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Eastin CN x —) Zz. O = 5 = = x = x = a. frais Oi to You... = e ye LL) Loyal and True . Firm and Undaunted... Always Well Be... Hail to the School We Love. . . Hil | a) ie 2 A il an 7 Ti SL 2 oO Y En —— © hand jeu NX ae) © = SO PP Y — YO oy sal ts cll a 7 yi Hi ADMINISTRATION Mr. W. C. Corbett Principal MRS, FRANCES ANTHONY - Guidance Counselor MRS. OPAL LONG - School Secretary “ i ie MRS, BETH BISHOP - MRS. FANNIE CARDEN - MRS. SARA CAIRNS - English Special Education Government, English MR, JOHN CLOPTON - MRS. BLANCHE COGER - MRS, JUNNIE CRAIG - Science, Civics Jr. High History Home Economics MISS SUSIE DeMENT MRS, PEGGY GREEN - Typing, Shorthand English, Speech, Journalism History, World Geography MR, CHARLES KIDD - MRS, NAOMI LANKFORD - MR, CHARLES MARTIN - Vocational Agriculture Remedial Reading Coach, Driver's Education MRS, MARTHA McDONALD - MR, JOHNNY McCLAIN - MRS, REBECCA McGAUGHY - Jr. High Math History, English Home Economics MRS, MAENOLIA McGRAW - MRS. ANNE MILFORD - History Jr. High English Librarian hi | MR, DOUGLAS MORRIS - MRS. ANN PARKER - MR. WILLIAM REID - Math Remedial Reading Physics, Science f 2 MRS. LYNN RUSHING - MRS, BETTY SMITH - MR, GEORGE StAGNOLA - Physical Education Jr. High Science English | AN 7 MR, MELTON THORNTON - MR, JIM WEESE - MR, PAUL WOOLLEY - Vocational Agriculture Band Physical Education LUNCHROOM WORKERS - Mrs, Horton, Mrs, Edwards, MAIDS - Stella Reed, Willie Mrs, Alexander, Mrs, Mitchell Mae Moore rv caught in the act as ‘ This is the Board of Education, Now, Mr. Corbett, not so much violence. Hello Bryce, I ve got this crazy nut up here ,.. yce, g y i And personally, I think I am dainty, I give up! If this pen skips one more time Will you please be quiet and leave me alone! And then she said ... When I turn around you had better be gone, I use McCleans! ORGANIZATIONS Peer be ( Foyt AA 5° lo Pep Club leader, D, Norton TOP ROW: Susan Terry, Karen Pickett, Debbie Garrett, Beverly Bell, Regina Pickett, BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Lucas, Lori Meriganian, Randy Sears, Donna Norton, NOT PICTURED: Kay Ward. Spirit posters line the halls, Pep Club members cheer at pep rallies, J, Franklin, C. Smith, C. Bice, C. Morgan, B. Grant, D. Bridges, N. Taff, K. Edwards, C. Lawrence, D, Pendleton, D, Garrett, H. Pope, C. Evans, B, Brantley, A. Sewell, R. Hendrix, K, Hogge, D. Bice, L. Boyd, B. Hamric, S, Lagrone, D, Allen, M, Putman, S. Gay, L, Franks, L. Johnson, B, Knowles, D, Payne, E. Vassar, T. Harris, C. Conwell, E, Mitchell, M, Blackmon, J, Smitherman, J. Youngblood, B, Shaw, E. Connell, S, Mathison, P, Vann, J. Seaman, V. Lawley, J. Wat- “Ni Future Teachers of America SulehakalalalghgPefalalssotaks TOP: B, Brantley, 1st Vice-Pres., District officers J. Watson, Secre- M. Blackmon, Pres., D. Allen, tary and V, Lawley, Pres, discuss 2nd Vice-Pres,, D, Payne, Secre- work, tary, J. Stephens, Treasurer, J, Smitherman, Parliamentarian Math Club Pres, Claire Tinsley, Secretary Laura Beal, Vice-Pres, Donna Norton, and Treasurer Ann Nathews with Sponsor Doug Morris, L. Anderson, C, Zahumensky, G. Morgan, L, Beal, C, Hernandez, J. Day, C. Tinsley, B, Hood, T. Chambers, C. Hyde, A, Hamilton, J, Mills, A. Nathews, D, Howard, D, Norton, A, Smitherman, B. Hall, J. Hollon, J. Nix. 28 D, Pickett, P. Hendrix, C. Smith, B, Sproul, P. Hughes, D. Bice, B. Taylor, C, Nix “ Te " Hel a. C. Morgan, G. Jarvis, E. Lawley, F. Boothe, E, Stano, D. Pickett, P. Waters, T. Taylor PTTET IIE eery CST ai. itt a C, Zahumensky, D. Wooley, L. Williams, A. Hamilton Reading Club Reading Club, sponsored by Ann Parker, is divided into reading groups, Each group reads a book during the month and discusses it during the next monthly meeting, S, Logrone, D, Norton, N, Tucker, M. Hicks, D. Smitherman, C. Hernandez, A, Allen, J. Franklin, D, Bridges. - ; si