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MONTALA Presented by THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL Montevallo, Alabama 1960 Through the years the Bull- dog has stood as a mascot and symbol for the stu- dents of M.H.S. In this vol- ume we hope to present a record of some of the things our “pup” has seen and done as he has romp- ed “victoriously” through the year. The Staff DEDICATION One of the most conscientious followers of our “pup” has been Miss Susie DeMent, senior high secretarial science teacher. Her interest and effort have helped lift the pup to the high position he now holds. MONTALA STAFF A remarkable feat indeed is when all of the members of the staff get together to the yearbook. Pictured left to right are Betty Milstead, class editor; Gisela Molgedei, manager; Janice Jones, business editor; Freddy Draper, photographer; (standing) Cissie Orr, editor-in-chief; Larry Joe Pickett, sports editor; Pendleton, advisor; and Talmon Hill, activities editor. “pose” for advertising organizations editor; Larry Smitherman, Mrs. Emily ADMINISTRATION MRS. MARGARET HOLLINGSWORTH Alabama College, B.S. Home Economics MRS. BOBBIE LIGHTFOOT Alabama College, B.S. Physical Education MRS. REBECCA McGAUGHY Alabama College, B.S. Home Economics MRS. FRANCES ANTHONY Alabama College, A.B. Junior One Teacher MRS. DORIS JETER Alabama College, A.B. Junior One Teacher MRS. EMILY PENDLETON Alabama College, B.S. Junior One Teacher MISS ETHEL HARRIS Alabama College, 8.5. Peabody College, M.A. Science, Math, Biology, Physics MR. CHARLES MARTIN Middle Tennessee State College, B.S. Peabody College, M.A. Coach, History, General Business MR. THERON FISHER Birmingham Southern, A.B. Coach, Civics, World History PAGE 6 MR. GUY MILFORD Howard College, Peabody College, Principal A.B. M.A, MRS. ESSIE WESTON Office Secretary MR. IVEY SIMS Maintenance Man MISS SUSIE DeMENT MRS. CAROLYN EDFELDT Alabama College, 8.5. Birmingham Southern, A.B. University of Tennesse, M.S. Speec h, Journalism, English Business Studies MRS. ANNE MILFORD University of Alabama, A.B. Librarian MR. MELTON THORNTON Auburn University, B.S., M.S. Vocational Agriculture MR. V. T. YOUNG College of Wooster (Ohio) B.S., B.M. University of Michigan, M.M. Band MRS. SARA CAIRNS Birmingham Southern, A.B. Junior Two Teacher MRS. RUTH FREDERICK Peabody College, B.S., L.S. Junior Two Teacher MR. B. W. HAMRIC Jacksonville State, B.S. Peabody College, M.A. English, History MR. CRATIE CORBETT Livingston State, B.S. Coach, History, Democracy MR. ROBERT LIGHTFOOT Troy, B.S. Math MISS VINNIE LEE WALKER Athens, B.S. Peabody, M.A. English Not Shown: MRS. CAROLYN TOLBERT French MISS MARY PETERS Latin Returning triumphantly to reign were the SENIORS However, even they had moments when they wondered just what all the fuss was about FORREST BROWN Basketball 1,2,3,4, All County Jr. Team 1; All County 3,4; All Con- ference 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; “M” Club 1,2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 3; Hi-Y 3,4, Sec.-Treas. 3; Editor of Spot- light 3,4; State Pres. of AHSPA 4; Band 1,2,4, All County 1; Stu- dent Council 2,3,4, Chaplain 4; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 1,2. m JW ' BETTY ARLEDGE JIMMY BAINE Hi-Y 1,3,4; Art Photo Club 1,3; jr. Acad. of Sci. 2; “mM” Club 3,4; Boy Scouts 1,2,3,4, Eagle, Silver, God and Country Awards; Spotlight Staff 4; Football 1,2,3, 4; Delegate to AHSPA 4. (Trans- fer-2) BETTY GENE BICE GAA 1,2,3,4, V.P. 3; Journalism Club 3; FTA 3; Business Club 4; Majorette 1; Spotlight Staff 3; Alt. Homecoming Queen 4; Senior Who’s Who—Girl Most Likely To Be Whistled At. TONY BIRCHFIELD FFA 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3, State Farmer Degree 3; Football 2,3,4; “M " Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4. TOMMY BRUMBAUGH Band 1,2,3,4, Brass Choir All County Band 1,2; 3,4; Hi-Y 4. 2,3,4, Basketball RALPH BURKE Jr. Acad. of Sci. 3; Math Club 3; Dramatics Club 4 JOE CLARK Band Club 1, Brass Club 2,3,4; Band Band 2,3,4. 1,2,3,4; 1,2,3,4; All County FHA ness Club 4; Senior Best TERRY BRENDA 1; GAA 2,3; Dressed DAVISTON t Dressed Dramat ‘ ass Pres HARPER Tri-Hi-Y Who's 4; Busi- Who FREDDY DRAPER ROBERTA HENDERSON FHA 1,2; GAA 3; Art Photo Club 3; FTA 4; Dramatics 4; Tri Hi-Y 4 FFA Art Photo Club 2; FFA MYRA COMPTON GAA 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y Chap- Business Club 4 FHA 1; lain 4; DONNY DAVIS Hi-Y 3,4; M” Club 2,3,4; All County B Team 2; Basketball 2,3, 4; Football 3,4; All County Foot ball 4; All Conference Basketball 4; Journalism Club 3; Spotlight Staff 3; Senior Who's Who—Most Athletic; Art Club 2; Baseball 2,4; FFA 1,2,3 GARY GOGGINS 1,2,3,4. BILLY HERRON Hi-Y 3,4; 1,2,3,4 Headed up by Miss Vinnie Lee Walker, senior sponsor, the class of ‘60 had many remember .al- rolled by. The opening of school called for the class Terry events to ways” as the year election of and found Daviston along with Buster Pickett, Carol and Talmon Hill fill the officers Lucas chosen to key positions. As LENA HAMM FHA 1,2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4, FIA 3,4 V.P. 4 TALMON HILL “M " Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; 1,2,3,4; Boys’ State; Treas. Senior Class; Honor Society Pres. 3,4; Journalism Club 3; Student Coun- cil 1; Spotlight Staff 3; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 4; Montala Staff FFA the year continued on, cer- tain events had _ special meaning to certain seniors —the last football game the “Senior Party” . voting for Who’s Who . arrival of rings . ordering of invitations . . . production of play, “The Silver Whistle’ . . . and don’t forget play practice! a.» » Prom Time . . . and finally, graduation. JERRY LAWLEY FFA 1,2. GALE LUCAS FHA 2,3; GAA 1,2,3;_ Tri-Hi-Y Treas. 