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 - Class of 1950

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Monterey High School - El Susurro Yearbook (Monterey, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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J J Ll'-'41 if K n , ,L , ' yi QW -' tv ,W if 'C M f JV Q lf ' V l i ff i 1 1 ' " V, ,' 4 ff ,' . 2 L i Aff Liz? V Ljby . :J L JNL L lil' I L .AV yr I U Q x xl H tt, f 0 V fly J ff i if A f fl f ' I Y, Q94 l 1 UMW it P' J fl X J J Vx , J VIJK- u, I l,,1,d,4f fy fvli It f 7 I lL,"Y f',, S -if if' V V . l U I ,A 1,1 .f I Q F I ff J 'V 'vnu , j X A lub' I 'sf f Y! 1 X M This EL SUSURRO 1950 is sincerely dedicated to Mr. Ernest R. Morehead, who for many years has been a familiar and well-liked Hgure on the campus of Monterey Union High School. Although he is retiring as vice-principal, his quiet authority and Warm friend- liness in that office will be long remembered. sz NM xi is at Q x if t x, sz ,xx skis v x A . i ' .ili :gg 1, 2 Xing? if L Sw X8-w.4,.,,..ff"' 'M W9 To the Students of Monterey Union High School, EL SUS presents ADMINISTRATION YNY 5 wi ' CLASSES W N I ORGANIZATION JJ, , ATHLETICS ' M 5 f SCHOOL LIFE 07551 ,QQ A We IDA MSM X' mg Www! N If Q WN ' Tv , ov I. Z +1 I K A x A Kfl Q 1 ff .yr bf? 4 . 'f ,J as 1. i 'Q 2' 5 E 2 33 ggi.. 1 Q, .fi .m .A 44's K ,ni ' . I 'P 'A -Q -1 ' N. g 5 14:-fe '1 f, I 0- ,E L fx, P' M , st' n ' "'+ 4 - fl 'T J I r Flflf' K 1 f ,- 3 nf' of Q1 Va ,ak w .ei x v I. M 4' '51 9 ' , Nj M. 'o 4 , 'vow Q "'-1 A SAL H. img' ,,.. , 'ijv' x Lu' K ' Syl, 4- I 'Q, WILL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Sal H. Cardinalli Wilfred Stensland Betty Husserl - Lorraine Feliciano Wilfred Stensland Gus Aiello - Marie Strazzulla Lorraine Feliciano Pat Luch - Christine Vilar - Brad Conger - Sal P. Cardinale - - President Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer - President Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer - Director, Social Activities - Director, Girls' Activities - Director, Boys' Activities - District Attorney , I yj My MISS GERTRUDE RENDTORFF MR. ERNEST R. MOREHEAD DEAN OF GIRLS DEAN OF Bovs DR. HARRY G. THOMPSON PRINCIPAL , 1- . 2' Fu L. .f -AJ 7 I " PX' MR. MARVIN HOLMAN MR. ARNOLD EDMAN if 'M' sl-4oP DIRECTOR COUNSELOR f NSE. fi W X 4 e 9 x' 3 ' Eudora Estep Leon Fletcher Lorraine Giguiere M? ' 4 l , fy t X Q ' Sophie Harpe William Hawthorne Delmar Holloway Nihla Knight Pat Kemper Edward Larsh Frank Jacobson Virginia Johnson Edward Kelly I' fa ',,J-'C' xl X. x U Clifford Anderson Betty Antoncich Betty Arnest we . X f, I , l,.- ,' .nf sz! . Lf f. 9 1 ,N i - l 1 X xv- .J-Ll Harriet Baker Henry Baron Frank Bell Nancy Benham Ruth Blanchard Eileen Brereton "F JI Robert Clark Gordon Downey Wayne Edwards Richard Schuman Freeman Sargent Virginia Sidders Harry Sortais Louis Spencer Elizabeth Stewart s Elmer Stoll I as N. ix Harlan Watkins Charles Watson xii 6" Q' NX l Ruth Woods Maurine Vander Griend Floyd Mansell WJWAX l athleen Lorentzen Reu Manhire All Catherlne Mulls Douglas McNeul Charles Mulkey Anne Petersen Melvern Pankratz John Poskus Clinton Purcell Hattie Belle Reed Hester Schoeninger 'N Mr. Glen Goodwill, Super- intendent of Schools, and Dr. Arnold Manor of the Gov- erning Board of the Monterey City Schools look in on the Senior Problems class gg. t for fi -1216: vi? Q i., ,J 1 x v 5 1 'Q -w -. lpn Q. 'A i .MM , JG lnwqs., w- H' J 'gli' 4 5' u 'Wa' 'S wa. ' ' ' H +-yr' 'lit my nw! at T 5 f',:':un-5 .i3f1fz'55:', "M" ,- .F fl ,f ,, -,S , 4 iff? . - fu aim- - JOHN JOEY ALMA 'DA +6 5' .:- W ,--, 'um RAY DOUG CARMELO DOM The freshmen started off their first year in high school with a big bang. At their reception in September they made their big show by riding hobby-horses and participating in relay races. Their money-making schemes were a shamrock sale for St. Patrick's Day at which they rafiled off a radio and two booths at the May Carnival. Class officers were John Logan and Ray Cardinale, presidentg Joey Rogers and Doug Forzani, vice-presidentg Alma Hartman and Carmelo Tringali, secretaryg and Ida Ycme and Dom Mineo, treasurer. wffeifg-4:t1?'1,r,, . ' i- hm--M,,,A,,,,,, , C. ,v, ,,,. S O P H O M 0 R E ESSAY C ll' ' K..-1 x ' L , , . f'5 X M A S , S 7 4 g,,A . -N .X "'1'!l "' T 1 -.3 1,1 a',f-3,9 - A - .f Y, - '. sr- liv' i ' ., ay , W ' .. J. v-A ..'I V' -Q. - W- T. , .x .1-,.,., T spa . . A -W ,T f ' V 'Y ei , to .. .bo ,e A-tv, E .. va.. .,. -,mg QQ? f -'S X , r -11.95 f N NM i'0"n s X ' -1' - if 'N x Z ',r ' filth X . 'itil Q is il, in - .-if Jjgl: f A J' YW i ' 'nggi w ' Qii t ,rl ,111 l EH- -ein., -I .. MIKE BONNIE POLLY BG sun, ' 3' W -' .i. rf ' .rye A,n'4, it ,f . '-- -51 . ' fl,- f,,,4-,,- ---1 :X . fff9e!S.,u jf .1 M5 ., ji-r 1 f .'3l.'3'5,-?,Q- ,, - '1s.i!.-it-lf A lr it in 'L iffy 7 l viii , "H gf W if ew' 4 pf l -,il I-A DICK PETER JACK DON The class of '52 started the year by electing officers. Those chosen were Mike Marron, presidentg Bonnie Summers, vice-presidentg Polly McKay, secrctaryg and Mary Ann Soares, treasurer. The first semester saw the sophomores hold their beautifully decorated Christmas Ball. The second semester ofhcers were Dick Ciandro, president, Peter Tweedt, vice-president, jack Frost, secretary, and Don Meyers, treasurer. The very successful May Carnival was the biggest event promoted by the second year class during the spring semester. Mum-r.', I3 . 't-,, - + ' - f-fi l , l X i s L KLA 1+ PM ws' 'H-L .- .,,.x 'WW T 14.-1-Q' Ms -. -. . ' If ' , .,. imma ..""-tw 'fa wh q..,,..-..Ai.W- nit' ' H" .sv ...plz ,, ,pp Q. Q s v'1Qu"v-- "' ' 3' ,, .j X ,,,. A- ' ,. xb, . . Q ,A L-7-.. ' 20, 3 x-...w .4 , ....V... ,Q 1 . 'V' riff' - . , , 4, T-A .. " ff F 4 .-, ,F - PYT?" if L' ' ,,- . 9 f 3 UIQ 'X ,,,. ig? rfr' ' 1 iw 'C ' 1 , 5 asia CHUCK SYLVIA GLORIA KAREN The class of 195 1 worked tirelessly to raise money for the "big event" of the year-the Junior-Senior Prom, which was held May 27 at Asilomar. Amon the mone -raisin ro'ects the undertook were the cand g Y 8 P l Y Y and coke concessions at the football games, a boxing exhibition, a donkey baseball ame--one of the most riotous entertainments of the ear, and S Y a dance with the theme "Mardi Gras." Class officers, who served for the entire year, were Charles Vout, president, Sylvia O'Neill, vice-presidentg Gloria Wasson, secretary, and Karen Wheland, treasurer. Yvonne Everson Bull Wlnn '7 Carolyn Frlsbue if wc-.4 If C5 rrence Gleeson Barbara Zmaeff Evelyn Cooksey Keith Curtice 3158 -Si ' y J, 2 ,F Qs ' ,Jw I H 1'1" ffm la 3' il' '- ' A, I N . 'jf M-ln..". 'Ov' ' fr if ,x:1y'f-L, "pa, 1' as Mfr.: " A Q13 fl3fflg,5 q. 'yp.t':5,'.c - E ', "t ' A -3vl'5J"!1'- 'f- :-' ' '11 ' ' ff: fl 4f':fLriQ?rl., 3 p 5. 3' If, - 4 ,VV I.. , '- b ' x .V . il 5-if I' f '1 ik" ,I liz' X Wally Krolicki Evelyn Golden Myrtha Chabran v -. og, . ,,.,,, nay: ee at , fpxwy z. ,.,,..,Qt 1 .J affrsx Rf F 137545 l ,Qin v. 4 -2 -A If f - , f . 4223-'fkri . Y W3 W me ' - ,ni r Q W Wy, , ,A ?lfH,, wfx, Marnlyn Noel Dean Taylor , 4 Q! 1Z""7' 'G' A ,... 'Qs ..,'X Pat Luch 'D Leo P. Coelho w 1' Yr-'11 Betty Gann ful' 1317 2' Tom Asmus A g Christine Vilar 4" of 3, Tv 'rd -xi John J. Mane Strazzulla Tom Sllvear G' 'sf' Sal DiMercurio Lorralne Fellcl Ba rtowlck 25 Loevia Croy Sal P. Cardinale I 800 'P 1 7.5 I 'w-., -3 54 .W W ' :fl f"-: V'-1 X? .2 F ...Hz K . N , A ,1's,1?l:bg,,h 'M f A i HY U lr - "f1'L?52'+ Q V, 5 M f ps, .- " 1 ,W fs :N , Q .-v' -- A '-11' aft Danny Fowler 21 Ann Rumetsch 4 .4""! Q, HW! 3 U 'FLT-5"f ."fTL' iw.. f p 'f 'Q " 'Z' QQ' .-9:1 .2'vir5Iq'- Aivs' 5,2 -TQKW5-3 M1 eff: - ,v X civil'- at -Q? .' 'il-'ix Iv W 1139- I ' ' "5Ps- v 6 -I V Q U 41 I' ' .I '.i',",Wf":xf iffzff -ffmi 1 '55 ' . 15, 1, .,,.'4g' V, PN 3 1' i Gary Goetz Evana Conway - ,A l....,-, f 6' fs 1, Joanne Knight Rita Goulart James Wachtveitl Eugene Rock Bette Fujimoto Lillian Haderman George C. Walsh Anthony Lucrdo .211 N X ,- 'Y Ervel Lytle Lorraine Moran MC P lg 1 N. . 5 . George Brucato Jane Balesteri Shnrley May Wmgard Genevieve Jane Balesten Tom LoCoco x . J' X f nw -5 NQA' X17 N'-r vi 1'- fx 'JV'- 6, Agnes Bucetl New Joe LoManto 'k'?f"' 1 Gus Aiello Rose Ann Aiello Paul Costanza AndrewJ Buelna Paulme Compagno YK Paul Badger Peggy Caudle lf, u-n K f, Q Z7 Charles Easton Joanne Balbo w KN 'N ve --r 15 1, Ethel Georgeine Monte l ew gg .2 ,Q "" 1, '-fig 7 "I-R. 'H - Rose Marie Flores 1 -f '- 2' . . " ge Ronald J, Krelclr Ll' . ' 7i'5.'7l l a x V7 'SS' 170i Beverly Kalar Phil Salomone rink Carol MacDonald Ma rga ret Kodama rl nfs: N x Ray Yoshiyama .VUL I . ,A . .uYQ'.' ' '34 9-5 ,V ' ,Q 3 x 1- Y 'if'-. Q .1 -M 1 Ci '51 Norma DiMaggio Albert Witt YQ Dominic L. DiMare Mary Shibasaki iN D Lawrence Vasquez f- I, J az' 4? L- Emi Yoshiyama John G. McCrary Sal J. Cardinale Dolores Nuovo Iva Ann Yarnell Phyllis Moran Art Vargas 6,9 1717 Jack Martorella x Max Paluncrch Barbara Jeanne Verga Marie Frances Trrngali inv- Y. 7 is Barbara Tunnell Vivian Buckeldee Peter Riso TT? Billie Barbara Bolton Art Sampognaro 1 3 is William Andrews Johme J. Mehrrnger Pauline Bernadicou pq as wi .QA Q 1+ 'Z' ' .141 emi vi' , -. . ,K v. nl-L, Q. 3.4 H 3 . are 43 .-, ,- H -.fe . Neno Campagna Marie Guarrasi Rose Costa nza Rawlelgh Ready Lee Reybu rn 3 ,fa , Sfwi is 5 V7 I 1K 40 tn., Roy Perkins 4 Charles Dermates Marie Bagnasco Marie Drocovich in 2' Angelina lncaviglia ...1..e,. .gm J 1 Q.. .1-....:.4. 41 pn. mug. ..... ,M . Q ' fi ,Qxmarm M: Yvonne Leandro Art Dutra 11N Zi 5- C7 fl ry' .X fd Lee Vernon Dolores Hoffman X- i Ray Danielson Jea n Dorney i 1 Mary Ann Montanez Richard Keith 1 Nancy Smith .lack McKay A el dmv? 4 I, ffm. Ma ry Garner Dick Huizenga . an , 5..., k-in i fir, J" .Mgt 't V Bill Martin L "' Y N 1 a.- L ' Ks 95 Marie Jones 'L Drusilla Ohrt Frank Murray Jack Covington, Jr. Duane White Florence May Starns ff? pw. 'Q 3-Q.. 4 .5 glggvw f fi i' .-Q' , ., -dug, C' Letta Honeycutt "ri Q , 1 Setsuko lrino r Robert Minami J 5' :V .1 '55 he . 