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MONT ALA ‘67 Decade of Decistons”’ Presented by THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL Montevallo, Alabama M.H.S. 1957 TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life Academics Activities DEGREE NOE oerianasns ons scion ako eeacant ete Soest Special Events, Awards Athletics Album ... Advertisers 1957-67: A “Decade of Decisions’. During any ten year period many changes occur and with these changes come decisions. Life at M.H.S. during the MONTALA’S first ten years has been no exception. Many choices have had to be made involving such areas as school plant, personnel, and academics. At the same time changes were occurring, decisions were being made to continue to maintain the high standards of teaching practices, administration, and _ basic school principles. M.H.S. 1967 M.H.S. Gym A decision on the part of Shelby County citizens to improve education through physical improvement of school buildings led to the most evident of changes during the past ten years. The building of a new elementary school prompted the local administration to move the junior high from the high school building and house them in a facility formerly occupied by elementary children —the Alice Boyd Building. A new gymnasium and band room were constructed and added to the high school and the interior receved some major overhauling as a new science lab was built for high school students. Alice Boyd Building Mr. Corbett confers with stu- dent in Guidance Room. Sports continue to play im- portant role with physical fit- ness emphasis. Other changes at M.H.S. may have been more subtle—but changes certainly took place! Increased emphasis on guidance, new interest in physical fitness, shift- ing of activity programs and re-introduction of Driver Education are only a few of the changes during this “Decade of Decisions”. Vocational Building Decorating for a dance is always fun! The best way to learn is by doing .. , School grounds always need “policing”’. Mrs. Frances Anthony mma The staff of the 67 MONTALA is proud to dedicate this year’s annual to a teacher who has been a wit- ness to and an active participant in the many decisions involving M.H.S. during the last ten years. Not only has she worked for the school as a whole but as a junior high teacher she has helped many a student make individual decisions regarding the high school years. Students gather around to plan end of school party. i ails ct. 4s CADEMICS aay " + . et — if When students enter the doors of Montevallo High School for the first time they find their schedules pretty well set and each student assigned to classes in each of four academic subjects—history, English, math, and _ science. Each student is also expected to take physical education and may have a choice of either band or study hall. Seventh grade homerooms are sponsored by Mr. Doug Morris, math teacher, and Mrs. Emily Pendleton, science teacher. Eighth grade sponsors are Mr. Leroy Anthony, history; Mrs. Frances Anthony, English and history, and Mrs. Caro- lyn Tolbert, English. Mrs. Anthony also sponsors a girls’ chorus while other junior high teachers have other special activities for seventh and eighth graders. Morris, Pendleton .. Anthony, F. Anthony, Tolbert : tre 4 bee se Social studies teachers, Mr. Cratie Corbett, Mr. Theron Fisher, and Mrs. Sara Cairns are well known to senior high students. As students leave the junior high they must learn to make decisions—to choose between two general areas of study, college bound and vocational. Re- gardless of which area chosen, certain subjects are required by all. Mrs. Carolyn Edfeldt, Mrs. Melba Chasteen, and Miss Vinnie Lee Walker make up the English staff at M.H.S. Journalism and speech are also offered in this area. Just as English and history is required by all, some science and math is also required by all students. How- ever, students going to college get special emphasis in these areas. Here, math teacher—Miss Kathryn Farring- ton compares notes with science teacher—Mr. Hershel Day. Typing especially is valuable to all students. Miss Susie DeMent, typing and shorthand teacher, chats with Mrs. Anne Milford, librarian. PAGE 12 Vocational subjects such as home economics and agri- culture are taken by many students. Here, Mrs. Rebec- ca McGaughy home economics teacher is served by student. Mr. Melton Thornton, agriculture teacher, is always willing and ready to help students and townspeople with their “farming” and related problems. PAGE 13 Many students elect to take band and participate in parades and concert programs. Band Director for 66-67 was Mr. William Moseley. “Almost” all girls take physical education from grades seven through twelve. Mrs. Betty Yancey is umpire as eighth grade girls play softball. PAGE 14 ‘Holding things together’ in the office is school sec- retary, Mrs. Martha McClure. Lunchroom personnel—Mrs. Ole Edwards, Mrs. Fran- ces Alexander, Mrs. Ethel Edwards, Mrs. Anita Mitchell and Mr. Harvey Riffe pose for picture. Not pictured School maintenance supervisor is Mr. Ivey Sims. is Mrs. Allen. All school activities must be guided and coordinated. Acting in this capacity at M.H.S. is school principal, Mr. Guy Mil- ford. Mr. Milford confers with assistant principal, Mr. Cratie Corbett. diplomas is one of principal's more pleasant tasks. Awarding of Presiding at weekly faculty meetings is only one of many jobs as principal. PAGE 16 Guy Milford, School Principal Desk work is always available for the busy school principal. PAGE 17 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MONTALA STAFF National Honor Society members are those students from the eleventh and twelfth grades who have exhibited high school standards of scholarship, leader- ship, character and service. Serving as President during the 1966-67 school year was Barry Hicks. Other officers were Vice-President, Lynn Rotenberry; Secretary, Lucile Lovelady and Treasurer, Joan Anthony. Primarily a service organization, one of the 66-67 projects was providing free baby sitting service during Parent-Teacher Association meetings. Another pro- ject is the editing of the school yearbook—the MONTALA. Staff positions for 67 were Barry Hicks and Mary Ann Parker, Co-Editors; Joan Anthony, Business Manager; Paula Allen, Sandra Albright, Advertising Editors; Margie Scott, Sand- ra Sproul, Club Editors; Richard Tingle, Sports Editor; Larry Popwell, Acade- mics Editor; Lynn Rotenberry, Pam Pickett, Class Editors; and Lucile Lovelady, Feature Editor. Special cover design and art work were contributed by Mrs. Cis- sie Orr Fleming, class of 1960. Sandra Albright Paula Allen Joan Anthony Barry Hicks Lucile Lovelady Mary Ann Parker Pam Pickett Larry Popwell Lynn Rotenberry Margie Scott Sandra Sproul Richard Tingle PAGE 20 TRI-HI-Y Pictured above (left to right) first row: C. Dennis, P. Fochtmann, L. Byrd, L. Miller, C. Majors, S. Kimbrell, B. J. Barclay, E. Taylor, S. Eddings, E. Scott. Second row: G. Hay- nie, L. Frost, P. Hurt, B. Morris, D. Vining, N Strother, S. Winslett, D. Finley, J. Bird- song, R. Mims, A. Franklin. Third row: S. Anderson, G. Lucas, M. Lucas, D. Bearden, M. Lewis, D. Ward, B. Brown, A. Simpson, P. Nix, J. Nordan, C. McClure, J. Reid, W. Molgedie Forth row: R. Harper, J. Holsomback, J. Draper, S. Kemp, C. Alexander, D. Pack, A. Mitchell, M. Robinson, B. Harper, K. Steele, a Jackson, P. Kish, W. Tingle. Fifth row: T. Baker, H. Lucas, C. Edwards, K. Kieth, B. Mobley, P. Bearden, C. Frost, D. Nabors, D. Lawler, A. Mahaffey, C. Lagrone, S. Crowe, D. Reynolds, A. Goad, R. Van Tuyll, J. Smitherman. Tri-Hi-Y is another service organization in the school. 1966-67 activities in- cluded making homeroom sewing kits, sponsoring the Easter Seal Drive, and providing a week of homeroom devotionals. Officers shown below are President, Linda Byrd; Vice-President, Connie Majors; Treasurer, Sharon Kimbrell; Chaplain, Loy Miller; and Secretary, Members Byrd, Greene, Frost, Kimbrell and Brenda Greene. Majors get ready for March of Dimes Drive. BUSINESS CLUB THE BUSINESS CLUB IS NOW IN SESSION. Right — Connie Majors, Bobby Bean, Debbie Vining, Patsy Kish, Carey Pickett. Below—Sandra Albright, Wanda Tingle, Lonnie Thompson The Business Club is composed of seniors enrolled in any of the busi- ness subjects offered at MHS. Programs are designed to enrich the business courses and introduce mem- bers to requirements of the business world, OFFICERS President Brenda Greene Vice President Carey Pickett Secretary-Treasurer Ann Franklin Sponsor Miss Susie DeMent President Brenda Greene and Spon- sor Miss Susie DeMent check Ann Franklin's secretary-treasurer'’s report. WHAT DOOR TO SO WIL Lynn Rotenberry, David Nichols, and Doug Jones use the bulletin board to indicate future plans. STUDENT COUNCIL Dede eda 72211040040 » ee et ie) ey Tih Fu ; rad iy ; - The Student Council is composed of members from the seventh through the twelfth grades. Elected by homerooms each fall, the representatives meet bi-monthly to discuss school busi- ness under the direction of sponsor - Mrs. Sarah Cairns. Members shown are Margie Scott, Judy Smitherman, Debbie Cunningham, Sandra Cannon, Beth Anthony, Glenda Haynie, Lynn Rotenberry, Judy Nordon, Jan Birdsong, Steve Arledge, Danny Wyatt, Thomas