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The Bell 1985 Montgomery Bell Academy Nashville, Tennessee 37205 DEDICATION Dr. Nancye Thomas Rarely in probing the field of education will one find a teacher who takes enough interest and cares enough to be a true friend to the students. Dr. Nancye Thomas is just such a teacher. Her work both in and outside of the classroom demonstrates a genuine concern for the indi- vidual needs of those around her. Since her arrival in 1980, she has been active in almost every area of MBA life. In addition to teaching the chemistry and ad- vanced chemistry classes, she is sponsor of the Big Red Club. She spends endless hours working with the cheer- leaders and cheering on the Big Red in athletics. It is for this constant dedication not only to the school but also to the individual student that the 1985 Bell is dedicated to Dr. Nancye Thomas. 2 PREFACE When one pauses to look back over the events of a year of his school, a flood of images come to mind: the big game, an all-night theme, the long Mondays and the even longer Fridays, assemblies, the classes, the work, but most of all, the people. A school is no more than the sum of the people who attend it; and, therefore, Montgomery Bell Academy is, indeed, its students. We came afraid, but curiously expectant, and we leave bold and with resolve. Such is the process by which the school molds the youth into a man. This annual represents the collected images of the 1984-85 school year at Montgomery Bell Academy. It is your annual, because you made it, and will remember it long after you have left. Think of this not as a guide to the memories of this year, but rather as a key to unlocking your own mental images. There will never be another year like this one, and so it is our pleasure to present this unique overview of it, the 1985 BELL. 5 ' The unique thing about the MBA campus is that it provides a place for recreation and relaxation.” —Junior 7 V 13 Administration , 18 Classes 30 Sports 136 Life 190 Organizations 216 Conclusions 232 Advertisements 241 Administration Mr. Bondurant’s ninth year as headmaster of MBA. has proved to be a productive one in many ways. Mr. Bondurant has focused on having better relations with students and receiving more student input on important issues concerning MBA. Throughout the year, Mr. Bondurant invited Seniors to come and eat dinner at his house to discuss their opinions on all facets of life on the Hill. His talks on the subject of leadership formed an enlightening part of the assembly program. Finally, Mr. Bondurant has eagerly sought, and is beginning to attain, the desirable reputation that the school deserves, not only in the South, but also all across the country. Assistant Headmaster Michael Drake, in addition to his adminis- trative duties, has served in the past as the personal college counselor to every Junior and Senior for several years. With the addition of Mr. White to the faculty, Mr. Drake is able to spend more time as the Senior Class advisor. In addition to his adminis- trative responsibilities, Mr. Drake manages to teach a popular 1st period AP American History course. His great rapport with the students is well-suited to his duties. Six years ago Mr. Drake, as acting Headmaster, admitted this year’s Senior class into seventh grade, and since that time has taken the credit (and blame) for all that class’s actions. No doubt, this year’s Seniors will always remember their years at MBA as " Mr. Drake’s class.’’ Most importantly, however, they will remember his undying devotion to the individual student and unending dedication to all facets of MBA. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and of George Peabody College for teachers. Mr. Michael Drake Mr. Laird Smith, Jr. A unique figure among the M.B.A. administration, Dr. Harold Crowell is a very popular and experienced man. Because his numerous responsibilities have been lessened a bit, he has been able to give more time and attention to those activities which are most important to him. Due to his ability to relate to the students on a personal and humorous basis, Dr. Crowell makes an effective Dean of Faculty and Stu- dents. Dr. Crowell is also Chairman of the Science Department, advisor to the Junior class, and teaches a demanding but enjoyable Physics class. He received Dr. Harold Crowell Dr. Edward Gaffney serves in a challenging position as head of the Junior school. His presence is a boon to both High School students and Junior Schoolers, for, as a prestigious figure in his field, he teaches all levels of Latin from first year to advanced placement. He received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. from Vander- bilt University. Dr. Edward Gaffney Mr. James A. Poston serves as M.B.A. ’s Guidance Director. Under the new demerit system, Mr. Poston is also demerit supervisor for the Senior class. He teaches English I, English IV, and courses in speech and reading. Mr. Poston is the sponsor of the Drama Club and directs a play for it every year. In addition, he is coach of the Tennis team. Mr. Poston received his M.A. from George Peabody College. Mr. James A. Poston Mr. Laird Smith, Jr., Director of Buildings and Grounds at Montgomery Bell Academy, could well be considered the handyman of the administration. What makes Mr. Smith unique is his extra work beyond the call of duty. He can be seen mowing the grass one hour and cleaning the campus the next, on weekday or weekend. Mr. Smith is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. 21 Mr. John R. Bennett, Director of Athletics, is a valuable member of the M.B.A. faculty. He is the head coach of the Varsity Baseball team and the Microbe Baseball squad, and instructs courses in both Algebra and Geom- etry. Mr. Bennett’s influence is further felt as sponsor to the service club and to SADD. This continued interest in the issue of drug and alcohol abuse has truly been an inspiration to the entire M.B.A. community. Mr. Bennett received a B.E. from Vanderbilt University. Mr. John R. Bennett In order to assist Juniors and Seniors in deciding about and gaining acceptance to college, the Directorship of college counseling was added, and Mr. Ed White was chosen to be that director. Mr. White was previous- ly the Dean of Admissions at Davidson College and the Director of Athletics at Southwestern. Mr. White’s goal has been to impress upon the students and parents the need for early " college thinking.’’ Mr. White received his B.A. from Davidson and his M.A. from the University of South Carolina. Office Staff Mr. H. Edmunds White Although the administration is a vital part of any school system, Montgomery Bell Academy depends on the office staff as a necessary foundation upon which the Administration performs its day to day activities. Mrs. Bradshaw and Mrs. Morrissey serve as receptionists in the High school and Junior school respectively. Mrs. Garriott, Mrs. Liles, and Mrs. Kelton perform their secretarial duties in the Main Office with Mrs. Bradshaw. Amid the numerous daily tasks of these faithful five are the handling of massive administrative paperwork, selling supplies, managing the student fund, calculating grades, and processing of the school’s mail. As important as anything, however, these ladies are friends to the students and comply with a variety of requests that go far beyond the call of duty. The school is proud to have such a dedicated and indespensible group of women. Mrs. Bradshaw Mrs. Garriott Mrs. Liles Mrs. Kelton 22 Mr. Jim Bostick Math IV, Computer Sci- ence; Assistant Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Assistant Soccer Coach; B.S., Auburn University; M.S. University of North Carolina Mr. Michael Caldwell Math IV, Calculus statis- tics. Calculus BC, Com- puter; Sophomore Class Advisor; Head Golf, As- sistant Track; B.E., Van- derbilt University, M.A., George Peabody College Mrs. June Bowen English 7th; 7th Grade Advisor; B.A., Baylor University; M.A., George Peabody College Mr. William Compton Calculus AB, Calculus Statistics, Algebra II (H); Freshman Footall, Varsity Track; B.S., Davidson College; M.A.T., Duke University Mrs.Jeannine Bowers French I, French IV (AP); DES, University of Nan- cy, France Mr. Mark Elliot Word Wealth, Ancient History; Microbe Foot- ball, Varsity Basketball; B.A., Vanderbilt Univer- sity Mr. Richard Bowers Math 7; Microbe Foot- ball, Freshman Football; B.A., David Lipscomb College Mr. Donald Fisher Latin 8, Latin II; B.E., Vanderbilt University V Mr. Robert Forrester Math IV, Algebra I, Alge- bra II; Assistant Microbe Football, J.V. Baseball; Weights and Agilities (S)th grade); B.A. Vanderbilt University, M.A. George Peabody College, Addi- tional Graduate work — George Peabody College Mr. Anderson Gaither Latin I, II, III, and IV; Freshman Class Sponsor; Microbe Football, Mi- crobe Wrestling, Fresh- man Wrestling, Microbe Track; B.A., M.A., Uni- versity of Tennessee Mrs. Carole Hagan Latin II; B.A., University of Kentucky Mr. Dan Herring Modern History, Modern History (AP), Ancient and Midieval History; Fresh- man Class Advisor; Mi- crobe Football; B.A., Car- son-Newman College, M.A., University of Ten- nessee Mrs. Cathleen Hightower English I, English I (H), English II; Freshman Class Advisor; Literary Magazine; B.A., Olivet College; M. Ed., Universi- ty of New Orleans Mrs. Virginia Hollins French II, French III; Chairman of Foreign Lan- guage Department; Trav- el Club Sponsor; Sopho- more Class Advisor; Totomoi Advisor; B.A., Duke University Mr. Luther Killian Algebra I, Geometry; As- sistant Microbe Football, Assistant Microbe and Varsity Wrestling; B.S., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, M.Ed., Georgia State University Mr. John Lanier Geometry (H), Math IV (H), Algebra II; Sopho- more Class Advisor; Mi- crobe Soccer, Varsity Soccer; B.S., Vanderbilt University Mrs. Mary Helen Lowry English IV, English IV (H); Senior Class Advisor; Chairman of the English Department; B.A., M.A., Vanderbilt University Mr. Bobby Morel Junior School History; Varsity Football; B.S., University of Tennessee Mrs. Ruth O. Napier Secretary for Office of Developement; B.S., Con- verse College Dr. Jon Neergaard Introductory Chemistry, Chem-Phys; Assistant Mi- crobe Soccer; B.S., Wash- ington and Lee Universi- ty, Ph.D., University of Virginia V Dr. Christian Niemeyer English II, English III, English III (H); Advisor to THE BELL RINGER; B.A., Notre Dame Uni- versity; M.A., Ph.D., Van- derbilt University Mr. Frank Novak Junior School Science; Microbe Cross Country, 7th grade IC, Microbe Softball; B.A., M.A., Pea- body College, Vanderbilt University Mrs. Ann Orth English III, English IV; Junior Class Advisor; B.A., Brown University, M.A.T., Vanderbilt Uni- versity. Mr. Tommy Owen Modern History; Varsity Football, Varsity Track; Associate Athletic Direc- tor; B.A., Vanderbilt Uni- versity, M.A., University of Kentucky Mrs. Jo Norris Palmore English I, English II, Eng- lish II (H); B.A., M.S., University of Tennessee Mr. Robert K. Pruitt Biology, Chem-Phys; Freshman Class Sponsor; Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country; B.A., Van- derbilt University, M.S., Tennessee State Universi- ty Mrs. Mildred Simmons Librarian; B.A., Cumber- land University, M.L.S., Peabody College Mr. Bill Smith Earth Science (8th grade); Assistant Freshman Foot- ball, Assistant Microbe Wrestling, Flead Microbe Baseball; B.S., Auburn University Ms. Margaret Smith English I; B.A., Vander- bilt University, M.A., Middle Tennessee State University, M.R.E., Southwestern Theologi- cal Seminary Mrs. Alice Springer Spanish I, Spanish III-IV; B.A., Eckerd College, M.A.T., M.A., Vanderbilt University Mr. Damon Regen Algebra I, Geometry, Math IV; Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Baseball, Strength Coach; Fresh- man Class Sponsor; B.E., Vanderbilt University Mrs. Mary Louise Shell 8th grade English; Virgin- ia Intermont College, B.S., East Tennessee State University Mr. William Tate Speech; Forensics and Debate Sponsor; B.A., University of Alabama Dr. Nancye Thomas Chemistry, Chemistry (H), Chemistry (AP); Junior Class Sponsor, Big Red Club Sponsor; B.S., Lam- buth College; Ph.D., Van- derbilt University Mrs. Mildred Tilley Assistant Librarian; B.A., M.A., D.A.S.L., Emory University Dr. Porter Ward Biology, Biology (AP); Microbe Cross Country; B.S., M.S., Peabody Col- lege, Ph.D., Mississippi State University Mr. Thomas West, III French II, Spanish II (H); B.A., University of Mis- sissippi Mrs. Carol M. White Word Wealth, Reading; 7th grade homeroom; B.S., Eastern Kentucky University Mr. Stephen Williams American History, American History (AP), Government Economics; Varsity Wrestling, Fresh- man Football, Microbe Track; B.S., University of Tennessee Mr. James T. Womack Art History (AP), Art Stu- dio, CPR; Outing Club Sponsor; B.A., Davidson College, M.A., Virginia Commonwealth Universi- ty 28 Board of Trust Four times a year, the Board of Trust of Montgomery Bell Academy meets to review and discuss various aspects of the school. These men are responsible for advising various plans of action in the fields of campus renovation, fund raising, alumni relations and the general over-all well- being of life on the M.B.A. campus. The new Massey Building and athletic facilities are examples of what the work and dedication of the Board of Trust has been able to accomplish in just the past few years. This group of Nashville businessmen, lawyers, and doctors is an invalu- able asset to Montgomery Bell Academy. Row 1: William M. Wilson, Hon. Frank F. Drowata, III, John Sloan, Joe Davis, E. Bronson Ingram, Jack Massey, John E. Sloan, Jr., John Rochford; Row 2: Gordon E. Bondurant, Robert C. Brannon, Stirton Oman, Jr., Matt H. Dobson, IV, William P. Hoffman, Jr., Thomas L. Cummings, Jr., Dr. Roscoe R. Robinson, Dr. Thomas Frist, Jr., James E. Ward; Row 3: Morton B. Howell, Dewitt C Thompson, IV, William M. Hannon, W. Ridley Wills, II, Vernon Sharp, Albert P. Whitson, James C Bradford, Jr., Nelson C. Andrews. Not pictured James Morrissey. 29 Classes Senior Class Class Officers: (sitting) David Smith, Honor Council Clerk; Robert Black, Treasurer; (standing) Scott Thompson, Honor Council Secretary; Rob Alley, Honor Council Vice- President; David Chickey, Honor Council President; Mac Hardcastle, President; Buzz Frahn, Vice-President; Walter Smithwick, Secretary. 32 Senior Superlatives ’85 Most Intelligent Chris Zanone Wittiest Jeff Dukes Most Popular Mac Hardcastle Most Likely To Succeed David Chickey Most Athletic Steve Rollins Best Dressed Harry Paine Biggest Grub (Argues For Higher Grades) Scott Garfinkel Biggest Gold Brick John Tate Most Contemporary Rob Briley Friendliest Scott Thompson Most In Love Buzz Frahn Most In Love With Himself Robin Henderson Most School Spirit Steve Saperstein Biggest Social Lion Dawson Thombs Most Overlooked By Colleges Rob Alley Most Likely To Be Absent John Enkema Most Likely To Be A Farmer Stephen Young Most Popular — Mac Hardcastle Most School Spirit— Steve Saperstein 33 Honor Council 1,2, 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Totomoi 4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Editor Literary Magazine 4; Rob; Roberto; James 1:12; Eph 2:8,9; " It ' s been two great years. I love you Lyn”; Good Morning; U2; Clay! . . . ; GTO — the fastest car at MBA; " I’m still not convinced that there is a purpose for Calculus”; " Yes, the Gremlin is the new mascot; and no, he isn’t pink!”; " Tailgate party and illegal caravan to the game— meet in Vine Street”; " David, why in the world are we running around this track in these cute little shorts. ’’; " Dr. Lindsey, help! " . . . Rob Alley Ernest Roberts Alley, Jr. I 35 Hal Andrews William Harold Andrews Young Life; Big Red Club 1-4; 5th in state, 7th in region Nat. French contest 2; Mod. Hist, medal 3; National Merit Finalist; Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4; District Champ-Ind. 4; Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Hal; " Muppets Go To Pigale " ; " Livin on the edge”; " Heavens!”; Chattanooga 1983; Bowling Green 1984; " True meaning of MBA”; " Bill, what do you and Mary Lauren talk about. " ; " Just buying a Coke, officer ; I love that tree out by the fountain”; " Whaddya know?”; " Cool Buzz, tasty waves, we’re set " ; " Triple Double Secret Probation”; " If she ' s in the 9th grade, she must be Bainbridge’s girlfriend " ; " Nice haircut, Andy”; Fleshpile; " Mr. Compton, it’s John’s day off’; " Tracy " ; John Allen Tate Fan Club; Eagles live; 1 Vi Short is Beautiful Fan Club; " Go Vols”; 1 5 St. Joan Fan Club; " Football in the park”; Mindy the math student; SMU; " Michael Brooks is pure " ; " IG and UC”; " Robin, Superfly me one more time”; " Can I have him call you right back " ; " Do you have a slogan?”; " Doc, do you want to see Ruby Falls?”; " Hal, it’s a shame someone stole your Bolle’s " , Col 3:23, " Thanks Mom and Dad " Jimmy Armistead James Hunter Armistead, III FCA 2-4; Outing Club 2-4; Business Staff 4; Big Red Club 1-4; Varsity Cross Country 4; Varsity Track 3, 4; Scramlet co-champion; " Does your back hurt Mac? ; Vi 7th period Kite Team; Turbo Shoes; " I think I’ll have a cracker " ; " Do you need any help Pat?”; " I hope you ski better than you dock " ; Four- year old fit; Davis — " Where is your eyebrow? " ; " Good luck next year " ; " Let’s take a week off and go back to Florida”; " I can’t see a thing " ; Extra mustard and pickle; Theme party at Krystal; Bill— " You can’t play the guitar " ; One meatball and no spaghetti; " Five urn up " ; My space men got me the only pass- ing grades on themes; The General Public concert was awesome; Suicide hill— " I can’t feel my leg but it was worth it”; Deee-fense; Remote control stereos are very practical; Skipper; Vi Cannonball Run Cham- pion if there is one; Ruf Porsche Turbo; " Honda XR 250— what a motorcycle " ; She fed me dirt; Working at the car wash; Inspector cork; Art, " Why did Lin- coln free the slaves”; Vi pool shark; Vi Football Cham- pion of the world — undefeated record; Good luck Michael and Christy; Barbara — " Thanks for every- thing " ; Bobby — " You’re a true friend " ; Thanks mom and dad and I love you! 37 . 1 Bill Bainbridge William Gourley Bainbridge Golf 1, 2; Secretary 3; Treasurer and Secretary of Big Red Club; Service Club; Church Ball 2, 3, 4; 84 •85 League MVP; Science Fair 1, 2, 3; A-Team Special Merit Award; " Well, hello pilgrims”; l 8 Green Hornet; " Church Ball is my life”; " Yes, Guys, Haworth is my hero”; " Do you think they’ll retire our jerseys? " ; 1 19 Surfrider Spring Break ’85; " Dananananana Go Mocs Go Mocs”; " Put it on my tab ; The Strip; Neon Leon; ‘ s SB Older Women Club; " Rusty and Stephen, these tatoos better come off; The curse of the Velcro Wallet; ki Krystal Theme Night Club; " Bobby, I’ve never been this bad off— I’ll never finish " ; Let’s have a cookout— I worship my grill " ; ' A Nonathlon Competitor; 1 20 Right Field Rowdies; Cradlerobber; Babysitter; " Guys, gimme a break— she’s out of grammar school " ; " Sea Island is my home”; The Regal; l 8 Totaloss (Founding Father); " Robin, this phone call will change my life ”; Make a Lake Organization; " Hey, Mac, wanna go to the Classic Cat? ; l 8 Valentine s Day Massacre; Paul Bond— Malt Duck and the Berkely Hotel; Hey Hunt— Nooohh! Bainbridge; Fred; " Bobby, this basket will decide the future”; l lO Victorious Backyard Longhorns; " Where’s the beef?— Help, Rusty, help! " ; ‘A Coach of best sixth grade girls’ team ever; " Bobby, where’s my Looisss? " ; " Ya’ll can have my pits but the Patch stays!”; " Speaking of Alabama . . . ”; l lO McCabe Pub Crew; " What, Ada, You have a daughter?”; " Glenn, pass the angel food cake”; " Wow John " ; !4 SEC Cheerleader Fan Club; " Andy, she really did wave " ; l l Joe Rich Fan Club; ”0 Spider, We Love You ”; ... A perfect circle of acquaintances and friends ”; REM; . . . Frozen moments, surrounded by friends. Perfect moments you wish would never end . . .” — White Animals 38 Richard Baughman Richard Cassell Baughman J.V. Soccer 7, Varsity Soccer 2-4; Newspaper Staff 3; Annual Staff 3; Big Red Club 2-4; National Merit Commendee; Due in study hall 1-4; Defensive Driving School Grad; " They tell me Elvis Costello was great”; " Andy you’re ridiculous”; Riding the bus at the " Port Vue”; " Buddha is a big deal”; " Were you awake when Mike tagged that Scooby? " ; Talking it up; Kick back Coach Lanier ; Tikki Gardens; forced to " Tolerate it”; " Brentwood is not the Heart of Darkness, Wattle”; " Jai-Lai was the worst ever”; Riding with T. Outlaw up Cromwell hill; It s yellow, you pour it in a glass, and it gets white on top.” " Analyze this song in one sentence”; " Vi Buddha owners club”; " Tate, it’s only the green light” John Bauman John Deal Bauman Cum Laude Society; National Junior Honor Society; Nation- al Merit Commendee; Bell Ringer Staff 2-3; Copy Editor 4; Chorus 1-3; Freshman Football Manager 1; Godspell; Med- als: Latin I, III; English I, III; French I, II, III; Science Fair 3rd place, 8th; Vanderbilt Classical Society Medal; National French Contest 3rd— 1, 2nd— 2, 3rd— 3; " Who’s your . . . ”; Clinches and Platitudes for all Occasions; West Side Story ‘83; " Yes I’m leaving second period”; MHL; " Last time I went was fall of my junior year”; " It’s good to know some- thing”; " Terri, this is intense!”; " Okay, Melanie, the game is over " ; " David, tell your mother not to come to graduation " ; Apres tout, partir, c’est mourir un peu, hein? I Robert Samuel Black Robert Black President 9; Treasurer 11-12; Football 9; Basketball 9; V-Baseball 9 12; V-Football 10- 12; Co-Captain; Service Club 9-12; Vice-President Service Club; Hail to South Africa, Canada, and Dallas Tx— Spring Break; Jack— " Where’s the Somoan " ; Ken— " Get a hair cut ; Chip " How’s the wife? " ; Ken — " SAT’s aren’t a big deal " ; " I can still beat you in Risk ; Hey Robin, We’re not really lost, I just don’t know where we are” — " where are the white people? " — " I think this is a funeral home”; " What’s up Biggin " ; Tim, Robin, T.K. Hilton Head or California ’’We’re there”; " Copenhagen — satis- fies " ; Hey Chris— " What’s in Missouri?”; Harry— " Let’s got to Memphis”; Robin— Where’s it AT”; " Somebody shut Hooper up”; " What’s up Earl " 41 Arthur Bond Arthur Gernt Bond Night Court 83, S4, 85; Annual Copy Staff Edi- tor; Big Red Club; Lake 82. 83, 84. 85; Origin unknown; " Good morning gentleman”; " My fa- vorite color?— ORANGE”; l 6 Rachet Squad; •’Yes Bruce, I know she has seen your car, but has she seen you?”; " Only real men can fly fish!”; " How are they. Cal?”; " Remember, They’re ‘ bigger in the Bahamas”; Fishing WAmen? " Well . . . ”; Young, rich, but not always so free; " Hit it square fellows”; Two track tape; " Kill it first”; Procrastination is the next best thing to doing it; No more panties in the coat pocket; . If ! it doesn’t hurt (t ain’t helpen”; " The lights, go out the city”; Circuit Crew; My priorities!; 84-85 New Vears Thanks; Bps.tpn; " Shfimp-Net Syn-. drome”; " I gat-a. bunch of slimes for friends”; ONO it’s an island ' TaUg; Birds in the library”; ' " Angie— Are there nerds down there?”; " Tell me about it Reed”; " Cal— if you hadn’t oj i ed your A. mouth!”; " Basically!”; " 18 minus 3 eqt» ' alsl‘ .hot ' " 19 — she’s 14 Calvin” — " Yes, I’ll bet!”