34 1 ' 'wif Bud Glover Katherine Sollazzo 1 . ' g 31 1 1- Katherine Lonero Lawrence Chan i 1 71 ET' of ff 1- V fra!! Bella Petrasich Frank Beyer Howard Keith Constance Bennett Q7 Emily Garcia Joe Canciamille Ma rga ret Rredl w--1 Rixford Murray F7 "f"'fY,2"f'f95:. -if Ctmii Austin Connie llrker Don Fleming - Joe GIIIHIRAHCC Catherine Crivello Sf , 1 Q : 'Ser' .WMU , N .ff fra' lla px 1 'Iv' rf' . ,S , --4: Lv' 'hh 7' X 1. .V x X f xy, ger am vi Stan Machado '--- 2 I Yvonne Fmley Vlwl v. .uf-rv.-n'1W'1,'2-,','F5rR?Y . - ,- :qw ,Q 21 'mg?':5:b2?T1 se' " 1 , K! H V, , r V 1' ,vi Y 3-. i ' W Aff. ' 3 '. ,lx-,J..l,,.-gf ' .J V ' ,'-".'.'r'- "" 1. ' 1 Rosita Mitchell if '4AA' Q N- - I' Ernie Hansberry 'cmlqm mmm., l if ' 'X Z' Harold Chevrier Rosalie Russo fue Y 1""'7 ks .,.4- as.. , Lv Bessie Colletto Joe Kirby Jack Ely Nancy Wasson '1 Grayce Boma rito Laura Mignano Dick Omolo 4-, -I, 1 I L W ,' 'A-. "vi, I ' I I' 1 "fi . CAROLYN LEC TOMMY PAT After four hectic, but wonderful, years the really great day has come. We arc seniors, and we now stand on the threshold of graduation. Although we now think that the moment we can call ourselves alumni will be the greatest one in our lives, there cannot be one senior who will not look back at his years at MUHS without poignancy and a feeling of affection for his old Alma Mater. We came into high school as green as the greenest, but it didn't take us long to learn how to push our way through the halls, jam our lockers, crowd into the lunch line, and to play the numerous other tricks that make high school what it is. As sophomores we were worldly and sophisticated. The new freshmen were shunned just as we had been snubbed the year before, and we thought we owned the school. Our truly big success came when we were juniors, with the junior-senior prom the feather in our cap. This year we have seen and participated in a number of changes at MUHS, such as the search for a new "gulch" which led to the discovery of "the hill", the addition of a "class" after school, detention, and the noon dances, sponsored by the Legislature, that have become so popular. Now we come to the last change, when the flip of a tassel makes us graduates with four years of memories behind us. May the memories we leane remain Y R T H A N JOANNE BALBO FRANK BEYER SAL P. CARDINALS SAL DIMERCURIO LORRAINE FELICIANO BETTE FUJIMOTO SETSUKO IRINO JOE KIRBY B E T T Y M as vivid as those we take with us. i' SENIORS IN C. S. F. MARGARET KODAMA FRANK MARTIN ROBERT MINAMI PETER RISO MARIE STRAZZULLA DEAN TAYLOR CHRISTINE VILAR EMI YOSHIYAMA BARBARA ZMAEFF if ' fl! :nr 3 c.. Y .f-ll. ,xt K . 'fxefrl 533' :Q ' WHO'D 'A' THOUGHT THAT THESE KIDS WOULD ACCOMPLISH ALL THIS AT MUHS 7 """"W. ,,... -,,,,... I 1 IS H137 "' .l, ,. 'fl my l ' Q U gala.: V.. KF, ll 'gen' .air 3 9 I0 GUS AlELLO- Vice-president, Student Body, Legislature, Baseball, Basketball, Lwr. Caps., Foo:- ball, Radio Club ROSE ANN AIELLO-- Treasurer, Sophomore Class, jr. Red Cross, FHA WILLIAM ANDREWS- Asst. Judge, Student Court, Golden M, Science and Math Club TOM ASMUS- CSF, Golden M, Science and Math Club, Spanish Club MARIE BAGNASCO- Golden M, FHA, Spanish Club 1.9 JOANNE BALBO- CSF, Golden M, Book Club, President, Treasurer, Italian Club, Treasurer, FHA, GAA GENEVIEVE JANE BALESTERI- GAA, Book Club, FHA, Latin Club, Los Oscardores, Spanish Club, Tennis Club JANE BALESTERI- GAA, FHA, Spanish Club JOHN BARTOWICK- Vice-president, Senior Class, Legislature, French Club, Latin Club PAULINE BERNADICOU- FHA, French Club BILLIE BARBARA BOLTON- Legislature, Golden M, Honor Roll of Speech, GAA, FHA, Latin Club, Los Oscardores, President, Spanish Club GRAYCE BOMARITO- GAA, Italian Club, President, Los Oscar- dores, Ski Club CARLEEN BOWMAN- Galleon, Editor, El Susurro, Faculty Editor, FHA, French Club, Journalism Club, Paletteers GEORGE BRUCATO- Legislature, Block M, Track, Latin Club, Journalism Club, Radio Club CATHERINE BRUNO- GAA, Book Club, FHA, Italian Club AGNES BUCETI- Secretary, Junior Class, GAA, Book Club, FHA, Italian Club, Secretary, Tennis Club ANDREW BUELNA- CSF, Golden M, Block M, Swimming, T BL IClub JOE CANCIAMILLE- Legislature, Block M, Football, Track, Book Club, Italian Club, Journalism Club, Latin Club SAL J. CARDINALE- Legislature, President, Freshman Class, Block M, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Italian Club SAL P. CARDINALE- Legislature, Treasurer, Junior Class, "CSF, President, 'Golden M, Block M, Football, Hi-Y, President, Vice-President, Key Club, Latin Club, Journalism Club, Science and Math Club, El Susurro, Sports Editor, Prosecuting Attorney, Stu- dent Body SAL H. CARDINALLI- President, Vice-president, Student Body, Golden M, Block M, Baseball, Football, Captain, Latin Club, Radio Club MYRTHA CHABRAN- Secretary, Senior Class, CSF, Golden M, Book Club, French Club, FHA, Spanish Club, Prsident, Secretary, Los Oscardores LAWRENCE CHAN- Block M, Key Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Tennis Club HAROLD CHEVRIER- Camera Club, El Susurro, Galleon Staff LEO P. COELHO- President, Senior Class, Vice-president, Sophomore Class, Block M, Football, Hi-Y, Treasurer, Key Club, Radio Club, T bt I Club, President BESSIE COLLETTO- Book Club, GAA, Italian Club, Jr. Red Cross, Latin Club, Los Oscardores MARIAN COMPAGNO- Legislature, Secretary, Freshman Class, FHA, Jr. Red Cross PAULINE COMPAGNO- Italian Club, Secretary BRAD CONGER- Legislature, Vice-president, Junior Class, Director of Boys' Athletics, Block M, Football, Radio Club, T 81 I Club, Sec- retary EVANA CONWAY- GAA, FHA, Majorette EVELYN COOKSEY-- Golden M, El Susurro, Senior Editor, FHA, Journalism Club, Spanish Club PAUL COSTANZA- Legislature, President, Sophomore Class, Block M, Basketball, Football, Lwt. Capt. ROSE COSTANZA- Book Club, FHA, Jr. Red Cross LOEVIA CROY- CSF, Golden M, GAA, CYF, Latin Club, Science and Math Club, Tennis Club X, V iff'-5' iig KEITH CURTICE- Legislature, Block M, Football, Hi-Y, Key Club, Los Oscardores, Science and Math Club, Spanish Club RAY DANIELSON- Legislature, T Bl I Club CHARLES DERMATES- Legislature, Golden M, Baseball, Track, Hi-Y, Key Club, T St I Club, President, Secretary NORMA DI MAGGIO- Golden M, FHA, Italian Club, Journal- ism Club, Latin Club, Los Oscardores DOMINIC L. DIMARE- Legislature, Jr. Red Cross, Paletteers SAL DI MERCURIO- Legislature, 'CSF, Golden M, CYF, Key Club, Latin Club, Science and Math Club, Service Club, Radio Club NORMA JEANNE DOWNING- Jr. Red Cross ART DUTRA-- T BL I Club, Golden M CHARLES EASTON- Legislature, Block M, Swimming Team, Honor Roll of Speech, Hi-Y, Key Club, Jr. Red Cross, Latin Club, Los Oscar- dores, Ski Club, El Susurro, Business Mgr. JACK ELY- French Club, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Los Oscardores YVONNE EVERSON- Legislature, GAA, Vice-president, Golden M, FHA, French Club, Jr. Red Cross, Service Club, Secretary, Ski Club, Sec- retary, Spanish Club, El Susurro, Editor, Advertising Mgr. LORRAINE FELICIANO- Treasurer, Student Body, Treasurer, Freshman Class, Golden M, CSF, GAA, Representative to Girls' State YVONNE FINLEY- Golden M, CSF, Latin Club ROSE MARIE FLORES- Golden M, FHA, Italian Club, Ski Club DANNY FOWLER- Legislature, Block M, Football, Service Club -- CAROLYN FRISBIE- Legislature, President, Secretary, Senior Class, 'CSF, Golden M. Honor Roll of Speech, Book Club, Vice-president, Latin Club, Secretary, Los Oscardores, Presi- dent, Secretary, Science and Math Club, Secretary MARY GARNER- GAA, CYF TERRENCE GLEESON- Honor Roll of Speech, El Susurro, Sports Editor, Book Club, Hi-Y, jr. Red Cross, Latin Club, Los Oscardores, Ski Club, Spanish Club GARY GOETZ- CSF, Golden M, Block M, Basketball, Science and Math Club, President, Span- ish Club EVELYN GOLDEN- GAA, Book Club, FHA RITA GOULART- GAA, Book Club, FHA MARIE GUARRASI- Golden M, FHA LILLIAN HADERMAN- GAA, Camera Club, FHA ERNIE HANSBERRY- Honor Roll of Speech, Hi-Y, Key Club, Los Oscardores, Vice-president, Radio Club CHESTER ROY HARTER, jR.- Golden M. CYF, Latin Club, Track DOLORES HOFFMAN- CSF, Golden M, jr. Red Cross, Latin Club DICK HUIZENGA- Block M, Football, Key Club, T BL I Club BETTY HUSSERL- Secretary, Student Body, Legislature, Secretary, junior Class, Golden M, GAA, Book Club, Drum Corps, FHA, Secre- t-ary I6 If ANGELINA INCAVIGLIA- Legislature, Treasurer, Freshman Class, Golden M, GAA, Secretary, FHA, Vice- president, Secretary, Treasurer, Italian Club, Secretary SETSUKO IRINO- CSF, Golden M, GAA, Treasurer, FHA, Spanish Club, Treasurer BEVERLY KALAR- GAA, Ski Club HOWARD KEITH- Golden M, T 85 I Club RICHARD KEITH- French Club, Latin Club, Ski Club JOE KIRBY- Legislature, CSF, 'Golden M, Block M, Golf, Captain, Hi-Y, Key Club, Secre- tary, Latin Club, Spanish Club JOANNE KNIGHT- Golden M, Book Club, FHA, Ski Club, Spanish Club MARGARET KODAMA- Golden M, "CSF, Treasurer, junior Class, FHA, Science and Math Club, Spanish Club RONALD KREJCIR- Camera Club WALLY JONES KROLICKI- Football, Hi-Y, Treasurer, Key Club YVONNE LEANDRO- GAA, Camera Club, FHA TOM LO COCO- Legislature, Radio Club KATHERINE LONERO- GAA, FHA, Italian Club, jr. Red Cross PAT LUCH- Legislature, Treasurer, Social Director, Senior Class, Yell Leader, CCAL Yell Leaders' Club, President, Vice-president, French Club, Los Oscardores ERVEL LYTLE- Legislature, Book Club, Hi-Y, Secretary, Latin Club, Los Oscardores, Vice-presi- dent, Ski Club ' 1 3 ,1 ,V G "' vi I if ' Q' X J I N-,az-, ' I Aa K . 