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A I 4 B I 1 5 I D--fu-.' .3 fum A+ N A Qalafbvd war... awww. F x fl -1 'Q ,. 's . ? ,Lg an ,..- I1"?f. r Q. '- UT an if .. .471 ' All , at . ,- , V vi. 'n"",! A f. ,Vv-9, , Q . E., ' .' , - ' ' 1-. , - Q .5 fy I, ., Qfgl - 4 ..' 1 H., -., . . . y.. , '91 , -1? ff.: K ' f ' 4 t . ,K 4, M if Lflkgx A 3 V " 1 A ,iq -" . A',',f" fy " if-, I .fit Q IX. fm , Q.,-iii. J -A . gi R, N3 ,ww ,, I . av'-f VY-.f'.' . M' I lgieyfk M .jf I . '. ' ' ' ,. L ff- A- ' -. W " ,Q 5555" Ni' 6 "F-,. 5 4 ., .. n . . 53,10 ' ' - in I , - , .xt-5.1, -1 I' -,L , . ...f 'ww- - '- if ri Y . ' - ' V - ,I , ' 1 .. j .,+i:f'4n'1 4 ' ' I 1 , ' . ' ,411 s if 'limi' - I . ' . ,I ' , ' 'xr 5 ' p, , f v J ' !'.'. v Lf : : .57 .' " Q- Lu' 5 fl... 93? 'Ad J: V 17,42 W' 4 L ' 'fu ' ,Q '-:- 'gl-L' ' ' . . ,, ., , .5 , 1" - 4- 4.1, Y' . A ., -. v1--.ll 5 .. V ' '- .- 'fn . I v N 4 F :W MJ a . K ',,vh. if .. Nga . - .uw my 'sv' fl .g.-y 1 I 1 - , . 4 X V , M r A r -1 X . 4- v , , . ., A , K . Q ' 4. w '.u ' w Q Y E-if 'ff M J -av ,, J' ,. " 1' 451' .M . - 'ff . J. if - . 'Q..:.?'.g,: Q.. .pp -fy,-W I ., 4, .. 4 lx, ? . ' ,pam x . A "1 3 I 4' - 42- ' fm -. ng,-' L -' f f ' if V, , bi '-"H-5' . -'11 ' .. 7 5 4 "'4i,E.-1'5fi2Vc'.f, .' gr: ' .x s nw---"1-. ' l . . W V ,sn5? llp:'.., .4 4 , I . ' ,f vs' '. ,- . . ,L ,time . ii 1, , . Q. Q ,WIT .'. ' J" Av Y11,',,-, f ,.,4.f,if1Ep:1i If .X f1f.:'.--,jf 13 4' J "VKX '::.' :H MG, f - ,', . ,A .. , 1. ' ik, " ' V ,--f ' , ,.-., ,I .A 'xlr l 0 ti " 1- 'Q' .- YB .- I- 'F 1' , , ' ' ' ," ' A , A ' N ':. 1 1. J. -, 5 4. -2- - , v -" ' ' lf: -,'Qn.','-x, w. P ' - -..,, ,-vl -.. . ,w .azzr ' .41 2212,-,-AJ , 31,0 , -killing. .f.,,?, . " ff: ,url 122,51-. :., 1 . . I., X, ,fi.Z.Y' 1.,:-'jp vf H5 .,.,y ",A'.Ni.',g'-. 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T e Lone i ress 'Z Q f t fl bi 6 f x The Lone Cypress stands 9' s , X :N With head bowed down, 9f ,Q Bare limbs well worn with age, Meeting each day, with strength, Q The storms that strike in rage. 5 A Still standing strong, 9 ' This tree looks on 5 3 6 our doubtful Wor1dQ today. 5 A - . . 1 :Q 4 Tomorrow will she find it thus 6 Or better than our yesterday? V- 9 Q I I PAT Si-narluua, ' 1 Q NW V X - ' J KEKEKEKEKESKEKEKHJTY -T'f- ?'T- it PORBWORD .M 2,25 f NINBTBBN HUNDRED THIRTYVNINB T0 ITS READERS A h ??fr" , " ' j-1F .V-I - Jw ' Jil: -S' 1 . 5 4. -Msgs-N ' - "Wi A Q' . .1 Y T Q.. . q u", .B:, X A ,Q A , 4. tj. what ,, ,"8 i Of' V, A 5 , sg 5 i .f,, ' 4 , , ,stef N, S S 4- qw, fr A u.,. ,mmm 11: f' ifs. .1v-- 1 .4 I ,w'.'-W A, H 1 . J, , . XV at 'Z G, . v ,EAA .Aw : 5. " -X' 3. . . 1: ir, Ms' . Mx-, '95 . f ., .Wag . . Us .,- FT '- 55 USE! ,inf .5 . z-5-. Q ,,.f. . 1 ' .5 ' .. 4. :V 'if-, 1 r 'FP '- , -rv a',' ' ' 11.21 Q '-f-' 2 ik-, v f V ...w u .vi .g:..,f- , i . 155- ,M .gl V F 1" --,J if. m,,. . RJ I , W. '- Wir uw- n,, 'Lf sf I? 4 4 N-5 mf T2 'I Lk , , 4 w x,. J L . V..d -A - I A um' O4 1 9 5 . PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THB MONTEREY UNION HIGH SCHOOL R BDITOR'IN'CHIEF . DORQIHY ALLAIRE A . A mix rmcnunvna snzuoa nnrron ASSOCIATE EDITOR HOMER LEVINSON GIRLS' ACTIVITIES KATHRYN HAMM, GERALDINE HEINRICH BOYS' SPORTS I ACK CORNETT BUSINESS MANAGER WALTER TBUFTBR I A ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER JACK PEI-TON .. I - In 1. , y n , I I' , L- iv, 1 Q ' -1' w CQLTON HALL IS S-IGNIFICANTQOI' HISTORY a MONTEREY, BO THIS VOLUME ENDBAVORS TO SEI F 1' .A HISTORY OF- THE SCHOOL YEAR 1938-1939 gm, -meal: 1.4-' A 5, V.- .. p- P' ,mf v- v, l 4-f . 4 5 1 Q, .i K' , U v . 1 able of COIIIZSIIITS ' DEDICATION REGIMENTATION ORGANIZATION RECREATION COOPERATION as mam-cvr,.As wnuwrmo A8 ma xuocnn or mnrr 1.08083 my -mn an cuss uv 1939 msn mu A f wx f vw mn Y 3 5 0 W s "fe , ga fl? K 1' , 5"1i'gwEz:?vL - w .Q 1' 1: in . :Q A N ff: ff- X 'Gif 1 fh,wg . , 1 ,A ,. . Rf 1 , nr" H A ' if -',5.,X,,f- . 1,4 yi..,.- fo my .4 K ,4Mx,1. 5 ' gr' ,, X 1 , ,ix ' zu. L Q ,444 y- .V ' -:aa 1,1 . , 35, ' , 2 f my 4' V Y l' rixwyr. , mmk' , L ,-.5 N .fig ! Lg ix,, Q.a 1, 'gr 'gfj gg" - gm Q5 dia gig Ikkigv 4f,aHW i 5x.g,,,-we 1, . em'?mz 33,5 ,, iw! 1. x 2 H, nf '72 " .Mgr , U4 I, A Lf, 'J Wwawwmwivw m f 3? . Y , in W 1- NM fig ,fav 413 T.. ' K .J ,KYSA " A ,415 J .Q iffy.: Y Q, "hiv-1,,'-.IQ ,5 A AYVIA 15 , B -:N X '- ff QA M Iiifvlk 5,2 H T ie' f2ge1G:?? if 1 Q ' 5'9" H3 3 2: E xx Q 1 4 it i ji in L ye ET H94 f . Yimz ' V 5 1 aivvw if N if 3 fgiigi Wshmw? lf, ,. I fs ,. ,ppl F. 11 FIT ki .QSQ27 1 , ' - 'V T '- W W ,v-W' QW ,MA I' - 5 57 i rj! Vw 1. - .Pi NWS, ,fy ,L ' n' H,,..V,,vw , ,. : f Ag M.Q,31f,g1.. -A 3,2 qi! K Q31 . 1 .,, K 4, A ,E ! , Fw. sl t Nd- , 1 f "5 Yr ' If-inf, PNK .. - 'f. " x LV-,W-,. in-Q ,Rfk . 4, . A 'f Q. ff . F535 li x . V to ,.-v.. ,. avi' 'Hm- K WEN - tg li ,- 1,-n '-. .nh '. 7.. l' A' ' 153 WW 1. 5 -' ' ff- -- . f' -1 - 3 -N lvl. D , 9. ei? ' L u V-f 'J , -vwff ' l x. ll. al. Lu gf my J. - f - I-f ' - Q , . fl ' "4 . .' e lcauozp Once in a blue moon . . . . . I b l a camera catches the bewitching glories of our almamatefs campus laved in the silvefsheen of the midnight hour Once in a blue moon . . . la school-year as fraught with important and pleasant mem- O . ories as the one just completed passes 7' c-fhenauafndmy j4 l ' . , Q , Once 'in a blue moon . . . . - - 12 . ' A '4 , invincible, clean-playingl hard-hitting men, coached by ' gran mentor Hal Towngman, compose a team sokoutstanding ' as our C'.C.A.L. championship football teamlto ughvse , unsullied glory we gratefully dedicate -n this book . A , 4 'bn 4,1 3 W .sg r ' rf" 7,4 5 , "gg -1 Q M , '1f'I2,. V :fgx :- , :Ill-j 'Q 1 ,jg-'l .fi-5' ,7f'i w' -' ' - -'W . , - 'WX . V g if f t' ' . .LRG-V-L , V 'gi f t' 4-iv-J f ' , 1 -f" A J Y, . - .E .. F ' af, A .lm 1 U.. 'I I L E x ,lr A yqx- .5 "5 UH ,qw 5 ' :'N kykr nw Arrk I Q J fl y : up 'i NK if' 0 'v .. i i if ,,v .1 n etrospect Dear Friends: Certain years become landmarks in the history of an institution. In the life of Monterey Union High School, the purchase of our campus, the improvement of the ath' letic field, the two periods of construction, and the beautification of the grounds set up such landmarks. In contrast to these, the present year will be known as the year of change. Recognizing the crowded condition of the school and the Peninsula's need of collegiate accommodation for its high school graduates, the hi h school board bought an additional site, held an election to raise money to improve' it, and applied for Public Works Administration aid in erecting the necessary buildings. But movements arose to have a separate high school in Carmel and to transfer some of the northern elementary school districts from us to Salinas and Watsonville. The netresult of these conflicting movements was to reduce our district by six elementary school 'districts and leave us with a student body that is likely to diminish by a hundred twentyffive, or so, students during the next two years. To add to the variety of student and faculty experience, a boiler room fire in September put the heating plant out of commission and compelled the dismissal of school for two weeks. Despite these temporary setbacks, there has been growth in various ways. In numbers, all previous years have been surpassed, and the day school enrollment has ex' ceeded eleven hundred. The adult school has again reached two thousand, in round numbers. In the more important matters of studentfteacher enterprise, joint effort has resulted in some championship teams, a long list of successful undertakings, a few new clubs to keep social and club opportunity expanding with the growing enrollment, and in the opening of some new or wider avenues for the expression of student skill and energy. Frequent radio programs are one illustration. Larger, more numerous, and more expert musical organizations are another. The Shop has reached a peak in its en' rollment, in the range of its opportunity, and in the fulness of its use of its facilities. Shop boys are following a new plan in their study of English and history. In student finances, there have been some disappointments, but the desperate measures demanded some years in the recent past have not been called for. All in all, therefore, this Annual helps record and signalize a year of happy accomplishment for both teachers and pupils. Faithfully yours, J. R. McKu.1.oP, District Superintendent 0 fam v , . .ua 'V anlis, ollcsl To the Reader: We are grateful for your purchase and perusal of this book. To the Advertiser: We are indebted for your splendid cooperation, without which this book would be nonfexistent. To the Photographer: Mr. Roy Flood, we are obligated for your patient artistry in both formal and informal settings. Q2 To the Printer: 'P The Carmel Press, and especially Mr. Howard E. Timbers, we are obliged for meticulous edition, careful composition, and friendly assistance. To the Engraver: ,tv California Art and Engraving, we are indebted for innu- merable helps and "major engineering." Mr. Marvin Bonds was particularly kind. To the Binder: Mr. William Bushman, we are thankful for speedy service. To You Others Who Helped: Including, Mr. Ted McKay, the Monterey Peninsula Her' ald, Mrs. Benjamin Abarr, Mr. Harry Sortais, Mr. W. T. Lee, Miss Gertrude Rendtorff, Mr. Paul Zaches, Miss Mae Garrett, Mr. Franklin Toung, Bette Wilson, Myron Oliver, Orin Ford, Ieradine Lamb, 'Toshio Enokida, Darrell jordan and Howard Levinson, we are indebted for valuable service rendered. Sincerely, '39 SUSURRO STAFF AND ADVISER 'G ar iw X XXXWNY A . sf ' QXXXXXXXXXXX XXXN - , .3 . ?3i 'wb ,ul L fzj if nf V, fi N. . If N w Q x O 0 ,, k-..37.:, N., F ' Wulf' 2 : 4 4 ' s Q ' x . ' Y NN i ,, f I f 4 'X X ., X 5Q3,3.,' -A N V X A 1 5 1 . 52 9 A .is T116 C1388 of iRfC1'I1iI1iSCC1'lCCS The history of the Class of 1939 is really the story of the evolution of a group. As freshmen we were probably the most undistinguished and motley crew ever to grace the fair campus of Monterey High. When we look upon the blank expressions of this present Freshmen Class, it is easy enough to imagine what we looked like four long years ago. As far as class activities were concerned, we considered ourselves very fortunate to hold even two meetings. The grand total of our other class undertakings that first year amounted to exactly nil. After graduating from lowly Freshman ranks we woke up to a slight degree. Our class meetings became peppier and we had a financially successful concession in the May Circus. But the Junior Year may vtell be termed the time when we came of age. It was then that we burst out of our lethargy and became about the most active and successful junior Class in the school's history up to that time. We grew aware of our vital importance as UPPER'classmen, and demanded recognition of the fact that we were now among the privileged overlords of all we surf veyed. Naturally, we didn't remain in this state long-the Class of 1938 saw to that! At any rate, we began to show the school that we were good for something. XVe were proprietors of the best concession in the May Circus, 1938, and we held a successful pie sale. Rumor has it that our two dances were the year's best. The junior Dance was held to raise money, and the Juni0rfSenior Prom was held to spend the money which we had raised. As individuals, members of our class distinguished themselves in all phases of student affairs. Some turned their hands to running general student body business, others took part in the work of various organizations. Indeed, when we reached our senior status quo, we believed that we had really accomplished something. So-here