— Of ' cource you lost!”; " holding tank’ ; Fishing jjn the what? ” — " The toilet?-’; .Mom, 1 11 good”— ”Y,es, she’s a NICE girl!”; " What a great view Mom!”;”It’s gooxl for you! ' T ME?”; Your office— yo h d, ‘ known”; " What if they ' outl biliboards”; " I never fell asleep on the phone”; " But McCor- ' kle—I thought tbprpcei nticomes in handy”; " Auburn— I think I remember”; Raw Deal; " I’m a nerd and m proud of it”; " Laurie — I thought oIj were passed out ”; " Yes, that statement has many meanings!”; 11:00 — " Not on prom aren t you glad?”; 151; Bud; Party— Follow your nose!; , Thanks Mom and Dad; So much to do and so little time to do it; I’m sorry; N96227 TCHJCH " and GO. Paul Warner Bond JV Football 11; Varsity Football 11-12; Varsity Track 10-12; B-Team Hornets; 4th place in Region Speech Tournament — After Dinner Speaking; Tag Team Wrestling with Tonga Tate; Backyard Football- Undefeated; Roberts’ Room Monitor— 3rd Period; Writer’s Staff of Newspaper; Young Life; Young Life Ski Trip 10-12; 1 13 Jim-Bob Poston Fan Club; Haworth McCabe Pub; Campin’; Harley; Malt Duck; Pekin’ with Tang-Wa; Amaretto Sours; 1 20 Pro Wrestling; Jimmy ’’The Superfly” Snuka; One night at Lauderdale, Tequila: " Who needs a lem- on?,” ’’Here’s $25. Take him to Room 212 at the Surfrider.,” ’’Right room, Paul. Wrong hotel.”; Ken- tucky-Vandy Football: ”Hey, Bainbridge, put the sign in the back seat.,” ’’Watch out for that traffic cone.”; Springsteen Concert: Incredible; 1 5 Nag’s Head Trek: ’’The Century goes 130!,” ’’Let the wom- en come to us,” ’’I’m so embarassed.,” " Hardcastle, is that Tate or Wallace at the bottom of the stairs?”; Dawn ’’You’re the one who got her the rose!”; Italy and the tape, " Dogs in your nose again?!,” " Ause! Ause!”; Taping session until 4:00 am, Doola, ’’Burn rubber, Sentra!”; Lips; Nastar; Mr. Pruitt and Track: 400 meters; Vz Sonny’s Regulars, ’’Chactus . . . who is blind.,” Tex; John Denver and Rocky Mt. High, Sledding, Jumping the bridge, ”I can go out with you, John; It’s her night off.,” Long talks at Pekin’; Hamburgers with Bainbridge in the park., ’’Rusty, there is a man on the porch with a gun, pointing it at a policeman!”; Corrine; Snarls; Kid; Big Brother. Paul Bond Roger Boyers Roger Malone Boyers Varsity Golf 10-12 (lOth M.B.A. Tournament Golf Champi- on;) Big Red Club 10-12; U.M.Y.F. at church 10-12; Vice- president; Choir at church 12; Winter Track 10-11 " Chess 6th Period, Jay? Ready to be demoralized.”; % of 4th Period Study Hall Sleep; " Snowbusters; February 8, 1985”; Gov Econ Class 44 RoBert.Wtaver Briley f ' f Athletically absent 1-4; Anarchist l ?; 8th C ade SabbatitarClub;‘ V6 Mugged in Memphis Club; " Hey, Wade, let’s go to the N rows.”; 1 1 Tipp? a-Catioe Motel Eat Lip Qub; Black Flagjpan Club; Genejal Sarcasm Club; Spock lives; The Freak Mobile; the Lightning Bolt; ‘ rang it , j own”; ’- ' Nothing Matters " ; Steeplewaste ’Sl ps f " The Europedn countri arej ir ily in ' Eu- |, rope. " j Sprite bottles ancf ' onthos " don ' t mix " Stonefl rnle {ot er! " John TrOtwpod ' l lBiW Vefedni Fb ' Smtir $ID. 45 TrackJ ' l-Wjeshmari Footb Cross Country 2- V in- , er .Trlc)f .2-4; Oopy, Busies, LafduF.3| iff? 4: Trff.BElL RINGEB ; SpaghetM ppet op- K rr’Ff),il-12; Roberts’ I o Ioi itor, 4; Big Red •ChairiTfan of Pep RalTies, 4; T|e F on Do, 3 " JJjayAb; " Rdger, ch ss 6tbpe1iod,” Sepn, you are ' npf ak President of Pep Rallid»l " Nice c«l3fe, ' “ eriod Sl||fc)ICoWE r1 Cla s; Sn bus-- 5; The r eSrBrotfcrs; " Nt, fe’re , r 1 jny brother’.;;;.- No, we, don’t» ook , i r many sold. Jay ?”; my k A a m M , Cart ’ )gljndson.’‘; lan. : AT embattlei6 year veteran of 46 Tim Brothers Timothy Waller Brothers Service Club 3,4; Microbe Football 7-8; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2, 3; Big Red Club 1, 2, 4; FCA 1, 2; ' Timi- teo " ; Boys due in study hall 1-4; 14 chain gang; 14 " older woman” Club; Srping Break ’85; Summer School 7, 8, 9; Richmond, Va — " nice”; " Lets tube it Rusty”; Gatlinburg ’84; " Hunt, what’s going through your brain right now?”; " Hey Edward, thanks for the ride " ; " Hey Michael, let’s go to the New Year’s Eve blowout " ; 1 8 Chicken Club; " Robin, quit whining — only two more weeks”; " Hey Ken, are you work- ing out today? " ; 1 8 cold as ice club; " Harry, let’s go carp- ing”; 1 19 member Surfrider Resort; 14 1st period black belts; " sure Bob”; " Tie your hair back in a long white bow and meet me in the fields behind the dynamo. You hear their telling you not to go; They’ve made their choices but they’ll never know what it means to steal, to cheat, to lie, what it’s like to live and die, so prove it all night ... " 47 Jack Brown John Polk Brown, III Freshman football; Freshman Basketball; J.V. Soccer 1, 2; J.V. Football 2, J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3; The Bell Ringer Staff 2, 3; Annual Staff 3, 4; FCA 1-4; Big Red Club 1-4; President 4 " Hack”; " Hacksaw” " Brownman " ; " Power-feeding champion of the world " ; " Nude for food”; " Hey, Hunt " ; " Robin my man . . . What’s Happenan? " ; " Kinda like Thurman Munson”; " Hats off; " You buy it. I’ll eat it " , " Harry, OOOH— ’’; " C’mon C’mon baby now " ; " A metal glass " ; " Ain’t nobody feelin any pain except for Stroman’s shoulder.’’; " It’s still Tuesday . . . Isn’t it. . . ”; " Pass the lemon”; " Don’t worry, my dad will take care of it”; Vail bus quintet; Vs Football Flatop Club, President of Mr. Novak’s outing club " ; " Chuck’s mountain”; " Break your nose — have better luck”; " a surfrider”; " Rock Lobster”; " Dananananana, Go Mocks, Go Mocks " ; Vs neon wrists; 1 15 senior theme party; " Don’t lie Steve”; " Not at Moser’s”; " Cop O Pop E Nop Hop A Gop E Nop " ; " The Holy Samolian " ; " By the way Robin— Thanks for waiting in the hospital for me”; " Let’s Go Hoyas”; Senior Slide ’85; " It’s casual " ; 6 year veteran of the Hill; Vi Kamikazi Record Holder; l l8 Wild Bill’s 5th Period Non-listeners; 14 Nonathalon Competitor; " Watch The Nose”; " I didn’t know there was a Beach in Auburn " ; " It’s totally optional " ; " It’s all part of the bigger megaparty concept” Ed Caldwell Edward Barrick Caldwell Football 7-8; JV Soccer 1-2; Big Red Club 1-4; Bell Ringer 2; Eddie, Edmund; BIG ED; " No, Henderson — Paige will kill me — you know we’re in love”,, ' A 024 Ownership Club, Springfield Celebrity; 1 18 Wild Bill ' s 5th period frolickers, honorary founder of Totaloss, " John, where’s my license”, 1 6 Skip to ski; " Party at Payne’s”; " Ken, can I borrow a Cadi”; " Henderson, stonehinge has a hinge loose " ; A double suspension team; Professional ski bum; " Jeff, how was Ole Miss " ; " Daw- son, watch the glass”; Hulkamania is runnin’ rampant; " Ba-baa! " ; Twister, we ' re coming over " ; " Bobby, we need a ride-Bad! " ; " Gimme a bird— I wanna kill one!”; " What term paper? " ; " The sky is blue”; " My car is red " ; My Zodiac sign is Scorpio and the grass is green " ; ”14 Valentine’s Day Massacre”; " Life, love, In hot pursuit of Springfield " ; " Yea, Mom I learned my lesson — Twice!”; " Honest, I was hit?”; " 14 Member of Chain Gang " ; " Thank God we got the advisor " ; " John my hair is much longer " ; " You got in a fight with a bush and your driveway — you lost!” 49 Scott Carey Scott David Carey Newspaper 1-4; co-editor 4; Junior Achievement President; UMYF Sr. High Caucus Chairman; Varsi- ty Winter Track; Microbe Baseball; Forensics 2,3— State Champion; Vs of fifth period lunch bunch; " I don’t know " ; " Ditches can be dangerous " ; author of 101 Excuses to Get Out of Whatever You Don ' t Want to Do; France 1985; " Who needs Lauder- dale. " ; " Heavens! " ; " Hey Trivia”; " No, I don’t live in Hendersonville! " ; " Nobody but nobody lives in Hendersonville! " ; " Brent-Vegas " ; 1 78 of the white guys; " When’s the next newspaper coming out, Da- vid. ’’; " No Hal! Golf is not a real sport! " ; Pedidle; " They say I’m lazy, but it takes all my time.”; " L.A. " ; Vi Toadbusters; Vi Lunchbusters; " Church sports are real athletics " David Moore Chickey Honor Council 1,2, 3, 4; President 4; Totomoi 3,4; Cum Laude 3,4; The Bell Ringer 2,3,4; Editor in Chief 4; The Bell 3,4; Assistant Editor 4; Service Club 1,2,3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Varsity Track 1,2,3, 4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; J.V, Basketball 10; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; AP Biology Award; Latin II Award; " Roberts Room monitor? " ; " Uh, Scott — What are you doing fourth period? Do you mind . . . ?”; " Sickey Chickey " ; " Chickey Pox " or " Recurring Track Club Officer”; " Yes, Rob (and Bill), both dogs are dead, and I still don’t understand why it’s so funny.’’; " Big Mac Attack " ; " Sasafrass " ; " Walter, have you met Cathy?’’; " Where are Grey’s keys?’’; " Pete and Peggy — the perfect couple " ; " ... in three different states " ; " These are a Few of My Favorite Things ... ’’ because remember, great things come to those who wait. David Chickey 51 Xlaisen Rr TtAn-4; I.C. 1-4; Trave M y ; ColSH ki I ay DaX ' EIvisaii othing bDt’ahOTJid-4o ’; TWjre id ”; ’’Tommy wants tOT5ft imp. ' Gro ahead j unk, mSl|l your pinkAdillac!” I can ' t get no satis) David Coleman David Freeland Coleman Cross Country 2-3; Big Red Club 2-4; Due in study Hall Club 4: “Ben’s Bouncers " ; MECCA; " irritable " ; 4WD snow service; " Got any Willie " ; " shut up Wendell " ; " Ken, we are in BIG trouble " ; “.09, Whew”; " No Nick, we did not burn a hole in your seat. " ; “Nice stomach muscles, Ken. " ; “How ’bout them Toyota’s, Buzz”; “Hey Stuart, look at those gas tanks in Lee’s truck.’’; " Stuart, there are little pieces of ham all over the room. " 53 Alex Davis Alexander Brian Davis Service Club; Outing Club 2-4; Big Red Club 4; Explorers; National Merit Commendee; Varsity Track; Manager; Score Keeper at track meets; Foot- ball scoreboard operator; " the Liberal " ; " Alexi " ; Am I a Communist? Nah; a socialist? — Maybe; a liberal?— definitely!; " I won’t destroy your pencil, Johnathan " ; " No Tommy, I don’t have an exta pen!”; " Doug, you’re a facist " ; " I can’t believe you support Reagan " 54 Glenn Dukes Glenn Gustus Dukes, Jr. Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling 1,2,3; Business Staff; Layout Staff; Entertainment Staff; Big Red Club 4; Outing Club 1,2,3, 4; Art 1,2,3; 8th grade Class President (that’s got to count for something;) " Take 10 Vi- varin and call me in the morning”; Jack Brown — Nude for food; 1 20 Pat O’Brian’s " Have Fun Club”; " Sorry I thought you were looking " ; 1 40 Backyard real men’s football team; " Yeah sure we beat the Varsity Football Team’s best”; 1 20 MBA Pro-Wrestling Club; Henderson-Dukes— best tag team ever; 1 7 Florida Turnpike Moon Club; 14 Total Loss Iraternity; Billy B. says " Go Mocs Go Mocs " ; Sure Jack ate the whole thing; 1 6 Classic Cat Fan Club; " Please Soper — Take a close look at that girl”; 1 20 Surfrider Resort Hotel Fan Club; l lOOO of room 339; Did Dawson have fun in Alabama. ; Somebody tell Jeff what he did at Ole Miss!; What is Bainbridge going to do in college without 14 year old girls. ; Tracy — What a lucky girl; What A Happy Day; 14 Officer Cloud Fan Club; Speaking of Alabama , " but dad, I am not ready for college! How can I be in love with a girl that’s faster than I am! I love canoes and rangers. Yeah, I streak, so what. Truck drivers make better lovers. Jeff Dukes Jeffrey Todd Dukes The Bell Ringer 3, 4 (Business Editor); The Bell Business Staff 3, 4; Big Red Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Art 1, 2, 3; I.C. (Varsity) 1, 2, 3, 4; National Merit Comendee; " Safam " ; " Ozzy”; (?); 1 20 Pat O’Brien ' s " Have Fun " Club; " Where’s Oxford? " ; UNC Road Trip; " The Deck Loungers " ; " John, shrubbery can be deadly”; " I didn’t see the skier, Ed " ; " Let’s go to Mt. Juliet (and maybe the lake)’’; " Exactly how good was R.E.M., Bobby?’’; " Good Golly Be-Jesus! " ; Relax- ation elavated to an art; " Beware of the Cloud, Glen and Rusty " ; Vi Survivors of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre; Tur-bo (the Red light); Vi Vail Bus Club 56 John Enkema John Baxter Enkema Varsity Soccer 3, 4; J.V. Soccer 1, 2; 8th Grade Football; Big Red Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Microbe Tennis; Cheerleader 3; " Enk”; " Stink”; " Wildman " ; " Hey, Mr. Twister, Ssuurree, how are ye? " ; " Button Bouncers: there are nothing, all you need is warpaint, an earring, and 5 bandanas”; " ... and I knew it didn’t have anything to do with sleep " ; " Oh, about 12:30”; " I didn’t get beat up. It was just another wild night on the town " ; " Copenhagen”; l lOOO Room 339; 14 Pompano Earring Club; 14 Search and Rescue Paul Bond Club; " Go Mocs " ; " Bobby, get out of here, 25 shots is no excuse " ; " Soper, I may have been in the competition, but you took the worst ever " ; " Blame it all on Rusty”; " Bainbridge from 15 to 25, Wow! " ; 1 6 Nude for Food Booster Club; " Save the Coaltrain Club " ; " Mommy’s alright. Daddy’s alright, they just seem weird " ; " I’m Stephen Young and live in Carthage without a phone or address, well, maybe I’m not " ; " Chris, you’re going to have a hard time finding 15 year old girls in college”; " How are ye, Jeff, Ozzy, Safam, The Duke”; " Awesome, Dawson, who’s that? " ; " Founder of ’Can’t Go To School 5 Days A Week Club’”; l lO Probation Club; 1 5 Ship for Ski Athletics; " Oh, Spider, we love you”; " Springfield”; " The lake”; " I swear, all we’re doing is watching T.V. " ; " Mary — you’re my obsession " ; " Hey, Eddie, can you catch us a ride?” Buzz Frahn Harry J. Frahn, IV Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman track; J.V. Football 2; J.V track 2; Varsity Football 2-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Service Club 2-4; Bell Ringer staff 3; Sophomore Class President; Junior Class President; Senior Class Vice-President; Cum Laude; National Merit Finalist; Totomoi; Vi Cash’s crew; 14 New Orleans Midnight Express; " Hey Burt, can you top this. ”; MBA 7— Ryan O; " By the way Buzz, who is your date?”; 1 5 Beaver Creek-Vail Road Crew; 1 5 Vail Village Quintet — " ain’t nobody feeling no pain except for Stroman and his shoulder.’’; " Champagne in shot glasses?’’; Greenville, Miss.; 1 5 Dead Head Club; Pompano appreciation club; 14 Paul Bond search and rescue team; " You did 25 of what Bobby?’’; " Hey Buzz, can you make a daquiri?’’; " Fun in Ft. Lauderdale?!?’’; ' A Nude for food booster club; " Got any Vivarin, Glenn?’’; " Soper has no width f)erception’’; " It is not a cute little red thing; nor is it a rice wagon. It is my truck.’’; Scottie 1,2,3, 4. 59 Mountain Springer Ck voHon 3820 Southern tofmimit of llw Appalochion TioB. A moonloln Kx tpath oxfoiKlinQ 2000 miloi to Mt. Katohdkt in Moino. Bruce Francis Bruce Walter Francis Football 1,2; Weights and Agilities 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Cheerleading 4; Cross Country 3; Winter Track 3; Outing Club 2,3,4; Big Red Club 1,2,3; CPR; Soup Kitchen; Cambodians; " Maryland way is the only way " ; Rotier’s after school special; Terrorizing of Rhodes Campus; Pegram, TN; O’Charley’s nightwatchman; " This license is expired " ; Ft. Lauder- dale; Daytona: The Reefer — " SURF NAKED " ; Vail: Dreamland Hotel, Denver P.D.; Red Lion Lounge Mardi Gras; " Wow, look at that sky " ; " The only death men die is not living each day to the fullest " ; " WISDOM comes from SUFFERING " ' T.v Bobby Frist Robert A. Frist, Jr. Tae Kwon Do 1-4. next promotion Black Belt; 1st place sparring SHINS USA OPEN KARATE TOURNAMENT 84; 1st place sparring US OPEN NATION- AL CHAMPIONSHIP 83; HORNET Basketball 1,3,4; J.V. B. Ball 2; Varsity Cross Country 3; 1st place science fair 3, 2nd place science fair 2; TOO MANY CLUBS TO MENTION; like. Dr. Crowell Mr. Drake Fan Club, etc.; Original 12:00 Krystal Theme Party; Chief Binkley raid and evade club — " Scrambled eggs and undercover cops don’t mix.”; " The children of the sun arise on theme night. " ; " Once I get a topic, I consider myself finished, and if that happens before midnight I throw a party. " ; " If I don’t get into college. I’ll take a year off and get a motorcycle.’’; " I’m proud to be a Green Hornet!’’; Bill — " So what if my prom date is from New Orleans.”; " I wasn’t really sick, I was emotionally drained. " ; Pat — " When you go to college, try to speak.”; Michael — " Make me a cotton shirt.”; Jimmy— " There really ought to be a penalty for playing with your eyes closed.’’; Andy — " Time drags when you’re with me. " ; Haworth — " If you don’t draw IRON you’re running.”; " Today, I want to play some vintage Hornet ball.”; Officer— " Can’t you and the lady find somewhere else to park”; " Thank you. Dr. and Mrs. Thackery.’’; Springsteen campout; Center Hill — the lake; The Nashville — New Orleans — Panama City Connection; Vi Callaway Gardens canoe raiders; Hornets; Vi A-team effort; Shoot for the future; Vi Boul. snow riders; " melt with you, " ; " She’s the one, " ; " This girl of mine!’’; Super Summer; Wasted Winter; Armistead Frist Inc.; Thanks for the memories! 61 Scott Garfinkel Scott Z. Garfinkel Varsity Cross Country 1,2; Freshman Track, Varsity Wrestling 1,2,3, 4; Captain 3,4; State Champ (105 and 119 lbs. classes, 4th 126 lbs. class;) Varsity Golf 2; The Bell Sports Editor 4; Cum Laude; Totomoi; Vi Cash’s Crew; W New Orleans Midnight Express; " Wrap it up. All! It ' s just another injury!”; " Did we wake you up. Coach Kentucky girls aren’t too loud!”; " Booooo! " ; " That’s Jimmy Lynch!’’; " Stuart, Trucks aren’t for down-hill skiing! " ; " Of course the Surfrider is a resort hotel!’’; ‘ 6 Cold As Ice Club; " Just a bit chubby, Paul! " ; " You’re from Canada, eh. !’’; " It’ll be easier " ; " Sure Ken, you cheated on Trisi!’’; " Sure, we missed St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans, Paul!’’; " Themes are tough. Night before ’94!” ■ Fred Joseph Goldner Fredjoseph Goldner Soccer; Chemistry Medal; Spanish Medal; Outing Club 3; Big Red Club 4; FJ.; Zonka; The Terminator; Josh; FJ.G. Coffee; I have two words for you, and they aren’t Merry Christmas; I’m giving you to the count of 1; Koshar; I have to use the restroom; No, my hair is naturally red; Driving with your eyes closed; Another wreck Goldner?; 0-60 in over 30 seconds; Periods 1-7 MBA Sleep Team; Are you chewing gum Goldner?; Bay Harbor Inn Screwed to the Wall Club; Gum?, Naw its paper; Don’t look at me in that tone of voice. Sam Graber Samuel Gordon Graber Outing Club 3; Varsity I.C. 1-4; Varsity " non-entity” Winter Track 2-4; Ancient— Medieval History Medal 2; National Merit Finalist; W No— names 1984; 1 6 The Club; " It ' s cheaper than water " — leading to Mack ' s Country Cooking; Blues Power; B. Dylan; Jesus Caves!; " This cave looks like Love Canal " ; " I like plaid on plaid " ; ' Just call me Emmanuel " ; " Bill is a man of many vices " ; " We are going to die! " Mac Hardcastle MacDonald Keltner Hardcastle Student Body President; Cheerleader 2-4; Captain 4; Service Club 2-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Chorus 1-4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Winter Track; Ten- nis; Student Council 2-4; " Bye Bye Birdie " ; " A Mur- der is Announced " ; " Bells Are Ringing " ; " Never Alone " " Party till you puke " ; " You are so beautiful to me " ; " You crazy knuckle-head, I love you baby, now get out-a-here! " ; " You are a sexual dynamo! " ; " Who is that blabbering idiot you’re carrying, Mac! " ; " No more ' Duck ' hunting for you!”; " The only one to be presented at a Sorority Presentation without a date and without being invited; " No Tom Hsueh, I will not buy you another ' Playboy ' ”; Surfrider ' 85; " Sorry, Spider " " No, Mary Poppins is not the anti- Christ!” Kyle Shea Hardin Kyle Hardin Debate 1-4; Member DTFL (Debate Team Football League) 1-4; T.A. McKinney worshiper 4; Cullman Calhoun indigestion club 3-4; IC- " men” 1-4; Tate surfing team 3-4; " Hey Madison— when I say sixty . . . " Rodent”; " Cilot " ; " ' But Dr. Thomas, I don’t understand! ' ' Just write it down.; Unleash the abuse!’’; " Fishy, Fishy, Fishy, FISH!’’; " gyuck”; " Ya’ll can laugh all night! " Stuart Harmer Peter Stuart Richard Harmer, Jr. Big Red Club 1-4; Track 1-2; Wrestling 1-3; Cross Country 1-2; Annual Staff 4, Outing Club 1-3; " Just call me Scott or Steve”; ”5 more days Dawson " ; " Boys Due in Study Hall Club 1-4; Senior Slide 1-4; 4WD Snow Service; " Kevin Rowan? " ; Ahh, just hand me an- other " 6 pack of courage”; " Hey John, got any Willie?”; Call Scott and see if he is fired up yet " ; " My truck is not stuck, it’s just broken down”; " Sorry I can’t, I’ve got to pick up Alice " ; Michelob Lite and Black Max; Vt Freshman Football Chauffeur; Coleman Silver Bullet Team; " Bert, It’s only 2 wheel drive”; " Scott, what about the home- work for today”; VU Bound; " Do you mind if Dulla comes? " Thanks Mom and Dad. 67 Rob Harwell Freshman Football; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Weights Agiles 1,2, 3, 4; Green Hornet Basketball 3,4; 14 Green Hornets; 14 Tuesday Night Chicken Club; 1 5 Right Field Rowdies; 1 5 7th Period Restroom Crew; ki Balloon Ride For Fun; 1 5 Frog Demolition Team; " Cornersville or Bust ; Robin, you all right”; " Stuart, have you run intojim C. lately? " ; " Just do what he means, not what he says " ; " Morgan, sing me a song about butter ; I survived the Green Hornet Fest” Robert Ewing Harwell, III 68 Robin Henderson Robin Lyles Henderson Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball; Freshman Secretary; Newspaper 2,3,4; Annual 3,4; Varsity Football 2,3,4; All-District; Second Team; All-City; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Service Club 4; Big Red Club 1,2,3,4; Outing Club 1,2,3, 4; FCA 1,2,3, 4; 14 Swim Team; Senoir; " Hollywood”; " Hawk " ; " Hindu " ; " Rafeal Ramirez calling Harry " ; " Hot Dog”; 1 20 Senior Theme Party; " Sorry, Fm not going to college”; " What did I do, Coach? " ; Vi The Best Tag-Team Combination at MBA; " Harry, I think I’m going to be sick. Pull over " ; " Tim, are you losing weight? " ; " Bob, I think we’re lost, and there is a policeman behind us ”; ”Ken, it s not worth it ; Ed, let s go to the lake, leave me on the dock”; " Stroman, I’m coming over to study " ; " Bruce, get up you panty waste " ; " Jack, you eat fast and burp a lot”; " I love Kelly, really I do " ; " Jeff, are we still going to take the Achievements? " ; " Robert, don’t end a sentence with ’at’ ’’; " What do you mean, I don’t go to church? I attend St. Matthew’s every Sunday morning”; " Rusty, please stop spitting on Ed”; 1 79 We Miss Billy; l 5 Neon Wrist Club; " John, you were talking to my mother " ; " Bill, Don’t make this call " ; Vi take advantage of Bobby Reeves Club; l 6 Classic Cat Club 69 Rob Hendrick James Robert Hendrick, III Riflery 7-8, 1-4; Rifle Team, co-captain-4; JV Varsity Football-2; Frosh Football; Microbe Foot- ball 7-8; Varsity Football Manager 3 ' 4; Head Football Manager 4; National Merit Semifinalist; Who’s who in American High Schools; Big Red Club— 4; Red Cross Youth Volunteer; Annual