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5 'Q fgga , V -. ' . . "i k bfi? " , - n -. A Yi-'Z w i" 35 . f - Nmswmiag W V , H . Wim: , KL: ' wi-, N13 '1'iQ..,-17-J' X i ' '?'7-LF' Fr in , . .xp . J,. n,,: . , 42 M4114 Y A ' N , -fr .,-.A.L..-J....-,. .mm.q,a.g.,,..:f.1g,s.JW. 'F' IM'--f' X W- L Cha! hai..- -55 ..q,1 5 .ft .,,- Y.- ,- -'F -x .41 L ZF' XX -...R Sw.. ...,, ,..f'-1- . . '-'X -. :- ,' T'-' I .f. V ,- .- 1 .14 . -1 . ', ., ' '-" 'L R W , . Q" ' HF ' A. ."4L-Ig,-f I ,f I-1: If ,cf , 1 . . X f -' I 4 .Q J. 4 J' -2 ,- .- N -,- ,gui WU 'sv J, I , 9. Q r "' - -Jw. . , A-'55, t 4 .ff Y- ' 114 y gp- ' Q ,V 1 - . ,Y 'I ' ' fin-ffrvqf .. , " ff, .1 f 52" - ' 'si Fx-7'f 4,5 1 . -3--ff y... .. ,' ,, .. -' - A,:,r,,-,rj , fu J, r .-, 1-1, ,.-, x - '-f 1, 5:j-- .4 . :A-311 5,053 - ,gffg ?khif,gy.,g, 5. . F, rg 11. ,44,Av W D '-Q,fw"llrL.j:"f"1l-LN.-is L, 1 g.+-af ' - ,.u1 '3ff--,.-f 1-ff . . 4 - 1,12-FQ f- ' , 5, f3f'7f.a15". 3555 , -,-- -f,-5' f - -5 ' L, 4 gf-ff 'fi f' 4- T,Lvafig' :-11' PWM: ,Q -p.- 4.5-ayi, ,JJ-v, , 5 VJ.,-' F f'5 ,-'if' ' 'Y l 5 "'::,,: K V". 12 XY N' 7' 1 vt. , ,L ,. ww-, ., , mg--. , .AM ,f 21.11 ft L, nf- ka-,SL n f , - .-,ally Aging-ar:-hjxffa - -I-Q A., -'gl ' ' - 7 fifafw .-,:'.1g'9.-- 'i79fi"g1'Mx,fl, . 'Z--ve! -'1??'I1f',- . .Van-'Z' -my f . T 3 V "-QF'Tf5'f"- 511'-ilz-2:'?f',Ff4 iffjrf-?'f"7'2-.L 1 ' 37 ' - . , ..J"1-, fu' -33 'Wg .JAP -.-w.f'iL -. 1 -, ,1 , ,,, , . v QV, , ,.,h,f.-- 4,3 - 4-'y,k,,.,,'-,.. L, - I ' k:-7.5 fx,-s, 4.-urging'-fi-L 1, 1 - 4 - U-,fs --32fi'W:' A h- - "1 A"" - - ,315 3:1-.ff-fitffgg-,'Y4. f 4 1 i in ' 4 Q . f ':-Q -'J ' qw fx, ' -,g9g,,jf" -Jtxmz-:N u -1 f D Q T- . -P L-' ' ff ,Q ?"i4'-2' ' - y ft -, ., ,qt . f, , -'--- - 4- , , 1 s The pebble drops inTo The oblivion oT The pool, Tiny ripples breali The smooTh surTace and spread concen- Trically unTil The whole pond Trembles Trom The impacT. The inTluence oT The individual may be lilcened To The pebble in The pond. l-lis worTh can never be underesTimaTed. Ray Cravy, presidenT oT The sTudenT body, lceynoTed This year oT swollen enrollmenT wiTh The words, "ln spiTe oT The TacT ThaT we are now 2,200 sTrong, The emphasis is sTill on The in- dividual. l-lis goals, his dreams, his achievemenTs will build The repuTaTion oT MonTerey l-ligh School." When The year began, iT seemed impossible ThaT an ex- Tra 900 people could Tind places in an already crowded school siTuaTion. YeT by OcTober I, eighleen sophomore vice-presidenTs had been elecTed - nine TooTball sTrings were geTTing ready Tor a big season - sevenTy-Three home- rooms had elecTed oTTicers - and TwenTy-Three clubs had capaciTy enrollmenT. From each phase oT school liTe emerged Those who had excelled as eminenT aThleTes, scholars, musicians, and sTu- denT leaders. These people were named l-lomecoming Queen, NaTional MeriT Semi-FinalisTs, Girls oT The MonTh, Junior RoTarians, Mardi Gras King and Queen, Mr. and Miss MonTerey, All-STaTe Musicians, and ValedicTorian. Possibly The mosT ouTsTanding individual inTluence was provided by an adopTed Plainsman. Exchange STudenT l:riTz l-lodilc oT Vienna, AusTria, broughT a biT oT old world culTure To Ml-lS. Yes, over 2,000 Plainsmen dropped pebbles oT inTluence inTo The sTream oT school liTe. Each one helped To Torm The crescenT Tide oT memories. From the Crowd Emerges The Profile of a Plainsman . . . T Sloring up memories ol an unlorqerleble year, slu- parly willw a weslern flavor . . . working long eller denls recall . . . rlwe besl Prom ever . . . a noisy scliool darlc on a class assembly . . . Taking The lime To decorale a goal pos'r and sell programs for llme game . . . sunning in Jrlwe pario on Jrbe senior bench . . . living . . . informal momenls in lime cold before Jrhe 8:30 bell every minule ole memorable year. . . . As He Participates . . . 5 A ' :v.Ml..J L4 l R x- X sn if :L , N1 li Fighfing Plainsman spirif finds expression in organized sporrs . . . +ermis where hours of pradice precede every march . . . baskefball in a gym crowded wirh enlrhusias- HC, screaming fans . . . Hwe promise of basebali and Jrrack il'1H'1G spring . .. King Foolball sfeals ine scene as wl1i+e-l1el- mefed allwlelres lake Jrlwe field . . . exciled co- eds vie for cheerleader . . . and finally Silver Spurs and red and blue iaclcels are awarded The mosi successful. . As He Competes i' ........ I+... 1 x .X A 'I+ 5 . ' 1 . M1 I t P . EEE? 2 if V s 2 Work . . . work . . . work . . . daily Jresis, uni? iesrs, nine weeks' Jresrs . . . exrra help from an undersianding Teacher . . . Trips To Jrlwe agriculiure farm ro pracrice classroom Jreclwnoloqy . . . learning To be nurses, house- wives, cerpeniers . . . x. Delving in'ro Jrlwe mechanisms of Jrlne business world . . . oblaining a proficiency in Jrlwe aris ancl languages . . unlocking myslreries of science and malrliemalics . . . spending a lillle exlrra lime wiilm Jrlwe classics for culJrure's salce . . . all lo meei ilne reguiremenlfs for gradualion from one of The lop-raiecl lwiglw schools in The sialre. As He tudies . . . IOV 5215 la Filling ine needs of 2,200 siudenis means . . . cloines io buy . . . sundaes io concoci . . . corsages To creaie cars io keep in Jrop running order . . . iiclcers io a favoriie movie . . . records by ine score . . . and H'1a+ exrra Plainsmen boosi To The communi'ry's economy. E-, 'K n f ki N 1 ATLAS 'NRE V Q kind- TRADE gufif IwVZ"'fJ VAST DW ,-'25 AND ,pw 'X s1'0913.?ix'iix'. l",Mf .. .. - l ' . As He Shops 3 u MW 3 ble of ontents Campus Life ..'.a..... page 12 Portraits page 27 Clubs and Organizations page 39 Athletics . . . ..... . . . . page 70 Curriculum . . ..... . . page 108 Faculty page 110 Seniors page 139 Juniors page 183 Sophomores page 215 Advertising ........... page 258 Campus Life A7?2fPQQZ2f 7K4 4 dwg 'L ,zz WM, ,gm MMJM WW W 4 Af,f2,,f ,a WW! wwwfcc W! Wnvwffwwdim' ,nv MMM Y ff! I 1 1 If ff Qu. Wi X ? ,, VL H iw 1 A if MW WMU' 'J mf ff W9 ff M ww 1 Vive ' jd ffl X , J? fgfy W im 'L ' f WWW M Student Body ffieers Pace Year S Worlq Cuisranding Plainsmen pilored rhe Monrerey srudenr body Jrhrouqh anorher successful year. These siudeni body officers have delegafed responsibiiiiies Jrhar Jrhey musr carry our in order for The Srudenr Council To func- Tion. The MHS Councii is composed of an All-School Council and Four ciass counciis. They sponsored alrhleiic evenrs. parries, exrracurricuiar aciiviries and encour- aged fhe srudenr body's parlriciparion in all acriviries Monierey offered. Taking iime our for a bife +o ear are Efoor Fox, chapiain: Gioria Brown, secreiaryi Janie Krney, Treasurer: Rav Cravy, president Jan Barnerfr, head cheer ea:er"n4M'l1e Maicik, vicefpresidenr. I4 Ray Cravy and Gloria Brown served as presidenT and secreTary OT The 62-63 Ml-IS sTudenT body. Ray's duTies include presiding over The All School Council, acTing as an ex-oTTicio member oT class councils and serving on The Senior Class Council. Gloria keeps minuTes oT The s+udenT council meeTings, corresponds Tor The Council, heads The Assembly CommiTTee and served on The Senior Class Council. Eldon Fox and Jan BarneTT serve as chap- plain and head cheerleader oT The MHS sTudenT body. Eldon leads prayers aT each STudenT Council meeTing and serves on The Senior Class Council as chaplain. Jan's duTies as head cheer- leader include planning pep rallies and oTher acTiviTies ThaT will creaTe and pro- moTe a high level OT school spiriT and good sporTsmanship. Vice-PresidenT Milce Malcik and Treasur- er Janie Kinney are iunior members of The "Big Fourf' Milce, who is chairman oT The saTeTy commiTTee, presides in The absence oT The presidenT and also serves on The Junior Class Council. Janie, wiTh The help oT sponsors and The sTudenT body oTTicers, plans a TenTaTive budgeT Tor The school year. She also keeps a record oT all income and expendiTures oT The council. Mike Malcik, chairman of the Salery Cornmirree, encourages safe driving in The car-iarnrned slreers around Monferey. wgffg fr.-5 ,aww f ' 'rw ' - r , .iv org:-T fwfnzmf wwf 3,, :nnvw- SC Committees Making plans for all school socials is lhe fob of lhe for- ever unexhausrive Recrearion Commifree composed Of Rulh Bryant Carol Besr and Judy Besl. Tina Wearherby, chairman of The Cirizenship Commilree, works hard ro promore berrer relalions in rhe school and communiry. .,vgp,- Charles Kerr, senior ad- visor. Gloria Brown, chair- and Carolyn Du- Eose, iunior advisor, look Over I963 This persisfenr assembly commw-ee plans and con- man, ihe scripr for 'lhe efchanqe assembly. ducrs each Monierey pro- duction. ap Yearis Events Whelher i+'s planling poseys or preparing pariies, l a Sludenl' Council commiliee will see ii Through. These comrniliees and Their chairmen plan. publi- cize and produce SC acliviiies. Selling Rey Roslers is Jamie Willis, chairman of The Pub- licify Commi++ee. Jamie publicizes all SC aciivifies. As chairman of lhe Couriesy and Cafe+eria Commillee. Jan Decoraling 'for Jrhe Chrisimas holidays are Barbara Nunn Barneli sfrives lo creale a friendly afmosphere in 'rhe cafe- and Eliseo Perez. chairmen of The Planl and Decoraiion Cornmiilee. leria. .,, I AW K ,M "' QJS' The day before the big game, two custodians polished the treasured Silver Spurs while Plainsmen prayed they would re- main at MHS, "Casa Rio," the Senior Carnival, talent show, spotlighted the three familiar singing faces of Paula McElroy. Jane Dennis and Jamie Willis. Autumn Activities "Theres so much to do and not enough time to do itl' exclaimed one Plainsman in the fall months of l962. Homecoming, The Silver Spur clash, and Senior Carnival helped fill busy schedules. I8 C . bf-f ,:.f-fi fs,-if-i . ,.. G , 'g , - 1- . 9 V - 9-M -1-me 5 l-HHN Fwd vo i'dus'rious group oi Plain:- ,ri se' pp 'ce Ml-15 iemers ard wrapped Lhr: gf- 'hem gm pvc , I I , ,, " s' "vs o' 'ed a"o oh e Keep ' en 'On G09 Gym floors give way lo lwisling Soplw, Sandi Parmer, al' an aller- game parly. Class piclures marked llue liirsl of a cycle of evenls for 2I I9 Plainsmen. l-lere, Jeanne l-lowe poses for llwe plwolographer. Senior boys like llmese lead a "personal Plainsman pep squad' each year. D Homecoming limaxed by Coronation 0 J, F r . X . 4 Ni ,Q-Q' 'B A Cl2maxEng The Homeconnng pep rally was fne crowmng of Queen Jan Earneff. and We presewaicn of ner cont Tr?-capfenn Byron Sfcvall pieces The diadem while capfains Ccnrad Scnnid and Ke!- ,,.-M-N, 5 YE fx' f' yu nf" A Q Wer Smiflw wafcn. Lynn Eas+er wifn A+ ine far leff are Princesses Tina Weafherby and her escorf Eldon Fox. Judy Berneff and Wendell Mike Pofndever, Eirngu -.-,grg 3'-Ann R77 axe: '-'A rc' fra ' 7. Mcfcfex fe , "M" x A: 1"e'd"g "e C csmea ': fr 2 ,K ,, Spas" xx M QE"CJ 'E' CN. .if V 70 xi ji, nd in for ,Men One of lhe mosr memorable occasions of Jrhe school year was Homecoming which was held in early Ocrober. Al' Jrhe pep rally, Queen Jan Barnell, Princesses Lynn Easrer and Tina Wealherby, and Allendanls Palri Bay- lor, Gloria Brown. Donna King and Karen Warren were presenled To fellow sludenrs and exes. The Plainsman foolball leam compleled Jrhe day's acliviries by deleal- ing Pampa 35-l3. lg me Y Arrendanr Karen Warren afler serv a a class v presldenl her sopho re d I years was a cheer lea er her senior year. Princess Tina Wearherby, former SC Jrreasurer, has served as a class vice-presidenr for lwo years. Princess Lynn Easier is a senior cheerleader. Queen Jan Barnell also holds The honor of being head cheerleader and chairman ol Jrhe Courlesy and Caliereria Commirree, Arlrendanr Perri Baylor has served as a class vice-presi- denl' Throughour her high school career. Airendanr Gloria Brown. Srudenr Council secrerary, was MONTEREY MlRROR edilor for Two years. 0 AH'endan+ D o n n a King has served as a class vice-presi- denr her sophomore year, and secrelary of her junior and senior class. Holidays, Parties Lilerally lons of crepe paper and hours of planning and preparalion made Mardi Gras I963 We rnosf beaurilul ever. The highlighl of The all-school af- fair was The presenlalion of Mardi Gras royally in rhe fanlasyland of "Emerald Ciryf' a 1' .N R Q Snow is usually a welcome lreal 'ro Seniors Carol Besl and Donna Parsons buf 'rhe four inches Thar fell a day before 'rhe senior play and Two days before Mardi Gras gave Plainsmen a scare uc ily ir was almosl rnelred lhe nigh? of The play WW --" shelf' 5,4-""' U' '- ff' i.. ,f f" 1 arm inter Scene Jusl as everyone was sure Thar school would lasl forever, lhe excilemenlr of rhe holidays provided a briel respile. Fol- Y lowing in quick succession, Cowlown, lhe Exchange Assem- bly, Mardi Gras and an exciling baskelball season made bleak days brighl. . . -,,,,,,, x f 'Q "A good dance rou+ine 'lakes hours of prac'rice," say Carol l-lasrings and Vicki Keeling, who danced for fhe '63 Ex- change Assembly, "lnnocen+s Abroad." Trophies "ro be placed in a prominenr place in our 'rrophy case" are presenied ro Mr. Honey by Carlron Jones and Tom Deilke. The cups were won in pre-disrricl' baskelball play. Cowfown MHS, fhe firsl all school parly of The year, was an occasion for cowboy hals and bools. Slu- , clenrs relaxed on Jrhe bleachers as 'rhey walched +he Jraleni show. Larer. Jrhey rerurned lo The dance floor or wenl' lo 'rhe cafeleria for relreshmenrs. U.. V-,Q....fv ,lf , :-?-,,,,v.a,,.A-- V p ,. , if ' 1 l l l s il l l 4 l l , l ' '--..,,,,,s NWN-Www TrcpP7e5 .clay an 'rnporlanf pero 'n one life of a Pfalnsman, Tw, ,5'iC'4f" o re. The Werner E, .3 , 2' 2 " x "4'4C':1 fne ljggegl 3'--nh iw G rx LP X F w n o 3 ll ' Nn . Jflvzl- ' Graduation Closes Willw visions of herself in This loeauliful formal, Judy Esles, iunior, anlicipales her firsl prom. Bul for llwe seniors, if will be inelr second and final one. Q, 1 7,2 1 . N 762-963 School Year Leading up To graduaTion, Seniors reverT To Their second childhood. Gwen SuTTle, Ken Young, Gay Neel, and Ronny Galey seem To be enjoying Their Trip To school in "liTTle red wagons." Kid Day, an annual acTiyiTy only Seniors may parTicipaTe in, includes a baby picTure conTesT and awards Tor The cuTesT and mosT unusual cos- Tumes. AnyThing Trom iumper suiTs To shorT gingham dresses wiTh or' gandy aprons appear on This day. GraduaTion brings more worlc Tor Two classes buT Tense anTicipaTion Tor one class in parTicular. SophisTi- caTed Seniors malcing The mosT oT Their lasT year, seem eager To be gone, yeT saddened aT The ThoughT OT leaving: Juniors are hopeTul, aware ThaT They musT Till The role oT Seniors nexT yearp while Sophomores whose capabiliTies will soon be puT To The TesT anxiously awaiT Their junior year. Shim X H1 V . Many sTarT Their day in Morning WaTch wiTh a hope and a pray- er. Hoping To be a beTTer ChrisTian and praying Tor Gods guidance is The goal of Those who aTTend. When spring comes, so comes a drowsiness called "spring fever" T sophomore RoberT Junell. ...J , -M A z -4? v Fritz Peter Hodik . One Out of 2119 One Plainsman in Monlerey delinilely had an ellecl on lhe enlire sludenl body. This "special" sludenl was Frilz Peler l"lodilc, exchange sludenl from Vienna, Aus- lria. Frilz was an excellenl sludenl here as well as in his own counlry where he gradualed as valediclorian of his class. Al lvlonlerey he proved himsellf by being an aclive member ol his class. Affer graduafing from fhe Universily of Vienna, Frilz plans 'lo become a leacher. Playing Jrhe piano has filled much of his free lime for seven years. fl? If --.M Frilz's fosler family, The Earl Cowleys, lived wilh, enjoyed and shared his many new experiences in America. Sealed are his molher and falher, and af lhe far righl is Bob Cowley, MHS iun- ior. The Cowleys' dauqhler, Carol Cowley fxbbof, was a summer exchange :ludenl lo Germany in l96O. resh wafer springs give new life and loeauly 'ro a molionless pond. In lilce manner lhe individual who ex- ceeds Jrhe maximum adds sparkling vigor +o lhe academic scene. Each year a number of Jfhese people rise head and shoulders above lhe crowd. The Cl-IAPARRAI. hon- ors lhem wiih special . . . K H-.ll N I - iss Monterey . . . . . . could only be a girl willi inlelligerice, inieqrilry and an irilerise desire io realize Jrlie besi for lwer sclwool. GLORIA BRQWN, sludenlr body secreiary, Two-year ediior oi llie MONTEPEY MIRRQR, and scholar ex- Jrraordinary, is iusi suclw a girl. For as many years as slrie lwas been in sclwool, Gloria lias dislinguislfied lierseli as a sludeml leader. Slwe is The uridueslionable clwoice for flie lwiqlriesr liorior Moriierey can give. - r. Monterey . . . . is an unusual fellow if he rales nol only as Top alhlelre buf as sludenl leader as well. RAY CRAVY. varsily hallback and sludenl body presidenl, his inlo bolh roles wilh ease. l"le is characlerized by a quick smile, warm friendliness and irresislible charm. Fine qualilies of leadership and inlelligence have endeared him To faculfy and sludenls alilce. Q fi f o i 1 v . 1 ,L V , yr ,, 3 X f H 'Q . l vu? - z S22 . gfjxs 1 + f - ,J 1 TT, 'F wily- , i'E3i'f?,fffjf 1: w 4.1 . 2 ,qv - 'sA3g,f,3f a, U ,Q it 51 ff? ,- . 21 ii .Q x 2 f e 1 lf I rf 3 wiv , 5 33? 'fir ' if .F , J, V - ' f iw 'Q' l 15 1 ' V T 1 A i x J 'A gy X it .H TV iv .ir "cf , 974451 ' f,'P'fffk 4., , ,, ,Q , ,,-1 ff, ,, 0, Homecoming Court utstanding Plainsmen Bring Honor 2 'Q . s 32 fx i 'F 5 2 Honorees are chosen each monTh by Lubboclf civic groups. Girl oT The l'vlonTh, Teenager oT The MonTh, Kiwanis Boy oT The MonTh, and Junior RoTarian are honors besTowed upon sTudenTs who are ouTsTanding in scholarship, leadership and sporTs. The Junior RoTarians and Boys oT The MonTh are inviTed To The lunch rneeTings oT Their "adopTed" clubs. Girls oT The MonTh and Teenagers oT The MonTh are recognized by an arTicle in The MONTEREY MIRROR. A charm and an inviTaTion To The monThly meeTing oT The Business and ProTessional Woman's Club are Two more rewards given To Girls OT The lvionTh. lnTeresTs OT The monThly honorees range Trom vio- lins To carbureTors and Trom homework To TooTball, buf all are Top honor sTudenTs and widely acTive in gghogl acTiviTies. to MHS Through Civic Clubs Monrhly honorees are as follows: Firsr row: Susan Warshaw, Janie Kinney, Vicloria Cochran, Mary Ann Ellioll. Second row: Mike Malcik. Carl Moore, Johnny Boley, Rulh Skibell, Gloria Brown, Karen Payne, Sue Wiginlon, Cornila Brady, Sharon See, Nancy Bernard. Third row: Charles Kerr, Eddie Paige, Eldon Fox, Sieve Warshaw, Kenny Gideon, Dee Wall, Don Elarn, Millon EviH'. Fourlh row: Don Jones, Mike Clubb, Roger Ban- ner, Buddy Gregory, Carlron Jones. Mike Jones, Dan- ny MacDougall. Tom Deilke, Bill Ducker, Frank Denlon, David l-lorlon. Nor piclured are Ray Cravy. Jan Bar- nelr, Linda Loulherback, and Eldon'Fros+. Senior 'A QQ! Plains gi'-HH" f "Assembly-maker" could CHUCK KERR, senior mirree. Chuck was Abroad," l963 exchange a council and Los Buenos V member of rhe senior class. X X D V.: be xl." could well be MARY ANN ELLIOTTS She has been The yearbook's business ediror-in-chief in her junior and senior Mary Ann, a NHS member during senior years, has served as Careers Con- rman and Girl of The Monrh for Oc- JONES Thrilled many specrarors during career. He lerrered on Jrhe Plainsman bas- ior rwo years and was caprain of Jrhe Jream A 'rop play-maker, Carlron garnered a sfari- The myrhical 3-AAAA baslcerball squad. men Personalities EDDIE PAIGE brouglii lionor To Monlerey lecred for a lrip lo llie Bell Telephone l Murray Hill, New Jersey. Also, lwe is a Einalisl and is conlending for Nalional Usually, Eddie may be found checking ing eiflecis. NANCY BERNARD is engrossed in lwer ieci and hobby, llwe violin. For lliree years selecled 'ro all-slale for lier ralenr. In live in Larin Club and served as second NHS. lo lcnow viloranl RUTH SKI- sclwolar. Slie serves as slale Slale Junior Classical League, on of Laiin clubs. Member- is more evidence of Rullfs Junior Plainsmen Personalities ,1, ,nr Susan Warshaw and Carl Moore discuss They wanT To visiT if selecTed as Ml-lS's change sTudenT. As secreTary OT The Pre-M san is l4epT busy. Carl holds The oTTice oT The band club. Gwen Comnelle , a To seeded neTTer T Y P Traclc Team member Kenny Gideon a game oT Tennis. Gwen, a class oTTice in LaTin Club, and Kenny is and Treasurer oT The l.aTin Club. -gi. members Kay Hubbard and NaTional lvleriT -l'esTs by en- Kay is hisTorian oT FFA and oT The ChemisTry Club. W ..g. lviusic, music, music clscribes The AbernaThy and Johnny Wilson. sic maior in college, is in parTicipaTecl in Sophomore playing in The Sophomore Band, l.aTin Club and l"li-Y. Sophomore Plainsmen Personalities members VicToria Cochran and Lincla This year. VicToria, who is a vice-presiclenT, sTudenT and works as an oTTice assisTanT. English. sighT reading can be Tun are personaliTies ncl Dan McNeil. Ann, who is a member oT, Cappella, was in The Exchange Assembly. hobby is music, he enjoys playing in The sTudenTs are members oT l-lonors Eng- Plane GeomeTry. irnporTanT roles in The liTe oT The Sopho- oT The Sophomore Class ancl a mem- Q ' E H 2 , f -li .QIIZQQ ,...fU 14.--v QW, ...a--, , M... fy..-,,4 Royalt -long The sandy shore, The waTer pushes iTs way inland To leave Traces oT The Tide. In like manner, The sTudenT, seelcing selT-expression, pushes his way inTo The club program aT MonTe-rey. Each sTudenT is given an opporTuniTy To Tind his special inTeresTs. Those individ- uals who prove Themselves ouTsTanding become mem- bers OT honor clubs such as NaTional Honor SocieTy, Quill and Scroll. and NaTional Thespians. OThers, in order To enrich Their academic life, ioin FTA, Fl-IA, Musician Guild, or some I8 oTher . .. lub and 71 , ffffff fn 0 i5f Www f QW My f - 7x Cantores 'Sound ffl, A A - - - Firsl' row: Merle Wiser. Dana Ross, Connie l-lurn, Eva Buck, Virginia Fry, Sandy Devlin, Susan Beeker. Second row: Jeanne Sexlon, Cecelia Lovelace, Vinnie Long, Jane Sparks, lvan Chambers, Roberr Blackwell, Gene Taylor, Ronnie Lang Third row: Linda Reidlehuber, Pris Wood, Annexure Klaerner, Marly Rarclill, Janice l-lackney, Phyllis l-lerrin, Joel Hughes, Russell Kirk ' k D W ll pafric , ee a . Fourlh row: Joe Smarlr, Burch Jones, Glen Pendergrass, Len Websler, Tommy Cone, James Sharp, Barney Quillin, Eddie Wallers, Rich ard Johnson. if 3, IQ ,.a. 'r ith Fift -Three Voices in 1963 Flrs'l' row Terri Smilli Ann Miller Olivia Jackson Nela Hopper Second row Judy Tanner Janel Perry Madeline Lemon Third row Jimmy Edwards Marrha Collins Judy Jackson Jeannie Craig Fourfh row. Tommy Sellers, Kennelh Hancock Greg Coronado Frankie Gregg, Gary Byrd. Mrs. Mariore Magness, wlrio is re- sponsible lor assembly programs and concerls ol live dillerenl ckioral organ- izalions, is slwown in a posilion familiar 'ro over 330 clioir sluclenls al Ml-lS. Mrs. Maqness received her ME al Tech and also sponsors Musicians Guild. Plainsman Choristers Harmonize 9 A - A - 4 A A A MEN'S GLEE CLUB Firsr row, L. 'ro R.: Larry Furrow, Ricky Plalz, Larry Clark, Bill Buell, Sandie Alderson, accompanisl, Larry Ewing, Roberl Blackwell, Gene Taylor, Bob Pearce, Second row: Gene Noble, Allan Johnson, Kenr Graham, Roger Fagan, Tom Holden, Scoll Boase, Johnny Wilson, Dan- ny Morrison, Dick Johnson, Tommy Sellers, lvan Chambers, Jimmy Edwards, Third row: Ronnie Silver, Bulch Jones, Tommy Cone, Bob Grimes, Bobby Anderson, Gene Mirchell, Brel? Piian, Eddie Wallers, Kennelh l-lancock, l. D. Walker, Roberl Whilehill, Fourlh row: Clinr Slokes, Bill Waddill, Len Websier, Joel Hughes, Freddye Morris, David Sawyer, Roberl Lanham, Mike Alkinson, Barney Quillan. Gary Byrd, Greg Coronado, John Sparks. Nor piciureclz Phil Baird, James Burdine, Billy Jack Freer, Ronnie Lang, James Sharp, Bobby Skinner, Bill Sanders 389' -. 4 JR. SR. GIRLS Firsl row: Trudy Maeker, Jan Cheaney, Carol l-lolder, Marcie While, Linda Shewell, Marilyn Rice, Pamela l-lull, Lucy Newlon, Donna King, Susan Pefermann, Second row: Jane Jenkins, Mary Brown, Gay Wilson, Rabbi Dorman, Gayle Smilh, Becky l-lampron, Jam Shaughnessy. Jeisice Leach, Arlene Bridges, Becky Wealherlord, Third row: Cheryl lrwin, Connie Smilh, Ann Renlro, Helen Rushing. Janey Fharr, Ann Kerr, Jane Ellen Jones, Judy Rouse, Judy Dykes, Charlorre Durrerr, Fourlh row: Carroll Jan Key, Ann Gasper, La- Gayla Smifh, Sherry Kruse, Charlofle Tidwell, Linda l-lunrer, Dianne Graham, Carol Blon, Sandie Aycock, Dianne Williams, Delores Muog, L7nca Vdomack Fiflh row: Davie Taikenhorsr, Judie Srephens, Wanda Russell, Karen l-laynes, Sandie Wylie, Belh Brock, Kay Devlin, Donnia Ewen, Befslye Knopp, Sharon Lorenz, Palsy Meador, Carol Craver 42 to Complete 1963 ith Son ,, A . S ii , , .-L N14 ,g A, Q 21 lggiz , PM ,IZ s tr A Q If It kv -:,!: - V ,'l' z 'I' djs- J iIl A 5' , v E' , " 8 A2 'L I r' : 1 Vhl- VIA- '- '-"' I' f ..'1 mm 4 - ' ff 5 -f ii s is , ' IVIV N ,m.V 4,QL Q -:,b Q :mV '1" 0 ,,.' A.klA so r -AL , iilll I 11 ' ", iis osss ,,, iA ' f,. ' 2 ' f i ,'is' . s i s v f '-' .' X f Lm,. f I ' l'k m--,, A m11'1-h' m"A i l I ssii i,,s,, A issil is I VILL VLL',' V 'LLi I YV, "L,1, 5. .,.. ,,.:. - . K V,hx i i,x ',hV 'kkl ,-'h' 'ii' Vv.- i Vfl. Aiir' ,." I K'm'1 1 ','k. I l11-'A lmli lmi, ,., ,ilk J 1' ssss ,sss 1 f'l. ' ll iiiii 1 l 1 . l1 225 f ,ssi l : l l A I " -A 'Q ' ff 'L Y m,kl KK"AA f m, PS 1 Km-Vh"hk Y , 'A fA,' f' Lm'1 i' 4'k Lf ' ,:i mV" ' 'L'KYK'Ak 'm1'A Sf X il VYL. ib , I' Zl em . , 1 I Q S f 1 sisss ,,,s, 'lf' "" sisi Q srii A. l f l . .I , ,, S A"' I 2 riiss i f A1', 2 isiss A'V, 1 ii: P bhv k vs I X V' A AAA P . 5 .v '. .,. A--v' "" ",A'.'.'- 1 ',', 3 I-Ii,',i,fQif.'i, i '.,V.' Q 3-lf .: .3 ,,"V':".."f 2 lag:-f Vyz XA' Aly z ' , 1', A', K ' A'A1' is A, '-Q- v"VA C, C SOPH GIRLS Firs'I row: Penny I-Iollman, Angela Locascio, Lynn Boyd, Sharla Vannoy, Mary Jane Larson, Shelia Pinson, Judy Jones, Vicki Miller, Ann Lislon, accompanist Sally Easlwood, Kalhy France, Peggy McGee, Second row: Susan Sims, Marsha Cox, Judy Graves, Shirley Whilaker, Joyce I-Iollars, Marilyn Reese, Sheila Bell, Linda Richards, Cecelia Kuhnley, Judy Price, Judy I-lusky, Do'rIy Summers, Dede Perdue, Third row: Suzie Sanders, Bellye Bradford, Sue McCarly, Donna Knight Ann Fields, Linda Meeks, Carolyn Viaille, Johnnye Cornelt Toni Mace, Danna McDonald, Judy Jordan, Kay Keelon, Charlene Boren, Shirley Joplin, Carolyn Bullock, Fourlh row: Margarel Silford, Pam Gilbert Sandra Adams, Sandy Kallina, Helen Tracy, Theresa Coronado, Becky Caslro, Charlene McDonald, Dorolhy Jas- per, Carol Williams, Pal Miles, Marilyn Erwin, Pam Nausley, Sue Ridlehuber, Ann Bryant Suzanne Young, Linda Shaughnessy, Fif+h row: Jeri Forsdick, Connie Donley, Pal Roney, Kim Cassel, Sherry Burdelt Gilda Wills, Jan Goodlove, Ann Cunningham, Neva Cowan. Gloria Miller, Tommie Sue Sams, Edna Rose Wilson, Palsy I-Iarvey, Donna Bouquet Kalie Lynder, Sue Ann Sides, Jane Davidson, Janice Ogle SOPH MIXED CHOIR Firsl row: Judy Prickelt Jackie Garrelt Donna Lanklord, Judy Ross, Susan I-Iewilt Rose Glazener, accompanist Rosalee Puckelt Bar- bara Whileley, Mary Jacobus, Second row: Susan Sharp, Donna Ashcraft Linda Jenkins, Anne Elliolt Jimmy Gray, Tim I-lawkins, Gwen Odom, Sharon Abernelhy, Sandie Alderson, Karen Fuller, Third row: Charlofle Powell, Jane Barlon, Mary Lynn Roberlson, Karen Sparkman, Roni Ann Hayes, Susan Rampy, Jeri Miller, Karla Slephenson, Shari Jennings, Vicki Winner, Cherly Brock, FourI'h row: Jean Williams, Roger Fagan, Sleve Whilfield, Larry Furrow, Wally Davidson, Bill Buell, Larry Clark, Danny Morrison, Larry Ewing, James Burdine, Scoll' Boase, Phil Baird. Darryl Terhune, Bob Pearce, Jan Crisp, Fif+h row: Kay I-Iam, Chrisline Gallagher, David Sawyer, Bobby Anderson, Freddye Morris, Bob Johnslon, Roberl Whilehill, Bobby Skinner, Scoll Wilson, Bob Lanham, Kenl Graham, Billy Jack Freer, John Sparks, Danese McDonald, Peggy Tonroy 43 Orchestra Injects Musical ote VIOLINS Nancy Bernard Keren Payne l.eEllen Dickson Billy DeLoecl1 Dell:-err Bush Ccrry McSpadden Eddy Paige Regina Kukinly Ellis Buckner R95 Rouniree Dine Ender SPEVC' Jones Pe' l-lq'npFrieS Lrde G' Petey Mclyliuan Ge:':e Plemilhn Rosemary l-licks Twanna l-lillon Linda Paige Jan Jones Judy lvlenn Nedra'Duey Mike Oclen Huberl Clark Sue Thompson Jan Myrick Barbara Gibson Pal Clifford Linde Burrell VIOLAS Vickie Brown Jeralcline Walking Vernon Negmirlq ith Concerts, Assembhes CELLOS Roberr Adcoclc Melody Slenis Jean Maples Bonnie Townson Linda Pierce Lou Ann Wafrs Gary Clemenrs BASSES Michele Schroeder Nancy Brown Dan McNeil Celia Slrain Roloerr Marberry Kenl While John Clymer Sfanley Fry Juniors, Seniors Combine FLUTES Sally Cressner Jan Cobb Sharon DePauw Melba l-lorlon Margarer Lindsey Rifa Marcy' Allan lv1cMurrry" Susan Warshaw CLARINETS Johnny Barfon Charles Eryan Gary Ccenfs' Linda Harris' Damid Hcliinsheacl Paala Krebos Marylfv Mauld n J.-- Myra' L ,. .,,,, Andy Mickelson Pam Munsen James Pererson' OBOE Dave Bruce BASSOONS Chris Adrean Nancy Power ALTO CLARINETS Kay Clanahan Donna I-lelrners' Sandra Thompson Mflfon Mapes BASS CLARINETS Fred Aurhor Gail Corum Jon Kendrick Sheri Fredericlcson TU BAS Duane Doiclge Waller DuBose Carl Noble Harold Wafson BARITONES Ray Biqbee' John Harrison' Ronnie Har? Talents in Newly-Divided Band - L... .. Paul Richler LaVerna Duck Gary Harrell' Tom Morahan Carl Moore Bob Parrish Jack Woodyx Judy York coRNETs Jon Cesari John Healy' John Hicks' Mike Malcik Gerald Marlin' Richard Moore Ricky Reed' 'lndicafes SSl1i0l'S Doug Samples' Gary Slephenson Sleve Tarplyl' FRENCH HORNS Cal Carfrae Sandra Rodden Frank Sho+well"' James Van Bibber BARITONE SAXOPHONES John Boswell Dean Thomas TENOR SAXOPHONES Carey Boyles Joe Nunley l Judy Slewarl' Mary Turner ALTO SAXOPHON ES GiGi Carrufh Johnny Ellis Gene Medlar Penny Nichols Sharon Walker PERCUSSION Henry Blair John Gordon Gary Harrell' Sue Marlin Mike McKinny Carlisle Tubbs' Janice Williams' Sophomore Band FLUTES Bein, Sharon Cokon, Cindy Dyer, Linda Gvranf, Perri Koch. Joanne OBOES EH-e Susan Smnh, Monefie CLARINETS Bnr+:e'1,VCm Elewer, Gwen Dfisn Mary Frsk. L-mn GCSE Shar: Heier Daxfd Muxdpr' Kf. Paros' Sand? PFMSQ 75.1 P':':c Kvh, R' 'fir ' S' " f' L Tafbor, Ricky Wadsworih, Gary W'11harn.Cyn'rhFa Wil1Farns,JulFe Wrighf, Anna ALTO CLARINETS Bosw-.feH, Judy Helmers, Pafrlcia BASS CLARINETS Baker, Bonnre Ecu-:en Franfska S'eg'e. James ALTO SAXES IKLSF Larry Eird. Joey En:-.-.Jclc Donna L . :xv 62,5 Scion LNAALE I-iirgrcve, Rbhard N525 el ET J OCZMP' 'afn ' Oq!e, Rurh Rhodes, Florence Vance. Linda BARITONE SAXES Nrrnan, Tommy TENOR SAXES Eoresfi, Harry Flinn, Janice Fosfer, Par Smith, Jerry BARITONES fx'p?anfJp, W Izon I-1erndon,John Nolan, .MCL Rarnpy, Sieve Fifa FW: X .,, ,H TROMBONES EV :cfffe Swphen Deke' Vw H-", Kfr arches on " ew Notei' Jones, Roy Lesan, Doug Lincecum, Bryan? McKinley, Mike Newsome, James Smirh, Ronald Spralr, Carl CORNETS Alexander, John Arwood, Anne Avinger, John Blackmon, Grady Burler, Dan l-loneycurr, Gerald l-loover, David Kelly, Mike Knox, Richard Pharr, Donnie Reynolds, Fred Snyder, Bill Whirney, Lerlisha Wilson, Johnny Woodward, Wayne Weaver, John BASS TUBAS Calvin, Ricky Wilkinson, Jerry FRENCH HORNS Fosrer, Donna Gray. Sara Walker, l. D. Yagqy, Drew PERCUSSION Chapman, Don Clark, Jon Coffman, Bruce Corbell, Mike Maples, Darrell Parks, Elizabelh Ribble, Jay Ryan, Louis Band Leaders Excel in Contestsg ,,.,, in r ' r e 6 ff X G Leading lhe newlv-organized Soph- omore Band are Drum Maier John l-lenry, lvlaiorelles Viclcie Barllell, Sandi Parmer, Susan Elle and Cvn- lhia Wilhelm, and Drum lvlaior Cliff Rice. Sophomore Band leaders sporled new band uniforms made by Drum Maior John l-lenrx"s molher. This year's newly-formed Sophomore Eand will bcosl the IQ64 Pleinsman Band lo a folal of l5O members. Precedinq lhe Junior- Senior Band are Drum lvlaior Jack Woody: lvlaiorelles Rila Marcy. Chris Adrean and Pam Munsen, and Drum Ma- ior Carl Noble. Chosen as oulslanding drum maior al The Gunnison, Colorado, Music Camp lhis summer, Jack led lhe lvlonlerey Band lo a 4A conlesl ralinq of excellenl al Jones Sla' dium in November. Rila lvlarcy also serves as program chairman Ol lhe band. usicianis Guild Craves Classics Remembering The OcTober iniTiaTion, Musician Guild members Jan Cobb, Kay Clanahan, Melba l-lorTon and Sharon DePauw view The l962-63 scrapbook wiTh pleasanT memories. Mr. John l-luTTon, DirecTor OT Music aT The FirsT MelhodisT Church, was iusT one oT The many speak- ers aT The Musician's Guild meeTings ThroughouT The year. Programs ouTside oT regular club hours included parTies and proiecTs. To develop a Tiner appreciaTion oT good music by having musical programs OT The highesl level was The goal and moTTo oT This year's Musicians Guild. Begin- ning wiTh an iniTiaTion Tor new members in OcTober, The club Turnishecl scholarships To summer music camps Tor deserving sTudenTs. AcTing as club oTTicers are Riclcy Reed, presidenTp Dee Wall, GiGi CarruTh, vice- presidenTsg and Dianne Graham, secreTary. Members come Trom band, orchesTra and choirs: The only re- quiremenT is ThaT They be inTeresTed in music. "There's No Business Lilce Show Bus- iness" begins The halT-Time show aT The Lubbock-MonTerey game Tor The Ml-lS band. The band's marching TormaTions have been lauded in many area and sTaTe conTesTs. 5l ire' l i l i l 'f 52 ,- Ni Mary Ann Ellioll Sandie Clegg Q ff C. fs.-,J if ii Valuable yearbook helpers, Lynne Wideman, Gayle Milcesell and Virginia Fry, are also ardenl Plainsman fans who pur- chased boosler lags. Noi' piclured is Lucy Newlon who spenr many hours on fhe Index for 'lhe book. 9 3 ol Nancy hleclcerman Ann Caldwell Janie Kinney nnual Staff From lhe lirsl school day unlil annuals are delivered in May, a small group ol sludenls devole lwo class hours a day plus many exlra hours lo lhe produclion ol The CHAPARRAL. These people ulilize iournalislic slcill and public relalions know-how 'ro record illusiye memories ol each school year. The CHAPARRAL is lhe s+uden+'s langible evidence rhal he spenl a year al MHS. Combining aclion and conlernplaiion lo meer a deadline are an- nual assislanls Darlene Boslwiclc and Palsy Danlclels. , .V V, gf ,N N -.. w, 'J fr 55.3 V, LT' - F 'Wi 6 ' 1' 4 'W' 'ofa--Q h X X rf .r 1 fi 'IQ " , f7i',.LfM?' ' Q , i .. A new r ire' .,,w'Mf -in -7-I -V ,, ,... Indexing filing, proporiionng. scheduling . , . . Qgre ard x-.rifirwg co x' and cufiine' are . ,V . p . , . 5 . p D 1 L Diclc Miller Lee Hex? Kenl Tidmore parr c' a Giyi horn n yearbook. Compel- ind final 'osches 'n 'he-'r deoar'rnen's are ed'for's ass'5'a'Ls Jamce Andrex-.'s and Mary 799' VV src. p-.. Dana Jarmon Comme Cline Jfmlfle GGFFSH' Jan Calle Jimmy Gilmore Puts Year "In Printw Pub office members lake 'rime off from headlines, deadlines and Case, Suzy Thompson, Sandie Clegg, Linda Louilwerback, Mary bylines To frolic al a Quill and Scroll-sponsored Clnrislmas parly. Ann Ellioll, Janice Andrews, Jan Calle, Mrs. Belly Slanley, Nan Ai Dick Miller's house, Jimmy Gilmore keeps merry makers Sue l-leckerman and Mr. Bill Biglnarn in gales of laugl1+er. Janice Williams Rose Sfone Coy Harris Johnny Mac Simpson Rick Parrack rx if Y Gloria Broun Linda l.ouTherback Franlc DenTor1 Linda Curry Ke-enie Wylie Mrs. BeTTy STanloy Mike Anderson Diligent Staff Produces Statevs Perhaps one oT The hardesT, mosT Tedious exTra- curricular courses one may Talce aT MonTerey is worlc- ing on The school paper, The MQNTEREY MIRROR. These dedicaTed iournalisTs noT only devoTe class Time To publishing a Two-year, TirsT-in-sTaTe paper, buT They also may be seen laTe aT nighT wriTing copy and headlines To give iT ThaT "grade A" gualiTy which many larger schools envy. The paper, The real inTormaTion sheeT oT Mon- Terey, capTures TuTure, presenT, and pasT evenTs in award-winning copy and picTures. To This Top-noTch organizaTion, The Cl-TAPARRAL saluTes iTs co-worlc- ers Tor a iob well done. 54 Ray Cr Mrs. BeTTy STanley and Mary Ann EllioTT checlc Paul RichTer's approval card Tor The Tollowing school year. Yearbook and newspaper people should have a raTing of average or beTTer because of The de- mands oT The course. MargareT Kyle, l.aGayla SmiTh, Bob Pearce and Carol BesT malce The mosT oT Their Time To sTudy ads and salesrnanship. Ads sold by sTudenTs To co- operaTing businesses pay all The MIRROR publish- ing expenses. avy, Frank DenTon, Nan T-leclerman, Mrs. Eeh' STan'e and Sszi Thcmrzzcn refp in T-ATRROR r K di rba ion every other week STaTi memberg mugf be ceo ca'-ed enough To de-mae ced Time bekre T r s nos, or weelen 5 :y glen durmq 'CT 79512122 Sue Case Donna Parsons SuziTl'1on'upson Donna Dodson Jamie Willis Best - Monterey Mirror Jane Reynolds Sherry Long 55 Literary, Honor Clubs Promote 5-1 i' x V41 The inTernaTional honor socieTy Tor high school jour- nalisTs is Quill and Scroll. The club sponsors several yearly proiecTs including The publishing oT baslceTball programs, a workshop aT DenTon and selling plasTic covers Tor annuals. OTTicers are Frank DenTon, Sandie Clegg and Donna Parsons. Library Club members endeavor To serve over 2.000 sTudenTs as They checlc boolcs and sTrive To lreep The library in order. Under The sponsorship oT Miss Pansye l-larris, The club adds approximaTely 25 volumes To The library yearly. ln order To raise Tunds, club members sell paper To sTudenTs. Quill and Scroll members Donna Parsons, Frank DenTon and Dick Miller plan an iniTiaTion ceremony according To The club's chap- Ter manual. 