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1975 BELL - . Paul Klee-Stiftung, Kunstmuseum Bern. Danke. Nor does time interfere here, not while always on the run-and the first few notes of the sun sweep blindly across the brick wall with no explanation of why you are here or where or what you are Words break up into inchoate sounds as the day begins but it’s all experience, not right or wrong but just something happening . . . The bricks have color but color does not have meaning, it’s not a part of the shape of things, what’s real and what is not. There might be white columns in front of the wall but they have no dimension, just stripes on a picture that you might look at without understanding for years. Time does not interfere here; the picture might exist forever but forever has no meaning I WILL BURY THE BODY OF MY FATHER and try to destroy the past by a convulsion and anihilation of time The last music of the sun turns red and fluctuates on the borders of night, and there is no possibility of knowing why you have spent the whole day here. It is not possible (the matter admits of no explanation) to know or understand Maybe it is what you dream that is real . . . and reality might just be a dream. 3 VI ■ ' , vjL r T dKgv® ufffiyS • ri?V rf j--jkfi jjfTjjftHF iSkv ■$ v arai 4 i B 3 ”• ' jriv4rl ,; 1 va , 3g xf 1975 BELL CAMPUS LIFE FEATURES page 8 ADMINISTRATION page 46 CLASSES page 58 ORGANIZATIONS page 100 SPORTS page 122 EPILOGUE page 160 ADVERTISEMENTS page 162 DEDICATION The past four years have seen the Art Department of M.B.A. move from the lobby of the gymnasium into a handsome new building of its own. The Art De- partment has encouraged prominent artists both to lecture here and to exhibit their works in the school. Graduates of the Art Department are now beginning to distinguish themselves as artists and as students of art. These accomplish- ments are in large part the result of the talents and perseverance of Mrs. Lou- ise Lequire. Mrs. Lequire devotes her time and energy to the awakening of artistic inter- est and talent in M.B.A. students. Her courses do not merely teach craftsman- ship, but rather they seek to deepen the student’s knowledge of Western cul- ture as a whole, historically and aesthetically. To the portion of the student body which she reaches, Mrs. Lequire’s contribution is invaluable. With grat- itude and admiration, we dedicate the 1975 Bell to Mrs. Louise Lequire. 10 THE WALL During the football season, the school endures considerable difficulty and expense in removing messages of rival teams from the walls, pave- ment, and trees. When such a message appeared on the tennis backboard, a novel solution, in the form of a wall mural, was proposed. In a design contest held in the art studio, David Johnson was awarded the honors. Art students combined ef- forts to transfer Johnson’s design to the wall. The result was a bold and colorful addition to the cam- pus, as well as some worthwhile experience for the students involved. With the cooperation of its competitors, MBA may hope to have many more such murals in the years to come. mljt j. 16 Homecoming Spaghetti Supper Homecoming ’74 was a resounding success 18 — -.-•.mtefcafel SECOND YEAR LATIN JENNEY SCUDPF.R BAAOF. 20 % f J£ J « . Xv - i i ' - ' , • ■ - . ■ 4 « -. - i • - ' . " ' r S K .; ♦ • W " • . Mf ' Wl ' , J ■ . - :V; - ,v? fer:-. iv. in® ' V $■•; - U’t, t. ; ;..V. ' •? ' . .,; ■ • . • ' . - • ■- • ' •■’’» .? : O ' -,- ASSEMBLY To bring guest speakers to the MBA student body; To provide a foru m for the expression of views of both students and teachers; To provide a place for displaying various talents of MBA students; To facilitate communication among students, faculty, and alumni. In order to achieve these objectives, the Assembly Committee, composed of six MBA students and forensic coach Mrs. Ridgway, has been working very diligently. Such speakers as Mr. Ron Medlin, a very outspoken faculty member; Mr. Wood, Director of Admissions at Vanderbilt University; and Mrs. Martha Ingram, an advocate of the Tennessee Center for the Performing Arts have appeared in assembly. Additionally, board members Dr. Thomas Frist of Hospital Corporation of America and John Sloan of Harpeth National Bank spoke to the student body. Mr. R.C.H. Matthews of Metro Center, Reverend Cortez Cooper, and Professor John Gibson of MTSU gave talks on their respective interest. Musical programs have included the MBA Chorus and Mr. Michael Shea of ASCAP with singer- composer Eddie Raven. One of the highlights was the appearance of Watergate attorney Fred Thompson. Santa Claus, of course, made his annual trip to MBA delivering presents to deserving seniors. 27 (jmu. a Om. dpt . Yfaut- «cL i A- oy pfAift ju cu (L jO-hacA tyi, s _ c4 u6ls A xj Z. r it 30 Mr ' ■■■■ ■ as vw ART Seminars In an effort to further the student body’s educational possibilities, seminars were offered for juniors and seniors of MBA and Harpeth Hall. Meeting bi-weekly, one seminar discussed modern educational theory while the other debated the legalization of marijuana. Both seminars were conducted by and consisted of interested students from both MBA and Harpeth Hall. Each seminar was a viable means of student expression on important topics. Through the use of seminars, a cross section of ideas, both liberal and conservative, was placed before the groups. Such noted educationalists as Dr. John Wise of Peabody spoke to the seminar on education, and NORML and the metro vice-squad addressed the seminar on the legalization of marijuana. 39 41 tow XANADU Founded only a year and a half ago, Xanadu became somewhat of an institution with a doubled output, refined layout, and entries covering a broader range of literary form. Senior editor Bobby Tosh and associate editor Oman Weiland, along with Mr. Walker, our indespensible faculty advisor, strove in Mauberley’s tradition " to resuscitate the dead art” at MBA, encouraging writers to create, to perfect, and to create again. — R.H.T. Yo naci ' en Bogota el 20 de noviembre de 1957, mi padre es entonces oficial del ejercito, Segundo Correales y mi madre se llama Leonar de Correales. A la edad de 6 annos comenze mi vida escoler en el colegio Nuevo Gimnasio donde permanoci ' por 2 annos luego entre al Liceo de la Salle donde he pasado casi toda mi vida escolor y ho pasado varias etepas cortas de le vida, las experiencias en el cologio fueron muchas para mi, los propecores los deportes etc. y sobre todo lo que fui aprendiendo en cada materia, a traves de los annos. Mi familia estb compuesta por mis padres, mi Papa su profesibn, Mbdico Veterinario, tambibn dueflo de una escuela de Equitacibn. Mi Mamb es ama de Casa y en sus oras de trobajo Administro su propia floristerfa es una persona muy activo. Mis hermanos son 4, 3 Varones, y una nina. Todos estudian. Mi hermano mayor yaestb en la universidad, mi familia lleva una vida normal, muy similar a la de una familia Norte Americana como me he podido dar cuenta. Mis actividades fuera de la vida escolar son muchas como distracciones, me gusta leer, ver cine, ofr mbsico y otras actividades que pueda tener con mis amigos en sociedad; como deportes mi favorito es la equitacibn pues llevo muchos afios practicbndolo. Tambibn me gusta jugar soccer, estos son los que mbs practico pero me qustarfa desarrollar mis capacidades ffsicas desarrollando otros deportes. Ahora estoy viviendo una de mis mayores experiencias en mi vida, estoy viviendo una vida diferente con una familia americana, es la familia Berry, Y he sido en ella corto tiempo que he estado aquf una gran experiencia cultural que me ayudarb a madurar en el camino de la vida, encontrado diferentes costumbres, modos de pensar etc. Mi familia aquf me vinculo en el colegio MBA si no es el mejor es de los mejores colegios en Nashville, un colegio que me gusta mucho desde que lo conocf por primera vez, los Directivos, profesores, y alumnos son personas muy correctas y muy amigables, es un plantel pedagogicamente mbs avarzodo que mi colegio en Bogotb, claro que hay muchas diferencias en el Mbtodo de estudia de las diferentes materias. Mis aspiraciones aquf son consequir mayor cultura, en el colegio, con la gente, conociendo diferentes sitios, y una de mis mayores aspiracioneses es aprender el idioma Ingles que es muy importante para mi y me va a serv r luego en la vida. MR. CARTER The custom at MBA, whenever trophies or awards are won by teams or clubs, is to present them in Assembly " to Mr. Carter and the school.” This practice may be curious— why are awards not given simply " to Mr. Carter,” or " to the school,” or " to Mr. Carter for the school”? The reason for the present form is quite natural; for Francis E. Carter, Jr. and the " school” are often difficult to separate. In many ways, he represents the most fundamental ideals of the school: he is dedicated to classical scholarship; he takes great pride in athletic proceedings; he possesses a limitless capability for work; he assumes large responsibilities, and delights in them. And most importantly, he embodies MBA ' s great traditions of integrity, of gentlemanliness, of honor. Mr. Carter is a man of many roles. He is a teacher, although his presence in the classroom has been less this year than in the past. He is an administrator, who may be found writing college reccomendations, or hosing garbage cans, or exhibiting the improvement of the school plant, or discussing attitude with a student. He is a husband, a father, and a grandfather. He is a planner, a dreamer. He is an upholder of the past, a driving force in the present, and a molder of the future of Montgomery Bell Academy. For all the tradition still preserved at MBA, for the insistence upon excellence in all endeavor, for the energy and spirit of the embodiment of an institution-for these reasons, one says, " to Mr. Carter and the school.” 48 FACULTY Mr. Charles Alexander: Biology I, Biology II(AP), 9th Grade Sponsor Mrs. June Bowen: 7th Grade English, As- sistant to Headmaster (Junior School) Mr. John Bennet: Algebra I, Algebra II, Director of Athletics, 11th Grade Sponsor V Mr. Earl Buck: 7th Grade History, Wres- tling Coach Mr. Michael Caldwell: Geometry, Algebra II, 10th Grade Sponsor 50 Mrs. Cary Carter: 8th Grade History, Ad- viser to Yearbook, Advisor to Travel Club Mr. William Compton: Algebra II, Math IV Mr. Harold Crowell: Chem-Phys, Physics, Department Head for Science Mr. Michael Drake: American His- tory(AP), Modern History(AP), Track Coach Mr. Gilbert Edson: Director of Guidance, Tennis Coach Mr. Donald Fairbairn: Math IV, Calculus (AB,BC), Golf Coach, Chess Club Advisor 51 Mrs. Frances Fairbairn: 7th Grade Math Mr. Anderson Gaither: Latin I, Latin II, Latin III-IV, 9th Grade Sponsor Mrs. Phoebe Greene: Remedial Reading Mr. Kevin Harkey: English II, Biology, Psychology Mr. James Hibbit: Chemistry, Chem-Phys, 11th Grade Sponsor Mrs. Nancy Hodges: Assistant Librarian 52 Mrs. Virginia Hollins: French II, French III, 10th Grade Sponsor Mrs. Louise Lequire: Art History(AP), Art Studio, Head of Art Department Mr. James Jefferson: 7th Grade Geogra- phy, 7th Grade Sponsor Mrs. Frances Lentz: Latin II Mrs. Mary Helen Lowry: English IV(AP), 12th Grade Sponsor Mr. Ron Medlin: English I, Comparative Religion, Ancient History, 9th Grade Sponsor 53 Mr. Frank Novak: 7th Grade Science, 8th Grade Science, Cross Country Coach Mr. John Reed: English III, Modern His tory, 11th Grade Sponsor Mr. James Poston: English III, English IV, Adviser to Drama Club Mrs. Selma Ridgway: Geometry, Speech, Adviser to Forensics Club Mr. Jay Ramsey: 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math