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Rtas. wana — = “ Y, Tara Te ee BRR Tp a a Sie £8 ' . © Fat wot Yet © Q 208 S A , = fa oo ote. QoQ c o + REALS BGK P= FTES = = = SSE MONTALA 974 resented Nationa! Honer Society Mortevalle High School En Ny 4; AM thE, i Cal y M = re “ iat eae Que think ot any better WsOt4 YE « = for Khe fost and Weary travels to go- -- ’ ee fa " 7 a ae) ae ig o ' a | he f f we ts : c 3 r) od 3 « Wweh a 10 And a youth said, Speak to us of Friendship. EV ert er mer DBL a Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love PUR PLRUE Lc aR etiam PU Ree B Vel mue tem tie mele ites Co For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace. ASB e mes Ryu C mC mittee] fear not the " 'nay " ’ in your own mind, nor do you withhold the " 'ay. " ’ And when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart. Zest eM oc BiB is Cet meet e| Ue Cee VOM Clty heer DEM oo gee Lote teom reer] and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed. When you part from your friend, you Pasta rom tel ae Te ENMU Col meet COC M UME em TT Oy be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain. And let there be no purpose in friend- ship save the deepening of the spirit. For love that seeks aught but the dis- closure of its own mystery is not love but a net cast forth: and only the unprofitable ered tdi ; And let your best be for your friend. EM sem eltCian ite) menom le) ome Melita Lem Ta tem tile me tee eCoe ei om Ite R em ret mer tae emetic oom bes Mm Stem rll remem o8 b kg Nee AER Stemi el ce ConA om For it is his to fill your need, but not elie enh ole be And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. xe) timers (h mem btaeCmertiycM er miler tas finds its morning and is refreshed. Kahlil Gibran f = —.3 iS N e wh NY D Ny D ay nn Nccne cent ey Tie Uj Alan Blackmon Vivian Bolling Manfred Brantley Beverly Brazzell Percy Brown Sarah Campbell Iris Chappell Danny Clark Nancy Clowdus Erma Conwell Patricia Conwell Shirlye Conwell Peggy Cottingham Willie Cottingham Cheryl Cupp Judy Darden Wade Dennis Carol Evans Stephen Fancher Herman Fochtmann Karen Guthrie Julynn Guthrie Sarah Gilmore Jonathan Goad Fay Haggins David Harris Dianne Hawkins Becky Hood Melanie Horton Deborah Hudson Vivian Hudson Sharon James Dorothy Johnson Annie Mae Jones Dane Lawley Krist Lien Debbie Lucas Roy Lucas Marla Maines Harry Martin Marion Mayweather Barbara McCary Lori Merijanian Austin Miller John Miller Willie Moore Lynn Nix Debbie Payne Donna Pickett Louie Pickett Rose Pope Terrance Powell Melody Putman Randie Sears Julia Smitherman James Spears Clay Spicer Phillip Swint Jack Taylor Susan Terry Willie Tripp Eddie Tyus Ronnie Tyus Christine Vassar Jean Woodall Bonnie Williams BTSs NS ATED EI ES: Rod Tolbert n” e o 4 = v ma S S vo a ” vv 5 6 2 = i be v = ” Clay Holland Jim Oppert SENIOR WHO’S WHO? MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Peggy Cottingham John Miller MOST COURTEOUS Willie Moore Debbie Payne BEST DANCERS Willie Cottingham Sheryl Woods BEST DRESSED Roy Lucas Iris Chappell -— lel | A eae —nwerw FRIENDLIEST Terrance Powell Lori Merijanian MOST VALUABLE TO THE SCHOOL Bonnie Williams Percy Brown MOST INTELLECTUAL MOST CREATIVE Jon Goad Clay Spicer Becky Hood Jeannie Williams or : »-, 22 _ ee i ele te MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Stephen Fancher Randie Sears MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Judy Darden Ronnie Tyus SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Krist Lien Melody Putman Carol Evans Best Vivian Bolling BEST LOOKING Herman Fochtmann Karen Guthrie EST ALL AROUND Vivian Bolling ao 2 i eee ea B = : Armes % PRG Hn Ae phy - tpi alt eT Ae 3 “ ¥ E re i Hog, nn Se eka ae FF ee hee 948 a = WITTIEST Si ° a £ a = 4 —_—_— ww » - = = WS wo = © 6 { o= -_ — ADMINISTRATION MR. W. C. CORBETT Principal MRS. FRANCES ANTHONY Guidance Counselor, Senior English MRS. OPAL LONG School Secretary Py, Ps UF ee) IP Meh . MR. JIM HERMECZ MRS. ANN PARKER Chemistry, Science, Math English MISS SUSIE DeMENT MR. DOUG MORRIS Typing Sr. High Math MR. DAN MARTIN MRS. JOANNA McGAUGHY Spanish, English Science MRS. JUNNIE CRAIG Home Economics MR. DAVID NICHOLS Special Education MRS. ANN MILFORD Librarian MR. JOHNNY McCLAIN Social Studies, English NAPOLEONIC WARS ' — — UNITED STATES 172 , a eyyr MR. BILL BENTON Social Studies MRS. LINDA SPROUL MR. CHARLES MARTIN Language Arts Driver Education, Bookkeeping MRS. ROSE ELLEN HANKINS MR. RICHARD GILLIAM Home Economics Physical Education, Coach MR. JIM WEESE Band MR. MELTON THORNTON Vocational Agriculture Oe D)) ‘ COACH GARY FLEMING Social Studies, English MRS. BLANCHE COGER Jr. High History MRS. MAENOLIA McGRAW Jr. High English MR. LAWRENCE McGRAW History MISS DOROTHY BISHOP Physical Education aw s 2 eee; x MRS. MARTHA McDONALD Jr. High Math MRS. JOAN JONES MRS. LULABELL MOORE Jr. High Science Maid Lunchroom Workers . Mitchell . Alexander . Horton . Williams MR. CHARLES KIDD Vocational Agriculture ACTIVITIES Wale Wo Wid en BAI LV SSeS == ss HOMECO CE O SPA ry Q ” ° iD Spirit Week MING 1973 DYSSEY 50's Day Spirit Week 1973 Queen - Judy Darden Court - Iris Chappell, Susy Hernandez, Patricia Tolbert, Paula Guthrie, Leslie Davis BAND — AGGREGATION WHO’S WHO BANQUET JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ae Goodies for the dancers at Candy Land (Rag- gedy Andy and Bozo on duty). " THE WAY WE WERE”’ Juniors and seniors enjoy one of their last times together. Outstanding Athletes Ronnie Tyus, Percy Brown, Willie Moore, Harry Martin. Becky Hood - Valedictorian Randie Sears - Salutatorian Good sportsmanship award goes to Willie Moore. Danforth Award winners Harry Martin and Vivian Bolling. DAY ’74 Speedy typers Susan Cupp, Deb- bie Lucas, Dane Lawley, Lynn Guthrie, Noel Spicer, Vivian Bolling. Girls P.E. Award to 8th grader Sus- anette Campbell and senior Judy Darden. American Legion Award winners (above) Randie Sears and Krist Lien. Runners-up Stephen Fancher and Cheryl Cupp. All-A Letter recipients Nancy Nix, Susan Cupp, Jimmy Day, Kim Hollon, Linda Sims and Lynne Davis. QUEEN OF ROSES re bebo” oP 8th Grade Attendant, Wanda Galloway; 7th Grade, Lee Pritchett; Senior, Susan Terry; QUEEN, Paula Guthrie; 10th Grade, Patricia Tolbert, 11th Grade, Patricia Thompson. Queen and Sen- ior High Attend- HONOR ants SOCIETY TAPPING Beheading teachers? These lucky ones were soon to be all wet at the sponge throw. They didn't look too cute when it was over! BELOW: 3-legged sack race, Jr. vs. Sr. FIELD DAY 9th vs. 10th Egg toss SENIOR PICNIC MISCELLANEOUS 2 a Py aby Majorette-Cheerleader Basketball ACTIVITIES MHS'ers on MOD Walk-a-Thon. Maxwell Air Force Band and stage band visits MHS. MHS's stage band received a Superior rating at the Birming- ham Jazz