4; Dramatics Club Treas. 4; Business Club Pres. 4; Cheerleader = NORALENE JOHNSON FHA 1,2; Dramatics Club Sec. 4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Business Club 4; Senior Who's Who—Most Athletic. JANICE JONES Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Head 3,4; FHA 1; GAA 2; Journalism Club Sec. 3; Tri-Hi-Y Pres. 3; Honor Society 3,4, Treas. 4; Dramatics Club V.P. 4; Business Club 4; Girls’ State 3; Spotlight Staff 3,4; Montala Staff; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 3. CECILIA LAWSON FHA 1,2, Treas. 2; Dramatics Club 4; GAA 2,3; Band 1,2,3,4, All County Band 2 JANICE LUCAS GAA 2,3,4, Reporter 4; Business Club 4; Dramatics 4; Senior Who's Who—Wittiest. ANNIE MAE LOVELADY GAA 2; Art Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 4. BUDDY MAJORS ““M” Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; FFA 1,2,3; Boys’ State 3; Football 4; Baseball 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Spot- light Staff 3,4 CAROLE LUCAS FHA 2,3; GAA 3; Tri-Hi-Y Sec. 4; Dramatics Club Business Club 4; Sec. of Senior Class; Girls’ State 3; Alt. Homecoming Queen BETTY MILSTEAD FHA, Parliamentarian 3, Sec. 4; FIA Treas 3; Business Club V.P. 4; Student Council 2,4, Sec 4; Honor Society 4; GAA 3; Senior Who's Who Best All Around; Sec of Junior Class 3; AASC Workshop 3, Alt. Delegste to Girls’ State; Mont ale Staff TROY MIMS FFA 1,2, Sec. 2. GISELA MOLGEDE!I FHA 1,2,3,4, V.P. 3.4; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 3,4, V.P. 3, Pres. 4; Honor Society 3,4; Montala Staff; GAA Sec.-Treas. 3; Senior Who’s Who PATTI MURRAY FHA 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; D.O. Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y Reporter 3; GAA 4; FIA 4. HERMAN PETERS FFA 1; Math Club 3; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 3; Hi-Y 4. FLORA LEE NORRISS FHA 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; D.O. Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y Treas. 3; GAA 4. HERSHEL PICKETT FFA 1,2,3,4; Jr. Acad. of Sci. 2; Hi-Y 3,4; Senior Who’s Who— Friendliest; V.P. of Senior Class; Spotlight Staff 3; Journalism Club 3; Band 1,2. —Most Likely To Succeed. CISSIE ORR FHA 1; Cheerleader 1 Student Council 1,234, Trees. 4; Band 2,34; Honor Society 3,4; Spotlight Staff 4; Dramatics Club 4; DAR. Good Citizen ship Girl 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Senior Who's Who—Most Intellectual; Editor of Montale. LARRY JOE PICKETT HiLY 3,4; “M " Club 2,34; Journalism Club 3, Honor Society V.P. 4; Montele Steff 4; Footbell 2, 34, CoCapt. 4, All County 3,4, All Conference 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 3.4; Boys’ State 3. LARRY WAYNE PICKETT FFA 2,3,4. » mY | CORCORAN SNEED Senior Who’s Who—Most tual. Intellec- LINDA ROMAN Student Council 4; FHA 1,2; Dra- matics Club 4; GAA 2. KEITH SALTER FFA 1,2,4, Chaplain 1,2; Math Club 3; Dramatics Club Pres. 4; Senior Who’s Who—Biggest Wolf; Spotlight Staff 3; Band 1,2; FFA Farm Shop 4th Place State 2. CAROLYN SAVAGE FHA 1; GAA 2,4; Dramatics Club 4; Business Club Sec.-Treas. 4. GARY THOMPSON FFA 1,2, Sec. 1, V.P. 2. BOBBY SMITHERMAN FFA 2,3,4, Sec. 3; “M” Club 4; Senior Who's Who—Wittiest; Hi-Y 3; Basketball 3,4. BRENDA TURPIN Girls Chorus 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Radio Club 3; FIA 3; Homespun Staff 3; Selected Member for Ky. 4.5. All State Chorus 3; Majorette 4; Ac companiat for Jr. Girls Chorus 4; Band 3,4; Pep Club 3; (Transfer 3), Brees Choir 4 LARRY SMITHERMAN Student Council 1.2,3,4, V.P. 3, Parliamentarian 4; SASC Convention 2.3.4; NASC Convention 3,4; AASC Convention 23,4; AASC Workshop 3.4; Hi-¥ 3,4; Officers Club Pres. 3; Grease Paint Club 4; Math Club Sec-Treas. 4; Art Photo Club 1; Spotlight Staff 3,4; Montele Staff 4 RANDY WOOLLEY Basketball 2.3.4 Spotlight Staff 3; Photo Club 2,3; Jr All Conf. 4; FFA; Acad. of Sci Football Mgr. |; HY 3.4; Art 34 A big event of the first part of the year was picture taking when each “ " UNOERCLASSMEN went through the paces of “smiling pretty” for the photographer. JUNIORS Life for Juniors is always busy and _ this year’s class was no exception. Class sponsors Cratie Corbett and Bob Lightfoot saw to it that there was “never a dull moment” as life began in earnest with the fall magazine sale. Danny Thornton and Joan Crawford came in tops in this campaign which netted a goodly sum for the junior account. The spring of the year found all activities centered around the Prom where secret meetings and hidden dec- orations were the order of the day. Even with these big events, many juniors found time to participate in sports, belong to clubs, play in the band and lead cheers. Cheerlead- ers Phyllis Kyser, Linda Hill, and Janice Wa- ters are shown along with Janice Jones and Doris Jones. Corbett Sr. Il Shirley Arledge Jack