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.bf Our army of youth trained to seek the good, the true, the beautiful and inspired by leaders who teach and live this philosophy, we too, will so live "that in all things God will be glorifiedv! . mM.isaumm,M.eLr.-egL,1W..s..l Mlr,...uu.,-'s f as adwwfmmiw 6 rv--" In Jn X Mil, , . 1 Mikuwer WMA ' -Q W 'L H09 MHZ' u ihiiagam Qghunil 1 ow ,L mi 5 1 Q, ff: LIP' '51 1 A ,Wu Wg, Si: 4 vs f . b bw V Q 6 g I: ff.. 4' sf ,M 'fn 'X XL 55 3 is if 23 .ix 53 la? S 5 1255 4' .. ,ZZ Tim Quai: Z fha Www if'hnBaa1rL1fQ11I: r 32-H 'swf 1 "'-Vvf, 1 'Ur ,W 'Q Q'-:.ko.'Q ,gw Jgrxqqgxi lv:-.Q Q A Lai, 3 F? AF. 'if QQ 45 K mr' fi-5 Q! sf 3 I6 J' I 2 o ew 1:51 My e the Staff II 1948, a symbol of the Christian ldeals whnch have been fostered ln us by our educatnon ln a Cathohc Benedictine School We have learned that to seek the GOOD the TRUE the BEAUTIFUL, m all phases of hfe wnll gxve us the secret of present, future and everlasting happiness, iii 1343 te HIE Exeelleneg ihEmU5i3?rBI7EI'BIIEI Eggene I illcglnlmeee 5151111 ef 9111311011121 Vigand 611311 one whehee ueggreat D illms fnruelileynuihef QIKIHIIUIILHIII ? past iem CEM ' 1ehg11-3iIef1u1uneee,azeaIeueL1Qymm1e uue- SDIIHILII In the meek nfadvaneileg theqpggqelis ef the ehmeh in Qklaleema, has heeeme Ieue, Q. reepeei and esieem me dedieete Mel 3 - . ',, 1 61 A Q' -i ' EMC. , 56, , . em Q4 TQELHQIL-iI1UfIIi5 clineeee, the ideal leader EG g' whose lgenereeiizg mini quell-5 prompt- gg ue tee to be ardent werkersin the Eglhehle eause efgpreadilg Ihe His Excellency, The Most Reverend Euqene I. McGuir1ness Bishop of Oklahoma City cmd Tulscr. W!s's.v,my,t nw, . ,X,A jg, H' 1 if 9 1 4 W , sa 'R 6 NM 4 3 A 'lt ,.,. . - 4 J 'www-wi W. 43 1 li 1 ffm .gg . svn' ? XX f 'uv Nv wv ., , Minn, if S fl' ..,a"" 2 2 i 1 1 rx w 1 ffh xl? K P :W A 31 1 K1 T 2 ""'-fwnw anznlvwmvi ww The Oklahoma Annual Youth Convention was organized in 1946 by his Excellency Bishop Mc- Guinness. At the three- day meeting held in early Iune, Monte Cassino was host to boys and girls from all parts of the state. of Wifi ' vis Amir 362, "-Q., 'Th""' 1 " 3 3 F' ai , , x N 4 1, Q' 194400 Qeqmwl Meer Zwime SMCZW vw SWWW Sqffme 1 Ewan? XJWWZ , -ZWOWQ Q X EM li Reverend S. R. Fogarty, O.S.A. Spiritual Director and Religion Instructor Right Reverend Monsignor D. C Fletcher, Pastor of Monte Cassino XL DIRECTORS OF THE CATHOLIC YOUTH MOVEMENT IN OKLAHOMA Reverend Don Kanaly Successor of Father Monaghan as Youth Director Very Reverend Gavan P. Monaqhan, Ph.D State Superintendent of Catholic Schools and First Diocesan Director of the Catholic Youth Movement. Reverend Victor Coury Tulsa Reqional Youth Director , , ,, APOSTOLIC DELEGATE His Excellency, the Most Reverend Arneleto Giovanni Cicognani, Apos- tolic Delegate, gave a special greeting and blessing to the children as he entered the Monte Cassino grounds during his visit in Tulsa. 'U' fri fav ,A Vi I' h.. x If Nr 6,4 . 4 fx- f--9 W A124 Q a . L" H '52 'Q Y VZ' Q. fi-Y 557 gh 24- ,N as , Qg Ak QM 2 Q f J M . ,A-. M 1 X1 X Mu f',Zg..' W, ' wtf M E f .rf i 'sf' nf? 3,4 ks! 3'M-A K0 fi FACULTY The Faculty of Monte C ' assmo School teach Youth to seek THE GOQD, the TRUE, the BEAUTIFUL. gm? Miglia XB ,7 N W' 'GW fx it X 'WQ5 Q X 'xi X J ximg? i9 . 5 x X 3 Z Xllw X gl X X 4, tw? N I f RStllSlu5R5fggt1?j'i'M?V Mother Mary Agnes, O. S. B ., M. A. Supenor of Monte Cassino. Sister Mary Edward, OSB., MA. High School Principal Latin Department Senior Sponsor Sr. M. Lucy, O.S.B., A.B. Grade School Principal Seventh and Eighth Grades Iunior Pretect Sister M. Berchmans, CSB., M.A. History, Librarian ilk A Sister M. Iqnatia, O.S.B. Treasurer 'B Sister M R ' . eqma, O.S.B., MA Head t ' o the Fme Arts Department ?a!'l'M Sister M. Immacuiata, O.S.B., A.B. Dramaiics, Freshman Sponsor Sisier Mary Iohn,4O.S.B., A.B. Mathematics, Commercial, Iunior Sponsor Senior Prefect A M. .i" i Sisier Gertrude Marie, OSB., A.B. English, Sophomore Sponsor V 4 S- M. S b - I 0-SIB Sister MGIY Pcliui, CSB. 1SEfl1mGrYeDZii?:mem First cmd Second Grades Grade Preiect Sister M. Mdurd, OSB. Sister M. Iosepii, O.S.B. A T' ' d rid Fourth Grddes Cuhridry Depdrtriierit mr d Miss Maud Cullison, A.B. Mrs. Marjorie Ewing, A.B Science I Spanish Mrs. Mary lo Bradford, AB. Mrs. William Guillaume Physical Education Music: Piano g tzzgtr z,:: . iii 512.57 1. MW H ,, C W at it Q 'Inf vl'1"'q W f , QW? M n:.g.-.fx 'f f,-,gy ,44.A.x, , 9, 1 3 1 . -tn, 1 'Sw 5-7-41, 5f1i'lx'lf' ,tv.1-11,14,vi'.'.'Xf'sfg , ' 5 M! ,yr sr U. . X .8 ,S ,ysa ,VL , ' Q-f3'f.'.,Q . X Xu.,-11,1 e,.,ff.t-,f 'iv .asf If t, rn. dl' xr' , A -XV? .z'-H'i'l"":"i' X , , TUV aj, 5,:j5y.'w,-.i Qi' A gf .ri-,ggm-. A . g,','.g.y5'f'rf nl 51' ,fx ,nwiw ,,,,eA .5 1 , Ai, H. fr .Nw HQ. ff' -- iKK.iQ'AvY f,",6q "ff f, 0' 11j1,xsi'4',M"'4 x KM, K . gf, y I L,g.mgg5,gQ 'fsvfff 5 tr1::f1l122w ,N w rwugjm. r . , X ,4+fP',,,, 1 t,Qir..t- vu Q ' he , -I x,,,,.tQ4f fr ,,i,r.? ,,,:5g5g,, 1 gZ.myitItLt ,tw3.,,, Q 5,,,rtwfM iiggixyl W' ,. Aint 1 Mrs. Robert Boice Carson Vocal Department Glee Club Director Mrs. Carson tries out parts wtth three ot her prima donnas-Zena Mae Iohnson, Ioan Fran- cis and Ianus Spurr. "Uv t 'N f-we P '-S, nv--"" N Tlx, rs ll . .' . lm 1 sf as i Q C' vu ' Q 1 ? Qi .QL 1 'wri- Mrs. Vincent Long President Mrs. I. C. Yunker Recording Secretary icia 5 0 Mrs. I. K. Zyskowski Vice-President Wonfe Cafwino l Mr. Thomas P. McDermott, Treasurer l Mrs. W. I. Baker, Corresponding Secretary i l The Parents' Council by its cooperation and active interest in the school is a i vital factor in the training of youth. The parents were taken on a conducted tour of the school on "Back to School Night." Lectures and demonstrations were given by the pupils in various fields of learning. Below the physical education class does the dance, "TWo Head Ladies Cross Over." R Mggwmiwi M 3 2 Q7' ' 3 N, A . ': l. -A 1 :'::,Z:ffn x V '2,.2..1.':h- . 2 'L'-g',: 4 7-1-fm '. 1 x :vw--V4 1.1-. if .. H- 5:4 gg ..:': . aussi- 'E :.,'.r'.2?1: zmf? W' 2 . Q .. ..,.. ,. A Ja. .Y-I-my .L V. r. 24f'- fr- . '92 W - 4 ,lf xt 1, Q19- wwf' A 'im ,v,fmY W Y :q- fw ff 2195 A 2159 W yy 1,23 , X My-Q ,,..,. ., . ,wiv Mx 54 h M U if 9- Iggy 1 1,43 rv X nn. H :: 4 Q .. K" YQ f, ::., K W .- """ 4., 7 -2 ' ML if kgf ,, ,-Zia lv ? gfn g gg zl wg, its 2 A .A,. , W Hai? Q ., 25, 1332 V , B 3- . ' g ., ..., K ifrwl - ...., s ' 9 .1 Wig? f ' -"" 29" f' ,: wwf?