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r r ' ■ - - - ' . . ..--A, ! ' ■ CONTENTS DEDICATION PAGE 3 FOREWORD PAGE 5 ADMINISTRATION PAGE 21 CLASSES PAGE 33 ORGANIZATIONS PAGE 81 SPORTS PAGE 99 EPILOGUE PAGE 129 " Plays are like blank checks. The actors and directors put their own signatures on them, " said Thorn- ton Wilder. MBA ' s dramatic productions have been signed in a large, bold script, that of our adept, exacting direc- tor, Mr. Holcomb. His quick wit, over- whelming or- iginality, and superb abilities In teaching and dramatics combine to make him the epitome of the well-rounded man. For teaching us so much, not only about academics, but also about life, for holding " the mirror up to Nature, " the editors dedicate the 1971 BELL to Mr. Terry Hol- comb. DEDICATED TO MR. TERRY HOLCOMB The hot fun of the Summertime quickly passed away as September steadily ap- proached. Suddenly one awoke to discover that it was Registration Day. Buying books, signing the MBA Register, getting one ' s schedule, writing one ' s name on gym shorts. Then came the first day of school; To some it was a day for glad reunions with friends one had not seen since May. It was a day to look around to see what had changed: new paint in the rooms; new teachers, in- cluding Mr. DeMoss; and, most of all, new boys. For these boys, it was a day of loneli- ness and confusion, but these feelings soon passed. ‘-A, The fall became a succession of Friday nights. Pep rallies, cheerleaders, all for our super team. Looking back at last year, no one expected much at first, but the team emerged victorious. As everyone chanted, " We ' re number one! " 9+0 ir 1970 rQ Ahov . ■sr obcL AboV« 4V e- C_o q«- The year ' s newness soon rubbed off as we settled down to our work. Our sideburns scarcely survived Hair I970 ' s " Baboon Bob scourge. We watched with glee as the Gourmet Committee, child of last year ' s strike, fought insurmountable odds to get us a burger without tomatoes. 10 The annual Spaghetti Supper was pre- ceeded by a week of bitter inter-class struggles for the weekend, which everybody won. At halftime of the game we ogled as Queen Dede- Beasley and attendants Linda Linert and Kathy Follin were presented in the cold, brisk air. The school plant was plagued with van- dalism, much to Mr. Carter ' s dismay. These attacks did little but arouse our sense of pride. As the days lengthened and our interests in study waned, we looked forward each day to see what assembly held in store for us. This carefree attitude came to an end with mid-term exams. -X. The period after exams was truly a time to relax. One began to tire of classes, tests, labs, and other such restrictions. In other words, spring fever had set in, but upon re- ceiving one ' s fourth six week ' s grades, one reluctantly got back to work. The basketball team surprised us, surpassing the expecta- tions of all, except the players themselves. The winning season thus gave an outlet for feelings pent up during the winter. 13 " Oh, that was such a beautiful play! " said many a MBA mother after watching the MBA-Harpeth Hall Players present Thornton Wilder ' s widely acclaimed play " Our Town. " After long, arduous weeks of rehearsals, the cast and crew performed magnificently in two showings, both to S.R.O. crowds. Mr. Terry Holcomb and Mrs. Williams of Harp- eth Hall directed the show, which had a cast including Mr. Holcomb, Tom Neff, Amy Swartzbaugh, Brock Stevenson, Clive Sell, Susan Shoulders, Mary Lea Gibson, and others. The days of March slowly went by as MBA students anxiously watched their cal- endars. The spring vacation countdown was on each one ' s lips as he nervously fingered his plane tickets or hotel reservations. The last few days were truly agonizing; one could almost feel the Florida sun, but, un- fortunately, one was still in cold Music City, U.S.A. The Meteor Band awaited their first public appearance; the Seniors had their cars all loaded for the Lemans-type start. The final bell rang, and they were gone in a cloud of smoke. Florida will never be the 15 same. The days quickly grew longer and longer: Seniors gradually began to realize that the year was really about to end. Commencement, the day Seniors had dreamed of for four years, came. For one of the first times, the whole class understood the opportunities MBA offers. SPONSORS-A FEMININE TOUCH TO MBA JOAN BARR Bob Murphy, Student Council SUSAN GRACEY Tad McWhirter. Wrestling JEANNE ATKINSON J-amie Stitler, Cross Country BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chairman of the Board Mr. John Sloan Vice-Chairman of the Board Mr. Stirton Oman, Sr. Secretary Mr. John A. Ball Treasurer Mr. John S. Glenn, Jr. Ex-Officio Governor Winfield Dunn Mr. James C. Bradford, Jr. Mr. Neil H. Cargile Mr. Harold W. Clark Mr. Thomas L. Cummings, Jr. Mr. Brownlee Currey, Jr. Mr. W. Lipscomb Davis, Jr. Dr. Thomas F. Frist Mr. Horace G. Hill Mr. W. P. Hoffman Mr. Henry W. Hooker Mr. Morton B. Howell, Jr. Mr. Bronson Ingram Mr. Fred Lucas Mr. Dan W. Maddox Mr. Jack C. Massey Mr. D. E. Motlow Mr. Dortch Oldham Mr. Ralph Owen Mr. Walter Richardson, Jr. Mr. Vernon Sharp Mr. Thomas L. Sneed Mr. James E. Ward Mr. Jesse Wills Mr. David K. Wilson HEADMASTER " My greatest weakness Is that I love to work, " says Mr. Francis E. Carter, describ- ing his tireless energy which has made Mont- gomery Bell Academy one of the most respected private institutions in the nation. Whether in thoughts or words, the students of MBA express their thanks for his dynamic leadership in all fields. I ' M ENGLISH MRS. ROWLAND LOWRY, Vanderbilt University, B.A., M.A. MR. G. G. EDSON, University of the South, B.A.; Harvard University, M.A. MR. TERRY HOLCOMB. Vanderbilt University, B.A. MR. SAM D. TURNER, Vanderbilt University, B.A. MR. THOMAS YOUNG, JR., Vanderbilt University, B. A. MATH AND SC ENCE MR. JOHN BENNETT. Vanderbilt University. B.A. MR. JAMES C. RULE. Carson-Newman, A.B.; Peabody. M.A. DR. R. L. SAGER, Hampden-Sydney College, B.A., Litt.D.; Peabody M.A. MR. WILLIAM COMPTON. Davidson University, B.S.; University of North Carolina MATH AND SC ENCE MRS. HOPE MARLOW. Vanderbilt Uni- versity, B.A.; Peabody, M.A. MR. JAMES TILLMAN. Peabody, B.S., M.A. MR. DONALD FAIRBAIRN. Peabody College. B.S.. M.A. MR. GARY HENRICH, University of Missouri, R S • V nriprl-kllT Ilnlv orclK M MR. MALCOLM RUST. Austin Peay. B.S LANGUAGES MR. MICHAEL DRAKE, Duke’ University, B.A. DR. PAUL MANCHESTER. Park College. B.A.; Vander- bilt University, M.A.; Peabody, Ph.D. MRS. BERNARD PETIT. Stonehill College. B.A. MR. THOMAS DEMOSS, University of Mississippi. B.A. MRS. VIRGINIA HOLLINS. Duke University. B.A MRS. FRANCES LENTZ, Vanderbilt University, B.A., M.A. HISTORY SMITH-CORONA MR. FRANCIS E. CARTER, University of Virginia, B.A., Peabody, M.A. LIBRARIANS MRS. BEVERLY BRUNINGA. MR. JOHN RIGGINS, Sewanee, B.A. MRS. DAVID W. A. TAYLOR, Queen’s College, B.A.; Pres- byterian School of Christian Education, M.A.; Peabody, L.S., Ed.S. MR. THOMAS O. OWEN, Vanderbilt University, B.A., M.A. MRS. ALLEEN GARRIOTT. MRS. VIRGIL LEQUIRE. Ward-Belmont Junior College; Peabody, B.A., M.A. M.A SECRETARIES MRS. VIRGINIA LILES. MRS. FRANCES McKEEHEN. ART AND MUSIC MRS. THEODORE C. GREENE, Radcliffe College, B.A,: Peabody. MR. FRANK NOVAK. Peabody. B.S.. M.A. MR. CLAY PULIAS. Vanderbilf University. B.A. MR. CRAWFORD ALEXANDER. M.T.S.U.. B.S. MR. BOBBY MOREL, University of Tennessee, B.A. JUNIOR SCHOOL JUNIOR SCHOOL MRS. FRANC B.A.; Hopkins. i ! MRS. SELMA RIDGWAY, Millsaps College, B.S. MR. RAYBURN RIDGWAY, Tulane University: Millsaps Col- lege. B.A.; University of Mississippi. MISS ELINOR HARRIS. Tennessee College for Women, A.B.: Peabody, M.A. I CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BOB MURPHY, President; BEN MABRY. Vice-President; KYLE YOUNG, Secretary; TAD McWHIRTER, Treasurer. HONOR COUNCIL OFFICERS CHARLIE BOND, Treasurer: BILL PEERMAN, Vice-President; GEP NELSON, President; TEDDY McCAR- LEY, Secretary. 34 THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS it! " ; " Down at K M ' s. . . " I ' ve got to. have something each day before I go home. " NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Service Club, 3, 4; Honor Council, 1; President of the Junior Class; Freshman Football; Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Track, 2, 3. WILLIAM FRANK ANDERSON BeeuI; " Y ' all come from the wrong side of town. " ; Ratsy Molinski; Jerry Baxter; Ray ' s Bud; " Come on out to the farmhouse for a real good ime. " ; " I hit a bottle and swerved into the other lane. " ! " Who else is on the list, Chris? " NEDT Award; APSL Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 4; Freshman Track; Wrestling, I, 2, 3, 4 . Bill Ambrose WILLIAM GATES AMBROSE " Yeah, she ' s my boss. " ; " I can give you a discount on all the new sounds. " ; " I grow my own. " ; " Sure, my mother wrote it. " ; " I stuck it under my tongue and walked out. " ; " The customer is always right; that’s the Harvey ' s way. " NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Club, 2, 3; JV Football Manager, 2, 3; Cross Country, 3, 4. WILLIAM DOUGLAS ANDERSON Dirty Doug; Door Buster; " McCallie really fixed me up. " ; Seven Year Club; Ray ' s Bud; Z-28; " Be Careful, I know karate! " ; " I met Margie out at the Nolensville Road Shoney ' s. " ; " I hated playing. " ; " Now don ' t tell Dede about Doug Anderson Bill Anderson SENIOR CLASS 1971 THE NEDT Award; Speech Medal, I, 3; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, I, 2; Debate Club,’ 2, 3; Secretary of the Forensic Club, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; JV Football, 2, 3. SANDOR BODO. JR. Sandor; Dante; Mortag; " Slav, not slob! " ; " Gosh, that ' s really cool. " ; " Did you see me in the paper? " ; " The more you lick ' em, the more you like ' em. " ; " I made it out of a washing machine. " ; " Mr. Carter made me shave it off. ; " Lights, camera, action! " ; " How did you