Mr. Ray Ridgway: American History, Football Coach 54 Miss Linda Seidler: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish Mrs. Evelyn Tanner: 8th Grade Latin, III, Spanish IV, 10th Grade Sponsor Latin I Mrs. Mildred Simmons: Librarian Mr. Kirk Walker: English I, English II, Journalism, Adviser to Newspaper Mr. Laird Smith: Director of Development and Alumni Relations Mr. Thomas Webb: English I, English II, Adviser to Annual, Soccer Coach 55 Or Mrs. Frances McKeehen— Secretary Miss Harris: Apologies. We just found your picture. Mrs. Virginia Liles-Secretary Mr. Gerald Arthur-Chorus and Music Appreciation Miss Elinor Harris-Eighth grade English 56 BOARD OF TRUST Mr. John E. Sloan Mr. Ralph Owen Mr. Henry W. Hooker Mr. Jack C. Massey Mr. Stiton Oman, Sr. Mr. Jesse Wills Mr. Brownlee Currey, Jr. Mr. Harold W. Clark Mr. Bronson Ingram Mr. Robert C. Brannon Dr. Thomas F. Frist Mr. James C. Bradford, Jr. Mr. Vernon Sharp Mr. James E. Ward Mr. Neil H. Cargile Mr. Horace G. Hill Mr. Joe C. Davis Mr. W. Lipscomb Davis, Jr. Mr. Thomas L. Cummings, Jr. Mr. D.E. Motlow Mr. Francis E. Carter, Jr. Mr. John A. Ball Mr. Matt H. Dobson IV Mr. Morton B. Howell Mr. David K. Wilson Mr. Dan W. Maddox Mr. Walter Richardson, Jr. Mr. Dortch Oldham Mr. Thomas L. Sneed Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Jr. Chairman of the Board . . . Mr. John E. Sloan Vice-Chairman of the Board . . . Mr. Stirton Oman, Sr. Secretary . . . Mr. John A. Ball Treasurer . . . Mr. John S. Glenn, Jr. Ex-Officio . . . Governor Ray Blanton 59 SENIORS Student Council Officers: perched in tree Secretary Kirby Davis, Treasurer Madison Bell; on ground President Todd Scantlebury, Vice-President Phil Ownbey. Bottom-Honor Council Officers left to right: Secretary Peter Shell, Vice-President Glen Civitts, President Morgan Crawford, Treasurer Bill Scanlan 60 Thomas Clark Akers 1 3 of the Muff; executive length boxers; down at the farm; " I think I’ll have a party”; " If I told you that you had a good body, would you hold it against me?”; Wrestling 1,2; Varsity Track 1,2, 3, 4; APSL Award; President of Engineering Explorer Post; Big Red Club 3,4; Cheerleader 4. Benjamin Corson A nnistead Bengi; " Life is skiing” King’s men; Belle Meade Ben; Ace; Can’t get enuff; of that funky stuff; Varsity Soccer 3,4; Big Red Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; Business Staff of Bell 4; Parking Commissioner 4; Cheerleader 4; Checker Club 4 voio Lewis Shapard Allen " Corvette”; con man; " What the . . . ”; Rocket Man; NEDT Award; APSL Award, Big Red Club 3,4; Bell Staff 3,4; Bell Ringer 4; AAu and Junior Olympic Swimming; TSSAA State Top Ten Award 1,2, 3, 4. Madison Smart Bell " Look out of any window.”; English I Medal; English III Medal; NEDT Award; Merit Semi-Finalist; Editor of the Bell 4; Treasurer of Student Council 4. John Benjamin Bond , III " Smile!” Shutter fingers; J.B.: Deep Throat; " Yeah, I’m in love, but it doesn’t bother me”; " It bothers me”; Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling; J.V. Wrestling 2; Varsity Wrestling 4; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Photography Club 1, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Big Red Club 3; Bell staff 2,3,4; Photography Editor of the Bell 3; Bell Ringer staff 2,4; Photography editor of Bell Ringer 4. Michael Denney Callaway J.J.: President of Holy Hedonists; King’s Men; " Party at the Bluff House”; Sidewinder Slalom Club; Carolyn Senior Honor Society 2,3,4; NEDT Award; Honor Roll for the Year 2,3,4; Latin II Medal; Geometry Medal; State Math Test 1,2,3; State French Test 2,3; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Checker Club 4; Bell Ringer 3,4; Co-News Editor 4; Classes Editor of the Bell 4. Michael Robert Bishop Bish; Hut; Sidewinder Slalom Club; Holy Hedonists; King’s Men; Betsy; " Mr. Spock shot down the slope like a bullett ”; Tull Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Track; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Checker Club 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Organization Editor of the Bell; Bell Ringer Staff 4. Daniel Bernard Brown R.A.G., of Cotten States; a.z.d.; B.B.Y.O. Freak; M.B.A.’s resident rabbi; NEDT Award, Business Staff of the Bell 3,4. Glen Allen Civitts Milk Mother; Sexy Susan; 40 year old teenager; " I am competitive!”; Senator Civitts; " Herb say . . Heckle and Jeckle; " Dining with Dr. K.”; Debate 1,2, 3, 4; Forensics President 3, Vice President 4; Assembly Committee Chairman 4; Debate Medal 3,4; Honor Council Vice President 4; Service Club 2,3,4; Business Staff Bell 4; Big Red Club 4; NEDT Award; Merit Semi- Finalist. James Leonard Chandler , Jr. Jelly Roll; Chumbla; J.C.: " Earthman, that’s F. M.: " once a week man . . " Mr. Reed, I disagree.” Freshman Football; Freshman Track; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3; Honor Council 1; Service Club 3, President 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Bell Ringer staff 3,4; Sports editor of the Bell Ringer 4; Business staff of the Bell 2, 4; NEDT Award; Outstanding Sophomore Award; Outstanding Junior Award. Walter Morgan Crawford Yo-Tio; Hedo-gnosticism; King’s Men; Holy Hedonist; Sidewinder Slalom Club; . . Just a touch of Southern Comfort”; Honor Council 1,3, President 4; Service Club 2,3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader 4; Checker Club 4; State Math Contest; National Honor Society; Merit Semi-finalist; NEDT Award; Year Honor Roll 1; 3rd in State Fr ench Contest 3; Soccer 2,3,4; Freshman Football; J.V. Football 2,3; Varsity Football 3; Varsity Baseball 2. David Lee Cantrell, III Dave the Rave; NEDT Award; APSL Award; 4th in State in National Spanish Contest; National Merit Semi-finalist; Photography Club 3,4; Photography Staff of Bell Ringer. ' imw Keith Axelson Davis Bonga; Cedars of Lebanon; " Oh, my holy vomit!”; " Please go away.”; Santa Claus; Senior Honor Society 3,4; National Merit Semi-Finalist; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Chorus 1,2,3, President 4; F.C.A. 2; Service Club 4; Forensic Club 1,2, 3, 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Spanish I, II Medals; Algebra II Medal; Freshman Football; J.V. Football 2; Ephesians 3. Joseph Norman Davis Dede and Jimmy and Francis and I . . .”; " I am aware that I am leaving behind a happy way of life ... I will miss it greatly.”; Truckin’ Blues Band; President of 9th Grade; Sports Editor of the Bell 4; NEDT Award; Merit Semifinalist; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 1,2, 3, 4. Harold Eugene Cunningham , Jr. Lingo; " I hate freaks”; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Varsity Cross Country 2; Freshman Track; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Golf 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Forensic Club 2,3,4; Secretary of Checker Club 4. Ed Reynolds Davies , Jr. " Wrap”; Fridays from 2:30 on-; Meet Marsha at Lits; Gourmet Committee 3,4,; Circulation Staff of Bell Ringer 3,4; Big Red Club 2,4; Cross-Country 1. ✓ William Preston Delvaux Billy Boy; Deluxe; Twinkle Fingers; " Tickle those ivories”; " But Glen, Dr. Cooper says that . . Charming; Chorus 2,3,4; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 1; Big Red Club 4; Ephesians 3,4; Assembly Committee 4; Service Club 4; Outstanding Boy in Junior School. Wesley Wilkerson Diehl " Big, Big, Big Diehl”; Cross- Country; Soccer; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Big Red Club; Eagle Scout Willie Kirby Davis , Jr. Holy Hedonist; Coondog; Herbie-bird; Chateau Baby; . . . Nose; Ann; " Whatever colors you have in your mind Fll show them to you and you’ll watch them shine. " -Bob Dylan; State French Contest 1; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Merit Commendation; Secretary Student Council 4; Big Red Club 3,4; Checker Club 4; Bell Ringer 3,4; Bell staff 1,3,4; Freshman Football, wrestling, Track; Varsity Football 2,3; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Varsity Cross- Country 4. James Allan Deal Cot; Cotton; Holy Hedonists; King’s Men; Sidewinder Slalom Club;” It’s the Cumberland Munster.!; " me and the Fox”; LeAnn; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; J. V. Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; NEDT Award; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Checker Club 4; Honor Roll For Year 3; Bell Staff 4; FCA 2,3. Daniel Scott Earthman " F M”; Gwignol : " V for my ball club”; Me and Bodo Bond; NEDT Award; APSL Award; News Editor of Bell Ringer 3; Organization Staff of Bell Ringer; Junior Varsity and Varsity Golf 1,2, 3, 4; Checker Club 4; Big Red Club 1,2, 3, 4. Hugh Warner Ent rekin " ”; Freshman Basketball; Forensics 1; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Golf-NIL Champion and State Champions in sophomore year Class Treasurer 3; Merit Commendation. ■bFV: ■ Robert Steve Ellis NEDT Award; APSL Award; Merit Commendation; Varsity Cross-Country 2,4; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4, Sec.-Tres. 4; Checker Club 4. Carl Hardin Flygt " Overhanging dovetail notches.”; Biology I Medal; Chem-Phys Medal; English II Medal; APSL Silver; Merit Semi-Finalist; National Honor Society; Editor of the Bell 4. A " 4 ’ wm V. f] George Willard Fort Holy Hedonists; King’s Men; Buck Dancing to Foggy Mountain Breakdown; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Who’s Who of America; Merit Commendation; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Tennis; J.V. Wrestling; Big Red Club 3,4; Checker Club 4; Forensics 3. Gottlieb Christian Friesinger , III Zinger; President of Vine Street Club; ’’But I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now”; Freshman Football; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Cross Country 3,4; Varsity Track 3,4; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Merit Commendation; Checker Club President 4; c.c. Triumvirate James Edmond Freeman , Jr. ’’Wait til Next Year”; ’’Big Ed”; ’’But Mr. Drake”; ’’Give me a break”; Parking Commissioner; Big Red Club 4; Forensics 1,2; APSL Award; Who’s Who Award; Debate 2; Bell Ringer 4; Checker Club 4; State Math Test 1; Barry Douglas Gaddes 64; ’Cuda; Linda; Bear; ’’That’s cute. That’s real cute.”; ’’Huddleup”; ”Hey, Coach Buck”; ’’Hey, Robert, let’s go to the Shoney’s 500.”; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling 3,4; J.V. Football 2,3; J.V. Wrestling 2; Freshman Football and Wrestling. 