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.pe .pdf i Fwy, 0 We mwtt i'gtt:"l'lr Y ""wu,,' HH' 'ft+,,,ttt f Q 41 4 -Fl -,, " S. yf,,x,. ,M If Q fur Q, 95' JAM. Wm N? , SEI? F ",.. ,Q -.'- 'f" 'N?5 j ,uf ,Q VI, ff . -gl, , 'nf ' + li Q . 'K XM-...,,.M WW... M""""""""'----.1-. W Y f - S 1 an it I 1 I rd nw,-' . W A A w Fl 1 ., H W www I 3' ,I 4-,A-JR.: ' J V V Y 1 ' 2 F ,, "' A I . Q A ' rn .zfiv-.. - ,4'!'sKw 'X V r A 13:1 I,-ffllqg Y - 'Y' . xQ4'u"'. df M u k ,. - iii LI" r 4 i 3-an E3 I Ii is "I ,D I III' F I r' A D . f 5 ff Ej- - . 52 . X. ,ri I F5 '1 I iz' I J ,III If .. "I -mmm..-..i,. ' TABLE UF IIUNTENT5 INTRODUCTORY Presentation ,....... Foreword .....,.... 2 Dedication ..,.o,,. 3 Introduction ..,. 4 ' Theme ....,,... .. .....,,....,....o........,.... 6 ACTIVITIES FACU LTY CLASSES IDuties toward ourseIvesI GRADES .... FAMILY LIFE IDuties toward our familiesi LA,L.. 8 A Religious IDuties toward GocII-- 8 Social IDuties toward othersi .,,, 62 IDuties toward authorityi ..L.o...., I8 Freshmen ' ......,.,....... . ...L..., I ........ 26 Sophomores .,.... . ......,,,....... ,,L.L, 3 2 Juniors ...L..,.L I ...L. 36 Seniors ...., L ...,L. 42 Athletics ..s. ..LL I , 52 Music ..... ..A... 5 7 7I ADVERTISEMENTS .,,.c.....,...L,...vLs 93 of mon fe Carkiino ,O es f 'S 4 Y .9 we ofhciaf yearLooL Zhu, OLfaA0ma A STUDENT VUEATIUN Pag I i .-,-...- . Q , A V A PUHEWUHU I, - Z f x. WG? o .Afzef 1953 Jepzffe M an our uocafion an afuafenfa. jnerie pagers Allow ine meand f yj5,1y"7g L, WLM we main our fu!! dfafure M women. Jn a C1.,M.,.,, ,,fm.,,,,Am of 1 Page2 rll ,WW W1 C1m,ff,, MWA, an Aearfa, are La! anal exerciaeol in fne laracfice of ine fruflzd we prepaid. goal, counlry, famify, Aienala - eacn x one new rfgnfri LULiCL we darn fo redpecf anal alolareciafe in oreler fo Lecome frue cifizend of a clemocrafic gouernmenf. fi .gn our Jaify cfcuaroom acfiuifiea we recognize gong our jafner, aa ine aulareme .fduflzorify fnrouglz wlzom our feaclzera, our laarenfd, our Clmrcn ana! our gouernmenf ofhciadi Law tlw authority fo guiele Q, clirecf ua. f!zi5 wide Aafance in fne EL fllaf :foward zmccead anJfoyou5 experiencea. I LT' "" AA NA MII vv .J ,J equafcleuefolamenf of our rifairifuafanel coriaoraf facuhiea, we gain a loroolaecfiue of ixzxi II Dedication jo our Jada af gafima, Queen af peace, WA., unclerdfancb :La aaafa af flea .xdfomic Jae, we clezkcafe Jai! 1953. 'Wag ala faapfra fLe goufA af Ilia 20fA cenfurg fo zmffafa Aaa in apraaahaa alaaafzaa fo Aa, Son, our gallon! Jenna CAriaf, ana! may Aer purify Ae Me ,ioleaf fowanld wAicA our minb and Aaa,-fa M fhamaakaa claifg in prayers ,da aaa 7WafAaa, aa,- Wadaf ana! aaa guicle, we aaaaadaa fo aaa, Oar ofaafy of jafima, anal wifi aaahafaaaa in your aaaiataaaa we wiffmeef Ma alaafiaga ofour fimaa. Page 3 'Q a Q 1' S ,Lf ,,x is " 3 2 ig Ali H 'E ,ww L av 4 . ., W 1 ,,,,Q,,,.,s' ,.,...N J, 'MWX E 3 4 NW K h,g,.,,.. 0 , Af X ' Ywx' N ' . vw A K, 1 -U, .Q 3--Q--n44?"'-YML S . 'X fi I .. 6 DY ,awww r U if gagyf , f W if lp? School I well planned curriculum that includes religious, academic, l physical training, our spiritual, physical and mental ower I P 5 'veloped so that we are able to grow into excellent and capable orrow. gzrifif' ll , Nd in , 1 - f x X , , -i. , use Q v, tt, I ,AU J A A Q if A V ' H Q ' "' ' f r vi - all J A A, ,Q 'ax ' 'use , X R A , ,, .Y V, .1 g. W 1 2 y Q f A i ' -, lf' gl , Sfifilxg l N if Y A 4 ,, yy .Sy W 5, 9 ,ti 1 r ., A Page 5 '11 Q 55- Q 24 .5 f " N. Y Q if i, ,o s, 4 'I ,fillsifl pike' or fi 'lridf 4, 5 4' Leif' " 'J l W S is or t MTX. We FE Tauqhl Students are urged to assist at Mass dally and to receive Holy Com munion frequently. Page 6 Lua a real love for scholarship is one of the ainjws of the school. Lorene Franks introduces her friend Edward. he 5 f7 he cred f,,,,Wy an - See Wlfh fhZ7,hqLll.fe he o hav e EO, Su Uzdm 667 Mike Wright, to'Sisfer Mary Good, clean, wholesome recreation makes school life in- Uur He nnsihihtie K ? Page 7 4 ra iii E5 M egg We Bl Page 8 W - , Q, XV ,. I Right Reverend Abbot Stephen celebrates, Mass. Mr. J. L. Burke and son, John Burke, serve. l l e gl is The school year began with Mass' of the Holy Ghost. During this mass the students offered their books during the Offertory Procession, The foreground are seniors: Pat Fahy, Patti Hopkins, Jane Heldmar, Barbara Geary, Tonya Trimble, Lorene Franks, and Oriettz Galvez. Q E 1- l' g 'S - I 'L Page 9 s.. 1 Page i O We Uffei? The Uniden ass Students look forward to the Gold- en Mass which is celebrated on Ember Wednesday in December. Sister Regina prepares to cut the Missa Aurea Cake which is given to the students. 5, 1 2' ' 1 A Kwai Sw' 5 b he 5 ckkf it A l w5LLLMFF1 I-:Ann mv LIGHT A -ix J ,. 1 . g X .7,a,,,.. h?aa.W5Q H IEII 4,55 M g, jvrqwgf, , ,Q i f- We Put Christ Back into Elirisimas Juniors, Ann Wheeler, Emma Gene McEvoy, 'Susan Johnson, Carolyn Brown, Marie Sumonka, and ger Diehl are active in the Y.C.Sf Christmas campaign. They assist ed other Y.C.S. students of the Clty in tagging thousands ot Christmas trees that were sold during the Christmas seas-on. I wt? .. K 1, Climax of the Christmas program pre- Art students Ann Cole, Patti Hopkins, Elaine Zaba, Eugenia Arcila, Orietta Galvez, and Marilyn Susott demonstrate their artistic ability in making Christmas cards. Page I2 sented by the speech and dramatics class was the Nativity scene pictured here. Angels are: Eileen Simpson, Mary Geary, Annette Flusche, Adrienne Ris- eling. Shepherds: Mary Nell Ramsey, Martha Tatum, and Eugenia Arcila. Janet Codrey poses as St. Joseph and Barbara Howell as the Blessed Mother. During Bihle Week We Held il-l Preqrem -audit Mr, John Shaw points out features of the Gu- tenberg Bible to Alice Geary, Mary Katherine Srey, Romana Swan, and Eileen Simpson. Pantomiming The "Good Samaritan" are: Carolyn Rial, Martha Ta- tum, Marilyn Turnbow, Charlyne Beal, Julie Franklin, Eugenia Arcila. 