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U-KN To ihe Class of 1910 whose never-failing energy and spirit have done so much for our school in the past, and wlzose memory will ever be an inspiration to further effort. XX! El- SUSURRO Commencement 'fflrogram E 35 lay "Praise Ye the Father". - -n ...--- --.-.-.-- - - -Gounod lbj "Morning Ramble" ..... .....,............ . . Veggie HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS mo ORCHESTIIIA lnvocation ..................,.. ......... Oration: "Woman in Civilization" .-.---- EDITH McG0wAN tal "Angel'5 Serenade" ................. . . .Bragg lbj "Petite Nocturne" .................... .... D amgla HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA MARV scI1IvIIERI:R ARMA Lozasn I-Inzsl. D:wI1'1' Vocal Solo .... ................ MISS PICKERING Oration: "The California School System" ----. WILLIAM BURBECK MABEL STALLINGS "Berceu5e". . ............... . . .sffelezki GIRLS' GLEE CLUB VIOLIN OBLIGATO-MARY SCHMIERER Address .............. MR. EDWARD BERWICK Vocal Solo . . .............. . . Miss PIGRERING Presentation of Diplomas . - . . . . . lay "Bells of Seville" . . . . . Veggie lbl "Good Night" . ................. . . .Abf DOUBLE QUARTETTE FERNE DEWITT ELIZABETH RIECKS HAZEL DEWITT JOSEPHINE MORGAN ALFRED LEE NEIL BEST WILLIAM BURBECK EDWIN HILBV 2 El- SUSURRO Class Tay Tflrogram EEK PART I "All Among the Barley" ................. . . -Stirling DOUBLE QUARTETTE FERNE DEWITT ELIZABETH RIECKS HAZEL DEWITT JOSEPHINE MORGAN Annan LEE Nan. szsr ' aunazcn :nwm muav Opening Address . . ..... ' ............. . . ELIZABETH EASTON C1355 History . . . ................ . . EDITH McG0wAN C1355 Song ............. WILLIAM BURBECK Class Prophecy . . .............. . . . . . CARL GREENE my "Can0n" . . .................. . . . Bghm Qbj "Bel-ceugQ" .......................... . . Danclg HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA ARMA LOEBER HAZEL n:wlTT Q PART I I Farce: "Our Foot Ball Boys" ------.--- HIGH SCHOOL MARY SCHMIERER Presentation of Medal . - -.--.-.----. - . ALFRED LEE C1355 Poem... ..,..... ..... . ANGELO OLIVER C1355 Will ......... .............. EDWIN HILBY Sophomores' Farewell to the Seniors -.--.. RUTH KUHN Freshmen's Farewell to the Seniors -----.. ROSE NASON Songm. ....... sc:-cool. 3 MABEL STALLINGS l5!L!f!L!.!l!M!34332341 EL SUSURRO Senior Calenbm' SEEK Senior Ball .............. , .... May 20 Baccalaureate Sermon .... .... M ay 22 Class Day ........A. .... M ay 23 Commencement .... .--. M ay 25 M eel 'looking Yaackwaro ' I f a 'EQDW rg-:f'ffs.f"Qz1'r. I W-I-.. 1 : Ay Q., :- ' URTAIN going up shows the two reporters writing busily. First Reporter: I wish we could get some news. I hate this stuff. CBell ringsg second Reporter answers.D Second Reporter: I-lello. Yes this is the Herald office. Who is it? Burbeck! Why man I haven't seen you for twenty years. Where you been? China. What you doing there? Skyscapes. Paint the sky do they? Well! Well! To first Reporter-take this down: One thousand dollars a square yard. Wish I could get a job. What'll you do next? Rome. Rome. What dome? St. Peter. Well what. Oh yes I understand now. Bet you won't do as good a job as you did on the High School building in 1910. You ought to be thankful for your early training. Sorry your so busy. Good bye. To first Reporter: Remember Burbeck and the '10 on the dome ? First Reporter: I certainly do and didn't we get it hot though? Glad it was in the fishing season. Five days ! Whee! ' Second Reporter: Burbeck's the classy kid when it comes to painting the dome, but I ought to be famous, though, for I helped paint that 'IO out. Oliver was something of a painter also, though he didn't distinguish himself. A First Reporter: Oh yes! I got a letter from him the other day. He's been appointed Aerial Admiral of the United States Sky Fleet and is off to Mars. Second Reporter: Why Mars? Why not the Moon or the Sun for that matter? First Reporter: He wants to learn something about war so he wont have to surrender so easily. Second Reporter: Well if he doesn't like fighting why did he take it up ? First Reporter: Oh he's so flighty, he couIdn't well help being appointed. Second Reporter: Speaking of fighting, I see Pugh is Middle Weight Champion of the world. ' First Reporter: Yes I won fifty dollars on that fight. But 7 El- SUSURR0 where's Ruth Kuhn? She and Pugh were much of the same mind when it came to fighting. At least about pennants. Second Reporter: She's dead. First Reporter: What was the matter? Second Reporter: Oh she was too good to live long. First Reporter: I don't believe you. Second Reporter: Honest. She went mad in course of the search for Burbeck's pennant. First Reporter: There were some big results gotten out of that pennant business. Second Reporter: Yes, has Lee died yet? He got knocked out so easily that it's a wonder if he's still living. First Reporter: Oh yes he decided to save doctors' bills by becoming one himself. Knows all his ills, and is quite famous. Second Reporter: Hilby got tied up worse than Lee in that tie-up. First Reporter: Well he's teaching Mathematics at the High School now and is quite harmless. Second Reporter: He hasn't sold his share in the Nason, Hilby, Spoon Factory has he? First Reporter: Nope. He wouldn't lose a good thing like that. Second Reporter: Here's another good thing. You going? CGives a handbill to the First Reporter.D First Reporter reads: "Alvarado Opera Company!! First Western Tour! See the Girl from japan, by Glady Davies, the renowned playwright. Elizabethsky Ricksonoff! and Ferndoff De Wittsky! Sopranos! ably accompanied by Madamoselles, De Witt- sky, Loeber and Stallinsky. Hear also the violin solo by Madamo- selle Schmeirburg! A treat in itself. One