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‘76 MONTALA Looking Forward to the Past Presented by The National Honor Society Montevallo High School Montevallo, Alabama Dedication Mr. Melton ''Moon " ' Thornton retired December 31, 1975, after over forty-three years of teaching. He gave his time, his energy, his knowledge, and leadership to his many students and fellow workers. With pride and gratitude, the 1976 Bicentennial MON- TALA is dedicated to Mr. Thornton. Contents 4 Beginning 12 Being Seniors Students Faculty and Staff 58 Living Activities Sports Organizations Laughing 114 Buying 125 Closing 128 Celebrating Bicentennial Special 1976 Looking Forward to the Past NEW STUDENTS REGISTER NOW A glorious star-spangled birthday year Began with festivities in the fall. It was a time to consider our great heritage; A time to be concerned with The rapidly changing present; A time to look forward to a new day at MHS As plans for renovation got underway Directed by Superintendent Hill and Principal Corbett. ie a fs 5 hea os habs eRe ROR TS eee PEPER EERE EHH ER ee ETE PATER ARO RS ETRE REO E TD FURR e eR eee ED Ee Eee eee te eR f wd % 2 Ne " ROR Ob ee eee a 7 eee ee ee eet “ty GP 8CR Reha eh ew ee eenetine ae " MRP heheeeh ae yeaa WPew ds Growing pains were never easy. As the colonist became Americans Times were difficult. As the old became the new, Times at MHS were often trying. But students and faculty adjusted to the inconvenience And the daily routine went on. Out of the old emerges the new. Workmen labor while students and teachers Anxiously enjoy each bit of progress. The old building takes on new life As the growing pains continue. And while change takes place We push forward individually And together to prepare for the time When the future becomes the past, The dream becomes a reality, A life imagined becomes a life lived. Being Seniors Students Faculty and Staff Seniors Kay Allen Gary Arnold Officers Nancy Nix - Co President Henry White - Treasurer Patricia Tolbert - Co President Anna McGaughy - Secretary Luvernia Arnold Angie Barrow Myra Bolling Linda Cardwell Sophia Cathey Gay R. Chapman Audrey Chappell Carol Clark Kim Cole Tom Connor Janet Conwell Jan Corbett Bryant Cottingham Cindy Cox Charlie Cunningham Shirley Cunningham Susan Cupp Vicky Cutts Vinnie Cutts Cynthia Davis Cindy V. Eddings Clifton Edwards Roxanne Elliot Patty Fant Johnny Farrington Michael Foley Teresa Fomby Jay Fullerton Phil Garrett Dorothy Gilmore Linda Hammett Sandy Harwell Teresa Holland LeAnn Horton Eddie Hyde Wally Ingram Judy Johnson Linda Jones Lorraine Klemenc Joyce Lilly Carroll Long Dana Lovelady Cindy Lucas Gary Lucas Ricky Lucas Miki Mahan Gloria Mayweather Anna McGaughy Clara Mitchell Roger Moore Rusty Morris Donna Muehibauer Gail Nelson Dorrie H. Nix Nancy Nix Jan Reynolds Jill Reynolds Sheila Robinson Ginger Rochester Veronica Rutledge Tommy Shaw Ricky Shepherd LaDonna Smitherman Nicky Smitherman Donna H. Spain Noel Spicer Daisy Stallworth Debbie Stephens Horace Thrift Timmy Tingle John Tishler Patricia Tolbert Shelia Tripp Joni VanValkenburg Sylvia Vassar Julie Walker Henry White Patricia Williams Theodis Young Senior Who's Who? MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Shelia Tripp and Charlie Cunningham MOST INTELLECTUAL BEST ALL AROUND Mike Foley and Susan Cupp Patricia Tolbert and Henry White BEST DRESSED MOST DEPENDABLE Gloria Mayweather and Eddie Hyde Anna McGaughy and Timmy Tingle MOST ATHLETIC MOST COURTEOUS Roger Moore and Veronica Rutledge Tom Connor and Ginger Rochester BEST LOOKING Tommy Shaw, Sandra Harwell, and Clara Mitchell MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DANCERS Nancy Nix and John Tishler Johnny Farrington and Cynthia Davis OUTSTANDING TEENAGERS OF AMERICA BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER AWARD Susan Cupp, Lorraine Klemenc, Noel Spicer, Deb- Lorraine Klemenc bie Stephens, John Tishler, Nancy Nix, Anna McGaughy SENIOR OF THE MONTH DAR GOOD CITIZEN Timmy Tingle, John Tishler, Lorraine Klemenc, Sandy Harwell, Nancy Nix Patricia Tolbert, Nancy Nix, Anna McGaughy, Noel Spicer, Henry White Senior Directory , Special } B Honor Roll ., LINDA - FSA 2; 1; B Honor Roll sAY - FHA 1; Treas. 2, ry Club 1; FTA 1; History Assistant Edit COTTINGHAM, BRYANT - FCA 1, 2, 3; FFA 1, 4; Biology Club 2; Student Council 1, 2; Vice-Pres. Jr. Class; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; All County 4; All Conference 4; Captain 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; All County 2; All Area 4; All Conference 4; Baseball 2, 3: Track 3. 3,4. CUNNINGHAM, CHARLIE - FFA 1, 2, 4, Reporter 3; FCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3; Spotlight Staff 4; Who's Who - Most School Spirit 4; Perfect Attendance 2; Mr. Bulldog 4. CUNNINGHAM, SHIRLEY - Dramatics’ Club 3; Biology Club 2; Health Careers’ Club 2; Pep Club 1, 3, 4. CUPP, SUSAN - Math Club 2, 3; Pres. 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Health Careers’ Club 2; FHA 2; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Clarinet Trio (Superior) 3; Jr. Academy of Science 3; Who's Who - Most Academic 4; American Chemical Society 3; All A Letter 1, 2, 3, 4; Distinguished American High School Student 4; Outstanding Teenager of America 4; 2nd Place Typing Award 2; Salutatorian 4. DAVIS, CYNTHIA - FHA 2; Recreational Leader 3; Dramatics’ Club 3. EDDINGS, CINDY - Health Careers' Club 2; FHA 1, 2; Outstanding Achievement in History 1. EDWARDS, CLIFTON - VICA 4; Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1; Cross Country Run Letter 1; 2nd Place Track 1, 3rd Place Track 1; 9th Place Cross Country 1. FANT, PATTY - Interact Club 2; FBLA 4; B Honor Roll 4; VIP 4. FOLEY, MICHAEL - Student Council 1; Math Club 2, 4; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Club 3; Track 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Who's Who - Most Academic 4. FULLERTON, JAY - FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. GARRETT, PHILLIP - FFA 1; Sentinel 2. GILMORE, DOROTHY - FSA 2; Girls’ Track HAMMETT, LINDA - FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4. HARWELL, SANDY - Spanish Club 1, 2, Treas. 3; Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority 2, 3, 4; Math Club 4; Beta Club 3; Governor's Honor Program Semi-finalist 3; The State of GA and University of Georgia Certificate of Merit 3; 6th Place Award in Jefferson State Math Tournament 4; Jaycee's Student of the Month 4; Distinguished High School Student of America 4; All A Letter 4. HOLLAND, TERESA - FHA 1; Biology Club 1, 2; Jr. Academy of Science 2; Spotlight 2, 3; Feature Editor 2; News Editor 3; Band 1, 2; Festival Band 1; Perfect Attendance 2; B Honor Roll 2, 8. HORTON, LEANN - Spanish Club 1; Spotlight Staff 4. HYDE, EDDIE - Health Careers’ Club 1, 2, 3; FFA 1, 2; Math Club 2, 3; Biology Club 3; Band 1, 2; Track 3; Who's Who - Best Dressed 4. JONES, LINDA - FHA 1; Girls’ Volleyball 3, 4; Girls’ Basketball 4; B Honor Roll 4. KLEMENC, LORRAINE - FHA 1; Science Beta Club 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; Math Club 4; National Honor Society Pres. 4; Yearbook Staff Editor 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jaycees' Senior of the Month 4; Society of Distinguished High School Students 4; All A Letter 3; Perfect Attendance 3, 4; Outstanding Work in AL History Civics 1; Outstanding Work in Spanish 3; B Honor Roll 1, 4. LILLY , JOYCE - Library Club Sec. 1; FHA 1, 2; Dramatics’ Club Treas. 3; HERO Club Vice-Pres. 3; HERO Club Pres. 4; B Honor Roll 3; HERO - Miss Sweetheart, Most Popular, Outstanding Student 4. LONG, CARROLL - Know AL Club 1; FHA 1; Biology Club 2; Band 1, 2, 3; French Club 3; Dramatics’ Club 3. LOVELADY, DANA - Student Council 1, 2 FHA 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Health Careers’ Club 2. LUCAS, CINDY - FHA 1, 2; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4. LUCAS, GARY - FFA 1; Asst. Advisor 2, 3; Science Club 1. MAHAN, MIKI - Pep Club Treas. 1; Dramatics’ Club 3, 4; Student Council 1, 3, 4; Gymnastics Club 1, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics Team 2; Queen of Roses - 1st Runner-Up 3. MYAWEATHER, GLORIA - FHA Vice-Pres. 2; Student Council 2, Chaplain 3; Health Career's Club 1; B Honor Roll 3; Who's Who - Best Dressed 4; Business and Office Education Miss FBLA of America (Best Dressed) 4. MCGAUGHY, ANNA - FHA 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 3; Jr. Academy of Science 3; Health Careers’ Club 2; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 38, 4; All County Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Band 4; Perfect Attendance 1; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4; Jaycees' Senior of the Month 4; Outstanding Work in Fresh. English 1; Outstanding work in AL History Civics 1; All A Letter 1, 4; Valedictorian 4; American Legion Runner-Up 4; Danforth Award Runner-Up 4; Who's Who - Most Dependable. MITCHELL, CLARA - FHA 2; Student Council 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 4; Who's Who - Best Looking 4. MOORE, ROGER - FFA 4; All State 2; Most Valuable Player of County Tournament 4; Mid State 2; All County 1; Who's Who - Most Athletic 4. MORRIS, RUSTY - Know AL Club 1; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2. MUEHLBAUER, DONNA - FHA 1, 2; Spanish Club 1; Library Club 1. NELSON, GAIL - HERO Club 4; VIP 4; B Honor Club 4; Perfect Attendance 4. NIX, NANCY - FHA 1; National Honor Society Vice Pres. 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Student Council 1, 2, Sec. 3; Math Club Sec. 3; Health Careers’ Club 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All County Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Who’s Who - Most Likely to Succeed 4; DAR Good Citizen 4; Top Typist 3; Outstanding Teenager of America 4; All A Letter 1, 2; A Honor Roll 4; B Honor Roll 3; Jaycees' Senior of the Month 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 3, 4; Superior Clarinet Trio 3; Sr. Class Co-Pres. 4; Miss Congeniality 3; American Legion 4; Danforth Award 4. REYNOLDS, JAN - FSA 3; Spotlight Staff 2, 3; Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 4. ROCHESTER, GINGER - FHA 2; FTA 2; FSA Vice-Pres. 3; National Honor Society Sec. 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Spotlight Staff Special News Editor 4; FBLA 3, 4; Dramatics’ Club 3, 4; Interact Club 1; Who's Who - Most Courteous 4; B Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; A Honor Roll 1. RUTLEDGE, VERONICA - Dramatics’ Club 3; FHA 2; Health Careers’ Club 2; Girls’ Basketball 2; Girls’ Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball Letter 3; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3; Who's Who - Most Athletic 4; Outstanding Girl in P.E. 4. SHAW, TOMMY - Biology Club 3; Jr. Academy of Science 1, 2, Pres. 3; FCA 1, 2, 3; Interclub Council 3; Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Band 1; Boys’ State 3; Who's Who - Best Looking 4; B Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Good Sportsmanship Trophy Winner 4. SHEPHERD, RICKY - FFA 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4; B Team Basketball 1; Football 1; FFA Award 1. SMITHERMAN, LADONNA - FBLA 3, 4. SMITHERMAN, NICKY - FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; VIP 4. SPAIN, DONNA - HERO Club 3, 4; VIP 4; B Honor Roll 4. SPICER, NOEL - Student Council 1, 2; Science Club 1; National Honor Scciety 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Spanish Club 3; Pres. 4; Festival Band 1; All County Band 2, 3, 4; Superior Sax Ensemble 2, 4; Society of Distinguished High School Students 4; Jaycees' Student of the Month 4; Stage Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 3. STEPHENS, DEBBIE - FHA 1, 3; Spanish Club 2; Jr. Academy of Science 3; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; BHonor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4; All County Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4; Outstanding Work in Bookkeeping 3. TINGLE, TIMMY - Spanish Club 3, 4; FFA 1, 3, Pres. 2; FCA 3; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Football 3, 4; Baseball 4; FFA Convention Representative 2; Boys’ State Representative 3; Jaycees' Student of the Month 4; Principal's Award for Top Scholar Among Athletes 4; American Legion Runner-Up 4; Danforth Award Runner-Up 4; Who's Who - Most Dependable 4. TISHLER, JOHN - Math Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Dramatics’ Club 3; Jr. Academy of Science 2; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Spotlight Staff 2, Editor 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Stage Band 2, 3, 4; All County Band 2, 3, 4; Society of Distinguished High School Students 4; Who's Who - Most Likely to Succeed 4; Outstanding Teenager of America 4; Army ROTC Scholarship 4; All A Letter 1; Student Council 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Spanish Club 2, 4; Interclub Council Pres. 3; Honorable Mention Sports Section for Writing in AL High School Press Association Clinic 3, 4; Typing Champion 3, 4; Arion Award 3; Boys’ State Representative 3; Citizenship Conference 2; Jaycees’ Student of the Month 4; Outstanding Student of the Year 4; Quill and Scroll Member 4; American Legion 4; Danforth Award 4. TOLBERT, PATRICIA - Dramatics’ Club 3; FHA 2, Corresponding Sec. 3; Student Council 2, 3; Treas. 