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Text from Pages 1 - 216 of the 1976 volume:

The 1976 Bell .MM am , --4 i ' w ' ' • ' fiVs ' K ' ■ ' ri. ■■ - :• T ' V‘ ' . ' 4.f ■ ' , A ■ ' f- r ' ■ ' - V ■■.if 1-.. ' 1 r l- ?■! ' ■ L .:: -i ' i i " a :T - ' .it- ■ ■ I f . ' ■ ' , C ' r " ■ M,, „■■ , . ' .■ ■■-•r v MS- John Rebrovick, Editor-in-Chief Trip Doss, Associate Editor Dedication R. Kirk Walker, Jr., has established himself as one of the most popular and respected members of the faculty of Montgomery Bell Academy. His sense of humor and his conspicuous lock of pretentiousness render his classroom o uniquely enjoyable experience at MBA; his understanding of and sincere concern for the intellectual development of each of his students leaves o positive impression not soon forgotten by those who hove the privilege of learning under him. Most importantly, despite his invaluable work teaching English, speech, and journalism; advising the newspaper and the annual; and acting os head dragoon of the mighty intramural soccer program, Mr. Walker still unselfishly finds the time to help any student out, and to do so well. The editors proudly dedicate The 1976 Bell to Mr. Walker. 2 Contents Life on the Hill 4 Administration 26 Features 40 Organizations 60 Sports 84 Classes 126 Epilogue 1 64 Advertisements 166 The 1976 Bell . . . dark old buildings on bright days, and garish bumper stickers, and . . . 4 ' r V ' MONTGOMERY BELL ACADEMY Formally established In 1867 with a bequest of $20,000 by Ironmaster Montgomery Bell, the roots of MBA actually go bacK to 1785, with the University of Nashville, Cumberland College, and Davidson Academy. The boy’s preparatory school has been here since 1915, when the Board of Trustees purchased Totomol, the estate of Garland Tinsley. 12 3 %, Ltxiknq for .jornolhioQ to 4,)o Saturdav Nigh r 2 Come to a ?ART ' f at tlaineCafla1 ' 5 Foreign FitcwNOi Simur 1he Oei i Inics .Band i 4 fe)rrv %- ' 4 jE gST ' i Ra “I Ac • ! K« ’■ ' «. ■ I - ■ - - ' ; cT 19 NOtic KEEP ITTPfIS IVAY ■?® LOVE SANTA CLAUSE - -r £- JT jid ' -? fcp pips si ■- ' .vV ' WS k: 26 » ! mi Administration Francis E. Carter Francis Carter, Jr. is a figure of perpetual motion. Mr. Carter is generally one of the first people on campus in the morning and one of the last to leave at night. Mr. Carter is the man who rises at 4:00 A.M. to judge whether or not it is safe to open schools on snowy days. There are no weekends or summer vacations for Mr. Carter. He is on call twenty-four hours a day. For Mr. Carter, there is always something to be done to improve the school, whether It is picking up litter or replacing the gym roof. Mr. Carter attends countless meetings, conventions and seminars, seeking not only the betterment of the school but his self- improvement as well. Mr. Carter spends innumerable hours of his time with individual students. It would take a ten-man panel to replace Mr. Carter as guidance counselor, selector of faculty members and new students, and manager of campus affairs. Mr. Carter has not only become an integral part of MBA, but also an indispensible factor in the future of MBA. 28 Mr. John E. Sloan Mr. Ralph Owen Mr. Henry W. Hooker Mr. Jack C. Massey Mr. Stirton Oman, Sr. Mr. William M. Hannon Mr. Jesse Wills Mr. Brownlee Currey, Jr. Mr. Harold W. Clark Mr. Bronson Ingram Mr. Robert C. Brannon Dr. Thomas F. Frist Mr. James C. Bradford, Jr. Mr. Vernon Sharp Mr. James E. Ward Mr. Neil H. Cargile Mr. Horace G. Hill Mr. Joe C. Davis Mr. W. Lipscomb Davis, Jr. Mr. Thomas L. Cummings, Jr. Mr. D.E. Motlow Mr. Francis E. Carter, Jr. Mr. John A. Ball— honorary Mr. Matt H. Dobson, IV Mr. Morton B. Howe Mr. David K. Wilson Mr. Dan W. Maddox Mr. Walter Richardson, Jr. Mr. Dortch Oldham Mr. Thomas L. Sneed Dr. ThonfKJS F. Frist, Jr. Mr. W.P. Hoffman, Jr. Board of Trust Chairman of the Board . . . Mr. John E. Sloan Vice-Chairman of the Board . . . Mr. Stirton Oman, Sr. Secretary . . . Mr. Morton B. Howell, Jr. Treasurer . . . Mr. Robert C. Brannon Ex-Officio . . . Governor Roy Blanton 29 Faculty Gerald Arthur: Chorus. Charles Alexander: Biology I, Biology II (AP), 9th grade sponsor. John R. Bennett: 8th grade Math, Geometry, Algebra I, 1 1th grade sponsor. Head Basketball Coach, Director of Athletics, Adviser to Service Club. June Bowen: 7th grade English, 7th grade sponsor. Assistant to Headmaster (Junior School). Earl D. Buck: 7th grade History, 1 1 th grade sponsor. Head Wrestling Coach, Football Coach. Jeonnine W. Bowers: French I, French IV (AP). Michael Caldwell: Geometry, Algebra II, Computer, 10th grade sponsor, Baseball Coach, Freshman Football Coach. Cory Carter: 8th grade History, Adviser to Yearbook, Adviser to Travel Club. 31 Harold Crowell: Chem-Phys, Physics Department Head of Science, 1 1 th grade sponsor, Advisor to the Photography Club. William Compton: Algebra II, Math IV, Computer, Microbe Football and Freshman Track Coach, Microbe Wrestling Coach. 32 Michael Drake: American History (AP), Modern History, Modem Histroy (AP), 12th grade sponsor. Cross Country Coach, Head Soccer and J.V. Soccer Coach, Track Coach. Gilbert Edson: 7th grade W.W., Director of Guidance. DoiKiid Foirboirn: Moth IV Calculus (AB, BC), Computer, Golf Cooch, Chess Club Advisor. Anderson Gaither: Latin l-IV, 9th grade sponsor. Advisor to the Big Red Club, Faculty Member in charge of Discipline in Upper School, Freshman Wrestling Coach, Microbe Track and 7th grade Football. Frances Fairbaim: 7th grade Math, Algebra I. 33 Phoebe Greene: Remedial Reading. Syd Havely: English I, English 11, Track Coach, Cross Country Coach (Winter Track), 1 1 th grade sponsor. Kevin Harkey: Biology, Chem-Phys, Psychology, 1 0th grade sponsor. Microbe Basketball Coach, Freshman Football Coach. 34 James T. Hibbett: Chemistry, Chem-Phys, 1 1 th grade sponsor. James Jefferson: 7th and 8th grade W.W., 7th grade Geography, Faculty Member in charge of Discipline in Upper School, 7th grade sponsor. Head Baseball Coach, Football Coach Nancy Hodges: Assistant Librarian. Virginia Hollins: French II, French III, 10th grade sponsor. Advisor to Totomoi, Advisor to Travel Club. 35 Louise LeQuire: Art History (AP), Studio Art Head of Art Department, Adviser to Travel Club. Mary Helen Lowry: English IV, English IV (AP), 1 2th grade sponsor. Ron Medlin: English II, Comparative Religion, Ancient History, 9th grade sponsor. Freshman Football Coach. Frances Lentz: Latin II. 36 Fra nk Novak: 7th grade Science, 8th grade Science, 7th grade sponsor. Faculty member in charge of discipline. Microbe Cross Country Coach. Jay Ramsey: 7th grade Math, 8th grade Math, Algebra I, Faculty member in charge of discipline in Lower School, Football Coach, 8th grade sponsor. Freshman Basketball Coach. Ray Ridgway: American History, Adviser to Totomoi, Head Football Coach, Swimming Coach. 37 Mary Louise Shell: Eighth Grade English. Mildred Simmons: Head Librarian. Laird Smith, Jr.: Director of Development and Alumni Relations. 38 i v.yv « ' it ' ' ' V -.v- : . ' .s? ' v4;!Xii Assembly Finding a speaker with student appeal, subject relevance, and early-morning availability is a difficult task. At best, it is perplexing to select the most appropriate speakers from a myriad of requests and recommendations. But in spite of these and other problems, Mrs. Ridgway and the assembly committee have done an excellent job of acquiring the best available speakers for MBA’s assemblies. The academic year began in assembly with a prayer from Monsignor Hitchcock, who is in charge of Catholic Schools in two of the three Tennessee dioceses of the Catholic church. Since then, speakers have included historian Sam Smith, considered to be one of the foremost authorities on Andrew Jacksdn; author Jesse Hill Ford; lawyer and politician Lamar Alexander on our part In government; Olympics buff Bob Richards; Dr. Joe Mancusi speaking on drug use; Russian immigrant Victor Tubel speaking on Siberia; and Don Meade on transcendental meditation. Top: Alumnus Ford discusses his new book. Middle: Gubernatorial candidate Alexander talks politics. Bottom: Communist Tubel describes Siberia. Left: Dr. Mancusi blows Jeff Roppuhn’s mind. 42 Programs centered on art include speakers David Driskell, artist and member of the faculty at Fisk University; Cynthia Pringle, a renov ned potter from North Carolina; and Gene Pletcher, wood carver and sculptor as well as a member of the faculty of the University of Tennessee at Nashville. The MBA art department gave a media presentation of 35 mm slides in the spring, shortly after the presentation of Trip Doss’ film “Metaphysical Symphony in Green”. Top left: Fisk’s Driskell explains Afro-American art. Left: Sculptor Fletcher describes wood and marble techniques. Below: The MBA Chorus presents its annual Christmas Concert with Gerald Arthur directing. 43 Musical programs include visits from harmonicist Larry Logan, the Birmingham Southern Chorus, and the St. Bernard Academy Drama Club. The MBA pep band played contemporary music and later the country voices of Rick Jacques and Bill Hawkins made their singing debut. Right: Larry Logan skilffully plays the harmonica. Below: Hawkins and Jacques sing a sad one. Bottom: St. Bernard dramatists present Bicentennial play. •■V. ,RM TMS The MBA Drama Club presented exerpts from “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” and the MBA chorus gave a rendition of various Christmas carols. The chorus also combined with the Harpeth Hall chorus in the presentation of the Gilbert and Sullivan musical “H.M.S. Pinafore”. Of special interest to “the hill” were the annual visits of Santa and Mickey and the selection of six seniors Into Totomoi. Top: Don Orr leads Friday pep roily. Left: Mr. and Mrs. Santa present Mike Ralston a gift. Below: Bill Smith gives ambiguous victory sign. Spaghetti Supper . . . and Homecoming The MBA spaghetti supper proved itself to be another resounding success in spite of the heavy rains which postponed outdoor homecoming festivities. The Mothers ' Auxiliary netted over 1 2,000 dollars through the students’ sole of spaghetti supper and raffle tickets. . . . arxJ the party ' s over. All is ready, pandamonium reigns. A Beauty beauties, Skipper skippies, and Gordo takes it all in stride. Cindy Goertz was crowned homecoming queen, and the Big Red football team rolled to o 7-0 victory over rival Hillsboro to complete the evening’s festivities. Father’s Club President Whitson, Escort McLaughlin, Queen Cindy Goertz, Freshman Class President Groos. 47 Mrs. Louise LeQuire has incorporated some new and innovative facets of art into this year’s program in order to broaden the student’s perspective on contemporary art. Art and Art History students worked all spring In order to assemble MBA’s first “media production”, in which hundreds of color slides were coordinated into a light and sound show. In spite of a limited amount of time for preparation, the presentation was a smashing success. The project marks a truly collective achievement in that every student contributed to the final production. Students from the art classes at Harpeth Hall and St. Cecilia collaborated with the MBA art department in the overall production. Mrs. LeQuire hopes to produce a new media show each year. 48 The most outstanding individual achievement of this year was the super-8 production “Metaphysical Symphony in Green” by Trip Doss. This film combined Trip’s musical expertise and talent in cinematography into an advanced interpretation of modern art. The film was one of the four first place winners in the first annual Baylor super-8 film festival. The seventh and eighth grades have been working with Mrs. LeQuire in another field new to MBA, that of animation. The group has finished a creditable film which will be shown in assembly early next fall. Mr. Carter has purchased a new camera, projector, and tripod which helped make these short animations. A final achievement of the art department this year was the recruiting of many fine contemporary artists, sculptors, and photographers who exhibited their work in the Patrick Wilson Library. Highlights of such shows were the sculpture and prints of Gene Pletcher of UT Nashville and his wife Gerry of Peabody; the pottery of Cynthia Pringle; a visit from architect Charles Waterfield; a display of the artwork of Tom Walton; the photos of rural Tennessee by Peter Menzel; and the portrait photography of John Miller. These programs have given MBA a sample of true achievements in art in a variety of areas. The main goal for the year in art has been for the student to reach out and expand his views of art in order to accept a greater understanding of contemporary art. The coordination of light and sound into a sensual display of contemporary artwork is a new and growing genre in MBA’s art department. It is hoped that the present enthusiasm for the new areas of animation, cinematography, and media production will carry over and expand in next year’s program. “A mirror up to nature . . 