Festival. GRADUATION Happy and Nervous and Sad The relief of finally getting out and the excitement of what lies ahead, along with the realization of the treasures left behind. Jr. mothers, cheerleaders and majorettes give reception. Pe f fi See pw iy Y) =. O Pe pe = x o or O JE. ——s aaa aol OCIETY A Karen Guthrie, Cheryl Cupp, Randie Sears, Debbie Payne, Merijanian, Beverly Brazzel, Bonnie Williams JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE 3 _- ! FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA E Ba MA 4 Pl eit eet ' : ateti's abadatal sili! == = aa 1st ROW: Susan Terry; 2nd V.P., Lori Merijanian; 1st V.P. 2nd ROW: Anna McGaughy; R. Sec., Vivian Bolling; Treas. , Randie Sears; Pres., Kay Ward; Rec. Leader. SPANISH CLUB —E a hd a | ae, 7 ri rt v ‘ A) Sod tad Ps ff —_ % 1 oo G OFFICERS Tricia Corbett; Pres., Billy Barrow; V.P., Lynn Davis; Sec., Tricia Thompson; Treas. , Susy Hernandez; Prog. Chairman. JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Leslie Davis Nan Jones Gail Hill Sonja Bell i Paula Guthrie, Head VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Debbie Hatcher Tricia Tolbert Karen Guthrie, Head Kay Ward Shelia Tripp Tricia Corbett SPOTLIGHT —— Dorothy Jhonson, Beverly Brazzel, Vivian Bolling Lou Lucas, Carol Evans, Mrs. Sproul, Greg Merijanian, Pam Steele Melody Putman, Tricia Corbett, Judy Darden, Kay Ward Debbie Lucas, John Tishler, Shiela Robinson, Carol Clark MATH CLUB Mr. Morris, Susan Cupp, John Tishler, Terrance Powell, Becky Hood, Debbie Payne, Melody Puttman, Kim Hollon, Jimmy Day, Harry Martin, Greg Merijanian a ; a Bonnie Williams, Sarah Gilmore, Melanie Horton, Julian Smitherman, Miss DeMent, Peggy Cottingham, Iris Chappell, Lou Lucas, Pam Steele, Donna Pickett, Debbie Lucas STUDENT COUNCIL a: OFFICERS Randie Sears and Beverly Brazzell; Co Presidents, Dorothy Jhonson; Sec., Becky Hood; Parliamentarian, Stephen Fancher; Chaplain, Lori Merijanian; Treas. , Kim Hollon; V. President FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FUT URE FARMERS OF AMERICA YEARBOOK STAFF Pam Pendleton, Photographer; Beverly Brazzell, Sports; Debbie Payne, Classes; Becky Hood, Editor; Krist Lien, Artist; Karen Guthrie, Organizations; Randie Sears, Activities; Cheryl Cupp, Seniors; Lori Merijanian, Faculty FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES MHS VOCATIONAL CENTER STUDENTS Jack Taylor Dwayne Rife, Barry Lawley, Tim Dunnaway, Steve Michael Fields, Kathy Allen Dailey ist ROW: L. Davis, N. Nix, S. Cupp, A. Williams, B. Pritchett, C. Holsemback, A. Knowles, C. Long. 2nd: R. Harbour, K. Glossam, L. Davis, D. Brock, C. Foley, C. Holsemback, B. Hood. . Merijanian S. Harper S. Zahumensky B. Hood A. Spicer M. Wyatt P. Guthrie J. Corbett T. Rochester 3. Hood R. Elliot . Walker ’. Staffney . Goad N. Spicer M. Bolling G. White A. McGaughy E. Hyde . Stephens 3. Barrow - Hall . Pendleton T. Holland . Sims B. Belisle M. Beers P. Guthrie I. Harris _ Tishler, J. Boothe, J. Brock, G. Hardin, R. Beers, D. Lawly, S. Williams, G. Merijanian, J. J. Carter Randall Jane Sears Susan Terry Alan Jones Drum Major - Jon Goad The M.H.S. Marching Band earned a ''superior " ' rating at both the Troy and Tarrant marching festi- vals. They received three ''yeses'' at District com- petition and an " ‘excellent " ’ rating at State. The band co-sponsored a rodeo and sponsored the ‘Queen of Roses’ pageant. Roxanne