night only. May 24, l920." Second Reporter: Hear! Hear! Hear! You going? First Reporter: Sure. Remember "The Japanese Girl" and Fern DeWitt's staring. There was some class to that. Second Reporter: Yes. Didn't Miss Bulware make us work on those 'paper flowers ? First Reporter: Well, since Miss Bulware became a fellow of the National Academy of Arts she wouldn't deign to make paper flowers. Second Reporter: I wouldn't blame her. Those flowers looked about as natural as our chances for a Union High School. , First Reporter: Did you ever hear how we got the Union High? Second Raporter: No. I First Reporter: Well you know the Grove's objection to a 8 El- SUSURR0 Union High School was that it would corrupt the morals of the Pacific Grove School children- Second Reporter: Yes. First Reporter: lt was that way till Hilby got his position here. Then he proved by a mathematical proposition that there were no morals in the Pacific Grove school and consequently the school children could not be corrupted. V That settled the question for good. Second Reporter: Ha! Ha! Ha! tCall. First Repolter answers.i First Reporter: Hello. Yes this is the office of the Monterey Evening Herald. Who is it? Edith McGowan! Well how are you! How's settlement work ? Yes, we got the Union High, and Kenneth Smith, the millionaire baby food manufacturer gave the funds for the breakwater. They built a pier out from each side. with a gate in the middle. The fishermen drive the fish inside, shut the gate and catch at their leisure. They just had a drive and about a dozen whales, several sharks, and salmon and sardine galore are inside. Yes it is a fine scheme. What-yes, l'm glad to know it. So Miss White is Dean of the English Department at Vassar. Good bye. Second Reporter: That breakwater scheme was a great stunt, alright, and you say she said Miss White was at Vassar? Well! Well ! First Reporter: Yes. Call. lt's your turn to answer. Second Reporteri Hello. Yes. l'll be sure to do it. First Reporter: Who was it? Second Reporter: Only Elizabeth Easton. She wants us to be sure to announce that she has just been elected Pilot of the Mil- pitas Debating Society. First Reporter: Ten cents please. Second Reporter: That Pilot was rather expensive waste paper. C Crash from outside.5 First Reporter: There's that Celestial phone again. Second Reporter: Yes. I wish our new receiver in the fourth dimension would come. I want to connect with Gabriel. First Reporter: That's been happening for the last three days. What'll you bet but that it's Macintosh. lt's funny that they didn't discover heaven was in the fourth dimension long ago. tCalls for copy from outside and both reporters rush out with their papers.J Carolus Viridis, 'I0. 9 El- SUSURRO Ely: Tinker-Class :Hush EEE The mighty class of Seniors By their honored " 'l0" they swore That the honor of their noble class Should suffer wrong no more By their honored " 'l0" they swore it, And named a trystring night, And bade their numbers all come forth, From south and east and west and north, By palest candle light. From east and west and south and north They come both thick and fast, And ropes and paint and brushes Are gathered there at last. Shame on the lazy Senior Who lingers in his home, When all this great assemblage Have come to paint the dome. But never sound of workman Was heard in the school house still, No tootstep sounds to tell their toes What is the Senior's will. Unwatched the artist now ascends, The bravest of their men, And on the dome ot our High School's home He paints a blazing " '10." But in our school next morning Was trembling and dismay. The Seniors all were "canned," we heard, For three long days of play, For from the school-yard play ground And from the basket-court We could spy there the mighty " 'l0," Proof of the Seniors' sport. I wish, in all our High School, There were no hearts so bold, As those of the jolly juniors, When this great news was told. Forthwith they made a pennant Of cheese-cloth red and white, And from the flagstatf Tuesday lt floated brave and bright. 10 El- SUSURR0 M!l!.?l!?L!g?L!?JU115311 Then out spoke Mr. Mclntosh, Our principal is he, "This great thing called 'class spirit' l really like to see. So what can we do better Than have a rushing day, And settle this class rivalry ln the good, old-fashioned way ?" So April twenty-second Was wanted for the tight, And many were the plots then layed For deeds of wrong and right. The Seniors planned and plotted To raise their pennant high, For now their " '10" they'd painted out tThey had to do it, so without A pennant they would die.l And now the great day cometh, A With its grand costume parade, And all the other honors Before Freshman glories fade. For a baby in a go-cart, Pushed by a mammy black, Followed by three little maidens gay, ls riding forth and back. Next comes the race tri-legged, And the Seniors make much din, For Oliver, Hilby, Best and Lee Are in the thing to wine But down they tumble at the start, And this five points, l ween, Belong to Torre and Schweninger ' Of the class of big '13. The six-legged race to Seniors falls, Myron and William B., And the wheel-barrow race in spite of Greene To George S. and William T. ln the crab-race M. A. Oliver ls victorious once again, And Burbeck wins the sack event For the class of 1910. And now the girls' race comes along, The distance is 25, And the girls are standing ready To prove that they're alive. Edith for '10 does bravely, But of junior fame I sing, And Josephine Decarli now, The swittest runner in school, I vow ls cheered till echoes ring. ll El- SUSURR0 And now we watch the pennant race, Two poles of equal height Are carefully selected, one , To left and one to right. Now Best is there for 1910, For the