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Montevallo High School - Montala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1973 volume:

MONTALA 1973 Lk ving some kind of litde figure out of Teen Tt bn't you make sometiing for me? " I ed what yo ted and you said, " a ox. " ' things? " - ever have, " you said , BT eee I havelis in it, and it is - P eek eT SU ae TB good or bad, Pt a el are te me ot eee a Se Ml tele mele a rand tie indescribable joy of creation. on top of these a 7 the gratitude and love I have for you. “ ; ziae tan oi : —a aa yp -- —-— ww x = Sasa 2222222488 oe eee " " ¥ ’ oe a! e ql =? oe? a? ° Every man is more than just himself; he also repre- sents the unique, the very special and always sig- nificant and remarkable point at which world's phenomena intersect, only once in this way and never again, Hermann Hesse in represent xperiment on the | Hermann Hesse We can understand one another; but each of us is able to interpret himself to himself alone, Hermann Hesse ) try to live in accord with the promptings whi ue self, Why was that so very difficult? Hermann Hesse] Life oscillates, not merely between two poles, such as body and the spirit, saint and sinner, but between thousands and Hermann Hesse Besides the music that is actually played at the moment, there is the immortal music that lives on even when it is not actually Hermann Hesse If I had longer arms I'd pu clouds away Or make them hang above the water somewhere else. But I'm just a man who needs And wants mostly things he'll never have, Looking for that thing that's hardest to find ... himself, Rod McKuen Think of all the men who never knew the answers. Think of all the men who never cared. Still there are some who as k why Who want to know, who dare to try. Every now and then we meet that kind of 1 here he comes again and now he's gone. Rod McKuen [he mind is such a junkyard; it remembers candy bar but not the Gettysburg Address, Frank Sinatra's middle name but not the day your best friend died. Rod McKuen We've done so many foolish thing ind yet the day have served us well. We've given all our smile away, when there were Some we cared to sell. Living the good life, me in my shirttails, ou in your jeans - me and my friends and to each season mething is special, ics, red rose 1 the white willow. ing men of fortune, old men forgotten, reen buds renewing the brown leave dead and gone ... rhe reality of the other person is Ind MAnl . ' ‘ i . Rod McKuen not in what he reveals to you, but in what he cannot reveal to y Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what he says but rather to what he not say Kahlil Gibran SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS Beverly Bell, Secretary; Mike Barkley, president; Conchita Hernandez, treasurer; Roxanne Rutledge, vice-president, High School - A time for growing; Unforgettable years for learning by sharing meaningful experiences Sharing moments of joy and of frustration, of excitement and of tears; And after high school - All we have is a Montala of memories - A few pages to remind us of faces lighted in hopeful anticipation of an upcoming event, of friends we can confide in and trust for the rest of our lives, of tests we crammed for and fees we kept forgetting to pay, of disappointments, and of rewards. There were days when we were down and days when we were flying high. There were football games, basketball games, dances, and pep rallies. There were times we hated, and times we loved. There was work, and there was fun. We watched our friends change as they matured, And we realized we were changing, too. High school - Four short years filled with memories, Four short years of belonging to MHS, Four short years we will never be able to - and never want to - forget. Conchita Hernandez JESSE ALEX ANDER DELORES ALLEN " I always believed to become a man “The heart has eyes that the brain you have to be a boy first. " knows nothing of, " RONNIE ALLEN “Curly hair is the source of all evil, " LOYD ANDERSON JOHN BAKER " Cares come, cares