Elliott Susan Terry (Head) Beth Pritchett Tammy Harris FLAG CORPS Carol Evans, Co Captain Linda Rochester Cindy Smitherman Gail Walker Outstanding Teenagers of America Good Citizenship Girl; Bonnie Williams Lori Merijanian, Randie Sears, Becky Head Society of Outstanding American High School Students; Randie Sears, Becky Hood, Vivian Bolling ' v Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow National Merit Semi-Finalist Donna Pickett Jon Goad sHsgager GaTePatS? fait i 5 tL 4th Put that camera down - let's bop! Take me - I'm yours! ! Jimmy's dark and handsome - when it's dark, he's handsome. = ANOTHER dandruff flake? J — He's so thin, his muscles look like flea bites on a piece of spaghetti. Stop or I'll shoot! With her varicose veins, she could win But I WANT to learn how to fly! ! first prize at a costume party by going as a road map. BULLDOGS ARE 1974 2A STATE CHAMPIONS - KNEE LING: Eddie Tyus, Percy Brown, Willie Moore, Jimmy Talley (captain), Thomas Brown, Henry White. STANDING: Coach Gilliam, Mr. Corbett, Bobby Wyatt, Lewis Prentice, Ervin Cottingham, Lorenzo Mitchell, Ronnie Tyus, Roger Moore, Bryant Cottingham, Coach Fleming, Mr. McClain. 2 a eee eee wre " TSR aT Crowd goes wild as Bulldogs win State Championship. Percy on guard to steal the ball. Eddie Tyus (14) looks on as Jaye Jones prepares to make a pass. Bulldogs warmup for another exciting victory. cot eA We - FRONT ROW, l tor: M. Campbell, T. Otts, D. Brown, B. Kornegay, W. Rutledge, S. Smitherman, A. Glass (Mgr.). 2nd ROW: Mr. Corbett, M. Reed, S. Terry, D. Treglia, T. Ross, R. Lucas, S. Logan, J. Winslett, T Tingle, R. Lucas. 3rd ROW: W. Naugher, T. Brown, F. Bett, G. Barkley, T. Shaw, H. Fotchmann, B. Crocker, B. Sherrer, M. Treylia, W. Crocker, H. Martin. 4th ROW: Coach Gilliam, J. Williams, M. Law- rence, C. Lovelady, T. Conner, W. Dennis, W. Moore, B. Cottingham, R. Nelson, R. Morris, Coach Flem- ing, Coach Jones. SCHEDULE OPP. MHS Vincent Holtville Shelby County Calera Thompson Dallas County Chilton County West Blocton Jemison Maplesville (HC) Bulldog McCary intercepts pass. Willie Moore scoots around Maplesville right end for a long gainer. Thompson running back tackled by Martin and Fotch- mann. Thomas Brown knocks down a would-be Thompson completion. Tim Ross finds the going rough in the midst of a Maplesville line. Defensive halfback Roy Lucas intercepts Clanton pass. Bobby Sherrer stopped short by Maplesville defender. Bobby Sherrer puts six points on the board for MHS. BASEBALL SCHEDULE OPPOSITION Jemison Vincent Thorsby Shelby County 0 0 3 4 Jemison Jemison Dallas Co. Marion Marion Dallas Co. Thompson Thompson Shelby County NoaonwnnwAiwsn nn on wo oem MHS's baseball team this year won 6 games and lost 7. Percy Brown was the leading hitter, with a .450 average. Percy played in the East-West All-Star Games in Clanton and Montgomery. Bobby Sherrer, with a .244 batting average, also partic- ipated in the Clanton All-Star Game. Le Percy Brown - a .450 batting average. Bobby Sherrer - .244 average. VOLLEYBALL TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Sarah Jemison, Cheryle Staffney, Jessie Mae Chism, Virginia Morris, Vivian Bolling, Vero- nica Rutledge, Marla Maines, Shirlye Conwell, Daisy Stallworth, Deborah Hudson. LEFT: Cheryl Cupp. 22). ABOVE: Coach Fleming, surrounded by his loyal followers. LEFT: Bulldog fans ride the fire truck