1 , The parable of the "Prodigal Son" is enacted g by Carolyn Rial, Marilyn Turnbow, Charlene Beal, Lorene Franks, Marilyn Sussor, Cecilia Williams, and .lane l-leldmar. Al Whieh We Uiiemelize The Perehles ir 1 ca. I wg X. it .M , 1 X' ,Q , fi -2+ X 5Udali5t5 We Become Mi , , 2 X. 1 k 'S I Un llandlemas Da Rev. A. J. Choiecki receives the freshmen girls into the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin. Those being received are: Carolyn Brown, Ginger Diehl, Charlene Scott Adrienne Riselin and Eileen Simpson In the background are' Lorene Franks gl ' - , who assists Father with the medals and Kay Dell Lanpher and Carolyn New- house who are waiting to be received. On the feast of the Purification, February 2, candles are blessed and a procession is held. Page 14 nd Have A Prucegsion sm new We Bet Siliriiuel Cheek Lg- A two-day retreat, a gigantic spiritual and moral force in the lives of the Monte Cassino students, is held annually at the beginning of the second semester. Retreat time gives the students an opportunity to "check up" on their past lives and to gain new graces and energy to live and work for Christ. This year the retreat was given by Reverend Wilfrid Tunink, OSB, Prior of Pius X Monastery, Labadie, Mo. Above: Father visits with Tonya Trimble and .lane l-leldmar. During Retreat Below: l-le has an informal discussion with a group of students. , vm . ' xxx. Q, M Alf Page ummm i "t1gkgwwfm...,,,,,, M REGISTQQ t The 5-mxxhv-r.sxCourier ff' ' ,f ,I s, - nun . We Are Active reading material. IMTHELIB FERIUDICTLS R ff Catholic Press Month and Book Week were brought to the students' attention by an attractive display of good Martha Tatum, Pat Carlson, and Julie Franklin eagamine new Catholic books that have been added to the librarv n..-. lf C ia. -Z-. ' i' L yy At weekly meetings, Y.C.S. leaders study "Student Vo- cation" the year's theme, as it specifically applies to l 5 problems of cheating, copying, and not doing in- dependent school work. Students taking part in the discussion are: Lynette Murdock, Carolyn Newhouse, Susan Johnson, Bonnie Ray Elsey, Tonya Trimble, Lorene Franks, Barbara Geary, Alice Geary, Gerry Mulrenin, Marie Sumonka, Kay Kinslow, Ginger Diehl, Carolyn Brown. page I6 ln Tlge Yiis Pope Pius XII, the Vicar of Christ and the visible head of the Church, repre sents the highest spiritual authority on earth. 'ia if .mwimd 'EZW ma. M wif? x ,Ky .- - ,gS'.e::-wen bf wh., N 1 I ff 1 q.L:f3gfx H sv y M wx Q ,Q x X K 'Ep 'fb , 4 X QM .c-- A, :Q - 1 V ' 4 'I ' A ., .ii 2 W . ,N : -- In ' Q. 4 gm Q V 3? Qi S 1 , f iff? A, E ':":'f 'M s , ":-. .'. 1 Ma,-ui ., haf. :-:Za '60, - we -15 4 , 2 . J l Vi .X Q Par Siqhted dministratnrs Sister M. Ignatia, OSB. Business Manager at Monte Cassino, check over her accounts. Page 20 Pictured above are: Sister Mary Edward, O.S.B,, superior and prin- cipal of Monte Cassino Schoolg Right Reverend Abbot Stephen Schappler, OSB. of Conception Abbey, Mo., and Mr. J. L. Burke. ,Q Sis-ter M. Louise, OSB., Latin and com mercial, Sister Mary Alice, O.S.B., Eng lish and Modern Languages, Sister MQ Suzanne, OSB., science and mathemat ics, plan the calendar for the semester N 323 'glib l-MJ ' My Kev! 1:34 L 393 YL? 5 5- Sisfer M.Bercl'1mans, OSB., history and librarian, displays some of her new books. iii Experienced Teachers X S. S X iw, Page Zl .. A 14' 'Y Excellent Guides Mr. Kenneth Fox, senior glee club di- rector, examines some new music with Mrs. J. Hassler, assistant music teacher, and Sister Mary Regina, OSB., head of the music department at Monte Cassino. Sister Mary Gertrude, OSB., Sister M. Eliza- beth, O.S.B., first and second grades, and Sis- ter Mildred, O. S. B., kindergarten, plan a new unit in art. Page 22 'Qs . f DQ! Q -pw., .. . I- nl r rl 4 x at X T 7 flllf L. Sister Mary Edward conters with Mrs Mary Jo Bradford, athletic director, left and Mrs. Robert Boice Carson, right voice instructor. Three continents meet as Claire Sloan, from the good old USA., Mrs. Ernest Frisco, speech and dramatics teacher 'trom England, and Eugenia Arcila, a student from Venezuela discuss the cus- toms and habits of their native lands. True Friends Page 23 if Understanding Ennnsnllnrs Sister M. Vincent, OSB. explains some interesting things in geography to Dor- othy Ann Kibler and Mary Zeier. Sister Vincent teaches the fifth and sixth grades. Page 24 .IM , .N Ami . w Sister Mary Louis, OSB., third and fourth grades, and Sister Ann Maureen, OSB., seventh and eighth grades, pre- pare to take a stroll on the campus. r, , ,. ...Nw lx KV, Y , ,N ' 1 - . 4 2 -P O - 9? 6 if : t. . N i..1T, fi ll- r rf f s. ,, ., x g gzftff.: , . f ' ... . r 4- v 'U 'Kiev ' --'N'wJwxAl'S1'S. JI.. W sw, k 3 I gown ,wif AM, QM, I E . , .ig X G f. X in fifkisk Um f 5 Q, -gh: f, JN.. . nf .N mfr 'K 'H Jw-:1 QS if .Qs 5 JP And lfempeient Providers S K5 Sister M. l-lilda, OSB., Sister M. Bernice, OSB., and Sister M. Petrohilla, OSB. keep the students healthy and happy with their delighttul meals Y Sister M. Joseph, OSB. does a time job ot chautteuring for the kindergarten. She also teaches sewing in the high school. Page 25 As Freshmen Po of' P4 Saou fefcm 9514 P I Z -1 m I El-DY GALVEZ JAN ESTERLINE P692 BURSON mm ANNETTE FLUSCHE l Q5 GV 4,y,,H Page 26 I ,,,. We Beqln LPN XA 577- 1 do 5 Mu , 99,6 RDOCK - ,aff CAROLYN NEWHOUSE cARou.YN RIAL MARY NELL RAMSEY X96 92 Q59 M4'?'4fv xl P4 f PQOQAY rflck if pg 27 -x 'XX sfo' SANDRA SHIMKUS 1 1 I Page 28 LEONA WARREN Year Uf Urleutahun .Q QS' C'4l,44,lFN 5 s C077 E LEEN SIMPSON MAR LYN TURN BOW ANN SCOTT MARY ANN WOODBURN The 'Turluriasl Ul After initiation day the freshmen put away the "things of a child" and begin to grow up. After suffering torture from the hands of the merciless sophomores the poor freshies were formally admitted into the high school. lnilialiU11 Uver nf ?Q . Page 29 We Be iii Lookin Fur The HliUWH MXH El, U If Solving equations help to develop men-. tal alertness in the freshmen. Worlcing at the blackboard are.: Mary Ann Wood- burn, Dolores McNair, Eldy Galvez, Leona Warren, Marian Patrick, Patty Lyon, and Sandra Shimkus. A group of the algebra class measure the shadow of the flag pole. Eileen Simpson on her knees assists Charlene Scott who holds the ruler, Lynn New- house records the findings. In the background Kay Dell Lanpher, Ann Scott and Jan Esterline, compare their fin ings. ln lgehra d V7 . I ' Latin