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Patrick Wilson Library Montgomery Bell Academy Nashville, Tennessee THE BELL 1987 Montgomery Bell Academy Nashville, Tennessee Co-editors: Trajan Carney Brennon Martin Dedication Some teachers have the ability to form a lasting impression on their students not only by their teaching but also by their lessons in life. When students enter MBA in the seventh grade, they soon learn that Mrs. June Bowen requires more than the study of English grammar. She is instrumental in the process of creating young gentlemen. By teaching her students the importance of hard work and good study habits, she molds undisciplined boys into well-mannered, diligent students. The knowledge gained in Mrs. Bowen ' s class creates a foundation upon which the student may build throughout his high-school career. For all the knowl- edge and the gifts she has given, we are sincerely thankful; and for her love for the school and her concern for the students, we dedicate the 1987 BELL to Mrs. June Bowen. Preface Although boys have come to and gone from MBA for 120 years, each class has made its own unique contribution to the school. A class may have great scholars, athletes, actors, debators, and poets, yet all these individuals must come together to form a unified student body. Thus, the purpose of the annual not only to capture and record the individuals, but also to reflect the person- ality of the student body as a whole. Emphasis is placed on the particular areas that are most representative of the year and the student body. Accordingly, we hope this annual will serve as an aid to unlocking the memories of your years on The Hill and as a catalyst for thought if you find yourself in a nostalgic rage sometime in the future. We present to you the 1987 BELL. GENTLEMAN SCHOLAR ATHLETE 3 CONTENTS Administration 18 Classes 30 Fall 144 Winter 168 Spring 190 Organizations 220 Conclusion 236 Advertisements 246 Administration Mr. Gordon Bondurant Headmaster Gordon E. Bondurant has had a very productive year. Ever-mindful of M.B.A.’s standards in excellence, he continues to expand and improve life on the Hill. For example, in the Athletic arena, he continues to support all the sports while initiating and supporting newer sports such as swimming and hockey. He is also constantly aware of the need for student involvement in matters which pertain to the school. This awareness spurned his creation of the long-range planning committee and his allowing students to suggest uses of school funds. Mr. Bondurant was headmaster at Darlington School in Georgia before coming to M.B.A. He holds a B.A. from Davidson and a M.A. from U.T. Chattanooga. Mr. Michael Drake Mr. Michael Drake, a seasoned faculty member on the Hill, has been and continues to be not only a responsible administrator, but also a very popular teacher and friend to students at M.B.A. As advisor to the senior class, Mr. Drake is kept busy watching over seniors and writing college recommendations for them. Mr. Drake’s wide knowledge of history and his zeal for teaching explain the popularity of his rigorous AP American History course. Because Mr. Drake is a sponsor for this year’s trip to Spain, they who join him may expect a fun as well as an educational spring break. Mr. Drake, a loyal supporter of M.B.A. off campus, may be seen on campus working in his office, helping with maintenance, excitedly teaching his history class, or simply chatting with a student or faculty member. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and of George Peabody College for Teachers, and he is working toward his Ph.D. by taking classes at Tennessee State University. 20 Dr. Harold Crowell Dr. G. Edward Gaffney has been the head of the Junior School for eight years. He teaches Latin I in the eighth grade as well as Latin II and an AP course in the high school. He also conducts a course at Vanderbilt University where he received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. Dr. Gaffney’s love for the classical languages has even carried him to Rome and Athens to study. His enthusiasm for teaching Latin is evident in all of his classes. Dr. Crowell, Dean of Faculty and Students, is one of M.B.A.’s most involved teachers. Besides being the Chairman of the Science Department and a teacher of all the Physics classes, he is also the yearbook sponsor and the junior class advisor. Dr. Crowell believes that excellence is worth pursuing, even if it is not achieved. This thought, as well as other beliefs, makes him extremely valuable to the M.B.A. community. Many people admire his qualities that enable him to relate so well with students both inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Crowell received his B.S. from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute and his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. Dr. G. Edward Gaffney Mr. James Poston Mr. James A. Poston, M.B.A.’s Guidance Director, plays a most important role in the lives of the students. His personal concern for the well-being of the individual makes him easy to talk to, and his flexible work schedule leaves him available for a student at all times during the day. He has also worked diligently to establish the Project 714 program at M.B.A. His dedication to the tennis program led the team to a state championship and a national recognition for his excellence in coaching. Mr. Poston received his M.A. from George Peabody College. Mr. Laird Smith, Jr. As Director of Buildings and Grounds, Mr. Smith can be seen everywhere from the front lawns to the basement of the gym. On campus weekdays and weekends, Mr. Smith shows his dedication to the school through everything he does. From washing walls, to mowing lawns, to leading construction, Mr. Smith, a graduate of the school, is the backbone of the maintenance of M.B.A. His job is greatly appreciated and obviously noticed through the beauty of the M.B.A. campus. Mr. Smith is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Mr. John Bennett A member of M.B.A.’s administration for 24 years, Mr. Bennett has become an essential member of life on the Hill. Mr. Bennett has taught virtually every math course, coached baseball for 18 years, coached basketball for 14 years, and is currently the Director of Athletics. He is also a sponsor for the Service Club. This dedication to M.B.A. by Mr. Bennett, who describes himself as " low key, " was best shown when he said, " I can’t think of any other school that I’d rather teach and coach at with the fine young men, and that’s the truth. " Mrs. Mary Comfort Stevens Having served as the college counselor at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts for at least six years, Mrs. Stevens moved to Nashville to fill the spot of college counselling. After growing up in Pennsylvania, she went to Mt. Holyoke College where she received her B.A. She then went on to work at Andover before coming to M.B.A. In the past few years Mrs. Stevens has visited many universities across the country in order to advise students more effectively to the most appropriate college for them. Mrs. Stevens must keep a constant watch on the seniors to check their progress in tlie application process. After her first year at M.B.A., Mrs. Stevens says that she really enjoyed the students with whom she has worked. She also comments, " Sometimes, I feel like my office is Grand Central Station. But I love it! " Office Staff Mrs. Garriott The office staff is the foundation upon which the school relies for its daily needs. Mrs. Sowell serves as the Office Manager and Book- keeper, replacing Mrs. Liles who retired from full-time work but remains a vital part of the staff in her part-time duties. Mrs. Garriott serves as a secretary to both Mr. Bondurant and Mr. Drake, w ' hile Mrs. Bradshaw answers the phone, runs the bookstore, and assists the students and faculty alike. Mrs. Morrissey serves as the recep- tionist and secretary of the Junior School. This dedicated group of women, who frequently go beyond the call of duty to help students, is a valuable asset to the school. Mrs. Liles Mrs. Sowell Mrs. Bradshaw Mrs. Morrissey 22 Dr. Wayne Batton English I, English IV; Spon- sor to Archives: Ph.D., Van- derbilt, M.A.; B.A., Universi- ty of Wyoming Mr. Jim Bostick Algebra II (H), Computer Science; Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer; B.S., Auburn University; M.S., University of North Carolina Mrs. June Bowen English 7th; 7th Lrfade Advi- sor; B.A., Baylor University; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege Mrs. Jeannine Bowers French I, French IV (AP); DES, University of Nancy, France Mr. Michael Caldwell College Algebra (H), Calcu- lus BC, Calculus Statistics; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Varsity Golf, Varsity Track; B.E., Vanderbilt; M.A., Pea- body Mrs. Anne Christeson English I, English II; Sponsor to ARCHIVES; B.A., Van- derbilt; M.S., University of Tennessee Mr. William Compton College Algebra, Calculus AB, Computer; Freshman Football, Varsity Track; B.S., Davidson College; M.A.T., Duke University Mr. Floyd Elliott Pre-Algebra, College Alge- bra; Varsity Football; B.S., Tennessee Tech Latin I, Latin II; Varsity Wrestling, Microbe Foot- ball; B.A., Vanderbilt Mrs. Carole Hagen Latin I, Latin II; B.A. Univer- sity of Kentucky Mrs. Virginia Hollins French II (H), French III (H); Chairman of Foreign Lan- guage Department; Sopho- more Class Sponsor; Toto- moi Advisor; B.A., Duke University Mr. Mark Elliott American History ,( A P), American Government (AP) Economics; Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball; B.A., Vanderbilt University Mr. John Friday Mr. Henry Hopping Eighth Grade Word Wealth; Microbe Football, Microbe Basketball, Varsity Baseball; B.A., University of the South Mr. Anderson Gaither Latin I, II, and III; Microbe Football, Microbe Wres- tling, Microbe Track; B.A., M.A., LTniversity of Tennes- see Mr. Dan Herring Modern History (AP), American History (AP), An- cient and Medieval History (AP), Comparative Govern- ments (AP); Freshman Class Advisor; Freshman Football; B.A., Carson-Newman, M.A., University of Tennes- see 24 I Mr. Luther Killian Pre-Algebra, Algebra I; Mi- crobe Football, Microbe and Varsity Wrestling; B.S., Uni- r, versity of Tennessee at Chat- tanooga, M.Ed., Georgia State University 1 mSSSISm Mrs. Cameron Lanphier Pre-Algebra, Algebra I; Mi- crobe Tennis; B.A., Williams College » • Id! ll fi V. ' f •. I- " A .- ' . [ m vy c ■ P Mr. John Lanier Geometry (H), Algebra II; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Microbe Soccer, Varsity Soccer; B.S., Vanderbilt Mr. Brad Leach Earth Science; Chess Club Sponsor; Microbe Soccer, Varsity Soccer; B.A., The College of Wooster, M.A., Vanderbilt Mrs. Mary Helen Lowry English IV (AP); Senior Class Advisor; Chairman of the English Department; B.A., M.A., Vanderbilt Ms. Isabelle Marti French I, French II, Spanish II; B.A., Nantes University, Sewanee University 25 Mrs. Sue Miller Assistant Librarian; B.A., Westman College Mr. Tom Moore Seventh Grade History; Freshman Class Sponsor, Service Club Sponsor; Varsi- ty Football, J-V. Basketball; B.A., Vanderbilt Dr. Christian Niemeyer English II, III, III (H); Advi- sor to the BELL RINGER; B.A., Notre Dame Universi- ty, Ph.D., Vanderbilt Mrs. Ann Orth English II, III; Junior Class Sponsor; B.A., Brown Uni- versity, M.A.T., Vanderbilt ■ ” Dr. Jon Neergaard Chemistry (H), Chem.-Phys.; Chemistry, Chemistry (H), Head Video Technician for Athletics; B.S., Washington and Lee University, Ph.D., University of Virginia Mr. Frank Novak Seventh Grade Science; Mi- crobe Cross Country, 7th Grade IC, Microbe Softball; B.A., M.A., Peabody, Van- derbilt £ 26 i ■i U i 13 Mr. Tommy Owen £ 1 Modern History; Varsity Football, Varsity Track; B.A., Vanderbilt, M.A., Uni- versity of Kentucky 1 Mrs. Jo Norris Palmore English I, II, II (H); Junior Class Sponsor; B.A., M.S., University of Tennessee Mr. Robert Pruitt Biology, Chem.-Phys.; Varsi- ty Cross Country, Varsity Track; B.A., Vanderbilt, M.S., Tennessee State Uni- versity Mr. Damon Regen Geometry, College Algebra, Calc. Stat.; Varsity Football, Strength Coach, Microbe Baseball; Freshman Class Sponsor; B.E., Vanderbilt Mrs. Mary Louise Shell Eighth Grade English; Vir- ginia Intermont College, B.S., East Tennessee State University Mrs. Mildred Simmons Librarian; B.A., Cumberland University, M.L.S., Peabody College Dr. Alice Springer Spanish I, II, III, IV AP; B.A., Eckerd College, M.A.T., M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt Mrs. Carol Steele Seventh Grade Word Wealth; B.S., Middle Ten- nessee State University, B.S., University of Tennessee at Nashville Mr. William Tate Speech; Forensics and De- bate Coach; Quiz Bowl Sponsor; B.A., University of Alabama Dr. Nancye Thomas Chemistry, Chemistry AP; Sophomore Class Sponsor, Big Red Club Sponsor; B.S., Lambuth College, Ph.D., Vanderbilt Dr. Porter Ward Biology (H), Biology AP; Microbe Cross Country; B.S., M.S., Peabody, Ph.D., Mis- sissippi State University Mr. James Womack Art History AP, Studio Art; CPR; Outing Club Sponsor; B.A., Davidson College, M.A., Virginia Common- wealth University Dr. Harold Whiteman Mrs. Ruth Napier The Development Office For a second year, the Development and Alumni Affairs Office has been making plans to organize an alumni committee. Aided by Mrs. Ruth Napier, secretary to the development office. Dr. Harold Whiteman has planned many new and interesting long-term plans for alumni support as well as fundraising. Dr. Whiteman has created a new alumni directory of all existing alumni, and he is going to publish an alumni magazine. The class of 1986 has already had a successful reunion. More such meetings are planned for this class, and this tradition is likely to continue with future classes. Generally, this program has provided and will provide an enjoyable way not only to maintain relations with the school but also to provide a new method for fundraising on a long-term basis. Board of Trust Chris Burch and Mr. Bondurant welcome Mr. Cummings and other Trustees to the campus. I , The history of The Board of Trustees is closely linked with the history of M.B.A. itself. When M.B.A. was still Cumberland College, some outstanding trustees were Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, and Andrew Johnson. Later, Board member Dempsey Weaver V invested the money left by Montgomery Bell and used it to open Montgomery Bell Academy. During the late 1880’s, The Trustees re- fused to allow M.B.A. to be taken over by the larger Peabody College. In 1911, Board memberjudge Robert Ewing brought Mr. Issac I Ball to M.B.A, as the new Headmaster. Under Ball’s guidance, The Board arranged for the purchase of a thirty-two acre home to pro- vide for future expansion. After the disastrous fire of 1925. The Trustees struggled to rebuild the school. In 1956, The Board of Trust, under President Mr. John Sloan, embarked on a rebuilding program, which saw the completion of the Brownlee O. Currey 0 Gymnasium and the renovation of Wallace Hall. Other trustee gifts or trustee-aided buildings include The Patrick Wilson Library and a Fine Arts Building. ' -0 X Even today The Montgomery Bell Academy Board ot Trustees is responsible for the overall policies of the school, and the 1986-1987 year has been a particularly busy one for them. The primary responsibility of the Board of Trustees is to insure the financial strength of 1 the institution. Therefore, the Trustees and the Headmaster developed the school budget and set a sound investment policy for the school’s endowment. As a result, in the 1986-1987 academic year, approximately $800 of each student’s costs were borne by the || school’s endowment. This is made possible by Trustee gifts and investments. i| Last year, the Trustees approved the employment of a Director of Development and Alumni Affairs. This department permits the ' i school to communicate more frequently w ' ith alumni. Therefore, an annual giving program was approved and initiated in 1986-1987. § As far as the appropriation of specific funds goes, the Trustees approved the expenditure of funds for many improvements, including % the impressive new lights on the front of the Ball Building. Finally, the Trustees are responsible for the school’s long-range planning and have initiated a process to plan for the future of the school. 29 Classes Class Officers; Student Council: Tom Humphreys, Secretary; Gantt Bumstead, Vice- President; Charles Mayes, President; Will Meyer, Treasurer; Honor Council: Travis Jackson, Secretary; Trajan Qrney, Vice-President; Johnny Thompson, President; Claiborne Gayden, Treasurer Senior Class 32 Brent Allen Brent Hunter Allen Does " parmi” mean among the trees or among the best?; Do they really mow down roses?; l l Dean Thursday Destruction Crew; Yeah, but . . . ; Party in France 85; Party in New York ’87; I don’t under- stand, I’m confused; You’re laughing at me, aren’t you?; Brent, if poetic justice existed, you’d be dead; ! No, I don’t live with my parents. I’m an orphan. They live in Wisconsin; Riding the ragged edge of disaster; j Gestapo!; Comic relief in A FAREWELL TO I ARMS; It’s gonna snow at Harpeth Hall; Shake- I speare Thursday: Erik ate the worm; Creator of the i 151 Method of taking the SAT; Hoodoo Gurus I Fanatics; Nothing’s wrong with my car. I didn’t hit « anything. That’s not smoke belching from under the n car — it’s dust; 1 5 Scrappy’s Bass Relief Fund; Rebel f Rock N’ Roller; Are you boys all 18?,; It’s Theme Night-Let’s roll Baylor; Bad Craziness; October 2 A.M. Swim Team; Let’s play cards; Let’s go to Tar- I get, Andy; Andy, why is my car at the other end of the parking lot?,; Andy, don’t do donuts when I’m standing on top of your car; The Original 10-Foot Scarf; I found it; Themes and Skull’s; Yes, I applied to 11 colleges — Nashville Tech here I come; V 2 Ilitar- ate Swimers of Amerika; Career Day — Centennial Park Ranger. 33 Robert Aston Baker 1 ? Krystal Theme Party; 1 3 Hoodoo Guru Fanatics; 1 3 Chevy Airborne Flight Crew; 1 4 Career Day Park patrol; l ? the Gang; 1 2 Lion’s Head firefighters; 1 5 Scrappy Bass Relief Fund; 1 2 Bathroom Sleep Team; Sick 4; Bean Thursday 1 2; Bean Thursday clean up crew; Scrappy’s palace; 91 ROCK; Jason and the Scorchers, The Cure, Bob Marley, Meat Puppets, . . . ; Southern Air, a nice place to shop; Target, the best place to shop . . . ; Mosko’s; Cat’s; " Shakespeare’s plays sure are a blast!’’; I’ll never cut my hair; CALIGULA; ROCKY HORROR; Swimming in October; The Green Machine; Rites of Spring ’85 ’86; Perk; Boing; " How did you prepare for the SAT, Brent " ; " You’re not supposed to TALK at Tim’s! " ; " Hey Jennifer, can you keep a secret " ; " So, Frank, how was T.V. this weekend " ; " Andy let’s go avoid some rabbits in Percy Warner!’’; " Erik ate the worm!’’; " No, you can’t bum off me.’’; " We’ve got a lot of time to blow.”; " Su, I’d love to go to Ryan. " ; " Beth, did you go to school today”; " the FBI came to my house!’’; " Tennessee is just a hillbilly dumping ground. " ; " Gestapo! " ; " Hardcore someday, will have the final say.” 34 William Francis Blaufuss, III " Cheebla " ; “Chipper”; " Blauf; V. Tennis 1-4; Cheerleader 3,4 (Captain); FCA 2-4; SADD 2-4; Students Staying Straight 4; THE BELL RINGER 1-4; THE BELL 1-3; Service Club 4; Big Red Club 1-4; Chorus 4; CYO 1-4; SEARCH 90, 93 (leader), 96 (co-director); Most School Spirit Senior Superlative; " Would somebody please stand up and cheer”; " OK, I am playing seriously now”; " Tennis is more strenuous than baseball, Stroman”; " Hello, Dotsie, is Sandy home?”; " I love Ryan girls, and they love me”; " Okay dokey”; 1 87 Male Dominance; " Jay, of course I read my English, I always read my English”; " fingerless gloves do keep the hands warm”; " Cheerleaders must be athletic— it is a tough sport”; " Trajan, what are you and I going to do about prom”; " Nice music, Charles”; " Yo baby, Yo baby, Yo”; 1 3 Poston Study Hall and Debate Club; " Pep rallies are my life”; " Hemingway is so depressing”; " Trajan, you want to go to Ryan with me”; " Henderson and Blaufuss: the greatest doubles team that never was”; " How is Zack, Mr. Bostick " ; " If I wanted to, I could show all of you how to wrestle”; " Incredible”; 1 8 Birthday Cake Club; " I never sleep in class”; " My hair always stands up”; " What cheer should we do”; Thanks, Mom and Dad; It’s been hard, but it’s been fun. Chip Blaufuss 35 V-p U .-af- John Dan iel Boone ■’I ' m John; 1986 Unigd MjImOdist Volunteers -i| siT3| ' r4i Merit Commende4|||Stt4 iiflf50; Big Red Club: Lfttime; fr 0( ional Debac 4; Isa Asimov Science Fiction aSrA BO ee Anim yJ Sqffad; Memphis Invitational Game Master Slam Dunk in tht ' -Wastebasket N ’ occer Team Kisses Dumptruck” and Manuel Lopez fan; Spring Break Soccer Excursi S| ring Break Soccer Excursion to Sunny Memphis 4; ' ‘rubbish, bloo ' dy . . . l r. Thoma j( casional Krystal (mock-the-cop) Theme Party; l l6 Weirdest Class%ver Ass lTfb npus; 1 2 Most Likely to go Bald Before Graduating from College; " Where’s Muddiri IVe got sensitive skin”; Ramblin’ Wreck; Death is the Final Obscenity; Mr. Trainer; ’’Sir, Robl wants to wbag it”; ”... while rotating at the speed of light”; Bill) Frist Postjgame fashion Consultafft ’ hip me, bejit me, make me balance my equations”; " George is my (riend”; lj4 Belle Me de Church Clul? Sliident FiinfWf btor 1-4; a dead cow in the road; " You Love It and You Know It”; SRux? jpa yster FHib; anama ty Beach, Spring Break ’87;John-JohnJack Monster; " Hey . . . ”; " Goodnight I love you " ; always will”; Mom, thanks for the moral support and the nagging; Dad, thanks for six of the best years of my life. 2-4; National Xatin Club 3; mg neophyte; ; 1 11 De _ . t; a witness to to Florida 1-3; urvivor 1,2,4; n the MB Doc, Scott Boone Michael Scott Boone " I’m Scott " ; Varsity Cheerleader 4; JV Soccer 1; Varsity Soccer 2-4; Students Staying Straight 4; Chorus 4; Senior Slide 4; Debate 2-3; Big Red Club forever; Boy’s State; National Merit Finalist; lunch 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th periods; Hercules; Horned Frog; Cradle Robber; 1 2 Most Lifely to Go Bald Before Graduating From College; 1 5 The Freshman Club; l l 3rd period library calculus tutor; 1 16 of the weirdest class ever assembled on the MBA campus; 1 2 3rd period library lunch arena; l ? 10th Ancient Medieval History Astarte Worship Club; l ? Bill Boner Fan Club (Boner Buster Club); l ? Male Dominance Fan Club (descendant of the He-man Woman-hater Club); l ? Monty Python Fan Club; 1 4 Shuckums Fan Club; 1 4 Belle Meade Church Club; " Yes, I know my mother’s cookies are the best. " ; " Of course, I didn’t do it. It’s English homework, isn’t it. " ; " This big, Susy. " ; " Yes, Clark, I know I’m weird.”; " I have a scar from the first time I met her. " ; " Petra rules. " ; " My hairline is receding!!! Really !!!”; " Hey Gutow, be quiet! ”; " Hey John, what’s your dog’s name Lynch " ; " Edward, you nuclear wimp!”; " A mad desire to balance the equation. " ; " Hey, Ghunter!”; " But Coach Elliot, who was the vice-president”; " But John, there’s . . . there’s there’s nothing there. " ; " Huge . . . tracts of land! " ; " Little . . .”; " That’s horrible, Bjorn! " ; " No, Dr. Thomas, we didn’t learn that in physics.; " Nice driving ability, Clark (sure you found the only 10 yards of ice on West End)— 3 31 87; Thanks Mom and Dad Allen Brown Allen Crockett Brown, Jr. Cheerleader 4;JV Golf 2,3; Photography Staff 1,2,3, 4; Photography Editor 4; 1 2 Art History Study crew; 6th period lunch Rites of Bacchus; 1 2 Bench of Woe Society 2,3,4; 6th period Hac fest; " It’s only a matter of time since 1822 " ; 1851; The Beast; Miester- Brown; " TEDDY BUP!, you got what I need " ; " Happy B-day Teddy-Bup, whose birthday is next”; 1 4 Ohio Road Trip crew; Corn-fed, throwin’ Sa- moin; Yankee . . . Harwell, we’re goin to get killed one of these days; l l Marathon driving team — Denison, Captiva; Downtown Columbus U-turn; " There’s only a couple guys up there and this kid’s one of ’em” — " Say it Allen " — " I can’t " ; " Athea told me . . . " ; " Hey Paul, I got this Grateful Dead CD for X-mas, is it any good! " ; 1 2 the Death Row Squad (w Chris Wright); Thanks, class of 1990; Hey Har- peth Hall, we proved who was more dominant; " no. I’m not related to Bill Bainbridge, we’re just interest- ed in the same family and the same age difference.” The Green Hornets 2,3,4 — 30 wins 3 losses; " If we bring home the crown, we’re campin’ out for 3 days.’’; 1 2 Alfred Stieglitz Grateful Dead 2 all- nighter term paper club; " I guess we won’t need handcuffs for Fitz.’’; 1 2 the Smokehouse Motel Bathroom Family; " Here comes Lentz with the hand off on 1-75 " ; " Smoke’em Teddy Bup " ; ’86 Home- coming at Harwell’s farm; Shotgunners; 100,000 mile Station Wagon Club; " She’s a senior . . . much too old for me.’’; 2nd semester Deadhead thanks to Paul and Ted; Graduation — California Deadrush — Col- lege; Hey Dory, thanks for 2 Vt good years; Red and White, blue swede shoes. I’m Uncle Sam, how do you do” — U.S. Blues; A perfect circle of acquaint- ances and friends. Hunt Sevier Brown JV Soccer 1-3; Microbe Football 7th-8th; Freshman Football; 1 5 Nacome roofball; 1 2 ' ‘Ambush” pow- der crew; " Tim, let me tell you about Baffm Bay " ; ' Tm going to get a Corvette! . . . (?)”; 1 3 trip " to the ditch”; Spring Break ' 85; " Hey Enk, your leg still messed up " ; " Parker, Dave and I don ' t want anymore of your blind dates! " ; " Hey Mahoney, . . . Heeeeyy! " ; " J-O-R-G-E”; " We can go in ... my car. " ; " We have a Spanish paper due . . . No me da.”; Te-heh; " Ruc- cio, look out for that horse. " ; Stinker; " Dave, the problem with Parker is that he’s tight with his money . . . AND his knowledge.”; " Hey Goon, how far do we have to run today " ; " Enk, you ready . . . Hit it!”; " Felix, quit naggin’!”; " next time Steve tells us they’re models, we’ll know he means for dog-food commercials.’’; " Man, I’ve heard enough about the Back-door . . .” " Thanks Lanier”; Fitzoid; " Wright’s a human chimney.”; " What did I do Friday night . . . absolutely nothing!”; Boley Jack Thurs. 1 29 87; " Thompson, you seen any skunks lately”; Less Than Zero; " Man, it was dark and I couldn’t see her, . . . Okay . . .!”; " Dave, we need to go to the cabin, MINE or yours . . . ”; Mistakes 1 and 2; " Your mom still in the drunk-tank, Stinkor”; " Dave . . . stepped in what’; " Turn it off Parker! . . . It’s gonna blow!”; " That your girlfriend in McDonalds”; What! You lost my ball!!”; 7th period Rip Van Winkle syndrome; " Dave, this ain’t going nowhere . . . Let’s hit the road ...” Consider it all joy, my bretheren, when you encoun- ter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. James 1:2-4 Hunt Brown Gantt Bumstead Robert G antt Bumstead Baron Von Bumerstead; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Stu- dent Council 2,3,4; Big Red Club 1,2,3, 4; Service Club 2,3,4; FCA 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 4; Districts Champs; 1 5 Mack ' s Friday Night Supper Club; 1 33 Po Folk’s Friday Lunch Club; " Fitz, we’re on a mis- sion. " ; ’’What’ll it be ’signing’ or ' mailboxing’ ”; I love Pearl St.; 6-8 no 6-4 no split— I don’t know, just block it.’’; " Tom, let’s go to Bojangles!’’; Member— 1986 Eatathon’; Golden Dorral; Frank— study ses- sion; " Geordie! " ; Chieflevay; " All right, let’s go to Krystal!’’; " Tommy, are you saying that I can’t jump in that mud puddle " ; 1 2 " Voice of the Big Red” 3,4; " So what you’re saying is . . . " ; " Is Steve (Baynham) there”; Poolhopping — " nice frisbee Frank”; " Wild Thing — I wanna know for sure.’’; SKULL’S is the place!; " Fitz, you aren’t Charles Manson. " " O.K. Fitz you’re right " ; " Kathy, let’s play Scrabble.’’; " Hey Tim, that joker was talkin’ trash.”; HUDDIE- OOSH!; " Tommy, Temp, I guess we’re debaters now. " ; " Watch out in the huddle, Burch!’’; GRUN- DLE; Golfcourse chorus member; " Hooper, let’s sing on the phone.’’; 1 3 " Oh Canada! " Chorus; Sen- ior Summit — Bumstead, Fitzpatrick Founders; " Hooper always wants me to drive”; 1 5 Gallatin Rd. Crew; Bumstead, Mayes, Fitzpatrick Pool Stocking Co.; " Hey Frank, it’s Bottorf s car! " ; 1 2 Lexington Ky. crew; " Tommy, let’s fly”; " I am the THUMPER- Buster”; " Frank, you and Catherine are crazy. " ; " Bushmaster, bushmaster, give me the key ... ’’; " Fitz wants his monkey " ; " Hey yo Curley. Alf is up.’’; " If another Haitian kid laughs at me. I’m going to kill him. " ; " Johnny, where’s Spick (In Miami airport) " ; Right Turn Cad-daddy!; 1 3 Hatian Connection; " Frank, I wrapped myself in electrical tape and called Jeff Ryu”; The All-Terrained Vehicle and " Rox- anne " (at U.N.C.y, " I am Andre the Giant " ; Bum- stead-Speight Basketball Harmonizing Crew; W L Bound; Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt, Momma D, and the rest of my family; Thanks M.B.A.; I love Ingvay District Champs B ' 5r Chris Burch Christopher Rand Burch " Alien " ; Varsity 2 — 4; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Track 3 (pffi); 1 2 7th Period Hugh Mike Fan Club; " Tom, wake up!”; " Tom, wake me up at the end of class " ; " Tom, let’s go to the rail " ; 1 3 Thursday Night Study (pffiyPool Crew; " Tommy, just tell me what happens in the story " ; " Thanks Harwell”; 1 3 Buffalo Soldiers; Granola Day; " Yeah, I have a girlfriend, but Tommy and Will here . . . " ; 1 2 Will Meyer Abuse Team; " Will, dance! " ; " All work, no frills; Will: no work, all frills”; " 2 points, slam dunk " ; 1 5 Eddie Fan Club; 1 5 Captain Spooge Fan Club; " Hey, Flemming, I didn’t mean to slam that door " ; " Fleming, I can’t take her nagging one more day”; Shakespeare Thursday; " Y’all, seriously, I never complain " ; " Yes, she’s a junior at U.T. . . . 