'ww It I f - I NI, yt I K, .L ,X r A , J . CAROL MAC DONALD- CSF, Golden M, GAA, French Club, Paletteers, President, Song Leader STAN MACHADO- journalism Club BILL MARTIN- Hi-Y, jr. Red Cross, T lt I Club FRANK MARTIN- Legislature, CSF, Golden M, Block M, Football, Track, Key Club, Radio Club, T bt I Club, Treasurer JACK MARTORELLA- Legislature, Block M, Football, Track, Book Club, journalism Club, El Susurro LORENCE L. MATTHEWS- Legislature, President, Sophomore Class, Block M, President, Baseball, Basketball, Lwt. Capt., Football, Track, Hi-Y, Spanish Club JOHN G. MC CRARY- Golden M, Block M, Football, Tennis, Bullfighters, CYF, jr. Red Cross, Latin Club, Spanish Club JOHNIE J. MEHRINGER- Legislature, Block M, Football, Jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club, T BL I Club ROBERT MINAMI- Block M, Track, Radio Club, T Bt I Club ETHEL GEORGEINE MONTE- Book Club LORRAINE MORAN- GAA, Tennis Club PHYLLIS MORAN- Legislature, GAA, Book Club, Drum Corps, French Club, journalism Club, jr. Red Cross, Tennis Club FRANK MURRAY- Legislature, CSF, Golden M, Honor Roll of Speech, Book Club, French Club, President, Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, Chap- lain, Jr. 'Red Cross, Latin Club, Vice- president, Los Oscardores, Science and and Math Club S if "Q- , '-" 'I 'r if 'li' If I X RIXFORD MURRAY- T 81 I Club MARILYN NOEL- Legislature, Treasurer, Sophomore Class, Yell Leader, GAA, Paletteers, Vice-presi- dent, Secretary DOLORES NUOVO- Secretary, Sophomore Class, FHA, jr. Red Cross DRUSILLA OHRT- Book Club, FHA DICK OMOTO- Block M, Basketball, Football, Track, French Club, Vice-president, journalism Club, Latin Club RICHARD PALMER- T H I Club MAX PALUNCICH- look Club, Key Club, Latin Club ROY PERKINS- Golden M, President, junior Class, Block M, Football, Camera Club, Hi-Y, Presi- dent, journalism Club, T GL I Club, President, Secretary GENEVIEVE RAINE- jr. Red Cross, FHA, Senior Chorus, CYF BETTY RAY- GAA, Book Club, FHA RAWLEIGH READY- Legislature, Golden M, Baseball Man- ager, Honor Roll of Speech, Book Club, President, Latin Club, Paletteers PETER RISO- Yell Leader, Block M, Track, Italian Club, T 81 I Club RICHARD ROTTER-- Yell Leader, Key Club, Latin Club, Radio Club ROBERT ROTTER- Legislature, Yell Leader, Camera Club, Hi-Y, Key Club, President, Treasurer, Latin Club ROSALIE RUSSO- Legislature, FHA PHIL SALOMONE- Legislature, Manager, Football, Basketball, Italian Club, journalism Club, Latin Club, Radio Club ART SAMPOGNARO- Block M, Football, Radio Club, T 8: I Club MARY SHIBASAKI- - CSF, Golden M, GAA, Spanish Club TOM SILVEAR- Legislature, Vice-president, junior and Senior Class, Block M, Secretary, Foot- ball, Track, Hi-Y, Key Club, President, Sergeant-at-Arms, Radio Club, T ls I Club, Secretary MARK N. SMITH- Legislature, Hi-Y, Key Club, Vice-presi- dent, Radio Club, Ski Club, T 81 I Club, Treasurer FLORENCE MAY STARNS- CYF, jr. Red Cross I . v ', ,lean Q Y Q, 1 ' it ,, r sf e -1 - 0 . I Q' 2' L. Q? V L It ' - I V 1 . K' Q ,az WILFRED STENSLAND- Legislature, President, Vice-president, Stu- dent Body, President, junior Class, CSF, Golden M, Football, Captain, Baseball, Hi-Y, Vice-president, Radio Club, T 8: I Club MARIE STRAZZULLA- Legislature, Secretary, Student Body, Sec- retary, Sophomore Class CSF, Golden M, GAA, FHA, Vice-president, Italian Club DEAN TAYLOR- Legislature, Block M, Key Club, Vice- president, Secretary, Latin Club, Radio Club, President, T 8: I Club, Vice-presi- dent, Representative, Boys' State MARIE FRANCES TRINGALI- Golden M, FHA, Treasurer, Italian Club, Ski Club, Spanish Club BARBARA TUNNELL- GAA, FHA, French Club, Journalism Club ART VARGAS- Legislature, Block M, Basketball, Football, Journalism Club, Jr. Red Cross, T GL I Club LAWRENCE VASQUEZ- Bullfighters, Book Club, T Be I Club BARBARA JEANNE VERGA- Book Club, journalism Club, Spanish Club LEE VERNON- Baseball Manager, Latin Club, Spanish Club CHRISTINE VILAR- Legislature, Director, Girls' Activities, Secretary, Freshman Class, CSF, Golden M, GAA, Secretary, FHA, President, Sec- retary, jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club JAMES WACHTVEITL- Block M, Baseball Manager, Book Club, Vice-president, Radio Club GEORGE C. WALSH- Golden M, T 8: I Club NANCY WASSON- GAA, President, FHA, Drum Corps DUANE WHITE- Bullfighters, CYF, Hi-Y, Science and Math Club, Ski Club SHIRLEY MAY WINGARD- Golden M, GAA, Book Club, FHA, Treasurer, Tennis Club, Secretary ALBERT WITT- CSF, Golden M, El Susurro Staff, CYF, Latin Club, Science and Math Club, Vice- president, Ski Club IVA ANN YARNELL- CSF, Golden M, GAA, El Susurro Staff, FHA, Latin Club, Ski Club A EMI YOSHIYAMA- Golden M, GAA, FHA BARBARA ZMAEFF- "CSF, Golden M. El Susurro, Copy Editor, Book Club, Latin Club, President, Sci- ence and Math Club, Tennis Club 'Life Member HX- L9 'X Y 31 32. 33 gp- 9 'Y as e i ' ., ix' 5 ,Q -f0 -3? ,fa J., ,L M .9 'L - V 1 ,- 5 '. , ., . 9 f. Y ,. 'E 912, yf"X 3:5 'PQ K 8 ,Z MQ Ii ww' . Legkknure HonorRoH ofSpeech .q..- I . The student legislature of MUHS, governing body of the high school, has been very active during the year. Representatives, who are elected from the various homeroom counseling groups, now have pins to wear indicating their membership in the group. Under the leadership of the student body officers, the legislature has supervised the revision of the student body constitution this spring, in addition to handling the ordinary matters of business. 1. Students who have done outstanding work in the speech arts'are elected to member- ship on the Honor Roll of Speech, established to further the goal of high achievement in the speech arts, The current membership of the group includes, in the front row, Frank Murray, Terry Gleeson, Christine Vilar, Charles Easton, Carolyn Frisbie, Ernie Hansberry, Rawleigh Ready, in the back row, Mr. Leon Fletcher, sponsor, jere Cummings, Polly Mc- Kay, John Mortenson, Louise Canepa, and Joe Panetta. J .-. Q as 51... vQf QP yr ,QU S- 'lu The Latin Club, Discipuli Romani, is open to all students taking Latin. After initia- tion the servi or slaves, first year students, then take on the title of plebeians. Second year students are called patricians, and third year students are senatores. The club has been very active, having a dance, Roman banquet, and a Circus Maximus. Mrs. Anne Petersen is the club adviser. First semester officers were Barbara Zmaeff, president, John Mortensen, vice-president, Carolyn Frisbie, secretary, and Martin Ewoldsen, treasurer. Second semester officers were Albert Witt, president, john Mortensen, vice-president, Dorothy Schafer, secretary, and joe Panetta, treasurer. Members of the Camera Club have again done much work for MUHS and the schools of Monterey. Production of the yearbook depended entirely upon their splendid coopera- tion. Members of the group are: first row, Dave Eubanks, Susan lino, Roy Perkins, George Machado, Leo Coelhog second row, Mr. Elmer Stoll, sponsor, Anita Vesel, Norma DiMaggio, Ronald Krejcir, Bill Patrick, John Douglas. .. - Xp Y .1 ,AJ Latin Club Camera Club Science and Math Club Frrench Club F LL i The Science and Math Club, an honor society whose membership is limited to juniors and seniors who receive A's or B's in science and math subjects, experienced an interesting and eventful year. Among their activities were a picnic held at Big Sur and two con- cessions in the May Carnival. Gary Goetz was president of the clubg Albert Witt, vice- presidentg and Carolyn Frisbie, secretary-treasurer. Jack Frost, president, Myrtha Chabran, vice-president, Nancy Nichols, secretary, and Bonnie Everson, treasurer, are the officers of the French Club. Their money making project was selling French fries at games and at che May Carnival. Members of the first, second, and third year classes may belong to the club. QM! 4 X f ., . Z' ' 1 ' ,I Control of student conduct on campus and patrolling at football and basketball games was again under the direction of the Bull Fighters this year. Members of the group, under the supervision of Mr. Kelly, were most active during the fall and winter sports season. Front row: Isaiah Irving, Tony Lucido, Charles Scardina, Luis Wolter, Tom Tomblinson, Russell Wolterg back row: Patrick Mooney, Bill Proctor, Richard Walton, Ralph Burdett, Mr. Kelly. The MUHS students responded well to the annual junior Red Cross call. The local chapter went to a council meeting in Santa Cruz this fall and met with Carmel and Pacific Grove later in the year. Miss Ruth Blanchard, adviser, was ably assisted in the activities by president Joe Panetta, vice-president Diane Trenner, secretary Gloria Neumann, and treasurer Bonnie Everson. rtffldfu-we-,isfwf V V l To Bull Fighters I Junior Red Cross -F gl T. and I. Club The Trade and Industrial Club of MUHS is composed of boys en- rolled in the three-hours trade classes. The club is very active, having sponsored a barn dance, a skating party, and the annual shop club picnic. The club also ran the candy concession at the basketball games. The ofiicers for the first semester were: Frank Martin, president, Dean Taylor, vice-presidentg Charles Dermates, secretary, Mark Smith, treasurer. Second semester ofhcers Were: Charles Dermates, presidentg Brad Conger, vice-president, Dan Taylor, secretary, Bob Miami, treasurer. The faculty sponsor is Mr. M. C. Holman. ......f 'e -f ' e Hi -Y The Hi-Y has accomplished a great deal in its fourth year as an active organization. The club, composed of thirty juniors and seniors, meets once a week at the Army-Navy YMCA to discuss the activities and to enjoy the speakers and movies. Mr. Gordon Downey sponsored the club during the fall semester, and in the second semester, Mr. L. P. Spencer was the adviser. ' Among the Hi-Y's activities were a potluck dinner and a hayride. The Easter Ball and the traditional Copa Casa La Mar nightclub dance were successful. Oiiicers for the fall semester were Roy Perkins, president, Sal P. Cardinale, vice-president, Ervel Lyrle, secretary, Leo Coelho, treasurer, and Frank Murray, sergeant-at-arms. Sal Cardinale presided during the second semesterg Will Stensland, vice-president, Jack Ely, secretary, Walter Krolicki, treasurer, and Jack Mitchell, sergeant-at-arms, were the other officers. Charles Easton was the chaplain the entire year. .-ta. 