go, so why care? " " It's fun to study, I'll bet.” MIKE BARKLEY BEVERLY BELL " If I fall behind the usual crowd, " The world will never get better un- don't feel you have to wait for me. " less we do; we're making the first steps, so let's follow through.” WILLIAM BOLLING " Rapping is easy if you have the time. It's the best thing you have to ease your soul and mind, " DENISE BRAMLETT BABS BRAN TLEY ‘Why be difficult when you can be " To see the sky and touch the earth; impossible?” to hear the birds and smell the life. [his is me, but who am I?” " There is no pyramid Linda to climb. BOW DEN “Hold on to dreams, for if dreams life is a great crippled bird that not fly.” RHONDA CHAPPELL " Life to me means step forward and 1ever look bac k, because progress lies ahead of you.” KAYE CONWELL ‘Throughout life I've discovered that if your foot slips, you can recover your balance; but if your tongue lips, you cannot recall your words, " BOYD EDDINGS " Study weakens the ability to bluff. " LARRY DUKES school, it's just class I don't MARK CRISSWELL " A different world cannot be built by indifferent people, " = KATHY EDWARDS " Mother! Make them leave me alone. Love means you never have to say you're sorry. " KENNY DAILEY : JOEY DAY " I like work, I could sit and watch 7 , “Of course I'm modest, it's a sign of it all day. It's not that I'm lazy, ‘ true genius, just born tired.” ROBERT EASON a good boy now, but for what? " a DAVID FANCHER BRENDA FIELDS " You can't win them all, and I “Everybody wants the best things out haven't won one yet. of life, but not everyone wants to put up with a torturous fight.” d BETH FOUNTAIN = JACKIE FRANKLIN " It do not apologize for being hard to . f " Be yourself - no one can ever tell understand, I am whatI am, . you you're doing it wrong.” GREG GENTRY “Why am I the greatest man in the world? " JESSICA GILMORE DAVID GREEN “Life is hard by the yard, but a cinch " There's a LITTLE bit of good in by the inch,” every bad boy.” TROY FRYE DEBBIE GARRETT ‘IT like the refined things - money and " I'll remember: Purple, Sis, the " women. greenthing, 12:30 - sho, Zalefish, July 17th, majorettes, flag corps, Spotlight, Puff, 94, Chicago, and P.C, Iin turn shall laugh. DEBRA GILMORE " Keep on doing what you're doing until you can't do it anymore, " DOROTHY GREEN BOBBY HALL " Quiet and reserved, You don't learn " Oh, happy years! Those after grad- anything while you're talking. uation, " ANNETTE HAMILTON agin HARRIS " I can do all things through Christ 3 oe “The more you speak of yourself, the who strengtheneth me, " more you are likely to lie, " CONCHITA HERNANDEZ “Why should the devil have all the JIM HOLLON LILLY US JOHNSON " Very little is needed to make a “Aquarius: Ambition is the key to happy life. It is all within yourself, my success, with a little help from s — . hinkino “ Fat " in your way of thinking. my friends. n J SEBRINA HAYES PATRICIA HENDRIX " Believe it or not, it's the way nature " A smile upon my face shows that I planned it.” have no disgrace, b ecause it is hiding some other place. " KATHY HOGGE " People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. " a. = JAN JONES CHARLES KEMP " Do not delay; the golden moments " The way of a fool is right in his own fly! " eyes. " BEVERLY KILGORE ' EVELYN LAWLEY " If boys interfere with your work, quit ; " In silence many virtues lie. " work, ” STEPHANIE MA THISON " Super-do, greenthings, band trips, corrupt, May I go get my clarinet?, journalism, 12:15 - sho. " AUSTIN MILLER MARK MILLER " Sunrise, sunset, what you're born " To learn is to get ahead, " with is what you get.” CONNIE LAWRENCE GROVER LILLY NIN " Learning is like rowing upstream; not " To all girls: I have the most soul- to advance is to drop back, " A ful rap known to all mankind existing on this dramatic face of earth with unknown abilities!” MARK McGAUGHY " Matters weightier than studies are on my mind, " BARBARA MOORE MIKE MORELAND " Friendship is the most happy, sad, " To be honest as this world goes is to blissful, painful, and vigorous thing be one man picked out of ten thou- in my life. " sand, " - CINDY NIX JAMES NIX " If you love something, set it free. : = " Red hair is a sign of intelligence, If it returns, it's yours. If it doesn't, isn't it? " it never was. " GREG PENDLETON " Knights in white satin, never reach- ing the end.’ Seek always the high ideals of mankind, for the world is not enough, " SANDY PICKETT VICKI PICKETT " There's no doubt of her ability in " If silence were golden, I'd bea any sport.” millionaire. " BILL O'NEAL ‘Oh, that I were rich instead of hand- some. " REGINA PICKETT whe took God to think up me! " HENRIETTA POPE " Noisy, happy, exciting, friendly, nice, understanding, skillful, crazy, foxy, cool, hip, groovy, bold, cute, graceful, simple.” Music is made by fools like we. just sits,” It [TIM PACK " Instead of sitting and thinking, he DANNY RHODES " Into his books “ee asleep. r o deep, halfway done cates mee ROX ANNE RUTLEDGE " Say nothing and you will not be " Whosoever is slow to anger is or j ) ris slow anger 1s greater uoted,” y i quote than the mighty, JANICE SEAMAN “Love in your heart wasn't put there to }stay. Love isn't love ‘til you give it iway.” CAROLYN SMITH PAUL SMITH " The more I see women, the more I " He's worth his weight in peanuts,” like men. " OUENT ‘People often ask ! " Her greatest sin, a happy grin.” cool. I reply by ill in the lood.' " BETH SHAW " You have make the good times yourself - take little times and make them big times, and save times that are all right for times that aren't so + good, GWEN SMITHERMAN EVA STALLWORTH SiN " She seems so shy; but who knows? " " Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. JAN STEPHENS a BRENDA TAYLOR " She'd stop St. Peter's roll call to " Leave out school and my life would ask a question. " be perfect. " PAM VANN “Life is what you make it.” | DALE WHITE SANDRA WHITE " I wasn't sleeping, I was just think- “America is my nation, Montevallo is ing. " my station, Love is my occupation, to heck with education. " DEBR " RIPP VAN ELLS " Pleasant words are as a honeycomb; “Without music life would be a mis- weet to the soul and health to the take. " bones, " ERIC WALKER " Be cool in your years of study. Don't take life as a joke because it's your responsibility. Hard work and a little soul will eventually get you there. " ANTHONY WOLFE CATHY ZAHUMENSKY " He's living proof that teachers earn “Your time has come to shine - all their pay. " your dreams are on their way. " Who’s Who? BEST ALL-AROUND Beth Shaw and Mike Barkley MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Conchita Hernandez and Jim Hollon BEST LOOKING Peggi Rice and Mark Crisswell MOST VALUABLE TO THE SCHOOL Roxanne Rutledge and Jesse Alexander BEST DRESSED Barbara Moore and Tim Pack — MOST CREATIVE Cathy Zahumensky and Greg Gentry MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Jackie Franklin and David Fancher MOST INTELLECTUAL MOST ATHLETIC Beverly Bell and Joey Day Sandy Pickett and Anthony Wolfe FRIEN DLIEST WITTIEST Pam Vann and Troy Frye Kathy Hogge and Paul Smith MOST COURTEOUS BEST DANCER Delores Allen and Robert Eason Debra Tripp and Bill O'Neal GRADUATION .,. ae Hope for the best, get ready for the worst, and then take what God chooses to send. Little by LEttIS 4.22 chattering away in nervous anticipation ... the seniors gathered behind Palmer Hall. Last-minute checks were made ... as the Montevallo High School Class of 1973 united for the last time. Then the Reception. . . Parents, teachers, MA and students returned to MHS for refreshments and congratulations. There were many friendly conversations ... as high school life faded into memories for the graduates. ACTIVITIES io bes you know we had some times with gentle women ENTS tle tems re TT an tre tan ee Cae vito) we didn't know elt MB eM: Ca oro Urea ok ae Now all we have to think about are times gone by. Rod McKuen -: Hy .. oe ss few 1973 Homecoming Court An imagination becoming a reality - th ATTENDANTS: 1973 HOMECOMING QUEEN ; 8th - Roxanne Elliot Beth Shaw a = 9th - Sharon Harper 10th - Lori Merijanian lith - Lisa Franks 12th - Peggi Hughes Everybody is a star I can feel it when you shine on me I love you for whé you are Not the one who feel you need to be Ever catch a falling star Ain't no stopping till it's on the ground Everybody is a star One big cir cle going roun' and roun’. 