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he Bell irMONTGO AC _ establui 1M7 with a bequest of S20.000 by IrbnMaster MontqomeorBdL the roots Of actually..! , back to 1795. with the. Untversttyaf-Nailivllle. Cumberiand College, and Davidson Academy. The boy ' s orebaraitory school has been, hero since 19l5. ' ' WheniB«e Board of H Triistees purchased Totomol, the " esWle- of Garland Tinsley.;; BELL in ce Nashville, Tennessee ontgomery Bell Academy i Mr. James H. Jefferson This year’s BELL is dedicated to a man who is not on the front line of the teaching staff. He does, however, play an important role in the function- ing of MBA. He is the head of plant operations. His dedication to the school is the reason for the beautiful appearance of the campus. His job, however, does not keep him from finding time to associate with students. He is an assistant varsity football coach and also the head varsity base- ball coach. He is the sponsor of the chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at MBA. His life has been an inspiration to many. He is a dedicated helper, servant, and Christian. It is for these reasons that the editors and staff dedicate THE 1982 BELL to Mr. James H. Jefferson. PREFACE I t has been said that the only unchang- ing thing in life is change itself. In its ; march forward, time holds none of the worldly institutions of man sacred, least of all those we hold most dear, for change is a - universal element of our existence from which nothing is spared. At this very mo- ment, our careers here on the hill which seemed so eternal in the seventh grade now draw to a close. Even the campus which we have grown to know so well will never again be the same. All things must change. | Change in life is inescapable, yet there is i perhaps one thing we have which time can never tamper with, never alter, never touch for the rest of our lives, come what may: the memories, the glorious, undying memories of the fleeting way-station we know as MBA. CONTENTS Administration and Classes 14 Fall 128 Winter 150 Spring 170 Organizations 196 Advertisements 218 r T he high standards at MBA can only be as great as the expert direction of its leaders. The Board of Trustees always cares for the well-being of the school as evidenced by the proposed expansion of the campus. Mr. Bondurant and Mr. Drake maintain the excellence from the administrative end, while the fac- ulty effects the students directly on a daily basis. These leaders continue to maintain the excellent tradition. 1 p 7-1 bl iCJ p| Ls pHB ' r, . i J5 [ ' ' i fl i ' |l L L ife on the hill at Montgomery Bell Academy is very rigorous. Quite often, students take refuge in the pleasant atmosphere of the campus grounds. On a pretty day, students can be found lounging on the well-kept lawns and sitting on the benches in the shade of a tree. With new additions to the campus under way, more area will be cleared for the students to enjoy. E veryday students interact with fellow students and teachers. The friends at school are friends outside of school. Some will go to the same college and even plan careers together afterwards. The mem- ory of teachers as helpful mentors who prepared the students for life will remain. These relationships which began at high school will last a lifetime. 10 ,i fl fel o ' ff L ife at MBA is more than studying. It is a commu- nity, in which students work with other students and faculty in areas such as athletics, forensics, and journalism. Dedication, diligence, and school spirit are traditional qualities of the MBA student body that will remain forever. Administration And Classes Administration and Faculty In his third year as headmaster at Mont- gomery Bell Academy, Mr. Gordon E. Bondurant has persisted in the path of excellence. He has continued to stress the importance of sound academics and gentlemanly behavior. Furthermore, Mr. Bondurant has instigated many changes. He has upgraded the faculty as well as the campus facilities. Mr. Bon- durant has shown dedication to the school by his attendance of all school functions as well as his long hours at nights and on weekends. Mr. Michael Drake has continued in his involvement in all areas of the school life. In addition to his role as assistant headmaster, he serves as an American history teacher, senior class sponsor, col- lege advisor, cross country coach and track coach. Mr. Drake’s major asset to MBA has been his care and concern for the students. The four secretaries are indispensable members of the administration. Mrs. Dinces, Mrs. Garriott, Mrs. McKeehen, and Mrs. Liles keep up with each stu- dent whether it involves student funds, absentees, or grades. Beyond this re- sponsibility is their secretarial duty to the faculty and administration. It is ob- vious that the school revolves around the administration and owes much thanks to them. isian; Vane Mr. Thrc imair Assc colle Van( Mrs. Liles Mrs. Garriott Mrs. McKeehen Mrs. Dinces 16 Mr. James Jefferson, as the Maintenance Director, ensures the quality of the athletic facilities. Further- more, Mr. Jefferson serves as an assistant football coach and head baseball coach. He is the FCA sponsor and a graduate of Peabody College. Dr. Edward Gaffney is the Head of the Junior School. He is not, however confined to the Junior School, for he teaches all levels of Latin from the first year to AP Latin. He received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt. iMr. Laird Smith, Jr. is the Director of Development. [Through his dedication and diligence, Mr. Smith has laintained the success of the MBA-Wallace Alumni f Association. He organizes reunions, hosts visitors, and collects contributions to the school. He is a graduate of 1 Vanderbilt University. Dr. Harold Crowell is a man of many responsibilities. Bln addition to teaching the Physics classes, he serves as ®the Chairman of the Science Department and Dean of . Students and Faculty. He received his B.S. from Lou- isiana Polytechnic Institute, followed by a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt. 17 r- Mr. John R. Bennett: Athletic Director; Alge- bra II; Varsity Basket- ball Coach; B.E., Van- derbilt University Mr. Francis E. Carter, III: American History (AP), 8th grade Ancient History; Microbe Tennis; Big Red Club Sponsor; B.A., Vanderbilt Univer- sity Mrs. June G. Bowen: 7th grade English, Word Wealth; 7th grade Advi- sor; B.A., Baylor Univer- sity; M.A., Peabody Col- lege Mr. Bill Compton: Math IV, Math V; Microbe Football, Freshman Track; B.S., Davidson College; M.A.T., Duke University Mrs. Jeannine Bowers: French I, French IV; University of NANCY Mr. Gilbert Edson: Eco- nomics; Guidance Direc- tor; Assembly Program Director; B.A., Sewanee; M.A., Harvard Universi- ty Mr. Michael Caldwell: Geometry, Math V, Math IV; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Fresh- man Football, Microbe Baseball; B.E., Vander- bilt University; M.A., Peabody College Dr. Donald M. Fair- bairn: Calculus BC, Math IV(H), Math V(AP), Computer; Var- sity Golf Coach; Chess Club Advisor; Chairman of the Math Department; B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Pea- body College Mrs. Frances Fairbairn: 7th grade Math, Algebra I; 7F Advisor; B.S., George Peabody College Mr. Donald E. Fisher: Latin I and II; B.E., Van- derbilt University Mr. Anderson Gaither: Latin 1, Latin II, Latin III-IV; Freshman Class Sponsor; Microbe Foot- ball, Microbe Wrestling, Freshman Wrestling, Microbe Track; B.A., University of Tennessee Mrs. Phoebe C. Greene: Remedial Reading and Spelling; Radcliffe Col- lege, Peabody College Mr. Dan H. Herring: Modern History, Mod- ern History (AP), An- cient and Medieval His- tory; Freshman Class Advisor; Microbe Foot- ball; B.A., Carson-New- man College, M.A., Uni- versity of Tennessee Mrs. Patricia Hartman: Assistant Librarian; B.A., University of N.C.- Chapel Hill, M.S., Univ. Wisconsin- LaCrosse, M.L.S., Peabody College Mr. Bobby Morel: Junior School History; Varsity Football; B.S., Universi- ty of Tennessee Mrs. Cathleen S. High- tower: English I, English 1 (H), Word Wealth; Freshman Class Advisor; B.A., Olivet College; M.Ed., University of New Orleans A Mrs. Virginia M. Hol- lins: French 11, French 111; Chariman of Foreign Language Department; Travel Club Sponsor, Sophomore Class Advi- sor, Totomoi Advisor; B.A., Duke University Dr. Christian Niemeyer: English II, English III, English III (H); Advisor to THE BELL RING- ER; B.A. Notre Dame University; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Mr. John Lanier: Geom- etry, Algebra II, Algebra 11 (H); Freshman Class Sponsor; Varsity Soccer Coach; B.S., Vanderbilt University Mr. Frank Novak: Ju- nior School Science; Mi- crobe Cross Country; 7th grade I.C.; Microbe Softball; B.A., M.A., Peabody College, Van- derbilt University Mrs. Mary Helen Lowry: English IV, English IV (AP); Senior Class Advi- sor; Chairman of the English Department; B.A., M.A., Vanderbilt University Mrs. Beatrice O’Connell: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish II (H); B.A., M.A.T., Vanderbilt Uni- versity Mrs. Ann S. Orth: Eng- lish II, English III; Advi- sor to the Junior Class; B.A., Brown University; M.A.T., Vanderbilt Uni- versity Mr. Tommy Owen: Modern History; Varsity Football Coach; Associ- ate Athletic Director; B.A., Vanderbilt Univer- sity; M.A., University of Kentucky Mrs. Jo Palmore: English I, English II, English II (H); B.A., M.A., Univer- sity of Tennessee James A. Poston: English I, English IV; Drama Club Advisor; Varsity Tennis; B.A., Belmont College, M.A., Peabody College Mrs. Mildred Simmons: Librarian; B.A., Cum- berland University; M.L.S., Peabody College Mrs. Alice Springer: Spanish I, Spanish III- IV; B.A., Eckerd Col- lege; M.A.T., M.A., Vanderbilt University Mr. Tom Sullivan: Speech Teacher, Foren- sics Coach; B.S., Univer- sity of Wisconsin Mr. Damon Regen: Al- gebra I, Geometry; Var- sity Football, Wrestling, Baseball; B.E., Vander- bilt University Mr. John Saclarides: Chemistry, 7th grade Math; Microbe Football; B.S., University of the South Mrs. Mary Louise Shell: 8lh grade English, Word Wealth; Virginia Inter- mont College, East Ten- nessee State University Mr. Robert K. Pruitt: Bi- ology, Chem.-Phys.; Freshman Class Spon- sor; Ass’t Varsity Cross Country and Track Coach; B.A., Vanderbilt University versity Dr. Nancye Thomas: Chemistry, Chemistry (H), Chemistry (AP); Junior Class Advisor; Big Red Club Sponsor; B.S., Lambuth College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt Uni- Dr. Robert P. Ward: Bi- ology I, Biology (AP); Microbe Cross Country; B.S., M.S., Peabody Col- lege; Ph.D., Miss. State University Mr. James T. Womack: Art History (AP), Art Studio, Art Apprecia- tion; Outdoors Club Sponsor; B.A., Davidson College; M.A., Virginia Commonwealth Univer- sity Mr. Stephen W. Wil- liams: American Histo- ry; Varsity Wrestling, Freshman Football, Mi- crobe Track; B.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee Mr. Michael Zenanko: Earth Science, Physics; Junior Class Advisor; Microbe Football, Mi- crobe Track; B.A., Hen- drix College Board of Trust Members (left to right) 1st row: Frank F. Drowota III, William P. Hoffman, Jr., John E. Sloan, James E. Ward, Brownlee Currey, Jr., Joe C. Davis, E. Bronson Ingram, David K. Wilson, Nelson Andrews, William M. Wilson, Morton B. Howell; 2nd row: Stirton Oman, Jr., Ben Gambill, Albert P. Whitson, Robert C. Brannon, James C. Bradford, Jr., J. Bransford Wallace, Harold W. Clark, DeWitt C. Thompson IV, Matt H. Dobson IV, Gordon E. Bondurant, John E. Sloan, Jr. 23 Senior Class Officers (left to right) Seated: Steve Anderson, Honor Council Secretary, David White, Honor Council President, Greer Tidwell, Secretary; Stand- ing: Steve Stevens, Treasurer, Gordon Strayhorn, Honor Council, Rich Good, President, Sean Gentry, Vice-President, Mabo Kono, Honor Coun- cil Vice-President Stephen Rodes Alford “We’re not laughing with you, Bill, we’re laughing at you.”; 1 12 Hackers Anonymous; The Grateful Dead; Fender Telecaster; STANKY; “Nice driving. Berry.”; “What love life, David?”; The Narrows; “Bummer, man.”; Porkchop; “But Ed, we are members of the cast.”; Latin Exam Medal; NEDT award; Big Red Club 4; Church Basketball 1-4; Varsity I.C. 1-4 Bill Altemeier William Arthur Altemeier, IV “What do you mean my character’s dead, George?”; 8th period D D’er; ‘Mike, that window’s not open!”; “Nega- tive, Mr. Altemeier.”; Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol. 2; Vol. Jam 1-4; J.V. Soccer 1-3; Nation- al Merit Finalist; NEDT award; THE BELL RINGER staff 1-3; THE BELL staff 1-4; Big Red Club 2-4 26 ' - J .i ' i m. Steve Anderson Steven Edward Anderson “But Mr. Bondurant, art’s my life.”; “Hey, Da- vid how ’bout some football?”; “Jesse, you’re a god.”; “Claunch, you’re such a worm.”; “Mr. Carter, did those Ryan girls really do that?”; Brother of the Deity, Pablo Picasso, Mr. Carter’s Athens Fan Club President; Honor Council 1-3, 4 — Sec’y; sports staff of THE BELL 3,4 (sports editor); FCA 1,2,3 (Sec-Treas); 4 (Pres.); Cheer- leading 3,4 (Captain); Cross-Country 2,3; V. Track 2-4; Merit Finalist; Awards: English 7, Latin I, French I-III, Latin II-IV 27 Frank Maxwell Andrews “She’s at college” Club; “How many situps, Coach La- nier?”; “1600 yards? you try it!”; 1 7 Soccer Shieks; “An- other roadtripl”; Vs friends of Monteagle P.D.; 1 87 “I got used by Alex Grimsley” Club; “She’s got a lot of spunk!”; Party at Eds; 1 22 State Champs; “I wake up at 7:14”; campus security; ' A “We have to go to Spanish class?”; an- other Michelle; “What’s sleep?”; “Test today?”; “Nice tie, Doc.”; !6 4th period song team; nice punt, bad knees; “Flor- ida, here we come! ”; Microbe Baseball; Intramural Basket- ball Champs; J.V. Soccer 1, V. Soccer 2-4; Cheerleader 4; Big Red Club 1-4; NEDT; Drama 3,4; Chorus 3,4 (V.P.) 28 Jordan Asher Jordan Ross Asher “Jordache”; 1 6 acquaintance of Monteagle P.D.; Athletic Skippee 1-4; “Pm going out of town.”; Religious Excuses 1-4; Vi “She’s at college” Club; ' 1 87 “I got used by Alex Grimsley” Club; Vi Alli- son Fan Club; “Party at Ed’s house.”; Campus Security; Air Band; % NY Experience’s only pa- trons; Varsity Indoor Contact Sports; Lost World; NEDT; Drama 2-4 t rank O’Conner Bennett How was I supposed to know it was Mr. Williams behind le mask?”; “Hale doesn’t drive a girl’s car.”; “Francis ways looks that way.”; “So what if I have 4 parents?”; [’m not married.”; “Somebody else buy it this time.”; kVilliamson’s always in love.”; “I can handle it, I’m just a :avy sleeper.”; “I don’t remember what happened after at.”; “This big pink rabbit jumped out me . . . ”; NEDT; FCA 4; THE BLL Business Staff 3; THE BELL [NGER Staff 3,4; Big Red Club 1-4; esh. Football; J.V. Soccer 1,2; V. Soc- Andrew Berry Andrew David Jackson Berry “I can’t decide which I like more, white or red hair.”; “Tripp, did you find that dol- lar?”; “Let’s play Asteroids, Dave.”; Stanky; Arm-Wrestling Champion; “How are the stocks. Ally?”; “Nice car, Alford.”; Fresh. Football; Fresh. Basketball; V. Ten- nis 1-4; Big Red Club 3,4 (Sgt.-at-Arms); NEDT; 7th in State French I contest; Na- tional Merit Commendee 31 Edward William Brown “She’s out of town” or “She’s out with her friends.”; “Far-out, man.”; 1 87 “I got used by Alex Grimsley” Club; 1 2 Allison Fan Club; “Party at Ed’s house.”; Campus Security; Air Band; 1 3 NY Experience’s Only Patrons; V. Indoor Contact Sports; Lost World; NEDT; Drama Award; Merit Commendee Ed Brown 35 “She took me half the way there. She was a day tripper. One way ticket, yeah!” — Lennon McCartney Martin Sahllenberger Brown, Jr. Farmer Brown; DB Fraternity; Louisville or Lau- derdale; “Seriously, Mr. Pruitt”; “My old car real- ly got Tired up’.”; “I love the Steeplechase.”; Fresh. Wrestling; Fresh. Track; V. Cross-Country 2-4; V. Track 2-4; THE BELL Business Staff 3; THE BELL RINGER 3,4 (Co-Editor In ChieQ; NEDT; “Summa Cum Laude” — Nat’l Latin Exam; Big Red Club 1-4; Outing Club 3,4 George Carpenter 1 George Kenyon Carpenter III 1 7 Carpenter Demolition Squad; 1 3 5th period pyromaniacs; 1 3 Senior Scrubs; “The tree moved.”; King rat-tail 3,4; “I actually got four quarters!”; Dungeon Mas- ter 3,4; NEDT Award (wow); Merit Fina- list; Fresh. Football; J.V. Football 2,3; V. Football 4; J.V. Wrestling 1,2; Outing Club 3,4; Chess Club 3,4; Big Red Club 2-4 Al Oi r- Mn Fe Co Nt Cu Zn Ga Ge As ;4 9?lb Tc Ru Rh ■ 1! M 3 ,Cd In Sn Sb 1 Re Os Ir • fig Tl Pb ’ . m Bi . ' 08 980 37 Robert Cooney Robert Calder Cooney “Yes, no one makes a touchdown while they are taking a time out.”; “Is it verbosity or necessity?”; Fresh. Golf; NEDT award; 2nd place Science Fair 2; European History (AP) medal and Physics med- al 3; Who’s who; THE BELL Staff 1,2; Big Red Club 1-4; THE BELL RINGER Staff 1-3; News and Features Ed. 4; Editor of Lit. magazine 4 Rob Doster Robert Thomas Doster, III Daddy; “I don’t know why they call me Daddy.”; 1 2 “You mean we have to go to Spanish class today?”; “Yeah man, I play bass.”; Rush Fan Club; We came out of the blue; 1 3 the short-lived MBA Pep Band; Hendrix lives; “We’re not laughing with you. Bill, we’re laugh- ing at you.”; Chortle Club; “But that worm was gonna bite me!”; National Merit Commendee; NEDT award; Spanish III medal; Chorus 3,4; Big Red Club 1-4; Latin Exam medal; Fresh. Football; Varsity I.C. (what a waste) Ken Downey William Kendall Downey “K.D.”; 1 3 split-end club; 1 3 Clay-geean Club; “Nice hoop-skirt, Dave.’’; “Oh, nice body, too.’’; “Big Ed’s not spoiled, I promise.’’; “How many dates tonight, Whit?”; “Coach J., do I have to keep punting?”; “Al, you love the Comet”; and last, but certainly not least, “Jane is my life.”; Algebra 11 medal (Mom’s happy); THE BELL RINGER Sports Editor; Football Team Captain; inter- mingling of Fresh, and J.V. sports; V. Football 3,4; V. Basketball 3,4; V. Baseball 1-4 Kevin Drury Kevin John Drury “What I really want to be is a rock star.’’; MHL Fan Club; Ensworth grad.; Who’s Who; America’s Outstanding Names and Faces; French V: “J’etais ideal mais mainten- ant, je suis reel.”; part-time perfectionist; god-trainee; on Planet Claire; Gwibble-hater; “What do you want now, Ridley?”; part-time punk; “Matt is still my little broth- er.”; “Gatsby was not a failure.”; Lord, guide us and give us peace. Tolerance is the cornerstone of Liberty. Junior Achievement; Junior Class Treas.; Editor of the Literary Magazine 4; THE BELL RINGER Staff 2-4; ANTIGO- NE; CAROUSEL; OKLAHOMA!; DAVID AND LISA, ARSENIC AND OLD LACE; National Merit Finalist; Assistant Soccer Manager 3 David Edwards . 