56 L.,- Checlc . . . sTamp . . . Tile . . . re- place boolcs, This is The daily cycle oT sTudenTs serving as library as- sisTanTs. The only prerequisiTe Tor Library Club membership is acTing as a library worker. This year club members had an opporTuniTy To aT- Tend The sTaTe convenTion in ForT WorTh. OTTicers are Rosalee Puck- eTT, Georgia Wall, ArdiTh WeehunT, and Joanne Mady. uahties of Leadership, Scholarship To be of valuable service lo The communily is one of Jrhe goals oi rhe Narional l-lonor Sociely. Service proj- ecls such as a slave sale and luloring were on Jrhe lisl for money-making projecls. Funds from Jrhese proiecls were donaled lo Sanders Elemenlary School. Sludenls oi NI-IS musl mainlain honor roll grades and be good cilizens of lhe comrnunily and nalion. They are selecled by a commillee of leachers on The basis of leadership, dependabilily and service. NHS officers lor ihe second semesler were Cassandra Devlin. Kay Bryanl, Sieve Warshaw, Jane Sparks and Barbara Nunn. Officers serving Nl-IS l:irs'r sernes'l'er were Nancy Bernard, Cynlhia Neill, Gary Rose, Mike Jones and Madeline Lemon. Sludy . . . sludy . . . s+udy . . . Nl-lS mem- bers Jan Cheaney, Lelfllen Dickson and Russ Kirkpalrick work +o mainiain 'rheir member- ship in lVlonl'erey's Nalional Honor Sociely. 57 T 4 Cb Lan uage , i. 4. . Ai I G. -n-ee, C rv-Q-fxgcfzfig y l , . ., J., 5 9'-1' ' C c :fave re C1 Se r 1 4 re. , , ,-,-X ,-1. ,..,,,e., , cnc we ek ,-. See' 5' a"'v:.:rere was E Creve Rena r f. v-'Y Spariisli Club olficers are Eliseo Perez, Greg Coroe nado, Kaye Bryanl, Beverly Roy, Viclci Brown, Kay Fields, George l-lancoclc, Cheryl Burlcs, Tommy Single- ron, Judy Lawson, Roberl Wliileliill, Millon Evilr, Janelle Cox and Molly Abbolr. lube Probe Complex World of ords LaTin Club oTTicers are VicToria Cochran, Gwen Connelley, Ann lvloresheacl, Jerry Slcibell, RuTh Skibell, Jill Nelson, John- ny Ellis, Cal CarTrae, Kenny Gideon, Bill Duclcer and Joel l-lughes. Learning The cusToms and languages oT Toreign coun- Tries is The main obiecTive oT The Spanish, French and LaTin clubs. The Spanish Club, Los Buenos Vecinos, sponsors an annual rummage sale. The money received Trom This sale goes Tor The welTare oT LaTin Americans. Club proiecTs such as a rummage sale, and selling TooTball programs lcepT The LaTin Club members oc- cupied. PromoTing The sTudenT inTeresT in Roman culTure and civilizaTion is The goal oT The SPQR. The purpose oT The Les Parsiens, French Club, is To promoTe inTeresT in learning The French language and The cusToms oT ThaT counTry. France is The main Theme and a Tun-Tilled year is promised in Les Parsiens. French Club oTTicers are Jay l-lagins, presidenTg San- dra Devlin, vice-presidenT: Pam ThedTord, secreTary- Treasurerq and ForresT Baker, hisTorian-publiciTy. AT The French Club ChrisTmas banquet FrosTy Balcer adds a biT OT glamour as he perTorms To a chorus OT "LeT lvle EnTerTain You." 4,1 ily y ' if L ' i J A world ol ianlasy for Lubbock grade schoolers was presenled as K 'Till 'IT lhe age-old siory of l-lansel and Grelel came io life once more. Creative Techniques Emphasized by "The Show Musl Go On" mighi well be lhe moiio for Narional Thespians. For drama sludenls only, Those seeking membership are iudged on a sysiem of poinls. Club oliicers are Presidenl Mifchell Walker, Firsi Vice- Presideni Sammye Boyles, Second Vice-Presidenlr Chris Coker, Secrelary Arlean Barasch, and Treasurer Peggy Siephens. Olher oiiicers are Marie McClusky and Carol Mclvlillian. "Lel's change lhe scripl lo read fhis way," says Arlene Barasch 'ro Mr. D. Mi Howell, direcfor oi dramaiics. , vqsm Y 60 4, Rehearsals . . . scripls . . . coslumes . . . makeup . . . more rehearsals . , . and members of MonJrerey's Na- Jrional Thespians are once again ready for anolher opening scene. Fine rt Clubs "Tomorrow's Arlisls Today" is lhe lille of 'rhe Ml-lS arl club. This club was organized lor all arl- minded sludenls eighl years ago. The TAT holds an annual arl sale al Chrislmas where old arl proiecls are sold. Awards are given lo sludenls doing oul- slanding work in lhe field of arl each year. The mosl aclive and oulslanding worker in TAT is Lisa Gray. Lisa has done several oulslanding works of arl and has been 'rhe recipienl ol: many awards. Officers are Jamie Wills, presidenl: Lisa, vice- presidenl: Susan Clinlon, secrelary-lreasurer: and Jimmy Tale, hislorian. Mrs. Billie Sue Marks and Mr. Delmos l-lickmoll, arl leachers, sponsor lhe club. Wilh lhe advenl of a new semesler, arl club officers Mary Lynn Bigham, Lisa Gray, Jamie Willis and Susan Canlon lake plunger and powder cleanser 'ro pul lhe arl room sink in shape for club newcomers. Co-ordinalion and poise are highlighled in lhe Modern Dance Club. This club has been organized only lwo years: how- ever, several ol The sludenls were par- licipanls in 'lhe annual exchange assem- bly. Sponsoring lhis club is Mrs. Gene Pillman. l-ler officers are Jean Sexlon, presidenlg Michele Schroeder, vice-presi- denlg and Barbara Whilely, secrelary- lreasurer. ix NT? i F A Pre Med Promote Medical Careers Girls in Fulure Nurses ol America begin a sludy of nursing lhrough supervised projecls such as care of lhe aged, Red Cross Home Nursing Courses, Candy Srriping, and reporrs on hospilals. Pre-nursing aclivi- lies also include a slale convenlion, hospiral Jrour, and a rour of nurses' residences. Club members are aided by sponsors Mrs. Zoie Newsome and Mrs. June Duck- er. The I962-63 officers are Susan Beeker, presidenl: Jo Garnell, vice-presidenrq Nancy Lucas, secrelary: and Sudie Kuylcenndall, lreasurer. The Pre-Med Biology Club was crealed las'r year 'ro build and mainlain inleresls in medical careers among biology sludenlrs. Members muslr mainlain al leasl a B average wilh no grade below C. Spealcers from hos- pilals, including doclors, nurses, and lab Technicians, give special programs. Freguenrly, debales are held among members of Jrhe club. Officers of Pre-Med include Greg Coronado, Ernesline Man ning, Susan Warshaw, John Avinger, Arlhur Hafner, Marry Rai diff, Carl Moore and Cal Carirae. as .Liv 'V Wvmpd fi uxsxa1,vzN,g?'xf wks63'g 'T 'ff msamnnm, 59 SV so M Q I Q: Pr 2 T: T' Q1 H-xisunrzmlinlilgfflf G6 U xi: an we all TESL "To deTermine The hydrolic conTenT . . . " says Mr. J. C. Rich- ardson, ChemisTry Club sponsor. as he begins an experimenT Tor Three club members. PuTTing The scienTiTic meThod To worlc are Tour ChemisTry Club members, Karen Payne, John Robinson, Allan Barber and Duane Hoover Science Clubs Urge Space-Age Careers EligibiliTy Tor membership in The Science Club is lim- iTed only by The amounT oT inTeresT a sTudenT has in science or a scienTiTic career. Leading in The club's var- ied acTiviTies were iTs oTTicers, Tommy Cone, presidenT: Tom Morahan, vice-presidenTg and BreTT Pijon, secre- Tary. The ChemisTry Club was made enTerTaining as well as inTormaTive by programs presenTed by guesT spealcers and sTudenTs. lnTeresTing Tilms and unique experimenTs added varieTy To The regular club hour. Tommy Cone Takes an inTeresTed loolc aT a small obiecT wiTh a large name, The oscilloscope. - l ..- FT , DE Foster is ocatlonal uenes T ir , . ,W T 2 Members oT FuTure Teachers oT America spend club , - meeTings learning The arT oT becoming a successTul k. 45" : 1 1 ,fc pedagogue. AT The TerminaTion oT This sTudy members L f Qi gg W are given charge oT an elemenTary school class in which nf' 'Q O 'T l 5' , s . T . Q . A They musT use whaT They have learned and Teach "read- as g T - ' ii: gil l T N ing, 'riTing, and 'riThmeTic To The Tune oT a hickory V. iifisxvx z g? W T T- vw 'F T' . sTick." FTA is sponsored by Mrs. Fay Clary and Mr. T l . ll l-lenry Lynch. DisTribuTive EducaTion, an organizaTion Tor The voca- Tional Training oT sTudenTs working in reTail, wholesale and service selling Tields, is sponsored by Mrs. Jewell FosTer. The club is To promoTe vocaTional Training Tor sTudenTs. "My package is preTTier Than yours," say members oT DE. To one anoTher as They ioin inTo The ChrisTmas spiriT, Shown in The picTure are Rick Chrishan, Pam Davis, Carol Brooks, Sharon Wo:encraTT, KenneTh Cox, CorniTa Brady, Donna Neal, KenneTh Edwards, Jesse Underwood and Troy Vinson. . J' , T 1 Ska "Wonder whaT kind of Teacher l would make?" These members oi FuTure Teachers oT America will answer This guesTion and many more concerning educaTion beTore long as They Try Their hands aT Teaching. .xv ' 35-1- F.. 'Nh Mx cv- M if ...,....,-4, :jf,f . a 'T Demanding schedules OT VIC members make iT necessary Tor Their meeTings To be held on oTT-school Time. STudenTs aT- Tend school mornings and reporT To work aTTernoons and SaTurday mornings. These young adulTs successfully combine a high school schedule wiTh a business career. OTTicers are: Gary Spelce, sgT. aT arms: Sarah Cawley, reporTerq JudiTh Chapman, presidenT: Pam l-lardin, Treas- urer: Becky Box, secreTary: and Joann McKnighT, vice-presidenT. l , 2 VIC, Hams Specialize in Service Skills "Boy! WhaT a neaT seT-up," says STeve-Hopkins, Damon Gim- bey, and Ralph Cahill, as 'ifhey and oTher members OT The AmaTeur Radio Club Take a look around. FuTure phoTographers, carpenTers, Technicians, nurses and cashiers learn Their chosen Trades Through The Teacher-sTudenT-employer co-operaTion esTablished by The VocaTional lndusTrial Club. lvlonTerey ChapTer is one OT The largesT in The sTaTe. STudenTs aT The Time hold posiTions in 23 diTTerenT occupaTions, These sTu- denTs musT be dependable and ready Tor work. They musT be able To Take orders readily and To do The work eTTicienTly. "Hams" in lvlonTerey have a common goal-To en- courage oThers who are inTeresTed in amaTeur radio To become licensed operaTors. All acTiviTies are designed To help The boys pass The sTaTe examinaTion which every ham musT pass beTore he can legiTimaTely TransmiT. The main accomplishmenT OT This group has been The esTab- lishmenT oT a club sTaTion where meeTings are held once a week. Code classes are conducTed over The air Tor The beneTiT oT Those seeking licenses. 65 y ,Fic Fl-lA members and their dfiles onioy The high poinl oT The club's has held several olher parries and has parlicipaled in various year, The annual banquol. ln addilion ro the banquel, The club worlhwhile acrivilies. Parties Add Sparkle to FHA Activities A Tull calendar of evenis demonslrales Thai FHA is one ol Mon'rerey's busiesi clubs. Guesi spealcers, discus- sions, films and demonslralions add varieiy lo The bi- weekly meelings. A desseri parly in Oclober, dressing dolls for Chrisimas in December, making Tamily flags in February and srudying marriage prepararions in March are a Tew of The club's ouiside acliviiies. ln April Fl-lA Weelc is observed. Two oulsianding senior members will be honored ai The Recognilion Assembly in May. Fl'lA sponsors are Mrs. Frances Nesrnirh, Mrs. Doris Dixon, Mrs. Camille Bell and Mrs. Flelen Taylor. Each monih The club, wiih The aid oT These Teachers, selecl an "Officer of The Monlhf' chosen on The meril oi The girl's coniribulion lo The clubls acrivilies. These many exiracurricular ac- livilies were in addirion io daily roulines oi cooking and sex-ying. 66 Looking for new recipes are Fl-lA officers Barbara Tappen Treasurer: Wanda Suchiu, recording secrerary: Sandra Jones corresponding secrelaryq and Ross Lynn Spradling, presidenl AG FF Furnishes Agricultural Experience Through FFA boys combine classroom Training wiTh pracTical experience Tor an excellenT background in all agriculTural work. lvlonTerey FFA boys have capTured many Top honors as a resulT oT Their livesTock raising and crop judging. An exciTing evenT on The FFA calen- dar is The elecTion oT The FFA SweeThearT. l962-63 Swe'eThearT Tina WeaTherby will compeTe Tor honors in area. sTaTe and naTional conTesTs. Mr. Waylon Carroll and Mr. Thomas Neely are sponsors oT The lv1onTerey FFA chapTer. The agriculTure Tarm provides pracTical applicaTion Tor The Tarm maiors. There The boys give individual care To Their animals by inoculaTions, Teedings and gen- eral healTh care. Feeding and caring Tor The animals They raise Take up much oT The boys' Time aT The Ag Tarm. l M FFA oTTicers are: lvlac Farrar, MiTchell Walker, Wallace KlaTT RoberT Leach, Gary BenTley, Don Parks, Joe Jones, Gene Cagle Jackie Caudle, and Duane Young. 0 p A As FFA SweeThearT Tina WeaTherby admires a plaque re- ceived by STock Show winners, FFA boys Jackie Caudle and RoberT Leach admire Tina. 67' H1 Y Y Teens Strive for orld gr'-+ , vw n C5 Larry Lo JG and Ken Youn gf' 'im -stem cu s a o Q n me club cons ilulion W5-Ly ' ' !'v.m...lA"' .- .... .. 'gl-wi Z ' m'i-v-0.7.- " 'WMCT-2'i'51SS'.mlX H r -lf Members of l-li-Y slrive To creale, main- Jrain and exlend Jrhe lradilional high sland- ards of Chrisrian living for which lhey are nofed. Each year parlicipanlrs of Hi-Y jour- ney lo Auslin lo perform legislaliye dulies on lhe floor ol Jrhe l-louse in form ol a Youlh Governmenl. Seeking lo build a beH'er and slronger nalfion is one of 'rhe purposes of Y-Teens. Selling loolball programs is ils only money- malcing proiecl. As a communilry service, The club collecled old shoes for +he under- privileged ol Jrhe cily. Sophomores Roberl Junell, Den McNeil, Bill Deillne. Johnny Wilson, Jerry Smifh, and Bob Pigrge dis. cuss iheir Trip fo Ausiin. Brotherhood Frilz l-loclilc, foreign exchange sludeni, caplivales his all-girl audience as he delivers a speech in one of many Y-Teen meeiings. FrilZ's speech inclucl- H 3 ecl lhe differences in ihe Amer- ican and Auslrian school sys- 5 lems. 1 i Y-Teens officers and commillee chairmen are Judy Besi, Paula McElroy, Lisa Gray, Pal Thompson, Merle Wiser and Gwen Sullle. Olher officers are Norma Beaver, Darla Simon, Carol Be-sl, Jamie Willis, Lynn Easier ancl Sue Wiginlon. Junior Diane Angeloni sorls 'rhrough a pile of olcl shoes contribuied by Y-Teen members for iheir shoe drive. gr-- fy ,s , 'XM f wif? ,Qin Z . .1... I , ?Ev A , 4 EGR' ky. , .,, ,1'Jf,-22? Z gy, K Q ,,,. nil, 11,1 me 4, 5 f 1? ,, jg . ,. , . ,. . ,H ,, f 9 an s rl 4 , ,f1, . fj ,f . Jig., , w- ,,+ ea" A -i.f, J., A , ,,s,,, L., 4 , ,. Sports ..uN WY Q' QLK M i :gy 5 K S . .K . l Q X. X Q 4 ' sf: it f 3 , .Nx . X ,A ,Q is L S - -X . Q ' - N i X X-1-+...N -u rozh wafer boy +0 lop afhlejre, every sludenf wilh +o compelre can find his place in ihe aihlefic program of The moclern high school. Through foolloall. baslcelball. Jrraclc, Tennis, and golf. The indi- ,,, flu' f vigrlugglgigllieiiiehcouragecl 'lo excel in his chosen sporl, io a like spifil among his classmales unlil Jrhe whole gchool is unified wilh one desire-'lo play +he gagme as if should be played--win, lose, or draw-fligegggijiood . . . .X I 'ff :S1s1'.pgw , , wi" V Skefches by Ken? Tidmore Cheerleaders Spark Spirit That Keeps I .X 'E as -X T "Talk To 'eml" encourages Jan BarneTT, Then seTs The example Tor Plainsmen in The sTands. Jan is a senior and head cheerleader whose sparkling enThusiasm is characlerisTic oT MonTerey Tans. "We're Trom lvlonTerey, couldn'T be prouderlu exem- pliTies The magnanimous zeal displayed by The seven lvlonTerey cheerleaders. The nicesT people say, "Never Tell anybody To do anyThing you wouldn'T do yourselT," and These girls are unique examples. Novices Virginia Fry and Lynn EasTer, seniors: Marcie WhiTe, junior: and Sally EasTwoocl and Carol Ann Cook, sophomores, joined Jan BarneTT, senior, and BeTTy Jane Brown, junior, in The ranks as cheerleaders. Arriving aT school early and sTaying laTe, These girls boosT ribbon sales, give pep Talks, and hang posTers as a parT OT Their everyday acTiviTies. Crowded condiTions prompTed by a giganTic sophomore class Toughened The job oT The cheerleading squad as pep rallies had To be held beTore and aTTer school. "Jam The gym" conTesTs inspired classes wiTh cheering ThaT shook The raTTers and idenTiTied Plainsmen wiTh The spiriT ThaT is lvlonTerey l-ligh. Plainsmen End rduous Campaign, apture' Spurs KAW + Q' f I 441.55 Q32 J1i,,H,, 1' - .w f ' 0 I4 6 O 'O o, A 1962 F ff, Nl 'V , 'v Af!'p: Monlrerey Monfevrey Morfreiey MQHFEJQY 35 Mfihfgrey Monfesey , Mqqferey f9v fer?-:fy eff 5. 'lf I . I CUPBALL SCORES ' Cooperb7 . ,f Permian I3 mf' Q 05 43. In Season Finale if K" We do XXX 3,1 if f-f,.sz3,x Q 'i .. ,gs sit. ., -X Q FA A,fYQxQ,, l X, "1 sein. Pl' . MPN ff' if f rf i f-'x,N Qyr , fn 2 X , Q xc NXT, . B i X wifi R X foil i R K R K X :fi in X L-, E,,,, Eff? , V . . W, L, of 1, f f f79'?ZQ7"3Li4 ' L , 1,-,, is , Q, 44,-Q , s mf , 141, , 34414, A ex 1, .f f .-1' vi, g 'Qi h f i g ,Jxn iifjfiy- - P A ,. .n K, MQ2y""',-,, A . f , ,,, -, ,fu ,."' uigxxgixxlkif' ,A '-k' ::Nil!AT34-. Q fi'ilY,s' is i'V"M, . ,fi ,ps-N , , ,4,-, W . . -if ffm ,ss V sy , x X .1 -9, Q , fry., . fm" , i . '7' B 1 ' fygilsix ,-"'X:?1.?ff,"tg,, , -ff V ,, K oi di ' .. ' i -'x ' elif ax , -" 'I L . - , - ef 1. ,M f, l fill' 1 X K M , ': ffl: 'WN ,ffi 'f' f' ' X, jak K f 4- ' 1' ' - Q ik, if 1. 1 rs -,J 'K ,Q V! fel . ' 'R ' , 3 .N yi .qi . X 355355 A il" wi . k f JU- lg ,L .Q V,. gs ,gm , ' 7 ,-eil? , 5 Sffff- ,kxf 'Frx Mfg '- J ,, ,ew V 5 ,A - L q 4' " 452- 1 ' 1. ,E-XT .ic - .ffaffi 1 . i - L -,,5y3, , I ri, sn My :QA :1j,,,,, V, ,V M J, f X s -mf-J if' as - rw -iz,-.fgi -,u-W1 .ifffizv T- --'. 5:1-if '1 A- 'iigiifxl'ii"?-ff '-Wfflff ,aff :jg 5 X Q ' B Xf is age Q X l f Q , ii, .vw ,Er 18, K . Bobby Hayworlh A fic? 4, s i swfs, Don Smifli C. L. Sforrs ,f is Bill Dubose lVlonl'erey's Plainsmen came flwrougli a long and seem- ingly endless campaign flwis year, a feamlflwaf will long be remembered for ifs fouglw luck and undying spirif. Tabbed ffie Hcrufcli club" by local newsmen, flue Plainsmen confinuously gave if flieir besf, fliougli plagued by cosfly injuries flwrouglwouf The enfire season. Sfruggling fo posf a 4-5-I record, flwe 'Men opened flwe grid season wiflw dual losses fo Cooper of Abilene and Midland, buf lopped Permian's Panfliers, I4-I3 in one of flue sfafe's biggesf upsefs. Opening flieir disfricf slafe in vigorous fashion, DuBose and crew blasfed Pam- pa's l-larvesfers, 35-I5 flwen cleadlocked a powerful Palo Duro affacli, I4-I4, iusf missing a vicfory in flue final minufe of play. Successive losses fo Amarillo and Borger apparenfly weakened flie 'Men plwysically buf never dampened flieir morale as flwey followed up wiflw a 40-O sl'iellaclc- ing of Plainview's oufgunned Bulldogs. Following a I2-O loss fo Tascosa. flwe Plainsmen added a successful nofe fo an oflwerwise mediocre season, downing l.ubboclc's confidenl' Wesferners, 7-O on Tlwanlcsgiving Day. 1 -M . R3--' ,m,f 1,2 5'4" 'T :fr N 2 A :fs . ' ' g X lyk if-f',g , AJ J T 'gg gn , H T. ,,, 'T ,y I T W- sr .1 T ' '- A , , 9 f ,mu , ' A-I h , , X ,,. ,, -M W, , m y :T - , , l ji Buddy HampTon ScoTT McKenzie Bob Schmid Jack Duncan T WV. JI' 76 wif 1-If 'Eff roused Plainsmen Monlrerey shed iTs oTTensive wraps OCT. I2, and be- Tore The evening was over, had cornpleTely ground inTo submission Pampa's hapless l-larvesTers, 35-I3. SpoTTing Pampa an early 7-O lead, The Plainsmen roared back wiTh a vengeance, compleTely swamping The l-larvesTers and Thrilling a homecoming crowd oT 4,500 in Lowery STadium. l'lalTbacks Chris Galanos and Mike Clubb scooTed in and ouT oT a ponderous Parnpa secondary accounTing Tor mosT oT MonTerey's rushing yardage, while fullback Bill Gee ground ouT sTeady yardage crashing over Tor Two MHS Tallies. Randy Jones, operaTing Tor The place oT injured regular Byron STovall, worked like a veTeran in leading The Plainsmen onslaughT pasT The shell-shocked l-larvesTers. Two passes Trorn The arrn oT Jones puT lvlonTerey inTo The scoring column beTore The halT, and Trom ThaT poinT iT was virTually no conTesT as The Plainsmen scored again beTore The halT, Then added 20 poinTs in The Third guarTer, compleTely blasTing The l-larvesTers back inTo The Panhandle. STraTegy is The key To vicTory as Coach Bill Dulicse plofs a inning COLFS6 in MonTerey's 35-I3 rouT oT The l'larvesTers. 1. r ,M ffrfswv , 1- - ,. ,." , I T ' ' ' s fl-.. f ,Leif X 4 in 1 ' 1 ff " 'Ii " Kin? 3.53. A A fgw 3 ws, M. K' Q mv, Q Q .ggi I lr 03:5 V ij! S ,. ,X ,Q Y2,, :, ,!: Af? , ,, :ij , ',s iv f ' v.i.g...:w - Af' ' f' 1.4 1 K 'V ar' U ,. Ay E YK ,ogg ,Qfg.,:,f.-V-w ,S ,igmfml sg T . T if if c Q fj ' ' Z - ya, W' - 7 ,T . , -,,L V, V-Rc W Mug-wif ......,,.xVNn Will Howorih Roy Cox Don Jones Dewey BaTeman Shock Pampa in District pener MonTerey's Plainsmen noT only came ouT on The shorT end oT scoring ThroughouT The year. They also barely placed in The 3-AAAA final sTaTisTics. Placing Tar down in ToTal oTTense, The Plainsmen ac- counTed Tor l,526 yards and a ZI8 yard average. Giv- ing up more yardage Than They compiled, The 'lvlen's Ricky Bowers Talls inTo The end zone aTTer gaThering in a pass from The arm of quarferback Randy Jones. deTenses ToTaled l,95l yards given up Tor a healThy 279 yard average. lVlonTerey's rushing game ToTaled l,I69 yards Tor a I67 yard average, ifvhile iTs aerial compleTions To+aled Tor 5l yards a game. Individually, The Plainsmen Toolq a back seaT To sTrong performances by Borger and Tascosa backs. sw...- 135 il .nf .W A 1 -wr "-'X T 'il - fl-. rr T by ea T v T a fr T, ix W . 'A J ---7, ' - , f vw, iq-e-N. ' '- 6' di r I A . Gene SIaTer Danny DuTTon Johnny Dalrymple Ronnie Mullin Plainsmen Tie Palo Duro Donsg Palo Duro's Dons had much To be Thanldul Tor CCT. l9, salvaging a Tie and ThwarTing a gallanT upseT bid by MonTerey. The Plainsmen, 20 poinT underdogs, dead- loclced The powerful Don aTTaclc and senT 'em back To Amarillo wiTh a I4-I4 sTalemaTe. MonTerey Tools immediaTe ConTrol oT The game Torcing The surprised Dons To play "caTch up ball" all evening. Scoring early in The TirsT period, The 'Men again rang The bell in The Third. posTing a I4-6 lead. Surrounded by a bewildered Palo Duro secondary. Chris Galanos A desperaTe Palo Duro drive Tallied laTe in The TourTh period only To be Tollowed by a TuTile Ml-IS rally. Talcing The lciclcoTT, The Plainsmen moved To a Third and Three siTuaTion on The Dons' seven yard sTripe wiTh only 50 seconds leTT in The game. BUT on The l3Th play of The series, Byron STovall was iarred loose Trom The ball and The Dons recovered Torcing lvlonTerey's only Tie ball game of The season. cuTs The corner gaining valuable yardage in This I4-I4 sTandoTT fi. 4 V Q' "-. -..-r imp? . H W, M lm as .I psig? iyggifr. 3 i A 3 ' ia - , at K' 1 ,, , ' f 1 Q A A I , :ni L ,ar-yrs-X 1. 5, A may ' yy " I ry ..f -'.' N 2 ' " Q . s 2 s"""' I A maui I - 'xi I 'VSAT' J cfs ' HQ' 5- ,. , 7 Nx.,,, , g , 5 V ' . i " V, - s. X if I 'Ski I , ii lk, ix 'iii Xu, .fr . , i 7 Jw Rxdff Conrad Schmid Duane Hoover Byron Sfovall Kenny Bernsfein Fall to Sandie nslaught IvIonferey's Plainsmen gof preffy dirfy Ocf. 27 fol- lowing fhe dusf kicked up by AmariIIo's Sandies, They wallowed deep in fhe humiliafion of a 37-O rouf. Amarillo, surprisingly pofenf, made IvIonferey's of- fense look bad and Hs defense even worse, as fhey confinuously raffled off scoring opporfunifies. If was a Iong evening for fhe Plainsmen, and even Ionger for Hs defensive unH, confinuously looking af fhe heels of scampering Sandie backs. Offensively, fhe PIainsmen's affack was pracfically nil. They gained only I29 yards and 9 firsf downs. Complefing 8 of I5 passes, MI-IS quarferbacks Byron Sfovall and Randy Jones, consfanfly harried by Ama- riIIo's charging line, offen fhrew on fhe run or while squirming from a defender's grasp. Amarillo 'rallied on a fwo and fhree yard plunge. a field goal, an 88 yard pass infercepfion. a 37 yard run and a I7 yard pass, while MI-IS defenders only offered foken resisfance fo a pack of sfomping Sandie backs. Ivlonferey regisfered only fwo mild fhreafs in fhe game. one died on fhe AHS I9 and fhe ofher was snowed af fhe I8 yard Iine. , I , ,W , H P , I: ,fs f i ' f , y ' I ' r ,. , 4 I , Field capfain Byron Sfovall commands respecf as he barks signals prior fo acfion in Dick Bivins Sfadium. 79 3 W' '2"'t -I if' " 'L' Xlgxl, 90 'SD Phu. . f -Qld ', ' l ' Q QQ ' 9 . '-9' .I ' 1 ' W- 1' 'll f Nui-' - . . ' -5- r "'1-.- , 4 V w - - e K - 'X Q ' i if 1 " I 'ffl ,fu . H an - W? nf n I.: in . - v 4, G V r . - !?,i.s..'p'. A' g:l.J I i . A K .rl 33 - -'- lv S ' 'L h 1 ' , vi U' ,tl ? I ' in X' L Zhu' 4 P' .L 4 r if x 4 , ,I N. ' ,rt U 1,1-' this wg A k . f fl" 1. ""-r yr -ff ls - 4. ' 'o." .. ' . -I-L '1.-Au.,Q - E-2 Benny Bulls J., ,vw J Mrs- tl f,-dv' -at-X 3 ' ,Y mx ,, 4' C, X f Lynn Sfroucl ,,.,1,f.:. . wi-- "' 4 -" N 5 . - ' f L .i 'fig . V q:",?"-:VJ v t'Q..x -.3 I . i .,'9"Jr1' ,Q v I Q . fl- H f 1 1 ,,,, s 'K X , ' 1 ,V , V3 . Mike BarreH' Bill Gee Surging Bulldogs Sfumloling fhrough fheir second consecufive weelc of frusfrafion, lvlonferey's Plainsmen fell before fhe unre- lenfing offense and sfingy defense of fhe Borger Bull- dogs, 40-O, Nov. 2. Goose eggs and crufches seemed fo plague fhe 'Men all evening as fhey could do liffle righf againsf fhe Dis- fricf's fop club. Borger hammered ouf yard affer yard againsf The crippled Plainsmen. fhen complefely smofh- ered lv1onferey's offensive efforfs wifh a ramrod cle- fense, forcing eighf punfing sifuafions deep wifhin Plainsman ferrifory. Jerry Hudgeons Queniin Cole ff' S' 's f'467Bcr'l il 1- -117- ,- Q13-ff' ?',ff?ZQ3f'fi , ,. ' ' , J" ,I-'Q..Q cf'-M-1 ffm? '3. -iff f '1' L '-iw 1, , 5 f r" , , 4 ' il If ui 3 . ' . ' ,1- - ,' 7 ' V i .- ii 2 ,' ' 'B' i id " '- 1 f ""1 , - .Lp , '73 ' , V ' S 5 'J ,- I ' ' . -- ,pg ' 1 V """' - 5 - " ' " Qi V.:-V , 'ff ., wlvw. A :ff will ef-f I' in 4 1 !Ql fxg YN LQ 4 pf K vlf W1 V Q fi? wg 1, --0 fy' 5 Q K7 ff , Q 1 Ray Cravy Bounce Men 11'1 ear Rout uarlerbaclc Randy Jones llnps an aernal over The oufsfrerclwed arms of a Bulldoq linebacker wlnle Mxlce Clubb leans mlo a key f ' 13" . 1 uf ., ,, I N A 4- ' wx' Vt 11 WG' ' 7'- if f 'ff . vr ,ff ,fill , 12, Cx 4 QQ 'X ia rl', l l 1. David Seim 4191, Xu vein V fm- Y ,A , gg 45 S f 5 , , !.fQ,f P V ' ' Q 'H ,fy 'X QW KL block Monlerey could do lllrlle rlglwl llns evening falling To Texass Rlclty Bowers I 7' W " fu 4 lC2T'..n The horizon is whife-and six feef are wef! These aren'f mon- lceys or snow nymphs, buf Monferey cheerleaders warding off The cold. ,Y Il I w 4 x "M-" ' nr- "ftp rf' . ' if-D In-wg , 1 iff? gs :Q fe- ng, A HLA by V v Rusfy Spradling jxl-373, 'AA gif . c iii fore . Q l 13-.1111 ,,z?"jq"?". John Saari Wayne Hollinshead if ' 'Effie h . ,i'? i 1-H-"nf i Vi I 6, Nc , - -s T Q' is ivan , .y gy Q is sf' ' Larry Hasfings David Laughlin Snow, Rebels Monferey "played in fhe snow" Nov. l7 and was plagued by bofh fhe elemenfs and Tascosa's Rebels as fhey dropped fheir fhird Disfricf 3-AAAA game of fhe season, I2-O. Donning fheir gloves and blanlcefs, Plainsmen were greefed by 28 degree weafher, IO inches of snow and a hosfile group of Rebels infenf upon vicfory. Weafher played a big parf in fhe game as bofh fearns had considerable frouble in mounfing an offense which could penefrafe bofh fhe opposing defense and fhe muclc of fhe sfadium furf. A cuffing 20 mph wind ham- pered passing efforfs all day as fhe Plainsman ledger counfed only one complefed aerial in seven affempfs. Slick furf and cold, wef fingers accounfed for consider- able mud scrambling before eifher feam could acquire fheir "snow legs." Aside from fhe weafher, Monferey's defensive efforfs were liffle shorf of specfacular as fhey held fhe heavily favored Rebs fo fwo TD's and played if fough, mosfly deep inside fheir own fercifory. Two Rebel fhreafs were lcilled inside fhe MHS 30, and anofher would have been averfed had pass inferference nof given a firsf down af fhe Monferey one and an ensuing fouchdown. ,. ,,:.i3..'5-5 g ag? , 1. , .i ., 4, . e I f mr,-,' rf. -15. 'fi ' R xi, 4, .X A' !.,.,,, N ,. . 3 A ...piir 1 X15 .i :Rl.,.,eMV"i if , fm 4--.2 A V, 15 i 7.14 4 M. 1 Q. fa :sz Q N ig " km 41 ,A ax f- an-v-X ga g ,- y ' Q ' W ip ii f t " '- F1 Q WK X , , , fi. 3 , 'off , L V ., , 1 'ff f W - by gg ' :fl fa - gi ' ii r ,wen ,, ,' X A ,Q ,.,,. W ,ljmklilw !J ii li -Ge-vm.. kk H F V QQEQL, ,..,-,.. +--1 X, . 1 -9-A is H V "-"'- cg i' 3 ' - j C 5 ....- Mike Ciubb EX I K Ricky Canup Randy Jones Stymie Chilled Plainsmen Rudy Fosier Junior Mccariy and Kenny Bernsfein slide off an aifempied block in snow- bound acfion Nov. I7. Fighfing boih The Rebels and 'rhe inclemeni wea+her, fhe 'Men dropped +heir fhird dis+ric+ decision. I2-O. 2-drip 1,4 ,, ,ig JN., Is, 'I ,Ami iw, f -.xl if 31 .1 'S' 'A 7 5 - uf! 33. felwe - f 4. "2 45: ' K ,w Z' W' k I 4: BS' John Wood .ri N ii i - ,L fy' mi A be - -f 5 3 x 7? .m..- f ' " at Eh I 'ips 'L 4, . if 93 ' -ga... ..,. , Y - H fl ,Z 0 X 1 A' 7 Q" , W iv' 'f H A. 5 1 Q ' 1 , -fu 19-1 lf, -I I. 'i . i 3-' l -,,l ': Conrad Schmid, MHS 1'ri-cap- +ain, brings home a Silver Spur, while Byron Sfovall lNo. 24l holds The game ball upon re- furn from Lowery Field. For fhe fifth conseculive year, 'the Plainsmen brouqhr lhe Silver Spurs back home +o The MHS 'lrophy case. Plainsmen r I U 51 L X Li -D-A-.,.,.,,,,,iu Running info 'lrouble is fullback Bill Gee afrer a shorf gainer in 'rhe Third period of play againsf Lubboclc's hapless Wesferners Lile Lewfer Richard Saari Junior McCar1y Garry Simpson, MGR. .- S 7 . Tit -, A -1 M. lg 1 gf ' P 'M ' f"-:- -y ,Qx N :f gi ' L 1 N N uid ii - 1- y A- . e -, Q - .1 -QSTV, L X vie'-r -1 K gt,i!E4wQNs Lx .R .ff y - ' a H r Z4 A .A ,' ,!- 1-it 1 S Xi xx S , 84 Edge Desperate Westerners, - lvlonTerey's crippled Plainsmen blasTed The WesTern- ers back across Town, Nov. 2, and in The process picked up a 7-O vicTory and mosT imporTanT of all, The Silver Spurs. ' Rising To The occasion, lvlonTerey again losT The baTTle oT sTaTisTics, buT Tor The TiTTh consecuTive Time Telled a desperaTe Lubbock bid Tor vicTory in The closesT conTesT OT This eighl' year inTra-ciTy rivalry. An overflow crowd OT some 8,500 Tans waTched a piTched deTensive baTTle in The TirsT halT coupled wiTh see-saw oTTensive ThrusTs ThroughouT The Tinal 24 min- uTes. Taking The opening kickoTT oT The second halT, The Surrounded by a Tlock oT angry WesTerners. Bill Gee, Plainsman ,tg Qyff -we ,X Plainsmen scrambled 63 yards in I5 plays To sTrike Tor The winning Touchdown. Bill Gee. Chris Galanos and Mike Clubb rambled in and ouT oT Lubbock's deTenses while Byron STovall kepT 'em iumping wiTh a varied .pass- ing aTTack. Lubbock mounTed iTs mosT serious oTTensive ThreaT in The closing seconds oT The game. picking up Three coh- secuTive TirsT downs and moving Trom iTs own I7 To The iv1onTerey 3I yard line. l-lowever. Greg LoTT Tumbled and wiTh 23 seconds leTT The Plainsmen had only To sTand over The ball and pick up Their sevenTh vicTory in eighT years. Tullback, gives iT "ThaT second eTTorT" in acTion near The Lubbock TwenTy yard line. ' 'cf Q30 MV: -'Q his .,., . 'Www Lancers Finish Season ith 7-2 Record PosTing an impressive 7-2 record, MonTerey's ever- poTenT Lancers Tied Tor second place wiTh Borger and Palo Duro in This year's unoTTicial 3-AA!-XA TiTle race. Led by Coaches Ted Simon and Bobby lvloegle, The Lancers posTed Tive consecuTive vicTories before drop- ping Their Two losses. Tri-capTains RusTy Jaclss, Tommy O'Kelly and RoberT Junell paced The B Team boTh on oTTense and defense To a I4-O shuTouT oT LiTTleTield Tollowed by a I4-6 Trim- ming oT Levelland's squad. Following The PIainsmen's example, The Lancers con- Tinued Their dominaTion oT Lubboclc's Cowhands, edging Them I2-O. Tascosa was dropped 22-O, while Plainview's Bullpups Tell I2-O. Borger's 'Pups haI+ed The Lancer mo- menTum, grinding ouT a 22-O shuTouT, while Amarillo's Yannigans conTinued Ml-lS TrusTraTion wiTh a 22-6 vic- Tory. Regaining Their winning ways, The Lancers scooTed pasT Palo Duro T4-I2, and ended The season wiTh a 43-6 blasf oT Pampa's Shoclcers. Lancers are Firs+ row, L.-R.: Coach Bobby Moegle, John Minor, Lonnie Brooks, John Miller, Marla Rice, Tommy O'Kelly, RoberT Junell, Jerry Johnson, Sam Smyer, Diclcy Grigg, Randy Wright Bill Sanders. Bobby Newell, Thad Wallcer, Coach Ted Simon,.Second row: David Swoflord, Jim Casperson, Denny Jai-red, Billie Daniels. James Brilion, Chris Key, Jimmie Robinson, Mike Rodgers, Vic Condrey, RusTy Jacks, Sheddy Jones, Gene Graham, Third row: Jerry Gerron, Joe Taylor, LesTer Cox, Wayland Vancleeve, Wes Wallace, Bill Wade, Jim Lolcoy, Sian Fry, Andy Brandon, Rick Hayes, Lawrence SmiTh, Charles Hemphill, Fourfh row: Bill STrange, Tommy WhiTe, Rodney Edmunds, Larry Pollard, Don Griifills. Milne CarTer, ScoTTy Lamoreaux, Bobby Joiner, Sfan Shady, Richard Rocher, Terry Cozby, Marion BarneTT, Fifih row: Bobby Anderson, Mgr., Joe ParTain, Gerald Barton, Jimmy Land, Ches MarsTon, Tom Douglass, Danny SmiTh, Tom McDonell, Milne Jones, Tommy PiTTs, Eddie Barbee, Mgr., Wally Cochran 86 x , ' ,Men Sweep Through Winnieg Cage Seaeon 9lVIen Surprise 3-AAAA ppositiong , 4UF!2f"1ff" . sesame- 'M ' ' .. ,. l .-.lK'1Jllgig?7. A 1' " 'x"'f 1' '57 .l -A ." ' .vw -47'-' ,'. " ' Ai ' QW' is 24,9 ., .gl .yi ia cj' :ff , ,a rub a -53 ,jggzgf 41: :i '-3,2 Q J , , , I qi QV . , Q. W3-3i"9"" New-w ,I L Iffllillifff 'Qi,1 ll iiil gQffQff5'fN57.'7E77 , " 'L ,,' Vg r,,,,A.g-. '., V 1 M, ,V q ., A, , 4, ., ,.. ,.,.,.,, .-. . . , . ,, . rvfi.. ... My . M- .. 4+-2' ,N wr" f.'-L f-f":" '. i' ' ' ?'. Liiafffi . 'f . U . ' .5 LJ.. -my y-J . I, yn, I ", E ? .ff 1 Nfl, Y, , isr 'ii f ' x lf kj ,t 'gf ,M Q NIANV x I , 1 ., ' 5 A-, . uw'-vc-3' as - .-N' - -- ps.: V i, . r "1 43154 Q, . :ima 1- -3 -M ,,- 5135- figjif M - 'R . 1 , qv il L igafjg' . i i V, flu. K is ' . ii-' 'Sf Jn ., ,gf-, 1 ly, ' .2 .xgv irgiii llc' glff th "JA-ii fi. X- e fl Ji :ik 3 M' ,,, . 5' ' f- ,gi .qs Q, 51"-V i' ?'1lF'-' f' 2 W NU ' ' V ' ' AKWT5, -5 r vt .f ,i ,fry ' ., ' W .2 1.5 SQ ' Jn. ,As v .yr I 13 - 'N Q I- 5 ,E 3, wig' ' ' 6' r Eifl' " f- i , . ' . f V, ,. Ml -'- fffxfi.-' fri avi, fi- E sy. ' 'f NM'-'-A , fx -- if fl ,rr-y'f QV' 3' ns in 'il i 6' X 'L J ill' ix?f!7 M . 'rr , K wif, il 2... ,vi A ?x:'T'ig 1 1 :A ,J !'1ij'izEJ,xf,i,frxi xi, 1, gif Q fa! , 5 Q,- 2 Q44 A", il Q , ' 1 1' H X 4' , P11 7 3 A l .,,fy.q,wr 1 f ",lv yt' x, 'I ipgli 4 ,lf R ,aff 'ingv' F54 It gl ' lj lg ' 4 F r 4 I Y Y f iii ,Fifi -2,1 w Gerald Myers. in his lhi.-d year al lhe helm ol MHS baslcelball, has again molded a squad ol excellence-a squad which reilecls and is a lribule lo his coaching aloililies. Monlerey baslqelloall again offered lhis season's grealesl surprise in 3-AAAA alhlelics. Holding on even Jrerms lhroughoul The campaign, lhe Plainsmen finally fell lo Pampa's awesome Har- veslers, and landed in a second place lie aller loeing chosen as lourlh be's'r in pre-season polls. Posling a 9-5 dislricl log, Gerald Myers' crew swepl lhrough pre-loop aclion wilh a mediocre 8-7 lally. Tournamenlr play included a lirsl place finish al An- drews, wilh second place lrophies being added from The San Angelo and Caprock lourneys. Team caplain Carllon Jones added lusler lo lhe squad, landing a slarling berlh in lhe final 3-AAAA dislricl seleclions. Split ith Sandies MonTerey's Plainsmen opened The IQ63 loop campaign Talling To Amarillo's Sandies, 51-34, in The conTroversial Armory. Riding The sTrengTh oT an I8-I TirsT guarTer advanTage, The Sandies rolled on pasT Myers' crew allowing only one Plainsman. Bob Schmid, To hiT Tor double digiTs. Schmid Tallied I6 poinTs while Jerry l-laggard hiT Tor nine. lvlalcing use oT a rugged deTense in Their second game. The 'Men nipped The Sandies aT The buzzer, 48-46, in one oT The league's Top Thrillers. Jerry Haggard dropped I5 poinTs, while CarlTon Jones pumped in IO more Tor Ml-lS scoring honors. Buddy Gregory snaTches a rebound Trom The hands of a Sandie as Bob Schmid and CarlTon Jones loolc on. lvlonTerey's Two big men, Bob Schmid and Buddy Gregory, screen ouT an Amarillo defender and haul in a defensive rebound. 89 Bulldogs Provide Stiff Competition Borger's Bulldogs ottered stitt and unexpected com- petition to the Plainsmen this season, talling by only three points in the Panhandle and sweeping to a maior upset in the Municipal Coliseum. Connecting on tive straight tree shots in the tinal minute ot play, the Plainsmen came trom behind and slipped past Coach Tex l-lanna's crew, 58-55. in their initial meeting. l'lot shooting and steady detensive play accounted tor the victory as Monterey hit Zl ot 37 attempts trom the tloor. Carlton Jones singed the cords tor 20 points, while Jerry l-laggard and Bob Schmid hit tor l3 and I2 points, respectively. Meeting tor the second time, Borger ended a three- game victory skein tor the Plainsmen, upsetting them 48-39 here in Lubboclc. A smooth detense and stingy Bulldog detense ren- dered the Plainsmen impotent and sent them trom the court stinging trom a humiliating loss. Leading by tive points at the end ot the halt, Borger added to its total and never relinquished its lead to the icy cold MHS tive. Carlton Jones emerged as the game's top scorer, bombing in lo points. Carlton Jones David Moore - fri f '- ,415 U e.fq .'UC- Q. I, I ' V, K .13 1 ffl: . ? , I,' gg ' i 'c ' fi i ,f -.