129 iSD I " ' ll Madison Hayne Hamilton ’ ' Duane”; " King’s Men”; " Son . . . that’s a poor attitude”; " Haynus”; Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman Track; Microbe Football Coach 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; FCA 2,3; Checker Club 4; Bell Ringer 4; Bell 1,2; NEDT Award; Degree of Merit; Merit Semi-Finalist; Who’s Who Award. Nicholas Richardson Ganick " Clean his plow, Rob baby”; % of Triumvirate; Wrongo, Ree do; Art 0. Nafe; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Varsity Football 3; J.V. Football 2,3; Freshman Football; APSL Award; Big Red Club 3,4; Checker Club President 4. David Berger Graves , III King’s Men; V6 of Muff; Holy Hedonist; " Yo-Tio”; Helen; " This song needed to be written”; Checker Club 4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Secretary 4; Business staff of Bell 2,3,4; Business staff of Bell Ringer 3,4; Classes Staff of Bell 4; Organizations Staff of Bell 4; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Soccer 4; Cheerleader 4 Gerald Francis Goertz, Jr. Too small; Squatty Body; Money in thf Bank; Rock; Smurtz; " Tomorrow night-I mean tonight.”; " Dinkleberry”; Big Red Club 3,4; FCA 3,4; Honor Council 3; Service Club 3, Vice Pres. 4; Varsity Football 2,3; Captain 4; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3, 4. -Mi George Thomas Hicks Freshman Football; J.V. Football; Freshman Wrestling; Wrestling 2; Freshman Track; Big Red Club 2,3; Photography Club 1,2,3; Chess Club 1,2,3 4; Checker Club; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Bell 3; Bell Ringer 3,4; Merit Semi-Finalist i Robert Lawrence Harris p Me Johnny B; Broadway Bob; Robo Harris; Harding Road Harris; Bobo Harris; " FM gonna stick it in his ear”; k. " C’mon Cindy, give me a break”; 12; Microbe Football and Baseball; Varsity Football 2,3, Captain 4; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3 4, All NIL 3,4; FCA 2,3, President 4; Freshman Football and Basketball. John Russel Held man " Me, Drake, I Just have 2 questions ”• " What are you dowin?”; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball 2; Xanadu 2; Forensics; Bell Ringer 4. William B. Hodge John Floyd Howell , Jr. Johnny; John-Boy; " What did ya do in English?”; " We’ll beat ya in tennis.”; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Sports staff of Bell 2,3,4; Sports Staff of Bell Ringer 3,4; Chess Club 4; Checker Club 4; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Tennis 8th 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . David Bert on Jacobs Jake; of Coach B’s Moving co.;”I can’t help it coach, my Boats are in the way.”; " Hey! Jake, did you get it?” Freshman Football and Basketball; J.V. Tennis 1,2; J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Tennis 3,4; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Checker Club 4; President of FJA; National Latin Exam Awards I, II. Frederick Willard Jewell " Onward thru the fog.”; Drama Club 3,4; Gourmet Committee 3,4; Big Red Club 3; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; NEDT Award; APSL Award. Edward John Knish , Jr. Dr. Kuh-nish; Varsity Golf 3,4; Chess Club 4; Merit Semi-Finalist; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Latin II, III Medals; French I Medal; Geometry Medal; Algebra II Medal; Psychology Medal. Robert Waicle Moench " Where’s Mr. Drake?”; " If it can’t be done the night before, it can’t be done at all”; " Hold the phone!”; " You may think this a dumb question, but”; J.V. Football 2,3; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Freshman Track; Big Red Club 4; Bell Ringer Staff 2; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Eagle Scout. David Gray McClellan C.C. Rider; Big Mac; ’Clellan’; Every day is a Monday at MBA; " Hey, you wooly Buger”; Freshman Track; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Trainer 3,4; Varsity Soccer 4; Big Red Club 4; Bell Ringer 3; Latin Award; Checker Club. Johnson Suit Moore " Johnson or Johnny, but not John”; Chess Club 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 3,4; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Checker Club 2,3; Vice President of Chess Club 3,4 Guy Yarbro Marsh " My Garsh”; " Real Fine”; " Oh! Geehaw”; " You turkey!”; " Me, Jasbear, and the Guna”; " Dong”; Freshman Football and Basketball; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4; Checker Club 4; APSL Latin Award. Wayne Murphy Grubbin for points; Bug Eyes; ’ 1 Bombed.”; " Murph”; " Where’s my lunch!?”; Math IV Medal; Physics Medal; NEDT Award; Merit Commendation; APSL Award 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Math Contest 2,3. Norman Jack Nuismer, Jr. " Zip”; " Hey Turney”; " It’s about eight . . .”; " You Fox”; " Hey, Bud” FCA 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Freshman Basketball; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Assembly Committee 4; Checker Club 4; NEDT Award; Business Staff of Bell 4. Daniel Blair Oldham Big Red Club 2,3,4; Forensics 1; Circulation Staff of Bell Rinyer 3,4; APSL Award. Gregory Lindvedt Nelson Merit Semi-Finalist; NEDT Award; Who’s Who Award; Circulation Staff of Bell Ringer 3,4, Editor 4; Drama Club 3; Gourmet Committee 3; AAU Swimming 7th, 8th, 1,2, 3, 4. John William Parker Park; P.K.; Parkeroff; Er; J.P.; " You got burnt, Burch! " ; " Let’s have a hayride!”; Freshman Football, Basketball, and Track; J.V. Basketball, Varsity Track; Varsity Football; Big Red Club 1; Service Club 2,3,4; Circulation Staff of Dell Ringer 3,4; APSL Award. Robert Lee Parrish Big Red Club 3,4; NEDT Award; Spanish I II Medals; Feature Staff of Bell Ringer; Feature Staff of Bell; Checker Club; pages 74-75 John Phillip Ownbey The Holy Hedonists; King’s Men; " Machiavelli says. . . .’’; Modern History Medal 3; Vice President 3,4 of Student Council; News Staff of Bell Ringer 2, Editor 3; Associate Editor of Bell Ringer 4; Checker Club 4; NEDT Award; Senior Honor Society 2,3,4; Big Red Club 3. Daryl Roy Parnell Freshman Football; J.V. Football 2,3; Varsity Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; NEDT Award; Checker Club 4. Robert Buckner Peer man " Would you go over that just one more time?”; " Take it easy; it’s only the end of the world”; NEDT Award; Who’s Who Award; Merit Commendation; Circulation Staff of Bell Ringer 4; Big Red Club 4; Service Club 2,3,4; Freshman Class Secretary; Freshman Football and Basketball; Checker Club 4. William Elbert Rayburn " I’m from Thompsons Station.”; " Token Conservative Republican.”; " Thompsons Station isn’t as far away as it sounds”; " Mr. Gaither, isn’t that alliteration?”; " What book do you want?”; Merit Commendation; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Photography Club 2,3,4; Photography Staff of Bell 3,4; Photography staff of Bell Ringer 3, Editor 4; Big Red Club- 3,4; Chorus 4. William Robert Parrish " Moench will believe anything”; " Never later than 10:30”; " MBA- nothing earthshaking, but plenty of perspicacity”; Cross-Country 1,4; Freshman Track; AAU Swimming 2,3; MBA Swim Team 2,3,4; Big Red Club 3,4; FCA 3,4; Checker Club 3,4; Chorus 1; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Robert Manning Pickens I’m known as " ZAP”, " Pick”, and anything else you want; " He’s probably thinking about his week- end”; " John Barleycorn must die!”; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Varsity Soccer 2,3; Freshman Track; Varsity Track 2; J.V. Football 2; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Checker Club 4. Don David Rollins Big D.; Ron Dollins; Freshman Football; Degree of Honor in Forensics; APSL Award; Photography Club 2,3,4; J.V. Football 3; Photography Staff of Bell 3,4; Robert Matthew Reed " Let me ask you a question”; " Wrongo, Gan, Wrongo”; " San Diego”; " Kristie”; Freshman Football; J.V. Football; Varsity Football 3,4; Varsity Soccer 2; Varsity Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Checker Club Vice President 4; NEDT Football; APSL Award. Ward Brett Rogers Master-debater; Wode; Warpid; Zero; " I suggest . . .”; " Me and Zag”; " Zager and Eisen are terrible”; " I wonder where Civitts learned to use a microphone?”; NEDT Award; Merit Commendation; 3rd in State French Contest 3; English I Medal; Biology I Medal; Debate Medals 2,3,4; Honor Role for the Year 1,2; Copy Editor of Bell 4; Copy Editor of Bell Ringer 4; Debate 1,2, 3, 4, President 4. William Beasley Scales All King’s Men; PGA Punch; Great!; " I swear I’ll never go out with her again”; " Summer’s cabin”; " No way, Kathy”; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Varsity Wrestling 2,3; Varsity Track 3; Big Red Club 2,3,4, Vice President 4; Checker Club Chaplain 4; Seven Year Club; Cheerleader 3,4; NEDT Award; Who’s Who Award; Merit Semi- Finalist. William Arthur Scanlan III Fro; Scan-lan; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Business Staff of Bell 2,3,4; Checker Club 4; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Freshman Football, Wrestling and Track; J.V. Football 2,3; Varsity Track 3; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4; Class Vice President 1; Secretary of the Honor Council John Newcomb Schaffner , Jr. Jammer; ’’You Jerk!”; " It’s just a pain . . Varsity Cross-Country 2,3,4; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4, All State 3; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Freshman Football; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Merit Commendation; Chorus 2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Ephesians 2:8. Todd VanNess Scantlebury ’’The other half of the Gold Dust Twins”; ’’Truckin’ Blues Band”; Bell Ringer Staff 3,4; Business Manager of Bell 4; Class Secretary 3; President of Student Council 4; Merit Semi-Finalist; Freshman Football; J.V. Football; J.V. Wrestling; NEDT Award; Checker Club 4. Edward Michael Shea Kyle Rote Jr. or even better-Pelee; ”Say hey Shea”; ’’Just another hattrick”; Spitfire; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Freshman Water Pollution Award; Big Red Club 2,3,4; Assembly Committee 3,4; Checkers Club 4; Sports Staff of Bell Ringer 3,4; Business Staff of Bell 3,4; Freshman Football and Basketball; Cross-Country 3,4; Soccer 2,3,4, All State 3,4. William Thomas Stumb , Jr. x k Muff; Memphis; Out West; " Summers, you slob!”; Executive length boxers; Low Rent; Anita Hahn job; Grounded; Party at the Cabin; Biggest Bull Artist; Poodle; Mooch; Jack Black; Freshman Football and Basketball; Fire Marshall; APSL Award; Scott Michael Summers Cheatham County is my home; Drive fast and chew " Day’s Work”; Small cows and large girls; Spitting Champion; " I’ll get a deer this year for sure”; Marathon Winner; At the Cabin; NEDT Award; APSL Award. Peter Mat he s Shell " I forgot”; Dabney; C,S,N, Y; Freshman Track and Basketball; Cross- Country 1,2,3; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Outstanding Freshman; Sophomore Class Vice President; Honor Council Treasurer; Big Red Club 4; Service Club 2,3,4. Bruce Gordon Stearns " Mr. Excitement”; " Tree”; Manager of Freshman Football and Basketball; Manager of J.V. Football; Chess Club 8th, 1,2,3, President 4; Head of Adjudicating Committee 11; Checker Club 2,3. • v a John Gilbert Templeton x k of the Gold Dust Twins; " Mr. Poston hates me, but we ' re good friends " ; Belle Meade Flash; Truckin’ Blues; Merit Commendation; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Secretary 1; Social Coordinator 3; Big Red Club 2,3,4, President 4; Cheerleader 4; Freshman Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Tennis 8th, 1,2, 3, 4; Degree of Merit 2,3; Checker Club 4; Thomas Mark Sweatt T.Tommy; " But Ref., I didn’t mean to kick him in the face.’’; " It’s Sweatt, not Sweet " ; TNT; x k of Coach B’s moving Co.; " Hey Freak " ; Big Red Club 2,3,4; FCA 2,3; Checker Club 4; Art Staff of Bell Ringer 3; Sports Staff of Bell Ringer 4; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Freshman Football and Basketball and Track; J.V. Football 2; Coach of 7th Grade Football 4; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2, Statistician 3,4. Robert Harlin Tosh , Jr. " Alas, idealist realists with formulated phrases are slowly pinning to the wall realist idealists. " Merit Semi-Finalist; Drama Medal 3; NEDT Award; 3rd in State French Contest II, III; Quill and Scroll; Honor Council 2,3 MBA Players 1,2,3 4; Xanadu Assoc. Editor 3, Editor 4; Bell Ringer 2,3; Art Editor 4; Bell 3, Varsity Cross-Country 1,2; Who’s Who Award; President of Advocate Chancel Theater. Joseph William Thoni Cutie; The Little Red; Diamond Joe; Toe Joni; 1 3 of Coach B’s Moving Co.; Joyce; " Come on Hot Dog " ; " Oh, that’s really cute”; " Holmes and I are real good buddies " ; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Honor Roll 2; Big Red Club 3,4; Service Club 4; FCA 3; Freshman Football and