Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT)

 - Class of 1963

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V .- ,V ..QL:,, ' . , V .. ,-.hVy.VV fg- til 1, 2 ? .9-An Table of Contents Activities Administration Athletics Classes Fine Arts Greeks Living Groups Military Science Organizations Outstanding Students Royalty Student Government Fall I Winter . Spring . Fall . . Winter . , I Spring I . Freshmen Soptiomores Juniors . Seniors Fall r.,, Winter , Spring . . . I 963 Sentinel Staff JAKE NELSON r.i,....... VERNON ANDERSON ...,. ROGER ZENTZIS , ,. CYRILE VAN DUSER BOB LIEFRING ...,r JOE HOLLY .....r. Peggy Short ...... Pat Graybeal ..,,.., Ka ralee Stewart .4.,. Judie Phillips ,.... Lois Mueller ...... Scott Grittitti ,.... Lee Holcomb r.... EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER .. . . I .HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER ADVISOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHER Classes Classes Eine Arts Eine Arts Student Government ., , , . sOrganizations Fraternities and Sororities 2 M S U Through Color 3265, S3 'l '! i 1 gig Tl-1, ,--ff H-'.,.,,Ah,y' V XE... , Vg, y -f 'f QA, ,N ,4A, I ' -' , ."'vR 1 'i-A I 2- " 1- V- .- T - , ' , ,S-f-fav +R, We T po: ' -. 4 1155 -'hconsrnwrso av - 'K 1 . e ,T A 'fi . 4+ . ',,'4',!-kntvstafnnmff' f AGP! 4' .1 ,' . tg ' -15.-Q 1. t it I '- 5' 7" ' ' A f 'UA' ,4 TRUCK LOAN -- K ' s ' iff, sf :lf .P y- ,-. - is - P f. .MUUNMIII Trump k , ' f by '. , 59 ,Q U L , . ,,- .9 1. .A , .- r , .7 xl , - Iva f K 'T ,A ,QZ 3' 4: U ,' ":-"A , 1 " -4 fix X - -x gf7.,Pu" L-f . is ", . up L N , A KRW 1. 1- Qu ' 1, 4 ' ge, 1 T .Q 3 Wig! Q Q. Ii7':,. ,277 I , , V V V V A' 4 f 1 I V fx ' . uw, P- - f,.5f ww , ' ' t 11 , . ' ' ' 1 ff , - ,. ' N .P g 5.0, , . ,, ,, . A . ,u x xi ' ,,,, v -- xv .ap Ag., .l N 5 , - 3 ,- , -A -il V -.K ,.1 ve ' ,' - F 1 V , - - , ,I " " ' , ' v V, . ' X, X iff 1:4 57-'JA' ffhlfd I , K, vis-' Plz- '. ' 7' ",".,. , W, -N ' ', 3, 2 4- Ap' , ' Z fr '. 'N 1 ' ' . . ' 5 ' -1 ' ., 'U A. 1 -' X ' A The year started for students with freshmen meeting at the camp on beautyful Flathead Lake. The second week gf school saw the pomp and cir- cumstance of Home- coming. The old grads, the football game, and the Homecoming Queen and Princesses were among the many things seen. The very pretyi queen for this year was Phyllis Peterson. 1 33 I I I MSU vs MSC The biggest athletic event mf the school year is the annual game with Bozeman. Thejirst minutes Q' the game saw the Grizzlies faltering ajier two quick Bobcat touchdowns. The Grizzlies re- covered to beat Bozeman ana' the right to possession mf the trophy chest pr the coming year. vmggss t N ' The Mi'ss MSU crown is the most sought after cj the many MSU royalgi positions. jua'ging ana' contests last over a period gf a week. The highlight if the event is the final nights jua'ging with its many acts. This year Roberta Tarbox, a Kappa Alpha Theta, was the winning choice. i l N I 2 1 I +- . i wg, 'Wm N X I , A ' i s ,' 5 nav 5 ,f it IS , A I it :Z ..-gi' ff. 's r . Aix, it -If' S. qi at HI M ff, ' X ..., , 'T -'Tuna Y 1. , l W 1 .- K . q, ' ' . I 12 Q V 4' N 3 ' 1 gb. ' " 4 .Ag-HkNfP'. x 'mm ' ' 'F E XSL? "'w'n X' 5: wal .445 . 29' iw' I Q I. .f ' U if , 1 v 4 v V,-, is , 4"'A I I , 4 1 , Y H " 1fY'l,"x, JW ' , ...X I WH Qkgjl- 1 -,. -.1 ' 5 - Y I .7 gt' - f- XT ,n ,r f' n r-'F . Q 1 fm- vs ' .rf gil K ., V' . yn 4 I lb" L . yi ,gl . If -" , A 4 N V'-.' nw ' . , ,- aww- - - 1-wx 'Ak Q4 'nk I Q R , .' if , cr , ,l f -X' 1 All Q -' I 2 'L ,aift ' ir P N -' . , fwwffi ' 7 'F W ' .. . Y maxi? my I ' x . 9' ' ."Q'Yn' V' 12, . . 5, 11 " 2 ' it , 9 f ' 4 5 ' . veg- ' - 1 1 59, .. , 1 ,'l. , V 6. A , . . NJ -,.,.. i ,' 5 -1 !,.i5f',' 3 4 ., .N, gg , , , ,,,, U qt? 7 fl?--I ,g V ,J , 1 wi. Wag? , AL N, an - , 1 . n- ,ln -- q..-3 p.. 6 Y H 55 Y Q , wx -ns -pdf' ati,-LJKJQ lf- iw ,s 'ff nv' O ' iv -Q L4 ' , N . . I' , 4 . -I 'H I H N M '."' CVUVIU 5 I ,n - --,aa v ,inf a I ' 5 ,U s -'H' ,.l- .,, hQ1"qe+ 7 ..-..,, 4.,Q I. h'-ix. V v - V-, '4 ,?A K , -- 2- ff ' rl M .A V . -S-Q I ' -' .f . al I , ,,. .5 ,f ,.- M f :- 5-fi' xx., 1 .ku Ag, . 19:75. .Q-Q74-Qi -"JF" -, 'J' . LQ q if lr ,. '. -- -v, ,'. - ' N NL 4 4,4 X fax'- . ' . . . -'r' . ' r' ' ' ' ' 3.15, .," " :L j'- - iz . A - ' az, ,,- - , . :Si . f"-i s I - 1 . 1 ' kv ' - 'b'f"',:'vT-vc... 9 -, . L-.. , I x ' ' -4 . 'P3.1N'. J' 4 ' -, ,, 15.1 1 X -m V , f , A . ,. I -. 1. - '- ' Q' , 0 '- Q , xx 1 e,' -1 :JJ 4. " 1 't', ' ' . . ,gf 'f- -...'Y 753 -?' ' 3 , ' -, -v' A 5 ,.., f 4 V " '- '1 -x '- x , X f ' 7 . - A ' ,Ns l . -'Z ' 11 5354 ' H' 4 " ' f - ... .- ..1 se ... -.... -A "-' I 1 Wi", -55.5, S-,r.'.?f F Z1- rv--Q., . fq i f I r 1 amp' 1 , But most students spend the lastjw moments of the quarter studyingjbr the coming tests. m J A S f V M1 P 1 x ' Ld' pi ,A - uc - .,: 7 J. ' ' tag ' fl P "vi, ,,.n 72 f Q, ix fm X 5 use it pl 1 9573? M 6 .V VP ,f dw 'F . xl! , E QIX-APN! X E tw A- .Nwx ', ,X 1, . 4 X s 4 x I - .l . 1 xl: X, ., .LJ Q3 R yt ,5 ' Q, xfxugx 29 as ' 4,1-' ', af. ,N -5, img i ,,.,..,.1 .-A : ,,. . .. 3 X N ' H P '- - X 1 A f. Wf , x ww, M N , ,, , A - ,Q l A'1M,fS5-M 1 ' ' 'V 1 -5f"""A'f'5 +'+f5'? NNN ' .-gf 1 . D333 X X- L ., , f Hr KVA!! . I 4 X' lfqki v if 2, P. 1 - F ' . w ' " .A 1, 2 :V L ,A s x ft" K 5' P . x ' - R X XX I X 4 2 at X i ia, xx br xg X ' V. 1' . H ' .T ' 'QS , kk' 'I I 5 D ' ""' ,1 ks 3 X 3 va u ' X xv r 5 , L L , 7 - "'wI"V1'I:.Q' 'V . 5' 5? Qiiw' " ".i3fe.E,,f'-fgfisiiff ' " "' 1? -f T ' JW V , f . 4 ,,, m,.-- -' .1 ,L fy g ,, fl-rg.. -' .wwf f7 ,, . . l Hfds N R f RA, wwf, h ' as Mz'dway through winter quarter, the new ulolberolass women's dorm was opened. Eloise Knowles Halfs interior besides beingfunetiona! is also vegr decorative. It houses 240 women and eoen has a storage room for jnrmals. PHLQUOUQA. LMA I' i -m ' 'M f ' , ,ff xv an fy 1., M, W 4 jeaf lfggz m an Lulu A 5 in 'F nd? JA .kg A, .. 5. a 1, , f . Sing . 'FS Qs , . .. ' - ' 'mi-ya , ' 9- i, iqyiwcw A' 'A , ,. Az, I , il'x'5i by .hy ,.. 0.21. f 'LQ 1 5 - xiii?- ' . -r -' LIP' 'tn ' 4 y. , In i 94 . bf. H J ,., ww-f ' px., , 9 . . g ,Inn H' if g 3 xrfimi 12, ,,,, 4' K ' . my 1 2122 4,5 1 75 'ms- , j Af 1 1:1 P ,I-'Awcg v .X N ':,v iz?-5 I .- .5 5 ,,fTf','1l'axi' V , , , L ,f,,,f ,J . 'T 44.1 , N54 1' ,- .' 1 .Jak .j ,4-H ,V In . .A 'L.,.-A. X. L,,A A1M A ? " xml: ' J ,f if 1 vfgf-195 " . 'Fi 'ff' K' 'V 1' ' f :.5y21'l' ,N I- .N:t..4Si i ' I 5'?-Qfiifff-',:'Z ,. "3 9 ff' 4:f 1 ' 5Q 5? .fi -l .L :I fl ytiglbltsvviw 2 1 fx . f, A 'W 'al a a ,.,. ..- lt, , t l,q.r , 4 . N Q! 1 'u . L .,,, Q 8 . . . 9 x. v ...- ,f li ' ' in 9 i :s 'Ir' :fi I if Wh. .5 - -" l 'T' 3 ll In L., 'A ygk fy "Q, P Sw-Q-.w 1.51-if-K A .. 'I I " . .- E., an .,.A'4, ge. ,f ij ' - . , -. 11 V , -'iff , ,. -3 --5 .41 A! T r v-1 U . W 5 I ,QV MT 193. X4 V 0: ,pp 4 , i RA Vu . 0 .1 . 5 1. F, I M A l 9 -- : nl V' - 95 A. . ' q.-,le,- X b vw ' .'- I' 5 L rdbf' ' . Pl Qu?" ' K df V Q . .tV. ,,... - I 'rf 'Q-., ' 3"k"- -1 QQ' ,fln gar- '- S i '91 P -, ' , 1. , ..,. ,..,f,-,, ,,,.:,.f,7fl. .. Y. ,D 1 , , 'P .- :,f,'1'v" v Ll v . , f 4 . X ' L , H. p'-'f"'wGVlq.4.,-"?f.' 4' "X ' .- .5 if 1 X , X X XX ,., tm ' ' ,, X- ,, ,X,my1g..Mnu.AA.n..uulu.u,u...nunum.......n.-..........................Y..-',.4..L......A4-L......4ag1n-Li.' 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Z , XXXL: ,, . Xgf f QXXXX 4 . X X' , X X 1W5'757,, X Mn ... . ' ,. ,712 , f -M! 'X ' ' LAL, . 4'ue5,, , . ' ' , , L-,:'w,"i,,v I ' - ""ff"'4 P ,, ' f ' Q ,, - s "A " 5 s X' X ' ' 2, X P HX XX. X XXX XQ F X X rr! ' l , . ,, , ,M f , , . K, , NN""-A ' ' ' . 4' -',ii"f554,f1 b,Q - M , 1, wr an Q f' 'ui -4 , f- 'Z :Wim 'X W "'V ww' D f f 'ff N: E .,. V , X ,MEMXX X , ,mv 1 P X 3 N 3 I' 9 I' g! f , 5 239 . W yi c 3 1? I 'QQ' V 'M , , W, ,ANY ,, ,,+,, + l W f M' I 'fly Q ,"""""-f.. 'ta lax 'M Jsl. ' ,'. H5 4 n fs 1 ff' , 9 3 x , 5 1' Y K ' 1 0 Hi ,.f 1 ' 5 rw. Q usa- ,1- 's 4 x .4 4 s ff, 1 fc Ziyi E 'K' 4 wi yi' 1 M I 1 4 f? 5' I f W. ww- Q, je. 1 yu-"""e 1 ,ff i ll, 9 2 sir w'A'vf ' ' qwifega I . A 'Ms'-V 5 , ,, I ff 1 1. 4 'iff 11" ffi. .1 0 x ,iff , , W f 65354 ff Ye 1 1 4 W Q 1 1 L P QW' K A .I if ,F OCTOBER I: The "good life" ceases wilh classes beginning. A+ 8 AM, wide eyed lreshmen and blurry eyed upperclassmen head in lhe general direclion of lheir lirsl class. In 'rhe lasl leg of The iourney lhrou receives his aclivilies cards. 4 V, ,fix N fy 3 V pi: K .r. u .i - , ,A I , , , Aj" 4'Kg"ei?9 Marshall Dennis. living proof ol: lhe slogan, "Go Greek, l'r's Greallu OCTOBER 2: Al lhe end ol For- mal Rush, 267 Greek prospecls de- cided To be lralernily men or sororily girls gh 'rhe regislralion lines, each sludenf XNWJ 25 ' 'ir 'af in painling Jrhe "M", some of lhe young cubs gel oul of hand and painl everylhing in sigh? lhal is female. qs.. c 4, ' Af i i r I f-.. I O , ff 2 5 K ly f, , c ,I 3 MQ HW fa NW Www " R. I ai' 4 , AN gf ,X A a. QX 1. "Mums Tor The alum." These delicaTe Tlowers on The preTTy ladies l:JrighTened The campus Tor The day. OCTOBER 6: To make The homecoming successTul, The Grizzlies Topped The Van- dals Trom Idaho 22-lb. OCTOBER 5: Among The campus love- lies To compeTe Tor Homecoming Queen were: T-lelen Cain. Ann Erickson, Phyllis PeTerson, Gwen McLain, and CaThy Ryan. Each girl added a Touch oT g glamor To The TesTiviTies. , -i ji OCTOBER 5: Five excepTional alumni . were honored by The universiTy. Those . receiving awards were: Ronald S. Kain lI922l Mary Kimball ll928l, E. G. Poin- exTer ll9l9l, and l-lerman G. STarlc 119263. P 7 ., T ms A. 'gf 4 EN v OCTOBER 9: Twen- Ty-nine sophomore men ioined The ranlcs oT The dedicaTed when They were Tapped Bearpaws aT The TirsT SOS oT The school year. OCTOBER IO: Sue GanTenbien emceed The acTiviTies oT The WRA Gym Jam, an inTroducTory meeTing oT The Coeds wiTh The opporTuniTies oT The Women's RecreaTio'1- al Assoc:iaTion in The Women's CenTer. BeTore The board, lvlargareT Bue is inTerviewed Tor Angel FlighT. Q E ' 1 l T l i ,Z i A-.,.,i T 2 , V 4nnnnu' 'H y,-E, or M i ParT oT SX Derby Day is This honey- WaTching The girl and iudqinq ' Riclc RichTer, winner oT The masquer The "Chababarama" is John Al- ' producTion. lisan aT Derby Day. i, l On The march, The Kams and Dregs wenT over Through, around, and in beTween all The resT oT The parade. OCTOBER ll: ln line wiTh The growing need Tor guerilla war- Tare, The Army ROTC organized a CounTer-guerilla plaToon Tor Those c:adeTs inTeresTed. OCTOBER l2: Divide sixTy beauTies by Two and whaT do you geT? Two oT The sharpesT looking, well c:oordinaTed drill Teams in The NorThwesT-The K-deTTes and The Angel l:lighT Squadron oT MSU. Among The alumni To revisiT his Alma lv1aTer, was Dr. l-larold Urey. Dr. Urey was The I934 Nobel prize winner in ChemisTry Tor discoverino heavy waTer. 21 l gal e 2' '?"6?f'fS?2'?,' if M I 1 2 I , 1 . i l l l l Ed l-larper, MSC's sTudenT associafion presidenT dropped his drawers aTTer The SilverTip upseT over The BobcaTs. l i i l i T l Bring crowned PepperminT Prince by presidenT Louise Janslcy, Phil ShulTs is all smiles aT The Triangle Tall dance. lphoTo by Bruce McGowenl - xy n... - ' , ' W ' Q M ATTer Dr. SchusTer's lecTure, The parenTs were TreaTed To home movies by Dean Clow. O'Leary and Davis Team up To poinT ouT campus landmarks To The Tollcs. w M, ..,,, W N g ., ,,,,, W K af A 1 M H, M X Xi M M. t W ww. ,N v rg, V, M TA W W N ,. f In My " N, "T ,, - H N 4 Lk we Y. K s W ,, 4 N- ,, Mn ,WA " -4 K 4 M , ' i K 3 ,, ,, x , b . , W .,, I v 4 Q M N uw. X 6 fa M Nw 1 M Nw W W RQ NOVEMBER IO: Tours, arT shows, lecTures, and a ban-Y queT were The main poinTs oT The agenda when The sTudenTs Turned ouT To hon- E or Their Tolks on ParenT's 'F Day. l-IighlighTing The day was The MSU-MSC TooTball clash. The SilverTips senT The CaTs home To Bozeman wiTh Their Tails beTween Their legs. 22 If Q if Q Y' Hs Q- N if 5 Q A -4 la, f 1, y, 0 QL 81 A g 4 sv 6 Q il A- ,X s ' K .. J ,K X -N' , 'X 4 Q Pia A , 1 V I gf 6 ,uv 'Wu XV, 't 1NWF' HM ss 1 'f 2 Q 111. sf nil? lasses and Stud 2 i z l l 5 Q Danielle Darby praciices a liHle child psychology on 'rhe liHle 'rylce in ihe nursery. s, ny, -. , Alier class Palli Moore and The guys analyze each o+her's subiecls. Cramming or iusl a lasi' loolc before a 1'es+? The I I Hislory ol arf, laughl by Jim Leedy, brealcs down lormalily and becomes one of l lhe more in+eres+ing courses in school. X i Our only purpose for going io college is io acguire an educalion. Wiih all 'rhe aciiviries happening and lempiaiions popping up, some- 'rimes we wander from our frail. Usually aller lhe weekend, we bounce baclc lo rhe boolcs and 'fry ro gel an educalion. l+'s a good lile, bur +here's a heap of sludy and sweal behind every sludenl and piles more To come. 24 coffee a+ Jrhe lodge is a greai' assis'ran+. We ssfgsx. what I ,DJQWWX Q , I 8 ii 2 JI Q--,. ,....... I 1 29,3 1 A W- . ,, ,m, , 4 E U V ,, 5 ,.. M.. pw, ! 6 o Ili ml ,a5,,,,,,ggw1sfqq14uwK4r4M-fffln f"'Y0+ 'HHH v I . ,- , 2 Q ' 1 Q i X 3 ,g 4- ABWE , H54 fig? Q W' 5, . +5 Q I 1, , W X 2 X A ,W l Fgkgfx wx X.-if if f ' A x Q x ' Q I g "T if ' ' ,, I Q V' - W X . X J E I X, 5, a V nw 'M 1 my " Q., 3 U 0 mr- 'if - 5-wf ,X ww " f' ,, ' . lvl-'ev-fvvw ,L mr ,f Q I , Q . Of . X f, ' . , , 1 , 1 in 2 I 4 ' 4? . fi! f . , my -.,. and u w . L , f ,Q 1: f - L A INISTR T50 .ff 5 N 1 V 1 I R N n 55s ,QL it 3 x s Academic Vice President Robert T. Pa ntzer B. A., Montana State University, I94O Ll.. B., Montana State University, I947 28 Frank C. Abbott B. A., Cornell University, i942 MPA., Cornell University, I949 Pb. D.. Harvard University, i956 Financial Vice President Assistant to the Principal Robert W. Coon rod B. S., Southwest Missouri State College, 1942 lvl. A., Stanford University, I947 Ph. D., Stantorol University, l95O Protessor, l-listory Troy F. Crowder B. A., University ot Souttw Dakota, 1948 lvl. A., State University ot Iowa, I952 Dean of College of Arts and Science I air' Director, Biological Station RICHARD A. SOLBER6 B. A., Montana State University, l954 l lvl. S., Wainlngton State University, l956 Pl1.D., U.C.L.A., I96l M. M .:...:::5:- t i' " T irq.,-of ,Nfl fi .V ' R. f ' Q, f .. MASS Director, Museum ROBERT T. TURNER B.A., U.C.L.A.. l939 MA., U.C.l..A., I94O Pl1.D., U.C.L.A., l945 Director, Affiliated School of Religion TOSI-lllvll TATSUYAMA B.A.. University ot l-lawail, l94O B.D., Garrett Biblical lnstitute, l943 Tt1.D., Boston University. l958 Director, Speech S Hearing Clinic CHARLES PARKER BA., Montana State University, I949 MA., State University ot Iowa, I952 Ph.D., State University ot Iowa, I953 "" . rihf' 2 ' Aw 2' f 25? 'K ' -2? ,193 I' 4 A -:rf , '29 R1 A it YV ' 7 ii gs, ,,,, , . ' fl iv' ' , ' Zfifif R 315-A ,, E iffvfff Q' , ' ' ,Zim 'I fe, fa, - , 255 ' ff , , , f .t bsjgvg ,W Z '1 fgeff A I ' EER , X ' 6" -r'f, '-19, 0, ,, , if ff 5 52 , f , , is we A gms 7 'G . , . 1 95 I s-.L g r N, .gt 1 R ig' '1 4 5 if f Director, Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit JOHN CRAIGI-IEAD BA., Pennsylvania State College, I939 M.S., University ot Michigan, l94O Ph.D., University ot Michigan, I95O Z aft Dean of Students ANDREW C. COGSWELL BA., Montana State University, l927 MA., University ot Minnesota, I9-43 N . Q I 'fm g... I l iw .1 5? ,-IWW Director, Counseling Center ROBERT GORMAN Pt1.B., University ot Wisconsin, l94I M.S., University ot Wisconsin, I947 Ed.D., Indiana University, l954 I: i nfs Associate Dean of Students MAURINE CLOW' BA., Stantord University, 1934 MA., Stantord University, I936 Ptm.D., Stantord University, I946 z QQ SFX Eg i 'iii vi -sggw R - , W . 