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 2TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING SECTION - page 4 ACADEMICS - page 120 SOCIETIES - page 212 STUDENT GOVERNMENT - page 240 ATHLETICS - page 262 LIVING CROUPS - page 304 INDEX -- page (A) sC cc Published by the Associated Students of the University of MontanaA Visitor to a university asked. " ’... where is the University7 I have seen where the members of the Colleges live, where the Registrar works, where the scientists experiment and the rest. But I nave not yet seen the University m which reside and work the members of your University.’ It has then to be explained to him that the University is not another collateral institu tion. some ulterior counterpart to the col leges, laboratories and offices which he has seen. The University is just the way in which all that he has already seen is or gani ed. A university is not just buildings, for these would be purposeless without the students. The students, in fact, give the University, the outer shell, its life. In pursuit of the University, we follow the students, remembering that without the outer structure -buildings, faculty, administration there would be no students as they now exist. The combination, working in harmony, complements each part and makes for "the University” as we know it. G itx rt Rvl . The Concept of MindVV ' • ?%■ . ■ ». ; t. J Group leaders, Kathy Cougill ar d Bruce Tate, introduced new students to the campus and its traditions. . “ - • • ? 'v ' '-S 6Even with expanded facilities, the Food Service found it impossible to eliminate long dinner lines. 7 So here is the University8 The pains of registration were forgotten in the Lodge Grill.As fall quarter began, former students, like Mike Emerson and Neal Wedum got reacquainted. Mike Naegele takes advantage of the recreation facilities in the Women's Center. 9I 10 Suddenly the Field House become Hell's Half Acre. It s frustrations Registration resulted in tired feet but steadfast determination. The long lines at the check-out tables were thinned this year by the new pre-registration system.n1 fC Working together creates spirit 1? Even though the M looked good alter being renovated by the freshmen, most of the whitewash came back down the mountain. A rush of handshakes MMeeting, remembering, evaluating, eliminating were all parts of that long week known as Rush. The Greek system, as well as the enrollment, increased fall Quarter with the colonization of a new fraternity. Alpha Kappa Lambda. AKL representatives are. from left Howard McCracken. Lowell Culley. and Richard Lindburg. An increased enrollment brought about many large lecture sections. X Return to normalcy 16As fall quarter began, even the availability of additional parking lots did not eliminate the large number of tickets for illegal parking. Libby Sale and Jerry McGahan give in to the temptation not to study on a sunny fall afternoon. 17In order to retain his derby, a Sigma Chi perches it in a tree. 18iLmute Hilcman - 0erliy jBau (Queen 19 Kappas capture Derby DaysCleanliness is not a virtue required by Sigma Chi men. One of the favorite contests among the spectators was the limbo event. K-‘?. "• •• ■ For every derby captured, the victorious pledge wins a point for her sorority. ?1Even aided by good weather, construction on the new high rise dormitory could not keep pace with the demand for additional University housing. Construction can t keep up 22Students fill out detailed information forms before giving blood in the Treasure State rooms. Blood Drive falls short of quotaA large corp of registered nurses volunteered their services for the two-day drive. John Alexander waits as his blood pressure is taken in preparation for his donating blood. 25A large number of willing workers, a flatbed truck, chickcnwire and plenty of paper napkins are the beginning of a homecoming float. W eek-end in Las Vegas Queen Patty O'Loughlin smiles at her subjects. 26Among the nearly 60 entries in the homecoming parade was a “Silvertip Casino" built by members of Army ROTC. After the crowning of the homecoming queen,The Waiters provided music for a dance in the Lodge.J A sentimental fan retrieves the Gri«ly colors from a goalpost after the victorious game. KThe victory bell was rung by members of Grirzly Growlers as fans left Dornblaser Field Grizzlies best U of Pacific 13 to 7 Hugh Davidson and Gr.rzly players return to the field alter halftime as the score was tied up at 7-7. Delighted UV fans leave the stadium after watching Willie Jones run j 14-yard touchdown to bring the Tips out on top. 13-7. 29 19W Homecoming Queen, Mary Sullivan, prepares to crown her successor, Patty O'Loughlin. as finalists Charlene Howe. Carolyn Dusek. Sue Jensen. Jill McIntosh. Gray Mannckec. and Bea Johnson look on. Bill Schwanke MCed the crowning. Patty O captures crown The Back Porch Majority Concert was aided by improved lighting and sound conditions in the Field House. 30 A sorority pledge resigns herself to the fate of being painted by the fraternity brothers. independents take advantage of the warm weather and the volleyball court behind Turner Hall. 323334 Mayo loiv au and Richard Gray paid tribute to George Bernard Shaw and Oscar W.lde .n "A Wilde With Shaw." a production nbied included selections from the best known works of the two authors mixed with lesser known aspects of their lives The actors were brought to UM by the Department ot Drama. School of Fine Arts and Montana Masquers. Curtain rises on Mary Sunshine Barbara Trott portrayed {ho title role of the proprietress of.» Colorado inn. The cast of the musical toured Montana with Opera Workshop members during spring break. Firman Brown and Glenn Gower portrayed Indians in the Colorado territory in the musical. "Little Mary Sunshine." Photos by Lee NyePhysical plant crews pile rubble on a blaze after the ROTC Building, one of the last wooden structures on campus, was destroyed. 36 Long range development: Part I37 The roar of heavy machinery became a common sound as the stepped-up long range development plan entered its second year.A helicopter landing on the Oval was just one of the many events planned to draw attention to the Foresters’ Ball. Foresters take over campusThe Knowles Hall Can-Can Girls, (from left) Vicki Foiden, Mareen Jacobs. Lynn Hogue. Sarah Vhay. entertained crowds on Boondockcrs' Day. Foresters matched woodsman skills with members of living groups and fraternities on the Baby Oval. 39The Field House was converted into a lumber town, complete with its own saloon. From the left; Nancy Williams. Jim Little. Ed Wettach and his date. Gus Dusck and his date. The Delta Gamma Can-Can Girls entertained at the year's largest social function. In the foreground is pictured Carol Fredrick. 0A colorful group. Ray Thrailkill's Orchestra, added lively music to the gaiety. 49th Ball was a ball to end all balls 41Addressing a capacity University Theater audience. Secretary of the Interior, Stewart Udall. discussed the policies of the Kcnnedy-Johnson administrations. Seated behind Udall are Dean Arnold Bolle and Dr. Earl Lory. Udall, Newsom, Gilbert top list of speakers Phil Newsom, foreign news analyst for United Press International, who recently returned from Viet Nam spoke at a University convocation of "Viet Nam — A Bigger War." Dean Rea presided. 42 Later, at an informal press conference. Uclall discussed Forest Service programs, western water rights, development of resources and education of the Indian people. 43V Lynda Applegate and Roger Clemons swing out. Tom Grisamorc lets go at the Theta Chi Barn Dance. 44New dance crazes reach UM The pace was slower at the formal Peppermint Prince dance. Roger Boggio and Raencllo Maxwell wore matching costumes to the Knowles Hall Pajama Party. Carlcne Hill dances to the music of the Ray Thraitkill at the Elrod-Turner Ski Party.Students took a break and enjoyed the Christmas Friday at Four before boning up for finals. Studies never entered these minds as they watched student performers. 46Jim Stegmillcr added his usual color to the program. Pictured behind Stogmiller are (from left) Dick Swenson, Jules Preite, and Gary Nelson. Christmas Friday at FourEvents of the Christmas season are posted on the bulletin board at the Lodge desk. Christmas music fills the air Christmas greetings were conveyed to students by the combined sounds of the Choral Union. University Choir, and the Brass Ensemble. 48Joseph Mussulman directs the combined voices ot the University Choir and the Choral Union. •J9and the cramming of final week.Finals dampen f the season the joys °The quiet crisis The silence of the Lodge is conducive to sleep as well as study. 52Nearly every library seat i occupied during Dead Week. Th ''nl,s “"« ««P« activities t0 , 53Contestant Gray Mannakec applies a last minute touch of eye makeup. Backstage. Edd Blackler helped keep the show going. Paulette Forsyth's fire baton act captured the attention of a near capacity crowd 15 coeds vie for Miss UM Nancy Senechal helps a fellow contestant in the tense moments backstage.The coeds let their hair down (or put it up) as is the case with Paulette Forsyth. Dean Clow received recognition and roses for her many years of service to the Miss UM Pageant. From left: Polly Everett, past UM pageant director; Miss Clow; Lcs Hankinson. former pageant director. Dana Smith was among the eight finalists to exhibit their talents during the pageant. Frank White waits nervously backstage before singing at the Miss UM Pageant.Miss Stowe (below), a tall, hazel-eyed blonde sophomore from Great Falls, sang "I’m In Love With A Wonderful Guy," from the musical South Pacific in the talent competition. Great Falls independent captures crown. CANDIDATES Maurie Berry Paulette Forsyth Carol Greenfield Susan Hove Leslie Kohn Linda Luoma Gray Mannakee Elsie Mielke Kay Morton Nancy Senechal Dana Smith Ruth Stokes Judy Stowe A very happy Miss UM walked down the runway as her court applauded. First runner-up was (4th from left) Kay Morton; Carol Lynn Greenfield (on the left) was second runner-up; Elsie Mielke (5th from left) was the winner of the talent award for her vocal presentation of the aria "Vissi D'Arte” from Puccini’s Tosca. 5657 HjurUj Stnhu' — jHiss llniucrsitu of jfflcmtauaNothing is as much fun as an inner tube on a snowy hillside. A racer rounds a curve on the lolo Luge Run, the newest sports attraction in Missoula.A new winter sport comes to Missoula Skiing always attracts a majority of students. Bowling is popular among those sports fans that enjoy a warmer sport. 59Girls donned snowboots and heavy stockings tor the chilly walk to morning classes. Snow greets students as winter quarter begins 60A chilly fog enveloped campus as classes began. canoown ,n the IBM machine mixed up fall quarter CPA's and slowed lines at Main Ha 61The not so quiet crisis Cheerleaders Bonnie Herda and Cathy Snyder and Coaches Ron Nord and Bob Cope express the spirit and excitement of Grizzly basketball. 6263 UM basketball crowds increased in size as well as spirit during a winning season for the Silvertip cagers.Three floors of books and periodicals aid students in research. Students return to campus (AThe Student Union lounge provides a noisy study area as well as a central meeting place. 6566King-sized snowshovel swept campus walks clear. After class, students spill out of the Liberal Arts Building. UM basks during light winter Warm weather melted the snow and aided in construction of the 11-story high-rise dormitory. 6768 ATO's keep in step with the tunes of the time at the ATO Esquire Ball.Bands. 69Gene Enrico and Dave Hewlett, members of Silent Sentinel, operated a buzzer system to help judges determine who was the first to answer a question. Sig Ep team takes honors in 2nd ASUM President John Ross was Master of Ceremonies for Brain Bowl; moderator Nathan B. Blumberg (not pictured) asked questions compiled from those submitted by UM faculty members. annual Brain Bowl Peggy Elich, of the Independent team, is shown during the tough competition of the second round of Brain Bowl feated by Sigma Phi Epsilon, 190-145. 70The Sigma Phi Epsilon team defeated the ROTC four. 400-130. to capture the honors in the second annual Brain Bowl. The SPE team will compete with teams from MSU, Eastern. Northern. Western, and Montana College of Mineral Sciences and Technology in the state Brain Bowl. Team members arc 'from left) Dave Rye. William Terry. Mike Woodard, and Robert Deschamps. 71The Special Events Committee sponsored the Stockholm Kyndel String Quartet in a concert of classical, modern avantgarde and Scandinavian chamber music. Sell out crowd attends Hirt concert 72Trumpet player Al Hirt and his jaw sextet appeared before a capacity crowd in the UM Field House. Members of Les Grand Ballets Canadiens. Canada's youngest ballet company, danced original works and interpretations of existing ballet numbers in the University Theater during their fifth tour of the United States. 73MILES ROMNEY Western News. Hamilton 74 FRED MARTIN The Park County News, LivingstonHARRY BILLINGS The People's Voice, Helena Juanita Smith sang a solo (luring the jubilocr performance at the convocation marking UM's 73rd anniversary. 75JHadcIrine jftartin and iCce ICcquluik — jjHardt (bras (Queen and Iftinq 77A comedy of errors Joe Kerkvtiet le 1 the student march on Main Hall which brought state-wide attention. 78 On the steps of Main Hall. Dean of Students Andrew Cogswell discussed his disciplinary actions which resulted from the two-night disturbance.Marchers wound their way around the Oval toward Mam Hall to protest the expulsion ot six students who took part .n snowball f.ghts and disturbances which were finally quelled by Missoula police. A student-faculty committee later brought about the reinstatement ol the expelled men. 79portrayed a young biology professor. Nassif also directed the pro-A few simple props set the scene for •'Who’s duction. Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Woolf combines top-notch cast A stagehand is shown working on the set of the three-and a-half hour play.rBarbara Trott played the witch with Linus Carleton portraying Rapun el's father in the Children's Theater production, "Rapun el and the Witch." 82 Having cast a spell which glued Rapun cl's father to the ground, the witch demanded his first-horn for his freedomPlays attract all ages Ester England portrays Cybol and Joe Ferrell is the insensitive businessman, the Great God Brown. Alter the death ol Dion (Austin Gray) Brown takes on his identity in •Great God Brown." directed by Firman Brown. 83NMC wins rodeo The eighth annual UM Intercollegiate Rodeo drew entrants from 19 colleges and universities. The action in the Field House was plagued by injuries, although none were serious. MSU women took top honors for the fourth strjight year. Big Bend Rodeo Company provided tough stock, including Trail's End. the 1959 world champion saddle bronc. 85George Siem and Rex Huntsman get a charge out ot the rodeo competition. 1 hree nights of action pack Field HouseHelm Zimmerman — Horten (Queen 87Glenn Yarbrough. popular ballad singer, visited UM along with the Stanyan Street Quartet and comedian Murray Roman tor a two-night performance. Popular musicians perform in the locker room. Paul Revere visits and signs autographs. Raider Mike Smith prepares for Field House engagement during Interscholas tic week-end. For forty-five minutes. Paul Revere and the Raiders (at right) played for the screaming mass of students.8990 Marcio Andres perfects her dance routine (or the Orchesis recital.Orchesis adds new routines Ruth Ann Emerson and Jctiy Thompson did just one of the variety ot dances that was performed. Among the dancer . no spent many hours practicing for the recital was Sandt Suek. 91Steliie iLaliti — JHilitaru jjRall (Queen 92John Wilson provides honor guard at the Military Ball. Lee Holcomb watches the coronation of Military Ball Queen Stevie Lahti. The Opus IV provided music for the annual Military Ball. Arrows to Atoms95 Jesse Hall Which will house between 400 and 500 students, will be finished by January 1967. t The ups . . . . . . and downs ol Jesse Hall. 9496 97Giovanni Cost.Kan. a professor of history at the University of Washington, spoke on the importance of Freud upon history. Freud, the Technical Age, Viet Nam Discussed Gabriel Marcel. French philosopher, drama critic and man of letters, addressed an audience on ' Wisdom in the Technical Age." Speaking with a heavy French accent, he said man must adjust himself to living in a technological world and still retain his human qualities.Or. I. Browman introduces Pierre Salinger, former press secretary to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Salinger discussed the Viet Nam war. the possibility of a Thailand crisis and his political fulu' ' during bis address in the University Theater.Bill Dobson (toft). Jm Bake' s 4 Gec'K-a Tree act ared in Ruth Ford's Requiem for a Nun," is based on a novel of the same name by William Faulkner.Doug James did an outstanding job in his performance as PaRCgano in "The Magic Flute." The stage set and the costumes tor the musical were attractive and imaginative. (Photos by Lee Nyc) UM hosts Fine Arts Festival Nicola Moscona. a leading basso with the Metropolitan Opera Company, sang the lead role in "The Magic Flute." It was the first time in recent years that a professional opera singer took part m a UM production. totSpring arrives with speakers, banquets, and baseball I r Sharva Alpvander. columnist !Of Life magazine and 10th annual Dean Stone Night speaker, was one of the numerous speakers to address senior awards banquets. UM students gave a record 503 pints of blood in the Phi Delta Theta Army ROTC blood-for-Viet Nam campaign; some students waited in line as long as five hours to donate blood. John Edwards. Andy Grauman and Sally Smith tabulate the results ot ASUM election. In an election in which only 19 percent of the students voted. Tom Behan was elected president.Smc" °' S,MkS °'i"Cd “ ,h - ° « durin6 .he Food Service cookou, W,„K .T« . .r'" »r n im student could r«-M t |hf» lomplatKjn to relai Stone Award being presented to Kenneth Conr.Ki by Dean Rea ot the Journalism School. Intramural action was lively cn the Cloverbowl. Springtime, wintertime, anytime, campus policeman Wallace French always can find a car where it shouldn't be.While the minds ot everyone else were on baseball, these boys were already hard at work getting ready for next tail's gridiron competition. Warm weather encourages outdoor activity Summer weather came early to UM, much to the delight of sun-worshipping coeds. SI --¥ 9H9The morning bell seemed to cut the night too short. Rights, Riots or Oblivion discussed Dr. Darrell Inabnit. UM Executive Dean, told students that they are apprentices in the academic community and are not on an equal status with faculty and administration. Tom Behan, new ASUM president, made a big splash at Leadership Camp. Rev. Bill Klibcr (at right) raised questions like, "Was this really a Leadership Camp?” 107Basil Brown, Visiting Lecturer in Economics, drove his remarks home with a soft humor and Quiet manner, Unto Hannah, Lynn Morrow and Janet Evans sing to the guitar of les Gf rrin during a lull at leadership Camp.  