Upens Up A New Field Ui Learning iff' fw 'Eff' Latin is very much alive to this group of scholars, Enjoying the story of "Apollo and Daphne" are: Mar A W i db M ' ' y nn oo urn, ariatn Patrick, Patty Lyon, Kay Lanpher, Charlene Scott and Sandra Shimkus. Freshmen Lynette Murdock, Mary Agnes Boudreau ling, and Mary Geary are interested in becoming real "craftsmen" X. ' ,535 it ,3- fa. Marilyn Turnbow, Annette Flusche Adrienne Risei Uoflijrali al-ses Us Slaillful ith Uui? Hands Page 31 The Sophomore Year Rx A . MARY ANN BARTHOLOMEW IRMA JEAN BROSSFIELD I PATRICIA BURKE BARBARA BEAL BONNIE RAY ELSEY Page 32 MARY KATHERINE GREY Y Pmds Us Gmwmq p GERALDINE MULRENIN NANCY VAN NORMAN CONNIE YUNKER x f V ..., NANCY Ronssns 5 I M, H ELAINE ZABA SHEILA LILES Page 33 We He Involve Han les Patricia Burke, Nancy Van Norman, and Bonnie Ray Elsey puzzle geometry. over a problem in Page 34 nd phubiering The art of upholste y is lear ed d r n an practiced by the sophomore class in the Christian Social Living course. ' YQ X' L V -,:..: i E fi. or Sister Regma and the sophomore class enjoy an hour of music appreclatlo E Emmy Mum ppreclahnn and Spwmjh Q as DM A " -. We Eaqerly . ,S 2 EUGENIA ARCILA CAROLY ,. 7'7- YP' 7' ,5- mx:NV Y, LUFJ4 QYX N ,mn BROWN CKF7. Hurry Through PATRICIA CARLSON Page 36 ANN COLE Y PQ! GWGER DIEHL JULIE FRANKLIN K I 0. if 4:4 P 069599 'fl,vJZO 509, s lv EMM The Junmr Year A GENE MCEVQY CARQLYN STRICKLAND Page 37 Uesimus of Heachinq our Final Goal MARIE SUMONKA MARILYN SUSOTT SXII PFI MARTH4 XAPSIX 714 7.041 Q,O MARILYN WATSON ANN WHEELER P g 38 The study of religion takes the form of Church History in the junior year. The students found the study of l 3th Century art rnost interesting. Kay Kinslow explains a painting to Marie Sumonka, Pat Carlson, and Eugenia Arcila. ' Hoy S., 'df Sw San J 6 DC? wa' . ah' Tohrlso ne! dl' 4173? I ,176 re U, E SCUSSI- Sr Ofmma On ,-,I N 'xf""W' Us .Ge C e fungi 37032517 HIM 195 ., E Or f L1 Ya . e cff gf Uffy 3 and Ugfack I 'QQ ef rhah ' 6 Church Histor I5 Uur Favorite Subiiaut : 1 '- Page 39 We Find Greet Pleasure In T ping Time and event march on, and Monte Cassino students keep abreast of them. However, we also refer to the diary of the past to profit commercial department do not merely learn the routine func tions of business techniques but they acqulire efficiency, speed, and accuracy as well. A group of the first year typing class try for their 50-word Competent Typist pin. by the lessons it holds. This unfolds stories that have made nations great and men heroes. First year students consider the realm of modern history with its many complex prob- lems. Second-year students view the ancient world while the juniors delve into the glorious history of our own great nation. Arid merieeri Histor Page 40 We Learn in Sneak French The French class visit the home of Mrs. Marie Gicquel Abbott who was formerly a French and dancing teacher at Monte Cas- sino. Seated are: Mrs. Abbott, Eugenia Arcila, Carolyn Strick- land, Susan Johnson, Alice Geary, Marilyn Susott Barbara Geary. Standing: Charlyne Beal, Claire Sloan, Ann'Wheeler Orietta Galvez. I From all appearances chemistry must be a very interesting su ject Sister Suzanne tells her class about the periodic chart. NIR ,planing . 1 K nd Beennie Seienlisle, Ten. 'fd Page 41 As Seniors LORENE FRANKS Lorene Franks' cheerful and friendly person- ality was added to M.C.'s Class '53 in the fifth grade and for eight years since she has been a leader in class and school activities. An honor student and YCS leader she has been active in sports throughout highschool. She was class president in her freshman and junior years and Kommando Klub Queen of '5l. Lorene has the "pep and go" to score even greater achievements and will doubtless suc- ceed in whatever she does. She is the daughter of Conrad A. Franks. Page 42 JANET CODRY This brown eyed, dark haired miss came to Monte Cassino from Central. She has proved herself to be an excellent student as well as a fine addition to the basket- ball team. Janet's laughing eyes betray a merry heart hidden behind a rather serious mien. Participating in sports, dramatics and all school functions, Janet has won her place in Monte Cas- sino's hall of fame. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Codrey. ! L il PATRICIA FAHY Pat, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Fahy, Hartshorne, Okla., has been the soft-spoken and perpetually cheerful secretary of the senior class. During the two years she has attended Monte Cassino, Pat has displayed great ability as a basketball player. In her junior year she reigned as a winsome and gra- cious queen ofthe Mardi Gras. This Irish lass, with her ready smile and sparkling brown eyes, promises to spread sunshine wherever she goes. ' f+""" 'l la OR I ETTA GALVEZ Orietta is a "gift" from Guatemala City. Her personality radiates to everyone. ln her junior year she was Mardi Gras attendant, and this year she took part in the senior play. She is enrolled in the Sodal- ity and is an Oblate of St. Benedict. Although French runs a close sec- ond, art is her strong point. She enjoys dancing and sewing, and likes to type. She plans to attend college where she will concentrate on the study of languages and art, She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Galvez M. We Sei The Example For The Undercl ALICE GEARY Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Geary, has attended Monte Cassino from the first grade, and has maintained a high scholastic standing from the first to the twelfth grade. Alice's seemingly casual manner and ability never to worry are the envy of all her friends. ln her senior year, as well as her freshman, Alice was voted Mardi Gras attendant. She had the responsibility of class treasurer dur- ing her senior year. She displays great ability in the fields of sports, music, dramatics,and French. Her way of accomplishing the most difficult tasks leisurely is one of her outstand- ing characteristics. Page 44 BARBARA GEARY Barbara Geary has attended Monte Cassino for twelve years except for five months in the third grade and in all these years she has kept