aes | lle FFA a cinlonits PRs ‘ _Greenhand Ginnie eee ia Jk Chapter Farmers Executive Council rT Lt MOTTO ee) Le meets eed LIVING TO Serve } " Jr. Academy of Science OFFICERS: Laura Beal, Vice-Pres; Vicki Lawley, Pres.; Mary Blackmon, Sec,; Randy Merijanian, Treas, ae ? = A. Nathews, C, Zahumensky, S, Mathison, Sponsor John Clopton, L, Beal, C. Kirkland, R. Sears, A. Hamilton, D, Norton, C, Tinsley, K. Lightfoot, B. Hood, R. Merijanian D, Bridges, K, Hagge, L. Merijanian, D, Fancher, B. Shaw, B. Sproul, D, Pendleton, K. Hollon, A. Eady, J. Goad, J, Watson, V, Lawley, B, Wyatt, J. Hollon, Sponsor Bill Reid eee . Se eae ae ae v ‘Steel ay Rw Ae =' r — “ a Ea a a id , a= Mike Barcley, Randy Merijanian, Anthony Wolf, Roy Lucas, Philip Harper, Tim Genry, Danny Harrison, Eddie Spears, Randy Selman, Tim Pack, Harry Martin, Chuck Martin, Ricky Ferguson, Randy Morris, Donald Bice, Russell Battle, Tom Reynolds, Troy Frye, Danny Rhodes Par: Cheerleaders perform CLAIRE TINSLEY, Head JANE WATSON ANN NATHEWS KAREN GUTHRIE NANCY TAFF onnie Tyus enn Gonne Cheerleaders introduce basketball players at State Tournaments, 71-72 CHEERLEA DERS f” eceereees «| es es | Pe - ‘ TL : “5 va e + 7 anes ae - 4 ee Future . Homemakers ‘ of America EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Regina Corbett, Recreation Leader; Pam Vann, 2nd Vice- Pres,; Nancy Taff, Pres.; Debbie Garrett, Historian; Debra Tripp, Corresponding Sec, ; Sherry Lagrone, 1st Vice-Pres,; Jan Stephens, Treasurer; Terri Chambers, Parliamentarian; Jean Youngblood, Sec. Girl’s Athletic 27 hoe Association p) ae ore Officers " do their thing. " Treasurer, Karen Fullman; Pres, , Claire Tinsley; Patsy Darden, Secretary; Carol Hyde, Vice-Pres, MEMBERS: K, Fullman, C, Tinsky, L, Guthrie, D, Rocko, P. Corbett, andR, Boothe " shoot " at sponsor, Lynn Rushing, ae a G.A.A. MEMBERS: S. Pickett, H, Pope, D. Tripp, L. Bolling, and L, Boyd. Badminton or softball? C. Cupp, J. Jones, D, Payne, K. Guthrie, J, Darden, Golf or softball? N. Taff, T., Chambers, N. Price, C, Hyde, R, Corbett. Montala Staff The yearbook staff is made up of vol- unteers from the National Honor Soc iety. Claire Tinsley, Business Manager Donna Norton, Donna Smitherman, Danny Harrison, Sherry Lagrone, Delores Ad- and Randy Merijanian, Editor kins, Randy Merijanian, Claire Tinsley, Ricky Ferguson, Nan Lovelady Ap es ¥ Donna Smitherman, Advertisements; Delores Adkins, Ac- Nan Lovelady, Students and Sherry Lagrone, Organizations tivities; Ricky Ferguson and Danny Harrison, Athletics with sponsor, Betty Smith. NOT PICTURED: Donna Nor- 40 ton, Administration, J. Beal, B. Johnson, K, Allen, S. Cunningham, L, Williams, L. Klemenc, G. Merijanian, J, Tishler, H. White, A. Mc- Gaughy, D, Stephens, K, Pickett, C, Cunningham, T. Tolbert, N. Nix, C. Smelley, Mrs. McDonald, sponsor. Jr. High ip Math Club OFFICERS: Nancy Nix, Sec.; Karen Pickett, Vice Pres, ; Patricia Tolbert, Treas. ; Henry White, Pres. Student Council Tt a — Ba T. Shaw, J. Mills, H. White, A, Nathews, B. Hood, R, Rutledge, L. Emfinger, B, Shaw, S. Fancher, J, Natson, V. Lawley, R. Merijanian, R, Ferguson, J. Smitherman, B, Bell Members pose at Council operated supply store, Officers J, Mills, Pres.; A, Nathews, Secretary; B. Shaw, Vice-Pres.; V, Lawley, Treasurer; and V, Cardone, Parl- iamentarian view curtains purchased by Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes OFFICERS: Mike Barkley, Pres.; Anthony Wolf, Sec.; Tom Reynolds, Vice Pres, ; and Randy Setman, Treas. Me 71-72 MAJORETTES: Tammy Harris, Debbie Garrett - Head, Pam Brown, 70-71 Head, with the new majorettes. Babs Brantly, and Susan Terry, - 7. per ca Majorettes performing at half-time show. Montevallo High School Concert Band CLARINET: A. Clark, B, Pritchett, C. Spicer, D. Adkins, OBOE