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TORS pe , i“ 1982 MONTALA di Ao ea 4 tty _-Montevallo High School ‘» “ Montevallo, Alabama hij 7 r Special thanks to The Coca-Cola Company for use of logo, stripe, and theme material. bt SHOINAS 8 = =—- ALTINOVA Ol SALLTALLOV S.IINALNOO 901 SdV v8 = SNOTLV'ZINVSAO 99° SLYXOdS cS = =9SHSSVTO Have a memory and a smile, makes you feel good, so refreshing, makes you feel right, have a memory and a smile. That’s the way it should be and we like to see, the whole world smiling so free. Montevallo adds life; have a memory and a smile. Ae ee ee a A goals, responsibility and ambition gain new mean- ing. Thoughts and definitions of these words today Oe LE a will the memories of good times we shared together. The hallway gossip, the hard courses, the easy OURS de A a TM ee ee ad ago. We will secretly long to re-live those exciting years in all their glory and life will have an empty Se mea e et ee Pe an attempt to end this plight. In the years ahead when the days get long and a little life is needed for the empty spot or simply a thought of last year is needed for cheer, just turn the page... and smile. Kenny Pruitt, Editor PCAC: BSTC ameter] smile | i En Nee, t Ss i " i é fag T ANN NYY ° mm %, 2 oR a mE” y te eters 2 HAS Oita tela tata ‘tell tte tee ly. re 10 oP ihe ee HOMECOMING 81 — MHS WINS AGAIN! The highlight of this year’s Homecoming events was the crowning of Miss Beth Hughes as the 1981 Homecoming Queen by former Queen Miss Jill White. 1981 HOMECOMING COURT (left to right): Fran Agee (Freshman); Lisa Brasher (Sophomore); Deana Floyd (Junior); Beth Hughes (Senior); Tanya Staffney (Senior); Michell Kelly (Freshman); Felecia McCord (Junior); Donna Harris (Sophomore). Spirit Week is a zany three-day ritual observed by MHS. The Spirit Com- mittee of the Student Council chose Kindergarten, Punk GQ, and the traditional Orange Blue Days to obtain a high level of mild insanity, and an overdose of spirit!!! On Punk GQ Day MHSers stretched creativity to its outermost limits. At- tirement ranged from garbage bags to black tails for this unusual occasion. Winners were: Andrew Cathey, Andrea Roth, Michael Staggs, Krislin Stewart, and Pam White. During Kindergarten Day MHSers had a chance to relive the good ole days of lollipops, ponytails, and teddy bears. Robyn Perkins and Tracy James were chosen as the winners of the day. Orange and Blue Day is the traditional day of Spirit Week in which MHS is enveloped in a frenzied whirl of school colors. Mary Chism, Jeff Patrick, and Ruth Perkins were winners of “show you colors” day! aN mw) - DRAMA CLUB “BREAKS A LEG” Competition Play “The Storm” T. Lawerence E. Arnold P. Spicer S. McMillan Christmas K. Colley Spring Comedy “Rest Assured” T. Lawerence S. Davis A. Lott M. Klemenc A. Paschel A. Davis K. K. Studdard G. Brasher C. Naiver E. Arnold M. Readal B. Peete J. Carter T. Johnson J. Williams D. Bolling D. Thompson DIRECTOR — BARBARA BELISLE D = ous oe mm ch year Monteval oy holds two annual S honor pacrmmictes pate in ners, Voll ho I Pla The o 81 Fall yuetwas.t Ac a Irwil , Keith Pugh : resently sb oe e a FCA) e aad oe eir own aoe aoe On M ici 27, a the niet Sports Banquet was held iit tl ‘MC ip , © ion we restling Team, J§, Girls Bag ll, and Varsity Boys Basket ba 5-8 wards _ at the bang -— - : 4 ll ent — Tanya , ith Ma — Joyce Ste 4 ‘ - oore : ‘ow,Percentage — J. J, ckwel bam Spight — Mask Jones Sward Tim Jones ensive Player — T. Blackwell proved Player — J. J. Moog yer — Tim Jones Wallace ark Jones — pm pson Z — Lloyd Pickett sity Basketball ty Tournamen , Lessie Gaddis, us rea Tournément — Ru rkins, sie Gaddis, Debra Tyus, Tanya ex Wallace Staffney ike Grayson ff Chism . Moore National Honor Society “Taps” New Members The 1982 Honor Society Tapping occured on May 11th at . President Gladys Brasher of the °81-’82 NHS explain- SE a ee eee ere ship and service. Eighteen newly chosen members were in- ducted with a traditional ceremony of candle lighting, NHS and pledging. ll Students Pick Favorites yr, Ys _ yy Sex Symbol 1. Tom Sellick 2. Billy Dee Williams 1. Morgan Fairchild 2. Miss Piggy “yuvuy penny loafers top siders Top Chart . “I Love Rock-n-Roll” . “Open Arms”’ . “Tonight I’m Yours” . “Anyone can See” . “You Were always on my Mind” T.V. Show 1. Fame 2. Dynasty 3. Hill Street Blues 4. Sanford Son 5. Benny Hill Fads sailor shirts polo shirts Soft Drink 1. Coke 2. Mello Yello 3. Dr. Pepper 4. Root Beer 5. Pepsi bass sandals wool sweaters Awards Day Celebrates Students receiving honors at MHS’s 25th Awards Day presentation are — | to r, top to Bottom: Taylor Lawrence, Appt. to Annapolis Naval Academy; Salutatorian, Robyn Perkins, Valedictorian, Taylor Lawrence; Seniors graduating with an overall A average — Row 1: Robyn Perkins, Krislin Stewart, Gladys Brasher, Ellen Arnold;Anna Lott. Row 2: Taylor Lawrence, Mary Klemenc, Mike Peacock, Beth Hughes, Jeffery Gentry, Kenny Pruitt. Lower right picture: Guest speaker James Earl Davis greets Awards Day Coordinator Miss Susie DeMent. c— 28 Seni, Faculty States Preferences When asked “What is your favorite time of school year and why?”, each faculty and staff member responded as follows: 1 Mr. Joe Perkins (Principal) Christmas — friends and family visit. 3 Coach David Bailey (Driver’s Education) Spring — more free time to play golf. 4Mrs. Barbara Belisle (English II; Speech Drama; American History) Christmas — a time to give an eagerly await gifts. 5 Mrs. Delilah Robinson (English 9,12; Spanish I, If) End of Spring — weather is warmer; love flowers. 6Mr. W. D. Benton (Assistant Principal; Democracy Economics; American History; Business Law) Fall — weather is cooler; scenery is nice. 7 Mrs. Melissa Martin Garrett (Librarian; Publications) Late Fall, Early Winter — variety of school activities; arrival of new library materials. 8 Coach Richard Gilliam (P.E.) Thanksgiving and Christmas — more time to be with family; people act their best. 9 Miss Dot Bishop (P.E.; General Science) Spring — get outside; more free time. 10 Mrs. Junnie Craig (Basic Home Economics; Family Living; Home Ec II, III, 1V) Beginn- ing of School — chance to meet students for first time; everyone energetic. 11 Mrs. Jane Darden (Family Living; Single Living; Career Ed) Winter — snow skiing! 12 Mrs. Cathy Bearden (English 9,10; Jour- nalism I, II) Spring — news for Spotlight. 13 Miss Susie DeMent (Typing I, II) Fall — everyone is fresh, eager to learn. 14Mrs. Teresa Dollar (General Math; Physics) Beginning of School — students and teachers are enthsiastic; establish routine. 1Coach Kurt Pnazek (Special Education) Late Fall — basketball starts; exciting to get ready for season. 2 Mrs. Mary Harvard (Learning Disabilities) Beginning of School — meet new students; get set up for year. 3 Mrs. Joanna McGaughy (Biology; General Science) Fall — less humid, skies are clearer; color of leaves turning; cooler; “I was born in the fall!” 4 Mr. Tony Berry (Vocational Ag I, I, III, IV) Spring — FFA activities are high; number of contests: steer, hog, horse. 5 Mr. Johnnie McClain (Alabama History; World Geography; Accounting) Christmas — my wife’s and my favorite time of year; “positive” spirit of Christmas. 6 Mrs. Ann Parker (English 9,12; Art) Spring Prom; Senior activities for graduation. 7Mr. Doug Morris (General Algebra; Algebra I, Il; Geometry; Trigonometry) Fall — faculty and students involved in “fun” of fall: sports, marching band, spirit. 8 Mrs. Colleen Colley (Guidance Counselor) Spring — time of renewal in nature and me! 9 Mrs. Opal Long (School Secretary) Spring Holidays — opportunity to visit relatives and friends. 10 Lunchroom Ladies: Mrs. Peggy Sue Melsoni; Spring Holidays — “no work!” Mrs. Barbara Ann Williams; Spring Holidays — clean; stay at home and out- —3 Mrs. Elizabeth Fletcher; En- tire School Year — “get to see the students!”. 