1973 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM FANTASY Music was provided by INDEPENDENCE Classmen sit in a fantasized spell wondering who is going to be the first to dance ... At last the spell is broken, and the enchanted dance begins. The wicked witch of the ginger- bread house welcomed the Juniors and Seniors, though some mistook her for a fac ulty member. The high point of the Prom was the reading of the Seniors’ Last Will and Testament, which was done by Beverly Bell, Roxanne Rutledge, and Jim Hollon. As always, enthusiastic parents act as Prom chaperones ... NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY TAPPING NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Loyd Anderson, Stephanie Mathison, Joey Day, Jan Stephens - Secretary, Jim Hollon, Beth Shaw - President, Beverly Bell, Janice Seaman, Delores Allen, Pam Vann - Vice President, Cathy Zahunensky, Conchita Her- nandez - Treasurer, Roxanne Rutledge, Connie Lawrence. The solemn ceremony for the induction of The newly tapped members pose together new National Honor Society members. as a select. group of Montevallo High School students. AWARDS DAY Miss Susie DeMent tirelessly devotes her energies to MHS in coordinating the annual Awards Day. Winners of the American Legion Award were Jan Stephens and Jim Hollon. Runners-up were Jessi Alexander and Roxanne Rutledge (not pictured). Jim also won the Danforth Award for boys. Tuscaloosa Jaycee Mr. Hardy McCollum presented MHS with the State's Good Sportsmanship Trophy. Junior boys selected to attend Boys State were James Nix, Stephen Fancher, Terrance Powell, and Harry Martin. The award for top senior scholar went to Joey Day with Jim Hollon receiving second highest. MHS All Star representatives were Mark Crisswell, Percy Brown, and Tom Reynolds. Roxanne Rutledge was winner of the girls’ Dan- forth Award, DAR Good Citizenship Girl, and Most Athletic Girl MHSer. ‘73 STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONS '13- low are Dorothy Johnson, Sec.; Randie Sears, Co-Pres.; Kim Hollon, V.P.; Beverly Brazzell, Co-Pres.; and Lori Merijanian, Treas. 74 Student Council officers as pictured be- ‘72-73 officers James Nix, V.P.; Jessi Alexander, Treas.; Mike Barkley, Pres.; and Becky Hood, Sec., pose with County Probate Judge Conrad Fowler who spoke for the installation assembly. = 3 _ SPORTS te an i 7 bd ar é a Hy ad i, . ° : ‘5 a Ss I work, Knowing that WW OYA Veale leyetcee acca My singularity And collectivity. Lam praised And critieized — vVements are , y “is ae al e ¥ a) Wade Dennis, Larry Bice, Mike Barkley, Anthony Wolfe, Chuck Martin, Herman Fotchman, Paul Smith Willie Moore, Bobby Sherrer, Randy Bice, Tom Connor, David Fancher, Danny Bice, Gilbert Barkley, Mike Moreland, Rusty Morris, John Baker, Troy Frye, Tom Reynolds, Bill O'Neal, Roy Lucas, Harry Martin, Ray Argo. Coaches: Paul Woolley, Richard Gilliam. ; Schedule MHS OPP. MHS Vincent B.B. Comer Shelby Co. Dallas Co. Thompson 38 Calera Chilton Co. 28 W. Blocton Jemison : Oak Grove ee IS BO of yp a” 7 i Ronnie Tyus, Henry White, Larry Dukes, Charles Kemp, Eddie Tyus, Naron Salter, Recardi Nelson, Willie Coach: Arthur Greenlea. Moore, Joe Lewis, Erwin Cottingham, Kenneth Connell, Percy Brown Bulldogs Head for State Record 25 Losses 4 Ti My —, We Se . Henry White, Charles Kemp, Thomas Brown, David Treglia, Jimmy Winslett, Harry Martin, Roy Lucas, Kerry Hudson, Stephen Fancher, Bobby Sherrer, Herman Fotchman, Mark Crisswell, Tim Pack, Jimmy Day, Percy Brown, Willie Moore, Mike Treglia , Jerry McNeil, Tom Reynolds. Schedule OPP. MHS 10 1 DCHs 2 10 Thompson DCHS_ AND THERE ARE THOSE WHO HAVE LITTLE AND GIVE IT ALL. Kahlil Gibran It is well to give when Pe better to give ur ot