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a WN SK = SS S SS N ANS SAS ; S SSS _— MAG . . WQy Oy S - MQ. GG. GG WA Presented by THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL Montevallo, Alabama 1966 NT) DP ES ga | ANN pi ll ania) WA i MU LETH CONTENTS aan ye? Introduction Administration Classes Organizations and Special Events Athletics Advertisers FOREWORD Insight has been defined as a deep look into the ba- sic facts of an event and is a useful and valuable tool for bringing out what is known as the “true picture.” We of the MONTALA staff believe that this concept of insight is most important in compiling a yearbook. With this in mind we present MONTALA ‘66, A Review in Depth DEDICATION Of all the many duties that today’s high school teacher must assume, one of the most important, and often most diffi- cult is helping students in the quest for what is right and guid- ing them in the direction that will make them mature young people. This requires a knowledge of human nature, a wealth of personal experience, and a sound philosophy on life. “Cornpatch” philosophy is a good example, and students at M.H.S. know that Montevallo’s math teacher uses this quite often in helping to solve problems—though the problems may not always be those of algebra or geometry. Besides being a top-notch math teacher, she continually helps discouraged students out of the hole with her seemingly inexhaustible patience and understanding, and has made num- erous contributions to both the school and its faculty. For all of this and more, we of the MONTALA staff wish to express our sincere appreciation to Miss Katherine Farring- ton, and are proud to dedicate to her MONTALA ‘66. Montala Staff Aavertisinc Business Manager Administration Editor Class Editors Peggi Club Editors Feature Editors Sports Editor Cover Design Hubbard Lovelady Scott Maher Goggins McEntee Maher Janice Smitherman Grace McEntee, Leslie Blackmon Gl er y | Martha Scott Linda Harrison Sue Goggins Donna Allen Chris Youtz Hubbard, Class of ‘63 Polk Harrison Allen Blackmon Smitherman Youtz AON RRA J, a catia teat bieteanenaell Deereney 000 eos : : ‘ ae “ MRS KATHLEEN McGLOWN School MR. GUY Secretary MILFORD PRINCIPAL IVEY SIMS, Ma intenance ne by PY tony Hy ti oT i] ey, iy ity, Sia epees ” pegeey ae acts ” al i 7 i MRS. FRANCES ANTHONY, Junior High English MR. LEROY ANTHONY, Junior High Histor MRS. SARA CAIRNS History and Speech MR. CRATIE MR. HERSHEL DAY, Senior High Science ae, e re ; lenow. D tua YOU CAN ALWAYS DO BETTER! 5 Mt sf Nit, af, iy js, MR. EVERETT LAWLER, Band MR. MELTON THORNTON, A MR. DOUG MORRIS, Junior High Math MR. CHARLES MARTIN, Physical Education PAGE 10 MRS. C. G. SHARP, Latin MISS VINNIE LEE WALKER, English MRS. ANNE MILFORD, Librarian 3 MRS. ANNE KELLY, Physical Education MRS. EMILY PENDLETON, Junior High Science MRS. OLA EDWARDS, MRS. FRANCES ALEXANDER, MRS ETHEL EDWARDS, MRS. ANITA MITCHELL, MR. HARVEY RIFE Lunchroom MRS. CAROLYN TOLBERT, Junior High English and French oe Boy County 4; Vice-President 4; Day s State 3; Football Track 2,3,4; County Student Delegate 3; Council ALAN BARCLAY 1,2,3,4, “M " Club 2,3,4, Government 3,4 All 4 a DONNA ALLEN Majorette 3,4, All County Business Club 4; FHA 1,2,3; FTA Club 1; National Honor So- ntala Staff 4; Student Coun- 3; Co-chairman of Community Chest 3; March of Dimes Teen Chairman 4; Tri- Scholastic “M” 1,2 1,2,3,4 Library School Chair County Business Club 4, Co-Social FHA 1,3; FTA 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y' 4, Chaplain 4 BARBARA BIRCHFIELD Chairman 4; TOMMY BAKER Basketball 3,4 All B Tear Boys’ 3,4, President of Greenhands 1 Farmers Degree 4, Health Award ner 3, Ag II Class 2 County Basketball State 3; FFA 1,2 State Win- Treasurer 2; County Delegate 3; Representatives 2; Jun Studnt Council 1,2,3,4 Perfect Attendance 2; Foot- Track 2,4; “M” Club 2,3,4 Government Day Page to State House of ior Council; President 4; ball 1,2,3,4 Boys’ State 3; FFA 2,3,4, President of Greenhands 1, State Farmer Degree 4, Sentinel 4, Ag II Class President 4; County Government Day; Attendance 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; 2,3,4; “M” Clud 2,3,4, JIMMY BIRDSONG Delegate to Perfect Track JEANA DUNAWAY Business Club 4; FHA 1,2,4 Band 1,2,3,4; Valentine Court 3; FTA 2,3,4; Spotlight Staff 3,4; Student Coun cil 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Citizenship Club 1; Junior Honor Society 1,2, Secretary 2 (Transfer 3.) NANCY EDWARDS [we Baseball State 3; 3,4 CLAUDE EDDINGS 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,3,4; 1,3,4, President of Greenhands 1; Football 1,2,3,4; “M” Club NORMAN EILAND FFA Boys’ 1a FFA Art fect KENNETH EDWARDS 1,2,3,4 Club 1; FHA 1,3,4; FTA Attendance 1,2,3 GLORIA FOCHTMANN 1,3,4; Per- CHERYL BLACKMON Band 1,2; Cheerleader 3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Recreational Leader 2; FTA 2; Girls’ State 3; Homecoming Junior Attendant; Montala Staff 4; National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer 4; Perfect Attendance 3; Senior Class Treasurer 4; Student Coun- cil 1,2,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Secretary 4; Schol- astic “M”’ 3,4. MARCIALENE BLANKENSHIP Baseball 3,4; Basketball 3,4, All County “BY Team; FFA 1,2,3,4; “M” Club 3,4, Secretarv-Treasurer 4. Club 1; JOHNNY BOYD Club 4; FHA Spotlight Staff 4; RHONDA DAVIS Business 1,2,3,4; Library Ti-Hi-Y 2,4. Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 3,4; FHA 4, Recreational Leader 4; Junior Treasurer; Senior Class Co-Vice-Presi- dent; Student Council 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 4, President 4; Valentine Court 3; Montala Beauty 1; Delegate to County Govern- ment Day 3; Junior Council Secretary; Shelby County Junior Miss Contestant; Second Place in American Legion Ora- torical Contest. LEMOYNE DAVISTON 12,3, Class ELLEN Art Club 1; Band 2,3, Flagette 4; Chairman 2 President 4, FREIL 1,2,3,4, All County 1, FHA 1,2,3,4, Publicity Secretary 3, Vice Junior Homemaking Degree 1, Chapter Degree 2, State Degree 3, First Place Beef Cook-Off in the 3, Second Place in County 3, to State FHA Convention 2,3, to National FHA Convention 3, FFA County Council Second Vice-Presi dent 4; FTA 3; Library Club 4; Spot light Staff 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4 Second School Delegate Delegate FHA- Art Club 1; FFA 1,2,3,4 CALVIN HAMM Business 3,4, Chapter responding National dent cil Good Band 3,4; FTA 1,2. 4; Club 4, Junior Degree Montala Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 SUE GOGGINS President Homemaking 2, State Secretary Honor Staff 4 Citizenship Girl 4. 1,4; Business Club 4; Perfect Attendance GERALDINE HARE Library Society 3,4, FHA 1; Degree FHA Degree 1, 3, Cor Club 2; Vice-Presi Student Vice-President 4; Coun- 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, CONNIE GRADY Tri-Hi-Y 2,4; 2nd Salesman FHA 1,2; Magazine Place Junior FHA 1,2,3,4, Student Treasurer 3 Council 1,2,3,4, President Secretary Attendant Business Club 4; Library Honor Society 3,4; Montala Treasurer 4; Homecoming Tri-Hi-Y 4; National Staff 4. LINDA HARRISON TERRY HERRON 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4, All Team 1, Mid-State All Con- 1,2,3,4, Vice-President Football 2,3; ‘M Baseball! County “B ference 4; FFA Chapter Farmers 4; Club 2,3,4 Band 2,3,4 4 All Boys’ State 3; ence 3,4; Junior Class tala Staff 4, Editor 4; National Honor Society 3,4, President 4; Perfect At- tendance 1; Spotlight Staff 3; Student Council 2,4; Top Junior Class Magazine Salesman Vice-President 3, President Band 3; Art Club 1; Academy of Sci- President; Mon County Junior PHILIP HUBBARD SUSAN HOLSOMBACK FHA 1,2,3,4; Girls’ Chorus 1; Attendance | Perfect Baseball 1,2,3,4; County “B” Team 1; ball Tournament 3, East-West Baseball All star 3; FFA 1,2,3,4; “M” Club 2,3,4; Perfect Attendance 1,2; Speech Club. 1 Basketball 1,2,3,4, All M.V.P. in the Base- JERRY HYDE Band 1; FFA Track 3. 1,2,3,4 Baseball A: i FFA DON HORTON Baseball 4; Basketball 4; 2,3,4; 1,2,4, THOMAS LAWLEY Reporter 3; “M” Basketball C on” 1,2,3,4; lub 4; Club Business Club 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Head 1,2; Homecoming Queen 4; Tri- 4; FHA Hi-Y 2,3,4; JIMMY LEONARD County Typing Champ 3. JAYNE LUCAS BRENDA LOVELADY Band Girls’ 1,2,3,4 Chorus FFA 1,2,3,4; 2,3; Perfect , Majorette 4; 1; Tri-Hi-Y Football 1,2,4 1,2,3; Attendance 2. LEON LUCAS FHA iM 1,2,3; Club SUSAN Band 1,2,3,4, Al All-State LOVELADY County Band 1,2 Alternate 2,3, All-Star Marc 3, Woodwind College Wind ng Band Ensemble 3,4 Alabama Secretary of Head 4 tine 4 1,2,3,4 Science 3,4, Vik 4; Montala Staff 4 ciety 4; Student Ensemble 3,4 Band 3, Majorette 2,3,4 Beauty Valen Valentine Attendant 3: FTA Montala Miss President 4; Junior Academy of e-President 3 National Honor So Council 3,4, Parlia- Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; F President mentarian 4 Citizen Essay Contest to County ship Government Day Delegate Science 1,2,3 PTA Winner 3; Delegate 3; 33 Convention Scholastic “M” to Citizenship Honors Day 3; Band 1,2,3,4; FTA 1,2,3; Girls’ Chorus 1; Montala Staff 4; National Honor So ciety 3,4; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3 GRACE McENTEE CANDI McGAUGHY Art Club 1; Band 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,3; FTA 2; Junior Academy of Science 2; Spotlight Staff 3,4; Delegate to County Government Day 3; Third Place in Coun- ty Speech Contest 3 FFA 1,2,3,4, Greenhands Reporter 1; “M " Club 2,3,4. JERRY MORGAN Second Vice-President 4, Football 2,3,4; PEGGI MAHER Cheerleader 4; French Club 2; Homecoming Attendant 4; emy of Science 3, Class Secretary 3; Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 4; Class Co-Vice-President; Student Coun- cil 3,4, Vice-President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Scholastic “M” 3,4; Betty Crocker Home- making Award 4. (Transfer 2.) FTA 2,3; Junior Acad- Treasurer 3; Junior Montala 4; National Senior Basketball 1; FFA Junior Academy of Attendance 1. DeWAYNE MORRIS 1,3,4, Secretary 4; Science 4; Perfect Business Art Club GAYNELL Club 4; FHA 1,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; CHERYL MOSS MORELAND 1,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. Art Club 1,2,3,4; FFA HAROLD NORRISS ON " 1,2,3,4; 1,2; Basketball 2,3,4; Club 4 Attendance JAMES POLK Perfect FFA 3. GEORGIE PARDUE Club 4; Club; Business 1,2,3,4 Library Art Club 1; Business Club 4; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Junior Homemaking Degree 2, Chap- ter Degree 3, State Degree 4; School Beef Cook-Off Winner 2; County Beef Cook-Off Third Place 2; Girls’ Chorus 1; Library Club 2; Montala 4; National Honor Society 3,4. BETTY GAIL POLK MARLON PAYNE Boys’ St ate 3; FFA 1,2,3; Football 3,4, Lineman of the Week 4, All County 4; “M " Club 4; Junior Academy of Sci ence 3,4; Perfect Attendance 1,3; Sen- ior Class President; Government Day. Delegate to County Boys’ State 3; FFA Reporter 1; Football 1,2,3,4; “M” Club 2,3,4, President 4; Perfect Attendance 2; Student Council 4; Track 3,4. MIKE PICKETT 1,2,3,4, Greenhands JERRY RHODES FFA 1,2,3,4; Perfect Attendance 3; Sen- ior Class Treasurer Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4, All County “B” Team; Football 2,3,4, All County 4, All Conference 4; “M” Club 2,3,4; Boys’ State 3; FFA 1,3,4, Treas- urer 4; Perfect Attendance 3. DAVID SMITHERMAN MARTHA SCOTT Band 1,2,3,4, All-State 2, All County Band 1,2,3,4, Alabama College Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; FTA 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Montala Staff 4; Per fect Attendance 1; Student Council 1,4; Senior Class Secretary: Scholastic “M” 1,2,3,4. Business Club 4, Vice-President 4; FHA 1,2,4. JANICE SMITHERMAN DOLORES SMITH Band 1; Cheerleader 2.3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Recreational Leader 4; First Alternate to Girls’ State 3; Homecoming Attendant 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,4, Treasurer 4; Delegate to County Government Day. Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; FFA 1; Foot- ball 2,3,4; Track 1; “M”’ Club 2,3. JOHNNY TAYLOR DALE THOMPSON ROBERT THOMPSON DON WILLIAMS Baseball 2; FFA 1,3,4, Secretary 4. FFA 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 3, Ag II Class FFA 1,3,4; Junior Academy of Science Secretary 4; Basketball Manager 4; “M” 3,4 Club 4; Perfect Attendance 3 FHA 1,2,4; FTA 4; Junior Class Vice- Basketball 4; “M” Club 4; Montala President; Spotlight 4, Editor 4; Valen- Staff 4; National Honor Society 4. tine Attendant 4. (Transfer 3.) (Transfer 4.) VICKI WINSLETT CHRIS YOUTZ NOT PICTURED: BOBBY COCHRAN JAMES LITTLEFIELD UNDERCLASSMEN Junior Class officers President; and Lynn get together for Prom plans. Pictured above are Joan Rotenberry, Secretary Treasurer of the class PAGE 24 s Art Bolton Anthony, Vice-President; Jimmy Lawley, JUNIORS Sandra Albright Paula Allen Joan Anthony Danny Bearden Wanda Bice Art Bolton Alvin Boothe Joyce Brantley Larry Brewster Linda Bird Terry Carter Brenda Cochran Milton Emfinger Lynn Frost Linda Geeslin Brenda Greene Billy Joe Hall Joe Hall Beverly Harper Clem Harris Barry Hicks Ann Hoffman Becky Holsomback Phyllis Holsomback Peggy Sve Hurt Brenda Johnson Doug Jones Patsy Kish Jimmy Lawley Phyllis Logan Lucile Lovelady Jerry McGaughy Connie Majors Joe Meyer Anita Mitchell Barbara Morris David Nichols Clay Nordan Mary Ann Parker Carey Pickett Pam Pickett Larry Popwell Mary Robinson Lynn Rotenberry Margie Scott PAGE 25 ® a a. Mis ant S208 th, | say A PAGE 26 Sandra Sproul Clarence Stone Billy Surface Lonnie Thompson Wayne Thompson Richard Tingle Wanda Tingle Debbie Vining SOPHOMORES Carol Alexander Sherry Anderson Steve Arledge Betty Jane Barclay Debbie Bearden Larry Bearden Tommy Brand Judy Brantley Diane Brazier Thomas Cannon Susan Crowe Walt Czeskleba Judy Draper Sandra Eddings Henry Edwards Ricky Fochtmann Carolyn Frost Paula Genry Anne Goad Ronnie Hall Willie Pearl Harden Blain Harper Glenda Haynie J. H. Hensley Mary Hensley Judy Kay Holsomback Judy Horton Larry Horton Sharon Kimbrell Paul Knowles Carol Lagrone Beulah Lawley Travis Loyd Gail Lucas Marrie Lucas Sve Lutz Philip McEntee Jimmy McGaughy Anita Mahaffey Linda Majors Ricky Majors Barbara Martin Loy Miller Barbara Mills Brenda Mobley Waltraud Molgedei Wayne Nichols Thomas Nix Stacia Oates Robby Owens Debbie Pack Sharon Pardue Band members display victory sign after “Superior” PAGE 28 rating at State Band Meet. Donnie Payne Donn Phillips Elree Price Jenelle Reid Donna Reynolds Ellen Scott Ed Simpson Andrea Smith Judy Smitherman Diane Spain Steve Spears Johnny Stephens Nellie Gray Strother Floyd Sudsberry Jimmy Thiemonge Lewis Vernon Bucky Weaver FRESHMEN Alfred Allen Billy Allen Rondal Alexander Tisia Baker Phyllis Bearden Theresa Belcher David Bennett Beverly Bice Billy Bice Jan Birdsong Brenda Soothe Fred Boothe Nancy Boothe Cheerleader finalists PAGE ongratulate each 29 other as judges announce decisions Terry Boothe Waymon Bowden Sharon Bridges Brenda Brown Jimmy Brown Bartie Carlee James Carlee Jimmy Culp Cecile Dennis Carole Edwards Sonya Edwards Jimmy Emfinger Diane Finley Pleasia Fochtmann Kenneth Fountain John E. Goggins Nancy Goggins Mary Harper Rosetta Harper Danny Holsomback Ronnie Horton Jo Ann Hyde Teresa Jackson Sherry Jarvis Sandra Kemp Brenda Lawley Donna Lawley Susan Lawley Mary Ellen Lewis Ricky Lindsay Robbie Mims Wayne Moore e Nabors Judy Nordan Mack Nix Peggy Nix Buster Pickett Luther Ray Price Tingle Debbie Ward Billy White Sharon Winslett Jimmy Youtz EIGHTH GRADE Linda Anderson Beth Anthony Tommy Arledge Debbie Belcher Donna Belcher Ann Boothe Linda Boothe Roger Bice Harriet Bowden Steve Brand Sandra Cannon Terry Davis Linda Edwards Bill Frye D. D. Garrett Dennis Glosson Martha Goggins Ray Goggins Mr. Morris demonstrates “washer” technique to lunch time spectators! Kay Green Marcia Green Randy Greene Mike Guthrie Deannie Hall Tithie Harrell Tommy Harris Betty Jo Hatcher Thelma Hood Joyce Horton Bobby Ingram Donald Kimbrell Larry Knowles Melissa Knowles James Kromer PAGE 33 PAGE 34 Thomas Kromer Dian Lawler Joe Lovelady Lynn Loyd Jennie Lucas Martha Lutz Mary McCulley David McGaughy Wayne Majors Beverly Martin Gary Martin Lovise Martin Cecil Mathis Susie Mills Laurie Gene Orr M. J. Otfts Bobbie J. Parker Courtney Parker Lynn Partridge Dottie Phillips Deborah Pickett Larry Joe Pickett Mike Pickett Teresa Pickett Terry Pickett Wayne Pickett Joan Polk Trudy Price Mary Lou Reeder Larry Rice Lolly Seaman Steve Sears Joe Smitherman Charles Stano Jimmy Surface Jimmy Thomas Susan Thomas Thompson Thompson npson Karen Varden Lamar Vaughan Sara Weaver Chery! Williams Nancy Wooley Danny Wyatt Philip Alexander Ronnie Allen Nancy Barclay Diana Barnett Linda Barrow Rita Bearden Ruby Bell Frances Boothe James Ray Boothe Judy Boothe Debbie Boyd Patricia Brazier Carol Brown Pam Brown PAGE 35 Girls learn a few pointers at cheerleader clinic. William Clark Diane Cooley Jeanetta Corbett Troy Criswell Beth Crowe Debbie Cunningham lee Cupps Eddie Czeskleba Patsy Darden Susan Edfeldt Brenda Edwards Don Edwards Linda Edwards Peggy Edwards Johnny Farmer Popwell Terri Farrington Nathan Fochtmann Philip Genry William Grady Deborah Goggins Marie Goggins Jeffrey Gray Lynn Green Pam Guy Jimmy Hall Steve Hall Bill Harper Terry Harris Bruce Hayes Tommy Hensley “expounds” at Student Council Rally a PAGE 38 Jan Plant Ernie Polk Mike Polk Tommy Polk Jamey Putnam Debbie Rochester Susan Scott David Seaman Sally Sears Janise Shipley Cathy Sims