11 Mrs. Lula Bell Moore (Custodian) Christmas — get nice surprises! Mr . Arthur Cupp (Maintenance Techni- cian) Christmas — enjoy working at school undisturbed; spend time at home. 12Mr. Joe Glasgow (Symphonic Band, Technique Band) Spring — awakens me and everything! pp me Oy ee Charita Agee Aaron Alford Ellen Arnold Lynn Bearden - — - 47 2 ee Dennis Beers Jahn Bolling Gladys Brasher Andrew Cathey Jimmy Chism Mary Chism ae SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SE Timolyn Conwell Marilyn Cunningham Veeta Davis John Devinner oe Oar. 2 ea Rhonda Edwards Veronica Emfinger Reginald Evans Lessie Gaddis Jeffery Gentry Steve Glosson Lawrence Green SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS ee ins Glenn ‘Hamatck Michael Hegwood Jesse Holsomback ‘ Patti Holsomback Patsy Holsomback Chuck Killingsworth Mary Klemenc Taylor Lawrence Tammy Layton SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Patricia Lesley Linda Nalley oN ied ke Mike Peacock Anna Lott Benjie Peete Carolyn Mayweather Sammy Nix Robyn Perkins Phyllis Moore Riggins Parker Ruth Perkins SENIORS SENIORS SENIORSSENIORS SENIORS Feet Michele Readal Greta Riesener Gretchen Riesener Kevin Roberts Cagle Rochester Andrea Roth Glenda Sailes Bonnie Sparks Tammy Sparks SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Paul Spicer Michael Staggs Krislin Stewart Allen Thompson David Tishler Durward Tolbert Rhonda Walker Rex Wallace Leslie Watson Steve Wilkinson Fitzgerald Williams Gloria Williams SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Fe eee Sharon Adams Darlene Bolling Reggie Brown Frank Chapman ‘, Terry Cottingham Deborah Davis Donna Jones Timothy Jones Annette McCary Patricia McPhatter Kenneth Peoples John Pope SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIOR - Willie Sailes Bryant Staffney Tanya Staffney Joyce Stewart Eric Tolbert Debra Tyus John Verbitski Sheryl Young Officers Lead Seniors TANYA STAFFNEY, Secretary ROBYN PERKINS, President LESSIE GADDIS, Vice-President MIKE BOOTHE, Treasurer SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Senior Choices — Who’s Who in ’8 r TT : a - MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Lessie Gaddis Taylor Lawrence MOST DEPENDABLE Mary Klemenc CLASS CHATTERS Deborah Davis Terry Cottingham Frank Chapman MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Connie Harris Fitz Williams MOST COURTEOUS Jahn Bolling John Devinner oT i ae = Pe 3 wi as Ni be x A ti aay Se si, | i A. MOST TALENTED Ellen Arnold Paul Spicer FRIENDLIEST Ruth Perkins Mike Peacock Debra Tyus Durward Tolbert MOST ATHLETIC Tim Jones BEST DRESSED Phyilis Moore oS Zz E E so ” Jesse Holsomback WITTIEST Mary Chism Z oo = = a 2 =a a Zz : oO — = Kn _ x MOST INTELLECTUAL Jeffery Gentry MOST VALUABLE Ronny Pruitt Robyn Perkins Joyce Stewart — » : z aa BEST DANCERS Andrew Cathey BEST LOOKING Tanya Staffney Glenda Sailes Mike Boothe The Seniors of Montevallo High School are a group of very special people. They are outstan- ding and unique individuals who have contributed their time and talents in maintaining y= standards of excellence Montevallo High School. As students they have been challenged and won. Now they face the greatest challenge of all ... life! SOAR ON CLASS OF ’82! or ADAMS, SHARON | HA 2; VICA 3, 4. AGEE, CHARITA tHA 1-4; Library 2; VICA 3, 4: Basketball 3; Track 1, 3,4 ARNOLD, ELLEN Band 1-4; French horn section 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Span- ish Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Sociéty 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2; Junior Class Vice President 3; Secretary Hon@r Society 4; Spotlight 3, 4, Co-Editor SPOTLIGHT 4 Journalism Qlub 45 Pep Band 3; John Philip Sousa Award 4; DAR Good Citi- zen 4; American Legion Award 2, 3, 4; All-Stat@ Red Band 2, 3, 4; All-County Band 1; Gerneal Music Scholarship-to“ )niversity of Montevallo; Freshman Honors Scholarship to UM; BEERS, DENNIS Math Club 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 2, 3; President 3{ Spanish @lub 1; Gifted 3, 4; Schol- ar’s BowhTeam 4; Fisherman’s Club 3; Student Coun cil 1,2; Treasurer 2; Soccep 2; Concert Band 1; Sym- phonic Band 2; All County Band 1; Solo and Ensemble 1; Shelby County Math Tournament i, 3; Math Team 3; MONTALA Staff 4; Assistant Editor 4 All-Cotnty 2nd chair. BOLLING, DARLENE —- Read-a-rama 4; FHA 3; FCA 2; Biology Club 1; Drama Club 3; Student Coun- cil 2; Band 4 BOLLING, JAHN Math Club 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2: Student Council 4; Senior Who’s Who Most Courteous. BOOTHE, MICHAEL SPOTLIGHT Assistant Sports Editor 4; SPOTLIGHT 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3. 4: FHA 4; Library Club 4, President 4; Sports Club 2: Fishing Club 3; FCA |, 2, 3s MONTALA 4; Assistant Senior Section Ediotr 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 2. 3: Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Treasurer; Tuition Scholarship to Jacksonville State. Senior Who’s Who, Best Looking. BRASHER, GLADYS — Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spotlight 3, 4; Community Editor 4; FCA 1; FHA |; Spanish Club 2; Student Council 4; Math Club 4; President 4; Drama Club 3, 4; Honor Society 4; Presi- dent 4; Journalism Club 3; Chorus 1; Lively Arts 25 Pep Club 4; Society of Distinquished American High School Students 4. CHISM, MARY — FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Lively Arts Clib 3; Library Club 4; Volleyball 4; Basketball 4; Senior Who’s Who Wittiest. CONWELL, TIMOLYN — FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 4, Vice President; Flag Corps 2; Lively Arts Club 1, 2; FSA 1, 2; B-Team Cheerleader-1; Track 1. leader 2, COTTINGHAM, TERRY — FFA 1, 2; Basketba!! 1.” CUNNINGHAM, MARILYN — FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 3; FCA 2; Lively Arts Club 2. DAVIS, VEETA — FHA 1, 2, 4. DEVINNER, JOHN — FFA 4; Football 1. EDWARDS, RHONDA — Student Council 1, 3, 4; Future Secretary Club 3, Secretary 3; National Honor Society 4; FHA 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jour- nalism Club 3, SPOTLIGHT Staff 3, 4; MONTALA Staff 4; Office Aide 4; All County Band 1; Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Society of Distinguished High School Students 4. EMFINGER, VERONICA — Flag Corp 4. GENTRY, JEFFERY — Symphonic Band |, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 3, 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology |, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4, Executive Council 4; Jour- nalism Club 3, 4; SPOTLIGHT 3, 4, Artist 3, 4; Honor Society 4, Vice President 4; Who’s Who Most Intellectual 4; Society of Distinguished.Ameri- can High School Students 4. HAMRICK, GLENN — FCA 3; Sports Club 2; Montala 3; Biology Club 2; Football 3, 4; All-County Honorable Mention 4, Most assisted tackles 4 Most blocked passes Most recovered fumbles 4; Weightlift- ing 4 HARRIS, CONNIE — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 1, 2, 4; General Math Team 1; Student Council 4; Concert Band 2; Symphonic Band 3, 4; Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Attendant 3; All-County Band 1. HOLSOMBACK, JESSE — FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Reporter 2, 4, Treasurer 3; FGA 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Club 2; Drama Club 2, 3, 4,,Student Council 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2; MONTALA 4; Biology Club 2. HOLSOMBACK, PATTI — Drama Club 3, 4; Biol- ogy Club 3, 4; Library Club 3; Vice President FFA (AVA). HONEYCUTT, WANDA — FHA 3; Chorus 1. HUGHES, BETH — Student Council 1, 2, 3,4, Presi- dent 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, President 3; Fisherman’s Club 3; Lively Arts 2; Executive Council 2; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; SPOTLIGHT 3,4, News Editor 4; Montala 4; Honor Society 4; Drama Club 2, 3; Scholars Bowl Team 4; Marching Band Ty 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Journalism Club 3; Senior Who’s Who, Best All Around; Who's Who Among American High School Students; Danforth- Runner-up; Girls’ State Alternate; Homecoming Queen; Sophomore Homecoming Attendant, . GADDIS, LESSIE — SPOTLIGHT Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor 4; Basketball Club 3; Math Club 2, 4; Spanish Club 1; National Honor Society 4; Track 4; Volleyball 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Who’s Who — Most Likely to Succeed. KILLINGSWORTH, oe ; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology 23 2, 3; VICA 3; Foot 2,3, 4; Weigh KLEMENC, MARY — Marching Drama Club 2, 3,4, Progr: 4; Student Council 2,3, 4 Honor Society 4; Who's Wh Society of Distinguished American Hi dents. LAWRENCE, TAYLOR — Marchi ae 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1-4; Spani _ 2; SPOT- LIGHT Editor 4, Spotlight 1-4; ma Club 1-4; Yependable; school Stu- Math Club 1-4; Valedictorian 4; All County Band 1; Arion Band Award 3; Who’s Who — Most Likely to Succeed 4; Society of Distinguis School Students 3, 4; National Merit Scholar — Scholarship; Scholar’s Bowl 2. American High onor Society; val Academy nis 2; Soecer LAYTON, TAMMY — Ma Majorette 3, 4; Head 4; Year tion Editor 4; FHA 1; Pep Clu 4, Photographer 4; Student Coufcil 1, 2, 3, 4; Journal- ism Club 3, 4; Office Aide 4; Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4. LESLEY, PATRICIA — Spanish Club 1, 2; Math Club 4; FHA 4; Society of Distinguished High School Students; Rotary Citizen Award. LOTT, ANNA — Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ist chair 3, 4; Junior Class Secretary 3; Dra Club 2, 3, 4, Program Director 3; Math Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4; Chorus 1, 2; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, ram Director 3; Lively Arts Club 2; Scholor’s Bowl Team 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Society of Disting d American High School Students. McPHATTER, PATRICIA — FHA ketball 1; Volleyball 2, 3, 4. MAY WEATHER, © MOORE, PHI ment 3; FBLA 4; W NALLEY, LINE NELSON, MIKE NIX, SAN 2 ng Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Staff 4, Senior Sec- , 4; Spotlight Staff 3, Achieve- Dressed. ; FHA 2, 4. HA 1, 2. POLK, BET , 4, Treasurer god . 