'no-u.o s-"'vl -' ' '- '- .35 Q3- ,JW fffzgv-qv' I R I 'sl . - .r C. S. F. Golden YQC' '6- .hw P lf- 3' P? 34-4' The C. S. F. is a state-wide organization whose membership is based wholly on scholar- ship. Ten points are required each semester for membership, an A counting three points and a B counting one point. Members are allowed to wear the society emblem, which is a gold torch, and are issued a card which entitles them to special privileges. The motto of the C. S. F. is "Scholarship for Service." Each year the C. S. F. takes a trip to a college or university campus a nd has a banquet. The officers are Sal P. Cardinale, presidentg Joe Panetta, vice-presidentg Dorothy Schafer, secretaryg and Pat Hoang, treasurer. The adviser is Miss Rendtorff. Membership in the Golden M. Society of MUHS depends upon a student's making the quarterly honor roll. In the past students who achieved this honor have been given golden "M" pins to wearg now the pins must be earned in a different way. Upon the accumulation of four honor roll quarters, the student receives a chain guard Galleon and class numerals. Upon accumulation of eight honor roll quarters, the student receives a stu ent card in the society, granting him a pin upon his becoming a senior. All awards ong to the student earning them. - .f , f x X . ' K . -. , . 1 4 i 1 . -if n . .gaw- ,,,. The Key Club of MUHS, which is sponsored by the Monterey Kiwanis Club, has been active this year under the direction of Mr. Arnold Edman. Among the activities of the club this year were a Twerp Week Dance, the annual hayride, and a Key Club project for the underprivileged children of Europe. Each Wednesday one member of the club has been a guest of the Kiwanis Club at their weekly luncheon. First semester oilicers were Tom Silvear, president, Chuck Vout, vice-president, and Joe Kirby, secretary-treasurer. Second semester officers were Bob Rotter, president, Mark Smith, vice-presidentg Chuck Wilson, secretary, and Rei Yoshinobu, treasurer. The Radio Club is an organization of students who have an interest in radio either as a hobby or vocation. The club had a very active year which started with a successful dance, a movie, and was finally topped off with a trip to San Francisco. The officers for the year were Dean Taylor, president, Brad Conger, vice-presidentg Frank Beyer, secretary, and Bob Minami, treasurer. QXSAH-iii' 4 W f me , l V954 ,- . --x.. Z .' u-,w..w u :CW-B L 'ae ub a io lub Galleon Stall C. Y. F. 50 iz.. The Galleon is a bi-monthly publication put out by the journalism class, under the direction of Mr. Paul Spencer. It contains campus news and features. A boy and girl of the week are chosen for each edition, and a special edition is put out at the end of the year for the seniors. The Galleon is printed by the Herald Printers and Publishers. The Galleon staff is chosen on a semester basis, although sometimes it is changed at the quarter in order to acquaint more of the students with the editing procedures. The Galleon staff and reporters make up the Journalism Club which sold bound Galleons and had a booth in the May Carnival this year. C. Y. F.-Christian Youth Federation-is a non-sectarian club organized, as its name suggests, for Christian fellowship. It is open to any- student registered at MUHS who is interested in Christian fellowship, wholesome good times, and serious thought. Activities include outings, song fests, and meetings, sometimes with a guest speaker. Ofhcers elected this year were Frank Beyer, presidentg Carol Wilmot, vice-presidentg Isabel Solis. secretaryg Gerry Lacey, treasurerg and Miss Virginia Johnson and Mrs. Robert Petersen, faculty sponsors. ,av I W -l 1: .-,-' . n - .fo ,I ff' gg-rm fx-ez 'Him' 5 .fa .-, time -' ff-'H 'Ygsq ,nd ,gi '?V"'f. rg: X SENIOR MEMBERS The Future Home-Makers of America has approximately one hundred members this year. Anyone who has taken at least one semester of home-making may become a member. The club has participated in many activities. Initiation for new members was held December first. A Christmas Tea for the parents and teachers was sponsored by the F. H. A., which was also host at the Section Meeting held in the home-making rooms at MUHS. Club members attended the State conference held at Asilomar, and in May the senior members took a two-day trip to San Francisco where they visited Apparel City and the Sperry Testing Kitchens. JUNIORS and SOPHOMORES LOS CONQUISTADCJRES ---4--un-1' .nf -nr, - -Y if l 41' -ln ' - NP 41 57' M 3 ' 1 . '.. .I JSJQA. V .- a..-A fv ,.lM,, D u..- I, , .- ' -, ,,:,'m ' ""'e'-- ' . if 1: ' ' u 1: 'h if Qi' 4 . ff ' 'fi . . 'F 1, Wu -ji, I 'WJ' gvqf - h fvf' V' One trip to Tahoe and one to Yosemite made the newly-formed Ski Club the "travelingest" organization on campus. Members of the club held "sings" at private homes almost every month in order to learn traditional ski songs. They also held 3 49'er dance and whislterino. Officers elected for the year were Peter Tweedt, presidcntg Bonnie Everson, secretaryg and Jeanette Greeb, treasurer. Sponsors for the club are Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart and Mr. John Poskus. President for next year is john Mortenson and vice-president is Charles Scardina. '11 la. X The members of the ofiice staff of MUHS are: Back row, Shirley Lockwood, Barbara Dockery, Joanne Balbo, Louise Canepa, Theresa Longueira, Drusilla Ohrt, Marie Bagnasco, Betty Gann, Doris Lee, Ruby Tsubouchi, Esther Campos, middle row, Barbara Brookshire, Jeanette Da Vigo, Mary Ann Abbati, Mary Constantino, Lawanda Gann, Katherine Sollazzo, Marie Tringali, Rose Bellante, Marie Guarassi, Rosalie Russo, Norma DiMaggio, front row, Rose Marie Lonero, Doris Bottero, Marie Strazzulla, Christine Vilar, Frances Lucido, Elizabeth Costanza, Agnes Buceti, Barbara Tunnell, Sandra Kalar. These girls work under the direction of Miss Lorraine Giguiere and Miss Nina Jackson. The Book Club aims to encourage and to share in the enjoyment of reading books, and to meet and know authors and people behind the books. Sponsor of the organization is Miss Harriet Baker, the school librarian. 1 1 'I A new science club was formed late this year, open to anyone interested in the field of science and math. First otlicers for the organization were Ernst Ewoldson, presi- dentg Terry Gleeson, vice-presidcntg Natalie Abinante, secretary, and Alan Leighton, treasurer. Sonsoring a booth in the May Carnival was the first activity of the club, which is sponsored by Miss Catherine Mills. Under the supervision of Miss Harriet Baker, the following students helped in the library during the school year: First row, Ida King, Barbara Carskaddon, Virginia Gillespie, Agnes Buccti, Catherine Bruno, Katherine Sollazzo, Rosalie Russo. Second row, Jeanette Cardinale, Mary Jo Cardinale, Rose Marie Flores, Rose Flores, Katherine Gallo, Mary Garner, Jessie Norman. Third row, Dorothy Choisser, Mary Torrente, Barbara Stroop, J. Cum- mings, James Wachtveitl, Rawleigh Ready, Mike Koblein, Frank Beyer, Paul Hadley. Back row, Miss Clara LaRue, Norma Lasiter, Lorraine Moran, Marilyn Cropley, Miss Harriet Baker. 'rest M - .gg ,ini J, o .,...,. .W ,. 1:-A' - -' A . .- 7 1, ' ..,, 4 if - . LN. ,--V V , , I .J Q--,JJ C. M. S. vl L57 A " 'R' Library Staff Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus 7-at . k up fl. . Q 1, v.--Q-M ,,,,,, ,v"","'19?- N-.v. lr. . F, . F ..i,..-6-7 a,i t,,f 'Vu I' The mixed chorus, under the direction of Mr. Reu Manhire, has presented a number of successful performances this year including a Christmas Concert, a spring concert, and a performance during Public Schools Week, besides taking an excellent rating in the Northern California Music Festival in May. The Girls' Chorus, composed of twenty-two girls, has participated in Ll number of concerts this year, some of which were: the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, Public Schools Week, and the Northern California Music Festival, at which they took a good rating. This group is under the direction of Mr. Reu Manhire. During the spring semester sixty-three members of the senior class practiced under the direction of Mr. Reu Manhire to re are several numbers to sin at their raduation. . . . P P . . 3 3 Their final choice for the program included "Service," "Mountains," and a hymn. Mr. Clifford Anderson and the band deserve high praise for their activities during the year. They performed at all home football games, presented concerts at Christmas time and in the spring, participated in the Public Schools Week program, and then topped their fine performance by taking a superior rating in the Northern' California Music Festival held at San jose in May. t, .- ., ,,. , .. , . .,, -..-:-,-,....... ,,.,... ...AY - W, HAMA, .,,,.. N, A, ...W .42 . 7 J.. .m-- M.-s--s-s--'-M2- -fa ' -- ' ' ' ' 5151:-V.. f. A 1 , 1. -,.. , Hlurmq -. .Q-A .' gy' , -., -.. . A 417 -egb' jf ,, . 4- un , ,Q-4" 1 QXQGGQ 9' ' Q1-"Q 656 1 Y ' xoffxof, QX L , f"QY'3T" 'lf S LGS OSCARDORES -v s QYI 5 ', Aykr- fd ..vQ' 4,- 51-'f,,f 'XV' si. is f . S Vijay QS X 'vw S PALETTEERS The Paletteers is one of the most active honor organizations in MUHS. Members must have an A or B average in Art and at least a C average in their other subjects. The Paletteers are known for their annual variety shows, and they present awards to the people who give outstanding performances for two years. A trip to San Francisco where they attended two art exhibits and the opera Carmen, the initiation picnic, four road shows, a barbecue dinner, honoring senior members, at Bonnie Glover's home, and art service for other school organizations round out the list of Paletteers' activities for the year. Club officers for the year were: Carol MacDonald, president, Marilyn Noel, vice- president, Jean Lopez, secretaryg Dominic Di Mare, treasurerg and Carleen Bowman, publicity manager. CAROL DEEDEE DOMINIC JEAN CARLEEN A ,S g ,A f a' , - 2:53 -V +3113 r 'f-. - . V+ , few W' '- '1' -. su . - g A "nu we GQ '- ' if -, aw- , ' - ' ' iii, - , K 4 , , ' a " if Lg, lr ' 25:1 1 1 7. ii? - ' ' 1 N ' fiqiff ,. 'EVE -"l P V 1 ' '23's'f- ' 4 , -f-Q f A- . 