51 Pep Band The newly-formed MBA pep band has enjoyed mountains of success and notoriety in its first year of operation. The bond was conceived by seniors Harvey Kirkpatrick (boss artist) and Kirk Guttmann (trumpeter) and was assembled with the help of another trumpeter, Kevin Harkey. The pep band has played during home football games, basketball games, and pep rallies this year. Other seniors include Mark Greene on the saxophone and pianist Harvey Crouch. The band was spiced by the performances of junior guitarists Dave Mahanes and Brian Kurtz. The band achieved city-wide recognition after their dazzling concert performance during assembly. 52 Tug-of-War The second annual MBA Tug-of-War Invitational drew quite a large crowd (many of whom were not invited) to the rolling hills of the MBA campus. Swarms of MBA and Harpeth Hall students bravely undertook the challenge of the ominous rope (Kindly supplied and delivered by the Nashville Bridge Co.) A surprise skirmish was the defeat of the Harpeth Hall and MBA seniors by the awesome juniors of both schools. On a lower level, the sophomores defeated the freshmen with a combination of experience and cunning. The MBA student body then trounced the entire Harpeth Hall student body in a ruthless display of masculine force. The confident MBA crew then challenged and whipped the Harpeth Hall girls plus the derelicts from BGA, St. Bernard’s, St. Cecilia, and half the free world. 53 Changement “We are constantly improving; MBA does not stand still.” The past year has shown a great deal of internal and external modifications on the MBA campus. Tangible improvements include the Durchase of a van for the school (provided by the Mother’s Auxiliary) and a pitching machine (Father’s Club). 1 , 54 A great deal of time and effort was spent last summer in the reconstruction of the gymnasium roof and the application of a protective glaze for the Ball Building. The Mothers’ Auxiliary also contributed to the renovation of the headmaster’s office. Access to the lower tennis courts has been facilitated by the construction of a bridge and steps. Note: The picture on the left doesn’t particularly belong here, but it didn’t fit anywhere else and is a good picture, so here it is. Interesting, no? Form plus function: rustic new steps to the tennis court. Below: MBA sponsored its first full-scale science fair this year. Jody Mocey and David Schull won Dr. Crowell’s mod scientist trophy. Intangible improvements include the acquisition of certain property on Wilson Boulevard, which would be used if the school decides to go coed or coordinate, and the addition of some 550 books to the Patrick Wilson Library. T te Effects of Alcokol of Mice TV-e Purpcse ] Chcj flvs project for SCvcrat r«a c . It pox is to prevr tlwrt " jicisa ci Kaj War rr ji effect : .The oryinism I used m my expec- n»cvs was-rtwwkife m use. I chose if V - oauo« if xs ueryprac- f and cosy to s«»ep- Above: Steve Zoger ' s and Steve Eisen ' s classic Hamlet poster. 56 Commencement On May 29 , 1976, in the Brownlee O. Currey Gymnasium, Montgomery Bell Academy graduated the (appropriately) seventy-six members of the ’76 senior class. After the seniors’ traditional entrance march and the Invocation by Brad Hooker, the various awards and honors of commencement were presented. Highlights of the commendations were as follows: Jerry. Patterson for Senior Class Citizenship; Bradford Hooker for Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty in the Senior Class; Alan Reasons for the Best Citizen in the Junior Class; Robert Holland for the Outstanding Boy in the Sophomore Class; and Erich Groos for the Outstanding Freshman. In addition, Jerry Patterson received the William Martin Award to the Best All-Around Boy In the School. In the midst of all the scholastic and literary awards came recognition of MBA’s seventeen Merit Finalists and Mike Ralston as Athlete of the Year The Class of ' 76 eagerly awaits distribution of diplomas. Robert Holland receives awards from Mr. Carter. Valedictorian Kenneth Spencer Witt (p. 58, top) expounded upon the increased amount of responsibility assumed by the MBA student in the past four years. He maintained that the importance of an MBA-style education would prove very useful in the pursuit of higher education. Salutatorian Philip Roberts Howell (above left) discussed the problems of society which students must confront in leaving the sheltered atmosphere of the Hill. The MBA Chorus provided an entertaining interlude of music with songs from Mr. Arthur’s repertoire and an encore from HMS Pinafore. John Rebrovick presented a copy of the dedication of The 1 976 Bell to Mr. Walker who received a standing ovation from the student body. At last, in the heat of the gym, Mr. John E. Sloan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, presented the much-anticipated diplomas to the anxious seniors. In addition, a special certificate of recognition was presented to Swedish exchange student Mats Nordquist. Mr. Sloan holds the coveted object. imm imm Organizations The twelve students who compose the Honor Council of MBA accept os their responsibility the two-fold task of promoting a strong sense of honor among the students and also trying reported coses of lying, cheating, and stealing. In order to limit the number of offenses and to familiarize the student body with the rules, regulations, and purpose of the Honor System, the Honor Council begins the school year with an assembly program speech and individual class discussions with the Junior School. In regard to this year, few cases of extremely serious magnitude have occured. That not one student was brought before the Honor Council a second time speaks well both for the students and the honor system. This fact Indicates a significant degree of respect for the honor code and proves that the Honor Council can serve effectively as an instructive, guiding body instead of merely a punitive force. The goal of the Honor System is an idyllic one— the establishment of an atmosphere of complete honesty and integrity— yet is also a conceivable and obtainable one. Its success depends upon the joint cooperation of students and faculty in an effort to abide by the code in every way. If this unification can be achieved, the Honor Council can serve as a viable organization maintaining and protecting the honor and prestige of Montgomery Bell Academy.— Jerry Patterson. Members of the Honor Council pictured at right include: Row 1 : John Coleman, Barry Duke, Jerry Patterson, Bill Russel, Paul Wieck, Charles Sawyers; Row 2: Alan Reasons, Galt Baker, John Rebrovick, Jeff Rappuhn, and Chip Williams; and Kevin Smith who was absent when the picture was taken. Honor Council 62 Student Council The 1975-1976 Student Council responded to the student ' s wishes which seemed to be port of a logical progression of the hopes of post student bodies. The issu e of the Junior season off occupied the Council’s attention throughout the fall, and though the privilege was not reinstated, the students were able to work constructively with the faculty on the problem. The Council also was instrumental in attaining a holiday for students in attendance at the Pearl football game. With the help of Mr. Carter, an exchange of students was organized between MBA and University School, and then Harpeth Hall. These visitations proved extremely popular and may become an annual endeavor. In the presence of the intense academic environment at MBA, our council took an interest in individual students and teachers with problems of one kind or another, had some open meetings, and tried to express to Mr. Carter and the faculty the students’ thoughts concerning the issues surrounding the school and Its policies. This year’s Student Council, partner to an extremely cooperative relationship to Mr. Novak and Mr. Carter, seemed to be gaining both in respect and in responsibility. Both our programs and our relations with co- workers were usually evolved from immortal councils of the past who asked for a “mutually responsive attitude between students and faculty,’’ “a constructive atmosphere with more authority,’’ and “openness” in procedure.— Bradford Williamson Hooker, President. Members of the 1 976 Student Council pictured at left include: Row 1 : Richard Smith, Tim Owen, Paul Stumb, Erich Groos, Jerry Mace, Jeff Glezer, Robert Holland; Row 2: Lyle Beosely, Fred McLaughlin, Brion Friedman, Brad Hooker, Clinton Regen, Pride Scanlon, John Cloybrook, and Phillip Altenbem who was absent when the picture was taken. 63 Totomoi As MBA’s honorary fraternity, Totomoi has become synonymous to the highest honor a student can obtain. Its goal is the promotion of the highest development of an MBA student in a balanced and gentlemanly fashion. Spiritual depth and honor are encouraged together with the promotion of participation by all MBA students in activities and traditions which reflect the Academy’s long history and its honorable position among America’s prep schools. Totomoi honors students by recognition of outstanding participation and achievement in; (1) scholarship, (2) athletics, (3) student government, (4) publications, (5) organizations, and (6) citizenship. Points are awarded on the basis of length or service, achievement, and leadership in these areas. “Majors” and “Minors” in each area are awarded by total points. Candidates must have at least two major fields and one minor for selection. In addition, candidates must maintain a good scholastic average and a worthy attitude. Approval by members of Totomoi and the faculty confer membership. Alumni, faculty members, and friends of the school may also be tapped into this honorary fraternity. Mr. Jay Ramsey, Mr. Carter, Mrs. Lowry, and Mrs. Liles are Totomoi members currently in the administration of MBA. Standing: Kenneth Witt, Jerry Patterson, Oman Weibnd, Brad Hooker, Steven Eisen. Kneeling: Fred McLaughlin, John Rebrovick. 64 Row 1: Duke, Newman, J. Hannon, Morgan, T. Hannon, McLaughlin, McWhirter, Hawkins. Row 2: Regen, Rappuhn, Milam, Reasons, Berry, Holland, Friedman, Hooker, Williams, Thym, Mace, Brown. Row 3: Tune, Patterson, Smith. Before Christmas, the Service Club sponsored a canned goods and clothing drive for the St. Luke’s Community Center. Members of the club also went caroling for the Fanny Battle Day Home and rang b ells to collect money for the Salvation Army. During the spring, the club participated in the Palm Sunday Paper Sale for the Children’s Hospital. The simple volume of projects which the Service Club handled this year implies a sincere dedication on the part of its members. Although limited in size, the Servive Club remains a prominent organization at MBA and has continued to work unselfishly for worthwhile causes. —Justin Milam Service Club The Service Club, one of the few select organizations at MBA, occupies its own niche of importance on the Hill. Comprised of twenty- four members from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes, this club stresses service to both the school and the community through its different activities. During 1975-76, the Service Club sought to maintain traditional school projects while attempting to become more closely involved with community-related activities. Traditional services to the school included ushering at home football games, cleaning up after an event such as the spaghetti supper, and collecting money for admission to basketball and wrestling contests. Big Red Club The Big Red Club, organized with the purpose of instilling and maintaining spirit and pride in MBA, is the largest extracurricular activity in which the students participate. Involving students in grades ten through twelve, as well as accepting freshman members in the spring, the club promotes great support and enthusiasm for all possible athletic contests. With the hard work of this year’s cheerleading squad, which attended a camp at Vanderbilt during the summer, new chbers and stunts were added, as well as new uniforms which proved to be stimulating for the Student Body. MBA’s first pep band, under the direction of senior Harvey Kirkpatrick and faculty member Kevin Harkey, added an extra dimension to the spirit of the school. In addition, the club undertook a money raising project by hosting a car wash on the hill which proved to be profitable. The officers of this year’s club, president Fred McLaughlin, vice-president Brion Friedman, secretary Wilson Robinson, and Treasurer Skip Woolwine, as well as the faculty advisors Miss Seidler, Mr. Goza, and Mr. Gaither, express our appreciation to the students for their participation and spirit this year and hope that it continues in the future. —Fred McLaughlin, President. The ' 75-76 Cheerleaders: Top: Terri Welch, Arlene Manning, Cindy Goertz. Middle: John Hannon, Brion Friedman, Les Coble, Fred AAcLaughlin. Bottom: Carolyn Thompson, Ann Wallace, Wilson Robinson, Skip Woolwine, David Jones, Helen Short, Claire Miller. 