Can- non, Tommy Arledge, Johnny Stewart, Jimmy Brown, Art Bolton, Jimmy Lawley and Larry Popwell. Officers shown below are Jimmy Lawley, Treas- urer; Margie Scott, President; Thomas Cannon, Vice-President; Judy Smitherman, Secretary; Lar- ry Popwell, Chaplain, and Beth Anthony, Parlia- mentarian. President Margie Scott checks meeting outline before opening business — session. While serving as student body leader Mar- gie captured the “Good Citizenship Girl” title and was also named a semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Contest. PAGE 23 i Editor, SPOT iGH T pa om 4 x 5 mo 8 | E ow SF Ass000— Production of SPOTLIGHT is both an art and a craft. One complements the other to achieve an award-winning publi- Member 1954-67 cation recognized as one of the top mimeographed news- papers in the nation. Each Spotlighter is a reporter whose All-American 1961-67 BRENDA MOBLEY, JUDY KAY HOLSOMBACK und) THOMAS first responsibility is to present the school community news NIX proofread ‘ermacile: an with truth and accuracy. RICHARD TINGLE takes paper from Sports Editor JOHN MOB- LEY. Advisor MRS. CAROLYN EDFELDT hold finished copy from new mimeograph machine for which Spotlighters paid one third of purchase. LARRY POPWELL supervises LINDA BYRD at the mimeoscope while JUDY KAY HOLSOMBACK offers different lettering guides. Advisor MISS SUSIE DEMENT checks out a story with Typist BARBARA HYDE as Junior Editor SARAH WEAVER dummies copy. DONNA REYNOLDS sells the pa- per to her twin sisters in the elemen tary school. She is aided by LINDA BYRD. BENDA MOBLEY and JUDY HOR- TON mail local and _ out-of-town subscriptions. AWARDS DAY winners SARAH WEAVER, RICHARD TINGLE, and JOHN MOBLEY compare trophies while advisors look on. PHYLLIS LOGAN audits stock LAGRONE delivers SPOT- to downtown subscriber Mrs. Joe Meyer at the Elizabeth Shop. SPOTLIGHTERS admire bright marquee welcome sign at Sheraton Motor Inn where Spring Banquet was held. ALL AMERICAN SPOTLIGHT MONTEVALLO HIGH FUTURE FARMERS OF Members (left to right) L. Horton, ers, student teacher. Row 2: J. somback, B. Simmons, M. Emfinger, L. Picket, A. Nannini, W. Moore, J. Jones, D. Phillips, ¢ monge, R. Hall. Greenhands (left to right): L. J. Smitherman. J. Kromer. Mr. Thornton, sponsor, H. Edwards, P. Knowles, R. Fochtmann, W. Leonard, L. Knowles, J. Row 2: B. Frye, J. Barrow, T. Harris, AMERICA Czeskleba, | Lovejoy, R. Alexander, T. Vernon, L. Thompson, B. Hicks, Carlee, L. R MOTTO Bl) es DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE PAGE 26 J. McGaughy, A. J. Emfinger, W. Nichols, L. Boothe, B. Carlee, B. Bearden, John Paul Rog- Leonard, L. Rice, G. Martin, R. Goggins, L. Thompson, B. Ingram, W. Majors, L. Vaughn, R. 5 ; ‘An Honor Roll Chapter’’ FFA Seniors: A. Boothe, C. Harris, B. Hall, D. Bearden, J. D. Rogers (student teacher), J. Mobley, D. Jones, L. Thompson, B. Hicks, J. Leonard, and C. Pickett. FFA officers: Bill Joe Hall; Clem Harris, Assistant Advisor; Robert Horton, President; Paul Knowles, Vice President; Ricky Fochtmann, 2nd Vice President; Walt Czeskleba, Assistant Secretary; Jimmy Emfinger, Sen- tinel; Wayne Nichols, Reporter; Alvin Boothe; Henry Edwards, Chaplain; Jimmy McGaugh Milton Em- finger; Lewis Vernon, Assistant Treasurer; Ronnie Hall; Larry Bearden, Secretary; and Billy Allen, Assist- ant Advisor. PAGE 27 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Left to right, Ist row: Mrs. McGaughy, C. Frost, C. Edwards, P. ler, L. Orr, P. Kish, B. Boothe, J. Brantley, B. Jarvis, B. Morris, C. Dennis, P. Fochtmann, B. Crowe, D. Vining, L. Rotenberry, S. Taylor, H. Lucas, D. Law- Row 2: L. Miller, D. Pack, Haynie, J. Anthony, D. O'Neal, B. Anthony, P. Bearden, B. J. Barclay, P. Hurt. Row 3: A. Smith, M. Lucas, §. Morgan, C. Horton, B. Moreland, F. Smith, D. Lawley, N. Wooley, M. Green, B. Parker, Birdsong, R. Mims. Row 4: C. Alexander, M. Scott, L. Partridge, H. Bowden, D. Finley, J. D. Phillips, B. Horton, T. Harrell, K. Varden, K. Green, L. Majors, K. Keith D. Russell, D. Ward, B. Brown, A. Simpson, J. Nor- dan, C. McClure. Row 5: P. Allen, D. Bearden, T. Baker, G. Lucas, S. Winslett, Darden, D. Boyd, B. Hatcher, D. Hall, B. Harper, M. Parker, A. Knowles, M. Barkley. Row 6: E. Eddings, D. Nabors, L. Lovelady, M. Lewis, N. Strother, P. Robinson, S. Sproul, M. C. Majors, L. Frost, D. Rochester, L. Barrow, S. Holsomback, J. Horton, S. Jones, P. Guy, S. Edfeldt, J. Putnam, C. Parker, M. L. Reeder, L. Seaman, M. Johnston, P. Nix, K. Steele. PAGE 28 FHA is an organization for girls who have either taken or are cur- rently enrolled in Home Economics. Officers shown are Treasurer, Lu- cile Lovelady; 1st Vice-President, Paula Allen; Parliamentarian, Deb- bie Ward; Secretary, Lynn Frost; 2nd Vice-President, Joan Anthony; Historian, Anita Mitchell; Corre- sponding Secretary, Peggy Sue Hurt; Recreation Leader, Tisia Baker; President, Margie Scott; Recreation Leader, Hattie Lucas; and Historian, Sandra Eddings. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Left to right, bottom to top, Row 1: L. Miller, C. Frost, S. Weaver, B. Mobley, B. Morris, B. Barclay, S. Anderson, D. Finley, L. Anderson, H. Lucas. Row 2: B. Breene, S. Kimbrell, J. Horton, S. Kemp, M. Mc- Culley, P. Pickett, P. Hurt, A. Franklin, L. Frost, C. Edwards. Row 3: L. Rotenberry, L. Lovelady, E. Tay- lor, P. Kish, D. Lawley, B. Brown, P. Fochtmann, D. Ward, T. Baker. Row 4: S. Winslett, A. Rana, S. Crowe, D. Reynolds, S. Sproul, C. Majors, P. Bearden, S. Eddings, K. Steele. Row 5: C. Lagrone, S. Jack- son, R. Van Tuyll, L. Byrd, J. Anthony, G. Haynie, L. Boothe. Row 6: A. Simpson, A. Mahaffey, T. Jack- son, M. Scott, M. Robinson, A. Mitchell, M. Parker. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Carolyn Edfeldt, FTA is one of the most active clubs at MHS. During the 1966-67 year officers Lynn Rotenberry, President; Paula Allen, Vice-President; Glenda Haynie, Treasurer; and Brenda Greene, Secretary; led the group as they participated in many activities—including “teacher teas” and the presentation of “teacher gifts” during “Teacher Appreciation Week.” Shown at right with Mrs. Edfeldt are President Rotenberry and Sandra Al- bright—elected at the State Convention at Miss State FTA. PAGE 29 JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE 7 — | es - ee Tas ACE es ee) tag ee a Parr Lf Members pictured above are Thomas Nix, Mr. Day, sponsor, Jerry McGaughy, Thomas Cannon, Steve Ar- ledge, Clay Nordan, Terry Carter, Jimmy Lawley, Barry Hicks, Larry Popwell, Linda Byrd, Renee Van Tuvll, Ellen Scott, and Phil McEntee. Officers Clay Nordan, Jerry McGaughy, and Jimmy Dr. William A. Maddox, Chief Surgeon, University Lawley prepare for meeting Medical Center, speaks to club members. PAGE 30 One of this year's biology projects was the planting of young trees on the school campus. Members shown looking over new growth are: Seated, P. Russell, J. Birdsong, R. Mims, B. Barclay. Standing: D. Finley, P. Bearden, D. Reynolds, W. Nichols, L. Horton, B. Brown, C. Frost, J. Horton. Linda Byrd, club president, confers with sponsor, Mr. Hershel Day. PAGE 31 oS oe pet Se cs i ae pala emer a veo ee Pet RI ye ene 9 em Always “ready to move” are cheerleaders Pickett, McClure, Reynolds, Crowe, Byrd, Lucas, and Allen. Cheerleaders get “Up in the Air” CHEERLEADERS Head Cheerleader Byrd knows when she’s outnumbered! PAGE 32 Sade i ae Hattie Lucas Linda Byrd, Head Cheerleader Chery! McClure Pam Pickett Susan Crowe Sponsor: Mrs. Betty Yancey Paula Allen Donna Reynolds PAGE 33 Bottom ond row N. Morris, lady, P D. O'Neal, Cunningham, man, D GIRLS’ row CHORUS Edwards, S. Sears, R. Bell, D. Owens, G. Jarvis, L. Parker. Sec- Winslett, P. Wyatt, D. Rochester, S. Edfeldt, J. Gray, B. Smitherman, K. Bice, J. Shipley, B. Bigger, T. Harris, B. Eddings, P. Love- McEntee, J. Murray, J. Putnam. Fourth row: R. Bearden, Lovelady, S. Lagrone, P. Benton, J. Corbett, P. Guy, B. Kauf Girls’ Chorus members come from the seventh and eighth grades and are directed by Mrs. Frances An- thony. Working during the activity period and after school, the group annually prepares two concerts—a Christmas concert and Spring program. Officers pic- tured are Jeanetta Corbett, Debbie Cunningham, and Marilynn Winslett. PAGE 34 “M” Club is for boys who have lettered in one or more of the major sports. Members shown are (left to right): J. Lovelady, T. Nix, E. Simpson, L. Popwell, S. Spears, B. White, D. Jones, D. Bearden, J. Law- ley, J. Jackson, W. Nichols, J. Brown, D. Bennett, D. Payne, P. Knowles, C. Pickett, J. Meyer, M. Taylor. Sponsor is Mr. Theron Fisher “M” CLUB Officers (left to right): D. Jones, Vice President; J. Lawley, President; T. Nix, Secretary-Treasurer. PAGE 35 LIBRARY CLUB Ist row (left to right): P. Fochtmann, J. Hyde, B. Nelson, D. Nabors, B son, B. Holsomback, B. Morris. 2nd row: D. Holsomback, P. Nix, S. Bridges, $. Kemp, S. Jackson, D. Law- ley, S. Lutz, B. Boothe, N. Goggins, S$. Anderson, M. Parker. 