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MONTALA MONTALA Oo | Presented by THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL Montevallo, Alabama 1965 TABLE OF CONTENTS Alice Boyd Building GYMNASIUM As M.H.S. awaited this year’s school session, many changes were taking place— Montevallo was preparing to meet the need for progress. With September's arrival, seventh and eighth graders found new quarters in the Alice Boyd Building—vacated by the primary grades as they moved to their new building—and even the old “Jeter Building’—once used to house the upper elementary grades had a “new look” as Alabama College’s Social Science Building. SCIENCE LAB For sports enthusiasts, a new gym- nasium with facilities for both girls’ and boys’ phys. ed. classes as well as interschool events was readied and a much longed for stadium- was provided to enhance the athletic de- partment. The renovation of existing facili- ties allowing for a “new” science department and an enlarged busi- ness education department was also introduced during this streamlining process. Additions to the curricula and faculty, modification of class periods with a re- vamping of the daily schedule and the disappearance of the activity period, and the in- troduction of after school clubs and activities were other changes occurring as M.H.S. progressed to meet changing times. Expanding with the high school was the community. Moves to new quarters and u” dressing up” of older establishments were evidenced in the area. NEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL All aspects of school life had to keep pace with these changes in schedule, fa- cilities and curricula. School clubs which formerly met during the activity period were left with the alternative of meeting after school or disbanding. Many disbanded. However, the most important school organization, the Student Council, continued to conduct its business in after school meetings and special lunch sessions. The success of this year’s Council was insured by the leadership of a man who has sponsored the Council for many years—a man who has continued to see the need for progress. To this man, Mr. B. W. Hamric, we dedicate the 1965 Montaia. ACADEMIC LIFE Mr. Guy Milford Under the directorship of Mr. Guy Milford, principal at Montevallo High School, students are guided into either one of two curriculum areas, vocational or college prep- aratory. Under these two programs, students are offered a wide variety in class choice and are able to select the plan which will best fit their needs. MRS. KATHLYN McGLOW MR. IVEY SIMS Guiding students in the right direction ¢ hecking up on “credits” are only two of Mrs. McGlown’s jobs as office etary and bookkeeping teact M ns, maintenance man, also gets his share of the guidance duty as each school year begins bringing in new s t graders Ready to work with these new students are Mrs and Mrs. Anthony, seventh grade homeroom teachers MRS. FRANCES SHAW MRS. FRANCES ANTHONY aet OF lat ae) Yi AD we ie Z ee an ae oe PAGE 11 MRS. EMILY PENDLETON MR. DOUG MORRIS Another seventh grade homeroom teacher, Mrs sndieton al he ‘ 1ew students and ge t them ready for eighth grade work under th supervision of Mr. Morris anc ee Read take over when students move to the ninth grade Mrs. Edfeldt, speech, English MRS. CAROLYN EDFELDT MRS. ANNE MILFORD MR. THERON FISHER Helping students find books is chief job of Mrs. Milford, librarian Boys’ athletics and coaching at M.H.S. are un- der the direction of three men—Mr. Fisher, Mr. Martin, and Mr. Corbett. Coaches Fisher and Corbett also teach history while Mr. Martin teaches phys. ed. and general business MR. CHARLES MARTIN MR. CRATIE CORBETT MISS SUSIE DEMENT Latin is taug M.H.S. by Mrs. C. G. Sharp while typing and shorthand rses come under the direction of Miss eMent s. Rebecca McGaughy, home economics teacher, is pictured w one of her students, Miss Susan Peters, £ winner of Montevallo’s Betty Crocker Award. Susan was also one of the top ten final'sts in the state in this competition Band director for Montevallo students is Mr. Everett Lawler, a Birmingham-Southern graduate. MRS. REBECCA McGAUGHY AND STUDENT, SUSAN PETERS MR. EVERETT LAWLER MISS VINNIE LEE WALKER Miss Walker, co-senior sponsor and senior English teacher, points out graduation diagram to class members . . . Mrs. Kelly, physical education teacher, gives girls a modern dance demonstration . Mr. Day is in charge of senior high an Alabama College grad- science with biology, chemistry and physics all in his teaching field : Mrs. Sara Cairns, vate, teaches senior high history MR. HERSHEL DAY MRS. SARA CAIRNS —_ AAd qh AA PAGE 15 MR. M. D. THORNTON MRS. CAROLYN TOLBERI Agriculture at Montevallo is taught by Mr Moon” Thornton Mrs. Carolyn Tolbert is in charge of French classes Mr. Hamric, senior high English teacher, also serves as Student Council sponsor . . . High school mathematics are taught by Miss Kathryn Farrington HAMRIC MISS KATHRYN FARRINGTON SENIORS FFA Staff Honor Hi-Y 3; ALBRIGHT ALBRIGHT, RONNIE Junior Academy of Science 1,2,3; Math Club 1,2; Honorable Men- tion, Time News Test 3 ANDERSON, RONDAL 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Montala 4, Class C-oEditor 4; National Society 4; Boys’ State 3 ANDERSON BARCLAY, BARBARA ANNE Band 1,2,3,4, Board of Directors. 