21”; Jean; Jean Valjean; " Cook, you murdered that frog " ; " Gimmee sum tobacci. Pa!”; l ? Corbin’s Party Crew; " I really don’t know how I got these scars on my face " ; " Hey maine, what’s a flamburger " ; " Clay, it’s deaf, not death . . . not death”; " Jean, I AM Indiana Jones " ; Golfcart Years 8th, S th, 10th — Official Golfcart Driver; 1 4 Insatiable 8th Graders; " Madacotti”; 1 4 Angel Watchers; " Hey, Will, it’s my turn! " ; 1 3 Original Aquadumpers; " Tom and Dan, I can’t believe you drove my golfcart down Richland Creek”; " Yeaahhh! " ; " Y’all, I promise. I’m really quitting this time”; " Hey, Miller, I was just saying " Hi’ ”; Jimmy Miller: " No, officer, this isn’t mine . . . Oh, that, yeah that’s mine . . . " ; Thanks Dad. Thanks Mom. George Allen Burke, Jr Freshman football; Freshman weights and agilities; J.V. football 2; Varsity football 3; Varsity football redshirt 4; J.V. baseball 1; Varsity track 2; Varsity baseball 3,4; Varsity weights and agilities 2,3; Big Red Club 1-4; FCA 2; TFIE BELL 4; Chorus of 4; Science Fair Flonorable Mention 2; Ancient History Medal 2; AP European History Medal 3; Vi Big Raj fan club; " Yees, Mr. Burke, your tests are in the closet”; " But why aren’t you playing football.?”; " Yes, Coach, I packed plenty of sunblock!”; Va ’86 Florida baseball trip sunburn club; " Yes sir, I understand, sir!”; " Thanks, Indiana!!”; 1 5 AP Chemistry back row fun bunch; " WeU, Mr. Burke, what answer did you get on 4 • • • Dadgummit, why don’t you share your knowledge with the rest of the class.?”; " That’s right. I’m going to VANDERBILT!”; " Have you got a problem? NO!!”; Vi Dolly’s Bad Seeds; 1 5 V.A. parking lot demolition crew; " Look at him, he’s talking to himself’; ”un-darn-canny! ; Beeg Raaj! ; Vi Tony Rafalowski fan club; " Hey, Tony, did you have fun on Friday night?”; " No, Steve, I’m through with poker for the rest of the week!”; " Here we go, fold ’em up”; " Left, right, straight, stop ; Uh, um. Big Raju ; !4 Late night basketball crew; " Doofs Day Off— You’re a movie star”; Vi Cutlass Supreme dream machine club; " I’m NOT driving!!”; " You owe me a ride, Raj!!”; " Lost in Hermitage”; " Greasy!”; " Uh huh, yees, well, thank you very much!!”; " Twenty-five dollars!”; " Excuse me, could you tell me where . . . ”; " I guess I’m a terrible driver, sir”; V4 D’lites female rendezvous crew; For all your love and support. Thanks Mom!! Skip Burke 42 Trajan Carney Trajan Homer Carney, IV Honor Council 3,4, Vice President 4; Totomoi 4; Co-editor of THE BELL 4; Varsity Football 2-4; Varsity Wrestling 2-4; Varsity Track 2-4; ' I USED to live in Hendersonville, but now I’m civilized”; " Okay, Frank, I give up, I win”; " It’s too hot in here — Blobert, turn on the air- conditioning”; " Hey, Brennon, let’s go to Rivergate”; " NO!!! I am not going to call!! . . . Well, maybe”; " Nice boat, Robert”; " Yes, Todd, discus is a sport”; " Frank, don’t worry. I’ll win”; Thanks Mom. Todd Cassetty Stanhopea tigrina Thomas Todd Cassetty Varsity Track 2-4, Frosh Track, Winter Track, Win- ter Track 1-4; Student Council 1, 2; F.C.A. 1-4; Ser- vice Club 3,4— Sec; S.A.D.D. 3; Project 714 (Students Staying Sober) 4; Big Red Club 1-4; Bell Staff 3 4; Chorus 4; 1 5 Spring Break Bahamas; 1 5 " Yo Jay! " ; 1 5 Silver Sands Fan Club; 1 3 " We Love Ben " ; The Immortal Words of the Bahamas— " No Face!”; 1 5 Bead and Braid Club; " Matt’s harmones are in con- trol " ; " Charles wants to know why?”; " Tim, Bravo to you " ; " Rember Temp, I was barefoot " ; " The roof is on fire " ; " Hey, Buddy, get me extra ketchup”; " I’ll bet you didn’t bring a tripod " ; 1 5 Starlet Fan Club; 1 5 Tie — Dyed Fan Club; " I can’t decide between Shamu or Mosquito " ; 1 5 Rockers Groupie; " I hate girls " ; " Gatlinburg reigns over Furman”; " Tim, she says you’re so cute!”; " Matt loves Wendy and Tish”; " Andy, throw the camera bag away; it’s dripping " ; " Charles, there’s a guy behind us in a black rabbit with a gun! " ; " Frank, don’t hit them again " ; " Scott, I’m tilting my head”; 1 2 Mission Impossible; " Hold on, I dropped ya " ; " I don’t care whether you like my music or not " ; 1 3 Rappin’ 3; " Big Tim, Little Fat, and Cassetty " ; " It wouldn’t be track if I didn’t puke " ; Full Contact Participant 3, 4; " Trajan, is discus a sport? " ; " Thanks M.B.A.’’; " Thanks Mom and Dad, for your love, help, and support . . . I’ll remember these great days for the rest of my life. " Rob Cheek Robert S. Cheek, III J.V. Soccer 1, 2; Hockey 3, 4; Rifle Team 2; Big Red Club 1-4; Photography Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 1-4; BELL Assistant Photo Editor 3; BELL Photography Editor 4; 1 2 Richland Paint Crew; 1 15 Scrappy Bass Relief Fund; l ? Shakespeare Thursday; l ? Bean Thursday; l ? 440 GROUP SESSIONS; 1 21 Survival Game; 1 4 Estes Park Van Team; Funnel King; " Rob, can I bum another one PLEASE? " ; " Why does Erik have a piece of my mailbox? " SCRAPPY’S BAR AND GRILL; " I’m awake! " ; SCUBA ID; " So uh, PRETTY MUCH " ; " Why don’t you buy, Brent? " ; " Right here!! " ; " Mike, stay away from anything with glass, " ; " Possibly”; " Frank, why are you knocking on my door at 4:00 A.M.? " ; " HENDRICK, what’s that fuzz on your face?”; " DRIPPLETT”; " What is this. Rag on Rob Week?”; " No, Leigh Ann, I don’t know where Frank is”; " LET’S GO ON A RUN!”; " You wore my shoes so yours wouldn’t get dirty?”; " What do you mean he thought it was unloaded? " ; Clown Act; " I swear I shaved!”; " It’s 3:00 A.M., do you know where Scrappy and Tom are?”; " Beth, can I have my Sarasota shirt back? " ; " HEY LITTLE CROWELL”; " ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? " ; Captain Morgan all the way; " Where were you, Frank? " ; " There’ll be a day when rules will fade away, and we will overcome. " Robert Henry Chilton, IV Microbe Football; Freshmen Football; Weights and Agilities 1‘4; FCA 3)4; Young Life 4; Bell Ringer Staff 2,3; After Lunch Person 1-4; Soup Kitchen 4; Big Red Club 1-4; l lO Male Dominance Volleyball Team, MVP; 1 50 Flem’s New Year ' s Bash, 11th and 12th; 1 6 Grand Theft Auto Club; 1 7 Halloween Egging Car Crash; 1 4 Convent Convention; 1 4 Vanderbilt Egging Bust, 1 30 Belle Meade Bottle Rocket bust; 1 23 Captiva Island Haze; 1 5 Pool Hopping Crew; Six year veteran of the hill; " Steve " ; " Good Call " ; " The Fitzer Valve " ; " The Beast " ; " Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo " ; " Pick, what happened at Auburn " ; " Nice music, Stroman " ; " Spence, you look like Bozo " ; " Flem, I swear it will come out of the rug:; " I’m not a cradle robber, that ' s Allen”; " Yeah Brad, be respectful to your Grandmother " ; " Fitzer, you cannot drive my car, and take off those sunglasses, it’s 10:30 at night; " Smithwick, get those girls out here, they’re starting to look good " ; " O.K. Martin, so what girl haven’t you asked to go to the beach with you " ; " Pick, I swear you called my father, ’Dad’, last night " ; " Gayden, no problem . Auburn bound WAR EAGLES , Thanks Mom and Dad. Rob Chilton 46 Jonathan Cole Jonathan Jacob Cole " Hann” of ' Jo-Hann” (whatever the bumper wants); " Mr. Stokely himself’; " Jaycee”; " Menachem”; The Bell Ringer 1-4, Bell Ringer Editor-in-Chief 4; Cross Country 1-4, co-captain 4, 2nd team All-Nashville; Track 1-4; Swimming 3; FCA 1-4; SADD 3; The Bell 3,4; Big Red Club 2-4; Boy’s State (almost Governor); Student Congress; Mock Trial as Jeff Larson (an innocent Stoner); Service Club 4; 1 2 Dee Lee Con- nection; 1 8 Lexington Cruisers; 1 2 MBA Demo- crats; 1 5 Run for Fun Club (Founding Father); 1 3 Packbusters (unsuccessful); 1 4 We Won Bike Team; 1 3JLA Love Triangle; Veterans of Free ’n Easy Bike Rally; Founder of the non-MBA letterman’s Jacket Club; " Let’s take the Blue Ribbon.’’; " I’m prepared, it’s all mental.’’; " Now, for the climax of the aca- demic week.’’; " He looks like he wants a stab.’’; " Yeah Tom — but would you trade places with him’’; " Nice grippers, Kirbo.’’; " Uh Oh, the plot thickens.’’; " Good season, good season.’’; " Welcome to the edi- torial office of THE BELL RINGER.’’; " Yeah, I’m taking Laura — again.’’; " Friday afternoons at the Deli Junction; Friday at Sarratt.’’; " Yes, madamoiselle— I am listening.’’; " Sure Tom took a date to this mov- ie.’’; Nashvegas Film Appreciation Society; " Hey, Robert, you know what—’’; " And— social order is restored.’’; Night Football in Boxers; " 24 minute run— my favorite practice! " ; " Just one more hill!’’; " No way, we did win the bike race — it’s physically impossible for them to beat us.’’; Wet n’ Wild Revis- ited; " Let’s go through Miami (Famous Last Words)’’; " Robert— you owe me five bucks.’’; " Be- ing antisocial " ; " Because, I always wear a tie to games.’’; Spring Break in Captiva; " Tom and Kirby want to play the game.’’; " Come on back to the raft, Huck Honey.’’; " Way to go, Felix.’’; " I’m having a good old-fashioned—’’; Thanks E.A.— I really appre- ciate it. Meet The Press — Banner Photo by Jack Gu nathan Cole (center) interviews Gov. Ray membersof Pack 39 look on. Blanton advised! j — 1 ., j i.. 1 47 Andrew Daniel Crowe Andy Crowe Transfer (FRA) 2; transfer (MBA) 3; Hugh of Brien ambassador 2; President Leader’s Club 3; ice hockey 3,4; Travel team ice hockey 4; highest school score 2; Mock Trial 2,4; MBA SCA swim team 3,4; co-captain swim team 4; Permanent Presiding officer 4; St. Congress 3,4; Youth’s Legislation 2; coxswain, Mendota Rowing Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Council of Youth Ministries representative 4; Sea Scouts— Boatswain Mate 4; section leader orchestra 1,2; stage crew 1; Ripon Forensic’s Institute — permanent presiding officer, superior speaker 4; Big Red Club 3,4; Math team 2; " CYM— the clean young man”; " Skankman”; “Young Andrew”; ’’Dionysus”; " this is my brother Bacchus, alias Mike— please not my middle initial in ’D’, his is ’B’. ”; " No, Scooter, we do not have Perrier in our cafeteria.”; " That’s my BUDdie”; " Hey, Frank, Kakkk”; " IIEEE E YI YI YI”; " Hooper, how about some chew”; " 1 5 HH Rolling Crew; l ? Krystal’s theme party; " Just stay at my house.”; " No really. Mom, I’d have invited you but . . . we’d better go back to my room and talk”; " But, Dr. Crowell, I do know how to drive”; " Duty’s ripped them up”; 1 5 Bear Thursday Crew; 1 2 Rawlings work-test ’87; " Turner, we are the Dukes”; 1 5 Hoodoo Gurus fanatics; " It’s time to slam dance”; " Let’s go to Memphis— I know some people there”; " How many demerits this week. King”; l ? the GANG Wisconsin Christmas Ski Trip ’87; l ? Shakespeare Thursday; " No officer, no trouble here”; ”... and he gave me a citation for driving without shoes ”; " BRRRR ACKA”; backyard boxers; 1 2 trash can terrorists; Eric ate the worm!!”; " Well, I was trying to avoid a rabbit in the Park, and . . . ”; " I didn’t know it was loaded”; " But Rob, you look West”; 1 2 We Love Target Club; " Frank, open your door in 3 ... 2 ... 1 BOOM— the Pinto does it again!”; 1 2 Franklin Road Pinto Pylon Destruction Committee; " Party at Percy Warner”; " No, I don’t know what I’m going to do after high school”; " Erik, can you give me a ride”; " I got another warning”; " Live fast- die young”; Springsteen ’84, twice; " Turner, we need a Coke”; 1 2 Diet Coke and soccer go so well club; " Turner, we’ll meet at the Park”; 1 4 camping with Ta; " I could have been taking French V at Harpeth Hall”; " Well, Mr. Bondurant, I was kicking my shoe and the next thing I know, the roof s falling down”; " But I’m not allowed to”; " No, Wilbur, it could happen”; " You stupohead”; 1 3 Lipscomb Post— SAT firefighters; " Mom, I’m not joking, the Police caught me”; " I’m going to be a Naval pilot”; " Doochin, we need to talk”; " No talking at Kroger’s”; " persona non grata at” the Holshowser household; l ? Guy’s night out Rob Baker slumber party’ " Pacooo”; " Let me guess Frank, you have to cut the grass”: " Go Teddybo, Go”; " Lars got a goal”; " John, see that tractor”; Rob Baker: " I saw a garage sale!”; " Gotta keep moving, never looking back ... the future is now, be what you wanna be” Pilot Flight Log FRANK CROWELL James Frank Crowell, III Ice Hockey 3,4; Varsity Track 1,2; Student Congress 4; " What’s happening this weekend " ; " Hey, T.A., what ' s the countdown " ; " I did awesome on this test " ; " Hey, Erik, it’s cold outside. You think I could get max engine performance " ; 1 7 Shoe In Ceiling Gang; 1 6 Co-ed Slumber Party; " I think I’ll do some touch and go’s in Smyrna”; 1 4 Chevy Airborne Flight Crew; 1 8 Bean Thursday Clean Up Committee; 1 1,000,000 Dragon Park Terrorist Group St. Pat’s Day at Davidson; T.A., how’s Tiffany " ; " No, I don’t like I.C.”; 1 4 Career Day Park Patrol; l } the Gang; 1 15 Scrappy Bass Relief Fund; " Whas’up " ; Mike Scardina, don’t put the ashtray in the plow, cuz! " ; 1 2 Richland Paint Crew; " Boing!”; " Mellow Yellow is the only drink”; " Let’s take the Duster, Erik " ; " Why can’t I have books in here " ; Caligula at Mary Lee’s; l } Shakespeare Thursday; } Krystal Theme Party; " Baker, do we have to go to Cats, again " ; " Brent, it’s 30 degrees outside— keep the top up " ; Moskos; Elliston Place; " Cheek, I hate Huey Lewis”; " Let’s go to Krogers”; " Bullet!”; " What a day”; " Andy, what’s wrong with the car now " ; " Baker, nice hair " ; " Don’t argue, Brent”; " Cheek, you’re whipped " ; " Baker, we gotta meet the guy on the beach at 11:00 P.M.’’; " Cheek, we saw your car at Beth’s, sure you went home!”; " Dad, I’m not failing " ; " Yeah, it’s a 727, it has 25,000 lbs. of thrust. We’re talking max engine performance”; " Someday I’ll be up there " ; " And you gotta plan ahead, IN ADVANCE”; " I was at the airport, I promise”; " Hey, Mary " ; Thanks Mom and Dad for the opportunity!; I will FLY! Andrew Tomlinson Davis Varsity Cross-Country 1,2, 3, 4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2,3,4; All-Metro Cross-Country 2,3,4; All-District Track 3; F.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Big Red Club 1,2,3, 4; Outing Club 1,2,3; Service Club 4; ”1 ‘spect I growed. Don’t think nobody never made me.” — UNCLE TOM’S CABIN; 6 years and 2 summers of M.B.A.; Kirbo, Erbo, Mooseface, Demi-god, The Mouth, Hiram, Boots Davis, Author of 1001 Running Excuses; " But Coach Pruitt my toes are curling!”; 100% Neo-conservative, l 4 of the 1986 Pre-Graduation Blitz; Kirbo-Turbo; The Hampton Gang; " Runners are awesome, and I’m an awe- some runner.”; 1 3 of the UT Homecoming Crew (Thanks Steve and Robert!); " No, don’t handcuff me to the eternal flame! " ; " I hear the pond calling.”; " Is Robert ever wrong”; 1 2 of the Friday afternoon Deli Junction squad; " Time drags when you’re with me.’’; Running All-World; Winner of the ’86 college trip betting pot; Big Ed fan club; " I did not pass out when I gave blood, guys.’’; " No Jonathan, Mr. Pruitt is not my father.’’; " Let’s stop when we get to Davis’ narne in the road.’’; " Okay, so I might have been an accident if Kirby is 12 years older.”; " I took off fast so I could be in the paper for leading the pack.”; Victim of the vibrating tongue incident; " Well, we beat them in cross- country.’’; Dee-Cee connection; " It is an aerodynamic haircut.”; 2 wrecks in 11 days; 1 3 of the Jonathan-Laura-Andy love triangle; 1 23 senior class goes to Captiva; 2,000 in the Rally Six; " Was that a cockroach in there”; " Oh, Jeff and Robert, good clear!”; ' Just call me the fountain maker.’’; Lipton Tea plunges on the beach; " I feel the pull of Gravity.”; To all my friends; Thanks for all the memories, and the greatest thanks goes to Mom and Dad. I love you all. Andy Davis David Dillon John David Dillon Hockey 3,4; Chorus; Nashville Youth Network; Safe Rides; Art 1-3; 1 5 Mr. Poston’s 4th period groupies; Babbiting; " No, I swear they know each other " ; " It’s okay, I promise " ; " John, you’re going to Purgatory " ; " There’s nothing like a truck " ; " It’s sort of a throwback to the free love of yesteryear " ; " That’s okay, you’re the All-American boy, Clark " ; " Fethin’ Bones is the next R.E.M., Sandy”; " Stork " ; Slavebabes; " Sandy, let’s watch basketball tonight, every night”; " Meghan, you’re only a freshman " ; " Yes, I live on a farm. No, my father is not a farmer " ; " Nashville Christian all the way " ; " This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends”; " Oh well, there’s always tomorrow " ; II Cor. 12, 9-10; Thanks Mom and Dad. Frank Atkeison Downey Frank Downey Varsity Football 2-4; Honorable Mention All-District 11- AAA 4; Varsity Wrestling 2-4; Honorable Mention All-Midstate 4; Varsi- ty Baseball 1-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Events Chairman 4; FCA 2-4; Service Club 2-4; Mack ' s Dinner Club 3,4; Po Folks Eating Club 2-4; 1 4 Signing Crew; 1 4 Vandy Police Friend; 1 3 Cornelius Bennett Fan Club; Flemming, you better shut up!”; 1 5 Auburn Road Trip; l 3 Bama Road Trip; " The first one at 6:00 A.M.”; l lO Library Bathroom Lunch Club; " Fitz, this House is Toast!”; " Let’s get the outer limit!”; " Excuse me, can we touch your far wall”; " Gantt, Krystal sure is drafty; sure you don’t want some more clothes”; 1 2 Naked 100 yd Dash Crew; " Shut Fitz up, give him his monkee”; " Hey, Flemming, let’s go on a Chinese Tour!”; " Hey, y’all need a room " ; " Bimmer, let’s get some catfish and a good lawyer!”; " Fitz, wake up. This is the best game ever- Auburn just scored " ; " Hooper, get some pants on, and then come on in " ; " Hoops, is this chocolate”; " Hey, Matt, make me a salad”; " No sheets!”; " Mo, are we getting sun " ; " Greg, I’m not that loud”; " Hey, Gantt, call 255-8949, and ask for Steve " ; 1 6 Skull’s and Cat Crew; " We’re the Eagles " ; " Fitz, my gosh, you look so silver " ; " Gantt, Catherine and I aren’t th t crazy " ; " Fitz, give me some- thing beside s this frisbee”; " Belle Meade Pool is turning red " ; " Steven, your music is so weird " ; " Hoops, let’s get in the tubb. No, don’t bring Steely Dan or Centerfield”; " Trajan, we’ve got brain damage, but we made it”; " I give up, I win " ; Downey— 500, Carney— 2; " Temp, what’s the count, the play, the defense”; " Scoop, me, you, no, what do we do " ; " Hey, Temp, the sky is dark— time to play! " ; " Bumstead, take that tape off and go to sleep”; " Flemming, is YOUR name Lee Ainsley " ; " Tommy, let s give Coach Regen some grief’; " Flemming, don’t worry, the only thing that is broken is the door, the rail, and eveything else”; " Hooper, it’s not worth $20 to go to Tokyo " ; Post Weights and Agilities Club; " Get that sign! That mailbox! Watch out, Gantt, it’s Pearl Street! " ; " Basement night " ; " Bumstead, slow down! There are your parents!”; " Fitz, Jimmy, just drive between the lines somewhere " ; " Chilton, Matt, Brooks, we’ve got records”; " Hey, Gantt, copy Charles’ notes so we’ll have something to study tonight”; " Gantt, why do we have this tent”; " What is on your seat? Why didn’t you use the towel”; " Caught 15 times in 7 days!”; " Guys, these years have been nuts, and I loved them!”; Thanks Mom, Dad, Coaches, and M.B.A. for four great years. David Enkema James David Enkema J.V Soccer 1-3; Microbe Football 7th, 8th; Microbe Soccer 7th, 8th; Microbe Track; Big Red Club 1-4; " 18 and none, honest”; " Hey, Brown, where’s the car " ; 1 2 Busted for Curfew; " Scott, that Saab drives really well " ; " Parker, how about a little basketball”; Carousel Wheel; Amies 1; " Hey, could y’all play a little Rush— What a hick— that’s you, Steve”; 1 3 English Party at Ted’s; " Parker, some groups are better than others— The Smiths " ; " Thinks Mr. Lanier”; " Brown, it must have been real dark”; 1 3 Longest Mile— Jog from Hyatt; " You boys want to get up . . . No! " ; " Chains. Give us a break!”; 1 23 ’87 Captiva Spring Break Crew; " The Mid’s always in peril”; " Chris, so you quit. " ; 1 3 Trip to Ditch; " You lost my ball! " ; Beyond the Beyond; " Hey, Guys, let’s go pick up some scorecards " ; 1 2 Rocked JAW; Ambush Powder Crew; " Hit it! " Clint Fawcett Clinton Douglas Fawcett Varsity I.C. 1-3; Soccer Co-manager 4; Chorus 1-4; Spanish II III medals; Member of the " Computer Geeks of America Club’( but not an avid listener of " Computer Blue” by Prince; Founder of " Clint Fawcett Industries, " manufacturing " Calculus Tool Kits " ; Only person on the " Junior College Trip” who asked, " Do you have an engineering program, and if so, what does it entail”; Formally (and possibly erroneously) dubbed " Wild Man” by Brian Stephenson; Member of the Opryland U.S.A. work force for two years, famous for " Walk please!”; Most likely to be addressed by " Yeeesss . . . , Mr. Fawcett” in Mr. Herring’s A.P. American History class; Yes, I do (and did) listen to music: Bruce Hornsby and the Range, Crowded House, Sting the Police, etc.; And following the above " Mumbo-Jumbo, " here is a final quote that summarizes my MBA career: " We give up leisure in order that we may have leisure, just as we go to war in order that we may have peace.” — Aristotle. m 54 Andy Finchum Charles Andrew Finchum Fall Tennis 1-3; Weights and Agiles 1-3; IC 1; Varsity Baseball 3,4; Varsity Track 2; Microbe, Freshman, J.V. Football Field Assistant 4; CPR 2; Big Red Club 1-4; THE MBA Chorus 4; Long Range Planning Committee 3; " Most Likely to be a Farmer " ; Headmaster’s and Privilege List 4 — " Yes, I did get on the PL! " ; " Nathan, will you STOP! " ; " Hey, John, have you done your Feezikx”; " Mimin Tern Mimin!”; " Andy, drive that golf cart slowly and put everything away NEATLY for me”; " Wait a minute, wait a minute. See, you don’t understand. I’m not getting the attention I desire " ; " Let me say THIS about THAT”; " I think that’s boss manure " ; Mellonhead!; Punkinhead!; Brother Wayne; " Clay, you ain’t worth killing”; " Hey, Skip, how was the quisage " ; " May I borrow a sheet of paper”; 1 26 The Last Krystal Theme Patry Club; " Hooper”; " Okay, Guys Let’s be quiet now”; " It may have been my watch”; SURVIVAL GAME ’87; " This is appalling! There’s no sea in ’Tintern Abbey’ ”; " Pelaez”; " Yes, I do live in Dickson County, Joe”; " Brad, there can be satellites in space! " ; " MARK”; " Don’t mock me, Andy . . . Don’t mock me!”; " CO BENNETT”; Translation for Frank: " I’m outta here!”; thanks everybody; Thanks Mom and Dad!; MA! . . . and it goes on and on . . . Brennon Fitzpatrick Brennon Abernathy Fitzpatrick Varsity Football 2-4; Rifle Team 1-4; Weights and Agilities 1-4; The Float Trip 360 Team; " Yeah, I had a great time with McNair " ; ' " Nooga is always awesome " ; " Can we clear this chamber so we can clean up " ; " Road trip— the quick, easy method”; " drinking Coca-Cola in Hooper’s hot tub " ; " Lentz, you slapped on the cuffs”; " The Mid is in peril (600 -f) " ; " Bumstead wears interesting clothes in Krystal " ; Krystal-Skull’s Core Four Member; Mack’s Country Kitchen Post-game Eating Club; " I love catfishing on the river — and the road " ; " Temp, what would you like on your burger”; " Shakespeare Thursday— we drank a lot of Coca-Cola " ; Signs and Mailboxes; " Gantt, put on some clothes " ; Senior Party 1986 — covered all the fronts; 1 4 Dog Hunting Expedition; Days Inn Destruction Team; SKULL’S; " These front-wheel drives go anywhere " ; " Yes, I like to drink Coca-Cola " ; Farming; Honda Mobile; John Boone Watching Club; " Temp, I am a better shot than you. My skill ratio is better " ; (l) Where am (2) How did I get here. (3) How do I make this bed Whew!; " Yes, the Auburn- Alabama game bored me. O.K., I slept”; " Destin was nuts”. Christopher Fly Christopher Alan Fly Fr. Football Manager 1; V. Football Manager 2; V. Football Trainer 3,4; J.V. Basketball Trainer 2; V. Basketball Trainer 3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Cum Laude 3,4; National Merit Finalist; Big Red Club 1- 4; History Medal 7th; English Medal 8th; D.C.; Yu-y-y-ah-ah; " C’MON MANAGERS!”; " I hate this paint machine”; The (G) Liz; " Ah . . . Coach Owen . . . we’ve got a problem ... the paint machine won’t work”; 6th Period Sleep Club; l l Mr. Morel’s 5th Period Sleep Club, 7th; " Don’t get smart with me Chahz”; 1 4 Parmi Flower Cutting Club; " It’s only ice”; " The Giants paid the refs”; 1 2 Midnight Field Painters; Spring Season Off 1-4; " We’re out of Quick Kick”; " No, I’m not taking math”; Soccer Field Painter (l 2 3); " Ultimately, it is important to realize that this an attempt on the part . . . ”; " Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar ... I love it”; " We’ll walk around the History Room”; " Hi, BEARS!”; " Henrik had the key”; " Where’s the secretary”; l l Mrs. Lowery’s Readiness Club; Flybird; " Come on Chris FI . . . Fr . . . uh . . . Fly . . . uh . . . Fry”; 1 3 D’Lites Female Rendezvous Crew; Passion over Reason; " Way to move in on that play, right”; " Well, I guess I’m just a terrible driver, sir”; " So, John, are you going to be driven to our 25th Reunion”; ”I hear it’s flat there”; " Hey, Doc, Santa Claus is coming to town”; " Is or or and”. Thomas Fearn Frist, III Football 1-4; District Champs 3,4; Team Captain 4; All-Metro 4; Honorable Mention All-State 4; Scholar-Athlete Award 4; Wrestling, All-District; Tennis 1,2,4; Coach’s Award 1985; SADD 2, Vice- President; Project 714, President; Big Red Club 1-4; FCA 1,2; 1 3 Buffalo Soldier; 1 4 Trey Spence Salvage Squad 1 3 Thursday Night Pool; 1 22 Coach Regen 6th Period Abuse; Snowmass 1-4; Private Pilot 4; Non-Conformist 1-4; Sober 1-4; Mock Trial 4; ’’Big T”; " Sundowner 6645P ' ’; " George " ; " Tate Rogers”; " Most Likely to Succeed " ; CHRISTINE 2-4; " The Manger ; Sure, Chip ; Steve s Place ; " Thanks 16”; " Tom, our pool game lasted 7 Vi weeks " ; " Burch, do you and SPANCE want a copy? " ; " Dan, it’s all a mind game " ; ' Coach Moore, keep it a secret ; Chip, is Brad still alive ; Just because we partied with you last night doesn’t mean we are going to ski with you today”; " Charles, SKI to die ; " Johnny, you have no culture " ; " Trajan, let’s cruise Rivergate " ; " Get the Spirit up, Guys " ; " The Tippler " ; " It’s good to be protective, but let’s not overdo it " ; " She’s got to be Italian " ; " I really do have a girlfriend " ; the subject English; April (A-l)=Miami; U2, REM, INXS; " Chamber of Helloes”; Red Rocks; Philippians 3:13-14. " The man who follows the crowd, will get no further than the crowd, but the man who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no other man has been. Creativity in living is not without its attendant difficulty, for particularity breeds content. You have two choices in life; you can dissolve into the mainstream, or you can be different. To be different, you must be distinct, and to be distinct, you must be what no one else can be, but you. " Jarratt Claiborne Gayden Freshman Football; Varsity Track; Shin’s Martial Arts; " You Can’t Take it with You " ; " What did you do this summer?” . . . " Fill graves " ; 1 4 Dogs Unlimited; 1 6 Grand Theft Auto; BLITZ Charter Member; " Is that a coffin in the road " ; VEGAMAN; 1 3 Fear-Beef Balogna; Post-Steeplechase Sewanee Road Trip; " Don’t Change a Thing " ; deguise en papou; " Faisons une bleu . . . facile " ; Peanut Butter Kiss; 1 3 Double Formidable; " Did you get attacked by a Libyan?”; Purple Passion; ’’Strap On!”; " Ah hurd there was a wreck back here . . . ”; Cerveza; " This place is decadent " ; " This Pat guy is pretty crazy”; Collegiate Shotgun Approach; " A snail crawling upon the edge of a straight razor”; " I can’t possibly ea anothuh bite”; 1 4 Core Four Krystal Theme Team; l l4 6th Period Equipe de Sommeil; l 3 Henry VIII Mid-term Study Method; A Howl and a Dance; " Cmon, Chilton, you can do it if you study all night”; " Yeah, Brad, show some respect for your grandmother!”; " No problem, Rob”; 1 4 " Get thee to a nunnery " ; " Did you know nuns can climb trees?”; Buckeye Fan; 1 4 " Don’t you think you need a jjwve?”; Captiva Haze: " Sir, can I just say something? " . . . " Just git in the car and sllltup, boy” . . . " Yes, Sir " ; " This is getting out of hand! " ; " I love it, we don’t even need cuffs”; Diamond Cutter; Physical Abstention; Bad Moon Risin’; Solo Sunrise; " The Mid is in peril " ; " Frozen " night; 1 2 Tanning Platform; Mr. Meister and the Beast; Kill " the Dead " ; " Brennon, go talk to HER! " ; 4:30 A.M. run to Sanibel; 1 2 " Let’s dig a hole and sit in it " ; " Are all of these purple?”; " Yes, I am a Claiborne Gayden Daniel Clark Geddie, Jr. I Chorus 1-4; Photo Club 3, 4; Big Red Club 2-4; Biology Medal; Various Non-Varsity Athletics; Eagle Scout; Cum Laude; 7th Place — National French I Contest; Sev- eral Math Contests; Academic Decathlon (regional); 1 2 4-year Chorus Club; 1 4 Belle Meade Church Club; 3 5 Freshman Club; l ? Monty Python Fan Club; Self-ap- pointed Darkroom Custodian; " O.K., Mr. Elliot, I’m here, we can take notes now”; " So what if my class rank and grade point average are runined; ”You mean I don’t get a letter for taking non-entity Winter Track roll. !.?”; " Sorry I missed lunch, Andy, I was in the darkroom”; " Senior year helped me break a bad habit of mine — studying too hard”; " Hello, John . . . this is Clark, I’m WM working on my English homework and . . . " I thought I made weird noises, but listen to Finchum!”; " Do I play guitar. Well, they say if you pick it, it’ll never heal " ; " Gosh, Andy, I didn’t MEAN to wear the same jacket two years in a row”; SIDE 2!!!!; " MBA’s not too bad, how else could you appreciate the FREEDOM of college. ”; " Of course I’m tired! You would be too if you had a nocturanl Swede for a roommate!”; Good luck and God’s blessings to everyone in the Class of 1987; Thank you. Lord, for the opportunities I’ve had; Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. Music is my life! And I still haven’t hung up! Clark Geddie Nathan Goldberg Nathan Joshua Goldberg " Ari Winters is an incompetent fool”; " Hey, Eytan, I bet you never guessed you’d be in the MBA annual " ; 6th Period Latin " Help” Class, freshman year; Drewfus Helpuge; " Nate the Mate " ; " No I’m going to college next year, Brent, I’m going to Israel to find myself’; " Goldberg! You fool! " ; 110 on 440; " No, I’m not going to Mass.”; " Stop! Drop! and Roll!”; " On the air conditioners at Lion’s Head and in Percy Warner Park " ; " But, Dr. Crowell, at least I have hair . . . sir!”; " I lost the book . . . again " ; " Yes, my hair is naturally wavy " ; " My momma’s a polebean, and my dady’s a blackeyed pea " ; " Blades of Grass”; " Don’t shoot! I’m unarmed! " ; " Uh, thank you, Mr. Goldberg, I heard you, and you weren’t even he-ear! " ; " Do LATE NITE, not homework " ; High school in Isreal; " Jack, Jack, Jack and Jack! " ; " Yeah, I’m from IOWA, what of it. " ; " Doc Thomas, do we really have to do a science project. ”; Lost theme on computer; Rancid pineapples in Chicago; " I’m singing in the rain”; Harold and Maude; Springsteen, Sandborne, Winston, Costello, Kenny G., Bob James, Marsalis, Spike Lee, Jaguar Hearse; " We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there " ; Chess Senility; " But sir, no government will ever work on a large scale " ; " Kono, you’re a genius”; " No, really, I am sorry”; " Hey, we’ve got a cool teacher, and he’s from Wyoming!”; No past from now on. I’m starting off with a blank slate. 