underclassmen, Pugh, One bears the Senior purple and good The other 'the Sophomore blue. A pistol crack, a mighty rush, All breathless watch the climb, To see which pole will bear a flag ln the shortest space of time. Each inch is hotly fought for, ' But Seniors are happy when Best reaches the top a second ahead With the flag of 1910. The score is 20 to 203 The tie-up is at handy And doggedly and ready to die To place their pennant up on high The valient Seniors stand. ' The nine brave under-classmen Are there with warlike glee. Their ropes with grins they all display, They call to all to clear the way, .For they will make short work, they say, Of the Seniors two times three. Now, at the given signal, Forth all the fifteen leapg The odds are almost two to one The job is pretty steepg But how can Seniors better die Than facing fearful odds For their beloved class honor And ancient Senior Gods? The junior boy does bravely Tying up Seniors tall. The Freshies and Sophs make gallant war, lt seems that the '10 must fall. But fish from Carmel river Have made the Seniors strong, And at last they are victorious Though the fight is hard and long. 'Tis placed upon the flagstaft For everyone to see, The pennant of the Seniors, As gay as gay can be. And far above street, now, ln everybody's ken lt floats to tell of the victory Of the class of 1910. Elizabeih j. Easton, 'lI. 12 . E!.!l!.!L!M!.?l!.QBM!l?!l EL SUSURRO HEQLEELESLEELE.?L!e!L!.?JI Class f'I'fistory HAT is more beautiful than to climb a high hgaxgj as' mountain and gaze far out on the scenes be- yond. On a certain August day in the year 1906 :QEQ a crowd of eager-faced young people stood ready to begin the ascent of such a mountain. 5 with them were able guides. Behind inthe distance could be seen other crowds moving towards its base. At varied distances up its sides still other groups could be seen already started. Some of those who composed the waiting throng had already traveled to- gether over the plains behind them, some were strangers from distant lands. As the head guide held out abook, the climbers entered into it their names. A tall slender youth with light curling hair and blue eyes in whose hand was a sketch book, put down his name as Angelo Oliver. Another whose conscious dignity was belied by ge merry twinkle in his eye, put down his as Edwin Hilby. Now a manly, shock-headed little fellow, always ready for joke or fun, writes "Ernest S, the Dutch kid of Carmel." Further down the page, side by side, appear the names two laughing, happy girl friends, Gladys D. and Edith M., and all these climbers seemed joined by a common interest and joy born of expectation. So they started on their ascent. The path was intricate and bewildering, for they were unused to the brambles. They gazed with admiration and wonder at those further up, and crowded joyfully after each other up the glens, nor heeded the words of wisdom called back by those above. After awhile they emerged from the canyons and their dark overhanging trees. A small group was just disappearing over the ridge of the mountain. They sat down to rest together. Many had been lost from their number in the wilderness below, but those who were left found themselves fresher and stronger than ever. A new will and resolve settled upon the group as they gazed at the dizzy heights above. Down below was another group eager to start, just as these had done so short a time before. They called back half in welcome, half in pride, at their own accomplishments. The journey went on. Now they climbed up terrible dizzy heights, now they rested in sunny dales, now they traveled over level plateaus. Some stopped in the sunshine of the dales and 13 EL SUSURR0 would not go on, others saw more promising mountains to climb in the distance. They caught up with another fearless climber in one lovely valley, and they cried, "We are glad to welcome this Alfred Lee to our midst, for we have watched his brave climbing above us." In the first long climb one joined them from a distant moun- tain, who proved a worthy comrade till the end. His cheerful smile soon won him the title of "Smiley Best." At the next rest on the hillside the rollicking Billy B. came to cheer them on their way with continual talking and song. When they had nearly reached the top, they met a small boy climbing along by himself. When they asked him his name, he replied with a gesture that was infinitely wise, that it was Carl Greene. Often in the climb they caught at the helping hands of those above them. Often, too, they turned back to encourage a tired group behind them. Three times they saw a small group disap- pear over the brow of the mountain. Three times they called back a welcome to a group of new climbers. Their guides were able and kind, and without their aid these climbers might never have reached the top. But with their guides' unfailing encouragement, chastisements, and inspiring words, at last they reached the summit, seven faithful climbers, comrades over a sweet, rough way. They stand breathless, each looking out over the plains beyond into a glorious sunrise, each ready to set his foot upon his own path with the same valiant spirit as of old. Half turning, they stretch out their hands in a last motion of good-will and farewell to the climbers below them, and they, too, disappear over the top. Edith A. McGowan, '10. was l!3L!3L!,!L!5L!.!l!Q!,i El- SUSURR0 Q!il!!!QEQFLEQLEELEQJI Class will , N the Name of God, Amen: We, the Class of ' 0 Nineteen-Ten H9105 of Monterey High School, 9 of Monterey, County of Monterey, State of Cali- fornia, of the age of four C4D high school years, vi I ey, 9' memory, and not acting under duress, menace, fraud, or undo influence of any person what- ever. do make, publish, and