AND FLUTE: J. Seaman, A, Eady, B. Shaw, C, P, Vann, S. Mathison, L. Williams, D. Lucas, S. Cupp, Kirkland, L, Merijanian, L. Vann, S. Zahumensky, 46 N, Nix, K, Beal, L. Klemenc, B. Hood. FRENCH HORN: R. Merijanian, S. Terry, R. Sears, J. Youngblood, PERCUSSION: C. Morgan, L, Guthrie, L, Beal, K. Light- foot, S. Fancher, LOW BRASS: S. Williams, L, Emfinger, D, Lawley, G. SAXOPHONE: N. Spicer, J. Goad, R. Roberts, D, Smith- White, erman, B, Hood. ik a Sl ee a ri 7 ze | ae a | 7D oe Wl See Pere ee TRUMPET: B, Brantley, A. McGaughy, S. Walker, S. TROMBONE: J, Miller, T. Shaw, J. Tishler, V. Cardone, Harper, C. Lawrence, D, Stevens, G, Morgan, D, Gar- G. Merijanian, R. Churchill, J. Nix. rett, J. Beal, E. Hyde, B, Barrow, K. Lein, N. Lovelady, R, Allen, J. Van Ells, T. Taylor. A. White, D, Walker, E, Jackson, I. Mills, R Merijanian, R, Ferguson, S, Lagrone, C, Tinsley, D . Harrison, D. Smither- man, D, Adkins, L. Williams, D, Howard, D, Wooley, D. Norton, N, Lovelady National Honor Society 2 ee sae Mer ase te oof ons: OFFICERS: Danny Harrison, Pres.; Ricky Ferguson, Vice- Pres, ; Claire Tinsley, Treasurer; and Denise Walker, Sec- retary, ‘ . : ee ahs ss ee ge ee eee ee Ses sieesr : oe RS a a Sac J. Tishler, G. Lucas, J, Winslett, M, Phillips, R. Morris, K, Pickett, L, Klemenc, J, Rainey, B. Hood, D, Green, B, P, Garrett, W. Naugher, C. Cunningham, R. Morris, T. Shaw, N, Spicer, . Jr. High S OFFICERS: Tommy Shaw, Pres. ; John Tishler, Vice Pres. ; Mike Phillips, Sec, -Treas. Spotlight Asst, Editor C, Hernandez and feature editor D, Garrett do art- work while Exchange Editors D, Smitherman and D, Bridges pre- pare exchanges, Co-Sponsor, Carolyn Edfeldt and Editor Davis Wool- ey edit story. D, Fancher and E, Jackson check papers right off the press, Proofreaders R, Eason, T, Taylor, D, Bice, L, Beal, D, Allen look over work. Sports writers J, Day, M, Harris discuss game with co- sponsor Susie Dement and sports editor L, Anderson, Business managers B, Sproul and K, Dailey count SPOT- LIGHT money, “ 4 . ‘ : : , ; " we) , | m.” ey ' News Editor J, Franklin plans an upcoming issue with K, Hogge, H, Eady, E. Jackson, A. White, D. Adkins, Feature Editor J. Seaman, D, Fancher and M, Campo, Junior Cheerleaders LOU LUCAS CHERYL CUPP LYNN GUTHRIE ee ! 4 “ne WILDA REEDER PATRICIA TOLBERT DEBBIE HATCHER AT rn = = _ Se ei At i - - Library Club TLL ty. MUTT ny -_ Y) on e — U Color My World Decorating is a big part of the home- coming celebration. AT RIGHT: Juniors work on the winning car, BELOW: Some students work on dance decorations. ABOVE: Another student works on cen- ter of attraction, AT RIGHT, the finished product. BELOW: Cheerleaders on parade, AT RIGHT: Queen Claire Tinsley and escort Danny Rhodes. BELOW: Tears overwhelm the queen at the announcement of the winner. uM ° N T . = 1 A L Our football team (at left) played the game while the Queen and her court looked on (below). The Court are (from left to right) Debra Tripp, Becki Know- les, Nancy Taff, queen Claire Tinsley, Terri Chambers, and Debbie Garrett. Fug iff el Clean-ups, pancake suppers, and donut eating contests were on the slate for MHS. The pancake suppers were sponsored by the band, the donut eating contest by the SPOTLIGHT staff and the clean-ups by the ecology club. Mr. Corbett and all MHS joined in recognizing Mr. Ivy Sims for his remarkable work in keeping MHS together. Students are interested in the donut eat- ing contest. F - ‘ i tee CA A ee ‘a YY a a BEST ALL ROUND, Mary Collins Blackmon and Ricky Ferguson. (top left) MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED, Randy Merijanian and Donna Howard. (above) AT LEFT Mrs, Frances Anthony pre- sents award to Karen Fullman, MOST INTELLECTUAL, Delores Adkins and Les Williams (top). BEST LOOKING, Claire Tinsley and Vince Cordone (top right). BEST