The food at Flathead Lake was excellent as usual. Robert Scalapino. political science professor at the University of California at Berkeley, discussed ••Academic Freedom and Responsibility." Was this really a Leadership Camp? 109Myrna Toldnoss and Phil Janik sample the roast boar and seafoods which highlighted the tables of food at the Craig-Millcr-Ouniway Polynesian Holiday. Informal is the mood at Spring Dances Far left John Jackson and Oiane Higby admire the decora tions at the Knowles Hall Seaweed Stomp. Center left Students turned out to support World University Service and to have a good time at the WUS Dance. Left: Mary Ann Cosgrove and Walter Pool enjoy a slow dance by the Opus IV at the Craig-Miller-Duniway Dance. The Vulcans added a lively beat to the function. IllFollowing his selection. Or. King assisted in the presentation of the 106 awards Riven at the convocation. Mere. Sally Jo Stephenson of Synadelphic House accepts the Faculty Women's scholastic achieve ment award for the University living group having the highest scholastic average. Or Walter King. UM English professor, accepts a plaque and a check for $500 from Col Tom Davis on behalf of the Alumni Association during the Awards Convocation. Teacher of the Year chosen King s ''overwhelming choice'' followed preliminary balloting by upperclass students and f.nal selection by Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary. Sue Mjrquart. student vice president of the honorary, said professors whose names were considered were judged on several points "How clearly and effectively material was presented, ability to arouse student interest, willingness to teach in diverse areas, intellectual honesty, adequacy ot testing and the general contribution to the students." r 113f tor Or. t ri n 0r»Kr ti •vos hi lotos. Bob L.f. ’ commission. Sen iors C c m in issioned • ok f inirs-Seniors pass in review during ceremonies of Dorn-blaser Field. Avis Zopfi glances ov , ,But where is the University? Four years a o. they entered the F.etd House tor the first as bordered freshmen. Now, they enter .t for the last time as bewildered seniors. 119ACADEM1C SMontana State Board of Regents Lett to right Mr. John French Mrs. Marjorie W. King. Mr. John E. O'Neill. Mr. M E. Richard. Miss Harriet Miller. Governor Tim Babcock. Attorney General Forrest M. Anderson. Mr. A. A. Arras, Jr.. Mr. Gordon Mullcndore. Dr. Gordon Doering. Mr. Boynton G. Paige. Order of the Grizzly “The grizzly bear has long been identified with the University of Montana as a traditional mascot and emblem of strength and courage. It is therefore fitting that when President Robert Johns sought a means of bringing special honor to those who had been of signal service to the University or the State of Montana, the grizzly should be the token of that honor. Hence the Order of the Grizzly, whose members will include an honored few. and whose badge of membership will be a bronze replica of the University's mascot. This bronze sculpture is symbolic of Montana in its own way. Created by Rudy Aulio of the University staff, it was molded and cast on the University campus. Each one of these symbolic bears is an individual work, presented to a worthy individual.” This year the award was presented to the following men: Norman J. Hotter. Paul E. Hoover. Louis B. Lundborg. Peter H. Odegard. Walter L. Pope. Harold C. Urey. Robert C. Bates. Lew L. Callaway. William Forbis. Robert O'Brien. Charles A. Horsky, Chet Huntley. Mike Mansfield, and Clarence K. Streit. 12?123 Robert Johns-President of UMDR. DARRELL J. INABNIT Executive Dean ROBERT T. PANTZER Financial Vice President Administration EARLE C. THOMPSON Dean of Library ServiceANDREW C. COGSWELL Doan of Students C. L. MURPHY Controller DR. MAURINE CLOW Associate Dean of Students 125Administration ■ " IT mn HOMER E. ANDERSON Director, Admissions DR. ROBERT P. BANAUGH Director, Computer Center JAMES A. BROWN Director. Residence Halls 126 RAY F. CHAPMAN Director. Student UnionAdministration HUGH F. EDWARDS Executive Secretary. Alumni Association ROBERT B. CURRY. MJ . Director, Health Services 177 DR. ROBERT E. GORMAN Director. Counseling Testing Center Administration CHARLES E. HOOD Director of Placement LEONARD L. LEWIS Manager. Oata Processing KEITH T. LARSON Manager. Family Housing EMMA B. LOMMASSON Assistant Registrar 128J. A. PARKER Director. Physical Plant DR. WALTER C. SCHWANK Director. Health P.E. Athletics DR. T. TATSUYAMA Director, Religion LAWRENCE D. STUART Director, information Service Administration 129 I ANTHONY VALACH Assistant to Dean of Students130 131 Faculty and SeniorsSCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ROBERT W COONRCD Dean. College of Arts and Scioncvs Professor. History IDRIS W. EVANS Associate Professor, Sociology Assistant Dean. College of Arts and Sciences LANA NELSON KATHY ROBINSON ALAN ROLSTON JAMES SCHULTZ JOHN SCMWECHTf N BARBARA SIMON JOHN SWANSON TfRRY Wit HAM 132Deoartments of and Professor B.olozy U II Ill 3 V l MARK J. BEHAN Assistant Professor. Botany Biology and Botany MF.YER CHESSIN Professor. 8otany CLARENCE C. GORDON Associate Professor. Botany JAMES R HABECK Associate Professor LoROY M. HARVEY Professor; Curator, Herbarium CHARLES N. MILLER Assistant Professor SHERMAN J PREECE. JR Associate Professor RICHARD A. SOL BERG Associate Professor Director. Biological StationJOHN M STEWART Chairman and Professor. Chtmrttry JAMES W. COX Assistant Professor Chemistry and Education RONALD E. ERICKSON Associate Professor Department of Chemistry RICHARD H. FEVOLD Assistant Professor 134earl c. lory Professor. Chemistry KEITH R. OSTERMELD Professor JUDSON S. POND Assistant Professor WAYNE P. VAN METER Associate Professor LELAND M. YATES Associate Professor Department of Economics 136 ROBERT L. PETERSON Visiting Lecturer 137 JOHN H. WICKS Assistant Professor KENT KUSHARDepartment of English SANDRA AlEKStCM CAROL ATCMLEY TOV DCMMONS 38 WALTER L. BROWN ProfessorELMER J. COLL Instructor MERREL D. CLUBR Professor ROGER OUNSMORE Instructor DONALD HABERMAN Assistant Protessor CAROLE ELEY jFEf KIRKLAND MARTHA LOVECROVE BARBARA OTTFNBRElT 139 VEDDER M. GILBERT Protessor Foreign Student AdvisorGRACE PAVLAS DANA REDMAN DAVID RYE NADINE ADA STOBAUGH JOHN P. HERRMANN Assistant Professor WALTER N. KING Professor JOHN E. MOORE Professor RICHARD HUGO Assistant Professor NORMAN MEINKE instructor UO r ' DAVID J. SMITH Instructor ARTHUR WILLS PfOlriW Visiting L«cturcr DEXTER V ROBERTS Instructor HARVEY WEBSTER Visiting Professor .V ROSS YYINTEROWN A".» sfj'.t Pro'tsso’ Department of-English KAThlLE'. TmOVRSO'. SUSA' WHiTE BARBARA WHITNEY 141Department of Foreign Languages DOROTHY R. BOHN Instructor THEODORE SHOEMAKER Chairman and Protessor CARY BLOOM PATRICK CAMPBELL CAROL CONNELLY R08ERTA CROCKER 14?ROBERT DELICH KAREN GRASSESCMI DAVIO HOWLETT SHERRY HUNTER TEO JENSEN ROBERT M. BURGESS Professor NATALIE KLUGE Instructor H. S. JARKA Associate Professor GERTRUD LACKSCHEWITZ Assistant Professor U3COMENICO ORTISI WARD H POWELL Associate Professor Associate Professor 144PEGGY RISVON KATE ROGERS JUDY A. SCHMITT JUDY WEYER ¥ I Department of Foreign Languages TMORA SORENSON Professor JAMES A FLIGHTNER Instructor MARGUERITE H. EPHRON Associate Professor VElDONJ BENNETT Instructor M5CHESTER 8. BEATY Chairman and Associate Professor Geography Department of Geography PAUL 8. ALEXANDER Assistant Professor JAMES J NASUTI Visiting InstructorJAMES A. PETERSON Associate Professor Department of GeologyDepartment of Health and Physical Education ALEXANDER C. CAMPBELL "WHITlE" Assistant Football Coach Hoad Baseball Coach Instructor Health and P.E. HARRY F. ADAMS Hoad Track Coach; Professor (Retiring) THOMAS BECHTOLD JAMIE BOETTCHER WALTER C. SCHWANK O-tector. Health and P.E. and Athletics. Professor I - • □ c fc» LA. 1 1 F EDWARD S. CHINSKE Assistant Professor ROBERT D. COPE Assistant Basketball Coach instructor JIM BRALEY PAUL CONNELLY DENNIS JOHNSON 148GEORGE '.V. CROSS Assistant Professor RARRY KOONS ALICE LUND GEORGE DAMLBCRG Professor HUGH C. OAVIDSON Head Football Coach Instructor TOM KINGSFORD Assistant Football Coach Mead Wrestling Coach Instructor. Health and P.E. PAT f cGILLIS VARY JO MARTINSON ROBERT MOODY 149Department of Health and Physical Education DAVID S. KRAGTHORPE Assistant Football Coach Instructor Health and P.E x NASEBY RHINEMART Trainer; Instructor MAVIS M. LORENZ Assistant Professor BRIAN J. SHARKEY Assistant Professor RON NORD Head Basketball Coach Instructor JAMES NEILSON JESSE O HARA CHARLES G. OLSON RICHARD OLSON JOHN QUIST 150VINCENT WILSON Associate Professor ROGER SEELEY 151 Department of History MELVIN C. WREN Chairman an j Professor WILLIAM B. EVANS Assistant Professor GERALD CERNY Instructor DAVID CARPITA PATTY CLARK DANIEL FERRITER 152DUANE H. HAMPTON Assistant Professor J. E. MILLER Visiting Lecturer BENJAMIN G. RADER Assistant Professor WILLIAM GILBERT JOHN HICKMAN VERONA LEONARD DONALD LORANGER BILLIE KAY RAINVILLE 153VERNON F. SNOW Associate Professor JOHN E. VAN OE WETERING Associate Professor PAMELA UGRIN JERRY VALENTINE SHARON VALENTINE KATHY ZIEG 154CAROLYN CARPITA CAROL CHRISTOPHER ROBERT DREW ROBERT HOFFMAN MICHAEL O'CONNOR JOHN ROSS DAN ROTHLISBERGER LEE SIMMONS Department of Political Science HARVEY G. KEBSCHULL Assistant Professor C. BARCLAY KUHN Instructor IP 111 IIP THOMAS PAYNE Chairman and Professor Political Science RICHARD ALLEN CHAPMAN Instructor DON KRUMM LOUISE SNYDER TORVAL STOCKAMP ELLIS WALDRON Professor 155Department of- Home Economics EMMA BRISCOE Chairman and Associate Professor Home Economics V LYNNE BARROWS CAROLYN DUSEK TANYA FISHER CHERYL GRAVELLE BARBARA KENNEDY VIRGINIA McCLAIN 156joan McClellan CAROL MILLER PAT MORRIS CHARLENE PEARSON ROSEMARY MIKLITH BARBARA MORRIS CLAUDIA OLSON AVIS ZOPFI 157LINCA ENSIGN JOHN WILSON Department of Mathematics DAVID R. ARTERBURN Assistant Professor ROBERT P. BANAUGH Director. Computer Center Professor EDMUND P. GEYER Instructor JAMES DUEMMEL Assistant Professor 158 159MITSURU J. NAKAMURA Chairman and Professor RICHARD A. FAUST Assistant Professor CARL L. LARSON Director Stella Duncan Memorial Institute. Professor Department of Microbiology JOHft J. TAYLOR Associate Professor KEN BEATTIE EO BURROUGHS BAR8ARA NISBET Pre-med JIM BURNS BIJAN GHORASHI DENNIS MEYER STUART SHERRY EDWARD ZULEGEREDWIN I. MARVIN Chairman and Professor. Philosophy FRED KERSTEN Assistant Professor JOHN F. LA WRY Assistant Professor J. F. LOGAN Assistant Professor CYNTHIA A. SCHUSTER Associate Professor Philosophy V C. R. JEPPSESN Chairman and Professor. Physics JOHN N. BRADFORD Assistant Professor RON WATERMAN MARK J. JAKOBSON Professor. Physics RANDOLPH H. JEPPESEN Instructor LARS GIMSTEDT JOHN HOVEN Physics RICHARD J. HAYDEN ProfessorHAROLD BABB Chairman and Professor. Psychology CHARLES K. ALLEN Assistant Professor R. B. AMMONS Professor Department of Psychology JON HASBROUCK DAVID HEINRICH WALTER DERBY PAULETTE EVERETT • 62GARY P MORAN Assistant Professor BERT R. SAPPENFIELD Professor ODIN C. VICK Assistant Professor LARRELL REID NANCY SASSE EO SCHRIMPF DALE THORNTON HERMAN A WALTERS Assistant Professor JOHN G. WATKINS Professor Director. Clinical Training JAMES M. WHITEHOUSE Associate Professor 163SHIRLEY BLOVGREN MARYLU DODGE SHERRIE INGRAM ROBERT JOHNSON DAVID PHIPPS JOCELYN JOHNSON DEE LA BONTE CYNTHIA ROGERS GORDON BROWDER Chairman. Socrology. Anthropology. and Social Welfare; Professor. Sociology Department of Anthropology FRANK B. BESSAC Associate Prok-ssor. Anthropology PHILIP M. NOBLER Instructor 164CONNIE SIMONSEN Instructor Speech. Pathology and Audiology RAYMOND L. COLD Professor, Sociology of Sociology GORDON BROWDER nairman. Sociology. Anthropology, and Social Welfare; Professor. Sociology ROBERT J. DWYER Associate Professor. Sociology Department DOUGLAS BAt L NIOMA BITZ JOE CROCKER BOB DAY I DIANNE ECK JOHN EWING SUE HARVEY BOB HERTLER JEAN MILLER PAIGE MILLHAEM KRISTI SCHILLING JOY SCHMACHER KAREN SHENNUM ALFREDO VALDES ROB VASHEY C« ANN WILLIAMSGORDON BROWDER Chairman. Sociology. Anthropology and Social Welfare. Professor. Sociology RICHARD M. BOEHMLER Associate Professor Speech. Pathology and Audiology 166DAVID M. FISHER Instructor MAURICI r. LOKI NSCARD Instructor raiI’m y. McGinnis Professor LINDA CLARK PHYLLIS MOOR! PI GGY SHORT JAMES L. OWEN Instructor JOHN t. VOMS Instructor Department of Speech Pathology CHARLES D. PARKER Chairman and Professor Speech Pathology and Audiology Director. Speech and Hearing Clinic ROBERT B. CHANEY, JR. Assistant Professor RICHARD HOFFMAN JIM MACKENZIE Zoology LUDVIG G BROWMAN Professor PHILIP L. WRIGHT Chairman and Professor, Zoology I JOHN SEIDENSTICKER ROBERT S. HOFFMAN Professor ROYAL B. BRUNSON Professor T EDWIN VI. HOUSE visiting. Assistant Professor W. B. ROWAN Associate Professor GEORGE SINGER Assistant Professor JAMES R. TEMPLETON JOHN T. HARRIS Associate Professor Assistant Professor. Wildlife Manager GEORGE F. WEISEL Professor 168JENNIE ALLEN JOHN BERGERSON KAREN BOWMAN JAMES M. THRASHER Dean and Professor ROBERT E. GORMAN Director. Counseling and Testing EDMUND K. COLBY Director. Audiovisual Controlled JOANNE CORR ELAINE WHITE Executive Secretary and InstructorDOREEN CURTIS SUSAN ERWIN LINDA EVERLY DALE C. ANDERSEN Assistant Professor SCHOOL OF EDUCATION JAMES W. COX Assistant Professor 170 IRENE 0. GROOM Assistant ProfessorJAMES J. R. MUNRO Associate Professor GFORGE H. MILUS Professor SCHOOL OF EDUCATION HARLAN C. RIESE Associate Professor 172 VERNON SLETTEN ProfessorFRANK J. WATSON Associate ProfessorSPENSER ALISCH VICTOR ANDRESEN KATHY ARNOT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS DONALD J. EMBLEN Professor and Chairman JAMES L. ATMfARN Dean and Professor BRENDA F. WILSON Professor. Business Administration Chairman, and Office Administrator (Retiring) 174MIKE CHUMRAU NORMAN E. TAYLOR Director Bureau of Business and Economic Research and Professor MAXINE C. JOHNSON Assistant Director and Research Associator Bureau of Business and Econom.c Research RICHARO DEGROOT HENRY DEMING JUDY DODD VERN DOORNBOS LINDEN DUFFIN CON FAST JAMES FICHTNER ALVIN FIEMARTYROBERT FULTON ROBERT HANSON DENNIS HAROT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS HUBERT R. 8REUNINGER Associate Professor 176 JACK H. DOTY Associate ProfessorALBERT T. HEIBINC Professor FRED A. HENNINGSEN Associate Professor DWIGHT KIRSCH BRIAN KNAFr WAYNE KNUTSON FLOYD JORAMO SHARON KELLOGG ROBERT LaROCHE RONALD LELAND RUSELL MEECH DAN MEEHAN JOHN MILLER ROBERT MUSSALLEM JOHN NELSON ALICE PEPPARDDON RICHARD LAWRENCE J. HUNT Assistant Professor 178 JACK J. KEMPNER ProfessorMARGARET A, SWANSON Associate Professor JIM SHELBY CAROL SICKELS BILL SPRATT DOUG WARDEN BRUCE WATSON DAVE WENDTE SVELLEN WHITEHEAD 179FIRMAN H. BROWN Chairman and Associate Professor LAURENCE PERRY Actinj; Chairman and Assistant Professor CHARLES W. BOLEN Ooan. Fine Arts:Professor, Music SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS EUGENE ANDRIE Professor AOEN ARNOLD Professor. Art RUDY A. AUTIO Associate Professor. Art MAXINE M. BLACKMER Instructor. Art 180DONALD L. BUNSE Instructor, Art GAYLE CORNELISON Visiting Instructor. Orjrna JAMES E. DEW Associate Professor. Art GERALD M. DOTY Professor HAROLD MERBIG Instructor. Music WALTER HOOK Professor, Art GEORGE J. HUMMEL Professor RICHARD H JAMES Assistant Professor. Drama 18)DONALD 0. JOHNSTON Associate Professor JANE LEA Assistant Professor JOHN L. LESTER Professor JOSEPH A. VUSSULMAN Assistant Professor JOSEPH S. NASSIF Visiting Instructor; Professor LLOYD OAKLAND Professor DWIGHT V. OVERMYER Instructor 182 WARY DASENBROCK GENE ENRICO FLORENCE REYNOLDS Professor JUDY PARKO JUDY ROMRER SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS PHIL TURCK RONALD WIGGINTON LUTHER A. RICH VAN Professor (Retiring) EUGENE WEIGEL Professor JOAN SMITH Assistant Professor RUDOLPH WENDT Professor DAVID WHITWELL Assistant Professor 183DON BAKE.R ALBERT BARR ARNE BROSTEN JOHN BRUNS ARNOLO V . BOLLE Doan and Professor ROORICK CHISHOLM JIM CHRISTENSEN ROBERT COFFMAN JOHN FORD JOHN FLYNN RICHARD D. TABER Professor; Associate Director SCHOOL OF FORESTRY KENT T. ADAIR Assistant Professor MARK J. BEHAN Assistant Professor 184NORMAN GARTlEY PHIL GIBBS HARRIS GRAMN ROBERT GREEN GEORGE M. BLAKE Assistant Professo BILL HALL MILLARD HOLLOWAY DAVID ISERMAN WILLIAM KRULL ROBERT LOVEGROVE LI E E. EDDLEMAN Instructor - CURTIS McMARRELL'NEIL MALLASIAN DONALD MARK BILL MAYHEW WILLIAM PADDEN 186 LAWRENCE C MERRIAM. JR. Associate Professor MELVIN S. MORRIS Professor ROBERT W. LANGE Assistant Professor SCHOOL OF FORESTRY JOHN P. KRIER Professor 4 I BILL SHERMAN ROY SNYDER TOM TUTT RONALD VIVION DAVE WAHLFELD W. LESLIE PENGELLY Associ.Ho Professor . Cl LEE WERT J W. R. PIERCE Professor ROBERT W. STEELE Associate Professor RONALD RIES NORM RINGHAND NILES SACIA JOHN SANDERS THOMAS J. NIMLOS Associate ProfessorSCHOOL OF JOURNALISM TODD BRANDOFF KAYCEE CLAUSEN RAYMOND DOMINICK JOHN EDWARDS NANCY ALICE FUSSELL WILLIAM McGINLEY WARREN J. BRIER Associate Professor ANDREW C. COGSWELL Dean of Students Professor of Journalism 188PHILIP HESS Assistant Professor NATHAN B. BLUMBERC. Dean and Professor of Journalism EDWARD B. DUGAN Professor DOROTHY M JOHNSON Assistant Professor MILO FRANK MOUCHA WILLIAM PEDERSEN BOB RANSTROM KARALEE STEWART 189 ROBERT LEE NORTON Assistant Professor DEAN REA Assistant ProfessorSCHOOL OF LAW ROBERT E. SULLIVAN Dean and Professor of Law JAMES ANDERSON RICHARD BEATTY JEROME CATE ROBERT CORETTE STEPHEN DALBY GARY DAVIS BRUCE ENNIS 19CEDWIN W. BRIGGS Professor RICHARD GALLAGHER GARDNER CROMWELL Professor JON HUDAK JAMES JOHNSON PAUL KELLER CHARLES KNELL DONALD HAMILTON DENNIS HARLOW DONALD HERNDON rr" 191RODNEY M HOUGHTON Law Librarian; Assistant Professor DAVID R. MASON Dixon Professor. Law ill'. 192 THOMAS MOHOLT ALDEN PEDERSEN DOLPHY POHLMAN LARRY RILEY CHARLES SECRESTSCHOOL OF LAW DENNIS WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS SHELTON WILLIAMS 193TERRY BARBER JIM BROWN ROBERT BROWN "y V tihk ilk) HILL CLAUSEN KENNETH HURT ROBERT L. VAN HORNE Dean and Professor of Pharmacy GORDON H. BRYAN Professor 194 DONALD H. CANHAM Assistant ProfessorJOHN L. WAILES Professor OOUGLAS UNSTEO CAROL VeNEES SCHOOL OF PHARMACY KAREN VOE WELLAND MURI HONORE LEE RILEY DOUG RIVES DAVID WICHMANAFFILIATED SCHOOLS T. TATSUYAMA Director and Associate Professor Religion (Faculty Affiliate) Religion GEORGE FERGUSON Lecturer (Faculty Affiliate) SAMUEL BFAUSOLEIL Lecturer (Faculty Affiliate) JOHN J. CRAIGHEAD Leader, Vont. Coop. Wildlife Research Unit Professor Forestry and Zoology (Faculty Affiliate) Wildlife Research Unit 196KATHLEEN CAMPBELL Librarian. Professor (Retiring) LUCILE SPEER Documents Librarian. Professor MARY F. DcLAND Catalog Assistant Professor Library DONALD P. CHVATAL Assistant Reference Librarian Assistant Professor RITA M. NELSON Assistant Acquisitions Librarian Serials Librarian. Assistant Professor ADEIAINE S. MIDGETT Assistant Catalog Librarian, Instructor VIVIAN KOCH DOUGLAS E. MILLS Head. Technical Services; Acquis. Librarian Assistant Professor 197LT. COL. KEITH ANGWIN Chairman and Professor. Military STAND1SH O. BROOKS Associate Professor. Military Science (Faculty Affiliate) MAJOR MAX E. CANNON Assistant Professor MAURY S. CRALLE. JR. Assistant Professor (Faculty Affiliate) MAJOR CHARLES M. FRIEOLEIN Associate Professor (Faculty Affiliate) CAPT. WILLIAM H. DANKERS Assistant Professor (Faculty Affiliate) 198IT. COL. ROBERT L. VELDE Chairman and Professor. Aerospace Studies Air Force MAJOR PAUL C. BREAZEALE Associate Professor, Aerospace Studies (Faculty Affiliate) CAPT. BRUCE E. MEDLEY Assistant Professor Aerospace Studies (Faculty Affiliate) CAPT. CHARLES W. JONES Assistant Professor Aerospace Studies (Faculty Affiliate) 199Robert Schocnwald — Speech Robert Schoonwald. son of Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Schocnwald of Minot. North Dakota, was president of the UM Luge Club and a member of Pi Kappa Delta national speech fraternity. Before coming to UM. Schocnwald was captain of the Minot State College debate team for three years. He was graduated from UM with honors OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Donald Brown -- Air Force ROTC While attending UM. Donald Brown, being congratulated, was selected tor Silent Sentinel and was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. C. Brown of Venetia. Pennsylvania. Boh Dickey -- Accounting Boh Dickey has been a member of Beta Gamma Sigma business honorary. Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary. Silent Sentinel and the Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants. Me was recipient of the Montana Bankers Association Award, the Montana Society of CPA Award, the Wall Street Journal Achievement Award. Alpha Kappa Psi Men’s Award and University Honor Scholarships After graduation. Dickey, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. I Dickey Jr. of Helena. Montana, will be employed by Haskins and Sells of Seattle.Thomas Brill, son of Mr and Mr-. Kenneth G Brill of Webster Groves, Missouri, will continue his studies to receive a Ph.O. degree at the University of Minnesota on a National Defense Education Act Fellowship While attending UM. Brill was president of the American Chemical Society Club (1964-66). a member of Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary and recipient of the Metier Memorial. Me also studied under the National Science Founda ticn Research Program at Oregon State University during the summer of 1965 and was a research assistant at UM during the summer of 1964. Peter A chuff -- Botany Peter Achutf. son of Mr. and Mrs. D. t. Achuff Jr. of Caruthersvillc, Missouri, will attend graduate school at Columbia on an assistantship from New York Botanical Garden Ph D. program. Achuff was a member of Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary. Phi Eta Sigma freshman scholastic honorary, advanced Army ROTC; he was a recipient of a Phi Sigma Scholarship Award in 1966 I homas Ulberg -- Art After graduation. Thomas Ulberg plans to earn his Master's degree in Fine Arts at the University of Washington. Ulberg. son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ben Ulberg of Helena. Montana, has displayed prints at the Northwest-International Pnntmakcrs Exhibition in 1965 and has a sculpture piece in the new Newman Center. 201Charles Johanningmeier -- Forestry Charles Johanningmeier. son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Johanningmeier of Carlsbad. New Mexico, was graduated with high honors. While attending UM, ho was a member of the Society of American Foresters. Donald Meath --Army ROTC Avis Zopfi — Home Economics Avis Zopfi. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester F. Zopfi of Wibaux. Montana, was a member of the home economics club. Tanan of Spurs. Kappa Omicron Phi home economics honorary, and Kappa Alpha Theta social sorority. During her freshman year. Miss Zopfi was elected Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen. After graduation. Donald Meath will receive a regular commission in the Infantry. While at UM. Meath was Battalion Commander of the Army ROTC during 1965-66 and was a member of Phi Delta Thita social fraternity. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Meath of Missoula. Montana.While attending UM. Margaret Elich participated in the 1966 Brain Bowl. a member of Phi Theta Kappa biological honor society, served on the Faculty Evaluation Committee, was social chairman of Turner Hall, and attended Matrix Table for three years. Miss Elich. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick M. Elich of Balboa. Canal Zone, received the Gebhart Award as outstanding graduate in science education. After her marriage this summer. Miss Elich hopes to teach or work in research. Margaret Elich -- Biology Gary Peck -- Business Administration Gary Peck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Peck of Libby. Montana, was graduated with honors and will continue his education at UM as a graduate assistant while earning his M S. degree in management. Peck received six varsity letters at UM. three in basketball, two in baseball, and one in golf. He was captain of the Grizzly basketball team during 1965-66. he received the Dragsted Award for the Most Valuable Basketball Player, the KGVO Leadership Award for Basketball, the John McCall Most Valuable Baseball Player Award. Peck was also active in "M" Club and Sigma Nu social fraternity. Edmund Shpiel - Health and Physical Education Edmund Shpiel. son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shpiel of Edmonton. Alberta. Canada, was vice president of Phi Epsilon Kappa national physical education fraternity, athletic chairman of Programs Council. a group leader for two years, a Bear Paw. and a member of Sigma Chi social fraternity. After graduation, Shpiel will attend Stanford University on a physical therapy scholarship.David Rorvik -- Journalism David Horvifc. son of Vrv Frances C. Roryik of Missoula, was Kaimm drama reviewer in 1964-6$ and Kaimm editor for 196$ 66 He served on Pub I-cations Board and was a member of Silent Sentinel. Sigma Oeita Chi journalism professional society. Kappa Tau Alpha national lournalism honorary. RorviW was awarded Watkins Scholarship in English. Sigma Delta Chi Outstanding Journalism Graduate Citation. O.S. Warden Award. Dean Stone Scholarship, and three UM Honor Scholarships. He will continue his education on scholarship at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Dennis Burton - History During the summer of 1966. Dennis Burton will attend Harvard where he will take a concentrated course in Arabic. Afterwards, he will attend graduate school at the University of Maryland where he has a graduate assistantship in the history department While at UM. Burton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aubry A. Burton of Kalispall. Montana, was a member of Phi Alpha Theta history honorary and was awarded a Watkins Scholarship in history for 196$ 66. Kathy Adolph -- Mathematics Kathy Adolph, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Adolph of Billings. Montana, was president of Mortar Board, served as a senior resident, was transfer chairman of Orientation Week, was selected as a member of the UM President's Council and was a member of AWS. Miss Adolph was also active in Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics honorary. Pi Delta Phi French honorary, and Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary. After graduating at the top of the high honors group. Miss Adolph will teach mathematics at Sentinel High School in Missoula. Political Science Lee Simmons was a member of Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary. Phi Alpha Theta history honorary. Phi Delta Theta social fraternity, UM President's Council, and Inter-Fratrrmty Council for two years. Simmons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Simmons Jr. of Rod Lodge. Montana, received the Gordon Watkins scholarship in political science, was a UM Honor Scholar, and was a UM Rhodes Scholar nominee. He will attend the UM Law School on scholarship. Carol Lcmke -- Health and Physical Education Whilo at UM. Carol Lemke was a mom-ber of Delta Psi Kappa women's health and physical education honorary and was active in WRA. Miss lemke. daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Lemke of Columbia Falls, will teach H PE at Hardin High School in Hardin. Montana. Photo by Helen Peterson John McCammon -- Geology While attending UM. John McCammon. son of Mr. and Mrs. John M. McCammon of San Francisco, was a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon geology honorary and the Rocky Mountaineers of West Montana. After graduation, he will attend the University ot Seattle Graduate School of Geology where he will earn his Master's degree in paleontology. David Howlett --Foreign Languages David Howlett was a member of Phi Eta Sigma freshman scholastic honorary. Bear Paws. Silent Sentinel, vice president of Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary and vice president of SiRma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity. He also served on the Faculty Library Committee and was chairman of Friends of the Library. Howlett. son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Howlett of Billings. Montana. was selected as the seventeenth Rhodes Scholar from UM. received a Danforth Fellowship and was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship.Sylvia McKinley -- Music Sylvia McKinley has been .1 member of Alpha Lambda Oclta freshman women honorary. Pt i Kappa Phi scholastic honorary. UM band and Pi Kappa Lambda music honoray Mis McKinley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. McKinley of Anaconda. Montana, graduated with high honors: after working as a counselor at the National Music Camp in Intcrlochcn. Michigan. fh» summer, she will teach public school music. While at UV. Mis McKinley received a four year high school honor scholarship, a four-year .applied music scholarship and the Presser Foundation Scholarship, during her senior year David Wichman -- Pharmacy JoAnne Con- Education David Wichman. son of Mr and Mrs Alfred M Wichman of Ruthven. Iowa. P "1 O. the UM student branch of the Amer ao Pnjima '■ ' A oCiatK n and was a member of Kapoa Psi pharmacy fraternity UM w hm n received the Re.all Achievement Trophy and the APhA Achievement Certificate. Jo Anne Corr. daughter of Mrs. Mary J Corr of Black Eagle. Montana, will teach elementary education in Jefferson County. Colorado. While at UM. Miss Corr was a member of Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary. Delta Delta Delta soc al sorority and served as secretary of the Student Education Association.Barbara Nisbet •- Microbiology Barbara Nisbet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Nisbet of Missoula. Montana, was a member of Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary, Phi Sigma biological honorary, Alpha Lambda Delta freshman women's scholastic honorary, and Alpha Phi social sorority. She also was a member of Angel FliRht for two years, served as a Central Board delegate her senior year, and was Freshman Camp Chairman for two years. Ne t year. Miss Nisbet will study bac tenotogy and public health under an assistant-ship at Washington State University. Roy Folsom -- Speech Pathology After graduation from UM. Roy Folsom hopes to earn h.s Master s degree at the im. ., under an ass.stantsh.p ,n speech pathology and audolowH k u U T. . y Mills Folsom of Missoula. Montana. ° on Mr and Mrs. O' Si Dwight Phillips -- Pre-med Dwight Phillips, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips of Milger. Montana, was graduated with high honors and will do graduate work in anatomy on j full fellowship at Tulane University. As j student. Phillips was a member of Phi Kappa Phi national scholastic honorary, vice president of the Pre-Med Club, a Worthy Scholar during his freshman year, a University Honor Scholar for three years, and recipient of the Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Sophomore Scholarship.Howard Zankner --English Howard Zankner. son of Mr. William Zankner of Manila, No York, was recipient of an Alfred Harcourt Foundation Award. He will continue his education at UM where he hopes to earn his Master's decree. Michael Murray -- Philosophy After Being graduated with honors winter quarter of 1966. Michael Murray began graduate school at UM. Murray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray of Homestead, Montana, is specializing in extentialism and phenomenology. John Hovcn -- Physics John Hovcn served as secretary-treasurer of Pi Mu Epsilon national mathematics honorary and was scholarship chairman for Phi Sigma Kappa social fraternity. He was also a charter member of Phi Eta Sigma freshman scholastic honorary, active in Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary and played in the UM band during his freshman year. After graduation. Hovcn will be a research assistant during the summer institute in biophysics and radiation biology at the University of Rochester. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hoven of Missoula. Montana. Barbara Marinan -- Sociology While at UM. Barbara Marinan was a member of Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary. Alpha Kappa Delta national sociology honorary, and Mortar Bojrd. Miss Marinan. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Marinan of Missoula. Montana, will continue her studies at UM under a National Science Foundation Traineeship for a Ph.D. in sociology. 206Elton Adams - Psychology Shelton Williams -- Law Shelton Williams served as editor in chief of the Montana Law Review ancf was a member of the Student Bar Association. Me was a member of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity, recipient of the Phi Delta Phi Plaque, and a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity. He received his under graduate degree from Dartmouth College in 1963. After graduation. Williams. son of Vr. and Mrs. Shelton R. Williams of Libby. Montana, will work for Judge Pope of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. San Francisco. Elton Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs Albert Adams of Winnett. Montana, will attend the University of Utah College of Medicine at Salt Lake Where he will study ncurofchcm.stry under the National Defense Ph D. program While attending UM Adams was a member of Bear Paws. Phi Kappa Ph, scholastic honorary and Phi Delta Theta social fraternity. Me was a University Honor Scholar for four years and received a National Science Foundation undergraduate research grant. Lee H emness -- Wildlife I echnology Alter graduation. Lei- Memness plans to earn his Master's degree. Ho is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arno Hemness of Kalispoll. Montana. 210 w IN MEMORIAM f MRS. CHARLES H. CLAPP Professor Emeritus in English WILLIAM E. SCHREIBER Professor Emeritus in Health and Physical Education J. W. SEVERY Professor Emeritus in Botany JERRY J. ALDRICH Class of 1969 JOHN CLIFFORD CRUMP Class of 1966 JOHN PATRICK MORGAN Class of 1966 TOM WELKER Class of 1967 2llSOCI ET I E SBottom row: Tony Valach, advisor; Loren Hwrr, John Frcllick president Vern Arj o p ,ncl white Murdo. Bill Forhan. Mark Goelzcr. Scott Wheeler, Bob Trerise, Michael Nile. Second row: Robert Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Council is the unifying force behind collective fraternity activities. Composed of two representatives from each fraternity, the Council makes and enforces the rules under which the fraternities operate, organizes Greek Week and sponsors the annual Red Cross blood drive. Dan Meehan, past IFC president, presents an Aden Arnold printing to UM. Accepting the K'»t rom IFC s D D. inabnit. 214Front row: Linda Clark (President). Betty Brown. Pat Pierce. Second row: Carol Burgess. Lynn Hough. Kathy Arnot. Pat John, Kay Jude man. Bea Johnson. Under the guidance ot Miss Maurine Clow. Dean of women. Panhel-lenic Council provides the sororities' counter part for Interfraternity Council. The Council promotes the Greek system among incoming freshmen women and aids in formulating living rules for the sororities. Pan hell enic Council Front row: Kara Lee Stewart Paula Latham. Jo Ann Hacker. Pat Kennedy (President), Norma Hober. Alice Fussed. Second row: Marcia Williams, Lynn SUIItr, Cheryl Hutchinson. Kay Morton. Margret Peterson. Kathy Harstcad. Judy Broedcr. Meg Lavold. Judy Oufty. Theta Sigma Phi Working for a free and responsible press. Theta Sigma Phi helps to unite women in the field of communications. The organization of Matrix Table, honoring an outstanding woman from each class, is one of the sorority's major projects each year. 215Front row: Marlene Bemtson. MilAnn Ralston. Karon Moo. Donna Ridenour. Co « on Green Second row: Bonn.. Pr chci. Sandra Hurd. Stan Beaudette. John Schwonk. Ray B.l.le, Gary Myltymaki Third row: Robert St. Peter. Gary Olsen. John Dempsey. David Sander . Wayne BoU-ng. r J.m l.II Fourth row: Dav - W hr-jn K. n Kolstan. Jim Brown. Aldon Oscarson. Wolland Muri. Fifth row: Robert Brown. Rich Larvn. Kon Hurt. Dr. Canham. Sixth row: Nick Konyon. John Thoren, Bill Clausen. Kent Kolstad. Dr. Fitr 0 raid Seventh row: Carol McNeev Audrey Robinson, Kathy Johnson. Honore Lee Riley. Bottom row: Bonnie Poschel. Coll Donna Ridenour • second row: Honore Lee Riley. Carol McN -es, Audrey Robinson. APhA The American Pharmaceutical Association provides a broader field of education for its members through exchange of ideas and introduction to now concepts in the field of pharmacy. Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon and Kappa Psi provide recognition for outstanding men and women scholars in the field of pharmacy. Through their efforts the pharmaceutical profession is promoted in high schools and on campus. Front row: John Parker, Ken Kolstan. Kent Postm.y Gary Olson. Dave VVichn'.in Second row: Ken Hurt. Dour Rivas. Bob Morns, John Schwank, Ray Bililo. Gary Myllym.iki Third row: Bob St. Rotor. Dave Bofto. Nick Konyon. John Thoren, Wayne Bollinger. iam. s l.II Fourth row: Walt Warner, Clarke Richter. Stan Beau m Brown, Bill K.mball Fifth row: Bob Brown, John Damp-• • Terry Donahuo. Dav.d Sandcn. John Morgan. Sixth row: Ernest Koestner. Bill EnRler. Bill Clausen. Doug Linsted. Rich Larsen. 216 Back row. loft to right Jo Ann Kappel. Roberta Weikel. Barbara Maddu . Ch.vlene Watters. Patsy Miming. Virginia Nesli Barbara Pulley Second row: Donna York. Jody Dodd. Suellen Whitehead, Joni Sears, Judy Haas. Doreen Ibsen. Martinson (Advisor First row: Judy Roy. rs (PreMdent!. Gk’-da Shults. Jan« Brandon. Not pictured: Carla Boettcher. Lynne Morrow, Alice Peppard. Polly Rasmussen. Claire Schwingol, Carol Sickels. Phi Chi Theta The women's business honorary. Phi Chi Theta, promotes high scholastic achievement and the maintenance of business integrity among its members. Each year Phi Chi Theta awards a $25 scholarship to an outstanding junior woman. This year the recipient was Lynn Morrow. 217Front row. left to right Ray Jarr.ft, Terry Anderson. Gene Pressor (President), Robert Trerise. Loren Haarr. R ch.ird Bechtel. Second row: Robert Klindt. Mike Moreen. Walter Prosser, Joe Barnard. Dallas Viall. Jack Crawford. Phillip Van Ness Third row: Ron Coleman. Tod Flynn. George Peck. Gary Hanson. Ron Hause. Terry Maltby. Lee Howard Gary Libecap. Fourth row: Cliff Christian, Ron Pierre, LOS Waite. Bearpaws Bearpaws. a sophomore men's service honorary, provides recognition for leadership and scholastic achievement. As an organization Bearpaws serve as aides during orientation week, organize the painting of Hello Walk, and sponsor SOS in cooperation with the Spurs. Spurs Jane Little. Sharon Browning and Nan Comeaux ponder the problems of decorating for the Sadie Hawkins dance. 218Kneeling: Margaret Cummings. Jane Rowland Katt . Rutfalto, Ann Murdo. Jeanette Sayrr. Sheila MacOcnatd. Susan lathfoo. Charlene O'NtiL Second row: Elffe Forsyth®, Jan.- Little, Linda Potter. Raenolle Maxwell, Audrey Shcble. Kay Jean Huber. Tanan of Spur Tanan of Spur selects its members from tlte scholastic leaders and active workers at the end of their freshman year. The Spurs help usher at school functions, work at Interscholastic and co-sponsor the Sadie Hawkins Dance with the Bearpaws. Mortar Board Membership in Mortar Board, the senior women’s honorary, is the re ward given for four years of out standing leadership, scholarship and service. From the bottom: Kathy Adotph, Sherri Hunter. Cathy Brow man. Sherri ■ on. Polly Everett, Mrs. Blumborg Not pictured: Patsy Morris. Louise Snyder. Cathy Wolhowe. Charlene Frojen. Leia Weg-genman. Linda Coday. Carol Rud Carol Nelson. Nan Comeaux. Pam Close Third row: Cindy Jones. X anne Swanson. Jan Comeaux. Debbie Archibald. Candy Couchill, Diane H.gby. Margaret Peterson Janet Wellman. Janet Udelhovcn. 