declare this our last Will and Testa- ment in the manner following, that is to say: First: To the Junior Class of the aforesaid school, who will succeed us, we will and bequeath all rights to paint the dome of our beloved school building, all rights to fly banners on the flag- pole of the aforesaid building, all rights to vacations to Carmel and vicinity, all of our brightness in recitations, our empty desks in the study hall of the aforesaid building which we hope they are capa- ble of filling as honorably and with as much distinction as we have, our dignified positions, our social standing, and all of our great cares and troubles, and one of our beloved classmates, whom we regret to lose. Secondly: To the Sophomores of the aforesaid school, we leave a pair of pruning shears to enable them to graft in a few more points in the next inter-class field day, one-half dozen well pre- served, vacuum packed, blue and white pennants securely stored in the Chemistry Laboratory of the aforesaid building, and a corres- pondence course in Electricity so that when they reach our degree of mentality they will know how to conduct themselves without being shocked. Thirdly: To the wee, baby Freshmen, we will and bequeath the privilege of staying up until ten o'clock on Saturday evenings during vacations, which privilege we hope they will not abuse after passing from under our jurisdiction and paternal authority. Severally, to Heman Greenwood, the paint left in the belfry, which we have no further use for, but suppose he might use next year, to Josephine DeCarli, alias "Topsy," one complete football suit, including all accessoriesg to Elizabeth Easton, alias "Big Liz," we leave all of Burbeck's salary certificates for teaching the Physics Class, which are to be invested in Hollister double-jointed peanuts, to Mabel Stallings, alias "Mub," we leave the dignified position of 15 F5 ji U- lfe- ' 29 QW 1 and being of sound and disposing mind and L ig,'i?2.JJ ll?l!3l!.iL!3l!?L!.Q!!. El- SUSURRO a Senior, if she thinks it possible to uphold that most exalted posi- tion, to Earl Pugh all the chewing gum left by the Seniors under their seats in narrow escapes from our most honorable teachers, to Ruth Kuhn all of the Seniors' little hammers, to Ruth Hinkley a pair of swimming wings so that she may bring up her average in the Swimming Clubg to Elizabeth Riecks one pair of Oliver's num- ber ten shoesg to Wm. de la Torre all of our little tricks of bluffing enumerated and published by Carl Greene tour Mascotl in the book entitled' f'Who was the Nigger Nurse," or "Who Swiped the Nutslon the Baby Carriage"g to Geo. Schweninger we leave all the grub left by the Seniors in "Buzzards' Roost" in Carmel, to the Smith Brothers a ticket to the horse clippers, good for 5 consecu- tive hair cuts whichlwe have carefully estimated to be sufficient for one full grown hair mattressg to Ferne De Witt we leave Al Lee's voice with all of its variations, to Kawashita the business manager- ship of El Susurrog to Merle McCoy one bean sandwich, to Mr. Mclntosh several wireless telephone and telegraph apparatuses, also three promising classes badly disfigured, Cespecially the boys? and monogramed with 'l0's during the tie-upg to Miss White we leave our best regards, five empty desks, five Macbeths, and all Greene's English ,Cribsg to Miss Schmierer we leave all of Bur- beck's shorthand 'translations of the German Proseg to Miss Bul- ware two sets of mechanical drawing plates, wierdly and wonder- fully concocted, but subject to her approval, also tive beautifully decorated Civil Governments and American Histories, to the school we leave the baseball, football, and basketball captaincies, the treas- uryship, and vice-presidentship of the Student Body. ,I ,Anything not mentioned in this Will is to be sold at public auction by Merle Chavoya CAuctioneerD and the proceeds placed in the Boys' Athletic Fund Cas the boys are in majority in this Class.D Lastly, we hereby nominate and appoint as executors of this, our last Will and Testament, JIMMIE MCINTOSH, of Broadway, at 5th Avenue. MIKE NOON, of Del Monte Dumps. STELLA BOUILLON, of 23 Lemon St., Milpitas. 'Jn Witness 'when-col we have hereunto set our hand and seal this 25th day of May, in the year One Thousand, Nine Hun- dred and Ten. CLASS OF 1910, M. H. S., CSeal.l I6 EL SUSURR0 The following instrument, consisting of seventy-four C745 pages besides this, was, at the date hereof, by the said Class of '10 signed, sealed, and published as, and declared to be this our last Will and Testament, in presence of us, who, at the request ofthe Class of '10, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed ROME FIELD. ARTHUR JACKS. TOM J. METZ. Edwin E. Hilby, 'I0. our names thereto. ?YQElU gg V1 BASKET BALL TEAM 17 l El Susurro Tfottortal Staff EDITOR .vv..........................,...,...,,.....,............,.. ELIZABETH J. EASTON, 'll BUSINESS MANAGERNQ ............,,..,,.....,........ WM. B. BURBECK, 'IO - Assistant Business Manager .....,......,......... Neil Best, '10 Alumni ......,..A...................,.....,....,..,.... Edwin E. Hilby, '10 Exchanges .....,,...........,..,...,........ Edith A. McGowan, '10 Staff Artist .,........,. ..........,... M yron A. Oliver, '10 Boys' Athletics ......... ,.....,........... N eil O. Best,"l0 Girls' Athletics .....,, .,..,.,,..., j osephine Decarli, 'll School Notes .......,.,,. ,.,,...,,,...,...,,..,..,, O leta Loeber, 'll Joshes ....,...........,... ......,,,...,,,....., R achel M. Moore, '12 vor.. 3 MAY 1910 No. 2 'A NOTHER year has gone by, and again the Commencement Number of El Sussuro is before you. As is customary, this issue has been turned over to the Senior Class, as a soitbf souvenir volume and record of their High School career. This number is therefore dedicated to the Class of 1910. Their sojourn with us is now over, and they are going out into the wide, wide world, but the memory of their achievements will ever be with us. During their four years of High School life, they have never failedlto do all in their power for the good ofthe school and its enterprises. There representatives have been the main-stay of our school in athletics, and this year three out of the four athletic teams were led by mem- bers of this class. This is a record of which any class may well be proud, and a class which any school might be sorry to loose. So here's 'to the "Class of 'lO!" May they do as well when school days are over as they have done during them. IVIONT D El- SUSURR0 'GHIS year has been a very successful one for Monterey High. Besides making a creditable showing in football and baseball, we have both boys' and girls' basketball teams of which many a school of twice our numbers might well be proud. Two numbers of El Susurro have been issued, and some other work done in the literary line. Best of all, perhaps, we have, by means of "The Jap- anese Girl," cleared off all the debts of the school, and brought into our treasury a neat sum with which to carry on our athletics. 'A ND now the year is over, and the staff lay down their work with sighs of mingled relief and regret. We have tried hard to make this year's "Susurros" measure up to the standard set in former years, and hope that we have succeeded. We wish all good luck to our successors, and hope to see "El Susurro" in the years to come, a match for any High School paper in the State. NOTE.-On account of lack of space, the Exchanges have been omitted, but will be noted in the next issue. su . - I A STORY WITHOUT WORDS PHo1-on.nAr-Hsu rnom 'rr-as 1-An. or uu.u:v's comm' ' CAST-QABOVE, HILBV, OLIVER, BEST. LEE KON ROPE, BURBECK IFORNIA EL SUSURR0 HEELEQLEELEELEQEELEQJ Ebc Class of 1910 Words by WM. B. BURBECK. '10 Music by A. D. SCAMMELL Air:-' 'Do A Love Thee P ESQ When to-night we part at last, From the Class of Nineteen-Ten, Maybe never more to meet Together on this earth again, May some guardian angel watch, Keeping us thru paths of life, Shielding us from unseen foes, Protecting us from cares and strife. When our work is o'er, And we cease to toil and gain, May the gods of fate decree, That once more we meet againg Meet and renew the many ties, That our High School life has bound, And the Class of Nineteen-Ten In health and happiness abound. 20 EL 5'-'SUR-R0 Times to the Class of nineteen-Gen EGGS i Set adrift upon life's ocean, May your little craft sail straight- Through the billows rocky motion, Safe into the Golden Gate. Little craft, what bear you? What will be your answer, then- Answer proudly, answer loudly 'Tis the Class of Nineteen-Ten. Set adrift upon life's ocean, Who will be your Pilot there, Who will guide your vessel's courses, Through the wind, the rain, the air? Class of Nineteen-Ten, you're drifting With the ever-changing tide, Simply drifting from the harbor To the ocean, vast and wide. On the mast-head floats your pennant, With its Purple and its Gold- Bringing memories of High School ln the care-free days of old. Yet through all the long, long joumey, Waiteth silently afar, In some rocky, coral cavern, Spirit of the Harbor-Bar. And when all the journey's ended, And our ship is anchored-then We shall know, and bless the Spirit Ot the Class of Nineteen-Ten. Gladys E. Davies, 'I0. 21 El- SUSURR0 resenkation Speech E K Miss Gladys Davies was the successful competitor in the farce writing contest. Her farce, entitled "Our Foot Ball Boys," was chosen by the judges because it was the one best suited to acting. On behalf of the Senior Class of 1910, I have the honor and great pleasure in presenting to Miss Gladys Davies this medal, which has been awarded her. I hope, Miss Davies, this medal will ever be a reminder of the efficient literary work you did in our old Monterey High School. Aufed W. Lee, '10. Elpe Tina On a rocky point, quite near the sea, A lonely pine tree stands, Tall, majestic, and stately. 'Ganist a background of water and land. - its roots, in rock imbeded firm, Will hold for many a year, They are faithfully serving their term, To the life of the old pine are dear. Then, by the ocean breezes, Which 'mong the breezes play, They become gnarled and knotted, And toward the inland sway. lts lower branches all decayed Are broken by wind and spray, While those above are hung with moss, Giving contrast in green and gray. This tree resisted many a storm, As we should resist temptation And be in life never forlorn, But strive for a firm foundation. M. A. O., 'l0. 22 El- SUSURRO L!!i!M!,?L!.?l!?L!M!.?!l Zfxtbletics S2365 . After the Christmas holidays the interest of the boys was cen- tered on basket ball. Games were arranged with the Grammar School, the Pacific Grove first and second High School teams, and the Grove Academy. We lost the first game to the Grove sec- ond team with a score of 29-20. The second game was forfeited to us. The only other team which gave us a hard game was our Grammar School, score 16-ll favor of us. Q On account of the interest in basket ball, track work was ne- glected, with the result that we only entered one candidate in the meet, whose shoe came off shortly after he started the half mile, thereforel! ! 