DRESSED, Denise Walker and Davis Wooley (right). os 2 =3 ee re — eis ey. PA: rat ay o RE es Vicki Lawley and Robert Church ill. FRIENDLIEST, Archie Smitherman and Naomi Price. MOST COURTEOUS, Donna Norton and Burney Sproul. fad a. D = — = O a te wn a O = SNS AOE ee ee 2 , . = 1 ee ; f 4 Dd eee NPN SES — » aN ‘ ne a. eae é : { . AY 7. a cE ; r a 2 , " - ee Pi. ie A VAWGseR: ed eS ib ed ae aa] Be heer peers a, ae ye — rw 1S MAF ha i ell O = m O = ° hee = o ° vv Christian and Eddie Spears. Theresa Harris MOST CREATIVE, Cindy BEST DANCERS, MOST VALUABLE TO THE SCHOOL, Nan Lovelady and Jimmy : y ‘ aa mar “WS Fe PICTURED ABOVE, MOST ATHLETIC, Retta Boothe and Jerry Hayes, Jerry was chosen for the All State Basketball Team. The Shoal Creek Society played at the Who's Who party. AT TOP students enjoy the banquet. The banquet was held at the University of Montevallo, tte mi he A i he ’ AT RIGHT, Karen Fullman and Neal Tucker, WITTIEST, BELOW, Sponsors enjoy the party too. a — Oe heetteee Coa Life Is a The prom was a carnival right down to the clowns and the cotton candy. Music was provided by Dogwood and the laughter by a live clown ( alias Jesse Al- exander.) — Carniva A prom always brings excitement, fancy dresses, beautiful flowers and fun. The students of MHS are certainly not immune to that excitement which can be seen in these pictures. The Honor Society is one of the top honors awarded at MHS, To be tapped into this select group you must have a good scholastic aver- age, good character, be willing to do service for the community and possess the quality of leadership. Graduation In May, Seniors all over the country look to graduation and the future. On May 22, 1972 the eighty-eight seniors of MHS received their diplomas from Principal, Cratie Corbett. The ceremony was held at Palmer Auditorium at the University of Montevallo. Mr. Darrell Dunlavy, the Director of Admissions and Student Affairs at Auburn University, was the speaker. Mary Collins Blackmon expressed the Seniors’ thanks to the people that helped them through school. Over half of the MHS senior class plans to attend college or trade school in the fall. Three students received scholar- ships. Two for their athletic ability and one for students plan- ning to be teachers. Seniors whoop it up at the reception after graduation. The reception was provided by the junior mothers. Seniors and their guest enjoyed the festivities. What Now? The American Legion and the Dan- forth Awards are the two most coveted awards in the senior class. These awards are given to the boy and girl who are the most well rounded citizens. Both these awards went to Sherry Lagrone and Ricky Ferguson. Sherry also won the DAR Good Citizenship award. Award’s Day ¢ Six junior boys were chosen to repre- sent MHS at Boys " State. They are (1. to r.) Robert Eason, Mike Barkley, Jim Hollon, Jesse Alexander, David Fancher, and Tim Pack. wee a | ¢ MHS's Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for 1972 was Delores Adkins shown at right with Home Economics teachers Mrs. Junnie Craig and Mrs. Rebecca McGaughy. Students who help in the office were given awards of service. They are (l. to r.) Pam Vann, Jane Watson, Sherry Lagrone, Nan Lovelady, Donna Smither-! man, Vicki Lawley, Ann Nathews, and Carol Hyde. BELOW LEFT, are five seniors who have a grade point average of 90 or above. They are(l, to r.) Debbie Pen- dleton, Adam White, Donna Howard, Jimmy Mills, and Danny Harrison. SPORTS Ist ROW: L toR, R, Morris, R. Norton, R. Battles, L, Bice, T. Genry, P, Harper, A. Wolfe, M, Barkley, D, Harrison, K. Reynolds, R, Ferguson, R, Lucas. 