219From loft Ray Cosmjn, Bob Fulton. Dave Mowlett. Bob Worcester. Warren Schultz. Dr. Tumor. Gone Enrico. Doug Brown. Brott Assclstioc. Boh Dickey. John Ross. Originally organized as a secret society. Silent Sentinel has maintained its policy of secrecy throughout years of service to the University. Membership in Silent Sentinel is the highest honor awarded to SI senior men by the University for outstanding leadership, scholarship. e nt ine 1 Fr,-d Rohrbach Standing: loroy Cook. Dan Vejtasa. Scott Allen. Orovt Bill Kayser. t«J Cheung. John Rohrbach. Tony Sediec . Haruna Dycn. Jim Thompson. Emmanuel Ogbaie. Lloyd Miu-wcm, John Parsons. Soccer Club Organized to promote the international game of soccer. Soccer Club draws a large percentage of its membership from the ranks of the foreign students. IBottom row: Bob Kelly. Bob Schoonwald (President). Jim Murray. Second row: Sheila Johansen. Ellen Williams. Barbara Wirth, Nancy William Third row: Daryl Ball. David Barrington, Rick Alexander. Jim O'Connor. Mike McCulloy. Luge Club The newest winter sport in Missoula, luge sledding has quickly gained a following on campus. Traveling at speeds up to 90 miles an hour, the club members compete in national races held at the Lolo Luge Run. 221Xi Sigma Phi Recognition for above average scholastic achievement by the forestry student is given by Xi Sigma Phi. the national forestry honorary. Bottom row: Jerry Park. Dean Bolle Harold Hunter. Roy Snyder. Lewis Daniels. Second row: Vern Schmitt. Terry Beahan. Darold Ward. David Kiil. Dave Fauss. John Resse. Mol Morns. Bob lovegrove. Manme Mesas. Gary Baker. Druids Promotion of professional standards through the recognition of those outstanding in leadership, scholarship and integrity is the role the Druids play in the School of For estry. Bottom row: Fred Flint. Larry Scott. John JunRers. Don Kin W J hn Rayn« . Lewis Danials. Second row: Dr. Hunter. Andy Lukes, j.m Christensen. Phil Jan.k. John Pricer. Dean Botle. Bill Cunningham, Dave M,. Third row: Dal. hick. Jim Glenn, Larry Holt. Mol Morris. Terry Beahan. Fourth row: Carl Gustafson. Vern Schmitt. Jim HiRRins, Eugene Jonart, Larry Anderson, John Venefioni Manfred Maifies. Norm Schw.t er. Al Lemon. Tom Hanson. Dave Fauss. Millard Holloway.Started three years aRO. the Pistol Club has grown till it now competes with school teams throughout the northwest. It is open to both men and women in terested in rapid fire competition. Pistol Club Rattom row- Jerri Westwood. Dave Fulkerson. Helen AhiRren. Jetty Olive. Ton. Rhein SSS IS: An Maul . Jtot Carpenter. Dave M fch Mantyn i, rm Pare. 0 k Dutton. Torval Storkamp Third row: Bruce Tho •’Pko. Joh' onv White. Roy McKinney. Arnic Brostcn. Bill Bambino, Rofit Stang. Dale Huhtanen. Bottom row: Helm AlhRren. Jern Wr twood. Linda V Id- - Lon. Rh,-,n Vaire. John Barsnoss. Randy Miller. Sandi Rohhin-. Er.c Hanson ferrv r»i ° ker. John KrukonbcrR. Roy McKinney. . ... n... arconn row: Al Hinman. Bill Hanson. Jerry Olive. Jay Cross. Dave Wal- Rifle Club With Army ROTC providing the instructors and advisors, the Rifle Club has become a challenge to all western teams. Sponsored by the Associated Students, the Rifle Club travels during the year to shoot at various matches. 223Bottom row: Andrea Hotombo. Nikki Nichol, Kathleen Davi-, Joanne Dixon Second row: Judy Renman. Velma Thompson, Barbara Fleming. Sharon Cafcrro. Vicki Yunck. les Griffin (President). Third row: Linda Klette. Cherie Bette, Beverly Dana, Jill McIntosh. Lorna Bell, Mary Fay. WRA Competition among the girls during the swimming meets was keen. Women's Recreation Association appeals to the youngcoed who is interested in individual and team athletics. Organized to provide competition among women. WRA gets the girls active in swimming and baseball as well as such sports as tennis. 224During the annual WRA steak try, Mauriie Berry and Sharon Jaylord. on the right, prepare steaks for Marcia Andres and Julie Loudon. WRA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. Bottom row: Mary Jo Mar-t.nson. Mrs. Deanna Sheriff (Advisor). Leslie Griffin (President). Second row: Charlene Goldhahn. Linda Klette, Jill McIntosh. Joanne Dixon. 225•" “'Si ""' Skydivers Skydiving, the sport of the twentieth century, has many followers on the UM campus. Given clear weather and a plane, dub members will jump at the chance to practice. 226 The beginning of a well executed free fall.Rodeo Cl Each year the Rodeo Club plays host to one of the first rodeos in the collegiate circle. Not only do club members organize the show, but most compete in the three day event. Gentle Trails End returned to Montana. Bottom row: Mike Phelan, Kri-. Markham. Di k Saurbier (Pr. ,:!• it). Carol Smith. Ross Verde I. Barbara Blcifus. Davo Seme. Second row: Dennis Skinner. Charles Noland. Bruce Johnson. Charenco Movotand. Pam Hallock, Tim Phayler. Lee Johnson. Ralph Cockrell, Don But ler. John Warner. Jack Cassidy. 227 Army The first year of voluntary ROTC has been a successful one for the Army. With troops somewhat smaller, the corps is more interested in their subject matter. The Army Department has diversified its program and lent more support behind student activities throughout the year. Bottom row: Pete Achutf. Richard Hoffman. Ed Maguire. Second row: bon M ath (Battalion Commander). Warren Schultz. COMPANY COMMANDERS. Bottom row: Tom Mitchell. Jon Masbrouck. Tom Stauffacher, HuRh Spall Second row: Gayne Clifford. Doug Wilson. Bob Brophy, Roy Korkalo. Dan Rotnisbcrgor.The ROTC color guard was a frequent performer throughout the school year. Spring break saw some of the advanced cadets travel to Fort Lewis, where they had the chance to tour the base, run some of the field courses and operate some of the Army vehicles, such as the 90mm combat tank M48A3. seen below. 229Kneeling: Jon Hasbrouck (Detachment Commander). Standing, first row: Bruce Tried. Pete Mohan. Larry Foust. Larry Teel. Paul Daltman. Lon Davis. Bob Hamilton. Second row: Hugh Spall, Ed Dramer. D. E. Thomas. Gary Hancock. Jim Sweeney. Warren Lynn, Al Sprock. Counter Guerrillas Counter Guerrillas, open to all men with two or more quarters of Army ROTC emphasizes physical fitness and prepares its cadets for later active duty through field exercises, scuba diving, and weekly training sessions. Training in the field as well as the classroom is typical of the unusual program offered through the Counter Guerrillas. 230B ’ vV0Wj,mP 12r J,m Sl,'Kr°v,‘' Pv-' Gilbwt- Pa Brooke. John Bro n Second row: Robert Tuck Dave Barney. J.m Heeoies. John Prata. Larry Brumback. Th.rd row: John Jim Murray. Bart Thomt . Dav.d Folkerson. Drill Team New this year, the Drill Team is building a precision marching unit. It has performed throughout the state and with the regular troops spring quarter. p. t Mohan waits tor an aggressor to appear during maneuvers. Two more points go toward the basket as Army debated the A.r Force team this year.First row: Peggy Rismon (ComiQindtt). Second row: Sue Rnddig. Jane Brandon. Patceo Bradford. Third row: Vicki Watson, Molly McVey. Shcona Wilson. Sarah Vhay. Barbara Kundert, Janice Contin, Fourth row: Barbara Olson. Patsy Overcast. Charlene Walton. Polly Peppard. Verona Lenard. Barb Strom- Fifth row: Mary Steele. Pat Jahn, Stevie Lahti. Carol Bootcher. Jane Gibson. Gale Curran. Sixth row: Phyllis Johnstone. Valaric Siphers. Diann Warnecke. Karon Frick. Dianne R Mar .e Hubbard. Not pictured: Mary Lorenz. Andrea Oraumen. Gerri Smith. Sue Bourke. K-Dettes The K-Dette precision marching team, open to girls of the university, performs during winter quarter at basketball games throughout the state and marches with the men during spring quarter. Jane Brandon and Verona Lenard review applications of new girls interested in joining K-Dettes. 232233 •)J rqqu liisnunt — ih-JIrftc (CommanderyfcfflK SENIOR CADETS, bottom row: Sid Howard, Don Loranger. John Nelson. Bob Hertler. Poll Ws. John Sandrock. James Webb. Second row: Jon Krutar. John Edwards. Torval StOCkan . MO . Walter Jensen M,ke EfflMMV Don Brown. B.ll Cardon. Air Force JUNIOR CADETS kneeling: Dave Peterson. Larry Banister. Mike Doyle. Stan Mill, Jerry Brobst. Mike Frollick. Joe Batts. Bryan Ortt First row. standing: Dave Rahn. Murrell Carter Bob Van Sickle. Steve Dauma. Myron Sizer. Re. Huntsman Second row: Mike Hargrove. Neil Hartman John V.' da Bei ' ■ Hale. Dave iviman. Marc Davis. Third row: Bob Anderson. Tom Thireson. Jim Wheeler. Philip Turk. Tom Ber-tino. Bill Renwick Wayne Harsha. Fourth row: Harold Brauer. Tom Hanson. Ken Menningscn. Bud Beverly. 234Captain Jones instructs cadets in the ways to read weather chartv The Air Force Flight program combines classroom instruction with actual flying time and grants those who successfully complete the course a private flying license. John Sandrock registers his flight plan before taking off. 235Bottom row Tofvil Storfch .e»®sBisa le niti0" 0f 0U «andinR JESSES? 0? e, » WD. tuo s SS?«araJohn Sarxlrock checks the weather patterns as flight time approaches. Drill Team After many years on campus, the Air Force Drill Team has established a name for itself when it comes to well executed drills. Their constant moving rifles are a popular attraction at basketball games throughout the state. Kneeling: Jim Redmond (Command !). Ai Harr.v Standing, first row: Ron Pieire Second row: Roy Thomas, Bob R.X'forty. Loon Rimkus. Loo Mom ard. Third row: Ken Bahr. Glenn Camp. Bob Woilancn. Gary Marsh .ill Fourth row: Bob Murphy. Dave Straton. John Wilson. Wayne CampbellBottom row: Linda Osburnsen. Sue M.ircy. Melon Bailey. Georganc Fdington. Cookie '.Veick, Carole Kinonen. Lynne Mo :i.«- Second row: Bttban West, Seotta H- rrin. Mary Vaughan. Mary Zadra. Lynn Van Winkle. Connie Graham, Dianne Lohn, Jan Letter. Third row: Sherri Bryan, Marcia Sanborn. Sandy Thorvilson. Pat Schulz. Karen McKinnon (Commander), Carol Boggio, Janet Buc. Linda Rhein. Mitzi Hamblock. Darlene Young. Robin Lawrence. Angel Flight This large group of beauties, selected from the freshman class are the Air Force queens. Their smart drills provide half time entertainment throughout the state. One of two luge clubs on campus, the Air Force team had good showings at this year’s national meets. 238 Kneeling: Jim Dick Gary Roberts, standing: Pat Kilbum. Wayne Dorou. V allv McLean.239 STUDENT GOVERNMENT242 Business Manager—Oaw Wendt©Central Board Central Board serves as the student governing body of the non academic University community. Separate committees handle specific phases of student government but they remain responsible to Central Board for their activities. This year. Central Board, through Budget and Finance. allotted money to send John Ross and Brett Asselstine to the ASG Convention in Lafayette. Indiana. Front row: Barbara Nisbet. Brett Asselstino (Vico President). John Ross (President). Lynne Morrow (Secretary), and Dave- Wcndte (Business Manager). Second row: Mr. Ellis Waldron (Advisor). Whitey Fairley. Jim Maxon, Ray Cosman, Susan Lanrran. Tern Behan, and Mr. Gardner Cronwoll (Advisor). Third row: Torval Stockamp. Rick Baird. Sam Kitwnberg. Loren Haarr and Bob Anderson.PLANNING BOARD Planning Board, headed by Tom Behan, plans for the structure of the ASUM student government and the by laws of its constitution. Most of the work this year has been based on the re-organization plan for ASUM. In addition, they studied reapportionment and campaign rules and introduced the Commissioner System of student government. Seated from left to right: Sam Kitzenbcrg. Bruce Tate. Marc Davis, Tom Behan. Ramarrah Moore. Bob Anderson, and Brett Pijare. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Debbie Archibald headed Pub Board this year. This committee appoints the staff of the four UM publications: "M"-Book, introductory guide for freshmen; "Garret." literary magazine; “Sentinel." UM's yearbook; and the "Kaimin," the daily newspaper. Pub Board establishes rules and policies for these publications, and sees to it that these are carried out. From loft to right—Front row: Dr. Dar-roll J. Inabnit. Advisor; Debbie Archibald. Chairman; Cindy Jones. Jim Redmond. Ramarrah Moore, and Joe Barnard. Second row: Julie Parker, Lyle Williams. James Eggcnspcrger, Kenneth Bennington, Loren Haarr. Gary Card. Jeanie Swanson. Ellen Broadus, and Pat Nolan. 2 4TRADITIONS BOARD Traditions Board is charged with maintaining the traditions of the University of Montana. Working in co-operation with Spurs and Bearpaws. its duties included the upkeep of "Hello Walk," the painting of the "M" fall and spring quarters, and the perpetuation of the "Singing on the Steps." The Board also chooses cheerleaders, (which this year included election of freshmen cheerleaders), pom pon girls, and organizes pep rallies. As head of this widely diversified committee. John Berguson has a demanding position to fill. First row: John Bergerson. Margaret Don Tigny. Linda Foss, and Kathy Rytfel. Second row: Bill Berger. Sheila Skemp. Cathy O'Hare. Diano Leach, Patty O'Loughlin, and Lawrence Bennett. Third row Robert O'Day. Doug Jenkins. Jay Malcan, and Mike Martin 245From loft to right: Marc Davis. Stove Carroll. Davo Wendte (Chairman), Robin Sharp, and Ken Foster. BUDGET AND FINANCE In controlling the monetary resources of the Student Government. Budget and Finance serves as both friend and enemy of ASUM committees. As the treasury branch of Central Board, this committee reviews the fiscal policies of the committees, slashes budgets and allots funds as approved by Central Board. Dave Wendte heads this industrious committee which controls over $200,000 in student activity fees this year. AUXILIARY SPORTS BOARD This committee, headed by Torvall Stockamp, sets up budgets and allots funds to the minor sports as designated by Central Board. Through this committee’s efforts, it has been possible for the foreign students to meet other people and participate in sports. Seated from left to right: Torvall Stockamp. Brett Asset-stine, Bruce Tate, and Marc Davis. 246Elections committee bears the responsibility for conducting student elections. Fall. Spring, and all other elections authorized by the student government are handled by this committee. Seated left to right Mike Noreen. George Peck. Francie Smith. Susan Lanman. Jo Ann Hacker. Scott Wheeler. Bar-bara Wirth. and Sheila Skemp. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE vviurdi aoara faced with the resignation of or of its members. Executive Committee conducts ir terv.ews for replacements befor a final candidate to fill the vz cancy is presented. This year John Ross, as Presiden of ASUM. headed this committee From left to right: Dave Wcndte Tc a S?T- Ki, ont 'K- John R0 Bn tt Assclstme. Ray Cosman. and lyi Morrow. Seated in front: Darrjh LinkTo orientate incoming freshmen, student government supports an annual camp at Seeley Lake to enable some of the new university students to get acquainted with others and become familiar with the campus situation. This committee organizes the activities at the camp, works out budget, then acts as director of the camp in the fall. Bottom row: Oebbie Archibald. Barbara Ni bot St«- « Thompson. Janet Evens. Franc Second row: Shelly Thompson. Jim Redmond. D»rW BechtH. Alan Benson. Don Welti. FRESHMAN CAMP WORLD UNIVERSITY World University Service committee organizes each year to sponsor a fund raising dance to raise money for a needy area of the world, decided upon by the national headquarters. SERVICE Bottom row: Martha Austin. Ellon Wigdahl. linda Land -' Effie Forsyth-- Cathy O'Haro Second row-. Lynn Dickoy. Rjy Jarrott. CM Christian, Sam Molhor Third row; Gary Ensign. J.m Wilson, Ron Pitt. Norm Clark. Dave Youngdale. Ken Beattie.HOMECOMING Each year this committee strives to make Homecoming weekend a special event for both students and alums. Their duties entail selection of a queen, organizing the parade, and the honoring of outstanding alums. This year the Back Porch Majority and the Whalers were the spotlight entertainment. The highlight of the whole weekend was the Grizzleys' victory of 13-7 over Pacific with a capacity crowd of 8.000. From the top: Buddy Starret Kathy Ryffel. Dallas Viall, Mary Ann Wolstad. Dave Davie . Mary Lou Koppang. Stove Kn.ght LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE Leadership Camp Committee plans the spring Quarter retreat on Flat-head Lake for campus leaders. Representatives from each living group and heads of student government gather to discuss campus problems, to hear speakers from administration and faculty, and attempt to resolve some of the prob lems faced by students. In this informal atmosphere, student leaders and faculty find it easier to communicate. From the left: Faye Bourret. Jim Tagor. jean Miller, Jo Ann Hacker. Donna Borland. Wayne Marsha. M.chel Berry. 249PARENT'S DAY One Saturday during fall quarter is reserved for the parents of the students. After invitations are sent, a program is established whereby the parents get a chance to attend a football game, tour the vari ous living groups, and In the evening attend a dinner with representatives from faculty and ad ministration Mark Crosbie —Chairman ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENT!: Bottom row: Alice Lund, Nancy S- ■ Sally Mclnt h Second row U»U KoppanR. Cca Cee Cole Jovc Coons Part of the student governing body, the Associated Women's Students are the group responsible for the women's regulations. Last spring, after extending hours, a poll was conducted to find the women's opinions concerning the establishment of a key-watchman system on campus. It was defeated. Aside from the governing function. AWS each year sponsors the Miss Wool contest. This year a UM coed won the contest and represented the state in the national contest in June.251 Scotta Herrin -- Miss Wool of Montanar, „ „.t MJg'O Newman. Dave Fov (Editor). Susan Stotcrau. Not pictured: Dow Gordon. CM Peterson. Distributed twice a year. Garret is the literary magazine of the campus. Often racked with editorial and contextual disruptions, the magazine presents a format of poetry, short stories, photographs and occasional prints and reproductions of paintings. GARRET “M” BOOK From left le . Cro e. Kathy Astley. Ellen Broaduv Vargret Gardner. Betsy Scanlin Not pictured: Lyle Williams Miho Cuffe. Billed as a handbook for freshmen. "M" Book contains a history of the university and acquaints the incoming students with the organizations and activities on campus. It also provides a summary of the rules under which the students shall live. 252PROGRAM COUNCIL Bottom row: Barb laBar. Dana Harrington. SlIO ' • ' (Chairman). Ray Chao man (Advisor). Second row: Jim Edwards. Barb Bell. Edwin Russell. Bruce Tate. The newest committee. Program Council replaces Visiting Lecturers Committee and Special Events. They will attempt to bring outstanding speakers in various fields as well as entertainment such as Glenn Yar brough and Paul Revere and the Raiders, whom they sponsored this year. For two nights the University Theater was filled w.|h the sounds of Glenn Yarbrough 253KAIMIN 254 The campus newspaper, a free daily, has long been reknown for providing information. This year it added a second dimension—controversy. Taking the role of the devil’s advocate on many issues, the Kai-man editorial staff drev state wide attention. Dave Rorvick—Editor Ed Dugan—AdvisorJoo Ward — Managing Editor Karaite Stewart—Business Manager 255kaimin Todd BrandoM—Photographer Pat Kennedy—Associate Editor 2.SARorvick and staff wait for their picture to be taken during their first reunion. Cheryl Hutchinson—Associate Editor 257 SENTINEL Cyrilc Van Ouser—Advisor 258Racnclle Maxwell—Business Manager JoM Kirkland- Head Photographer Reporting the year in its entirety, recording tomorrow's "good old days" today, at times can be nothing but frustrating. Rising above these frustrations, the working staff tried to accurately and completely picture the events of the year. Hal Fullerton Student Accountant Carol Glenn Associate EditorMaroon Jacobs—Associate Editor 260 261 TICS ATHL ETICS ATH L ET ICS AT HL ET ICS A THL ET ICS ATHL ET ICS ATHL ET IC S ATHL E T I CS ATHLET ICS ATHLE TICS ATHL ETICS ATH L ET 1CS AT HL ET I CS ATHLET ICS ATHLE TICS ATHL ETICS ATH L ET ICS AT HLETICS A THL ET ICS ATHLETICS ATHL FT I C. »?64 265The Grizzly opener against Utah's Redskins proved too much for the unexperienced Montana team with the Utes taking a 28-13 victory. Trailing 21-0 at halftime. the Grizzlies came back to outplay and out-score the home team in the second half. With 90 seconds to play, a 36-yard scoring pass paved the way to South Dakota's 15 14 triumph over the Grizzlies. Sophomore Willie Jones accounted for both Montana scores, one on a 40-yard pass from Jim Searles and the other on a 49-yard scamper around right end. In the opening game of the Big Sky Conference. Montana with an impressive 16-0, defeated the Idaho State University. Tailback Paul Connelly and fulback Larry Petty provided the offensive punch for the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies, defeating Weber State, put the 'Tips in undisputed first place in the league with a 2-0 record. With Weber State leading 14-7 in the final quarter, sophomore Willie Jones sprinted 57 yards to lift Montana to a 15-14 victory. Utah State smashed the Grizzlies with a 54-21 victory in the Aggies Homecoming game. The brightest Spot on the Grizzlies side was Ed Steiner’s passing and scored runs by Roger Clemens. Ed Steiner, and Willie Jones. The Idaho Vandals scored a 35-7 victory over the Grizzlies in their Big Sky Conference debut in Missoula. The Silvertips only score came early in the second half when sophomore defensive back Doug McDonald recovered Ray McDonald’s fumble in the end zone. Idaho captured the Little Brown Stein trophy that Montana had possessed since a 22-16 win in 1962. Co-captains, Wayne Harrington and Payl Connelly, led the Grizzly team through its 1965-1966 season. Harrington climaxed his college football career by making the Little-All American team, and was also elected All-Conference for 1965. Outstanding UM Male Athlete for 1965 was Paul Connelly. He led in rushing, racking up the third highest one-season total in UM history. (1965- 753 yards, career total 1348). He also won the Grizzly Den Award as outstanding offensive player for 1965. Halfback Paul Connelly rushes for yardage against the Montana State Bobcats. The Grizzlies delighted a Homecoming crowd by stopping Pacific with a 13-7 victory. Paul Connelly's touchdown tied the game and then the 'Tips went ahead late in the game on a 14-yard end sprint by Willie Jones. GriHly end Larry Huggins, attempting a first down, is nailed by tough Vandal defense. The Montana State University Bobcats handed the Grizzlies their fourth defeat as they dropped a 24-7 decision to the arch rival Bobcats. The Bobcats moved ahead 10-0 before the Grizzlies scored on Ed Steiner's 25-yard pass to wingback Roger Seeley. Treated to the caliber of Mid American conference ball for the first time, the Grizzlies dropped a 17-14 hard-fought contest to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Montana threatened to upset in the final moments but too much time had elapsed. Hugh Davidson, head coach, and assistant coaches "Whitey" Campbell. Dave Krag thorpe. and Tom Kingsford. Jim Neilson, 190-pound junior from Shelby. Montana, was awarded the Grizzly Den Award for Outstanding Defensive Player of 1965. He finished his season with an Honorable Mention All-Conference 1965. 