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 - Class of 1959

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Montevideo High School - Purple Gold Yearbook (Montevideo, MN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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--vf -Y - - - ,- - 'Y - W -- ----Y -- -Y--1'--,H .M 1: --- ',-yN1-f--fff-rg--frv11.mvf-wi-f5!yfq? vQ high dchoal like Ja dwiljtty ou its dagafwe eng. ,UB hug Dieu EIMLC Minh g'Zl2f1d dhlp efze 56944 Q ' , ' ., I 345' ' -- 1- -g,f:14f3,,qg zzsxs,---.paw k-',fJ,.:5vef-L- -:.-'P-:-Lbiggg-evixfs--4"'-xQ55,w:Qf1Y- 5.--.7,-wr A a:"""1'f: nsfg- va,-"-Q.-.rwF.k ff :---Q:,.1f1.4.f'u -L,-,.. H -' " .- . ir- ' . 11 ,1 .+-- A +' '-N d " df ' + f '1e H f-'Pfam fy-2'-w2saW'f'1'+ X- lL I the Chdfzud 6066 New 1 Mc Lthge dug, alma mcfez, Wife had fd you' I noble gfzienda no twe. S. V Q, ' , ar " "g. ' ' Q 2 I . Q L A .A M 3 1 A V F I L 'fr 10 . mil 'X A LLL.L.LLL. LL V J- - ' u S' . A 'Q , ed , - 1 . 3 i ir 4 - 5 1 . Q. x . - -A ' fl ,nz W The C1355 uf 1359 Montevideo, Minnesota 11 ,Q f" ix if 'IIW 'fi Lx 1 nz un , lla li! lv ,I nl isis na In lil :Ili :N . Ill in Ili In ul- U' I my- Ill In Ill Iii!!! We,1s www ea n u ni Ili 7 ll' ns In gg ll Il ily film Ile III ",,,.-f" I ""! . CO EDITORS Mary Rekstad Carmen Pomroy BUSINESS MANAGERS Gwynne Berg Geraldme Gemsey Nancy Anderson CLASS EDITORS Frank Gmffke Sharron DeGree Sandra Flom FEATURE Karen Hoffman Eluzabefh Owens Audrey Pedlar .Iudy Duckstad Rochelle Jerve Martha Rolloff MAKE UP Marsha Lanmng Byrduna Clay Sandra Johnson Elaune Rekstad Judy Wllken Verna Mae Kunkel Audrey Watt man ART Norma Ollen Susan Pederson Lorene Telgen Ruth Jones TYPING Mary Amdahl Maxine Moe Carol Lee Maxine Ander son Marlys Bush Sybul Stokke PHOTOGRAPHY Eluzabeth Owens Patrncua Ellungfon ADVISOR Mass Sferner Z .. 1 1 . I I . 1 I . 1 I I I 1 . . . - ... I I I . . I I I ' . . ...- I I I . . 1 - I I I . I I . . . . 1 I . MDHISCAN CUNTENTS FOREWORD IN MEMORIAM BOARD OF EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION EMPLOYEES FACULTY SENIORS Class Offlcers Graduates Jumor Klwamans Class Hxstory UNDERCLASSMEN .Tumors Sophomores Jumor Hmgh School ACTIVITIES Magazine Campaign I Remember Mama The Nlght of January 16 Dances Assemblies Chrxstmas Program Boys State Gxrls State Student Body Presxdent HOMECOMING Queen Royalty Festtvxtles CLUBS Mohxscan Staff Montevldean Staff Student Councxl Lxbrary Club J R C C Ushers Club 10 14 17 32 34 36 44 45 46 47 3 Stage Crew M D V C Audio Vlsual F T A G A A Rifle Club FHA FI-'A Speech Debate World Affalrs MUSIC Mxxed Chorus Band Gxrls Glee Club Orchestra SPORTS Football Basketball Wrestlxng Intra Mural Basketball Cheerleaders Twxrlers SNAPS N SCRAPS SPONSORS AUTOGRAPHS SPRING SUPPLEMENT Baseball Track Golf and Tennis .Tumor Class Play Chu-ago Tnp Commencement Dxstmguxshed Honor Students 74 75 76 77 82 83 84 85 100 103 104 105 94 95 96 97 ,,,,---,------------- 5 . . . . ----,,,,,,-,,,,,,-an 63 ----------- 5 ' - ' ------------------- 64 ,---------------- 7 . . . ----------,,,,,,,,,,-nu 55 nu,-,,,,,-,---------- 8 . . . M-,,,,,,-,,,-,H-U,--,- 55 -------------------------- ' ' ----------------------- 67 . . . -----,,,,-,-----,U--U-U gg ' ,-,,,-,,,,.,,.l.... 16 . . . ....,,.-,,,.,.,,--.,,---- -A gg ---------------------U ' ------------------------- 70 ' ' ' .....-.--..--- -- 33 ........................ -- 71 . -------------------- - . ------------------- 72 ' ------,-,,-,,,-,.,,,...... 38 ' ,,--,,-.--------- U . nn-,,,-,--------,-- 39 ,,,,,,,,,,-,--,--,H----un - ' ' ------------ -- 40 ' ' ............... -- 78 ----------------------- 79 School Calendar ............... -- 42 Ensembles .....................,. 80 ' ' ,,,.-,..,.... 43 . ' ....-.--.----- 48 ' ....................... 88 ' .............. 49 - ,,.,---- H 87 ' : ' ' ......... 50 .,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,, ,, 88 ' ..--..---- 50 ' ...................... -- 88 ,------------------------- 52 -,--,-----,--,,,--,,-,U . ---------e-------------U 53 --------------------- 106 . .. --no-U-N-n--U--U 54 ------------------------- 90. ' -----.----------- 55 ........................... 91 ' --.----------- 57 ................. 92 ' ----------------- 58 ' ............... 93 ' .................... 59 '. ' ,, ....,.,,.....,.,, ,, - . . . .----------------------- 60 ---------,--,,,,, - --------------------- 61 ' ' ' ---- 98 f D wif' not ww s ,h .,j ill PM an ...--""' the smgmg of which wmll be our last venture as a theme of the of this past school year and those of the graduating seniors. and we hope that ln years to come you will look through this annual and recall the fond memories that your alma mater. Monte High. holds for you. On the cover of this book is our school emblem. the lamp of know- This lamp represents our ultimate goal-a search for knowledge truth. The Editors i '5 RITA CANTON I - ' To her W Whose quxet patlence and uncomplammg attltude became a model for all to carry mto 11fes unknowable future rernmdmg us who oft COmp181D the most w1th least foundatlon that 11fe IS far too PFGCIOUS a gem to dull wxth the flaws of our own 1rr1tat1ons 3, R We express our appreclatlon 3 for the years we were pr1v11eged to have her wlth us 00" 78 N 59 Memo Y""t'- MARIE WILLIAMSON For mterest 1n the smallest of our troubles For patxence w1th the pressures of our problems Consxderate of all no thought of rank or statlon Understandmg of our flaws and many faxhngs Her memory hngers st111 and shall not be forgotten 3 71 f x , 3 It . . , y I L5 sser A ig ,.' 1 - I ' fillfczhm A xiii? ' ' A"I , ..,, . ., M 'nh -x Vl h 3 0' 4" X ' A I 44' A M ' Q , U X 9 ,M q More 1 i l v . g . . , President-Dr. William Owens Vice Presiclenf-Dr. V. K. Jensen Clerk-Mr. Gale Clowson Treasurer-Dr. John Allen Director-Mr. O. C. Lillemoe Director-Mr. Paul Duckstad Seated Left to Right Owens Allen Duckstad Stand1ng Lillemoe Wxlken Jensen Clawson Our school system IS dlrected by a board of s1x professlonal and lmprovement ln school po11c1es The need for more schools has been a major problem of the school board and as a result Montevldeo has two new elementary schools Alexander Ramsey first occupled 1n the fall of 1955, and Marla Sanford Wh1Ch opened 1ts doors thls fall 6 ' I , , ' : ' 9 I l business men. These men meet once a month to establish and promote , 1 , 1 I 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 I U , I SUPERINTENDENT Helen Jacobson. Mr. Wilken. Ethel Flaa Our new superintendent, Mr. Emil Wilken, has put into effect many new policies this year which have proved to be for the betterment of our school system. Mr. Wilken is a graduate of St. Cloud State College and holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. Before coming to Montevideo, he was superintendent of schools at Fertile, Minnesota. Two familiar faces to students of Monte High are those of our principals, Mr. Brown and Mr. Neyhart, who have been with the Monte- video School system for thirty-one and thirty-five years respectively. Mr. Brown's main duties are the planning of the curriculum and extra- curricular activities. Mr. Neyhart's work includes the counseling of junior high and senior high students. Mr Neyhart Mrs. Neyhart, Mr. Brown. LaVone Blake PRINCIPALS CUUKS Mrs. Cole, Marlyn Christianson, Mrs. Bent- son, Mary Ann Olson, Mrs. Jorgenson, Mrs. Mix, Mrs. Peterson BUS DRIVERS Olson, Mrs. Olson, Gulden, Kittelson, Wilk enson, Kratz, Anderson CUSTUDIANS Row 1: Hoff, Wagner, Jacobsen Row 2: Wilkinson, Lennox, Densmore Mx.-nm 1 . KL X rss Bernzce Anderson Enghsh B A C0l1COI'd1a College Ushers Club Advlsor Mr Lyle Askerooth Commerclal BS Valley C1ty State Teachers College MA Greeley State College Mr Morrzs Bennett Mathemat1cs BS St Cloud College Mr Lyle Benson Vocat1onal Agrlculture BS UH1VPFS1ty of Mmnesota FFA AdV1SOY Mrs Paul Bergendahl D1et1c1an College Mr Slvert Borsgard H1gh School Sc1ence BA St Olaf College R1fle Club AdV1SOf Mrs Norman Bosch Vocatlonal Home Economlcs BS Un1vers1ty of Mmnesota FHA Advlsor Mrs. Lennard Brown Latm B A Hamlme UH1V6TS1ty Mr Charles Brust B1OlOgy BS Gustavus Adolphus Intramural Basketball ASS1StaDt Coach 10 B.S.g North Texas State Teachers 5 . CNIX Mrs Charles Brust Nurse BS University of Minnesota J R C C Advisor Mr Claude Dzuik English Creative Writing B A Macalester College Journalism Advisor Mr Roy Eliason Mathematic B S St Cloud State College M E D University of No Carolina Mr Hubert Embertson Vocational Coordinator BS University of North Dakota BS University of Minnesota FLBI Advisor Mrs Hubert Embertson Speech Speech Correction BA University of North Dakota Miss Marsone Fader Librarian B.S.' Mankato State College Library Club Advisor Mr Paul Fleming English B.S.' South Dakota State College Student Council Advisor' Declama- tion' Debate Mr Ralph Forde Orchestra B.A.g Luther College Mrs. Ralph Forde Instrumental Music Instruction Minneapolis Conservatory of Music ll 'R Mxss Mary Gruse G1rls Phys1cal Educat1on B A Gustavus Adolphus G A A Advlsor Mr Ernest Hakel Amerlcan Hlstory B S Umverslty of Mmnesota M A Un1vers1ty of Mmnesota World Aff3lfS Advlsor Mr DuWaYne Hanson Commerclal Mathematlcs BS St Cloud State College BA Augsburg College Jumor Hxgh Athletlcs Mr Norman Hanson Engllsh SOC1al Stud1es B A Augsburg College MA UfllV9TS1ty of Mmnesota Mr Noel Hoffman Gu1dance B S Mankato State College Baseball Coach Mr Raymond Holden Enghsh Span1sh B A Augsburg College M E D Macalester College Dramatlcs Mr Herman Holten World Hlstory BA Augsburg College Athlet1c D1rector Basketball Coach Mr Russell Jauss General SCISDCG BS St Cloud State College Audlo V1SUdl D1rector Mr Duane Jennett Phys1cal Educatxon B S Mankato State College Ass1stant Coach 12 . , . . . ., o . ., . . N . . ., Q 9 . ., . . ., n 7 . ., . ., - . ., 0 7 . ., . . ., V 0 . ., . ! u . ., . o . ., Mlss Edna Johnson Mathematlcs BS Un1vers1ty of Mlnnesota Jumor I-hgh Student Councll Ad VISOI' Mr James Johnson PhyS1C3l Educatlon SCIQDCB B S Moorhead State College Asslstant Coach Mr John Lannon Soc1al Studxes BS UIl1VLTS1ty of North Dakota Football Coach Mr Rlchard Maursekter Soclal SCIQUCB BA St Olaf College Safety Dlrector Mr Ohver Melhng Band Instrumental Mus1c Instruc t1on BA Concordla College MA UD1V6FS1ty of Iowa M1ss Helen Mxller Enghsh BS St Cloud State College Jumor Hlgh Journallsm Adv1sor Mr Russell Moe Mathemat1cs BA Moorhead State College MA Un1vers1ty of Colorado Jumor H1gh Athletlcs Mr Laurence Odean Vocal Mus1c B A MacPha1l School of Mus1c M A MacPha1l School of Mus1c Mr John Odegard Industrlal Arts F1ne Arts BS Moorhead State College Jun1or Hlgh Coach 13 .., . 1 .., . Q .x . .., . . ., . . 9 -1 . ., . . .., . . .., - 1 u . ., . ., u 1 .., KN Miss Helen Olson Commercial B A Gustavus Adolphus Declamation Miss Lucy Passe English B S Winona State College Declamation Miss Barbara Pfenning Vocational Home Economics B S University of Minnesota F H A Advisor Mr Douglas Sowle Industrial Arts BS University of North Dakota M S University of North Dakota Track Coach Driver Training Mr Conrad Stax Fine Arts BS Bemidji State College MA University of North Dakota Mr George Siam Industrial Arts BS Bemidji State College Miss Lorraine Sterner Social Studies' English B.A.' College of St. Benedict Yearbook Advisor Mr William Wasnick General Science B.S.' University of Minnesota Wrestling Coach' Assistant Coach Mrs. John Wellman Healthg Home Economics B.S.g University of Minnesota 14 NE' -insu- Q r 4 A .Si . an far 3 wma ff- -S N:-is V jf, W3 HEI affwszm n a in ,ff M + 'V' Emma? , wi If 'f'i f fHWf J - x,,: W, x L' - jst? Left to Right: Ritter, Gniffke, Gulden Uiiicers President .... Neil Gulden Vice Pres. . . James Ritter Sec.