- Q may J , i , f V 'ff i X it - -fi 44 A ' 1 , V : ' ' if 7 1' Q 4 x.,,.f' , tt , Nl N., k My bksigw. "' X Y. ,, B ? :fy-a,,f A2 , SQ 3 1 91.7 J, ifixtgeg 5586 John Mclniyre s. 'YQ Nu- xi x , 'ix Cl xx EQ 'sg y ,Q ,gl ga.. ,, X- ' N 'KIM .., ..-..-1 CQ is 1 ,Q - A . ,J xx' If 3 s, ,i gi. , 5? X , x ni I. is ., xii . ff?-gf -I 'I 1 g' s 76 2 , lf K i in lfxwjiq on 1 2 is Jerry Haggard - 5 - mf' ' 5: any , K - ,N ,y 4 f 1 I Y X 3 Cf- Ag, We j ' -, .,,x f V Monfy Landers Kennefh Kizer i .go is Buddy Gregory slufls Jrwo quick poinls in a scramble under- nealh The Palo Duro baskel. Plainsmen Blast Palo Durois Dons Exploding offensively in iheir firsl conlesi, Mon+erey's Plainsmen bombed Palo Duro, 84-43, in lheir greaiesl poinl barrage of lhe season. l-lumilialed in Lubbock, Jrhe Dons could do lillle beiier wilh The home-couri ad- vanlage, falling before 'rhe releniless poin'r making as- saull of Monlerey, 60-35. Carllon Jones hil for 33 poinls in Jrhe Jrwo games, while Buddy Gregory sank 20 poinis in Jrhe iniiial meel- ing. Bob Schmid dropped a iolal of 28 poinls and hauled in 21 rebounds, leading a complele' MHS domi- nalion of ihe backboards. 9I ,"1':?5iCJ'f'.,- , .A':4', rr' ' - '51 iii! , . Li. Z lg A fav- ,,-'- l A ,x I fn ,W K , 1 is QQJ l Byron Aberna'l'hy 7lVIen Top Rebels, Wilhslanding a lale Tascosa surge, Mon'rerey's Plains- men downed lhe Rebels, 38-32, in Amarillo. Tom Deillce copped scoring honors wilh ll poinls, while Carllon Jones hir nine, Three of Jrhem icing lhe game for lvlon- lerey wilh only seconds lell' on lhe clock. Opening wilh a bang in The second game. lhe Plains- men loolc an early lead, losl' il, and huslled for a 5l-45 vicrory. Bob Schmid scored 22 poinls for lhe evening, ll of lhem coming in 'lhe heclic and decisive lourlh quarler. Lefl: Sophomore Gary Hughes shows a promise of lalenl as he huslles for a loose rebound. Below: Jerry Haggard springs high and sleals a slray Rebel pass. Fall to Surging Pampa lvlonTerey's TiTle hopes were pushed by The wayside as Pampa's rampaging l-laryesTers Toolc Two league de- cisions, 56-48 and Sl-42, on Their way To The cage crown. Playing caTch-up ball ThroughouT The TirsT game, The Plainsmen never seriously ThreaTened The l-larvesTer lead. Buddy Gregory nabbed high poinT honors wiTh 24 poinTs, while Jerry l-laggard wiTh I I poinTs was The only oTher Ml-lS cager in double digiTs. Reversal oT Torm marked The second game as The l-larvesTers were Torced To bear The caTch-up role Tor Three periods before Taking command and a biTTer 5l- 42 vicTory. Bob Schmid ToTaled lo poinTs againsT The deTensive eTTorTs oT much-heralded Randy MaTson. Bob Schmid Gary Hughes ' 'iii .V iy. , ,j...., if we fdfiiii TG, f 5 gjfl' 'IW If T .D ,,, if 1 1 Davis Chapman Will HoworTh 'iil - ii T Q ff fs f 4 , ff i MAF If XQQVX, 1 f 4 if if lsli.l"'j L T Bob Schmid loTTs an arching hoolc pasT The oufslrelched reach oT Pampa gianT Randy lVlaTson. Schmid Topped The heralded l-larvesTer in Their second meeTing, dropping lo poinTs To lVlaTson's seven, 93 urging Plainsmen Romp Past Plainviewg Posling Jrwo of Jrlwis year's biggesr upsels in 3-AAAA, llie Plainsrnen easily swepr basl Plainview's lwiglnly re- garded Bulldogs, 49-46 and 73-49. Monlerey Jroolc irnmediale conrrol of llie lirsl game in Jrlie unfriendly confines of Plainview's gym, buill an eiglwr-poinlr lead, and was in complere conirol rlirougli- our Jrlne evening. Tom Deilke bagged l3 MHS poinlrs. Four Plainsrnen liir for double digils in Jrlie second conlesi, lopped by Bob Scl'irnid's 20-poini ouipul. Carl- ion Jones. deadly from Jrl'ie oulrside, canned 18, wlwile Jerry Haggard and Deillce bil I3 and IO poinis. re- specliyely. Y Oiien games are won egy brouglwr lorili b linesr-Gerald Myers. Tom Deillce . ' i I !"' X Q. -v, g'f"Ps. "Q - 1. X ,fo Nm., Q , i Wa' X KT . . . or losl by llwe ingenuiiy and sirar- y rlne coacli. Monrerey Today lrias The Buddy Gregory ,. , A J,,,,,. 'le::Pf'f- ' ".."". :,Q.','fwgSQxwmx EG . , . . A Zo ,fi . 5 in-L I , if ., ,n is 'I F. l. .XL y,, wg, ,X , ,A A F 1,5 7 en Share Loopis Second Spot ith LHS Adding anollwer decision lo Jrlweir win column, Mon- lerey s Plainsmen conlinued llweir overall cage domina- S ,mi MM., V lion of l.ul::bocl4's Weslerners, splilling Jrlieir Jrwo dis- A Jrricl games. 5 i is Talcing Jrlie lirsl game, 66-59, Coach Myer's crew g X look advanlage ol a Jrlwird period Weslerner drouglwl. Zff- Ek? X i I ii , I I ' . l S sf-5 - Qfikigy scoring 2l poinls To Luloboclc s eigl1+.Carllon Jones and . fr: "lik psf eff NK Tom Deillce nil lo and I5 poinls respeclively. I im 'ii VVinning llieir lirsl MHS dislricl game since I-960, Billlqackley Pai. Abbo.H Jrlwe Weslerners dropped llie 'Men in Jrlweir second Mgr' Mgr' meeling, 55-4l. Jerry Haggard slops slworl' and Jrlien lakes as Weslerner Doug Robinson comes up on llwe defense in early game ac Hon. , c .. ., c. -s.N,,,. . c - Jerry Haggard pumps in a sliorl iump slio+ from 'rlie lop of fhe keyhole. 9 Lancers Hang Tough in District Action 1 Lancers are: First row, 'from left to right: Freddy Morris, Carlos Byrd, Tommy Toombs, Bobby Pierce, Billy Davis, mgr.. Second row: Ernie Gilkerson, Miles Johnson, Pete Kyle, Omer Morgan, Johnny Beck, Third row: Coach Joe Michalka, Dennis Lilly. Gary Rhodes, Bobby Slcinner, Bill Abernathy, Gary White, Maynard Johnson, and Charlie Whitt Matching the play ot their bigger brothers, the Plainsmen, Monterey's Lancers tinished a close second in 3-AAAA action, talling to Lubboclc's Cowhands in the season's tinal game, 48-42. Coach Joe Michallca's squad ot I9 boys continuously improved throughout the year, posting a tine I4-8 winning record. Taliying a district record ot IO-4, the Lancers tell by one point to Amarillo! Yannigans and Borger's Bullpups, and dropped two decisions to loop leader Lubbock High by margins ot six and seven points. Lancers cited by Michallca tor outstanding play include Charlie Whitt, Johnny Beclc. Bobby Pierce, Bill Aber- nathy and Omer Morgan. Coach Joseph Michallra " 11, Wil, . f .f , .r -,-,L 14, 56, 144' ,, f i 1. 11 1,4 I 67.4, 1 i it VU? ,, 1 it 1 'i , , , i f 71 ' 1 Kppf' . M4' l1'r' .3 f I, 1'i J f 'J lf, t f -7, V - v,,' 1 iii' 17 msg. Ja. 'X 'A I L, I, . N i -9 X t 1 RCB "ig N ew X 1,-'S , iii- '1x'.,f.-4" 11, . fig- if r , ., ,gss is xi ii, itat . . " '. Nu" .'--' : 'Q i U ,J-'i lu '. f y J I, 411: v.- E . Bixby 5-I1 b i ysrr- .ts. P 2 rs, . , i, -7 , . ' "f'4"2 L as f. f r t it ' I 1 n eedy Plainsmen 'Hit an W - Q1 ,Q ,ni 5 Run Firsl row, lefl' 'lo righ+: John Milligan, mqr., Randy Pumphrey, Chris Galanos, Gary Huey, Al Ayers, Jerry Haggard Fhllllp Ellelle Eldon Frosl, Bill Sanders, James Gosdin, mgr., Second row: Buddy l-lamplon, Keller Smilh, Rudy Fosler, Randy Jones Eldon Fox Gary Hughes, Gary While, Danny Macllougall, Don Barrell, Coach Bobby Moegle Talented Plainsmen Open Loop Pla fxcncn al second base lhis season ss-Iii be heavy and var'ed when ne Plalnsrnen fake the 75-ld, Slriving 'lo malnlaln a degree of excellence, Mon- lerey's baseball galherinq of I963 conlinuously gave il' lheir besl, capping anolher successful season lor Coach Bobby lvloegle. Scheduled for 26 games, The Plainsmen look lo lhe diamond wllh a good, speedy club and one of lhe besl inllelds in Dislricl 3-AAAA. Experi- ence was in abundance as Moegle placed live boys on lhe field, each worldng lor Their lhird lellel, and six leeye slriving for lheir Seeded eleele Danny MacDougall and Elded rex eeflled llle emi ol e slronq MHS mound slalf. Glher slandouls ln- deded Al Ayers, Buddy Hempled, eery Huey, Keller smllh, Eldon Frosl, Don Barrell, and Chris eelenee. i, -, '.: . . sfT'fff'N'E'S!5d':i--' , :"'s313i'fi ' fm'-Qwzqni 41 52 I li' -" ,.- -2 X. ,' 5--w ' . 1, '- xv, is SL' sf - x v ss: . , -. '- s.,f,,17f . - ' f ix :S Y K E i"31?' r i . fr? ' J' 7 yi k 'f?' ,i,,, LN ,i .x', . 1 s . 1f-. -A' AL, ff, li?-gi H , X' 2 iii i " , x .. s F K x L i . X, ,KL X?" 'r -1 .if Q. ggi- Q V V, - - 1 f-.we wi ' . if. 'F ' i if ini. , if WK g mf.: " L, ig' 5' 'Xe l V k an ' 3-95" -' i' 4. - gg s -1 l4?i.?"'?5 lf iff 'ML' .51 rg. :Q-girl: .Q ,,.L is if I ,, ggi? V. ga ig.. ':l,!,..?,3 . 3 iff' qs ,-:fl P 3. 'Esifieig qi, xi Q' ir ' ,-E 'Q ,1 - 354.352, ,lx :mv 411 . H- -, 5- - V x -,.Igq,:.-15 igpghfh 'I " -t , , :fi f:g1aa:w2'11'g'4 W 5 -.331j,3,jfgl Q as I QE 'Fl' J' Y:,,','f,' ,wp -.n . . fy: . as N ,.. xi n ,ml N N Q i. wi? fig: KV ' 53 -'WT ' E Bobby lvloegle leads his Plainsmen remarkable record ol 'I'l1ree slraiglil his coaching debui in I960. ,-H3234 3' inio +l1is season willw a dis+ric+ 'rifles falcen since i i i l Above: Danny MacDougall, Mon+erey's ace moundsman, pegs Home from lwis allernaiing lirsi' base posiiion during a pre-season workoulr. Leflz Gary Huey, Monlerey's flee?-fooled slworlsjrop, slides in under an allempled Jrag al llwird lease in las? year's aclion againsl Lulolooclc's Weslerners. 99 A Ii 'fi' H u.f?'f9 Leading llwe Plainsmen on The diamond this year are lri-caplains Gary l-luey, Danny Macllouqall and Bucldy l-larnplon. ,Mann W " r X -15.4 0 i ' X, 1- W 'm'E9m1sn.., mbitious Plains 1 '?..-pl1w.Ri:'.g.f 11, i .,' 1..s.-ge-f-ff-2.1-M. -w"l'i'Qf'f3f"f - ' 7 ' Above: Al Ayers begins his slide early in an unsuccessful al- lernpl lo Cul oui llie llnreal ol a double play. Leif: Third sealer Don Barrel? scoop: in a ligf gfcunder gn pre-dislricl cornpeLi+icn. men Face Tough Schedule, Competition lvlarch March March March March March March March March lvlarch March March April April April April April April April April April April April April April May 2 5 8 9 I2 I4 I6 I9 22 23 26 30 2 5 6 9 I2 I3 I6 I9 20 23 26 27 30 3 Permian ...... Big Spring ,,.V,M ---,-- Levelland ..,....,, Midland Lee Abilene ,o..,,e. Big Spring ,W Odessa ,.,..e., Levelland ,,..,o ,,.,A,. Cooper .o,.. Cooper ..,.. Snyder ...... Snyder 77,... Tascosa .,.,.. Palo Duro ,o,. Amarillo ...,.. Plainview ...,, Borger .7,. Pampa ....... Lubbock ....,. Palo Duro ..,... ,,,,,, Amarillo .e,.,.,, ,-o,4,, Tascosa ..... Borger ..., Pampa .,e... Plainview ....... ,,,,,,,- Lubbock ....... ,,,,,, There There There There I-Iere I'Iere Here I-'Iere There There I-lere There I-lere I-Iere I-lere There There There I-lere There There There I-Iere I-lere I-lere There Gary l-luey hook slides in+o second base easily bealing a delayed +ag allempl from a Weslerner shorfslop. Lellz Possessing some of The 'rop hiH'ers in dislricl and speed in abundance, lhe Plainsmen have hil and run Ihrough loop compelilion Ihis year. IOI T QT R' r '5' T 1 I iv'-a 'f ,. . u , 's,ss : z Q -A: img.. 3 Q NM, nl ul'iil vii' Springing inlo aclion af The gun are live of lv1onTerey's TasTesT: Ricky Bowers, Bill Shipman, STeve Warshaw, Kim ForesTer. and Bill Gee. inderfellas Upon Season ith High Bmch l-lancoclc slrains inTo The lead for lvlonTerey's mile relay Team. IOZ MonTerey's Traclc and Tield Teams Took To The cinders in good condiTion This season and presenTed an early showing oT TalenT in l.ubboclc's lnviTaTional Indoor 'lraclf lvieeT. WinTer condiTioning and Coach Simon's diligenT eye have molded a sTrong sguad which sTands To rank high in 3-AAAA compeTiTion. Preparing Tor The disTricT wars, Simon enTered Two Teams in The indoor evenT. Jimmy l-lobson and Barry Grey Tinished a sTrong Third and TourTh respecTively in The 880 yard run, while STeve Warshaw, Bill Shipman. David Laughlin, and BuTch l-lancock led Their mile re- lay squad To a close second place finish, Talling by a mere six-TenThs of a second. -L-L - - T A -L--' LLX. X,LL B XL-L - L L i ' - L T . K' Q jg X X sc,c if 2, ,L of-f1"s,,,L"1 ,,,f' T 1 , L LL ef? 175' 'f'i'g'QfS. H HR'iiifiakelif'-ibifhkla -.--. L - - F' A U X i A "A. T""f 4 iw KT' -iz- TTTTTTT i g skrsk a QQXX Q xkk. L k.V,k,k. . -D. 'A L K I L L, , ii' ii L is g MA , S ,fl rl B ' Q-' ' T fe, 'fl ' B f L S we B - ios fd ' NL L . he f A L T ef - as-sv-1 , - ,g Ls 'fx L 5-Lswriv i .U - X Lf: N df X 'L 91... L"w X "" lf- :'.""" LLL, xX.x L - 3, sit Ls., X -A ,IL fs -- L Lo 3 , as A , S ,-.g . W, 1- T -L A ,B ,fy K h XLLLLLLLCQ K XV ,tif Q nf s? L figi L ,TJ . rl L,fQ,yELLl F- S LL S Q5 Q , ff ?s9fi"s L L sl S " as fs, vi A in .QL M -y as sf- L L5 iq, U m L.: L L, QQ he -A m f ,L ' ax ff - .Q 1 if a L L L eff - L ,L-,- - W T- V vi, L L Q f-X f we :B jsfH"F1.uL f' TL 433 - T if X L T ' 1fis,ff,, I L 5 fire af 51 i sii-f 57, B f ,ff 'Wg' R L 1 S S of ii f S lr BLS if LL ' f XXX S Sify if xi iS E Qc Firs'l' row: Tommy l-lawkins, Jimmy Hobson, Sieve Warshaw, Bill Gee, Wayne Phillips, Mike Brown, Bulch l-lancock, Conrad Schmid, Ricky Bowers, Byron Slovall, Scoll Mc- Kenzie, Second row: Earl Whi+e, Terry Cozby, Jerry Johnson, Bill Shipman, Kim For- resfer, Kenny Gideon, Leroy Bolinq, Sieve Waldron, Tom Smusz, Donald Day, Freddie Bumpass, Third row: David Laughlin, Dwayne Hoover, Jerry l-lilburn, Arlhur Hoover, Thad Walker, Bill Deilke, Joe Taylor, Dennis Lilly, Bob McMinn, Charles Walson, Fourfh row: Coach Ted Simon, Junior McCar+y, Bob Grimes, mgr., Eddie Barbee, mgr., Roberl' Blackwell, Danny Dullon, Coach Bobby l-layworlh Poised and ready forl Expectations --'a he gun is Plainsman speeclsler Bill Shipman. Personable, friendly and always a winner is Ted Simon, Mon+erey's irack and field coach lor 'rhese pasl eighl seasons. The highesl' complimenl lhal' can be paid is "he's a real fine guy." V 1' iz, :Uj,Ql1,,??'k ai ' f .1 g 1 , 4 LfLLS,l i .sf 1 ' f vafwsiw 0 T I" "i '. - ' 5 L f f Ark L L f Qi' ,x -'M jf -, Jer L V " ,V i v- CLK qu A fx, , 5 T ' -' 'f YF A L gf i f ,L V IL A J,- 5.55,L5,, L 2 ' fi -v- 3,5 Q g avg. ' ,LL Qin? L, X' -'sill' .'-m!',5R, L . up Q," 'gfesiwa K , f 1 L. f wi 'iff in- 'L e ff? ' 1 ,wif Lpikalf i Li nfl i ' . ".:r.L L- - r ff 5?. , Q Iafkg, 1' a 'L f Sleve Warshaw passes lhe shullle +o Jreammale David Laughlin in indoor aclion of The Lubbock ln- vilalional Track Meel. l IO3 MHS Netters, Golf quad Swing Into 'hs il if ' -. 4, 5 fl Miss Jan Cannon! nellers include, fronf row: John Russel, Tommy Slale, Roberl l-lardaqe, Dan Brown, Randy Moses. f Ricky Kuylcendall, Bobby Rafleriy, Marlene Johnson, Kay Fredericlcsen, Bonny Cochran, Nancy Dillon, Kay Carllon. -L. exe Erandon reaclies for +l1e slcy in lolfing a Jfournamenl serve D x""E"9y "S 5555- 'C LGE li' E""'E'T x7-H55 L Q . 4 Good Season Second row: Liz Parker, Frances Parker, Sherry Sloan, Sharon See, Gwen Connelley, Gwen Bofilc, Janef Lewis, Milce Jones, Sfeve Brandon, Dennis Carfer, Jimmy Tafe, Alan Kay, Kenny Keenum. Tennis and golf sfancl well represenfed as fwo of Monferey's sfrongesf afhlefic assefs fhis season. Miss Jan Cannon's neffers have confinuously placed high in pre-disfricf and loop acfion, sweeping pasf all opposifion in fine sfyle. Top doubles play has been given by Mike Jones and Sfeve Brandon, while girls' play has been well represenfed by Sharon Sloan and Frances Davis. Ofher sfandoufs for Ml-IS include Alan Kay, Dennis Carfer, Sharon See, and Gwen Bofilc. Coach Charles Brewer's golfing enfhusiasfs have easily swepf fhrough early spring opposifion in prep- arafion for clisfricf acfion. Top meclalisf and capfain of fhe squad is senior lefferman Bill Dinwiddie, while Roberf McKinney and Jim Conine have shof excep- fional golf fhroughouf fhe season. Plainsmen linksfers for I963 include: Coach Charles Brewer, John Cornwall, Scoff Boase, James Burdine, Bill Wrighf, Byrnie Bass, Jimmy Kindred, Jim Conine, Jim Whife, Roberf McKinney, and Bill Dinwiddie, puffing. Plainsman medalisf Bill Dinwidclie blasfs from 'rhe sand in loop compefifion. Ava? IO6 "One hundred or bush' is The goal oi every boy engaged in ihe sironuous MHS physical iilness iesis. Coach Bobby Moegle exhorls a second eliori from a Plains- man sirong man. Q s Q .. if' rf Swinging iheir parrners Through a Texas Srar, Monierey boys PE tresses Fitness, Emphasizing physical and rnenial aleriness, Monie- rey's physical educaiion deparimeni has ourlined a varied program for srudenr pariicipaiion and enioy- menr. Compeiirion in ihe naiionwide physical iiiness 'resi opened The season, wiih a unii oi Jrouch looiball lol- lowing. Boys 'rhen engaged in weighi liiiing while ferns opened The cage season and followed wiih an inier- class iourney. Emphasizing menial exercise, Miss Jan Cannon and Mrs. Gene Piiiman conducied iwo weelc courses in healih and iirsi aid. Moving on inio The year. boih classes engaged in rhe lively aris and graces of square dancing. Climaxing an eveni-filled year, girls accenied grace and charm wiih rnodern dance while boys closed oul' wiih uniis of volleyball and sofrball. learn a li'r+le of Jrl1e fine ar+s and graces of Jrlweir Texas an- cesiry. Participation Posiure Queen for I963 is 'rlwe lovely Miss Sharron Day. V srar ' 1 ' i "" ' W f f? r r ff! flrsl r is 'if ,Willy ' ffzyiazfzf fff2,Qfgpg: A V'-- -arrr 2i:f13:l1 fQ?v,e:Q 1f ' c ,ew fj.,,: i..-, ' ,- W . ' f'iijGy X Q' 4, .--.z iwifiilfz 'h'r YN .-.v ff .11 -nf J kt.. lj.-iq., if Il, ,if . rill -'V- f ff:-9 .,'- 2 fi ,A A fm, 1,1-'fifff f, 1. 44 ,l,i -A f,s'- fr We-4, 3 f'f' ' ?'LffL'f?' 'f.- '-". -'f"'.-l1f-"1f':ff9gE-I-if-T7?fli-f4i'f1Eif - 1' ' f -HW ff Wf"f--"f"'7'77Z 'T 3 'fffiff fiifif' f". 556 "'i '.'-,'.. ?Y5?"fQ7-?7f'?f72QG?i5'4f . ,,...V,... ' "" "' V Lou Ann Walls snaps a quick bounce pass +o a leamrnaie in ine championship game. Girls' baslceiloall champions include: Sandy Lacy, Billy Joyce Quain, Nancy Bernard, Lou Ann Walis, Second row: Berry Heald, Suzeile Barron, Mary Owens, Gwen Walls, and Becky l-lampion. IO7 Curriculum , r fi w 1 1 I o L: N Q . .W- .Q vii- ,.' K -it il l xx xxx f ill! V X I1-1 4 Y X X4 , A . I z N 1 xr Ns .K W ,gl ' I 1 .u YW! ffQ2?, 3 , .,,, , L , 54.911, V. , 1 ,V I ffm: ff, ' X , fm f, 'fi 544 ,, , , ,ffyyf f f, ,, ,,,,,,, XL! f,fff gay! ,-ffffff M A ff! 41, ff f f pmfffgvff f I , 4 1 f ,ff 14 ' 1,14 ff t 77 ff QWV X f X0 fvmfff Af X " Y 5 , hfgm .32 . , ,L ww - ' cziwf .V f ,wy:,f'2,4,74, 1 W, ,, Z ,V I, X ,I 4, ,f ' fi'-2-"ff ff .M ff ' 4 f w fa fuzz' 1 " W ' ,V , ' 1 "" ' , if ' YN. M ' 4" " f, f - ' -' f,?fY'f"'- ','.l,if"' " , I ff?:ffx,jg,,,,,,'m V ' 1. 55 7, i'f " 1. .4 1' ,..,.,.. , , ,, Ar Y ' J 5745 f ,f ' " , If Q14-i A :Qi A V , ' V- f- .,,,,.,,44 1 ' f V Vw E52 J. H r. 4 'T :A ArrangemenTs Tor The Texas Tech sTudenTs who work wiTh classes in The Lubboclc school sysTem are among The duTies oT Dr. Ishmael l-lill, AssisTanT SuperinTen,denT oT Schools. l-le also is responsible Tor changing any courses in The curriculum and Tor supervising The overall manage- menT oT personnel. Dr. l-lill sTudied aT WesT Texas STaTe College, The UniversiTy oT Colorado and George Pea- body College in Nashville, Tennessee. l-le served as an educaTor in Pampa and in Beaumonjr before he became a nT superinTendenT. IIO Administrators lvlonTerey is iusT one oT The many schools included in The Lubbock Public School SysTem. Many people are in- volved in The adminisTraTion oT This growing and complex organizaTion, buT The man aT The Top oT The lisT is Mr. NaT Williams. Since l95l, Mr. Williams has served his com- muniTy as SuperinTendenT oT Schools. l'le has supervised The over-all planning ol: schools, The consTrucTion oT new buildings, The budgeTing oT Tunds, and The hiring and placemenT of Teachers and personnel. Working as middleman wiTh The School Board, he in- TerpreTs plans To The schools and inTroduces proposals Tor consideraTion by Board members. Mr. Williams manages To lxeep up wiTh currenT Trends in educaTion by serving on numerous sTaTe and local boards. l-le received his ed- ucaTion aT l-lardin-Simmons UniversiTy and aT The Univer- siTy oT Texas. BeTore assuming his presenT posiTion, he served as a Teacher and as a principal. V 2 T 2 -...... Promote Hi h Standards in Education Many hours ot studying, plan- ning, and conferring go into the development ot the city's high standards in curriculum. This im- portant job is done by Mr. Jay Gordon, director ot curriculum, and Miss Dorothy Lomax, director ot secondary education. Responsible tor tinding and in- terviewing qualitied applicants tor teaching positions in Lubbock schools is Mr. Robert Knight, di- rector ot personnel. Mr. A. W. Eckert handles the system's ti- nancial matters as business man- ager. Trusfees ol The Lubbock Public School DisTricT are: sTanding, Mr. J. Owen Gilbrealh, Mr. James Cochran, Mr. Russell Wilkinson. and Dr. James E. Reynolds. Board olTicers are: seaTed, Mr. 1 0 Qigjf James l-l. WhiTeside, secreTary: Mr. John J. Chrislmann, presia denT: and Mr. Mark l-lailey, vice-presidenT. Board Solves Cityvs Educational Problems Seven local ciTizens Take Time ouT Trom Their regular iobs To acT as TrusTees oT The Lubbock lndependenT School DisTricT. These civic-minded businessmen share The responsibiliTy oT providing The ciTy's youngsTers wiTh suiTable opporTuniTies in educaTion. MonTerey and 43 oTher public schools TuncTion smoolhly because oT Their lFTSl'6Si, plann wg aso acTion. H2 Members oT The School Board meeT Trequer1Tly To consider resignalrions oT Teachers and To approve ap- poinTmenTs oT new personnel. They also discuss pro- posals Tor addiTional schools in l.ubbock's rapidly grow- ing sysTem. Under i962-63 PresidenT John J. ChrisT- mann, The Board approved expendiTures OT an eleven- million-dollar b'udgeT. Mrs. Glenn Woody PresidenT Mrs. George Long SecreTary Mrs. Bill Colfer Treasurer Mrs. R. P. Fuller Sr. Vice-Pres. Mrs. D. D. Bruce Jr. Vice-Pres. Mrs. GarTh Close Soph. Vice-Pres. Mrs. Ralph Bernard ParliamenTarian Mrs. Frank Todd Membership Chairman Citizenship Emphasized by PTA "l-lomes creaTe sTrengTh Through good ciTizenship" was The Theme OT The l962-63 MonTerey l-ligh School ParenT-Teacher AssociaTion. To carry ouT This Theme, The organizaTion highlighTed American EducaTion Weelc wiTh The annual classroom Tour. ApproximaTely 480 parenTs followed Their sTudenTs Through a minia- Ture schedule, observing classes and examining Teach- ing aids such as The language arTs laboraTory and modern science eguipmenT. VisiTing each class en- abled parenTs To become beTTer acguainTed wiTh The classroom rouTines and To meeT Teachers. MonTerey was The only high school in The sTaTe To be recognized Tor PTA membership in l962. There were 846 members. BoasTing l,O88 members This year. The chapTer broke iTs own enrollmenT record. Reading QT The minuTes, inTroducTion OT oTTicers, a Tour oT The building and Ti- nally reTreshrnenTs marlc The TirsT PTA meeTing oT The I962-63 Term. Exemplilying llwe qualilies of Plainsmanslwip are "fun-lovin' " Mr. Gerald Rogers, above, who joined "l'iard-working" Mr. B. J. Randles, right as assisianl principals, and Usclwool-spiriiedu Mr. Floyd l-loney, principal, Principals Portra Paragons of Plainsmanship Tlwree model Plainsmen adminisler Jrlwe mammoilw or- ganizarion lliar is Monierey l-liglw Sclriool. Principal Floyd l-loney and Assislanl Principals B. J. Randles and Gerald Rogers worlc To co-ordinale a complex program designed "ro lceep lvlonrerey ar Jrlwe lop, wliere ir be- longs." Mr. Honeys enrlwusiaslic supporl of lwis sclwool and luis anasliamed pride in every accomplislimenl. grear or small, seis a nard-lo-follow example for bolrlw sludenrs and iaculfy. 4 As Mr. l-loney's Man Friday, Mr. Randles' duries in- clude discipline. alrrendance problems, class sclnedules, office management and any'rl'iing else Jrliar cannor be delegalred ro someone else. Beginning rlwe year as slrudenjr acriviries direcior, per- sonable Mr. Rogers direclred pep rallies, bus Trips, all- scliool parries and Srudenr Council elecrions before lie was prornoled 'ro assisranl principal. Wiili Jrlie new iob came new dulies and a new office. ln Marcln Mr. Har- old Niclwols became aciiviiies direclor and Mr. Rogers became one ofJrl1e"Big Three." ' 1 Mrs. June Ducker School Nurse Mrs. Lila Jones Principals Secre'Tary Mrs. Ruby Kyle Bookroom Mrs. BeTTy PiTTs Bookkeeper Mrs. DoroThy RoberTs RegisTrar Mrs. DoroThy Taylor ATTenclance Clerk Mrs. Erie Lee Wilson RegisTrar Efficient Staff Handles Clencal Dutles The pulse oT any organizaTion is cenTerecl in iTs aclminisTraTive oTTices. So iT is aT MonTerey ThaT The school clerks work To keep The academic machinery operaTing smooThly and eTTecTively. lncoming and ouTgoing Telephone calls, handling oT sTuclenTs' per- manenT records, ancl The Tinancial deTails OT school TuncTions ancl services give employrnenT To a sTaTT oT able clerks ancl assisTanTs. The Tasks oT seeing ThaT each sTuclenT receives his share oT TexTbooks belongs To Mrs. Ruby Kyle, book- room manager. ln adcliTion To These cluTies. she is secreTary To The counselors. Any irregulariTies ThaT occur Trorn year To year in a sTuclenT's eyes, ears, or ThroaT are cleTecTecl by The school nurse, Mrs. June Ducker. Mrs. Ducker also keeps healTh carols up To claTe wiTh annual check-ups. Running errands, answering The Telephone. and, oT course, Tiling are iusT a parT of The oT- Tice cluTies Tor senior Dolores Mugg. Approxi- maTely 55 girls worked as sTudenT assisTanTs This year. ' ,,,,, zrwqwy-,',5, , .f 1 A-K. AP" .vii ,1 4 ' , , fill: , W ,.,- ., i U4 nip. Y?-y I. ." 5 'fini iff ,V gnu -Q- , Ii T Monrereys spacious library provides a i l i quiei afrnosphere for reading and siudy. 55' The Tour librarians are aided in Their , Q' - . - " - du"es by I9 srudenfs wha work in The il i' Y library on allernanng days, ir 9. vi? 5' N , Mrs. Belle Brown Library Clerl1:Mounfain Slale Business College Miss Pansye Harris Head Librarian: Library Club: Denver Universily, in LS Mrs. Caiherine S. Pendlelon Library Clerk: Universiiy of Minnesola, BS in LS 0 Mrs. June Rayburn Library Clerk: Texas Tech Mrs. Judy Anfhony English 2I g Y-Teens: Wesf Texas Slale College, BA Mrs. Wanda Lee Beeman English 3lg Universiry of Texas, BA Mrs. Fay Clary English 4I, ETA: University of Texas, BA Mrs. Pairicia DiCuffa English 2lg Y-Teens: Wes? Texas Slale College, BA Mrs. Jane Durham English 3l: Y-Teens: Texas Tech, ME Mrs. Jean Folse English 3I: Y-Teens: Texas Tech, BA Miss Edris German English I l, 2I7 McMurry College. BA Mrs. Nelda Henslee English 2I:Y-Teens: Norlh Texas Slale Universily, B S B l L-' A lv V 3. 5 ' A R ' - 'aa---Q--fi-11" l ml . i , -isiii 9 if ' IIB l' A Q XT, W . si Librar Improves Literary Taste Improving The reading Tare oT Plainsmen was The goal underTaken ioinTly by The MonTerey library and English DeparTmenT This year. According To l-lead Li- brarian Miss Pansye l-larris, There is a growing Tendency among English Teachers To assign "classic" liTeraTure Tor book reporTs. Many sTudenTs have discovered ThaT The "beTTer books" are ThaT indeed. A large selecTion oT reTerence works and periodical liTeraTure prove To be very helpTul To sTudenTs in wriTing research papers and making reporTs. Progress Toward a goal oT Tive books per sTudenT has been made wiTh over 9,000 books now To be Tound on The library shelves. These volumes in- clude novels, biographies, plays, and oTher Types oT non- TicTion books. Librarians choose new books in accord- Mawr ance wiTh suggesTions Trom sTudenTs and Teachers. Senior RiTa RownTree solves Term Theme problems wiTh The assisTance OT The card caTalogue while Wade Walker uses leis- ure momenTs To caTch up on sporTs news. rammar, Literature Emphasized by Teaching young Americans lo communicale properly and lo appreciale ihe vasl siore ol lileralure Thar has been wrillen in lhe English language is The aim ol lhe well-organized and ellicienlr slall of leachers in The English deparlmenl. Eundamenlals ol grammar and public spealcing, and reading of greai maslerpieces of Jrhe world's lileralure assure sludenls ol an excellenl baclcground lo use in advanced English sludy. lvlonlerey English Teachers employ essenrially lhe same pallern of worlc which has been developed and recommended by Jrhe Lubbock Public School Syslem. 1.x-1494! muniwnvfb To challenge sludenls wilh M M M D L M J - colle9e readinQ rnalerial and argareli rl? I osn e . D oh io increase speed and com- SWISS ese UTP Y 0 Ins prehension is The purpose of English ZI: Hon- E"lQll5lW 'lli Lan' English 2I1 Texas Er-,gligh 4l: Texas The Science Research Asso- ors Class: Texas QUG96 Lab? Texas Tech, BA. Tech' MA. cialion reading laboralory. Tech, MA, T6Cl'1. MA- lvlrs. Ouida Wylie limes ihe reading rale ol Duane l-loov- er, a volunleer member of lhe Junior Honors English class. l2O English Teachers Shalcespeare's MACBETH is a slep on which a senior English slu- denl "mus+ fall down or else o'erleap." Mrs. Wilma Robbins ex- plains a dilficull passage fo Annefle Shepherd. i i l Miss Donivee Mrs. Bobbie Roden English 2I: SPQR7 l-lardin - Simmons Universiiy, BS. Jean Clan+on English 3lZ Typ ing: l-lardin-Sim- mons Universily. BS. Remembering The paris oi speech, Wayne Slingerland al- lempls lo uniangle Jrhe words in a confusing senlence. Dia- gramming bewildered many ol: Wayne's fellow sophomores during a unil of grammar drills. Miss Floydean Miss Nell Mrs. Ouida Wilburn Marie Wylie English 2l, 3l: English Zig Hon- Y-Teensg Texas - ,N , ors Class: Texas Tech, MA. Englwh 4" HS' re h MA. Texas Tech, MA. C ' I2 Compelilion in number sense and slide rule has added malhemaiic awards ro Monlerey's lrophy case. Hoping lo win again in I963 are lnlerscholaslic League conleslanls Johnny Boley, Mickey Ray. Charles Harris, Ron Barreli, G. C. Tull. Millon Evill and Bob Slone. Maurice File Algebra: Speed Malh: Wesl Texas Slale College, BS. Bobby Hayworlh Applied Malh: Foolball Coach: McMurry College Mrs."Ginger Klinlcerman Algebra: Plane Geomelry: Texas Tech, BS. Mrs. Mary McCown Plane Geomelryq Honors Class: Texas Tech. BS. Mrs. Marilyn McElya Plane Geomelry: Texas Tech, BS. Gerald Myers Plane Geomelry: Hi-Y: Bas- lcelball Coach: Texas Tech, BS. N. B. Powell Trigonomelry: Geomelry: l-lonors Class: Hi-Y: Texas Tech, ME. Roberl Rawls Plane Geomelryg Algebra: Texas Tech, BS. Mrs. Naomi Thompson Algebra: Texas Tech, ME. Mrs. Myrlle Ur+on Plane Geornelry: Applied Marhz Wesl Texas Slale Col- lege, BS. Samuel Vaughfer Algebra: Solid Geornelry: Trigonomelry: Hi-Yg Hardin- Simmons, MA. Miss Alleen Whi+eley Algebra: Universiry of Mich- igan, MA. Profs Teach Third NRM to Modern Tune 'Ri'rhme+ic, 'rhe-Third oi lhe 'rradilional rhree R's, con- Jrinues io play a maior parl in educalion. ln modern "school days" lhe sludy of numbers is iniencled lo cle- velop a siudemus abilily lo analyze and apply. in addi- rion io leaching him rhe operalions of simple addilion and subrracrion. lvlalhemalics is offered in many forms al lvlonlerey. Mosi sludenis allempi lo earn The Jrwo required credils in algebra and plane geomeiry. College-bound Plains- men oilen supplemeni lhis basic siudy wilh anolher year of algebra and a semesler each of Jrrigonomelry and solid geomeiry. Those who parlicularly enjoy worlc- ing wiih numbers may choose a course in speed malh or applied malh. Also included in ihe curriculum is an honors program designed lo challenge Jrhe more ambilious malh schol- ars. The ihree "l-l" classes provide an inlricale sludy of advanced plane geomelry, algebra and lrigonomelry. ln a familiar pose, N. B. Powell explains 'lhe inlricacies of lrigonomerry +o his honors class. "l-lope l can check I+," Jrhinlcs senior Gregory Coronado as he shows his al- gebra classmales how +o solve a quad- ral'ic equalion by compleling The square. I23 or IU!!! A355 2-A V i T HONABCHS 'I 59 bv..- nn .L-"tn ang., 51,- Y"""b .4-. William D. Bigham American l-TisToryq l-lonors Class1WesT Texas STaTe College Charles W. Brewer American T-TisToryg GolT Coach: WesT Texas STaTe College, ES. Don Cheyne World l-lisTory: WesT Texas STaTe College, BS Mfg. E. P. Dawkins American l-TisTory: World T-lisTory: Texas Tech, MA. C. W. Edwards American Govern' rnenf- World l-lisTory Texas Tech, BS. Mrs. Lois C. FuTch Wor'd T-T7s'ofyt Eible Y-Teens' Morning WaT:r' T-Toward Pa , we MA. Map-cluTTered l3ulleTin boards display The worlc oT Topographers who learn The geography OT Toreign counTries along wiTh The hisTory. Using These maps To Teach world hisTory, Mrs. E. F. Dawlcins poinTs ouT lceland To Sophornores Rose Glazner, Elaine STone, Jack l-Tarris and Dan Brown. ConTroversial issues inspire TrequenT classroom discussions. Mr. William D. Bigharn leads his honors American hislory "group" in a general analysis oT currenT evenTs. l Dee Hancock American History: Texas His- tory: American Problems: Government: Texas Tech. ME, Miss Melva Lightsey American History: University ot Texas, BS. Henry A. Lynch, Jr. American History: Texas His- tory: FTA: Texas Tech, MA. Mrs. Zoie Newsome World History: World Geog- raphy: FNC: Morning Watch: Texas Tech. BS. Donald Ricky American Problems: Texas History: Government: Uni- versity ot Nebraska, MA. Don Smith American History: Football Coach: Texas ABM, BA. C. L. Storrs Government: Football Coach: Texas Tech, MA, William G. Trentield American History: Texas Tech, Ph.D. Advantages ot a democracy are pon- dered by Mr. Don Riclcy's class as they listen to a panel discussion on the po- litical and economic theories ot three opposing systems ot government-Fas cism, Socialism, and Communism. This course presents a study ot modern prob- lems in the United States ranging trom international trade to housing conditions. Department Prepares Future Voters Each Plainsman is prepared to accept the responsi- bilities that will come with his twenty-tirst birthday by the social studies department. Certain required courses insure MHS graduates a background in world history, American history and government. Future citizens and voters may choose to add Texas history, American problems or world geography to their schedules. Also ottered is a Bible course which allows one semester tor a historical and literary study ot each Testament. Although this subiect deals largely with dates, per- sons and events ot the past, most teachers emphasize the ettect ot yesterday's happenings on today's world. Classes also examine the present in scheduled and spon- taneous discussions ot current events. Otten, these ses- sions lead to speculations on the tuture as students at- tempt to understand and solve the world's problems. I25 .g fi XTX., .., I Su Taking ions of noles is ihe way lo gel ahead in a biology class. Mr. Harold Nichols, righf, provides pleniy oi maierial for his class, above, as he explains The orders oi The animal lcingdom. Bob Arledge Ray Bailey Biology: Abilene Applied Science: Chrislian College, Abilene Chrislian BSE College, BSE Mrs. Denise Meador Harold Nichols Biology: Pre-Med Club: Oklahoma Siaie Universily, ME Biology: Pre-Med Club: Texas Tech, BA Science Students Mrs. Ray Culp 'fb Mrs. Phylis Garnefi Darrell McClure Chemisfry, Phys- Biology, Applied Biology Universlly . Science: Harding of Oklahoma BS J. C. Richardson W C Wa'Hs Chemisuy: Chem Physics Science omerryg Pre-Med is+ry Club: Texas Club Texas Tech ics: Y-Teens: Ok Iahoma College, College, BA BA Sherrill Pounds Biology. Plane Ge- Club: Texas Tech, Tech, ME BSE Vi E.. iv' B lil-P" IZ6 M" is Probe New orlds WiTh emphasis on sTudies in The physical sciences increasing every year, lvlonTerey's science deparT- menT conTinued in iTs eTTorTs To make iTs oTTerings as pracTical and as up-To-daTe as possible. Experienced Teachers and excellenT TexTbooks have made The classroom phase oT learning TruiTTul, and The mod- ern, well-equipped labs have made The experimenTal side looked Torward To by The sTudenTs. Applied science sTudenTs Tind ThaT sTudying The basic TundamenTals is useful in providing a broad scienTiTic background. The curriculum also exTends To more specialized Tields, including biology, chem- isTry and physics, To give The more scienTiTically minded sTudenT an even deeper insighT inTo The mys- Teries oT The physical universe. A demonsTraTion is prepared by Mrs. Ray Culp, righT, Tor a physics laboraTory experiment Mr, Darrell McClure, above, helps Sophs Richard Bernard and Susan Rampy correcT biol- ogy exams. .4 ,. -, 'jl'-defraa A M., li'OffTli:5ify,2Qi.:i:"5', Q . ..., rj . Q,,,,4:,,f. - ftfi-1 .. QUE fs if " 'fjGascq9ri?.2g"9' ..,"'i gl, Langue' -' 11.7. ' --1 ' 'SI "Voile Paris," says Junior Diane l-'larris as she polnTs ouT The French capiTal To her classmaTes. MHS Meets Todayis The greaT need Tor American sTudenTs To sTudy Tor- eign languages becomes more apparenT every year. The MonTerey Foreign Language DeparTmenT seeks To meeT This need by oTTering courses in Spanish, French, and l.aTin. Making use oT modern eoluipmenT and well- Trained Teachers, sTudenTs workin laboraToriesTo masTer speaking and wriTing skills in Their chosen Toreign lan- guage. As They masTer The Tongue OT oTher peoples, linguisTs discover an insighT inTo Their problems and cusToms. Advanced Spanish and French scholars sTudy The his- Tory, geography, and culTure oT The counTries where These languages are spoken as well as reading selecTions OT liTeraTure. The specialized course oTTered To Third year l.aTin sTudenTs includes a sTudy oT Roman civiliza- Tion and a TranslaTion OT Virgil's Aeneicl. Some ambiTious Plainsmen even manage To work more Than one Toreign language inTo Their schedules. Every Teacher in The deparTmenT makes every eTTorT To inspire sTudenTs To go on To TurTher language sTudy aT college level. Winding Tapes, adiusTing earphones and preparing Tor a Spanish lesson