3rd row: S. Allen, R. Harper, N. Boothe, S. Edwards, J. Horton, J. Bice, T. Hood, A. Mahaffey, B. Mobley, J. Holsomback, J. Draper, A. Goad, D. Bear- den. 4th row: J. Culp, R. Greene, T. Pickett, B. Simmons, G. Martin, M. Guthrie, G. Haynie, J. Reid, W. Molgedei, D. Spain, P. Gentry, B. Cochran. Sth row: G. Muehlbauer, J. Thomas, B. Barrett, R. Yancey, J. Surface, D. McGaughy, B. Jarvis, J. Brantley, A. Hoffman, W. Bice, M. Lucas, A. Smith, G. Lucas. Lawley, J. Smitherman, A. Simp- Being one of the larger school groups, the Library Club decided to divide into two sections for the 1966-67 school year. Officers for Mrs. Chasteen’s group: Gary Muehlbauer, Officers for Mrs. Milford’s group: Judy Holsomback, Jimmy Culp, Pleasia Fochtmann, and Rick Yancey. Judy Draper, Barbara Morris, and Sherry Anderson. | PAGE 36 JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB The Junior High Science Club is composed of members from the seventh and eighth grades and is spon- sored by Mrs. Emily Pendleton. Officers during the 1966-67 year were Vikki Lawley, President; Debbie Cunningham, Vice-President; and Judy Lien, Secretary-Treasurer. Members shown above are D. Boyd, K. Fullman, D. Adkins, L. Barrow, R. Merijanian, R. David, N. Price, S, Pickett, V. Cardone, J. McEntee, D. Smitherman, D. Norton, D. Lucas, R. Bearden, S. Sproul, K. Bice, D. Os, D. Cunningham, V. Lawley, and J. Lien. One of the major club activities is keeping up to date with current science developments. Here, club mem- bers look over science news. Pictured are S. Sears, P. Lovelady, J. Gray, C. Brown, J. Miller, B. Bigger, S. Scott, B. Smitherman, S. Strickland, P. Brown, J. Rasberry, C. Sims, M. Nix, N. Hubbard, L. Boyd, and N. Morris. PAGE 37 JUNIOR HIGH MATH CLUB Sponsored by Mr. Doug Morris, the Junior H school year to discuss the New Math” and to school work. Shown above with their sponsor are Hamilton, Winslett, Boyd, Stone, L. Otts, Wor McCulley, Merijanian, Tinsley, Lightfoot, Hall, Nathews, Criswell, Corbett and Cunningham zh Math deal with members ley, Edwards, Middlebrooks, PAGE 38 Montevallo High School FLUTES Beth Anthony Judy Lein Brenda Mobley Courtney Parker Susan Scott Lolly Seaman Patricia Wyatt CLARINETS Carol Alexander Martha Sue Barclay Pam Brown Peggy Edwards Peggy Sue Hurt Melissa Knowles Mary Lewis Lucille Lovelady Patti Lovelady Loy Miller Peggy Nix Debbie Pack Jan Plant Mary Lou Reeder Ellen Scott Adelle Simpson Becky Smitherman Judy Smitherman Sandra Sproul Steve Taylor Debbie Ward OBOE Dian Lawler Eb CLARINET Lynn Rotenberry Bb BASS CLARINET Lynn Frost BASSOON Sandra Cannon ALTO SAXOPHONE Joan Anthony Carol Brown Joe Lovelady Sammy Strickland Nellie Gray Strother TENOR SAXOPHONE Ruby Bell Anne Goad Kay Green David Seaman BARITONE SAX Bobby Ingram TRUMPETS Thomas Cannon Jimmy Culp Jeanetta Corbett Debbie Cunningham Dee Dee Garrett William Grady Joe Miller Jerry McGaughy Clay Nordan Cathy Sims John Stewart Karen Varden Sharon Winslett Marilynn Winslett TROMBONES Troy Crisswell Mike Guthrie Beverly Harper Phil McEntee Mary Ann Parker Billy Taylor Debbie Vining BARITONE David McGaughy M. J. Otts FRENCH HORN Jan Birdsong Sharon Bridges Jeffery Gray Nora Hubbard Mary Johnston Laurie Orr Sally Sears Director Band BASSES Mike Nix Thomas Nix Jimmy Surface PERCUSSION Betty Jane Barclay Nancy Barclay Billy Barrett Carolyn Frost Jennie Lucas Robbie Mims Bobbie Parker Margie Scott TIMPANI Judy Nordan BAND OFFICERS Ist Vice President President Librarian Manager Treasurer Freshman Representative 2nd Vice President Sophomore Representative Head Majorette William Mosley Jerry McGaughy Clay Nordan Thomas Nix M. Jj. Otts Mary Ann Parker Dian Lawler Betty Jane Barclay Mary Ellen Lewis Joan Anthony Wind ensemble poses for “formal” portrait. “Super” salesmen get together fol- lowing fund raising campaign for stereo tape recorder. Members Smitherman, Ward, Scott, and Rotenberry—four from All-State wind quintet. PIElace Majorettes pose on front steps Debbie Pack Joan Anthony-Head Mary Ellen Lewis ee Carolyn Frost Beth Anthony Loy Miller HOMECOMING 1966 “Autumn Leaves Comer Cold” was the theme as MHS alumni returned for the annual Home- coming event. Actual preparation began several weeks in advance as Student Council members made plans and appointed committees. A contest for the best theme idea and election of Home- coming Queen sparked the planning stage. Festivities began with a Thursday night pep. rally which was followed on Friday by a parade, ballgame, dance, and alumni coffee hour. Bonfire leaps upward! Yea Bulldogs! Paula jumps high on Thursday night PAGE 42 CLT a Uy Pe _ Queen Lucile Lovelady and her and Carolyn Frost court Freshmen say “Eat Lynn Rotenberry, ‘Em Up Bulldogs” PAGE 43 NW : : SANNA if YW) fj | Ann Franklin, Debbie Cunningham to capture best car title Bulldog number 12 Cheerleaders introduce Bull- dogs at Pre Game Ceremony. Bulldogs fall before Comer foes. PAGE 44 Queen Lucile receives cro The Queen and her co An annual event at M.H.S. is the Valentine Dance, sponsor ed by local band boosters, to raise additional revenue for the band. This year Miss Adelle Simpson was crowned Montevallo’s Miss Valentine while music was provided by “The Mechanical Advantage” and “The Kiwanians”. With the theme of “Love Makes the World Go Round” Mrs. Arthur Bolton directed band members in decorating for the event « Miss Valentine— The Queen of Hearts The Queen's Court Queen Adelle receives crown from last year’s Queen Susan Lovelady and flowers from di rector Mr Mosely o Everybody has fun at the Feb- ruary affair. Py - ae tic 7 | a a | } = Decorating is at least “half” the fun. Welcome to Shangri-La. Friendly dancing. Dragon oversees evening PAGE 48 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Under the guidance of Junior sponsors—Mrs. Sara Cairns and Mr. Hershel Day—students developed their own “Shangri-La” for one spring evening of always to be remembered entertainment. “Sayonara” will come soon and guests en- joy last dancce. SPECIAL EVENTS Many special events fall during the year at MHS. Following Home- coming, one of the first of these during the 66-67 year was a special assembly sponsored by the Student Council for awards. An annual event for the Junior Class is_ the magazine sale. Shown at right are top salesmen—Betty Jane Barclay, Donnie Payne, Nellie Strother, and Loy Miller. Soon after Thanksgiving, plans got underway for Christmas at school. The Tri-Hi-Y annually sponsors a best decorated door con- test and many rooms and classes plan special parties as well. Classes also contribute toward boxes fot “needy” families and raise money for Christmas Seals. After a_ bricf Christmas holiday, classes once more resumed and special assenib- lies and outside events occurred. Two Spring activities are the an- nual cheerleader clinic climaxed by the selection of Junior Cheerleaders and the Blue-Orange Football game following Spring Training. Cheer- leaders selected this year were Dian Lawler, Cherie Horton, Shirlene Morgan, Patti Lovelady, Patricia Wyatt, Marilyn Winslett, Nancy Barclay and Judy Lien. 1957-67: A “Decade of Distinction” for AWARDS DAY All-A scholars beam as they show off academic letters won on Awards Day. Pictured are Dian Lawler, Deb- bie Ward, Sandra Cannon, Thomas Cannon, Linda Anderson, Ellen Scott, Judy Draper, Teresa Jackson, Mar- gie Scott, Adelle Simpson, Mary Mc- Culley, Judy Smitherman and Sarah Weaver Voted by the band as “Most Outstanding Musician” and “Outstanding Senior Band Member” are Betty Jane Barclay and Joan Anthony. Receiving Phys. Ed. awards from Mrs. Betty Yancey were Debbie Bearden and Rita Boothe. PAGE 50 Double congratulations are in order for Dr. John B. Walters, Awards Day speaker and Miss Susie Dement, permanent Awards Day chairman and coordinator Shown with trophies and sponsors—Mr. Cratie Danforth winners Larry Popwell, Linda Corbett and Miss Anne Milford—are Good Byrd, and Joan Anthony examine prize Sportsmanship winner, Larry Popwell, and Tri-Hi- books. Y award winner, Linda Byrd. PAGE 51 Many Students Earn SPECIAL AWARDS in 66-67 Ee a vt Girls and Boys State delegates shown are Judy Smitherman, Thomas Nix, Thomas Can- non, B. C. Crocker, Ed Simpson, Wayne Ni- chols, Donnie Payne and alternate Debbie Bearden. Awarding the school in the form of checks from the students are Donnie Payne and Jimmy Lawley. Mr. Mil- ford accepts for the curtain fund! Local and county spelling champ is Rita Bear- den shown above with sponsor, Mrs. Carolyn Tolbert and school runner-up, Terry Middle- brooks. County typing champs are shown below along with trophies won at Alabama College meet. Pictured are Sarah Weaver, Peggy Sue Hurt, Waltraud Molgedei and Janelle Reid ila WELK PAGE 52 School and County Beef Cook-off winner is Betty Jane Barclay shown second from left in “practice session” home economics kitchen. Betty Jane Barclay and Debbie Ward pose with instruments which will accompany them as they travel to Auburn as Summer Scholarship winners to the Institute for Musically Talented High School Students. PAGE 53 Anita Mitchell displays posture top spots in her one of the Queen” contest first runner the up. which county won for “Posture Senior Who’s Who -_ This year, fourteen categories were filled as seniors nominated and then voted by secret ballot for their own “Who’s Who " . Winners were announced at a March Who's Who Dance sponsored jointly by the Senior Class and the National Honor Society. a N KK WAN We it PROPETEE VePeE re Most Courteous: Patsy Kish and David Nichols. Friendliest: Pam Pickett and Barry Hicks. Laziest: Best Sense of Humor: Sandra Albright and Bill Surface (not pictured). Billy