67 Associate Editor Trip Doss, Editor-in-Chief John Rebrovick. The Bell 1 976 was an experimental year for The Bell. For the first time in MBA ' s history, the annual was planned from the beginning for summer, as opposed to commencement, delivery. This decision to eschew tradition in favor of improving on the post was mode with three main ideas in mind: (1) Late delivery would enable the yearbook to serve most perfectly what its intrinsic purpose should be— to present os accurate o picture os possible of the whole year. (2) Late delivery would provide more time to sell more advertisements to negate the inflation-caused rise in costs of the annual. (3) Late delivery would allow more time for the editors to include more pages In the annual. Staff Editors: Organizations— Andy May; Copy— Steve Zager; Photography— Wayne Hucaby; Sports— Chip Williams; Features— Randy Lea; Business— Scott Englert. 68 On the first poin t, the results should be obvious. Spring sports received roughly twice the coverage normally allotted them; and more importantly, contemporary photographs and seasonally inclusive evaluations of the teams appeared for a change. Furthermore, organizations could report on their achievements for the entire year Rather than merely presenting a vague outline of their intentions. Features, too, got a shot in the arm from the extra time, for events such as the Tug-of-War received appropriate attention and the Art and Assembly sections were comprehensive. Graduation was included for the first time in history. As far as economics go. The 1 976 Bell exemplifies a truly ambitious undertaking. About a thousand more dollars of advertisements were sold than for the previous year’s publication. This fact helped the school maintain the cost of the annual to each student at $5.00 despite an approximately ten percent rise in production costs due to inflation. The annual was expanded by sixteen pages and used as much four- color reproduction (eight pages worth) as was ever used before. Naturally, this year’s Be I was produced with hopes for pleasant layout, maximum information without boredom in content, and interesting, different photography. The editors hope The 1 976 Bell was worth the wait. Staff: Charles Sawyers, Jimmy Evans, Jeff Glezer, Phil Howell, Jim Gibson, Shipley Landiss. 69 The Bell Ringer The 1975-V6 edition of The Ball Ringer was very possibly the most successful in the newspaper ' s history. In the Tennessee High School Press Association convention, The Bell Ringer received a “superior” rating, placing it, for the first time, among the top eleven newspapers in the state. The innovative feature — dominated format of the paper was highlighted by articles about Heaven Lee, The Farm, and Mayor Fulton. Also, Andy May and Ben Cohen livened up The Bell Ringer with their editorial duels. Illustrations and the use of white space added a new look to the layout of the paper. The relegation of news stories to the back page, along with the advent of the single-feature front page, should pave the way for a news-magazine publication next year. Hopefully, The Bell Ringer, in its revamped form, will attract greater student interest and participation in years to come. —Kenneth Witt Bell Ringer Editors: Features— Ben May; Business— Scott Englert; News- Jerry Patterson 70 State Champions Wood and Chazen Forensics Over the years, the Forensic Club, under the direction of Mrs. Ridgwoy, has grown to be one of the most important activities on the Hill. Forensics, encompassing debate, extemporaneous speech, oratory, and interpretation, continues to be on excellent outlet for the MBA student. The 1976 Debate Team produced one of the finest records in the nation. Following many weeks of grueling summer workshops, the debate teams of Steven Eisen and Steven Zoger, and Joe Wood and Geoffrey Chazen performed strongly in high levels of competition. Debating the topic of “scarce world resources,” Zoger and Eisen won both the Barkley Forum in Atlanta and the Notional Bicentennial Tournament in Philadelphia to establish themselves os the premier team In the country. They, along with State Champions Wood and Chazen plus Extemporaneous Champion Andy May travelled to the Notional Tournament in Colorado in June. Forensics Advisor Selma Ridgwoy. National Bicentennial Tournament Champs Zager and Eisen. In other displays of forensic fortitude, Michael Knish won a free trip to Philadelphia by placing first in the state Sons of the American Revolution Oratory Contest; and Walter Robinson won the sectional contest of the Bicentennial Youth Debates, thereby garnering a free trip to Atlanta. Despite the loss of seniors Chazen, Eisen, and Zager, forensics looks forward to a strong future as interest and participation grow in MBA’s " art of eloquence. " Bock: Robinson, J. Zager, Wood, Hawiger, DePriest, Landiss, Galloway, Gobson, May, Fenichel, Seay, Armour. Front: Dembsky, Green, S. Zager, Chazen, Eisen. 73 Drama Club Conflicting activities dramatically reduced the quantity of productions of the MBA players this year. However, the club’s major production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown enjoyed a successful run in February. Receiving help from Cathy Maddox (Lucy) of Brentwood and Becky Hinshaw (Peppermint Patty) of Harpeth Hall, Hunter Hodge, John Olive, John Beasley, and Scott Englert excelled in their roles of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Schroeder, and Linus, respectively. Right: Snoopy swoops down on Potty. Below: Linus ploys the cynic os Lucy busses the disgusted Schroeder and Charlie Brown writes his penpal. Back: Mahanes, Weiland, Moench, Englert. Front: Glezer, J. Hodge, Johnson, H. Hodge, Edwards, Griswold Under the leadership of Mr. Poston and President Oman Weilond and the technical work of alumnus Neil Wright and junior David Johnson of Phred Phantom Enterprises, Inc., the club strove to produce the best in the creative art. Although this group seemed to have an “off year,” the MBA players will continue in the true dramatic tradition to provide the student an outlet and source for enjoyment and artistic development.— Oman Weiland. Lucy and Linus write Lowry themes. 75 Chorus This year’s Chorus produced probably the finest MBA musical accomplishments ever. Composed of approximately forty students ranging from grades seven to twelve, the Chorus received its largest participation since its origin. Under the leadership of President Fred McLaughlin and Vice-President Brion Friedman, the Chorus presented o most diversified schedule of events Including o Christmas concert which performed at three local schools. In the spring, the Chorus, along with the Horpeth Hall Glee Club, presented Gilbert and Sullivan’s “H.M.S. Pinafore” in eight performances around the Nashville area. Also, the group presented its annual Commencement program. Chorus: Row 1; Hill, M. Davis, J. Hodge, Fuller. Row 2: Weatherford, Edwards, Archer, Macey, Glezer, Chernau, R. Beasley, Seay. Row 3: Regen, L. Beasley, Wieck, Edmondson, Robinson, McLaughlin, Claybrook, H. Hodge. Row 4: Linn, Jackson, Rich, Whitson, Friedman, Bogle, McIntosh, Smith. 76 ( Special thanks are to be given to our outstanding director Mr. Gerald Arthur, and our accompanist Mrs. Ann Bishop, both of v hom devoted endless time and effort to the achievement of the group ' s success. All in oil, this year’s Chorus proved to be exceptional and was well received throughout the Nashville area. Despite losing about ten of its members because of graduation, the Chorus looks forward to o promising future.— Fred McLaughlin, President. Xanadu Launching the 1 975-1 976 school year, the editors of Xandou hod hopes of great exponsion for the magazine. Early responses were slow, but very interesting graphics appeared In the year’s first issue. Xanadu, under the guidance of co- editors Oman Weilond and Bill Collins, along with Mr. Walker, continued its attempt to provide the “stately pleasure domes” for the literary minded of MBA.— Oman Weilond 1 UJ £- ! I xr c Q P UJe anc O. ZJL f 3;73 - £ 78 Junior Honor Society Front: Tom Groomes, Joy Dembsky. Bock: Steve Gibbs, Bill Galloway, Erich Gross. Missing: Rick Seay. Row 1 : Sawyers, Crenshaw, J. Anderson, Bernard, DePriest, Englert, Hutton. Row 2: Hose, Hawiger, j. Milam, Wallace, Howell, Armour, Witt, Collins, C. Milam, Poole, B. Anderson. Row 3: Galloway, Cohen, Maxwell, Weiland, Parman, Owen, Schull, Williams, Macey. Missing: Gene Nelson. Senior Honor Society 79 Mats Nordquist Jag heter Mats Nordquist, dr 1 8 ar och kommer fran Ostersund, Sverige. Min familj ds en medellclassfamilj och mina fdrdidrar dr bada Idrare. Jag har tva brdder och en syster, alia yngre. Min vdrid familj, familjen Beasley, dr det stdrsta plusset pa min vistelse i U.S.A. och jag har trdffat manga ardra trevilga mdnniskor hdr. Jag kom hit i augusti fdrra aret pa elt exchange student program, ICX, och aker hem i juli. Jag dr tocksam for den utbildning jag fatt i MBA, och for clom vanner jag fatt i ankyntning till skolan. My name is Mats Nordquist. I am eighteen years old and live in Oskesund, Sweden. Both my parents are teachers, and I have two brothers and one sister. I arrived to the United States in August last year, on an exchange student program: International Cultural Exchange. The Beasleys, my host family, are the nicest people I have met; and I have got to know some really nice people during my time here. To come to MBA has influenced my life och helped me to get friends in relationship with the school. I am thankful for the education I have got here, which will help me back at my own school (Editor ' s note: Mot is MBA’s second exchange student. Despite carrying a full MBA senior course load including one AP course, he managed to contribute significantly to the soccer team and to display his outstanding artistic talent with both pen and brush. Another pen and Ink drawing by Mots appears on page seven.) ’ v H If if r- ' S- iw Vi 80 Though plagued by the loss of many fine seniors, this year’s chess team produced consistently excellent results against stiff competition. Despite the absence of some top individuals, the team placed second in the mid-state High School championship, losing only to Murfreesboro Riverdale. This loss was avenged at the state level, as the team took first place honors, with Mark Ishee claiming the fourth individual ranking. At the Southern High School Championship, Novice Section, in Atlanta, the team received fourth place with David Thistlethwaite claiming second place individually. Also, participating in competition were team members Rick Hardin, Chris Keaton, Sam Garrett, Billy Anderson, Mike Anderson, and Morris Lewis, as well as Ishee and Thistlewaite. With only one member from this year’s outstanding Chess squad leaving because of graduation, MBA’S perpetual Tennessee State Champion team should continue to prosper under the able leadership of Dr. Fairbain. Head Mentor Don Foirboirn. Chess Standing: B. Anderson, Knish, Garrett, M. Anderson, Harden, Tenison. Seated: Ishee, Cain, Thistlethwaite. Merit Finalists Bock: Elliott, Hucoby, Weesner, Preston, Rebrovick, Howell. Middle: Milom, Weilond. Front: Moy, Cowon, Friedman, Witt, Doss, Williams. Not pictured: Hooker. Representing less than one half of one percent of the nation’s groduoting high school seniors, the Notional Merit Finalists ore selected on the bosis of outstanding potential for college achievement. Selection is based upon PSAT NMSQT scores achieved in the junior year, as well as school record and faculty recommendation. Among this year’s seniors, there were fifteen students selected os finalists. From this group, winners of the Notional Merit Scholarships will be selected. See the Graduation section on pages 58-59 for further Information. 82 Sons of Alumni Front: Brothers, J. Anderson, Bogle, Edwards, Hawkins. Bock: Bennett, Wood, Gibbs, Crogon, Elliston, Dole, Cole, D. Anderson. Fellowship of Christian Athletes Row 1 : R. Sullivan, Brothers, Jacques, Richardson, Wieck. Row 2: D. Hannon, T. Hannon, Linn, Crow, Jordan, Moench, C. Hannon. Row 3: Tune, Reasons, Smith, Jacques, J. Hannon, Holland, Stumb, Wieck, Robinson. Row 4: Baker, Hawkins, Simpson, McWhirter, M. Sullivan, Norling, Kurtz. The FCA is an organization which is open to all students at MBA, who like to share their faith in God and Jesus Christ. Under the leadership of Mr. Jim Jefferson and Dee Margo, bimonthly dinner meetings were held for fellowship and discussion. The highlights of the year were trips to the Vandy FCA, a spring retreat, and attendance at the national conference in North Carolina. — Bill Smith wm 0 • V- v. ;4v : v Sports I Varsity Football Montgomery Bell Academy’s 1975 football season promised to be the toughest in the school’s long football history. The schedule opened with the McGovock Raiders’ invasion of the “Hill.” 2,500 fans braved inclement weather to watch the Big Red fall 1 8-9. A Barry Duke to Mike Ralston pass covering sixty-three yards accounted for MBA’s only touchdown. Steve Burch had one hundred eleven yards in kickoff returns for the Big Red. After the disappointing loss to McGavock, MBA bounced back with an impressive overtime victory over second- ranked Overton. John McWhirter and Steve Burch spear- headed the best offensive attack of the entire season. The defensive work of Clinton Regen and Jeff Rappuhn effectively held the Bobcats all night. First row: Coach Buck, Reasons, Smith, Luplow, Orr, O’Neal, Foster, Norling, Owen, Duke, Delay, Bogle, Tnr. Johnson, Mgr. Irwin. Second row: Coach Ramsey, Bull, Tenison, Tune, Lackey, Baldwin, Patterson, Simpson, Hawkins, Hill, Regen, Newman, Neal, Whitson, Rich, McWhirter, Mgrs. Binkley and Summer. Third row: Coach Ridgwoy, Phillips, Moore, Jackson, Beasley, Rappuhn, Linn, Ralston, Edmondson, Burch, Baker, New Weilond, Workman, Lossing, McClure, Coach Jefferson. 