Basketball; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4. Bradley Charlton Turney Duck; Doc; Fox; Celeste; Holy Hedonist; King ' s Men; Me and Cot; Showboat; NEDT Award; Freshman Football, Track, and Basketball; Varsity Basketball 2, 3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Big Red Club2,3,4; Service Club 4; Bell 4; Checker Club 4. Frank Mitchell Walker Jr. Monica; 3; " the primrose path of dalliance”; Merit Semi-Finalist; Bell Ringer 3, Editor 4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Drama Club 3, V.P. 4; French I, II, III Medals; Algebra I, II Medals; Latin I Medal; Quill and Scroll; NEDT Award; APSL Award; National French Contest 2,3; State Math Contest 1,2,3. Scott Allen Wells " I hate Running.”; Freshman Football, Basketball, and Track; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Track 2,3,4; JV Soccer 2; Varsity Cross-Country 3,4; Outstanding Junior; Physics Medal; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Honor Council 2; Service Club 3,4. William Montgomery Waterfield, III Bucket; APSL Award; NEDT Award; Secretary of Freshman Class; Freshman Football and Basketball; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Soccer 3,4; Big Red Club 3,4; Checker Club Vice President 4; Gourmet Committee Neil David Wright ' ' I’m not a manager! I’m a trainer.”; House!!; Mr. Bennett wants to se ME?; You don’t need to get taped; Does it hurt?; Find Trey Fore!; NEDT Award; APSL Award; Freshman Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Football 3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Debate 2; Chorus 2. JUNIORS Above: Honor Council Repre- sentatives J. Patterson, J. Milam, J. Rebrovick. Right: Student Council; Secretary F. McLaughlin, Vice-President B. Friedman, President B. Hooker, Treasurer C. Regen. Mike Anthony Brian Batson Dale Berry Bob Bolster Don Bull Steve Burch Geoffrey Chazen Les Coble Matt Cowan Harvey Crouch Johnny Daniel Leeth DePriest Bill Dickerson Trip Doss Steven Eisen Charles Elliot Scott Englert Jim Evans Michael Farmer Brion Friedman Boyd Gibbs Jim Gibson John Gillum Greg Ginn Jay Grannis ■ Mark Green Elliot Greenberg Randy Gustafson Kirk Gutmann Tom Hannon Rick Harden Pittman Haymore John Hill Bradford Hooker Phil Howell Walker Howell Wayne Hucaby Michael Huddleston Davidson Hutton David Jones Tom Kenning Harvey Kirkpatrick Randy Lea Henry Lipscomb Rol Luplow Ben May Guy McClure Freddy McLaughlin Justin Milam Wink Neal Don Orr 83 Jerry Patterson Bob Philp Bill Pinder Chan Preston Mike Ralston Jeff Rappuhn John Rebrovick Clinton Regen Bill Rich Jay Richards Wilson Robinson Harry Rowland Bill Smith Lon Tenison Bobby Thym Charles Weesner Oman Weiland Clay Whitson Carter Williams Chip Williams Pat Winsett Kenneth Witt Kirk Witt Skip Wool wine Gordon Wynn Steve Zager SOPHOMORES Above: Sophomore Honor Council-Chris Stengel and Jay Hodge. Left: Student Council members left to right— Vice President Jeff Glazer, President Ray- mond Lackey, Secretary Bill Collins, Treasurer Charles Sawyers. » Steve Elliot Greg Estes Steve Ferguson John Fox Bobby Garner Sam Garrett Phil Gibbs Jeff Glezer David Graham Nelson Griswold John Hamilton John Hannon Tom Hargett Bill Hase Norm Herron Jay Hodge Mark Ishee Edward Jackson Rick Jacques Bobby Johnson 87 David Johnson Gary Johnson Jerry Jordon Scott Kimbro Michael Knish Bryan Kurtz Raymond Lackey Chuck Lassing Evans Lyne Jody Macey Ric Maddux Chuck Mader Dave Mahanes Kevin Mallory Doug Maxwell Andy May Warner McNeilly David Moench Alan Moore Ralph Moore William Morgan Chris Nelson Richie Nelson Danny Newman Steve Parman 88 Donald Phillips Keith Phillips Keith Pope Allen Reasons Jack Robinson Charles Sawyers Pride Scanlan David Schull Douglas Shanks Ike Simon Chris Stengel John Sullivan Marshall Summar Brett Thompson David Thompson Overton Thompson Tom Tillman Mickey Tune Jack Wallace Hal West Gage Whittier Joe Wieck Felix Wilson Joe Wood 89 FRESHMEN Top: Honor Council Representatives Left, Galt Baker, right, David Smith Left; Student Council Representatives (left to right) President Jeff Haynes, Secretary Jim Stewart, V.P. Jack Pat- terson, Treasurer John Dicker. 90 Doug Altenbern Bill Anderson Dee Anderson Jim Anderson John Anderson Ed Archer Mark Armour Galt Baker Mark Barnes Stan Bernard David Binkley Roger Burrus Doug Cain Bill Calton Curt Cole Overton Colten Craig Cornish Bill Crenshaw Tim Crenshaw Jody Daniel Pete DeLay John Dicker Charlie Duffey Hank Duvier Bill Elliston v- 7 4, Trey Fore Randy Foster Jackson Galloway Chip Griffen Rhea Gustafson Robert Haley Steve Hancock Wenning Hardin Steve Hase Marcel Hawiger Bill Hawkins Jeff Haynes Stephen Hinshaw Alan Hirshberg Jay Hitt Bill Hobbs Hunter Hodge Robert Holland David House Buckey Irwin Mark Johnson Kim Justice Van Krai Tim Kurtz Shipley Landiss Tommy Lanham Bryan Lewis David Linn Chris London Jerry Mace Chip McClellan Mac McIntosh John McWhirter Chris Milam Randy Miles Jack Mitchell John Neil Gene Nelson Kelley New Kirk Norling Hue Novak John Olive Bill O ' Neal Jim O’Neill Tim Owen David Parker Jack Patterson Don Pinder Trey Poole Mark Richardson 93 Walter Robinson Bob Russell David Schenker Tommy Shell Greg Simpson Andy Smith David Smith Jeff Speer Jim Stewart Paul Stumb Mark Sullivan Clinton Summers Andy Taylor Terry Thornton Lester Turner Steve Wallace Russ Weatherford Tom Williams Garry Zeitlin EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS 8H-left to right: President Bob Dale, Secre- tary-Treasurer Tom Groomes, Vice-President Jody Johnson 8R-left to right: Secretary-Treasurer Preston Morgan, President Bob Huddleston, Vice-Presi- dent Jim Shaw Infamous 8T— President Richard Smith, Vice-President Mark Nelson, Secretary-Treasurer Woody Turner SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS 7J-left to right: Secretary-Treasurer Billy Gregg, President David Molesworth, Vice-President Joe Anderson 7N— center: President Chris Whitson, Seated: Vice- President Jim Johnson; standing: Secretary-Trea- surer Bill Herbert 7B-left to right: Vice President Tom Moore, Secretary- Treasurer Greg Stromp, President Mike Ferguson 97 8H: Row 1— Dembsky, Johnson, Groomes, Seay, Dale, Hill. Row 2— Cohen, White, Guttman, Fenichel, Selby, Eisen. Row 3-Schnelle, Durham, Gross, Zager, Smith, Crow. Infamous 8T: Row 1-Berry, Moyer, Davis, Dickerson, Turner, Smith, Levy. Row 2-Woodward, Latimer, Fort, Wood, Keaton, Pierce, Nelson Mercy. Row 3-Frost, Templeton, Wheeler, Coleman, Wieck, Smith, Orr, Rose. 98 8R: Row 1-Treadway, Kennedy, Morgan, Mills, Eskin, Regen, Huddleston, Shaw, Beasley. Row 2-Hannon, Evans, Taylor, Woodroof, O’Connor, Cragon, Bennett, Ingram. Row 3-Massey, Riegle, Martindale, Freeman, Nichols, Alford, LeVan, Couch, King. 7N: Row 1-Moyers, Richardson, Haley, Cate, Klein, Johnson, Warnock, Pierce. Row 2-Hollins, Whitson, Lewis, Glover, Hatcher, Davis, Wills. Row 3-Mitchell, Herbert, Lipscomb, Swystun, Robbin, Derryberry, Grimes, Gibbs. 7J: Row 1-Calvin, Gregg, Molesworth, Hester, McPherson, Warren, Phillips. Row 2-Glasgow, Crabtree, Hannon, Bow- ers, Betty, Wagster, Puett, Jones. Row 3-Anderson, Griscom, Ridgway, Lawson, Horton, Giardina, Marianelli, Swor. 7B: Row 1-Daugherty, Coleman, May, Stroup, Kaplan, Fine, Cheij. Row 2-Smith, Heller, Smith, Moore, Coombs, Brown, Ayers. Row 3-Altenbern, Bruehl, Pack, Ferguson, Edwards, Henderson, Galloway, Calton. 99 100 STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right-Lackey, Haynes, Stewart, Sawyers, Collins, Glazer, Friedman, Davis, McLaughlin, Scantlebury, Bell, Ownby, Regen, Hooker The seventeen members of the Student Council are elected to accurately represent the true wishes of the student body. Ineffectuality is an insufficient excuse for any student government which cannot consummate these wishes. The programs which the 74-75 SC has completed were programs which were suggested by the students at the beginning of the academic year. A reevaluation of hair and dress codes resulted in the writing of a Hair and Dress Constitution to pinpoint rules and procedure. In reviewing the demerit systems of both the lower and upper schools, the Student Council adjusted discipline punishments; worked with the faculty; set itself up as a judiciary board to hear demerit disputes; and, most importantly, helped students with demerit oriented problems. A new program of combos and parties, highlighted by the famous hot punch and combo, was undertaken. The Student Council also instituted joint seminars with Harpeth Hall which covered such topics as education and the legalization of marijuana. Although the outcome of all these programs was important, the most important contribution of this year’s Student Council was its inter-communication with students and faculty. Class meetings, conferences with teachers, open council meetings, and speeches to the students were tools with which the Student Council worked. The Student Council hopes that this type of openness, which is indeed necessary for accurate representation, will set a precedent for future student government. —Todd Scantlebury, President HONOR COUNCIL Seated- Hodge, Civitts, Crawford, Scanlan; Standing- Reasons, Milam, Rebrovick, Baker, Smith, Evans. Every student at MBA has the ability to discriminate between honest and dishonest behavior. The purpose of the Honor System is to create an atmosphere in which the student is strongly encouraged to act honestly. Lying, cheating, and stealing are considered violations of the Honor Code. Students suspected of such offenses are sent before the Honor Council, an elected body with members representing all classes. The Honor Council gathers information and decides what action should be taken in each case. It is this process which makes the MBA Honor System rather unique among high schools and preparatory schools, for enforcement of the code remains in the hands of student representation, not the faculty. Decisions of the Honor Council are designed not to hurt, but to help an accused offender. Expulsion results only when a student ' s repeated offenses indicate his lack of respect for the code and threaten to have a bad influence on other students. The Honor Council also has the duty of promoting a strong sense of honor throughout the school. Informative talks with new students and brief interviews with past offenders on probation help to limit the number of offenses. By fostering a love and respect for honesty, the Honor system helps the students of MBA to recognize the benefits of honesty, and thereby, become more complete young men. —Morgan Crawford, President 103 BELL RINGER This year’s Bell Ringer was a successful publication despite the short supply of staff members. Under the leadership of editor Mitch Walker and associate editor Phil Ownbey, the paper accomplished its goals of eliminating stale news and of not issuing a two-page edition The features staff, directed by John Rebrovick, deserves special credit for their untiring, responsible effort which brought the school such stories as The Poll and The Belle Meade Cop. Highlights of the year included successful competition in both the Tennessee High School Newspaper Contest and the Quill and Scroll national ratings. —Frank Mitchell Walker Bell Ringer General Staff: seated: DePriest, Landiss, Gibson, Shea; standing: Hucaby, Parman, Bishop, Olive, Hamil- ton, Allen, Howell, Witt, Heldman. Bell Ringer Editors: seated: Englert (Business), Tosh (Arts): standing: Rayburn (Photography), Callaway (News), Milam (News), Rebrovick (Features), Chandler (Sports), Nelson (Circulation). 