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MONTALA Presented by THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL Montevallo, Alabama 1961 Through the years, the camera has captured many unique and memorable occasions signifying the great importance of pictures in keeping old-times alive in our hearts. This year, we, the Montala staff, have used this most significant piece of machinery and its most ardent friend—the photographer— to unveil the success of M.H.S. in the sixties. Follow the camera and his friend simply by turning the pages and then re-experience the events of 1960-61. Interest and devotion mark but a few of the fine traits Mrs. Frederick, our former junior high math teacher, has shown in all her undertakings in our school. Her retire- ment at the end of 1959-60 brought an end to seventeen years of teaching in the Montevallo School System. We miss her bright smile and kind words and will always remember her Christian influence. ADMINISTRATION MR. GUY MILFORD Howard College, A.B Peabody College, M.A. Principal MRS. SARA CAIRNS MR. CRATIE CORBETT MR. R. H. COUCH Birmingham Southern, A.B. Livingston State College, B.S. Alabama College, B.S. Junior High Coach, History, Democracy Junior High MISS SUSIE DeMENT Alabama College, B.S. MRS. CAROLYN EDFELDT University ee, M.S Birmingham Southern Speech, English A.B PICTURED DWARD GLOVER Baptist BSM S.M Seminary Choral Musi MR. THERON FISHER W. HAMRIC Birmingham Southern, A.B. State, B.S Coach, Civics ege, M.A MISS ETHEL Alabama Peabody HARRIS llege General S MRS. DORIS JETER Alabama College, A.B. Junior High MRS. MARY KATHRYN MAHONE Alabama College, B.S. Math MRS. REBECCA McGAUGHY Alabama College, B.S. Home Economics MRS. BOBBYE K. LIGHTFOOT Alabama College, B.S. Girls’ Physical Education MRS. OPAL LONG Office Secretary MR. CHARLES MARTIN Middle Tennessee State College, B.S. Peabody College, M.A. Coach, History, General Business, Bookkeeping MRS. ANNE MILFORD University of Alabama, A.B. Librarian MRS. EMILY PENDLETON Alabama College, B.S. Junior High, Science MR. IVEY SIMS Maintenance Man MR. VICTOR T. YOUNG University of Michigan, M.M. College of Wooster (Ohio), B.S., B.M. Band MRS. GERARD PRIESTLEY Middle Tennessee State, B.S. Peabody, M.A. Journalism, Junior High NOT PICTURED MISS MARY PETERS Alabama College Latin MRS. CAROLYN B. TOLBERT University of North Carolina, A.B French MRS. HELEN S. HOOD REINHOLD University of Alabama, B.S Florida State University, M.S Art i eee T eT et Lea TD ings SHELBY aT ha ALABAMA SOUL RELIEF MODE MR. M. D. THORNTON Auburn University, B.S., M.S A.P.1. Vocationul Agriculture MISS VINNIE LEE WALKER Athens College, B.S. Peabody College, M.A. English Jo Lynn Appleby Shirley Arledge Band 1; FTA 2,3,4, V.P. 2; SAA 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 2; French Business Club 4 Club 2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 4; Honor Society 3,4, Sec. 4; Montala Staff 4. Wade Baine ' Jack Battle Student Council 1,2; Hi-Y : ' “M " Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4, 3,4 French Club 1,2,3,4; ' . ; Chaplain 4; Student Coun- Math Club 3,4; Explorers cil 4; Boys’ State 3; Foot- 4; Spotlight Staff 4; Senior ball 2,3,4; Baseball Man- Play 4. ager 1. Bonnie Bice Bill Birchfield Beverly Bunn GAA 1,2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 4; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 1; FFA Student Council 1,2,4, FTA 3,4; Business Club 4; 2,3,4, Reporter 4; Art Treas. 4; GAA 3; FTA 2, Senior Who's Who—Quiet- Photo Club 1,2,3; Math 3,4, Pres 3,4; Business est. Club 4; Hi-Y 4. Club 4; Montala Staff 4; Honor Society 3,4; Library Club 1; Spotlight Staff 4; DAR Good Citizenship Girl 4; Senior Who's Who Most Valuable To The School. PAGE 11 S dward Burdett Tad Cairns Library Club; Art Pho- to Club 2, Reporter 2; Hi- Y 4. Joan Crawford FHA 1,2,3,4, State Degree 3; GAA 1,2,3; Band 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Business Club 4. GAA 1,2,3; FTA 2,3; Business Club 4, V.P. 4; Shirley Davis Tri-Hi-Y 4. 93 .9,4 4, Vir. Lola Daviston Band 1,2,3,4; Clarinet Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1,4 .4; Honor Society ; Montala Staff 4; Spot- light Staff 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Math Club 1; Se- nior Who's Who—Best All Around. Bonnie Byrd Citizenship Club 1: Home- coming Attendant 2 Cheerleader 1; Student Council 1 C fer 2) FTA 4; Co-Edit light i Public man for Homecoming Glynn Cunningham Pres. of Senior Class 4 FFA 1,2,3, Pres. 3; “M’ Club 3,4; Journalism Club 3; Football ; Senior Who's Who—Most Likely to Succeed. Ronnie Dennis Math Club 4; FFA. Jimmy Eddings Art Club 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2, 23 3,4; ‘‘M’ ; s Or Acad 2 4; Senior Best Dancer. Elaine Fisher FHA 1,2,4; Grease Paint Club 3; GAA 1,2; Tri-Hi- Y 4; Art Club 3,4; Major- ette 2,3,4. Glenda Gaddy Student Council 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 2, Head Clarinet Club 1; FHA Sr. GAA 2; Tri-Hi-Y V.P. 3, Pres. 4; Busi- ness Club 4, Sec.-Treas. 