3, Treasurer 4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Junior De- gree |, Secretary 2, Chapter Degree 2, Vice-President 3, Shelby County FFA-FHA Reporter 3, President 4, Shelby County FFA-FHA President 4, State Degree 4; FTA 2,3,4; Academy of Science 3 Secretary 3; Junior FTA 1; Junior Girl’s Athletic Association 1; Math Club 2; Montala Staff 3,4, Feature Editor 4; National Honor Society 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,4; Vol unteen 2,3; “A” Honor Roll 2; Beef Cook-Off, Second Place 2; History Award 2; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3; Valentine Attendant 3. Junior BARCLAY ALLEN, BETTY GAYLE Band 1,2,3,4, Dance Band 2,3; FHA 1,2,3,4; Girls’ Chorus 1; Junior Aux- iliary 2, State Officer 2; Volunteen 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 4 BICE, MARTHA JANE FHA 1,2,3 BOOTHE BOOTHE, CLIFFORD OWDEN Swing ri-Hi-Y 2 BROWNLEE, CHARLES BURDETT, KENITH BURNETT, JAMES LARRY Basketball 1,2,4, All-County Junior Basketball 1,2,4; Baseball 4; FFA 1,2,3 Team 1, All-County Varsity 2, All- 1,2,3,4; Football 4; Track 3,4 Area 4, All-Tournament 4; Class Vice- President 3; FFA 1,2,3, Secretary 1,2, President 3; “M” Club 2,3; Track 3. PAGE 19 BROWNLEE BURDETT BUKNETT CANTRELL CANTRELL, LYNDA GALE Art Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3; FTA 3; Science Club 3, Re- porter 3; Spotlight Staff 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2 DAVIS, PHILLIP WAYNE Basketball 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3, porter 1, Secretary 3; Football Hi-Y 3 PAGE 20 DAVIS CROWE, EMMA RUTH Cheerleader Club 3,4, Cheerleader 3,4; FTA 3,4, Vice-President 4; Math Club 2, Parliamentarian 2; Montala Staff 4, Class Co-Editor 3; Honor So- ciety 4, Secretary 4; Science Club 4, Secretary; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Class; Delegate to State Citizenship Conference 3; Delegate to County Government Day, Judge of Law and Equity 3; Honorable Mention, Citizenship Essay Contest 3. (Transfer Student 1) DRIVER, SANDRA FHA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Junior ; gree 3, Chapter Degree 3, State De- ] gree 3; FTA 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 DRIVER : = = ; et 7 { yy : “ VEE : s r = CUNNINGHAM CUNNINGHAM, LINDA ANN Band 1,2 Festival Band 1,2; FTA 1,2,3; Montala Staff 3; Spotlight Staff Circulation Manager 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Treasurer 3; Delegate to Student Council Convention 3; Homecoming Attendant 4; Perfect Attendance 2 EDFELDT, MARTHA AMELIA FTA 1,2,3,4, Second Vice-President 3, President 4; Montala Staff 3,4, Busi- ness Manager 4; National Honor So- ciety 4, Treasurer 4; Student Coun- cil 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Co-Chairman Homecoming 4; Delegate to County Government Day 3, Superintendent of Education; Girls’ State 3; Good Citi- zenship Girl 4; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3. EDFELDT le HARRISON HARRISON, WALLIS 1,2,3,4 Academy of Alabama FFA ior Place in 1. Science 1; State HORTON, EDWARD WAYNE Baseball 3,4; Basketball 3,4, All- County 4; FFA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Hi-Y 3. HORTON. EDWARD Assistant Advisor 3; Science Jun Third Fair FFA HENDERSON HENDERSON, MAGDALENE FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 1; Library Club 3, Reporter 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Civil De- fense Award 3; Perfect Attendance Award 1; Physical Education Award 1. ELTON LEE President 4 HORTON, 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3 HORTON, ELTON HOLSOMBACK LANICE 1,2,3 HOLSOMBACK Club Secretary FHA 1; 3 Library HUGHES, JACK WAYNE Baseball 4; FFA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Hi-Y 3; Student Council 1. PAGE 23 HUGHES JENKS, VIRGINIA ANN Band 1,2,3,4, All-County 4, Festival 1,3; FIA 1,2,3, Historian 3; Spot- light Staff 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Reporter 3. LAWLEY, CAROLYN FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 3; Library Club 1,2; President 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. PAGE 24 LAWLEY, CAROLYN ELIZABETH NELSON All-County 1,2,3,4, Brass College Wind Ensemble Academy of Science 3; Junior FTA 1, Second Vice-President; Junior Girls’ Chorus 1,2,3, Pianist 1,2,3; National Honor Society 4; Miss Valentine 3 JETER Band 1,2,3,4 Ensemble 3,4 2,3,4; Junior LAWLEY, EDDYE Football 1,2,3,4; Hi-Y 3; “M” Club 1,2,3; Math Club 1,2; National Honor Society 4; Science Club 4; Spotlight Staff 3,4, Editor 3, Co-Editor 4; Stu- dent Council 2,3,4, Vice-President 4; Boys’ State 3, Editor of “Citizen Builder”; Delegate to County Gov- ernment Day 3, Sheriff; Perfect At- tendance 1,2,3. LAWLFY, EDDYE JOHNSON JOYCE Vice-President 3; 1,2,3 JOHNSON Club 1,2,3, Attendance Library Perfect JOHN Hi-Y; “M” WAYNE Club 2,3; LEWIS, Football 2,3,4; Math Club 1,2. LOGGINS LOGGINS, EUGENE FFA 1,2,3,4. LUCAS, VIRGINIA ANN FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 1; Library Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Civil Defense Award 3. LUCAS, VIRGINIA LOVELADY LOVELADY, MIKE Art Club 1; Band 1,2, All-County 2 Brass Ensemble 2; Baseball 3; Hi-Y 3; Junior Academy of Science 1,2,3; Math Club 1,2; Student Council 3 LUMPKIN, JAMES FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice-President Green- hands 1, Livestock Judging Team 1,2, Vice-President 2,3, Delegate to Na- tional FFA Convention 3, Chapter, County Area, Third District Public Speaking, Chapter and County Pub- lic Speaking Contest 4, State Farm- er 3. LUMPKIN LUCAS, MARY LUCAS, MARY ELIZABETH FHA 1,2,3; Library Club 3 McGAUGHY, LARRY Art Club 1,2, Secretary-Treasurer 1, Treasurer 2; Basketball 1,2,3; Foot- ball 3,4; Hi-Y 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Junior Academy of Science 1,2, Treasurer 2; “M” Club 3; National Student Council Honor Society 4; 1,3,4, Chaplain 3,4; Boys’ State 3; Scholastic “M” 2. PAGE 25 McGAUGHY MEYER Club Art President 1,2,3,4, and Clarinet Junior Academy of Science President Raiser 3, PAGE 26 JANICE LINN 1,2, President 1,2, Vice- of State Art Club 2; Band All-County 3, Bass Clarinet 2,3, Festival Band 2; 12; Vice- aS 4, Honor Roll 4; Flag NIX, GEORGE JUNIOR FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; Hi-Y 3; Junior Academy of Science 1,2; Math Club 1,2. Forensic er 4; tion dent MIDDAUGH MIDDAUGH, MARIE Secretary-Treasur Athletic Associa (Transfer Stu league 4 FTA 3,4; Girls 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 3) OATES, CONNIE O’BARR FHA 1,2,3,4, Junior 2, Chap- ter Degree 4, State Degree 4, Year- book Chairman 3; FTA 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Perfect Attendance Award. 