105 THE BELL The editors will venture no comment on the aesthetic value of this annual. We are indebted to the following: Alan Lequire, David Wells, Bob Tosh, and the elusive Features Staff, the Business Staff, Philosopher Joe Davis, Don Rollins, John Bond, Bill Rayburn, Mrs. Carter, and Mr. Benson. To those whom we have failed to recognize we apologize. We are still amazed at John Rebrovick, who not only took good pictures but organized them with an efficiency beyond our belief. Note should be taken that Ward Rogers typed almost every word on these pages. Special thanks are due to Mr. Bob Dylan, without whom this book could not have been completed. Carl Flygt Madison Bell 106 Editors: Mike Callaway, Classes: Gil Templeton, Business: Mike Bishop, Organizations: Joe Davis, Sports: John Rebrovick, Photography: Ward Rogers, Copy. General Staff: Evans, Landiss, Allen, Hardin, Hodge, Hucaby, Rayburn, Graves, DePriest, Heldman, Hamilton, Howell. Business Staff: Englert, Weiland, Chandler, Templeton, Crouch, Graves, Civitts, Scanlon, Shea. N.B. Brown. 107 DRAMA CLUB The MBA Players continued to be a creative force on the Hill this year, as well as a vital part of student life. In recovering from last year ' s relative inactivity, the group occupied the Wallace Hall stage and a great deal of manpower with a large-scale production of the musical Oliver , which played to near- capacity audiences during a four-day run in February. The players followed its success with May performances of one-act plays. President Bob Tosh and Vice-President Mitch Walker were instrumental in drawing younger students into the drama organization. Also, the cooperation of the Chorus and of versatile pianist Bill Delvaux enabled our very capable advisor Mr. Poston to direct a musical with fine results. The technical crew, led by Rick Jewell on lights and Phred Phantom Enterprises, Inc. (Neil Wright and David Johnson) on set design, overcame demanding tasks with the smoothest professionalism. A growing number of underclassmen are certain to continue the excellent work of the MBA Players in the years to come. Among those contributing time and talent to the group this year were freshman John Olive; sophmores David Moench, Jay Hodge, and Nelson Griswold; and juniors Oman Weiland and Clinton Regen. Guy Marsh, Keith Davis, John Bond, and Bill Hodge provided the energies, the abilities, and the " senior leadership " to help make this year a very successful one. -RHT Under the direction of President John Bond, Vice-President Skip Woolwine, secretary-treasurer Bill Hodge, and faculty advisor Harold Crowell, the Photography club enjoyed another successful and enlightening year. During monthly meetings, the club learned the talents of proper camera usage, darkroom technique, and photographic composition. In addition, members were required to prepare assignment on which they received criticisms essential in overcoming problems as a photographer. This year ' s photography program was climaxed by a photo exhibit and contest in the library. —John Bond Clockwise from center-DePriest, Hodge, Bond, Evans, Rayburn, Crouch, Lyne, Hucaby, Woolwine; extraneous-Cantrell. CHORUS The MBA Chorus tackled the most diversified schedule of events in many years. Under the leadership of Senior President Keith Davis and Junior Vice- President Wilson Robinson, the Chorus presented its Christmas concert at MBA and at three neighboring schools. In the spring, the Chorus put on Gilbert and Sullivan’s " Trial By Jury” with the Harpeth Hall Glee Club, as well as a separate spring concert. The group also presented its annual Commencement program. In addition, many members took part in the Dramatics Club musical " Oliver!” We would like to extend our very sincere appreciation to first-year director Mr. Gerald Arthur, and pianist Mrs. Ann Bishop, both of whom devoted much of their time to the perfection of the group. With over two-thirds of its members returning next year, the Chorus looks forward to a promising future. —Keith Davis, President Front Row-Davis, Bishop, Archer, Weatherford, Hodge; 2nd Row-Smith, Delvaux, Glazer, McLaughlin, Rich, Whit- son, Edmondson; 3rd Row-Rayburn, Moore, Hodge, Friedman, Robinson, Regen, Coble; 4th Row-New, Wieck; Stand- ing-Batson, Bond; Seated on wall-Beasely, Seay, Olive, Linn. 112 FORENSICS CLUB The Forensics club provides the MBA student with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of public speaking endeavors. This year, club members participated in debate, extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, and interpretative reading. Such experience helps develop logical thought, clear delivery, and self- confidence in public speaking. Under the leadership of President Ward Rogers, Vice-President Glen Civitts, and Secretary Steve Eisen, the Forensics Club continues the tradition of excellence that has made it one of the most respected schools of the South in this field. Long hours of coaching by Mrs. Ridgway and the fine support given the club by the administration, Ladies’ Auxiliary, and the Father’s Club have contributed to the success of the program. —Glen Civitts, Vice-President Seated— Collins; Standing-Poole, Landiss, Armour, DePriest, House, Cohen, Civitts, Greene, Batson, Hawiger, Wood, Knish, Cha- zen, Zager, Eisen, Wallace, Gibson, Davis, May, Rogers. 113 CHESS CLUB This year’s Chess club, produced probably the finest results since the club’s inception. The team won the Mid-State High School Championship and the Tennessee High School Championship, and finished second in the Southern Left to right-Bell, Howell, Knish, Peerman, Gibbs, Ishee, Ellis, Moyers, Stearns, Kea- ton, Moore, Glover, O’Connor, Hicks, Crenshaw, Weesner; concealed behind-Hicks, Glover. CHECKER CLUB Regional High School Championships. The team was led by captain Bruce Stearnes who captured impressive third place showings in all three tournaments and by the consistent play of the other members who made up the team: Johnny Moore, Steve Ellis, Ed Knish, and Mark Ishee. There were many others who contributed to the club’s success; and in an effort to allow all members to compete, intramural tournaments were held. In April, the team plans to play in the National High School Chess Championship in New York. The 1974-75 MBA Checker Club was a complete failure. Perhaps the highlight of the year for the club occured when pictures were taken for the annual. There were two reasons for the failure of this club: (1.) student apathy towards playing their games in the tournament, and (2.) the student’s realization that the round checkers kept in the trophy room could be hurled at fellow students in a mood of mild hilarity. The Triumvirate of Chris Friesinger, Nick Ganick, and George Hicks acted as presidents. Matt Reed and Bill Waterfield were co- vice-presidents. Secretary, George Fort; Treasurer, Hal Cunningham; Historian, Bob Peerman; Bartender (Chaplain), Bill Scales all were of immense help. Thanks should be extended to faculty sponsor Kirk Walker and the two members of the Checker Club at Harpeth Hall, Dede Johnston and Carolyn Thompson. 114 GOURMET COMMITTEE Row 1-Davies, Brown, Jewell; Row 2-Gillum, Beasley, Jones, Lipscomb, Stearnes, Hawkins. " The Gourmet Committee for 1974-75 consisted of myself, President, Vice-President Reynolds Davies, Secretary Michael Farmer, and Treasurer-Adviser Rick Jewell. " Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of the gourmet committee is not to regulate prices, which is completely our of our jurisdiction, nor is it responsible for any gastronomic distrubances thay may result from the school ' s food; nor is the committee responsible for setting up a higher level of cuisine. Definitely, we would all like to see some good ' ol Southern downhome cooking; like matzoh balls soup, lox, bagels, corn beef on rye, etc but that alas, is also out of our jurisdiction. " The purpose of this committee is to act as a liason between the students, administration, and the food source: The Belle Meade Cafeteria. We welcome all reasonable complaints, and it is our responsibiltiy to consider these complaints to satisfy the wants and needs of the student body. I would like at this time to differentiate between the food service and the actual school administration. The administration is not responsible for food matters. It offers a hot-lunch program only as a service to the student, and we are lucky to have a cafeteria where the choice of bringing your own lunch is offered " I am pleased to end this report by saying that the food staff has no complaints regarding the student behavior in the cafeteria. " —Danny Brown, President, in an early morning address to the school. 115 SERVICE CLUB M.B.A.’s Service Club, consisting of selected students from the upper three classes, completed one of its most active and successful years by adding several new projects to its many traditional projects. By selling key chains, candy bars, and M.B.A. mugs, the Service Club was able to make a substantial contribution to the school as well as fund a Christmas party for a small group of underpriviledged children. In addition to the fund-raising projects, the club painted the sittin g benches on campus, cleaned out the library gutters, ushered at football games, collected admissions at basketball and wrestling contests, sponsored a canned goods and old clothes drive for the Ladies of Charity organization, and delivered Big Brother baskets at Christmas time. Though the Service Club goes without much publicity, the contributions that this group makes are invaluable to both the school and the community. Perhaps the most significant aspect of these contributions is the opportunity that the club opens for the student body to get involved in charitable activities outside the society on campus. -Jimmy Chandler, President Left to right, row one: B. Duke, C. Stengle, J. Davis, B. Smith, D. Berry, J. Patterson, M. Crawford, B. Turney, B. Peerman, J. Parker; Row two: K. Davis, W. Morgan, D. Newman, J. Milam, P. Shell, J. Chandler, B. Hooker, C. Williams, G. Goertz, M. Anthony, J. Thoni, T. Hannon. 116 BIG RED CLUB The purpose of the Big Red Club this year, as in years previous and hopefully years to come, was to instill and maintain spirit, pride, and general dedication to MBA in the student body. The club this y v ear grew to quite large proportions as for the first time the membership was made available to freshmen as well as grades 10-12. The club, along with the leadership of its faculty advisers Kirk Walker and Linda Seidler, even undertook an early money-raising project in selling Christmas candles, a first in the history of the organization. The officers of this year ' s club, president Gil Templeton, vice-president Bill Scales, secretary David Graves, and treasurer Ben Armisted, as well as Mr. Walker and Miss Seidler, are very grateful for the excellent student participation and hope that the spirit instilled in MBA this year will hold in us all for years to come. —Gil Templeton, President 117 F.C.A Row 1: Goertz, Parrish, Hawkins, Jordon, Jaques; row 2: Lawson, D. Hannon, Keaton, Harris, P. Wieck, Woodard; Row 3: Norling, Nichols, J. Hannon, Thoni, Moench, Mr. Jefferson; Row 4: Reasons, Smith, Tune, Newman, J. Wieck, J. Hannon. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a national organization of athletes who are dedicated to living the Word of Christ and to being leaders in both church and community. The membership of the MBA F.C.A. 1974-1975 was extended to the Junior School so that interest in the F.C.A. would include younger individuals. Under the supervision and leadership of school director Jimmy Jefferson and District director Dee Margo, the F.C.A. had many school meetings throughout the school year. Speakers like Dav id Lee, President of the F.C.A. at Vanderbilt, and Fred Fisher thoroughly entertained the F.C.A. members at some of the meetings. In addition, a fund-raising project by the organization resulted in the numerous MBA wool hats seen on campus. This was one of the finest F.C.A. groups ever assembled at MBA. 118 MERIT FINALISTS Left to right: Davis, Flygt,Knish, Nelson, Cantrell, Crawford, Civitts, Davis, Scantlebury, Tosh, Hicks, Walker, Bell. Representing less than one-half of one percent of the nations graduating high school seniors, the Merit Finalists comprise a group demonstrating high potential for college achievement. Qualifying juniors for this award is the PSAT NMSQT test administered during the fall. The class of 74-75 yielded 13 Seniors to receive this award. The senior class also had the highest number of Semi-Finalists in the school’s history: 17. SONS OF ALUMNI Left to right: Bennett, Cragon, Hawkins, Dale, Brown, Howell, Harrison. 119 HONOR SOCIETIES Senior Society: Flygt, Bell, Ownby, DePriest, Howell, Davis, Collins, Maxwell, Englert, Milam. Schull, Williams, Sawyers. Membership in the Senior Honor Society requires three consecutive semesters of a ninety average; membership in the Junior Society demands three semesters’ average of ninety. Less than 5% of the student body become members of either society. Junior Society: Galloway, Anderson, Poole, Milam, Armour, Howiger, Wallace. 120 ) TOTOMOI To become a member of Totomoi is the highest honor that an M.B.A. student can achieve. Faculty, alumni, and friends who have served the school may also be selected for membership in the honorary fraternity. Totomoi was founded by Dr. R.L. Sager in 1954 to promote and recognize the development of the M.B.A. student in all activities and traditions of the school. Membership is awarded on the basis of a point system which requires excellence in at least three of the following fields: scholarship, athletics, student government, organizations, forensics, dramatics, and citizenship. Points are given in recognition of length of service, achievement, and leadership in these areas. Students chosen must have demonstrated loyalty, love, and respect for the school, its principles, and its goals. Jimmy Chandler, Keith Davis, Ward Rogers 121 Most MBA students participate in some sport which requires very much time and effort. It may seem absurd that young men willingly engage themselves in so violent a sport as football or in one so demanding of perfect conditioning as basketball or track. And who would expect anyone to volunteer for the soccer team which spends its season slogging through the mud and ice of the cold winter months? There must be a purpose behind this apparent foolishness . . . People have a natural desire to join their fellows in some unifying activity, and they enjoy the sense of unity which can be achieved through participation in team athletics. Team athletics is an exercise in the formation of unified and disciplined groups of people to which each person is able to make a unique contribution because of his individualtiy. Athletes benefit from making sacrifices for their teams and from learning how to understand and accept their comrades’ sacrifices. A successful team is one in which this ideal system of give-and- take exists. 122 —Joe Davis Feb. 13, 1975 123 VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: Wright, manager; Baldwin, Tune, Kirkpatrick, Smith, Duke, McWhirter, Geortz, Hodge, A. Moore, Lackey, Wallace, Hannon, Neil, Batson, manager; Second Row: Johnson, Reed, Hill, Luplow, Tennison, Bull, Reasons, Gaddes, Chandler, Davis, Milam, Orr, Scanlin, Jacques, McClellan, trainer; Third Row: Coach Ramsey, Coach Ridgway, Woolwine, trainer; Newman, Maddux, Bogle, R. Moore, Weiland, Rappuhn, Ralston, Edmondson, Marsh, Harris, Burch, McClure, Regen, Parker, Coach Jefferson, Coach Buck M.B.A.’s 1974 Varsity Fooball Team finished its season with a 6-4 record under head coach Ray Ridgway, who was ably assisted by coaches Ramsey, Jefferson, and Buck. M.B.A.’s hopes for an undefeated season were ended early in a 23-7 defeat by Overton. M.B.A. had little success running the ball. Although it gained 130 yards for the night, Harris’ passing attack was too intermittent to threaten the Overton defense. Gerry Goertz made a heroic punt return, picking up blocks from Jimmy Chandler, Bill Hodge, and Barry Gaddes for M.B.A.’s only score. M.B.A. made many frustrating mistakes in their 17-14 loss to Hillsboro. Bill Scanlan and Lon Tennison played well on defense, but the offense was too shaky to make the steady drives needed for a victory. M.B.A. came back with a strong defense led by Guy Marsh and good running by Gerry Goertz and Steve Burch against Stratford. Harris kicked a field goal in the last play of the first half to give M.B.A. its three point margin of victory. M.B.A. won an important game in beating previously undefeated Pearl 27-0. Harris’ 143 yards passing aided the M.B.A. offense as Harris, Goertz, and Matt Reed scored. M.B.A.’s homecoming victory over Antioch was the high point of M.B.A.’s season. M.B.A. was behind until late in the fourth quarter when a critical pass from Harris to Goertz set up the winning touchdown, making the score 22-17. Steve Burch had an excellent 118 yards in 13 carries. The line really deserves credit for this victory, for they blocked well and helped contain Antioch’s explosive running backs. After a weak first half, M.B.A. started playing well in their 19-0 victory over Hillwood. Led by Gerry Goertz and Joe Davis, M.B.A.’s offense concentrated on running the ball during this game. M.B.A.’s lack of consistent toughness became apparent in their 14-6 loss to B.G.A. The team did give effort, but they could not stop BGA’s offense well enough; M.B.A.’s offense never got started. It was not until the second half that M.B.A. started playing well against East. Steve Burch and Joe Davis ran well, and Mike Ralston made some important receptions as M.B.A. won 26-7. ,1L I 1 A 127 M.B.A. was punished by Ryan, 48-0. The offense could not sustain a drive all night, so Ryan had the ball for most of the game. The break-away power of Ryan’s offense was convincingly demonstrated by the fact that safetyman Johnny Parker was forced to make six unassisted touch- down-saving tackles. The Big Red closed its season with a 47-6 victory over Old Hickory Academy. M.B.A.’s junior varsity was fortunate enough to play about as much as the starters did. Next year’s team returns many experienced players who will be looking forward to avenging this year’s losses and following up on this year’s victories. There seems to be in the juniors and sophomores a lot of determination which could unite them next year as a very effective fighting force. General statistics: Clint Regen had 54 tackles and 33 assists. John Hill had 49 tackles and 29 assists. Jeff Rappuhn won the scrounger chart. Marsh and Ralston were All Western Division. Ralston was second team All State and Marsh was honorable mention All State. Gerry Goertz had 557 yards in 105 carries while Steve Burch had 450 yards in 75 carries. 128 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The 1974 Junior Varsity Football Team under coaches Buck and Jefferson compiled a 2-3 season. M.B.A. lost the first two games to Overton and Hillsboro, but the team warmed up to win 14-0 against Stratford. The offense executed well, and the defense held the Stratford team. M.B.A. played B.G.A. next, losing because of several fumbles and weak defense. For its last game of the season, the M.B.A. Junior Varsity beat Ryan 6-0 in a very spirited game. Good performances by quarterback Don Orr and halfback John McWhirter gave M.B.A. the yardage needed to defeat Ryan. The offensive leaders of the Junior Varsity were John McWhirter, Mickey Tune, Rick Jacques, and Raymond Lackey. Defensive leaders were Rol Luplow, Don Orr, Clay Whitson, Alan Reasons, and Bill Smith. The Junior Varsity players received the experience that is necessary for their future on the Varsity Team. First Row: Richards, McWhirter, Elliott, Lackey, Milam, Moench, Dale, Hannon, Kirkpatrick Second Row: Luplow, Orr, Bull, Smith, Bogle, Tune, Baldwin, A. Moore, Phillips, Jacques, Reasons Third Row: R. Moore, Robinson, Newman, Wilson, Beasley, McClure, Jackson, Lassing, Whittier, Whitson FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The 1974 Freshman Football Team had an overall record of four wins and three losses. The team opened its season by losing well-fought games to Apollo and Cameron. The Freshmen then bounced back with four straight victories against Hillwood, Moore, Rose Park, and arch-rival B.G.A. The high point of the season was the 14-12 win over B.G.A.; both of M.B.A.’s touchdowns were made on passes from quarterback Robert Holland to Pete DeLay. In their last game of the season, the Freshmen were defeated by a strong McMurray team. The Freshman Team was led offensively by Johnny Dicker and Jack Patterson; defensively by Bill Hawkins, Greg Simpson, and Mark Sullivan. Pete DeLay and Robert Holland also made valuable contributions to the team. First Row: Duffey, Griffin, Turner, Nelson, Smith, Zeitlin, Pinder, Foster, Baker Second Row: Linn, Russell, DeLay, Hobbs, Hawi- ger, Hitt, O’Neal, Burrus, Parker, McIntosh, Miles, Dicker, Hase, Owen Third Row: Coach Harkey, Coach Caldwell, Irwin, manager; Haynes, Sullivan, Holland, Hawkins, Simpson, Patterson, Stumb, Smith, Norling, New, Crenshaw, Binkley, manager; Coach Medlin, Coach Lellyett MICROBE FOOTBALL The Microbe team, coached by William Compton, compiled an impressive 5-1 record this year. After losing their first game to Brentwood, the Microbes came back to win five consecutive games, including two victories over B.G.A. and an exciting 12-6 overtime victory against Northside. The team played its best game against Franklin Road Academy, beating them 18-0. Wingback David Duke, who scored 8 touchdowns, and quarterback Andy Massey, who threw for 8, were outstanding on offense. Defensive standouts were Richard Smith, Mark Levan, Vance Wheeler, and Trey Alford. The 1974 Microbe squad was a credit to the school and probably will remain so in the coming years. Row 1: Alford, Coleman, Latimer, Derryberry, Woodroof, Mills, Moore, Turner, Herbert Row 2: Gross, Martindale, Massey. Wheeler, Riegle, Harrison, Cragon, Rose Row 3: Huddleston, Bowers, King, Cohen, Horton, Ferguson, Davis, Berry Row 4: Regen, Taylor, Duke, Nichols, Freeman, Fort, Crow, Durham Row 5: Frost, Wieck, Dale, Orr, Smith, Levan, Pierce, Seay CROSS COUNTRY This year’s cross country team was an experienced, Senior-dominated group that continued the reputation for good cross country that M.B.A. has won in recent years. Led by Captains Scott Wells and Johnny Schaffner, the team posted a 6-4 regular season record in-wins over perennial rival B.G.A. and the team that eventually finished third in the State, Dupont. The team also scored well in invitational meets. In the Regional Championship M.B.A. placed fourth out of all the teams in Middle Tennessee, the best finish ever for a Big Red cross country team. The three teams that defeated M.B.A. went on to finish 1-2- 3 in the state. Outstanding individual performances were consistently recorded by Scott Wells, who set new school records on almost every course that he ran. Well’s time of 15:28 over the Shelby Park layout is the best time ever for an M.B.A. runner over a three-mile course. In addition, Schaffner, Ken Witt, Chris Friesinger and Brion Friedman rounded out the first five; Witt, Friedman and Billy Anderson offer