61 i aeinc raber j nB ffE rescling; Freshman Football; J.V. Baseball; NJgANon-eBcili jVafSity Non-entity; Cjheerleading ' HCap n); Privilege List senior year; Voljam 7V10; " YemThlt’s it! Plajf a band”; Blues Power and [rlowet I ower, you can’t go wrong " ; Woodstock JR; ’litc dye-tilLyob ' die " ; R lw oms; spleef; Electric Prunes; Detfiyuid the Dominoes; Robert Zijnermafi " the White Aii als have as far as a band with no talent can CALL THE Ci IC; " All i5||ongs ie about girls, ' iets, and tr s " ; The White Animals the hght com shininj From the West down toj Any day now Any day now ML - ■ c ' 1 !--i P? l 1 1 ;cA f- ; I ! ( 1 i . 1 j Tim Hamling Timothy James Hamling FCA 2-4 (Treasurer 4); Service Club 3,4 (Vice-president 4); Football 2-4; Basketball 2-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Chorus 4; 1 5 " Rag the Starlet” Club; 1 2 Lexington, KY, Crew; 1 3 1986 Eat-A-Thon; 1 4 Taco Bell Drive-In Club; 1 2 Devoted Mack’s Diners; 1 30 Po Folks Pre-game Meal Club; 1 6 Die Hard Days Fan; 1 12 I love Jennifer Club; 1 3 I Love Ben Club; l l2 Zack Celebration Club; 1 3 6th Period Counseling Crew; 1 3 Mafia Staff Car for Cruising Club; 1 2 " Navigation is our life " ; 1 2 " We’ll eat anything " ; " Hey, Charles . . . Why”; " Is it time for a walk yet, Matt”; " Charles, have you been in Brennon’s closet again " ; " Todd, your expectations were just too high”; " Charles, let’s go play paddle ball " ; " Hey Buddy, need any extra ketchup”; " Spick, I finally dropped it " ; " scroll on, Emmett " ; " Hey, Gantt, Mr. Silence wants to talk to you " ; " Frank, I have this recommendation I want you to write for me " ; " Chip, have you finished yet " ; " Let’s play one more game, Jeff’; " Scott, he’s wearing blue again!”; " Let’s go shopping. Temp " ; " Whitson, thanks for fertilizing my lawn”; " Todd, look at Matt”; " That’s okay, the Caprice can handle it " ; " Stro, are you going to McDonald’s again”; " I think it’s Dance Concert time”; " No, Todd, I will not put them on”; " Slide Rule " ; " Soooo Sorry”; " LEAVE ME ALONE " ; " I can’t believe we left the Bahamas " . Tom Harwell Thomas Creighton Harwell J.V. Basketball; Service Club 3,4; Spring Golf 3; " Hey, Scott, who ' s Zico?’; " Ted, who’s going to pick up the pictures?’; " Fitz, we need a tray”; " Be discrete, we don’t have enough for the whole highway " ; 1 2 Hugh Mike Fan Club 3,4; " Yea, Dave, that’s funny”; " National Cheerleading Associating can 1 5 Jensen’s 1; " The mid is in peril, quick let’s clean " ; Goat Punch; " Hey, Paul, I’m a little red rooster " ; " For Allen’s a jolly good fel- low . . . " ; " Corn fed . . . ”; " The Throwin’ Samoan”; " I wish I had a pencil . . . like Allen, so . . . " ; " Will, what are you doing . . . it’s all over me! " ; " Burch, wake up. It’s a function machine " ; " Hey, Will, how ’bout some milk”; " Burch gets the fat ugly one " ; " This is a great way to start driving school " ; Steven Hooper and Tom Harwell: YBA Coaches of the Year; " Hey, Burch, let’s go to the rail " ; 1 2 Bathroom Spy Team; 1 3 Buster Calloway Fan Club; " Mr. Caldwell, you love to write on the board, don’t you " ; " Come on, Dave, how ’bout a Catholic Church smile”; " Gosh, Will, this Scout is a four-wheelin’ machine " ; 1 3 Knoxville Race Riots; 1 3 Cativa Motocross Team; 1 2 Chip’s Team; " Hey, Fitz, it’s a loon! " ; " Coach Elliot, I can’t believe you said that”; " I wanna bite " ; " Cook, you nuked it”; " Chris, save me . . . SPLASH”; Green Hornets 3,4; " You gotta want it " ; 1 20 Farm Pre-game Warm-up; " Hey, at least my bathtub is clean " ; Shakespeare Thursday; 1 4 Turkey Shoot; 1 3 Bathroom Conference Team; " Right, Corbin, I’m sure your mom owns the gopher in CADDYSHACK”; l ? Golf Cart Crew; " What do you think this is — a motocross course! " ; l ? Teddybup’s Birthday Party; " Hey, Fitz, how ’bout a pinch " ; 1 3 Thursday Night Study Pool Crew; $1.29; " Burch, how’s Jean Original Aqua-Dump Team; " Hey, Mr. Caldwell, I think I’m going to play Sprinff olf ’ " Al, I think Paul’s ready for the handoff’; 1 4 " Don’t you think you need to shave”; 1 Team; 1 3 Push-ups for Money Team; " Tommy, it’s been 9Vi weeks, ironic huh " ; Varsity Volleyball Coach. Weights and Agilities 2; Winter Track 3; Track 3; I.C. 4; Varsity Golf 2-4; Chess Club 3-4; Debate 4; Junior Achievement 2; Young Life Basketball League 3-4; " How ' bout them Sixers. " ; " Hey John, I messed up my throat again last night.” 66 Steven Cole Hooper Freshman Football; J.V. Football; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Football 3 4; Varsity Baseball 1-4; Service Club 2-4; Chorus; President of Big Red Club; F.C.A. 2-3; President of Due in Study Hall Club; ‘ 4 Brundel Fly Fan Club; 4 The Auburn Adventure; Va Bail Heldman Out of Jail Crue; Vi Basement Night Original; 1 25 Shakespeare Thursday; 1 30 Theme Night at Krystal; Vi Math IV Ill ' s at Mo’s house; Vi Pool Happy Crew; " Mo, you and Speight will have to call me next year on test night to do a little long distance singin’ " ; " Hey, Marc, do you like two-a-days better than Buckeye? " ; " Marc, you sleep more than anybody in the world and you’re the cause of my laziness.”; " Hey man, we just cracked one and it’s only 6:15 A.M.; Oh boy is this great! " ; " Fitz, we should really consider taking karate lessons from Cou Cou’s cousin. Hey, Fleming did you see her legs?’’; " Hey yawl, is Heldman in jail? He is? Well, at least we know he can’t get into any more trouble the rest of the trip.’’; " I can’t believe one of our best friends is a convict. " ; " Hey Frank, you know you wish you could drive as good as me.’’; " Dang Frank, the Cavalier does have turbo. " ; " Yes, Pickel, you can have a single with chicken only.’’; " Pickel, that chicken sandwich looks like a moon crescent. " ; " Gantt, I’m still mad at you for making my Sugar Ray poster have a green hose. " ; " Hey, Chilton, why does your blazer smell so bad " ; " Frank, I’m still clappin’ forjohn Dale’s poem. " ; " New Years keeps gettin’ better every year.”; " Hey, Gantt, Mrs. Hogue is madder than 10 blue hornets at you. " ; " Pick, don’t we wish we could be on the Pac Ten All America Team.’’; " Adios Amigos”; " Now it’s time to leave the Hill for my four years have been done, onward to Ole Miss I go where the fun has yet begun. " ; " Gee, M.B.A. has been real swell. " Steven Hooper Mark Hudson Mark Findlay Hudson I.C. (ludus deorum) 1,2; Big Red Club 3,4; mild mannered reporter 4; staticmaster 4; Generic Hero 1-4; " What do you mean you’re not sending me to Harpeth Hall? " ; Me and Ed, two crazy kids with a dream; " This is appalling! There’s no ’sea’ in ’Tintern Abbey’!’’; " No, Scott, I don’t get the English homework either " ; " forked " ; " I hope your towels smell OK " ; " I’ll shave when I bloody well want to”; " O tempora, O mores . . . VIVIT”; " No, Lou, I don’t want to play chess”; 3 10 87 " I BEAT LOU! " ; participant: Krystal theme night bust; " I’m sure most of us are 18, officer " ; " stylized " ; " Dadgumit!”; " Ted, are we sick of him yet I mean it has been three years " ; " Hey, Skip, let’s go back to MBA now " ; " Relax, man”; Eloquent as usual, I stammered and turned bright red; " Spring break I went to Rivergate " ; " lisa from ’Casablanca”’; " Lyle, I can’t believe you don’t know who Neal Adams is! " ; founder: Harlan Haters and Associates; " Hey, Paul, what’s up? " ; " Andy, can I have a sip of your Diet Coke? " ; Parking Lot Death Dealer; " Canadian, and mighty proud of it . . . uh, well, no, I can’t name all the provinces . . . um, I don’t speak French either”; " Late Night with David Letterman” guru; " No, man, comics are awesome " ; " Chas, if I didn’t hate you so much. I’d kill you”; " Kyle, Mandlebrot this”; " Of course, I play soccer. See, varsity letterman’s jacket. What do you think I am? A manager?”; " Andy, don’t mock John, mocking Mark, mocking you, mocking me! " ; " Whoa " ; " I’ve got this thing for a short, brunette cheerleader. No, Lou, not you. " ; Travis, you shaped my values when I thought I was right. Guy, you gave me advice when I didn’t think I needed it. Kenji, you showed me how to draw and made me work when I didn’t want to. Thanks for the life and times; " Kenji, I liked your speech”; " Brave heart, Tegan " ; fade to black Tom Humphreys Thomas Smith Humphreys Humphreys; Hump; Humper; Tooomm!; Vi Dutchboys (Robert Rollins is the other half); E. Ponce de Leon; Friendly Gus; Starvin’ Marvin; Combat Rations; " You got smoked, Harwell!’’; Green Hornets 3,4; Croque Monsieur; Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Track; J.V. Basketball 3; Varsity Track 2-4; Varsity Cross Country 2-4, 2nd Team All-Metro 4; V Senior Nucleus; Vi Packbusters (unsuccessful); Lexington Days Inn: " I think I’ll open these curtains”; l 87 Deli Junction Party before A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM; " How ’bout a shiner!”; 1 23 Captiva Crew: first night is always the best: " Really, guys. I’m all right!!; " Wait, Dave, steak-tip dinner? " ; " And your host is Roy Firestone”; " Spreadout! ’’; " Scram! " ; Cabana Motor Lodge; ’Tween Waters Inn: " Good thing there’s no carpet! " ; " Good job, ’Berto " ; " Croque, we shouldn’t have gone to Ft. My ers!”; " Tim, gimme some of that coffee cake! " ; " Cmon, Paul, can’t we watch the lines? " ; Vi Double Formidable Club; " Dave, I will whip you!”; " One dutchboy to go, Robert!”; Jeux Brad and Tom: Zingers and milk; Superbowl Sunday: Martin and Humphreys Suicide Sledding Team; " Let’s listen to some ’Trashed’! " ; Hann, Kirbo, Jimmy, and Tom: the night after the state meet; " Go ’Hoos " ; " Klaus . . .Jabs! " ; Thanks to the family. mjif Travis Arnell Jackson Travis Jackson Travis; Travi; Trav; Taj; Dirka-Doo; Dinka; Mr. Mabuse; " All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies. " ; Archives contributer, 1-4; Co-Editor, 4; Entertainment Editor Bell Ringer 3-4; Honor Council 8, 1-4; Track 2-3; Cross Country 3-4; LEAD at Wharton ’86; Totomoi; National Achievement Scholar; National Merit Finalist; Explores 1-2; Guitarist in various bands 2-4; Big Red Club; Academic Decathlon Triple Gold Medalist; occasional misanthrope; Smith’s fanatic; " I’m no stranger to four walls. " ; " Friends What friends !’’; Carmen, Sabrina, Sue, Cynthia, Cindy, Deborah, Nadeen, Sarah R., A.K., Stephanie, Sarah N., Maish; Charles, Guy, Jeff, Garth, Sean, Stan, Kenji, Mark, John M., Brent, Andy, Rob, Erik, (Nick); " So, What are we gonna do with our lives ’’; It’s only 10 points off,”; " I’m Travis. He’s Harvard.”; Zero Motivation; " I’m so glad I don’t have a southern accent.”; " Garth, how about some suzy (suisse) mocha ”; " I’ve seen this happen in other people’s lives and now it’s happening in mine.”; Johnny Lamb wanted his name mentioned in my bio.; The Smith’s, Prince, Bob Marley, The Style Council, Thelouious Mouk, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Wynton Marsalis, Miles Davis, Siouxsie and the Baushees, The Cure, The Blow Monkeys, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Laurie Anderson, John Lennon; " I used to know this place. I used to know your name. I still remember.”; " Don’t jump off that you’ll never land!”; closet narcissist; " ... and I need to cling to something.” " Feels like heaven.”; " There is a fatality about all physical and intellectual distinction . . . ”; " This is the day your life will surely change.”; " I always watch for the longest day of the year and then miss it.”; Baldwin, Baudelaire, Camus, Castaneda, Cummings, Eliot, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Ibsen, McKuen, Salinger, Satre, Sexton, Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Wilde, T. Williams, R. Wright; " No I am not ’with it’!”; " I want the one I can’t have and it’s driving me mad.”; " This night has opened my eyes.”; " Mother, should I build the wall " ; " Goin’ down to Liverpool to do nothing.”; that rag-doll feeling; perfect vegetability; space cadet; unnatural fear of attending school; Brazil, Break-fast Club, Rocky Horror, She’s Gotta Have It, The Wall; " I always go to the moveis alone.”; " ... it is probably only insomnia. Many have it.”; incurable romantic; wench-surfing; " I’m not the pheasant plucker . . . ”; " Time isn’t holding us. Time isn’t after us.”; la nausee; " I cannot resign myself.”; Pop, Momma— if I had a penny for everything I wanted to thank you for, you’d be millionaires.; " I too wanna make music.’; " Nate, there’s a Calculus test tomorrow, wanna go to the movies”; " Guy is my guru.”; " There’s a Konobird on my back.”; " I like Mark’s haircut. He’s an interesting person.”; " I’m gonna grow dreadlocks or be a punk or kill conservatives.’ ; " You Kids; Guy, Mark, Kenji, Nathan — I’ll never forget you.”; " It’s only a mind game.”; " Can you show me how to get to Sesame Street”; sophomore — junior — Senior slide; " Hey, Charles, get this.”; " I confess sometimes I don’t know where I’m going.”; 1 2 of a club Guy and I couldn’t think of a name for; " freak nuclear accident in my stove”; goodbyes never were a strong point, but goodbye anyway. 70 John Joe John Ryoojoe National Merit Finalist; Varsity Track 2,3; Cum Laude 3,4; Debate 1-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Explores 2,3; Church Youth Group President 1-3; Honor Roll 1,2; Who’s Who in HH 3,4; English I medal 1; 7th place Region Natl. French Contest 2; Alabama ' s in Georgia, isn’t it. No, Tom; Honorable, how cold is it Honorable, what do you hate. ; Tombo; Anybody got a map to the speech room; Draw, Tom; T.A,, there is nothing wrong with Ms. Gannett; What the he-he-he-hello, Mrs. Christeson; Yes, the fat son IS older; Clark, it’s snowing— I need a ride.; What is this, pick on T.K. night; Hey, it’s just ice; I am NOT really a racist, Clark, if I were, I would hate all non- Koreans, and, c’mon, that’s EVERYBODY; Well, Matt, the scoop is that everyone failed, and there’s tons of stuff for tomorrow, you happy now?; Ques- tion; What are you doing?; Eric, seen Ms. T. lately?; Gee Joonho, that’s pretty interesting, uh, music; Hiiii; Thank you, I don’t know what to say; Jeff, you throw me another paper wad during Calculus, and I will kill you; Carol, pass the watermelon, please; The Fan Man’s here; Yeah, Kentucky IS a good place to get one; Under our hats; Petruchio’s here!; Jane, were you talking to me; Hyun-Mi, quit talking so much; Hey, Ivy, Spike says hi; I respect that; Thanks, Mom and Dad, for everything. Matt Kneeland Matthew Bryan Kneeland Varsity Football 2-4; 11-AAA Champs ’85 + ’86; Freshman Football manager; Church Basketball; Chorus 4; Big Red Club 1-4; FCA 2-4; Service Club 4; Project 7:14; 1 2 5th period chess team; " You have the right to remain silent 1 4 egg bust; " Tim, my eyebrows are not raised”; " Buckwheat say o’tay”; " How ’bout them Cowboys, Willingham”; The 7th Game of the World Series is more important.; " Yo Jay, Yo Jay”; Gatlinburg | golf runner-up; " Temp, you don’t want any ketchup”; " Hey John, what’s the scoop”; " No guys, I am not going to wave at you”; Sheila E.; " Hossssss!”; " Hey Steve, it’s Friday”; " Guys, I think Tie-Dye is AWESOME.”; l lO 5th period lunch; Yelverton Special; Official Dishwasher; " Charles, I think those girls were from Nebraska”; 1 5 Starlet Ragging Team; " Frank, we’re going to get kicked out of school”; " Where’s Shamu.?”; 6th period couselee; " Trajan you are forked " ; " Anyone for a walk on the beach.?”; Pre-game Krush Groove; Matthien, Matthew, Mattina, Cuz; " Skeeter”; 1 5 Holiday Inn Rockers groupie; Frog; Sliderule; Bahamas ’87. Kenji Kono Kenji Kono O.K., so it s illegible and misspelled. I don’t care. Let me rephrase that. I DON’T CARE. That said let me proceed. Things not pictured: My sci-fi and fantasy paperback collection in good, no, perfect condition; the cello; a portrait of Ingrid Bergman, right, INGRID BERGMAN; " A freak nuclear accident on my stove” sign (Happy, John); armor; IC athletic awards; Ganymede; caving helmet; FRA game tickets; " Sad to say I must be on ee way; " 6yrs ’. HA. HA. HA I cheated . . . (just joking) vv .cA ' tov ' A’’ A « j ( o ' " X Mra l t (liQck 3 ti ys e license library 0 cKf rd SO ponfr asM lAM.d 6 kie S ckS «4dC W h.a r»iROci Antutk 4 sh:rt‘tt il V u cA MslL- (wj i m ikii»n COfsf nfj ' H pencils 3 09 S I oe » » « " « ' ■ k eras r I c iculafar toff6,e ho)t cioc f " n rn ' O mi I handl I d or on fo On€ f}ot On y of o.a3 fsi ' - 4 A. Barry Lancaster Barry Donald Lancaster Big Red Club 1-4; J.V. Soccer 1; Varsity Soccer 2-4; H Hendersonville Connection; Va 1st Period McDonald’s Breakfast Club; " It was the traffic, honest!”; " What’s our excuse this time?’’; " Yeees, Mr. Lancaster " ; " Let’s go bowling, three in one night”; " Robert and Jimmy, I got some movies”; " Tuna is Tuna”; " Boy, one day you are going to run into the law, and you are going to lose " ; " Robert, why are your pants dirty " ; " What! Nobody goes to 7th Period Study Hall? " ; " Come on. Doc, this is not Sunday school " ; " We’ve got it good in Henderson- ville”; " Don’t say no! " ; " Robert, this problem with Mrs. Lowery won’t stop business, will it?”; " Jimmy, a little advice, no more blind dates " ; " 4 years on the Hill.” 74 Paul Lentz Paul Cromwell Lentz Varsity Tennis 1; Freshman Basketball; J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; J.V. Soccer 2; Varsity Keeper 3, Captain 4; " You could at least dive for it, Lentz " ; 6th Period Lunch-Hac-Bac; Exam Week House Wrecking Team; 1 6 Poston’s People; Deadhead 2-4; 1 ’87 Spring Break-Tubing in Captiva; " Happy Birthday Teddy-Bup " ; " Here I come with the 1-75 handoff’; " Fitz won’t need handcuffs " ; " The Mid’s in peril, time to clean " ; " I’m feelin’ gravity’s pull " ; " Smoke it up, Teddy-Bup”; " Tangled up in Blue”; " Pass the kaleidescope, George! " ; " Oops, my tapes! " ; " Hey, where did the bubbles go? " ; " Tom Ted— No, Allen " ; " I’m glad you wore your party hats to Ted s birthday! ; 14 Cook Team; " What’s your category? " ; 1 Sundown-Sunrise, 24 hours at Captiva; Corona; Speed Demon; " I’m Uncle Sam How do you do ”; " Allen, your license!”; " Hey, Amy . . . Lea s Summit; Hey, Will, let’s go see Dacus again”; ’86 Soccer Road Trip — The Booones, Sticklady, Zep, SAT s; 14 Insatiable 8th Graders; Jacq.’s Birthday — Wake up little Suzy; ’86 Homecoming at Harwell’s Farm; Days Inn Scrabble Hot Tub; Green Honda— " Sooo green " ; March of Dimes; Vi Alfred Stieglitz Grateful Dead 2 All Nighter Term Paper Club; " Woo, Woo!”; The Phil Zone; Garcia for President; Graduation — California Kenyon; " Sure don’t know what I’m going for But I’m gonna go for it for sure " ; " You know you bound to wind up dead If you don’t head back to Tennessee Jed”; Thanks Mr. Poston; Thanks Mom and Dad — I love you. 75 Logan Guy William Logan l.E. 1-3; Fencing 1-4; Swimming 2-3; " Hi, Guy, Bye, Guy " ; Guido, Average Guy, Whatta Guy, Hawkeye, Logan, Father Logan, Blondie, Master of the Obvious; " Oh My, I’m going to feel guilty about this tomorrow " ; " Yeah, dave, well there you are " ; Flop, disaster. Terminally Putrid, Slight tendency to procrastinate; Nope, no pets; Something is amiss; Self-Styled Sam Lowery; Linguistic Ineptitude; " I got the 2:10 Blues " ; Engarde, Ho-Ha, Dodge, Parry, Thrust; " I’m really like this”; HELP!; Test?, what test?; Just thoughtful — now asleep; Room with a view; The Smiths, The Smiths, The Smiths; Have a Ripon good time; 4:00 AM Abandoned Lobbyists; Jazz, Jazz, Jazz; Window on the Cumberland 3 7 Sun.; Blah, blah, blah; Confessions of a recovering couch potato; " I don’t know anything about the phones " ; Hiya, Toots; Nothing to say; I just forgot; Bean Thursday; Not really proud; " I like Jimi Hendrix, I dont look like him!”; I don’t know (really); Wench- Surfing or Surf-Wenching . . . whatever; XQ-25 Disintegrator Ray Gun; Earth Creature; Don’t jump off that, you’ll nevr land; Violence without Consequence; Freedom: Opportunity for personal responsibility. Sanity: an endangered species; " Mark, Kenji is spazzing out again, isn’t he? " ; Whatamidoing?; This is so wierd; I had a problem and I’m late because of it; Icon of a Mickey Mouse Institution in a Totalitarian State; Your lives are insignificant; Self-Reliance is key; My life is not an allegory for anything; Creative Abattoir, . . . and enjoy life; Most likely to end up as a character in a Doonesbury cartoon; If life tosses you a lemon, squeeze it and make lemonade; This is someone else’s reality; Blossoming Winter; maybe; Closet Romantic; Alan Alda is my idol; Dietrich; Steven Wright, Map of the U.S.; Actual Size-One Mile equals One Mile, Poodle with a Mohawk; Alix-Radio Free Sandinista; Mixed-up kid; Arrogance and Elegance; Vz St. Louis Rd. Trip; What do you know for sure?; I AM the Fencing Team; Oh, Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head; Voyages of the Lunch Trek: " Facinating, Captain, Fruit Loops for breakfast " ; Repetition is the Mother of Knowledge, Repetitin is . . . ; Everybody over the age of six is always doing the best they can under the circumstances; Napping on Alumni Lawn; Integrated Egos; ZZZ . . . ; What’s M.B.A.; To learn how to learn . . . Stay happy; 14 of the Donut Shop Boys; So much for the Bon Vivant; They love me; No way; ah-aah; I’ll do it tomorrow, maybe; What day is this?, month?, year?; And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!; So do the proud men die . . . ; What is the most significant lesson you’ve learned in your lifetime; Simulated crowd noises, 8-3; More fun than human beings should be allowed to have; I’m really gonna miss this place, (psych)!; Remember, no matter where you go, there you are; The stream we did not know we lived upon the banks of . . . ; I try to keep my tan all year ' round; Hey, Thanks, guys (you know who you are), Jeff, Travis, Joe G., Mark, Kenji, Rob, Frank, Sean, Chris, John, John, John, etc ... ; Whew, done! Fin, Amen, Nuff said. And there is also love. Mom, Dad, Divi, Grand Mom — John Maurice Mahoney Mahoney, Baloney, Mahoner, Manones; Hockey 3,4; ARCHIVES Editor; St. Cecelia and Harpeth Hall Drama; the GANG; Bean Thursday I and II; Shakespeare Thursday; " Better rusty hubcaps than no hubcaps at all, right, John. " ; " We got more than just fresh air outside, Frank " ; " The deal with Coleen. Purely platonic, I’m telling you " ; " Then I guess that makes me an astronaut”; Thanks Mom and Dad. Sunil Malkani Sunil Mohan Malkani National Junior Honor Society 1,2; Cum Laude Soci- ety; Algebra II (H) Medal; THE BELL Business Staff 2,3; THE BELL RINGER 3,4; Assistant Editor 4; Outing Club 3; Big Red Club 2-4; Varsity Track (??) 2,3; Varsity Tennis 4; 1 4 3200 Relay Z Team; 1 2 Hindu Crew; " B ut, Mr. Compton, I can’t run Love Circle ... uh ... I have a doctor’s appointment”; " Yes, I am assistant editor " I’ll be at the next newspaper meeting, Jonathan. I promise”; " Su”; " Sundell " ; " Hindu”; " No, Dr. Crowell, my name is not Raju”; " Mohan”; " Suni”; " Bean”; " Hand out the ditto sheets Thompson and Parker and Mayes and Pen and Martin and uh . . . uh . . . you”; " I hate Gallatin”; " That’s the most stupid stunt I’ve seen all night, son” . . . " But, Officer, I am lost " ; " Who wrecked at the temple”; " No, I don’t worship cows, I don’t wear a turban, and I don’t wear a red dot on my forehead”; " And I have one boy in my third period class ... oh heavens, I don’t know where he is”; " Uh Fry, I mean uh . . . Fly, come on now hurry up”; " O.K. now. I’ve got my track shoes on, and I’m ready to go”; " Right on the dot”; " Today is a good day to make a hundred”; " Baron’s guide to life”. Brennon Michael Martin Yearbook Business Manager 3; Yearbook Co-editor-in-chief 4; FCA 2-4; Totomoi 3,4; Cum Laude 3,4; Varsity Track 2,3; Varsity Volleyball 4; Yale Book Award; P.M. Estes Award 3; Morehead Scholarship Award; 1 3 Convent Convention; 1 4 ' ' Don’t you think you need a shave”; 1 4 Trey Spence Rescue Squad; 1 4 Core Four; 1 3 Henry VIII Mid-term Study Club; 1 2 Tanning Platform; l l4 6th Period Equipe de Sommeil; 1 23 Captiva Haze; l ll Male Dominance; " Did you know nuns can climb trees?”; " Trajan, are you going to ask her out or not?”; " Tommy, we are going to law school”; " O.K., O.K., senior action shots aren’t due until after Spring Break”; " I can’t feel my hand!”; " Here’s my gerbil Lorna who’s expecting babies in six months, a moot point at best”; " Brad, that’s called hit and run”; " The Mid is in peril”; Mr. Meister and the Beast; " If you keep it up. I’ui going to let you explain it to the judge”; Purple Passion-technicolor; " They call that murder. Boy”; " Paul, this was a great idea— we don’t even need cuffs”; Kill " the Dead”; 1 3 Double Formidable Club; " Charles, why don’t you go over into that lane”; " Combien” . . . " Non”; To the Class of 1S)87— I’ll never forget As a dreamer of dreams and a traveling man I’ve chalked up many a mile. Read dozens of books about heroes and crooks. And I’ve learned much from both of their styles. —Jimmy Buffet Brennon Martin METRO AUTO 3 US] ii Jll Charles Mayes Charles Eugene Mayes, Jr. Student Council 1-4, President 4; All-Metro 2-4; All-Middle Tennessee 4; All-State 4; Varsity Soccer 2; Varsity Track 4; Weights and Agilities 3; Service Club 2-4; Totomoi; Cum Laude; " Stro, give me the ’L’”; 1 5 " The Starlet is a sweet mobile” Club; " Hey, Reese, Oatsval’s out here, and he wants to talk to YOU”; " Timmy, got a Valentine for you— it’s from Tracy”; 1 6 Die-hard " Days” Fan; 1 12 Jennifer Fan Club; " Todd, I have one question for you and Tim . . . Why”; " Hey, Matt, time for a stroll on the beach”; 1 3 I Love Ben Club; " Tim, life is like the stockmarket . . . " Noid, give them the phrase”; " Hey, Tim, let’s play paddle ball”; " Hey, Buddy, where’s the ketchup”; " Spick, I’m down on that”; 1 12 " Zack’s Coming Party” Club; " I’m down on the 3-pointer next year. Spick”; 1 20 AP Bag It (4th period, 1st semester); The trapezoid lives”; " Sweet modern art tan, Hamling”; " Stro, McDonald’s all right with you”; " Me and Tehern are tight”; l 2 " If it don’t move, we’ll eat it” Club; " Hey, cuz”; l l2 " Christmas Basketball Parking” Club; " Guys, I only got one thing to say . . . ”; 1 12 Atlanta Electronic FootbaU Club; " Hey, are you 30 for MBA”; 1 3 Mafia Staff Car Cruising Club; 1 2 Navigation Is Our Life; " Hey, Frank . . . 