-' . ZI':.'f"'2:-3:5111-:-:Q 'pr 1 gi Y .wiigk f ,Q 11, - 31" I ' , - ,f z , 1 ...,: :55:-Ev I -sf , , , ':F 'I, an'-'-.2.f.:.21' . :... S.ffF' ,. :,:... , XA -L , ':. 'bg Je- f, 1, W in-s f a Lam ,Q 1:21 ' ,, M, T U J L v 22 V f 5 f 1 in V Hsin ' ' ui Q 2, . 4 ' uw 1 'f:. maxi a K M .,.. WG W S. 'fa T94 v WWWE Q Em - L. t 'ua-.-5 ' W2 ' ,ji .vs " ' ' Q, ..-I . . ' Q- .4 . ' xx . H V1 F x TEN gg A .. " " , 'f P .V gg L J ' A,fn.x.'l,t,' , 'X 3 , wk ,g,a'3' - , M' 11" ' , Q, A sf gf A .E up g w ' -. ' I ,f E' ' , ,P 'arf '51, 'yn 5? f, AJ? f W- - ,su . Q. 'V.d1YfA""m+ '55 gf! ,Va me in wh' HN-'Y l'f2f ?',,jg ffT"sr,3, . ' x '. ' RV -. 38 . V V. f. as .- '. F' Q f . . .- feqgxfw 5 if fri gf.-4 . V QL wi. .,. a".,' , :pq iw .a N j gxgk .5-624' in ' 4" ' -Mlm " jg- ' 5: , QTL tiff' 1 A 4: ' sv 2 f . X ffl: . ,v if Q N53 ,,' ' x g. . .. If -3 Way R A Q15 I , Q k .' . il xv, Hhigffi' 'JJ ' ff " S '-' .4 . .fy ' ',gQfg,':, .., - 1.7.35 L .ff .Q fu. iffy, , ,. ' .N ' ' ?.1- ' I A213 A . wg ' . 75, 4 X 'Q' QM: if , . , . f .4fi, - 'Y-gag Iwi. -Q:-, ' .ff 5 ?m ?'?'f?f' 1 mf 523 I -4. J 54 , wwf 5,-gym sw ' A 'f"'f"" f' 'wiv 'f-1'g-N, ,- rs , '- ' 5, fr. xfh kiwi f , , " vi , 'KgwQJ- ""4?j5f,'A,fS' L-lass' V " fi ,. Q,,': 'Y "Uv ' ' nfl. Q59 ,Q ' , ' 'KJ ef 4 ' - W :.' F ' l . 'i ' ' 4 - n -, if . J E yan ,Q .3,,kf1 F A WY W gr' ! ff . 8 3 M. , if ff K 5 ik f X 4 ia Monte Cossino sends forth its students from school life into 1ife's school. ja -S 11 eniom Gwendolyn Brownlee Gwendolyn as president of her Iunior and Senior class showed great possi- bilities ot leadership. A fine scholastic record proves she has mental power and uses ity a tennis tournament winner and basketball prowress mark her an avid sportswoman. Popularity is hers with all her friends. As a member of Catalysts, Masquers, Chant and Glee, Gwendolyn is active in all school activi- ties. .A Phyllis Braniff I-IV Phyllis Branitt known as "Little Bran- iff" is one of the smallest girls in the class physically, but she is heard and seen in every worthwhile project. Phyllis has a good mind which she uses well as her scholastic record shows. ln- tensely interested in people and things, she takes an active part in all school affairs. Vice-Prefect of the Sodality, a member of Masquers, Glee and Chant, Phyllis is a vital part of her school. We will remember Phyllis well groomed and beautifully dressed, driving her red convertible! 3 S Margaret Smith II-IV Not only as secretary of the Senior class, but as a friend, Margaret needs no addition or corrections. Her schol- astic honors are too numerous to men- tion. She is Literary Editor of the Ariel, a member of the Catalyst and Glee Club. Margaret will always be remem- bered for her willingness to chauffeur the girls in her "B1ack Dragon" alias the Pontiac. Sandra Friedman IV Sandra is the Ariel news editor for 1948. She is a member of Catal st th Y 1 9 Athletic Club, Glee Club and the treat urer of the Senior Class. She will al- ways be remembered for her cheerful smile and her sunny disposition. Where- ever the fun is, there is Sandra in the midst of it. Iosephine Brown I-IV "Io Io" "Io Io," our diminutive Senior is al- ways on hand to greet one. Brown hair and eyes cmd an indeiinable chuckle describe "Io Io". A lover of sports she was an ardent member of the Athletic Club. We will all miss "Io Io" in Choir, Glee and every activity. Gloria Durham I-IV ' Gloria has sung her way into our hearts. With her sonqs and many tal- ents in our memories, our Senior days will never end. Gloria is president of Masquers, a member of Sodality and the key note of the qlee club and Chant Choir. Affable and trieridly Gloria has a place in all our hearts. Iacci Casler IV Iacci, a late comer to M. C. has never- theless become very much an import- ant Apart of our class. She is a member of the G-lee Club, Catalyst and Athletic Clubs. Iacci's laugh has provided us with many good times, in class and out. Unforgetable are her bubbling person- ality and the figment of her imagination, "George" sflt Gerry Lou Conrad III-IV "Connie" Vivacious Connie, known for her endless humor, is the Texas representa- tive inthe Senior class. She is an essen- tial member of the class and an active member of Masquers and the Sodality. As Editor of the Ariel she has been truly successful. This can be witnessed by our yearbook and papers. y is Marie Flusche Marie came to Monte Cassino in her Sophomore year. Since then she has endeared herself to all her classmates. Ability and interest in all sports won for her the honor ot president .of the 1948 Athletic Club. We will miss her easy qoinq manner cmd her never tail- inq patience. IoAnn Egan I-IV "Eqie" When Irish eyes are srnilin , sure and that means IoAnn. As qracetully as she combines a piroutte and bourre, IoAnn has found perfect harmony ot work, play, and ideals. She has lived up to such honorsas Prefect of Sodality and vice-president of Masquers, plus a mem- ber ot the Chant Choir. Her ambition is to dance around the world in her toe shoes so, qood luck! 5 1 ,V ,V -4 Mary Io Franks III-IV "Frankie" One of the merriest girls of the Senior class who takes part in almost every activity is Mary Io. Easily recognizable by her twinkling brown eyes and an- gora sweaters, she has laughed through many a seemingly difficult situation. As assistant editor of the Ariel, mem- ber of the Sodality, Masquers, and Athletic Club, Frankie will always be remembered for her undying enthusi- asm and energy. ..,-'MY 3 .1220 I 2 Wpwwv lt I, X i' Mary Lee Iames One of the few who have twelve years at Monte Cassino to their credit is Mary Lee. She has attained the posi- tion of Secretary of the Sodality and editor of the Sodality News for the Ariel. Mary Lee is also an active member of Catalysts, Athletics and Chant. Her good nature and sweet disposition make her a favorite of the class. 'A tj Maria Teresa Iurado Maria Teresa Iurado joined the Senior class this year. Maria Teresa brought into the class the charm and color of her Panamanian ways and has been a link with us and our Latin American countries. Petite and gay, she has made many friends who will miss her when she leaves in Iune for Panama. A de- vout Catholic and a member of the Sodality, Maria edities us all. We will remember her anecdotes at her first slumber party. Zena Mae Iohnson III-IV "Boots" Zena Mae will always be remem- bered for her sparkling vitality, and generosity. She is a member of the Glee Club and Athletic Club. Tulsa claims "Boots" but she hails from Houston. A true daughter of the South she talks with a Southern accent. We will remem- ber her bangs and voice lessons. Patricia Kelley 11-IV Personality, plus scholastic ability, plus talent, plus charm, equals Pat Kelley. A studious, industrious worker, Pat is a ioy to all her teachers and friends. Pat Will accomplish whatever goal she sets for herself in life. The music of her maqic fingers will lonq vibrate in our hearts. 