those around her filled with joy by her delightful smile and sense of humor. Barbara is active in sports, her favorites being basket- ball, tennis and softball. She participated in three Cascia plays and had the leading role in the Monte Cassino senior play. Barbara also reigned as the Mardi Gras Queen of '53. She is one of Monte Cassino's most talented pianists as well as a scholar, attaining at one time the highest average in the high school. Her favorite subjects are Latin and French which subjects she plans to continue study- ing in college. Daily We Look Furwar JANE HELDMAR Jane is a happy individual with a sparkling per- sonality. She is known in the halls of Monte as the girl with the ready smile. Jane came to our school in the eighth grade and has been a credit to the school all of her five years. Bubbling with enthusiasm, she has taken an interested part in all school activities. ln her sophomore year she was attendant to the Mardi Gras Queen. Jane is- the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Heldmar. rl if 2 l 3 BARBARA HOWELL Barbara Howell, daughter of Mrs. Mary Howell has been a boarder at Monte Cassino for the past three years. She is noted for her gay personality and her "Spanish." Barbara as vice-president is a very active member of the '53 senior class, she is also secretary of the Kommando Klub. Music,dancing, tennis, and Spanish are Barbara's most interesting activities. Bar- bara will probably be seen in the music department of Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, Kansas, next year. Page 45 ,Ul- CLAIRE SLOAN Claire, daughter of Mrs. Dallas Sloan, has attended Monte Cassino since the seventh grade. Her sincerity, depend- ability, and subtle sense of humor are only a few of the qualities which have made her a vital part of her class and her school. Versatile Claire has earned the admiration of many for her abilities as a basketball player, pianist, and seam- stress, as well as for the high schplastic average she has maintained. ln her senior year, Claire was crowned Kom- mando Klub Queen, and undoubtedly she will receive in the coming years, many more honors. Page 46 To That "Da H of Ua 5 PATTY HOPKINS Patty, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hopkins came to Monte Cassino her sophomore year and immediately became a friend to everyone. She is known for her sense of humor and her inability to conceal the truth. She takes an active part in all activities and is an honor student. Her pranks have cost her much at times, but they have also provided entertainment and few "dull moments" for the res- ident students. .ilk ggi "2 QM S s CECILIA WILLIAMS Cecilia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Williams, has attended Monte Cassino since her sophomore year. Her radiant smile and sweet personality soon en- abled her to acquire many friends. Throughout her three years here she has been a popular and outstanding figure, active in all school affairs, espe- cially in the Kommando Klub for which she served as vice-president her senior year. Cecilia will long be remembered and missed at Monte Cassino. I TONYA TRIMBLE Tonyadaughterof Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Trimble, has graced the halls of Monte Cassino with her presence three and a half years. Her win- ning way plus her determination and the abil- ity to lead have made Tonya an outstanding student and a very capable senior president. Tonya is a good student and is very talented in arts and crafts. Tonya plans to seek higher education after graduation from Monte Cas- sino. ,I Graduation 5 47 Engli sh and Clothing ,JZ-."..,l. The beauty, grace, charm, and literary heritage of our mother tongue, English, are unfolded with clarity and ease under the adept guidance ot Sister Mary Edward. The senior English class are highly'amused as they study Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales." "A stitch in pattern cutti under the gu Page 48 ment. Starting with basic instruction in this worthwhile art, they progress to time saves nine" is the motto of students of the clothing depart- ng, designing, and the making ot wearing apparel. The senior girls idance of Sister M, Joseph have acquired skill in the art ot sewing. llhemislr , Journalism, l Four top notch chemists bend glass in the lab, Pictured above are Cecilia Williams, Claire Sloan, Lorene Franks, and Tonya Trimble. A. X C - MMU. 3 in ,Ky 'S UHX The "Ariel" staff works hard to meet each deadline. Examining a result ot their hard labor arei Ann Wheeler, Alice Geary, Jane Heldmar, Carolyn Brown, Lorene Franks Page 49 Languages QQ. rl lSUH1DlElE Uui? Studies Artists Elaine Zaba, Julie Franklin, Patti Hopkins, Orietta Galvez, Ann Cole, and Eugenia Arcila who is supporting the flag pole, draw various views ot the building as a lesson in perspective. ' 1-1: -E:R,, .- 5 - . i Hd GIVE Us A ell-Huunded PYUUTHIH ii riii fd A visit to "Little Mexico" adds interest to t 3 study ot Spanish. Those who enjoyed a de ' Iighttul meal of Mexican food are: Standin E K-3 A Orietta Galvez, Ann Cole, Kay Kinslow, Mar fjiiiqzflal Sumonka, Romana Swan, Emma Gene Mc 2 xx Evoy, Pat Carlson, Barbara l-lowell. Seate f fgkislja' Patty Bluejacket, Sister Mary Alice, Eugen af 1 Arcila, Sister Louise, and Eldy Galvez. gl, K f S .tttss E Q EJ, . v qv ,...,,,!1 so .S X J page s"l'w,a""l 5 we ,,..,,, ,tiu use -s haf TU Equip Us Ph siiiall The senior cagers dropped the basketball championship to their fel- ' low classmen, the juniors, The senior basketball team is composed of the following girls, Backi Lorene Franks, Cecilia Williams, Ori- etta Galvez, Patty Fahy. Front: Patty l-lopkins, Janet Codrey, Alice Geary, Barbara Geary and Barbara Howell. Page 52 Athletic club officers and sponsor, Mrs. Mary Jo Bradford hold a council meeting. Back row: Lorene Franks, Pat Carl son, Kay Kinslow, Lynn Newhouse, Barbara Geary. Front: Mrs Mary Jo Bradford, Lynette Murdock, Eugenia Arcila. 2, X. r 'ina "C"N V .-'QQ' Set, F,O ehfh a el! nf" NO nd Sigh Wdrgack-U19 G h ff-, Q E17-7 ' A4 -rlffllf-7 rade a Beaifeif Magfosheflfgrxjenfs of V Sf, '71 BO fffer emo eddg nn! ' Do ' nsff' '7 S Oak! Us suits Dosf el' Ch' Ur Am, "Els e ex Shag Son eras ry Ya M. GS. ' SUS! lfgh 6 , Mc- 'Wa Ly ry G '70 ear reau New 51 L , ,V d'9'7c,y,A"fr gouseihfffe A4 Q cfassofii Ajndra grdock .