-Trecls. . . Frank Gnittke Advisors Mr. Hakel Mr. Sowle Miss Pfenning Mr. Brust Mr. Brown Represemagive Exchange Student Jack Kern Olivia Koesbardini 16 Representative Karen Hoffman Judy A. Abel MBTY J. Amdahl "Dody" She's ready. willing. and Hel' V0iCe is like a mel- Abel. ody. it goes on and on and on. 1-'.H.A. x, xig G.A.A. X, XI, X115 Girls Glee Club Mohiscan Staff XII. XIg Pep Club X. Nancy M. Anderson lluanll Her crown befi's her queenly face. her queenly charm. her queenly grace. Ushers Club XI, XIIQ G.A.A. X, XI, XII, Home- coming Queen XIIQ Year- book Business Mgr. Xllg Girls Glee Club X, Xl, XII, Cheerleader X, XI, XIIQ Pep Club X3 Student Council XIIQ F.T.A. XII. Ramona G. Anderson She likes to horse ardmd. G.A.A. X. Darrel L. Anderson To err is human. and so I must be. Band X, XI, XII: Mixed Chorus X, XI, XIIQ Pep Band X, XI3 Senior Class Play XIIQ Wrestling XI. XII, Rifle Club X, Intra- mural Basketball X, XI, XII. Maxine Anderson "Max" Smile and the world smiles with you. Sneeu and the world jumps. F.T.A. XIIg World Affairs XI, XII, Montevidean Staff X? Mohiscan Staff XII, Mixed Chorus XI, XII, Girls Glee Club XI, XIIQ Vocal Ensemble XI, XII: Production Staff XI, XII. Ronald L. Anderson ..AndY.. To study or not to study -that is the question. Basketball XI: Baseball X, XI, XII, Rifle Club X. 17 James Backer "Bakes" 'B' is tor basket. 'B' is for ba'l. 'B' is for Backer. Who has it all. XIIg Football Football Manager X5 Basketball X. XI, XIIg Baseball X, XI. XII. Davzd J A Bagaus Dave The end has come Hal Ielutahl Wrestlmg X David E. Bangsund llnavell He's mterested in the future because thats where he'l1 spend the rest of hrs life Band X XI XII Pep Band X XI Track X In tramural Basketball X Galen A. Bangsund uB.ngsu All great men dze young I dont feel so well my se Productlon Staff XI Wrestlmg X Rlfle Club X Intramural Basketball X Patncra Belsaas Pa A small pebble can make a big splash FHA X XI Y Teens XI SOCIHI Dance Club X XI Bagplper Staff XI David E Berg Dave Its a Berg' Its a plane' Its Davxe Boy' Stage Crew X XI XII Wrestlmg X XI Jumor Klwanlan XII Gwynne R Berg A lxve wire 18 never step ped on. Productlon Staff XI Jun lor Class Play XI JRCC XI XII GAA XI XII Yearbook Busmess Mgr XII Band X XI XII Orchestra X XI XII In strumental Ensemble X XI XII Pep Band X XI Vxrgxnxa Barwxck The better you know her the better you like her Llbrary Club XII F T A XI FHA XII Gxrls Glee Club XI Robert A Boettger Bob To argue xs to have fun to be srlent IS sheer tor World Affalrs X XI XII Mxxed Chorus X XI XII Junlor Class Play I Semor Class Play XII Intramural Basketball X XI XII Tennis XI XII I I O I U I I 1 1 , 1 . . -- 1- ' ' . lf. , . . ' v y 1 1 . 1 I v ' 1 1 ' ' ' , O I ' . 1 7 7 ' ' ' 7 . u u u l Q ' I y - . , H H . ,I u I . hlfe. I - , . . . . I 1 y , - ' - v v , . I . - . . ' I ' ' 5 Y Y 4 0 . ' , , y Y y X y . . . , Q ' , I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 Q , 1 J ' ' ' Q . - r 9 n - 7 7 1 - Paul D. Borene "Bone:-" Lavqnng M, Bo,-9 Avis V. Bothun A Boner now and then is Begguge ,he does,-yi jalk No civilized person goes made by the best of men. is ng sign ghe hasnq any- to bed the same day she Production Staff XIg Sen- thing io 'ay' gen up' ior Class Play XIIQ In- FAI-LA, X5 M,D,V,C. XII, G.A.A. X. tramural Basketball XII. Mary A. Brazel Dewayne Bresson As noisy as her shadow. The four necessities of F.H.A. XIIQ J.R.C.C. XIIQ Pep Club X. education: Girls. women. dames, and females. M.D.V.C. XII. 19 Marlys P. Bush She applies every branch of knowledge to some good purpose. J.R.C.C. X3 M.D.V.C. XII: F. T. A. XIIQ Mohiscan Staff XII: Senior Class Play XIIQ Pep Club X. Elaine K. Bouska Smile and the world smiles with you. F.H.A. XIIg J.R.C.C. XII: Pep Club X. Marilou Charlet Worry and I never met. Pep Club X. Brydina M. Clay "Bea" Flirting is a womanly art. Student Council X, Ush- ers Club XI, XII, F.H.A. X, M.D.V.C. XII, G.A.A. X, XI, XII, Montevidean Staff X, Mohiscan Sfaff XII, Girls Glee Club X, XI, Pep Club X. Michael L. Conner "Mike" What ever happened to the luck of the Irish? Senior Class Play XII, Football X, Intramural Basketball X, XI, XII. Sharron L. Degree " Sharry" Efficient talented. hard- working. quiet. QUIET? F.T.A. XII, Montevidean Staff X, XI, XII, Mohis- can Staff XII, Orchestra X, XI, XII, Pep Club X. J udy A. Duckstad Paper and pen. Fiddle and bow. Give her these four And away she'Il go. Ushers Club XI, XII, J.R.C.C. XI, XII, G.A.A. X, XI, Homecoming Prin- cess X, XII, Mohiscan Staff XII, Class Officer X, Band XI, XII, Orches- tra X, Xl, XII, Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, Speech X, XII, One-Act Play X, XII, Junior Class Play XI, Senior Class Play XII, Montevidean Staff X, XI, Montevidean Editor XII. Nancy Cronin "Nan" Peter Pan never grew- why should I? F.H.A. XI, XII, J.R.C.C. X, Pep Club X. John V. Cucci How did I get in here? Rifle Club X. Gale Dvergsten Speech is great but silence is greater. F.F.A. X, XI, XII, Foot- ball X, XI, Track XII, Wrestling XII, Intramural Basketball XII. Alvina C. Ebel "Ellie" Act well your pa't: there- in all the honor lies. M.D.V.C XII, G.A.A. X. XI, Girls Glee Club X, XI, XII, Speech X, XI, XII, One-Act Play X, Junior Class Play XI, Pep Club X, Junior Busines'- woman XII, Junior Lead- er XI, Mixed Chorus XII. Patncra E Ellungton at My hairs not red xts yust blushmg Lxbrary Club X XI XII FTA XII J RCC X GAA X XI XII World Affalrs XI Magazme Campalgn Chau-man XII Montevldean Staff X Mo hlscan Staff XII Glrls Glee Club XI XII Speech X Pep Club X Sandra M Femnte Sandy She xs made ot pep and fun FHA XII JRCC XII PepClubX Donald E Erickson Donme Is thxs a dzploma whxch I see before me? Come let me clutch thee MDVC XII Productxon Staff XI Rlfle Club X Intramural Basketball X Donald L I-'lxnn Don I know not where I go but I get there World Affalrs XI XII OrchestraX M1xedChor us X XI XII Jumor Class Play XI Intramur al Basketball X XI XII Z1 Ronald G Ev1en I have to study Its too hard to cheat! Junlor Class Play XI Rlfle Club X Intramural Basketball X XI XII One Act Play XII Sandra R Flom Sandy Topsy Part II Student Councxl XII J R CC XI XII GAA X XI XII Mohlscan Staff XII Band X XI XII Orchestra X XI XII Mlxed Chorus XI XII Vocal Ensemble XII, Peo Band X, XI, Jumor Class Play XI, Productlon Sta'f XI, Senior Class Plaw XIIQ Cheerleader XII Vw sexi. Olxvla K I-'adhrl Dxen Shes someone petite Whos very sweet Knowmg her as a real treat Student Councll X Glee Club XII Forexgn Student From Indonesxa Moslem Student Club Volleyball Pxngpong Badmmton Club Marian J Fnsholm Even the straxght and nar row must somehmes take a Jog J RCC X Band X XII Orchestra X XII Instrumental semble X XI XII Band X, XI Pep I ' '1 "7'. I A .1 KP.: tg" ' ' ' - .. S, ' ' . ' . ' . ' "Ev" ' ' , ' " ' " I ll ll ' ll 1' . . , . . , : . , . . . I : I ' . 1 . ' ' . , ' f , y Q I 7 ' 9 . . . Q . . . . Q . . . . Q , , Q ' II: - - - , , 9 i 5 5 ' - Honorary Memberg Girls . : - h Z . v : . I - I 5 , ' , , 1 ' . g . ' ' ll ll ll ll ' . ' ll ll . I T O . ' Q ' ' ' I n , g . . , 3 . . . . . . . 3 . . . . Q 5 ' - , 3 .... 5 , XI, . , , Q : , , : : , XI- : - , . : 9 EH- , , , , I 1 1 Geraldine E. Gemsey llG.!ill A full blooded Norskey playing her bass drum loudly. J.R.C.C. XI, XII, G.A.A. X, XI, XII, Yearbook Business Manager XII, Band X, XI, XII, Orches- tra XI, Pep Band X, XI, Speech XI, Junior Class Play XI, Production Staff XI, Senior Class Play XII, F.TA. XII. Neil A. Gulden "Harry" Boys will be men . . . someday. Audio-Visual Club XII' Stage Crew X, XI XII, Student Council X, XI, Honorary Member XII, Boys' State Citizen XI, Junior Kiwanian XII, Homecoming Escort X, XII, Class Officer X, XI, XII, Junior Class Play XI, Senior Class Play XII, Football X, XII, Track X, XI, XII, Wrestling X, Rifle Club X. Ronald D. Gilsrud "Gils" Hold the fort: I'm coming. Audio-Visual Club XII. David I-I. Gustafson llsusll Talk io him of Jacob's ladder and he'll try to sell it to you. M,D.V.C. XII, Intramural Basketball XII. Frank L. Gniffke Mark my words: in a few years you may be able to understand them. Audio-Visual Club XI, XII, Student Council XII, World Affairs XI, XII, Homecoming Escort XI, Junior Kiwanian XII, Montevidean Staff X, XI, XII, Mohiscan Staff XII, Class Officer XI, XII, Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, Vocal Ensemble X, De- bate X, XI, Junior Class Play XI, Senior Class Play XII, Golf XI, XII, Intramural Basketball XI, N.H.S.I. XI. Nancy Lee Gordon Her hear! is like the moon -ihere's a man in ii. Ushers Club XI, XII, Homecoming Princess XI, XII, Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, Girls Glee Club X, XI, XII, Vocal Ensemble XI, Speech X, Pep Club X. Roger L Gustafson "Hog" School learning did me no harm. but I feel safer on the farm. F.F.A. X, XI, XII, Intra- mural Basketball X. Ronald R. Hadraih "Haddy" Why worry about life? You'll never get out of il alive. Rifle Club X. W 'ageyfgtai as ag Dorothy L Henderson Why does at get so late so early? MDVC XII Gxrls Glee Club XI XII Pep Club Karol F Hochstem I lxke red no matter what color xt 15 FHA X XI MDVC XII Glrls Glee Club X XI Pep Club X Jumor Leader XI Mane A. I-Iokuf She's flavored with a lxttle spxce, whxch makes her extra specxal nxce Ushers Club XI, XII, J R C C XII, G A A X Montevldean Staff XI, XII, Orchestra X, XI, XII, Pep Club X I-'loyd N. Jacobson "Jake" Fxgures don't mean a thmg to htm unless they COIICOIII WOIIICII. MDVC XII, Band X, Pep Band X, Semor Cla. s Play XII, Rlfle Club X, Intramural B a s k e t ball XII Bruce D Hocum Torch Karen L Hoffman Hott Its time someone set the world on fue PI'OdUCtlOn Staff XII Football X Basketball X Rxfle Club X Intramural Basketball XII She and her Sxamese cat have ideas ot their own Student Councll X XII FTA XII JRCC XI XII GAA X XI XII Pep Club X Montevldean Staff X Mohlscan Staff XII Band XI XII O chestra X XI XII Mlx ed Chorus X XI XII In, trumental Ensemble XI XII Junior Class Play Cast Productxon Staff XI Gwendolyn M. Jacobson "Gwen" Look what four years have done tor mean other year would have rumed me. Pep Club X Z3 Cynthxa M Jensen Thmkxng as but an idol waste of thought. Ushers C'ub XI, XII, J R C C XII, Pep Club X 5 I 1 I-:iQ5?7',-J 't' ' lf? gl ' Ili . n H n H . Q U . , 1 - ' ' . I a . - ' . . , I . . . . , . . . , , . . . . ' ' l I , - - a 1 1 . I V I 1 1 v . ' ' X ' ' . 1 1 ' - - 1 1 v ' 1 1 . - 1 Y 1 1 1 r' 1 1 v ' Y 1 Y .- I 1 P Y - I' E .7 ' Rochelle F J erve Talented and pretty thats our Jerve Ushers Club XI XII CC X X Homecommg Prxncess XI Mohlscan Staff XII G1rls Glee Club X XI Jumor Class Play XI FTA XII D A R Award LaVonne J Johnson Vonme Her future xs planned Carol J Johnson Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may Denms E Johnson sleep Denny FH A X G AA X Pep Love of study as the root Club X of all evxl Donna: L Johnson Lee He has more fun domg notlung than anyone we know Audlo Vxsual Club X XI XII Magazme Campalgn Chauman XII Mxxed Chorus X XI XII Sen xor Class Play XII Bas ketball X XI XII Rifle Club X Tennis XI XII Sandra A Johnson Sandy An overflowing bowl of mxrth J RCC XI XII GAA X XI XII Mohxscan Staff XII G1rls Glee Club XI XII Speech XI XII Jumor Class Play XI PTOdUCt10D Staff XII Cheerleader XII Pep Club X FTA XII Ruth A Jones Ruthxe Men men where art thou ludzng? Mohxscan Staff XII G1rls Glee Club XI XII Pro ductxon Staff XI Pep Club X Vxrgxnxa C J orgenson J orgy Her fnends are many her toes are there any? Pep Club X ' ll ll - Q . . 