4 -iw: ,fwimlffi - us. Hwfim'-ef 'Q 1 Q ' r 2 'Wet ,ij 5. Vivian Kennedy I-IV "Bug" Tiny, lovable Bug came to M. C. in her freshman year. In this her last, she has held the honor of president of the Catalyst Club, and takes part in the Glee Club, Chant Choir and Sodality. Generous and understanding de- scribe her to the fullest. When we see the sign "Coca-Cola" we will remember her as she was seldom seen Without one. fx l 'asia 5 , ,bk Frances McGraw IV A newcomer to our class this year, Francis quickly became acquainted. Her amiable personality and friendly smile Won her many friends. Francis is very enthusiastic about new fads, new Beaux, new anything. She is a member of the Sodality, supporting every drive and enterprise. Her numerous alibies, good and otherwise, will not be for- qotten soon. l . 4.5 Billie Marie McGovern Billie Mac, dark haired and vivacious, is one of the friendliest qirls of her class. She is active as treasurer of the Sodality, society editor of the Ariel and a member of the Catalyst Club. Sweet- ness characterizes her as to disposition and for this quality we will remember her most. 'F ,J g , Lelia Saqel IV This lovable senorita from Panama has won everyone's friendship by her unmatchable good disposition and humor. Known for her rhythms in Latin American song and dance, she will lonq be remembered for her perform- ances. She is a member of the Sodality and is noted for her dependability. Marianna Smith I-IV "Smitty" Smitty came to Monte Cassino in her Freshman year. She has made herself invaluable as the nurse of the dormi- tory. A hard-working, dependable sort of person, Smitty helps everyone in need. She is a very active member of Masquers, holding the position of treas- urer in her Senior year. Smitty will lonq be remembered as one who knew what was riqht and did it. 0-...QQ unions O Q0 we Go Q9 52526816 Bond X00 PSQU diy 1101? . 'Sf fs .590 Qlgfoo 1' K O W Q88 I Lf OS n 10, KX is QQO9 Alice Ann HuQ'h9S 519 R V., -A 'div-.3 Y ' A fy , L00 N9 GQ lfh W 4' 9 -'Q PQI? 'mf . . - 1 Ymiqxe Q Teresa Mayer Q ow 49 Qs X054 5 Q50 Swom o,.e6 Q,Q Ben fo 12 '51 X016 CJQXQE: 90929 Q2 06001 Xixqoe Q,Yy65OQ X09 LQ Q Jf Sr Qc S130 X00 XA S 6 Q19 N6 i0 9600 've Q50 gn ref, m QIDQ1-sf .4 If f f Q?eQ1 QQ 6? , S069 L, X 60 0 fum? IIS Hudson ox? '70 .If 'fe gy Q39 Q0 'J' QMS? 4 6 VO? Mary Ann Long QOX www 010 S fls' Qrolb , : i L ff GMA ibriue ,YT fy 5 N553 rc rf" Q, fig 'fig 4 1 ' wr mi. , - M, 'ff n.,g5, if fiffgjz. J ,f,Kf,H K gg, ggi.: QQ 3 X p vw Y 4 M 1 1 Q K w g1iiki.i5,iQ Q QM... Truth, the basis oi our Cathoiic iiie, is the heart oi dur educationai ' system. in the training oi Monte Cassino students this ptincipie predontinates in aii branches of ieatning. To seek God, the Etetnai Truth, is the end toward which the entire curricuium tends. 99 Guiana El? ' 1+ durqggm ,Q K , I FQFV' A R Q , ig ' E W? jr! I M7 -1 -1 -E5 .mf . A .V 9 39 - 'M ,, A Kfxfik-fSw,Q-, 53:11 +-.own -p-4-W 4 ,i ,Q ,- tm 33 ii 22 QE Hz 89 bt? G9'r-1 LE S3 go b- UU .EE sq 52 -S1 U. Q53- COCD jj U1 1:92 aw Q-4461403 005 s: QHHE agp EGF :egg gg .TI QJFGQ 154. BBQ UQHU ""l ., v.....J Reverend lolin Sulli- van, retreat rnaster, made each airl re- alize more fully the brevity ot this lite in comparison with eternity. Students rnalce sta- tions of the Cross. Private devotions make up part of the retreat schedule. f""'A 2 ,Q ,K 'fc-I E 1. T' Il ff K , g 2+ SODALISTS BREAKFAST AFTER ANNUAL RECEPTION img, . . gif 1 ,V OH LORD, I AM NOT WORTHY Sodcdists conduct meeting with Io Ann Eqcm, prefect, presiding. ilk The sodality prefect, lo Ann Egan, presides at a bi-monthly meeting, The sodalists give special honor to Mary, their pa- tron, by singing Mass on her feasts, and by pray- ing the rosary at the grotto before school in October and May. Love thy neighbor as thyself the second great com- mandment is also practiced by the sodalists The needy in Tulsa the missions in Oklahoma and the afflicted in Europe are a mayor concern to the girls who pledge themselves to .goafagfy Queen Phyllis Brcmiff, brings flowers to crown our Lady. of Russia. K3 .Q 45 3 U U1 GJ 63 P-1 .Q U2 CD 1: U U1 O S-4 3' 6 'O S-4 JB H5 Q on E .-C1 UD CD L-1 U-4 TRUE SCIENCE REVEALS GOD'S CREATION! Catalysis observe the drillinq of a 200 foot hole in 40 minutes by means of a seisrnoqraphic shot-hole driller, the latest sci- entific equipment for drilling wells. .4 Science students look t cr botcmy from the practical side. Mother Agnes' pride and joy! Fresh tomatoes i D in ecember. WW. The girls inspect the machinery demonstrated crt the soil conservcrtion project. E X 'I 5 VZQM. K X, x fl x I' f .fi R ,WL sam -we Nil Af! may A 3? M pmt pg df' 1, L dwwxlw. fi?-fwf ai? VP Alum I Great literature sho man makes himself eternal! ws how effidlf' K YD we Q Q O YVQQQOSG too of QP Q9 54. O0 Qxiglg 69 K 59 OOXQ' 092 96 6500 YDO G e- Q Y' 0 eo 6,0 ge 6 as NO O oz 0135100 Q 4,98 QONQQ QQ' G29 52 Q0 84" O QOXQ49 XZ The affirmative side of this debate Re l - so ve that rieqros should be accepted by state colleges and universities-received a ma- jority vote from an th ' ' ' eh usiastic audience. 3 xl if 4 'ff fd f , I , . 