like the Christmas card? " APSL Award; Art Medal, 2; Bell Ringer, 3, 4, Art Editor, 4; BELL, 4; Photography Club, I, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Cross Country, 2, 3, 4. Chris Berry » ■ ' 1 ■■■ — ■■» .1 ». H ’SJ: • . HUNTER ARMISTEAD, JR. ler; Curly; " Whenever I need a little change, I just he cab out and find a few customers. " ; " Somebody have spilled something on the stairs. Mom. " ; " I ' m oing a little scuba diving Mrs. Anderson. " ; " You all Dme to it, but please don ' t bring any nurdy people. " Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; nan Football; Wrestling, 4. CHRISTOPHER JOHN WHITTON BERRY Twit; Mountain Climber; " I ' m going to kill Foley! " ; me. you fool. " : " You look at their legs and they forget debate. " ; " Where ' s the party this weekend, Jon? " ; no, here comes Debbie. " ; " I ' ve sworn off. " : " Gross, Why did you have to use my room! " ; Leslie. Sonny Bodo Charlie Bond Bill Bounds CHARLES FREDERICK BOND. JR. Cheese: Cookie Man; Ray ' s bud; Killer Molinski; J.T. ' s Chauffeur; " Jon got me the job. " ; Margaret; " Interior decorators are strange. " ; " Just talking about math, Mr. Fairbairn. " ; " I ' ve gone with 96 different girls. " NEDT Award; Speech Medal, 3; Bell Ringer, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer of Honor Council, 4; Forensic Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Wrestling, I, 2. GEORGE WILLIAM BOUNDS Wild Willy; Leapsan Bounds; " Mo, Dave, Jim, and R.T. . . . " ; " Pledge, I want you to take my sister out! " ; " The girls must have heard what Ken and I had planned. " ; " Come on. Tommy, let ' s go see Bill. " ; Diane; Grubsteak, Jr. NEDT Award; APSL Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; JV Football, 2, 3; Tennis, 2, 3, 4. CALVIN RICHARD BRAMHAM Rick the Red; Brahmin; Ricky-poo; Harold ' s bud; " My predictions are fifty per cent more accurate than Jamie ' s; " It ' s just a bunch of humbug, isn ' t it, Mr. Riggins. " ; " I ' m too far gone for glasses. " APSL Award, 2, 3; Latin IV Medal; NEDT Award; Freshman Basketball; JV Basketball, 2, 3. marriage licenses Dan Buttrey ALEXANDER BLACKMAN BUCHANAN Alex; Big Al; " Jeannie made me sick. " ; " And when Lee looked back, I was floored. " ; " Me and Alan. . . . " ; " I’m 38 going to borrow some from my brother Bob. " ; " What ' s the matter with Anne? " APSL Award, Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Bell, 3; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club, 3, 4; Tennis, I, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling, 2, 3. DAN LYTLE BUTTREY Butch; " I ' ve been growing a moustache for six years " ; Happy Hour Man; " I started playing when I was four. " ; " You can ' t get it up after too much. " ; " I ' m sorry, Barbara, but she won ' t let me pick you up. " ; Carol. NEDT Award; APSL Award, 2, 3; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Tennis, I, 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN ALVIN BROWN In Absentia; The Shadow; " My Dad ' s a pusher. " ; " Visit me down at JPB 7. " ; " They almost had to remove them. " ; " It ' s only a private joke, Mrs. Lowry. " ; " Glencliff really has the girls! " NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4 ; Fresh- man Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4. Alex Buchanan THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS WALTER ROBERT CAMPBELL Lost; Gautier; Walter C. Flannigan; " But I don ' t mess with them anymore. " ; " Come on, Tad, tell me where you really live. " ; " Yes, I ' m some artist. " ; " I gave him my sticker, Mr. Novak. " ; " I swear I read it Mrs. Hollins. " NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling, 2. JOHN ROATEN CHEADLE Dr. Freud; Four wheel drive with a racing stripe; " It ' s just long in the back. " ; " I really have no idea what happened at the SCA Prom. " ; " After Thanksgiving, it ' s all downhill. " ; " I was getting some change that rolled under the bed, Mrs. Ward. " ; " I went out, but I won ' t tell you her name. " NEDT Award; APSL Award; National Merit Letter of Com- mendation; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club, 2; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Fresh- man Track; JV Football; Varsity Football, 3, 4. RICHARD CATE COLLINS Dickard; Tricky Dick; Little Dick; White sox and black oxfords; " Isn ' t that punny, Mr. Fairbairn? " ; " Mom ' s even letting me drive now. " ; " No sir, Mr. Fairbairn, I don ' t have any questions about those things. " ; " That ' s one of those double meaning things. " NEDT Award; APSL Award; English Medal, 2; Debate Medal, 2, 3; Outstanding Junior Award; National Honor Society; National Merit Finalist; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Photog- raphy Club, 3, 4; Debate Club, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of Forensic Club, 4; Tennis, I, 2, 3, 4. Walter Campbell John Cheadle Dick Collins THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS GEORGE WEST GRAFTON W — W — West, " Me and Paul. . " SEN ' s not so bad. " ; Draino; Ray ' s bud; " It ' s a wonder I didn ' t total. " ; " All girls go wild over lifeguards. " ; " Kelly and I are making a run. " ; " It takes a quart now. " ; " I ' m not the only student who drives a white Camaro, sir. " NEDT Award; APSL Award, 2, 3; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Bell, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Tennis, 2, 3; National Merit Finalist. HAROLD THOMPSON CRUMP Wierd Harold; Umma Crump; Sun Socks; " I saw some of those naked people at the Atlanta Pop Festival, and I was shocked! " ; " Me and Ricky. . . " ; " Whorley says I ' m the next Hendrix. " ; " Charles Atlas has nothing on me. " ; " Anarchy rules! " NEDT Award; Ancient History Medal, 2; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Fire Marshall. JONATHAN JOSEPH FOLEY. Ill Jolly Jon; Ray ' s Best Bud; Key Club; Boss Tweed; " I got it from the Happy Bear. " ; " Here, eat these. " ; " There will be some kind of staff meeting sometime today somewhere. " ; " I ' m no dude. " ; " Me, Ray, Al, Mrs. Mize. Gep, and Lisa . . . " ; " I ' m paying a part of Mr. Carter ' s salary. " NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, I, 4, Business Editor, 4; Bell, 3, 4; Big Red Club 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; JV Football, 2, 3. Jon Foley West Crafton Harold Crump Jim Friedman Cayce Fuqa Mitch Garriott ALDEN JAMES FRIEDMAN " Shut up, Robert; you ' ll get us killed! " ; " It sure doesn ' t. " James Taylor, Jr.; " It ' s only my fourth wreck. " ; " I ' m the soul of the MBA soccer tarn. " ; " Me and R.T. . . " ; " I was just asleep on the back seat. " Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Freshman Football; JV Football, 2, 3; Freshman Track; Tennis, 2, 3, 4. CAYCE PRESTON FUQUA " Sure, this is my own car. " ; " Six vettes and I ' m driving a Jeep. " ; Monsieur Few-quay; " You won ' t believe what I. . . ; " I ' m so cool my tonsils are ice cubes. " ; " I got into a speed wobble at 60. " ; " I believe that honesty is the best policy. " ; " This is gonna be some weekend. " APSL Award; NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; JV Football, 2, 3; JV Basketball, 2, 3; Golf, I, 2. 3,4. LEONARD MITCHELL GARRIOTT, JR. Mr. Citizenship; " Me and Jeff. . . " ; " Hey Morn! " ; " Felix and I are doubling tonight. " ; The Oldsmobomb; " I ' m great with my putter. " ; " Sherrie is really a nice girl, I think. " ; " Tell me what Mike Alexander has that I don ' t have. " Honor Council, I; Bell Ringer, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4 ; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; JV Football, 2; JV Basketball. 2, 3; Golf. I. 2. 3, 4; Service Club. 4. Tommy Harris Mack Herrel NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 4; Fresh- man Football; Freshman Track; JV Football, 2, 3; Wrestling, 3, 4. THOMAS EDWARD HARRIS, III Flit; Doc; Mr. Sci-Fi; " Everybody out! " ; " Tad, this is for you, but don ' t take it out of the bag. " ; " I ' ve been working on my Eagle. " ; " I ' m telling Al Bennyworth on you! " ; " I guess you could call me a soda jerk. " NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist; Bell Ringer, 3, 4, Copy Staff Editor, 4; Freshman Football Manager; JV Basketball, 2; Track, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; FCA, 3, 4; Varsity Football Trainer, 2, 3, 4. JOHN HOLMAN HAGGARD. JR. D. J. John; Mr. Bassman; " I ' ve got a gig tonight. " ; " Any- body seen Edwin? " ; The Magic Bus, the Party on Wheels; " I ' m on Sundays. " ; One Hundred Three and a Third; " That was really righteous! " ; " Got any, Craig? " NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, 3. 4; Tennis, 2, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 3, 4; Dramatics Club, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD MACK HERREL Four Eyes; " Let me out of this closet, Mr. Nelson! " ; But Mrs. Lowry, . . " I just don ' t get all these bundles of light at your feet. " ; " Why should I walk her to the door? " ; " What is this pipe for? " THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS WILLIAM LESLIE NICKERSON The Hack; " Every time I clean it off, they egg it again. " ; " What ' s the matter with the way I walk? " ; " Do you like my I white shoes? " ; " Gimme some skin, Latimer. " ; " Keep those dimes marching in! " ; " But I didn’t foul him. " ; Marsha. . NEDT Award; APSL Award; Outstanding Sophomore Award; FCA, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Basketball; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 3, 4. DAVID STOUTT ISENHOUR Ike; Dave the Rave; Bea-utiful?; " I don ' t want to get mono. " ; " Robert started it. " ; " Well, maybe it does. " ; " I ' m not on the Bill Nickerson hook. I ' m on the rack! " ; " I just got back from the dentist. " ; " He ' s my brother, but I don ' t claim him. " NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; JV Football, 2, 3; Tennis, 2, 3, 4. JOHN WILLIAM JEWELL II " Mom called Mr. Carter about those cast parties. " ; " Hey Shepard, can you loan me a capacitor? " ; Family Jewell; " Hey where are y ' all going? " ; " Hey, don ' t mess with that sweet potato. " NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 3, 4; Dramatics Club, 3, 4; Freshman Football; preshman Basketball; Freshman Track; JV Football. 