2, President 3, 4; FCA 1, 2; FCA 1-4; Math Club 1, 2 Student Council 4, Executive Committee 4; Fisher- man’s Club 3; National Honor Society 4; Seniors Who's Who — Best All Around 4; Society of Distin- guished American High School Students 4; Theron Fisher Award; Sportsmanship Trophy; DAR runner- up; Danforth Award 4; Boys’ State 4. PEACOCK, MIKE — National Honor Society 4, Co- Treasurer 4; FCA 3, 4; Montala Staff 3, 4; Sports Edi- tor 4; Student Council 4; Senior Who’s Who Friendli- est; National Society of Distinguished High School Students; Who’s Who Among American High School Students. PEETE, BENJIE — Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 1, 2, 3; Math Club 4; Student Council 4, SPOTLIGHT 3, 4, Feature Edi- tor 4; National Honor Society; Drama Club 3, 4; Jour- nalism Club 3, 4. PEOPLES, KENNETH — Fishing Club 2. PERKINS, ROBYN — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, 3; Math Club 1-4, Secretary 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 2; MONTALA Staff 4, Organization Editor; Student Council 1, 2, 4;, Honor Society 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Who’s Who — Most Intellectual; Society of Distinguished American High School Stu- dents; Salutatorian; Runner,up for American Legion Award; DanforthAward ner-up. PERKINS, RUTH — Dran ident 4; Spanish lub A, Assistant ts Who — dli PICKETT, LLOYD — Society 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Ppe Squi POPE, JOHN = Student Biology Club I; Track. 1. PRUITT, KENNY — FFA 1, 2; Math Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Spotlight 3; Montala Staff 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Journalism Club 3; Football 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Who’s Who Most Valu- able to School: Society of Distinguished American High School Students; American Legion Award, Hon- orable Mention. — an READAL, MIC! Secretary 3; He Drama Club 2, 3 Spanish Club 2, 3; Ft 2 — Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, ciety 4; Flag Corps 1, 2, 3, 4; surer 4; Fisherman’s Club 3; A 4; Journalism Club 3; Spot- light Staff 3, 4, CO-Editor 4; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4 RIESENER, GRETA Spanish Club 1, 2; FCA 2, 3, 4; Flag Corps 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Publications 3, Section Editor 3; Cheerleader 2 RIESENER, GRETCHEN Math Club 1; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Spotlight Staff 3, 4; Business Manager 4; Journalism Club 3, 4; Flag Corps 1, 2, 3, 4, Head 3, 4; Drama Club 3; National Honor Society 4; Cheerleader 4; Society of Distir guished American High School Students 4 ROBERTS, KEVIN Spanish Club 2, 3; Montala Club 4; Drama Club 2, 3, 4; Sthdent.Céuncil 2, 3, 4: Montala Staff 3, 4, Photographer, Ads Editor 4 ROCHESTER, CAGLE — Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Section Leader 3, 4; Symphonic |, 2, 3) 4, Ist Chair 3, 4° Dramatics Club 1,2, 3, 4; Math Club 2; Soccer 3, Captain 3. ROTH, ANDREA — Drama Club 4; Biology Club 4. SATLES, GLENDA — Drama Club 3, 4; FHA 1, 2 3, “4, Biology Club_1,2, 3; Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lively Arts Club I, 2; FSA 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Who's Who Best Dancer. SPARKS, BONNIE — FHA 4; Hero 1. SPICER, PAUL — Student Council 1, 2, 3,4, Vice President 3; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lively Arts Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Major 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Photographer 3; Yearbook Club 4; Tennis Team 1; Soccer,Leam 2; Who’s Who Most Talented 4. STAFFNEY, TANYA — Drama Club 1, 2, 4; Lively Arts Club 1, 2, 3; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Future Secretaries 1, 3; Library Club 2; Flag Corps 1, 2, 3; FSLA 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 4; Cheerleader 4; Volleyball], 3,%4),All County 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; All Area 4; Who’s Who Best. STAGGS, MICHAEL — FFA 1, 2; Secretary 2; Band |, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 3, 4; Biology Club 4; Math Club 4; Honor Society 4; Soccer Team 2; Jour- nalism Club 3; SPOTLIGHT Staff 3, r, Assistant Edi- tor 4; Stage Band 2, 3. STEWART, JOYCE — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 3, 4; SPOTLIGHT Staff 3, 4; Journalism Club 3; Lively Arts 1; Band Council 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; B-Team Cheerleader 1; Volleyball 4, All-Area Tournament Team 4; Senior Who’s Who — Most Val- uable To The School. r STEWART, KRISLIN Student Council 1, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Drama Club 3; Scholar’s Bowl Team 4; Honor Society 4; Yearbook Club 4; MON- TALA Staff 4, Organizations Assistant Editor 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonie Band 2, 3, 4, First Chair Oboe 2, 3, 4; Band Council 3, 4; Scholarship from the Episcopal Churchwomen of Alabama; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4. THOMPSON, ALLEN FCA 1, 2, 3; Biology Club 2, 3, 4, VICA 3; Football |, 2, 3, 4, Honorable Men- tion All County 1,2; Lively Arts Club 2; Soccer Team + TISHLER, DAVID — SPOTLIGHT 2, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 4 Journalism Club 2, 3: Drama Club 1, 2; Lively Arts Club 2; Soccer Team 2) TOLBERT, DURWARD — FEA 1, 2: Senior Wha's Who Best Dressed TOLBERT, ERIC FCA 1; FHA 4; Basketball Club 4; Jr. High Basketball 3; B-Team Basketball 2. All County 2; Varsity Basketball 3, 4, All County 4; Football 2; Track | TYUS, DEBRA FHA 1, 2; Lively Arts 1; Flag Corps |, 2, 3; Volleyball, 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; All County, All Area, All Tournament; Track 1, 2, 3; Cheerleading 4; Who’s Who Most Athletic. WALKER, RHONDA — Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2; VICA 3, 4, Secretary, President 3, 4: Drama Club |, 2; Majorette 2, 3, 4, Head 3. WALLACE, REX — VICA 3, 4; Fisherman’s Club !: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, All County, All Starteam 2; Team Captain 4, Most Valuable Defensive Player 3; Weight- lifting |. WATSON, LESLIE — VICA 3, 4; FFA 2; FHA 4: Biology 4; Band |, 2; Athletic Club 1, 2; Basketball |, 2. WILLIAMS, GLORIA — Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Symphonic Band 4; Lively Arts Club 2, 3; Drama Club 4; FHA 3, 4; WILLIAMS, FITZGERALD — FCA 4; FHA 4; Basketbal! 3; Football 4; Baseball 4; Who’s Who Most School Spirit. YOUNG, SHERYL Concert Band 2, 3; Sym- phonic Band 3, 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club.1, 4; Lively Arts 3; B-Team Cheerleader 1. we CLASS OF ’83 JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS CLASS WITH CLASS Mark Jones Sheila Jones da McElroy ily McMillian Henry Miller James Moore Melissa Nalley Scotty Neal Aretha Paschel Joey Phillips Lynne Pickett Alfred Posey Laura Price Angie Pruitt James Rutledge OSS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS 55 Etie Walker Lori Weiss Pam White Chris Wilder Joy Williams Vickie Williams ARETHA PASCHEL, Secreta ian KEITH STLADDARD, Treasure SALLY udu LAN, Presi dent: LORI WEISS Vice-President ‘ ‘Don’t let the size of the 1981-82 Junior Class fool you. With less than 70 students in the class, the Juniors accomplished a great deal. They started the year with Mrs. Garrett's homeroom having the highest percentage of parents at the September Open House. In October, the Juniors won the float contest for the Fire Prevention Week Parade. At Christmas time, Mrs. Garrett’s homeroom won the door decoration contest with “Angel in the Centerfold” as their theme. In February, Juniors Aretha Paschel and Scotty Neal were selected as the first Miss and Mr. Valentine. Later on in the year, the Juniors sponsored a successful Prom at the Sheraton Inn in Birmingham. JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS CLASS OF ’84 Cheri Allen Jackie Andrews Ronny Argo Lester Arnold Tyrone Bell Taylor Blackwell Nekita Bolling Tommy Boothe Travis Boothe Aaron Brantley Lisa Brasher Mark Broadhead Greg Cardwell Jimmy Cardwell SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES 57 CLASS WITH SPIRIT Shan Davis Mary Devinner Ricky Dobson Jennifer Edwards Kerry Emfinger Leigh Ann Fennell Carol Fulmer Angela Gaines Jeff Gentry Wade Goggins Barry Goode Sandy Greer Graylon Guest Antonio Haggins F ’ a ‘ 7 4 ¢} ld TY hc {| SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES 58 Tabatha McCary Meador McClanahan Butch McGibony Maya Metz Augusta Moore Keith Moore Sherry Moore David Murphy Charles Naivar Sandra Nix Jo Ellen Pardue Bonita Paschel Sharon Paschel Sheila Paschel Beth Sides Jennifer Siegrist Marcia Smelley Tracy Smitherman Erin Spicer Pamela Staffney SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Penny Stoudenmire Sally Swain Kelvin Thompson Olen Wade Paula Williams Barry Worthey . ose Sera eee a wed planning for the Jr.