4; National Honor Society 4; Jr. Class Sec. 3; Sr. Class Co- Pres. 4; Jr. Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, Head 4; Who's Who - Best All Around 4; Soph. Homecoming Attendant 2; Homecoming Queen 4; Miss Congeniality 2; B Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Jaycees' Student of the Month 4; Yearbook Staff 4. TRIPP, SHELIA - Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Volleyball 3; Girls’ Basketball 4; Gymnastics 4; Perfect Attendance 4; FHA 1; Jr. Cheerleader 1; B Honor Roll 1. VANVALKENGURG, JONI - Art Club 1, 3; Home Ec. Club 2; Pep Club Vice-Pres. 1; Senior Life Saving 2. WALKER, JULIE - Band 1, 2. WHITE, HENRY - Student Council 1, 2, 3; FFA 1; Spanish Club 3; Biology Club Treas. 3; Math Club Vice-Pres. 4; FCA Pres. 2, Sec. 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; B Team Basketball 1; All County B- Team 1; All Conference Varsity 3, 4; All County Varsity 4; Jr. Class Pres. 3; Boys’ State Representative 3; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook Staff 4; B Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Jaycees’ Senior of the Month 4; Career Guidance Institute 4; Who's Who - Best All Around 4; Senior Class Treas. 4; All Area Basketball 4; All State Tournament 4; Post-Herald Honorable Mention All State 4; Principal's Award for Top Scholar Among Athletes Runner-Up 4. YOUNG, THEODIS - FFA 1, 3, 4, Sentinel 2; FCA 3; Football 1, 2. Classes The student body at MHS is what school is all about. This was the first year there were only grades nine through twelve; the eighth grade was a part of the Middle School. Juniors OFFICERS Thomas Brown, President Lynne Davis, Vice President Cheryl Staffney, Secretary Amy Knowles, Treasurer Deloris Alexander Jeff Barrow Randy Beers Billy Belisle Sonja Bell Glenn Blackmon James Blaylock John Boothe Sheila Brown Thomas Brown Bobby Bryant Ida Burnett Terry Campbell Jimmy Carter JRuby Cathey Tammy Coffee Alison Cole Shane Connell LuAnn Connor Sandy Cox Ricky Cripps Anita Crowe Anita Dailey Lynne Davis Ricky Davis Craig Doriety Malcolm Fields Robbie Finley Charlotte Foley Michael) Gilbert Samuel Green Pam Guthrie Paula Guthrie Joy Guy Mark Hall Regina Harbour David Harper Bruce Harris Cindy Holsomback Betsey Hood Van Houser Kerry Hudson Carolyn Ingram Robert Jemison Barry Johnson Doug Johnson Stanley Johnson Alan Jones Cathy Jones Walter Jones John Klemenc Amy Knowles Barbara Kunkel Steve Langston Connie Lawrence Bonnie Lilly Cheryle Lilly Darryle Melton Neil Moody Pam Pendleton Gloria Peoples Glenda Pickett Cynthia Pirtle Henry Pope Clarice Purnell Hal Ray James Reed Maurice Reed Linda Rochester Terri Rochester Tim Ross Vicki K. Rowe Franklin Rutledge Linda B. Rutledge Linda Sims Mike Shinnick Cindy Smitherman Roslyn Smitherman Anita Spicer Cheryle Staffney Bernita Thompson Freddie Thompson Joseph Tolbert Teresa Tyus Karen Underwood Craig VanValkenburg Vanessa White Mark Wiley Amy Williams Jeff Williams Johnny Williams Ricky Williams Wanda Sue Wilson Ginger Welfe Danny Young NOT PICTURED: Shirley Fields Carleen Foreman Donna Lilly Elaine Majors Sophomores Bill Allen Sherri Barrow Mike Beers Cathy Belisle Wesley Bolling Sandra Boothe David Brantley Donald Brantley Braddy Brown Dennis Brown Nikita Brown Suzanette Campbell Vonna Carson Pheebe Cathey Sybile Cathey Linda Chism Debbie Cottingham Jackie Cottingham Larry Cottingham Vanessa Cottingham Stephen Cox Kim Cummings Kirk Cunningham Benjie Dailey Donna Dailey Leslie Davis Tammy Davis Johnnie Devinner Sidney Fields Kenny Frederick Kathy Frye Wayne Frye Katrina Gilbert Kathy Glosson Ava Gail Goode Gwen Haggins Ronnie Hale Donna Hamrick Greg Hardin Barry Harper Karen Helton Vivian Hernandez Gail Hill Dorothy Horn Tommy Ingram David Jackson Albert Jones Marla Jones Nan Jones Sylvia Jones Barry Kornegay Scott Kramer Darryle Lawley Geanine Lawley Randy Lawley Greg Latham Greg Lawley James Lawrence Beckie Leslie Vicki Lilly Lisa Lovelady George Lovejoy Jeff Lucas Terry McCarey Perry McClain Jerry McDermott Lynn Mayhall John Merijanian Debra Mims Tony Peeples Duncan Pickett Lorie Pickett Debbie Polk Gary Ray Mary Alice Reed Rudolph Reed Chuck Reynolds Ann Robertson William Sailes Mary Sherrer Colleen Shinnick Amos Silas Mary Pearl Silas Iris Smitherman Scott Smitherman Alan Stano Benny Stephens Charlotte Stephens Anitka Stewart Mary Thompson Angela Tolbert Chuck Williford Mary Jane Wyatt Cynthia Yolder Vanessa Young NOT PICTURED: Larry Argo Lynn Helms Kenneth Jones Moses Jones Ricky Gilmore Freshmen Regina Acker Teresa Alexander Debra Amason Glenn Anthony Tony Arnold John Battle Kenneth Bell Leslie Belluchie Terry Bice James Brown Billie Brantley Lloyd Brasher Lashelle Brooks David Brooks Michael Brown Leroy Carlee Terence Chappell Larry Chism Ronnie Clark Angela Collins Jo Ann Compton Phyllis Conwell John Coon Lisa Coon Polly Cottingham Duke Crim Luke Crim Kathy Crowe Esther Cutts Ira Dailey Rene Davis Selena Davis Terry Deason Linda Devinner Marty Eddleman Otto Fields Tony Fitts Martha Jean Fomby John Frye James Fullerton Kathie Gibson Dathy Gilmore Sylvia Goode Walter Gettier Ed Green Eric Haggins Stark Harbour Donnie Ray Harris Jim Harrison James Hayes David Hedgepath Cynthia Yelder Pam Henley Janet Hicks Russell Hicks Larry Holmes Buddy Holsomback Ronnie Horton Paul Hudson Valerie Hudson Billy Hughes Kevin Hughes Joyce Hughes Ken James Terry Jarvis Avery Jones Kenneth Jones Carol Knowles David Lash Alvin Lawley Billy Ray Lawley Phillip Lawrence Kelvin Lilly Ricky Lilly Laurie Lovejoy James Lucas Cindy Lunsford Tina McClain Sidney