2, JV Basketball. 2. 3; Varsity Football 3. 4; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4. David Isenhour Bill Jewell THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS Philip Jones Rodney Kochtitsky Brant Lipscomb " It ' s not too late to enroll in my Vacation Bible School. " ; " The only Bennyworth I know is David. " Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Club, 2; Dramatic Club, 2. ALBERT BRANT LIPSCOMB, JR. Doughnut; Little Pinky; Chuckwagon; Charley Hustle; " I ' m no red neck! " ; " The player of the day is. . . " ; " I don ' t want any, Mr. Carter. They ' re stale. " ; " Wado, I ' m going to blow your mind. " ; " I think I do need a haircut. " ; " That Paul Anderson really gave me a lift. " NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, 2, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4 ; Service Club, 2, 3, 4; FCA, 3, 4; Freshman Football; JV Football, 2; Freshman Basketball; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4; All Nashville, 4; Varsity Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4. RODNEY MORSE KOCHTITSKY Big Rod; Hot Bod; Prudy ' s Bud; Officer Kochtitsky; " Operator, get me Lieutenant Stoner, quick! " ; " You do have the right to remain silent. " ; " How do you spell. . . " ; P. J.; C. B.; Ritchie; " Hey, Jamie. . . " ; " I ' m the last of a long line. " ; " Yes, sir, Mr. Bennet. " ; " Everyone says that I ' m the best athlete in the family. " ; " Mr. Fairbairn, my father ' s a professor and he says you ' ve got it all wrong. " NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist; Chemistry Medal, 2; Advanced Math Medal, 3; Debate Medal, I; Bell Ringer, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball Manager; Base- ball Manager, I, 2, 3, 4. PHILIP RITCHIE JONES BENJAMIN ROBISON MARBY, JR. Mr. Straight; Uncle Ben; " Guess who ' s driving? " ; SCO; " Over in France. . . " ; " Golly, Schull ' s winning all the medals. " ; " I promise, next time I ' m not going to stay up all night, really. " ; " No, Mary Coleman, I think I’ll go to North Carolina. " ; " Me and Fat Honey. . . " NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist; Latin II Medal; APSL Gold Medal; Bell Ringer Editor, 4; Honor Council, I, 2; Student Council Vice-President; National Honor Society; Freshman Football; JV Football, 2, 3; Track, I; Wrestling, I. 2, 3, 4. DAVID JOSEPH MACK Chief; " I think southern accents are pleasant. " ; " Gosh, Dad, DANIEL HAMILTON MANN Mr. Dynamite; Splatter; Tojo; " I once beat Jamie and Frank. " ; " How come no one reads creative writing? " ; " You just wait. As soon as I graduate. I ' m going wild. " ; " I ' ve got the bod; Thanny ' s got the brains. " NEDT Award; APSL Award; Art Medal; Big Red Club, 4; Art Workshop, 3; Cross Country, 3, 4; Wrestling, I, 2, 3, 4. David Mack if I don ' t have my truck, I won ' t be an individual! " ; " As a baby I was dropped on my head. " ; " Aw, all the juniors are cheating again. " ; " McDonalds is your kind of place. " Transfer, 3; APSL Award; Big Red Club, 3, 4; Tennis, 3. I WALTER DAVID MARIANELLI Down at Jim Dandy ' s. . " O. K., are you twenty-one? " ; ; There ' s a gun under this counter, so let ' s have no funny business! " ; " Mark meets me when I get off work. " ; " Are English copies all right, Mrs. Petit? " ; " Jerry caught us in the back room. " ; " Me and Nikita. . NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist; Big Red Club, 4; Junior Varsity Football Manager, 2, 3. I THEODORE TRIMMIER McCARLEY. JR. " True (green) " ; " Don ' t tell PeermanI " ; " Grubby, green P. of S. " ; " They ' re in the litter basket. " ; The One Club; " My father will never miss it. " ; " I ' m going to kill Berry Bryant. " ; " Mrs. Armistead said Susan got it out. " NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; FCA, 3, 4; Bell, 3, 4, Organizations Editor, 4; Freshman Class Vice-President; Sophomore Class Secretary; Junior Class Treasurer; Honor Council Secretary; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2, 3. JAMES BROWN McKEE, JR. Smackie; " Regan cleaned me. " ; The Dirt; " I ' m going to pop them hubs! " ; " Throw them in Soapy ' s yard. " ; " Riggins and I don ' t get along. " ; " Oh no, here comes Michael. " ; " I don ' t need much to really have a good time. " ; " Me and Gep. . . " ; " I just love to horse around. " NEDT Award; Algebra I Medal; Geometry Medal; Chem- Phys Medal; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Bell, 3; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; JV Football, 2, 3; Var- sity Football, 4; Wrestling, I, 2, 3. Jimbo McKee ■ ' 1 1 J THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS BURTON TERRELL McWHIRTER. JR. Horatio; Squirt; Sumo; Leon Coleman; H. McVea; " I’m Tough And Dangerous! " ; The Wrassler; B. T.; " What deadly weapon, Coach Rogers?; " " If you really want to go first class, stay at the Alambra. " ; " Wait a minute. Corky, that room ' s reserved. " ; Susan. NEDT Award; Bell, 3, 4, Sports Editor, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4, Feature Editor, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer of Stu- dent Council, 4; Freshman Football; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling, 3, 4; Captain, 4. HAROLD WILLIAM MOORE, III Obie; Harold; " Donna wanted to pick them. " ; " Yes, she ' s my sister. " ; " Me and Spellings. . . " ; " You should have seen Wag and Wells at the Highland Courts. ; I tell you, I ' m going to quit. Really! " Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Basket- ball Manager. CHARLES YOUNG MORRISON " My brother is real hard to live up to. " ; " Me and Palmer . . . " ; " I thought it was an open book test, Dr. Manchester. ; " You might say I ' m the Senior-Junior Officer. ' " Unless my parents stay at home, the party is off. " " When I ' m twenty- one. . . " Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Dramatics Club, 4; Tennis, I, 2, 3, 4; Track, 2, 3; JV Football, 2; Rifle Team, 2, 3. 4. Bill Moore v Bob Murphy Tom Neff Gep Nelson 333 THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS ROBERT CORNELIUS MURPHY. JR. Bobbo; Moon Man; C. Chumbley; Clarence Carter; SCC; " In a pinch " ; " Howdy doo. " ; Co-founder of Jotland; " Ham- burgerger, please. ; I use Ultra Brite. " ; " I hope you didn ' t hear that, Mr. Fairbairn. ' ; " And while they were asleep, me and Bush. . " Would Frist do that? " ; " I don’t get caught. " : Joan. Honor Council, I, 2, 3; President of Student Council, 4; NEDT Award; APSL Gold Medal; National Merit Finalist; English Medal, I, 3; Biology Medal; Senior Honor Society; Bell, 3, 4, Editor, 4; Bell Ringer, 2, 3, 4; Service Club, 2, 3, 4; FCA, 3; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 4; Dramatics Club, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Wrestling, I; JV Football, 3; Varsity Football, 2. THOMAS LINDEN NEFF Come on, you gice. " ; " Me, Damon, and Roger. . . " ; " Chrissie, you are such a woman! " ; " Come see the play. " ; Was it hard? " ; " They call me the next Olivier. " ; " I ' m an arty type. " NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 2, 3, 4; Bell, 3; Wrestling, I, 2; Golf, 2; Tennis, 2, 3; Dramatics Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4. GILLESPIE SYKES NELSON Gep; John D. Sykes; Key Club; " Lisa. Lisa, Lisa. . . " ; " What do you know, only twenty. " ; " Barefoot in the Locker Room. " ; " Eat them yourself. Foley. " ; " I ' m afraid that I’m really one of those. " ; " I want to be just like Bill. " Honor Council, 2, 3, 4, President; Secretary of Freshman Class; NEDT Award; Algebra I Medal; Outstanding Fresh- man Award; Senior Honor Society; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Service Club, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4, News Editor, 4; Freshman Football; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3; Tennis, I, 2, 3, 4. I JAMES CHARLES NORTON Gentleman Jim; 80-100; HIckie’s Pal; Ambassador from Uruguay; " Zel-lee, you wait right here whiles I calls the po-leece. " ; " SPO just didn ' t dig me. " ; " Who ' s this guy Albert Gore? " ; " I really had some wild times at Wright Junior High! " NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; JV Football, 2, 3. DAVID THOMAS PAGE Coach Owen ' s Bud; The Gentle Giant; Big ' un; " Hippies should be sent to Africa with those other people. " ; " I ' m only 226 3 4 pounds, Coach. " ; " Where my rubber duckey? " ; " He hit me in the throat. " ; " I could have gone another six minutes. " Transfer, 3; Big Red Club, 4; Freshman Football (Bearden); Track Team, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 2, 3 (Bearden), 4; Wrestling, 4. THOMAS FRANKLIN PARRISH. JR. Lucas McCain; Deadeye; Skunk; " You can get spaghetti supper tickets at my house. " ; " What sideburns? " ; " Careful boys, I ' m an Eagle Scout. " ; " Mom really did love Mr. Nelson. " NEDT Award; Latin I Medal; Algebra II Medal; Bell, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 4; Photography Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country, 3, 4. Jim Norton Tommy Parrisli David Page WILLIAM WATKINS PEERMAN B.P.: Wee Willie; " Coach Owen ' s leaving training rules to us. " ; Helena Honey; " Come on, Whit, I ' m with Margaret next. " ; " Let ' s go over to Garrison ' s house for a few. " NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, I, 4, Sports Editor, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Service Club, 3, 4, President, 4; FCA, 3, 4; President of Freshman Class; President of Sophomore Class; Secretary of Junior Class; Vice-President of Honor Council; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4, Co-captain, 4; JV Basketball, 2, 3; Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4. EDWIN GARDNER PIRTLE Fast Eddie; Seven Year Club; Parking Comissioner; " Has anybody seen Tom, Frank, Neely, etc? " ; " What street. Officer? " ; " Lay down, Mr. Carter, let us trace you. " ; " Mary better be a cheerleader. " Secretary of Sophomore Class; Vice-President of Junior Class; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Service Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Bell, 3, 4, Business Editor, 4; Fresh- man Football; JV Football, 2. FRANK- CAMERON PURDY Gwatcho; " Hey, Jamie . . . " ; " To know me is to love me. " ; " Teddy, you ' ve got to help me make a choice. " ; " I couldn ' t get in the Pancake Pantry because of my hair. " ; " I ' ll have a hard time getting into Vanderbilt. " NEDT Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country, 3, 4; Freshman Track; Track, 2, 3, 4. Bill Peerman Ed Pirtle THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS I JAMES GROVER REGAN, JR. jj Grover; Chomper; " 1 got two yards today. " ; " Gimme some I chips. " ; Diamond Jim; Buddies Bud; " He said the park [ closed thirteen minutos ago. " ; " I ' m glad he didn t see me ) after the Glencliff game. " ; " It looks real when you put I it behind plastic. " ; Suzanne Bradley. ! Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Bell, 3, 4, Features I Editor, 4; JV Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4; Coach ' s I Award, 4. SAMUEL KENNETH RUTHERFORD. JR. San Ruderfard; Mr. OTR; " Let ' s go get a watermelon. " ; Ray ' s Bud; SCC; Key Club; " I ' m another Noah Webster. " ; Terri and Irret; " What ' s so (burp) funny? " ; " Sorry about 1 that rug. " ; " Girls dig wrestlers, like me and Dick Workman. " NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, 3, 4, Circulation Editor, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Varsity Football, 2, 3; Wrestling, I, 2, 3, 4. CLIFFORD CRAIG SARGENT Rock; Nub; Duck-tail; Hell ' s Angel on a Honda 50; Mary Jane; Mr. AX; " Buy me a three-pack. " ; " Everyone come to the barn and bring dates. " ; " Hey, it ' s a bunch of Teeny- Boppers. " ; " I don ' t mess around with that stuff. " ; " You ' ve got to see my collection of French postcards. " State French Award; Bell, I, 2; Bell Ringer, I, 2, 3; Big Red Club, 3, 4; Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club, 2, 3, 4; Ten- nis, 2, 3; Rifle Team, 3, 4. Craig Sargent Sam Rutherford THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS JOHN CHARLES SAWYER " I ' ve got to go get the note Cheryl left in my car. " ; " I sure miss Godfrey and Perry. " ; " Oh no, I ' m out of film. " ; " I practiced a lot of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for Se- quoia. " ; " Hey, Barker, this tastes like toilet water! " ; " If it snows, I hope I get stuck at Cheryl ' s house. " NEDT Award; Bell, 3. 4; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Photography Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4. LAWRENCE GRADY SCHULL, JR. Skull; " Checkmate! " ; " These medals clank too much! " ; " Silence is golden. " ; " I was not supposed to look it up! " ; " Well, Madame Petit, that would tell if the man was honest, wouldn ' t it? " NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist; Latin I Medal; French I Medal; Algebra II Medal; Latin II Medal; French II Medal; Geometry Medal; State French Award; French III Medal; National Honor Society; Big Red Club, 3, 4. MARK EUGENE SHEPARD Nikita; Univac Child; Mr. Universe; " With my Mini-Zapper I can conquer the world! " ; " Walter, we ' ve got to stop meeting like this. " ; " A can of Sego for lunch. " ; " Mr. Carter pays me for each pigeon I shoot. " NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist; Chorus, 2, 3; Dra- matics Club, 2; Big Red Club, 4; Freshman Football. John Sawyer Lariy Schull Mark Shepard Bill Summers Brock Stevenson Jamie Stifler ALEC BROCK STEVENSON. Ill Brick; Brock-a-lie; Bill Cosby; " Me and old Blue . . Seven Year Club; " Oh, Chrissie! " ; " I think I ' ll just wait until I get married. " ; " Listen, that Opel really moves! " ; " Mrs. Lowry is my teacher; I shall not pass. " NEDT Award; APSL Award; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; JV Football, 2; JV Basketball, 2, 3; Cross Country, 3, 4; Track, 2, 3, 4. JAMES FAIRMAN STIFLER Astroquack; " Through the stars, I can predict the Dow-Jones averages to the nearest point. " ; " I was riding my bike. " ; " When somebody hits it, paint squirts all over the car. " ; " Lets play Psychedelic-Deadman Chess. " ; " I had one date with Debbie, and wow! " NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist; National Honor So- ciety; Physics Medal; Rensallaer Award for Math and Science; State French Award; Chorus, 2; Debate, 2; Cross Country, I, 2, 3, 4; Track, I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM HAILEY SUMMERS Buff; Wild Bill?; Mr. FCA; Lancelot Link; " Me and Fred. . . " ; " Come on, you guys; let ' s be quiet and learn today! " ; " Bear Bryant wouldn ' t like that. " ; " That stuff belongs to my brother. Coach Owen. Honest. " ; " Hey, McWhirter, that isn ' t funny. " Best Citizen in the Junior Class Award; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; FCA, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of the Freshman Class; Honor Council, 3; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 4; JV Basketball, 2, 3; Track, 2, 3, 4. Wade Sutton WILLIAM WADE SUTTON Wado: Chief Meteor; Preacher; SCC; Frack; " I hate you all. " ; " My sideburns — right or wrong! " ; " She tastes like turkey. " ; " I was out on a limb at the LeQuires. " ; " Every- tima I go near the window | feel strange. " ; " I made Wednesday famous! " NEDT Award; National Merit Finalist; State French Award; APSL Gold Medal; Bell Ringer, I. 2, 3, 4. Editor, 4; Bell. 4, Classes Editor, 4; Service Club, 4; Dramatics Club, 3, 4; Varsity Football Manager, I, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. ROBERT HOLLINS THOMISON R.T.; " Well, uh . . . " ; " Millwood does what? " ; " You guys will never let me forget that. " ; " Excuse me. " ; " You guys sure are cra ' zy. " ; " Commencement party at my house. ' NEDT Award; APSt. Award; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; JV Football. 2, 3. LAURENCE O ' BRYAN TRABUE, JR. " No, Mr. Transmission is only my uncle. " ; " Come to the party at Hunter ' s. " ; " Clay ' s going with me. " ; " I think curls are really neat. " NEDT Award; Bell, 3; Bell Ringer, 3. 4; Big Red Club. 2. 3, 4; Photography Club, 3. Robert Thomison Larry Trabue Wi W THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS PAUL DAVID VIX Vern ' s Little Brother; Ltd.; Ray ' s Bud; " Me and West . . " Well, I totaled another one. " ; " Sic ' em, Rapinski! " ; " I called her Bushy. " ; " I didn ' t even play soccer once. " ; " We ' re the Innkeepers of the World. " NEDT Award; Bell, 3, 4; Dramatics Club, 2; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Microbe Football Coach, 4. ALAN JACKSON WRIGHT " What are the training rules, Coach Riggins? " f " My parents want to try it. " ; " Me and Alex . . . " ; " Hey, man! " ; " Here ' s something for your garden, Wade. " ; " My brother gets it. " ; " Oh no, Heller! It ' s the Coast Guard! " NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Bell, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club, 4; Photography Club, 3, 4; Debate Club, 2; JV Football, 2, 3; Wrestling, 3, 4. Paul Vix Alan Wright THE 1971 SENIOR CLASS KYLE DAVID YOUNG Pete Maravich; Hippie Dippie; SCO; The Long, Hot Sum- mer; Jumping Jotland; " Me and T. D. . . " But it ' s only a colorful metaphor! " ; " I better be captain! " ; " I ' m all fired up! " ; " Yes, I would rather play basicetball and cheerlead. " ; " Mrs. Ward anct I are on the best of terms. " ; Katy. Secretary of Student Council, 4; NEDT Award; Bell Ringer, I, 2, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; FCAi 2, 3, 4; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basket- ball, 3, 4, Captain, 4. THOMAS BOWMAN ZERFOSS, III Tee; Loudmouth; " Bring out the Vaseline. " ; " It ' s too bad that Mrs. Fryer isn ' t here! " ; " The prize is Wedeelyah C. " ; " But listen, Margaret, I ' m Next. " ; " The patrol mother was out directing traffic today. " ; " There aren ' t any trees in the Daytona 500! " Bell Ringer, 3, 4; Big Red Club, 2, 3, 4; FCA, 3, 4; Fresh- man Football; Freshman Track; JV Football, 2, 3; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 4. Kyle Young Tee Zerfoss NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS First Row; Marianelli, Schull, Collins, Mabry, Campbell, Harris, Crafton, Nelson, Stifler. Second Row: Sutton, Murphy. Not Pictured: Jones. SALUTATORIAN VALEDICTORIAN Larry Schull Ben Mabry 61 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BILL FREEMAN, Vice-Presidenf ; AL WHITSON, President: CLAY STEPHENS, Secretary; BUCK COLE, Trees- urer. HONOR COUNCIL JOHN PICKENS; FRANK FLOYD; ROBERT RAMSEY. 