11 at ? ?:! ! bang. We have earnestly started base ball practice, and are working hard to win back the trophy cup which we won in '08, and lost in '09. The only league game played so far was lost to Santa Cruz, 8-ll. This was not to be wondered at, however, as our first and second baseman and shortstop could not play the whole game. We fully expect to win every game after this, as our team will be com- pletely organized. a G G Girls' Basket Ball This year we girls have gone in good and hard for basket ball, and with the good coaching of Miss Boulware have risen to a point where we can make a good showing. ' Our first outside game was with the San Carlos team. We played on their court to our disadvantage, for it was smaller than ours and their baskets had been put up, upside down. The score was 21-23 in their favor. We do not feel that this score shows the relative merits of the two teams, but we have never been able to get a return game in which to show what our team can do. ' On March 25th the Pacific Grove team played us a practice game on our court. The score was 2-10 in our favor. We are at present playing a set of five games for a pennant of- fered by Phegley-Hutchinson to the winning team. We have played three, at the time of going to press. The Grove has won two, and our team one, but our girls are working hard to get that pennant. The Monterey Grammar School team have been quite an aid to us in furnishing us with excellent practice games. The line-up is as follows: Josephine Morgan Ccenterb, Rachel Moore, Enid Best tguardsl, Josephine DeCarli, Arma Loeber Cforwardb, Elizabeth Easton, Lucy Harmon, Fern DeWitt Csubsb, 23 l!.?L!.M!.!L!.!L!.?L!.?L!.?Jl EL SUSURR0 MEM!!!f!l!.?L!4!L!.M!.?4l School Notes EEE Lincoln's birthday was celebrated by a short program in the Study Hall, consisting of music by the school orchestrag vocal solo, Ferne DeWittg and an instrumental solo by Rachel Moore. Some current events were then discussed, Alfred Lee taking "Coal Min- ing" and Edwin Hilby the "Panama Canal." Some members of the G. A. R., among them Dr. Abbott, were present and gave us some interesting reminiscences of their experiences during the Civil War. GGG One evening in April, a merry crowd of young people, chaper- oned by Miss Bonlware, enjoyed a moonlight picnic on the Del Monte Beach. After doing justice to a delicious lunch, stories were told, and at an early hour all departed. IIIIU. The Swimming Club have spent several pleasant evenings at the Del Monte Bath House, chaperoned by Miss Boulware. a a a We had Rev. Mr. Clifford with us one day this semester, tell- ing of his trip to Seattle to the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. GKIKI just after we received the new pictures, and before they had been placed in the several class-rooms, a program was given in honor of their arrival. The entire set were hung in the Study Hall, and Miss Boulware gave a brief explanation of each one. Mr. Adams, a local artist, favored us with an interesting discourse on "Ar-t." Ferne DeWitt gave .a vocal solo and the school orchestra played several selections. Several songs were sung by the school, and Mr. Mclntosh made a few well-chosen remarks. ll at a Quite an enjoyable gathering in honor of the Seniors met at the home of Miss White, our English teacher, on Friday evening, the 6th, The rooms were very prettily decorated in the class colors and everyone present voted Miss White a charming hostess. 24 El- SUSURR0 Spontaneous Spoutings Miss B.-Neil, what did you do for history today 'P N. B.-l studied. C100 "Big Ed" the kids all know him, That foolish Senior boy! Some of them say he's "mushy" Yet heis a Freshman's joy. C1110 Burbeck.-ln the mint they burn all carpets and all furnishings to get the gold dust out instead of selling it second hand. - N. B. tin a stage whisperj-l won- der if they burn the employees when they die ? - ILGLCT. "The Sweet Girl Graduate" Our dainty Senior girl, Bright and busy and pretty and fair, Little and dainty with golden hair, Fluffy and all a-curl Ah! Edith's the favorite of all the school, l9lO's only girl. . it ll ll j. D. tAlgebra lil-That looks dif- ferent to me. Mr. Mcl.-That's a case of 'looks are deceiving! CI U. II Some 'fukin ll Granslntlons A He accused them of gravity. He crossed the river in order to hurl fear at the Germans. ct II xt I Rachael is a Sophomore jolly and "dead game," Baseball, football, or basketball, She'll be there just the same. Ruth H. is full of mischief Of the Sophomore class she's the life, Always ready for rough-house 'Frolic or fun or strife. GGG. Do you recognize the nurse girl As stalwart William T 'P And would you know Ferne and Rose 1 and Merle ln the little triplets three ? CLCLCI. Earl Smith is a nuisance A regular smarty lad So forward for a Freshie He really is too bad. 110111 Miss B. tFirst year Drawing Classy -William, look here, as a matter of fact one of your legs is larger than the other. W. T.-l never noticed it before. 11110. Freshman tAncient Historyl-Christ was bornain 33 B. C. ' ll II. II Leidig found a Carmel flea, To kill it seemed unkindg Taking out its wicked lamps He made the brute go blind. . He dropped the thing down Hilby's neck But as it crossed his ribs, lt stumbled on the bonythings And broke its legs! no fibs. KIIIII. O. L. tHearing something said about the tie-up.l-Oh, girls, don't talk about that, it makes me have sad dreams. tl wonder why ?7 El- SUS'-1 RR0 Basket Ball How peaceful were our days before We played at basket ball, What lots of time we had to talk And stand around the hallg Oh! what an easy time we had E'er we played basket ball. We always used to have some peace, To rough-house we'd ne'er yield, We never shirked, we always worked, Our pencils we did wield, But now we have the greatest larks Out on the basket ball field. j. DeCarli is the worst Of all the there is no doubt, She raises all the rough-house Except when Enid's out, And then you can't tell which is worse They are a pair, about. But they have no monopoly On this queer line of work For Rachel, as our captain. Has sure no right to shirkg So she adds to the din her laughter For she likes play as well as work. j. Morgan, Ferne, and Arma prim Are naughty Freshies three, They are in lots of mischief As any one can seeg But some say a junior beats them And her name is E. j. E. And then when work is over To the house we all retire And Rachel and Enid try their skill At quenching their inward fire By cups and cups of water Of which they never tire. Miss Boulware tries to make us work, She is our coach so tall, She lays down the law 'most every day To the players great and small, But it's no use, we must rough-house When we play basket ball. IICLU. Miss W.