McGaughy Barbara McGiboney Rosemary Moore Karen Morris John Alan Moss Curtis Peeples Gay Perkins Alan Phillips Brian Pickett Joy Pirtle Roger Polk Sylvia Prentice Theedis Prentice Wanda Prentice Lea Pritchett Samuel Purnell Dandrea Ray Dennis Reid Letty Reynolds Beth Rochester Billy Rothfeldt Johnny Rutledge Terry Saffold Patricia Sailes Donna Salter Lynne Sawyer Patrick Sims Mark Singh Bobby Smitherman Odies Sparks Shawn Spicer Tim Staffney Emily Steele Tawana Stephens Kevin Stewart Charles Thompson Alex Thneatt Jerome Tolbert Robert Thompson Gary Tyus David Underwood Monique VanLandingham Scobie Wilcoxin Bentley Walker Gerald Walker Andy White Barry White Teresa Williams Nellie Yelder Danny Young David Young Marsh Zahumensky NOT PICTURED: Rose Mary Brown, Willie Rutledge, Darlene Smith, Roy Smith, Steven Tolbert. Glenn Alexander Paul Alexander Paulette Alexander Lynn Alexander 9-11 Special Education J. W. Arnold Brenda Boothe Gail Brazzell Michele Brown Glenn Chism Danny Conwell Jerry Conwell Anita Cox Ruby Devinner Keith Gilmore Erving Goode Darryle Grayson Jeffro Johnson Thomas Lilly William Moore Allen Naugher Glenn Peeples Nathaniel Shepherd Jimmy Talley Timothy Ward Faculty and Staff MR. W. C. CORBETT MRS. FRANCES ANTHONY Principal Guidance Counselor MRS. OPAL LONG School Secretary MR. MELTON THORNTON MISS SUSIE DEMENT Vocational Agriculture Typing eS ase a MRS. ANN PARKER MR. DAN MARTIN English, Art Language Arts MISS JENIFER JONES MR. DON BENTON English, History Social Studies MRS. BARBARA BELISLE English MRS. ANNE MILFORD Librarian MR. WILLIE C. TURNER MR. JIM HERMECZ Special Education Chemistry, Science, Math ‘ MRS. CATHY BEARDEN MRS. JOANNA McGAUGHY English, Journalism Science 1 ze MR. CHARLES MARTIN MR. JIM WEESE Driver Training Band MISS DEELENE BAKER MISS DOT BISHOP Special Education Physical Education MR. JOHNNY McCLAIN MR. RICHARD GILLIAM Social Studies Physical Education, Coach I MR. LARRY JOE PICKETT MR. DAN COOPER History, Coach History ie r- , - % a y. + | - te 2 ol MRS .. JUNIE CRAIG, MRS. ROSE ELLEN HANKINS MR. DAVID NICHOLS Home Economics Democracy, History == 5g - ee if i fe reo ue ee « o Lg = stan : MRS. LULABELL MOORE MR. CHARLES KIDD, MR. GARY MONCUS Vocational Agriculture Maid i 7 owas MR. DOUG MORRIS Math MRS. MITCHELL, MRS. WILLIAMS, MRS. ALEXANDER, MRS. HORTON Lunchroom Living Activities Sports Organizations Laughs Activities + Homecoming 1976 “Turning With the Wheels of Time” Patricia Tolbert, head cheerleader and Co- President of the Senior Class, is elected the first Black Homecoming queen at MHS Bottle-sucking and egg-tossing were a part of Spirit Week. Charlie Cunningham qualified as Mr. Bulldog. Pam Pendleton and John Klemenc prepare for the dance as the Homecoming Court welcomes alumni. The announcement of the queenship brings tears of joy. Cheerleaders root while MHS takes a Homecoming victory. Shane Connell and Ricky Lucas at the Homecoming bonfire. The band's pre-game show. THE 1975-76 HOMECOMING COURT: Left to right: Nan Jones, Sophomore; Jill Reynolds, Senior; Patricia Tolbert, Queen; Pam Guthrie, Junior; Beth Rochester, Freshman. A happy Coach Gilliam. Paula cheers for the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs in action. The Junior-Senior Prom with the theme '’Do You Know Where You're Going To?'' and with music by Avery Richardson's Band was held at Howard Johnson's in Hoover. David Nichols spoke at the Senior's Christmas banquet, the cafeteria held monthly Bicentennial lunches, many alumni, patrons, and students attended the May PTA Open House, and Seniors enjoyed a bar-b-que at the Depot. _—— } a id ane — == —— —— = —_ _ —-- — = = — — = Ss Cd Representative Walter Flowers visited MHS and talked with students. Magician Buddy Hale brought a little humor. Burt Jones with Josten's measures the Seniors for caps and gowns. The Career Guidance Institute Committee boards the bus from one of the trips to visit business and industry - this time, Rich's. John Tishler congratulates the new Student Council officers. Band honors were presented at the Spring Concert as follows: Noel Spicer, John Phillip Sousa Award, Mark Hall, Arion Award, Nancy Nix and John Tishler, special service to the band, and Mr. Corbett, Honorary band member. The psychology class visited Partlow State School and Bryce Hospital. The Brass Ensemble performed downtown during Christmas. Awards Day Chairman, Susie DeMent, explains scholarship letters to Dr. John VanValkenburg, speaker for the annual occasion. Salutatorian Susan Cupp and Valedictorian Anna McGaughy are announced. Belinda Joyce Lilly is named H.E.R.O. Sweetheart at the Vocational Center. Students with all A's for two consecutive semesters pose. (Not shown, Rene Davis.) Juniors selected to go to Boys’ State are: C. VanValkenburg, R. Williams, J. Klemenc, T. Brown, and H. Ray. Mr. Corbett congratulates Timmy Tingle - athlete with the highest scholastic average, and Veronica Rutledge - top girl P.E. student. American Legion and Danforth winners John Tishler and Nancy Nix are shown with runners-up Anna McGaughy and Timmy Tingle. Tommy Shaw receives the Good Sportsmanship Trophy; and members of The Society of Distinguished HS Students pose. Stephen Sedberry's one- man band was an entertaining show. The Special Olympics winners brought home a number of ribbons. Lovely Leslie Belluchie is crowned Queen of Roses at the pageant MC'd by dise jockey Dick James. Her court (not shown) was made up of Carroll Long, Susie Wilson and Angela Tolbert. Professional football player Ken Hutcherson spoke at the May Athletic Awards Night. Earlier in the year the athletes were honored at a banquet with former Coach Fleming as a guest. rhe traditional National Honor Society Assembly to tap new members was solemn and impressive. In keeping with the Bicentennial year, the program was entitled ''Great Americans " and the lives of four presidents were used to illustrate the traits of scholarship, service, leadership and character needed for membership. 