in lv1onTerey's modern elecTronic language laboraTory are Juniors, Chris Adrean and Susan Beeker, and Sophomore Carla Bell. These ses- sions allow sTudenTs To prachce pro- nunciaTicn by hearing speakers and comparing Their own recorded re- spcrses. I7Q 5' Need for Languages Believing 'lhalr each sludenl' should receive individual inslruclion in The sfudy of Lahn. Mrs. R. P. Johnson fakes 'lime +o explain a confusing noun declension To Sophomore Vicloria Cochran. Mrs. Suzanne AbboH' Spanish ll. IZ: Span- ish Club: Texas Tech BA Mrs. Eleanor Brown French I I, l2, I3g French Club: Texas Tech, BA Mrs. R. P. Johnson Lalin ll, I2, 13: Lal- in Club: Texas Tech. MA Mrs. Genelle Kelly Spanish I2, l3g Span- ish Club: Honors Class: Texas Tech, MA Mrs. Donna Moore Lalin ll:'in Club: Norlh Texas Slale College, BA Mrs. Okla Jean Rice Spanish ll: Spanish Club: Oklahoma Slale Universify, BA Ace dobatcr Jo Garnett presents the attiffnahfe quggfigm +9 the years question: "Should the United States propose a Common Market tor the Western l-lemisphorefr' in prepar- on tor area competition. Busy Departments Urge Creativity Opportunities tor selt-expression are ottered by Monterey's speech and journalism departments. Mem- bers ot these departments spend hours-in class and atter school-worlcing to produce award-winning plays, debates, and publications. Under the direction ot Mr. D. M. l-lowell, Plainsman actors pertorm tor the Children's Theatre, special as- semblies, and Junior and Senior class plays. A one-act play was entered in the lnterscholastic League Contest. Mr. I-towell also teaches extemp, public speaking and dramatics. The art ot ettective arguing is taught by Mrs. Chris- tine Roberson. Her debate students compete in sev- eral area speech meets. ln oral interpretation, students learn to read poetry and prose with proper expression. Fundamentals ot journalism are learned through ap- plication in Mrs. Betty Stanley's pub ottice. The MON- TEREY MIRROR, top-rated in the state, is a tribute to an industrious newspaper statt. The statt ot the CHARARRAL strives to capture the year's activities in words and pictures. An annual literary magazine, SHADOWS., displays the ettorts ot talented writers and artists. js-1-0' 'fx 1- l3O "Make-up" and "lay oul" are lamili - ar Terms lo siuclenls of iournalism. Soph Barbara Carlvvrighl ancl Mrs. Belly Sian ley examine a sample newspaper. D. M. Howell Dramaiics: Exlem: Public Speaking: Plays Produclion: NFL: NTS: George Peabody College, MA. Chris+ine Roberson Debale: Oral ln- lerprelalion: Speech 2I : Texas Tech, BS. aw' X, Mrs. BeH'y Sianley Newspaper: Year- book: Journalism: Quill and Scroll: Texas Tech, BA. Angels Sylvia Rogers and Connie Smilh keep waich over l-lansel iMi'rchell Walk- erl and Grelel lArlene Barashl in This year's firsf Chilclren's Theaire procluclion. Rehearsing for The eighlh annual Senior Play, "Brea+h oi Spring," casi members Sylvia Rogers, Peggy Siephens, Miichell Walker, Marie McClusky, and Carol Mc- Millan lopposiie pagel repori on ihe accomplishrnenls of Their fur-siealing synclicafe, Manutacturing muscles is a maior aim ot boys' P.E. classes. Soph- omore John Howard attempts to prove his manly strength by pressing a barbell. -tar' l32 S-if Department Stresses Fitness, Competition A program emphasizing physical titness and com- petitive spirit is tollowed by Monterey's Physical Edu- cation Department. Tests in exercise and endurance are given in the tall and repeated in the spring to show each student's improvement in comparison with that ot tellow Plainsmen and ot other American teenagers. Competition is provided tor girls in the Miss Posture contest as well as in intramural sports.'Special classes are scheduled tor instruction in tumbling. tennis, or modern dancing. Boys' and girls' classes combine tor units in square dancing, health, and tirst aid. Sportsmanship is taught along with such competitive sports as tootball, baslcetball, baseball, traclc, tennis. and golt. Plainsmen coaches and their teams have re- peatedly brought honor to the school with their out- standing athletic achievements. Miss Jan Cannon Ph. Ed.:-Tennis Coach: University ot Texas, BS Mrs. O'Lysia Conaway Ph. Ed.: McMurry College, BS. Bobby Moegle Ph. Ed.: Baseball Coach: Univer sity ot Texas, ME Joseph F. Michallca Ph. Ed.: Basketball Coach: East Texas State College. ME Mrs. W. l. Pittman Ph. Ed.: Modern Dance Club: North Texas State College, BS Ted Simon Ph. Ed.: Track Coach: San Marcos State Teachers College. BA Delmos Mrs. Mariorie Mrs. Billie Rex ShelTon MiTchell HickmoTT Magness Marks Bfmdf Teacheis' ZabloTny PainTing, ArT, Choir: Musician's ArT, Applied De- Colleqey Columbla OrchesTra: Con- G ra p h i c ArT, Guild, Texas Tech. signg ArT Club: Umverslily' ME SGFVBTOFY OT MU' M S C h. Drawing! BE Texas Tech, BS sic, MME ArT Club: Wesl' Texas STaTe Col- lege, BS Creative Plainsmen Cast Molds of Culture OpporTuniTies To creaTe are given To TalenTed Plains- men in The arT and music deparTmenTs. Skill developed by arT sTudenTs range Trom soap carving To oil painTing. Each year selecTed "Plainsman PainTers" leave picTures as permanenT giTTs To The school. Ml-lS is oTTen represenTed in The communiTy by iTs music deparTmenT. The Two marching bands appear aT TooTball games wiTh TradiTional half-Time shows. Mrs. Mariorie Magness' choirs sing before various civic groups and in iunior high assemblies. The orchesTra, under The direcTion oT Lubbock Symphony ConcerT MasTer, Mr. MiTchell ZabloTny, presenTs several public concerTs. Above, Senior Lisa Gray gives a finishing Touch To her laTesT achieve- menT in modern arT as she applies a Tinal coaT of enamel To The picTure Trame. LeTT, MonTerey's newesT member OT The music deparTmenT, Mr. Rex ShelTon, works on a special arrangemenT Tor The band. 133 Future Wives Discover Wa to Manger Heart To help each girl reach her ulrimale goal of becoming a successful wife and molher, Monl'erey's l-lomemalcing Deparlmenr offers a variely of courses in domeslic slcills. Laboralory proiecls provide valuable experience in learn- ing lo coolc. The arf of sewing is learned by srudenls ranging from beginners learning To use The machines To accomplished seamslresses examining Jrexfiles. The home and family living courses enable seniors To siudy personaliry developmenr, daring problems and marriage preparalion. Olher classes are insrrucled in Jrhe Bell Tundamenlals of home nursing and child care. Also in- ingy l-lomemalcing I2, 22, Fl-lA: Texas Tech, MS cluded in The program are unifs on eliguelle and wed- ding planning. Mrs. Frances Nesmifh I-lomemalcing 22, 32, 42, FHA: Texas Tech, ME ,,.f"""""" .f-"""' ,ve-"' As prepararion for 'rhe years ahead, iun- iors Barbara Osborn, Janel Douglas and Molly Abbor praclice for Their fufures as homemakers. X Nwfcmw fzffrwi-W' X if '1 Home and Fam. Liv- ' Mrs. Camille G. Mrs. Doris Dixon l-lo memalcing 2l,3I, Fl-lA' Texas 4I, , Tech, BS, MS Mrs. Helen Taylor l-lomemalcingg FHA: Texas Tech, BS I I - . -v,. ' W M ..., 'srl- - 71 'Elem F 1 5 ,K H,,V,.T,, c., EW sir, ,Q , 'ii .4 i 'wma . me Nor saiisiied wirh a "pig in a poke" ag siudenis, Jackie Cuddle, Duane Young, Scoh' Elmore, Craig Naber, and Gene Cagle look over The liveslock a+ +he farm, localed norlh of The Brownfield Highway. X . N f s- K 4' X sf,-V 3 . ,Y gk tudents of hop, A Try Special Skills Vocalional classes encourage The developmeni of pride and responsibilily for individual proiecls. Tomorrow's farmers siudy and discuss modern principles, Techniques, and Theories of agriculiure in class before applying Jrhem in The care of animals kepi al' The school ag farm. Mon- lerey has ofien been recognized for ils oursanding iudg- ing Jreams. Fulure drafismen, engineers, and builders learn rheir crafls in l'he meral shop and woodworking deparimenls. These siudenis fulfill lheir desires +o creale as ihey spend hours planning, designing, and consrruciing 'rheir handi- work. l George W. Joseph Harding C. B. Waylon Carroll Thomas Neely Bgnd Woodworking: Ok- MCSpadden Vocaiional Agricul- Vocalional Agricul- lahoma Sialre Uni- . 'rure' FFA' Texas lure: FFAQ Texas M h ' I D , . Melal Shop, Me- ' ' In5fSjfc32aRU,e:E'af+ vefaiy, Ms Charm, Drawmgi Tech, Ms Tech, Ms Norih Texas Sl'a+e Texas Sfaie College, I BS Univers1+y, MS ,s 'ABQ I35 ,sw -Q I T sg I i . . x H ' ' .., 1 Miss Pearl A. Miss Bessie Mrs, Lois Mrs. Allie Rae Anderson Bullock Elam Parker Typing: RiCl4S Typingq Clerical Typing: UniversiTy Bookkeeping: Gene COll6'QG, BS- PracTice1 Nl-TS: OT Colorado, MA. UniyersiTy oi Col- orado, MA. Business Skills ffer The "work-a-day" world comes alive in one phase oT curricu- lum in MonTerey each day as TuTure TypisTs, bookkeepers, sec- reTaries and oiiice workers go abouT The Tasks oi learning busi- ness skills. Beginning wiTh Typing, sTudenTs are oTTered a Tull maior in business courses. Typing and sTenography culminaTe in acTual oTTice work which is done in clerical pracTice. STudenTs successTully compleTing The bookkeeping course are prepared To go direcTly inTo college accounTing courses. Secre- Tarial hopeTuls learn The TundarnenTals They can use in business iobs as well as in everyday liTe. Accuracy and neaTness become The waTchwords oT These sTudenTs whose naTural abiliTies are developed during The year. eral Business: Tex- as Tech, MS, Mrs. Loise ZabloTny Typingg STenOge raphy: Norih Texas STaTe Uni- versiTy, BS. Basis for Jobs WriTing on The wall isn'T always easy To read, especially if iT is in shorThand, Tinds Mrs. Louise ZabloTny. :lg ,ih- num Spring fashion displays are arranged by Junior DE sfudenr Mary Lynn Bigham as she employs her ariislic abiliiies in her duiies ai Hemphill-Wells. VW ff . ' , f f wr Yqirv I .fat , .ight P 51,50 A, , gf r ik X..,..A Ex-Monierey lCT sfudenf Mr. Jim Farmer coniinues his pariicipa- Hon in 'rhe course by aciing as employer-sponsor of Senior Jackie Walker in his iob al Fleei Mainienance Company. DE, ICT Programs Mix Training With tudy Combining schoolwork wiih jobs, many ambiiious Plainsmen Jrake advaniage of Disiribuiive Educaiion and lndusirial Cooperaiive Training. These siudenis ai- iencl Jrhree regular classes each clay-one devoied 'ro DE or ICT-and spend Jrhe aiiernoon 'lraining under a selecied employer. The purpose oi Jrhese programs is io develop an undersianoling oi business operaiions and skills in indusirial occupaiions. DE siudenis conceniraie on such fields oi business as adveriising, finance, selling, and managemeni. ICT oi- iers Training siaiions ai more Jrechnical iobs, such as priniing, carpeniry, plumbing, and phoiography. Omer Ban'rz Mrs. Jewell lnclusirial Coop. F051-er T'a,'n'HQ1V'C1 . Disrribuiive Edu- Universlfy of Illi- Caiion, DECA, nols' BS' Texas Tech. ME. ye I37 i . V 1 - 1 , f' X I Q A - -, r gi xr ,lst i N , 'V . , ' s T . ., 1 My . ' c. - A X 1 X il Q. B A Q N , K 1 ,fi i y X i X W. ,,1,,WW y,. 1 A X . M f--- --3 ll ".,-,fa-agunslvufwlln-xr. s 1-3 W i ii ' XT. l ,, ' I T N i X 'ii i i A fi if 5' 1 B T f,m'. Q ' - " :. "1' si' 'f""ff. .T V I ,, J "' 'Ii i ' SeaTed: Mrs. Linnie Brown, Mrs. Mildred Jackson, Mrs. Leda KaThleen Harris, Mrs. Irma Perdue, Mrs. Alma AshTon, Mrs. PaT Self, Mrs. Faris BurneTT, Mrs. Thelma Box, Mrs. MyrTle WaTson, and Mrs. Melba lvy. Second row: Mrs. Josephine STevens, Mrs. Eva Jo Carlisle, Mrs. Eaihel Riley, Mrs. MaTTie Weir, Mrs. Lela BloodworTh, Mrs. Viola Davis, and Glenn Bills. Third row: Mrs. AddingTon, Mrs, Edith Woods, Mrs. Viola DuTTon, Mrs. Beulah Wassom, Mrs. Annie Morris. Mrs. MaTTie Farris, and Lou Reyna. FourTh row: Lou Reyna, Jr.. Cosme Rodriquezs, Jimmy Tiran. Candido Lira. Mrs. Irma BaxTer, and Frank CosTello. Efficient Staffs Perform itai Services l38 1 ATTer eiqhT years. MonTerey reT'ains The shiny, un- spoiled loolc of a new building. This is due To The effi- cienT sTaTf of cusTodians who perform The daily Tasks of nnainTenance. The friendly worlcers Talce pride in The school's neaT, pleasanT appearance. Also viTal To Ml-lS is The large cafeTeria sTaTT which plans and prepares hoT lunches Tor sTudenTs and Teach- ers. CompleTed lasT Tall, The new addiTion To The cafe- Teria TeaTu'res Two lunch lines and doubles The Table space. AnoTher improvemenT-air-condiTioning-allows sTudenTs To enjoy Their meals in cool comforT. X LeTT To righT: Mrs. Vergie Wade. MVS. CordiaTTe HorTon, James Lackey, W. E. SmiTh, V. M. McKee, Horace Flowers. Jesse Brunner, Marshall Lillard, Harry Rogers, Alberi' Brown. -Q Senior Favorites l i l ll Through Jrheir arlribulres of service ancl leadership, Lynn Easier and Mike Clubb have been seleclecl favor- iies by The l963 Senior Class. Lynn . . . charming and friendly in manner . . . boosiing school spirir To a ire- mendous heighr wirh her vivacious personaliry, and Phofographed af Lubbock Counrry Club Mike . . . represenling The Senior Class as vice-presi- deni' . . . possessing a high degree of scholasric abil- iry . . . excelling in arhlelrics as well . . . secure high posirions in characrer which assure lhern of being la- voriles. I39 Seniors Spin Through Final Year Tl-eze busy vice-presiden's l-ave diversified inleresls. Parn Davis, llne on'-y DE sludenr on lhe council, squeezes meelinqs inlo her crowded schedule. Conrad Schmid and Keller Srnirl-i guided lhe Pleinsrnan iovball feern as 'fri-caplains. ln charge of The lionor ladder and Senior class publicily, Jane Dennis devoled hours locouncil work, The Senior class is ably led by President lvlilre Jones and Sec- relary Donna King. Slrill and dependabilily are lhe walchwords ol lhese Seniors. Eddie Young served as class presidenl unlil mid-lcrrn, when Milne was elecled. Donna has parlicipaled in sludcnl qovornmonl as Sophomore vice-presidenl and Junior class secrelory. avs. i 9, .-A 4 O DKBA., .r -mf ,jx ., ,, .' WF 'rl MILD? f T! The welfare ol fhelschool comes lirsl willi Vice-Presidenls Roger Banner, Celia Jo Har- ris and Milne Clubb. Josie, serving for lhe lirsl lime lhis year, acled as Senior Banquel chair- CC-"fe W.. X. i 1 Q N in hirl of Activities and Memories Recolleclions of Senior aciivilies . . . ihe mad rush man. Roger and Mike have divided 'rheir high school years befween foo+l::all and council work. for Senior rings . . . making arrangemenis for Jrhe Sen- ior Carnival . . . preparaiion for graduaiion ceremonies . . . will be cherished reminders oi high school life lor Seniors. lvlemories ol Mardi Gras King and Queen . . . Kids' Day wiih suckers and shorl panis . . . The big splash oi Senior Day al K. N. Clapp swimming pool . . . change long-endeared feelings aboui high school lilie io hopes and expeclaiions alooui college. in Mi-SV Pholographed al Lubbock Counfry Club Class officers should be people wilh posifive ailiiudes like David Seim, Tina Weaiherby and Palii Bayloil. All Three are council velerans. PaH'i and Tina have served lhree years and David Jrwo. I4I Pal' Abbo++, Lan. BB 6I: P'men EB 62-63. Byron Abernelhy, Jr., P'men BB 631 Lan. BB 621 HR Frei. 63. Colleen Acrey, MW Rep. 6l3 PNA 63: Rec. Com. 63. Linda Adams Kenellm Akers, OrCl'1.6l7SPQR 6I3 Les Par. 62-631 Hi-Y 62-63. Kay Anderson, FHA 6I: Y-Teens 6I-631 HR VP 62: Mardi Gras Prin. 61-62: Rec. Com. 63. Lane Anderson Randy Andrews Harold Don Arnold Bu+cl1 Ashby, HR Soc.Cl1rn. 63. Sandra Aycoclc, LHS 6lg Mod. Dance 623 Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62-631 DECA 63. Al Ayers, Class VP 6Ig P'men BB 62-63: P'men BSB 6l-63: Mardi Gras Prin. 62: HR Pres. 62: Lan. BB 6l. Jaclc Bains Forresf Baker, Les Par. 62-63, Com. Cnm.: Debaie 61: Bio. 62, SPQR 6I: Rec. Corn. 62. Van Baker, vxc: 62-63. Roger Banner, Lan. Frbl, 61: P'men Frbl. 62-63: Class VP 6l-632 L65 sv. 62: NHS 62: Hi-Y 63, Alan Barber, Cl1em.637 Sc. 63. Bryan Barnes, SPQR bl: 1-i'.Y 62: Chem. 62: FTA 63: Band 61-62. l42 Jan Barne'r+, Y-Teens 6l-633 Chm. Mus. Corn. 621 Mardi Gras Duch. 6I-62: Chldr. 6I-63, Head 63, Class Fav. 6l-62: Jr-Sr Girl's Choir 62-63, Crlsy. and Cale. Com. Chrn. 63. Jack Ba+es, Pacific High, San Bernardino, Calif. 6l. PaHi Baylo+, Class VP 6I-631 Y-Teens 6l-63: Jr-Sr Girl's Choir 62-637 Soph. Acapel. 6l: Horncm. Allen. 63: Rec. Corn 6l-63. Bobby Beal, icr 62-63, Vic 62-63. Rober'r Beall, Debaie 62-63: Ama. Radio 62. Norma Beaver, Y-Teens 6l-63, Chrn. Pub. Corn. 633 HR Pres. 6Ig HR Sec. 63: Les Par. 61: Mardi Gras Prin. 6I, Rosalee Beclc, Y-Teens 62-63: TAT 63: Rec. Com. 631 HR Pres. 631 Sr. Carn, Corn. 637 Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62. Gary Ben+ley, FFA 6l-63, VP 63, 2nd VP 62: FFA Meal Judg. S+. 62: Lan. Flbl. 6I. Nancy Bernard, SPQR 6l-63, Sec. 62: Orch. 6l-63, Pres. 62-63 All S+. 6I-62: Y-Teens 6l: NHS 62-63, 2nd VP 63: Girl of Mon. 63. ale Pep Squad Livens Rall Lampooning Monlerey cheerleaders, boys in The Senior slcil clown and lrolic +0 The delighl of Plainsmen fans al' ihe Berger pep rally, Their acrions are supposedly forming leH'ers of 'rhe alphabei, bul' . . . "Fur 'Them all Jrogeiher, and whal' do 'rhey spell? Norhingl Nolhingl Nolhingln "All righT, who moved The ring?" aslcs disgusTed STeve Warshaw as he Talces Time ouT Trom decoraTing and geTs a head sTarT on Tellow Plainsmen aT The Senior Carnival. AlThough iusT a liTTIe biT QTT course, STeve aTTempTs a pracTice shoT de-monsTraTinq l-lomeroom 24l's booTh, "The FooTball Throw," one of The more challenging booThs aT The carnival. Several overcame The challenge and received redempTion TiclceTs Tor carnival prizes. Carnival Earns 3700 for Senior ift Ken BernsTein, Lan. FTbl. 6l: P'men FTbl. 62-63. Mary Lynn BerseT Carol BesT, Rec. Com. Chm. 63: Nl-lS 62: FTA 6I-63, VP 63: 63: Mardi Gras Prin. 62: l-TR Sec. 6l-62: Y-Teens 6l-63. Judy BesT, Rec. Com. Chrn. 631 FTA 6I-63, Sec. 633 Y. Teens 6l-63, Treas. 633 Mardi Gras Prin. 6Ig MM 637 HR Sec. 6I. Ray Bigbee, Band 6l-63. Milne Bills, TAT 6l, 63. Delores Ann Blair, FHA ei- FTA 03. Frances Blalce, lSLC Tncc. hrs' Si 6it lSLC Sfenc-Dfsr. 62: Frnen Tir. ol' TXHS 62-63' Cheek 62' fxssrn. LC", CJ, Vernon Bohanon, -t".:'l'.'S'i1'Sf.l' 'HK " 52' CEN: QS L I 44 I Eugene Bourque, Chem. 63: Sc. 63. Laura Bowers, Y-Teens 61: Jr. Assm. Com. 62: Mod. Dance 63. Ricky Bowers, Lan. Ffbl. 61-62: Track 61: P'men 131131. 63: HR VP 61-62. Sandra Bowman, Y-Teens 62-63: Mod. Dance 62: FHA 63: Rad- ford School for Girls, EI Paso 61. Becky Box, MW Rep. 61-62: FHA 61: Y-Teens 61: VIC 63. Sammye Boyles, 6 Na1'l Thesp. 61-63, VP 63: NHS 62: 1.os.' Bv. 61: Assm. 61: ISLC Play 62. JeaneH'e Bradley, DECA 63. Cornifa Brady, DECA 62-63, Repl. 62-63: NHS 62-63: Y-Teens 61: Los Bv. 61, Repr. 61: 1S1.C Spelling 62, 2nd Area: MW Rep. 61. S1'eve Brandon, P'r'nen Ten. 61-63: Chem. 62: HR Soc. Chm. 61-62: HR Rep. 62. Gary Brewer, Pre-Med 62-63: Sandia High School, Albuquer- que, New Mex. Arlene Bridges, Y-Teens 61-63: FHA 61: Mus. Gld. 63. Jendy Briggs, FHA 61-63, sih VP 62:N1-1S 63: Y-Teens 62. Barbara Brighf, Y-Teens 61-63: FTA 61, 63: Los Bv. 62: HR VP 61-63. Carol Brooks, FHA 61: DECA 63. Larry Brooks, Band 62: HR Soc. Chm. 62-63: Snyder High School 61. Brooke Brown, Seoul American High School, Seoul. Korea 611 Y-Teens 62-63: -FHA 62. Gloria Brown, SC Sec. 63: MM Ed. 62-63: Class VP 62: Class Sec. 61: NHS 62-63: P'men Pers. 61-62. Mike Brown, Track 61-63: Lan. Flbl. 62: MW Rep. 63. 145 Viclci Brown, Lcz. Eu. 62663 Treas. 63' NHS 62-63: Rec. Corn. 63: Sr. Cam. 63: HR VP 62: Oren. 62-63. William Brown, Reber' E. Lee Higk Midland 62. Kaye Bryanr, Los B-f,, Rec. Sec. 63: SL. Repi 62: NHS 62-63: Y-Teenf 6I Rulh Bryanl, Rec. Com, Clrm, 63: NHS 62-63: Shadows Arr. Ed. 62463: Prcrn. Dec. Corn. Cnrn. 62: Er. Assrn. 62: TAT 62663. Freddie Bumpass, Lf1n,Flbl.6l7TraCk62-633 HR VP 6l. Don Bundoclc, Class Rep. 63: Los Bv. 62: HR Pres. 62: Hi-Y 63: Mardi Graz. Prin. 62. Cheryl Burks, NHS 62-63: NMI F66 Lg. 62663: PASF C6nv. 62:Clf1ss Rep. 63: Los Bv. 6l-63: YWTQ-cnc 6I. CoHon Burleson, Lan. BB 6I: P'men BB 62-63: HR Pros. 61. Skip Burnam Linda Bur+, Soplm Girl! Clvcir 6lj Jr. Sr, Gifs Choir 62: Y-Teens 62: DECA 63, Pal' Bu r'rof'l' Delber+Busl1, Orch. 6I-63, Bill Byrd, SPQR 6l-62' H'-Y 62' Rub. Corn, 63. Gary Byrd, Soph, Choir 62: Canrores 63: SPQR 63: S+. Con. 2ncl. mwlv. 62: Los Bv. 62: Hi-Y 6l. Gene Cagle, FFA 6!-63 Parl. 63: Conclucrinq Team 62. Ann Caldwell, Cnap, 6I-63, Jr. Ed. Sr. Ed.: Soplw. Assrn. 6I: NHS 62' C65 62' SPQR 6I' FTA 62-63. Terry Camp, S. H. Roar Hon S:r::l VV'cL"a Fa"s, 6I: PNA 62-63. Shirley Capel, f- - A--6 .1 uk. T46 fi I2 3, nu-W" M 48- ii- ' 'LJ 5 ' . L T N.- Y Q5 xiii Sue Carpenter, NHS 62-63: SPQR 6l: Chem. 62: Class Party 6l-62: l'lR Rep. 6l. Carol Carter, NHS 62-63: FTA 62-63, Treas. 63: HR VP 62: Y-Teens 6l: Los By. 6l. David Carter, Dell City High, Dell City, Tex. Dennis Carter, P'men Ten. 6l-63: HR Pres. 62-63: HR Rep. 6l: Chem. 62. Kay Cartwright, NHS 62-63: FTA 62-631 SPQR 6l: HR sea. 62. Sue Case, Sr. Carn. Corn. 63: MM 63: FTA 63: SPQR 62: HR Treas. 6l. J. Mac Cates, Class Party 62: Los BV. 6I: Hi-Y 6l: Chem. 62. Jaclcie Caudle, FFA 6l-63: Sec. 63: Leadership Team 6l-62. Meats Team. Sarah E. Cawley, Soph. Girl's Choir 6l: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62: HR Repi. ei. VIC 63. Senior Carnival Highlights Fail Festivities Carol Craver, tri-chairman ot the Senior Carnival cafeteria committee puts finishing tlourishes on the ltalian Restaurant. For the l,2OO people who at- tended the "International Showtime," headed by Lisa Gray and Linda Loutherback, Japan was the tirst destination. Peggy Stephens and Donna King were chairmen tor this oriental city which included booths organized by senior homerooms. The next stop was a Mexican garden where owners Paula McElroy, Barbie Nunn, and Robert Roper presented a talent show. Passengers made a South Sea island their last visit. Gay Neel, Vicki Brown, and Rosie Beclc were chairmen ot this tropical paradise where tourists danced and relaxed until lO:3O. , Q S 5 V I V K Z is! V I PP? 5 at xi ,N - ff One of The highlighls ol 'lhe fool- ball and baskelball seasons are lhe afier-game parlies held in lhe boys' gym. Carol and Judy Besl' and Rulh Bryant co-chairmen of fhe Recrea- 'rion Commillee, have planned ev- ery parly lhis year from lhe selling of liclcels 'ro lhe hanging of red and blue crepe paper slreamers lo . +he cleaning up when everyone has l len. After-Game Parties Break School Routine Belly Jo Chambers Jim Chapman, Hi-Y 63: P'men Ten.6l3Q81S 62: HR VP 6l: CHAP. 6l-62, Faculfy Co. Ed. 62. '99- Judilh Chapman, vac 61-63, VP 62-63. Bill Cheek, Traverse Cily High School, Traverse Cily, Mich., Charlie Childress, NMSP 63. Ricl-ry L. Chrislian, LHS si: DECA 63: Band sz. Dick Clarlc, Pine Bluff High School 62. Bobby Clary v-7 Marlha Claylon, Waco High School 6lZ NHS 631 FTA 62-63: Y-Teens 62' HR Sec. 63. 148 Sandie Clegg, CHAP. 62-63, Soplw. Ed. 62, Assl. Ed. and Pac. Ed. 637 Q81S 62-63, VP 637 NHS 62-631 Los Bv. 61-621 Y-Teens 6I. Mike Clubb, Mardi Gras Duke 61-62: P'men Pers. 6I-62, Lan. Hbl. 6Iy P'men Flbl. 62-63: Class VP 63: Class Pres. 62. June Cobb, Y-Teens 6l-631 Jr. Sr. Girl's Clwoir 63. Laura Coil, NHS 62-637 Los Bv. 6l-62: Y-Teens 6l: HR Sec. 62. Dinaln Colker, HR VP 6I7 NHS 637 FNA 6l-62, Rep'r. 621 Mus. Gld. 63. Tommy Cone, Sc. 63, Pres. 631 Caniores 633 Boy's Glee 63. Pal' Connell, PNA 62-63, Repf. 631 FHA 61-637 MW Rep. 62-63: Y-Teens 6l. Caren Cook, PHA 6l-63: Y-Teens 6l-63. John Cope, Hi-Y 631 Lan. Flbl. 6I-627 SPQR 6l: HR Pres. 62, VP 6l: lSl.C Slide Rule 63. Pa+ Copeland, SPQR 62-633 Y-Teens 6I1 Band 6l. Linda Copp, Plays 61-621 SPQR 6l-625 Y-Teens 6l-62: FHA 63. Gregory Coronado, Los Bv. 61-63, VP 63: Pre-Med 62-63, Pres. 631 Canlrores 62-63: Sopl1.Acapel. 6I. Gary Coun+s, SPQR 6l-623 Hi-Y 635 Mus. Gld. 637 Band 61- 63, All-Reg. 6l-63. David Cowarl, FFA 61-62. Kenne+l1 Cox, L65 By. 6I: DECA 62-63. Roy Cox S+epl1en Crabb, HR Pres. 637 Hi-Y 62-63: Jr. Assm. 623 Mardi Gras Prim. 62. Joe CraHon, Ama. Radio 63: HR Pariy Cl1m.62-63. I49 Donna Craig, Y-Teen 6l-627 Rec. Corn. 62-63: HR VP 6l-62. Carol Craver, Jr. Sr. Girls Choir 62-63, Pres. 633 Soph. Acapel. 6l, Sec.: HR Sec. 6l: Los Ev. 62-63: Y-Teens 6l-623 Pre-Med. 63. Ray Cravy, SC Pres. 63: SC VP 62: P'men Flbl. 62-63: P'men BB 62-637 Class Pres. 6l1 Class Fav. 6l-62. Sian Crawford, P'men Golf 6l-627 Hi-Y 623 TAT 63. John Crow, VIC 62-63. Hub Crowell, NHS 62-63: HR VP 63. Kay Cunningham, Yfleens 61-62:FNA 63. Sharon Cunningham, MW Rep. 623 Y-Teens 6l: Los Bv. 6I. Linda Curry, MM 6l-63. Adv. Man. 62-631 NHS 637 ISLC Type. 621 SPQR 62, Scriplor: Mardi Gras Prin. 6l: Y-Teens 62. Bufch Darden, Class Rep. 62: Hi-Y 62: SPQR 6l: Chem. 625 HR Pres. 6l. Carol Davis, MW Rep. 6I: DECA 62-63. Frances Davis, P'men Ten. 6I-63: Y-Teens 6l-623 FTA 62-63 Rec. Com. 63. Judy Davis, Soph. Acapel. 6lq Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 627 Y- Teens 623 Mus. Qld. 62. Kalhy Davis Lynn Davis Pam Davis, DECA 63: FTA 6lZ Y-Teens 6lg Prnen Ten. 6l- 627 Class VP 6I, 63. John Dea, Los Ev. 6l: HR Pres. 6l: Rec. Com. 63. Tom Deillce, PH-Er' Per. 6l' Lai Po. ' ef. EE ' 'men 95 . 62' D me' EE 62-63' Clif? l-"P 6l. I50 'Nx fax rn 'QT ls- X k 3- 'fr Bill Deloach, SPQR 6l: Bio. 6l: Los. Bv. 62. Cherry Denman, DECA 63: TAT 62: Soph. Girl's Choir 6l. Jane Dennis, 6l-62: Canlores 62: Soph. Acapel. 6l: Fl-lA 2nd VP 6l. Frank Denlon, MM 6l-63: Sporl Ed. 62-63: Cl-lAP Co-Sporls Ed. 62: Q85 62-63. Pres. 63: LSPA Pres. 63: ISLC Jour. 62: Tl-lSPA Con. 62-63. Cassandra Lee Devlin, Tuman Jr. Sr. l-liqh, Agana, Guam: Les Par. 62-63. VP 63: Nl-lS 62-637 Canlores 63: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62: HR VP 63. Sybil Dillon, Los Bv.6l-621 Y-Teens 62. Tommy Dillon, Les Par. 6l. Bill Dinwiddie, P'men Golf 62-63, Capl. 63: HR Pres. 63: Mineral Wells l-ligh School 6l. Donna Dodson, l l Nl-lS 62-63: MM 63: Les Par. 6l-62: l-lomcm. 1 Com. 63: HR seam: HR VP sz. ICT - DE Seniors Learn Skills First- Hand of Senior ICT sfudenl Miclcey Taylor is repairing a lype- wriler al his lraining slalion al The Balmer Company. ,f J' lm Je ln direcl conlrasl, DE sludenl' Sandra Aycoclc works in lhe lingerie deparlmenl al Hemphill-Wells in Mon- lerey Cenler where she is shown wriling up a cuslomer's bill. f Class VP 62-63: Class Assm. 6l-62: Ex. Assrn. if 5 sa George Downey, Lan. lrbl. 6I-62: Los Bv. 6l-62. Nedra Duey, Orch. er-631 FTA 62. Jeanie DurreH', FHA er-63. Lynn Easler, Chldr. 63: l-lmcm. Prin. 633 Y-Teens 62 63, 2nd VP, Wshp. Com. Chm. 63: FTA Sec. 627 Mardi Gras Prin. 61-625 Cal. Corn. 63. Kennelh Edwards, DECA 62-63. Pres. 63. Don Elam, l-li-Y 62-633 Nal'l. For. Lg. 62-63: Rec. Com. 635 Los Bv. 6l. Mary Ann EllioH', CHAP. 6l-63: Bus. Mgr. 62. Ed. 63: Careers Conf. Co-Chm. 63: Q85 62-635 Nl-lS 62-63: Girl ol Mon. 63: Class Parly Chm. bl. George Esles, Owensboro l-ligh School, Owensboro, Ky. 6l- 62. A Ray Eusrace Merit Scholars Reap Rewards of Learning With an eye 'foward rhe lurure and a sfeady grip on lhe lasl-moving pres- enl, rhe six Nalional Meri? Semi-Final- isls of Monlerey false a hopeful glimpse al whal mighl possibly be a cleler- mining iaclor for lhe fulure. Wirh scholarships in mind, Mike Jones, Char- lie Childress, Karen Payne, Milron Ev- irf, Eddie Paige and Sieve Warshaw, nor picrured, wair nervously lor final resulls. Ns l52 ,i l..A Roberl' Evans Ronald Evere'H'e Milfon Evi+'1', ISLC No. Sense Slide Rule 62: Los. Bv. 61-637 NMSF 63. Gayle Fairbanks, Washburn High School, Topeka, Kan. 62. Cam Fannin, Band 61-62: Hi-Y 61-62: Chem. 61-62. B. L. Farley, SPQR 617 Na1'1. For. Leg. 61-631 ISLC Deba+e 63. Elaine Farris, Y-Teens 62-63: FHA 61: HR Sec. 62-63. Vicki Fellers, Los. Bv. 63. Bob Fisher, Thomas Downey High School, Modeslo, Calif. 61-62. Africia Ann Fifzhugh, FNA 61-62: FHA 62g1CT 63: Sr. Carn. Com. 63. Mariorie Flowers, Y-Teens 627 FHA 62: TAT 63, PNA 63. Chris Forehand, S. H. Rider High School, Wichifa Falls, Tex.: Y-Teens 63. PaHy Forsdick, DE Sweelhearl 62: VIC Swee1hear163. Judy For+enberry, FHA 61, 63: Class Rep. 63. Mike Fowler Eldon Ray Fox, P'men BSB 62-631 SC Chapl. 637 Class Chapl. 633 Hi-Y Chapl. 63: Pre-Med 621 Sc. 61. Reg Frazier, Band 61-62. Sheri Frederiksen, Band 61-63, Sec. 63, Lib. 62-63: Y-Teens 61: FHA 61: 1v1us.G1d. 63: NHS 62: HR VP 61. 153 Eldon Fros+, swan rss 62-63: NHS 62: Ht.Y 63. Virginia Fry, Chldr.,631 Class VP 62: NHS 62-63: Canfores 62-63: CHAP. 63' Hrncrn. Chm. 63. Ann Fuller, Y-Teens 6l-637 FTA 6l-633 HR VP 637 Class Rep.6l. Diclcey Fulsom, VIC 62-63, Chris Galanos, P'men Flbl. 6l-637 P'men BSB 6l, 631 HR Pres. 6l3 Hi-Y 62: Pre-Med. 63. Ronnie Galey, HR Pres, 6l: SPQR 62: Hi-Y 62-63, VP 63: HR VP 62. Johnny Gardner, Hi-Y 63: Los Bv. 62: HR Pres. 6Ig Rec. Com. 63. Jo GarneH', Na+'I. For. Lg. 6l-63: Debale 6l-63: PNA 6l- 62g VP 63: Les Par. 62. Ann Gasper, Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 633 New Home High School 62. Bill Gayler, Odessa High School 61: FFA 6l 1 TAT 63. Bill Gee, P'men Flbl. 62-637 SPQR 6l-62: Track 62-632 Lan. Flbl. 6l. Jeanie George, Y-Teens 61-62: Band 6l: lSl.C Type. 62. James Germer, DECA 62-63. Reba Giberl, DECA 63: Yeleens 6l-62, Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 623 Ten. 6l. Jimmie Gilmore, Hon. Menlion NMSP: SHADOWS Ed. 632 Chem. 6I-62: FTA 62-63. Judy Godlove, Y-Teens 6l-63: Mus. Gld. 62463. Ri+a Goff Dan Gosdin, Plafnview High School. Plainview 6l. IS4 Warren Goss, Hi-Y 637 FTA 637 Track 62: Debaie 637 FFA 62 Abilene High School 6I. Eddie Gofcher, Big Spring High School, Big Spring, Texas, 6l. Bill GQH, Los By. 62-63. Diane Graham, VP 62-63: FTA 6l-62: Y-Teens 6I-631 FNA 6l. Gary Graves, 62-63, Sc. 637 Rec. Com. 63. Jon Gravesfock, TAT 63. Joe Gray Lisa Gray, 63, VP 63: HR Sec. 62: HR Pres. 63: Sr. Carn Co-Chm. 63: NHS 63. Ricky Green ancy Fiddlers Have "Houston Fiingw Making a happy frek ro Housion in Feb- ruary +o join olher sfafewide honor or- chesfra siudenls ai 'rhe Slafe Convenfion were Roberf Adcock, Corry McSpadden, Vernon Nesmiih, Jean Maples, Nancy Brown, and Nancy Bernard. Nancy was +he only member who wenr To fhe All- S'ra're Convenfion in Dallas lasi year. I55 Mus. Qld. 6l-63, Sec, 63: Class Rep. 6l-62: HR HR Pres. 6I: HR VP 62: Los BV. 6I-62: Hi-Y Y-Teens 6l-63, Mus. Com. Chm. 63: TAT 62- .P 1. 1 'Vt . Q from Mr. Gerald Rogers. man of many lalenfs, who 1 I noi only Takes care of audio-visual aids and Sludenl Council, bul also sponsors +l'xe Senior Class. a full 'rime iob in ilsell. r. 11, I 'fy I ,ffiflb rf Pai Elms gels his lisi of insfruclions for The day '. . WH 'K 'O 3' I Q Senior Advisor Diversifies Ability Buddy Gregory, T Lan. BB 61: P'men BB 62-63: HR Pres. 61: Hi-Y 6I-63. Sec. 62: Chem. 62. Bob Grimes, Lan. ftbl. 6l: Track 62-63: FFA 63. Vickie Guillol, Y-Teens 62: TAT 63. Jan Gummelf, FTA 62-63, Social Clnm. 63: Y-Teens 6I-63: Los Bv. 6I: HR Sec. 62. Carole Guyer, Y-Teens 6l-63: Mus. Gld. 6l-63: Sopln. Girl's Choir 6l: Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 62663, VP 63: HR VP 62. Jay Hagins, Les Par. 6l-63, Pres. 63, VP 62: HR Pres. 63: Hi! Y 62-63. Pa+ Hail Bill Halberf, Hz.Y 61: SPQR 6l-62: Am. Radio 62-63, VP 62. David Hamil+on, DECA 63: SPQR 6i-62: He-Y 61: Band 61-62: MVV rep. 61-62. I56 Becky Hampfon, Y-Teens 6I-631 FTA 637 Mus. Gld. 61: Jr. Sr. Girls' Choir 62-63: Soph A Capel 61: HR Sec. 6l-62. Buddy Hamp+on, P'men llbl. 62-63, Lan llbl. 6lQ P'men BSB 6I- 63, 2nd Team Disl. BSB 62. Jim Hams, HR Soc. Chm. 63: MW Rep. 62, Hi-Y 63. George Hancock, Los Bv. 6I-62, Tres. 62, S+. Con. 6l-62: Track 62-63: Class Rep. 6lg Span. Wkshp. 62: Hi-Y 617 HR Pres. 63. Pal' Haney Wallace Haney, Hi-Y 62-637 Chem. 623 l.os BV. 6lI HR VP 6l. Ronny Hardison Gary Harrell, Band 6I-635 Los Bv. 62-63. Celia Jo Harris, Class VP 63: Sr. Ban, Co-Chm. 63: NHS 62-631 Class parly Co-Chm. 63: FTA 63. Charles Harris, ISLC-Slide Rule 61-63: H1-Y 62-63. Lynda Harris, Band 6I-63, All 512631 FNA 62-63: VP 631 Mus. Gld. 6lg SPQR 63. John Harrison, VIC 62-63, Repr. 62, Pres. 637 Band 6l-631 HR Pres. 61. Jim Hal'cheH, AV 61-63. Lacresha Hawkins, FHA 6l-62: Jr. Sr. Girls' Choir 6l-62: VIC 62- 63. Tommy Hawkins, Track 6I-637 Hi-Y 6l. Suzie Hay, Y-Teens 6l-637 Los Bv. 621 TAT 63: Rec. Com. 63. John Healy, Band 6I-637 Los Bv. 6lg Mus. Gld. 63. Nancy Heckerman, CHAP. 6l-63: Acl. Ed. 63: Q85 62-631 Rec. Com. 63: Sr. Carn. 63, Pub. co-chm.1 Class Assm. 6I-631 SPQR 6l-. I57 Donna Helmers, Band 6l-63: FHA 6I-627 Y-Teens 63. Linda Hensley, Y-Teens 62-631 Los Bv. 623 HR Sec. 62. Phyllis Herrin, Canlores 637 SPQR 6I-62: Mus. Gld. 633 PNA 633 MW Rep. 63. Lee Hex+, NHS 63: CHAP. 62-63, Sporfs Ed. 63: Cifiz. Com. 63: Class Assm. 61: Los By. 62. Carol HibbeH's, NHS 62-637 Pub. Com. 633 Les Par. 62-637 Y- Teens 6I3 FHA 615 Rec. Com. 63. Jolm Hicks, FFA el. Band el-63. Garry Hill, Pampa Higl1Scl1ool,Pampa:DECA 62-63. Bob Hirschman Gerald Hobbs Candy Hodges, Y-Teens 62-63. Frirz Hoclilc, Foreign Ex. Sfudenl, Vienna, Ausfriaq Les Par. 63. Randy Holley, Chem. 62: HR Pres. 63. Tommy Holley Wayne Hollinshead, P'men ffbl. 62-63: Lan. ffbl. 61: Mardi Gras Prin. 6l: HR Pres. 62. Nancy Hood, NHS 62-632 FHA bl-63. David Horlon, NHS 62-63: Lan. irbl. 62-63: Boy oi Monilm Od, 633 Chem. 62-63. Carol Howard, Y-Teens 6l-637 Les Par. 62: FHA 63. Jeanne Howe, Y.Te-ers 6I'62' HR VP 62: Rec. Com. 63. l58 vw AL James Howell, Los Bv. 6I: Na'r'l For. Lg. 62-63: HR Sec.-Treas. 63. Gary Huey, Abilene High School 6l: P'men BSB 62-63. Lynn Huff Linda Hunfer, HR Sec. 6I: Los Bv. 6l-62: Y-Teens 6l-63: Mus. Gld. 63: Rec. Conn. 63: Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 63. Lynda Humphrey, Y-Teens 6l-63. Connie Hurn, Canlores 62-63, Robe Chm. 63: Mus. Gld. 62- 63: Soph A Capel. 6l. Cheryl lrwin, Soph A Capel. 61: Y-Teens 6I-62: Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 61-62: ISCC 6l: MW Rep. 6l: MW VP 62. Jamie lrwin, DECA 63: FHA 6I : Y-Teens 62. Marilyn Isaacs, Los Bv. 62-63: FNA 63: Y-Teens 62: HR Sec.- Treas. 63: Soph Girl's Choir 6l: HR Soc. Chm. 62. Hodlk Adjusts to Busy Schedule As lhe firsl' homeroom presidenl wilh an Auslrian accenr, Frilz Hodilc conducls 'rhis homeroom meejing wilh a louch of wil. He laughingly calls on Clyde Mann for a "good" suggeslion on proper homeroom conducl. During lhe year Frilz enlerfained and informed This class and olher groups lhrough speeches in which he lold of lhe cusloms of Auslria and showed slides of his nalive land. Even Jrhough Frilz had one of lhe mos? crowd- ed schedules of any senior, he mainlained an "A" average lhroughoul lhe year. I59 As state Junior Classical League secretary, Ruth Slcibell has the burden ot intra-state and school correspondence and organi- zation ot club activities on her able shoulders. Her greatest re- sponsibility this year was help?ng other club workers carry out plans tor the state convention held in Lubbock April 5-6. She is shown telling Monterey's newest Latin teacher, Miss Carla Gaines, the details ot the convention. Local Latin lub Hosts State Convention Judy Jackson, Soph. A Capel. 61: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62: Cantores 63: Mus. Qld. 62-63: Y-Teens 6I-62: Los. Bv. 6l. Joy Jasper, NHS 62-63: Les Par. 61-63: Y-Teens 6I: HR Treas. 62. J. Norman Johnson, chem. 62: Hi-Y 62, HR VP 61. Phyllis Johnson, Y-Teens 61-633 FHA 63: Prom Corn. 62: MW Rep. 63. B. L. Jones, MW Rep. 631 Hi-Y 63. Carlton Jones, P'men BB 62-63: Lan. BB 6l: LOS BV- 6l:Cl1er1'I- 62. Don Jones, Lan. ttbl. 6l: P'rnen ttbl. 62-63: FFA 61-62. Jaclcie Jones, MM 6i-62- MUS. eu. 6I-63: NHS 62. Jane Ellen Jones, Plant Sf Decor. Corn. 63: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 63: Kermif, Tev. 61. l60 fo O f Jimmy Jones, Na'r'l. Thesp. 63: Planl'-Decor. Com. 63: Hi-Y 6l. Joe Jones, FFA 6l-63, Hisi. 63. Lands Jream, S+. Fair 61. Mike Jones, NMSF 63: P'men Tennis 6l-63, Capl. 63: NHS 62-63: Teenager of Monfh 62: HR Pres. 63: Mardi Gras Prin. 61. Randy Jones, Lan Hb! 6l: P'men Hb! 62-63. James A. lSpikel Jones, Lan Hb! 6I : Track 62: NHS 62: Class rep. 6l. Jerry Keener, Am. Radio 63: HR Soc. Chm. 62. Michael Kelley, Rankin High School 6I: NHS 62-63: Chem. 62: Lan Hb! 62. Charles Kerr, Sr. Advisor Assm Com. 63: Los Bv. 6l-63: NHS 62: Class rep. 62: Hi-Y 6I. VP: AV 6I-62. Ronny Kidd Cheryl King Donna King, Class Sec. 62-63: Class VP 6l: Jr. Sr. Girls' Choir 62-63, Sec. 63: Sr. Carn. 63: Homecom- ing alfend. 63: Homecoming exes parfy, chm. 63. Jim Kirkpafrick, Los Bv. 6l: Hi-Y 62: DECA 63. Russ Kirkpafrick, Thomas Jefferson, Dallas 62: Na'r'I. Thesp. 63: Caniores 63: Madrigal singer 63. BeHe Knopp, Jr. Sr. Girls' Choir 6If63. Sandra Knox, FHA 62-63. Jon Kolas, Los BV. 6I: HR VP 62. Linda Kossman Sherry Kruse, Y-Teens 62-63: Jr. Sr. Girls' Choir 62-63: lSl.C Type 63: Soph. Girls' Choir 61. l6l it 'C' -'J Margarel' Kyle, FTA 62-63, Proi. Chm. 63: Mardi-Gras Prin. 6I: HR Sec. 62: Y-Teens 6l-62: Rec. com. 622 Jr-Sr Girls' Choir. Linda Lampp John Lane, Hi-Y 6I-63: Los Bv. 6l. Bill Larmer, TSJCL Con. 62: Mus. Gld. 63: Hi-Y 62-63. Judy Lawson, Mosr Courleous 6l: Los Bv. 62-63: ISLC Exlemp. Speaking 63: NHS 62: Soph. A Capel. 