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Montevallo High School - Montala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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MONTALA 778 Memories Go On Forever A Collection of People and Events any: he ee i ‘ys, re Remembered joys are never past. . . they were, they are, they yet will be. 7. OsU AAG RISN SS SCHEDULE Remember MHS 1977-78 pi What Will Become of THE " —— 7 al : w= os Remembered joys are never past. . . they were, they are, they yet will be. PNOSU AERIS HOMECOMING Queen Nan Jones reigned over all events after she was crowned by Amy Knowles. Her Court was Senior Marla Jones, Junior Carol Knowles. Sophomore Luanne Moody and Freshman Sondi Gilbert. Many people worked hard to EL CU Moca eee aCe we mee) Came) | VM ara m emai mee mri 3 Spirit Week was highlighted by such activities as dressup day. decorating, and pep rallies After the game, alumni returned to renew old acquain- tances. The dance theme was “Life Is a Party” with music by “Southern Crossroads.” The football team had a_ surprise party for three players with the same birthday. Seniors had their portraits made. The play ‘“‘Christmas Comes to Detroit Louie’ and the annual Christmas program were held in the gym because of the auditorium fire. ug 26 | Chelsea Thompson | Vincent | 4 tort Calera 28 W Bios Nov arcTs wi ove “4 OUR ry [BULLDOGS . In January the Seniors ordered caps and gowns and announce- ments, and a few weeks later spent a day touring Nunnelly. All MHS’ers were “given a chance” to be immunized and many took advantage of the offer. Spectators enjoyed the annual Orange-Blue game. Editor Ben Cook of Sports Page was guest speaker at the basket- ball banquet. Health Careers Club mem- bers visited St. Vin- cents. It was a big day when Juniors got class rings. All seniors took CPR training. In late April graduation invitations arrived. The Drama Club presented “The Remarkable Susan” and a variety show. The Spotlight observed its 30th birthday as a mimeo- graphed paper with a big celebration at Leo’s. Present Spot- lighters took part and Sally Sears, an MHS grad and TV 13 news- caster, was the fea- tured speaker. Miss DeMent was given special recognition as technical advisor since 1948. MHS scored 0-0 in the County Football Jam- boree at Calera. PROM ISA BIG SUCCESS The annual Junior- Senior Prom was held April 29 at Quality Inn with music by Avery Richardson's band. “Do You Remember Yester- day?” was the theme. The Seniors read the Last Will and Testa- ment at intermission. Tuxedoes and long dresses helped make the evening a com- plete success. AWARDS DAY HELD IN GYM May 12, 9:30 a.m., the Awards Day program got underway with coordinator, Miss Susie DeMent presid- ing. The speaker, Mr. Joe Brindley, chal- lenged each to “do his best.”” Many individu- als and groups were recognized with certif- icates, letters, tro- phies, and plaques presented by Mr. Cor- bett. Pages 21-23 carry a pictorial account of the major awards. WWANAANA SS SAA ARE ’ . ‘ AAS SA 44 WW Valedictorian and Salutatorian American Legion a John Philip Sousa and Arion — Band Danforth Good Citizens College Scholarship Recipients Quill and Scroll Good Sportsmanship Girls’ Physical Education Award Typing Awards Special Olympics. Winners 1978 Boys’ Staters Math Team Captains receive County Football Championship Trophy Senior Athletes NHS TAPS At a school assembly May 15, 20 members were tapped into the National Honor Soci- ety. Barry Kornegay. president, presided and an explanation of qualifications and the society were given. New members signed the register and lighted the traditional candles. Seniors tap- ped were Nan Jones, Tina McClain, Bar- bara McGiboney and Letty Reynolds. GRADUATION WAS MAY 25 The Class of °78, 88 strong, gathered at Palmer Hall for the big event. Terry McCary gave the invocation, Darrell Lawley the welcome, and Marsha Zahu- mensky a Valedictory “Salute to Seniors.” Dr. James Vickrey, Jr.. U of M prexy, gave the address “Three Things I Learned at the Mov- ies.”’ Mrs. Anthony presented the candi- dates who were given diplomas by Mr. Cor- bett, MHS principal. Reynolds Hall was the setting for the recep- tion hosted by junior class mothers. WHAT A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! NATIONAL HONOR SOCIET tty y TF, Pdi eb tr Remember the influence of example; the importance of direction. . . FACULTY ; wee yr4 What Is Your Goal as an Educator? W.C. CORBETT “To offer our students the very best educational experience possible, designed to enable them to make a good living as well as to live productive and satisfying lives.” Principal FRANCES ANTHONY “To encourage students to do their best in whatever they attempt.” English, Guidance DOUG MORRIS “A teacher has not taught until the stu dent learns; therefore my goal as a teacher is to be able to say at the end of each day that, ‘I have truly taught.’ ” Math IIM HERMECZ “To help young people prepare them selves to become productive citizens.” Math, Science ROSE ELLEN HANKINS “To help students turn their dreams and hopes into realities.” Home Economics GEORGE LILLY “To give direction to the development of positive stu- dent values, educational concepts and skills.” Social Studies BARBARA BELISLI “To enlighten students regarding the impor- tance of education. It would be rewarding for me to inspire the student.” English, Speech SUSIE DEMENT “To help students become aware of their potential and to point the way for them to realize it through trying to get them to give their best effort to every task.” Typing CHARLES MARTIN “To teach students the hazards involved in today’s driving.” Driver’s Education ANN PARKER “To be the kind of teacher that for any subject or class the student feels, ‘I can learn.’ ” English, Art CATHY REARDEN ‘To help each student express his thoughts clearly and concisely.” Journalism, English CHARLES KIDD “To prepare my students to meet the many challenges that life will certainly offer them.” Vocational Education DELILAH ROBINSON ‘To say the right thing sometime to help someone make the right decision about his life.” English, Spanish DANNY GOGGINS “To teach history in a clear manner so that students will have a better understanding of the events and people which have shaped the world around us.” U.S. History JENNIFER JONES “To help make students aware of the importance of a good education.” English, History JOHNNIE McCLAIN “To provide students with motivation and inspiration to realize and meet their edu- cational needs in preparation for their roles in society.” History, Bookkeeping RICHARD GILLIAM “To help the student learn what is real in life and help him in pursuing it.” Physical Education DOT BISHOP “To develop a positive self-concept in students through physical education.” Physical Education WILLIE TURNER “To help students become more aware of themselves and to understand life.” Special Education JOANNA MCGAUGHY “To provide students with a basis for their development into mature and thinking individuals.” Science DON BENTON “To develop the nation’s most abundant resources.” History, Business Law KURT PNAZEK “To develop a positive self-concept in all my stu- dents, so they can participate in the world around them with understanding and compassion.” Special Education JIM WEESI “To give my students the best possible music education and an above average experience in performing ensembles and in groups.” Band MIKE HOWARD “To familiarize each student with basic skills of woodworking, electricity, and other vocational areas.” Vocational Education JOE BRADY “To know the students better, and be able to help them in their school life.” Librarian JUNNIE CRAIG “To develop within individuals the knowledge skills and attitudes essential for successful per formance for the role of homemaking and wage earning.” Home Economics MRS. OPAL LONG School Secretary MRS. W. MOORE, MRS. L. MOORE MRS. MITCHELL, MRS. WILLIAMS, MRS Custodians ALEXANDER, MRS. HORTON Lunchroom Staff “THANK G OD FOR FRIDAY” “I find the great thing in this world is, not so much where we stand, as in what direction Nellie moving.” SENIORS Glen Alexander Lynn Alexander Paul Alexander Paulette Alexander Bill Allen Larry Arge Sheri Barrow Wesley Bolling David Brantley Donald Brantley Lloyd Brasher Chery! Lilly Brown James Brown Nikita Brown Suzanette Campbell Phebea Cathey Terence Chappell Glenn Chism Larry Chism Linda Chism Ronnie Clark Debbie Cottingham Vanessa Cottingham Kim Cummings Donna Dailey Leslie Davis Jsonnnie Ray Gaines Kathy Glosson -wen Greg Hardin , Jackie Harrell Lynn Helms Pam Henley Tommy Ingram Albert Jones Marla Jones Nan Jones Sylvia Jones Darrell Lawley Geanine Lawley Greg Lawley Backy Lesley Vickie Lilly George Lovejoy Terry McCary Tina McClain Barbara McGiboney 2 1 tr Rosemary Moore Tim Otts Lorie Pickett Dandrea Ray Gary Ray Mary Alice Reed Rudolph Reed ‘huck Reynolds Letty Reynolds Steve Rocko Nathaniel Shepherd Mary Sherrer Scott Smitherman Benny Stephens Charlotte Stephens Jimmy Lee Talley Angela Tolbert Mary Jane Wyatt h SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Darrell Lawley, President; Terry McCarey, Vice President; Vickie Lilly, Secretary; Jeff Lucas, Trea- surer Marsha Zahumensky SOCIETY OF DISTINGUISHED HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS These seniors all began the year with an academic average of 90 or above DAR GOOD CITIZEN Nan Jones Senior Who’s Who MOST LIKELY TOSUCCEED BEST ALL AROUNI Becky Lesley and Barry Kornegay in Jones and Darrell Lawle MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT MOST DEPENDABLI nd e Wyatt and Barry Lyr Bill Allen and Sylvia Jo dB n Harper MOST VALUABLE TO THE SCHOOI MOST INTELLECTUAI Mike Beers and Mary Sherrer Greg Hardin and Marsha Zahumensky MOST ATHLETIC FRIENDLIEST Terry McCary ff Lucas and Iris Smitherman tte Campbell and BEST LOOKING Marla Jones and Steve Rockc MOST BASHFUI BEST DANCERS Chris B ind Gwen Ha thy Belisle and Rudolpt Atom | a | MOST COUR TEOUS MOST CREATIVE Wesley Bolling and Tammee D Git y and Der Barbara Mc be CLASS CHATTERERS WITTIEST rv CI snd Svbile Cathey Gail H ( ck R Senior Directory ALEXA NDER, GLEN — Basketball 2: Track 3, 6th at the State High Jump 3. ALEXANDER, LYNN — FHA 2-4; Volleyball 3; Track 2, 3 ALEXANDER, PAUL — Basketball Mgr, 2. 3; County Art Award Ist Place 3, 4 LEXANDER, PAULETTE — FHA 1-3; Track | - 4; Volleyball Mar. 3; Special Olympics Ist and 2nd; ace |; Perfect Attendance 1-4. ALLEN, BILE = FCA 3.4, $tiident Council 4; HERO @lub 3 - 4, Pres. 4; Football 3, Mgra@P B-team Basketball 3, Perfect Attend- ance |, 3, 4: Altermat€é to Boys’ State 3; Who’s Who = Most School Spirit 4 BARROW. SHERI Know AL Club, Treas. |; Library Cab; French Club 2, 3: JournalisfiClub 4; National Honor Society 4; Chorus 3, 4; YéarbeokSiafi,and Photographer 4; All County Band 1,2; Band | - 4p Spotlight 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2; Honor Roll | 4; Quill and Séroll 4 BEERS, MIKE — Student Council 2 - 4; Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4 Math Club 2 - 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; FCA 4; National Honor Soc: ety 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Band | - 3; Ist chair 2, 3; Know AL Club 1; Football 4; D etter 4; Weightlifting 3, 4, Letter 4; Honor Roll | 4; Perfect Attendance 4; Football Coach’s Gut Award 4; Solo and Ensemble 2, 3f Festival Band |, 2: All County Band 3; Who's Who Most Valuable to the School 4; Society of Distinguished Amen- can High School Students 4; Weightlifung — 5th in County, 3rd for MHS. 4. BELISLE, CATHY Student Gounci! !, 3; Know AL Club | Library Club 1; Pep Club Sec. 3f(Cheerleader 1; Band | - 4; Spot light 1; Pep Band 2: Band Staff 4 All Festival 1; B Honor Roll | 4; Perfect Attendance |, 2,4; Who's Who — Best Dancer 4 BLAIR, CHRIS Football 4 BRANTLEY, DAVID FFA 1, 2; Dramatics Club 3; VICA Reporter 3; Delegate 4; Spotlight 3: Honor Roll | BRANTLEY, DONALD 6A 1. 