1976 - MHS. GRADUATION EXERCISES The big night for the Seniors finally arrived. The class was highly honored to have former Governor Albert P. Brewer to deliver the address. Palmer Hall was filled to capacity and after the Seniors received their diplomas, they were honored at a reception at the newly renovated high school. Here last goodbyes were said as the Class of 1976 departed. Football — A Season of Surprises and the State Playoffs MONTEVALLO BULLDOGS - AREA 7 FOOTBALL CHAMPS FIRST ROW: Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator Richard Gilliam, Players: James Blaylock, Buddy Holsom- beck, Kelvin Lilly, Ed Green, Darryl Grayson, David Lash, Kenneth Jones, Steve Melsoni, Kevin Hughes, Marty Eddleman, Jeff Lucas. 2nd ROW: Sammy Purnell, Brian Pickett, Tim Ross, Terry McCarey, Frank Rut- ledge, Ronnie Hale, Dennis Brown, Chuck Reynolds, Freddie Thompson, Shane Connell, Jerome Tolbert, Ricky Lucas. 3rd ROW: Tommy Shaw, Jimmy Tally, Johnny Williams, Mark Wiley, Charlie Cunningham, Sidney Fields, Timmy Tingle, Billy Belisle, Maurice Reed, and Thomas Brown. Assistant Coach Bobby Sherrer and Defensive Coordinator Larry Joe Pickett. Head Coach Richard Gilliam receives congratulations after big win. Montevallo's 1975 football season was one of surprises. The Bulldogs, not expected to have a winning record, started the year 1-3. But this Cinderella team won the next six games before losing in the first round of the state playoffs to Hokes Bluff. MONTEVALLO - 14; WINTERBORO - 0 End Bryant Cottingham snagged a 65-yd. touchdown toss from quarterback Terry McCarey and halfback Thomas Brown scored on a 3-yd. run as MHS opened the 1975 football season with a 14-0 win over Winterboro. A stingy ‘Dog defense held WHS to minus 9 total yards. TOP: Pass plays are worked to perfection on practice field. MIDDLE: Players load gear onto bus bound for Hokes Bluff. BOTTOM: Scoreboard tells happy homecoming story. Bulldogs Claim Area 7 Title; MONTEVALLO - 0; SHELBY COUNTY - 6 Wildcat quarterback Tim Moody threw a 76-yd. pass to running back Dee Dill for the only score of the game as the Bulldogs lost to Shelby County 6-0. MHS drove deep into Wildcat territory twice in the 1st half only to see a tenacious SCHS defense stop each thrust. MONTEVALLO - 14; THOMPSON - 46 ''The Warriors operated like a well-oiled machine ,'' lamented Bulldog head coach Richard Gilliam as the orange and blue fell to Thompson 46-14. Eddie Harris led the Warrior touchdown parade, scoring three. Brown scored for MHS on a 61-yd. screen pass and Cottingham caught a 12-yd. pass for the 'Dogs' points. MONTEVALLO - 12; CHILTON COUNTY - 14 Tiger placekicker Ray Finlayson's two successful PAT kicks made the difference in Chilton County's 14- 12 win over the Bulldogs. McCarey scored from the one and Cottingham grabbed a TD pass from the seven, but both extra points were no good as the Bulldogs fell short by a toe. MONTEVALLO - 46; JEMISON - 14 MHS broke a 3 game losing skid and began a six game winning streak against Jemison. The Bulldogs romped past the Panthers 46-14 as Brown ran for 2 TD's and passed for another. MONTEVALLO - 20; VINCENT - 17 Double-overtime put the Bulldogs into the driver's seat for the state playoffs as Montevallo squeezed past highly favored Vincent 20-17. The Yellowjackets grabbed an early 14-0 lead, but the 'Dogs fought back on Brown's 3-yd. run and Tim Ross's 2-yd. dash to tie the game, 14-14, at the end of regulation play. After a scoreless first overtime, Vincent's Tommy Shaw kicked a field goal, but McCarey lofted a 10-yd. pass to Cottingham who out- fought two Jacket defenders for the ball and the win. Thomas Brown breaks away for more yardage. ae el Se Thomas Brown and Maurice Reed chase Calera runner. Thomas Brown pulls in long- gaining pass. End 1975 With 7-4 Record MONTEVALLO - 26; DALLAS COUNTY - 6 Three-A Dallas County fell to the Bulldogs as MHS rolled to the 2A state playoffs. Ross, Cottingham, and Brown scored touchdowns for the victorious ‘Dogs. +. MONTEVALLO - 32; CALERA - 21 « fr . - : Breaking a six year jinx the Bryant Cottingham is on the loose after Dennis Brown in TCTS's Bulldogs thrashed Calera's Eagles a pass completion. secondary. 32-21. The win didn't come easy, however, as the ‘Dogs had to fight from behind in the fourth quarter. Ross and McCarey each scored 2 TD's for the winners. MONTEVALLO - 30; WEST BLOCTON - 12 Neither Halloween, homecoming, nor Blocton could stop the rampaging Bulldogs on their way to the state playoffs. In the deciding Area game, Montevallo had no trouble disposing of West Blocton 30-12. McCarey ran for two touchdowns, and hit Cottingham with 2 scoring strikes to make the Tiger's homecoming a gloomy one. Dennis Brown breaks through Talladega line for a Bulldog first down. MONTEVALLO - 27; TALLADEGA COUNTY TRAINING - 6 Homecoming '75 meant a 27-6 pasting of winless Talladega County Training School and Thomas Brown going over the 1,000 yard rushing mark. Brown ended the regular season with 1,026 yards. He scored 2 touchdowns to spearhead the Bulldogs to win No. 7, and a 4-0 Area 7 record. MONTEVALLO - 14; HOKES BLUFF - 21 Hokes Bluff's Randy Gulledge ruined Montevallo's first state playoff appearance as he picked off two passes, recovered a fumble and the Eagles capitalized on the 3 turnovers for points and a 21-14 win. McCarey scored on a 23-yd. run and Brown, who ended the night with 259 yards, added a 46-yd. TD romp; but the three turnovers killed E : ; ‘Dog hopes for a state Tim Staffney races around end for big T. Brown confers with championship. pick up. Coach Gilliam. Montevallo Wins Second Place in 2A State Basketball Montevallo claimed 2nd place in the state 2A basketball tournament by defeating pre-tourney favorites Mad- ison County 84-83, in overtime; and St. Jude 76-68, before losing to Colbert Heights 59-56 in the finals. At halftime in the title game, Montevallo held a 28-27 lead and went ahead by 5 going into the 4th quarter. The tenacious Wildcats wouldn't give up, however, as they passed the 'Dogs with 3 minutes left in the game. Against Madison, MHS was down 7-0 before Robert Jemison entered the contest midway the 1st quarter. Jem- ison scored Montevallo's first seven points and the Bulldogs were headed for a 42-40 halftime edge. The Tigers surged in front 72-69 with 3:54 left in the see-saw battle but the Bulldigs tied the game with 30 seconds remain- ing. In the extra period, MHS scored the first 6 points to put the game on ice. Behind 11-2 in the first quarter, Montevallo outscored St. Jude 34-18 to take a 36-29 halftime advantage to the dressing room. The Pirates edged ahead 49-48 in the third, but the ‘Dogs grabbed the lead back for good on a Bryant Cottingham layup. Junior Thomas Brown, and seniors Roger Moore and Henry White were named to the State 2A All-Tournament team. Bulldog head coach Richard Gilliam was chosen as 2A Basketball Coach-of-the- Year in the state and head coached the South's 1A-2A All-Stars. 