Montgomery Blair High School - Silverlogue Yearbook (Silver Spring, MD)

 - Class of 1949

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Montgomery Blair High School - Silverlogue Yearbook (Silver Spring, MD) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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A J A M UE ? '?V F' ? f D 5141 1 ip' L F 4 ww FF , Q D , , b V O W? 'Hwy Sha-denfs w.ill be loy- jbb :bb 1 WTR? J A A 1 5 i i ff I 6 . W 4 X . I 51 f 5 Ji ji Y I, 1 f W' VE X I If lfjhi 2 4 WET VF 1 E1 X1 5555! ff H Q Q3 49 Mmigommy B .Salam Sprung, M wfl-wi Y, Ns Editor-in-Chief . . . .... BREARLEY CARROLL Literary Editor . . . . .PATRICIA WHEELER x.. if fgpf 7!wSz'ofufaf1f!zeRin9 WISDOM, HEALTH, FRIENDSHIP, SCHO- LARSHIP, LIFE, these are symbolized in our school seal. THE HELMET-Our administration, the men and women who have guided and advised us. THE BOND-the ties of friendship among ourselves and the excellent cooperation we have received from our teachers. THE STAFF-our traditions and high ideals ot good sportsmanship. THE MASK-our school activities and our contributions to social service. THE LAMP- the knowledge we have ac- quired at Montgomery Blair. HCRESCENS SClENTIA" -Rising Knowl- edge". 'a We leacaze 74131 Each To ALMA E. MARSHALL Our Teacher, Advisor and Friend The Silverlogue Stott ot i949 dedicates this book. We dedicate to Mrs. Alma E. Marshall this earbo k in ' y o appreci- ation ot her time and service to help us make this yearbook the best ever. 0144 '7!wme fm 1949 M Mum Webster says: "ln Music a theme is a short melody used as a basis for variation and development in a composition." To us the short melody represents the yearbookg the variation is the Drum Majorettesg the band and orchestra portray the de- velopmentg and these are contained in the composition: OUR SCHOOL. xl 14 Zinn ancf Qzacafly S Semen w spam anim, wg ,W ,t 5499! ,, ,. ,, Q' .152 ,- 5 K 1 W f , - - -, -2 aw ,.,, uf , V' Q- aw., wfxzl 1Hmzuswvw,.f ' 1--ff -S. '95-' ., 15 vi-I mm M, f "5 fd , In Memoriam GEORGE R. BOWNE Died August IS, 1948 7 lWaev1Dm" Km PRINCIPAL MR. DARYL W. SHAW, B. S. Ed., M. Ed. VICE PRINCIPALS SECRETARIES MISS MARION L. SCHWARTZ MRS, M, K, GEBHARDT B-A--1 MA- MRS. D. M. SHANNON MR. THOMAS W. PYLES, B. ADI M.A6 MRS. LOUISE DUEY .feacfefzd of Une "Kami" SOCIAL SCIENCE ENGLISH Chairman Miss Marion L. Schwartz, B. A., M.A. Mrs. Julia Collins Ardayne, B. S., M. A. Mr. William W. Hinckley, B. A., M. A. Mr. Harrison T. Messerole, B. A., B.S. Mrs. Lucille N. Moler, B. A., M. A. Mr. Thomas W. Pyles, B.A., M. A. Miss Carrie E. Robey, B.A., MA. Miss Mary W. Silvey, B. A. Miss Mary Louise Wood, B.A., M. A. LANGUAGE Miss Hazel M. Bratt B. A. Mr. John W. Basta, B.A. Chairman Mrs. Alma E. Marshall, B. A., M. A. Mr. Carl D. Bell, B. A., M. A. Mr. Roy A. DeLauder, B. A., M. A. Mrs. Mary D. Enright, B. A., M. A. Mrs. Emily C. Holloway, B. S., M. A. Mr. L. Kennard Rhodes B. A., M. Ed. J wi sl 1 " Q ' yi s Q . ,, ., Wa' ,,. 12 F I 5' , Y E 5 37, ' sf . I W W 2 Sai ' L 5 V432 E mf ' y zi' A zz- 2 f 'A"' A S f E , - ,V mn ,,LLVr, WswgrwwiAWK WMWW ij z Q ,MS , r 0 'i, V ,mmf If Z? i 9 2 Fw 211 wif if JF mv. , M, n Q . 4' fig 3 vi in iz fa' ff: ,v,, , v ai., e, f H-.iflm 5' Q 1 z' i 4 9 L -4 f MKK iw DEW m Y Q Af: 'Taz' 0 iff , ., , Q' L 1 5 'Hs if V K ,fiijffjffi 5 5 'Z R AJ 'Q 'fs ,MMM if if Aff. 54 dj' ,n f .1 , Riff: x,'yW4 , ' Jfw' 4 ' Y , , yds: s 1' fr ,, ! -lv 1- 1. , XX is f Q . ""'44.g , an ' Q54'?"ew ,wtgv 0, 1 5 smmmwsmf1mAf.a,sfwf maonfw fm N-w.L.x.f -f zfnu- frwwmmeu-eww Q L za mwrmfsfamf mmfmwm1gnuww1,w,ur.urrxfev-5:45 ua Ln: sr :mme ezsuxuuwaxmwsrwnrnaanxaxnnzmux-ma 4-mrs auwnaazuaxwzswfwv-x mx ' Mfrs ,- ,. ,gms XJ O '7fze "alma" in he Sqmffzfaanq MF5' M A ,L ' K.',' i Robert Theofield ' X President . ' A . W i rr + 45 X. l sz gi K Wx i ,gf W V' 544 , sw., 1 in Jessie Pickett Secretary , ,,,, f-ff"""" Miss Marion L. Schwartz Advisor is WO' ' NO' John Ford Vice President George Condish Treasurer osswcfffs MARY K. ACREE Kap "All that we can say now, will only be proved in the future." il i L ill 'XV' r f ANSI' ADAMS 1" I! one can say that her ii elligence and charm are wasted," JANIE AITCHESON B S Pj resign-4. Fans find fantasy from fighting football fans ref -. - 3 - 'J I f,,f" 4 .T L - 1 'I NICK ALBERTI "Amiable and envied at- Nick TVIIDUIGS, Red IIOIV, mlm "A disposition tolerant and temper, pleasant person- Sunny, Ti-,Of m life is ality," Dancing Club '47 '48 worth more than money," ROBERT APPLEBY Bob "Quite a chap is Appleby, I know he'll suit you to O ,,-I-1, ., J, V. Basketball '46, Base- ball '48, Homeroom Sec. '46, Intramurals '46-'48 MARILYN "She is very refined as you all know, And the sweetest of glances she can throw." Legislature '49, Silver Chips '49 CHARLES ALDERTON "A sharp wit has he, And an even sharper curiosity." Work Program '48 ' BOB ALEXANDER Bo "Busily working with heart and will, Always ready his place to fill." Library Club '48-'49, Stud. Coun. Pres '49, Honor Society '48-'49, Band '47-'48g Silverlogue '47-'48- '49, Visual Aids '47-'48-'49g Assem- bly Comm. '48, Order Comm. '4B7 General Supervisor Blair Conservation Project '47 R. DONALD ARMICIER Don "Loads of fun all the while, That boy sure claims a winning style." Silverlogue '47-'48-'49, Silverchips '47, Band '47- '48-'49, Intramurals '47- '48-'49, Football '47 JACK ARMSTRONG Lou "We are sure everyone would rejoice, To hear one word uttered by his voice." DELORIS ASWELL Toy "Get thee behind me, Satan-and push." Library Club '48-'49, ln- tramurals '48-'49, Silver- logue '48-'49 Order Com- mittee '47 JOYCE ATKINSON "Very demure is she in her ways, We take it for granted it always pays." Glee Club '47-'48-'49, Conservation Club '- '48, Homeroom Sec. '4 ,fpfi Lf"llf,i all JUNE BEAN "June B. is a sweet sort of girl, Always has her hair done up in curl." Business Organization Club '48-'49, Banking '48-'49, Silver Chips 48-49 Home Arts Club '47-'48 . if l 'i,,fi55it't . NANCY BAKKE "She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with, And pleasant, too, to think about." Tri-Hy-Y '48-'49, Library Club 48-'49, Dance Com- mittee '49, Order Com- rnfhee '48, Intramurals '48, Art C,Iub '48, Silver- Iogue '49 I DOROTHY D. BLISS "She carries her notes wherever she goes, The kind you were thinking of? No! Not those." Psychology Club '47, Home Room Sec. 4'9, Silver Chips Rep. '49 VIRGINIA BAC-C-OTI' Bugs "Quiet yes, but my oh my, Just see that twinkle in her eye." 0 RONALD BEHRENS Ronnie "Ronald is very quaint and shy, We wager he never told a lie." Photography Club '48, Art Club '47, Intramurals '47, Card Club '48 MARVIN ATHEY "He has o very winning smile, Studies his lessons- once in a while.' PATRICIA M. BEALL Pat "To get into mischief she will always try, But her On- gelic face says, 'No, rwgs not l'." Business Organization '48 749: Bank '48-'49 Danc- ing Club '47 JAMES E. BOOTH "And still they gazed and still their wonder grew, That one small head could Carry all he knew." IC-Jew vfmffzf 4-'GJD G fQ,f'1,4'-cL41'V illcafv,cf-f1f1fC'f.C-Juiicqff ,' j HEEEN BRENNAN "Always witty, always gay, Sparkling charm throughout the day." Tri-Hi-Y '48-'49, Library Club '49, Silverlogue '49, Stadium Committee '48-'49, Variety Show Tickets '48 CHARLES BROCATO Buddy "His friendly way and sparkling eye, Catch our atten- tion as we pass by. K, ,-G K ' 4. 0' , Q. QQ f 2 V 'I JOHN S. BROOKBANK "Loyalty and school spirit Q hi, weretpreached V' i this is a goal he really has a fi ' Varsity Club '48-'49, Legis-if isuol i . '47-'48- '49, Student Council '4 , ' F yi .1 Q, H ' '49, Silver- logue '48-'49: - oct -: -' f- r i Comrplttee '48, lntra ra ' -'4 , . g '4 -'4 . v I I ' , A r -g , Jo ' " cl er al, ut' Q fri d,, you, Ann, an l'Cl'1' nd." . murals - 48-'49, Drama c Club '48, Soph. Social 47 Danci lub '47 SHIRLEY BROWNFIELD Always friendly, never mad, Always cheerful, never sad." Library Club '48-'49, Photography Club '47 BARBARA L. BUSSSEY Bobs "Quiet without a lot to say, But ready to help in any way." DALE M, BUTLER "A likeable sort of fellow, is he, But he has a girl-Oh! Pardon me." Veterans Club '47, Stadium Committee '48 Sl DNEY BUTLER Skid f it won't run or it it's broken, Sid will fix it, no jokin' ." nl Library Club '47-'48-'49, Dance Committee '48-'49, Jr. Sr. Prom '48, Home room Vice President '49, Order Committee '48-'49, Intramurals '47-'48-'49, Activities Committee '48, Jr. Party Chairma '48 4' ' JOHJIS mia "Someday in the Hall of Fame, We shall see this com- poser's name." Art Club '47-'48, Pipers Club '47-'48, Variety Show '48 EDWARD CAMUS Ed "Happy is the man without a care, who brings lots of fun everywhere." Ramblers '47-'48-'49, President Ramblers '49, Track Manager '47-'48-'49, Chess Club '47, Varsity Club '47- '48' ConservaLinrLClub '47' Intramurals '47 V 1 .-gym 4114, ' 5 . 42-1 Bouganville flag-raising at Gonzaga game. GEORGE W. CANDISH Bubbie "His voice is clear, he has the power to debate, If you ever heard him you'd say he is great." Band '48-49, Glee Club '48, Order Committee '48, Hi-Y Pres. '48, H, R. Vice President '48, President '49, Library '48-'49 Track '48-'49 Dance Committee '49, Intramurals '48-'49, Student Council '49, Chairman School Improve- ments '49 JOAN C. CARL "She that was fair and never proud Had tongue at will yet was never loud." Homeroom Secretary-Treas- urer '47, Legislature '47, Psychology Club '47 BREARLEY CARROLL Bee HARRY CARROLL JR- "An able editor is her claim, Regrets will not be hers, but fame." Harry Card Club '47, Silverlogue '47-'48- 'I - ' - I , '49, Silverlogue Editor '49, Library Wllh slncilvlty Gao Corlfl Club '49, Honor Society '49, Dance dence He lves e qulet ing Club '47, Intramurals '47-'48, life." Quill 8- Scroll '48-'49 ROSEMARIE CASpER WALTER CHAMBLIN Babe Bo "Now we come to a little mite, Her name is "Bo", it suits her quite right." Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48 "A quiet guy with lots ot poise, Popular with both girls and boys." Library Club '48-'49, Monogram Committee '48-'49, Football '46-'47- '48, Baseball '47-'48-'49, Homeroom President '47, Vice President '48 MON ROE CASE BETTY J. CASPER "For a boy he is very bash- Toots ful, me fl"l"'l45, FOI' If fha "Her voice is soft and low, girls he never winks. Q- EDWARD CHAPIN Ed "Seems like basket ball he can play, Seems like he practices night and day." Varsity Football '48-'49, Varsity 'Basketball '48- '49 And never has she had a foe." SHER LEE CHEEK "Charm and grace brings, Into a room in which she sings." she BAYNARD CHERRIX Buster "His practical talents and winsome air Shed joy and brightness everywhere." Intramurals 47-'4Bg Track Team '47-'48-'49j Soph. Social '47 P. LEWIS CHESLEY Lew "Happy am I from care I'm free, Why aren't they all as happy as me." Library Club '48-'49j ln- iramurals '48g Photography Club Pres. '48g Aviation Club 47 Red and white, fight, fightg red and white, fight, fight. 1-"ll 7, a. 0070, ,7,.f..sLfL' ,-Q .I ..-72 Ii".t"f,w1- X '1 H 'ANN C. CLEMENTS Candy ERNEST CLIFFORD "lt's friendship that we all cherish, And we know its charm will never perish." Library Club '47-'48-'49, Intramurals '47, Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48f'49j Phatoge raphy Club '47f'48q Conservation Club '47-'48 Ernie "He lives mostp-Who thinks most, Feels the noblest, acts the best." PATRICIA COCHRAN Pat "Many friends Pat has won, With her certain twinge tor fun." Library Club '48-'49j Tri-Hi-Y '48- '49g Art Club Pres. '48g Dance Com- mittee '48g Silverlogue '49g Home- roam Secretary '48, GENEVIEVE COE JennY Whatever you ask, she will do it No matter how great the task." Majorettcs '48-'49j Silverlogue '49g Silver Chips '-49g Home Ec, Club '47g HR, Sect, '49j Business Organization Club '49 J. RICHARD COLE ELWOOD C-. COLIE WILLIAM COLIE Dick Tony Bill "Forward and frolic and "He wears a very depend- "Always seeing the funny glee was there, The will able air, In hardships he side of him, That's the to do, the soul to dare." does not despair." glorious way of him." Intramurals '48-'49 EILEEN COLLINS Eileen "HelptuI, cheerful, smiling ever." Library Club '47-'48-'49p Intramurals '47-'48g Dance Comm. '48-'49g Tri- Hl-Y '47-'48-'1-19g HR. Sect. '49j Legislature Alt, '49j Variety Show '4Bg Jr. Sr. Prom Committee '4Bg Saph, Comm. '47g Honor Society '49g Silverlogue '49 VI RCI N IA COSC-RAVE Bubbles "And none, however fair of face, Within our hearts could take your place." Business Organization '48- -'49, Horneroorn Treasur- er '49, Home Ec. Club '47, Silver Chips Typist '48-'49 CAROL JEAN COOK Cookie "Faithful ,and competent in her work, From her duty she will never shirk." RUTH F. CRAMER Ruby "Her quiet nature seemed to be Timed to each season's harmony." Conservation Club '47-'48, Dancing Club '47-'48 A T'-f"'Jf I j . .. X -V .. BEATRICE COOKE Bee MARTHA As welcome in every place beaming approdch of a good-natured face." Intramurals '48, Photogra- phy lub '47 I "Very sweet and Oh, so nice, She's someone to look at twice." Conservation Clubj-'48 3 CHARLOTTE CRAWFORD Char "Her active mind knows no bounds, There's always fun when she's around." Drum Majorettes '48-'49, Dancing Club '47 CONSTANCE CRAWFORD " A merry co t al-Vg, 0 hearty I gho ife th h 'W f CHC. ' f - I y-V N . I ' .. .' X' MARGARET CRUM Margie "Life is not lite atfall ith out delight." Zjff Conservation b, '4 J48, Dancing I ' ji of I Count r Q Dru M rettQQf'48-8? ,Dj-CI ' Q!" J I. QV Ai Kal SALLY ANN CURRY a "As a pal, none can beat her, We agree Sal couIdri't be sweeter." Sophmore Social Club '47, Dance Club '47 , f 6! ROBERT CUSIHMAN Bob "Who could out-run our full-back ace, Or compete with his laughing face " Library Clulb '47-'48-'49, "B" Club '47-'48-'49, Track '47-'48, Legislature '47-'48-49, Varsity Foot- ball 'Q46-'47-'48g Jay-Vee Basketball '47 add T. JOYCE DARBY Joyce "She'll prove this point to everyone, An able editor who 'gets things done." Silver ,Chips iReporter '47, Literary Editor '48, Editor-in- chief 497, Soph. Social Club '47, Intramurals '47, Care '47, Library Club '47-'49 ALICE PATRICIA DAVIS P2991 "None know her but to love her, None name her but to praise her." Library Club '48-'49, Honor Society '49, Silver Chips '48-'49, Election Committee '48-'49, Homeroom Vice President '49' Silverlogue '49 ' NANCY A. DAVIS Rea "Frank and free, and fearless, she Knows facts and friends and fun." Blair Store '47-'48-'49 WALTER C. DeGROOT "Friendliness is his and the will to please, What virtues could be better than these?" Automatve Club '47-'48'-49g Radio Club '47-'48-'49 GAY DeNlKE "A friend like her it's hard to find, ln whom looks and charm are both combined." Library Club '48"49, Dance Committee '48-'49, Cheer- leader '48-'49, Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'49 lPresident '49l, Jr. Sr. Prom '48, Variety Show '48, French Club '47, Glee Club '47 RICHARD M. oixou "What ever he does, he does with might, That's what it takes to win the fight." Intramurals '47-'48, Rifle Club '47-'48 JOAN DODSON Jody "Nice and friendly, pretty and sweet, She's the kind you like to meet." Library Club '47-'48-'49, Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'49, Ramblers '47-'48-'49, Intramurals '47-'48, Silverlogue '47-'48-'49, Soph. Social '47, Dancing Club '46 MAUREEN c. -,Doi-IERTY, "Why worry? Things are to Happen, anyway." Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48l'49, Photogra 'y Cllub '4I7g VisuaI.,Aid Club '47-'4a,!tqrmmurQiS,748 Q ,S gf' 1' V :L 1 , ' ' ,-,Y . , ,9 , , wlrish , 'I I 3 J' ' z KEI'I'H DONNELLAN Mac "His secret of success ls constancy of purpose." Intramurals '47-'48, Chess Club '47, School Store '48 DAN DUFF "A friend who is every inch a friend, Straight-forward, kind, big-hearted." , X, ,S ,ev-we Kickoff its ALAN R, ENGLISH AI "He has a curl, That would win any girl." Intramurals '47-48 JOAN ANN EVANS "She was active, stirring, all firef Could not rest, Could not tire." Library Club '48-'49, Conservation Clutw '47, Silverlogue '49g Ramblers '47-'48-'49, Variety Show '47g In- tramurals '47-'48 CAROL FORBES Carol "She keeps the golden average Between saying too much and too little," 'tl JOHN FORD, JR. JohnnY "By actual measure he's not very tall, But in personality he equals all." Monogram '47-'48-'49p Legislature '47-'48-'49, Jr Sr Prom '4Bg Base- ball '47-'48f'49g Basketball J,V. '47 V 48g Order Comm. '49j Football '48-'49g V, P. Sr. Class '49 NATALIE S. ECK "Sweet as the music that she plays, Lavel and fine in all her ways.' Intramurals '46-'47g Ram- blers '47-'48-'49g, Sgph. Social '47g Y 1 N148-eflfr .pf , ffl fp -..:' .f-L f ,--'ll' HPAQAC. .W jj, f- 'Qi ' u lj ,pe ki. THOMAS Eestev Tom "True at heart and steady hand, The makings of a mighty man." Aeronautics '47g Photo- graphy '47g B. B, A, '48- '49y Ramblers '48-'49 QM 'gwaf' if W9-f 'Ge ELTON A. PAY DAVID FELDMANN Dave Sonny "A winning way and a pleasant smile, Such a man is well worth whiIe." I 463 JAMES FOSTER Jimmy "He never made a mistake he cauldn't explain afterwards." Library Club '47-'48-'49g Intramurals '47-'48, Silver Chips '47g Dance Comm '47f"48-'49j Silverlogue '4B' '49g HIFY '48-'49g Visual Aids '48- '49q Legislature '49j Hanor Society '49 DAVID FELDMANN Dave "Good health and good sense Are two of Iite's greatest blessings." Glee Club '47-'48g Intramurals '47- '48-'49g Track '48-'49g Library Club '48-'49j Order Comm, '48-'49g Band '48-'49g School Improvements '48 you'II see, slm- pl Ken el In F W - l I 1 xx ' X, X fe 4X N xy -J -.r N, A tt so R QU' WILLIAM FURLOW Bill "When you see Bill start on his way, You'II know he'lI be well known someday," Visual Aids '47-'48-'49, Intramurals '47-'48-'49, Automatives '47, Silver Chips '47-'48-'49, Photography '48- '49, Baseball '49 , , Q HAROLD FRAVEL Hofrod "Inside my desk my books do lie, They are at rest and so om I," PATRICIA FRAZIER Pat' "Who never defies and never demands, But smil- ing takes the world in her hands". Library Club '47- '48, '49, Silverlogue '49, Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'49 On Blair High School CHARLES GAITHER 1 "Chuck" "Asking nothing, revealing naught, But mlnting his words from a fund of thought " Rifle Club '47348-'49, Intramurals '47f'48, Chess Club '47, Dance Club '47-'48 DAVID GARDNER Dave "ln his character there's a purpose true, Willing ta dare and ready to do." Football '46-'47g Work Program '47- '48-'49, Photography Club '47-'48- '49, Legislature '47-'48-'49 tin- , 2 BETTY JEAN GILL Ben- "PersonaIIrty plus with a Capital "P" Tri-Hi-Y lCouncilman '47, Vice Pres, '48-'49lg Drarnatics '47g Library Club '47-'48-'49g Honor Society His- tarian '49g Student Cauncil '49, Silver Chips '47-'48, Sports Ed. '49j Dance Comm. '48-'49: HR. Pres. '47, MARGARET CILSON Betty "She has a merry wit And is not shy in using it." Tri-I-li-Y '47-'48-'49g Sil- verlogue '49g Library Club '48-491 Drum Majorettes '47 SHIRLEY CIITTINCS Jackie BETTE Gisellyi y , "Born- far success she seems, Always the star on the varsity techs' HAIWOYS peppy and full of Library Club '48-'49, iafmmamls fun, likes to be friends with everyone " Capt. '48, Dramatics '47, "B" Club '48, V P. '49, Hockey Team '48-'49, Tumbling '47, Basketball '47-'48, Sotrball '47-'49, Silverlogue '48, Girls' Sports Ed '49, Ramblers '48f '49 Hn, ROBERT I. CLYNN-JON ES Reds "Women may come and women may go, But I am annuererl forever" FREDERICK GOODHART Fred LEWIS GRANDSTAFF Louie "A mortal cheery, Never tired, never weary." Automotive Club '47-'48- "A youth there was of quiet ways, Who knew how to use each of his days." Intramurals '47-'48-'49 JAMES GRIFFIN Jimmie "A mind like a book shelf does he possess? For all he thinks of is the noon recess." ELAINE HANDABAKA "I-Iere's a likeable girl in work or play, And a sense of humor throughout the days, Intramurals '46-'47, Silver- logue '47-'48, Silver Chips '47-'48-'49, Variety Show '47, CARE '47-'48, Con- servation Club '47-'48, Library Club '49 HELENE HAMILTON Weenie "A busy little someone with an ever-ready smile, Willing and helpful all the whiIe." . Hn, ,ifyf V . lit Dee "Maiden with the dark brown eyes, In whose orbs a shadow lies." Hockey Team '48 M! r in ANITA HAFERMANN Nita "A good sport who's liked by everyone, A gal who's always full of fun." Library Club '48-'49, Dancing Club '48, Care Committee '48-49 X af- ol W'?v"' 5 K , -' 'I' " 3" I.. i 0 sy' , vu - 711 im I, 5, JOAN MARY I-IANEY Joan "Working loyolly for her school, Living out the Golden Rule." y Club '48-'49, Ram- '47, Photography Club, '47-'48, Variety Show '48, Tri-Hi-Y '47- '48-'49, Farmer Party Committee '48, Soph. Social Club '47, Legislat- ure Alt. '48 ,I af, PATRICIA A. HAMILTON Pal' "There's mischief and a twinkle in her eye, And she loves to kid you all the whiIe." Library Club '48-'49, Tri- Hi-Y '47-'48-'49, Silver- logue '48-'49, Drum Majorettes '48-49, Intra- murals '47-48, Art Cliib '47, Track Team '47-'48 JOANNE HARMEN Joody " A "sweller" chum you'll never find, Always willing -she's that kind." Dancing '47-'4 I yi ti I AMI ii k -. iii' 1 IU RICHARD A. HARRISON Ricky "Comedian, friend and athlete, At all, this guy is hard to beat." Football '47-'48-'49, Boys "B" Club '47-'48-'49, Soph. Vice President '47, Baseball 47-48-'49, Homeroom President '49, Intramurals '47-'48 HELEN JEAN HARVEYCUTTER "Heart soft as the landscape of dreams, She's as nice as she seems." Conservation Club '47, Dancing Club '49, Sophomore Social Club '47, Art Club '49 JOAN HATTERSLEY "Her blush is like the morning, With early gems adorning." Art Club '47, Driving Club '47, Dramatic Club '47, Sopho- More Social Club '47, Silver Chips '47, '48 '49, Maiorettes '48, '49, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Variety Show '47, '48, Li- brary Club '47, 48, 49 JOAN HEDCCOCK She's sweeter than the morning dawn, And dewdrops twinkling o'er the lawn." Cheerleaders '49, Silverlogue '49, Tri-Hi-Y '49, Care Committee '49 Library Club '49 N sf JEANNE LOIS HE R "The fairest garden in her looks, in her in that wisest books." N SL X Q Intramurals '47, '48, Legislature '48, '49, Class Trdqsurer '48, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, 49, Homeroom President 'Wk Homeroom Secretary '48, Silver Chips '49, Art b 'QB si JOHN V. HELM 7 "Just at the age 'twixt boy arid youth, When thought is speech and speech is truth." Work Program '49 MARGARET ANNE HERBERT Nan She is not difficult to please, She con be silent as the trees." Work Program '49 BETTY HICKS "Affectionate, tender, loving and attached, She's a gal who can't be matched." Ea ' Qndfwbflyfafa 4551-wi M WRWZ '1flDlE'7?f?l'21Mam,' "A quick wit and ready tongue, Add much the pleasure of the occasion." JOAN HOVER "She sings and cheers and dances well, And as for looks -she sure is swell." Library Club '47, '48, Vice-Pres. '49, Cheerleaders '48, '49, Soph. Social Club '47, Psychology Club '47, Tri- HieY '48, '49, Officer '47, Dramatic Club '47, Dance Committee '48, '49, Variety Show '47, '48, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee '48, Silverlogue '48 BEVERLY HUNTT Bev "Who's this gal with lots of vim? Who else but Bev would have that grin." Library Club '48, '49, Treasurer ot 'B' Club, Hockey '47, Baseball '47, Basketball '47, '48, Track '47, '48, Care '48, Silver- Chips, '48,, Intramural? '47, Dancing Club '47 ,If I A ii" l Rf-xv JACKSQN' Jac .-4 "l am alway ' in haste, But never im'a hurry.l' lntramurals,'47j BGSIKGIPOIIIN7 ' 7 i A J.V. 4 - A' fx, ' 11 1 0' i li r J .1 ,' . Help tire! Bonfire before Tech game ','!'l!M", ' f J' ' CHARLES W. JAMES Buck "He's big of heart, Clean and strong ot mind." Intramurals '47, '48, Rifle Club '48, Galt Club '47, '48 v . K I 's 'OERALDI NE L. JOHNSON Shorty "As stuclious as the 1 I KJ s.. gy E tl'- . 0 ' QM . A ,:.:. .31 - vmgisf ' r r . ' ',,- 7' 1 , ,ig-filffi 7, 3 '. 1 . rg K .411 gl 4' I - ROBERT JONES "Lite is not lite at all, Without delight." day Intramurals '47, '48, Track is long, As merry as the Team '47, '48i Rifle Club 47 '48 '49 merriest sang. j iss M . L ,... , Q H -tr l .5 123' I . J is.-:.-P, illl if' , iiii 4 Y iiilil " isb' WILLARD JONES VICTOR JUNGK, JR. Vic "A nicer boy one couldn't meet, Willard's surely got them beat." Ritle Club '47, '48, '49, Conservation Club 447, Intramurals '47, '48, '49 "You can tell the charactcr ot a man, When vou see how he receives praise " Soph Class Sc-ct '47, Jr Class Dies. '48 Std Chun V P ' , U 49, HR. Pres '47-'48, Football '47 '48-'49, Hanor Society '48f'49, Librarf Club Y '48-'49, Silverlogue '48-'49 f 1 is Q x ' f l s to tg, Q? 'hug 'Z is LJ'75iis fe Q X , K , L J ir his Q F . ,. dsx 2 I sm st F 3 A , ROLAND JONES Bones "Work is work and must be done, But as I work I have rny fun," Library Club '48, 49, lntrarnuruls '47, '48, '49, Silverlogue '48, '49, Legislature '47, '48, '49, Order Camm. '49, Dance Comm '48, '49, Ramblers '47, Dance Club '47, Honor Society '49 JOHN KENNEDY "Sturdy of limb, strong of heart, A man in each and every part." Football '47-'48, J.V. Basketball '47, Baseball '48-'49, Legislature '49 59, SPIDSQ ROBERT KIBLER Bob "Oh 'e's little, but 'e's wise, 'E's a terror for 'is size." Automatives '47, Shop Club '47, Intramurals '47- '48 JOYCE L. KINC- "ln arguing, foo, the person owned her skill, But for all of it, she was our friend." Library Clufb '48, '49, Silver Chips '47, '49, Man- aging Editor '49, Intra- murals '48 NANCY KL NE "She tripped ily along, in a carefre le, Mis- chief and with her all the whil .' Glee C Er '4 , nc' g l ' I . , .I ptr ' S ,482 Entertainment at the slunwbejjparty I 24 om o Club A J' JG ,," fi' .JN ,lj ' P If . C' 1 ' , I -ik Zyl' 4-'N , I pf .1 lv Q A .MJ - . J J, 41 us:-1 4 4 ff 4' 'A vffya' its LEE KOETZLE DAVID KREH WILLIAM KREPS HTG be efmem m every My "A iack of all trades with -a Bill That is his aim throughout each day" mlnd Very 'Keen' I-'gs G Whlz "And he, OUV friend, 0 EIf1Z',"5I?.'Sg'f'4'4ASIS2i'lOg'Zg',5'133' ' 'Qjef:?f"CS' 'Im' S my 'O fifffii h'?fYiIOm2f1 Sjqugkfls I ' , ' ' - I I I . Sf?f"3'5"'i2if ',IQ,.i""li:jL'3?'f?"'fi2' yisuoi Aids ciuis '47, '48, Fooibqii '49 Q V P. '49f Dvfbhg Club '17 I '49, Camera Club '48: I, Radio Club '47 JAN Kp?-IN - CHARLES LAMB Pug i.Yi.E N. LAMB ' SIJIPY lgI:f,,,'S O 9'm'IQmOn "Um Sole 'O "Still is' thelsilence, Round "Ey6S" Illf Q very dark When singing, his voice makes a Oboul' IEIIS lull' toDoZ, It's a very nice 'mel' Swfld " 7 48 49 O d Aufomofivff Club '47f H I tr s '4 , ' ' 5 r er I . feature 'llc' She hos' Cnon?r:u'j9, Safety Comm, '49j Glee Rambler ., 48' Aero' Aff Club sec '47 Ps 'I in '44 HGUHCS Club '11 C OOQV Club '46 'si J!! l JP 1" ' J, wif ' JANE KROUSE Janie "I felt her presence, By it's spell of might." Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48, Library Club '48, '49, Ramblers '47, '48, '49, Dramatic Club Sec. '47 'inf B ETTY LAMONT "lt's nice to be natural, When yuu're naturally nice " Tri-I-li-Y '48, '49, COmmercial Club President '49, Silverlogue '48, Sec- retary Hameraom '47, '48 l'1 I ' j 'I . Clllps 47 Z"".'1?:1A- H: 4' fzfff-fv27O'AJr4Qf,4Vf14 NANCY LEAHY Nancy "Sprightliness in her you'lI see, To your heart she holds the key." Intramurals '47, '48, Dramatic Club '48, if: .V DONALD LASHLEY Don "lt is my joy in life to find, The strong aim of a comrade kind." Library Club '48, '49, Dance Committee '49, Order Committee '49, ln- tramurals '47, '48, '49, Rifle Team '47, '48, '49, Track Team '48, '49, Junior Senior Prom Com- mittee '48, Silverlogue '49, Soph. Social '47. LOUANNE PAT LEEF "Given any job, She'll do all right, Very successful in any light." Intramurals '47, '48, Library Club '49, Student Council '49, Legislative Representative '47, Care Representative '47, '48, Homeroom Sec. '48, Home- room Vice-President '49 Koa.: -'LWJYC 1' ' hrfvv-C fixkfv-A C"'l""'4' .J QU ,QsdL0- lt-l17fl4i movq ouqatv- DORA LAWSON "Here's a girl that can't be beat, One the fellows like to meet." Business Man- f Silver Chips '49, Club '49, Secretary '47, '48 FRANK LEIZEAR JOHN LINTON Johnny "His dimples and his easy blush, Make us like him very much." Band '47, '48, '49, lntra- murals '47, '48, '49, Li- brary Club '48, '49, Vari- ety Show '48, Card Club '47, Student Council '49, Basketball Team '48 LEIGHTON Lou "Smiling and fashionable in her way, Possessed with neatness we'd always say." Dance Cluo '47, Conser- vation Club '47 '48, Dance Committee '47, '48, '49 Soph. Social '47, Art '48, Silver Chips '48 Soph- Club '49 ERNEST LOFFLER Ernie "Loffler's a senior quite shy, But just wait til the girls catch his eye." lntramurals '47, Card Club'47, Automotive Club '47 BARBARA LOCHTE Bobs "Happiness is a perfume which we cannot sprinkle over others without spil- ling a few drops on our- selves." Photography Club '47, Home Arts Club '47, ln- tramurals '48 a "Frank and cars like black and white, A well-known pair, a well-known sight." Intramurals '47, '48, llilgvie Operator '47, ,48, B ETTY LOW E "s.P." "Her jokes are a great attribute, But not only that, she's just plain cute." Conservatiori '47, '48, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '49, Altern- ate to Legislature '49 x N JOAN MARGUERITE LUCKER "CooI, collected, calm and self-possessed, You will always find her neatly dressed." Intramurals' '47, '48, Library Club '48, '49, Glee Cluib '47, '48, '49 GirI's "B" Club HARRY R. LUGENBEEL "And yet he smiles so wistfully, His spirit mysteries envelop me." Intramurals '47, '48 FRANK J. LUPAC, JR. "Asking nothing, revealing naught, But minting his words from a fund of thought." Library Club '48, '49, Intramurals '47, '48, '49, Dance Committee '48 '49 DANIEL B. LYONS Donny "Speech is a mirror of the soul, As a man speaks so is he, we are toId." Intramurals '47,A '48, '49, Legislature '47, Rifle Club '47, '48, Biology Club '47, Golf Team '47, '48, Junior Senior Prom Committee BARBARA MACCOLLUM Barb "Patient, loyal, and quiet and true, She peps us up when we are blue." Soph. Social '47, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Library Club '47, '48, '49, Homeroom Treas. '48, '49, Legislature Sec. '47, '48, Variety Show '48 JAMES C. MAIN Jimmy "I have