268Willie Jones, “Fastest Grizzly." finished his first sea son leading the Big Sky Conference in kickoff re turns for 1965 (returned 20 for 367 yards for an 18.4 average). He led Montana in scoring with 42 points and was elected All-Conference for 1965. Terry Bergren junior end. was Leading Receiver in the Big Sky Conference for the 1965 season with 24 catches. He maintained his Big Sky single game receiving record of 7 catches. Bergren was also named All Conference for 1965. 269 Grizzlies 13 Utah 28 Grizzlies 14 South Dakota 15 Grizzlies 16 Idaho State 0 Grizzlies IS Weber State 14 Grizzlies 21 54 Grizzlies 7 Idaho 35 Grizzlies 13 7 Grizzlies 7.. Montana State 24 Grizzlies 14.. . Western Michigan 17 Grizzlies 33 Portland State 7 - ' v - ; - f ♦ • i.1 . " - — v v - Montana closed the final game of the season as the Grizzlies massacred Portland State. 33-7. This was the first Cranberry Bowl game played in Portland's Multnomch Stadium. Willie Jones. Paul Connelly. Jim Searles. and Merle Adams scored touchdowns. The victory gave the Grizzlies a 4-6 season record. oi Paul Connelly Van Fontno Warren Hill Tony Costello Bill Gilboe Larry Huggins' Dave Enger Grog Hanson Willie Jones Joe Fiala Wayne Harrington Floyd Joramo it •vm v« 0% (ft Merle Adams Dewey Allen Wes Appelt Ron Aukamp Wayne Becker Terry Bergren Roger Clemens' Dave Lafferty John Little Rod Lung Doug McDonald Dennis Meyer WaIt Miller Don Molloy Jim Neilson L3rry Petty Jerry Salois Jim Salvo Gary Schcafer Jim Searles Roger Seeley Gary Smith Mike Smith Don Spink Ed Steiner Chuck Walks Virgil Walle Jim Whipple 272 indicates those who letteredPictured, from left to right are Front row: Jon Cates. Bill Bovs. Bob Frankhauser. Jim Eggensberger, Jim Wysel. Rick Sparks. Bruce Thomas. Herb Rotchford. and Del Suppo. Second row: John Vaccarelh Mike Ma« son, Herb White, Fred Page. Dave Vallance. Wayne Bretder. Mike Grunow. Tom Connolly. Ben Campbell, and assistant coach Ron Pfeifer. Third row: Gene Richardson. Ed Mialki. R k Strausy Karl Fiske. Doug Shepherd. Allen Park. R.iy Waters Brure ... . , JO? B'Ck AssnSoS.. S?SS.' ’ R°n Madc ,n- Davo Sorenson. Claude Bo,,ea P .n J,m Kenyon, assistant coach Jerry Luchau and head coach Whittle Campbell. University of Montana Cubs Freshman Football Scores Record: One win. three losses Cubs 40.. Northern Montana ColleRe 20 Cubs 19 Montana State Bobkittens 43 Cubs 8..Idaho Freshmen 30 Cubs 8 . .Idaho State Freshmen 20 773Pictured above: The Gr.«lios lining the nets with leather before the game. Pictured below: Quist muscles his way up to the hoop as Holiday and Samuelton look on. Pictured above John Quist. behind a Weber opponent, makes a strug gling attempt to stop the Field goal. Pictured below John "Doc" Holiday loading his guns for another two.In his fourth season as head basketball coach. Nord has brought the Grizzlies back on to their feet. One key to success was his constant emphasis on conditioning. Recruiting has been another important part of Nord’s coaching career. He has done an outstanding job as can be seen by the present U.M. team. He led the Grizzlies through a season of 14 victories and 10 losses with a 6-4 in Big Sky Conference play. At one time during the season, his team had the fourth longest winning streak in the nation with eight consecutive -wins. Coach Ron Nord 275University of Montana....................... 94 Arizona St. College..................... 79 University of Montana..... .................. 83 Chico State............................. 67 University of Montana....................... 62 Washington State........................ 92 University of Montana....................... 78 Washington State........................ 84 University of Montana....................... 69 Wyoming ................................. 77 University of Montana....................... 72 Wisconsin ............................... 76 University of Montana........................ 77 Bradley ................................. 87 University of Montana........................ 88 San Diego............................... 74 University of Montana....................... 69 British Columbia........................ 74 University of Montana....................... 93 British Columbia........................ 66 University of Montana....................... 69 Gonzaga.................................100 University of Montana........................ 73 Idaho ................................... 90 University of Montana....................... 80 Montana State........................... 76 University of Montana..... 94 Portland State.......................... 68 University of Montana....................... 93 Pan American............................ 63 University of Montana....................... 94 Hawaii ................................. 72 University of Montana....................... 84 Portland State.......................... 74 University of Montana.......................Ill Idaho State............................. 84 University of Montana....................... 84 Weber State............................. 66 University of Montana....................... 75 Montana State........................... 73 University of Montana....................... 81 Gonzaga................................. 82 University of Montana. . ....................100 Idaho ................................... 91 University of Montana.......................101 Idaho State............................. 86 University of Montana....................... 82 Weber State.............................106Greg Hanson leaps high into the sky as the Grizzlies roar on to victory. Norm Clark wants the ball as he prepares to rip the cords. BIG SKY RECORD University of Montana. . . ............ .. 69 Gonzaga................................ 100 University of Montana........................ 73 Idaho ...................................90 University ot Montana....................... 80 Montana State........................... 76 University of Montana....................... Ill Idaho State............................. 84 University of Montana........................ 84 Weber State............................ 66 University of Montana....................... 75 Montana State........................... 73 University of Montana........................ 81 Gonzaga........................... ... 8? University ot Montana................. .... 100 Idaho .................................. 91 University of Montana........................101 Idaho State............................. 86 University of Montana........................ 82 Weber State.............................106 i_________ 277 Despite the Grizzlies early win over Arizona State College and Chico State College, the Grizzlies were to have their troubles throughout the season. After defeating Chico State, the Grizzlies went on the road and lost five consecutive games, losing to Washington State by 30 points, to Wyoming by 6 points, to Wisconsin by 4 points. Washington State again by 6 points, and to Bradley by 10 points. The Grizzlies finally broke this streak by defeating San Diego State 88-74. But again in the next four games, the Grizzlies began losing their lead by a loss to British Columbia 69-74. but defeated them the next evening by 27 points. The following week they lost to Gonzaga by 31 points and to Idaho by 17 points. However, this streak was not to last for the Grizzlies. They came back to win the next eight consecutive games. This came to a close by a loss to The Big Sky Conference Champions. Gonzaga University. Top loft: Dennis Bitetnikoff. junior forward. Bottom left: Art Davis, junior guard. Below John Quist. senior center. 278The remainder of the season followed with victories over Idaho and Idaho State and a final loss to Weber State College. This defeat was Montana’s 10th loss contrasted to 14 victories. Although it was a rather mediocre season, the Grizzlies tied for third position in the Big Sky Conference. Four of Montana's cagers were selected for Big Sky Conference honors. John "Doc" Holiday. Montana’s toughest 6 0' guard, and John Quist. veteran 6 7' center, were named to Second Team. Both Gary Peck and Greg Hanson were placed on The Honorable Mention team. 279 Above: Bill Sullivan, senior forward. Right top: Lee Lev-knecht. sophomore guard, and right bottom: Gordie Zillges. sophomoro center.Above: Gres Hanson, sophomore forward. Center- John “Doe" Holiday, junior guard. Below: Norm Clark, sophomore forward. Gary Peck received the C. R. Dragstedt award as the most valuable Grizzly Basketball player during the 1965-66 season. Norman Clark and Greg Hanson were tapped jointly as the best defensive players on the squad. Left to right, are: Carl Dragstedt. Norm Clark. Bob Cope. Grizzly assistant coach; Greg Hanson and Gary Peck. Final Basketball Statistics SEASONAL RECORD: Won 14. Lost 10 Big Sky: Won 6. Lost 4 Name Games FG % FT % Reb. Pts. Avg. Doc Holiday .....................24 149-365 40.8 130-172 75.6 65 428 17.8 Gary Peck .......................24 124-252 49.2 49-78 62.8 67 .297 12.4 John Quist.......................23 112-194 57.7 55-87 63.2 183 279 12.1 Norm Clark.......................24 103-243 42.4 43-78 55.1 232 249 10.4 Greg Hanson......................21 73-137 53.3 55-71 77.5 114 201 9.6 Tom Schilke......................22 49-114 42.3 33-48 68.8 107 131 6.0 Ed Samelton...................... 8 41-99 41.4 33-53 62.3 55 115 14.4 Den Biletmkoff...................20 32-89 36.0 33-48 68.8 29 97 4.9 Lee Levknecht ...................20 24-53 45.3 25-32 78.1 26 73 3.7 Art Davis .......................15 22 66 33.3 17-29 58.6 14 61 4.1 Gordie ZiIIges...................13 19-39 48.7 6-8 75.0 26 44 3.4 Wade Hughes...................... 4 6-17 35.3 4-10 40.0 12 16 4.0 Bill Sullivan ...................13 3-11 27.3 5-7 71.4 12 11 .9 Gene Williams ................... 2 M 100.0 2-2 100.0 1 4 2.0 Team Rebounds 178 Total........................... 24 758-1680 45.1 490-723 67.8 1121 2006 83.6 Opponents........................24 758-1685 45.0 391-594 65.8 1164 1907 79.5 281Pictured from left to riRht Randy Carlson Bill E.rhert. Gary S.egford. and Ron Petrich Second row: Ron Vadeen. Marty DerriR, Ken Conrad, and Rich Paulson Third row: RoRer Neilson Steve Brown and Perry Dodd. Fourth row. Bob Thompson. Jay Jackson tHead Freshman Coach), and Jim Macmelli. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Player, position Games FG Steve Brown. ( .13 92-194 Perry Dodd, g ...13 63-144 Ken Conrad, g 11 59-126 Gary Siegford. g 13 70-170 Ron Madeen. f 13 25-84 Rich Paulson, f 13 14-37 Mike Shoquist. g 13 1852 Marty Dorrig. f 12 14-62 Ro er Nielson, g 8 10-27 Ron Petrick. f 3 3-4 Ron Season, f . 3 1-1 Randy Carlson, f 7 0-3 Bill Eichert. g 2 0-2 Mike Thompson, g.. 2 0-0 Total 13 369-906 Opponents 13 423-969 1965-66 Record: Overall 4-9: Home 4-4; Road 0-5. % FT % Reb. Pts. Avg. 47.4 59-78 75.6 149 243 18.7 43.8 55-84 65.5 135 181 13.9 46.8 62-69 89.9 49 180 16.4 41.2 27-40 67.5 36 167 12.8 29.8 21-36 58.3 67 71 5.5 37.8 22-35 62.9 42 50 3.9 3.46 3-6 50.0 13 39 3.0 22.6 6-16 37.5 46 34 2.8 37.0 4-6 66.7 6 24 3.0 75.0 0-1 00.0 3 6 2.0 100.0 0-0 00.0 2 2 .7 00.0 2-3 66.7 5 2 .3 00.0 0-1 00.0 1 0 .0 00.0 0-0' 00.0 0 0 .0 40.7 261-375 69.6 640 999 76.8 43.7 202-316 63.9 671 1048 80.6 282WRESTLING Pictured from left to right: George Axlund. Dale Stoverud. Bob Palmer. Roy Harrison. Dick Southern, and Dick Aldrich. Second row: Coach Ron PfeHer. Ron Paglo. Dick Treat. Tom Connelly. B.n G.lboe. and Tc-iy Costei o Not pictured: John Bradley. Rod Lung. Mike Maxon. Gene O'Hara. Gary Rebal. and John Smith, Montana Opponent 3 Montana State University 3f» 8 . ...Utah State 31 8 Eastern Oregon 22 44 Gomaga 0 29 Idaho 5 17 Eastern Washington 23 11 Western Washington 19 28 Whitworth 12 25 ... Weber 8 25 Eastern Washington 6 8 Montana State University 27 10 Idaho State 22 10 Air Force Academy 31 These tour matmen competed in the NCAA Collegiate Division Wres tling Championships in Mankato. Minnesota They are from loft to right Tony Costello. Coach Ron Pfetfer. Dick Treat Boh Palmer Dick Southern. 'Oale Stoverud brooks down for tho advantage. Dick Treat, in black trunks, prepares to pin his man. 284Opponent is taken to the mat by Tony Costello. The University of Montana faced one of the tough est schedules in the four years the Grizzlies have had the sport and despite injuries and inexperience, they salvaged a 5-8 season in the Big Sky Conference. In the annual College Division NCAA Wrestling Tournament at Mankato. Minnesota, they finished in 11th place. In their first competition, the Grizzlies faced the Bobcats. Tony Costello. 191-lb. Jr., was the only Grizzly to win against the strong Bobcat team. The two following meets were lost to Utah 31-8. and to Eastern Oregon 22-8. Undisturbed by three losses, the Grizzly matmen took Gonzaga 44 0. and Idaho University 29 5. The following weekend, the Grizzlies’ competition were Western Washington. Eastern Washington, and Whitworth College, losing to We stern 1911. to Eastern 23-17. but defeating Whitworth 28-12. The Grizzlies came back to beat Weber 25-8 and Eastern Washington 25-6. but found themselves dropping their final meets to the Bobcats 27-8. Idaho State 22-10. and to the Air Force Academy 31-10. Bob Palmor has his man in a Half Nelson. 285SWIMMING First row: L« «' MpcDonaW, Si Stcvons. Tim Powers. Fd Maguire (Captain). Fred Bischolf and Denny Hollander. Second row: Coach Fred Stetson. Pete Gardiner. Don KeMler. Bruce Dew. Lee Bramblet. and Bill Bradley. Not pictured: Al Turner. Grope: Sulcnes. 1966 Big Sky Champions Under the guidance and strict training of Coach Fred Stetson, the 1966 Swimming Team made outstanding showings. Not only being named Coach of the Year. Stetson led his team through a season of no losses and first in the Big Sky Conference Meet. Team members Fred Bischoff and Tim Powers performed well during the Big Sky Conference. Bischoff made records in the 100 and 200 back stroke and also in the 200 freestyle scoring 20V points alone. Powers set the record in the 50 yard freestyle and scored 19V? points in the Big Sky Conference.Lee MacDonald displaying his form for a perfect dive.Boo Keltoer ,nvi(Jo KanOm off to Carl Thompson. KcItner-mJlc relay. hurdles: Tnompson-milc relay. 440 yard dashFirst row: Jon Krut.v. Mikl Griggs. John Graff, David NtM. Bob Chamberlin. Tom Gopp. Willie Jones. Dour Brown. Mike LynR stad. Jmi Casey, and Mickey Harrington. Second row: j. P. Holloman ' Coach) Tim Stark. Bob Kellner, Ron Lang worthy. Tim Staats. Mike Brooks. Terry Robinson, Carl Thompson. Dennis Stempol. Keith Seim. Ken McDonald. Bob Gibson and Coach Harry Adams. Big Sky Summary: 1. Idaho State. 151. 2. Idaho. 87. 3. Montana. 83. 4. Weber State. 63. 5. Montana State. 52. Pole Vault —1. Dennis Stemple. 14-3Vfe. Three Mile 1. Doug Jrown. 14:34.5. Discus—1. Keith Seim, 171-7. Left: Tim Stark—intermediate hurdles, high hurdles, and mile relay. Right Jon Krutar—hiRh hurdles, and -140 yard relay. Ron lanpworthy -hiRh jump.DOUG BROWN DAY On this day. Brown was presented a certificate by the Chamber of Commerce and the University of Montana for his outstanding achievement in Track and Field. He was the first recipient of the Governor's Cup which heretofore will be presented on the statewide basis. A leader in the nation. Doug Brown surely deserves recognition. Brown, the 1965 NCAA champion holds the records in the three mile and six mile. His six mile time was the third fastest ever run by an American. His picture appears on the cover of the NCAA Track Field Guide for 1966. the first Montanan ever so honored. Doug's college career was climaxed at the graduation SOS when he was honored with the Sibley Award as outstanding senior man. 291First row: Bob Vick. Dewey Alton Arthur Frazier. Hoyt DeMorv Gary P, ck. Davo Jon •• Bob Atchison, and Ron Aukamp Second row: Jack Mitchell. Jerry Scotch, Re Bankhead. Larry Oddy. Frank Sp ar. Brian Cloutier. Jim Kenyon. Gerald Murphy. Harry Allen, and Coach Whitie Campbell. BASEBALL FINAL GRIZZLY BASEBALL STATISTICS 117-10) Name AB R H RBI HR TB SB BB SO AVG. PO A PCT. Gary Peck 65 17 26 17 0 34 3 13 7 .400 22 36 .901 Bob Vick 72 25 28 16 0 36 0 15 2 .389 29 1 .968 Ron Aukamp . 65 11 22 9 1 28 1 8 8 .338 16 4 .952 Larry Oddy 15 4 5 3 0 5 0 0 4 .333 2 6 .889 Jack Mitchell 19 3 6 3 1 13 1 1 5 .316 5 8 1.000 Rex Bankhead . 59 12 16 13 1 25 3 8 11 .271 19 2 1.000 Brian Cloutier . . 53 14 14 9 1 18 I 13 9 .264 130 15 .993 Frank Spear ... 67 11 17 19 2 32 1 11 6 .254 150 7 .994 Dewey Allen .... 56 9 14 13 0 17 3 7 5 .250 37 30 .971 Harry Allen 4 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 2 .250 0 1 1.000 Dave Jones .... 27 7 5 4 0 6 0 6 8 .185 6 0 .857 Art Fra ier . . 46 9 8 1 0 8 5 14 18 .174 13 40 .803 Jerry Sepich 12 2 2 2 0 2 0 0 6 .167 1 7 1.000 Jim Kenyon .... 6 2 1 2 0 1 -0 0 2 .167 1 0 .500 Bob Atchison 8 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 2 .125 11 0 1.000 Hoyt DeMers .. .10 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 .100 3 8 .846 Gerry Murphy . 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000 0 0 .000 Totals 586 128 167 113 6 228 18 98 % .285 445 165 .953 Opponents 570 89 146 79 7 194 15 60 141 .256 434 166 .906 292Under the head of Coach Whitie Campbell and through individual hard work and de sire to win. the Grizzlies compiled an out standing season record of 17 wins and 10 losses. This was the best season for a Montana baseball squad since 1950. The Grizzlies placed second in the Big Sky Conference with 7 wins and 5 losses. First baseman Frank Spear was selected to All Conference first team. Gary Peck, senior shortstop: Rex Bankhead, left fielder; pitcher Larry Oddy. and center field Bob Vick all received honorable mentions. COACH WHITIE CAMPBELL Brian Ckiuti« r follows through for an out to his opponent, 2932 94 BOB ATCHISON Catcher RON AUKAMP Third Base. OutfielderREX BANKHEAD Outfielder HOYT DeMERS Pitcher. Second Base BRIAN CLOUTIER Catcher ART FRAZIER Third Base 295DAVE JONES Outfielder JIM KENYON Outfielder 296LARRY OODY Pitcher GARY PECK Shortstop JERRY SEPICH Pitcher FRANK SPEAR First Bose 297GOLF 1966 Big Sky Ch ampions The University ol Montana's Golf Team again captured the Big Sky Championship for the second year in a row. The Grizzly golfers lost only one conference match to Montana State University compiling a record of 10 wins and 1 loss. Left to right: John Warren, Roy Beavers. Jim Roberts. Don Waller. Gary Koprivioa. Marland Peschel. Ed Chinske (Coach), and Jim O'Connor Mont. Opp. 9V? .............. Gonzaga ................ 