Battle Bill Birchfield Jimmy Brantley Ed Burdette Glynn Cunningham Benjamin Day Amelia Dodd Jimmy Eddings Jerry Edwards Francis Fulgham Olen Galloway Pete Givhan Frances Grady To Harki ny rkins Y =a) WY iy bez iia sia 4 Ruben Hayes Linda Hill Bobbie Holifield Johnny Howell Norman Hughes Jerry Johnson Bobby Jones Barbara Lawley Bud Lucas Glenn Lucas Agnes Morgan Bette Muehibaver Howard Phillips Bonnie Pickett Peggy Suddith Marjorie Thiemonge Danny Thornton Jo Ann Waggoner Janice Waters Cliff Wooley Hugh Youngblood Lightfoot’s Sr. Il Jo Lynn Appleby Wade Baine Bonnie Bice Tim Birchfield Beverly Bunn Tad Cairns Joan Crawford Nancy Dailey Shirley Davis Lola Daviston Ronnie Dennis Elaine Fisher Glenda Gaddy Linda Gentry Steve Goad Virginia Hamm Jesse Ree Henson Thomas Hicks Charlie Hollingsworth Patsy Hooker Howard Hughes Pete Hughes Kenneth Hyde Johnny Johnson Phyllis Kyser Don Lawley Dottie Lucas Ronald Mills Brenda Morriss Donna Oates Dottie Phillips Terry Phillips Gene Savage Kay Sisco Douglas Smitherman Sandra Tames Jerry Thomas Peter White Billy Winslett Fisher Sr. 1 Alma Adams Linnie Bannon Jackie Blakely Dottie Booth Sybil Brand Pretty girls can be found in all of the classes. Both the junior and se- nior high schools had girls repre- sented in the beauty section at Home- coming ‘59. Brenda Compton Charlotte Higgins Lucretia Hollingsworth Sue Hood Willie Mae Horton Clara Norris Annette Potts Ginger Shipley Sharon Wooley Jerry Bice Robert Eddings Carl Edwards Rick Frost Larry Goggins Mike Harkins John Knowles Johnny Lucas Edward Lutz Johnny McNeel Edward Moore Everyone has fun working on floats —especially on a warm autumn day. Kenneth Pickett Olin Reid Jimmy Taylor Lloyd Tharpe George Underwood @ Charles Warnke Ted Wells Martin Sr. 1 Nelda Anderson Lee Barclay Ernest Blankenship Kathy Bowden Kit Cairns Gayle Davis Patti Galloway Nancy Hall Terrell Hall Nancy Hicks Becky Hicks David Holcombe Donald Holsomback Earlene Holsomback Janice Hyde Doris Jones John Lankford Hershel Lawley Linda Lemley Priscilla Lucas Ricky Miller Barbara Murray Albert Scott Geraldine Stricklin Vickey Terrell Langley Tolbert Richard Vail Bobby Wallace Martha Whaley Freddie Williams Jimmy Wyatt Jimmy Parks Sydney Pickett Hamric Jr. Ul Jimmy Boyd Jim Brewster Mack Clark Bill Garrett Jimmy Herron Leslie Hubbard Raymond Hughes Bobby Hyde Wayne Lucas Herby Milstead Roger Moore Larry Reid Jerry Smitherman John Starks John Stephens Howard Weaver Barbara Ballentine Ann Beam Annette Burke Norfleete Day Brenda Fletcher Linda Jarvis Shirley Lawley Gayle Lucas Janice McEntee Judy McGaughy Eleanor Maxwell Amy Orr Carolyn Phillips Judy Pickett Doris Price Carolyn Scurlock Delilah Smith Mary Ruth Waggoner Harris Jr. Il Johnny Anderson Terry Anderson Douglas Ballard Bob Bearden Dennis Draper Tim Fancher . “eN oh 1 : ’ t se) hi siege esaabaeie i ll Jimmy Garner Billy Hooker Truman Hughes Herbert Jarvis Donald Jones Ed Kyser Larry Lumpkin Johnny Lovelady Guy Milford Bobby Phillips Ray Sisco Wayne Smitherman Lynda Barrett Pat Bice Sandra Brantley Karla Christiansen Elsie Cox Julia Hayes Margaret Lawley Evelyn Maxwell Barbara McGaughy Bonnie Mims Lanice Nalley Henrietta Pickett Judy Poole Gail Price Jane Robinson Jeanette Smith Frederick Jr. Il Mickey Acker Bobby Birchfield Larry Blankenship Bob Brown Brian Cairns Jerrie Crawford Gerald Cummings Angeline Davis Lois Eady Loran Fraser Phil Genry Eddie Gentry Paul Glover Judy Goggins Charles Harrison Patricia Hatcher Rosemary Haynie Micky Henson Mable Hill Ralph Holsomback Don Hurt Brenda Hyde Patricia Johnson Johnny Jones Mildred King Carol Logan Macky Miles Mike Melton Charles McGehee Reinhard Molgedei Nellie Nannini Kenneth Phillips Students from grades 8 through 12 take part in Band activities. Gail Price Larry Price Dot Savage Pat Shoemaker Terry Snow Calvin Stano Donald Tharp David Thomas Pat Vail SAN) A ’ Don Whatley 1 ii SIA NY) etalk. e Faye Williams Kaye Williams Cathy Woolley Dale Youngblood Cairns Jr. U Alvin Adams Ronnie Allen Tommy Anderson Frank Cox Jimmy Crim William Darden Douglas Edwards Clint Folsom William Glossom W. C. Goggins eh re : uA I, Jerry Hicks Jackie Holsomback Johnny Hughes Lavaughn Jarvis Howard King Jimmy Lovejoy Gerald Lucas William Murray Lenwood Perkins Robert Price Jimmy Scott Eddie Southern Jerry Thompson Jonne Thornton Bart Tolbert Richard Zucco Shirley Barrett Betty Boothe Connie Eddings Faye Garrett Bonnie Goggins Ruth Grant Marian Harris Glenda Harrison Jo Hayes Carolyn Kyser Marilyn Kyser Wanda Langston Judy Lucas Sheila Pickett Linda Smith Emily Stansell Sue Waggoner Linda Warren Anthony Jr. | Betty Allen Barksra Barclay Annette Bice Jo Ann Bice Marvin Boothe Janice Bowden Charles Brownlee Jimmy Burnette Linda Cunningham Amelia Edfeldt Frankie Edwards Charles Goggins Calvin Hamm DeWitt Hare John Henderson Nina Hollingsworth Wayne Horton Jack Hughes Virginia Jenks William Jones Gay Nell Knowles Carolyn Lawley Clara Lawley Leonard Lawley Mike Lovelady James Lumpkin Larry McGaughy Arnold Mills George Nix Grady Partridge Wayne Pickett Carolyn Pratt Martha Price David Robinson Billy Scott Marcialene Snow Barbara Walker Robert Walters Rosemary Wooley Jeter Jr. I Rondall Anderson J. D. Brand Kenneth Burdette Wayne Davis Ray Edwards Trussel Harper Larry Holsomback Ray Howell Thomas Hyde