4; Sec. of Senior Class 4; Candidate for Good Citi- zenship Girl; Girl State Alternate 4; Senior Play 4; Senior Who's Who—Girl Most Likely To Be Whist- led At. Olen Galloway FFA 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3, Re- porter 2, Witness 4; Art Club 4; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 1. Lynda Gentry FHA 1,2,3; Clarinet Club 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 4; Busines Club 4, Pres. 4; Girls State 3; Math Club 1; Senior Who's Who— Most Likely To Succeed. Jerry Edwards FFA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 2; Art Club 1; Library Club Francis Fulgham FFA 1,2,3,4; Honor Socie- ty 3,4; Montala Staff 4; Senior Who's Who—Quiet- est. Peter Givhan Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Basketbe 2,3; Math lub 3, 7.P. 3; French Club 3; Pres. Jr. Class 3; Student Council 1,3,4, Pres. 4; Hi-Y 3; “M” Club 1,2, 3,4, Sec.-Treas. 3; Honor Society 3,4; Montala Staff 4; Senior Who's Who— Most Valuable To The School. Virginia Hamm Art Photo Club 1; GAA 1,2; FHA 1,3 Acad of Sci , VP. 3; Business Club 4; Math Club 2. Tony Harkins Student Council 4; Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; “‘M " Club 3,4; Hi-Y ¢ Sec.-Trez Jr Acad. of 5 3 Math Thomas Hicks Jr. Acad. of Sci. 1,3; Art Club 1,2; FFA 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4 “M” Club 4; Senior Who's Who—Most Talka- tive. Linda Hill .2,3,4, Parliamentar- FTA 2,4, V.P. 4; 4; GAA 2,3; Cheer- leader 2,3,4; Art Club 2; Girls’ State Alternate 3; Cheerleader Club 4. Ruben Hayes Sec.-Treas. 3; 4; FFA 1, Parl ootball 1 3,4; All Conference State 3,4; Baseball 2 Basketball 3; Senior Who's Who—Most Athletic Jessie Ree Henson 1,2,; Business Club fath Club 1; Band 1 Clarinet Clu 2 GAA 1 Who's Who Kenneth Hyde FFA 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 1; Hi-Y 1; “M” Club 2; Football 2,3,4. Patsy Hooker FHA 1,2,3,4; Clarinet Club 1,.2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; Tri- Hi- 4; Art Club 2; ist Clarinet 2,3,4; Math Club 1; Pres. of Jr. American Legion Auxiliary 4. ° Johnny Howell FHA 1,2,3, Historian 4 FTA 2,3,4, Reporter 4; Jr Acad. of Sci. 3,4; GAA 1; Speech Club 1; Math Club 9 2. Jerry Johnson FFA 1,2; Hi-Y 3,4; Math Club 3; Football 3; Student Council 1,2. Bobby Jones FFA 1,2,3,4; Delegate to National FFA Convention 3; Won Chapter State Farmer Degrees 3; Winner of County Corn Growing Contest 3. Barbara Lawley Jr. GAA 1; Sr. GAA 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Business Club 4. Don Lawley Jr. Acad. of Sci. 1,2, Treas 2; Journalism Club 2; French Club 2,3, Pres. 4; School Oratorical Winner 2.3; Shelby Couunty Win- ner 2; District Winner 2; Boys’ State 3; Montala Staff 4; Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Who's Who— Most Intellectual. Phyllis Kyser FHA 1,2,3,4, Historian 2; Pres. 3,4; Homemaker De- gree 3; FTA 3,4, Sec. 3, Treas. 4; Fifth District FTA Secretary 3; Student Council 3,4, Chaplain 4; Band 1,2; All County Band a: Cheerleader 3)4; Jr. Class Treas. 3; Girls’ State 3; Senior Class Treas. 4; Alt. Homecoming Queen 4; Cheerleader Club 4; Senior Play 4. PAGE 15 Agnes Morgan Band 1; GAA 3,4, Commit- tee Chairman 4; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, Sec. 2: Spotlight Staff 4; FTA 3,4. Brenda Morris FHA 1,2,3,4, Historian 4, State Degree 3; Science Club 3,4, Pres. 4; FTA 2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Math Club 1; Cheerleader 4; Cheer- leader Club 4; Honor So- ciety 3,4; Montala Staff 4; Chairman of the Queen's Float 4; Senior Who's Who Friendliest. Judy Lawley Student Council 2; FHA 1,2,4; Betty Crocker Home- making Award 4; FTA 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. Bud Lucas FFA 1,2,3,4 Pres. 2; Hi-Y 3,4. Dottie Lucas Library Club 1,2; GAA 2: FTA 3,4, V.P. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. Glenn Lucas FFA 1,2,3,4, V.P. 2; Hi-Y 3; Art Club 1,2. Bette Muehlbauer GAA 1,2,3,4, Sec.-Treas, 1, 2,3, Pres. 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Art Club 3,4, Sec.-Treas. 4; Math Club 1; Montala Art- ist 4; Senior Play 4. Donna Oates FHA 3,4; FTA 2,3,4, Treas. 3; GAA 1,2,3; Business Club 4, Social Chairman 4; Math Club 1,2; Senior Who's Who—Most Talka- tive, Douglas Smitherman “M” Club 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Senior Who's Who—Biggest Wolf. Dottie Phillips FHA 1; Band 1,2; GAA 3; Senior Business Club 4; Who's Who—Wittiest. Howard Phillips Acad. of Sci. 1,2; Math Club 2; French Club 2; Y 2; Senior Play 4. Bonnie Pickett Jr. GAA 1; FHA 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1; Art Club 1; Sr. GAA 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Oratorical Speech Win- ner 4; Senior Who's Who Most Athletic. Kay Sisco Jr. GAA 1,2; Club 2; FTA 3,4 Sec. 4; GAA 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 4, porter 4; FHA 3,4. Pegey Suddieth Jr. GAA 1,2; Journalism Club 2; FTA 3,4; Sr. GAA 3; Honor Society 3,4; Mon- tala Staff 4; Business Club 4, Reporter 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Senior Who's Who — Most Intellectual. Journalism FHA Sr. Sandra Tames 1,2,3,4; 2,3. GAA Tri-Hi-Y 3; Marjorie Thiemonge Art Club 2; FHA 1,2,3, Re- porter 2; French Club 2,3, President 2, Sec.-Treas. 