5, , rv fi -fi . . n t , ,f - r so . to re, -qv I I '. li' f- I ' Q- gffh -gg 5 f 1 . iw . YEARBOOK STAFF Editor - - Bonnie Everson Assistant Editor - Cathy Skalabrin Business Manager - - Charles Easton Sales Manager - - - - Jeanette Greeb Sports and Organizations - - Terry Gleeson Seniors ---- Evelyn Cooksey Administration - - Carleen Bowman Features - - - Karen Wheland Snapshots - - - Iva Ann Yarnell Copy Editor I - - - Barbara Zmaeif Advisors - - - Mrs. Knight, Mr. Stoll Back row: Charles Easton, Al Witt, Cathy Skalabrin, Ca rleen Bowman, Rosalie Maiorana, Terry Gleeson, Jack Martorella. Front row: Iva Ann Yarnell, Evelyn Cooksey, Barbara Zmaeff, Bonnie Everson, Jeanette Greeb, Karen Wheland, Amy Kawabata, Helen Hoyt. M mmrbm Eva Hosea I Gertrude Beall D . uane White, Maybene Lamb S I You ngman. W Ui w if-'E' :Piz- fs :gif 2,36 mo:- WP :, 55 515' mga' F05 no Es' vu 1,5-+ 3-' Q X' Q-Flo cup! moo ' -1 wir' T:- Q5 mm: 'iam' 1:22 333 Egg do - c E: 33' ua J 5-2 P I5 'Elm no 5 ll Q .12 :ln is :l 5: '52 I.. QZ,m A4zm4U, ,Hu "'l'l1 si The fa ult goes athletic. x R x K i I Qx 30 X-.L .W "'u-Winn A T I-lg ,wi eww? e rw BLGCK M YELL LEADERS Pat Luch, Marie Drocovich, Pete Riso, Francine Mehringer, Marilyn Noel. M, W ili'.g.4hgfi M fm - n ii -4 f f V v-Q K-X ,EA 'vi A Q A ,UNK iglug, 'P' x- Q X ,, .J , ,, . 'dill F' Front raw: Frank Martin, Will Stensland, Leo Coelho, Sal J. Cardinale, Lorence Laurence Segovia, Tom Enea, Keith Curtice, John Alioto. Second row: Vince Bevilacqua, Art Sampognaro, Eubanks, Don Schetter, John McCrary, Danny Fowler. Third row: Biffy Russo, Nicky Marotta, Jack Arancio, Hugh Duckworth, Bill Ferguson, Rei Yoshinobu, Herb Zimmerman, Neno Campagna, Charles Howell, Lee Harter, Dick Huizenga, Coach len Mansell. Fourth row: Tom Crawford, Art Vargas, Roy Perkins, John Corson, Tom Arcoleo, Ray Crivello, Jack Martorella, Chester Harter, Sam Aiello, Sal P. Cardinale, Coach Del Holloway. VARSITY FCDOTBALL Hampered by a score of injuries, the 1949 Toreador varsity ended league play with a com- mendable tie for second place. The Greenshirts did not fair too well in practice competition, however, and lost three close non-league contests to give them a season record of two wins, one tie, and six losses. Head Coach Clint Purcell, on his first coaching assignment at Monterey, was faced with the task of building a team around but two veterans of last year's eleven, ends Nick Marotta and Sal H. Cardinalli. The remaining positions were filled by some able members of last year's junior varsity and a host of small but capable ex-lightweights. Aiding Coach Purcell were assistants Ben Mansell and Del Holloway. Injuries beset the Toreadores early in the season and at one time or another the sick-list contained the names of Sal H. Cardinalli, Paul Costanza, John Corson, Tom Crawford, Laurence Segovia, Tom Enea, Sal P. Cardinale, and Art Sampognaro. Because of a lack of weight in the baclriield the Greenshirts often employed an air attack, with success hingeing on a familiar Lorence Matthews-to-Marotta pass. The combination proved to be good for a total of 642 yards, with forty-eight passes going for first downs and six for touchdowns. On the ground Segovia and Enea provided the element of speed, while little Sal J. Cardinalo and Tom Crawford added power on line plays. Crawford, however, was injured early in the season, and the recurring ailments of Segovia and Enea prevented the Toreador backfield from reaching its top all-around eliiciency. ln the backfieldz Sal J. Cardinale, Herb Zimmerman, Lorence Matthews, Tom Eneag in the line: Art Vargas, Vince Bevilacqua, John Corson, Will Stensland, Leo Coelho, .lack Arancio, Sal H. Cardinalli. Firsi String Although football line play is often overlooked by the fans, the actions of this year's Toreador forwards afforded the students and townspeople many a thrill. Particular evidence of this was the Pittsburg game in which the powerful Pirates were stopped several times on the Monterey one-foot line. Feats like this were accomplished as a result of teamwork among such defensive stalwarts as Vince Bevilacqua, Ray Crivello, Sal P. Cardinale, Wilfred Stensland, Nicky Marotta, and Art Sampognaro, while offensive success and further defensive power were supplied by Sal H. Cardinalli, Jack Arancio, Roy Perkins, Paul Costanza, Art Vargas, John Corson, and Leo Coelho. THE SEASON'S SCORES Pittsburg Monterey 0 Berkeley Monterey 6 San Jose Monterey 6 Santa Cruz Monterey 27 Watsonville Monterey 12 Salinas Monterey 0 Santa Cruz Monterey 0 Watsonville Monterey 14 Salinas Monterey 13 9 -JN W0 N lx , 'W 4,1 .X la. BX 4 Y -1 5 MQYS-fa W J 'N IS 1 V 'RU' swf 5 lk i 93 19" ' 3? K, AN fri' 'HI A " v - h X .. Aevpsil' ,xii . F 1' lbs.. -' A -1 i-'-F" -...g X JJ-9'pJ FKWWK Front rowz' Frank favalora, Tommy Silvear, Peter Lecce, Fred Conte, Doug Forxani, Johnie Mehringer, Vince Ruiz, Chuck Vout, Tom Lucido, John Coniglio, Martin Castle, second row: Coach Ed Larsh, Paul Buscaino, Max Wilkes, Frank Conte, Ray Cardinlle, Neil Selbicky, Beryl Hartsock, Fred Delgadillo, Gene Roncarati, Charles Wilson, Leo Gota, Coach Doug McNeil, Mark Smith: third row: Allen Berquist, Donald Baker, Don Moore, Fritz Meyers, Dorn Mineo, Ben Moody, Donald Minick, Bob Woodward, Frank Ursino, Charles Luce, Pete Astuy, Dick Omoto, Horace Ferrante, Joe Canciamille, Gordon Minick: fourth row: Martin Moss, Charles Fuggetta, Pete Curatola, Pete Buscaino, Bill Alioto. Nick Hazdovac, Sal Aiello, Jack Russo, Tony Cardoza, Ed Albert. LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL The lightweight football team of 1949 ended its season without having won a single game. This was due to the fact that most of last year's team moved on to play varsity ball. Although the Toreababes did not star as a team, there were several boys who were stars in their own right. Leo Gota, who was picked for the all CCAL team, was outstanding in running back punts for touchdowns. Ends Lucido and Lecce could always be counted on to make a good showing and only missed the all-CCAL team by a few points. Charles Vout and Fred Conte held down the tackle positionsg Doug Forzani, Joe Canciamille, Vince Ruiz, and Horace Ferrantc took turns holding down the guard slots. The center position was occupied by john Mehringer with Chuck Wilson also seeing action. The backfleld consisted of Leo Gota, Tom Silvear, Max Wilkes, John Coniglio, Dick Omoto, and Tony Cardoza. Monterey 7 Sunnyvale 27 Monterey 14 Santa Cruz 26 Monterey 6 Santa Cruz 13 Monterey 7 Watsonville 35 Monterey 12 Watsonville 20 Monterey 12 Salinas 13 Monterey 6 Salinas 18 -i 'x so .di Back row: John Crossman, Joe Kirby, Pete Cutino, Art Vargas, Charles Howell, Gary Goetz, Vince Bevilacqua, Darrell Sanchez, Coach Ed Larsh, front row: Sal J. Cardinale, Joe LoManto, Gus Aiello, Lorence Matthews, Laurence Segovia. VARSITY BASKETBALL The Toreador varsity basketball team ended its 1950 Coast Counties Athletic League season in second place. While they won three of their six league contests, the Greenshirts faired even better against practice competition, winning eight of twelve non-league games for a good season record of eleven victories against seven defeats. Ed Larsh took over the basketball coaching chores at MUHS this year and built his team from a supply of ex-light- weights and members of last year's junior varsity. All of 1949's first ten players had been lost through graduation. Lacking varsity experience and superior height, the Toreador five achieved success with an abundance of spirit and aggressivcness. Lorence Matthews won acclaim as Monterey's top player and was voted a berth on the Coaches' and Sportswriters' ALL-CCAL basketball team. Further distinction was earned by the sharpshooting forward as individual high scorer on the Monterey Peninsula. Matthews accounted for 226 points in nineteen games, for an average of twelve points per game. ALL-CCAL honorable mention went to the Torreadores' guard, Laurence Segovia. Segovia was noted especially for his good ball-handling and fast court work. Segovia and Matthews, teammates since the sixth grade, constituted a highly-rated combination. Guard Joe LoManto, most diminutive member of the small Toreador five, came into his own this season after serving as a reserve for last year's limiteds. Quick to learn, LoManto was impressive with his long-range shooting. Despite a series of injuries, Gus Aiello, at the other forward slot, finished second only to Matthews in team scoring. Aiello's accurate shooting while under pressure accounted for several Toreador victories. Center Art Vargas, the tallest of the Greenshirts, proved to be the team's greatest asset in backboard control. A to defensive la er, Var as was instrumental in the Toreadores' victories over taller o nents. P P Y 8 PPO Able reserves, whom Coach Larsh depended upon to spell the members of the first five, were Pete Cutino, Gary Goetz, Sal J. Cardinale, Charles Howell, and Vince Bevilacqua. Laurence Segovia Lorence Matthews Gus Aiello Guard Forward FOFW-Nd VARSITY SCOREBOARD Monterey Bellarmine :lMonterey Salinas Monterey Shafter Monterey N. A. S. Monterey Hollister Monterey S. Tech "Monterey Salinas Monterey Carmel :l'Monterey Watsonville "Monterey Santa Cruz Monterey Carmel gl League games Art Vargas Joe LoManto Center Guard Pete Cutino Center Back row: Phil Salomone, Ray Crivello, Donald Gee, Dom Mineo, Bill Iwamoto, Charles Tringali, Coach Bob Clarkg front row: Ray Cardinale, Tom Lucido, Tony Cardoza, Vince Ruiz, Dick Omoto. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Coach Bob Clark's lightweight basketball team had only a fair season, winning six games and losing nine. Their one league victory was over the Santa Cruz Cardlettes by a score of 38-37. The Toreababes lost several heartbreakers by either one or two points, which made the difference between being first or fifth. Sparking the Toreababes this year was Tony Cardoza, who made the all-CCAL squad. Right behind Tony came Dick Omoto, Vince Ruiz, and Ray Cardinale. Tom Lucido will be remembered for his 20-foot side shot that won the game against Santa Cruz. Lou Canepa put in the deciding bucket in the last ten seconds of play in the game between Monterey and Pittsburg and turned defeat into victory as the crowd went wild. Monterey Bellarmine Monterey Salinas MOMCFCY Salinas Monterey Watsonville Montere H lli t r y 0. S e Monterey Santa Cnxz Monterey Salinas M S Monterey Carmel Monterey Palm :Jose Monterey Watsonville Onfffey 'tts '-'rg Monterey Santa Cruz Monterey Santa Clara Monterey Carmel Monterey Salinas Ruiz Tony Cardoza I f,i'CardinaIe Salinas game Forward ' ' V' Carmel game +9151 V aflfpor ut SHEET, .J QLNQA, dc 'fir J 'JANUERFA V X 4795 i Back row: Coach Ben Mansell, Rawleigh Ready, Laurence Segovia, Darrell Sanchez, Lorence Matthews, Joe McNamara, Bernard Catron, John San Paolo, Tony Lucido, middle row: Ray Cardinale, Charlie Tringali, Martin Moss, Hugh Turner, Bill Ferguson, Gene Roncarati, David Henny, Lee Harter, front row: Joey Rogers, Ray Crivello, Walter Krolicki, Bill Kennedy, Al Triplett, Ray Brown. BASEBALL This year's baseball squad was, with the exception of three seniors, composed of freshmen and sophomore players that Coach Ben Mansell is grooming with an eye toward another championship for MUHS in 1951 or 1952. Members of the starting line-up are Lorence Matthews, first base: Ray Cardinale, second baseg Joe McNamara, shortstopg Tony Cardoza, third baseg Wally Krolicki, right fieldg Bill Ferguson, centerfieldg and Gene Roncarati, left field. During the season Coach Mansell worked three pitchers for the team: Laurence Segovia, Hugh Turner, and Sal J. Cardinale. Two freshmen, Alvin Triplett and Bill Kennedy, saw service at the end of the season after third baseman Tony Cardoza was dropped from the squad because of injury. Joe McNamara Lorence Matthews Darrell Sanchez Shortstop First base Catcher ggtlTEll'l sn' - ..' H X ,nf S f-' X ' , 7- - X x ' 5 . . 1 Back row: Neno Russo, Art Hamil, Dick Mellerio, Bob Harris, Peter Tweedt, Dom Mineo, Eddie Espy, Fritz Meyers, Neno Sorci, Martin Ewoldsen, Coach Doug McNeil, front row: Doug Forzani, Joe Linares, Jack Mero, Dick Omoto, Harvey Nielsen, Nick Hazdovac, Pete Curatola, Jim Edmondson, Horace Ferrante. TRACK Many of the boys on this year's varsity track team turned in excellent performances to shine individually, although the squad as a whole did not rank with the top notchers. Tom Silvear has been outstanding in the 100 and zoo-yard dashes and will be a great loss to the team next year. A newcomer to MUHS, Jim Doody, has made quite a name for himself in the 440 and broadjump. Marvin Ponce never fails to place in the shot put, while Jack Martorella, with Richard Keith and Charles Dermates, carries the load in the pole vault department. Tom Crawford and Paul Verga have shared honors in the high jump event. Bob Hall and Richard Helwig, two very capable milers, round out the 1950 varsity track team. Back row: Marvin Ponce, Billy Scales, Sal Aiello, Paul Verga, Richard Helwig, Bob Hall, Jim Doody, Coach Doug McNeil, front row: George Machado, Danny Fowler, Richard Keith, Jack Martorella, Larry Brown, Tommy Silvear, Charles Dermates, Mike Weidmaier. ' I . 'XX L Jim Doody Tommy Silvear Marvin Ponce 440 Sprints Shot Put The Toreababe track team has made a place for itself as one of the top teams in the league and will probably take at least one first place in the NCS meet. , The Babes feature a trio of sprinters, Dick Omoto, Bob Harris, and Peter Tweedt. Charles Fuggetta joins them to make the CCAL winning relay team. Horace Ferrante is the most versatile member of the squad and has taken the high jump and broadjump in addition to running the 330. Doug Forzani and Bob Meyer take care of the shot put, while Meyer and Pete Curatola team up for the discus throw. Harvey Nielson, Nick Hazdovac, Jack Mero, and Eddie Espy fill out the rest of the team. Bob Harris Eddie Espy Dick Omoto Sprints Hurdles Sprints X S' , W' Back row: Coach Dick Schuman, John Mortenson, Chris Wojciechowski, Bob Woodward, Mike Marron, John McCrary, Jack Frost, front row: Jimmy Lewis, Randy Reinstedt, John Logan, Lawrence Chan, John Douglas TENNIS For the tenth consecutive year the Monterey tennis team is able to present to MUHS the CCAL Tennis Champ1onsh1p Coach Dick Schuman s powerful team has had to travel far in search of competition and has been defeated only by Lowell ranked hlghest 1n Callforma It has been v1ctor1ous m 14 matches and lost only 1 Nat1onally ranked ack Frost leads the squad and IS followed by Mike Marron John Mortenson John Logan Bob Woodward and Larry Chan Flllmg out the team are Terry Glee son John McCrary Randy Remstedt John Douglas and Chris Wo1c1echowsk1 In the Interscholastic Tennis Tournament held in Monterey the team got together and won the perpetual team trophy and gold tenms balls awarded to the wmmng team Lawrence Chan Jack Frost Mike Marron CVR . . , . . . , . - J , , 9 n 9 - ' x 1 x 9 ' 7 l ,I m - . C . ,, . 3 Mi V a I ix. , . 11" "J, the ' -L:--f L- '5 '-'Cf'-' 1 -- J . 1. ' W :Y ff 'A - . -..f:gQe'.L5a- N ' i C . , 1 v. 4 X Nl. Back row: Coach John Poskus, Dick Brownlie, Robert Zampatti, Chuck Easton, Pete Cutino, Dennis Deakin, Mike Koblein, Gordon Minick, middle row: Joe Neary, Andy Buelna, Dave Eubanks, Dick Arndt, Fred Conte, Manuel Tueros, Franklin Young, front row: Luis Wolter, Chuck Wilson, Jerry Googins, Dave Hildebrand, Buddy Chamberlain. SWIMMING This year's swimming team, one of the strongest MUHS has had in recent years, is looking forward to taking several first places in the North Coast Section meet this spring as its members have done in the past. Frank Young of the MPC faculty was assisted by John Poskus in coaching the team. Mem- bers of the team and events in which they competed were: Pete Cutino, 200-yard free style' Charles Easton, 200-yard free style and 150-yard individual medleyg Andy Buelna, 100-yard breast stroke and 150-yard individual medleyg Dick Brownlie, 50 and 100-yard free styleg Jerry Googins and Dennis Deakin, diving. Gordon Minick, Luis Wolter, David Hildebrand, and Frank Young participated in the lightweight division. 77 lv V--Y Q Pete Cutino A-rles Easton hl'dTBi?lna Co'captain Coxcaptain +9e,B,eBb K .Af .Q Edward Cortes, Vince Tomasello, Peter Geyer, Joe Kirby Ernie Cortes, Coach Wayne Edwards, in front, Mr. Wong. GULF The golf team, under the guidance of Wayne Edwards, enjoyed a very successful season, finishing high in the CCAL standings. Members of this year's,team are captain Joe Kirby, Vince Tomasello, Ben Moody, Edward Cortes, Dick Rotter, Peter Geyer, and Ernie Cortes. The team is losing only two seniors this year, so next year's squad, with many experienced players returning, should be strong. Vince Tomasello Joe Kirby Ernie Cortes E Y 22- ii' 'IQ - , --. Enea goes for two. Segovia on the way down. gv .. 35 9 .grmv-ug", 1 6 6. 1 '- .. ,x.' 4 vb. ,gy N,. ' ' vit -vm, x . , h t 1-vqg-V..-5' My . -1 K , -r S, yn 1: CTS NCY GLOR X T A Q fa N.. .Nx- N.-R -twilifsi G. A. A. BONNIE SETSUKO x A . .fu , , , -A X 4 5 as., JH., - bf! The G.A.A. is an active part of MUHS. Every year the girls look forward to participating in the many different types of sports G.A.A. has to offer. To become a member of the G.A.A. one must have a total of 200 points. To accumulate these points the girls must take part in after school activities. They may participate in games such as hockey, archery, swimming, tennis, basketball, base- ball, and volleyball. When 600 points are accumulated a numeral is awarded. Nine hundred points qualifies one to receive a block, and 1,300 points, a star. It is traditional to have a play day each year. This year our guests were Pacific Grove High School and Watsonville High School. I ' ' It is also customary todhave a "pot luck" supper some time during the year. The girls particularly enjoy this event because they have the chance to meet new girls and become better acquainted. Back row: Yvonne Everson, Shirley Wingard, Genevieve lalesferi, Yvonne Leandro Carol Mac Donald. Joanne Balbo, Catherine Bruno. Iva Ann Yarnell: front row: Llllran Haderman Mane Straxxulla. Nancy Wasson, Barbara Tunnell. Agnes Buceti. Christine Valar Ruta Goularl' Emu Yoshiyama. Back row: Barbara Kobiyashi. Doris Bottero. Ann Chiantelli. Gloria Neumann, Helen Hoyt, Req Marie Lonero, Amy Kawabata. Mary Ann Abbati, Rose Dorio, Alice Satow: front row: Jeanette Groeb, Gloria Wasson, Elena Oiea, Ursula Favaua, Diane Trenner, Marilyn Reinstedt, Ursula Torrente, Hope Gallaro, Cathy Skalabrin, Dorothy Schafer. pf Back row: Emily Mello, Sheryl Youngman, Dorothy Yaeger, Gertrude Beall. Pat Hoang, Jerry Lacey, Joanne Nabzeaka, Louise Canepa. Arlene Constanti, Dion Zaches, Polly McKay Lynn McDonald: front row: Jo Ann Maiorana. Susan lino. Lorraine Willoughby. Sandra Kalalr Ka Yamahara, Jean Owashi, Anna DiMare, Bonnie Glover, Sarah Archdeacon, Madelin, Billet? Teresa Longueira, Mary Constantine. ' or X Gloria Wasson, Pal' Hoang, Sheryl Youngrnan, Alma Hartman Duane Trenner Hope Gallaro Rose Marne Lonero, Ida Yerne, Sue Conner. Polly McKay. '62, 'T 1' A . I Front row: Amy Kawabata. Marilyn Rei 0, Carol Glover. Slum Kono Sandra Wrllunson DeeDee Noel: back row: Mis na, ora Kneass, Peggy Jordan Bonnie Everton Sheila McKay, Dion Zaches, Barbara Glover, Polly McKay. "5 ',,'- ' W- - f 7 ' ' " 0. tau . ir ' V .r .ggiwk I 5' : . , 'i Y . 'Lg 4 ., xi I 5? i 1 L ' :G 1:9 f'P1f,,-:v- ' '-Q 'fr J: , ,., , wi ,zp lg ' . Lmw, L ,.jg:,m,5Qg,' , wiv' , luck 1, , -.1-f Hi- .PW ' -H5511 Nm' P 4,1 'N W. V Fx, W 9 1 .ff R ,f i la 'J 'I Q f M x 5, ..,A 5' R fl' a 3 2 1 ' Q X ' ' ., kb 'r ' -' t - 'YU .qi r- J '5 ,, ,5 .J 25 " 1' 'E 4' 3 m 1 , ' 3 L fi ' Y i 3 Z a 47 sf' 5 K Q T 3 La. 9? ' df, A, ig ' -- W 2- ' J ' 7' yn I elif ' - ' ' 4, W 5 ig 2 t ' ff I '?Qf 3 A Q' Q X ! 1 5 3.-QQ". ,X .fir--rf. Qs 3 I X' 1 5 . 