2: Perfect Attendaice | -3 BROW N_SGHERLY E Library Club Treas. |; Health Caré@rsr2, 4 Pres 4, EMA | 4, Titeas,.2. 3: Lively Arts Treas. 4; Pep @ub | Volleyball “Basketball 1; Perftet.Attendance |, A Hongg Roll | B Honor RoW? =4, BROWN. DENNIS FFA |, 2: E@ASM4-: Gymnastics Club 2; Football | - 4; Lettered] - 4: All @Quiity Bootball 4; Best Line- man, Most Sacks 4; Who’s Who — MG8t Creative 4 BROWN, NIKITA — Girls Athletic Association 3; Lively Apt? FHA 4: Library Club 2; Archery 4; HERO Club 3; StudegffCoun- cil 1; Basketball | - 3: Volleyball Mgr. 4 CAMPBELL, SUZANETTE FHA 4; GirlS Athletic Associa- tion 3: HERO Club 3; Volleyball Teamet”- 4; All County and All State 4; Letter in Volleyball | - 4,.Who's Who Most Athletic 4; B Honor Roll 4; P.E. 4: All Siife Volleyball Team 4 CARSON, VONNA — Library Club 1; Dramatics 3, Journalism Club Treas. 4: Student Council |; J: Spotlight 2, 3, 4; Feature Ed. 3, 4; Certificate for 3 ) Journalism 4; B Honor Roll 2 - 4. CATHEY, PHEBEA — Know AL Club 1; FHA | Club 1; Library Club 1, 2; Chorus 1; Pep Club 3 | Dramatics Club 4; Health Careers 3, 4; Flag Corps 4; Trach Honor Roll 4. CATHEY, SYBILE = Dramatics Club 3; Health Careers Club 2 - 4; FHA 394; Pep Club 335K now AL |; Student Council 2; Home- coming Attendant | Library Club 192; Lively Arts 4; Who's Who Class Chatters 4; Track 4; Perfeet Attendance }; B Honor Rol 4 CHAPPELL, TERENCE — Basketball | - 4; Basketball — Most Valuable Player “B” Team |, Most Valuable Player Varsity 4 leam Captain 4; All County, All Conference, All Tournament and Player of the Year 4; Who's Who — Best Dressed 4 CHISM, GLENN —-FEA1, 2; Special Olympics Ist Place | - 4 GHISM, LARRY — FFA2; Basketball 2. CHISM, LINDA FHA 4; Gymnastics Club 2: Girls Athletic Association 3; Archery 4: Volleyball, Lettered 3, 4. COTTINGHAM, DEBB E — Student Council |, 3, 4; Lively Arts 4. FHA 1-4; HERO Club 2 - 4, Sec. 3; Homecoming Attendant 3; Health Careers — Vice Pres. 2; Track 4. COTTINGHAM, VANESSA — Biology Club 1; Journalism Club 4: Dramatics Club 2 - 4; Library Club 1, 4; FHA 1; Know Al Club 1; Pep Club 1, 3; French Club 1; Pep Band 1; Chorus 1; Health Careers 3; Girls Basketball 4; Band | - 4; Majorette 3, 4; Spotlight 2, 3; B Honor Roll 3, 4; Outstanding Work in Bookkeep- ing 3 CROWSON, JEANETTE — Spanish Club 2, 3; Boy’s Advisor's Office 2: Girl's Athletic Association 3; Chorus — Vice Pres. 4; National Honor Society 4; Tennis Team 1, 2; Volleyball Team 1, 2: Track Team 3; Honor Roll 2 - 4; Office Aide 4. CUMMINGS, KIM — FHA 4; Dramatics Club 4; Pep Club 3. CUNNINGHAM, KIRK — Band | - 4. Health Careers Club 2, 3; FFA |, 2; Perféet Attendance 1, 2. DAILEY, BENJTE— FRA Sec. |; Pres. 2; Lively Arts 4; Gymmnas- tics Club, 2 Band 2, 3; Soloand Ensemble 3; Stage Band 2, 3; Jun- ior HighiState Trampoline Champion 2 DALBEY, DONNA FHA 2, 4; FBLA 3, Board Of Directors 4 Library Club 2; Peffeet Attendance 3 DAVIS, TAMEBS Know AL Club 1; Library Club 1; French @lubg; Spepight3, 4; Journalism Club 4; Chorus 3, 4; FHA 4; Band | =4) Festival Band 1; Who's Who Most Courteous 49 Hnor ROM |, 3. f DAVI§, LESLIE — Gymnastics Club 1; Know AL Club 1; Stu dent@@uncil 3, 4; Girl’s Offigiating Association 3; National Honor SoGiety 4: Lively Arts 4; Band 1; B-team Cheerleader |; Varsity Ché@fleader 2 - 4; All Cotinty Band 1; Outstanding Work in Sophe omére English 2, and Senior English 4; Academic |, 4; Outstand= ing Work in AL History |; Perfect Attendance 2 - 4; B Honor Rol 1 -3; A Honor Roll 4; American Legion Award 4; Runner Up — Danforth Award 4; Office Aide 4. GAINES, RAY — FFA 1 -3; Art3. GLOSSON, KATHY — FHA 1. Vice Pres. 2; Journalism Club 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Know AL Club Pres. 1; National Honor Society 4: Yearbook Asst. Business Mgr. 4; Band | - 4; Spotlight 3, Ed. 4; B Honor Roll 1, 3; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4; Festival Band |. 2. OUtstanding Work in AL History 1: Teacher’s Aide 2, 3; Current Events Quiz Highest Score 3; Per- fect Attendance 2; Office Aide 4 HAGGINS, GWENDO! YN — FHA 1 -3; Library Club 1; FBLA- FFA4. HARDIN, GREG — Student Council |. 3)4) See: 3) reas. 4; Biol- ogy Club ly Know AL Club |; Math Clib2 94; Vice=Pres. 3, Pres. 4: National Honor Society 4; Yearbook GoeSports Ed. 4;°FFA 1; Health Careers 3; Math Team 3, 4; Journalism Club Pres. 4; Band | - 4: Band Staff 2, 3; Stageband |, 2: Spotlight Asst Sports.Ed. 3 Co-Ed. 4: Solo and Ensemble Superior 1) 3)A Honor Roll Ps4 Perfect Attendance 2; Quill and Scroll 4) Shelby Math Tourna ment Top Ith Grade, |st Overall 3; Top 12th Grade, Ist Overall 4; Boys’ State 3; 10th Grade English Award 3; Who's Who — Most Intellectua! 4: Rotary Citizen of the’¥ear 4; Society of Dis- tinguished Amefican High School Students 4; Danforth Award 4; American Légion Award 4; Academic Letter 4; Salutatorian 4. HARPER, BARR) Know AL Club | VICA 3, 4, Delegate 4; Journalism Club 4; Band |, 2; Festival Band)All County Band 1, 2; Pep Band 1; Spotlight 3, 4; Football, Lettered, 4; Weightlifting 3: B Honor Roll |, 3. 4; Perfect Attendanee 1- 3; 2nd Place in VICA District Contest 4; Top Jr. Class Magazine Salesman 3; National Honor Society 4; Who’s Who = Most Dependable 4; Yearbook Business Mer. 4; Office Aide 4 HARRELL, JACKI! Library Club | - 9; Health Careers 2, 4, Treas. 