3; FTA 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Sec 4; Spotlight Staff Feature Editor 4; Delegate to AHSPA Convention 4; Del- egate FTA — SEA Conven- tion 4. Jerry Thomas Danny Thornton M” Club 1,2,3,4; FFA 2, ° FFA 1,4; Hi-Y 3,4, V.P. 3; 3,4, Pres. 4; Baseball 2,3, “M " Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3; 4, Jr. Acad. of Sci. 1. : Student Council 4, Parlia- mentarian 4; French Club 2,3, Pres. 3; Math Club 1,3; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 1; Football 1,2,3,4; All-Coun- ty 2,4; All-Conference 3,4; Alternate All State 4; Baseball 1,4; Basketball 2,4; Co-editor of Spotlight 4; Honor Society 3,4, Pres. 4; Montala Staff 4; Senior Who's Who - Best All Around Terry Tingle ; Janice Waters Baseball 3,4; “M " Club 4; : Montala Staff 1; Band 1; FFA 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Historian 3, Basketball 2,3,4; 4-H 1,2; E V.P. 4; Student Council 2, Hi-Y 4; All-County 4. 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3, 4, Head. 4; FTA 3,4; Sr. GAA 3; Cheerleader Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Homecoming Alternate 4; Senior Who Who—Cutest. Pete White Billy Winslett Cliff Wooley Hugh Youngblood Hi-Y; Art Club; ‘‘M” FFA 1; “M” Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Math Club 3; Hi-Y 3,4, Pres. 4; Student Jr. Acad. of Sci. 3. Council 3; Football 1,2,3,4; All County Conference 4; Spotlight Staff 3. UNDERCLASSMEN Mr. Young rehears- es the band. Here they are seen get- ting ready for the Spring Concert. Corbett Lee Barclay Jackie Blakely Dottie Boothe Sybil Brand Wayne Butler Kit Cairns Nancy Dailey Robert Eddings Patty Galloway Nancy Hall Becky Hicks Charlotte Higgins Lucretia Hollingsworth Janice Hyde Doris Jones John Lankford Priscilla Lucas Johnny McNeel Edward Moore Clara Norris Sydney Pickett Albert Scott Geraldine Strickland Vickey Terrell Shirley Tingle George Underwood Charles Warnke Freddy Williams Mahone Alma Adams Linnie Bannon Jerry Bice Tim Birchfield Kathleen Bowden Gayle Davis Carl Edwards Rick Frost Larry Goggins Mike Harkins Nancy Hicks Donald Holsomback One of the big events for the Junior Class is the “secret” work involved in the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet. This affair, a Spring event, marks the highlight of the Junior year. PAGE 22 Shirley Hood Norman Hughes John Knowles Johnny Lucas Edward Lutz Ricky Miller Robert Moss Barbara Murray Kenneth Pickett Annette Potts Lloyd Tharpe Langley Tolbart Martha Whaley Sharon Woolley Fisher Terry Anderson Barbara Ballentine Ann Beam Harvel Blair Annette Burke Mack Clark Norfleete Day Tim Fancher Jimmy Garner Julia Hayes Earlene Holsomback Billy Hooker Bobby Hyde Linda Jarvis Ed Kyser Johnny Lovelady Janice McEntee Judy McGaughy Eleanor Maxwell Herbie Milstead Roger Moore Amy Orr Carolyn Phillips Judy Pickett Doris Price Carolyn Scurlock Jeanette Smith Wayne Smitherman John Stephens Jimmy Taylor Howard Weaver Martin Edgar James Anderson Doug Ballard Lynda Barrett Bob Bearden Ernest Blankenship PAGE 24 Jimmy Lee Boyd James William Brewster Karla Christiansen Dennis Draper Clinton Edwards Brenda Fletcher Bill Garrett Mike Harden Jimmy Herron Leslie Hubbard Truman Hughes Shirley Ann Lawley Hershal Lawley Gail Wanda Lucas Larry Lumpkin Barbara McGaughy Guy Milford Bonnie Mims Bobby Phillips Henrietta Pickett Judy Poole Gail Price Jane Robinson Delilah Smith Jerry Wayne Smitherman John Stark Fred Strickland Mary Ruth Waggoner Edfeldt Alvin Adams Ann Bashore Shirley Barrett Betty Boothe Jerrie Crawford William Darden Angeline Davis Connie Eddings Marshall Edwards Loran Fraser Eddie Gentry Bonnie Goggins Ruth Ellen Grant Pat Hatcher Mable Hill Johnny Hughes Raymond Hughes Mildred King Herbert Jarvis Lavaugn Jarvis Donald Jones Wanda Langs‘ on Junior high students keep supply store busy during the morn- ing break. Carol Logan Jerry Lucas Nila Mims Kenneth Phillips Jimmy Scott Emily Stansell Jerry Thompson Don Whatley Cathy Woolley Hamric Mickey Acker Tommy Anderson Jack Bergstresser Gerald Blackmon Sandra Brantley Brian Cairns Lillian Cox Lois Eady Clint Folsom Phil Genry Paul Glover Charles Harrison Rosemary Haynie Cookie Hiatt Jerry Hicks Ralph Holsomback Brenda Hyde Johnny Jones Marilyn Kyser Charles McGeehee Reinhard Molgedei Ninth graders take a “break”. Dorothy Savage Linda Smith Calvin Stano David Thomas Bart Tolbert Linda Warren Kaye Williams Ricky Zucco Harris Ronnie Allen Bobby Joe Birchfield Doris Blackmon Henry Brewster Bob Brown Gerald Cummings Anna Dunnaway Douglas Edwards Faye Garrett William Glossom Judy Goggins Marian Harris Jo Hayes Mickey Henson Jackie Holsomback Don Hurt Patricia Johnson Carolyn Kyser Barbara Lawley Jimmy Lovejoy Judy Lucas Macky Miles Marie Nalley Nellie Nannini Sheila Pickett Robert Price Larry Reid Pat Shoemaker Eddie Southern Donnie Tharpe Jonne Thornton Carolyn Waggoner Faye Williams Dale Youngblood Cairns Betty Allen Barbara Barclay Annette Bice Jane Bice Mary Alice Bice Roland Boothe Janice Bowden Linda Cunningham Amelia Edfeldt Frankie Edwards Shirley Edwards E. C. Fancher Patsy Fochtman Sharon Green Ginger Hannah Trussel Harper Magdeline Henderson Larry Holsomback Ray Howell Virginia Jenks Jimmy Kish Dickie Knowles Clara Lawley Eddye Lawley Joan Lawley Carolyn Lucas Jimmy Lucas Mary Lucas Larry McGaughy George Morgan Cheryl Moss Becky Nalley Grady Partridge Larry Pickett Wayne Pickett Carolyn Pratt Sharon Price Janet Rotenberry Bill Scott Anita Waldrop Susan Whaley Rosemary Wooley Couch Ronnie Albright Paul Bailey Jo Anne Bice Marvin Boothe Pat Boothe J. D. Brand Bobby Brantley Kenny Burdette Glenn Duncan Ellen Erwin Evelyn Goggins Dewitt Hare John Henderson Nina Hollingsworth Wayne Horton