Staff— 4; Literary Magazine Copy Editor— 4; Heart Association Volunteer; Explorers— 4; Vi Univ. of Miami ’84 road trip; “Graven Image”; " Night Angel’’; “L and H sound " ; Music Man; " Bert, follow that radar!’’; l l of Myrtle Beach " sun-in " Team; " Hi Rob!’’; " Her name is Sam, and It’s short for Samantha!’’; " Hey Wood! Let’s go to your house! " " Hey Rob! Let’s play ' Legos’ " ; " This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home ...” Rusty Hippe Russell Henry Hippe, III Bell Ringer Staff 3,4; Business Staff 3,4; Big Red Club 3,4; FCA 1,2; J.V. Soccer 2; Art 3; Cambodians 4; Coaltrain, Daddy, Moonda; " What do you want from me?”; " Hey Tim, Let’s tube in it”; " Hey Brainbridge, Where’s the beef?”; " But . . . But . . . Officer Cloud”; " Well John, I guess I just fell asleep”; lA Paul Bond Search and Rescue Team; Vi Officer Vaugh Fan Club; " Crook, Lauderdale was absolutely fabulous.”; Vi Fun Bunch; ’’Scott, Get something for that itch.”; " Awesome Dawson? Who’s that”; l lOO Surfrider Resort Room 339; " Hey Jack, Clothes are totally optional.”; Recipient of the Coaltrain Fund; 1 5 Neon Wrists; Chain Gang 71 Kjelljahn Kjell Wilfried lahn Photography Staff; Varsity Wrestling; FCA; Weights; " Yes, We have McDonalds in Germany”; " Yes, school over here is harder, because everyone speaks English " ; " No I don’t play soccer, and I don’t like it either " 72 V Doug Johnson Douglas Scott Johnson Debate 9‘12; Outing Club 9; Big Red Club 12; Smiles; Doug- las J.; DJ.; " He works hard . . . but he has to”; the pud mobile; " Pedal faster " ; Flintstones; " If you go you go, if you don’t you stay " ; " We’re not here to talk! " ; YANG!; Gyuck! " ; . . . But that doesn’t matter " Ken Larish Kenneth Mainland Larish Wrestling 1-4; Cross-country 1-3; Weights and agiles 1-4; Big Red Club 4; J.V. Soccer 1; My brown-eyed girl; George; The Advisor; Roxanne— " Nice driving Dave— .09!”; " I wrecked Cenry’s Har! I can’t come home, Mom " ; " I’m at Robins! " ; " That’s nice!”; " Thanks gunner " ; ' 4th 4:00 A.M. Platform diving team; ' A Silver Bullet Breakfast Club; " That’s the beauty of it!”; " No Michael, I didn’t get into a fight this weekend.’’; " We’re easily excited”; " Robert, what did you get on SAT’s?”; " Hey Scott, want some firewood. ’’; " Good golly-be Jesus!”; Ropeswinger; 2-4 Probate Williamson, Davidson; Tito Jackson; l l4 Gov. Ec. sweathog 74 Stephen Jones Stephen Michael Jones Varsity Soccer 9 12; Big Red Club 11, 12; Soccer Trip 10-12; 3rd Place MBA Science Fair 83, Hon. Mention Science Fair 84; Senior Slide ’85. Spelunker, cliff jumper, Hendersonville Carpool 9 12 " How do you know she’s a witch " . . . Squotty " . . . " Where’s Da 75 Allen Lindsey Kenneth Allen Lindsey Varsity football and basketball trainer 1-4; J.V. basketball trainer 2,3; J.V. football trainer 2,3; Big Red Club 4; Outing Club 2,4; " Big Al”; " Bert”; " Albert;” " Who needs a 4x4”; Honest Todd, it ' s not my fault we’re stuck”; " Hey Stuart, let’s go four-wheelin’; " What reputation Sop er? " ; " Nude for food " ; " No (kidding) Dave! " ; " Why can’t we use white man’s numbers " ; " What’s wrong with Wendy’s”; 1,2,3, 4 Spring season off; " Take two aspirin and call me in the morning”; " The Brothers”; " I never take off my sunglasses”; ” ... no dust gathers on the grass, unless where man has broken ground” Who needs a 4WD! Clay Lutz Clarence Eric Lutz J.V. Manager 2; Varsity Manager 4; Merit Commended Student; Big Red Club 4; Explorers 2; Chorus 3-4; Golf 1; Coach Elliot’s I.C. 2-3 " Hi Rob! " ; " BYAAZOOI”; " Manana! " ; " But Al, you’re fat!!”; 1 6 French Commandos; ’Quaaludes’; ' Ludes ' ; ' Tax’; 1 6 Ran-dy Cheeze Fan Club; " Penguins " ; " Graven Image " ; Vi Limerick Club; 1 5 12 O’clock Lunch Club; 1 yr. More To Come; l l6 Pruitt’s Chem-Phys Cop Out Squad 2; 1 6 Planter’s Punch Club: Carie Tenzel is my life; I live for strange noises. Brad Mangrum Brady Thomas Mangrum Peace through greater fire power Microbe Football 7th, 8th; Freshman Football, Var- sity Football 2-4; Microbe Track 8th; Freshman Track; Rifle Team 7th, 8th 1-4, captain 4; Chorus 2-4; Outing club 1-4; Photography, FCA 2-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Varsity Track 2-4, captain 4; " Mangier " ; " Mangie " ; " Mauler " ; " Jaws " ; " Yosh Detliff’; Man- gier Cheese; 1 5 Rudds Rangers MBA Contingent; 1 2 Dirty Limerick Fan Club; 1 7 Carpenter Demoli- tions Squad; " Robin ' s hurt! What’ll Cindy do?! " ; " Football, Mud, and Sweating in August is my life! " ; " Temp! Get off my foot " ; " Harvard, I’m going to Keeeel you! " ; " My car has character. " ; President of the Bobby Morel Fan Club; KILL!; 3rd period T.W. fan club; Trained in the martial arts; member Right Field rowdies 78 Jeff McClaren Jeffery Lee McClaren Outing Club 2,3,4; Big Red Club 3,4; Bell Ringer Staff 3,4; Cross Country 2,3; Track 2,3,4; Winter Track " C” team 2,3,4; " I told you that I wouldn’t get in,”; " I’m getting desperate.”; ’’Heavens!” ”10:15— no deposit, no return” ’’Come on— she’s got a mouth”; France 1985; PC 1984; " Trey, can you get me one more date for prom. ”; ”gin and UNO”; ' A Duke shotgun crew; ”We will never see those people again.”; ”Uh . . . no.”; 1 5 Night Flight Team (1:00 AM Practice); “when the van’s a rockin’”; ’’living on the edge.”; ” Truck”; " When you’re cool, the sun shines all the time.” 79 David Muddiman Alonzo David Muddiman, III Collegiate— Honor Council 1. 2; Student Council 2, 3; Treasurer of Sophomore Class; Elected Secretary of Junior class; Varsity Track 2, 3; Varsity Soccer 4; J.V. Football 1, 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; J.V. Basket- ball; " Where are you from”; " 4.5 Speed”; " Nice driv- ing, Dave " ; " Liver disease”; " Hey Larry, that hurt!”; " Gee thanks, Dawson”; " Mudge " ; " 4 Dunkball Team”; " I don ' t want to run the 400, Sir”; " Dave meets Scarlett, 4 months later . . . " He’ll be okay in the trunk " ; " Nice going Frank, only 15 minutes " ; " So Mudge, when are you two going to get married ”; " Muddiman, where is Tate " ; " A little boy at Christ- mas time with scabby knees ; God, that water is cold " ; " Hey, where did everyone go? They left. " ; Robin, did you do the math homework.?”; " 1 22 Mezzer Herring Fan Club”; " Looovelyyy Sir " Tommy Outlaw Larence Thomas Outlaw Trey Owen William Tracy Owen Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Track; Varsity Cross Country 2 4; Varsity Track 2 4; BELL RINGER Staff 1-4; Headmaster’s List; Merit Semifina- list; Big Red Club 1-4; FCA 4; NYN 2,3; 1st Place Science Fair 1; 3rd Place Science Fair 3; Panama!!!; Can I have some elephant glue and some spot remover, please? " ; " NO parking, baby. " ; " picker upper " ; Vs Kazoo Crew; Mad Dog; 1 12 Snow Toilet Planning Committee; " Frank, put some pants on! " ; " What Hubcaps! " ; " We will never see these people again. " ; Destin Migration; " Womp, womp. " ; " Lisa’s my life!’’; " Re- decorating again, Sap? " ; " What did you order at McDonald’s, Rollins? " ; % Opp stop; " Big Un " ; " Nice bumper, Greg " ; " No, I don’t still drive that awesome station wagon! " ; " She has a mouth”; " Nice jewelry, Steve. " ; " No. Frank, don’t throw the elephant over the balcony!! " ; Vs Night Kite Flying Crew; ’’$1.75 outwhite, please " ; " Yes, Jeff, I can get you a date to this year’s prom too. " ; " Are we having fun yet? " 82 Harry Robert Payne Big Red Club 1-4; Varsity Cheerleading 4; FCA 1-4; Cambodians 4; Annual Staff 3-4 (Business Editor); Newspaper 3 4; Cross Country 1-2; Track 2; Weights and Agilities 1-4; Winter Soccer 2; JV Golf 2; Soup Kitchen 3-4; " Robin I’m really sick " , " Don’t worry about it Mike, it was only a rock wall " ; " I really need to get some food in my stomach, Mr. Admissions director ; It s dubi- ous”; " Hey Twister " ; " You should really wear clothes downtown at 3:00 in the morning, Mike " ; " You did what where, Bruce. , " Now Marilyn " ; " What does Har-Har mean.? " ; " Boy, the kitchen sink sure is comfortable”; " Kelly, I didn t mean to be 12 hrs. late for our date— I’m sorry”; " Glenn, spaghetti isn t supposed to be hard after its cooked " ; " But Officer ...’’; " But dad, your Conti- nental is somewhere in Ft. Lauderdale, I just don t know where ; " pancrea what? " ; chicken club; " Maryland way " ; " Darly’s stoplight " ; " What’s on my back window, Robin? " ; " Yes, they Harry Payne 83 Harry Peffen Harry William Peffen, III Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; JV Football 2;JV Basketball 2; Varsity Football 3,4 capt. 4; 1st team All-Metro 4; Varsity Baseball 1-4; Sophomore Class President; Service Club 2, 3 Pres. 4; Big Red Club 3, 4; Chem-Phys Medal 2; Algebra II Medal 3; Tuesday Night Chicken Club 2-4; " Hey man, what’s up.? " ; " Hey Chit”; Hilton Head; Vs Vail Bus Quintet; Spring Break in Clearwater— The Canadians; " Let’s go to Memphis”; " President of the Oofs”; " I’m going to Auburn " ; " What’d you get.? " ; 6th period football 4; Boogers; Hunt, not at the table " ; kj Auburn trip after exams; 14 Senior Swim Team— " My britches are cold”; " Frank, I’m carrying you through Physics " ; 1 20 Final Theme Party; " We beat Ryan " ; " Robert, were in a slump. " ; " Hey Henderson, Let’s dump surf punk " ; " Jack, I think we set the record " ; " Hey Tim, let’s go fishing”; " Bainbridge, We’re coaching 6th grade girls.? " " Hey Steve, Bahoop " ; " I can’t believe we hit Chief Binkley " ; " Oh Good Golly " 85 Patrick Wilson Rau Cross-country 1-4; Track 2,3; Big Red Club 3,4; medals: Spanish I, II (H),III (H), English II (H), National Merit Finalist, Cum Laude, Jr. National Honor Society; 1 20 Weenie Bowl Champions, ' That’s not MBA ... is it. " ; " No malicious intent sir . . . really”; " An explosion and all this water”; Make a lake; Babs; Hacky Sack; " Are you rah rah . . . " ; Ft. Lauderdale ' 85; Oceanside Inn, Ski Time, Comfortably numb; " Where’s Billy.? " ; Krystal Crew theme night; Wishbone on I- 75 Fake left, go right!’’; " It’s totally characteristic of his mental aptitude. " 86 Bobby Reeves Robert Laws Reeves, Jr. Varsity IC 2,3,4; JV Soccer 2; Big Red Club 3,4; Outing Club 3,4; Church Basketball 1,2,3,4; 1 8 Toto- Loss Fraternity; 1 20 Pat O’Brien ' s " Have Fun " Club; " This is number 25 " ; " Those are my shorts at the bottom of the lake " ; REM— What a great concert?; " It ' s a Friday night, lets go to Rivetgate " ; " Dawson, 1 need a Napkin ”; 1 19 Surf Rider Resort Club; 1 3 Centennial Lake Ice Fishing Club; Reeves; " Glenn; the surfs up, lets hit Richland Creek " ; 1 3 Fun Bunch; Spider where are you; Bill definitely brakes for animals, (Sophomore Wreck); I O Nude for Food Fan Club 87 Paul Richards Now, I am not saying that worship is wrong, But worship is more than just singing a song. It s all that you say, and everything that you do- lt s letting His Spirit live through you. Thanks " Thanks mom and dad " Paul Alexander Richards " Richards " ; " Rich”; " Pablo " ; Freshman Track; Freshman BasketballJV Basketball 2; Varsity Bas- ketball 3,4 ; Varsity Basketball training 2-4; Varsity Spring W A 2, 3; Big Red Club 1-4; Chorus 2-4; Library Assistant 2-4; 4th Period Robert ' s Room al- ternate 4; 1 32 six year veterans; " Wbat ' s up? " ; " Yes, I play basketball, and yes, 1 can dunk it " ; " So what if she ' s only 410 " and Fm 6 ' 6 " ? " ; " At least t chose to have short hair Dr. Crowell, " " Don ' t walk in front of me, I might not follow; Don ' t walk behind me, I CMLIRCM MOUNTAIN TOP I love to sing and I love to pray Worship the Lord most everyday. I go to the temple, and I want to stay To hide from the hustle of the world and its ways. bridge: And I’d love to live on a mountain top, Fellowshipping with the Lord, I d love to stand to feel my spirit soar. But I ' ve got to come down from the mountain top To people in the valley below, Or they’ll never know that they can go To the mountain of the Lord. Now. praising the Father is a good thing to do— Worship the Trinity in spirit and truth. But if we worshipped all the time Fhere would be no one to lead the blind. John Robbins John Finley Robbins Freshman Football; J.V. Soccer 9; Varsity? Cross Country3; Varsity (I miss it already, I MUST be sick) Wrestling 2-4; Service Club 4; Big Red Club 1-4; Annual Staff 3’4 " At least I ain ' t no damn Yank, Chris! " ; " Hey, David, Let’s go hunting!”; Member of BFL (Backyard Football League); Vi " Ben ' s Bouncers " ; " Hey, Dave, look at that 344-supercharged-cam-turbo-Cleveland engine " ; " You already owe me $20 . . . ”; " My dogs would eat yours alive! " ; Springsteen; UNC (I hope); " Chris, Vandy would have gone to the Sugar Bowl if they had won their last seven games " ; " Hey Doc, been squirted in the eye with water lately? " ; " Let’s go to Chattanooga, Stuart!”; " Stuart and David, let’s go ride in Lee’s limited-edition monopolized 180 octane natural gas car with the cool license plate " ; " Just one more picture Dave”; Hey Tate, want to tell me a secret?”; Paul, are you comfortable back there?”; " Hey Scott, y’all weren’t too loud”; " Lightweight Marney, where did that ham come from? " ; " Come on David it’s just two in the morning " ; " The Love Boat— Chrysler style”; " What’s up Tyyyyler?”; " Paul, she’s not even in ninth grade”; " Stuart I think he’s got a baseball bat " ; " Coach I don’t know where that noise is coming from”; " What are those people in Zayre looking at?”; " You shouldn’t have stopped on the side of the interstate, Stuart”; " Why don’t you just tell me who it is, Chris? " ; " You’re making me very angry!”; " Made a tight turn over that railroad track, didn’t you Frank? " ; " I love the Williamston, North Carolina, Police Depart- ment " 89 Steve Rollins Steven Courtney Rollins Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Track; Varsity Football 2-4; Varsity Wrestling 2-4; Co-Captain; State Champion; Varsity Track 2-4; Big Red Club 1-4; All-American Everything; l l Florida With Your Family Club; " Fley Beverly, am I your babe?’ ; " Yes, I can sleep in class and still do better than you " ; l l2 I Hate Hair Spray Club; " You mean they don’t have tacos at McDonald’s?; " " Yea, that’s her, the one with Jeff’; Rollins 934— Belushi Broth- ers 0; I really like her, maybe Fll call her next month ; 11:30??? " ; " Wow! This is weird; Fve never felt like this before " ; " 24, 16, what’s the difference? " ; " Come on guys, that’s private " ; Member of the Sub- Zero Marathon Club; " I love Molly!!! " 90 Steve Saperstein Steven Blair Saperstein Varsity Wrestling 2-4; Freshman Wrestling; Varsity Track 2-3; Freshman Track; Cross Country 2-3; Freshman Football; Cheerleader 4; Big Red Club, Vice-president; Chess Club Sect. Treas.; Outing Club (no outings); AZA 1-4, editor of paper; Treasurer, AIT Dad; NCSY 1-4, President; " Mrs. Lowry, I meant to be here on time! " ; " Don’t worry Coach, I’ll have those seven pounds off tomorrow.’’; " Need this room, Jeff. ’’; " The bathroom was a setup.’’; " But Coach Pruitt, I’m a speedster.’’; Only member of Cross Country D-Team; " Bill, how’d you get in the elevator. " ; " The dance is tomorrow.? I’ll get a date.’’; " She said maybe.’’; " Trey, I’ll have a little more wine. " ; Vs Regency Busters; " Party in room 10151 " ; " You can’t kick up out— we didn’t do anything! " ; " Mangrum, you’re awesome! " ; " Gus lives! " TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY Nashville THE UNIVERSITY OF Thomas Risdon Scales, Jr. Varsity Cross Country 3,4; Varsity Track 2-4; Varsity Wrestling 2,3; Outing Club 2,3; Big Red Club 4; FCA 4; Colorada Ski Trip; Gorilla Psychology 101; Evolu- tion 311; " Have you ever seen a gorilla water ski.?”; Passion over Reason Club 1-4; " Which way to the lake.? " ; " Rob, who makes blue bricks.? " ; " Kort wants to be a proctologist " ; " Let me see you Friday— dance " ; Hey it’s Rob " Let me see you boog-a-loo” Alley; " Pam is going in the army.? " ; " Charlie don’t surf’; " I love the smell of napalm in the morning”; ’Who ever heard of a pink gorilla.? " Tommy Scales 92 Chris Schaefer Christopher Helmut Stig Schaefer FCA; Photography Staff; Baseball Manager; Soup Kitchen; Win- ter Soccer; Fall Golf; 1st period Roberts’ Room; First and last member of German Club; Spring Break Florida Trip; " Yes, I’m the German”; " Is there a party this weekend? " ; " Mr. Williams, why?”; " I don’t understand”; " No, I am not from East-Ger- many”; " Where have you been? " — " I’ve been in pain” Chris Smith Christopher Joseph Smith Freshman Football 9; Cross Country 10,11; Freshman Wrestling 9; Varsity Wrestling 10.11,12; Varsity Baseball 10,11,12; Big Red Club 9,12; FCA 9,12; Service Club 12; Chris, Christopher, Fathead, Waddles, Oliver, Mizzou Tigers; " Huh, Wow”; " John- Gonna git the dawgs and go huntin?— Go Yankees " ; Russel— " Maybe next year " ; Takis— " Anytime, Anywhere " ; Hooper— " Hello! Did you bwush yo’ teeph? " ; Jay— " Go Cowboys”; Ken— " Forget it. Let’s just take mine”; Paul— " You have none”; Sheik Ball ’85; Clearwater Bench Club. " Can I get a ride— the Saab’s in the shop. " ; Tri- City Springsteen Fan Club; Peter— " Please go back home " ; Thuga— " Buts-x, Katy’s not mad " ; Nick— " You’re real ugly " ; George, may he rest in peace; " Date-a-Fresh- man Club founder; " No guys, Sid’s really a nice dog, he just has an ear fetish”; Kappa Luau— " What a party. Those Brentwood cops are sure cool dudes”; Soper— You’re 12 up on me and that’s the final count " ; " Hey guys, she looked at me! She wants me! " ; " Those Waggoner cheerleaders sure are loud, aren’t they coach " ; " Too bad Chief Binkley, life’s a rock” David Smith David Welsh Smith Honor Council 3-4, Treasurer 4; FCA 1 4, Vice President 4; Service Club 3-4; SADD 3-4; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Baseball 4; Bell Ringer Staff 3-4; Bell Staff 3-4; Freshman Football 1; Freshman Basketball 1; Freshman Track 1; Class President 8; Big Red Club 1-4; 3rd Team Alternate Junior Varsity Debate 0; Smoath; Sma-e-oth; Smitty; Davidlou; Bif; l lO 5th Period Sled Team; l 8 Doc s 7th Period Buffons; 1 15 Snow Toilet Construction Crew; " Yea, we ' re still going out. She’s awesome! " ; College Trip ' 84; Spring Break 85; Eagle j l4, But, NOON is still NOON upside down, backwards, or diagonally”; " Come on, blow it off!”; 1 4 Ikard ' s Molesters; l lO Harpeth Hoyas; l lO Haworth s Nuts; No Way, Enkema always comes to school”; 1 79 Victorious Senior Basketball Team; " But I thought Senior Slide started Junior Year " ; " at-a-boy " ; " Hey, I turned half my themes in on time”; 1 3 Compton’s Mathematics " study halls” 2-4; l 5 Doc’s Stallers; " Yi! " 1 31 6-year Hill Veterans; " Hello Schmenge " ; " but I like the way I laugh”; Most likely to underachieve; " Can we use calculators on the exam, Mr. Stevenson? " ; Hostile Crowd Member 8,1, 2,3; Official Theme Partier; Edmund Brown was a . . . !’’; " Weiner Schnitzel . . . ”; " Hal, where’s your notes " ; " Mike, how do spell that? " ; " Auusome!” Walter Smithwick Walter Smithwick, IV Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Track; Varsity Wrestling 2-4; Varsity Cross Country 2-4; Co-Captain 4; Varsity Track 3-4; Senior Class Student Council: Secretary; FCA 4; Annual Staff 3-4; Annual Editor 4; Totomoi; 14 4th Period Hacky Sack; 1 50 All night long last theme; 1 80 Backyard Foot- ball (Dukes League); Big Red Club 3-4; " Walt " ; Waldo ; Wally " ; " Who’s the Beaver? " ; " My nose! My nose! " ; " Hey Bert. Why didn’t they teach White Man’s chemistry to Dr. Thomas in college?’’; " It snowed 2 Ft., and we have school!!! " ; " Am I busy? No, no I have tons of time.’’; " Hey Chris, need a ride? ; Whose NOT going to Chattanooga!’’; Lightweight, don’t you remember what you did last night? " ; Florida License Tag Club 96 Johnathan Springer Johnathan Charles Springer Debate 1-4; Varsity Track Manager Announcer 2-4; Freshman Football Manager 1; Football Scoreboard Operator 4; " But Kyle I like AVF! ; 1 4 JV Wasteland, l 3 Star Trek Fan Club; l l Beethoven Fan Club; •’Al- brecht Durer is a yee-haw " ; 1 3 Mr. Womack’s final exam; " Hey, Tweez- er! " ; 7th place Spanish II exam; Science Fair Honorable Mention 2; •BENEVOLENT ASSIMILATION " and " MASSIVE RETALI- ATION " ; believer in the 436 Laws of Thermo-Newtonics Steve Stroman Steven Baker Stroman Sports-Freshman Basketball; Freshman Football; J.V. B-ball 2, 3; Varsity B-ball 3;J.V. Football 2, 3; Varsity Football 3, 4; Morel’s Weights and Agilities 3, 4; Organizations— Service Club 3, 4; Big Red Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Tres. 4; Outing Club 2; " THE STRO " ; " Stro’s " ; " King of the road”; " Don ' t lie! " ; " Flat top . , . sure we did that to our hair " ; Ms. Moc Fan Club; " Soup and salad bar!”; " Cotangent of the dipole”; " How ’bout a bullet for breakfast Ken. " ; " D.T. the night he doesn’t remember " ; Theme party at Harry’s; ' A Earing Club — Lauderdale ’85; " Yeah, % Belle Meade Chicken Club; " I find that hard to fathom " ; " SO EASY”; " Classic Cat Club " ; " One rule, no Gingi in the room”; 14 Vail village quintet; " I’m not mad, just disappointed " ; " Allen, you owe me sixteen bucks, want to try again.? " ; " Nude for food booster club " ; You can’t power eat all that Jack " ; " What tip Henry.? " ; Presi- dent of the Jimbob Fan Club, Inc.; l l9 Surfrider resort.? Club; " I’m still sore Allen " ; Mr. Lucky; " No, I don’t take computer”; " The hesitating foot’’— anti- quated verbage; " What dog " ; " Republicans are far superior to Democrats Jack " ; " I take school seriously Jay " 98 •bUJ John Tate John Allen Tate The BELL staff 3, 4; Art 1 4; Intramurals 1-4; Young Life 1-4; Explorers 3; Honor roll; Third place science fair, Catholic Youth Organization 1, 2; Outing Club 2-4; Big Red Club; Chemistry medalist; Math and French contests 2-4; Inspiration for John Allen fan club; 1‘ Nag s Head Express; " I own hell " ; Vi Pro Wrestling Champs; " Superfly and Tonga Kid " ; Long- stepper; Troubled Youth; " Hey, Robbins, can I tell you a secret I m just faking. " ; " Allen! Allen! Allen! " ; " Kickin’ back at Meade Haven " ; " I believe in the green light " ; Vi True Texans; " It’s good to be alive in Tennessee " ; Vi DUCK-hunters; " Me and my Malt Duck " ; " it just doesn’t seem to bother me, does it? " ; " The CENTURY is the definitely the best car ever! " ; Vi Afternoon Slows; " Robin, can I borrow your car? " ; " Rush, Yes, Lightfoot, I love music " ; Sonney’s; Vi 6th period music quiz; Any tea or tank tops, Corinna?!?”; ’Guys, we re heading to Pekin ! ; Me and my Tang Wah " ; " Let me guess. Dawn’s at Corinne’s tonight”; Bread- truck; " Henry, you’re makin’ fun of me " ; " Financial aid . . . thanks ; 14 math exam crammers; " Don’t worry Schaefer, I’ll be there”; Veteran ski- tripper; " I live out on Dave’s farm, so I need to spend the night " ; " No need! No need! " ; " Sorry guys, I can’t go to Florida!”; Deerslayer; " Looks like Senior Slide’s gettin’ more lubrication " ; " My lurid prose-mark of a brilliant writer " ; " Hey Chuck, how well we remember the good ’ole days " ; November 19th; " yo’ gettin way outta line there. Miss Corinna! Hyuk, Hyuk, Hyuk!”; " Let the women come to us! " ; Comedy on tape; " I’m so ashamed, Paul, for when I woke up this morning there were dogs in my nose " ; ‘ s UK-Vandy Road Trip; Pro Dunkball; " Mac, I hope I didn’t cause any trouble last night " ; " As ususal Mike Frank s at home twiddling his thumbs ”; I hate it — she s blowing me off! ; Infatuation, V Nastar; Duds and Gwen; Caluta; " We’re young and wasted " ; ' John, did you leave campus today without permission?”; " Are you ever available? ; " I’m tired of advising everyone’s love life " ; " L’absurde, foolhardy broth- V A fn ryAc " T iiicr irfonf m 99 Freshman Football; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 2, 4; JV Soccer 2; Varsity Soccer 1, 3, 4;Bell Ringer Staff 1, 2; FCA 2, 4; Annual Staff 4; Big Red Club 1-4; 7N Class President DT; Awesome Dawson; DDT- Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane; MBA’s all around football player; American and European (MBA 7- Ryan O); " AH!, Wow! Alabama was a trip! " ; " Hey Twister, ssuurre!! " ; " Ugh, Steve don’t lie! " ; " Stuart, only five more days!”; " Jack, not at Moser’s! " ; " Who am I?, where am I?, aaay! " ; " Rax!”; Vs Football Flattop Club; " Robin, your’s isn’t short enough! " ; OP Language Speaker; Vs Chicken Club; H Krystal theme party club; 100 John S oct Thompson Wrestling, Fgotbalf, Track, FCA. Service Club, Honor Coun cil (sec.), Optiftlist Award, Photography (Annual), Bell Ring- er, Assistant Fourth ij iod Monitor (Right, Chick?); ' Its kick-back time . . . " Int e”; ' Tm not crazy— I ' ve been promoted, I’m condiments”; " It ' s ime to motor on down to Wendy’s . . . ”; I care; " No problen? Ehe Fusonian Institute of Frisbee Technique; " That’s heinoul lll ve the (blue) whale”; " Death before Disco ”; " I will follow”; Isgj ail Pasha; The Sheik of Ski; " Thanks Kjeli " ; " ST " ; Mr. Pruitt”; ”Ben Hur — Who loves ya’ baby?”; The wounded-healer . . . 