-1-- ' a"19n phlkhkb 'qdrfe '3fr,b -S .1 'Vo k d an 6 e S07 S'6rf- elfh " s O SL nsfl-afg,7Q 44 Dolor 'S fairy Ages MCM sfe 'Yes ag ,o . 8 , , ova. heh, Three-Year Ph sical Egflucatiun 5 x Kick ball is one of the fail sports that the freshmen enjoy. Ri: Page 53 Has Been Sal UU xrvxo ed Qi 'of-6 A fa- we Z, Y Woeo Q R465 A-.' 1 Af-A ' " . . . . QQ ok ,OQNV The junior class marching team practlce for an exhlbltuon. to we Pxgugxfxg Q "l.e'f's keep the ball going," shout the juniors as they bat the ball from side to side. Volley ball, a good indoor sport, keeps the athletes busy on bad days. Page 54 'Q -4 ff" 1 'S 'X if I , 1 r qx S 5' The junior class is noted for its tennis fans. Those who engaged in the fall tennis tourna- ment were: Emma Gene McEvoy, Pat Carlson Eugenia Arcila, Kay Kinslow, Ann Cole, Gin- ger Diehl, Susan Johnson, and Marie Sumonka. I Y at as ! 7,,s ' PUT Tifaininn In Pnise, Skills and Pnsinna innfe ' Q i ' ' Q bv b IZZI Q .. A., , .i... 2 g A- A Q His - k ' Q , -1 f urna- iath- ary M BV B Bartholomew, Pat Burke. Front: Barbara Beal, Gerry Mulrenin, Connie Yunker. Page 55 Donna Jo and Mona Rae "Bitsy" Gamble are daughters of Mrs. Don J. Gamble. Donna Jo, a student in the fifth grade, is even now a talented little pianist. Bitsy entertains with her readings. The Mullanes, Dianne, Patricia, and Loretta are all aspiring to become real musicians. A Well Planned 115113 Program 5. Page 58 Develo 5 Uur Taste lor Finer Things The Geary girls, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Geary, i are outstanding musicians at Monte. The three girls ap- peared in a private recital in May. Standing are: Alice and Mary. Barbara is seated at the piano. s Q i , Mssseanf 4 4 i JP Pi 'si E Learn TU Emo g. Marie Surnonka, one of Monte Cassino's outstanding pianists, prac- tices with Bonnie Ray Elsey and Kay Kinslow, both vocalists. Wanda Adelblue and Ruth Ann Wendel ap- pear in a private recital. Private pupils in the high school are, Front: Patty Bluejacket, Eugenia Arcila, Kay Kinslow, Patricia Burson, Patricia Burke. Middle row: Carolyn Strickland, Mary Ann Bartholomew, Carolyn New- house, Mary Geary, Leona Warren, Claire Sloan. Back: Adrienne Riseling, Eileen Simpson, Marie Surnonka, Bon- nie Ray Elsie, Gerry Mulrenin, Alice Geary, Ginger Diehl, and Barbara Geary. Page 59 Music In Youth Time Youth, bubbling with gaiety ever have a melody in their hearts and a song on their lips. Thus it is that our glee club sing their way into the hearts of everyone at Monte. The highlights ot the year tor these girls is the Christmas musical, Spring Festival and the various music recitals. ,ff mod Musui In AH Its Forms R 'WS Q 3 W, Q. 'f':fP31 Q 2 U I 3, 4 Page 62 2 .Q T lt 0 12 Wg I X 'J Q 5 WK xii' W Se 1 if v . A Www W ,vi . A A ,235 . ,i, Q Fl if ,x 'X FN C ' Q ! skim, xl Q Wo Look Forward Ns.. limi: I To Uor ooool lllrrislroos moot """"""""-------.. """"""""""""----N---. "'W"""""""-------... Students eagerly look forward to the Christmas I banquet held annually in the residence hall. Views ,f of the dinner show: Top: Sister Mary Edward and a group of seniorsg middle: freshmen tableg bot- tom: Reverend A. J. LaFleur, OSA., Sister M. Suzanne, OSB. and a group of juniors. Page 64 X'-43" lmao.. Trix? Ms? Y 1 N . .,.,....,..,.. ,N x 'ir .wi A 5 mi- A. A nd Hommando Klub iilivilies The Kornrnando Klub, the student social organization and pep club of both Monte Cassino and Cascia l-lall, pro- vides wholesonne recreation for the students ot both schools by sponsoring a series ot weekly mixers. The out- standing social event is the Kommando Klub ball which takes place-at theend of the football season. During this event the Kommando Queen is crowned and thernost val- uable player receives an award. ff' Yff A5 ww 5 look on, v ,gt Q Claire Sloan, Kommando Klub Queen, poses withJackWitucki,rnostvaluableplayeraward winner. ! Students and their escorts enjoy Tubby Young's orcl1eSTr8. Jack VVitucki presents a corsage to Mrs. E. O Johnson for her services to the Kornmando Klub while Mike Wright and Lorene Franks Page 65 C? . 'Sr I ii 5 'L Sparkling night of ecstasy when Queen Barbara and her court reigned over the Mardi Gras'BaIl. What a wonderful time everyone had-happy couples gliding to the strains of the Will Rogcis Swing Band. Queen Barbara attendants were: I Kay Dell Lanpher, Alice Geary, Emma Gene McEvoy, Barbara Beal and Ann Wheeler. Before Lent We Held Uur erdi lfires Amid the enthusiastic applause of the audience King Ray Miller crowned Barbara Geary, senior candidate, Queen at the l953 Mardi Gras Ball ,M Emma Gene McEvoy, junior candidate, and her escort Jim Doyle stand beside the queen, Alice Geary and her escort, Jack Kehoe, Ann Wheeler and David Barry. Rose Mary Caruthers-, flower girl, and Ricky Mahan, crown bearer, complete the royal court. Page 66 l nnual Senior The senior class with the assistance ot the Cascia boys scored another success when they presented "Father Was a Housewife" on February ll-l2, A 2 5 l l l , ly l ali ji l X E 1 if .E Q? 'i Barbara Geary as Doctor Butler interview her patients, Orietta Galvez, Patti Hopkins and Alice Geary. 5 Below: Q ' in er as "FatherU does the honors at the piano 1 Phil Lau g i while Tom Newhouse and Marie Sumonkapertorm for 1 Bob Witucki, Lorene Franks, and Mike Wright. ,i X l X I r Above: Barbara Howell, Barbara Geary and Lorene Franks watch with disgust Tom New- house and Phil Lauinger as they put on one of their clever skits. P age 67 And In The Sprmg Um? Father- Uauqhter Ban que 1 .15 ,jo-.. 'Q' Page 68 153- K' 1' vsv: K . 'P a-I? N-Q.: i, 'N ally' ' bun , .J . 1 'J gf.. fy -Q 'QS' 5 QW-YA gxx, ge Xb. Page 69 A C L L , K A Page 70 THE GROTTO OF OUR LADY. School Life Really BEEIIHS When we are five years old, Mother kisses us good-bye and sends us off to MONTE CASSINO KINDERGARTEN N Here little Mary Miller gets ready to hurry Off to begin her day in the Monte Cassino Kihdergarten. 