'gf 3? mfg 5 -.W M' 'Q 'm ' ' , V, . , gg -W., V 5!5"'?2- x ii, NN- ui e 5 Q f t-.. NWN-fmxx f., Q, L fmwwkwrwwevmm A , X W. .. , , - . ' " -- -.2112 . big A MM wig . , V MW W 'F ., I X :gk W 1 5 XM, T 'mi m f . . , " 1563 ln an early season qarne Okeene bowed .fdfllf her, ,JIU ln sports, basketball holds first place at Monte Cas- sino. Class teams vie with each other for top honors. ln the l947 tournament the junior class captured first place. The varsity team is composed of the outstand- ing players of each class. They are: Mary Ellen White, Marie Flusche, Margaret Brown, Iulia Wendt, Melissa Marsh, Margaret Avery, Theresa Cannon, Mildred Flusche, Alice Ann Hughes, Rita Grosshart, captain, Iudy Branley, Theresa Mayer. Overheard Relay-Freshmen versus Sophomores Iunior Athletes go through co-ordthcr tion exercises ,Q-' rcxcqueteers demonstrate their Ambitious 'ves. iorehcmd du Double S teqms PTS Dcire for fast action f - 1 W- bf? use L., ,.,,,,-L-.V Sophomores up to but in the Freshman sophomore softball QCIITIG. Terry Ccmnon Batting - Mczrqcrret Avery catching. W. E ng. .. sw ims? ,, - -- " aff qiifff ir1A'Uv'-1 " -,g fgil lc f 'L' X , 1 ',: S ffl X X A l i A ' f I r gf Q a l e as e X , me vm ,Q .M r ,XXX i W -A "A lbifzg of bauly is 4 joy f0rever"xKea!s. The beautiful is found in all creation. God, the Author of creation, has so fashioned the world as I to reflect His absolute beauty. The world's beauty manifested in music, song, art, charm, grace, and prayer is but the echo of the eternal, lasting and true Beauty. rua-1+ ' "QQ'm'. ' r ,YV """""'f' '-C th " 'aye ,+l"'a EARTI-I'S HARMCDNY IS BUT Tl-IE ECI-ICD OE TI-IE ETERNAL HARMONY OF HEAVEN' Outstanding in piano and voice are senior students, Patricia Kelley and Gloria Durham. With an artist touch, Patricia interprets the great musicians. Gloria Durham plays well and sings beau- tifully. 1 ssss Q ln- the music department God given talents are dee veloped and redirected to God. Skill, appreciation and love oi the beautiful are cultivated, lunior maestros take a lesson in technique from teacher, Sister Regina. 4 C. Brenncxn M. Smith K. Mayer T. Moyer M. A. Long B. Limerick I. Shields P. McNomc1rc1 Pot. Stanford D. Hudson T. Cannon E. Eck K. Clifford I. Frqncis I. Smith M. Morphew I. Wendt P. I. Heim M. Flusche M. Brown I. McLendon E. White M. Avery S. Boydston S. Friedman M. Marsh S. Franklin B. Benton A. A. Hughes M. I. Franks If Brown ' A. Wisdom M. E. White C. Rick M. Smith F. Lux M. Flusche M. Sherry M. L. Iames N. Kelley N. Huval G. Land I. Branley Z. Iohnson M. E. McEvoy if CHRIST THE KING PROVIDED A PERFECT SETTING for the Advent Program in which aII Benedictine schools of the diocese participated. Christmas tableau preceding AT THE FEET OF THE MADONNA, Ve-rsef speaking Christmas piay, by CI'1arIotte I. Lee. 'N-x QV!-Hman.. 'Q9t't"'- if '15 Sf: .CEC U21 UQ SEQ C13 om 2: EU s: 540 U: 39 HU Sf: ago QU Q3 +-'Q 3? Et U3 .Em :AE 201 S22 :JU Son Q15 EZH5 Bm Ou +43 Q EE OE may Ecu: HP portant events the tm N-6-4 o cv S21 o ,Q E U L-4 ow O L-4 Q. E an :P 'U 41 cv .LI E-4 ,ei O S-4 :S fc: U on E Q6 fi' Ui cs CD L-Q-4 oup. his gr F-4 o '-O-4 F-4 U on tr- aa FE '4-4 o CD Q Q E. Q53 32 Q xml QW5 GJ: 650 z E2 3,-4 HFC Bw '55 -+0 O': UO 11 QU U2 -UQ- .20 ,H cm. ts ED 92? 8' MO 11 EE go H5492 U W5 Em O: CDG! ,cn PM '-4-C O The charic readers in the Lenten pageant, "From Alleluia to Alleluia." "My people, My people, in what have I offended thee? Answer me." Rita Grosshart as Christ. The lost sinqinq of the "AHe1uicr"'be fore Lent. "And Mary, the Sorrowful Mother wept." Theresa Mayer we .il-orerif prince Ivan CRita Grosshartlz Sonia, CG1oria Pundtb. Ivan, a Cossack, dodges a blow from Sonia. Sonia: "What were you saying, Ivan?" Tatiana CGloria Durhaml the Russian Princess is t k t' by Vaslav CGerr'y Lou Conrad? Cossack Leader. G en Cup We Tatiana is susoected bv Mother Vanya tMary To Franksl, of being ,n love with Vastav, The lady-in-Waiting CPhyHis Branitfi com forts Tatiana. 3,3 "This is how the throne of Russia will look when you are Tzar! Iesper, CA. A. Huqheslg Prince Dmitri, U. Wendtl . ie wifi? P Q FW 'M , aff? fffyf 1 1 Aff-7 . K fl' ' 'R o 5 ' 'W Mjm-4 'M' if arf i vi., Mfr iz, ar :A E E 'V J Y . uf 1 e' 29' .1 43314 :nga 2 J, M 1, .ff v-.r ... "' if EXW? mann , 4 M f Mf f,' 1:,ff C in .J 9 an 'L ly M v I wif 3 Q-X f gg an ef, gf, xx df' qv 'fi M if' 7 ,S wlfw Jig-fxv fi"f 4e' MT' ' I W M' 1 pm! 3 1 Y K A Y , wf R ,A -X ,W 3 1 , ,311 W v 1 ffhifi '34 f n - he 16' -Ay .L 1 L- 'Y' - A H: A f.Yp'i',,-ff" " v Q .Wf"4'x" 'w l 'f'-1,115 ',-, ,,.- .g1,,,qn85c', 1 X41 . 4' J thaw. f Irv., , . A Mg?-L7 ,U ,, 'af ,MN ,, K., , f, 1 ' . .IX-L,r',g jA,"?' +."r5.xA f .--,jr , Dfw 'Q r 0" qv f ,-,' .J Q 'A , ,, A 3 J Fw ig M 'fr f if u 14 .Off ,. v , y Y WWW -ww ,2- ,nf '52 rl 34-1 J '51 af ,W mm M R42 -x?'?'w QNX 1 fs NF 4- f 41 -wa ,ix fl ,yy at Q. 11 I 'L ,,,-uf M51 -if M Swv-""' 2, uk' 5' glpsw-"'Y' 'Y WW' t ff' YA My ff -Q3 vw s W' 4 a,,s ,Fw 1:4 Q 4 Emma 1. "YearJ paued .rince that firyt Chriftmay night, And :till around the little town, a glory Jeemi to lie." 2. "Emperorf rife and fall heneatt the hlowf of ftronger, richer fiercer men, Who turn God? creatnrer intz Jlavef and fend them forth ta draw the hlood from oat thf heart! of other men." ! 3. "And louder grow! the din of hate, . And shriller are the Jcreams of fear, ' T V z Modern Girl, Young Mother, Martyr, Pioneer Woman, and Queen at Our Lady'J feel, find peace and happinesy "Bleu you, women, God will bleu you I know tbefe thingy you tell AT THE FEET OF THE MADONNA b Charlotte I. Lee Y raw! 4. "And deeper roar: the moan and groan of men in deep and black defpairf' - x Z 1 X -,- ax A .J , -1 xx XX 'wx W ff E ' 1 F5-5 Win ff, ' L ' Ya Q.f51'.f f 4 Q K " 9 18 Y in gi E FX 5 at i Q Q 1. A t Q-rf? , X5 X E 1. ,, n, 'XNQIH cmd, th e Qfheix-1 V ,wig K I .V . I I K X Akkyi -in 'Corsciqes for sale! " 2 1 J. , my VV, X 51' if 5 Q W "Out of the Night" "Why dor1't you ask her what she did with her purse!" lo Ann Egan and Gerry Lou Conrad in "Last Prom." "Dean's Office" Pat McDermott, Celestine Brennan, Gwen Brownlee, Mary lo Franks and Iudy Branley plan their own method of catching the campus thief. , 41" T- k,,' I 'L , -1 7 21 fi?-5 Q t ' :,-53 , a W -2 t VZ' 1' if -- fa - 1 ' x 3, x, t K ny 'my 3, . , 2 -X ,W ,t 1 Qkfwm 'A if up -v Student director, Marianne Smith, at dress rehearsal for "CONSOLATlON"g the nurses, Margaret Avery, and Patsy lo l-leim, quiet Mrs. Andrews tDianne l-ludsonl, while Tillie Erisby tAudra Wisdoml adds her cries, Della, tloellen McLendonl simply looks on. HTRYSTING PLACE," directed by student director, lo Anne Egan, was presented by Pat McNamar as Lancelot, Katy Mayer, as Hubertg Barbara Limerick, "l-lerny"y Mary Ellen White, Mrs. Curtiss, and Melissa Marsh as Mrs. Briqqs. 3 Masquers initiate six new members at the formal candlelight ceremony. After hearing the constitution read, the new members pledge to do their best to promote good, Christian theater. Iaoci Casler, Mary Io Franks, Zena Mae Iohnson, Teresa Mayer, Fran- ces Lux and Iudy Smith became Masquer members 1948. 2 ssss Q Art at its best portrays an ideal World! f we XX ,.,A. i Advanced students do a study in hi. Carol Seidenbach is model. A , M Fi-W f '7 Q WSP 5, M . ..,. z ZF. I fig? I X 5 4 4 N K5 -,.. .1 W .. 'Y f ... . ww- X 'Uma-wikf-ww' "x, 'L 'X MKEQ if . ., ,, X, frm- x 'W ,'f?5y'pvM.aqrw1,W5:?Kh ,,.....