Jack Hughes PAGE 31 at fi . i os { es Svs (pp ELAS AS oh pee PAGE 32 Eighth graders get ready for the big Thomas Hyde Gene Jarvis Joyce Johnson Carolyn Lawley Jimmy Lawley John Lewis Mike Lovelady Jimmy Lucas Shirley Ann Lucas James Lumpkin Mike McGaughy Margie Maxwell Cecil Melton Arnold Mills Harold Norriss Seventh graders all ready to go! Connie Oates Jean Phillips Eddie Potts Martha Price David Robinson Sandra Scott Marcialene Snow Barbara Tingle Robert Walters Lanice White Priestley Rondal Anderson Don Beane Janette Bice James Blair Larry Blankenship. Cliff Boothe Charles Brownlee Jimmy Burnette Linda Cantrell P. Wayne Davis Ray Edwards Mike Garrett Charles Goggins Calvin Hamm Roy Hannah Wallis Harrison Geraldine Hughes Beth Jeter William Jones Gay Nell Knowles Leonard Lawley Eugene Loggins Mike Melton Linn Meyer William Murray George Nix Susan Peters Margaret Polk Brenda Price Barbara Reid Kenneth Smitherman Terry Snow Bobby Strickland Susan Thiemonge George White Tommy Wyatt Jeter Donna Allen Greg Ballentine Bobby Bean Barbara Birchfield Cheryl Blackmon John Blair Ronda Davis Lemoyne Daviston Claude Eddings Tommy Fletcher Ellen Friel Connie Grady Bonard Hamric Willie Pearl Harden Linda Harrison Cleve Hatcher Terry Herron Don Horton Roger Hughes PAGE 35 Everybody works hard get- ting ready for “big events”. Buddy Kirby Brenda Lovelady Billy Frank Lucas Leon Lucas Grace McEntee Candi McGaughy Linda Majors Patricia Mills Gay Nell Moreland Marlon Payne Larry Pickett Ann Pickett Mike Pickett James Polk Kathy Sherrod Pes. 4% pa ? a i sen. Dolores Smith Garry Smith Janice Smitherman Johnny Taylor Dale Thompson Thompson Margaret Turpin Pendleton Alice Baine Tommy Baker Alan Barclay Jimmy Birdsong Gerald Boothe garet Boothe Johnny Boyd Tommy Brand Jeana Dunaway Kenneth Edwards Norman Eiland Gloria Fochtman Sue Goggins Marjorie Grant Geraldine Hare Philip Haynie Kenneth Hicks Danny Horton PAGE 37 Linda Kish Thomas Lawley Susan Lovelady Jane Lucas Daisy Lutz Marilyn McGee Faye Melton Jerry Morgan Dewayne Morris Susan Moudy Gail Polk Martha Scott Betty Shinn Martha Shoemaker Carolyn Smith ORGANIZATIONS THE MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL BAND PICCOLO Barbara Ballentine FLUTE Lois Eady Martha Price Susan Thiemonge Susan Whaley Virginia Jenks OBOE Ruth Grant CLARINET Charlotte Higgins Linda Gentry Glenda Gaddy (head) Patsy Hooker Lola Daviston Janice McEntee Amy Orr Gail Price Bonnie Mims Priscilla Lucas Mable Hill Carolyn Kyser Pat Shoemaker Sheila Pickett Majorettes PAGE 40 Linda Warren Janice Bowden Norfleet Day Ellen Erwin Janet Rotenberry Linn Meyer Linda Cantrell Barbara Barclay BASS CLARINET Patti Sue Galloway ALTO SAXOPHONE Mack Clark Judy Poole Johnny Lovelady Ricky Zucco Cathy Wooley Bobby Strickland Betty Alien TENOR SAXOPHONE Kathy Bowden Sandra Scott " CORNET Guy Milford Bill Garrett Tim Fancher Jonne Thornton Bob Brown Angeline Davis Brenda Hyde Linda Smith Barbara Reid Kaye Williams David Robinson Mikey Lovelady Don Beane Larry Blankenship Glenn Duncan FRENCH HORN Lucretia Hollingsworth ALTO HORN Faye Williams TROMBONE Martha Whaley Sharon Wooley Barbara Murray Delilah Smith Karla Christiansen Fred Strickland BARITONE LaVaughn Jarvis Beth Jeter Rosemary Wooley BASS John Lankford Ernest Blankenship TYMPANI AND BELL LYRA Jessie Ree Henson PERCUSSION Becky Hicks Judy Lucas Jerrie Crawford Linda Cunningham Joan Crawford Smith Rosemary Haynie MAJORETTES Langley Tolbert Jackie Blakely Elaine Fisher o " REG a . MAJORETTES—Glenda Gaddy, head; Langley Tolbert, Linda Gentry, Elaine Fisher, Lucretia Hollingsworth, Becky Hicks, Charlotte Higgins, and Jackie Blakely. The beginning band is made up of members from the seventh grade. These members will move on to the “big” band at the beginning of their Junior Two year. Band members as seen son parade. downtown during a football sea- Band members shown are Ellen Friel, Marilyn McGee, Candi Mc- Gaughy, Brenda Lovelady, Cheryl Blackmon, Jane Lucas, Donna Al- len, Susan Lovelady, Martha Scott, Alice Baine, Delores Smith, Marga- ret Turpin, Martha Shoemaker, Marjorie Grant, Grace McEntee, Phillip Hubbard, Claude Eddings, Bonard Hamric, Jimmy Birdsong, Don Horton, and Johnny Taylor. The swing band warms up before a performance. Montevallo cheerleaders pictured above are Brenda Morris, Linda Hill, Jan Waters, Doris Jones, and Phyllis Kyser. Prac- tice for these girls always begins early. One of the highlights of their year was a trip to the Mid-South Cheerleader Conference held at the University of Mississippi. The Cheerleaders JAN WATERS, Head DORIS JONES BRENDA MORRIS PHYLLIS KYSER LINDA HILL AMY ORR, Alternate La7? aid-dedade t-te 1) Ct ieee . JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Pictured above are Academy members Guy Milford; Virginia Hamm; Linnie Bannon; Johnny How- ell; Brenda Morris, President; John Lankford, Secretary; Freddie Williams, Vice-President; Lee Bar- clay, Treasurer; Bill Bob Garrett; and Mike Harkins. Under the sponsorship of Miss Ethel Harris this group works together on club projects as well as individual studies. JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Miss Harris also acts as sponsor for a junior group of interested students. Members shown are Carol Logan; Clint Folsom; William Glossom; Cookie Hiatt; Jonne Thornton; Bob