6l: Y- Teens 6l-62. J eH'ice Leach Calalina High School, Tucson, Ariz.: FNA 6l- 63, Hisr. 63: Soph. Girl's Choir 6l: Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 62-63: Music Gld. 63. Roberl Leach, FFA ei-63, Pres. 63. Madeline Lemon, NHS 62-63, Sec. 63: Class Rep. 6l-63: Band 6l-62, Hisr. 62: Canlores 62-63, Sec. 63: FHA 6I-62, Parl. 6l, 2nd Vp. 62: Mardi Gras Prin. 62. Diane Lewis, While Sfarion High School, Memphis. Tenn.: HR Sec. 63: Mardi Gras Prin. 62: Los BV. 62: I-TA 63: Y-Teens 63. Elsie Lewis, FHA 61-62: DECA 63. Paula Lewis, TAT 63: Band 6l-62: FHA 6l-62. Lile Lewfer John Lipscomb, Am. Radio 62: Les Par. 62. Jackie Ru+h Lis'l'on, DECA 63. Sandra Livingslon, FHA 6I: Y-Teens 6l-62: HR Tres. 6l: Rec. Com. 63. Larry Lolcey, Lan. frbl. 6l: HR Pres. 6l: HR Vp. 62: HR Tres. 63: Bio. 63. Sandra Long, PNA 62-63. Sherry Long, Y-Teens 6l-62: FHA 6l-62. culp- X as N N xmstxm nfs Six!! slsariessssis The True spiriT oT giving is shown before The ChrisT- mas holidays by The Tremendous response To The Can Food Drive by The MonTerey sTudenTs. Gary PorTer, Senior, carries ouT boxes To The Trucks which Took over 5,000 cans and many presenTs To The chariTable organizaTions oT Lubbock To needy Tamilies. Seniors Become Santans Helpers Linda LouTherback, MM 62-63: News ed. 637 FTA 6I-63, Pres. 63: DisT. Tinancial Sec. 63: Nl-TS 62-639 Sr. Carn. co- chm. 63: Girl's STaTe 62: HR Pres. 62. Cecelia Lovelace Larry Lowe, Los Bv. 617 Hi-Y 62-63: Pres. 63, VP 62: l-IR Pres. 62: MW rep. 637 Lan. BB 6l. Gary Lowrey Nancy Lucas, PNA ei-63, sec. 63: HR VP 62. Denise Luscomb, SPQR 61-62. Marie McCluskey, NaT'l. Thesp. 62-63: Nl-TS 62-63. Lindsey McCrummen, Track 6l-62. Joe McDaniel, SPQR 6l-63: Chem. 62. T63 In 'rhe year when shori slcirls and "shifls" domi- nared rhe Senior girl's wardrobe, orher variances of rhe classic slcirr and blouse were offen seen in classrooms and halls. Mary Befh Wilson models for Nancy Heclcerman in Publicalions, showing her culofres, "a slcirr wi+h legs." Seniors Spice 963 With himsical Fade John McDivi++, 2 Los Bv. 623 Hi-Y 62: FTA 633 HR Sec. 63. Paula McElroy, Ex Assm. 62: Class Assm. 62: Sr. Ban. Chm. 45 63: Sr. Carn. Com. 63: Rec. Com. 63. Hs, Jerry McFarling, Hobbs High School, Hobbs, N.M. Jack McGeorge Paul McGuffey, Hi-Y 62: Los Sv. 6I-63. Joann McKnigh+, VIC 6I-63: FHA 6I' Yfleens 6lg Class Rep. 62. Marvin McLar+y, 'U' Carol McMillan, ISLC play 62- Na+'l Tresp. 62-63, Scribe 637 NHS 62-63'Y-'eersbls HR Scc.6I,63. usa, Allan Mclviurlry, xi 4 Danny MacDougall, P'men BSB 6l-63, All Disl. 621 Hi-Y 6l: SPQR 62-631 HR Pres. 6l-62. Melody Mahone, Los Bv. 6l: Y-Teens 6l 1 VlC 62-63. Clyde Mann, Lan. lllol. 6lg Los By. 62-63. Roberl Marberry, Orch. 6l-63. Rila Marcy, Band 6l-63, lvlaior. 63, Soc. Chm. 63: FHA 6l: HR Sec. 6l: Mus. Gld. 63: Class Assm. 62. Carolyn Marlin, VIC 63, Repl. 63: Mus. Gld. 6l-62: MW Rep. 6lg Soph. A Capel. 6lg Canlores 62. Gerald Marlin, Hi-Y 6l-623 Band ei-63. Jackie Lee Malhis Sylvia Ma+hus, Y-Teens 6l-62, Oulslanding in publ. 62: Rec. Com. 632 FNA 63. Michael Mayhall John Merrell Gary Meyer, Nowala High School, Nowala, Olcla.: Band 63. Diclc Miller, CHAP. 63, Sporls Ed. 635 MM 62: Q86 62-63: Debale 63: Les Par. 6l. Gail Miller, Les Par. 6l-633 NHS 62: Sc. 63. John Milligan, P'men BSB rngr. 6l-63: Lan. flbl. mgr. 6l: Los Bv. 6l7 Hi-Y 6lg Class rep. 6l. Elenda Milliron, Los Bv. 6lg Y-Teens 621 PNA 63. Barbara Mills, Tennis 61-627 Soph. A Capel. 6l: NHS 62: Los Bv. 62: HR Sec. 6l. Frances Milchell, FHA 62. l65 Larry Monfgomery, LHS ei: DECA 63. Sharon Mooney, Y-Teens 6l-63: FHA 6l-62. Linda Moore, HR Sec. 63: Rec. Com. 63: Y-Teens 62-63: TAT 62-63: FTA 6l. Jeane++e Morgan, Jr. Sr. Girls' Choir 62: VIC 63: HR Sec. 6l-62. Teri Morlen, Par. 61-62: Y-Teens 62-63: Mardi Gras Prin. 6l. Charles Mor'ron Peggy Moseley, Cameron High School 6l: NHS 62: Band 62: Y-Teens 62: FTA 63: Mus. Gld. 62. Ronnie Mouser, New Home High School 62. Dolores Mugg, FHA 6l: Soph. Girls' Choir: Jr. Sr. Girls' Choir 62-63: Y-Teens 62: HR Sec. 62: FTA 63. James Murdock, DECA. Brenda Myriclc, Y-Teens 6l-62: Orch. 6l-63. FTA 63: Mus. Gld. 62. Craig Naler Ca+herine Nazario, Na+'l Thesp 63: FHA 6l-62, Corr. Sec. 62: Y- Teens 6l. Donna Neal, DECA 62.63, sec. 63. John Neal, Band 61-62: SPQR bl: lnfernos 6l. Billy Neel, DECA 62-63. Gay Neel, NHS 62: Los Ev. 62: Soph. A Capel. 63: Y-Teens 61-63: Class rep. 63: FHA 61. Gloria Nelson, TAT 6lf Y-Teers 6l-62: FHA 62: DFCA 63: Plan? and Decor. Corn. 63. I66 2 . 'QD Conlesls in clebaling, poelry-reading and exlemporaneous speaking are among 'rhe endeavors ol: The 20 sluclenls in Nafional Forensic League. They offen 'lake highesl honors in lhese compelilions. Confesl and conferences are noi The only inreresl of club members: however, lhey also have many parries and bus lrips. NSpeeCh Is Goldenw to Forensic Lea ue Charles Nesmi+h, vlc 62-63. Ronnie Neveloff, .Mus. Gld. 6l: Band 62. Lucy Newfon, Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 62-63: NHS 63: Y-Teens 6I- 62: Mus. Gld. 61-62: CHAP. 63: HR VP 63. Cynlhia Niell, NHS 62-63, VP 63: ISCL Ready Wriling 62 Comm. NMSP 63. Nolan Noble, A Mec. Drawing Con., WTS Incl. Fair: HR Pres, Barbara Nunn, SC 63: NHS 63: Plan'r 8: Decor. Com. Co-Chm. 63: Rec. Com. 62: Y-Teens 62: Chem. 62. Carol Nysfel, Y-Teens 6I-62: Mus. Gld. 62: TAT 63: Soph Girl's Choir 61: Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 62. Joe Ons+eacl BeH'y Osborn, Soph. Girl's Choir 6I: Jr.-Sr. Girl's Choir 62- 63: Y-Teens 63. I67 Mary Owen, Los Ev. 6lg FTA 623 Y-Teens 627 Mus. Grid 631 HR Sec. 63: Rec. Corn. 63. Lola Page, NHS 633' SPQR 63: Pre-Med. 62: Chern. 62 Sc. 6l7 Band 6l. Tommy Page, Cham. 61.621 VlC 62-63. Eddy Paige Dana Paqueile, Amarillo l-liqh School. Amarillo, 6lg DECA 63 Chadine Parkinson, Y-Teens 6I-621 HR Soc. chm. 6l, 63: FHA 62 HR VP 62. Don Parks, FFA 62-63, repl.g l.os Bv. 6l: Chem. 63. Donna Parsons, Midland High School, Midland: Q85 62-63. Sec. 631 Class Assm. 62, MM 62-63, enlerlain menl ed. 63: HR VP 62. Sharon Paxon, FTA 63: Y-Teens 62: Los Bv. 62: FHA 6l: Soph. Acapel. 6l. Assemblies Exhibit Senior Talent I68 Calmly unbolhered by an "ou'r-of-order" fool, Charles Kerr, Senior Assembly Ad- visor. inlenlly walches lhe Exchange As- sembly rehearsal wilh fellow senior Don- na Parsons. For Three years, Charles Kerr and oiher inlereslecl seniors have shown imaginalion and drive in Their work on class and all school assemblies. .-l Karen Payne, NMSF 631 NHS 62-63: Orch. 6l-63: Chem 63. Sec.: SPQR bl. Tony Pearson, LHS: Hi-Y 63: MW Rep. 63. Glen Pendergrass, HR Vp. 6l: Hi-Y: Canlores 62-63, Off. 63. Eliseo Perez, PASF Con. 6l-633 Los Bv. 61-63, Vp. 6l, Pres. 631 Planl and Decor. Com. Chm. 63: Am. Radio 62, Tres.: HR Pres. 62: AV 63. Phil Perry, Los.Bv. 6l-631 Hi-Y 6l: Am. Radio 62. James Pelerson, Band 61-63. FTA ea. Janel' PeHy, Canlores 63: Soph. A Capel. 6lp Jr-Sr Girls' Choir 62: Y-Teens 63: PTA 62: FNA 61. Lee Phenix, Mardi Gras Prin. 6I. Wayne Phillips, Traclc 62-631 TAT 6l-63: HR Pres. 6l-63: Lan. Hbl. 6I. Larry Pillcinfon Casey Poindexler, Les Par. 6lg Hi-Y 633 HR Pres. 63. Gary Porfer, Hi-Y 62-63: HR Vp. 6lg Mardi Gras Prin. 6l. Billy Po+ee+, Orch. 6l-63, Firsi Div. Solo 6l 7 AV 6l-63: Chem. 627 Los Bv. 6I. Paula Powell, TAT 6l-63: Y-Teens 6l-62. Mike Preslon, SPQR 6l: Hi-Y 62-63: HR rep. 6l-63. Randy Pumphrey, P'men BSB 62-63: Lan Prlol. 6l: Class rep. 62: HR Pres. 6l: HR Sec. 63. Barney Quillin, Canlores 63: Boy's Choir 63: Porlales High School, Porlales, N.M. 6l. Faye Raclonovich, FHA 62. I69 Kaye Radanovich, FHA 63. Beverly Ray, Los Ev. 6l-63, Carr. Sec. 62-63: NHS 62-63: Jr. Sr. Girls Choir 621 HR Sec. 63. Mickey Ray, Chem. 62: lSl.C Slide Rule 62-63. Don Rayburn, Lan BB 6l: SPQR 6lg P'men BB mgr. 62-63. Ricky Reed, Band 6I-637 Mus. Gld. 62-63. Pres. 63: Can- lores 62. Tommy Reeder Ronnie Reese, Los Ev. 6l, Jane Reynolds, MM 633 Chem. 627 FHA 6l: Y-Teens 6Ig NHS 62. Mikel Reynolds, Band 617 SPQR 6l: Hi-Y 63: Roberl Louis Slev- enson Prep School 62. Sherry Ribble, Y-Teens 61-62: FHA 6Iq TAT 631 Los Bv. 62: HR Sec. 62. Richard Rice Jane Richardson, FHA 6I-63: Y-Teens 62-63: MW rep, 63. Palricia Richardson, Bel Air High School, El Paso 6I. Clinlon Roberlson Robbie Roberlson, Band 6l-621 Los Bv. 6l: Mus. Glcl. 6l-622 HR Tres. 6l: Y-Teens 63. Beverlee Robinson, PNA 62: Mus. Gld. 63: HR Sec. 621 MW rep. 63. Rosa Rodriguez Sylvia Rogers, Na+'l Thesp. 62-63. l7O One oi The legacies lelf for iulure classes by pasi Monierey sludenis is lhe senior giils. Here, Troy Vinson, D.E. siuclenl ai Furr's Family Cen'rer's Jew- elry Deparlrmeni, places a plaque, which he en- graved, on ihe organ in Jrhe aucliiorium. This organ was given by lhe Senior classes of l956, 1957, l958, I959, who each paid 35400 for Jrhe gifl. Seniors Endow School With Special Gift Jesse Roolcarcl, chem. 6I-621 SPQR 6l-62: Track ei-62. Roberf Roper, Class VP 6l-62: Hi-Y 62-631 Lan. ilbl. 61: Class Assm. 6l: Ex. Assm. 6I: ISCL, debaie 6l'63. Gary Rose, NHS, Treas. 633 Los Bv. 62: Sandia High, Al- buquerque, New Mexico, 6lg HR VP 62. Barbara Ross, Y-Teens 61-631 Orch. 6I-627 HR Sec. 6I. Don Ross, Lan. Hbl. 6l-62. Rifa Rown+ree, Y-Teens 6l: FTA 62-63, Pub. Chm. 635 NHS 62- 633 Orch. 6I-63: Jr. Assm. 627 Pub. Com. 63. Margury Roy, NHS 62-635 PTA 63. Frances Rush, FHA 63: Li-is 62. Wanda Russell, Y-Teens 6l-63: Los Bv. 6l, Rec. Com. I7I Kay Ryan, Y-Teens 62-63: Orch. 61. John Saari, Abernalhy Hgh School, Alaernalhy: Lan. Hbl. 62: Pmesn 11131, 63: HR Pres. 63. Lynda Sarien, FHA 61-63: FNA 62-63: Y-Teens 61. Ann Sa+erfie1d, FHA 63. Conrad Schmid, P'men llbl. 62-63, Tri-Capi. 63: Class VP 62-63: Hi-Y 62: Traclc 62-63: Lan. f+b1. 61: Lan. BB 61. Jennifer Schoener, FTA 63: Y-Teens 63: Armiio High School, Fair- fie1d,Ca1il.61. Michele Schroeder, Orch. 61-63, Sec. 62-63: Mus. Qld. 61: Mod. Dance 62-63, VP 63. David Seim, Class VP 62-63: P'men Hbl. 62-63: Lan. 11191. 61: Canfores 62: Soph A Capel 61: Sheriff-Cow lown MHS 62. Tommy Sellers, Los Bv.61:Can1ores 63: Men's Glee 63. Jeanne Sex+on, Mod. Dance 61-63, Pres. 63: Mardi Gras Prin. 627 Caniores 62-63, Hisl. 63: HR Sec. 61-62: Soph A Capel 61: Y-Teens 61. Jan Shaughnessy, Y-Teens 61: Soph A Capel 61: SPQR 61-62: Jr. Sr. 6ir1's Choir 62-63. Anne'He Shepherd, Band 63: Y-Teens 63: Mus. Gld. 63: Lamesa High School, Lamesa 62. Wanda Jean Shepard, SPQR 61-63. Frank Sho+we11, Band 61-63: Pres. 63: Mus. 61d. 63: Hi-Y 62: Chem. 62: SPQR 61. Glenn Sides, SPQR 61-63: Rec. Com. 61: Pub. Com. 62: Assm. Com. 63. Leslie Simmons Tim Simmons, Na'r'1. The-sp. 62: Plays 61: VIC 63. Darla Simon, Class VP 61-62: Teenager of Monrh 62: Gir1's Sr. 62: FTA 61-63, S+. Financial Sec. 63: Y-Teens 61-63: Chm. Food and Fin.: Assm. Com. 62-63. 172 From 'rhe placing ol: marble sia- 'rues, "M" benches, and gas lighis To lhe planiing of Jrhe +inies+ flow- er, i1 is ihe responsibiliiy of all Plainsmen lo see 1ha1 'rhe paiio is iusl as pre11'y as if can possibly be. Fulfilling Jrhis duly are iour members oi homeroom 157, as +hey p1an+ and care for flowers in iheir ploi during 'rhe early spring monihs. Seniors, Green Thumbs Beautify atio Jack Simpson, Bellaire 1-1ighSchoo1, 1-1ous1on,61: 1-li-Y 63. Johnny Simpson, NMSP: N1-15 627 CHAP. 637 Los BV. 611 Chem. 62. Wayne Sims, FFA si-63. Sonia Sing1e+on, Rule 1-1ighSchoo1, Rule, Tex., 61, FHA 62. Tommy Sing1e+on, Los Bv. 61-63. Richard Slcibell, Band 61-627 Los By. 61: 1-11-Y 621 Chem. 62. Ru+h Skibe-11, TSJCL 63, S+. Sec.: SPQR 61-62, VP 627 N1-IS 62-63: Disi. ISLC Type., 3rd1 HR VP 62: HR Pres. 63. Gene Slaier, P'menHb1. 61-63. T. P. Smallwood 173 All seniors brealhecl sighs of re- lief on May I3, Senior Day, when rhey look a welcome break from 'rheir heclic end-of-school acliv- ilies. Jan Gummelf, Cherry Den- man and Belly Weeks lake lime our from playing games. dancing, ealing hor dogs and orher picnic snacks and swimming 'ro have a lasl gab session. Senior Day Be ins End-of-School Fun Adrianne Smi'rh, NHS 62: Class Assm. 62: FTA 62-63: Los Bv. 6l: HR VP 6I: HR Sec. 63. Connie Smi+h, Soph A Capel. 6l: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 631 Nahl Thesp. 633 Y-Teens 62-631 Mardi Gras Prim. 6l: Plays 63. Ka+hy Smi+h, Abilene Cooper, Abilene, 621 TAT 63. Kaye Smirh, Los. Ev. 62: FTA 63: Y-Teens 62-633 HR Sec. 6lg HR Prog. Chrri. 62. Keller Smi+h, P'men ffbl. 62-63, Tri-Capl. 632 P'men BSB 6l-63, 2nd. Team All Dish: Class VF 6l-63: Safe- ly Com. 6l-63. La Gayle Smilh, Soph A Capel 6Iy Jr. Sr. C5irl's Choir 62-63: MM 637 FTA 631 Y-Teens 6l-62. Melba Smi'rh, Y-Teens 6I: FTA 62: Soph A Capel 61: Jr. Sr. G-irl's Choir 62-631 HR VP 6l-621 MW Rep. 62 Rick Smifh, Angle'on High School, Argle-lon, Tex.: Lan ESS 62. Jane Sparks, NHS 62-637 Seah A Case! 6l: Ca":res 62 63, Trees. 63' FTA 63: Mus. Qld. 6l-62. I74 Donna Spears, Los BV. 617 Y-Teens 627 HR Sec. 617 VIC 63. Mike Spradley, Sr. Carn. Com. 63. Ross Lynn Spradling, FHA 61-63, Pres. 63, Tres. 62, NHS 62-637 HR Sec. 637 HR VP 62, Y-Teens 61. Jan Springer, FHA 63: MW rep. 627 Y-Teens 621 Thomas Jef- ferson, Dallas, Texas 61. Melody S+enis, Orch. 61-63, Hislr. 637 HR Sec. 631 NHS 62-637 Mus. Gld. 617 Los Bv. 62. Peggy S+ephens, Class rep. 62-637 Mardi Gras Prin. 61-627 Na1'l Thesp. 62-63, Tres. 637 NHS 62-637 Y-Teens 61. Jackie Sfephenson, Y-Teens 61-627 FHA 62, VIC 62-63. Mickey S'rephenson, Hi-Y 631 Track 637 Lan. BB 61. S+anley S+ewar1', Shallowaler High School, Shallowaler 61. Clin'ron S1'okes, Abernalhy High School, Aberna1hy7 Canlores 62-637 Mus. Qld. 627 Lan. 11131. 62. Don S'ro1"1's Byron S'rovall, P'men Prbl. 61-63, Tri-Caplx 637 HR Pres. 617 HR Prog. Chm. 62. Danny S1'ree+man, Los Bv. 627 Rec. Com. 63. Ann Sfrickland, FHA 617 Y-Teens 627 MVV rep. 63. Shirley Summerlin, Brownfield High School, Brownfield 61. Gwen Su++1e, Y-Teens 61-63, Soc. Com. Chm. 637 HR Sec. 621 Rec. Com. 637 Los Bv. 62. Judy Tanner, Canlores 62-637 Y-Teens 617 Los Bv. 61-627 HR VP 617 Rec. Com. 61-62. Barbara Tappen, FHA 61-63, 3rd, VP 62, Tres. 63. 175 Sieve Tarpley, M.:. Gld. 6l-63, VP 63: NHS 62-63: Band 6I- 63. Minnie Tale, Los Ev, 6l: FTA 62-63: Y-Teens 6l-63: HR VP 6l-637 HR Repl. 62: FTA Soc. Chm. 62-63: Mardi C-ras 62. Davie Ta'rlcenhors+, MW rep. 6l-62: Jr. Sr. Girl's Glee 62-63. Charles Taylor, Hi-Y 62-63: FTA 63. HR Pres. 62. Carla Terhune, Les Par. 6l: Y-Teens 637 FHA 633 Class Rep. 63. Toni Terrell, NHS 62-63: Y-Teens 6l-63. Pam Thedford, NHS 62-63: Les Par. 6l-63, Sec. Tres. 633 Assm. Com. 63: Y-Teens 6I. Coy Thompson, Lan.llbl.6I1MW rcp. 62. Suzanne Thompson, Tascosa High School, Amarillo 6l: NHS 62-63: MM 633 FTA 62-63, Pub CO. Chm. 63. Roy Thornburg, Lan. ftbl. 6I: Track 62. Kenf Tidmore, TAT 627 CHAP. An. 63: H1.Y 62: HR Pres. 63. Class Assm. 62: Sr. Carn. 63. CharloHe Tidwell, Soph K Capel 611 Y-Teens 6l-63: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62-631Mus.Gld.63. Frank Todd, Haw 6I-63: SPOR ei-62. Orch. 6I-63. Bernie Tonroy, FFA 62-63. Gary Tryhearf Carlisle Tubbs, Band 61-63. Tres. 63? Hi-Y 62-63: Mus. Gld. 63: Les Ev. 6l' Ex. Assm. 6I. Barbara Tuscana, Y-Tears 6 l -63. Bill Ulich. Fr-,ge P in Sins 63-6!. I76 i Jesse Underwood, DECA 62-63, VP 63, S+. Conf. Rosalie Vanderbill, McPherson High School, McPherson, Kan Y Teens 63. Troy Vinson, Hi-Y si, DECA 62-63. Harold Wade S+eve Waldron, HR VP 615 Track 6I-63. Jackie Walker Mifchell Walker, Na+'l Thesp. 6I-63, Pres. 63: FFA 6l-63, ls 63: HR VP 631 Class Assm. 61: Ex. Assm ISCL, one acl play 62. Norman Waiker, Hi-Y 62: TAT 63, Track 62. Wade Walker, P'men Hbl. rngr. 6Ig Hi-Y 62: MW Rep Sr. Carn. Com. 637 HR VP 63. VOCHTIOH Chomes Made by Seniors place March I3'and l5, I963. Near The end of school Seniors siarl' ihinking seriously aboui iheir posi high school plans. One of The mosr beneficial helps 'ro Seniors along 'rhis line is yearly Careers Conference in which Sen iors hear speeches on various vocaiions and discuss Jrheir choices wiih members of cliiferenr professions, Mary Ann El lioli and Mike Jones were co-chairmen of ihe group given The responsiblliiy of planning ihis conference which 'rook Dee Wall, NHS 62-63' H'-Y 6l, Sec.: Ci'l:'es 63, VP: Mn. Ed. 6lf63 VP 63: Sooh f'-. Capel 6l. Marilyn Wallace, Y-Teers 6l-63. Sandy Wallace, Mas. Qld. 63: Y-Teens 6l-63: Fl-lA 6l7 Soph A Capel 6l. Nona Wallers, Soph A Capel 6l: DECA 62-63 Prog, Chm, 63. David Ward, Plan? 31 Decor. Com. 631 SPQR 6l. Karen Warren Sleve Warshaw, P'men libl. 62: Traclr 6l-63: NMSP 637 P'men Per. 62: NHS 62-63: Boys' Slale 62. Cliff WaH, SPQR 62-63: HR VP 631 Sc. 6l: Class Rep. 6l-63. Tina Wealherby, Treas 62' Class VP 6l 63' CX' Corn Chm SC . , - . lu. l. . 635 NHS 637 Teenager ol Monih 62: Hrnc. Prin. 63. 43- X fu" Senior ift Is Legacy to Future Classes PATIO LIGHTS Ll CLASS OF'6l " J -2. 'M' 43?-iw. One of lhe mos? induslrlous Seniors during The spring semesler was Madeline Lemon, head of lhe Senior Gill' Commillee. As she looks al 'lhe pallo lighls, a gill of The class of '6l, she pon- ders a suifable glfr lo serve as a remembrance of 'rhe class of l963. Some Seniors say +l1a+ lhe lirsl day They really fell like Sen- iors was Kid Day, April I. And lhe irony of lhe maller is l'hal', for all The frills and rullles, ribbons and curls, Seniors really do seem older and more special on Jrhis day, 'ro admir- ing lower classmen. Anyway, Blue Bird Sue Wiginron is shown pinning up Darla Simon's skirl in preparalion for The big clay, an annual evenl for all Seniors. Kid Day arlis Be innin of End Toni Weaver, Y-Teens 6I-62: HR Pres. 6l: HR Sec. 62. Len Webs+er, Canlores 62-63, Pres. 63: Soph A Capel 6I Mus. Gld. 62-63: All S+. Choir 62. Be++y Weeks, Amarillo High School, Amarillo, 62: Los Bv. 62 Y-Teens 63. Ronny Weidmann, DECA 62-631 SC. ei-62. Linda Whafley, Y-Teens 62-63. Bob While, Sc. 6I: Am. Radio 63: Class Rep. 6l. Earl Whife Kenl Whife, Orch. 6l-63: Am. Radio 62. Kay Whi++le, Easl Anchorage High School, Anchorage, Alas lca, 62: NHS 63. I79 Byron Whilworilw Ray Wl1i+wor+l1 Lynne Wicleman, Y-Teens 6I-62: Ex. Assm, 62: CHAP 63: Mardi Gras Prin. 62. Mary Wigersma, SPQR ei-sz. FTA 63. Sue Wigin+on, Y-Teens 6l-63, Pres. 63. lCC Pres.: SPQR 62-63, Repl. 633 PHA 6l. Billy Ann Wilkinson, Mus. Gld. 62-63: Sopli A Capel 6l: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62-63. Bolo Williams, sc. 6Ig TAT 62-633 I-li-Y 62. Diann Williams, Soplw A Capel 6I: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62-63: Y-Teens 627 PHA 623 HR VP 6l. Freddie Williams, DECA 62.63. Janice Williams, Band 6l-63: SPQR 623 MM 62: CHAP 62-63. Clubs Ed. 63: Q35 63: MW Rep. 62-63. Ken Williams Wins+on Williams, Band 6l-621 Les Par. 6l. Phillip Williford, Lovinglon High School, Lovinglon, N.M.: Lan. Prbl. 62. Jamie Willis, MM 63, Arr: Mardi Gras Prin. 62: Ex. Assm. 62: Pub. Com. Chm. 63: TAT 62-63, Pres. 631 Y- Teens 6I-63, Sec. 63. Amie Wilson, Pre-Med 62-631 SPQR 631 TAT 621 Sc. bl. Gay Wilson, NHS 62-63: Soph A Capel 6I: Jr. Sr. Girl's Choir 62-63: Mus. Qld. 6l1 MW Rep, 623 FTA 62. Mary Belh Wilson, NHS 63: FTA 62: Class Assrn. 62: Y-Teens 6l- 62: CHAP 62-631 SPQR 6l. Roy Winegar I--. Carol Wood, NHS 62-63: Rec. Com. 6l-63: CanTores 62: Class Assm. 6l: Les Par. 62-63: Soph A Capel lvl. Pris Wood, Spur High School, Spur, Tex.: NHS 62-63: Can- Tores 63: Madrigal Singers 63: QRS 62: Chem. 63. Jack Woody, Band 6I-63, Drum Maior 63: HR VP 6I-62: STage Band 6I-62: Ex. Assm. 6I. Sharon WozencraTT, FHA 6l: Los Bv. 62: Y-Teens 62: DECA 63: MM 62. Pam WrighT, Band 62: FTA 62-63: Y-Teens 62-63. Mardes York, Los Bv. 6l : Chem. 63. Dicki Young, Class rep. 62-63: Mardi Gras Prin. 62: Rec. Com. 63: Y-Teens 6l-62: TAT 62: Los Bv. 63. Duane Young, FFA 61-63, 2nd ST. Farm Skills 6I, IsT ST. Crops Con. 62. Eddie Young, Class VP 6l-62: Hi-Y 6I-62, Pres. 61, Chaplain 62: SPQR 6l-63, Aedile 63. raduation Climaxes Plainsmen Years From The momenT a sophomore girl Takes oTT her shoes aT The gym door Tor an aTTer game parTy To The mo- menT she Tries on her TirsT prom dress as a Junior, To The momenT she receives her corsage on gradua- Tlon day as a Senior, The graduaTion dance is one oT her mosT dreamed-oT evenTs. lT is The lasT reminder of all The Tun and hard work done by Seniors as Mon- Terey Plainsmen. Wifh such somber ThoughTs as This Tar away and yeT ever presenT, Dicki Young and J. Johnson discuss Their aTTer-school plans over cups oT punch during inTermission aT The graduaTion dance held aT The Lubbock CounTry Club May 3I, I963. I8l Joe Young Ken Young, l-li-Y 62-63: Band 6I-62: HR Pres. 63: Mardi Gras Prin. 62. Sleve Young, lnduslrial Arls Fair, Woodworking 62: HR VP Y 63: LHS bl, andidates Take riental Holiday e finkle cl wind chimes and flve scenf of 'asrnine reeled l Q eniors-af lime Lubbock Counrry Club as rbey embarked on an Ofenlaf l-lclda-,"' 're flnerne of 'reir lair JLnior'Seni::r Prom. :ky Weafrerbi, and Lf: fXslncre5', as co-cna'rrnen of ine Prom CFYTfT1ii'TE"3, managed everfiiing ?rcrn Tibuldfiitg the profiis of e candy sa'e o ckccsirg fbe queefs Cro'--rn. Nernfrared for 'rlne honor of wearing rlnis crown were Tina Wealluerby, Lynn Eas- ier, Jan Barnelrl, Donna King and Palfi Eaylol. Mogf Seniors looked forward To April 20 wirh biH'ersweeT anricipalion because ilwey realized rlwal fhey would never again feel llnal special flwrill lnal only a Prom can bring, lam, I l ii l - Junior Favorites Possessing Jrhose unique qualilies lrhar make class favorires are Juniors Belly Jane Brown and Mike Mal- cik. Berry Jane's friendly charm and her engaging smile have endeared her, noi only 'lo juniors, bur lo The enlire sludenr body. As a cheerleader she lends her enlhusiasric supporl To all Plainsman aclivilies. Mike, now serving as vice-presidenl of lhe sludenl' council, is easily recognized as a class and school leader. There is no doublr Thar Belly Jane and Mike will conlinue lo be considered "lavori+es" by all whorn They come in conlacl wi'rh rhroughoul lhe years. I83 Mike Bray, one ol lwelve Junior viceepresi- denls, was a nominee for lhe foreign exchange sludenl. Gwen Bolik, in charge of lhe iunior parly, parlicipared on lhe varsily lennis learn. apable fficers Lead Class ,K Chris Adrean, head maiorelle for The band, worked as co-chairman of rhe Candy Sale. David Moore was a greaf help revising fhe Sludenl Council conslilulion. Besides being co- chairrnan ol lhe class assem- bly, Merle Wiser served as second vice-presidenl ol Y- Teens. Jerry Haggard, known for his slcill wilh a baslcelball. proved a capable vice-presi- denf. I Ml X.: Chris Todd had lhe iob of planning lhe iunior service proiech Gail Jagkggn helped on all class proiecls and acliv. iffes. Gwen Connelley, wha ig 5 Lafjn C'ub viceepresiderf, Wag in Charge of the ianior card secfrn 111 Eventful Junior Year Members of Jrhe class of '64 aniicipale Jrheir lasi year ar MHS, carrying wilh ihem a pack of memories from Jrheir iunior year . . . Monierey's firsl card sec- Jrion, originaled by rhe Juniors . . . Jrhe pride when The Silver Spurs were awarded, once more, lo Mon- Jrerey . . . The fun preparing The class pep rally skil . . . rhe Time speni in Jrhe library working on firsi Jrerm 'rhemes . . . decoraring for Winier Wonderland . . pain+ing scenery and praciicing for Jrhe Junior As- sembly . . . The relief afier Jrhose long days of Iowa Tesls . . . baking candy io finance Jrhe prom . . . and finally dancing Jrhrough lhe Qrienial aimosphere of Jrhe prom. Liz Ashcrafi' discovered Thar being secrefary of her class had many responsibili+ies. The success of ihe prom was due io l.iz's hard work as chairman of Jrhe commirree. As presidenr of fhe Junior Class, Johnny Ellis ably presided over class council meer- ings. Wi+h his sincere personaliry, Johnny was also a welcome pariicipanl' in Hi-Y and 'rhe Larin Club. Phofographed af Pioneer Hofel Moniy Landers was chosen To represeni Mon- rerey ar lhe Texas Associaiion of Siudenf Councils Conveniion. Molly Abboir, on Jrhe Recreaiion Comrniiiee, was also co-chair- man of 'rhe Junior Candy Sale. Jack Jones, a band member, performed, as a valuable class vice-presidenl' in all phases. I85 Barbara Anderson Mike Anderson Diane Anqeioni Paul Applegaie Jo Ann Armsfrong Berry Arnold Siieiia Arp Liz Asncrair Danny Afciweson Penny Aricinson Beverix Baker Ro'n.iBa4er Dogg Banknead Ar ere Barascn Bi' Barr Moi! Aooofr Bi if Aoarns Boo Adams X- Meivin Adams Nancy Adanns Roberr Adcocic Cnfs Adrean Caroiyn Aibers Snaron Aiderson Joiwn Aie-Xander Harry Alsciwier K Juniors Boast Second Largest an ii i 4 -Z Class in Sohoolas Histor Don Barrell Mike Barreii Ron Barrell Jolwnny Barron Suze-He Barron Dewey Balennan Mike Bays Ralph Beaclle Diane Beasley Susan Beeker Ronnie Bell Jan Benner Jack Berry Lincla Berryman Clyclean Bessenlr Larry Besi Mary Lynn Biglwarn Floycl Blackwell Judy Blackwell l-lenry Blair Dicki Blakemore Max Blakney Marilwa Blancl Gwyn Blank Carol Blom Jolinny Boley Leroy Boling Molly Abboir drags Monly Landers oil 'rhe baske?- ball courf during lhe slcir given by members oi ihe iunior class. The skir iealurecl a wresiling march be- tween The Monierey Plainsmen and Cooper of Abi- lene Bulldogs. Spiril from lrhe red MHS spiril bollle gave fhe Plainsmen enough sfrengfh 'ro win fhe maich. The skit such as every class is responsible for giving each year, was presenied in rhe firs+ morning pep rally of 'rhe season, Dick Bolron Dan Boone John Boswell Gwen Bolilc Nancy Bowers l-lugh Box Carey Boyles Sylvia Bradley Andy Brandon Duane Branurn Milce Bray Belrh Brock Kaihy Broclq Rudy Brooks William Broun ill I88 School Spirit in Skit Nicki Brow Belly Jane Brown Mary Brown Nancy Brown Cheri Brownlee Dave Bruce Craig Brummeil' Barbara Brunson Roy Derwoocl Brunson Charles Bryan Eva Buck Ellis Buclcner David Burlcholcler Ann Burnell' Douglas Burns Julianne Bul'ler Benny Bulls Ralph Cahill Sheryl Callaway Jan Calle Gary Campbell Connie Cannon Kerry Cannon Cal Carfrae Marshall Carroll Michal Carruih Janel Carlrer Lanny Close Jan Cobb Chris Colcer Debbie Colcer Quenlin Cole Nancy Collard lvlarlha Collins Nancy Collins Richard Collins Sandy Collins l-louard Cone ,lirnrny Conine Cx-.en Comel y Danny Coolc D. ace Coober ts 'SF 'I Lynda Carler Jenny Casey Randall Cafes Linda Cecil Jon Cesari Shire-ly Challin lvan Chambers Davis Chapman Linda Chapman Jan Cheaney Kay Clanahan Jane Clarlc Carolyn Clifford Kay Clifion Susan Clinlon Lively 'QMidd1emen,7 udition ' YZ' if X.- for Class Talent Assembly Gail Corum Karen Coslanzo Roberl Cowley Barbara Cox Janelle Cox Bill Coyne Barbara Craig Jeanie Craig Jim Crenshaw Glenn Crossland Pal Crumley Brooks Cundill Don Cunningham Bobby Curry Johnny Dalrymple The Uolher side" ol: iuniors, sela dom noliced, is adeplly dis- played by seven girls during lryouls for lhe iunior assembly. This song and dance rouline, "The Seven Aslronelsf' was among lwelve acls which audi- lioned for lhe assembly and one of lhe eighl skelches se- lecled lo appear in lhe final produclion. l9I Y' Gloria Daniels Marilyn Danlclels Ed Darwin Faye Davis Kalhryn Davis Jim Day Sherron Day Gwen Debnarn Rey DeBuslc Marion DeLavan Gloria Delgado Sharon DePauw Kay Devffn Marsha Dewfn LeEl er Dklsn L, A gianl Plainsman, formed lay 'rhe iunior card seclion, loolcs ou? over lhe cheerleaders al The Berger pep rally. The card seclion, which was The firsl in The school's hislory, read "Jun- iors say 'Bulcher Borger, Plainsrnen' " while the opposile side displayed The mighly Plainsman in red on a while background. Juniors Depict Plainsman in Joyce Dixon Duane Doidge Rololoy Dorman Sleplwanie Dorsell Sherry Dorsey Jenny Downs Donna Dozier Carolyn DuBose Waller Du Bose Layerna Duclc Bill Duclcer Jaclc Duncan School S F1rst Card Secuon Sam Dunlap Clwarlollre DurreJr'r Judy Dylces Jimmy Earsley Jimmy Edwards Plwillip Ellelle PaH'y Ellioli Ellene Ellis Jolwnny Ellis Scoll Elmore Kay Emery Tom Esmond Judy Espy Judy Esres Donna Evans IOD "Now run rhal by once more," Juniors Kalhleen McCullouoh DODUI6 Mac and Kenny Keenum seem ro be saying fo Algebra Teacher Ewen Farrar Miss Alleen Whirely. Facloring, variables and equalions were Jerry Judy words lhar soon became familiar 'ro all juniors raking second Feazeu Ferlers year algebra. Second Year Algebra Baffles, Linda Fewell Kay Fields Cheryl Fincher Janice Flelcher Mary Ford Bob Foreman Kim Forresler Rudy Fosler Sieve Fosler Buddy Frazer Susie Gallagher James Garner I94 -Jj Freddy Garry Pal Gibbs Kenny Gideon Linda Gill Carole Gillespie Cynllwia Gillespie Eva Gillespie Bill Gilliam Jesse Glenn Suzie Goodman Doug Goodwin Kennellw Gordon Challenges Strugghng, Jumors James Gosdin Barbara Goyelie Palsy Goyne Frances Graves Barry Gray Saralw Gray Franlcie Gregg Virginia Griffin Gary Grim Jeannie Gulrlsirie Janice l-laclcney Arlliur l-lainer Jerry l-laggard George l-lamilion Veneva l-lamilion American Hisfory Teacher Henry Lynch and senior Jane Dennis admire The pcsfer crealed during fhe week of lhe MHS-LHS loofball game by Mr. Lynch's homeroom. "Keep lhe Spurs" was ihe slogan on This gianl mum which was as-.arded firsr place in ie annual posier cone 'asf held during 4h's all- irnoomanf xxeelc. IDL Danny Hancoclc Kennefh Hancock Cynda Hansard Pam Hardin Sonia Haren Sherry Harl Coy Harris lrene Harris William Harris Milce Harl Ronnie Hari Jane Harlwicli 'S QQ? gs' if irc... Junior Homeroom ins Y i las C CAL ci l lib E I L First in X ,Qi y 4 r 4 ' 2 ,f, 0 W: ,I lmllllllif Terry Harvey Carol Hastings Larry Hastings Carter Hatton Karen Haynes Rupert Hays Pam Hazlewood Betty Heald Jim Heard Linda Hedqcoth Charles Hemphill Eva Hernandez Beat LHS Poster Contest Judy Hewitt Milce Hicks Rosemary Hiclcs Diana Hill Jo Ann Hill Joe Hill Kay Hill Martha Hilton Twanna Hilton Jimmy Joe Hobson Carol Holder Gary Holder Rosalynn Holliday David Hollinshead Sandra Hollinsworth Derrell Hudqeons Jerry Hudgeons Chris Huflhines Joel Hughes Sam Hughslon Pamela Hull Pal Humphries Mary lsharn Gloria lsom Glen Ivey David Jaclcson Gail Jaclcson Larry Jackson Olivia Jackson Colfeen Jacobs Judy Hollr Phil Hollrlforl Duane Hoover Ronny Hoover Nela Hopper Richard Hopper Rulh Hopper Melba Horlon Cynlhia Howard Tim Howells Will Howorrh Kay Hubbard Juniors 'Stand Tallw in Posture I U Comp et1t10n Juniors 'ropped all as Slnerron Day, Dana Ross and Jill Nelson look lwi lwesl honors in ine Poslure Con- Q Jresf. Slmerron was seleclecl as Miss Poslure and Jill and Dana were firsr and second runners up. ,QM Nancy Jaden Jane Jenkins Janis Jenkins Laurence Jennings Billy Jernigan Dick Jolwnson Dennis Jolinslon Bill Jones Bulclw Jones Doc Jones Glenn Jones Jack Jones Girls' Physical Educalion Teacher, Mrs. W. l. Pillman, has cullured a dense growlh of geraniums lhroughoul' The showers of The girls' gymnasium during her spare lime. As sponsor of 'rhe iunior class for 'lhe eighlh year, she is conslanlly worlcing foward perlecling Jrhe class council and making sure class parfies and proiecls run smoolhly. Mrs. Pillman has been leading exercises, ref- ereeing baslcelball and 'reaching poslure lhroughouf ihe shorf hislory of Monlerey High School. V Junior Class Sponsor Develops Sandra Jones Terry Jones Becky Joyner Donald Julian Pam Kallas Alan Kay Kenny Keenum Ralph Keelon Jon Kendrick Darlene Kerls Ann Kerr Randy Kellle Carroll Key Hobby Kingslon Janie Kinney 'DHD 1-we: ,, i, I Kennilh Kizer Wallace Klall' Barry Knighr Paula Krelobs Regina Kuhnley Sudie Kuykendall Roberl' Lacy Sandy Lacy Denise Lage Dale Lam Ginger Lamb Moniy Landers Green Thumb Durmg Spare Time Sharon Laney Ronnie Lang Dan Lano+'re Jeanne Larey Belly Lawson Margarel Lee Janel Lewis Jerry Lewis Margarell Lindsey Doris Loclcard Cheryl Long Vinnie Long Sharon Lorenz Richard Loier Mary Leura Karen Lynch Diana MacDougaii SCOH MacKenzie Judy McBe+h Junior McCar+y Barry McClellan Kaihleen McCullough Roy McDonald Tom McDonell Jack Mclnfyre John Mclniyre Mike McKinney Jumors Lose by Slim argin Roberf McKinney Mike McKinsJrry Parsy McMillan Cory McSpadden Joanne'Mady Trudy Maeker Jim Makins Mike Malcik John Maione Miliron Mapes Jean Maples Margie Marcum Mike Marfin Sue Marfin Jimmy Mason Kennelh Mallhews Marilyn Maudlin Malissa Maxwell Johnny Mayfield Barbara Mays Palsy Meaclor Molly Medders Gene Medlar Sleve Meeks George Megerl Glenn Meyers Andy Michelson Food Drive Slrained back and spilled boxes on aching 'foes mark only a porlion of 'rhe confusion of lhe annual canned food drive. Junior Kennelh Hancock prepares for The final counl which placed lhe middleclassmen 39 cans shorf of firsl place. The drive, held annually iusl before Chrislmas, was carried on lhrough homerooms, and a counl of The number ol cans collecleld by each class was announced every day +o enliven lhe compelilion. Gayle Milcesell Milce Milford Ann Miller David Miller Sherri Mills John Minor Roy Minugh Sfanley Mifchell Bobby Moon Carl Moore David Moore Gay Moore ?b '95, Middlemen Portray wfimelessw From prehisforic Times fo Swingin' '63 fhere has been falenf, and fhe iuniors were ouf fo prove if. Janie Kinney and Merle Wiser, assembly chair- men, were on hand back sfage fo give performers lasf rninufe insfrucfions before going on fo enferfain juniors and seniors in "Tal-enf Through The Times." Talent in Class Assembly Burch Nelson Jill Nelson Jimmy Nerren Anile Nelrherlain Janel Neves Bobby Newell Nicki Newell Penney Nichols Louis Nislar Carl Noble Carol Noble David Norman Joe Nunley Mike Oclen Roberl' Olson J Richard Moore Tom Morahan Ann- Moresheacl Omer Morgan Jane Morse Bill Mosher Carolyn Moss Rila Mounl Ronnie Mullin Pam Munson Michael Murcloclc Milce Murphy 701. Danny Payne David Paylon Janel Penn Susan Peiermann Jerry Peily Janey Pharr Linda Pierce Sherry Pinlcerion Waylen Powell Nancy Power Jackie Prafer Judy Prescoll PalPrue1'l Marry Ralclill John Reed Karen Orr Barbara Osborn Cheryl Osborne Neal Owens Pam Pace Tom Pardue Eddie Parlc Elizabeih Parlcer Bunny Parkinson Rick Parraclc Bob Parrish Roy Parson G, is inter Wonderland Provides 5-lx so -' Knee-deep in planning, Junior Secrelary Liz Ash- crafl and Vice-Presiden'r Jaclc Jones help gel lhings under way for 'rhe "l:ies+ iunior parl'y" yel. Signs, announcemenfs, lale hours, worries, con- fusion . . . and finally Jrhe finished producl-"Wim lei- Wonderland" is a success! '9- Seene for Junior Class Party Til' :J . , .5 Ann Renltro Marilyn Rice Jan Richardson Paul Richler Julie Rickelis Bruce Roloerson Charles Roberis David Roberison Connie Robinson Ray Robinson Sandra Rodden Ricky Rogers Michelle Rohr Dana Ross Cookie Roih Judy Rouse l-lelen Rushing Richard Saari Paula Samtord Bill Sanders George Sanders Martha Sanders Bob Schmid Sara Scroggins Larry Sears Sharon See Bonnie Seveland Plainsmen Satisfy Sweet Tooth, 'vw 4 -13 -1. J E' , It , ,wg ' .. , , ' , K-.i' 1: C Y., ' W - 'yin .',p,L , -Q I '1 ' L .N jx, :Mi -4 ' '- Q 1 7 ' .. G e A ,J ' ,QQ K .t,. I. A The crackle ot wax-paper and the rustle ot aluminum foil were but part ot the many signs that marked the begin- ning ot the iunior candy sale. For more than two months, the middleclassmen sold candy in the cafeteria to raise money tor the Junior-Senior Prom. iJ Candy Seymour Cheryl Shaclcles James Sharp James Shellielcl Linda Shewell Bill Shipman Ronnie Silver Karen Silvius Gay Simco Horace Simmons Don Simpson Jerry Sldbell Help Juruors Pay for Prom Sherrilyn Sloan Charolle Smilh Don Smilh Don Smilh Dollie Smilh Earnesiine Smilh Gayle Smilh Jaclcye Smilh Jimmy Smilh John Smilh Jucly Smilh Karron Smilh Lawrence Smilh Lincla Smilh Sherry Smilh Judy Slewarl Mary Sfewarl Lynnda Siieglilz Suzanne Sfilberl Milce Slinson Bob Slone Rose Slone Mifzi Slovall Celia Slrain Angela Slrelwli Marvin Slrickland Lynn Slreud Jeanne Slyron Wanda Suclwiu Milne Suffon Terri Srnilli Wayne Srnilrln Jolnn Souders Linda Sowell Miles Sowell Lelricia Spires Jim Slanlon Vaughn Slenis Bill Sleplwens Judie Slepliens Gary Sleplienson David Slewarlr Q Juniors Relax From id- ivf'w,N:f Term Z lcy slreels and snow-covered sidewallcs 'failed lo dampen iuniors lake lime oul from lheir lousy day lo enjoy The lhe spirils ol iuniors during lhe winler monlhs. These four snow and recall lhe snow-filled days of childhood. ctivities in First Snow D. L. Swallord Dellmer Tannery Pele Tarllon Jimmy Tale Gene Taylor John Taylor Nancy Taylor Sudie Taylor Belsy Thomas Dean Thomas Erma Thomas JoAnn Thomas Slanley Thomas Jimmy Thompso fl Johnnie Thompson C' -'-w Pai Thompson Sandra Thompson Tex Timberlake Chris Todd Bonnie Townson Judy Traylor Gary Tunnell Dawn Turner Mary Turner Ronnie Turner Donna U nderwood Carolyn Unger iddlemen Climax Semester 3 , 6- Szy' x N Joe Unger Donna Upshaw James Van Bibber Myron Vann Nancy Voigl' Bill Wacldill Gailan Wade Libby Wagonseller Ruami Waldrip Frilzeen Wallcer Sharon Walker Georgia Wall Eddie Wallers l-loward Warner Susan Warshaw Buddy Wassell Geraldine Walkins Lu Ann Walls Becky Weaiherby Ardiih Weehuni Lauran Whailey Sue Wheeler De Wayne While Jim While Kenneih While Marcie While Suzeiie Whiiile ith History, English Themes Reference books were seemingly "worn 'ro Threads" as iunior s+u7 denis finished noie-faking for 'rerm Themes. Showing Junior Danny Cook some sources of informaiion is Miss Pansy l-larris. head li- lorarian. Mos? middleclassmen were required a+ leasi one iheme in English and hisiory ihis year. James Wid Connie Wild Jo Ann Williams Scoll Wilson Sharron Wilson Coel Lee Winn Merle Wiser Linda Womack Lonnie Womack Druea Wood Wall Wood lvlilce Woodloclc Jumors Ant1e1pate Fmal Year Buddy Woodrool Lorrie Woods Barbara Worslwam George Worlman Carol Wriglfr Randy Wriqlfr Teresa Wriglwl' Keenie Wylie Sandy Wylie Von Yafes Rilra Yeary Nancy Yinqling Judy Yorlce John Yugoviclw Ka+l1y Zournas Sophomore Favorites nm Early in Jrhe school year, sophomores begin lo make a place in The complex orqanizaiion of Jrhe high school. Some are so dependable . . . so personable Jrhai lhey quickly become class lavoriles . . . school icavoriles. Tommy O'Kelley, class presidenl, wilh his slrong sense of responsibilily and easy smile, and Carol Ann Cooke, cheerleader, wilh her sincerily and charm, have made Themselves indispensable io life al Monlerey. 