2 AW- it .GM I xxx .qxyiygg Director, Health Service DR. ROBERT HANSEN MD., University ot Illinois, I949 12 "'w 'Q Controller Registrar Director, Admissions Calvin L. Murphy Leo Smith Homer Anderson A . '--as v M . b 1. 5 ' mv 1 I' J. z, ' , N 1 l ii ' 3. . . 4 st , wk g. , . , 2 i'Jg........ - y Librarian Director, Residence Halls Director, Food Service Kathleen Campbell James A. Brown Gertrude Chamberlain 'W .amass Superintendent Director, Director, News Service of Buildings 8 Grounds Planning 8 Construction Jack Ryan Frederick Krieger Thomas Swearingen ln U Special Faculty I, 1 l l li , l Z I i 3 , ll lil EMMA B. LEMMASSON EARL W. MARTELL ANTHONY VALACH Assislanl Regislrar Direcfor, Sluclenl' Acfivily Facililies Assis+an+ +o +l1e Dean of Sludenls "in:- ' 1? MABLE M. BREWER MARY F. DELAND DOUGLAS MILLS Reference Librarian Calalog Librarian Head, Technical Process ADELAINE S. MIDGETT Assislanl' Calalog Librarian RITA NELSON LUCILE SPEER Assislanl' Acquisilions Librarian Documenls Librarian - if li il and Acquisilions Library 'qv-v Nbr few 1 Q. qc S Q fy "" il' rf O" ix. o Y , n , . 41 '9' Y N ' .n , , . , ..+ N 'Qu 51 QQ: 'v J' '41 'sf """t ' ' ' .' 'I . , 1. 3 v 5 I- .' ..l I 'A , ,... sv.. D mi N' . ra J. K5 A wx A. -'Q tis,-'Q-if fi. - F vs' l .X fl -P' ' ries I g"7ifiYff'?5g.j V . , 1 'ii 5- -' - 4' W 4qg,:q,:'i, ig.. -iruilxn rt 4 fmisdef. " ' it P' T':Y' f ...oo 24 's-,wif - . 5.6 - fr' " ' 1 Y .. Q ' 'nuaxf A . 13... ,V ,, . . y .. , .,.' D. -1 1 N' . xl .!.pV., 2 , I 'Q' ',: VZ" :I 1 an 2 A 4"" ' .. 14, .1'. .. -I. ' " 'V P' . :fi '- 9 'l..z . , s . 1 f "fb .N . 'Q 2 is X - ' ' .. 1, 0 ' - li H .WA ' , 1 ,,'f.? 6- - at' 1 Q V - Q 5, f my. -Qt Q "f'v 1 A i N - i - if W Q ' A ' , x. ' , -wif . 'W . -'ff-+V us 541, ,T Q: 5 xiii- x 'W ,I if if .. . v, .J - '3 . -SWQT - if if i MA , I , . f ' . .-L Q ., '- -im - ,wt M . -y . I 5-2, sv '44, ,. n-wliv. I 1 'Z fv 3-, "ff " ' A 4 4'-'L . . f""- 6 u .'U ' -' ' . 4, g'4 a 'ki s .M .X Ai v 13,1 yy!-1 1 W r qff . ,Q was I K 4 . K " 4' 'fan Q 'RK Ya I A Q r s il- a,v Q lk 2 I O Q H 'Y-f , 'vi Q ' 'Jn -f-110,-315 , ' Q Q3 2, Q 111 f f yu gffl' fi -fo ' 193.-Lime' 1 ,-I., If xx 3 ,X Q ' , - ii- - fp 1 HQ 4 . 1 Q -n wx, Q -'Sv-M, , 5, if ,, A -' -QKg,xg -.-V ..,, ,,i..'Z.X,..,"f - v,,,,,,,...hW If ' M wsvw . -we.,s,aWX 'f-vff-sa. - '-ws, ,J 1 .Ny " Q ft :,, 5-if I MERLE ADAMS MARY AI-IRENDES 5 ., T K' I' JERRY ALDRICI-I JEAN uf ws, ww Yr m P N . .. . , sag -. lx, S- 'W f 2 'Q-Ir? , ALDRICI-I JENNIE CAROL JO ANNE GORDON ALLEN ALLEY ALTONEN ANDERSON ' xnwif LESLIE CURTIS ANDERSON ANTONSON f , A ED KATHY ARNESON ARNOT CAROL JAMES ATCI-ILEY AUSTIN GLORIA JOI-IN APPELT ARMSTRONG .101-IN TWILA ARONEN ASPEVIG FRANK LINDA BAIN BELLAMY Q ,N-. ,,,..s. 1 1 1 4' 5 I ' af 'W W X , Mid x KAY BATCHELDER an MARY MIKE SUE LORNA BECK BECKER BEERY BELL JACK KEN PHILIP ROY BELL BENJAMIN BENSON BERG BERGSING BARBARA NIOMA BILLINGS BINET B TZ MARY BLASTIC ,fn fn I 13 '12""7 , Bk ,X ?f ' Q M .ga 'wi- CARLA DIANNE RICK BOETTCI-IER BOLIC BOLLINOER , V. - PEGGY BREWER ANN CAMPBELL WILLIAM CARTER BONNIE CI-IITTIM MARY BRINLEY KATHERINE BROWN A , R57 oct' JON JAMES DAVE CANTAMESSA CARPENTER CARPITA L,,,,,,3 'Q pw I 4 RAY CASMAN CHUCK CI-IUMRAU 1:9 is MIKE JACK RODERICK CATLIN CI-IASTAIN CI-IISI-IOLM MIKE ALICE LINDA CI-IUMRAU CLAPPER CLARK 1? FM! if' V9 ff' Wd' Q 'Wt IA' 5 Q S2 MYRNA PATRICIA BILL KAYCEE GENE GAYNE CLARK CLARK CLARKE CLAWSEN CLAWSON CLIFFORD Q x .P ' E ga -ff gg, Freshmen , Yi: f IEI X LYNN LINDA GORDON DONALD CLOKE CODAY COLLINSON COMMERS lf QT' BILL DAVE THEODORE FREDERICK EILENE COOKE COON COPE CORNELL CORR em- JOSEPH JOHN MARY BOB LEONARD CROCKER CROUCH DANA DAY DAVIS KATHLEEN JEAN GARY JOHN SHARON DEBOLOCK DeCOCK DeIv1lLLE DEM PSEY DENNISTON l BOB KAREN MARY CHERRY JUDY DESCHAMPS DESROCHES DICKMAN DIX DODD 2, ,I I J' 1' . YY I gvb aff, f, ' -,f f f V ,, -,mfg ..3If,Vi4A, . . 'Ng ,: fgff. jg MARY LU JERRY VERN KAREN ROBERT CAROLYN DODGE DOMAGALA DOONNBASS DUKLETH DUNHAM DUSEK . 3 M 7 ff.. I-, ., V , 'fy -if N - ' DIANNE JOHN DAVID DIANE DONALD ECK EDWARDS ELLEN ELLINGHOUSE ELLIS vu .W , 1 1 E L I I ESTHER CAROL LEE ANNE GENE LINDA ANGELA ENGLAND ENGLER ENNIS ENRICO ENSIGN ETCHEPARE JAY PAULETTE JOHN MARILYN SUSAN EVENSON EVERETT EWING FABIAN FARLEY Q' ' "ef .fri A ""'?f' V1 I 1 DONALD JOHN GAIL ED ALVIN FRED FAST FISH FJARE FLACKER FLEI-IARTY FLINT , ul A 'A 2' ., Q5 V w 4 V 9 J J -.-fx Si ,, NZII I Ti SAI I 1 ""' ' IfI i "': 1' Al SUSAN LINDA SUSAN KAREN FLYNN POREHAND FOSTER FOWLER Freshmen ff-A? ALICE ROBERT GARY JOYCE DOUGLAS FRISBEE FULTON GATES GEBO GEORGE M9 ' S. JOE JIM TONI DAVID GERBASE GERIVIER GIES GILKO DENNIS CI-IERYL DOREEN SUE GRANT GRAVELLE GRAY GREENING ' 'Ja Q. Af: ,f Ag if 'rn ,. Z 1 aww DONALD GNOSE DAVID GREGORY I r M BILL MARGARET CAROL FRED GRIFFITH GRIEFITHS GRIST GUELEF HALLER I 31 ROBERT RICHARD LLOYD ROBERT DOUG REBECCA HANSEN HARDING HARRISON HARRISON HARTLEY HAZELBAKER BONITA BONNIE WILLIAM SANDRA HEATON HEATON HEGLAND HELLER HELVIK 4? EUGENE NANCY O ROGER CHARLENE HEMGREN HENDERSON HENDRICKS HERTLER H LL HILLS MARYANN HOCEVAR CHARLES CAROLYN SHERRY SANDRA SHERRIE JON HUBBARD HUGHES HUNTER LARRY JEFFERY -...ani EDWARD JOHNSON WILLIAM JOHNSON PETER JENSEN ,fi if 3. MC X SUSAN JENSEN HURD INGRAM JASPER Freshmen THEODORE JENSEN KATHI SHIRLEY BEV BRIAN DON JESTRAB JOHNS JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON 'W I FLORENCE JOHNSON WILMA JOHNSON GERALD JOHNSON MIKE JONES Al. Q6 if JOCELYN LINDA JOHNSON JOHNSON M. GRAIO BERNARD JYSTAD KAMBO RUTH PAT BONNIE DANIELLE KAR KEENAN KENNEDY KENT KIDDER KIENITZ fi an '57 .Av MAJORIE KINZEY xi t A H. 4. . WAYNE GREG LESLIE KERMIE KLOFSTAD KNEEDLER KOEPPLIN KNUDSON Al I JO' JOHN RANDALL MARLENE JON ELAINE KRAUSE KREKELER KRONWALL KRUTAR KUBESH VERNON BRUCE BARBARA ROBERT KEITH LA BONTE LANE LANGAUNET LAPE BARBARA SUSAN PENNY LARSON LAWRENCE LENNOX 005 xxx OI i Q . , If? 4, if , ,gs A 1' ,J aff! I: Ear-f - 1 Ti' I vi' I " ggi ,IqIF,g- KM LEONE GEORGE SHARI CAROL DON LETA LILLIS LINDOREN LIVINGSTON LOCK WOOD LORANGER LOUOI-IRIDOE A , if fx, A' I E I1 FBS ITIEI1 ELINOR JAMES COLLEEN VIRGINIA LYONS NICOAIN NIEOARTI-IY NIECLAIN ff ZR? MIKE PAT MELISSA TOM TARIE MQDERMID MCOILLIS MCORATI-I MCINALLY McKAY JIM BETTY MCKIE MCKIM GEORGIA JOHN MACK MALLORY SYLVIA JIM JERRI MCKINLEY MacKENZIE MacKNIOI-IT JO ANN JOI-IN PAT MANNINO MECKLINO MELBY if LESLIE MELICHAR LLOYD MJUWENI ROY JANE MILES MINTEER SALLY JEFF DENNIS GUS MERCHANT MEREDITH MEYER MEYERS DIANA MOE 'Y DAVE LYN DA GARRY LEE MONTAGUE MOORE MOROK MORGAN ,E 5 all --:" DOUG MARY LORETTA MORTON MOSCH MOSER SANDY EILEEN NEBEL NELSON MILO MOUCHA GARY NELSON .Xi KAREN MOE J, in Im ,C PAT MORRIS I ,pa PATRICK MURPHY MARJORIE NICHOLS JOHN MOHR JIM MUSSULMAN BARBARA NISBET ,IM I T NANCY NOKES I DONNA NORMAN DWAYNE DICK TESSA JOHN NORMANDEAU NOYES NYE O'CONNOR LYNN CLINT JUDY CLAUDIA OGLE OHMAN OLIVER OLSON uk Freshmen ROBERT PALMER DON PERKINS A 'Wi MV' GARY HAROLD RICHARD BRYANT OLSON OLSON OLSON ORTT Z A Q I I FSI-'QJQZW f 1 IA 2 2 I FRANK PAOLINI DAVID PETERSON 1 ', ,'. x A if ""! if' ff..:.1.'.".. JUDY JOHN PARKO PAYNE LESLIE PHELPS ALICE PEPPARD MICHAEL JUDY PHILLEY PHILLIPS BARBARA OTTENBREIT ,J f I S? I I I ' f N ,J 5' T il JG: fu, , 5,5 ,nv ' ' . if 1 Q NICHOLAS RON RALPH NINA JEAN ANN PICKELICK PITT POMNICHOWSKI POULIS POWELL ' I Ir? P '39 itz? 73 , -2. Y. 'I M1 EX, -swf' z f E EDWARD PRESTEGAARD RONALD PUOH A333635 v JAMES PETER RAPP REISS DON RICK RICHARDS RICI-ITER TED ROE l LYNN PUTNAM W SANDEE SUSAN REVELL RETTIO JOHN JOHN KATHY OUIST RAMM RAND A A-A-7' -add I JERRY RHOADES PEGGY SANDRA DOUGLAS KENT RISMON ROBBINS ROBINSON ROQHE CYNTHIA JUDY KATE DAVID ROGERS ROGERS ROGERS ROLOZYNSRI 1 I 5.-4.4 't,,:L'l' 'IX I I ..-9? 'GV JOHN PAUL VINCENT JUDY BILL BOB ROSS ROTHEELDER RUBINO RUDIN RUEGAMER RUGH L ,M Freshmen HMB LU ANNE JERRY CHERYL GAYLE RUSSELL RYAN SAARI SAILER NORMA JOHN NANCY KRISTI TOM SANDBERO SANDROCK SASSE SCHILLING SCHILZ LESLIE MIKE JUDY DIANE MILLIE SCHLEPP SCHMAUCH SCHMIDT SCHMOLL SCHATT WILLIAM JO ANNE WARREN MARY JOHN SCHULER SCHULTE SCHULTZ SCHWARTZ SCHWECHTEN L J-sy JONI LEE RAY PENNIE BILL SEARS SEMON :nr . STUART CAROL SHERRY SICKELS BOB SIMMS -If ' 'T SETTERS SHANKLIN SHERMAN Ia.-fi BARBARA DIANE JERRY SIMON SISICH SLATER Vw if f X ' f I A., is A ...qw JEAN SMITH MQ' Jf' 1 I JANET SPITTLER TERRILL ANN DONNA J. MIKE GARY SMITH SMAIL SODERSTROM SPERLINE mf? X I v VALERIE BILL STECHER STEPHENS MARY TOM SULLIVAN SWAIN J Q--r SUSAN KARALEE NADINE STERLING STEWART STOBAUGH LYNN SEURMONDT NANCY SZAKASH TABINGH TAINTER I Q ROD CAROL JEAN BETTY JERRY PHYLLIS STEVE TANDE TAYLOR TENNANT THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON 5-5 ff 9 .lm f5'5 Q if Freshmen ,I DALE JAMES BILL JANE THORNTON THUESEN THIBODEAU TIMMONS .dw P x K R M' Q I IA ' A ff' Rl 13 I 3 DAVE PHILLIP ED GREG BOB I TOBOL TUCK TURNER ULMER ULVEDAL ? Nfr I 'NPN' PETER TERRY ART RICHARD BARBARA VANN VEIS VILLEMURR VIOLETT WALIKONIS RICK JUDI SUSAN LINDA RICHARD WALKER WALL WALLACE WALTERS WALTON 9 fi? ANN JOHN WARD WARD iz PAT WARNER STEVE WARNER '45, .,. JIM DAVID DON DOROTHY WEBB WEINSCHRQTT WELTI Q DE ANN WILLIAMS CONNIE KEN WILLETS WILLETT WEST 'W JOHN WILSON , X 4 , -s-.wx W -fy I Q . I X? ' A 1 T357 .J 'I SVELLEN WHITEH EAD CHITA WINE gf -QS'-H' LYNN WEAVER PAT WHITTAKER CINDY ROBERT ALIDA JAMES HOMER SUSAN WOOD WORCESTER WRIGHT WRIGHT YANCEY YU HAS ARLENE KATHY JANICE AVIS EDWARD ZACHARY ZIEG ZIMMERER ZOPFI ZULEGER 1' f ui V3'gfg,,g, , 4 va x , xmv fy X f :V MH ' 'aw ffz . . '5 -'ff ,A 1' '-VIZQQFSX -., I 1 X. PETER ALBERS BLAINE COLLEEN ELTON ACKLEY ADAMS ADAMS I DIANNA ALLEN QQ? ' SHARON ALZHEIMER ww? if 5 NORM ARLEE ROBERT AMUNDSON ANDERSON ANDERSON 'VF SHIRLEY ANZON I ff I SHARON ARONEN CHARLES JANE BAHR BAILEY EMMA AUSTIN IQ Sophomores JOI-IN BAILY DEAN SUSAN LINDA BAKER BARKLEY BARRAN WILLIAM ROBERT DONALEE THOMAS JO ANN JOI-IN BARRETT BAXTER BEARY BECI-ITOLD BENJAMIN BENTON HW' BARBARA KEN BERLAIND BERRY SUSAN ALICE LES BICKELL BILILE BLAZEVICI-I DAPI-INE TONY BONNIE JOHN ANN BLIXT BONAVISK BOWLER BOYD BRADBU RY JUDY KAY I-IELEN LORIE PAU LA BRADLEY BRADLEY BRALEY BRATTON BRINKMAN -Tai' , .. Q in "--nv I Ji VS? wg II MV .J I, I 5' Hr ,gf 'X 64 E, BB 'QI 5 PHYLLIS ARNE MARILYN SANDY BROOKS BROSTEN BROWN BROWN CLIFFORD BUCK D124 'tw M-nuff' CHARLES JIM VICKY BRIGIT JUDY BULTMANN BURCSESS BURKART BURKI-IARD BU RNETT 1 , M 1 X KAREN BUESCI-IER lam i f Lil" L-mv 433' SUE MICHAEL MARY JOYCE BARBARA SUSAN BURNS CALDER CALNAN CAMERON CANNON ANNE DARRELL GAIL ROBERT KENNETI-I CI-IAPPE CI-IOATE CI-IRISTENSEN CLAWSON CLAY BETSY GEORGE MAE PAIGE KAREN CLENDINNING COLE COMER COMIS COOLIDOE 1 Hi' Y.."5V DIANE CORETTE Sophomores JERELYN CRICKFIELD LARRY BOB CLIFF KATI-IIE JUNE KAYE CRIPE CRIPPEN CRIJMP CURRAN DAVIS DAVIS ,,-...J CONNIE I-IALE MARCIA CHARLES DICK DEIVIKO DENISON DION DOZGIS EASTON CAROLE ELEY JEAN EVENSKAAS f..-mv NANCY GARDNER JAMES MIKE FERGUSON FERRY FINLAYSON FISI-IER DERALD TERRY JONNI FITZSIMONDS FITZPATRICK FLANAGAN 4 X Zn' L i e JI flu-:V 0 Af-ff JW? STEPHANIE DAN FLINK FOLEY 1-rf"9 is 'nr J f TRUDY FOLTZ 'MSFT 2 wg!! 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E W' 2 .fy 'V" . , MIKE EDWARD KAY HARR HARRIS HARRIS ., 4433- swf? - f 2 i DGUG DALE RAY HASCHECK HAVER HAWK is CGLLEEN HENRY KATHLEEN HOLDI LARRY DAVE HINES HABBITT RUSSELL VERN MARY KAY HOPE HOVEN HUFFINE ki, 4.4 ' , 37 DICK DALE MARK HUGES HUHTANEN HUNOERFORD 'B DENNIS LINDA IVERSON JENKINS PATSY JESTRAB LINDA HUNTLEY fin SONJIA LYDIA HURLBERT IMBERY JOHN DONNA JETTE JEZICK BRUCE HERB KATHY JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON NANCY NANCY JONES KAYSER MARILYN CLIFFORD KIRTLEY KNAPP 1 RRI IR ' AAAA J A IASCI I 11 1 N '44 ff f " 5 f ,, . I gy HQ 4' si 2f"5' 4-me STEPHEN THULA JOHNSON JOHNSON JOAN KELSEY MARJORIE KNIGHT MIKE SARA KILLWORTH KIND STEVE ROHN MARSHA KOCH KOHLER KORIN ,Q Sophomores MARIE DON PAT PAT KUJAWA LaBAR LANDERS LANTIS INGRID MONA ALLAN DICK ANDREW TOBY LAFTMAN LARSEN LARSON LARSON LATTU LAWRENCE A -40-'f GERALD SI-IARRON GARY BRUCE MARION LEBSACK LEE LENI-IE LESTER LEWIS f MQ, ll, BOB ROD ELIZABETH SANDRA MARY LIEFRING LINCOLN LOEEFLER LONG LOUDERBACK MARGARET TOM LUCKI BEVERLY LOW LOWMAN LU DWIG LUTZ GENE MCCLAIN '21 CAROL MCCAIG MARY KAY JERRY BILL BOB RICI-IARD McEACI-IERON MCGAI-IAN MQGINLEY McKAY MQKEAN VTX an 4 ' Qu A, S nu " my 5 GREG ANNE BERNA LAUREN JUDY MCKELVY MCKIE MCKINNEY MQKINSEY MCKNIGHT ' Q 1.4 1' - rl .Ml E ' lwfl, I I ww' am' I cy NATE MANNAKEE WILLIAM MATI-IEW I S 'h"'X3'f-,gm A l 59,1 CURTIS CAROL STUART SALLY MARLA MCMARRELL MCNEES MacKENZIE MacMILLAN MADISON Q iff I. - X ii, ff bk rv A" . ,if '61, - I ' "3 4 BRUCE MARY PAT WALTER JUDY MARSI-I MARSHALL MARTIN MARTINSON JEANNE DAN EMILY PERRY GARY MATTI-IEWS MEEI-IAN MELTON MELTON MERCER 'QPF I Sophomores - Ai ff mf NA X I gwgg ,fx L ,LI ,,,,'vV1"'1' I MARIE JAN ET M OO N EY M O N K A if L1 , I MARY ELLEN MYRENE 'ww ff' my J f JOE PHIL JUDY MESSNER MILLER MINOR BOB MOODY --MHS' DENISE LOIS ELLAN TODD MORGAN MUELLER MURPI-IY MYHRE l if A 'Z ARNE VIRGINIA SALLY MYSSE NEAL NEATI-I :Hifi S i CHRIS NELSON JERRY O'NEAL DALE MARY JANIOE JEANIE STEVE NELSON NELSON NEvILLE NICHOLS NYGREN BILL ALLENE MICHAEL THOMAS NIGRO O'IsI2IEN OI4E OLSON I 2 . Ar sw 4. l 67' GARY RUTH OSTBY OSTENSEN -1-:as ,mv 'Z if RICHARD DAVE JOHN DONALD OVERBY OVERCAST PAINE PANGBURN I0 BILL SUSAN DIANA NIKKI SANDI PAPESH PATERSON PATRICK PAULSRUD PEARS ,XFN ,I-GP Y "L, GARY KEN DEANNA ROBERT LINDA PECK PETERSEN PETERSON PETERSON PHILLIPS Nwff DAVE JAMES PI-IIPPS PIERCE STAR BEVERLY OUISEL RACKI I 3 '55 ISABEL PASSO KAREN RADEMAKER YI" 6 ani? JULIUS PREITE RON RANDALL KENT PRICE SHAREE REARDON MARY RASMUSSEN 1.,,,...? N 1 mmm Sophomores "inf ROBERT LEE JAMES RANDSTROM RANSTROM REID lv? I-IONORE JANET ED TED RETTI6 RICKE RILEY QE., v,,,:' , Fss.1i.,f' Q. ff1.,,,.J 5 ,Qi A z ,-.Egg ,, '- .:':-if-Hwy . I ma... fy. 1 JACK ADELLE ROBERTSON ROGERS if ,, 4 , -, -5 Q Q BONNIE JO RITSCI-IEL ROBBINS 41' PATTY JOI-IN ROOT RUSSELL W ELDON REIMCI-IE JERRI ROBBINS LAWRENCE RUTAGUMIRWA CAROLE LEE BERMA BARRY FRED BERND SAUNDERS SAXTON SCI-IIESS SCI-IMIDT SCHULTE DALE PAT KIETI-I JOI-IN SCI-IWANKE SCOTT SEIM SEINES J PAT SEVEDOE F L! A -df CSV' AMY I-IARLAN EILEEN GEORGE JIM ED SHANU-WILSON SHAW SI-IEA SENDON SHERIDAN SI-IPIEL A .,-W-, Mr, JIM DERALD SANDY MICI-IAEL DON I SCI-IULTZ SMITH SMITH SNAVELY SNQRTLAND 5 ""i!lP LOUISE ROY BILL GARY CRAIG SNYDER SNYDER SOLEM SREE STANLEY I I M I A f it I , I BEVERLY SI-IARON SI-IARON RONALD ANDREA STENSETI-I STEWART STIVER STOKES STOMSVIK DIANE JAY STEPHANIE RICK JOE STACEY STRATAS SUMNER SWANSON SWEENEY SWINDLEI-IURST SWOR I I Sophomores RICHARD JIM JIM TAYLOR TECCA THOMPSON 43- " . 1 -I, Q 7 '451-sh A lil 3 , .,-f,A ,Aff :d r Lfmflwf g"cfA"3fJi' DONALD THORSON MIKE PAMELA WILLIAM -ARRY THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON THORNE l sf' JOHN THOMPSON MIKE TILLEMAN PATRICK VERNON TOM JAMES JOHN TODD TURNER TUTT TYLER ULYATT QL if ggi? KEITH AMIE ANDY DOROTHY MILES URBACH URBANSKE UTICK VAN BLARICOM VANDEGRIET BETTY EU GEN E JAMES RITA VIOLETTE WADE WALLER WALTER "5-'T STEPHEN WANDERER 'Q 4-'env If MARLA MARY SUE JOAN J. C. WARD WARNER WARREN WATTS WEINGARTNER 'fzjif CHARLES WARREN TONY DEBBY JAMES WENTWORTH WENZ WERTZ WEST WHIPPLE '-E? SUE WELLMAN 'Q RICHARD JOHN CHARLES WILLIAM DWIGHT WIEBKE WIEGMAN WILDES WILLARD WILLETT MELINDA WILSON GARY YOUNGOUIST GEORGE ZOTO A ' 1 I ' ,fp f l.r x. I Q I . .4. ,f ,f : A -1 .1 wi, . I 2 ,fr X, , '-'-gif 1' .ff , I I ' 'J' , 21' - 5:5545 , . ' Q fy K I 1 K .,,' i 1 a I . , T f 'A . 