62 JUNIORS Carter Andrews Steve Armistead Jack Bailey David Beasley Ricky Belote Steve Benson Bootie Berry Vance Berry Hank Brooks Lytle Brown Louie Buntin Andy Byrd Jim Cannon Bill Carpenter Buck Cole Chase Cole Scott Collins Jim Coode Tom Cummings Tom Curtis 63 JUNIORS Arthur Hiller Harry Hoffman Whit Holcomb Clay Jackson Roger Jewell Larry Johnson Palmer Jones Hal Justice Bill Knox Dick Koonce Bob Latimer Chuck Lawrence Phil Lee Ernie Leonard Trigg McClellan Chan McCullough Marc McNamee David Malone Roy Manning Bert Mathews Robert Miller Mike Moynihan Jim Overton John Pickens JUNIORS Richard Puckett Ken Quillen Robert Ramsey Roy Rees Mike Regan Damon Regen Tate Rich Dick Sayers Clive Sell Randy Short Ted Spellings Clay Stephens Ed Stevens Kent Stewart Larry Sullivan John Swartzbaugh Steve Todd Rip Trammell John Van Volkenburgh Mark Warden Miles Warfield Al Whitson Mark Wright Van Young 66 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND HONOR COUNCIL TIM VAUGHN, Honor Council; BROCK BAKER, Honor Council: BILL GRAND, Secretary: FRANK GARRISON, President; DICK KLAUSNER, Vice-President; BILL WADE, Treasurer. SOPHOMORES Steve Allen Brock Baker Gary Barkley Ran Batson SOPHOMORES John Bow Jerry Brannon John Brooks Scott Brooks James Brown , Paul Buchanan Tommy Callaway Trey Caroland David Cassell Michael Cohen Dudley Creighton Bing Davis Tom Delvaux Paul DeWitt Timmy Douglas John Eakin Webb Earthman William Edwards Morgan Entrekin Sam Fentress Flagg Flanagan Howard Frost Frank Garrison Chip Gill f SOPHOMORES Ken Grissom Bill Harbison Vernon Hutton Tim Isenhour Peter Jacobson Dick Jones Alex Jordan Mark Kelly Dick Klausner Vaden Lackey Charles Lindahl Tom Loventhal Thany Mann Steve Markham Al Marsh David Matthews Billy Matthews David McAlister Chris McClure John McGaw Greg McNair Jimmy Milam Steven Moll Jon Nesbitt 69 SOPHOMORES Bill Grand Rick Ov enby Edwards Park Bill Parker Mark Parsons Doug Paschall Tommy Patterson Rob Ramsey Garnett Reid Steve Roberts Sill Shell Frank Smith Tommy Steagald Harry Steck Andy Stumb Steve Summers Spence Sutton Sam Tinsley Bill Van Cleave Peter Van Eys Tim Vaughn Bill Wade John Wampler Kelly Wright 70 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BRUCE SPAULDING. Secretary; DAN BARGE. Vice-President; WADE THORNTON. Treasurer; JOE COLLIER. President. DON WADE. CHARLEY BENNYWORTH. HONOR COUNCIL FRESHMEN Kirk Abner Will Akers Chris Armour Todd Baker Dan Barge John Barton Miller Batson Chuck Beatty Charles Bennyworth Bill Branch Johnny Bransford Dawey Branstetter Scott Brittain Billy Brothers Mark Brown Russell Carpenter Andy Claybrook Joe Collier Jamie Cowan Wade Cowan Boyd Crafton Bill Crump Tim Cummings Baird Dixon David Low Don Macleod Jeff Mann Willie Mann Walker Mathews Milton Maxwell Walter Morgan John McClellan Ed McManus David Oates Peter Oldham Jay Pennington Tom Pennington Johnny Peterson Frank Rambo Charlie Robinson Bill Scales David Scott Greg Self Randy Sender Michael Shea David Small Bruce Spaulding Mark Stengel FRESHMEN yiih t I FRESHMEN Keith Summar Denny Thompson Lee Thornton Wade Thornton Reed Trickett Frank Turner Scott Tygard Rick Vincent Johnny Voigt Don Wade Jimmy Wallace Dayid Wells Mark Wesson Larry Wieck Allen Ziehr 75 THE EIGHTH GRADE Row: R. Harris, J.. Schaffner, J. Nuismer, G. Templeton, B. Zeitlin, B. Gaddes, N. Wright, G. Hicks, R. Moench, D. Parnell, B. Lindahl, D. Oldham, P. Ownby, J. Davis, R. Held- man, G. Pitt. Fourth Row: B. Hodge, K. Davis, R. Chandler, C. Moore, J. Hill, D. Brown, J. Parker, B. Rayburn, B. Parrish, N. Ganick, J. Bond. B. Delvaux, G. Civitts, B. Scanlan, G. Nelson, D. Earthman. First Row: R. Pickens, B. Jewett, D. Spain, D. McLaurine, H. Entrekin, B. Turney, J. Howell, W. Rogers, J. Foster, R. Davies, H. Hamilton, B. Peerman, H. Cunningham. D. Graver, R. Parrish. Second Row: M. Crawford, J. Moore, R. Wright, B. Stearns. J. Spain, B. Landsteet, W. Clark, T. Scantlebury, B. Tosh, S. Tudor, M. Callaway, S. Wells, M. Bishop, S. Ellis, M. Hill, M. Ryser, S. Summers, L. Davis, B. Walerfield. Third EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS 8H: JOE DAVIS, President: HUGH ENTREKIN, Vice-President; WOODY CLARK, Secretary-Treasurer. SRI: MOE HILL, President: PHIL OWENBY, Vice-President: DENNIS SPAIN, Secretary-Treasurer. 8M: DAN EARTHMAN, President; ROBBIE PICKENS, Vice-President: BILL SCANLAN, Secretary-Treasurer. 77 SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS 7B: JOHNNY DANIEL, President: JUSTIN MILAM, Vice-President: BILL SMITH, Secretary-Treasurer. 7A: CLINTON REGEN, President: MATT COWAN, Vice-President: DAVID JONES, Secretary-Treasurer. 7N: JEFF RAPPUHN, President: BRION FRIEDMAN. Vice-President: CLAY WHITSON, Secretary-Treasurer. THE SEVENTH GRADE First Row: J. Patterson, T. Hannon, D. Minigan, E. Martin, J. Graham, S. Eskind, J. Gibson, P. Collins, W. Ferguson, S. Clark, J. Jenkins, B. Rich, J. Templeton, B. Dickerson, S. Owen. Second Row: B. Smith, H. Lipscomb, C. Fleming, S. Eisen, P. Howell, J. Daniel, J. Gillum, M. Huddleston, E. Greenberg, B. Batson, B. Bolster, H. Kirkpatrick, R. Hardin, W. Ransom. Third Row: D. Orr, C. Whitworth, G. Chazen, C. Weesner, C. Elliot, R. Gustafson, B. Gibbs, C. Preston, STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Young, Secretary; Mabry, Vice-President; Murphy, President; McWhirter, Treasurer. Standing: Barge, Thornton, Whitson, Earthman, Grand, Spaulding, Klausner, Cole, Col- lier, Wade, Freeman. Not Pictured; Stephens, Garrison. The purpose of any government is to find the proper balance between freedom and responsibility, between the rights of the in- dividual and the rules of society. The stu- dent government of Montgomery Bell Academy is entrusted to the Student Coun- cil, a representative body composed of the four officers of each class. Working with both the faculty and the students, the Council, under the able leadership of Presi- dent Bob Murphy, strives to promote the best interests of the school as a whole. Voic- ing the opinions of the student body, it works to improve controversial matters of school policy and to foster discipline among the students. The Student Council provides the true leadership of MBA, carrying on the tradition of the MBA boy — scholar, athlete, and gentleman. The MBA student assumes the great re- sponsibility of being honest, thus refusing to lie, cheat, or steal. This Honor System pervades all aspects of school life; at all times the student places the greatest im- portance on his honor. The Honor Council, made up of specific numbers of students from each class, has the duty of fostering respect for the Honor System. Led by Gep Nelson, the Council judges cases involving infractions involving any form of dishonesty, and it recommends punishment to the fac- ulty. The fact that the students themselves judge their own fellows is quite unique; the policy demands great maturity and high esteem for integrity on the part of all stu- dents: however, the great success of the Honor Council, since its inception in 1945, attests to the great character of MBA boys. First Row: Crawford; Wade; Vaughn; Ramsey; McCarley, Secretary; Pickens. Second Row: Bennyworth; Nelson, Pre- sident; Floyd; Peerman, Vice-President; Baker. Not Pictured: Bond, Treasurer. HONOR COUNCIL 83 BIG RED CLUB Cheerleaders — Kneeling: Barbara Haltom, Barbara Martin, Linda Llnert. Standing: Treasurer Dan Buttrey, Kathy Follin, Historian Bob Murphy, Mary Pirtle, Sally Pace, President Ed Pirtle, Vice-President Doug Anderson. Not Pictured: Dede Beasley. The Big Red Club is hard to define. In simplest terms, the Club has the purpose of instilling the student body with school spirit, loyalty, enthusiasm, and support of all as- pects of school participation. But, in other words, the Big Red Club is the conglom- eration of all those who truly love Mont- gomery Bell Academy in all its endeavors. It is the group which thinks nothing of being at every game. The greatest thanks from the students go to the cheerleaders, who have given so much of themselves to MBA. 84 Wild Man Dan busts on through. Ho hum, another touchdown I wish dat Cotton wassa watermelon! The Big Red Club says, " We ' re Number One! Whipping up some spirit at the CB. EDITORS: Hiller. Photography: Mathews. Junior Editor; Regan, Features; Pirtle. Business; Sutton. Classes; Murphy. Editor-in-Chief. Not Pictured: McCarley, Organizations; McWhirter, Sports, THE 1971 BELL The standard purpose of any annual is to capture memories of MBA to reminisce upon when one is old and grey. But that purpose does not do justice to the present student. Thus, the 1971 BELL has combined this purpose to the one of entertaining the student of today, also. Instead of dull, dry material, the vibrant, living aspects of MBA have been recorded for the future, but, more importantly, for the present. Editor Bob Murphy. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Sawyer. Parrish. Neff. Small, Wright, Cummings. Hiller. Editor. The 1971 BELL is a return to the roots, away from pretentiousness and back to the students. The large, do-nothing staffs have been eliminated. An emphasis has been put upon better photography. The whole format has become more casual. The idea has been to show both sides of the MBA student, not just one. The joking, vivacious, and alive student is in the introduction, and the seri- ous, introspective, and moody scholar is shown in the epilogue. Business Editor Ed Pirtle. THE BELL RINGER The thenne of this year ' s BELL RINGER could well be summarized as " whatever men do, or say, or think, or dream, " as Alex- ander Pope so aptly states. The erudite Co- Editors, Wade Sutton and Ben Mabry, have set out this year to portray these actions, thoughts, and dreams of the MBA student in their paper, to the delight of the students and to the chagrin of the faculty censors. Breaking away from the traditional MBA newspaper style of stale news and very dry humor, this year ' s paper has presented us with fresh insights into MBA life, creative writing, informative polls, and entertaining humor. EDITORS-IN-CHIEF— Ben Mabry, Wade Sutton. EDITORS Seated: Young, Managing: Mabry, Co-Editor; Sutton, Co-Editor. Standing: Anderson, Creative Writing: Hiller, Photog- raphy: Mann, Creative Writing: Harris, Copy; Nelson, News; Rutherford, Circulation; Foley, Business; Peerman, Sports: McWhir- ter. Features. PHOTOGRAPHY: Arthur Hiller, Editor. FEATURES: Tad McWhirter, Editor. SPORTS: Bi ll Peerman, Editor. NEWS: Gep Nelson, Editor. COPY: Tommy Harris, Editor. m BUSINESS: Jon Foley, Editor. DRAMATICS CLUB At times, the MBA student feels impris- oned by the homework-test-theme syn- drome: he feels like he must create, and the best outlet for these energies is the MBA Dramatics Club. Undoubtedly, one of the main factors of the Club is its dynamic