through understanding; And to the open-handed the search for Cee eros ceive is joy greater than giving. POC RCE c ee Came CM ta Eg PV CN emu eb met keh Therefore give now, that is season of giving may be yours and not your inheritors. " Outstanding Teenagers of America Jan Stephens, MHS Outstanding Teenagers Jim Holland, James Nix, Joey Day, Cathy Zahumensky, Conchita Her- nandez, Beth Shaw, Roxanne Rut- ledge, Beverly Bell. National Honor Society Paes a oc a 4 ba a | eee Led eee TC ee ne oer | een ee ore ) scala al a [a Debra Tripp, Conchita Hernandez, Beth Shaw, Janice Seaman, Beverly Bell, Connie Lawrence, Roxanne Rutledge, Pam Vann, Jackie Franklin, Joey Day, Stephanie Mathison, Loyd Anderson, Robert Eason, Jan Stephens, Jim Holland, Cathy Zahumensky, Delores Allen. ¥ - i ee aes Volleyball Team Roxanne Rutledge, Jessie Mae Chism, Vivian Bolling, Virginia Morris, Denise Rutledge, Beverly Bell, Annette Hamilton, Sandy Genry, Debbie Hudson, Henrietta Pope. Junior Academy of Science = i; lee CC —_ ett rs tS Hi it " en a tigell eee IPeperateey [em (PETE iy ty Le Tareeaenl, HHH a iat tit | Hite tg I tia iu Hi ce ee ele Holland, - Sponsor. I Robert Eason, Tir oy Day, Day, Morris Mr. » Math Club Interact Hood, Joe Kim Holland, Loyd Anderson, Clay Hollon, James Nix, Becky ttt aT aT beh ‘ Tt al : | a 1 $ zs 2 image Hood, Lisa Vann, Becky Stephen Fancher, Debbie Pendleton, Susan Zahu- mensky, Loyd Anderson, Jim Hollon, Janice Sea- Alexander, Robert Eason. Officers Mark Brown Miller, Trea- surer; Debra Tripp, 2nd Vice President; Mike Barkley, President; Becky Hood, Secretary; James Nix, 1st Vice President, Future Teachers of America Janice Seaman, Lori Merijanian, Randi Sears, Jean Woodall, Dan Martin - Sponsor, Julia Smitherman, Connie Lawrence, Kathy Edwards, Beth Shaw, Patricia Hendrix, Cindy Nix, Debbie Garrett, Stephanie Mathison. Lisa Vann, Becky Hood, Michelle Van Landingham, Lori Merijanian, Randi Sears, Loretta Fulgham, Susan Terry, Debbie Garrett, Donna Muelbaurer, Lee Ann Horton, Cathy McEntee, Vivian Bolling, Beverly Bell, Susan Hernandez, Nancy Nix, Jimmy Day, Gilbert Barkley, Mike Treglia, Harry Edwards, David Treglia, Roxanne Rutledge! a a s Future ——- Ss a F oy Green sticks Junie Craig Officers ke Stephens, Pres.; 1st V.P., P. Vann; 2nd V.P., D. Tripp; Treas., L. Merijuanian; R. Sec., S. Hernandez; C. Sec., L. Bolling; Reporter, R. Sears; Par., R. Pickett; R. Leaders, K, Guthrie, P. Corbett. Cheerleaders Jackie Franklin Lynn Guthrie , Lou Lucas Linda Bolling . é sheryl Cupp Patricia Corbett s a Jesse Alexander, Loyd Anderson, Beverly Bell, Cheryl Cupp, Kenny Dailey, Joey Day, David Fancher, Stephen Fancher, Debbie Garrett, Karen Guthrie, Becky Hood, Stephanie Mathison, Regina Pickett, Tom Reynolds, Roxanne Rutledge. Junior Cheerleaders fF ee Babs Brantley (Head) Tammy Harris Susan Terry Beth Pritchett Advanced Band ‘ S S. Harper, L. Merijaniah, B. Shaw, B. Pritciteti, Lawrence, S. Terry, D. Garrett, R. Sears, D. Stephens, A. McGaughy, B. te . Zahumchsky, L. Vann, Spicer, C. B. Bellsle, C. Clark, White, S. Walker, S. Williams, Mathison, N. Nix, 8 Cupp, Klemenc, A. Clark, . Williams, C. Long, CG. N. Spicer, J. Goad, L. Davis, B. Hood, B. Brantley, Barrow, R, Allen, K. Lien, J. Van Elles, E. Hyde, B. Johnson, G. J. Nix, S. Fancher, B. Hood, Harris, D. Lawley, J. Tishler, G. Merijanian, Band at Troy State Marching Festival . he Rue . oo a“ frat A oh ans Prk Abe ners Sas) ache 4 a he " eh a fps os. i) 5 tae Jon Goad, DRUM MAJOR A. Spicer, B. Hood, P. Guthrie, J. Corbett, B. Brasher, T. Rochester, A. Williams, C. Long, A. Knowles, R, Harbour, D. Brock, C. Holsomback’, T. Beverly, J. Carter, J. Boothe, J. Brock, T. Staffney, J. Walker, R. Harbour, L. Davis, B. Belisle, P, Gythrie, C, Ballentine, J. Kiemenc, M. Hall, P. Pendleton, L. Sims, T. Holland, T. Manley, J. Freeman, M. Bolling. Flag Corps Debra Tripp, Melody Putman, Sarah Gilmore, Regina Pickett, Debbie Garrett, Captain, Beth Fountain, Jan Jones, Debra Gilmore, Carol Evans. If a man empties his purs@finto his head, nc