often regretted my speech, Never my silence." u.s. Navy '45, '46, '47, '48 DAVID LAWRENCE MANN Dave "TaIl and angular is Dave Mann, Meet a boy who's really keen." ' Homeroom Pres. '47, Intramurals '47, '48 DON E. MARKLE " A cheerful grin and friendly way, With us at Blair he's sure ok." Variety Show '47, Ramblers '47, '48, Election Com- mittee '47, '48, '49, Dance Committee '48, '49, Li brary Club '48, '49, Intramurals '47, '48, Cheerleaders '48, '49, SILVERLOGUE '48, '49, SILVERCHIPS 47, '48, '49, Student Council '49 MARION M. MARSHALL "ln the halls she makes lots of noise, And we know she's quite full of joys." Glee Club '47, Library Club '48, '49, Conservation '47, Dancing '47 SILVERLOGUE '48, '49 JOAN MARTIN "O blessed with temper, whose unclouded ray, Can make Tomorrow cheerful as today." OK. Joyce, Bob can wash it off VIRGINIA MARTIN ' ' Qinny V "Wheneve:Yf a' I ugh isxyto be tpund,,YouII findl ir- ginlidi Sorhlewhere around." copservmion cmb '47, 'W - i . , ., I lf 'I,' I -' I! I DORIS ' MCCONOUC-H EY Little Chum "Fit art those prodigal of smiles, Smiles, sweeter than frowns are stern." TED MCCOW Mac "For all the years we've spent together, He has blest us with the sunniest weather." Band '47, '48, Orchestra '47, Visual Aids '47, '48 CHARLO'I'I'E V. ANNE MCINNERNEY JOE E. MCINTOSH MCHCRNEY BGUY "He sits in the back seat HH, not her air her form "The-re'5 Germq ggi Eng- in every class, When' the her face It's the mind that 'ish' G d U the Clogs teacher Speaks' has O com' shines in every grace" Bug ko 'I SS GIOCIOUSI men' 'O pOSS"' . , ' A ' I ." Sllverlogue 49 s an merican ass K2 DORCA MCLAUCHLIN Dotfy "Music is a beautiful magician, And few can re- sist its power." Intramurals '47, '48, "B" Club '48, '49, Band '47 '48, '49, Orchestra '48, Xcgriety Show '47, '48, I HUGH MCLAUGHLIN DOLLY M. MCMILLAN AUDREY MERRIMANX Junie ,, . "Kind in thought word One, whose gentle face I , "He's tall, dark, and hand- IS fairer than the roses Ot and deed, Ot heruactions some, And never will he her feetj' more Shogld hier- C I be lonesome." D . CI blA7 148 Dramatic ub ' , " are' Golf '48, '49, Intramurals Oncmg U ' Committee '48, 49 '48 .,.,, V ' " , ' , - MARILYN MIDDLETON "No time to wait till her mouth can Enrich that smile her eyes began." Library Club '48, '49, SILVER CHIPS '47, '48 49 AGNES MINICK ROBERT MERRICK Bob "Do unto the other fellow the way you'd like him to do unto you, And do it first." Rifle Club '47, '48, Intra- murals '47, 48, Honor So- 't '49 Ziiim of fs A . . 1' .'n...lJi.QAi .gfflb ' - i. fig' WILLIAM MESS Baldy "Bill Mess of football fame Has won for himself quite a name." SILVERLOGUE' 47, "B" Club '48, '49, Football '47, '48, '49, Basketball '47, SILVERLOGUE Sports Editor '48, '49 Track '48 Dancing Club '47, Photog- raphy '47 Library Club '49 Kit, Morgan, Paul turn on the Charm DONALD MILLER "Now he is always in whirls Because he has made 'his ,debut with the girls." 1 Work Program '48 4 JOSEPH MILLER "He was a scholar, and a ripe good one, Exceedingly wise, fair spoken son." Camera Club '47, Visual Aids '47, '48, '49, Library Club 4'8, '49, Stadium Comm, '48 '49, Order Comm, '49, Variety Show '43, Intra- murals '48, Silverlague '49, Honor Society '49, Track team '47, '48 OLLIE MILLER Olie Moo "As welcome as sunshine in every place, Is the smil- ing approach of a good naturecl face." Kennel Club '48, JOSEPH MOORE SAMUEL MOORE JUNE MOSBY "AlWOYSj bl-'SY Gnd full of JOB Sam "Music's her favorite dur- Pepf Wllh Olllflle World She "A youth to whom is given "Kindness by secret sym- lV1Q Cl0SStime, bllf travels ICSSDS In SYED- So much of earth, so much pathy is tied, For noble her favorite pastime." Intramurals '47-'48 of heaven." souls in turn are allied." Ramblers '47-'48, D,-amor- Intramurals '47-'48, Band '47-'48-'49 ics '48, Soph. Social '47, Variety Show '48, Psychol- ogy Club '47 ff' I li f fi. 1. I, 1 ,yew . . -f ff' flli' -f Q .. 1 f-ffffs-Erik I Wh l I 12 asia fog. r tgr:j:g.1 :-' --owe.. ,Q W I if S , . .Q ge 'fl 'iii' 'W i' s. V we s if ig-Q' S if X iff, , m , Jig? , S v X fgmggg ui fgi. I 4 aff! , . . , , ,,LL., ,1W, . U, i-f:i.'f -455.339 + .HF:1'.-'..g,i .f ' wfwisls EUGENE MYERS Gene "My only books were bab- bling brooks, And nature is what taught me." Work Program '48-'49 GORDON D. NORTH Boom-Boom "Gordon blows a horn in the band, At our assemb- lies he's always on hand." Baseball '47--'48-'49, Li- brary Club '48-'49, Order Committee '48-'49, School Improvements '49, Bond '47-'48-'49, Intramurals '47-'48-'49 HOWARD MUHLY, JR Mule "I had rather have a girl to make me merry, Than experience to make me sad." Work Program '48-'49 RICHARD NICHOLS Dick "Comical and funny in every way, Really swell all say." Library Club '48-'49, Jr. Prom Committee '48, Foot- ball '47, Track '47, Intra- murals '47-'48-'49, Vari- ety Show '48, Biology Project '47, Soph Social '47 LUCILLE OVENDEN Poonah "Full of vigor, pep, and fun, Ever always on the run." Activity Council '47, Dra- matics '47, Pres. '48, '49, Ramblers '47-'48- '49, Intramurals '48, Li- brary Club '48-'49, CARE '48, Silverlogue '48, Sil- ver Chips '47, Inter-School Relations '48, "Homenoom Pres. '49 BARBARA NEAL "She walks in beauty, like the night, And all that's the best of dark and bright." Library Club '47-'48-'49, Soph. Social '47, Home- room Secretary '48, Silver Chips '47 Silverlogue '49, Legislature '49 THELMA ORRISON "And that smile like sun- shine, Darts into many a sunless heart." Cord Club '47, Legislature '47, Silverlogue '47 I fyfdjl L.,-J iffy wMf'6j:jCf'J .91 f 7 RAYMOND w. ' MussEi.wH ITE, Ray "The world is always ready To receive talent with open arms." Legisloture'47, Art Club '47-'48, Silverlogue '49, Dance Club '47, Dance Committee '48-'49' - graph Club '47 , Photo WILLIAM NICHOLAS Bill "Quality, not quantity, ls his measure." Work Program '48-'49 KEVIN OWENS "Mon is his own star, and the soul that can, Render an honest and perfect man." Intramurals '47-'48-'49, Dance Committee '47-'48- '49 MITCHELL PARSONS Mitch "He's handsome, lithe and very tall, He really knows his basketball." School Stadium Committee Chairman '47-'48, Basketball '47- 4B-'49j Football '47-'48' VIRGINIA MARLENE PATRICK Dinky "Truth is enough for prose, To tell just what it knows." ANITA PAYNE "Thou whose locks shine in the sun, Golden tresses wreathed in one." Glee Club '47, lntramurals '47, Dance Club '47 BE'l'l'Y PEMBERTON Pem "When Betty's around there's sure to be fun, Always ready-on the run." Library Club '48-'49, lntramurals '47-'48, "B" Club '48-'49, Dramatics '47, Dance Club '47, Card Club '48, Soph. Social '47, Silver Chips '49, Silverlogue '49 JOHN PERKINS "To a boy you've got to meet, Here's someone who can't be beat." Foofbqn '48-'49, LU DEANE PETERSON Lu "With sense of humor that can't be beat. An attractive girl who's always neat." lntramurals '48, Silverlogue '49, ilver Chips '49, Library Club '49, Ramblers '49 .WWW vw W J -elf M ALF PEUCKER 'Man's reach exceeds his grasp, Else what's a heaven for? Tennis Team '49 JESSIE JEAN PICKETI' Jess "Her modest answer and graceful air, Show her wise and good as she is fair." Silver Chips l'47, '48, Managing Ed. '49J Soph. Social '47, Secretary of Jr. 8- Sr, Classes, Secretary of Homeroom '48- '49g Treasurer of Homeroom '49 4 TH OMAS D. PREVO Tommy "One proud truth has been written plain, That valor never is in vain." lntramurals '49, Photography Club '47, Homeroom Pres. '48-'49 MARY M. RAINES "With the joy of spring, And morning in her eyes." Dance Club '48, lntramurals '47, Silver Chips '48-'49, Legis- lature Alt. '48-'49, Homeroom Pres. '48-'49g CLORlA RAUSCH Granny "Very quiet-Very nice, Liked by everybody," Commercial Club '48-'1-195 Silverlogue '48-'49, Silver Here I sit reclining Chips '48-'49, Driving Club '47 FRANK RAWLINCS Hank "Oh, wonderful days, Little do we know what lay be- fore us." tiias DOUGLAS RAY JOHN M. REDMOND HAROLD REED Buzz Digger Dynamite Bill "He lives to build, not "True friendship is like "The mildest manners with boast, A generous racer" sound health, The value of the bravest mind, Ever pre- Intramurals 147-148, Bose- it is seldom known until it cise in promise keeping." bali 148 ' is lost," Intramurals '-475 Photogra- lntramurals '48-'49 phy '47j Card Club '48g Rifle Club '48 SYLVIA REED Syl "The sun shone on her gleaming hair, And her cheek was glowing fresh and fair." Library Club '47-'48-'49g Trl-Hi-Y '47-'48-'49, Dramatics '47g Soph. Social '47g Tacky Party Comm. '47g Silver Chips '47-'48-'49g Co-Feature Ed, of Chips '49, Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. '48 T i.: L - A will 1 CATHERINE L. ERMA L RENNER VlRG'NlA RICE GIIIIIIII CHARLES RLCHARDS Q - "Ad new if d an W. h u. . ' huck Mlclue Whoa MOISDYR lC?YlUl ill Cl ekilll "Until you know him he's rather quiet H-l-he fairest QGl'd6n in l"IeF MSDE WGS humble, she WGS Library Club' 7-'4BA'49g tra ral But after that he's quitea riot." looks, And in her rnind the statelY, SlmPl95l deed, She .l 7'l48'l49f M9 'lf Pbfofv UI-Ib F95 F0?'b0" 17348 wisest booksai it green!-if ix, R .'Z?1l4B8a-silgall 47-48-49, Basketball Home Ec. Club '47g ln- '4 3 S ' trgmurals '47g B,B.A, '48- Riagg W A x Ass ,xi DRE C 3- NIE RISSLER is she, pleasing fair, Learned, but with modest air." Ramblers '48-'49, B.B,A. '48-'49, Home Ec. Club '47, Intramurals '47-'48 DOROTHY RICHARDSON Dotsie "O Dorothy the girl with the smile, l-las all others beat byla mile." .fha Hockey 48 49 M25 I " I V' , b gliifo, PRISCILLAIRI CE Pris "lf her voice you've not heard yet, Be sure to hear her at the "MET". " Library Club '484'49, Dance Committee '48-'49, Tri-Hi-Y '48-'49, Cheer Leaders '48-'49, Student Council Secretary '48, Art Editor Silverlogue '49, Glee Club '47, Variety Show '47 '48, Silver Chips '49, ln- tramurals '47-'48, Queen's Court '49 JOAN RITTER Joan "A studious lass of the jolly sort,, That's a real true friend and splendid sport." Silverlogue '49, Soph. So! cial '47 we ' 4, Pom Pom girls in Parade of Progress 'Fan SHIRLEY ROBBINS Robbie "Her zerious moments are few, Full of fun and never blue." Hockey Team '48, Intramurals '48, Silverlogue '49, Track '48g Library Club '49 . .pf I, J f A . ., c. 1 "" ws f Sr JOSEPH ROBERT -I09 "A trtle lang, a trfle lean The neatest boy l've ever seen." Intramurals '47-'48e'49, Rifle Club '47-'48, Library Club '48-'49 RICHARD ROBERTS Dick "lf you haven't met Dick you're in for a treat, here's a grand guy that can't be beat." Intramurals '47-'48-'49, Visual Aids '48, Track '47 EDMUND ROBINS Bunski "We have with us an artist of fame, He's al- ready made quite a name." Art Club '47-'48-'49, Foot- ball '48-'49g Intramurals '47-'48-'49 E. MACLIN ROBY Mac "Here is a man to hold against the world, A man to match the mountains and the sea." Chess Club '47, Intramur- als '48g Baseball '47 I WARREN RUSSELL Russ "O here's a guy named Russell, To beat him you'd have to hustle." Band '47, Intramurals '47-'48-'49g Homeroom Treasurer '47, Saph, Social Pres '47, Library Club '48-'49 ANDREW RUSSO Andy "Andy Russo should write a book, And entitle it H1-he Lookor H Silver Chips 49, Intra- murals '48 JOSEPH SANTINI QW RICHARD SCHAFER Joe "HumiIit and fearle s Diclo MURIEL SANDIFER Mo "Ever there with a ready hand, With beautiful hair like golden sand." Library Club '47-'48-Presb dent '49, Tri-Hi-Y '47- Society '49, Dance Comm. '49, President '48, Inter- High Council Secretary '48, Intramurals '47, '48, Inter School Relations Chairman '49, Stud. Coun. '49, Var- iety Show '48, Jr. Sr. Prom. Comm, '48, Honor '48-'49, Tacky Party Comm. "Not by years, but by dist Y S- ness, Merits held high in - position Is wisdom ac' a man." quired." Rifle Team '47-'48, Band '47, Work Program '48- HERBERT SEHORN Herbie "O to be a bird, my lads, and live aloof from core." Library Club I - '48-'49, Track '48, Work Proglam '48-'49 . ,ix t , , r i t t t I Y Ja ,I I NANCY SCHLOSSER "Dimples in her cheeks, Happiness ot' its Realm." Glee Club '4-'48 Hlx 'll BERTHA SHAPLEY Bertie "She was always fair and never proud, Sharp tongue at will and never Ioud." S1 ver Chips 48 49 Sl verlogue 49 WILLIAM SETTLE Bill "Manner, not gold, Is ma'n's best adornment." Rifle Club 47, Photogra- phy Club '47, Intramur- als '47, Treasurer of Class PAU L SC U LLY Scullie "His quietness conceals a wit, That better known would make a hit." Art Club '48, Intramurals '47-'48-'49, Track '48- '49 FREDERICK SHARP Fred "Meet a boy who fits his name, Witty and fun in any game. Work Program '48-'49 JOAN L. SHORT "Her small courtesies, Sweeten life." Intramurals '47, Soph. Social '47 FRANK SIMONS "Always able, always willing, Fills any job that needs filling." Legislature '47-'49, Intramurals '47-'48-'49, Order Committee '47, Homeroom Pres. '48, Baseball '47-'48- -'49, Library Club '49, Variety Show '48, Jr. Sr. Prom Committee '48, Soph. Social '47 MARGUERITE ELLEN SIMPSON "Here's the gal with the flashing baton, Well sure miss Nancy when she's gone." Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'49, Library Club '48-'49, Dance Committee '49, Majorettes '47-'48 Captain '49, Silver Chips '49, Silver- logue '47-'49, Photography Club '47, Soft Ball '47, Track Team '47 STANLEY SKAI FE Stan "Although he has a lot of wit, He's rather shy in using it." Intramurals '48-'49 ROBERT SLABY Bob "lt matters not how long you live, But how well." Intramurals '48 PEGGY ANN SMALLWOOD Peg "Always Iauglhing and full of fun, She is liked by every- one." Dance Club '47, Card Club '47, Intramurals '47-48, Silver Chips 48-49 JULIAN SMITH "Friendly but shy, a nice sort of guy." ELIZABETH SMYTHE 5 HY "Be coly, but use your :im ile you may, be merr . Dranzatics '47-'48, Dancing I 7 uraIs '47- '48 ell YH, ' Cu I MM' Q' K A . QM sz, X RONALD SPANC-E ER . Ronnie X "He walked with crowds a little while, Lifting the world's heart with a smile." Ramblers '47-'48, Band '47-'48-'49, Intramurals '47-'48- '48, Basketball 8. Baseball Manager '48 JEAN SPERATI Jeannie "Jean is a maiden petite, That means dainty, pretty, and sweet." .M , 0 r u l l i i K Xi I ' rs , 0 Lunch time on the home front PATRICIA STEELE Pat "Here's a gal who's really neat, Fun and cute, she's quite a treat." Dance Club '47, Silver Chips '47, '48, Managing Editor '49, Dance Com- mittee '49, Tri-Hi-Y '48, Library Club '49, Legislat- ure '49 MURIEL D, STERLING "Her character and tastes are commended, As ability and modesty are blended." Glee Club '48, Silverlogue '49 ' ,,,' JJ, ,KL '. I iffy u . -,, . , 1 -- - - V ff . I I i ,I . fl ' .1 ul 'U 1 V' ,L g' . t ,. ,r I r vl' J .' CHARLES E. STEVENS Steve "Fun is his motto, And certainly he is a good fel- low," Work Program P X BETTY c. SULLIVAN j - ia.c, L, "Dark with lovely face and t Q eyes, Witty is she-you x won't deny." 