director, Mr. Terry Holcomb, who has brought professionalism to MBA dramatics. Veeveemoyn Productions at work. Led by officers Tom Neff, Bob Murphy, and Bill Jewell, the Dramatics Club has worked diligently. The Club presented, along with Harpeth Hall, a series of cuttings centered upon " The Monkey ' s Paw " and a grand production of " Our Town " to the de- light of a hard-to-please audience. " Once in a thousand times it ' s interesting. " First Row: Johnson, Brooks, Baker, Van Volkenburg, Moynihan, Murphy, Mr. Holcomb, Parsons, Elam, Kelly, Gill. Second Row: Campbell, Garrison Schmekel, Frost, Wells, Bailey, Harblson, Sutton, Stifler. Third Row: Sargent, Allen, Stevenson, Sell, Brannon, Wampler, Neff, Collins, Diehl, McGaw, Sutton. rr FORENSIC CLUB After receiving its charter membership at the end of last year, the MBA Forensic Club, with the leadership of President Charlie Bond and the dedication of Mrs. Ridgway, has gained increasing prominence throughout the South. The Club has given its members an insight into national affairs, an improved ability to think clearly, and im- proved speaking skills. With exceptional records in this year ' s major tournaments, the Forensic Club through hard work has maintained its heritage of high standards of excellence. Koonce, Berry, Bond. Bow. Andrews, Brooks, McNamee, Collins, Barkley. Neff, Earthman, Baker, Miller, Wells, Mathews, Brown, Elam. Secretary Chris Berry, President Charlie Bond, and Vice- President Dick Collins celebrate forensic victories. CHORUS Where, oh where was MBA ' s 1970-71 Chorus? Except for a few scanty appear- ances, the annually popular Chorus stayed cooped up in the Vine Street Christian Church music room. Like a football team losing senior lettermen, the Chorus was hard-hit by graduation last year. Howard Frost bravely stepped forward to play piano, and Mr. Tom Rhea continued to lead the group and instruct the members in the fine points of music, working toward perfec- tion. Howard Frost tickles the ivories. 92 First Row: Pennington, Marsh, Bodo, Stewart, Andrews, Puckett. Second Row: Miller, Wright, Malone, Sawyer, Parrish, Hiller. A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes; thus, the Photography Club is rather talkative. Activities for the year, with an emphasis on photography as a career, have included speakers from news- papers and television stations, visits to photo labs and studios in Nashville, and sev- eral special classes. The members have gained useful understanding of all technical aspects of photography as both a trade and a hobby. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB 6 Arthur Hiller snaps an interesting shot. First Row: Nelson, Lipscomb, Zerfoss, Brown, Ramsey, Pickens, Garriott, Harris, Koonce. Second Row: Justice. Summers, Fisher, Carpenter. Cheadle, Peerman, Rich, Regan, Page, Nesbitt. Third Row: Suiton, Jackson, McKee. Todd, Lee, Quillen, Stephens, Garrison, Baker, Jewell, Grand, Floyd. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES ) SONS OF ALUMNI First Row: Matthews, Davis, Howard, Bell, Stengel, Benson, Lackey, McManus. Second Row: Andrews, Carpenter, Zerfoss, Greer, Knox, Cole, Frost, Kelly. Third Row: Cranberry, Wade, Brothers. Car- penter, Dobson, Ambrose. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: Batson. Delvaux, Gillum. JUNIOR and SENIOR HONOR SOCIETIES The Junior and Senior Honor Societies are national honorary organizations with the purpose of recognizing the outstanding scholars in the nation. A member must have a grade average of at least 90 for three consecutive high school semesters for the Senior Society, or three semesters in the Junior School for the Junior Society. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY: Ownbey, Harbison, Murphy, Miller, Kelly, Collins, Lee, Jones, Mabry, Schull, Stifler. 95 Whitson, Grand, Garrison, Stephens, Ramsey, Carpenter, Sutton; Garriott, Nesbitt, Peerman, Lipscomb, Jackson, Baker, Floyd, Murphy, Summers. PirtI Nelson SERVICE CLUB For those who are willing to serve the school, to give up their own time in service to Montgomery Bell Academy, membership in the Service Club is a true honor. Loyalty to the school and active participation in school functions are the requirements for possible selection for membership. The group is very selective; out of the four hundred and fifty students in MBA, only twenty boys are asked to join. This group, four per cent of the student body, are the school ' s workhorses. These Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are called upon to do many necessary jobs without any thanks. This year, under the able direction of President Bill Peerman, the Club has been kept busy. Members have collected canned foods for needy families at Christmas time; they have taken up tickets at wrestling matches: they have collected donations for various charitable organizations. Thus, the Service Club has been a tremendous asset to both the school and the community. TOTOMOl To those who have served MBA goes the very great honor of membership in Totomoi, the highest honor a student or friend of the school can obtain. The fraternity was created in 1954 by Dr. R. L. Sager to recog- nize outstanding students, faculty members, alumni, or friends of the school who have contributed to the improvement of the school. Selection for membership depends upon excellence in at least three of the following fields: scholarship, athletics, student gov- ernment, organizations, forensics, dra- matics, publications, and citizenship. In the solemn tapping ceremony. Bob Murphy and Wade Sutton were chosen to continue the MBA tradition of being a Southern gentle- man, athlete, and scholar. In the Southern Planter tradition. Wade Sutton " taps " Bob Murphy. SPORTS VARSITY FOOTBALL How sweet it was! An undefeated sea- son, a Clinic Bowl victory, and the NIL crown. The 1970 edition of the Big Red was an amazing team, and it got amazing results. Following the grim 2—8 season before, skeptics refused to give much attention to MBA; however, the previous season had only been a learning experience for the young MBA team, giving them much- needed experience. From the first game on, the Big Red rolled, bouncing back to the top of the ratings, winning game after game with ease. The team, under the lead- ership of Bill Summers and Bill Peerman, once again tasted victory, but the later knowledge that Coach Owen, the man who built the Big Red into a winner, was leaving gave a sad aftertaste. CAPTAINS — Bill Summers, Bill Peerman. COACHES — Bobby Morel, Tommy Owen. Ray Ridgway. 100 Jewell, Regan, Haber, Hammer. Third Row: Coach Ridgway, Harris, Freeman, McClure, Summers. Fisher, Justice, Whitson, Sutton, Sayers, McKee, Todd, Warfield, Cheadle, Garrison, Sullivan, Coach Tommy Owen. First Row: Benson, Floyd. Peerman, Klausner, Short, Curtis, McWhirter, Zerfoss, McCarley, Rees, Ramsey, Lipscomb, Mann. Second Row: Coach Morel, Dubuisson, Rich, Leonard, Regen, Johnson, Flautt, Page, McClellan, Grand, Moynihan, MANAGERS AND TRAINERS: Donny Dubuisson, Fred Ham- mer, Reno Benson, Larry Sullivan, Victim, Vernon Hutton. AWARD WINNERS — Kneeling: Regan, McClellan. Standing Peerman, Latimer, Summers. Our illustrious team huddles as McWhirter hams it The Big Red took the field against a highly regarded Hillwood team away from the confines of Andrews Field. With a Lati- mer to Peerman T.D. toss, the Big Red grabbed a quick lead. Two more MBA at- tempts were foiled, and in the third quarter the Toppers pushed it over for a tie. The next week, Antioch ' s Bears came to the Hill as a 19 point favorite. After the Bears held a first quarter lead of six, MBA pushed in front with T.D. runs by Latimer and Fisher. Victory was gained by the tough defensive stands: MBA now had its confi- dence. Ernie boots off into an NIL Championship season. Fisher tiptoes through Antioch tulips. Quickly regaining i+s prestige, the MBA team next asserted its strength against the Franklin Rebels. The offense methodically crushed the Rebel defense, while the MBA defense started a string of consecutive shutouts. The final score of MBA ' s decisive victory was 30 to 0. With an air of hopeful apprenhension, the Pearl Tigers ventured to MBA. The coin toss went in favor of the Tigers, but the rest of the afternoon was a nightmare for them. The MBA crowd saw McWhirter, Justice, Curtis, Zerfoss, Leonard, and Gar- rison score, making it MBA 5 ' ‘1 — Pearl 0. Fisher looks for Peerman while Tate and Bob stand ready for any Rebel. Disgruntled Tiger makes a futile last ditch attempt to catch Squirt Mc- Whirter. w;;Tl wmm mm Hal Justice ' s ever-popular T raveling Sideline Show. Facing the tough Overton Bobcats, in their own lair, the Big Red had a hard-hit- ting struggle. MBA scored early on a pass to McWhirter, and late in the last quarter MBA iced the game on a Fisher to Peerman strike. With their third consecutive shutout, the defense once again shone. The greatest challenge, however, was the Homecoming bout with Brownsville, one of the twelve best teams in the nation, number one in Tennessee. Coach Owen ' s strategy, however, was sound; Brownsville backs met head-on opposition. Enemy passes were in- tercepted, giving MBA an amazing 21-0 victory. Breaking away for a first down, Latimer asks himself, " Rocky who? " With hopes of an upset, Hillsboro next hosted MBA, now ranked second in the state. These hopes were quickly dispelled as Fisher connected with both Peerman and McWhirter for touchdowns. Latimer and Regen smashed across to score, giving MBA a 42-7 lead at half. Afterwards, the reserves came in and held the score. The following week, thie highly touted MBA squad was bewildered as the Spring- field Yellow Jackets jumped to a quick 8-0 lead. This score held until Fisher made a T.D. run; MBA was still behind until Mc- Whirter scored in the last minute. MBA re- mained undefeated, but now it was not Number One. Rich in his white shoes shifts into high. Big Buff Summers breaks on through. The luckless Glencliff Colts had the mis- fortune to come up against the enraged Big Red team; MBA made the game into a track meet as the score grew to 56 to 0, MBA ' s favor. The regular season ended with a visit to the Hill by arch-rival Father Ryan. A shaky 5-0 lead was secured by Leonard ' s field goal and a safety. With a brilliant punt return by Latimer and two more touch- downs, MBA ' s victory was assured. stands! " Bad boys, Curtis and Regan, mangle fish eater. 