4: FHA 1-4: Lively Arts 4; Band 1=3; Know AL Club 1; Perfect Attendance |: B Honor Roll |; Gymmasties Club 1; Stu- dent Council 1. HELMS, LYNNE — 4H |; FHA 2: HOSA Treas, 3, 4; Chorus 2. HENLEY, PAM — Journalism Club 4; Uibrary Club 1: French Club 2, 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Biology Club lj Who's Who Best Dressed 4; Office Aide 4; Spotlight 3) 4 Busimess Megr.; B Honor Roll 4) Service to the Dramatics Club FILL, GAIL Dramatics Club 3, 4; Kno ARG T Pep Club 3; Library Club ty FHA |; Journalism Clubi j Health Careers 3, 4: Chorus 1; Cheerleader |, 2; Spotlight Staff) Band 1 - 4; Band Staff 4; Basketball 4: B Honor Roll 2, 3: Perfect Attendance |, 2 HOUSER, BERN! 4 Know AL Club 2 PRA Pe Gy mnastics Club 2; Volleyball 2, 4: Cheerleader 4: Bookkeeping Award 4 INGRAM, TOMM ) 1; National Honor Society 4; Batt = 4; Stage Band ye ap Student Gouncil L» Math Giub?2 - 4: FFA All County Band 1 - 4. Solo and Engemble | - 4; Honor Roll 1-4 Spotlight 2) Yearbook Staff 4 JONES, ALBERT — Student Council | - 4; Chaplin 4; Know AL Club 1; Spanish Club 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; Chorus 2; Health Careers 2, 3; Band | - 4; Band Staff 4; Boys’ State Alternate 3; B Honor Roll 4. fi JONES, MARLA — Know AL Club 1; Pep Club |. 3: Dramatics Club 2 - 4; Library Club 1, 4; Journalism Club 4: PutureSecretar- ies, Treas. 3; Health Careers 2; FHA 1: Chorus 1; Band I - 4: Band Staff 4; All Festival 1; Spotlight 3, 4, Business Mgr. 4; Honor Roll 3; Perfect Attendance 1, 2; Homecoming Attendant 4; Who's Who — Best Looking 4. JONES, MOSES — FCA |; FFA 4; B-team Basketball 2; Jr Team I. JONES, NAN — Spanish Club 2, 3; Chorus; Pres. 4; Lively Arts 4; FCA 4; Girls Officiating Club 3; Student Council 2; Know AL Club 1; B-team Cheerleader, Head 1; Varsity Cheerleader 2 - 4, Head 4; Band 1; Volleyball | - 4; Capt. 3, 4; All State Volleyball Team 4; Honor Roll | - 4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Queen 4; DAR Good Citizen Award 4; Volleyball State 2A Most Valuable Player 4; Volleyball Team MVP 3; Most Valuable Player 4; Who's Who — Best All Around 4; National Honor Society 4; Runner Up — American Legion Award 4; Danforth Award 4. KORNEGAY, BARRY — Know AL Club !; Math Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; FCA | - 4; National Honor Society 4; Year- book Staff 4; Football 1, 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; Baseball 1, 3, 4; Weight- lifting 3, 4; Theron Fisher Award 4; Principals Trophy 4; All- County Football 4; All-Conference 4; Most Valuable Offensive Lineman 4; Most Improved Baseball Player 3; Perfect Attendance 2, 3; Outstanding Work in AL History |; Outstanding Work in English 2; Runner Up — Danforth Award 4; Co-Winner of the Good Sportsmanship Award 4; East-West All-Star Game 4. LAWLEY, DARRELL — Student Council | - 4; FCA 2, 3; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook Staff Asst. Editor 4; Who's Who — Best All Around; Festival Band 1; AlleCounty Band 2; Football.3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Team Captain 3, 4; Baseball 2 - 4, Let- tered 2 - 4, Best Fielder 4; East-West All-Star Game Participant; Weightlifting 3, 4; Spotlight 3, Co-editor 4; Perfect Attendance | - 4: A Honor Roll.4; Honor Roll 4; Boys’ State 3; Sr. Class Pres. 4; Mr. HOE 4; Outstanding Jr. in HOE 3; 2nd Place in Medical Ter- minology Spelling in State 4, 2nd in District 4. LAWLEY, GEAN!N Eel ibrary Club 1; FBLA'3)4; Band 1, 2. LAWLEY, GREG. FFA 1. LESLEY, BECKY — FHA 3; National Honor Society 4; Journal- ism Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Who’s Who — Most Likely to Suc- ceed; Spotlight Siaff 3, Circulation Mgr. 4; Sdeiety of Distin- guished High School Students 4; Outstanding Work in Sophomore English 2; Outstanding Work in Democracy 4; Outstanding Work in Accounting 4; Honor Roll | - 4; Perfect Attendance 2. LILLY, VICKIE — Student Council 2; Know AL Club 1; Library Club |; French Glub 2; FHA 1; Health Careers 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3; Pep Club 3; Journalism Club Vice Pres. 4, Staff 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 34. LOVELADY, LISA — Know AL Club 1; FHA 1, 4, Recreation Officer 2, 3; Track and Field 3; Spotlight 3. LUCAS, JEFF — Know AL Club 1; FCA 1 - 3; FFA 1; Sr. Class Treas. 4; Journalism Club 4; Football 1 - 4, Most Valuable Defen- sive Back 3, 4; All County Football 3, 4; Spirit Ribbon Chairman 4: Baseball Team,Gaptain 4, East-West All-Star Game Participant 4; Most improve in Football 2; Weightlifting 3; Spotlight 3; Who's Who t Friendliest. TINA — Chorus 2, 4; Spanish Club |; Lively Arts 4; lonor Society 4; FHA 1, 2; Flag Corps 2, 4; English . 2; Accounting Award 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4. MOORE, CYNTHIA — FHA 1 - 3. MOORE, ROSEMARY — FHA 2; Hero Club 1; Track 1; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 4. McCARY, TERRY — FCA | - 3; Jr. Class Pres. 3; Sr. Class Vice Pres. 4; FFA 1, 2; Know AL Club 1; Football | - 4, All County Football 3, 4, All Conference 4; Post Herald All State 4; Defensive Back 1; Most Interceptions 2; Team Captain 4; Most Valuable Back 4; Basketball | - 4, All County 4, All County Tournament 4; All Area Tournament Team 4; Team Captain 3, 4; Best Defensive er Award 4; Baseball |, 2: Track 1; Co-Win- Mismenship Trophy 4; Receiver of Athletic $s to AL State: Perfect Attendance 3; Boys” Dramatics Club 4; Lively Arts 4: 2. 4: Spanish Club 1; Spotlight 2; A Most Creative: Proficiency in Book- RAY, DANDREA — FHA 3. 4; Future Sec. of America 2: FBLA 4; Honor Roll 4: Attendance 3, 4: Baseball | -3 ramatics Club 3; FHA 1; Lively Arts Ow AL Club |: FFA |; Football 4, Busi- = Best Dancer. Student Council |; Biology Club |; 3; Math Club 3, 4, Math Team 3, 4; tht 3: Sports Editor 4; Yearbook Staff ootball 4; Hustle Award |; Weight- ill and Scroll 3, 4; History Award 1; . h Club |; Lively Ar ead |; Ba d 4: Ho os Sec. of America 2, Reporter 3; Spotlight Staff 3, Circulation Mgr. 4; Band | - 4; All County Band | - 3; Pep Band 1, Stage Band Pianist 3; State Solo and Ensemble — Superior Clarinet Trio 3; Scholastic Letter |. SMITHERMAN, SCOTT — Lively Arts 4; FCA 1; Football | - 4. STEPHENS, BENNY — VICA3, Pres. 4; Know AL Club 1. STEPHENS, CHARLOTTE — FHA 1. 