Muehlbauer and Brenda Greene Most School Spirit: Paula Allen and Larry Popwell. Most Athletic: Danny Bearden and Wanda Tingle. HE BULLDOGS — PAGE 54 Most Likely to Succeed Art Bolton and Joan Anthony. Most Valuable to the School: Peggy Sue Hurt and Richard Tingle. Best Dancers: Connie Majors and Jerry McGaughy. Best Dressed: Lynn Frost and Bobby Bean. PAGE 55 Best All-Around: Lynn Rotenberry and Jimmy Lawley. Best Looking: Carey Pickett and Lucile Lovelady. Best Personality: Lonnie Thompson and Barbara Morris. Most Intellectual: Margie Scott and Clay Nordan. PAGE 56 GRADUATION Graduation for Montevallo’s forty-nine seniors came on May 25 with Reverend Richard Crowe of the Mon- tevallo Baptist Church delivering the address. Follow- ing the ceremony, senior mothers honored the grad- uates with a tea in Reynolds Hall. Class President, Jimmy Lawley discusses plans with Rev Joe Pack Arnold, Larry Popwell, and Rev. Richard Crowe Seniors get final instructions from sponsor Miss Walker. All ready for the big event! PAGE 57 President Jimmy Lawley welcomes parents and friends. Mr. Ted Pritchett directs class members in singing while Margie Scott accompanies. th ew atint ts vet:seeerocmtedan os PAGE 58 delivers address Pam Pickett receives diploma from principal Mr. Guy Milford Parents and friends enjoy Senior Reception. PAGE 59 FOOTBALL ’66 Back row (left to right): Bruce Reynolds, Bill White, B. C. Crocker, Carey Pickett, Jimmy Jackson, David Bennett, Jimmy Elree Price, Danny Bearden, Steve Spears, Bill Morris, Ricky Yancey, Ray Bearden, Gary Martin, Montevallo rolled to an easy win in their first game of the season by trouncing Vincent, 25-6. Ed Simpson and Doug Jones led the at- tack, putting MHS ahead 18-0 at the half. Larry Kelly scored in the third quarter for the lone Yellowjacket tally, followed by a Bull- dog pass from Simpson to Jimmy Brown cap the scoring. to Gerald and Brown, and Tommy Bobby Scott, and Mitchell Spears. Mark Middle Doug Jones, Front row Simpson, Robinson, Thomas Nix. Billy Joe Hall, Jimmy Lawley. Arledge, Ed Taylor, row Joe Lovelady, Cleft to right): Donnie Payne, (left to right): Larry Popwell, Chelsea, a new team in high school footbali, became the Bulldog’s second victim, kneeling 35-6. Larry Popwell and Steve Spears had an explosive night, each extracting two TD's from the Hornets defense. After other Bulldog aa- ditions of six points by Carey Pickett and a safety by Paul Knowles, the Hornets finally stung on the last play of the game with a six- pointer by Stanley Smith. battle swing. Homecoming into full gets PAGE 60 Bulldogs move school football. (C); Billy Joe (HB). Front and Carey to high Lawley These seniors farewell to right, standing: Jimmy Mark Taylor (T); Doug den (LB); Larry Popwell Say Jones (HB); The Warriors of Thompson sunk Monteval- lo’s hopes for a perfect season as they were 12 6 victors. Henry McQueen, Warrior's “Big Chief’’, led his tribe to the end zone on 94 and 70 yard drives. Ed Simpson supplied the only Bulldog TD. Quarter-back Larry Ready led Clanton past : I Montevallo 22-12. A 44 yard pass from Ed caught they the field as up From Hall Danny Pickett Ct PAGE 61 lefi Cr}; Bear- yi Simpson to Larry Popwell and a six point in- terception by Carey Pickett summed up the Bulldog scoring. The Jemison Panthers caught the injury- plagued Bulldogs off guard for the first rime in 19 years and laid it on thick, 30-0. Jimmy Ward and Jack Tillery were Panther standouts. Preparing for the Joe Hall, son, Billy Lawley, Dor During a dressing Doug Jones, “foe” are (left to right) Jimmy Jack- head coach Theron Fisher, Jimmy nnie Payne, and Danny Bearden. The Tigers of B. B. Comer handed the Bull- dogs their 4th straight defeat in a 20-0 home- coming beating. David Blanchard and Mike Hatchett did the scoring for Comer despite Bulldog defense standouts Billy Joe Hall, B. C. Crocker, Steve Spears, and Carey Pickett. The Shelby Co. Wildcats lived up to their name as they clawed Montevallo, 54-33. They failed to light up the scoreboard until the third quarter when Thomas Nix trotted 15 yards to pay dirt. Doug Jones scored seconds discussion, Billy Bearden can't be room Danny Joe Hall, and convinced. Larry Popwell (sitting) and Hall Billy for a rugged work-out. Joe later, taking advantage of a Wildcat fumble. Danny Bearden, Larry Popwell, and Jimmy Brown went on to score six each in the 4th quarter. Montevallo just couldn’t match the altitude set by the Eagles of Calera and suffered, 27- 12. The Bulldogs jumped ahead when Ed Simpson sneaked in from Calera’s one. Danny Bearden covered 29 yards in the 4th quarter for MHS'’s final six. James Cost and Kenneth Ledbetter led the Eagle attack. No! They're not collecting four-leaf clovers! right, Danny Bearden, Billy Joe Hall, ley are lacing their shoes. prepare Left to and Jimmy Law- Doug jersey Carey Popwell fouls Wildcat Larry would be After going dry for six games, the Bulldogs finally struck water at Verbena. After chang- ing the lead several times, the score stood 20- 19 at the closing seconds of the game. QB id Simpson found himself on the Blue Devil nine with time for one play. He decided to run and run he did, strowing Verbena defen- ders along the sidelines until he reached pay dirt and a 25-20 Bulldog victory. Jones gets help with his from Mark Taylor as Pickett supervises. a TD. MHS's coaching staff: Charlie Martin, and Coach Cratie Corbett. Montevallo grabbed an early lead in their final game of the season but couldn’t hold on as Cordova swamped them, 34-6. Carey Pickett pulled in a seven yard pass from Ed Simpson for the sole Bulldog pay-off. Ronnie Gurgan- us, Gary Cox, and Joel Gilbert were Red Devil standouts. Left to right. Head Coach Tehron Fisher, Coach BASKETBALL z Members of the “A” team are, standing, left to right, Ed Simpson, David Bennett, Carey Pickett, Doug Jones, Jerry McGaughy, and Eddie Lovelady. Kneeling, left to right, Coach Cratie Corbett, Jimmy Brown, Larry Popwell, Art Bolton, and Manager Gary Richardson. “A” TEAM — BASKETBALL MHS Thompson 58 Shelby Cou nty 48 Indian Springs 76 Vincent 62 Chelsea 32 Calera 78 B. B. Comer 77 (Mid State Conference) Jemison 55 West Blocton 45 Thompson 58 Calera 85 Thompson 52 Thompson 36 (County Tournament) Jemison 60 Vincent 64 Chelsea 49 Winfield 80 Guin 67 Jemison $1 Jemison 68 Jemison 80 (Area Tournament) PAGE 64 CAREY Led in rebounding and scoring, respectively. JERRY McGAUGHY Contributed height determination. and PICKETT—Center tallying -Forward a winning LARRY POPWELL—Guard 213 and 224 Fastest man on the team which he used to his advant- age by being the leader in the number of steals. He came in 3rd in scoring with 207 points. SENIOR CAGERS ART BOLTON—Guard Played exceptionally well on man-to- man defense. DOUG JONES—Forward Best outside shooter and 2nd scoring with 208 points. in “B” teamers, closing the season one game below .500, are: standing, left to right, Bobby Scott, Wayne Nichols, Thomas Nix, Gerald Robinson, Joe Lovelady, Leslie Mathison, and Jimmy Surface. Kneeling, left to right, Jimmy Youtz, Terry Davis, Bill Nathews, Ricky Yancey, Danny Wyatt, Anthony Thompson, Wayne Pickett, and Dennis Glosson. “B " TEAM BASKETBALL MHS Shelby Co. 16 18 Vincent 19 Indian Springs 24 Chelsea 32 Calera 39 Jemison 38 Vincent 18 Thompson 31 Calera 38 Thompson 38 Calera 35 (County Tournament) Shelby Co. 34 (County Tournament) Jemison 23 Vincent 31 Chelsea 37 McAdory 30 McAdory JR. TEAM BASKETBALL Thirteen Bullpups, many of them “B " ” teamers, made up the junior team. They are: standing, left to right, Frank Lightfoot, Gary Martin, Jimmy Surface, Joe Lovelady, Danny Wyatt, and Joe Miller. Kneeling, left to right, Terry Davis, Anthony Thompson, Ricky Yancey, Dennis Glosson, Wayne Pickett, Bill Nathews, and Stan Winslett. Members of this year’s MHS Baseball team—the Mid-State champs—are: Top row, left to right, Mitchell Spears, Phillip Harper, Mike Sims, Bill White, Wayne Nichols, and Steve Spears. Middle row: Terry Davis, David Watson, David Bennett, Larry Popwell, Gary Martin, and David Nichols. Bottom row: Coach Theron Fisher, Wayne Pickett, Charlie Stano, Joe Lovelady, Jimmy Brown, and Jimmy Thomas. One of the youngest baseball teams Coach Theron Fisher has ever fielded has paid big dividends—a 14-2 season and the title Mid-State champs. What the boys lacked in experience, they made up with determination, self-discipline, and superb coaching. “Before the season, I didn’t think they would win over three games because they were so young,” recalled Coach Fisher, “but they've hustled and showed the winning spirit—a winning combination.” The team also found it pays to win. In this case, it was a free trip to At- lanta to watch the Braves. Marion Jemison Vincent Shelby County Indian Springs Marion Jemison Calera Indian Springs Vincent Clanton Clanton Vincent Vincent Jemison Calera Wayne Nichols, selected in Clanton to appear in State East-West game in Birmingham, discusses pitching with Steve Spears and Larry Popwell, alternate. Mid-State Tournament PAGE 67 Junior Wayne Nichols promises to be a big factor Larry Popwell, Senior, also made a name for him- on next year's team just as he was this year with self on the mound as a southpaw. He chalked up 6 his 8-0 record. During the 52 2 3 innings this big victories to only one