'SL N x Library Club '48, '49, Silverlogue '48, '49, Glee Club '47, '48, Ramblers '49 JOAN M. STEWARD Joanie "The same yesterday now and forever, Always quiet calm and clever." CHARLES STEWART Richard "Tis better to have lived merrily, Than never to have lived at all," DOROTHY STOTLER Poison 'Alirequently quiet-very petite, My oh my-she sure is sweet." intramurals '47 HILDA SWARTZ "Merry as the summer sun, Happy and sweet to everyone." Commercial Club '48, '49, Silver Chips '47, '48, '49, Vice President Homeroom '48 ANNE SWAYZEE "She is as wise as she is fair, A credit to our dear old Blair" Library Club '47, '49, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Cheerleaders '48, Captain '49, Chairman '49, Student Council '49, Glce Club '47, Homeroom Vice President '48, Honor Society '49, Variety Show '47, '48, lntramurals '47,, '48, lnterfCounty Student Council '49, Care Committee '49 GERALD A. SWINNERTON Jerry "lt is good to be unselfish, And Generous." Rifle Club '47, '48, Track '47, '48, '49, Intramurals '48 ...fmt H if rf 4 lg 'ma' 4 Q X 4 14-l c, ., , 4 gg A F54 ,rg A' . ly Vjsk ' 'T' W f t iii , 41. K PAUL TAGGART, JR. Junior "Witty, smart and debon- air, He's quite a charac- ter at "Monty"' Blair." Silver Chips '47, '48, Boys' Sport Editor '49, "B" Club '48, '49, Library Club '48, '49, Automotive Club '47, Tennis '47, '48, '49, Basketball J. V. '47, '48, '49, Intramurals '47, '48, Homeroom President '47, School Publicity, Man- ager for Football '49 WINFIELD TALLEY "His warp of ,friendship and assistance, Pynd never softened by a fljsfancef' l B,B.A. Pr sid nt '45, 'aol Band 171115, '49j,,lf'lfra- muralsl'47, '48"Jf r'l J Q' 4 'J !',.,jtr J ,, 1 r 'mas " 'f' ' DELMAR TAYLOR Del "Looked up to by many, this gent is tall, Popular and well liked by all." Homeroom President '47, '48, Intramurals '47, '48, '49, Baseball '48, Silver Chips '48 JOANNE TAYLOR bonnie lassie, tall and golden hair." fair, with TrifHi-Y '47, '48, Treas '49, Dra- matics '47, Soph Soc. '47, Silver Chips '48, Art Ed. '49, Dance Comm. '49, Ramblers '48, '49, Library Club '48, '49, Cafeteria Comm. '48, Hockey Team '47, Intramurals '47, '48, Variety Show Comm '47 If ,v' - -4 J' , , i 629 jib ,h"76 The steps "up", " ,-4 f""' ' . ' ffl' 'jg 1 , . A, fy . J ' 4 of - . 1 ROBERT TEALE Bob "Here's a guy with real ambition, Few things is he found a'missin Intramurals '47, Photogra- phy Club '47, Visual Aids Club '48, Intramurals '48, .Track '47, '48, '49 In ROBERT THEOFJELD Bobbi' LAWRENCE THOMAS JOANNE THRASHER His pleasant voice and famous grin Make us think a lot at him " ' Lqryy "She is Q pretty lin-le ,OSS , i i V ' l'b"'.'V FWD. 48' 'Q' l:OO'bU", 47' "Virtue and riches Sel- one of The YOUVWQGST In her 48, 49, B Club 45, 49, Bgsebeii ,H Clos H '47, '48, '49, stud Crun '48, Pres d0m Settle One mcn. 5' Senior Class 'A9 Radio Club '47, Chess Club '47, Photography Club '48 JOAN THAYER Joan "What sweet delight, A quiet life affords." HOWARD TOWNSEND Golden Boy "Liked by the boys ond their sisters as well." Track Team '47, Manager '48, '49, Intramurals '47, '48, Variety Show '48, Biology Club '47, 48, HR. Treas. '47, Pres, '49, Orchestra '47, '48, '49, Aeronautic Club 47 1 CAROL TURNER Jeanie "Let there be glory in your eyes, And peace within your heart." Homeroom Sec. '47, ln- tramurals '48, Dancing Club '47, '48 RICHARD WALKER Dixie "More than once he has helped our team thru, But that isn't all he can do." Football '47, '48, '49, Basketball J. V. '47, Track '48, Photography Club '47, Silverlogue '47, Student Council '48, '49, Silver Chips '48, '49 WILMER TRACESER Will Stand not upon the order of our going, But go at once to succeed. Intramurals '49, Photogra- phy Club '47, Card Club '47, Homeroom Vice-Pres. PRISCILLA VARNEY Pris "She is small and she is fair, And she is liked every- where." U- Ramblers '47, Legislatureff '47, '48, Tri-Hi-Y '48, Li-,fr brary Club '47, '48, '49, Homeroom Sec. '49, Tri- Hi-Y Sec. '49 WILLIAM WARD "A truer friend could never be found." Intramurals '49 el EMMA TROXLER Ronnie "Willing to help with any task, All you have to do is ask." Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, Library Club '47, '48, '19, S- Dance Committee '47, sembly Committee '48, '49, Silver Chips '47, Dramatic Club '47, Intra- murals '47, Honor Society THOMAS C. VAN VRANKEN Tom "Now talk up and answer right, You know we think you're awfully bright." Rifle Club '47, '48, Radio Club '47, 48 Q-thai'-5 Cu. L ,gn Q-uv5 JAMES WALTERS "A merry heart doeth good, Like an upright man." Intramurals '47, '48, Ten- nis '47, '48, Conservation '49, Soph. Party '47, Junior Party '48, Jr. Sr. Prom '48, Maiorettes '48, '49 NANCY - S an lj "HerCl9lttle ' s are in- deed veffquar , Yet they are he qu ities of Q saint. ' C Y . W' Tri- Y rary Gxlbb '4 mr i if ELIZABETH WASH BURN Betty "A daughter of the gods, Divinely tall, and most divinely fair." Intramurals '47, '48 REED WEDDLE "We salute him and it's no rumor He has a really swell sense of humor." Rifle Club '47 '48, '49, Intramurals '47 NAN WEINMAN "A sweet attractive kind of grace, So shines without her form and face." Silver Chips '49, Hockey Team '49, Tri-Hi-Y '49 .4Q'Co f:-44.0 I ., 1 77"-0'-J . .ROBERT A. WELLER Sandy "Quite a vivacious guy is Sandy, At joking and fun he's really dandy." PATRICIA WHEELER Pat "A winsome manner you won't deny, And that certain gleam within her eye." Card Club '47, B.B.A. '48 Sec. '49, Silverlogue Literary Editor '49, Dancin gClub '47 GEORGE EDWARD WHITE "A nice looking boy with manners keen, Someone who is heard and seen." Intramurals '48, Homeroom Vice-Pres. '48 OL EC HTE Ll . I lx C oki 24- X, DI "Beauty is power, s I r ' Ml- 04 Biology '47, In ' , ' . ' ' wffireiq t PATRICIA WHITE Pat "With her school spirit Pat will win,, Don't we wish she had a twin." Library Club '48, '49, Silver Chips '47, '48, Business Man- ager '49, Soph. Social '47, Intramurals '48 ROBERT B. WH ITE Bobby "All in all a likeable guy, Really Sharp-you can't deny." Intramurals '48 CAROLYN M. WHITT Carol "With a smile for every gal and guy, We hate for her to say goodbye." Tri-Hi-y '47, '48, '49, Intramurals '48, Photography Club '47, Library Club '49, Quill 8. Scroll '48, '49, Silver Chips '47, '48, Soph. Social '47, Legislature '48, '49, Silverlogue '49, Dancing Club '47 BETTY WILLIAMS "Bewitching as the summer's glow, Sweet and lovely, that you know." ROBERT WILLIAMS Bob "Act well your part, There all the honor lies." Tennis Team '49, Silver Chips '49 ROLAND L. WILLIAMS, JR. "The man worth while, ls the man who can smile." lntramuurals '47 '48 HELEN WILTSHIRE ELLA WINCO WYNEETA WINN Winnie Pe'C"e' -- Rusfv N'1?if15Q?lL',iCl!'ilfSQ'i,'iTiZ'Ql"ii'eit "Small, But so is a stick "Lively Charter Elldg ggi, Tri.H.,Y '47, '43, '49, Library Club of dynamite." With many friends she's at "'9,Wl-eS9'Sl9i,Uf if FhO'0,,3"D"'8' Dancing Club ,471 ,481 the topo, CIUZCVA7 , iveraque , anc Business OfQ0"1lZ0Tl0Vl ,491 lntrarnurals '47, Glee Club BGFIK '49 '47, '48, Visual Aides '48 ROBERT WOLFE Bob "A wonder at Golf with a natural pride," Intramurals '47, '48, Rifle Team '47, '48, '49, Golf Team '47, '49, Silver Chips '48, "B" Club '48, Work Program SHIRLEY WOOl IEN JOAN GA WRlf3HT HH you need O .friend or gllpcesnzigaiilxgemspeech and more per- Comrode deorf Always re' Silence that speaks, and eloquence at member Shirley is here." eyes" - 1 1 , Dance Committee '48, '49, Drurv Donclvg 47,' ,48' Malorettes '48, '49, Silverlague '49 BOt'1l4 49, Soph. SOCIOl 47, Tr,,H,,y '47, f43' '49 Business Organization '49 LOIS YOUNG Lo "With eyes so dark and attractive grace, A girl with beauty in her face " lntrarnurals '48, Art Club '48, '49 Saph Social '47, Visual Aids '47 PETER ZURAS Pete "Fun, merrirnent, and sang, Doth life prolong." Rifle Team '47, '48, '49, Intramurals '47, '48, '49, Photo Club '47, Track Team '47, '48, '49, Silver Chips '48, Saph Social '47, Care Comm. '49, Order Comm '49, Library Club '49 The County Champions I ,YM ' Qlfk' .' sfipjlf- A , , .1 , ,,,-0 ffl ff' " 24, 44" I' l I j'-JJ! if, y ,Jeff Mfg 5 1,-' " 1 ,Mr ,ygfw . ff hilt!! lyk - 1 -ILM! Here's to the Senlors ' I Jef A,,f4,- ' V,,f7',f Of Montgomery Blair High ff' ff' " Never will we break XJ' ' ,i 7 Our friendship tie. in Ni' I. If Though we may be separated, ., .QU rj i And miles apart, ' f t' ,gli We'II never forget lf t ,f if Where we got our start: t' ff' F , ' Q Montgomery Blair High! K Q4 1 ,Il xx ,il Ronnie Troxler l 1 ti X ' W x it N X xi yi V Rf ,if t ij William Brunner Stephen Mixsell Here's a friend who's up to par, Man alive how he drives that car. Edward Fairbanks A very nice chap we all agree, He's terrific with a capital T. Allen Francis Twinkling eyes and merry face, A regular guy in any place. Janice Lovre A very sweet girl we'd like to know better Get acquainted if you haven't met her. Harold Maeder Really swell though he's quiet, A boy an top, you can't deny it. Betty A nice looking boy with a casual way, One with humor that will never stray. Sue Patton Just wait till you hear that southern drawl, And the darling manner when she says "you all." Regina Thomas For this nice girl we'll think of a rhyme, She's sweet and happy all of the time. Robert Thompson One of our boys on the football team, And with those drums he's really keen. Alan Wilson Say who is this fellow with such a friendly name? lf you don't know him, it's really a shame. Woodworth Really an asset to good old Blair, People seem to like her everywhere, ,Y N QM Q Li FT ,fi 3, Q ': . '. 'T 'Ms ff.-.J-if .?i3',i'-'51 , e . - - ' .,tj'ffi1fZQ5vfi wif sw4Q'.22i?":.-S1 ,ffrfi 1' , -,,5f'?iSft.zee,',t11' fe giiwwf. if A - ..i-'--,-ss.,W1':+:'-+"'41- ' i,,.+",:...' f-'5 - X , .fi-gt-iw-:'1v1.,,-is,t1,-, .- 'rm-'-f-' '- f :recital V 2 -fwfr 'fs nz' signs:-s'.-2 ers- 4, 7 :fm - -N if1'Wri'?. 1:-14. - "if5x"ma'H:.'-:. - ' igfv--..': . 'ff-411' e -: - . 2 . dams." gl::t22?2.f.3 it A .. . .. sritf4k1"f.'5Q i Jani'- gvpc . , ii- Q. nv "ei4i'?f?5f:':5'i':hf"l Wt if .,.-4- ,, ,.v,,,. A ,Wit uw-in - i 5 i ir JA! iv. sf... vi? u'w'.- A J 43 "Sq 'Ji I " is .--:f,,- ef -. iw- wifia2s.Sr:iia'-7 - - e' '-Bw-.eisizaesf A 12-ZYISQ., ag f ' P 1. f- i- .vs -s. ., -- i-X.,-'-i'.'fns-, . -.H C " I "1 :Ze .LLf,.rE..',ff 1" S, -sight Wai ii ,ivy 4 J' Y 1 " E' JA f A M 1- nf' l v ' 3 Qi- "' 4. 4 . .Jigs fr. M . .-.41 Q .gitlgx-A." if ' ,wa T-..1. Mtv: ga-.Ju , rf. ':, .,, ,X . Y ... We, the Senior Class ol 'I949 ot Montgomery Blair High School, ' bequeath to the "Countless students who follow in our footsteps", our entire possessions, acquired through many years of worldly experience, and we hope that they will accept the some with the Pfbliff humility and regard due one of superior authority and inte ect. - ARTICLE QNE Section 1: Bob Alexander 'hereby bequeaths the right of the Presidency of the student body to anyone who might have the honor ot being Elected and who would generously contribute his time in fulfilling his uties. Tom Eesley freely gives his knowledge ot ships and sailing to Ben Bordeaux. Muriel "Mo" Sandifer contributes her "A" average to Phyllis Harrison. Don Markle leaves his ability to get along with people, and his famous ears to Dick Batman. Chuck Richards wills his place on the basketball court to Ray Luckett. Section 2: Betty Pemberton and Betty Cleim will to Evelyn Bean and Llivian Cherrix their positions on the hockey team, hockey sticks, and ruises. Jerry Bean inherits Bill "Baldy" Mess' pile of junk surrounding a motor, loosely described as a car. Anne Swayzee leaves her pleasing personality and "do or die spirit" to Sara Pryor. Bob Teale wills his ability to sing in operettas to "Bernie" Cochran Lee Koetzle leaves his flashy cars and sporty clothes to Kenneth Combs. Joyce Darby gives the pictures and pages of "Silver Chips" and the worries that go with them to the Jun-ior who becomes next year's editor. Sylvia Reed bequeaths her ability to unite "Chicks and Chaps" to a person with equal ability. f I Bobby Cushman wills his smooth line with the girls to Bob Herdt- eder. Robert Jones leaves his quiet and unassuming ways to Harry Ingram. Section 3: The act announcer Roland "Bones" Jones contributes his early morning P. A. programs to anyone who might be slightly unsound of mind. We will to the Sophs the right to become Juniors and the privilege of thinking that they are better than the Seniors. Section 4: Jerry Swinnerton leaves his gitt ot composing poems and songs to Sydney Hepler. I Joe Miller bequeaths his l'il black book filled with phone numbers at his "one and onlys" to Ronald Witt. Cay De Nike givevs her stylish wardrobe to Joyce Duvall, who doesn't particularly need it, but who welcomes it just the same. Warren Russell leaves his good sportsmanship attitude to Charles "Chuck" Armstrong and Bill Larimore. S Dorcas McLaughlin bequeaths her ability to play the flute to Nancy tang. ARTICLE TWO Section 'l: Ed Camus wills his many wisecracks to Tommy Ridgeway. John Redmond leaves his heckling of the coaches to someone bold enough to carry on. Richard Dixon leaves his imitations of imbeciles and morans to any lunatic who may by chance be a senior next year. Tom Van Vranken gives his ability and speed to copy homework from others to Don Bell. Section 2: Jim Booth leaves his outstanding ability in mechanical drawing to Fred White. J , , Elsie May Bevan. e Bill Furlow gladly relinquishes his duty as president of the Visual Aids club to Bob Massey, and Jimmy Hagberg. V ' ,. ' ' Baynard "Hot Cinders" Cherrix leaves his ability to ,run thefour-forty to Bill Chapin. ' - - A ' ' Mary Raines leaves her sweet smile to Nancy Claget-t. A " , ' Helen Brennan bequeaths the right to sell "Blair" Hotdogs to, . -e Qii iiiffi ,- 1-1.9: ' ' ' . ,. ,.-.:""fii'EQi2.. ' .:'1.:.A.'.g.-'g-:nsni.-r. fr- ,g....eif,u.- its -4, Y, . , 4 ,,'-,.'-.c'7f4.,g. ".:t Vg vp' '4 ,.v1,-"-.ff A-..t.-..:...-N.: ir, - - .. A ".'."e-Vs 1-A-"1,f,,.Y-.':..:fc-'F N' " AW. . .V .,qt,. i7,,..t - L, 1 qi. f -, .... .. -,L ww -3-K . . wr.1wtfi:1"e'-aF'i'a -Yfkr-si., -V -"g"'iwgy,1g2'3t -.-J' - . "irc: -9 'Vi' fi R 9 it Y' All J we ,, Lx i .1 sa " W t E2 . ,..,-H e-1.9--3 .iw-xi-ivgzzgl f Q it fi avi karl st? Mg, 'tid'-in 1, iff is ' "':l'T"'-' YQ' I -f . -'J' , - A 1 A nike -:ll - -. 'ae 1 . , --Q.: z'J,E"E., . Qlffwe' F' " . in I' - i7".'2-E - - 5-J',' J' 4- .. LW 5353 ,. Yi A i M ' A 1159? is ...iii xlf. .If ' --:JF 2 - 'J v5':i'l.1 WS? ' 7' V 1- 3'!'i"5!fi"-'Q-2 - '. ' ' .Q km ., . . . . 'lf s. .-...wg , ,- .- ,, 14- f5'1J':'f1ffif' V ' ,S-Vjgifvgifsi.-, '.' ' ' .J .': ' -I5 nj-5' KP? ' hvt- ave! 1' f,.,...