1 12 Green Frog Lovers Club; " Hey, Dude, do you have a problem?”; 1 5 Shamu-Skeeter Fan Club; " Stro, We’ve got to— it’s tradition”; " Snack Pack is key”; " Stro, get this piece of junk out of my driveway and get off my goal”; " Jay, whatever you do, don’t drop the keys in the water’ . T.A. McKinney Thomas Allen McKinney Debate 2-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Science Fair Honorable Mention 2; 1 2 MBA Democrats; 1 5 V.A. Parking Lot Crew; l lO All Steak Fan Club; I.C. 1-4; Socialist Review Subscriber 3‘4; Professional Wrestling 4; " Visitor . . . Visitor parking.”; " I don’t know anything about the phones.”; " No, we’re going to park over here.”; " This is the worst clam chowder I’ve ever had. I won’t eat it.”; " If you go you go, if you don’t you stay.”; " I hate going to these airports. These airplanes, they . . . they fly around.”; " We’re going to eat at this place that has everything you want to eat. It’s called the All-Steak.”; " Tobaccy”; " You’re one of my three favorite people.”; " Be quiet! The phone won’t work.”; " Alabama’s in Georgia, isn’t it”; " Policeman, policeman.”; " You are useless, I am useful.”; " Mrs. Dukes, can we stop at the store and get some gummy frogs before we go to the airport”; " Briefs: Can’t live without ’em, can’t live without ’em.”; " Moral Criticizer”; " It’s Eugene’s Turn!”; " Yes, in this class we like natural highs.”; " We want bread, not cake.”; " Un-darn-canny!”; " O.K., folks, lets get out a sheet of paper.”; " This problem’s got me buffaloed.” Alexander Woods McLeod Sandy McLeod Varsity Tennis 1 4; Varsity Burnout 3-4; Microbe tennis coach 3-4; 1 5 Mr. Poston’s 4th period grou- pies; Interlocken Bike Trips 1-3; Mr. Herring Veteran 2-4; Caddyshack Fan Club; FCA 1-4; I swear, Bob Pate is the funniest person in our class . . . ; If we average 90, I’m sure I’ll get to Vero in 14 hours . . . ; Dunk ball, my house, Saturday at 12:30 . . . ; The Nightball season opens tonight . . . ; Call the young Sewell boys . . . ; Brent’s got perfect form — just like Johnny Daw kins . . . ; Shut up, Tuttle . . . ; UVA should have won the tournament . . . ; Hey KC, where am I going — CRAAAZY! . . . ; Kristin, I swear. I’ll be happy anywhere you all want to go ... ; Colline, you’re such a mule . . . ; Brooks, I’m sorry but you’re a nice guy . . . ; Jody, everyone misses you and no one hates you, I promise. Will Meyer William Trabue Meyer Varsity Football 2-4; Student Council 1-4; Varsity Track 2-4; Service Club 3,4; Big Red Club 1-4; ' 85, ' 86 District Champs; " Hey, Tom, you’re ba-ad! " ; Out West ' 83; tiny winy . . . ; Chom!; " —this sand is almost like walkin’ in uh . . . sand " ; 1 2 Greenhorn; 1 3 Buffalo Soldiers; 1 4 Miller Times; 1 4 Insatiable 8th Graders; 1 5 Edd ie Capt. Spooge Fan Club; 1 ? Belle Meade After Hour Swim Team; l ? The Great Corbin Blowout— don’t worry, he’s got plenty of plastic; Hey, Hoops and Flem, ya maingy ol’ dawgs!; quasimodo; " Hey, Lentz, let’s go back to Catalooche " ; " 1-2-3 I think not! " ; bonedancin’; Granola Day ’86; " Yo, Clay, where’s the bag”; " Marc, it’s definitely high time for a reunion " ; " SURE! " ; " I think Miami was worth it " ; " She’s fire, booyy! " ; Thanks Mom and Dad. Bjorn Nordquist Bjorn Sture Nordquist English IV; Math IV; French II; American History A.P.; Computer Speech; Cross Country; Varsity Soccer; 1 5 Freshman Club; l l Swedish Minority Party; l l Center-half-who doesn’t-know-what-he’s-doing Club. Life is like a river-you try to stay in the middle but keep on bumping into the sides. Going to the States wasn’t one of the bumps, though. I have really enjoyed being here. And I know that I have learned a lot from this year that I, with the memories of it, happily will bring into the future that lies before me. " Hey! " ; " No, Sweden is not outside Ashland City”; " Yes, you can call me Bj " ; " Of course. I’ve done my homework (Well . . . ) " ; " Mrs. Bradshaw, I’m late ...’’; " Sure, Mr. Tate, I’ll teach you how to make Swedish pancakes " ; " Mr. Blank, can I take the test tomorrow.? " ; " He’s had that!” Pierre; " Yes, I actually kissed her " ; " Stairs.?! Aargh ... my left ankle . . . pain . . . " ; " My Berlinetta does one-eighty-five”; " Poor me, I never have to do any themes " ; " No, Scott, I’m not doing it. I’m just doing that " ; Tai-Guru-De-Va-Om; If you ever come to Sweden: send a letter, call me, visit! My address: Bjorn Nordquist, Kopmangatan 28C, 83143 Ostersund, Sweden; " Que signifie adieu, a moins de mourir Mais la mort serait-elle un adieu?” — Honore de Balzac; Thanks to all of those who made my year! r bJORN " Just want a little peace to myself; and a friend or two, I love, at hand. " The Grateful Dead Turner Overton Edgar Turner Overton Ton, Redeye, Burner, The Easy-Going Camel Rider, Wesley; Vt Love Brokers; ‘ i The Dukes; Spring Break-Lost in America; Christmas Break-Lost on Jo- celyn Hollow; The Blitz; Camp Billy Johnson; Hap- pening; Cabin 1, Camp Gailor Maxon, 1986, and Zepp; Turtle; Krystal Theme Party Clerk; J.D. Solin- epi; The Hallmark Inn; Vi Yellow Car Popper Team; 1 5 Harpeth Hall Rolling Crew; Vi 5th Period Jets; Vi Diet Coke and Soccer Club; No Awards to mention; " Tertus, Wink. " ; J.V. Soccer, 1-3; " But coach, I just love to play the game”; 20 20 really hits the spot! " ; " No thanks. I’m trying to cut down.”; " Hey, Herbo! How do you feel!”; " Ted, let’s order a Domino’s Pizza!’’; " One man gathers what another man spills.’’; " Well, there you go!”; " Andy, that guy knows me; he doesn’t like me; let’s take this stuff back.’’; " Lars!!”; " Walk forever by my side.’’; " Move it, monkeys; move it! " ; " Steve, are you okay. You look a little pale.’’; " Yea, that’s real cute.’’; " Ted, wake up; it’s time for graduation.’’; Thanks Mom and Dad Steve Parker Steven Edward Parker " Some of its magic, Some of its tragic But I had a good time all the way” —Jimmy Buffet Microbe Football 7,8; Microbe Soccer 8;J.V. Soccer 1-3; Big Red Club 1-4; 1 4 ’86 Pre Commencement Blitz; 1 23 ’87 Captiva Spring Break Crew; 1 4 Mug Masters; 1 3 English Party at Ted Thompson’s; 1 5 AC DC ear-splitting air band; I was born at Woodstock; 1969 is a magic year; I’m eternally Grateful; " What a long, strange trip it’s been " ; Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young; Jerry Garcia for President; Sarah, just where is that contraband tye-dye; Yes Mrs. Lowry, it was written at Krystal; Hey Dave, the Grateful Dead is way better than the Smiths; Trapper John + Lance T. Edwards; 1 3 Trip to the Ditch; Spring Break ’85; Turn it off. It’s gonna blow up; Founding Fathers of the Blitz; Born to Be Wild; Bob, the chicken, and the mushroom; David, are you bouncing golf balls; Give me liberty or give me Dead; Washington D.C. July 6,7 ’86; 3 ' String sting; Lars is back in ’87; Bud, somebody stole one of your boots; Hallmai’s Inn Rules; 2-No-Who-l; Ah, Ted messed up; No resting here, Lou; Death Row can kill even the best; Scott!! Dave!!; " I’ve been here so long. I’ve got to callin’ it HOME " ; Get off me!!!; Flipped any cars lately, Dave; Turner, Ted, Bud, Steve; Mug Masters Unite; Chris, the Captain has made this one mad dog of a night; Let’s march; It was that pile driver that made your ear bleed, Davis; Don’t eat that worm Chris; Most likely to say " Hey”; Turner, don’t rip that windshield wiper off; Amie’s 1; Turner and Dave, look it’s Mr. Lanier; Tom, your host is Roy Firestone; Sarah, why did the monkey fall out of the tree; Because it was dead; It really is Yak fur; Just look at your shirt if you don’t believe me, Dave; Scott, you’re just an Irish Rose; Hey man, there’s a poker party at my house this weekend; Brad, did you know that the 3rd Law of Physics is that salt gathers in a cup of Peperoni; Turner melted the snake; Deadheads rule th e world; Snoorin’ in the Trash Can; Is it another Motley Crue, Turner; You want any water Scott; Share the Wealth; It’s Cashed; That’s Sterling quality; Andy if you want to be a Blitz member; Spread out you termite. Scram Porcupine. Hey Ted, Wake up and go to sleep; Ted, play " Bad " ; Chris and I are gonna head for the mountains this weekend; " Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain’t no place I’d rather be " ; Mexican roof parties rule; U.N.C. memories; Hey guys, hold my jacket for a second. Steve Parker Escapee still “on the lam " Bob Pate Robert Edward Pate J.V. Basketball 3; F.C.A. 3,4; time consuming worthless activities 1,2, 3, 4; Lil Oscar; 1 3 South Indian Ridge; 5 year veteran of summer school; the night before 1986 summer school English exam; " No, Mrs. Shell, we didn’t set the clock forward! " ; " 1985 was the worst year of my life. " ; " So what if I got a " 0 " on my term paper, I still got a " 29” on my 6-weeks.”; " No, I didn’t go to Minnesota after the 1985 Steeplechase.”; 1 4 crowsnest choir; " Leave Beast!”; " Could you please take care of my Armanian, Wolf Hound!”; " Mr. Poston, there is no way I can read 3 books over spring break.”; 1 4 original crazy jack movie members; 41 seconds of varsity basketball against Stratford; " Who Nini Baba”; 91 Rock benefit concert— " We want Judas Priest!!!!”; Due in Study Hall Veteran; 3 years and 1 summer school of Latin and only two credits; Loyal Students Staying Sober member 4; " Hey, there were nine dunks in the first half of our church basketball game last night!’’; Church Basketball on the East side of town with the " brothers” and the " Shanas”; Dominican Republic; Speech 3; " Hey, Nate, why is your house yellow”; " Mo, I’m not going to junior college, but maybe Trevecca.”; 1 3 Baylor Weekend College Trip’ " Bullet Bob " ; College trip to East Tennessee; " I don’t think East Tennessee State University is the college for me.” 87 Brian Pearson Brian Keith Pearson Track Scorekeeper 2-4; LC. 2-3; Photography Club 4; Chess Club 2-3; Big Red Club 2-4; CPR; 1st Place-Essay-State Academic Decathalon; Jim Marklein, Ashley Scott, Amanda Turner, Peter Lein, Rock Elgin, Robbie Jackson, Meaji Nisely, Greta Davis, Brian Bartlett-forever friends; " Hey T.K., got any new discs?’’; " Not today”; " Forget about it”; " Yeah, that’s it . . . yeah’’; " ... a major malfunc- tion’’— NASA (Understatement of the Year, Jan. 1986); " Hey, Joe, let’s stop at the Roadway Inn in Jackson.’’; Sheryl Moore; Brownsville, TN; " What a weird weekend! " ; " No, Clay, I haven’t finished my program yet.’’; " No leisure time”; " I know there’s something out of sight!”;— Boston; " Charlie— Who is it? Get ’em! Kill!’’; " Is the freaking protest due today?’’; " Don’t stop believin’ ’’—Journey; " Yes, I drove the tank today.’’; " Did you tape vice?’’; " It’s lookin’ like Memphis State.’’; " Dadgum!”; " So Andy has my password too?’’; " Oh, nuthin’. Just bummin’ around.”; " I don’t want to be ’just friends’!’’; " What? You like my stereo system!”; " So, Madison, where do we rank in the National Track Helpers Association Top Ten?’’; " Madison is doing bong hit noises again”; " Who’s Crying Now’’— Journey; " Time " — Alan Parson’s Project; If there be one thing that one must realize in life, realize that Jesus died for you. Thanks Mom and Dad. 88 Randy Pelaez Randall Wayne Pelaez Football 2-4; Baseball 1,2, Vi of 3; Big Red Club 1-4; FCA 2; Jr. Achievement 2; Herpeth Hall Plays — OKLAHOMA!, LADIES OF THE JURY-3, CARNIVAL!, THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT-4; Weights and Agilities 1,2; Here we go!; " May I borrow a sheet of paper, please. ”; " Behorn! " ; " Hey Splurch " ; " Hey, Andy, where’s Co’ Bennet. " ; " dave!”; " Renward! " ; " Hi, Bears!’’, " Hi, Squares!’’; 14 Mr. Poston’s 2nd Period Study Hall and Debate Club; I’m the one with The Hidden Talent; 1 21 Senior Survivalists; 1 87 Male Dominance; " Hey, Michael— Noonan " ; Drums are my life— next to Robyn; Holiday rules!; " Pickel, I liked Auburn, but it’s just not the place for me”; 14 California Experience; " Hey Guys, Pat is a wild man”; " California is the height of decadence " ; " Lou, those glasses are you!’’; " Hey, Gayden, U.S.C. is the ultimate school ... all the chicks are perfect, and there is no competition with the guys”; " Jon Bon Jovi is a musical genius!’’; Most importantly, I love Robyn Renee Growdon; Most likely to graduate incomplete; Let’s get outta here guys!; Thanks Mom and Dad— I love you. 89 Golf 3,4; winter track 3; weights and agilities 2; I.C. 1-4; CPR 4; Ranger 1; JROTC Military Training 1; Science Club 1; Big Red Club 1-4; Chess Club 2-3; Photography Club 3,4; Inter- national Club 1; Computer Club 1; United States Alien 8 years; Newspaper Artist in Chief 7-8; 1986 Prom Designer; 1986 Home- coming back-drop designer; Duke Universi- ty Computer Camp 1st Place winner; 2nd place winner in Military Performance; Ar- chives 1st Winner; " Teek’s ”360 on the SAT and you’re in AP English”; " Whatt ies ties? Pieck on T.K. night?”; " Nashville Tech is the only college you can get into!! " ; " Pensky . . . ”; " Sean Pen " Can we play golf in your backyard " ; " Stunt Driver . . . " ; " New clothes, again!!!”; " We need signs for the game . . . where’s T.K. " 1 j ' ' A.- ' James Rees Pickel Varsity Football 2-4; Varsity Track 3; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; FCA 3,4; Service Club 3,4; Big Red Club 1-4; THE BELL Staff 2; THE BELL Sports Editor 4; President of Bull Shirts, Inc. (Spring Slide ’87 T-Shirts); 1 6 Grand Theft Auto Club; 1 4 Original Catfishers; 1 4 Brundle fly Fan Club; 1 6 ’86 Homecoming Catfish Backdrop; 1 5 1st to set foot at the ’86 Steeplechase; 1 3 Bail Heldman Out of Jail Club; 1 4 Double A. Melton Fan Club; ’’Pick”; ’’Bimmer”; " Jimmy Johnson Schnellinberger’’; Frank— " chck, chck " ; " let’s go catfishing " ; " Fitz, these small cars will go anywhere’’; " Let’s do the Katy Call”; " Toga, are you sure there was a note on the door at the Days Inn”; " Yo, Campbell, yo!”; " Yeah, ah. I’d like a single with chicken only”; " Fitz, tell them to play " Wild Thing’”; " Why are you going this time, Stroman? To eat birthday cake?!”; " Hey, Johnny, carry my books!”; " Make the wife happy — Buy her a Geechie”; " When you get into deep trouble, just call a good Lawyer”; " Don’t you know who we are? We’re the Eagles!”; " Fitz, quit breaking things”; " Hey Stroman, where’s Chilton? Rob, get off the ground”; " Frank, what goes good with New York Seltzers?”; " It’s not a Camaro! It’s a Firebird! There is too a difference!”; " Don’t let Fitz sit up here — he’ll break something”; Fitz — ”Oh Alpine . . . " Yes, I’m going out with Mary Ann this weekend— yeah, both nights”; " Hey, Burch, man, whas’ sup— ya seen Rahjerz?”; " Hey, Sweetz, make a salad!”; New Year’s Eve ’85 — " Hi, Dad!”; Fitz and the Delta Sig 360; Frank and the Captain Dave’s Waitress — 27 cents!; Fitz and Mad Max Thunderdome; Mary Ann — " Smiling Face” by James Taylor; Brennon and his Monkee!; " Sweet Home Alabama”; " Waaaaar Eagle! Hey!”. Jimmy Pickel Christopher Kyser Ptomey Debate 1-4; THE BELL RINGER 3,4; THE BELL 4; Chorus 4; Rifle Team 3; Drama -4; MBA Surf Team 1-4; 1 3 Northside Arson Team; " I don’t know wrestle!”; ' Tm not funny!”; " I’m MIRVing into line!”; " My shoes are trying to get offl”; " Alabama is in Georgia, isn’t it”; " Are we in the 20th century”; " I will be crucified a long time ago”; " Be quiet, the van’s not stopping!”; " J.L., you always laugh when I cause an accident!”; " If you go, you go, and if you don’t, you stay”; " Sam, Griffin, Niku, I know your name!”; " Who stole the van”; " It’s important to realize that nudes are sitting on rocks of stone . . . ”; " You should note that Michaelangelo’s father died at age 3 " ; " Now, what is delta H”; Parmi, parmi, parmi; Ptomey, Christopher no less; " Fry, Humphrey, Robert, Rich . . . er . . .Joe . . . er . . .John”; " okay, fine, uh huh, very good, very fine, yes”; " Yeees, thank you very muuuch!”; " Speaking of gross, did you know that . . . ”; fog applause; " What time is it, Mr. Tate”; THE LARGEST SALAD BOWL IN THE WOOORRLD; " All roads lead to Cullman”; " Like Shakespeare once said . . . ”; " You can have anything you want at the ALL Steak”; " Are you a bill”; " John, did you get a touchdown or a penalty”; " Miiike Edmonds . . . ”; " Gyuck, Gyuck, Gyuck”; " Two bucks, we can make it”; " Tommy, y’all can laugh all night”; " It’s against the rules to touch”; " Ptomey! I’m gonna’ call . . . Kathleen — a beautiful woman; " there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” (HAMLET II, 2 ). Christopher Ptomey John Michael Rawlings 6 year veteran of the Hill; Big Red Club 1,2, 3, 4; Swim Team 3,4; State Swim Meet 3,4; Varsity Track 2; weights and agilities various years; Cross Country 1,2; " Seven Brides for Seven Brothers " ; " The Fantastiks " ; Junior Achievement; Vice President, 4th in the nation; Boys State; Student Congress 2,3,4; Rifle Team 1,2,3; Science Fair 1st, 2nd; Middle Tennessee Science Fair — 1st Physics, 2nd Botany, 3rd Earth Science; 1 2 Rawlings Work Fest; " Nice talking to you, Andy " ; " Now, that’s a sausage! " ; Road Trip to the City Dump; " That orange thing If you sold it for scrap you couldn’t get ten bucks”; Rambo; Rambo-man Rawlings; Barbie and Rambo; " Would you let me out of study reason of aggravating Mrs. Simmons”; Bean Thursday — " Ultimately it ' s importance to realize . . . on the air conditioners at Lion’s Head; Soldier of Fortune; " Oh, hello, Mrs. Crowe,”; auto mechanic of the senior class — " My car will run the wheels off that trash can. " ; " Hey, Frank, let ' s go peel.”; " Hey, Doc, Listen to this peel. " ; 1 2 McDonalds pedestrian terrorizing team; " Brent’s house has the most bathrooms " ; 2:00 a.m. swim practice; The Blue Drug Mobile; " Dedgum!’; Most likely to aid the Contras; Feeziky; " Hey Boy!! " John Rawlings Raju Reddy Rajendar Cheruku Reddy Freshman Cross Country; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2,3; Copy Staff 2,3; Annual Staff 2,3; Soup Kitchen 4; Big Red Club 1-4; Cum Laude 4; Chemis- try Medal; 1 5 Back Row Chemistry Fun Bunch; 1 4 Lake Night Basketball Crew; " I don’t know where I am”; Big K; " Really, Guys, it doesn’t bother me. Okay it bothers me a little”; " How about using the log two of pi, John”; " Prom date!”; ”I know why my grades have been dropping — I haven’t been to the Temple lately”; 1 3 Cutlass Supreme Dream Ma- chine Club; " But why doesn’t Jay ever drive”; " We’re even. Skip, and I don’t owe you anything”; " I did basically hit her”; " All I did was stick these scissors into the outlet”; 1 4 Triple Z-Team Relay Member; " Hey, are you guys running today”; ”Uh huh, yeeess, Mr. Reddy, enjoy those party favors”; 1 2 Hindu Crew; " Is Sunil actually sitting with us today”; " Were there any girls in front of me”; " Why can’t the teach- ers get our names right " ; " Thanks for the exemption, Su, but if I could only find someone to help me out in English”; ”I was only going one mile over the speed limit " ; " I’m serious, this is the last time I’m running up that hill”; " Haji”; " No outlines are neces- sary for me " ; " Get it while it’s hot”; " I wouldn’t be bragging about almost having gotten us killed”; " Big Jay, do you have change for a $10 bill”; Thanks Mom and Dad. M@;RV. FROA mo ' ' VNDFR Brad Reed John Bradbury Reed, Jr. Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball 3; Basketball Injured Reserve 4; l ll Male Dominance Undefeat- ed State Champion Volleyball Squad; " Ah heard there was a wreck back here”; " Nice hydroplane, Turner!”; 1 4 Core 4 Krystal Theme Team; " Raight, Mate!”; The Fab 4; l l4 6th Period Equipe de Sommeil; " Dave, me and you playing pool together should be illegal”; " Steve, what’s the 3rd law of physics”; The Nova lives on; " I could stay here forever . . . and a weekend!”; " Kate, we gotta go to Ashville”; Cardinal; " Always something there to remind me”; " Practice, practice makes perfect”; 1 3 Convent Convention; " Did you know that nuns can climb trees”; Blitz member; " Zingers and milk " ; " Don ' t change”; Skulls’s; " It’s wafer thin!”; " Thankles, Claire!”; BORN of natural ingredients; " So, Turner, how was YOUR Christmas break”; " Good, good . . . Dave, that’s good”; " That rose has been dead a long time”; The Beast; " Ian, I really don’t want to go to school today " New Zealand; " What a long, strange trip it’s been”; 1 3 Fear Fan Club; 1 2 Sewanee Party Weekend Fiasco ’85; Howl 2, Dance 1; " Susan, these are the Rockies!”; " Shakespeare Thursday!”; 1 2 Golfcart Off-road Racing Team; 1 3 Henry VIII Mid-term Study Club; " Into the abyss!”; " We’ll do Lauderdale for exams”; " I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract”; Thanks everybody. Reading departure signs in some big airport Reminds me of the places I’ve been. Visions of good times have brought so much pleasure Makes me want to go back again. Yesterday’s over my shoulder So I can’t look back for too long. There’s just too much to see waiting in front of me. And I know that I just can’t go wrong. —Jimmy Buffet 95 Jay Reynolds John Moses Reynolds, IV Cum Laude: National Merit Finalist; Latin I, Math IV (H) medals; 5th in nation, National French Con- test 3; 2nd Place Science Fair 4; Varsity Track 2; " Now let’s see, here’s a 68 — and another 68! See it worked already. And another 68 — and another 68!’’; Big Red Club 1-4; 1 2 BOAT Club; " What’s all this glub-glub. ”; " My kid loves these things!”; 1 5 V.A. Parking Lot Demolition Crew; " Your seatbelt’s hanging out son.” " I understand, Sir " ; " But what if a hundred dwarves tunneled up out of the ground and gave us each a hundred gold pieces. ”; 1 5 AP Chem- istry Back Row Fun Bunch; 1 4 Late Night Basket- ball Crew; " C’mon, Raj, you can fit through there”; " But you have been in a movie”; Capitalism Rules; Benevolent Assimilation; " Really, Guys, I don’t have any gas”; " I-I-IBM!”; " And they’ll still be up there for our sons to look at”; " NO MA’AM!’’; " Copernican or Galilean? " ; " What are you doing this weekend, C.J.?”; " What is this— pick on T.A. night?”. Theodore Allen Rice " Teddy Bup”; DEAD-HEAD’ Zombie; Cpt. Beef; Varsity Soccer — 2,3,4; 6th period rites of Bacchus; 6th period hack-fest; " Don’t touch that dog!’’; lst-8th period perpetual sleep team; " Hey Dave, will you sign me out?’’; THE MERIT MAN; THE ZIMBAS FAMILY; The PeaceMobile (It’s a turbo!); Scott’s Market patron customer; Paul — " Don’t ease me in " ; Cabin fl, Camp Gallor Maxin, 1S)86 and the Zepp.; Founding Father Blitz member — 2,3,4; " Turner — It was a pen, not a screwdriver! " ; " Steve, say holmm one more time”; THE DUG; Pickled in Mexico — World Cup 86 (Brazil won!); Miguel, I really have to use the bathroom!’’; They call me— STERLING; Neil Young; Yes, I do play guitar; TAKAMINE; MAHOGANY; SHALONGA; " Hey Paul, how’s the doug?’’; The Bench of Woe; " No, I’ve never seen the White Animals — and never will!’’; " Who is this Steve guy?’’; Fitz— A pinch is all it takes " ; Hallmark Inn; " It’s only a matter of time”; Since 1822; " Even Richard Nixon has got soul " — Neil Young; " Tangled up in blues” — Grateful Dead; 1 5 AC DC Sf eaker blowing band; Captiva midnight road crew; March 20, 1987; " Yes, it was a good birthday present! " ; " No really, my Dad is a priest! " " But Mr. Bondurant, I did get my hair cut!”; 1 2 1st semester exam house wrecking crew; " Can we have another birthday party?”; " This time is different, she is the one for me!”; Male Dominance volleyball team member; " Friends — I love ’em!”; " Give me five. I’m still alive — Ain’t no luck, I learned to duck!”— U.S. Blues; THE GRATEFUL DEAD. I Ted Rice Joseph Hays Rich Cheerleader 11,12; Big Red Club 7-12; FCA, Young Life, Outing Club 12; Madwomen of Chaillot; Quiz Bowl 9-12; Academic Decathalon; Eagle Scout;JCL " Magna Cum Laude” Award; Airhead (Black Dog), 10; Italy ’86; " These Italians drive like idiots”; " Now, on your right . . . MTSU Cheerleading Camp Blitz 85, 86: " What ever happened to the spirit stick?”; 1 2 Dr. Thomas ' Chemistry Seniors (Thanks, Dave!): " Dave, we’re never going to get this lab done " ; " I want an analytical balance for Christmas”; 1 2 BMW Lunch Buddies: " Cmon Chip, they won’t let me do my Latin homework in McDonalds " ; 1 6 Dr. Gaffney’s Weekend Ruiners: " Cmon, Doc., sing the Portugese Hat Dance”; the Designated Driver: " Jay, Raju, Mr. Witt — GET OUT!”; " Vanderbilt will never beat Kentucky in basketball”; Homecoming ’86: " I almost ran over a cow " ; " Hey Ed " ; " Hey Bainbridge " ; " It’s just un-dang-canny " ; " I don’t even swim in a Speedo " ; Real Wayfarers; " No, Wendy, I don’t want another milkshake " ; " So much for the human condition " ; And finally, thanks to Mr. Elliot, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Gaffney, Mrs. Palmore, Mrs. Lowry, and the rest who’ve made the last six years worth all of the hassle — " quaeque ipse miserrima rudi et quorum pars magna fui. " I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised. And I am saved from my enemies. Psalms 18: Joe Rich 98 James Kyle Rogers Varsity Soccer Manager, 3-4; National Merit Finalist; Rensselaer Medal; Computer Science Medal; Math Contest; Science Fair; Latin Evaders Club, 1-4; 1 9.5 AP Computer SCIENCE Survival Team, 3-4; Webb School of Knoxville Computer Club Founder, 2; Cum Laude, Academic Decathalon!; Quasi Quiz Bowl Team, 4; AP Geeks, 3-4; Krogers, " " Paul,” " 45 " ; Creator of Filepeeker and the l4-page Mandelbrot program; Appleworks Doctor; Corvus Guardian; " What’s that clicking sound, Andy. !! " ; " Uh, Mr. Bostick, I don’t want to scare you, but . . . green phosphorus, Brentwood, and gas don’t mix, Dave; Whoopdeedoo Rd.!; Top Gun; " Do you have an observation level. " ; " using the RGB Delta — 31 modulator and the push-button tilt-screen monitor . . . Here’s to you. Dead Fred!; UTM Science Bowl: Is Dresden past Bucksnort, Doc. ; Go Big Red (but Go Webb Spartans, too); No, I don t commute from Knoxville.”; " Yes, Hermitage is in Nashville. " ; Opryland and General Jackson drone; " Welcome to Wally World, sir!!”; The Gator; Cow tipping, Bob. ; Great hand puppet, John; " Well helloooo, lab partner " ; " Well, yes and no . . . ”; " Yeah, I take notes . . . sometimes " ; " Test, what test?. ”; " Her name is Bessie. She’s a ’79 Fairmont — you know. Ford — Fix Or Repair Daily.”; ’’see that dent, Hudson. " ; " Who. Yes Doctor”; ’OK, let’s meet at the Polvus at 7PM.”; " The limmmit as exxx approooaches aaach . . . ”; " Heavens!”; " and I see these people at the confession stand . . . ”; " Roma in Italia est”; " Well, if you have a male of elephants . . . ”; AP Computer Science ’86 was the best; Memphis Soccer Trip ’87!; Catch the cup kite if you can, Barry; Bach’s Brandenberg Concerts No. 5 in D Major!; I’d rather be computing! 99 Robert Norman Rollins Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Track; Varsity Wrestling 2 , 3, 4; Varsity Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Red ... (oh yes) Club; Captain of the " R” Team; author of 101 ways to get back from the park with- out Running; Deli Junction 2, 3, 4; French is harder than Spanish!!!; Cross Country is for wimps, I should know I did it; Humphreys you are a dutch boy computer geek; anybody who thinks it’s impossible to gain 12 pounds in 24 hours doesn’t wrestle; Jamaica, No Problem; Man, Storm, where are you going? somewhere important I’m sure; wrestling is not that bad;— it’s kind of fun actually—; sleep in class, me!, never!; Captiva 87; ’Contempo’ quality products; Yes, as the matter of fact I did make Headmaster’s list; there’s no way I’m going to Boulder, Andy, listen, the pond is calling; Hey, Tim, you want to borrow something! a disc, knife, boots a belt, anything; Toxic Avenger = Academy Award; Pete is better than Rascal, Daisy, Sam, Raliegh, or Patton; l 3 Chemistry as a Senior Club; Belle Meade fan club; Thank God it’s Monday; Louis, Sony is better than Revox; 1 4 We Won Bike Team; Veteran of the Free N Easy Bike Rally; Dave, why is the bed wet? Lets go through Miami at 4:00 A.M.; Man, Johnathan, what are you a socialist, oh excuse me democrat.; Jonathan, you owe me $5; Man, I’ll ask her tomorrow; I live for school, seriously. Robert Rollins Andrew Rosen Andrew Lawrence Rosen ' Rasen " ; " Rosenberg”, " Rosencrantz”; Bell Ringer Staff 2, 3, Bell Ringer Assistant Editor 4; Freshman Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling 2-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Photography Qub 4; Copy Staff 2-4; Tufts Summer School 3; 2nd Place Science Fair 3; 1 20 Senior Sur- vival Game Team; 1 2 Front End Damage Club, right Clark?; Mr. Lanier’s Marine Corps Weights and Agilities 1-4; 1 8 AP Comp, survivors; Jonathan, I can’t believe Sunil isn’t here; 1 2 Roger Fan Club; Hey T.A. what’s new in communism?; Guy, you can’t be hit, don’t leave me alone against " the on- slaught " !; Docs Wisconsin even know what SAT’s are, Nathan?; Any pictiurcs this issue, Ryu?; How do I know ' your password? Fm oronicient, of course!; 1 2 5th Period Rcligiofii Defense Team; Rorre Toob, right Kyic?; Boone, arc you still imcomplete?; I don’t care wfhat you say, my car’s got character!; Maybe Mrs. Lowry ss r ht about why you fall asleep in class, dark; Yes. my nose is bleeding again; If I die on the mat, Frank, you can keep the shoes; Wake up Blobcrt!; Fve got to lose some weight. I’m only 20 pounds under. Do I get cash prizes for all these superlatives. Coach?; Catch ya later. 101 George William Ruccio, Jr. Wrestling 1; Track 1; Injured 2-4; " Captiva Haze was in my brain”; " Where did Chris go? Crisco. What? " Hunt, you should start brinning some of the good stuff; " Git off me, ’ed " ; " Hey, who’s that guy with the hair? " ; Veteran Bench Warrior; 1 2 After Lunch Study Hall Suicide Team; " Well, now I’ve torn many a shirt in my day " ; " A Pringle’s can and a seashell, it just won’t work . . . Now maybe an apple and Hunt, the Slayer of walls; " Debris” Mom, we could market that one; Bob, the chicken and the mush- room, it never fails; " We never did tie Andy naked to a tree, Guys " ; " I don’t know, Lou, 50 pounds of bananas seems kind of strange to me”; " Ted, you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish " ; " Pass the kaleidescope, please; " The Stars that Play with Laughing Sam’s Dice”; " We need the Spinal Tap Festival”; three string sting; " Why do all these cans say ’Florida’ on top of them?’’. 