Brown; Ronnie Allen; Paul Bailey; Cliff Boothe; Dewitt Hare; Larry McGaughy, President; Eddy Potts, Treasurer; Wallace Harrison, Secretary; Brian Cairns; Loran Fraser; and Ricky Zucco, Vice-President. ay i eee amr” —“ ‘en en eeP JUNIOR SPEECH CLUB The Junior Speech Club is composed of students from the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. This group, under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Edfeldt, has ten members. They are Cathy Woolley, President; Greg Ballentine, Vice-President; Allen Barclay, Secretary; Claude Eddings, Treasurer; Jerry Morgan; Jerry Hyde; Marjorie Grant; Emily Stansell; Billy Frank Lucas; and Leon Lucas. FRENCH CLUB French Club members shown are Jo Lynn Appleby, Secretary and Treasurer; Leslie Hubbard; An- nette Burke; Don Lawley, President; Doris Jones, Vice-President; Lee Barclay; and Wade Baine. Mrs. Tolbert is the sponsor. High point of the year for the French Club is the annual Christmas party NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Danny Thornton President Lola Daviston Vice-President Jo Lynn Appleby Secretary Don Lawley Treasurer Beverly Bunn Francis Fulgham Peggy Suddieth Brenda Morris Peter Givhan uy STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization consisting of two representatives from each homeroom with the exception of the Senior Class which has three. These representatives are chosen by popular vote of each section. Shown in the picture above are members Beverly Bunn, Treasurer; Peter Givhan, President; Linnie Bannon; Langley Tolbert, Secretary; Phyllis Ky- ser, Chaplain; Lola Daviston; Jack Battle; Janice Waters; Linda Gentry; Charlotte Higgins; Lucretia Hollingsworth; Kathleen Bowden; Albert Scott, Vice-President; Tony Harkins and Charles Warnke. Not pictured are Rick Frost, Reporter; Ed Kyser; Herby Milstead; Delilah Smith; Jerry Smither- man; and Danny Thornton, Parliamentarian. Homecoming is an annual project of the Student Council. This group also maintains a supply store which operates for a ten minute period each day during break. Sponsor for the group is Mr. B. W. Hamric. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CHAPTER FARMER OFFICERS GREEN HAND OFFICERS President: Jerry Thomas Mickey Henson Vice-President: Jerry Bice Jonne C. Thornton Secretary: Robert Eddings Bobby Joe Birchfield Treasurer: Kenneth Pickett Mickey Acker Sentinel: Edward Lutz William Darden Assistant Adviser: Johnny McNeel Reinhard Molgedei Chaplain: John Knowles Lavaughn Jarvis Parliamentarian: Ruben Hayes Don Holsomback Reporter: Bill Birchfield Donnie Thorpe Adviser: Moon Thornton The FHA organization at MHS is composed of approximately 80 members and has as its sponsors Mrs. Rebecca McGaughy and Mrs. Margaret Hollingsworth. The group takes part many projects during the year including such things as Hobo Day, Cookbook chicken fry in conjunction with the FFA and FHA Week. in and sponsors sales, an annual FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Local officers pictured below are: Johnny Howell, Historian; Jan Waters, First Vice-President; Phyllis Kyser, President; Kathy Bow- den and Judy Poole, Recreation Leaders. Front row: Lucretia Hol- lingsworth, SC Representative; Brenda Morris, Historian; Langley Tolbert, Second Vice-President; Jane Robinson, Secretary; Lola Daviston, Parliamentarian; and Amy Orr, Reporter, Not pictured is Charlotte Higgins, Treasurer. . pratt GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls’ Athletic Association is composed of senior high school girls who are interested in pro- moting high standards of sportsmanship in school activities. Pictured above are: Clara Norris; Bon- nie Bice, Secretary-Treasurer; Agnes Morgan; Gayle Davis, Vice-President; and Bette Muehlbaver, President. MATH CLUB The Math Club is made up of senior high students who, under the direction of Mrs. Mary Kath- ryn Mahone, explore problems and fields of interest in higher mathematics. Members are: Langley Tolbert, Wade Baine, Leslie Hubbard, Albert Scott, Charles Warnke, Freddie Williams, Lee Barclay, Truman Hughes, Robert Moss, Bob Bearden, and Doris Jones. peaked ek i i A | eh er JUNIOR COUNCIL Junior Council members are from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Members are: Mr. Hamric, Jr. Ill, Lois Eady, Marilyn Kyser, Charles McGehee, Ricky Zucco; Mrs. Edfeldt, Jr. Ill, Lavaughn Jarvis, Loran Fraser, Jerry Crawford, Ruth Grant; Miss Harris, Jr. Ill, Dale Youngblood, Nellie Nannini, Don Hurt, Bob Brown; Mr. Couch, Jr. Il, James Lumpkin, Jack Hughes, Nina Hollingsworth, Martha Price; Mrs. Priestley, Jr. Il, Mike Garrett, Barbara Reid, Kenneth Smitherman, Linda Cantrell; Mrs. Cairns, Jr. Ul, Larry McGaughy, Rosemary Wooley, Bill Scott, Linda Cunningham; Mrs. Jeter, Jr. 1, Donna Allen, Candace McGaughy, Bonard Hamric, John Blair; Mrs. Pendleton, Jr. |, Tommy Baker, Peggy Thornton, Jane Lucas, Martha Scott. Officers are Charles McGehee, President; Mike Garrett, Vice-President; Dale Youngblood, Sec- retary; and Martha Price, Treasurer. Sponsor for the group is Mrs. Sara Cairns JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB Pictured left to right on the first row are Mrs. Milford, Sponsor; Wanda Langston, Reporter; Clara Norris, Vice-Presi- dent; Mildred King, President; Judy Goggins, Secretary and Treasurer; Shirley