defeat for 43 innings, southpaw pitched, 113 were struck out with ony 12 striking out 48. crossing home plate, giving Wayne a low 1.9 era. Coach Theron Fisher has completed his 20th year at MHS as head coach and has made it one of his best ever. During the two decades, he has had 18 winning seasons, classifying him as one of the top coaches in the state. PAGE 68 MHS's representatives to the State track meet in Au- burn. (L-R) Larry Popwell, Thomas Nix, and Jim- my Lawley. County Meet Sparked by Larry Popwell, MHS's track team took second place in the Shelby County Track Meet. Popwell came through with a blue ribbon in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. The relay team, composed of Thomas Nix, Bill Nathews, Elree Price, and Popwell also placed first in the 440 and 880 relays. Jimmy Lawley tossed the discus 99 feet to the winner's circle at this meet. Mid-State Meet MHS trackmen continued their winning ways at Mid-State. Larry Popwell again came through in the 100 and 220 dashes while Thomas Nix knocked 1.2 seconds off the 440 re- cord with a blazing 55.7 run. Later, Popwell and Nix combined speeds with Bill Nathews and Elree Price to shorten the 880 relay record 1.7 seconds to 1:39.5 and finish first in the 440 relay. Sectional Meet The Sectional Meet at Legion Field saw Jimmy Lawley hurl the shot put 39.8 feet to take first in that event. Meanwhile, on the track, Thomas Nix and Larry Popwell were leav- ing their competitors in dust. Larry won the 100 yard dash in a photo finish and took the 220 with ten yards to spare. Thomas, 440 speedster, captured second in his event. State Meet In Auburn, Larry Popwell, suffering from a pulled leg muscle, sprinted 220 yards in 23.2 seconds to take a state title. Jimmy Lawley and Thomas Nix also represented MHS at State. PAGE 69 S | Beginning with registration, the life of a senior is filled with memorable events. The se- EN ORS lection of the senior “elite” marks one of the highlights of the school year. Shown above are some of the winners as announced at the spring Who's Who Dance. Pictured left to right are Joan Anthony, Art Bolton, Lucile Lovelady, Carey Pickett, Jimmy Lawley, Lynn Rotenberry, San- dra Albright, and Paula Allen. SANDRA ALBRIGHT—Business Club 4; FHA 1,2,3,4,Jr., Chap. and § e Degrees; Teacher Appreciation Week Chairman 3; TA 1,2,3,4, Secretary Parliamentarian i, Delegate to State FTA Convention 3,4, State Miss FTA i; Student Chairman PTA Open House 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Montala Staff 4, Advertising Manager: Per- fect Attends 1,2 senior Who's Who, Laziest; Spot- light Staff Tri-Hi- 2; Citizenship Essay Winner 3; County Government Day 3; Honor Roll ,2,3,4; Service to the School 3,4; PAULA ALLEN—Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, First Vice President 4, Delegate to State Convention 4; Montala Staff 4, Advertising Editor; Perfect Attendance 1,2; Senior Who's Who, Most School Spirit; Student Council 1,2,3; Scholastic Letter 1,2; Dele- gate to State FTA Convention 4; School and County Spelling Bee Champion, Eighth Grade; Sandra Albright Paula Allen PAGE 72 JOAN ANTHONY—Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, All County Band 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Festival Band 1,4, Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4; FHA 2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, Delegate to ational Convention Junior Degree 2, Chapter Degree State Degree 4; FT 2,3,4, Parliamentarian 3; Girl's Chorus 1, President; Vice President, Junior Class; Major- t 4, Head 4 Montala Staff 4, Business Manager; National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer 4; Perfect Atten- dance 1,2,3,4; Senior Who's Who, Most Likely to Suc- ceed; Spotlight Staff 3, Co-Editor News; Student Council 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Scholastic Letter 1; County Government Day, Judge of Law and Equity 3; Miss Valentine Court 2,3 BOBBY BEAN—Business Club 4; FFA 1; Football 1; Senior Who's Who, Best Dressed. Joan Anthony Bobby Bean Under the leadership of class officers, the 1966-67 year was filled with many special events. The arrival of class rings, the last football game, the annual Christmas Party, the Junior-Senior Prom and the graduation festivities are only a few of the experiences seniors will long remember. Serving as officers were Jimmy Lawley, President; Larry Popwell, Vice-President; Peggy Sue Hurt, Secretary; and Mark Taylor and Linda Byrd, Co-Treasurers. DANNY BEARDEN—FFA 1,2 County; “M " Club 2,3,4; Senior Who's Who, Most Ath- light Staff 3,4, Business Manager 3, Class and Club letic; Track 1,2,3,4 Editor 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,4, President 4; County Government Day 3; Co-chairman March of Dimes 4, Representative to State March of Dimes Convention 4; Cheerleader ART BOLTON—Basketball 2,3,4; Boys’ State 3; Junior Chairman March of Dimes 4; Girls’ S$ Nominee ¢ Academy of Science 3 Treasurer Junior Class M Service to School 2; Physical Fitness Award 4. Club 4; Perfect Attendance 2; Senior Who's Who, Most Likely to Succeed; Spotlight Staff 3; Student Council 3,4; Citizenship Essay Winner 3, Delegate to Citizenship TERRY CARTER—Band 1,2,3, Manager 3; Junior Acad- Convention 3; Chairman of Community Chest Drive 4 emy of Science 3,4 .3,4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, All Perfect Attendance 2,3; DAS er Senior Class; Spot- i JOYCE BRANTLEY—FHA 1,2,3,4; Girls’ Chorus 1; Library BRENDA COCHRAN—Library Club 3,4; Transfer Student Club 1,3,4 3 LINDA BYRD—Honor 1, .4; Band 1,2,3, All Coun- ANN FRANKLIN—Business Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; ty 3, Festival Band All State Superior Woodwind FTA 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Perfect Attendance Ensemble 3, Alabama College Woodwind Ensemble 2; 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Spanish Club 3; Ski Club 3; Journalism Cheerleader 3,4, Head 4; FTA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2; Jun- Club 1; Transfer 3 ior Academy of Science 4; Biology Club 4, President 4; 2,3 1 ] Danny Bearden Wanda Bice Art Bolton Judy Brantley Linda Byrd Terry Carter Brenda Cochran Ann Franklin PAGE 73 LYNN FROST—Band 1,2,3.4, Clarinet Ensemble 4, Festi- val Band 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Secretary 4, Recreation Leader 1, Delegate to Na- tional FHA Convention 2; FTA 4; Girls’ Chorus 1; Senior Who's Who, Best Dressed; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Devotional Chairman 2; Representative to State March of Dimes Convention 4; Representative to Red Cross Camp 1; 3chool Chairman March of Dimes Drive 4; Service to School 2,3,4; Top Ten Magazine Salesmen 3; Girls’ State Alternate 3; B Honor Roll 3,4 BRENDA GREENE—Business Club 4, President 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4; Senior Who's Who, Wittiest; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Secretary 4. BILLY JOE HALL—Baseball 1; FFA 1,2,3,4, Advisor 4; Football 1,2,3,4; “M’’ Club 1,2,3,4; Perfect Attendance 2,3. BEVERLY HARPER—Band 1,2,3,4, Swing Band 1, Trom- bone Quartet 3. Symphonic Wind Ensemble 4, Festival Bana 1,2,3; FHA 1,2,4; Junior Academy of Science 3; Math Club 4; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. CLEM HARRIS—FFA 1,2,3,4, Advisor 1,2,3,4 Perfect Attendance 4. BARRY HICKS—B Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Boys’ State 3; FFA B 4 Junior Academy of Science 4; Montala Staff 4, Co-Editor; National Honor Society 3,4, President 4; Per- fect Attendance 1,2,3,4; Senior Who's Who, Friendliest; County Government Day 3 BECKY HOLSOMBACK—-Girls’ Chorus 1; Library Club 3,4. ANN HOFFMAN—FHA 1,2,3,4, Homeroom Representative 4; Library Club 3,4 Lynn Frost Brenda Greene Billy Joe Hall Beverly Harper Clem Harris Barry Hicks Becky Holsomback Ann Hoffman PAGE 74 All Sec »st cond Place Twelve Magazine BARBARA HYDE—FHA 1; FTA Chorus 1 Perfect Attendance Tri-Hi-Y BRENDA JARVIS—-FHA 3, County retary 4 sct Attendance Regional Salesmen l Library Club Baseball 2,3; Basketball 2,4 Football PATSY KISH Susiness gree 1 Chapter Degree 2 brary Club 1,3; Perfect Attend: Who, Most Y Tri-Hi Chairman 4 rivil efense Aw JIMMY LAWLEY—Boys Academy § nce 3,4, ior Cl: Who's Council reasurer ment Day Probate Judge President of Senior Class State PHYLLIS LOGAN-——FHA 4; I. LUCILE LOVELADY County Band 2,4 I Ensemble 4; FHA 3 Juni gree 2, State Degree Night Chairman 3 F 1 coming Queen 4 1 ture Editor; N: Perfect Attendance Spotlight Staff 3 1,3; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Top Honor Roll Kish Patsy Girls Band 1 Reporter 3 3,4; Girls’ Cho th Club FHA State Degr an 1,2,3,4 Y 3,4 ard 1 Football Over-All Business M Junior 3; FTA 4 senior Who's Project President of Around County 3,4, President 1,2,3,4 or Degree 1 M t) 4 »s Who Editor; Stu zine Salesmen Chorus 1; Band Symphonic Chapter Treasurer Montala §$ Library 1,2,3,4, Club Club De Li- 3,4 Junior Jun- Student Govern- 4; Club All Wind De- i, Parent 1, Home- aff 4 Secretary Fea- 4 st Looking Council Jimmy Lawley PAGE 75 Peggy Sue Hurt Brenda Phyllis Jarvis Logan Barbara Hyde Doug Jones Lucile Lovelady JERRY McGAUGHY—Band 2,3,4, All County 3,4, First Vice-President 3,4 Basketball 4 Junior Academy of Science 3,4; Perfect Attendance 4; Senior Who's