, and Jack Anderson looked on during the senior class play, The Hasty Heart. 153 ff' hw I L s its L ff Q , ,, f X mr ." Q ' X! 5 I ' 2 Q, A 1 7 A, wvx 5 s 6 V r Wim ' Q 1 x 9 4 A gl A -. , Q n , M ,, ,W Q veg' viffw , , H M ,, W , , L, " H "" I - 5 25. ,W Q - l4' if 1. 0"'Q'E34 964' I -2' r' , . .J fe? Novel corsages were given to the- boys hy their dates at the annual Vic Versa Dane:-. ,lark Anderson received a prize for the most original rwirsagr made- by Dvlfstye Cran- mallfl. the last lap of the year A. Chalupsky wa nieasured for her graduation cap. ." 1 traditions of march ,vs ii gi If you ever went fishing, did you ever meet up with these "Three Little Fish- ies," J. Wolman, P. Cap- lan, and S. Trevas? 48 fun in song and dance M. Weidman portrayed a shoe shine boy fa familiar sight at any railroad stationl in the opening chorus. Judy Meyers, who sang "It Might As Well Be Spring," was one of the most talented performers in your 1954 Variety Show. Conductor R. Cox looked on. 1,.,X, 1 A 1 Vg . ,I . .Ui I f5fi'4,,L5.' "fN,4 F X. -. Z3?yBS3i57' .V- . Mxkv, .," N ...'L:-an Sa-fr ,X 7. 5-elifftij C F' I I f Q , x .,. l .af nw , THE SPOTLIGHT I BRCTERIR 'if '1 'i 11 'i -., I spring was here it was april Thr- 1953 SIYIPVIIIQIIP won first plarp in the Maryland Fcliolaslif- Pr:-A Association: and was awarclf-rl the Rovlmck Trophy. It was received by R. Curry. from Mr. 9. Schultz. associated with H. C. Roebuck S Fon. One of the biological exhibits in the science fair A competitor loolcffd over ollic-r exhibits. There s notlnng luke gwing folks what they want Compliments T e Class of 56 BERGMANN S LAUNDRY Q y M1 8 220 623GSteet NW THE GANG ALWAYS MEETS M THE 0 O 'U x H01 SIIDPPES FAMOUS DRIVE IN RESTAURRNTS CRUSTY PIE C0 INC WE SERVE DELICIOUS PIES MONTGOMERY BLAIR 30 0 STREET N E AD 27111 , I I O Of I I 1 "Becomes If ualit Conscious" sonuuwunmuouvvoomeocaaancomuvw ero -2 r , . . X Q L O' O X da X X L x :EP 0 T0 U X M I o 0 Www on to a career or a pleasant vacahon You Il soon be off to o wonderful vocotlon or moybe to lounch on o coreer But before you go moke sure you hove the rught clothes for o more self ossured you For coreer ploy or evening glornour For Her Our Fourth Floor For Hum The Young Men s Store Second Floor Washington I3 D C Chevy Chose Alexondrla Those ,famous green and whzte strzpes the package from Jelleffs what a Washington snght It :sl Whether It holds a Handmacher sunt gay Mademouselle shoes another Ship n Shore shurt tor her collection It means happy day shes been shoppmg A growmg plant Bla r from the alr C rt y of 'Ur and Nlrs Richard Cra fo d of Alston Studios v. . I . . l . I I ' I I I I I . .ll . . C , . . - , 1 at . e1.l.eifk ' ' ' -915321 awww ' . i '. on es , . . . ' w r ' . Cornpl' T e Class of 54 MERIN STUDIOS 'IOIO Chestnut Street Phi d lpha 7 P Y b k pzctares spez lty KEELY SHELEY EYF FXAMINATIONS 'I342 FSI' t N W EX 34467 ukRp WHEN YOU DRINK MILK DRINK THE BEST DRINK ea,Q2a HOMOGENIZED vnnmm D MILK ITS THE FINE MILK YOU ENJOY IN YOUR CAFETERIA T leCo e entLoatzn SUBURBAN TRUST COMPANY SILVER SPRING MARYLAND HYATTSVILLE MARYLAND e I mpl T e Woodmoor Bakery zments Of h ia e i , a. I ear 00 ' a c'a we U nv ni c '0 s re , . . Q ic e airs A Strong Friendly Bank Th re s A Suburban Office Near You Member F. D. 1. C. C0 iments Of ' h 4 3 Compliments TH E BAN K of or SILVER SPRING The Class of '55 Congratulates THE 1954 GRADUATES MONTGOMERY BLAIR HIGH SCHOOL LION S CLUB .IL 99000 IG g SILVER SPRING Best wishes for a Happy Successful Future To The Class of 54 L G BALFOUR COMPANY Suite 419 7'I'I 'I4th Street NW Washington D C M al T pl 1 L - 0 f 870 eor ia Avenue Silver Spri g Member Ferleral Deposit Insurance Corp. 1 I ' I 0 0 . I 0 0 Official .Ilontgomery Blair High Rings Announcements, Stationery, Fazfors ed s -Cups - ro lies where activitiee Band ....,. Cheerleaders . Qltortte ........ to find Congress of Claese- Majorettes ..... Orchestra ...... Student Cnuncil Artivity ...,. Chair . Dance ....... Election ..... and Committees I11lf'I'-Sf'lIfl0l Rf-latione .. Nltmnogzram ... Order ..... Pulmlieity .. Safety . . . . Store ....... W'ays aml Means .. Wvelvoming .. Wvelfare ..... Sturlent Court arlmini-trat ion Art Bttxinfw- ....... llixer-ifif-tl Dramatic- ..... Dritingz English ........ Owttpatintt . Foreign Langtiagf-1 Ctiiflanrt- ...... llealtlt ........ Home Fconomir lntltietrial Arte . Library ,... , . . Q Janice Funk. rltairman ttf Blair! A-- -emltlv Cntnntittee. fllSl111SSf'fl anotlter assembly. U S , in .. 3-6-37 . . .122 .. 38-39 92 120-121 .. 34-35 87 88 89 .. 93 93 90 8-1 88 90 88 23 91 89 26 92 6 33 24 -11 14 22 12-13 20 10 11 -10 .. -12-13 23 where to find us, cont'd Mathematics Music . ....... Office Staff ...... Physical Education Science .......... 32 34 . ..... 9 . . . .... 44-47 . . . . 28-30 Social Studies . . 26-27 advertisements .. 151-154 calendar . ..... 117 classes Junior Officers Juniors .......... Senior Committes . . . . . 94 95-105 . .... 82-83 Senior Officers .. ..... 52 Seniors ...........,.. .... 5 3-80 Sophomore Officers .... ......... 1 08 Sophomores ......... . . . 109-115 clubs Banking ....... . . . 24 Biology ......... . . . 30 Boys' "B" Club ........ ............. . 47 Debating .............................. 13 Future Doctors and Nurses of America 11 Future Homemakers of America ......... 40 Future Teachers of America ..... 10 Girls' "B" Club ....... .. 15 Girls' Bowling ........... ..... 1 39 Girls' Planning Committee 44 Ham Radio ........... 42 Honor Society 81 Library Club Junior .... ..... 1 06 Officers . 23 Senior 81 Sophomore ..... 116 Gary Smith led the Montgomery Blair Band during the half-time activities at the Blair-B.C.C. football game. where to find National Thespians Quill and Scroll ........ Radio Public Speaking Rollers ................. Science ....... Science Fiction .. Silverlogue Cubs Snack Bar ....... Visual Aids COIIICHIS .... . . . featured at blair Blair Creed Building .. . .. Cafeteria .......... Christmas Formal ......... Christmas Play Assembly .... Hallowe'en ................ Homecoming .. Housekeeping ................. "I speak for Democracy" contest Mock Football Game ......... Senior Class Play ...... Senior Party ...... Senior Trip .... The Queen .... Variety Show ...... .... Vica Versa Dance . . . . publications Praeco Argenteus Silver Chips .... Silverlogue . .. . . Silver Quill ............ Variety Show Program Michelle Pache proudly displayed her diploma and smile at graduation. us, cont'd 12 91 30 .....106 29 31 .....116 25 42 5 4 .. .2-3 48 85 14 33 . . . . .143 49 14 .....144 .....14-5 86 .....146 85 148-149 .....147 21 18-19 . . 16-17 15 .....148 ,4- N X 1, . rs, gf, democracy for all training fOI' I citizenship W 9 5177. J:B,M4.?l Qllfff

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