2nd ROW: Coach Martin, V. Cardene, M. Lawrence, R. Selman, T, Frye, W. Mitchell, B, O'Neal, K, Dailey, T. Reynolds, T. Pack, H. Martin, Coach Woolley, The football team was faced with another year of disappointments, Out of the ten games played, the team could only pull out one vic- tory and two ties, Vincent Chelsea Thompson Clanton Jemison Schedule LINEMEN B, B, Comer Shelby Co, Calera W. Blocton Oak Grove Selman scores TD, Bulldogs stop opponents, Smile! You're on Candid Camera Ferguson makes catch, Mitchell battles for yardage, Reynolds makes first down, The “Italian Pinto " ram- bles on, See Harry run! Injured Reynolds watches from sideline, ist ROW: L toR, M, Harris, T. Genry, R. Tyus, A. White, R, Ferguson. 2nd ROW: Coach Wooley, T. Frye, P, Brown, W, Mitchell, J, Hayes, J. Lewis, C. Harrell, G. Lily. Bulldogs Finish Second in State... . The Bulldogs broke many records this season, among them was the 29-6 record, They broke the previous record of 20 wins. The many accomplishments of the Bulldogs were the first place finishes in the Thompson Invitational, Area 6, and Region 3, Tournaments, There’ was also a third place finish in the mid-state. The most significant was the second place finish in the State Tournament, The Bull- dogs were led by two all-staters Jerry Hayes and Mike Harris and honorable mention Clarence Harrell. Bench is sad as Bulldogs lose champion- ship game at State Tournament, Harris makes layup, Harrell leaps high for shot. Bad call " Ref! " Players jump high for tipoff. Ferguson shoots foul shot, 5 ° a vo o os s ” vo bee wo “nn 50 ° uv 3 S a aQ ” o ”n 2 o a 2 3 oO o ard = a = = Bulldogs receive second place trophy at State Tournament, Baseball Team Finishes Second in County. The Montevallo Bulldogs finished their season with a record of six wins and four losses. The team was led by ace pitcher Clarence Harrell. Harrell pitched 42 innings and allowed only 10 hits. His season record was 4-2 with 81 strike-outs. Leading hitters for the Bulldogs were catcher Danny Rhodes with a .382 average and centerfielder Ricky Ferguson with .311 average. Clarence Harrell, Danny Rhodes, and John Baker also went to the East-West All-Star tryouts. Harrell was then chosen to go to Montgomery to try out and then he was chosen to play in the big game in Birmingham. WS oe ae Brown takes a snooze. Nate Scouts watch Harrell. Rhodes “suits up. " s-- a E Z LU OQ — e a We, as seniors, on graduation day will leave through these doors to enter a new life, Behind these doors we have developed our minds and hopefully found continuing interests, Some of us will succeed in reaching our goals, These doors are symbolic of the entrance to our future. We hope, as the graduating class of 1972, we will be able to meet our challenge .,. e+. Our world DELORES ADKINS RUSSELL BATTLE LAURA BEAL CATHEY BICE MARY COLLINS BLACKMON FRANCES BOOTHE JAMES RAY BOOTHE JUDY BOOTHE RETTA BOOTHE LINDA BOYD DAWN BRIDGES ANNIE MAE BROWN MARY CAMPO VINCE CARDONE JOE CARDWELL TERRI CHAMBERS CINDY CHRISTIAN ROBERT CHURCHILL JOYCE CONWELL ALICE EADY KAY EDWARDS RICKY FERGUSON DEBRA FIELDS PATRICIA FIELDS KAREN FULLMAN PHILLIP GENRY TIM GENRY MARSHALL GOGGINS BRENDA GRANT ROGER HAMILTON BECKY HAMRICK PHILIP HARPER MICHAEL HARRIS TERESA HARRIS DANNY HARRISON MARSHA HICKS DONNA HOWARD CAROL HYDE EDWARD JACKSON GALEON JARVIS KAREN JOHNSON SUSAN JOHNSON JOHNNY KIMBER BECKI KNOWLES SHERRY LAGRONE VICKI LAWLEY NAN LOVELADY WILLIAM MARTIN JUDY MAY WEATHER RANDY MERIJANIAN JIMMY MILLS EVELYN MITCHELL WAYNE MITCHELL JOHNNY MOORE CHARLES NELSON RANDY NICHOLS DONNA NORTON GERRY PAYNE DEBBIE PENDLETON TOMMY POLK HOWARD POTTS NAOMI PRICE NELDA RABURN KEITH REYNOLDS RONNIE RICE ANITA SEWELL ARCHIE SMITHERMAN DONNA SMITHERMAN EDDIE SPEARS BURNEY SPROUL JOE STANLEY EMMA JEAN STANO NANCY TAFF TOMMY TAYLOR CLAIRE TINSLEY NEAL TUCKER ELAINE VASSAR DENISE WALKER PATRICIA WATERS ADAM WHITE LES WILLIAMS DAVIS WOOLEY JEAN YOUNGBLOOD Senior portraits always bring excitement, 4 g Is this a " dignified " senior? The senior officers pose as they leave