man can take it away fom hin. An investment in knowledge al the best interest. Benjamin Franklin MRS, FRANCES ANTHONY Guidance Counselor W. C. CORBETT Principal MRS. OPAL LONG School Secretary MR, DOUGLAS MORRIS MR, MELTON THORNTON MRS. ANN PARKER Math Vocational Agriculture Remedial Reading MISS DOROTHY BISHOP MRS, SALLY KORNEGAY Physical Education Physical Education Assistant MISS SUSIE DEMENT MRS. SARA CAIRNS Typing, Shorthand Democracy, English MRS, LINDA SPROUL MR, LAWRENCE McGRAW English, Speech, Journalism History MRS, FANNIE CARDEN Special Education MRS, JOAN JONES MRS, ANN MILFORD Jr. High Science Librarian MR, CHARLES MARTIN MRS. REBECCA McGAUGHY Driver Education Home Economics F _ MRS. MAENOLIA McGRAW MR, WILLIAM REID Jr. High English Chemistry, Science MRS, JUNNIE GRAIG Home Economics MR. DAN MARTIN Spanish, English MRS, JOANNA McGAUGHY Biology MR. JIM WEESE Band MR. JOHNNY McCLAIN History, Bookkeeping MRS. MARTHA McDONALD MRS. BLANCHE COGER Jr. High Math Jr. High History a] ° MR, DENNIS DRAPER World Geography, History MR, CHARLES KIDD Vocational Agriculture LUNCHROOM WORKERS Mrs. Horton, Mrs, Alexander, Mrs, Edwards, Mrs. Mitchell MRS. NAOMI LANKFORD Remedial Reading MR. PAUL WOOLLEY Physical Education Pet story-is im Pe hee 11th GRADE Alan Blackmon Vivian Bolling Rickey Boothe Manfred Brantley Beverly Brazzel Delta Brown Jan Burke Sarah Campbell Iris Chappell Danny Clark Nancy Clowdus Erma Conwell Patricia Conwell Shirlye Conwell Peggy Cottingham Cheryl Cupp Judy Darden Wade Dennis Carol Evans Stephen Fancher Herman Fotchmann Sarah Gilmore Doris Glass Jon Goad Karen Guthrie Fay Haggins David Harris Dianne Hawkins Clay Holland Becky Hood Melanie Horton Deborah Hudson » Annie Mae Jones Dane Lawley Evelyn Lawley Krist Lien y Lucas Chuck Martin Harry Martin Marion Mayweather John Miller Richard Norton Debbie Payne Donna Pickett Louie Pickett Rose Pope Terrance Powell Melody Putman Tom Reynolds Becky Scott Sylvester Silas Julia Smitherman James Spears Clay Spicer Philip Swint Roderick Tolbert Willie Tripp Eddie Tyus Christine Vassar . IOT PICTTIRED - Bonnie Williams NOT PICTURE! ; Jean Woodall Joe Lewis Willie Cottingham Jack Taylor Vivian Hudson Jeanie Willia Dorothy Johnson Sheryl Woods 10th GRADE Keith Alexander Cathy Allen Ray Argo Billy Barrow Sonja Belisle James Brantley Yodonna Carson Jessie Mae Chism Anita Clark Beverly Connell Kenneth Connell Tricia Corbett Kathy Cupps Steve Dailey Jimmy Day Earl Dubose Tim Dunaway Harry Edwards Elizabeth Elliott Lyn Emfinger Germany Fomby Lorrett Fulgham Rita Glass Cathy Goggins Ophelia Green Lynn Guthrie Charita Harris Delilah Harris Raymond Harris Tammy Harris Susy Hernandez Kim Hollon Beth Holsomback Mitch Hudgins Anne Johnson Randy Kaufman Marvin Lawrence Belinda Lilly Twanda Lilly Diane Logan Terry Lovejoy Chuck Lovelady Debbie Lucas Lou Lucas Ricky McClain Kathy McEntee Lori Merijanian Glenn Mitchell Lorenza Mitchell Becky Morris Virginia Morris Mary Frances Motley Lynn Nix Jessie Payne Debbie Pickett Dino Pickett Dwayne Riffe James Salter Randie Sears Bobby Sherrer Eddy Simmons Greg Smitherman Sharon Spruel Pam Steele Glenn Stewart Eddie Taff Susan Terry Patricia Thompson Earlene Tolbert Mike Treglia Lynn Tribble Dwayne Varden Cassy Velardi Gale Walker Sharon Walker Kay Ward Gary White Ray Williams Steve Williams Bobby Wyatt 9th GRADE Delorise Alexander Kay Allen Garry Amold Lavernia Arnold NOT PICTURED - Franklin Bell Larry Davis Major Gentle Harris Herman Jones Barry Lawley Pamela Lilly Barbara McCary Willie Moore Recardi Nelson Ricky Shepherd Ronnie Tyus Michele Von Landinham Sandra Walker Gilbert Barkley Angie Barrow Teresa Beverly Pete Bice Larry Bolling Debra Boothe Bobby Bryant Linda Cardwell J. Ruby Cathey Sophia Cathey Audrey Chappell Bill Clark Carol Clark Kim Cole Janet Conwell Bryant Cottinghan Ervin Cottingham Charles Cunningham Jimmy Cunningham Shirley Cunninghan Susan Cupp Vicky Cutts Vinnie Cutts Joan Dailey Patsy Davis Sherrie Dove Randy Edwards Johnny Farrington Malcolm Fields Shirley Fields Teresa