Frances Smith Becky Smitherman Sharon Sproul Sammy Staggs Johnny Stewart Sammy Strickland Robert Thompson Donnie Tinsley Marilynn Winslett Stanley Winslett Dayle Wooley Pat Wyatt Sherry Holsomback Cherie Horton Jane Horton Nora Hubbard Wayne Hyde Sandra Jones Cathy Lacey Alvin Latham Patricia Lawley Sandra Lawley Judy Lien Frank Lightfoot Susan Lovejoy Patty Lovelady Darlene Lucas Diane Lucas Gary Lucas Lane Lucas Ray Lucas Sylvia Lucas John McCulley Keith Mahaffey Lisa Majors Joe Miller Norma Jean Miller Ricky Miller Judy Mills PAGE 39 Barbara Moreland Shirlene Morgan Johnny Moore Not pictured: Shannon Allen, Betty Boothe, Becky Kaufman, John Mobley, Lynda Sisco, Carolyn Smith nembers get congratulated ad ' ii ’ HUT 7 ee Margie Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL One of the school’s outstanding service organizations is the Student Council. Composed of two elected delegates from each homeroom—grades nine through twelve—the group an- nually takes on such projects as sponsoring the Community Chest Drive and correlating Homecoming activities. Selection of officers takes place each spring as the student body elects the governing officials for the coming year. Sponsor for the group is Mrs. Sara Cairns. Lovelady, Kimbrell, S Council bulletin board gets for front hall well, Scott, McGlown loc TO KEEP OUR SCHOOL NICE from members Pop i Improving school window washing Counc Brown URLs ANS ND A a A UGA Ae aM Members gather to get ideas from file of yearbooks. National Honor Society The National Honor Society is composed of members from the elev- enth and twelfth grades who have achieved and maintained a B+ aver- age in their high school years and have shown high standards of leader- ship, character, and service. Acting as a service group within the school, the group edits the school yearbook and provides baby sitters for chil- dren of parents wishing to attend PTA meetings. Officers of this group are Phil Hubbard, President; Sue Goggins, Vice-President; Peggi Maher, Secretary; and Cheryl Blackmon, Treasurer. Other members are Janice Smitherman, Gail Polk, Linda Harrison, Donna Allen, Susan Lovelady, Martha Scott, Grace McEntee, and Chris Youtz. PAGE 44 Shown at President; Hubbard Pictured above are members Harper, Vining, Lovelady, Thompson, McGaughy, Popwell, Meyer, Nor dan, Owens, Lawley, Cannon, Arledge, Surface, Loyd, Mr. Day, Carter, Hubbard, Bolton, Morris, Youtz, Harper, Nix, Williams, and Payne JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Junior Academy of Science membership is open to students in grades nine through twelve and is designed to offer opportunities that will en- courage a career in science. Sponsor of the group is Mr. Hershel Day. right are officers Chris Youtz, Vice- Susan Lovelady, President and Phil Secretary-Treasurer PAGE 45 Re Pelion . he ae st [ A J an tin 2S — z ¥ r a v.ot ala, ¢ g A “ NG ow Sy A LS ‘ aS ’ ssowr Lonel o o p= z cGaughy, Linda Byrd, and Lynn Rotenberry er-growing mail-out orders Below Sandra look Sproul, Carol Lagrone, and Phyllis over a few of Spotlight’s exchange Logan papers “one of Nation’s best!” Spotlight began an uphill climb with a Second Class national rank in 1957, mov- ing to First Class the second semester of 1958-59. It reached All-American rating second semester of 1960-61, and it has remain- ed in that position for ten consecutive semesters Mr. J. K. Hvistendahl, associate profes- sor cf journalism at South Dakota State University, referred to the Spotlight as ‘one of the best duplicated newspapers in the United States.” He used Spotlight pages as examples of good journalism in his book, Producing the Duplicated Newspaper.” Below—Proofreaders Sandra Albright Rhonda Davis Billy Surface hold Spotlight stencils to the window ing ever error g y Below—the paper goes to press wards, Joan Anthony, Lucile Lovelady stand by to lend a helping hand SEM BLOCK |= MODIFIED BLOCK are Library Eddings LIBRARY CLUB P. Kish, S Yardue Boo J. Smitherman, G. Haynie, S. Kemp Oates, M. Lucas, G , - Anderson, J. Brantley, [ Fochtmanr 8 S. Lutz, Strother . Bearder . Eddinas, J. K. Holsomback, B. Holsomback Mobley, A itche . Holsomback, J. Reid, W. Molgedei, D. Lawley, J. A Lu and Linda Geeslin Picturec at right are FTA fficers Par Pickett Co-Vice President Brenda Greene Treasurer; Su- san Lovelady, President; Linda Byrd; Sandra Al bright Secretary Barbara Morris Co-Vice Presi- dent; Joan Anthony, Parliamentarian; and Sandra Sproul, Historian Future Teachers of America r sponsor, Mrs. Carolyn Edfeldt USINESS The Business Club has as its purpose enrichment of the business courses. Programs for the year included guest speakers on “The im- portance of a good voice in the office,” “Proper Office Attire,” and ‘Grooming for the Office.” One program on voice included proper use of the telephone. The club sponsors the school’s March of Dimes. This year’s donations amounted to $307.68. nda Harrison, and Gay standing offer advice to Vice-President and Pro- GO STRAIGHT TO THE JOB Tn. Be “M” Club members and sponsor shown arove are Tommy Baker, Mike Pickett, Alan Barclay, Johnny Boyd, Jerry Hyde, Doug Jones, David Smitherman, Jimmy Birdsong, Mr. Fisher, Don Horton, Norman Eiland, Carey Pickett, Paul Knowles, Jerry Morgan, Harold Norriss, Terry Herron, Danny Bearden, Donnie Payn Thomas Lawley, Marlon Payne, Jimmy Law- lay, Johnny Taylor, Ed Simpson, Chris Youtz, Bill White, Robert Thompson, Thomas Nix Wayne Nichols. Not pictured are Leon Lucas, Steve Spears, Robbie Owens, Steve Arledge, David snnett, and Jimmy Brown. “M” CLUB “M” Club is an organization composed of boys who have lettered in varsity athletics. Meeting once a month, the group is sponsored by Mr. Theron Fisher. Officers are Mike Pickett, President; Alan Barclay, Vice President; and Johnny Boyd, Secretary-Treasurer. PAGE 52 Pictured above are Tr Y Club members. Sponsor for the group is Mrs TRI-HI-Y Officers shown below a President; Lemoyne Davistor Blackmon secretary; and Barbara Birchfield Tri Hi Y is a service organization composed of girls from the 10th, Ilth, and 12th grades. Below, girls work on sewing boxes for homerooms. ee eae © . al o — Pictured above are Montevallo’s FFA members and sponsor, Mr. M. Thornton. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Future Farmers of America is an organization composed of students currently enrolled in—or who have had—agriculture. One of the largest organizations in school, its membership is divided into two groups— regular members and “greenhands.” Officers for the group are Lonnie Thompson, President; Terry Herron, Vice-President; Jerry Hyde, 2nd Vice- President; Dale Thompson, Secretary; Dewayne Morris, Assistant Secre- tary; David Smitherman, Treasurer; Barry Hicks, Assistant Treasurer; Ken- neth Edwards, Reporter; Danny Bearden, Assistant Reporter; Jim Birdsong, Sentinel; Larry Brewster, Assistant Sentinel; Fred Boothe, Parliamentarian; Alvin Booth, Chaplain; Clem Harris, Assistant Advisor; and M. D. Thorn- ton, Advisor. PAGE. 54 FHA members—grades nine through twelve—are pictured above. Composed of girls who have had or who are cur- rently taking Home Economics the group has had as a project this year improving the appearance and efficiency of the Home Economics Department. Sponsor is Mrs. Rebecca McGaughy FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Pictured below are eighth grade FHA members Pictured below are officers of the FHA group. Eighth grade Math Club members meet with sponsor, Mr. Doug Morris, to dis JUNIOR HIGH MATH CLUBS Seventh grade members get Composed of girls from the seventh and eighth grade Sirls orus membership is shown above. Sponsor for the group is Mrs. Frances Anthony JUNIOR GIRLS’ CHORUS ficers Beth Anthony, President; Dian anetta Corbett; and Susan Thomas. JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Boys discuss workings of radio. Girls discuss Cheerleaders Maher, Byrd, Smith, Lucas, Birchfield and Pickett pose for “traditional” picture. CHEERLEADERS Sponsor, Mrs. Anne Kelly, “shows off” trophy won by girls at clinic. Pyramid ends in shambles as girls practice routines! SS PAGE 60 LUCAS, Head = a CHERYL BLACKMON LINDA BYRD PEGG! MAHER PAM PICKETT DOLORES SMITH Pictured at right are Junior Cheerlead- ers Cheryl McClure, Lynn Loyd, Sharon Winslett, Mary Lou Reeder, Judy Nor- dan, D. D. Garrett, Jan Birdsong, Hat- tie Lucas, and Patricia Wyatt. PAGE 61 MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL BAND i = Ai i One of the top twelve high school bands in Alabama, the MHS Band, under the direction of Mr. Everett Lawler, breezed through District Tryouts and then went on to get a Superior rating at the State Contest. On the marching field and in numerous concerts throughout the year, the band proved to both students and adults that it well deserved the high rating, and its new uniforms which were obtained through the ef- forts of the local Band Boosters Association. FLUTES Beth Anthony Brenda Mobley Courtney Parker Lolly Seaman CLARINETS Carol Alexander Martha Barkley Linda Byrd Nancy Edwards Lynn Frost Mary Harper Peggy Hurt Melissa Knowles Lucile Lovelady Leslie Mathison Loy Miller Peggy Nix Mary Lou Reeder Lynn Rotenberry Ellen Scott Martha Scott (Librarian) Adelle Simpson Judy Smitherman Sandra Sproul Debbie Ward SAXOPHONES Joan Anthony (Treasurer) Harriett Bowden Sandra Cannon Anne Goad Kay Green Bobby Ingram Terry Kyle Dian Lawler Joe Lovelady Chery! McClure (Freshman Rep.) Robby Owens Nellie Grey Strother TRUMPETS Alfr ed Allen Steve Arledge (Sophomore Rep.) Jan Birdsong Thomas Cannon Jim Culp D. D. Garrett Geraldine Hare Tithie Harrell Lynn Loyd Grace McEntee (Librarian) Jerry McGaughy (First V. Pres.) Susan McGlown Clay Nordan (Second V. Pres.) Steve Sears Johnny Stephens Billy Surface Johnny Taylor Karen Varden Sharon Winslett TROMBONES Claude Eddings Mike Guthrie Beverly Harper Phil McEntee Gary Martin Mary Ann Parker Billy Taylor Debbie Vining BARITONES Terry Carter David McGaughy M. J. Otts FRENCH HORNS Sharron Bridges Laurie Gene Orr PAGE 62 TUBAS Thomas Nix Jimmy Surface Bucky Weaver PERCUSSION Betty Jane Barclay Carolyn Frost Billy Barrett Phil Hubbard (President) Jennie Lucas Candi McGaughy Robbie Mims Judy Nordan Bobbie Parker Margie Scott (Secretary) MAJORETTES Susan Lovelady—Clarinet Donna Allen—Clarinet Lemoyne Daviston— Percussion Brenda Lovelady— Percussion Debbie Pack—Clarinet FLAGETTES Ellen Freil—Percussion Mary Ellen Lewis—Clarinet Vann J eS if Band officers Dian Lawler, Martha Scott, Grace McEntee, Clay Nordan, Jerry McGaughy Joan Anthony, Margie Scott, and Cheryl McClure. Practice session on a cool crisp day! an end as band prepares for march back. Junior band members—composed of seventh grade students—pose with their director, Mr. Everett Lawler Majorettes pose in new gym Susan Lovelady, Head Donna Allen Mary Ellen Lewis Lemoyne Daviston Brenda Lovelady Ellen Freil Debbie Pack aT TaN HOMECOMING ‘65 Coach Fisher and guest Bobby Baker, M.H.S. grad- vate, lead off Homecom- ing festivities with Thurs- day night pep rally speeches. Bonfire flames high at nighttime pep rally By held at football field Queen's float stops downtown during Friday's parade. Band members lead the way during annual Homecoming Parade All ready Alumni gather for traditional coffee hour. coming Jayne Her Majesty, Queen Jayne, is applauded by her subjects as she takes her traditional walk around the dance floor. Li! UY Zz x CQ LL! =e Mes Lt! ound gemor-Senior Prom == a SS SS Ss SS NE “The Imaginary Invalid” Months of preparation and practice, as shown above and below, paid off for the speech class when they received hearty applause for their performance. The imaginary nvalid Argan Eddings), is comforted