40 lbs. Arctic Grayliner Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David, this is my gospel. II Timothy 2:8 Scott Thompson 102 Richard Todd Richard David Todd Activities: Too numerous to mention; ' We’ve got it good in Madison " ; The European countries are primarily in Europe. Shatki; " Rewind the tape " ; John McLaughlin; Mahavishnu Orchestra; " Rewind the tape; Rewind the tape " ; " Yeh, that there is a minor pentatonic scale. " Henry Trost 103 Henry Arthur Trost Freshman Football, J.V. Soccer 1. Freshman Basket- ball J.V. Basketball 2,3 Varsity Basketball 3,4; Big Red Club; Service Club; Trost, Toast; " Heck yeah I’m from Alabama!”; resident redneck — " Were not the same as hicks”; Montana outdoors, Thank the Cowboy; Vi New Orleans midnight Express; " Watch out for those New Orleans street gangs”; Spring Break ’85 Mellow in Melborne; MBA Pro-Wrestling; Hacky Sack Club; Vs John Allen fan club; 4-year veteran of Senior slide and Varsity Blow-off; " Henry, at times you tend to daydream or even appear sleepy in class”; Senior basketball — " We blew off the ju- niors”; Vz Afternoon Slows; 14 Math Exam Cram- mers; " Why come Mr. Poston? " ; " But Stroman, she doesn’t want a $20 tip ”; " With a ’76 Toyota Corona, who needs a 4 44 " ; " No it’s not a Karmann Ghia”; " Porsche 356B— There IS no substitute " ; Katie 2- 4 + Replacement Entertainment Editor, Bell Ringer; Features Editor, The Bell; Co-Editor, Archives; Cross Country 1; Track 1; I.C 1-4; National Merit Commendee (12 pt. drop); 14 Tuna Crew; Lightheaded . . . Vanker; " Why no music on this tape?”; 14 Dire Bog; 1st Semester Art Philo- sophy; 1 6 1st semester Hacky Sack; " The Longest Sandwich Ever " ; " Oh, Really? " ; " Jamie, don ' t be standoffish! " ; Bertone; Rain; AP Com- puter Failure; Doggy World; " Yuhs, yuhs " ; " Running on the Spot " ; President, Pi Omega; Spring Break St. Augustine ' 85 (Joint Shakti- Tuna Crew venture) — " This pizza ' s got no crust!”; " No sir, officer, no problem here!”; For- mula 44D; " Come siesta at La Fiesta " ; " Let it stay forever now” 104 Don Gregory Walker, Jr. Cross Country 1-4. ; Track 3; Annual Copy Staff Co- Editor; Big Red Club 2-4; Newspaper Staff 2-4; Sen- ior Spring Off; Latin and English Summer School 1- 2; Saclarides Ski Team 2-3; Bike Race 2-4; Gregory; Don G.; Walker; Monkish Existence; Vi Turbo Shoes Manufcaturer; 7th period Scream-Lets Jumbles Co- Champion; " Besus”; ' Jimmy, she’s just not as smart as the rest of us " ; " Sure we had to talk to company”; " Big Dave, what happened to your eyebrow? " ; Member of the Two Concussion Club; " Teach not thy lip such scorn”; Vi 7th period kite-flyers; " Mrs. Hagan, fancy meeting you here " ; " Want to buy a bumper sticker? " ; " Yeeeee " ; " Ca ne fait rien " ; " He hates me because he’s a member of the ' Let’s start a coalition against Greg Walker’ Club”; " I decided to blow it off and go to the theme parties and my grades have never been better”; Freshman-Senior Slide; I’m going to Auburn and I’m going to have fun; " Richard, did you see Mike almost tag that Scooby?”; " What time is it, Andy? " ; 14 kicked out of Jai- Alai— worst ever!; techni-color yawn four stories above a Mercedes; Tikki Gardens — what a haven; " It’s yellow, you pour it in a glass, and it gets white on top " ; " Richard, I can’t believe you missed Elvis”; " Bonzai Igg!”; Just Friends?!? 105 Hunt Warner Jay Hunt Warner Varsity Tennis 1-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Annual Business Staff 3-4; Annual Sports Writer 4; Bo- dacious crevices; " What do you know?”; Pure Tankage; " How are you? " ; " l 25 Surfrider " ; Merit List 1-4; UTC Mocs; " 15 yr. old Judas " ; NO BAINBRIDGE!; l lOjoe Rich Fan Club; " Put it on the tab.”; " Jean, we’re good peoples. " ; No frills, Harry. " ; Pro, Anti, Con Pessimism; " Woodie’s Duran Duran Look " ; Stuckey’s— Penwah, TN.; Yard Party!; " Thanks for putting me in the creek, Frank.’’; " The middle word in life is ’if”; " Scott, where are your keys?”; " Got to like it, Tom.”; " Tim, what’s going through your mind? " ; The Eagle; " I’ll clean your car, Mr. Binkley.’’; " Hey, Hack!”; 6 yr. veteran of the Hill 106 107 Andy Wattleworth Charles Andrew Wattleworth Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4; Annual Business Staff 3, 4; Newspaper Business Staff 4 (sort of); Westminister Church Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing Club 1, 2; Chem- istry Science Fair Second Place 2; Ocassionally on the PL 2, 3, 4; 1 25 Mr. Saclarides Colorado Ski Trip 2, 3; " Wattle”; " Wa-tell " ; " Chuck " (I hate that nick- name); 1 17 Mrs. Lowry ' s " AP Boys " ; 1 5 7th period " P” team; " Sorry, I’m late, Mr. Caldwell, class meet- ings ran over.”; " Doc, I don’t have T.V. preacher hair.’’; " OK, Harwell, so my hair is perfect, so what? " ; 1 8 Green Hornets; " Haworth, my agent is negotiating with Belle Meade right now — No play; No stay. " ; " Bill, try to take Church Ball seriously, just once.’’; Survivor of the Hornet’s post season bash; " Hey, Bobby, Frank, and Mike, what’s your record against us this year? " ; " Mr. Poston, I’m going on strike unless I get minimum this summer.’’; " Woody, you almost tagged that scooby.’’; " Hunt and Mike, let’s play some billiards. " ; l lO McCabe Pub regulars; 1 7 Kentucky-Vandy road trip team; " Paul, you’re going to kill us!”; " Bill, we told you you should have left the sign post.’’; " Bill, the cheer- leaders did not wave to you. " ; l l Brown Fan Club; Junior Senior Game Ice-Man; " John, it don’t seem to bother me. " ; " Don’t mention her name to me again.’’; " Richard, you’re ridiculous. " ; " Tate, you’re such a mooch. I’m not going to lend you that dollar; I’ll never see it again. " ; 14 Port Vve " Resort” Motel Patron; !4 Jai Alai Reject Club; One of the millions of Hank Williams Jr. Fan Club members; Kicken’ back at Meade Haven Frank Wilk Frank Amalon Wilk, III Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Big Red Club 1,2,3,4; Service Club 2,3— Secretary 4; " The defensive specialist " ; " Franco Wilkoni " ; " Kelvin " ; Auburn Road Trip; Harry, you are a M Shark " ; " Blue Nun Basketball is awesome " ; " We Beat Ryan " ; a veteran of six years on the Hill; " Harry, where are my books? " ; Vs Nags Head road trip; " Hey Paul, a little Lauderdale goes a long way " ; 1 20 Snow Toilet class; " Hunt, forget suicide " ; " Hunt and fish city " ; " Tuesday night chicken club " ; " It ' s all over " 108 Mike Wood Michael Lewis Wood Freshman Track; Varsity Tennis 2,3,4; Big Red Club 1,2, 3,4; Service Club 4; Newspaper 3,4; Annual 3; Church Basketball 1,2,3,4; " Woody " ; " Woo-dee " ; W Centennial ice fishing club; " Let’s put if off some more " ; " Richard, things go better with rock " ; Clearwater Campaign ' 85; " Hey, I almost tagged a scooby”; " Tommy, got any barnacles in your sweater? " ; " The bug belt”; " Andy and I get bogged down in History”; V 6th Period History Music quiz; 1 3 Bobby W. Fan Club; " That ' s real bad " ; " Here comes wrangler " ; " Harwell, I can blow off the line " ; " White man’s dunk— just over the rim— nothin’s better " ; " Hunt, I’m going Pre-Med at Vandy”; " Andy, lets go kick some field goals " ; " So, so proud to be a Blue Nun " ; " hold off, unhand me you greybearded loon " ; 14 Jai-Alai rejects; McCabe Pub on a school night? It hasn’t sunk in”; Vi Big Budda Owners Club; " Is it possible to go through like more Tampa Toll Booths " ; " April is for horse Racing " ; " Tommy, we’re doing our term paper on the origin of felt " ; " John, quit borrowing lunch money for your checking account " ; " Scoobies: Great racial slur " ; " Southern Georgia is absolutely nowhere! " ; Thanks to Mom and Dad 109 Stephen Young Stephen Gillespie Young Freshman Basketball ; JV Basketball 2;JV Soccer 1, 2; Varsity Soccer 3— Co-Captain 4; Roberts Room Proctor; Bell Ringer Staff 3; Business Staff of Annual 4; Annual Staff Writer 4; Sergeant-At-Arms of Big Red Club; " Twister " ; " Etienne " ; " Weevil " ; " It don ' t get no better than George Jones " ; " Dirt won’t hurt you " ; 6 Year Veteran of the Hill; Enkema alias wild man; ' i Valentine ' s Day Massacre; ' i Eddie— Twister Handshake; Vi Tatoo Club at Lauderdale; " We got beat 11-0, but Honest our soccer team isn’t that bad this year " ; " Just look for the torn up maroon jeep with 69 on the license plate " ; " No, No, Thank you very much " — Disco Dan; Alonzo alias Muggi; " Dawson plays the seat for the violent femmes " ; 1 25 Spring-breakers at Surfrider; S.S. Club; Vi Rhodes Party Trip; 1 79 Victorious Senior Class Bas- ketball Team; Honorable Member of Totalloss; 1 18 Mr. Compton’s 5th period Statistics Sleep Team; " No! really. Doc Crowell can be a nice Guy!”; " But you said our themes were the worst ever last year, Mrs. Orth!”; " Mr. Lanier cut his hair, he must have some money left over from the car payment " ; " That’s right. I’m a farm boy " ; " No, we didn’t kill hogs last weekend, it was the weekend before " ; " No, you’re kidding, Enkema didn’t come to school again " ; " Nice nose, Fred ’Csonka’ Goldner " — " Any- body got anything you don’t want to eat " ; Vi Ed- ward’s Colorado Spring-Break bash; " Bainbridge, you are a wild man”; 7th period Physics " P " team; " Wattle . . . what are you doing " ; Va Chicken Club; Heeeiieeoouuu! " Hch, Peffen, bohoop! " Booobby!; Coaltrain, my CB partner; 1 200 Feb. 1st boycott; " I’ll be you’re private Twister! " ; " That’s Dixon Springs with an ’X’; " We’ve got a movie theater with two movies going at the same time”; " Best Hamlet poster ever " ; member of worst 8th grade class in MBA history; " I never blew off any Science Fair project in my career (cough . . . cough) " ; " Quit it, Timmy Tayo " ; " Nice Hairy chest, Robin.’’; " Hunt, you are a squid " ; " Nosque " ; " Harry Har Har, Har are you Harry! " ; 1 15 Senior Theme Party; Bay Harbor Inn Wall Club 110 Chris Zanone Christopher Darryl Zanone Medals: Algebra I, Biology, Latin I, Chemistry I, Algebra II, Physics, Latin III, Math IV; Cum Laude; Junior Honor Society; Rensselaer Medal; Merit Fina- list; Who’s Who; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Track Manager 2-4 unior Class Class Officers: (Front Row) B. Cochran, Honor Council; J. Campbell, Honor Council; (Middle Row) R. Bueno, Secretary; R. Ikard, President; B. Donnell, Honor Council; (Back row) D. Fish, Vice-President; C. Fridrich , Treasurer Hunt Adams John Albrecht Nick Anton Scott Bennett Todd Bottorff Pat Bowers Chuck Brandon Carter Brothers Russ Brothers Robby Bueno Jim Campbell Will Campbell Billy Carothers David Claunch Bill Cochran Bobby Crants Sean Curry Jeff Dale Jeff Dillon Bryan Donnell Bill Duncan Josh Easter David Farrar Don Fish Jeff Frace ' Pat Frazier Chip Fridrich Brad Fuson Jim Gardner Harris Gilbert Steven Gilleland John Griffith Ronald Grover Chris Hastings Bud Henderson 113 Tom Hsueh Jon Huddleston Jim Hunt Rob Ikard Fred Jenkins John Jenkins Paul Kahlon Trey Kelley Clint Kelly Madison Laird Barney Lams Willie Lin Dave Malone Sam Marney Steve Mason Talbot Masten Robert McNair Henrick Meng Gavin Moon John Newell Jay Owen Rob Page Todd Pardue Patrick Parker Takis Patikas Scott Pearson John-Lindell Pfeffer Ronnie Po Charlie Reasor Chip Redd Robert Reed Harvard Reynolds Jeff Reynolds Kenny Russell Vivek Sahota 115 Jesse Tacogue Joe Terry John Thompson Lee Vaughn Hudson Walker Chris Sanders Jay Schmitt Merritt Seshul Rajiv Sharma Nick Sieveking Paul Soper Warren Sprouse Rob Stack Michael Starr Daniel Swartz Niku Wasudev Morgan Wills Beau Wilson David Wood Fred Woodruff Sophomore Class Class Officers: (Front row) T. Jackson, Honor Council; T. Cassetty, Treasurer; W. Meyers, President; (Back Row) J. Thompson, Honor Council, C. Mayes, Vice- President; G. Bumstead, Secretary 116 Joseph Adams Brent Allen Rob Baker Marc Barclay Chip Blaufuss John Boone Scott Boone Allen Brown Hunt Brown Randy Brown Gantt Bumstead Chris Burch Skip Burke Trajan Carney Todd Cassetty Rob Cheek Rob Chilton Jonathan Cole Frank Crowell Andy Davis Jody Davis David Dillon Frank Downey David Enkema Rashed Fakhruddin Dan Farrar Clint Fawcett Andy Finchum Brennon Fitzpatrick Christopher Fly Tommy Frist Claiborne Gayden Clark Geddie Nathan Goldberg Louis Graber 117 Tim Hamling Clay Hardin Thomas Harwell Douglas Henry Rob Hilton Steven Hooper Mark Hudson Thomas Humphreys Michael Inman Travis Jackson John Joe Randy Jones David Kipp Matt Kneeland Kenji Kono Barry Lancaster Paul Lentz Parker Lilly Guy Logan John Mahoney Sunil Malkani Brennon Martin Charles Mayes Mac McAdams T.A. McKinney Sandy McLeod Will Meyer Garth Nash Turner Overton Peter Paris Steve Parker Bob Pate Brian Pearson Tseng-Kwan Pen Randy Pelaez 118 Harry Piazza Jimmy Pickel Christopher Ptomey John Rawlings Raju Reddy Jay Reynolds Ted Rice Joe Rich Robert Rollins Andy Rosen George Ruccio David Rumsey Jeff Ryu Jiannbin Shiao Trey Spence Scott Sprague Jay Stroman Temp Sullivan Erik Sundell Johnny Thompson Ted Thompson Clay Trabue Tim Wallace Bobby Whitson Bob Willingham Lee Wirth Jimmy Zibas 119 Freshman Class Class Officers: (Front Row) E. Bueno, Vice-President; J. Riven, Honor Council; R. Speight, Secretary; (Back Row) D. Spickard, President; S. Jobe, Honor Council; P. Roberts, Treasurer 120 Rob Archer Seth Asher Brannan Atkinson Chris Baird Rob Barrett Brad Bell Tom Benning David Bobo Andrew Bond Boone Brothers Edgar Bueno Ward Chaffin David Chen Sean Dudley Trever Edwards Chad Enders Trey Everett David Fletcher David Frederiksen George Gillett Kurt Gilliland John Gupton Thomas Gutow Charlie Hailey Brian Hall Wendell Harmer Jim Harwell Trey Harwell Brian Hassler Tommy Hayes David Head Arthur Henderson Charles Hewgley Jim Hippe Bill Hitt 121 David Hobbs Scott Modes Mason Houghland John Israel Robert Jack Steve Jobe Patrick Keeble Jay Knowles Bobby LaBrec Edward Lams Mack Linebaugh Banks Link Robb Ludwick Michael Mason Lyle McDonald Jay McKnight Michael McNally Bobby Mikulak Paul Moffat Mike Morrissey Chris Moulton Bob Napier Hunt Nichols Drew Nord Jim Norris John Overfield Demetri Patikas Bill Penuel Braxton Perkins Sterling Price Brad Reese Chuck Resha Alex Rice Jay Riven Patrick Roberts 122 123 Tom Rogers Emmett Russell Michael Shears Gilbert Smith Marc Smith Stephen Smith Storm Sommer Richard Speight David Spickard John Szydlo John Teas Park Thomas Will Van Derveer Tommy Vandever Leonard Warren Robbie Westermann Matt Williams Todd Wise Stephen Witt Kevin Young Steve Zibas 8 Elliott Rick Barksdale Harlie Bodine Forrest Conner Peter Dudley Whit Jeffords Chris Jones Mark LaVigne John Moore Mike Page Jonathan Reeve Vincent Sator Brandon Tate Charles Treadway, President Chris Calton, Vice-President Chris Hall, Secretary 125 8 Fisher Jay Binkley Hampton Carney Chris Cunningham Aloke Finn Ken Johnson Jay Joyner Scott Lewis Steve Mathews Jon Nameth Chip Perry Albert Tirao Will Ward Greg Stein, President Chris Cigarran, Vice-President Bo Healey, Secretary 8 Gaffney Christopher Handte Bob Hannon Jeffrey Joe Tom Lance Holton McGee Rabin Nimmo Andy Patterson Drew Robison Chris Shea Brian Stephenson David Strayhorn Mark Thrailkill John Smithwick, President John Hays, Vice-President John Henry Rice, Secretary 127 8 Shell AJ. Archibald Lawrence Berman Billy Bradshaw James Cheek Kelse) ' Fitzpatrick Johnny Galas Scott Galloway Bill Gasigan Brad Griffin Sheldon Griffin Lanson Hyde Thomas WiEiams Rhoads Hall, President Willie Johnson, Vice-President Jay Kahlon, Secretary 7 Bowen Richard Arendale Andy Coulam Billy Crawford Matt Davis Daniel Donelson Kirk Kaludis Kevin Kruse Rob Lentz David Lott Mike Purcell Simon Westlake Nate Sewell, President Brandon Daniell, Vice-President Devraj Basu, Secretary 7 Bowers Steven Anderson Drew Fulton Andy Graves Jim Haynes Johnny Lamb Vernon Morehead Fletcher Potanin Marek Ross Brett Stahlman Stuart Towery Scott Yates George Clements, President Shravan Kambam, Vice-President Eric Falk, Secretary 129 7 Novak Murray Amond Adam Brown Shannon Elder Jay Gilliland David Haslam Calvin Houghland Hal Jones Kevin King Carter McNabb Chris Petrie Leighton Thomas Adam Wood Oman Sloan, President Pieter Foster, Vice-President Arthur Reid, Secretary I 130 7 White Dan Brooks Jay Ferguson Bobby Garth Chris Hollahan Ryan Hulbert Kevin Kimery Billy Lyell David Neff Richard Pulley Will Shuff Trey Hamilton, President David Trainer, Vice-President Christopher Tapia, Secretary TO A n!i5»,i?.. ' ? ’5 ' ' ..n; ' ;i ' 3 Front row: D. Wood, J. Hunt, T. Bottorff,J. Pickel, D. Malone, S. Burke, S. Hooper, J. Dale, C. Trabue, L. Vaughn, P. Bond, K. Russell, H. Meng; 2nd row: J. Boone, C. Brandon, F. Wilk, D. Thombs, B. Frahn,J. Griffith,;. Stroman, F. Downey, R. Grover, P. Soper, T. Frist, P. Paris, T. Carney, W. Meyer, C Fly; 3rd row: Coach Morel, A. Lindsey, R. Pelaez, R. Bueno, G. Bumstead, T. Sullivan, T. Pardue, T. Patikas, H. Peffen, R. Black, S. Rollins, R. Henderson, J. Jenkins, J. Thompson, H. Walker, D. Muddiman,J. Brown, R. Hendrick, Coach Regen; Back row: Coach Owen, R. Reed, B. Fitzpatrick, B. Fuson, B. Mangrum, M. Wills,J. Owen, S. Stroman, N. Sieveking, T. Masten, T. Spence, F. Jenkins, D. Smith, C. Fridrich, R. Harwell, Coach Eliott The varsity football team, hoping to improve from last year’s 7-4 season, began to practice on August 9. Battling the heat and humidity, the team went through two-a-days with a determined attitude. After two disappointing pre-season scrimages, the Big Red came back with a solid performance against midstate power Dickson County in the jamboree at Vanderbilt. 135 The regular season started on September 7 against Springfield. David Muddiman connected on a 27 yard kick to give MBA its first score. Talbot Masten plunged in from the one yard line to make the score 10-0. Harry Peffen s 13 yard run, seconds before the end of the first half made the score 16-0. In the second half, the defense took charge. The defensive effort, led by Robert Black, was highlighted by an in- credible goal line stand in which Robin Henderson recovered a fumble. Muddi- man sealed the victory with a 34 yard field goal late in the fourth quarter, making the final score 19-0. Patikas controls the line. In the second game, the Big Red lost a heart breaker to Overton 17-10 in over- time. Too many costly errors thwarted MBA’s effort. MBA scored first on a 30 yard field goal set up by Robby Bueno’s sack and Steve Rollin’s fumble recovery. Overton responded with a touchdown to make the score 7-3. MBA regained the lead on a one yard run nine seconds before halftime to make the score 10-7. Overton tied the score 10-10 on a third quarter field goal, during overtime, Overton got the ball first and scored on its first possession. MBA failed to score on its possession leaving the score 17 -10. Peffen becomes attached to opponent. MBA’s Iron Curtain MBA rebounded from the Overton loss by soundly defeating Beech 28-0. Steve Rollins led the offense by rushing for 94 yards in only 7 carries. The offen- sive line consisting of Harwell, Mangrum, Bueno, Owen, and Hunt " donkey-tromped " Beech’s defen- sive line as the Big Red rolled up 16 first downs and .W1 total offensive yatds. In the first half, Talbot Masten scored a 24 yard run, and Robin Henderson caught another 12 yard pass from Patikas for an- other score. Rollins scored MBA ' s first possession in the second half with a 52 yard gallop, David Muddiman booted a 35 yard field goal, and Dave Malone ran for a 15 yard touchdown to complete the scoring. The staunch defense held the Beech offense to 3 total offense and -14 yards rushing. For Its effort, the Big Red defense was named on the AP honorable mention list. 136 MBA was shocked the following week by an upset minded Hillwood team. An in- ability to score from inside the 20 yard line and too many costly turnovers prevented a victory. David Muddiman’s 22 yard field goal provided the only scoring as MBA lost 7-3. One, Two, Three, Push! The Big Red travelled to Smyrna for its next game. Smyrna scored first by capital- izing on an .opening kickoff fumble, but MBA came back with a four yard run by Steve Rollins to tie the score at 7-7. A third quarter field goal was the winning margin as MBA gained its third victory over a tough Smyrna team. See, Mr. Drake, even the football team has a flesh pile every once in a while. Touchdown! Steve Rollins led an offensive onslaught as MBA demolished Pearl-Cohn 42-0 to please the large Homecoming crowd. The stingy defense recorded its third shutout as they held the Fire Birds to just 4 first downs and 80 yards total offense. Rollins rushed for 97 yards and three touchdowns on runs of 8 yards, 1 yard, and 9 yards. Also scoring for the Big Red were John " Don” Griffith on a blocked punt return of 11 yards, Harry Peffen on a 25 yard pass from Patikas, and Jack Brown on a 19 yard pass from Tommy Frist. This win was MBA’s first dis- trict victory and raised its record to 4-2. 