102 David Ellis Rumsey Cross Country 2-4; Hackey 3,4; Big Red Club 7th-12th; Annual; Bell Ringer; Outing Club 1-4; " Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”; Venezuelan Exchange; BGA Marine Biology; Tri-Captain of the " R” Team; " Be discrete, we haven’t got enough for the whole highway " ; " It was no big deal, Mary Margaret " ; 1 5 The Mid is in peril; " Is there a David Ramsey here? " ; 1 3 Captiva Motocross Team; Designated Hitter; Purple Slayer of Beasts; " My ear is infected " ; " Sorry about your yard. Ma’am. My name? Ugh . . . Richard Hofmeister”; 7th Period Atomic Chess Club; U.S. Water Pipe; " Spanish is harder than French”; Out West Trip ’83; " I didn’t flip my car, I just sort of put it on its side”; " Merffl”; " Look, it’s a rabbit! No, it’s a squirrel! Aw, it’s just a pile of dirt " ; " Teddybup, ain’t no person " ; l 3 Captiva Indoor Football Team; The Cabana Motor Lodge; Squeeze?; " Robert, this is all your fault!’’; " Magnifico!”; " For Allen’s a jolly good fellow”; " Brad, we’ve been banned from Sewanee”; Cross Country short-cuts Courtesy of M.T.A.; " Humphreys needs a shiner " ; 1 25 Treking Crew of the Starship Captiva; " Is Dr. Ruth on yet?”; " Oops " ; Karmatic Alignment; " Rocky Horror Picture Show " Fan Club. David Rumsey 103 Jeff Ryu 104 Jeffrey Jeahyun Ryu Kanga; Rooski; Foo-man; The Man in Black; THE BELL RINGER photographer 2-4; Outing Club 2-4; FCA 2, 3; Young Life 1, 2; Varsity Cross Country 1-4; Freshman Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling 2-4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2, 3; Tri-captain of the " R " Team; 1 23 Captiva Crew; 1 6 History Dining Club; " Coach Pruitt, I can’t make cross country practice today, I got piano lessons today”; " My deepest apologies, Mr. Regen, I’ll bring my book TOMORROW, I swear " ; " I do NOT wear black everyday”; I’m PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR, so you better teach me how to develop film”; " Andy, is that a cockroach. ”; " Durys is my darkroom”; " Coach Killian, I can’t make wrestling practice today, I got piano lessons today”; " So what if it’s 12:30 A.M . . . .Why yes, my outline is coming along JUST fine”; " Coach Owen, I can’t make track practice, I got piano lessons today”; WALDEN by Emerson Thoreau. !. !; " Um . . . Mrs. Shields, I can’t come to piano lessons today, I got a theme to write”. Many thanks to my coaches and teachers. Thanks to the 6-pack for years of gossip, rumors, and frustration. I’ll miss it all. Thanks to my siblings, Jina and John, for listening to me whine about life. And most important of all, my gratitude and love to you. Mom and Dad, for putting up with all the trouble I caused and giving me these memories to look back upon. ) Jiannbin Shiao Jiannbin Lee Shiao Otherwise know as Mr. IBM, Ping-pong, the Ham- burglar, a good friend to Mr. Barrons, Thegu ywiththescarf, Jinbucket, liberal, the Frito Bandito, Green Bean, Computer yeeeeee!. Jay, Pseudo— liber- al, Jiann, (supposedly) Mr. Wrong — about— SDI, and other names; " Hello. ”; " Huh. " ; " Say what. ”; " What ARE ipsid and op sic. " ; " I have to spit”; " At Cornell last summer, I saw a friend did said ... " O.K., O.K., Jenbin, enough about last summer al- ready!; " That’s gross, Jiannbin " ; Founder of Students against the Korean Consumption of Cainies; Wagner rules, go GRENDEL, go MAGE; " Writing has noth- ing much to do with pretty manners, and less to do with sportmanship or restraint " — Geoffrey Wolff; " Conservatism is synonymous with ugliness and cor- ruption " — a very wise man; " I make it a point not to argue with persons whose opinions I have no respect for” — Cicero. 105 L i ve. • t: 3 ksiinJ prosper. Trey Spence John Childress Spence, III Trey, Treyster, Spence, Spencer, Spencatowski, Spencer for Hire, STANCE, Spencamania, The Dominator, the Emancipator, Meemp; C.O. of 1S)86 Bahama Invasion; C.O. of 1987 Bahama Invasion; Reedie 2-4; 1 5 120 MPH Belle Meade Blvd Club; Vi Windshield Breaker Club; Vb Buster Calloway Fan Club; IRON MIKE; President of Darth Vader Fan Club; " Clay, my son, search your inner feelings, you know it to be true.”; 1 10,000 Pink Elephant Cult; 1 5 Capt. Spooge Fan Club; " Oh, Conquistador”; " Two men enter, one man leave " ; " I partied with Motley Cruel”; " Cherry, I want to go skiing with you, but your boat can’t pull me up”; 14 Pool Hopping Club; " Trey, pardon my saying this, but you wear too many pads.”; " Sorry, Coach”; " Tommy, I swear if that dog comes near me I’m gonna kick it! " ; " Don’t touch that dog! That dog’s got narcalepsy”; " Clay, Clay, Clay, Clay, look at her, she’s all hot in the oven!”; " Chilton, I don’t look like Bozo, I look like Pale Rider”; " No, Hunt, we’re not having a yard party in my yard-keep it in yours!”; " Now, witness the effects of this fully operational battlestation — ”; Reliqua scribere nequeo . . . tanta vis est lacrimarum. 106 Scott John Sprague Robert, Lars Fraedo, Robert Smith, Gordon Strachan, Spriggy Stardust; V. Soccer 1-4; Microbe Soccer; J.V. Soccer 7th, 8th; Big Red Club 1-4; Six-year Vet.; One-Stop Sunday Brunch Club; " You boys want to get in the car? ; Hey, Ted, another classic " ; 14 Fifth Period Jets; Narrow Escapee of Beach Party Bust; " Are you done yet? " ; " Woo! Wool " ; 14 Yellow Car Popper Team; " It was dark . . . " ; " A kiss is but a kiss . . . Autumn Blurr of 85; Everyday I got the blues " ; Part of the Power Line Party; " Doug, you want some milk? " ; " I hate girls, too ; Yeees, Mr. Hall ; !4 Mission Impossible; A Wild Fan of the Irish Rose; " Todd, your music stinks " ; !4 Lay Low at the Garden; Spring Break— Lost in America; Member of the Victorious Male Dominance; ’86 Florida Soccer Trip; " He’s trash " ; !4 Love Broker; " Oops, you’re a quart low”; Watch your feet at Steve’s; " Steve, I’ll pay you back tomorrow " ; Zico is the best!; " Wave Nine! " ; Cans on the Mats; Part-time Member of the Chip Act; I happen to like red-haired cowgirls, Todd " ; " Hudson, you’re terrible in chess " ; " Shutup, Jones”; " No, Kurtz, I think she’s good-looking " ; " Hey, Irmo " ; Brigham Young Football; !4 Double Secret Probation; He 11 never get another date from Harpeth Hall again’; ' Hey, Bjorn, what are you tasting " ; V5 Islay Pub Crew; Hey, Simon, the crows!”; " Clark, can I copy your notes? " ; " He’s wearing cobalt blue today " ; When in doubt, wear black; Hands down — clank " ; ”Of course I’m going to head for the mountains this weekend”; " I hate the Grateful Dead”; " Sooo Ahhh”; " Nice nauga jacket, Andy " ; " Hey, Chris, sniff’; " I knew what I had before I looked up: a jelly-like sensation”; " Why is your shirt on backwards " ; The Hitcher; Thanks Coach Lanier; Thanks Mom and Dad. Scott Sprague 107 Jay Stroman Jay Thomas Stroman Temp Sullivan Loyd Templeton Sullivan 10,11,12 Varsity Football, District Champs ’85 ’86, 72, All-District, Region All-Star, All-Metro, Honor- able Mention All-State; 9,10,11,12 MBA Riflery, 5th place state; 8-12 Official Weights and Agilities par- ticipant; The Fridge; 10,11,12 Service Club; 12 Service Club Sargeant of Arms; The Tractor; Red pro 16; " Hey, Ermp, what the count? " 7-12 Big Red Club; Official Floyd Elliot Mud Slide Sponsor; Official Off-side Champion; " Of course he wasn’t my man. " ; " I really wasn ' t water skiing. I don’t know what happened to my hip. " Vi Official Motorcross MBA Crash Club; 1 Krystal Theme Party; " I need more ketchup.’’; 1 5 Official Spring Break Bahamian Crew; " By Darnit, you wish you had a tripod.’’; I lost all my money at the Princess Casino; 1 5 Official Driver at the Bahamian Starlet; The Rockers; " Yes, we did have beads in our hair”; " Where’s the food? " ; " Yes, I eat all the time.’’; Ermp-Mizer; Fitzer-trolls, Roxan, All-Terrain Vehicle; " Jose " ; " Top Gun”; Radnor Lake Wildlife Officers; 1 Mack’s Club; Cat- fishing; Only Student of the Day; Official MBA Shoe Polish Artist; Right-Field Rowdy; " Let’s go skiing. " ; 250 lbs.; Official AP Chemistry Genius; " Yes, I going out with Beth.’’; " Hey, Fitzer, let’s go farming.’’; " Fitzer, I never miss.’’; The MBA Boxing Team; Thanks Mom and Dad. Erik Sundell Erik Thomas Sundell National Merit Finalist; Cum Laude Society; Junior Honors Society; M.B.A. Swimming 3,4; Co-captain 3,4; Newspaper Writer 3,4; Paco; Baby-face Buster; Jenerik — Aug. 7, 1985; " You DROPPED my ring!!’’; ”Yes, I heard about Bean Thursday " ; Shakespeare Thursday l ? — Official Worm Eater; " Mellow Yello doesn’t affect me”; Solar Winds Discoverer; The Mighty Duster; French Commandos 1 6; " Did I ever tell about that time in France " In Style”; " See Ya at Scrappindelawichi’s”; " Kools. " ; " Up a Rope”; " Straight Up”; " ts’ up”; " Tim — turn it down”; " Pretty much”; Air Bowling Team; " No, I wasn’t born on a plane”; Centennial Career Day; 1 2 Lionshead Firefighters; 1 3 Chevy Airborn Flight Crew; 91 Rock. Then Jesus said, " If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me.” Matt. 16:24 A fc ' ’ ‘ VsV - ' - w: .- Vi:, k ,i Johnny Thompson John Moten Thompson OOOOOOO-SOOONNN!!!; Football, Track, FCA (Pres.), Service Club, Honor Council (Pres.), Students Staying Straight; l . Krystal Theme Team; 1 4 Trey Spence Rescue Team; 1 33 Po Folks Troughing Team; 1 3 Hatian Connection; " Shawn who. " ; De- fense ' 86 — HERO; Inventor of the Thompson Twirl Polevault Technique; Proud Member of the Toto- moi " Slapping " Club; " JT " ; " Geek, Squid, Girl — stealer, etc.”; " Grizzly Adams " ; " Tommy, ya ain’t got no culture!”; " Yes, Bobby, I do have a coat hanger " ; " Spick, what’s happen’in?’’; " Jen, you’re so suppa- baddl”; " Trajan’s got a date? " ; Kickback Time; " Yes, I’m intense " ; " Mo, what do you do on Sat. nights at VandyP”; " Chuck, let me tell you about Sir Gawain and Kasserina”; 1st and 2nd Annual Thomp- son Farm Roundups; " Johnny . . . problems " ; 3 for 3; " Humor me . . . quick! " ; Thompson Tap-Tap Ser- vice; " Gantt, isn’t there some way to jump-start a stick shift?’’; " I don’t do pigs " ; Rip Van Winkle Strikes Again; Big Bro. — a Prov. 18:24 friend; " Thanks, Kate!”; James 1; " Chow! " . Ted Thompson Theodore Lawrence Thompson, IV A1 Toon: Chicken of the Sea; Tennessee Ted; Retarded Clown Syndrome Foundation Chairman; l i One- stop Sunday brunch Club; 14 5th period jets; " Scott! . . . Daaavel”; " Wow another clasic " ; 21 waves of flesh; Godzilla Belt; Nice jacket Larry; The Mats; Everyone I get the blues; " We ' re on a mission from God’ Autumn blur ' 85; Trapper John; " Hey Bjorn, what are you tasting?”; Born of natural ingredients; " No Scott I can’t stay . . . " ; Putting out the eternal flame; Scram you termite; And your host is Roy Firestone; Oops quart low; Take a bow; " Do you mind if we see a movie? " ; Who is that guy with the hair?; Veteran bench Warrior; Deris; V5 English party; " Hey Steve try the hat just once”; " Look, swine machine " ; Big coup in Captiva " ; Crack corner; Bake in a bug; inventor of the apple; Come on in Hunt the ball door is open; Spinal Tapp film festival; " How much for your lunch George?”; " A kiss is but a kiss . . . ”; Parker s paradise punch; Professional foot wrestler; Shrink to fit my body; Der bof da same; " Simon watch out for that wall”; Country sedan; Motor Trend car of the year; Hands down; The write way to do a theme; Country Joe and the Fish; A night of living on the edge; The seven commandments; " Reverb man " ; Randy’s midnight runners; Beowulf; Can you plan a little Rush?; Watch out there a Skunk down there; Return to Irves; Miss Kansas 1983; " Come on Chris, the Hyundai will make it " 112 Clay Trabue Charles Clay Trabue IV Varsity Football 2-4; Varsity Track 2-4; Greenhornet Ball 1-4; Service Club 3,4; Traby, Trabs Bucket Nay!; 4 86 Bahaman Invasion; 1 5 ' 87 Bahaman Invasion; H Buster Calloway Fan Club; 1 5 Spooge Captains Fan Club; Original Aquadumpers; Poolhopping Team; Two-time Defender of the Faith; " Psychadoo " ; " My Son”; " One can’t go to Snow Hayworth " ; " We’ll all put in $10 (ten) for you " ; Fumunda " ; " You’re just not using the force, Trey ' 100,000 Mile Stationwagon Club; " Gimme some tobacci. Pal’ iss for Spring Break " ; " It’s 5:00, and nobody wants it, Quasimotto " ; " Start, startin’ a new one”; " Grundel, ' You hate me, don’t you”; 4 Insatiable 8th Graders; Vi Timothy Michael Wallace Varsity Soccer 3,4; J.V. Soccer 1,2; J.V. Basketball 2; Church basketball 1,3,4; All-star 4; Captain MBA undefeated volleyball squad; Young life 1-4; " You On ' t Take It With You " 1; " Oklahoma " 3; 1 6 Grand Theft Auto; V4 Golfcart offroad racing team; 1 be slim; Dave would you like mushroom flavored poptarts?; Vt Dog hunting association; Fine Brad, you can wear your jeans to the football game; T-shoot at MTSU; Hey, Honey don ' t you need a shave?; That there ' s fire; Is there a David Ramsey here?; Did you have fun at my party? Did I? Let ' s take a little trip to Sharon and Karen ' s house; Where are you Allen? Where are your pants?; I spent four lonely days in a W L haze; Robert, I think we ' re stuck; Distortion Hawgmania is sweeping the nation!; BLITZ charter member; Thats her man, she ' s the one; The mid is in peril . . . Robert can move mountains with his mind; The Vega and the Snoz ate gone, but the memories live on; TeU those freshman girls to come in here; Coffin in the Road; 700 days in an endless quest for knowledge and social satisfaction has left me prepared to leave, but with a heavy heart. Thank you all. Tim Wallace James Robert Whitson " Bubba”; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 3,4; Varsity Baseball 1-4; Service Club 2-4, President 4; FCA 1-4; Students Staying Straight 4; Chorus 4; To- tomoi 4; Big Red Club 1-4; BELL RINGER STAFF 1,2. District Football Champions 3,4; District Base- ball Champions 3; Baseball Spring Break Trip 1-4; " I love mules!’’; ’’What’s that in the pool, Steven.?”; ”Hey, Frank, right here!”; ”Uh, Johnny, do you have a coat hanger.?”; ’’Gantt, you’re not the craziest per- son anymore”; ”Hey, Todd, you’re a geek!”; ’’You and your prom date are both crippled now, Todd”; " What did Fitz do this time!”; ”No, Tommy, I’m not married yet”; " Hey, Tim, you’re welcome for fertiliz- ing your lawn!”; ’’Matt, what happened to your face- mask.?”; Kneeland’s Counseling Crew; ’’Charles, are you sure you can ride a three-wheeler.?”; ’’Christo- pher, did Christine say anything about Stacy.?”; ’’Bimmer, Alabama is awesome!”; ’’Stroman, are you going out with Nikol on a weeknight again.?”; ’’Rob- ert what did Jimmy say to the policeman.?”; ”Yes, room 119 nee ds a wakeup call for 4:30!”; ”Hey, Temp, what did the ranger say.?”; ’’Let’s go hot tub!”; Yes, I’m going out with Stacy Friday and Saturday night!! Because I want to!!”; " Stacy, let’s go get some ice cream”; ’’I’m in love with a Tasmanian mule!”; Member of the Wyoming Bull Elk Foundation; ”I cut the hed off the devil, and I throw it at you!”; " Push de button”; ”I love Boston”; Stacy 3,4; " All I need is George Winston and Stacy”; ”Hey, Todd, Bobby said ’right here’!”; Thanks Mom and Dad— I love you! 115 Robert Willingham Robert Wylly Willingham Big Red Club 1-4; Annual Staff 4; JV Soccer 1; Varsity Soccer 2-4; Wild Bob; Ham; Willingbob; 1 4 1st period McDonald’s Club; " No, we used that one last week . . . wait, I’ve got it, we had a flat tire ; Hey, Muddiman, weren’t you supposed to leave a couple of hours ago? " ; " Uh, oh, I think Mrs. Lowry is on to me " ; " Zibas, when we pass the cop up here, you keep your hands out of sight " ; " That’s not Sprague, that s a girl " ; " trout, trout, pretty little trout " ; " Where are you moving this week, Trajan? " ; " Wake up Kneeland!, somebody named Tish wants to talk to you. " ; " No, you silly bird " ; " No, these aren’t my pants . . . or my shoes ... or my socks . . . " ; " When are you taking that little friend of yours out, Trajan?’’; " Goon!”; " Maaaaal " ; " 9 seconds”; " I’m what, John? . . . Really, and what else? " ; " 6 year veteran of the Hill” Thanks, Mom and Dad. 116 Fleming Wilt Samuel Fleming Wilt Varsity Tennis 1 4; 1st Team All-state; Service Club 3‘4; 5th Year Varsity Lacrosse; Pool Hopping Club; Bill Shakespeare Night; Varsity Volleyball . . . sorry girls; Bahama Crew Veteran; Captain Spooge Fan Club; Krystal Theme Club; CAT club; H.H. Rolling Crew; " Excuse me sir, but do you have a daughter?”; " New Years Eve, again? Well, O.K. " ; " Frank, no, really don’t worry about the dog or the yard.”; SHATTA Boom Boom; Mangy Dawg; " Burch, I swear I didn’t mean to slam the door. " ; Don’t go up there. Granny’s on the prowl.”; Lee Ainslee; 1 2 Windshield Cracking; Tokyo; Thanks to Steven and Frank, for had it not been for their true friendship 2l i years ago I might not have made the best decision thus far in my life . . . coming to M.B.A. — Thanks Guys and especially to Kelly for helping me make it through. Go VANDY! Chris Wright Christopher Daniel Wright ' •In my rear view mirror the sun is going down sinking behind bridges in the road and I think of all of the good things that we have left undone and I suffer premonitions, confirm suspicions of the holocaust to dome. " —Pink Floyd Varsity Basketball 2; Varsity Softball 2-3; JV Basketball 1; " Are you an oat yet. Steve? " ; Parker ' s Paradise Punch; Head for the mountains; A night of peril and suspense with a 130 lb. tuna; " Holding? I wasn t holding!”; 6th commandment; Don’t mess with the driver; " Ted, wake up and go to sleep.”; 1 3 inventor of " The Apple”; " What? Huh? What did you say? " ; " When I was in Rio . . . " ; Tom’s got the linoleum blues; " Wait, look, a Pringle’s can! " ; Pool Tricks; 1 2 Line of Death— other members, AUen Brown; " Pack the Apple! " ; " Want some coffee cake, Paul? " ; Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; " I can’t march. I’ve got an exam tomorrow " ; " Mr. Morgan’s got your hands, Steve.’’; Monday Night Football with the Jets; Brentwood golf course; " 2nd Half? What 2nd Half? " ; " Turner, do you have 20 20 vision?”; Foot wrestling: Ted vs. Turner; 13 days of concerts in Rio; " Shrink to fit my body, Levi 501’s’’; Male Dominance; Burn an Indian; " Where’s Andre, Ted?”; Shakespeare Thursday; " This is the end. My Friend, this is the end.’’— The Doors Jimmy Zibas James Gildo Zibas 1-4 Varsity Cross Country; 2-4 Varsity Soccer; 7th, 8th, 1 JV Soccer; 1st Team All Metro 2-4; 1 8 Lexington Cruisers; Only one more meet then it’s over " ; " Andy and I were the real packbusters " ; " No more stabbing " ; Zibi; ’Just say no! " (to chemistry); " What’s that smell? " ; " Good thing I don t understand any of this or I would be worried " ; 1 4 Hendersonville Connection; 1 4 McDonald s 1st period Group; 1 2 Captain Dees Club; " Let’s go bowling " ; " Three in one night, must be a record ; What s the excuse?”; " Boy, you’re going to run into the law and lose " ; Having Fun in the Sun at Memphis: Spring Break ’87; OURS IS NOT TO REASON WHY, OURS IS BUT TO DO AND DIE; 6 years at M.B.A. Thanks, Mom and Dad. 119 " The Mafia " Senior Superlatives Most Popular Most Likely to Succeed Friendliest Most in Love Most in Love with Himself Biggest Grub (argues for higher grades) Least Likely to Reach 21 Most Contemporary Wittiest Most Athletic Most Intelligent Biggest Goldbrick (Laziest) Most School Spirit Lowest on the Darwinian Scale Most Likely to Aid the Contras Most Likely to " Bag It” Most Likely to Go Bald Least Likely to Ever Think He’s Wrong Biggest Social Lion Most Likely to be a Farmer Most Likely to be a Missionary Charles Mayes Tommy Frist Tom Humphreys Bobby Whitson Trey Spence Brennon Martin Andy Crowe Travis Jackson Bob Pate Jay Stroman Kenji Kono David Enkema Chip Blaufuss Rob Cheek John Rawlings Sunil Malkani John and Scott Boone Brad Reed Will Meyer Andy Finchum Johnny Thompson Most Athletic— Jay Stroman Most Likely to be a Farmer— Andy Finchum Most Likely to be a Missionary Most in Love with Himself— Trey Spence 121 Class Officers: Student Council (standing): Edgar Bueno, President; Ben Tate, Secre- tary; Richard Speight, Vice-President; David Spickard, Treasurer; Honor Council (sitting): Jay Riven, Steve Jobe, Alex Rice Junior Class 124 Rob Archer Seth Asher Brannan Atkinson Rob Barrett Brad Bell Tom Berming David Bobo Andrew Bond Edgar Bueno Ward Chaffin David Chen Sean Dudley Trever Edwards Chad Enders Trey Everett David Fletcher David Frederiksen Burt Fulmer Geordie Gillett Kurt Gilliland John Gupton Thomas Gutow Charlie Hailey Wendell Harmer Jim Harwell Trey Harwell Brian Hassler Tommy Hayes Arthur Henderson Charles Hewgley Jim Hippe Bill Hitt John Israel Robert Jack Steve Jobe 125 Patrick Keeble Jay Knowles Bobby LaBrec Edward Lams Banks Link Robb Ludwick Lyle McDonald Jay McKnight Michael McNally Paul Moffatt Mike Morrissey Chris Moulton Bob Napier Hunt Nichols Drew Nord Jim Norris John Overfield Jeff Owen Demetri Patikas Bill Penuel Braxton Perkins Michael Poe Sterling Price 126 Brad Reese Chuck Resha Alex Rice Jay Riven Patrick Roberts Tom Rogers Emmett Russell Michael Shears Gilbert Smith Mire Smith Stephen Smith Storm Sommer Steven Sowell Richard Speight David Spickard John Szydlo Ben Tate Park Thomas Will Van Derveer Tommy Vandever Leonard Warren Robbie Westermann Matt Williams Todd Wise Stephen Witt Kevin Young Steve Zibas Sophomore Class Class Officers: Student Council (standing): John Smithwick, President; Worcester Bryan, Vice-President; Billy Frist, Treasurer; Drew Robison (sitting in the middle), Secretary; Honor Council (sitting): Matt Bumstead, Andy Patterson 128 4 Jim Abernathy Rick Barksdale Lawrence Berman Jay Binkley Brad Bishop Worcester Bryan Matt Bumstead Jason Burroughs Hampton Carney Jamie Cheek Bill Cherry Chris Cigarran Forrest Conner George Crawford Chris Cunningham Greg Downer Warren Downs Frank Drowota Peter Dudley Rally Dupps Kelsey Fitzpatrick Billy Frist Chet Frist Scott Galloway Richie Gann James Gooch Brad Griffin Sheldon Griffin Chris Hall Rhoads Hall Wilson Hardcastle Jonathan Harwell John Hays Bo Healy Lanson Hyde 129 Whit Jeffords J eff Joe Willie Johnson Chris Jones Jay Joyner Jay Kahlon Martin Keith David Kerr Tom Lance Mark LaVinge Andy Patterson Chip Perry Jonathan Reeve John Henry Rice Drew Robison Jeremy Russell Vincent Sator Mike Seshul Chris Shea Harrison Shull Brooks Smith Thayer Smith John Smithwick Marion Southall Greg Stein Brian Stephenson David Strayhorn Brandon Tate Jimmy Thompson Mark Thrailkill Albert Tirao Charles Treadway Cal Turner 131 Freshman Class Class Officers: Student Council (standing): Renard Francois, Vice-President; Dan Brooks, President; Matt Fisher, Secretary; Nate Sewell (sitting on the right). Treasurer; Honor Council (sitting): George Clements, Billy Crawford 132 Steven Anderson Richard Arendale Brandon Barrett John Bass Devraj Basu Sharpe Belote Jay Bradford Dan Brooks Adam Brown Scott Burrow Winston Caldwell George Clements Lindsey Cooper Quenten Cothren Andrew Coulam PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Jeffrey Crams Billy Crawford Brent Cummings Brandon Daniell Craig Davis Clayton Dike Daniel Donelson Andrew Duthie William Enkema Eric Falk Jay Ferguson Matt Fisher John Ford Pieter Foster Renard Francois Drew Fulton Bobby Garth Jay Gilliland David Haslam William Hastings David Neff Lee Page Eugene Park Greg Pearson Chris Petrie Fletcher Potanin Richard Pulley Martin Roberts John Rochford Burr Rutledge Bill Sastry Nate Sewell Oman Sloan Alden Smith Brett Stahlman Shel Stiles Christopher Tapia Leig hton Thomas Stuart Towery David Trainer Chris wayburn Simon Westlake David Workman Scott Yates 8 Friday C.B. Harwell, Pres. George Rietz, V.-Pres. Drew Healy, Sec.-Treas. Geroge Adams Michael Brooks Lance Carney Scott Doolittle Todd Foust Cabot Hyde Josh King Graham McRedmond Brian Norment Peter Shim Earle Simmons De Thompson Alex Waddey Charlie Williams 137 Gaffney 8 Keith McCarty, Pres. Cary Brothers, V. Pres. Adin Lara, Sec.-Treas. Bryan Bobo Bill Bryan David Daniels John Dunkerley David Hays Art Holscher Charles Israel Casey Jones Wally Jones Mark Kolodziejski Erling Mork James Nash Babu Paruchuri Walter Southwood Chris Vlahos 8 Hopping Frank Bass, Pres. Tate McDaniel, Sec.-Treas. Charlie Bryan Will Chapman Alexander Gillett Patrick Harkleroad Alan Hassler Martin Jones Jim Morehead Sarat Ramayya John Roberts David Schenk Will Shuff Craig Spengler Trey Vaughan John Witherspoon Shell 8 Richard Cummins, Pres. Jay Carlisle, V.-Pres. Taylor Mayes, Sec.-Treas. Micah Bennett Brian Bradley Andrew Dupps Willie Gray Mark Kerrigan Rob Lance Todd Locke John McDonald Richard Nord Arthur Reid Owen Shull Chris Steele Aron Vaughn Chip Ward Philip Westermann Alex Willis 139 7 Bowen 140 Lanphier 7 Seth Robertson, Pres. Ryan Tyrrell, V.-Pres. Carter Baker, Sec.-Treas. Michael Berman Brian Cherrington Eric Crawford Asher Dudley Matthew Foster Glerm Harris Sonny Heiser Chris Keller Brian Kolodziejski Aaron Norman William Rice Mark Szydlo John Wesley 7 Novak Robert Howell, Pres. Andy Stoll, V.-Pres. Breen Frazier. Sec.-Treas. Bo Bartholomew Tad Burkhalter Warren Connally Justin Crosslin David Fitzgerald Clay Kinnard Trip McLaughlin Christian Puryear Tyler Roper John Tramer Joe Underwood Matthew Valenti Matthew Zibas Steele 7 Eric Ericson, Pres. Trey Kirby, V.-Pres. Malcolm Sewell. Sec.-Treas. Russell Acosta Jarratt Bell Christopher Bynum David Corts Paul Devgan David Frazier Michael Haynes Paul Moser Kyle Smithson Gregory Tamberino Kenneth Taylor Derek Van Mol Fall s ' 7 ' a 1 146 There were many questions as to how good the 1986 team would be. Many thought it would be a mediocre season for the Big Red, but this team refused to listen to others’ opinions. Losing 20 starters off the 1985 team, the Big Red was predicted to finish fourth in the district 11-AAA race. The predictors based their opinion of the Big Red on the teams’ lack of size and experience, but what they failed to look at was the team’s character and their burning desire to win. The Big Red would go on to prove many wrong and finish the season with a successful 8-4 record, win the 11- AAA District Championship for the second year in a row, and make it to the second round of the State Playoffs. 152 Front Row: F. Drowota, J. Abernathy, D. Robison, A. Patterson, J. Owen, R. Barrett, M. O’Hare, R. Gann, G. Downer; 2nd Row: M. Seshul, B. Napier, J. Moore, M. Keith, C. Hall, M. Kneeland, B. Whitson, C. Burch, B. Tate, B. Frist; 3rd Row: K. Gililland, R, Ludwick, C. Trabue, D. Spickard, W. Meyer, T. Frist, J. Stroman, E. Russell, J. Thompson, J. Pickel, M. McNally, R. Speight; 4th Row: S. Hooper, D. Fredericksen, T. Everett, A. Rice, B. Fitzpatrick, G. Smith, J. Cheek. J. Gooch, R. Nimmo, W. Bryan, E. Bueno, T. Carney; 5th Row: J. Boone, G. Bumstead, T. Sullivan, F. Downey, A. Bond, B. Smith, D. Patikas, P. Roberts, M. Smith, S. Griffin; 6th Row: D. Kerr,J. Russell, M. Poe, W. Harmer, T. Hamling, T. Spence, J. Smithwick, B. Healy, G. Gillett, K. Fitzpatrick, M. Morrissey; 7th Row: C. Hewgley, R. Pelaez, F. Elliot, T. Owen, D. Regen, T. Moore, C. Fly, M. Williams. TULLAHOMA ... 6 Any coach will tell you that the offense is important, but it’s the defense that wins football games. Nothing could have been closer to the truth in the Big Red’s opening game at home on August 29. The game proved to be a defensive struggle all four quarters. M.B.A. struck first on a 13 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Tommy Frist to Trey Spence. Jeff Owen’s P.A.T. was good and would prove to be crucial later in the game. Tullahoma scored later in the game, but was unable to convert the extra point. The defensive line, led by Fitzpa- trick, Bumstead, and Boone, played excellently and helped shutdown Tullahoma back Maurice Shaw, as well. ANTIOCH " We’re not playing very aggressive football. Not on offense and not on defense,’’ said Coach Owen after reviewing the Tullahoma game. The Big Red travelled out to Blue Hole Rd. for their first district game of the season. On fourth down of M.B.A.’s first possession Shawn Malone fumbled Jeff Owen’s punt. Johnny Thompson recovered Malone’s fumble which put the Big Red in good field position. M.B.A. took advantage of the situation as tailback Meyer culminated the drive with a 7 yard touchdown run. Owen converted the extra point to give the Big Red an early 7-0 lead. Quarterback Frist swept around the right for 19 yards and M.B.A.’s second touchdown. Owen’s P.A.T. was good to make it 14-0 at the half. In the third quarter Mike Morrissey intercepted a pass and returned it 26 yards to set up M.B.A.’s fi- nal score. It came on a 23 yard pass from Frist to wingback David Spickard. A dominating defense led by linebacker Marc Smith held An- tioch’s Shawn Malone to only 40 yards on 22 attempts. BEECH ... 24 M.B.A. wide receiver and defensive back coach Tom Moore was coaching against his own father, Beech head coach Hershel Moore. Those who were around Coach Moore during the week could tell that he wanted to win this game very much. Beech scored twice on the Big Red to take a 14-0 halftime lead. The brightest moment during the first half was a spectacular punt return by Steven Hooper. Although down 14-0, the Big Red came into the second half fired up. Frist led a powerful offensive drive down the field and scored from the 1 yard line. Owen added the P.A.T. which made the score 14-7 Beech. After a Beech fumble, Frist took charge again. This time, Frist ran the ball in from 4 yards out. After Owen’s conversion, the score was 14 all. In the fourth quarter, Frist connected with tight end Spence for a T.D. Owen’s extra point went sailing through the uprights which made it 21-14 M.B.A. The Buccaneers refused to give up and added 7 to their score which sent the game into overtime. In overtime Beech received the ball first and was able to kick a field goal on fourth down to go up by 3 points. Now it became M.B.A.’s turn. After three attempts to score, the Big Red came up short, but on fourth and goal from the 1 yard line, Frist took it in for the game winning touchdown behind the mighty offensive line of Sullivan, Hamling, Downey, Boone, and Bumstead. Frist finished the night with 98 yards rushing on 17 carries and 3 touchdowns. Cornerback Steven Hooper played a super game defensively. HILLWOOD ... 