1 1 . . D . . - . 1 1 , , ' ' ' ' . ! . P Y ' I I I- . , - , 9 . I , 1 . ' H 1 1 1 ' ! 7 3 ' , . . . . . . , . . . , , , , , . . . . . . , ' , ' . u 11 . u - n ' 0 . . . . , , . . . 1 1 1 . . . . 1 1 ' u u 1 1 1 . s , ' I ll ' ll n ' a 1 9 ' 1 1 ' , I , 7 ' Q . . . . . . John J Kern J ack Women were mtended io be men s compamons and I lrke lots of company Student Councll XII Jun lor Kxwanlan XII Home commg Escort XII Class Offlcer X Mlxed Chorus X XI XII Productl n Staff XI XII Footb1llX XI Co caplam XII Tra z X XII Rlfle C ub X In tramural Basketball XI X Verna Mae Kunkel I throw all my troubles out the door, io worry about studxes ns such a bore. Llbrary Club XII, FHA XII, GAA XII, Molus can Staff XII, Glrls Glee Club XI, Pep Club X LuAnn A Kete son Shes a girl with a heart and a smmle who makes lxvmg seem worth ihe whale JRCC XI MDVC XI Allan W Kleven A devil ai heart wxth a iwmkle ln has eye Productxon S t a f f XII Basketball X Track X XII Baseball XI XII Intramural B a s k e tball X Marsha J. Lannmg Well, the iortonse beat the hare. Llbrary Club XI, XII. FTA XII, FHA X, XI, JRCC XI, XII, GAA XII, Montevldean Staff X, XI, XII, Mohlscan Staff XII, Glrls Glee Club XI, XII, Semor Class Play XII, Pep Club X Arlene D. Larson Ask me no quesnons. and is w sl SN Rxchard A Knudson 'Dlck Women? Womenl AUd10VlSu3l Club XII FFA X XI XII Band X Pep Band X Intra mural Basketball XI XII Loraye F Larson She Ines io be bashful. ml hu You no hes. but the boys won'i let Z5 her. lx k id vk- - A' C, 2 , ' Jef' cv- A vvsc-N-Q: ZH' x - -,KM- u u HAIU ' . - - . , 0 - u - . , . . 1 - . . . , 1 . , - ' . . . ' ' . , ' . Q ' . Q , - - - 1 1 1 1 - , 3 , : I Q - ' . . . . . 1 ' ' ' ' 1 , ' I 1 . ' II. . ',, 1 1 1 1 Q - . U W, , - , , ,, . ' 1 . - 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 Carol A. Lee There are two kinds of people: Those who work and those who don't. She does. World Affairs XI, XII, Mohiscan Staff XII, Girls G1-ge Club XII. Janice M. Marholz Her eyes, how they twinkle! F.H.A. XII, Girls Glee Club X, XI, XII. Ronald B. Minsaas "Minnow" Fishy fishy in the brook: Minnow soon twill bite the hook. Football XI, Basketball XI, Track X. Maxine R. Moe "Max" Eenie. Meeney. Miney. Moe: Max is the girl with lots of go. Library Club X, XI, XII, M.D.V.C. XII, G.A.A. X. XI, Montevidean Staff X, XI, Mohiscan Staff XII, Orchestra X, XI, XII, Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, Instrumental Ensemble X, XI, XII, Vocal Ensemble X, XII, One-Act Play X, Junior Class Play XI, Production Staff XI, XII. Robert B. Middleton ..Bob.. He who wakes up and finds himself a success. has not been sleeping. Stage Crew XI, XII, Stu- dent Council XII, Junior Kiwanian XII, Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, Senior Class Play XII, Wrestling X, XI, XII, Intramural Basketball X, Tennis X, XI, XII. Rodney O. Moe. How ya going to keep him down on the farm, now that he'.s been through school. F.F.A. X, XI, XII, Intra- mural Basketball XII. Susanne Mills "Suzie" A penny tor her thoughts, and take the change in Mills. F.H.A. xg G.A.A. xg Pep Club x. Sally A. Moe I refuse to be a statistic! M.D.V.C. XII, G.A.A. X. Carol R. Moen I thought-once. Barbara A. Myhre "Barb" I like winter best-the days are shorter: the nights are longer. Library Club X, XIQ J.R. C.C. XI, XIIQ M.D.V.C. XII: Pep Club X9 Pro- duction Staff Xlg F.T.A. XII. Dean W. Myhre Life begins when school ends. F.F.A. XII, Senior Class Play XII, Wrestling XI. Wayne A. Myhre Kenneth L. R. Nash Judigh A, Noard "Judy" HK ll I'm still in doubt as to en I can resist everything ex- what this is all about. I'm really quite smart. cept tempfatign. but I manage to keep it a Baseball XII. went. Library Club XII. F,F.A. X, XI, XII. 27 LaVerne P. Myhre A dollar spent is a dollar shot. Library Club X, XI: M.D.V.C. XIIQ Girls Glee Club X, XI. Maurice L. Nokleby "Maurie" He bopped his way to the top at the hop. Production Staff XII: Football X, XII, Basket- ball X, XI, Track X, XI, X113 Wrestling XIIQ In- tramural Basketball XII. Larry R Nordby Norb Ill dance with you when I reach 58 Student Counc1l XII M D VC XII Jumor Klwan lan XII Semor Class Play XII Football X Intra mural Basketball X XII Dale L Otferman If you dont thmk hes good just ask hlm Audlo Vlsual Club X XI XII Football X XI XII Track X Wrest mg X XI XII Rlfle Club X Intramural Basketball X Rollyn Olson Holly A httle learnmg ll a dan gerous thmg I am m no danger Nam' J Olson FFA X XI XII Foot Fools rush an where an ball X XI XII WFGSI gels tear to tread Ing XI XII Rifle Club Pep Club X X Intramural Basketball Norma I Ollen Dont confuse me with logic Llbrary Club X XI XII Student Councll X Student Body Presld nt XII Glrls State C11 en XI Clas Offlcer XI Or chestra X XI XII Mm ed Choru X XI XII Speech X XI XII Jun lor Class Play XI FT A X Wayne A Os! If he doesnt know the answer xt s not xmprotant Audlo Vlsual Club XII FFA X XI XII World Affa1rs XI XII Semor Class Play XII Larry S Olson I have a consxderable amount ot hxdden talent Mlxed Chorus X XI Elxzabeth A Owens Lu To her closest trxends a true gem Student Councxl XI XII GAA X World Affaxrs XI XII Montevxdean Staff X XI XII M luscan Staff XII Glrls Glee Club XI XII Speech X One Act Play X Pro ductlon Staff XI Senior Class Play XII Pep Club X Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 1 . . u u y 1 I . , . , XI, ' ' ' ' ' .' e I ll a q ' l 'v' , , I . 1 . ' rr ' . 1 , . - , - . 1. - - , . Y , , A - ' ' 1 ' 1 1 , . 2 , , 3 ' I - ' - ' V . ' ' 1 1 1 , 1 1 ' , , . I V . ' 1 - . . II. 1 - ' 1. ' ll ' ll . 4 I 7 ll Il ' . . . . , u n Q , , . , , O- , , 1 1 1 ' 2 . I l . ' ' . 1 1 . I - , - , - - ' - 1 1 1 . . l . . . . . 1- ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - . , ' . ' - - - 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . - ' ' I 7 I 1 Susan C. Pederson "Sue" A daughter of the divinely tall, and .most divinely fair. Ushers Club XI, G.A.A. X, XI, Mohiscan Staff XII, Girls Glee Club XI, Senior Class Play XII, Pep Club X. XII, gods, Audrey L. Pedlar So little time, so much to do. F. H. A. XII, J.R.C.C. XII, G.A.A. XII, Mohis- can Staff XII, Mixed Chorus XI, XII, Girls Glee Club X, XI, XIII Junior Class Play XI. Carmen L. Pomroy llcarmll She doesn't need a crank. she's a self-starter. Student Council XI, G.A. A. X, XI, XII, Mohiscan Editor XII, Orchestra X, XI, Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, Pep Club X, Speech X, Junior Class Play XI, Cheerleader X, XI, XII. Donna M. Reay So far I'm just listening. M.D.V.C. XII. Elaine C. Rekstad All the world's a stage. and she's the scene stealer. F.H.A. X, XI, Mohiscan Staff XII, Mixed Chorus XI, XII, Girls Glee Club X, XI, XII, Junior Class Play XI, Production Staff XII, Pep Club X. Z9 Mary M. Rekstad A wonderful person sur- rounding an angel's voice. F.T.A. XII, F.H.A. X, XI, J.R.C.C. XI, Mo- hiscan Editor XII, Mixed Chorus XI, XII, Girls Glee Club XI, XII, Vocal Ensemble XI, Production Staff XI, Senior Class Play XII, Pep Club X. Larry L. Pray "Lax" I find that the best sub- jects for study are the blondes. the redheads. and the brunettes. Track XII, Wrestling XI, XII, Rifle Club X, Intra- mural Basketball X, XII. James M. Ritter "Jim" Good nature is the very air of a good mind. Student Council XII, World Affairs XI, XII, Junior Kiwanian XII, Band X, XI, XII, Instru- mental Ensemble XI, XII, Pep Band X, XI, Junior Class Play XI, Intramur- al Basketball X, Class Officer XII. Martha C. Rolloif HMOPSH Everything she does. she does well. and she does everything. Library Club X, XI, XII, Student Council X, XII: G.A.A. X, XI, Montevid- ean Editor XII, Montevid- ean Staff X, Xlg Mohiscan Staff XII, Orchestra X, Xl, XII: Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, Instrumental Ensemble XI, XII, One- Act Play X, XII, Produc- tion Staff Xlg Pep Club Xt F.T.A. XII. Richard A. Solberg I'm saving my energy for a later day: such a col- lection should really pay. Rifle Club X3 Intramural Basketball X. Donna M. Ryman Those move easiest who have learned to dance. Library Club X3 F.H,A. X5 G.A.A. X, XI, XII, Girls Glee Club XI, XII, Pep Club X. Gayle E. Schliep A prettier lass you will not surpass. Ushers Club XI, XII, J.R.C.C. Xg M.D.V.C. XII, Girls Glee Club XI, Pep Club X. Beth L. Schneider Work was invented for her amusement. Library Club X, XI, Stu- dent Council XI3 J.R.C.C. Xg M.D.V.C. XII, Monte- videan Staff X, XI, Class Officer X15 Mixed Chorus XI, Girls Glee Club X, XI, Pep Club X. Ronald D. Solheim "Ed" The wonder of man de- lights me. but oh. the ladies! Stage Crew X, XI, XII, Junior Kiwanian XII, Homecoming Escort XI, Xllg Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, Production Staff XI, Golf XI, Intramural Bas- ketball X, XI, XIIQ F.T.A. XII. Carol E. Stark A lassie who fulfills with ease, the qualities that al- ways please. Pep Club X3 Girls Glee Club X, XI. Sybil A. Stokke "Syb" Some people have fun: I have a ball. M.D.V.C. XIIQ G.A.A. X, XI, XII, Mohiscan Staff XII, Girls Glee Club XI: Production Staff XI3 Cheerleader X, Pep Club X3 Head Twirler X, XI, XII. Lorene A. Teigen "Tiger" Jon T. Ti lmann Fay, A, Tod! Richard E. Tongen Why worry? I! makes Go west. young man. go I may be quiet but . . . mek" wrinkles. west. They raise them big and Library C1 b X, F.H.A. Mohiscan staff Xu, Girls Football x, xr, Xu, Rifle X, XI, XS, GAA. X. 'mmg down on 'he farm Glee Club XI, Production Club X, Intramural Bas- Band X: F31-'A' XII. ' World Affairs XIg Foot Staff XI, Pep Club X. ketball XI, XII. ball XII, Wrestling XI Judy Wilken The more we do, the more we can do. G.A.A. X, XI, Mohiscan Staff XII, Fertilite Staff X, XI, Band X, XI, XII, Orchestra XII, Mixed Chorus X, XI, XII, In- strumental Ensemble X, XI, XII, Vocal Ensemble X, XI, XII, Vocal En- semble XI, Pep Band X, XI, Debate XI, Speech X, XI, XII, One-Act Play XI, Junior Class Play XI, Senior Class Play XII, F.T.A. XII. XII: Rifle Club X. Delores Wilkenson Dewayne wmnnson I had an idea-but I lost "Tuffy" ii If school is liberty. give M.D.V.C. XII, G.A.A. xg fn' dmh- Production Staff XI, Pep Audimvisual Club XI Club X- Xu, F.F.A. X, xi, Intra: mural Basketball X, XII. Janice R. Wings "Jan" A smiling face which lights her up from hair io lace. M.D.V.C. XII, G.A.A. X, Band X, XI, XII, Orch-es- tra X, XI, XII, Mixed Chorus XII, Instrumental Ensemble XI, XII, Pep Band X, XI. Audrey M. Wittman "Witty" Good things come small packages. Library Club X XI. JRCC X XI XII h1scan Staff XII Glee Club X XI Productlon Staff Xl lor Class Play XII Club X in XII: lv o Glrls X Sen Pep Vernon C. Wolff "Pee Wee" He and little red ndxng hood have nothmg m COIDIHOH Football Co captam XII Intramural basketball X 'P if 32 David A. Zimmerman llzimll A real cool kitty who came back to our cxty Jumor Kxwaman XII Semor Class Play XII French Club X XI I 1 I , I 7 ' . . . 1 ' - . . , Z 1 ' ' . ' ' ' I . . . gi,i'.2'LJ'f'f V- 41 ' QQ' i-?""'f - . ::f-fvfq '7'f",:.:'l"ifl' C., , . . , - - T- Urea ,"P . 4.