86 MBA next traveled to Clarksville to face always tough Clarksville Northwest. After three quarters of scoreless football, the Big Red rolled to two fourth-quarter touchdowns; the first on a thirty-four yard pass from quarterback Duke to Steve Baldwin, the second on a thirty-nine yard run by Burch. The Ynurderous schedule next pitted sixth-ranked Maplewood against MBA in the two schools’ first meeting ever. Maplewood used a strong running game and sound defense to dominate MBA 39-1 2. The Big Red scored on a third quarter touchdown by the ubiquitous Burch and on a run after a blocked punt by Ralph Moore. 88 The fifth game saw MBA at Antioch. In a highly contested game, MBA fell 14-6. The Big Red failed to score after driving to the Bear one yard line in the first quarter. Steve Burch scored the only MBA touchdown. MBA evened up its record at 3-3 with a big 1 2-0 victory over Springfield. Springfield’s five game winning streak was stopped by runs by Burch and Wink Neal. On a rainy homecoming night on the “Hill, " MBA slipped by Hillsboro with a 7-0 win. The Big Red took the opening kick-off and drove seventy-four yard to score on a plunge by Barry Duke. John McWhirter led the offense with ninety-nine yards in twenty-one carries. The defense held the Burros to fifty yards total offense. The eighth game saw MBA in Franklin against seventh- ranked BGA. The Big Red came out on the short end of a 7-0 defensive battle. The loss of running bock Steve Burch with on injured knee was o blow to the team for the lost two gomes. Very few fans come out on Halloween night to see MBA defeat the Pearl Tigers 15-8. Ralph Moore put the Big Red on the board first with o safety. The other tw o scores come on o nine-yard run by John McWhirter and a ten- yard pass from Barry Duke to Steve Baldwin. The finale of the ’75 season came against archrival Father Ryan. The Lions Bowl-bound Irish rolled past the Big Red 45-15 behind the running of star Joey Wood. MBA scored when Barry Duke teamed up with Mike Ralston for a four-yard pass. Duke ran thirteen yards for the second score, and Wink Neal ran the two point conversion. Behind the excellent leadership of co-captains Mike Ralston and Clinton Regen, MBA achieved a respectable 5-5 record with fine support from the student body and the best group of cheerleaders in recent years. JV Football First Row: Owen, Robinson, Sullivan, Russell, Delay, Turner. Second Row: Holland, Lassing, O’Neal, New, Stumb, Dicker. Third Row: Baker, Jackson, Norling, Bogle, Linn. In the first of its two gomes this year, the young and untested MBA junior varsity football team fought gamely to a 30-1 2 defeat against a much larger and more experienced Overton team. In the second (or final) game, the JV Red suffered a 34-7 defeat to a McGavock squad which could have beaten many varsity teams in the city. Injuries and bad breaks were many, but the JV never gave up, scoring their only TD with only a minute left in the game on a pass from Robert Holland to Kirk Norling. Despite their limited experience this season, the members of the JV are expected to contribute greatly to future varsity teams. 91 Freshman Football Apollo 8... MBA 14 Cameron 8... 13 BGA 6... 13 Rose Park .... 0... 14 Moore 0... 21 Ryan ...20... 15 McMurray... ...26... 6 Coached by Mr. Medlin, Mr. Caldwell, and Mr. Harkey, the Freshman Football Team had its most productive season in recent years. The team compiled a 5-2 overall record with wins over Apollo, Cameron, BGA, Rose Park, and Moore. The team’s only defeats came to Ryan, on a last minute touchdown, and to McMurray. Tri-captains Barry Ralston, Andy Massey, and Richard Smith, along with Russ Regen, Chris Crow, and Tim Bennett, led the team and should make sizable contributions to the varsity in future years. Back: Frost, Taylor, Riegle, Mercy, Holland, Groos, McLaughlin, Ralston, Woodroof, Martindale, Bennett, Freeman, Russell, Regen, Alford, Stumb, Whittelsey, Crow. Front: Massey, C ouch, M, Smith, Poteet, R. Smith, Wieck, Orr, Levon, Todd, Duke, Berry. 92 Microbe Football Row 1: K. Smith, M. Smith, Derryberry, Phillips, Davis, Daniel, Molesworth. Row 2: Kline, Henderson, Coombs, Hollins, Whitson, Betty, Mitchell, Griscom. Row 3: Ridgway, Pack, Hester, Wright, Herbert, James, Moore, Wagster. Row 4: Gregg, Colton, Anderson, Johnson, Lipscomb, Altenbem, Crabtree, Batson. MBA Franklin Rd. Ac 0 7 Northside Ezell-Harding.. Brentwood Ac . Ensworth BGA Dekalb County Franklin Rd. Ac 6 ....34 7 ....27 2 7 0....19 0....40 0 8 7 0 Back: Hall, Hardaway, Hester, Carter, M. Anderson, Carden, Davis, Herron, Warner, Slaton, Richardson, Tulley, Hines, Nicholson. Front: Winchell, Cashion, Jacques, Hollinsworth, Smith, Klausner, Wallace, Tune, Wieck, Menke, Felts, Clark, Nichols. MBA BGA Flat Rock (forfei Franklin Civ West Nashville BGA 0....20 ....0.. ....6 ...W ..20.. ..14 ..50.. ....0 Seventh Grade Football Varsity Cross Country This year’s cross country team was one of the finest squads in MBA Cross Country History. Although hurt by the loss of four out of the top seven runners off lost year’s squad, the team managed to post o record of 10-4 in regular meets, the best record ever, and to place well In the big meets. 94 if • ' V M I ' 1 Front: Manager Lyne, Archer, O ' Neill, Kurtz, Glezer, Hancock, White, Poole. Bock: Anderson, Wert, Stewart, Witt, Friedman, Howiger, Crenshaw, Gustafson. Led by senior co-captains Ken Witt (above) and Brion Friedman (facing page), the top seven runners were rounded out by juniors Billy Anderson and Jeff Glezer, sophomores Jimmy O’Neill and Ed Archer, and freshman Craig Stewart. These boys started running in early August and continued running until the end of October, finally amassing over 400 miles in road work. Under the exciting training innovations of Mr. Havely and the determination and understanding of Mr. Drake, the team ran well all year, placing fourth in the A.F. Bridges Invitational and third in the NIL Championships. The highlight of the season was the performance of Ken Witt who became the first NIL Cross Country Champion at MBA and who, also, broke the school record in the three- mile run with a time of 15:44 95 Gradations of pain: freshman Craig Stewart. Next year’s team has a bright future with five of the top seven runners returning and with the back-up of hopefuls Bennet White, Tim Kurtz, Trey Poole, and Rhea Gustafson. junior Jeff Glezer; sophomore Ed Archer; 96 The 1976 Microbe Cross Country team, coached by Frank Novak and led by Freddie Horton and Doug Derryberry, won the HVAC championship. The little red harriers lost only one dual meet in the course of the season. Members of this squad should provide much speed in MBA’s future. Microbe Cross Country Back: Barr, Ayers, Bruehl, Wamock, Gibbs, Horton, Coach Novak, Tune, Robin, Glasgo w. Front: Coleman, Lawson, Fuller, Street, May. Varsity Basketball MBA’s ’75-’76 Varsity Basketball team played the toughest schedule in its history. MBA, finishing the season with a record of 5 wins and 1 8 losses, did not play Peabody, Bellevue, Castle Heights, or Brentwood Academy, teams which have swelled the Big Red ' s past win columns. Back: Mgrs.: Kimbro and Landiss, Beasley, Hooker, Farmer, Ralston, Whittier, Newman, May, Mgr. Evans. Front: Trainer House, West, Smith, Holland, Witt, Hill, Duke, Mgr. Grannis. 98 99 100 Michael Farmer led the team in scoring and rebounds for the first half of the year. After a series of ailments slowed Farmer down, Danny Newman, Mike Ralston, and Kirk Witt provided some fire power. Kirk Witt finished the year as the leading scorer, most notably sparking the team in a fantastic win over the Burros at Hillsoboro. Also, the big, strong, and toll MBA front line dominated Overton in regular season ploy in MBA’s Currey Gymnasium. However, in the first gome of the District Tourney, Overton embarrassed the Hill’s cogemen in the first half, and the team ended the year in defeat. Mr. Bennett and Mr. DeMoss were popular and forgiving coaches. This year’s Junior Varsity Basketball team got off to a strong start but ended the season on a disappointing note. Finishing with o record of five wins and thirteen losses, Lyle Beasley, Mickey Tune, Alan Reasons, and Lee Edmondson led the team oil year under the coaching of Mr. DeMoss. JV Basketball Bock: Ralston, Hardin, Herron, Edmondson, Maxwell, Neil, Milam. Front: Finder, Tune, Smith, Reasons, Massey, Patterson. 102 Despite an extremely tough schedule this season, the Freshman Basketball team enjoyed a respectable 6-8 season under Coach Jay Ramsey. Vance Wheeler, Andy Massey, and Barry Ralston led the offensive throughout the season while Ralston, Bill Bomar, and Richard Smith were the top rebounders. Highlighting the season was a heart-stopping victory over Moore Junior High on a last second shot by Andy Massey. Other key victories were recorded against BGA, Lipscomb, Apollo, and Bass. Freshman Basketball Bock: Campbell, Bomar, Thistlethwaite, Ralston, Groos, Smith. Front: Cunningham, Stewart, Massey, Bowers, Riegle, Levan. 103 Microbe Basketball The 1976 Microbe basketball team posted an outstanding 1 8-1 record, going undefeated in regular season play and losing only In the finals of the H.V.A.C. tourney 42-40. A tough team defense, which held opponents to an average of 4 points in the first quarter, and a smooth fast break combined with a disciplined, sharpshooting offense to give the Microbes an overpowering attack. The team was led by the shooting, passing, and rebounding of Freddie Horton, the strong inside play of Jimmy Griscom, and the smart defensive play of Tom Moore, Nathan Phillips, and Joe Davis. Standing: Phillips, Davis, J. Anderson, Altenbern, Griscom, Derryberry, Whitson, Colton, M. Anderson. Kneeling: Moore, Horton. 104 Intramural Champions 7N: Back: Hines, Nicholson, Shackelford, Carter, Hester. Front: Fuller, Klouser, Wallace, Spickard, Hollingsworth. 8S— Back: Puett, Henderson, Bruehl, Edwards, Galloway, Ridgway. Front: Fine, Heller, Stroup, Smith, Coombs. 105 Varsity Wrestling Strong senior leadership and determined younger wrestlers helped in the 1 975-76 MBA Varsity Wrestling Team to its best season in three years. The team finished with a record of six wins and four losses. Wrestling well in its first four matches, the Big Red rolled up an impressive 200 points in these victories. Next, the team dropped a 6 point loss to arch-Rival Father Ryan. After Christmas, the team dropped two matches: to powerful Overton and suprising Antioch. MBA next crushed Hlllwood, and then lost to a strong Maplewood team by 1 2 points. The Grapplers finished their season with a victory over Franklin. 106 Tournament competition seemed to suit the MBA team. The team won second place team trophies at the Bellevue Invitational and at the District Eight Tourney. At Bellevue, Jerry Patterson, Fred McLaughlin, Michael Huddleston, and Clay Whitson all won individual championships. In the Overton Tournament, Patterson and McLaughlin again took individual first place honors while Huddleston and Whitson placed second. Patterson added to his record of championships at the Ryan Invitational by placing first along with Huddleston and Galt Baker. McLaughlin and Whitson captured second and fourth place honors, respectively. Patterson, McLaughlin and Huddleston won first places in District Eight competition while Weiland and Baker placed second, and Whitson and Anderson took third place honors; and Bob Russell and Pete DeLay both made good showings with fourth place finishes. Back: Bishop, Wieck, Baker, Weiland, Delay, Stumb, Front: Huddleston, Jordan, McLaughlin, Patterson, Anderson, Duffey, Crow, Russell. MBA’s three All— NIL wrestlers (Patterson Huddleston, and McLaughlin) advanced to the state by placing in the Region III competition first, third, and fourth respectively. Next year means the loss of five fine seniors from the wrestling team; but returning sophomores Galt Baker, Bob Russell, John Anderson, and Charlie Duffey plus some promising freshmen provide hope for the ’76-’77 season. Coach Buck feels that another summer wrestling clinic excursion will be helpful for next year. 108 Freshman Wrestling Bock: Hatcher, Henderson, Huddleston, Alford, Bennett, Frost, McLaughlin, Regen, Davis, O’Connor, Berry. Front: Jacques, Sullivan, Richardson, Cohen, May, Wamock, Daniels. Under the coaching of Mr. Gaither, the Freshman wrestlers had a successful season despite winning only two dual matches. The Little Red recorded wins over BGA and Millwood. In tournament competition, Mark Frost finished second. The team, led by Bobby Huddleston, George McLaughlin, and Russ Regen, will help the varsity in future seasons. 