-.15 x r 32,-i,:1. ., ,Q --51 u ' r.,3.yc3,y- I H 'N ff,s-5'fg.1'?2Fki- Yi' - - '5 it, -3 rfb 7.,...:L:W-1J,'1Hj,Qe ' g ,:i. ' - 4 ..:'-:-',s1?'jf- 'g vt :fra L -sg. W f ' ' ' U 3 1 'l :jf 1 " ff-'fuk . .iflfj 25518142-Plili - tt .. . X5 ' ARTICLE THREE ' . -' Section I: Lawrence Thomas leaves behind his love for radios and their mechanics to another mad technician. - Vic Jungk passes on his athletic ability to Bob Pease. ' . Eileen Collins and Joan Haney endow Lu Anne Walker and Joan Baker with their certain secret of making friends. Allen Francis bequeaths his curly hair to Johnny Eaggleton A Dick Roberts and Reed Weddle present to any Junior and Sophomore the right to become a "chain" smoker. , Charlie James bequeafhs his "finger in every pie" ability to Pat Parkman. Section 2: Bob Merrick contributes his Spanish grades to any struggling Junior who may need them next year. Jenny Coe and Ronnie Troxler will their extreme friendliness to Dotty Shepard and Joanne Wyatt. Walter De Groot presents his "tough schedule" of three periods of shop to any junior who can opera-te a saw. Ricky Harrison relinquishes his ability to play outstanding football to Eddie Argerake and Lloyd Smoot. Ronald Spangeniberg leaves his silent and serious minded ways to Dick Fene. Section 3: Joan Evans leaves behind that twinkle in her eye when she passes certain boys in the hall to Barbara Monoghan. Frank Lupac and Frank Simons relinquish to any juniors the right to talk in class while the teacher is talking, providing they can get away with it. Helen "Peaches" Wiltshire leaves her cute grin to Betty Ballard. Harry Carroll and Dick Cole gladly relinquish their struggling efforts in physics to Carl Signell and Buddy Dewhirst. Elton "Sonny" Fay leaves behind his various cartoons of what the effects of tobacco do to the body to Phil Hamilton, in warning. ARTICLE FOUR Section 'I: Joyce Atkinson and Priscilla Ridge will all their wonderful times at State Chorus to Marie Kramer and Sally Cameron. George Candish leaves his public speaking ability to Bill Diedrich. Louise Hanson is heiress to Natalie Eck's piano ability. Alan English sorrowfully parts with his chemistry book that Major Williams might also enjoy it. David Feldman bequeaths 'his genius in physics to Bernard Shannon. Pat Frasier's fluent Spanish is left to Wayne Sherell. Phil Hurwitz is heir to Dave Cardner's various techniques concerning the girls and loafing. Section 2: Pat Hamilton gives her position in drum majorettes to Pat Sullivan. Joan Hedgecock generously donates her stimulating personality and red hair to Ann Musselwhite. Joan Hover leaves her neat appearance to Carol Whittauer. Pat Lamb's bass voice is bequeathed to George Kennebeck. John Linton finally decided to pass on his red hair and freckles to Ricky Waters. Tucker Morris is the lucky heir to Don Lashley's "Casanova" ways. Barbara Bowie is heiress to Barbara MacCollum's cute looks. Ted McCowen's "hot rod" is left to Leigh Bowie. Section 3: The question barrage, so characteristic of Joe Mclntosh, is passed on to Jay Kendig. "CARE" responsibilities are bequeathed to Ann Williams by Audrey Merriam. Ray Musselwhite and Ed Robins give Mrs. Sherry some of their many artistic talents, to be different. Gordon North passes on his truimpet and its lovely i?l notes to Mabel Vickers. ' Lucille Ovendon finally consented to leave -her record collection to Donna Jean Burkley. That pretty smile of Lu Dean Peterson's is willed to Sue Mitchell. The recipient of those "Fred Sharp wise ci4acks" is "Buddy" Curbow. Bertha Shapely will let Nancy Kendrick acquire her A's and B's. Frankie Farrar is heiress to Betty Smythe's witticisms. '3-.'x'H'Zi" ":. 11.5. " 3 it . :..f,35',- Rh- -gs-get gun 1 . ,, . ' A -. Lf 1-f'iIG2.'.i:B:n.. 1- :ifffff ami j,.:5e,1 ' . .... J, ,ji..:f-' . , wi. '15 , . ..,K, .L was Q.. l'tcill'i-'TEE' , .W 225 - .J 1. sift, -qi'-"1 .mir-.,5 agrifs-y"-:,.:-s:.,, f-" 'f -+,f1.w1- " ' ' ali' ITL. S ie:.f:59,.2"3?-lt time-f .C 1- ' - F5,...' ' V. :,,ggff:.1A:', 3 e.fs'af4:f:113-- 2 A fwfr, f 1:r...r A :,53T?5'.E"g1f'. tgltvw f:'lxv3f'Q1' ,ge ' :f+f- V ' 5 f. g 'flag rs ' - Q ARTICLE FIVE Section 1: Those childish pranks of Dan Duff's are left to Tommy Keller. i Charles -Gaither 'wills his good disposition to Charles Crum even 5,153-:,f: though Charlie doesnt need it. t7'e.".' H ' , - . :ev That innocent Iook" of Andy Russo's is bequeathed to Mike Edwards. ., , SJ if Paul Taggert, "sports columnist", wills his appearance of a hard workin' man to Jack Grossello. Joanne Taylor and Nancy Vickers pass on their cuteness to Louise Bowman and Joyce Kidwell. Delmar Taylor wills his unassuming ways to Herbie Lacy. Bob Theofield passes on his magnetic personality to the next senior President. The "crew cut" characteristic of Roland Williaims is left to Bernie Foy. The lucky recipient of Dick Walker's all around sportsmanship is Percy Goode. Section 2: The gift of gab which is so much a part of Carol Whitt is -bequeathed to Janet Frocke. Bob Appleby and Pete Zuras pass on their patronage of Murphys to Jim Corsini and Chuck Cummings. Don Armiger leaves his mighty physique to B. B. Smith. Sid Butler leaves his forever-worried look to Fred Schelm. John Campbell wills his many and varied talents to Don Praisner. The yearbook and all its trials and tribulations is the gift of Brearley Carroll to next year's editor. That extra share of cuteness that is Joan Dodson's is passed on to Betty Howard. Johnnie Ford wills his sharp looking clothes to Jack Evans. The center position on the football team is left by John Kennedy to Dick Loller. Section 3: Dave Kreh wills his nice tenor voice to Nick Lee. Janie Krause bequeaths her dimples to Audrey Soderstrom. The art of saying "you all" is left by Betty La Mont to Millie Layton. Pat Leef gives her vim and vigor to Ruth Bauman. Shirley Robbins leaves her excellent grades and wit to Mickey Robbins. Pat Steele bequeaths her art of making friends to Eleanor Wood. Nancy Simpson presents the drum majorettes to anyone who can lead them as well as she can. That wide grin of Joe Santini's is left to Bill Stubbs. Jimmy Walters leaves those pretty blue eyes to Herschel Forcey. 'Bob Wolf's golf techniques are left to his cousin Eugene, who, we know will put them to good use. ARTICLE SIX Section 'I: Nancy Leahy gives her ability to get along with the teachers to Lois Berry. Danny Lyons wills his approach to the girls to Joe Frankeberger. Dave Mann donates all of his weight lplusl to Clarke Stout. Sam Moore presents his large feet to John Miller. Joan Hattersly passes on her blond hair to Marian Diedrich. Section 2: Helen Harvercutter wills her wonderful dimples to Betty Lou Edmonds. Lou Ann Leighton wills her sharp shorthand to Carol Bauer. Pris Varney leaves her teaching a-bility to Janice Patton. Jessie Pickett bequeaths her expressive eyes to Dotty Reagh. - Toy Aswell and Betty Washburn will their combined talents of humor and Spanish to anyone who can speak English, Joe Robert leaves. 4 And last of all the class of '49, now takes leave of its Alma Mater, which has been its home for these many years, carrying with it fond memories and . . . reminiscences that will not soon be forgotten.. Q 1 755531 QQ! 7 5, 33,7 gr, V 1 +V.: firm 1 .713 3- , , . . -rw 4 ' ,sr ' z..:,1g:,g rr' ' lr , 1.5. . ' i s X P , . . Wi 1 li., 4 1- . is 4 v v ft l"'i..J K 1'7':'1'v'1 W P 5 J' m'-Wi' x 'l Rfk 9 da,-,431 X km 1132- .1-,. l-s-J .. -1' - af-w!Qwc" ia' '7 '- f H ,".,.,- ieqqlt-A "4,.'.1-avi?-,S Las 1 ' .15 1,- Q- 31- wyvm fr -. 1 ,, ,garb . 1. 'iv'-i-s'1pj, " . r ' '1-ff-it-z':e i.,g.r:5-fig -N - ' 4rw': 7221 :-f 1 . --mcse P, -Q ' - 1-f int in .' M- Y -I if s , mi?-.j.f' " "wi ' - tgp' f . Kr' U 'f , 1M,.,r ,W ,, 1 ,vt f f 12 s , ,f G+, .fr f .fri :::5lf-3f?X3??. . Q.. ' Back to School Dante Fnrst Day of School Book Fashnon Show Hallowe en Dance Blasr Bethesda Football Came Tbanksglvlng Formol Basketball Season Opens Care Dance Chrlstrnas Formal Queen Crowned Junior Farmer Party Sensor Baby Party Sweater Dance . . .Intercounty Council Dance Cat Rockvnllel Vuce Versa Dance Variety Snow Sprlng Dance Z Senior Play '. . .Library Club' Banquet . Q, B 'Club Slumber Party , Q ' 4 YL 'P , . I X A k . 2 I N5 1 1 Q1 ' Y f f .-. mi 2 ,f,,..y, , L4 i x",f 'Y' k - L -Y!YHV'?l?'Y,ili'b 'YK1L64!?fU'K'fl54.ili-Es8Lt,l1iX34'lli5i.H5H,'i'i?'f'fi'.Xl..-Af,vs"'f,zA4 i xx wm E295 1 'ww '7!w "mwah" in Me Jam! William Larimore President Joyce Duvall, Secreto ry l fwyfl - ' 'ggi 5 mxffzf MISS LUCILLE APPLEBY, Advisor Q Richard Fene, Vice-President X William Diedrich, Treasurer They look comfortable mxlrmiger, Harriet 0 esiatw' Q Ady, lrmalee Alexander, Beverly Allcock, Harry X W Al len, June Anderson, Judith Anderson, William fi' Argerake, Edward Armstrong, Charles ' Ash, James L," . Atler, Jack ff, N Bagby, Barbara' ' Bailey, Nina Baker, Joan 1 i --" V. A Baliles, James N Ballard, Betty , Bankord, Robert Barnett, James Bartlett, Jean Batman, Richa Bauer, Carol I f T' Bauman, Ruth L ,X Beall, Barbara ' ,- Bean, Gerald 'i Bean, Evelyn ,f -Y' C X5 Bell, Donald Bemies, Carolyn Benson, Sergene Berkley, Donna . - Berry, Lois Bergo, Norma . m M Bevan, Elsie Ma ' Bladen Doris YQCLLJYKK l ' o 1 Blariche, Helen Boggs, Frances Bordeaux, Ben Bowie, Barbara Bowie, Leigh Bowman, Louise Bowman, Ruth Broiler, Charles B ranthove r, Rowena Brennen, Mary Brown, Richard Brown, Shirley Burke, Pauline Burton, Charlotte Jlf Butler, Nancy, vf if, li, Byrd, Esteue ll 4 'f ' 4 If ff i, A' , A ll 'N r"p A' Callis, Delores - Cameron, Sally l I J Cave Elizabeth ' f Chapin, William ,y -7, Chappell, Richard , 5' r r lhl Cherrix, Vivian Chesky, He 9 x Cleaveland, Brad Cochran, Bernard KJ Collier, Betty Gene Collins, Betty Collison, Lawrence Combs, Kenneth Corsini, James an iiu. +1 .l,i"L Craig, Ann Crezee, Crock Eleanor ett, Prentiss Crossan, Pat Crowley, Brian Cummings, Charles Dauerhauer, Ellsworth Davis, John Davis, Ted Dawson Bill Deedrick, Marion De-Mott, Donald Doane, Ba Downs, Dewhirst, Ralph Diedrich, William rbara James D'Pugh, Richard Du ey Richard Duvall, Joyce Eagleton, John Edmonds, Betty L.ou Edwards, John Edwards, Marian Edwci rdS, Michael Ellerbe, Marian Farrar, F Everett, Fred Faina, lrene Farquhor, Brooke rancis Fene, Richard :Feni:1ell, Patricia W Fingham, Betty I 'Nl ' J C" 'tif' Fleming, Edward Fllckinger, Marcia Fling, Colleen Forward, Robert Foy, Bernie Foy, William Frankeberger, Joe Gallagher, Fraser, Lynn Frock, Janet Fravel, Don John Ga ry, Patti Gear y, Patricia Gesell, Marilyn Gill, Barbara Gibson, Claude Gibson, Norma 1 . X Giddings, William QL Goggin, Joy Goody, Percy ii! Graham, Shirley 1 ' Qs- Fx Grassello, Jack Gummell, Anne 1 Hagberg, James I X Ca rrol Hamilton, Philip Ham H rick, Joyce anson, Louise Hanson,, Mary Lou Harris, Donald Harris, Helen unload Harrison, Phyllis Hartsfield, Anne Hepler, Sidney Hertfelder, Robert Hodgson, Charles Holweck, Edmond Howard, Betty Howell, Joe Hubbel, Joan Huber, Walter Hunter, Eddie Hurwitz, Phil Ingram, Harry Jaquot, Richard Johannes, Aimee Lou Johnson, Charles Johnson, Lewis Jones, Wandalee Jordon, Kit Keller, Thomas Kelly, Lloyd Kendig, Jay Kendrick, Nancy Kennebeck, George Kennedy, Don , Kenyon, Margert Kidwell Joyce Kifer, Mary Ann QKJAQQX Rst AQQW Yff+l22StET?niib'sl?mbEX'NQrqSll Kramer, Marie X ' , Kuch, Rollin IX P Lacey, Herbert Xl KAN Ladd, Lorene Landenberger, Charles Lorimore, William Lasher, Mary Layton, Mildred Leaman, Dawn Lee, Josephine Lee, Nick Lentz, Gerald Levendovski, Patti Lewis, Mary Lillie, Lloyd Lindsey, Donald Lloyd, John Lobdell, Jeanne Lockhord, George Luckett, Raymond Lunow, Robert Y Major, Peggy Marr, Maureen Martin, Beverly Martinez, Fe . Massey, Robert Mazur, Florence McCaleb, Nancy McDurdy, Lois McKnight, Tom McLeod, Robert McQueen, Deloris Meyerle, Louis Miller, Helen ll flu:-L 1 1 1 y . ' 51. in -fi Q -.11 mmm-t,Wtim.e t L, -. in JA , 1 V, if WJ' ' 07" 1 .1 . , . twin Lnzwfmwwvnlr nvmiwewsfi .iam-wmnimgf Miller, John Miller, Leroy Miller, Virginia Mitchell, Sue Monaghan, Barbara Moore, JoBe Morris, Ronald MQW. Morrow, Pat Musseiwhaie, AnnQS'm1"'Sqi- Naumen, Marcia Nesbitt, Robert Norton, Robert O'Neill, Rosemary Owen, Ted 9 Pardman, Pat Patton, Janice Patton, Kathleen Paul, Teddy Paxton, Robert Pease, Robert Petzold, Richard Poole, Willis Power, David Preston, Robert Pryor, Sara Puryear, Robert Randlett, Claire Reagh, Dottie Redmond, Dorothy Reed, Joanne 1 Ridgeway, Thomas Riggs, William Robbins, Patricia Roberts, John Romeo, John Roth, Howard ' Saah, Melia Sampson, Betty Lou Sanborn, James Scherrer, Shirley Schief, Bill Schultz, Marna Scott, Marlita Seltzer, Paul Shannon, Bernard Shepard, Dottie Sherrill, Wane Shoemaker, Charles Simpson, Virginia Simon, Melvin ,Z Slattery, Theodore Smally, Richard , Smith, Bradley i ' Smith, Dwight " Smith, Jeanette sb- X Smith, Joan IC- A Smith, Laurene 'TS ,j',,Nsmafh, Lloyd Q Sis if Smith, Shirley Sie ' Snow, Donald 5 ' ge '-I Soderstrom, Audrey N-E55 Solomon, William 'S 1- Soule, Laura 30 P ,T sigfss'-we O ,Y-, , l L ' All K H? Sperry, Robert - l, 9 V, W , Springirth, Philip V' A ff' Steele, Jacqueline .3 , M' Stewart, Donald ,z Stout, CI Stimpson, Robert " Stine, Harry Stottlemeyer, Jessie l arke Sullivan, Patricia Talbert, Gladys Taylor, Vernon Toler, W Thompson, William Thompson, Miriam Thompson, Patricia illiarn Tolsen, George Tomkins, Robert Troxler, William Turner, Helen Turney, Connie l Vanderburg, Barbara , fxyf ff- ' Van Royan, Peter ffl . ,, Vernon, Mary Lou Viedt, John ' Walker, Luanne x L Walter, Roy Ward, Dora Mae ' W rgo, George, J 1. ,rl 1 J Waters, Lyn r 7' Wate lfchqld A A lingzon, Thomas f eakl Q, Charl .9 A- lweirich, Thjgas lf. fl 00, x"' Welch, Liurence 'Y' ,-- , Wetttf rolx l l , V ff ,J 'xx V' 7 dl Whitedrfred Q li ,il UN vqune, John l f' 1 , Whitland, Cleo lt, ,X Q Whitlaw, Thorvkns Whittaker, Ann N Wildin , Margaret Q VVilliams, Anne Williams, Hugh Williams, Major Wi lliams, Walker Wilson, Francis Wolfe, Witt, Ronald Wittauer, Carolyn Wolfe, Lillian Mary Ellen Wood, Eleanor Wood, Janice Wootfen Ph llis l Y Workman, Betty Wyatt, Joanne 'll 'N UN ,N Alderton, Virginia Alsip, Lee Athey, Joy Davis, Claire Fitzgerald Eleanor Lee, Charles M l f V 4--' ff., I 4, ll JJ j j i .- ' , , 2f'r'f af P' l, fL P" ' 2 fa , , ' 3-' if ,Ai J" W .f .N . v ,. SHUTTER SHY McNeal, Joanne Moore, Barbara Moulden, Sue Praisner, Donald Rice, Thelma Richardson, Dorothy Strmg, Barbara Thompson, John Tracey, John Verrilli, Jessie Walker, David Williams, Hugh SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Charles Crum President Kenneth Pittman Vice-President Charlene Kreh, Secretory , MR, LEONARD OASS, Sophomore officers Toki Advisor it easy 'Fig' Mark Chadwick, Treasurer I " I N J, A XX J -J 'ay ,Vs-.A Sol v ,E x s N. A I XX 'Q 'x E 31,3 Q F' 4- Crum Charles li W Y Da y nm '55 E Y Bm '19 071 J v. wigs, , "' ' ' it x -Q, M I rf-K. 1'- , -so ff el S242 an ,J ig sg: my BQ X , . fr 'V .. A , it 5 L ' 1 J v, ff-fi g if f ,rg 1 Ile, ,- ,M .lx w All gg: , , .3 I 3 K , sl, ' s QM Danoher, Edna Davis, Charlotte Davis, Judy Dunny, James Diffenbaugh, Charles Dillan, Tom Donaldson, Cornelia Dorsey, Jack Dorsey, Jill Drummond, Bill Duffy, Harold " " Duffy, Vincent M, Eckestein, Jeanine l -V ivi Edwards Jean Eickan, Reto Eickhorn, Mary Q, Elms, Pool V, Ellerman, Bobby Jean Erlanson, Anne Evans, John "filly Fales, Joan X ' Faulconer, Jean Fehr, Betty Field, Don Iike, Glen Fitzgerald, Larry . Fjelstad, Diana 4: Floyd, Bob Flynn, Nancy 'V ' Forcey, Herschel time l Foster, Tommy ' Friedlander, Harriet rease, Donald Fulton, John Gardiner, Bertha at , " Garrison, Barbara J Gebler, Josephine Geduldig, Charles Gerstmyer, Betty , Godsey, Myra Soodman, Charles Gossage, Don 3 ,,, ' Gaul, Louella ., , iv. - tif 1, ,- -'ft ,F , Gray, Don use . . Ground, Harry Grove, Dicky Grutzik, Bob , Gotchall, Frank 4 -lall, Bill Hall' SUE Sf5g5 ,, A, Handon, Marion 1 it Haney, Diane Hannigan, James 1 Hanson, Harold V - Hardee, Margie , V Harriss, Pete Harris, Wilbur J Harrison, Fred ' Hawkins, Shirley Heim, Nancy Hemingway, Reanne V Hendrick, Phil A Herron, Elsie ,yi Hirst, Pansy - V- E l,,,,"' ' Hoffman, Christa Rf g f Hoffman, Clara in f N Hoffman, Ruth -3 Hogan, Lala Holland, Merrill Holmes, Dick Holt, Ken I it-K .. fe-3 Holi, Peg Q1 , sl- Howard, Orleane r'i ' x V Huebner, Lala X A QB illlii' Huffman, Ted Huntington, Dorothy l'l, Q3 .',, ',,' - - V HUTTSVUGVL ROY , , lbach, Margit , A ,E V. 1 is 5 ' , Jack, Joyce 5 , jg AB' , James, Charlotte Q gf J I I , 5 iii Jameson, Roy ff R .,,,, ' X- ri Johnson, Alice if f M 2 'ix' Johnson, Bob :1:,- ' Q , if .. A ',,.x.