Jimmy Kish Eddye Lawley John Lewis Mike McGaughy Lane Martin George Will Morgan Harold Norriss George White Tommy Wyatt Jane Bice Mary Alice Bice Patricia Boothe Linda Cantrell Sandra Driver Patsy Fochtmann Evelyn Goggins Ginger Hannah Magdalene Henderson Andrea Kochman Carolyn Lucas Susan Peters Margaret Polk Brenda Price Sharon Price Janet Rotenberry Sandra Scott Brenda Stone Susan Whaley Pendleton Jr. | Ronnie Albright Paul Bailey Don Beane Jeanette Bice Cliff Boothe Roland Boothe Bobby Brantley Ann Burnette Ellen Erwin Mike Garrett Sharon Green Jerry Hamilton Roy Hannah Wallis Harrison Ruth Holcombe Sarah Horton Geraldine Hughes Gene Jarvis Beth Jeter Joyce Johnson Dickie Knowles Jimmy Lawley Eugene Loggins Jimmy Lucas Margie Maxwell NNN mn N ‘NN Linn Meyer Becky Nalley Connie Oates Jean Phillips Larry Pickett Eddie Potts Edward Price Barbara Reid Butch Scoggins Kenneth Smitherman Susan Thiemonge Lanice White NOT PICTURED Charles Cummings Tommy Cummings Nita Hicks Ted Lawley Mary Lucas PAGE 30 ORGANIZATIONS i = 5 Ss = Mme i _— ii i ll al al THE MONTEVALLO HIGH SCHOOL BAND Piccolo and Flute— Barbara Ballentine Flute— Lois Eady Oboe Ruth Grant Clarinets Charlotte Higgins Cecelia Lawson Forrest Brown Patsy Hooker Lola Daviston Linda Gentry Bonnie Mims Janice McEntee Clara Norris Gail Price Amy Orr Linda Hill Jessie Ree Henson Priscilla Lucas Glenda Gaddy Pat Shoemaker Carolyn Kyser Sheila Pickett Linda Warren Bass Clarinet— Patti Sue Galloway Alto Saxophone— Mack Clark Judy Poole Johnny Lovelady Ricky Zucco Cathy Woolley Tenor Saxophone Janice Bowden Cornets— Joe Clark Guy Milford Bill Garrett Willie Mae Horton Wayne Smitherman Tim Fancher Jonne Thornton Bob Brown Larry Blankenship Brenda Hyde Angeline Davis Linda Smith William Murray Kaye Williams Larry Reid Horns— Lucretia Hollingsworth Shirley Barrett Faye Williams Nellie Nannini Trombones— Martha Whaley Sharon Woolley Barbara Murray Delilah Smith Lynda Barrett Karla Christiansen Brenda Turpin Baritone— LaVaughn Jarvis Bass- Tommy Brumbaugh John Lankford Bass Drum— Johnny Johnson Cymbals— Joan Crawford Snare Drums— Cissie Orr Jerrie Crawford Judy Lucas Becky Hicks Majorettes— Langley Tolbert Jacky Blakely Elaine Fisher “Majorettes PAGE 32 Majorettes Tolbert, Turpin, Fisher, Hollingsworth, Hicks, Higgins, Blakely, and Gaddy line up on the front steps. The Montevallo High School Band for 1959-1960—a well-balanced instrumentation of 68 members. In the football season the band performed at all games, presenting different half-time shows each week under the leadership of Glenda Gaddy, head majorette. The Swing Band, made up of 12 band members, began rehearsals during Christmas holidays and played for the annual Band Dance. A new feature this year was a Sunday afternoon concert at Palmer Hall, Feb. 28—considered one of the best given in recent years. Hohe bal = 3 OF THES LET'S GET THIS THING STRAIGHT—Miss Susie THE MEETING WILL COME TO ORDER—Carolyn DeMent, sponsor, aids Betty Milstead, vice pres- Savage, secretary, and Gale Lucas, president, ident (left), and Myra Compton at the dupli- proceed with the day’s business. cator. PS THE BUSINESS CLUB (Membership is limited to advanced business students) HOMECOMING CALLS FOR A FLOAT LOOKS LIKE A SUCCESS—Brenda Harper, Betty NOW, IF | COULD JUST BREATHE—Janice Lu- Gene Bice, and Janice Jones tally results of cas tells Noralene Johnson how to “straighten March of Dimes which netted $437.09. up” Carol Lucas when the club studies posture. = ‘ow q | = oe FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Jo Lynn Appleby, Bonnie Bice, Beverly Bunn, Nancy Dailey, Gayle Davis, Shirley Davis, Amelia Dodd, Lena Hamm, Virginia Hamm, Roberta Henderson, Linda Hill, Johnny Howell, Phyllis Kyser, Dottie Lucas, Agnes Morgan, Brenda Morris, Pattie Murray, Donna Oates, Bobbie Jean Holifield, Kay Sisco, Peggy Suddith, Marjorie Thiemonge, Janice Waters. Officers: Phyllis Kyser, Secretary; Beverly Bunn, President; Shirley Davis, Program Chair- PAGE 35 man; Donna Oates, Treasurer; and Virginia Hamm, Membership Chairman. -Sponsor for the group is Mrs. Carl Edfeldt. THE CHEERLEADERS Cheerieaders really have something to smile about after their Bulldogs win titles. Phyllis Kyser, Linda Hill, Janice Jones, Janice Waters, and Doris Jones strike a victory pose. JANICE WATERS LINDA HILL HEAD—JANICE JONES PHYLLIS KYSER DORIS JONES DANNY THORNTON PETER GIVHAN Baseball 2 Baseball 4 Basketball 2 Basketball 2 Football 3 Football 2 JIMMY BAINE FREDDY DRAPER Football 2 Football 4 JACK BATTLE FORREST BROWN Baseball 2 Football | Basketball 4 TONY BIRCHFIELD TOMMY BRUMBAUGH Football 2 Basketball 1 These Twenty-Eight Rate Letter Club GLYNN CUNNINGHAM HERSHEL DAY Football 1 Football 1 DONNY DAVIS JIMMY EDDINGS Baseball 1 Football 2 Basketball 2 Football 2 OFFICERS President Danny Thornton Vice President Freddy Draper Secretary-Treasurer Peter Givhan Faculty Advisor Coach Theron Fisher RICKY FROST RUBEN HAYES Football 1 Baseball 2 Basketball | TONY HARKINS Football 3 Football 1 TALMON HILL Baseball 3 Football 3 GEORGE MAJORS Baseball 2 Basketball 2 ED KYSER Football | Football 1 LARRY JOE PICKETT Baseball 2 Basketball | Football 3 CHARLES HOLLINGSWORTH Football 2 ALBERT SCOTT DOUGLAS SMITHERMAN 1 Baseball 2 Basketball 1 BOBBY SMITHERMAN Football | Football Basketball 1 