7 David Callender Edwards “Humm”; “Speedy”; “Yeeee”; 1969 Chevrolet Rolls Royce; Va Nice Bodies; 1 4 F E Livestock; “What minnow bucket?”; 1 7 All State J.V.; Doughnut Wars; 1 6 Storm Troopers; “So Al, who’s your next prospect?”; “Get it, Ken?”; “Morning wild man.”; “Hank is a whomper.”; Homer Herbert Van Fleet; “Blind wrestlers aren’t that bad.”; “Sorry Elzie, I though ‘R’ was for ‘Rev’.”; “What’s wrong with green socks?”; V. Weights and Agilities 1-4; Fresh. Football; Fresh. Wrestling; J.V. Football 2,3; V. Football 4; Service Club 3,4; Chorus 3,4; Big Red Club 3,4; THE BELL RINGER Sports Staff 4; Student Council 1,2; NEDT award “I’ll Pick you up at Eight.” 1 . .- . i m mm Wade Elam Wade Hampton Elam, Jr. “Wad”; “Wado”; “The Squatter”; “Gina”; “Mill- er, cut the lights and hang a right.”; “Surfer Joe has a date.”; “Surfs up, Stevie.”; “Stevie did some- thing snap?”; “Where’s Bill’s finger?”; “Nice odor, Dave”; “Mass-Hub, Mid-Bread.”; “Silver- man, just look at you!”; 1 11 7th period U.S. His- tory Sleep Team; 1 4 Casa G. Pre-Game Club; 98 lb. State Pork Chop Fan Club; 1 12 Hackers Anonymous; 1 5 Hill Football; 1 7 Chortle Club; 1 5 Narrows Cliff Diving Club; V. Cross-Country 3; Track 3; Big Red Club 1-4; V. Dunkball 2-4; V. Touclj Football 3-4 Nick Fabian Robert Nicholas Fabian, Jr. “Oh no, Wade’s grandmother just died again.”; “Steve, you’re an artistic genius. You should paint more often.”; “Hey Rob, how ’bout some dough- nuts and a ‘For Sale’ sign or two?”; Big Red Club 1-4; FCA 2-4; Fresh. Track; Fresh. Football; J.V. Soccer 1; V. Track 2,3; V. Cross-Country 3; THE BELL Business Staff 3; Big Red Club Pres. 4; FCA Sec’y 4; Service Club 4; THE BELL Staff 4 Terence Fails Terence Neil Fails, Jr. Turbulence; The Cleveland Kid; Private Fails; Un- derachiever par excellence; Computer god; 73 Mustang; “No. my name is not Garth.’’ Boss 351. Warmonger; “Nuclear War is a viable alternative to peace.”; “Dodges are so slow ... NEDT; National Merit Semifmalist; THE BELL Photo Staff 3,4; Big Red Club 3,4; Photo Club 2-4; Golf Mercenary 3,4; I.C. Administration 3; Assistant Athletic Director 4; “Nothing is impossible, pro- viding that you use audacity.”— Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. r. . ' 4 Kenny Ferrelli James Kenneth Ferrelli “We’re not laughing with you, Bill, we’re laughing at you.’’; “But 4 on 1 isn’t fair. Bill.’’ “Is it broken Steve?’’; “Hey, Anderson, put some ice on it before it swells.’’; “You’re a dissenter, Rob.’’; 1 10 V. Touch Football 3,4; Vs Hill Football; Vs Odyssey Team; Vs Har- peth Narrows Cliff Diving Club; 98 lb. Pork Chop Fan Club; RUSH; National Merit Com- mendee; NEDT award (wow); Fresh. Foot- ball; Big Red Club 1-3; J.V. Soccer 1-3; THE BELL staff 4 “If only I hadn’t failed that theme . . . 51 Kirk Francis Kirk Edward Francis A iruly-wonderful guy; the ‘Bug’ man; Slow-motion; “Board”; !4 POW; Hodges; 102 mph?; “But officer, my friend is sick.”; Did my head do that to the windshield?”; Party in room 605 at the Sundial “I swear that I love the girl.”; “I can’t take school anymore — Anchor Motel — Here 1 come?”; Fort Lauderdale, Here wc come!”; There was a bonfire on the beach every night. “You looked great up there with Heaven Lee, Steve.”; “But mom, 1 spent all my money in the gameroom.”; UNC was a party; “Hey, Hale, get these ants off of me.”; “I’m so tired — I promise. I’m sick.”; Those exotic dancers are awesome; Fresh Basketball; Fresh. Track. “I’m ineligible? That means it’s party time!”; V. 12 oz. curling team; Basketball; “I’ll stick to waterskiing.”; Drama Club; THE BELL RINGER Business Staff; Big Red Club 2-4 Craig Allen Franklin “Mr. Caldwell! Question!’’; “Mr. Poston, that’s scummy!”; “Die, Scumbags!”; “Go away! I don’t want to deal with you today.”; Original back row Club; Debate 1-4; De- bate Medal 1,3; Speech Medal 1; THE BELL RINGER Staff 3,4; THE BELL 3,4; Chess Club 1 Craig Franklin 53 “I’m tellin’ ya, Willys NEVER git stuck!” Ernest Franklin Ern est Baber Franklin, III “Hi There!”; “I need a road trip.”; “What’s W L, Ernest?”; “Wombats and Wahoos with 1 7 dollar bills . . . 1 1 1 of Coach Williams’ 7th period sleep team; “It takes skill to cope with it, Doc.”; Va Varsity Toon Club; Vi Refisticated Rednecks; h, Jim Russell Memorial Fan Club; Cabin Crew; “Whiskey palians have better retreats!”; 1 7 Wash- ington and Lee Stowaways; Microbe Football; Summa Cum Laude Award; Microbe Wrestling; Microbe Track; Fresh. Football; NEDT Award; Fresh. Track; THE BELL RINGER Photography Staff 1,2; THE BELL Photography Staff 2-4; THE BELL Photography Editor 4; V. Football 2-4; V. Track 2,3 54 Ally Fuqua Alexander Smith Fuqua “Pig pen”; “Ollie”; ‘ 4 F E Livestock; ' 6 J.F. Fan Club; ' 4 Nice Bodies; “Fuuuuq”; “Refrigerator”; “So Dave, How many dates you got tonight?”; 1 6 Storm Troopers; “Sorry, Coach, I was in my hook zone!”; 16 all night theme squad; Baseball Redshirt 1-4; Fresh. Football; Fresh. Track; Fresh. Basketball; Wrestling 3,4; V. Football 2-4; Service Club 4 (V.P.); Big Red Club 2-4; Student Council 1,2; THE BELL Sports Staff; THE BELL RINGER Sports Staff; Latin III, IV medal; Drama Club 3 56 Mark Garfinkel Mark Daniel Garfinkel “Finkel”; “Dr. Crowell, I promise I’ll be okay.’’; “I’ll turn in my lab by the end of the year, I promise.’’; “I don’t feel very well. I’d better go home.’’; The Ford ‘Galaxie 500’; AZA 1-4; “Summer Bum’’; Starvation Club for Fool Wrestlers 3,4; Big Red Club 1-4; Fresh. Wrestling; V. Wrestling 2-4 (State Champ 3,4); Headmaster’s List once, but never again; Final Physics Exam — 53; Ass’t Sports Editor THE BELL Page Garrett John Page Garrett “P.G.”; 1 11 of Coach Williams’ 7th period Sleep Team; ‘ 4 Casa Gallardo Pre-Game Gang; Vs 5th period Frisbee Crew; ‘Tt was hot, and the sweat ran in his eyes, so he shot the Arab.”; “Coach JAP, you’re lying again!”; “Miller, you’re a Missile Command god!”; Only person in AP English not in AP U.S. History; V. Tennis 8, 1-4; Big Red Club 2-4; State and or regional recognition in National French Contest 1-3; FCA 1-4; THE BELL Sports Staff 3,4; THE BELL RINGER Features Staff 3,4; National Merit Finalist Sean Diderik Gentry , Honorary Hillwoodian; Oh, Wow; Metro-Center; ; Theme night party at Wig-Wam’s; Maui Wowi; j 7:14 Wake up!; 16 Grace Slick Fan Club; “They ! got the golf cart again?’’; “Not Whitfield!?”; Bob | Marley— -R.I.P.; Land’s End Tavern; Thanks Groosberger; Landslide; “No, Hitt, I wasn’t trying j to fly!”; After the Gold Rush; Indoor Aspen Lift- ■ lines; My brown-eyed girl; Deuadip C. Santana; Skating away from MBA on the thin ice of a new day. Fresh. Track; V. Blow-it-off 2-4; Oh, yeah, Vice-President. Rich Good Richard Scott Good “Richie”; “Ricky”; “Richie Rich”; “Wich’ “Goodrich”; “Hi There?”; “Hey Doc . . . “I’ll get on it right away.”; “I can’t decide.”; “Hey guys, just leave me alone.”; “Yes, Dr. Crowell, I do have a date for the weekend!”; 1 7 Carpenter De- molition Squad, Sect. Mr. Carter’s Athens Fan Club; Big Red Club 1-4; Outing Club 2-4; FCA 3,4; Big Red Spirit Team 3; Cheerleader 4; THE BELL Staff 1-4, Feature staff 1,2, sports staff 3, ass’t ed. 4; Student Council 1-4, Pres. 4; Class Pres. 3,4, Sec’y 2, V.P. 1; J.V. Soccer 1; V. Cross-Coun- try 1-4, co-captain 4, Fresh. Track; V. Track 2-4; National Honor Society 2; (Sorry, no NEDT award); National Merit Flunkee; Outstanding Sophomore and Junior Awards; Totomoi Gil Graham Robert Gilmer Graham, III “Gilmo”; “Gildo”; “Hey, no neck, got a date with Lisa”; all night theme-writers; “Hey, Whitfield, meet you at Saggitarinongus.”; “Roto-Rooter, HahHah— Tripp made me do it.”; ‘‘What fire ex- tinguisher?”; Hendrix plays it better; “Nice con- ceit, Hastings.”; “Say, has anybody seen Whit’s arm?”; Football 7,8; Fresh Football; J.V. Football 2; V. Football 3,4; Wrestling 8; Fresh. Wrestling; Fresh. Track; V. Track 2-4; NEDT award; Service Club 4; Big Red Club 1-4 Alex Grimsley James Alexander Grimsley 1 11 7th period Sleep Team; Vs Friends of Monteagle P.D.; 01’ Goat; %; Cabin Drew; Vi Martian Sunrise; Mafia; Vs NY Experience’s Only Patrons; THE BELL 3,4 (Assoc. Ed., Features Ed.); Alpha-Chi 2-4 (Sec’y); Big Red Club 1-4 (V.P.); Forensics 2,3 (Pres.), 4; Drama 3,4; J.V. Football 2,3; V. Wrestling 2-4 Farewell to thee, Montgomery Bell Our parting is such a joyous sorrow. I leave thee as a man. Having entered as a child. To venture into reality. Whitfield Hamilton Charles Whitfield Stephens Hamilton Band-Aid; Vixen (nice basement); Scoot-over; Saggatorenangus; Step up in here and, Whoom!; Hey, Hank, want to borrow my fire extinguisher? “I’ll be out in 5 to 10.”; On the shelf; Vi John Floyd Fan Club; “Isn’t there a Car Wash in Portland?”; “What’s up. Cool?”; ' 3 Pre-Game meal team; “Do you want my fat, Billy?”; “Gotta run my traps.”; V. Football 2- 4; V. Wrestling 3; Big Red Club 1-4; Service Club 2-4, Pres. 4; FCA 1-3; NEDT award; Chorus 4 Mark Hastings James Mark Hastings J. Mark; “But, Gil, it’s hard to be hum- ble.”; “What Miller, no date?”; “Town is a ‘rooter’, hah-hah”; “Jimi is my life”; A.P. History Traffic Reporter; “THE Supra is my honey.”; “I have a superiority complex.”; Football 1-4; Basket- ball 1-3; Baseball 2-4; FCA; Service Club; Big Red Club; Class Pres. 2; National Merit Finalist; Alge- bra I medal; Biology medal; Outstanding Fresh- man Bill Hawkins :■■ ■ ' ■■. : ' :‘i:.:- " I .■ ' : ' vv ' r- William McAdam Hawkins, Jr. “Hawk of Hawkins’ Hawks”, “But Jeff, I told you I put it under the seat.”; “But Ed, we are members of the cast.”; “The Nar- rows”; “Where did I park my car?”; 1 7 Midnight Hill Football Team: “THE WHO, YES, RUSH, LED ZEPPELIN”; Microbe Cross-Country; Microbe Track; Fresh. Cross-Country; Fresh. Track; V. Cross-Country 2,3; Big Red Club 1,2,4; Photography Club 1-4; THE BELL Photographer 1-4; Outing Club 4; NEDT Award; National Merit Commendee; Latin Medal Scott Haynes Scott Kendall Haynes Spunky; Fireplug; “Nice Body’’; Goodlettsville Hick; “Nice license, Alex, did the cop like it?”; pearl; “It was Ken’s fault. I can’t miss.”; Good- lettsville Public Works Crew; Mafia; “Hey, Clay, Lucy who?”; “Dr. Fairbairn, I need one point.”; Football 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Wrestling 2-4; FCA 4; Forensics 2-4; Big Red Club 1-4; Chess Club 2-4; Assoc. Editor of THE BELL 4 Thomas Aquinas Higgins, Jr. “Not enough!”; “Bowtie”; “Powered by Chevrolet”; “Cams, Carbs, and Headers!”; “Hey, it s only 26 years old.”; “Old Blue”; “Z 28 Pick-Up?”; “Ford is a four letter word.”; “Doug’s”; “Sport”; “The Cabin”; “Mr. T puts it in gear.”; 1 6 Greenacres Country Club”; “Phos- phate Mines Forever”; “Pud”; “Jr. Prom Blitz Team”; “Cougar XR-7?”; “Ellie Who?”; ’66 Trashback; “Print- ing Parties”; “Hey, Doc, wanna dip?”; “A pinch is all it takes.”;.‘ 4 o e Jim Russell Mewodal T n Club”; “It’s iflot junktifT classit art!”; THE’%S.L 1-4; Senior Slide; “Sonjpahjj||LS don’t begin, they just ;are.”; Photo Clubi - Tlifle Teto 1-3; no’ NEDT Tom Higgins NOVA PERFORMANCE PARTS INC. 4307 Esteswood Dr. Nashville. TN 37215 TOM HIGGINS (615) 297-5255 dm scd Paul Scott Hirshberg “Semi-Honest Paul”; Mr. Safety; HirshTid, Inc.; Bart (Mr. Florida) Tiddy; “Pollack, don’t be worthless!’’; Brillohead; “Let’s cruise.’’; “Be cue!’’; Schliffenpoofer, Quadraphrat, and Metzorp. “In the past ... ’’; Got to go to ’partments; “Hey, Poodleman, what was Spank doing with that WALRUS anyway?’’; Mr. Schlufoff; Foodman Paracitiski; Space strawberries; Lolo; Mustang with them funky Recaros that loud stereo and those “quick wearing KA tires’’; Hey Happy, “we sure saw a lot of cops last summer!’’; tickets?, ME?; golf reject; King Spank!, Dow Ghertner; Scot; Aunt Arlene Uncle Howard; King Talker; Soon to be a psychiatrist; “Speeding is danger- ous!’’; Emory? . . . AZA President 4; THE BELL RINGER Copy Editor 4, V. Golf 2-4; Wild Driver 1-4. Paul Hirshberg John David Hitt “But Mr. Bondurant, the caravan was too slow.’’; “Aaay — Stoner?”; 1 7 of DB Fraternity; Ha, Ha — the “Doc”; “Not Whitfield! It’s not true!”; The Who in Mem- phis; “I was afraid for a minute there I was going to have to show you the pictures of my kids.” “No, Goodlettsville is not in another time zone.”; “Hey, Dave, The Stones are in New Orleans.”; Rotiers’ Club I-IV; “Mark, where did Sean go all of a sudden?”; J.V. Soccer 8,1,2; V. Soccer 3,4; National Merit Finalist; NEDT award (who cares); Out- ing Club 3,4; THE BELL RINGER 3,4; Cheerleader 4 John Hitt Albert Hale Hooper, III “Humper”; “The Hump”; “Albert”; Late to school? — Never; It was a HEAVENLEE experience; Theme day? I suddenly feel sick; E. Williams has been good to me; ability to sleep on a rockpile; ‘ s Shaving Cream Team; “Your parents are gonna kill you, Wiggy”; Bobby Gorham David Rowan Fan Club; Rotier’s; Lauderdale was a truly religious experience; “Uh . . . Steve — that’s the light switch, not the doorknob; Big Red Club 1-4; Outing Club 3,4; Business Staff 2-4; Copy Staff 2; Drama Club 3,4; Varsity 12 oz Curl Team; V. Football 3,4; Secre- tary of Junior Class; V. Party 2-4; Training rules? — what training rules? V 5 of the Va Club; Winter sports Steve Howell Stephen Donelson Howell Moonlight; Maui; Hershel; Steve Johnston; Spanish Ace; “Whose parents are out of town this weekend?”; “Dr. Crowell, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me on my way to assembly.”; Split End Connection; “Hey Frank who was that masked man?”; “She was Heavenlee”; “Hey Kirk, welcome to the adult world.”; UNC Road Trip; Ft. Lauderdale; “Hale, how did I get to this bed?”; !4 Shaving Cream Club; Training rules? — I never heard of them; Sr. Pizza; “My winter sport is tennis.”; Big Red Club 2-4; THE BELL Copy Staff 2,3; THE BELL RINGER Sports Staff 3,4; V. Football 3,4; Chorus 3; V. Tennis 1-4; no NEDT 72 Bart Huddleston Bart West Huddleston “It’s wild.”; “Honda eats Mustang.”; The Caboose Lounge; “I’d rather gone to Florida St.” Indian Lake is 1 in NSL; Guard Party; “Angi, is Gallatin in Ten- nessee?”; “How has Sherri been, Paul?”; “Where Per- ry, the Grand Canyon?”; “We’re not laughing with you. Bill, we’re laughing at you.”; 1 17 2nd period Sleep Team; Baylor is nice; Fresh. Football; Fresh. Track; J. V. Soccer 1 -3; Big Red Club 2,4; Outing Club 3,4; Math IV medal; V. Soccer 3,4; 1-65 1-4 Mike Hughes Michael David Hughes “Hughes, M.D.’’; “Mikey”; “Suicide, a once in a lifetime adven- ture.” Vs Soccer Shieks; V. Crowd 1-4; “Go, Big Red!”; Anti- Prep; Vn Friends of Monteagle P.D.; 1 15 Ryan Prevention Squad; 1 11 Coach Williams’ 7th period Sleep Team; Bicycle Maniacs; “Hey, D.J.”; “No, Dan, No..”; “Dan, let’s go rappel- ling.”; “Frank, let’s go to Beersheba.” “Paul, I want Bottle Caps, NOW!” NEDT award; J.V. Soccer 1; V. Soccer 2-4; Big Red Club 2-4 (Sec’y); Big Red Spirit Team 2,3 I 74 ' S I Dan Jones Daniel Fuller Jones D.J.; “Details, Details.”; “Nooo, Mike.”; 1 11 7th period Sleep Team; “No problem”: ' H 5th period frisbee team; Senior Slide 1-4; “Hey Tom, what day is it?”; W L stowaways; “fryday”; 8th period disappearing act; “It’s only Tuesday”; bicycle maniacs; Vi TMI trash can Club; St. An- drews bound; “I’ll be at the cloud.”; The eagle has landed; “Good Deal”; out to lunch; Varsity I.C. 2- 4; Debate 1; Outing Club 2,4; National Merit Commendee; “Carousel”, “I Remember Mama” r ' i y 4. IS ■jT: . % m Masahiro Kono Mild mannered Mabo Kono; Almost Merit Semi- finalist; “Mike, why don’t you write down the Eng- lish assignments?’’; “I don’t know what Toyota means.” Medals: Algebra 1(H), History, Eng- lish — 8, Algebra II (H), Geometry (H), Math IV (H), Latin IV (AP), Physics (H), Rensselaer 3; Fresh. Track; Cross-Country 2-4; J.V. Soccer 1-3; Honor Council 2-4 (Vice-P.); Forensics 2-4 (Pres. 4); Cum Laude Society; National Honor Society; Totomoi “I don’t live in a Computer!” Paul Kornman Paul Gary Kornman Gwibble-Mania, Inc.; Quasi-Semi-Demi-Pseudo Com- puter Genius; ‘Wocka Wocka”; “What’s so tough about SAT’s”; “Dastardly Detroit”; “The Book of Jeff’; “Stock Report”; “No more Bottle Caps, Mike.” “Go, Big Red (or any other primary color)!”; “To own, his each.”; “What else, Mr. Lanier.”; Founder and President of the Fellow- ship of Jewish Managers; 1 7 Soccer Shieks; Member of Rubik’s Anonymous; Official researcher for “The Guide”; French IV medal; Cum Laude Society; National Honor Society; NEDT award; National Merit Finalist; 5th in State French Contest; THE BELL Copy Staff 3, Copy Editor 4, Assoc. Editor 4; Big Red Club 4; V. Cross Country 3,4; V. Soccer 2-4 Bruce Mangrum Donald Bruce Mangrum “Mangier”; “Mauler”; Snaps Forever; Paul got a tick- et? ' 6 Senior Scrubs; “Nice Honda, George.”; 1 7 Carpenter Demolition Squad; Lord High Peon; “Nice Body, Dave”; Vs 7th period Sleep Team; 16 4th period pyros; “Hey, Dave wants a ticket.”; “Let’s hunt”; Na- tional Merit Finalist; Wrestling 1,2; Football 2-4; NEDT Commendee; Big Red Club 2-4; Outing Club 3,4; Speech Team 2; THE BELL Staff 4 80 Jesse Moore Jesse Tucker Moore, III ”Hey, Ron, Nice Armpads.”; “L.C. Dealwood.”; “Am I really going to start at nose guard, Scott?’’; “Ball”; “God dog (Dios perro).’’; “No, you can’t have the socks or jock.’’; “Hey, Ken, when will our Spanish trophy be ready?’’; “Mr. Poston, I hate themes,’’; “Hey, Buddy.’’; “No. I am not Tom Moore’s brother.”; “Dr. Niemeyer, Santa lives.”; “V. Quisling”; “Con-Cavity”; “Concavity is my life”; “Hey y’all, let’s go eat.”; “Hale, that’s it.”; Big Red Club 2-4; Service Club 1-4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students; V. Baseball Manager 1,2; V. Football Manager 2-4 (Head manager); Fresh. Football Man- ager; Fresh. Basketball Manager; National Spanish Exam 3,4; Travel Club 3 Allen Parker John Allen Parker, III 1 7 W L Stowaways; 1 7 Green Acres Country Club — “Phosphate Mines Forever.”; “UST”; “Jr. Prom Blitz Team”; “The Cabin”; “SKOAL”; “Ford Trucks are 1 .”; “Are there any parties this weekend, Higgins?”; “There’s a party in Franklin.”; Anti-Prep; “The Brentwood Gang”; “Ronny, Robert, Clay”; “Rush”; “Jimi Hendrix”; “The Who”; “Led Zeppelin”; Volunteer Jam VI, VII, VIII; “Passage to Bangkok”; “Rock and Roll will never die.”; Microbe Basketball; Microbe Football; Fresh. Football; J.V. Football 2,3 Perry Patterson .SI7Z ■«!