back after the championship basketball victory. BELOW: Recardi Nelson and Marvin Lawrence prepare for the big game. CLASSES com aes — i { | J A f , i A (A wo Hl Vy 9 JUNIORS Patricia Corbett - President Patricia Thompson - Vice-Pres. Lou Lucas - Treasurer Yodonna Carson - Secretary Cathy Allen Ray Argo Billy Barrow Sonjia Belisle Franklin Bell Wayne Boothe James Brantley Yudonna Carson Jessie Mae Chism Anita Clark Patricia Corbett Steve Dailey Larry Davis Jimmy Day Tim Dunaway Harry Edwards Lynn Emfinger Michael Fields Germany Fomby Kathy Goggins Ophelia Green Charita Harris Delilah Harris Major Harris Tammy Harris Sandra Hayes Suzy Hernandez Judy Hicks Kim Hollon Anne Johnson Jay Jones David Kemp Ronald Kromer Barry Lawley Marvin Lawrence Twanda Lilly Dianne Logan Terry Lovejoy Chuck Lovelady Lou Lucas Betty T. Marsh Ricky McClain Glen Mitchell Lorenzo Mitchell Ralph Moore Becky Morris Virginia Morris Jesse Payne Ladonna Pirtle Lewis Prentice Beth Pritchett Sharon Sproul Dewayne Riffe James Salter Bobby Sherrer Greg Smitherman Pam Steele Glen Stewart Allen Stone Alton Stone Patricia Thompson Earlene Tolbert Michele Vanlandingham Dewayne Varden Cassie Velarde Gail Walker Sharon Walker Kay Ward Gary White Doreen Williams Jimmy Williams Ray Williams Steve Williams Bobby Wyatt NOT PICTURED: Randy Edwards Rod Tolbert Ricardi Nelson Ricky Shepherd Kay Allen Gary Arnold Lavernia Arnold Gilbert Barclay Angie Barrow Teresa Beverly Pete Bice Larry Bolling Linda Cardwell J. Rubey Cathey Carol Clark Kim Cole Tom Connor Janet Conwell Bryant Cottingham Ervin Cottingham Charlie Cunningham Shirley Cunningham Susan Cupp Vicky Cutts Vinnie Cutts Patricia Davis Michael Foley Teresa Fomby Loretta Fulgham Jay Fullerton Phillip Garrett Lester Hamrick Linda Hammett Sharon Harper Debbie Hatcher Linda Herbert Donna Holsomback Barbara Hood LeAnn Horton Kerry Hudson Eddy Hyde Barry Johnson Stanley Johnson Ricky Kish Donna Lilly Joyce Lilly Dana Lovelady Cindy Lucas Gary Lucas Ricky Lucas Gloria Mayweather Anna McGaughy Jerry McNeel Johnny Mills Roger Moore James Moreland Rusty Morris Bobby Moss Donna Muehlbauer Gail Nelson Nancy Nix Gloria Jean Nunn Jan Reynolds Jill Reynolds Sheila Robinson Ginger Rochester Veronica Rutledge Tommy Shaw Cynthia Smelley Ladonna Smitherman Ricky Smitherman Noel Spicer Cliffton Stallworth Daisy Stallworth Debbie Stephens Horace Thrift Timmy Tingle John Tishler David Tittle Patricia Tolbert Henry White Lula Bell Williams Jimmy Winslett NOT PICTURED Dorothy Gilmore Johnny Farrington Sandra McCord Sophia Cathey Clara Mitchell Walter Jones Sheila Tripp Greg Merijanian Bill Clark Presley Gilmore Theodis Young Susan Zahumensky Delorise Alexander Lynne Alexander Jeff Barrow Sheila Bearden Randy Beers Sonya Bell Billy Belisle Glenn Blackmon John Boothe Ronnie Boothe Darlene Brock Joe Brock Donna Brown Sheila Brown Thomas Brown Denise Carter Jimmy Carter Audrey Chappell Alison Cole Tammy Coffee Shane Connell LuAnn Connor Carleen Conwell Jan Corbett Anita Crowe Anita Dailey Lynne Davis Ricky Davis Shelby Dennis Johnnie Devinner Roxanne Elliott Ronnie Ferguson Malcolm Fields Robbie Finley Charlotte Foley Kathy Frye Randy Glass Sammy Green Terry Green Pam Guthrie Paula Guthrie Joy Guy Mark Hall Regina Harbour David Harper Teresa Holland Cindy Holsomback Betsy Hood Robert Jemison Sarah Jemison Doug Johnson Alan Jones Cathy Jones Kenneth Jones