the nucleus of a first-rate team for the future. Left to right; front row, Ed Archer, John Schaffner, Scott Wells, Jeff Glazer-Back row, Billy Anderson, Dave Ma- Hanes, Kirby Davis, Chris Friesinger, Steve Ellis, Ken Witt Microbe Cross Country: H.V.A.C. Champions Kneeling: G. Brown, T. Ayers, J. Treadway, J. Shaw, W. Brown, J. May, J. Dickerson- Standing: E. Groos, D. Derryberry, F. Smith, B. Nichols, T. Swystun, S. Bruel, S. Wood, S. Glasgow, S. Selby, B. White (not pictured: G. Cheig) WRESTLING Under the leadership of new head coach Danny Buck, the wrestling team finished its season with a record of four wins and six losses. After crushing BGA 54-9 in the opening match, the MBA wrestlers dropped two consecutive one-point losses to Glencliff and Clarksville. The Big Red next lost to Ryan, but then rallied to upset McGavock 31- 17. Following two close losses to Hillwood and Antioch, the wrestlers ended their season well defeating Franklin 32-17. In tournament competition, MBA achieved commendable amount of success. In the Overton Invitational, Freddy McLaughlin and Clay Whitson placed second; Bill Scanlan captured third, and Jerry Patterson finished fourth. Bill Scanlan also placed third in the Hillwood Invitational. The Big Red wrestled well in the District Tournament, 136 finishing fourth. Freddy McLaughlin was the 114-lb District Champion; Jerry Patterson, Michael Huddleston, Clay Whitson, and Bill Scanlan placed second, and Jerry Jordon and Oman Weiland finished fourth. Michael Huddleston advanced to the Sub-State by placing second in the Regional. The future appears bright for the wrestling squad. Although the team will feel the loss of co-captains Bill Scanlan and Barry Gaddes, five starting juniors will return. Also back for another will be sophomores Jerry Jordon, Pride Scanlan, Jim Dale, and Joe Wieck. Returning freshmen include Bob Russel and David Linn. Left to right: P. Scanlan, McLaughlin, Patterson, Jordon, Russel, Bishop, Huddleston, Dale; 2nd row: Mr. Buck, Gaddes, Wei- land, Linn, Scanlan, Wieck, Mallory. 137 Mr. Buck hopes that by encouraging interest in and support of the wrestling program, there will be a greater involvement in participation. He plans to take a group to the Iowa State Wrestling Camp this summer so that young wrestlers can become more experienced. Coach Buck says, " The talent is here at MBA; it needs only to be developed, and I hope to bring about this development.” FRESHMAN WRESTLING Left to right: Pierce, Wagster, Warnock, Irwin, Krai, Henshaw, Crow, Frost; Row 2: Stumb, Barnes, DeLay, Baker, Turner, Nelson, Griffin, Richardson, London. The freshman wrestling team had a disappointing season this year. The team was forced to forfeit 5 weight classes for matches early in the season and 2 classes for the remainder of the season. The freshmen won only two matches against a powerful Ryan team but came back the next week to defeat Cameron. Over the Christmas break the team worked out with the varsity and a much improved team demolished Hillwood but suffered a close loss to McMurray. The freshmen wrestlers ended the season by going to the McMurray Invitational where Galt Baker placed third and Paul Stumb placed fourth. 139 VARSITY BASKETBALL MBA’s 1974-75 varsity basketball season was highlighted by veteran basketball coach John Bennett’s return to the hardwood to direct in the tough 14th District of the Nashville Interscholastic League, the Big Red relied on outside shooting and good defense to make up for a lack of height. All-14th District guard Joe Thoni headed the offensive attack with a 16 point per game average. Senior forwards Russ Heldman and Jack Nuismer averaged 10 points apiece per game. Thoni also made the 3rd team All-Nashville while Honorable Mention All-Nashville honors went to Heldman, Nuismer, and junior center Mike Ralston who led the boardwork with an average of 9 rebounds per game. Seniors Brad Turney and David Jacobs alternated admirably at the other guard spot as senior Jimmy Deal and junior Kurt Witt helped greatly at forward. Row 1: Heldman, Jacobs, Turney, Thoni, Nusimer, Deal; row 2: Evans, Hill, Witt, Hooker, Ralston, Farmer, Thym, Fort, Laddiss. 140 Junior John Hill, Bobby Thym, Brad Hooker, and Mike Farmer showed future promise in abbreviated roles. The Big Red found playing on the road difficult and welcomed the friendly confines of Brownlee 0. Currey Gymnasium where the team recorded several upsets. The season was kicked off at MBA with an exciting 55-54 win over the Hume Fogg Blue Devils. Joe Thoni connected with two of his 34 points with a few seconds left to secure the win. Again at home, Thoni hit one of his patented " squeejy " shots with five seconds left to lead a win over arch-rival Hillsboro, 51-50. Joe ended with 21 points while Mike Ralston added 12. A trip to Chattanooga McCallie in mid-season proved profitable as the team avenged a one-point loss suffered the previous year to the perrenial Chattanooga power, 63-54. Joe Thoni (29 points) and Russ Heldman (14 points) led the offense while Mike Ralston grabbed 10 rebounds. A week later the Big Red upset talented and highly ranked Pearl on a tip-in by Ralston with just a few seconds remaining. The final score was 60-58; a tough MBA defense held the explosive Tigers to only 13 points the first half. Another highlight of the season was a 75-71 victory over District rival Cohn. Jack Nusimer led the charge with 26 points and Russ Heldman added 16. MBA’s final season record stood 12 wins, 12 losses. Coach Bennett’s crew headed into the District 14 Tournament with eyes on a regional berth. Although Russ Heldmen and Mike Ralston combined for 20 rebounds against first round opponent Hillwood, the Big Red offense could not get going. MBA’s season ended abruptly as a last second attempt at tying the score failed; Hillwood won the defensive battle and the game, 45-43. MBA will miss the six graduating seniors who contributed greatly over the years to the basketball program but a.good crop of JV players and a few varsity returnees make the future look promising 142 J.V. BASKETBALL This years ' s Junior Varsity basketball team was plagued with inconsistency. Alternating excellent and poor performances resulted in the attaining of a 12-11 record. Highlights of the season include a key 43-39 win over rival Father Ryan in their Gymnasium, a 69-65 overtime win over Hillsboro and wins over Hillwood, Glencliff, and Bellevue. The team was paced all year by the performance of Brad Hooker who averaged in double figures in both points and rebounds the entire season. Other first-rate performances were turned in by Danny Newman, Bobby Thym, and a steadily improving Hal West. These 13 J.V. players should offer a solid nucleus for future Varsity squads. Kneeling: Duke, West, Tune, Thym, Williams, Smith; standing: Kimbro, May, Hooker, Edmonson, Beasley, Maxwell, Newman, Reasons. 143 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Row 1: Patterson, Nova, Crenshaw, Holland, Simpson, Hawkins, Pinder; row 2: Binkley, Anderson, Smith, Neil, Hardin, Anderson, Dicker, Milam, Sullivan. The freshman basketball team compiled an overall 3-12 record under second-year rookie coach John Reed. The team won a mid-season victory over BGA and an impressive tournament victory over Hillwood. Captain Robert Holland was the season ' s leading scorer and Johnny Dicker was also an important offensive player. Others playing well this year were Wenning Hardin, Greg Simpson, and Don Pinder. SEVENTH GRADE INTRA- MURAL CHAMPS: Left to right: Heller, Kaplan, Daugherty, Fine, Galloway. MICROBE BASKETBALL Row 1: Latimer, Martindale, Moore, Bowers, Ferguson, Templeton, Todd; row 2: Duke Davis, Woodward, Massey, Wheeler, Levan, Smith, Horton. The microbe basketball team finished with a record of 13-3. Led by the masterful hands of coaches Harkey and Medlin, the team consistently gained momentum all year. The microbes played well in the H.V.A.C. tournament, winning their first two games and losing in the finals to Brentwood Academy. The team placed second in that tournament as well as finishing second in the H.V.A.C. Captain Vance Wheeler and Andy Massey shared top-scorer ' s honors, while Mark Levan and Richard Smith gave the Little Big Red formidable board strength. Much help was also given by seventh-graders Ricky Bower and Freddy Horton EIGHTH GRADE INTRAMURAL CHAMPS: Left to right: Johnson, Dale, Crow, Dempsky, Cohen, Guttman, White, Gross. SOCCER MBA’S continually improving soccer team had a regular season record of 8-0-2 and an overall record of 11-0-2. Mike Shea, Gerry Goertz, Johnny Schaffner, Boyd Gibbs, Brion Friedmon and Steve Ellis led the coordinated offense. Joe Davis, Dale Berry, Bob Bolster, Bill Waterfield, Les Coble and Ben Armisted played excellent defense as MBA held its opponents to 9 goals while scoring 38, Coaches John Lanier and Tommy Webb gave invaluable leadership to the team. After tying Ryan in the first meeting, MBA united superb offensive play with consistent defense to win 3-0. The team came back from a 1-3 halftime deficeit to tie Webb 3-3 in the last 3 minutes of the game. MBA avenged last year’s loss in the state tournament finals by beating McCallie in another excellent game. Row 1: Deihl, Bolster, Brown, Gibbs, Goertz, Crawford, Armisted, Shea, Schaffner, Burrus; row 2: Orr, Berry, Davis, Sweatt Ellis McWhirter, Regen, Robinson, Friedmon, Kirkpatrick, Coble, Waterfield. 146 The team went into the state tournament seeded first. The team had lost standout John Schaffner earlier, but he was replaced by Clint Regen who learned his position quickly. The defense salvaged possible early losses by recording shutouts against Sewanee and Baylor. Gibbs headed in a goal to down Sewanee 1-0 and Shea, Coble, Friedman, and Felipe Correales all hit penalty shots to win the tie- breaking shootoff after MBA and Baylor had battled to a 0-0 tie at the end of regulation play. MBA played one of its finest games against Webb in the finals of the State tournament. The defense dominated the first half, which was scoreless. In the second half, Shea scored two 147 goals. The lead was maintained until 29 seconds remained when Webb scored. However, very happily, the clock ran out before Webb could threaten again, and MBA had its first State Championship. A solid defense and consistent play were the key to the Tournament victory as well as the whole season. Special honor must go to Joe Davis who, being named most valuable defensive player of the tournament, contributed, along with rest of the defense, to make MBA first in the state. Row 1: Richards, Morgan, Mace, Garner, Chernau, Mader, Schull, Andrews, Lannon, Preston, Kurtz; row 2: Garret, Hannon, Jackson, Lassing, Moench, Estes, Andrews. J.Y. SOCCER 149 VARSITY BASEBALL Row 1: Turney, Goertz, Harris, Thoni, Parnell; row 2: Smith, Hill, Burch, Ralston, Nuismer, Ganick. 150 N : 1 , ■ ' •jfir’TTZ ' » ' r ■ « • V’ • MBA had one of its strongest baseball teams in several years. A large group of seniors provided the leadership for the team. Robert Harris, Jack Nuismer, and David Parnell were the starting pitchers. Nick Gannick, Gerry Goertz, Joe Thoni; Brad Turney were other seniors who were important as batters, runners and fielders. Other contributions were made by John Hill, Bill Smith, Steve Burch, and Barry Duke. The Baseball team was fortunate to have the enthusiastic leadership of Coach Jim Jefferson, who was ably assisted by Coach Caldwell. TENNIS Row 1: Burrus, Sawyers, Howell, Calton, D. Templeton, Bolster; row 2: coach James Poston, G. Templeton, Berry, Daniel Davis lnym, Jacobs. J ’ MBA’s 1975 tennis team returned three players from the top six of last year’s NIL championship team Captain Gil Templeton returned to his number one position, followed by Johnny Howell and Joe Davis. Johnny Daniel, Bobby Thym, Dale Berry and Bill Calton made important contributions to the squad and will return in ’76. David Templeton, an eight-grader, proved himself a player with great potential, and his future as well as that of the team, looks bright. 