1970 CLINIC BOWL The final hurdle to an undefeated season was the N.I.L. Championship against Two Rivers on Dudley Field ' s tartan turf. As in the past, the MBA offensive machine rolled over the Pirates, as Peerman, Fisher, and Latimer went over to score. The second quarter saw Fisher connect with Justice for a T.D.; the final score was in MBA ' s favor, 26 to 3. Undoubtedly, the line did the most work without acknowledgement; thus heartfelt thanks go to Brant Lipscomb, Frank Floyd, Wade Sutton, Trigg McClellan, and others. However the most praise goes to Coach Owen. The team is glad it could give him, as a going away present, this great season. The strong legs of Bob Latimer run. . . So Travis Sullivan ' s weak legs can walk. A toss up for Bob and Tad. 107 I JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL ! First Row: Cassell, Brooks, Young, Park, Koonce, Batson, Belote, Markham, Nesbitt, Vaughn, DeWitt. Second Row: Lee. Cum- mings, Foster. Brown. Edwards. Isenhour, Douglas, Manning, Mathews. Swartzbaugh, Spellings, Frost, McCullough, Baker. Third Row: Sell, Tinsley, Wade, Delvaux, Eakin, Jackson, Malone. Dobson, Cole, Carpenter, Milam, Jones, Andrews, Moll. The illustrious JV team, under the guid- ance of Coach Riggins and Coach DeMoss, had a rather trying year, with a 0-5-1 record. A controversial loss to Antioch was followed by three decisive de- feats to Franklin, Millwood, and Overton. The highlight of the year was the 8-8 tie with Ryan in an exciting, error-filled game. The season ended with a courageous, but futile stand against Murfreesboro. How- ever, the goal of the team was not to con- centrate on victory, but mostly on expe- rience; the JV team gained knowledge to be used on the Varsity in future years. 108 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL First Row: Spaulding, McClellan, Weicic, Stengal, Harbison, Brittain, Matthews, Collier, Barge, Trickett, Elam. Thornton, LeRoy, Crump, Wade. Second Row: Johnson, Brothers, Thornton, Cranberry, Hutton, Scales, Hoffman, Cummings, Carpenter, Summar, Lellyet, Small, Barton, Abner, Beatty, Hardin, Hargett. Third Row: Dixon, Wells, Harton, Morgan, Thompson, Branch, Oates, Mann, McLeod, Hines, Bransford, Cowan, Mann, Wesson, Baker, Armour, Lowe, Holt, Le- Quire, Peterson. Maxwell. MICROBE FOOTBALL First Row: Harris, Davis, Smith, Orr, Spain, Crawford, Bishop, Owen, Warterfield, Ryser, Regen, Nuismer, Hill. Second Row: Welland, Chandler, Scanlan, Gaddes, Hodge, Scantlebury, Wells, Parnell, Davis, Hill, Parker, Burch, Zeitlin. 109 A few Regans drive in to the basket. Wi+h five lettermen and three starters returning for the 1970-71 season, the Big Red appeared potentially strong. Led by Seniors Kyle Young and Bill Hickerson and Juniors Fred Fisher, Mike Regan, Steve Armistead, Bob Latimer, and Ernie Leonard, MBA enjoyed a successful year, compiling a 17-10 record. During the first month of the season, the Big Red recorded a respect- able 5-3 record highlighted by a win over new rival Overton and, despite 27 points by Fred Fisher, a tough 65-61 loss to arch rival Ryan. no VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach John Bennett sends in some strategy against Ryan. Our illustrious captain, Kyle Young. RECORD FOR 1970-71 SEASON MBA 65 Central 62 MBA 54 Overton 51 MBA 67 Bellvue 46 MBA 86 Peabody 59 I BA 61 Lipscomb 62 BA 61 Ryan 65 MBA 80 MCHS 55 MBA 65 Gallatin 79 MBA 61 Pearl 76 MBA 68 BGA 58 1 BA 5 1 Overton 50 MBA 61 Cohn 53 MBA 84 Peabody 35 MBA 43 Franklin 58 MBA 65 BGA 64 MBA 86 Central 77 MBA 53 Cohn 54 MBA 54 Pearl 60 MBA 88 Millwood 73 MBA 69 Ryan 62 MBA 72 Hillsboro 69 MBA 36 Hume Fogg 42 18 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT MBA 55 Overton 48 MBA 62 Pearl 59 MBA 55 Hillsboro 58 REGION IX TOURNAMENT MBA 61 Ryan 60 MBA 38 Cameron 88 Won 17— Lost 10 Clockwise: Regan, Fisher. Holcomb, Captain Young, Rich, Trammell, Hibbitts, Bailey, Stewart, Hoffman, Garrison, Hick- erson, Leonard, Armistead, Latimer. By the end of January, the team had upped its record to 11-5 by winning six games out of eight, including another win over Overton on Ernie Leonard ' s last sec- ond basket, and two victories over Battle Ground Academy. The remaining segment of the season was extremely important not only to have a successful season, but also to obtain a desirable seed in the oncoming tournaments. Of the six games left, MBA was scheduled to play Pearl, Ryan, and highly-ranked Hillsboro. After a close 60- 54 loss to Pearl, MBA got untracked with an 88-73 win over Hillwood, in which Kyle Young pumped in 35 points, and with a 69- 62 victory in the rematch with Ryan. The next game was against fourth-ranked state power Hillsboro. The Burros had amassed in their first twenty games an im- pressive 19-1 record. Ill Latimer goes up for two as Fisher goes down. The Hack eases on by a bewildered Rebel. Down by as much as fifteen and by ten at the beginning of the fourth quarter, MBA clinched a 72-69 upset over the Burros on Bill Nickerson ' s two free throws and Kyle Young ' s basket. Fisher had twenty points to lead the scoring, with Junior Mike Regan getting eighteen and both Nickerson and Young getting eleven apiece. Going into the district tournaments, the Big Red had compiled a 14-8 record and a third place seed, having won ten out of fifteen district contests. With the pressure on, Regan comes through with a free one. Fisher runs a collision course with Peabody longhair. In the opening round MBA once again beat Overton, pushing the Big Red into the semi-finals with Pearl. Led by Steve Armi- stead ' s 26 points, MBA edged the Tigers 62-59 and advanced to the finals against Hillsboro. The Burros came from behind for a close 58-55 championship victory, making the Big Red district runner-ups. Big Fred drives in for two. In the Reglonals, MBA won a close one over Ryan on Armistead ' s last second field goal, but the Big Red lost to tall Cameron, ranked first in the state, 88-38. Thus the sea- son had many highlights. Individually, Armi- stead and Fisher were named to the District tournament team, and Fisher and Young were rewarded with positions on the All- District team. As a team, ended the year with an amazing 17-10 record, with wins over rivals such as Ryan, Overton, Hillsboro, and, for the first time at MBA, Pearl. Also, for the first time in fifteen years, MBA ad- vanced to the Regional semi-finals. Bobbo pumps it right on in. Garrison seems really intent on the game. JV BASKETBALL JV HustI Joh cicen sta Kneeling: Reid, McNair, JcneSi Pickens, Matthews, Steagald. Standing: Wade. Stevens, Freeman, Loventhal, Shell. Not Pictured: Flannigan. First Row: Low, Hibbitts, Morgan, Tygard, Granbery, Flexer, Leroy, Long, Cowan. Second Row: Harton, Voight, Holt, Thornton, Beatty, Carpenter, Collier, Barge, Brittain, Lellyet, Batson. FROSH BASKETBALL MICROBE BASKETBALL Kneeling: Scanlan, Voit, Parker. Standing: Nuismer, Heldman, Zeitlin, Knubb, Parnell, Turney, Stumb, Peerman, Spain, Entrekin. SEVENTH GRADE INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Kneeling: Rappuhn. Standing: Key, Mc- Clure, Owen, Templeton, Cooper. 117 WRESTLING Kneeling: Wright, Hamilton, Brown, Knox, Branch, Cohen. Standing: Page, Mann, Rutherford, Captain McWhirter, Curtis, Anderson, Harrel. This year ' s varsity wrestling team com- piled a six and five record. After two open- ing wins over Franklin and Murfreesboro, the Big Red " wrasslers” lost a decision to the eventual State Champion Father Ryan. Triple-A Champion Glencliff, Divisional Champion Antioch, Maplewood, and Hill- wood were the other teams who could boast wins over MBA. The Big Red, how- ever, steamrolled over BGA, CMA, Over- ton, and Donelson. The squad was hard-hit by injuries, a fact which significantly weak- ened the team. On the varsity team were six seniors — Alan Wright, 127 pounds: Mack Harrel, 134; Captain Tad McWhirter, 141; Bill Anderson, 147; Sam Rutherford, 167; and David Page, Heavyweight. 118 Coach John Riggins looks on with interest. Predicament points for the Big Red. McWhirter whizzers to the bitter end. Also on the team were two juniors — Co- Captain Bill Knox, I 14 pounds, and Tom Curtis, 157 pounds. The Big Red was rounded out with Sophomores Vernon Hut- ton and Thanny Mann and Freshmen Mark Brown and Bill Branch. With six returning lettermen, plus a host of prospective candi- dates, MBA ' s wrestling program appears headed toward a powerful role in the state. Three members of the squad. Wright, Knox, and Curtis, advanced to the State Tourna- ment in Chattanooga, but misfortune again followed the Big Red, as all three lost in the preliminaries. With their demise came the close of another successful, tough, and re- warding season. Knox underhooks before scoring takedown TENNIS This year ' s edition of the MBA Tennis Team is under the direction of Mr. Gil Edson, to the chagrin of many of our op- ponents. The team boasts five-year letter- man Dan Buttrey, Seniors Gep Nelson, Dick Collins, and Charlie Morrison, and Junior Rip Trammell. With such an experienced team, MBA is confident of having an ex- tremely successful season. Buttrey wallops a mighty serve. 