- W Mx M -X -IQ ' L f K k S ' Ji' . ,-.xx X 2 K K V, Tl' ' 9Q5xKx1sfQ:.5, X 3 'B 9 M 9 ' ' .5 K ,. WMWQ ,, . AZNHQ , - x , 'V Q: RK X S " A - ' :iii Y-'1QXt 6:3 - VY-MTR 'vip 1:31 X - i X x A W 4 -w . if W I XQVH1 X ' Awami u Xenia-1.3 X i x gm A Lk N-pgY:VQ laVf V I X, ,fi X...-...Q XX W ' X.-.ns-mann u-naman-1 W . ,un LJ. , wwf za' ' 'V fat' 3 -fri' 75 A ...4 ,,, .....-4.- B M908 1 Seeking , ooo ++++ Where gooa Ks iouoo there, too, K9 with and blaunj. AS uttuth is beauty and beauty' KS " so Asc is good an essen- theiiatber, mah uaX p ct oi each Pss the Soo and the How Somt ace 9 ab are the good the true and the beautxhi one seek one od xo md xt hcee wow ah t wi' A+: ff 4 Ei! ' gi' A asm.: 4 .N ,A .Y P"-x V Y at I ,Q Hg ' 559521 2 5' xr 0 ig ' in Lg ,Q . T. """'l'Uvuaagg.,,,L A M, J 'A . 'ix yp """"'!'!'l'-wwe--1. M J' WW-fl M 'ing I x A -1p LJ 4' 2 2 1 not A A'Sm21:'g5:FST:2 5 ,M 2 W al K ff 1 54 ,Q sg L, . qgtggqbsvfrg W -L V H -,iimf fl' f as f' fV f fl 2 . , " ' 0. g 2 'QQ-WK mx s ' .ff A W in E g Q 5 my w u uv 2 ff A ? if W fi 'V x ' as af 3 Z1 .J if ' f 'Sb X , X we ' ww . N, Q 5 a x-A K3 Ira rfb wg . ws wg. s if Sl gf 53 F 1 - ,,,, I J' 7 . Dpeakers' fable: Monsiqnor F1 Brownlee , etCh9I', toast leep F ' Sewer Dreside t master? Gwend 1 k Tempe? McGra H ' and Mr. Robe t O yn Mfiiwnl criminal lawy:-I and Sir Joseph Sgogfevvn- Jorie Sherry and fqtsgd Acjfratxoxg from Califorvfell I f. iiiiqm Sher mmf VY. awqln QL atlter' f ga' 'W wh 'iq anqiwe tw' Father-Daughter Banquet on the Feast of Saint Benedict becomes a tradition at Monte Cassino. To honor their fathers on this feast of the Father of Monks is a great joy for young ladies being edu- cated the Benedictine Way. These proud Dads escort their lovely daughters to dinner after which the girls present a program of songs. W' ....f 'K ' A . glsmswisk -u S 55:23, I 1 A f .., ..' : fy -it iw ln' I iw xo f ' 4 if . 1 if ian is Q 1 ax J S Q 4 M if M .f ff W mi ww' X gif U 5 'se v N , , wg Q 33" Q diff if M H. W, H 21- 34 if .ff ' ??'zlL5 M WLM? X' . ff, "' K VA, is W mm mils Q gif by in QL? 'N 3 s A Q 1 S iv .az ' K 'u A Climb Quan Sponsored by the junior class the Annual Mardi Gras was celebrated in true carnival style. Celestine Brennan, the junior candidate for queen, was elected over her three rivals in a penny-a-vote contest. After the coronation ceremony, Celestine reigned over the ball with her escort, Bob Laird. The queen's attendants were lacci Casler, senior, with escort Cowboy Pundt, Katie Mayer, sophomore, and lack Curtin, Melissa Marsh, freshman, and Bob Brown. Gayle Echols and Vincent Long were the crown bearers. ww Monte Cassinc first Latin banqt took place on MOL Olympus, the hor! of the gods. TQ slaves served tQ quests who reclin on couches a1 drank the "vinu sine kicko-" in tr' Roman style. omanum onuiuium . ,Q af' wigs' X Q f ,,. . ,XA V! 'il Qs! 1 X, as W 43, Happy Romans enjoy the skits an combats and Rotnan style show! .-""NW' lf? Ag,mm,g5,gff A slave awaits the command of Venus! ciuare ancing Circle eight 'till you get strctiqhtr' "Promenade 'em two by two "Grand right cmd left" - -1, The modern "Madam De- Fcxrqef' She knits but not in silence. ii At this friendly "Cat S sion" everyone seems be in the best of spirits 'Q' This is one time that a room- mate comes in handy. F rom the looks of Ce1estir1e's hair, Teresa Mayer is fortunate to have such a .beautician for her room mate. Audra Wisdom reads ahead a few chapters while Mildred Flusche catches up on her cor- respondence. i..4 Uckfwf , 15 IOQH ,,WhG T Shqll 1 p Qlqestion Se Gms HO tO H. be QOod'D1GnI'1e S Su Clues N its 1-P, tom 'Coe emies how inikxoixon cere- ey soy, xo Hxqh N osy xo see X bore Meir ONYX XX," To Goes-mo Xx is e ireshmen "Km woe W oi Monte 'Coe monies. become o pcm Soho k 4 'W' 1, - f up . .ha- ,- .,..,, Amy? - ' :L N' S ..,. ..,. lg , W 5 4 sy gg., gr i 'J X'r',f X egg iii Class attendants to May Queen, Io Ann Egan were: Mary Ann Long, Freshman: Iudy Smith, Iuniorg Billie McGovern, Senior, Barbara Limerick, Sophomore. Io Ann Egon, Moy Queen, chosen by popular student vote. The senior girls forrn her honor guard. Io Ann hos attended Monte Cossino through junior ond senior high school. ,af Mr. Leo Spring Mr. Leo Spring, Head of the Tulsa Litho Publishing Corn- pany, and his competent staff are responsible for the splendid lithographing of this yearbook. Mr. D. LeRoy Randall Once again LeRoy Randall, well known photographer of the Southwest, has taken remark- able pictures to make the Ariel of 1948 one of the finest in the United States. :Qual Sllaff Editors and staff members edit the school paper, the Ariel, quarterly and the yearbook during the school term. Their aim is to help journalism an instrument ot qood by pre- senting only the christian ideals in their writings. --if ++ + + + + + + + + City editor of the Tulsa World, Lorren Williams, checks copy with the Ariel editors, Gerry Lou Conrad and Mary Io Franks. Mary Lee Iarnes, Iosephine Brown and Margaret Smith, of the Ariel staff become acquainted with the lin-o-type machine. JQQQ 'Yr' f OO Q JS! S 0' Q 'Coax OQLV X047 fl Q S 15? QQ GQ, -Q78 f Of 07 QS?-O 59,0 Q f O 'f 63 DQVO X? Ge 00 O , 50 QQ Off' Q 0 Q-5' Oz, 'O O9 S02 'ge 'bf -6 Sf Q0 x gow S L, Qmidfinguirf ec! udiforq The visitor of the year 1947-48 was the Apostolic Delegate, the Most Rev. Ameleto Giovanni Cicog- nani, who visited Monte Cassino during his trip to Oklahoma. With the delegate are their Excel- lencies, Bishop McGuinness and O'Brien, Mon signor Ryan, Mother Agnes, Monsignor Fletcher and members of the Tulsa Clergy. 2, fx is H if -1... i awww, , ,My ml fax, f ww X ' W, , - ,K 4. , .... ,gggfiggjgg X Y, 5 'K 3: .ILA V . wzmff. A H A MW, f,guQ4,asgx 7 4-um B.. 'N wwbwmqwwaes nm WW up M1 x 11' Noted artists attend the Catholic National Art Convention held in Tulsa at Philbrook and Monte Cassino. Mother Agnes, super- ior and art instructor, shows Father Walch, president elect of the C.N.A.A., something new in designing. Mary O'Farrell, Tulsa, Miss Ade Beth! une, Rhode island, Miss lrene Wawrz- nowski and Miss Ann Grill, both of Chicago, take a look, too. H 'Mana ixw AK.. Two of the most interesting demonstrations at the art convention were Mr. Graham Carey's, silversmith of renown, and Miss Ade Bethune's liturgical art drawings. Miss Bethune is present editor of the Catholic Art Quarterly. 