► -ic , - -’yfr . 7 ■ • ' Perry Hughes Patterson “Perry P.”; “The Ridgerunner”; “Operation Wa- termelon— The Moonshine Kid”; “GTO— De Judge”; “Hey, who’s the masked man in that white Camaro?”; “it’s only a 305.”; “Cruising Franklin on a Friday night.”; “Muscle Cars 4-ever.”; “Wild-eyed Southern boy.”; Cheverra; Overton Bobcats (Hey! I got friends there); “No one gets out of here alive” — Jim Morrison; “Born to be i d Steppenwolf; THE BELL Photographer 3,4; Big Red Club 2-4; Daytona Spring Breaks 2-4; Volunteer Jam VII, VIII; Photography Club; I.C, Letterman; Rifle Team 2-4 84 Roger Peek George Roger Peek, II “Hey, have you seen my newest death stars?”; “So what if I’m psycho?”; “I wish I had some dynamite and an M- 1 6”; “I won’t be happy until I graduate.”; MBA Demoli- tion Squad; Anti-Ryan defense force; Elec- tronic noisemaker manufacturer; Weapons specialist; victim of the “gentlemanly” im- age; Glad to be out; Pyromaniac; Fire Mar- shal 4; Drama Club lighting engineer 4; Actor 4; Cross-Country Manager 1-4; Mer- it Commended Student Kirk Porter l You see, I know when to take these things seriously “Well, maybe I shouldn’t have skipped Study Hall.” Kirk Arenhold Porter Chasin’ planes in a T A; Doonesbury reenactment squad; Grand Moff Cheek’s House for “Waylaid” semi-men; Money = Jays + Ice; Worst Attitude; Loser of the Monteagle Grand 500, sentenced to jail; AMY- 812; Varsity 12 oz. Curl Team 1-4; 1 87 Anti-Alex Grimsley Method Club; “I didn’t invite the Vice-Squad— Oh my God!”; V. Track 2-4; Nat’l. Merit Commendee; NEDT; Big Red Club 1-4; THE BELL Copy and Sports Staff 3,4 David Rader David Scott Rader Cool; Radar; “Hey Bill, Nice Body”; “Scoot-Over, Whit, Some- body stole my car.”; “Bobby, I can’t believe you’re still here. Leave!”; the Madison Machine; Va the Heritage 500; “1 can’t go. I’ll be out of town.”; “Nice car, Dave.”; “Neely’s Bend, Forever.”; “Hey, Coach Regen, do you want to borrow my comb?”; Football 2-4; Baseball 2-4; Big Red Club 2-4; Service Club 3,4; FCA 2-4; Photography Club 2,3; Checkers Club 3; Summer School 2-4 Billy Rolfe William Vaughan Rolfe Billy; Willie; Bildo; Monk; Fats; Squealy; Piggy; “Portland is the center of the universe.”; “Graham and Hastings are dealers.”; “No guys, I am not dating Melanie!”; “You can use my fuzzbusterl”; needs a haircut; % John Floyd Fan Club; Martha White’s Housekeeper; “Too bad, y’all, I am now working on the Varsity level!”; “Can I interest you in a Cadillac.”; “Hey, Whitfield, your parole offi- cer is here.”; 1 11 Coach Williams’ 7th period Sleep Team. “You can love alligators just as much as people.”; 2 a.m. Portland Travelers Squad; 1 6 Kate’s car parkers; Mass Production; Gap Band; Pioneer is a sound investment; ‘ 6 Jimi Hendrix O.D. Club; English Summer School 1-3; Latin 2, Chemistry 3, Driver’s Ed. 2; “Of course, I am pri- viledged to be asked to come back and visit this summer!”; Fresh. Football; Fresh. Track; Fresh. Basketball; V. Football 2-4; V. Track 2-4; Service Club 1-4; Sons of Alumni; Parking Commissioner 4; Delta Sigma V.P. Pledge Class, Pledge Master, Chaplain; Big Red Club 2,3 Scot Alan Rosenblum “I never saw that wire!”; Rush; “Pork Chop Forever”; “We’re not laughing with you, Bill, we’re laughing at you.”; YES, Hot Tuna; Officer Williams Fan Club; Vs Chortle Club; “I’m not of age.”; 1 17 2nd Period History Sleep Team; 1 7 Midnight Hill Football Team; “Lock your doors and pretend you’re dead!”; I.C. 1-4; Big Red Club; Chess Club; Outing Club; NEDT award; THE BELL RINGER Copy Staff and Business Editor; AZA 1- 4 John Scruggs John Stahl Scruggs “Imagine all the people, living life in peace” — John Lennon; “Give peace a chance”; The Beatles; San- tana; “Come on, Terry, Groosberger will protect us.”; Reggae; “Remember what the doormouse said.”; Outing Club 3; Big Red Club 1-4; THE BELL Staff 4; NEDT Award; V. Track 2-4; V. Football 3-4 Keivan Shahrokhi Keivan Ali Shahrokhi Spurmoki; The Sheikh; Roki; Dealer; “No, Peter, I’m not going out with Car- rie.”; “Nice punt block, guy!”; “Give me a double!”; “We got lost on Poison Street, Mrs. Hollins, honest!”; 1 11 7th Period Sleep Team; Football 1-4; Track 1,2 FCA 1-4; Young Life 3,4; Big Red Club 3,4 Res Hll im ■a I , 4 David Carroll Shanks Whale; 98 lb. Stale Champion T-Shirts for Sale; Hershel Tanks; “We’re not laughing with you, Bill, we’re laughing at you.’’; “Modesty never was your problem, Andrew.’’; “Hey Dan, how’s Sherrie?’’; Hobsbong Rots; Chortle Club; 1 17 2nd Period Histo- ry Sleep Team; “Steve, there’s a little dirt in everybody’s back- ground — nice hair.’’; The Narrows; Church Basketball — Exper- ience the Fellowship; “This must be Wade’s day off, Mr. Herring.’’; Hacker’s Anonymous; Varsity l.C. 1-4; Outing Club; Chess Club; Big Red Club Sergeant-At-Arms; Latin Award; NEDT Award David Shanks 92 Martin Silverman Martin David Silverman “The Voice of the High Sierra”; “Chrishy, Baby and Yes”; “It’s Awesome.”; “Man, you’re dejected as . . . ”; “I’m a ‘Dead Head’.”; The Cult of the “Lizard King”; The phenomenal “Rush” and Neil Peart; “Hey, Steve, what’s that under your steering wheel?”; “We came ‘Out of the Blue’.”; “ ’Buddha’ is awesome.”; Nip-chee Porkchop; Veteran of “Ascent” and “Mr. Lizard”; “I never saw that ditch run out in the street.”; “Room full of Mirrors” — poem by Jimi, perhaps; Big Red Club 3,4; V. Golf 3,4; Basketball 1 M Brad Sitton Winston Bradshaw Sitton W.B.S.; “Honest Guys, Coach Owen LOVES Me!”; Co- President of the Commodore Club; “Hey, Wood, where’d you Go?”; “Sorry about the bed, Pete.”; 1 80 Cheek’s Summer Patrol; THE Macho Stud Guy of MBA; “Hey, I’m smart, really!”; “I got a house in Lauderdale!”; “Not a preppie, not a guy!”; “What’s a goldbrick?”; “Hey, Doc, I made it!”; Fresh. Football; Fresh Track; J.V. Football 2; V. Football 3,4; V. Wrestling 2-4; Chorus 3,4; Big Red Club 1-4; FCA 2-4; THE BELL RINGER Staff 2,3; THE BELL Staff 2,3, assoc, editor 4; NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist Pete Smith J I ' !? Peter Stephen Williams Smith “Petrenis”; “Neanderthal”; “Karl from ‘Caddyshack’ “You’re a machine, Porter.”; “We’ll trade beauty for certain moral stan- dards.”; “I anticipate a deeply religious experience.”; “Dallas is the place to be . . . Motorcity Madhouse.”; “ . . . score”; Buyer Part Consumer of Cheek House Generic, wonder beverage.”; “Where do all these Hendersonville people come from?”; “Ryan Who?”; “Toyota Power”; Va Shakey’s Thirst Quench Club; Rush-Cygnus X-1; Suicide Speech Squadron; Science Fair; winner 8th, Honorable mention Biology, 2nd Physics Fresh. Foot- ball; Fresh. Wrestling; J.V. Wrestling 2; V. Wrestling 3,4; Big Red Club 2-4 Steve Stevens Trust in the Lord forever. For in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock.” Isaiah 26:4 Lemuel Birthright Stevens, III “Steve”; Fresh Track; V. Track 2,3; Wrest;ing 1,2; V. Soccer 4; Riflery 1-4; Cross-Country 1-4; Big Red Club 2-4; Outing Club 3; Latin I, Latin II (H), English I (H) medals; letter of recognition for Latin from Vanderbilt; NEDT Award; National Merit Commendee; 3rd place in state Geometry Test 2; MBA representative for Optimist Student Appreciation Week; Captain of rifle team 3,4; Captain of Cross-Country Team 4; Treasurer of Senior Class and Student Body 4 96 Gordon Strayhorn If you catch the right current, you can end up anywhere. John Gardner Gordon Strayhorn No nickname— just Gordon; 5; Wahuhi; Cool Breeze; Time for me to fly . . . ; “What a woman!”; Gradual intrusion of reality— Gradual decline of idealism; “At one time, I was next.”; 1 4 of Hy- Lake Reconnaissance Team; “Joe he’s in Jail.”; Misogynists Anonymous; “1 am not GREEN, and I have never been a GUY, or GEE, or whatever.”; 1 5 of Rolling Stones in Memphis— Rolling out of Memphis D.W.I.; “1 kinda like Lauderdale.”; “Dalton was not conducive to sound thinking.’ ; I tried athletics— I really did.”; Athletically absent 1-4; enjoying existence 1-4 ... ; FCA 1,2; THE BELL RINGER Staff 1-4, Photography Editor 3,4 97 Jeffrey Lee Thomason “You’re a mooch; Doster.’’; “Wade, you’re a history machine.’’; “Where’s your jeep, BilU”; “Let’s go to Lion’s Head, Scot ’; 1 4 Casa G. Pre-game Club; 1 5 Hdrpeth Narrows Cliff Div- ing Club; 98 lb. State Pork Chop pan Club; 1 7 Chortle Club; Rush Fan Club; 1 2 Officer Williams Fan Club; 1 11 7th Period U.S. History Sleep Team; Varsity Touch Football 3,4; .1 5 Hill Football; Big Red Club 2-4; Outing Club 4; Fresh. Football; Varsity I.C. 1- 4; Church Basketball 2-4 Jeff Thomason Greer Tidwell Greer Courley Tidwell, Jr. C.B.; Work-a-holic; 1 2 junior entries; Porsches and Pickups; “Hirsh, you owe me one for Shareee.”; Swapping cultures; “Bart, we’re Baylor bound.’’; “the only good friend is a goyim friend!’’; “Cruise in the motor home.”; “Sleep is worthless!”; “Rich and Steve, to the lake.”; “Nice speech, Pete.”; “FCA and Young Life, help me through the week.”; “Bellevue was not just a bunch of rednecks.”; “Mr. Drake.”; “Back to you, Tom.”; “Thanks, Dr. Thomas.”; “Gordon, it’s been real . . .”; Hunting, Fishing, and Horse racing 1-4; Track 1; Wrestling 2; Rifle Team 3,4; National Merit Commendee; Forensics 1,2,4; Student Council 1,2,4; Stu- dent Council Secretary Tripp Townsend James Weyman Townsend, III Town; Tripper; “Tree-yup, Alisa.”; “No, it’s not a Rolls, it’s a VW.”; “Ask Steve, he knows.”; 1 4 of the wrestling dedication team; 1 2 of the hardened criminals in MBA; Demerit lunges Anonymous; “Hey Doc, have you ever given a negative 6 weeks average before?”; roto-rooter; “I’ll cruise David.”; 7th period fashion coordinator; “ Watch out for the mailbox, Andrew.”; “Get a haircut, Rolfe.”; “No Paul, I can’t help you with Math today.”; Service Club; V. Wrestling 1,2; Cheerleading, sort of; V. Soccer 3,4; Big Red Club 1-4; National Merit Fi- nalist 100 John Turner John David Turner “Jay Tee’’; “Lipscomb Runaway”; “Jill and I will be there.”; “Sorry we were late.”; Author of HOW TO GET OUT OF ATHLETICS TODAY AND EVERYDAY; “J.A. Ma- nia”; “I love it, it’s Art Deco.”; “gotta go to work.”; “Iroquois Party Services”; “Bring it, I’ll frame it.”; “MGB Fan Club”; Drama 2; Big Red Club 2-4; Prom Backdrop 3; Junior Achievement 3; Achievement Plus 4; THE BELL Business Staff 3, Asst. Business Ed. 4 101 John Van John Christopher Van “Nice D’s, Robert.”; “No, Paul, I didn’t bring it.”; “Nice facade, Steve.”; “Don’t call me John-John!”; “But I just got on the computer!”; “Nice milling, Mr. Carter.”; “What ever happened to Senior Slide?”; Tennis 1-4; V. Tennis 1,3,4; NEDT Award; Big Red Club; Economics Award; Who’s Who; Chem.-Phys. Award 102 Wyatt Wells Wyatt Clinton Wells, II “Shut up, Craig.”; “Shut up, Lyn.”; “You are at a crossroad in life: one road leads to the Nazi of the year award, the other to Debate 1-4; THE BELL RINGER Staff 4; Debate V.P. 3,4; Championship Quiz Bowl 3; National Merit Finalist 103 mm 104 David White ' ' -i-.fs ' ,. «•■■■. , . .. f:ii.,. • l.r .‘::?f . I A " ! , X ■ tp; •• •■ ' David Joyce White, III “No, Doc., I’m not going to UT next year.”; “But Mr. Carter, I’m just a dumb football player.”; 1 7 of the Carpenter Demolition Squad; Honor Coun- cil 3-4 (Pres. 4); FCA 3-4 (Vice-Pres. 4); THE BELL sports staff 3, Editor 4; Big Red Club 3; Varsity Football 2-4; Totomoi; Cum Laude; Na- tional Honor Society; Best Citizen in Junior Class Award; — “I am not ashamed of the gospel, be- cause it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then the Gentile” — Rom. 1:16 David Williamson 105 “Kirk Francis, eat your heart out!” David Glenn Williamson “Wigwam”; “Wiggy”; That’s right I’m a golfer; UNC UVA was a trip; Francis, it’s great balls of fire time; How many cases of what? I don’t know; I can’t remember what did you do?; Grace, can Sean come out and play?; I love shorts (backwards); Frank, Sean ole bean; Mavi, Hale I promise I’m not dating her; Aug. 29 malicious destruction of property and S.G. ribs, but it was a good party anyway; Frank, she’s a NICE girl!; Hale, is that really a girl’s car?; Crisis Call Center; “blue lights” are everywhere; 3 marriages, 2 divorces and an affair so what. I’ve just begun; Freshman Bas- ketball; BELL RINGER 3-4, Business staff 4; Big Red Club 1-4; Varsity Golf 1-4, Coaches Award 3 “Ooo La La!” Ridley Wills William Ri dley Wills, III “GO BIG RED!!”; Polyester Town Guide; Go get ’em Business Editor; 1 7 MBA Football Fan Club; “Yes, I’m an Experi- menter!”; Downtown Presbyterian Church; member of the “I hate logic” Fan Club; creative Prom designs; “Hey, where’s your mindset?”; “I love to paint.”; scuba diver; eternally lost in Hendersonville; “Gee, this looks just like New York!”; “The Best is Yet to Come!!!”; V. Cross-Country; “Arse- nic and Old Lace”; “Oklahoma!”; “Night of Jan 16”; Mr. Bumble in “Oliver!” 106 JUVENILE WARNI ITATIOI MUST CALL A CI ' A ' 169.5511) V ITHIN. RENT pDLE) MODEL) LICENSI Tom Wood Edwin Thomas Wood “Yeah, I rock and roll — So what?”; “Meet me at Doug’s.”; “Je m’en fous!”; “Bop ’till you drop.”; “Just gimme the keys, Briley; I’ll get you home.”; 1 4 Stones in N.O., La.; 1 6 The Who in Memphis; 1 3 SAT Road Trip subse- quent 50-point decline; 1 3 A.B. Collier Fan Club; Youth Guidance 2, Wood O; Wood 2, Tercel 0; Bored of Directors; Apprentice Trails 1; Varsity 2-4; “Here comes MY 19th nervous breakdown . . . ”; THE BELL RINGER Staff 1-4, Editor 4; THE BELL Staff 1-3; Dobson Award 2; National Merit Semifinalist; J.V. Football 2; NEDT Award (Big Deal); UT Journalism Award (1st in State- news) LICE DEPARTMENT OUTH GUIDANCE DIVISION 8; OO A. M. 5:00 P.M. KAWb u.v.D. . A i NG SCHOO f W ' ' ' ■ OTHER (SPECIF .. REM KS URS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - DRINKING? YE TURBANCE OTECIFY BELOW) and AFTER 11 PM M SCHOOL grounds •QLATION (sreciFiY belov ) ClaBYoung ' " --4 Clayton Scott Young C; Clint; Hollywood; Hans; “Nice tickle, Ken- tianl”; Cheek’s; Doobies; 1 12 Hackers Anony- mous; “Bush-derogatory-untimely pseudo ap- plause forever!’’; 1 2 Driving Aces 2-4 ' pilot “Hey, Kirk, can I pass?’’; “Knock yourself out ”; V. Base- ball 2-4; V. Football 3,4; V. Basketba 1 4; Fresh. Football; Fresh. Basketball; Fresh. I rack; J.V. Basketball 3; J.V. Football 2; NEI T Award (wow); National Merit Commendee Big Red Club 1-4; FCA 3,4; Honor Council 1; Fire shall 4 ' •irM i Senior Superlatives Pete Smith, our resident ape Ed Brown, Most Comtemporary John Turner, Best Dressed Senior Superlatives 1981-82 Paul Kornman John Hitt Rich Good David White Ken Downey John Turner Tom Higgins Brad Sitton Ed Brown Martin Brown Wade Elam Mark Garfinkel Most Intelligent Wittiest Most Popular Most Likely to Succeed Most Athletic Best Dressed Biggest Grub Biggest Goldbrick Most Contemporary Friendliest Most In Love Most In Love With Himself Most Likely Not to Reach the Age of Twenty Lowest on the Darwinian Scale of Evolution Most School Spirit Biggest Social Lion Kirk Francis Mike Hughes, Most School Spirit Pete Smith Mike Hughes Hale Hooper Kirk Francis, Most Likely Not to Reach the Age of 20 1 1 wSk • Junior Class Class Officers: first row: Charlie Collins, Vice-President; Todd Helm, Presi- dent; second row: John Levy, Honor Council; Steve Maler, Honor Council; third row: David Maddux, Treasurer; George Smith, Secretary; Not Pic- tured, Lon Whiteaker, Honor Council Bo Adams Spenser Aden Scott Albright Burton Anderson Andy Andrews Mark Atkinson Tommy Barge Bruce Bentley Robert Brandau Mack Brothers Jimmy Brown Lee Bryant George Bueno Hardy Burch Joe Cain Rob Carter Ted Carver Bronson Casey John Cavin Bert Chaffin Ben Cherry Runcie Clements Charlie Collins Joe Ed Conn Brooks Corzine Charlie Cox John Dale John Dalton