5' "ff"..'f.3,-'xr . gh.,--E3..lf:.f.f: f - Q - A s Qs? 5 xl- if-'H x , . 5 . A . -2 4 'E' 31" IZ. ' 1::' -- ' 5f1'S1f-5' -2 ,-- 1... ' feel. . iff.. ,L--EY , , Q .H 7, -, Y I , 'N . 4:-1,59 - 4: - A'f' . . .5::,, , ,:egQeii.f,5m Y . , xx i " 'iff ' , ' 55' . ' ,, ,1...v ,, , x -. ,atjhf f 4 f -3, - 1 " . ug H, A' - . ' 'tr - 2 l L ' H24 '-f M K ' . , , ' ' if iff si' .g,, ,Q-,X A - ' ' o - J 'A . ,Q I . L ' f' I ' S C ' KA n I ' 4 V 'J K L- . Q , YJ. 3 " Q, - LF .f I l. ,. 3. -. - "V ' I 1 - , . fir'-M. , vw-. - li-fT"f . 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E I ii-ii RODNEY ALDRICH IV' GARY DARRELL ALGOT ANDERSON KEN ANDERSON ROBERTA ANDERSON TOM ANDERSON C3 WF' TOM RONALD JIM KEN VIRGINIA JOAN ARMOUR ARNESON ARNEY ASKIN AVERILL BACHMAN l. J u mors CHARLES KAY JOSEPH ELENA BAEURLE BALDWIN BANTI-E BARNELL RICHARD MAUREEN WILLIAM DENNY JOHN BARR MARLENE BEYER BEASLEY BEDLE BELI BERGERSON ,g-0' GEORGE JULENA JIM LORRAINE CLARENCE BERGOUIST BERGUM BERKA BERRY BERTINO ROY GARY JACKIE BEVERLY BILILE BINGHAM BISSONNETTE BOORMAN FX l SHARON MONEEN PATRICIA ALAN BOURKE BRELJE BRENNAN BROWN i 'ar E4 BRAD RON OWEN BRUOOEMAN BUSSINOER CALVIN CHRIS WILLIAM ROBERT CI-IEETI-IAM CI-IUMRAU CLARK SANDRA CROSBY 1 3 S I I IGI A5 MAUREEN CAMPBELL .Q is , ' li iw! ,ff ' 'Z 1 ' 'S SUSAN BROWN P" " IWW 9' , ,Q if BOB CARTER MARY LOU JOSEPH COLLINS CONNORS 3 -Q, 'I XVI 4 MARGARET JOI-IN DAVID NANCY BARTI-IA CONWELL COOK COOPER COURTRIGI-IT CRAMER GARY GERALD HENRY MARY LOU SONDRA CUMMINS CUNNINOI-IAM CUSI-IINO CUSHMAN DALY l 11 4-34' 4? 1 if I va GEORGE DANIELLE MARIE MARTI MARSHALL JULIETTE DANSKIN DARBY DAVIES DAVIS DENNIS DESCI-IAMPS 1. if Juniors "" ROGER MARJORIE BOB JIM DETERT DIGI-ITMAN DINNING DONLEY J. A ,Q . ,. I .sl V 1 tx Q PI-IILLIP CONRAD LOUIS PATTY RONALD DOTY DRUST DUDAS EDGMOND EDWARDS MARY ANN EVERIN ROBERT JAMES ELLIOTT ERICKSON KATY MATI-IEW EELKER EERKOVICI-I JUDY DICK RON EUSTENCE EVANS EVANS KARL WILLIAM FINI-IOLM EINKENI-IAGEN Q l SUSAN FISHER ALAN FISHER GARY RICHARD JOHN FLATOVV FORD FOSTER Ar-v '2- his f Sw NANCY HAL JIM LYNNE BOB DAVID FOWLER FRASER FREEL FRISBEE FRY FULLER I BW 'J' SUSAN DAVE DENNY JEFF DON GANTEDBEIN GEBO GIBSON GIBSON GILBOE MELVIN MICHAEL GOOD GREEN DAVE GARY EUGENE HAFER HALL HALLOCK Q l E nous GRIFFITH JACK HAMILTON T ff? GARY ROSALIE GUEST GYNN JOHN KAREN HANNAH HANSEN NW 'W' A 'J rm , O J 1 fi.. L LARRY A. LARRY LEE JOHN NINA GLEN RICHARD HANSEN HANSEN HARRISON HARRISON HARTLEY HARTMAN Juniors Q X f-I -3 JO ANNE BOB TOM LOYAL HASSING HAUCK HAUCK HAUN ARLENE HELEN SCOTT CHARLENE DAVE HAZELBAKER HEEB HEETY HENDERSON HESTON CHARLES HOPE JIM HIGGINS DENNIS HOSTELLER 23' rv W - . DAVE HILGER MARCIA HOWARD 'KIA DIANE HILL BEVERLY HUGHES '37 fn LA BETTY JERRY HOGELAND HOLLORON ROBERT HUNTON PENNY LOIS HUNTSBERGER HURD BRUCE INNES JULIE CARL JACOBS JAHN L Ax SHARON JOHNS l GORDON JACKSON MW DONNA JOHNSON ff? JOHN JACKSON JUDITH JOHNSON if 'I-'52 NEIL RALPH SHARON JOHN LYNNE JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTONE JONES KENNETH JOHNSON '17 My-V 8' RICK ED JOHN LARRY DENNIS JONES JORDAN JOY KAMRATH KANSALA JLIANI-IA DICK PEGGY MARRAL GEORGE JON KELLOGG KENDALL KENNEDY KIRK KLEIN KORRISON N153 fn ii Ix":'.1 -1 .ff BONNIE FRANK DON JAMES DENNIS KOSIIZKY KRISTOVICI-I KRUMM LAAS LAI-IR gt vv ff' "' , ,qv-64'-.1 ia i ' ff t'f.:',Ngi5-" , ..- , - I Juniors ,Q 1- ,0 :. M f A - J, .1 9 QI! gl DAN MARLES WALDO LARSON LARSON LARSON ff." WILLIAM LANGE 1 A PEGGY LEE an i Qnhfj, MARTIN DENNIS ED KENT MIKE LEEMAN LEI-IMKUI-IL LEMP LEWIS LEWIS JIM MQLEAN Q STANTON LEWIS ALICE MacDONALD QAM aww. NANCY RON MARY LONG LOWER MCCARTI-IY RONALD JOYCE SYDNEY MacDONALD MALONE MALOUF "S.. CHARLES MCDONALD fy - R1 ARRRTA JEFF JIM DOUG MANN MANN MANNING In JACK MARCU RE MARY ANN JOHN DEE LEE MARSH MARSHALL MAST MATH EWS l f 1-Mr ll" BILL JOHN MEREDITI-I ANN MILLER MILLER MILLI-IAEM MINTEER JANE MORIARTY LING MARK X an vii- QIE -. If-H. I I A JJ 11 ,M ax lv acc! of S4 -wa E, .xsugamm rg, ..,.,,. . wg? 1 2' WE' Yi 1 " mr 5 -W5 ig? 1' -X. 2' :I"':E5" I ' R R ' 51, 1: in -', .511 'ME EL 33 ,., BARBARA MATZ Na?" , H: , 'M M A R Y M O I: FATT RIR R if ,L I .shi L A R SQ f I 5 LR JOHN ROBERT ARLIE SUZIE PAULA MORGAN MOLENDA MONTGOMERY MOORE MORSE MARILYN ALLEN BOB WELLAND MOWATT MUCI-IMORE MUNSON MURI L 4 I"-QP' W ,wg 3 A .1 X ALLEN JERRY MURPHY MURPHY Juniors 'C"? X MARY LOU MURPHY WAYNE JOHN STEPHEN MYHRE MYNOR NEAL 455. A JACOB RONALD FRED TOM NELSON NEMEC NESER NESS ,sm Sami' LOWELL KENNETH ROBERT BETSY LEONARD NEU DECK NIELSEN NOFSINGER NORTHEY NOYE5 GEORGE OLSEN 1? in ,,..,. M BILL BILL PHIL JAMES GAIL OAKLAND ODEGARD OKLAND OLOMON OLSON PATTI JOHN JIM KEN O'NEILL OSBORNE OSET OSHER ,pf mi' I MARTIN MARJORIE BOB CAROLYN GUY OWENS OWES PANTZER PATTERSON PEEK fn.. DIANNE PENDERGAST MARY LOU PENOELLY 4? X MARY LYNN PETTERSON 'WB I Aw '5 . A f. , 11 x K ,. ,XS I g K g Mrs, R fi 3 . .3y::'L'iIZ .4512 AYM' JANICE PICCHIONI 2 HOWARD JANE PIRCH POPE .xl ,I I , BETTY SUSAN DONNA JOHN FRED PRYOR POPHAL PUTNAM REDOREN REED JUDY JIM MARY BOB LAIRD RICE RICHARD RIPPETO ROBERTSON ROBINSON MYRA JUDY BROOKE KEN KALU RICHARD ROEHL ROGERS ROSS ROSS RUSSELL RUSSELL 'F ,N und? - "'V DONNA OENEVIEVE CHRISTY DALE IiililMlI CATHY RYAN DELORES RON MARY LOU STEVE SAIL SAOER SAOER SALVERSON SCHIEE SCI-IILE Juniors I I 5535" 2 'E Ybtw " S Y 'S JD Q 2 'If '24, 'QE 1 ex , I 'l5Fi'.i2rf-"Tl SCHMIDT SCHNEIDER -I-J? BETTY DAVID CATHERINE SHEBLE SHERICK SHIELDS MARY ANN SHUORUE SCRENAR LLOYD SINCLAIR CHARLENE CAROL SIVALON SKALSKY SHARON TRESA BILL SMITH SMITH SNELL GORDON SMITH DONNA SOLBERO JOAN SMITH FRANK SOUKA X m , 0 JF? ,, X xt SHAURETTE OLIVER SMITH i LYNN CAROLYN JIM JOYCE JOE SPARKS SPECK SOUIRES STANLEY STAUDUI-IAR DAVID BONNIE DENNIS GORDON JIM STEENBURGEN STEVENS STEVENS STEWART STILL LARRY SIDNEY JOI-IN TOM MARK STRATE STRONG STUART SULLIVAN SVENNUNGSEN I 1' 2 IDX SI-IEILA STOKES JEAN STAN WILLIAM RODNEY TANOEN TI-IOMPSON TI-IOREN TI-IORNE ROY DELORIS NANCY LARRY TRENOWETI-I TRUBELL ULLMAN VAHL 'I gk X I L KATY RATHARINE BRUCE ILO RICHARD KATHERINE VANAELSTYN vAN vLIET VASSER VIESTENZ VINCENT WAESTET .lunlors .L EARLEEN NEIL ROSALIE KENNETH WAONER WAKLEY WALBY WALKER 6, I f Q ,FZ a T:- fi XX F 7 EDWARD RICHARD PENNY CHARLOTTE LEON WALLHAOEN WALTON WARDEN WARREN WASHUT C? UVU KENT RRYSTOL LYNNE TED JIM WEBSTER WELCH WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLITS ANN JEFF LINDA WILBER BARBARA WOLHOWE WOLLASTON WOOD WOOD YOUNG .v"""' -1 IH! 7? 1 M 4q 1 , 1 - -,.,: m 2? E il, 25" E x L3 'E 5 .ig A 3 fgj 'iz Q L .lf f Ei w? ,KV 7 fx l ROLIPS I , 'I TRIANGLE OFFICERS, Firsl' row: Cindy Wood, Le'ra Louqhriclqe, Nancy Tainler, Jean Powell, Linda Cody, Louise Janslcy. Second row: Alice Russell, Peggy Shorl, Leslie Phelps, Sherry I-lunler. JUNIOR SPONSORS Firsi' S row: Berlha Clendinninq, Susanne Burns, Dorolhy VanBlaricom, Sandra Smilh, 'fm X Colleen Adams. Second row: Marsha Korin, Mary , Lou Bieri, June Davis, Su- ' sanne Paferson. Suzanne V, Francisco. I 4 .1 1 I ,I I 4 I il I U, ' 17 l -.I ' '1 .w..v N I 'w..""s Pepperminl Prince, Phil Shulrs. al 'lhe Triangle l'lall Dance. Triangle Triangle is The freshmen women's dorms and is comprised ol Branlly, Corbin and Norlh Corbin l-lalls. Also Triangle is lhe gov- erning body lor social aclivilies of 'rhe freshmen women's dorms. PRESIDENT .., ............... Louise Janslcy V-PRESlDENT ...., Penny Shanlnlin-Nancy Sasse SECRETARY ... ............... Nancy Tainler TREASURER ... . ........ Sherry l-lunler Housemothers E .,,::,. ,,. I 1 . f MVS. l'lUTT Mrs. Beclcwilh Pk 'iii O3 S' A - ...lun Miss l-lodgson MFS. Moore 87 l. Wilh bales and bags lhe sludenls frail, Linda Davidson, Barbara Slwenlc 5. Glanced in each mirror. Karen McLean Knowles Hall Midway llwrouglm winler quarler, 240 women slu- denls were moved inlo llwe new dorm Knowles l-lall. Modern in every way, Knowles has special rooms for lyping, sludy, laundry, and even a special room lor keeping formal dresses under conlrolled condi- lions. Also lo lwelp beaulily and malce more versa- lile, llwere are sun porclwes and magnilicenl lounges. ,par 3 l I 2 S S 1 S is 2. Piclred up +l1eir dorm keys, Nancy Creqo 9. Turned on each wa'l'er lap, and ll1en, Linda Davidson, June Davis, Sleplwanie Swanberg, Phyllis Pelerson , + l . Vql xg ,. , , 'Qiii s b 8. And found +l1e quar'l'ers nice and snug. June Davis, Marla Madison S ws ,ef sa 2 1? -Vi uuwpli' it ' ' W 3. Checlrecl for mail, Linda Davidson, June Davis, Slephanie Swanberg 4. Tried our each shower, Phyllis Pelerson v 3 ,3 Y U vi 'i f 1 if-Tis l. ff 6. Leff nea'I' rooms loolring somewhai' queerer, y. lea. W W, in X 7. Made +es+s of 'furnilure and rug, Jane Bailey, Sharon Lee P I -A., 1 Q I0. Wenf ouf fo scour 'I'he scene for men! June Davis, Phyllis Pelerson, Linda Davidson, Slephanie Swanberq Sfory 8: picfures courlesy News Service 89 L Q' x! li, 5 . U 6 D n lf, ,gf 1"""'f.' i x s 5 Turner Council Sealed: Phyllis Pererson, Marlene Kolesar, Carol Musroe, Sharon Flynn, Meredilh Milhaem, Sheila McDonald. S+-anding: Romalie Milclich, Donna Mae Nichols, Francis Driver, Marilyn Mowall, Donna Robinson, Kay l-lenderson. 1 ling'- vp , 'UE Q R 5-klgfg, sa' rw-' 'fi 111 TURNER OFFlCERS: Marlene Kolesar-Secrelary, Carol Musloe-President Sharon Flynn- Mrs. Jellison Vice-Presidenl. HOUSEMOTHER Turner Hall-Women Turner l-lall was lhe upperclass-women's dorm for many years and unlil midway lhrough Winler Quarler when Knowles l-lall was finished. The laller porlion ol lhe year men occupied The dorm- 90 Synadelphic This is The women's c:ooperaTive living group To pro- vide an inexpensive place Tor young women sTudenTs To live. To become a member, you need The approval oT The group and The need Tor Tinancial help. PRESIDENT .......... ,,., M arTha Olsen SECRETARY ........... .... L inda Wasley HOUSE MANAGER .,..,. ,,,. K risTy Towe SOCIAL CHAIRMAN ii...i ii... B eTTy vialene STANDARDS CHAIRMAN ...... Peggy GoTTTriecI FirsT row: Alice Garloer, KrisTy Towe, Jan Bourguin, MarTha Olsen. Second row: Florence Johnson, BeTTy Vi- oleTTe, Marie Kuiawa. Third row: June DullenTy, Marge DighTnnan. FourTh row: Linda Wasley, Beverly STarry, Myrna Clark. Fif+h row: Susan Kidder, Joan Kelsey, Shar- on Fredriclcson. SixTh row: Jean Madsen, Kay Garber, Marilyn Sullivan. A paiarna parTy in The living room. 33, V I I " V ' ' ,tw -' .' f sd ' I Y A 6 'Q , ' mvsfaiff 2 as '..e ' '21-tv-an-n., " V21-i-iiifif 3 i Q - ,fs 4? i xx, Q- I g-we-W '44 5 .H N D X ' "1 h P' I 1 , , I- I A- r f wma, TW?" - fy QQQK, ff" . l ,.,..,,12J ful ,, 1 . MGM-ff' ' . ,.4. f, '.. f,sv,J',egn"- .. ,,, gfugf- ' ,MQYQSZ -,Q -','i', M "' , 1,1326 X , . " 'X . .,?5W,3?6!,5,iI.,,:5,i1fk,5,xg,w,f,,,Sit , J, :.,,,Q:,E . ' . A f yankee,-f!zf?',yerwmw'ifi f ' f. fr W . .. If M ., ,,,, sig gl f,1"Q,,,i aj,i',Y5ENeg?gx arf of Q x iwpfk' ' . -rf f' wwe sf' wise, -Lv -1 ' i , , ' A 'I' ' i i-I'-,ff ., ., if,-1 ,,,--P ' P' 3 ma' Sf ., ,Q wx' '- , ,+w?5i, .,,.ffj5!?sf ,. , .43 2 Wgfivg ,,,a:.-fM- ' , .fvi-ff- Me. f . .i . "gg ,ea-,V-f.f,:,,:,l5Q f,'gg:,71yz,,,,,f,,':4, e,e,,-rffjrgi-w +,, ,wi ' , , f,,Afwhijf-,!"g,,,.5e1gi',,,,,, ,Q M fm.,-' 1 M- Y 1-f A 'Iii +251-vdvffaffii i vfifff " ' Aww- fr L , W, b 5, iifrifef f .M if r' -. 1 a ' , S ,, M. ,gap .5 ,., U ,ir-zlf.,fM,1,,,,,,,4wS.-QY...-,tf,f1 . ,.v, ,WV R 9 X, My is , J, xmew S.. m wa., l ynx,-mm, F. ,L ' , , rf -MQW! 454-ff ,W-,-:Ar ' "HKS ge -i .is 'Y 1 , .1 , A " , q , , , if f W"""'7' 1 rye, V ' y "' '+'f--"5 ff -f iffy? fgQ':3,,2sef3viWeri'2tw ..,,. M 'aw - eMgF?"'ff1ff 1 .-if if ,, -f , :ei H rj'-ff M ifmaggrvefff' - fr v., X + 1, w i ,1,im,bf L,,',,,,f, Qi., ,ew , I A ,M . , .. i , -if-, ig, Wy N ,ff -wg, rf A , vmwl QA.,,,i5f, . ,tp -Q, f+s,,,,g, 1553 ffi,"'f' wwe WP f""mv'1',5xL 7113? S' " ' a ' fa,w.M'ifff' Jim 'J ,, ', ,si ,WFP Uv z'2,,.1ina:.rff? X'gEi.'L wr Wing Chairmen Firs+ row: Bill Wilson, John Boyer, Lee Buclcland, Mike Becker. Second Pornnichlcowslcy, Charles Hubbard, John Ross, 'Don Brown. 5 row: Randy Kreclcler, Ralph HH' v ,Tx re Barb-we ...ww il 7 , M, ,rf 1? f, " J, . , .1 A.,' 5 4. . ' .X gig , I K , Ik' if :Qi J 'Le f L f " V 1 4v""r5l'i'ff?7f . Eqgaj,',n,:g:gw,JQ .4 ,M A vs? Social Chairmen John Krause, John Weie, Wayne Klofslocl. Bob Herring, Collin Bangs, Dan Dozier, Alvin Fleharly, Bob Har- ris. Jim Webb. 3 Craig Hall Craig is lhe freshmen rnen's Dorm. The Craig l-lall Club regulales The social aclivi- lies of lhe dorm. PRESIDENT .... ..... L es l-lanlcinson V-PRESIDENT .... ....... M ilce Scoll SECRETARY ..... Bill Wilson ?..mK ,, , g J' J I 1 Yi r QMS 251 1 -fx fb 115' 2 , 15 v -gh --S L, fu f O , A W Qigifw i lf? ., xg M i . M ....,... 'Vi fi 'P I ,av Dave Kim, Don Fasr, Dennis Myers, Gayne Clifford, John Dempsey, Jon Kruier, Arne Berqsinq, Jim Webb. Wing Athletic Chairmen A few of The boys reiaxinq in The lounge of Craig Hail. f ' if w,sw..,.Mwff-frm V ' if 7 f , is if 3 ,, , ,gp " Mgt Q ,aww 1' i . 5 Y , f , 4 ' 3 ,Q . J 95 "-Wx ff' ig 8 1 1 ' i 6 John Payne Homer Yancey Bob Frlauf Leon Bendler Dan Oakland, Marlrin Leeman, Mike Jones Resident Assistants Firsi' row: Milfon Li+cl'1field, Larry LaPlan1', Andy Blank, Gary Cummins, Jim Jacob- sen. Second row: Murray Boyce, Dennis Lenmicuhl. Lee Loomis, Merslw Ward, Ri1e'H' Wise. Mike Siephen. Jim Dullenfy. 1 - S1-.J m Knalf, Jim Pierce, Tom Hall. 2 S. Q I I I I I 'F I I W KQQA -,SSN IL? AQAAAA .kata -Fi, Il Elrod Hall I Elrod is lhe upperclass men's dorm wilh freshmen in The Dunnaway Seclion. Every spring lhe Hall holds a picnic. PRESIDENT ............ Marlin Leernan V-PRESIDENT ....,...,,.. Glen Wallcer I SOCIAL CHAIRMAN .... Dan Oakland I-IEAD RESIDENT .......... Andy Blanlc ASST. HEAD RESIDENT. .Gary Cummins , I I 1 qi I I I Ii in I i I 444.444 - .MMM A44i""'-4x , MADAAAAMK-.. ...Aqua "-4M,,4. 'Ness'-N I I I I Q li -:nu A F'-57' I is-:f-:-:ez-3.g....-.,-, W M we E Firsf row: Bruce Wallworlc. Second row: DeIberT Unruh, C. Thomas Walsh, Lewis Schneller. Third row: William JarreTT, William IvIcLauchIan, Bryce Fish, Ronald BuenTemeier, George Eusko, AITred Chase. One oT The many volleyball games held behind Turner. Turner Hall-Men Midway Through WinTer QuarTer Turner became a men's dorm Tor The TirsT Time since The Second World War. This came abouT because oT The building oT Knowles, The new women's dorm. PRESIDENT .......... ....... T om Jones V-PRESIDENT ......,... ........ T om Walsh SOCIAL CHAIRMAN ... ..... Bruce Wallworlc HEAD RESIDENT ..... ........ W illiam JarreTT Ray Lucien, Saribou Kone, Louis Schneller, and Richard Fox enTer- Taining aT one oT The dances in The Lounge. 4 'R ig, 4 VI? I .....-YW...., ........,,,.... , . J I I Z f -hyu- wx,-It 5 g Q Z, f ,ig 1 if Q, ,4 A 4 of ,TAX Af V 59' ' V img ' .vga x ,Ag V 'K K 5 i, ,, 3 L .. 3,5 - . ,Q .... , W 'f an A.:-.w 1 1 , iw Yin ' .V fs- , i -agp, I H I . -...Wa-..,: . , 2 M .., A ww-1... ,NW , W Nw f 5819 WH 9 Q 'Q' A at ,, 'Zi' 5 MI ,' gnzfi. 955131 2'ff?5 6 'C 1 'Q , 5 Whhmw' . i S is meefinq musf nof be Too serious! Good old reqisfradion days! . '-i'- K. Y 1- . lr - c X , ,sf . H2 : YJ 1 F4 s M' . X.