2l5 YT YT rw Y 7171 F 'i T7 T7 4-Q 'X Sophomore l. D. Walker, Sue Ann Sides, Jay Ribble and Vicki While conlribuled Their lime and lal- enis ioward malcing lhis school year a successful one lor Soph- omores. Loyally, humor, capa- bilily, sincerily and a willing ness ro worlc mark iheir indi- vidual qualificaiions of leader- ship. Any lime 'rhe need arose lhese Sophs immedialely re- sponded by offering 'rheir services. Sophomore vice-presidenis Danese McDonald, Karen Abbey. Beverly Smiih, David Woody, and Byrnie Bass lnoi piciuredl combine iheir slcills 'ro help carry oul designaiecl siudeni council chores. Danese's energeiic pariicipalion. Karen's ca- pabiliiy, Beverly's cleverness, Da- vid's humor, and Byrnie's leadership made ihem heads of ihe sophomore ffioers '5"'3'H1 Responsilailily is noi new lo Tommy O'Kelly and Linda Wil- liams, presideni and secreiary of ihe Sophomore Class. They were also selecLed as Sophomore delegaies io SPASC. Re- Iiabilify and lruslworlhiness were delermining laclorg in the characier oi ihese iwo lower classrnen as fhey guided their class Through The evenfiul i962-l963 school year. hifi. Five indusfrious sfudenfs who lend fheir energy fo fhe Sophomore Class are Lou Scoggin, Ann Lis- fon, Jimmy Lolcey, Bill Raclcley and Robe-rf Junell. Lou's inifiafive, Jim- my's responsibilify, Ann's origi- nalify, Rober'l"s proficiency, and Bill's resourcefulness confribufed fo a successful year for fhe larg- esf class of Ml-IS. uide Initiates Through First Year Lesfer Cox. Vicforia Cochran, San die Parmer, Ernie Gilkerson confrib ufe fo a successful Sophomore year. Ernie's efficiency. l.esfer's defermi nafion, Sandie's ingenuify and Vic foria's dependabilify are disfin guishing qualifies of fhese class of ficers. , .tcm .-- . ,, ..,. , ,jj - 1:13--:LW Affer fheir inifial year in lvlonferey, Sophomores loolc fo fhe fufure, buf reminisce . . . fhe fearful an- ficipafion of fhe firsf clay in high school . . . fhe em- barrassing purchase of imaginary elevafor ficliefs . . . fhe lasf minufe fouches fo fhe class "Showboaf" As- sembly . . . fhe pride in fhe Chrisfmas canned food drive . . . scrambling fhrough fhe anfics of fhe spirifed fime machine in fhe Sophomore pep rally slcif . . . and fhe frusfrafion of final scheduling as "micldlemen." Karen Abbey Bill Abernellwy Janel Abernellwy Sliaron Abernerlwy Lewis Adams Sandra Adams Sandie Alderson Cliarlolrre Alexander Duane Allen Gregg Allen Larry Allen Barry Allison Brenda Allison Wilson Alplanalp Tommy Allman Bobby Anderson Leslie Anderson Mary Lynn Anderson Pal Anderson Janice Andrews Tommy Armslrong Donna Aslwcrafl James Aslier Tim Aiclweson Gary Afkinson Mike Afkinson Denise Arwill Anne Alwood Lynda Alwood Karen Ausrin John Avinger Phil Baird Bonnie Baker Cheryl Baldwin Sharon Banks Eddie Barbee Gary Barnard Marion Barnell Marsha Barr Vicki Barllell Jane Barlon Gerald Barlon Byrnie Bass Gary Bass Larry Beadle Tries New Sophomores Delermined sophomore P.E. slu- denls gel a l'asl'e of The annual physical lilness program aulhor- ized by Presidenl Kennedy for American youlh. Denise McDonald prepares 'ro lry her skill in frhe slanding broad iump 'resin Ofher members of lhe vigorous class ol: '65 look on. Johnnie Beck Linda Becknal 'K w John Bedingfield B David Beesinger Sharon Bein Carla Bell Sheila Bell Frank Benneli Richard Bernard Jackie Berry Lynn Berry Pal Berry Nanelle Bessenr Glen Besl Jana Bevill in., li, 59 ,EH ,H 1 220 x H ,Q ,- Cheerleader Elections lncreclulify is regisfered on Sally Eas+woocl's lace as she learns of her vic'rory as a sophomore cheer- leader. Carol Ann Cooke was chosen 'ro serve wifh Sally on lhe pep squad. Defealed hopefuls were Vicforia Cochran, Vickie Keeling, Lou Scoggin, and Vicki While. Sieve Billings Glenda Billingsley Linda Billingsley Joey Bird Milqe Blaclc Grady Blaclcmon Gaylon Blair Roger Blair Sharon Blair Carol Blanlc Gwenn Blewer Scoii Boase Sherilyn Bohannon Freddy Bollon Charlene Boren Boost Sophomore Spirit G gf? Q ii J , 2' ,,,:,E Q yy I qy.1,L,y,.,, J , , iq, I nf Darlene Bosiwiclc Donna Boslwiclc Jane Boswell Judy Boswell Donna Bouguel Franzislca Bowen Judy Bowen Peggy Box Lynn Boyd Beliye Bradford Lana Bradley Ronnie Bradley Duane Bradshaw Shirlee Bradshaw Vicki Bradshaw Louise Branum Connie Bridgeman Glenna Bridgeman Roy Bridges James Brillon Clweryl Broclc Lonnie Brooks Barbara Brown Bill Brown Billy Brown Dan Brown Dan Brown Edward Brown Edward Brown Sandra Brown Slierry Brown Tom Brown Jan Bryanl' Bill Buell Carolyn Bulloclc Sherry Burderle James Burdine Alexa Burger Janie Burgy Slnaron Burgess Lynda Burrell June Busby Jerry Bush Dan Burler Gayle Buffs 5' 'Qi .y sage I' ,i ,i, 10 Sophs Check ut 14 'cr- "Ah-h-h, iusT a Tew more names To go," repeaTed sopho- mores as They goT class elecTions OTT To a good sTarT wiTh The issuing oT peTiTions. Frowning and TreTTing were only a parT oT The comfusion as The underclassmen sTruggled Tor The required 96 names. BalloTing and Tinal resulTs broughT The exciTemenT To an end, as The higgesT soph class ever aT MonTerey selecTed I8 vice-presidenTs Tor The 62-63 school Terrn. Petitions for Class Offices BeTTy Byers Carlos Byrd KenneTh Byrd Ronnie Byrd Rick Canup CarleTTe CaperTon KenneTh Carey Kay CarlTon Ricky Carnrick Angea Carroll 5, Mike CarTer Barbara CarTwrighT R Jim Casperson Kim Cassel Rebecca CasTro T S fl F -j:Q7""" M f Q i . , , t A i' ,i ' , 'TNQ " "' g ' .. V'i'2 if L X 'Q' r up W + fan- ,. 6,1 W is i'fi'i,::' .P Lf., . Ann Cafhey Don Chapman Gloria Chapman Ronnie Chisum Kenf Claifor Huberf Clark Jon Clarlc Larry Clarlc Philip Clarlc Gary Clawson James Clegg Gary Clemenfs Paf Clifford John Climer Connie Cline 1 .Q X Z ri Jan Crisp bravely affempfs fo ensnare a mosf unforfunafe member of fhe Hexapoda lin- secfl family. All soph scholars faking biology found fhis en- ioyable pasfime mandafory in order fo successfully complefe fhe course. Accumulafing fhe required fen orders was a pro- longed process. Biolog "Eugen Eager 6-x iw Tommy Clinlon Janene Close James Cloud Bonnie Cochran Vicloria Cochran Wally Cochran Bruce Coffman Pal Coil Danny Coker Mary Belh Collins Terry Collins Cindy Colson Richard Colvin Vic Condrey Richard Cook Soph Entomologists Roberl Cook Sandra Cook Carol Ann Cooke Bill Copeland Kay Copenhaver Mike Corbell Johnnye Cornell Theresa Coronado Neva Cowan Wilma Cowan Carolyn Cox Danny Cox Lesler Cox Linda Cox Terry Cozby John Crallon Rira Crelia Jan Crisp Alice Crossman Janel Crouch if Vi, r-' qwr W if is rr? .f :?T A-aw 1 A Carol Crowell Ann Cucldy ,- Ann Cunningham ' "' ' Jimmy Dallas Bruce Daniel Billie Daniels Palsy Danlclels is Charles Darlin Jane Davidson Ronnie Davidson 95 Accelerated Scholastic Program "E+ fu, Bruref' quolh Linda Paige 'i and Nancy Sanders as 'rhey read from 'fhe immorlal Shalcespeare'S "Julius Caesar." Every sophomore musf complefe a sfucly of Shake- speare's work ro conclude lhe lil'- erary unif. Linda and Nancy are members of Mrs. Margaref James' Honors English class. 226 hallenges Honor Sophs Wally Davidson Billy Davis Laura Davis Nancy Davis Carol Day Donald Day Pam Day Donna Dean Carolyn Deering Delores Dees Bill Deillce Lana Delgado Jerry Diclcson Mary Dillon Nancy Dillon Homer Dixon Jerry Dixon Ken Dobbins Donald Dodson Marian Dodson David Donaldson Connie Donley Niia Dorrell Bill Dorsey Diane Dorsey Joe Douglas John Douglas Janei Douglass Tom Douglass Don Dozier Don Dralqe Trudy Duckworrh Gary Dufield Gary Dulce Danny Durion Paul Duncan Addie Durham Linda Dyer Ronnie Eade Sally Easiwood Douglas Eaves Rodney Edmunds Jola Edwards Glena Egan Karlwryn Eggleslron Q9 Fl 5,3 J-4 in-n-.A Sophs Design Posters for Yr iff ff 'iii in ' Nl Susan Elle Anne Elliorr Pal' Elms Joey Ely Diane Enger Daniel English Marilyn Erwin Harry Euresli Danny Evereire Larry Ewing Larry Exurn Roger Eagan Judy Eallon Mary Ann Farringfon Ann Fields Turke Da Football ame Spiriled sophs make colorful, com- ical poslers for lhe Monlerey-Lulzr bock High loolloall game. Vicloria Cochran's crilicisms serve +0 break up Bonnie Cochran and Mike A+- kinison. Many ofher energefic un- derclassmen aided in 'rhe posler campaign +o boosl school spiril. Sue Finley Lynn Fisk Trenchard Flewellen Janice Flin Ronald Fo-ley Lonnie Follis Roger Ford Glenna Forehand Dianlha Forman Judy Formby Tonie Fornsworlh Jerri Forsdick Clifford Forselh Pal Forselh Glen Forsler 229 Donna Fosler Linda Fosrer Par Fosler Kay Fredericlcson Billy Jaclf Freer Sian Fry Karen Fuller Jan Fullerfon Roy Fulson Larry Furrow Clwrisfine Gallagher Barbara Gamble Gracie Garcia Gary Gardner Jan Garner Q,-v S Underclassmen Share Legacy Madelyn Garner Jaclcie Garrell Wayne Gee Jerry Gerron Jerry Gibbons Tommy Gibbs Milne Gibson Pamela Gilberr Jim Giles Ernie Gillcerson Larry Gill Damon Ginbey Barbara Gipson Rose Glazner Jan Godlove Donna Godwin Marilyn Golden Juan Gonzales Diane Gonzales Robinelrle Gonzalez Randy Goode Jackie Goodwin Jan Gordon Gary Gosdin Sharon Goss Linda Grace Craig Graham Gene Graham Ken? Graham Rosemary Granes Sophs Vicroria Cochran, Tommy O'Kelly. and Rusry Spradling, hoping lo wasre a momeni' or lwo, seek in- spirarion from "The lmrnorlal Plains- man," gil? of 'lhe Class o1C'62. 23I Judy Graves Monly Graves Susan Grew Jimmy Gray Pam Greene Brenda Greenhaw Tommy Greer Trixie Gregg Michele Gregory Don Grillills Dicky Griqg Bill Griggs Bruce l-lale Denny l-laley Jeri Haley Rx R L Wilh lhal "Oh, iT's useless" loolc, some sophomore boys fry 'fheir baslcerball skill al Jrhe Senior Car- nival. The carnival, open lo lhe public, was elle-ncled by many sophomores ouf lo have a good +ime. Sophomores Tour World at 64... N-. in K4 N0 'ffl ix 1 its fl f' ef' , - si ' s ,UN L Seniors, International Showtime Jeanie Halilourton Mary Haliburton Johnny Hall Kay Ham Roberta Hamilton Shannon Hamzy Robert Hardage Mike Hardee Mel Hardin Richard Hargrove Judy Harrelson Jack Harris Mary Harris Marty Harter Linda Hartgraves Patsy Harvey Beverly Hawkins Penny Hawkins Rick Hayes Roni Ann Hayes Andy Hays Laura Hays Roxie Hays Tommy Head David Healer Joe Heard Patricia Helmers Rex Henderson Jane Hendrix John Henry 'E ' as 'X fix G 1 Donnie Hollar Joyce Hollars Milce Hensley Sandra Hensley Belly Herd Cindy Herman Lupe Hernandez Jolin Herndon Susan Hewil'+ Ella Ann Hill Sleve Hills Claudia Hindman Ray Hobbs Rebecca Hobson Lou Hodges Sue Hodges Tom Holden Sophomore Sponsor Ponders Linda Hollin sworfli Q Gary Holloway Penny Hollman Gerald Hone culnl' Y Arllnur Hoover Ken Hopper La Verne Hopper Clwarlie Horn Brad Horner Milcki Horney Roberl Horsman Niclc Houser Jolwn Howard i , KX .23 W7 Chris Howell D'Awn Howell James Howell Gary Hughes Donnie Hunl' Glen Hunl' lvlarlha Hunl Larry Huse Judy Husky Linda Hulchin Bill lckes John lgo Rusly Jacks Gary Jackson Sue Jackson QS athematioal Perplexities Greal minds seldom +ravel in +he same direclion as is evidenced in one of Mr. Samuel Vaugh+er's algebra classes. Mr. Vaughler, sponsor of 'rhe sophomore class, rellecls a weighly malhemalical problem while Tom Es- mond concenfralres on olher deep lhoughls. Among his many dulies as advisor for soph ac+ivi+ies are spon- soring lhe class par+y, assembly and olher special proiecls. 235 Suzie Massey and Bob Pierce puf 'rheir deslruclive ialenls lo good use in aiding fhe I963 March of Dimes campaign. Lubboclcs 'rhree high schools look parr in a "car bash" confesl' for four con- seculive Salurdays wilh lhe "dirne4a-whack" proi- ils going To lhe March of Dimes. Three old cars were painled wiih The school colors of each of rhe high schools, and The s+udenls,were inyifed fo demolish lheir school's car wi'rh a sledge ham- mer. Enfhusiasm and rivalry reigned supreme dur- ing rhe conlesr, Sophomores Mutilate Monterey N Mary Jacobus Dana Jarmon Denny Jarred Dororhy Jasper Linda Jenkins 'vw Jan Jennings Shari Jennings Sharon John Allan Johnson Clifford Johnson wi! Jerry Johnson Marlane Johnson Maynard Johnson Miles Johnson Raylene Johnson X Wayne Jolwnson Bolo Jolinslon Bobby Joiner Alan Jones Belly Lynn Jones David Jones Jan Jones Judy Jones Mary Ann Jones Mike Jones Roy Jones Slwaron Jones Slweddy Jones Tom Jones Shirley Joplin Car for March of Dimes Judy Jordan Roberl' Junell Cassandra Kallina Vickie Keeling Kay Keelon Kallwy Kelly Mike Kelley Bob Kennedy Chris Key Bill Kilgore Mike Killman Pal Killman Jimmy Kindred Janel Kinney Donna Kniglnl Donna Knox Riclward Knox Joanne Koclw Ken Kucauslcas Cecelia Kunnley Jimmy Kunlz Carol Kuylcendall Ricky Kuylcendall Karen Kyle Pele Kyle Scolly Lamoreaux Jimmy Land Sylvia Lane Bob Lanlwam Donna Lanklord Mary Jane Larson David Lauqblin Glenda Lawson Sandy Leaverlon Libby Lee Tommy Lee Doug Lesan Marlene Levenson Mary Lewis Dennis Lilley Bryan? Lincecum Kalie Linder Connie Lindsey Slwerri Lipscomb Ann Lislon nt. Homemaking Students ,rf l James Lislon Angela Lo Cascio Larry Lockard Roger Lolland Jimmy Lolcey Lyndell Loven Kenlon Lowery Belly Lowrimore Cleve Lundberg Beverly Lulz Jill McCaa Sue lvicCariy Mary Mcclung Bill McClure Jimmy McCoy QC 99 Revert to Second hildhood "Could Jrhis be Hne way Jrlwese liH'le eggs gol' in+o Jrlnese liHle cups?" wonders Jrwo year old Brenda. One o1C'll'1e young vis- ifors experimenfs wilrln educa- iional co-ordinaiion 'roys. Vick- ie Keeling and Lou Hodges apply 'rheir knowledge during +l1is educalional play period which ended a uni+ on +l1e siudy of child developmenlr in Homemaking I2. Mary Mccriglwl Billy McDaniel Charlene McDonald Danese McDonalcl Danna McDonald Doris McGauglmy Peggy McGee Carole McKenzie Miclcy McKinley Mike McKinley Judy McKinney Myrna McKniglw+ Tom Peggy Mcl.augl'1lin Bob Mc:Minn orld Events of Past Karen McNa'rJr Dan McNeil Slwerry McWilliams Toni Mace Milron Maclioslr Roger Maddux Mike Mahon Doug Mampel Judy Mann Ernesline Manning Grace Ann Mapes Darrell Maples Bobby Marion Clwes Marslon Jolwn Marlin One ot the world "trouble spots" draws the attention ot Ml-lS stu- dents as they attempt to solve the problems ot the day. Through the study ot World History Il, Doris Mceiaughy, J. P. Meador, Rodney Odom, Dede Perdue, and Deanna Small learn that there is more to the study ot history than iust printed matter in a textbook. These students have'the opportu- nity to study not only history in the past, but history in the mak- ing. Present hallen e History Students Janet Mason John Mason Suzie Massey Rollie Masten Milce Mathis Kay Mauldin Janis May Sue May Bonni Maynard J. P. Meador Tommy Meador Linda Meek Gary Merrell Nancy Merrick Sandra Merritt i Z 24l Nancy Meyer Pai Meyer Denise Miller Gloria Miller Jeri Miller Jolnn Miller Vicki Miller Mike Milliken ArdellMiJrc:l1ell Bob Milclnell Gene Milclwell Gary Molion Ronald Monroe David Moniqornery Carolyn Moore TX f I ,N,"""" ""'r"""""f'-,M 5?-Z, ep: M A. W f o IH: A M J 'si ,X ,Vi 5, ff A l , Eg ,V 8, 'N 5-x A an Si - 'f :Q ' 1 " x I MQ, 'Q Jw' B "9-'M' V 1 New afeteria Win Affords "The new wing of live ceieieria makes earinq oln so-o-o muclw Richards and Julie Williams. Two new serving lines wen? info more delecfable for us soplwomoresf' exclaims Billie Joyce operalion lare in Seplember '62. Qilain lo her classmaies, Mary Lewis, Pam Nausley, Linde 242 F Space for Soph verflow Vernon Nesmilh James Newsome Elaine Nicar Mark Nickel Ma++ Nickel Linda Nicks Rhea Nicoler Richard Nislar Jimmy Norris Jimmy O'Connell Tommy O'Kelly Gwen Odom Rodney Odom Janice Ogle Rufh Ogle Jimmy Moore A. B. Morris Freddy Morris Danny Morrison Glen Morrison Richard Moseley Randy Moses Billie Moyers Phyllis Mulkey Bill Munn Jan Myrick Pam Nausley Deryl Neal Ava Neel Jack Nelson , ,,,, QE' wx Devotionals Add .fs "N Q Sfanley Onsfead Don Owen Karen Owen Ronnie Owen Janie Owens Sandi Oxford Linda Paige Linda Parker Peggy Parker Dicky Parkinson Elizabelh Parks Sandi Parnner Shirley Parsons Joe Parlain- C. J. Palrerson Meamng Danny Pallerson Roy Pallillo Pally Payne Johnny Peach Bob Pearce Mike Pearson Sharon Penny Deirdre Perdue Johnnie Perkins Phillipp Perry Bonila Pevehouse Don Pharr Beverly Phillips Leroy Phillips Bobby Pierce Cindy Pierce Kalhy Pierce Brel'l' Piian Sheila Pinson Tommy Pills Riclcy Plalz Johnny Poll Sherry Poindexler Gordon Porler Bill Powell Charlolle Powell Ann Preslwood Judy Price Nancy Price Sleve Price to Sophomore Routine Momenls ol 'rranquilify and devolion lend a boosl lo lhe Speak To +he gludenls who come. Prayer and music are reg- day of sophs who allend Morning Welch. Tl'1iS nOl'1-Clef10ml- ular parls ol lhe program which help lhe sludenls begin The nelional inspiralion period is held from 8:00 lo 8:30 on Tues- day wi'll'1GOd, day and Thursday mornings. People from all wallcs of life 5? 245 ,AQ mf -1' Q' ," 1 KN . A.. 'W Z f' Q 'Aff ' 4' .,u fi Wilh 1l'1e exceplion of Jeanne Yancey, whose mind is many Murray. Slneila Pinson, and Barbara Wlwileley seem fo be miles away, soplws enlerlained a mixlure of llwouqlwfs abou? making llne besl of sludyinq for The exams, having accepled mid-lefm 'exam in may hall during "Dead week." Jan mem asaneviiabie. ophs Delve Into Studies Judy Pricl4e'r'r Jan Proclor Judie Prude Randy Pursell Billie Joyce Quain Ronnie Quesl ..., Bill Raclcley Bobby Rallerly Lelicia Ramirez Sieve Rampy Ygi Susan Rampy Jolwn Rapier Slwoclcy Reed Marilyn Reese Cindy Reid 246 Bill Relcers Shirley Remcro Dana Reynolds Fred Reynolds Rui Reynolds Florence Rhodes Gary Rhodes Jay Ribble Cliff Rice Mark Rice Linda Richards Hilda Richardson Sharon Riddle Sue Ridlehuber Merrilyn Riggen as Mid-Term pproaches Paul Riherd Mary Risenger James Robbins Edwin Roberis Mary Lynn Roberlson Don Robinson Jimmy Robinson Jane Rocap Richard Rocher Milce Rodgers Benny Rodriguez Viclor Rogers Pal' Roney James Roolcard Becky Rose Ronnie Rose Judy Ross Phyllis Rummel Mary Louise Ruskoslqi John Russell Tena Russell Dan Rurledge David Sams Tommie Sue Sams Judy Samson David Sanders Nancy Sanders Suzy Sanders David Sawyer Cryslral Scilern Lou Scoggin Marsha Scoll Viclcy Scofl Jeanelle Seal Lellie Seals Nancy Seals Mike Segroves Larry Senkel Jack Shaclcles Sian Shady Bobby Shaffer Don Sharp Marlha Sharp Susan Sharp Linda Shaughnessy Q'ShoWboatw Paddles Through 1 .. , ,263 L 5 r Sophomore Sea of Talent Evelyn Sheumalcer Johnny Shindler Sue Ann Sides lvlargarel Siflord Gary Simpson Julian Simpson Susan Sims Marsha Sipes Carolyn Skidmore Bobby Skinner Sue Slculley James Slagle Tommy Slale Wayne Slingerland Deanna Small The afmosphere is full of "iazz" as Jay Ribble and Tim Alcheson fry ou? for a coveled parr in fhe I963 Soph assembly. "Sophomore Show- boal'." wifh ifs Mississippi River selling in 'lhe I800's, swung info lhe hearls of Plainsmen on January 24. Lou Scoggin was in charge of The 'ralenf show, and Wesley Wallace served as Masier of Ceremonies. ,fir tim iw QW... 249 Beverly Smilh Cheryl Smilh Danny Smilh David Smifh Diane Srnilh Don Smilh Franlc Srnilh Jerry Smilh Jimmy Smilh Leslie Srnilh Moneilre Smilh Ronald Smilh Trudy Smilh Vicky Smilh Sam Smyer Intramural Tournament Lures Tense excilemenf prevailed as Pam Slrong, Shoclcy Reed, Sue Carol Skully and Nina Still viewed one of lhe agile conlesls in The girls' annual baskefball four- narnenf. Girls who excelled in 'rheir P.E. classes played each ofher in games which would have given fhe boys a race for their money. thletio-Minded Sophs l'lugl1 Snider Bill Snycler Karen Sparlcman Jolwn Sparks Pal Spears Ricky Spraclley Rusly Spradling Carl Sprall Palricia Slalnaker Bobby Slanclley Don Slaplelon Jacque Slalom David Sleplwens Roberl Sleplwens Bill Sleplienson David Sfeplrienson Karla Sleplwenson James Slevens Karen Slevens Linda Slevenson Duliece Slewarl Dwane Slewarl' Glinda Slewarl Jane Slewarl Kay Slewa rl Nina Slill Jane Sloil' Beverly Sfolces Ann Slolls Jan Slolls 'lv' 4 5:-.R!5' 151.4 I , 'kg wx. 'ULTJUUU OJ OJQ-I.-QE 0 U-,cfm O.-r -Q- U7 -l 1 +A-gnc: " -0-3 O 03 sm 3: 0: LQQHQJKD Guo CD Donnie Suggs Jerry Suiler lv1arkSuiH Dorolhy Summers David Swofford Ricky Talbol Joe Taylor Marqarel Taylor Mike Taylor Sheila Taylor "The mosl imporlanl parl' of my iob is lo promofe school spiril as much as pos- sible and lo give lhe alhleles as much supporl as I can." said Vickie Keelinq concerning her posilion as a sophomore cheerleader. Before her mid-lerm elec- fion. Vickie was presiclenf of her home- room and a Sludeni Council vice-presi- dent Baller and music occupy much of Vickie's spare 'rime oulsicle of school ac- livilies. ew Sophomore Cheerleader ,iz Tom Terbush Darryl Terhune Carole Tharp Carolyn Thomas David Thomas John Thomas Linda Thompson Sue Thompson Diann Tipton- Jerry Todd Terry Tomlinson Peggy Tonroy Tomm Toombs Y l-lelen Tracy G. C. Tull Promotes Spirit and the Arts Tamara Turner Bobby Ulich Linda Vance Wayland Vancleeve Bernie Van Natter Sharla Vannoy Lynne Vernon Carolyn- Viaille Lynne Wacasey Bill Wade Gary Wadsworth Stanley Wagnon Katie Waits Bill Walden Sharon Waldrip Ben Walker Bill Walker I. D. Walker Thad Walker Donna Wall Wesley Wallace Ronnie Warcl Linda Walkins John Wealhers Lanell Wealherlord Bobby Weeks Mike Weeks Armor Welch Kalhy Welch John Wesl Square Dancing fliers Change Shirley Whilaker Dianne While Gary While Rayburn While Tommy While Vicki While Roberl Whilehill Barbara Whileley Sleve Whillield Lellisha Whilney Charles Whill Barbara Whillen Barbara Wilch John Wilcox Larry Wiley ' 'V-2,4a:fsI.s. i f 3, 5 -gg swims'- , ' ,.. - J X Qs 5 1 of Pace for PE Classes "See, if's really no'l' so fer- rible," says Karen McNaH lo Larry Furrow. as a grand righl' and lefl' maierializes when sophs "fry Their hands" al square dancing slcills. Boys' and girls' P.E. classes par+icipa+e in 'rhis evenf for +wo weeks in January. Ofhers composing se'rs for 'l'his dance are Carla Bell, Ann Lision, Danese McDonald, and Dwane Slewarl. Jerry Wilkinson Cynlhia Willham Bill Williams Carol Williams Dan Williams Jean Williams Jimmy Williams Julie Williams Linda Williams Riia Williams Sheri Williams J. L. Williamson Kelly Williamson Gilda Wills Charles Wilmol' Dreamy lhoughls of lhe fufure oc- cupy Sheila Pinson's mind as she leisurely peruses lhe Cl-IAPARRAL. Sheila is looking forward lo her Jun- ior year as she recalls all The lun of lhe Sophomore parly, The alier game gel-iogeihers and The ex- cilemenr of foolball and baslcelball games in lhe year iusi past Memories Lingor on as urtain f Q 117' Edna Rose Wilson Johnny Wilson Pal Wilson Sandra Wilson Mary Sue Winegar Linda Winegearl' Viclcie Winner Jimmy Will Sandra Womaclc James Wood Johnny Wood Wayne Woodward David Woody Dale Woolen Carole Wozencrali Q y Y K--fl Drops on School Year Anna Wrlghl' Bill Wriqhl Wally Wyall Drew Yaggy Jeanne Yancey Linda Yandell Karen Yales David Yeager Suzanne Young A cloud of noslalgia seems lo hang over Cassandra Kallina, sophomore, and Gary Benlly, senior, as lhey walch one las? cleaning ol: lhe halls. This school year holds many fond memorles for bolh sluclemls and for The sludenrs lhey repre- senl: Sophomores are frue "Plainsmen" now, and Iusr as fhe seniors, lhey cannol' help bu+ feel sad lo see Jrhe mem- orable l962-63 school year draw To a close. 257 Advertising af Kun- .fl Hui!-lung hgh: l mrrul H1-ln. xvwnulum X 1 l'.ArL,l,hwl.xx1J,Ulu" 5 5 Wd? ' 62:5 7 fn 1- 2 nu' 3 ' WGN. , -1 '11 1 " ,?,A r 327551- 3 .wi Q 414- .2 u 1 5 Oki?-8. he economy of a communify is rellecled in lhe life of a high Wifhouf lhe friendly ecoopemiog of"rhe of lhis area, H would lee dlfllcuh' for Mon- lo acl as an effecfrlye public relalions agency. As lalways. you invilalion lo visil Hemp- hill needs . . .land a very lwelcomellolmalce fhe lvlonferey Cenler slore our meelin lace al noon or eller school. Aslc vu Q P our l-lol: Nob Room lor your meelings. and Junior World Shop were cr mind. Come browse lo your hearl K Q. "f"?,ff nf" nike I7 before or after the game, Q of Rexx f TRAVEL THE RIGHT ROUTE TO THE MORE CONVENIENT Ili O-OWNER Heated Pool - Retri era 260 N Intersection with Brownfield ,g ,i.5i G und Hwyson wesf 19fh beST of bed board, too! g ted Air A 24-hr Restaurant ABC PRINT 81 CONGRATULATIONS SH 4-8983 ms 3-IIII S+IeeI LUBBOCK, TEXAS I I E Congratulations, Seniors IHC , , , 25 '!ig,,., I " 2604 Texas Ave. Lubbock X 2802 Avenue Q Heaclquarlers 'for 0 Auclio-Visual Equipmenl, Supplies 0 Commercial Sound Equipmen+ 0 Sporls Film Processing 0 Film Renlal Library Sound- photo Sales QQ. SCHOOLS -CCLLECES - CHURCHES 2,07 BROADWAY HOSPITALS - INSTITUTIONS - INDUSTRIALS PHONE POr+er 34997 261 9fwL1?252fZn MONTEREY CENTER NORTHWEST MALL SW 9-43 89 Autographs nf: fsf QP! J -if 'Tm Inf' ffl' ' .1 . r ,Q 'ij' I gang I .f I A 5 ,Q . Q . 11559. ' 9 Q 'Q' ' 2 1 M dfnfgftvi. +A, 323 Wm o git BRCS FINE FURNITURE UH2202 AVENUE 0 EVERYBODY REACH for 76'of61Q'.' Q 5 6 VET' ' E U! I Q as.. e -. ' tg 'Exif' fe: l .L L Aqkl' :.l EKK I V Q U a s G H ghf d 'T Jrh b H m of Things, L. T. Rhodes gives 'Full p d dluslrmenf 'Po The brakes of all vehicles. L. T. RHODES 3 ii D Whife Pig's Hamburgers and Malfs 48l6 Avenue Q SH 7-2768 "MOS+ for we Money" 2422 4'l'h Sfreef POr+er 3-4773 LEWTER FEED LOTS P.O. Box I676 SHerwood 4-4587 LUBBOCK, TEXAS 263 Keep Ahead of the Game with AS APPLIA CES ggi V9 A!! Z' We With Gas Appliances on your "home" team, you'll stay out front on the good housekeeping scorebmrdl For speed, accuracy and dependability, versatile Gas can't it ives you the be beat. And, like a point-after-touchdown, g added margln of unmatched economy. refrigeration, water heating. ea i g LIVE MODERN for LESS with GAS ' Pioneer Natural Gas Company For cooking, clothes drying, h t'n and air conditioning, you'll always . . Pin- X xg WOODFIN'S BOOT AND SHOE SHOP "You Are Our Sole Concern" Dyeing is an ar'r wifh us and Resforafion . . . a Skill Wes+ern Wear and Leafher Goods JUSTIN, ACME, AND TEXAS BOOTS SW 9-4422 33l3 34'll1 Congrafulafionsl WIRZ DRUG Free Delivery SW 9-8690 42nd and Bosfon SNOWHITE BAKERY l 2 f' 1tH49 'N'- hd 46 'C?' ZZ 271' j Cakes and Pasfries of Dislincfion Specially Cakes for All Occasions TOWN 81 COUNTRY INSIDE SERVICE CURB SERVICE S+eaks-Chops Chicken Shrimp 242I 34+h 304 College Aye Complefe Line of Sandwiches SW 5-0537 PO 3-9IO2 PIX BOOK STORE Th I U. V. BLAKE .. ,V . . e a'9ij,eQ,eQX2'j.pO"Um 'n RECORD CENTER Everyihing in Magazines, Books, and Radio and TV Service Hallmark Greeiing Cards 240' 34+I1 STREET 2405 34+h S+. Ph. SH 4-0827 OAKWOOD BOWLING LANES 3004 Slide Road SW 5-4346 Lynn Wideman siands ready 'Io chalk up a score for Leslie Simmons as 'Ihey bowl aI' OAKWOOD LANES. MEMBER OFFICE PHONE Lubbock Co'H'on Exchange POrI'er 2-0808 Texas CoH'on Associafion American CoH'on Shippers Ass'n. JIMMIE COCHRAN CO'I"I'ON CO. I4I9 Texas Avenue LUBBOCK, TEXAS ": 1 . .f :F 3:51 , '-xrzgzgggzi: Q., ,- WI.: , . -- .A-.1 .A .zQr:r.1:2sr.:-M1215 sz ''..f:r:r:2:51:z1s:r:1.fs:2.P' 1 -1-1:19 '--14 55 -:a5:3:1:5:-1:51:rxerzizzrv 'i'E'E'I I ' A - Z3:5:5:7fl:7f1f7:-I1f7f1f3fif325:f" ':2:1:r:.. . 'Z .-15:1:5:r.5ss:r:r.1::prs.r1r:r?E: ....,, Y-If-I .... .. , 15.g355E3.g5:5:2r3r3:ErE:2:E1E:5:5:1 Q 'z' 'rrr "-f':'x'm1:1:1:---:-F-1 " me ' ' b::4Q:1. W 111 I'1 If f 1112'f'f : A : iz- 1, ' 1 WESTEX SALES , I 2213 College Zo y0wb SH 4-255l M 3' o DALLAS 0 FT. WORTH O LUBBOCK if - :fo:c?.:,iIY:e'5 j QIQQJQQ SM gI is 34:52 LUBBOCK DIVISION: 404 34'II'I S'IreeI' Phone SH 4-456I Congratulates the Graduating Seniors in .M giegyww 00001 Chl Gs pill' 0190. T .5 10.1 5522? , L .4 Q. see. O Z O chlp C-Ds I QAHHJZAE HAIR DESIGN INSTITUTE W'-LIwIIIIImr' TIRE CONIPX NY 9-oz Ave. M PO 3-79I6 3 IO I9ih PO 5-8555 ""f"'lE:IIII'I.EfIi III!" -. .I . .1 .. ' 'I-I ,14aog' oW'oo0 I ..'.' ' Q I - ' I ,,,1 TQHQO4' my mi r- 94 ,QQ - AQ., . 4-8 . ,0,., , -.,.. V 1 0 ' ' mi ll . . I PAINT 8. SUPPLY COMPAN I4l4 Ave. K. 23 I9 Clovis Rd. THE FABRIC MART II's a pleasure Io serve you wiih Ihe bes+ in fabrics and pahrerns To seIec+ Irorn. You will find us in The moslr c:onvenienI Iocaiions. I 0 I 8 Broadway Monferey Cenfer Town and Counfry Shopping Cen+er 26+h and Canfon BRYANT FARM SUPPLY Phone POrIer 7-3304 JOHN DEERE AERMOTOR 4 -i vf ' is A3352 .I ,- A ng - P. oiHEs o:E:L 307 LUBBSZK, rexfas bifayl xwff :Win X-Q5 CICERO SMITH 2206 HOME CENTER KFYO IS PROUD Io be 'Ihe sIa'rion which se+s The pace in The broadcasfing of high school ancl Texas Tech foa+baII, baslcefball, and oiher aI'hIeI'ic even'I's. To 'I'he ,Lubbock Wesierners and The Monlerey Plainsmen we are graieful. We wish bofh schools, Their Ieams and all Their s'rudenI's aI'hIe'ric and scholasfic success in 'Ihe years 'I'o come. FIRST IN NEWS . . . BEST IN MUSIC RAN KLIN- ARTLEY IUNERALHUME 4302 34+h STREET - LUBBOCK, TEXAS - sw 9-3666 269 9 INTERSTATE BATTERY SYSTEM M 2l22 lofh Sgqe at again Wholesale Dislribulor for Koa Me I "Champion BaH'eries" Call SW 5-I872 LEFTWICH FOOD MARKET Congratulations, Seniors OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7:30 a.m. lo 7 p.m. lll9 Avenue G POr'ler 2-3l62 PRESCRlPTlONS "JusT Like Your Doclor Ordered" Fasl' Free Delivery Anywhere in The Cily HUNT gi Tlpps COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE Wholesale Grain and Seed Merchanls Gill' lfems - Cosmelics LUBBOCK 70l 27l'h Sfreel' SHerwoocl 4-4592 SH 7-2725 2609 Bosfon-Nerd' lo Elwood Posl' Office Pharmacisfs: GORDON MOORE-W. H. HENDERSON 270 I D BOYD SMITH AUTO SUPPLY, INC. I8I0 Avenue I-I PHONE PO 2-527I IIEInApUEyEiuCgIOlgiigyesGhaarjeneeveiigiqmiimgoigurUsI3IIion'5ArIil:ed8s Wholesale Re+aiI as he Ciemonsiraies his sales approach Io co-worker. Sandra Jones. K 'WF 81 HA'-L ELECTRIC COMPANY EIec'rric Mofor Sales FAMILY PARK CAPROCK and 34I'I1 and Ave- H 5O+h and Bos+on Service IncIus'rriaI Supplies SH 4-8477 SW 5'523I Dial SHerwoocI 4-2336 SAVE WHEN YOU'RE SICK S+ree+ We Fill Any DoCIor's Prescriprion LUBBOCK' TEXAS ERONTIER STAMPS - FREE DELIVERY T. J. BETTES COMPANY Fields Building, Suiie IOI Avenue "O" a+ 2Is+ S+reeI' SH 7-3 I 86 FHA - GI - CONVENTIONAL COMMERCIAL LOANS Lei Us Assisi' You Wiih Your Home Loans Problems '-.5-. - ity- , ? . ' ' 1 - I 5 X ,. .,-. Q3 XX. ff I ,,.-S9 X lm -J I-Iill -an fs- . , N I x- U A A - A I ,'.4b- ' P ' Tx 75 ' ' . Q C i..C ,- E H I IIIIII-I -- 1 -e. 'iw ' I ---- -f ., ,, - N V: M, -.L 'C "' - .-...w, -,I, ,'. 1- -A :1h,:-bil, 1 " -L-T-, AJ ,ff 1 1 Q T 1 I! fwfr A . , ,.,I is . f ' 2. . 1 3 ' I' 2 .- .M..,H,w 5 4. - . l .-.. - .-. I ' ...QT-hu ! v ' cr-HD A, ,.-.v--.....,-,.,- ,, , -a- ---L e..' . or vw , -.. L 1 IES are . i 3 -B ml 272 :pda-,,,,,..,. INCE CIL CO., INCORPORATED Fina Disfribulor Amelie Molor Oil Goodyear Tires ll5 34+l1 STREET SH 4-2326 'S OEN PHOTOGRAPHY The Choice of 'l'l1e CHAPARRAL 2222 Broadway I3II College PO 2-8755 PO 3-3I9I LUBBOCK, TEXAS LUBBOCK PAINT CENTER EeaIu ring LAMBERT DU PONT PaIn'Is-Varnishes-Waierproofing-Lacquers ROBERT E. IBOBI STEWART Phone SH 4-7I75 48l0 Avenue O LUBBOCK. TEXAS ES5 Y , QB I A A I JUNIOR FASHIONS ir SIZ i Io I5 2420 Broadway-TeIepI1one POrI'er 3-9922 LUBBOCK, TEXAS l 1- -' Good Luck, Seniors For School . . . Ringbinders, Briefcases. and LubbocIc's Larges+ Selecfion of GIH' Hems THE LUGGAGE SHOP LU BBOCK, TEXAS "Ini+iaIs Embossed in Gold FREE" I0l2 Broadway POI-Ier 2-0I34 SPARKMAN'S PASTRY SHOP - Home of - ffXa.4,v DONUTS I820 Avenue M POr+er 2-4320 B. E. ADAIR MUSIC Congrafulafions Seniors III2-Ave. PO 3-2848 BURDINE'S CLEANERS POrI'er 5-973I I709 - I9I'I1 S'I'reeI' FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY I .I Carpei' Cleaned-Home or Office . . We Give S8cH Green Slramps SPORTSWEAR COSMETICS MEN'S WEAR GI ET XNRAEPI NG ri' 'F' un offs DOWNTOWN CAPROCK CENTER TOWN 81 COUNTRY To seek is io find whaiever you need af DUNLARS agree Vicki Brown and Vifayne Phillips. , . Nm.. A I! JEWELRY LUGGAGE MILLINERY ACCESSORIES T Congratulations to the Class of 1963 f ill" SEARS ROEBUCK and CO. 1625 13th STREET Think Young C 3 . - Think Qbnrrmartnas JOHN HALSEY DRUG STORE Three Convenient Locations JOHN HALSEY DRUG STORE-1 1 ue Broadway U JOHN HALSEY DRUG STORE-Monterey Center JOHN HALS EY DRUG STORE-I 3 I 6 Main awe or LUBBOCK M Congratulations Grad u a tes fiulliilriiizfi C Illlilll if ,CAMO mm,?kA O H? jg, M From CIVIC LUBBOCK RUTH DANIEL Congratulations BEAUTY SHOP CHRIS'S CLEANERS 4Ol0 Avenue Q SH 4-855l 4lO5 Avenue H SH 4-0046 Besi' Wishes +o +he S+ucIen+s of Mon+erey High School neurons S CHAPMAN S SCN J.w- msunons L. LUBBOCICS LEADERS IN REAL ESTATE SW 9-432' 32I2 341'h Sfreei' LU BY'S C A F E T E R I FIESTA BOWL A I902 Eas+ 4+h A POrf+er 5-6606 SouI'hwesJr's Fines? Bowling Cenier "'24 BRUNSWICK GOLD CROWN LANES 'LOCKERS "LubbocIc's Fines+" 'PROSHOP 'NURSERY Serving Jrhe Souih Plains for 20 Years 'FREE PARKING II02 I4+h STREET Qffulfgalfazata. Imporfers and Roas'rers Food Serving Equipmeni' 20l0 CLOVIS ROAD LUBBOCK, TEXAS P.O. BOX II99 F. S. GONZALES REALTY 4I I4 Avenue O SH 4-3323 QNIN INSU QPPA TA rqqencq RANGE CompIe+e Insurance Service FIRE - AUTOMOBILE - CASUALTY PHONE SH 4-8401 4II4 Ave. "O" Res.: SH 4-2829 LUBBOCK, TEXAS Anderson's Name On The Box Cosis No More Bulr Means So Much More! CONVENI ENT BUDGET TERMS I - 1 .Q . AA bl! fl .UA Lubbock's OIdes+ and Fmesi jewelers l3+h AND J DOWNTOWN O MONTEREY CENTER Twin minds 'IraveI in Ihe same direcfion as Jan and Ann Sfoffs sfop 'Io gaze a+ The anfique grandfafher clock ar ANDERSON BROS. JEWELERS. M INTE R'S IFormerIy Repairzii SI1opI SPECIALIZING IN REPAIRING EIecI'ric Shavers SmaII EIecI'ric Appliances EISCIFIC Trains Irons, Roasfers, Vacuum Cleaners Elecfric Clocks Coffee Makers, Fans, E'Ic. Parker and Shaeffer Pens and Pencils "HeIps Keep 'I'he Sou'rh PIains Running" 2I35 I9+h S+ree'I' LUBBOCK, TEXAS 278 LATHAM'S DEPARTMENT STORE 243I 34+h S+. Phone SH 4-5777 34'rh S+. Shopping Village LUBBOCK, TEXAS TWIN OAKS PHARMACY INDIANA AVE. AT 34+F1 ST. LUBBOCK, TEXAS PHONE SW 9-3636 Prescripfions a Speciahry Drugs and Sundries 0 ExceIIen+ Soda Foun+ain WE DELIVER ei' Do You Have Plans for theYeurs Ahead ? A savings account today is your first step to your goals of tomorrow. Remember, The Bank is the Savers Best Friend. 1 Jubbock llearing 'louse jxssociation American State Bank .............................................................-....- ........................ ...,.........................QtUZF.'!S.N?.U9.0.4'.BQUK.... First National Bank ...................................-sn-. ...........'L.'4bDP.Qk.N?.l.'9.H.4! .B9!1.K.... Plains National Bank ................-.-....-........-s...-.aa MEMBERS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION fzhdizzf 07770417 LUBBOCK. TEXAS 1715 19th SH 74881 COMPLETELY EOUIPPED if To Produce Any Kind of Printing "f OFFSET LITHOGRAPHING . .. W ff LETTERPRESS JOB PRINTHXIG Mac ine Equipped ::::: All Types o usinsss ormx, ar s, nveo es, C k acar s, c., atio me rin in ygggggg f DUPLICATING T " FIRE cf INDEMNITY co YP 1 ml o er. n Quan' PROUD OF ALL THE GRADS!! K S E L 950 on your dial "First on All Audience Surveys" X7 HUHEEHS Office Equipmenf - Prinring - Li+hographing AVE. Q and I9+h LUBBOCK, TEXAS Congra+ula'I'ions, Seniors Former cheerleader, Ardiih l-lessler. recalls pal ' Plainsmen experiences as she aids Normal Walk in 'rhe selecfion ol: school needs from VARSITY. Wholesale Only Hardware Plumbing Sporiing Goods r ' l30 E. 42nd PO 5-7435 I VBOOK STCREY 'W IMI Barbara Craig and Bruce Coffman discover a new Complefe Home Furnishings and Floor Coverings GRIGGS FURNITURE COMPANY I30I TEXAS AVENUE LUBBOCK, TEXAS Phone PO 3-82I8 zfgraf:S2L1mFg2242Szigzag?iiszimiizwas BUTCHER BOY'S mg. MEAT MARKET Fine Meafg PLUMBING CO' 4509-34+h STREET sw 5-4959 POr+er 3-3988 2405 :S+ s+. HYDRAULIC kg SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS T 5oi E. 42nd STREET SH 4-7385 0 IRB F832 2 XI: , 1 Q TL- vb.. 1 AT THREE LOCATIONS COTEY CHEMICAL CO. Dry Chemicals for JIFI II09 Avenue M POrI'er 2-9853 9652 30I6 34'I'h S+reeT SHerwood 7-I5I4 "BeTTer weIIs wiTh Chemic:aIs" 9653 ZIOI I9Th S+ree+ POT-'fer 2-I I ll 23OI AVENUE G SI-Ierwood 7-2096 Linda Fosler and Barbara Goyelle pause lo nolice The HARVEY'S COIN SHOP IOIZ Texas LUBBOCK, TEXAS "MOTEL CONVENIENCE friendly. dependable service, and qualily proclucls of AMERICAN LAUNDRY. HOTEL SERVICE" , e:,.. -A--: ,L,L, , ,...:l2 ..,, THE AMERICAN LAU NDRY THE Le'-- ---'Q, j ---"'.- p ,,. f -,rf "Lubboclc's Finesln T I I 5 POr'rer 5-687l ' 2224 191-I1 STREET POI 33424 ZIT dAvENuEQ LUBBOCK CARPET DRAPERIES DON'S CARPETS 5l I-34+h SW 5-3 I 65 Congralulalions, Seniors mmmmmmm Por'I'able Typewrilers OFFICE L,,,. Office Furnilure, Supplies and Equipmenl I2ll l3lh Slreel' Phone PO 2-0l3l LUBBOCK. TEXAS Congratulations, Seniors! NUNN ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. When you build your house, be sure lo see Nunn Eleclric Supply Co. lor all your eleclrical needs. 