1 gg,f,,,.,..,-, 0 s .hh Page 7l T Nancy to cou James Tvler, Page 72 1 fn Whe re We Learn Barbara Bryson and Gary Betzner work on a mural depi the Guardian Angel watching over little children. cting J sap QAQV mile 5, , Usa,-, W . Ore ,S B fight Under ff-, . ggh Hughes, Riikbookkeeper-egble direction f . rms- y Clark P ,UrCl'laSerS O RlCkyM h ' amela King D353 Ilglizaberz agawith ' c Zn arker, Suzanilg Ky Thompson is teaching the little kindergarten students how nt. First row: Patti Walker, Bruce Wiley, Barbara Davis Whitback, Jim Constantine. Second -Row: Jody Tl?fgi,ril!laX . e - Ann Burnett, Steve Bolinger, Bill Pohl, Jennifer .IF 4 Wishing Sister Mary Edward a happy feast day are: Bobby G rone, Stephen Bourchott, Sally Morgan, Kenneth Ross, Caren rill, Stetton Bollone, Donald Leachmon, Sister Mary Edward, Mary Caruthers, Mike Hackett, Linda Easley, Martha Peet C Martin, Ricky Slaymaker. I up ' These little kindergarten students enjoy a lesson in coloring. Sit- ting: Carye Cobb, Dickie Sherry, Rebecca Mullane, Bill Ferguson, Margaret Barry, Frank Sheridan, Connie Broods, Stephen Gould. Standing: Mike McNulty and Cathy Davis. eflef- Ter- Rose huck 4-au Sister Mil-dred helps Johnnie McPartland and Dewey , Bartlett with a mural depicting th eadventures ot Little Black Sambo " Page 73 We Move lp TUT'l1i11 Priliiwallr 'Grades Sister Mary Gertrude has a lesson in "Reading Readiness" with the little first grade students. Sitting: Diana Pitts, Mary l.ou Quinn, Mike Dixon, Sister Mary Gertrude, Paula Eremewicz, Darleen Moore. Standing: Dick McCann, Jed Ullman, Warren Williams Niente Ingersoll, Pat Malloy. Other busy first grade students are: First row: Marie Riley, Perry Pascucci, Vickie Boyd. Second row: Steve Athens, Christine Kreder, Bart Gould. Third row: Cynthia Ross, Sammy Fitzgerald, Linda Laster. Standing: 'Susan Smith. ii Page 74 atechism. Tiny tots learning a lesson in c A Around the table are: Terry BEUY, Claudla Kafeg Mary Ann Sontag, Lewis Penrrault, Teresa Pacek, Duane Rosa, Trudy ZWlCl4. Standing: Kathryn Barnes, Sheila Ann Wish- erd, Betty Jean Chastain, Mary Catherine Livingston. Here lleall, Vlfrile, Silell ducts 3 leSSOn. ne I , i Ce and con d are. Jean n takes Sister Ellzabfoililts llejrning ell ablglul Ggllen Alclleson Mike lrgfiirglasecond grade. 535585, Marian Pednck, 3 Y l T Cl'll.Snfl Bob Benson, Bet Y jghnson. PhillipS, dreau, Jocelyn Q Margafef BDU Q if F , Egwgrlx !.o . . , 2 3. 31,1 A. Qc t-,fa ' x ,gud J as The second graders have found the study of the farm a very interesting unit. They show what they have learned by putting their ideas into a mural. Young artists are front: Jim Carley, Marilyn Whited, Nancy Ann Simpson, Alan Ross and Mariella Haas. Second row: Tommy Wilson, Teresa Sherry, Jan Murta, Nancy Ann Fleming and Susan Walker. 1+ Lett to Right Roy Mack Franks Gary Prawitz Jamey Drummond Connie Burke Judy Reames Marshall Myers Terry Seymour Abbie Jo Shay ren Forsman in cate Page 76 Each Year Finds 5 Uiiinq Reverend A. J. Chojecki demonstrates how to administer the sacrament of Baptism to a group ot third and fourth . grade children. Standing in the semi- circle are: Clay Jones, Frank Keating, J Joyce Kay Bell, Rita Marie Whitehead, i Stephanie Ullman, Judith Wilkinson, Jane Sherry. Mother Kay Baker holds l the baby while the sponsors Michael Mayer and Loretta Mullane pronounce the baptismal vows. lntently reading the Junior Catholic Messenger are: Front rowi Cherie Jo Perrault, Martha Melinder, Michelle Seymour, Rita Marie Moore. Second rowi Kay Frawley, Heather McNulty, Marsha Meyers, Daniel Keating. Third row: Linda Mandel, Kenneth Manion, Mary Ann Lee. Standing are: Lana Vowell Anna Lee Ahrens. ' 5 Aw. QS, J A ou of tourth grade girls display their artistic talent in developing QV P a rosary project during the month ot October. Suzanne Cunningham and Lynn Murta, back, stand ready to mount the' vvork while Virginia Strobel, Susan Baden, Barbara Sue McMilIlin, Olivia Ann Tlgompson, Connie Daniels, l-lope l-larder, and Sheila Wilkinson cut out an prepare the pictures. f-N 3 at """"'l!, I A group of fifth grade students take an imaginary trip through the United States with their geographyhbooks. Front: Deanne Kibbler, Second row: Katherine Williams 'le xffl Barbara Jo Martin, Linda McPhearsont Third row: Mary Zeier, Kathy Anderson, Jeannie Melinder, Terry Mcl-len- ry, Standing: Theresa Vreeland, Carol Ellen Penny, Donna Jo Gamble, Gail Ullman. lf " K X 'ir N"s"'wQ- Students of the fifth and sixth grades learn how to finger :M paint. Front row: Sharon King, Diane Siegfried, Judy Liv- ingston, Janice Johnson. Second row: Sally Myers, Linda Bragg, Marlene Melinder, Gail Echols, Diane Mullane, Jean- nie Baker. Third row: Kay Eason, Patricia Mullane, Gloria Valdez, Sharon Smith. Back row: Paula Ingersoll, Barbara Peel, Mary Bruce Miller, Sandra Burns. EW Things In H EW lileslisl 'Y Page 77 W CWUON wrist Finn Qinnirv iiiwi When We Hnacli Jnninii High Standing are: Barbara Jones Rose Mary Wood, Martha Sellmeyer, Barbara Crew Wanda Adelblue, and Kitty McDonald. wig, . ' t the mural f th d ei hth grade students examine the copy o 1 QSJOEEVZ iiilegomgletedgin the religion class. The subject of the mural 'S psalm 128 mmm, f ,,.........,,, if All Saints Day is celebrated with a party to which only "saints" are invited 1 7 E Have Saints Part Ruth Ann Wendel gives an oral report to the students in the junior high American History class. Students are: Elizabeth Callahan, Alice Bradshaw, Patsy Barry, Margaret Smith, Beverly Snedden, Lynn Harding, Betty Korponic, Judy Wright, Dian Stratton, and Gloria Swartz. Page 78 S at X ' wmli F "'i':4L3""' . XA' L QNYWSON a A ixfuxmirr' S um f ron 3, i. "We like Ike" shout a group ot the eighth graders as Q they carry on a political campaign before going to the , , E "polls," Results of the voting showed that the "Ike-rs" were in the majority. Campaigners arei Ruth Ann Wendell, Sally Simpson, Barbara Boudreau, Pat Flanagan, dy., Agnes Manion, Nancy Newhouse, Hodgie Shaw, Mary 'ist Helen Frederick, and Ann Kilbourn, I nd UU Little Campaigning VH Geography is much more interesting when studied from the new atlas agree this group ot seventh and eighth graders. First row: Mary Helen Frederick, Nonie Grifting, Sheila Mil- ler, Marie Manion. Second row: Nancy Newhouse, Susie Mc- Worlqman, Pat Flanagan, Sally Simpson. Third row- Doris Hutchings, Ann Sherry. l Page 79 ,.,..