-. N Johnson, June Jones, Jimmy A Joseph, Nancy ' Junghans, Theresa ug Kastenek, Mike 'l W vi Sw rl . ,, fir if 1 ,, , . I gl i' cy-W W .5 tfiikhi E - - V Ng, r. .W W pk' ,rx 1 gl Xi, Q F63 .. W 4. .M ,. if lx Q4 I 5? 2 A, t B Q Yr X Q4 .. K wr' I Q :sh mi 51,2 1 , V- 1 X ,J3"'V' f -J- M 2 R ,,, 5 513 2 1 ' K, ' j Q W "5 5' 5"':iI.4: K jf is X K E AF W ,1 sS I ,g -1 ,W v,,..,xf M: '1 , ' Wm , ., - xiii 5 wr ia EY K, P K ,L2'-" , ,i .."L 1 QA i fi I S jg 4 5011 . ,far f, it I k I - -qw its--V. J, ' A ' , it-4-. .ig .J .- N 4 3 . In Paitte, Lillian Porter, Jean Printz, B Rabbitt, Peg Randall, Bill Randolph, Pat Rausch, Frank Rathbone, Collin Ratner, Marion Redmond, Virginia Reed, Be tty Lou Rembert, Jeanne Reynolds, Margaret Reynolds, Margie Ricketts, Aud Richards, Bill Richmond, Jane Riggs, Vivian Riley, John Robbins, Michelle Roberts, Lewis Rose, Theresa Scatten, Sue Roundy, Bob Samuels, Ken Schaub, Charlene Schloosser, Ann Schmidtman, Bill , Scofield, Nancy Se Shannon, Pat ES t Sherman, 5' . Shue, TS 7' , i 75. ars, Thelma Seaton, Shirley Shanklin, Sally ellenberger, Barbara Emilie Janet Shiveman, Pat Shriver, Dave Shytle, Barbara Signell, Karl Simmons, Marven Simmons, Mary Lou Simpson, Smith, Evelyn Dolores Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Joyce Smith, Phil Smith, Martha Jane Smith, Mary Smoot, Lloyd Spencer, Alice Springir th, Clarice Stanerson, Ronald Sterling, Clarance Stone, Joyce Sterling, Dick Stock, Dick Stones, James Swatford, Thayer, Joe Shirley Thompson, Jerome Th Tompkins, Bill ompson, Judy Thompson, Sue Timmons, Howard Trageser, Henrietta Tucker, D Vickers, ick Mabel Vickers, Thelma Wallace, Mason Walters, Nancy Ward, Betty Wareing, Walter, Dorothy Walter, Fred Joyce Warfield, Alice Watk ins, Dick Watts, Lois Wells, Ted Weeden, Fred Weeks, Anne Westland, Danny Wheeler, Jo Ann White, Judy Wilhelm, Charles Williams, Jim Williams, Pat Wilson, Dick Wilson, Joan Winterble, Bob Witherite, Audrey Wittauer, Betty Waolard, Carolyn Zimmerman, Frances Zan I am the music of many feet On stair, in room, or hall: I am the sound of voices heard Answering when I call. I am the beat of a hurrying heart Outreaching to someone who waits At the end ofa class to say "Hello." I am laughter, and dances and dates. 46 N Like a fluted note, high-hung with joy, I fling my melody free To be caught in the heart of girl and boy And sung in the echoes of he and she When lessons are ended at half past three. l'm Friendships spelled with a capital F5 l'm the dreams that are made down the years: And then, lest my theme too monotonous grow l'm a few-just a very fewetears. I am hallways grown quiet with long summer days When classrooms seem vacant and strange. ' There's a deep cello note for my loneliness now When my theme is of silence and change. They may go from my halls but they stay in my heart. They are mine, and I cherish them long I am Youth and its days-its moods and its ways- I am all of Blair atmosphere woven to song. MRS. JULIA COLLINS ARDAYNE Anderson, Frank Boggess, Herman Brant, Marie Briscoe, Pat Britt, Peggy Cole, Mary Combs, Fay Corr, Harold Daly, June Dill, Pat Drumond, Bill Flickenger, Shirle Y Funk, Carol Fingell, Ruth Harrison, Harold Harrison, Fred Mangum, Bob Moore, Sally Neely, Grace Parkman, Don Parks, Sam Pederson, Nancy Ragsdale, Ruth Maty Rausch, Frank Redmond, Virginia Rountree, Jack Shaw, Beatrice Sfang, Nancy Sterling, Clarence Watring, Allen Williams, Gloria Winner, Don Wyman, Brad Young, Milton Zerfing, Nancy M 4., Q , M of .awww-Q4 ,,......-M' I First Row: P. Wheeler, P. Ridge, B. Carroll, B. Mess. Second Row: B. Alexander, B, Gleim, D. Markle, J. Miller, L. Koetzle, V. Juingk. Literary Ediifor Editor-in-Chief Art Department Co-Editors Pat Wheeler BI'COl'l9Y Carroll Priscilla Ridge and Roland Jor Shirley Robbins AClV9ffiSif'9 C0-Ed5f0l'S Photography Editor Peggy Davis Ann Musselwhite DOH MUfl4l6 Und Lee KO6fZle Bob Alexander Joanne Taylor LuDeane Peterson Aislifflnf ' Photographers Bertha Ann Shapley Laurene Smith MOVY l-0Sl'19f Don Armiger Nonqy Bokke Elizabeth Cave Dick Bofmfm Fred White Charlotte MCHorney Nina Bailey MOVQOVGT Wilding Bob Norton Ngngy Simpson Joan Evans Genevieve Coe Gene Aldous Typing Judith Anderson Joan Dodson Snap Shot Editor Eileen Collins Joan Wright Fffmk LUDOC Joe Miller Dorothea Bliss Betty LaMont NOVWCY Leohv Betty Carol Sullivan Glorio Rougoh Joan Hedgcock Business Editor Winnie Winn Genevieve Coe Jimmy Foster Vic Jungk Percy Goode Joan Lucker Assistant Rollin Kuch John Brookbonk Por Homilfon Carol Whitt Delores Aswell Jackie Steele Muriel Sterling Helen Brennen Boy's Sport Editor Bill Mess Assistant Bill Larimore Girl's Sport Editor Betty Gleirn ista nt wan herrix 3 get d fl . i i Ps. Q BREARLEY CARROLL Editor Joan Ritter This year's Silverlogue staff, under the leadership of Brearley Carroll editor, and Mrs, Alma E. Marshall, sponsor, has striven all year to produce the best Blair year book in the school's history. Matter of fact, work was begun in the Spring of l948. Verses for seniors, senior write-ups, teacher's write-ups, pictures, pictures and more pictures were needed. Even with the long hours and hard work, all of the staff members agreed it was fun and they hope the product was well worthwhile. Mr. Ernest Rhodes helped with the pictures. ln i948 Silverlogue was rated third place in the contest of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, in which 400 books competed, Sf Xt . affine Mmm + 461' BUSINESS 1949 TYPINC an ti j, km f Q-.455 J PHOTOGRAPHY ART LITERARY ADVERTISING I Q0 I i ,, fb 'H+ ,,, Q 'ii hifi? 'IAM V 3 X, ,ff M Mi ' w A sw :gf wiv 4 fag -P. Q ,Q qw? R Q ' Q , 1 y S A 91 3 sf G5 ,gf JOYCE DARBY Editor-in-Chief I cc wfigto' M005 PICK 50406909 '79 gmffys woo o e 4147 ,Q vb 91,7 5 ps o 0 95 l Q 0055 dp n 030, Publlshed monthly during the school year by MONTGOMERY BLAIR HIGH SCHOOL Silver Spring, Maryland Member of the Columbia Scholaatlc Press Alaoclatlon EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chieg' ......,......Y,. , .,.,........,....... ..- Joyce Darby Cu-managing ditors ....,,,,,, , Jessie Pickett, Pat Steele, Joyce King Feature Editors W, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sylvia Reed, Joan Hattersley Auilltant-Joby Moore Girls' Sports Editor .....,...,,,,..,,,,.v,.....,,,. .,,.. B ette Gill Assistant-Betty Pemberton Boys' Sports Editor ,.....,...,,...,,,,,,,,,,,Y,Y,...,. Paul Taggart Assistant-Bob Williams . Art Editor --- ............A,,,,.,..,.,v.v,,,..... Joanne Taylor Assistant-Sonny Fay Photographers , ,,,,,,A,.,,.,,,,,Y....,.. Bob Norton, Gene Aldous Alumni Editor , , ,,,,, W, ,,,, H W, , Peggy Davis Aasihtant-Nancy Simpson Exchange Editor ' Literary Editor Y . . ...,,,..,,,,,,.,.......v........... Mnrlita Scott Staf Reporters-Percy Goody, Ann Craig, Nick Lee, Patricia Psrkman, Andy Russo, Priscilla Ridge, Dick Walker, Joanne McNeal, Ruth Mary Ragsdale, Betty Howard Typists-Gloria Rausch, Peggy Smallwood, Margaret Crum, Hilda Schwartz, Virginia Cosgrove, Jenny Coe, Mary Raines, Helene Hamilton , , ,,,,,, ,W WH ,, U- Elaine Hsndabacka BUSINESS STAFF Manager efeeee,.ee......,.,...e - Pat White Assistant--Dora Lawson Circulation Manager ,. ,,..A,,,.w.,........, , ,,,,,, Marilyn Middleton Advertising Manager , ,,,,. .........,,,,,.,,...... ,,,A,, D 0 n Markle Assistants-Mary Brennan, Charles Brailer, Laura Soule, Betty Wittauer Faculty Advisor ..,..,.,e .............,...... M rs. Lucille N. Molex The Silver Chips Staff went to New York this spring, and attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention where they received second place for the i947-48 editions ofthe paper, first place for i948 49 Ten issues were printed this year. -11" 9' The sponsor was Mrs Lucille L v f v l ii- '7fze Simian! Gunnar!! Left to Right-Top Row: Betty Howard, Lee Koetzle, George Candish John Linton Dick Walker Don Markle Sara Pryor. Second Row: Bette Gill, Victor Jungk, Bob Alexander Mr Zimmerman Joyce Duvall Bill Larimore Tlnrd Row: Muriel Sandifer, Ann Swoyzee, Pat Leef. The aim of the Student Council this year was to better relations be- tween the Students and the Student Council and to make the Council a stronger and more democratic or- gonization, Led by the president, Bob Alex- anderg vice-presideot, Victor Jungkg secretary, Joyce Duvallg and treas- urer, Bill Larimore, the Council re- vised the constitution and worked on the War Memorial, The Council also endeavored to improve relations with other high schools in the County. Commiittee Chairmen: Dance ....... Welfare .... Monogram . . . Care ...... Election ...,..... . Order ........... School Improvement Safety ,......... Acfaviry .... Assembly , . BOB ALEXANDER President Inter-school relations .. Publicity ............ .Anne Swayzee . 1. .Sara Pryor . . . . .John Ford Audrey Merriam Don Markle . . .Lee Koetzle George Condiish . . .Dick Walker .Muriel Sanditer A . , .Bette Gill John Brookbank .Ronnie Troxler am! 114 eammllilleefi ..... mmf W DANCE WELFARE MONOGRAM CARE ELECTION QRDER ,-,.,.,,...u.....a-.-.--H-1--id' a waakefzfi 401' Zine lemfzo . . SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT , SAFETY 1, ' X' AINTER SCHOOL PUBLICITY ACTIVITY ASSEMBLY '7!w .E ,. 'Ist Row: Left to Right--Lee Koetzle, Jerry Thompson, Bill Mager, Bob Sperry, Jean l-leffner, Pot Steele, Marilyn Leon- hardt, Potsy Bomgordner, Elizabeth Smith, Jo Be Moore, Mickey Robbins. 2nd Row: Left to Right-eVic Jungk, Frank Simmons, Ray Luckett, Bob Cushman, Evelyn Bean, Bob Massey, Silvio Reed, Janis Patton, Carol Whitt, Marilyn Archer, Dottie Shepard, Lorene Ladd. 3rd Row: Left to Right-Jimmy Foster, Pete Harris, Vernon Taylor, Jimmy Corsini, Bill Diedrich, Johnny Riley, Herbie Morrison LEGISLATURE OFFICERS Margie Hordee Elizabeth Smith Mickie Robbins Mar.lyn Leonhardt Patsy Bomgardner Herschel Forcey John Riley Bill Schmidtman President ....,....,,.......... VICTOR JUNGK Vice-President .....,,... , ........ PAT STEELE Secretary ..,................... SYLVIA REED HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES IO- 9 Herbie Morrison ll- 5 Brod Cleoveland l O- l O Jerime Thompson l l A 6 Bob Massey l O- l l Vivien Riggs Vernon Taylor ll- l Jimmy Coroini ll- 8 ll- 2 Jo Be Moore ll- 3 Lorene Ladd ll- 4 Evelyn Beon Patti Lenvendoski John Eagleton Frank Simons Its purpose was to act on ideas brought Pot Steele Bob Cushman Marilyn Archer Sylvia Reed Jeanne l-leffner Lee Koetzle Carol Whitt Jimmy Foster Victor Jungk The President, from the students, and to furnish legislotion for the school. The president of the Legis- lature was the vice-president of the Student Council, Vic Jungk, and the members of this branch include a representative from each homeroom, The officers appointed their committee members, The Legislature hondled the Fashion Show and Football Tickets, and formulated the policy for behovior before and during football games. It suggested that hosts and hostesses be selected for each table in the cafeteria. Mr. Leonard Oass was the sponsor. Mr. Leona rd Oass Sponsor uvfb it X5 sg iii Mme tl. if '.-v' ,:r, 1, L1.',-' tti .s:s,.,.L-L: 1 is,- is -,r:,,t- ,,.r I ri, .L Kwik ,J , is-4 ,m:g,f, time 1fprfgif.fe.,,3 .wi Jef.,-1 W. Q us 1- , -, vi ,:t.Wff, lisrgeg e Li v - Q fggsfijisirii. ws, ,. 'sin A . lTf'fff'.? S t Ji 1 44 ?f4QC8Ei32lJ:52l'i:? 'Ni Jil' 'l,ll:5fsf'x'fb:5E:Jfjj Wil 1' YSIIH if ff- r?'K,:'?Qii.l, ,EQ S 1 5sk'.?f1f'77f,z',ifjTl 'iiiitiy-"ix-5 'ff' I ffliii i is -. 3 K73YR','f5ls,'fll.yijS3 fsfnim 55 :V : Wi' 'fins ,L -frm ' 'E' VV-,ffs I-,h,-ff1Ilf-if fTfU'if55fh5'7,,f- was ' ST?-x Fil' 734 1 l55."tf? l1ff ' ff? ', 'E-T -USXEW yfff-,.g'fw,samv, rf :ze WW 1 4 x, iffivf - L - ,ivyzffwpz ' lit' ' 'vfifftl 'siliii - - M- ' M" 'tr i T 3, el? tw '7!w .IM Glad, dwwecf w TEAC Hens mn orricens gh 49" if evmhwgrww President Muriel Sandife :moms lN'T'AT'oN Jumons S HARDWORKERS Vice-President . . .Joan Hover Secretory ...... Percy Goode Treasurer ....... Don Markle The rnain event of this club was the annual banquet. They went to the Baltimore Library Meeting and added to their laurels by lending a helping hand whenever needed. Miss Elizabeth Stickley, librarian, was sponsor. Miss Elizabeth 1-1-we we Kim! wafimudic... Concert Mistress. Concert Master.. The orchestra really did a good iob this year. Walking by the gym Sth period one heard it practicing the music which it played very well at the fashion show, on radio pro- grams, on Memorial Day, ond at the school assemblies. Several of the members attended the State Orchestra Convention at Baltimore again. 6 il, MR. HARRlSON' MESEROLE, Director . .Dorcas McLaughlin . . . . . . .Cordon North The Band, along with the Major- ettes, played an active port in Blair's activities. lt helped us to cheer on our team at the football games and pep rallies. lt played in the Silver Spring Avenue Parade of Progress, the Hallowe'en Parade at Gaithers- burg, and at the Woodmore and Wheaton Shopping Center opening. lt was invited to Pennsylvania and to Winchester. .W ,W ky H 1,4 Vw If 4,gvg.fg'jf Q ,,w,, F' 5 er Q JE qw, Eafsj Q if '7fze 711.4-Jfa-W4 President GAY DeNlKE Vice-President pAl5:eg,2,?,l,TlE,AN The seniors started the RBARA MocCULLUM 8 PRISCILLA VARNEY Treasurer PAT STEELE Sergeant-ot-Arms RONNIE TROXLER Chaplain EILEEN COLLINS Delegate PRISCILLA RIDGE Sponsor MISS JEAN BAKER President ELEANOR WOOD Vice-President JANICE PATTON Secretory NINA BAILEY Treasurer .UDREY SODERSTROM Sergeant-at-Arms HELEN BLANCHE Delegate BETTY HOWARD Chaplain ANN GUMMEL Sponsor 2S. EMILY HOLLOWAY year with a bang up hayride and their pace never slowed. They were always glad to lend a helping hand to the Junior and Sophomore groups, JUNIOR The Juniors this year organ- ized the Bunny Sock Hop. SOPHOMORE President DOT MOSELY PAT BEAM Vice-President JO LEWELLEN BEA SHAW Secretary MARY MCCASLIN FAY COMBS Treasurer JEANNE REMBERT MICKEY ROBBINS Chaplain BARBARA SHELLENBERGER REANNE HEMINGWAY Sergeant-at-Arms CHARLOTTE JAMES NANCY HIRST Delegates PEGGY HOLT LEE JOSEPH and 7ke genial: Ali-W4 President GEORGE CANDISH Vice-President JIMMY FOSTER Secretory DONALD LASHLEY Treasurer DICK WALKER Councilman VICTOR JUNGK Chaplain JOHN BROOKBANK Sponsor MR. JOHN BASTA The purpose of this club was to promote good fellow- ship and to be of service to the school and community. Christian living is its ideal. ART CLUB President .......... Ann Craig Vice-President .... Jimmy Denny Secretary, Treasurer- Nancy Davis The club aided the school by making posters, and members working on Droiects of their own, wnicn were displayed in an ex- hibit. Trips were taken to the Art Galleries of Washington. Mrs. Faye Sherry was sponsor. BANK President ....... Tommy Prevo Vice-President ....... Pat Beall Cashier ......... John Kennedy Assistant Cashier . .Mary Raines They studied money, -credit, and banking systems. Bookkeep- ing was a requirement for mem- bers. They handled all savings accounts tor students, teachers and the school. Mrs. Jane Lear was the sponsor. B. B. A. President ...... Winitield Tally Secretary ........ Pat Wheeler Program Chairman- Catherine Reinhart Treasurer ...... Donnie Rissler The "Blair Born Again Club" is in its second year. Meetings were lheld twice a week. Once in the school for business and once at night for Christian fellowship and Bible Study. T-he sponsor was M-iss Carrie Robey. CHORAL UNIT Librarian BERNARR SHANNON The State Chorus served those who were interested in and en- joyed singing. lts purpose was to learn techniques of choral singing, to develop voices, and provide service for school and Community programs. Miss Mary Cross was the director. COMMERCIAL CLUB President ....... Betty La Mont Vice-President .... Dora Lawson Secretary .......... Jenny Coe Treasurer ........ Betty Cilson This was a group of com- mercial students who typed, dup- licated, and aided the teachers in mimeographing. DRAMATIC CLUB President ........... Nick Lee Vice-President . . . .Betty Smythe Secretary ..... Keith Donnellan Treasurer .... Carolyn Woolard This group was to give students a chance to improve dramatic ability and to entertain at as- semblies in the school. A shadow play was given at Christmas. Miss Mary Silvey and Mr. Carl Bell were the sponsors. HOME EC CLUB President ......... Irene Faina Secretary ....... Clare Randlett Treasurer ..... Marian Diedrich Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Henrietta Hinken and lMrs. Pa- tricia Wright a large group of Blair girls formed this club. The most ambitious proiect of the year was the sale of hot dogs at the football games. 7 . PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB President .......... Fred White Vice-President ..... Harry Stine Secretary--Treasurer- Cene Aldous The members of this club had meetings to discuss new and dif- ferent phases ot photography. Much of their work was done in the dark room. One of their pro- jects was to sell pictures of vari- ous school groups. Mr. Ernest Carl Bell was the sponsor. RAMBLERS President .......... Ed Camus Vice-President .... David Power Secretary ......... Natalie Eck Treasurer ......... Joan Evans During the year they sponsored a number of bake sales, went on a weekend trip to Williamsburg, and attended Constitution Hall and the movies as a group. Mr. Robert Bell was the sponsor. VISUAL AIDS President ...... William Furlow Vice-President ..Robert Puryear Secretary and Treasurer- Dick Batman The purpose of this club was to license operators for the use of visual aids equipment. Mrs. Alma Marshall and Mr. John Scott were the sponsors. A S 2? Q Illli' iZ'l'l'lTM'5JGEYiS!H4i,f6 'Mzrii!xf,2,I'ifI!dl' !'1lflfiii5QEWKi3'Yvi 'K 'HMM AZKCQQ' n S,!d'?"i-f'El'4Ed. in Sirivi f MTW XYZ I F rg' MV? Ni V : S 1 V' nu-nswmw-W-u Eg M :M-ga: it 15 aw Em1 wwf' Mom ywwvw marcus? M, my .Fm K W AML Sang lffze of Wiciofuf er. 5 41,9 Silly L il - 9 ll X' SPONSOR, Mr. Robert McGuire To Row: Left to RightfBill Diedrich, Priscilla Ridge Sue Mitchell Don Markle Carolyn P Whittauer, Joan Baker, Sandy Weller, First Row: Left to Right+Barbara MacCollum, Joan Hedgecock Anne Swayzee Gay DeNike Joan Hover. G Fight Tearn Fight! The cheerleaders were there, everywhere, inspiring our teams to greater achieve- ments. The captain was Anne Swayzee and the sponsor was Mr. Robert Maguire. All in all, they did a fine job upholding Blair's reputation. THE NEW l 949 CHEER STEP ON THE STARTER Step on the starter, Put her in low, Come on Blair, Let's go, Iet's go. Y ' 772 ff ? 2 , If i . , W , Z T 'Q , lllll i K 7, I - .UI W' mil if '49 gcfilfian of Me Efayenfi THE MEN WHO LEAD THEM The Blazers were oft to a fair start in their fourth season, win- ning two ot their first tour games, Then the Blair eleven "lowered the boom" on the next tour tearns, scoring 115 points to their op- ponents 45. At last the big day arrived, with Blair as the underdog. What'S this??? The Blazers upset the Barons by a narrow margin of 33 to 6. Our eleven pushed the Bethesda eleven from one end of the field to the other. This game ended a successful season ot seven wins and two losses, and it gave the Blazers the Montgomery County Championship, SCHEDULE Opponent Blair Date Mr, Reno Continetti TTECH .,,-44.-., 4,-. I 9 O 9-18-48 Heed COM FAIRFAX ......,.. A . I3 20 9-25-48 'WESTMINSTER .... . 4 l4 25 lO- 2-48 MST. JOHN'S ..... . 6 l9 lO- 9-48 TCONZAC-A ..,, . 24 7 lO-l6-48 ROCKVILLE .... . . l9 25 lO-23-48 FREDERICK ,..., ,. 7 39 ll- 5448 QHACERSTOWN . . . . l3 26 ll-l l-48 'FBETHESDA .r... . 6 33 l l-20-48 'l Home Games 'i' University of Maryland Best Wishes to the Blazers of l95O Mr. Anthony Creme by ' Assistant Coach . , 9 ' Mr. Stanley Kulakowski Assistant Coach W 754, ozi.L,ff0,wmf , iw? ztlfltlf ww 3, ww 5ii2"we We I Um J First Row: B. Grutzik, D. Freas, J. Daley, Williams, H. Forcey, L. Smith, R. Keller. Second Row: Mr: Reno Continetti, H. Ingram, B. Theofield, B. Frenzel, R. Luckett, C. Richards, J, Davis, E. Robins, R. Harrison, J. Kennedy, B. Mess, B. Cuhman, Mr. Stanley S. Kulakowski, Mr Anthony A. Creme. Third Row: Harris L. Smoot, S. Butler. F. Everett, E. Argerake, D. Fene, Bill Foy, V. Jungk, D. Toller, J. Ford, Layin, T. Ridgeway. Fourth Row: F. Forward, Hunterman, Bernie Foy, Prince, Gossage, K. Pittman, B. Chapin, Tucker, C. Matthews, B. Larimore, NA, Wootten, Johnson, D, Walker, i 3 . 5. ' K . TK. ff t 'cf iii Chuck Richards Dick Walker John Ford Bob Theofield Captain of Fairfax Quarterback and Tail back Wingback game Fullback Captain of Fredrick Right End game Avy . i Vic Ju,-,gk John Perkins John Kennedy Tom Rlf-lQeWOY Right Guard Winsback Cenfef Co-Captain of Bethesda game "5 "hi "'f- in , 1 , 'f -ii ,1 v ' 1' X ' a s , Y,, q .,..fg QS, qs ,KY 2 A - ! In A Q dv V -M K V7 S J rl V-HJQIMJ : 'j A 'V V Bill Mess We 'f,jQ!lIfi f s Quarterbaack T A 5 Captain of St. Q , ,vw or Johns game i - . . ssr G A ,H ,A - ,.A,, -if Ricky Horrison Wt AVLL A N Left Guard X , I- Captain af Tech game Co-Captain of Bethesda game nv. ,Q - sg i .... Ji ,air ' Ed Robins i '-ef' T"Ck'e ' G' i ssrr' Z. Captain of West- 'ffl W 4 minster game My VF -"i gffjw, A i'.' i V' ff2'iii.fi1f fish fig-rH.32. iz 4 .age fuk.. f:.f kwxvhgy W X z-y,zLi,i ff-fr ' V4 WA K i L ki , L f , 'G 1 Q i L i +'A ' L 'f Bob Cushman Fullback Capt. of Gonzaga game John Kennedy Ricky Harrison , , Y W ,T Y Q Wolt Chomblin , , at if,-A , , Right Guard - Q F' ' .10 ' ' ' ' Capt. of Hagers- -,' 5 1' e J A town game .sb ' gf' - A V 4-V I , - ef' " E" , - i J -:ye-A in- 1 . ' SqO4' f R 1-onifj 'Www 40,4 'T ' 1 xv ,N X wxf ff .4 Ed. Chapin Captain Ronald Spangenberg ' Manager G Z? 1948-49 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opvvflenfs Score Blair Priory .. .. 25 39 Hyattsville . . . 39 40 Dematha . . . 31 50 Fairfax . . . 34 76 W. 8. L. . . . 47 41 Alumni ..... 37 43 Annapolis . . . 39 45 Gonzaga . . 46 43 Friends . . . . 24 51 Roosevelt . . . 25 46 B. C. C. . . . 27 28 Sf. Johns .. . 40 42 Fairfax ..... 33 72 Bladensburg . .. . 35 46 B. C. C. ..... 37 31 Gonzaga . . 34 31 Central . . . . 46 41 Annapolis . . . 29 63 Bell ...... . 48 73 Frederick . . 44 51 B. C. C. . . . . 33 35 Gonzaga . . 54 52 Hyaffsville ...... 46 30 COUNTY CHAMPION5 Blair-Bethesda Game 'Ist Row-N. Wooten, B. Schief, W. Mason B. Williams, C. Diffanbaugh, Coach Creme. 2nd Row-T. Ridgeway, B. Larimore, R. Luckett, E. Chapin, J. Linton, T. Wallington. 3rd Row-M. Parsons, C. Richards, J. Downs, B. Tompkins. I - m, sam- ..., me Q - n no-wmzwzif C 7Ue'lf6e ' Zaffxiileamnwd 'lst row: Herschel Forcey, Dick Bartlett, Jack Evans, Jimmy Daly, Dick Stock 2nd row: Phil Smith, Kenneth Pittman, Bob Floyd, Donald Parkman, Bob Mayberry. 1948-49 BASKETBALL TEAM This year's basketball team was one nf the best in Blair's history, They won he Montgomery County Championship by :lefeating Bethesda in two out of three 'ries. Out of twenty three games we ,von sixteen and lost seven. The Blazers were entered in the Star and State Tournaments. This was truly a proud season to look back upon. ,v. ff. vm Hershel Forcey Captain Bob Mayberry Manager xg X ' fm X B ? sf , M58- ' -' 2 -' of of Bandai! vf f 1948 BASEBALL TEAM I949 BASEBALL SCORES Opponent Score Blair V HACERSTOWN . . .6 ........ . .3 WESTERN ....... I .... ..... O W 81 L ......... IO .... ..... O COOLIDC-E ..... I5 .... ..... 5 IBETHESDA ...... 2 .... ..... I WILSON ........ 3 .... ..... 2 BETHESDA ...... 2 .... ..... 3 FREDERICK ..... 2 .... .... I 2 ST. JOHN'S ...... 5 .... ..... 7 CONZAC-A ...... 0 .... ..... 3 GAITHERSBURC- . .2 CEORGETOWN PREP ......... 4 .... ..... 5 I 948 BASEBALL SCORES Opponent Score Blair WESTERN .... .. 7... 5 COOLIDCE .. 3... 1 FRIENDS .... .. 2. .. I6 W8.L ........ .. 4 6 5 TECH ........... .. 5... HACERSTOWN .. 5... 6 BETHESDA ...... .. 2... 6 6 2 4 5 FREDERICK ....,..... ... CAITHERSBURC ...... ... IO BLADENSBURC ....... ... I8 BETHESDA ,......... I3. .. 2 4 CIEORCETOWN PREP . . O. .. FAIRFAX ........... 6. . . 5 Q KJ If L 1- 1- F JL. 2 C.Y'If-I'I- I 949 BASEBALL TEAM 'Isl' r ,. X, Q Row-B. Wolfe C. James, R. Dixon, B. Foy, H. McLoughlin, D. Lyons, D. Fergerson. x wx AJAX x. " L r' 'Q . I z .'4 CL 'ix K T 'X , ly x R .Hannah 1 5 xx Ml nf J . ,', 7 M1 Ar , ,A , W - X5 2.2,-F k Y, -1--jjj, f- " , in 9? I 1 'Mlm L,1l""ll' 2 Y ks 7 , N ---,-Z? Cai Q L-Q 'Ist Row-R. Morris, Levim, R. Peucker. 2nd Row-J. Sonbomon, B. Willioms :i: m. umm Eg., '74acA Opponent Blair Score V485 ROOSEVELT T6 .. 55...... COOLIDCE ..., 31 , . 60 .... . WILSON MEET O .. . . STATE MEET .. I-U3 ,. BLADENSBURC 30 .. 50. . ,. Ed Camus Q . Don Lashley Mgr. Track Mgr. Rifle First Row-Left to Right: Miss June Lippy, Lee Joseph, Lee Alsip, Shirley Hawkins, Teresa Junghans, Diana Fgel stead. Second Row: Virginia Burdick, Alice Warfield, Betty Gleum, Sue Mitchel, Luanne Walker, Third Row: Pa Beam, Nancy Mclnnerney, Mable Vickers, Charlotte Bergman, Beverly Huntt, Vivian Cherrix, Charlene Bockett Jean Lohr, Salley Shanklin. Captain BETTY GLEIM Coach M55 JUNE LIPPY This year the Montgomery Blair Girls' Basketball team had on early start in the fall. The team was mostly composed of new material- sophomores. Paving the way tor the new members were two seniors and four juniors from previous years. Coach June Lippy spent many tiring sessions of practice with her team teaching the basic fundamentals for the newcomers. The double dribble was introduced into girls' basketball this year, making the game a little more exciting. This year's scores have shown more consistency in the pattern of playing than has heretofore been in evidence. The season has not been one to our liking, but the team has shown more improvement than recent years, Natalie Eck, as manager, took care of all minor details and the team was captained by Betty Cleim. Because of the new members, the team showed greater hope for future years. Opponent Blair Manager January 7 "Sherwood . . . . , I6 I5 NATALE ECK I I Rockville .. . . . 24 23 I4 Annapolis . . . . 28 20 I8 "'Fairtax ..... ... I3 3I 2I Hyattsville ... .. I7 I6 25 Bladensburg . . . 28 23 28 Sherwood . . . . . 23 I8 February I "4Rockville . . . . 3I 24 4 Bethesda . . . . . 40 9 I5 Hyattsville .. . . . . 26 32 I8 Fairfax ... ... I5 20 22 'l:Annapolis . . . . . I8 I9 25 Bethesda . . . . . 37 I9 March I t"Bladensburg . . . . 20 I9 t"Home games sg F.. V 26,21 i ' l K' .lg QQ- i is I its .R ,. I rkr, ... T, . f' ,vii id ,sss I Betty Gleim Sally Curry Captain Manager Opponent October I2 'tAnnapolis . . . I O I5 Fairfax . . . 3 I 22 iltBethesda . . . . O O 26 Annapolis .... . 2 O 29 'liBladensburg ..... I I November I Bethesda ........ I 2 'lf Home games 041 First Row: Betty Gleim, Margy Hardee, Dorothy Richardson, Sue Mitchell Joan Memibert Laura Soule Bea Shaw. Second Row: Alice Warfield, Vivian'-Cherrix, Ruth Bauman, Evelyn Bean, Nancy Mclnnernley, Nan Wiehman. Thi rd Row: Sally Curry, Barbara Bagby, Nancy Pederson, Betty Gene Collier, Sergenc Benson, Dorothy Hanlon. Charlotte Bergmann, Miss Jean Baker. , Z, ,is sig Miss Jean Baker Coach First Row: Gleim, Third Row: Betty Straugan, Vera Butler, Mary Brennan. Fourth Row: Betty Pemberton, Vivian Cherrix, Nancy Fox, Mary Lasher, LuAnne Walker. .,. Opponent Blair April 20 if:Sherwood .... 2 I4 1 23 Gaithersburg 30 iiAnnapolis . . . Moy 4 Fairfax ...., I6 4 I I "Damascus ..,. . I6 I5 Annapolis ,.... 23 20 Bethesda . . 4 28 4fFairfax . . I6 4' Home games Betty Straughn Betty Bevan Manager Captain ' frf' I, ian, ,vi Q if U N if... With a clash ot hockey sticks and loud shouts, the I949 Girls' Field Hockey team was oft to a booming start, This year's team was coached by Miss Jean Baker, and each afternoon was spent in practicing - mainly the drilling ot fundamentals. The girls did not have such a good season, but the outstanding and exciting game was when the team over- turned Bethesda with a 2-I victory. Under the excellent coaching of Miss Jean Baker, the Blazerettes finished the season with four wins and tour losses. All the games were exciting and several were played under adverse weather conditions. But the girls showed great sportsmanship and a will to carry on. One of the disappointments was the loss to Annapolis, It looked favorable until weather prevented its completion. Betty Bevan, the captain, and Betty Straughn, the manager, put their hearts in the game, and the squad stood behind them to the best at its ability, The easily won II-7 victory over Bethesda was our outstanding game ot the season. Marie Kramer, Marilyn Gessella. Second Row: Miss Jean Baker, Nancy Kendrick, Betty Lee, Betty Z sim? The Diversified Occupation Clciss con be token by Seniors ond Juniors. ln this course, the students go to school in the mornings under the direction of Mr, Cummings, ond in the ofternoons substitute book-learning on the job. Mr. Cleo Cummings wos the sponsor. I 1 P V w 6 , I f ' nmmnaixaanmamunrrxnmlsmmuuazm maximum-xsamrwzpwmufxlz we was Bmsmuxenun smnummsmmem mexmnsm: umm' nsiremezuz umvuazw mm: sf ffm axmsawx-fx an mf: vu-www www www naw. Aa ,M , ' -- 2 f is X 4" gn, ,RE Hin line fzeaal' of a Rue" Our Queen Joan Carl Barbara MacCaIlarr. Cay DeNike Priscilla Varney Anne Swayzee Priscilla Ridge Joan Hover Crowned by Bea Bartlett uv-, BOY'S B CLUB All boys who had won their letter, either as manager or player on any team, were eligible for this club. The aim of the club was to promote better sports at Blair and in the local Junior Highs. lt also was a link between the alumni who have received letters, and the school. 