0 Returning to district play, the Big Red faced neighborhood foe Hillwood at home on September 19. After a slow start, tailback Will Meyer dove into the endzone from 2 yards out. Owen’s P.A.T. made the score 7-0 in favor of the Big Red. The Big Red made the score 14-0 before the half with Frist running in from the 12 yard line and Owen adding the extra point. The final touchdown came in the third quarter on a 21 yard pass from Frist to split end Chris Burch. Owen’s P.A.T. was successful and the final score was 21-0 M.B.A. Defensive ends Thompson and Carney played very well, as did the whole defensive secondary. The M.B.A. defense held the Hilltoppers to only 1 first down the entire game. DICKSON COUNTY ... 21 The Big Red travelled to Dickson County hoping to improve on their unbeaten record of 4 wins and 0 losses, but it was not meant to be. The Cougars had their own 4-0 record to protect, and they did. By kick-off time the Dickson County field was very muddy and slippery because of a thunderstorm which lasted about an hour and a half and died down during pre-game warmups. The Big Red fumbled the wet ball on its first possession at their own 36 yard line. Dickson County took advantage of the good field position and scored first. Dickson County struck again, this time on a 52 yard punt return. The score was now 14-0 in the Cougars’ favor. In the second quarter the Big Red got rolling as Tom- my Frist connected with Jeff Owen for a touchdown. The P.A.T. was good. Dickson County answered the Big Red touchdown. A Cougar back saw daylight and sprinted for a 79 yard touchdown. The score at the half was 21-7 Dickson County. After a scoreless third quarter, M.B.A. took advantage of a Dickson County fumble and drove 24 yards on 7 plays as Frist dove into the endzone from the 1 yard line. Jeff Owen’s conversion made the final score 21-14 Dickson County. I M.B.A. ... 27 PEARL COHN . . , 0 M.B.A. returned to district action on October 3 hosting Pearl Cohn. Michael McNally recovered a Fiirdwirdl fiiMialkte (Sro ' possession. The Big Red’s first score came on a 37 yard field goal by Jeff Owen. Free safety David Spockard raaadieairoiiiJic ball back 40 yards to set up a 33 yard touchdown pass from Frist to Owen. After Owen’s conversion the score rtad ty-plagued first half, Owen began the scoring in the second half with a 20 yard field goal. On M.B ncM IDteimmilPla ' tikas made an excellent reception to the 17 yard line. Will Meyer ran 15 yards for a touchdown. After Owc®’’scOflD««ii»i(S)©fc favor of the Big Red. In the fourth quarter, fullback Clay Trabue plunged across the goal line from 1 yard ooihl Kiiiimt C5ii the final score 27-0. M.B.A. ... 38 GLENCLIFF ... 7 It was a homecoming to remember. After the coin toss, the Big Red struck first on a 39 yard touchdown pass firasaini ffiriM tt© IE5teaiid ; Owen’s P.A.T. was good and the score was 7-0. Marc Smith made an interception to set up M.B.A.’s second scoce wtoiboiraff ! trick-play pass from Owen to Demetri Patikas. Owen’s conversion split the uprights and the score w 14-0- Mfc anaaife lun ' interception to set up M.B.A.’s third touchdown which came on a 7 yard run by Will Meyer. After Owen’’s cmwBssmm ate scoaiff w.i«i 211-0). After the half, Frist scored a touchdown from 17 yards. Owen’s conversion made the score 28-0. Frist scoced agaiim,, ttHnii nihing through the middle from 3 yards out. In the fourth quarter, back-up quarterback Drew Robinson drove the Big; Red mm fiidid jgcoifill nan iaciil ,i Kurt Gilliland kicked a 21 yard field goal to make the score 38-0. Glencliff managed to score a touchdown in trte ffanall impimii nilig g ame to make the final score 38-7 M.B.A. The M.B.A. defense, led by Marc Smith, played an excellent game- ' HILLSBORO ... 21 M.B.A 10 It was Hillsboro’s homecoming. While many Hillsboro students were busy decorating their campus with bolcMJfns aumd it would only be fair to decorate M.B.A.’s campus as well. During the week before the game, they chose to decocaoe ate MBiA. oinagaiD — not with balloons and streamers, but with toilet paper and paint. On Friday night, the Burros struck again hm this tnunnie tam ate g ai idiii nox iD.. Mte boro scored first, but Jeff Owen answered with a 23 yard field goal to make the score 7-3 Hillsboro. Soon after, Frisr iim4 ftartte Red’s second score. After Owen’s P.A.T. the score was 10-7 M.B.A. In the second half, Hillsboro rolled up 14 more powmas mftte MM A. unable to score. The game ended with Hillsboro on top 21-10. OVERTON ... 7 On October 31 M.B.A. hosted Overton in a crucial district game. M.B.A. needed the victory to clinch the ITAAA district title and gain a play-off berth. A loss would knock the Big Red out of the play-off picture and give Overton the district title. Frist connected with David Spickard for a 57-yard touchdown play. Owen’s P.A.T. was good making the score 7-0 M.B.A. In the second quarter, Frist dove in from one yard out and Owen was successful on the point after to make the score 14-0. The third touchdown came on a 2 yard dive by Frist in the fourth quarter. Owen’s extra point split the uprights to make the score 21-0. Overton scored its lone touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter, making the final score 21-7. Marc Smith rushed for 117 yards on 16 carries and Frist passed for 146 yards. The offensive line of Boone, Bumstead, Downey, Flamling, Fitzpatrick, and Sullivan blocked well the entire evening. FATHER RYAN ... 3 On October 24, M.B.A. took on archrival Father Ryan at Vanderbilt. It was a very cold evening and an all-day drizzle had turned into a heavy downpour by game time. The heavy rain and the water-logged turf made it practically impossible for both teams’ offenses to perform up to par. In the first quarter, Trajan Carney recovered a Ryan fumble in the end zone, but a referee ruled that the ball was dead before Carney recovered it. The game remained scoreless until the fourth quarter when Ryan’s Chris Russ kicked a 27 yard field goal with 20 seconds remaining on the clock. STRATFORD In the first round of the TSSAA state playoffs, M.B.A. faced the district 12-AAA runner-up Stratford at home. Marc Smith took a pitch from Tommy Frist and ran 38 yards for the games first touchdown. Owen added the P.A.T. to make the score 7-0 M.B.A. In the second quarter, Owen kicked a 36 yard field goal. Stratford scored on a 15 yard touchdown, but was unable to convert on the point after. Because of a score- less second half, the final score was M.B.A. 10 and Stratford 6. Unfortunately for the Big Red, leading tackier Marc Smith was forced to end his season early because of a shoulder injury. GALLATIN ... 20 M.B.A. ... 7 For the second straight year, M.B.A. faced Gallatin in the second round of the playoffs. And for the second straight year, Gallatin came out on top. The Big Red scored first on a 6 yard pass from Frist to tight end Patikas. Owen’s P.A.T. made the score 7-0 M.B.A. Late in the second quarter the Green Wave scored on a 2 yard dive to make the score 7-7 at the half. In the third quarter, Gallatin tailback Joe Tally broke loose on a 45 yard touchdown run to make the score 14-7 Gallatin. On the first play after the kickoff the Big Red struck back on a beautiful 48 yard touchdown pass from Frist to Owen. Unfortunately the play was called back due to an illegal procedure penalty. The official s call was ques- tionable because Owen had checked with the line judge before the play began and the official signaled Owen s positioning to be O.K. The Green Wave dominated the second half and went on to win 20-7. ALL METRO-lst TEAM ALL DISTRICT OL — Temp Sullivan QB— Tommy Frist QB — Tommy Frist (Co-MVP Offense) (3rd in MVP voting) OL — Temp Sullivan K— Jeff Owen K— Jeff Owen SS— Will Meyer ALL METRO— 2nd TEAM LB — Marc Smith LB — Marc Smith FS— David Spickard HONORABLE MENTION DE — Trajan Carney TB-Will Meyer WB — David Spickard Football This year’s J.V. record hardly reflects the talent and success of the team. The J.V. finished the season with a 3 2 record. On September 8, the Big Red rallied to its first victory by stomping Antioch 25-0 at home. Demetri Patikas and Mike Morrissey both scored on TD passes from Sophomore quarterback Drew Robison, who also ran for 2 touchdowns on his own. The following Monday, M.B.A. crushed the Irish of Elliston Place 17-0. Demetri Patikas scored 2 touchdowns, and Jamie Cheek added 3 points with a field goal. Chris Hall had a great day rushing, and Jim Abernathy made a crucial fumble recovery for the Big Red. On September 22, the Big Red traveled to Hillwood where the desert-like atmosphere and a Hillwood “Varsity J.V.” proved to be too much for the Big Red. Emmett Russell had a good game, and Sheldon Griffin blocked a P.A.T., but M.B.A. lost 20-0. On September 29, the M.B.A. J.V. took an hour-long bus ride to Dickson County where the J.V. defense played a tremendous game. Key players were Andrew Bond, Gilbert Smith, Chris Hall, and Emmett Russell. Penalties plagued the Big Red J.V., allowing Dickson County to come out on top 6-0. The final game of the season was definitely the best as the J.V. defeated the ominous firebirds of Pearl-Cohn 42-12. Emmett Russell, Chris Hall (2 TD’s), and Drew Robison all scored. The defense played tough and picked off 3 pass attempts. Fumble recoveries were had by Ben Tate and David Kerr, both for touchdowns. The Pearl-Cohn game truly showed the J.V.’s grid-iron prowess. The line was anchored by the blocking skills of Wendell Harmer, Mike Poe, Bob Napier, David Frederick- sen, and Mike Seshul. Freshman Football The 1986 Freshman team completed a successful season by compiling a 4-3 record. These twenty-two young men began their quest to win the district title by hosting Apollo Jr. High. The Freshmen overcame an early deficit to defeat the tough Apollo team. The next challenge for the Big Red was the Overton Bobcats. Billy Crawford’s TD pass to Billy Lyell and Alden Smith’s TD run proved to be more than enough in a 14-0 shutout. The Frosh took their 2-0 record to Maplewood. A tough, swarming defense as well as Billy Craw- ford’s 3 TD passes led the freshmen to a 34-6 rout. The freshmen then traveled to Hillsboro where a poorly played first half led to their first loss, 14-7. In their 2nd consecutive away game, another poorly played first half led to their 2nd defeat, this time to Hillwood. Un- fortunately, the Big Red continued their losing streak as they lost to Glencliff 14-8 in a game which every team member felt they should have won. Finally, the Big Red returned home to conclude their season against arch-rival Father Ryan. With a chance to end the season with a winning record, they were all very enthusiastic. Alden Smith’s two TD runs led the way in a 32-0 romp over the Irish. Also scoring were Billy Lyell, Dan Brooks, and Scott Burrow who scored on an amazing interception return. Billy Crawford, Billy Lyell, Alden Smith, Dan Brooks, and Matt Fisher performed well on offense, while the defense was anchored by Renard Francois, George Clements, Alan Hunt, John Bass, and Stuart Towery. Through the patience of coaches Hopping, Herring, and Compton, several good football players emerged who should contribute to the Varsity. 160 Microbe Football The 1986 Microbe Football team had a very successful season, compiling a 7-1 record. With the help of coaches Gaither, Killian, and Friday, new head coach David Pack added amazing spice to the Little Red offense. The first game was at Page. Exceptional offensive performances by quarterback Tate McDaniel and wide receiver Alex Waddey contributed to a 30-0 rout of the Panthers. The next week, the squad traveled to Ezell Harding and destroyed the Eagles 24-6 with an outstanding offensive performance by Jay Carlisle. The third game was a 36-16 victory at Goodpasture which kept the Little Red unde- feated. The Microbes then went into their home opener facing the traditional rival: the Ensworth Tigers. M.B.A. proved their superiority as Glenn Harris at tail back and Walter Southwood at tight end led the Little Red to a 34-14 win. Playing at Northside, the Little Red offense once again proved to be brilliant as they romped the Vikings 30-6, with an exceptional game by fullback Chris Vla- hos. The next game was M.B.A.’s only loss. The over-sized Brentwood Academy Eagles came to M.B.A. and won 22-20. This was per- haps the Little Red’s best effort of the season in spite of their loss. With less than 3 minutes remaining in the game and down 22-14, the Microbes had the ball on their own Vz yard line. Quarterback Tate McDaniel on a trick pass play found Alex Waddey wide open and hit him for a 99 Vz yard TD! Unfortunately, they were unable to make the 2 point conversion, and Brentwood came out on top. The last two games were victories over B.G.A. (36-6) and St. Vincent (36-6). Michael Brooks and Will Shuff had tremendous offensive seasons, and all of M.B.A.’s points are due in part to the offensive line of Bo Bartholomew, Graham McRedmond, Richard Cummings, Will Chapman, and Chip Ward. 161 Cross Country This 1986 Cross-Country team started off with great expectations as a result of the number of talented and experienced runners returning from last year. Coaches and runners alike said, ‘This was to be M.B.A. s year. The team started running in August under Belle Meade’s blistering sun. Then, the runners set off for Coach Pruitt’s world-renowned, first-annual M.B.A. Cross-Country Camp located in the deep wilderness known as Boxwell Reservation. A resounding knock came early every morning from the blonde, wooly mammoth known as Coach P. The Big Red tortured their bodies by running twice daily over various roads, paths, and hills of the reservation. The camp prepared each runner’s body, and the team emerged in top form for their first race. The team received its first taste of competition in September against Hillwood. After an easy defeat of the Hilltoppers, the team next met Brentwood Academy and Father Ryan. This was the very first race on the redesigned and challenging steeplechase course. As a re- sult of Steve Zibas’ inability to follow the easily marked course, Andy “Kirbo” Davis won the race and defeated Brentwood Academy’s eventual regional champ and 3rd place medalist in the State. Davis also established the first course record on the new course. The first major meet on M.B.A.’s agenda was the Antioch Invitational on the Steeplechase course. Powerhouses from Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee attended, making this meet the biggest one in the state. M.B.A. placed fourth out of 35 teams, and the Big Red was the 2nd finisher from the Volunteer State. The seven runners composing the Varsity team for this and for most of the other major meets were Steve Zibas, Andy Davis, Jimmy Zibas, Tom Humphreys, Jonathan Cole, Jay Knowles, and Lanson Hyde. The following week the team entered the A.F. Bridges Invitational which boasted the best teams from within the state. M.B.A. outran all other teams except for powerful Chattanooga Baylor. The Baylor team continued to be a nemesis for the Big Red throughout the season. 163 The top 14 for the Big Red the roadtripped to Lexington, Kentucky for the Lexington Catholic Invitational. After an eventful night at the Best Western Motel, the Big Red brought the immortal words of Caesar " Veni, Vidi, Vinci” to life. In the J.V. Race, M.B.A.’s ”B” team placed fourth, led by Jay Knowles. The M.B.A. Cross-Country team then won their first major invitational ever with the Big Red placing a convincing first in the Class A division with only 101 points — 97 ahead of the second place team. M.B.A. runners winning individual trophies were S. Zibas, Davis, and J. Zibas. Humphreys, Cole, Hyde, and Jay Riven rounded out the championship top seven. The team then traveled to the hills of Dickson County. M.B.A. conquered the cougars on their home course, and this victory firmly established M.B.A. as the top mid-state team. In the Metro Classic, the city championship, the Big Red wanted to avenge last year’s dramatic loss. M.B.A. soundly defeated all the other teams in the city. The J.V. accepted the championship trophy for the " B-Team” race and also accepted the 2nd place trophy for the dual meet season because they ran as M.B.A.’s Varsity team against other schools’ top seven. In the Varsity race, runners receiving individual trophies were S. Zibas, Davis, J. Zibas, Humphreys, Cole, and Hyde. M.B.A. once again won the region for the sixth year in a row. Steve Zibas won his second individual regional title in three years and clinched the Metro-Runner of the year Award. M.B.A. qualified for the state meet for the seventh year in a row breaking the T.S.S.A.A. record for consecutive appearances in the state. M.B.A. entered the state meet with high hopes of bringing a state championship home to the Hill, but it was not to be as M.B.A. finished 7th for the second straight year. Finally, M.B.A. distinguished itself in post season recognition by having Steve Zibas, Andy Davis, and Jimmy Zibas on the All-Nashville first-team and Tom Humphreys and Jonathan Cole on the second team. Overall, this M.B.A. Cross-Country team was the most successful ever from the Hill by bringing home a trophy from every major meet, by equalling the best finish in the state meet with a 7th place, and by having 150 wins and 11 losses. Microbe Cross Country The Microbe Cross Country Team coached by Mr. Novak and Dr. Ward began its season on September 11 with a first place finish over Brentwood Academy and Ensworth. They went on to finish the season with three first place finishes, two second place finishes, and a third place finish in the H.V.A.C. Championship meet. Out of the 50 boys on the team, eighty percent qualified for a certificate by running in at least 3 of the 6 meets.The top runner was Casey Jones who finished first for M.B.A. in every ' A mile run. Other contributing eighth graders were David Hayes and Cabot Hyde. Seventh graders Chris Bynum and Justin Crosslin finished in the top five all season and will help the team next year. Even though the team is losing most of its runners, the prospects for next year’s team are very promising. 165 VARSITY GOLF McKnight tees off on his way to another glorious day of golf at McGibe. The 1986-87 Varsity Golf team began the year with very high expectations of having an excellent year. The team started off well with a victory over Overton shooting a three-over par total of 147 which would prove to be the team’s best total of the year. This year’s team compiled a regular season record of 19-2 as eleven different people represented MBA in matches. The top five players who would represent the team in the post-season play were juniors Michael Shears, Jay McKnight, and Brannan Atkinson, as well as sophomores Rhoads Hall and Steve Matthews, who was the alternate player. The team began their quest for the state title with a win in the district tournament defeating its closest competitor, Hillsboro, by 49 strokes. Michael Shears led the Big Red with an even par score of 72, which was good enough for low individual honors. Hall and Atkinson followed with 74’s and McKnight shot a 76 for a team total of 296. The following week, the team went to the region where the Big Red defeated McGavock by 17 strokes. Individual scores were Shears with a 73, McKnight and Hall with 75’s, and Atkinson with a 79. The next week, the team traveled to Henry Horton State Park for the State Tournament. The team struggled to shoot a total of 316 on the first which placed MBA in a tie for third place. The next day proved to be better for the Big Red as Jay McKnight shot an even par 72 and Brannan Atki nson shot a 76, but the team could not improve its position and finished tied for third. Jay McKnight’s round left him in a tie for fifth place individually. The Big Red Golf Team should make another run at the state title next year as all of the top five players are returning. 167 Winter ■ K!!!!||w!inif H --Pu f j a9 E5iR Bir " v ilH- lEHfiPiflRSl ||W M feyfei VA » a ir NijfflL -.‘ i W i ' OT 7 TW | jWB Bc VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1986-87 Varsity Basketball team began the year with apprehension about the season to come. The team fielded only three seniors but also held nine juniors who proved invaluable as support off the bench. The team started the year rather slowly by not winning many of its first ten games. But, as all good ones do, the team became a unit and began winning. The team was led by captains Charles Mayes and Jay Stroman. Tim Hamling also provided invalu- able leadership as a senior. The turnabout of the team’s fortune came on the trip to Atlanta during Thanksgiving. Though they lost to Marist, the team rebounded, scored fifty points in on half, and trounced Westminister. The team then returned to Nashville with a rejuvenated spirit. Spick’s lack of deodorant thwarts off a Spartan defender 174 The magic of Brad Reese’s disco haircut once again stuns the Spartan defenders The rejuvenated spirit carried the team to higher heights. Against Stratford, one of the teams considered for the state title, the Big Red almost pulled an upset. This game was marred by controversy as Charles Mayes was seemingly fouled on a last-second shot that would have won the game. The Big Red then pulled one of its upsets on the year. Brad Reese hit a last second shot from the top of the key to ice a victory against Dobyns-Bennett of Kingsport. The team’s next great victory was the rout of BGA. Ahead by about twenty at the half, the Big Red went on to win the game by some forty-five points. 175 ' Hey, buhbabeesubhuddhahuddhabuhey, main. " On the final game of the year, the Big Red defeated Overton for the second time and took second place in the regular season District 11- AAA standings. The team then defeated Overton a third time in the semifinals of the post-season District tournament, but ultimately lost to Glencliff in the finals. The Big Red won its first round game against Hunters Lane in the region tournament and faced Maplewood in the semifinals. It was do or die for the team. In the game, easily the most emotionally exciting and draining game of the year, the Big Red beat Maplewood in double overtime on a fifteen-foot shot by Charles Mayes. The Big Red then lost to Strat- ford in the region finals but still got to play Gallatin in the sub-state. 176 Once again, the eloquence of Charles, " Hey buddha, buddha, hey, muhmainbuhaha, hey. " By winning the Maplewood game and placing sec- ond in the region, the 1987 basketball team became the most successful in MBA history. Against Galla- tin, the team, without David Spickard, who had broken his hand, could not control the Gallatin offense and lost the game by a mere three points. Overall, the varsity team showed soul and determi- nation by taking itself farther than any MBA team and establishing a goal for other teams to shoot at. Mo ' s dance routine stuns the crowd as an astounded Spartan defender looks on 177 JV Basketball Though its record did not reflect greatness, the 5T4 JV Basketball team members gained playing experience to help them in the next few years. The team consisted of six juniors, four from the varsity, and nine sophomores. The team won games against Hunters Lane, BGA, Antioch, Glencliff, and McGavock. Intermingled in these five victories were two seven-game losing streaks. Coach Tom Moore directed the team from the bench. The purpose of a JV team is to provide playing experience for those who are not yet on the varsity team; and, from the looks of their progress, these will provide support for the varsity in the future. Henderson Kelley proves his passion for helium as he floats across the floor. 179 Freshman Basketball The 1986-87 Freshman basketball finished a disappointing 3-12. The willing and often out-sized squad was consistent in one aspect, improvement. The team started the season 0-5 before taking apart Maplewood 40-23, which can be credited to defensive efforts, and, of all things, the fast break. The resurgent Frosh next stopped Ryan to become 2-2 in the district. Again, defense was the key to the 40-25 victory as the Frosh held the Irish to two second quarter points and four fourth quarter points. The Frosh lost the rest of the regular season games except for a thrashing of Martin Luther King. The high note of this season was giving undefeated Whites Creek a scare before falling in the fourth quarter. The Frosh headed to Glencliff for the district tournament on February 2, with hopes of gaining the respect of a district that wrote them off earlier. The improved Frosh became the sleeper of the tournament. They turned on the defense to bring down Ryan in the opening round with an overtime win. Down by as much as 8 points. Matt Fisher took charge in the fourth to put M.B.A. up with 1 minute to go. In overtime. Jay Ferguson hit two pressure free throws to give the Big Red the lead. Rob Murphy grabbed the rebound from a last second Ryan shot, and M.B.A. won 33 - 30 . Next, the Frosh put their defense against the number one seed of the tournament, Glencliff. The vicious defense left M.B.A. up 20-6 at half. However, the Colts pressed the smaller Frosh into a deceptively close 50-40 loss to end the season for the Big Red. The scoring duties were taken upon for the most part by Richard Arendale, Matt Fisher, and, assist leader, Alden Smith. Rob Murphy and Matt Fisher controlled the boards with help from Jay Ferguson. Bench depth consisted of Andrew Coulam, Jay Gilliland, Brandon Daniell, and Kevin King. The 1986-87 Freshman basketball team never gave in and will hopefully contribute to the J.V. and Varsity teams of the upcoming years. Microbe Basketball The Microbe Basketball team captured a 13-1 record this year. They started the season by winning the Overbrook Classic and beating their biggest rival Brentwood Academy by 15 points. The Microbes then went on to win 3 games in a row by beating St. Henry’s, Northside, and Grassland. The next game was against big rival Brentwood. The ’crobes fell this time 30-37. After the hard loss, they won another 4 games in a row by beating the second M.B.A. team, B.G.A., F.R.A., and Ensworth. This ended the Little Red’s conference play. The Microbes were chosen first place in the H.V.A.C. going into the tournament. After receiving a first round bye, the Microbes defeated Ensworth by a score of 54-27. Once again M.B.A. met Brentwood in the championship game. After a hard fought battle with the Eagles, the microbes came out on top after 3 overtimes, by a score of 51-44. 181 Varsity Wrestling Back Row (left to right): Edward Lams, Kelsey Fitzpatrick, Andrew Bond, Trajan Carney, Frank Downey, Dan Brooks, Andy Rosen, Todd Wise Middle Row: Billy Frist, Hampton Carney, Sheldon Griffin, Steve Sowell, Chris Cigarran, Billy Crawford, Chet Frist Front Row: Matt Bumstead, Jeff Ryu, Greg Downer, Seth Asher, Robert Rollins, Chad Enders Coming off the tough winter practices, the M.B.A. Wrestling team started the season out right by defeating such teams as Brentwood High School, Dickson County and Hendersonville. Immediately following the mid-term math exam, M.B.A.’s mat men took their annual road trip to the glorious, fun-filled Knoxville, Tennessee to compete in the small but competitive Halls Invitational Tournament. After a two-hour night’s sleep due to the ongoing battles between Frank Downey and Greg Downer, the M.B.A. team made up for lost rest between tournament rounds. With ten place finishers, M.B.A. brought home some good hardware. The grapplers then headed into their own weekend tournament. With strong teams from Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville, the competition was fierce. 182 Having finished the regular dual-meet and tournament season, the team worked hard to prepare for the upcoming District, Region, and State Tournaments. The quest for a berth in the state tournament for the first time in M.B.A.’s own Brownlee O. Currey Gymnasium with the District 8 Wrestling tournament. True to predictions, M.B.A. finished a strong third place behind Franklin and Brentwood Academy. Placing in the district, thus qualifying for the region were Greg Downer at 98, Chad Enders at 119, Robert Rollins at 126, Billy Frist at 138, Trajan Carney at 155, Dan Brooks at 167, and Frank Downey at 185. The Region Tournament at McGavock consisting of 34 teams proved to be as competitive as ever. Greg Downer, M.B.A.’s only 1 seed, wrestled up to expectations finishing second, losing a tough match in the finals. Chad Enders, competing in the tough 119 division, placed fifth, qualifying for the state for the second year in a row. Rob- ert Rollins, at 126, lost a tough match in the quarterfinals, but pulled a huge upset in the consolations to qualify for the state once again. Billy Frist turned in an extremely strong performance losing to a state finalist from Overton to place fourth. Co-captain Trajan Carney wrestled his way to the semi-finals, losing to the best wrestler in the state from White’s Creek to place third. The team’s other captain, Frank Downey qualified for the state by placing a strong fifth place. Amazingly, all seven region qualifiers moved on to the state tournament, an event that has not transpired in several years. The wrestlers then had a week of tough conditioning before the state tournament began at UTC’s “Big Mac” Gymnasium. After two days of fierce competition with the best wrestlers in Tennessee, Billy Frist and Greg Downer, both sophomores, placed fifth and sixth, respectively. M.B.A. placed a respectable 16th place out of all the schools in Tennessee. 