3? o CEI cn 25 '4-1 o 5-4 an 'U F-1 O cu 25 55-4 o :- O sz U 1: 2 as Lie Fl the Wester '4-4 o U' .5 '6 an E' U E 4-. CD 'U s-4 O ss of the ness received the Grand Cro in hop MCGU .Q CD Sepulchre, aids? ug-QE 'SEL wiv? imf rags MFC, U05 arg :ws H53 sae Vina Sc- 512g M .gg E05 Mm. Bge 623 I-4,-4- 221: 554-8 .Song 415. iam? Cm'-'f EEE Ss: ,::Q.U 2013 bmw, sr! oo' Marr? .QR U F-4 U Q 4: Q cmd. stin Gavin, 5 'fri E-I cf U 4: GJ CD ,Q cn fri s: 4: .2 fx, S-Q '1 49' O 54. 3 fi I 46:4 J -'22, 1 c,.4,,xn 3591" L, ' pall Egdrt , an wf ,,-"wa W , fm W- 5 "S-7' 'g 1 'via , ,V V. '5 1' 5 5 'WP""'U'49H?im, 'W ne S Egwfw. ' , SX, X w E Q Q 1 xfffiw f' 1 1! .fl 5 SA. 1 I , 1 LW g . D wifi? h.2'3'29f wif -.N TOYUO floseph O'Barrl Clown Canio llack Popel Tonio, the clown, Closeph O'Barrl began "Parq- liacci" with an outstanding rendition of the prologue. Billie Be-ldon Iudd qave a colorful portrayal of the beautiful Nedcla. The role of Silvio was well played by Charles Dickerson. As Canio, lack Pope's performance merited high praise. w 're ms, tx ti lm, Lady Harriet tMarjorie Bostonl and her faithful maid, Nancy, CBarbara Hansardl enjoy the foibles of Sir Tris- ton Mickleford CCharles Featherstonl as he seeks 'io Win the favor of the ladies in "Martha". One of the finer assemblies of the year was the one in which T.U. stu- dents performed. Under the direction of Dean Albert Lukken, members of the "opera workshop" from the Fine Arts School of the University of Tulsa gave excellent presentations of ex- cerpts from the operas "Martha" and "Paqliacci". Dean Albert Lukken Q 1 if. 5 a i F A 4 'a,. 4' N wxr. .9- 5 Q . ,k . . s- K ,,.1. . f hvtuu 4' w . , N , . f ' ,,..v f 1 , all , . fb . ,W 'ay hr' AV ' K A V . f-. ,. . .4 ew, 4 'Z' , ,, ,. f-.uf f ,. .. f"' v. "k ,A ,I , .fu ' ,M .--ff' T J" -g gif, f' ,ma-j, ,' 'f ',,.+ .r V, . 5 1 ,J Ol 1 0 mmf. " ff QM! 55.532 ,E A xxx 5 ..,,,, - 5' 5? Bishop OBrien chats with Patricia Wilkerson and Terry Randall. The second graders enjoying the sina- ing class are: Patsy Cullen, Linda Luckfield, Cheryl Kreiser, Paul Park, Kay Eason, Patty Barry, Sarah lane Baker, Patricia Loosen, Iudy Thompson 'Q mf-1 -zfwx F3 H., z. Wf- ' 5 haf! f,.,, Y yr. W r Jam. 44 H W. , :N . i- 1 3 i ff-BZ -.:-'J' 1 'if I . ,f A xy we ,f , as X fd ' .Q -2 6 3 was-M .3 K w ,Man W, in QW' JT, Qxxrffy' ,.,, Q54 am 4' x iw f L W W ,., A .::::, A .. Z, M .Qu , ,QM A953 my Q , Wg Nw an 'W is :fa if wfivzw. 7 1 MW L W WM fag? FIRST AND SECOND GRADE CLASSES Back Row: Terry Randall, Patricia Cullen, Norma lean Helms, Patricia Barry, Anne Sherry, Patricia Loosen, Iirnmy Mike Zyskowski. Third Row: Peter Rourke, Paula Ingersoll, Sally Meyer, Vir- ginia Heffernan, Linda Lucktield, Sara lane Baker, Iudy Thomp- son, Paul Park. Second Row: Bobby Seimer, Linda Bragg, Gail Echols, Kaye Ann Dunnam, Cheryl Kreiser, Kaye Eason, Dianne Peterson, Bettina Lou Beer, Donald Pomeroy. First Row: Robert Keel, Marlene lo Melinder, Christine Reed, Sharon Smith, Dianne and Patricia Mullane, Sara Ann Iohn- son, Carol Seidenbach, Patricia Ann Wilkerson. Absent from picture: Mary Io Wagner, Francine Ptaborn. 7 in Www .15 A., ,,..Q A 1 A dm , f g sm X Hx , -JP' This "Last Supper" scene was an Easter project of the fourth grade. Alice Con- stantin, Mary Geary, Pat Burson and Nancy Thomas are DIOUCUY CliS19lC1YiI1q their Work. Theresa McGraw adds the daily spir- itual and corporal Works of mercy to the Lenten chart. The entire student body Was active in the Bishops' Relief Fund Drive. 'Campaiqners for Christ" was the slogan that carried rnost classes over the top in the drive. St. Benedict, Virginia Lonag St. Maurus, Kathleen Hudsong and loan Kennedy, St. Placidus, re- turn to earth to tell the fifth and sixth graders how the Benedic- tine Saints can help children to- day. Sandra Kay Harder and Tamara Essley chat qaily With the saints! NNW mf A A Reading Lesson Back Bow: Dianne lnqram, Betty McCarthy, Bornana Richards, Sara lane Schwina, Mary Ann Caale. Front Bow: Connie Yunker, Iulie Franklin, Barbara Mary Zyscowski, Lucyne Cornett, Agnes Gabert. A group of lndian Dancers perform to honor the May Queen SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE CLASSES Back Row: Mary lane Barry, Vicki Woods, Barbara Geary, Mar- tha Neudortf, Carolyn Durham, Margaret Rourke. Third Row: Alice Geary, Claire Sloan, Avionne Iennings, Sally VanAntWerp, Metisa Essley, Celia Rutledge, Vivian Smith. Second Row: Barbara Lee Reynolds, Vir- ginia Benton, Gretch- en Purdum, Carol lean Cullen, Mary Lynn Watt, Dolores Boyington. First Row: Carolyn Calhoon, Lorene Franks, Helen Watts, Mary Sherry, Mary Lee Lamberth. The Eighth Grade presents "the Princess and the Swineherdlu Vickie Woods Helen Watts 41-if X if www' 'S-Q., .WNK4 King Cheerio CCaro1 Durhamb, real- izing that the wishing ring is gone tries to awaken N irnbie CDo1ores Boyingtonl. "Wake up, Nimble! Wake up I sayl' 'Y ,WA Q 2 i Vivian CMary Lynn Wattl and Els- beth CMary Sherryl search the palace for the King's Wishing ring While Nirnbie CDo1ores Boyingtonl sleeps on. Sssh . do you Want to Waken him?" 1 M l The Princess fAvionne Ienningsl, and three Ladies-in-Waiting, iMary Sherry, Sally Van Ant- werp and Mary Lynn Wattl enter the abhor- red Pig-Pen to listen to the SWineherd's lute. Nirnble, who knows the Swineherd is a Prince, enjoys the sit- uation. iSwineherd, Mar- garet Rourke, Nimble, Dolores Boyingtonl "Ask him what it- is he plays upon." "The Princess and the Swineherdf' Nimble tDolores Boying- tonl disguised as a Doc- tor, prepares to diagnose the King's lCarol Durhaml ailment. Miss Primm CMary Lee Lamberthl, the Princess tAvionne Ien- ningsl, and the Nurse CMartha Neudoril are most concerned about the King. "It might be . . snicklefrania! " The Iunior Athletic Club members made remarkable progress in basketball. The club members met once a week after school tor sports. They are enthusi- astic and show promise ot becomina excellent sportsmen. Lett to riqht are: Dolores Boyinqton, Barbara Reynolds, Vivian Smith, Carol Durham, Margaret Rourke, Helen Watts, Lorene Franks, Avionne Ienninqs, Gretchen Purdum and Carol Cullen. ff" r IUNIOR GLEE CLUB Back Bow: Celia Rutledge, Sally Van Antwerp, Helen Watts, Mary Lee Lambreth, Margaret Bourke, Mary Sherry. Third Bow: Mary Lynn Watts, Claire Sloan, Martha Neudorff, Carolyn Durham, Mary lane Barry, Avionne lennings, Virginia Benton. Second Bow: Carol lean Cullen, Alice Geary, Gretchen Pur- durn, Barbara Geary, Barbara Lee Reynolds. First Row: Vivian Smith, Metisa Essley, Dolores Boyington, Vicki