8Va 10 ......................Eastern Washington ........ 8 14 ......................Idaho .......... 4 llVz .................— Weber State . SVa 18 ......................Carroll College. 0 15 ...... Eastern Montana 0 7Va ................. .. Montana State .. . . 10' ? 11 Vi ....................Gonzaga ................... 6V6 16 ......... ............Montana State 2 11% Idaho 6V? 15 .......................Weber State IVa 298Left to right: Brian Sharkey (Coach), John Alevandor. Rich Co fry. Eric LaPoint, Brett Asselstine Mike Emerson, Steve Meloy, Bob Andrioz i, Ken Loosen, and Jim Cronin. TENNIS 1966 Big Sky Champions The University of Montana's tennis team showed remarkable improvement over last year's last-place finish in the Big Sky Conference by capturing the title of champions this year. The Grizzlies finished with a seasonal record of 8 wins and 4 losses. 299INTRAMURALS Intramurals at the University of Montana offers a wide variety of sports, giving almost every individual on the campus an opportunity to participate. Football, basketball, and softball are high on the list of competitive sports, but many other activities such as track, wrestling, swimming, golf ing. skiing, bowling, and tennis are included in the long list of sports events. Many hours of practice are put in by teams and individuals, giving them a break away from campus life and showing them team-work and sportsmanship. 300The fraternity. Phi Delta Theta, won the 1965-66 Intramural Championship. The Phi Delts won titles in skiing, basketball, wrestling, track, and golf and were runners up in table tennis. Second place Sigma Nu took titles in volleyball, horse shoe, tennis singles, and were runners up in pool, wrestling, tennis doubles, and golf. Sigma Phi Epsilon placed third. 301 302 UM lost two Rrojt athletes spring quarter: distance star Doug Brown graduated while track coach Harry Adams retired alter 35 years. Coach Adams was always ready and willing to assist his boys. In 1916. Harry Adams first played on the UM football team. In the half a century since. Adams has earned the respect of all Montanans for his coaching endeavors. Harry F. Adams will retire this spring, but he will leave many things behind. There will be a proud history of fine athletes like Gary Wojto-wick and Doug Brown. And he will leave an inspiration to excel, whether on the field or on the campus, which he has instilled in this University for the past 35 years. Adams has coached three National Collegiate All-Americans—Jack Emigh (220), Dick Doyle (Discus) and Doug Brown (three- and six-mile runs). He served as a member of the NCAA Track and Field Rules Committee, and in 1961 he was named to the Helms Athletic Foundation Track and Field Hall of Fame In honor of the service and the ideals that Harry Adams left behind, the Montana Board of Regents saw fit to name the UM Field House after this dedicated man. It -was a fitting gesture, that Adams' friends are going to climax his coaching career with a trip to the 1968 Olympics where, hopefully, one of his boys. Doug Brown, will compete. HARRY ADAMS Harry Adams first coached track at the University in 1922. The "Grand Ole Man” of Grizzly track observes one of his final time trials as a UM coach. 303LIVING GROUP SALPHA OMICRON PI J udie Rudin - President Shirley Adams Peggy Arbuckle Georgia Bowman Sue Carlson Kathy Cheek Heidi Clark Charlotte Day Pat Freedman Alice Fussell Patsy Gill Charlene Goldhahn Linda Hansen Donna Hawley Lynn Hough Mareen Jacobs Jean Jewell Bca Johnson Linda Johnson Nancy Johnson Cindy Jones Kathy Kennedy 306ALPHA OMICRON PI Cheryl Kogele Jan Lord Linda Luoma Barbara Maddux Mary Jo Martinson Gloria Miller Yvonne Miniati Carley Nelson Mary Ann Peterson Karen Pirrie Suzanne Revel I Sue Soarlcs Mary Shonklc Ruth Silvius Lynn Stetler Ruth Stokes Carol Jean Taylor Barbara Towel I Sharyl Waldron Marcia Westfall Susan Whitney 307ALPHA PHI Kaycee Clawson - President Elizabeth Anning Kathy Arnot Sue Beaulaurier Barbara Bell Sue Bergstrom Sh3ri Billmeyer Bonnie Bourke Sherry Brumley Caryl Burgess Kaycee Clausen Ginny Cooper Marilyn Davis Judy Dcschamps Joanne Dixon Kathy Fisher Tanya Fisher Marcia Flynn Paulette Forsyth Effie Forsythe Shirley Fulton Catherine Gardner Jane Geppert Toni Gies Elizabeth Gilbert Cheryl Gravclle Dana Harrington Laura Harrington Kathic Harstad Jackie Hawker Carole Hedlund Sue Hickey Lynne Hileman Pat Holmes Kay Huber Shirley Johns Mary Lou Kopp3ng Barb Kundcrt Diane Leach 306ALPHA PHI Virginia McClain Sheila MacDonald Sue Marquart Madeleine Marlin Jan Mcndicelli Sharon Mogstad Barbara Nisbet Co roe O'Connell Sheila O'Connor Patty O'Loughlin Julie Parker Alice Peppard Polly Peppard Annette Propsom Barbara Riddock Jane Roberts Sally Robertson Kathy Robinson Donna Roholt Jane Rowland Carol Rude Kathy Ryffcl Marcia Sanborn Susan Scales Betsy Schulte Claire Schwingel Nancy Senechal Carol Sickcls Cheryl Smith Marilyn Summerside Jeannine Thibodeau Jan Van Winkle Lynn Van Winkle Jonette Watkins Vicki Watson Eva Wenckcrt Susan Williams Tiana Zuclkc 309DELTA DELTA DELTA Suellen Whitehead - President Sue Anderson Sally 8arran Kathleen Blankcnshio Mary Blom Carol Boetcher Betty Brown Carol Brown Alice Cameron Helen Clapp Pam Close Vorrilce Coleman Joanne Corr Wanda Criger Judy Davis Judy Dodd Carole Dodge Mary Lee Douglas Carolyn Dusek Bobbi Emrick Susan Emrick Jocllen Foss Donna Goddard Karen Grasseschi Linda Hannah Mary Hanson Sharon Jones Kay Juedeman Judith Kinoncn Nic Kolence Tana Koski Lois KynettDELTA DELTA DELTA Meg Lambert Robin Laurence Janet Lovell Marsha McDonald Loma Madsen Karen Meyer Judi Miles Susan Millis Coleen Moore Sara Nelson Barbara Ottcnbrcit Margaret Peterson Marjorie Phillips Sandy Presta Cynthia Rogers Kate Rogers Joan Sanderson Carol Schmitt Audrey Sheble Francie Smith Sally Smith Terry Soules Ann Sprague Sue Velde Bonnie Wedekind Sucllen Whitehead Lynn Wicks Marcia Williams Shirley Williams Chris Wood Darlene Young 311DELTA GAMMA Linda Coday - President Faye Bourret Karen Bowman Ann Breckcnridge Ellon Broadus Sandy Bruschwein Carol Busch Sharon Cafcrro Patty Clark Susan Cranmor Leslie Crowe Mary Ellen Dasenbrock Carole Dufresne Donna Elder Anne Ennis Janna Erlandson Connie Ferkin Pat Foley Carol Frederick Kitty Fulton Candy Garrett Les Griffin Linda Harbine Donna Harris Toro Herbolsheimcr Lynn Hetrick Paula Hoctzel Charlene Howe Pat Hughes Nancy Irle Gene Jansky Linda Klette Audrey Koehler Leslie Kohn Cheryl Kouack Jane LawsonDELTA GAMMA Jane Little Shari Livingston Susan Lucking Elly Lyons Robin McCann Gray Mannakcc JoAnn Manning Carol Matthew Ramarrah Moore Lynne Morrow Ann Murdo Mickic Murphy Susan Nelson Pat Nolan TruDel Nottingham Nikki Orr Patsy Overcast Leslie Phelps Judy Purdy Judy Renman Judy Risk Judy Rogers Mary Gay Rogers Gayle Rolandson Nancy Sasse Peggy Short Sheila Skemp Sharon Stark Susan Stoterau Carlisle Stroud Jane White Susan White Ellen Wigdahl Janice Witherspoon 313ELROD HALL Jean Smith - President Barbara Booth Ann Bouma Jane Brandon Judy Brooder Jeri Brown Nancy Cameron Carol Churchman Ceil Anne Clement Sheila Cockrell Karen Coghlan Joyce Coons Mary Ann Cosgrove Lynda Dahlstrom Cheryl Dawson Virginia Donegon Beverly Duncan Elizabeth Erickson Susan Erwin Linda Everly Vicki Feidcn Linda Fischer Virginia Gandara Connie Haburchak Erika Hanson Shaula Harmon Lucille Herold Carleen Hill Faye Hobbs Mary Ann Jones Sandy Kahle Lynda Kolby Shari Lister Marsha J. McDonald Melissa McGrath Mary Lou Maass Rosemary Miklich Marget Newman Diane Nousancn Grace Pavlas Carol Phillips Shelley Preston Sharon Rains 314ELROD HALL ELROO COUNCIL front row: Judy Brooder. Joan Smith. Jeri Brown. Second row: Phyllis Lane. Lucille Herold Pollv Everett. Mrs. Smith (Housemother). Katherine Rechard PcRgy Sager Michael Sagin Maureen Sarment Carol Schaefer Bonnie Scott Kathleen Scott Barbara Smith Nadine Stobaugh Judy Stowe Pamela Ugrin Diana Wallace Sylvia White Terry White Susan Whitman Barbara Whitney Linda Wiegner Alma Wilcox Verna Woolsey Geri York Gail Zorvas 315r KAPPA ALPHA THETA Marcia Monroe - President Marsha Austin Helen Bailey Kandi Bisson Nioma Bitz Sara Blankenhorn Carla Boetcher Chelli Bogut Betsy Brown Janet Bue Suzi Clinker Janice Cragholm Margaret Cummings Connie O'andrea Diane DuBois Penny Eathorne Oianne Eck Georgane Edington Paulette Everett Mary Ann Fly Linda Fooshee Barbara Gadbaw Linda Hall Roberta Hall Mitzi Hamblock Diane Hangas Kris Harrington Sue Harvey Renee Hein Susan Hove Sherrie Ingram Sue Lanman Paula Latham Sue Lathrop Jan Lefler Alice Lund Maureen McFarland 316KAPPA ALPHA THETA Jill McIntosh Susan Marcy Bonnie Miller Marcia Monroe Pat Morris Carol Nelson Janet Nelson Linda Osburnsen Cathy Peck Judy Petentler Jesse Poore Kathleen Rand Linda Rittenbcrry Sandee Scanlan Judith Schmidt Peggy Schroeder Robin Sharp Dana Smith Gerry Smith Cathy Snyder Louise Snyder Barbara Strong Mary Sullivan Jean Talbott Sandy Thorvilson Nancy Tout Mary Vaughan Sara Watts Barbara West Judy Weyer Sandy Wicker Sara Wilcox DeAnn Williams Mary Anna Wolstad Vicki Yunck H. J. Zimmerman Avis ZopfiKAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Ncala Ann Pippy -- President Jennie Allen Debbie Archibald Mel Atwater Linda Borgeson Diane Brunner Bonnie Carpenter Pam Clemons Nan Comeaux Jody Crawford Carmen DeSilva Angela Etcheparc Janet Evans Carol Lynn Greenfield Sandra Guest Aiene Hollingsworth Sherril Hunter Linda Hurni Karen Hyde Leslie Jensen Susan Jensen Jocelyn Johnson Dianne Lohn Julie Loudon Sally McIntosh Robin Mac Nab Kathy Mann 3)8KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Barbara Morris Kay Morton Torso y Moss Linda Nelson Julene Newland Nikki Nichol Jane Nordlund Terri Pickolick Neala Ann Pippy Sandy Pramenko Mary Rognlien Judy Rohrer Jean Ruffatto Libby Sale Jeanette Sayer Patricia Schulz Mary Jo Schwartz Margaret Sterling Gayle Stewart Karalee Stewart Sarah Vhay Peggy Wallis Meg Wierzbinski Bette Jean Wise Ann Worden Mary Pat Zadra Marilyn Zangar 319r KNOWLES HALL Billie Kay - President Rainville Sandra Aleksich Jan Almini Alice Anderson Alice Armitagc Dorothy Baker Wendy Barr Lynne Barrows Kari Beeson Mary Bowles Pat Bruce Carol Christopher Karin Clift Frankie Crosby Sandra Earle Paula Flcsch Gloria Fryhling Karla Gilman Carol Glenn Feffc Grover Glenda Gum Judi Haas Pamela Hanson Betty Hargis Cheri Haser Kay Hasting Pam Haugen Barbara Hausser Dianne Higby Jean Hoffmeister Virginia Hunton Carolyn Johnson Marga Johnson Shelia Kair Linda Kat enberger Sharon Kellogg 8arbara Kennedy Janis Key Kaylene Kittleson Cheri Knaff Dee LaBonte 320KNOWLES HALL COUNCIL, seated (from left): Carol Pjrent. Sandy Aleksich. Verona Lenard, Billie Kay Rainvillc (President), Doreen Ibsen. Linda Foss. Carol Glenn. Charlene Waters. Standing: Mary Ellen Mclver, Alice Armitage, Joan Morris. Diane Higby. Karla Gilman. Mary Powell. Marilyn Davis. Bonn..- Shephard. Dianne Warner. Jene Motfmie stei, Paulene Foss. Kaylene Kittelson. Verona Leonard Rose Marie Ley Fran McDonough Jill McFarland Lea McGuinness Kathleen Matthias Jean Miller Phyllis Moore Joan Morris Diane Morrow Carolyn Nayematsu Lana Nelson Susan Nissen Wanda Noland Patti O'Brien Barbara Olson Claudia Olson Janet Olson Charlene O'Neil Judy Parko Nancy Petersen Mary Peterson Mary Peyton Jane Plcmmons Mary Powell Pamela Price 321KNOWLES HALL SENIOR RESIDENTS, from left: Cheryl Hutchinson. Carol Jean Taylor. 8arbara Kennedy. Wary Fugleberg, Elizabeth Birrell, Pam Pncc. Barbara Jo Whitney. Sandra Mortcnson. Phyllis Turner. Aneta lamoreux. Lucille Herold. Sylvia White. Pam Ugrin, Kathy Adolph. Billie Kay Rainvillo Mil Ann Ralston Sydney Rand Sylvia Remick Susan Retting Peggy Rismon Kathy Robinson Ruth Rogers June Sanders Kristi Schilling Renee Schmidt Mary Scott Shirley Skrivseth Carole Slomberger Donna Smith Judy Stayer Carolyn Stuart Cheryl Swanz Velma Thompson Myma Toidness Debbie Uren Charlene Watters Jane Webber Jeanne Winston Susan Zieske 322SIGMA KAPPA Kay Batchelder - President Kay Batchelder Donna Borland Michele Berry Ruth Boydston Linda Clark Mary Ellen Cox Carole Etey Mary Cheryl Fay Sharon Gaylord JoAnn Hacker Patricia Hasson Betty Hightower Pat Jahn Judy Jenkins Sheila Jensen Sharon Jones Debby Knoeskern Linda Landers 323SIGMA KAPPA Carolyn Lehman Marilyn Lang Karen Moe Roberta Morhardt Jill Morgan Lynn Nelson Sandy Nelson Mary Kay O'Blizalo Alice Peterson Linda Potter Lana Jo Richards Barbara Richey Dyan Roper Sharon Smith Patty Swan Janet Udelhoven Cheri Whitman Kevin Williams 324SYNADELPHIC HOUSE Sharon - President Frederickson Ruth Alexander Donna Clawson Carol Jimervo Ula Moody Mary Shawl Sally Jo Stephenson Barbara Wirkman 325TRIANGLE Pat Robinson - President Helen Ahlgren Betty Allan Carol Anderson Sandra Bahr Barbara Bailey Anita Bell Joanne Bergeson Sharyn Bernius Bonnie Biogcl Barb Bleifuss Elizabeth Boggs Sue Borgcson Connie Byers Katy Car mod y Carol Chatlain Betty Clenin Donne Cloyd Karen Cole Diane Denzcr Liz Duff Lynda Edwards Sonja Eggen 326TRIANGLE (BRANTLY-CORBIN-NORTH CORBIN) TRIANGLE OFFICERS, front row: Andy Holombo. Bonnie Pfeifle. Carol Hebert. Carmen DeSilva. Kathy Davis, Edith Shire. Second row: Bonnie Herda. jfma McOmbcr. Sharon Bermus. Karen Cole. Marilyn Zangar, MaryAnn Jolley. Thud row: Andy Grauman. Pam Patrick. Both Curran. Betty Hightower. Pat Robinson. Mary Ewald. Nancy Johnson. Mrs Briggs. Jo Anne Hacker. Not pictured: Donna Harris Martha Elliott Gail Engler Kathryn Erickson Mary Ewald Connie Forsman Leslie Foornie Janice Frisch Shirley Fulton Pat Gallagher Sharon Gaylord Phyllis Goodwin Andrea Grauman 327TRIANGLE Kathy Gregg Su .e Gunderson Judi Hall Lois Hall Judy Halvorson Jane Hamilton Sandy Hammer Carol Hansen Barbara Hanson Cathy Hanstrom Linda Hardie Marsha Harp Carol Hebert Linda Hemstad Bonnie Hcrda Colleen Hetherton Vicki Hohmann Carolyn Holm Barbara Holum Kayleen House Elaine Howard Pam Howe 328TRIANGLE JUNIOR SPONSORS, front row: Sherry Brumley. Sheila Skemp. Barbara Maddux. Audrey Koehler. Jo Ann Hacker. Second row: Bea Johnson. Diana McKibbcn. Faye Bourret. Cee Cee Cole Third row: Kathy Ryffel. Oonna Elder. Ruth Rollins. Fourth row: Heidi Clark. Jody Stocking. Carol Howell Sally Huestis Claudia Humble Ellen Ingmire Kim Jacobson Shyralee Johnson Suzanne Judah Marjorie Kellogg Sandra Kimes Sherry Kincheloe Colleen Kirkpatrick Julie KreidelcampTRIANGLE Sherri Krukenberg Aquilla Kunz Barbara LaBar Marilyn Landwehr Donna Lehman Billie Lester Linda Lucht Lanie Lundgren Gloria McClellan Rebecca McDonald Kathleen McGowan Mila McKay Jima McOmber Kris Markman Nancy Marks Carol Matthias Lesley Maynard Lyslea Mizcr 330TRIANGLE Sharon Mogstad Linda Newell Linda Nicholson Sandra Niedermier Ramona Nicwochner Patsy Norbo Karen Nordlind Melody O'Brian Kathy O'Leary Marcia Olson Purr Orr Anita Owen Pam Patrick Jolene Paynter Bonnie Pfeiflo Jan Phillips Karen Pirrie Margaret Power 331TRIANGLE Janet Reid Anna Robertson Karen Robinson Pat Robinson Bonnie Rohrer Sandy Roth Betsy Scanlin Verna Schmidt Chtoc Schneider Nancy Schommer Marcia Severson Edith Shire Janet Simpson Valerie Siphcrs Kathy Soward Oonna Staley Beverly St Cyr Vickie Stephan 33?TRIANGLE Mary Ann Stockhill Mary Ann Swenson Susan Swing Peggy Taylor Margaret Tigny Joyce Timm Susan Wambach Joanne Wargo Billie Welsh Jeri Westwood Nancy Williams Jane Wilson Sheena Wilson Barbara Wirth Kathy Wruck Nadine Wulf Julie Zuleger 333(barn iHerrer - peppermint PrinceTURNER HALL Dana Redman - President Lynda Aitken Lynda Applegate Carol Atchley Roxy Avery Pam Bakken Jane Ballard Jill Beck Vicki Bussinger Carol Cole Judy Cook Roberta Crocker Karla Dahten Deanna Dean Terry Dixon Randi Fcrch llcnc Fulker Connie Graham Mary Guttormson Lyn Halver Donna Hartley Frtncine Hinl man Jan Hughes Karen Hunt Patricia Kennedy Carol Kinney Stevie Lahti Jan Lamoreux Janeanne LundborR Carol McNees Janet Maurer Cheryl Mcirhofcr Joanne Menello Carol Miller Mardcll Milligan Carley Nelson Judith Nickol 335TURNER HALL TURNER HALL COUNCIL, from left Mrs. Jellison. Dana Rodman. Sally Speer. Janot Maurer, Randi Ferch. Carol Ost Charlene Pearson Linda Peterson Lauriec Phillips Melina Raitt Dana Redman Linda Rhein Diana Rowling Leslye Schoenhuth Sharon Skcel Janet Stacey Marilynn Tanner Linda Thomas Drtly Warneke Liz Whiteman Bambi Young Sandra Zipperian 336ALPHA TAU OMEGA Terry Beahan - President r Terry Beahan Thomas BechtoM Jim Bender Alan Bcnvon Bruce Bonaventure Larry Burton Paul Dallmann Randy Oohrmann in Vern D corn bos Leroy Fasching Don Findon Lowell Hallock James Haman Richard Harden Gerry Higgins 337ALPHA TAU OMEGA Mack Jenkins Jim Knaff Fred Montgomery Steve Moon Gary Nelson Joseph Nelson Tom Ratcliff Kurt Russo Frank Sartz Warren Schultz John Shires Del Strommon Tau Will Terpening Phil Turck Chris Unkol 338 ,|SFront row: Jane Gibson, Judy Miles. V»cki Watson. Sheila MacDonald. Second row: Marsha Melton. Sally Nichols. Kathy Keller. Lynn Hough. Vicki Yunck. Sherry Brumley. 339 Hittlr listers of the Jflaltcse Cross340 iS'heila JflacIUntald - Esquire (6irl CRAIG HALL Doug Jenkins - President William Allen Jeff Amoss Ed Aubert Bill Balmy David Baker Bill Barnhart Jack Barney Jon Bertsche Douglas Bieri Bruce Blotkamp Peter Bottjer Jim Buckland Gary Carlson Ken Cass Thomas Chesbro Warren Clements Joe Cobell Dwight Crawford Wayne DeReu Duane Eamor Bill Eichert Joe Engel Doug Ensign Les Espeland Robert Fillinworth BiU Forhan William Franey William French Richard Giesecke Terry Gollehon Don Griffin Ed Habel Curtis Hagen 341CRAIG HALL Douglas Hale Dennis Mall Robin Hamilton Rich Hatcher Roger Haugen Henry Miwalkor Cary Hollings Clarence Hovcland David Johnson Robert Joel Barry KenfVeld Roger Resting Pat Kilburn Steve Kincaid Sam Kit cnberg Lorin Knight Gary Langley Ed Leary Rodney Lincoln Terry Lindsay David Lloyd Dale Lockard Dave Lubick Doug Lynn CRAIG HAIL R A.s. seated (from left): Gary Worthing. M,lt Parsons. Walt Jensen. Darrell Hagen. Standing: Joe Cornell. Gene Jonart. John Venegoni, Jim till. Not pictured: Mike VcKee. 342CRAIG HALL CRAIG MALL WING PRESIDENTS, from left: Sam K.t enberg. Darnel Griffin, Jere Gilles. Gary Roberts. CRAIG HALL ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF. Mated (from left) Bill Bick. Dour Jenkins. Standing: Ron Patterson Pat Bishop. O ft i . ft o 9 ft 9 9 6 e kin i tiMdiAlrkk q a oq ft 9 Crr James McDonald Ken McElroy Alexander MacKcn io Dave Mandel Mark Majerus Rick Mares Arthur Mautr Steve Meloy William Miller Bill Mitchell John Monger Robert Moog Robert Moore William Mullette James Myers Steve Nelson R»ck Nessan Stan Nove Ken Olson Gary Orrens Fred Page Milton Parsons Terry Petrick Peter Quande 343CRAIG HALL Monte Read George Rectek Gary Roberts Denis Robinson William Ross Jett Rowe Jack Rowell Hubert Sager Rodney Scheidecker Frank Sennctt Michael Shoquist Lee Skifton Frank Sonncnbcrg Tim Staats Craig Steele Russell Storey Paul Stuckenschneider Jim Sweaney Orest S wabinsky Don Taylor Dave Thomas James Thompson Brett Tibbies Bernard Tsinnajinnie Paul Uken Dan Vichorek Glenn Wade Robert Weinstock Van Wickman Steve Widhalm Keith Williams Maurice Wosepka Gary Yeager Robert Zang Matt Zarko O Bi DELTA SIGMA PHI Ron Pirt - President James Ainworth Gordon Astrom Gary Hancock Mike Martin William Pedersen Ron Pitt Wayno Rod Jerry Ryan 345DELTA SIGMA PHI Glen Savage Ronald Smith Earl Stevens Bruce Swanson Phillip VanNess Charles Wallace John Watson Edward Zulcgcr d AtrAttA 346' 347 Cathy (O’Harr — ilream (Sir I of tMta Siqnta |JhiDUNIWAY HALL Robert O Day - President Don Biohl Ronald Brunsvold George Case Steve Christenson Roger Eddy James Erbes Bill Flora Douglas Ford Ernest Frederickson John Hawthorne Richard Heater Dennis Hove Dave Hull Tim Irion Gale Kerns John Klein Ken Knudson George Koski Wesley McComb John Macho Mitchell Masalski Charles Noland Robert O'Day £5 CX O C!k illiiil mIm Ci ex fx fff 1 'fj £') 348DUNIWAY STAFF, seated (from left) Ron Mar-cou«. Pat Bishop. Standing: Ron Patterson. Gale Kerns. DUNIWAY HALL DUNIWAY WING CHAIRMEN, seated (from left): Dan Holm-quist. Ken Knudson. Standing; Ron Vandr.en. Bill Hendrickson. DUNIWAY RA's. seated (from left): Tom Enright. Neal Wedum. Clarke Wn.teh.