Fomby Kathy Frye Jay Fullerton Phillip Garrett Dorothy Gilmore Ava Gail Goode Debby Green Donna Mae Green Bert Greene Linda Hammett Karen Hamrick Lester Hamrick Sharon Harper Annie Jo Harris Tim Harris Debbie Hatcher Sandra Hayes Judy Hicks Donna Holsomback Barbara Hood Le Ann Horton Eddy Hyde Shelia Jackson Yvonne Jackson Barry Johnson Judy Johnson Linda Jones Walter Jones Kathy Kish Lorraine Klemenc Donna Lilly Tommie Sue Lilly Dana Lovelady Cindy Lucas Donna Lucas Gary Lucas Ricky Lucas Sandra McCord Anna McGaughy Jerry McNeel Elaine Majors Gloria Mayweather Gerg Merijanian Johnny Mills Clara Mitchell Roger Moore Van Moreland Rusty Morris Donna Muehlbauer Gail Nelson Becky Nichols Nancy Nix Gloria Nunn Charles Pickett LaDonna Pirtle Jan Reynolds Jill Reynolds Shelia Robinson Ginger Rochester Denise Rutledge Veronica Rutledge Tommy Shaw Mary Pearl Silas Cynthia Smelley Mike Smith Valeria Smith La Donna Smitherman Nicky Smitherman Noel Spicer Daisy Stallworth Debbie Stephens Roger Stewart Cynthia Thomas Horace Thrift Tommy Tingle John Tishler Joseph Tolbert Patricia Tolbert David Treglia Betty Tripp Shelia Tripp Lisa Vann . Sylvia Vassar F Henry White s 5 Doreen Williams Cj ix Jimmy Williams Lula Williams i Patricia Williams ’ Jimmy Winslett oc Terry Worthy XN NOT PICTURED - Theodis Young : . . Tom Connor Susan Zahumensky ; p Kerry Hudson Bobby Moss Yvonne Pearson 8th GRADE Lynn Alexander Larry Argo Chris Ballentine Jeff Barrow Shelia Bearden Randy Beers Billy Belisle Sonja Bell Wilson Bell rim Beverly Glenn Blackmon Myra Bolling John Boothe Ronnie Booth Brenda Brasher Darlene Brock Joe Brock Donna Brown Thomas Brown Michael Campbell Jimmy Carter Tammy Coffee Alison Cole Luanm Connor Carlene Conwell Jan Corbett Larry Cottingham Anita Crowe Anita Dailey Lynn Davis Ricky Davis Shelby Dennis Ruby Devinner Johnnie Devinner Verdell Duff Roxanne Elliot Ronny Ferguson Robbie Funley Robin Fleischer Johnny Freeman Wayne Frye Michael Gilbert Randy Glass Diane Goins Terry Greene Pam Guthrie Paula Guthrie Joy Guy Mark Hall Regina Harbour David Harper Dawn Harris Marie Henderson Theresa Holland Cindy Holsomback Betsy Hood Sandra Hudgins Robert Jemison Sarah Jemison Cathy Jones Kenneth Jones Moses Jones Sylvia Jones Connie Kilgore Rick Kirkland Vickie Kitchens John Klemenc Amy Knowles Barbara Kunkel Steve Langston Greg Latham Connie Lawrence Sandra Lee Bonnie Lilly Cheryl Lilly Rosalind Lilly Carroll Long Mike Logan Steve Logan Perry McClain Trexel Manley Bill Maxwell Darryle Melton Neil Moody Cythia Moore Wanda Murray William Naughter Dennis O'Quinn Debbie Polk Pam Pendleton Gloria Peoples Becky Pickett Duncan Pickett Glenda Pickett Jeff Pickett Cynthia Pirtle Henry Pope Clarice Purnell Hal Ray Phyllis Rayborn James Reed Maurice Reed Gay Riffe Linda Rochester RD. Terri Rochester Tim Ross Franklin Rutledge William Sailes Linda Sims Cindy Smitherman Raslyn Smitherman Anita Spicer Cheryl Staffney fajuana Staffney Scott Terry Bernita Thompson Freddie Thompson Karen Tribble reresa Tyus Albert Velarde Cindy Vining Julie Walker Vanessa White Mark Wiley Amy Williams Johnny Williams Ricky Williams Wanda Wilson Ginger Wolfe Mike Woolley Cynthia Y elder Danny Young Wayne Boothe Randy Bice Michael Fields Pressley Gilmore Ricky Gilmore NOT PICTURED Ronnie Davis Wade Garner Samuel Green Connie Kerby Annie Moore Anoss Silas Donna Smith David Kemp Rickey Kish Ronald Kromer Randy Luca Lewis Prentice Cliffton Stallwort! Allan Stone Alton Stone Alvin Ward Willie Williams Do you see what I see? What an empty head for an intellectual! My father which art ... I thought you'd never ask! — ib A amavis Ronnn-eee! |! Stick ‘em up! David, I've already promised this Dance to someone else! Watch it, buster!!! Those warbling wonders of the flute section . But Mrs, Anthony, you know I wouldn't do a thing like that!!! The sheriff said that we had a ‘'grass'’ prob- lem, but this is ridiculous! ! Wow . . . I've just been named Miss Hydro- chloric Acid! UNION 76 SERVICE STATION Union 76 Products and Service John A. Cunningham 665-2097 Best Wishes to the Class of ’74 Compliments of Montevallo Medical Arts Ju-ust uh-uh! Congratulations and Good Luck to the 1973 Seniors CAHABA TIMBER COMPANY Brierfield, Alabama 35035 Stone Jewelry Company Main Street, Montevallo Silver, China, Crystal, Watches and Rings 665-7296 or 665-2028 This boy has a good home, nice clothes, a new car, and pinworms. 