- ,:,wJQM,, Q - , 'Y 3 gfflff. z f ' I , i, . fa Supporl 'rlwe Grizzlies! Central Board Cenlral Board members are elecled annually by members of llweir respeclive classes. Various commillees under Cen- lral Board supervise and coordinale all campus aclivilies. Leclurers, exliibils, lilms. conlesls, dances, rallies, and lra- dilions are promoled llwrougli llwese groups. The sludenl publicalions, Kaimin, Senlinel, Venlure, and "lvl" Book are conlrolled llwrouglw The commillees also. gf i prima-1 wr-.1-,suv I-n-Q.. --4-...Q--N Q- CENTRAL BOARD, Lefi' back, lefi' +0 righh Karlwy Jolnnson, Alice MacDonald, l-lal Woods, Spike Fuller, Bari Lynn Barielson. Lefi' 'Fron+: Jim Sclwulli, Marshall Dennis, Dale Sclnwanke, Bob Ulvedal, Bonnie Bowler, Breif Asselsfine, George Cole. Righi' side, leff fo rigl1+: Dr. Vinocur, Joanne Hassinq, Dave Browman, Don Robinson, Ed Whilelaw. l ,-....... W..- ,,, ug, Q A "- ' Q --f-A ....--.... .....,..,.,...,,. M, .,,,.... ..w,......,..,,..,,m, ,, 1 - ni -..-. xi i l l r 'i I i I don'+ flwinlc Bruce likes To buy books, 103 H52 X. ALE. 104 Whal on z I e wen+ Io 'ro raise money for W.U.S.I PLANNING BOARD, Le'F1' 'Io righfz unidenlified, Linda Phillips, Rick Jones, Dale Schwanlce, Joan Walls, Ron Randall, Joanne I-Iassinq. Committees PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE, Sfanding, leff 'Io righi: I-lal .Crowden Woods, M r Marsh, Vicki Burkharf, Phil Miller, Peggy Shorf, Mr Jalce Nelson. Seafeclz Marge Dighfman, Susan Kidder. . Dugan lKair'nin Advisorl, Linda Coday, Bruce I y - . fees.-Q' 'V is 5 Y fs' if Ze I J wwf , I f ff? s ,fl ' 'Ayn Z i , I ,, hw I 1- Planning Board Planning Board worlcs on long range planning for lhe slruclure ol ASMSU sluclenl governmenl. The organizalion ol a sludenl curriculum commillee, inlroduclion of by-law changes, and eslalolishmenl ol beller relalions belween Missoula merchanls and MSU sluclenls were a lew ol lhe problems lackled by lhe comrnillee lhis year. Rick Jones was chairman. Publications - Marge Dighlman headed Publicalions Board This year. The commillee conlrols and man- ages lhe four ASMSU publicalions--"M"-Book, Venlure, Senlinel, and The Kaimin. 1 l -sw 'Y' Q1 ,., l 5 umvfiasfnf Wana... Oh well, lirsl ollense lees aren'l as high lhis year. The W.U.S. Carnival-slreel dance was lun! SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE, LeTT To righT: Joe SwindIehursT, Jean Tangen, Terry Barber, Bob I-lerTler, Jackie Mowry, BirgiT BurkhardT, Tessa Nye, Mary Lou Salverson, Carolyn Dusek, Cheryl Richards, STacy Swor. World University Service World UniversiTy Service organiza- Tions have been esTabIished on many campuses ThroughouT our counTry Tor The purpose OT helping universiTy sTu- denTs in oTher lands. Funds in excess OT S600 were raised on our campus during W.U.S. Week. AcTiviTies oT The week included a sTudenT-TaculTy TalenT show, a carnival-sTreeT dance, and a "Walk Tor W.U.S." conTesT. Jim Bryn- gelson, commiTTee chairman, supervised The acTiviTies. Special Events Louis ArmsTrong was broughT To our campus during homecoming by This commiTTee. Under The chairman- ship oT STacy Swor, various mixers, regisTraTion dances, and The Miss Wool oT MonTana PageanT were sponsored. WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE COMMITTEE, Lefl' To righT: Mary McCarThy, RoberT WaITon Pam Lowe, Lindy PorTer, Bev Simpson, KaThy Curran, John Ross, Emily MeITon, Jim Bryngle HOMECOMING: One of The many living group TloaTs. 'Z I V ff' 'Tr " I Q 106 I f -' "' T 9 T if C3599 .C-Z'iC1f,f'WiT'fQP6' r'f'3115i',l 1 I ff Foreign Students The Foreign Sfudenfs Commiffee is concerned wifh various problems which face our numerous foreign sfuclenfs on campus. Programs are being coordi- nafecl wifh various communify groups in orcler fo benefif fhe foreign sfudenf. Mike Fallon was The commiffee chair- man. FOREIGN STUDENTS COMMITTEE, Leff fo righf: Barfha Kramer, Paf Clark, Louise Snyder Mike Fallon, Laurence Rufagumirwa, Aclelle Rogers, Kay Bradley. Louis Armsfrong enferfained during homecoming. 107 i i BUDGET and FINANCE COMMITTEE, LeTT To righT: Russ Gasser, Bonnie KosiTzky, Bill Papesh, Dave Browman, Rick Jones, Ted Rieke, Dan Blake, Rich Wiebke. Budget 8 Finance This commiTTee is The waTchdog commiTTee OT ASMSU Tinances. IT draws up The annual acTiviTy budgeT OT SI76,4OO and sees To iT ThaT each organizaTion keeps wiThin iTs allo- caTion. WinTer quarTer is iTs busiesT quarTer because iT is Then ThaT iT reviews The expendiTures oT all organizaTions and deTermines whaT To allocaTe Them Tor The nexT Tiscal year. Members Trom This commiTTee also serve on The ASMSU Loan CommiTTee, TraTTic Board, and Auxiliary SporTs Board. Dave Browman headed The commiTTee. PARENTS' DAY COMMITTEE, STancIing, leTT To righT: JeTT Lenci, Ted I-logeland, STeve Koch, Joe Ely, Tim Conver, Melinda Wilson, Darrell Parents' Day An added aTTracTion To ParenTs' Day This year was The Grizzly-BobcaT TooTball game. The ParenTs' Day CommiTTee planned and was in charge oT The day's acTiviTies Tor visiT- ing parenTs. JeTT Lenci headed The commiTTee. Anderson. SeaTecI, lefT To righT: unidenTiTied, John Burker, Lynn Sparks, Phyllis Brooks, John O'leary, Glen Aasheim, Nancy WUIT, Sue Warren. LEADERSHIP CAMP COMMITTEE, Leff +o right Bill Goesling, I-lelen Braley, Margarel Low, Mary Kay McEacheron, Michael Green, Jeanne Mallhews, Don Pangburn, Rulh Jansson, Bill Tidball, Carl Cain, Dave Byers. Leadership Camp "M" Book Margarel Low headed Leadership Camp Commiflee "M" Book Commillee compiles lhe "M" Book which is which makes plans and arrangemenls for Leadership Camp. senl lo every new sludenl before he arrives al M.S.U. The The camp is held during spring quarler each year, Ioeing publicalion conlains inlormalion aboul aclivilies and Ira- held on Flalhead Lake lhis spring. clilions on campus. Doug Grimm headed lhe commillee. "M" BOOK COMMITTEE, Back row, Ieff Io righ+: Marilyn Linscoll, Neville, Jeannie Mallhews, Sherri Livingslon, Jean Evanskaus, I-Ielen Rella Greenup, Danielle Kidder, Birgil Burkhard, Belsy Clendenning, Braley, Jane Pope, Doug Grimm. Ted I-loagland. Fron+, Ieff 'Io righfz Diane Slralas, Dave Browman, Jan 'G-WY l i l i l tr ttf Wlmndn-,Q llllluqd 5, 5 ELECTIONS COMMITTEE, First row, lett to right: Dale Schwanke, Joan Watts, Mary Warner, Helen Braley, Elinor Lyons, Patsi Morris, Betsy Clendinning, Rich Wiebke, Bill McGinley, Dave Overcast, Me- linda Wilson, Norma Sandberg, Sally Neath. Second row: Sally Mer- s-5 C7 ' i chant, Susan Foster, Lynn Cloke, Nancy Halverson, Lorrie Bratton, Darrell Anderson, Bill Grittiths, Karen Hansen. Third row: Duane Froien, Dick Malout, Don Pangburn, Len Noyes, Clitt Crump, Dan Blake, Bill Barrett. Elections Committee This committee is responsible tor supervision ot all ASMSU elections. This past year they had charge ot the election proceedings tor homecoming queen, Freshman Class Delegates, the student union building reterend-um, and the ASMSU general elections. Dale Scheanke headed the com- Traditions Board T-Board members are in charge ot all pep rallies and sing on the steps ot Main Hall. They select cheerleaders and pom pom girls, care tor the victory bell, and are in charge ot Dad's Day, An innovation this year, the lighting ot the "M" on Mt. Sentinal during Homecoming was an-I mittee. TRADlTlONS BOARD, Seated, left to right: Denise Morgan, Peggy Lee, Mary Lou Collins, Jim Erickson. Standing: Donalee Beary, Nancy Halverson, unidentitied, John Ulyatt, Martha Fulton, Danielle Kidder, other ot their activities. Jim Erickson was chairman. Vicky Burkhart, Alan Murphy, Sharon White, Carolyn Hugher, Sue Wellman, Marsha Dion, Pat Pantis, Bonnie Kositzsky, Deanne Mencarelli, Jack Russel, Emily Milton, Kent Price. Vw, Ui 85 cn f f f,. V, ,z 1 - - , 1 gg, 'A ' N ' W fb? Qi., - 'P' Q 'Y 1,7 .1 lv mx f f Q3 5 ' lEgf3Wf' if - ,4 M . .f ,qc 5 N ,L Ag. ZS J- N V , f. ' Al! my 4 Q ,ggw 1932 Ann., W, 1i"1'23' 2 , Q ,AN WW wr 4 'SFMSF QE! AWS BOARD Back row, left to right: Myrna Clark, Anne Burke. Helen Braley, Carol Alley, Mary Lu Bieri, Sharon Johnson Dee Lynn Jones Jane Fox, Leslie Phelps, Kris Welch, llo Veistenz, Joanne Mast, Dee Sager. Linda Kammerlell. Heberly Sandra Daly. Front row: Dean Clow, Marilyn Marvatt, Associated omen Students Every woman ot Montana State University automatically becomes a member ot AWS and is encouraged to participate in the organization. A board ot delegates trom each women's living group is headed by otticers which are elected by the women students. The Big-Little Sister Program sponsored by AWS helps to acquaint new women students with university lite. The organization also sponsors a winter snow-sculpturing contest, the Miss M.S.U. Pageant, and the Lantern Parade which is held during Graduation Week to honor senior women. MISS MSU: Roberta Tarbox, the queen ot queens. Q. gl ., TJ-4, W' , JCL in m 'Q faq... sy Vg '5 kiwi W- . fb , sw, ti Q '11, - 'if I v 5 1 Q A1 U 54" G"':'i ' 'ein-:"" a 'fam r 'Ln Kalmm 31FFl0 2 mdk The Kanm n off ces are Jrhe Journal sm BUlldII'lQ The Monlana Kalman sludenl newspaper was published four hmes weekly durlng Fall Wznler and Sprung quarlers and Included campus local and nahonal coverage PRllNl'l'ER BOWLER ednfor seems To have a problem busnness manaqer lakes llfe easy 0 O m. -.L ff' - 3' ,,, F' I '03 ,ff Q- ,I ,- 'Q ' 1 i in i ' ' . . V S , I KAlMlN STAFF, Leff 'lo righfz Bruce McGowan, Jim Dullenyl, Donna Panqburn, Jolwn Froolc, Prinqer Bowler, Eric Mylwre, LoAnn Wagner, Wilbur Wood. SiHing: Barbara lvlillal. 63 l i E: gi i Jim Dullenly associale edilor Donna Pa ng bu rn associale edifor Barbara Millal news edilor Wilbur Wood news edifor 115 in S. A , Jacob Nelson, ediror of The Senfinel, sfudenr yearbook. Se ntl nel Cyrile Van Duser, advisor. Vernon Anderson, business manager Robe-rr Liffering, associafe ediror. 116 Roger Zenrzis, phorog ra pher. f w 1 5 T "" ' "U 'Z R 6 'ff s 1 l ""'lvw.A.,, 'mi H...- ' 4, Karalee S+ewar+ ,- fr, fr w w" l. W Q V , 5 .wwf cm., 1. o ' I Lee Holcomb and Lois Mueller Joe Holly wb' - K as . ,,w, , gl I A ,- 'WW ""' Sco'r+ Griffin Pal' Graybeal A rose befween fwo fhorns? W Q-.N .div All lhis for a pidure! 117 1' ' "' wi fi f Q 'Y' TTT! Maryl.ou Cushman EDITOR I I T 'JUN f A Q T I , S' , 1., Doug GriTTiTh BUSINESS MANAGER Venture LL "" 'X Jean Kay Ferris James D. Allen ART EDITOR ADVISOR -.Q T , I - iw! -ii ,T-1-Y 1 ' VQI'ltllI' -ii-A T" ' ' - . '- W f-,,4r?.:wu-Q1 ' WINTER T963 VenTure, The campus IiTerary Magazine, is usually puT ouT quarTerIy buT This year iT came ouT semiannually. This year The spring ediTion caused more Than iTs usual sTir as iT was evenTuaIIy Taken away Trom The disTribu- Tion poinTs by The adminisTra- Tion. The TuTure oT The VenTure was held in The balance Tor over a monTh buT The decision was made To conTinue publishing The magazine in TuTure years. EDITORIAL STAFF Torn Carabas Marles Larson Linda Fuller Bonnie STevens Jane Bailey 'Sq Q gig 1 'ez KY A x 'fir yi W W- .ww Q,-1i4iZlrwf:fff"g.i 3 ' a 5 lien N ii my V W . A , 5 W? f aim, x ,Q V Y X x fi Qs, Ch: W ig sw M JI gf ew 2 bij' H . , ' M23 la i John Bailey, Richard Gurhrie, Joanna Lesler, Larry Boag. James Terrell, and Lesler l-lankinson 'sf , ka! N P I , 1 M A K . L ' Y 'x ff. . I y ffm , r 1 :L . ' zzffwi . all 1 T J H Qif' of 2 ' + 4 fa R L mil Larry Boaq. John Bailey, James Terrell, Richard Gulhrie, Les l-lankinson, Jerry Hopkins, Joanna Lesfer, and Doug James. 120 The The The The The The The The The Fantasticks Book and Lyrics loy Tom Jones Firman l-l. Brown, Jr., Direclor John Lesrer, Direcror, Opera Workshop Narraror .... Girl .... Boy ......... Boy's Farher . . . Girl's Faiher . Old Aclor .... Man Who Dies Mule ........ ...James Terrell . . . .Joanna Lesler .Richard Gulhrie . . . .Doug James .. ...Jerry Hopkins .... .Larry Boag Lesrer l-lankinson . . . . .John Bailey F' Jerry Hopkins, John Bailey, Joanna Lesier, Richard A Gufhrie, and Doug James. s ' 1 ii Ii 4 4 Ei' , i Jerry Hopkins and Doug James. 1 E ii Joanna Les+er and Richard Guihrie. 'IL 'ev Jerry Hopki f if ,- I, Y" ns, Joanna Lesier, John Bailey, Richard Gufhrie, and Doug James. ' 121 3? s Sty rf :Egg s' 49 , I 3 1 LQ- .. 1 - ' I jk. A T. -Qu '4 X P . A Q1 I 'N 3 fl A Its- A ' ' 4, A 4 I - Lear by William Shakespeare Direcfed by Douglas Banlcson Designer and Technical Direcfor-Richard James Jr. Cosfumes designed by Sarah James Thomas Williams, Greg Osborn, James Morrow, James Baker, Tl-IE STORY OF Tl-lE PLAY Lear, aged King of Brifain, divides his lcingdom befween fwo of his fhree daughfers. Enraged by fhe failure of his fhird and favorife daughfer Cordelia fo flaffer him, fhe sfubborn and arro- ganf Lear gives Cordelia's inherifance fo her sisfers and banishes her. The power, given info fhe hands of fhe rufhless sisfers, rapidly corrupfs Them. Lear's rash folly leads fo anarchy. l'le is sfripped of his own lcnighfs and is driven fo madness. ln a closely parallel subplof, fhe Earl of Gloucesfer is duped by his son Ed- mund who linl4s his forfunes wifh fhose of King l.ear's fwo daughfers. Glou- cesfer, punished as a fraifor, is susfained by his loyal son Edgar. Chaos comes fo Lear, fo Brifain, and if seems, fo fhe Universe. As fhe Queen of Erance, Cordelia refurns fo aid her fafher, buf she is foo lafe. Order is resfored, buf nof before Lear and Gloucesfer have passed fhrough fhe exfremes of suffering fhaf bring some measure of wisdom. and Michael Fallon. James Morrow and Wayne Finney. 123 Casi of Camill 9. Three Great Women of Drama ed ra-Chrisfine Cheeih am, Tom Hall. PHAEDRA BY Racine Direcred by George Baldwin Phaedra ........... .... ...... E l izaberh Barrefi Oenone .... .... C orliss Nickerson Hippolyius . .. .......... Thomas Hall Aricia ..... Chrisiine Cheelham Theseus .... .......... K erry Good Panope .......... ........ M argarer Winegar MEDEA by Euripedes Direcred by Jerry Hopkins Medea . .. ..... Palsy Maxson Nurse .... ..... N ina Poulis Creon . ..,... William Powell Jason ...... .... B renl Warburfon Aegeus ...... ....... B ill Lensing Firsr Woman ..... .... G ail Schneider Second Woman ............... .... M argo Maxson CAMILLE by Alexander Dumas, fils Direcfed by Marirh McGinnis Willis Marguerire, Lady of 'rhe Camillias .... . . . .... Susan Sarher Armand ....................... ...... L arry James Duval .... ..... J ames Bomparr Prudence ....... Eilene Corr Anais .... ..... J oan Campbell Nanine . . . Nicherre . . . Olympe ....... Sainr Gaudens Gas'ron Rieux . . . Gusiave .... Varville . . . , 1 de Giray .. ' JP . . . . .Sandra Harris . . . . . . .Kafhy Kibler . . . .Kafy Van Aelsryn . . . . . .Tom Williams . . . . .Richard Holmes . . . . .Gary Herzog .... .Dennis Craig . . . . .Warren Dale Phaedra-Elizabelln BarreH, Corliss Nickerson. Camille - Foreground: Susan Safher, Larry James. Background: Eileen Corr, Richard Holmes. Medea-Palsy Maxson, Nina Polis, Two Greek women. 5. Medea-Palsy Maxson i flea 214, cl Y r Treasure State Band l Direcled by James Eversole Assislanl Direclor Dale Slrickland FLUTES: Kay Larson, Jane l-laburchak, Charlolle Warren, Eslher England Linda Clark Sue Lin quisl, Linda Bransleller, Connie Willils. OBOES: Lorna Mikelson Rnla Carol Kopp Ann Lylle Ann Larson, l-larold l-lerbig. BASSOONS: Larry Chrislopherson, Bonila Bucharl John l-'loven CLARI NETS: Tom Kenney, Arlie Monlgomery, Mary Dasenbrock, Fred Cornell Marie Kuiawa Gene Enrico, Wilma Johnson, Wally Larson, Karen Rademaker, Barr Suermondl Phil Redanl Karen Moe Gary Galbrealh, William Manning. ALTO CLARINETS: Barbara Kennedy Julia Conaway BASS CLARINETS: Palsy McClain, Arnold Nordhagen. ALTO SAXOPHONES Norman Brunken Sue , Wellman, Joan Rose, Bill Pederson, Duane Normandeau. TENOR SAXOPHONES Carolyn Shirls Barbara Olfenbreir. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Judy Parko. CORNETS Dale Frank Roger Lelson A Dave l-laler, Wayne Pelerson, Charles Haugan, Boyce Fowler, Ronald Sager l-larold Nicholls Karen , Sipma, John Wilson, Jay Evenson, Delmar Holiday, Phil Turk, lrene Kulawa James Kvamme Ed i i l Rudin, Sharon Auren, Roberl Miller, Les Melichar. BASSES: George Washinglon Gary Thomas i Roberl Clawson, Roberl Wick. PERCUSSION: Dale Slrickland, Phil Doly John Marshall Ray Lind l sey, Linda Ensign, Linda Fasching. l l 126 i Arneson, Ronald Dull, Donald O. Johnslon, Clyde Noble. HORNS James Larson Charles Wenl i worlh, Lila Knuclson, Maureen Beasley, Alice Lund, Larry Luke, Julius Prelle Tom Spalalore TROM BONES: Herb Johnson, Karen Coolidge, Roberl l-laburchak, James Roberlson Sylvia McKinley , John Crouch, Claire Garrick. BARITONES: Dale l-lallock, Ed l-lale Ronald Pill David Tuss Judy The Treasure Sfafe marching band performs af +he Bobcaf-Grizzly game. Chamber Band ANNUAL CHRISTMAN CONVOCATION "Laucl lo The Na+ivi+y" Combined Choral Organizarions and lnsrrumenral Ensemble December I4. l962 Christmas Convocation FLUTES: Kay Larson, Jane Haburchalc, Charlorre Warren. OBOES: Lorna Milcelson, Rira Kopp, Harold l-lerbig. BASSOONS: Larry Chrisropherson, John l-loven. CLARINETS: Tom Kenney, Arlie Monrqomery, Marie Kuiawa, Gene Enrico, Wilma Johnson, William Manning. ALTO CLARINETS: Barbara Kennedy. BASS CLARINET: Palsy McClain, ALTO SAXOPHONES: aff .auf- Norman Brunlcen, Sue Wellman. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Carolyn Shirls. Julius Preiie. TROMBONES: Herb Johnson, Karen Coolidge, Roberr BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Judy Parlco. CORNETS: Dale Frank, Roger l-lalourchalc, James Roberlrson. BARITONES: Dale Hallock, Ed Hale. Lelson, Dave l-lafer, Wayne Pelerson, Donald O. Johnsfon, Clyde Noble. BASSES: Gary Thomas. PERCUSSION: Dale Slrickland, Phil Dofy, John HORNS: James Larson, Charles Wenrworrh, Lila Knudson, Larry Luke, Marshall, Ray Lindsey, Linda Ensign, Linda Faschinq. x x V 1 k, , X s N -' ir! W' 1 3 'A'55'Q f' l ri . 1' xg.-iffgig , ""'3 Head Twirler- Kay Balwin if a' 'iff T I f gy, ry ' . QPR' l f . , 1 ' ,Xl rj 1 zixkllg fx .qQ"mQ.L, Lk- l'1:4.lfiA CH. Q-Q 'Jr 'va xl, I 4 , . Many will lonq remember The Woody Slreer Arr Gallery, an underlalclnq ol flue MSU Arr Club. The Gallery laler became a popular gallwerinq place lor cerrain college sluclenrs. 130 9' kr 4 S 1-.,?+,sFi. xx an, .if L., .iq -M fp ,',47': A ' ' 1, ,1-A, M- . . 1 I J I EJ IQ 2: 5 'WD M 4 QE fk 'fi 5 A. 72'-42' 'fa-"+V ff '19 .Iv .4- . , . 4' .1 . . . , .. .l ,Zi , , - M41 ,V . . ,', is 'QQ " A . v Z' - 'Q' ,Ag - as ' . A if: X 2 5 -ng V," ' H-af divx.. 'fp ' : fA'i A"gg',.L',?g,f' , 1 I , r ' O . 5' ' . 'I ww.. fill. . ' I-r" 'i "" ' -1-T? - . ,in af. , ' K. - gl' hm" X 5. Llgllb 1: 1- ., - , , AQ , ,,, -' . - 4 in ' S 0 ' ' " 'LL' L . . f . ',, fi- 4. , ' V " , , ' '. 'nf ' -' J' v.-vm' x av, nl .' I'-. H' '51, , "I, 1 yi, 'bl A ,lf , lf' ' " m'?9.J,. .fi ', 9"-f'1 v M -43 f Mx. 'f"',-in y " . , , . 4' . 1 f 1, ' I ,v 9 1. ' . . x 1 ',0.3f ','4 f le' " if 'Vials A ,, .A . ,L ' b :V aiif' '4 m . . ., ,J I -fbi Any ,Af D f- it 1. I , ,, 0 . . A ' . ' fri.. " p ' f v':'.l' 'i : ' I ,I V ln, , '- J. , A? M P' 7 . ' X ' ID' . ' ' Q Q I .nf 4 - 4' V . 4 a- "' I p ' . ' 4 A 4 . Q , , I , , , , if 1 ' ' . , " Q un ,so +' Q' I u. r . , ' L4 ,' . I . , 1 5' ' . - A if 4 4' t s ,4 A K Y, I, ., I fig' W J 5,5 ,..wl ,X amfi... ff f, '- A 1 ,M .hy ,N . ' ll' Y v M: A4. i a ,Q . 4, 5 Q V490 , ix A ' N ' k 'V ' t 1 M, fn 1 Q' A Y ' A ' 4 5 h D . ' K' fx 8 , Q 3 A '5 ' ' , ' A an ' v' . Q Q, A I b L, 1 . 4 5 'N in J , . .5 ff' T' " 1 us lx- 4 , H .o .qt F 5,9 '.- 'A' 9, nAA.4.' O? 4 WI, " ' iff - s , 74 5 X ,,,, K Q", . T ' ' I ii T I WMF V, nv- 7. . yy, fe ,,,, f ' I I i-isf - ' 4.1 . 52 f 7 Z Za' X f , M2 Q ff M f X f 5353 X A W s L , M f C X X ff ' X fx f - J .Jif XCQHWS ' +1 , Mqk 5 ,mg SS ,Kim 2' ' f X X' '7Zf5l,f'i'i'g, ,M 4 f f 7 f fy' X I 5, ,2 , . ,W s - f , , so W' T- f ff ss Z m WZ X X X fx , Z X M X S ,ff sys 4-,'nW43 Q, ': - X' ff "Hifi s iw " L. '52 Q5 5 Aff, , W, in if WRX M41 41 if .s , so Hx , f f I rrrr I f, ,Z js, S f , .glwf faq: , X , f s V X W x N 7 X W f f f, l- ,yi I SporTcasTers relay Grizzly acTion inTo The homes oT absenTee Tans. I 962 Football WYOMING I3 MONTANA 0 MonTana provided a roundup oT Thrills in The annual conTesT aT Billings in a pre- season opener by holding The Cowboys To 7 poinTs in The TirsT Three quarTers. The underdog, MonTana, proved To have some oTTensive power when They puT The Wyoming Team in a goal line deTense early in The second halT. Dillon guns pasT BYU end. NORTH DAKOTA I4 MONTANA 8 NorTh Dal4oTa made The kill in The second halT when a Sioux hahcbaclc inTercepTed a Grizzly pass and reTurned iT 78 yards. They Tollowed The TirsT by a second in The Third guarTer. Werba Touchdowned in The Tinal minuTes oT The game To accounT Tor MonTana's scores. DILLON FINISHED NINTH IN THE NATION IN RUSHING ON THE NCAA SCALE. 132 Terry Dougan, MonTana rablolerouser, iumps Tor ioy as we :gb -, -'W g l fag push The enemy Torever back. P Q 4 QQ 5 In 1 mn W .aQi2,Tx1 mf in ..sw.? 'irffill 'A is K: fffgl- 4' Ty, W 4 3 l..yg.x X ' is F94 ' '45 ' T fig .f. A 's 'Q 4 gd-1.11 - 'rl' ' n I I 30 ' tiff' ' r'. I I 4 . . ,Tru f N' I I-ff T ,I at - K MONTANA 22 IDAHO I6 The homecoming honors and The Li+TIe Brown STein were The spoils The Mon- Tana Team copped when They clawed ouT a vicTory Trom The Idaho Vandals. A capaciTy crowd waTched as Miller, Dodson, D i I I o n, Werba, and The resT oT The Grizzly eleven marched over. Through, and around The Idaho deTense. Pass de- Tense was The Thorn in The SiIverTip sTrengTh. Scovel rocIceTs The pigslcin inTo enemy TerriTory. UTAH STATE 43 MONTANA 20 In Their homecoming game aT Rom- ney STadium, The Aggies raclced up a monsTrous 43 poinTs. The Third guarTer showed iTselT To be MonTana's blaclcesT when The UTah STaTe Team rolled up Three Touchdowns in less Than six min- uTes. Up To The Time iT was a I4-I2 duel wiTh MonTana on The shorT end. FORMER GRIZZLY MENTOR, GENERAL FRANK MILBURN DIED ON OCTOBER 26. DURING THE PERIOD of I926-I93I, HE COACHED SUCH GRIZZLY NOT- ABLES AS WILD BILL KELLY AND ED CHINSKE. Dick Miller and PeTe GoTay Team up To iail an escaping Vandal. 4 'N PAUL AMADIO: LHB: So.: New Yorlc, N.Y. JOHN BARBARIE: E: So.I Calgary, Alla. JIM BARTELL: G: Sr.g Glencoe, Ill. BILL BOUCHEE: E: Sr., Livinqslon CHARLES BULTMAN: C: So.: Tel- Iord, Pa. FRED CALDER: Ty Jr., Torns River, N.J. BOB CRIPPEN: E: So., Buffs B.C. GEORGE DENNIS: T: Jr.: Vancover TERRY DILLON: LHB: Sr.: Hopkins, Minn. PAT DODSON: RHBQ Sr.: Shelby l K BILL ELLISON: E: Sr., Mandan. N.D. DICK GILDER: T3 Sr.: Red Lodqe PETE GOTAY: EB: So.: Clarlcslon, N.Y. TOM HAUCK: C5 Jr., Bulle The lady and The Tramp walch dlsmally as Weber is downed. TOM HUFFER: OB: So.: Maywood, III. DICK HUSE: E: Sr., Greaf Falls GARY JENKINS: OB: Jr.: Greal Falls In f 'Y -vii 1 A' DENNIS KIMMITT: C- Sr.- Greer JO Falls E KRAJACIC: EB: SO.: Highland, Ind. ,J f PETE LEECH G So San Francusco a .1 DAN SMELKO: EB: So.: I-Iubbarcl, GARY SVEE: C: So.: Columbus LEE SWANSON: LI-IB: So.: While- islw BRUCE WALLWORK: T: Jr.: I-Iono- Iulu, I-Ia. RON WERBA: EB: Sr.: Chicago, Ill. STEVE WOOD: RI-IB: Jr.: Miles Ci+y ' GENE LEONARD: E: So.: Bay Ciiy Mich. JERRY LUCHAU: G: So.: Missoula PAT Mc LEMORE: G: So.: Anaconda BILL MARTIN: LI-IB: So.: Dillon DICK MILLER: RI-IB: Sr.: I-Ioplcins Minn. PAUL MILLER: QB: Sr.: Miles Cily DAN PETERS: 6: Sr.: Bulfe CRIS POMAJEVICH: E: So.: Su perior DENNIS PRICE: 6: So.: Missoula BRENT RUSSELL: Gp Jr.: Missoula LEWIS SCHNELLER: G: So.: Bulle CARL SCHWERTFEGER: T: Sr.: Mil- waulcee, Wisc. LARRY SCOVEL: T: Sr.: Kalispell JACK SHEVALIER: G: Sr.: Helena OIWIO I-Iauclc forces Bozeman bull 'ro graze on Dornlolazer grass. of M G JM Cougars iusT siT back and waTch The senseless slaughTer oT grizzly bear. A A A 1 , , f Q Jaagx if sf ' , f ' , :MW ',wf,,f fa 2 ' 1 kwa Q., X se -9754 ,gf G ff .M WZ f T i .WM " N 1 T ' 'N 2' 'n if 's ' "T 'Wigw- Coach Jenkins reigns unopposed aT The pre-game chalk-Talks. G rizzly su pporTe rs boosT MONTANA 25, WEBER COLLEGE 6 Dillon boomed ouT 36 yards in Tour carries, seT up The TirsT lvlonTana score, and sTarTed a Grizzly rampage oT 25 poinTs, a g a i n ST an under-manned, young Weber squad in MSU's second home game on OcTober I3. The game was packed wiTh acTion, and ini-uries, un+iI The TourTh quarTer, when everyThing bogged down To a sTandsTill. BRIGHAM YOUNG 27, MONTANA 0 MonTana, wiTh BYU's help, Tumbled and passed a win sTraighT inTo The Cougars' hind pockeT on The Grizzlies' own Tield. The Brigham Young coach duped The Grizzlies by using The naTion's leading ground gainer, ElTon ForTie, as a decoy. The SilverTip spiriT was broken immediaTely aTTer a pass was inTercepTed by The UTah Team on Their own I6 yard line, and ForTie leaped 68 Yards Tor The TirsT oT BYU's Tour Touchdowns. 4 , I :H-Alb, My ., W , hope oT The Team aT halT-Time. MONTANA 22, IDAHO STATE I5 The MonTana-Idaho STaTe game erupTed wiTh all The Tury oT a I-lellgaTe wind aTTer a TighT TirsT Three quarTers. In The TourTh, MonTana's Touchdown Twins, Dodson and Dillon broke ouT oT The Bengal iungle To seT up Two Mon- Tana scores. The TourTh quarTer was highlighTed by Two excepTional runs: The TirsT was a 46-yard Touchdown sprinT by MonTana halTback Terry Dillon: and The second, by Idaho STaTe's Nick Yorges, was a 65-yard gallup and, also, The lasT score oT The game. MONTANA 36, MONTANA STATE I9 The giTTed Grizzlies could do no wrong during The myThical sTaTe cham- pionship duel aT Dornblazer Field once They goT going. In The beginning, wiTh The BobcaTs scoring Twice in The TirsT halT oT The TirsT quarTer, iT looked as iT The Grizzlies were abouT To be axed. BuT, The Turning poinT in The game was when Dillon sTuck his neck ouT and ran 22 yards on a Take punT and seT up The TirsT SiIverTip score. ln The second halT a Tired up Grizzly Team Tallied 22 poinTs while holding MonTana STaTe scoreless. The Senior backTield resembled The Four I-Iorsemen The way They galloped on The Tield. Paul Miller and company collecT BobcaT bounTy by Tanning The 'CaTs' hides rr P , ' 76' ,- jim i,,r 4, iilv I, 6 .2,,. 'Aj' 'QI ,f 'fill T . , ,J S' D t 5 ,Q , T- ,fx T swf MSC scores To wound The Grizzly Bear, buT in The end Their scalp hung in The Grizzly Tepee 137 Bozeman s c:asl4eT our Treasure chesT is received by Grizzly A Naseby RhineharT, Trainer- Hugh Davidson, Back- The besT in The WesT. field COdCh. MONTANA lb, COLORADO STATE I5 PeTe GoTay, sophomore Grizzly Tullbaclc, pulled a win ouT OT The bag in The lasT minuTes oT The game on Thanksgiving Day. The Rams led all The way unTil ThaT momenT, buTTing The Grizzlies every- f l ill is Y ' WN' -,sw , :al MilT Schwenk line Ed Ch' k , uns e, Freshman coach. coach. where. As iT Turned ouT The Ra TirsT downs Than The Grizzlies, and IOO more yards gained by rushing. lvlonTana ended The 'season h wiT, This game, making iT a successTul one wiTh a 5-5 record. ms had Two more ,, ,,, ,. T as-M V . Sa 343' The dusT Tlies when "lvlounTie" Paul Miller grabbles with The Vandal The happiness girls our cheerleaders s d , , pen mosT oT The year laboring de- votedly To squeeze enThusiasm ouT oT The crowd which is like squeezing blood ouT OT a rock. The TronT row, leTT To righT consisfs OT: Pa'T Clark, Terry Dou- gan, Emily lvlelTon, KiTTy Van VlieT, and Sherry Davis, The Cheerleaders. ln The back row are The pom-pom gals: Diane Reber, Donna Manley, Mary Ann Pederson, Emma AusTin, Deanna Mencarelli, and Helen Ferrlan. fl ! N. I is ,od ' i ,. ff ' , ff' . 'SQ greg. " af' eff' Y .,a f "in, Disappoinred Dads view BYU fracas on Ocfober 20 when fhe Cougars clobbered rhe Grizzlies 27-O. ,, vfawwmvwkik 5 qz Ev figgax a E ' Qf. Q , Q3 S 'mwahsvf my , x A N- 4 X ' wig eq, 5 4- 1 N 'is Y ral-'Y 'M' V" "r I A A ,I 3 , Win, .V Q lf M 1 gf A Aff., h -' x , E SK-x .,.k Q q lyk' AA I ' A ' ew f f , ,g, 4 ,V - -' awww-in H ' '-" I 'Ei ' A , Q-:QAM Kiagf .,, ff N ' ' We . M r ,, 3""aa QQ aww nasal M f . N7 3,45 X 1 wall? , fr ws-if x Y ,,,-,gy . ' '+ 1' K , if fm X , in " ' M' " 'F X f?fnS"'? W. xv -N X 0 a-wwf? Q w'l?5?f fl W 37.0 ,V f ,,m,eQl'lF"' ,V X agar NL if 4-,mx x M4f4"'4k,,gMmkw4,,W,,,, X r azor' 'V M ' Q sr ga' ae " xl U -nw 7 ' ,Q-m...WW . " V ' V" N ew V. Q V- e v' 'Hn . w :NNVNV V A V , ff , ,M ,, . H V . Mi J -,MQ..mmQf'qQ-feN?"i"'Nv' Y . ' . ' ' M if f. W' Surprised Vandal plows info Hauck insread of The hole. - Q '- v ' y V a 3: "Visa: V' ir' , - 'A . 3 .1 Q r fa.. rs. 1 In i sh of 1, 1, v. ' J ,,, M1 V 1, am, .5 tv? Vii X 9,051.04-W" 'ao i. ,"'v'3,f f Q , + ni f 4 H fs f n I 1 4 E P 2 - " ff M'-V2.1 ' EL-ff 1 f Q 1 - .. , : q44', 4 ' ' Iixagx. ' ,ug-151 , , az: I ,.,.2-ffn I ,A A QWE- I - 'H , s .df A"'.f T K, M.. " ' - 'jf 45 yea I , . 1,1 at Q -V O"'lo 7 4 .. .ff-mwff S tfinigf' ir 140 Parry Clark and Diane Reber rocker fhe crowd's spirifs upwards. I?" , N 'I' J ' 1 ,JP ..f - , 1- f A 7. . 4, 9 4, 'MQ , Cams and Dregs, Mon'rana's peppy pep club seT+le on The Turf 'ro observe MSU's foofball srrafeqy. The Men Trom Missoula Tace The boys Trom Bozeman Tor The myTh cal sTaTe champlonsh p CUB FOOTBALL: JusT The opposiTe oT lasT year's Team, The Clubs whipped WMCE 8 To noThing llasT year WesTern Trounced The Cubsl and Then wenT on To lose To The BobkiTTens Trom Bozeman 27-I5 whom They whiTewashed lasT year 52 To I4. FRESHMEN RECEIVING FOOTBALL NU- MERAL AWARDS ARE: Merle Adams, Mac ArringTon, Frank Bain, RoberT Brophy, John Chor, RoberT Climie, George Cormack, John Dempsey, RoberT Dunham, Richard Dunn, Mike Franklin, Dean Hermes, Russell Huggins Mike Jones, Floyd Joramo, Bruce LangauneT, Aaron MajiT, Dennis Meyer, ArThur Miller, WalTer Palass, Jerry Park, KenneTh Pomaievich, Doug- las Roloinson, VincenT Rubino, Mike Schmauch, Warren SchmidT, Roger Seeley, Neil Sisco, Cody STark, Douglas STreeT, Gene Tripp, Roger VogT, Dennis Williams, William Wilson, and RoloerT WrighT. Freshmen clang VicTory Bell TriumphanTly in posT game TradiTion. i. , H -1 , ol., A l b BoeTTcher buffs The ball To block The poinT lvlSU's Phi DelTa TheTa's saved The game and won The day when They blocked an exTra poinT kick To deTeaT Bozeman's SAE's by a score oT I3-IZ. The Phi DelTs, upon winning The TooT- ball Trophy here earned The righT To play The Bozeman's besT available Tor The supposedly sTaTe Touch-TooTball championship. Linda Wood spurred her Turner A Team on. deTeaTing The Kappa Alpha TheTas in Two games To win The WRA Volleyball TiTle. OTher members oT The Team were: KaThy DissonneTTe, Connie C5riTTin, Alice Keenan, Joy MacDonald, Marilyn MoweTT, Dood RoberTs, and Barbara Shank. v...,,,,.,A,-ww? Intramurals Sue LinTz is unbeaTable, in swimming aT leasT. The Turner l'lall girls swepT away TirsT place leaving BranTley l'lall in The dus+ in second place, in The WPA swim meeT. The Phi DelTa TheTa wonder Team snaTched TirsT place in The men's volleyball division by deTeaTing The Full l-louse I5-I2 and I5-5. Phi DelTa TheTa squeezed pasT The Rams To carry oTT The men's swimming championship. The Phi DelTs posTed a score oT 50 To The Ram's 47lf2. The men's swimming cornpeTiTion sTarTs wiTh a pop of The gun and a drownedlng splash. 