2; Phys- ical Education Award 2; Second Top Magazine Salesman 3. Degree FFA MURRAY MURRAY, WILLIAM: DALLAS 1,2,3,4, Farm Mechanic Award 3 OESTERLING, SUE ANN Cheerleader Club 3,4, Alternate Cheer- 1,2,3,4; 2; Math Tri-Hi-Y 2, BPW Repre- Citizenship Con- 3, Cheerleader 4; FTA Junior Academy of Science Club 2; Science Club 4; 3,4, Vice-President 4; sentative to State ference 2; Homecoming Queen Valentine Queen’s Court 3. leader OESTERLING ROBINSON, DAVID J ROBINSON, DAVID Football 2,3,4. SCOTT, BILL Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4, All Area 4, All-Conference 4, All-Coun- ty 3,4, All-County Junior High 1; Football 1,2,3,4, All-Conference 4, All-County 4; Hi-Y 3; “M” Club 1, 2,3; Math Club 2; Montala Staff 4; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Presi dent 4; Track 3; Boys’ State 3; Citi- zenship Essay Contest Winner 3; Delegate to County Government Day 3 SCOTT, BILL J ROBINSON, DAVID ROBINSON, DAVID L. SCOTT, SANDRA ANN Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 3,4 Head Majorette 4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Recreation- al Leader 2, Representative to State Convention 2 Vice-President 3,4; FTA 2,3,4, First Vice-President 3, Sec- retary 4; Junior FTA 1, Vice-Presi- Student Council 1,2,3,4 Homecoming Chairman 4, March of dent 1; Dimes Chairman 4, Representative to Student Council Workshop 3; Girls’ State Alternate 3; Homecoming At- tendant 2,4; Junior Homecoming At- tendant | SCOTT, SANDRA L ROTENBERRY ROTENBERRY, JANET FAY Art Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; Junior Academy of Science 2,3; “B Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 SMITHERMAN, KENNETH Football 4 PAGE 29 SMITHERMAN SNOW, TERRY Assistant Advisor 4, De- President 1, Vice- FFA 1,2,3,4, Kalb Award 4, President 3. STRICKLAND, ROBERT FREDERICK 1,3, College Band 2,3, Swing Band, President Band 1,2,3,4, All-County Hi-Y 3; Manager Vice-President 3; Staff 3,4, Business ior Coordinator 3. PAGE 30 STRICKLAND —- SPROUL SPROUL, KENNETH Baseball 4; French Club 3; County High Jump 3; to State Citizenship (Transfer Student 3) Track 3 Representative Conference 3 THIEMONGE, SUSAN Band 1,2,3,4, All-County 2,4; Club 4, Vice-President 4; Honor Society 4; Junior Acade Science 2,4, President 4; Matt 2; Montala Staff 4; Spotlight 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. THIEMONGE Debate FTA 3,4; my of » Club Staff STAGGS, SANDRA KYLE Beta Club 3; Cheerleader 3; Club Favorite 2; FHA 3,4, Parliamentarian 3; FTA 2, Secretary 2; Glee Club 2,3; Office Assistance Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Science Club 1; Seminar 3; Spotlight Staff 4, Circulation Man- ager 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Reporter 4, fer Student 4) (Trans- WALTERS, ROBERT 1,2,3,4, All-Area 4, All-County 3,4, Team 1; FTA Hi-Y 3; “M” Basketball Conference 4, County “B” Treasurer 3; Spotlight up 4, County 880 3. WALTERS Club 3; Staff 3,4, Sports Editor Track 2,3,4, All-State 3, Cross Coun- try 2,3,4, State Champion 3, Runner- WEST, BARBARA LYNN WHITE, GEORGE Football 2,4; Hi-Y 3; Math Club Science Club 2,3. WYATT, TOMMY Basketball 3; Demolay 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Honor Council 1,2; Honor Division Officer 1,2; “M”’ Club 3; Round Table Council 1,2; Science Club 3; Soccer 1,2; Student Council 4, Co- Chairman Community Chest Drive 4; Auburn Honors Day 4; Boys’ State 3, Secretary of State; Delegate to Coun ty Government Day 3, Circuit Solici- tor; Top Ten Per Cent of Military Class 1. (Transfer Student 3) WOOLEY WOOLEY, HELEN ROSEMARY Art Club 1,2,3, Secretary 1,2, Treas urer 3; Band 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2; Jun- ior Academy of Science 3; Junior Girls’ Athletic Association 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2; First Place School and County Birmingham News” Contest 3, Win- ner 4; Second Place in County Coosa River Speech Contest 2; Top Maga- zine Salesman 3. PAGE 31 nw trae ed pee a ‘. a Sail EN eS SENET ne. PE LAP et AE SELEY Junior Class officers get together as school draws to an end to discuss the year’s work which included the annual maga- zine sales and Jr.-Sr. Prom. Officers shown above are Phil Hubbard, President; Vicki Winslett, Vice-President; Peggi Ma- her, Secretary; and Lemoyne Daviston, Treasurer. UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIORS Donna Allen Tommy Baker Alan Barclay Bobby Bean Don Beane Barbara Birchfield Jimmy Birdsong Chery! Blackmon Larry Blankenship Johnny Boyd PAGE 32 Linda Harrison Terry Herron Linda Hodson Ann Hoffman Sue Holsomback Don Horton Phil Hubbard Jerry Hyde Sandra Johnson Jimmy Lawley Thomas Lawley Jimmy Leonard Brenda Lovelady Susan Lovelady Jayne Lucas PAGE 33 Leon Lucas Grace McEntee Candi McGaughy Mike McGaughy Peggi Maher John Mobley Gaynell Moreland Jerry Morgan Dewayne Morris Ronald Motes Harold Norriss Georgia Pardue Marlon Payne Mike Pickett Gail Polk James Polk Jerry Rhodes Martha Scott Dolores Smith David Smitherman Janice Smitherman Marcia Snow yohnny Taylor Dale Thompson Robert Thompson Don Williams Vickie Winslett SOPHOMORES Sandra Albright Paula Allen Joan Anthony PAGE 34 Barry Hicks Becky Holsomback Phyllis Holsomback Peggy Sve Hurt Jerry Jernigan Brenda Johnson Lois Johnson Douglas Jones Patsy Kish PAGE 35 One everyday job — taken for granted by most students —is the daily raising and low- ering of the