2425 TEXAS AVENUE SHerwoocl 7-292l Goober Keyes Som West 5!L0,P!J1E.Qlf H, l6l2 llth STREET DIAL P0 5-6645 Monterey Center 50th 8. Elgin Dial SWift 5-3972 256417054464 Szfadww!! ALWAYS THE FINEST ENTERTAINMENT Country and Western Music 580 "THE FRIENDLY SPOT" DAY DRUG "TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS" l902 Parkway Dr. l9'rh and Quaker PHONE PO 3-6563 PHONE SW 5-7I04 LUBBOCK. TEXAS LUBBOCK, TEXAS 5163f.Q The white space on the right is for your "Remember Me' message. And WE wish 'ro be remem- bered foo- S 6. Q Clothlers 0 . II2 Broadway POrI'er 3-2835 f 56014044-' GORDON MACHINERY COMPANY W. Cons'rruc+ion Machinery CONST. CO. vesnfles AND SERVICE 3403 BANGOR 2804 A LUQOCK' Suglxzgood 4-84I7 SW 9-77I I Newes+ Fashions BROOKIS HIGHLAND SUPER MARKET BEAUTY 224 Avenue H PO 2-I636 403I 34+h Owner SW 9-0742 MARIE RANKIN 2I4 Avenue M PO 5-772I UBBOCK BUILDING PRGDUCTS LUBBOCK, TEXAS P.O. Box I238 W+h Jimmy Edwar s whife carnai Ihoughis o e evenin a Iih g h ci d displays his purchase of ions from RI BBLE'S ELO I63I I9I'h SI'reeI' SH 7-2844 i-N Q T J dy Prickeff and Debbie Coker enioy The comfori of furnish gs on display aI BIRD FURNITURE CO. BIRD FURNITURE CO. Hudson Bird, owner "The Friendly SIore" PO 2-5730 II5 W. COLLEGE BRAY'S CAMPUS CLEANERS AND MEN'S WEAR 24 I 6 BROADWAY PO 2-4962 PersonaI AIIenIion For Your Car CALDWELL AUTO SERVICE SOUTHWEST LUBBOCK'S MODERN INDEPENDENT GARAGE MORE to Select From TOM'S TREE PLACE YOUR TREE-OUR TREASURE 5104 34+h s+ree+ sw 9-3677 , -A I When You Shop -ISL E i XX ' - A' Q ii , , twi n Downtown N Sizes 3-I5 Our Spegialw ,Tue ' 'T'E:' IT J CI I FeaI'uring . . . 5 POINTS SHOPPING CENTER FRANK D. WILSON Owner - Manager 5II9 34II1 STREET LUBBOCK, TEXAS Gay Young Fashions II06 BROADWAY Befween ZaIe's and Penney's UUNTEMPUIIARY CLASSICS We feature the modern masters. Elegant, eloquent simplicity of form- gleaming grandeur of woods - finesse of finish. Everything to make majestic modern - and every buying convenience to make it available for your home. il ill .F- Spears Urit' V ""'- 4. MONTEREY CENTER 50th AT ELOIN BENNETT'S Printing Office Supplies Office Furniture Phone PO 3-3458 I4I3 Texas LUBBOCK 2602 Avenue H Plfone SH +0803 Lusaoclc, TEXAS Night SH 44732 H. C. PAYNE, Owner BEEVERS RADIATOR SHOP New and Used Radiators Free Pifkup All Worlc Guaranteed and Del'Ve"Y 64553 D Stone 326 COLLEGE PO 5-947I 289 1, " Q-fe-A -- H- .Y ,. . .. .,N, W, W -szfs mo snwioi LUBBQ . IFKFZL 254555 if In 0 I I 5, AVENUE Q . ba MEAT IV aRKET CABELL'S GFZOCERY YieIding Io The desire 'ro see "wI'1a'I makes i+ Tick", Mike Pearson and Rick Canup examine Iiie Iruck used for free de- Iivery from BILL'S MEAT MARKET, BILL'S AVE. Q MEAT MARKET 42nd and Q si-I 4-9:01 FREE DELIVERY Locker and Padiculii Meal' Low Prices Freezer Beef Parficular People Every DGY BUD MILLER PO 5-666I PRQFESSIQNAL HOLT'S FINER FOOD PHARMACY NQHAQ-jgj H 24I9 Broadway LU BBOCK. TEXAS LUBBOCK, TEXAS HULL AND RIDDLE RADIO LAB RCA Vic+or Zeni'rI1 College Avenue and 23rd S+. Radio and Television Cenfer COngra+uIa+iOnS Mo+oroIa Car Radios Seniors Cur'Iis Ma'rI1es S+ereo 23l9 TEXAS AVENUE LUBBGCK, TEXAS Congra+uIa+ions! '-EACH CHILDRESS AUTO SA'-E5 HARDWARE co. We IZIUGUCG Downfown, Main a'l' H SH 4-0465 LOWELL 'SKIP' LEACH LUBBOCK' TEXAS GARNET REEVES D U INSURANCE . Practical All Forms I e4 of -'--'-' A "" Insurance LUBBOCK AMARILLO ALBUQUERQUE 7l8 MAIN POr'I'er 3-2878 COMPLIMENTS OF X ,,, ,,,,, , ,, QUALITY CHEHD DAIRY PRODUCTS 21 Home HIIIEIA A , im GRADE " . EI ENIZED Mxu HOMPQMN 0 'Hrllk M I I k IIUIIIIII III Ile - D . IIII HAI: ScIxIIJoI1IIlI1uln Congra+uia+ions 'ro All High School EIS Sfudenis BEAUTY SHOP From La'res'l' Fashions in Hair Sfyling PO 3-2062 2903 EAST 4+h STREET ,DlNTY, MOORE, du I7I2 BROADWAY PO 3-0772 Congra+ula+ions-Class of '63 G ERA QUINN CONNELLY WBBCCKU PONTIEIF... PONTIAC General Tire Service, Inc. MERCEDES BE I520 mb ' N.Z TEMPEST LUBBOCK, TEXAS PO 5-9486 Sales Semce Paris USED CARS Complimenrs of KUYKENDALL MIDWEST INVEST. CQ. REPRODUCTION CO. Established 1932 llll-I9+I1 S+ree+ SW 7-2824 I2l0 AVE. Q PO 5-5521 7 EE, fill 352553133 QAQfIICfe..6IIi?,OQIn.dfl CASA UNDA RESTAURANT' Zaaa .lcvwla featcunanz' "THE FINEST IN MEXICAN FOOD" Sun.-Fri. II a.m.-II p.m. Sa+. Il a.m.-I2 p.m. 24I0 BROADWAY PQ 3-7577 PHONE PO 2-3126 DICK MATTHEWS . LUBBOCK Texaco Service Center 34I'I1 and Quaker 24-Hr. Service 5 gc H green gfamps Sales and Service on AII Makes OFFICIAL STATE INSPECTION STATION III4-l9+h S+. LU BBOCK, TEXAS 293 Adva nfages of A Junior College I Y y SNAY O Small, Friendly I SI'uden'I' Body Q Individual Guidance I Wide Opporfunify For Exfracurricular Aclivily LCC Fully Accredi+ed By The Texas Associa+ion Of Colleges And Universiries "EducaIion Wilh A Disiinclive Chrislian Emphasis" LUBBOCK CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Your Credifs Will Transfer Former LCC S+uden+s Have Graduafed From These Insfifuiions ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE SOUTHEASTERN STATE COLLEGE Abilene Duranf, Oklahoma EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Porlales Aus'Iin HARDING COLLEGE WEST TEXAS STATE COLLEGE Searcy, Arkansas Canyon TEXAS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLEGE Lubbock Confacf E. R. HIGGINS, Direcfor of Admissions, 560I Wesf I9+h, Lubbock, Texas H w 81 Stationery Il COLLEGE AVE O DICK WATSCN AUTOS "Home of Cleaner Cars" 172: CLOVIS ROAD - PHONE PO 3-8874 XX 3 gggiggigfffzg- ---- o . , 6,25 tu -9 is 1 ,YZ-1-T,'iQfj,,',f-'l--""'fff.-lf 1E Stretch your dollars! 'r . it X . " N Q Llve Better... ,- r ELEc'rRlcAu.Y 3: ' P 4, 'AX 1: pus2'ZQ:lfQ51'lcf Q 69 B 8. M TRIM 81 AUTO GLASS Do you wanr ro be remembered? Sign here. Seaf Covers Au+omo+ive Glass Complefe Au+omo+ive Uphols+ery 905 Avenue K PO 3-I I6I PO 3-5739 296 x RAN DOLPH MAN U FACTU Rl NG CO. Box 5306 LUBBOCK, TEXAS Manufaclurers of Righl' Angle Drives lilo N. AVE. T PHONE PO 2-1674 A 'E'1 E-E" A LQ N9 V A FTS 1 ' .-EE -E 11? u , L L'E! 3' 3 ' ii ' ?irZy'igtmL,. H IT! 'l.cME3i " CfltRJgi- ,iii-Hifi . ': -A s v,.. , gg. ., ! ..,,... .W , : gg -1,1 '-A2 " L -, .,,.- ,,...,T , "Mi ,,E ,T EK., f T ,. V Q V W ? ,,,, . .,,,.,,, ,. ., ,, , ,, ,,..f.,.,, , - 4,:,q ,,, ,, 2 ,,.,-, ,,A ,Q .Q V. ' ,, N ,,v:v,H1:53 "The Boys willi a Million Friends" HOYT RICE A. NEIGHBORS Owner Sc3lGS lVlgr'. I9+l1 and Texas POr'l'er 3-9236 Offering a Fine Service a+ No Exlra Cosl DIAL PO ambulance service 3-6433 DAY OR NIGHT T Best Wishes Always i LINDSEY ARNEW-BENSON ' VILLAGE 2i1ZO?aQleiTfHTE21 5531! 35253 Rfgbglieiii Tf?E+Z'e?aHfgh TOWER smile as Jrhanks for his giff of red carnafions. SCOTT'S MONTEREY from FLORAL SHOP THE LUBBOCK THEATERS MONTEREY CENTER SW 5-I I I0 Es T47 if www T KCBD-TV NBC T f XXYXXX OJWMMM ff 1 J I f XXX X k XX X X X NX X 1 I NXAX 7 3 K x . W X RL XX u , 1 wh X l XX I f I f MMAUBWAWPPWELW Welwpe lg FIND IT IA S ooo ,f f X A 'Qs . in X f if I R Q!! ' I I II ll! I , I :ff . ff Ing QI 11,4 f QQ! X if ' If f ' ff X" I, f, Z f 1 .. WITHOUT DELAY EVERYTHING5 AT 6NTER.EW! 300 GRISTY CLEANERS Dry Cleaning aI' Hs Besi FUR CLEANING-FUR STORAGE BONDED COLD VAULT I709 AVENUE Q Phone PO 3.4361 RAFEL'S g COIFFURES "Comple+e Beauiy Service' 4243 34I'I1 STREET SW 9-2600 BOAZ PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY I905 Avenue X DIAL SH 4-32I8 LUBBOCK, TEXAS THE S9-QE PLACE 7 WEST TEXAS "We Are Proud To Serve You In Two Fine S+ores" CAPROCK CENTER I I I0 BROADWAY New and Used EATON MOTOR COMPANY 304 Avenue O PO 2-056l LUBBOCK, TEXAS HILTON SU PPLY CO. Wafer Well Supplies Pipes for All Purposes Complele Line of Home Hardware LUBBOCK, TEXAS I8l9 Easl' Broadway POr'rer 2-379I John Minor and Judie Sleplwens make seleclions from ED- WARD NORTON'S compleie sloclc of paperback books. Free Prescrip'l'ion Delivery ..A,90tLeCafy PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 24-l-lour Prescriplion Service l6I5 34'll1 S'l'ree'l' al' Avenue Q I 7 PHONE SH 4-3778 - SH 4-0666 nada!! S T" I9+h s d . GLEN BEARD PhorTeeelgOa3I185ggeT 4604 45+l1 S+. Lubbock W f sw s-ooa7 BOOKS C + , + M 1' e High STAMPS COINS 6 efln O on er 9 Y STATIONERY SUPER BURGER 32I5-34+h STREET 30 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE COMPANY North College Garage PO 2-25 I 5 E. W. MYERS, Owner All lvlalces of Transmissions JOHN HALSEY DRUG STORES IlI8 Broadway PO 5-630I-2 Monlerey Cenler SW 5-43l3 Free Delivery on Prescripfions Lealher ancl Lealhercrafl' Supplies Phone: POrl'er 3-38OI 1919 EATHER COMPAN Joi-IN HALsEY's PRESCRIPTION 'M Avenue H LUBBOCK, TEXAS l3I6 Main Slreel' PO 3-0495 Your Prescriplion Druqqisl Since l925 THATCHER PRINTING CO. of Lubbock Porler 5-9484 IIO4 MAIN Phone POr'ler 3-4562 WHITWORTH CLEANERS - TAILORS Experl' Alleralions 22l2 I9'rh STREET Complimenls of MAXEY LUMBER COMPANY l24 N. College Ave. 0 Phone POr+er 5-5553 LUBBOCK, TEXAS HOMER G. MAXEY HAROLD BLANK 302 Jlignj -I "- . , I , 'STI PM 'R fv'ffa13ww W Muallli'I-'lIi1f'lIE-FWIWVI , w. i i ' '3-IS.-:5,'. ' Congratulations, Seniors From ROY BOYD FLOE SWENSON Counly School Superinl'enclen'l' Counly Clerlc F. R. LAND ALTON R. GRIFFIN Juslice of Peace Dislricl' AH'orney Precincl I, Place 2 J. R. DEVER RUSSELL HARDIN Dislricl Clerk Tax Assessor-Colleclor i"'lS ROADREWMATIQ ff AR of RANSMWN o fe '17 Service if " S OFFICIA V G ,M QA , ' v A , ., 4' ' vff' 'R fu .:i'U'1iJfl ,' .Z 'f,' V ' A ' 5, 0 .4 , V ' iir A it ,--' 6159- .,..V A, I A XP. , P W A, in , ,. P.. B STA I f X - fl I ' 'K v 1 ' 2 Ig 1 fi Y ll R ... . . W l . Ii ' rag' 1 K.. ' il PN ' -.K , "l'.'r:, JN ' A rx' ark , gv. ral X i .. J ' ' 'nw .. f ' of HJ' 4,14 , n 1 pn.. A 'Y 341, 2- .,,.'.', wilt -' -. I G"i.'i le, I in A I I ' .1 ' f A 'LH T n . A R ' Mfr Ja' l A l Q" J... J ,,. 11 - J f. Q X A J' vm r j 4 f A' r F' J '52 v i F , l I K qw 5 nf lf , " Q f 'T AE W J,...k ' I P r gr me i I Even car frouble foils fo da 1' Th pirifs of Sherry Lipscomb, Margie Murcum. and Bill Snyder as 'rhey faire adva f g f q lc nd efficienf service af CLOVIS ROAD GARAGE. CLCVIS ROAD GARAGE JIM HARVIN, Owner 2l24 Clovis Road PO 3-6506 if C . f9- Y' ' ""'-,' me - I 0 SHAW 5 Dlscou NT SHOES ..-.uzNPa'3'l!g1Sa-tb!-.-!.Z7'6'-' n A Self Se ' 0 1 , ' R - rvlce i g l 'lrll i r c , iixxxxyfrl Ladies' Flafs - Boys' and Girls' Shoes C "When You Think of Shoes. t THINK OF Sl-lAWS" LESTER'S U JEWELERS L 1' i nos BROADWAY PO 3-8244 o n S l 304 Autograph s 6 6 p 41 " Q 1 1 f 3 Q - v Z I X l 1 R! be J. E. MURFEE 8. soN I 1 Real Es+a+e Services X Insurance K-4 slNcE I904 4 I JB C S 19. 305 'H . l Congratulations, Seniors , TRADIN' TEXAN in erior a ' m a i Gail Miller fakes a sneak preview of fhe plush f of 62 l pal whl br ng f TRADIN' TEXAN. l95 I Texas Avenue SH 4-633I Janie Pharr and Bill Sfephens remember The slogan, "handle wiflx care" as fhey examine fragile figurines found al' CUSTOM svmsol s E R v I CE I. Q . Q '0oanoa.l"' SINCE 1890 FLOWERS, LUBBOCK ?faa1efw 242l Broadway PO 2-0282 306 TEXAS Congra+ula+ions LUBBOCK TIRE CO. 7I8 34+h S+ree+ SH 7-I69I BROOK'S SUPER MARKET 224 Avenue H Dial PO 2-I636 Mc DONALD C LEAN ERS 'Decidedly BeHer" We Call For And Defiver SHerwood 4-6048 2908 Avenue N LUBBOCK, TEXAS Karhy Brock. Coe! Lee Winn, Par Thompsen, and Sfore as -H-'ey fravel 1- Jfh 1- f f g Rober+ McKinney remember fo wafch fhelr sfep WH-h Amarillo, on fha safe and Comfor-fable as 'rhey board The TNM8fO bus. There's fun in Coach, O S OU O OWU GFTIB T.N.M.8f0. COACHES 307 136, J. , ,., ,,':t"-ji."--'ri' lm 1 'f.JUURTFii ?LfxiF!SmET': , ,.- , Due To Hue help and co-operafion of LUBBOCK MONUMENT WORKS fhe "lmmor+aI Plainsmenn is now a parf of Mon+erey's fradiflon. 0 0 I LUBBOCK MONUMENT WORKS KEITH FRANKLIN Mexican Food Io DeIIgI1+ Your Table ALSO STEAKS - CHICKEN - SHRIMP BRUCE'S AZTEC INN 2222 I9+I1 SH 4-5263 Qhe E::oIolrfuIdas3or'rmen1'Co'F .IIowers aI' TEXIES mosI' aH'IacI'?3le arT'Eng2E1en+Ir1EolI'IyII1eIEn'Isr:IIfIIr3Io:.gree on I 6 IIOI BROADWAY CAPROCK CENTER POrIer 2-34Il SWIILI' 9-8404 Sfeve WaIdron and Bufch Hancock IooIc on wifh inferesf as service aHendanIs fry Io sell +I'1em on a used car from LIVE LIVE WIRE AUTO SALES 24I5 Texas Avenue SHerwoood 4-0760 WIRE AUTO. A Paymeni- Plan for +I1e Working Man TEXAS FLORAL COMPANY 2I07 2Is+ S+reeI' SH 7-266I 309 Tlw Ruinlm BM UMW cmqumwumlmu. H'ClA9S 0h'63! Ml3FiSeIlHf1iQH' HlLL'S FOOD STORE Where Our Friends Send Their Friends LUBBOCK, TEXAS I6ll l9'I'h SHerwood 4-0668 2 76001161 "Where People Meer and Ea?" COFFEE CUP CAFE "The BeS+ in Flowers" 3707 Avenue A SH 4-9055 30l3 34'I'h S+ree+ SW 5-436i Afier a ies? drive around +l'le block, George Kay Anderson our of 'The Buick Riviera from Hancock displays "cour+esies of old" as he helps SCOGGINDICKEY, The space ai' righi is 'I designed 'For your ' - ' 6' message D . The Buick is designed for your comfori CHURCHES Pioneer Memorial Church Forresl' Heighls Merhodlsl' Church 26l7 Cornell 3007 33rd Slreel' James T. PaH'erson. Paslor Reverend Alby J. Coekren Highland Bap'l'is+ Church 43I6 34l'h Slreel' l. D. Wallcer, Paslor Firsr Bap1'is+ Church 220l Broadway Dr. J. Ralph Grani- Vandelia Church of Chrisl' 2002 601'h Sl'ree'l' Bro'l'her Bob L. Hoover Firsi' Church of 1'he Nazarene 46'rh Sfreel' and Avenue Q Mil1'on Poole, Pasfor Firsl' Melhodisl' Church I4ll Broadway Dr. J. Chess Lovern Asbury Me+hodis+ Church 20+h Sfreel' and Avenue T Reverend Clarence M. Collins S+. Paul's Church of l'he Plains lEpiscopall The Reverend J. M. Washinglon Recior PO 2-2393 Fairh Temple 50I 341'h S+ree'I' SH 4-7904 Trinily Ba plisl' Church 2707 34+h Sfreel' Dr. C. Melvin Rarheal Cenlral Bap'l'isl' Church l3l7 l8'l'h Slreel' Reverend E. Harold Henderson Lubbock Bible Church 3202 34'rh S+ree+ SW 5-4498 314 KUIHQIZ3' is 1 he ffsgff ICE CREAM AND MILK 'jx XX "' Af: N ' ., f D "lf lf's BORDEN'S, ITS GOT TO BE GOOD." agree Gwen Befik and Don Barreff as 'HWGY refresh wiilw a dish of BORDEN'S ice cream. X fx Lf: x ' 4 es "'z ri ,gif f John Dowel! looks on wifh pride as Regan Roberfs and gonverfible from LOUTHAN-DOWELL, Larry Hasfings admire fhe sfreemlined comforr of 'the Dodge LOUTHAN-DOWELL MOTORS 1702 TEXAS AVENUE Dodge - Dart - Lancer PO 5-774I Dodge Truck The old adage, "The early bird calches lhe worm" or maybe around Jrhe fron? enfrance in order fo discuss The coming Jrhe lafesi' news, appears 'lo be +he case as sludenls group school day. FURNITURE MARTS 254I 34+h s+fee+ l4+h and Avenue J ,AD 4:54 1 . 9 9 mx N9 , a QS' . Q',' fp X 4 4 7 fl., 4' f I P . I 1 .,4 HP. 4, J.: AJ! Q 21" Y' I 'M' ,gl s 5ww"'K4? Q X.-9' 4 s Q'f17:". f Y Q ' ' - V fr A 1 px .g w , im-j",.'f1i,f' . . A -. ,W-, V .f,, V ,. ft? ' . f - ,gm-:ff.:f' 1 4 fviw, V- H fn f f- , ,jfs ., l h ,mga AJ,-3: 5? 5, W , ,QQ :: ' x 1 'lf-wt-r P1 P., : 'T ' S-'Fug 5 ' -1374 ' .,.- "'fj if-1.-:f.u',, gf-,-. , 7 " 1" -53iff.'bG ',.:!,j:.i ' -wig' ' I "HQ .Lil " . ' vw ,, ' ' 4 ' . ' - . v I A- - ' - Q l . 1 -4 is ' ' 'f if , 4 1 1 4 1'-iff! L 1' ' El-,-iii' 1 1 , gf v14,zf-M.EfXf1T'? h' '1 ,1 -33.4 5- ' A " 143' in 5 xfmff- w-fl-1-"'f"5'-'Ii' . at 4'-v- V - ' ' ' 'yd af.-:.,na:z1+rrwf1x +. 1 ' 532'-1 11' - ' -' . ' 1 ' ., xl Wu.. , , v Hg." A J I . , gk, - H f-.j,, .clk - , f .,.,, 1 H A :-- A , f l -MH 'W f-,.f?.x. ,LJ 42:-1' 5 l V! I +-,RU-',f2g1,'g:gvg - Y , wi V. - .5 ' ., ff -,- V .' ' I , 4- - N , 3. .'v1" - .n, V . 7. .r ,rf 1 , ,. A x vl1"' 1' 1 1 W 51, 4 ' vi.a'H"?f ' " A ' " -rm . , -:F 4'5S?fP??P-fkifiWjf55 f u S' :X - f ,j F, 3 V ff 'QU' , My 'sf ,,.,-. , ,aa ' ':5,5,gggg, 3.33 ,1 ig.,-wwf .E X '- , 1 ' , N . V ' , b-was . - , , - ' - J f' ' 1 fm' W: QW! 1,5613 Y , V L l K Y V. Wifi -fiixfff-'. . A . V .v -' ,,: '.-,. b 1 1 b , , - ,-.., 7. Y :M Q, , W. Ui, , - . fi . .ff-. "" PQ- .Fa-Q -w ' - X, 1 'iff' ' -. f ., 1' Avi. 1 x X. A X A . W I ,Mai ' , I JJ., pg? . , N , fa " as w .f. 1 fb? .V .- 'Rig -'W Q- 35 , 254 N .Q V . Linda Fewell gives a nod of approval as Jane Clark models a , .1 Sur-r and blouse ensemble from PURRS' FAMILY CENTER. - , :QS .'- u If:-ef? J- ' ' Q. - Q .hx A 1" 1-1 5 n .-.J 1 ,V '5 Fiji ' . f " t '. bis? +5 - ,Gy-4 A R' -5 . i , . . L ,W 'rf If " -fi ' hx . X.. 'l + m L, .. .,a,,',7h 1-0- , . .1 " 4 r av 9 Q e Q ff-s-.-1 a--- x' 37? x, ,V J " E f- ," 15.'i5" 1-.l, 'Q' 1-.WMM K. Y f 'n 2 fb 2 i. A MORE to Select From 5 When You Shop Downlown Following in Jrheir parenls' foolsleps, Sherry and Jay Ribble examine The classic beauly of floral arrang m I li d I ' - ' SAM RIBBLES- 6 EHS Gun -2 Sizes 3 I5 Our Specially Featuring . . . SAM RIBBLE FLORIST "Pleasing You ls Our Pleasure" CITY-WIDE DELIVERY 2422 I9+h S'l'ree+ POr'rer 5-85l6 Gay Young Fashions I IO6 BROADWAY Belween ZaIe's ancl Penney's HULL AND RIDDLE DRUG COLLEGE AVENUE AND zanao C 'rulalions S U . - ' Cf 9 av g? ffff?ff..,fMwfaff-ff,,.. ,. -, yy! 1 zefffmfzw-fz.w,ffMy ffywffwff or ' ffififfw 55915 ',E'- Uniform Needs 54: rsisss ,www ., I A 1.-354 :yy '42'-f Zio 1 ff.. , 4-,sfz-,fi Congralulahons, Seniors E I 5 i',' f 552445 f' yl 5 , f ' f IWW AVON PRODUC I S I . ...,,,. , ,, I f ' f 1'-'iffzff "" g- of PO 5 99I4 L bb L BOX 935 ' U oc 2443 - 34+h Slreel' I wfvfg?fZ??2" . ,'f. f' SW 5-737I 1 ii, I I in I I f ' ' fr 3l7 MM , A- A S .gf-9.4 X :'3,+iv-'E-35 1 , ,, , .. . A chance for excifemenf 'fakes Jimmy Ridpafh, Susan Selby, Susan Rampy, and Sieve Peace fo CHAMPS for an affernoon of fun. 3l8 0Yl197'l0M IN 61 Taking off gives a breaihless 'rhrill as Huey soar fo +he "wild blue younder" in 'rhe Cessna i82 ai' CHAMPS. ' 9 070 .fai . Ready- i "2 ATF?" 'l' -W Caprock Cen+er IIIO Broadway - In I O jar an ' Shoes i IOI4 Broadway POrl'er 5-6282 Filled wi+h anlicipafion of viciory as The Plainsmen lead her reign as she fakes her place in fha '53 S+,-,rfire from Pampa al' half fime, Homecoming Queen Jan Barneff begins WOMBLE OLDS, IZII l9fh S+ree1' SHerwood 7-2977 Congratulations, Seniors! VERA'S The Sporlswear Sfore of Lubbock SIZES 3-I5 6-I8 SW 5-7343 Jusi' off 34+h S'l'ree+ 3307 AKRON 3I9 . .. V, , .. .,-X -.2--U N1 -'-' vs . ..few r., 'X 1 N w ., . A x:.N-.'-.'x"" . V -E---E4 --,X 'Qi NSN-- ... f5g:3g5:,g5,g33-z-:gms-' 23:4 -1 . is -,.f,, ,W2,-mz,-5-,.yg54z,3,,,,, , ,Q 52" ,-E-4 .wc-04-xg, 4:3.f.g,.gu .Nl N . N N . , - ,.::-:-:-: f-- 'nf - - . 1' "' qw-AX TNR 5 :Q - M1532-A vu . 'SEN' 3 if .2 N -'54 .7":. Z'.E-f'33E93:1E2'iE?3F':2:-'-43 ' "fn" '- '353' "i1:'-f.0C:- - J-9'PI:'4-' -'Wi " '-A-' 'X Wx"-f'S1:,':-SN"?PN6'? X' . E 'as Qx .N.'rv5.:- ,m4fZ:z.-,4,,,,,:.-5.-.,.,,,.-4..-.gfw-w .2 E-4, my-Ne Q-Q., XRQL.:-:za-:-.rg-.,1m. x,s9,pA.--g,5N xxx-2.,--asm: E:Eft'fWa24fwffE::f4-'f:f:Air'l.- mi 1:-f-F3626 -r"- E- Kava A. x N-IWWXX' A 1 ,V , ,' -'-- ---- " -. ' :cf ,,' ,, qs- - E--E-. .. . ,vzc--4 V. . -.a - '-: -,X 1 - - - N. -A 44 , - fgiiigqgzziisig-ig? 12515251 63532125gig?-3213Qggggigiggi ziigiqqgj-mgsfiggfgz? "3 Siiig Aix'-3 3-E2 3 E 2, , f,g:,v .4,17,f,,. 2, E . :HE :.:j:5. :..:, .4 . ,qx, '3:':vlE:. .1 .. 5.x ' l h K 2: . E. im ? . diff " 1 . 3 1 ':igi5':f -1 - E A :E ' 2 wifi-tif,-345.2-a Q -: 2: -s - X -- z- ,fe-sg xg ,. gn Hy, 4 1 ,MVS-.2g:.. ,..-, . 1' E Q. E-. .Ega-1E:s3:..g Laugh., ff. 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H T '.', 3-"f fu' 3' , ffiffffjiT-5f2?5fi1'Qf35rE:I2E1.Q, ?E2EE1Q"ji'E5Q-ij-glfgijffi1E':g,1Iji' 5535251255515E5EQSE55S5525555553553552-:-.fI:' j '- ' A'-"'f f 5:5:5:5:5:1:1:fs11:..-, .-1,,,,,,,, .,. ..-,...-., ..-.-. -.-.-.-,- .... - .E-1-1-,-:r:fE2E1Er5r5rE2E1ErE2 'iirkizalsfwliiiix-' Nczwvi-x f 3ifQ-2+4-E:ff14S-bF3r--fir511-iss-xirdw-'QIEI1?f5H-- , f -1.15m-1-s:z1:r1::r:f-:2:f::i:::1s:r::1r:::r:1:2:E1::rf::::::r:r:r:r1a1:1:: zrzrgp-:we-3- s M Q MYXM.. :X xx.-Q::f1--A-Qgfra-gr22sss-rsm:4r:rfkfr':-zQ'- ,f 1 13:-.I:,:5::,3:::1:5::q:,:::-:::-:gp3:21955:g:::::-:3:-:zzriggzggzg "-" - g:::5:.-:55533:M-'-MQ Mg w'csQi'?NiQN-i5i-'o5?--5:2ISN22:2:P2IAIN4Q3'25 Vffnb Eg:-11:51gggzgzqggzi211:2:5s11:1:2:z1E1:1-1-'-'12:1-r:r::sf:'::: ::::r::::5::,-4:-'pw-'+-::.- -X - . Ns N NN 3 1 6E515:E:E:51121E::-:1:IG:fr-:f:2:21-1-1-1-E232-2 -'-' N -' ' s R- X -' X Dial POr'ier 2-2796 or POr+er 2-5408 RELIABLE PHARMACY LADIES SPORTSWEAR 24l8 Broadway PO 5-6244 23l6 NINETEENTH STREET LUBBOCK, TEXAS ll N xx 214.73 SCOTT BALLARD HERB BANNISTER I I 502 EARL RAY MUSIC CO Congrafulaiions, Seniors ' SOUTHWEST MEAT PACKERS Band lnsfrumenfs, Guiiars, SUPPLY CO Pianos, Organs ' Ave. Q Power 2-0468 Phone PO 3-3090 P.O. Box I57I I2l6 Texas Ave. LUBBOCK, TEXAS LUCIAN THOMAS Ab THOMAS JEWELRY 4 1 wy.k I207 College Avenue - Phone PO 3-6468 If VN! si Q WWE LUBBOCK, TEXAS L , 59 ' I ,N GEMS IN OUALITY AND SERVICE A g'mi'r' q Gel' Sophomore and Junior Rings Counting cans Takes concentration as shown by The expressions OT KenneTh Hancock and Jimmy Conine while They prepare a homeroom Tally in The annual ChrisTmas canned Tood drive. Fun prevails in pre-game acTiviTies as iuniors Take Their Turn To decorate goal posTs aT Lowrey Field. CaughT by The camera aTTer The Ll-IS pep rally, Mr. Gerald Rogers and Mr. Floyd l-loney proudly display Trophies signiTying Plainsman excellence in basketball, . b-r'Q,,-2',n,-.1-nfe??fr,::f,: U ' V ff 'lil' Bula-:sn nano J V ' " 'A" T' i l' f' Ba-6 5 '?"" MDRIDGE 5 GH- N-T ' u0"oU'5s ' 4 T V :ggS.iA'SKsL1CE5 'W so ,f1,.7vv'L T' n .1 'X ,hai 9 .. , . f, T X ' f L rf,-'VA' l X Pg, . , . "batter-whipped" as W 1' ho other bread all of which means Xi there is a diferehoe you ' can see, feel, and taste. uv , . 3... -' gf Only in this way can you know the worth of Baldridge Bread and be glad you made Pla,-. . it the chowe. ,391 ' -Q, L11 ,p t,f1f22 T i ,. -.ffiq iy K rea: 1 " T i 32l Salesman, Homeroom Provide Keeping in mind lhal adverlising plays a large parl in financing The yearbook, lop ad sales- men Janice Andrews, Jan Calle and Don Parlcs use lasl year's yearboolc as a guide for laying oul pages. Outstanding upport for Annual Giving IOOW supporl lo lhe annual, Mr. D. M. l-lowell's homeroom was lhe lirsl 'lo subscribe lo lhe '63 Chaparral. Members of Mr. l-lowell's senior homeroom are: Firsi row: Chris Forehand, Cheryl Burlcs, Bill Golf, Jellice Leach, Francis Blalce, Mar- gury Roy. Second row: Randy Pumphrey, Tommy Cone, Sybil Dillion, Larry Pillcinion. Third row: Marie -gn l i X McCluslcy, Jackie Baines, Jane Richardson, John Merrill, Ronald Everell. Fourfh row: Carol Furr- man, Gary Graves, Jay l-lagins, and Jackie Caudle. Noi .piclured are: Milne Bills, Sue Carpenler, Eddie Golcher, Beclcy Hamplon. Bobby Clary, and Sian' ley Slewarl: ,x I 'I x i C 'I i ,' X " , I ABC Prinf 84 Mail 26l B. F. Adair 273 American Laundry 283 Anderson Bros. 278 Apofhecary Shop 30l Avon 3l7 B8cM Aufo Trim 84 Glass 296 Baldridge Bakery 32 Beever's Radiafor 289 Bell Dairy 29l Benneff's 289 Benfley's 288 T. J. Beffes 27l BiIl's Meaf Markef 290 Bird Furnifure 288 U. V. Blake 266 Boaz Pharmacy 300 Book 81 Sfafionery Cenfer 295 Booferie 300 l3orden's Dairy 314- Bray's 320 Bray's Campus Cleaners 288 Brooks Super Markef 309 Bruce's Azfec lnn 307 Bryanr Farm Supply 268 Burdine Cleaners 273 Bufcher Boy 282 Cagle Bros. 262 Caldwell Aufo 288 Casa Linda 293 Champs Aviafion 3l8 J. W. Chapman 277 Charlene's 270 Fred Childress 29l Chris's Cleaners 276 Churches 3l2-3l3 Asbury Mefhoclisf Cenfral Bapfisf Faifh Temple Firsf Bapfisl' Firsf Church of fhe Nazarene Firsf Mefhodisf Church Forresl' Heighfs Mefhodisf Highland Bapfisf Lubbock Bible Church dvertising Index Pioneer Memorial lvlefhodisf Sf. Paul's Church of fhe Plains Triniry Bapfisl Vandelia Church of Chrisl' Cicero Srnifh 269 Civic Lubbock 276 Cloverlake 284 Clovis Road Garage 304 Cobb's 289 Jimmie Cochran Coffon 266 Coffee Cup Cafe 3I I Quinn Connelly 292 Cofey Chemical 282 comfy im Mofel 260 Counfy Officers 303 Cusfom Flowers 306 Rufh Daniel 276 Day omg 288 Don's Carpers 283 oofaihyz 3:9 Draughon's 29l Dunlap's 274 Eafon lvlofors 30l u Fabric ivlarf 268 Cam Fannin 278 Fiesfa Bowl 277 Fiesfa Hair Slylisf 262 Franklin-Barfley 269 Furnifure lvlarf 3l5 Furr's 3l6 Garneff Reeves 29l Genfry's Flowers 287 Golden Lighf Coffee 277 Gonzales Realfors 278 Gordon Machinery 286 Harold Griffifh 320 Griggs 282 Grisfy Cleaners 300 John Halsey 276 Harvey's Coin Shop 283 Hemphill-Wells 258-259 Highland Beaufy 287 l'lill's Food 3II Hilfon Supply 30I Hindman Radio 265 Holf's 290 Hull8iRiddle 290 Hum-Trpps 270 Hydrolic Prod. 282 lnce Oil Co. 272 lnfersfafe 270 KCBD 298 KDAV 285 kFYo 269 KSEL 280 Kal'hy's 273 Kafie's Beaufy 292 Koen's 272 Kuykenclall lnvesfmenf 293 Lafhar'n's 278 Leach Aufo 29l Jessie Lee's 267 Leffwich 270 Lesfer's 304 Lewfer Feed Lofs 263 Lifile'S 265 Live Wire Aufo 309 Loufhan-Dowell 3I4 Lubbock Building 287 Lubbock Chrisfian College 294 Lubbock Clearing House 279 Lubbock Elecfric 27l Lubbock General Tire 292 Lubbock ivlonumenf 308 Lubbock Painf 273 Lubbock Power 81 Lighl' 292 Lubbock Sewing 293 LubbockTheafers 298 Lubbock Tire Co. 309 Luby's 277 Luggage Shop 273 McDonald Cleaners 307 Marfin's 276 Dick lvlaffhews 293 Maxey Lumber 302 lvleek's 265 Midwesf Reproducfion 293 ivlinfer's 278 Miss Sevenfeen 3ll Monferey Cenfer 300 323 Moore Insurance 292 Gordon Moore 270 Morfon's Foods 267 J. F. Murphy 305 Newsome Painf 268 Edward Norfon 301 Norfh College Garage Nunn Elecfric 283 Oakwood Bowl 266 Parke Prinfing 280 Peerless Pumps 275 Pigglywiggly 299 Pix Book Sfore 266 Plainsrnen Flofel 283 302 Professional Pharmacy 290 Radio Lab 290 Rafe1's 300 Raff 81 Hall 271 Rainbo Bread 310 Randolph Manufacfuring Earl Ray Music 320 Reliable Pharmacy 320 L. T. Rhodes 263 Ribb1e'S Florisl 287 Sam Ribble 317 Rice 81 Hughes 297 Rix 306 Joe Rushing 282 SSO Clofhiers 286 2 Sanders Funeral Home 297 Scoggin-Dickey 3ll Scoffs Floral 298 Sears 275 Senkel Consfrucfion 286 Shaw's 304 Boyd Smifh 271 Snowhife 265 Sound Phofo 261 Soufhwesfern 296 Soufhwesf Meaf Packers Spears 289 Sporrs Cenfer 284 Super Burger 301 Sueefbriar 307 TIME Freighf 26: TNMO 307 Sparkmaw Sale r es 273 324 3 20 Tandy Leafher 302 Texas Floral 309 Thafcher Prinfing 302 Thomas Bros. Jewelers 320 Thomas Bros. Office Supply Tom Sf Bingo 282 Tom's Tree Place 288 Tradin'Texan 306 Tuppleware 267 Twin Oaks Pharmacy 278 Uniform Cenfer 317 Varsify Book Sfore 281 Vera's 319 Dick Walson Aufo 295 Wesfern Fire 81 lndemnify We-sfern Windmill 281 while Pig 263 Whifworfh Cleaners 302 Frank D. Wilson 288 Wirz Drug 265 Wornble Olds 319 Woodf1n's 265 Woody Tire Co. Zesfo 261 "You wanf fhis ladder for whaf?" exclaims Joe Gray as he rafes fhe hall ceiling for fhe Senior Carnival. ,ws 280 deco Abboll, Pal 142, 95 Abernelhy, Byron 142, 92 Acrey, Colleen 142 Adams, Linda 142 Akers, Kennelh 142 Anderson, Kay 142, 311 Anderson, Lane 142 Andrews, Randy 142 Arnold, Don 142 Ashby, Bulch 142 Aycock, Sandra 42, 142, 151 Ayers, A1 142, 98, 100 Bains, Jack 142,322 Baker, Forresl 59, 142 Baker, Van 142 Banner, Roger 32, 81, 142, 140 Barber, Alan 63, 142 Barnes, Bryan 142 Barnell, Jan 15, 17, 20, 21, 30, 72, 73, 143, 319, 182, 14,31 Bales, Jack 143 Baylol, Parli 21, 143, 182, 31,141 Beal, Bobby 143 Beall, Roberl' 143 Beaver, Norma 143 Beck, Rosalee 143 Benlly, Gary 67, 143, 257 Bernslein, Kenny 79, 83, 144 Bernard, Nancy 33, 35.44, 57, 143,155, 107 Bersel, Mary Lynn 144 Besl, Carol 16, 69, 144, 148, 22, 54 Besl, Judy 144, 148, 16. 69 Bigbee, Ray 46, 144 Bills, Mike 144,322 Blair, Delores 144 Blake, Francis 144, 322 Bohanon, Vernon 144 Bourque, Eugene 145 Bowers, Laura 145 Bowers, Ricky 77, 81, 145, 102, 103 Bowman, Sandra 145 Box, Becky 65, 145 Boyles, Sammye 145 Bradley, Jeanelle 1,45 Brady, Cornila 33, 64, 145 Brandon, Sleve 145 Brewer, Gary 145 Bridges, Arlene 42, 145 Briggs, Jendy 145 Index Seniors Brighl, Barbara 145 Brooks, Carol 64, 145 Brooks, Larry 145 Brown, Brooke 145 Brown, Gloria 15, 16, 32, 21, 28, 145, 14, 31,54 Brown, Mike 145, 103 Brown, Vicki 44, 58, 146, 274 Brown, William 146 Bryanl, Kaye 57, 58, 146 Bryanl, Rulh 16, 146, 148 Bumpass, Freddie 146, 103 Bundock, Don 146 Burks, Cheryl 58, 146, 322 Burleson, Collon 146 Burnam, Skip 146 Burl, Linda 146 Burioil, Pal 146 Bush, Delberlr 44, 146 Byrd, Bill 146 Byrd, Gary 42, 146 Cagle, Gene 67, 135, 146 Caldwell, Ann 146,52 Camp, Terry 146 Capel, Shirley 146 Carpenler, Sue 147, 322 Carler, Carol 147 Carler, David 147 Carler, Dennis 147, 105 Carlwrighl, Kay 147 Case, Sue 147, 53, 55 Cales, J. Mac 147 Caudle, Jackie 67, 135. 147,322 Cawley, Sarah 65, 147 Chambers, Belly Jo 148 Chapman,Jim 148 Chapman, Judilh 65, 148 Cheek, Bill 148 Childress, Charlie 148, 152 Chrislian, Ricky 64, 148 Clark, Dick 148 Clary, Bobby 148,322 C1ay1on,Mar1ha 146, 148 Clegg, Sandie 149, 52, 53 Clubb, Mike 32, 81, 83, 139. 149, 140 Cobb, June 149 Coil, Laura 149 Colker, Dinah 149 Cone, Tommy 40, 42, 63. 149, 322 Connell, Pal' 149 Cook, Caren 149 Cope, John 149 Copeland, Pal 149 Copp, Linda 149 Coronado, Gregory 41, 42 5 149 8, 62, 123, Counls, Gary 46, 149 Cowarl, David 149 Cox, Kennelh 64, 149 Cox, Roy 77, 149 Crabb, Slephen 149 Crallon, Joe 149 Craig, Donna 150 Craver, Carol 42, 147, 150 Cravy, Ray 14, 15, 29, 81, 150, 54 Craw1ord,51an 150 Crow,John 150 Crowe11,1-lub 150 Cunningham, Kay 150 Cunningham, Sharon 150 Curry, Linda 8, 150, 54 Darden, James 150 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis Carol 150 Frances 150, 104 Judy 150 Kalhy 150 Lynn 150 Pam 64, 150, 140 Dea, John 150 Dei1ke,Tom 23, 33, 90, 94, 150 DeLoach, Bill 55, 151 Denman, Cherry 151, 174 Dennis, Jane 18, 140, 151, 196 Denlon, Frank 33, 56, 151, 54 Devlin, Cassandra 40, 57, 59 151 Dillon, Sybil 151,322 Dillon, Tommy 151 Dinwiddie, Bill 151, 105 Dodson, Donna 151,55 Downey, George 152 Duey, Nedra 44, 152 Durrell, Jeanie 152 Easier, Lynn 2O,21,69, 7313 152182 31 9. . . Edwards, Kennelh 64, 152 Elam, Don 33, 152 E11io11,Mary Ann 31, 33, 52 5 7 54 3,152,17 , Esles, George 152 Eusrace, Ray 152 Evans, Roberl 153 Everelle, Ronald 153, 321 Evill, Millon 33, 58, 122, 152, 153 Fairbanks, Gayle 153 Fannin, Cam 153 Farley, B. L. 153 Farris, Elaine 153 Fellers, Vicki 153 Fisher, Bob 153 Filzhugh, Alricia 153 Flowers, Mariorie 153 Forehand, Chris 153,322 Forsdick, Pally 153 Forlenberry, Judy 153 Fowler, Mike 153 Fox, Eldon 15, 20, 32, 153, 14,98 Frazier, Reg 153 Fredericksen, Sheri 46, 153 Frosl, Eldon 154, 98 Fry, Virginia 40, 73, 154, 52 Fuller, Ann 154 Fulsom, Dickey 154 Galey, Ronnie 68, 154,25 Galanos, Chris 78, 81, 154, 97. 98 Gardner, Johnny 154,271 Garnell, Jo 130, 154 Gasper, Ann 42, 154 Gayler, Bill 154 Gee, Bill 80, 84, 85, 154, 102, 103 George, Jeanie 154 Germer, James 154 Giberl, Reba 154 Gilmore, Jimmy 154,53 Goclloe, Judy 154 Golf, Rila 154 Gosdin, Dan 154 Goss, Warren 155 Golcher, Eddie 155,322 Goll, Bill 155, 322 Graham, Diane 42, 155 Graves, Gary 155,321 Graveslock, Jon 155 Gray, Joe 155,324 Gray, Lisa 61, 69, 133, 155 Green, Ricky 155 Gregory, Buddy 32, 156, 89, 91, 94 Grimes, Bob 42, 156, 103 Guillol, Vickie 156 Gummell, Jan 156, 174 Guyer, Carole 156 1-lagins, Jay 59, 156,321 1-lail, Pal 156 1-lalberl, Bill 156 1-lamplon, Becky 42, 157, 1-1ami11on,David 156 322, 107 325 Hamplon, Buddy 76, 157, 98, 100 Hams, Jim 157 Hancock, George 58, 157 311, 102, 103 Haney,iPal 157 Haney, Wallace 157 Hardison, Ronny 157 Harrell, Gary 47, 157 Harris, Celia Jo 157, 140 Harris, Charles 122, 157 Harris, Lynda 157 Harrison, John 46, 157 Halchell, Jim 157 Hawkins, Lacresha 157 Hawkins, Tommy 157, 104 Hay, Suzie 157 Healy, John 47, 157 Heckerman, Nancy 157, 164, 52, 53, 54 Helmers, Donna 46, 158 Hensley, Linda 158 Herrin, Phyllis 40, 158 Hexl, Lee 158, 265, 52 Hibbells, Carol 158 Hicks, John 47, 158 Hill, Garry 158 Hirschman, Bob 158 Hobbs, Gerald 158 Hodges, Candy 158 1'lOdik. 1:rilZ 26, 69, 158 Holley, Randy 158 Holley, Tommy 158 Hollinshead, Wayne 42, 158 Hood, Nancy 158 Horlon, David 33, 158 Howard, Carol 158 Howe, Jeanne 19, 158 Howell, James 158 Huey, Gary 158, 98, 99, 100. 101 Hull, Lynn 158 Hunler, Linda 158 Humphrey, Lynda 158 Hurn, Connie 50, 158 lrwin, Cheryl 42, 158 Irwin, Jamie 158 lsaacs, Marilyn 158 Jackson, Judy 41, 160 Jasper, Joy 160 Johnson, J. Norman 160, 181 Johnson, Phyllis 160 Jones, B. L. 160 Jones, Carllon 23, 32, 34, 160, 89, 90 Jones, Don 12, 77, 160 Jones, Jackie 160 Jones, Jane Ellen 42, 160 Jones, Jimmy 161 Jones, Joe 67, 161 Jones, Mike 30, 32, 57, 152, 161, 177,140,104. 105. 38 326 Jones, Randy 77, 81, 83. 161,98 Jones, Spike 161 Keener,Jerry 161 Kelley, Michael 161 Kerr, Charles 14, 16, 32, 161, 168 Kidd, Ronny 161 King,Chery1 161 King, Donna 21, 31, 42, 161, 182, 140. 38 Kirkpalrick, Jim 161 Kirkpalrick, Russ 40, 57, 161 Knopp, Belle 42, 161 Knox, Sandra 161 Kolas, Jon 161 Kossman, Linda 161 Kruse, Sherry 42, 161 Kyle, Margarel 162, 54 Larnpp, Linda 162 Lane, John 162 Larmer, Bill 162 Lawson, Judy 162 Leach, Jellice 67, 162 Leach, Roberl 162 Lemon, Madeline 41, 57. 162, 178 Lewis, Diane 116, 162 Lewis, Elsie 162 Lewis, Paula 162 Lewler, Lile 84, 162 Lipscomb, John 162 Lislon, Rulh 162 Livingslon, Sandra 162 Lokey, Larry 162 Long, Sandra 162 Long, Sherry 162,55 Loulherback, Linda 163, 53 Lovelace, Cecilia 40, 163 Lowe, Larry 68, 163 Lowrey, Gary 163 Lucas, Nancy 163 Luscomb, Denise 163 McCluskey, Maire 130, 163, 322 McCrummen, Lindsey 163 McDaniel, Joe 163 McDivill, John 164 McElroy, Paula 18, 69. 164 Mclzarling, Jerry 164 McGeorge, Jack 164 McGulley, Paul 164 McKnighl, Joann 65, 164 McLarly, Marvin 164 McMillan, Carol 130, 164 MCMurlry, Allan 46, 164 MacDougall, Danny 33. 165, 98. 99, 100 Mahone, Melody 165 Mann, Clyde 158, 165 Marberry, Roberl C. 44, 165 Marcy, Rila 46, 165 Marlin, Carolyn 165 Marlin, Gerald 47, 165 Malhis, Jackie 165 Malhus, Sylvia 165 Mayhall, Mike 165 Murrell, John 165, 322 Meyer, Gary 165 Miller, Dick 56, 165, 52 Miller, Gail 165, 306 Milligan, John 165, 98 Milliron, Elenda 165 Mills, Barbara 165 Milchell, Frances 165 Monlgomery, Larry 166 Mooney, Sharon 166 Moore, Linda 166 Morgan, Jeanelle 166 Morlen, Teri 166 Morlon, Charles 166 Moseley, Peggy 166 Mouser, Ronnie 166 Mugq, Dolores 42, 117, 166 Murdock,James 166 Myrick, Brenda 44, 166 Naler, Craig 135, 166 Nazario, Calherine 166 Neal, Donna 64, 166 Neal, John 166 Neel, Billy 166 Neel, Gay 166, 25 Nelson. Gloria 166 Nesmilh, Charles 167 Neveloll, Ronnie 167 Newlon, Lucy 42, 167 Niell, Cynlhia 57, 167 Noble, Nolan 167 Nunn, Barbara 17, 57, 167 Nyslel, Carol 167 Onslead, Joe 167 Osborn, Belly 167 Owen, Mary 168, 107 Page, Lola 168 Page, Tommy 168 Paige, Eddy 32, 35, 44. 152, 168 Paquelle, Da,na 168 Parkinson, Chadine 168 Parsons, Donna 22, 56, 168, 55 Parks, Don 67, 168,322 Paxon, Sharon 168 'Payne, Karen 33, 44, 63, 152, 169 Pearson, Tony 169 Pendegrass, Glen 40, 169 Perez, Eliseo 17, 58, 169 Perry, Phill 169 Pelerson, James 46, 169 Pelly,Janel 41, 169 Phenix, Lee 169 Phillips, Wayne 169, 274. 103 Pilkinlon, Larry 169, 322 Poineexler, Casey 169 Porler, Gary 163, 169 Poleel, Billy 169 Powell, Paula 169 Preslon, Mike 169 Pumphrey, Randy 169, 322, 98 Quillin, Barney 40.42, 169 Radanovich, Faye 169 Radanovich, Kaye 169 Ray, Beverly 170, 158 Ray, Mickey 122, 170 Rayburn, Don 170 Reed, Ricky 47, 170 Reeder, Tommy 170 Reese, Ronald 170 Reynolds, Jane 170, 55 Reynolds, Mikel 170 Ribble, Sherry 170,317 Rice, Dick 170 Richardson, Jane 170,322 Richardson, Pal 170 Roberlson,Clinlon 170 Roberlson, Robbie 170 Robinson, Beverlee 170 Rodriguez, Rose 170 Rogers, Sylvia 130, 131, 170 Rookard, Jesse 171 Roper, Roberl 171 Rose, Gary 57, 171 Ross, Barbara 171 Ross, Don 171 Rownlree, Rila 44, 119, 171 Roy, Margury 171. 