- 'V f of 5,7713 Sofegro On cf T Abe Frahzdare M' ,... F USIVS ,,"6'aO, 445 fb ' T 07 J, fo 967- r T '7 IO lf? . Sli Qrfak Q ft. ia There is nothing so exciting and thrilling for the grade school students as the annual father-daughter box supper. This year two classrooms were equipped with new desks as result ofthe box supper. Kitty McDonald and Ruth Ann Wendel prepare to share then box with Doctor McDonald, Mr. McHenry, auctioneer, and his daughter Terry display an attractive box. 'O K QZQNQKO J 4 Q T-W 513 ,15 ,efyicbofx it Y Agroup of dads and daughters withasatistied look atter . H U CSQGYSO ' ngyi having emptied the fancy boxes. ste 0 Q6 ii if W L la F dT Th B S T E UU Urwar U Q Ux upper L T xrr' ' N 1 W zu '. 1 V T 80 ' P899 M ,Af "W T X 'Viv fs r mm env. , .. 0 A- s,, Qt Christmas Banquet Grade school students with their pretects, Sister Vincent and Sister Mildred find great delight in the annual Christmas banquet held for the boarders. tid Parties Following the banquet a Christmas party is held in the recreation room. Every- one is eagerly waiting to see what Santa has left her, Page 8l The nnual Uperella "Sleeping Beauty" or the "Sleep of a Hundred Years" was presented by the grade school on March l8, l9, 20. The production was under the direction ot Mrs. Robert Boyce Carson who was assisted by Mrs. Mary Jo Bradford and Mrs. Frances l-lassler. The leading char acters were: King, Agnes Manion, Queen Ruth Ann Wendell, Prince, Wanda Adelblue Princess, Margaret Smith, Evil Fairy, Gloria Valdes, Good Fairy, Mary Bruce Miller, Pages Jeannie Melinder and Sarah Ann Johnson F n-7 Vlfg . usfc for Zglgh 9,66 I .gg C lg 1 s eplng BE'5L'ill3'y7iljJfI7l'3he Ah f e F is , , t ,W v 'Sis 5 M .til te i iff-ff' i l d 11 ' -ff Sleeping Beeul 74 'Y The little fairies dance before the little princess. ls Good fairies b their gifts to the new little prin 7-'2 f Q r X, Page 83 Wa Laarii Thai Families ha PTH iFll5lQlEll1EF, 4, 5 XTN N 'Q K ld STKNX X One of the first duties of Christian parents is to teach their chil- dren to put FIRST things first and to foster within them a real love for prayer and spiritual things. No better way can be found to accom- plish this than "Family Prayerf' Certainly families who pray together will stay together. Evening prayer at the Millers find, George, Mrs. Miller, Sheila, Mary, Mr. Miller, Johnny, and Ray reciting the rosary. Both Sheila and Mary are students at Monte Cassino. Family meals foster a true family spirit, The virtues of cooperation, kindness, thoughtfulness, and unselfishness can be taught and developed during meal time, The eve- ning dinner should be a time of real enjoyment and relaxation where each member of the family contributes to the conversation, Here we find the,Gearys beginning dinner. Alice and Barbara see to the needs of the others. Seated are Dickie, John, Mrs. Geary, Mr. Geary, Mary, and Edward Jr. The girls are Monte Cassino girls. All the boys have attended Monte Cassino in their first or second year of school, . Q , Q QQ"--. ,2 N NNW! ' T ff-r J, - S xv -ff ms- --X NX A Page 84 Solving family problems together is a very excellent way of teaching children the proper values in life. Mature cooperation and fulfillment of the family vocation im- plies dependence on God, dependence on one another, and an understanding of family sacrifice. The family should be made a little church where supernatural life is fostered and nourished by the cooperation of all to further the life of grace in all. Mrs. Newhouse, Carolyn, d and character is ecreation than in a iiii um ally vinci iiciu. IIUIC a uiiiu is IdUQl'1f The necessity of unselfishness, of controlling his temper and his tongue, of fair-play, and Christ-like charity. In addition to "re-creating" themselves, children can be taught to appreciate good music, reading, art, and other "finer things of life" during the fam- ily "play time." The Johnsons give us a fine example of family recreation. Karen, Sarah Ann, Jocelyn, Doctor, Dale, and Mrs. Johnson have fun making their own music. in rearing children r Tom, Nancy and Mr. Newhouse have a round-table dis- cussion on a few "teen-age" problems. as ' Sta Together Page 85 Rx Life In The Residence Hall "Great care snould be taken of the sick" says Saint Benedict in his Holy Rule. Sister Vin- cent carries out the injunctions of our foufldef by 'faking excellent care of her patients, Beverly Snedden and Alice Bradshaw. Evening recreation is fun in the residence hall. Playing cards, watching television, reading, and playing various games are some of the ways the students spend the recreation period before eve- ning study hall. holy llfl II u Ann Sister Vincent and Jeannie Baker get Heather McNulty ready for school. Several fifth and sixth grade girls take a last look at their English before scurrying off to the classroom. PaQe 86 All ready tor bed the tiny tots of Mary Haven line up tor inspection, Eager to be off to the land of dreams are: Carey Cobb, Niente ln- gersoll, Kay Baker, Linda Mandel, Martha Melinder, Betty Ownby. Rfb 1 nfl 1 Finds slslvinq SURE Big Happ Pamll Sister Mildred instructs Martha Melinder, Linda Mandel and Niente Ingersoll bow to make a bed properly. Page 87 Y. F,R. Wk! Above Annette Flusche and Kay Dell Lanpher . serve Pat Burson, Ginger Diehl, Pat Fahy and 53 Eugenia Arcila. Leona Warren, Patty Bluejacket, Patti Hopkins, Marilyn Watson, Mary Ann Bartholomew and Nancy Rodgers try some new records while waiting for the study hall bell to summon them over to the school building. Page 88 Working, Pla ing, Cooking in the new kitchenette in the students' lounge is tun especi- ally when the "menu" is fudge. Candy makers are: Eldy Galvez, Orietta Galvez, Barbara Howell, Eugenia Arcila, Ginger Diehl, and Carolyn Brown. ff H QNMRRQW Praying Tugethar f,-.g..,,.Y, ,H f i """-'--.'- 1 ,,,.....-:- , A,,,...y AWA, ,Www W Jk,.,,..,.........