9 is if l'r , 1. Pu. Jr, 'f ' , 1, Q 36 'Sb Ps. 'XII if . mu ' ' p A 1- f, Jerry Robbins Tlails and Tails To bloclc The pass. GreaT plans are haTched when Knapp and The DelTa Sigs discuss sTraTegy. Li f f-is fi Z Mg, lphoTo by Dale l-luhTanen Terry Dillon In being selecTed To go To The EasT-WesT Shrine game in San Francisco. l-lalTback Terry Dillon ioins The ranks oT Grizzly unTorgeTables. OTher MSU players To be chosen in The pasT were: l926 quarTerbaclc, "Wild Bill" Kelly: l926 halfbacla, Tom Davis: l937 halTbaclc, lvlilT Popvich: l942 Tull- back, Eso Naranche: and I958 guard, STan Renning. Welcome To The club. Dillon! While in San Francisco, Triple ThreaT Terry Dillon grabbed The spoTlighT Tor lvlonTana when he inTercepTed a pass and Turned The play inTo a rioT M ThaT called Tor The EasT's reserve Torce To subdue. I F I 1 n I W 1 I1 fl We t ni e E wi X i 11 1 3 1 1 ll H 1' t e I I. 3 3 1 1 1 1 4 l if J . 'A' Q :Y ff". 'Mx I I 'in in fl ,Vg ' 1. N A'-' ' if 1' R , sf ag, ff Y ,L ACTI ITI E 1 'F ,, ' ,Q .. if' su? fa Q walk 'r Q V I X -vaxmx Q 'Y , j, af' QE A ,. ' we I q, V. 0. Z 'A A 1 : fx fawq - Q L " R, in V, . A 3' 3 4 as .t , -ri it '- .. sw' . .' " 4' '- " ff.-fl-'ilkfff' - A yi tim'-fs., ' 1 W x 1.1 :. . A T1 N E21 i'f"lezfl j . 'Y '97 ff, 1, -11 ,... ,Y af ' . q M-ap: 'i A nz nfs ' " " 'ig - 4,-' V -Qi . g , ' . .sqgsg ' .f l ..- ' . ' J, ' , ' ' 9 'S J. - S s , If On lhe windswepl plains ol lhe oval, lhe courageous are lhe only persons who dare lighl lhe liery ol l-lellgale. JANUARY 7: Cramped hands and chewed lingernails indi- Club honored lhe loreign sludenls allending lvlonlana Slale cale lhal regislralion, lhe day lhal God lurned his back on Universily. sludenls, has iusl passed. JANUARY IO: Rober- la Tarbox's "Coloring Book" plus her poise earned lor her lhe lille ol Miss MSU lor I963 al lhe annual conlesl belween lhe loviesl ol lhe lovilies in lhe Uni- versily Thealer. JANUARY IZ: Smash- ing all previous rec- ords, Ed Lemp circled l,2I4 limes in one ol lhe local laundermals' aulomalic dryers lor a college record. JANUARY I7: Three lilms and a dance main slreeled lhe agenda ol lnlernalional Day-lhe day wilh which Kurl Weis's Cosmopolilan , 1 ' y U 5 V, J g P fir 1 A! A Y t V , Among lhe guesl groups lo perlorm al lhe Sinlonia Jazz Feslival were lhe Columbia Falls High School Columbians. A U' ' To puT The sTress on The lnTernaTional half oT lnTernaTional day are: KrisTy Towe, CenTral America: STephanie Tung, China: Amy Shanu-Wilson, Sierra Leone: Isabel Passo, Ecuador: Barbara MaTz, AusTriag and Ingrid Andersson, Sweden. N X si :+R 5 JANUARY 20: The GreaT Craig Hall Flood oT l963 was caused by The Treezing Tempera- Tures spliTTing a sTeam pipe. RowboaTs were needed To evacuaTe The vicTims Trom The disasTer area la TirsT Tloor wing oT The men's dorml. Winter's Activities JANUARY I8: NexT Tall, The woolgrowers meeTing in San An- gelo, Texas will see an angel lLee Morgan, Miss Wool oT MonTanal senT Trorn heaven lMonTana STaTe UniversiTyl To compeTe Tor Miss Wool oT America. JANUARY 20: RaTael Mendez, ouT oT This world TrumpeTeer, headlined The Third annual Con- cerT and l:esTival puT on by The Townspeople. Carol Nelson, i962 Miss MSU wishes besT reTurns To Miss MSU l963, Miss RoberTa Tarbox aTTer The curTain has Tallen aT The pageant 147 , g," 1g4'1,i-tif 1 1 " 9 Tormance of PeTer, Paul, and Mary, TirsT oT The big name enTerTainers To be broughT To MSU. FEBRUARY 9: Bearpaws and Spurs' versions oT vocal valen- Tines, Spur-o-grams, gave everyone an opporTuniTy To whis- per sweeT noThings To his sweeThearT Tor everyone else To hear. FEBRUARY I7: Things have changed aT MonTana especially TradiTions. lT's a sorry noTe when The sTudenT body congre- gaTes aT The lodge or The library lduring an hour oT Tree Time granTed Them by The universiTyl while The adminisTra- Tion is honoring The Tounders oT This insTiTuTion in a convoca- Tion aT The universiTy TheaTer. 'Wx . P ' " fl A A 'L r ' i ,V it ugh +4 A massive crowd piled inTo The field house To view The per- MARCH 4: Senior lawyers sTarT pracTicing whaT has been preached aT The MooT CourT sessions. Like acTual courT- room cases, The MooT CourT comes compleTely Turnished wiTh wiTnesses and a iury composed oT The sTudenTs oT MSU: Snow ball TighT aT The Tri-DelT house Reverend John FosTer reciTes The lasT riTes of K-deTTe Trophy in DelTa Sigma Phi's mock Tuneral To reTurn a sTolen Trophy. h , , . " ' r f' ' 4' Jffii P N T K ,f . V js 3, , X5 A X ' 1 T, r , 1 1. -. , 1 ' ,f , F -L 1 Y , , x ,iw- 4 I Y I I 'N ly , 3 FEBRUARY 27: Under The direcTion oT Phil- ip Hess The MSU Radio-TV workshop produced a 30 minuTe dramaTic Tarce, "Cor- poral's PunishmenT," sTarring 6 iournalism majors. This producTion was The TirsT oT iTs kind To be perTormed here. Moving day beTween The dorms leaves The rooms in a shambles. MARCH 7: Two encores were awarded Tolksinger Josh WhiTe by The audience aT The STudenT Union sponsored concerT. While his guiTar moaned The sad Tune oT The Negro, Mr. WhiTe added To The sTory in a voice oT despair. l t I Marching To Their new home are June Davis and Marla Madison. MARCH 9: The case oT The roving iail. AT The annual caTch a man dance lSadie Hawkins Dancel, one highlighT oT The evening happened when The bearpaw in charge losT The iail-compleTe wiTh prisoners. As in every year, Sadie Hawkins nighT Turned The campus Topsy-Turvy wiTh iTs anTics oT Marryin' Sam, sell- ing empTy moonshine lugs, and loan- ing The chaperones rocking chairs. MARCH I3: ProTessor Leslie Fied- ler's novel, "The Second STone" re- ceived naTional publiciTy when iTs review appeared in Time Magazine. 151 ,af ,. .- er . , X ,ey x-W c , My ' gf'gf',. LecTuring aT The STudenT Union's Tues- , mv 1. pf, . day's Topic Leslie Fiedler won naTional ,Q xr, publ1ciTy when his novel, The Second ,Q-Q' STone was reviewed Tavorably by Time Magazine. ,exe The Three Young Men. Dick Riddle, PaT Fox, and Bob Ruby. Josh WhiTe and his shadow seT The mood Tor his blues concerT in The UniversiTy TheaTer. 152 ly ..,,..w fm-.S MARCH I5: The Three Young lvlen Trom lvlonTana-Bob Ruby, PaT Fox, and Diclc Riddle-reTurn home To perTorm in a con- cerT aTTer gaining nafional ranlc among The recording sTars. lvlonTana's climaTe is lilce a woman-in The morn- ing lwinTerl she loolcs Terrible, buT aTTer geTTing dressed lspringl you're glad you are around. If ii Corliss Nickerson and Gary Anderson. Fallout Wrillen and direcled by Douglas Bankson Technical direclor and designer: Richard Jame Falher .... lvlolher . . . Sisler . . . Brolher .... Grandlalher Grandmolher Sloodley . . . Pussycal . . . . Eddy . . . CAST . . . .Dennis l-losleller . . . . . . . . . .Joan Campbell . . .Claudelle lvlorlon Johnson . ...Tom Williams .. ...Alan Naslund . . . .Sara Grey . . .Gary Anderson . . . .Corliss Nickerson .. .Tom l-lall Torn Williams, Claudefle Johnson, Dennis l-losleller, Corliss Nickerson, Joan Campbell, Gary Ander- son, and Alan Naslund. sa 'Nr in K X X tails L , 4 .M ,101 'an xv Xl o i I.: l 1' i .. X ,i "K Sara Grey gels assisfance in rnalce-up applicalion. 1"- av""""- l y , yiz, Z 2 Q Ai 8, A 65, ,-,av-"""' our mbk 1 3 , , wi 3- Joan Campbell, Corliss Nickerson, Gary Anderson, and Claudeffe Johnson. Claudelfe Johnson and Tom Williams ., no .,,,, "' i 2 nw Mfg? Wi: f ,M . of A, i f ,mv MMQ7, , W fr 5 1 ' 1 'ww Children walch Dr. Banlcson, wrifer and direcfor. ,vw ii, .,,, , ,. ,.1.,l,.l,,' . ,, , - -4 4,55 'F ' 155 Ron Engle, Melinda Wilson, and Mike Fallon. Slage Manager ..... Dr. Gibbs ....... Joe Crowell ..,..... Howie Newsome .... Mrs. Gibbs ......, Mrs. Webb .,,.. George Gibbs ... Rebecca Gibbs Wally Webb ..... Emily Webb ........ Professor Willard .... Mr. Webb ......... Woman in The Balcony Man in Jrhe Auclilorium Lady in The Box ..... Simon Siimson .. .. Mrs. Soames .,.... Consiable Warren . . . Si Crowell ........ Sam Craig .,.... Joe Siodclard . .. 156 Our Town By Thornion Wilder Firman l-l. Brown, Jr., Direcror ......Ron Engle . .Roger DeBourg Lesler l-lankinson .George Baldwin .Eileen Gallagher . .lone l-lulchings . . . . .Mike Fallon . . . .Susan Saiher Lesler l-lanlcinson ....Melinda Wilson ...Delberl Unruh . . . . .Larry Boag l'lelen Mclieague Eirman l-l. Brown, Jr. l-lelen Mclieague .....,....Gene Buck Helen Mclieague ...Delberi Unruh Lesier l-lankinson . . . . .George Baldwin Delberi Unruh Delberi Unruh Gene Buck l if ,I we Q 2 Eileen Gallagher and Roger DeBourg Susan Sallwer. Milce Fallon and Melinda Wilson X if Z .QQ 's P lone l-lulclwings and Larry Boaq University Choir ConducTor-Joseph Mussulman AssisTanT ConducTor-Richard GuThrie Charles Bryson, Thomas Clark, RoberT Clawson, Dennis Craig, Loreen Craig, Ellen Cunningham, Anne Erickson, Linda Fasching, Judy Fisher, RoberT FiTch, Margie Fowler, KenT Garlinghouse, KaThryn Gleason, Fay Gonsior, Philip GriTTin, Richard 6uThrie, Edward l-larris, KenT l-larris, Helen I-leeb, Douglas James, Michael Kiley, Richard Lee, Bruce LesTer, Roger LeTson, Larry Luke, Douglas Manning, Lee MaThews, Donnamae Nichols, Linda PorTer, William Powell, Bonnie Jo Robbins, KaTh- leen Shore, Diane Simon, Lloyd Sinclair, Carol Skalsky, JuaniTa SmiTh, Thomas SpaTaTore, RoberTa Tarbox. Gwendolyn ValenTine, Rosalie Walby, KenneTh Walker. Nite Club Dance Annually The school oT music provides enTerTainmenT and dancing aT The NiTe Club Dance, Opera workshop and The Jubileers combined eTTorT on The enTerTainmenT. PicTured here is Anne Erickson. Rafael Mendez Rafael Mendez made his appearance in lhe Universily Thealer January 23. The evening saw lhe Missoula Grade School, Missoula Counly l-ligh School, and Monlana Slale Universily Bands performing. One ol lhe world's grealesl 'rrumpel virluosos provided enlerlainmenl nol soon lo be lorgollen. l 2 E l 1 i 1 V r l Close-up of Mr. l-loolc's work. Faculty Art Show Three dimensional piece by Mr. Leecly. Conlernplales a sel of peinlinqs done by Mr. Arnolcl. 160 e 1 ' I MSU Basketball- I 963 Time oul in The game and lime in lor coach Nord lo lry lo correcl Grizzly mis- lakes while in 'rhe hudclle. lvlonlana 56 Monlana 66 Monlana 47 Monlana 95 Monlana 75 Monlana 50 Nonlana 54 Monlana 78 Monlana 60 Monlana 54 Nonlana 58 Monlana 62 162 iwkq Q K l ss if , 'ff , Y v wrji x V 'Q - xy., 9,4 7 f,,',.w 5 , X ,-as se . f . , - 'Ness x . x V 7? ,I ,T Awoi , ., . I Z , ,ag H . , f 4 . - 6. , Wh -H r f V ,sri ,, 5 , Vf7,,5,i.g 6 X-i f - as-2, ' .f I 1 mf-xiii' . V . , U , .?'fff.i"gi5 52 - X , .6 fa V2 A z,,, J: ,f, , .9 , , m Q- ,Q X From l-lilger lo Sumner, as lhe 'lips slarl an offensive allack. TEAM RECORD Kansas 68 Missouri 86 Oklahoma Slale 63 Norlh Dalcola 83 Washinglon Slale 57 Washinglon 59 Washinglon 57 lvlacalesler 5l Idaho 75 Seallle Universily 59 Ulah Slale 84 Air Force 86 Yugi "Wh-sq, '1w'l-ruff, P iv gzip wx ffl!! I 1 tx w , 'v'.. .-o 2 ,fm 2? 1145 nv.. f ffl A h 09. is X qu 'QQ 1 v ,JW '-ww 'Ye' 5 .,.r- 11,6 Tail ln 'rlwe middle of January, Monlana fans saw sophomore Rocky Greenfield maiclwed Big Sieve Lowry slams ine BB flnrougli 'flue nel io aqains'rU'ral'1Slal'e's Cornell Green. UICFBGSG OUP lead. A+ a ball game coHon candy and kids seem ro qo ioqelher likebacon and eqqs. Two of 'flue coacns frained refrievers, Nord and Barnefi keep Their eyes glued 'ro flwe achon 164 Bobcal bursis pasi Keilh Law for a slwoi. Wiili a young Team, f Nord was olien seen Wearing lllls familial' ex' ln desperalion. Nord iurns io Nasby for help during ine liglnl' momenis of 'l'l'1e pression. game- MSU's I963 "golden" Grizzlies are, Fronl' row, lef+ lo rigl1+: Jay Sumner, Larrae Roclneleau, Tim Aldrich, Jim Pramenlco, Ray Lucien, l-larold Pelerson, and Dave l-lilger. Back row: Don Morrison, Bruce Denison, Pele Rasmussen, Roclcy Greenfield, Sieve Lowry, Bill Rice, Francis Ricci, Keiilw Law, l-larold Fullerion and Manager Dave Liiilelield. TA45, We SN pil 1 l53i q""" 'if Ill! ...I l I TQ Q-h."""" LP ix , E i il NTI 5 I L R X f I j 165 STEVE LOWRY: 3 I- C V- I TIM ALDRICH: 2 vIg G: SI'-I Rd I-OCIQ9 Jr.g Missoula RAY LUCIEN: 3 Vlg C51 Sr.: Bafon Rouge, La. DON MORRISON: I VI: Eg Sr.: Troy DAVE HILGER: I vI: G: Jr.: Dillon FRANCIS RICCI: I vlg F3 SO.: I.ivir1gsIon qua? BRUCE DENISON: I vIg F1 So.1 Missoula KEITH LAW: 2 vIg F: Jr.: Bourbonnais, III. BILL RICE: I vIg F3 So.: Chadron, Neb. 3, QW 5 39" A .K 4 9 - 4 C ? 3. D -y , 1 s Q 9 3 Q 2 2 gf. .X 'A ' , f QQ If ' ! if 1 Q Q NX 1 gf- 4 in X. . 1 5. q . f ! 1 E XX i ' sz . R ' Wiki! -n-.. if X Q, ' 1 ,X M if N im?-W ,. 5 I .E '- ff ,j Q A-4 "' mx Ax Wi? 'fk i Y' ., 4 A N I ml. nr:-.u iv V 'W , .4 Emo ' , i 3 A S P J X I i I 'fin xg ,. ,fi '- . 'jf' 'K M ,, W , A - in ' ' ' i 522131 if 4 ll v " ' ' B ' The I963 wonder Freshman Jream: Fron+ row, leff 'ro righ+: Manager Ken Sullivan, Caplain Ron l-larper, Sian Johnson, Pal Conners, and Jim Grillilhs. Second row: Bob D. Dunham, Carl Skabronski, Bob J. Dunham, Rocky Black. and Don Marlella. Third row: Bill Sullivan, John Chor, Frank Spear, John Quisf, Wall Jenson, and Casey Cunningham. I Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs On IN A DUAL FRESHMAN GAMES 49 Varsily 78 Norlh ldaho Junior College 77 Conaga 63 U. of Idaho lrosh 68 MSC Bobkillens 72 Carroll JV's 48 MSC Bobkillens 84 MSC Bobkillens 7l Norlh ldaho Junior College a rampage, Bill Sullivan drives pas? Bi Rice as Johnson breaks free from Dave l-liger A -s, Q .0 f . 515. ,is 'S wg' - . 1,1 , w . f :"l sf . i . 5- .fffgig l E .TUV A i H123 if -'iii ,Y,.,. . , v Tw"-V I ',j f a . Ax x In The Tronl' row: John Trurnell, Gary Nelson, ClinT Carlson, Doug Reynolds and coach Homer Anderson-all members oT The winTry, cold T-larTley, and Elinor Lyons: in The back row: Winnie Jones, Barbara blooded, Grizzly SlciTearn. MaTz, Derald SmiTh, Bill BradT, David Johnson, JeTT MerediTh, l-larry AT McCall, ldaho, MonTana's represenTaTion oT a Three Mike Buckley slcied in The downhill Tor Top honors on The man slci Team won The booby prize Tor Taking lasT place in TirsT oT February in The lnTernaTional CollegiaTe MeeT aT The ldaho lnviTaTional Slci MeeT early in January. The Mon- BanTT, AlberTa. Tana men enTered in only V2 oT The evenTs. Bowling Roy NewTon and The bowling Team Tound revenge To be saTisTying aTTer dropping MSC To The wayside 2,604 To 2,5l9 on February I5 in Bozeman. llhe BobcaTs earlier won The conTesT aT Missoula during The MSU-MSC TooTball game.l BUT revenge doesn'T lasT long when The keglers losT To Carroll College The nexT day. Again Roy NewTon was high scorer Tor The Grizzlies, wiTh Doug Jacobsen second. On March 22, The Grizzlies puT down Their rivals Trom MSC in Their lasT conTesT oT The season. 170 , I - V X. 75 ,kg , ,pn-I" is . Q +2 , ,J ' K., 2 , A x 'fe R. 5 rg. VF, A, ig, M , , ,MV V, 'Hem 0 , . J ' 53 , ' f ge! .,,. 5 754 H 'lzlfii-iifi: . Q l Bin? T I ,1 is S Q' X 1 s V , as if J Z is . ng 1? 3 h' ,jg gui'-aaa Y M A 5 151 , H' sg, 'z . 12' Q M Q Les M' 3 f 1 any 9,43 Q 7 ' Q X 3 1 wrifffa, B254 f We ,ya Q . 1 If' Q Q xc .V 4 N 5 1 kb W 1 f Q e 1 . i x if .sv Q 'Ma nf, A s ,X I 'D X W , c j 1 xg' Z S 4 ,x ik., 41 in ,J ,WN W1 s f , ,gxl Xxx? X53 ,X , f 65? N .-v iw favs! px 'Q .Q Num Mfg 4 ' 4 s 42 Q I ,gl X 4 tb. ' .Q W ,M ff' 5 Rf, ff' if L' S W rg 1 5 K? R X ig xc W lv xg M Q in sl A is W , mn! M 4 ' f 'il , gs- - as, Z , 'Egg X-1 '1 X5 'X F' A i .Q j x gg v ,E '- " Ar ,ff Praciicinq al Snow Bowl, Mike Buckley speeds lo The bollom ol The run. 355. M pw !h , , Jn if 5 , 1 5 ll sk M , . i 1 52 I X li W . ck 3 I - Si .I :I , . N , 1. 