322 Rush, Frances 171 Russell, Wanda 42, 171 Ryan, Kay 172 Saari, John 82, 172 Sarlen, Linda 172 Salerlie1d,Ann 172 Schmid, Conrad 20, 79, 84, 172, 140, 103 Schoener,Jenniler 172 Seim, David 81,172,141 Sellers, Tommy 41, 42, 172 Sexlon, Jeanne 40, 172 Shaughness, Jan 42, 172 Shepard, Annelle 121, 172 Shepard, Wanda Jean 172 Shalwell, Frank 47, 172 Sides, Glenn 172 Simmons, Leslie 172,266 Simmons, Tim 172 Simon, Darla 69, 172, 179 Simpson, Jack 173 Simpson, Johnny I73, 53 Sims, Wayne I73 Singlelon, Sonia I73 Singlelon, Tommy 58, I73 Skibell, Richard I73 Skibell, Rulh 32.35, 59. l6O, I73 Slaler, Gene 78, I73 Smallwood, T. P. I73 Smilh, Adrianne I74 Smilh, Connie 42, I3I, I74 Smilh, Kalhy I74 Smilh, Daye I74 Smilh, Keller 20, 80, I74, I40, 98 Smilh, LaGayIa 42, I74, 8, 54 Smilh, Melba I74 Smilh, Ricky I74 Aisbon, Molly 58, 134. Sparks, Jane 40, 57, I74 Spears, Donna I75 Spradley, Mike l75 Spradling, Ross Lynn 66, I75 Springer, Jan I75 Slenis, Melody 44, I75 Slephens, Peggy I3O, I75 Slephenson, Jackie I75 Slephenson. Mickey l75 Slewarl, Slanley l75, 322 Slokes, Clinl 42, I75 Slolls, Don I75 Slovall, Byron 20, 79, 84, I75, IO3 Slreelman, Danny I75 Slrickland, Ann l75 Summerlin, Shirley Ann I75 Sullle, Gwen 69, I75, 25 Tanner, Judy 4l, I75 Tappen, Barbara 66, I75 Tarpley, Sleve 47, I76 Tale, Minnie I76 Talkenhorsl, Davie 42, I76 Taylor, Charles I76 Terhune, Carla I76 Terrell, Toni I76 lhedlord, Pan 59, I76 Thompson, Coy I76 Thompson, Suzi I76, 53, 54, 55 Thornburg, Roy I76 Tidmore, Kenl I76, 52 Tidwell, Charlolle 42, I76 Todd, Frank I76 Tonroy, Bernie I76 Tryhearl, Gary I76 Tubbs, Carlisle 47, I76 Tuscana, Barbara I76 Ulich, Bill I76 Underwood, Jesse 64, I77 Vanderbill, Rosalie I77 Vinson,'lroy 64, I7I, I77 Wade, Skippy I77 Waldron, Sleve I77, 309, IO3 Walker Jackie 137, I77 Walker Milch 67, I3I, I77 Walker Walker, Norman I77,28I Wade II9, I77 Friendly Frank Denlon lakes a wandering sophomore, Darlene Boslwiclc, in low. Wall, Dee 33, 40, I78 Wallace, Marilyn l78 Wallace, Sandy I78 Wallers. Nona I78 Ward, David I78 Warren, Karen 2I, I78 Vlfarsliaw, Sleve 33, 57 I44, I52, I78, IO2, IO3 Wall, Clill I78 Wealiherby, Tina I6, 20 2I, 24, 3I, 67, I78, IB2 I4I Weaver, Toni I79 Websler, Len 40.42, I79 Weeks, Belly I74, I79 Weidmann, Ronny 179 Whalley, Linda l79 While. Bob I79 While, Earl I79, IO3 While, Kenl 44, l79 Whillle, Marian Kay I79, 25B Whilworlh, Byron Eldes I 80 Whilworlh, Ray IBO Wideman, Lynne IBO, 266, 52 Wigersma. Mary IBO Wiginlon, Sue 33, 69, I79, l8O Wilkinson, Billy Ann l8O Williams, Bob IBO Williams, Sandra Diann 42, l8O Williams, Freddie I8O Williams, Janice 47, IBO, 53 Williams, Ken IBO Williams, Winslon IBO Willis, Jamie I7, I8, 6l. 69, l8O. 55 Willilord, Phillip Wayne I8O Wilson, Amie IBO Wilson, Gay 42, IBO Wilson, Mary Belh I64, l8O, 52 Winegar, Marshall Roy IBO Wood, Carol I8l Wood, Pris 40, l8I Woody, Jack 46, l8I Wozencrall, Sharon 64, ISI Wrighl, Pam l8I York, Mardes l8l Young Dicki ISI Young Duane 67, I35, ISI Young Eddie I8l Young Ken 68, l82, 25 Young, Joe I82 Young. Sleve l82 Junior Class IB5, IB6, I88 Acrey, Jerry I86 Adams, Billy I86 Adams, Bob I86 Adams, Melvin I86 Adams, Nancy I86 Adcock, Roberl 44, I55, I86 Adrean, Chris 46, I28. IB4, I86 Albers, Carolyn I86 Alderson, Sharon I86 Alexander, John I86 Alschuler, Harry I86 Anderson, Barbara I86 Anderson, Mike I86, 54 Angeloni, Diane 69, I86 Applegale, Paul I86 Armslrong, Jo Ann I86 Arnold, Belly I86 Arp, Sheila I86 Ashcrall, Liz I85, I86, 207 Alcheson, Danny I86 Alkinson. Penny I86 Baker, Beverly I86 Baker, Ronny I86 Bankheacl, Doug I86 Barasch, Arlene I86 327 Barr, Bill 186 Barrell, Don 186, 314, 98, 100 Barrell, Mike 80, 187 Barrell, Ron 122, 187 Barlon, Johnny 46, 187 Barlon, Suzelle 187, 107 Baleman, Dewey 77, 187 Bays, Mike 187 Beadle, Ralph 187 Beasley, Diane 187 Beeker, Susan 40, 62, 128, 187 Bell, Ronnie 187 Benner, Jan 187 Berry, Jack 187 Berryman, Linda 187 Bessenl, Clydean 187 Besl, Larry 187 Bigham, Mary Lynn 61, 137, 187 Blackwell, Floyd 187 Blackwell, Judy 187 Blair, Henry 47, 187 Blakemore, Dicki 187 Blakney, Max 187 Bland, Marlha 187 Blank, Gwyn 187 Blon, Carol 42, 187 Boley, Johnny 32, 122, 187 Boling, Leroy 187, 203 Ballon, Dick 188 Boone, Dan 188 Boswell, John 47, 188 Bolik, Gwen 184, 188, 314, 105 Bowers, Nancy 188 Box, Hugh 188 Boyles, Carey 47, 188 Bradley, Sylvia 188 Brandon, Andy 86, 188, 105 Branum, Duane 188 Bray, Mike 194, las Brock, Belh 42, 188 Brock, Kalhy 188, 309 Brooks, Rusly 188 Broun, William 188 Brow, Nicki 189 Brown, Belly Jane 73, 183, 189. 38 Brown, Mary 42, 189 Brown, Nancy 44, 155, 189 Brownlee, Cheri 189 Bruce, Dave 46, 68, 189 Brummell, Craig 189 Brunson, Barbara 189 Brunson, Roy 189 Bryan, Charles 46, 189 Buck, Eva 40, 189 Buckner, Ellis 189 Burkholder, David 189 Burnell, Ann 189 Burns, Douglas 189 328 Buller, Julianne 189 Bulls, Benny 80, 189 Cahill, Ralph 65, 189 Callaway, Sheryl 189 Calle, Jan 189, 321, 53 Campbell, Gary 189 Cannon, Connie 189 Cannon, Kerry 189 Carlrae, Cal 47, 59, 62, 189 Carroll, Marshall 189 Carrulh, Michal 47, 189 Carler, Janel 189 Carler, Lynda 190 Casey, Jenny 190 Cales, Randall 190 Cecil, Linda 190 Cesari, Jon 47, 190 Challin, Shirley 190 Chambers, lvan 40, 42, 190 Chapman, Davis 190, 93 Chapman, Linda 190 Cheaney, Jan 42, 190 Clanahan, Kay 46, 190 Clark, Jane 190, 316 Clillord, Carolyn 190 Clillon, Kay 190 Clinl, Susan 190 Close, Lanny 68, 190 CObb,Jar1 46, 190 Coker, Chris 190 Coker, Debbie 190, 288 Cole, Quenlin 80, 190 Collard, Nancy 190 Collins, Marlha 41, 190 Collins, Richard 190 Collins, Sandy 190 Cone, Howard 190 Conine, Jimmy 190,320 105 Connelly, Gwen 36, 59, 184, 190, 104, 105 Cook, Danny 190,213 Cooper, Diane 190 Corum, Gail 46, 191 Coslanzo, Karen 191 Cowley, Roberl 26, 191 Cox, Barbara 191 Cox, Janelle 58, 191 Coyne, Bill 191 Craig, Barbara 191, 282 Craig, Jeanie 41, 191 Crenshaw, Jim 191 Crosland, Glenn 191 Crumley, Pal 191 Cundill, Brooks 191 Cunningham, Don 191 Curry, Bobby 191 Dalrymple, Johnny 78, 191 Daniels, Gloria 192 Danklels, Marilyn 192 Darwin, Ed 192 Davis, Faye 192 Davis, Kalhryn 192 Day, Jim 192, 198 Day, Sherron 192, 107 Debnam, Gwen 192 DeBusk, Ray 192 DeLavan, Marion 192 Delgado, Gloria 192 DePauw, Sharon 46, 192 Devlin, Kay 42, 192 Devlin, Marsha 192 Dickson, 1.eEl1en 44, 192 Dixon, Joyce 193 Doidge, Duane 46, 193 Dorman, Robby 42, 193 Dorsell, Slephanie 193 Dorsey, Sherry 193 Downs, Jerry 193 Dozier, Donna 193 DuBose, Carolyn 16, 193 DuBose, Waller 46, 193 Duck, Laverna 46, 193 Ducker, Bill 33, 59, 193 Duncan, Jack 76, 193 Dunlap, Sam 193 Durrell,Char1olle 42, 193 Dykes, Judy 42, 193 Earsley, Jimmy 193 Edwards, Jimmy 41.42, 68, 193, 287 Ellelle, Phillip 193, 98 Ellioll, Pally 193 Ellis, Ellene 193 Ellis, Johnny 47.59, 185, 193 Elmore, Scoll 135, 193 Emery, Kay 193 Esmond, Tom 193, 235 Espy, Judy 193 Esles, Judy 24, 193 Evans, Donna 193 Ewen, Donnia 42, 194 Farrar, Mac 67, 194 Feazell, Jerry 194 Fellers, Judy 194 Fewell, Linda 194,316 Fields, Kay 58, 194 Fincher, Cheryl 194 Flelcher, Janice 194 Ford, Mary 194 Foreman, Bob 194 Forresler, Kim 194, 102, 103 Fosler, Rudy 83, 194. 98 Fosler, Sleve 194 Frazer, Buddy 194 Gallagher, Susie 194 Garner, James 194 Garry, Freddy 195 Gibbs, Pal 195 Gideon, Kenny 33, 36.59, 68, 195, 103 Gill, Linda 44, 195 Gillespie, Carol 195 Gillespie, Cynlhia 195 Gillespie, Eva 195 Gilliam, Bill 195 Glenn, Jesse 195 Goodman, Suzie 195 Goodwin, Doug 195 Gordon, Kennelh 195 Gosdin, James 98, 195 Goyelle, Barbara 195, 283 Goyne, Palsy 195 Graves, Frances 195 Gray, Barry 195 Gray, Sarah 195 Gregg, Frankie 195 Grillin, Virginia 195 Grim, Gary 195 Gulhrie, Jeannie 195 Hackney, Janice 40, 195 Hafner, Arlhur 62, 195 Haggard, Jerry 184, 195, 292, 91, 92, 95 Hamillon, George 44, 195 Hamillon, Veneva 195 Hancock, Danny 196 Hancock, Kennelh 41, 196, 203, 320 Hansard, Cynda 196 Hardin, Pam 65, 196 Haren, Sonia 196 Harl, Sherry 196 Harris, Coy 196, 53 Harris, lrene 196 Harris, William 196 Harl, Mike 196 Harl, Ronnie 46, 196 Harlwick, Jane 196 Harvey, Terry 196 Haslings, Carol 23, 197 Haslinds, Larry 82, 197, 314 Hallon,Carler 197 Haynes, Karen 42, 197 Hays, Ruperl 197 1-1az1ewood,Pam 197 Heald, Belly 197, 107 Hedgecolh, Linda 197 Hemphill, Charles 86, 197 Hernandez, Eva 197 Hewi'rl,Judy 197 Hicks, Rosemary 44, 197 Hill, Diana 197 Hill, Jo Ann 4-4, 197 1-1iI1,Joe 197 Hill, Kay 197 Hi1lon,Marlha 197 1-1i1lon,Twanna 44, 197 Hobson, Jimmy Joe 197, 103 Holder, Carol 42, 197 Holder, Gary 197 Holliday, Rosalynn 197 Hollinshead, David 46, 197 Hil1ingsworlh,Sandra 197 Holl, Judy 198 Hollkorl, Phil 198 Hoover, Duana 36, 63, 79, 120, 198, 103 Hoover, Ronny 198 Hopper, Nela 41, 198 Hopper, Richard 198 Hopper, Rulh 198 1-lorlon, Melba 46, 198 Howard, Cynlhia 198 Howells, Tim 198 Howorlh, Will 198, 93 Hubbard, Kay 36, 198 Hudgeons, Derell 198 Hullhines, Chris 198 Hughes, Joel 40, 42, 59, 198 Hughes, Joel 40, 42, 59, 198 Hughslon, Sam 198 Hull, Pamela 42, 198 Humphries, Pal 44, 198 lsham, Mary 198 lsom. Gloria 198 lvey, Glen 198 Jackson, David 198 Jackson, Gail 184, 198 Jackson, Larry 198 Jackson, Olivia 41, 198 Jacobs, Colleen 198 Jaden, Nancy 199 Jenkins, Jane 42, 199 Jenkins, Janis 199 Jennings, Laurence 199 Jernigan, Billy 199 Johnson, Dick 42, 140, 199 Johnslon, Dennis 199 Jones Bill 199 Jones, Bulch 40, 42, 199 Jones, Doc 199 Jones, Glenn W. 199 Jones, Jack 185, 199, 207 Jones Sandra 66, 200, 271 Jones, Terry 200 Joyner, Becky 200 Julian, Donald 200 Kallas, Pam 200 Kay, Alan 200, 105 Keenum, Kenny 194, 200. 105 Keelon, Ralph 200 Kendrick, Jon 46, 200 Kerls, Darlene 200 Kerr, Ann 42, 200 Kellle, Randy 200 Key, Carroll 42, 200 Kingslon, Hobby 200 Kinney, Janie 14, 15. 32. 200, 204, 53 Kizer, Kennelh 201, 91 Klall, Wallace 67, 201 Knighl, Barry 201 Krebbs, Paula 46,201 Kuhnley, Regina 44, 201 Kuykenda1I,Sudie 62, 201 Lacy, Roberl 201 Lacy, Sandy 201, 107 Lage, Denise 201 Lam, Dale 201 Lamb, Ginger 201 Landers, Monly 185, 188, 201,91 Laney, Sharon 201 Lang, Ronnie 40, 201 Lanolle, Dan 201 Larey, Jeanne 201 Lawson, Belly 201 Lee, Margarel 201 Lewis, Janel 201, 105 Lewis, Jerry 201 Lindsey, Margarell 46, 201 Lockard, Doris 201 Long, Cheryl 201 Long, Vinnie 20, 201 Lorenz, Sharon 42, 201 Loler, Richard 201 Luera, Mary 201 Lynch, Karen 202 MacDougall, Diana 202 MacKenzie, Scoll 76, 202, 103 McBelh, Judy 202 McCarly, Junior 83, 84, 202. 103 McClennan, Barry 202 McCullough, Kalhleen 194, 202 McDonald, Roy 202 McDonell, Tom 202 Mclnlyre, Jack 202 Mclnlyre, John 202, 91 McKinney, Mike 47, 202 McKinney, Roberl 202, 307, 105 McKinslrey, Mike 202 McMillan, Palsy 44,202 McSpadden, Corry 44, 155, 220 Mady, Joanne 56,202 Maeker, Trudy 42, 202 Makins, Jim 202 Malcik, Mike 14, 15, 16, 32.47, 58, 183,202 Malone, John 202 Mapes, Millon 46, 202 1v1ap1es,Jean 44, 155, 202 Marcum, Margie 202,304 Marlin, Mike 202 Marlin, Sue 47,202 Mason, Jimmy 202 Mallhews, Kennelh 203 Mauldin, Marilyn 46,203 "Now lel me say lhis aboul lhal . . . " says Drum Maior Jack Woody lo an inlormal spallering ol lisleners. Maxwell, Malissa 203 Maylielcl, Johnny 203 Mays, Barbara 203 Meador, Palsy 42, 203 Medclers, Molly 203 Medlar, Gene 47,203 Meeks, Sleve 203 Megerl, George 203 Meyers, Glenn 203 Mike1son,Andy 46,203 Mikesell, Gayle 52, 204 Millord, Mike 204 Miller, Ann 41,204 Miller, David 204 MiIIs,S1warri 204 Minor, John 86.204, 301 Minugh, Roy 204 Milchell, Slanley 204 Moon, Bobby 204 Moore, Carl 32, 36, 46, 62, 204 Moore, David 184, 204, 90 Moore, Gay 204 Moore, Richard 47,205 Morahan, Tom 46, 63,205 Moreshead, Ann 59, 205 Morgan, Omer 205, 96 Morse, Jane 205 Mosher, Bill 205 Moss, Carolyn 205 Mounl, Rila 205 Mullin, Ronnie 78,205 Munson, Pam 46,205 Murdock, Micheal 205 Murphy, Mike 205 Nelson, Bulch 205 Nelson, Jill 54, 198,205 Nerren, Jimmy 205 Ne+lher1ain,Ani+a 205 Neves, Janel 205 Newell, Bobby 86, 205 Newell, Nicki 205 Nichols, Penney 47,205 Nislar, Louis 205 Noble Carl 46, 68, 205 Noble, Carol 205 Norman, David 205 Nunley, Joe 47, 205 Oden, Mike 44,205 Olson, Roloerl 205 Orr, Karen 206 Osborn, Barbara 134, 206 Osborne, Cheryl 206 Owens, Neal 206 Pace, Pam 206 Pardue, Tom 206 Park, Eddie 206 Parker, Elizabelh 206 Parkinson, Bunny 206 Parrack, Rick 206, 53 Parrish, Bob 46, 206 Parson, Roy 46, 206 Payne, Danny 206 Paylon, David 206 Penn, Janel 206 Pelermann. Susan 42. 206 Pelly, Jerry 206 Pharr, Janey 42, 206 Pierce, Linda 44, 206 Pinkerlon, Sherry 206 Powell, Waylen 206 Power, Nancy 46, 206 Praler, Jackie 206 Prescoll, Judy 206 Pruell, Pal 206 Ralclill, Marly 40, 62,206 Reed, John 206 329 Simpson, Don 209 Renlro, Ann 42,206 Rice, Marilyn 42, 206 Richardson, Jan 207 Richler, Raul 47, 207, 54 Rickells, Julie 207 Roberson, Bruce 207 Roberls, Charles 207 Roberlson, David 207 Robinson,Connie 207 Robinson, Ray 207 Rodden, Sandra 47, 207 Rogers, Ricky 207 Rohr, Michelle 207 Ross, Dana 40, I98, 207 Rolh, Cookie 207 Rouse, Judy 42, 208 Rushing, l-lelen 42,208 Saari, Richard 84, 208 Samlord, Paula 208 Sanders, Bill 86, 208, 98 Sanders, George 208 Sanders, Marlha 208 Schmid, Bob 208, 89, 93 Scroggins, Sarah 208 Sears, Larry 208 See, Sharon 33, 208 Szveland, Bonnie 208 Seymour, Candy 209 Shackles, Cheryl 209 Sharp, James 40, 209 Shellield, Jim 209 Shewell, Linda 42,209 Shipman, Bill 209, I02, l03 Silver, Ronnie 42, 209 Silvius, Karen 209 Simco, Gay 209 Simmons, Horace 209 Skibell, Jerry 59,209 Sloan, Sherrilyn 209, IO4 Smilh, Charlalle 209 Abbey, Karen 2l8, 2l6 Abernelhy, Bill 2l8, 96 Abernelhy, Janel 2l8 Abernelhy, Sharon 37, 43, 2l8 Adams, Lewis 2l8 Adams, Sandra 43, 2l8 Alderson, Sandie 42.43, 2l8 Alexander, Charlalle 2l8 Allen, Duane 2l8 Allen, Gregg 2l8 Allen, Larry 2l8 Allison, Barry 2l8 Allison, Brenda 2l8 Alplanalp, Wilson 2l8 Allman, Tommy 2l8 330 Smilh, Don 209 Smilh, Don 209 Smilh, Dollie 209 Smilh, Earnesline 209 Smilh, Gayle 42, 209 Smilh, Jackye 209 Smilh, Jimmy 209 Smilh, John 68, 209 Smilh, Judy 209 Smilh, Karron 209 Smilh, Lawrence 86, 209 Smilh, Linda 209 Smilh, Sherry 209 Smilh, Terri 40, 2l0 Smilh, Wayne 2l0 Souders, John 2l0 Sowell, Linda 2l0 Sowell, Miles 2l0 Spires, Lelricia 2l0 Slanlon, Jim 2l0 Slneis, Vaughn 2l0 Slephens, Bill 2l0, 306 Slephens, Judie 42, 2l0, 301 Slephenson, Gary 47, 2l0 Slewarl, David 2l0 Slewarl, Judy 47, 58, 2l0 Slewarl, Mary 2l0 Slieglilz, Lynnda 2l0 Slilberl, Suzanne 2l0 Slenson, Mike 2l0 Slone, Bob l22, 2l0 Slone, Rose 53, 2l0 Stovall, Milzi 2l0 Slrain, Celia 44, 2l0 Slrehli, Angela 2l0 Slrickland, Marvin 2l0 Slroud, Lynn 80, 2l0 Slyron, Jeanne 2l0 Suchiu, Wanda 66, 2l0 Sullon, Mike 2l0 Swallord, D. L. 2l I Tannery, Dellmer 2ll Tarllon, Pele 2ll Tale, Jimmy 2l l, l05 Taylor, Gene 40, 42, 2l I Taylor, John 2ll Taylor, Nancy 2ll Taylor. Sudie 2ll Thomas, Belsy 2ll Thomas, Dean 47, 2ll Thomas, Erma 2ll Thomas, Jo Ann 2l l Thomas, Slanley 2ll Thompson, Jimmy 2ll Thompson, Johnnie 2l I Thompson, Pal 69, 2l2, 307 Thompson. Sandra 2l2, 46 Timberlake, Tex 2l2 Todd, Chris I84, 2l2 Townson, Bonnie 44, 2l2 Traylor, Judy 2l2 Tunnell, Gary 2l2 Turner, Dawn 2l2 Turner, Mary 47, 2l2 Turner, Ronnie Underwood, Donna 2l2 Unger, Carolyn 2l2 Unger, Joe 2l2 Upshaw, Donna 2l2 Waddill, Bill 42, 2l2 Wade, Gailan 2l2 Wagonseller, Libby 2l2 Walker, Frilzeen 2l2 Walker, Sharon 47, 2l2 Wall, Georgia 2l2 Walldrip, Ruaml 2l2 Wallers, Eddie 40, 42, 2l2 Warner, lrloward 2l2 Sophomores Anderson Bobby 42,43, 86, 2l8 Anderson, Leslie 2l8 Anderson, Mary Lynn 2l8 Anderson, Pal 2l8 Andrews, Janice 2l8, 322 53,52 Armslrong, Tommy 2l8 Ashcrall, Donna 43, 2l8 Asher, James 2l8 Alcheson, Tim 2l8, 249 Alkinson, Gary 2l8 Alkinson, Mike 2l8, 229 Alwill, Denise 2l8 Alwood, Anne 2l8 Alwood, Lynda 2l8 Auslin, Karen 2l8 Avinger, John 2l9 Baird, Phil 43,219 Baker, Bonnie 2l9 Baldwin, Cheryl 2l9 Banks, Sharon 2l9 Barbee, Eddie 86, 2l9, IO3 Barnard, Gary 2l9 Barnell, Marion 86, 2l9 Barr, Marsha 2l9 Barllelr, Vicki 2l9 'Barlon, Jane 43, 2l9 Bass, Byrnie 2l9, l05 Bass, Gary 2l9 Beadle, Larry 2l9 Beck, Johnnie 220, 96 Becknal, Linda 220 Warshaw, Susan 3l, 32, 36, 46, 62, 2l2 Wassell, Buddy 2 l 3 Walkins, Geraldine 44, 2I3 Walls, Lou Ann 44, 2l3. IO7 Wealherby, Becky 42,213 Weehunl, Ardilh 56, 2l3 Whafley, Lauren 2l3 Wheeler, Sue 2l3 While, DeWayne 2l3 While,Jim 2l3, IOS While, Kennelh 2l3 While, Marcia 42, 73, 2l3 Whillle, Suzelle 2l3 Wid, James 2l4 Wild, Connie 2l4 Williams, Jo Ann 2l4 Wilson, Scoll 43, 2l4 Wilson, Sharron 2l4 Winn, Coel Lee 214,307 Wiser, Merle 40, 69, I44, 204, 2l4, 298 Womack, Linda 42, 2l4 Womack, Lonnie 2l4 Wood, Druea 2l4 Woodlock, Mike 2l4 Woodrool, Buddy 2l4 Woods, Lorrie 2l4 Worsham, Barbara 2l4 Worlman, George 2l4 Wrighl, Carol 2l4 Wrighl, Randy 2l4 Wrighl. Teresa 2l4 Wylie, Keenie 54, 2l4 Yales, Von 2l4 Yeary, Rila 2l4 Yingling, Nancy 2l4 Yorke, Judy 46, 2l4 Yugovich, John 2l4 Zournas, Kalhy 2 I4 Bedinglield,John 220 Beesinger, David 220 Bein, Sharon 220 Bell, Carla l28, 220, 255 Bell, Sheila 43, 220 Bennell, Frank 220 Bernard, Richard 220 Berry,Jackie 220 Berry, Lynn 220 Berry, Pal 220 Bessenl, Nanelle 220 Besl, Glen 220 Bevill, Jana 220 Billings, Sleve 22l Billingsley, Glenda 22l Billingsley, Linda 22l Bird,Joey 22I Black, Mike 221 Blackmon, Grady 221 Blair, Gaylon 221 Blair, Roger 221 Blair, Sharon 221 Blank, Carol 221 Blewer, Gwenn 221 Boase, Scoff 43, 221, 105 Bohannon, Sherilyn 221 Bolfon, Freddy 221 Boren, Charlene 43, 221 Bosfwick, Darlene 221, 52 Bosfwick, Donna 221 Boswell, Jane 221 Boswell, Judy 221 Bouquef, Donna 43,221 Bowen, Franziska 221 Bowen, Judy 221 Box, Peggy 221 Boyd, Lynn 43, 221 Bradford, Beffye 43, 221 Bradley, Lana 221 Bradley, Ronnie 221 Bradshaw, Shirlee 221 Bradshaw, Vicki 221 Branum, Louise 222 Bridgeman, Connie 222 Bridgeman, Glenna 222 Bridges, Roy 222 Briffon, James 86, 222 Brock, Cheryl 43, 222 Brooks, Lonnie 86, 222 Brown, Barbara 222 Brown, Bill 222 Brown, Billy 222 Brown, Dan 124, 222, 104 Brown, Dan 222 Brown, Edward 222 Brown, Edward 222 Brown, Sandra 222 Brown, Sherry 222 Brown, Tom 222 Bryanf, Jan 43, 222 Buell, Bill 42, 43, 222 Bullock, Carolyn 43, 222 Burdeffe, Sherry 43, 222 Burdline, James 43, 222, 105 Burger, Alexa 222 Burgy, Janie 222 Burgess, Sharon 222 Burrell, Lynda 44, 222 Busby, June 222 Bush, Jerry 1222 Bufler, Dan 222 Buffs, Gayla 222 Byers, Beffy 223 Byrd, Carlos 223, 96 Byrd, Kennefh 223 Byrd, Ronnie 223 Canup, Rick 83, 223, 290 Caperfon, Carleffe 223 Carey, Kennefh 223 Carlfon, Kay 223, 104 Carnrick, Rick 223 Carroll, Angea 223 Carfer, Mike 84, 223 Carfwrighf, Barbara 131, 223 Casperson, Jim 86, 223 Cassel, Kim 43, 223 Casfro, Rebecca 43, 223 Cafhey. Ann 224 Chapman, Don 224 Chapman, Gloria 224 Chisum, Ronnie 224 Claifor, Kenf 224 Clark, 1-luberf 224 Clark, Jon 224 Clark, Larry 42, 43, 224 Clark, Philip 224 Clawson, Gary 224 Clegg, James 224 Clemenfs, Gary 44, 224 Clifford, Pal' 44, 224 Climer, John 44, 224 Cline, Connie 53,224 Clinfon, Tommy 225 Close, Janene 225 Cloud, James 225 Cochran, Bonnie 225, 229, 231,104 Cochran, Vicforia 37, 59, 129, 220, 225. 229. 217 Cochran, Wally 86, 225 Coffman, Bruce 225, 282 Coil, Paf 225 Coker, Danny 225 Collins, Mary Befh 225 Collins, Terry 225 Colson, Cindy 225 Colvin, Richard 225 Condrey, Vic 86, 225 Cook, Richard 225 Cook, Roberf 225 Cook, Sandra 225 Cooke, Carol Ann 215, 225 Copeland, Bill 225 Copenhaver, Kay 225 Corbell, Mike 225 Corneff, Johnnye 43, 225 Coronado, Thresa 43, 225 Cowan, Neva 43, 225 Cowan, Wilma 225 Cox, Carolyn 225 Cox, Danny 225 Cox, Lesfer 86, 225, 217 Cox, Linda 225 Cozby, Terry 86, 225, 103 Craffon, John 226 Crelia, Rifa 226 Crisp, Jan 43, 224, 226 Crossman, Alice 226 Crouch, Janef 226 Seniors spend many busy and frusfrafing hours preparing for 'fhe main money-making proiecf of fhe year Senior Carnival. Crowell, Carol 226 Cuddy, Ann 226 Cunningham, Ann 43,226 Dallas, Jimmy 226 Daniel, Bruce 226 Daniels, Billie 86, 226 Danklefs, Pafsy 226, 52 Darlin, Charles 226 Davidson, Jane 43, 226 Davidson, Ronnie 226 Davidson, Wally 43, 227 Davis, Billy 227, 96 Davis, Laura -227 Davis, Nancy 227 Day, Carol 227 Day, Donald 227, 103 Day, Pam 227 Dean, Donna 227 Deering, Carolyn 227 Dees, Delores 227 Deilke, Bill 68, 227, 103 Delgado, Lana 227 Dickson, Jerry 227 Dillon, Mary 227 Dillon, Nancy 227, IO4 Dixon, 1-lomer 227 Dixon, Jerry 227 Dobbins, Ken 227 for 'rhe upperclassmen, fhe Dodson, Donald 227 Dodson, Marian 227 Donaldson, David 227 Donley, Connie 43,227 Dorrell, Nila 227 Dorsey, Bill 227 Dorsey, Diane 227 Doug1as,Joe 227 Douglas, John 227 Douglass,Jane1' 134, 227 Douglass, Tom 86,227 Dozier, Don 227 Drake, Don 228 Duckworfh,Trudy 228 Dufield, Gary 228 Duke, Gary 228 Duffon, Danny 78, 228, 103 Duncan, Paul 228 Durham, Addie 228 Dyer, Lynda 228 Eade, Ronnie 228 Easfwood, Sally 43, 73, 220, 228, 38 Eaves, Douglas 228 Edmunds, Rodney 86, 228 Edwards,'Jo1a 228 Egan, Glena 228 331 Eggleslon, Kalhryn 228 Elle, Susan 228 Ellioll, Anne 37, 43, 228 Elms. Pal 228 Ely, Joey 228 Enger, Diane 228 English, Danny 228 Erwin, Marilyn 43,228 Euresli, Harry 228 Everelle, Danny 228 Ewing, Larry 42, 43,228 Exum, Larry 228 Fagan, Roger 42, 43, 228 Forselh, Clillord 229 Forselh, Pal 229 Forsler, Glenn 229 Fosler, Donna 230 Fosler, Linda 230, 283 Fosler, Pal 230 Fredericlcsen, Kay 230, l04 Freer, Billy Jack 43,230 Fry, Slan 44, 86, 230 Fuller, Karen 43, 230 Fullerlon, Jan 230 Fulson, Roy 230 Furrow, Larry 42, 43, 230, 255 "Oh, you've gol lo be kidding about lhis much crepe paper," exclaims Carol Craver lo innocenl byslanders while decoraling lor Mardi Gras. Fallon,Judy 228 Farringlon, Mary Ann 228 Fields, Ann 43,228 Finley, Sue 229 Ficlm, Lynn 229 Fisln, Lynn 229 Flewellen,Trenchard 229 Flinn,Janice 229 Foley. Ronald 229 Follis, Lonnie 229 Ford, Roger 229 Forehand, Glenna 229 Forman, Dianlha 229 Forrnby,Judv 229 Fornsi-.':rfh,Tonya 229 Forsdick, Jerri 43,229 332 Gallagher, Chrisline 43, 230 Gamble, Barbara 230 Garcia, Gracie 230 Gardner, Gary 230 Garner, Jan 230 Gainer, Madelyn 230 Garrell, Jackie 43, 230, 53, B Gee, Wayne 230 Gerron,Jerry 230 Gibbons, Jerry 86, 230 Gibbs, Tommy 230 Gibson, Mike 230 Gilberl, Pamela 43,230 Giles Jim 230 Gillcerson, Ernie 230, 2I7, 96 Gill, Larry 230 Ginbey, Damon 65, 230 Gipson, Barbara 44, 230 Glazner, Rose 43, 124,230 Godlove, Jan 43,230 Godwin, Donna 23l Golden, Marilyn 23l Gonzales, Juan 23I Gonzales, Diane 23l Gonzales, Robinelle 23l Goode, Randy 23l Goodwin,Jaclcie 231 Gordon, Jan 23l Goss, Sharon 23l Grace, Linda 23I Graham, Craig 23l Graham, Gene 86, 23I Graham, Kenl 42, 43, 23l Granes, Rosemary 23l Graves, Judy 43,232 Graves, Monly 232 Graw, Susan 232 Gray, Jimmy 43,232 Greene, Pam 232 Greenshaw, Brenda 232 Greer, Tommy 232 Gregg, Trixie 232 Gregory, Michele 232, 292 Grillills, Don 86, 232 Grigg, Diclcy 86, 232 Griggs, Bill 232 Hale, Bruce 232 Haley, Denny 232 Haley.Jeni 232 Haliburlon, Jeanie 233 Haliburlon, Mary 233 Hall, Johnny 233 Ham, Kay 233, 43 Hamillon, Roberla 233 Hamzy, Shannon 86,233 Hardage, Roberl 233, IO4 Hardee, Milce 233 Hardin, Mel 233 Hargrove, Richard 233 Harrelson, Judy Harris, Jack I, I24, 233 Harris, Mary 233 Harler, Marly 233 Harlgrave, Linda 233 Harvey, Palsy 43, 233 Hawkins, Beverly 233 Hawlcins, Penny 233 Hayes, Riclc 86,233 Hayes, Roni Ann 43,233 Hays, Andy 233 Hays, Laura 233 Hays, Roxie 233 Head, Tommy 233 Healer, David 233 Heard, Joe 233 Helmers, Palricia 233 Henderson, Rex 233 Hendrix, Jane 233 Henry, John I32, 233 Hensley, Milne 234 Hensley, Sandra 234 Herd, Belly 234 Herman, Cindy 234 Hernandez, Lupe 234 Herndon, John 234 Hewill, Susan 43, 234 Hill, Ella Ann 234 Hills, Sleve 234 Hindman, Claudia 234 Hobbs, Roy 234 Hobson, Rebecca 234 Hodges, Lou 234, 239 Hodges, Sue 234 Holden, Tommy 44, 234 Hollar, Donnie 234 Hollars, Joyce 43,234 Hollingsworlh, Linda 234 Holloway, Gary 234 Hollman, Penny 43,234 Honeycull, Gerald 234 Hoover, Arlhur 234, l03 Hopper, Ken 234 Hopper, Laverne 234 Horn, Charlie 234 Horner, Brad 234 Horney, Milclai 234 Horsman, Roberl 234 Houser, Niclc 234 Howard, John 234 Howell, Chris 235 Howell, D'Awn 235 Howell, James 235 Hughes, Gary 235, 92, 93 98 Hunl, Donnie 235 Hunl, Glen 235 Hunl, Marlha 235 Huse, Larry 235 Husky, Judy 43,235 Hulchings, Linda 235 lclces, Bill 235 lgo,John 235 Jaclcs, Rusly 86, 235 Jackson, Gary 235 Jackson, Sue 235 Jacobus, Mary 43,236 Jarmon, Dana 236, 53 Jarred, Denny 86,236 Jasper, Dorlhy 43,236 Jenkins, Linda 43,236 Jennings, Jan 236 Jennings, Shari 43,236 John, Sharon 236 Johnson, Allan 42,236 Johnson, Clillord 236 Johnson, Jerry 86, 236, IO3 Johnson, Marlene 236, 104 Johnson, Maynard 236,96 Johnson, Miles 236,96 Johnson, Raylene 236 Johnson, Wayne 237 Johnson, Bob 43,237 Joiner, Bobby 86, 237 Jones, Alan 237 Jones, Belly Lynn 237 Jones, David 237 Jones, Jan 4-4, 237 Jones. Judy 43, 237 Jones, Mary Ann 237 Jones, Mike 86, 237 Jones, Roy 237 Jones, Sharon 237 Jones, Sheddy 86,237 Jones, Tom 237 Joplin, Shirley 43,237 Jordan, Judy 43,237 Junell, Roberl 86, 217, 237,25 Kallina, Cassandra 43, 237, 257 Keeling, Vickie 23, 220, 237.239, 252, 265 Keelon, Kay 43, 237 Kelley, Kalhy 237 Kelley, Mike 237 Kennedy, Bob 237 Key, Chris 86, 237 Killgore, Bill 237 Killman, Mike 237 Killman, Pal 237 Kindred, Jimmy 237, 105 Kinney, Janel 237 Knighl, Donna 43,237 Knox, Donna 238 Knox, Richard 238 Koch, Joanne 238 Kucauskas. Ken 238 Kuhnley, Cecelia 43, 238 Kunlz, Jimmy 238 Kuykendall, Carol 238 Kuykendall, Ricky 238, 104 Kyle, Karen 238 Kyle, Pele 238, 96 Lamoreaux, Scolly 86, 238 Land, Jimmy 86,238 Lane, Sylvia 238 Lanham, Bob 42, 43, 238 Lanklord, Donna 43,238 Larson, Mary Jane 43,238 Laughlin, David 82, 238, 103 Lawson,Glenda 238 Leaverlon, Sandy 238 Lee, Libby 238 Lee, Tommy 238 Lesan, Doug 238 Levenson, Marlene 238 Lewis, Mary 238, 242 Lilley, Dennis 238, 96, 103 Lincecum, Bryanl 238 Linder, Kalie 43,238 Lindsey, Connie 238 Lipscomb, Sherri 238, 304 Lislon, Ann 43, 217, 238. 255 Lislon, James 239 LoCascio, Angela 43, 239 Lockard, Larry 239 Lolland, Roger 239 Lokey, Jimmy 86,217,239 Loven, Lyndell 239 Lowery, Kenlon 239 Lowrimore, Belly 239 Lundburg, Cleve 239 Lulz, Beverly 239 McCaa,JiI1 239 McCarly, Sue 43,239 McClung, Mary 239 McClure, Bill 239 McCoy,Jimmy 239 McCrighl, Mary 240 McDaniel, Billy 240 McDonald, Charlene 43, 240 McDonald, Danese 216, 219, 240, 253 McDonald, Danna 43,240 McGaughly, Doris 240, 241 McGee, Peggy 43,240 McKenzie, Carole 240 McKinley, Micky 240 McKinley, Mike 240 McKinney, Judy 240 McKnighl, Myrna 240 McLarly,Tom 240 McLaughlin, Peggy 240 McMinn, Bob 240, 103 McNall, Karen 240, 255 McNeil, Dan 37, 44, 68, 240 McWilliams, Sherry 240 Mace, Toni 43,240 Machosl, Millon 240 Maddux, Roger 240 Mahon, Mike 240 Mampel, Doug 240 Marin, Judy 44,240 Manning, Ernesline 62, 240 Mapes, Grace Ann 240 Marion, Bobby 240 Marslon, Ches 86, 240 Marlin, John 240 Mason, Janel 241 Mason, John 241 Massey, Suzie 236, 241 Maslen, Rallie 241 Malhis, Mike 241 Mauldin, Kay 241 May, Janis 241 May, Sue 241 Maynard, Bonni 241 Meador, J. P. 241 Meador, Tommy 241 Meek, Linda 241 Merrell, Gary 241 Merrick, Nancy 241 Merrill, Sandra 241 Meyer, Nancy 242 Meyer, Pal 242 Miller, Denise 242 Miller, Gloria 43,242 Miller, Jeri 43,242 Miller, John 86,242 Miller, Vicki 43,242 Parlillo, Roy 244 Payne, Pally 244 Peach, Johnny 244 Pearce, Bob 42, 43, 244 Pearson, Mike 244, 290 Penny, Sharon 244 Perdue, Deirdre 43.241, Milliken, Mike 242 MilchelI,Arde1I 242 Milchell, Bob 242 Milchell, Gene 42,242 Mohon, Gary 242 Monroe, Ronald 242 Monlgomery, David 242 Moore, Carolyn 242 Moore, Jimmy 243 Morris, A. B. 243 Morris, Freddy 42, 43, 243, 96 Morrison, Danny 42, 43, 243 Moseley, Richard 243 Moses, Randy 243, 104 Moyers, Billie 243 Mulkey, Phyllis 243 Munn, Bill 243 Myrick, Jan 44,243 Nausley, Pam 43,242,243 Neal, Deryl 243 Nee1,Ava 243 Nelson,Jack 243 Nesmilh, Vernon 44, 155, 243 Newsom,James 243 Nicar, Elaine 243 Nickel, Mark 243 Nickel, Mall 243 Nicks, Linda 243 Nicolel, Rhea 243 Nislar, Richard 243 Norris, Jimmy 243 O'Connell,Jimmy 243 O'Kelley, Tommy 86.215, 216, 231, 243 Odom, Gwen 43, 243 Odom, Rodney 241, 243 Ogle, Janice 43,243 Ogle, Rulh 243 Onslead, Slanley 244 Owen, Don 244 Owen, Karen 244 Owen, Ronnie 244 Owens, Janie 244 Oxford, Sandi 244 Owen. Karen 244 Owen, Ronnie 244 Paige, Linda 44, 226, 244 Parker, Linda 244 Parker, Peggy 244 Parkinson, Dicky 244 Parks, Elizabelh 244 Parmer, Sandi 19.217, 244 Parsons, Shirley 244 Parlain, Joe 86,244 Pallerson, C. J. 244 Pallerson, Danny 244 244 Perkins, Johnnie 244 Perry, Phillipp 244 Pevehouse, Bonila 244 Pharr, Don 244 Phillips, Beverly 244 Phillips, Leroy 244 Pierce, Bobby 68, 236, 244, 96 Pierce, Cindy 245 Pierce. Kalhy 245 Piian, Brell 42, 63, 245 Pinson, Sheila 43, 245, 246, 256 Pills, Tommy 86, 245 Plalz, Ricky 42,245 Poll, Johnny 245 Poindexler, Sherry 245 Pollard, Larry 86 Porler, Gordon 245 Powell, Bill 245 Powell, Charlolle 43, 245 Preslwood,Ann 245 Price, Judy "3, 245 Price, Nancy 245 Price, Sleve 245 Prickell, Judy 43, 246, 288 Proclor, Jan 246 Prude, Judie 246 Pursell, Randy 246 Ouain, Billie Joyce 242, 246, 107 Ouesl, Ronnie 246 Rackley, Bill 217,246.95 Rallerly, Bobby 246, 104 Ramirez, Lelicia 246 Rampy, Sleve 246 Rampy, Susan 43.246, 318 Rapier, John 246 Reed, Shocky 246, 250 Reese, Marilyn 43, 246 Reid, Cindy 246 Rekers, Bill 247 Renlro, Shirley 247 Reynolds, Dana 247 Reynolds, Fred 247 Reynolds, Rul 247 Rhodes, Florence 247 Ribble, Jay 216.247, 249 318 Rice, Cliff 247 Rice, Mark 86,247 Richards, Linda 43, 242, 247 Richardson, Hilda 247 Riddle, Sharon 247 Ridlehuber, Sue 43,247 Riggen, Merrilyn 247 Riherd, Paul 247 333 Samson, Judy 248 Sheumaker, Evelyn 249 Risinger, Mary 247 Robbins, James 247 Roberls, Edwin 247 Roberlson, Mary Lynn 43, 247 Robinson, Don 247 Robinson, Jimmy 86, 247 Rocap, Jane 247 Rocher, Richard 86,247 Rodgers, Mike 86, 247 Rodriquez, Penny 247 Rogers, Viclor 247 Roney, Pal 43, 247 Rookard,James 247 Rose, Becky 247 Rose, Ronnie 248 Ross, Judy 43, 248 Rummel, Phyllis 248 Ruskoski, Mary Louise 248 Russell, John 248, 104 Russell, Tena 248 Rulledge, Dan 248 Sams, David 248 Sams, Tommie Sue 43,248 Sanders, David 248 Sanders, Nancy 226, 248 Sanders, Suzy 43, 248 Sawyer, David 42, 43, 248 Scilern, Cryslal 248 Scoggin, Lou 217, 220, 248 Scoll, Marsha 248 Scoll, Vicky 248 Seal, Jeanelle 248 Seals, Lellie 248 Seals, Nancy 248 Segroves, Mike 248 Senkel, Lanny 248 Shackles, Jack 248 Shady, Slan 86, 248 Shaller, Bobby 248 Sharp, Don 248 Sharp, Marlha 248 Sharp, Susan 43, 248 Shaughnessy, Linda 43, 248 Shindler, Johnny 249 Sides, Sue Ann 43, 216. 249 Sillord, Margarel 43, 249 Simpson, Gary 84, 249 Simpson, Julian 249 Sims, Susan 43, 249 Sipes, Marsha 249 Skidmore, Carolyn 249 Abboll, Mrs. Suzanne 129 Anderson, Pearl 136 Anlhony, Judy 118 Arledge, Bob 126 Bailey, Ray 126 Banlz, Omer 137 334 Skinner, Bobby 43, 249, 96 Skulley, Sue 249, 250 Slagle, James 249 Slale, Tommy 249 Slale, Tommy 249, 104 Slingerland, Wayne 121, 24-9 Small, Deanna 241,249 Smilh, Beverly 216, 250 Smilh, Cheryl 250 Smilh, Danny 86,250 Smilh, Diane 250 Smilh, Jerry 68, 250 Smilh, Jimmy 250 Smilh, Leslie 250 Smilh, Monelle 250 Smilh, Ronald 250 Smilh, Trudy 250 Smilh, Vicky 250 Smyer, Sam 86, 250 Snider, Hugh 251 Synder, Bill 251, 304 Sparkman, Karen 43,251 Sparks, John 42, 43, 251 Spears, Pal 251 Spradley, Ricky 251 Spradling, Rusly 82, 231, 251 Sprall, Carl 251 Slalnaker, Palricia 251 Slandley, Bobby 251 Slaplelon, Don 251 Slalon, Jacque 251 Slephens, David 251 Slephens, Roberl 251 Slephenson, Bill 251, 306 Slephenson, David 251 Slephenson, Karla 43, 251 Slevens, Karen 251 Slevenson, Linda 251 Suiler, Jerry 252 Suill, Mark 252 Summers, Dorolhy 43. 252 Swollord, David 86,252 Talbol, Ricky 252 Taylor, Joe 86, 252, 103 Taylor, Margarel 252 Taylor, Mike 252 Taylor, Sheila 252 Terbush, Tom 253 Terhune, Darryl 43, 253 Tharp, Carole 253 Thomas, Carolyn 253 Thomas, David 253 Thomas, John 253 Thompson, Linda 253 Thompson, 44, 253 Tiplen, Diann 253 Todd, Jerry 253 Tomlinson, Terry 253 Tonroy, Peggy 43 Toombs, Tommy 253, 96 Tracy, Helen 43, 253 Tull, G. C. 122,253 Turner, Tamara 253 Ulick, Bobby 253 Vance, Linda -253 Vancleeve, Wayland 86, 253 Van Naller, Bernie 253 Vannoy, Sharla 43, 253 Vernon, Lynne 253 Viaille, Carolyn 43, 253 Wacasey, Lynne 253 VVade, Bill 86,253 Wadsworlh, Gary 253 Whilaker, Shirley 43,254 While, Dianne 254 While, Gary 254, 96, 98 While, R ayburn 254 While, Tommy 86, 254 While, Vicki 216, 220, 254 Whilehill, Roberl 42, 43. 58, 254 Whileley, Barbara 43, 246 254 Whillield, Sleve 43, 254 Whilney, Lellisha 254 Whill, Charles 254, 96 Whillen, Barbara 254 Wilch, Barbara 254 Wilcox, John 254 Wiley, Larry 254 Wildinson, Jerry 255 Willham, Cynlhia 255 Williams, Bill 255 Williams, Carol 43,255 Williams, Dan 255 Williams, Jean 43,255 Williams, Jimmy 255 Williams, Julie 242,255 Williams, Rila 255 Williams, Sherri 255 Williams Williams on, J. L. 255 on, Kelly 255 Wills, Gilda 43, 255 Wilmo, Charles 255 Wilson, Edna Rose 43, 256 Wilson, Johnny 37, 42, 68 256 Wilson, Pal 256 Wilson,Sandra 256 Winegar, Mary Sue 256 Wagnon,Slanley 253 Wails, Kalie 253 Walden, Bill 253 Winegearl, Linda 256 Winner, Vickie 43,256 Will, Jimmy 256 Slewarl,Du1iece 251 Slewarl, Dwane 251, 255 Slewarl, Glinda 251 Slewarl, Jane 251 Slewarl, Kay 251 Slill, Nina 251 Sloll, Jane 251 Slokes, Beverly 251 Slolls, Ann 251, 278 Slolls, Jan 251,278 Slrange. Bill 86, 252 Slrange, David 252 Slrege, Palsy 252 Slrong, Jack 252 Slrong, Pam 250, 252 Suggs, Donnie 252 Waldrip, Sharon 253 Walker, Ben 254 Walker, Bill 86, 254 Walker, 1. D. 42,216,254 Walker, Thad 254, 103 Wall. Donna 254 Wallace, Wesley 86, 254 Ward, Ronnie 254 Walkins, Linda 254 Wealhers, John 254 Wealherlord, Lannell 254 Weeks, Bobby 254 Weeks, Mike 254 Welch. Armor 254 Welch, Kalhy 254 Wesl, John 254 Faculty Beeman, Wanda 118 Bell, Mrs. Camille 66, 135 Bigham, Bill 53, 124 Bond, George 135 Brewer, Charles 124, 105 Brown, Mrs. Belle 118 Brown, Mrs. Eleanor 129 Bruce, Mrs. D. D. 113 Bullock, Bessie 136 Cannon, Jan 132, 104 Caraway, Charles 116 Carroll, Waylon R. 135 Womack, Sandra 256 Wood, James 256 Wood, J ohnny 83,256 Woodward, Wayne 256 Woody, Woolen, David 216,256 Dale 256 Wozencrall, Carole 256 Wrighl, Anna 257 Wrighl, Bill 257, 105 Wyall, Wally 257 Yaggy, Drew 257 Yancey, Jeanne 246, 257 Yandell, Linda 257 Yales, Karen 257 Yeager, David 257 Young, Suzanne 43,257 Caveness, Edilh 116 Cheyne, Don 124 Clanlon, Mrs. Bobbie 121 Clary, Mrs. Fay 118 Close, Mrs. Garlh 113 Coker, Mrs. Bill Conoway, Olypia 132 Culp. Mrs. Janelee 126, 127 Dawkins, Mrs. E. F. 124- Di Culla, Mrs. Palricia 11B Dixon, Doris 66, 134 Dubose, Bill 75, 76 Duclcer, Mrs. W. L. 62, 117 Durham, Mrs. Jane 118 Edwards, C. W. 124- Elam, Mrs. J. C. 136 File, lvl. 122 Folse, Jean 118 Fosler, Mrs. Jewell 137 Fu1Ier,Mrs. R. P. 113 Fulch, Mrs. 1-1. L. 124- Garnell, Mrs. Phyliss 126 German, Edris 118 Gooch, Ronald 116 1-larding, Joseph 135 1-larris, Pansye 118, 213 1-layworlh, Bobby 75, 122, 103 1-lenslee, Nelda 118 1-lickmonl, Delmos Lee 133 Honey, Mr. Floyd 115, 320 1'1owell,D. M. 131 James, Margarel 120 Johnson, Mrs. R. P. 129 Jones, Lila 117 Kelley, Mrs. Genelle 129 Kelsey, Mrs. Donny L. 120 Klinkerman, Ginger 122 Kyle, Mrs. Ruby 117 Lighlsey, Melva 125 Long, Mrs. George B. 113 Lynch, Henry A., Jr. 125, 196 McClure, Darrell L. 126, 127 McCown, Mrs. Charles F. 122 McSpadden, C. B. 135 Magness, Mrs. Mariorie 4-1, 133 Marks, Billie Sue 133 Meador, Denise 126 Michallca, Joseph 132,96 Moegle, Bobby 132, 98, 99, 106 Moore, Mrs. Donna 129 Murphy, Jo 120 One ol lhe mosl essenlial deparlmenls in lhe school is run by lhe A-V boys who are responsible lor all lhe sound and lighling ellecls on lhe slage plus all lhe audio-visual equipmenl used in lhe school. Myers, Mr. Gerald 122, 94- Neely, Thomas 135 Nesmilh, Mrs. Francis 66, 134- Newsome, Mrs. Zoie 62, 125 Nichols, 1-1. R. 126 Parker, Mrs. Bob 136 Pendlelon, Mrs. Calherine 1 18 Pillman, Mrs. W. l. 132, 200 Pills, Mrs. Belly 117 Pounds, Sherrill 126 Powell, N. G. 122, 123 Randles, B. J. 114- Rayburn, Mrs. June 118 Rawls, Roberl 122 Rice, Okla J. 129 Richardson, R. C. 63, 126 Ricky, Don 125 Robbins, Wilma 120, 121 Roberson, Polly 131 Roden, Donivee 120, 121 Roberls, Dorolhy 117 Rogers, Gerald 114, 156, 320 Shellon, Rex 133 Simon, Ted 132, 103 Smilh, Donald 75, 125 Slanley, Mrs. Belly 53, 131. 54 Slorrs, C. L. 75, 125 Taylor, Mrs. D. J. 117 Taylor, Mrs. 1-lelen 66, 134- Thompson, Mrs. Naomi 122 Trenlield, W. G. 125 Urlon, Mrs. Myrlle 122 Vaughler, Samuel 122,235 Walls, W. C. 126 Webb, Mrs. Doris 116 WhileIey,AI1een 122, 194- Wilburn, Floydean 121 Wiley, Nell Marie 121 Wilson, Erie Lee 117 Woods, Marilyn 122 Woody, Mrs. Glen 113 Wylie, Mrs. Wela 120. 121 Zablolny, Mrs. Louise 136 Zablolny, M. J. 45, 133 T is our hope ThaT we have successTully porTrayed The ProTile oT a Plainsman as he casTs his pebble oT inTluence inTo The school year i962-63. Only Those on The sTaTT can know how diTTiculT yeT how pleasanT The Task has been. lT Takes many people boTh in school and in The communiTy To publish a yearbook. We would like To Thank . . . The Johnson l-louse, Koko lnn, Pioneer l"loTel and The Lub- bock Club, Lubbock CounTry Club, and Casa l.inda Tor allowing us To use Their inTeriors Tor The background oT many oT our picTures . . . Koen's STudio and Herald PhoTo Tor ThaT "masTer's Touch" on our special snaps . . . Mr. G. C. Clapp and The AVALANCHE-JOURNAL Tor supplying help in The Time oT need . . . and mosT oT all Mr. Floyd l-lobson and The Taylor Publishing Company Tor mak- ing The CHAPAPRAL possible. To me The mosT imporTanT people in puTTing ouT a yearbook are my co-workers. To These sTaTT members l would like To oTTer my mosT humble Thanks and sincere graTiTude . . . Sandie Clegg Tor her guieT dependabiliTy and The conTidence ThaT TaculTy pages would be in regardless . . . Nancy T'leckerman Tor alTernaTely driv- ing us crazy and creaTing The besT oT our arT ideas and layouTs . . . Dick Miller Tor Those glowing, snappy adiecTives and The cream oT The sporTs picTures . . . Jan Calle Tor salesmanship so good +ha+ iT became necessary To add sixTeen pages To The adverTising secTion . . . Ann Caldwell Tor Taking criTicism undaunTedly . . . Lee l-lexT Tor good-naTuredly serving as layouT arTisT Tor Three secTions . . . Jan- ice Williams Tor Those unproporTioned band picTures and The poeTry To Tide us over . . . Jackie GarreTT and Dana Jarmon Tor The TrusTraTions oT a record num- ber sophomore class secTion . . . Janie Kinney Tor "Trying anoTher angle" on Those dull, commonplace headlines , . . Rose STone Tor braving The sTorm oT scheduling club picTures . . . Connie Cline Tor enlivening a sTandard class secTion wiTh caTchy copy . . . KenT Tidmore Tor excellenT arT skeTches "above and beyond The call oT duTy" . . . Rick Parrack and Coy l-larris Tor Their "darkroom eyes" and blind- ing Tlashbulbs . . . The newspaper sTaTT Tor supporT boTh spiriTual and physical . . . Mike Anderson Tor Tilling many, many pages wiTh The kind oT picTures ThaT oughT To be in a yearbook . . . and especially Mrs. BeTTy STanley Tor noT only helping make The annual a realiTy buT Tor enriching The lives oT each and every sTaTT member. lT's a relief To call iT "Tinished" . . . iT's wiTh pride we dedicaTe and presenT This, The I963 Cl-IAPARRAI., To you, The STudenT Body. T EdiTor H E E TAYLQR rrgupgisuiuc -CQQAFPANY fin, Q, 1 'ff1l ww K rfb!! va iu g, ,A It L 'Xie-in V1 ig x WW E513 -3 4 ia-. XL? -wwf" 3-1,1 "' -fL,1.u,r,,J .ip M ' - M V lfwmp at wx 'FMMN twig: V' H- U? ,- ? ii-f'7Wi?f P H ,v ' X 4 W N Q J L. , ., 1 1 w w ,A ' i kwk Y, . - ev

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