Ron Deal Danny DeBlanc Atit Desai Richard Duncan Tommy Duncan Jeff Edwards Jeff Erickson Jim File Calvin Harris Lex Harvey John Heer Todd Helm Chip Herbert Chris Hines Jon Hobden Ron Hutchison Aaron Isherwood Doug Jenkins David Kurtz Mike Laws Ewan Leslie John Levy George Lynch David Maddux Steve Maler Charlie Mashburn Andrew McAllister Robert McConnell David Mclllwain Allen Moore Bobby Morales Philip Moyers Mark Oldham Landson Robbins Lyn Robbins Mark Robinson Trey Rochford Kent Rollins Hardy Ross John Ryu Andrew Schenker Steve Shankle Seth Sharpe George Smith Cannon Thomas Paul Tidwell Robert Todd Thomas Warren Terry Watterson John Weisiger Allan Wheatcraft Lon Whiteaker Wade Wilkinson Walt Zibas Sophomore Class Class Officers; (left to right): Buddy Knight, Honor Council; John Harrison, Honor Council; Chris Guzikowski, Treasurer; John Morrissey, Secretary; Will Nowell, President; Not Pictured Parish Lentz, Vice-President Charlie Adkins Steve Altemeier Gary Asher Ross Ballenger Trip Bennett Brad Blevins Andy Brown Richard Brown Ty Brown Bruce Burgess John Carter Sam Chang Russell Coleman Matt Dolloff Matt Drury John Edwards Bob Enkema Michael Fabian Garth Fails Mark Finks Davidson French John Gallaher Tim Gallimore Jeff Gaw Hamilton Gayden Brian Goldman Brent Graham Chris Guzikowski Scott Haley Currey Hall John Harrison Bryan Hassel Larry Hayes Alan Jackson Arthur Jones Chris Kelley Arshad Khan Buddy Knight Kyle Knight Gil Lackey Bill Lamb Fletcher Lance Parish Lentz Bryan Lewis Cooper Lilly French McKnight Richard McMackin Brian Menke Drew Moore Greg Moore Jimmy Moore John Moore Marvin Morris John Morrissey Ronnie Munkeboe Will Nowell Tommy Oliphant Scott O’Neal Jimmy O’Neil Michael Parker Bernie Pinto Mark Pollack Ernest Tacogue Bill Tirrill Billy Treanor Greg Turner Robert Van Ran Van Riper Griffin Vincent Stephen Westermann Kevin Wolfe David Wood Scott Portis Scott Pulliam Tony Rafalowski Phil Robinson John Roth Elliott Sloan Kip Smith Rob Sommer Mike Steck Andrew Stuart Freshman Class Class Officers: (left to right): Rob Briley, Treasurer; Rob Alley, Honor Council; Robin Henderson, Secretary; Robert Black, President; Michael Pirrie, Vice-President; Not Pictured David Chickey, Honor Council Rob Alley Hal Andrews Jimmy Armistead Bill Bainbridge David Bale Richard Baughman John Bauman Paul Bernado Robert Black Arthur Bond Paul Bond Roger Boyers Rob Briley Jay Brothers Tim Brothers Jack Brown Edward Caldwell Scott Carey Chuck Carroll David Chickey Dake Clarke Kort Classen Wesley Coleman Bill Crook Wade Davies Alex Davis Jim Denton Glenn Dukes Jeff Dukes John Enkema James Forsyth Buzz Frahn Bruce Francis Bobby Frist Scott Garfinkel Tyler Gaw Sam Graber Mac Hardcastle Kyle Hardin Stuart Harmer Rob Harwell Robin Henderson Rob Hendrick Rusty Hippe Harold Honaker Doug Johnson Stephen Jones Ken Larish Bob Ledyard Allen Lindsey Clay Lutz Brad Mangrum Jim Manson Whit Martin Eric McConnell Chris Monte Dawson Nichols Petey Orenstein Tommy Outlaw Tray Owen John Pamplin Harry Payne Harry Peffen Grey Petznick Michael Pirrie Will Pridemore Pat Rau Paul Richards John Robbins Ben Robertson Steven Rollins Steve Saperstein Thomas Scales Chris Smith David Smith Walter Smhwick Jonathan Springer David Stringfield Steve Stroman John Tate Dawson Thombs Scott Thompson Richard Todd Henry Trost Ben Vance Greg Walker Hunt Warner Andy Wattleworth Frank Wilk Tim Wilkins Mike Wood Stephen Young Chris Zanone Pat Bowers David Claunch Sean Curry Bill Duncan Josh Easter Don Fish Jeff Frace Jim Gardner Robert Harris Bud Henderson John Jenkins Willie Lin Sam Marney Rob Page Chris Sanders Merritt Seshul Warren Sprouse Michael Starr Niku Wasudev David Wood Jay Schmitt, President Takis Patikas, Vice-President Jeff Dale, Secretary-Treasurer Richard Baxter Mike Blade Chuck Brandon Jeff Dillon David Farrar Pat Frazier Richard Giardina John Griffith Jon Huddleston Mitch Mallott Talbot Masten Steve Molbach Keith Paisley Scott Pearson Charlie Reasor Robert Michael Reed Nick Sieveking Rob Stack Howard Tidwell Lee Vaughn Patrick Parker, President George Mabry, Vice-President Bill Cochran, Secretary-Treasurer mmi SCSI mm wwmmm Guy Logan Chip Fridrich Brad Fuson Ronald Grover Clint Kelly John Downer, Secrelary-T reasurer Hunt Adams Scott Bennett Bob Boer Jim Campbell Will Campbell John Fred Mikulak Todd Pardue Ronnie Po David Power Chip Redd Rajiv Sharma Paul Soper Joe Terry John Thompson Hudson Walker Sam Howard, President Jay Owen, Vice-President 7 B Bob Baker Randy Brown Trajan Carney Jody Davis David Dillon Louis Graber Kenji Kono Paul Lentz Layng Marline T.A. McKinney Garth Nash Randy Pelaez Harry Piazza Christopher Ptomey Jay Reynolds Dave Ramsey Ted Thompson Brennon Martin, President John Joe, Vice-President Christopher Fly, Secretary-T reasurer Chip Blaufuss John Boone Hunt Brown Skip Burke Rob Chilton Rob Crowell David Enkema Clint Fawcett Nathan Goldberg Will Meyer Tom Mitchell Steve Parker Hal Rather Kevin Rhodes Joe Rich John Scruggs Trey Spence Erik Sundell Robert Willingham Jimmy Zibas Charles Mayes, President Matt Kneeland, Vice-President Scott Sprague, Secretary-T reasurer Andy Davis, Secretary-T reasurer 7 N Scott Boone Allen Brown Carey Bringle Frank Crowell Dan Farrar Brennon Fitzpatrick Sunli Malkani Mark Mitchell Turner Overton Bob Pate John Rawlings Ted Rice George Ruccio Jiannbin Shiao Chris Slagle Temp Sullivan Clay Trabue Mike Walker Lee Wirth Chris Burch, President Todd Cassetty, Vice-President FALL Fall Fall is a time of change. As the leaves turn from green to yellow and orange, we, the students, must change our thoughts from the frivolities of summer to the academic life of school. Registration begins the transition while our first assignments review the forgotten facts of last spring. As September wanes into October and then into Novem- ber, we become accustomed to the rigorous life on the Hill. Of course fall is the time when other activities can break the monotony of our academic endeavors. At the end of every week, we are presented with a pep rally followed by an exciting football game that night. The Spaghetti Sup- per and Homecoming are also integral parts of fall life. As the world of nature prepares to sleep for the winter, the student prepares to come alive in scholastic and extra- curricular activities throughout the year. Homecoming In preparation for the Spaghetti Supper, the Mothers’ Auxiliary held several assemblies to arouse student par- ticipation in the selling of tickets. Chef Gideon was not able to make his annual assembly, but Mr. Drake filled in well with his persuasive sales pitch and his glasses with windshield wipers. As the day grew closer, the seventh and eighth graders took the lead in ticket sales, while the Juniors and Seniors lagged behind as usual. Blessed by pleasant weather, the 1981 Homecoming fes- tivities were a magnificent success. The 1981 Spaghetti Supper, sponsored by the Mothers’ Auxiliary, proved to be more lucrative than ever before. Although students waited until the last minute to turn in their supper and raffle ticket money, over twenty-eight thousand dollars was raised. The evening began with the always delicious dish of spaghetti. After the supper, the Big Red Football team treated the students, faculty, alumni, and friends to an exciting game as MBA soundly defeated their Homecom- ing opponent Antioch 1 4 to 0. During the halftime presen- tation, Kate Kirkpatrick was crowned the 1981 Home- coming queen, and the court consisted of Elizabeth Graves, Mary Elkins, Elizabeth P’Poole, Joan Sorace, Heidi Wallace, and Ashley Dale Kate Kirkpatrick escorted by Frank Andrews Joan Sorace escorted by Steve Anderson Elizabeth P’Poole escorted by Russell Jones The following evening, the Big Red Club sponsored the traditional Homecoming Dance for the student body. The Mothers’ Auxiliary provided the refreshments of Coke and cookies. The entertainment was provided by The Keys, who helped to make the dance an exciting and en- joyable occasion. On the following Monday, the student body again earned a holiday for their excellent ticket sales. Over all, the Homecoming weekend of 1981 was a superb success as usual. Pep Rallies The year got off to a roaring start for the cheerleaders when they, along with Mr. Carter and Dr. Thomas, trav- eled to Cheerleader Training Camp at the home of the Georgia Bulldogs. Upon their return, they continued to work hard in preparation for the season. The cheerleaders combined the traditional pep rallies with innovative ideas. As in the past, they led the grunts, shouts, and cheers while the football players and guest speakers also fired up the players and students. In addi- tion, the cheering contests, the car smash-up, a pie in Dr. Crowell’s face and the girls’ dynamic pom-pom routine added more excitement to the pep rallies. All in all, the cheerleaders proved themselves to be the embodiment of the Big Red Spirit. GOBIGRl i I 134 : Cheerleaders 1981-82 Cheerleaders (left to right): Row 1 Elizabeth Graves, Beth Hogue, Alisa Scobey, Kate Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth P’Poole, Joan Sorace, Heidi Wallace; Row 2 Robert McConnell, John Hitt, Rich Good, Frank Andrews, Russell Jones, Steve Anderson, Wade Wilkinson An order of football excitement with cheerleaders on the side, (above) Head Cheerleader Kate Kirkpatrick (left) 135 Varsity Crowd “Look! Scott made one!” It’s easy to distinguish them from the rest of the crowd. They wear lots of red and several slogan buttons and are usually plastered with spirit sitckers, and most important, they support our teams consistently. Whether it’s a balmy autumn evening or a frigid winter night, the Varsity Crowd is there and cheering. The Crowd is invaluable no matter what the state of the contest. When a Big Red team succeeds, the Crowd rewards it with applause and cheers; if the Big Red is trailing its opponent, the Crowd urges the team on with determined exhortations. The Varsity Crowd deserves a long round of applause. 136 A Season of Frustration The 1981 Big Red (left to right): 1st row J. Conn, J. Moore, J. Moore, C. Hall, J. Morrissey, J. Edwards,!. Bennett, S. Haynes, J. Levy,T. Warren, C. Herbert, C. Hines, S. Howell, T. Helm, J. Moore, A. Andrews; 2nd row B. Knight, J. Harrison, G. Bueno, W. Nowell, M. Hastings, G. Graham, H. Hooper, B. Morales, K. Burch, J. Gaw, L. Whiteaker, L. Bryant, K. Shahroki, D. Edwards, T. Rochford, M. Brothers, S. Pulliam, A. Lindsey; 3rd row Coach Jefferson, R. Sommer, P. Lentz, S. Albright, S. O’Neal, E. Franklin, R. Clements, D. Rader, K. Downey, D. White, B. Sitton, R. Bomar, A. Fuqua, G. Smith, S. Maler, L. Harvey, G. Carpenter, Coach Regen, Coach Morel; 4th row Coach Owen, J. Scruggs, M. Robinson, B. Adams, M. Drury, P. Robinson, B. Lewis, L. Hayes, R. Deal, B. Mangrum, C. Young, B. Rolfe, H. Ross, D. Maddux, H. Edwards, T. Gallimore MBA’s football team suffered through a 5-5 season, yet this record is not indicative of the effort and ability of the Big Red. The team suffered four of their five defeats at the hands of the number one, number three, and number four teams in the state. Injuries deeply hurt the Big Red. In the opening game, the Big Red performed to a large crowd against perennial power Springfield. MBA was for- tunate enough to win 8-7. Prospects soared for a successful season, but the Big Red ran into the team that won the State playoffs, the Overton Bobcats. Despite an early score, the Big Red lost to the rugged district. After this bruising affair, the Big Red met Father Ryan for the first of two contests. The Irish defeated MBA 27-6. This game did not count toward district standings. The team re- bounded with a victory over Hillwood but lost the first week of October to East state power Knoxville Farragut (14-6). 137 Not only did MBA fall to 2-3, but also the Big Red lost two-way starter Whitfield Hamilton to a knee injury. Coupled with the loss of David Maddux earlier in the season, this blow seriously weakened both the offensive and defensive lines. In the next three weeks, MBA re- bounded to soundly defeat Pearl (37-22), Antioch at Homecoming (14-0), and Hillsboro (24-0), upping the district record to 4-1 and the season record to 5-3. All hopes for a district championship fell through with the loss to Glencliff (14-7). After this loss, the Big Red mustered all the energy it could to meet Father Ryan once again. Without David Rader’s services, the Big Red gave a sterling performance in a losing cause. The failure to capitalize on a long pass play to Clay Young and a questionable penalty proved to be the telling factors in MBA’s 24-14 loss. Despite a bril- liant performance by Billy Rolfe, Hardy Burch, and the entire Big Red team, MBA fell short. Not enough can be said for the players who performed brilliantly game after game. Quarterback Bobby Morales, tailback David Rader, and Fullback Billy Rolfe logged a large amount of playing time. Clay Young and Ken Dow- ney performed superbly as the Big Red’s main passing targets. Defensively, the three main tacklers for MBA were David Rader, Billy Rolfe, and Hardy Burch. Hardy’s punt return against Ryan for a touchdown proved to be the highlight of the season. Yet, the player who logged more time than any other was Ally Fuqua. Despite a disappoint- ing season, the prospects for a good football team next year are bright with several starters returning. Team! red pro 84 on set. (above) Rolfe punts the ball, (right) Morales checks the line, (above) (above) Burch starts his touchdown run. Burch is carried off. (bottom) Fuqua goes for a down field block, (above) 141 142 Junior Varsity Football. The Junior Varsity football team experienced an upset- ting season. Each game the J.V. had to manage with fewer players because of Varsity injuries. However, the season was not without its high points. The Big Red won its game against Pearl 27-7 and benefited from two forfeits to settle its record at 3-5. First-year coaches Morel and Regen praised the effort and intestinal fortitude of these young men. Will Nowell, John Morissey, and Todd Helm direct- ed the team well at the quarterback spot and receivers Matt Drury and Chris Hines must get credit for a passing attack that struck fear in the hearts of any opponent. Bo Adams and Tripp Bennett ran the ball better each game. The offensive line struggled against larger teams but did show promise. Defensive standouts included LB John Levy, DT Mack Brothers, and a number of younger play- ers. Highlights of the year were a 24-point production against Ryan and a miraculous 55-yard pass reception by a combined effort of Drury and Hines against the Irish. This group will provide talent for a strong Varsity team next year. Morrissey and Levy crush the Irish (above) Maler creates a pile (left) J.V. Football (right to left): 1st row J.E. Conn, W. Nowell, T. Bennett, C. Hall, J. Levy, C. Hines, J. Edwards, T. Helm, J. Morrissey; 2nd row T. Warren, B. Knight, J. Moore, J. Moore, J. Harrison, L. Whiteaker, G. Smith, G. Bueno, C. Herbert, R. Clements, Coach Regen; 3rd row Coach Morel, S. Maler, M. Brothers, B. Lewis, T. Gallimore, R. Sommer, B. Adams, M. Drury, R. Deal, L. Bryant, P. Robinson, M. Robinson 143 A talented and spirited group of athletes turned last year’s “A Few Good Men” into this year’s “Menacing Menage.” Led by coaches Williams and Caldwell, this year’s team posted a 4-3 record, the first winning freshman season in quite a while. The team’s opening win over Hillsboro stunned the entire student body and the following wins over Apollo, Hillwood, and Glencliff left the student body crying for more. However, the team did suffer heartbreak- ing defeats to Overton, Northside, and Ryan. Freshman Football The offense boasted a talented backfield led by Harry Peffen. Peffen accounted for 7 of the total 14 Big Red touchdowns. Spearheaded by quarterback Mike Pirrie, the powerhouse Freshman offense included Steve Rollins ' Bruce Francis, and Rob Briley. Not to be overlooked is the staunch Big Red defense. Robin “Hollywood” Henderson and Dawson Thombs electrified the crowds with their often acrobatic interceptions. Others who distinguished themselves were Jim Denton, Will Pridemore, Robert Black, and Bob Ledyard. After this impressive season, the prospects for an improved varsity are imminent. Hillsboro Overton Apollo Northside Hillwood Glencliff Ryan MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA 144 Microbe Football Microbe Football (left to right); 1st row S. Burke, J. Campbell, T. Overton, C. Bringle, S. Marney, J. Dale, W. Campbell, H. Brown, T. Sullivan, K. Paisley, B. Cochran, T. Pardue, S. Parker, T. Thompson, A. Brown, R. Crowell, D. Enkema; 2nd row T. Carney, K. Rhodes, J. Griffith, B. Fitzpatrick, D. Fish, J. Easter, D. Wood, J. Scruggs, C. Ptomey, J. Boone, T. Spence, S. Howard, M. Malott, C. Sanders, J. Gardner, W. Meyer, B. Martin, C. Trabue, L. Graber, C. Slagle, C. Reason 3rd row G. Mabry, D. Farrar, M. Seshul, C. Brandon, T. Patikas, P. Soper, N. Sieveking, H. Walker, J. Owen, J. Schmitt, R. Page, M. Blade, T. Masten, J. Dillon, R. Grover, J. Jenkins, L. Piazza, B. Fusom, D. Rumsey, R. Chilton, R. Pelaez, R. Brown The Microbe Football Team, under the direction of Mr. Compton, completed the first winning season in six years with a 6-2 record. The team started strong with five con- secutive victories with a combined score of 102 to 18. Two losses to powers Brentwood and Northside followed these wins; however, a spirited 20-0 win over Ensworth in “Death Valley” closed out the season. ing duo of Takis Patikas and Mike Blade led the team behind a solid offensive line, headed by center Jay Schmidt. The running attack was led by Paul Soper and John Jenkins, and the passing targets were wide receiver Brad Fuson and tight end Nick Sieveking. The stubborn defense was led by nose-guard Chuck Brandon and line- backer Talbot “Stop” Masten. To have such a fine record, a team must have a balanced This team s excellent record shows that their players will attack, as this year’s Microbe Team did. The quarterback- have many fine seasons in the coming years. 