JERRY THOMAS Baseball 1 GEORGE UNDERWOOD CLIFF WOOLLEY Football 2 Football 2 BILLY WINSLETT RANDY WOOLLEY Baseball 4 Basketball 1 Basketball 1 Football 3 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization consisting of the representatives from each home- room with the exception of the Senior Class which has three. These representatives are chosen by popular vote of each section. Officers are chosen each spring by popular vote of the student body. Present Council leaders are: Freddy Draper, President; Pete Givhan, Vice-President; Betty Milstead, Sec- retary; and Cissie Orr, T reasurer. The Constitution of the Student Council calls for three appointive officers to be named by the President. Serving in these capacities are: Larry Smitherman, Parliamentarian; For- rest Brown, Chaplain; and Larry Joe Pickett, Fire Marshal. Homecoming ceremonies, which include a parade and a dance, is an annual project of the student government. The Council also sponsors the Community Chest Drive. Through the efforts of the Council $199.78 was raised this year. Both the French and English Departments have the use of a record player purchased by Council funds. Montevallo’s Council has done much toward trying to set up a student government in every school in Shelby County. Our school government was instrumental in forming a joint organ of all Councils in the county called “County Council”. Taking an active part in all conventions, our Council sent delegates to the National, Southern, and State meetings. Shown in the above picture are Peter Givhan, Betty Milstead, Freddy Draper, Cissie Orr, Larry Smitherman, Forrest Brown, Johnny Lovelady, Gail Price, Carolyn Kyser, Marilyn Kyser, Linda Roman, Phyllis Kyser, Jackie Blakely, Charles Hollingsworth, Larry Joe Pick- ett, Albert Scott, Charles Warnke, Amelia Dodd, Langley Tolbert, Charlotte Higgins, and a sponsor, Mr. Hamric. JUNIOR COUNCIL The Junior Council is the junior high school student coun- cil organization. The group works to promote junior high activities and coordinates closely with the senior high coun- cil. Members of this organization are selected by popular vote from the various homeroom groups. Officers are Gail Price, President; Carolyn Kyser, Vice Presi- dent; Johnny Lovelady, Secretary; Marilyn Kyser, Treasurer; and Judy Pickett, Parliamentarian. Other members are De- lilah Smith, Jane Robinson, Jerrie Crawford, Paul Glover, Charles McGehee, Ricky Zucco, Jerry Smitherman, Guy Milford, Johnny Starks, Sandra Scott, Beth Jeter, Tommy Wyatt, Nina Hollingsworth, Mike Garrett, Dale Young- blood, Eddie Southern, and Billy Scott. JOURNALISM CLUB Editor Sports Ed. Typist Artist Features Exchange Ed. Circulation Mgr. Class and Club Editor Business Manager Faculty Sponsor Technical Advisor Forrest Brown Freddy Draper Janice Jones Cissie Orr Cliff Wooley Jimmy Baine Larry Joe Pickett Glynn Cunningham George Majors Mrs. Carl Edfeldt Miss Susie DeMent Junior High seventh and eighth graders compose and write material for one page. } ALWAYS THE 3 OcK, These boys see to it that the press keeps rolling every two weeks. Tpying, cartooning, and sending ex- change papers is an important aspect of newspaper work. The editor-in-chief writes while surrounded by plaques won for first place in state competitions for three consecutive years. Staff members staple the Spotlight together for distribution on alternate Friday mornings. Spotlight delivered free to business- men in town. , AMERICA ; . Sted = —— OF AMERICA S FUTURE HOMEMAKERS yr } Vice President Secretary Historians Gisela Molgedei Betty Milstead Langley Tolbert Janice Waters Treasurer President Amelia Dodd Phyllis Kyser (above center) Song Leaders Parliamentarian Jackie Blakely Linda Hill Song Leaders Patty Galloway Student Council Rep. Martha Whaley Charlotte Higgins President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporters Sentinel Assistant Advisor Chaplain Parliamentarian Advisor FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CHAPTER FARMERS Glynn Cunningham Billy Winslett Norman Hughes Douglas Smitherman Jerry Edwards, Terry Daviston Olan Galloway Bud Lucas Larry Pickett Bobby Smitherman Mr. Thornton President GREENHANDS Dennis Draper Vice-President Jimmy Herron Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinels Assistant Chaplain Jimmy Boyd Wayne Lucas Herbert Jarvis .. Billy Hooker, Bob Bearden Advisor Johnny Lovelady Doug Ballard = 4 a= ptt! SENIOR GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SENIORS—Betty Jean Bice, Lena Hamm, Noralene Johnson, Pattie Murray, Flora Lee Norris, Janice Lucas, Carolyn Savage. JUNIORS—Shirley Arledge, Bonnie Bice, Beverly Bunn, Joan Crawford, Shirley Davis, Frances Grady, Linda Hill, Bobbie Holifield, Barbara Lawley, Agnes Mor- gan, Bette Muelhbaver, Donna Oates, Peggy Suddith, Janice Waters, Kay Sisco. SOPHOMORES—Gayle Davis, Nancy Hicks, Doris Jones. OFFICERS Sec.