flag. Three Mon- tevallo misses, Janet Roten- berry, Rosemary Wooley and Lynn Meyer, are “flag raisers” at M.H.S. Jimmy Lawley Phyllis Logan Lucille Lovelady Daisy Lutz Connie Majors Linda Majors Jerry McGaughy Joe Meyer Anita Mitchell Barbara Morris PAGE 36 Four of Montevallo’s new Debate Club members — Su- san Thiemonge, Linda Hod- son, Marie Middaugh and Robert Walters — along with their sponsor, Mrs. Cairns, get all ready to attend Forensic Clinic. Phil Nail David Nichols Clay Nordan Mary Ann Parker Carey Pickett Pam Pickett Larry Popwell Mary Robinson Lynn Rotenberry Margie Scott PAGE 37 Carolyn Smith Sandra Sproul Clarence Stone Billy Surface Lonnie Thompson Wayne Thompson Richard Tingle Wanda Tingle Debbie Vining Peggy Whaley Gary White FRESHMEN Carol Alexander Billy Allen Mike Allen Sherry Anderson Jane Andrews Steve Arledge Betty Jane Barclay Debbie Bearden Larry Bearden Betty Boothe Brenda Boothe Adelia Bradford Tommy Brand Susan Crowe Walter Czeskleba Judy Draper Sandra Eddings Henry Edwards Jimmy Emfinger PAGE 38 Ricky Fochtmann Carolyn Frost Rance Galloway Paula Gentry Anne Goad Nancy Goggins Ronnie Hall Blaine Harper Glenda Haynie Judy Kay Holsomback Mary Ann Holsomback Judy Horton Larry Horton Robert Larry Horton Richard Hughes Paul Knowles Carol Lagrone Beulah Lawley Ricky Lindsay Travis Loyd Gail Lucas Marrie Lucas Sue Lutz Jimmy Maxwell Phil McEntee Jimmy McGaughy Loy Miller Brenda Mobley Waltraud Molgedei Thomas Nix PAGE 39 Stacia Oates Robby Owens Debbie Pack Sharon Pardue Donnie Payne Donn Phillips Elree Price Janelle s Strother nemonge rnon Bucky Weaver Billy White EIGHTH GRADE Alfred Allen Jean Argo Tisia Baker Phyllis Bearden Theresa Belcher David Bennett Beverly Bice Billy Bice Jan Birdsong PAGE 40 One of the outstanding awards given annually is the Danforth Award presented to the senior boy and girl who best show four-square devel- opment and work. This year, a trio—Ruth Crowe, Bill Scott, and Mimi Edfeldt—shared in this prize. Awards Day winners Crowe, Scott, and Edfeldt look over “winnings” Nancy Boothe Terry Boothe Waymon Bowden Sharon Bridges Brenda Brown Jimmy Brown Bartie Carlee James Carlee Jimmy Culp Cecile Dennis Carole Edwards Sonya Edwards Randy Ellington Page Ferris Diane Finley PAGE 41 Pleasia Fochtmann Kenneth Fountain Rosetta Harper Danny Holsomback Ronnie Horton Bob Honeycutt Jo Ann Hyde Teresa Jackson Sherry Jarvis Sandra Kemp Kerry Kirkland Brenda Lawley Donna Lawley Susan Lawley Mary Ellen Lewis Joe Loggins Virginia Loggins Lonnie Lovejoy Eddie Lovelady David Lucas Hattie Belle Lucas Jim Lucas John Lucas Ray Lutz Cheryl McClure Susan McGlown Leslie Mathison PAGE 42 Alan Nannini Brenda Nelson Mack Nix , yy Nix udy Nordan James Pickett Kenneth Popwell Skip Prestridge Luther Ray Price Bruce Reynolds Terry Rice Gerald Robinson Bobby ott Babby Simmons Mike Sims Adelle Simpson Kathy Steele Billy Taylor Carol Thomas Debbie Ward Sharon Winslett SEVENTH GRADE Linda Allen Shannon Allen Linda Anderson Beth Anthony PAGE 43 Receiving awards for sy Fochtmann, Wallis “Service Harrison To The Linda School” th Cunningham s HIT THE TARGET year during Linda Cantrell Tommy Arledge Martha Sue Barkley Billy Barrett Charles Bearden Ray Bearden Debbie Belcher Donna Belcher Jo Ann Bice Roger Bice Ann Boothe Linda Boothe Harriett Bowden Steve Brand Patricia Brasher Gerlene Butler PAGE 44 Terry Davis Elizabeth Edwards Linda Edwards B Frye D itl ane Garrett Randy Green Mike Guthrie Deanie Hall Tithie Harrell Tommy Harris Pictured at left is Montevallo’s and Shelby County’s champ speller — Mary. Lou Reeder—and her coach sponsor, Mrs. Frances Anthony. Entering the State Spelling Bee finals, Mary Lou came in ninth in a field of fifty-eight contestants. “Spelling” gets checked Betty Jo Hatcher Walter Hodson Thelma Hood Bobby Ingram Larry Knowles Milissa Knowles James Kromer Thomas Kromer Frances Langston Dian Lawler PAGE 46 tts Allan Palmer Bobbie Jc Courtney Lynn Partridge Dottie Phillips Deborah Pickett Larry Pickett Mike Pickett Teresa Pickett Terry Pickett Wayne Pickett Joan Polk Trudy Price Mary Lou Reeder Larry Rice Lolly Seaman PAGE 47 Steve Sears Jewel Smith Joe Smitherman Charles Stano Jimmy Surface Jimmy Thomas Susan Thomas Anthony Thompson Lonnie Thompson Sandra Thompson Karen Varden Sarah Weaver Cheryl Williams Nancy Wooley Danny Wyatt = oe © in. WR, VK Students not pictured in this year’s annual are juniors— Kenneth Edwards, Aaron Harris, Janette Holcombe, Larry Hughes, Cheryl Moss; and sophomores—Roger Hughes and Floyd Suds- bury. PAGE 48 FOOTBALL Football action at M.H.S. Athletic action at M.H.S. gets underway early as football “hopefuls” gather for pre-school practice. ‘64 athletes pictured below are David Robinson, Alan Barclay, Terry Herron, Norman Eiland, Mike Pickett, Jim Birdsong, Danny Bearden, Johnny Taylor, Carey Pickett, Coach Corbett, David Bennett, David Smitherman, George White, Donnie Payne, Larry Pack, Eddye Lawley, Donn Phillips, Kenny Burdett, Leon Lucas, Elree Price, Coach Martin, Ed Simpson, Kenneth Smitherman, Marlon Payne, Tommy Baker, Tommy Wyatt, Larry McGaughy, Bill Scott, Doug Jones, Billy Joe Hall, Thomas Nix, and Coach PAGE 50 Fisher. SENIOR KENNY BURDETT SENIOR EDDYE LAWLEY SENIOR JOHN LEWIS Vincent 21-M.H.S. 0. In the opening game of the 1964 season, Montevallo was shut out 21-0 by the Vincent Yellow Jackets. Timmy Barnes, Jimmy Sumners, and Ronald Drake scored for Vincent as the rain-soaked crowd saw M.H.S.’s first defeat. . . . Holft- ville 7-M.H.S. 0. It was dog eat dog as the Montevallo Bulldogs fell to the Holtville Buldogs 7-0 in their second loss. In a night filled with 5 goal line stands, Billy Waites scored the only TD from the 30 yard line. . . . Thompson 14-M.H.S. 0. Two touchdowns in two minutes in the second quarter spelled defeat