their high school life behind. Mary Collins Blackmon - Pres. , Vince Cardone - Treas, , Vicki Lawley - Vice Pres,, Sherry Lagrone - Sec, Good Citizenship Girl, Sherry Lagrone, gives the camera- Our Teenagers of America take time out of their busy man a big cheery smile, schedules to pose. Randy Merijanian, Vicki Lawley, Jimmy Mills, ‘ins The Junior officers climb the stairs to their Senior year TOP TO BOTTOM: Roxanne Rutledge - Treasurer Beth Shaw - President Jane Watson - Secretary Ann Nathews - Vice President NOT PICTURED: Greg Gentry - Treasurer Jesse Alexander Delores Allen Loyd Anderson John Baker Mike Barkley Beverly Bell Denise Bice Danny Blackmon William Bolling Phoebe Bowden Bobby Boyd Babs Brantley Mark Brown Rhonda Chappell Kaye Conwell Yolanda Conwell Regina Corbett Mark Crisswell Vicki Cupps Kenny Dailey Joey Day Larry Dukes Robert Eason Boyd Eddings Kathy Edwards David Fancher Brenda Fields Jackie Franklin Debbie Garrett Greg Gentry Debra Gilmore Jessica Gilmore Jon Goad David Green Bobby Hall Annette Hamilton Clarence Harrell Ricky Harris Dianne Hawkins Sebrina Hayes Conchita Hernandez Patricia Hendrix Jim Hollon Peggi Hughes Lillyus Johnson Charles Kemp David King Carol Kirkland Beverly Kilgore Connie Lawrence Kirk Lightfoot Grover Lilly Stephanie Mathison Mark McGaughy Austin Miller Barbara Moore Mike Mooreland Randy Morris Ann Nathews Cindy Nix Bill O'Neal Tim Pack Greg Pendleton Sandy Pickett Regina Pickett Henrietta Pope Danny Rhodes Roxanne Rutledge Naron Salter Janice Seaman Beth Shaw 3 i ) Carolyn Smith Paul Smith Terry Smith Eva Stallworth Jan Stephens Brenda Taylor Debra Tripp Pam Vann Lou Walker Jane Watson Dale White Sandra White Anthony Wolfe Cathy Zahumensky SOPHOMORES Ronnie Allen Alan Blackmon Linda Bolling Vivian Bolling Manfred Brantley Beverly Brazzell Chris Bridges Delta Brown 4. Iris Chappell = Janet Churchill G A Danny Clark ( AYA Erma Conwell Patricia Conwell Shirlye Conwell Peggy Cottingham Willie C, Cottingham Cheryl Cupp Judy Darden Wade Dennis Roger English Carol Evans Stephen Fancher Lisa Franks Dorothy Freeman Herman Fochtmann Beth Fountain Sarah Gilmore Doris Glass William Green Karen Guthrie Susan Guy Fay Haggins David Harris Brenda Hensley Clay Holland Becky Hood Melanie Horton Deborah Hudson Dorothy Johnson Jan Jones Dane Lawley Evelyn Lawley Kathie Lawley Krist Lien Joey Lovelady Gabriella Lucas Roy Lucas Chuck Martin larry Martin Marion Mayweather John Miller Carol Morgan Gail Morgan James Nix Richard Norton Debbie Payne Louie Pickett Dino Pickett Donna Pickett Rose Pope Terrance Powell Melody Putman Tom Reynolds Becky Scott Randy Selman Joetta Smelley Gwen Smitherman Julia Smitherman Tom Smi therman James Spears Philip Swint Jack Taylor Willie Tripp Debbie Tubb Pattie Tubb Eddie Tyus Ronnie Tyus Joe VanElls Bonnie Williams Sheryl Woods FRESHMEN Barry Alexander Keith Alexander Cathy Allen Ray Argo Billy Barrow Kathy Beal Sonjia Belisle Franklin Bell Blane Bice Larry Bice Pete Bice Debra Boothe Ricky Boothe James Brantley Delilah Brown Debbie Campo Yudonna Carson Jessie Mae Chism Lynn Churchill Anita Clark Terry Clark Beverly Connell Kenneth Connell Janet Conwell Tricia Corbett Ervin Cottingham Kathy Cupps Steve Dailey Larry Davis Jimmy Day Earl Dubose Tim Dunaway Harry Edwards James Efferson Lyn Emfinger Malcolm Fields Judy Fletcher Elizabeth Frye {ary Jane Frye Christine Gaiters Barry Galloway Cecil Gibson Rita Glass Kathy Goggins Bert Greene Ophelia Greene Lynn Guthrie Karen Hamrick Charita Harris Delilah Harris Major Harris Tammy Harris Raymond Harris Myra Harrison Sandra Hayes Suzy Hernandez Judy Hicks Chuck Hogge Kim Hollon Beth Holsomback Vivian Hudson Yvonne Jackson Jessie Jemison Anne Johnson Annie Jones Herman Jones Randy Kaufman Bobby Kemp Barry Lawley Marvin Lawrence Belinda Lilly Pamela Lilly Chuck Lovelady