3: Library Club 1; Span- ish Club 2; Health Careers 4; Know AL Club |; Band | - 4; Perfect Attendance |, 2; Honor Roll 4; All County Band 3. STEWART, ANITKA — FHA 1; Know AL Club Club 3; Putws . 3: ively Art Band | - Band |. 3: Superior Ma Majorette 4 Girls Basketball 4 Place in ning Typin 4. 2nd Plac Typing : TALLEY, OMPSO of America 3; F TOLBERT, Att ant Heal 1: Spa ard 4; Pep Band 2; Society of Distinguished F nts 4; Who's Who — Most Dependable; Pe nce 1; Girls Beginning Speed Typing — 2nd Place |. @ a6 i bY aban oF Remember the fellowship of groups, the value of cooperating. RCLASSMEN 63 JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS: Glenn Anthony, President Kevin Hughes, Vice President Rene Davis, Secretary Scobie Wilcoxon, Treasurer Marla Abbott Teresa Alexander Cliff Anderson Glenn Anthony Mark Baker Leslee Belluchie Billy Brantley Lee Clayton Lisa Coon Kathy Crowe Vicki Crowson Kim Daugherty Rene Davis Marty Eddleman James Fullerton Kathy Gilmore Walter Gottier Edd Green Eric Haggins Stark Harbour Janet Hicks Buddy Holsombeck Billy Hughes Kevin Hughes Tomysine Jackson Avery Jones Kenneth Jones Carol Knowles David Lash Kelvin Lilly Jennifer Logan George Lovejoy Cindy Lunsford Kevin McCoy Sidney McGaughy Dana McWhorter Karen Morris Curtis Peoples Gay Perkins Wanda Prentice Dennis Reid Beth Rochester Lynn Sawyer Patrick Sims Mark Singh Shawn Spicer Alan Stano Emily Steele Frederick Stidimire Tina Thomas David Underwood Monique Van Landingham Bentley Walker Tammy Whitfield Scobie Wilcoxon Nellie Yelder Danny Young JUNIORS NOT PICTURED: Kenneth Bell Phyllis Conwell Luke Crim Selena Davis Earl Hayes Paul Hudson Patricia Sailes Jerome Tolbert Gerald Walker Genea Abbott Regina Acker Michelle Agee Jan Allen Stanley Allen Tony Arnold Tina Barrow John Battle Martin Beaton Tod Beers Anita Bell Terry Bice Jeanie Bolling Anita Brantley Charlie Brantley Ray Brasher Jimmy Brown Michael Brown Jeff Cardwell Leroy Carlee Sharron Cathey Sheryl Cathey Allyson Chappell Theresa Chism Linda Clark Deandrea Cole Joanne Compton Ronda Compton Kenneth Conwell Nan Coon James Cox Mike Cox LaNell Crocker Terry Cutts Jennifer Dailey Alisa Davis Jolinda Davis Rhonda Davis Danny DeLage Lynn Dunn Lisa Edwards Angela Evans Darryl Fancher Monty Fondren Clay Fowler Kenny Frederick Ann Frye Rance Gaddis Jan Gauntt Earnest Glover Debra Hamrick Chassie Harbour Beverly Harris Donnie Harris Jim Harrison Betty Herron Ronnie Holsombeck Chuck Hood Bruce Horton Johnny Horton Glen Jackson Ken James Jerry Johnson Bret Jones Deborah Jones Jerome Jones Ann Klemenc Debbie Kunkel James Lash Charles Latham Kevin Lawley Terry Lee Jerome Looman Laurie Lovejoy Colleen Lucas Wanda Lucas Steve Melsoni Sherry Miller Luanne Moody Belinda Morris Johnny Moss Cindy Nash Debra Nix Paula Nix John Owen Kathy Peoples Billy Perry Brian Pickett Sam Purnell Michelle Reed Teresa Reed Mark Riesener Merrie Rochester Jennifer Rutledge Pearl Rutledge Terry Saffolu Eddie Sailes Peggy Selby Eddie Staffney Randy Steele Kevin Stewart Debbie Sutton Fredia Thrift Rita Tolbert Edna Faye Williams David Young SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED J. W. Arnold Phillip Cochran Duke Crim Esther Cutts Otto Fields Sylvia Goode Theodis Prentice Pat Robertson Kenneth Rutledge Willie Rutledge Donna Salter Odis Sparks Charles Thompson Kenneth Wilson FRESHMEN Care Letecia Gaddis Clay Gaines Yeuell Gilbert Rory Gilbert Sond: Gilber Alton Gi Albert Glass Dawn G Shelia Goode James Green Wanda Green Gearld Grier Lisa Harper Angela Harre Sonia Hedgepath Carolyn Helton Susan Herron Cathy Holmes Larry Holmes Jeff Holsomback Robert Hort Mike Hughes He en Inger ill Kevin James Anthony Jones LuAnn Jones Regina Jones Susan Jones Victor Kennedy Eddie Key Kathie Kirkland Randy Kish Sandra Latham Alvin Lawley Lee Lawley James Lee Robert Lightfoot Beverly Lilly Teresa Lilly Todd Lilly Phillip Long Ronnie Lucas Darryl Melton Lolita McCarter Larry McDermott April McGiboney David Melsoni Mary Moore Icyce Morris Billy Moss Doris Nash Mary Naugher Jolinda Nieves Russell Nix Tommy Owen William Paschel Felecia Phillips Lorenzo Prentice Kim Purnell Norma Jean Purnell Beverly Ray Patricia Ray Teresa Reid Dale Riffe Paul Robertson Claudia Sailes Darlean Sailes Tina Sawyer Susan Shinnick Lisa Singh Jeff Smith Lisa Smith Roderick Smith Pam Snider Tim Staffney Dereck Stewart Scott Stratton Scott Studdard Lucretia Swain Carey Thompson June Thompson Mardis Tolbert Steve Tolbert Jeffery Tyus Angela Velarde Scott Vining Betty Wallace Jill White Lamar White Tammy Whitfield Jean Wyatt Sherrie Young FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED: Lester Cathey Malinda Cutts Sandra Fitts Angela Grayson Dale Hughes Kelvin Lilly Terry Owens Benjamin Peoples Randy Polk Johnny Rutledge Dennis Shepherd Montez Thrift Gary Tyus Although school is first and foremost a place for learn- ing, a reflection of 77 —’78 will bring back memories of friends, fun, get togethers and many times of fellowship! A:) | ‘ J eae ee eae Grinnell Wen aes emelle excitement of winning, the disappointment of defeat. SPORTS vad Football — A Year to Remember Montevallo entered the 77 season with a lot of talk of being number one but few believed after seeing the Bulldogs lose key players on offense as well as defense. But with Coach Richard Gilliam at the helm, the " Dogs developed an offense that fea- tured breakaway backfield speed, while Coach Kurt Pnazek’s defense became a tenacious group with an uncanny ability to be around the football. Barry