we are, proud and mighty seniors, a long way from the dazed fresh' nten of yesterday. Today we can sit back with disdain and watch the struggling under' classmen strive to attain our lofty heights of attainment as a class. But as individual members of a school, society and state we are aiming toward further goals of usefulness. Our hope is, that when we leave Monterey High to go out to add our bit to civilization, we may be even more successful in our later endeavors than we have been here in our class activities. : wr -.7.!5---,ku-:--., - --i . anim ersanalifies When we view our great state of California we seldom stop to think of it as made up of many component parts. Rather we tend to look upon it as a whole. Actual' ly, California is an ever-shifting panorama. From the great silent forests of the north to the constantly changing life of the south, California is indeed fortunately different. In this, our state may well be compared to our Class of 1939. It is possible to liken the varied personalities of a class to the different sections of a state. First, there is Hollywood-the synthetic city of glamour. There, what counts is the outward impression-the real things that are deep down underneath are 'of little consequence. In the southland, the artificial reigns supreme. It is easy to picture a person who is the personification of this part of California. One can easily imagine him or her walking down the street dressed in flashy clothes, giving the glad hand to every acquain- tance--no matter how slight. Then we come north to the great majestic Sierras, calm and tranquil under their covering of cool green forest and everlasting snow. In this region of silent grandeur, mere man must move with almost reverent step. The entire atmosphere is one of tranf quillity and silent thought. A far cry indeed from the rush and hurry of the south. Here is the person who believes in thinking things out for himself, standing on his own two feet. Superficial matters hold little interest for him. Then we have the limitless expanse of dry arid desert. In this inferno of scorched wasteland not a living thing exists. The only signs of motion are the waves of hot air incessantly drifting toward the sky. Can't you see him with a dull, blank, express' ionless look on his face-with his everlasting reams of words about nothing in particular pouring out as if from an eternal geyser? All who contact this wasteland are smitten with ennui. From there we go to bustling, cosmopolitan San Francisco. Here is a city con- taining a little of every portion of the world-yet totally different from any single part of it. A feeling of charm and good fellowship permeates the atmosphere. One cannot help absorbing a little of the rare and fascinating. The background of blue water and silver steel, furnished by the bay and the great bridges enhances the rare beauty of this city. From quaint and curious Chinatown with its myriads of odd shops and twisting streets to patrician Noh Hill with its tall, stately huildings San Francisco is unique. The person to represent San Francisco is very hard to picture. She should he someone whose head isn't in the clouds: whose feelings run toward real things rather than to fleeting whimsies. She should he eternally engaging in some worthwhile activity or organization, hut she will still have plenty of time to do those many little things that prove just how human she is. The curtain falls upon our hrief view of some of the warp and woof that weave the golden tapestry of California. This glimpse of the variegated personalities that are woven together to make up our class is likewise concluded. Let us hope, as our Commonwealth grows greater, and takes a more important part in the national affairs, that we of the Class of 1939, as individuals or a group, may expand until ahle to make valuahle contrihutions to this world of ours. 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I --v -'1-,rr--mv ' h . ,, iv 7-e -,v.!. -.--:wir-gfqxgv enior Hoiior R,ati11g To VALDO OLEARI is awarded Senior High Honor Rating, for having maintained Honor Roll scholarshi th ' ' p roughout his four years in Monterey Union High School Senior Members of California Scholarship Federation James Beaumont John Hilliard Carol Card jean Humphrey Benny Chinn Victoria Jing Helen Dasbach Valdo Oleari Galyn Hammond Katharine Sandholdt Geraldine Heinrich Ramona Smith Ray Woolsey Seniors Not Pictured Arden Ardaiz Thomas Nakano Lyman Daggett Fred Turner Mary Jean MacChesney Joseph Vasquez .. ff:A1"':s" X if Onling Fast CLASS or 1940 The class that is to graduate next year, known as the Class of '40, is considered outstanding in several respects. Among its members are several of our most prominent scholars and athletes. Although there has been a paucity of class activity, individual Juniors have not been idle. For example, they had several spirited class meetings during the current school year, as a result of which was held one successful pie sale. fThree whole pies were sold at a net profit of 31.071 But the Junior Dance, entirely managed by students, was topnotch entertainment and good fun. The committee planning and decorating for the dance proved to be capable of exceptionally ine work. As for the JuniorfSenior Prom, and the part the Class of '40 played in that-well, let memory bring back those pleasant times to you. Oflicers of the junior Class this year have been: Max Hagemeyer and Mary Louise Selbicky, presidents, Stewart Martin, vicefpresidentg Zoe Littlefield, secretary, and Gordon Ewig, treasurer. CLASS OF 1941 The Class of '41 has among its ranks some of the finest scholars this school has ever had. It has been consistently high on the honor roll, taking first place away from the senior class one quarter. One class member, Adeline Mignano, holds the allftime record for points under our honor system, with the total of twentyffour points, or six A-pluses. We believe that she deserves special mention. So far this year, the Sophs have had few extrafcurricular activities, but their one pie sale was a tremendous success. Oilicers have been: Dick Williams, president, Barbara Lee Rico, vicefpresidentg Jacqueline Klein, secretary, and John Sand, treasurer. 1. R. Ballard and Jerry Dusek were sergeantsfatfarms. CLASS OF 1942 Coming to life slowly, but surely, the Freshman Class has not yet set our cam' pus on fire. They have, however, done a great deal of planning. Some of their number have contributed to school activities in splendid form, and show promise of becoming leaders on the campus in another year or so. Freshmen as a class must be complimented for cooperation in school affairs. Class officers have been: Sean Flavin, president, Rosemary Baker, vicefpresif dentg March Rochetti, secretary, and Andrew Shepard, treasurer. gum 406' Maia. 1 .M ,.f"'N Class of '40 Twp RUW2 P. I"Iil'.LLl11V1lC C,.'Mk1'xx', l3.Sl1.1rp, M. Ollvcr. 3rd Ruw: D. MilI'liI1, 15.111111-5, A.l11g1-11111. M. Scllm-ky, M. 211111101 E. l:111g11I1, Hudgcs. Ind R11w:V. Rllll1l'lNL'h. R.S1111rl1,M.S11l111111111c, M1111tv. F, S41lu1111111c UI. P11l111:1. ls1Rmv: D. .lc111s1111, I., Q11uck. .I. Tz11111k:1, ll,V1'1lk111s1111. T. Mc1'c1111l1 XY, HllI'I'lS1lI!, S. M:11't111, VI. l'x1l11l1111'11, A. C1'1I1'l1l11w Twp R11w:C. U111111, T.M1N,E.CZ11x, M, A11N1111, D, S1111ll1, M. ff111'tc1'. M.M1ll1'l'. Ind Ruxv: S. Tllkt'jlLlXK'il, U.Km1d1111111, M. U'D1'.1, M. I1'x'111-3. -I. Muxwrll, M. rXcI11111s1111, lNIl1llXX'IM Vw'1ll111111s U. IXLWQ111, lf.Tl1.11'k1-1. P. f111111gl111. Halhplavml. T. l's1'11w11, XY. M1ll1111.1t1111 C, K1-ulcy. R1-1-11. Tup Ruw: l.Vv'1Ix1111. D.R1111vz111.l.Kl11l11'. D. D1x1111. 3111 Row: D. H1111s1s 5l11kUS, h.i11-1-, R,A111-11.CI.NX'1Iw11, H.H.111k,F.M1-E11111-1-, E Mx'EI1llI'C. IndR11w:.l.St:111lcy, M. S11l1ll1c1'. NJlN'lll'l'tl, H.H111'11111, A. f1.11'11111dy, K.S1111dl111ld1. TN1.McPl11ll1ps. IslR11w:Pr.N111't1111, -I. Sculrl. B. Lylw11s1111, B. I11g1':1111, V, Sllllfll, S. B1'1ggQ, G. S1111dc1'M111 L.L1-11I1g,E.B1-xr. Twp Row: l. l.1l'wlwy, Dcl Picm, l.. Mnyllclnl, M. l.4wL', M. flnllcttu, 1 - 1 l M.f.1-mcllnlu, A. fnmssl. Zml Rnw: Y. Sasaki. l.. Maumkzn. Y. Ulm. lf. Al'Klill2, V. Mrlla, M.lla1kc1',M. Daly, E. -Ivnks. lst Row: Cl. Sll'1llllW, K. Uslmital, AI. Gnuppncr, Vv'. llrulll, E. clllfgllllll, H2lIlL'IllCyUT, H. Evans, R. Linh-liuld. Top Ruw: M. Slwcts, G, llniclcnlwckcr, bl, lVlllIlLll'll, A. Vv'ilmot, ll. Hull. M, Rcinkc. Ind Row: U. cllllllllf, l. Vv'ilsun, kl.c:l'1lll1llll Y. Huwalrcl, V. Kuswnlt D. Strniglml, R, Quaxglm M. Buclnal lst Ruw: 'l1l1ulvllrn K, Sllllllklll, Vv'.Yc1'kcs U. lfwig, H. lflitcllcucla R. Kigcr, E. lilssm l'. MiL1rzx,M. Miynlnotu Twp Ruw:R,RA1lpl1 G. m,L'lSL'l', W. Malrrun D, Bologna, G. Mycttc S. Mcmlis. V. Russn . lVluI'llll0tu, ll. Ml1lxl'C ul, Mumlrzngun flrd Row: N.C1mlinnlu R. Bircllcr, E. Munil . Halstcy, R. Mciluwaln .C1'wclln, C. Curnlillalln' Tur1'n's, L. Mmlcnn -I, Lucidn, R. Taylor l.. Ericlisun 2llLlRllVVIS.Slll1U V, Anlnduw, A..llll1l15llIl M. Eiulu, S. Mcllruw ldlttlclwlal. E. lllnisulcll C. Am-llaln, S, Stuwt Isl Ruw: U. Amis C. l'n'ucm, V. Pore: R. lfunulwss. l'. Elliutt N. l'lxlKtlxl1,M. Smith N. Hollingswortlx .l. Murtun, H. Culvcrly 1 v y 1 v -25 af i Q10-' 4 WQ'il'U9' , . 1 .I .5 f av 'I . I rigs. '5. .5 'f,. j' 5' . .- "" 'gan'--an Mn 4' Class ol R11 Tup Row: KI. llanllnrd, I.. Lough. ll. Uclnpsvy, I. Cralwfural, l. Rmlrigucz, T. Dusck, H. Dnslmclm. 3rd Row: M. Diaz. ff,ULln,V.5u11tl1, -I. Bnttcm, I. flnlcngmv. Zml Rnw: V. Zalrp, l. lyllll. Il. Slk'X'k'I1Q, C. l.,1ll'N1Hl,Y. Mvrcllriu, QI. Tl1l1I11IWSl1I1, R. Orncgu, K. Vs'r1glwt. lst Row: A. l'alnck, l5.Czu'n11cl1alcl.R, B1rclw1' ll. C0111-Icy.,I. llnlcsivri, U.Cz1mv,R. txllqlll. If ff.llW:1llu,C. Ugmzrl. Twp Row: ll. TrutIa'r', cplllljlllll. M. l71Mnpgiu M. RllNNU,cl,xXY1lll9, T. Mryvr. 3111Ruw:M.-Icpsmy -I. llllclnapvl.Yullngl'w:1l'. D.lvIm'l1s,l..l3cck, R. Chvygmm-nulw. Mrs, Ilcallmm. Ind Row: H. ID.lSlW.lCl1, If. l.clxmzm, ll. Shaw, A. ff.u'Llm.1lc, IU. Hicks, K. llmggvtt, E.TI1m-nhurg C,Rt'ilI1lS, Vf. ElIN.Vill'dS. lst Ruw: D. I'u1'ry, VC. l'I:nrrmvn. U. Tuwncr, E.Rnd:-111:11-:.T,Mon-amrv D. HilI1lTlx'Ii, If. DCSUIU, R. Mmpluws, R. Elms. bl. l.z1wrcncc. Twp Row: A. Harvey, li. Gucrlmg. l'. Savngc. H. Rzmdlv, VV. Vv'l1itmzm, T.H1mg.1.E.Rnckctls, H.Al-1l1mf1n,L.Dcltinu. 'Ind Row: S. Martin, li. Dawn, l. .'Klwl'mtt, U. McUm,vzm. R. flvrrilu, R.x7Cl1llll1lKllll.M. Mxllrr, D. Owcm. N. llzwstand, I... Tuyzl, E. Hmlilr, D. Mawlwy. lst IlHXK'IX',X'2lgllCl1l, M. Sillilll. F. Gillis, I. Mzxrtm, VJ, Malrcluaml, lf .'Xn1l1r'usw. C. Snidvr, A. 5trQ1slw11rgcr, -I. Rl-cd, I, Klwlw. M. l:lll'iillXilI'Ql, R. Dol Plow. Top Rnw: A. Martin, M. Trovzito, A. Mairlwt, D. Wvhstci', E, Alhcrt, K. Mcrcurin, Lucidn, K. Suniniaitinu. Ind Row: li, Aiclln, M. l'wiLllL'r, V. Martin, A. Marlin, S.Tzilwa1ta1, K. Kiiwzitnni, H. Uycdzi. lst Rnw: Unyniinvicli, H. lnglcs, B, Bcrnn, T. Gailnppu, Perry, G. Wcisci', F. Encs, -I. Vivllcs. E. Ruchai. Top Rnw: C. Swanson. -I. Lncidn, Sand, L. Allaiirc, V. Sniilli, L. llrzissficld, E. Braiclsliaiw, J. Stratton, lf. Bclirciit. Znd Row: E. Hurt, C. Putter, L. Mclntyrc, M. Bcnnctt, E. 'IUl'1lL'll5Ull, R. lhii-mlm-k, M. Dcxikin, L. Oliin, D. Mizaikzinii. S. Mminiutn. lst Rnw: H. Mohlcix . . , , R. l'lcniing, li. Qmsslcr, l'. Ellint, D. llcrry, . . , . B. l'mlIi, R. K-angiiiln, f O. jnncs, R. Vw illiainis, j. R:iy,C.Vv7liltiiiz1n, vl. Morgan. Top Rnw: -I. Riiinctscli L. Horn, O. Sliiuziilci P. Wmmi'iiilcy. L. Quock M. Birks, U. Tainaikzi S, llnstcr, F. Rndriguc: C. june, E. Cnsky Ind Row: P. Quinn M. Uzzcll, D. Hndgcs B, Rico, Klvin E. Wisliaii'l, A. Vidninni H. Hutton lst Row: V. Andzintc E. Cowley, W. Hainininnd P. Hsizduvzic, B. Bruno, O. flliaintclli, H. Bcncdmn H. Benedict, S. Luiiiluairdi, M. Cairdiiixili: ,,.,-.