-David Starr jordan is cut- ting down the number of girls. E. R. tviciouslyj-l hate menl 'Gbeory The josh Editor leads an easy lite, just sits and laughs all day: The jokes come rolling in in stack And she can laugh and play And write pages of stuff to make one smile Most any time of day. 'Ilraetlce The josh Editor must fume and fuss And work like a Turk all day. For jokes are awful hard to get, She has more work than play, For 'tisn't as much fun as it looks To scribble and scribble all day. 111111 1 Bum flake ln the Commencement Edition of the Sea Urchin, published by our sis- ter school in'Pacific Grove, they take occasion to pass some unkind remarks about our paper. Never mind, P. G., about our poetryg you hadn't better say anythingon that score. just be- cause you could sport two editions in four semesters doesn't license you to crow very much. As to cuts we are able to match you, right nowg and with this edition, too. 0.1141 Henian Greenwood, Spanish shark, He can write good stories, but keep dark! l-Ie manages the base ball team, A job which l tell you is no dream. The junior Class are proud of him Because he's full of life and vim. 110.61 H. G.-Say, Schweninger, can you swim ? G. S. lFreshmanJ-Sure. H. G. tgoing towards the faucetj -Let's see. KICIII j. Earl Pugh is a Sophomore lad At basket ball playing he's great, But isn't it queer, he can't get the idea Of studying into his pate. Benj. E Wright Real Estate, Loans Sole Agent Monterey Heights Monterey, Cal. Coast Counties My Style Qf Real Estate and ,Jeb Pflmlmg Investment CO. sings its own praises Hem Block ELGIN C. HURLBERT Alvarado Street "Printing That Attracts" 210 Grand Avenue acific Grove J. A. sPARoL1N1 C Groceries, Provisions, Fruits Vegetables and Produce DEALER lN All kinds of Imported Delicacies Phone, Main 55 417 Alvarado Street MISSIUN ART 6 CURIO STORE Our Art Gallery was never so complete with Paintings, Pictures, Frames, Etc., nor prices so low. We frame Pictures. We make up special designs in Jewelry Photos, Shells and Curios. ABALONE PEARLS, BLISTERS and jE WELRY. Most complete line of Precious and Semi-Precious Stones for Rings, Pins, Etc. A 106 Main Street Opposite Custom House TOE T'S Con fectionery, Ice Cream Catering to Parties and ef-bells Delivery to any part of the city Phone, Red 124 PacU'ic Grove 27 THE WAVE High Grade Confections Special Attention to' Party Orders Try Our Fancy Ice Cream Novelties 5, Fresh Candies Made Every Day -1. .L -. Q, ' ,gs Vi 308 Alvarado Street Ph0ne 171 Monterey Furniture Eureka Stables Company E. E. L1rrL1sF1E1.D, Prop. NEIL MCEACHREN, Manager. New Horses New and Second- New R185 Hand Furniture Telephone Main 1461 254 Alvagfgshffgeiinin m71M0"'e'e3' Pearl and Tyler Streets Long G Gretter High Class Drugs, Chemicals M l ,- Medicines, Station- I ne y ery, Cameras and ' K odaks 565 Lighthouse Ave. Pacyic Grove A MRS. F. A. DODGE 567 Lighthouse Ave. Palace Drug Co. The shoe that proves The REGAL Shoe BANK One-Quarter Sizes Fffii SCHUOL For Men and Women STATIONERY 83.50, 84.00, s5.0o F. A. ZIMMERMAN Monte Del Monte New Monterey 252 Alvarado Street A. M. AGGELER The Leading Grocer Next to Post Office Prompt Delivery For the best accommodations, stop at Hotel Del Mar Pacific Grove, Cal. MR. and MRS. F. D. BLACKBURN, Proprietors - American or European Plan Dining Room in Connection New M onierey Mercantile Co. General Merchandise Groceries, Hardware, Shoes, Grain of all kinds 622 Lighthouse Ave. New Monterey Phone, 741 Hgrg-Ph11I1p3 Charles T. Norlon O ti a I Successor to Berkeley 8 Ellis p Refradmg, and Real Esiale, Insurance and Eifsfmsissd Mafzufafwrfflg HOW Reflfmg " Opticians 222 Alvarado St. Monterey, Cal. 571 Ughfh0U-92 AW- P05075 GVUW? R. H. WILLEY H. G. JORGENSE LAW or-'Floss SILAS W. MACK WILLEY LAWYER AND AND NOTARY PUBLIC JORGENSEN FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING 252-B ALVARADO STREET TEEEEHONE- MM 84' ES"'23552SiYEL'IZ.'iTZ'L.C23J"' PHON CE, MAIN I RESIDENCE, MAIN 46 Climax Furniture Store The Big White Store in the Heart of the City Corner Franklin and Pacific 29 T. j. FlELD,'President M. M. GRAGG, Vice-President C. D. HENRY, Cashier E. E. JAMES, Assistant Cashier The Bank of Monterey Your Banking Business Soliciled Capital 8100, 000 G. R. HIGBY P. E. NORRIS Imperial Dyeing and Cleaning House Gents' Suits Cleaned and Pressed. Special Altention Given to Ladies' Opera Cloaks, Feathers, Laces, Ribbons, Gloves. Our Chemical Cleaning is done by the Latest French Process 210 Grand Avenue Phone Black 761 Pacific Grove CHARMAK19 Hand Tailored Ready-lo- Wear College Clolhes and Fixings FITTING FEET is our sole occupation. Our work is easy because We sell WALK OVER SHOES for Men and Women Bertold's Shoe Store 432 Alvarado Street, Monterey The Place to Buy Shoes Genllemen: Let Brown the Tailor, Tailor you once, And Brown the Tailor Will tailor you always. 