Kornegay also excited the Bulldog faithful with his punting as well as field goals and extra points MHS'’s football stadium became Theron Fisher Stadium as it was dedicated to the Great Coach Theron Fisher who was instrumen- tal in getting the school’s winning tradition in athletics started. (Mrs. Fisher and son Barclay, right, accepted the honor at the dedication ceremonies.) Coach Richard Gilliam received his first undefeated season as head coach while the Bulldogs rolled up a 9-0-1 record and captured both the County and Mid-State champion- ships. MHS’s hopes of a state cham- pionship were quinched early as the Hokes Bluff Eagles»put the " Dogs out in the first round of the state playoffs. It was truly a year to remember for Bulldog supporters and students alike! Ri i - fC x mm ) 4 enne a Ham : VOLLEY Coach Reviews °717 Season BULLDOGS EDGE MARION IN OPENING TILT The bul!dogs opened the season with a 27-19 vic- tory over the Marion Rams but no one was very impressed with the win. ““Saddest victory I’ve ever seen,” remarked Coach Gilliam after the lack-lustre win at home on opening night. ANGRY DOGS SHOW PROMISE Gilliam beamed, “I was almost in tears (of joy) as I watched them reach down and find what I knew they had,” as his Bulldogs came from under a 12-7 halftime deficit to defeat Chelsea 26-12 BULLDGOS SHOCK COUNTY “These boys are squeez- ing everything they can out of themselves, and they are getting better each week,” Coach Gil- liam said after the Bull- dogs shocked Shelby County High School 14- 6. TIE DAMPENS SOARING SPIRITS Coach Gilliam praised the Bulldogs’ defensive efforts say- ing, “This group continues to amaze me each week,” after MHS and Thompson tied 7-7 in a rain-postponed game played at Thompson MHS GROUND ATTACK ROUTS JEMISON PANTHERS “Before the season, I thought at best we would be 3-2 at this point,” smiled Coach Gilliam happily as his Bulldogs upped their record to 4-0-1 with a 20- 6 win over Jemison. BULLDOGS TAKE COM- MAND OF AREA “I was really thrilled with the defensive play and our first offensive drive,’ said Coach Gilliam as the Bulldogs downed Vincent in a hard- fought 17-6 contest. MHS BULLDOGS DUMP WINTERBORO Coach Gilliam “accused” his charges of looking ahead as they ran hot and cold against a hapless Winterboro in their 21- 0 victory on a cold night in Winterboro. HIGHFLYING EAGLES FALL TO BULLDOGS The six different defenses Coach Cairns used against us gave us problems for a while, but these boys are just tremen- dous,”” praised Coach Gilliam as the Bulldogs handed the Calera Eagles their only defeat of the regular season, 28-14. The victory gave MHS four county wins and one tie for the county title. DOG DEFENSE EXPLODES AS PASS DEFENSE COMES ALIVE After the Bulldogs had been so “keyed up” the preceding week against Calera, Coach Gilliam expressed “anxiety” about their emotional status as they faced West Blocton for the area showdown. Grabbing a 7-2 lead with 11 seconds remaining in the first half, the Bulldogs pressed on to a 24-2 decision. HAPLESS TIGERS FEEL MIGHT OF BULLDOGS’ STRENGTH A 31-12 homecoming victory over Talladega County Train- ing School wound up the first undefeated season in his 18- year career for Coach Gilliam. Praising his Bulldogs, Coach said, “They have exceeded all my expectations. This is a scrappy bunch; I couldn’t be prouder.” DOGS DROP FIRST PLAY- OFF CONTEST Their 9-0-1 season’s record still looks good on the books even after losing 12-6 to Hokes Bluff in the first round of the State’s 2A playoffs. “We're thankful,” Coach Gilliam said. “We have grown together this season. I’m just sorry it’s over.” Heart and Talent Took the Bulldogs to Another State Playoff Berth ; . ry “7 a Gy POP LTP Saya a 5 AL A vere J ow wale Je FIRST ROW: Robert Lightfoot, Carey Thompson, Rusty Nix, David Melsoni, Brady Bracken, Wade Bice. Jeffery Smith. SECOND ROW Rex Reed, Bill Allen, mgrs: Kenneth Jones, Mike Beers, Kevin Lawley. Barry Lynn Harper, Jeff Lucas Barry Kornegay. Darrell Lawley Rudolf Reed. Rance Gaddis: mers. Larry Holmes. Earl Campbell. TH RD ROW: Coach Bobby Sherrer. Kevin Hughes, Dereck Stewart Ronnie Holsombeck. Lee Clayton. Scott Smitherman. Kelvin Lilly, Patrick Sims, Edd Green, Scobie Wilcoxin, Glenn Jackson David Lash Coach Bud Lilly. FOURTH ROW: Coach Richard Gilliam, Sam Purnell, Terry McCary, Willie Rutledge, Tim Otts, Steve Melsoni. Chuck Reynolds. Terry Cutts. Buddy Holsombeck. Jerome Tolbert. David Young. Jerome Jones, Coach Kurt Pnazek Volleyball Team Finishes 2nd in State Wins County and District Championships Basketball — A Season of Ups and Downs Nit (al x mG iif AAT RG VARSITY (1 tor): Kelvin Lilly, mgr.; Sam Purnell, Mark Singh, Earl Hayes, Otto Fields, Kenneth Bell, Jimmy Lee Talley. mgr. 2nd ROW. Nathaniel Shepherd, Bret Jones, Coach KURT PNAZEK Shelby County Basketball Coach of the Year; Keith Gilmore, Terrence Chappell, Shelby Co. MVP. st: Jerome Jones, Edd Green, Terry McCarey Season Record Opponent MHS Bibb County 62 63 Abrams 57 62 Bibb County 52 59 Briarwood 52 50 Winterboro 35 71 Thompson 58 57 Childersburg 51 49 BB Comer 72 65 Bibb County 70 Bibb County 57 52 Dallas County 65 Thompson 66 57 Vincent 55 Jemison 54 58 Thompson 52 Opponent Pelham $2 Thompson 53 Francis Marion 63 Shelby County 39 Francis Marion 84 Vincent 4 West Blocton 41 45 75 49 °75 Tournament games Winterboro Shelby County Holy Family Indian Springs 39 64 52 7 69 67 41 Vincent 62 Talledega Co. Francis Marion TS56 45 B-Team Wins County Championship While Juniors Place Second Dennis Shepherd, Albert Glass, Mark Singh, Brett Jones, MVP County Tournament; Tim Ward, Derreck Stewart, Jimmy Chism, Mgr.; Coach Gilliam, Darrell Melton, Eric Haggins, Jerome Jones, Glenn Peoples, Ernest Glover Coach Gilliam, David Melsoni, Scott Studdard, Robert Lightfoot, Wade Bice, Mardis