Barrett; Barbara Lawley. Back row: Con- nie Eddings; Marian Harris; Johnny McNeel; Robert Price; Don Holsomback; and Carol Logan. Not pictured: Anna Dun- naway, Jackie Holsomback, John Knowles, Johnny Lucas, Lloyd Tharpe, and Sue Waggoner. wk COUR AMG iy | (IMF un, i: Cuil GREET Visitors DUPLICATE — P Sponsoring the _ school’s March of Dimes is the club’s big project for the year. Lynda Gentry, Bar- bara Lawley, Miss DeMent, and Beverly Bunn count donations which totaled $574.75, a record for the school. All club members were “secretaries for a day” at Westinghouse. Mrs. Doris Lawley and Mr. R. E. Bal- lentine, real secretary and boss at Westinghouse, pose with Glenda Gaddy and Jessie Ree Henson, student secretaries. THE BUSINESS CLUB (Membership is limited to advanced typing Bonnie Bice, Dottie Phil- and shorthand students.) lips, and Joan Smith check the bulletin board for the OFFICERS daily count on March of Dimes. President Linda Gentry Vice-President Shirley Davis Secretary-Treasurer Glenda Gaddy Social Chairman Donna Oates Reporter Peggy Suddieth Sponsor Miss Susie DeMent Shirley Arledge and Shir- ley Davis, program chair- man, discuss plans for next Wednesday's club meeting. Donna Oates, Virginia Hamm, and Peggy Sud- dieth get ready for an- other of Donna’s parties. ens jee ie FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Mrs. Carl Edfeldt is faculty sponsor for the group of senior high school girls who make up the local Future Teachers chapter. Members are Alma Adams, Jo Lynn Appleby, Shirley Arledge, Linnie Bannon, Bonnie Bice, Doris Blackman, Beverly Bunn, Bonnie Byrd, Nancy Dailey, Gayle Davis, Shir- Virginia Hamm, Linda Hill, Johnny Howell, Cookie Hiatt, Janice Hyde, Pat Johnson, Agnes Morgan, Brenda Morris, Nellie Nan- nini, Donna Oates, Kay Sisco, Emily Stansell, Geraldine Strickland, Peggy Suddieth, Marjorie Thie- monge, and Jan Waters. Shown in the picture below are officers: President, Beverly Bunn; En- listment Vice-President, Linda Hill; Program Vice-President, Dottie Lucas; Secretary, Kay Sisco; Treasurer, Phyllis Kyser; and Reporter, Johnny Howell. ley Davis, Phyllis Kyser, Judy Lawley, Dottie Lucas, Gail Lucas, President Glenda Gaddy TRI - HI - Y Tri-Hi-Y is a service organization whose purpose is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the home, school, and community. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Anne Milford, the group is composed of 49 members. These are: Shirley Arledge, Linda Barrett, Ann Beam, Jackie Blakely, Dottie Boothe, Kathy Bowden, Karla Christiansen, Joan Crawford, Shir- ley Davis, Elaine Fisher, Brenda Fletcher, Glenda Gaddy, Frances Grady, Nancy Hall, Julia Hayes, Jessie Ree Henson, Becky Hicks, Nancy Hicks, Charlotte Higgins, Linda Hill, Lucretia Hollingsworth, Patsy Hooker, Linda Jarvis, Barbara Lawley, Shirley Lawley, Judy Lawley, Gail Lucas, Dottie Lucas, Eleanor Maxwell, Barbara McGaughy, Barbara Murray, Amy Orr, Carolyn Phillips, Bonnie Pickett, Henrietta Pickett, Annette Potts, Doris Price, Gail Price, Jane Robinson, Carolyn Scurlock, Kay Sisco, Peggy Suddieth, Marjorie Thiemonge, Shirley Tingle, Mary Ruth Waggoner, Martha Whaley, Jan Waters, and Sharon Wooley. Vice-President Secretary Barbara Murray Marjorie Thiemonge Chaplain Becky Hicks Reporter Kay Sisco Treasurer Martha Whaley Wade Baine Rick Frost Howard Phillips Freddie Williams Vice-President George Underwood Lee Barclay Mike Harkins Albert Scott Hugh Youngblood President Cliff Wooley Jack Battle Kenneth Hyde Danny Thornton Secretary Tony Harkins Bill Birchfield John Langford Terry Tingle Jerry Johnson Tad Cairns Bud Lucas Charles Warnke Robert Moss Not Pictured Tom Hicks Vice-President George Underwood Charles Warnke Jerry Smitherman Jack Battle Johnny Stark Ruben Hayes lee Barclay Lloyd Tharpe Terry Tingle Wayne Smitherman Tom Hicks Ed Kyser Kenneth Hyde Jimmy Eddings Glenn Cunningham Jerry Thomas Johnny McNeil Cliff Wooley President Rick Frost M CLUB Not Pictured Mike Harkins Freddie Williams Tony Harkins Bobby Hyde Secretary-Treasurer Albert Scott +4 rac CT] bec CHACON CPOE JUNIOR GIRLS’ CHORUS Betty Allen, Donna Allen, Alice Baine, Barbara Barclay, Annette Bice, Jenette Bice, Jo Anne Bice, Mary Alice Bice, Bar- bara Birchfield, Cheryl Birchfield, Pat Boothe, Margaret Boothe, Janice Bowden, Linda Cunningham, Rhonda Davis, Le- moyne Daviston, Jeana Dunaway, Amelia Edfeldt, Beth Jeter, Gloria Fochtmann, Ellen Freil, Evelyn Goggins, Connie Grady, Geraldine Hare, Linda Harrison, Maggie Henderson, Nina Hollingsworth, Geraldine Hughes, Linda Kish, Gay Nell Knowles, Carolyn Lawley, Joan Lawley, Brenda Lovelady, Susan Lovelady, Ann Lucas, Carolyn Lucas, Jane Lucas, Jeanie Lucas, Mary Lucas, Daisy Lutz, Linda Majors, Candi McGaughy, Grace McEntee, Marilyn McGee, Faye Melton, Gay Nell Moreland, Susan Moudy, Connie Owens, Susan Peters, Jean Phillips, Ann Pickett, Gail Polk, Margaret Polk, Martha Price, Sharon Price, Kathy Sherrod, Barbara Reid, Martha Scott, Martha Shoemaker, Dolores Smith, Carolyn Smith, Janice Smitherman, Marcia Snow, Peggy Thornton, Margaret Turpin, Betty Jean Shinn, Barbara Tingle, Sharron Green, Frankie Edwards, Vickey Peacock, Pat Peacock, Sandra Driver. Officers pictured below are Cheryl Blackmon, Brenda Lovelady, and Marcialene Snow, Librarians; Lemoyne Daviston, President; Jo