1 trail ai xv is I l Q5 1 Q B' f f X Q t r ' 1 M -G 2 ki 1 y I A 3' " 4: i 'sw' : A ' s fx: q w i . X .gf N K . sr .K 4 Skiing Skiinq is iusl like lallinq oil a w The middle of February, saw Mon+ana's hall Jream in ihe "l.oner" Mike Buckley ended lourleenih in Jrhe individual NWISA cornpeliiion in While Pass, Washinglon. Allhough sialus ralings a+ The NCAA Ski Championships al Soliiude Buckley came Jrhrough wiih +wo lirsls, when Jrhe Team score Uiah, March 2I-23. was lolaled MSU was on Jrhe boilom. .4 ,sa , f ,ss N, cgqsw., - yr X - 9, , AW- , e-f?f1"'6sfsf"Y9J WY . ,,, ., A , ,sffffg . iw W 2 V ,Q 5, .a.-Q--...,.-...Munih 3 D U f Because iT is an individual sporT, iT is a lonely sporT. WheTher you win or lose O ' depends upon each man To do his iob wiThouT any ouTside help. m m N n g BuTTerTIy man, Glenn Jones, slcims Through The waTer wiTh The Terocious ness oT a sharlc. x J,C , , V X M yy , 4?waswe?a3r2ns ?i' x:2'e V, .X X K xk"qQ - r WW:-'?"iisf, Q . 'rbris H.. -in bb. Placing second on Friday nighT againsT The sTaTe universiTies oT UTah and Idaho, Grizzly swimmers goT Then TusTTasTe oT con1peTHion. SaTurday hujuded The UniversiTy oT Idaho in a quadangular meeT wiTh Mon- Tana chugginginTo Hurd posHion. 'Copping Two gold medals each, Glenn Jones, Ed Maguire, and John Aromen Torpedoed EasTern Wash- ingTon's hopes Tor vicTory in a dual meeT here January 24. Maguire exploded The 200-yard TreesTyIe record by going The disTance in 2:OI.6. The Tinal score was 63-3I. WiThouT having claiming privaTe ownership To any TirsT places, The IvIonTana Team sunlc like The TiTanic on January I8 againsT WSU aT Pullman. Ed Maguire was -The only member To grab a liTe iacIceT when he Tied Tor TirsT in The 220-yard TreesTyIe. I'Ie seT a new uni- versiTy record aT The same Time. Wrestling January 25 was lhe bears lirsl meel. ln Rexs- burg, ldaho lhe Grizzlies squeezed pasl Ricks Col- lege I7-I4. John Black and Dennis Meyer grappled lo win, bul lhe Bobcal's bile was loo much lor lhe young leam. We losl 28-8 in Bozeman during lhe nexl day. ln lheir lirsl home meel lFebruary 8l lhe Grizzlies look 7 oul ol 9 malches lo deleal Ricks Again. Pal Mcl.emore was lhe only Grizzly lo win by a lall. 'Q- Splilling up lhe middle, 4 wins and 4 losses, Washinglon Slale oul poinled lhe Monlanans by winning wilh pins on lheir home ground February 9. Al Cheney, Monlana look revenge. Yielding lO poinls by lorleilure Easlern Washinglon was smolhered by lhe malmen lrom lhe shining mounlains. When lighling Monlana's "gruesome lhreesome," lBlack, Price, and Meyerl small Norlhern Monlana's hopes lor viclory wenl down lhe lubes, lwice. The scores were 38-3 and 3l-7. Wresllers improve wilh experience. Monlana doesn'l like lo be delealed. Those lwo lacls helped MSU improve ils slanding wilh MSC. This lime lhe Grizzlies pulled enough slamina oul ol Coach Swanson's bag ol lricks lo gain a lie wilh lhe Bobcals. To end lhe season. an unollicial Big Sky wreslling Tourney was held in Bozeman March I6 and I7. MSC won, wilh Monlana second, Weber lhird, and ldaho Slale lasl and leasl. 1. .. if f v'5'ff - . , ,, -...,..,.,,,,,,....,.-.-..,.-.-,. .,, ,,,,,,,,,,, s, K ,, ,I A ' 1. ..-mv. f ss , A 1 Y ,, ff- W ,. . ,M . b d fm., -5,5 . . , M-.5'5f',4fiQ 2:52 'iii' an :if , ' Mfmlam Y l no -K on A as Mgg c' 'l'L4J'-5993 MM-"m'l '7' -sw' ':f7f?22-!t.?!.Q B4 .4 '4 'N' had vu-A na 1-tl ma as-A D-W 04 'lb-I Gil . :f -- 1-P - V -'Azz . , . -2 - - Wilh a splash and a noselul ol clorinaled waler lhe lankmen compele lo see who is lhe mosl drown-prool. Being lhe only relurning lellermen, seniors Doug Brown and Glenn Jones were chosen lo represenl lhe swim leam as ils co-caplains. Because ol an aulo accidenl near Bulle, lhe leam had lo cancel meels wilh ldaho Slale and Ulah Slale on February Aller a praclice dip, lhe dolphin pulls himself oul ol lhe pool. as . I 1 " ,, we -fi! Q ' fb' ' 1.31351 I 3 sf-lm? -ii sk' 21 I I l and ln Cheney lhe Grizzlies sank Easlern Washinglon 62-3l and lhen was dynamiled by Brilish Columbia by lhe score 56-35. Deeds and Jones were lhe only bears lo lake a lirsl in bolh meels. Everybody won in lhe meel againsl Norlhern Monlana in .455 Greal Falls on February 26. A MSU record was smashed as 'fr-1 Glenn Jones boomed lhrough lhe 500-yard lreeslyle in 5:52.0. A lourlh and lillh was lhe besl lhe Grizzlies could do in lhe Weslern lnvilalional Swimming Championships al Golden, Colorado. Monlana linished sixlh oul ol a lield ol six. ff-vi 173 r- 5 V A , ,,,...w-.-vv---f --fd V, i ' ' Su!-qw wi 'fa F ,.A. J VLA ,,.. .....,.,, , . . ' . A , 51 'FFA if . 4 fJ":e?' ,g l . , ,A' ' -iilfmlif -W -. , ,rig v -if .ri - W .61,f5'EQMiqzif-S 1.-f wr i urs sigma Nu Intramurals Wilh Dick l-lughes leading lhe way, Sigma Chi galhered up lop honors in winler's inlramural skiing compelilion. Allhough an independenl, Winnie Jones, won lhe gianl slalom, lhe Della Gamma girls leamed up lo lake overall honors in lhe women's hall ol lhe skiing evenls. Throughoul lhe winler, lhe lull l-louse leam chalked up a .857 won-loss percenlage lo win lhe bowling lille. The girls lry lheir luck al lrying lo pul lhe round ball in lhe hoop. Aller 'rough compe- lilion. all lhe gals are luckered oul. vs. Sigma Chi. Jell Wollaslon lallies a lield goal lor SN as lhe ball bounces onlo Mike Lepole swepl pasl Luckii Ludwig lo win lhe bad- minlon singles, bul Luckii bounced back, and leamed up wilh Terry Dougan lo grab lhe doubles lille ribbon. ln WRA baskelball, il was Turner A over Turner B by one poinl ll-IO. Bamby Beaumonl, Sharon Flynn, Gayle Fullon, lvlarylyn lvlowall, Donna Robinson, Krisly Towe, Kay Spelh- man, and Jo Wiegner comprised lhe champion leam. , b fy' YS: ,F ' i l I 4 A? M 1-3 N, e neT. WheTher a beginner or an old pro, skiing is one OT The more popular Again Turner Took The TirsT place posiTion-This Time in bowling. Sharon Ebeling, Sheila STokes, Kay SpeThman. KrisTy Towe, and Jo Wiegner Toppled The pins To win undeTeaTed. For The second sTraighT year, The Phi DelT TraTerniTy sTole The hoopsTer's TiTle wiTh only one- blemish on Their I2-l rec- ord. Tom Sullivan led The boys Tor high score honor. - Q . XM 4 T' K X i sporTs aT MSU. Phi DelT, John Miller, Tips Tor Two poinTs as everybody geTs a hand in The play. l l The grappler's Turned ouT in Tull Torce To see who could handle himself The besT in a man's sporT. The winners were: I23 lbs. Henderson lSPEl, l30 lbs. EllioTT lPSKl, 137 lbs. Olce lPSKl, I47 lbs. Knudson lSPEl T67 lbs. Zadick llncl.l, I77 lbs. ReichTer lSXl l9I lbs. VogT llndl, and HwT. LangauneT llndl. 175 i x ' iv K E rv 3 2 A Qi Coach Homer Anderson and Mike Buckley. Mike Buckley Nalional recognilion lull MSU during winler quarler in llie form ol All-American skier Mike Buckley. ln l962 Mike Followed Rudy Ruana lo be llie second Monlana sludenl lo be placed on llie "golden dream leam ' ' ' d if ll' b ol This in lwo years. Al Solilude, Ulali Buckley slipped an e , ecause lie raled only lolli place. Bur Mike is slill eligible lo earn a spol on llne US. Olympic leam for lie recorded a lirsl in every meel llial MSU enlered lkiis year. A X -Y-'W W '- -1. -Wzrwv-:Fzrff V -, w , Y Q N Y 3 A QA g vu , Aix? 43 Dorothy Pemberton Autumn Holtz Marlene Kolesar Helen Cain Bev Simpson Joanna Lester Lorna Milcelson Janice Picchioni Marcia Meagher Carolyn Cannon Myra Roehl Pat McClain Barbara Boorman' I x I ! M 1 l -X N Silent Sentinels Silent Sentinel, MSU's senior men's honorary, worlcs anonymously on many ot the activities ot the University. Members are chosen on the basis ot scholarship and leader- ship. PRESIDENT ....... Printer. Bowler VICE-PRESIDENT ..., Larry Riley SECRETARY ...... Glen Aasheim ADVISOR ..... Dr. Robert Turner 178 Mortar Board Mortar Board, national senior women's honorary promotes scholarship, leadership, and service. Mortar Board members are chosen on the basis ot excellence shown in these areas. Last year they sold Mortar Board Calendars and awarded SIO book scholarships to two outstanding women in each class. PRESIDENT ...... .... D orothy Pemberton VICE-PRESIDENT ... ..... Autumn Holtz SECRETARY ..... ...Marlene Kolesar First row: Buzz Romstad, Harold Woltt. Second row: Larry Riley, Bruce Ennis, Printer Bowler, Henry Goetz, Ray Lucien. Third row: Hal Woods, Don Robinson, Ed Whitelaw, Dr. Turner, Glen Aasheim, Larry Benson. .fd arf' FirsT row: Don Thorson, George Cole, Neale STuarT, Bob FulTon, Terry Darrell ChoaTe, Phil ShuITs, STacy Swor Third row ElTon Adams Dale Barber, Jerry Harmon, Don Pangburn, Bob LiTTring, Don LaBar, Jim HuhTanen, Tony WerTz, PeTe Rasmussen Dan Foley KenT Price Ron Crane, Les l-lankinson, Warren Wenz. Second row: Dale Schwanke, Boyd. Rich Wiebke, Mike Fisher, STeve Wanderer, Rick Sweeney, Dean Baker, Bear Paws The purpose oT Bearpaws is one oT school service and mainTenance oT school Tradi Tions aT MonTana STaTe UniversiTy. Bearpaws worked ioinTly wiTh The Spurs aidino in regisTraTion each quarTer, in ushering aT baskeTball games and TooTball games in painTing The M and in many oTher special proiecTs. PRESIDENT-Jerry l-larmon Tanan of Spur CandidaTes Tor Spur, naTional sophomore women's honorary, are chosen aT The end OT Their Treshman year on The basis OT scholar- ship, leadership, and service. The Sours sponsored The Sadie Hawkins Dance, worked aT lnTerscholasTic. and ushered aT aThleTic evenTs. PRESIDENT ....... ..... S andy Brown VICE-PRESIDENT ............ Jane Fox SECRETARY ..... ..... R uTh OsTenson TREASURER ........... BirgiT Burkhard FirsT row: Mary Nelson, June Davis, Marcia Dion, Sue Warren, Marsha Korin, RuTh OsTenson. Second row: Joan Kelsey, Susan Kidder, Jane Fox, Melinda Wilson, ReTTa Greenup, RiTa WalTer. Third row: Suzanne Francisco, STephanie Swanson, Karen Han- son, Mary Ellen Myrene, Colleen Adams, BirgiT Burkhard, Adelle Rogers, Debra WesT, Sue Burns, Sharron Lee. FourTh row: Sandra SmiTh, BeTsy Clendinning, Sandra Brown, Jeanne MaTThews, Helen Braley, Mary Lou Bieri, Susanna PaTerson, DoroThy Van Blaricom. A ,T Wire , i - i 'If J ' T i Y A rv T if or i I . Wv'g?9fi5Wi T M 'gb T r I Alpha Kappa Psi The purposes ol Alpha Kappa Psi professional business lraler- nily are lo supplemenl lhe class- room in business educalion, lo provide service lo lhe school ol business, and lo acquainl lhe sludenl wilh lhe business world. PRESlDENT ...... Dave Malle V-PRESlDENT. .Rodney Carrier SECRETARY.Charles Pannage TREASURER ....., John Luse ADVlSOR ..... Roberl l-laring Firsl row: Philip Olcland, Charles l-lope, Larry Slrale, John Luse, Dave Malli, Charles Pannage, Melvin Good. Lloyd Sinclair. Second row: George Olsen, Rod Thorne, Leonard Noyes, John Weisl, Dave Eacrel, Gerald Archambeaull. Roberl Ellioll, John Johnslone, Roberl l-laring. Third row: John l-lannah, Mike Brown, John Filby, Lawrence Werlz, R. l-layden l-loward, John L. Coolc, Roberl McArlhur, Jell Serdar, Gaylen Freeman, Ron Marlin. Kappa Cmicron Phi Membership in Kappa Omicron Phi, home economics honorary, requires a 3.0 GPA in home economics and an aclive inleresl in home economics. This is one ol lhe newesl organizalions on lhe MSU Campus being inslalled Ocl. 27, l962. PRESIDENT .... ,... M arcia Meagher V-PRESIDENT .... .... l-l elen Dwelle SECRETARY ... ...Mary Rippalo TREASURER ..... ... ., ...,. Marlha Olson Sealed: Marcia Meagher, Dorolhy Sidwell, Emma Briscoe, Marlha Olson. Slancling: Jean Davis, Andrea LeSeur, Linda Beallie, Mary Rippalo, Fanny Elhridge, Lynn Jones, Margarel Esles, Marcia l-loward, Jaclcie l-lamplon, Vanella Lewis. 180 Kappa Epsilon Della chapler ol Kappa Epsilon has ils pur- pose lhe loslering ol lralernalism among women sludenls in pharmacy. They annually hold a luncheon honoring pre-pharmacy women slu- denls. PRESIDENT ... ... .Nancy Good Janice Picchioni, Donna Schmidl, Myra Roehl, Nancy Good, Mary Lou Pengelly. , AAu PhiEpsHon Mu Phi Epsilon promoies music on lhe MSU cam- pus and provides service To lhe music school. Mem- bers mus+ be music maiors wiih a 3.0 GPA in music and a 2.5 over-all GPA. PRESIDENT .... .... A rlee Moniqomery SECRETARY ... ....... Sue Wellman TREASURER .... ....... M arie Kuiawa ADVISOR .... .... M iss Carol Criielli Kappa Psi The purpose oi Kappa Psi is ro ad- vance lhe profession ol pharmacy edu- carionally, iraiernally, and socially. Also Kappa Psi iosiers scholarship and phar- maceulical research. PRESIDENT .... ,,.Bob Campbell V-PRESIDENT .,..,.. Maif Ferlcovich SECRETARY ..,......... Bill Thoren ADVISOR ......, Dr, F. A. Peilinalo Firsf row: Bob Campbell, Mall Ferlcovich, Roy Bilile, Bill Thoren, Ed Emrnell, Marvin Schlabs. Second row: Dave l-lesion, George Torp, Don Bergman, John Monieqna, Ernesi Ralzburo. Third row: Jim Troqila, l-lovvard Pirch, Jerry Shorl, Francis Chu. Dave Gebo. Fourfh row: Dale McAfee, Jerry Bonner. Cenfer: Arlee Monfqornery. Second: Margie Fowler, Donnamae Nichols, Mary Nelson, Faye Gonsior, Mary Ann Shuqrue, Lila Knudson, Bonnie Jo Robbins, l-lelen l-leeb, Sue Wellman, Roberia Tarbox, Lorna Milcelson, Pal McClain, Riia Kepp. Marie Kuiawa, Linda Porfer, Sally Kind. 181 D f 4 V I yr is W af 35' Firsl' row: Dr. Oscar I-lammen, Par Jones, Dan Beri, Sharon Gravelle. Burlcer, William Kaan, Douglas Chafley, William McLauchIan, Leslie Second row: Pauline Bourquin, Brad Parrish, Mrs. Van DeWe+erIing, Olson, Sharon Smirh, Roberr Evans, Mike Green. Dr, Vernon Snow, Dr. Van Warerling. Third row: Dolphy Pohlman, John Ph. Alpha Theta Bela Psi chaprer ol Phi Alpha Thera, narional hisrory hon- Members mus+ have a 3.0 GPA in al' Ieasr I8 credifs of orary, has as irs purpose Ihe discussion of hisrorical subiecrs hisrory. PRESIDENT .... and Io promore fellowship among like-minded scholars. ..... D. O. Pahlman Kay Henderson Arlene I-IazeIbaI4er Margarer Lee Deloris Sager Miss Alvhild Mariinson Par Bragg Marlene Kolesar Karen Sienselh Janice Srandley Darlene Graham Joan Bachman Phi Chi Theta The purpose of Phi Chi Thera, women's business honorary, is Io promore Jrhe cause of higher business educalion and Iraining for all women, ro iosrer high ideals for women in business careers, and Io encourage irarernily and cooperalion among women pre- paring for such careers. Par Bragg represenled rhe chaprer a+ 1 Jrhe biennial meelring Iasi summer in Washingron, D. C. PRESIDENT ... ............... Par Bragg ADVISOR .... ..... M iss Alvhild Marfinson .Q .c . Phi Epsilon Kappa The goals ol Phi Epsilon Kappa are lo promole more and grealer inleresl in The field of heallh and physical educa- lion. PRESIDENT .. .... Jim Johnslon V-PRESIDENT .. ...Harley Lewis SECRETARY ... .... Leo Beck TREASURER ... ...Ray Lucien Fronl' row: Jim Johnslon, Mr. Herller, Harolcl Peierson, Jack Shecalier, Keiih Law, Jack Recl- gren, Glen Jones, Mike Gleason. Second row: Dan McWhor'fer, Dick Gilder, Harley Lewis, Bill lrwin, Dave Pallerson, Jim Kean, Ray Lucien. Third row: Tom Dumay, Leo Beck, Charles Larson, Jack Comporesi, Vince Wilson, Tom Simpson, Tom Croci, Don Morrison. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Firsi- row: Tom Spalafore, Wayne Pelerson, Norman Brunken, Dale Frank, Roger Lelson, Tom Kenny. Second row: Chuck Haugan, Jim Larson, Larry Chrislopherson, Dennis Craig, Larry Luke, Ron Sager, Chuck Wenlworlh, Boyce Fowler, Herb Johnson, Lee Mafhews, Charles Bryson, Doug Man- ning, Harold Nicholls. .. ....., ,, . - , , . ., v,iW.',v?:.'