-,A .- Class of '41 QQ -Jr IM I' MII 'II-p Ruw: R. Vmucul. R.,lwc1'.S.I3g1uu1. M. III-II.1l11y, Ii, Douglas, II Ma1yIlvIaI. JI llmIcrw.I.III, T. LUUIII5. Mdl1Uw:A.Ki.n1npm. I7.1..u-Icy. Allullu, H. Vs'ct:rI. Ind R uw: CI. SI: LILI.zuI, Ii. Szmly. I7, Nunn If. -IuI11xsl1m,V, KIIWHQRIII Ilxunmsvy. M. SlI'1lSINllI'I1L'I. Isl Row: Kcm':lIIy, ,., . , 5. I.l1.mI1m1, IT. hmm. S. I,1II4nxI. -I. KI-Iscy, T. VS"lIsm1. IQ. Iindw. Quinn, Vv',fIuIul1lIm1i. Imp Ilmx':C.KIa11mIcs, II, I.mlIIun. Benton. II. Slwpgml, CI. Malsrlxm, McUuw1nn,R.Il1uImu1n 3:-nlRI1w:C,S111irI1, .l. .'Xv1I.l, M. Ii1cI1nImm1, K. Ila1Iu'1', I5. IIIIL Y. 5qu.1k1,V. EII1-11IwcIi. M.RIc1m.E.fIux. Ind I1uxv:.I.Ua'C A nw.ny, V. ALIanmsm1, IL. I2M'IISllI1,.I.RIIHKIQIZZU, M I I1 I In .1 uw lat Rmx':T..Ax1vIIn, V. I'm1IIcci, U. Kuwntami, I. Kilgl'y.lIIlQl, Nqu'nsa1Iii, R.S1Ivu,li. Emu, X. Slwpnul, C-. fmxupm. Top Iluw: S. 'If Runyun, II. Clnpp I M In IImII H , c' -, .vWIL'l'l,lIlllI1. KIKIVIQIIVVI I'I1I'ilI1SIL'I'l'L'LI Llvnl -I.UIsun, CIAIVIQ I' RvIalmI I vlnlmw f 'x .'M.,I11,313,.1. lim: XX, Izmfs, I'. I'I1au'Iu'1' lml Iinw1V. IXIHIKIY, N. I,l1m'v,fI.Rglulsany, M. Curm' ,I5. Amwtalsl. Y Isl Row: M. CIUIKIUII Il. XXIIIIIIIICV. II. AVIIQI, IU. I'cr1'y, -I. HllI'II. T. Vx'nmIs, If, Vs'1Ism1 bl, KI.111mm, R, Duuim' , II,f1I1lIlI1,-I.RIIIIIUISCII. Class OI 47 -L W JN in "f"'-W... , --.,. C110 Ol1'112itCS Jrganizautiom Al About Uur C ubs The title may be misleading, for "All About Our Clubs" means something about them at the time that this review is being snatched by time'hungry printers for their grist'mill. Then again, take the word "Our," which is debatable and ambiguous. Nor should we lightly pass over the term "Clubs" Several of the "organizations," "associations," or "so- cieties" discussed here are not clubs. But for want of a better word, you'll have to use this one with us. Here goes: Streak and Daub Following their annual custom, members of this art society donated baskets of food to the needy at Christmas time. At iirst under the guidance of Miss Virginia Dutcher Know Mrs. Benjamin Abarrj, and later, under the leadership of Miss Gladys Barry, the group kept busy during the entire term. Pie sales, parties, initiations, picnics and poster'mak' ing were,-despite the alliteration,-other 19384939 pastimes. California Scholarship Federation The local C.S.F. is part of the state organiza' tion. Our chapter number is 195. Member' ship is based on semester grade'points. The revised second semester list, according to Miss Gertrude Rendtorff, included: Rose' mary Baker, James Beaumont, Margaret Beidler, Laurel Bixler, Carol Card, Benny Chinn, Helen Dasbach, Beverley Douglas, Sean Flavin, Virginia Grogan, Max Hage' meyer, Galyn Hammond, Paul Hazdovac, Geraldine Heinrich, John Hilliard, Jean Humphrey, Victoria Jing, Eugene Kodani, june Lykins, Stewart Martin, Adeline Mig' nano, Vivian Modigh, Isamu Narasaki, Val' do Oleari, June Petty, Katherine Sandholdt, Andrew Shepard, Frank Siino, Milancy Smith, Ramona Smith, Arthur Strasburger, Marilyn Strasburger, Kunio Sumido and Mary Wong. X.. Le Cercle Francais Frenchmen had a very full calendar this year A pie sale, a Christmas party, two active May Circus concessions and a spring picnic were par excellence. Regular monthly meet' ings were usually high'lighted by entertain' ment also. Discipuli Romani What may be termed the most important activity of the large and healthy "Latin Club" was its annual Slave Sale. At that time the first year students were auctioned off to the advanced students. The spring dance of the society was a pleasure to patri' cian and plebeian alike, for it was blessed with the presence of Julius Caesar's Ragtime Band I:Campus Cats, to youj. Girl's League Due to the fact that the gymnasium was un' usable for a long time this year, the over' populated Girl's League had a difficult time. During the second semester, however, they did big things, sponsoring, as usual, a fashion review under Miss Ruth Blanchard's style' set gaze, a girls' assembly program, and an annual picnic. Dramatics Class Striving to provide amusement and enter' tainment for the students of M.U.H.S. has been the aim of the actors. Members pro' duced and presented such plays as "Weenies on Wednesday," "Thanks Awfully," "Two Crooks and a Lady," "Such is Fame," "Grandma Pulls the Strings," and the three' act play "Hoosier Schoolmasterf' Los Trobadores The Spanish group, although not engaging in many outside activities, had -a lot of fun among its own members. Spanish songs and dances were learned. Membership grew to over one hundred. Handicapped by the ill' ness of Miss Susan Gregory, the Spaniards confined their outside social efforts to the May Circus concession. Block M Unquestionably the most active organization in the school is the Block M. This bunch of lively fellows sponsored the year's first dance, and staged a football game between varsity players. Furthermore, they sponsored two skating parties, the Ozark Hill-billies' ap' pearance, and the annual G.A.A. picnic. They distributed rule'books at the Santa Cruz game, sold megaphones during basket' ball season, awarded sixteen varsity sweat' ers and co'sponsored the boxing matches. The Library Class . Behind the scenes in the library there is a tre' mendous amount of activity. Supplying the demands of a daily average of one thousand student and teacher patrons, a staff of sixty to seventy library assistants were kept busy by their trained librarian, Miss Harriett Baker. Always helpful to the school in carry' ing out educational, recreational and inspira' tional aims, the library points to this year as its biggest and best. japanese Students Club Organized in 1935 and sponsored by the Monterey Japanese'American Citizen's League, the Japanese Club has been active from its inception. A great social event was the outing with the sister Salinas club. Sev' eral delegates attended the conference of the Northern California Japanese Students Fed' eration. Of everlasting importance and worth was the gift of sixty blossoming cherry trees, made by the club and its sponsoring organization, to the high school, at a colorful outdoor assembly. Key Club Sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club, the Key Club meets every other Thursday even' ing for dinner and fellowship, as well as instruction. The purpose of the organiza' tion is to furnish members with knowledge of various vocations, which are discussed by speakers who know. Office Staff Under the efficient eye of Misses Mae Gar' rett, Ernestine Lobo, and Anne Bernard, members of the office staff rendered their customary services to the school this year, with more than customary skill and effective' ness. Rifle-Club The sharpshooters have recently been re'or' ganized, calling themselves the M.U.H.S. Junior Rifle Club, with a national charter. In the newly'equipped indoor range the members with Mr. Bell and Mr. Peiffer, sponsors, held target practice one evening a week, Several members qualified for the first and second medal awards, granted by the national organization. G. A. A. This year the Girl's Athletic Association had a basketball game which ended in a tie, but yielded enough cash to provide initiates with a dinner afterwards. The annual Block M' G.A.A. picnic at the Indian Village, a hike, a girls' picnic at Point Lobos, and an excel' lent concession at the May Circus topped the round of ordinary activities. Cafeteria Staff Blushing with modesty the cafeteria student' employees were prevailed upon to have a picture in El Susurro. One of the most valua- ble groups on the campus-everyone has to eat sometime-the staff was instructed and supervised by Miss Putnam and the other permanent adult staff members. Activities of the group included-well, you know how they served you every school day. Kennel Club Proving definitely that M.U.H.S. is going to the bow'wows, certain canine'centered stu' dents this spring organized the brand'new Kennel Club. Sponsored by Miss Rendtorff, whose interest in dogs is well known, the club members had several "doggy" meetings, at which they listened to lectures by authori' ties on the care and feeding of pets. Twp Row: Clraliani, G. Heinricli, A. Carinody, V. Kuswalt, Bi'ideiilweckei'. U. Slainpcr, E. Cox. 3rd Row: D. Dawsun, Haskell, B. Wilscmri. Rumetselm, H. I Vfctzel, M. licknel, O. Anis, D, Hazclovae. Ind Row: U. Stratton, L. Ohm, Lamb, M. Rico, D. Allaire, M. Uzzell. N. Hullingswurtli. Ist Row: M. Ruclietti, Buclnzi, G. Ottmar, I. Wilsfiri, Mi's. Alaarr. M. Buelna, H. jenison, E. Martin. Trip Ruw: D. Sinilli, E. Gee, B. Chinn, K, Surnida, S. Martin, CS, Ewiig, j. Hilliard. Miss RendLm'll', G. Tanaka, H. Dasbaeh, M. Enukida, Ind Row: B. Greene, K. Sandliuldt, M. Ottens, A. Vidoroni, ll. Dempsey. A. Martin. Lucido, D. Real, R. Pietrolaono. lst Row: R. Williaiiiis, Beaumont, V. Oleari. G. Streak and Daub Sponsors Mrs. Alwarr, Miss Barry President Bette Wilsriii VieefPresident Maryjane Dawsun Secretary Audrey Carmudy C. S. F. Sponsor Miss Rcndtnrfl President Helen Daslwacli Vice'Presiclent Valcln Oleari Secretary Ann Martin Gerry Heinrich lil Susurro Sponsor lvlr. Brrg Editors Rotxtted llusiucss Malnalgers Calvin Swanson Dorothy Straight Top Rowi l',C1urtlinnle, .I. Cornett, W. Kiger, VU. Troltrr, M. vVlllll2lll1S, M. Chappell. lst Row: D, Allitire ll. llalslwll,D.Struigl1t, M. flQll'lk'l', H. Rose. D. Snowden, AI, Humplircyfl. Murphy, lf. Christian. ' 'l'hc Galleon Sponsor Mi', Berg.: Top Row: H. Levinson, husiness stall' and senior editor: A. Foster, sports ilssistauitg 0. llord. snap' shot editor: M. Halgemeyf el, assistant etlitorg j. l'clton, :assistant husincss inzmaiger. lst Row: U. Heinrich, lulsinvss stall' :uid editor' ml: K. Hilllllll, husiuess stall stud cdrtor girl's nc' tivitiesg M. Chappell, sports editor, resigned: D,All1urv, editorfinfchielg Vx". Trottcr, husiness mzuiuger. .qs .pr lil Susurro lluhlicntion of thc yeatrhook was at tough joh hiuidlcd hy at changing and chztngezthle stall. Pie amd cake sales, dances, programs, at snap' shot contest, suhscription sales, advertising s.ilcs and at picnic occupied thc husiness stztrl, xx hilt- the editorial stuff found itself husy with production of copy. For the first time in thc history of El Susurro, an attempt was m.1dc to name every face in thc formal OJ pictures. And we do mean you. The Gzillcou After dutifully oheying at ruling hy the Board of Trustees that no advertising he sold to Monterey husincss men, the Galleon even' tuztlly hecaune tinauicially disqhled. It conf tinued to appear, however, in mimeogmphed form. Stull memhers also produced :mother untimely sheet lzlheled The Skill. This puh- licattion ztlternatted for at while with the Gulf leon. journalists also furnished loeatl news' ptipcrs with school items, newsy and other' wise, and assisted with El Szmurro. 5112" Twp Rfiw: M. Rilvy. N. H.ittwn, N. Hullingswurtli, R. Funclicss, K1 Slit-pr, 5, flliiipinan. -Stli Ruw: H. H.inn-in. D. 'IHl'd1ll1, H. Mulmlcr, H. Sniitli, W. lVl.lIt'l1.ll1l. Kill Rmv: G. Kntl.iin.i, :X Victrii'iiit', 'l. Urziliziiii, A. Vidnrnni, H l7.1slw.ut'l1. li. l'lL'lI1lIlg, lx Ainlwrusiu, U, Ray, G. Snider, E. llhkygi, li, lfwig, A. SlI'llNl7lll',lK'l', M. Hxigcnicycr, A. Martin, Al. l.1it'1tln, Z. l.ittlt'livltl, Ci. BI'Itlt'Iil5CiliL'l', V. Mzirtin, M. Miller. Intl Ruw: ll. Clrcviic, QI. HlII1!l1l1l'Cy', M. Ottcns, E, Wisl1zii't, D. H.i.uNis, ll. lvltnitlmxw. AI. Hmkcll, vl, Luinlw, Mrs. Bcziton. lst Rim: H. Huiivcli. -I. Bfilllllltllll, V. Olcairi, H, Lcvinmn. S. N1.,rimA ll, Ilwiiq-lmii-1, T, Hzittnri. R, Farley, A. ljcrcz, Hilliard. 