Linda Jones Moses Jones Sylvia Jones Vicki Kitchens Amy Knowles Barbara Kunkel Steve Langston Greg Latham Connie Lawrence Sandra Lee Cheryl Lilly Tommie Lilly Mike Logan Steve Logan Carroll Long Deborah Lyon Elaine Majors Perry McClain Marcia McNeel Darryle Melton Neil Moody Cynthia Moore Wanda Murray Dennis O' Quinn Pam Pendleton Gloria Peoples Charles Pickett Duncan Pickett Glenda Pickett Jeff Pickett Cynthia Pirtle Debbie Polk Danny Pruitt Clarice Purnell Hal Ray Maurice Reed Gay Riffe Linda Rochester Terri Rochester Tim Ross William Sailes Mary Pearl Silas Linda Sims Cindy Smitherman Roslyn Smitherman Anita Spicer Cheryl Staffney Tajuana Staffney Scott Terry Darlene Thomas Bernita Thompson Freddie Thompson Teresa Tyus Sylvia Vassar Albert Velarde Cindy Vining Julia Walker Jeff Warren Twana Watkins Vaness White Mark Wiley Amy Williams Johnny Williams Ricky Williams Wanda Sue Wilson Ginger Wolfe Cynthia Yelder NOT PICTURED Larry Argo Bonnie Lilly Timothy Beverly Henry Pope Myra Bolling James Reid Shirley Fields Franklin Rutledge Wayne Frye Amos Silas Michael Gilbert Joseph Tolbert Patricia Williams Sth GRADE Glenn Alexander Paulette Alexander Bill Allen Ronda Baker Sherri Barrow x Mike Beers Cathy Belisle Wesley Bolling Sandra Boothe David Brantley Donald Brantley Dennis Brown Larrell Brown Nikita Brown Rose Mary Brown Susy Campbell Connie Carlee Vonna Carson Debra Carter Phoebe Cathey Sybil Cathey Terrence Chappell Larry Chism Linda Chism Ronnie Clark Kenneth Conwell Debbie Cottingham Jacquelin Cottingham Vanessa Cottingham Kelvin Cunningham Benjie Dailey Donna Dailey Ira Dailey Leslie Davis Sherrel Davis Tammy Davis Ruby Devinner Sidney Fields Wanda Galloway Kevin Genry Katrina Gilbert Kathy Glosson Ronnie Hale Gwendolyn Haggins Donna Hamrick Greg Hardin Barry Harper Charles Hayes Vivian Hernandez Gail Hill Kerry Holcombe Mike Holcombe Dorothy Horn Elnora Hudson Tommy Ingram David Jackson Rodney Jackson Terry Jarvis Antionette Jemison Albert Jones Kim Jones Marla Jones Nan Jones Loretta Kish Barry Kornegay Scott Kramer Dianne Kromer Darrell Lawley Geanine Lawley Greg Lawley James Lawrence Patricia Lee Vickie Lilly Marsha Looman George Lovejoy Lisa Lovelady James Lucas Jeff Lucas Terry McCary Jerry McDermott John Merijanain Cindi Morgan Jimmy Northcutt Tim Otts Tony Peoples Alan Phillips Andy Pickett Beckie Pickett Lori Pickett Randy Pickett Theodis Prentice Pamela Pruitt Gary Ray Mary Alice Reed Rudolph Reed Tammy Reeves Chuck Reynolds Willie Rutledge Mary Sherrer David Smith Sandra Smith Iris Smitherman Scott Smitherman Phillip Spain Annette Stallworth Alan Stano Benny Stephens Charlotte Stephens Anitka Stewart Mary F. Thompson Suzanne Tishler Angela Tolbert Marsha Wallace Mike Winslett Vanessa Young NOT PICTURED Denise Goins Ronnie Northcutt , Jennie Melton Mary J. Wyatt ‘4 4 NW oe SPECIAL EDUCATION Paul Alexander Michael Campbell Glenn Chism Danny Conwell Larry Cottingham Ricky Gilmore William Naugher Jimmy Talley Willie William NOT PICTURED Alan Naugher ‘ Come on, Krist! Your portraits aren't THAT bad. We're gonna rock around the clock tonight . Her mouth is so big she can eat a banana sideways. - wy We can't afford underarm wetness in our job. SENIOR DIRECTORY State 3; Danforth Award 4. MAYWEATHER, MARION - FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 1; Health Careers Club 4; FHA Parliamentarian 