by his seeking wife, Beline (Candi McGaughy Moliere’s play, “The Imaginary Invalid,” was presented by the speech class in the spring. Gaining much well deserved applause were Claude Eddings, Nancy Edwards, Candi Mc- Gaughy, Cheryl Blackmon, David Nichols, Thom- as Cannon, Lynn Rotenberry, Cheryl Moss, Ellen Freil, Dolores Smith, Linda Harrison, Susan Hol- somback, Brenda Lovelady, Grace McEntee, and Mrs. Sara Cairns, director. “No, | won’t let you marry him,” says Argan to his Toinette (Nancy Edwards), the vivacious maid, is chased weeping daughter, Angelique (Cheryl Blackmon). by Argan. Donna Party. Business March of Susan duo Allen Club Dimes Thom piano members drive as and Mrs performance Pardue Harrison Cowan Gog after gins their and “SPECIAL” EVENTS aon: aa i ncil nominees display ingeniot Mrs new Kelly congratulates a cheerleader after try- outs. splendid FHA Flappers perform at Parent Night. “SPECIAL” AWARDS The boys selected to attend the 1965 Boys State pro- 5 gram at Auburn University are Alan Barclay, Phil Hub- Cheryl Blackmon, Girls State delegate, bard, Jimmy Birdsong, Mike Pickett, Marlon Payne, Da- with alternate Dolores Smith vid Smitherman, Tommy Baker, and Norman Eiland. County typing champion Martha Scott displays the form that helped her attain accuracy and a speed of over 90 words per minute. Lemoyne Daviston, Shelby County’s en- trant in the Junior Miss Pageant, won an Alverson-Draughon scholarship in the Betty Crocker Homemaking Award win contest ner, Peggi Maher. he Cheryl bowl Blackmon is Danforth cept their winners awards. AA ¢ eMen and Mr awarded the Marlon Payne Hill covete and d_ Tri-Hi-Y Donna silver ac- AWARDS The 1966 Awards Day program at MHS the largest of its kind since it was origina eight years ago by Principal Mr. Guy Milford Miss Susie DeMent, coordinator of the program recognized over 160 different students and 3 adults with 204 citations, which were presented to each winner by Shelby County Superintendent of Education, Mr. Elvin Hill. On this page and the next are shown some of the highlights of the program. The Good Sportsmanship Trophy is taken by winner Thomas Lawley. Philip Hubbard and Martha Scott receive the American Legion Award. Runners-up for this award were Cheryl Blackmon and Marlon Payne. DAY ‘66 Susan sts her Outstanding Senior »Bandsman award and trophy For his comprehensive Saturday morning newscasts, Pres ident Tommy Baker was awarded by the Student Coun cil. Along with an academic letter, the County Typing Cham- pionship, All County Band, and many others Martha Scott was the recipient of the valuable Reader’s Digest Award. Co-Editors Vicki Winslett and Richard Tingle accept Spot- light honors. Jayne Lucas receives the Head Cheerleader Award pre- sented to her by the cheerleaders and Mrs. Kelly. Eighth-grader Sonya Edwards was named Outstanding Girl Phys. Ed. Student by the P. E. Department. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INITIATION A part of each spring is the annual tap- ping ceremony of new Honor Society mem- bers. This year, fourteen new members, in- cluding one senior, were calld up for the traditional candle lighting ceremony. New members sign register and light candles. Member Chery! Blackmon discusses one of the Society’s four virtues while other mem- bers look on Closing feature of the program is the singing of the Alma Mater. PAGE 76 SENIOR WHO’S WHO A big event in the life of a senior is the selection of the class “Who's Who.” Under the guidance of September elected officers, “Who’s Who” choices are made each spring. Officers in charge of this year’s election were Marlon Payne, President; Peggi Maher and Lemoyne Daviston, Co- Vice Presidents; Martha Scott, Secretary; and Cheryl Blackmon and Jerry Rhodes, Co-Treasurers. Officers Rhodes, Blackmon, Scott, Daviston, Maher, and Payne PAGE 77 CLSSSTOSOTD SPST S Te Tete tee ee SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Friendliest Dolores Smith and Terry Herron SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Best Looking Linda Harrison and Johnny Boyd SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Most Valuable to the School Robert Thompson and Ellen Freil ¥ SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Most Athletic David Smitherman and Jayne Lucas SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Wittiest PAGE 78 SENIOR WHO'S WHO—Laziest Lemoyne Daviston and James Littlefield Calvin Hamm and Susan Holsomback SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Qvietest Thomas Lawley and Connie Grady SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Best All-Around Sue Goggins and Marlon Payne B' Bi ba | bi Gin! : ue rt f (ir SENIOR WHO'S WHO—Most Intellectual Chris Youtz and Martha Scott i hive! iii oe SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Most Likely to Succeed Philip Hubbard and Susan Lovelady PAGE 79 art = = = SENIOR WHO’S WHO—Best Dancers SENIOR WHO’S WHO-—Best Dressed Don Horton and Nancy Edwards Norman Eiland and Cheryl Blackmon Class President Marlon GRADUATION Payne delivers wecoming address. Keynote speech for the evening is delivered by Dr. Griffith. Mrs. Frances Anthony directs ‘singing seniors.” Lucille “te oa Vig Na Mon Oo Dok k Paar Pe Mg « ‘i ec Pe ao a de a i | 4 i Ln Sas ees Ue we Wy Be 7 im ft yi] iP } — | Three Bulldogs Make “All-County” al al Tee ie ca S 7 - rn i ae Pictured ab Steve Spears J Alan Barclay, Mike Picke Kaucuts ascend roa Bonide Paunn.. Ste Ste pina Bil Carey Pickett, Danny Bearder rr rgan, Billy : a! ommy er, David Smitherman, Jimmy Lawley, Donn Phillips, David Benne rd row } Gree y Bearder mmy Arledge, Mit- chell Spears, Alan Nanni obt t David Luce ruce »yolds, Ro soggins, Danny Wyatt Mike Sims, Tommy Harris mbre picture re Norman Eiland and Marion Payne Montevallo won its first football game of the 65-66 season by down- ing