Tolbert, Jimmy Chusm, Mgr.; Darrell Melton, Lester Cathey, Jeffery Tyus, Rory Gilbert, Tod Lilly, Yuel Gilbert an Girls’ Basketball — A Fresh Start Gail Hill, Vanessa Cottingham, Pearl Rutledge, Anitka Stewart, Valerie Anderson, Coach Gwen Cress, Lolita McCatter, Bev- erly Harris, Michell Brown The Lady Bulldogs brought girls’ basketball into the athletic program and nearly broke even with a 5-6 record. Valerie Anderson was named team captain and MVP, while Coach Gwen Cress led the Lady " Dogs from the bench. She was assisted by Tanga Rowell. Track Team Sets Record — Goes to The 1978 Track Team proved to be better than ever. The women took second in County competition. Phyl- lis Conwell placed first in sectional and took fourth in state high jump. Otto Fields and Earnest Glover par- ticipated in state with Earnest plac- ing third in the 2 mile run. At sec- tional meets Otto took second in the high jump; Earnest placed second in the 2 mile run. Many new school records were set this year — Otto Fields in the high jump, Earnest Glover in the 2 miel run and Mardis Tolbert in the triple jump. ; = ‘ ’ - i ’ . aM Mc BACK ROW (I to r): Valerie Anderson, Nellie Yelder, Emily Steele, Monique VanL- andingham, Phyllis Conwell. FRONT ROW (1 to r): Pearl Rutledge, Debbie Cottingham, Patricia Sailes, Sybil Cathey, Paulette Alexander A: - ws er wt? 4 A. = x Par SIs od oe Time proves to be a major contributor to the success of the team STATE PARTICIPANTS: Earnest Glover third in the 2 mile run FRONT ROW (I to r): Mardis Tolbert, Monty Fondren, Rori Gilbert, Edd Green, Rance Gaddis, Randy Steele. BACK ROW (I to r): Coach Pnazek, Earnest Glover, Buddy Holsomback, Eric Haggins, Otto Fields Phyllis Conwell takes fourth in state competition — first in sectional high jump an Lee ry b 4 Members of the track team set new school record. L TO R: Earnest Glover 2 mile run. Martis Tolbert — triple jump. Otto Fields — high jump (Above) — Coach Pnazek shows members the best way to prepare for the upcoming track season. (Left) — The MHS weightlifting team took second place in County competition and several placed high in the individual standings. The members of the team are L TO R: Kevin Hughes, Glen Jackson, Tim Otts, Luke Drim, Patrick Sims and Mike Beers ‘Dogs Score 6-5 in Baseball BACK (1 to r): Coach Gilliam, Mark Singh, Earl Hayes, Sam Purnell, James Lash, Bret Jones, David Melsoni, Jerome Tolbert, Larry McDermott, Charles Brantley, Steve Melsoni. FRONT: Mark Riesener, Scott Studdard, Wade Bice, Ricky Fields, David Lash, Barry Korne- gay, Jeff Lucas, Lee Clayton, Kim Purnell, Darrell Lawley, Willie Rutledge Chelsea West Blocton Calera West Blocton Chelsea SCHS Jemison Jemison SCHS Pelham Vincent t AwWwWnrwon—— ' ors Lash — Leading hitter, MVP aca Lawley, Best fielder Kornegay and Lucas, team captains During Awards Day the gym was dedicated and mamed with the following inscription on the plaque: “This gymnasium is dedicated to Susie DeMent in honor of her many contrib- utions of time, service, and love to Montev- allo athletes, students, and faculty, by the MHS faculty, administration, students, ath- letic boosters, and patrons May 12, 1978.” Several photos courtesy of The Shelby County News Remember the joy of originating: the rae feet melt ei renal ANIZATIONS cod oO = YL o Y — S = S oy S os © 5 w Z. Officers President Barry Kornegay resident — Darrell L awley ice P Iris Smitherman Secretary Anthony Frances Mrs Advisor Student Council Officers President — Mike Beers Vice President — Gay Perkins Secretary — Leslee Belluchie Treasurer — Greg Hardin Parliamentarian — Marsha Zahumensky Sponsor: Don Benton Lively Arts 3 iG rs Chorus Officers President Nan Jones Vice President — Jeanette Crowson Secretary Merrie Rochester Treasurer Tomysine Jackson Accompanist — Iris Smitherman Director — Mrs. Frances Anthony Spanish Club Officers President — Shawn Spicer Vice President — Emily Steele Secretary-Treasurer — Gay Perkins ce Way Ml Hughes ident Billy SS VY " te oO Cha © DN _ Oo = — SS [Ly oO — a seal 8 Lo, en Se ey - had . a. a es Cn urs ee _ - a " po mig ae — ee ; . rol Montevallo strc ere: eae P| HAlpxe eee P t oe D th ae ie 2 ¢ i F ry a A ¢ : t- jae ee Seo 7 - ’ - ng ie | Flutes M. Wyatt, B. Wallace, D. Nash, A Velarde, T. Sawyer, C. Nash, T. Barrow, P. Selby, M. Zahumensky, D. Cole, G. Perkins, K. Peoples, A. Tolbert, A. Jones Saxophones Shawn Spicer Belinda Morris Kathie Kirkland Susan Jones Todd Austin Tommy Ingram Chassie Harbour Clarinets H. Ingram, L. Edwards, M. Rochester, G Hill, D. Jones, L. McCarter, M. Moore, I Smith, B. Harris, J. Dailey, C. Stephens V. Whitfield, L. Jones, M. Jones, I Reynolds, C. Knowles, L. Sawyer, A Stewart, A. Bell, K. Glosson, T. Davis, K Morris, M. VanLandingham, V Cottingham, L. Belluchie, 1. Smitherman D. DeLage, D. Goggins Sy Trumpets Taylor Lawrence Stanley Allen Tammy Whitfield Pam Clark Lance Cottingham John Owen Cliff Anderson Chuck Hood Billy Brantley Jimmy Brown Sheri Barrow Other Brass Jeff Cardwell Lamar White Tommy Owen Greg Hardin Felecia Phillips Cathy Belisle Kevin McCoy Charles Brantley Jim Harrison Benjie Dailey Yuell Gilbert Curtis Peoples Gerald Walker Susan Shinnick Stark Harbour Drums Richie Owen Anne Klemenc Clay Fowler Billy Perry Kirk Cunningham Albert Jones Jeanie Bolling Todd Beers Jill White iS Deusenencensseane: ; “SRS SE SSF ewe ee ee eeeeeere After many long, hot hours of summer practice, the Troubadours proved their superiority by receiving 3 number one ratings at the Fort Walton Beach March- ing Contest in Florida. The Troubadours also received an over-all Excellent score when the concert band entered the State Contest at Samford Univer- sity. WY os mo Flag Corps Agt + " SI ve ce Lae j - tab EMILY STEELE RENE DAVIS TINA McCLAIN LORIE PICKETT ANGELA GRAYSON MARLA ABBOTT . ” Ae = = | = : SHERRIE YOUNG PEARL RUTLEDGE CLAUDIA SAILES ND YU ee — OY co © Maj Anitka Co-Head Leslee - Co-Head Spotlight Spotlight, MHS’s newspaper, has received numerous national and state honors since its beginning. This year’s staff cele- brated the newspaper’s 30th anniversary. Shown below are: Cathy Bearden, advisor; Darrell Lawley, Greg Hardin, and Kathy Glosson, editors. Advisors: Miss Susie DeMent, and Mrs. Cathy Bearden Math Club After a slow start, the Math Team came in with a blazing finish, placing third at the Jefferson State Jr. College Invitational Mathematics Tournament, and winning the Shelby County Math Tournament for a second consecutive year. Officers are: President, Greg Hardin; Vice President, Glenn Anthony; and Secretary-Treasurer, Marsha Zahumensky. Advisor: Doug Morris Journalism Club CPS MONTEVALLO HIGH ae ha. Library Club za (ii -, Wi a , “i Advisor: Jim Hermecz Fellowship of Christian Athletes Archery Club oo ; i % Advisor: Dot Bishop Futu =4 = fod = al gl . aye Le: I 2 Sell nes ADVISORS: Junnie Craig and Rose Ellen Hankins Dramatics Club . Z 4 ” fi ul ADVISOR: Mrs. Barbara Belisle The Dramatics Club started off its season by presenting “Christ- mas Comes to Detroit Louie,” starring David Lash. In the next months, they attended the Celebrity Dinner Theatre twice. In closing the season, they presented “The Remarkable Susan,” starring Lynn Sawyer. The program also included a variety of individual talents. - Varsity Cheerleaders 7 s ur D : r ; = ae _ { 4 a LESLIE DAVIS, Senior ANN FRYE, Sophomore JAN GAUNTT, Sophomore NAN JONES (head). Senior DEBBIE KUNKEL, Sophomore MRS. JANE JONES. Sponsor Area Vocational Center Classes Auto Body Auto Mechanics Radio and TV Classes Are the Heart of MHS SERVE ENERGY ¥ LLL LL 126 Natta et emake AY of patrons. ADS i r4 BIRMING- BOTTLING HAM CO. Where People Make the Difference Merchants eee MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 35115 Member FDIC Phone 665-2591 Westinghouse INDUSTRIAL SHERMAN EQUIPMENT HOLLAND DIVISION FORD, INC. Full Line Cars, Trucks, Parts, and Service Edward. Joe. an CUNNINGHAM ,; UNION76 of SERVICE STATION: “The Spirit of 76” “Where You Pay Less for the Best” Montevallo 665-7761 John Cunningham, Owner 665-2097 665-2629 ELECTRICAL SPECIALTY PRODUCTS CO. | Box 21 Montevallo, Al 3511 Compliments of Compliments of CONTAINERS, INC. Montevallo Lime Plant 665-1251 Calera, Alabama BROWN MOULDING COMPAN Monte o, Alabama 665-2546 Specialist In Wood Moulding DARI DELITE Delightfully Refreshing HILL CONCRETE AND SUPPLY COMPANY TIMES PRINTING COMPANY P.O. Box 78 yntevallo, Alabama GARING TYPEWRITER COMPANY Office Machines Sales Service | alladega MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG E. Jack Sims, Owner Main Street, Montevallo 665-126] LOVELADY SALES SERVICE MARIES GIFT SHOP 665-2935 fontevalloAAlabama . Consolidated Dairies Co-operative, Inc. P.O. Box 31090 3415 Third Avenue South Birmingham, AL 324-8646 wie; iat. a CENTRAL PRODUCE COMPANY Compliments of Herbert L. Harper PASQUALE'S P.Q. Box 1012 “We Cook Good” Selma, Al 36701 Home: 665-1391 Officem8 72-3700 Montevallo emg72-3 215 Main Street EVELYN'S BEAUTY SALON County Highway 22 Open 7 Days Dogwood 665-4060 GALLOWAY GULF Quick, Fast, and Efficient SMITHERMAN'S PHARMACY Quality for Less MONTEVALLO LUMBER CO. INC. Lumber and Building Material llo, Alabama ROCKCO'S FLORIST P.O. Box 44 Montevallo, AL 665-2948 Beth Rockco, Owner COLE EQUIPMENT, INC. P.O. Box 82 Montevallo, AL 35115 665-1271 W. Floyd Cole Compliments of MONK'S VARITY SERVICE WITH THE soy 0 OF SOUND Happy Eating 665-1371 No Waiting — Call in Advance Sunday-Thursday 9a.m.-1 1 p.m. Friday-Saturday 9a.m,-12p.m. MONTEVALLO «AUTO SUPPLY, INC. id 2. Box 58 MARTIN MARIETTA CEMENT Best Wishes for 1978 Montevallo High School ¢ ( D LD B South 20th Street m, Alabama 35235 COLONEL SANDERS’ RECIPE SOUTHERN STONE COMPANY, INC. For Crushed Stone Needs Call 663-3951 Vallo Plaza Hwy 25 hlontevalics Maylene Plant LEACH PONTIAC—GMC_ | THE ALLEN AGENCY, INC. 43 South Main Street Montevallo, Alabama 665-1220 Insurance—Real Estate 123 Shelby Street Montevallo Office — 665-2584 Home — 665-7150 PONTIAC , Bill Allen BOO8oog BEOU....40800 5 MBS SALUTES Reais t SOME KIND OF A COACH eee nneRs Richard O. Ramer — Den : Are you sure you buried it here? You know I love you He’s real exciting. Can I have your attention please? If I can just Put a tick tack in your mouth and get a Boy, she was good lookin What did you say your name was? Hi there guys MONTALA CREDITS EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGERS SECTION EDITORS PERRI soi Gave devasarateue Faculty oe ——e Underclassmen ORD icannd waivegrerxiccs deaseeeue 4s Organizations PR Ss s fs es Sawkasaw eS awealeesh RMS «fu chartn de ate al ave beat niente a bee PHOTOGRAPHY UNOS: «sick is esivkcics acsesasen% Professional PUBLISHER ADVISOR Barry Kornegay Barry Harper Kathy Glosson iu wale anou Mary Jane Wyatt Sheri Barrow Chuck Reynolds Becky Leslie Mary Sherrer Marsha Zahumensky Iris Smitherman Tommy Ingram Sirs midlslaalontael salt Greg Hardin Jeanette Crowson Leslie Davis cS Rratns wale ee ME wwe Mike Beers pb a bale Kee OE OO Barry Harper 6 Mean a os Scene anes Mary Jane Wyatt Sheri Barrow The Montala staff (National Honor Society Mem- bers) will not forget the time and effort spent to make a good book. They will also remember the planning sessions and “fun” times together. The days and years come and go. As we reflect on the 1978 school term, may we remember it as a collection of important people and events, with the knowledge that the joyful times will never be gone. There will always be treasures to look back upon. Memories go on forever. MONTALA STAFF Memories Go On Forever A Collection of People and Events

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