137 Coach Owen picked up his 200th career win as the Big Red defeated Antioch 21-7. The defense led by Robert Black and Robin Henderson forced five turnovers. MBA scored first as Takis Patikas plunged in from the one yard line. Rob Harwell, showing speed never before seen by a line- man, scored MBA’s second touchdown as he rambled 28 yards with a fumble. Capitalizing on another Antioch turn- over, MBA scored moments before the half on a 15 yard pass from Patikas to Peffen. Antioch scored in the fourth quarter, but key interceptions by Henderson and Malone preserved the Big Red victory. Robin, how come everyone is running except you. ’’ After a warm welcome to the Hillsboro field, MBA proceeded to roll over the Burros 28-6. MBA conducted two impres- sive drives in the first half with David Muddiman kicking a 27 yard field goal and Steve Rollins scoring from one yard out. MBA scored again in the first half as Patikas ran in from the five to make the score 16-0. Harry Peffen scored in the third quarter on a 6 yard run, and a 44 yard pass from Patikas to Fridrich completed the scoring. The Big Red became bowl eligible as they raised their record to 6-2. " Dave, could you wait just a second. " MBA returned home to whip Glencliff 37-10 in a very impressive game. The defense shut down a very potent Glencliff offense. The offensive and defensive lines physically dominated the Colts. Steve Rollins finally passed the 100 yard mark as he rushed for 102 yards and two consecutive touchdowns. Robin Henderson scored next as he dazzled the crowd, the opposing team, his teammates, and coaches on a 65 yard punt return. After the game, MBA, with a 7-2 record accept- ed a bid to the Pioneer Bowl in Columbia against Columbia. " Where are my blockers. " 138 In their final regular season game, the Big Red defeated Father Ryan 7-0. The emotional victory was MBA’s first over the Irish rival since 1979. Talbot Masten provided the game’s only score as he ran over one tackier and out ran the rest of the Irish defense on a spectacular 55 yard gallop. The defenses then took over as both teams exchanged futile drives in an attempt to score. With this victory, MBA completed a very successful regular season, finishing 8-2 overall and 5-2 in the district. " It’s our turn this year, guys. " 139 Senior leadership at its finest. Pioneer Bowl The MBA varsity football team compiled a very suc- cessful season with a victory over Columbia in the Pioneer Bowl 21-9. It was the second straight bowl appearance for MBA, who had played in the Butter Bowl last year. Coach Owen felt that the team had an outstanding season and even felt that the team was probably the best in the Nashville by the end of the season, winning its last seven games. Offensively, Coach Regen felt the team played well scoring a year total of 226 points in eleven games, but it was still inconsistent at times. Defensively, the team allowed only 48 points from the line of scrimmage with 7 coming in overtime. The Rollins Express In the Pioneer Bowl, the Big Red had to battle not only the Columbia Lions but also the harsh weather. A driving rain continued throughout the game, and an icy Arctic wind cut through the November sky. The dark forboding clouds and mud covered earth predicted doom for the host Lions. The MBA offense conducted two impressive drives despite the weather, while excellent punting by Harry Peffen and a stingy defense held the Columbia offense. The first score of the game came on a Columbia field goal with one second left in the first half. Under these conditions three points could have won the game, but the Big Red, determined to bring home a final victory, took control in the second half. MBA scored 21 points on touchdowns by Masten, Patikas, and Henderson, while the defense allowed no first downs. The impressive victory was a fitting end to a very fine season. 140 JV Football Front row: D. WoodJ. Pickel, S. Marney, L. Vaughn, K. Russell, M. Kneeland, P. Lily, B. Cochran, S. Hooper, C Trabue, B. Brothers; 2nd row: H. Meng, C. Brandon, R. Reed, R. Grover, H. Reynolds, F. Downey, C. Burch, J. Stroman, B. Whitson, R. Jones, T. Frist, T. Bottorff, C Fly; 3rd row: J. Boone, T. Hamling, B. Fitzpatrick, J. Easter, T. Carney, Morgan Wills, P. Paris, C. Fridrich, J. Thompson, F. Jenkins, G. Bumstead, T. Spence, W. Meyer, Big Al A Strong defense was the key to success for a strong Junior Varsity football squad that ended the season with a record of 3-2. The team suffered the only true losses in hearbreakers against Hillwood and Brentwood. In the first three games of the season, the JV outscored their opponents 38 to 6. In the first game of the season against Overton, the untested team walked away with a surprisingly easy 12-0 victory. In the game, Jimmy Pickel crushed the Bobkittens hopes of scoring with a tremen- dous solo tackle on the one yard line to stop an Overton drive. After conquering the Wildcats, the JV returned home to destroy our friends on Elliston Place 26-0. While the defense kept the Irish scoreless, the offense, led by Tommy Frist and Jay Stroman, erupted for four touch- downs. Next, the team suffered a stifling loss against Hillwood. After Hillwood scored a touchdown off a pass interception, the innovative offense, led by the wizardry of Coach Regen, fell short of a dramatic comeback victory when time ran out. In the next game, the JV physical- ly dominated Hillsboro and came away with an enjoyable 7-6 win. In the last game of the season, the squad battled a powerful Brentwood team. The game was close, but the seniors on the Brentwood team proved too much for the Big Red underclassmen as they fell victims with a 15-16 loss. Freshmen Football I ront row: B. Reese. D. Patikas, A. Bond, R. Speight, B. Napier, D. Frederiksen, T. Everett, P. Keeble; 2nd row: E. Bueno, E. Lambs, R. Archer, M. Mason M McNally G. Gillett, D. Spickard, R. Barrett, M. Morrissey; Back row: T. Hayes, M. Smith. T. Vandever, K. Gilleland, P. Roberts, W. Harmer, B. Mikulak, T Hatwell A Rice C Baird, G. Smith ’ , • , . The freshman football team this past season, although made up of a mere twenty-six players, compiled a perfect 7-0 record giving them a long awaited district title and a city championship. These young men, popularly known as the " Junk Yard Dogs " hit the gridiron on September 20 for the beginning of their quest for excellence. Their opponent was Apollo and the time was 4:00. When the final buzzer went off, the score was 25-0 in favor of the Dogs. This victory was accomplished by Brad Reese’s superb passing and Marc Smith’s and Patrick Robert’s outstanding running. Then the Dogs took on the Bobcats from Overton and once again came away victorious by the score of 28-6 Patriots. Backed by the scoring of Marc Smith, Mike Morrissey, Demetri Patikas, and David Spickard, the Dogs dogged the Patriots 35-0. Facing their first real game, the team proved that they were up to the test by demolishing the Hillsboro Burros by the score of 21-6. The Dogs then traveled to Hillwood. Thanks to Marc Smith s three touchdowns and Trey Everett’s fumble recovery in the end zone, the team slipped and slid to a 28-6 victory on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. The MBA Frosh then faced their biggest challenge of the year. They traveled to Glencliff in a game for the district title. Marc Smith s early score and the Big Red defensive stand on fourth down late in the game helped the Dogs to a 15-6 victory and the first district title for an MBA freshman football team in 20 years. Not being able to play in a post-season bowl game because of a Metro ruling, the Dogs, with extra incentive, took on the Irish from Elliston Place in their last game of the season. Open- ing up the scoring attack quickly, MBA thrashed Father Ryan 42-13. The Dogs overall outscored their opponents 194-31. With the great coaching of Mr. Williams, Mr. Compton, and Mr. Bill Smith, the 1985 team became the best freshman team since 1965, and they are sure to make a great contribution to the varsity program in the next three years. ■a r 142 Microbe Football K. Kimery, G. Clements, S. Elder, D. Trainer, C. Tapia, M. Ross, C. Cigarran, C. Perry, C. Shea; 2nd row: H. Bodine, D. Robison, J. Gilliland, S. Townery, W. Shuff, M. LaVigne, S. Anderson, H. Jones, A. Graves, J. Rice, M. Davis; 3rd row: B. Hannon, D. Donelson, B. Lyle,J. Moore, A. Patterson, B. Crawford, B. Bradshaw, C. Calton, S. Griffin, C. Hall; 4th row: C. Treadway, F. Conner, A. Brown, K. Fitzpatrick, J. Smithwick, B. Healy, P. Lentz, R. Nimmo, J. Cheek, J. Kahlon, B. Griffin. The 1984 Microbe Football Team entered this year’s season without any expectation of having a successful season. With seemingly no talent and no guts, they were expected to be 0-7. But with some talent and a lot of guts, this young team, consisting of 56 dedicated players, finished the 1984 campaign with flying colors and a 4-3 record. First-year head coach Ricky Bowers, along with coaches Gaither, Forrester, Herring, and Killian, worked the squad rigorous- ly, and it paid off. In Coach Bowers’ debut, the Little Red’s balanced offense led the way in a 22-8 victory over Ezell-Harding. But the next week, arch-rival Ensworth came to MBA and upset the Microbes 14- 6. The Little Red fought back from being down 14-0 instead of giving up. Only to have a late rally, highlighted by two bombs by QB Drew Robison and a 12-yard TD pass to fleet footed 7th grader George Clements, fall short. The Microbes won their next contest, over the huge Page Patriots, 14-8. MBA then downed Nashville Christian 14-0, with the defense having a great day. Northside was next, and the Microbes were truly intimidated in a 24-0 loss. The next week, though, the Little Red bounced back and edged BGA 8- 6. In the season finale, the Microbes marched all over the field against Goodpasture, but could only muster 1 TD. The defense held the Cougars in check the entire game, the only score coming on a 60- yard punt return. The game ended in a hard-fought, 8-6 loss. Varsity Cross Country This past summer in the blistering August heat, the 1984 MBA Cross Country team assembled with high hopes for the coming season. Head coach Robert Pruitt, trying to better his first sea- son’s accomplishments, put the runners through original work- outs so they might have a successful campaign. This year’s squad, led by senior co-captains " Bobby” Alley and " Wally” Smithwick, along with fellow senior Pat Rau, Juniors Pat Bowers and Trey Kelly, " Idiot Sophomores”;Jimmy Zibas, Andy Davis, and Jona- than Cole, and Frosh Wonderchildren, Steve Zibas, Jay Knowles, and Bill Penuel looked to be equally as good as last year’s Regional Champs. Davis shows he is not all mouth. Lin; Sitting: R. Fakhruddin, D. Henry, J. Knowles, S. Zibas, B. Penuel, J. Ryu, R. Rollins; Kneeling: J. Gardner, D. Rumsey,J. Zibas, A. Davis, J. Cole,T. Humphreys, W. Standing: T. Scales, M. Seshul, P. Rau, W. Smithwick, P. Bowers, R. Alley, J. Armistead, S. Pearson 144 ZIbas leading the pack. r-..Z " ' . ■If’--- v • -‘r »v . ‘ • Alley sprints down the straightaway in the AF Bridges. ,!t ' i " How can I get rid of this freshman. ” When asked early in the year how good this team might be, Coach Pruitt responded, " If our munchkins mature . . . we’ll be better than last year.” And mature they did. In our early dual meets against Franklin and Overton, Steve Zibas proved himself to be one of the area’s top runners. Against Franklin and Overton he consecutively got lost while out on the course, but he still finished first in the meet with a time of 16:36, a great time for so early in the season. The Zibi, Steve and Jimmy, led the Big Red all through the year, with Andy Davis, Rob Alley, Walter Smithwick and Jonathan Cole and with either Pat Bowers, Trey Kelley, Bill Penuel or Jay Knowles usually rounding out the top seven. For the third year in a row the Big Red compiled another perfect record of not losing any dual or triangular meets, NIL or otherwise. The team also finished seventh in both the A.F. Brigdes Invitational, one of the most prestigious meets around, and the Antioch Invitational, the premier meet for Tennessee pre- season competition. In the regional meet, the team, led by Steve Zibas’ individ- ual first place finish, finished first. The following week, in the State meet. The Big Red finished a disappointing twelfth, equalling last year’s record. High points of the year were Steve Zibas’ nineteenth place finish in the State meet with a new freshman record time of 15:41; swimming at Dickson County; continually asserting our superior abil- ity, intelligence, and good looks in defeating Father Ryan; and yet another victory in the Weenie Bowl. In all, the season was very successful. Steve, Jimmy, and Rob were all named to the first team all-NIL squad, while Walter and Andy (Big Dave) made the second team, and Trey Kelly was honorable mention. We all eagerly look forward to next year when the Big Red Harriers promise to be even better than this year. " Real funny, Mr. Pruitt, that WAS the Varsity race.’ MBA Captain mocks opponents’ colored shoes 146 Microbe Cross Country 1st Row: M. Purcell, L. Berman, K. Kruse, D. Lott, C. Houghland, B. Garth, A. Reid, G. Stein, J. Lamb; 2nd Row: R. Hulbert, T. Hamilton, D. Strayhorn, J. Gilleland, B. Daniell, S. Yates, D. Neff, S. Galloway, J. Haynes, T. Williams, C. Handte,J.Joe, R, Arendale; 3rd Row: C. McNabb, S. Lewis, J. Ferguson, A. Coulam, A. Finn,J. Binkley, L. Hyde, J. Joyner, M. Page, C. Shea, J. Reeve; 4th Row (back): P. Foster, W. Jeffords, J. Hays, W. Johnson, F. Potanin, K. King, O. Sloan, T. Lance, J. Nameth On September 13, the 1984 Microbe Cross Country Team started what was to be a fair and enjoyable season. Led by the enthusi- asm of Mr. Novak and Dr. Ward, the large Microbe Cross Country Team squad of 32 boys finished 4th in the HVAC in a heartbreaking upset to BGA whom they had defeated regularly along with FRA and Brentwood. Some outstanding runners for the " Little Red " were Lanson Hyde, who never placed below third in a meet, Jay Binkley, Brian Stephenson, and John Hayes. Prospects for next year appear bright with such runners as Arthur Reid and Richard Arendale returning. Despite a season slightly below par, the Microbe Cross Country Team participated in an enjoyable and enthusiastic year and look forward to next year. ' f 147 Varsity Basketball Back row: D. Malone, C Fridrich, B. Fuson, P. Paris, R. Henderson, T. Pardue Front row: H. Trost, P. Richards, J. Schmitt, J. Owen, C. Mayes Prior to the 1984-85 basketball season, Nashville area coaches thought that MBA would have been the team to beat. With the tallest team in District II-AAA, expectations were growing on the Hill, but the Big Red soon realized that they had a tough season ahead of them as they lost their first six games. The first win came against Hillsboro at home. Jay Schmitt’s 17 points paced the Big Red to a 62-56 victory. Then came the Ryan Invitational Tournament and the Kingsport Tournament over Christmas break. The Varsity defeated Beech 63-53 behind Schmitt’s 24 points and Paul Richards’ 16 points. The team then fell to the Irish, 67-54, to take second place in the Ryan Tournament. Next, The Big Red rolled off to Kingsport Tn. to face Sullivan Central and Oak Ridge High School. Although they lost both games, the players had a good time and grew closer together as a team. 148 Fridrich sets up the offense, (above). MBA crashes the boards.(left) Pardue and shadow drive the lane, (extreme left) Trost challenges menacing opponent, (below) When school resumed in January, the Varsity faced an intense array of teams. There were three quick losses to Antioch, Pearl-Cohn, and Glencliff. Then came the March of Dimes Tournament at Vander- bilt’s Memorial Gymnasium. The Big Red gave its best showing thus far as they finally fell to a tough BGA team 44-36. The Varsity then captured third place by beating Hillwood 62-48 behind Schmitt’s 30 points. Coming into the final stretch the Big Red lost to Ryan, but they turned around and seized three straight wins. The first came as Schmitt scored 29 points to lead the team to a 77-64 victory past Overton. The next came as Charles Mayes hit a pair of free throws with seconds left to steal a 60-58 win over Pearl-Cohn. Mayes lead all scorers with 25. The third victory came as Schmitt poured in 30 points and Mayes added 15 in a second win over Hillsboro, 68-64. 42 Richards on the line, (extreme above right) " Are you sure that clock isn’t slow. ” (above right) 150 It was almost the end of the regular season and the Big Red began to set its sights on the District Tournament, but they first had to wrap up the regular season against Glencliff, Antioch, and Hillwood. The team lost a second time to an eventual State Tournament team, and then returned to the Brownlee O’Curry Gymnasium for their final home game and the seniors last time to play on the Hill. The Big Red played expertly as they smashed Antioch 83-70, with Schmitt leading all scores with 31 points. Paul Richards, Robin Henderson, and Henry Trost showed their senior leadership as they contributed 14, 8, and 4 respectively. The final game of the season was a disappointing double-over- time upset win by Hillwood over the Varsity, 6 8-64, despite a 32 point effort by Schmitt. Because of the Big Red’s 6-8 district standing, they had to face Hillwood again for the first round of the District Tournament. The high hopes to return to the Regional Tournament abruptly died as the team fell to an overpowering Hillwood team 75-56. Throughout the disappointing 7-17 season, individual leaders for the Big Red were Jay Schmitt (19 ppg., 14 reb.), Charles Mayes (13 ppg., 8 reb.), and Paul Richards (8 ppg., 5 reb.) for the forwards and centers while Robin Henderson, Dave Malone, and Todd Pardue lead the guards. JV Basketball Back row: T. Hamling, R. Fakhruddin, S. Hooper, M. Inman, D. Kipp, S. Stroman. Front row: T. Humphreys, T. Wallace, T. Harwell, P. Lentz, B. Whitson, M. McA- dams The Junior Varsity basketball team, under the direction of second year head coach Jim Bostick, ended its ’84-’85 campaign with a 4-12 overall mark. This year’s team was unique in that it was composed only of sophomores. Throughout the season, the Big Red’s scoring attack was lead by Jay Stroman with a 13.1 point per game average, while Tim Hamling and Michael Inman emerged as chairmen of the board. Peter Paris, Bobby Whitson, and Steven Hooper were the floor gen- erals, with Paul Lentz, Tom Harwell, and ’’Shed” Fakhruddin making strong showings off the bench. This year’s accomplishments included two thrashings of Hillsboro (64-55 and 69-56). The most impressive victory for the JV hoopsters occurred when the team defeated the Overton Bobcats, avenging an earlier loss of a very large margin. With each game, the players improved I both individually and as a team, and there is much optimism in their future contribution to the varsity team. Freshman Basketball Front row: J. Isreal, M. Williams, R. Westermann; 2nd row: J. Harwell,;. McNight, E. Russell, D. Fletcher, A. Rice, M. McNally; Back row: D. Spickard,J. Teas, D. Head, M. Smith, P. Roberts, B. Reese, M. Morrissey This year’s Freshman Basketball Team will go down in the history books as the most successful one ever. The talented and willing group of 14 dedicated players won the coveted championship of the annual District 21-AAA Tournament after finishing the season top-ranked in the city and top-seeded in the tournament. The Frosh finished with a 7-1 district record and a 14-2 overall record against a powerful schedule. After a 1-1 start, the Big Red reeled off five straight wins over Hillwood, Brentwood Fligh, McGavock, Hillsboro, and arch-rival Father Ryan. Then after a tough overtime loss to the Maplewood Panthers, the Frosh began another streak. This one a seven-game tear culminating with the District Crown. Close wins over Whites Creek, in which the Frosh overcame a thundering slam dunk by the Cobra center to win, and the East Eagles began the streak. The rest of the regular season streak included wins over Franklin Jr. High, Ryan (again) and Overton. The. tournament then began. A Ist-round bye and a close, 28-24 2nd-round victory over Hillsboro, led by forward David Spickards 11 points, moved the Big Red into " The Final Four. " This set up another battle with Whites Creek, seeded 4th. MBA played the role of giant-killers, beating the huge Cobras, again, 36-33. On February 14, a huge crowd gathered for the Finals at Hillwood, but challenger and 3rd-seeded Glencliff was never even close. MBA won the game 44-27 behind star performer Marc Smith’s 17 points. Smith and Morrissey made the all- tournament squad, but the season and the tournament were definitely team efforts. 152 Microbe Basketball Front row: F.Potanin, M. Ross, C. Perry, R. Arendale, C. Treadway, R. Hall, B. Daniell; 2nd row: J. Ferguson, H. Bodine, C. Calton, D. Robison, A. Coulam, F.Conner, T. Williams The Microbe Basketball team endured a snowy season of can- celled games and few practices. Coaches Bennett and Morel worked these young atheletes as often as possible, but Mother Nature had a curious way of ruining plans. Eighth graders Chris Hall, John Smithwick, Chris Calton, Bo Healey, Charles Tread- way, Harlie Bodine, and Drew Robison contributed all their talents and were backed up by numerous other scrapping round- bailers. The team trudged through heavy snow to compete in its first contest against Goodpasture in a losing but awe-inspiring exposition of talent. The Microbes came up short once again against a tremendously talented Brentwood Academy squad but rallied their forces for an overtime victory over BGA by the score of 33-29. 153 Varsity Wrestling The 1984-85 wrestling season started off slowly, as usual, for MBA. The first match of the year was a loss to Hillwood High School. (Sorry, Coach.) More bad news came after two-time state champion Scott Garfinkel separated his shoulder, caus- ing him to take to the sidelines until after Christmas. Even without Garfinkel, the matmen entered the BGA tournament as a possible contender for the team championship. Led by seniors Steve Rollins and Chris Smith, MBA finished third out of seventeen teams. In the 167 weight division, Steve Rollins won the first individual championship of his career, setting the tone for his incredible season. Smith wrestled outstand- ingly and placed second in the 138 weight class. Also placing for MBA were Jim (105) and Will (112) Campbell (4th), Walter Smithwick (119, 3rd), and Tommy Frist (who placed third at 145 in his first varsity wrestling tournament). MBA then went on to compete in the Overton Tournament. Once again, Rollins captured first place. Smithwick and Frist placed sec- ond; the Campbells, Smith, and Russ " I can’t make weight” Brothers all placed third. " Look, Coach, No blood! " From row: C. Enders, W. Campbell, S. Garfinkel, W. Smithwick, J. Campbell; 2nd row: R. Rollins, C. Smith, S. Saperstein, S. Rollins, J. Jenkins, T. Frist, P. Soper; 3rd row: J. Ryu, R. Brothers, S. Thompson, T. Carney, B. Cochran, J. Robbins, A. Rosen 54 Soper tries to untangle from leachlike opponent. Three days after Christmas, MBA travelled to Versailles, Kentucky to participate in the Woodford County Invitational Tournament. Garfinkel, wrestling at 126, made a dramatic return to the limelight. He placed second after losing to a defending Florida State Champion. Other medal winners were Smithwick (3rd), Soper (132, 3rd), Smith (3rd), and Frist (3rd). MBA finished third overall, even after getting very little sleep on Friday night. On January 4, the prestigious Father Ryan Invitational Tournament began. The top teams in the state competed in this tourney and provided a tough test for the Big Red. Garfinkel faced his nemesis Walter Batey from McGavock in the quarter finals and beat him 6-3. He lost his next match to Donny Fullum from East Ridge, but wound up placing third. Rollins faced his first defeat of the year at the hands of Overton s Terry Meyer in the championship match. Gutsy Walter Smithwick wrestled exceptionally well and placed fourth. The wrestlers then traveled to Hopkinsville, Ky., but little is known of the results, thanks to Old Man Winter. Next MBA faced the much detested Eagles from Brentwood Academy. Even though MBA was defeated, this match proved to be a decisive turning point for the wrestlers. The wrestlers vowed to turn things around, and did just that by thrashing Hillsboro and then winning four out of the five dual matches of the year. MBA whipped Overton and Ft. Campbell on a Friday afternoon; then came back the next day to defeat Franklin and Baylor before losing a tough match to Father Ryan, the first such loss in two years. However, as Mr. Williams al- ways says, " Nothing matters until district, region, and state. " In the District Tournament, MBA finished second to Brentwood Academy. Garfinkel won his first tournament of the year, and Rollins continued to destroy his helpless foes. Paul Soper, a ju- nior, captured the 132 lb. District Championship with an impressive victory over his Brentwood Academy opponent in the finals. Chris Smith also defeated a Brentwood Academy wrestler to claim the 138 lb. title. Walter Smithwick wrestled extremely well but lost in the finals to Hillsboro’s Doug Sloan. Also placing for MBA were Steve Saperstein (4th) at 155, John Jenkins (4th) at 185, Will Campbell (3rd) at 112, and Chad Enders (4th) at 98. These eight place finishers advanced to the Regional Tournament at Whites Creek. In the Region, the Cardiac Kid (i.e. Chris Smith) wanted to see everyone sweat as he waited until the last twenty seconds in two different matches before he decided to wrestle. (Yes, Chris did win both matches). He went on to place 3rd in his weight class. 