109 Varsity Soccer The 1975-76 Montgomery Bell Soccer Team continued the tradition of excellent soccer ploy on the Hill and once again proved to be one of the leading teams in the state. Led by senior co-captains Les Coble and Clinton Regen, the team started its long season with practice in November and ended with a very respectable third place finish in the State Soccer Tourney at the end of February. Altogether, the team played thirteen regular season games, posting a record of 8- 2-3 and three tournament games. no The team was hampered at the start of the season by injuries, but soon came around to its potential with key victories over McCallie, M.U.S., St. Andrews, and arch-rival Father Ryan. Winning second seed in the state tournament, MBA went on to beat M.U.S. in the first game to lose to a tough Baylor team in the semi-finals, and defeat Father Ryan in the consolation game. Back: Statistician T. Hannan, Gamer, Wilson, Norling, J. Hannon, Robinson, Gibbs, Friedman, McWhirter, Nordquist, Lanham, Morgan, Mgr. R. Burrus. Front: Moench, Bolster, Brown Chernau, Kirkpatrick, Coble, Berry, Schull, G. Burrus, Milam, Estes. Ill Consistently good ploy was shown throughout the year by Dole Berry, Brion Friedman, Don Orr, and Bob Bolster. Boyd Gibbs was named to the First All-State Team while Les Coble, Dale Berry, Brion Friedman, and Boyd Gibbs represented MBA in the East-West All Star Game. Next year’s team has a bright future with the return of starters Mike Chernau, Albert Brown, David Schull, and Tommy Lanham. 112 ,JI 9 .mi JV Soccer 1976 marked the JV Soccer team’s first season as an entity separate from the varsity. The team played only three games, losing to Ryan and Castle Heights and defeating McGavock; however, even these three contests allowed some young players to demonstrate their ability. Five members of the team were able to help the varsity, and one player who began on the JV finished the season with a varsity letter. According to Coach Michael Drake, Jerry Mace, Tim Crenshaw, Carter Williams, and Marshall Summar were particularly outstanding throughout the season. Back: Claybrook, Fox, Hawkins, Thompson, Galloway, Gustafson, Summar, T. Crenshaw, Hawiger, Hitt, Wallace, Johnson. Front: Bennett, Fort, Williams, O’Neal, Elliston, T. Kurtz, T. Hannon, Glezer, Taylor, Richardson, O’Neill, Manser, B. Kurtz, Manser, Lewis. 113 Varsity Baseball Though failing to finish first in their district , the 1976 MBA baseball team had a relatively successful season. The Big Red posted ten wins against five losses in district play, and posted an overall mark of twelve wins and six losses. The team was led by the consistent pitching of Mike Ralston who made the All-NIL squad and who compiled a record of seven wins and no losses. Highlights of the season were wins over 24th district champion Bellevue, arch-rival Father Ryan, Overton, and 23rd district champion Lipscomb. Back: Coach Ramsey, Holland, Tillman, Whittier, M. Ralston, Birch, B. Ralston, Novak, Coach Jefferson. Front: Patterson, Owens, Tune, Hill, Smith, Duke, Brown. 114 The team was led in hitting by Jerry Patterson, Barry Duke, Bill Smith, Steve Birch, and John Hill. Pitching well for the team were Tom Tillman, Gage Whittier, and Barry Ralston. Though the team will lose five seniors who contributed greatly to the team, next year’s team possesses the experience and talent necessary to win the district crown. 115 Varsity Track The 1976 Track team, under the coaching of Messrs. Drake and Havely, got off to a slow start but kicked in with some good performances to place third in the district. The team compiled o one and four dual meet record, the victory coming over Franklin. Opening the season on o cold night against Mt. Juliet, Ken Witt and Greer Bogle ran well in the mile and 440, respectively. The next week, the Big Red fell to McGavock. However, Rol Luplow won the discus, Ken Witt again won the mile, John Rebrovick won the 440, and the mile and two mile relay teams finished first. Against Franklin, Ralph Moore took the discuss, Raymond Lackey the 220, and the MBA team won the mile relay. Ken Witt turned in good times in both the 880 and the two mile run In a losing effort against Franklin. Closing out the dual meet season at BGA, Ralph Moore won the discus and John Rebrovick won the 440. Row 1: Lackey, Wallace, Crenshaw, West, Witt, Bogle, Glezer, Anderson, Mader. Row 2: Rebrovick, Burrus, Simon, Moench, Wilson, Whitson, Simpson, Smith, Howiger, Tenison, O’Neal, Phillips, Moore. Row 3: Justice, McClure, Patterson, Workman ' , Lossing, Reasons, Anthony, Linn, Gustafson, Archer. 116 The distance medley relay team of Bogle, Rebrovick, Glezer, and Witt took ten seconds off the MBA distance medley record with a second place finish at the Baylor Relays. In the Optimist Relays at Overton, good performances were turned in by Moore, Witt, and the mile relay team. The next week in the Banner Relays deciding the NIL championship, MBA finished a respectable eleventh in the city. Ken Witt broke the school record in the mile run with a time of 4:28.1 and missed the two mile record by a half a second, placing third in both events. In the district contest, MBA ran extremely well, placing third in team standings and sending three relay teams and some individuals to the Regionals at McGavock. Page 1 1 6 top: Bill Crenshaw, This page top left: Ken Witt. Above: Jack Patterson. Left: Marcel Hawiger. X Varsity Golf The Varsity Golf Team was undefeated in regular District matches with record of 10-0. In other matches, the team recorded impressive victories over strong Overton and Clarksville teams. Playing well for the Big Red were Danny Newman, Grady Burrus, William Morgan, John Hamilton, Curt Cole, and John Coleman. Hamilton, Zeitlin, Burrus, Morgan, London, Cornish, Rowland, Shanks, and Cole. I 18 Standout performances were posted by Danny Newman in qualifying for the regional championship and by William Morgan in finishing sixth in the NIL Tournament. The outlook for the ' 77 season is promising since oil of the starters ore returning along with Head Coach Scotty Fairbairn. 119 Varsity Tennis Coach Jim Poston led the 1 976 varsity tennis team to on impressive 1 9-3 record, including another NIL championship. Individually, the star was captain Bobby Thym (top, next page), who went further in the post-season tournaments than anyone since Rip Trammel four years ago. Thym won the district tournament in a hard fought match with David Templeton (bottom, next page) for the championship. He then marched to the regional finals, where he lost to BGA’s Tim Stewart. In the state tourney, Thym defeated David Link of Knoxville before bowing out to Andy Avram of McCallle in the quarterfinals. He finished off the year by receiving the NIL’s Most Valuable Player Award. David Templeton played at the number one position in his freshman year and showed tremendous promise. He accomplished a major upset by defeating Joel Mulkin of Baylor in a dual match. Back: Garrett, Daniel, Thym, Calton, Barry, Templeton. Front: Sawyers, Burrus, Ingram, Eskind, Johnson, Wheeler, Evans. 120 The first annual MBA Invitational Tournament was a major success. Memphis University School won the championship, while MBA finished third. Ross Evans won the number six division, while three other Big Red netters and two doubles teams reached the finals. A strong nucleus returns for next year’s team led by Templeton, Evans, Charles Sawyers, and Bill Calton, who upset the top seed in the district. Riflery The Rifle Team, coached by Mr. Stevens, Mr. Sutton, and Mr. Woolwine, again had a most successful season. MBA placed first in all three Youth Incorporated matches led by Bill Hobbs, Pittman Haymore, and Skip Woolwine. In the NRA Jr. Sectional, the team composed of Woolwine, Haymore, Hobbs, and Hamilton finished first. Individually, Woolwine finished first, Haymore second, and Hobbs fourth. Finally, at the State Championship held at Vanderbilt, MBA became the number one Civilian team in Tennessee with Woolwine, Haymore, Hobbs, and Hamilton placing first. Also Skip Woolwine was the third place civilian finisher. Back: Woolwine, Hobbs, Griswold, Haymore, Evans. Front: Herbert, Ayers, Davis, DePriest, Hamilton. 122 Intramural Competition S ofTS 4t. yi Tfm OrfiLhf li 7 ic.roK f Ou£ -7? ' LJir?GHrj fiyAo U »A a y Jy , Jr) i UJi-TH r .r V Jaco... A ' To r ar 9 r S‘4 VcV c uj j. j , ii„ A,„U..J r ro s. Of the many activities at MBA, the intramural soccer team is probably the least recognized. The members of the Varsity 1C team don’t receive a letter or any recognition. Yet these dedicated athletes daily brave the cold weather and play a brand of soccer which makes rollerball look like tiddlywinks. Plagued by a high absentee rate, Coach Walker assisted by his friend Larry Stetson prepared the team for its one-game season, a grudge match with the JV Soccer team. The JV team, realizing that they were over-matched, resorted to using a secret weapon— rules. No one on the 1C team had ever heard of unneccessary roughness. The 1C team persevered and lost a hard- fought match 3-0. The prospects for next year look good. The 1C team only loses to graduation seniors Charles Elliot, Matt Cowan, Kirk Gutman, Skip Woolwine, and John Rebrovick. Returning stars are Phil Gibbs, Clint Summers, Byron Burrus, Randy Foster, Bill Collins, Hugh Novak, and Tom Tillman. The loss of Coach Walker is the team’s greatest problem for the Freshman Track The Freshman Track team had one of its most outstanding years this year. Led to victory with the incomparable coaching of Mr. Compton and Mr. Harkey, the Frosh placed fourth in the Baylor Relays and first in the Optimist Meet, Banner Relays, District, Clarksville Invitational, and the Middle Tennessee District Meets. Outstanding performances were by Craig Stewart, who was undefeated in the 440 and holds the school’s, the Banner Relays, and the Middle Tennessee District’s record in the 440; Erich Groos, who holds the school record in the mile and 880 with times of 4:43.1 and 2:06.6 respectively; Trey Alford, who set the Clarksville Invitational pole vault record wit h a vault of 1 0 feet 1 0 inches; Richard Smith, who heaved a best throw of 50 feet 101 2 inches in the shot put this year; Bennett White, who ran the mile in 4:52.2; and Russ Freeman, who threw the discus for a best throw of 1 491 2 feet. Other notables were Tad Wert, Paul Wieck, Danny Todd, and Vernon Taylor. Microbe Baseball 124 Row 1 : Phillips, Molesworth, Tune Wallace, Klausner. Row 2: Betty Smith, Wogster, Menke, Hollingsworth, Nichols, Anderson Row 3: Lewis, Horton, Moore, Lipscomb, Carden, Anderson, Whitson, Stephens Back: Todd, McLaughlin, Freeman, Levan, Wieck, Smith, Groos, Wert, Stewart. Front: White, Woodruff, Alford, Duke, Taylor, Orr. Microbe Track Back: Ridgway, Anderson, Daniel, Whitson, Anderson, Glasgow, Derryberry, Bruehl, Horton, Altenbern, Griscom, Slaton. Front: Sherman, Gregg, Hall, Beasley, Reynolds, Street, Watts, Corwin, May, Davis, Bowers. Microbe Tennis Back: Asst. Coach Summar, Colton, Puett, Hatcher, James, Galloway, Jones, Coach Carter. Front: Lawson, Klein, Baxter, Stroup, Caldwell, Smith. Wmm W0 i Siis?S ; fmm " . A- ' » ' ■v• , • . ■••V ' v x v •: si L : V ' • ' ;- ■ wVs- V ' : ' Eric Scoff Anderson Transfer 4; Varsity Football 1,2,3; Cross Country 4; A.L. Boy ' s State 3; Student Council 3; French Club Vice- President 3; Drama Club 1,2, 3 ,4; Sailing Club 2,3; Canoe Club 1,2; Who’s Who. James Michael Anfhony " Well, let’s just soy Latin I caused some problems. " " ’ 2 major test?’’ " Farmer, how about breakfast? " Photography Club 1,2; Service Club 3,4; Rifle Team 2; Freshman Wrestling; APSL Award; NEDT Award. Brian Evans Bafson " THE FUTURE POISED WITH THE SPLENDOR JUST BEGUN LIKE WE WERE AS ONE AND CROWDED THROUGH THE CURTAINS OF LIQUID INTO SUN AND FOR A MOMENT WHEN OUR WORLD HAD FILLED THE SKIES AAAGIC TURNED OUR EYES TO FEAST ON THE TREASURE SET FOR OUR STRANGE DEVICE.’’-Yes. Chorus 1, 2,3,4; Forensics 2,3; Varsity Football 3,4; Photography Club 4. James Trousdale Berry " The Seal. " " My experiences at MBA have contributed greatly to my stability of mind. I believe that in the future I will need and use this peace of mind. " Big Red Club 4; Service Club 2,3,4; Forensics; Varsity Tennis 1,3,4; Varsity Soccer 1,2, 3 ,4; APSL Award; NEDT Award. 