-ad Standing: Jim Glenn. Jim Webb Ed Cham berlin. Paul Pacini Dennis Petersen Nils Rosdahl Lrfc Shannon - Bob Sharpies Parnell Simonson Adm Smith Rick Strauss Steve Wheeler Rick Wittwer 349MILLER HALL Lawrence Bennett - President Victor Andresen Ron Aukamp Larry Bamstcr Robert Bankhead Joe Barnard Joseph Batts James Bentley Kenneth Biehl Fred Bischoff William 8radley Nick Browning Hurrcll Carter Bill Clausen John Clavadctscher David Cleary Robert Coffman Wayne Culley James Curry Stephen Dauma Bob Day Robert Drew Eric Erickson James Fichtner Mel Flournoy John Flynn Gus Gcrhardt John German Bijan Ghorashi Phil Gibbs Harris Grahn Jens Gran Gary Gray Robert Green James Grist Leslie Halvarson Gary Howe David Iserman 350MILLER HALL WING PRESIDENTS front row (from left): Rod Morrison. Pete Mickelson. Jim Wheeler. Terry Yoachim. Morns. Second ro : Broce Tomko. Roy Matec. Wayne Kampa. Dave Clea»y. Dan Veitsa. Dave Ensign. Jim Lenington. I.. iiAk ® O Al»«AYI Cafi jgpy it Ail M n Mid: AdA M Joe Ivanich Floyd Joramo Jim Joy Dick Juel Bob Kelly Harold Knudsen Bill Lidd.coat Jim Lill Elliott Lovre Barry McBride Dan McFall Curtis McMarrcll Darrell Malcolm Roy Maloc Donald Mark Donald Miller Allan Mills Mike Milodragovicb John Molzhon Tom Morris Robert Mussallem Steve Nejdl Gordon Nelson Bryant Oftt Gary Pabl 35)MILLER HALL Tim Powers George Peck Norm Ringhand Niles Sacia Dennis Shay Robert Simms Gary Stompin David Stermit Nick Teel John Thoren Fred Thurman Bruce Tomko Robert Tuck Terry Turner Richard VanAken Rob Vashey Oaniel Vcjtasa Ronald Vivion Bruce Watson Matthew Webber James Wheeler Thomas Wilkins Donald Wood Gary Worthing Don Yeats From left Bill Gre.ner (President). Ron Patterson ( Co-ord-nator). MILLER HALL R A.’s, kneeling 'from left): Roger Mason. Niles Sacia. Ray Glas- rud Standing: Wayne Rungc. Phil Janik. John Payne. Gary Baker. O. O 352PHI DELTA THETA Dave Peterson - President Bob Anderson Tom Angstman Paul Armstrong Bill Bardon Robert Season Jerry Besel Gerry Bittner Jim Brown Charles Bultmann Jack Caughey Mike Chumrau Roger Clemens Fred Clouse David Cormack Keith Dalbcc William Dean Dave Engcr Don Fast Ted Flynn Clarence Frisbce Ken Gamble Steve Gibbs Bill Gilboe Doug Green Loren Haarr 353PHI DELTA THETA Edwin Hall Greg Hanson Dick Harding Neil Hauglartd Bruce Heideckc John Helms Warren Hill Sam Hollier Ronald Howell Larry Huggins Warren Iverson John Kammerzell Jim Kastelitz Kenneth Kcmpncr Gary Koprivica Steve Kurilich Dave Laffcrty Donald lorangcr Matthew Lyons Dan McElwain Glenn McEvoy Mike McGrath Jim MacKenzie Harry Miller Dennis Minemycr Don Malloy 334PHI DELTA THETA Carmen Monaco Jim Moody Robert Moody Mike Muldown James Neilsen Gene O'Hara Jesse O'Hara Marv Osher Jim Parker David Peterson Dave Rahn Dean Rankin Ron Rcbish Marshall Reese Terry Robinson Jim Salvo James Searles Roger Seeley Lajry Semcnza Jim Shea Stuart Sherry Lee Simmons Donald Spink John Van Hcuvelen Don Waller Allen WiseleyPHI SIGMA KAPPA Tom Egley - President Gary Antonson Jim Austin Irwin Bayarsky Rudolph Bullman Gerald Clark G. M, DeJamette (chapter adviser) Van Dye Tom Egley George Guntermann Mike Hargrove 356PHI SIGMA KAPPA r. C a Hrirl Chan Hartclius John Hoven MarV Kramer C. Q Joseph McDonald Bill Mitchell Mike Nile Raymond Pryor Ken Ross Doug Skjelset Eric Trabcr Jerry Wagoner 357jaiq) RUifii u|j| - ousjjjnQ. 3|iut?j) 8SCSIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Jon Krutar - President Richard Almini Jim Beery Stephen Bennetts Robert Bray Ron Coleman Donald Cowles Bill Foy Gus Gianis 359SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Robert Goodau Jim Griffith David Griggs Dennis Hale Elwin Harbino Dale Harris Dennis Hofflander Robert Hoffman Dick Holmquist Lee Howard Oavid Howlctt Robert Howlett 360SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON James Hunter Robert Jackson Tim Jones Wayne Knutson John Krause Jon Krutar Kent Kushar Don Larson William Larson Carl La son Gary Libccap Bruce Loble 361SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Rod Lung Mike McCulley Ken McDonald Gene Moidinger Jack Mitchell George Porter Jim Redmond John Schwechten Carey Smith Virgil Walle Gary Wanbcrg Richard Williams 362ICittlc Sisters of jHiuerna Front row (from l -»t). Dianne Dubois. Betsy Brown. Vicki Feiden, EMie Forsythe. Sandy Kahle, Marian McKay. Ann Murdo. Katie Mack. Second row: Mrs. Kenneth. Linda Luoma. Charlene Howe. Isabell Foster. Patsy Gill. Gcorganne Edington. Janet Evans, Linda Mall. Mary Lee Douglas. Marilyn Summerside. Third row: Kathy Davis. Jan Wellman. Ann Worden. Kathy Fisher. Pat Schulz, Deanne Williams.SIGMA CHI Rick Richter - President Bill Amrine Jerry Andcrvon Ed Bartlett Dan Beaudette Ken Bennington Re Boiler Robert Borland Bill Bretherton John Brubaker Kent Brubaker Don Burgess Dennis Burns Bob Cole Richard DeCroot Walt Derby Raymond Duvall Jim Edwards John Edwards Dick Everett Kin Eyerly Alvin Fleharty Loren Flemmer 364SIGMA CHI Scott Frizelle Wilbur Gilbert Mark Goelzer George Mangas Ron Haugc Bruce Henry Stanley Hill Richard Hoffman Douglas Hughes Keith Isaac Jim Iverson Don James Ted Jensen Dennis Johnson Tracy Kelly Jim Kenyon Rick Kjolstrup Brian Knaff Doug Lienemann Ted Lones Tom McEf ain Pat McGiltis 365SIGMA CHI Bob McKav Bruce McKenzie Larry Matchott Mike Minor William Morrison Doug Morton Randy Mosley Jerry Murphy John Nelson Erik Ogren Richard Olson Bill Perry Phil Porter Mike Potter John Quist Bill Rae Don Richards J. T. Richer Ric Richter Rick Richter Alan Rolston John Ross John Santo 366SIGMA CHI O f Mark Satre Michael Schruth Bill Schuler Steve Shelton Ron Short Rick Sparks George Stark Torval Stockamp John Swanson Steve Thompson Dale Thornton Martin Ueland Robert Vandegenachte Dave WahHeld John Ward Barry Webb Dave Wendtc CTiarles Wilber Tom Willard Burt Williams J. R. Wilson Bob Worthington Howard Wright 367Han a Smith - Stneetheart of Sii nta Chi 368SIGMA NU r l m 0 V. •' 3k John Aronen - President John Alexander Brett Asselstinc Rick Bechtel Bill Berger Jim Block Gary Bloom Jamie Boettcher Jerry Brobst Mark Bryan Bob Brydon Jim Burns Wayne Campbell Bill Carbon Vorn Carbon Cliff ChristianSIGMA NU Brian Cloutier Richard Curry Lynn Dickey Kirk Dillon Gary Doran Larry Edholm Lars Gimstedt Bob Gregory Larry Gudith Gale Gustafson Robin Hamilton Roy Harrison Jon Hasbrouck Bill Hatcher Jenny Heggem 370SIGMA NU Rich Heller Bob Hertlcr John Hickman Dick Hudak Kermie Knudson Jerry Lebsack Erick Lund Richard Lyon Nate Mannakee Jeff Meredith Dennis Meyer Jim Neumcycr lii Bob Newgard Mike Norecn Edd Schrimpf 371SIGMA NU Tom Schulc Doug Shepherd Rick Stokes Bruce Tate Jack Thompson Lee Tickell Richard Treat Doug Warden Fred Wardinsky Don Welti Scott Wheeler Terry Wilson Jim Wohl Bruce Young David YoungdaleSIGMA PHI EPSILON Jeff Hamilton - President Paul Anderson Vern Argo Douglas Ball Harry Bean David Beasley Doug Benge Don Brown Jack Cloud Joe Ely Gary Emblen Lief Erickson 373SIGMA PHI EPSILON Larry Ferreira Robert Fulton Terry Greene Jeff Hamilton Jack Hanson Randy Heim Gerry Hudson Kenneth Hurt Greg Iverson Ray Jarrott Larry Jeffery Lee Johnson Ken Jonasen jerry Kidd 374SIGMA PHI EPSILON Jeff Kirkland Bob Klindt John Knuth Bill Lees Mike Lyngstad John Lyons Gene McClain William McGinley Tom Mclnally Mike McKee Dan Meehan Marty Melosl Richard Mirehoose Jack Newsome 375SIGMA PHI EPSILON Dennis Nierenbcrg Michael O'Connor Rod Ottenbreit Lorin Peterson David Phipps Ron Pierre Terry Powell nilwi Bob Ranstrom Roger Reichman Greg Riehl Fred Robinson David Rye Si Stephens “i A Hri 376SIGMA PHI EPSILON Cary Stevenson Jeff Stoehr William Terry Tom Tutt Ron VandeVen Dallas Viall Leslie Waite Tom Ward Steve Wheat William Willis Paul Woehlcke Mike Woodard Jim Wysel 377jflikal iSHnrgan - iSug tp (Quern of Hearts 378THETA CHI Dean O Neil - President Richard Alexander Richard 8aker Doug Banducci Ken Beattie Wayne Becker Gary Berg John Bergerson Alan Boyer Barry Carnahan Tom Connolly Mark Crosbio Paul Crosbie Ronald Edwards Pete Gardiner Steve Gibbs Tom Grisamoro R fger Haick Doug Hayden Cam Hough 379THETA CHI Chuck Hubbard Jim Johnston Steve Knehans Barry Koons Terry Krebs John Kupke Peter Maltese Austin Mason Bill Miller Jon Nitschke Russ Novak Steve Oke Dean O'Neil Steve Pealer Edwin Russell Carl Sandel Terry Schopfer Robert Vogt Lawrence White 380ifflaru Anna Iflnlstarl - (Llu'ta (Chi ilreant (birl i i 381Paul Anderson, like so many upperclassmen, prefers a bachelor apartment and his own cooking to dormitory or fraternity house life. Youngsters of married students find a world of pint-sized friends right next door. 382lh X t prov,a i Clothesline. play, ground and sunbathing room for married students. Mr. and Mrs William Buhler and their daughter Lnrie a , residents of the old strip housing. ’ L ' 4 a An ,a 1. " r among the last OFF CAMPUS In June, strip housing units were destroyed to make way for 100 more new apartments. New married student apartments just south of the X's, still will not meet the demand for housing. Over 60 percent of UM students live off campus in married student housing, apartments, or private homes.OFF CAMPUS Spencer Alisch Allan Allen Gerald Allen James Anderson Bonar Armstrong Donald Baker Cherry Baldridge Terry Barber Albert Barr Richard Beatty Karen Beck Theresa Beers Donald Berg Ronald Berg Tom Berti no Shirley Blomgren John Boyer Jim Braley Todd Brandotf Harold Brauer 384OFF CAMPUS Arne Brosten Robert Brown Vivian Brown William Brown John Bruns Ed Burroughs Patrick Campbell Carolyn Carpita David Carpita William Carter Kathleen Casto Jerome Cate Roderjpk Chisholm Janice Christensen Jim Christensen Donna Christopher Kenneth Clawson Carol Connelly Paul Connelly R. D. Corette 385OFF CAMPUS Joe Crocker Kathleen Cummins Doreen Curtis Stephen Dalby Gary Davis David Dedrickson Robert Delich Henry Doming Tom Demmons Turner Demmons Mary Lu Dodge Raymond Dominick Jetfery Donaldson David Doughten Linden Duffin Gary Dunckel Bruce Ennis Linda Ensign Donald Erickson John Ewing 386OFF CAMPUS Daniel Ferriter Larry Fields John Ford Ken Foster John Fox Ross Fredell Richard Gallagher Ron Garner Norman Gartley Robert Gilbert Gale Glascock Mike Goff Cheryl Good Nathaniel Good Robert Grover William Hall Sydney Names Donald Hamilton Bennett Hansen Eric HansenOFF CAMPUS Robert Hanson Dennis Hardt Linda Hardt Dennis Harlowe Douglas Hartley David Heinrich Donald Herndon Douglas Heyer Warren Heyer Willard Holloway Thomas Hookins Bob Hoss Laurence Howard George Hritsco Kathy Hughley Steve Jackson Redmond Janzer James Johnson Robert Johnson 388OFF CAMPUS James L. Jones George Kant Donald Kathan Paul Keller Steve Kellogg Sara King Dwight Kirsch Charles Knell Margit Knudsen Judith Koch Vivian Koch Dona Jo Kohrs Roy Korkalo Carolyn Kramer William Krull Don Krumm Robert LaRoche Nikki Lechner 389OFF CAMPUS Ronald Lcland Allan Lemon Douglas Linstcd Lester Loble Martha Lovegrove Robert Lovegrove Joan McClellan Howard McCracken Patrick McKittrick Edward Maguire Neil Maikasian Tom Marlowe Bill Mayhew Gigi Mehus Linda Melder Jack Merten Carol Miller John Miller Paul MillerOFF CAMPUS Mary Morgan Milo Moocha Olivo Mundale Welland Muri Ron Murphy James Murray Lilyann Oelke Charles Olson William Ottorman Jo Anne Overby Willard Padden Richard Padmos Robert Palmer Jesse Parks John Paro Bob Peck Alden Pedersen James Penner Roger PerschkeOFF CAMPUS Jim Peterson William Peterson Craig Pierson Dolphy Pohlman Robert Pound John Preston Bruce Prowell Gary Rebal George Redding Darrell Reid Ted Rensvold William Renwick Harry Reynolds Ronald Ries Honore Riley Larry Riley Doug Rives Marilyn Roberts Martha Robinson 392 390OFF CAMPUS Ronald Robinson Dan Rothhsbergcr John Sanders Lydia Sanders Terry Savage Janine Schmeltzer Helmuth Schmitt James Schultz Suzanne Schulz Joy Schumacher Charles Secrest John Seidcnsticker Jim Shelby Karen Shennum Bill Sherman Richard Silverstein Gordon Simard 8arbara Simon 393OFF CAMPUS Lynn Smith Roy Snyder Craig Sparks Bill Spratt George Stegmeier Scott Stewart Beverly Stocking Sylvan Susag Lawrence Sverdrup Jerry Thompson John Thompson Kathleen Thompson Linda Thompson Ruth Toppari Lyrin Trowbridge Glenn Truscott Don Vahl Alfredo Valdes Jerry Valentine 394 OFF CAMPUS Sharon Valentine Carol Vicho Roberta Walsh Ronald Waterman Valetta Weiler Lee Werth Gary Whitman Oale Whitmore David Wichman Ronald Wigginton Alan Williams Dennis Williams Robert Williams Shelton Williams John Wilson Gordon Woolman Charles Wright Carolyn Zieg Katherine Zieg 395The 1966 Sentinel staff would like to thank the following people for their support during the past year: AL HAM PHOTOGRAPHY CATLIN S PHOTOGRAPHY FIRST NATIONAL BANK Of MISSOULA FLORENCE MOTOR HOTEL HANSEN S ICE CREAM JOHN R. DAILY. INC. MISSOULA FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN MISSOULA MERCANTILE COMPANY MONTANA POWER COMPANY P.R.L. HARDENBERGH COMPANY SOUTHSIDE NATIONAL BANK OF MISSOULA TURMELL DeMAROIS COMPANY WESTERN MONTANA BUILDING LOAN ASSOC. WESTERN MONTANA NATIONAL BANK of MISSOULA 396In Dedication For over twenty years. Cyrile Van Duser has been the Sentinel yearbook advisor end a friend to each staff. It is fitting to dedicate one more book to her. This comes only natural when we realize the long hours, hard work and constant devotion that she has put into each book. A thank you doesn't seem enough for all that she has done, yet this is all she asks. Hence, to you Cyrile and to the ideals for which you stand, we of the 1966 Sentinel staff dedicate this book. 397Faculty Index .. -» t. m w. .rr AWw .IWU. « •»'« .n. o.l la? Alr.OmMD. O.l U? a—• o.) ia? Amr—.£ •• G 0.9 HO ! lie AW .(wjw I VO a-a . Co».i ' 8 A,wl .Ai,- 1(0 A, »« ..'«,0tw.i1 (. o.l IJ» a ««. »», t. O.l»74 Av»‘.e. A. 4ud '« UA,HmU'0 .I 1 1 . o.l 15 o IW.IM a»wl.,,A.I .. 1. Mrt. M7 S rvw..Urr, 138 Sp.fiafcWM.Zdii 0. M-t. F. 1.1 8owl. -.Jt - H. its -Jot— G Smr,.0- t . » O.l '« S » «l it,Scr- l iFp»- « I’ S —.NAtrk J. O »».« B on.a. w. Sr— N»,V lda« j. 1 5 Sewi ,r.aN ». O.l'64 Stock—,.Ut. .. M. F. M.) 80 IM .Gm viM 0.1 183 I ila «i. J0,M.IIF fc -i».,i.tNo.s m. O.i i«a So—.CWn V. 143 » W-,OAiW. w O.l 1 0 Soil . Ato » W. O.. 43,164,323 b—,. • V. 0.1 IM -od»«rf. fchn NO.) 161 S,eoc-.l..9t»,l C. •Mo, ) 136. m V . .HyW «. IF a.: .. A»r.- J. O.) 18V ai«..fAr»W. HI 8 ’t W», (—•« IWn . 1. t-' '3 (.0.. C .. I 141 6o»,.S«w«tA O. lMoio-» » 8 c-w.Go-Jo- O-' ' 4.1 5.'44 »»««. . Ivdi G. |D I 66. 1 4 .,F w ., . 0.115,80.0. ISO i®—, a. iat fcOw-.Wol. , I. o. • 138 aWoli.,;i« 106 St-twt.Katal 6 I0..UW Sryd-.Gdrdo- H. O.) IM Sv-o«.0 w '4 I. IV M. ID '143 Cu pb U, Al««0-dr C.. V 6!" m.m Co-tjA.ll.Cm-lw 197 Cmt,DmI«H. O. 1 4.21 C«• « .V4 t. N jw» 190.274 Gp.Uno-.H -J. 0.1 '7 Co ;».w«.»- O.l 1)8 C ti s|. « . Ci-y.OftU IS? On—y.N .. . O.) '67 Ot .iw I. 136.753 Omr—.K-cho-d All - ijj CwwKM , O. 133 oi.At.f di. '48.m Odn' tMMdn, Jam C »S6 CWat.0o-'d9 '« Oa-.AW.- 0.1 I3S.7U CU»fc.M .. l D.. . O.113V Ca9tw.ll.A Ar. C Tl.m.lR Ce »f. l»»v-0 »a5 Cal .I'- . J.. 1- IJV c ui ,TSwwt i. tr . w. O.) 13? C--w .fc»«" 0 62.14 Cotw U»o«.Gar . SI Cm.Jmi. 134.11Q Cn'ih—i.t+n J. 0.1 18 CnHtf.V , ).. . 'Cmrf.l IW G«—dll,G» O) IV Ow,Chv«. W. 149 C 9wl ,W—. 5. C«wy.b4... S. IM.D.II17 a.- l» . ,G«w«p U» OaA.'t.W ll.awH C« ' Opr.dw-.JW . C. M.I4 Otlo-I.M . ' AN.,, , W. I » 7 Dn.lM I. Ill Ci ww».«. A. O.i »XJ ».G —iia •• O l IM 0 », 4kI m. 17 Cuu.ImK. 177 IWttl.lwn 0.1 IS 0v9o-.t -»a» i ,754 (Wt» .io««t 13 Dry,,. . —» 1.0.1 '« { C H) r-»a-A. A F. 177 fl.w-.U-., V O.l '«1 I—d—.Oo—Id J- O-l l?4 ri-.a-.Mo., .... AN.,. H. 0.) US f..ttw .lo-otd f O. 3 ftlan.G — I ID-.I 17a Cvn-t.M.'j W, O) 33 ( .Willi®- a O.H52 low.o. A -r I. IS) Fault,•t-.-ii A 1,0. I It MU,Wllllau. t. F •« -. G«»« |Fa«M.) t Irvold.M. r.(A«4 o.l 134 Fi.M.Cwit '4 Fl.lot.iaO . W. (O'-1147 FltA i.Oo»ld W. l£7 riNi9w.l1l.fcy w. (0.."9 .l'a FllgA«M , — t A. I4S MwW-.CbU M. HAojo.' I9fc C. V'V e«ll».»a .Ma.rl4 W » Goh» .N.No-c, HI G.l iie ’ -c I. 0.1 l?4 Gwlac .F.rd I. IS) G r—«- 9. ISS G.M O.) 39 C InW.,F. 4 L GoU.brw M I o.l ' ) Gorde-.Clw -: C 0.1 133 Gw-w.. « w I O ) 7». 49 Go.o-ti.0, 1 j-»" C. O l 159 Oiw.'iw D. 70 »at» . -n «. ©•.' 3 Ow»«4 (0-1 39 Mwwr-.Ott 1. O.) 153 H w.H. Ou -. O.) 153 HouM.lahn • 0-1 la Hwvc.l.Soy M 0. I33 Ha Aw.lUAw 1. 0.1 141 M.ltl-v.Alfcw,. I.O.M77 M liV ..G tw«.S O I 13 I ID..I 15 177 Hr4 .4. 4»eid HI 140 N ,' .Owln 4 H««. .lllp J. M,-o - ,Ci«ks aA.t.l HoMf.yvoiirM. I 4 Ntody«,lo -t W. IT low Mo« WVA ', A-. c. o.l Hoflw w,»«b .t 3. O.i lab HtHioia.F. A iOn.) I» I« Moot .Walt . 18) Mo.o« Nf,Sor» l O.l Hoo Nta-.Ud- , W Houw.Cdw.-W. O. I » Htyi.lM «0 Hw— ,J Gtoy III Hu ,U .r« J. (0 . 171 Hyr wt,Dw«l W. 0- «47 l sb-H,Ottn.ll 1. O.l 04.174.171 714 Wofeto-.Mo- J. (Dr.) 161 lw- t.t;c6 V H 111 S. O.M« to,, - O.) 171 l.mtar.,taHa- Z. M- 1 33 Iw-I-v.Ka - W.. . O.l 163 Ihpm-.C. • O.l 'Ol Iwtw.lrdolfAW. I « JoAot.ldOwN O I 13.114,133 lo .-«w. Doro M, )0 teO-W- AA,. - C AN., M I.II7J jo—i ..r.««wdl. 0.3 IS k K-wr..'Vo-«. G 0 )174 w—oa-.Oa-oU O O.l INI W.Ool- W. (C .l I99.73J.334 Jud»r. lt»»d I. ID.-) 134 AwH-.J-l . O.l 153 KdhMfell. WT o. 0.))» (wsrw'.lao J. ©'•) N o'w.T.r O.) 1 1 Kl wwtf N. 0 .) )»7.1A0.I73 MApfwd.T 49 ! )»,. Ala- 1. 1 7 M-JW.7W. (Mn.) 143 A.9, t .w..0-vldS. ISO K.Jw,l«A 9 O.l H6 KWt.C Oxl y 55 r«wl"«,,(l,0 M iMn.l Iw.Ow 47. »0 . IS I iu 7.Nm|I O' 15 t j-eldt,FI t- O.) I S3 150 A O ) I S3 4)«w,K C. O.) IF7 N9wrt,.Dt«KM. 141 be». H-.lamw I., . O.l 154 ■uti ...0 .' . o.l IJS a-ar.W ». O.) 1 6 (N,«lf.l t w4. 1 3 U»- y. U«a 't.G-M iv.t. K. M-l th'1 1 3 Uwd ,»a» «« W 1 4 l»Ar,Vr 7 O.l 144 Umcr.Ct»ll 0)140 lotto-. »«•' T. ITS lo-.f,k—F. ID. • III IN. Iv. M,,. c. w.) 1ST Iratr.Dwit 144 l ,' t,lo»«'I 87 le. x.O'AMV D. 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Shoron May Coin, Thomat Emory Cotoick, Korea Chrittine Colcoteno, Jomet Pete Colder, Dona Id Arden Cotder.MieKoel Willlom Coldwell,Alon Pendlp’on Cameron, Berboro Jo Co- e on,Alice I oaten 310 Come 0", Victor Jvn Come on,Noncy Clo e 175,314 Comp,Glenn fnonyji 777 Campbell, Ben Ma vin Compbell.Myrno Lynn Campbell,Monica Sellar Campbell, Robed Jom t Campbell,Pot iel. Michael 142,385 Campbell,Re Verly GsncAell.Rtchod A Ion Campbell,Ronnie Allen Campbell,U cle Clots Jr. Gomobell, Woyne F rd»ick 237,369 Canon,Mory I. Copn.Ouonp Hp npi« Capo, 0 Dwight Copp, fiuCijean Cntobot, Thomo j- -m Corobo .Robert Jome- Card.fillip Werlev Card, Gory Marlin 244 Cardo, Edwold Roul Co-don.’iVUlio- Ron 175,234.369 Cordon,Vain fo, 369 Corleton,l nut Mr .. 82 Carlisle,Camtonce Jo CotUon,Clinton toil Co Iron, Oonolrl Melvin Cor .son. Gory Bill 341 Cot I %on, Robert And«» Co I von, Olive Rondotl 282 Corlson.MIchoot Allan Co Iron, ui y Ann 306 Corljpn, TKomoi Jomet Co mody,KotMeen Moe 326 Ca nolpn,Bo ry Croig 379 Cotney.vVIlllpm Panic-Ca ney, (dwo d Mo tin Co n«y,SboiO». I. Ca perv n, Bonnip Jeon 316 Carpenter,Go y Dean Co pentc , Dov id Consente., Ronald Grofl Carpenter, Jimmy G-on' 223 Corpenter.Micboel Clark Carpifo.David Delmore 152,385 Corpito,Carolyn Morie 55.385 Con in, Rodney Jerome Conoll,Stephen Edwo.o 246 Canon, Alicia Ccefer.Ann Ruth Co fe ,Hur ell frying 234,236,350 Corfe , l-'ndo Koy Co fe',Robe f Sharp Cotter,William Carroll 365 Coh SO, F ede ck C. J-. Cote, Clinton Hubbard Cote,George flvin 348 Cote, Terry Micboel Cotc.Swvo - Ho«o d Corey, Jomer Roy 289 Cosh, Jomet Edwin Cotfcey.Koye Eileen Co». Kenneth Mcifitt 34l Cou'dy, Jack 227 Cotteel.Gory France Cot ft,Korh ! «■• Marie 385 Caswell,William Ednonde Cot well. Jump-. Geny Cote.Jenjme Joteph 190.385 Co et, Jon Edward 273 Cothey, Gerald JoihonO Cottibo, A"thulo C. Coughey, Jock David 353 Cowston.Wllllom H. V. Ce n v II, Joteph Willtori CbodwicL, Fred Dole CboMee.Po'ricL Emmet Chamber loin'Edwo d T. 349 Comb lin,Robe f E. 289 Chambers, Shot O’’ Koy Chambers. Michool David Oomplin.Mnlcom Eugene Champion, M, Bollo d Ctpndle , Chot let Foy CMndler.William Henry Cnondlr.,Micboel Hot I on Cborlei, John Henry Cnotlo, Victor Arfbany C,'Orlton,CondI:e Jan C ote, Allied Lee Qottin.Ste.e |i ld Ceotloin, Carol Jure 326 Cbeek ,Kathleen Te iyl 306 C t»l I, William | toy It Cnrtry. Robert Joseph O-etbio,Charter Allen ChetblO, Thoryjy leo 341 Cheung, Anthony C N Cheung, Edwo dC. M. 220 Chiong, Ling ling C'.ildmt, Ednoid Algr Child,Honr WilbOui O.IntVe, John liMt1 ChlV«aln, Roderick A. 184,385 C" sot v, Do. re I Lee Chow.Me.met Otow, Sh«mei Chiittemen, Jomet Arthur 184,222. 