Woods, Carolyn Calhoon. Q. 1 ff ,rw Fifth cmd sixth graders play kick ball . . . Kathleen Hudson kickinq Speedbczll - Seventh CITIC1 eighth grades scramble for the bull. , ft2,,,, ln., May day honoring Our Lady. In this event ot the year both grades and high school pupiis take an active part in honoring Mary, queen of heaven. Carrying lighted tapers and flowers to the grotto where Mary is crownd and bene- diction is given. On this May day prayers were said tor the conversion of R the students rnarch ussia. Marlene Melinder does a pic! iure of Tu1sa's first snow of the year. .i--'- HM a NH L Lx Kij - S ' D1 has -if NNQJ Z Mother Agnes and Hodqie Shaw admire the art Work exhibited at the art convention held at Monte Cassino. Ai ELEMENTARY ART CLASSES PREPARE EXHIBIT WORK FOR PARENT TEACHERS' COUNCIL Circle I-Paul Park, Marlene Io Melinder, Terry Randall, Chris 'nine Reed. Circle II-Terry Watkins, Sonja Mitchell, Paula Ingersoll Hodqie Shaw, Gail Echols. ir I gi ,liwzigf fx ' ' in ' ., 2. M 1' f 3 A - x J Qi M FL. .. 53553: 4 piggy Y: ' 5 "S M. wk , , I 4 . S- sr , Ai' 5 5bx'fz 3? T girX7,1 ' ' . " Q V :M W4 55 'f vi l:5fQ,QEE3 if "1 E ,- L s 0 via? Af'i,' ??f gyw if fi K -' My '. ' f ' ' V 63:5-:I"-:: A pq ' 1 f ' I 'I X ..,... is X b Q A - K, , A Lf' A Q if 5 , ix , I AJ , M ' gk, 4 1 -W A . Nw' L 1 is 'f 's 11 S! f ai 3 UV1 WL fi iff? 2 1 SFQQM Although the betting is not too high, Ioyce is rather pleased with the cdrd she has ldid down. This five-hcmded gcime of rummy includes Gretchen Pur- durn, Rcrmond Richc1rds,Lorene Pranks, Ioyce Parnell cmd Vivian Smith. Sglly's hgir can Wcxit but not Avi- onne cmd Carols exciting news! ui A4 U ,Q KD E O O 8-4 :w o r dormitories cmd p1 .H cn 5 o .. s-4 O .,.. .-4 2 TP O 52 Z' cu C'- U P 5 IP' 'CJ 3 rn U GJ L.. U rn 4- O .... 5- SSI ,.-4 .,.. CD L1 E-4 busy cmd happy. mterested group E 5 Q4 cu cn A4 .9 'O U F-1 an 29 9 U' E C cu q cmd 11st din IGCI ory telling, St tm ' if Education achieves its ultimate aim when through it the child is brought to the realization that the most important thinq in life is to attain happiness by union with God. Icrunty Iunior Suit KIRLAND HALL SUIT-SCALLOP COLLAR Bell ?CgSs11it?45 RIEpGpT?Csi Llflriiglvliitjuiiieciully Ellort Sleeves-Quffs-Pgckets that are frankly Summer Suit of Rayon and Wool H 535.00 CI es-Conservctlvey cred Sklft LLLLL L77,7,, S 25.00 MODELED BY IO ANN EGAN MODELED BY BILLIE MCGOVERN 4 -COMPLIMENTS- BANFIELDS FRCDZEN FOODS O South Lewis 1132 South Harvard W"'w-N In Appre MR. CI ciction to Monte Compliments of nd MRS. SID LAZ I. M1 The Store of Tom Lazarus Bros. Ccrssino ARUS LLER orrow 418 So. Main TIME IS THE ESSENCE Unalterable . . . inescapable . . . Time carried us through life with effortless cision. de- Never, even in the richest life, can mo- ments as memorable as one's Graduation, be repeated. Precious memories are to be treasured forever. Precious moments, too, may be counted again and again as represented by a watch of beauty and durability. No finer gift could be selected to commemorate such an occasion. Choose from one of these watches of dis- tinction: Elgin, Hamilton, Omega, and Girard-Perregaux. will -iff, 6, F 9 Q JEWELER 2, is BEM Midwest Marble 8. Tile Company FABRICATORS and CONTRACTORS Marble and Tile Asphalt Tile . . . Rubber Tile Linoleum Plants and Offices: 507 South Quaker Phone 4-1893 7 is ALACE OFFICE SUPPLY f hx SEE US EOR ALL YOUR OFFICE NEEDS Xjl The Business Man's Department Store Lithograpliers, Printers, Commercial Stationers Office Furniture and Equipment 6ll South Boston Phone 3-8l56 Vkf Model, Scilly Van Antwerp INVESTMENT CO COLONIAL L. N. Van Antwerp B-MOLEY PRODUCE Fruits-Vegetables-Fruit Packages Phone 2-3128 76 No. Trenton Tulsa, Okla. One Delivery a Day to a Customer A Quart a Day FOR LIFE! That's what you get when you drink l-lomogenized 'Vitamin D' Milk --a quart a day for life - and for radiant health, buoyant energy, sound bones and beautiful teeth. You see, one quart of Homogenized 'Vitamin D' Milk contains more of your daily requirements of precious vitamins and minerals than any other food. Drink a quart a day - FOR LIFE! , at Zzeatrice 'Foods Co. We Sugest -Hogtogenized , COIQIPLIMENTS I THE HANNA LUMBER CO. The Lumber Department Store of Tulsa Phone 4-l l6l 3rd and Peoria The li' Sh UP"l3..Y!l!,Y .4l.liY.!.lL! fad life IK.. rfiffb' ywl - 2: - - r: P.: . -2 Pile. W . 1-in 'WL 1 fi I 1 S "-I S- I S -2, " . 11: ff - ii is X 'TS nd Gerry Gesell Thompson C1 Modeled by Iudy PANY, INC. GAR MENT COM of FAITH facturers MS 827 Ea MONT st Third Manu E CASSINO UNIFOR Phone 2-2301 DEALER FORD MERCURY LINCOLN Phone 3-4161 Boston df -C -I- CY 3 Courtesy PHIL C. BRANIFF Southwest Jewish Chronicle 901 Braniff Building Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Model, Sandra Friedman Ckridfina if jf COMPLIMENTS OLUQFJ OF TWO STORES 'Pearce Porter Martin Insurance h 2212 So. Utica 32 East l8t 5-3213 2-5119 Opp: St. John's' 12. The Newesf Smartest lzooku in Cars THE NEW CUSTOM COUNTRY CLUB NEW SMARTNESS -The Custom Country Club is o line of three Chevrolet models that are completely new in the smartness and fresh appearance of their wood-panelled exterior design. QUALITY-PERMANENCE-The Custom Country Club is designed of choicest materials- beautifully- finished long-grained hardwoods, and new, permanent, patented mahogany-grained panelling - built to last the lifetime of your car. SAFETY AND COMFORT -- The Custom Country Club gives you the warmth of wood finishes added to all the complete safety, built-in- comfort, and cushioned quietness of today's finest steel body construction. AVAILABLE NOW- The Custom Country Club is available now at slight extra cost on three models: The Aero-sedan Custom Country Club, the Cabriolet Custom Country Club and the Custom Country Club Coupe. Exclusively - Jobbed By GEORGE FULLER CHEVROLET CO 4th at Elgin Tulsa, Okla. Our Besz IVishes For Efueryzhing Tlmtlv Good! -1- --E to WW5 Satisfaction or Your Money Bock COMPLIMENTS OF INDUSTRIAL TILE COMPANY 2501 Em 15th Phone 6-2179 CONGRATULATIONS TO MONTE CASSINO Mid-Western Constructors 'I05 North Boulder Phone 3-4113 sley New By Cro Distributed To Crosley Dealers Thru rx Oklahoma Exclusively i Modeled by: cDermott M 1c1 Ann 'U ... 5-4 'B os ELECTRICIANS CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS V E A L E ELECTRIC COMPANY Ph 5 2II'I East 3 d Sf G A S O L I N E H "To thlne own self be true, And it must follow, As the night the day, Thou canst not then Be false to any man." MOTOR OILS DEEP ROCK OIL CORPORATION Atlas Life Building TULSA, OKLAHOMA ri Q Z ,X sf ,A Y. my M, img? 2 4 4- Q, -1. ' 1 n ' 'Ff Q?