for the Bulldogs in their third game. Howard Brogden and Bill Jones scored for Thompson. . . . Clanton 27-M.H.S. 7. Norman Eiland scored the first touchdown of the year for the Bulldogs in their fourth game. Larry McGaughy added the PAT after Eiland’s score from the 21. Moore, Ready, and Wilson scored touchdowns for Clanton. . . . M.H.S. 39-Jemison 7. The Bulldogs broke a ten game losing streak in top-rate fashion defeating Jemison 39-7. Bulldogs Alan Barclay, Norman Eiland, Larry Pack, and Bill Scott scored TD’s for the victors with Larry McGaughy adding 3 PAT’s. . . . Verbena 27-M.H.S. 7. Drawing first blood in what looked like an M.H.S. victory, the Bulldogs fell 27-7. Mike Pickett scored for the Bull- dogs. Mike Gaylor scored once and Jimmy McGriff three times for Verbena. . . . $.C. H.S. 47-M.H.S. 14. Shelby won their thirty-first game in a row in an effort spearheaded SENIOR LARRY PACK SENIOR LARRY McGAUGHY SENIOR DAVID ROBINSON PAGE 51 SENIOR BILL SCOTT SENIOR KENNETH SMITHERMAN by All-Stater Conrad Fowler. Fowler scored twice, on a 91 and a 39 yard run for Shel- by. Rusty Harden, George Bentley, and Rick McDow also scored for S.CHSS. Doug Jones and Bill Scott picked off two Shelby passes, carrying both across, to get Montevallo’s 14 points. . . . Calera 19-M.H.S. 13. Trailing 13-0 in the second quarter, Ed Simpson passed to Bill Scott who lateraled to Mike Pickett for a 13-7 count at half-time. David Smither- man caught a Doug Jones pass and ran 41 yards to tie the score at 13 all. Larry Franks caught an aerial from Tommy Gay late in the fourth period to clinch the game for C.H.S. at 19-13. Otis Grant also scored for Calera. . . . Cordova 38-M.H.S. 6. Four fumbles, an intercepted pass by Cordova, and an unstoppable passing attack spelled de- feat for M.H.S. Larry Pack scored on a pass from Ed Simpson for M.H.S. Danny Cordell, Terrell Foster, Ernie Laird, and Delene Vines scored for Cordova. ... B. B. Comer 13- M.H.S. 6. The final game of the season saw the Bulldogs and the B. B. Comer Tigers both fighting for their second win. A pass by Mike Harman to Bracky Harris in the first quarter and a 40 yard punt return by Charles Nicholson in the fourth period gave Co- mer a 13-0 lead. Late in the fourth period, Doug Jones completed a pass to Bill Scott in @ spectacular attempt to catch up. SENIOR GEORGE WHITE SENIOR TOMMY WYATT PAGE 52 BASKETBALL shown above are Montevallo’s “A‘ team members who completed a 16-9 season under the coaching of Coach Corbett. Pictured are Coach Corbett, Larry Pickett, Jerry Hyde, Wayne Davis, Norman Ejiland, David Smitherman, Charles Brown- y y y lee, Bill Scott, Mike Garrett, Wayne Horton and Robert Walters A loss to Shelby County in the area finals closed out a 16-9 cage season for the Bulldogs. Leading M. H.S. to the 16 wins and three second- place tournament tries were seven seniors. SENIOR CHARLES BROWNLEE, All-County ‘63, All-Area PAGE 53 SENIOR WAYNE DAVIS SENIOR MIKE GARRETT SENIOR WAYNE HORTON All-County ‘65 SENIOR BILL SCOTT SENIOR ROBERT WALTERS All-County ‘64 and ‘65, All-Conference ‘65, All-Area ‘ All-County ‘64 and ‘65, All-Conference ‘65, All-Area ‘65 SENIOR LARRY PICKETT PAGE 54 " _ Shown above are members of Montevallo’s “B’ squad who ended a successful season with a 14-3 record plus the county championship. Teammates shown are Clarence Stone, Art Bolton, Carey Pickett, Joe Meyer, Billy Surface, Dick Scott, Ed Simpson, Don Horton, Johnny Boyd, Doug Jones, Harold Norriss, Tommy Baker and Coach Fisher. Pictured below are Montevallo’s Junior Team members Eddie Lovelady, Danny Wyatt, Robby Owens, Kerry Kirkland, Jim- my Brown, Randy Ellington, Bobby Scott, Ed Simpson, Dick Scott, Blain Harper, John Lucas, Tommy Arledge, Gerald Robinson, Alfred Allen, David Bennett and Coach Doug Morris PAGE 55 BASEBALL O a OonOhROWKCOHRANW—NO. Marion Calera Indian Springs Vincent Shelby Fayette Tuscaloosa County Shelby Thompson Vincent Carrollton, Ga. Calera Indian Springs Thompson Plantersville Jemison Calera NNO WHROWO KH HRA WANOW WH ont Representing Montevallo this year at East-West tryouts in Clanton were three seniors—Grady Partridge, Bill Scott, and Wayne Horton—and one junior, Jerry Hyde. Proving himself at the plate in this game was Wayne Horton who had a perfect day with a double and a triple and scored the All-Stars’ only run in their 3-1 loss to Clanton. When big league scouts tallied their votes at the end of the All-Star performance Wayne had opened his way to play in the state’s big game in Birmingham along with Mike Johnson, Alexander City star. Shown above are stars Scott, Horton, Coach Fisher, Partridge and Hyde. Baseball team members pictured below are Ed Simpson, Larry Pack, Johnny Boyd, Kenny Burdette, Mike Garrett, Wayne Horton, Jack Hughes, Ray Edwards, Grady Partridge, Wayne Nichols, Thomas Lawley, Norman Eiland, Jerry Hyde, Ken Sproul, Bill Scott, Paul Knowles, Doug Jones, David Smitherman, and Coach Fisher. PAGE 56 Pictured above are Montevallo’s track stars, Eddie Potts and Robert Walters After capturing district titles and winning in every meet they entered during the ‘64-65 year the boys competed in the state meet in Auburn where Potts came in third in the 880 and Roberts finished fourth in the May in mile. Shown below are track team members Jim Birdsong, Mike Pickett, Danny Bearden, Alan Bar- clay, Ken Sproul, Jim Lawley, Robert Walters, Eddie Potts and Coach Charles Martin. PAGE 57 GOLF AND VOLLEYBAL | alae ts ca » 4 . we — and Joe Meyer discuss tourney plans with Coach Martin. Golf team members Blain Harper, Ed Simpson this year was volleyball. Shown below are Blue Jets team members Linda Har- Wanda Tingle, Gloria Fochtmann, Virginia Lucas, Carolyn Smith, A new competitive sport added at M.H.S rison, Shirley Edwards, Paula Allen, Glenda Haynie, Jackie