-Treasurer, Bette Muelhbaver; President, Noralene Johnson; Vice President, Lena Hamm; Eligibility, Betty Bice; Reporter, Janice cas; Program, Carolyn Savage; Projects, Joan Crawford. JUNOR GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Vice-President Marilyn Kyser President ‘ Judy Pickett Secretary-Treasurer Mable Hill OTHER MEMBERS Barbara Barclay, Rosemary Woolley, Martha Price, Susan Thiemonge, Ruth Grant, Cathy Woolley, Susan Peters, Dorothy Savage, Pat Shoemaker, Nina Hollingsworth, Judy Lucas. Not Pictured Barbara Tingle, Anna Dunnaway, Pat Johnson. PAGE 45 Two hags and a beauty Ingenues THE GREASE PAINT CLUB “Naturalists” Larry Smitherman; Nelda Anderson; Terry Davidson, President; Geraldine Strick- lin, Treasurer; Don Holsomback; Janice Hyde; Elaine Fisher; Frances Grady. " Ma and Pa Kettle’ Beelzebub and a coy Chinese maiden The Math Club is a group of senior high school boys sponsored by Mr Robert Lightfoot. Members and officers are Jimmy Baine, Wade Baine, Lee Barclay, Buddy Day Ronnie Dennis, Rickie Frost, Peter Givhan, Mike Harkins, Tony Harkins, Charles Hollingsworth, vice president, Jerry Johnson, Ricky Miller, Howard Phillips, Terry Phillips, Albert Scott, Larry Smitherman, secretary-treasurer, Douglas Smitherman, Danny Thornton, Hugh Youngblood, Charles Warnke, president, Freddy Wil- liams, Jimmy Wyatt, and Kit Cairns MATH CLUB Clubs seem to call for parties. Christmas found most clubs having a “social”. The Business Club enjoyed refreshments at their regular meeting. Some clubs donated presents to the needy instead of each other and each of the classes helped the seniors provide Christmas boxes for those in need. PAGE 47 Vice-President President Secretary GLENDA GADDY KATHLEEN BOWDEN CAROL LUCAS Historian Sponsor Treasurer BARBARA MURRAY MRS. McGAUGHY GAYLE LUCAS TRI HI Y The purpose of the Tri Hi Y is to create, maintain, and extend high stan- dards of Christian character throughout the home, school, and community. Chaplain Reporter MYRA COMPTON BRENDA HARPER ROBERTA HENDERSON MARTHA WHALEY LUCRETIA HOLLINGSWORTH JESSIE REE HENSON BECKY HICKS SANDRA TAMES ‘ J. Baine W. Baine D. Davis J. Eddings J. Johnson B. Lucas B. Pickett L. Pickett OFFICERS President Freddy Draper Vice Pres Danny Thornton Sec-Treas Rueben Hayes Chaplain Buddy Day F. Draper D. Thornton R. Hayes B. Day J. Battle T. Birchfield F. Brown T. Brumbaugh P. Givhan T. Harkins B. Herron T. Hill G. Lucas B. Majors H. Peters H. Phillips L. Smitherman C. Woolley R. Woolley H. Youngblood HI-Y JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Both of the organizations for “future scientists” in M.H.S. are under the sponsorship of Miss Ethel Harris. Members of each of these groups have won numerous awards at science fairs with their projects. Officers for the Junior Academy are Gisela Molgedei, President; Buddy Day, Vice President; Tony Harkins, Secretary; and Lee Barclay, Treas- urer. Junior Science Club officers are Karla Christiansen, President; Guy Milford, Vice President; Ricky Zucco, Secre- tary; and Brian Cairns, Treasurer. JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB me I md it hans as Ly pig Karla Christiansen, President; Virginia Ann Jenks, Secretary; George Will Morgan; Norfleete Day; James Lumpkin, Vice-President; Cathy Woolley; Linn Meyer, Treasurer. Not shown: Susan Whaley JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB JUNIOR SPEECH CLUB Phil Genry; Marion Harris, Program Chairman; Pat Vail; Carol Logan; Mildred King; Judy Goggins; Gail Price; Emily Stansell, Reporter; Eddie Southern, President; Ralph Holsomback; Donnie Thorpe; Chuckie Harrison; Ronnie Allen, Secretary-Treasurer; Robert Price; Mickey Acker; Eddie Gentry; Don Hurt, Vice-President; Charles McGehee; W. C. Goggins; and Mickey Henson. Not shown: Jackie Hol- somback and Faye Garrett. STEPS IN PREPARING A SPEECH CHOOSE SUBJECT DEVELOP Su T CONSIDER au cE SELECT PUMA 'SE SELECT PP “1 'TION OUTLINE £ mA ivio Ne TICE aS French Club members enjoy listening to records. Officers of this organiza- tion are Danny Thornton, president; Peter White, vice-president; and Mar- jorie Thiemonge, secretary and treas- urer. Other members are Annette Burke, Jo Lynn Appleby, Howard Phillips, Amelia Dodd, and Don Law- ley. FRENCH CLUB IN SESSION DRAMATICS CLUB Dramatics Club members read over plays with the guidance of the sponsor, Miss Vinnie Lee Walker. This group is composed of members of the senior class. Officers are Keith Salter, president; Janice Jones, vice president; Noralene Johnson, secretary; and Gale Lucas, treasurer. Other members are Carole Lucas, Betty Milstead, Betty Jean Bice, Terry Daviston, Janice Lucas, Cecelia Lawson, Cissie Orr, Ralph Burke, Carolyn Savage, Roberta Henderson, and Anna Mae Lovelady. rg - 4 = eS | : ¥ President Vice President Secretary Treasurer TALMON HILL LARRY JOE PICKETT GISELA MOLGEDE! JANICE JONES BETTY MILSTEAD FREDDY DRAPER CISSIE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is an organization composed of members from the eleventh and twelfth grades who have shown outstanding qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service during the four years of high school. Projects of the Montevallo chapter have included the distribution of Honor Roll ribbons at grading periods to students with a “B” average, baby sitting during P.T.A. meetings, the maintaining of a scholarship file, and the production of the MONTALA. PAGE 53 SEPP IRIBRD EPLLRE. A new venture for the Junior High School was the formation of an all girls’ glee club. Under the direction of Mrs. Frances Anthony, this group has performed for the high school student body and the P.T.A. Members are Betty Allen, Barbara Barclay, Annette Bice, Jane Bice, Jannette Bice, Jo