- 7 x Q- ..,!'j.,.r H Tp- .., 1' 'Jai .nfigsg 9,211 . - fa 51 . .f ' ,- . Q f. ,r . - Each year the Montevideo Kiwanis Club requests that the Senior Class select nme boys to attend its weekly luncheon meetings One boy attends meetings lor one month this boy known as a Junior Kiwaman becomes acquainted with the actixlt os of the organization and in turn feel that the Jun or Ki'-va ians have done much to promote good will be tween Central High School and Mali Street e1:'D'T'12'MRFR 'hm Rltter J AIN UAH. I 1JdVe Derg 113ECEll1I?ER Bob Middleton MARCH Larry Nordby M ' U' "L' "L Jack Kern 33 . ' . A gt E." , U t . .U .1 , . . , K familiarizes members of the Kiwanis Club with school functions. We i ' n' ' - 1 ' wi 1 Av i NIKIINIIJI-Ill Slhley The members of the Class of 59 who attended Qlbley School dur1ng grade school days have many fond memories Remember the calendar 1n Mlss Wolkow's room on wh1ch a sun was put lf the weather was sunny or a cloud lf the vteather was ra1ny'P Dramatic 'zbrlxtles came to lxght ln the great productxon of 'The Three Bears wlth Ronme Solhelm as Baby Bear and Carm Pomroy as Goldxlocks Some second graders found thexr report cards adorned w1th llttle stars--one for each t1me that therr names had been put on the blackboard for talkmg That same year Mlss Wlckstroms class pxcmc at Camp Release came to an abrupt close as dark storm clouds threatened the sky, and all scurrled for the room mothers' cars some k1dS snll clutchmg thexr dxxie cups Buttermaklng was qurte popular rn those days 'Vlrs Moxnesss class engaged in thxs proyect in second grade and Miss Nutter-'s in thxrd Recesses were fllled wxth strenuous games like Prxsoners Base The gn-ls occasxonally won, al though rt seemed to be on the days that most of the boys had to stay 1n to f1n1sh thexr arxthmetxc Then do you remember the school parties Pallovteen wlth 1ts costumes Christmas w1th 1f.S 15c gmfts and Valentmes day wlth the fancy boxes and Valentxnes for evervone ln the class? Through ram snow and sleet several mem bers of the class were patrols ID the fourth grade As a reward for the1r efforts they were taken to Ewccelsxor Amusement Park for a day Those 1n Mxss Aanes s class w1ll recall the Chrlst mas plays put on by several groups and they could never forget the day that she was gone and the class behaved so well that she brought every one a bxg treat a DIGCE of homemade d1v1n1ty Hlllcrest Although the 'fold school" 1s now condemned and empty of chrldren 1t as fxlled wlth memorles Probably the most popular people at Hillcrest were Mr and Mrs Baldwln the jlanitors It was not uncommon for grade schoolers to get perrmssxon to go to the lavrtorv but mstead sneak mto the 3an1to1 s room to chat for avthxle The pl ygrc und ua tue emv of the Slbley kxds Fox ard Geese and I-'mfr on the H111 were favorite wmtcr games but softball and workmg out on the monkey bars were favorlte actnltles at other txrnes of the year And how many remember another fax orxte game--Old Witch on the School steps" Llne up' was the password wherever Hlll crest puplls vtere found and lt was a speclal prlulege to be chosen momtor for a whole week Each noon everyone bundled up a d rode the bus 0 Central for hot lunch fo 1OW1llg tie teacher or momtor llke ducklmgs By second grade 'all had become experxenced travelers bv loot bus blcycle and dog sled' For one glorious moment whlle rldmg bchmd a team of Alaskan hUSk16S each boy and g1rl rmag med hxmself as a genuine Esk1mo Mrs Lagerstedt had a class of l1ttle Norwegxans singlng 'Lxttle Ole at the top of thexr lungs Mrs Stubers class couldnt be outdone so they learned 'Fara Jaque and became known as the Frenchman The days that the Mothers Club met were very speclal and hours were spent drawxng plctures to show the mommxes who came to V1Slt the classes before the meetmgs Mlss Hermansons thlrd graders got to present a pageant commemor atmg our states 100th vear as a terrltory The glrls were all decked out ln full sklrts and blg hats and the boys ln old fashloned sults and Derbles Fourth graders were really the B1g Wheels at Hxllcrest and they were constantly remmded by Nrs Stuber to set a good example for the younger l-ids Every year was cllmaxed Wlfh the Blg Pxcmc The entlre school spent most of that day at Smlths Park or Camp Release Ice cream sandwlches were always the de sert and no one seemed to mmd that they were soggy and messy before xt was tlme to eat them Those from H11lCF6Sf elalm that they really werent a fleabxtten bunch but they ll never for get the excltement of bemg checked for lice t seems one llttle bov vxas sharmg his l , . . .. , . V. . . -9 ' ' ' J, , ' e n 2 ' ' ' . , . . . -. , 3 l , , ' s v L - - ll ' Y! ' . V ' . . - y 1 . 7. . y W I rr as - t ' ' l , l 1 , c . Y . . , 1 ' , , , . . . . t , , 4 19 ' ' ' . . . Y - - v . . . , I I H , ' 7 l - . . , . . . , A H 7 - . Y . . "' . , , . . . . . , Y , -. . , . - . A - ' . , , . . . . . ' - . . . . . , . . , , , . Y - A I I - f. ' Y . 1 s Y . . . . . A I A . l , X ' , - . . , , , . . I " ' C 1 -1 1 . . , . . . . . . . , , , v ' . ,Q - 7 - D I O I . . . . . G , Y , , 1 - . U , llural Schools Let s go back a few years and take a lxttle look t our country schools Fxrst well go out to for mer Dlstrxct 31, its wlnter and there's 8 slight commot1on off 1n the distance When we get closer we see that Maurie Nokleby has fallen through the xce and thmks hes drowning rn water up to his knees Next vue go to Watson Here as we peek ln the wxndow we see our present semors 1n the sxxth grade They look scared stxff whxle the rest of the classes seem as though a long awaxted event has fmally arnved We fmd out later that today Halloween, is xnxtxatlon day for the sxxth yraders Now we see each one, blrnd folded brought into a dark room where they step over 'dead bodles, eat some 'wltches rnxxtures ' and do the old trick ot steppmg off a board rarsed only a few mches from the floor Lets change the season and travel over to Drstrxct 5 Swlmmlng rhd you say they're swmm We ve heard that D1str1ct 11 1S a school for ammals so we dec1de to go there next To date a mouse has frxghtened the teacher and a snake has crawled 1nto the school When we arrrve and look 1n the front door we see the newest pupll a muskrat commg up the alsle The year IS now 1954 and most of the country lf ds go to ' the blg town school so lets go back to Watson and take a look We cllmb up the f1re e cape and peek rn the wmdow Ah the teacher s turned around Lorene sneaks out the back door When the teacher turns agam out goes Nancy One by one the whole elghth grade leaves the room We ve got to fmd where they hxde out Sure enough 1ts the lxbrary When we get to the lsbrary we fmd xt unusually qulet someone has broken the glass 1n the center door We remember somethlng about a lrbrary in D1str1ct 53 so we go back a few years and see Mary Elame and Karol studylng The teacher enters and funds Mary and Karol but no Elame She has Just crawled out the wlndow and lS now crouchlng below lt ln order not to be seen Wxll he get caught? We thlnk shell come rlght ln that front door Sl Joseph s As thxrd graders some of our classmates enter ed the newly estabhshed school at St Josephs Each fall found them anxlously awaxt mg the day when they would get all dressed up and the man would come out to take their plctures Let me ln That would be the cry of some one cleanmg erasers out on the flre escape After uoundlng the erasers on the brlck wall a few txmes the helpful llttle student would try the door and nd h1mself locked out by some prankster on the 1ns1de Chrlstmas programs uere always festlve casxons Ex erwone looked so sweet especlallv the two bovs that were the curtaxns They us u lly played thexr parts well except for the txme hat the TAIN walked away and left the CUR standmg on the stage by hlmself It wasnt long fter that real curtams were added and behmd them stood a group of cherubs warblmg on thexr x aterf1lled bird whlstles These lonely sounds Church all over everyone At these programs Jack Kern n ver sang because he was so shy The hxgh hght of the evenmg was the arrnal of Santa Claus wxth has bags of candy for ex cryone Once a year the k1ds from St Joes dutxfully trooped across the street to Slblcy for shots w1th P t Elklrgton no doubt gettmg her long red pony tall yanked all the whlle Bea Clay was quxte the artrst ln those days she was One Proud Kxd when ln seventh grade she won 3rd Prlze 1n the fre Prevention Poster Contest KlCk Ball was the bxg thmg at recess and a sure s1gn of sprxng Sprmg also brmgs about H Day on whxch day wonder fxlled exghth graders come to Central to become acqu rnted w1th thelr new school l I C s ' , . - a . ' ' - ' ' . . , , . , , . . . 7 A - ' u .-- u - ,n . Y . . . . , , N, . , 1 . . , X . . . fi . n . . . . . V , Oc- . . . . . Y Y , . y ' ' - 1 . 1 0 ' - ! Q I A . ' ' a . ' ' , ' 4 ra ' 4 ' 1 - 1 Q lf n H ,, , . 1 , - - . . . . . , . . - V 5 . . . t K V ming? were interrupted only by giggles as water spilled , . . . . , C ' . . ' - y , . 7 . , . h A l , . rv v . ' ' - v I , . 8 . 4 c ' H 1 ' V ' , ' S . ' ' . , ' ' r . ' ' g , - 5 ' L . ' . 1 ' ' . , . . . .g in Y, - I L - . . . , . G. . , . I .. ' H ' H A 7 , ' . , . Q l . , . . . . 44 gfiafafzg Ah, what a special glow of importance we all felt as we walked up the marble stairs on our way to becoming members of that immortal society, junior high. Remember how scared we were at the thought of getting lost in that vast net work of halls and facing a different teacher every hour What a thrill we got out of our f1rst Monte Day We had waited so long to take part in this more mature type of Halloween One of the main tragedies of our seventh grade was when our carefully planned and long awaited p1cn1c was cancelled because of rain We seem to remember that a few brave souls still ventured down to the park Our first eighth grade party was one which holds many fond and humorous memories For many it was a first attempt at roller skating Say didnt we have a teacher who thought up the supreme punlshments of the year for gum chewers" The mam disappointment in eighth grade resulted from being legally barred from the dances and we were too frightened to sneak m illegally The highlight of that year was the day of our plcmc at which a few daring girls ven tured forth wearing the latest thing Bermuda shorts In our Freshman year our class was greatly enlarged with the addition of the kids from St Josephs Watson and rural d1str1cts Freshmen Get em was the cry of many of our upper classmen and for a few weeks we had to be on guard 1n1t1at1on was ln full progress The first high school dance we were allowed to attend was the Homecomlng Dance of that year Many of us Wlll remember that unfortunate meeting in the audltorlum when our treasured Bermuda shorts were banned from school halls In English class we were given our first taste of novels- I a ahoe One of the big events of the year was the Snow Ball with mistletoe snowflakes and blue and white streamers How can we ever forget the basketball tournaments? We recall the long bus rides and all of the pep and enthusiasm which backed our team as we won our way to the state The beaming face of many a Freshman could mean only one thing that he had acquired his prized possession a driver s permit In our first year of senior hlgh we were 1n1t1ated to the works of Shakespeare when we read J ul1us Caesar Biology class separated the men from the boys when we began the disectxon of worms frogs crawfish and f1Sh It was durmg thls year that Mickey Mohawk was created to help boost school sp1r1t this was also the only year of our having class dues Flnally we could partlcipate 1'1 many of th ad waited so long at last we were a part of senior high school 'Wifi- A highlight of every Junlotgyear 1S thedegelesgh My ss rings Our rlngs arr1ved in Febru ary and will always be a reminder of our' ays ln Montovl-Iigh Popcorn peanuts candy could well be the motto of oui' qnldrhyleacri We were fipsti khalfcitalntfl of the nciw conciession stand at Windom Field we a axis te our wa s st as et a season t was urin this year that the now familih no of our n ,Q ng, Swing Along by Mr Forde? were heard Many memoraw M took ala o 1' Junior year But first and fore- most I Remember Mama Thi? eart warming piay hu e success and we topped the box office sales of any former class S1 5 Before We 'knew 1 he ad come to choose our grad uation robes and we began 5231 Thai if gyear of h School left B' r Q Then came September 1958, We were semo at 1 ' we gan looking at each school event and activity as the lastgliio we would be damn 3 e together We broke all existing records with our very successful magazine campaign gn Wg-ng was bigger and better than ever and will long be remembered by the ofY59 r c akjplay The Night of January 16th was a murder trial many are still vgo ring wm aTen Andre was innocent or guilty In the spring we invaded Chicago and n ss to say a of us HAH a wonderful time Yes we have done many thmgs together and now as graduation day draws near we realize how wonderful our years m Monte Hlgh have been 36 . . . . . . . .. . . , - 1 0 1 , 1 1 0 0 - 9 a ' ' cc 1 as 9 1 ' - ' . . . . v Q . . . , . , , . . . . n ' ul ' a Q o , u , 3 7 Y ' , . . . . .A vi x 5.15, f y y, WV . 