Who, Best Dancer; Spotlignt Staff 3; Student Council Con- vention 2. CONNIE MAJORS—Business Club 4, Social Chairman; FHA 1,2,3,4: FTA 1,4; Girls’ Chorus 1; Perfect Attend- ance 1,2; Senior Who's Who, Best Dancer; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Vice President 4; Physical Education Participation Award 4 JOE MEYER—Band 1,2, Festival Band 2, All County Band 2; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3; FFA 1; Hi-Y 1,2,3; “M " Club 4; Golf 1,2,3; Junior Academy of Sci- ence 1,2,3; Track 2 cond Place in High School Speech Contest on T.V.A. 3 ANITA MITCHELL—FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 4; Library Club 3; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4 JOHN MOBLEY—Band 1,2; Baseball 4 A 3, Spot- light Staff 3,4; Track 3 BARBARA MORRIS—-FHA 1,2,3,4, Recreation Leader 2, Publicity 3, Junior Degree 1 Chapter Degree ; FTA 1,2, . Co-Vice President 3; Library Club 4, President . rfect Attendance 1,2,4; Senior Who's Who, Best Personality; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Miss Valentine Court 4; Civil Defense Award 1 Physical Education Perfect Partici- pation 1,2,3 BILL MUEHLBAUER—Senior Who's Who, Wittiest; Trans- fer 4. DAVID NICHOLS—Baseball 4; Boys’ State 3; FFA 1,3; Senior Who's Who, Most Courteous; Citizenship Essay Winner 3 Jerry McGaughy Connie Majors Joe Meyer Anita Mitchell John Mobley Brenda Morris Bill Muehlbauer David Nichols = 5 = PAGE 76 CLAY NORDAN—Ban 2,3 All ¢ Vice President 3, Pr jent 4, Bras Ban ae ‘ Marck sounty é Ensemble 1,2 Band 1,2 isket- Junior Academy f Science 3,4, Math Club ident Council Work Shop 3; I Fraternity Honor Society Attendance 1 Club ETT—Cheerleader 3,4; FH Junior Degree 1, Chapter Degree Girls’ Chorus 1 tional 1,2 Senior Who's Who Editor tendance Class 3,4; Cheerleader Co- 1irman of Easter Seal B Honor Roll 1,2,3.,4; Service to S nominee 3 LARRY POPWELL—AIll A’s 1,2,3 ball 4; Boys’ State Football 4 Science 3,4 M Club 3,4 Honor Society 3,4; Perfect Attenda dent Senior Class Se xr Who's Spirit; Spotlight Staff 4; Student ( lain 4 MARY ROBINSON-——-FHA ance 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 4 1,2,3,4; FT L Y ROTENBERRY Festival Band 1, All County Band lege Band 3, All State Ensemble Ensemble 4; Chairman 3 Degree 4 dent i tendant 4 Co-Editor 4; Perfect j Around; Spotlight Staff Hi-Y 2,3: Scholastic Junior Degree Cha Parent Night C man District Parliam Studen 1,2,3,4 All FHA 1,2,3,4 First Vice P FTA 3,4; Montala Staff 4 lub or Society 3,4 Perfect Who, Most Scholastic Student C tary 3, President 4; Scholastic Lette er Homemaker Award 4; D.A.R. ( 4; County Government Day 3 ship Finalist 4 Attendance Larry Popwell Honor Societ Montala Staff 4 Track 3,4; Scholastic Letter 2 Honor Roll 1,: Business Club 4 FHA ouncil National Merit Scholar- _ Who, incil Business 4 . A 1,2 TA 4, Montala Staff 4, Co- Perfect At- Friendliest; Tri-Hi-¥ Drive 4; chool 3: Girls’ State Basketball 3,4; Base ademy of National nce 1,2,4; Vice-Presi- Who Most School Youncil 1,2,3,4, Chap- Junior A A 4; Perfect Attend- Band 1,2,3,4, d Alabama Col- 3 nphonic Wind Publicity pter I t Council Letter 1,3; Miss Valentine County Secre- resident 3. Pres nt Editor; National Hon- 2 2,4; Senior Who's 1,2 4, Secre- sr 1,2,4; Betty Crock- 300d Citizenship Girl Clay Nordon Carey Pickett Mary Robinson Lynn Rotenberry PAGE 77 Mary Ann Parker Pam Pickett Margie Scott Sandra Sproul Richard Tingle IRA SPROUL—Band 1,2,3,4 Festival Band 4 FHA . 4; FTA 2,3,4, Historian 3; Del ate to State FTA Convention 4; } 1 Club 4; KN tal: ff Club Edi tor National nor Society 3 I ect Attendance 3,4; Spotlight Staff $; Tri-Hi-Y Fre Club 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; County Government Day 3, Tax Assessor ) BILLY SURFACE—-Junior Academy of Science 3,4; Senior Who's Who, Laziest; Spotlight Staff MARK TAYLOR—Football 4 M Club 4; Senior Class Officer, Co-Treasurer; Transfer 4 RICHARD TINGLE—Boys' State 3; FFA 1; Montala Staff 4, Sports Editor; National Honor Society 3,4: Perfect Attendance 1,3,4; Senior Who's Who, Most Valuable to School; Spotlight Statf 3,4; Track 4 WANDA TINGLE—Business Club 4; FHA 1: Girls’ Chorus 1; Perfect Attendance 1 3,4; Senior Who's Who, Most Athletic; Tri-Hi-Y 4; B Honor Roll 2,4; Captain of Win- ning Volleyball and Basketball Teams 2,3,4; Physical Education Participation Award 1,2,3,4 LONNIE THOMPSON—Business Club 4; FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice- President Greenhands 1, President Chapter Farmers 3: Perfect Attendance 4; Senior Who's Who, Best Person- ality; County Government Day 3, Sheriff DEBBIE VINING—Band 1,2,3,4, All County Band 4, Fes- tival Band 2,3; Business Club 4; FHA 1,2,4; Girls’ Chorus 1; Junior Academy of Science 3 i ry Club 3; Tri- Hi-Y 3,4 Bill Surface Mark Taylor Wanda Tingle Lonnie Thompson PAGE 78 Debbie Vining UNDERCLASSMEN { Vv es r€ es ae ssmen a 1.H.S s espe ) with their annual mag- N i f f M.H.! unior are ¢€ pecially busy wi Many activities ill the live of underclassmen at ! J i Ir azine sale, class meetings and the Junior-Senior Prom. JUNIORS Carol Alexander Sherry Anderson Steve Arledge Betty Jane Barclay as 25: 2 (So @) _S Whi iii @ DO Debbie Bearden Peggy Bennet Alvin Booth Betty Booth Diane Brazier Larry Brewster Thomas Cannon B. C. Crocker Susan Crowe Walter Czeskleba Judy Draper Sandra Eddings Milton Emfinger Rickey Fochtmann Carolyn Frost Paula Genry Ann Goad Nancy Goggins Glenda Haynie J. H. Hensley Mary Hensley Phyllis Holsomback Judy Horton Larry Horton Jimmy Jackson Sharon Kimbrell Paul Knowles Carol Lagrone Beulah Lawley Gail Lucas Marrie Lucas Sue Lutz Philip McEntee Jimmy McGaughy Anita Mahaffey Linda Majors Ricky Majors Loy Miller Brenda Mobley Waltraud Molgedei Wayne Nichols Thomas Nix Stacia Oates Debbie Pack PAGE 80 Donnie Payne Don Phillips Elree Price Janelle Reid Donna Sue Reynolds Shari Russell Ellen Scott Ed Simpson Andrea Smith Judy Smitherman Diane Spain Steve Spears Johnny Stevens Nellie Gray Strother Elizabeth Taylor Renee Van Tuyll Lewis Vernon SOPHOMORES Rondal Alexander Alfred Allen Tisia Baker Larry Bearden Phyllis Bearden David Bennett Beverly Bice PAGE 81 M.H.S. students flew high with the “Fantastic Illusions” March. PAGE 82 Who's Who Dance held in Billy Bice Jan Birdsong Nancy Booth Waymon Bowden Sharon Bridges Brenda Brown Jimmy Brown Jimmy Culp Cecile Dennis Carole Edwards Sonya Edwards Jimmy Emfinger Homemade ice cream is good—especially Diane Pleasia Kenneth Fountain Ronnie Hall Finley Fochtmann Rosetta Harper Danny Holsomback Ronnie Horton Jo Ann Hyde Sheila Jackson Teresa Jackson Katherine Keith Sandra Kemp when it’s made by the chemistry class. PAGE 83 Donna Lawley Mary Ellen Lewis Lonnie Lovejoy Eddie Lovelady David Lucas Hattie Lucas John Lucas Leslie Mathison Cheryl McClure Robbie Mims Wayne Moore Dale Nabors Alan Nannini Brenda Nelson Mack Nix Peggy Nix Judy Nordon Buster Pickett Luther Ray Price Bruce Reynolds an Gary Richardson Gerald Robinson Debbie Russell . - Bob Scott PAGE 84 Bobby Simmons Adelle Simpson Mike Sims Mitchell Spears Kathy Steele Billy Taylor Frank Tingle Sara Turner Debbie Ward Billy White Sharon Winslett Jimmy Youtz FRESHMEN Billy Allen Shannon Allen Linda Andeerson Beth Anthony Tommy Arledge Martha Sue Barkley Billy Barrett John Barrow Ray Bearden Debbie Belcher Jo Ann Bice Ann Boothe PAGE 85 Linda Boothe Terry Boothe Harriet Bowden Steve Brand Sandra Cannon Bartie Carlee James Carlee Terry Davis Linda Freeman Bill Frye Dennis Glosson Martha Goggins Roy Goggins Kaye Green Marcia Green Randy Greene Mike Guthrie Deanie Hall Tithie Harrell Tommy Harris Betty Jo Hatcher Thelma Hood Brenda Horton Joyce Horton PAGE 86 Bobby Ingram Mary Johnston Donald Kimbrell Larry Knowles Melissa Knowles Thomas Kromer Dian Lawler Sandra Lawley Joe Lovelady Jennie Lucas Martha Lutz Mary McCulley David McGaughy Wayne Majors Gary Martin Louise Martin Susie Mills Linda Moore Gary Muehlbauer Laurie Gene Orr M. J. Otts Bobbie Parker Courtney Parker Lynn Partridge PAGE 87 woule rouiups Larry Pickett Mike Pickett Teresa Pickett Terry Pickett Wayne Pickett Joan Polk Trudie Price Mary Lou Reeder Larry Rice Lolly Seaman Joe Smitherman Charles Stano Jimmy Surface Steve Taylor Jimmy Thomas Anthony Thompson Leon Thompson Sandra Thompson Karen Varden Lamar Vaughn Sara Weaver Nancy Wooley Danny Wyatt Ricky Yancey EIGHTH GRADI Philip Alexander Ronnie Allen Nancy Barclay Diana Barnett Linda Barrow Rita Bearden Ruby Bell Barbara Bigger Frances Boothe James Ray Boothe Judy Boothe Debbie Boyd Patricia Brazier Carol Brown Pam Brown William Clark Diane Cooley Jeanetta Corbett Troy Criswell Beth Crowe Debbie Cunningham Lee Cupps Eddie Czeskleba PAGE 89 Patsy Darden Rita David Susan Edfeldt Brenda Edwards Don Edwards Linda Edwards Peggy Edwards Nathan Fochtmann Phil Genry Marie Goggins William Grady Charles Graham Jeffrey Gray Lynn Green Pam Guy Jimmy Hall Steve Hall Terry Sue Harris Bruce Hayes Randy Haynie Tommy Hensley Sherry Holsomback Cherie Horton Jane Horton Mr. Milford presents award for Best Decorated Car in Homecoming Parade to ninth grade representative. A «@ su. PAGE 91 Nora Hubbard Sandra Jones Becky Kaufman Randy Keith Cathy Lacey Alvin Latham Judy Lien Frank Lightfoot Susan Lovejoy Patti Lovelady Darlene Lucas Diane Lucas Bill Morris Ninna Morris Jo Ann Murray Bill