Ann Bice, Mary Alice Bice, Patricia Boothe, Ann Burnette, Linda Can- trell, Linda Cunningham, Angeline Davis, Sandra Driver, Anna Dunnaway, Lois Eady, Connie Eddings, Amelia Edfeldt, Faye Garrett, Evelyn Goggins, Judy Goggins, Ruth Grant, Sharon Green, Rosemary Haynie, Maggie Henderson, Mable Hill, Ruth Holcombe, Nina Hollingsworth, Geraldine Hughes, Brenda Hyde, Beth Jeter, Mildred King, Gaynell Knowles, An- drea Kochman, Carolyn Kyser, Marilyn Kyser, Carolyn Lawley, Carol Lo- gan, Carolyn Lucas, Margie Maxwell, Connie Oates, Susan Peters, Jean Phillips, Sheila Pickett, Margaret Polk, Carolyn Pratt, Martha Price, Sharon Price, Barbara Reid, Dorothy Savage, Pat Shoemaker, Susan Thiemonge, Barbara Tingle, Linda Warren, Faye Williams, Kaye Williams, Rosemary Wooley, and Dale Youngblood. ATHLETICS Our Bullpups special interests have taken on a new mean- ing. Winning teams sparked by willing players—winning teams backed by and composed of able students—students whose names appear on honor rolls for scholastic achievement as well as athletic prowess have produced a new look at M.H.S. Coach Charles Martin, Coach Theron Fisher, Coach Cratie Corbett. CENTERS—Danny Thornton, Ricky Frost. THESE TRAIN OUR ATHLETES THESE MAKE UP THE BULLDOG EXPRESS GUARDS—Cliff Woolley, Freddy Draper, Butch Ky- TACKLES—Larry Pickett, Jimmy Baine (back row), ser, Peter White, Mike Harkins. Kenn Hyde, Jack Battle, Tony Harkins. BACKS—Cooter Smitherman, Ruben Hayes, Donny ENDS—Glynn Cunningham, Peter Givhan (back Davis, Billy Winslett (back row), Johnny Starks, row), Albert Scott, Tony Birchfield, Talmon Hill. Tom Hicks, Buddy Day, Charles Hollingsworth. DISTRICT CHAMPS Bulldogs Pose in Full Strength First row (left to right), Smitherman, Davis, Birchfield, Johnson, Scott, Thornton, White, Eddings, Wooley. Second row: Galloway, Hicks, K. Hyde, B. Hyde, Majors, Day, Hollingsworth, Cunningham, Hayes. Third row: M. Harkins, Williams, Hill, Underwood, Frost, Glover, Battle, Pickett. Fourth row: Baine, Winslett, Wyatt, Starks. Givhan, Draper, Youngblood, Kyser, T. Harkins. COACH FISHER IS CONFERENCE COACH a OF THE YEAR ' v A THESE FOUR ALL CONFERENCE w Pickett, Draper, Hayes, Thornton THESE WIN COUNTY HONORS Front: Thornton, Draper, Hayes, Smitherman. Back: Givhan, Eddings, Davis, Pickett. BULLDOG LEADERS RELAX Captains Draper and Pickett Larry Joe Pickett Donny Davis 6-1, 174 Ib. tackle, 3 yrs. 6’. 150 Ib. halfback, 2 yrs. Talmon Hill 5-11, 155 lb. end, 2 yrs. These Trade Pigskin For Sheepskin Jimmy Baine 6-1, 190 Ib. tackle, 2 yrs. Freddy Draper Tony Birchfield 5-8, 160 Ib. guard, 3 yrs. 5-9, 170 Ib. end, 2 yrs. agri 3 : N SCHEDULE Opponents Isabella 6 Thompson Clanton Jemison Verbena Columbiana Calera Perry County okROONAONSO West Blocton Vincent George 6-1, 175 Ib. Toastmaster Lightfoot ponders the situa tion as Draper gets conference award from Coach Martin Bulldogs get the Big One—Bryan award News Trophy BULLDOGS’ DIET-- TROPHIES AND HAM Conference Trophy is ours, too. Bulldogs take it all—county trophy from Mr. Bolton Gifts for the coaches as Bulldogs say ‘Thank you.” Bulldogs and guests full and happy CAMERA CATCHES VARSITY HOPEFULS Back row, left to right, Coach Martin, Ed Moore, Bobby Jones, George Under- wood, Jack Battle. Front row, Rickey Frost, Freddie Williams, Albert Scott, Cooter Smitherman, Lee Barclay, Jerry Bice. THE BULLDOG THE DIRECTOR Coach Martin THEY START EARLY Back row, left to right, Coach Fisher, B. Hyde, B. Brown, J. Starks, H. Milstead, B. Bearden. Front row, J. Herron, B. Tolbert, E. Kyser, J. Lovelady, P. Glover. MACHINE THE MAIN COG (Brown hits 1000, Team expresses gratitude) BULLDOGS POSE WITH LOOT (County and Conference Crowns) Back row, left to right, George Majors, Randy Woolley, Forrest Brown, Peter Givhan, Tommy Brumbaugh. Front, Ruben Hayes, Danny Thornton, Coach Corbett, Larry Pickett, Donny Davis. THE DRIVER Coach Cratie Corbett THE REWARD Senator Graham confers Mid-State trophy at Plantersville. - Forrest Brown, 6'4 " Center, 4 years Donny Davis, 6’, 155 lb. guard-forward, George Majors, 6'1 " , 175 lb. Center 3 years years SIX SENIORS HELP ENGINEER 20-5 RECORD Randy Woolley, 62 " , 145 lb. forward, 1 year Larry Joe Pickett, 6'1 " , 174 lb. forward, Tommy Brumbaugh, 6’, 185 lb. center, 1 year Opponent John Carroll Thompson Columbiana Thorsby Calera Columbiana” Hicks Memorial Thorsby Dallas County” Thompson Vincent Calera Centreville Columbiana Oak Grove Indian Springs Vincent” Columbiana™ Thompson Centreville Vincent Thorsby Oak Grove Warrior Leeds " denotes tournament games. RONALD SMITHERMAN MAKES ALL-STATE (Pitcher, first baseman or outfielder) BULLDOGS POSE BEFORE THE BATTLE First row, left to right, Talmon Hill, Lee Salter, Ronald Smitherman, Barclay Fisher, Jerry Thomas, George Majors, Forrest Brown. Second row, Charles Warnke, George Underwood, Ruben Hayes, Danny Thornton, Larry Pickett, Peter Givhan, Curtis Jarvis. Third row, Coach Fisher, Tom Hicks, Cooter Smitherman, Ralph Morris, Jimmy Thrasher, Bill Winslett, Jack Battle. BULLDOGS TOP IN COUNTY AND CONFERENCE Opponent Indian Springs Jemison West Blocton Thompson Calera West Blocton Vincent Thompson Calera Columbiana Vincent Centreville Centreville Columbiana Hicks Memorial Jemison Jemison Jemison Tuscaloosa Shelby County and Mid-State Conference Champs WU