'Q ' .Ll -:F 8, j - N- v sy' , ,ML 3.1.30 ,M A damp . , K3 , , :wi , f 4' " i f u If , 4 fy, X Quia va? LL- VV ,Nw X A , ? , Ut A I M .'., VJ, .rg . - . . . 1 . , ,,, - K . ' U 7, ' W.. I A . Q s .' . . .. , , . - ff "5 . . , 1 5' " ' s - ,V Wg: ' LL ' f . Q . m t ll ' f Q N 'E x 14 I if A - . - - X - t '- ' 'fx ', so -' u - u 'N s' ' fs W 'iv r .,':'i:'g gi' S A f- . . M ' . 0 , 77 . ' in 4 A .- ' A x L' i' " ig ' v . Lp . .- . , A 'W " , . , if , . W S p ,rt A Y Q ' ' . 5' . .sf ' P -A ' S s 2' K. X. 7 A, 1. gk . X. fi . ' - '1 ,ra ,a...g'.- K - ,A ., " ' 'MT ' .0 A , , A f- r - , 5 . p .,nfX- -f, M X 5- '. , . ., ' ' In f -A ml T , ww Eid ,M ji ay ,A . my V .. o f . Q 51 4 .4 ' ' ' " ' ft A " ' 1 2' V . - in ' L' , A 5 1 V ' U an 1 , , .J-,nz-1 f A. Q. ' gi ,lt I . . p ' ' ' . EC . . Q , 1 - M H . ., X ' I ,, . . . 2. 'R . , . , i f, K A . 7 7 ,r , J K -tx , ,Q A - 1 1 5 ' , 'Q - , 1 1 , ky , W N ,1- .,...-ff NV" ,.--f"""4w . - ,.-f-"""'wQ'AR n4""" I J.,-1 Q,-ov""".' , ,L 'ff 5 s Q X s Q i 5 Q 1 'N 5 Slll 5 . . 5 X Q5 V 1 wi in A I if .-W. 3.- , N. t ,.,. ii I 3 . V x.W,A N, W gm , v 1 4 Q 9 1 ,.. , S? il 3 ., 5 1 E if iff A 13 Vi ...A .. ...M- Q E Q 4 55 .J W Carolyn Aamot LeRoy Abel John Albrecht Karen Alstad Arthur Anderson Joan Anderson Karen Anderson Judy Andreas Denn1s Arends JoAnn Armstrong Mary Arneson Jane Arnold Dorothy Behrmann Robert Belta Ruth Benson Sheryl Bergo Bruce BICIXYISKI Allce B1rhanzl Ronald Blank Beverly Blank Bex erly Borene Kr1st1n B01 sgard W1ll1am Bottrn lVl1chael Brlscoe Marc Brown Cathlccn Campbell Ralph Cochrane Tom Copper Larry Cushman Left to Rlght Oyen, Shawd Gxere Hlllman 1960 Elm CAP ll John Dack Rlchard Dan1elson D1ane Dxlley Robert DOb1E Deanna Donahue Karen E1dc Julxe Emerson Sharon Emerson Paul Enevoldsen Hrla Erlckson Jerome Enckson Robert Erlckson Marlys Fossell Marsha Franta Suzanne Gee Denn1s Glere Douglas Goar Kathleen Graves Gary Hanson Kathryn Hanson J1ll Hardlng Carol Heln Steve Hemstad Ronald Hewett Conn1e H1ldebrand Joyce Hllden Ronald Hlllman Rlchard ndergard Yvon e J cger Student Councll Represcntatlve Jane J anke Roma Jerve Marlon Johnson Roger Johnson Rlchard Kern Robert Kern Alan Kvanh Robert Lange Sandra Lange Judith Larson Sara Larson Eugene Laurltsen Dor1s Lee Robert Lundm Clarence Maus Joyce Meyer Mary Mxddleton Colleen Mohn Constance Mooney Beverly Moseng Douglas Nash Ronald Natzel Judy Nelson Wanda Ne son Lorraine Oakland Jude Olsen D1ane Olson Allen Ostenso 'Vlar1lyn Oyen Lucxlle Peterson Lorene Raffelson MHUFICB Raffelson Kern Rodeberg Paul Rosette:- Barbara Schall Gabr1elle Schall Kathy Schaller Ardelle Schlosser Dean Schulke Gary Seller Karen Shawd Lorelei Sherod DeeAnn Sta1 Ga1l Strouts Carol Sulflow Lorrame Sunderland Sharon Sundlee Beverly Tumlnga James Underwood Wanda Van Gorp Joan Ward Paul Warme Damel Weckwerth R1chard Weckwerth Bruce Wmters Jonathon Wlnters I , . , . O Roma Birhanzl Henry Hacker Judith Montagne John Treese . . J V , ' 38 Robert Adams Donald Alstad James Anderson Robert Anderson Joyce Andreas Mary Arndt Diane Bagaus Ruth Behrmann Bruce Bentson Larry Bentson Robert Blank Susan Bonn Gerald Borg Beverly Brckke Paul Bryn eson Naomi Charlet Lynn Charter Lawrence Christensen Bailey Clark Dwight Colgrove Kenneth Cordinglcy Earl Cummings Sheryl Cushman Curtis Doring Anita Dvergsten Harlan Eddy Norman Ergel Gail Femrite Gary Flinn Willard Freeman Margaret Fundingsland Yvonne Gilbertson Jerry Golden Ronald Gose Diane Gothe Ann Gustafson Karen Hagen Lynn Halverson David Hansen Geraldine Hanson Scott Harding Left to Right: McClung, Blank, Brynteson 7967 Cyan :Hoff David Harris Elliot Hegranes Arthur Hill Richard Himle Marvin Hocum Robert Hocum Gary Hoffman Paul Hokuf Thomas Holten Beverly Housman Paul Jacobs Sandra Jacobson Sheila Jacobson Deanna Johnson Dennis Johnson Gary Johnson Maxine Johnson Jerald Johnston Karen Jorgenson Lois Jorgenson Michael Kcrn Judith Kess Verlyn Kling Loren Kunkel Lorraine Kunkel Connie Kurtzbein Carol Ladwig Gerald Ladwig Ardelle Larson Darlene Larson Dianne Larson Jerome Larson Judith Larson Raleigh Lillemoe Wayne Lynne Beverly Mangel Irene Manthey Rose Mathison Marion Maus Merele McC1ung Barbara McClure il Student Council Representative Betty McClure Elsie McDougal Pamala Meyer Gary Mickle Beverly Miller James Miller Gordon Mills Sandra Mills Jon Mitlyng Warren Mitlyng Tom Molin Patricia Mortenson Dean Myhre Michael Natzel Jon Nelson Josephine Nerison Ronald Nordby Earl Norman Loreen Ockwig Elaine Olson Patricia Olson Raymond Olson Mary Ondahl Charlotte Oyen David Pederson Carol Peterson Joan Peterson Sandra Pitt Mary Porter Carol Pray Joyce Preckel William Prekker Shirley Prien Alice Raffelson Charles Redepenning Conan Reinken Patricia Reynolds James Robinson Mary Robinson Donna Rolstad Sharon Ross Diane Rud Joel Sachariason John Sandberg Sharon Saue Kenneth Saumer Corliss Schliep John Schutz Dennis Seller Charles Shellenbargcr Allen Sherod Richard Sherod John Skonard Avis Smith Joyce Smith Elaine Sowle Karleen Spalding John Stamson Audrey Starbeck Robin Stevens Patricia Strommer Dennis Sundlee Larry Tanhoff Barbara Ter Eick Sally Thomton Dale Tinderholt Cheryl Tise Monty Todt Elizabeth Toftness William Trlggs Roger Tweeter Karen Underwood Larry Underwood James Vacek Robert Vogt Melvin Wallace Brian Warme JoAnn Weckwerth Arlene West Barbara Wilken Karen Williamson Kathleen Wilson Ellroy Wold .lunlor Hugh School A very 3Ct1V6 part of Central H1gh School IS the Jun1or Hxgh Wh1Ch cons1sts of four hundred and f1fty four students The Jun1or hlgh students are hlghly represented 1n band orchestra and chorus The two sect1ons of the Jumor h1gh band COUS1StS of f1fty e1ght and twen ty seven members respect1vely The chorus IS also d1V1d9d 1nto two sect1ons Wlth a total number of one hundred and forty one part1c1pants GAA 1s one of the many extracurncular aetlv 1t16S for Jumor h1gh g1rls The flfty g1rls are under the d1rect1on of MISS Gruse The off1cers are Janet Thomton pres1dent Patr1c1a Torgerson VICE pres ldent Kathy Donahue secretary and Benay Borene, treasurer Journa11sm under the d1rect1on of MISS Mlller IS another promment act1v1ty Cathxe Gallagher and Carole Farber are the ed1tors of the Jumor hlgh paper The Mohawk Messenger The n1nth grade basketball team 1S coached by Mr Moe Mr D Hanson coaches the seventh and e1ghth grade teams The student counc1l IS composed of representat1ves from each class Off1cers are Avonelle Albrecht pres ldent Patr1c1a Torgerson VICE pres1dent, Janlce Hen derson secretary and John Sletten the student coun C1 representat1ve IH the sen1or hxgh organ1zat1on One hundred and f1fty seven students make up the f1V6 sect1ons of the seventh grade Th1rty two of these arc ID sect1on one w1th Mrs Bosch as the1r adv1sor and Norman Meyer as pres1dent Sherry Knut son as v1ce pres1dent, Robert Ke1fer as secretary treas ure and Patr1c1a Saltee as student counc1l represent at1ve Mr Odegard 1s the adv1sor of seetlon two WhICh cons1sts of th1rty two students Rlchard Maur setter 1S pres1dent Martln Oyen VICE pres1dent Doug las Means secretary treasurer Susan Halvorson stu dent counc1l representat1ve The th1rd sect1on of th1rty two students has as the1r pres1dent Lance Warme VICE pres1dent Denn1s Toftness secretary trca u er Gwen H11lmann student COUDCII represent 3tlVC M1ke D1lley MISS Sterner IS the1r adv1sor Twenty elght students make up the fourth sect1on they have as the1r adv1sor MISS M11ler Dale Stevens IS the1r pres1dent Robert Halvorson, VICE pres1dent Harlan Sta1 secretary treasurer and Jean Wolff student counc1l representat1ve The rema1n1ng th1rty three students make up section flve The1r offlcers are pres1dent Stanley Jensen, v1ce pres1dent, Tom Broten, secretary treasurer, Jeff Foster Susan Thom ton represents them ln the student counc1l and Mr Lannon IS the1r adv1sor In the e1ghth grade are one hundred and th1rty s1x students Twenty seven of these are 1n sect1on one w1th Mr WHSHICK as the1r adv1sor and Mary Sowle as the1r pres1dent Larry Shawd v1ce pres1dent James Tlllmann secretary treasurer and Bruce Lar son student counc1l representatxve The second sec t1on of twenty seven students has as the1r pres1dent Barbara Kern V106 pres1dent Dennls Nokleby sec retary treasurer RlChafd Johnson, and student counc1l representat1ve Jamce Henderson Mr D Hanson IS the1r adv1sor Twenty nme students make up the th1rd sect1on they have as the1r adv1sor, Mr Flem 1ng M1ke Clawson IS the1r pres1dent, Barb W1k v1ce pres1dent Benay Borene secretary treasurer and Almon Bock student counc1l representatxve Mr N Hanson IS the adv1sor of sect1on four cons1st1ng of twenty SIX students The1r off1cers are Vlone Lar son pres1dent Bob M1lls v1ce pres1dent Ron Potter secretary treasurer and Sandy Swanson student coun e1l representat1ve The rema1n1ng twenty seven stu dents make up sect1on f1ve Terrence Dye IS pres 1dent Pamela Cross IS v1ce pres1dent, DaV1d Arneson IS secretary treasurer, Bernard Borene represents them IH student COUHCII and Mr Jennett IS adv1sor Last but not least IS the freshman class, wh1ch IS organlzed on a b3SlS s1m11ar to that of semor h1gh classes The advxsors are Russell Moe Noel Hoff man Russell Jauss Lucy Passe, and George Sta1 The pres1dent 1S Dave Arneson v1ce pres1dent, Florence Pr1ndle, secretary treasurer, Janet Thomton SIX stu dent counc1l representat1ves are chosen from the one hundred and s1xty one freshman students they are Patr1c1a Torgerson Avonelle Albrecht John Sletten, Norman R1tter, and Douglas Anderson l A I Q , . 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - - 1 , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' . , . ' 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 ' ' 1 , . . . . . , . . , . '- . . , 1 1 ' 1 . , - , . . . . . . . . . . - W . . . . . , , . .. , , , -. - ' . - s 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - , , - ' 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 - ' . . , ' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' - 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 D - y - ' - 1 - 1 - 1 ' C 1- ' . ' - ' - . 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 - W' ' l sk 57 ,J f Cl gg I M ffgfqmudiy m u-- , f , 5 A . 4 .fb f'14'g'1Q f1-. 