'limp Rmv: H. Hilllflli, S. Bimini , . , E. Tliornlvurg, V. ling. ll. M.ii'ncy, ll. H.i:tlm'4lt'. Bid Rim-3 l.. Bixlri. -I, flliirlx ..,... D. Smith, G. Hcinricli, Il. liiilvy, ll nlnixlziii. CI. Hqiiiiiiuiitl, H, Sinitli. Sand, B. Dc l.--iiiw. ll. XX'.niiiigtun. M. Hztgciiicycr. A. Slicpnrtl, H. Evans, ll, l'wigqiiisl. A, ffzwiiimly. M. lrvinc, S. Buuklcn, G. Larson, R. llmlwi. M. ff.-iiicv. N. Kltilw. Ind Rmv. ul, Smnlvy, Mis. l'vlci'mii, B. Urccnc, D. Hzlzisis, Klvin. C' lMttt-1.11, Quinn, K. Sniitllwltlt, E. Mclntyrc. S, Stuwc, S Marlin. V. Mtitligli. lxt Rmxz l'. Hiizdtiviic. R. Mztrtin. H. Chinn, H. Gottfried, L. 'l'ninri'. VI. Kvnaily. P. Ellintr, fl. Swatnsnn, R. Frolli, R, Gargiulo, XY, H.iinmunLl. 1--in 3 LC Ccrclc Frzimtzxis Sponsor Mrs Bczitun Prcsidcnts Stewart Martin 'lczin Huinplircy Viccfpwsidciits Pvtwcurtliiiallt' Tailczislii Hzittori Sccrctairics Bernardino Mcziduwx Mzirjcwic Ottcns Discipuli Romani Spunsur Mrs. l'ctcrsun President Czitliwim' Quinn ViccfPrcsidcnt Pctci' Elliutt Sccrctalry Sliirlic Martin n. P 1 5 First Scmcstcr Girl's League Ufliiccrs 1jl'2lIl11lliCS Class ,X 4 pictured: Hclcn Rusc, scu1'clzu'y: A111111 Maxrkvl. ycll ILWILIUI Dcmmtlmy Allaurc, prwidcnl: Bzu'l'w:n'z1 Loc Rmr, l114lmA1.n11: Mzu'gzn'n Hulmam, lI'Cilhll!'L'!'1 Miss Rcrultmif, spunsnr: Anne Malrlin. vin prcwxduntg Alice Vzdmwmm, acrgcznni. up Row: P. Cfmlmaun, E. Vs cus, Mrs. l'vlc1'mn, I. Moss, 1: ljCX'CI'C1lKlX, M. Mlllcr. 5, Bzlrstud. IQL Row: M. Smith, Humplmrvy, S. Marlin. O, Ma1k'k, Nl Rll'lCI', M. CTDCA1, Mzxxwcll, R. Smilly r I 1, 1 Tryp R-vw: l'. XX'4rrr1ngl4m. T. Bruwn, bl. Tlmhnrn. -I. Rough, V. Slllllh. M. Ynknguxval. lf. Huyfurd, E. Llilfjlilllll, G. Straub. 71rd Rnxv: U. Hcmlcrwn, R, I'1clrul'mr1u, E. Leslie. W. Norton fl, :Xskvxxg N. Halrlaln. B. Hzukcll, K. Hamm. Intl Row: R. Vfunlwy, P. Alx':u'zldn. F, Bclmrcnt, R. Smith. Hunrpluvy. L. Ulxm. M. CTDCQ1, M. Adamson, S. Mt'G4mwz1r1, L Urnm'-. Mlw Urcgm'y. IN! Row: M. 171112. G. Strarttnn, R. Mnlwlcy, D. Allairc. E. Ardaiz, I. l71an:..I. TXAUITUII. H. Dnwlmclm. A. Migrxzxrars. Twp Rww: M. Mryzunmtn. H. Ynnmtc, I. Shingzxi. S. Yzlmumnto, K. Hllilfil, Y. Surnrdxr. S. Lmnlwurdu. 3rd Rnw: I.. Manukau, Tnylur. T. Mlncmotu. A. Foster, P ffzmlrnnlc. .I Snndcrw, VJ. Harrison, T. Miurzu, T. Mclicia. S Marian. li. Haryl'urd. Ind Row: Hznlwgnud. E. RllIlWL'I'14lDI'd, P.C11-ifl1tr1u1,W.Millington E. liilljlllllll, T. Hlrngzl, IN! Row: VC. Kuswzllt, R. jcnwn, R. Trcnncr, M. Chappell, M Nlndxlw. V. Olcuri, M. lsukstm, A. Skinner. Los T1'obz1rlm'cs Spunsur Miss Grcgnry Chzrirmzln Block M Spnnsorw Cmmchcs Ynungrnzm and Francis President Vuldo Olcsrri ViccfPrcsiLlcnt Sntnshi Yzunznmwtu Secretary Stewart Martin l,llJl'lll'y Class Dircctor Miss Baker Iapaucsc Student, Sponsor Mrs. johnson llrcsidcnt Tosliio Enolcida Vicc-l'i'csin.lcnt Sliiyt-ko Kawamoto Sccrvtzwy Rulwy Oda Club Top Row: E, Cosky, V. Olcari. E. Cowley, C Benson, F. Turner A. Yacgcr. Enos. 4th Row: l. Frcitas, R. Oincgna. M. Low, H. Mayfield. M Oyama, M. Umlcrwood. 3rd Row: L. Souza, B, Coloinlwiiii, R, Oda. D. Ball, R. Cccr, C MJlSCl1ll1,cl. Quaglia, D. Wilsixli, Miss Bakcr, E. johnson, V. -ling Ind Row: Hodges, S. Davis. G. McElitii'c. L. c:lllllHl5CI'llEl1 N. Harlan. R. Railwourn. E. Dcvcrcaux, D. Dc Ainaral, If Bchrcnt. lst Row: A, Enos, F. Mclfntirc, V, Zarp, Morton. K. Kuwatani V. Brady, S. Kawanioto, G. Stratton, S. Martin, T. Lconis, Top Row: M. Yokogawa, T. Mincmoto, H. Yamato, l. Sliingai S. Yamamoto, K. Hiraga, T. Enolcida. 3rd Row: T, Marumoto, M. Sakai, G. Tanaka, M. liujikawa, Y Takcmoto, K. Takigawa, K. Kuwatani. S, Takigawa, M. Oyaina. 2nd Row: M. Manalca. S. Morinioto, K, Saktlradzl, Yllkic Sasaki A. Sakuiada, Yacko Sasaki, M. Talwata. lst Row: M, Tsulwouulii, S. Kawainoto. H. Owaslii. C. Oda, L Nakawatasc, R. Oda, F, Hayashi, H. Uycda. 1 a The A Cappella Chorus The most recently organized group at Monterey High, the A Cappella Chorus, under the direction of Miss Made' line Currey, has a memhership of fifty. The chorus presents a striking and uniform appearance when dressed in their new maroonfcolored rohes. The excellence of thc appear' ance of the chorus is exceeded only hy the quality of music presented. This year thc group has presented programs over radio station KDON and at the Coast Counties Music Festival. Triple F For the first time in the history of Triple F, a musif eian's clulw, a dance and a heach party were given. A worth- while profit was cleared on the dance, and the hcach party was a great success. -o-"',, JAIA I Ii Al1i"1l .'1 I.14.s.:awEfs::1m,,:'l ..- l? ,ff 'NX A Cappella Chorus Top Row: H. Butts, D. Briggs, cj.W'lll1RlCl12lllS R. jensen, L. Allaire, Il. McGowan, M. Artellau, B, Frolli, U, Gossler. 4th Row: Paul Hazdoyac G. Hammond. H. Meadows, S, Briggs, M. Isakson, C. Wt'iss'r, W. Kuswalt, C. Hamm, E. Rocha. 3rd Row: Rumetscli, K. Harrison, V. Modigli. R. Vincent, D. Files, T. Moss, M. Rico, P. Shepard, Thompson. D. Allaire. 'lnd Row: I,WlTStlI1, B. Douglas, N. Harlan, C. Canoles, li, Fraties, Miss Currey, D. Hodges, V. Grogan, R. Smith, M, Uzzell, H. Hansen, A, Enos. lst Row: C. Wilsiiii, G. Zampatti, L. Ramsey, H. Hatton, G. johnson, T. Harrell, E. Johnston, Cv. Ottmar, R. Mohley, A. Cardinale, A. Victorine Top Row: B. Douglas, M. Rico, P. Shepard, M. Cerney, T. Mriss, E. Dcvcreaux. D. Moore E. Monte, M. Zahner, A. Victorine. A. Mylar. C. Canoles. H. Hansen, R. Smith, M. Uzzell, D. Hodges. F. Fraties. Ind Row: V. Modigli, H. Hatton, C. Heinritli, D. Allaire. Miss Currey, U. Ottmar. T. Harrell, R. Mohley. Thompson lst Row: ll. Ross, P. Crichton, Taylor, Cf, Hammond, V. Oleari, R. Jensen, E. Rutherford, M. Hagemeyer, A. Ardaiz, P, Hazdovac, G, Cossler, A A Q Q U , mg, QF I! 4,13 SV' ,tx by 'M 1 rs y 5 Q - Ky, 5 an if.g!.4', - ' .', .vs 3, Q A as . yy 5' Qififf, - ew 3 '- gm bw? 1' ' 5 ff MQ" mx A x nrt ' " N256 ""' , . , ww-M-- -5' f m ff? , , . .."""'un 2 -. Q f3.xf3Ly,?'Z ff :M , - , , , . .+L-'K ' V g r - ' , ky. 1 1 .. b A ,if Al wx, . PM m 'W f 4" r I Y. WM.- ' 4 2 V . Q ' Vrff. , ' -H.-,V .W Xfq. 'X X 43 . z, , 5-. , Fw' p, g .. z . I fy, . 'V ' W x K 1- ,E -.J L' Y ..v . X -- 1 wi M an ,J fs lf AMI F 1-f ',W' h 55 'wx . 9 N i Q ' 5 Y SNA XX! fi'- Q YE ,'W xl . x 50.70 Top Row: ffogirli Yonnginzin, Homcr Levinson, Pclton, V. Ulm-ini, li. Bcxnm. F. Thacker. M, Criscuolo, P. Graham, Recd, H. Mohler, R. Littlcficld. lst Row: L, Allanrc, S. Martin, Beaumont, F. Francis, O. Ford, D, Runyon, XV. Knswzilt, E. Kcclcy, A. Shepard, Howard Levin! 5011. Top Row: Martin, C. Swanson, E. Dalntiho. Znd Row: E. Hurt. lf. Fraitics, T. Hzirrcll. Miss Garrett, Miss Hvriiaird. MINS Loho, B. Rico, Z. Littlchcld, P. Cricchio, H. Das' hm-li. ll. lvlcaidows lst Row: U. Kodzimai, Humphrey. M. Uzzcll, Lamb, M. Ottcns. . .pn -- 0- '. Key Club Sponsor Mr. Youngmun President Ed Kcclcy Viccfprcsidcnt Secretary Waiyric Millington Uflicc Stall Director Miss Garrctt school sccrctary Cofdircctor Miss Lnho school hook-kccpcr Night School Sccrctury Miss Bernard 5 Iunim' Rillc Club iSpunsor Mr. Pcifcr Prvsidcnl Sam my Tunncll X7lCC'PI'CSidCIll Robert Baker Sccrctilry Robert Bircbcr Scconrl Scrncstcr Girl Spmmsnr Miss Rcndtorif X in jx-'a 1-Jr As pictured: Ml'. Pcifcr, Erncst Quziglixi, Robert Hilbun, Rubcrl Bircbcr, Buhhy Barker, Harold julmsim, Loon Luugb, Sammy Tunncll. 'S League Oiliccrs As pictured: fxlll'Ufil Del Pirro, sccrulairyg Emma Ann WiSi1Zll't, vicc-prcsidcntz Gcurginn OllIlllll', bxstiwialng Durutby Hicks, scrf gcunt: MiQs RCI1dftlI'ii-1 Ircm' Vfilsnn, ycll lcndcrg Marry Luuisi Sulhiuky, prcsidcnl: Maury 'Iam' Uzzvll, ycll lcaldcrg Manrjnric Oltcns, trcnsurcr. Top Row: M13 St-item, M. Criscuulu, lf. Siino, D. jnlmnsen, M. " 5 lrm'.ittw. R lit-I licm, R. Birchcr. Eid R-iwg Htminci' l.t-vmstm, U. Gosslcr, L, Vclum, S. Martin. U, lit-van. JX. lim-lvr. E. Rocha, lf Thacker, Hahgood, W. Rk'lHlfi1'. 1 Intl Row: V. Olcari, A. l crcz, Beaumont, M. Smith, K. Hamm, M. Cf.u'trr. l'. Graham. lxl Rf-wx V. IH-itz, XV. Kuwwult, Humphrey, D. Smxwdcn, M. flu l'I1Cy. l--p R-:xxx Y. Sa-alan, M. Uyania, M. Elllllilklil, S. Kawumuto, A. l.. llcck. XYllllI1,ll'52ll'. D. Murris, A. Market. -hh Ruw: 2. l.illlvliclL.l, Stalnlcy, Klcin, M. Birltcs, M. K.nx'.m.igh. nl. Lamh, R. Smith, A. Ingram, L. Manaka, M. 'I'-ulmliclil. 3rd Ruw: ll. Hxqlu, P. Quinn. H, Dashach, M, Riley, A. Martin R. fr11X'.lI1tlYlLil1, lf. Diaz. R. Tmnziwllu, Humphrey, K, Hamm, ll. XX ilwn, U.'i1,R,OLlal, Intl R-ww: Miw Mitchcll, D. Haasis, M, flriscuulu, T. Harrell M, lluclna, l'. Shaw, M. Elwn. N. Barstad, B. Rim, M, Uzzcll l. XX ilwn. S. Takigawu, li, Occ. Ixl R.-xxx .N Vnlumlii, E. M'lSl1lll'l, L. Balcstcri, K. Samdlwldt A. Ciainmtly. M. Sulhicky, B. Mcaduws, G. HClI1IAlCl1,M. Harrigan, M. Uttcnx. IX Allairc. G, Ottmar. H. Uwashi. Student Body Legislature Gills Athletic Association Spunsnrs Misses Mitchell and Sclmcningsr Prcsidcnts Mary Luuisc Sclhicky Audrey Carnmdy Viccfprcsiclcnts Bcrnadinc Mcadows, Dawn OYCI'l1lll5C Secretaries Lcnc Balcstcri Bahcttc Dc Mun l5P" 41- , ,mg t. Student Body Uilicials Caleieria Student' Vilorkers As wictured: Horner Levinson iirst semester senior director: Pat i Uraliani, yell leader. Kathryn Hamm, social directorg Wailter Kuswalt, president: Dorothy Snowden. 'Iaines Beauniont, vice' president: lvlicliael Criscuolo, second semester senior director, first semester director oi lvoys' activities. Not pictured: George Bevan, second semester director oi boys' activities: lvlary .lane Dawson, director oi girls' activities, lwotli semestersg -lolin Taylor, iirst semester director ol' policing: Howard Ingles. second semester director of policing. Top Row: G. Bevan, Ted Vv'ood, T. Harrell, M. Kavanagh, H. Daslwacli. lst Row: P. Barlwicr, D. Calm, P. Graliain, S. Barstad, M. Cris' cuolo. Gordan, A. Barlwier, A. Vv'liitc, H. Hastey, McGowan. 11 I . ' 'ff' fi ., , . . . .p . Top Row: F. Maceira, T. Pine, F. Catania, Y Sumida, W. Austin, H. johnson, R. Austin, L. Kcndoll, E. Blasquez, j, Blasquez, L. Modeno, R Gourley, Vieites, E. Rodrigues, S. Lucido. 6th Row: O. Towner. F. Consiglio, E. Rodrigues A. Marshall, L. Lough, j. Uyecla, L. Tabiayo, I Lawrence, S. Cardinale, W. McGowan, D. Dick son, N. Davi, B. Craxiola, V. Conley, C. Abby, J. Balesteri. G. Cano, D. Whaley, E. Carter. 'ith Row: E. Olds, M. Heinrich, E. Thomasson R. Coleman, F. Tanaka, Cartwright, R. Bircher, E. Kernes, W. Edwards, E. Swayze, P. Mondrag' on, O. Hazclrigg, R. McKnight, R. Baker, S Tunnell, E. Quaglia, P. Trotter. 4th Row: E. Mackey, W. Godwin, Mead, j f f- i 3-si, Ir- X' f V 5 . 1 i I 1 N. f . f . . . V .. Shop Seidel, H. Crawford, C. Seidel, D, Huffman, D. Hamrick, R. Meadows, C, Sanderson, L, Leidig, S. Mendis, N. Morimoto, E. Muniz, J. Torre, B. Lykins, A. Grossi, W. Deakin, D. Melville. 