Terry Lovejoy Debbie Lucas Diane Lucas Donna Lucas Lou Lucas Marie Lucas Barbara McCary Cindy McDougal Dale McGaughy Lori Merijanian Glenn Mitchell Lorenza Mitchell Ralph Moore Willie Moore Becky Morris Virginia Morris Mary Frances Motley Lynn Nix Gloria Nunn George Otts Jesse Payne Beth Pritchett Wilda Reeder Dwayne Riffe Rosemary Roberts Debbie Rockco Lynn Rollins Randie Sears Bobby Sherrer Henry Silas Eddy Simmons Frankie Smith Clay Spicer Sharon Spruel Carolyn Staffney Carlton Stanley Pam Steele Glenn Stewart Eddie Taff Susan Terry Patricia Thompson Pete Tinsley Mike Treglia Lynn Tribble Betty Tripp Michele VanLandingham Dwayne Varden Christine Vassar Sharon Walker Sandra Walker Kay Ward Gary White Doreen Williams Jeanie Williams Jimmy Williams Ray Williams Steve Williams Bobby Wyatt EIGHTH GRA DE Delorise Alexander Denise Alexander Kay Allen Luvernia Amold Garry Armold Gilbert Barkley Jim Beal Shelia Bearden Randy Bice Larry Bolling Donna Pearl Brown Bobby Bryant Linda Cardwell Jessie Carlee J, Ruby Cathey Sophia Cathey Audrey Chappell Bill Clark Carol Clark Tom Conner Bryant Cottingham Larry Cottingham Charlie Cunningham Shirley Cunningham Susan Cupp Vicky Cutts Vinnie Cutts Patsy Davis Jonnie Devinner Johnny Farrington Shirley Fields Teresa Fomby Kathy Frye Jay Fullerton Mike Galloway Wade Garner Phillip Garrett Dorothy Gilmore Ricky Gilmore David Goldston Ava Goode Bobbie Jo Green Debby Green Donna Mae Green Terry Greene Linda Hammett Lester Hamrick Sharon Harper Annie Jo Harris Debbie Hatcher Donna Holsomback Barbara Hood Kerry Hudson Eddy Hude Shelia Jackson Robert Jemison Sarah Jemison Barry Johnson Judy Johnson Linda Jones Walter Jones Kathy Kish Lorraine Klemene Donna Lilly Dana Lovelady Cindy Lucas Gary Lucas Ricky Lucas Gloria Mayweather Sandra McCord Jeff McDougal Anna McGaughy Greg Merijanian David Miller Joe Mills Clara Mitchell Donna Muehlbauer Traci Moynes Roger Moore Van Moreland Rhonda Morris Rusty Morris Bobby Moss William Naugher Gail Nelson Becky Nichols Nancy Nix Pam O'Neal Mike Phillips Charles Pickett Karen Pickett Pamelia Pickett Tammy Pickett Gene Polk Joy Rainey Cynthia Reed James Reed Jan Reynolds Jill Reynolds Sheila Robinson Ginger Rochester Steve Rollins Veronica Tutledge Tommy Shaw Mary Pearl Silas Cynthia Smelley Mike Smith Ladonna Smitherman Nicky Smitherman Noel Spicer Daisy Stallworth Debbie Stephens Darlene Thomas Horace Thrift Timmy Tingle John Tishler Joseph Tolbert Marlon Tolbert Cliffton Stallworth Alvin Ward Willie Williams Patricia Tolbert David Treglia Sheila Tripp Susie Tubb Lisa Vann Sylvia Vassar Dianne Watts Henry White Lula Williams Patricia Williams Jimmy Winslett Theodis Young Susan Zahumensky SPECIAL EDUCATION Gary Bice Wayne Boothe Michael Fields Presley Gilmore David Harrison David Kemp Rickey Kish Ronald Kromer Darryle Lacey Randy Lucas Kenneth Smitherman The hungry vulchers await! Lockers will soon be left behind us empty of only dreams . until next year, My girdle is killing me, Our eighth grade studies for their senior year, Senior Directory Has our good citizenship girl gone Are these seniors really hard at work? crazy? eaeee Mii i ALT 4 Hey Joe, say you need ANOTHER tardy excuse? Jeanetta gives Clair some last minute advice. ZANE'S MEN'S FASHION CENTER — Central Alabama Shevallo Sew Westinghouse Shop Alterations Monograms Drapes Gifts 17 Middle Street 665-1058 Compliments of THE STYLE SHOP 665-2808 24 Middle Street Montevallo MONTEVALLO SMITHERMAN'S SPORTSWEAR PHARMACY ACME LARRY AND DONNA SMITHERMAN Ol L Registered Pharmacists CO M PA N - Men's Wear and Phones: His'n _ Jeans _ Day 665-2574 or Night 665-579! a DISCOUNT PRICES asks Main St. Montevallo, Ala. Montevallo 166 N. Main St. Also Open in Calera Montevallo SEAMAN TIMBER C 3 bin Zens gs oe Compliments of Seaman Timber Co., Inc. MERCHANTS PLANTERS BANK