145 V. Cross Country Team (left to right) Kneeling: Mark Oldham, Rob Alley, Ken Larish, Pat Rau, Scott Garfinkel, Chris Guzikowski, Mabo Kono, John Dale, Richard Duncan, Russell Coleman; Standing: Landson Robbins, Assistant Coach Robert Pruitt, Steve Shankle, Robert McConnell, Elliot Sloan, David Wood, Allen Moore, Bill Treanor, Steve Stevens, Martin Brown, Wait Zibas, Brooks Corzine, Rich Good, Terry Watterson, David Chickey, Kent Rollins, John Dalton, Kyle Knight, Andrew Schenker, Fred Croom, Manager Paul Kornman, Coach Michael Drake Under the blistering August sun, we forged on- ward — mile after mile. But why? Coach Drake and Coach Pruitt said: “Because we said so, that’s why . . . ‘guys’!” To which we would reply: “Oh.” Besides ... we figured that if we really worked hard, then MAYBE, we could be good enough to win “The State” on Novernber 7, 1982. So we kept on running, and, on September 7, 1981, we discovered that we had worked hard enough to defeat Hillsboro 20-38. (Note: MBA C.C. fans, it is the low score that wins.) We had worked hard enough to defeat even 1980 State powerhouse Clarksville Northwest 24-31. The next week, we placed second out of twenty-seven teams in the Anti- och Invitational. But then, we challenged Dickson County and lost. “MAYBE WE HAD AN ‘OFF’ DAY?!” we thought. Sure, that was it!! Because, the next week we finished second out of twenty-three teams in the prestigious A.F. Bridges Invitational, and, in follow- ing meets, defeated Glencliff, Pearl, Hillwood, McGavock, Ryan, and a strong Overton. We had an overall record of 11-1 (8-0 conference) going into the NIL Championships in which we pro- ceeded to emerge victorious under the leadership of Allen Moore, Walt Zibas, Steve Stevens, John Dale, Rich Good, Martin Brown, and Robert McConnell (respectively). 147 We even worked hard enough to capture the Regional Championship on September 31, 1981 with Moore’s new school record time of 14:59, Zibas, Stevens, Dale, Good, Brown, McConnell (Respectfully and respec- tively scoring points for the Big Red. “Maybe we really can win the State” we thought again. But, alas, on the Seventh day of November, 1981, di- saster struck. The Big Red Regional Champs “ran” into stiff competition and placed a disappointing elev- enth out of fourteen teams. But why? The Cross Coun- try team said: “Because you can’t win ’em all coach!” To which Coach Drake and Coach Pruitt replied: “Oh.” Dear Coach Drake and Coach Pruitt, “We’re sorry.” Respectfully, Your 1981 Cross Country Team Microbe Cross Country 1 This year’s Microbe Cross Country team under the “inspiration” of Mr. Novak and Dr. Ward had a successful season and once again established this multitude of microbes as a threat in the HVAC. In the conference championship, the team placed third behind Northside and Ensworth in the first round, and with great determination, second behind Northside in the second round. These two finishes gave the squad a third place overall in the conference. Team members who ran well throughout the season were Jimmy Zibas, Bob Boer, Howard Tidwell, Michael Dioguardi, John Downer, Niki Wasudev, and David Farrar. Microbe Cross Country (right to left) 1st row: Clint Fawcett, Todd Cassetty, Matt Kneeland, John Downer, John Thompson, Jimmy Zibas, David Claunch, Michael Walker, John Joe, Bill Duncan, Pat Frazier; 2nd row: Lee Vaughn, Christopher Fly, Guy Logan, Andy Davis, Michael Dioguardi, Kenji Kono, Pat Bowers, Scott Boone, Mark Mitchell, Lee Wirth, T.A. McKinney, Robert Harris, Garth Nash, John Mikulak; 3rd row: Rob Stack, Chip Redd, John Huddleston, Raji Sharma, David Dillon, Scott Pearson, Charles Mayes, David Farrar, Rob Boer, Howard Tidwell, George Ruccio, Ronny Po, Willie Lin, Niku Wasudev 149 WINTER -1- -%• V MBA’s Path As for the athletic complex, the progress picked up after The construction brought excitement, hope, optimism, and mud to MBA. The Jack Massey Junior School Build- ing will offer better facilities for the 7th and 8th grades; however, for this year’s senior class and several faculty members, the construction meant that there would be no parking on the Hill. The temporary parking lot beside the gym was indeed temporary, for shortly after its inaugura- tion, the wet weather created a disaster. The tennis courts then became the 3rd senior parking lot until they were plowed up. ffl the relocation of several houses on Wilson Avenue. Where there used to be houses, trees, tennis courts, and a practice field, there was now an area that seemed more appropriate for corn and wheat than an all-weather track, football stadium, and baseball fields. Nevertheless, “disasters are blessings in disguise” (M.H.L.), for because of them, the students, faculty and administration are forced to look ahead into the future to make MBA a better place for all. Ground Breaking On Wednesday February 17, the official ground breaking ceremony for the new expansions of MBA’s campus was held. Student Council Presi- dent Rich Good welcomed the audience to the MBA gymnasium. David White, Honor Council President, gave a short invocation which was fol- lowed by speeches from several noted dignitaries, including Mayor Richard Fulton, Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander, and Mr. Jack C. Massey. After Mr. Massey’s concluding speech, everyone headed outside where Mr. Massey took the first symbolic shovel of turf at the site of the new building. The ground breaking ceremony succeeded in get- ting both the student body and those outside of MBA excited in the school’s 7.5 million dollar campaign aimed toward expanding both the fa- cilities and the endowment of MBA. The present fund raising drive represents the large effort to improve MBA since the founding of the school in 1867. • Winter Life Winter is a time of consistency. As Nature slows and rests prior to the advent of the upcoming Spring, we, the stu- dents, become accustomed to MBA and its routine. By now, demerits, themes, study halls, and assemblies have become as commonplace as the snow on the ground or the chill in the air. Winter on the Hill is a time of frivolous as well as serious activities. Coupled with the excitement of snow, the basketball games, and the wrestling matches is the daily grind of school work that all converges into mid- term exams. Winter is a somber time which Nature treads softly and bares a big stick. On the Hill, students exhibit strong determination and, in some cases, quiet desperation. The fury of football season has gone. The excitement and color of a fall day with Nature at its best has given way to an introspective study in black and white. Christmas vaca- tion provides a nice break from the ever-increasing de- mands at school. It also allows for the students to cushion themselves against the onslaught of review and cramming in the middle of January. Winter is a time for holidays and a time for intense study. Truly, Winter presents a contrast between the lighter and the more serious times at MBA. 155 Varsity Basketball The 1981-82 Varsity Basketball Team experienced a frus- trating season. Facing a devastating NIL schedule, the Big Red managed only three wins. The team had trouble putting together four quarters of consistent play. Many times, they played well for one half, only to see their lead vanish during the second half. Seniors Ken Downey and Clay Young provided leadership to a team that showed improvement throughout the season. Junior Jim Fite played well at point guard while Terry Watterson pro- vided an outside shooting threat. Although bothered by an ankle injury. Brooks Corzine battled the boards in a rug- ged inside game. Veteran Coach John Bennett found strength on his bench from Mark Robinson, John Morris- sey, and Matt Drury. After dropping their first three games to Glencliff, Hillwood, and BGA, the Big Red traveled to Overton and won an early district game by a 41-39 score. During the Christmas Holidays, the Big Red lost key games to Ryan, University School, and N.C.S. The team greated the new year with renewed enthusiasm and after close losses to Lipscomb and Pearl, gained their second victory of the season. Before the home “Crowd,” the Big Red beat a good Antioch team as Clay Young scored 18 points in a well-deserved win. The team then entered the tougher stretch of their schedule. They lost to Brentwood, Hillsboro, and Glencliff by large margins. Other losses to Overton, Lipscomb, and Hillwood laid to rest any hope of a winning season. The Big Red, however, refused to quit. They led Ryan at the half and battled Pearl to a 2 point loss. The team’s persistence paid off in the form of a 1 point victory over the Hillsboro Burroes. A tough loss to BGA ended the regular season on a sour note and the District Tournament brought no better luck as the Big Red dropped their first game to Hillwood. The high point of the game came with only forty seconds remaining as Clay Young broke loose for a spectacular slam dunk, a climactic end to a frustrating year. The “fair-weather” fan might abandon all hope for MBA Basketball after a year like this. However, the emergence of younger players in key roles late in the year provides ample reason for an enthuiastic outlook for next year’s season. Varsity Basketball (left to right): 1st row Ken Downey, George Smith, John Morrissey, Fletcher Lance, Jim Fite, Davidson French; 2nd row Andy Andrews, Mark Robinson, Clay Young, Brooks Corzine, Terry Watterson, Matt Drury, Bill Tirrill J.V. Basketball The J.V. Basketball team got off to a slow start this year but came on strong at the end of the season to win four of their last seven games, thus compiling a 4-10 record for the year. The four victories came against Overton, Pearl, Hillwood, and BGA. The J.V. having lost decisively to Overton early in the season came back to defeat Overton in a hard-fought one point contest. The win over Pearl was another hard-fought contest with MBA emerging victori- ous by one point in double overtime. The J.V. closed their season by soundly defeating BGA on the road. Standouts for the J.V. were Davidson French, the leading scorer with 22 against BGA; Michael Fabian and Bo Adams with impressive rebounding; Jeff Gaw with superb defense; and Kip Smith, a clutch player, who poured in five points late in the game in the double overtime win over Pearl. Coming off the bench to play well for the J.V. were Gil Lackey, and Robert McConnell. Because of the im- proved play during the year, this year’s J.V. basketball team shows potential for contributing to MBA’s future basketball teams. J.V. Basketball (left to right) 1st row: Davidson French, Gil Lackey, Jeff Gaw, John Edwards Marvin Morris; 2nd row: Lex Harvey, Kip Smith, Bo Adams, Michael Fabian, Robert McConnell 160 Freshman Basketball Paul Richards shoots the ball The Freshman Basketball team with Coach Michael Drake at its helm ran into some stormy areas to finish with a 4-10 record. “Their Future is as bright as they want to make it.” That statement from Coach Drake sums up the attitude of this year’s Freshman cagers. The Freshmen played against tough teams to finish below .500. The team was led by the hot shooting and board work of inside men Michael Pirrie and Paul Richards. Pirrie collected 173 points and 98 rebounds while Richards cleared 128 boards and poured in 1 57 points. Leading the team in assists were Robin Henderson and Harry Peffen. David Bale led the Freshmen in free throw percentage with a sizzling 72% from the line. Although the record was not excellent, these players showed the potential to be winners. MBA 39 Glencliff 51 MBA 52 Whites Creek 57 MBA 55 Overton 39 MBA 49 Millwood 48 MBA 41 Father Ryan 46 MBA 60 Pearl 51 MBA 59 Hume Fogg 66 MBA 42 Hillsboro 44 MBA 69 Maplewood 79 MBA 45 McGavock 65 MBA 64 BGA 35 MBA 43 East 44 MBA 51 Father Ryan 54 MBA 43 Hillwood 65 161 Microbe Basketball The Microbe Basketball team, under the di- rection of coaches Joe Pepper and John Sa- clarides, enjoyed a highly successful season with nine wins and only one loss in the regular season. Led by the shooting of Chip Frederick and Mike Blade from the field and the key foul shooting of Talbot Masten, the Little Red fin- ished the season and went on to the HVAC tournament. The team finished second in the tournament behind a tough Brentwood team. Because of the outstanding play of the likes of Masten, Frederick, and Blade, and the defen- sive effort of Jay “Skywalker” Schmitt, this class’s basketball team has tremendous poten- tial for the future. § f ■ m Microbe Basketball (left to right) 1st row; T. Mitchell, T. Patikas, T. Pardue, K. Paisley B. Schmitt, J. Owen, R. Po Fuson; 2nd row: M. Blade, C. Fridrich, T. Masten, J. 162 Junior School Basketball Tournament 7N Basketball Team (left to right) 1st row: M. Mitchell, S. Malkani, A. Davis, T, Overton, T Cassety, F. Crowell, A. Brown; 2nd row: L. Wirth, G. Ruccio, T. Rice, C. Trabue, D. Farrar, B. Pate, S. Boone Jr. School Tourney Champs (left to right) 1st row: L. Vaughn, S. Molbach, B. Cochran; 2nd row: P. Parker, H. Tidwell, M. Malott, G. Mabry, J. Griffith, D. Farrar, Coach Mark Finks. 163 A Powerhouse in the Making The 1981-1982 MBA wrestling team made great steps toward becoming one of the finest squads in the state of Tennessee. At the start of the season, the Big Red had four starting Seniors returning to the lineup, Mark Garfinkel, Bill Claunch, Ally Fuqua, and Scott Haynes. Early in the season, marked im- provement manifested itself in the grapplers’ fourth place finish in the prestigious Chattanooga City Tournament where Junior John Dale captured the 119 pound title. Having no individual champion- ships, the Big Red grabbed another fourth place in Overton High School’s Invitational Tournament in December behind three second-place finishes from John Dale and the Garfinkel brothers. Freshman Scott and Senior Mark. A week later, the Big Red sufferred its biggest disappointment placing sixth in Father Ryan’s Tournament. However, team strength soon solidified itself, MBA won the Hillwood Invitational edging Dupont through the strength of Mark Garfinkel’s, John Dale’s, and especially Kent Rollins’ victories in the championship. The younger Garfinkel captured sec- ond in an overtime loss. At this point, the latent powers of Kent Rollins emerged. He, along with John Dale and Garfinkel, began to build the mo- mentum toward the post-season tournaments. Varsity Wrestling (right to left) standing: B. Bentley, S. Shankle, S. Albright, M. Laws M Brothers sitting: B. Claunch, S. Haynes, J. Dale, M. Garfinkel, S. Garfinkel, B. Blevins, K. Rollins A. Fuqua, P. Lentz, J. Levy, G. Asher; Garfinkel moves for another pin. ► 1 lA. Dale prepares to take down his opponent. In the District tournament, Mark and Kent captured the championships at the 105 and 138 pound categories re- spectively. John Dale, Scott Haynes, and Bill Claunch captured second; while Ally Fuqua at 185, Scott Albright at 145, and Mike Laws at 167 all advanced to the regional tournament. Heavyweight Mack Brothers qualified but dropped out because of a shoulder injury. The District champion Big Red, however, only qualified four for the state. Finishing third behind Ryan and Franklin in the region, MBA saw John Dale capture the championship while Kent Rollins and Bill Claunch advanced through lower finishes. Senior Mark Garfinkel sufferred his sec- ond defeat of the year to Freshman John Drennan of Ryan. Finally, the long and gruelling road to the state tourna- ment was at an end. John Dale and Bill Claunch per- formed admirably but didn’t place. Kent Rollins, on the other hand, fell short of a state title when he lost the 138 pound championship. Mark Garfinkel finished in style by avenging his loss to Drennan and capturing back-to-back state championships. The team finished ninth in the state. When the year had ended, the honors came out. For the first time in history, the Big Red placed three wrestlers on the first team All-NIL: John Dale, Kent Rollins, and Mark Garfinkel, who was also named Tennessean Wres- tler of the Year. Several others received third team and Honorable Mention recognition. 