7 . ¥ a And I'm the one that has to tell her about using Scope! Back to the drawing board, Egor! The Style Shop Merle Norman Cosmetics Judy and Clarence Stone 24 East Middle Street Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-2808 It sure beats going to band! Czeskleba T.V. Service WALT CZESKLEBA, Owner Expert Color T.V. Repair Repair All Makes 16 Middle Street Montevallo, Alabama Phones: 665-2604 or 663-7689 Ya'll forgot the bottle again? I ARNOLD INSTITUTIONAL FOODS INC. 3625 1st Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama Janice Seaman. . . the Wet look. Yeah, hair! Something that sheer can support me? Whew! . . . I thought that was Beth looking in the window. Compliments of Zane’s Men’s Shop Srott-Long insurance Kealty Complete Insurance Real Estate Service VICTOR SCOTT F. REID LONG Brokers P. O. Box 96 P. O. Box 271 215 No. Main Street Highway 31 Montevallo, Alabama 35115 Alabaster, Alabama 35007 Phone 665-7571 Phone 663-7731 I heard that! — Charlie Fu. .. 7 ssoasece cet For Quality and Service TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Montevallo, Alabama 665-1541 It's cheaper and better than the lunchroom! LET'S ALL GO TO DAIRY QUEEN " It really shows a bad attitude when ya'll don't want to have band six periods a day! The one and only guaranteed Reid triplet maker formula. DAIRY QUEEN Alabaster, Alabama Compliments of MARTIN MARIETTA CEMENT Southern Division Roberta Plant Southern Division Daniel Building 15 South 20th Street Birmingham, Alabama Mirror, mirror on the wall. . Pay attention Lori! See Johnie run. Remember Seniors - last impressions linger long- est! . (crack! ?!) in v. ovs 2 aed (aan Oe - e The dance of the merry Montevallo Fairies. BOOSTERS DAIRY DELITE MONTEVALLO CLEANERS SEARS WEEMS PRODUCE COMPANY WESTERN AUTO Annette, I believe your 24 hour protec- tion has worn off! I'm on the 4th day of my Pond's 7 day beauty treatment. Red rover, red rover, won't Stephen come over? Thanks! I needed that. Evelyn! Your dress is enough! Smile! You're on Candid Camera! Little do they know what really goes on at National Honor Society parties! ! James Nix, Typist; Delores Allen; Jan Stephens, Organizations; Conchita Hernandez, Senior Business Manager; Debra Tripp; Stephanie Mathison, Underclassmen; Beth Shaw, Editor-in-Chief; Jackie Franklin; Jim Hollon; Connie Lawrence, Underclassmen; Roxanne Rutledge, Faculty; Beverly Bell, Faculty; Cathy Zahumensky; Janice Seaman, Activities; Joey Day, Sports; Loyd Anderson, Sports; Pam Vann, Organizations. yurselves out of ignorance e and intelligence ar o fly! Strat wAHo. VY we ae or, = : ache. yrs i 00 Deveel, Raye Bell fam Klum Lilowa iden ay Rie fatlocip ve Seamer Coil lyn dex Stiphero) 6s Shas 105 Senior Directory All County +2,3,4,5,6; FHA, 4, 2nd VP, 5, Ast VP, 6; lonor Society, 6, VP, 6, Co-Editor; $ ERIC WALKER - FFA, 6, P ball, 4; B Honor Roll, 4. DALE WHITE 7 FFA, 5,6, SANDRA WHITE - Transfer ly y €£ I left the woods for as good a reason as | went there. Perhaps it seemed to me that I had aos eV ealey em PAV ocm com DAY And could not spare any more time for'that one. Thoreau Now that the winters have come and gone i‘ll say good 2 by ° Now that the autumn " comin’ on i'll say good - by I'm not the first person or the last, who had a thirst to leave the past So while May's Flowers bloon i'll say good - by. For every star that Falls to earth a new one glows. For every dream that fades away anew one grows. When things are not what they seem You must keep following your dream. So while my heart iA is still believing | " ll say good - by. L y gor y SS b ca = SS ie ony ‘| y .) re tit

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