183 Freshman Wrestling The 1987 Freshman Team: (back row) Billy Lyell, Dan Brooks, Billy Crawford, Alan Hassler, Mark Kerrigan, George Clements; (front row) Lance Carney, Keith McCarthy, Martin Roberts, C.B. Harwell, Peter Shim, Carter McNabb, David Lott 186 Microbe Wrestling Coming off last year’s H.V.A.C. championship, coach Gaither and first- year coach Friday had their work cut out for them with only four returning starters. The team started as impressively as it finished with an overwhelming victory over F.R.A. Throughout the season, the mi- crobes easily overpowered such conference strengths as Northside and Brentwood Academy, suffering only one loss in neighborhood nemesis Ensworth. Entering the H.V.A.C. tournament, the team had six wres- tlers seeded in the top two and placed ten wrestlers, including three champions and three runners-up. Along with champion Keith McCarty, M.B.A. had its first two-time champions C.B. Harwell and Drew Healy. Lance Carney, Todd Locke, and Aaron Vaughn finished in second place; David Frazier and Bo Bartholomew finished third; and Eric Crawford and Martin Jones finished fourth. Chip Ward also wrestled well throughout the season. The team won the championship, beating the second place team by 29 Vi points. Coach Gaither and Coach Friday should be congratulated for an outstanding season, as well as congratu- lations for the entire team. The 1986-87 microbe grapplers truly defined class, skill, and dominance as they overwhelmed their opponents and upheld another tradition of excellence on the hill. 187 Hockey M.B.A. s second year of involvement in Nashville area hockey was a definite success. Boys from M.B.A., Father Ryan, F.R.A., Brentwood High, and Brentwood Academy were divided into teams and competed against each other in 25 games. M.B.A. players came together under the coaching expertise of Zeff Ahmed and played two games against the Father Ryan team. In the first contest, the Big Red lost a hard fought game 10-4 against a superior Father Ryan team after only two practices. Our goals were scored by Jon Nameth, Willy Johnson, Rob Cheek, and Frank Crowell. Later, the Big Red tried again and tied 4-4. It was a hard fought game in which a larger crowd composed of parents and students gave the needed in- spiration to hold Ryan to a tie. Dee Thompson and Chris Shea both scored goals and Willy Johnson added two goals. This year the M.B.A. squad was led by seniors Andy Crowe, Rob Cheek, David Dillon, John Mahoney, Louis Graber, David Rumsey, and Frank Crowell. With four returning scorers, M.B.A. is hoping to continue its success in hockey. 188 w . ' •• V :Wdmw m¥ Team r:- m ■ The 1987 Rifle Team continued its tradition of excellence at MBA. The A team included Jim Abernathy, Brennon Fitzpatrick, Hunt Nichols, and Temp Sullivan. The B team was made up of Eric Falk, Kelsey Fitzpatrick, Brian Hassler and Thayer Smith. In the state. Hunt was High Individual shooting in two out of three regular season meets and came in first in the state meet. Also in the state meet. Temp Sullivan finished fifth; Jim Abernathy finished thirteenth; Brennon Fitzpatrick got sixteenth; and Thayer Smith came in thirty-fourth. Overall, M.B.A.’s A team finished second in all meets including the state meet. And this stuff is guaranteed to prevent cavities. Real athletes win in serious volleyball. 195 Varsity Baseball The 1987 varsity baseball team, coached by Hank Hopping and Mark Elliot, finished the regular season with a record of 11-7 overall and 9-5 in the district, this year’s team was not expected to be as good as past M.B.A. teams, but it surprised many skeptics by finishing tied for second in the district with Hillwood and Overton. M.B.A. began the season with a strong 6-2 win over Brentwood High, and then they headed to Florida over Spring Break for a week of hard work and fun. In Florida, the team worked for three hours each morning on their fielding, hitting, and pitching, and after a week of practice, the much-improved Big Red team returned home to Nashville ready to face their waiting opponents. M.B.A. had trouble getting on track, dropping its first three games after returning home, and the early part of their season was marked by frustration by three one-run losses in the first eight games. M.B.A. started playing better, though, and they finished the first half of the season with a 4-3 district record, which included a strong win over rival Overton. The second half of the season proved to be even better for the Big Red, for they went 5-2 and avenged earlier losses to Hillwood, Antioch, and Glencliff M.B.A. finished tied for second in the district with a 9-5 district record, and a team that many thought would be mediocre this season was proving to be one of the strongest teams in the district. 196 Since M.B.A. did not win the district in the regular season, it had to win the district tournament or finish second to Antioch (the regular season district champs) in order to move on to the regionals. After losing two coin tosses, M.B.A. was seeded fourth and had to play fifth seed Father Ryan in the first round of the tournament, a single elimination round. M.B.A. beat Ryan soundly be- hind the strong pitching of Senior Steven Hooper, and so they moved on to the four-team double elimination tournament to face Antioch. M.B.A. lost a heart-breaking pitchers’ duel to Antioch despite the combined two hitter thrower by Marc Smith and Steven Hooper. M.B.A. next faced Overton, a game they had to win in order to keep their season alive. Steven Hooper again pitched a brilliant game, but M.B.A. was not quite able to hang on to an early lead and lost 5-3 in eight innings. Despite losing two tough games to end the season, M.B.A.’s year proved to be an exceptional one. After a slow start, M.B.A. never gave up and proved that they were a much stronger team than most people expected. Bobby Whitson played nearly flawlessly in right and left field, gunning down many runners with his cannon-like arm. Bobby also batted .299, and his steady play and good attitude made him a strong leader of the team. Steven Hooper, who pitched and played second base and center field exceptionally well, compiled a 6-3 record on the mound with a 2.10 ERA. He was the ace of the pitching staff and performed brilliantly in several crucial games. Frank Downey, the first baseman, played well on defense and batted .292. Frank added some power to M.B.A.’s lineup and was a threat to opposing pitchers. Jay Stroman, a pitcher and right-fielder, frustrated many batters with his overpowering fastball, as he helped bolster the M.B.A. pitching staff. Skip Burke did extremely well both in the field and at the plate, and his positive, energetic attitude inspired the entire team. Juniors Brad Reese, Jeff Owen, Mike Morrissey, Jim Harwell, Marc Smith, and Jim Norris and Sophomore Brooks Smith also made great contributions to the team. Reese led the team in batting with a .457 average, followed closely by Owen (.413), Brooks Smith (.361) and Morrissey (.323). Marc Smith batted .275 and pitched extremely well, leading the team with a 1.84 ERA. Jim Harwell was 1-0 on the mound with a 2.33 ERA, and Jim Norris had a 2-1 record. Each player made great contributions to the team and was important in the team’s success. Through the players’ effort and desire to do well, M.B.A. finished the season with a respectable 12-9 record, having accomplished more than many people expected from them. 198 JV Baseball The 1987 Junior Varsity Baseball team, although losing the only two games it played to Brentwood High and Hillwood, gained valuable experience for varsity play. Leading the team were sophomores Jason Burroughs, who manned shortstop, Doug Miles, who played left field, and Forrest Conner, who was the first baseman. The five freshmen on the team also made great contributions: the hard-throwing Jay Fergusan, who started on the mound in each of the team’s games; Scott Burrow, who played skillfully behind the plate and also batted well; Richard Arendale, who played adeptly in centerfield; Billy Crawford, who displayed his shotgun arm in right field; and Kevin King who baffled batters with his pitching as well as performed well in the outfield and at the plate. Microbe Baseball The Microbes, under the coaching of Mr. Regen, had an awesome season, finishing 7-3. Glenn ’Tiger” Harris led the team in bat- ting and pitching, compiling a .667 average at the plate with 3 triples and 4 home runs, and a 3-1 record on the mound, fanning 60 batters in 26 innings. The other hitting leaders included Mark Kolodzieski, who batted .441, Michael Brooks (.409), Bo Thompson (.357), and Tom Underwood (.333). The top pitchers were Harris, Kolodzieski, and David Daniels, who had a 2-0 record with a 2.80 ERA and 15 strikeouts in 14 innings. The rest of the members of this exceptional team included: Southwood, Chapman, Healy, Hyde, Tyrrell, Williams, Teeter, Smithson, Bartholomew, and Carlisle. 201 Varsity Soccer The 1987 M.B.A. Soccer Team had been looking forward to its season with great anticipation. After the loss of only two starters and the return of a strong senior corps, the team felt that this was to be our year. Unfortunately, the season began on a low note as the Big Red fell to B.G.A. (OT) and Hendersonville (1-3). Even though these were two of the top teams in the state, these losses hurt because they were marked by M.B.A.’s poor play and low enthusiasm. Spring Break sent the team to Memphis, where the Big Red defeated Craigmont (5-2), Raleigh-Egypt (3-1), and tied Kirby (O-O). While in Memphis, M.B.A. played one of its best games of the year against Ridgeway. Unlike the openers, this match was marked by enthusiasm, composure, and solid play. The Big Red had to settle for a draw, however, as Ridgeway scored in the final minutes of play to even the score (2-2). 202 The team returned from Spring Break with a renewed spirit. M.B.A. defeated U.S.N, (3-0) and Hillwood (6-0); but suddenly the old problems resurfaced and the Big Red gave away losses to Brentwood (1-2) and Ryan (2-3). Realizing the trouble, team captains Paul Lentz and Scott Sprague used their leadership to revive what seemed to be a dead season. M.B.A. demolished Hillsboro (5-1) as Scott Sprague and Chris Hall both scored twice and David Fletcher once. The tempo remained high as the Big Red thrashed McGavock (6-0). Prospects looked good as the Big Red traveled to Overton for the district finals. Despite a beautiful head goal by Tom Gutow, the Big Red fell to the Bobcats (2-3). 203 M.B.A. found themselves a low seed for the regional tournament. Determined to prove them- selves to be better than their record, the team beat Hunter’s Lane (6-0) and Franklin Road Academy (4-0) with decisive victories. The highlight of the season was to come in the region semi- finals which saw a match-up between the Big Red and the Overton Bobcats who had triumphed in the district finals. Before a large and rowdy home crowd, M.B.A. played their best game of the year to find themselves tied with Overton at three goals apiece at the end of regulation. The game remained tied after two ten-minute regular overtimes despite the Big Red’s obvious control of the game. Just minutes into the first five-minute sudden death overtime, David Fletcher had a long throw-in which Ted Rice headed into the goal giving the team a (4-3) victory. Fletcher finished the game with two goals and two assists. In the region finals against Father Ryan, the Irish drew first blood with a goal in the first half Despite the brilliant play of injured Scott Sprague who assisted Tim Wallace’s header goal which brought the Big Red back into the game, M.B.A. lost (1-2). This season will be remembered as the " one that got away.’’ M.B.A.’s potential is displayed in its all-region players Robert Willingham, David Fletcher, Chris Hall and region MVP Scott Sprague. The 1988 season will find the Big Red trying to fill the spaces left by the parting seniors. 204 Varsity Tennis The 1987 tennis team had another successful season, something they had been accustomed to for the last several years. It had been almost two decades since the Big Red had lost the district tournament and this streak was not to be broken this year. It has been nearly as many years since the team had lost the Region, and again the streak will continue for one more year. This year’s team had the necessary blend of experience and youth which is needed to make it successful. The top six consisted of two seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores. But filling the 7-13 positions were seven freshmen who saw enough action to receive varsity letters. The top six on this year’s team were (in order): Fleming Wilt, Bill Cherry, Arthur Henderson, Tommy Frist, Frank Drowota, and Sterling Price. In the district 24 tournament at M.B.A., the team showed its dominance as it placed all four of its allotted players in the semifinals. The semi-final matches had Cherry playing Frist and Wilt playing Henderson. Cherry defeated Frist by a score of 6-1, 6-1, while Wilt was forced to a third set in an exciting match with Henderson in which the senior, Wilt, prevailed 6-0, 6-7, 6-1. This set up a rematch of last year’s district and region championship matches. The match was exciting throughout as both players played well, but the defending state champion. Cherry, overcame a first-set defeat to win: 4-6, 6-4, 6-2. Cherry and Wilt successfully defended their district doubles championship as they defeated the Scales-Cales duo from Hillwood. M.B.A. easily won the team championship by a score of 25-13 over Hillwood. 206 The season culminated in the state tournament at Centennial. Fleming started off for the Big Red with an easy first-round victory. In the second round, however, he fell to eventual finalist Lee Burns of McCallie, 6-0, 6-3. The Hopes of the team now rested on sophomore defending state champion Bill Cherry. After a first-round bye, he went on to win second and quarter-final rounds easily. In the doubles, Wilt-Cherry won their quarter final match 7- 5, 7-5. In the semifinals, a match they had to win to keep the team championship hopes alive, they won a great match over Science Hill 6-3, 4-6, 6-3. In the singles series, the expected great match old rivals Cherry and Matt Turner never materialized as Cherry dominated the freshman from Knoxville 6-2, 6-0. The finals saw the Big Red having representatives in both the singles and doubles. M.B.A. needed only one win and it came in an impressive fashion as Cherry defended his state title defeating Lee Burns, 7-5, 6-0 in a display of excellent tennis. The doubles final ended on a less enjoyable note as the team from Baylor defeated Wilt-Cherry 6-4, 1-6, 6-4. The final team standings were M.B.A. 12,Baylor 11, and McCallie 5. The following week was the region six tournament held at M.B.A. The opening round was an easy one for the Big Red as all four players advanced to the quarter-final round. In the quarters, Cherry and Wilt rolled to easy wins as expected. The other two matches produced upsets. Tommy Frist, who was expected to receive a state bid, was up- set by Whites Creek junior Ronnie Holmes, 6-3, 6-3. Arthur Henderson, however, upended last year’s semi-finalist Jason Subin from Overton 6-1, 7-5. In the semi-finals. Cherry beat Henderson, and Wilt beat Holmes. This set up another Cherry-Wilt showdown for the region championship. Cherry won 6-3, 6-3 in a match that had to be postponed a day due to illness suffered by Cherry. In the third-place match. Holmes pinned down the final state bid by downing Henderson, 6-2, 6-0. Microbe Tennis The 1986-1987 microbe tennis team had a tremendous season, finishing with a record of 8-0. This undefeated tennis team was led by their coach, Mrs. Cameron Lamphier. They won the H.V.A.C. tournament in which no M.B.A. team member lost more than three games. The team beat both Chattanooga powerhouses Baylor and McCallie. For most of the year, the top five players consisted of Andy Stoll, Todd Foust, Malcolm Sewell, Frank Bass, and Jackson Wray. As equally important were the performances of David Fitzgerald, Brian Bradley, Charley Bryan, Brian Bobo, Carle Simmons, Roy Alley, and Greg Jones. With the return of six powerful seventh graders, next year’s microbe tennis team should again have a very successful season. 208 Swimming The 1987 M.B.A. Swim Team finished its second consecutive season with an impressive 5-1 dual meet record. Since the middle of Oc- tober, the team practiced every day after school under the direction of full-time NAC coaches. This rigorous practice schedule, much more serious than last year, is most likely the reason for the improvement over last year’s one dual meet victory. Returning swimmers Lyle McDonald, Brad Bell, Erik Sundell, Pieter Foster, Robb Ludwick, Tom Benning, Tommy Hayes, John Rawlings, and Andy Crowe, along with newcomers Tab Burkhardt, Matt Foster, Brent Cummings, and Scott Yates, all teamed together with St. Cecilia to form a highly competitive conference squad. Handily defeating rivals Ryan and Franklin several times, M.B.A. S.C.A. also defeated Murfreesboro Riverdale, a year-round team, in January. The only loss suffered was to Oakland High School, by 25 points, but valuable Brent Cummings was unable to attend due to NAC commitments. With this impressive season record, M.B.A. swam in the Conference Meet at Oakland High School February 14. The team struggled early in the meet with Franklin and Oakland, but came away with a well-earned second-place trophy out of 10 teams, losing only to powerful Brentwood High. Earning Conference medals for M.B.A. were Erik Sundell (3), Pieter Foster (3), Brent Cummings (3), Robb Ludwick (3), Brad Bell (2), Tommy Hayes (l), Tom Ben- ning (l), Scott Yates (l), and John Rawlings (l). The team is very proud of every medal since each person can swim only three events. On February 21, the seven team members with qualifying state times traveled to Knoxville for the State Meet. Qualifying for M.B.A. were Brent Cummings (3 events), Erik Sundell (3 events), Pieter Foster (3 events), Robb Ludwick (3 events). Tommy Hayes (2 events), Scott Yates (l event), and John Rawlings (l event). Though M.B.A. was not expected to place highly in the state, sending seven swimmers to the state meet was quite an accomplishment in itself. The team hopes to improve even more next year, and though senior powerhouse Erik Sundell will be gone, the rest will cer- tainly work hard to fill any gaps. M.B.A. should be proud of such success from this two-year old team, and the members, as well as the determined, encouraging, and organizing mother Mrs. Elly Foster, deserve congratulations. Varsity Track Although this year’s edition of Varsity Track had a slow start in the dual-meet season, the team seemed to explode come the big-meet season. The latter part of the season saw many M.B.A. athletes surpassing past records and competing well with many fine Nashville athletes. Before spring break, the M.B.A. track team had bad luck against Hillwood, getting beaten by 29 points. After spring break, however, despite recent bacchanalian revelry for the seniors, the team rebounded to a first-place finish versus Oak Ridge and Pearl-Cohn in a triangular meet. The next week, M.B.A. hosted one of the more interesting meets of the season: the Nashville Doug Hall Memorial Relays. This meet was different in that all events (including field events) were relays. Out of twelve AAA teams, M.B.A. pulled out a strong second place, only behind state power- house Whites Creek. Then, M.B.A. had a rough time in the claws of the Overton Bobcats in a dual meet, getting downed by 28 points. The same week, however, M.B.A. crushed Hillsboro 85-52. That Saturday, the Big Red proceeded to Chatanogga for the Mid-South Classic, a private-school meet in which M.B.A. finished fifth. The most impressive performance was by Rob Barrett, who by finishing first in the 200-meter dash with a 23.1 was the first M.B.A. runner in 20 years to get an individual first place at this exclusive meet. Then, the dual Triangular meet season ended with a big disappointment where Brentwood Academy had 73.3 points to M.B.A.’s 72.7 and Glencliff s 29. 210 Then, the big-meet season was here to stay. M.B.A. participated at Overton in the Optimist Relays, which would serve as the Metro Davidson County Championship. M.B.A. placed a sound sixth place out of 17 teams. The next week, the team participated in the Banner Relays at McGavock. This meet, for the first time ever, invited teams not only from Nashville, but from the mid-state in general. Obviously the meet was competitive with 1400 athletes from 53 teams. M.B.A. finished fifth with 37 points. The next week at McGavock was the TSSAA region 3“AAA meet, one of the most important meets of the year not only because it draws the most competitive teams from Nashville and Middle Tennessee but also because the top two finishers in each event go to the state meet. Zibas was the first M.B.A. runner to qualify for the state meet in five years, and probably the first double-event qualifier in the state meet for M.B.A. ever. Qualifying for the finals but not placing was the SOOm relay team of Michael McNally, Emmett Russell, Johnny Thompson, and Alden Smith. This team set a new record with a time of 1:31. The highlight of the meet, however, was definitely the fact that Michael McNally and Steve Zibas qualified for the TSSAA AAA State Meet at M.B.A. In the state track meet, M.B.A. was led by Steve Zibas, who placed second in the 1600 and second in the 3200. Michael McNally contributed with a tie for third place in the pole vault. 211 Freshman Track The M.B.A. Freshman track team performed very well this year in spite of the numbers participating. Field events were definitely the strength of the team this year. Alden Smith and Matt Inman were both very successful in the pole vault all year, and in the City Championship, they finished first and second respectively. Dan Brooks and Allan Hunt covered the throwing responsibilities. Hunt placed first in several dual meets and went on to capture fourth in the city. Dan Brooks, who broke the school freshman record early in the season and continued to break his own record each consecutive meet, placed second in the city. In running events, Alden Smith and Allan Hunt carried out the sprinting duties, and Smith participated in the varsity regional meet in the 4x400 relay at McGavock. The distance events were handled by Andrew Duthie, Caleb Lucwick, Bobby Garth, Jay Bradford, and Brandon Barrett. Jay Bradford performed consistently well in the mile, winning almost every dual meet, and the 4x800 relay of Garth, Ludwick, Duthie, and Barrett, was also very competitive. Microbe Track At the H.V.A.C. Relays, M.B.A.’s Junior School track team performed even better than expected but still fell short of Brentwood Academy, who won the meet with 155 points to M.B.A.’s 137 points. In the high jump, Alex Waddey won 2nd place. Carter Baker 3rd place, and Jay Carlisle 4th place. In the long jump, Brian Norment won 2nd place with a jump of 17’8”, Eric Crawford won 3rd place, and Baker won 6th place. In the pole vault Keith McCarty vaulted 9 feet for 5th place. In the shot put and discus Chris Vlahos threw by far his best of the season, but had to settle for second place with throws of 12r9” in the discus and 45’ 4 Vi ' in the shot. Chip Ward was third in the shot put, and Aden Lara was third in the discus. All three relays ran by far their best times, as the 4x400 relay defeated their nearest competitor by 2 seconds, but due to a technicality after a hand off it was disqualified from its 1st place finish. Crawford, Carlisle, Josh King, and Norment were brilliant in this performance. The 4x400 relay cut 6 seconds off its previous best, but still finished in 3rd place. In individual running events, Carlisle finished third in the hurdles. Baker 5th in the 400 meters, Waddey ran a 12.1 to finish 2nd in the 100 and McCarty was 5th. Casey Jones finished 2nd in the 1600; David Hays finished 2nd in the 800. M.B.A. had 3 of the top 5 runners in the 200 meters as Carlisle, King, and Norment finished 2nd, 4th, and 5th in that event. This was the first time in many years that M.B.A. has had such a balanced team and talented team. The M.B.A. microbe track team finished the season with a record of 11 wins and 1 loss. II Assemblies Mr. Bondurant (a security guard) makes sure the throng does not rush the stage. Mr. Bondurant and members of Cum Laude are honored. Guest speaker talks about the importance of saying " No " to drugs. 218 Joe Gilliam tells of his struggle to overcome drugs. 219 Organizations Student Council John Smithwick Worcester Bryan Dan Brooks Renard Francois T. Humphreys, Sec. " T. Jefferson, Jr.” Will Meyer, Tres. Matt Fisher Nate Sewell The 1986-87 school year proved to be a productive one for the M.B.A. Student Council. The Council focused their attention in three main areas: events, relations, and service. The Council sponsored two successful social events: one, a " Beech Party” after the thrilling Beech football game; and two, the annual Valentine Exchange with Harpeth Hall and St. Cecilia. The Student Council also sponsored a duds-day in the spring of ’87, giving the students an appreciated break from the dress code. Student-faculty relations on the Hill took a giant step as the Council voiced the opinions of the student body directly to Mr. Drake. The Student Council and the administration worked together to allow tennis shoes at athletic events and to draw up new rules for the Roberts and History rooms. In the area of community service the Council continued to participate in the Holy Name Church Soup Kitchen. A sock and underwear drive for the Salvation Army and a duds day for the Special Olympics were also held and were very successful. The 86-87 Student Council would like to thank Mr. Drake, the Administration, the faculty, and, above all, the student body for a great year. 222 Honor Council Back Row: J. Riven, A. Rice, A. Patterson, S. Jobe, B. Crawford, G. Clements, W. Southwood, M. Bumstead; Front Row: T. Jackson, T. Carney, J. Thompson, C. Gayden The Honor Council is regarded as one of the most important instruments in making Montgomery Bell Academy a fine institution. Founded in 1945 by Dr. R.L. Sager, it has enforced the Honor Code which states that no student shall lie, cheat, steal, or deceive. The Honor Council is made up of elected representatives from each class. There are four senior officers, three juniors, two sophomores, two freshmen, and one Junior School student sitting on the council. The council hears cases brought before it, determining the guilt or innocence of the accused, and, if the accused is found guilty, declaring a suitable punishment. The Honor Council of 1986-87 was ably led by President Johnny Thompson, Vice-President Trajan Carney, Secretary Travis Jackson, and Treasurer Claiborne Gayden. The Honor Council was pleased with the fact that in the 86-87 school year very few cases were brought before the council. The council thanks the student body for making M.B.A. a place of honor. 