165 m Wrestling Cheerleaders (left to right) 1st row: Joanna Warnock, Suzanne Burns, Pam Cole; 2nd row: Madolyn Anderson, Allison Russel, Joan Brown, Jonna Lee Freshman Wrestling Freshman Wrestling (left to right) 1st row: S. Saperstein, C. Redd, D. Claunch, W. Campbell, B. Cochran, C. Sanders, J. Campbell, W. Smithwick; 2nd row: S. Thompson, K. Larish, C. Smith, B. Ledyard, P. Soper, T. Owen, B, Frahn, S. Rollins, G. Dukes, S. Harmer The MBA Freshman Wrestling Team had a very suc- cessful season this year. The talented team, coached by Anderson Gaither, compiled an outstanding record of 7-1. On January 3rd, MBA hosted the Western Divi- sion Tournament of the City. The Freshmen wrestlers dominated this important tournament, which included archrivals Ryan and Overton, by fielding nine medal winners. First place honors went to Will Campbell, Walter Smithwick, Steve Rollins, and Steve Saper- stein. Second place honors went to Stuart Harmer; third place to Bill Cochran, and fourth place finishers were Paul Soper, David Claunch, and Eric McConnell. The team later traveled to the highly competitive Mid- dle Tennessee Regionals and finished in third place. MBA qualified nine out of a field of 1 1 wrestlers. The highly talented Steve Rollins took first place honors with Stuart Harmer, Steve Saperstein, and Walter Smithwick taking second place honors. Eric McCon- nell and Paul Soper finished fourth. This highly t alent- ed team will undoubtedly contribute to the future suc- cess of the Varsity team. 168 Microbe Wrestling The 1982 Microbe Wrestling team, under the guid- ance of Coach Anderson Gaither, struggled through a disappointing regular season with a 0-5 record, but they avenged many of the losses by placing second in the HVAC Tournament. In the tournament, nine wrestlers finished in the top four of their weight classes. Will Campbell, Howard Tidwell, and co-captain Paul Soper finished first in their weight divisions. Finishing second were David Claunch, Bill Cochran, and co-captain John Jen- kins. Also scoring points were Chip Redd finishing third and Chris Sanders finishing fourth. Despite a disappointing regular season, some of the wrestlers performed well. These wrestlers will surely make large contributions to the wrestling program in the future. Microbe Wrestling (left to right) 1st row: G. Nash, M. Walker, D. Claunch, W. Campbell, B. Cochran, L. Vaughn, C. Sanders, J. Campbell; 2nd row: T. Sullivan, C. Redd, P. Soper, P. Lentz, J. Jenkins, T. Carney, B. Fitzpatrick, B. Martin 169 spring Another exciting class meeting Spring is a time of growth. As the trees and animals awake from their slumber of winter and start life anew, we the students are also enlivened by the return of pleasant weather and the prospect of putting another year be- hind us. Nature turns its attention to the be- ginning of a new year of life, and we look forward to the prospects of a new year with colleges, SAT’s, class elections, and planning next year’s courses. Soon, Spring becomes full of life with all the Spring sports such as Soccer, Baseball, Track, and Tennis. Entire years are soon capsulized into small bits of review needed for examinations in May. With the Composition: Red and Green, the Prom, the Science Fair, and other activities on the Hill, the students lead a merry chase after the attainment of the priviledge of Sum- mer Vacation. When the last book is closed, the last cram is completed, and graduation over, the student has finally finished yet an- other year at MBA. Mrs. L’s Corner Composition Red And Green Montgomery Bell Academy and Harpeth Hall once again participated in a week of activities celebrating the arts. The 1982 Composition Red and Green opened with the production of “The Curious Savage.” Ed Brown, Alex Grimsley, Frank Andrews, and Seth Sharpe participated with the Harpeth Hall playmakers in the humorous play. Arts week continued with the showing of two films: the classic AFRICAN QUEEN and THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. The setting then switched to MBA’s Wallace Hall for the Choral Festival. The combined chorus provided an enjoyable evening and there was an art opening and reception in MBA’s Patrick Wilson Library. The week concluded with the Entertain- ment Showcase, a display of talent from the students and faculty of both schools. The grand finale of the evening was a faculty skit in which Mr. Bondurant and Mr. Wood showed their talents on the washtub bass and banjo. Com- position Red and Green was enjoyed by all. 174 On Saturday night, April 24, the Junior Class spon- sored the sixth annual Junior-Senior Prom. After much preparation, the big night finally arrived. The evening began with a banquet and roast for the Sen- iors at the Belmont College Student Center. The Seniors and their dates then proceeded to the Brownlee O. Currey gymnasium to be presented. Following the presentation, the band Hot Tomata provided the necessary music and energy for an evening of dancing and celebration. At 1 1 :30, every- one left to go to his respective breakfast. Tired and broke, no one will ever forget this special evening. The 1982 Junior-Senior Prom was a huge success mainly because of the support and hard work of the Junior Class and faculty. 175 In Memory of Dr. Richard Lee Sager Dr. Sager, at the age of 79, died on March 28, 1982. He served as headmaster from 1943 to 1957 but remained at MBA as a math teacher until his retirement in 1971. Dr. Sager can be remembered by numerous accomplishments. One being the Honor System and the other being To- tomoi. His character was one of strength, cour- age, and boldness to be honest and to make neces- sary changes. He was a strict disciplinarian, and will forever remain in the memories of alumni as well as faculty on the Hill. J Varsity Baseball The MBA Varsity Baseball Team experienced an “up and down” year. Before the warmer days of Spring arrived, the players sharpened their skills in the newly constructed batting cage in the gymnasium. As many students departed for vacations during Spring Break, the baseball team practiced every day for 3 to 4 hours. Their hard work paid off with 2 wins in the season opening doubleheader against Clarksville Northeast, by scores of 6-5 and 5-4. The team then entered their grueling district schedule. After holding a brief lead, MBA lost to a strong Glencliff team 6-2. Antioch then blanked the Big Red in a 6-0 contest. In a game pla- gued by infield errors, the Big Red dropped a 12-2 decision to Overton. MBA then suffered heartbreakers to Ryan and Hillwood by scores of 4-3 and 5-3. The Big Red came alive with a 5-0 win over Hillsboro. Support- ed by a fine defensive effort, David Mclllwain threw a shutout to gain MBA’s third win. At this point, the Big Red defense fell upon hard times, and inexperience at key positions attributed for losses to Pearl (8-1), Glen- cliff ( 1 3-9), and Antioch ( 1 5-8). As the season wore on, the Big Red offense could provide little power. The MBA bats were silenced by Overton (12-3) and Ryan (6-2). The team then enjoyed a two game winning Clay Young at bat (above) 178 streak over Hillsboro (7-5), and a 7-3 win over Hillwood, avenging the earlier loss. The Big Red ended their regular season with a tie with Pearl due to darkness. Perhaps the most frustrating loss was to Antioch in the district tourna- ment to finish the year with a 5-1 1 record. Throughout the season, those who played well for the Big Red were Scott Haynes at catcher, Ken Downey at third base, and Jeff Gaw at first base. Bobby Morales and John Morrissey rounded out the Big Red infield while the outfield had some experience with seniors David Rader, Clay Young, and Mark Hastings. Coach Jim Jefferson, along with first- year assistant coach Damon Regen, struggled all year to bring out the potential in this young team. The return of many young players provides ample reason for optimism for next year. Perhaps the construction of MBA’s first on-cam- pus baseball diamond will bring greater success to the MBA baseball program. 179 Microbe Baseball Microbe Baseball (left to right): 1st row: M. Mitchell, B. Martin, R. Harris, S. Burke, C. Burch, C. Sanders, T.A. McKinney; 2nd row: J. Jenkins, M. Blade, C. Fridrich, J. Owen, N. Sieveking, T. Patikas, K. Paisley, B. Fuson The Microbe Baseball team compiled an 8- 1 record on their way to a tie in the HVAC regular season championship. Coach Michael Caldwell, in his seventh year as the microbe mentor, cited this year’s team as one of the best he has seen. Nine lettermen returned to provide solid 8th grade leadership on a team that played well together. The team lost a close game to a strong Northside team in the championship playoff. Strong pitching was responsible for silencing opponent bats all year long. Chip Fridrich, Takis Patikas, and Keith Paisley led a pitching staff that gave up only one loss. The Big Red bats were consistent throughout the season. The strongest hitters were Brennon Martin with a .462 average, Robert Harris .441, John Jenkins .400, and Mike Blade .364. Several returning 7th grad- ers should carry on the microbe tradition next year. Intramural Softball Intramural Softball (left to right); 1st row: N. Goldberg, J. Rawlings, C. Slagle, J. Shaio, S. Parker, T. Thompson, M. Kneeland, R. Chilton, S. Malkani, F. Crowell, S. Molbach, A. Brown, J. Terry, J. Mikulak, H. Brown, K. Kono; 2nd row: C. Fawcett, J. Rich, J. Reynolds, J. Joe, T. Pardue, C. Bringle, B. Pate, R. Baxter, R. Reed, C. Ptomey, D. Wood, L. Graber, G. Nash, J. Scruggs, L. Wirth 181 Varsity Track After enduring a season of frustration, a few bright spots came out of this year’s Varsity Track squad. At the Hills- boro meet, Steve Shankle placed first in the pole vault with an 1 1 foot leap. Against Overton, Shankle again placed first by leaping eleven feet a second time. Brooks Corzine placed third in the high jump at 5’ 1 0” and second in the long jump at 19’ 4”. The track squad won the dual meet with Franklin with the help of Brooks Corzine, Kirk Porter, Scott O’Neal, Parish Lentz, Lex Harvey, John Dale, Bill Tirrill, Hardy Burch, David Wood, Kyle Knight, Buddy Knight, and Rich Good scoring points for the Big Red. The team dropped its remaining dual meets while the team leaders continued to perform consistently. Coaches Drake and Pruitt escorted the team to four large meets: McCallie Relays, Optimist Relays, Banner Relays, and the Regional meet. The team ended its season much better than expected by placing 7th in the Regional meet and sending two pole vaulters to the State meet. Coach Drake has bright hopes for the future as a strong under- classmen team remains. He attributed this year’s slow season to very strong NIL competition. The only way to go is up! Varsity Track- 1st row (left to right); J. Dale, E. Tacoque, J. Edwards, D. Wood; 2nd row; M. Finks, S. Shankle, L. Harvey, B. Knight, R. Coleman, G. Lackey, H. Burch, S. Fakhruddin, R. Clements; 3rd row; K. Knight, R. Van Riper, B. Hassel, R. Sommer, S. O’Neal, B. Treanor, B, Corzine, T. Watterson, M, Robinson, B. Anderson, J. Scruggs 183 Freshman Track Freshman Track: 1st row (left to right): R. Alley, P. Rau, W. Smithwick, M. Hardcastle, B. Francis, M. Wood; 2nd row: J. Brothers, W. Coleman, F. Wilk, S. Garfinkel, B. Ledyard, S. Rollins; 3rd row: C. Zanone, B. Frahn, T. Owen, H. Honaker, D. Smith; 4th row: B. Mangrum, S. Harmer, D. Chickey, H. Payne, S. Thompson The 1981-82 Freshman Track team may go down in MBA history as the team which contributed the most to the Varsity Track team. This year’s freshmen compiled a 5-1 dual meet record. The season was highlighted by the team’s first victory over Overton High School in several years. Consistent individual performances were turned in by Steve Rollins in the 440, 120 low hurdles, pole vault, and high jump, and by David Chickey in the long jump. 100 yard dash, and 220. Chickey set new records with a time of 10.5 seconds in the 100 yard dash and 23.6 in the 220. Other standouts included John Pamplin in the discus and shot, Steve Saperstein in the shot, Rob Alley in the 880, Pat Rau in the mile, and Frank Wilk in the 440. With so much talent to look forward to, the Varsity Track team is assured of great seasons to come. 184 Microbe Track Microbe Track: 1st row (left to right): T. Mitchell, L. Martine, T. Overton, N. Wasudev, M. Walker, J. Downer, T. Cassetty, D. Claunch, P. Frazier, R. Crowell, D. Enkema, J. Dale, R. Sharma; 2nd row: H. Tidwell, C. Trabue, J. Boone, H. Rather, P. Bowers, H. Adams, G. Logan, G. Ruccio, A. Davis, H. Walker, C. Fly, T. Spence, D. Rumsey, S. Marney, W. Sprouse; 3rd row: P. Lentz, D. Farrar, T. Rice, D. Farrar, R. Willingham, J. Easter, W. Meyer, B. Boer, R. Po, J. Schmitt, R. Page, J. Gardner, S. Howard, M. Seshul, S. Pearson, S. Boone, H. Piazza, D. Fish Under the leadership of Coach Anderson Gaither, the 1981-82 Microbe Track team finished fourth in the Har- peth Valley Athletic Conference. Individual standouts in- cluded Paul Soper in the pole vault and 440, Jay Schmitt in the high jump, and Rob Page in the shot put. With talent among the rising 8th graders, next year’s Microbe Track team can look forward to bigger and better things. 185 Li The 1 9o vWsi( of the Big Red Golf Team achieved everything that it could. Throughout the season, the MBA linksters compiled an 8-2 dual match record, losing only to Clarksville High School and Father Ryan. In the tourna- ments, however, MBA avenged its previous losses. Early in the season, the foursome of David Williamson, Jimmy Brown, Tommy Duncan, and French McKnight along with coach Dr. Fairbairn travelled to the Chattanooga Coca-Cola Prep Classic. Out of a field of twenty-two of the finest golf teams in the state, MBA finished at the top of the pack. David Williamson was the low individual for the Big Red with a 7 1 . In MBA’s own Spring Challenge at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club, once again, the same Big Red foursome carried home the championship trophy. The two tournament championships gave MBA great mo- mentum going toward the district, regional, and ultimate- ly the state championships. At the District championship. Senior David Williamson won the individual title while leading the team to the title as well. He fired a two-under par round of 70 on the double trip of McCabe’s north nine. McKnight, Brown, and Duncan had a hand in the cham- pionship. However, there were two distinct changes in the Regional Tournament. Marvin Morris won a playoff over teammate French McKnight to earn the right to play as the fourth man. Most important, though. Tommy Duncan fired a sizzling 73 at Harpeth Hills but lost the champion- ship in a playoff. The Big Red again won easily. The last hurdle was the state championship. On May 18 and 19, Henry Horton State Park hosted the TSSAA State Championship. After the first day of competition, MBA led the team competition by seven strokes with a team total of 300. Williamson brought the course to its knees with a brilliant display of golf, scoring a 70 on the 6,600 yards of the Buford Ellington Golf Course. Jim Brown shot a great even par round of 72. Tommy Duncan and Marvin Morris fired a pair of 79’s. The last day brought all the pressure to the Big Red linksters. Jim Brown had already turned in a strong 74 while Duncan fired a 75 and Morris a 77 when Williamson ventured around the back- side. With a professional exhibition of chipping and put- ting, David Williamson captured the Individual State Ti- tle with a one over par 73. His final birdie putt on the 1 8th proved to be the winning margin. On the other hand, MBA won the team title by an awesome seventeen strokes. Their two day score of 599 is a TSSAA record. Since Williamson is the only Senior, Duncan, Brown, Morris, and McKnight may be looking at a second consecutive crown. Microbe Golf Microbe Golf: (left to right): L. Vaughn, P. Parker, H. Andrews, B. Bainbridge, R. Boyers, B. Fitzpatrick, C. Redd, J. Armistead The success of MBA golf teams did not falter on the junior high level as the Microbe Golf team went as high as possible in their confer- ence by posting an 8-0 record by finishing first in the HVAC tournament. Under the coach- ing of John Sacclarides, the team earned SSVi out of a total 56 seasonal points and won the HVAC tournament defeating their closest competitor by 51 strokes. The A team was led by freshmen Hal An- drews, Roger Boyers, and Bill Bainbridge, and eighth grader Pat Parker. Parker and B team medalist Lee Vaughn will return next year to lead the microbes as the rising sophomores will assist next year’s varsity team in their quest for another state title. 