Vincent 12-0. Doug Jones scored once on a 76-yard run and passed to David Smitherman for the other tally. Despite the fact that Montevallo held Holtville to only 2 first downs and gained 64 mores yards than the visiting team, the Bulldogs had to settle for a 14-14 tie. Montevallo’s two touchdowns were scored by Doug Jones and Ed Simpson. Tommy Baker kicked both PAT’s. Shown below are Alan Barclay, David Smitherman and Marlon Payne who were named to the All Senior Alan Barclay County football team. Smitherman was also an All- Conference pick J fee. id in, “teem, Fonsi We ees be) s Senior David Smitherman Senior Mike Pickett Senior Tommy Baker Halfback Howard Brogden led the Thompson High Warriors to a 12-6 victory over Montevallo at Siluria. The Bulldog’s lone tally came in the second quarter when Danny Bearden intercepted a Warrior pass and ran it back 40 yards for th score. Clanton quarterback Jack Moore proved too much for the Montevallo defense as he ran for two touchdowns and passed for two more to shut out the Bulldogs 33-0. Montevallo won their first game in the new stadium when the Bull- dogs shut out Jemison 18-0. Alan Barclay scored the first touchdown nine plays after the Bulldog defense blocked a Panther punt. Simpson threw a 42-yard pass to Barclay for the second Bulldog tally with 8 sec- onds left in the first half. The last Montevallo touchdown came on a pass from Simpson to Jones in the fourth quarter. Senior Jerry Morgan Senior Jimmy Birdsong Senior Johnny Taylor Montevallo beat Verbena 21-0 for their third shut-out victory of the season. The Bulldog defense held the Red Devils to minus yardage on the ground. Barclay scored a touchdown on a pass from Simp- son and later, with the aid of Jerry Mor- gan, caught a Verbena player in the end zone for a safety. Mike Pickett also scor- ed for MHS. Shelby County ran their winning streak 41 consecutive games as they beat the Bulldogs 27-7. Statistics told the tale as the Wildcats had 391 total yards gain- ed to Montevallo’s 183. The Bulldogs’ only score came on a pass from Simpson to Smitherman. Danny Loftin and Dee Franks teamed up to spoil Montevallo’s Homecoming as Calera edged the Bulldogs 25-20. Simp- son, Barclay, and Jones each scored once and Simpson kicked two PAT’s to give Montevallo a 20-19 lead until the fourth quarter when the Eagles scored on a pass for the win. B. B. Comer scored 20 points in the second half as the Tigers rolled over Montevallo 20-0. Quarterback Tommy Riggins led Comer’s attack as he scored one touchdown and passed for two more. Jones scored Montevallo’s last touch- down of the 1965 season in a losing ef- fort as the Cordova Blue Devils beat the Bulldogs 26-7. Simpson kicked the PAT for Montevallo. Height Hurts BULLDOGS But Hustle Helps 4 Mae Shown above are the ten seniors that composed the shortest basketball team Coach Cratie Corbett has ever coached at MHS. They are (bottom, left to right) David Smitherman, Jerry Hyde, Norman Eiland, Terry Herron, Chris Youtz, (top, left to right) Manager Robert Thompson, Johnny Boyd, Tommy Baker, Thomas Lawley, Harold Norris, Don Hor- ton, and Coach Corbett. The Bulldogs posted a 10-12 rec-ord and won third place in the Mid-State Conerence Tourna ment. Scoreboard Tommy Baker—forward. “Tommy is Montevallo Opponent @ good rebounder for his size and Sialy scount 67 @ good team man. We was All- Y y ope ; Ind 4 County “B” team in his junior year.” ndian Springs 6 Thompson 80 Vincent 49 Fayette 61 West Blocton 34 Vincent 46 Thompson 7 Indian Springs Jemison Calera Thorsby Calera Indian Springs ™ Jemison Vincent West Blocton Guin Winfield McAdory Johnny Boyd forward. “Johnny McAdory has been one of MHS’s most con- Jemison sistent men. Leading scorer this year, he was All-County in his jun- Tournament games ior year.” Normar Eilanc JU Terr Herron guard “hh y Small good ball handler and puts feeder Terry was selec ed ¢ confe e his sen shot ior handler Don + , Jerry Hyde—forward. “‘Jer ry is big and strong and is leading rebounder for the Bulldogs.” Don Horton—guard is unusually versatile, hav- ing § An ex Harold Norris center “Harold is short for a was tallest man on the center, but is a real hust- cae ler and always came through under pressure.” Thomas Lawley—center A first-year man Thomas team at 6 David Smitherman cen- Chris Youtz forward. ter and forward David “Transferred to MHS from is a good p man for New Mexico, Chris keeps his size. He was second himself in excellent con- in both individual scoring dition, He is a good team and rebounding.” man.” The “B” Team had a successful season under the in second place in the County Tournament son, Blain’ Harper, Clarence Pictured at right are the eighth and ninth grade boys who participated in Junior Basketball under the coaching of Charles Martin PAGE 88 Members of the team are Stone, Joe Meyer, Billy Surface, Robbie direction of Coach nett Charles 8 Owens, Doug Jor left to right Knowles Brown, David Benr Bulldog baseball te the county and M Norman selected were were perfect Eiland Jerry AllStar Hyde scouts to participate Clanton Norman man, and East-West Herron and es Norman Ejiland, Johnny (third ro 4 id ilanc pl Terry Hyde try were n tt ay ir he all-star tryouts and T are irs w, left to right) Spears (second row, Paul Jimmy heron Fisher Robbie Terry Herron, Thomas Lawley, Steve Boyd, Jerry Hyde left to right) David Smitherman, Joe Nichols, and Steve Arledge 1966 overall record and captured both Bulldogs Smitherman, Larry Popwell Lovelady Wayne members of the had an 11-4 State Conference titles. Leading the way for the Terry erron rr de, and who had a David Thomas Lawley who he mound Herron, David Smither- represented MHS at the out game at Clanton picked by big league a second game against Scoreboard Montevallo Opponent Clanton Jemison Vincent Marion Calera Clanton Indian Springs