4; B Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. MERIJANIAN, LORI - Jr. Academy of Science 1; Health Careers Club 4; FHA 1, 2, 4, S 2; 1st VP 4; Student Council 1, 3, 4, T 4; Spanish Club 3, 4, VP 3; Honor Society 4; MONTALA Staff, Faculty Editor 4; Pep Club 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All ''A'' Letter 1; Outstanding Teenager 4; 1st Place Science Project 1; A Honor Roll 1; B Honor Roll 3, 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3; Senior Who's Who Friendliest; Festival Band 1, 2; All County Band 3, 4; FTA 2. McCARY, BARBARA - Health Careers Club 4; FHA 3. MILLER, JOHN - Jr. Academy of Science 2, VP 4; Senior Who's Who Most School Spirit; Perfect Attendance 4. MOORE, WILLIE - FFA 1,.2, 3, 4; FCA 3, 4; Baseball 3; Track 4; All County Basketball 4; All Conference 4; All Area 4; All State Basketball 4; All County B Team Basketball 3; MVP 3; Football 3, 4; All County Football 4; Sportsmanship Award 4. OPPERT, JIM - Office Helper 1; Library Club 1, VP 2; B Team Football; B Band 1; Transfer 4. PAYNE, DEBBIE - Sr. Math Club 4; S, 4; Jr. Academy of Science 4; Health Careers Club 4, Co-Pres. 4; Honor Society 4; MONTALA Staff, Classes Editor 4; Library Club 1; Senior Who's Who Most Courteous 4; Champion Typist 3; B Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Outstanding Bookkeeping Student 3; FTA 1, 2, $2; FHA 1, 2; GAA 2. PICKETT, DONNA - FHA 1, 2; FTA 1; Library Club 1; Reading Club 2; Honor Society 4; S 4; Future Secretaries Club 4; Betty Crocker Award 4. POPE, ROSE - Library Club 1; FHA 2; Future Secretaries Club 4; Health Careers Club 4; Softball Team 1; Pep Club 4. PUTMAN, MELODY - FTA 1, 2; FHA 1, 2; Library Club 1; Sr. Math Club 4; Jr. Academy of Science 4, P 4; Health Careers Club 4; Interact 4; Flag Corps 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Senior Class VP 4; B Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; SPOTLIGHT Staff 4. SEARS, RANDIE - FHA 1, 2, 4; P 4; Jr. Academy of Science 1, 2; FTA 2; Spanish Club 2, 4; Pep Club 1; Band 1, 2, 4; All County Band 1, 2, 4; Outstanding Teenager 4; Society of Outstanding High School Students 4; Senior Who's Who Most Likely to Succeed; All A Letter 1; Salutatorian 4; American Legion 4; Honor Society 4; MONTALA Staff, Activities Editor 4; Interact 1. SMITHERMAN, JULIA - FHA 1; FTA 1, 2, 3, T 8, Parliamentarian 2; Library Club 1; Student Council 2; Chorus 2; Future Secretaries Club 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4; B Honor Roll 1. SPICER, CLAY - Student Council 1, 2; FFA 4; Biology Club 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Jr. Team Basketball 1. TERRY, SUSAN - FHA 1, 2, 3, 2nd VP 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Health Careers Club 4; Majorette 1, 2, 3, Head 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Festival Band 1, 2, 3. TYUS, EDDIE - FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Assistant Advisor 4; FCA 3, 4; All State Basketball 4. TYUS, RONNIE - M Club 3; FCA 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 8, 4; Basketball: All County 3, 4, MVP 3; All Conference 3, 4; All Area 3, 4; All State 3; All County Jr. Basketball 2; Senior Who's Who Most Athletic. VASSAR, CHRISTINE - FHA 8; Library Club 3; Health Careers Club 4; Volleyball Team 4; Track 1; Girl's Basketball 2. WILLIAMS, BONNIE - FHA 1; Library Club 1; A Honor Roll 1; Out. Ala. History Civics