189 Varsity Tennis Varsity Tennis (left to right): 1st row: J. Fite, D. DeBlanc, J. Gallaher; 2nd row: B. Casey, R. Munkeboe MBA’s Varsity Tennis team finished second only to the golf team as the most successful team on the hill this year. The Sophomore Junior tandem of John Gallaher and Danny DeBlanc led the team to the usual district and regional titles and a tie for second in the state behind perennial power Baylor from Chattanooga. Going into the district race, the team had a tremendous dual meet record of 15 and 1, a third place finish in the prestigious Rotary Tournament in Chattanooga, and a second place finish in their own growing Francis E. Carter Memorial Tourna- ment. Highlights of the dual season were two trouncings. One of which was the 9-0 drubbing of last year’s Pennsyl- vania state champion team. The other trouncing was that of arch-rival Brentwood Academy. Despite predictions by the Eagle players that this was the year to beat the Big Red, MBA won convincingly by defeating them 8-1. As usual, the depth of the tennis team provided by seniors Andrew Berry, Jamie Houdeshell, and David Miller as well as sophomore Fletcher Lance were responsible for many of the victories in the dual matches. As usual, these Gallaher and DeBlanc venture to the state players were themselves eliminated from dis- trict and region tournaments only by fellow teammates DeBlanc and Gallaher in very close matches. Gallaher and DeBlanc were the only singles players to qualify for the state as well as comprising the doubles team that re- presented the Big Red. After the first day of state competition, both of these players won their opening round matches giving MBA a tie for the lead. On the second day, both were defeated by the eventual champion from Bay- lor, and the doubles team lost a heartbreaking three set match to Baylor as well. The leader- ship and depth provided by the graduating seniors will be sorely missed next year, but under the tutelage of Coach Poston, the tennis team should again prove to be one of the most successful teams representing the Big Red. 191 Microbe Tennis The 1982 Microbe Tennis Team had a very suc- cessful season this year. At the end of the year, the team placed second in the annual HVAC Tennis Tournament. Mr. Carter coached the mi- corbe team composed of Charles Mayes, Chip Claufuss, Bud Henderson, Jody Davis, Jeff Trace, Jim Campbell, and Will Campbell. The returning seventh graders will continue to domi- nate the HVAC while the eighth graders will add to the success of the Varsity Tennis program. C-cl. S. J, F,..., C D. P.,„. J. D™, 192 I.St. Varsity Soccer Varsity Soccer Team: (left to right) 1st row: E. Sloan, J. Edwards, S. Stevens, C. Guzikowski, C. Lilly, T. Townsend, C. Hall, S. Chang, S. Jones, A. Schenker; 2nd row: Coach Lanier, R. Hutchison, J. Hitt, L Jones, M. Hughes, F. Bennett, R. Ballenger, F. Andrews, W. Zibas, A. Wheatcraft, D. French, T. Helm, Manager P.G. Kornman, D. Thombs 193 The 1982 version of the MBA Soccer Team had what could be considered a disappointing season since they did not return to the State Tournament after their capture of the title last year. Behind the offensive punch of Adidas and McDonalds’ All-American player Ian Jones and Ju- nior Allan Wheatcraft, the Big Red managed a large number of goals against opponents this year. Jones’ 19 goals for the season gained him the recognition of being the high scorer in the state. The Big Red kickers opened the season with four strong wins over Franklin Road Academy (4-1), USN (3-0), B.G.A. (5-0), and Hillsboro (3-2) by the strength of Ian Jones’ 12 goals. MBA met its first strong opponent at the Overton football stadium. The defense of Frank Andrews, Mike Hughes, Elliott Sloan, and keeper Tripp Townsend staved off a furious Overton rally to escape with a 2-2 tie. The next week, the Big Red suffered its first loss to Father Ryan 1-0 because of either a listless performance or the cold weather, or possible both. However, the Big Red bounced back with a big win over Chattanooga Baylor 5-3 behind Ian Jones’ shredding of their defense with four goals. Possibly, the most exciting game of the year took place at Franklin High School. Behind the game-saving 1 • t. ' ■ ■ stabs of Mike Hughes, Davidson French, Frank Andrews, and Tripp Townsend, who was aided by a friendly cross bar, the Big Red beat a good Franklin team 1-0. The next week, numerous players scored against Hillwood to achieve a 7-1 victory. In the last two weeks of the year, MBA had to face the best two teams on the entire sched- ule. A furious second-half assault buried the Big Red’s 2-0 lead over Hendersonville. The Commando kickers scored four quick goals to remain undefeated. Finally, MBA travelled to McCallie to try to utilize its last ditch effort to get into the State Tournament. The dying hopes were put to rest after McCallie’s precision passing game ripped the Big Red apart for a 5-1 victory. MBA had the scorers for this season but because of a rigorous schedule, the Big Red lost its spot in the State Tournament and ended the season with a record of 7-3- 1 . 195 ORGANIZATIONS And COMMENCEMENT Student Council Student Council (left to right): B. Martin, S. Howard, P. Parker, T. Helm, C. Collins, G. Smith, R. Good (President), S. Gentry (Vice-President), G. Tidwell (Sec.), S. Stevens (Treas.), P. Lentz, W. Nowell, D. Maddux, R. Briley, C. Guzikowski, C. Mayes, C. Burch This year’s Student Council headed by Senior officers Rich Good, Sean Gentry, Greer Tidwell, and Steve Ste- vens began the year with several goals in mind. It hoped to become a united body and to be able to work more effec- tively as one. It hoped to become a more effective link between the Student body and the administration. Fur- thermore, it hoped to become more involved in student life, to participate in several charity projects and finally to promote the social activities of the students. The Council started its year with several summer meet- ings including one with the Harpeth Hall Student Council in order to plan events for the coming school year. It began its projects with the Student Council exchange with Har- peth Hall. Later in the Fall, the Council held the second annual Square Dance. This proved to be as much a success as the one last year. The Council then closed its first semester with the food drive for the Second Harvest Food Bank. The students and teachers responded magnificent- ly, and the project was a major success. The second semester began with the Valentine Day card exchange with the “honeybears.” Then the Student Coun- cils of MBA and Harpeth Hall sponsored the entertaining Late Sixties Dance in which the students were trans- formed into “hippies” and the gym into a “hippie hangout.” The final project of the year was the Council’s second charity project, the painting of General Hospital downtown. Throughout the year, the Student Council met often to work on several proposals to the administration. The most important change in the year was the amendment in the Student Council Constitution enabling the presidents of the Junior School classes to be members of the Student Council. Overall, the Student Council worked hard to reach its goals and to become more effective. Student Council President dreams of new goals Honor Council ijomJry IfifU Cf VnaJirnui SC6 I £ i isof‘ec iCC ©CSf© jsccceose© ' 66©i Honor Council (left to right) 1st row: B. Knight, S. Anderson (Sec.), M. Kono (Vice-President), D. White (President), G. Strayhorn, L. Whiteaker, D. Chickey; 2nd row: J. Harrison, J. Levy, R. Alley The purpose of the Honor System is to promote a strong sense of honor and integrity among the students and to discourage lying, cheating, and stealing. Created by Dr. R.L. Sager in 1 945, the Honor Council consists of members from each class who hear cases involving any violation of the Honor System and determine a suitable punishment. Under the Senior leadership of President David White, Vice- President Mabo Kono, Secretary Steve Anderson and repre- sentative Gordon Strayhorn, this year’s Honor Council set two major goals: (1) a quick, fair trial and (2) frequent communication with the student body. The small number of cases this year reflects the students’ willingness to uphold the Honor System and cooperate with the Honor Council. This year’s student body is to be com- mended. 5 199 Fellowship of Christian Athletes MBA’s chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes was headed this year by President Steve Anderson, Vice-President David White, and Secretary Nick Fabian. The group met regularly through the Fall and Spring for a time of fellowship and Bible study, and an occasional sub- marine sandwich. The group also sponsored several inspirational speak- ers: Vietnam veteran Clebe McClary former Professional Football player Oscar Roan. FCA (left to right) 1st row: J. Dale, B. Blevins, P. Lentz, S. Stevens, C. Guzikowski; 2nd row: S. Anderson (President), S. Stroman, R. Clements, M. Brothers, J. Gaw, D. White (Vice-President) Throughout the year, the goal of this group has been to encourage students to act according to their personal Christian values. We also encourage others to examine their situation in life both today and tomorrow. The Service Club As usual, the Service Club played an integral role in the MBA com- munity. In the Fall, the members ushered at football games. During the winter, they collected money at basketball games and helped at wres tling tournaments. Through- out the year, they helped clean up after games and other school func- tions. It is obvious that without these students the school functions would not be successful and others would have to be hired to do these jobs. Indeed, the Service Club pro- vides important services that should never be overlooked. Service Club (left to right) 1st row: J. Dale, W. Nowell, D. Edwards, M. Brothers, A. Fuqua, R. Jones; 2nd row: B. Corzine, G. Smith, J. Morrissey, C. Guzikowski, T. Townsend, M. Hastings, K. Downey, W. Hamilton, G. Graham, R. Deal; 3rd row: H. Edwards 200 Chorus During the first semester, the chorus sang at St. Bernard, St. Cecelia, St. George’s Church, and MBA for its Christmas tour. The chorus was also on hand at special events. The patriotic songs highlighted the groundbreaking ceremonies; and during arts week, the MBA chorus combined with Harpeth Hall’s for one of the best choral presen- tations ever. The year ended with a spring tour of local high schools, the Fa- ther-Son Banquet, and, of course. Com- mencement. The many hours of practice both before school and eighth period have paid off this year with wonderful performances all over Nashville. The chorus is one of the many traditions at MBA. Mr. Gerald Arthur once again prepared the students for their perfor- mances, and Mrs. Marion Ross did a great job as the accompanist. The Outing Club The Outing Club, established only three years ago, continues to pro- vide the student body with group activities outside of the normal school routines. The group partici- pated in several out-door activities such as canoeing, skiing, biking, hiking, and spelunking. Highlight- ing this year’s Outing Club were their trip to Dunbar Cave and Lost Eve Cave as well as their kayak adventure down the Hiawassee River. The club allows friendships to grow and provides an escape to Nature that could not otherwise be known to MBA’s students. Not pictured: The rest of the student body The Big Red Club is a group created to motivate school spirit. Proof of its success is seen by the fact that the majority of the student body are members of the club. President Nick Fabian, Vice-President Alex Grims- ley, and Secretary-Treasurer Mike Hughes organized the members to sell buttons and stickers to raise mon- ey. Furthermore, the Big Red Club sponsored the traditional Homecom- ing and Winter Dances. Dr. Thomas and Mr. Carter gave their support as faculty advisers. The Chess Team Although the Chess Team attended few- er tournaments than in previous years, the team still found much success. With- out seniors, the high school team was led by juniors Ted Carver and Atit Desai, and sophomores Matt Dolloff, Arshad Khan, and Scott Haley. In the North Alabama Invitational Chess Tourna- ment, Matt Dolloff and Ted Carver placed first and third, respectively to lead the team to a first place victory. The Junior High Team showed great poten- tial and won the MBA tournament. With the return of both junior high and high school players, the MBA Chess Team hopes to win the State and South- ern Tournaments next year. The Big Red Club The purpose behind the MBA Art Program is to expose or involve as many students as possible in art as either an observer or a creator. In keeping with this goal, the Art Program has continued to expand during the 1981-82 school year. One of the most visible functions of the visible arts at MBA is the yearly series of Art shows sponsored by the Mothers’ Auxiliary under the direction of Mrs. Mary Rollins. These shows are organized for the school commu- nity as well as the general public. This year, there were several shows in the Patrick Wilson Library, beginning with a show of the artist Red Grooms. The second show was a collection of African artifacts belonging to Dr. Otto Billing containing masks, weapons, shields, and religious figures. MBA’s art collection grew with the addition of oil paintings by Bob Dillan purchased in memory of James Dale IV from a show of wild life artists. This show was one of the most popular among the MBA student body. An- other show of portraits by Ann Street was particularly interesting because many of the paintings depicted people associated with MBA. The sixth show of the year dis- played a great number of works by students from Harpeth Hall and MBA during Composition Red and Green. The final show was an impressive exhibition by the Parents, Alumni, and Faculty. The Bell Ringer The editors of the 1981-1982 BELL RINGER surpassed their greatest expecta- tions. Business editors Mike Crist and Scot Rosenblum sold more advertisements than any previous staff. The paper’s attractive new masthead symbolized the wide-rang- ing improvements instituted this year. A series of creative full-page graphic layouts, an overall improvement in photographic quality, and up-to-date, complete sports coverage. Furthermore, the paper captured student interest by addressing the issues and news relevant to the MBA community. The paper was honored late in the year by receiving the “superior” rating in a compe- tition sponsored by the University of Ten- nessee’s School of Journalism. Gordon Strayhorn placed first in his division for his photography, and Tom Wood received a first-place in the news category. This year’s BELL RINGER left a firm foundation on which the next staff may build. Co-editors Martin and Tom caught working on the newspaper THE BELL RINGER staff: (left to right): J. Ryu, M. Oldham, A. McAllister, M. Brothers, S. Sharpe, R. Todd, G. Bueno 204 The Bulletin Literary Co-Editors Robert Cooney and Kevin Drury From 1900 to 1944, the MONTGOM- ERY BELL BULLETIN served as a lit- erary magazine. Since then, the school newspaper occasionally carried the liter- ary works of the students. M agazines with the sole purpose of publishing the students’ creative works were few and far between. This year, seniors Robert Cooney and Kevin Drury revived a literary magazine entitled THE BULLETIN. The issue contained several short stories, poems, and drawings by students of all grades. It is hoped that THE BULLETIN is the first of many literary magazines in the years to come. 205 Forensics Forensics (left to right): 1st row: T. Outlaw, M. Kono, Mr. Sullivan; 2nd row: B. Hassel, C. Franklin, S. Chang; 3rd row: T. Brown, D. Johnson, W. Wells, T. Rafalowski; 4th row: H. Hooper, G. Walker, J. Gaw, J. Tate, T. Scales The 1981-82 forensics team proved to be one of the most successful in several years. Under the direction of Mr. Sullivan, the team won several sweepstakes awards. De- baters Wyatt Wells, Craig Franklin, Lyn Robbins, and Bryan Hassel placed all year long in Varsity Debate. The Wells and Franklin duo had big victories at Princeton High School in Ohio and at Selma High School in Ala- bama while Robbins and Hassel took first place honors at Western Kentucky and Grissom. Wells and Franklin also had top ten finishes at the prestigious Northwestern and Emory tournaments. Alex Grimsley, competing in poetry and extemporaneous speaking, and Greer Tidwell, in original oratory, advanced into the semifinals at Emory. Alex finished second in the district in extemp. Wells and Franklin won the district by defeating another MBA team in the finals to qualify both debate teams for nationals in San Francisco in June. Others contributing to the success throughout the year were Mabo Kono, Scott Haynes, Sam Chang, Ty Brown, Griffin Vincent, Tommy Outlaw, Kyle Hardin, Greg Walker, Doug Johnson, and Jonathan Springer. All were finalists in their events at several tournaments. With the loss of only two senior debaters and the return of Mr. Sullivan, MBA can expect continued success in debate. 206 National Merit Finalists and Semifinalists National Merit (left to right): B. Sitton, W. Wells, P. Kornman, T. Fails, J. Hitt, S. Anderson, B. Mangrum, M. Hastings, T. Wood, K. Drury, M. Crist, T. Townsend, B. Altemeier, P. Garrett, G. Carpenter Ti r g Junior Honor Society Junior Honor Society (left to right): Isi row: T. Rafalow’ski. C. Monte; 2nd row: B. HasseK S. Chang, J. Bauman 207 Cum Laude Cum Laude (left to right): M. Kono, M. Crist, A. Berry, S. Gentry, S. Anderson, M. Hastings, R, Good, B. Huddleston, P. Kornman, S. Stevens; 2nd row: Mr. Drake, K. Ferrelli, Dr. Fairbairn, T. Carver, R. Duncan, D. Jenkins, A. McAllister, A. Schenker, D. White, M. Garfinkel, Mr. Bondurant; 3rd row: Mr. Edson, Mrs. Lowry, Mr. Caldwell, Dr. Crowell, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Hollins, Mr. Sloan, Mrs. Orth, Dr. Gaffney, Mr. Davis, Dr. Fields, Dr. Gower In 1906, the Cum Laude Society was established as an honorary fraternity patterned after the Phi Beta Kappa to honor students who have achieved aca- demic excellence in high school. ARETE, DIKE, and TIME are the Greek words signifying the motto of Cum Laude — “Excellence,” “Justice,” and “Honor.” Montgomery Bell Academy became a member of the Cum Laude Society in 1 98 1 . In May of this year, the new mem- bers were inducted in a special assembly, in which Dr. Emmett Fields, President of Vanderbilt University, was the guest speaker. In addition to honoring new members. The MBA chapter plans to sponsor a Commencement medal for the top student in the Junior School. 