a —-NWOA ND W Jemison In dian Springs Vincent Marion Calera 6 Indian Springs 19 Vincent” Tournament ‘ games PAGE 89 BULLDOGS Capture Championships Jerry Hyde leaps high to snag a throw from Norman Eiland in a game against Indian Springs. prevails in the MHS dugout as the Bulldogs romp to a 19-0 victory over Vincent in the finals of the Mid-State Tour- nament. Happiness |TRACKMEN Continue To Progress Distance runners Thomas Cannon—880; Johnny Stev- Sprinters Danny Bearden, representative to the state ens—880; Chris Youtz, district champion and repre- track meet—440 yd. relay; Phil Hubbard—440 sentative to the state track meet—mile; Joe Meyer— lay and 100 yd. dash. Middle distance men yd. re Thomas mile. Nix—440 and mile relay; Ed Simpson—440 and mile relay. Sprinters Larry Popwell, county, conference, and district champion—100 yd. dash and 220 yd. dash; Alan Barclay—100 yd. dash and 440 yd. relay; Tommy Baker—220 yd. dash and 440 yd. relay. All three were representatives to the state track Weightmen Jimmy Lawley, county cham- meet at Auburn. pion—shotput and discuss; Marlon Payne —shotput and discus. Both were rep- Middle distance man Jimmy resentatives to the state track meet. Coach Charles Martin —440 and mile relay. jet ere Birdsong KEN TERRY CHEVROLET Largest Selection in Central Alabama “WE DISCOUNT ‘EM” Quality service on all American made cars. 9 Main St. MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA ALMONT SUPER SAVER Route One, Montevallo Phone 665-2629 Garing Typewriter Co. Talladega, Alabama OFFICE MACHINES Sales Service ALABAMA REFRACTORY CLAY CO. INCORPORATED MONTEVALLO, ALA. B S Insurance Realty Your Insurance and Real Estate Broker Victor Scott Bob Broadhead Phone 665-7571 Merchants Plant« : Anke MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA “Growing With and Serving You " WHERE FINER THINGS FIRESTONE ARE CLEANED MONTEVALLO HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY MONTEVALLO CLEANERS RECAPPING AND RADIATOR REPAIRS Phone 665-7214 FURNITURE Phone 665-7216 Westinghouse PRESSURE CREOSOTED FOREST PRODUCTS Seaman Timber Company, Inc. Rt. 2 P. O. Box 372 Parrish, Alabama Montevallo, Alabama Mine and Industrial Lumber — Fence Posts — Timbers — Building Poles Pallets JIM SEAMAN Telephone: Business 665-7279 President Residence 665-7358 COMPLIMENTS OF Delview Meadow Gold Dairy Milk and Ice Cream TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA PAGE 93 The Many Faces winning tTorm The Thinkers in‘s WHAT? e does have a forehead Hustlers’ Nordan and Hubbard C'mon, y‘all—let’s play for a change!” BS 5 ot RI " ze ’ if aeciie vw le) Um lie A 4 Sense ‘pet j veep: 4 Wig ate tar i “Hiedy, y‘all!’’ “Anyone know where the restrooms are?” “IN CROWD” Rochester’s Department Store Shelby County’s Largest MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Make your home complete MONTEVALLO LUMBER COMPANY things 20 Everything for building Montevallo, Alabama MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG Compliments of YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE JACK SIMS PURE OIL STATION Phone 665-4581 John Cunningham, Owner Montevallo, Alabama and his boys Gentleman Jim Must be where they take their injured football players.” Kelly, are you sure these push-ups right? Meet the 1966—First year of free textbooks Swinger Just after WHAT’S NEXT? Congratulations on your graduation. You might find a job with a future waiting for you at Southern Bell. Why not give us a Call? SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH CO. REMEMBER ... Good ol’ Brand “X” “I'll see your Tareyton and raise you two Winstons.” “Aw, c'mon, Baker—just one!” They let ANYBODY come to these parties! PAGE 98 State competition was rough this year “Now, Alfred—I'll tell Mr. Lawler.” “Ohhh Philll . . . “Frankly, Linda, | didn’t that’s not truel’’ like the Prom at all.” Compliments of ZANE’S MEN’S SHOP Montevallo, Alabama PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS COMPLIMENTS OF WHALEY Furniture Company, Inc. Montevallo Calera Ph. 665-7243 Ph. 668-2111 beyond all else... We Treasure Your Friendship We can’t offer you a trunk full of gold . but we do have the priceless in- gredient of friendly service here. The Elizabeth Shop Montevallo, Ala. BOOSTERS Ann‘s Beauty Shop Bean’s Barber Shop Falcon Book Store Fancher Radio and Gift Shop M. L. Orr Insurance Agency McCulley’s Grocery Montevallo Flower Shop Montevallo Laundry Center PAGE 99 Neal’s Barber Shop Nina’s Cafe Pendleton Electric Co. Allen’s Shell Service Station State Farm Insurance Bill and June Surface Wagon Wheel Drive-In Western Auto The winner! “It was a very good year . “Now, girls, as soon as Coach Martin comes out, shoot!” PAGE 100 Compliments of Lawler Manufacturing Co. MONTEVALLO THE LITTLE SHOP er 4 fxs 665-6231 @.. Montevallo, Alabama Gieeenes MILK ICE CREAM LOVELADY MOTOR COMPANY Your Ford, Falcon, Mercury and Comet Dealer McCLURE DRUG CO. “On the Corner” =A WRECKER PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY SERVICE fe SERVICE Dial 665-4371 Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-5611 PAGE 101 This Book Is a TIMES PRODUCTION TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Montevallo, Alabama reabeneaa S OUR NEASURE! Phone 324°8646 - Birmingham, Ala. Silver, China, Crystal, Watches and Rings 665-7296 or 665-2028 Alabama Music Center Headquarters for BAND INSTRUMENTS CONN, OLDS, HOLTON, SELMER OTHERS GIBSON GUITARS All Accessories Used Instruments — Bought — Sold CONVENIENT TERMS Rentals — Repairs GEORGE PREWETT 1906 4th Ave. No. 324-9121 PAGE 103 Y ® tr... Getting in shape Wellll—did she make it? They’re coming to take away, ha ha! A little bit too much H2SO4 in the CaCO3. Mrs. Anthony’s pride and joy. Would you believe— Clark Gable? 104 Remember the “Nobels’’?

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