129 Robert Winslow Bolster, Jr. Donald Lacy Bull “B. Winny B.; Boob. " " That’s a jerky way to teach, Mr. C . . . " " Let ' s not mix ichthyology and mathematics. " " Try not to pick your nose today, Frank. " Member of the H.C.’s; NEDT Award; Spanish lll-IV Medal; Varsity Tennis 1 ,2,3,4; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Checker Club 3; Freshman Cross Country. " Midnight Marauders. " " V ’2 Lentz Supplies Inc. " " It just slipped, Dr. Crowell. " " V 3 of the 4th. period tyrants. " " Moon Pie. " " 1% Club. " Freshman Football; Freshman Track; J.V. Football; Varsity Football 3,4; APSL Award 1,2; APSL Medal 2; NEDT Award; Big Red Club 2. Stephen hAayo Burch “Reggie; Delco. " " No-tel Motel. " " You don ' t run on the ground, Ralston. " " LTD. " " Check, Duke! " " AAH " Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 1 ,2,3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; National Merit Commendation; Who ' s Who. Geoffrey David Chazen " Fuerd nerd gueeb. " " Weeellll. " " Giusseppe. " " Dammit, Wood; You just blew all my PMN’s. " " I want to see a human sacrifice! " Debate 1, 2,3,4; Secretary 4; Assembly Committee 3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Debate Medal 2,3,4; Nationql Merit Commendation; TY, THC, NJYC. 130 Leslie Daviss Coble " Balls. " " Speakeasy 5. " " Hiking in the Smokies, " " ’ a of the Pre-Soccer D. 3. " " Whiskers. " " All-nighters. " " WDF. " " Tres Hombres. " Freshman Cross Country; Varsity Cross Country 2,3; Soccer 1,2, 3, 4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2,3; Big Red Club 2,3; Cheerleader 4; Rifle Club 2; Checker Club 3. David Matthew Cowan " Matt; Red Rat; Cherokee 56967; Wheels; Toy Caldwell. " " Cile " " No, Bobby, she can’t balance balls on her nose. " " The three of us. " " Midnight Marauders. " " Jill. " " The 1.5% Club. " " The Parties Party. " " Hey, Jeff, let’s go to the bank. " JV Football; Bell Ringer Business Staff 3,4; Bell Business Staff 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; NEDT Award; National Merit Semifinalist. Harvey Anthony Garrott Crouch Photography Club 3,4; Big Red Club 4; Pep Band 4; NEDT Award; Cross Country; Bell Business Staff 2,3,4. John Edward Daniel " Crash. " " Miss. Whiskers. " " Mrs. Hollins loves me. " " Do I have to take the SAT’s again? " " My buddy. Bill Duncan, " Varsity Tennis 1, 2,3,4; Freshman Basketball; JV Basketball; NEDT Award; Existence 1 ,2,3,4; 1 st. place State French I Contest; Big Red Club 2,3,4. 131 SAaxle Leefh De Priest, II " Even in Forensics, it’s the last lop that counts. " " Considering price and reliability, one ' s best buy is a Ford product. " " Mustang II. " Forensics Club 1, 2,3,4; Student Congress Speaker of the House 3; President of the Senate 4; Photography Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Big Red Club 3,4; Rifle Team 1 ,2,3,4; APSL Award; Who’s Who; Bell Staff 3,4; Bell Ringer Staff 2,3,4; NEDT Award; Contributor to Xanadu 4. Leslie Walter Doss, III " Trip. " " I’ll be in the Art building. " " Cotton Picker. " " Member of H.C.’s. " " Just pick a key and play.’ " Student’s International Meditation Society. " " Wake up and go to the board. " " Funky Random Voltage Blues. " National Merit Semifinalist; Ass. Editor of The Bell 4. Steven Jeffrey Eisen " Eisen and his partner. " " ... to Mr. Carter and the school. " " I’m going to make it big, Mrs. LeQuire. " TY, THC, BS, BM, SOB; Debate 1, 2,3,4 Forensics Club 1,2, 3,4; President 4; Varsity Tennis 3,4; National Merit Commendee; Math Contest Awards; NEDT Award; Varsity Soccer 3; National Championship of The National Bicentennial Debate Tournament and The Barkley Forum. Charles Richard Elliot " Charles Elliot, this is your life. " " No fruit sucks like a Big Orange. " " Our speaker this morning, Mr. Ralph Shuly, uhh . . . " " OK, punt physics, punt history, punt Calculus. " " Shades of areas. " " There is no next year. " Christian 3,4; Class Punster 3,4; J.A. 3,4; Big Red Club 2,3; Freshman Football, J.V. Football; NEDT Award; APSL Award 1,2; Chem-Phys. Medal 2; National Merit Semifinalist. 132 Charles Scott Englert “Scofty.” “I’ve got to get away from home!” “Coin to Carolina in the pines.” “You con really get sick from too much wine; I know.” Notional Merit Commendee; Notional Honor Society; Biology Medal; NEDT Award; Business Staff of The Bell 3,4; Editor 4; Editor of Business Staff of Bell Ringer 4; Big Red Club 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Vice-president 4. James Howard Evans, Jr. “Hey Hucaby, let’s go see Bozo tonight.” “You!” “MBA Way.” “Chicken Man” “Grannis! You Fool.” Freshman Basketball Manager; JV Basketball Manager; Varsity Basketball Manager 3,4; Varsity Rifle Team 2,3,4; Bell Photo Staff 3,4; Bell Ringer Photo Staff 4; Photo Club 2,3; Vice-President 4; Who’s Who. Michael Raymond Farmer “Hook-baby!” “Me, Mike, and F.M.D.H.” Freshman Track; Freshman Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball 3,4; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Gourmet Committee 3,4. Brian David Friedman “Va of the Pre-Soccer D. Three.” “Dalfonzo, Frito, Head of the Chemical Corps., Fro, Crazy.” ”1 ain ' t worried.” ”Me and John.” ”At a boy, Nathan.” “My car ought to be ready by X-mas.” “You weeny-arm.” “Me and Sam.” NEDT Award; APSL Award; Merit Semifinalist; Freshman Football; Fr. Track; Vars. Track 2,3,4; Vars. Soccer 2,3,4; Vars. Cross Country 2,3,4; Student Council 1 ,3,4; Vice-President 4; Freshman Class President; Junior Class Treasurer; Service Club 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3; Vice-President 4; Cheerleader. 133 Boyd Bennef Gibbs “’ a of the Pre-Soccer D. Three. " " Member of H.C. ' s. " " Speakeasy 5. " " Me and Muller . . . " NEDT Award; National Merit Commendation; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 3; Freshman Football; JV Football 2; Big Red Club 1,2; Fire Marshall 4. James Clyde Gibson, Jr. " The Music Man. " " Is number 3 right, Mr. Gaither? " " Oh my Vergil! " " Have you heard today ' s joke? " APSL Award; NEDT Award; BYD District Winner 4; Forensics 1, 2,3,4; Ephesians 2:8 2; Photo Club 4; Bell Photo Staff 2,4; Bell Ringer Photo Staff 3,4; AAGO. John Michael Gillum " GILDO. " " One of the four Degenerates. " " You Moroni " " Champion!!! " Freshman Football; AAU Swimming; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Who ' s Who; Big Red Club 3,4; Checker Club 3; Gourment Committee 3; Bell Ringer Staff 3. Gregory Earl Ginn " Kayak. " " Gin. " NEDT Award; APSL Award; Who ' s Who; Varsity Wrestling 2 . 134 John Avery Grannis, III Alfred Mark Green “SLICK. " " Come on Ginn man. " “Evans, slow that car down. “Tell Bozo let’s go race.” “Let ' s skip Greenie and play a little pool.” JV Basketball Manager; Varsity Basketball Manager 4; Explorers 3,4; Photo Club 4. “Can I give my speech next week, Mrs. Ridgway?” “I really don ' t care what happens. " Freshman Football- Varsity Wrestling Manager; Varsity Wrestling 2; Pep Band; Forensics 1 ,2,3,4; Student Congress; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Eagle Scout. Elliot Saul Greenberg “Hebe. " " Smell. " “Wait a minute. I’m lost. " " Goldberg. " " Just one more question, Mr. Compton. " “What ... no raquetball courts? " “Edgit. " " Whatever happened to Prussia? " NEDT Award; APSL Award; Big Red Club 4; AZA; Yl; Who’s Who; NCSY; Almost did some other stuff. James Ransom Gustafson “Gusto ...” Cross Country 1,4; JV Football; Soccer; APSL Award; 7th In State French Contest; Photo Club; Big Red Club; National Merit Commendation. 135 Thomas Murray Hannon “Smily, TJ., The Master. " " You win some; you lose some; and some get rained out, but you hove to dress out for oil of them. " Business Staff of Bell 2,3,4; NEDT Award; Freshman Football; J.V. Football 2 Varsity Football 3; Soccer 2,3,4;:FCA 1 ,2,3; Vice-President 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Service Club 3; Vice-President 4. Kirk Allan Gutmann " Dor. " " Hot Lips. " " Yankee Go Home. " " The North will conquer again. " Transfer 2; Pep Band; Photo Club 4; Bell Staff 4; Nashville Youth Symphony; Algebra II Medal. Richard Lucius Harden " Rico. " " ’ a of the 4th period tyrants. " " Hey Charlie, wanna play a game of chess? " " You got my film, Wayne? " " Tell us the rocket stories, Mr. Drake. " " I ' ll race you through the park, Harvey. " Photo Club 1,2,3; President 4; Chess Club 1,2,4; Bicycling Club 2; Photo Staff of The Bell 3,4. German Pittman Haymore, III " Pitt. " " No, I don ' t know who would spray with a fire extinguisher! " " Actually I had a blast at BGAI " " Yes, Scott Welch likes your money. " " The Mighty Marauders; AX; ’ a Lentz Supplies Inc.; The Parties Party; 1 % Club. " Freshman Football; Cycling squad; Varsity Baseball 2; Rifle Team 1,2 ,3 ,4; Big Red Club. 136 John Wilkin Hill “Nathan; Wildman; Hilton. " “Deborah took the place of Brion and the guys.” “Thank you, Brad Hooker. " “3 45 and 42 backing the line.” “Off to Sewanee.” Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Freshman Class Vice-President; Chorus 3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4. Bradford Williomson Hooker “Yes. " NEDT Award; National Merit Semifinalist; Freshman Football; JV Basketball 2,3; Varsity Basketball 2,3; Co-Alternate Captain 4; Outstanding Member of the Freshman Class; Service Club 2,3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; President of the Sophomore Class; President of the Junior Class; President of the Senior Class; Student Council 2,3; President 4. Philip Robertson Howell “Last night I got South America on my 1 928 radio with only a five-foot wire for an antenna.” “Natural 97 FM— southern Kentucky’s only true progressive FM station.” “Me, Brian, and Yes. " “Guess what it is time for.” English I Medal; Latin II Medal; French II, III Medals; Rensselaer Math and Science Award 3; State French Contest Awards 1,2,3; APSL Award 1 ,2; Regional Math Award 3; National Honor Society; Merit Semifinalist; Photo Club 1 ,2,3,4; Photo Staff of Bell 4; amateur radio station WA4IRI. Wayne Roger Hucaby “Huck. " “Wino; Bozo; V 2 of the 4th period tyrants. " “No, you cannot talk to Ingram.” “No, I don ' t have any film.” “But, I don’t want to videotape the whole game.’’ “You. " “Bozo, Bozo.” “The darkroom’s a mess.’’ “Do you have any pictures for me, Evans?” NEDT Award; APSL Award; National Merit Semifinalist; Who’s Who; Photo Club 1,2, 3,4; Cycling Club 2; Freshman Track; Bell Staff 2,3; Photo Editor of Bell 4; Bell Ringer Photo Staff 3,4; Explorers. 137 Michael Brannon Huddleston ‘‘Pretention.” “Tojo; Kojak; Buzzo; Stude; Wings.” “P-U-L-L U-P Lady!” “You fish!” “Fats.” “Me, Love Ryan?” " Clifton.” “B.B.B.” " Pure fun.” " I ' ll never talk to her again.” “Lacey.” ”1 got rolled again.” ”1 30 m.p.h.” “No Sugar!” Big Red Club; APSL Award; Microbe Wrestling; Freshman Wrestling; Freshmen Track; Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4; Most Valuable Wrestler 3; Co-Captain 4; Traffic Commissioner. William Davidson Hutton “Wisconsin.” “Katie.” “Me and Carter.” “Fogelberg.” “Known for strict adherence to the Headmaster’s List and flawless athletic attendance.” Big Red Club; National Honor Society; Latin II Award; Latin III Award; Chem- Phys Award. - ai David Allen Jones “SHF Fan Club.” “Dave.” “One of the Four Degenerates, Speak-easy Five.” ”1 assure you, officer, we didn’t realize that we were supposed to be 18.” “Gillum, you’re a neck!” ”KP Anonymous.” “How many should we get this Friday, Gordo?” NEDT Award; APSL Award; Who’s Who; Gourmet Committee 3; Checker Club 3; Big Red Club 2,3; Cheerleader 4; Bell Ringer 3; Varsity Tennis 3,4. Thomas Joseph Kenning “Tom; Razor; Nocturnophile; Earring; One-on-one manager.” “No, Mrs. Bowers, I wasn’t snoring in your class.” “Twhat you say?” ”Sauf M. Poston!” “Believe it or not, I can’t stand Louise!” “Insanity is merely a state of mind.” Latin I Medal; NEDT Award; National Merit Commendation; State French Contest Awards; APSL Award; Big Red Club 4; Varsity Basketball Manager 2. 138 Harvey Turnley Kirkpatrick, Jr. " The wombat; Harv. " " A R-rated movie, you ' ve got to be kidding! " " No bo-bo’s, Thym. " " 22 feet in the vault, no problem. " " Cock(y). " " Kurtz, get in tune! " " Young Life Tonight. " " the morv. " " Nito and I . . . well you know, I mean . . . uh! " " I con sing without a voice. " " Drake ' s main turkey. " Freshman Cross Country; Varsity Cross Country 2; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Varsity Football 3; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Pep Band. Henry Zellner Lipscomb, IV " Perennial power. " " I guess you told him. " " But Mrs. Hollins! . . .” " Are you sick. Clay? " " That’s a shaft Mr. Poston! " Freshman Football; Varsity Football 4; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Big Red Club 2,3,4. Randal McGavock Lea " Rudy. " " Plaza Pharmacy. " " What pick-up truck? " " Henry locked up again. " “It’s a mistake? " " King Edward and Coors; 7 up and old no. 7. " Transfer 3; NEDT Award; National Merit Commendation; Bell Ringer Staff 3,4; Features Editor of The Bell 4; 1% club. John Edward Lockyer Transfer 4; " Vic Ritthaler. " " French or American? " 139 Roll and Edward Luplow, II " Loop!! Loop!! " " Lupine. " " I’m not mod, Mr. Poston; I ' m angry. " " Hop-o- long. " " What happened to your lip, Rol? " " Rollo. " " Sew up your pants. " " No, no. " " Hey! " NEDT Award; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Varsity Football 3,4. Benjamin Tollman May " Willie. " Freshman Basketball; JV Basketball 2,3; Varsity Basketball 4; Quill and Scroll; NEDT Award; APSL Award; National Merit Semifinalist; Photo Club 2; Bell Ringer Staff 3; Features Editor 4; Who ' s Who. Guy Wallace McClure " Gi. " " Geyser. " " Member of the H.C.’s. " Freshman Football; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2,3,4; APSL Award; NEDT Award; National Merit Commendation. Fred Thompson McLaughlin " Mac. " " Hey Ferd. " " How ' s your weight? " " The Bunless Wonder. " " K.P. Anonymous. " Student Council 2,3,4; Secretary 2,3,4; Big Red Club 2,3; President 4; Cheerleader 3,4; Chorus 2,3; President 4; Service Club 4; Varsity Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4. 