'f,f1-51 f f' W 1Qf fi' m'f i 'rh"'M I ri J if-+ f -.K ,-U H " 1 N ' Q K' ' fwvipgivgi 'Q ' I 1 w ! N ,.,.. NL rj , ...NN ' W- N EY M.-ist X ML' X '4 'X , v '+., r EC'-Qwf .iqx 1 fl ikf' K 'N -- Xw W CALENDAR UF EVENTS SEPTEMBER 2 First day of school 5 Football season begins 10-11 Iowa Tests 16 Girls State report 29 Lyceum-Judo Exhibition OCTOBER 8 Cheerleading Clinic .B--""' 9 Magazine drive begins 17 Homecoming '23-24 M.E.A. NOVEMBER 3 Football Banquet 6-8 Student Council Conference Lyceum-"This Atomic World" Veterans Day program 16 ll 14 Senior class play 21 Sadie Hawkins dance 28 Thanksgiving dance DECEMBER 10 Junior variety show 15 Lyceum-"The Science Barrier" 15 Mixed Chorus appearance on TV 18 Senior High Christmas Concert Z0 Christmas vacation begins 29 Christmas dance JANUARY 14 Lyceum-Mankato Madrigal Singers 16 End of first semester 23 Assembly-Report on NHSI Z9 Regional debate tournament FEBRUARY 4 Senior variety show 18 Concert-Hamline Acapella choir 28 State wrestling tournament MARCH 9 District one-act play contest 10 Lyceum-"Alaska Holiday" --"' 13-14 Regional basketball tournament 16 District speech contest 19-21 State basketball tournament 21 Easter vacation begins .al Classes resume Regional one-act play contest APRIL 9 Regional speech contest 10 Assembly-Grade band concert 11 District vocal music festival-Dawson 24 Instrumental music festival-Granite Falls 25 Instrumental music festival-Montevideo 26-28 Senior class trip 30 Junior class play MAY 2 Junior high vocal music festival 11 World Affairs final 16 Spring dance 22 Cap and Gown Day-Awards 23 Regional track-Hutchinson Regional golf-Springfield Regional tennis-Montevideo 24 Baccalaureate Services 25-26 Final exams 27 Last day of classes 28 Commencement-Class of '59 30 Memorial Day 42 CURTIS MAGAZINE DRIVE October 9-27 found seniors turned salesmen as they undertook the biggest money-making project of their high school careers-The Curtis Magazine Subscription Drive. Headed by co-chairmen Lee Johnson and Pat Elkington and captains Kern, Middleton, Hoffman, and Moe, the Class of '59 outdid all previous classes: 1954-53927.21 1955-S4l64.86 1956-54743.10 1957-35252.35 1958-55561.35 1959-56086.96 , Super Salesman l Dave Gustafson Co-Chairmen Elkington, Johnson This year the Curtis Drive was supplemented by subscriptions to our local newspapers. Profits from these two campaigns brought the seniors well over their goal of 355600. To provide an incentive to get out and sell, the class voted upon awarding a transistor radio to the top salesman. Dave Gustafson won with his total magazine sales of 519512, with Judy Noard and Nan Ander- son close behind. Mr. Brown again formed his "Three Figures Club," made up of those who sold over one hundred dollars worth of subscriptions. We didn't get the S100 bonus or the camera, but we did get the all- important-The trip to Chicago. 43 if pa7f?Z"b Q a N 1 .ar Zac '56, af 1-is NY 11 x 0400 o I " fb, Ol -9.6110 9 Or - 9 fe, J' x 4, JM Cj7,,.I27 rx 1 4 116 ob 01-AL 's fx X A1 Iv X ,JS ef xx X 00 lil, NN on So G -9 fb 'Ve I '7 Y 1,170 61, X NN NN NX N N 01 be NQYN K YN I Ae A 1' NN x xx S0 se 1 l'd,1I',- 0.36011 O N A: J 63,019 OIJGNX N131-oerpl' da 3 1' NN X , 61126 P01 PJ, gd be Ozafoxx X X XX N Pr O0 Q 'S' If jar, YBODUCTXOS S1 0, 01- 1 Ce E Q -91 P O ,61- I' 66.5 N xo N 'aflafbqk d O"2fb'f'a0 Dkrecrof ,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, B e Q1 Boukenk 0' x X N O1 X Q35 G O Ep, OJ, Y NN ex atqfx xx 1 1146 e 1'?e:1k-f-76-0 'image Crew ,., ,,,,,,, prnareg Wkrxgnan, Onarrgnan Y IX Q' lx a L6 af, 06 sl ke N fl' OJQ 'ff be 'QQ ad Karen Boifrqnanx Song Bocxcskao X I apr' 0 016 Q Ay ey 'frank Gnxrrxae-, mn Birxer 'far'-9 r'2a,dS 6010, 06 Bar'o Nwnreg GaXen Bangsono b' S I X xx X 6.1000 fresh 5,112,660 ,N ex X S . P Yam Bmw 084, N sakoojndfbbiorfgaloo ,,,, NH. '5ovJXe', provrsor QS Robbqr ell Q F36 ab ' roses-, Sandra from er, Q Joe Je 1002? rene 'Yevgen 6 PI, Us 6 YI-'oex on GefaX6Xne Ge ayane woe-, gp Jones, prwrna ' Nancy OXesorX Gerson Yxroixckki Staii ,,., N3 Born Mar ana Lannxng, Snag Dncxnsxad Boroona Prn Borovng Benoersong X,-averne wgnre Coskon-es , . ,, , , , warvna Bohoiig Mari Bev-e-Kao Sound Biiccxs ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sandra ?Xom Yroqnpxere- ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Ukmaoevn Ov-vensr, Gwynne Berg erixes Coqofrfmee ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Barb NX3'nre', Cnaxrqn R5 GaXen Bang-on6', tbaorrce Soxod ' W' Yam Boreneg Sandra Sack Yiernz Karen 5 KW 3o'nnson', warrna B L onv, YABYQXO ' ne Pr oo Sandr a Sandra YK Ger aXdx Cnakrroan wary Ywevskao, Xng, BonaXo Sovner Serrg Kern Gerson V-0-vp , X.-arm XSOYY, Pm erde Nxa 'YXCXLQX Cofmrfrxxee ,,, ,,,,, Nxarsba X,-xx Prnn Bene Yrcroerx Boemgerg Nancy Sen GoX6en', Bern Bonn nam SoX'neXnN', nerr GnXo, may-, Onarr 4 Xhgloixn-Q, ,, , Yro Yrograrms ,,,,,, Bea Sir: 5r0v.xre', Sandra Ylkrgxnxa Kors scam: THE nzmvrznsou lmcnzu IREMEMBER MAMA NIJVEMBER 1957 Rowl left to r1ght Ol1en HHFFIS Ebel Pomroy Row2 Berg Hoffman Pedlar Kern Evgen Gnlffke Duckstad Mr Holden Row 3 Rekstad Moe Gemsey Fhnn Boettger R1tter Johnson Flom Jerve 45 11 ll ll .- I l 1 Z 1 J y : 1 1 9 9 ! y v ' : v 9 v ! 9 7 9 "THE NIGHT UF JANUARY 161h"-NUVEMBER. 1958 "The Night of January 16th," a murder trial, was presented by the Senior Class on November 13 and 14. This play is very unique in that the ending is a total surprise-even to the cast. Jurors are selected from the audienceg they witness the play from a jury box on stage and decide upon the verdict. Members of the cast learned two endings-one in the instance that the accused was found "not guilty," and another if she was found to be "guilty," Waiting for the jury's decision kept the cast in great suspense, and they were quite surprised when in three out of three performances, th verdict was "not guilty." 46 Row 1: Middleton, Wittman, Gulden, Anderson Row 2: Bush, Myhre, Duckstad, Gniffke, Owens, Johnson, Rekstad, Jacobsen Row 3: Boettger, Flom, Anderson, Ost, Pederson, Zimmerman, Conner, Gemsey, Borene, Lanning, Nordby, Mr. Holden Absent: Wilken PRUDUCTIUN STAFF CAST Difecfol' --------- -- --------- - Lew Holden Prison Matron .... - -- Susan Pederson Prompters , Elaine Rekstad, Sandra Johnson Publicity Staff ..... Martha Rolloff, Maxine Moe, Karen Hoffman, Norma Olien Business Staff -- Mr. Hakel, Laverne Myhre, Virginia Jorgenson, Norma Olien, Carmen Pomroy Stage Crew --- David Gustafson, Maurice Nokleby, Jim Ritter Properties ..... Allan Kleven, Bruce Hocum Make-up .... .... . --- Bea Clay, Sandra Femrite, Nancy Cronin Programs --- .--- Mary Lou Charlet, Virginia Jorgenson Lighting ..... David Berg, Ronald Solheim Bailift .......... Judge Heath ...... Attorney Flint .... His Secretary ..... Attorney Stevens Her Secretary ----- Clerk ot Court --. Robert Middleton David Zimmerman ----- Frank Gniffke - --- Audrey Wittman -- --- Elizabeth Owens ---- Nancy Anderson ----- Neil Gulden Karen Andre ......... .... M ary Rekstad Dr. Kirkland ..... . ....... Floyd Jacobsen Mrs. John Hutshins Homer Van Fleet ..... 'lmer Sweene A.. Y ...... Nancy Lee Faulkner --- Judy Wilkin ---- Paul Borene ---- Larry Nordby -------- Judy Duckstad Magda Svenson ----..---- Geraldine Gem sey John Graham Wittield --.---- Lee Johnson Jane Chandler ----,. .......... Marlys Bush Sigurd Junquist ......... Michael Connor Larry Regan ................ Dean Myhre Roberta Van Rensselaer --,.--- Sandra Flom Stenographer .... , -. .... Marsha Lanning lst Policeman ............. Robert Boettger 2nd Policeman ---..----- Darrell Anderson Court Attendant ----. ........ Wayne Ost Momenfs of Enferfammenf now re Ia uonna KEEP em Uown on me tarm Alier They ve Seen Paree? "7 Teens" 48 HAPPY HULIDAYS If S' WTELTI "MFG-w On the evening of December 18, in a serene setting of two large silver-sprayed evergreens, the annual Senior High Christmas Concert was presented. The mixed chorus, glee club, band and orchestra joined to- gether to portray the real meaning of Christmas through song. of the fourteen mythical 5 cities at Girls State. Girls Slate In the spring of 1958 the girls of the junior class sel- ected Norma Olien as their representative to Girls State. She was one of 453 girls who assembled in the 4-H build- ing in St. Paul the week of June 19 through June 21. The girls attending were picked from every city in the state, and together they learned the many functions of our government by ac- tually participating in mock city, county, and state gov- ernment. Norma was art manager of the Federalist party and also had the honor ' . of being mayor of Vitka, one i in -7 s 'L Q Norma Olien N911 Guld Neil Gulden was chosen by the junior boys in the spring of 1958 to attend Boys State. He arrived at the University Farm School Campus on June 15, and for the next six days he, along with 352 other boys, studied and practiced the func- tions of the American government. City officials were chosen to conduct all the business in each of the eight mythical cities. Neil was a representative from the city of Duluth, and he played on the volleyball team. Student Body President Olien Boys Stale ell I-lomecomin . 5 -QW., 'vxxf .7 .,.i...l. xxx 52 1 5 . 3.49541 fgfzyxz ggz z hg ig, X '?xx My SQ N QW3'iW?1i5?'3 aw i K QUEEN NAN Left to Right: Zimmerman, Duckstad, Gordon, Anderson Left to Rlght Nelson, Toftness, Copper Jaeger, Anderson, Johnson, Skonard Schlxep 53 Homecoming is one of the highlights of every school year. This year more enthusiasm and originality than ever before shown was dis- played by the many floats in the gala Thursday night parade. This was followed by a pep fest and spiritous bonfire at Windom Field. On Friday loyal Mohawks donned bermudas and headbands, the official "Monte Day" costume. In the afternoon the pepfest was climaxed by the all-important queen coronation. That evening a spirited Morris team defeated the fighting Mohawks by a score of 27-6. Half-time entertainment featured the three prize-winning floats, the appearance of Queen Nan and her court, and an impressive marching exhibition by the band. The homecoming dance, with the Collegiates from South Dakota State furnishing the splendid music, was held at Ramsey School after the game. This year's homecoming was truly the best ever and will be long remembered by usall. 54 P 7 'sinfi A.-K X -X. . v 5'3.m.,, 7, 1.. ,. I -wig. ...X :.:',:- - .. Lf, HE. . .f., sgpg.g,?,, Q of f 1" JT ,X ,qi .1 -as rf.