Ann Bice, Vice-President; Betty Shinn, Reporter; and Betty Allen, Secretary. Mrs. Mary Ellen Priestley is sponsor for the group. SPOTLIGHT 1960-61 Staff Co-editors Bonnie Byrd, Danny Thornton News editor Marjorie Thiemonge Features editor Agnes Morgan Class and club news Beverly Bunn Sports Danny Thornton, Wade Baine Circulation and exchanges Linda Hill Reporters and business Lola Daviston, Robert Eddings and entire staff Artist Langley Tolbert 1 JOURNALISM class, taught by Mrs. Priestley, plans, writes and publishes Spotlight, bi-weekly paper. Faculty Sponsor Mrs. Gerard Priestley . . Technical Adviser Miss Susie DeMent Spotlight, bi-weekly mimeographed newspaper of Montevallo High, is published by members of the journalism class as- sisfed by junior high reporters, an artist, and the two facul- ty advisers. In 1960, Spotlight won the state sweepstakes award, pre- sented by the Alabama Student Press Association to the high school paper judged best, regardless of budget or method of printing. For three years prior to 1960, Spotlight had won first place among mimeographed publications. The newspaper is distributed free to students on alternate Fridays. Its news and features form an important link be- tween school and community. Spotlight also affords lively, practical application of the principles of news gathering, re- porting and editing, studied in journalism. 2 CO-EDITORS Bonnie Byrd and Danny Thornton list news, fea- ture and editorial assignments for staff. 3 REPORTER Beverly Bunn types article after gathering facts 4 HEADLINES for articles are written by Robert Eddings and by interviewing students and faculty members. Wade Baine, who aslo write and edit articles. oe 5 CUTTING STENCIL, Miss DeMent follows 6 PROOFREADER Marjorie Thiemonge searches for errors planned page layouts on page. MIMEOGRAPHING 650 copies of Spotlight each issue gets STAPLING pages and preparing copies for exchange attention of Lola Daviston, Danny Thornton. Agnes Morgan, Robert Eddings, Linda Hill. JUNIOR REPORTERS gather news, write features and editor- 10 STUDENT reads Spotlight, final product of entire staff's work. ials for junior high page in paper. A GOOO SECRETARY MUST BE VERSATILE! ART CLUB The Art Club originally began at MHS as an organization for Senior high school students. Later, a junior high group, headed up by Lynn Meyers, President, and Susan Whaley, Secretary-Treasurer, was formed. Members of both organiza- tions are pictured above. Senior group is composed of the following members: Jimmy Eddings, Vice-President; Billy Winslett, President; Ricky Miller; Kenneth Pickett; Mickie Henson; Jimmy Lovejoy; Larry McGaughy; Frances Grady; Elaine Fisher; Wayne Butler; Karla Christiansen; and Bette Muehlbauver, Secretary-Treasurer Students look on as Jessie Henson “trys out” the new tympani. Honor Society members take time out from P.T.A. baby sitting chores to pose . . . F.T.A. members liven things up at Home- coming. MONTEVALLO HIGH BULLDOGS Bobby Hyde, Ricky Frost, Freddie Williams, Lee Barclay, Mike Harkins, (Pictured left to right) Front row: Don Hurt, Glynn Cunningham, Tony Harkins, Jimmy Eddings, Leslie Hubbard, Wayne Smitherman. Second row: Coach Martin, Danny Thornton, Cliff Wooley, Jack Battle, Pete Givhan, Coach Fisher. Third row: Coach Corbett, Ed Kyser, George Un- derwood, Douglas Smitherman, Ruben Hayes, Terry Tingle, Jerry Smitherman, Johnny Stark. Fourth row: Albert Scott, Lloyd Thorpe, Bill Hooker, Eddie Gentry, Ken Hyde, Tom Hicks, Paul Glover, George White. Stark gains against Shelby. Montevallo sported an undefeated football team for the first time in the history of the school in 1960. The Bulldogs won state, conference and county championships. The Birmingham Post-Herald awarded MHS the AA championship for the perfect season. The Bulldogs won the Mid State crown for the third time, also the county championship for the third consecutive year. THE RECORD Montevallo Opponents 62 Isabella 20 Thompson 14 Clanton 33 Jemison 33 Shelby Co. 27 Calera 46 Verbena ono oOo oOo @ oO Oo Oo oO 31 Reeltown 18 Vincent Underwood rounds end against Shelby County. Tingle tallies TD. Coaches Martin, Fisher, Corbett SENIORS Jack Battle, tackle Glynn Cunningham, end Jim Eddings, guard Pete Givhan, Tony Harkins, tackle 2 val ie es ee aor Tom Hicks, halfback Ken Hyde, Tackle Douglas Smitherman, quarterback Danny Thornton, center ibe ooley, guard Terry Tingle, halfback ape 3. . Rape eae et we ; MHS had a 7-14 season, winning half of their victories in tournament play. (Pictured left to right) Front row: Lee Barclay, Charles Warnke, Danny Thornton, Douglas Smitherman, Ed Kyser. Second row: Coach Corbett, Terry Tingle, Ed Moore, Tony Harkins and Albert Scott. BASKETBALL 1960-6I All County—Thornton, Moore, and Smitherman e ye aa . Graduating Lettermen Danny Thornton WV Douglas Smitherman Terry Tingle The B team won 11, lost 7. (Pictured left to right) First row: Coach Fisher, Paul Glover, Jimmy Herron, Guy Milford, Johnny Lovelady, Roger Moore. Back row: Bobby Bearden, Bobby Brown, Rick Frost, Jimmy Boyd, Johnny Stark, and Bart Tolbert. Stil ‘ : a ig Ps ‘- apo Ree, V8 THE 1960 MONTEVALLO BULLDOGS Back row, left to right: Herb Milstead, Lloyd Tharpe, Bobby Hyde, Charles Warnke, Coach Fisher, Freddie Williams, Vickie Terrell, Rick Frost, George Underwood. Kneeling: Albert Scott, Jerry Smith- erman, Pete Givhan, Ed Kyser, Danny Thornton, Cooter Smitherman, Jerry Thomas, Johnny Lovelady. NINE BULLDOGS RETURN FROM 1960 MID-STATE TITLE TEAM First row, left to right: Cooter Smitherman, Danny Thornton, Butch Kyser, Jerry Thomas. Second row: Jerry Smitherman, Peter Givhan, Albert Scott, Ricky Frost, George Underwood ACTIVITIES Homecoming I960 One of the biggest events during the school year at M.H.S. is Homecoming. This festivity, held in the fall, is a spe- cial invitation for graduates to return to their Alma Mater Preparations begin early in the school year with committees making plans for such things as pep rallies, a parade, football game ceremonies, and a dance. An election is also held to select a queen and four attendants. Two of these attendants are chosen by and represent the junior high school. Queen Lola Daviston and her attendants, Janice Waters, Phyllis Kyser, Marilyn Kyser, and Sandra Scott pose for publicity pictures to advertise the event. Each grade—from both the senior and junior high—is responsible for a float in the parade. Working during activity periods and after school things “shape up” for the Friday afternoon event. es i ee “4 Vs me ATL Before the parade begins, Queen Lola and her attendants line up for a picture. Queen and her attendants down town during the afternoon pep rally—Both cars and floats “ready to roll.” Homecoming I960 Former graduates return to play with the band during half-time ceremonies. Cheerleaders get together to “whoop it up.” The Queen and her attendants enjoy the game from the sidelines. A tense moment during the game in which the Montevallo Bulldogs emerged victorious over Shelby County High. The big moment arrives — Student Council President Peter Givhan crowns Queen Lola Daviston at the dance. “- Senior Class officers shown above are Glenda Gaddy, Secretary; Glynn Cunningham, President; ,Phyllis Kyser, Treasurer; and Danny Thornton Vice-President. SENIOR Friendliest Wittiest Jerry Thomas and Brenda Morris Olen Galloway and Dottie Phillips Best All Round Most Athletic Danny Thornton and Lola Daviston Bonnie Pickett and Ruben Hayes WHO’S WHO Best Dancers Laziest Jessie Ree Henson and Jimmy Eddings Marjorie Thiemonge and Peter White a u Most Talkative Thomas Hicks and Donna Oates WHO’S WHO — Quietest Bonnie Bice and Francis Fulgham Most Likely to Be Whistled At Glenda Gaddy Best Dressed Not pictured—Biggest Wolf— Patsy Hooker Cooter Smitherman Not pictured—Terry Tingle Most Valuable to the School Peter Givhan and Beverly Bunn Most Likely to Succeed Linda Gentry Not pictured—Glynn Cunningham rr -_. b Janice Waters Most Intellectual Not pictured—Cliff Wooley Don Lawley and Peggy Suddieth Cutest Winner of the Good Citizenship Girl Award Beverly Bunn School Boy’s Staters Don Lawley, Pete Givhan, Jack Battle Danny Thornton, and Francis Fulgham Girl's Staters Phyllis Kyser and Linda Gentry “Winners” Oratorical Contest Winners Jo Lynn Appleby, Bonnie Pickett, and Greg Ballentine MONTEVALLO MOTOR CO., INC. Sales and Service Phone MO 5-4481 Your Dependable Chevrolet Dealer Compliments of ] DOLLAR SAVER MONTEVALLO CLEANERS SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT Compliments of SHELL SERVICE THE SPECIALTY SHOP : =| STATION J. M. Allen Phone MO 5-7231 ales Gifts from Compliments of STONE JEWELRY SEAMAN TIMBER e ' Are MO5-7279 , a Appreciated MO 5-7296 PAGE 80 Ye as Pn yt Westinghouse LAWLER SPECIALTY INC. MONTEVALLO Phone MO 5-7292 , es MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG YOUR PRESCRIPTION STORE Compliments of JETER’S BIG STAR Compliments of LOVELADY SALES and SERVICE Phone MO 5-7261 Try Our Friendly Service DELUXE CLEANERS MO 5-5081 PAGE 82 Better Values HOFFMAN’S STORE Montevallo, Ala. MO 5-7200 LOVELADY MOTOR COMPANY Your Ford, Falcon and Mercury Dealer SERVICE Montevallo, Alabama Merchants Planters Bank Montevallo, Alabama A Home Bank for Home People apes WHALEY’S FURNITURE STORES Montevallo Calera Childersburg West Blocton MO 5-7243 Western Auto Associate ATT 0) THE FAMILY STORE E. G. Mahaffey Montevallo, Alabama Compliments of THE EMPLOYEES OF UNITED CEMENT CO. HARPER’S SUPER SAVER Better Groceries and Choice Meats MO 5-4211 W. V. BROWN LUMBER CO. For Better Prices, Lumber and Services Call MO 5-7514 2. eee PAGE 83 Make your home complete McCLURE DRUG CO. “On the Corner’ MONTEVALLO PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY LUMBER COMPANY Dial MO 5-4371 Everything for building Compliments of McCULLEY’S Montevallo, Alabama Phone MO 5-6801 In honor of the Charter Pupils of Montevallo Studio of Dance and The considerate parents who made It possible for our first to be a success MONTEVALLO STUDIO OF DANCE PAGE 85 MONTEVALLO MOTEL C. E. JONES DAIRY QUEEN of ALABASTER HARVEY ROCHESTER Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware and Seed Montevallo, Alabama MO 5-7264 REG, VU. S. PAT. OFF, Crawford-Johnson Co. BOOSTERS Amoco Service Station Ann’s Beauty Shop Bean’s Barber Shop Ben Franklin Store Frances’ Beauty Shop Klotzman’s Life Ins. — T. H. Napier Mahan Barber Shop Marie’s Gift Shop M., L. Orr Ins. Montevallo Flower Shop Moore’s Gro. Service Station Nina’s Place Rakes Studio State Farm Ins. The Little Shop Thomas Potts Feed Farm Supply PAGE 87

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