155 The biggest surprise for MBA was Steve Saperstein. In the first round, Sap upset the district champion; then in the second round he almost pinned Tommy Baden who fin- ished second in the state at 155 the year before. Sap ended up placing fourth. Garfinkel dominated his way into the regional finals where he met for the last time Walter Batey of McGavok. The ensuing match was one which will never be forgotten. In overtime, Batey gradually increased his lead and ended up with the victory. In this match, Garfin- kel displayed the gutsy determination and class that only a two-time state champion could have. MBA’s lone regional champion was Steve Rollins, who, as usual, dominated his weight class, defeating Monroe White of McGavock 13-4. Garfinkel, Smith, Saperstein, and Rollins were on their way to the State Tournament in Chattanooga. At the State Tournament, Smith and Sap were eliminated after the first round. It was now up to Garfinkel and Rollins to uphold the MBA name. Garfinkel wrestled his way into the semi- finals where he met Jimmy Lynch of McCallie, the defend- ing State Champion at 132. Garfinkel lost and had to settle on fourth place. Once again, Steve Rollins destroyed his opponents with his incredible strength and quickness. In the State finals, he wrestled his opponent from the Region- al finals. This time White was not so lucky; Rollins pinned him in 1:06, the fastest pin in the finals. Rollins claimed his first and his family’s second State Championship. " That is Jimmy Lynch! " " I wonder what I’m missing on T.V. tonight.’ 156 Freshman Wrestling Although not as successful as past championship teams, this season’s Freshman wrestlers offer much to the future of MBA Wrestling. Plagued with inexperience and injury, the young grapplers had a disappointing season if mea- sured by records alone. This squad composed primarily of enthusiastic 7th and 8th graders, made large strides in reaching the goals of improvement set by Coach Anderson Gaither. Dual match wins were scored over Goodlettsville, Brentwood High, Apollo, and Overton. Individual contri- butions, often to the surprise and delight of Coach Gaither, were made by 7th grader Billy Crawford, the timid yet intimidating Edgar Bueno, and John Szydlo. Injuries inhibited the hopes of standouts Seth Asher and Hampton Carney, with further frustration added by the loss of re- gional champion Chad Enders. This team offers great potential in future years for the success of both the Fresh- man and Varsity levels of competition. _ A ri Front to back and left to right: C. McNabb. W. Ward. M. Davis, G. Stein, K. Kimery, R. Hulbert, R. Nimmo, Fitzpatrick, C. Clements, J. Hays, D. Trainer B. Griffin, S. Griffin, A. Patterson, B. Crawford, K. 158 Microbe Wrestling Front row: K. King, C. Houghland, C. McNabb, C, Cigarrin, W. Ward, C. Clements, W. Shuff, D. Neff, C. Petrie; 2nd row; S. Anderson. K. Kimery, R. Arendale, S. Elder, S. Townery, A. Patterson, B. Crawford, B. Lyle, D. Trainer.J. Hays, M. Davis; 3rd row: P. Foster, B. Griffin, A. Brown, H. Carney, R. Nimmo, R. Pulley, J. Binkley, D. Brooks, K. Fitzpatrick, S. Griffin, B. Healy, R. Hall The 1984-85 Microbe Wrestling, led by coaches Gaither, Killian, and Smith compiled a 3 and 4 record over the season. This year’s Microbes were significant in that more people turned out to wrestle than recent years. The Mi- crobes were also a group of hard workers who pushed each other to improve. The team’s three wins came over Battle Ground Academy and Brentwood Academy. The team placed fifth in the HVAC tournament with the microbe’s highest finisher being Rabin Nimmo, who finished second in the heavyweight division. The Microbes have many experienced wrestlers returning for next year, while the eighth graders should provide good support for the Fresh- man team next year. 159 Varsity Baseball Standing (L-R): B. Whitson, C. Shaefer, H. Peffen, F. Downey (holding C Smith), M. Smith, T. Masten, M. Wills (holding R. Black), D. Smith; Kneeling: J. Pickle (holding Coach Regen), C. Fridich, S. Flooper (holding Coach Bennett), B. Reese, M. Morrissey The 1985 MBA baseball season can be summed up in three words: a real disappointment. After losing only three seniors off of last year s district runner-up squad, expectations around the MBA campus this spring were optimistic that the Big Red could finally go further than the first game of the Region VI tourna- ment (which had been the case the two previous years). These dreams and aspirations, however, were never met as the team finished 9-10 overall, 7-8 in the district and out of the final four round of the district tournament for the first time in four years. 160 The year began for the third straight season with spring training in Florida. The Big Red, led by head coach John Bennett, and his assistant Damon Re- gen, made camp in Clearwater, Florida at the Holiday Inn-Central. Frank Tack Park became home for the players dur- ing the stay as five hour a day workouts were spent fielding ground balls, work- ing over game situations, and taking batting practice from coaches Elliott and Bowers, who also accompanied the team. After a week of hard work- outs and daily inspirational words of wisdom by the Reverend Rob McNair on “if a man wants to . . . “, the team headed home for 3 non-district games . with FRA, Hillsboro, and Brentwood Academy, winning only the opening day contest with the Rebels aided by Robert Black’s 3 run shot to Brighton Road in the fifth. The club opened the district season with a 14-1 ambush of Pearl-Cohn. Every starter got at least 1 hit while Masten and Fridrich both clubbed home run shots. The team won their next two over Glencliff and Hillwood before losing the first time in the district to Antioch 7-0. Things did not get better for the Big Red as they fell to the top teams of the district Hillsboro, Ryan, and Overton during the second week in April. The only bright spots at this point were the red hot bats of McNair, Malone, and Peffen (all batting near .400) The next week MBA took out their frustrations out on Pearl-Cohn (18-3) Glencliff (12-1), and Antioch, indefinitely the team’s best week of the season. The “Right Field Rowdies” began to catch pennant fever as crowds for the next 4 games were just short of standing room only status. These hopes were dashed, however, when in the first round of the district tournament, MBA met Hillsboro whom they had not beaten in three previous tries. Hurt with the loss of short stop Dave Malone (sprained ankle), the Big Red fell short in the see-saw battle 11-8 before another huge crowd. The season was shockingly over. For their efforts this year, Peffen, Fridrich, McNair, and Masten were named honorable mention All-Nashville . With the excitement of the birth of the Rowdies in right field and the outstanding talent and Potential returning to next year’s team, one can look forward to good baseball next spring on the Hill. Practice makes perfect . . . 161 I Coach Bennett stalks his turf. " AAAHH!— refreshment! " An earthbound Fun Bunch celebrates a homer, 162 JV Baseball This year’s JV baseball team, under the direction of first year coach, Bob Forrester, suffered through a dismal 1-5 season. Inconsistent pitching and hitting were key factors in the failure of the team, although there were many bright spots. The members of the team (with the letter " V” denoting varsity players playing JV) were freshmen Jim Harwell, Tommy Hayes, David Hobbs, Mike Morrissey (V), Brad Reese (V), and Mark Smith (V), sophomores Louis Graber, Frank Downey (V), Steven Hooper (V), Jay Stroman (V), and Bobby Whitson (V), and juniors Will Campbell, John Griffith, Jim Hunt, and Josh Easter. The team opened the season at home against the Rebels of Franklin Road Academy in a double header. The Big Red lost the disappointing opener, 19-5. The second game proved much more exciting with catcher Mark Smith hitting a grand slam to lift the team from a 9-8 deficit. The heroics were in vain, however, as FRA came back to win it 13-12. A few Saturdays later, theJV was home again against Antioch for a doubleheader. In the opener, Antioch’s powerful hitting was too much for Big Red pitching and the Bears rolled to a 9-0 win. In the second game, the pitching for the Big Red was much better, only giving up 4 runs, but there still was a lack of offense on the part of MBA and JV lost by the score of 4-1. The following Saturday, Hillsboro invaded the MBA field for yet another doubleheader, which proved exciting. After dropping the first 4-1, the Big Red came alive. Once again, MBA made up an early deficit to go ahead 6-4 in the bottom of the third. Jay Stroman, pitching in relief, came on the mound and preserved the JV’s lead, resulting in their first victory of the year. Although the team doesn’t have that much to be happy about, they should be happy that they’ve had the chance to improve their baseball skills. With much more work, the JV baseball squad should return next year with much more success. 164 Microbe Baseball Front row: C. Calton, B. Crawford, M. LaVigne, R. Arendale, A. Patterson, M. Davis; 2nd row: M. Ross, F. Conner, C. Shea, K. Fitzpatrick, J. Ferguson, B. Stahlman; 3rd row: B. Smith, (coach), D. Trainer, M. Davis, W. Johnson, H. Bodine This year’s microbe baseball team started the ’85 season with many question marks. With first year coach Bill Smith and many young players, the Little Red’s team was untested. But with hard work in the preseason, the Little Red was ready for action. While compiling a record of 4-8- 1, the microbes improved with every game. During the season, the team had big victories over BGA and Ensworth. Players who made significant contribu- tions to the team were: pitcher Jay Ferguson, and hard hitters Harley Bodine, Andy Patterson, and Richard Arensdale. The prospects for next season look promising as several exper- ienced players are returning. 165 Varsity Soccer Standing (L-R)J. Dillon, B. Duncan S. Sprague, B. Willingham, W. Lin, B. Lancaster, C. Baird, S. Sommer, D. Swartz, T. Rice,J. Zibas,J. Huddleston, t. Boone, S. Pear- Houg hbnd Thombs, D, Muddiman, C. Mayes, B. Cochran, S. Young, S. Jones, F. Goldner, M. The 1985 varsity soccer team compiled a 6-5-1 regular season record. For the first year, MBA played in a new district on a AAA level. Wins during the regular season included Gallatin (2-0), Riverdale (2-1), Overton (3-0), BGA (l- 0), Dupont (2-1), and Webb (4-0) with a tie to McCallie. Wins in the district assured MBA a spot in the preliminaries of the state tourna- ment. The team suffered a hard loss in a double sudden death overtime finally ending in a shootout. Scorers in the shootout includ- ed Dan Swartz, Dawson Thombs, and John Enkema with Fred Joseph Goldner scoring in regulation time. BOIVI 70 166 ' Coach Lanier directs the action. Cochran prepares to " boot” the ball. Leading the offense during the year for the Big Red were John Enkema, Scott Sprague, David Muddiman, and Rob Elliot. Midfield was controlled by Steve Young and Dawson Thombs. The defensive unit was lead by Stephen Jones, Dan Swartz, and Richard Baughman with Charles Mayes in goal. The leading scorer for MBA was Stephen Jones, but the most spectacular goal must be credited to Richard Baughman. The team put out its best performance against arch-rival Hendersonville. The biggest win of the season came when the Big Red toppled third ranked BGA. The team was severely crippled with the loss of several starters including: Fredjoseph Goldner, Steve Young, Robert Willingham, Charles Mayes, and David Fletcher. MBA will lose seniors Dawson Thombs, Steve Young, Richard Baughman, John Enkema, Stephenjones, David Muddiman, and Fredjoseph Goldner. Returning next year will be a young experienced squad led by returning starters Dan Swartz, Rob Elliot, Scott Sprague, Bill Cochran, David Fletcher, and Scott Boone. The Big Red celebrate a goal as their opponents sulk. 167 Microbe Soccer The microbe soccer team had great potential but little experience which led them to a mediocre season in the HVAC. Coach Lanier and (rookie coach) Dr. Neergaard, with the help of several varsity players, led the team to an overall record of 4 and 4, with wins over Ensworth and Page. Chris Hall, a forward, and John Smith wick, center-half, were the high scorers for the year and had enough talent to contribute to the JV spring soccer program. Defenisvely, Jaimie Cheek, Daniel Donelson, and Bob Hannon were consistent in their excellent performance along with con- stant effort by both goalies; Willie Johnson and Drew Robison. The highlight of the " Little Red " season was a close game in the first round of the HVAC soccer tourney in which MBA initially tied BGA. Because of the darkness, the tie could not be broken, and the game was replayed on the following day. The final score gave BGA a 3-2 win, and the game, in the words of Chris Hall, was a " heart breaker. " The 1984-85 microbe soccer team beat Ensworth in a close consolation final match to emerge third overall. 169 Varsity Golf Front row; M. Shears, R. Boyers, P. Parker, H. Andrews; 2nd row: R. Hilton, H. Gilbert, J. Teas, C. Redd, C. Brothers Teas carefully lines up a putt. The 1984-85 Golf team embarked on its season under a new coach, Mr. Caldwell, with immeasurable confi- dence. Performing with a highly orga- nized nine man rotation, the team ex- perienced great success. In dual matches, the team compiled an impres- sive 12-1 record, only slipping into the clutches of defeat against FRA. After toiling over averages for boundless hours. Coach Caldwell decided on the 5 district participants: Hal Andrews, Pat Parker, Mike Shears, Chip Redd, and Harris Gilbert as an alternate. Left: Pat Parker getting serious; Bottom: Carter drills one out of the beach. 171 Left: Shears shows classic form on the fairway; Bottom: " Wait a second, John, that’s no way to grip your club. " The Big Red linksters humiliated an inferior field of district opponents by winning by over 70 strokes. Hal An- drews led the onslaught by winning the district with a 73. After securing the Regional championship by 8 strokes, the team moved to the State Tourna- ment with high expectation. Unfortu- nately, the Big Red’s hopes of a second state title in four years ended with a 7th place finish. The team looks forward to next year with seven returning letter- men: Carter Brothers, Harris Gilbert, Pat Parker, Chip Redd, Rob Hilton, Mike Shears, and John Teas. 172 First Row: George Clements, Andy Graves, Kevin King, Calvin Houghland; Back: Brandon Daniel, Rick Barksdale, Bob Hannon Andy Graves makes a tremendous putt. 173 Microbe Golf Varsity Tennis Once again the MBA netters had another successful tennis year. The team was led by seniors Hunt Warner and Mike Wood, junior Vivek Sahota, sophomore Tommy Frist, and freshmen Sterling Price and Arthur Henderson. The team had extemely good depth once again. Players not at the top, but who saw considerable action and contributed to the teams overall success were Bud Henderson, Chip Blaufuss, Beau Wilson, and Sandy McLeod. The 1985 team compiled a 15-3 season record. Highlights of the season were a 3rd place finish at the prestigious Carter Invitational at MBA and a 5th place finish at the Rotary Tennis Invitational in Chat- tanooga. 174 In the Carter Invitational Tournament played April 27th-28th, Hunt Warner captured the second place trophy in the Boys singles and Tommy Frist gained 2nd place in the 3 division. In the district, MBA seized the crown, dominating the other foes with ease. Hunt Warner won the district by defeating Hillwood’s Loy Gales. Tommy Frist finished 3rd ousting Fellow MBA player Vivek Sahota. Hunt Warner and Mike Wood placed 1st in the doubles division, outdueling the other MBA duo of Tommy Frist and Vivek Sahota 0-6, 6-1, 6-4. In the Region, Hunt Warner reluctantly accepted the 2nd place trophy while Tommy Frist finished 3 in the singles division, beating Ronnie Holmes of Whites Creek. The doubles team of Warner and Wood, in the midst of a previous turmoil with the coach, rose to the occasion and seized the region championship. Being down 6-1, 5-3, with the match game at 40-love, the seniors saved 8 match points and took control, winning the region for Montgomery Bell. Hunt Warner and Tommy Frist qualified for the state along with the doubles team of Warner Wood, who were one of eight double teams to go. Despite Tommy Frist’s impressive showing with a quarterfinal finish in singles, the MBA netters finished the season with a disappointing 5th in the state. Mike Wood slams home an overhead. Oooh, check that body extension. McLeod leans into a backhand. 176 Microbe Tennis Front row: L. Thomas, N. Sewell, C. Mcnabb, C. Cigarran, C. Petrie; Back row: S. Calloway, J. Cheek, A. Coulam, C. Perry The 1985 microbe tennis team had fun and won in the process. This team was composed of seven players — seven talented players who proudly represented their school with a 6-2 record. Eighth graders Cheek, Robison, and Treadway proved to be strong leaders while seventh graders Thomas, Sewell, McNabb, and Coulam were, no doubt, powerful followers. The remaining nine of ten 16-player squad gave the needed support. These were Finn, McGee, Galloway, Cigarran, Namath, Perry, Petrie, Sloan, and Gilliland. The team’s " claim to fame " was the victory over both McCallie in a triangular match at Baylor and an undefeated FRA squad. Though coming in a close 2nd in the HVAC tournament, the team displayed above- average progess — and still had fun. 177 Varsity Track Front row: J. Joe, P. Bowers, R. FakhruddinJ. Campbell, B. Martin, B. Crams, J. Thompson,;. Gardner, T. Cassetty, A. Davis, J. Cole, J Jenkins, W. Meyers, B. Donnell, T. Carney, T. Owen; 2nd row: S. Malkani, J. Tacogue, R. Reddy, C. Hastings, B. Carothers, T. Humphreys,;. Rawlings, T. Bottorff,;. Owen, H. Reynolds, C. Brandon! D. Dillon, C. Trabue, P. Pans, M. Inman, C. Gayden,J. Mclaren, P. Soper; 3rd row: R. Baker, T. Jackson, D. Henry, J. Ryu, R. Po, R. Reed, P. Bond, F. Wilk, R. Alley, B. Mangrum, S. Rollins, W. Smithwick, S. Gilleland, D. Farrar, R. Page, G. Moon, J. Brothers, T. Scales, S. Burke, L. McDonald, D. Fish, F. Crowell The 1985 varsity track team will certainly go down in the record books as one of the school’s most successful teams in several years. Although some suffered from the inevitable trackster’s shin splints, this year’s team was not plagued by the many crucial injuries for which the previous year’s team was noted. The start of the season was enormously successful as the Big Red proceeded to blow away its first four opponents: Hillsboro, Hendersonville, Brentwood High School, and Franklin. The team also had to face Overton who has not been beaten in a regular dual meet in countless years. We could not overcome this powerful opponent but did hold them to a close 74-63 loss. The team, however, was able to rebound the very same week by placing second out of 16 teams in the Triangle Relays held at Brentwood Academy. Paul Bond, undefeated at this point, was able to pull off another victory in the 400. Johnny Thompson and Steve Rollins placed second in the 110 high hurdles and the 330 intermediate hurdles respectively. Bowers paces with the best. 178 4 X 200 school record holding relay team— Way to go, guys. Coach Owen at the MBA track. Coach Drake supervising at the Regional track meet at McGavock. 179 The Big Red upped its season record by beating Hill wood 88- 49 before traveling to McCallie in the Tornado Classic. Al- though McCallie placed higher than us in their invitational, MBA came back to defeat them along with Glenncliff the following week in a triagnular meet. The Optimist Track Meet proved to be rather uneventful for the Big Red except for a school record breaking leap of 21’ 4 Vi” by Gavin Moon in the long jump. At the Banner Relays, the team was more successful placing fifth overall. Paul Soper’s vault of 12’ 6” contributed to this favorable placing. In the Regional Track Meet, the team did well overall placing sixth but Paul Soper was the only member able to qualify for the State Meet. Three out of the four relay teams placed in the top five showing the exceptional team depth. Paul Soper went on to place second with an impressive jump of 13’ in the pole vault at the state held at A. Steve Rollins and Johnny Thompson went on to compete in the Decathalon and placed 12th and 14th respec- tively. Teachers, Supervisors, Involved Spectator 180 " How many seconds was the official time different from your watch, Coach. " Yes, Coach, we’re mentally stretching.” Many of our tracksters contributed to our success- ful season with their outstanding and consistent performances. John Jenkins consistently threw in the 130’ range in the discus. Peter Paris did well placing at least third or fourth in every big meet. Gavin Moon will be looking to break his own re- cord in the long jump next year. The 4 X 200 relay team of Thompson, Wilk, Paris, and Moon estab- lished a new school record in that event. The 4 X 800 team of Alley, Gardner, Smithwick, and Reyn- olds came through to finish well in the Banner and the Regional meet. Paul Bond in the 400 meters and Steve Rollins in the 300 meter hurdles placed well throughout the year in their events. With only seven seniors leaving this year’s team, next year’s team should be able to continue MBA’s tradition of suc- cess. Paul Bond begins his 50 second trek. 181 Freshman Track This year under the leadership of Coach Compton, aided by Coach Caldwell, Coach Owen, and Coach Pruitt, the freshman track team achieved a record of 4-1 in duel meets and placed 5th out of thirteen teams in the Olympic Trophy Meet at Overton. In duel meets, freshman soundly defeated Knox Doss, Hillwood, Apollo, and Franklin. Their only loss during the regular season was to Overton in a meet which came down to the final race. Leading the Freshmen in points this year were Michael McNally with 66.5, Steve Jobe with 57.25, and Trey Everett with 43. The Frosh had several city champions. Steve Zibas won the 1600 meter run with a time of 4;49. Al- though he did not win Zibas ran a 2:12.6 in the 800. McNally won the pole vault. Demetri Patikas won the shot put, and Everett won the discus. There were many other outstanding members of the team. Emmet Russell jumped nineteen feet, the third best Freshman leap in MBA history. The 3200 relay of Zibas, Knowles, Overfield, and Jobe set a new freshman school record of 9:1-. 