Bice, Debbie Bearden, Diane Brazier and Judy Draper. PAGE 58 ORGANIZATIONS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MONTALA STAFF The National Honor Society is composed of members of the junior and senior class who have shown high qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service. As one of their projects, the group is in charge of the production of the yearbook, the MONTALA. Serving as Editor-in-Chief of this year's book is Susan Peters. Other Honor Society members and their staff positions are Mimi Edfeldt, Business Manager; Mike Garrett, Advertising Manager; Barbara Barclay and Larry McGaughy, Feature Editors; Ruth Crowe and Rondal Anderson, Class Editors; Evelyn Goggins and Susan Thiemonge, Clubs Editors; Patsy Fochtmann and Beth Jeter, Administration Editors; and Bill Scott and Eddye Lawley, Sports Editors. Serving as special staff assistant this year is Phil Hubbard. The group is sponsored by Mrs. Emily Pendleton. Pictured below are the thirteen National Honor Society members and officers on Initiation Day, 1965. Members are Larry McGaughy, Susan Thiemonge, Barbara Barclay, Beth Jeter, Mimi Edfeldt—Treasurer, Susan Peters, Eddye Lawley, Patsy Fochtmann— Vice President, Bill Scott, Evelyn Goggins, Ruth Crowe—Secretary, Rondal Anderson, and Mike Garrett—President. PAGE 59 SS Se ES a AS SA | coe ne) Pt terest , bi iti ie sini Student Council members shown above are Judy Smitherman, Judy Holsomback, Martha Price, Paula Allen, Lynn Ro- tenberry, Ellen Erwin, Bill Scott, Mike Garrett, Susan Lovelady, Grady Partridge, Alan Barclay, Nancy Edwards, Margie Scott, Eddye Lawley, Linda Harrison, Nellie Gray Strother, Peggi Maher, Sandra Scott, Mimi Edfeldt, Phil McEntee, Tom- my Wyatt, Donna Allen, Travis Loyd, Larry McGaughy, Clay Nordan and Tommy Baker. STUDENT COUNCIL Governing body of the school is the Student Council, composed of delegates from each homeroom, grades nine through twelve. Officers of this group are elected by the entire student body during annual spring elections. Two main projects of the organization are sponsoring the Community Chest Drive and co-ordinating the various Homecoming activities. Members Tommy Baker, Jerry McGaughy and Clay Nordan represented M.H.S. this year at the Student Council Con- vention in Montgomery. They were accompanied by the sponsor, Mr. B. W. Hamric. The 1964-65 officers are Bill Scott, President; Larry McGaughy, Vice-President; Lin- da Harrison, Secretary, and Ellen Erwin, Treasurer. PAGE 60 SCIENCE CLUB Gaining practical experience and having fun in the new science lab are 1964-65 Science Club members. Shown above are officers, Lawley, Maher, Lovelady, Thiemonge and Crowe. Susan Thiemonge serves as president of the organiza- tion under the sponsorship of Mr. Hershel Day. Members shown below are Susan Thiemonge, Larry Popwell, Susan Love- lady, Peggi Maher, Phil Hubbard, Ruth Crowe, Eddye Lawley, Suzie Oe6esterling, Susan Peters, and Wayne Thompson. PAGE 61 JUNIOR MATH CLUB Designed to encourage interest and develop skills in math, the Junior High Math Club is composed of members who Pictured above are members David Lucas, Lonnie Lovejoy, Kerry Kirk- meet once each week under the guidance of Mr. Doug Morris, club sponsor Eddie Lovelady, Jenny Lucas, Harriett Bowden, John Lucas, Bobby Scott, Sharon Winslett, land, Randy Ellington, Jimmy Brown and Mr. Morris JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB for those students who show special ability and interest in the various fields of sci- Sara Weaver, Bobby Scott, Steve Sears, Jimmy Culp and Jenny Lucas. The Junior High Science Club is ence. Shown below are members | a BEER . = hae = om a i " ore e eee PAGE 62 Girls’ Chorus members—seventh and eighth graders—get together after school to “sing”. Shown above are Sara Weaver, Nancy Wooley, Mary Lou Reeder, Karen Varden, Mary McCulley, Ricki Miles, Chery! McClure, Sharon Winslett, Diane Finley, D. D. Garrett, Dian Lawler, Harriett Bowden, Debbie Ward, Cecile Dennis, Brenda Brown, Beth Anthony, Dale Nabors, Susan Thomas, Teresa Jackson, Carol Thomas, Susan McGlown, Sandra Kemp, and Jean Argo Girls’ Chorus officers are Cecile Dennis Debbie Ward, Sharon Winslett, Cheryl McClure and sponsor, Mrs. Anthony. JUNIOR GIRLS’ CHORUS PAGE 63 DEBATE CLUB Pictured above are Debate Club members Scott, Thiemonge, McGaughy, Walters, Middaugh, Hodson, McEntee and spon- sor, Mrs. Cairns. A new group—the Debate Club—was organized this year for the purpose of pro- moting forensic activities within the high school. As a member of the Alabama High School Forensic League, the group attended various clinics and tournaments in the state during the year. Members are Martha Scott, Susan Thiemonge, Jerry McGaughy, Robert Walters, Marie Middaugh, Linda Hodson, and Grace McEntee. Sponsor is Mrs. Sara Cairns. PAGE 64 TRI-HI-Y Tri-Hi-Y officers shown above are Sandra Staggs; Betty Allen, Treasurer; Suzy Oesterling, Vice- President; Jean Phillips, President; Patsy Fochtmann, Secretary; and Sue Goggins, Chaplain. Tri-Hi-Y, a service organization within the school, is comprised of thirty-one members. As projects during the year the group sponsored a Christmas decorations contest, gave a silver bowl to an outstanding girl in the senior class, pre- sented a Christmas box to a needy family, sent cards to shut-ins and sick, and furnished sewing kits to homerooms. Members pictured below are N. Edwards, P. Whaley, E. Freil, J. Phillips, B, Barclay, S. Staggs, S. Oecesterling, L. Byrd, S. Albright, P. Fochtmann, C. Pratt, C. Lawley, S. Driver, B. Allen, S. Goggins, G. Polk, S. Thiemonge, R. Crowe, L. Lovelady, S. Sproul, J. Anthony, L. Frost, P. Hurt, J. Lucas, P. Pickett, B. Greene, L. Rotenberry, S. Lovelady, and E. Goggins. PAGE 65 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FHA