Nathews Mike Nix Debbie O'Neal Debbie Otts Connie Owens Debra Owens Deborah Pickett Jan Plant Ernie Polk Mike Polk Tommy Polk Jamey Putman Tommy Raburn Debbie Rochester Don Russell Pat Russell Susan Scott David Seaman Sally Sears Janise Shipley Cathy Sims - , 7 7 Wehr Ra bes PAGE 92 Seventh Grade girls’ homeroom president accepts plaque for winner of Homecoming Theme Award. Gary Lucas Ray Lucas Sylvia Lucas Keith Mahaffey John McCulley Lisa Majors Joe Miller Norma Miller Ricky Miller Johnny Moore Barbara Moreland Shirlene Morgan PAGE 93 PAGE 94 Frances Smith Becky Smitherman Sharon Sproul Johnny Stewart Sammy Strickland Don Tinsley David Whitfield Marilynn Winslett Stanley Winslett Sharmaine Wolfe Dayle Wooley Patricia Wyatt SEVENTH GRADE Delores Adkins Curtis Anderson Donna Argo Brenda Beane Ralph Beane Pattie Benton Billy Joe Bice Donald Ray Bice Janice Bice Kathy Bice Ricky Bice Eddie Boothe Isaac Boothe Janic e Boothe Retta Boothe Linda Boyd Vince Cardone Calvin Carlee Bobby Clark Kathy Cooley Beth Eddings Diane Evans Karen Fullman Tim Genry Bonnie Faye Goggins Marshall Goggins William Green Roger Hamilton Philip Harper Danny Harrison Sue Hatcher Edna Hensley Charlotte Horton Carol Hyde Wayne Hyde Galeon Jarvis PAGE 95 PAGE 96 Susan Johnson Billy Paul Jones Becky Knowles Charles Kromer Sherry Lagrone Charlotte Lawley Kathy Lawley Vikki Lawley Nan Lovelady Patsy Lucas Julie McEntee Bill Martin Randy Merijanian Terry Middlebrooks Jimmy Mills Charles Nelson Brenda Northcutt Donna Norton Leslie Orts Lynn Parker Gerry Payne Michael Pearson Benny Pickett Suzanne Pickett Howard Potts Naomi Price Nelda Raburn Jackie Rasberry Keith Reynolds Danny Rhodes Ronnie Rice Donna Smitherman Eddie Spears Burney Sproul Joe Stanley Emma Jean Stano Kerry Stephens Bill Stone Tommy Taylor Claire Tinsley David Watson Davis Wooley Ronnie Yancey Not pictured: Donnie Bearden, Roger Bice, Sandra Bice, Henry Edwards, D. D. Garrett, Judy Holsomback, James Kromer, Susan Lawley, Jimmy Leonard, Daisy Lutz, Cecil Mathis, Susan Motes, Ava Rana, Jimmy Thiemonge, Andy Skinner, Mickey Smith. PAGE 97 “about race” to or MDVWERTIS COMPLIMENTS OF THE ELIZABETH SHOP MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 665-2551 LAWLER MANUFACTURING CO. LAYING CAGES MONTEVALLO Phone 665-7292 FIRESTONE MONTEVALLO HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY RECAPPING AND RADIATOR REPAIRS FURNITURE Phone 665-7216 COMPLIMENTS OF TIDMORE’S GULF STATION NO. 2 665-1156 WE GIVE S H GREEN STAMPS ALMONT SUPER SAVER Route One, Montevallo Phone 665-2629 COMPLIMENTS OF DELUXE CLEANERS C. H. CHISM 665-5081 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA LOVELADY MOTOR COMPANY Your Ford, Falcon, Mercury and Comet Dealer WRECKER SERVICE SERVICE Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-5611 DRUG COMPANY 125 MAIN STREET ON THE CORNER TELEPHONE 665-4371 Make your home complete MONTEVALLO LUMBER COMPANY Westinghouse Everything for building Montevallo, Alabama PLAN YOUR FUTURE WITH A FRIEND... YOUR LIBERTY NATIONAL AGENT Whether your plans for fu- ture financial security in- volve family protection, education, business securi- ty, retirement or future income. . .there is a Liberty National life insurance plan for you. Let me tell you about Liberty National’s living insurance program. Don W. David Robert S. Benton Fred J. Miller J. C. Rotenberry Manager Associate Manager Billy J. Savage J. R. Birdsong LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ; a - : A “swinging time” was had by all. Faculty “buzz " ’ session. , All right, who has the Right Guard? Two escapees from “the outer limits”. . ef We surely will miss Mrs. Chasteen! Here comes Santa Claus! “ ; . How dare you come to “our” party! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Terry caught “holding the bag” COMPLIMENTS OF ALLEN’S SHELL SERVICE STATION MONTEVALLO B S Insurance Realty Your Insurance and Real Estate Broker Victor Scott Bob Broadhead Phone 665-7571 WHERE FINER THINGS ARE CLEANED MONTEVALLO CLEANERS Phone 665-7214 COMPLIMENTS OF WHALEY Furniture Company, Inc. Montevallo Calera Ph. 665-7243 Ph. 668-2111 Rochester's Department Store Shelby County’s Largest MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA PRESSURE CREOSOTED FOREST PRODUCTS Seaman Timber Company, Inc. Rt. 2 Parrish, Alabama P. O. Box 372 Montevallo, Alabama Mine and Industrial Lumber — Fence Posts — Timbers — Building Poles Pallets JIM SEAMAN Telephone: Business 665-7279 President Residence 665-7358 Stone Jewelry Company Silver, China, Crystal, Watches and Rings 665-7296 or 665-2028 Merchants ——— Ante MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA “Growing With and Serving You " KEN TERRY Alabama CHEVROLET Music Center Headquarters for Largest Selection BAND INSTRUMENTS in Central Alabama CONN, OLDS, HOLTON, SELMER OTHERS “If anybody can, GIBSON GUITARS Ken can.” All Accessories ‘ . , Used Instruments — Bought — Sold Quality service on all American made cars. CONVENIENT TERMS Rentals — Repairs 9 Main St. MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA GEORGE PREWETT NORTH 20th ST. 324-9121 as Ma Zz . att oO heh we . ee , if ‘ - . ee Pies Tea z te LMS eee a efoawe: ee ae Sleeping Beauty Whoops! : : . . Who wants to see our ‘Playboy’? Quick, while nobody’s looking! 2 oe An “illusion” MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE ee ALABAMA REFRACTORY CLAY COMPANY Phone 665-4581 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Montevallo, Alabama Compliments of A Friend This Book Is a TIMES PRODUCTION TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Montevallo, Alabama ea ms But Jimmy, I'm not ready to go home! Get out of here, Art! Drink, anyone? Nice party— . | ; , - od. | - S = ) i And away we go Would you believe Queen? The winner! “Twiggy” in the making the finished product! PAGE 108 Adkins, Delores, 37, 94 Albright, Sandra, 20, 22, 28, 54, 72 Alexander, Carol, 21, 28, 39, 79 Alexander, Phillip, 89 Alexander, Rondal, 81 Allen, Alfred, 81 Allen, Billy, 26, 27, 85 Allen, Paula, 20, 28, 32, 33, 54, 72 Allen, Ronnie, 89 Allen, Shannon, 36, 85 Anderson, Curtis, 94 Anderson, Linda, 29, 50, 85 Anderson, Sherry, 21, 29, 36, 79 Anthony, Beth, 23, 28, 39, 40, 41, 85 Anthony, Joan, 20, 28, 29, 39, 40, 41, 50, 51, 55 Arledge, Steve, 23, 30, 79 Arledge, Tommy, 23, 60 85 Argo, Donna, 94 Baker, Tisia, 21, 28, 29, 81 Barclay, Betty Jane, 21, 28, 29, 31, 39, 40, 49, 50, 53, 79 Barclay, Nancy, 39, 49, 89 Barkley, Martha Sue, 28, 39, 85 Barnett, Diana, 89 Barrett, Billy, 36, 39, 40, 85 Barrow, John, 26, 85 Barrow, Linda, 28, 37, 89 Bean, Bobby, 22, 55, 72 Beane, Ralph, 94 Beane, Brenda, 94 Bearden, Danny, 27, 35, 54, 60, G1, 62, 73 Bearden, Debbie, 21, 28, 36, 50, 52, 79 Bearden, Larry, 26, 27, 26, 81 Bearden, Phyllis, 21, 28, 29, 31, 81 Bearden, Ray, 60, 85 Bearden, Rita, 34, 37, 52, 89 Belcher, Debbie, 85 Bell, Ruby, 34, 39, 89 Bennett, David, 35, 60, 64, 67, 81 Bennett, Peggy, 79 Benton, Patti, 34, 94 Bice, Beverly, 81 Bice, Bill, 26, 82 Bice, Billy Joe, 94 Bice, Donald Ray, 94 Bice, Janice, 94 Bice, Jo Ann, 36, 85 Bice, Kathy, 34, 37, 94 Bice, Ricky, 94 Bice, Roger, 26 Bice, Wanda, 36, 73 Bigger, Barbara, 34, 38, 89 Birdsong, Jan, 21, 23, 28, 31, 39, 41, 82 37, INDEX Bolton, Art, 65, 73 Boothe, Alvin, 26, 27, 79 Boothe, Ann, 85 Boothe, Betty, 28, 36, 79 Boothe, Eddie, 94 Boothe Francis, 89 Boothe, Isaac, 95 Boothe, James Ray, 89 Boothe, Janice, 95 Boothe, Judy, 89 Boothe, Linda, 29, 86 Boothe, Nancy, 36, 82 Boothe, Retta, 50, 95 Boothe, Terry, 26, 86 Bowden, Harriett, 28, 86 Bowden, Waymon, 82 Boyd, Debbie, 28, 34, 37, 89 Boyd, Linda, 34, 37, 38, 95 Brand, Steve, 26, 86 Brantley, Joyce, 28, 36, 73 7, 55, CA, Brazier, Diane, 28, 79 Brazier, Patricia, 89 Brewster, Larry, 79 Bridges, Sharon, 36, 39, 40, 82 Brown, Brenda, 21, 28, 29, 31, 82 Brown, Carol, 37, 39, 89 Brown, Jimmy, 28, 35, 60, 64, 67, 82 Brown, Pam, 34, 89 Byrd, Linda, 21, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 Si. 73 Cannon, Sandra, 40, 50, 86 Cannon, Thomas, 23, 39, 40, 50, 52, 79 Cardone, Vince, 37, 95 Carlee, Carlee, 30, 38, Bartee, 26, 86 Calvin, 95 Carlee, James, 26, 86 Carter, Terry, 30, 73 Clark, Bobby, 95 Clark, William, 89 Cochran, Brenda, 36, 73 Cooley, Diane, 89 Cooley, Kathy, 95 Corbett, Jeanetta, 34, 38, 39, 89 Crisswell, Troy, 38, 39, 89 Crocker, B. C., 52, 60, 79 Crowe, Beth, 28, 34, 89 Crowe, Susan, 21, 29, 32, 33, 79 Culp, Jimmy, 36, 39, 40, 82 Cunnigham, Debbie, 23, 34, 37, 38, 39, 43, 45, 89 Cupps, Lee, 89 Czeskleba, Eddie, 38, 89 Czeskleba, Walt, 26, 27, 79 Darden, Patsy. 