-Sr. Prom they will sponsor in 5% ae SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES CLASS OF ’85 ee $ Fp Agee 25 GRE Ante Anal £ R., Debra Andrews Tonya Barrow — ‘ammy Beane Reneatha Brazzell Andy Brindley FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHM CLASS WITH FUTURE Bill Devinner FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHM. 62 N FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHI 63 Timothy Pearson Bert Peete Bob Peete Paula Phillips Anthony Prentice Scott Price FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN unique and original float. Don Benton math csp aor rates campaign helping make MHS a neat place to be! es we Sa ee es a Z + a —- 2 _ . : aoe . ; 2a t= BOTTOM, | to r: Freeman Rutledge (mgr.), Clyde Sailes, Barry Worthy, Fitzgerald Williams, Dewayne Jackson, Jeff Chism, Howard Gaddis, Jeff Gentry, Mark Jones, Robby Allen, Antonio DeVould (mgr.). MIDDLE, | to r: Coach Kurt Pnazek, Lloyd Pickett, Sammy Nix, Van Hawks, Chuck Killingsworth, Chris Wilder, Steve Glosson, Taylor Blackwell, Allen Thompson, Coach Richard Gilliam. TOP, | to r: Coach David Bailey, Timothy Jones, Rick Perry, Jesse Holsomback, Glenn Hamrick, Scotty Neal, Mike Peacock, Rex Wallace, J. J. Moore, Michael Grayson. The 1981 Bulldogs came off a sluggish start to battle their way to a 6-4 winning season. Senior leadership was emphasized all season long by head coach Richard Gilliam as a turn- ing point after the terrible start by the Dogs. The Bulldog coaching staff, consisting of head coach Richard Gilliam, line coach Kurt Pnazek, secondary coach David Bailey, and trainer Tony Berry, did a fantastic job of br- inging the players up from their early season disappointment and instilling in them the deter- mination to win. On the field, the Dogs were led by permanent tri-captains, Tim Jones, Rex Wallace, and Sammy Nix, all seniors. Field leadership was also provided by all-county players Lloyd Pickett, J.J. Moore, and Wallace. Honorable Mention all-countians who contributed to the Dogs’ success were Glenn Hamrick, Allen Thompson, and Nix. Congratulations, Bulldogs, on a fine, gutsy, winning season! GAME I The Bulldogs kicked off the 1982 football season on August 28 against the Calera Eagles. The eventual Area Champion — Eagles took advantage of 12 Bulldog fumbles and several other costly mistakes to take home a 24-6 win over the Bulldogs. The defense earned Coach Gilliam’s praise by holding the Eagles to a 2.8 yard per carry rushing average on the night. Outstanding leaders were Lloyd Pickett and Mark Jones. Howard Gaddis led all Bulldog rushers with 58 yards on 10 carries, followed closely by Jeff Chism with 55 yards on 9 carries. The offense played well, but costly fumbles gave Calera great field position and scoring opportunities, which gave the Eagles just enough edge to defeat the Dogs. GAME 2 After a disappointing opening loss to Calera the Bulldogs bounced back on September 4 to defeat the visiting Francis Marion Rams, 18-6. The Dogs showed they could win with the of- fense being led by junior fullback J.J. Moore with 11 carges for 107 yards and 2 touchdowns. Tailback Jeff Chism added 91 yards on 10 carries and 1 touchdown. In evening their record at 1-1 the Dogs chalked up 17 first downs to 11 for the Rams. In total offense, the Bulldogs dominated their guests, 357 yards to 145 yards. GAME 3 In their second county contest of the year the Bulldogs traveled to Columbiana to face the Shelby County Wildcats. Costly mistakes allowed the Wildcats to score 2 quick touchdowns and then coast to a 23-6 victory over the Bulldogs. The MHS defense held the Cats to just 77 yards on the ground, but the Wildcat air attack racked up 110 yards on 8 receptions. Seniors Glenn Hamrick and Chuck Killingsworth led the Dogs defense with 19 and 17 points respectively. Junior fullback J.J. Moore scored the Bulldogs only touchdown on a | yard plunge. Sophomore Jeff Chism led the offense with 58 yards on 9 tries against th 3A Cats. GAME 4 On September 18, the Bulldogs traveled up the highway to take on the 3A Thompson War- riors and the “Big Chief” scatback Arthur Johnson. The big, hard running junior racked up 234 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns against the Bulldog defense as the powerful Warriors eas- ed to a 50-6 victory. The only bright spot on the night was Jeff Chism’s 5 yard TD run against the eventual state 3A semi-finalists. GAME § The Bulldogs got back on the winning track Sept. 25 when they topped the Chelsea Hornets, 14-0. The Dogs turned an early Hornet fumble into a quick TD and went on to shut out the determined Hornets. Senior Tim Jones scored both MHS TDS on runs of 7 and 28 yards. Junior J.J. Moore led the Bulldog defense with 28 points. Head coach Richard Gilliam hailed the Dog’s defensive effort as their best of the year, highlighting the goal line stand in which the Dogs held off the Hornets for 4 downs inside the 6 yard line. GAME 6 On Oct. 2, the Bulldogs pulled off one of the biggest upsets in a long time by defeating the 3A Jemison Panthers 14-11. After 3 straight losses to the Panthers over the past 3 seasons, the win really lifted Bulldog spirits. In the second quarter, after a Panther field goal, Bulldog QB Howard Gaddis passed 26 yards to Michael Grayson for a TD and then added the 2 point conversion. In the third period, after a Chism scamper, fullback J.J. Moore took it over from 1 yard out to make the count 14-3. In a late third quarter rally the Panthers scored on a long pass and along with a 2 point conversion, the tally was upped to 14-11. However, the Pan- ther machine stalled late in the game, allowing the Bulldogs to come away with the upset win. Sophomore Jeff Chism was the offensive workhorse for the night with 101 of the Dogs’ 174 yards on the ground. GAME 7 Playing on Saturday due to a rainout on Fri- day, the Bulldogs tackled county and area foe, Vincent, defeating the Yellow Jackets 12-0. Howard Gaddis had a 30 yard TD scamper in the second period and fullback J.J. Moore went over from the one inch line in the fourth period to account for the nights’ scoring. Sophomore Jeff Chism again led the ground attack, carrying 19 times for 92 yards. Defen- sive leaders were Rex Wallace and Moore with 20 points each. GAME 8 On Oct. 16, the Bulldogs traveled to Winter- boro for an area contest. Even after a long return of the opening kickoff, Winterboro was forced to settle for a 20 yard field goal because of a tough Montevallo defense. Behind 10-0 our Bulldogs scored late in the half on an 11 yard romp by Jeff Chism; Howard Gaddis add- ed two points to close the gap to 10-8. Taking the second half kick off, Montvallo drove 78 yards in 12 plays with J.J. Moore scoring the TD on a one yard plunge to give MHS the lead 14-10. The lead held until late in the fourth period when Winterboro scored on a long bomb to steal a 16-14 victory over MHS. GAME 9 On Oct. 30, MHS traveled to Bibb County to take on the West Blocton Tigers. The Bulldogs spoiled Blocton’s Homecoming by posting a 20-12 victory. West Blocton scored first with 11:57 left in the second period. On the ensuing kickoff, junior Howard Gaddis found his blockers and streaked 81 yards for a TD. Jeff Chism added the 2 point conversion to give MHS an 8-6 lead. With 5:49 left in the half, the Tigers picked up an MHS fumble and ran 53 yards for the TD. The PAT failed, making the count 12-8. The Bulldogs scored twice befor the half on a 27 yard passa from Gaddis to Michael Grayson, and on a 10 yard run by Jeff Chism to end the scoring at 20-12. GAME 10 The MHS Bulldogs ended the 1981 season with a 26-13 Homecoming victory against the TCTS Tigers and a 6-4 record. MHS dominated the first half, scoring on their first possession as they went 63 yards in 6 plays. Chism scored from 4 yards out for the second MHS TD. Senior Mike Peacock added the PAT for a 14-0 lead. Early in the second quarter, Sophomore Taylor Blackwell broke up a TCTS drive with an interception on the Bulldog 9 yard line. Six plays later, Tim Jones raced 79 yards around left end for a TD to make the score 20-0. The Tigers came out in the second half with a comeback in mind, allowing MHS only 8 yds. in the 3rd quarter. The Tigers also scored their first TD in that period, making the score 20-7. In the fourth period MHS scored on a 24 yd. run by J.J. Moore. With only 13 seconds re- maining and reserves in play, TCTS scored