385 CKiivtenien,Getty Moult Chrijiernen, Jonicr J, 385 Chiirlenten.Picho'd A C'»fi r me t, Ti.iynoi Glen Chiittrnten.Srephe.- G Cnrulenton, Slpvvn W’nlth 348 Christian,Clifford Jon.. 218.248. 369 Ot i tion er,Gary Far C ’liltio. VOn,C‘'ii Ann O ti| itjn oi», Luren Jamyi Otrittmon, Woyae Kelfli 0'ilt'ol e tor.,le oy I Oifi»l0pbe ,Ca ol lovin 155,320 C''tiitgphvi, Dnn-n Mnr 385 O' i»topne, .Lp. j Marie Oirivtophe.Ki'i.Gerald G. Ottivtoph ttan, Te.iortce C . |mrtiu(Michpel Thijeuyt 175,353 Chvr"ttiu,William ft ul Church,Robert Er t" Cbvr chmon, Coro I Sue 314 0 j'e,C'o!g Kenneth Chutchwell.Donold Edwo d Gpolato, Eletra Ann Cieblen,David y Ciooloto,Helen A. Clock,P.eodore M. J-Cloot, Jomet Joy CWIin.Jaeo Lot'xin. Clopp.Hplp Eilee . 310 Clark,Barbara Ann ClatL,Clinton Wolttt CloiL.TiedeiieL Fiongli Cloifc, Edmuni H . ClarV,Heidi Jp 306.329 CI«vL,Gnald Ra-y 356 Clo»fc, Jomet Robert J». Clort.Lindo lee 167.215.323 Clo »,lew! Reginald Ji. Clo-V .Moijotle Mot Clo L,Mo i Ard'ew. Cla.. ,No mon Edward 248.277. 280,281 Clare,Patricio Mouiern 152,312 CI»V, Robey John Clark .Richard Be, Clark,Robeit Borrow Gortc.Roge Brian Cla k , Ihomot Roger ClaiV,Waite J»y Henry Cla e, V illiom Howard 236 Clo e,R to Kay Clout -, Co lo Ra« Clauten,Karen Jean IE(8,3Q6 Clcvjnch,Richard Stephen Clavadet ct e , John f. 350 Clavnen,William Ccn»oe 94,216, Clapton,Kenneth Fteemon 175,385 Clowr n, Eugene Hetman J. Clovaon, Donna 325 Cloy,Kem th 3 vo t J . Clayton,David Be no»d Cleo y,David Michael 350,351 Cle'-c n,R.oger Lee 44,266,272, 353 Clenvwi .XAichoel lie Clemen , Cell Anne 314 Clrmentj.Howo-rl Warren 341 Clendenirr.V.ayrm V . Clp"in, Betty Jone 3?6 Clendinning.Be'tho E. Clemom, Pamela Jeanne 318 Cleveland,Cat Bernard Click. Como' Jomet Clifford, GOyne Alon 228 Clift,Donold Alon Cliff,Karin loriite 320 Clinp, Allen Lloyd Clir ingOrOid,Bert C-Clinkei, John T»»om ClinL e , Su o’ne 316 Clinker, Vitginio Clov«.Stanley Wv» ClwJtut. Nonce Clote,Pomelo Jeon 219,310 Clough, Chat let Pictord Claud, Jock Donald 373 Clou e,Fred Jomc 353 Cloutier,Brio.- Robe 292,2®, 295.3 0 CJoyd.Donno Mo ie 326 Gate, Ellrnbeth tauro Coote.Jomm A. Cobb,Men.y Chorle . Jr. Cocchiorello. Frtjni Alio . Cobell. Jutepi. Do,. 11 341 Cobb Icy, Mo. Sea" Cockrell, Sheilo Ann 314 Cockrell,Ralph Lean 227 Codoy.lindo Joy 219,31? Cody.Kathlcvn Olive 60 Coflmon,Robott Koil 184,350 Coghtpn,Ka rr. Ann 314 Coheuau . Alan Ovate Coliry, Co-iOd Cola, Don Elm . Coldiiort, 5t ver from Cole.Co-ol Koy 250.329.335 Cole,David S uce Cole.Cecelio louello Cole, Jomet Botcloy Cole,Ko en ‘’oc 326,327 Cole, Judith Cole,Robert Ellh Cole.Roaert William 364 Colemon, John Robeit Colemon,Ronald Dick 716.339 Colemon,MrrrHe 310 Coir-no,Stanley V m. Colle botne,Go-y V oyne 373 Collier, Everett Jomet Colliny.Dovid C. Colllm, Donold Ron Collitn John Plehotd Collin ,Lindo Darlene Collirn,Virginia Murray Comeou . Jor- A!lee- 219 Comeaui,Non fk-ylli, 216.219.318 Ccmer,William Alan 373 Complon, Janice Co'ole Condon, Jomet Arf u Corns, Lucinda Ann Conley. Jon Lou be Connell, John f'O cil Connelly Coro I Joon 142,385 Connelly,PouI 266.271.272,385 Connolly, Tnetmai Patrick 148.273, 283.379 Connor, John P«r , J., Conrod,Kenr-e". Eugene ICU.2E2 Con»in, Joeice 232 Conve te, Jomet Oonolj Conve . T:mothy Effl Cook. Sot i I Jomer Cook , Judy A-v, 335 Cook,Kenneth ls », 270 Cooley, Barbara Carole Coo i,Lionel Dnvid 236 Coon.lloyo Mtihoel Coo y.Wol'e P II Coon , Joyce Eloine 250,314 Cooper,Connie Je v Cooper.Ken- e»h Lee Coager, M i choel Cuopt1. i.gtnio Sue 3W Coapet, Robert ffl l Copp, Jennie Lee Co body, John Rage Co Oett,tindo louite Co dwell, A vr Kittor Co dwell.Co olyn Sue Co ette.Vgbert 0 J. - 190.385 Coo.(m.Gatv C"o let Cormock, Dnvid Stewart 353 Comelitan, tarry Vpttt Gont.Hugii Williom Com II F ad ffogen Cornell' Jotet't. Mndden 342 Cott, Joanne Marie 206,310 Co rlgon,Cloude Vincent Co cIgon,William Jomet Cosgrove.Mm An.. 111,314 Covnan, Raymond Jomet 220.243. 247 Co vtt,Charlotte Ann Cot'ello, Jomrj Budwcet'. Cot'eHo. Ann , ny Joteph 272.283, 285 Caug. .en,Beve ly May CuugiII,Condole Jo«« 6,219 Countiyrnon.Bixobetn L. Cootcher«.Cha l r tlo d Covet ,Dor.o Abtrie Capon, Theodore Pony CwwIpt.Oonold Canon IFi.JI'i Co . Gytold Lyon Co ,Moty file 3?3 Coyle,Willior (o-o.d Coead, Robeit Jomet???????????????? ??????????' a 3- ft ?• n‘ o' ” ? .' V '■ a f » i? r ir o I p 1 rG«Jtk 111, Ve'lin Eugene Goner, Kune I lion GotvOdO, DoviJ ‘.•or try Go'ei, Albr»» Motty Garet.Qoniel Patrick Gov i|OI|nn Gordon Goy.Rondoll Willlom Goy.ChO'let Willier Go, lord, V'O'On Arm 373,377 GeOty,tlchO d MitM ! Grrd. Bruce Mentv Geer, Don lee Ge 1 I. Gr .-j». , John Mic'oet Grnni, Dnvld Stnnley George. 0»ot let WiUo»d Geoc". Jo" Clifobe". 306 Ge.bote.Coude Jot 4 J Ce'dtt.Shirie. Foye Ge d i,Co«l Ricnotd Ge Hardf ,G-ut WI lion 330 C ""y. Jam 5mith . Gr-«", Jo " Po ri R 350 G ye».3onnle le« G« ve», fdbtwnd Pr'c Gho.atht,8f|on 160,350 Gio"'t, Aujt»t»vt Gec ge 359 GiubOn, Richard S’onley Gibb.Kofheiine lli obet Gibb , S’ e Moyne 379 Gibb.,mil Doom 185,350 Glbbt, De -n!t Roy 0 tbi,Si«eHei Reed 353 Gibtin, Jomei Mtchoel Gtbton, Denny L Gibvtn.Jon (llyobdi 732.339 Gitnan, ftobe«» Jmp 289 G.erty, Go»dO" Sowye-G'b.Ton! fli oce 308 Gier« lie, :c ord louli 341 G'rtc.leray Willlom Gipte.Cvnf'io Jane Gifford. Suton PrltcHlo Gilbet',Sony fuge-e Gilbert, Clixabe h Anr 300 Gilbert, Goiy Woyne Gilbert, Lindley Arve Gilbert, Pool J» 731 Gilbert, lewu Waiter Gilbert.Wilbur Glodttooe 153.365 Gilbert,Robert Nonwon 367 Gikoe.WillUm. ftonk 777.783. 353 GWeotret ,Mymo Mat• e Gilleat ei.F-onl lotkln Giljten, AjuI Morior Gilet.Kerv'e"' Po«' Gi l.8o v Corol 306.363 GiUet, Ja e lee 343 Gll'e»oie. V.ic 'cel Go.dc , GUIt'e. "tutor Kay Gilliland, Robert V oyne GUnon.KorlO An.. 320.321 Gilt" ',Beve'ly Joe" Gliner,Robert lee Gilmore. Kent Willi GlltOy.MoiV Thomat Gi"nfed ,lo»! Johann 161,370 Gln e..Morv Steono Gio«%o,Vflllion' Getalri Oioro-ro Donold EdwOid Gl«eroecfc.£.elrn A.,no Gloduin,William lee Glcrtcock. Gale Eugene 387 Glovud.Kov Dole 35? G teuton, Borboru file" Gleim, P„»„t Con.od Gie- '..C0.0I larjlf 759,370.371 Glenr,, Jo -n Ricnard GlJrme Alvin 777,349 G' ote. Donald Do chon Ji Goddard, Donno 7Ao»e 3 0 Godrey, Dona'd Carrol Goel.'e'.Mrvl lee 714.36S Goe»», Jfl'n William GaM.M.'cboel Jeffrie 30 Gogorfy, Raymond Arthur Gold,Ma'lOrr'e Oorn Golden.Morion 0eO" Goldnorrt, O'O'lene Kay 775,306 Golle'on, terry Gen 341 Goneioi.Foy Mo-guerire Goad, No ,oriel Mic'utel 387 Good.Kent Nolo Good.C-e-yl DiMli 38 Gooda .Robert o sell 360 Goodno.A Forle Goodwin, Phy 111 Jo 377 Goyt in.Michael Deon Good. Tt-or-ot Jom« 706.789 Go don, 0 mit Douyla Gordon,Dow Allen Gordon,ftmatd William Gordon,Mori MowOrd Gorron.Rooe Dole Go t ried. Annet'e V P Gotrwtg.John Ale «0"de' Goug ,.Robert G'0 y Gough, Bo-ry Mor on Gone . 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AiclNoel Stott Grecly.Mic oel Tiumpn Green,Coleen ?I6 Orem, Do gtot Lyle 353 Gfeen.Geotge fd a d Green, Janet David G'een, Jonn Wilfred G'be. ,lauro Aorie Green,Riebord Ednatd Green,Ric »d Donold G'een, Robe.r William 185.350 Green, Toby Sue G’eene, Edna Mae G»een«.Frantet Am, G'eene, Rolpb Dennit G'«' «, Terry V elbOrn 374 G'eentield, Carol Ivan 56,318 G'ae.'beck, Robe t Roy Green . Oean fa.I Gieervp,Ko,l''ryn Poe Gregory, loe'C'xe fdeO'd Greog,Michele lee Gre»yg,Kardlee', TAorie 378 G' VO . Terry Milt G e.joiy,Robert Mienoef 370 Gr«in, r amor Jrjmet G f, Decne Oar I Granfell.Kenrerl. Httword G.ev etl, Jo'-n lowell Gieeell.Moty lauite Greve, Joyce Jone'tr G'ietel. AriKjt Joiepn J, Griifin, E Inonor Nellie Grlliln.Oonald Patrick 341.343 Gtlffln, letlir Jeo e 106.?2J. 775.31? Griffin, Juditb lynn Grilling, Jonn Marvin G'Hllr , Jomet Ric' aid 170,360 Grlrjel, Joteph Ednord Grigg .David Buc' fw 789.360 Grirdell.Donn KIiV Gritt.Mo'aoret Ann Gritamore. T'omat I Jr. 44,379 Grit!. 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Mockei, Jo Am,, 215.747.249.373, 377.379 Mockmon, Virginia Ann Maeyele.Mo A»n Mole»,David Winfield Moijen,C 'arlene 0-'ieMo ►loger.Cwtii John 341 Mogen, Darrell Oar let 34? Mogen, Mormon Jomrt Mogen.Poul ThOrr n Mor n, Jo n Clifford Hoick,Roge- 379 Moigei. V-onf.ed 727, Malt, fodoro Wiltan Matt, Jo n Norman Hate,6e noid Edwa d 23 Mole,Dowi|lat Groom 34? Male. Dennit Richard 360 Malei.Rolob Edward Mnll.Brendo Dale Hall, David rnomnt Hall,David Bruce Hall, Denniy 34? Holt. Edwin lee 354 Hall,Gary lee Hall,Gary Rutted Hall, Jomet Trank lir-Hall.Jomet Micnoel Moll. Judin. Pot.icio 378 Mall. 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Homilton, Jeffrey T omoi 736.373, 374 Hamilton, Jane Elifabett, 378 Hamilton,lee Ann Hamilton.Morte Jomet Hamilton,Robert Melvin 230 Hamilton,Robin luc 342,370 Hamwto.O'eryl Gwen Mammen.Joba Robert Harm.. .Allen Kic-Vird Haw Tter,Sond a lee 328 Homme., I) omot Georye Hammond.Koren Lynn Hammond, V illto Joteat-Hatchett,Scott Eorl Honcock,Alice Jon Huncock, Gory Deon 730,345 Honcoek. Judith Mot ip Monlfen.Oovid Moncel Hongot, George Rwttell 365 Harlot,-Margery Dion 316 Honkrl,Steven lee Hnnnotr.lindo Jane 108,310 Hamen, Ale»ondet Nilv Monten.Bennett Roy 387 Monten.BriOn Michael Hont.n,Co Ol Ann 378 Hontrr.,O'arlotte Anne Honren.Eric Stephen 387 Honten, Erik Myric Homcn. Jomet Mlehoel Mornew, Jennifer Jeon Honten,lourcnt Alvin Monten, Linda Rote 306 Honten, Mi thee I lee Hamen.Pool Mot itn Monten.Robe” Thomoi Mon-.rwon, John Rie'wd Homnon, Romild Eugene Momon, Barbara Jeon 328 HantOn. 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Thomoi Allert R!ngtiond,Normo" lee 187,357 Rick, Jodit" Gayle 313 Pitman,Peggy Jean 145,232,233, 322 litrenhoute.Dovid Dwight Rittenberty, Undo Jeonn«3l7 Rivet.Bryan tiafAint Rivet,Dlone louite 732 Rivet,S e»i Eloine Rivet,Oouglav U.oy 195.216.392 Rivet.Carol Hukill vabbim.Sanaa lee 223 tobbirn.Morold William Robbint.Guy letter Robbir . Bonnie Jo Robert!,Gory S. 238,343,344 Robettt, Jomet Blackford 298 Robert!, Jane Helen 309 ■dbettt, enne k Milton Robert!,Motilyn lee 223,392 •obert ,Mickoel Dortvin Robert!, Ronald V et'lol RaotrrtKtri, Anna Sue 330 Rob«rt!On, Char lei Ednord Robertion, Corritance Rober On,Froncet Robertvon, G'cgo ! V amet Robert!on, Jemet David Robertion,Robert Pajl Jr. obe» »on,R; r'otd M. Sobertton.Willlom Jam«i Robe'twn,Solly Louite 309 Roberfvon, Trocy RlcJiord Robittion, Aud ey Cottyyn 216 t'obinion.Den;! Froncn 344 Robirnon, Dio e Alan P.obirnon.Jonr Frederick 179,376 obirHO",»Co e« May 322 Robiraon, Jo»tn Warren RobineOn.KOtnryn ZettQ 132,309, 330 itobimon.M. Carol Robinton,Prjliic Q Ann 326,327,332 Robiraon.Martno Gentry 392 Roblncon.Ronold lee 393 Pobinton, Tertill S. 289,355 Rob ton, 'ogr Show Rob: ton, 11 "do OtrKtine Robiton, ho Elmer Rocbelrou.lanae Eugene Rod, V o ne Gordon 345 Rodger!,Mary Jone Rodriguex, Gilbert Roe, TVjma! 3 otd Roe. Joiet ' T ieodote Rogeti.Cyntkio Morgare 164, 3H Rogett, Carole Gofer Rogeri, Judy lym» 179,217,313 Roger!, Julio Opal Rogent, Ko e Bro-ening 143,311 Pogeri.Mory Gay 313 Roger!, Ruth Moe 322 Rogrtlien.Mory Coroltrre 319 Robot t. Doe no Morie 309 FoNbock.Ered 220 RoNbork, John 220 RuNe .Bonnie De 332 Roster, Judy Ann 183,319 RoNet, Edrvard Steve Rokito.Rwt'y Roy Rolondutn,Gayle Ann 313 Kolctyrttki.Om Glen Roll,Dennit lee Rollin.MicNml William Rollini.Rutk 329 Rolcuon,Wode lymon Roliton, Alon T'.or o! 132,366 Romrne, Williom Lee Rone Retro, Ronald M. Roper,Dyon Eloine 324 Ro vik, David Micnoel 7M, 257 RorvtV,Pe Jdkn Por’vtg,Willad Eugene RotdoM.Nili Men.r 349 •'oie.Gary Roy Raid,Marti! Woyne Rote. John Marit al) Rote,Robert Ivon Roienberg.Poul Rotenberget,Marilyn Arna Rolling, Bernard lour! Ron,Betty Jeon Rot!.Hoi Gee Roit,Kenneth Bruce 147,357 Bott. John v olke 70.155,220 242.243.747,366 Roti.Jomet T. Rou.Maegoret Anne Roti. ttllip John Roti.V illiom Picho d 773.544 Royigrol,Richard Allon Rotiad.Richwd Arthur Rotchford.Heroeit T. 273 Rotering,Micholat Arton oth, Sandra Dotlern 332 Kothlltberger,Daniel I- 55.276. 393 Rouodt,Donald Alon Roveto, Dennli Woodton Rome. Je rey Coig 344 Kovre.Mic'uel John Ratvell, Jonathon Bruce 344 Rovrlond.Jon Ellen 219,309 Romley,Robert Jamei Jr. Rowling, Dlono lee 336 Roybal, Jette Dwaine Rubin, Joy Henry Rubrno, Vince 1 Eugene Ruby,Williom Reynoldt Rude. Co.ol An.. 719,309 Ruder, Sutur. Jane Rodin. Judith Arm 306 Rudolph,Williom Steve Ruegome-, William Howard Ruegamer.Vtnce Jamei Ruegtegg« ,Cotolyrv. toil Rur tegger, Lloyd (Xrone Ruff, JtF - ! Albert RuHatto.Jeon I9.3I9 ugg.Rdya«v« Paul Rug .,Robert Glenn t„r uill,Clinton St ph ti Ku"dhoug, A.tng Demi, Kunge, Woyne John 352 KurAle, Clyde Dctnold Ruth, Dertnit Ao on Ruth,Margo Ann Roll, Robert frori Run,Brian Lynn Rut tell, Brent Mamet Runell, Dome Dougloi Ruttell. Edrvtn lewrt 253,380 Rutted,Richord Homer Rucco,Williom Kurt 338 Rutt, David Jonathon Rutnerford,Owlet R. Rutledge,Philip Micnoel Ryon,Gary Franklin Ryon, Jerome Michoe '64,231,345 Kyr, Oovi.t 61 e 71. 140,376 Ryflel.Koth.yn lee 245,249,3(79 329 Soor, Korin E. Sabon, Jom»! W Soo'o.Nilet Fredrick 352 Soemon, Raymond Hetman Sagin,Mi;hael Ann 315 Soge..Hubert 1. 344 Soger .Margaret Ann 315 So' i •onold Archie Daniel Jock ton Soint.lnec Roberto St Cyr. Beverly Ann N. 332 Sokoyd, Frdncit R. Sokodo, Betty A Vo Sole, Elizobe«n Goble 17,319 Salmonton,8 uce Horlor. Sola !, Jerry Dole 272 Salori,Herbert Leon Solte.Runold Pete Solutto,Marcia Roe Salvo. Jim 272.355 Soma I tun, Edward Lee 774 Sammont, Joe Kenneth Somplei, John Henry Somoton.Monfy Deo Sami, Benjomin C'airV Somvon, Stanley Raymond 5onrueltOn, Terri Lee SamuetiOo, Runell Dewey Sondbe g,Normo Pointon Sanbom.Morc »o I Quite 736,309 Sondel.Cotl Roy 380 Sonde-1, Williom David 716 Sonde .Robert William Sanden, Do. id S. So "den. Do" Robert Sancten,Cha lene Odell Sandert, Jolm Frede.ic 187,393 Sonden, Jjne France! 322 Sonoen, Lydio Momilron 393 Sonde to 1, Joon 311 Sondln, Coral E. Sondrack.John Hugo 234,235,236 Sondi.Hoytel D-on» Sonttrum, Eric Ste»en Sonto, John Cobby 366 Sat Sck , Borr v Edward Sortx,Frank Juttln 338 So. men I, Moure " 315 Save.None, J. 163,250,313 Sothor,Timothy John 5atre,fAot« S. J67 Sutner,Floyd Denve Sotterlee.MorV M. Sottcilee.Adoh 5. Souetbiet,Richard To'e 777 Sounder!, Car I Woyne J . Savage.Glen All 346 Savage, Terry Ric'-ard 393 Sawyer. Kotby Dorle-t Savmon, John 3 ooire J . 412So on,£d of l Bern J Sor r, J onew Gertrud 219,319 Soyl»«.Gforge Chtli Scot , Gary Vincent Scdr, Svnon 0«xt 309 Scolobr.n.Priilllp c. Scol-re. 6o-ry tym" S O lon, Po-.ic io toe Scon Ion ,Son0 O S IVOn 317 Scor.nn.fti obcrn 252.33? Scvlon.Ornr icc Mori Sconnel|,D nit low tr Schorlfl. Jo" Mlenocl Scboc ci,Carol Ann 315 ScKo ner, Jamen Wol «r ScWer.Go-y F-ed 27? Schelfet. Gy lo Mori 5cheidecler. Rodney Dole 3« Schif»,Stc-pn - (ri vd Schic »,9ct»y Mott Scnillct.Richard Morion SchilVe, TVomoi Jo-i-i 260 Schilling,Kritri Ann 165,32? Schilling,Donno Jf«n Schilling,David Evflard Sct'ip«» cir,P.cno d H SchlocAc, Todd A , Schlrgel.Otco’ Thome ScMrpo. Nellie Mo Schnnoc C . Joy 65 SchrnoueK,Michael Fred Schmootr, jocgwclinc D. Schmoo't, yy»ld Jo- ei Schnuju , K nn th Jocofc Schn«cltiC ,Mo y 393 Schmid. Roth Schmid ,C. Dion Sctvn.d , Done Chari Scnmi .Gvy 0- gio' Schwid . Jodi v Ann 145,317 Schmidt, Wymon Co I Sclvnid ,Colph Williom Schmidt,Verrro Peo-I 33? Schmirfr. tone Arrf»'«'t( 3?? ScIvrtStt,V«'non Edwin 222 Schmitt, Carol Inc 311 SchvnIft,Mrl"» rh Hon 393 Sctwiff, Oo- fug nr Scl nnll, Dion Mo-re Scbnod,K «n Ht Erwin SthnoVj «.0»lo « . 332 5c . elder, Phillip G S: n.eid «,P to«'» ftonelt School I, Hoi ld Jon e, Sc hn Hen ,1m it John Sc hotter g, Em tt Woodrow Sc'iocn, lro John Scirognytold.Robert touit 200,221 Schoon. uth.leilye Aon 336 Schewner. Money logiie 332 Scbopfrr, Tr»ty Robert 380 Schott, OfWiOnd tee Sc'tremm, Donald Mogrice Scl»‘-n pl,G. Edward 163,371 ScnrOC ., SvtOf Motto Schroodol, Nynoi G o J Se'-toeder, Cynthia Poo Sc .«oodc».fi'o go et Heir- 317 Schruth.MJehorH Jo « 367 Schylr.Tom K.ll . 377 Sc -ulm,William No«h .f '54,367 5ch lr. Jonri He.mon ScK l' , CII abo h T 30V Schulte, Rabc» Giohom 2?fi Sehglh.Glfndo 217 Scholl , lir-ds Dior -Schylf ,Williom f Vieir D, Sc'kjIu, Jrw Micnocl 132,393 Sct« lfre,Goo«g« tdnorrt Se'wlrrSuio. »Mo..« 177,393 S:Njl ,Rotricio Acer 51,238,319, 363 Scl'umorhei.Darnthy %. 393 Set«jnon,El « tub Sctx rg.Ooniel [mot ScSn't., G r r.d Moik ScK ylc.Cho.let WilUon Schwodrip.,Kicno d . Sct'vronfce,V llliom Kuhl 30,255 Schvrort . Jomei Ruuell,Mary Joon 123.319,Howo d Be notd Schvrort .rCeitn Leroy ScKwechten, Jotv. 132,362 Schwecve.Deitticn Ale Schw«.tr«t ,Go y John Schweiret.Nottnon 772 Schwenk, John George 216 Schwidd .Owlet Rice Scnwi.vjel.Ge'.evirvi C. 217,309 Schvtitow,Kenneth Eugene Scott,Bonnie Koy 3 5 Scott,Dole Motion Scott,Cotlfon Keith Scott,Donald Owlet Scott,Gory lve.e t Scott,Katnlran 315 ScOtt,Kote" Am Scott,Low.erce F . Jt. 222 Scott,Mo.y EKcobet., 322 Scott,Michael Goanoy ScOtt. SonO'O Jone Scnmo., Terry Robert Sctenctt, Jam Jjetph Sctibnet.T'icnw Michel Scull, John Dole Wirt.Jantt Doug I a. 266,271, 272.355 . Seorlet.Suton Jeon 307 Seott, Joni Motir 217 Sean, Bonnie Jeon $ec«ett.Chotlei Fl u • 192.393 Sedeiholm, T' eolo Mae SedJece, Tony 720 Seebetge», Jone 0o»o y Seet.W.imim F. . Seeley, »oge Ailbg. 151.267.272. 355 Seeley,Owlet fuuell Seety.Oovid Williom Scid«nt!icl«t| John C. 168,393 Seldlet,Rebecca Irene SeS|ttod,Marion Pauline Seim,Keith Dowglo. 269 Seinet.hVj.y Janet Seinet, Jond Dm-iit 226 SeWa.O-O'le Ooyt«n Sel5h9o,leon Yn udo-t Selkirk ,Gottto" V oy Sell.Owoln E Vttn SelwOy, Jock Mv.roy B. Selrwry, Jomet M trje«r Semenro,Lo y DtOne 355 Sefnen.lee F. Ill Semtod, Robt-r Joteph Senechol,Nancy P'itclllo 54,S6 309 S inn,Fo«told len 5 nne,G«ait Ducwcrrn« Seen eft, Frank Ronald 344 iepich. Je.'r Joatet 292.297 S trie,Daw 277 Seim»ut,John Pojl Sethre, Ronald Milton Sewt'.George Thomm Sevniton,Motria Faye 33J Seaton,Margate Joan 5eyle».Ge'ald Krdd ShaFfgc, Trooy Fioncir Shoffet,Donald lee Sf-at'e,Ralph Michael 5hori|ir»,|.vin A|| ,i Shotvwygoet.V. S. Sfcnncx, law t-n. r Itroy 3 g Sttormo, Upendro Na.oin Shorp.Robin Leigh 246,317 , Ro w.t r 349 Showl.Moty Hflm 325 yoy.Omnit Allen 252 o, j:» fwwtt 355 9eo,Oo»M Staniry V‘«o,Do r ' Joo Shtbl . Audrey lee 2)9,311 S er' on, JotCOh Po«rie»i Shetloe,B'Odtey Allyn Sheikh,Abcul Ooiyw-' Shelby, J«»net Keith 179,393 Shelby,David Roy She I den, Robert Merten Sheldon, Jerry G«n« Shetntanei.Doniel David Shelton, Jon If wit Shelton, Stove. 367 Sherwle.Mory Inez 307 S‘.ennvm,,Koren 16S.393 Sheo» id,Bonn!e Lynn 3?l Shepherd.Dovglot C. 273.37? Sbeonerd,Howard Eugene 5bephe.d,Thomot Edward ShfirJon, Jcv-e Let lie Sheridon,Robert J,. E She.iff,Ricword Albert Sherlock .Patrick Dron Shemym.Dovid Hertiton Sherman,William Clayton 167,393 Sherry,Stuart Jomet 160,355 Shew.Carol Joo ’ Shiwer.Richord Moron S tinn,Michoel Lomar Shi.e.Edif' Alice 327,332 Shitet. John Herbert 338 V ir»t,Carolyn Ann Snoemc e., Jamet lowrence S oetrwith,Merlin Wendell Shoouitt.Michoel Paul 3A Shore,Kathleen Ann Snort,Margaret Ann 167,313 Short. Jome, Ronold 367 Short.Robert Stonley Skotlle,W1IHoe Jatcpt Snpifl, Eijnurd p te. 203 5h»ine .loen Tnomot Shub«t, Edword Eve Snybot,looney lee ShylH, Philip COwOrrt S« ultt,Glendo Lu Skgltjjlindo Mat) S'tot.Be y Jo Sibc ,K’tw Jacob Sifclerud.l: ml f.tgr.n Jeo )79.217,209 Siddigue.hctol SSeb«l,Kab it Vernon cr 3,Gory Dean ?8J Sim,George 86 Siemen .Roger McCarty S.koro, Anthony John Silk,Patrick Dav.d Silk.Sally Jo Silvetitgin.lichoid 192.393 SIKit i.ltftk Arv A. 307 Simotd, Gordo . Rait 393 Si-won,.tee Mug . 155.204.355 Sirwmoni.lenore lilyOn Sfrimom,Gordon Henry Sinvr.or .Myrna l «it S .i,»abe t S ol A. 151,352 SSmort,Barbara Ann 132,393 Sitwon . Jo Cnlyittt Simortor.,Parnell Motwor. 349 Simjyon, Jomei Gilbert Slttxnon, Janet Marie 332 Slogloton.SbetlW F'Onk Sipict, Valerie Go» 232.332 Sive.turn.lorne Evert Sifer.Myton Irtft 534 SVagerij George Jullut 5k»i, Arid 0, Si ml. Janet 336 Skecm.Gaty Roland SVmp,Sheilo Lynn 245,247,313 329 Sk .(to , A. t u» Ue 344 Sk Inner, Dene It Wayne 27? Siimev, Jomet Williom Shic Iter, Doug lot J57 SkomOgooki.Sue A.. 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Suggestions in the Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) collection:

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Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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