140 Justin Towner Milam “Smiley; Just-in-time; Wrong Way. " National Merit Semifinalist; Notional Honor Society; Bell Ringer News Editor; Co-editor-in-chief 4; Quill and Scroll; Service Club 2,3; President 4; Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Award 4; Honor Council 3; Big Red Club 2 3,4; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Freshman Football; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3. Frank Elmo Neal, III “Wink, Wank!!! Wank!!!“ “Ralston, I don ' t have $2.50! " “Neal, you cheated. That ' s through. Sure Rich! " “I ' m paying attention! " Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball- Freshman Track; Varsity Football 2,3,4 NEDT Award; APSL Award; Big Red Club 3,4. Donald Buchanan Orr ‘Carousel Club. " “I really belong at BGA. " “Who has the flashlight? " “McWhirter, fighting doesn’t accomplish anything.” Big Red Club 2,3,4; Varsity Football 3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Varsity Golf 2,3. Gerald Galbraith Patterson “J.P. " “It’s a long way to 105. " " Leatherback. " “Should we fry him? " “Iowa State. " “Sorry, I guess I dozed off. " “A Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. " Honor Council 3; President 4; Student Council 1 ; Service Club 2,3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Bell Ringer News Editor; Who’s Who; NEDT Award; Freshman Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Freshman Football. 141 Michael Channing Preston Percy Robert Philp, Jr. “Zapnen.” “Sometimes it ' s bizarre. " " Member of the H.C. Society. " " Bilhom Cobley. " " Slicks and skins. " " Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. " — Plato. NEDT Award; International Meditation Society; Drama Club 1 ; Eagle Scout. " For me, there is only traveling on paths that have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to transverse its full length. And there I travel, looking, looking, breathlessly. " — don Juan. Ancient and Medieval History Medal; Latin IV Medal; Ancient History Medal; NEDT Award; APSL Award 2,3; Eta Sigma Phi Award; Merit Semifinalist; Cross Country 1 . Michael Anthony Ralston " Lurch; Big Fella; LTD Newman. " " Suck eggs, Burcho. " " Angie. " " Hey Johnny B. " " Gotta eat, I ain’t big enough. " " Only my girlfriend knows. " Varsity Football 1, 2,3,4; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Football Captain; Basketball Captain; All-NIL Football Team 3,4; All-State Football Team 4. Jeffrey Gordon Rappuhn " Oz. " " Coach. " " Mary Anna. " " It only takes one person to drive my car. " " Only once. Chip. " " Hey Johnny, let’s find Duncan. " " Hey Matt, let’s go to the bank. " Honor Council Vice-president 4; Service Club 4; Big Red Club 3,4; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Freshman Basketball; JV Basketball; Who’s Who. 142 John Fife Rebrovick " Next time, Justin, I ' m going to leave you there on the floor. " " I’d rather not know what I believe in than believe in I know not what. " Totomoi; Notional Merit Semifinalist; Best Ci tizen in Junior Class; Quill and Scroll; European History Medal; Bell Ringer: Photo Editor 2; Features Editor 3; Bell: Photo Editor 3; Editor-in-chief 4; Honor Council J,l,2,3; Secretary 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2,3,4. Patrick Clinton Regen " What’s wrong with my nose? " " I held out longer than you did, Orr. " " Ay, Huddleston, she wouldn’t even hold your hand. " " Mark my words ... " Varsity Track 2; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Football; Varsity Soccer 3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Freshman Class Vice-President; Junior Class Vice-President; Senior Class Treasurer. John William Rich " Dr. B. " " Tres Hombres. " " SHF Fan Club. " " Carousel Club. " " One of the Four Degenerates. " " Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. " " Late Themes Inc. " Checker Club; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Football; JV Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; NEDT Award; APSL Award. 1 James Edward Richards " Poncho; Silver Flash; Old Man. " " My car’s in the shop. " " Martar!!! " ' m3 facile, you got a hot date fonight? " " Yes, I have grey hair. " NEDT Award; APSL Award; Big Red Club 3,4; Photo Club 1; JV Soccer y 3,4; Varsity Soccer 2; Freshman Track. 143 Edwin Wilson Robinson William Utley Smith, Jr ‘‘Stern; Scrapper; The Tongue.” ‘‘I got yours wrapped around right here . . ‘‘He ' s o federal agent.” “Your mama is so low . . . NEDT Award, NFL; Service Club 3,4; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; JV Basketball 2,3; Varsity Basketball 4; FCA 1 ,2,3; President 4; Bell Ringer Staff 2; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4. 144 “Meet you down at King’s.” “Susie, I ' ll have another Busch.” “Hiking in the Smokies.” “Taking it easy, having fun wherever I go. ” Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2,3; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader. Alonzo Marion Tenison, III “Bonzo; Squeaky; Drugs; ' A of the Four Musketeers.” “Hey Nibbets, Let’s go to Burger Jeff.” " Get away from me, Newman, I don’t have any stuff.” “Pilgrimage to Malibu.” ”1 hate the Irish.” " The Rolling Stones weren’t freaks in 1965.” Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Freshman Wrestling; NFL; Chess Club 4; Big Red Club 4. “Happy.” " Sweet Home Alabama.” “Well, I had a note.” Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; JV Golf 1; Varsity Golf 2,3,4; Big Red Club; Latin II Award. Harry Manning Rowland, Jr. Robert Henry Thym, Jr. 1 I “Maker of nicknames.” " P.W.; Butt; Wom bat; Smiley; Crash; Jive Turkey; Hot Jr.; Lurch; Golden Arm; Black Man; Need One; Beev: The Man; Cock-y; Armpit; Drunkard; Human Tennis Ball; Snob; The Kalamazoo Kid.” “Mr. Drake, I do not get excited.” “Hot,” “Taters.” “Tennis Bum.” “I can’t wait until tomorrow, because I get better lookin’ everyday.” Freshman Football; JV Football 2; Tennis 3,4; P.J. Club 4; Service Club 4; Who’s Who; Big Red Club 3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4. Sfirton Oman Weifand O.” ”JM and JC and DJ and DS.” “Looking for j.C. at G. of G.” “Warsh what. Coach Buck?” “Rook Time.” “Huddleston, calm down, you fool!” Varsity Football 1 ,2,3,4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Freshman Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4; FCA 1,2,4; Xanadu: Associate Editor 3, Co- editor 4; Drama Club 1,2; Secretary 3; President 4; National Merit Semifinalist; Outstanding Sophomore; NEDT Award; Who’s Who. Charles Waymire Weesner “Blub, blub, blub.” AAU Swimming 1,2,3; Junior Notionals 4; Photo Club 1, 2,3,4; Drama Club 1; Model Railroad Club 3; Ephesians 2:8 1,2; Chess Club 1,4; APSL Award 1,2; NEDT Award; State Math Contest, top ten 2,3; National Merit Semifinalist. Clay Morford Whitson “Blow off college next year.” “Whit,” “Kelty.” “Elizabeth.” “Tres Hombres.” ’’Ginger.” ’’Late Themes, Inc.” “Carousel Club. ” Big Red Club 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Varsity Football 2,4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 3,4; Varsity Wrestling 2,3; Co-captain 4; NEDT Award; Who’s Who; APSL Award. 145 Wilson Carter Williams, III " Midnight themes (hopefully); 1st period themes (probably). " " Fie! " " Foolsgold. " " Hot Damn Brothers. " Notional Merit Semifinalist; National Honor Society; Who ' s Who; Math IV (H) Medal; NEDT Award; Photo Club; Assembly Committee; JV Soccer; Cross Country; Muhlenbrink’s Soccer. Vernon Morris Williams, III " What’s the matter with my hat? " Honor Council Vice-president 4; Service Club 3,4; 2,3; Big Red Club 2,3,4; JV Basketball 3; Bell Sports Editor 4; NEDT Award; Freshman Football. Patrick Mosby Winsett Carousel Club. ' " Grip. " " Eat my greens. " E bread, pecan pie. Lone Star, and Frisbee. " Buttercup. " " Gone Fishin. " " Tennessee Stud. " " Recluse Weekend. " " Start ' off slow, then taper off. " " 8 " by " 19 " glossy. Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball; Cross Country 2; Track 3,4; Photo Club 2; Checker Club 3; Big Red Club 3,4; NEDT Award; Bell Ringer Staff 4; FCA 3. Kenneth Spencer Witt Freshman Football; JV Football 2; Varsity Cross Country 3; Co-captain 4; Varsity Track 3,4; English Medal 1,2,3; Algebra I Medal; Physics (H) Medal 3; Sewanee Club Award 3; National Merit Semifinalist; 2nd in the National French Contest 3; 1 st in the Regional Math Contest 3; Quill and Scroll; Bell Ringer Staff 3; Co-editor-in-chief 4. 146 Emmons Hicks Woolwine, III Kirk Alexander Witt “Golden Arm.” “Fie!” “What are you talking about man?” “I ' m just sitting here.” “What?” " Where did you live?” “Mount Where? " Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; JV Basketball; Varsity Basketball 3,4; APSL Award; State French Contest; Who ' s Who; Big Red Club. " Skippy; Skip Stevens; Beergut.” “It’s a top of the morning with Michael O’Shea.” “Superjock.” “I know Pat Sajak.” “Dr. ' Colt 45 Pepper.” ”| swear that the van just jumped In front of the Mercedes.” “What Fire Extinguisher?” “The Majority of Country Music stinks! " " Pu-Ju Club; 1% club; 6th period library. " " Look, a full moon!!” Rifle Team 1; Captain 2,3,4; Varsity Football Manager 2,3; Cheerleader 4; NEDT Award; MBA Chapter of A. A. BAT ' MKfDCD- Steven Mark Zager “Zig, Zag,” " Zoo; Zage; Zilch; Zilch; Mich. " " Elsen’s debate partner. " " Honestly, Mrs. Ridgway!!! " " Justin, I think that you’ve had enough. " " Green Machine. " " Karen.” " Beth. " " Chattanooga or bust! " Novice Debate 1; Varsity Debate 2,3,4; District Champ 2,4; Region Champ 4; National Student Congress 3; National Debate Tournament 4; Forensics 1 ,2,3; Vice-president 4; Assembly Committee 1 ,3; President 4; Bell Ringer Staff 3,4; Bell Copy Editor 4; Currey Debate Medals 2,3,4; NEDT Award; Announcer for Home Football Games. THE END. Henry Gordon Wynn, III Carousel Club. “Gordo. ” “Speakeasy 5.” “One of the Four Degenrates.” ”K-P Anonymous. " " E’bread, pecan pie. Lone Star, Frisbee. " " Daaang.” “Late Theme, Inc. " Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Bell Ringer Staff 3; Photo Club 1,2; Checker Club 3; APSL Award. 147 Juniors Student Council: Secretary Lyle Beasley, Vice President John Cloybrook, President Pride Scanlon, Treasurer Jeff Glezer. 148 Honor Council officers: Barry Duke, Allen Reasons, Charles Sawyers. Billy Anderson John Andrews Steve Baldwin Lyle Beasley ArKiy Bishop Greer Bogle Albert Brown Byron Burrus Grady Burrus Mike Chernou Mike Clarke John Claybrook Rob Cochran Ben Cohen Bill Collins Jim Dale Louie Davis Eric Deeter Barry Duke Lee Edmondson Greg Estes John Fox Bobby Garner Sam Garrett Phillip Gibbs Jeff Glezer David Graham Nelson Griswold John Hamilton 149 John Hannon Tom Hargett Bill Hose Norm Herron Joy Hodge Mark Ishee Edward Jackson Rick Jacques Bobby Johnson David Johnson Jerry Jordan Scott Kimbro Mike Knish Bryan Kurtz Raymond Lackey Chuck Lossing Evans Lyne Jody Mocey Chuck Moder Dove Mohanes Kevin Mallory Doug Maxwell Andy May Warner McNeilly David Moench Alan Moore 150 Ralph Moore William Morgan Richie Nelson Danny Newman Steve Parman Joe Wood Randy Workman Donald Phillips Keith Phillips Allen Reasons Jack Robinson Charles Sawyers Pride Scanlon David Schull Douglas Shanks Ike Simon Marshall Summar Brett Thompson David Thompson Overton Thompson Tom Tillman Mickey Tune Hal West Gage Whittier Joe Wieck Felix Wilson Sophomores Honor Council: Bob Russell, Galt Baker. 152 Bill Hawkins Jeff Haynes Stephen Hinshaw Alan Hirshberg Jay Hitt Bill Habbs Hunter Hodge Robert Holland David House Bucky Irwin Mark Johnson Kim Justice Van Krai Tim Kurtz Shipley Landiss Tommy Lanham Bryan Lewis David Linn Chris London Jerry Mace Mac McIntosh John McWhirter Chris Milam Randy Miles Jack Mitchell John Neil Gene Nelson Kelly New Kirk Norling 154 Hue Novak John Olive Billy O’Neal Jim O’Neill Don Pinder Trey Poole hAark Richardson Walter Robinson Bob Russell David Schenker Greg Simpson Andy Smith David Smith Jeff Speer Jim Stewart Paul Stumb Mark Sullivan Clinton Summers Andy Taylor Terry Thornton Lester Turner Steve Wallace Russell Weatherford Garry Zeitlin Tim Owen Jack Patterson Freshmen Student Council: Vice President Richard Smith, Sec-Treos. Chris Crow, President Erich Groos. Honor Council Representatives: John Coleman, Paul Wieck. 156 Cos Davis Jay Dembsky Gordon Dickerson David Duke Porter Durham Lome Eisen Scott Eskind Ross Evans Erich Fenichel Lawson Fort Trey Alford John Beasley Lynch Bennet Tim Bennet Kevin Berry David Fox Russ Freeman Mark Frost Tom Groomes Erich Groos Gory Guttmon Richard Bird Bill Bomor Bill Breen Alan Cohen John Coleman Benny Couch Allen Crogon Chris Crow Monte Cunningham Bob Dole John Russell Karl Schnelle Rick Seay Will Sensing Jim Shaw Flem Smith Mike Smith Richard Smith Craig Stewart Tom Stumb Vernon Taylor David Templeton Dave Thistlethwaite Danny Todd Johnny Treadway Woody Turner Tad Wert Vance Wheeler Bennet White Mark Whittelsey Paul Wieck Steve Wood 159 Honor Council Rep. Kevin Smith. 8D: Sec-Treos. Bob Colton, V.P. Murray Hatcher, President Joe Anderson. Eighth Grade 160 8R: V.P. Bill Herbert, Sec-Treas. David Molesworth, Pres. Chris Whitson. 