officers pictured above are Linda Harrison, Treasurer; Sandra Scott, Second Vice-Presi- dent; Barbara Barclay, President; Ellen Erwin, First Vice President; Ellen Friel, Secretary; Bar- bara Morris, Recreation Leader; Pam Pickett, Recreation Leader; Jean Phillips, Historian; Mrs Rebecca McGaughy, Sponsor; Joan Anthony, Corresponding Secretary; and Margie Scott, Par liamentarian. Boasting one of the largest memberships of any club in the school, the F.H.A. group is composed of 82 members. This year, the girls attended the State Fair, pre sented a fashion show featuring Miss Katy Sue Meredith—“Cotton Maid”, sent money to the Alabama Institute of the Deaf and Blind, participated with the F.F.A. in the annual Parents’ Night, PAGE 66 and attended various district and state meetings. Members and their sponsor are shown below Pictured above are Montevallo’s Future Teachers group FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA An organization for senior high school students, the FTA has as its main purpose the promotion of teaching as a career. Officers of the local chapter are Mimi Edfeldt, President; Ruth Crowe, Program Vice-President; Ellen Erwin, Membership Vice-President; Sandra Scott, Secretary; Linda Byrd, Treasurer; and Susan Lovelady, Student Council Representative. a, PAGE 67 4 4 1 FUTURE FARMERS ve is Montevallo’s FFA chapter—one of the largest organizations in Third year Ag. boys—all FFA members—pose with their student teacher. AMERICA eka FR eee President; George Nix, Secretary; Wayne Horton Terry Snow, Assistant Advisor; Mr. Thornton, Ad- Second Vice-President; Tommy Baker, Par- Officers pictured above are Elton Horton, Treasurer; Jack Hughes, Assistant Treasurer; visor; Ray Edwards, Vice-President; Jerry Morgan, liamentarian; Clinton Edwards, Chaplain; Robert Thompson, Sentinel. “Greenhands” get together to pose for picture. PAGE 69 SPOTLIGHT Mrs. Carolyn Edfeldt, sponsor, and Editor Martha Price bone up on the latest journalism news while Technical Advisor, Miss Susie DeMent, and Eddye Lawley look over a file of All-American SPOT- LIGHT issues. Sports Editor Robert Walters, Martha Price, Mimi Edfeldt, and Bobby Strickland look over dummy sheets and check copy Candi McGaughy, Phil Hubbard, and Linda Cantrell compose “Roll ‘Em!’ and cut headlines, as Susan Thiemonge and Patsy Fochtmann correct a stencil. Nancy Edwards, Virginia Jenks, and Sandra Staggs assist Eddye Lawley in running the mimeographing machine. PAGE 70 Pictured above are cheerleaders Lucas, Crowe, Oesterling, Smith, Price, and Blackmon. Sponsor of the group is Mrs. Anne Kelly. MARTHA PRICE, Head DELORES SMITH CHERYL BLACKMON SUZIE OESTERLING RUTH CROWE JAYNE LUCAS PAGE 71 eee oa See es Band members strike traditional pose in a new setting—the stadium. MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL BAND ———__—_____, Band members try out a new formation as they practice on stadium field. The band is under the direc ction of Mr. Ev erett Lawler. S pape) at: ade enugt yuadee Be gina: SS ie LP me ee = — SNe eS SS RMR Seat eeeten eee eee eee Montevallo’s twirlers act under the guidance of head majorette, Miss Sandra Scott SANDRA SCOTT Ea —_— te DS SUSAN LOVELADY DONNA ALLEN LEMOYNE DAVISTON PEGGY WHALEY PAGE 73 ACTIVITIES HOMECOMING ‘64 Using the theme “L.S. M.F.T. —Let’s Show Montevallo’s Finest Tonight’, Montevallo once again welcomed alumni and friends to Homecoming festivities at M.H.S. Beginning the two-day event was the big Thursday night bonfire and pep rally. The Bulldog band led a snake chain from the old ball field to the stadium parking lot where cheerleaders pepped the group into victory cries. : heerleaders, shown above, A big feature on Friday of Homecoming is the annual Homecoming Parade. Montevallo’s c = rettes, shown below show “Lots of Spirit for Montevallo’s Football Team All lined up and ready to go are the majo PAGE 75 attractio of the parade is the Queen’s float. Here Erwin, T Baker, Linda Cunningham, and Sandr off PAGE 76 A highlight of the big game is the presentation of the Queen and her court to the football crowd. Shown below, the Homecoming clash between Montevallo and Shelby County is about to get underway. PAGE 77 A Alumni coffee hour after the game gives graduates a chance to meet and talk with old friends. . Queen Suzy gets a bouquet from Student Council President Traditional crowning is performed by ‘63 Queen, Linda Smith. Bill Scott. QUEEN SUZY REIGNS OVER HOMECOMING DANCE PAGE 79 ‘ - 9 - os SEL Ad ewe evil) Reigning as Montevallo’s second Queen of Hearts is Miss Lynn Rotenberry—Miss Valentine, 1965 Lynn was selected from a field of eighteen contestants by a panel of six out-of-town judges PAGE 80 Queen Lynn’s four attendants, selected as contest runners-up, are Lemoyne Daviston, Susan lady, Joan Anthony and Nancy Edwards Love- The Queen receives her flowers from band director, Mr Crowning the Queen is Montevallo’s first Queen of Everett Lawler. Hearts Beth Jeter—Miss Valentine ‘64 $ x 4 PAGE 81 AWARDS DAY A program that has become a tradition at M.H.S. is the annual Awards Day presen- tation which takes place in May of each year. This year, Miss Susie DeMent, Awards Day chairman, and Mr. Guy Milford, principal, presented over 200 individual awards Shown above, looking over awards, are Dr. Richard Crowe, Rev. Frank Ledford, Miss DeMent and Mr. Milford. Dr. Crowe presented the devotional while Rev. Ledford served as principal speaker for the occasion. Below left, Mr. J. A. Brown, local businessman receives the adult award. At right below, Patsy Fochtmann, Tri-Hi-Y winner, pins award on Bill Scott, receiver of Danforth and Sportsmanship trophies. PAGE 82 = I eee ot Mike rrett, Mimi Edfeldt, Eddye Lawley, and Barbara Barclay received awards for perfect attendance throughout