1975-76 STATE 2A RUNNERS-UP BULLDOGS FROM LEFT: Henry White, Hal Ray, Terry McCarey, Terence Chappell, Sidney Fields, Bryant Cottingham, Roger Moore, Brady Brown, Robert Jemison, Thomas Brown, Henry Pope, Maurice Reed. CENTER: Head Coach Richard Gilliam. . Proud All-Staters display 2nd place trophy. L-r Roger Moore, Henry White, Thomas Brown. 4 Bulldog scorekeeper Susie DeMent anxiously watches as MHS pulls out a tight game. | SKETBALL 4 sae UERF FEB 6 Mr. Don Benton '‘advertises’' Montevallo's next home '75-'76 Bulldog Record game on new sign. GAME OPP. MHS GAME Bibb Co. 52 52 Chelsea Bibb Co. 64 51 Thompson McAdory 60 h W Jemison 47 ‘ E. Perry - Blocton Winterboro 7 NV. Blocton Handley 7 36 E. Perry Sylacauga 56 15 Shelby Co. Vincent 16 75 rCTS Childersburg 52 Thompson rCTs A of Bibb Co. Chilton Co. 7 4 Vincent Thompson 5 a7 TCTS Dallas Co. 52 ( Winterboro Indian Sprgs. 4 7 H s Bluff Shelby Co. 56 84 Madison C¢ Vincent 76 St. Jude } Shelby Co. 42 56 Colbert Hgts. 59 Denotes Tournament Game “ The 3 ‘Dog seniors and Coach Gilliam. Bulldogs Post 27-7 Record; Team, crowd is excited after state win. j = well zm A “ _ « Cottingham adds two to MHS score. Brown ‘'goes for the hoop " ' from 20 feet. Moore soars above the basket for a sure thing against St. Jude. Montevallo's Bullpups posted a 14-8 record on the year and won 2nd place in the Shelby County B Team Tournament. Team members were: Glen Alexander, Ken Bell, Larry Chism, Otto Fields, Mike Gilbert, Keith Gilmore, Sam Green, Ricky Lilly, James Reed, Nathaniel Shepherd, Amos Silas, Mark Singh, Gary Tyus, and Dannye Young. Head Coach was Charles Averhart. RECORD GAME OPP. MHS GAME OPP. Winterboro 7 53 Vincent : Jemison 37 i4 Thompson rcTs 19 W. Blocton Chilton Co. 3 36 E. Perry Thompson f 42 W. Blocton Dallas Co. Indian Sprgs. Indian Sprgs. Shelby Co. Vincent Indian Sprgs. E. Perry Shelby Co. Bibb Co. Thompson TCTS Vincent Pups Ken Bell and James Reed made the County All-Tournament team. Chappell puts the ball ''up, up and away. " ’ Va ¥ he 7. i _ ww eo 4 | Fields (1) and Jemison (r) overwhelm Madison for- ward for rebound. McCarey goes for rebound after missed shot. Volleyball Team Goes to State ¥ FROM LEFT: Donna Lilly, Suzannette Campbell, Clara Mitchell, Nan Jones, Anita Crowe, Linda Cardwell, Cheryl Lilly, Joy Guy, Linda Jones, Shelia Tripp, Cathy Jones and Veronica Rutledge. Manager: Deloris Alex- ander. Not pictured: Coach Dot Bishop. Joy Guy and Suzannette Campbell hold District trophy. a Volleyball Bulldogs won the District 7 championship and advanced to the State meet before losing in the first round. MHS beat Vincent 9-15, 15-3, 15-8, and then top- ped Chelsea in the District finals 15-9, 10-15, 15-8. At state, the Lady Bulldogs lost to St. Paul's Acad- emy 14-16, 10-15 and fell to Montgomery Academy 10-15, and 13-15. Head Coach was Dot Bishop. Nan Jones returns serve. Coach Richard Gilliam — “A Real Winner” Coach Gilliam guided the football team to a 7-3 record. Under Coach Gilliam during the 1975-76 school year, Montevallo athletic teams achieved a high degree of excellence in 3 sports. The ‘Dogs went to state in football and wound up 2nd in Alabama in basketball. A young MHS baseball squad fin- ished 4th in the county. For Mr. Gilliam's suc- cesses as coach, he was named Coach-of-the- Year in 2A basketball and head coached the South All-Star football team this summer. Roger Moore demonstrates All-State skill. a r? ia A beaming smile is Coach's response to a certificate of achievement received at Awards Day. All-Star football player Bryant Cottingham shows South All-Star head coach Richard Gilliam his ‘‘award winning form. " ' MHS Baseball Team Has Rebuilding Year B a re ree @ } 1976 BULLDOG BASEBALL TEAM: KNEELING: Kevin Hughes, Jeff Lucas, Billy Hughes, Darrell Lawley, David Lash, Randy Beers, Henry White. 2nd ROW: Scobie Wilcoxon, Frank Rutledge, Jerome Tolbert, Dannye Young, Gary Ray, Timmy Tingle, Tim Staffney, Johnny Farrington, Hal Ray. Not pictured: Coach Richard Gilliam. 1976 Baseball Record Montevallo Game Opponent 7 Chelsea West Blocton Vincent Vincent Pelham Chelsea Thompson West Blocton Shelby County Thompson Pelham Thompson Pelham Chelsea Denote County Tournament Games ; Frank Rutledge walks out to the pitcher's mound. The four most valuable players in baseball: L to R: Henry White, Johnny Farrington, Dannye Young, and Hal Ray. White also made All-County. The baseball team in 1976 faced a major rebuilding job. Only two players on the starting nine were seniors. Montevallo had a 5-9 record, and placed fourth in the County Tournament. The 'Dogs beat Thompson 4-3 in the first round of the tourney and then lost to Pelham 6-5 in the semi-finals and lost to Chelsea 5-0 in the consolation. Senior athletes Henry White, Johnny Farrington and Frank Rutledge represented MHS at the East-West All- Star baseball tryouts in Clanton. Tim Staffney warms up for County Tournament Farrington takes ice break after hitting a homer. game. Girls Track Wins Shelby Co. Championship; Boys Place Third in County Meet TRACK TE AM: ist ROW, Lto R: Valerie Hudson, Patricia Valerie Hudson qualified for the State Track Sailes, Paulette Alexander, Michelle VanLandingham. 2nd Meet after tying for first place at District in ROW: Rosemary Moore, Phoebe Cathey, Cathy Crowe, Syl- the 440 yd. run. via Jones. Not pictured: Coach Dot Bishop. yi Zt " TAs TRACK TEAM: KNEELING: Maurice Reed, Theodis Prentice, Bulldog track MVP Theodis Prentice (R) and James Reed, Darrell Melton. 2nd ROW: John Tishler, Henry Captain James Reed congratulate each other Pope, Larry Holmes, Bryant Cottingham, Edd Green. 3rd on their selection. ROW: Johnny Williams, Thomas Brown, Neil Moody. Not pictured: Coach Richard Crumpton. Organizations and Special Groups National Honor Society NATIONAL —) HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President - Lorraine Klemenc Vice Pres. - Nancy Nix Secretary - Ginger Rochester Treasurer - Mike Foley Advisor - Mrs. Frances Anthony OP LEFT: D. Stephens, S. Cupp, J. Tishler, F. Anthony - Advisor, H. White, T. Tingle, M. Foley. BOTTOM: A. McGaugh, P. Tolbert, G. Rochester, K. Allen, N. Nix, L. Klemenc. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Dana Lovelady, President; Sheila Brown, V.P.; Kathy Glosson, Rec. Leader; Sandra Boothe, Secretary. BACK ROW: Cheryl Lille, Treasurer; Roslyn Smitherman, Treasurer; Lisa Lovelady, Rec. Leader. ADVISORS: Mrs. Junie Craig and Mrs. Rose Ellen Hankins ADVISOR: Mr. Gary Moncus OFFICERS: James Reed, Michael Gilbert, Johnnie Farrington, Maurice Reed, Sidney Fields, William Sailes, Gary Lucas OFFICERS: President, Susan Cupp Secretary, John Klemenc Vice Pres. , Henry White MEMBERS: M. Foley, M. Geers, S. Kramer L. Davis, G. Hardin, T. Ingram, R. Williams, S$. Harwell, L. Klemenc SPONSOR: Mr. Douglas Morris Math Team and Sponsor with Samford Trophy Health Careers Club | nisi “tilai bitgll gigl tl: ’ isis an aie HEHE SF a - SPONSOR: Mr. Jim Hermecz SPONSOR: Mrs. Barbara Belisle 91 Spanish Club MEMBERS: From left to right: Mike Beers, Dane Lawley, Barry Kornegay, Chuck Reynolds, Timmy Tingle, John Tishler, Lorraine Klemenc, Kathy Glosson, Gay Perkins, Noel Spicer, Tina McClain, Amy Knowles, Scott Kramer, Kim Cole, Linda Rochester, Barbara McGibboney, Susan Boothe, Charlotte Stephens, Nan Jones, Karen Morris ADVISOR: Mr. Dan Martin French Club OFFICERS: President, Lynne David Vice Pres. , John Klemenc Secretary, Rene Davis Treasurer, Randy Beers MEMBERS: R. Beers, J. Klemenc, L. Davis, R. Davis, L. Belluchie, S. Barrow, I. Smitherman, J. McDermott, T. Davis, M. J. Wyatt, P. Lawrence, P. Henley, V. Cot- tingham, C. Long, V. Lilly, S. Harbour ADVISOR: Mr. Dan Martin Student Council OFFICERS John Tishler, President Cindy Holsomback, Secretary Mr. Don Benton, Advisor Patricia Tolbert, Treasurer John Klemenc, Chaplain Lynne Davis, Parliamentarian Pam Pendleton, V.P. (Not shown) fe a : Petia led A nS ie ie 0 in ie Ue Ie Um ila Spotlight Advisors Bearden and DeMent Editor John Tishler with Editor's Assistants SPOTLIGHT MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL Montevallo, AL 35115 een Vol, XXVIII 25¢ per copy All-American Editor and Sports: John Tishler. Assistant Editors: Regina Harbour, Gay Chapman. News: Teresa Holland. Special News: Angie Barrow. Features: Pam Guthrie, Paula Guthrie. Artists: Alan Jones, Dannye Young. Production: Tommy Ingram. Circulation: Mary Sherrer. Sponsors: Cathy Bearden, Susie DeMent. o — ® " SO O 2 — ® ® ie © oa o ane O Nan Jones, Paula Guthrie, Joy Guy, HEAD Patricia Tolbert, Sonja Bell, Sheila Tripp, Pam Guthrie, Leslie Davis a re a os eT oe ers a ae ened ' 7 1 : i Junior Cheerleaders Lisa Edwards Jan Gauntt Freda Thrift MajoretHes “a ale - —_— —— Fe _ 2 EE So eee Lea Pritchett, Roxanne Elliott - HEAD, Linda Sims Flag Corps " of i tl Pegeg eggs I Moye ‘ 5 ad , meee)» ——h % a rw, Alison Cole, Bernita Thompson, Angie Barrow, Cheryl Lilly, Sylvia Jones - HEAD, Cindy Cox Ce eee ie ieited eT titi, Gea aes Coenen pp. re a ae f 1. — e| HE Se tals a ey = aa + 4a. S- etn s fy rut a a ' | v 3 y he , asneeen reeTeT ATLL 4 xe . oa “a 28 2 gegagegagsaeecgen. fl et iti eee : att EOS = 2 te The pride of MHS - the Marching Troubadors - gave their best during the school year. The band entertained at the Labor Day Park Celebration and football games. They played at Tarrant and Oxford Marching festivals where they were proclaimed excellent. During the concert season, the band played a Christmas Concert, at District Contest and made straight superior ratings at both State and the University of Montevallo Band Con- tests. Spring and park concerts were also given. BELOW: Marching band on the field at a game and Drum Major, Alan Jones, in action. FLUTES Left to right: Angela Tolbert Marsha Zahumensky Beth Rochester Gay Perkins Mary Jane Wyatt Jan Corbett Anita Spicer Betsey Hood Miki Mahan Terri Rochester FRENCH HORNS Left to right: Alan Jones Linda Sims Stark Harbour LOW BRASS Baritones Jim Harrison Scobie Wilcoxin Randy Beers Tubas Phillip Lawrence James Lawrence Barry Harper CLARINETS Center to right: N. Nix, L. Klemenc, A. Knowles, G. Hill, M. Jones, A. Stewart, V. Cottingham, C. Stephens, C. Foley, L. Reynolds, C. Knowles, C. Long, K. Morris, L. Sawyer, L. Belluchie, K. Glosson, T. Davis, A. Wil- liams, I. Smitherman, S. Cupp. STAGE BAND TROMBONES Left to right: Danny Young, Greg Hardin, John Tishler, Darrell Lawley, Gerald Walker. BELOW: Members of the All-State Band: Billy Belisle, Mary Jane Wyatt, James Lawrence, Noel Spicer. LOW WINDWOODS Left to right Shawn Spicer Noel Spicer Lynne Davis Regina Harbour Cindy Holsomback Belinda Morris Geanine Lawley Tommy Ingram PERCUSSION Left to right Albert Jone: Patrick Sims Mike Beers Kirk Cunningham John Klemenc Vivian Hernandez Anne Klemenc Craig Doriety TRUMPETS Left to right: Rhonda Frost Anita Crowe Myra Bolling Wesley Bolling Scott Kramer Anna McGaughy Mark Hall Sherri Barrow Debbie Stephens Billy Brantley Cathy Belisle Johnnie Owens Chuck Hood Not shown: Pam Pendleton, Jackie Cottingham Each day about sixty-five MHS students travel via school bus to the Vocational Center in Columbiana to take one of the fourteen courses offered there. Classes not pictured are: Radio and TV, Refrigeration and AC, Health Occupations, and Foods. Drafting Building Construction Leaving for the Center Horticulture Auto Body Industrial Electricity eT. In the library? Pes Mr. and Mrs. Warlock What's in this punch? 4 i Me That's the way, baby! Quite trying to sweet talk me. Would you want this man to be Was he ever good-looking! President? So that's what they do at Boys' No a PEN! State. yeh xt . pet KEW TERRY “SERVES YOU RIGHT” TRY US AT wy. 31 So. - Pelham, AL - 663-0771 We ''Deal in Wheels " ' Cars - Trucks - Service - Parts VALLEY FABRICS For the Smart Woman That Sews Montevallo Congratulations Seniors! SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. R. L. White, Minister 190 Selma Street Montevallo Phone 668-0930 GALLOWAY GULF Quick, Fast and Efficient Service GULF; ® 24 Hour Wrecker Service MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG E. Jack Sims, Owner Main Street, Montevallo Phone 665-1261 GARRETT AUTO SALES For fine clean used cars at a low price to suit you Montevallo Phone 665-7675 JOLLY CHOLLY For Good Food at a Very Low Cost Main Street Montevallo TOPS AND BOTTOMS Montevallo For Quality and Service TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Montevallo Phone 665-1541 SHELBY NEWS-MONITOR For news coverage that moves merchandise. 