214 GRAND A VE., PACIFIC GRO VE Established March, 1904 PRICES SA ME AS READY MA DE. S25 T0 S40 30 Emefy T Stofe Wdlfef Slledltldft Sells only the Finest ii-ESDP Grades of Tea, Cot- R fee, Extracts, Etc, Robes, Collars, Curry Combs, Pads, Brushes, Horse Furnishings 437 Alvarado Street Monterey 112 EAST FRANKLIN STREET Our Prime Aim is Quality of Work Then comes the Best of Service Yours for both Red 43 GROVE LA UNDRY M. HARRIS -J. J. URBAN Manufacturing Dry Goods and jeweler Clothing Expert Watch and jewelry Repairing Alvarado Street Monterey 433 Alvarado St. Phone, M. 78 H. R. BICKFORD L. P. CHA VOYA Dealcrin SPORTING Wood, Coal, Ha y, Grain GOODS Potatoes and Mill Feeds Station for Tassajara Coast Line Stages X Agency for Kanton Plows and Osborn Mo 955 A'1'Uff1f10 Mffef M0"f0'fY 525 California sr. Phone Main 567 C I B H. F. LOEBER HERMAN LOEBER New Store Loeber Bros. 238 Alvarado St. A Monterey Hardware Sf-?fi0l1f-Ify and Paints Sporting Goods Pian05, Etc, 734 Lighthouse Ave. New Monterey 31 11-I There's Beauty Everywhere I1 The world is at its best these days and you had better now buy the camera you have been intending to get some lime. IL .You.have months of perfect kodak weather before you and there is never a time like the present to take up photography. ll The longer you use a kodak the more you learn andthe more interesting the art becomes. IL Better begin now with an inexpensive kodak than wait until you can buy a better one. CL Come in and see the kodaks and let us show you how easily you can become the owner of one. FRANCIS M. HILBY Monterey Pharmacy R. Zimmerman Shoe Store Boots and Shoes Made to Order Repairing a Specialty See RUDOLPH For a Seally Mattress or a Royal Wedge- wood Range Money back if not satisfactory 457 Alvarado St. Opp. P. O. Block Mariposa Hall New Monterey I Telephone Main 481 6 I ' - New, Class. "A" Absolutely gf!!! 9 T ,,, 'L QQKYYY .cv-L - 5 Fzreproof KI C, W, PA RRISH Special Rates to Permanent Guests Manager . Q 312 Alvarado Street EUROPEAN HOTEL C. N. MAPES "The Corner Czgar Store" ED Smokers' Articles Lighthouse and Forest Avenues PACIFIC GROVE A Full Line of Diamonds, Watches jewelry, Silverware Expert Watch Repairing L. A. SCHAUFELE 241 Alvarado St., Monterey ,FN in 3 E PREEDXCU 4 Solis. Rt'1tfHEiIiE3!-Y- ',-- Shoes of Quality H OLMAN 'S DEPARTMENT STORE 32 GAS To Cook With ELECTRICITY To Light with e ww' uw: ww: Monterey County Gas and Electric Company Y Monterey PacUic Grove Salinas .f a I . Jr gg ,, A t Girl Graduate- sr ii lf, 1 w G 7 il ijt Ili AQ Wfl f f I 1 -the june bride-the sum- mer girl-will be proud of their daintiness as expressed in a photographic portrait made by us. II IL II Expert posing 'and lighting enable us to produce por- traits of merit-pictures that please. CI. IL CL 111 Make an appointment today 'l Photographer P-A CIF! C GRO VE ' 9 M0'1fef?y Cummings Emporium Sons Where the young ladies E wig find everything ap- JEWEL RS I - f H' h d 0 C' e QESSLT ELS lg Gm e 434 Alvarado Street Monterey Alvarado Street, Monterey E. L. UNDERWOOD E. THOMAS Thomas 81 Underwood ' Real Eslale We Sell Property Anywhere on the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce 240-242 Alvarado St. Monterey Telephone, Main 521 W B as n ' e uy an e Monterey Tamale Parts of the Earth Also write all kinds of Parlor , i 'NSURANCE MRS. J. MIRANDA, Prop. The Gould-Bush Realty Co. Incorporated 451 Alvarado Street Monterey, California Pflfme Main 323 Pacific Clothing Renovatory mg"5,3E,ii? II We are now prepared to do all kinds of Ladies' and Gents' Wearing Ap l U. Re-lining and repairing of all garments a specialty CI. We guarantee all clothes fr f d p delivery CL .Prompt delivery, or motto 409 Alvarado St., Monterey Phone, Main 228 Gilman 's Curio and Novelzfv Emporium TREAT, HRl-ESON 8s ABALONE SHELL JEW- . MA ELRY, BLJSTERS AND ATTORNEYS PEARLS Row!-: BUILDING MONTEREY 547 Lzghlhouse Ave. Pacyic Grove 34 DR. DECKLENIAN PHYSICIAN AND DR. H. N. YATES Hours: 101011 a. m. 2 to 5p. m. S U RG E O N Office. Residence, Hollenbeck Block 503 Fountain Street Hours 1 to 5 Monterey Phone 371 Phone 141 DR. I. 1. WILLIAMS DR. F. O. EDWARDS DE NTIST OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, Hollenbeck Block Pacific Grove Hours: 9 to 12 and 1 to 5 Saturday 9 to I2 Office Phone, Black 793 Work Building Office Phone, Red 375 Res. Phone, 253 Residence Phone. Black 791 Pacific Grove DR. W. H. DAVIES DR. MARTIN MCAULAY Hours: 2to 4 P"'YS'C'AN Dr. Sarah Hatton McAulay Hours: 10 to 12 a. m. Office Hours: Q10 I0-30 an m, 0,-dway Block Office. Rowe Building Residence. Franklin St. 310 5 D. m. Rooms 4 and 5 Phone, Main 1671 Phone, Main 1081 DR. s. P. TRUITT DENTIST Hours: 9 to 12 and 1 to 5. Saturday 910 12 Phone, Black 781 Smith Building Pacific Grove. Cal. DR. E. R. MCQUILKIN DENTIST Hours: 9 to 12 and 1 to 5. Saturday 9 to 12 Phone. Red 81 Pacific Grove Bank Building Pacific Grove DR. W. L. TEABY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Hours: 1 to 4 Monterey E. K. ABBOTT, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office, Zimmerman Block DR. j. L. IVICGOWAN DR. -W. A. LILLIE DENTIST PHYSICIAN Goldstine Block, Monterey : Hours: 11 to 12 and l to 3 Hours: 9 to 12 and 1 to 5 Phone, Residence. 136 Office. Ordway Building Montcrcy HEADQUARTERS FOR PAINT, WALL PAPER, ETC. Complete Stock A Prices Right W. LAWERY HOLLENBECK Phone, Red 123 Pacific Grove 1. E. DUCKWORTH s. EsP1NosA MONTEREY SPECIALTY CO. DEALERS IN Stationery, Musical Merchandise, Office Supplies Barber Supplies Toilet Articles Pianos on Installments 442 Alvarado Street, Monterey Fancy Ice Creams and . Ices K Hand Rolled Chocolates Tamales and Lunches Post Office Block WEBER, FISCHER, AND VICTOR TALKING MACHINES OTHER PIANOS I EDISON PHONOGRAPHS Monlerey News Co. High Class Slalioners and Music Dealers SCHOOL BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES 36 J C PHEGLEY B F HUTCHINSON LEADERS OF FASHION LADIES' TOGGERY DRY GOODS, NOTIONS PHONE 1593 MONTEREY PHEGLEV-HUTCHINSON

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