2. McNally vaulted to the 2nd best freshman height of 11 feet. The 400 meter relay team composed of Rice, Barrett, Spickard, and McNally ran a 48.6 in the Olympic Trophy, a mere tenth of a second off the freshman record. The coachs felt that the team was strong because it had individuals who did well in big meets and yet it had good depth all around too. Front row: J. Hippe, B. Hitt. B. Penuel, C. Enders, J. Overfield. R. Westermann; (kneeling) M. McNally, E.Bueno, S. Zibas, I. Knowles R B. Napier; (standing) D. Patikas, T. Everett, P. Keeble, K. Gilliland, D. Head, S. Jobe, E. Russell, D. Spickard, R. Archer, B. Link Speight, R. Barrett, S. Smith, 182 Microbe Track The 1985 Microbe Track team was best described by its sapient coach Anderson Gaither: " They are weak in numbers but strong in spirit. " The Microbes gathered in early spring to be met by premature heat and a challenging schedule. The ardent spirit emerged from a courageous elite. The team demonstrated its talent in Lansdon Hyde s 5:00 minute mile, Bo Healy’s 8’6” pole vault, and Rabin Nimmo s 5 mark in the discus. The team made steady improvement in other events as the season progressed, with the bright spot being the 4X100 relay team of Dan Brooks, John Hays, Jay Binkley, and Chris Jones. Unfortunately, the sport of track is scored on ability in all events and the microbes were unable to achieve a flawless season. The conclusion of the microbe season saw the great potential of many athletes arise but it was only enough for a dissatisfying sixth in the HVAC. 183 Fall There is a time to be born, and a time to die, and a time for war, and a time for peace, and a time to return to school: Fall. As the temperature remained warm and seasonable, and the pools remained open, the students returned to their alma mater in anticipa- tion of the coming year. Though it soon turned cool, the season was a good one, and school seemed routine again. For the Friday nights of football, to the switch from short to long sleeves, to the chang- ing ot the leaves, it was clear that fall was a season to remember. It will probably happen next year, too. Homecoming Lett to ngh C. Holbrook, J. Brothers, D. Hagewood, B. Bainbridge, T. Stevens, S. Saperstein, K. Sanders, M. Hardcastle, S. Morris, H. Paine K Kirby B rrancis, S. Young, C Topply ’ ‘ ‘ It was that time of year when the leaves were turning yellow, orange, and red, and the Mothers Auxiliary were beginning the preparations for the grand feast which would feed almost three thousand. It was time for interesting assemblies to encourage the students against procrastination. It was time for Spaghetti Supper and Homecoming and everyone was ready with an anxious an- ticipation of the events to come. People from all over the Nash- ville area came to eat the famed spaghetti on which the mothers had worked so diligently. During the football game that followed, many festivities occurred including the presentation of the homecoming court and the drawing of the raffle tickets for lucky prize winners. After these dramatic happenings, the foot- ball team was allowed to continue its thrashing of Pearl-Cohn. Ever-cheery freshman waitresses sacrificing their time. 190 Dave Wood dishes out scintillating tunes as a post-football game DJ. " Geez, maybe I shouldn’t have danced next to the speaker all night.” 192 School soon became routine and accepted once again. The temperatures remained mild and sea- sonable, and football games were soon replaced by basketball. Then Old Man Winter came in a fury, seventeen below zero on the day of the first exam. Continuing cold insued. And SNOW. More snow than ever before was unleashed upon the exam weary and unsuspecting students. Nev- ertheless, MBA remained gallantly open, not willing to yield to Mother Nature’s futile at- tempts to halt the ongoing quest for knowledge. But it did SNOW a lot, and the temptation to go sledding and playing in the snow off campus during school was only surmounted by the in- genious students who compromised and rode their sleds and rolled mamouth snowballs on campus. " Of course not; real men don’t get cold. " Assemblies Throughout the 1984-85 school year, the words " Special Assembly " made many stu- dents and teachers alike cringe at the thought that the forever changing schedule would be further manipulated, cutting out time for a possible in-class theme?!, major test, or sim- ply extra knowledge that could be absorbed. In several cases this year, however, the assem- blies were interesting and enjoyable. During the few weeks before Homecoming, as usual there are some quite amusing spectacles of self-humiliation. The " Sell Those Tickets " pitch was greatly aided by the mop headed " Blues Brothers " with furry legs that sang and actually did look like spaghetti supper meatballs. Another of the " Oh my, we got to go to what!” assemblies turned out to be an interesting talk on drug abuse by a rehabili- tated drug user who could relate to everyone on a student level. Drake and Hardcastle grovel for laughs. The next event which boggled even the quick mind of senior Steve Stroman was the magnificent Calvert. Magic was never more illusive. Then, there was the group from where else but Oklahoma. " A Chorus! Friday eighth period and Everyone is required to come!” — MBA students learned that there are choruses that sound good (and even have a rock band). As tedious as some assemblies can be there are some exceptions to the rule as these examples past year show. Speaker gives informative talk on alcohol and drug abuse. 198 Spring As the snow slowly melted into slush, attention turned to the matters at hand; the state of Florida and the sunshine above. Classes continued, obliv- ious to the heat outside; and soon, after the south- ward pilgrims had returned, the powers-that-be commanded a plague of locusts to punish the way- ward students. Afterwards, seniors began disappear- ing at high rates of speed; then came exams; and then it was over . . . Spring was fun. Big Brother lives! " More weight. " 202 Prom ’85 " Yes ... the columns are black. " " Let’s Boogie " At the beginning of May for the last eight consecutive years, the concern of almost every senior on the hill was how good the Prom is going to be. As May approached in 1985, the seniors had a lot of new questions for the juniors: ' Will there be a Prom. !?” The insulted juniors took up the challenge, and with the leadership of construction chair- man Jimbo Hunt and student council members Rob Ikard and Don Fish, the Prom turned out to be a true success; some might think the best ever. 204 " Gee . . . aren ' t these flowers pretty? " Jeff Frace ' hard at work The packed house didn’t look concerned, though, for the agony which the juniors went through to set up the two hand painted back- drops, the inside fountain, and the presenta- tion backdrop. The Little Saints took away any pessimistic thoughts of the Prom being a flop as they rocked the Brownlee O. Curry gym with ‘Til Stop the World and Melt With You”, " Rosalita”, and other songs from such well-known groups as The Police, U2, and The Talking Heads. Paul Richards and Robin Henderson took top honors for the most in- teresting tuxedos as they dazzled any onlook- er. The “Cotton Club” theme worked well, and except for the infamous " black columns” the Juniors should be congratulated on a job well done. aeif ll »|fi« | ' .i?. ' ' -- 5 ' £ if " j; •“ Student Council Front row: D. Spickard, P. Roberts, E. Bueno, R. Speight; 2nd tow; T. Cassetty, C. Mayes, G. Bumstead, W, Meyer; 3rd row: D. row; W. Smithwick, B. Frahn, R. Black, M. Hardcastle. The 1984 85 Student Council met with a magnitude of zealous- ness every Tuesday night in the physics lab. The Student Council was involved in three areas of pursuit. First, in the area of student activities, the Student Council sponsored many dances after foot ball games. Also, the council sponsored a " Lame Duck dance starring Tyrone Smith toward the end of the year, and the junior class officers are, of course, responsible for the prom. Second, in the area of administrative decisions, the Student Council worked very closely with Mr. Bondurant and the administration to repre sent the students’ views about changes in policy and other p rob- lems. The S.C. was responsible for initiating a proposal to let the students begin to use the popular Roberts Room during differ- ent study halls. Finally, the Student Council was involved in community service projects. Seniors were involved in a YMCA project where they would tutor Cambodian refugees two days a week after school during their season off. The council also sponsored programs for the Second Harvest Food Bank, the Heart Association, the Tennessee Special Olympics, and a prison art show. The Student Council’s most involved contribution to the community was the soup kitchen, sponsored the first Satur- day of every month. Overall, the Student Council is a very important part of the total MBA experience and has helped MBA gain its superb reputation in our community. The 1984 85 council worked especially hard and should receive great acclaim. 210 kT 211 The Soup Kitchen The Student Council sponsored a Soup Kitchen every first Saturday of the month that was held at Holy I ame Catholic Church down town. The Council would take up money to fund the event during class meetings prior to that Saturday. The meals would then be planned and bought in order to be ready for anyone who might pass by and need a good hot meal for the day. At 8:30 Saturday morning, about twelve students would meet at MBA and then carpool to Holy Name. Once there they would cook the food, serve the hot meal to street-people, and stay till around 1:30 to help clean up. Dr. Crowell and Mrs. Margeret Don should be commended for their excessive amount of work to make the entire Soup Kitchen program, as well as MBA’s, a heart-warming success. Honor Council Front Row; Jim Campbell, Bill Cochran, Jay Riven, Travis Jackson, Peter Dudley; Second Row: Johnny Thompson, Steve Jobe, Brian Donnell; Back Row: Rob Alley, David Smith, David Chickey, Scott Thompson This year’s Honor Council, headed by Senior officers David Chickey, Rob Alley, Scott Thompson, and David Smith, continued its sometimes difficult task of upholding the honor code at MBA. Created in 1945 by Dr. R.L. Sager, the Honor Council is designed to promote honesty, integrity, and self-respect among the students by discouraging them from lying, cheating, stealing, and deceiving. The Honor Council is composed of a small body of students elected from each class: 4 senior representatives, 3 juniors, 2 sophomores, 2 freshmen and 1 Junior School student. It hears cases involving any violation of the Honor Code and determines a punishment suitable for that violation. In addition to carrying out its customary duties, this year’s Honor Council finally completed the almost two-year-old project, initiated by former Pres. John Harrison, of amending the original, now obsolete charter. After innumerable meetings and mishaps, and, finally, an ultimatum from Dr. Crowell, the saga of the New Constitution came to its climax. In the end, there was Honor Council President David Chickey dictating the new charter from memory because the only copy had been lost on the night before it was to be put to a vote before the student body. Luckily, nobody noticed. It was obvious that the old document, which acted as an outline and guide for the council’s actions, was very outdated in a number of areas, particularly in the election procedure, the interpretation of ”an act of deceiving”, and the details of procedure and punishment. Under the new constitution, the election pro- cedure used in recent years has been put in accordance with the charter, in addition, the punishments are now more clearly defined. A first time minor offense merits a warning. More serious (first degree) offenses would be put on permanent file. The second degree pun- ishment for the next offense implies a probation of up to three days. Any further violation will result in expulsion. It is hoped that these changes will facilitate the more efficient use of the Honor Code at MBA. 212 Junior Honor Society Front Row: K. Kono, D. Chen, C. Geddie, R. Westermann; Second Row: E. Sundell, C. Fly. K. Gilleland, B. Martin, D. Spickard, S. Malkani; (not pictured): R, Archer, C. Hailey, C. Handee, B. Hassler.J. Haynes, C. Jones, J. Norris, J. Rice, W. Strayhorn National Merit Semifinalists and Finalists Each year the National Merit Corporation honors high school students across the nation as a result of their scores on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT). A student is selected as a Semifinalist if his or her score is above a certain cutoff point set each year by the Corporation. Another cutoff point is set to honor commended students. Those Semifinalists who have upheld high academic standards and had continued success are usually later selected as Finalists. Many colleges and universities around the nation honor Semifinalists and Finalists with scholarships if they choose to attend their school. Congratulations to these MBA students. Hal Andrews Buzz Frahn Sam Graber Rob Hendrick Tray Owen Grey Petznick Pat Rau Jonathon Springer Chris Zanone 213 Front row; J. Griffith, B. Martin, R. Henderson, S. Stroman, B. Whitson, G. Bumstead, F. Downey, P. Lilly; 2nd row: B. Henderson, T. Humphreys, T. Owen, C. Schaefer, B. Mangrum, C. Blaufuss, B. Fitzpatrick, C. Sanders; In the back: A. Davis, J. Cole, T. Cassetty, J. Thompson, C. Mayes, J. Stroman, J. Owen, D. Smith, B. Fu- son, B. Hannon, S. Thompson, B. Cochran, B. Donnell, Campbell, T. Patkias This year the Fellowship of Christian Athletes began with a tremendously successful organizational meeting at Bill Cochran’s house in which the group of fifty ate, planned, and played " frisbee football” at Percy Warner Park. The success carried on into the regular meetings, which attracted many different people from the student body because of a relaxed atmosphere in which anyone could freely express their views. The exciting and diverse meetings included a joint meeting with Harpeth Hall’s Christian Fellowship on November 19th to hear Scott Rolley sing; differ- ent discussions based on the scriptures about the Prodigal Son, David and Goliath, and letters to Timothy from Paul; discussions on Christ ian and Rock music and their effect on us; speakers such as Doug Pollack and the talented Joe Bias. Before most meetings the Fellowship ate together, and throughout the year enjoyed some " recreation nights”. One of the most significant accomplishments of the fellowship was the beginning of a Prayer List and the open prayers at the start and conclusion of each meeting. Through the leadership of Scott Thompson, Steve Stro- man, David Smith, Bill Cochran, and Coach Mark Elliott as sponsor, the FCA grew in members, and the members grew spiritually. President Scott Thompson expressed his satisfaction with the year by saying that the group was ”... literally a ’fellowship’ of Christian athletes.” Service Club This year the Service Club enjoyed magnanimous success under the leadership of President Harry Peffen. Among the greatest accomplishments of this year were the raising of over two hun- dred dollars for the Chilren’s Hospital on Palm Sunday and helping TOTT (Taste of the Town) at the Belle Meade Mansion. Aside from community services, the MBA service Club devoted itself to many services here on the Hill. The Club was responsible for ushering at football games, cleaning up the gym after the Spaghetti Supper, and after many basketball games (a task not to be taken lightly). According to Mr. Bennett, the Service Club sponsor, ' This year’s Service Club did the best job after basket- ball games that I have ever seen.” Once again, the 1984-85 Service Club fulfilled its responsibility to the school in a high-minded fashion. Front: G. Bumstead, F. Downey, R. Henderson, M. Hardcastle, D. Muddiman, B. Whitson,J. Stroman, B. Cochran, C. Sanders, J. Hunt, J. Robbins; Middle: J. Griffith, S, Stroman, T. Patikus, T. Maston, B. Frahn, H. Peffen, R. Black, C. Brandon, S. Thompson; Back: J. Thompson, C. Mayes, C. Fridrich, D, Malone, T. Brothers, H. Walker, D. Smith, R. Bueno, L. Vaughn, D. Wood 215 Chorus Front row: B. Stahlman, M. Ross, E. Falk, V. Morehead, J. Lamb; 2nd row: C. Fawcett, C. Geddie, C. Lutz, J. Dillon, M. Starr; 3rd row: D. Wood, J. Huddleston, T. Hsueh; Top: P. Richards, B. Mangrum During the Christmas season, the chorus sang at many schools such as St. Cecelia, Harpeth Hall, and finally ending their festive tour at MBA. The chorus also frequented the special occasions as they enlightened the Father-Son Banquet. The chorus’ year ended with a spring tour and, of course, a performance at Com- mencement. The arduous and enduring practices of singing hour after hour in the early morning and during eighth period have paid off this year with fabulous appearances all over Nashville. Cheerleaders Front row: A. Dale, S. Morris, M. Goodrum, J. Amacher, R. Goodrum, K. Sanders, K. Kirby; Back row: S. Gilleland, R. Ikard, M. Hardcastle, H. Payne, D. Fish, B. Francis, S. Saperstein The football season got off to an early start for the cheer- leaders with their annual retreat to MTSU, home of the summer Cheerleader Training Camp. Upon their return, the cheerleaders continued to work hard in preparation for a hopeful season. Dr. Thomas led the cheerleading force to a high level of expertise. The cheerleaders motivated the Big Red Spirit by their traditional pep rallies and their unique and personal enthusiasm. Along with the football players and great speakers, the cheerleaders fired up the student body with their grunts, shouts, and original cheers. All in all, the cheerleaders, aided by a winning season and a journey to the Pioneer Bowl, led a resurgence of Big Red Spirit. Outing Club The 1984-85 school year was the sixth consecutive year of the Outing Club’s existence under the fearless and unwa- vering guidance of Jim Womack. This year was sparse on trips but high on spirits for the challenge of the great outdoors. The Outing Club completed two exhilirarting adventures by December, and planned a final trip in May. The first trip was to Max Patch, North Carolina where the " motley crew” encountered mind-boggling scenery and visions of their own. Hot Springs was at the end of this eighteen mile trek, and for all who made it, all physically and a few mentally, the view of the French Broad River was quite rewarding. The second Outing Club journey was to Lost Creek Cave in Sparta, Tennessee where all encoun- tered the plague of the modern day litter bug. The group joined the bats in total darkness and cooled off in the majestic waterfalls. The Outing Club is looking forward to the backpacking adventure this Spring, and the members of the future can look for definite re-organization in the agenda for next year. The Outing Club is expanding its endeavors to a wide scope of outdoor activities (backpack- ing, caving, bicycling, canoeing, skiing, African safaris, the search for the Ark of the Covenant, etc.) with the ever present excitement of God’s wonderful world. 218 Big Red Club Members: Too numerous to mention. This year’s Big Red Club, under the guidance of offi- cers Jack Brown, Steve Saperstein, Bill Bainbridge, and Stephen Young, maintained its reputation as one of the most popular organizations on campus. Thanks to stal- wart recruiting methods of President Jack Brown, ap- proximately 97% of the student body joined this elite group. The Big Red Club helped again this year to sustain high school spirit and to promote the " rebel yell” exper- ienced at all sporting events which MBA took part. The presence of this extra man on the field was truely felt by the athletes. The Varsity Crowd rose to the occasion just as often as the players on the field. More students were seen cheering and enjoying the games than have been in several years. The culmination to the new en- thusiasm was the emergence of the " Right Field Row- dies” which brought a new meaning to the words high school baseball fans. •51 219 Debate Success and accolades once again proved to be the rewards of the Montgomery Bell Academy Debate and Forensics Team, led by the grandmaster Billy Tate. The season opened on a most pros perous note with the team of Madison Laird and team captain Tommy Outlaw capturing first place in the Faulkner Invitational at Ole Miss. The same team enjoyed similar success at the Homewood, Alabama Tournament. Two other MBA debate teams, Paul Kahlon Niku Wasudev and Doug Johnson Warren Sprouse, helped out in the early going of the year. By midseason, the team of Outlaw and Laird had distinguished themselves enough to be invited to the highly prestigious Glenbrook Round Robin, where they finished fifth overall. Somewhat later at the highly acclaimed Barkley Forum at Emory University, MBA once again proved outstanding, with the Laird Outlaw andjohn- son Wasudev teams both reaching elimination rounds and be- yond. At the state tournament at Rhodes College, three Big Red teams successfully cleared elimination rounds. These teams in- cluded Kyle Hardin and John Joe, Doug Johnson and Tommy Outlaw, and Madison Laird and Warren Sprouse. The latter team laid claim to the state title and Madison won first place speaker award. The win qualified Sprouse and Laird for the national tournament. All told, the 1984-85 season was indeed an outstand- ing year for the MBA debaters and their director, Billy Tate. Front row: S. Bennett, N. Wasudev, K. Hardin, M. Laird, J. Frace, G. Logan; 2nd row: T. Outlaw, B. Hassler, J. Joe, T.A. McKinney, J. Pfeffer,J, Boone, D. Chen, W. Sprouse; 3rd row: T. Gutow, T. Rogers, C. Ptomey, D. Johnson, R. Page, M. Seshul,J. Springer; 4th row: S. Dudley, B. Perkins, P. Kahlon, W. Lin 220 Art This past year, student art showed marked development and growth over the preceeding ones. The difference be- tween this year and last year’s student art is best illustrated by the two student art shows. Last year’s art show was a versitable potpourri of art of every kind; whereas, this year’s art was more selective with a more qualitative than quantitative assortment. Students at the forefront of the development were Brian Donnell, Garth Nash, Hunt Ad- ams, and John Mahoney. Much of the improvement in the quality of the art can be attributed to the growth in “theor- ies” about art, color, and form generated by the students themselves. Overall, if last year was promising, and if this year could be called developmental, one can look forward to an exciting and even more specialized student showing next year. 1 4 } M ■i 4 221 Computers In this age of technology, MGA has not fallen to the wayside in the onrush of using the computer. An incredible amount of information is stored in the MBA data banks. Besides the beneficial busi- ness aspects of the computer, there is also the application of the computer to teaching. The science department is already using programs run by the computer to teach the student about different ideas in the separate fields of study, for example: the relations of pressure, temperature, and volume on a gas. The Physics honors class prepared science fair projects on the interfacing of computers to temperature and light detectors. Furthermore, because of the interesting teaching subject matter of Mr. Bostick, Mr. Caldwell, and Mr. Compton, the computer course has grown in popularity and size. With the addition of a hard disk drive, the capabilities of the MBA computer system has been augmented many times over. Student use of the computers has been monu- mental. So far, because of the addition of the new computers, there has been a copious amount of computers to satisfy the need of the invigorated students. There are several areas of student life where a computer has been advanta- geous. First, in making creative and eye catching announcements to be placed on the Ball build- ing doors. Second, in the writing of themes and other papers for school a word processor helps to save time rewriting corrected work. The annu- al and literary magazine copy staffs also took advantage of the aid of the word processing ability of the computer in order to facilitate their work. The computer know-how of today has become an important part of the MBA routine. 