665-4710 31 Main Street, Montevallo ''News for a Growing Shelby County " ' THE STYLE SHOP Style Cuts for Men and Women Plus Complete Line of Merle Norman Cosmetics Montevallo AUS AUTO PARTS Highway 25 South Montevallo, Alabama 665-2244 NARA FARMBEST QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 324-3423 Birmingham, Alabama ROME OIL COMPANY THE LEADER IN SUPREME FUEL Montevallo MOSS FOOD CENTER Where You Pay Less for the Best Montevallo ALLIED PRODUCTS COMPANY LOVELADY CZESKLEBA TV SERVICE Main Street, Montevallo CUNNINGHAM UNION 76 SERVICE STATION ''The Spirit of 76 " ' MONTEVALLO CLEANERS For Fast and Efficient Service Downtown Montevallo ROCHESTER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Always Something New at Rochester's Montevallo, Alabama Sunday 7 vw ¢ ( k Zac Godwin obert MONTEVALLO FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH School ship Service hurch Training Moore Pastor Youth and Music MONKS VARIETY STORE FOR FINE QUALITY ITEMS Main Street Montevallo Phone: 665-7416 BROWN MOLDING Montevallo, Alabama Phone: 665-2546 SPECIALISTS IN WOOD MOLDING EAMAN PRESSURI TIMBER TREATED COMPANY FOREST - PRODUCTS Creosoté Osmose K Hwy. 25, Montevallo, AL “Flame Proof Phone 665-2536 Mine and Industrial Lumber Timbers Fence Posts Barn Squares Pallets Home and Landscape Timbers Decks Storage Buildings Patios Piers Porches Curbings Planters For the Best in Pressure- Treated Forest Products See SEAMAN TIMBER COMPANY INC. SHERMAN ZANE'S MEN'S HOLLAND SHOP FORD, INC. CAHABA PRESSURE TREATED FOREST PRODUCTS, INC. Route 1, Brierfield, Alabama “ i Is Our Mott PRESSURE CREOSOTED FOREST PRODUCTS Posts - Poles - Lumber - Industrial Timber ASSOCIATE STORE a Home Owned H. K. Ferguson Owner Phone: 665-2093 Tr) y a Scrumpdillyishus Dairy Queen Treat 116 East Middle Street ALA BASTER Montevalle, Alabama 35115 DAI RY OU FEN Hiway 31 South Phone: 663-359% EVER WONDER WHAT TO DO AFTER GRADUATION? SEE YOUR NEAREST AIR FORCE RECRUITER Let him tell you about the Community College and the guaranteed job programs. The Air Force offers excellent opportunities and good salaries for young men and women on their way up. Contact: U.S. Air Force Recruiter T Sgt. Rohling 207 North 17th Street Bessemer, Alabama 35020 Merchants a MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 35115 Boosters State Farm Insurance Cowart Drug Alabaster Marina Arnold's Institutional Foods Inc. Weems Produce Co. Montevallo Medical Arts Closing The dream is now a reality. Both main buildings have undergone miracle, yet the exteriors maintain a stately charm and rimeless beauty. Carpeted halls, new stairways, lowered ceilings, An intercom, an improved cafeteria, an enlarged and newly furnished Library, paneled walls, a new auditorium curtain, are some of the lransformations of renovation. The comfort, attractiveness, and the Changes are unbelievable! “ ase 0 titer ee ee eC .. oe ow ee ——————e————E———— a People There were some problems and inconveniences, But the school year 1975-76 was a good year. Accreditation with the Southern Association was Maintained for the twenty-third year. The Math Club, SPOTLIGHT, Troubadors, athletic teams, and many Outstanding scholars made quite a record! And after all - it is the PEOPLE, the students, faculty, And staff - that make Montevallo High School a school we can Love and remember with pride, as we LOOK FORWARD AND TO THE PAST. Credits EDITOR Business Manager Cover Design Section Editors Senior Students Faculty and Staff Activities Sports Organizations Art Photography Students Professional Publisher Advisor BELOW: MONTALA Staff Lorraine Klemenc Mike Foley Noel Spicer Nancy Nix Susan Cupp Ginger Rochester Noel Spicer John Tishler Timmy Tingle Anna McGaughy Pam Pendleton and rimmy Tingle Waldrup Studio Taylor Publishing Frances Anthony = a = ‘ S Bicentennial Special As we pause to reflect on this past year at Montevallo High School, it is a good time to recall our Nation's past s well. Let us catch a glimpse of history) re look to the future. y and our herit ens of the United States of America, in this Bicentennial Year it is appropriate for us to bring to life again the words on our Liberty Bell: " " PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND UNTO THE INHABITANTS THEREOF. " Leviticus XXV:10 tam Cope Chairman Montevallo Bicentennial Commission We Celebrate the Past in the spirit of seventy-six ‘n= I . oe oe “ Sori | 4 3 ie Se, AAS w eye LAR Se So Pe] ‘ached mw it Kt Med Ey =——— 4 ——s a! i There was an enormous force which strengthened the colonies. which exists today, and which has carried America through its great history. That force is known to us all to be the “Spirit pr’ 76.” W hat was that spirit — and indeed what is that spirit? ltisa SPIRIT OF LIBERTY and the knowl- edge that one man’s freedom is more important than anything else on earth. PH HITT Hii 1) Hen! Wl 4} ‘ It is the SPIRIT OF OPTI- MISM of knowing that we can always make things better — of working only for the best, and expecting only the best. - fl ‘1? J t . . ot arnt Mranimer Declaral + 7 ter AdWVO A : NWs the) SPIRIT OF CON- MRE NOE —S st not being cewusiraingd byVeatthly boty darivs and of the cer- Pink Gwied gerthat man coma in Apter tig fate. It is the SPIRIT OF FRON- TIER — of not fearing to go where man has not reached. Itis the SPIRIT OF DIVERSITY — of allowing every man his own view and his distinctive ways and of tolerating the differences of the society. - - es . a | _ 4 : i) 7 A ae in amin Frankl “nije Be gton oD om -orge W Thomas Jefferson ¥€ C John Adams Alexander Hamilton hy ie i aa James Madison John Hancock Itis the SPIRIT OF INDIVIDUALISM — acknowledging a birthright of opportunity and freedom drawn from the strength of our fathers. Indeed the “SPIRIT OF ’°76” was, and is, many things, each of which has been a building block of our national greatness. Our country grew on that spirit and prospered on that spirit. W hen all else fails it is that spirit that will be there to guide us and keep us strong.

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