-. X .. J X Y H , 5 s Xxffa "Uh N. va. .1 . , . "W, XWQ I 4 . QQ- . EDITOR MUHISCAN STAFF BUSNESS MANAGERS MAKE UP TYPISTS FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHERS ARTISTS CLASS EDITORS 56 JUURNALISM STAFF For some txme the Journalxsm staff has wanted to make some needed lmprovements on the MODtGV1d98H Students were presented 1n the fall wlth a new look ln our monthly school publ1cat1on It IS now pr1nted locally on newsprmt th1s g1VeS the staff more tlme and better materlal wxth whxch to produce a paper that we can be proud of Rolloff, Duckstad D11ley Emerson Gmifke Hokuf Jorgensen Lannmg Mllls Oakland Olson Owens Preckel Schall Van Gorp Mr Dzulk Q l. 57 . lc X ,, u ' . Q s S . . . . Staff: Abel, Anderson, Arndt, Arneson, Borsgard, Bouska, Briscoe, Charlet, DeGree Student Council Rowl Left to Right Borsgard Jr Class Gordon Glee Club Rolloff Llbrary Club Harr1s Soph Class Mlddleton Stage Crew Anderson Rlfle Club Damelson FFA Row 2 Olson Jr Class E1nerson FHA Preckel Soph Class Hoffman Sr Class Flom Orchestra Hardmg GAA G1ere Band Brlscoe Chorus Kern, Sr Class Standxng Ollen Presldent Gmffke VICE Presldent Owens Secretary repr Journahsm Mr Flemlng advlsor Rltter Treasurer repr World Affaxrs Koesbar d1n1 Honorary Member Absent Larry Nordby M D V C Our student government IS made up of elected representatlves, two from each senlor hlgh class and one from each promment extra currlcular orgamzatlon Among 1tS regular dUt1CS are taklng charge of the lost and found desk, ma1ntf1mng the pencll machme, schedullng and sponsorxng 1mportant dances var1ety shows and assembly programs, and promptlng good wxll between the students and faculty In '1dd1t1on to these actlv 1t16S the Student Councll sponsored H1 Day as a SPGCIHI servlce to new students, planned the entre Homecomxng celebratlon, and pUb11Sh6d a new student handbook 58 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 P ' ' ' - 1 - 1 1 - - -1 1 - 1 9 ' 1 1 1 1 - - -1 1 1 1 1 ' ' Y 5 1 7 Y Y ' 7 ' 1 Y 1 1 ' 7 - I . . , .... x . . sl " . ru. . . . . . r Q ' 1 . . . S . L - . . . U . ,, . . z . . . . J LIBRARY CLUB The members of the Llbrary Club asslst the hbrarlan durlng thelr free hours by domg such thmgs as checkmg books and replacmg them on shelves, and helpmg students f1nd deslred readmg and reference materlal For the students convemence and to F3156 money for thelr fleld trlp the glrls sell notebooks ln the library Row 1 Left to R1ght Mxss Fader advxsor Golden Janke, Moe Hanson O11en Nelson Rolloff Bangsund Haxnrlch Row 2 Elkmgton Lannmg Kunkel Barwxck Underwood Andreas Wxttman Mortenson Montagne Koehn Noard Row 3 Schnexder Jensen Elde Ward Schall Mlddleton Mlller McDougal Owens Moen Pederson Kurtzbem Kess Absent Barbara Andenson 59 . , . . . a I fl ' K . ta' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 Y Y 7 ' V Y 9 I Y I ! Y l Y ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J.R.C.C. The Junior Red Cross Council offers to its members First Aid train- ing and a course in Home Nursing. In addition to this the girls perform such charitable tasks as filling baskets of food for needy families, collect- ing clothing for the poor, and fashioning delightful favors for hospital patients. Row 1, left to right: Hildebrand, Arneson, Campbell, Harding, Duckstad, Flom, Johnson, Hanson, Middleton, Lange, Andreas, Raffelson, Larson, Sundlee, Birhanzl, Mrs. Brust. Row 2: Bergo, Dilley, Jensen, Aamot, Jerve, Wittman, Gemsey, Hoffman, Berg Brazel, Lanning, Pedlar, Bouska, Femrite, Shawd, Meyer, Moseng, Armstrong. Row 3: Myhre, Einerson, Anderson, Schaller, Gee, Van Gorp, Larson, Schall Arnold, Johnson, Schall, Montagne, Olson, Janke, Jaeger, Nelson, Strouts, Mooney Franta. 60 x USHERS CLUB Row l: Schlicp, Jensen, Anderson. Row 2: Pederson, Gordon, Duckstad. Row 3: Hokuf, Jcrve, Clay. Upon arriving at a football or basketball game, pep fest, class play, Baccalaureate, Commencement, concert or community affair, you are certain to be greeted by u member of the Ushers Club. These senior and junior girls hand out programs and sell and take tickets at various school and civic functions. Each fall the group of senior girls selects the junior ushers from among many hopeful candidates on the basis of dependablity, poise and charm. ROW 11 ATUCSOU, Jerve, Larson, Einerson Row 2: Anderson, Schall, Nelson, Franta. Row 3: Stai, Raffelson, Dillcy, Behrmann Miss Anderson STAGE CREW This industrious crew, under the advisorship of Mr. Brown, might well be labeled our "junior janitorsf' Its main job is keeping the audi- torium and equipment in tip-top shape throughout the school year. In addition to this the boys set up equipment for all school and civic pro- grams and operate the scoreboard during basketball games. Homecoming finds the goal posts gaily decorated, this is another project of the crew. Left to Right: Middleton, Solheim, Mr. Brown, Giere, Underwood, Berg, Anderson Vogt, Schulke, Gulden. 62 ins i i Row 1 Left to Rxght Myhre Gustafson Hochstun Gordon Moe Henderson Row 2 Borg Reay Klttleson Wlnge Hadrath Jacobson Erlckson Row 3 W11k1nSOH Myhre Tlllmann Bres on Moe Clay Stokke Standmg Mr Embertson Schnelder Schhep Ebel Bush Nordby Absent Solberg MDVC Row 1 Left to Right Schneldcr Clay Stokke Gordon Row 2 Ebel Wmge Schllep Moe The Mlnnesota D1VEFS1f16d Vocatlonal a state Wlde zatlon for those students who W1Sh to hold Jobs whlle attendmg school Th1s year twenty SIX students are employed by local buslness establlshments on the part t1me work program Students FGCGIVG class room tra1n1ng 1n Occupat1onal Relatxons classes and on the Job trammg 1n tnelr places of emplovn ent, one credlt 1S recelved for each The local chapter, FLBI fFuture Leaders of Busmess and Industryj holds an employer employee banquet 1n the sprmg the club also sponsored a bean feed 1n February to ralse funds for the organlzatlon W1th1n the club IS a group of Junlor BUSINESS women Each one of the exght glrls attends a monthly meetmg of the BPW 63 AUDIO VISUAL Thxs tralned group of boys, under the superv1s1on of Mr Jauss, comes to the ald of teachers by operatmg for them movle projectors, tape recorders and phonographs Two boys are statloned 1n the pro- Jectlon room each perlod ready to g1V8 of thelr SEFVICSS They also perform such dutles as sphcmg broken f11ms and makmg slmple re paxrs on the machlnes Row 1 left to rlght Jorgenson Knudson Wllkenson Gulden Row 2 Kern Ost Johnson Lange Offcrrnan Gnlffke Gllsrud Beltz Arends Hoff man Mr Jauss 64 l , . y n y 1 Y ' I , 9 - v v s 9 9 Y 1 ' , . . Row Graves Lanmng Hoffman DeGroe Rckstad Row Behrman Myhre Anderson Ollen Todt Row Hildebrand Mooney Johnson Bush Rolloff Row Jensen Harding Jerve Elkington Anderson Gtandmg Hanson Giere Solhelm Briscoe Cmr FTA is a chapter of the national organization of Future Teachers of America This newly organized club has been established to encourage students who have the desire and ability to enter the teaching field This program will help to relieve the critical shortage of teachers and instill in stu dents appreciation for the teaching profession Throughout the year members gain insight into this vocation by observing classroom pro cedures and by practice teaching Miss Elsie Brandt chairman of the TEBS Committee of MEA is director Mr Lennard Brovsn and Mr Lloyd Olesen are advisors 65 1: . ' , , . 21 , , , ' , . 31 ' , , - , - , . 42 ' , ' , , ' , X . O C I F.T.A. is sponsored by the Montevideo Education Association and . . . . . . ., 5 . ' . G.A.A. Row 1, left to right: Janke, Strouts, Ryman, Flom, Stokke, Clay, Anderson. Dilley The Girls' Athletic Association provides an opportunity for girls to participate in a variety of sports: volleyball, basketball, softball, and bowling. Points are accumulated throughout the year on the basis of attendance and special honors such as Team Captain, Activity Head, Of- ficer, and Tourney Winners. One can earn the following awards: 400 points-Large letter "M" 600 points--G.A.A. pin 750 points-Outstanding Award During the Basketball season, the girls sponsor a "Play Day" at which time Monte 'plays host to a neighboring G.A.A. for basketball games, this often results in a return visit of our teams to that group's school. Larson, Anderson, Franta, Raffelson, Einerson, Meyer. Row 2: Fundingsland, Birhanzl, Moseng, Stevens, Sowle, Hein, Alstad, Schaller, Gemsey, Harding, Oyen, Mooney, Andreas, Lange, Gee. Row 3: Arnold, Pomroy, Berg, Hoffman, Johnson, Femrite, Bonn, Halverson, Pitt 2 MCKUIHQY, Campbell, Oyen, Johnson, Aamot, Mathison. Row 4: Donahue, Andreas, Kunkel, Benson, Lanning, Meyer, Starbeck, Raffelson Elkingtcn, Pedlar, Armstrong, Hildebrand, Bergo, Strommer, Manthey, Weckwerth 1 1 Toftness. 66 RIFLE CLUB Rowl Tweeter B ntson Uentson Andelson Johnson Sundlee M1lls Underwood Row 2 Mr Borsgarcx M1tl,,ng Hocum Hocum Todt Hokuf Redepcnnmg Holton Johnson Jacobson Borg Mnyng Shellenbarger Tlnderholt Row 3 Hegranes Cummings Wold Molme Olson Clark Larson Sandburg Prekker Vacek M1Ckl6,J0h son The Rxfle Club, made up of sophomore boys only IS d1V1dEd mto teams marksrnanshlp Members strlve to reach a mmlmum of 2400 pomts by shootlng from foul dlffere nt pos1t1ons prone slttlng kneellng and stand mg The mam gc l for each member IS of course, to hlt the bulls eye, wh1ch IS only twenty two hundredths of an mch ln dlameter A bulls eye IS worth ten pomts, ny h1t beyond 5 rlnffs from the center has no count Members are Jlaced n rank accordlng to the number of pomts they have obtamed Thc fourtcen ranks range from the lowest pro marksman to an expert bar 10 67 I ' , C .. , .J - . , ' ' , , . I . ' - , , - , ' 1 ' . - , y , 'F' , 3 ,. . . . U r of five. Each tean: goes once a week to the Armory to develop skxll 1n I . Nd 1 1 - - n, Y - - P' '-' 1 Q ' . . A . . , . u. , , , . - . . . , . U . n 8 . ' . O In . ' I I - , A I FIA Each member of the F.F.A. fFuture Farmers of Americal specializes according to his interest in one field of agriculture. During the year he may participate in one of eight major groups: Supervised Farming, Community Service, Earnings and Savings, Recreation, Scholarship, Con- ducting Meetings, Co-operative Activities, or Leadership Training. In- cluded in each major group are numerous activities and contests spon- sored by the districts and the state. Each chapter selects its own officers, this year Mr. Benson was district advisor as well as advisor for the local chapter. A district banquet is held in the spring, at this time awards are presented and the district sweetheart is chosen. Seated, left to right: Mr. Benson, Knudson, Arends, Danielson, Ost, Kling, Mitlyng Row 1, left to right: Halverson, Nygaard, Enevoldsen, Johnson, Johnson, Moseng Raveling, Underwood, Mills, Olson, Norman, Gose. Row 2: Smith, Kashmark, Pearson, Van Zyl, Charlet, Kurtzbein, Abel, Abel Stark, Ryer, Garbe. Row 3: Erickson, Cordingly, Enevoldsen, Lynne, Tinderholt, Sandberg, Hacker Sachariason, Doring, Myhre, Peters, Christiansen, Abel, Seiler, Dack. Row 4: Winters, Olson, Nash, Dvergsten, Lange, Myhre, Moe, Gustafson, Sundlee Mickle, Shellenbarger, Tongen, Grussing. 68 F.l'l.A, The Future Homemakers of America have spent a busy year planning and participating in domestic activities which will prepare them for more useful and satisfying lives The girls have sponsored bake sales, put on style shows, and distributed baskets of food to needy families. Supper meetings and roller skating parties provided fun and social life. The local chapter of F.H.A. takes part in the district convention, four dele- gates are also sent to the state convention. Row 1, left to right: Wilson, Ockwig, Sunderland, Mathison, Jorgenson, Fundings land, Femrite, Oyen, Schliep, Pfien- Row 2: Gilbertson, Larson, Manthey, Ondahl, Spalding, Wilken, Toftness, Birhanzl Sulflow, Benson, Miss Pfenning. Row 3: Eincrson, Bergo, Donahue, Halverson, McKinney, Bonn, Williamson, Weck wcrth, Johnson, Sundlee. Row 4: Bouska, Brazel, Pedlar, Kunkel, Lanning, Kunkel, Nelson, Jaeger, Janke Anderson. Row 5: Hanson, Kurtzbein, Johnson, Franta, Mooney, Larson, Arnold, Hcin, Al stad, Campbell. Row 6: Armstrong, Larson, Birhanzl, Moseng, Mills, Bagaus, Brekke, Rud, Hilds. brand. Row 7: Pitt, Cronin, Housrnan, Peterson, Strouts. Schaller, Benson, Steven Femrite. 69 Humorous Seated: Stevens, Preckel, Arneson Standing: Johnson, Harding, Elkington Dramatic Seated: Oiien, Ducksiad, Bnhanzl, Mathison Standing: Ebel, Meyer, Mooney, Evjen, Johnson r ' Y SPEECH Manuscript Reading From left: Miss Olsc-n, Ockwig, Spalding, Tise Orqiory Rosetter DEBATE Debate is organized argumentation Carried on by two two-member teams-one upholding the affirmative, the other the negative. A lot of time is put into this activity, but the rewards are many. One develops poise and sharp Hon the spot" thinking, and the ability to select good ref- erence material. One question is debated throughout the entire season. beginning in September and ending in February. Meets often take the debaters on week-end trips to numerous colleges and high schools. 