the final TD of the game. Winning Tradition Continues The MHS Bullpups compiled a successful 4-2-1 record under the leadership of backs T. Morris, R. Gaddis, T. Hughes, and linemen J. Lucas, L. Layton and Q. Chism. Coach David Bailey was pleased with the season and felt that results were reflected by the record, with injuries to starting players and also due to the fact that there were only 21 players. The highlight of the season was a 8-0 defeat over Thompson while 7 players advanced to the varsity team. Team members included — BOTTOM, | to r: Reza Ebranhami, Andy Chism, Alan Bice, Trey Hughes, Andy Brindley. MID- DLE, | to r: Bill Devinner, Ricky Gaddis, Alfred Campbell, Kevin Lacey, Paul Bush, Lonnie Layton. TOP, | to r: Coach Davis Bailey, Cedric Nix, Steve Lucas, Charles Towner, Quenton Chism, Bob Peete. The 1981-82 JV Basketball team was very fortunate to have Coach Richard Gilliam as their head coach. Even though they had a disappointing record of 3-7, Ricky Gaddis saw to their winning pride by being named to the All Tournament Team, while teammates Cedric Nix and Slade Blackwell received Honorable mention. The inex- perience and young age of the players, 5 of the top 8 players being 7th or 8th graders, brought a disap- pointing record, but even in their loss, the JV Bulldogs are still win- ners. Team members included — BOTTOM, | to r: Danny Holmes, Kevin Lacey, Slade Blackwell, George Jackson. MIDDLE, | to r: Alfred Campbell (mgr.), John Boll- ing, Barry Allen, Tony Gaddis, Bill Devinner, Stacy Walker (mgr.). TOP, | tor: Jim Turner, Norman Grayson, Cedric Nix, Ricky Gaddis, Randy Goodwin, Danny Fancher. Spikers Win 21 The Lady Bulldogs Volleyball team closed out the season with a loss to a tough Vincent squad in the Area Finals: 15-9, 16-14. The team posted a 21-13 record with victories over virtually all county teams. Seniors Tanya Staffney and Joyce Stewart led the squad, being placed on the ali county and all area teams, respectively. Team members includ- ed — BOTTOM, I tor: Carol Paschel, Ellen Finley, Mary Chism, Vicki Williams, Lessie Gaddis. TOP, | tor: Tanya Staffney, Tabitha McCary, Joyce Stewart, Debra Tyus. 4 “® o: is mr At —- A ity Young and inexperienced talents proved no obstacle to Coach Sue Wilson’s J.V. Volleyball team. With only three 9th graders on the squad, the team still posted a 9-3 winning record. Team members included — BOTTOM, | to r: Lorene Gentry, Lisa Devinner, Laura Arnold, Meg Perkins, Stephanie Manns. TOP, | to r: Carol Pachel, Sonya Peoples, Sophia Connell, Amy Knox, Carla Hawks. Youth and inexperience led to the men’s basketball team posting a 9-15 record. This team comprised of only 7 players, Coach Kurt Pnazek’s youngest team at MHS in 6 years, played a very strong schedule. The Dogs placed 2nd in the Calera Tournament, falling in the finals to the Jemison Panthers. In the County Tourney the Bulldogs dropped the opening game to the eventual County Champion Pelham team. The team made a good showing in the Area Tournament before losing to the State representative TCTS. The team came on strong at the end of the season, going 5-5 in their last 10 games while playing the toughest part of the schedule. Coach Pnazek commented on the team’s good effort and he said that they were a usual MHS club by playing a tenacious, aggressive defense. Best defensive player was Taylor Blackwell, while most improved player and leading rebounder was J.J. Moore. The two seniors on the team were named permanent captains, Tim Jones, who also lead in assits and scoring, and Eric Tolbert, who was named to the All-County team. Jones received the Most Valuable Player award. i] it " ew fi . Ist ROW: Mark Jones, Fitz Williams. 2nd ROW: Michael Grayson, Tim Jones, Taylor Blackwell. 3rd ROW: Eric Tolbert, Ricky Dobson, J.J. Moore, Coach Kurt Pnazek. 4th ROW: Jimmy Cardwell (Mgr.). NP fs. i i KA i Y a Th y yA il. we | i} P| e | ig ik i ! t i Al! i. a , bell Ae BOTTOM: Alfred Green, Jeff Gentry, Leslie Rutledge, Barry Goode, Jerome Holmes. TOP: Tyrone Bell, Tony Haggins, Brian Morgan, Keith Moore, Carl Rutledge, Coach Kurt Pnazek. Lady Dogs Post Astounding Record BOTTOM: Lorene Gentry (Mgr.), Mary Chism, Lisa Devinner, Vicki Williams (Mgr.). MIDDLE: Ellen Finley, Carol Paschel, Tanya Staffney, Lessie Gaddis, Coach Sue Wilson. TOP: Tabatha McCary, Debra Tyus, Ruth Perkins, Jahn Rolling The 1981-1982 Lady Bulldogs, led by coach Sue Wilson, posted a tremendous record of 20-1, representing MHS with much pride. With great determination, the Lady Bulldogs fought their way to the quarter-finals of state, losing their only game of the season to the Autaugaville Eagles. The Bulldogs lead at the half by one point, but could not hang on to their winning streak, losing 67-50. However, the Lady Dogs achieved many high expectations that were hoped for at the beginn- ing of the season. In the finals of the County Tournament in Montevallo, the Bulldogs cap- tured the county title, beating Thompson 44- 41. Seniors Ruth Perkins, Debra Tyus, and Lessie Gaddis were named to the All-County team. The girls also grabbed the Area title at Vincent, demolishing TCTS in the finals, 68- 38. Perkins, Gaddis, Tyus, and Tanya Staffney were named to the All-Area team. Although the Bulldogs had their dreams of state crushed last year in the region, the girls defeated Moody 55-30 this year to win the regional tournament. Congratulations Lady Bulldogs for another superb winning season! Lessie Gaddis received special recognition when voted MVP by the coaches during the area tournament. —— “—_ Ist Year Team Learns Techniques The J.V. girls’ basketball team, coached by Tony Berry, was young and very inexperienced. The girls had never played basketball on an organized team in school competition. The junior team is a stepping stone to the varsity girls team. Although the girls were new to the game, they turned out some significant talent. Outstanding players were Fran Agee, Lisa Devinner, and Marcella Hayes. Team members included — BOTTON, | to r: Lisa Devinner, Regina Lucas, Fran Agee, Monica Fields, Donna Grayson. TOP, | to r: Jackie Andrews (mgr.), Marcella Hayes, Tam- my Conwell, Rhonda Thomas, Coach Tony Berry. : a ———_ a) ow sa ™ ‘ : Talented legs at MHS brought pavement pounding results as the track team, coached by Dot Bishop, “walking away” with several prizes. Long distance runner Jennifer Wilder waltzed away with a second place prize at the State Indoor Track Meet in Montgomery, while her classmate Kevin Colley ran off with third prize in Shelby County meet at Vincent. Other areas of competition included the long jump, 100 yard dash, 880 yard run, and 1 and 2 mile runs and discus. Tim members included — ROW 1,1! tor: Lisa Devinner, Deborah Sailes, Lorene Gentry. ROW II, | to r: Bill Devinner, Pam Staffney, Jennifer Wilder. ROW III, | to r: Lester Arnold, Kevin Lacey, Jeff Chism, Kevin Colley. ROW IV, 1 to r: Norman Grayson, Tracy Smitherman, Aaron Alford. ROW V, | to r: Van Hawks, Lonnie Layton, Tracy James, Larry Readal. He aye ate oo se tgta'y ey CAG TENeTS “Press” to Victory I 1 — Team members — | tor, BOTTOM TO TOP: R. Wallace, D. Jackson, B. Worthy, H. Gaddis, L. Sailes, J Chism, J. Moore, C. Killingsworth, S. Glosson, G. Hamrick Wrestlers Pin Good Season After placing second to Shelby Co. for six consecutive years, MHS won this year’s County Champion- ship by defeating archrival Thomp- son Warriors 778 to 769. Perennial winner Shelby Co. fell to a distant third with 619. Individual marks: Howard Gaddis — Highest team max., 320; Highest competitive press, 315; Most points for MHS in meet, 142. Barry Worthy — Second in points for MHS, 123; Second highest max., 29; Second highest competitive lift, 290. Jeff Chism and Dwayne Jackson were third and fourth respectively in points with 111 and 93. Returning for the second year at Montevallo High School, the 81-82 Wrestling Team represented MHS with great pride. Led by Coach David Bailey, the team was compos- ed of one junior, one sophomore, two freshmen, and three eighth graders. Even though the team was young, several members excelled. Andy Chism, Reza Ebrahimi, Tracey James, and Jeff Chism plac- ed well in sectionals, the St. Clair Tournament, and the State Tourna- ment. Within their weight divisions, Andy placed 8th in the state, and Jeff placed 4th. Jeff was also named the most improved and outstanding team member for the 81-82 Wrestl- ing Team. Team members — TOP, | tor Coach David Bailey, Q. Chism, J Chism, N. Payne, C. Sailes (man) BOTTOM, | tor: K. Marheine, S Roberts, T. James, A. Chism, R. Ebrahimi Inexperience Sacrifices Victory | fae se bs2%; Cet oat 2 Sea gt aa . 