OFWONOCCOhH$—NOUWORD SUCCESSFUL COACH—10 COUNTY TROPHIES IN 12 YEARS AT MHS COACH THERON FISHER Blocton Break Reasons for Fight! + Kyser, Hill, J. Jones, — 4 Jn + tore waters, ins for one of 17 touchdowns A11-State honors All County Davis get All Conference Sy and ( All District , _ ¥ HG. All Tournament ot . Of af (5th Dist. ) a per? All State MVP t Big Brown-- | A Brown, Woolley, and ounty hor 1 Boys Staters-—- All athletes Danny makes three ie letters and all — NAts " y We get . Fifth-District' . = ow Woolley, Coach Corbett, and Sportsmanship e Ax 7 . Brown display Conference, Sports- Award after 45-41, manship, and County trophies 7] ed . : loss to Leeds Tony for a TD ACTIVITIES HOMECOMING Queen Cissie Orr reigned triumphantly over Homecoming festivities. Last year’s queen, Tommie Mowery, gives Cheerleaders get to rest during parade! Cissie the crown. A beautiful queen with a handsome escort, a sad-faced clown, and winning floats from the junior high school— all these made Homecoming ‘59 a success. “-e - ao 7 es eS bes 4 i 7 ys Ao ire, CACLES FLICHT : Be i ; “fa S4 : ws COMMA WA TONITE = a ; stenan ttl Wy © SLO tem Nyy, a WITTIEST Bobby Smitherman Janice Lucas LAZIEST Jerry Lawley Roberta Henderson SENIOR BEST DRESSED Terry Daviston Brenda Harper FRIENDLIEST Buster Pickett Gail Lucas CUTEST Tony Birchfield Carole Lucas GIRL MOST LIKELY TO BE WHISTLED AT Betty Jean Bice BIGGEST WO LF Keith Salter WHO’S WHO OFFICERS President Terry Daviston V. President Buster Pickett Secretary Carole Lucas Treasurer Talmon Hill MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Larry Joe Pickett Gisela Molgedei MOST INTELLECTUAL Corky Sneed Cissie Orr A BEST ALL AROUND Freddy Draper Betty Milstead MOST ATHLETIC Donny Davis Noralene Johnson PAGE 69 fa Who told you to interrupt? My, but this is stimulating! You have to really relax to “feel” the lines. Play practice always plays an important part in the life of a senior. Here we see the first stages in the ‘60 produc- tion, “The Silver Whistle.” PAGE 70 Girls’ Staters Carol Lucas and Janice Jones. Oratorical winners Don Lawley and Norfleete Day. Spelling Bee contestants Emily Stansell, Susan Peters, Virginia Jenks, Martha Price, Paul Bai- ley, Ruth Grant, Patsy Fochtman, and Pat Boothe. Sponsor for this group is Mrs. Ruth Frederick. Entering and winning contests and receiving awards seems to be a talent of many of our students. PAGE 71 With Head Majorette Glenda Gaddy in the lead, all band members say, “! Love a Parade!” gana SAYS Staging crew sees that everything is well done in preparation for the play. Good Citizenship Girl Cissie Orr gets some able assistance from Larry Joe Pickett. ADVERTISERS |! J CHEVROLET == el a MONTEVALLO MOTOR CO., INC. Sales and Service Phone MO 5-4481 Your Dependable Chevrolet Dealer SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT COMPLIMENTS SHELL OF SERVICE STATION A J. M. Allen FRIEND Phone MO 5-7231 Try Our Friendly Service Compliments of DELUXE CLEANERS LOVELADY SALES and SERVICE Phone MO 5-7261 Westinghouse ELECTRIC CORPORATION YOU CAN BE SURE... iF i's Westinghouse DOLLAR SAVER QUALITY GROCERIES Compliments of MONTEVALLO CLEANERS MAHAN BARBER SHOP Compliments of SEAMAN TIMBER MO5-7279 MONTEVALLO DRUG COMPANY Let us fill your prescriptions YOUR els STORE Compliments of TERRELL Mercantile Co. Route One Marvel, Alabama Make your home complete MONTEVALLO LUMBER COMPANY Everything for building Montevallo, Alabama Phone MO 5-6801 a t 6 C I or ecoming GARRETT’S USED CARS McCLURE DRUG CO. (USED Car) “On the Corner’ PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY Onn Dial MO 5-4371 HARPER’S FOODS Better Groceries and LAWLER Choice Meats MANUFACTURING CO. MONTEVALLO MO 5-4211 Phone MO 5-7292 Merchants Planters Bank Montevallo, Alabama WHALEY’S FURNITURE STORES Montevallo Calera Childersburg West Blocton MO 5-7243 A Home Bank for Home People Compliments Compliments of of The Plaza Grill JETER’S BIG STAR Cheers, Anyone? up and no a 7 Caught in the act ---+ . ‘ J xy é ¥ pak LOVELADY MOTOR COMPANY Your Ford, Falcon and Mercury Dealer SERVICE Montevallo, Alabama STANDARD SERVICE STATION Morris E. Horton Phone MOntrose 5-9196 Montevallo, Alabama Better Values HOFFMAN’S STORE Montevallo, Ala. MO 5-7200 Gifts from STONE JEWELRY Are Appreciated MO 5-7296 Compliments of McCULLEY’S Compliments of THE EMPLOYEES OF UNITED CEMENT CO. HARVEY ROCHESTER GEN. MDSE. (ow | geice | Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware and Seed Montevallo, Alabama MO 5-7264 WEEMS INSURANCE AGENCY MONTEVALLO FLOWER SHOP [- ers for All Occasions YOUR ndependent MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Insurance h AGENT “serves you Figest™ }———-—— @NAIA 7 N le St MRS. ZADA DEAL MO 5-7472 Florist MO 5-2051 Compliments of RAINBOW The Little Shop MARKET Montevallo MO 5-6231 Mrs. Alfred Gentry, Owner BOOSTERS Montevallo Milling Company B. B. Curry Co. State Farm Insurance Co. Montevallo Recapping Co. C. E. Jones — Insurance Pure Oil Service Station Wilson Sundries Eastwood Grocery Marie’s Gift Shop Woolley’s Paint and Hardware Klotzman’s Bean’s Barber Shop Elliott’s Ben Franklin Store Carpenter Brothers Garage Rakes Studio T.T. and R. House and Furniture Co. Western Auto Associate Store J. C. Baird Grocery

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