71 From left: Farber, Cniffke, Mr. Fleming, Albrecht, Acers World Affairs The world affairs club meets three days a week to study and be tested on the news events of that week. At the end of 26 weeks each member takes a test which may qualify him for a trip to Washington D.C. The members receive a half credit for this course. Row Row Row left to right Boettger Anderson Weckwerth Ritter Fhnn Lee Ost Rosetter Kvanli Owens Oyen Anderson Mr Hakel 72 1, ' : , , , ' 2: ' , , , . Row 3: Gniffke, Behrmann, Lee, Benson, Sherod. 45 ', , , , . . ' WN I ". ...Q A A -.., .KW UA I X nv-is R IWW I as ' , N , . f -,. 2 fm Q-QA 1 , , 1 . - ,- g , M-4 . . , f NWN F f ' K Lv F I X QL i .,,. A Ql. :l ip 1 f'-. W. Y.: 15 v N r VLZL 21 xg: X F . ,B ,f . EQNVY In F - fl, M m' " 4 ,ill 1 2 - Y s -Q, fc ' 5 ""F4 1-if , 32' f 5 .3x fff5R-xA-'- ' 5 5 1 is cm' M iw of W I4 W at + 155 0 W0 pi 1ff,wa 5 9 W We QL fwgj- 2.5: , SN- 2' 4 4. . K y ., gif A M,- 79533 5 5 , K Mg X MQ 1 g i Q ' .V ' 35' N .W A P' Y' W ' ' "1 . an i" VV: , Q N ,T ': '? 5, V Z Q. k 11V:T t , , . iv -ig 4 s :iii ia 1 xi 3533, H Q2 W W 'Fi' T9 v Q ig' K? N. X MS A K f rj :i' faq fig- Q X . QE Q if QA A K an Q Ig f bf mf . 4 fy , f QD M ' lf? s in W f Q- ,AN A Vx V im- M ,I Y in N. .x"g N .is af X X X X X L 'X X' N. . ,W - X ff: ,- Q N. X? I-5? W . W " W gg, V 4 N 'SWK QQ . X .Q h lj , I J' Q' ' Mex R ' Y x -,uf Q J' .f far "' 5' x " Y 'A Y ' ,M ,L,. i if 5 . , X . A my A N- W: A 1 r 4. ff: .1 . .W f AMW. Swv V - f-.NPG A vm. K N N,5 N is -f X -- . 'Q ff V - 1-ff ' ' ' V ,' X N fr" . V,f V: J! if V X . Q . .V ... by vs O .,, Q-'gm I , .. if i .Wi 4 . uv,-ga --Q.N,X1-xxffv -5 ' ,. .umm-.W W'-W - f xy M - xi ' if-0 M, I 'Q 4 J i F I ' ' ' M ki r fm f -'Q fy I f 4 ,f , ' 1 X 'fl f Q if A , M t, 4' S GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club meets twice a week under the direction of Mr. Odean. The largest singing group in Monte High, the glee club partici- pates in the Christmas and Spring Concerts, and the District Music Festi- val. Each membcr receives a half credit for her year's work. Rowl Left to Right Lee Saue Gothc Raffelson Johnson Jones Wittman, Koes bardini Halvorson Mills Rckstad Emerson Aamot Donahue Mr Odean I ow 2 Hanson Ladwig Gee Spalding Meyer Brckke Ralstad Henderson Bagaus McClure Jaeger Borene Arnold Birhamcl Rekstad Nelson Strouts Row 3 Nelson Schall Bergo Ebel Gordon Oyen Ryman Porter, Mangel Pitt Johnson Bonn Oyen Anderson Larson Rud Hein Row 4 Janke Anderson Hanson Ander on Peterson Mooney Lee Sundlee Lange Jacobson McKinney Pcdlar Lanning Elkmgton Owens Wilson Mohn Sowlc Alstad Dlllty Absent Audrey Stwrbock Kithev Qchallcr Janice lVl'lIll0lZ 13 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 -' . . . . I Y 3 1 ' Y 5 I Y ' W ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Y 3 3 Y I ! I K ' H A - ' 7 1 S Y 1 1 7 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 i i . K . . . x - 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 ' . X - 1 .' I ' 4 ' , r I s ' X , ' 1 ' . 'TN 1 URCHESTRA Row 1, left to right: Shawd, Rolloff, Arneson, Olson, Borsgard, Thomton, Bangsund. Row 2: Moe, Einerson, Hokuf, Stevens, Prien, Winge, Graves, Wilken, Ross, Stevens, Sachariason, Ondahl, DeGree. Row 3: Stai, Meyer, Ockwig, Mathison, Wilken, Berg, Frisholm, Behrmann, Rosettcr, Sandberg, Nerison, Behrmann, Erickson, Fossell. Standing: Harding, Jensen, Flom, Mr. Forde, Duckstad, Hoffmang Pianist-Olien. The orchestra rehearses two hours a week. Besides playing before class plays and for Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises, the or- chestra was active in the Christmas and Spring concerts and District Music Festival held this year in Montevideo. Mrs. Forde gives instruction on string instrumentsg members receive a half credit for their Work. 79 AW. . V v ag-Q ., Q , . ' 4 E' ..., QM V ,, .f- ig , ng, .Q if wwgfh Q f U W 15555 I ,Q-f am' in 53? E ' 21 jj 0 A , A F is M, am , if ima.. 3' Q W' fu Y a n ,. 'R .var if 'wi-sh I, .JE Lannon x g,.,,, is- 'gj a 4' ,rn ,, duff! Row 1, Left to Right Cxere Weckwerth, Saumer Ixern How 2: Bielinski, Hanson Lillemoe, Rodeberg Schulke Indergard Botten, Vacek It's easy to cry that you're beaten and dlc It's easy to craw fish and crawlg But to fight when hope's out of sight Why that's the best game of them all HOME h WSH R eco, dz 'nfs Y7?'N Mohawks Mohawks Mohawks Mohawks Mohawks Mohawks Mohawks Mohawks 0 6 6 6 0 6 12 Vogt l nw F Y G1 ood 6 'N ' e Q . 7 VH- , lf' m V --, 'TJ' Z . 3' is Q K 5 QL 4 Qs 2 QQ M X X Q 1sW 7f?9f'5E.'n?E.:' X ex 5 z 1 e if , rv 1 1 A v , , AE l , I , fs' rf, .Q i Z 922 4' Qfs1 5'-'fesvzx 3 f Q as :- Q QV!! 'V is ff A. . QQ ' -A + i' - , 3 f "' -1 . XAE N' '5N:b I J f Q 3 N A Y W H M . A f J J? l g . I gg? . QQ A 54 5 ,F A. ri' .,, Q i S, 4 Q iff" Af? .MX A Q wig 5 , Q , 5 -U f 1 Sis xeff The Mohawk wrestlers: had a busy seasong it was not uncommon for them to have three meets in a week. Montevideo played host to West Central Conference teams in a tournament on January 31. The Mohawks placed fourth in thms meet-a jump from last place in 1958. Hutchinson .... 26 Mohawks ...... 18 Redwood Falls 42 Mohawks ...... 0 Glenwood ..... 27 Mohawks ...... 24 Benson ........ 39 Mohawks ...... 12 Redwood Falls 27 Mohawks ...... 21 Morris ........ 26 Mohawks ...... 16 Tracy ......... 40 Mohawks ...... ll Glenwood ..... 25 Mohawks ...... 20 Olivia ......... 26 Mohawks ...... 26 Benson ........ 33 Mohawks ...... 16 Buffalo Lake --- 27 Mohawks ..... - 18 Tracy ......... 26 Mohawks ...... 19 Ortonville ..... 25 Mohawks ...... 27 Canby --- -- 43 Mohawks ------ 10 Willmar ....... 22 Mohawks ...... 25 lox l: l, leir1f.e1'1, lle.l.lenUf lg Q-sl , firlulctaxl, Till ,. u hm. -1 R' v. fe: iacrc, 71 cj, Q1'iA1.n,ur:, Tlclxccllg, lung , Tong en, 1 ill eriof lgch' L: Er. Kg: nick, l'eg,t: ffoaclg, Tsgnlzoif, Tfolaellmy, Ostenso, ills f.rn- n, Pen: tau, Tr. .It mae LL, E-est. Coach. ko: erm: Dacl-L, 'fffit 9 Qs. ff v-1- 'v age ga 'A f..mnl sw yi "Wqg'y XG wqgiwfwg G ,fx up gr 'nr W'EJf 'i K r"a-X uf' - .N J.. R vi I Q57 af sv' f Q: .f Q -- ,11'VVVIvy f ,ww ' X,"""XKf ., A N , F Rf, 'Zag 2 f x QT! ,5 ,Fi wg'-K?3""' xx W V 'B' U N I f' 4 -1 7. A 465' Y? Twirlers Brekke, Pitt, Alstad Stokke Farber, Kern Thomton, Albrecht of THE S , h8CHEDUl.l ITE FALLS MOP Cheerleaders Left to Right: Anderson, Preckel, Aamot, Pomroy, Johnson, Flom 88 x 1 48' N L5 .mi f K -: 'D Tas ? in -lx r h' 1 ks .gg 1 - , e N- fifzf N-...-J' mfg: . K xiii. is xx 'A - gif wwf M .ff A 'E . k 42,-iw. ki? 1' rp 1,115 'K 5 gif" -'f'?aw' H, MM,,v . -,-f'1'I.J...w we . Ln, ik' , X - S3 .L ,X , X U ...- nf' Elaine Gwen Cynthia Nancy Lorene fififa HW We EA H ,FAI4 Whai P-fe Ya 7 u Trfling 10 Say Susie auihie 2 3' J. rfy. cwms Ron the Great We G of Cool L . Card ids! Iz ,JN Q ' hm 1'6" Rochelle A1-lyng Al Dean Rolly 102 gfymymwu , 3. Eg,, .fx aw V 'W iv A wmv Qlxw 5' af' , 'Nwy 'xx E SSX img' mx -.1-ummm-I' P59 we D0d ie C9 .. Ak :fx .ww A I. ,M HM 1431 . an " nf' 'Finial' .f newjif ry I 4 is ,..w'X.f. Max ...J Ebby" We're In the Jailhouse Now ' ap ' .. ,. -R5 U' Oc an For aef 991 wa 12548 we 001 x0 41 "In the Good Old Summertime" 5 f 4 Qtgav 1-05 5 00160 x09 4 G Hu dd 169 Litile Hoff" "Bugger" Lljile -Ngrb Young Debs "B akes" . Much x09 Paniesfwemot an Yfeshm A NHS Mffiie in. 'Ve' is if Q. 1 A? NWMNM if .e x r' I . v ' 15 "" if 2 W -- h me , "I'm a Big Girl Now" Barb ' I n Domest1cated?? Tuffy mba' Ah' SO. shake 08 SW , Future Student Leader O5 ACKNUWLEDGEMENTS The Semor Class WlSheS to take Ih1S me-ads to thank those who helped make Ih1S year book poss1b1e Each I 1nd1cates one baslc contrlbutlon A 8: H Dry Cleaners 8: Launderers Adolphs Carburetor Electrxc Albrecht Cab1net Shop Allen 8: Mxller MDS "'he Chtppewa Cl1n1c Al s Popcorn Stand Andersen s Fashlon Shop Anderson Dr Allan M Dentxst Anderson Ambulance Serv1ce Andersons Lumber Company Anderson s Super SQIVICE Angrxmson C1t1es Serv1ce Archer Dan1els Mvzlland Company Arneson Rexall Drug Arnold Drugs Bentson Body Shop Bergs Sanxtary Dry Cleaners Bofferd ngs Nursery 8: Garden Center Bourne s Jewelry Brown Clxff Prmtxng Bucks Serv1ce Statxon Bungalow Eat Shop Busxness Machme Serv1ce Calmenson Clothmg Company Campbell Implement Company Cann Dr I C Dent1st Central Bake Shop Central Barber Shop Flaggetts Sportxng Goods Claggett s P18513 Ctty Sales 8: Servxce Claggett Verdl Regxster of Deeds Coast to Coast Store Culllgan Soft Water Curly s 212 Cafe Daxly Renunder Denton s Blacksmxth Shop Dxckxnson O11 Company Donahue Jewelers Duckstad Equtpment Company Eagleson Ford Inc Ed s Garage Exdem Dr C O DGHIISI. Emerson Accountlng Serv1ce Ekbergs Style Center Electrlc Motor Serv1ce Enckson OfflCe Equxpment Company Farmers Co op Creamery Assoc1at1on Farmers Equlty Elevator Company Farmers Umon Gra1n Termznal Assoc1at1on Farmers Umon O11 Company F1rst Natxonal Bank Folkestad Furniture Follendorf Dr E W Optometnst Franta Dr M G Dentxst Fred s Pr1nt Shop Fnsholm Bootery Gamble Store Gxlmer Monument Works Inc Czpson Lumber Company Graves Insurance Serv1ce Graves Vernon County Treasurer Hancock Concrete Products Company Hanson s Camera Shop and Studlo I-Tansons Chxldren s Shop Haug Brothers Garage Hemstad s Montevldeo Greenhouse Henrys Candy Company H111 Grocery H111 Meat Market Htllsxde Dairy H1 Way Cafe H1 Way Super Serv1ce Hollywood Theatre Hotel Hunt Holm A E State Farm Insurance Hunt Douglas P Judge of Probate Jacobson Pa1nt 8: Wallpaper Store 'ennett Beverages Jensen 8: Lundgren Vetermarlans Johanson Shoe Shop Johnnxes Super Fa1r John s Johnson Dav1d H Publxc Accountant' Johnson s Jewelry Just1ce C S 8: Company Kays Shoe Store Karl s Ttre SGIVICO KDMA Radto Statlon Kmg Ko1n Launderette' Kleven Bros udsen Torg Photographer' ' ' ' ' . . . . ' if 1 - - Q A 1 . . . . V ' 1 - Q . . , , . . . . . ' ' ' I ' - - no Q . X . Q , . . . , - 4 . Q . , , - - - oo I . g . I ll I Q f ' If i i Q O - 0 . Q - so . Q -I 1 a . , 1 - o o 0 sa . Q . . . . . . . , - - - 0 I - ooo non 1 . 1 Q D Q - an . , Ben Franklxn Store Hemstad Clothmg Store Q 1 . . 1 - 9 1 Q : I U I Q I if 1 i . . . . . . . ,,.. , , . . . . , Q . I Q . . . . , ' if O ' Q . . . , Q . , J f . ,J . 1 - 1 - . Q ' I 1 - L . . g Q J -, - 0 - 1 . , 0 I I 0 1 Q ' i n 0 u I O 1 Q - - Q . . I - 0 1 . - - - 0 1 . . g ole . . Q. . .. . . . 9 0 . O I O Kn , , Lagenfeld s Ice Cream Company Larson Brothers Inc Larson s Store Lottxe s Cafe Maasss Food Market Melody Lanes Merlxn s Transfer Neyer 8: Sons Inc Mtckelsen Wxlham 8: Son Plumbmg Meyer Implement Company 'Vhdstate Restaurant Supply Company 'Vhller Nexl G County Audxtor Mxlky Way Mxnnesota Valley Cooperatxve Lxght 8: Power Assoc1at1on Molde s Electrlc Company Montevxdeo Awntng Company Monte Dalry Freeze Monte Motel Monte Motor Sales Monte Sheet Metal Montevxdeo Amerxcan News The Montevrdeo Cllmc Montevldeo Implement Company Montevndeo Mfg 8: Metal Company Myhre Nelson Montgomery Ward 8: Company Montevideo Savmgs 8: Loan Nelsons Hardware Nerlson s Furntture Northern States Power Company Old M111 Produce Olsen J S Plumbxng 8: Heatxng Oyen B J Munxcxpal Judge Pauls Mobll Serv1ce Peterson Dr C L Optometrxst Pedersen Bros. 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