8S: V.P. George Cheij, Sec-Treas. Tom Moore, Pres. Josh May Student Council Rep. Phillip Altenbern. 8D: Row 1 : Bowers, Daughter , Warren, Barr, Gregg, Hannon, Moyers. Row 2: Glover, Gill, Morionelli, Colton, Regen, Pock, Lawson, Wright, Lewis. Row 3: Robin, Anderson, Swystun, Hatcher, James, Glasgow, Derryberry, Swor. 8R: Row 1 : Smith, Phillips, Holey, DeBlonc, Klein, Molesworth, Cote. Row 2: Lipscomb, Crabtree, Pipkin, Calvin, Warnock, Richardson, McPherson, Kaplan. Row 3: Griscom, Herbert, Davis, Horton, Giardina, Whitson, Betty, Jones, Grimes. 8S: Row 1 : Cheij, May, Heller, Stroup, Coleman, Baxter. Row 2: Ridgway, Ayers, Coombs, Fine, Smith, Puett, Gibbs, Brown. Row 3: Hollins, Henderson, Moore, Altenbern, Bruehl, Edwards, Galloway, Johnson. 161 Seventh Grade 7N officers: Vice-President Tune, President Hester, Sec.-Treas. Wagster. 7J: Row 1; Brothers, Beasley, Hardaway, Smith, Warner, Khan, Brown. Row 2: Street, Ingram, Nichols, Hatcher, Wieck, Hollahan, Cashion, Corwin. Row 3: Lentz, Sherman, Roberts, Mitchell, Vohaly, Carden, Tune, Anderson, Krai. 7B officers: Sec.-Treas. Cassel, Vice-President Caldwell, President Anderson. 162 7J officers: President Mitchell, Vice-President Hardaway, Sec.-Treas. Brothers. 7N: Row 1: Fuller, Sullivan, Tune, Klousner, Lawson, Sanford. Row 2: Conn, Jacques, Batson, Beesley, Spickard, Hester, Hollingsworth, Hines. Row 3: Carter, Wagster, Shackleford, McKinney, Slaton, Nicholson, Graber, Richardson. Missing: Wallace, Whittelsey. 7B: Row 1 : Cassel, Ferguson, Chambers, Abies, Clark, Fairbaim, Caldwell. Row 2: Hall, Winchel, Watts, Lefkowitz, M. Davis, Felts, Reynolds. Row 3: Pearson, Stephens, Tully, Herron, Anderson, J. Davis, Menke, Daniel. 163 K ifiSj -yt ? ' -vvS y 4 ' ' iJi 5 Cr ' ‘ ,VV,4i5Y ® s WM iTamk k 0m0k W kklB mis-mvMAvA »»«w 164 Advertisements Montgomery Bell Academy restates its open admissions policy. Applicants are considered on the basis of academic ability and previous school record, regardless of race, creed, or color. Applications are available in the school office. Telephone: 298-5514. Charbroils: “I know for a fact they ' ve always made them that way.” Hardaway Construction Company 166 Compliments of Jim Patterson Home: 646-3875 Office: 79A-7572 Patterson and Associates Realtors JENSEN SHOES BELLE MEADE PLAZA 167 THE LIBRARY “The finest in adult material” films— 8mm and 16mm color slides exhibits the best in unabridged classics Come and browse Open 8:00-3:30 M-F Why Buy . . . e tge MORRIS RSMT-All When you can rent! « P O R A T E D SIX CONVENIENT West End LOCATIONS! Inglewood Woodbine Madison Donelson Clarksville Consumers Gasoline Stations throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky TRADE and SAVE with CONSUMERS ! IN NASHVILLE Station No. 4—800 8th Ave., No. SUtion No. 34—118 17th Ave., S. SUtion No. 39 — 845 White Bridge Road SUtion No. 44 — 1901 NolensvlUe Road 168 Compliments of Universal Tire Company Compliments of Wiley Bros., Inc. Investments HARPETH GALLERY The picture on page 1 68 represents: an MBA senior after graduation weekend; “OUR CLIENTS AREN’T BUS. 615-269-4515 TOM JAMES CLOTHIERS 4096 HILLSBORO ROAD Nashville. Tenn. 37215 Leo Johnson Contracting Company 169 cflin BUICK-POnTMC me. Highway 96 at 1-65 South WELCOME CAIN CAR RENTALS to the Class of ’82 k. KEEP OFF THE GRASS —MBA Maintenance Corps k. 171 “So what, I’ve always wanted to be a dogcatcher.’’ — an atypical MBA chauvinist Compliments of a Friend (Bradska p Q)rugs (Formerly Blankenship Drugs-Greenhllls) 4041 HILLSBORO RO, NASHVILLE, TENN, 37215 385-2828 172 Pontiac MakesThe Car., BEAMAN Makes The Dijference — beamahQpontiag — Phone 256-1200 ... 1525 Broadway . . . Nashville, TN 37203 Bradshaw Typewriter Co., Inc. “Yes, they do say a dog is a man’s best friend.” 173 Graves Import Company 175 “ . . .ooh, ooh, get down!” —MBA cheer Compliments of Tri-County Concrete Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lawson 176 177 ENGINEERING CO. FABRICATORS AND ERECTORS OF STRUCTURAL STEEL 860 VISCO DRIVE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37210 PHONE (615) 256-4171 Jr jJ. B t o%e China, Silver, Crystal Antiques, Gifts Town Square, Frariklin 178 M. GRANT COMPANY Mortgage Bankers PERMANENT AND INTERMEDIATE FINANC- ING ON INCOME PRODUCING REAL ESTATE — LAND PURCHASE LEASE BACKS — CON- STRUCTION LOANS— DEVELOPMENT LOANS Contact: J. Jefferson Edwards, Vice President J. David Richardson 12th Floor, Third National Bank Building NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE 37219 (615) 259-2635 An Affiliate of the Advisor to INVESTORS REALTY TRUST 179 Senior Pictures Taken by Cain-Sloan Portrait Studios ( .Extra ef rt? LaSure. We always give extra effort— our customers are worth it. McClure ' s MADISON SQUARE • HILLSBORO VILLAGE • MADISON • FRANKLIN MORRISON LMiiBf I BUSINESS FURNITURE, Nc k. ISO Compliments of DELTA COALS, INC 95 White Bridge Road NASHVILLE m Compliments of Hearthi Ritio Shop ' A Division of Vesta-Craft, Inc. 3900 HILLSBORO RD. • NASHVILLE , TENN. 37215 Dixie Rent-A-Car m 181 MANUFACTURING CO. P.O. BOX 1269 . 350 TWENTY-EIGHTH AVE. NO. . NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37202 . PHONE 615 383-8001 Our congratulations to the graduating Seniors and with best wishes for much success in the coming years. HORACE SMALL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Irvin Small WADE LEE INC. General Insurance 3209 West End Avenue Green Hills Market Pharmacy Fine Foods and Drugs 3909 Hillsboro Road J. B. REGEN General Contractor COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION 222 1 Bransford Avenue Compliments of McKEE, GENY THORNTON, INC. INSURANCE BONDS 8312 West End Avenue REALTORS Sellers of Exclusive Homes 38S-S838 Compliments of Flaming Steer Restaurant 184 Compliments of Spencer Trask and Co. Incorporated 185 PROVIDENT LIFE ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY Third National Bank Building 19th Floor 255-8m BIG RED MOON DRUG CO. simply wonderful sportswear CflMCOMR 100 Oaks Belle Meade Theater Bldg. Rivergate 186 Murray Ohio Manufacturing Co. Franklin Road Brentwood, Tennessee Murray Bicycles Murray Power Lawnmowers symbol of service! jjj all kinds of business insurance. BONDS CASUALTY PROPERTY MARINE AVIATION LIFE INSURANCE AND RELATED SERVICES MARTIN HAYES and COMPANY JNC. No. 2 Vintage Way Metrocenter 188 Compliments of Turner Williams NASHVILLE, TENN. 37205 k. Compliments of The Belle Meade Buffet BELLE MEADE PLAZA Compliments of OMAN CONSTRUCTION CO, INC. CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS 190 Marquette Company First American Center The Sixth Largest Producers of Portland Cements in the United States Cements Produced for the Production of Concrete and Masonary Mortars— The Foundation for Tomorrow’s Construction Nashville, Tenn. Superior, Ohio Pittsburg, Penn. Hagerstown, Md. Catskill, N.Y. Plant locations: Des Moines, Iowa Oglesby, III. Cape Girdeau, Mo. Brandon, Miss. Rockmart, Ga. Cowan, Tenn. 191 REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS, INC 2209 Crestmoor Road NASHVILLE Summar and Shears Real Estate Management and Investment 2525 Harding Rd. 383-6501 192 194 i Compllmenfs of flCmE SCHOOL SUPPLV CO. 195 Congratulations to The Class of 1976 The Cherokee Securities Company It’s the real thing. Coke. Compliments of Ernest Hardison Seed Co. JERSEY FARMS COUNTRY. Jersey Farms serves Grade A dairy products to thirty- five Middle Tennessee Counties through thirteen distribution centers. Their fleet of a hundred trucks are mechanically refrigerated to make sure Jersey Farms is put on your grocer ' s shelf or in your refrigerator cold and fresh and good. f MILLS BOOK STORES Making Nashville a Great Place to Read 100 Oaks —Open nights 1 HILLSBORO VILLAGE 1 100 OAKS (Open Nights) BELLE MEADE PLAZA and Sundays 383-5520 Mam Plant 825 Eighth Avenue. South Nashville. Tennessee 37202 Telephone: 256-4655 (Outside Davidson County. Call Toll Free 1-800-342-8278) Jersey farms Antique Estate r DIFFERENT FROM ANY YOU HAVE EVER SEEN Belle Meade Plaza I JEWELERS 0101 196 Pioneering a New Concept in Health Care H HOSPITAL o, , CORPORATION V| OF AMERICA INTER-STATE PAVING COMPANY 5610 Nolensville Road Nashville, Tennessee 37211 PLANT MIX ASPHALT ROADS AND HIGHWAYS CONSTRUCTION THE REFRESHMENT TRIO TAKE YOUR CHOICE ...OR TRY ALL THREE KING SIZE IN QUANTITY KING SIZE IN QUALITY BEAMAN BOTTLING CO. 715 THOMPSON LANE Compliments of SYLVAN PARK RESTAURANT Ji502 Murphy Road 199 YOUR I SPORTS CAR CENTER Xanadu wishes you pleasant dreams §COtt " ’ MotorCaiS, ! m ite9 ‘A fel3i 411 Thompson Lane NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone 256-75S8 200 Our congratulations to the graduating Seniors and with best wishes for much success in the coining years. HORACE SMALL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Irvin Small €1 AMERICA’S MOST COMPLETE LINE OF IN-STOCK UNIFORMS SHERMAN CONCRETE PIPE CO.. INC. Open 24 Hours a Day P.O. Box 2424 " tfcut htaina e PtcUetn U Out Su meM • SEWERS-CULVERTS SPECIAL PIPE • CONCRETE PRODUCTS • PLASTIC PIPE CORRUGATED METAL PIPE STRUCTURAL PLATE PIPE BRIDGES METAL PRODUCTS 889-0700 Go Infersfafe 40 East To Old Hickory Blvd. Turn Left One Block To Central Pike. Turn Left on Central Pike One Mile. CONWAY METAL COLVERT CO., INC. CENTRAL PIKE DLSN. Compliments of JUSTICE STEEL INC. Steel Fabricators Nashville " Isn’t that like winning a state wrestling championship?” 202 John S. Milam Optical Company Over 50 years of service If turning these pages is the only exercise you ' ve had today . . . better turn to us. . . and now at Nolensville Road ! T woZciefotmtSOlfea td whole bean coffee grind it fresh ! SOCOOK aannEciis] Industrial Property CHAS. HAWKINS CO. 256-3189 Realtors Compliments of Brookside Launderette 226 White Bridge Road Robert Walker Lumber Co. I STOP SHOP FOR BUll-DING SUPPLIES ★ BUILDING MATERIALS ★ LUMBER ★ MILL WORK ★ HARDWARE ★ FORMICA ★ PAINTS ★ TOOLS •‘If We Don ' t Have It We’ll Try To Get It " k FLOORING ★ INSULATION ★ CEMENT SAND ★ PANELING k ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ★ MOLDING k GARDEN i LAWN EQUIPMENT ★ INTERIOR SHUTTERS k STORM WINDOWS DOORS ★ ACCOUSTICAL CEILING URGE SELECTION 254-3344 1 527 THOMPSON LANE AT THE UNDERPASS LOW PRICIS Compliments of BELLE MEADE DRUGS 4324 Harding Road 292-5579 DOUGLAS NURSERY 205 diurnally familiar moments nearly never noticed; and . . . life on the Hill involves elements so diverse, so complex, and often so intangible as to be indefinable. The people, the ideas, the events, the moods— all melt into subconscious images, memories, nostalgia. Riding a bike through study hall, losing to Father Ryan, contemplating the prospect of girls on campus, trying to figure out v ho are the freaks and who are the rednecks, spending the night with a hot theme— each specific becomes lost in and yet contributes to the amalgamation of a year’s sensations at MBA. The images and facts of one year out of the institution’s one hundred nine years of existence can be covered only superficially in the two hundred-odd pages of an annual; it can serve, nevertheless, as cue to the comprehensive memory of the essence of the individual’s involvement at Montgomery Bell Academy. Life on the Hill, it seems, involves the students in itself just as the students themselves involve the Hill in Life. As years accrue and each student flows through the experience of the Hill and beyond it to make his mark in Life elsewhere, this involvement, the intrinsic strength of the school, lends a quality all the more significant, impressive, undeniable to the nostalgia which the contents of the 1 976 Bell suggest to that son of Montgomery Bell Academy. Epilogue Thanks May 29 , 1976 I would like to thank: —Jeff Glezer and Charles Sawyers for their invaluable help, and minimum of grumbling, in the production of this annual; —Kenny McLaughlin for the wrestling picture which appears on page 106; —all the photographers, but especially Wayne Hucaby who is wholly responsible for the superior quality and quantity of the photos in this annual; —all the editors— Wayne, Randy Lea, Andy May, Chip Williams, Steve Zager, and Trip Doss; —Mrs. Carter for her motivating presence, taste, and restraint from bowdlerization; —Mr. Walker for his help while Mrs. Carter was in the hospital and his suggestions; —Mr. Medlin for the Dennis the Menace caption; —Jim Baker and the entire PTL Club for something to laugh at at 3:00 A.M. when there were seemingly infinite pages to go and little other motivation to laugh; —Carl and Mad for the break; —Scott Englert for his pecuniary skills; —Scooter and JJ ' s; —Mr. Benson; —the student body for not beating me up when they found out they wouldn’t get the annual at commencement; —Dr. Fairbairn for being the only member of the faculty who on his own initiative expressed approval of my idea of publishing the annual late; —anybody else who helped me get this thing out and was overlooked on this page; —and my parents for putting up with me during the labor pains concomitant to the birth of this turkey. Sincerely, 208

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