223 F.C.A. The 1986-87 Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at under the guidance of President Johnny Thompson, Vice-President Gantt Bumstead, Secretary David Spickard, Treasurer Tim Hamling, and Sponsor Mark Elliott, began the year with a retreat at Johnny Thompson’s farm with Harpeth Hall’s F.C.A. Around 80 people enjoyed a day of sharing, riding horses, playing volleyball, and hearing a mini-concert from Contemporary Christian singer Scott Roley. The Thursday night meeting formats could be characterized in three ways: a night for discussion, a night for recreation, or a featured speaker. During the first semester, the huddle discussed many aspects of Christian- ity such as the will of God, growing in Faith, a Christian’s role in the world, and sex and dating. Other high- lights of the meetings were: a joint meeting with Harpeth Hall’s F.C.A. at Sandy McCleod’s home, which 120 people attended; a pot-luck dinner at Tim Hamling’s home; and a night of recreation in the gym. The se- mester’s meetings culminated in a lock-in at Christ Presbyterian Church with Harpeth Hall’s huddle. The second semester’s meetings began with a rousing talk from Steve Robinson, the director of Middle Tennessee’s F.C.A. The huddle also enjoyed a triple meeting with Harpeth Hall and St. Cecilia Academy at St. Cecilia. Another highlight was the F.C.A. Awards Banquet at which Steve Bartkowski, an NFL Quarterback, spoke. Culminating the year was the city-wide F.C.A. retreat, hosted by the M.B.A. huddle at the Thompsons’ farm. F.C.A. huddles from all over the city attended the retreat. The night began with a Bacchanalian feast at Hillwood Country Club where the seniors and invited guests dined in the honor of the class of ’87. The men of the hour were then limousined to the Brownlee O. Currey gymnasium. Under the leadership of construction chairman David Frederiksen, financial wizard Ed. B. Bueno, and art designers Sean Dudley and John Gupton, the gym was transformed into a western saloon. fully equipped with swinging doors and hitching posts. The Wigs, arriving early of course, blasted the night’s revelers out of the gym and into the parking lot where the music sounded pretty good. At the end of the dance, the night was far from over with all classes scrambling to their individual breakfasts, houses, and parties where they could reflect on their memories, or those yet to come. 224 Totomoi Since its founding in 1954 by Dr. Sager, this M.B.A. honorary fraternity has conducted tappings in the fall and spring of each academic year. Members are inducted on the basis of their outstanding achievement in any three of the following areas: athletics, citizenship, dramatics, forensics, organizations, publications, scholarship, and student government. Totomoi represents the ultimate achievement of an M.B.A. student. In the fall, presiding members Travis Jackson, Johnny Thompson, Brennon Martin, and Charles Mayes welcomed new members Gantt Bumstead, Tom Humphreys, Bobby Whitson, and Trajan Carney into the fraternity with rousing pats on the back. This springjuniors dominated the induction in numbers as David Spickard, Jay Knowles, Steve Jobe, and Edgar Bueno were introduced into membership, but the induction was definitely high-lighted when Mrs. Bowen was tapped before a standing crowd of students and faculty members. By upholding their motto: Honor, Loyalty, and Service, the members of Totomoi serve as ex- amples to all the school. Cum Laude Cum Laude members are; (left to right) Chas Hewgley, Clark Geddie, John Joe, Robb Ludwick, Brennan Martin, Bill Penuel, Christopher Fly, Charlie Hailey, Jay Reynolds, Steve Jobe, Charles Mayes, Tom Humphreys, Sunil Malkani, Eric Sundell, Raju Reddy, Kyle Rogers, David Chen, Jiannbin Shiao, Kenji Kono 227 Chorus The 1986-87 chorus did a complete about face under the one and only Michael Kemp. Mr. Kemp and some fifty students worked together to build a new choir, one that was strong, bold, and flashy. A chorus of men not wimps. The chorus adopted the song " Stouthearted Men” as their theme song and put on an excellent fall concert for the student body. A crowd favorite was the newly adopted M.B.A. fight song, written by Coleman Harwell. The highpoint of the year was at Christmas time when the chorus virtually stole the show at the Harpeth Hall Christmas concert despite being in a guest role. A week later, at Westminister Presbyterian Church, the chorus put on its own show entitled “The Essence of Christmas.” It proved to be an enormous success. Finally, the chorus finished off the year with stellar performances at the Father-Son Banquet and at graduation. Thanks go to pianist Mrs. Marion Ross, who worked with Mr. Kemp to mold the revamped chorus. A tradition of choral excellence has begun and may it continue forever. Club The Outing Club is an organization that seeks to meet the students’ yearnings for outside, recreational activities. The activities provide the student with a chance to experience exciting weekends with friends, seeing and enjoying nature. For some, the club provides new experiences such as hiking, bicycling, spelunking, and rafting. This year the Outing Club explored Buggy Top Cave and Lost Creek Cave. The faculty sponsor, Mr. Womack, says that the key is student involvement. The more students get involved, the more the Outing Club can do. If the Outing Club gets needed support it will be possible to make many exciting excursions in the future. 228 Art Program Ultimately, it is important to realize that in dealing with the art program of Montgomery Bell Academy in the era of 1986-1987, one must contend with a wide range of approaches toward art. Obviously, the guiding force of the art department is Mr. Jim Womack. Born sometime amid the squalor of the mid-twentieth century, he was exposed to the forces of liberalism and radicalism prevalent during the 1970’s. The influence of these forces are expressed in his work, especially in comparison with the slowly-disappearing old guard. In said era, a more structured form of studio art class was introduced. Still a credit course, studio art joined Art History, as a recognized Advanced Placement course with more organized instruction and grades. Many dedicated students opted to take the course, forgoing the eighth period and gaining the five course minimum demanded by the evil forces of T.S.S.A.A. The Montgomery Bell Academy art program remains unsurpassed to this day as an outlet of creative expression for the errant student. For those wishing to cultivate any artistic talents and to become a part of history, the M.B.A. art program in any of its incarnations will eagerly fill the need. 229 Big Red Club As usual, this year’s Big Red Club remained one of the most popular organizations on campus. The club was led by officers Steven Hooper, Paul Lentz, Frank Downey, and Trey Spence. Historically, the Big Red Club has assumed a leadership role in firing up the M.B.A. student body during the athletic seasons, and this year was no exception. Their influence was felt beside the wrestling mat, from right field, and from the stands. In addition to boosting support, the club once again provided a very successful Homecoming Dance following a rout of Glencliff. Loius Graber’s " Eat This, Alien " was outstanding, providing great music and a Homecoming celebration worthy of a successful football season. The 1986-87 Big Red Club was committed to increasing the levels of enthusiasm and loyalty on the M.B.A. campus, and the students and faculty responded with incredible support. The pride remains. 230 Cheerleading This year’s cheerleading squad began back in April 1986 with tryouts. The female members chosen were: seniors Chris Topley, Mimi Baker, Wendy Bryan, Christina Varallo, and Reed Harwell; and sophomores Carter Murray and Eleanor Jones. Males selected were: Louis Graber, Chip Blaufuss, Joe Rich, Bill Hitt, Tim Wallace, Alan Brown, and Tom Harwell. The team prepared for the ’86- ’87 year by attending cheerleading camp at M.T.S.U. in Murfreesboro. The squad provided loyal support to both the football and basketball teams throughout their seasons. The success both these teams enjoyed was due in part to the rowdy crowds of M.B.A. fans, urged on by Big Red cheerleaders. The squad would like to thank Mrs. Owen and Mrs. Hitt, who worked with them and advised them throughout the year. Debate The 1986-1987 debate team continued the rich tradition of excellence in forensics in what proved to be a very successful year. Seniors T.A. McKinney, John Joe, and Christopher Ptomey provided a triumvirate of team leadership and experience well supported by juniors Tom Rogers, Braxton Perkins, and Burt Fulmer. M.B.A.’s top varsity teams consistently were among the top in the nation. The team of McKinney and Joe early in the year placed fifth at the North South Round Robin. The team of McKinney and Rogers proved most successful with performances of semifinals at St. Mark’s, second at the Baylor University Round Robin, second at Princeton, Ohio, fourth at the Glenbrook Round Robin, and quarterfinals at the Tournament of Champions. Individually, T.A. McKinney won several speaker awards, including fifth at Wake Forest, first at Samford University, and first at the prestigious Barkley Forum held at Emory university. Other speaker awards went to Burt Fulmer, who placed first at Homewood, Tom Rogers, who placed third in New Orleans and first in the state, and Braxton Perkins, who placed second at Albequerque. Other team victories of note were the following. Juniors Rogers and Perkins won the state championship for the second year in a row. Jay Kahlon and Jonathan Reeve won first place in a tournament in South Dakota. McKinney Rogers and Fulmer Perkins finished first and second in the N.F.L. state district and both competed in the N.F.L. national tournament in Cincinnati last June. Novices Hal Jones and Eugene Park proved to be one of the top novice teams as they competed in the prestigious Glenbrook North Novice Round Robin. 232 The Bell Ringer This year’s BELL RINGER staff published one of the finest volumes in the newspaper’s history. With a relatively inexperienced staff which had only one returning editor from last year, the staff worked diligently to publish the best paper possible. The BELL RINGER year was kicked off with the publication of a ten page issue on the first day of school. Other highlights featured the publication of four more issues throughout the year and the “involvement” in the Boner-Holcomb scandal, when Congressman Bill Boner made some comments about Holcomb while speaking to an M.B.A. government class on the hill. The newspaper once again featured the running of the eighth annual BELL RINGER Bike Race, with the most competitive field ever and a new, fairer system of scoring. The BELL RINGER was characterized by a strong editorial section each issue and a reduction in the length of articles. The biggest accomplishment of this year was the move to the use of a computer to lay out the pages on the last issue. The graduation issue was twenty-four pages — the longest in BELL RINGER history. In general, this year’s paper was both informative and interesting. Jonathan Cole Editor-in-Chief Kurt Gilliland Business Editor Charlie Hailey Business Editor Andy Rosen Assistant Editor Sunil Malkani Assitant Editor Travis Jackson Entertainment Jeff Ryu Photography Editor Steve Jobe Sports Editor Jay Knowles Sports Editor Ward Chaffin Copy Editor Will Van Deveer Copy Editor 234 MONTGOMERY BELL ACADEMY 1987 The editors of this year’s Archives were: Travis Jackson, John Mahoney, and Will Meyer. Letter from the Editors spring comes, beneath dead leaves, dormant things, blossoming, ready to explode, the young man’s mind comes alive, the search for something new: past, present, future, the search leads to discovery, the discovery leads to a need, a need to share words and images, evoking creativity, breaking the bounds, uncovering new ground, not just letters or lines on a page, something to be seen and undergone, (see into the minds), escape to . . . Disappear here 235 Conclusion College Choices VANDERBILT: Skip Burke, Christopher Fly, Lewis Graber, Barry Lancaster, Charles Mayes, Brian Pearson, John Rawlings, Raju Reddy, Erik Sundell, Fleming Wilt TENNESSEE: Rob Baker, Chris Burch, Trajan Carney, Frank Crowell, David Enkema, Turner Overton, Steve Parker, Randy Palaez, George Ruccio, Trey Spencer FURMAN: Clay Hardin, Matt Kneeland, Johnny Thompson, Bobby Whitson, Robert Willingham AUBURN: Rob Cheek, Rob Chilton, Jimmy Pickel, Jimmy Zibas W L: Gantt Bumstead, Brennon Fitzpatrick, Tim Hamling, Tom Harwell DENISON: Allen Brown, David Rumsey, Ted Rice GEORGIA TECH: Clint Fawcett, John Boone, Kyle Rodgers PENNSYLVANIA: Brent Allen, Travis Jackson, John Joe UNC: Sunil Malkani, Brennon Martin, Jay Reynolds BROWN: Kenji Kono, Jiannbin Shiao CENTRE: Joe Rich, Ted Thompson COLORADO: Claiborne Gayden, Robert Rollins GEORGETOWN: Johnathon Cole, Chris Wright GEORGIA: Frank Downey, Clay Trabue KENYON: Paul Lentz, Tim Wallace RHODES: Temp Sullivan, Will Meyer VIRGINIA: Tom Humphreys, Sandy McLeod AMHERST: John Mahoney BAYLOR: Bob Pate CARLETON: Jeff Ryu CARNEGIE MELON: Tseng-Kwan Pen DARTMOUTH: Brad Reed DUKE: Clark Geddie EMORY: Rob Hilton HAVERFORD: Christopher Ptomey HOLY CROSS: Chip Blaufuss KENTUCKY: T.A. McKinney MERCER: Jay Stroman MILLSAPS: Todd Cassetty MISSISSIPPI: Steven Hooper MOREHOUSE: Guy Logan NORTHWESTERN: Nathan Goldberg PRINCETON: Tommy Frist RICHMOND: Andy Davis SEWANEE: Hunt Brown U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY: Andy Crowe VASSAR: Mark Hudson WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: Andy Rosen SCOTLAND: Scott Sprague SWEDEN: Bjorn Nordquist 239 Awards VALEDICTORIAN: Kenji Kono SALUTATORIAN: Brennon Michael Martin THE JOHN B. HAYES AWARD for Excellence in the American Constitu- tion: Daniel Clark Geddie, Jr. Barry Donald Lancaster Brennon Michael Martin Edgar Turner Overton James Robert Whitson THE THOMAS H. MALONE, JR. AWARD for Excellence in English Composition: Thomas Smith Humphreys THE KIRBY E. AND MARGARET JACKSON AWARD for Excellence in the Natural Sciences:James Kyle Rogers THE RENESSELAER MATH AND SCIENCE AWARD for the Outstand- ing Junior in Math and Science:David Joel Chen THE HENRY A. FITTS AWARD for Journalism: Trajan Homer Carney, IV Brennon Michael Martin Travis Arnell Jackson Jonathan Jacob Cole THE JOHN MOREHEAD DOBSON MEMORIAL AWARD for the Best Sports Article: Chad Eric Enders THE SAM DAVIS MEMORIAL AWARD given by the Sam Davis Memori- al Assocation: Charles Jackson Wray THE LINDSEY AWARD to the Outstanding Athlete of 1S)86-1987: Frank Atkeison Downey THE JACK C. MASSEY JUNIOR SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP AWARD: Casey Dougherty Jones THE SEWANEE AWARD to the Best Citizen in the Junior Class: Charles Wilburn Hewgley, IV THE CIVITAN AWARD for Senior Class Citizenship: Trajan Homer Carney, IV THE DAR AWARD given by the Daughters of the American Revoluti on for good Citizenship in the Senior Class: James Robert Whitson THE MELROSE CIVITAN AWARD for Citizenship: Walter Andrew Southwood THE OPTIMIST CLUB AWARD: James Robert Whitson THE YALE AWARD: Robert Stephen Jobe THE RUSSELL W. CARPENTER COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: Christopher Kyser Ptomey THE FRANCIS E. CARTER, JR. AWARD to the Outstanding Boy in the Seventh Grade: Malcolm Lewis Sewell THE CUM LAUDE SOCIETY AWARD for Academic Achievement in the Junior School: Narayan Babu Paruchuri THE P.M. ESTES AWARDS: Charles Eugene Mayes, Jr. James Robert Whitson Emmett Russell, IV David Billings Spickard Matthew DeWitt Bumstead Andrew Michael Patterson George Morris Clements Alden Hitchcock Smith, II THE WALTER NOEL, JR. AWARD to the Outstanding boy in the Junior School: Keith Thomas McCarty THE DONALD ROSS AWARD to the Outstanding Freshman: Alden Hitchcock Smith, II THE HENRY W. BOYD, JR. AWARD to the Outstanding Sophomore: Jason Todd Burroughs THE LINDLSEY RUTH AWARD to the Outstanding Junior: Edgar Dennis Bueno Charles Wilburn Hewgley, IV THE WILLIAM BAILEY MEMORIAL AWARD for Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty in the Senior Class: John Moten Thompson THE WILLIAM MARTIN AWARD to the best All-Around Boy in School Charles Eugene Mayes, Jr. SILVER TRAY AWARD to SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT: Charles Eugene Mayes, Jr. ENGLISH 7th: Charles Jackson Wray 8th: Narayan Babu Paruchuri I: Robert Marley Lentz II: William David Strayhorn III: Robert David Ludwick, II IV: Kenji Kono John Bradbury Reed, Jr. Word Wealth 7th: Charles Jackson Wray Calculus AB: Brennon Abernathy trick LATIN 1-8: Narayan Babu Paruchuri 1-9: James Scott Burrow II: Matthew DeWitt Bumstead III: Joseph Pitts Binkley, III AP: Mark Findley Hudson Medal and Letter from Psi Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi at Vanderbilt (4 years): Mark Findlay Hudson Letter of Commendation from Psi Chapter Eta Sigma Phi at Vanderbilt (2 years): Matthew DeWitt Bumstead SCIENCE 7th: Charles Jackson Wray 8th: Narayan Babu Paruchuri Biology: Brandon O’Neill Barrett Biology (H): David Charles Lott Biology (AP): Robert Gantt Bumstead Chem-Phys: Christopher Donald Jones Chemistry: John Henry Rice Chemistry (H): William David Strayhorn, IV Chemistry (AP): John Moses Reynolds IV Physics: James Sterling Price, Jr. Physics (H): David Joel Chen DRAMA MEDAL: Bradley Wright Griffin SPEECH Speech: Stephen Jay Riven Forensic: Christopher Kyser Ptomey Debate: John Kyoojoe Thomas Allen McKinney MATH 7th: Charles Jackson Wray Algebra 8: Narayan Babu Paruchuri Algebra I: David Matthew Fisher Algebra II: John Henry Rice Algebra II (H): William David Strayhorn Geometry (H): Devraj Basu Geometry: Mauro Mallory Mastrapasqua Math IV (H): David Joel Chen Math IV: James Ragland McKnight Math V: Matthew Bryan Kneeland Fitzpa- Calculus BC: James Kyle Rogers AP Computer: Jiannbin Lee Shiao FRENCH I: Robert Marley Lentz II: Joseph Pitts Binkley, III III: Robert David Ludwick, II IV (AP): William Richard Penuel SPANISH I: Kirk Jamie Kaludis II: Christopher Donald Jones III: Brian Thomas Hassler IV (AP): John Maurice Mahoney HISTORY 7th: David Aaron Wyckoff 8th: Narayan Babu Paruchuri Ancient Medieval: Charles Wilburn Hewgley, IV Modern: Patrick Hagen Foster Roberts Modern (AP): Robert David Ludwick, II American: Robert Wylly Willingham American Gov.: George Allen Burke, Jr. Economics: James Rees Pickel, III Comp. Gov.: Thomas Smith Humphreys ART Art History: Charles Leo Hailey, II Art (7-8): Robert Cary Brothers Art (9-12): Sean Christian Dudley CHORUS MEDAL: Daniel Clark Geddie, Jr- July 31 Aug 2 Aug 28-29 Sept 1 Sept 2 Oct 10 Oct 11 Oct 31 Nov 26-28 Dec 15 Dec 19-Jan 5 Jan 16-23 Feb 20-21 Feb ? March 10 March 12 April 25 May 13 May 21 May 25 May 30 June 1 July 14 Sept 19 Year at a Glance Team Meeting Test Day REGISTRATION — Seniors meet new student Bjorn Nordquist LABOR DAY — Students enjoy last day of summer Students meet teachers HOMECOMING— Fans arrive to “chow down” and to watch the Big Red break the colts HOMECOMING DANCE— Eat This, Alien enthralls the audience. Special thanks to “bearded clam” backdrop designers (Penn, Fitz, Hooper, Bumstead, Downey) Big Red claims District 11-AAA championship for the second year in a row. MBA 21— Overton 7 Turkey Time!!! (Except for Wrestling Team) Several Students earn early admittance to college. Senior Slide begins Santa Claus is coming to town (Except for Wrestling Team) EXAMS — A week with Vz days State Wrestling Tournament— MBA sends new record of 7 grapplers to tournament with Billy Frist and Greg Downer placing. Seniors enjoy Shakespeare Pre-play at Deli Junction Basketball Team plays in Substate for the 1st time in its history. Bumstead sets new track record— Gallatin to Nashville in 5 minutes SPRING BREAK— Haiti, Captiva, clearwater, Freeport, Springfield PROM— “The Band sounded pretty good from the parking lot.” AP Biology students stuff their faces at Dr. Ward’s house Final Exams begin Bumstead-Downey Business Trip begins COMMENCEMENT— We’re out of here! Editor staff slide begins Last remaining editor abandons post and leaves the BELL for dead Editors for BELL ’88 attempt to revive BELL ’87 ALCCKAT Tt1E MB GBinmn € f : root €lt :Wm RS ■.05E6 HIS LUNCH But DESPITE HI5 QUIRKS OF MORAL FI5RE -THE MBA GENTLEMAN HA5 A HEART OF GOLD C.mFW£)m THROUGH HIS TEARS ON THE WILL, HE WILL GET INTO THE COLLEGE OF HIS CHOICE LoOK ' SEE how very CL tVtRLy 1 HAVE UP AN entire page HOWbOUTD rr Special thanks to the following people without whom this annual would not have been completed: Dr. Crowell Chris Cigarran David Fletcher Paul Moffat Thayer Smith Jay Binkley Andy Coulam Rhoads Hall Chris Petrie Chris Wayburn Matt Bumstead Andrew Duthie David Haslam Chuck Resha . . . and of course the 1987-88 BELL staff: Rob Barrett Charlie Hailey Emmett Russell David Frederiksen Tom Gutow Chas Hewgley Jim Norris Rob Westermann 242 In Memory Phoebe Cutler Greene Nov. 23, 1900-Jan. 31, 1987 For all of her days, Phoebe Greene has enriched the lives of those around her. Her early years as an assistant to the curator of prints at the Cleveland Art Museum and as a teacher of art history endowed her with a love of beauty that she shared with oth- ers with the annual display of her personal collection of fine art reproductions. Mrs. Greene and her husband, Dr. Theodore Greene, served as medical missionaries in China from 1926 to 1951. Throughout the revolutions and wars, their Christian love triumphed over all hardships. To the young men of Montgomery Bell Academy, she served as a remedial reading teacher and a good friend. She was responsible for remarkable improvements in students ' learning ability and self esteem. Up until the time of her death, she was active in helping young people. Mrs. Greene was renowned for her ability to pinpoint and remedy learning difficulties. She was truly a blessing to all those who were fortunate enough to know her. Even though she has left us in the fullness of her years and in the assurance of the final resurrection of the just, we cannot help but feel that one of the bright and shining lights of our community has been extinguished. Her modest and caring ways have made us all better people. For the passing of her light, hundreds more have been kindled in those whose lives she touched. With Love and Affection Generations of Friends, Students, and Colleagues Editor’s Note Well, here it is; the annual is finally finished (by the class of ' 88— Ed.). As you sit back and read the BELL, we hope you will appreciate the time and the effort so many people put into this little reminder of the 86-87 year at M.B.A.; and what a year it was. Capturing the events and the people is not an easy task. At first, the annual glided along; we worked during studyhalls and 8th period. Then, the glide turned into a nosedive; while trying to layout the pages, we found many of the pictures and even articles " missing.” Luckily, we were able to overcome these obstacles and pull the BELL out of its nosedive right before it hit the ground (yeah, in your dreams— Ed.). The BELL is complete; and if asked to do it all over again, we can honestly say NO! Special thanks to: — Everyone who wrote an article or took a picture —The class of 1988, without whom you probably would not have this book in your hand — The staff for their help —All the people who helped layout— you know who you are — Dr. Crowell for his time, and patience 244 Class of 1987 As we sit down in an attempt to summarize the class of 1987, the great diversity of the people becomes apparent as it does with all classes. Yet this class is so extraordinary because each used his talent, whatever it may have been, to the best of his ability. Although many seemed to have nothing in common, the responsibility of being a senior at M.B.A. bonded them together in a special way. The seniors led the athletic teams to a new level of competition with many teams not only participating, but being competitive in state tournaments. Exemplifying the renewed will to win were the tennis state champions, the football District champs, and the miraculous playing of the basketball team who advanced to the substate for the first time in M.B.A. basketball history. The 1987 class also excelled in other areas outside of the sports arena. The debate team had another successful year defeating most of the nation’s top teams. Led by the service club, the class extended a helping hand to the needy. Proof of our success is reflected in the high number of academic and athletic scholarships that were won by many seniors. 245 Advertisements 249 250 251 V7 VAUGHN MANUFACTURING 757 Douglas Avenue Post Office Box 8097 Nashville, Tennessee 37207 (615) 262-5775 253 BEMIMHN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP POINTIAC TOYOTA STERLirfO SUZUKI LIINCOLN MERCURY MERKUR 2300 Franklin Road Phone 383-8080 niSSAIN UN MADISOIN 801 Gallatin IN. Phone 865-7220 MITSUBISHI 2350 Franklin Road Phone 383-5150 1525 Broadway Phone 251-8400 254 YOU CAN BELIEVE in BEAMAIS! See Us Tor All Your Automotive needs ROCHFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY " Building Tradition Today” Quality Residential Construction Way to go, Rob! We are so proud of you. Mom, Dad, and Courtenay Congratulations and Best Wishes to an Outstanding Senior Class! Sherri and Bobby Chilton Iheonly names you need for tires HART HARDWARE BELLE MEADE- HART HARDWARE The Do It Yourself Stores 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU HART HARDWARE BELLE MEADE- 1 5304 Harding Rd. HART HARDWARE 352-5252 4330 Harding Rd. 292-1532 EQUITABLE MORTGAGE ana Investment Corporation REAL ESTATE TAX SHELTER INVESTMENTS SYNDICATIONS 6th Floor Nashville City Bank Building Nashville.Tenn. 37201 244-8555 Stephen F. Wood, C.M.B. President 259 COMPLIMENTS OF WOODMARK, INC. COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE BANKING AND REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT SERVICES 109 WEST? ARK DRIVE, SUITE 260 BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE 37027 Stephen F. Wood - Class of 58 Stephen F. Wood, Jr. - Class of ’79 Compliments of Admiral Binder Corporation 2164 Dondywood Drive Nashville, IN 37215 260 262 Compliments of Ramsay Daughtery Company General Contractors 5123 Harding Road Best Wishes to Drew, Richard, and all their MBA friends from Nord Associates, Inc. Life and Health Insurance Brokers 212 3rd Avenue 254-7722 North Nashville, TN 37201 263 706 1ST AVE. NO. NASHVILLE, TENN. 37201 Compliments of OFFICE 242-0381 HOME 292’6049 I |J REALTOR Belle Meade Drugs Morrissey Realtors Jimmy Morrissey 4324 Harding Rd. 292-5579 264 265 267 268 First Management Services 222 Third Avenue North Suite 575 Nashville, TN 37201 First Management Services of Nashville joins its friends in saluting Montgomery Bell Academy. Like MBA, we strive to achieve the highest form of excellence. Our experience is in real estate investments and property management for both our clients and our tenants. 269 Compliments of Lionel R. Barrett, Jr., P.C. Attorney at Law 207 3rd Avenue North, 5th Floor Nashville, TN 37201 254-1471 Gianikas General Contractors Best Wishes to the Senior Class! PEMBROKE ANTIQUES 6610 Highway 100 Nashville, Tennessee 37205 615-353-0889 270 A short course in human relations he best short course in human relations we’ve heard about is the one published by columnist Norton Mockridge: “The six most important words in our language are, 1 admit I made a mistake. The five most important words are, Itbu did a good job. The four most important words. What is your opinion? The three most important words. If you please. The two most im- portant words. Thank you. The single most important word. We. And the least most important word, I.” Congratulations graduates, DilL1lla4ETT OLDSMOBILE HONDA 1823 Gallatin Rd.. across from Rivergate. 868-1870 271 NFIB Speaks for America’s • • Small Business. NFIB — the National Federation of Inde- pendent Business — brings the concerns and opinions of small and independent business owners to Congress, the federal agencies, the White House and all 50 state capitals. NFIB is one of America’s largest membership organizations . . . nearly 600,000 strong. We don’t take our positions lightly. Members are polled regularly on issues affecting their businesses. The majority response is the position NFIB lobbyists carry from the grass-roots membership directly to federal and state lawmakers. And we don’t stop there. NFIB is a research organization too. NFIB Quarterly Economic Reports accurately predict trends in the nation’s employment. Gross National Product and inflation. In recent months, we’ve published special studies on small business banking and credit, the major problems and priori- ties of the small and independent business owner, the special concerns of small business people in urban areas, and more. Small business is America’s biggest business, employing more than half the non-govemment workforce and producing almost half the GNP. Small business owners are active in civic and political affairs. And we represent more of them than any other organization. That is why . . . when Americans lawmakers hear from NFIB, they know they ve heard from American business. National Federation of Independent Business The Guardian of Small Business 600 Maryland Avenue. S.W.. Washington. DC 20024 (202) 554-9000 Best Wishes to the Class of 1988! May your senior year be one you will value and remember always. A Parent 273 Fit for the Future Congratulations to the graduates of the Class of 1987 HCA The Healthcare Company We care for America We care for you Compliments of Dudley Warner Co. 2000 Warfield Dr. 297-5511 275 U0l3ST0jV: ? £ 8 T A 0 R A N 1976 RESTAGRANT COCKTAILS SERVING YOU WITH PRIDE AND GOOD FOOD Genuinely committed to providing you with the best in casual dining § In Non -Can Provident Life Accident Insurance Company Nashville Branch Office Third National Bank Building 10th Floor Nashville, TN 37219 255-8481 lisiTlr Nil ' ll ' l iiffi ' t ‘‘ A Soiilh(‘! !i ura nt” Hrilr Mraiir IMa a 277 .r n KEDiNA ' iT r KjLi f nALL DOniHAKCE 8«inc- my Slippers 278 What more can we say? BLACK WIDOW TEL-star With TYRONE SMITH THF GENERICS 279 O o oO P L- rA T 5 Compliments of Jim Dandy Markets Compliments to the Class of 1987 George and Pat Moffat Hendersonville Compliments of Dew Williams Suite 201 150 2nd Avenue North Nashville, TN 37201 254-1003 GO BIG RED 281 Compliments of Davis Furniture Company, Inc. 515 Crutcher Street Nashville, TN 37206 244-7103 244-7537 Antique Restorations — Furniture Repair, Refinishing, and Reupholstery Custom-made Furniture Residential and Commercial Pick-up Delivery Available JOHN A. GUPTON COLLEGE Offering an asMiciate degree in inoriuary science, che college s t s«»- ejr pr »gram is in step ssith con- lemporarv stanilards and methods and includes basil credits common to most general college cur- ricida. t ransfers and juni«ir college grailuates may expect to complete the in less than two scars. Oxer tsseixe hundred men and ssomen now in professional practise are graduates of the John A (lupton (iollege. Write for our bulletin. 2507 West End Avenue Nashville, Tennessee 37203 YAMAHA W.L. " BILL” BRANCH PRESIDENT YAMAHA SPORTS CENTER, INC. 6118 CHARLOTTE AVE. NASHVILLE, TN. 37209 615 352-3131 282 283 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1987 From a Friend Compliments of Mallard Enterprises, Inc. 500 Davidson Road Nashville, TN 37205 352-6383 284 Standards of living. Standards of business. Standards of success. These are the people who form a diversihed group of companies known as Ingram Industries. Setting today ' s standards for tomorrow ' s growth. Innovators in: Inland Marine ll’ansportation ■ Energy ■ Consumer Products ■ Insurance Ingram Industries Inc. 4304 Harding Road Nashville, Tennessee 37205 (615) 298-8200 285 wm-

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