3rd Row: R. Dodge, B. Abluton, B. Ambrosio, K. Hiraga, T. Kato, L. Manalra, K. Oshita, F. Enes, H. Sutter, C. Cardinale, L. Veloso, M. Cardinale, L. VelosoetaoishrdlucmfwGflcmfwyp Carclinale, J. Lucido, V. Di Maggio. Znd Row: K. Burris, Hurn, Rakes, C. Kersh' ing, W. Cass. T. Muniz, W. Price, R. Gano, C. Dodge, F. De Soto, C. Reems, R. Enos, I. Dusek, R. Gansel, E. Lylcins, W. Ingram, G. Wood, D. Peers, A. Pezzini. lst Row: Mr. Marven C. Holman, C. Martin, H. Mosher, R. Frisbee, F. Bell, C. Patrick, Hinds. What the Shop as one tlaisYear The Vocation Education building, familiarly called the Shop, has been devel' oped greatly during the past year. According to Mr. Roy W. Frishie, the most important administrative factors are as follows: a refdefining of objects to be gained and subject matter to he covered within given periods during each fourfyear course, a reorganization of the English course, and of tradefrelated and related-technical mathematics, and the institution of a course in "Advisement, Adjustment, and Placement." Many major johs have been completed which show the progress of students in their training practice for their future. Mr. Mosher's Mill Cabinet classes have constructed Miss Ronchetti's news' ' l Shop Faculty Top Row: Mr. Bell, Mr. Patrick, Mr. Hinds, Mr. Frishie, Mr. Holman, Front Row: Mr. Martin, Mr. Mosher, Mr. Peifer, stand, with furnishings and fixtures, which is in the Monterey Post Othceg ten cedar chestsg several hoats from twelve to fifteen feet in length: and other work of similar na' ture. The framework of a four-room cottage, seven large lihrary tahles and fortyfone hurdles are the outstanding achievements of Mr. Mosher's carpentry classes. Machinists, directed hy Mr, Bell, have accomplished much in their field includ- ing anvils and drillfpresses for their own use, a horse-trailer, and a powerfsaw for cutting cordfwood. The hoys in Mr. Martin's Advanced Auto Mechanics groups have heen doing a new type of work hy using modern motor tunefup equipment. They have had the use of one of the finest lihraries of technical hooks and manuals on the Pacihc Coast, com' piled hy their instructor. Also of special interest is the development of a modern course in Elementary Auto Mechanics, hy Mr. Holman, Each student, to reach his ohjective, follows organized lesson plans in the study of operations and necessary maintenance of each unit of the automohile. These units are represented in assemhlies from dismantled automohiles as follows: the running gear, with its springs, wheels and axles: the transmission of power, with its clutch, change of speed gears, drive shaft and universal, and differentialg the control unit, with its steering gear, hrakes, shift lever, and switches: and the electrical system with its hattery, generator, starter and wiring. Educational tours have heen an important factor in this year's program. In rela- tion to Social Science, groups have visited the IVIU-nterey Herald ofhce and the police court. Trips to San Francisco, the Spreckels Sugar Refinery, the telephone exchange, the airport and to motor companies have added to the hoys' firstfhand knowledge of their trades. The Shop Cluh memhers, with their ofhcial emhlem of an English "M" incorf porated with a mechanic's square and divider, have heen successful in all of their activi- ties. On june 9, the cluh held its annual harhecue, which proved to he a day of fun and fellowship, as it has heen for twenty years. The Shop Cluh Dance was one of the most successful of the season. This was prohahly due to the fact that the hoys lived up to the insignia of their novel dance tickets. lt was an encircled letter "S," which signifies unity and cooperation in all Shop affairs. 1 W -r 7 fi? i Q 1- 'MQ - 'sf . 3 A-new "': wif I 1 gf' : ff'i'5 Vi' .iw W rl' . -' -, gif 1wE""""'h' .-- M. Wg? 1, i . - Qi - 'N f- 'i L... ' - W -i-amy .M,,,.f,1, , 2 , ri 'vtawy ' - 3111 Kcnncl Clnh Sponsor Miss Rcndtorll Pruidcnt janet johnson hccrclary Viola Wliilc XllCC'l,I'L'SiLlCI1l Patty Ann Ryland CW' 0.,,v,, C I Top Row: K, Vvlright. Z. Martin, Miss U. E, Rcndtorill, Martin Ind Row: D. Wriglit, D. Hazdovac, D. Files, E. Suidrl, E. Kcrncs E. Sonllicr. Ist Row: johnson, P, A. Ryland, V. W'liitC, D. Martin, M. L Pickncll, L, Bixlcr, M. Melville. Boarcl of 'linstccs ol' the Monterey Union High School District lor the year 1938-39 Mr. Harold Gcycr, Mr, joseph Kirby, Mr. ll. H. Schulte, Prcsi dent, Mr. Mauricc Brcnncr, Dr. Chcslci' Hart. W jg n .L- r 5'- ..4u4...-N.-......... . 1 Englisli, Twp Left limp Ruw: Mi'. l'm1ln'. Ind Ruw: Miss Ri'nLlLm'llA, Miss Huliinzin, Miss Recd, Miss Rndclilli, Miss H. Mitchcll. Isl Row: Mrs. l'clci'sui1, Mr. Hinds. Home Arts, Top Camm- Miss Baury, Miss Bcrquisl, Miss Blxmclisird, Ciminiemzil, 'Twp Right Miss l.m'cnt:1m, Miss H. Mitclicll, Miss Giguicrc, Miss Daimnn, Mr. Surtzus, Mr, lioutc, Mr, Borg. Scicme, Nlidlllc Left Mi: Vvhllsilii, Mr. Darling, Mr. Di'npvr, Nut Slwwii in Umups: Miss Grcgury Mi's..Iiilii1smui1. Miss l,lll's4H1S. lmizgiiiiges, Nlidillc Center Mi's. Bcillimll, MI's. l5CtUi'sUri, Nils. Slim Sunni!Suiem'cs,M1ddlc Right Mr. Hinds, Miss H. Mitchell, M11 llinin x Mr, Mumlicaid. Mr. EQlXX'LlI'Ll-. Aclnzidiistnilimi, Huttmn Lcff M11 Brady, Miss Rciidt-xrtli. N111 M.-Ki Caretiilgcrs, Bottmn Right Twp Row: H. BIA1lLlNl1ilXX'. CI, lily. lst Rnw: L. Evcrutl, M. lflqiws. -I Laingungcs: Miss Piitimiu, Himic Baker. Mrs, Bciiluii. M11 Tv1m'cIic.iil. Mi XX :mlm x X Iplx N1 Diilsi ll Nils, V , Qin mv ' rf J P 1, I xl Ulf, -"1 321115.59 Y" 4 A .x x -fn--' , .5- ,,,. ,. Wk . vgwx L . -4,5 t, :Fig ,PL 4 . .'.' ,'. x '5 fv- Sludcnt Coach Haney, Couch Youngman, Miss Schocninger ' Couch Francis. Miss Mitcllcll OQUC l l Heavyweight Football Team Top Row: V. Crivello, C. White, H. Mohler, D. jordan, l. Klohe, B. Lawrence, L. Erickson, N. Bruno, F, Gida. 2nd Row: M. lsakson, L. Manaka, P. Anestasi, H. Levinson, E. Keeley, J. Sanders, M. Chappell, S. Bruno, S. Yamamoto, E. Rutherford, Coach Youngman. 3rd Row: V. Smith, Colletto, W. Millington, V. Oleari, F. Hayford, J. Cornett, P. Cardinale, M. Nodiln, A. Skinner, S. Briggs, F. Medo. The 1938 football season closed with the 'Toreaclors winning their first C.C,A. L. championship in eight years. The Green and Gold went through the season undefeat' ed but tied twice. The varsity proved to he one of the hest that Coach "Hal" Young' man has had the pleasure of coaching MONTEREY 7 ' SEQUOIA 0 Traveling to Redwood City for its first practice game, Monterey defeated a stubborn Sequoia eleven, who later hecame champions of their own league. In the closing minutes of a closeffought game, a pass from Cornctt to Hayford accounted for the score. A flat pass to Medo made the extra point. MONTEREY 6 ' SAN LUIS OBISPO 6 After traveling 165 miles hy hus, a night game at San Luis Ohispo found the Toreadors outplaying the 'Tigers in a practice game, only to he tied in the final period. Monterey scored on a pass hut showed plenty of promise of power for future opponents. MONTEREY 13 ' HAYWARD 6 Displaying power as well as a clever passing attack, the 'Toreadors scored twice against the Farmers in the initial quarter. Bruno smashed off tackle for the first score and a pass was good for the second. Hayward tallied late in the third quarter after a series of end runs. Monterey had possession of the hall on the Farmers' eight yard marker when the gun ended the game. J is guy- ' W A f"rfwiifQ5lP1 31 M " 1 All ' fiwsfy' fn fail' ,. - . -1 .I r " 'ww " . f '-My "ws 1.5 'W 'ra ' gi v L .12 14- , ' ws 'Htl' 7 . f A 'i 1 -' '.'. f :Af- ii 'Y , " rv ml f x . FTS x iii-VH ' 5 R ' - - K at A 162: . EV VVkQ 'lX A , "' ' ' s i r iwszff M7 'li l. II1LlHl!1ll'lllll7lC 5.Mz1nny snags one I. "l7lippcr" Cornctt 6.KickingtoScquoiz1 3, "Killcr" :lt cause 7. Conch Francis! 4. Staunpudc MONTEREY I9 ' VJATSONVILLE 19 Tlic most exciting gains of tlic your found Montcrcy lczlding tlic Vv'1ltlt't1t.s IRAN in tlic first pcriod only to lic ticd curly in tlic tliird quartcr. Evcrytliinlg pointcd to at Torcadm- victory wlicn Bruno broke away for 21 sixtyfthrcc yard gallop to pany dirt. But with tlic liclp of at long punt return and ll pass, Wzztscmiivillc was nlwlc to tic the scorc an second tiinc. Tlw licrocs of the game were Ncno Bruno and Frankie Hnyford, wlio lwrokc through to lwlock W2ltSlJllVlllCqS try for a winning point. MONTEREY Z7 ' HOLLISTER O Aftcr suffcring ax tic lwy Wzntscmiivillc, thc 'Toreadors came luck strong tlic folf ,5 sn'- u 'iw-an'-1,3 rw:---U 1 V. .. , ' ' ' ' ' f 'alwfp Salinas "haze" 5. Dogpile "Cupcake" Kecley 6. "Off tackle,"-Remember? End'run 7. "Peaceful" Louie "Squinter" Isakson 8. A Monterey loss lowing week to trounee the Haybalers. The Green and Gold scored in every period, ex' cept the second. Monterey proved to he too much for Hollister, as we were able to move at will upon the field. Every member of the team saw action and turned in a good per' formance. MONTEREY 13 ' SANTA CRUZ 6 In the most crucial game of the year, Monterey met a determined Santa Cruz outfit. Victory at this point would most likely mean the championship for either eleven. The To-reado-rs started oif with a hang, for on the opening kickfoff, Hayford took a reverse from Bruno and raced to the fortyfnine yard line, much to the hewilder' ment of the Cards. In ten plays, Chappell climaxed a fiftyfone yard march with a score f 'Q aw. ,,, . if " . 'T' 'F"J5-ily we -+l.w s3!'-s,, M I . , , ,W- s- I ' 3 f ffl I. A slight inixfup 4. "lVlanny" Chappell 2. "Sat" Yainainoto 5. VJhat7 More Salinas? 3. 'illooiiieii' Bruno 6. Hurt on thc play over tackle. Un the seeond touchdown drive of liftyftlwee yards, Bruno cracked over from one yard out. Santa Cru: wasn't through as yet, for two long passes connected and they were .ilwle to score from five yards out. joy ol' the victory was somewhat lessened, when it was learned that Oleari would he out lor the rest of the season, due to an injury, MONTFR EY I9 ' SALINAS U A victory over Salinas would cinch the C.C.A.L. title for Ivfonterey, if Santa Cru: could either heat or tie Waitstviiville, As it came out, a Uffl deadlock was played in the "Apple City." The 'l'orcudors didn't start as fast as usual and werent ahle to score until early in the second quarter. A pass from Cornett to Chappell was good for seven yards to the I S 1 l I l l Block that kick! 6. "T, N. T." Sanders "Rocky" Rutherford 7. "Butch" Skinner "P. O." Medo 8. Conversion? More haze 9. "Roamer" Levinson Quarterback sneak? Cowboys' thirtyftwo yard marker. On the next play, Bruno broke away to the onefyard line. As he was tackled, he fumbled and Salinas recovered. The Cowboys lined up in punt formation and with the snap of the hall Hayford broke through to hlock the kick. Manaka fell on the ball for Monterey's first score in the game. In the closing minutes of the first half the Toreadors were able to score again. Salinas kicked out of hounds to their twentyffour. In three plays, six more points were chalked up against the hapless Cowboys. In the final period, Chappell recovered the fumble of an unfortunate Cowboy safety man on their fivefyard line. Two cracks into the line hy Bruno netted another score for Ivionterey. Even as the gun sounded, the Green and Gold squatted on the CIICIDYQS iivefyard line, ready for another score. Lo-- ,. -L MJ4 I, "Little" Bruno 6. Incomplete Pass 2. Cowhoys rainhle 7. First 'n tcnh 3, Uiminc that lwall 8. Touchdown 4. Vfe want a touchdown 9. Posin' 5. "Big Apple" Rcluetance Many of the hoys saw the 1933 season draw to at close with reluctance. Those who wore the Green and Gold on the gridiron the last time for Monterey were: Hay' ford, Ulcari, P. Cardinale, Nodilo, lsakson, Chappell, Cornett, Manaka, D. Bruno, San' dcrs, Wliite, Yamamoto, Levinson, Rutherford, Medo and Skinner. All in all, the Toreadors had a successful season: heating Sequoia of Redwood City, champions of their lcagueg tying with San Luis Ohispo falso champs of their lcagucj in a night gamcg winning the championship of our own C.C.A.L. The latter accomplishment was a real feat, for all C.C.A.L, schools were well represented in foot' W'-fi gf. :ff-fi' AUKPLG allixgaar-azz, RJ? i"l.Qvl0f"' ' fb U riff' 4, 1 'VE' 'I ELL -qs T' A I, Ji anim,-H 52 Qy-1 l 'ELi'?-'wif f -wa'-,. A ' '-.Q 4 V a M A " '. .f-v j' . , ff. .H r .nr 2 t . - 'ff' 0--,mafia A ,Z I j 9 ' .Q-im... I. No gain 2. Stopped 3. "Meatloaf" Millington 4. Oh, no you don't 5. "Vnlorous" Olcnri -- ,... .... ... 