'df' ful' GIRL'S B CLUB President, Dorcas McLaughlin Vice-President, Betty Cleim Secretary, Betty Pemberton Treasurer, Beverly Huntt The girl's "B" club sponsored the now an- nual "slumber party." All girls who have won their athletic letters were eligible for the club. The teacher sponsors were Miss June Lippy and Miss Jean Baker. President, Peggy Davis wut Vice President, Don Markle Secretary, Muriel Sandifer -5-,I 1 Treasurer, Priscilla Ridge Historian, Bette Gill The '49 Chapter ot the Honor Society was organized early in October by students who had earned their monograms the previous June. At this time, Mr. Harold Horn was selected as faculty advisor, During the Christ- mas holidays, the Society sponsored an Alumni Night with a babsketball game and dance. The proceeds went towards publishing an Honor Society Handbook. HONOR SOCIETY af ' . . A J 94 ei A QUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll was the International Honor Society ot High School Journalism. A mem- ber was a Junior or Senior, in the upper third ot the class, who had contributed superior work on one of the school publications. The organization was founded in Blair in 1946. Mrs. Alma E. Marshall and Mrs. Lucille N. Moler were the co-sponsors. Mr. Robert Zimmerman was a member from his high school. Mr. Ernest Rhodes was made a member this year. K., JOHN FORD GAY DeNlKE A Beal fbaeuecl kv MMI rqlfftfefic ,J BETTY CLEIM CHARLES RICHARDS ANNE SWAYZEE BOB ALEXANDER fjafudafn ' PP www FRANK SIMONS BETTE CILSON JOAN CARL GEORGE CANDISH Bal .faakmp Q 2 -21 j- JXQJQN Q4 1 4 f PMR f' grfgtukijsl -, 2 . I 5 4 2" - 4, ,H ,-W X Mad Slfucfiawi xs JOHN CAMPBELL PEGGY DAVIS A L Silver Spring, Md. June 21, I959 Mr. Daryl Shaw Montgomery Blair High School Silver Spring, -Maryland Dear Mr. Shaw: While I was on a recent tour around the world, I ran across a number of students who were in the graduating class of I949, and I thought perhaps you would be interested to know what they are doing. I left New York on an atomic rocket for Europe, which was driven by Jack Armstrong, Iwho recently set a new world's record of 7 minutes Syl seconds for the trip.l Before I left the United States I ran into Nancy Bakke, who is now the Duchess of Clermont-Ferrand, on her way to attend one of Dorothy Richardson's balls. Dottie, Nancy informed me is head of the society circle in Dienperket, Poland. My first stop in Europe was Spain, I was pleased to see Walter Chamblin and Ed Chapin, who were going into the perfume business along with Dale Butler, Jimmy Foster and John Brook- bank. Making a name for himself in Spain, was Ralf Peucker, who with the help of Jimmy Main, has become a very famous bullfighter. Also, in Spain are Douglas Ray, Richard Stew- art, Bill Kreps, Bob Kibler, Dorothy Hanlon, Joan Harmon who have become the greatest acrobatic troupe in Europe. They call them- selves the "Geniuses of Gravity." While passing through Paris, I entered the "Pariee", a famous restaurant, and was greeted by "Junie" McLaughlin, who owns twenty other such inns, all over France. Featured at the "Pariee," was Winnie Winn and her "AII-Girl Orchestra". Playing the saxaphones, were Joan Marti-n and Maureen Doherty, Marilyn 'Middle- ton and Betty Mclnnerney were playing the trumpets, while June Mosby was beating wildly on the base fiddle. Seated next to me was Mitchell Parsons, multi-'millionaire play boy, with Beverly Huntt, now star of Bill Nicholas and Dick Nicholls' motion picture in Funfrik- chen, Hungary. After hea-ring Madam Beth- rushka, the tormer Muriel Sterling, sing Chick- er-ry Chirh-e-Doats, with the Sperati and Swartz Opera Company, I started on my way to Ger- many. By the way, that song Muriel sang was written by Bob Thompson, who is now rated as the greatest contemporary classical composer of all times. I ran across Bob Slaby former professor of Cornell, who is working on the Einstein Theory. I didn't see anyone else in Germany we both know as it was too crowded. In Rome, Italy, I visited Joan Carl and Sher saw Dorothy Statler, Erma Renner, an irl Wooten. Italy wasn't very interesting a th season and we hastily crossed the e ite raneain to Northern Africa. Y t Lee Cheek's Beauty Shop. While i t ere I Crossing the Sahara desert, I -- great cloud of dust approaching and u OFII further investigation discovered it to be a ara- van. Imagine my utter amazement whe the head camel driver told me they were tr rt- ing the great "Sheik of Magado , I wis Chesleyl to his walled villa. He ' vited me to visit his domain and see some Id friends. Bette Gill, Dora Lawson, C olyn Cook, M - roe Case, Nick Alberti wer working for I. . studios, now on location fo their next pictur "To Fall or n-ot to Fall." ey gave us the lat est gossip from Hollywood. We were ready to bid Lew farewell, when Rosemary and Betty Cas r flew up on thei magic carpet. We were g d to see the-m ,' d asked them to come along. When, we passed the Egyptian v ramids, professors Ronald Behrens and Le s Grand- staff rushed out to meet u . Th were very excited. They believed th skel on j dis- covered to be the bones of Cl opa a's pe snake. We spent seeral days at t - King's villa and then trekked on. In Miritison, near the ' d Sea I fou Charles Stevens and Joan Ste ard plann ng th widening of the Suez Cana Our tr pro gressed across the Old ' ro te and t roug India, not stopping beca se the onsoon e on was on. I avoided China bec of e fight' . an from India had a pleas t crui e t e Solo mans. In the Solomon Island I fo d Elaine Han dabaka and her fellow 'bu : collectors look Inq desperately for the ' er Flirt," a very rare type of insect. A on I em were Martha Betty Gilson. Mary Acr e as leaving Jo Jo Island after an uns cc sf try r civilize the Purepigest Tribe. ' On the shio w ic I t k ff S th America I discovered Pat o ra c ta' ' and that was travelinq on a w 'Zi a ime" designed by Harold -Maed r. I fo n S y Curry serving as chief soda j k i th efr hment room Advertised in rqu' a, eru was Harold FraveI's hat sh . When I isited it I saw 'him surrounded by eportegt fr m "MiIler's .Maga zine", frowned b Ollie ae iller and Don .Mil lerl taking pictu es of Virg ia .Martin's latest creation, "A Flo r-a Gard -a Bird d Cox, Ruth Cramer, ' arot Crawford and , I I an i to Joan Thayer at the South American ai po t. he had arrived in a rocket on her way b c fro the States to marry a famous sheep r n er f Chile. I boarded the rocket on its r t n t ip and landed in California. Ne er having seen a studio, I went through ers uhly-Ward's. Hollywood's most famous ctre , Reggie Thomas, and her understudy, Virgi fa Baggott were there. Most popular actor was ' -: Townsend, who strutted down Hol- lywo and ine with Ella Wingo, Ann Brown, Joa Wright, Carol Jean Turner and Lois Yo g. All we - fighting for a small part with th producers, rbert Sehorn, Maclin Robey, an Bill Settle. I ran into Nan y Davis who was going back t Mexico and sh asked me to join her for nch. She told e she had seen Eddie Fair- nks and Charles ' lderton, two dashing cabal- s. She said, " n Adams lived in Brazil and was nown as th 'Coffee Queen' and Ernest Cliffo . was Forei n Minister to Brazil." Boar 'ng the rain in the station at Los Angeles, saw B atrice Cooke, Nancy Schlos- ser,JQrgini Cosg ave, and Marilyn Archer who were returni Q fr m Cape Horn. On the train ther was im o ptu entertainment. Constance Cr rd was f star and sang "I Was Gilded i a Bi d Cage. There was a Ballet Company i terpr ting her ong, among whom were Shirley rownfi ld, A n Herbert, Anita Hafermann I elene amilt , I- y Williams, Sonny Athey i n lv Glyn Jones. I w s gla t st efore my trip home and staye or a ew y at the Deaville Hotel, in Texas, n - Housto , owned by Bob Williams and Bob 'te. ounging on the beach I chanced to see evi Owens and his "Cracker- Jacks" compose - Ernest Loffler, Bob Hiede- mann, Dick Scha xx- Paul Scully, a group which won the las l i pics on the murderous toboggan run at ' . o 'tz. I had to tra I a and stopped at Janie Atchies 's D e an h. The instructor of horse-back ing t e ranch was Keith Donnellan, a e nde hi ble supervision were: Nan We m , in - rt, Betty Carol Sullivan, Willa 1 J e N Jackson and George White. When I was in exa I vis -- what used to be the "King Ran h," w f which is now owned by Elwood at d Bi C ie Among their section foremen wer seven of boys from the 1949 class, who yo proba ly r ember, James Griffin, John Per ms, ank Leizear, Harry 1-R" Lugenbeel, Bob Weller, Wilmer Trageser and Harold Reed. I went from the ranch to San Antonio, where I ran into Janet Kuhn, Nancy Kline, and Joyce King, who were seeing the historical sights in town, including the Long Horn Grill. Gossip has it that .Marian Marshall was the fashion buyer for Neimann-Marcus in Dallas. Among fher models were, Betty Page Lowe, Bar- bara Lochte, Connie Crawford, Shirley Gittings, and Betty Fox. I stopped off in New Orleans a-nd found that Jeanne Heffner and Winfield Talley owned the concession tor all the Coca Cola stands in town. What a racket! Some of their sellers, you will rememiber, were Joe Moore, Julian Smith, Peggy Smallwood, Donnie Ris- sler and Virgi-nia Rice. Betty Hicks, I was told, was running a crossroads grocery store on the highway from Las Vegas, west. Barbara Neal, Virginia Patrick, Anita Payne, Thelma Orrison and Cathrine Reinhart, have their own flying circus and I caught their show in Florida. This show was climaxed when Joan Ritter and Stanley Skaife, bailed out at a thousand feet, with only a parachute between them. Pat Wheeler and Doris McConoughey, handled the advanced publicity for the show, I understand. Traveling north along the coast, I stopped in Atlanta, Georgia to see Ann Clements. She has been successfully married these past ten years and has four beautiful children. In Nor- folk, I ran across Lyle Lamb, who is skipper of the fishing smacks owned by Pat White and Joanne Thrasher. Along were Agnes .Minick, Ollie White, Charlotte McHorney and Frank Rawlings. Wa. Along the bank waving to us were: Bill Brunner, Janice Lovre, Stephen Mixsell, Sue -Patton, AI .Wilson, Betty Woodworth. Now I'm home after a long and pleasant trip of two years. Do drop 'by and have lunch with us at the Silver sometime. June Bean, Barbara Bussey, Geraldine Johnson, Dorothee Bliss, Margaret Crum, come in to lunch often. I want to tell you about the trip I'm plon- ning to Alaska. l've heard Dolly McMillan, Joan Lucker, Pat Beall, Tommy Prevo, Fred Good- hardt, Gloria Rausch, Peggy Davis a-nd Carol Forbes run the weather station. Maybe I can get some sun bathing, for the forecast is always the same, cold. Sincerely, Monty Blair Capitol Motor Co. THE BLAIR BLAZERS BETHESDA BARONS Maryland University Blair-Bethesda Come i948 FOR THE BEST Paclcard SALES and the courteous Packard SERVICE STOP IN At 928 Philadelphia Ave. Silver Spring Shel31LrEI:og900 . ::::::::o:::::- , .NI N 5:-M. X L. .. LITTLE TAVERN SHOPS QAAEM ' fr, Incorporated .4 n v N Q24 1 ' Famous for Hamburgers QF I . nn?-. K Y - Good Coffee - Delicious Pestry W wi was -- 40 Locations in assi' Washington - Baltimore 1 I WOODWARO 16 LOTHROP i d Area High school graduates and Gol- lege students choose STRAYER training because they save time, save money, and begin profes- sional careers earlier. Strayer Employment Service secures superior positions for graduates. Professional degrees, B.C.S. and M.C.S., are conferred on com- pletion of Business Administra- tion and Accounting courses. Guidance counselors recom- mcnd secretaryship as a career field offering many fascinating employment objectives. of Accountancy T R E R gzllfzgz of Secretarial Training Thirtoonth and F Srroon, Washington 5, D. C. Nltional l748 Keeby-Sheley Eye Examinations 1342 F STREET Maryland Hardware Inc. 510 FOREST GLEN ROAD Silver Spring, Md. Shepherd 0967 Everything for the House and Garden l 4 Washington 4, D.C. NA. 4557 Free Delivery vF"l'fm"'+ Prof Compliments of the 6 ,ur vm or'T:c-Feel .TS-is Nl L l' P soPHoMoRe ci.Ass FRKUON PROOF! N Q X a""H me-. f llllll S gun: ' Compliments of the 4' Lggh-,r D. LQSYIU' g,3eHQgQgfgnzA,-gi JUNIOR CLASS Sl-Q CNQfA 61 In P1-Q., Qimonsfmfion 1 me cmua ALWAYS l MEETS M THE -LA Q3 O 'G x M R01 mucus omve-in nesmuamxs suovvss The Gonzaga-Blai r game ::::::::::::::0-c:::::::::::::: L. G. BALFCUR CG. ' 'iff'- Novelties - Favors -- Medals Cups - Trophies Class Pins - Club Pins - Buttons Class Rings - Stationery io-T' 204 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING WASHINGTON, D. C. 1319 F STREET, N. W. NATIONAL 1045 GlNN'S Office Supplies-Gifts-Art Materials 8614 GEORGIA AVENUE Sligo 7400 Office: Sflepllerd 6333 P.0. Box 363 Wheaton, Maryland Silver Spring Md. H. T. Harrison, Sr. Sliephard 6311 H. T. Harrison 8- Sons, Inc. Thirty-Nine Years Experience Roofing 81 Sheet Metal Work Asbestos siding Early in 1949 Silver Spring will have its own JELLEFF STORE! In the meantime there's Christmas shopping to be done, and three Jelleff stores to do it in! Down-town F Street, Bethesda, and uptown l44- 73l Connecticut Avenue! Different locations, but the same JeIleff's, the some good Fashion - with - Value wherever you shop! O 'I II 'I l :E 'I 5: Suburban National Bank I I Il Four Convenient Locations 'I 'I 1: BETHESDA - SILVER SPRING MERIN STUDIOS ioio CHESTNUT STREET Philadelphia 7, Penna. QI TAKOMA PARK S. wi-IEATON I MARYLAND I if Montgomery County's largest bank :I invites the youth of today to plan 1: with us that they may become the I: successful men and women of to- H. G- 8 I morrow- I EE Member Printers - Lithographers To Schools and II Colleges Everywhere 1: Federal Deposit Insurance 4 . I cofpmfa., 119-21 W, MULBERRY STREET l :I Baltimore I, Maryland TI :I I 1: , .Q Refreshin Electrical Training I: "I, g Intensive 32 weeks resident course in the 1, Fundamentals of Industrial Electrical Engi- 'I J fi neering, including Radio and Electronics. I ' 3 Prepares for work as electrical technicians II L I, and engineering aides. Well equipped lab- lt ,X Q, , if-L29 oratories provide extensive practical work. I , P 'N l Day students ad-mitted. il rf K I Classes begin April 4 and Sept. 6, 1949 ll lllflwlr T: I C 1' I t , I -,gl l AI 1 aaog uponreques 'I - , Phone sHepherd 3070 'I A' pd I "I Bliss Electrical School 1: COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS :I Inggfpgfgfgd 3 Silver Spring, Maryland Washington I2 D. C. .f::: :::::::-:::::::::0:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::":::::: STADIUM COMMITTEE THEY SOLD THOSE DELICIOUS HOT DOGS and COKES a ::::::::0::: :: 1 Qi M WCP? Fi Eff D 51-1 1 1' ,id ,fbb FQ F FI E 1 E Ebb 5 5, Ml Q 4 at if 'fr rl?" :CV fmingrzf J' if! 5i X I FFT? P"Sfzg'? X l 151 ii A151 X I W V? ? l4F VE X I 1 lyihi X 5 71? E T FC ? X 4 a M551 X Xa

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