Student 1; B Honor Roll 2; Office Assistant 3; Out. PE Student 3; Health Careers Club 4; Honor Society 4; Future Secretaries 4, P; MONTALA Staff, Ads Editor 4; DAR Award 4; Senior Who's Who Most Valuable to the School. WOODS, SHERYL - Health Careers Club 4; Senior Who's Who Best Dancer. Corbett found our wine in the lab?! . Omm. . . not bad fora finger! ! dist This is rolled too tight to toke up! Montevallo MARTIN MARIETTA _ INDIAN VALLEY MARINE CEMENT i _ GREG EANES DIXIE CLOTH pDRUGS =, " BARN Pelham WBYE RADIO 1870 on Your Radio Dial ‘¢ pute 1 Brierfield, Alabama 350 " Service Is Our Mou: GREOSOTED.F Timthers Pal ; j ae 7: ll _ SHERMAN HOLLAND FORD | Montevallo CENTRAL STATE BANK Ba erving Me mber F.D.I.C. Member Federal Reserve ALLIED P T FOOD PRODUC TS CENTER MONTE- VALLO FOOD- Montevallo Alabaster j A N I ) MONTEVALLO LAWN AND GARDEN SUPPLY CZESKLEBA T.YV. SERVICE 16 Middle Street Montevallo STONE JEWELRY CO. Main Street Montevallo AUS AUTO PARTS Hwy. 25S. Montevallo Phone 665-1244 MONTEVALLO LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Materials O. K. TIRE AND BATTERY CO. 1701 N. 19th Street Bessemer Your Family Store WESTERN AUTO Montevallo CRICKET BOX Pelham TRIPLE J Alabaster PIGGY BANK MOBILE HOMES Pelham HILL CONCRETE AND SUPPLY Montevallo For Quality and Service TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Montevallo MOBILE MARKET Highway 31 So. Pelham DON’S STEAK HOUSE gi i iy a yA Pelham L , Alabama f, 663-0771 1 1} a Sat a —$—$—$—$—$—$——— CAROLINA FABRICS Double Knits Polyesters Discount Prices Main Street Calera Ready to Wear For All Occasions FANCHER’S TN.AND GIFT SHOP BILLY JOE BROCK Z D 2 =) =x -_ There's Always Something New at ROCHESTER’S DEPARTMENT STORE Congratulations Seniors From TOPS AND BOTTOMS BOB WHITTEN LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY JAMES HOLLON J. ©. ROTENBERRY SHELBY COUNTY REPORTER In Depth Reporting Lively Style Year After Year A Prize Winning Columbiana, Alabama P. O. B. 947 " 'Covering the News Since 1843 " ' Double Double, toil and trouble, fire burn and caul- dron bubble. Hey! Hey! Let's watch those wands Lien! ! 7 4 His get-up-and-go has got-up-and went. ie Puddin' n tang - ask me again and I'll tell you the same! There's NO business like SHOW busi- ness . Pass this note to the flutes and don't let Mr. Weese see it. I never worry about anything - I know it will all turn A-A-AH SO!! out wrong. Really, Mrs. Morris - Put your clothes back on! : = Mrs. Mitchell calls this a balanced diet? Little grasshopper strikes again! Blind dates usually don't work. Kim! - Ellen never told me about Ultra Bright! TOP RIGHT: Band members wait their turn to show pep at pep rally. TOP LEFT: Cheerleaders do their part in leading the team to victory. CENTER: Teresa Holland. BOTTOM LEFT: Lynn Guthrie. BOTTOM RIGHT: Linda Cardwell. TOP LEFT: Krist Lien, Vivian Bolling. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Anthony, Dane Lawley. CENTER LEFT: Billy Belisle, Jeff Bar- row, Anita Spiker, Cindy Smither- man, Cindy Holsumbeck. CENTER RIGHT: Mike Treglia. LOWER LEFT: Debbie Payne, Stephen Fancher. Ca = “, P bg It seems to Me @.crime, that we should a These fragile times should A j Aytime you never can or shall eras¢ As friends together watch their childhgod fly’. 2 ee. i ' ‘ es PR a: ne ae a” ‘a ca TS Lm ‘d = . 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