2 AT After losing the core of the baseball team in 1981, Coach Richard Giliam had hoped that the new talent coupled with the returning players would make this year’s team a success. However, the team did not jell as expected and the " Dogs posted a disappointing record of one win and fifteen losses. Inexperience was credited as the main problem. The supply of good pitching was abundant behind the arms of senior Mike Peacock and junior Ricky Gaddis. However, the play in the field and the hitting at the plate were spotty. Coach Gilliam, though disappointed in the season, stated: “The losing record did not reflect the character of the young men on the team; they were all a plaesure to work with.” INDIVIDUAL HONORS: East-West All-Star Game, Mike Peacock (Bryant Staffney, nominated); All County, Ricky Dailey (Mike Peacock, honorable mention); Team MVP, Bryant Staff- ney; Team Captain, Sammy Nix; Leading bat- ter, Ricky Gaddis (.295). iawood iy oe . ib Cathedral _ Calera . SOT) WRESTLING Dora Oak ( WEIGHTLIFTING Brookwood Picker Calera Al. School for Blind BASEBALI Jr. TEAM BOYS BASKETBALI Chelsea Thompson Pelhar Organizations National Honor Society Makes the Grade The National Honor Society undertook several activities during the school year. For their November meeting, they were given a guided tour of Mr. Terry Arnold’s Walden Solar Townhouses. That same month president Gladys Brasher represented the group at the induc- tion of the Honor Society at Thompson High School. For Christmas, the group sponsored a door decorating contest and had a banquet at Hungry Fisherman where they exchanged gag gifts. At the first semester's end, the group distributed Honor Roll ribbons to A B students. On February 2, they recognized the outstanding work of MHS teachers with a Teacher Ap- preciation Day. Members of the N.H.S. served as hosts for the 8th grade visitation day by giving school tours and explanations of high school activities. The society con- ducted the tapping service for new members on May 12. . _ : d . L to R: 1. B. Peete, S. Nix, D. Beers, T. Lawrence, L. Pickett. 2. Sponsor C Colley, E. Arnold, G. Brasher, P. Lesley, M. Klemenc, R. Edwards, M Readal. 3. L. Gaddis, R. Perkins, M. Peacock, M. Staggs, J. Gentry, G. Riesener, B Hughes, R. Perkins, K. Stewart, A. Lott. Not Pictured: K Pruitt Student Council Leads Throughout Year The Student Council Started off the school year by inducting a new program at MHS. The program, call- ed the Buddy System, was designed to help incoming freshmen through their first few days of high school. During football season, the council sponsored several sock hops to raise money for Homecoming and Spirit week, which both proved to be a great success. Other projects for the group included a Basketball pr apn yma Day for all girls and boys involved in the sport and holding an after- school sock hop for Middle School students. The council also ran the Student Council Store and operated the Coke Machine in the hall. Vice-president Taylor Lawrence conducted ses- sions in parliamentary pro- cedure and several mock debates were held. At the end of the year, the council presented the school with a $300 gift. L to R: 1. P. Kimbrell, M. Kelley, P. Phillips, P. Black, T. Blackwell, S. Hardin, P. White, C. Harris. 2. T. Hughes, J. Holsomback, J. Siegrist, E. Stewart, M. McClanahan, F. Agee, A. Paschel, J. Bolling, L. Weiss, A. Lott. 3. J. Gentry, T. Layton, R. Edwards, P. Spicer, R. Dobson, D. Tishler, E. Spicer, C. Allen, L. Davidson, M. Hood, R. Hicks, A. Roth. 4. T. Lawrence, M. Klemenc, B. Hughes, D. Sailes, D. Dailey, S. Rutledge, S. Nix, K. Roberts, R. Perkins, K. Studdard, M. Readal, R. Allen, S. McMillian, E. Arnold. 5. R. Perkins, B. Peete, T. James, D. Glosson, M. Peacock, G. Riesener, G. Brasher, J. Holsomback, M. Grayson, M. Walker, J. Stewart, J. Bolling, D. Murphy, K. Stewart. ow ; ; ” te PRP eee ; RRSP nae . . to ae hann te a -wh? is a — Marching Troubadours Flutes —I tor: R. Miller, M Klemenc, D. Glosson, S. M Millian, E. Spicer. 2. R. Perkins, P Williams, S. Hardin, T. Barrow Clarinets — | tor: R. Perkins, C Naivar, F. Agee, S. Nix, S. Ruther- ford, P. Phillips, J. Bolling. 2. K Stewart, M. Burnett, B. Sides, G Brasher, G. Jones, A. Allen. 3. D. Bolling, A. Lott, J. Seigrist, R Hicks, C. Allen, L. Davidson. In his first year at MHS, Joe Glasgow led the Troubadours to many suc- cesses. During football season the band took on a drum corp appearance with new uniforms. In addition to marching at halftime, the band also competed in two marching contests. At the Mid’ Alabama Marching Festival and the Hoover In- vitational Contest, the Troubadours received Trumpets — | tor: 1. T. Lawrence, J. Davidson, J. Hawkins, M. Hood, D. Dailey, S. Davis, D. Tishler. 2 S. Young, M. McClahan, D. Mur- phy, K. Klemenc, M. Cottingham, J. Holmes, C. Harris. 3. E. Stewart, P. Kimbrell, K. Colley Rank Superior Low Brass | to r: 1. R. Peoples, T James, J. Bolling. 2. B. Peete, | Readal, K. Studdard, M. Staggs, B Lott, J. Patrick, E. Yost. 3. J Carter, N. Davis, J. Gentry. F Horns Saxes ltor: 1A Davis, T. Smitherman, T. Johnson, E. Arnold. 2. J. Livingston, M Walker, G. Williams, T. Nash, J Verbitski superior ratings. The band participated in the Fire Prevention Parade on Oct. 3 and the Christmas parade on Dec. 5. The Troubadours earned straight 1’s at District Contest and an overall 1 at the Montevallo Contest. The band also played for special assemblies at MHS and MMS. Con- certs for the year included a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert. | Drums — | tor: 1. M. Smelley, B Peete, C. Rochester. 2. K. Card- well, K. Thompson, M. Herron, A Gaines Majorettes, a Twirling Sensation Sophomore SUSAN HARDIN has many unique talents which include: dancing, playing the piano, oil painting and fluting in symphonic band. She has served in many clubs, such as, Spanish Club, Math Club, Student Council, and Drama Club. This was the first year Susan has represented MHS as majorette. Senior, TAMMY LAYTON, was a MHS majorette for two years. Dur- ing her senior year, she served the squad as head. Tammy was a dedicated student at MHS. She assisted the school secretary as an of- fice aid She worked in the SPOTLIGHT staff and MONTALA staff. Tammy was also a member of the symphonic band and the Student Council. t.4 " ‘s - o ns ERR “a: any, Sonera oe ‘ = La ee as : owes TS ant = Ls a 3 -t $; Senior, RHONDA WALKER, was a majorette three years at MHS and served one year as head majorette. Rhonda’s hobbies in- clude cutting hair and ice skating. She is involved with the Biology Club and is vice-president of the planning committee at the voca- tional school. Drum Major Salutes Excellency aa a oa = = as a = i” o = a = we es = wy As drum major, senior Paul M. Spicer received a superior rating at the Hoover Invitational Contest and an excellent rating at the Mid- Alabama Contest. Paul is a second year veteran, and his hobbies in- clude basketball, sailing, and being involved in school activities. He par- ticipated in many of the school plays and received an excellent rating in competition as the hunter in “The Storm.” In addition he was first chair alto saxophone in the symphonic band during the fall. Flags Add Color began their summer practice early in July, before the rest of the marching band. The hard work paid off as they were awarded trophies for making straight 1’s (superior) at both the Mid- Alabama Marching Contest at Midfield High School and the Hoover Invitational at Berry. The group bought new flags last year which helped con- tribute to the band’s new style and color. L to R: T. Thompson, V. Emfinger, W. Knox, P. Staffney, A. Pruitt, S. Jones, A. Paschel, D Floyd, J. Sutton, G. Riesener, T. Battle, F Shockley, T. Compton. Front: Co-Head, M. Readal; Head, G. Riesener it 5 Se eee Informs Student Body wl Students in Journalism I and II classes served as staff members for the award-winning newspaper the SPOTLIGHT. The bi-weekly paper is written and published by the students under the direction of sponsors Cathy Bearden and Susie DeMent. The Spotlight is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association and was named All-American this year for the 39th semester. At LEFT, | tor: Adv. C. Bearden, Ass. Ed. M. Readal, Ed T. Lawrence, Ass. Ed. M. Staggs, Ed. E. Arnold. Journalism Il —1 to r: Seated: J. Gentry, L. Gaddis, G. Brasher. Stan- ding: M. Boothe, T. Layton, J. Stewart, B. Peete, D. Tishler, G. Riesener, B. Hughes, R. Edwards. Journalism I — | tor C. Wilder, R. Allen, D. Glosson, P. Black, T. Battle, Adv. S DeMent, L. Weiss Drama Club Nurtures Future Talent The drama club was busy throughout the year with many activities and produc- tions. In December, they took the one-act play, The Storm to the district level of State competition at Sanford University. The same month, they presented the Christmas play, Gifts of Myrrh to the MHS student body. The group attended pro- ductions at the Celebrity Dinner Theatre twice. In Oc- tober, they saw the play Dracula and in April they attended The Rainmaker. The annual spring produc- tion was on May 18. The comedy Rest Assured was ee Officers — | to r: Sec, S. McMillan; Pr. Dir., Lett. aad Mary Kile : em M. Klemenc; Treas., M. Readal; V.P., R ; anes: : Perkins; Pres., E. Arnold “¥y ee : tte ee L to R: 1. D. Sailes, G. Sailes, L. Davidson, S. Hardin, R. Hicks, E. Spicer, D. Davis, C. Allen, M. Hood, J. Seigrist, S. McMillan, A. Lott, G Brasher. 