28, 90 David, Rita, 34, 37, 38, 90 Davis, Terry, 66, 67, 86 Dennis, Cecile, 21, 28, 82 Draper, Judy, 21, 36, 50, 79 Eddings, Beth, 34, 95 Eddings, Sandra, 21, 28, 29, 79 Edfeldt, Susan, 28, 34, 90 Edwards, Brenda, 90 Edwards, Carole, 21, 29, 82 Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, 39, 90 Edwards, Emfinger, 82 Emfinger, 79 Evans, Diane, 95 Finley, Diane, 21, 28, 29, 31, 83 Fochtman, Nathan, 90 Fochtman, Pleasia, 21, 28, 29, 36, 83 Fochtman, Ricky, 26, 27, 79 Fountain, Kenneth, 26, 83 Franklin, Ann, 21, 22, 29, 43, 45, 73 Freeman, Linda, 86 Frost, Carolyn, 21, 28, 29, 31, 39, 41, 43, 45, 79 Frost, Lynn, 21, 28, 29, 39, 55, 74 Frye, Bill, 26, 86 Fullman, Karen, 37, 95 Garrett, Dee Dee, 39 Genry, Paula, 36, 79 Genry, Phillip, 90 Genry, Tim, 95 Glosson, Dennis, 66, 86 Goad, Anne, 21, 36, 39, 40, 79 Goggins, Goggins, Goggins, Goggins, 28, Don, 90 Linda, 90 Henry, 26, 27 Peggy, 34, 38, Sonya, 36, 82 Jimmy, 26, 27, Milton, 26, 27, Bonnie, 95 Marie, 90 Marshall, 95 Martha, 86 Goggins, Nancy, 36, 79 Goggins, Roy, 26, 86 Grady, William, 39, 90 Graham, Charles, 90 Gray, Jeffery, 34, 37, 39, 90 Green, Kaye, 28, 39, 86 Green, Lynn, 90 Green, Marcia, 28, 86 Green, William, 95 Greene, Brenda, 22, 29, 54, 74 Greene, Randy, 36, 86 Guthrie, Mike, 36, 39, 86 Guy, Pam, 28, 34, 90 Hall, Billy Joe, 26, 27, 61, 62, 74 Hall, Deanie, 28, 86 Hall, Jimmy, 60, 90 Hall, Ronnie, 26, 27, 83 Hall, Steve, 38, 90 Hamilton, Roger, 38, 95 Harper, Beverly, 21, 28, 39, 40, 74 Harper, Phillip, 67, 95 Harper, Rosetta, 21, 36, 83 Harris, Clem, 26, 27, 74 Harris, Terry Sue, 34, 90 Harris, Tommy, 26, 86 Harrison, Danny, 95 Harrell, Tithie, 28, 86 Hatcher, Betty Jo, 28, 86 Hatcher, Sue, 95 Hayes, Bruce, 90 Haynie, Glenda 28, 29, 36, 79 Haynie, Randy, 90 Hensley, Edna, 95 Hensley, J. H., 79 Hensley, Mary, 80 Hensley, Tommy, 90 Hicks, Barry, 20, 26, 27, 30, 54, 74 Hoffman, Ann, 36, 74 Holsomback, Becky, 36, 74 Holsomback, 36, 83 Holsomback, 24, 36 Holsomback, Holsomback, 90 Hood, Thelma, 36, 86 Horton, Brenda, 28, 86 Horton, Charlotte, 95 Horton, Cherie, 28, 34, 49, 90 Horton, Jane, 28, 90 Horton, Joyce, 36, 80 Horton, Judy, 25, 29, 31, 80 Horton, Larry, 26, 27, 31, 80 Horton, Ronnie, 26, 83 Hubbard, Nora, 34, 37, 38, 39, 91 Hurt, Peggy Sue, 21, 28, 29, 39, 52; 35,75 Hyde, Barbara, 24, 75 Hyde, Carol, 34, 95 Hyde, Jo Ann, 36, 83 Hyde, Wayne, 95 Ingram, Bobby, 26, 39, 87 Jackson, Jimmy, 35, 60, 62, 80 Jackson, Shelia, 29, 36, Jackson, Teresa, 21, 29, 83 50, 83 , Jarvis, Brenda, 28, 36 75 Jarvis, Galeon, 34, 95 Johnson, Susan, 96 Johnston, Mary, 28, 39, 40, 87 Jones, Billy Paul, 96 Jones, Douglas, 22, 26, 27, 35, 44, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 75 Jones, Sandra, 28, 34, 91 Kaufman, Becky, 34, 91 Keith, Katherine, 21, 28, 83 Keith, Randy, 91 Kemp, Sandra, 21, 29, 83, 36 Kimbrell, Donald, 87 Kimbrell, Sharon, 21, 29, 80 Kish, Patsy, 21, 22, 28, 29, 54, 75 23, Danny, 26, Judy, 21, Phyllis, 80 Sherry, 28, Knowles, Becky, 96 Knowles, Larry, 26, 87 Knowles, Melissa 28, 39, 87 Knowles, 35, 80 Kromer, Charley, 96 Kromer, James, 26 Kromer, Thomas, 87 Lacey, Cathy, 91 Lagrone, Carol, 21, 29, 25, 80 Lagrone, Sherry, 34, 96 Latham, Alvin, 91 Lawler, Dian, 28, 39, 40, 49, 50, 87 Lawley, Beulah, 36, 80 Lawley, Charlotte, 96 Lawley, Donna, 21, 28, 29, 36, 84 Lawley, Jimmy, 23, 30, 35, 52, 56, 57, 58, 60, Gl, 62, 69, 75 Lawley, Kathy 96 Lawley, Sandra, 87 Lawley, Susan, Lawley, Vikkie, 34, 37, 90 Leonard, Jimmy, 26, 27 Lewis, Mary Ellen, 21, 28, 39, 41, 84 Lien, Judy, 37, 39, 49, 91 Lightfoot, Frank, 38, 66, 91 Logan, Phyllis, 25, 75 Lovejoy, Lonnie, 26, 84 Lovejoy, Susan, 91 Lovelady, Eddie, 64, 84 Lovelady, Joe, 35, 39, 60, 66, 67, 87 Lovelady, Lucile, 20, 28, 29, 39, 40, 43, 45, 56, 75 Lovelady, Nan, 34, 96 Lovelady, Patti, 34, 39, 37, 49, 91 Lucas, Darlene, 91 Lucas, David, 84 Lucas, Diane, 34, 37, 38, 91 Lucas, Gail, 21, 28, 36, 80 Lucas, Gary, 38, 93 Lucas, Hattie, 21, 28, 29, 32, 33, 84 Lucas, Jennie, 28, 39, 40, 87 Lucas, John, 84 Lucas, Marie, 21, 28, 36, 80 Lucas, Patricia, 96 Lucas, Ray, 93 Lucas, Sylvia, 93 Lutz, Martha, 87 Lutz, Sue, 36, 80 Mahaffey, Anita, 21, 29, 36, 80 Mahaffey, Keith, 93 Majors, Connie, 21, 22, 28, 29, 55, 76 Majors, Linda, 80 Majors, Lisa, 28, 93 Majors, Ricky, 80 Majors, Wayne, 26, 87 Martin, Bill, 38, 29 Martin, Gary, 26, 36, 60, 66, 67, 87 Paul, 26, 27, INDEX Martin, Louise, 87 Mathison, Leslie, 66, 84 McClure, Cheryl, 21, 28, 32, 33, 44, 84 McCulley, John, 93 McCulley, Mary, 29, 50, 87 McEntee, Julia, 34, 37, 96 McEntee, Phillip, 30, 39, 40, 80 McGaughy, David, 36, 39, 40, 87 McGaughy, Jerry, 30, 39, 40, 55, 664, 65, 76 McGaughy, Jimmy, 26, 27, 80 Merijanian, Randy, 37, 38, 96 Meyer, Joe, 35, 76 Middlebrooks, Terry, 52, 96 Miller, Joe, 39, 37, 66, 93 Miller, Loy, 21, 28, 29, 39, 41 49, 80 Miller, Narma, 93 Miller, Ricky, 93 Mills, Jimmy, 96 Mills, Susie, 87 Mims, Robbie, 21, 28, 31, 39, 84 Mitchell, Anita, 21, 28, 29, 53, 76 Mobley, Brenda, 21, 24, 25, 29, 36, 39, 80 Mobley, John, 24, 25, 27, 76 Molgedei, Waltraud, 21, 36, 52, 80 Moore, Johnny, 93 Morre, Lynda, 28, 87 Moore, Wayne, 26, 84 Moreland, Barbara, 28, 93 Morgan, Shirlene, 28, 49, 93 Morris, Barbara, 21, 28, 29, 36, 56, 76 Morris, Bill, 60, 92 Morris, Ninna, 34, 37, 92 Muehlbauer, Billy, 54, 76 Muehlbauer, Gary, 36, 87 Murray, Jo Ann, 34, 92 Nabors, Dale, 21, 28, 36, 84 Nannini, Alan, 26, 84 Nathews, Bill, 38, 66, 69, 92 Nelson, Brenda, 36, 84 Nelson, Charles, 96 Nichols, David, 22, 67, 76 Nichols, Wayne, 26, 27, 31, 35, 52, 66, 67, 68, 80 Nix, Mack, 84 Nix, Mike, 37, 39, 92 Nix, Peggy, 21, 28, 36, 39, 84 Nix, Thomas, 24, 30, 35, 39, 52, 60, 66, 69, 80 Nordan, Clay, 30, 39, 40, 56, 77 38, 38, 54, Nordan, Judy, 21, 23, 28, 39, 40, 84 Northcutt, Brenda, 96 Norton, Donna, 37, 96 Oates, Stacia, 80 O'Neal, Debbie, 28, 92 Orr, Laurie Gene, 28, 39, 40, 87 Otts, Debbie, 92 Ous, Leslie, 38, 96 Otts, M. J., 39, 40, 87 Owens, Connie, 92 Owens, Debra, 92 Pack, Debbie, 21, 28, 39, 41, 80 Parker, Bobbie, 28, 39, 40, 87 Parker, Courtney, 28, 40, 87 Parker, Lynn, 34, 96 Parker, Mary Ann, 20, 28, 29, 36, 39, 40, 77 Partridge, Lynn, 28, 87 Payne, Donnie, 35, 49, 52, 60, 62, 81 Payne, Gerry, 96 Pearson, Michael, 96 Phillips, Don, 26, 81 Phillips, Dottie, 28, 88 Pickett, Benny, 96 Pickett, Buster, 26, 84 Pickett, Carey, 22, 26, 27, 35, 44, 56, 60, 61, 63, 64, 65, 77 Pickett, Deborah, 92 Pickett, Larry, 88 Pickett, Mike, 88 Pickett Pam, 20, 28, 29, 32, 33, 54, 59, 77 Pickett, Suzanne, 37, 38, 96 Pickett, Teresa, 88 Pickett, Terry, 36, 88, Pickett, Wayne, 66, 67, 88 Plant, Jan, 39, 92 Polk, Ernest, 92 Polk, Joan, 88 Polk, Mike, 92 Polk, Tommy, 92 Popwell, Larry, 20, 23, 24, 30, 35, 51, 54, 57, 60, G1, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 77 Potts, Howard, 38, 97 Price, Elree, 60, 69, 81 Price, Luther Ray, 26, 84 Price, Naomi, 37, 97 Price, Trudy, 88 Putman, Jamey, 28, 34, 34, 34, 37, 38, 39, 92 Raburn, Nelda, 97 Raburn, Tommy, 92 Rana, Ava, 29 Rasberry, Jackie, 37, 97 Reeder, Mary Lou, 28, 39, 40, 88 Reid, Janelle, 21, 36, 81 Reynolds, Bruce, 60, 84 Reynolds, Donna, 21, 25, 29, 31, 32, 33, 44, 81 Reynolds, Keith, 97 Rhodes, Danny, 97 52, Rice, Larry, 26, 88 Rice, Ronnie, 97 Richardson, Gary, 64, 84 Robinson, Gerald, 60, 66, 84 Robinson, Mary, 21, 28, 29, 27 Rochester, Debbie, 28, 34, 92 Rotenberry, Lynn, 20, 22, 23, 28, 29, 39, 40, 43, 45, 56, 77 Russell, Debbie, 28, 31, 84 Russell, Don, 92 Russell, Pat, 38, 92 Russell, Shari, 81 Scott, Bobby, 60, 66, 84 Scott, Ellen, 21, 29, 30, 39, 40, 50, 81 Scott, Margie, 20, 23, 28, 29, 39, 50, 56, 58, 77 Scott, Susan, 34, 37, 38, 39 92 Seaman, David, 39, 92 Seaman, Lolly, 28, 39, 88 Sears, Sally, 34, 37, 39, 92 Shipley, Janise, 34, 92 Simmons, Bobby, 26, 36, 85 Simpson, Adelle, 21, 28, 29, 36, 39, 40, 46, 47, 50, 85 Simpson, Ed 35, 52, 60, 64, 81 Sims, Cathy, 34, 37, 39, 40, 92 Sims, Mike, 67, 85 Smith, Andrea, 28, 36, 81 Smith, Frances, 28, 94 Smitherman, Becky, 34, 37, 39, 94 Smitherman, Donna, 37, 97 Smitherman, Joe, 26, 88 Smitherman, Judy, 21, 23, 36, 39, 40, 50, 52, 81 Spain, Diane, 36, 81 Spears, Mitchell, 60, 67, 85 Spears, 81 Spears, Eddie, 38, 97 Sproul, Burney, 97 Sproul, Sandra, 20, 28, 29, 39, 78 Sproul, Sharon, 37, 94 Stanley, Joe, 97 Stano, Charles, 26, 67, 88 Stano, Emma Jean, 34, 97 Steele, Kathy, 21, 28, 29, 8 Stephens, Kerry, 38, 97 Stephens, Johnny, 81 Stewart, Johnny, 23, 40, 94 Stone, Bill, 38, 97 Strickland, Sammy, 37, 39, 94 Strother, Nellie, 21, 28, 39, 40, 49, 81 Surface, Billy, 78 Steve, 35, 60, 67, 39, Compliments of ZANE’S MEN’S SHOP Montevallo, Alabama Compliments of PURE OIL STATION John Cunningham, Owner “AL” GARRETT’S AUTO BEAUTY SHOP “Let Us Sharp Your Car” MONTEVALLO 665-7675 dati-delite BOOSTERS Ann‘s Beauty Shop Bean’s Barber Shop Central Alabama Florist Hoffman-Rockco Funeral Home | James H. Faulkner F ate aes, ee: » ax. 2 Pee . Kyle’s Pharmacy Marie’s Gift Shop McCulley’s Big Saver Montevallo Cab Co. Pendleton Electric Co. State Farm Insurance Wagon Wheel Drive-In Western Auto INDEX Surface, Jimmy, 39, 36, Thompson, Sandra, 88 66, 88 Tingle, Frank, 85 Taylor, Billy, 39, 8 Tingle, Richard, 20, 24, Taylor, Elizabeth, 21, 23, 55, 78 29, 81 Tingle, Wanda, 21, 22, Taylor, Mark, 35, 60, 61, 54, 78 78 Tinsley, Claire, 97 Taylor, Steve, 39, 88 Tinsley, Don, 38, 94 Taylor, Tommy, 97 Turner, Sara, 85 Thiemonge, Jimmy, Van Tuyll, Renee, 21, Thomas, Jimmy, 36, 29, 30, 81 88 Varden, Karen, 28, 39, Thompson, Anthony, 88 88 Vaughn, Lamar, 26, Thompson, Leon, 26, 88 Vernon, Lewis Thompson, Lonnie, 22, Vining, Debbie, 21, 2 26, 27, 36, 78 28, 39, 78 Ward, Debbie, 21, 28, Wyatt, Danny, 23, 66, 88 29, 39, 40, 50, 53, 85 Wyatt, Patricia, 34, 39, Watson, David, 67, 97 49, 94 Weaver, Sara, 24, 25, 29, Yancey, Ricky, 36, 60, 50, 52, 88 66, 89 White, Billy, 35, 60, 67, Yancey, Ronnie, 97 85 Youtz, Jimmy, 66, 85 Whitfield, David, 94 Winslett, Marilyn, 34, 38, 39, 49, 94 Winslett, Sharon, 21, 28, 29, 39, 85 Winslett, Stanley, 66, 94 Wolfe, Sharmaine, 94 Wooley, Dayle, 94 Wooley, Davis, 38, 97 Wooley, Nancy, 28, 88

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