-Mw-'-w- Wa 'W oAMWW Marie Sumonka, Alice Bradshaw, and Niente Ingersoll pray the rosary before Our Lady's altar. M-f-Q Page 89 FUUH 1949 GRADUATES if silwf We H-fra, s ig effili YQ 3, 4"i1Jz, ,tg-1-gh i During the past year tour graduates of class '49 chose the marri state as their lite's vocation. Bride of last Jurie was Elizabeth Bo dreau who became Mrs .John Mayo Mclieown. Last August wedding bells rang for Miss Barbara Moran who is now Mrs. Thomas Gilmer. EHUUSE HPAMILY LIFE" M Margie Sherry became Mrs, Robert A. McNearr1ey In Novem ass bers AS THEIR VU EATIUN r' 1x by iv, The most recent bride was Miss Pat I ricia McDermott who married Lveufenahf Raymond Charles King. Page 91 , An F ' , Students who were absent when the class pictures were n HSCO taken or who enrolled at the beginning ot the second semester are: First row: Sheila Ann King, Sidney Lee Johnson, Terri Henderson Shelley Smith Patricia Frank 1-rd!! Second row: Jimmy Tom White, Barbara McMahon, Mary Ann Ruysser, Mary Jo Gould, Joan Kreiger, Ken- neth Lawlar. at -' ' llil ird rOw3 Paula Zuick, Deanie Ruth Thompson, Sarah Page 92 Ann Johnson. :1 , I: -2 f -W f COMPLIMENT9 OF Model: Dee Anne Kibler APEX MACHINE AND MANUFACTURING INC. Page 93 4 'I 92' I L, Q X 1-5 -,-3' .as pq .1-v bl Pontiac Inc. 12th and Boston Phone 2-3291 GATES AND GOODRICH TIRES v 12? Q L ,QQ rw -Q V ,A , 4 Tf'K2,A'Y+x .v 'ff' . K .-v "' "2 -aixfwf Q, A. f r 4' , ' , A . k , Q Y Q gil"-S ' 'i j KA. . gj,e5SfgN,3g Q Sung' . . sq 1-Q, x r v. . V A, 3 L 35 ,. E , dv - .-rn .. 1 '12-su, f , ' ' , , J - " 1 - -1 2:-, Q JSLQQQ, t, - .r . . R A 1 ii zww f 'h .x 'Q 3553: Sf K' .,. M' , :vi s -gf ,Q-swlo wffn ff' fa' gs, - Q . . 9" M...,W.n.Wq,. MW...M.g. . ,. .. as '- 1 k' s, sw .... Q. X.S6B'3S"i5f,s , !.fksf'.1if1x"4xi. B61 'P' .Fx The Mackey twins, Dick and Bob show Sister Mary Edward their new car. -A Z Z to the GRADS of '53 wn- nkm B ' 71ZJl5d,5,D077Z1'7Zd7ll Department Store 4h d 8 z an Maz'n . th and Cincinnatz' Kpwetcaqf . llealtm. ' AY fr A new automatic Gas range built to Certified Performance standards . . . gleaming cabinets . . . and a silent Gas refrigerator . . . everything designed to give the modern homemaker a kitchen which will fulfill her fondest dreams. Yes, Smart Cooks know that Gas has got it for ease, economy and dependability of operation in the modern food workshop. Your Oklahoma Natural representatives will be glad to give you more information on the New Freedom Gas Kitchen. X xg ,, -'TL O M- -- Models. Janet Codrey Claire Sloan CHLHHOFTIFI HQTURHL WWW Our Best llfish es For Efueryrhing SERVICE PIPE LINE That 3 Good! Congratulates . 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Manufacturers of MONTE CASSINO UNIFORMS East Third Phone 2-230l as S : , . I lb , , fwfg . 'fm B v an i S .h ,Q M H S I 3 P t F HY Modes Sgrah-3Ann Johnson Compliments of Fikes Food Stores and Filces Radio and Appliance L. Kincaid W. R. Ewers PROFESSIONAL DRUG SHOP PRESCRIPTIONS EXCLUSIVELY 0 So. Utica Tulsa, Okla. Across the Street from Utica Square Phone 72-2464 Compliments of Forster- Riggs Inc. Chrysler - Plymouth 815 50. Main Tulsa 54-5244 arm Sam, slap 1411 East Fifteenth St. Tulsa 3, Oklahoma Sportxuear - Lingerie - F oundationx Open every Wednerday erening until 8:30 Pfee Parking - Free Alterafionf- Free gift wrapping Phone 54-5979 E HHUIJES CLEANERS Compliments I of I Southern Mills and GOOD GROCERIES AT WHOLESALE PRICES W9'c"""'i"'Y wnnenouse manner l0th 0 Elgin Martinizing . . . 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INRUBEQSQE B TH me HU R an NATIUNM BANK UF TUE ALUG ' TEL -1-1 X34 , . . :-:- -rs:-'-'--+:Q.1.1:mX::s Qffllll-UIEST CHEVRULETW ':f?Er5:f:1:f-2''-213122551465:g6351z1:rk2:1'rErE12Nm12r:M - - .-5 ..-:+:-.1-12:4-:Q-:-:A--I:-1+:+P 2-:asaw1:x2s:a:5f5:z:azsf:a:f-fi2s:z:1:1:s:1 Among the younger set you'll hear: .W 'EQ 5:5535 sum'--aux? I:-.-: 1:11 p, .,.:5:3tfN, -51512 ' gzgzsssfrs U biS5:jggj:5:5:I kbrzgzil'-'-Qrsffrzr 1:25. 4' -152-.afe.5q:e, fg 1:3:5se:z .:"1"2E3:' N 55 I like 7"" ' Cause It likes Me" H0945 WN CREAM OKlAHOMA'S LARGEST AND MOST MODERN IOWUNG CENTER ONDITIONED 30l'h YEUV serving 1974 uncA soumze ruLsA 5, oxLAHoMA I VISIT THE Glllll ROOM, FINE FOODS, C0lD IEE! Chevro ei owners G. H. GALBREATH CO. gy-Micah' . 2'l , TULSA REAL ESTATE LOANS 1650 E st REAL ESTATE SALES EXCLUSIVE APPAREL - FURS - GIFTS INSURANCE Accsssomss I008 Hunl' Bldg. 3-5817 Tulsa fam bnznfd of U15 Le GUNTRY C " C UTICA SHOPPING CENTER SHOP I aa 5 , 3 QJJQoySipes suggests.. When its your turn to shop for, to cook, or to pay for the things you eat you'lI begin to think about quality, variety and prices. When that time comes please remember Sipes. We pride ourselves on having the widest variety ofthe very best foods at prices which are competitive with other Tulsa super-markets. ln the mean time, bring in your parents They'll like our stores, tool T I338 E. 15TH 541 N. DENVER 103 S. LEWIS 2700 S. HARVARD - N El COMPLIMENTS OF PETROLEUM TRADING 81 TRANSPORT CO. The Monte Cassino faculty and studen.s wish to thank Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Randall, Mrs. W. Reed, Mrs. A. F. Boudreau, Jr., Mrs. Don J. Gamble, Mrs. H. O. Harder, Mrs. Hazel e Ahrens, the advertisers, patrons and all those who have helped to make this year book possible. ,.1--x"""'- XSL- PATHU S Meek's Shoe Service Kathleen Shop F. C. Connelly 5' Co. Dun-Well Cleaners Griffin Grocery Home Federal Savings G Linsky Fur Shop Mid-States Refining Co. Tayloe Paper Co. Walk-Over Shoe Shop Chick Norton L. J. Ault Loan Association Christina's Flowers Blue Bonnet Bakery American Cleaners C. Moore 6' Adelman Hyland Clothing Co. Carnation Milk Whitlock Grocery A Friend Downs School Supply Oklahoma Janitor Supply Edmonds Insurance Co. A 145 at' 1 'bl C lp' Q 'a a ng. .I ya oe' 'D 3' 3- re' Q 'ue 6 bgi fy. 0 ow' 5. 0' na Aa YU y?' 9 I S: 'Q Q3 cs 61 i C.: Q: 'Q WW Wmfff I E ' W A Q.. I ,lin -.J OO! O ltr NNN ,f .lffiz 132. l .751 : ' , .E F Q ' I 2 rf Q l ll! I " I 2 X, 5 A " : ,XX un.. ,I Q 1 W 4 1 E ff 5 E? K. awww .Zi nn .wp QL .. 'If' m vm , : N E JS' V .gl V e Q ' ,mm i -4 um 3 E f 3- S. i 4 A .u E 1 en 1 3 - ig 5 .A-umm.. ,A U

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