Congratulations to the Class of '72 FRANK'S FOODLAND Montevallo Czeskleba T.V. Service Walt Czeskleba, Owner Repairs all makes of color t.v.'s Services air-conditioning, radios, and tape players PLUS electrical work 166 N. Boundary St. Phones: 665-2604 Montevallo, Alabama 663-7689 DIXIE CLOTH BARN Western Attire Piece Goods Mr. Wrangler Men's and boys' Levis 663-7204 MONTEVALLO CLEANERS 665-7214 CITGO Ready to Wear and Gifts for all occasions ERVICE STATION F John Galloway, Operator FANCHER'S Highway 25 T.Y. AND GIFT SHOP Montevallo, Alabama 665-1061 665-2935 Greg Kanes DRUG COMPANY HOFFMAN-ROCKO anes Golden Falcon Restaurant FUNERAL HOME at AND Golden Falcon ROCKO FLORIST Carpet Golf Highway 25-South Montevallo, Alabama ontev abam PBT Phones 665-2135 665-2948 FOOD CENTER 663-0683 Box 185 Alabaster, Alabama 4s NMQGNEEBRIER FARRIS and Training Stables Dr. Mrs. §.M. Mahan Jr. Box 448 Montevalio Ala. 98118 Located phone Bighwey 139 §. 7043 Brierfield. Ala tele bE Serving you since 1920 COWART DRUG COMPANY Let us fill your prescriptions 668-1723 Calera, Alabama ALABASTER DAIRY QUEEN DRIVE-IN 663-3593 a ae THE TIME... = o “WILL YOU Have B13 he Yes, if you plan today, with a Liberty Na- tional educational pol- icy. The lifetime in- come of your child as a college graduate may exceed $150,000 over the income he will earn as a high school graduate. Let me show you how you can have the money to send your child to college. . .with a Liberty National Edu- cational plan LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Names of Representatives: MR. JAMES HOLLON MR. ROBERT BENTON Compliments of DARI-DELITE 665-2937 Main Street Montevallo STO N - JEWELRY COMPANY KIMBERLY-CLARK Montevallo, Alabama 25 S. Main Street 665-7296 or 665-2028 YOUR FAMILY STORE Western Auto Store Montevallo UNITED STATES 665-2093 GYPSUM COMPANY Montevallo, Ala. For Quality and Service TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Montevallo, Alabama 665-1541 SHERMAN HOLLAND FORD Main Street Montevallo HILL CONCRETE SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. QUALITY READY-MIX CONCRETE RADIO DISPATCHED FLEET SUPPLYING SHELBY, SOUTH JEFFERSON, CHILTON AND BIBB COUNTIES WITH SPECIFICATION CONCRETE MONTEVALLO PLANT W. D. FRANKS, General Manager 665-1218 ALABASTER PLANT CLANTON PLANT FRANK LOGAN, Plant Manager PILL CITY W. L. FULFORD, Plant Manager 663-3481 DAVID ABBOTT 755-3930 338-3321 MONTEVALLO FOOD CENTER REXALL DRUG 128 E. Middle Jack Sims Complete Self-Service Phone: 665-1261 Food Market Your Prescription Store Try Us — You'll Like Us! CONGRATULATIONS From All of Us — To All of You Pelha M —— (Just up the road a piece) 663-0771 BLACKMON GROCERY WHALEY FURNITURE CO., INC. Montevallo Ph. 665-7243 TRIPLE J RANCH HOUSE 663-3065 In Alabaster Across from hospital Compliments of ws Lawley's Appliance AMERICAN gether SERVICE STATION Main Street Montevallo Montevallo Cab 665-299 | 266 Salem ; onteva Ilo, Ala a ama 35115 en uth of ntevallo off oe wal " Ro ad 73 in “Bibb County. M F A R M Phone 665-7711 or 665-2218 Breeders of Registered Quarter Horses and Registered Shorthorn Cattle Training, Boarding Brecding Services at Reasonable Fees Central State Bank " A Good Bank Serving Central Alabama " Member F.D.I.C. Member Federal Reserve Calera, Alabama 668-071 | BOOSTERS FALCON BOOK STORE LINEN CLOSET MERCHANT AUTO SUPPLY OLLIE MAE'S BEAUTY SHOP NADINE'S FABRIC SHOP WATSON SHELL SERVICE STATION McGaughy Lien Contractors Since 1954 Foundations Field Lines Drainage Ditches Septic Tanks Pipe Lines Leveling Montevallo, Alabama 665-1022 665-7929 MONTEVALLO The 1972 Montala LU M BER Staff wishes to thank COM PANY our advertisers for their support. : _ a nd a ia - yy G . . = , 4 4 . . rar ‘ a 3 , ° . r “I . o = - “a ? . are So 7 eS re " ian D + i

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