120 Nelson fries in vain to scratch his back. Buttrey ' s smashing forehand, Templeton, Morrison, Trammell, Flanagan, Jones. Second Row: Parker, Collins, Byrd, Nelson, Buchanan. Not First Row: Howell Pictured: Buttrey. BASEBALL ■ i Pi 1 tfl k First Row: Lipscomb, Latimer, Peerman, Hicicerson, Klausner, Patterson, Ram.sey, Regen, Cummings, Jones. Second Row: ..1 Van Cleave, McNair, Leonard, Warfield. Regan, Rich. Gar- rison, Fisher, Smith, Armistead. MBA seems destined for another strong season on the diamond, with seven return- ing lettermen. The superb pitching arm of Bob Latimer, the slugging ability of Leonard and Fisher, and the great experience of Coach James Tillman combine to insure an auspicious season. Eye on the ball, choked down, and ready. 122 n A little high and outside, but just right. Ernie prepares to powder one. RIFLERY A Rifleman Parrish fakes a bead on the photographer. Kneeling: Captain Stevens, Cummings, Branstetter, Sutton, Turner. Standing: Koonce, Parrish, Allen, VanCleave, Sargent, Purdy, Thomison, Frost. The MBA Rifle Team started out the 1970-71 season with two close wins over Overton, who later defeated MBA in the last three matches. All in all, the team won two first place and three second place trophies. The team was led by Ed Stevens, who captured the high individual trophy in the very important last match. For their fine shootin g in this match, Stevens and Tom Cummings were chosen for the All-Star Team. Stevens, Cummings, Tommy Parrish, Charlie Morrison, and Robert Thomison re- ceived silver medals for finishing second in the final match. Parrish, Stevens, and Cum- mings will receive gold medals for finishing in the top five. Next year looms brightly for the team; Stevens, Cummings, Koonce, Turner, and Van Cleave will all return to continue their success. Captain Mitch Garriott begins his downswing. GOLF One may easily find the members of the MBA Golf team each balmy spring day. Undoubtedly, they will be " out on the links, " at nearby McCabe. This year the team is completely under the coaching of Mr. Donald Fairbairn. There are several re- turning lettermen, including Garriott, Fuqua, Holcomb, Lawrence, and Matthews. Follow- ing the extremely successful 1970 season, the team will make a strong bid for the NIL crown. Kneeling: Garriott. Standing: McAlister, Matthews, Hol- comb, Fuqua, Earthman, Miller, Stevens, Guildemiester, Lawrence. 125 TRACK The MBA Track Team, under the able coaching of Ray Ridgway and Michael Drake, presents a strong front to area con- tenders in ail fields. The team has an ex- tremely proficient long distance group, in- cluding Jewell, Whitson, Purdy, Stifler, Ste- phens, and Marsh. Field events are handled by Todd, McClellan, Page, and Knox. The team is rounded out with sprinters Zerfoss and Pickens. The team boasts a record- breaking two-mile relay team. ’SF " srft Rees, Pickens, Harris, Knox. Second Row: Dubuisson, Cannon, Entrekin, Shell. Third Row: Stevenson, Pardy, McClellan, Todd, Page, Stifler, Eakin, Johnson, Zerfoss Whitson, Delvaux First Row: Caroland, Edwards, Wadf Marsh, Curtis, Diehl, Van Volkenburg Stephens, Jewell, Hutton, Paschall. Brawny Steve Todd " puts dat shot. " BIG RET) BIGPrD VC RD BIG pi:d Lcindstreet. Pickens. McLaurine. Kirkpatrick. Ellis. Entrekin. Cowan. Rayburn. Friedman. Tygard. Ram Van Volkenburg, Diehl. Grissom, Ramsey, Cannon First Row: Heldman, Bolster, Foster. Rebrovick, Earthman, Second Row: Smith, Chazen, Cohen, Tosh, Brooks, Van Eys, thers. Third Row: Wright, Bodo. Parrish. Stephens. Stifler. Row: Womack, Marsh, Jewell. Stevenson, Mann, Purdy, Shell CROSS COUNTRY To get an idea of the dedication and fortitude of these lonely long distance run- ners, one only has to talk to a Cross Country runner. " You know, running two miles " over the river and through the woods " is not easy! Your race becomes even tougher when it begins to rain, when the wind picks up and you ' re running along breath Catchl ir- d It Commencement is finally over. The Class of 1971, with their signed diplomas in hand, have left the ranks of students and have become alumni. Summer has begun, and quiet descends over the Hill. The ex-Senior sadly sees how this " alumni” label separates him from the remaining students. He must realize, however, that MBA is an infinite series, of which one class is only a single factor. Senior classes depart in a blaze of infamy and glory, but next year there is always another in its place. MBA is an initiation process, turning a rowdy Seventh Grader Into a sadder but wiser Senior. The school is not a single entity, but a mixture of similarities and contrasts. We all have common ex- periences, such as a decent haircut, themes, athletics, and Mrs. Lowry ' s Eng- lish. These things form the framework of MBA. However, within this ■framework, there are five hundred individuals, each with dif- ferent thoughts, moods, and emotions. At MBA, one meets varied and opposing points of view; however, without these con- trasts, there would be no progress. As Faust says, ' Two souls cohabit my breast. " Two opposing forces strive against each other within each student. On one hand, the MBA student craves solitude. Life is so hectic; there is so much to do, to re- member, and to forget. Why does one come to MBA? What does o;ie intend to make of life? To find the answers, to sort out the knowledge gained here, to find one ' s own’ niche, one must break away from the crowd and sit down alone to think. 134 But who is so self-centered that he has nothing to do with others? Social involve- ment constitutes another force. " I get by with a little help from my friends, " and so often this help is indispensable. At times one can feel so alone and desperate, until he goes outside himself, to some friend. It 136 is hard to bare one ' s soul to another, but one begins to realize that he is not so bad off, that others have gone through the same difficulties. One ' s companions also seek this same understanding. Friendship is mutual, as rewarding as it is difficult. But this is no time for philosophical me- anderings. Action is the only truth. We are here at MBA for so short a time, but the effects of our attendance endure for so long. Now is the time to get involved, to gain insight, to be alive. Carry on. IN RECOGNITION MBA ' s loss of Coach Tommy Owen to Vander- billt University brought to an end almost two decades of teams coached by the MBA mentor. Bringing us to a seemingly endless string of vic- tories, Coach Owen now brings similar good for- tune to Vanderbilt as a varsity coach. COMPLIMENTS OF CHEROKEE SECURITIES COMPANY Compliments of J. B. REGEN General Contractor SAP. Club COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION 2221 ransford Avenue UBIEWW CoJE.IEU’ MID-SOUTH INDUSTRIES, INC. Mid-South Tool and Die, Inc. Advance Products, Inc. Randolph Sales, Inc. SALES, SERVICE and PARTS Compliments of T. C. SUMMERS CO. INCORPORATED REAL ESTATE CAL PRO PRODUCTS READY MIX CONCRETE 745 Berry Rd. Nashville, Tenn. We’ve got plans for you. MAIN OFFICE: Hillsboro Road; BRANCH OFFICES: Parkway Towers, Nashville, Tenn.; Poplar Ave., Memphis, Term.; State Street, Bowling Green, Ky. MOON DRUG COMPANY YOU NEVER MISS AT Guardians of Health in Your Community M CIurc s HILLSBORO VILLAGE Belle Meade Theatre Building MADISON SQUARE COMPLIMENTS McKEE, GENY, THORNTON, INC. Compliments of BELLE MEADE HARDWARE Compliments of Geddes Douglas Nursery and Garden Center Hobbs Road Compliments of FLAMING STEER RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS TRADITIONAL GIFT HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ooc Fine Jewelers Since 1 897 Green Hills Village 297-7543 Madison • 865-9525 Nashville III IVX SIX VESXl. 830XPPE:f«. JE OOJSa L 2222 HILLSBORO DRIVE ;lf,; NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37215 Open 1 1 :00 A.M. ' Til Midnite BIHNER ' S Costume Studio Formal Wear Rental Service Costumes for all occasions Weddings, Proms, Banquets 2515 West End Avenue NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE ¥ r- ' i ' Compliments of BELLE MEADE DRUGS 4324 Harding Road 292-5579 Compliment of the JOHN S. MILAM OPTICAL COMPANY BURRUS HARDWARE AND GIFTS 269-3597 Green Hills Village H. W. MOORE, JR, INC COMMERCIAL PAINTING AND WATERPROOFING 1205 8th Avenue South 254-7621 Pioneering a New Concept in Health Care HOSPITAL CORPORATION OF AMERICA Its the real thing. Coke. Trade-mark @ Bottled Under Auttiority of The Coca-Cola Co. by Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Nashville— Tenn. 7qTi9 ■ — K! 1 CompUments of DOMINION INSURANCE AGENCY 4110 Hillsboro Road Burrus Hardware and Gifts 269-3597 Green Hills Village HOYT G. HILL COMPANY,INC. INVESTMENT SECURITIES 19TH FLOOR. THIRD NATIONAL BANK BUILDING NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 87219 TELEPHONE 61s 244-0070 EVERETT HOLZAPFEL SHOP FOR MEN Third National Bank Building and Belle Meade Plaza Compliments of FIDELITY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN CO. 401 Union Street CAiML aCORWCR for simply wonderful Sportswear fhaafr bldg. and 100 Oaks BANDY, VAN CLEAVE WILLIAMSON INSURANCE AND BONDS 95 White Bridge Road NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE B£LL£ MEAOE, NASHVILLE, T NN . 37205 Your Fashion Dept. 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BONDS CASUALTY PROPERTY MARINE AVIATION LIFE INSURANCE AND RELATED SERVICES MARTIN HAYES and COMPANY, INC. 170 FOURTH AVENUE, NO. NASHVILLE, TENN. 37219 PHONE (615) 244-8820 CompUments of FRED F. LUCAS THE AUTO LOT 22 Lafayette Sports and Compacts SOW SAFETY and HARVEST HAPPINESS HELP WITH TIME, LOVE, AND DOLLARS Council of the the Middle BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA A scout is brave, trustworthy, and adventurous. A scout does good turns tor others. He grows strong in faith and tall in character. Young men become responsible adults through scouting. Join Boy Power with Man Power in the spirit of the greatest Scout and in the Spirit of 1 776. CompUments of a friend u FRIEND Hi ' ' 1 ' ij jj; iiLivx xjusjr:Bi7E si idf»de= 3e:fi. dfloobo: s 2222 HILLSBORO DRIVE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37215 4 --=.. « Open 1 1:00 A.M. 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