222 Rifle Team In the dead of winter, 1984, the rifle team led by senior co-captains, Mangrum and Hendrick, braved the swirling snow and freezing rain to gather once again in the basement of the Vanderbilt Engineering building which housed the riflery range. The underl- ings, Nichols, Rawlings, Albrecht, Fitzpatrick, Sulli- van, Cheek, Elder, and Amond directed by Coach Jim Stevens helped to create a strong firing line along side six year veterans Mangrum and Hen- drick. Performance during the season was always consistent, but somehow seemed to fall a little bit short. The first four position match yielded a loss to archrival Lipscomb (Lipscomb — 1792, MBA — 1680). As the season progressed, however, the mar- gin between the two quickly closed. The next match was a five point loss to Lipscomb, 1763 to 1758. Brennon Fitzpatrick was first place shooter with a 362 out of a possible 400. The final regular season match saw MBA suffer a highly discouraging one point defeat by Lipscomb, 1744 to 1743. Hendrick captured second place shooter honors with a 362. In the State Tournament, MBA had its high hopes for a championship crushed. MBA’s first place team shot a 25. Two Junior ROTC teams came and knocked MBA into a disheartening but impressive fourth place. Front Row: S. Elder, M. Amond, B. Link, H. Nichols, J. Rawlings; 2nd row:J. Stevens (coach), R. Cheek, J. Albrecht, B. Mangrum, R. Hendrick, B. Fitzpatrick, T. Sulli- van, W. Amond 223 The Newspaper The 1984-85 Bell Ringer editors choose to go by the motto " quality not quantity.” Indeed, if a person was looking for six or seven newspaper editions, he must have been terribly disappointed. If he was looking for excellent journalism and new insight into controversial topics, however, he found this year’s three editions of the Bell Ringer to be significant journalistic achieve- ments. David Chickey was editor-in-chief while Grey Petznick and Scott Carey were assistant editors. Other editors were John Bauman, Copy Editor; Bill Cochran, Robby Bueno, Sports Editors; Ben Vance, Entertainment Edi- tor; Ronnie Po, Photography Editor. Next year’s edi- tors hope to increase the number of publications as well as maintain the high excellence of journalism. B. Cochran, R. Po, G. Petznick, J. Bauman, B. Vance, D. Chickey, R. Bueno Archives R. Hendrick, R. Alley, B. Vance 224 Left to right: R. Alley, D. Chickey; (above) W. Smithwick, B. Frahn; (below) B. Cochran, R. Bueno; (not pictured) S. Garfinkel Totomoi On the night of February 8th, 7th and 8th grade students went home to dream of ways of improving themselves all-around in order that they too might have a chance of being inducted to the honorary fraternity of MBA: Totomoi. Some might have even dreamt of being at the very first induction in 1954, when Dr. Sager founded the fraternity with the intent to recognize those students with outstanding participation in three of the following areas: athlet- ics, citizenship, dramatics, forensics, organizations, publications, scholarship, and student government. In the winter tapping, David Chickey, who was inducted in the spring of 1984, showed everyone the true meaning of the word endurance as he consecu- tively tapped and presented four seniors; Rob Alley, Buzz Frahn, Scott Garfinkel, and Walter Smithwick. In return in the spring, these seniors came back, while David Chickey rested at the podium this time, and warmed the backs of juniors Robby Bueno and Bill Cochran and faculty member Mr. Laird Smith. It is because of the high standards that the Totomoi fraternity sets on individual students and others in the MBA community that the school has a reputa- tion of such tremendous esteem in the Nashville area today. Cum Laude li FpB ' WaTi 1 1 - j ® ' SP A ’ Founded in 1906 as an honorary society to recognize those students who have achieved academic excel- lence in high school, the Cum Laude Society is quickly becoming an MBA standard. In 1981, MBA received its chapter of the national fraternity which is the high school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa in college. The motto of the Cum Laude Society, Arete, Dike, Time, stands for " Excellence, Justice, Honor. " Originally, all department heads and facul- ty members who were members of Phi Beta Kappa were automatically inducted. Every year since, up to seven percent of the junior class and fifteen percent of the senior class along with selected faculty or members of the community have been admitted. On May 2, six seniors, seven juniors, and two honorary members, Mrs. Francis E. Carter and Dr. Thomas F. Frist, were recognized. Front row: D. Chickey, P. Bond, H. Andrews, J. Bauman, G. Petznick, J. Tate; Back row: B. Donnell, R. Po, N. Wasudev, B. Crams, R. Buleno, M. Wills; (not pictured) B. Frahn, S. Garfinkel, W. Lin, P. Rau, J. Robbins, W. Smithwick, C. Zanone 225 Commencement ■- ' ■ :: •M- ' ! if : ' ' i ' ■ ' {,.i}, ■ 5 f ' w ! ; I ' .i ' ■ John Bauman delivers the valedictory speech. Anxious onlookers , ’ . 4 .%, As summer rolled across the MBA campus, in- terest in most school activities diminished except one: commencement. For many, commence- ment is the fulfillment of a six year stay on " the hill. " For all seniors commencement is the festive finish to their high school careers. Yet, just as June starts a new season, commencement heralds the beginning of a new phase for our seniors. t ' = ' 1, - A; 228 This year’s graduation began in the Brownlee O. Curry Gymnasi- um at 9:00 on Saturday June first with the customary march of the Headmaster followed by Chairman of the Board Joe C. Davis, the faculty and the graduating seniors. The invocation by class presi- dent Mac Hardcastle welcomed these in attendance and gave thanks to the Lord for allowing the ceremony. Salutatorian Chris Zanone followed with a speech recounting life for him and other seniors while at MBA. Next, various students were recognized for their academic achievement in individual courses. John Bau- man presented the valedictory, emphasizing the importance of a strong liberal arts education as a basis for future careers. After a strong chorus presentation, Mr. Bondurant with help from var- ious faculty members presented specific awards to individual students, one of which was the new P.M. Estes award. Dr. Gaffney, along with many Junior school teachers awarded the certificates to the eighth graders. Finally, it was time to ha nd out the diplomas to the jubilant graduating class of 1985. The singing of the Alma Mater brought everyone to his feet, and when David Chickey delivered the benediction, MBA’s one hundred and eighteenth commencement for the class of 85 was officially over. A congratulatory Mrs. Carter COLLEGE CHOICES AUBURN DUKE DENISON WAKE FOREST ST. ANDREWS— Jimmy Armistead Grey Petznick Robin Henderson Paul Bond SCOTLAND Aurthur Bond Pat Rau Dawson Thombs Bobby Reeves James Forsyth Rob Hendrick Steve Rollins Harry Peffen John Tate GEORGETOWN RICE TENNESSEE TECH Steve Stroman John Bauman Jonathan Springer Roger Boyers Greg Walker SEWANEE Tommy Outlaw Chris Zanone Hunt Warner Richard Baughman TCU Frank Wilk Robert Black DAVIDSON BAYLOR David Coleman Kort Classen Mac Hardcastle Harry Payne VANDERBILT Rob Harwell U. of CINCINNATI Rob Alley GEORGIA TECH CAMBELL Richard Todd Scott Carey UNC Kyle Hardin Paul Richards John Enkema Bill Bainbridge Henry Trost U. of COLORADO Sam Graber David Chickey CENTRE Rob Briley Clay Lutz Scott Garfinkel RICHMOND Jay Brothers Trey Owen John Robbins David Muddiman VPI David Smith Ben Vance GRINNEL Stephen Jones Walter Smithwick ALABAMA Tim Brothers TRINITY Alex Davis U. of PENNSYANIA SMU Ed Caldwell Bobby Frist WHEATON Steve Saperstein Hal Andrews Jack Brown Rusty Hippe Jeff McLaren Scott Thompson WASHINGTON Ken Larish UT UVA KENYON UNIVERSITY Chris Smith Bruce Francis Jeff Dukes Andy Wattleworth Fredjoseph Goldner Mike Wood Brad Mangrum Steve Young Buzz Frahn 229 Awards VALEDICTORIAN: John Deal Bauman SALUTATORIAN: Christopher Darryl Zanone JOHN B. HAYES AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION: Robert Weaver Briley Harry Joseph Frahn, IV Samuel Gordon Graber John Finley Robbins THE THOMAS H. MALONE. JR. AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENGLISH COMPOSITION: Lawrence Thomas Outlaw THE KIRBY E. and MARGARET JACKSON AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE BY A SENIOR IN NATURAL SCIENCES: Christopher Darryl Zanone THE RENNSSELAER MATH and SCIENCE AWARD: Doctor Robert Crants, III THE HENRY A. FITTS AWARDS FOR JOURNALISM: THE BELL: Walter Smithwick, IV ARCHIVES: Ernest Roberts Alley, Jr. THE JOHN MOREHEAD DOBSON MEMORIAL AWARD FOR THE BEST SPORTS ARTICLE: Reuben A. Bueno, Jr. Robin Lyles Henderson THE SAM DAVIS MEMORIAL MEDAL: Robert Marley Lentz James Robert Hendrick, III THE LINDSEY AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING ATHLETE OF 1984 85: Steven Courtney Rollins THE JACK C. MASSEY JUNIOR SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP AWARD: Andrew Michael Patterson THE SEWANEE AWARD TO THE BEST CITIZEN IN THE JUNIOR CLASS. William Sherrard Cochran, Jr. THE CIVITAN AWARD FOR SENIOR CLASS CITIZENSHIP: John Scott Thompson THE DAR AWARD FOR GOOD CITIZENSHIP: John Scott Thompson THE MELROSE CIVITAN AWARD FOR CITIZENSHIP: Andrew Michael Patterson THE OPTIMIST CLUB AWARD: John Scott Thompson THE YALE AWARD: Doctor Robert Crants, III THE RUSSELL W. CARPENTER COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: Brady Thomas Mangrum THE FRANCIS E. CARTER, JR. AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING BOY IN THE SEVENTH GRADE: George Morris Clements THE CUM LAUDE SOCIETY AWARD FOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN THE JUNIOR SCHOOL William David Strayhorn, IV THE P.M. ESTES AWARDS: John Gregory Smithwick James Bradley Reese David Billings Spickard Charles Eugene Mayes, Jr. John Moten Thompson Reuben A. Bueno, Jr. William Sherrard Cochran, Jr. Harry Joseph Frahn, IV Harry William Peffen, III THE WALTER NOEL, JR. AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING BOY IN THE JUNIOR SCHOOL John Gregory Smithwick THE DONALD ROSS AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN: James Bradley Reese THE HENRY W. BOYD, JR. AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORE: Charles Eugene Mayes, Jr. John Moten Thompson THE LINDSLEY RUTH AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING JUNIOR Reuben A. Bueno, Jr. THE WILLIAM BAILEY MEMORIAL AWARD FOR HONOR, INTEGRITY, AND LOYALTY IN THE SENIOR CLASS: John Scott Thompson THE WILLIAM MARTIN AWARD TO THE BEST ALL AROUND BOY IN THE SCHOOL: Harry William Peffen, III ENGLISH MEDALS: 7th: Kirk Jamie Kaludis 8th: Christopher Sean Handte William David Strayhorn, IV I: Charles Leo Hailey, II II: Kenji Kono III: Doctor Robert Crants, III IV: John Deal Bauman Word Wealth: 7th: Nathan Alexander Sewell 8th: Christopher Sean Handte MATH MEDALS: 7th: Nathan Alexander Sewell Alg. 8: William David Strayhorn, IV Alg. I: James Bradley Reese Alg. II: Brennon Michael Martin Alg. II (H): Sunil Mohan Malkani Plane Geometry (H): David Joel Chen Plane Geometry: James Sterling Price, Jr. Math IV (H): Doctor Robert Crants, III Math IV: Daniel Donald Swartz Math V: John Scott Thompson Calculus A.B.: Walter Smithwick, IV Calculus B.C.: Christopher Darryl Zanone Computer (AP): Jonathan Charles Springer LATIN MEDALS: 1-8: Christopher Donald Jones 1 9: William Richard Penuel II: Charles Leo Hailey, II III: Buford Gray Wilson, IV AP: Michael Malone Lyle Starr GREEK MEDAL: John Deal Bauman FRENCH MEDAL: I: John Covington Overfield II: Bryan Lindsey Donnell Kenji Kono III: Doctor Robert Crants, III IV (AP): John Dean Dauman SPANISH MEDALS I: Brian Thomas Hassler II: Clinton Douglas Fawcett III: Ronald Vincent Po SCIENCE MEDALS 7th: Nathan Alexander Sewell 8th: William David Strayhorn, IV Biology: John Covington Overfield Biology (H): Charles Leo Hailey, II Biology (AP): Erik Kortner Classen Chem-Physics: Robert Stanley Cheek, III Chemistry: Rajendar Churku Reddy Chemistry (H): Kenji Kono Chemistry (AP): Christopher Darryl Zanone Physics: Morgan Jackson Wills Physics (H): Doctor Robert Crants, III HISTORY MEDALS 7th: Kirk Jamie Kaludis 8th: Christopher Sean Handte Ancient Medieval: George Allen Burke, Jr. Modern: Daniel Donald Swartz Modern (AP): Doctor Robert Crants, III American: Harry Joseph Frahn, IV Govt Econ: Kenneth Mainland Larish ART MEDAL Art History: Jeffery Todd Dukes Grade School: Robert Marley Lentz High School: James Collie Gardner, III CHORUS MEDAL: Paul Alexander Richards SPEECH MEDALS Debate: Douglas Scott Johnson Lawrence Thomas Outlaw Speech: David Scott Bennett John-Lindell Philip Pfeffer The Year at a Glance Aug. 30 REGISTRATION many seniors remember that they are a unique class (the first and last summer projects on Sam Davis are due) Aug. 31 REGISTRATION (cont.) Seniors wake up early for the second day in a row to welcome the new seventh graders to the hill at 8:00 am. Sept. 4 CLASSES BEGIN memories of the summer help pass the time during the seemingly endless fifty minute periods. Sept. 25 FIRST THEME the Krystal theme party tradition begins; students remember how much fun themes can be. Oct. 12 COLUMBUS DAY! HOMECOMING — the football team wins homecoming for the first time in two years Oct. ? HIDDEN TREASURE HUNT— a new craze sweeps the hill; there is a remarkable increase in the sale of orange sherbert because the thirst for knowing the unknown is too great for those during fifth period lunch Dec. 19 Jan. 3 Jan. 18 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS BEGIN! CLASSES RESUME — students find out how easy it is to forget everything in two weeks LAST MID-TERM EXAM — " it’s FRIDAY " becomes a celebrated phrase while students get out of the house for the first time in a week Jan. 22 SECOND SEMESTER BEGINS — and with this seniors turn to more urgent matters: college applications; the next four years; future jobs; life . . . but this can wait till next week Feb. 1 DRAKE S FOLLIES — snow, sleet, ice, and school (no casualties in student body and no comment from administration) Feb. 24 SCIENCE FAIR — " Honey, look what little Johnnie has done with your expensive rare exotic tropical fish collection. " March 8 SPRING BREAK — . . . and on the eighth day spring break was created, and there was much March 17 April 11 April 15 April 20 May 15 May 23 June 1 rejoicing; delirious Paul Bond takes it upon himself to evict the hotel guests in room 312 NUDE FOR FOOD — gentlemanly competition at its finest LAST THEME — A Farewell To Themes COLLEGE REPLIES — and there was much mourning Flesh piling is outlawed. POWER FEEDING — Congratulations, Jack Brown, — 6 Vz K’s at one time. FINAL EXAMS— @S!! %!! COMMENCEMENT — school is officially over; the annual continues . . . Editor’s Note At the beginning of the year, the outlook for the 85 BELL started on the wrong note as the 84 BELL had been delayed and did not arrive on campus until sometime in October because of problems encountered the year before. As I began to see Mr. Benson, the brave new project took flight like a plane with neither a radar nor a navigation system. The ascent was slow and easy in the beginning, and we glided along oblivious of the grand enterprise ahead. Near the beginning of February and the first dead- line, things began to accelerate from 30 mph to 150 mph in a little under five seconds. From the first deadline on, it was a continuous struggle with getting articles turned in, making sure pictures got taken, finding people to type articles, and trying to get a grasp on our financial status. At times, I found out how difficult it is to organize, advise, direct, and delegate work all at the same time while dealing with ten different arising problems. To end on a positive thought though, I would like to think that this year’s annual will help everyone .save the many happy memories of the past year that will make it unique. Many thanks to — Dr. Crowell for his encouraging advice, his understand- ing during the days when things weren’t so bright, and his help in organizing things. — Greg Walker and Arthur Bond for accepting the role of business editors at the last minute and working to get articles typed up when they came in. Special thanks to Arthur for his help with senior bios and Greg for his help after the school year was over. — Scott Garfinkel for getting sports articles in when the respective seasons were over. —Ben Vance for helping in the early stages, writing mis- cellaneous articles that are interesting to read, and getting all the feature articles in. — Bill Cochran, Scott Thompson, and Steve Stroman — the FCA crew — for the late nights spent doing all kinds of necessary work. — Jimbo Hunt and Rob Cheek for their work in the dark- room and around campus taking pictures. — Morgan Wills for his work beyond the call of duty in preparation for next year’s editorship. — Every one else on a staff who gave a hand when it was needed. 232 Jim Hunt, Photography Editor Greg Walker, Co-Copy Staff Editor LAYOUT Morgan Wills Bill Cochran BUSINESS Editor: Harry Payne Rob Stack Hudson Walker Rajiv Sharma Bill Duncan Chip Blaufuss Dan Schwartz Sean Currey Rob Ludwick Harris Gilbert Glen Dukes Jeff Dukes The Staffs COPY FEATURES SPORTS Steve Rollins Editors: Greg Walker, Editor: Ben Vance Buzz Frahn Jimmy Pickel Arthur Bond Carter Brothers Kenny Russell Bobby Crants Jim Harwell Morgan Wills Bill Cochran Todd Bottorff Pat Frazier Bryan Donnell Jim Harwell Hunt Warner Tom Hseuh Scott Sprague David Rumsey Beau Wilson Parker Lily Garth Nash Robert Rollins Hal Andrews Jay Riven Sam Marney Robin Henderson Harris Gilbert Rob Stack Jack Brown Carter Brothers PHOTOGRAPHY Chris Sanders Todd Pardue Chip Fridrich Editor: Jim Hunt David Claunch Brad Fuson Robbie McNair Rob Cheek Jimmy Pickel Robbie Bueno Bobby Whitson Frank Crowell Warren Sprouse Rob Harwell Tim Hamling Todd Bottorff Jim Campbell Steve Stroman Dawson Thombs Allen Brown Beau Wilson Chris Burch John Enkema Jay Owen Bill Cochran Paul Lentz John-Lindell Pfeffer Niku Wasudev John Robbins Kjelljahn Harry Payne Tommy Frist Walter Smithwick Scott Pearson Will Campbell Rob Page Stuart Harmer Articles and Authors FEATURES ORGANIZATIONS FCA— Bryan Donnell Forensics — Rob Page, Warren Sprouse, Niku Wasudev Outing Club-— Scott Pearson Cheerleaders— Harry Payne Big Red Club— Beau Wilson Service Club— Scott Sprague Newspaper— Bill Cochran Archives — David Claunch Cum Laude— Morgan Wills Honor Council— Jim Campbell Student Council — Mac Hardcastle Chorus — Chip Redd Art— Garth Nash EVENTS Homecoming— Chris Sanders, Sam Marney Prom— Rob Stack, Jimmy Pickel Art Shows— Garth Nash Science Fair— Morgan Wills Commencement— Carter Brothers Expansion— Jim Hunt Computers— SPORTS Var Football— Buzz Frahn JV Football — Kenny Russell Freshman Football — Bill Cochran Microbe Football— Jim Harwell Microbe CC, CC — David Rumsey, Robert Rollins Var B’ball — Robin Henderson, Jack Brown JV B’ball — Todd Pardue, Brad Fuson Freshman B’ball — Rob Harwell, Steve Stroman Microbe B’ball — Chris Burch, Paul Lentz Var Wrestling— John Robbins Freshman Wrestling — Tommy Frist, Will Campbell Microbe Wrestling — Stuart Harmer Var Track — Steve Rollins, Jimmy Pickel Freshman Track — Bobby Crants Microbe Track — Todd Bottorff Var Tennis — Hunt Warner, Beau Wilson Var Golf— Hal Andrews, Harris Gilbert Microbe Golf— Carter Brothers Var Baseball— Chip Fridrich, Robbie McNair JV Baseball— Bobby Whitson Microbe Baseball — Tim Hamling Var Soccer — Dawson Thombs, John Enkema 234 The Gallery Advertisements p O Xhillips V arles HOME CENTER, INCORPORATED HARDWARE • HOUSEWARES • PAINTS • GIFTS 4053 HILLSBORO ROAD NASHVILLE, TENN. 37215 PHONE 292-6681 236 237 Lawson Son Mobil Service Station 5215 Harding Rd. 352-4230 352-4664 Haury Smith Realty Co. Residential — Commercial — Industrial Corporate Relocation Specialists 2033 Richard Jones Rd 383-3838 8327 Sawyer Brown Rd 646-3838 238 Magic?!? 239 1525 BROADWAY • TELEPHONE 251-8400 ' ,MileMorlho»OldHickoryBlvd.onGallalinRd..Madison.TN-8e5-7220 240 In the Sports Department at Beaman. 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Payne, Jr. COMPLETE LINE OF GLASS S ARCHITECTURAL METAL PROOOCTS 24 Hours 7 Days a Week Installation Service — 256-81 7T DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE Glass Sales 256-8171 Auto Glass 256-8175 MADISON Auto and Other Glass 868-3218 MURFREESBORO ROAD Auto and Other Glass 361-6908 PPG INDUSTRIES, INC. TAYLOK-AKMISTEAD NASHVI LLE 2224 Bandywood Drive • Nashville, Tennessee 37215 • 615 269-3829 243 INGRAM INGRAM INDUSTRIES INC. . . . Leaders In . . . 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Nashville, TN 37214 (615) 889-9215 268 269 Compliments of Dave Letterman and the Late Night crew Good Luck to the Class of ’86. (Special thanks to Jim Hunt and Morgan Wills.) 271

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