their four years of high school American Legion Awards were presented to Bill Scott, Ruth Crowe, and Patsy Fochtmann Receiving awards for “good work” were All “A” scholars Allen, Draper Scott, McClure, Ward, Scott, Crowe, Nix, Scott, Peters, Goggins, Blackmon, Lewis, Harper, Kirkland, Popwell, Lovelady, Jackson, Maher, McGlown, Smitherman, Simpson, and Simpson. PAGE 83 wley and Robert Walters were given the Senior SPOTLIGHT re shown above with SPOTLIGHT sponsors Mrs. Caro Shown below with Coach Corbett, PTA Citizenship Chairman, are essay winners Martha Scott, Susan Lovelady, and Grace McEntee PAGE 84 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Seniors take part in many activities. Class elections are held the first week of school. A few months later Christmas ushers in the year’s first big party. In early spring Who’s Who selections are made. As the year draws to a close Seniors receive prom in- vitations, participate in the Honor Society initiation, give and attend individual parties, are honored on Awards Day, and prepare for Graduation. Senior leaders pictured below are Ellen Erwin, Treasurer; Ruth Crowe, Co-Vice-President; Patsy Fochtmann, Secretary; Grady Partridge, President; and Mike Garrett, Co-Vice-President PAGE 85 Oesterling and Wayne Most Athletic vi Linn Meyer er n Erw and Ellen and Larry McGaughy I Sprou r and Ken s Who x 0 ” @ a © 2 Senior Who’ Senior Mimi Edfeldt helps Senior Mike Garrett, Honor Society President, get ready for the big tapping ceremony Senior Who's Who— Most Likely to Succeed Ruth Crowe and Eddye Lawley PAGE 88 Helping the seniors of “65 with their commencement were fathers of two of the class members—Dr. Richard G. Crowe who spoke at the Baccalaureate Service on May 23 at the Baptist Church—and Dr. John Walters—who delivered the Graduation Address on May 27. Here they are seen dis cussing their plans with Ruth and Robert Graduation is over as reception draws to a close. PAGE 89 Friends and families of seniors gathered at the reception after Graduation to honor the seniors. ADVERTIOERD EARTH MOVING AND EXCAVATING Alvin McGaughy, Contractor PHONE 665-5931 — MONTEVALLO Septic Tanks Installed Drainage Ditches Field Lines Driveways Pipe Lines Walkways Foundations Leveling Cellars Grading SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT STONE JEWELRY CO. SHELL SERVICE Silver, China, Crystal, STATION . Watches, and Rings 665-7296 or 665-2028 Phone 665-7231 The Elizabeth Shop dati-delite rane 8 DELIGHTFULLY REFRESHING Phone 665-6371 Compliments of Seaman Timber Company, Inc. Post Office Box 372 Montevallo, Alabama PRESSURE CREOSOTED FOREST PRODUCTS Mine and Industrial Lumber Fence Posts — Timbers — Pallets Building Poles Jim Seaman, President Telephone: Business 665-7279 Residence 665-7358 PAGE 91 Westinghouse B S Insurance Realty Your Insurance and Real Estate Broker Victor Scott Bob Broadhead Phone 665-7571 JONES and HARDY CONTRACTORS Montevallo, Ala. Compliments of HOFFMAN’S BROWN - SERVICE FUNERAL HOME MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE JACK SIMS ALABAMA REFRACTORY CLAY CO. INCORPORATED MONTEVALLO, ALA. Compliments of LOVELADY SALES and SERVICE Your Frigidaire Dealer Phone 665-7261 FIRESTONE MONTEVALLO HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY RECAPPING AND RADIATOR REPAIRS Phone 665-7216 WHERE FINER THINGS ARE CLEANED MONTEVALLO CLEANERS Phone 665-7214 ALMONT SUPER SAVER Route One, Montevallo Phone 665-2629 Make your home complete MONTEVALLO LUMBER COMPANY Everything for building Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-6801 COURTESY Benjamin H. Campbell District Representative AEA SPONSORED Horace Mann Insurance 5805 7th Avenue South Phone 595-6767 Birmingham, Alabama LOVELADY MOTOR COMPANY Your Ford, Falcon, Mercury and Comet Dealer SALES : WRECKER SERVICE fx SERVICE Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-5611 ROGAN FURNITURE - HARDWARE “SOONER OR LATER YOUR FAVORITE STORE” MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA McCLURE DRUG CO. “On the Corner’ PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY Dial 665-4371 Raybon Willingham, Registered Pharmacist COMPLIMENTS OF DINKY DINE 334 Main Street HARPER’S A G BETTER GROCERIES and CHOICE MEATS 665-4211 Phone 665-6661 Compliments of THE LITTLE SHOP 665-6231 The Alfred Gentrys Montevallo, Alabama Compliments of PURE OIL STATION John Cunningham, Owner COMPLIMENTS OF WHALEY Furniture Company, Inc. Montevallo Calera Ph, 665-7243 Ph. 668-2111 i iff Hat et ity HHH nun ‘ ny HH HS HA eS COMPLIMENTS OF a TIDMORE GULF SERVICE NO. 2 Montevallo, Ala., Highway 25 Phone 665-9156 CARL CANNON TIDMORE GULF SERVICE NO. 1 CHEVROLET ae Sooner or Later Compliments of Your Favorite Cleaners DELUXE CLEANERS ZANE’S MEN’S SHOP a THE BEST IN MEN’S WEAR Phone 665-5081 Lawler Manufacturing Co. MONTEVALLO McCulley’s BIG SAVER Food Store ws . Free S H Green Stamps Merchants Plant MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA “Growing With and Serving You” PAGE 97 Awards Day Top magazine salesmen—Grady and Hubbard Homecoming Cheerleaders Awards Day Awards Day Winners Barclay and Crowe PAGE 98 GOOD PRINTING PROMPT SERVICE Compliments of Moore’s Grocery and Service Station TIMES PRINTING CO. Open 7 Days a Week Phone 665-4331 MONTEVALLO BOOSTERS American Service Station Mr. M. S. McGehee Ann’s Beauty Shop Merle Norman Cosmetics Bean’s Barber Shop Montevallo Flower Shop Chi Chi’s Just Sew Shop Nina’s Cafe Coca-Cola Company Pendleton Electric Co. F. P. Givhan Insurance Shelley's Drive-In Fancher Radio and Gift Shop Shevallo Activities Club Hoffman’s Store Sims Service Center Lovelady Florist State Farm Insurance M. L. Orr Insurance Agency Western Auto PAGE 99 Student Council Officers Homecoming Winners all!

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