152 TRACK Kneeling: Lassing, Gibbs, D. Moench, Wynn, Akers, Kirkpatrick, Wallace, Simon, Glazer Howell: row 2: West, Shell, Lackey, Bald- win, Rich, Whirson, Wells, Davis, Friesinger, Luplow, Bogle; row 3: Wilson, Moore, McLure, Reasons, Chazen, Friedmon, Coble, Ed- monson, Weiland, Rebrovick, R. Moench, Parker, Witt. Last year ' s MBA track team won the AAA central division championships and placed third in the district. Seniors Kirby Davis, Johnny Parker, Chris Friesinger, Scott Wells and Clark Akers returned to lead the 1975 squad. MBA had success in indoor meets. Wells placed third in the 880 and the two-mile relay team won fifth at the State indoor meet. Strong juniors this year were Ken Witt, John Rebrovick, and Brion Friedmon. The strength of the sophomores was also impressive. The team ' s efforts did much to prepare the numerous young athletes for future years. Editor ' s note: Coverage of Track and Tennis has suffered because of torrential rain and a coincidental FINAL DEADLINE which had to be met. We apologize to all slighted coaches, managers, and players. 153 Left to right: Burrus, Cole, Entrekin, Morgan, Hamilton; row 2: Knish, Rowland, Cornish, Orr, Newman. GOLF This year ' s golf team returned only two seniors from last year ' s team which won the District and NIL championships. Hugh Entrekin and Ed Knish were the seniors on a team which called on sophomores John Hamilton, Grady Burrus, William Morgan and freshman Curt Cole to take on a great part of the responsibility this year. 154 RIFLE TEAM Harrison W °° Iwine ’ EvanS ' Haymore Davis - Fe uson; front row: Turner, Hobbs, Ayers, Hamilton, DePriest; missing: Griswold, This years rifle team competed in 3 four-position matches and a final biggie-the NRA Junior sectional. The results of all these matches were quite good. MBA placed 1st in the first match, and captured 2nd place in the other two Youth Inc.-sponsored four-position tournaments, behind the R.O.T.C. team from Oakland High School in Murfresboro. MBA wound up the season with the NRA Junior Sectional festivities. As a result of the shrewd strategy planned by coaches Jim Stevens, Rip Sutton and Emmons Woolwine, the Maroon and Silver 4- man teams were created and entered into the team competition of this gala event. In addition, these same eight riflemen p us sub-junior Tim Ayers were entered into the individual competition. The results oftheindividual match were as follows: Tim Ayers captured the 1st place sub-junior medal and captain Skip Woolwine and Pittman Haymore walked away with the 4th and 5th place medals in the more challenging Junior category, which had approximately 60 competitors. On the team level, the Maroon team composed of Skip Woolwine, Pittman Haymore, Jim Evans, and r iTh F KK rg M°i n ear " ed th f, 2nd P lace " over-all” medals, while the Silver team made up of John Hamilton, ill Hobbs Nelson Griswold, and Louie Davis received the 2nd place non-military scholastic medals, thus iimshing the season on a successful note. 156 SWIMMING TEAM Although the MBA swimming team did not have a spectacular season in terms of team points, much was gained by the growth and added experience of the team. Under the coaching of Ray Ridgeway, outstanding individual performances were seen by Lewis Allen, Greg Nelson and Charles Weesner as they made the TSSAA State Top Ten ranking at the University of Tennessee pool. Also, the MBA relay team of Nelson, Allen, Weesner, and John Gillum captured 4th place in the state. The fine swimming of Gillum, and Bill Nichols with the excellent diving of Freddy McLaughlin and Andy Massey also aided the team. In the dual meet season, extra help came from Rob Parrish, Steve Hinshaw, Norm Herron, Mike Smith, Jim Dale, Chris London and Chris Nelson. Seated: Gillum, McLaughlin, Nelson, Allen, Parrish, Weesner; standing: Frost, Nichols, Herron, Massey, Dale. 157 J. B. REGEN General Contractor COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION Compliments of a Friend 2221 Bransford Avenue 162 We regret that the existence of the seventh grade football team was not brought to our attention sooner. We are still uninformed about their pre- cise record, but we are sure they are a credit to the school. Row 1: Coombs, Molesworth, Smith, Kline, Heller, Ridgeway, Wagster, Gregg, Benz; row 2: Hannon, Moore, Lipscomb, Johnson, Anderson, Pack, Hollins, Crabtree, Whitson; row 3: Henderson, Herbert, Ferguson, Davis, Altenbern, Horton, Griscomb, Edwins, Mitchell. the 3818 Nolensville Rd. Everything in Sporting Goods fr BILL TRICKET OLDSMOBILE 1823 Gallatin Road ' Across from Rivergate” YOUR SPORTS CAR CENTER Authorized Dealer TRIUMPH jaguar Service Parts Sales o)COtt c Motor Car$, c Li m itdl H Uch West End at 17th Pioneering a New Concept in Health Care HOSPITAL CORPORATION OF AMERICA 167 168 169 GRAVES IMPORT COMPANY Nashville Tennessee If turning these pages is the Formal Elegance is not Expensive to Rent at only exercise you ' ve had today . . . BITTNER’S better turn Now 1+ Locations to Serve You to us. Rivergate Plaza 2515 West End 1+507 Charlotte Harding Mall DOUGLAS NURSERY . . . and now at Nolensville Road Pipelines, currencies, lawsuits, freighters, futures, offshore spills — the elements of change are many. Only the rhythm is constant. At Synercon, we prepare ourselves daily to meet the problems and parameters of change. To anticipate and move with them. Because there can be no growth without change. And no change without risk. ARMISTEAD MILLER WALLACE PSYNERCON Insurance and bonds BLAIR, FOLLIN, ALLEN AND WALKER PSYNERCON Employee benefits and group insurance DATA SERVICE CORPORATION “8YNERQ0N Data processing and OSHA recordkeeping “SYNEMCN Corporation: 301 Plus Park Blvd., Nashville, Tennessee 37202 (615) 242-2601 Compliments of TENNESSEE FOUNDRY and MACHINE COMPANY 806 16th Avenue North NASHVILLE it ' s ti Compliments of McKEE, GENY THORNTON, INC. INSURANCE BONDS 3312 West End Avenue 3818 Hillsboro Road 385-3995 221 6th Avenue North 255-3108 IcTT Ov yf COMPANY Compliments of RAMSEY-DAUGHERTY CO. General Contractors 5123 Harding Road COMPLIMENTS of the TRUCKIN’ BLUES BAND Compliments of KAPPA DELTA THETA SORORITY ) SAM P. WEILAND Engineer-Contractor, Inc. P.O. Box 74 BRENTWOOD, TENN. 37027 (615) 256-6968 PROVIDENT LIFE ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY Third National Bank Building 19th Floor 255-8481 LOVENTHAL REALTY REALTORS 208 23rd Ave. N. P. O. Box 530 NASHVILLE, TENN. 37202 SPORTSMAN’S STORE 175 ENGLERT ENGINEERING COMPANY Suppliers of Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ftaurp REALTORS Sellers of Exclusive Homes 383-3838 REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS INC. 21+00 Crestmar Road 176 MANUFACTURING CO. P.0. BOX 1269 . 350 TWENTY-EIGHTH ME. NO. . NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37202 . PHONE 615 383-8001 Our congratulations to the graduating Seniors and with best wishes for much success in the coming years. HORACE SMALL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Irvin Small AMERICA’S MOST COMPLETE LINE OF IN-STOCK UNIFORMS 177 symbol of service! all kinds of business insurance. BONDS CASUALTY PROPERTY MARINE AVIATION LIFE INSURANCE AND RELATED SERVICES MARTIN HAYES and COMPANY, INC. 170 FOURTH AVENUE, NO. NASHVILLE, TENN. 37219 PHONE (615) 244-8820 178 Compliments of OMAN CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS CompLLmzYitA o EXCHANGE INC. EVERYTHING FOR THE MODERN OFFICE AND GARMENT FACTORY 627 19th AVENUE NORTH N ASH V I L LE, TE N N . 37202 PHONE: 61 5 329-4931 179 BILL CAMPBELL SPECIALIST IN HAIR DESIGNS cftnita’i cRoffLz of Gzeen Sk((s (FULL SERVICE HAIRSTYLING SALON) 3 Appointments Only PHONE: 383-1404 4111 Hillsboro Rd. (upstairs) Nashville. Tenn. 37215 Why Buy . . . faunae MORRIS RENT- All Center INCORPORATED When you can rent! SIX CONVENIENT LOCATIONS! West End Woodbine Donelson Inglewood Madison Clarksville JENSEN SHOES BELLE MEADE PLAZA Jom James “OUR CLIENTS AREN’T PERFECT - THEY JUST LOOK THAT WAY’ BUS. 615-269-4515 TOM JAMES CLOTHIERS 4098 HILLSBORO ROAD NASHVILLE, TENN. 37215 HAROLD WALLACE CO. INC. LABELS- ALL TYPES SELF-ADHESIVE GUMMED NAME PLATES CONTINUOUS FORM LABELS LABELING EQUIPMENT Nashville Telephone 832-9725 Compliments of ncmE SCHOOL SUPPLV CO. FBIb [O] bridge rd. 73 WHITE ru BlIlW] NASHVILLE, TENN. 37205 SULLIVAN’S Belle Meade Plaza Sduie H $pafre ! Tfflwtifefo ' QverSO 1 ea M Whole bean coffee grind it fresh ! II ' m MORTON LYNE and ASSOCIATES Inc. ARCHITECTS- ENGINEERS 21 7 21+th Avenue North Compliments of KIMBRO OIL CO. Jobber— Amoco Products Nashville, Tennessee Antique Estate DIFFERENT FROM lie Meade rs ' JEWELERS o”o. MEMBER w prestressed concrete institute. American Concrete q Association DIXIE CONCRETE pipe co , me. P. O. BOX 337 LAVERGNE. TENN. 37086 J. Edward Gillum VICE PRESIDENT A C 615 RES. 352-6964 OFFICE 793-681 1 Centre Court Tennis Shoppe Compliments Of a Friend Hyway 100 Westgate Shopping Centre Compliments of Spenser Trask Co. Incorporated 182 INTER-STATE PAVING COMPANY 5610 Nolensville Road Nashville, Tennessee 37211 PLANT MIX ASPHALT ROADS AND HIGHWAYS CONSTRUCTION 183 MOON DRUG CO. simply wonderful sportswear CUM CORNER 100 Oaks Belle Meade Theater Bldg. Rivergate Compliments of The Belle Meade Buffet BELLE MEADE PLAZA 184 Murray Ohio Manufacturing Co. Franklin Road Brentwood, Tennessee Murray Bicycles Murray Power Lawnmowers 185 XlfJOM 411 Thompson Lane NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone 256-7538 HILLSBORO VILLAGE 100 OAKS (Open Nights) BELLE MEADE PLAZA Making Nashville a Great Place to Read 100 Oaks— Open nights and Sundays , 383-5520 The well-dressed man has the advantage Cdetett Ucljap el CLOTHIERS TO GENTLEMEN Belle Meade Plaza Green Hills Market Pharmacy MOON’S TUXEDO RENTAL 186 Fine Foods and Bavarian Villiage Drugs Green Hills 3909 Hillsboro Road 1+001+ Hillsboro Rd. Westgate Store (Hyway 100) at 353-0223 THE REFRESHMENT TRIO TAKE YOUR CHOICE ... OR TRY ALL THREE KING SIZE IN QUANTITY KING SIZE IN QUALITY BEAMAN BOTTLING CO. 715 THOMPSON LANE Compliments of TURI1ER P. UJILLinmS 187 W.R. BENNYWORTH General Contractor Compliments of THOMPSON GREEN MACHINERY Co. Residential Commercial Planning Building Route 6, Brentwood, Tn. 37027 Phone 383-8460 Q.Extra effort ? worth it. Murfresboro Road Nashville If 004 Hillsboro Road DELTA SIGMA FRATERNITY McClure ' s MADISON SQUARE • HILLSBORO VILLAGE • MADISON • FRANKLIN B. M. GRANT COMPANY Mortgage Bankers PERMANENT AND INTERMEDIATE FINANC- ING ON INCOME PRODUCING REAL ESTATE — LAND PURCHASE LEASE BACKS — CON- STRUCTION LOANS— DEVELOPMENT LOANS J Contact: J. Jefferson Edwards, Vice President J. David Richardson 12th Floor, Third National Bank Building NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37219 (615) 259-2635 An Affiliate of the Advisor to INVESTORS REALTY TRUST Compliments of SYLVAN PARK RESTAURANT 1+502 Murphy Road Compliments of DELTA COALS, INC 95 White Bridge Road NASHVILLE 190 Compliments of BURRUS HARDWARE S.A.P. Club Associates Capital salutes MONTGOMERY BELL ACADEMY for its contribution to the future leaders of our Nation. Executive Offices One Park Plaza 191

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