1 5 .,-- A Q X ' '- 'lz' Riff " A .lf 7 " ' W W' " , E +4 - -' we 1 buu' 5 if 'Ty , , 33 ' Y x S C 1, ' g 1 'Ns-,L iyf v V, .M C "'- 1'k' V 52 S J .5 . QQ Elenai magician,s helper again, at the WINTER FOLLIES 7,1131 ' ':-on-avi , ,N Honolulu Lou's at Sopb Winter Ball Cinderella in the making just for Cflintj Pfurcellj 4 pi-yt qw.. 'S 'Qu-4 rl-2 fy xfl X SN Tweedt in the running A piece to dream on Hr . 5 5 'q Engrossed in crafts Pat Lucb for Mayor N , And if you vote for me- ,, eff-, ,LW I .M . - xsiTf4r!.fiw75'g -V W .- Headed for snow fun Presentation of awards at jamboreels end Mr. Iacobson puts 'em to work Lights on in the dark room Latest garb for fashionable basketball players shown at Dads vs. Faculty game Q , 1. Yi ' NV' 3 g X i .N a 0-"' I Y H 4 ,f Q . 'sl-.xg ' 4 . t f 4 4 ' W- 3 K I 1 ' ' C 5 :W ' ' 1? 3 I k c 4 A .., V Wg Wu' , f :MNH Ill' F fl? , , A 5 " , 2 Ei 5 ?u.LLuLLlf:i2f1 ! --'- L . '- A ,L -- 3' I W h h Strike up the hand Y The announcing booth, game time junior all-stars and coaches 1'1" WY' Q' Nfl , QQ 2 v i T D iwbn. Iunior-Senior Prom Queen and ber court: Marie Strazzulla, Pat Lueb, Queen Carol Hansen, Betty Husserl, Myrtba Cbabrang in front, Bonnie Everson and Nancy Wasson Z ,flfdlilkf AZQIQQ fjz4,l14,'Z ,Nd-4, - if 27" 404.4165 fizflsfg 05 . 1 - - fi Lg' X . , ,. A A , A i G .3 i"L'Lf LJ CL'd1L5LJ'Joj vb! '9' I 'srdtb g g g C " 1 l ,uqyf Lfwffv ' vii, iw lid: ii ii f' E f , e gg A, g r7fUyJ,J L43 NJ ,- " iilliz 'Q f A J fi ' if ffhilurs 5 calf-6.04, fzfzfdficu JLZLX 6, fa Auf' fr '40 Cl i f f - e , -, r if f' fs' ' L ,gig I ,jg g S4164 4 Q O! if fcbdlf L! g K f 4, ' Y X! X gills- y,,w,f42c4 Lago ' fdejdl , 'Z-'lsoconyn wears a summer dream for "up 1 1,935 0 N the clouds dating and down to earth living." - See what goes on for the younger set at 0 6120 60501 Best Wishes to the Class of 195 0 I l competent on ee r over 20 yea f2k',A'L!Q,f 1' ix' GENERAL CONTRACTOR Mo 'rn YCA Nm 787M N .- ' W ' .aff v f V 11,11 1 M of A my 'X I wr 'fl HAROLD c. GEY1-:R J X U, PALACE STATIONERY COMPANY 403 Anvmuuao STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA ROYAL TYPEWRITERS 1 VICTOR ADDING MACHINES DITTO DUPLICATORS And Supplies A Complete Line of Quality OHice Furniture 'A' 1 I of I A ff 5' ,Af K ff ,f Ly AHC Congratulations to the Class of '50 1 Y gf . X I I . j - rx Wg from ' ,f VA ,LF 1 'E H A L fa MONTEREY NASH Q V4 " . A .' W ir' ff V E' W0 X Q E aft f X f QQMPLETE SERVICE ON ALL TYPES OF CARS 1' A 'I I 4, 'X if fy T63 yr , A C ," xr 4' '- HR L Lfvx V t jrukj fOl' X " SAN CAlu.os GARAGE MONTEREY xf . ' R. O. SUMMERS PLUMBING - HEATING SHEET METAL Phone 5 - S4 3 9 4,09 CALLE PRINCIPAL MONTEREY 1 I W QVV9' if PE N ULA AUTOMOBILE co. Lj V ff W DEALERS yy ' j l 9 L MoN'rE AND WAsHmcToN STREETS 41 X Phone 2-45 69 ' Q MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA ff 1 My A fl ok, 6 f X We Specialize in the f A H igbest Quality of Service and Repairs U' , we por go D A Bu. D WHEN BETTER ES ARE' BUHJBUIGK WILL BUILD THEM L Congratulations to the Class of 1950 RUDOLPH'S FURNITURE STORE Things Tbat Make a House a Home IN-9 801 LIGHTHOUSE AVENUE MONTEREY, CALmoxN1A F , 1 COLLEGIATE DRESS SHOP ml? 487 Anvzuumo Morrrnluav, CALIFORNIA PHONE 2-3777 mm Providing for A Monterey Peninsula the Finest in Modern Portrait and Commercial Photography MONTEREY STUDIO Phone 2-2485 .41-If g 0. m gf: 468 ALv1uumo Snuznr 5 V Monterey, California Compliments to the Cl 9'-E324 In FREMONT HARDWARE 86 SUPPLY Supplies I GENERAL and BUILDERS HARDWARE Stan Greeb JM ' Mort Mor son 5' QW? ,X X' P65 IJ 'SWG' 'fff' fyQ5JX R If M356 ,E ,. ,Qi Q9 Q75?f3f53 fffff'j5 R 5 A ff l f 'VW V J f ff YJ if sw of ffijgg fff V Wfgaiggjgi 5 if ffigiff-191 if fbfif Plll M ffii all RQMFJAK ,E Congratulations to the Class of '50 from CALIFORNIA WATER AND TELEPHONE TYLER STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA ETS-HOKIN 8: GALVIN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 'Q' ii GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 484 WAsHmcToN STREET MoN'rEaEY, CALIFORNIA ' 5 'L 0 1 ' I MONTEREY BOGTERY ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY, CALufonN1A The following firms supported the ' EL Susuluxo by having their names on this' Congratulations? Booster Page To the Class of Q! S ol, 'A' Arcade Gift Shop Q k Brands Motor Lodge Ray s Department Store .k LaDonna Shop 475 FLEMONT EXT. PHONE 5-4810 WATERS-BEEBE CO. DeSoto Lets You Drive Without Shifting 600 MUNKAS STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA l I F I llbxssnon photo Service no Fm-klin Sum - Haul San Cub' Building MONTEREY. CALIFORNIA Run... CH -Iliad ldqlqnh H-nfhhll' M Han.Sulb take it Hom Cad" wid M I S S I D I creameries. inc. LIGI-1'rHoUsE AVENUE, MONTEREY Congratulations to the Class of '50 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY, INC. DEPARTMENT STORE ALVAMDO SHEET, MONTEREY PHONE 2-2161 I l I I Compliments to the Class of 1950 ow G E O R G E H O M E S CLOTHING STORE MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS- lo the CLASS OF 1950 - f CARMEL-BY-TI-IF-SEA CALIFORNIA 5 7 dffem, ,KJLQAQ , f j ff I 'C L " f fn ,V fe, I ' I riff ff ff fff f I -64 4 10: AL - iff' fd Kfffgifgg ,gffff ff fate? 'F ' j' " " F' 'I ' - f ' . 'f' ,, f QI f H K ' P Q Qld? Y? xff' ,fi firfxf -:fi I, 'f',"' ' V' il "1-f f , 4' "Best Wishes fb the Class ,of 1950" -. - N, "L"l 41 N-f .f '- ' ff. 'f I ,fktj , . ff, I", 1g,' ' ', .fl I' ' I . I L- ,I I I - - A ,. LM, N L, ,A , Fr- , I, 4,1 ,fl I , 1 I, C , J frff .1 !f'tf,l.f 5 I Lidib H 5, ft 5 : "J A. V 73. il!-,VN L .r' I,-Wg, ' A- ,I A7 f, I 'VF V , - ,A , HELLA S TOBACKCQ' SHOP . ' f 1 1' ' -" 1' ' A ' ,, , I 5 4,,f Q 1: I, . 'K 31,1 ,aff F , ,.,f 1 ,W New v ,XAl, YH, Wcffij f T' , " I ' ' A' yt I L I 1' f " - ' " 'Hi ' 'ZX AV' Aly' ,,. 'L 1 I Q-!42'Z.."'C ff' K5 vi". 'A f-"Q, ,.' -ll f jQ 7 ' 1 Q 1 A, ' ' . , I, I V- ' 'fi' v1 1 Y' If , Inf, 1' ffrgf? 413 ALVARADO STREET ' " nl 'T ' MONTFIIFY, CALIFORNIA , I F? t' QQ' f' A 'ff' T Z4 'L - 'if '.f " -fn 1 Qi VV 1 V4 , ,,,?,., I 1 ' SKIRTS BLOUSES SUITS LINGERIE COATS SWEATERS 467 ALVARADO STREET Phone 2-S 177 MONTEREY DATE DRESSES for HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS I HOIHEPIDS KARMELKORN SHOP 429 ALVAKADO STREET PHONE 2-2273 Your Favorite POP CORN 4 KARMELKORN "Oh, so good" ww' H ome-made Candy SEE IT MADE And Your Favorite Fountain MONTEREY HARDWARE MEARLE L. Cl-IAVOYA, Prop. 1 COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD NEEDS PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS 422 TYLER STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA I I I I El Camino Cake Shop Specializing in CAKES and BREAD BIRTHDAY and WEDDING CAKES Made to Order l98 DEL MONTE AVENUE, MONTEREY, CALIF. FLOR DE MONTEREY Florists CUT FLOWERS - POTTED PLANTS CORSAGES WEDDING FLOWERS 'A' Professional Building Telephone 2-3885 l WALTER CARTER Congratulations to the Class of '50 61112 .Hirst National Bank OfMonterey fr ef fr 1: fr Mrsunsx: FEDERAL Rlsssnvs SYSTEM and Fnozamu. Dlsrosn Iusuiumcs Coufonfrnon l I AL'S GOOD EAT K S PLATE LUNCHES I-IAMBURGERS 'Q' MILK SHAKES BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST and SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 'A' nausea or Femznx. Rssmwe Svsrxam Fenenu. Deposrr INSURANCE Con PORATION A 74.4 -1.4 I. f ,,,'A'W-A Ak fu x'- Nw 'L A. R. Bergquist, Jeweler Diamonds 1 Watches Jewelry 423 Amumno STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA 1 K X WF NxfRfykK'J:Q3h'i1EVnfo1s?y'i'E ,WPENINSULA D XFX UP xnlhgf Er' yvfkv 'vb' if QM S'n?ivC071Q7LE? J71S,f0 the class of '50 , A V 'I jg . L I U LN ASYKW WASHINGTO S Ph 5 5115 I N M MQFMR 0- eyClf ajfggi' filfx 'x4k-C' 3 J? , ,uf I ,, 1 , r .u,. 1 K 0 .U fu 9 I 1 Congratulations to the Class of '50 E 1 . - , 1. f , 1 , , I. N ,I J. D. THORN 86 CO. U C gf , REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE V Z 1 E ILE' llf K Q -A-FLLAZ, Z1-4 408 C P MONTEREY, 4490 -ral '1!!I3E'J--ff:-J' . Jvc 7 CONGRATULA smrru BROTHERS HARDWARE 'k SMITH BROS. HARDWARE CO. 1 I WISHART'S BAKERY "Where Quality Reigns Su premen Phone 2- S S 61 425 CALLE PRINCIPAL, MONTEREY MONTEREY HOBBY SHOP LAUNDROMAT MONTEREY LOCK 8: KEY SHOP DEL MONTE AVENUE MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA Would You Like This New 1950 Hudson - Plus a Free Family Air-Vacation ? You can buy any New 1950 Hudson at the LOCAL DELIVERY PRICE, financed if you wish. Your choice of body style, model, color, and accessories. We order your car and you fly to De- troit on an all-expense paid Scenic Air Tour in a luxurious DC-6 four-mo- tored American Airlines Flagship-plus a cash return vacation allowance. 1 1 WINSTCN AUT0 CO' 230 CALLE PRINCIPAL, MONTEREY Phone S-3453 C,,,.VA--g EN eiiifsae Q' 5. X I R 4 S 5 Congratulations to the Class of 1953? if ' Q: .t R 5-N-gi HERALD PRINTERS 8: PUBLISHIR51? X X 'N - J . 472 CALLE Pnmcnmr., Monnaluzv, CALIFORHIKM ' X' N-. z' -X , x, L , U- - Q K 1 Q V, ,J xx xl S .QQ .R COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF 1950 Q QUIGLEY MOTOR CO. 724 Abrego Street Phone 2-5 166 Monterey, California Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1950 MONTEREY GARAGE Munras 85 Fremont Phone 5-4175 I I I Congratulations to the Class of "SO" PENINSULA BAKERY HOUSE TO HOUSE SERVICE PIES ff CAKES ff DONUTS SNAILS E ETC. Phone 2 -3914 986 ROOSEVELT STREET IYIONTEREY MEAGHER ELECTRIC CO. RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Q 457 TYLER STREET MONTEREY, CALlI". CONGRATULATIONS GRADS MIRAFLOR FLORIST Phone 5-5666 176 BONIFACIO PLACE MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA .... 740 lfziue-fn 'Wim mia TTI? , ,, . bl-6 .1-0 I - If...-f. . I Ill 1' 'W,L,1 T 'Q PIE 44 " ' DADK' Umvl IN DCSIAUDANT ... MISSIS IIOU.LM?l7LQ,NlY4lIL 4 vounr. -.1-.-1 1 ..1.....,. swawaa - eagfa - iw em Car Service Only THE FIRST OF ITS KIND ON THE MONTEREY PENINSULA Situated on Highway I W-W -- Tv' .Si T x, Congratulations to the Class of 50 from . 