2. D. Bolling, D. Dailey, G. Williams, F. Agee, J. Andrews, L. Ford, V. Williams, T. Johnson, A. Davis, B. Sides, K. Colley, J. Wilder, E Stewart, M. McClanahan, E. Arnold. 3. Q. Smitherman, J. Patrick, A. Alford, P. Staffney, R. Peoples, A. Paschel, J. Williams, E. Yost, I Shockley, T. Smitherman, D. Floyd, D. Thompson, J. Sutton. 4. A. Roth, P. Holsomback, B. Paschel, K. Studdard, R. Perkins, M. Readal, K Roberts, S. Hawkins, P. Spicer, R. Hoop, W. Knox, C. Rochester, T. Lawrence, M. Klememe, R. Parker. 5. J. Carter, S. Davis, L. Eddings, D Murphy, J. Verbitski, B. Peete, J. Holsomback Math Club Equals Excellency Math Club members were treated to a variety of happen- ings during their monthly meetings. In November Dr. Her- nandez, 2 UM math instructor, spoke to the group on careers in mathematics. In December they had a Christmas party where math games were the entertainment. The club also viewed math-related films, and in February many members took the National Math Exam. The math team competed in several tournaments. At Jefferson State, the advanced team placed second and at Wallace State in Selma they got third overall. At Huffman the advanced team placed fifth while the Algebra II team won third. The advanced team placed fourth in both the Sanford and Decatur tournaments. In March, at the Shelby County Tournament, the advanced team came in first. Several MHS individuals made a fine showing. Taylor Lawrence won first overall and first in 12th grade. Robyn Perkins won second in the 12th grade. In the 11th grade, Joy Williams placed first and Susan Hardin won the sophomore division. ‘ LtoR: 1. G. Brasher, P. Lesley, S. Hardin, E. Spicer, L. Davidson, J. Siegrist. 2. L. Brasher, P. Williams, R. Brown, S. Harrison, B. Peete, B. Lott 3 L ‘ Gaddis, M. Martin, J. Williams, J. Gentry, J. Carter. 4. K. Studdard, M. Staggs, L. Readal, E. Yost. 5. A. Lott, J. Lesley, J. Hawkins, K Pruitt, C. Naivar, D. Murphy, N. Davis, T. Smitherman, T. Lawrence, B. Hughes, M. McClanahan, D. Morris (Sponsor) Americanos Aprenden Espanol Spanish Club members were busy this year! In December they had a Christmas party, making pinatas for the kindergarten children at the MES. The club viewed a film on customs of Spanish people and Mrs. Hernandez from the University of Montevallo spoke about life in Cuba. Two officers taught Spanish to a 4th grade class at MES. In the spring the club traveled to “El Chicos” for dinner. They also had a year-end fiesta featuring student-made Spanish foods. L to R: 1. R. Brown, R. Hicks, E. Spicer, C. Allen, M. Hood, L. Davidson. 2. C. Naivar, A. Lott, M. Klemenc, E. Stewart, J. Siegrist, P. Williams. 3. S. Hardin, P. Phillips, J. Wilder, S. Harrison. 4. R. Goodwin, T. Blackwell, N. Davis, J. Turner Future Farmers Set Roots wh ' YAN AW Nl UF ‘ The Future Farmers of America had another busy and productive year. Six members had steers that were shown at various shows throughout the state. Senior Sammy Nix and Junior Tracy James were leaders. Sammy was president of the local chapter; Tracy was president of the Northeast Central District. Both had steers and were very active in school events. The officers at- tended a summer workshop and the group sold fruit and chances on a hog to raise money for the chapter. Three teams advanced from county to district levels of competition. These were small engines, live-stock judging and land judging. Lto R: 1. A. Brindley, T. James, T. Nash, R. Rainey, T. Lawley, S. Nix, B. Crowe, R. Perry, R. Johnson, G. Guest, M. Broadhead, A. Chism, K Harris, T. Thompson, B. Peete. 2. P. Bush, E. Burrage, J. Gentry, D. Miller, C. Thompson, B. McGiboney, G Brasher, B. Holsomback, D. Scott, J Pope, A. DeVould, D. Green, Q. Chism, L. Green. 3. B. James, J. Rutlege, J. Chism, J Holsomback, V. Hawks, T. Pierson, T. Goggins, R. Davis, C. Killingsworth, K. Woods. 4. G. Cardwell, L. Layton, D. Jackson, A. Bice, L. Rutledge, M. Jones, G. Creel, J Holsomback, G. Hamrick, B Staffney, C. Lilly. 5. B. Peete, K. Colley, T. Hughes, T. Thrash, R. Parks, R. Goodwin, T. Bell, H Gaddis, R. Allen, M. Grayson, B. Worthy, R Tolbert, S. Neal, S. Dennis, B. Lancaster, S. Glosson, T. Goggins. 6. S. Lucas, T. Thrash, A. Reed, K. Emfinger, E James, T. Smitherman, M Jones, R. Argo, J. Moore, S. Hopkins, R. Cadle, R. Dobson, Q. Smitherman, K. Moore, R. Towner, K. Majors 99 Library Club Shelves Wisdom Se ee ee | The Library Club participated in several projects this year. They spon- sored a Leukemia Read-a-Rama in Oc- tober and raised $102.14 for the Leukemia Society. Top reader John Hawkins (204 books) and top money raiser Wade Leach ($50) each received an AM-FM radio as a prize. The club read a total of 445 books. The students contributed to a number of on-going library procedures such as inventory and organizing old magazines. A special Christmas Party required members to use charades of favorite book titles in exchanging gifts. Two club members, Wade Leach and Michael Martin, assisted sponsor Melissa Garry in checking Title IV-B books and A-V materials. As a result, the library scored 100% on a federal check on March 4th. AT RIGHT: Read-A-Rama participants: W. Leach, J. Hawkins, P. Williams, L. Brasher, K. Klemenc LIU =| | | — " a a Ue Seated: 1. T. Conwell, C. Williams, D. Harris, T. Marcheine, J. Towner, S. Tripp, M. Chism. 2. E. Finley, B. James, P. Bush, A. Thompson, L. Weiss, T. Thompson, S. Nix. Back row: 1. D. Lesley, A. Allen P. Williams, M. Smelley, M. Martin, W. Leach. 3. L. Layton, T. Lames, B. Lott, B Booth, C. Naivar, R. Brown, D. Pruitt, L. Hicks, Sponsor M. Martin, T. Goggins, J. Lucas, S. Wilkenson 4 ie sing ne Montala Staff Captures Mood and Memories Twenty-five students in Publications class worked six periods each school day on assigned sections to produce the 1982 Montala. The class began the year by attending a yearbook workshop at Shades Valley on September 22. The group learned about layout designs, theme, and pro- motional ideas. To finance the yearbook which cost approximately $6,000.00, the Montala staff held several money raising projects. In- cluded were yearbook sales and the selling of commercial and student faculty ads. The Montala staff also raised money by sponsoring a Valentine Dance on Friday, February 13. At the dance Aretha Paschel and Scotty Neal were crowned Miss and Mr. Valentine. On March 4 the Montala staff played Kicks 106 in basketball. After a tough battle, Kicks emerged as victor 57 to 47. AT LEFT: Bus. Manager, Lori Weiss; Editor, Kenny Pruitt, Assistant Editor, Sally McMillan “i cf L to R: K. Stewart, M. Walker, B. Hughes. 2. S. McMillan, J. Williams, T. Johnson, L. Weiss, P. White. 3. A. Pruitt, K. Roberts, R. Perkins, A Davis, M. Boothe, T. Lawrence, M. Garrett (Advisor). 4. K. Studdard, K. Beaty, K. Pruitt, R. Parker, M. Peacock, R. Perkins. Not Pictured: D. Beers, R. Edwards, J. Holsomback, T. Layton, D. Tishler, P. Spicer 4 an 5 |S er | == h ! The purpose of the biology club is to encourage further interst in biology studies. At their monthly meetings. th group viewed films and took part in discussions. L to R: 1. Sponsor J. McGaughy, M. Staggs, R. Hoop, J. Lesley. 2. J. Verbitski, S. Davis, L. Readal, L. Watson, A. Roth, P. Holsom- back, A. Thompson, 3. B. Lott, J. Gentry, S. Wilkinson, M. Martin 102 FHA Prepares Future Members of the Future Homemakers of America has a busy year full of activities. Projects included having speakers on Careers in home enonomics and sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday for the children a it the Shelby County Children Development Center. They also held a skating party at Skate Time in Pelham LtoR 1. C. Williams, M. Cunningham, S. Cummings, M; Burnett, S. Jones, T. Marheine, G. Sailes, F. Agee, S. Rutledge, F, Carson, A. Alford, D. Tolbert, Sponsor, J. Craig. 2. M. Hayes, L. Lacey, D. Pruitt, S. Greer, N. Fields, L. Gentry, L. Devinner, Sponsor J. Darden, M. Mayweather, V. Davis, K. Woods. 3, F. Chapman, A. Moore, D. Sailes,O. Maddox, S. MeCary, C. Daily, D. Jones, A. Dawson, L. Ford, J. Lesley, J. Brown, K. Cochran. 4. J. Chism, D. Harris, D. Dailey, T. Barrow, L. Rutledge, E. Tolbert, J. Andrews, T. McCary, B. Gudonn, T. Conwell, T. Staffney. 