-Y A w , r X 'W QQ 1 ,, 4, x. rv gf " W. - I "2 m . A 4 av f 1 5. '1' ? ,., 'nl n ,Q g 1 ' V... Q Q 'af .v ffQf,Qjg?f, " "ff ' ' 'V' Y " , A ,km 4 E v ', I , , g, ,. -54 53 ,. 5, ,X A b V w ' 1 ,S K ,, 4 I Q' 5 RQ: gm!! ffm. X ,! 4.,VvV by .' ,ff V R22 A V ,, iQ. I, Yw,,,V,Qg,F,,.:f,-W ' V sl , 'L N D' 'M 4 I 'g f -+ I Q Lk 225, 4 W? K if ' ' ' V f. -1 vf -if 58 , T K rf V3 1 , XWH n 'Ji KX? 4' ! '4l.1f A 5945" 'M a 1 Us -3 Yi. 5, ..-I ,4- -s --if k Wim' ' HQ ""T'eif'1' A k Mn m ,mm . Lx' 0 il. , , x 1-L ,3- W COMPLIMENTS OF Charles Stables 3710 East 35th 6-2154 SUGGEST 5 gf r ICE CREAM and DAIRY PRODUCTS Oklahomafs Finest PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY FILLED BY REGISTERED PHARMACISTS C. H. ADAMS KAISER-FRAZER ARTER-SELBY-MURRAY 721 South Main Phone 39284 Tulsa, Oklahoma FIELD STATIONERY COMPANY 610 South Main Phone 3-0161 . 3 3 9 M52 4 'ng 5 Q YA 'fgng . W, 5-V 1,jfT.,if','Q' P .M ,A ,f itil, 4' ,R J. '-'iigl 9-52,24 ,,,.14,,!4,,X .fm M ,, f M , ' "am Q Qzfwfw 4, ,,,,fQ -2- n 21, -3- A xt t 'ZLL K' 4415 ,M,,. LA ,,,, 1 . gpg ' ',ff"wfa .jk V .gy-ilk' 1 'W ff- ' if' A JM K2-Q - . 2q??'2z-fa ,Hz 4-' A f' N '. fn, . 3kv'q?.f1J!? LL 'A f 'f-1-?-2.5 ,gjwis bf, ,fvuvf Q, .. ., . 51 my ,bf . A ,xy-I NJ ' ,X,,- ., v, .gg ' - 'Ru .--vo . m ."f'fT.1 1,,:5i17: A 'gg-., A, ... - ':L..W"'j A-QQ? i ., w 1-V . A . - 5.1, Lf . X .v .six x" 1 ' 'V ': 1 1 ,,' KS x X an KAW- 4 . - -Q A A Aw ,L . , f..frA :V MQ--ef ' f 'A '. 'L -Jiri"-. gf ' - f " ww .. up I . Q ,V 'wi A ... -mfg 3111. Ng, ., W -Z x X .X . ff:-x 12 'sv -1 Sh x , Vw , ,-AN, -.- -Q - f K, . .- , vi, L , VN ,lv A-a'.y,,. K, , A-it .A N ' , Q., Ja.. . ,.. , el ,..,f L" ' , , I 1 25, W , , -ef 'ff ' "T ,. 1 T- Q- ,r 43" X P ..., m I , K A 1 , J 4 K f 1 ' W K Q -. I , v .45 :fi A, 2 X :'? pf, ' , 34.5315 1-4. A-eg , .P Rafi 4 1 Dress irom Vcmdevefs Teen Shop 4th Floor MODELED BY GLORIA DURHAM Model, Gerry Lou Conrad N A L PA K ' S Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Delmar Theatre Bldg. 2333 East l5th 4,4 iw! Q 'i i i wwf vu a mf. M, CY' a-f""!' ix -If-"LN fx' D- mf M M -.-.. I vWff.2f,? 5 ,Wa r , ,w .X kg if H K I 1 xl 941, 'I' "HQ ' . vw, Asrbhffeg Downs-Randolph Company OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT SCHOOL SUPPLIES 20 East 7th Street TULSA, OKLAHOMA Phone 2-5138 COMPLIMENTS OF Clay Bond Marble and Tile Co. 217 South Boston Phone 4-4133 COMPLIMENTS OF Tulsa Stationery Company 509 South Boulder Phone 2-9156 WYNN SPORTS SHOP nf" 11 If .., - " EW FHEEDU FUR YU H HITEHE A new automatic Gas range built to Certi- fied Performance standards . . . gleaming cabinets . . . and a silent Gas refrigerator . . . everything designed to give the modern home- maker a kitchen which will fulfill her fondest dreams. Yes the New Freedom Gas Kitchen is the answer for a modern food workshop that has beauty, convenience and dependability. Your Oklahoma Natural representatives will be glad to give you more information on the New Freedom Gas Kitchen. OHLFIHOITIQ HQTURHL WWW Model, Mctry Lee Ictmes Gab HRC hm zgui-511 f"'Wq::i1 Wg C"-" '.-es. 0lL CAPITAL NEWSPAPERS TULSA WQRLD C 'l'lIl.SA 'IIRIBIIIE TULSA, OKLAHOMA CONGRATULATIONS Buda Engine Sales and Service PROM INCORPORATED . . Tulsa Nehl Bottling Company BEN FRANKLIN f11Q gf? OMW TULSA Compliments Hope Lumber 84 Supply Co. LUMBER - ROOFING - MATERIALS - PAINTS VARNISHES - HARDWARE 2802 E. 11th Phone 6-2107 MARS! Ll S The MARSALIS AIR CONDITIONER is a de- pendable product of the world's oldest and largest specialists in air conditioning Cevapo- rative principlel for homes and offices ex- clusively. It has the patented MARSALIS Louvers lthey do not rotatel providing finger- tip control to direct air currents where you want them. Available in two models, No. DB 1648 delivering approx. 1800 cu. ft. of air per minute, and No. DB 1848 delivering approx. 2500 cu. ft. of air per minute. Variable Volume Control. See Them at MUZll1ll3Il'5 ENTERPRISES 6900 So. Lewis Phone 9-4130 2-3108 W. H. KELLY, Salesman STEVE DUNHAM Independent Lumber Co. 517 South Kenosha Phone 2-6281 Oklahoma Material and Wrecking Co. 1124 East 4th Phone 2-5121 Compliments Fitzgerald Funeral Home 24 Hour Ambulance and Oxygen Therapy Service 1302 S. Boulder Phone 5-1151 Comtant Beauty Requires C omtant Care GOLD CROSS PRODUCTS CO. HOME OFFICE AND PLANT 1450-52 Tremont Place Denver 2, Colorado o r 4J and Mrs. A. C. Austin and Mrs. W. I. Baker and Mrs. Edward E. Barry and Mrs. A. F. Boudreau and Mrs. and Mrs. E. L. Braqq Phil C. Braniff Bemard L. Branley and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. cmd Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. I. L. Burke Fred Q. Casler M. Edw. Chapman Quay Franklin Conrad A. Franks Iames W. Gallagher E. F. Geary Paul Grosshart William L. Iarnes E. O. Iohnson Vincent I. Lonq C. F. Luckiielcl Harry McCarthy Tom P. McDermott Ioseph R. McGraw L. N. McKelvey E. F. Moran Webcam Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. cmd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs , Iohn I. Mullane Felix H. Park Simon H. Rourke I. Leslie Seidenbach William I. Sherry Sol Shore Richard W. Simpson Walter S. Smith Dale W. Watt C. Harry White Otto White I. C. Yunker I. K. Zyskowski . Le-Roy Randall Iohn Bernard Shaw . Iohn Sheehan is Gass Printinguand Office Supply Bovaird Supply Company Tulsa Tiling Service Moulder-Oldham Produce Compa' Cook Paint Company Griffin-Goodner Company Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bradford Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Lauinqer mrm fa f A ufbgv C Q' gvnllflfgfaingaz ' " 'W' 24, ., Q -fmrm Y - ,. ,, ,, 'f' Q-i,.,.l - A A-'Svi'6"..,g,, , a 105: if ., kvnei... . NW-5 ,L MPL' P, 5- 9 '53 , Q 4 V' rf. f , X is - -N..,...e,.Sr ,LAf , zu A Q, fr ' 'J f'Wf:'lfF mf ai? ' ' X Wm, A 5,3 W 'fi 3, g K ,' ' lwy, as - , as ,sw ,Q ff 7--f w w f 1-n-qgsmfeofrgz if 7 Q 'K .4 W . -Aa K we-WY A ssss we? fs VL., A ' --" M2 in . X, gz- Q 5 me b 'Nbr Our army of youth trained to seek the good, the true, the beautlfu and inspired by leaders who teach and live this philosophy, we too, wxll so live "that in all things God will be glorifiednl f. I I E X-. . Y"If wx fm, 1303 wg iw? M ' L ' We YL ii W 1-iw-. 'S Q' 3 4 5? fx . se, Wg. Nr 'P 3 we 4 Q K

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