3 im LAS TIENDAS Qi N' -5:4 GROCERY Igfgikb ff FF Q ' MEAT MARKET S E DEL MONTE AVENUE PHON M c K A Y ' S Photo Finishing Service 4' CAMERAS FILMS DEVELOPING PRINTING PRINTING ENLARGING COPYING if Phone 5-6327 470 ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY Phone 2 0 5 26 I I I I Congratulations to the Class of "SO" CONGRATULATIONS BAMB00 GARDENS and Best Wishes, MONTEREY GRADUATES ! REALLY AUTHENTIC CHINESE Eooo 1 SERVED FAMILY STYLE MODERATE PRICES TICE ELECTRICAL SHOP 1 S00 DEL MONTE AVENUE Open Daily - 4 to Midnight 2030 FREMONT EXTENSION MONTEREY Congratulations to the Class of "SO" Congratulations to the Class of "SO" MERRILL MOTORS Oldsmobile Rockets Ahead CHARMAK 86 CHANDLER SIXES E5 Men's Furnishings EIGHTS Q 45 4 ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY S24 WASHINGTON STREET MONTEREY Q 1 Congratulations to the Class of "SO" C A S A M U N R A S wishes THE WORK LUMBER Good Luck to the Class of 1950 CQ, FINE DINNERS FINE LODGING For Lumbegh8C Building Material one S-5111 At the Casa For Millwork-Phone S-5111 Q MONTEREY, CALIFOR C RNER LICIITI-IOusE AND DAVID AVENUE MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA Eslfa-AJ -kL4,4,,J q,..,JjQ.,,fCQ12C,.1-eNa,.fn,.,..,Z.,Af1.JQX0f,v.l4, ,cgulvijogq I17Y1L.4vvC9A4WwfNvOLsAxqC+x7,ALADQLP4,L,MLx,,,M0f6?L 44 Mlxqnfa xZ,.11..A. y XL.,-till' DAN SEARLE L'7'M'AL7,3.w..M7"Q'YL am ,-JZTLD7, ELECTRICAL SHOP M- -0 Af-H 1-wQ..l1NE VACJZTQMLWQ- M ELECTRICAL SHOPJJNO-X Suu MTW ,my H O.- ",,-,- - 4,M.Ma,WL....r, 1L..1A-9 OW., 2, K ZLMLXLKIRBY . DEL MONTE AVENUE, MONTER VINING'S GROCERY and MEAT MARKET INGELS-KEELEY AUTO PARTS Q INSPECTED MEATS FANCY GROCERIES Q 3 98 FRANKLIN MQNTEREY Telephone 5-6 8 7 8 423 ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY, CALIF Congratulations Class of '50 VANITY BOX SHOP Q Congratulations to the Class of "SO" A I PE W TY Rlfgf? EXCHANGE 299 DEL MONTE AvENuE MONTEREY Fine Stationery- -Ofice Equipment Congratulations to the Class of "5 0 PALACE DRUG CO. 1 I I RASMUSSEN 85 MOODY SPORTING GOODS Q 401 ALVARADO STREET GUNS FOOTBALLS MONTEREY, CAI-'FORNM AMMUNITION BLOCK SWEATERS ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY IT'S SHOES from HOUR SHOE STORE for DAYTIME 85 DATE TIME I ,H ff yi ' H for -' N T E W 1 Q , , , - 5 ANYTIME 5 - 1 wlisx, TIMELY t Q STYLES "Fashion Car of the Year" BEATTIE MOTORS HOUR SHOE STORES MONTEREY MONTEREY 'A' GILRQY FEATURING FRIENDLY SERVICE PACIFIC GROVE HOLLISTER I i UNITED AUTO S E R V I C E RICHARDSON'S FURNITURE STORE MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA t , . I ., Q 1 af if 1 1 Quality Furniture for L I ..E-s,f' All Houses i' Phone 5-4212 177 WEBSTER STREET PHONE 5-3171 HERMANN'S Since1v932 FINE HAMBURGERS sends Congratulations to the Class of "5 0" 'A' Phone 2-9646 3 80 ALVKRADO STREET CRESCENT JEWELERS Q 286 ALVARADO STREET MQNTEREY, CALIFORNIA Congratulations to the M .U.H .S. For Class of ,S 0 Convertible Tops Auto Seat Covers B H Artificial Leather Safety Glass 'A' Furniture Upholstery Where Quality Furniture Refinishing is Furniture Fabric Inexpensive Mafffmfs 'k 'A' A vAn S MONTEI1 L O Y D B U S B Y 536 FnEMoN'rST1uaE'r Puomz S-3220 - 72o1,Q. - e,4g,gWL.,7 ,.A,,.,,,,,b4,A,,,.,,.,,,,. lW'fM?ffW7E230 '?4 MII? '.T"'2'l '75 fgffu. ' gf U !ZLl!Ufx,fffmm ',..,3,,xs ABINAN E M SIC Owfgepvizjegfokflfyawwbvom 7T"4' jbwuf V QW-9.0. SR 'XQ7 ' i ' e.,: -,ff PZOWGMKOAO ,JAM ii? Good Luck to Monterey H igb Sebool Its Graduates and Students Printing - Rubber Stamps 'k t Phone 5 - 5 777 426 WASHINGTON STREET MONTEREY V I L L A G E S H O E T R E E BEST WISHES from ' Pease Prescription Pharmacy DOLORES near 6TH CARMEL Phone S -4123 S99 HARTNELL MONTEREY ' 4 WILKINSON BROS. LUMBER BROS. 'Complete line of A-,Q 2415 FREMONT EXTENSION BUILDING MATERIAL Millwork 1 Sash and Doors All Grades and Types of Redwood We Mill to Your Specifications ROOFING MATERIALS We Deliver PHONE 5-3700 MONTEREY JEWELERS JOHNNIE'S KITCHEN Sends Good Wishes ,O the TRY OUR M.U.H.S. Class 0f'50 PLATE LUNCH ir if A ARADOSTREET MONTER F E BEST WISHES from DELIA DIEESS SHOP Barry Bros. Feed 85 Fuel I , M 'k 'A' HELBEI LEREQQXQXV LAVEKRNE WALTERS Phone S-4770 4 E ,E Ki 471 TYLER STREET MONTER E: f L XXX W ffx in y Wlljij N Rf fl' Nix if ik JV 47' , , f My ffm .EPA UVM f ff W CqNC4RATULATIONS CLASS OF 'so MV ME E E W f I JQNHEREY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE UM 5,85 MUNP-M' PHONE 2-4544 Sf? LIAL'S MUSIC SHOP MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA i 488 ALVARADO STREET OCEAN Bc MoNTEvERDE Phone 2-2312 Carmel 7-4380 La Porte-Greenwald Co. Real Estate - Insurance i Phone2-3657 118 WEBSTER STREET MON'fEREN', CAI.IIf. Nancy Lou Dress Shop MODE O'DAY FROCK SHOP i Lingerie - Dresses - H oisery Phone S-4656 'A' 316 CALLE PRINCIPAL MONTEREY, CALIF. 481 ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY THE OLIVER'S i Mission Ari and Curio Shop i Telephone 5-45 S7 120 ALVARADO STREET MoNTEREY, CALIF. ORDWAY PHARMACY PHARMACY N Phone S-3348 WATSON Bc DOW 398 ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY, CALIF. THE OWL CLEANERS Quality Cleaning 65 Dependable Service -if Telephone 2-3153 H3 WEBSTER STREET MONTEREY, CALIF. PIONEER BAKERY FINE- CAKES and PASTRIES sr Phone 5-3913 S00 POLK STREET MONTIIRI x Wilfred Stensland . Angelina Incaviglia and Tommy i 5 I Telephone S -4776 ,di M 1- lil ED WILLIAMS MEN'S WEAR 'A' Phone 7- 3 9 3 0 716 MUNRAS AVENUE MONTEREY, CALIF. Congratulations Class of "5 0" Carroll's Jewelry Store ff DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER MITCI-IELL'S " FREMQNT PHARMACY Watch and Iewelry Repairing FREMONT EXTENSION SEASIDE, CALIFORNIA FREMONT EXTENSION and HARCOURT SEAsmE, CALIFORNIA Compliments to Congratulations to the Class of ,, 5 0,, Class of "50" fm" FASHION FABRIC Manannas Dress Shop f ALVAKADO STREET MONTEREY, CALIF. 742 FnEMoNT EXTENSION MONTEREY WHO'S WHO AMONG THE BABIES Evelyn Golden Carol MacDonald Myrtha Chabran Phil Salomone Genevieve Balesteri Beverly Kalar Evelyn Cooksey Marie Guarrasi George Brucato Brad Conger Rita Goulart Setsuko lrino, Emi Yoshiyama Tom LoCoco Betty Husserl Dick Huizenga Drusilla Ohrt Dick Omoto Agnes Buceti Raymond Danielson Barbara Zmaeff Joe LoManto Jack Martorella Sal J. Cardinale Audrey Thompson Dolores Hoffman Rose Marie Flores Paul Costanza Vivian Buckeldee Billie Bolton John McCrary Catherine Bruno Christine Vilar Mark Smith Marie Strazzulla Jean Dorney Ann Rumetsch Carol Hansen Jeanette Silver Rawleigh Ready Shirley Wingard SWEET SERVICE CO. Automotive Equipment - Supplies - Parts i' Service Parts for all Cars SERVICE CLEANERS .IIMMIE HERNANDES, Prop. 'I' "Service-is Our First Thought" Phone S-4747 153 WEBSTER STREET MONTEREY, CALIF The Poor Scholar CHINA IMPORTING CO. Book L. K. LEW 8: SONS 'A' SILKS, LINENS and ART GOODS BOOKS "The House of Quality" GREETING CARDS if GIFT WRAPS .k Telephone 5 -6601 599 POI-K STREET 464 ALvARADo STREET ' MONTEREY, CALIF. A and Z WHITE'S ARMY-NAVY STORE STATIONERY Best Wishes to the Class of '5 0 'k i' 198 CALLE PRINCIPAL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA FRANKLIN STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA LORIN D. LACEY DIAL S-S225 AUSTIN of ENGLAND Sales F5 Service 298 PEARL STREET MONTEREY, CALIF. 16-ml., x "Ken" DOOLITTLE MOBILGAS STATION PHONE 2-2467 MONTEREY Y I 0 Congratulations, Class of '5 0 R ANDY,S SPROUSE-REITZ co., TOGS FOR CHILDREN ' ,, t 473 AI.vARAno STREET IN THE POST OFFICE TRIANGLE MONTEREY CALIFORNIA 389 HARTNELL PHONE 2-5055 CONGRATULATIONS OUR BEST WISHES the HOTEL SAN CARLOS BACHELOR SHOP FINE APPAREL FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN 'A' i' Phone 5- 3 6 6 8 MONTEREY' CALIFORNIA 46 3 ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY, CALIE. Compliments to Ch'-'S0f'50 OLIVERIUS CLEANERS lk Phone 5 -66 7 7 RAGGHIANTI SHOE it SHOP MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA 2 5 l E. FRANKLIN STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA Congratulations to tbe Class of '5 0 WHEATON JEWELERS from A 'I' THE NATIONAL Expert Watch Repairing DOLLAR STORE am, iv Diamond Setting Phone 2-3 540 " 266 ALVARADO STREET MONTEREY 487 ALVARADO STREET PHONE 5-43 25 BETTY BRICKMAN SHOP P A D R E ir ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES RADIOS 'A' TIRES Phone 2-2422 ,k 195 FRANK'-'N STREET MONTEREY 485 LIGHTHOUSE AVENUE PHONE 5-6011 Telephone S-5 892 ANITA'S FASHION BEAUTY SALON ANASTASIA FISH Y0u.'lI Like Our Work Fim' Prnparatirms - Modern Equipmenl Fi-sb 0f Kif1d-I Reasonable Prices 147 WEBSTER STREET PHONE 2-5627 FlSHERMAN,S WHARF MONTEREY, CALIE. MONTEREY BOWL EUREKA DAIRY FOUNTAIN Grade "A" Tuberculin Tested Milk PACIFIC and FRANKLIN STREETS Grade "A" Eggs - Ice Cream 'A' Phone 2-3207 MONTEREY' CALIFORNIA 465 TYLER STREET MONTEREY, CALIE HENNY BROS. Phone 5-4226 VENETMN BUNDS HILBY'S DRUG STORE WINDOW SHADES DRAPERY HARDWARE DU PONT PAINTS ' 'A' 419 Al,VARADO STREET MONTEREY, CALIF. 468 TYLER STREET PHONE 2-3539 .Af n wif 4 -'A 1 x 'V' 4 "0 xx.. 3v..1hl1f'4- ,. .Lb.fg.?N N . .v J X H ' 6 "-1 UQ' . .,. 4,3 , -.. 6 QE: js K 1 ' 1 ,M 'r h.. ' f '.-'B . 3 1 . , ' ' K 1 . v'- Y34' N 16 xx , ijt- ,+ ...,x'3T6Q3Q"f-'M '. f L r!Q., C I Q 75,1 . , x44 0. U 3' nf, I n fu , 5 "': lk. P A 0 I Q., , H ' N r Q S 0' X. 8 .I ' it QM 1, ' ' Z . CEL A a . 4. lla' I f': Q fix is 'A 1' QV J J., ffl,-x j'."D - 'ir Q H-NWA. g 'fx' ' IQ NE X wr-XXX 'K M N ' ww, V , Jr 5 A ish R Y f Hd, E LQ: 53 X, ,, 1. .9 U1 K1 Q 9 I 1 f. QZQ ' ?. 2 J," 'E I 1 3,5 .jf I v 4 , "'1,r . g, Q 4, .f'Q.f ... , ,,,. . . X .Qu sn? 4 -1 ji: :MYQAF llje-1' ' Hn yi ff iii 'L 5. Q . Y' .. ,11z"'f 4 . 3 if sis g 5. v mxef X535 - - as J 'X 'Ad I I., - ale -' il P 6 L f, --ff Eu ,J 5 N13 F J N LT' ' N47 NN ,Ali 'Q -,. ,Q s X 4- 6- X1 x 4 ' v .Q 4 x L 0+ L-."' 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Suggestions in the Monterey High School - El Susurro Yearbook (Monterey, CA) collection:

Monterey High School - El Susurro Yearbook (Monterey, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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