6. Gridiron shadows 7. Cuddle up 8. "Rucky" mmbles ll. Time to get up 12. Thrown for a loss 13. Cornctt to Chappell 9. Whcrc's thc ball? 17, Caught from hchind 10. Hayford packs the "mail" hall this lust season. Almost every school's clcvcn was caipnhlc of winning the Champion' ship, It is with considerable satisfaction that wc can say "thc hcst tcnm won." if 'X Q 711' YM: W T Bits About 7 m Franklin Hayford, LE: Specialties were snagging passes and blocking kicks. Played his last season and turned in an all-around bang'up game at end. An allfC.C.A.L. choice. Wayne Millington, LT: One of the cleanest players on the squad. Usually turned in a swell game at tackle. He will see another season, Neno Bruno, LG: Was the whole center of the line on defense. Very few yards were gained on him. He will return next season. Valdo Oleari, C: "Val" is a quiet fellow, never saying much. Could always be depended upon to turn in a good game. In spite of being hurt early in the season, he made honor- able mention. Pete Cardinale, RG: "Bread" was spark plug of the line. Was always in there fighting and talking it up. Played his last season and easily made all-C.C.A.L. Martin Nodilo, RT: Martin played captain most of the season and could always be relied upon to turn in a good defensive and offensive game. He will graduate this year. Milton Isakson, RE: "Swede" is a very scrappy player, playing halffback on defense, and end on offense. He'll be lost to next year's team. Louie Manaka, RH: The hardest hitter on the squad. Played a whale of a game at defenf sive end and was a sure blocker on offense. Jack Cornett, LH: Specialized in throwing passes and in running interference. He al' ways played an excitingly good defensive game. He will also graduate this year. Manuel Chappell, Q: "Manny" was the "brains" of the team. Placed second team in C.C.A.L. Was very adept at place-kicking. Salvatore Bruno, F: The hardest hitting back in the league, and gained more yards than any other back. Unanimous choice for C.C.A.L. Satoshi Yamamoto, LH: Much credit should be given to "Sat" as he played an excep' tionally good allfaround game in spite of his lack of weight. He could fill any position on the team. Ed Keeley, RT: A very powerful defensive player who still has another year of football. He will easily be a C.C.A.L. choice next year. jack Sanders, LE: jack was held hack because of lack of weight but was a good player in spite of this. He will graduate this year. Homer Levinson, C: Would have been an exceptionally good player except for injuries which lasted all season. His tackling was outstanding. He is also of the class of "39."' Ed Rutherford, RH: An extremely light and fast player who reallxgit hard. Made sev- eral exceptional pass catches and several beautiful runs. He has seen his last year of high school football. Clifton White, RE: Cliff played about every position on the team and didn't do at all bad at any of them. He was hard to stop when packing the ball. He, too, is through this year. Alex Skinner, RG: A very light but hardfhitting player. With a little more weight he would have "killed" everyone he hit. He has another year of football. Watch out for him. Lightweight Football . . . 1938 The lightweight season started poorly, with losses of 13-0 and S-O at the hands of the Salinas lightweights and the Gonzales heavyweights, respectively. But success came suddenly in the form of a smashing victory over Watsonville, the first in live long years. Then Hollister tamed the 'Toreadov babes in a close gamew-heartfbreaking, in fact-to the tune of 7fO. Bouncing hack again, the lightweights traveled to Santa Cruz to beat the Cardlets in a onefsided affair. According to spectators Monterey's babes could have scored numerous times, but heavy penalties set them back. When the end of the season drew near, the 'Toreado-r lightweights were in tie' standing with Salinas for the lead in the C.C.A.L. The big game with Salinas was a hair' raiser. Tight in the first half, breaks came for Salinas in the second half. First came a fumble, than an intercepted pass that tossed Salinas into a 1310 lead. Monterey tried hard to score, but at the end of the game found the score standing right there. Despite these setfhacks, and considering all angles to the season's frays, it was a successful season for Coach Jim Francis and the To-reador lightweights. Firstfstringers included Hiraga, Sumido, Enes and Mercante,ends: Ford, Manf ning, Cano, tacklesg Vasquez, center, Cardinale, Francis, Fell, guardsg Martin, quarter- back, Hiraga, Harrison, halfbacksg and Melicia, fullback. Top Row: F. Francis, L. Swift, S. Martin, G. Cano, B. Fell, L. Menendez, J. Pclton, 1. Kitahara. 2nd Row: E. Lowe, M. Miyamoto, T. Hiraga, J. Read. K.Sumida, R. Woolscy, O. Ford, R. Bircher, I. Ruff, R. Serrano, Coach Francis lst Row: Cartwright, B. Delorme, T. Miura, N Cardinals. Vasquez, K. Hiraga, T. Melicia, Il., ,t.g,,i'Y' '5." Q -1054. v. ' - few:--' ',..... at lm- ,rib-9 ,-X . WE. . - ' ., 'PQ -:. ' ' I A W 1.4.-+h..-, , 'L Www? 'Y y .klqzdwqia-Y,1.,f. f L A .. .. V .. I , an ' 'Q 1 '1 ? Q "' if--'4 - 'r. wt 0 J ' 1 was P Y ii . 4 M ' l. Almost blocked Z,c1ilPlAlfIlS HiI'Qlg1l and Vnsquc: 3. Practicing 4. Hzlrrismw ilflllllld cnd 5.Tl1I'KlllglH thc line? -. .. Y Af. gin Y . .. , -" A l . Oil' tu pnyfdirt ll. Whc1'c'stl1:1t hull? "Purps" puscs l2.Pilcf11p . Bluckcd that time! 13. Got that hull! . Stopped wld 14. "I'lcc:cdt'1ncctclm" ,Tuuchduwnl Heavyweight Basketball . . . 1938 The 'Toreador hoopsters wrought rather unsuccessfully throughout the hasket- hall season. This was due in part to the handicap in the team's lack of height. Foster and Nodilo were the only sixffooters on the team, the rest of the hoys heing under five feet ten inches and two only five feet seven inches tall. On the other hand, all other teams in the league had men who were six feet or over. The Toreadors' main trouhle this year seemed to he their inahility to get started until the second half of almost every game. If the 'Toretidors could have played the first halves of the games as they played the second halves, they would have lost only two gamesg those heing to Santa Cruz, whose Cardinals won the C.C.A.L. championship this year. The first game of the season was a hardffought game with King City in which Monterey lost hy the score of 24 to 26. Next came Salinas who took the nod over Monterey to the tune of 38 to 28. Santa Cruz and Wzitsmiiiville hoth defeated the Toreadors hy onefsided scores. After that, the local quintet came to life and defeated Pacific Grove and King City in the second half of the "Round Rohinf' But it was the same old story in the remaining games, with Monterey taking it on the chin from Salinas, Santa Cruz, Wzitsciiiville and Pacihc Grove. The first string was composed of Manuel Chappell, Jack Sanders, forwardsg Al Foster, center: Wzilter Kuswalt, Satoshi Yamamoto, guards. At midfterm Valdo Oleari, Ralph Pietrohono and jack Cornett replaced Sanders, Foster and Chappell. Other playf ers who saw action through the season were Alhert Perez, Tad Kato, Tom Dusek, Bill Marchant, Martin Nodilo, Sam Mendis, Frank Medo and Vince Russo. The heavyweight haskethall team of 19384939 elected Walter Kuswalt, capf tain. Top Row: Francis. A. Foster, l. Klohe, B. Marchant, R. Pietrohono. T. Dusc lst Row: V. Oleari, A Perez. T. Kato, V. Russo, W. Kuswalt. Top Row: T. Okumura, T. Mercante, G. Bevan, L. Menendez, T. Minemoto, F. Thacker. lst Row: C. Fell, G. Oka, T. Marumoto, M. Miyamoto, I. Kitahara. Coach Youngman Lightweight Basketball Baseball Monterey's limited haskethall team was huilt around the three Motos left over from the 1938 teamfTosh Minemoto, Maya Miyamoto, and Tad Marumoto. Tony Mercante and Frank Thacker soon earned the other two starting positions. The team was small compared with the other teams in the league, hut they gave a good account of themselves, making all their games very interesting to watch. All but three of the boys on the squad will return next year and all should be able to make the limited squad. If so, Monterey will have a strong team. After a iivefyear vacation, Monterey returned to the diamond th's year. As we go to press, the Toreadors have won one out of four games, the winning game over the league's leader, Hollister. The team has yet to meet Santa Cruz, and has return games with King City, Salinas, Hollister, Watsoiiville, and Santa Cruz. The nine's hitting attack was sparked by Arden Ardaiz, Maya Miyamoto, Carl Fell, Louie Manaka, and Neno Cardinale. Others who played for the 'To-readors were Orin Ford, Neno Bruno, Darrell Jordan, Sam Mendez, joe Vasquez, Giro Oka, Tad Marumoto, and Howard Ingles. le! Ruw: P. Vw"n1'1'xl1gtun, I. Klulw, M. Hcllzun. M. Olivcr up Row: Cunch Haney. H. Muller. M, Yukugzlwn, E. Christian, R, Pltllllhllllll, S. Bmggs. S, Foster, V. Smith, A. Shepard. Fllzanldc, S, Hntlnri. S. Bnrslzud, H. Dzlsbzlclm, Pcltun. Tnp Row: E. Rocha, S. Tarantino, Y. X72llll2HI1UtU. E. RllIhCI'fUI'd . Mcllulal. P. ffrichtnrm, A. ATd6liZ,cjll1lCll Francis. nd Ruw: L. Qnnck. XV. Frulll, T. Brown, H. Evans, C. Wlmilc I Sundx. M. Nudllu, Rough, McGuwx1n, T:1ylm', I-I Rww: R. Uurgmulu, S. Mznrtxn, S. Lnmburdn. T. Murumnto, XY. Xxrllllfllllllh U. VCU. U. Tannukzl, Hzlbgnnd, W. Hnrrismm. ,J- Swimming Track IHC Lightweights ' - Once again Monterey has enjoyed a successful track season. As we go to press, the lightweights have triumphed over Pacific Grove, Hollister, Santa Cruz and Salinas in dual meets. At the King City Invitational, for the first time in the history of our school, the lightweights brought home the trophy, by scoring 19 lf? points. jack Habgood col' lected ten points in the shot and discus, breaking the discus record with a heave of 127M feet. William Whiteman also garnered three points in the discus, with a second place. Stewart Martin, a second in the low hurdles, made three points, Tadanori Marumoto, two and oneffifth in the pole vault in a fivefway tie for first, William Harrison, one point for a fourth in the hundred yard dash. Other consistent point scorers were: Isamu Shingai, Toshio Miura, Carl Fell, Lloyd Quock, Salvatore Lombardi, Robert Gargiulo, Samuel Tarantino, Takashi Hat- tori, Louie Menendez, Louie Tabiayo and Takuji Oshita. Heavyweights The heavyweights dropped meets to Santa Cruz, Salinas and Pacific Grove, but won from Hollister. At the King City Invitational Satoshi Yamamoto took a first in the broadjumpg Clifton White tied for third in the high jump. In the Interclass Meet, Yamamoto broke the school record with a jump of 22 feet, ZW inches. Members of the team included Pat Crichton, William Frolli, Arden Ardaiz, Ed Rutherford, Ted Melicia, Ernest Roche, John Taylor, and Martin Nodilo. Swimming This year Monterey dropped meets to Palo Alto, Polytechnic of San Francisco, and San Jose State Frosh. Outstanding performers for the aquatic team were Sidney Briggs in the sprints, Sherwood Barstad in diving, Myron Oliver in the relay, and Harold Dasbach in the backstroke. Other boys on the team were Jack Pelton, Eldon Christian, Halbert Mohler, Paul Warrington, Ralph Pietrobono, John Elizalde, and Vincent Smith. The team had many able swimmers, but due to lack of practice, the boys were unable to cope with their more experienced opponents. if NX, Girl's Xfvlllllillg Basketball Team Eighth pcriod tcam played fast and clean haskcthall this year. Wiiitliiig up as the championship tcam proves the ahility of thc playcrs. Thc girls who showed their skill undcr tht- lcadcrship of Iviary Louisc Sclhicky arc pictured ahovc. Top Row: K. Sandholdt. M, Crisciiolo, M, Dawson, Z. Littlchcld, A. Carinody. lsr Row1M.U::cIl.M. Sclhicky, A. Ingram, V. jing. Each ycar tunnis maintains its favor with girls intcrcstcd in sports. Thosc who camc out at thc top of thc long tourna- nicnt arc picturcd on this pagc. They compose thc all' school girls championship tunnis tcam. Top Row: Humphrey. M. Kitchen, M. Riley, K. Snndholdr, B. Mcadows. lst Row: H. Owashi, A, Carmody, E. Wisl1a1't, A. Vidoroni, Z. Littlcticld. Gills Tcnnis Tcain V Girls Volleyball Girls Bllfllllllllilll Eighth period girls won laurels twiee this year: in haskethall and volleyhall. Wiiiliers over all other teams in school the eighth period team well deserved its title- fschool volleyhall champions. Top Row: K. Sandholdt, T. Harrell, M. Riley, A. Ingram, M. Selhicky. lst Row: M. Criscuolo, Z. Littlefield, A, Carmody, E. Cox, P, Hall. Mary Louise Selhieky heeame the hadminton champion of M.U.l'l.S. when she defeated Zoe Littlefield in the tour- nament iiiials. Those girls who gave the hest and hardest matches on the tournament are pictured on this page. They make up some of the hest hadminton teams this school has ever had. A. Vidoroni, K. Sandholdt, E. Wisliz1l't, Z. Littleheld, K. Hamm M. Selbieky, A. Carmody. A A, uw 19:48 1 GUN' 1 1939 Mnnterey, after experiencing several years of outstanding gulf, funnel tliiu WSU was In lie .i year xvlien we znusl rest upon our laurels with the hope of lvuileling again linr tlie future. XVitli tliis in view, Cnaeli Ynungman arranged tlie same tuugli selieelule as in lnriiier years iiiceting San jose, Menlo, Poly, and Alameda High Seliuuls. The team .ilsn played in tlie Nnrtliern Califnrnia Gulf Association junior Cliampinnsliip and niet tlie Sl.lI1l.lll'Ll fresliinen at Staiifnrel. Tlie lhlliixviiig lwuys played regularly nn the squad: Nenn Brunn, George liexzin. lid lieeley. Fraiik Tliaclier, Wliltei' Kuswalt, Mike Criseunln, jerry Duselx, Viiiuviit Aiirlaiite. .inel Tlzni Dusek. lalesaviiig D, Haawis, ll. Meanlnxu II. Stanley, L. De Ruse, M Buelna. El Vw'isliai'L, A. Vi1.lurrini, Klein, ll. Quinn, E. Cnx, G. Otliiiar, K. Hanini, M. Utlens. V. Knxwalt, M, Harligan, l. Vfilwii L. l'meek..'X,Vx'ili1inl. L, Nalcawatase, D. Eisenliarl. D. Ball, M. Sellwieliy. lf. l.eliiiian B. Rien. Coll' 'l'eam E. Keeley. N. lliunn, ll. Tliaeker. H. Yniingiiiain. XY. Kiiswalt. U. llnevaii, M.flI'lsm'llsvl1r. Ciraliani, lx. Saizcllinllll f as' vxfc x1-,Q auf ak EWU?-Y' ini I. Bimniingaigaliii 6 I. Amiiiinl cml 7 ?1.l.imii-kicks S 4, 1,1-.ii-Iiilwniiris 9 5, l!lI4y'M1ll1 IU .K .You iinmc it ill P .141-Alf. 1. .....,....N sb . :iw I I. MLlI1llj1L'l'SI1lik it uvci' . UNT calift criuntl ll, Erncst Ruclm LUlliC,S allways kicking 13. Tho "SS" ,Tu the ruccs! l4.Tliisis1t .Cmivcrsioii blocked 15. Whip him up 411:53 D. Bruno H. Butts N. Bruno B. Behrent G, Bevan M. Chappell P. Cardinale N. Cardinale P. Crichton G. Cano J. Cornett A. Foster B. Fell O. Ford F. Francis E. Garguilo K. Hiraga F. Hayford W. Harrison T. Hiraga I. Habgood M. lsakson W. Kuswalt E. Keeley J. Kitahara K. Sumida j. Taylor F. Thacker J. Vasquez C. White R. Woolsey S, Yamamoto H. Yamate orts onor P IWITH THE EXCEPTION OF 1939 TENNIS AND BASEBALLI Football Basketball 1935'38 1935-36f37 1937-38 1935'f36'37'38 1936f37-38 1937'38 1938 1938 1937418 1938 1938 1937 1936f37-38 1937f38 1937-38 1937-38 1935f36'37f38 1938 1938 1937f38 1938 1938 1936-37'38 1936 1939 1939 1937-38-39 1939 1939 1939 011 Track Tennis l936'37f38 1938 1936 1938'39 1936447-38 1937-38419 1938449 1938 1939 1937-3849 1938 1938 OIUVI-I0 BEAM PANT! Tl Cl-IE! CAM ONAI. Qwoperatiwm H new Ufimball Gonsolette With the Exclusive Kimball Tone Chamber XX if I ,A,l, We ,A,. . .. O' ruff' 6 5 9 5 .,..: ,,.-,,' . .:,- ,.,., 1-:.' .,5E5si:f:' .,'. rail' ft! :5555EE+,.:,.f ...--. .. 'fi' .ff-fax : Ar ""'N-...., l ziazfzaiiaf. f.. f t J r if.,-.ff EASY TERMS Cliff:-f,: . .,: :f::,:5g ,A N"'A'7-44 ALLOWANCE For A ..i. -,Q . ou: PIANOS 3 5 Any home will warmly welcome this truly fine instru- ment for its rich, mellow tone . . . its smart styling . . . its traditionally good quality that only Kimball can achieve. The graceful new Queen Anne model is shown. 7 ,fi.C.,! . I. 7 4610? f!ltUlLt,'.9 slllpt F2141 T0 Estey and Kimball Organs Estey Electric Organs As Low as 598.50 Conn Band and Orchestra Instruments Soprani Accorclions EXCLUSIVE AT cflginanfe-Wallace Mijn uc 10 1 405 Alvarado Street Monterey If Y .1 V 1 'Q ai -K A 5, x ,X ,..xfA,,., A Rum dudgvrs l'L-zmul gullcry l.0UklI1g1liIAyk'HS Sulmul Ixus Mr. l,lQllN'I' plamtsuncam M1fsB.nkcr'a c 6, Happy in spite of it all 7. Murning SLIHIWCRIINS 8. Pcrfcct :mgcls 9. Fresh 1lil'1lSSUIllhly'Cl'S him IU. 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Dairy Products el Monte airy Monterey Telephone 6429 Carmel Telephone 78 Rose Brothers PACIFIC GROVE The Largest Stock of Home Furnishings on the Monterey Peninsula Congratulations from urray otors Your'Dealer Studebaker 1 Plymouth DeSoto 375 Paeihc Street MONTEREY Tcleph one 8577 -.!I'f'19' ' ' l? H l Q .1 5 is Il ' A I 'F ,Q Q 1 4 4. :gig I . L V., il 5 va 1 S, A "NGa1,Q if KJ., pw' b Q'-wr ,, if " ,.', I 223 'rf Q. nl '- . fw '35, f i 'Z' .51 f""" M221 7 -4.3K-Hfl gh I 5 f EQ 5 1 . Wi t 'fmr-,LQ ' 'Q ,.,. N,---d .6 J-- .11- .-21 -Ti N ...v-"f" ,..--"f""" 4 ,L ,.,. m. .wi W 'W ,g,,ff""' WNW Lx 1 " X gil- 1 CARMEL REALTY CO. MISSION CLEANERS Byington Ford A. M. Watson Realtors ' lnsurers Houses for Rent Telephone Carmel 9l6 Licensed Broker Nofafv Public Ocean Avenue THE BANK OF CARMEL Organizcdl923 OCEAN AVEN U E Commercial ' Savings ' Escrow Service An Independent, Locally Owned and Managed Institution Offering Complete Banking Service Capital 550,000.00 ' Undivided Surplus Sl I5,000.00 Member: Federal Reserve System ' Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat TO THE GRADLIATING CLASS OF 1919 Our Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Happy and Successful Future CARMEL GARAGE Jw!! ,,,,..,A i is I + - ' J" .. A A K 1 -Q., I 'HJ' 'fir KW ' " ' . f"f 4 - 3 T f--.. 1-57 a 'f . ' ' 0 :4 " . ,. N2 , , '. --hx , 5 . ..j1.i.i f lx Q ' 5wu x -qfx - Q ' Y.-, 1938-lgpfggy XVRIS 'l'l1c Sc-Imul Your XN'l1c11 . .. 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A' ITI41sI1" Gurdon I I7 F Jig sk' sf 'XL' --' -- ' cmzmel pness Q inconpomxteb presents flue 1959 E1 SUSUTYO .fL'dflll'l.llg tlxe Q' Lone Cypress on Miclway Point" in color lwy Ca Fine!" O' CIIPOIIIC ELXCIIISIVC Color IPFOCBSS of Cllrlllel Press, IHC. pres en 17717. . . The best music, the finest serial stories, the latest news, a host of special event features, and the offerings of three Monterey Bay studios . . . KDCN "The Monterey Bay Station" affiliated with the Mutual-Don Lee Broadcasting System To tie .Qm'o'c5... CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES go g pelllley g0l7lFdl1y "School Clothes Headquarters tor the Monterey Peninsula" 4I8 ALVARADO STREET 'W 'L 3 L .viii fr-, 1 v r i fa Ht, ,bt ,Q as X 1 QF: ' ,. ,fi-Jw: 1, ? nj' 'A X ' Af ., ' Q " . 'ff . J Q V9,z:: Ykf"!l3'll"' 'f vs ,M - M FL, . Yi: K mxpab psgzm " ' , ,gm ,A - as n 11-1-- ax L 'W Q at - N ' h s-f 'Q' K wif? Y' uf b f 1 H' ' f' ,Q ww ' if N rf ' ,L wwf ,W--mf, Q ' '1"l'L W 'T " . 1 'lf lu njigfwf ' Q .., 1.3 W. , K1 v., X'-vw :WV ,' X ' 2 '72-H, KWH, , s lf N, Rf? fi 1 4 in 2 X ...- ff: "m'??.. , .. --...xx , ' v-1. A Q..- ,U,W7,.W- -W , . ms . N, HYJWSQ M , P K U 6, ,L . .x Ax Q A A V, A -Q 1 53 , ' V, I . , Q, . -Q NJ W r -4.35- PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Still and Moving Picture Equipment lffcflaja PHOTO FINISHING SERVICE developing finishing printing enlarging cameras films 470 ALVARADO STREET ' MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA armel IIE Dairy Cmlgmmlmiom -39-CYS! Bcziutiliy Your IIZIIICISCIIIJC f,-Um WN' I 'I' H P I. A N 'I' S HUGH ' VV ' COMSTOCK I"f"'I BIUILICT PINEVIEW NURSERY 1fosT oilificru Box iss -IWC' D- BISIW' CARMELflSYfTHE-SEA PRIism1w TERRI-xctii AND CALIFORNIA ci.-xRM1iL ROAD ,IN J, X Q! I I w ,I..nlvq1g.1m 3 -I S IYIUUIWIIIIQ Ilkc alsna1lI XVI-II' IIUSICI' . Sllulwla "I do 1nc.luyuu" I .IVIISCIXIUIA Iwcwlng I I fnlmu rm mum ,u.'X111l114v111.1.' If, Sm , sIQ.m's . IX4g11'yfl11pIy1ng1"f 1lI1 I I umm In ' I I3 luIvl11 . Swv xx'Iu:1l'. PG. Nlunicipal Pool Swimming 30c ' Students I5c Special Rates for Evening Parties Open 7 a.m. Daily GROVE LAUNDRY BestbyTest Telephone 480I Pacific Grove ARTHUR T. SHAND Real Estate ' Insurance ' Rentals Ocean Avenue, Carmel Court of the Golden Bough Congratulations to Monterey FRED X. FRY 4 Union High School Students The Links Williams 84 Gregerson CLOTHING ' SHOES FURNISHINGS PACIFIC GROVE Telephone 49I I Pacific Grove Compliments ol l-layvvarcl Lumber Company Pacific Grove Telephone 32 I 9 M. J. Murphy, inc. Building Materials Carmel-by-the-Sea l'lallettls Cash Grocery Fruits ' Vegetables Dolores Street Carmel Free Delivery Telephone 300 1l,""' I' H -.we mb- sf 'ns I" E' fi ' , V K 7 f, 1, 37 A! l,XX'.1lm Huy 5. lnI'u1'11111t1m1,plulac 9,Kcspingxl1c Llm'lw11'.xw.xy 2,czl1llkllk'I1 .ul play fu,C.1r1111mCa1ts lll.E11xptylNlukL'I 3 XYM king hand 7. Dmft swallow it ll. H.llf"liI!lk' -L lhmlfsllalkvl' S. Br1gg's big nmmcnt E I f In the Five and Ten Cent Lines THE BEST FoR THE LEAST 1.11086 lille C111 ell OCEAN AND SAN c:ARLos Carmel La Bonita Beauty Shop STANIFORD,S ALL KlNDS OF BEAUTY WORK May Marr 1 Maud Skaden DOLORES STREET Telephone 639 REXALL DRUG STORE Cosmetics 1 Drugs 1 Stationery Free Delivery CARMEL Stella s Dry Goods Store "Everything from a Needle to a Bale of Drapery" Ocean at Dolores, Carmel CARMEL CLEANERS Telephone 242 DOLORES A ND OCEAN CARMEL Compliments of CLKIFIIIGJC if Clzancller Carmel Medgjlel' Clllfl COIllPdIly Dry Goods Silks 1 Wcicmlcns 1 Wash Fabrics 1 Lingerie Silk Hosiery 1 Foundation Garments Sportswear 1 Swim Suits Carmel EYVICVS CROCERY "The House of Fine Foods" ACROSS FROM THE BANK OF CARMEL Free Delivery 1 Telephone 423 TllOI7llI'llS james H,T11oburn Crace H. Tliohurn Real Estate and Insurance SEE HATTON FIELDS Dolores Bakely Where Quality Reigns Supreme in Bread, Cakes and Pastry DOLORES STREET Telephone 650 . WV' ....huLm.L. Lil 'uno lQ. l Slllklllillx l I ll .nl cl.1w v llllu' fX1vvlIw1u'lL'Lx anna-m.L-u.n A .4...l-an o.'I'lwi11mNr flvhsf H.Tx1iu-In-1151 XX'.1lkN I I. Sf!llHlIVlA'Li Ycg 7. U11 p:11'.1Lh':ng41111 IZ4I:m1llw.1llw:1Nm1 Slffulllmtyllxil'D.1y 13. Il1Nl.lHZllillll Du 9. RL'lLlXllllUII 14. uHuxx'AfMwl1 I Um.: TX1.lIn'I' i.Il.1I1l1lmI1'h! IU. Tu llulmnlsmxvu Twv1'v.1Llu1's tal dm Compliments of IIIIIIS IIHIIIII SEIIVIIIE GUARANTEED SERVICE Philco ' Zenith ' Motorola Westinghouse Refrigerators IIIII IIIEHIIEIIS "First in Making Your Clothes Last" Appliances 755 Lighthouse Avenue 456 Pine Sheet Monterey Monterey Telephone 4455 DR. CHESTER HARE GERTRUDE GRAY Optometrist Beauty Salon Permanent Waving a Specialty 406 Alvarado Street 663 Abrego ' Telephone 5355 I BUSSEY'S FURNITURE EXCHANGE STUART E. SNIDER New and Used Furniture Automobile Finance 5l4 Lighthouse Avenue, Monterey 556 Munras Street ' Telephone 5445 Be Modern' Get the Best at the LEARN TO FLY PALACE DRUG STORE Monterey Airport 40I Alvarado ' Telephone 5 IIIIIIGIIHIUIHIIIIIIS tothe Graduates IUIIHII IUIIIBEII CIIIIIPHIIU IN. ,, wwmmwy W, My ,x,, fwrmwwwlllixwm v---Q.,-W :gl "1 1. wr ' X mr - 'tp- 4 qs 'i lkllk" :Xml 6 IM-lmm 5 Imll 7 H C L-lung m plucllcv IS w ll-.1rl1rl's1 wLl1lu1r1zu'lr:xxf 9 wi lll . SUll1L'llICliylCllll lmlllwllupcl' lllllll I I l. l'm11wrf.nlwv! ll lil-ggi-ally , S.