5. F. Williams, G. Williams, T. Jones, L. Langham, A. Booth, F. McCord, B. Wall, L. Burrage, C. Paschel, S. Tripp, L. Nalley. Cheerleaders Display Five seniors and five juniors made up the MHS Varsity Cheerleading squad for 1981-82. The girls attended the NCA clinic at Auburn University August 3-6 where they were one of the few schools represented to receive four blue ribbons. They learned a number of new cheers and routines, received a spirit stick for their outstanding spirit, and Sponsor Melissa Martin Garrett was awarded the Super Sponsor Award. Ea NG CONNIE HARRIS, Head LORI WEISS Ts. . TANYA STAFFNEY DONNA GLOSSON DEBRA TYUS Pep and Pride All girls received recognition throughout the year at the athletic banquets and on Awards Day. They were presented certificates of appreciation and trophies and each earned a school letter. The cheerleaders raised money during the year by selling spirit ribbons and Bulldog pins plus M M’s Money was used for clinic costs. ETIE WALKER PAM WHITE ROBYN PERKINS GRETCHEN RIESENER FELECIA McCORD -MENTTANTS @ PLANTERS DA Compliments of CENTRAL STATE BANK Calera, Alabama 668-0711 Each depositor insured to 40,000 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of ROCHESTER’S Department Store Bird Buicoinc MATERIAL (0. Calera, Alabama 668-2321 Co OF MONTEVALLO “Quality Fashions At Affordable Prices” 665-1755 RANELLI’S DELI 129 Vine Street Montevallo Alabama 665-2783 J L DIESEL SERVICE Cummins, Detroit and Mack ASK FOR SEAMAN LUMBER AT YOUR LOCAL QUALITY CO-OP STORE EAMAN TIMBER COMPANY INC. P.O. Box 372 Hwy. 25S Montevallo. Alabama 35115 205-665-2536 Compliments of ARA SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO CAFETERIA HOLCOMBE JOAN M. REICK, BUILDING D.D.S. SUPPLY “Sato ee Office Plaza 215 N. Main Street Suite E Montevallo 665-2224 Columbiana Harpersville 669-6731 672-2221 BERT JON ES JOSTEN’S REPRESENTATIVE SMITHERMAN’S PHARMACY 324 Ashville Road “Qualiy for Less” Montevallo, Alabama Main Street, Montevallo 665-2438 665-2574 Main Street, Calera 668-1801 OPEN 24 HRS. GAME ROOM WITH LATEST IN VIDEO GAMES SMITHERMAN, R.P. = Y) a Lu = = _ Oo onal und x sf “= z Oo = ” © £ oO 2 = = 2: SE —'c a ® © a = 2 3 a CHARLES M. BORDENCA DOVE’S GROCERY 1 Mile West of Main Street D. M .D. Montevallo, Alabama 665-2629 Dentistry for Montevallo’s Lowest Food Prices Chidren and Adolescents Also Full Line of Feed 129 North ist Street Alabaster, AL 35007 Office Phone: 663-3612 per | thy, Phone: 665-4060 ) ( ; Evelyn 3 BEAUTY SALON County Road - 22 West Dogwood 24 Hour Answering Service 870-1255 Owned and Operated by HAL SAWYER BUY ° SELL e TRADE Montebrier VALLO PLAZA tiques 21 South Main Street MONTEVALLO Montevallo, AL 35115 Janice S.Everse 665-4999 665-27 1 2 Compliments of HUGHES BUILDING COMPANY “AMERICA’S FAVORITE INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES, INC. DRIVE-IN Highway 25, South « Drawer V Calera, AL 35040 Main Street Montevallo 665-1371 {205)668-0017 INDUSTRIAL ROCKCO’S FLORIST PARTS GIFT SHOP SUPPLIES BETH " @ ROCKCO , Bs Ss GARRETT TIRE SALES Route 2, Box 3 Montevallo, Alabama 665-7675 “A good deal in tires” dari-delite GOLDEN FALCON RESTAURANT 117 Main Street Montevallo, Alabama 665-1140 665-2937 ; ; Breakfast — Short Orders ee ee Plate Lunches — Phone Orders ED RICE — Owner MONTEVALLO PRESBY fERIAN CHURCH Corner Shelby and Alabama Streets Montevallo, AL 35115 FORBES HOUSE (Student Center) Corner Vine and Valley Street Montevallo, AL 35115 Pastor: None at Present Clerk of Session: Dr. Lucille Griffith Phone: 665-7430 Sunday School — 10:00 AM Worship Service — 11:00 AM Westminster Fellowship (College Students) Forbes House, Thursdays at 6:30 PM ENON BAPTIST CHURCH Rt. 2, Box 187 Montevallo, AL 35115 Associate Pastor: David Reed Church Phone: 665-7064 Sunday School — 9:45 AM Children’s Worship — 10:55 AM Morning Worship — 11:00 AM Church Training — 6:00 PM Evening Worship — 7:00 PM Wednesday Prayer Service — 7:00 PM DOGWOOD GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH Rt. 5, Montevallo, AL 35115 Pastor: ROBERT E. MAHAFFEY Phone: 665-4171 Sunday School — 10:00 AM Morning Service — 11:00 AM Church Training — 6:00 PM Evening Service — 7:00 PM Wednesday Prayer Service — 6:30 PM Visit the Church of your choice ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH 2 Rt. 4, Box 344-A Montevallo, AL 35115 Pastor: BENNIE Y. PEACOCK Phone: 665-4292 Sunday School — 10:00 AM Morning Worship — 11:00 AM Church Training — 6:00 PM Evening Worship — 7:00 PM Wednesday Prayer Service — 7:00 PM BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH Montevallo, AL 35115 Pastor: ALBERT L. PICKETT Phone: 665-2349 Sunday School — 10:00 AM Morning Worship — 11:00 AM Evening Worship — 7:00 PM Wednesday Prayer Service — 7:00 PM 1982 MONTALA BOOSTERS MONTEVALLO ANIMAL CLINIC MONTEVALLO AUTO SUPPLY MONTEVALLO CLEANERS MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG ROGER’S DIESEL ENGINEERING CO. SHELBY COUNTY MEATS COMPANY SHELBY WORLD OF MUSIC STATE FARM INSURANCE WEEMS PRODUCE GALLOWAY GULF SERVICE ZANE’S 005-7203 MEN’S 24 Hour : SH OP Wrecker Service Phone: Montevallo, Alabama I 665-2264 LOVE JOY’S CITGO Owner: | ZANE Highway 25, Wilton, Alabama NATHEWS Phone: 665-1110 665-7273 Fale Equip ment, Ge. POST OFFICE BOX 82 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 35115 (205) 665-1271 SPECIALISTS IN: PROTECTION OF LIFE AND PROPERTY Life Safety Systems Emergency Communications ¢ Sprinkler Supervision Time and Program Systems BARRY F. COLE in Memory of W. Floyd Cole Congratulations a THE STYLE SHOP JOE and JUDY PERKINS ... More Than Justa Haircut Styles for Men Women Tanning Salon “Waxing (hair removal) Rubber STAMPS | webs Phone 665-2808 J. H. RUBBER STAMP COMPANY Rt. 4, Box 417-A; Montevallo Bss. 988-4504; Home 665-4405 You're supposed to say chesse, not me! Mrs. Garrett learns to count! Waiter!!! Glenn, the | we e I want my Mommy! ball is down there... He thinks he’s so cool!.! MARTIN MARIETTA CEMENT SOUTHERN DIVISION At Refreshment (a) -¥. =. yy a. S P + iS . Ly 2 - VALLEY FABRIC AUS AUTO BuO PARTS 108 Main Street 665-1607 P.O. Box 23 Fabric Patterns; Accessories Montevallo, AL LEL. OXYGEN INC. DRAWER 750 HWY. 31 NORTH CALERA, AL 35040 Business 205 668-0002 TT Ph lite Ht Pepe LIBERTY NATIONAL iller. N SAN : MPAWY L Rotenberry e Daviston td shatalstitslstele THE ALLEN AGENCY INC. P.O. Box 15 — BROWN MOULDING COMPANY “Specialist in Wood Moulding” GO Montevallo, Alabama SENIORS! ane Don Benton : TAC-CAN OF ALABAMA a CABLEVISI@@N SHELBY DIVISION 157 Main St. Montevallo 665-2332 “21 Clear Channels” “weal DIESEL siSCO SALES SERVICE | CONSTRUCTION P.O. Box 195 Rt. One, Box 234 Montevallo, Alabama 35115 Brierfield, Alabama 35035 Phone: 665-2504 EDWARD’S KEN: SHOP: FRANK: 665-1531 665-5397 665-2997 MERCHANTS PLANTERS BANK “Where People Make the Difference” Phone: 665-2591 SHELBY Ky AUTO MART iv AN K | ae YOUR HELPING HAND PELHAM MONTEVALLO COLUMBIANA Member FDIC MONTEVALLO MEDICAL ARTS 266 — North Salem Road Montevallo, Alabama 35115 BIRMINGHAM RUBBER GASKET 200 industrial Dr. P.O. Box 26230 Birmingham, AL 35226 A Hose Felt Gaskets ° Cork Belts Teflon «Clamps ¢ Metal Hose Sheet Packing ¢ Couplings GEOFF WILDER Office 942-2541 Gray nm G y QS s S ; glas 7, 90 42.44 Aig. Lanne 5 57, 4 Oe — rie FN awe Oe wy poh " ste Sy ° RS 3 say s9 ‘ , Fy , st = eo a8 = ee iiye’ ; ae 63, ee E saret’ Y : eet 59 , 102 598 97, 98 + we a. Sra Sisk eer S 5 S 0 ee ‘ Ss aby Prazch agin a y rs Mrs. Bearden and Mr. Benton Are It! The 1982 MONTALA staff decided against dedicating the yearbook to a particular faculty member, but rather decided to recognize two teachers who have served MHS with several years of hard service. Mrs. Cathy Bearden, teacher of 9th and 10th grade English and Journalism I and II, has taught at MHS for seven years. In addition to her teaching duties, she has advised production of the school newpaper, SPOTLIGHT. Mrs. Bearden also served as advisor for the yearbook staff in the first publica- tions class offered at MHS (1980-81). Her tremen- dous help to her students and school is truly appreciated. Mr. Don Benton has not only rendered his abilities as a teacher of Business Law, Democracy Economics, and U.S. History, but has acted as Student Council sponsor during his eight years at MHS. His willingness to help students and efficiency in school services have been great assets to Montevallo over the years. The yearbook staff thanks these two who have freely given of their time and energies to add a little life to MHS. S to 9 a — You, MHS! MHS! The most exciting way, to make the most of every day, and wherever you go and whatever you do, there’s something big waiting for all of you. MHS! It’s the smile you can’t hide ’cause it comes from inside. It’s the time that you spend with your teachers and friends. It’s the way that you feel when you know its real. MHS! The greatest days you’ve ever found. MHS! The ones that never let you down. MHS! The most exciting school around. MHS! MHS!

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