208 Totomoi Totomoi, MBA’s honorary fraternity, is the highest honor an MBA student can achieve. It was created in 1954 by Dr. Richard L. Sager to recognize those students who have achieved excellence in at least three of the following areas: scholastics, forensics and drama, student govern- ment, athletics, organizations, publications, and citizen- ship. Membership is based on a student’s attaining a nec- essary number of points which are determined by length of service, achievement, and leadership in these areas. Facul- ty members and friends of the school qualify by their service to MBA over the years. Totomoi’s motto is “Hon- or, Loyalty, and Service.” Totomoi members should dem- onstrate a love and loyalty for MBA that is inspiring to all. The present faculty and administration members are Mrs. Lowry, Mrs. Liles, Mr. Novak, Mr. Carter, Mr. Regen, and Mrs. Carter. Seniors David White and Rich Good were inducted last spring. Those inducted in the Fall tap- ping were Mabo Kono, Steve Anderson, Steve Stevens, W and Mr. Drake. Senior Kevin Drury, Juniors John Dale and Lyn Robbins, and administration member Mrs. Gar- riot were inducted in the Spring tapping. Totomoi: (left to right); 1st row: J. Dale, Mrs. Garriot, Kevin Drury; 2nd row: M. Kono, R. Good, D. White, S. Anderson, S. Stevens; 3rd row: Mr. Drake, Mr. Regen, Mrs. Lowry, Mrs. Liles, Mr. Novak 209 Salutatorian Mike Crist Valedictorian Steve Anderson 2 0 Commencement Mr. Bondurant presides over the 115th Commencement Ken Downey accepts Outstanding Athlete award Beginning the ceremony was Rich Good with the Invocation. Salutatorian Mike Crist then gave a speech concerning the fulfillment of Martin Luther King’s dream of equality among men followed by Valedictorian Steve Anderson’s sen- timental speech on the remembrance of MBA. After academic and a few special awards were handed out, the eighth graders were presented their Junior School Diplomas. The 1982 BELL was then presented to Mr. James Jefferson by David White. Finally the diplomas were awarded to the seniors and Honor Council President David White gave the Benediction. The one hundred and fifteenth com- mencement exercises of Montgomery Bell Academy were held on May 29, 1982. It marked the end of four to six years of hard work, agonizing nights, and of course accomplishment on the hill for the eighty four seniors. It also marked the beginning of great new chal- lenges out in the real world — full of more new and great things. Outstanding Freshman David Chickey VANDERBILT Steve Alford Bill Altemeier Rob Bomar George Carpenter Rob Doster Ken Downey Wade Elam Nick Fabian Terence Fails Saeed Fakhruddin Mark Garfinkel Bill Hawkins Scott Haynes Jesse Moore John Van Wyatt Wells Tom Wood BAYLOR Steve Anderson Bill Claunch Bart Huddleston David Rader Greer Tidwell Clay Young SMU Frank Andrews Ed Brown Page Garret Russell Jones David Miller Martin Silverman VIRGINIA Andrew Berry Kenny Ferrelli Mark Hastings Brad Sitton David Williamson MISSISSIPPI David Edwards Kirk Francis Hale Hooper Steve Howell Kirk Porter UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH Hank Edwards John Erwin Adam Freeman Gordon Strayhorn PENNSY ' LANIA Paul Kornman Senior College Choices Scot Rosenblum TENNESSEE TECH Bruce Mangrum Perry Patterson Roger Peek ALABAMA Jamie Houdeshell David Shanks Jeff Thomason AUBURN Gil Graham Tom Higgins COLORADO John Hitt Sean Gentry EMORY Jordan Asher Mike Crist STANFORD Rich Good Ridley Wills WASHINGTON LEE Ernest Franklin Alex Grimsley BALL STATE Robert Cooney COLUMBIA Kevin Drury DAVIDSON David White CLEMSON Ally Fuqua GEORGETOWN David Briley FLORIDA Frank Bennett TMI Billy Rolfe OHIO STATE Keivan Shahrokhi UNC Tripp Townsend DUKE Steve Stevens HAMPDEN SIDNEY Whitfield Hamilton M.LT. Mabo Knon VERMONT Dan Jones YALE Martin Brown SOUTHWESTERN Ian Jones OXFORD Paul Hirshberg UNDECIDED John Turner Peter Smith 213 Honors and Awards VALEDICTORIAN MEDAL: Steven Edward Anderson SALUTATORIAN MEDAL: Michael James Crist JOHN B. HAYES AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION: William Arthur Altemeier, IV Andrew David Jackson Berry Robert Calder Cooney James Alexander Grimsley Stephen Donelson Howell Paul Gary Kornman Scot Alan Rosenblum THE THOMAS H. MALONE, JR. AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENGLISH COMPOSITION: Michael James Crist THE KIRBY E. AND MARGARET A. JACKSON AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE BY A SENIOR IN NATURAL SCIENCES: Masahiro Kono RENSSELAER MATH AND SCIENCE AWARD: Jeffrey Gordon Erickson THE HENRY A. FITTS AWARD FOR JOURNALISM: David Joyce White, III Martin Shallenberger Brown, Jr. Robert Calder Cooney THE JOHN MOREHEAD DOBSON MEMORIAL AWARD FOR THE BEST SPORTS ARTICLE: Edwin Thomas Wood THE LINDSEY AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING ATHLETE OF 1981-82: William Kendall Downey THE LINDSLEY RUTH AWARD TO THE BEST CITIZEN IN THE JUNIOR CLASS: Mack Prator Brothers, IV THE CIVITAN AWARD FOR SENIOR CLASS CITIZENSHIP: Martin Shallenberger Brown, Jr. DAR AWARD FOR GOOD CITIZENSHIP: Richard Scott Good FRANCIS E. CARTER, JR. AWARD FOR THE OUTSTANDING BOY IN THE SEVENTH GRADE: Charles Eugene Mayes, Jr. CUM LAUDE SOCIETY AWARD FOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN THE JUNIOR SCHOOL: Hwei Tzer Lin WALTER NOEL, JR. AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING BOY IN THE JUNIOR SCHOOL: Donald Winston Fish DONA ROSS AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN: David Moore Chickey HENRY W. BOYD, JR. AWARD TO THE OUTSTANDING BOY IN THE SOPHOMORE CLASS: Bryan Christopher Hassel SEWANEE AWARD FOR THE OUTSTANDING JUNIOR: Marshall Todd Helm THE WILLIAM BAILEY MEMORIAL AWARD FOR HONOR, INTEGRITY, AND LOYALTY IN THE SENIOR CLASS: David Joyce White, III THE WILLIAM MARTIN AWARD TO THE BEST ALL- AROUND BOY IN THE SCHOOL: Richard Scott Good ENGLISH MEDALS 7th: Mark Lawrence Mitchell 8th: Hwei Tzer Lin I: John Deal Bauman II: Ransom Edward Van Riper III: Richard Dean Duncan, III John Philip Moyers IV: Robert Calder Cooney Word Wealth: 7th: Matthew Bryan Kneeland 8th: Hwei Tzer Lin Rajiv Sharma MATH MEDALS 7th: Kenji Kono Alg. 8: Ronald Vincent Po Alg. I: Christopher Darryl Zanone Alg. II: George Brandon Lynch Alg. II (H): Bryan Christopher Hassel Geometry (H): David Moore Chickey Geometry: Scott Z. Garfinkel Math IV (H): Jack Douglas Jenkins, Jr. Math IV: Lansdon Breckinridge Robbins, III Math V: Robert Calder Cooney Calculus BC: Paul Gary Kornman LATIN MEDALS 1-8: Hwei Tzer Lin 1-9: Christopher Darryl Zanone II: Bryan Christopher Hassel III: Ransom Edward Van Riper IV (AP): Wayne Lindsey Robbins, Jr. FRENCH MEDALS I: John Deal Bauman II: Robert Mark Finks, III III: Bryan Christopher Hassel IV: Steven Edward Anderson SPANISH MEDALS I: Patrick Wilson Rau II: Sean Diderik Gentry III-IV: Jonathan Earle Hobden SCIENCES MEDALS 7th: Brennon Michael Martin 8th: Nikunj Pramod Wasudev Biology: Wade Vance Davies Biology (H): Christopher Darryl Zanone Biology (AP): Michael James Crist Chem-Phys: Richard Arthur Jones Chem: Steven Burton Altemeier Chem (H): Robert Mark Finks, III Chem (AP): Lemuel Birthright Stevens, III Physics: George Brandon Lynch Physics (H): Jeffrey Gordon Erickson HISTORY MEDALS 7th: Christopher Alan Fly 8th: Nikunj Pramod Wasudev Econ.: Knox Campbell Brewer Anc-Med: Thomas Walker Oliphant, Jr. Mod.: Charles Merrill Herbert Mod. (AP): John William Dalton, III American: Robert Calder Cooney ART MEDALS Art History: Robert Calder Cooney Art Jr. School: James Collie Gardner, III Art High School: Michael David Hughes CHORUS MEDAL Robert Owen Bomar DRAMA MEDAL Edward William Brown DEBATE MEDALS Craig Allen Franklin Bryan Christopher Hassel Wayne Lindsey Robbins, Jr. Wyatt Clinton Wells SPEECH MEDAL James Alexander Grimsley The Year at a Glance Aug. 24 — Aug. 25-26 Aug. 27 — Sept. 7 — Sept. 23 — Oct. 16— Nov. 25-27 Dec. 2 — Dec. 8 — Dec. 18 — Jan. 15-22 — Feb. 10— Feb. 14— Feb. 17— Mar. 11-23— March 24 — April 1 — April 9 — April 15 — April 27 — May 1 — May 13 — May 15 — May 20-27— May 27— May 28— May 29 — LAST DAY OF SUMMER — time to start summer reading REGISTRATION — who ever heard of school in August? CLASSES BEGIN — bleary-eyed from reading (or from not reading) four novels in three days, students officially begin MBA’s 115th year LABOR DAY — MBA students get their first day off, Kirk Francis gets his third CLASS MEETINGS — the first in a long series of “give one last push” speeches to the seniors by Mr. Drake in an attempt to avoid senior slide — needless to say it did not work HOMECOMING AND SPAGHETTI SUPPER— in an incredible last ditch effort, the students, after a terrifying “we’re not kidding this year” speech, sell enough raffle tickets to get a day off THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS — the orange sculpture is vandalized! CLASS MEETINGS — another “give one last push” speech; rumors are flying; is it live or is it Memorex? Someone notices that the orange sculpture was vandalized on November 26. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS BEGIN! FIRST SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS — some seniors consider mailing in their applications to college, but why hurry? MBA has a great acceptance rate, right? RIGHT? Mrs. Lowry breaks all records for her AP class — two themes in one week. VALENTINES DAY — MBA and Harpeth Hall exchange cards, will the excitement never cease? GROUND BREAKING — ceremonies were highlighted by speeches from the Governor, Mayor, and other involved citizens. SPRING HOLIDAYS — the beginning of a mass exodus to Florida, home of Coppertone tan; where boys become men, and girls become beautiful until you see them the next day CLASS MEETINGS — after beginning work on the new $7.5 million renovations to the campus, the senior parking lot had been moved to the senior parking swamp below the gym; afterwards, the seniors be gan parking in the beautiful terraced parking courts near Wallace Hall; on this day, the administration announced that the senior parking swamp would be paved as soon as the asphalt mills opened APRIL FOOL’S DAY — the best joke of the day was the administration’s statement of March 24 GOOD FRIDAY — even though it rained heavily this day, all was not lost; the water did wash all that nasty gravel off the senior parking swamp which had made it so difficult to enjoy the thrills of four-wheeling on your way home COLLEGE REPLIES — depression up 10 points Despite numerous sightings, the elusive asphalt truck remains uncaptured. SENIOR PROM — what a relief to find that the Juniors believe in recycling! SPORTS BANQUET — no wonder Mr. Bennett is always associated with the Big Red What do mean we haven’t decided on a class gift yet? SECOND SEMESTER EXAMS — some lucky seniors have even heard from their colleges SENIOR BANQUET — Rich Good’s second-to-last speech is celebrated by all No more school — Seniors finally have their parking lot paved COMMENCEMENT — it’s over! To some it is welcome vacation; to others, like policemen and parents, it’s a time to get back to work • 1 David White, Editor-in-Chief Editor’s Comments It has been said by many famous editors of the past that nobody ever reads the articles, especially the long ones. For this reason, I’ll try to keep this Editor’s Note short and sweet. At the end of last year, when I was informed that I was editor for the next year, the first comment that I heard was a sarcastic “you’ll love it,” and as the next year rolled around, I prepared myself for the worst. It never really came. Sure there were late nights preparing for the next deadline and there were friendly Post Office visits, but even more frustrating was trying to get the senior action shots and bios. Despite all the negative gripes that I can make, there are several positive points I can make also. I can say that I’ve met people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. I’ve learned how not to procrastinate (too long), and I’ve learned to communicate better. I can truthfully say that I’ve enjoyed being editor this year. It is also my responsibility in this Editor’s Comment to give credit where it is due. I would first have to give much thanks to Mabo Kono and Paul Kornman who both spent several long nights editing and typing. Furthermore, Er- nest Franklin and Spenser Aden spent hours in darkness developing and printing the pictures for this annual. Rid- ley Wills and his staff deserve credit for their diligence from the financial end, and finally, I guess I ought to give thanks to Rich Good, my supposed co-editor, whose opti- mism and zeal definitely got me going this year. Paul Kornman, Copy Editor and Assistant Editor Ernest Franklin, Photography Editor Mabo Kono, Features Co-editor and Assistant Editor r IJ - t Ridley Wills, Business Editor The Staffs Steve Anderson, Sports Editor SPORTS: FEATURES: BUSINESS: PHOTOGRAPHY: COPY: Steve Anderson Mabo Kono Ridley Wills Ernest Franklin Paul Kornman Rob Bomar Alex Grimsley Bo Adams Spenser Aden Steve Shankle Scott O’Neal John Hitt Brad Blevins Phil Robinson John Dale Atit Desai Robert Brandau Brian Menke LAYOUT: Tommy Oliphant Nick Fabian Danny DeBlanc Terence Fails Rich Good John Harrison Russell Jones Richard Duncan Bill Hawkins Bruce Mangrum Mark Atkinson Page Garrett Curry Hall David Kurtz Nick Fabian Ally Fuqua Craig Franklin Todd Helm Kenny Ferrelli Rich Good Lansdon Robbins Steve Maler Lansdon Robbins Ron Deal Scott O’Neal John Scruggs John Ryu Runcie Clements Scott Albright John Turner Richard Duncan Mack Brothers Steven Westerman Robert Brandau Kent Rollins Richard Duncan David Williamson Articles and Authors p. 2 Dedication — D. White P- 174 Composition Red and Green — S. O’Neal p. 4 Preface — J. Hitt P- 175 The Prom — S. Albright p. 6 Expert Direction- — M. Kono P- 176 “In Memory of Dr. R.L. Sager” — D. White p. 8 Campus and Construction — S. Stevens P- 178 Varsity Baseball — R. Bomar Lasting Associations — A. Desai Student Involvement — M. Kono Administration — D. White, M. Kono Administration — M. Kono Fall Life — P.G. Kornman Homecoming — N. Fabian Cheerleaders and Pep Rallies — R. Jones Varsity Crowd — P. Garrett “Season of Frustration” — A. Fuqua, S. Anderson JV Football — Rob Bomar Freshman Football — T. Oliphant, J. Harrison Microbe Football- Varsity Cross Country — J. Dale Microbe Cross Country — R. Good “MBA’s Path of Progress” — C. Franklin Groundbreaking — L. Robbins Winter Life — P.G. Kornman Varsity Basketball — R. Bomar JV Basketball — R. Clements Freshman Basketball — T. Oliphant, J. Harrison Microbe Basketball — R. Deal “A Powerhouse in the Making” — S. Anderson Freshman Wrestling — M. Atkinson Microbe Wrestling — S. O’Neal Spring Life — P.G. Kornman p. 204 Microbe Baseball — R. Bomar Varsity Track — T. Oliphant Freshman Track — R. Deal Microbe Track — R. Deal “Varsity Golf: A True Champion” — S. Anderson Microbe Golf — J. Harrison Varsity Tennis — A. Fuqua Varsity Soccer — S. Anderson Student Council — R. Good Honor Council — D. White FCA— T. Helm Chorus — M. Kono Outing Club — M. Brothers Chess Club — A. Desai Big Red Club — M. Kono Art — K. Rollins The Bell Ringer — T. Wood Literary Magazine — M. Kono Forensics — W. Wells Cum Laude — M. Kono Totomoi — R. Duncan Commencement — L. Robbins Year at a Glance — P.G. Kornman, E. Brown Editor’s Note — D. White 217 ADVERTISEMENTS ’MMMI PONTIAC TOmTA lSimj 1525 Broadway • Nashville, Tennessee 37203 M4S C COUNTRY VO LVO-TOYOTA NASHVILLE, TENN. I NAVY RECRUITING STATION NAVY. IT’S NOT JUST A JOB, IT’S AN ADVENTURE. 60 CAREER FIELDS $551 STARTING PAY 30 DAYS VACATION FREE ROOM 5 BOARD FREE EDICAL AND FREE DENTAL Q RE 1V0RLD TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE NAVY SQIOLARSHIPS FOR MORE INFO CALL: ‘ 4 ’ 9 U.S. Court House, Room 1 10 801 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 251-5575 5576 or Toll Free 1—800-327-NAVY YOUR LOCAL RECRUITER GEORGE PORTER, JR. PETTY OFFICER FIRST CLASS, USN Compliments of Nancy Ronald Reagan 222 If you sometimes get discouraged, consider this fellow: He dropped out of grade school. Ran a country store. Went broke Took 15 years to pay off his bills. Took a wife. Unhappy marriage. Ran for House. Lost twice. Ran for Senate. Lost twice. Delivered speech that became a classic. Audience indifferent. Attacked daily by the press and despised by half the country. Despite all this, imagine how many people all over the world have been inspired by this awkward, rumpled, brooding man who signed his name simply, A. Lincoln. 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Builders Supplies Visit Our Brick Showroom ’ Tile Gallery Stone Center 600 42nd Avenue North 383-7755 244 Congratulations to the Senior Class compliments of a Friend lEumtt Mnlzapfrl CLOTHIERS TO GENTLEMEN BELLE MEADE PLAZA • NASHVILLE TN 37205 JENSEN S latt " Quality Shoes - Properly Fitted " 247 Compliments of OMAN CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS BEST WISHES TO A VERY SPECIAL CLASS, 1982 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Thanks to MBA for giving students the opportunity to bite into the technology of tomorrow. Wen Baugh, President 3813 Hillsboro Road St. Cloud Corner Target Center at Rivergate 5th 8c Church •Authorized Dealer V COMPLIMENTS OF FUN FASHIONS A wardrobe of All-American looks. For Men, Juniors, and Boys A fViuluct of WASHINO K )N MAM T AC IT RING COMPA.NY lli isn)nnf ¥in VN.ishmL ' ion Industries Nashsille. lennessee 250 compliments of a FRIEND 251 □ P 1UL l UGHN STUDIOS DELBRIDGE SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS • P.O. 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