-rglmlwlml lwzmnlf l 9 xv luturc I' ml-px l'pmtln .Ill.llxmvlllwrII1A'll1ll1" XX v lv mul l I1.lIlllIIL1lllk'Hl' l l1x'NL' lull I-.llll-Irlwlil-lm-U1 l7.lx'1nl Miraflor MONTEREY 1 CALIFORNIA Flowers and Plants For All Occasions 176 Bonifacio Place Telephone 5666 Style Beauty Salon CLARA HICASHI "Class of '35" TELEPHONE MONTEREY 3813 147 Webster Compliments of PIONEER BAKERY MONTEREY GRAHAM The Glamour Car of '39 at the MONTEREY GARAGE Telephone 4175 Singer Sewing Machine Co. Buttonlzoles 1 Buttons 468 Alvarado 1 Telephone 4341 Announcing the Beginning of Modern Commercial Art Classes Private Lessons Given Telephone Monterey 7677 E. K. lKenl Lyman Insurance Agency ' ' Telephone 8421 186 Bonifacio 1 P, O. Box 186 Monterey Vining's Meat Market Ronald Vining, Proprietor Inspected Meats Fancy MilkfFed Poultry Our Specialty 423 Alvarado Street 1 Monterey Telephone 6878 Dolores Street 1 Carmel Telephone 200 Franklin Shoe Repair Invisible Re-soling Polishes 1 Laces' 1 Shine Kits Suede or Gabardine Dressing Leather Dyes 1 Shoe Trees Dance Plates 1 Heel Plates Golf Spikes 1 Insoles and Saddle Soap 152 FRANKLIN STREET TELEPHONE 7663 Service Cleaners Congratuhtions to the Graduates 541 TYLER STREET TELEPHONE 4747 fm V 1 J 1. ,I ' 1 K 'lc I Ixltvxlw Wu Z2 41'- ug. vp.1l XX -nk I.llH'lIkInIX1.lX I llmxnnul l:LlIIlCl'1lS . Opc rntm' Swim nson First and Ton "Sonia Hcnjcn Bcrg Guess VCINQ ll, hy ll. Hmmpxtcrs Hnrlam Pmill Rudy iguvl c.I'LtHl SL-wlfw11 M is UP ,MW w -'LL W! M Compliments of M'l6y'5 pray .gate Telephone 4226 lffettiffd 7-00dIVdy Food Center of Monterey 469 Alvarado Street Telephone 8323 GREYHOUND DEPOT TAXI Sightseeing Tours Compliments of SAN XAVIER FISH PACKING CO Monterey 5887 ' Carmel 40 Monterey ' California DONALD JAQUES. O.D. 0P'om""'1 suv BAFFLE BARS 426 Alvarado Street Telephone 3802 72 -gffen-Z kfttet eo. eantta! lffatitet I 2922 S. Main Street, Rl 92I I Los Angeles ' California Club Pins School Announcements Class Rings ancl Pins Calling Cards ' Stationery Diplomas ' Trophies Fresh and Smoked Meats "Headquarters lor Picnic Supplies" 597 Lighthouse Avenue Pacific Grove ' California Telephone 6985 azold Z geyez General Contractor RESIDENTIAL ' INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL ' REMODELLING 787 Munras Avenue ' Monterey ' Telephone 8505 XX I1 ll II ll lu: ww H H , ,M,,.,, w -nuunmw F' -1 N N Nlulln' ML N llllilfk' mul nh lluw nut .1ll!" Compliments of California Water l Telephone Co. MONTEREY Matthew Beaton General Insurance 497 Alvarado Street M 0 N T E R E Y Telephone 6407 FOSTER sc DE Bow jewelers 296 Alvarado Street l Telephone 5552 MODE O'DAY "Dresses for Every Occasion" 481 Alvarado Street Monterey Coca Cola Bottling Co. "All the School Coca Cola" Telephone Monterey 4229 School Shoes at Allen's 370 Alvarado 1 Monterey Climax Eurniture Co. Dependable Service Sinec I905' Best in Furnishings 468-70 TYLER STREET M O N T E R E Y Eureka Dairy Grade "A" Dairy Products TELEPHONE 7207 Good Luck Seniors! from WONDER llCE CREAM COMPANY "All the School Ice Cream for 738 and '39" 479 Washington Street f Monterey ., .,,..4 , 1' 'Q av" 'ML D 1 31" WTERE Y 'O -1-Y -1-n Hr i L WN VI IH llull IN rod lm! 6. Signs uf nhl- linws 1 I. Mrs. .'XYv:1xx':1ml Bsuluxmvw fun MrKllImwp 7.M.Nud1lu lf. Typluaxli' Ufflrnllx S. l'uzlfU1'1'lgl1s 13. .Inc rxtlllfll l mul lurk! 9. Yvallmi' l4.ih1.1rl1I"1:1m1 Illlllilllklx N ulnm! Ill. IL-luiml thc lmrs - Compliments of Charmak 55 Chandler ,154 Alvarado Street J. Pt. Sparolini Imported Delicacies Groceries 1 Fruits 1 Vegetables 423 ALVARADO STREET Telephone 4880 PoPPY CANDY STORE Candy 1 Fountain 1 Lunch 444 Alvarado Street QlIIC3I.EY MoToR Co. COO Munras Mor.terey Si4c.ess and Happiness A. Paladini, Inc. XVl:olesale Fish Dealers Star Cleaners Sc Dyers "We Clean Everything" 275 Lighthouse 1 Monterey 3223 C. Greenwald Loans and Insurance 236 Alvarado Street lvlonterey The Adobe Gift and Book Shop Gifts 1 Books 1 'Toys 599 Polk Street Telephone 5994 Sprouse-cReitz FIVE ' TEN ' FIFTEEN STORE Nothing Over 49g 477 ALVARADO STREET Telephone 7215' Che Andrews Shop "Everything for the 'Teens but Shoes" Kathleen M. Andrews, Proprietor 408 ALVARADO STREET Telephone 6873 GUOD THINGS T0 EAT 'T-lern1ann's Inn OPEN ALI. NIGHT 5 ,ff Q3 I MONTEPEV v'ISlTO9S 35 QI , A YI. , "nu -x 5 8.4.4 ffwrlwllr.1lxivQ!l1clmll fur ll N 7. Tlmznnlx yarn! li. ELlXX'lll'Ll9 l'l.nlczuu l L-Il mc tum S."fXll rlglmt.lclluws,slau1gl1tvx"c111l" I-4.l'nyl1gl1lw1'Il1u:mmm lumlnmlllfll l lmll lmu zxgalinl 9.Asusl1nl 15. Tm'c4lnlms p.u':1nlc 'umlvn xxwmllwll IU. HL'llAH.y'k1lllSk'll. 16. limlflwmll-is l cltun IH llisguisu l lf'B1'caul" Unrllcld I7. l:l.lllliL'IlNlL'lIl up Ilxzlt lllllllll ll."Vs'c'll l1a1vctcz1L1tlix'c. .- I I .--. - 4 -"' 1' - Compliments of Success to the Seniors HERBERT CROSS LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S MONTEREY CANNING HAIR CUTTING SHOP COMPANY I32 Franklin Street Sea Food products Monterey VANITY BOX BEAUTY SALON ALEX RICO I Plumbing and Pipe-Iittingr Zotos Machineless Permanents Immediate Service Telephone bzlg ' 427 Alvarado Telephone 7773 ' 275 Washington Street PACIFIC MUTUAL FISH CO. , Wholesale Fish Dcalcrs Compllments Ol: Sliced Abalone a Specialty EMMET McMENAMlN Monterey ' California I.IAL's Music SHOP S BAND INSTRUMENTS Stands fo' PIANOS - RADIOS PHONOGRAPHS S AT 490 Alvarado Street Monterey Also Swift Service THRIFT FOOD STORE Your Satisfaction Is Our Foundation FREE DELIVERY 6I4 Lighthouse ' New Monterey ' Telephone 3I73 , l "AQ fi uw, Pj," Mo VV M ,S - X ,A '-vi ,apo I X ' Victory iiiaiirli Happy Hiil il'll'llClilll. Olil lgiilics Aid Sky rockctlll . Lunli Out, Ed! I l, Rviiiciiilwci' wlicn? . Kid Swift ll. Mciiil1ri'Qiil'1lii':litflaws .ll lizippcncd at M.lI.H,S. 13. :X Silinsis lim . Snowdcn at sweet sixteen 14. Orin Fnrdk Magic Eye Oni' Gang 10 Champion Phil Alvarado LEA QUE ' S ROLLERDRGME' -J .Q jf ig 1 ff? vp I0 'R mfr? mug 1-M' "!"'- -M 4 . ? -J Z l Jim! 7 im thc smllvnI'lwcuL1ty" 6. l:'ll'l11fl' Xxvlhtlll l2,Uu1f1l mln-uluwm lu-rn.ll1r1nnglQ 7. UuIwsu1'UulLl1c 13. -Im'y.111d Ucwrgw nn wrlmcmwl C wok Umlilvm-Q S. L4-wks il1lL'!'t'SUllQ.'f I-4, Say "x'x.1.1l1l1l1" Muulmlaf' 9.'Tll1lUulll1-lvlfipsllfk li, Rvllwnlfwr wlwxmi' llcl' ll UIIIWIL' 10. U'xx'11x1! 16. Hk!I1lt'l-N1.llll11AllI iAUllUVx'Cl' Il.Rvmcmlwc1'tlmc CXPQISHIIPIIT 1 , Iron l'SImxp Monterey Peninsula's Modern Store for Men My arfr ' montereq Congratulations to tlie Graduating Class :XLVARADO A ND BONIFACIO Ht M. L.Wheaton jeweler For Graduation Gifts A 487 ALVARADO STREET Telephone 4235 Mar Gret's Beauty Shop Merle Norman Cosmetics Margaret Swayze, Proprietor Telephone 5581 Good Luck to the Class of '39 Fine Shoe Repairs 156 Bonifacio Place Monterey B A R R Y B R O S . Fuel 1 Fertilizer 1 Feed 471 Tyler Street Monterey T H E P E T S H 0 P Birds 1 Animals 1 Feed 1 Goldfsh High Quality Bird Seeds 480 Alvarado 1 Telephone 4681 The Owl Cleaners Cleaning and Dyeing Pressing 1 Repairing 1 Altering TELEPHONE 7197 153 Webster Street 1 Monterey The Camera Shop Photographic Supplies Portrait and Commercial Photographer 482 ALVARADO STREET Telephone 7545 PAINTS HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES "Good Luck to the Graduates" Hayes SL Richesin TELEPHONE 7195 Hardware 442 ALVARADO 3 llp amd uvcr I fa gil? 7 'N t ,J If C a Edgar Lcsllc 6 lck Pcltun 7 Llulmm C.l11'lwt11ll1 h .,. Q NV4lllv1'inIlwlwzlrkglulllld ll? .XYx1tcl1it,Pctc! Tubs up NYl1crc's!l1ch:1ll? Gzlllury ut zlllcnlimm Dt1IX'lhCI1dIl!C1lFIIl .awp -0 Sqn. . .,-... Juv-- ll.T1'ack ftzu' ll, Miss Mitflwllul1dlwr1'a1rkci I3.MCfC'I1HllfdSij .Buhind thc sight bull I 7, Tuesdays and Fridays llflonterey Light Shop A. Wilhelmson ' Ralph Hovland LIGHTING FIXTURES ELECTRIC WIRING 530 Lighthouse Avenue Telephone 3535 Rudolphis Furniture Store R "Things That Make a House a Home" New Monterey D.T. Stevens Fleischmann Hi-Vitamin Yeast Royal Desserts Drop in at The Pep Creamery for Thick, Creamy Millrshalces MEET THE GANG HERE! Compliments of Billiels Waffle Shop We Invite You to Dine and Dance With Us NO COVER CHARGE 300 Alvarado Street Monterey flmericals l Largest Manufacturing Retail Jewelers Designers of School Rings. Pins and Fine Watch Cases CREDIT TERMS ALWAYS AVAILABLE GFGHGL Bros. 2390 Mission Street San Francisco x O x 'Sf' 'M' wi" 13 til Il ,I Q ue, 'hu- ' s -..Q Q., "life f i, .NA .5 I3 "hav-X Huw cutul S.c:Ul1I11L' Hc1w.n1'nlwu1'm1ng.1i11wlllw 14, XX'lx.1t'- mlm-111'.'l'm1p'.' f'IlHWlll1Lll1dI1ilil' Ikv Tlmmnpmn of P. U. li. l5wl.1ml IfldmuallTl'c.m11vlsla1ml Hundsmnc gurl k1.Tl1L'c1llI1lWL'I'Qllllikxfklfl' Hu, .Axllilnxvfllmw lix'ILII'lL'k thc Hum IU. Two Palls.xl1Ll ar Furxcst l7.'l'Imry1m.nlIyg1-1 :XLl.1n1N XX''clx.n looking altf' ll. Pcpsmlcnl smile IS, limxunull lnvl all Gcurgc kccps lm Lllalalnuc ll.XX'l1altlwiglmmlllllillls IU, Um' .11 mul drlx v1 Dm1'llmmk su happy l3.lp4ma1gr1n if I9 ? Carmel ll-llarrllware Paints Kitchen Equipment Sporting Goods Dolores Street 1 Telephone 463 Carmel llmelman's Sportswear . 'W' 7 52 CARNI EL'BY'Tl'I E'SEA I II ll THE CORNER CUPBOARD GIFT SI-IOP 1 CARMEL Compliments of The Village Shoe Repair Carmel Nielsen Brothers U R O C E R Y Carmel Mission Marlfcet Groceries 1 Meats 1 Vegetables FREE DELIVERY NVQ Give S H Green Stamps CARMEL TELEPHONE 1130 F O R T 1 E R ' s Cut Rate Drugs NEXT T0 CARMEL POST OFFICE THE POWDER PUFF Beauty Studio LAS TIENDAS COURT Ocean Avenue, Carmel Compliments of George Sc Mark Barhcr Shop Carmel A S K Daisy Bostiek and Kenneth Wood Real Estate 1 Insurance Telephone 70 Carmel Spe eiallizing in Fountain BORDEN's ICE CREAM 1 NUT ROLLS 1 CAKE ROLI,S AND OTHER ICE CREAM PARTY FANCIES For that Good Sandwich and Shake KVA LT l S CARMEL 1 SALINAS N gm , .w.-r-.',- 'A , sux 'pt' -.h,?L .L .ta 'h. 4 5 i X Q z W 'Nr Th l, Um' slvvpy PUUINIL' ls. ,I1ltc1"BUU5 -. CH-x11'vx'v11rc 7, ciIll1LllKI Lady 3. 'vfixvo lm" lwqlulu S.TI1L'l'L'1h SUIllClI1illQilhl7lIf :1 S4-ldm 4, 5xx'vclV1ulct 9. 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MGDNTEREY sends greetings, congratulations and heaps of good wishes to the members of the class of 1939 A more serious side of life begins lor you-don't take it too seriously, don't be too carefree, don't waste it- BUT TO SUCCEED -serious must outweigh carefree and waste combined- MAKE THE BEST OF IT X' 'N , ' -'ww ' :mm,' r, f i .'.n.Qwfi 'r K H Q7 A KV: --,M .ga 5 K - .A . ' I ,x 'xv lx'-M" Q.: l Su ..' c amd Bulw 7. Null Balggctl 2.XX'.r1vl1 thc lirrml slr-uplwy S.Nuwdun'tsaytl1z1L 3. Klmlrcnl Spirits 9. PrvsidcntKuNw:1lI 4. l'lvntyulAHllr11pl1!l'cy IU. Exposition stutucs 7. Ikwn hy llw wld M1ll'x ftrczun lI,D1rddyBcrg ls. 'I1XN'ULliH-CI'CI1I grips lZ.M41ym'ntwm'k 18. W? Ifuturc zlrchitcct Sunkisscd Al'lfS1s The llth sitting! May Qucvn lluulcy A Shilrpn' Icmknlli Mo11te1'ey Investment Co Frank C. jakohs 1 A. G. Metz "We Will Insure Everything but 'Your Future" LET US FIND YOU A HOME 498 Alvarado Street Telephone 7210 Best Wi,sl1es - from .Mo11te1'ey H arzl ware Mearle Chavoya, Proprietor Sporting Goods 422 Tyler Street Monterey Good Luck to the A. Bergqulst 5670015 Jeweler Mo11te1'ey Illurnzture C 21 l - 4 A vamdo Sweet -H80 Washington Street Monterey Monteyey Compliments of ROYAL CREAMERY Hlcxs sc HOWEI,L Firestone Auto Supply 1 Tires Auto Repairing 674 Lighthouse 1 Telephone 4321 SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATES T H E B E A U T Y N O O K DORIS 1 LORENA 1 RUTH Sporting Goods Agent for Wz'lsfan and Spalding F. MaCFdI'lal1e 462 Alvarado Street Telephone 4894 Compliments of Roller Cllevrolet Co. Momemav KX l . W' s ag 5 in -A 2 Cnlchcr Ingram Plnydaly Mmirc pluydziy nt S Thr Hzxzxsis strids: Get, it's wld Girl with hcr bow 7. Kirchin kicks Fashion pzlrzidc .Wl1atfcir1i1! Simone Bzlrbici' l 1. Cupid Sport news? C0116 JM lt Every Friday Night . 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