.v.1.f54z.'Ifia'-. H - 1 - W .ix 4:-mmnnili , ii ,,,.1'i'.,'-',..,..'.' ', , uf1'1I',fY'.'. r-M 2-wg,-..'.ffs12nm1 ,i.f,yy,,.A,,WmW55.W,N,,:,l,','?if4i1il , ' 31? mi., D. im? 4.'.vi,y,,1l.'fw . U,,,w'i,...v.' ,x An nf ii' 'I 1 'ffi i-if' 41" ' :,11l 'i " ' ' ' 1l'j" 'f,',' gy, 'nl '-54,.,-,fj.,.,,,'.,.,fjj5.,fx,jK4.,.gg,.,,,g. -, ,. .fri agnzffqfg-r,f.y-,1 uv mu xr mm mf f5,i.f'p, , , v. :T 1-1,1 ,..'. 4 uw'ffv14f""" ' ff. 1 :lffr-lim-zaf'-:-Slff, i n 1 an in m ii xi 4--i ,'ig',,', 'J' .'m..r,mf 1-....imm-Hg,,mnrnnirmin W ...mul , .H In in .nn " .noi.,iw-in-,i-Ig,-,f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...m K A' HI 1771 if pm nf mmf: If vklfmam-vw-""Tin.mmummxu.u T 4 1 nm 1 my ,.,mfi.mnn.1li.iy x- m, ,,,,,,,,, s 1 My ...Jn ... H: :.','.'.',-,H .i,,i,,....,..mii-.1--H ,Q ' ' . T - 11.1, mimi, imuu, 1' , The Jazz Feslival is sponsored by Sinfonia each year. The goals of 'rhe organizalion is 'ro ad- vance lhe cause ol music on The MSU campus and nalional- ly. PRESIDENT ....... Ron Sager V-PRESIDENT ...Dennis Craig SECRETARY ,... Lee Malhews TREASURER.Chuck Wenlworlh ADVISOR ...George Hummel 183 ln lhe slo'l': Prinler Bowler. Le'f+ 'lo riqhlz Gail Keilman, Ron Richards, lor, Ed Nicholls, Dean Balmer, Roger Zenlzis Les l-lanlunson Jerry Ray Maidmenl, Dean Blumberg, Jaclc Ryan, Wilbur Wood, Jim Osel, l-lolloron, Jeff Gibson, Bruce McGowan. Dan Foley, Jim Dullenly, Norm Amundson, Jell l-lerman, Bryson Tay- Slgma Delta Chl Nalional men's iournalism honorary loslers inlegrily and lhey cover lhe lnlerscholaslic Meer for local news media dedicalion lo 'rhe field of iournalism as ils ideals. Each year and lor The wire services. Theta Sigma Phi This year, Thela Sigma Phi, women's journalism honorary, sponsored 'rhe my Women of lhe Press Parry, The annual Malrix Table, and sold ads lor baslcel- ball programs. PRESIDENT ......... Barbara Millal ADVISOR ...... Mr. W. Mullendore Barbara Millal, Mary Lou Collins, Judy Franlc- lin, Prof. William Mullendore, Suzanne Liniz, Mary Lou Cushman, Mary Leigh, Janel Trask, Kay Edwards, Jaclcie Bissonnelle. 184 1uss2""7WH x First row: l-larold Woltt, Donald Fox, Robert Bragg, Fred Henningsen, Dr. Donald Emblen, William McNulty, Wray Freiboth, Larry Herron, Patricia Bragg. Second row: Joe Loendort, Fred Blanchard, Leonard Noyes, Bill Gibson, Mr. l-tibbs, Francis Dobrowslni, Unidentitied, Gerald Zappi, Milce Brown, Dave Matti, Jalre Nelson, Carl Tanberg, Doug Oien, Ron Martin. Third row: Kendall Kinyon, James Rogers, Donald Gable, Robert Piclcert, Rod Carrier, l-lugh Elmore, Ronald Foltz, Don. ald Wultt, George Lalce, John Killiclc. Accounting Club The purpose ot Accounting Club is to promote the study heard and they held their annual spring picnic. ot accounting and to act as a medium between students, instructors, and protessional men in accounting. This year PRESIDENT .... Harold Woltt many spealcers trom ditterent phases ot accounting were American Pharmaceutical Association APhA sponsored a tour ot the phar- macy school during interscholastic, a Christmas Dance, and a spring picnic. The purposes ot APhA are to unite all students in the School ot Pharmacy, to stimulate interest through protessional movies and to promote the protession. PRESIDENT ............. Ed Emmett V-PRESIDENT ........ Gene Havens ADVlSOR ....... Robert Van l-lorne First row: Ed Emmett, Gene Havens, Janice Picchioni, John Montegna, Mary Lou Pengelly, Bill Thoren. Second row: Bob Campbell, George Torp, Matt Ferlcovich, Frank Kristovich, Ernest Ratzburg. Third row: Nancy Good, Roy Bilile, Jerry Short, Don Bergman, Francis Chu, David Gebo. Fourth row: Bonnie Peschel, Linda Col- lins, Miles Maughan, Marvin Schlabs, Dave Heston. Fifth row: Donnie Willits, Donna Schmidt, Jerry Bonner, Jim Trogila, Howard Pirch, Dale McAtee. V-PRESlDENT ........... Don Fox ADVISOR ..... Fred l-lenningsen r'-'rea 11' ,f .1 'ww .ffi xA'f, i Froni' row: Belly McKim, Toni Kuiyna, Winnie Jones, Barbel Malz, Jane Eiselein. Second row: Joy MacDonald, Shiela Siolces, Alice Clapper, Tennys Garreli, Marla Warcl, Carla Palmer, Con- nie Griffin, Marie Mooney, Sfevie Flink, Belly Tennanl, Mar- cia Sfrong, Lydia lmberg, Bar- bara Larson, Carol Alley. Aquamaids , 2 , Q 'T iw? -...I ,,,,,..,-- s i 2 1 Aquamaids promo+es and encourages The sporlr of swimming especially synchronized swimming which is iusf coming io 'rhe foreground wiih girls in Mon- Jrana. Each year since I927 They have held Jrhe spring pageant 'rheir annual money-making proiecl. PRESIDENT ..... Connie Griffin V-PRESIDENT ... ..... Helen Buros SECRETARY .. .... Carla Palmer TREASURER .. ..... Marla Ward ADVISOR .. ...Miss Adkins I ' r ai Marketing Club Markeling Club allempls lo ac- quainl business maiors wilh lhe praclical side ol lhe profession. This year lhey heard prominenl profes- sional and business speakers. PRESIDENT .... Hayden Howard V-PRESlDENT .... Ken Hickelhier SECRETARY ...,.... Bill Benson TREASURER ... ..... Bill Hunl ADVISOR .... ..... G len Barlh Firsl' row: R. Hayden Howard, Kennelh Hickelhier, William Benson, William Hunl, Glen Barlh. Second row: Roberl McAr'rher, Leonard Noyes, John Frank, Susan Selig, Michael Higgins, Marlin Owens, Scoll Helly, Vernon Anderson. Druids The obieclives ol: Druids, junior and senior foreslry honorary, are lo losler beller underslanding and relalions belween lhe sludenls and The lacully ol lhe Eoreslry School. PRESIDENT ..... ..... E ugene Norby V-PRESIDENT ... ..... Dean Rosera SECRETARY .. .... Frank Ferguson TREASURER .. .... Arlhur Tower Firsl' row: Wally Dreskell, Monk DeJarneHe, Dave Norby, Andy Gegir, Henry Goelz, Tony Carlson, Richard Cosgrifle. Cliff Smilh, Arr Tower, William Gibson, Joe Remich, Ron Young, Warren Glade, Don Dermoll, Mel Morris, Ed Haslins. Second row: John Ailporl, Dean Rosera, Sieve Deschamps, Bland Richardson, William Pierce, Ward Forrer, Ruben Dylil, Paul Chrislenson, Harold Hunler, Frank Ferguson, Dave Eauss, Chuck Halch, Sam Gilberl, John Joy, Ronald Brighl, Carson McDonald, Bill Slorch, Richard Nickel, Bob Piercy, Nelson Frilz, Jack Shields, Ron Wachsmulh. W1 .,.I 1 ' fl: El X ,. is s 1 i 5 Firsl row: R. Lund, C. Guslaluson, John Payne. Second row: Unidenli- Firsl row: Norman Coons, Sleve l-laglund, Jack Sanders, Gardner l lied, Greg Kneedler, John Knuclson, R. Bryanl. Ferry, Jerry Sheldon, Pele Olsen. Second row: David Brunner, Nor- man Ringhand, Ron Carpenler, Dale l-laver, Carl Luchsinger, Bill O'Brien, Unidenlilied, Pele Palomalci, Unidenlilied. The Club uniles lhe loreslers inlo one body and Forestry brings closer relalionships belween loresler slu- denls. This year lhey sponsored lhe lamous For- esler's Ball and Conservalion Weelc. Firsl row: R. Barlon, A. Chase, R. Lund, R. Piercy, A. Kinqlon, C. McDonald. Second row: R. Nordburq, W. Brown, G. Grandy, D. X. McGee, B. Richardson, T. Beebe. Third row: J. Polling, B. Forrer, A. Firsl row: C. Jewell, R. MacDonald. Second row: R. Fowler, W. Geair, W. Bradl, R. Denecke, C. Smilh, B. Briqhl, A. Tower, S. Des- Beedle, C. l-lalch, D. Trudell, L. O'Connell, J. Joy, Unid. Third champs, R. Brown, C. McDonald, R. Nickel, G. Norby, H. Goelz, D. row: J. Remiclc, L. Osborne, A. Gilberl, H. Hunler, A. Fauss. R. Slorch, P. Chrislain, F. Ferguson. Lukes, R. Johnson. x .. 1 . 1 0 ' P - , , , , .. 1'- 1' I I - J ,. 1 , L1 I y if E , ,xy ' V 916 W. 5 .---r Firsl' row: Jackie Hamplon, Phyllis Brooks, Lynn Jones, Jerri George, Joyce Slanley, Kay Hamel, Linda Harrison, Linda Robbins, Carolyn Nelson, Jean Davis, Barbara Hagerdorn, Beallie, Donna Johnson, Margarer Esles. Francis Ashcrall, Carolyn Speck, Sue Warren, Kalhy American Home Economic Association The purposes ol lhe organizalion are ro make DENT-Glenna Nelson, V-PRESIDENT-Lynn lhe members of lhe group more professionally Jones, SECRETARY-Andrea Lesuer, ADVISOR molivaled, wilh more worldly inleresls. PRESI- -lv1rs.Vane+'ra Lewis. I l L. """i l., -,K l , ww: Capl. Angus MacDonald, Phil Griffin, Dee Slanley, Arnold Nordhagen, Dick Russell, , Jnng Ha Kim, Don Forresler, Laura Simonsen, Gabriele Forresler, Dave Weinschrolf, Livinqslon r Soans, Mary Dickman, Jan VanHoven, Harlan Dulmage, Lamar Deahl, Norman Tweed. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship WCP presenls lhe relevance ol lhe Lord Jesus Chrisl 'ro college and universily srudenls, lo provide growlh in Chrislian discipleship lhrough individual and group Bible sludy, prayer, discussions, conferences, speakers, and gives consideralion lo Chrislian responsibilily in lhe world. PRESIDENT-Phil Griffin, ADVISOR-Capl. MacDonald. 189 Newman Club The purposes ol lhe Newman Eoundalion are lo provide educalional, social, and re- ligious aclivilies for lhe 850 Calholic slu- denls on 'rhe MSU campus. The club spon- sored lvlass every Sunday on lhe campus, sludy clubs, speakers and The Song Eesl. PRESIDENT ..... ...... B ob Panlzer V-PRESIDENT ... ....... Neil Walcely SECRETARY ........ Mary Ann Shugrue TREASURER ................ Ken Wahl ADVISOR .... Falher George Ferguson ink R. Fowler, W Unid. Third '- wr, l-lunler, A W' all Masquers Sealed: lone l-lulchings, Tam Scriven, Charlolle Ferree, Sydney Maloul. Under sign: Ken? Garling- house, Delberl U n r u h, Marilh Willis, Dennis Craig, Larry Boag, Carol Larimer. Sfanding: George Baldwin, Kaly VanAels'ryne, Joan Campbell, Gene Buclc. Sfeps: Bill Lensing, Noel Young, Margo Maxson, Milce Fallon, Ron Engle. PRESlDENT .... .... V-PRESIDENT ... SECRETARY .... .... TREASURER .... . HISTORIAN .... ADVISOR .... 1' George Baldwin ....Tam Scriven Charlolle Ferree .lone l-lulchings ..Sydney Malouf ...Firman Brown Tu, TZ' 'S aww, ,S fwsfrw-W The purpose ol Masquers is lo promole drama as an aid lo a complele educalion. Pledges musl have 20 masquer poinls and members musl have 30 poinls before becoming aclive. X -'rv ' l -es., Rodeo Club The Rodeo Club parlicipales in in'rer-col- legiale rodeos in lhe norlhwesl and annually holds a rodeo in lhe spring in The MSU Fieldhouse. PRESIDENT ..... ..... R ussel Gasser V-PRESIDENT .... ..... W es Tibbels SECRETARY ... ..... Lynne Frisbee TREASURER ... ,.,...... Tex Johnson ADVISOR .... ..... R . Keilh Oslerheld John Seines Wil Salisbury Al Slohle Robbin Johnson Bob Noon Bob Eva Dr. R. K. Oslerheld Al Kinglon Marilys Lenninglon Sharon Sliver ' f Sue Wellman E Lynne Frisbee Russell Hope Dick Cosqrilfe Theadore Cope Russel Gasser 191 viii in li ii"i'i"ll'tCT IPX A W.. TITTI' bill 1, n YS! Allan Murphy, Jack Cornporesi, Sharon Slewarl, Jim Troglia. Snow Bowl s, gwyw,'?- f W, ,, , S The Ski Club prornoles skiing ar MSU and annually sponsors Ski Weekend al Big Mounlain. The weekend had lo be cancelled Jrhis year because of adverse road condilions. PRESIDENT .. V-PRESIDENT SECRETARY ADVISOR .. .....Allan Murphy Snow Bowl where lhe if . .James Troglia .Sharon Slewarl Richard Solberg Club does much of Hs skiing l Y 'ii ' ,,...am5, rf 'Mr -na... K Q:-7 .x fwo in Firsi' row: Timmy Walfers, Bill Bivin, Chuck Underwood. Second row: Rod Aldrich, Wayne Kubasko, Gordy Henson. Above, The two MSU jump 'reams fhal compered ar Orange. xr Q rf K, ,lf Y. Q .qv 1 U ,A .gf ,f af-,5 1,-, I ,un -Q.. 3 Q W--:MW .V , v' 3 i SWE , T 1 9 , 1 , Q.: www! . S ., ,. ki., ""4h-... Silvertip Skydivers The Skydivers promore and furrher Jrhe sporr of skydiving and 'rrain new members 'ro The poinr rhar Jrhey will evenlually compele in narional comperilion. The big even? of The year is lhe Narional Collegiaie Parachule Championships held each year ar Grange, Massachuserrs. This year MSU reams placed iourrh and sevenrh. PRESIDENT ... .... Chuck Underwood V-PRESlDENT . .. ...... Pele Harkness ADVISOR ..... .... M aior D. C. Fox Froni' row: Chuck Underwood, Pere Harkness, Tom Giles, Mike Reilhofer, Wayne Kubasko, Larry Shmidr Second row' Timm Wallers, Gail Kielman, Tod Brandoff, Dave Pierce, Bill Bivin, Rod . . y Aldrich, Gorcly Henson. 194 Wesley Foundation The Wesley FOundaTiOn is The Organized educaTional minisTry OT The MeThodisT Church aT work on The campus. The primary purpose OT The Wesley FoundaTiOn aT MSU is To meeT The desperaTe and cOnTinuing need OT The Church and The world Tor inTOrmed, arTiculaTe, concerned ChrisTian laymen in The home, and in all Trades, OccupaTions and prOTessions . . . men and women who may be used OT God as ChrisTian parenTs, churchmen, and ciTizens To help give a posiTive ChrisTian answer To The ills and isms OT The world. Four maior emphases describe The TuncTiOn OT Wesley FOundaTiOn: worship, liTe TOgeTher, sTudy, and service. This is Tocused in our Two men's residenTial uniTs adiacenT To The campus ThaT go by The name OT ChrisTian FaiTh-And-LiTe CommuniTy. A worlccamp was held in CosTa Rica Tor The summer OT l962, and a six mOnThs workcamp in The Philippines is already deTiniTe Tor I964. PRESTDENT ..,PeTer Clark v-PREsiDENT .. ,...... Bob vsfkef 'A' SECRETARY . ..... Chris Screnar TREASURER w.-.. Glen Dunkley Wesley FOundaTiOn DirecTor, Bill Kliber, his son and wiTe in TronT OT The Wesley l-louse. ,Q 'x WSJ' ye, QA ,Q .igmf My WESLEY OFFICERS FOR l9b3-I964: FirsT row: Glen Dunkley, PeTer Clark, Bob Varker, Chris Screnar. Second row: lvlariorie Clark, Bill Sherman, Frank WhiTe, Lee Schoem. Lena VerwolT, Sue WhiTe, Viclci CurTis, Sue Kidder. Morning devOTions are held each day, sTudenT conducTed. aT 7:40 a.m. and on SaTurday aT 8:40 a.m. l-lere is Jean T-lerbig leading morning worship aT The Wesley House. Bef J 1 . I JSR.- iri Here is a Typical scene of one of our regular monthly visils Am-JI1 'ro a Missoula convalescenl home on a Safurclay allernoon. .4 '--tif." X Direcior Bill Kliber leads The discussion one lhe srucly seminars. 5 It F , r Q 4 A' Q9 W 1 is .- s4 T' ar. I -W M v.......,,.-. ,, 'N-fi: -..! 2 Student Education Association SEA stimulates growth ot protes- sional attitudes and toster active cooperation between students in teacher-education institutions. PRESIDENT .... Sharon White V-PRESIDENT ...... Jerry Litzerman SECRETARY ..., Delores Davis TREASURER ..... Karen Beach ADVISORS .,... Mr. Watson Mr. Jay First row: Delores Davis, Gayle Freeman, Karen Beach, Gordon Bacon. Second row: Mary Ann Shugrue, Shirley Palmer, Marilyn Grande, Vivian Lizotte. Third row: Nolan Osher, Ed Sterling, William Bradtord, Bob Morgenstern. Fourth row: Mrs. Van I-lorne, Mr. Frank Watson, Mr. Roberts. First row: James Dullenty, Dalton Pierson II, Howard Stetson, June Dullenty. Second row: Faye Johan- son, Beverly Starry, Mar- cyes Dean, Rod Schilling, Peter Bouma, Glenn Dytrt, Dave Weinschrott, David Yonce, Ron Wiclc, Orville Grasdoclc. 523 I I 9 Young Americans for Freedom YAF is a national conservative youth political action organiza- tion. Its purposes are to promote education in conservative politi- cal ideas and to engage students in constructive political action. It is non-political in the sense that it is not connected with any political party and it is a non-partisan educational organization. PRESIDENT .......... ...... J ames Dullenty V-PRESIDENT .....,.... .... D alton Pierson II STATE COORDINATOR . .. ....,,.... Faye Johanson ADVISOR .............. ..... D r. Robert Vanl-Iorne ...ui """"S Marilyn Mowari, Danny Lipp, Jane Pope, Sharon Flynn, Barbara Shenlr, Gail Schneider, Miss Adkins. MARILYN MOWATT Women's Recreation Association Throughoui rhe year, WRA was concerned wirh various programs including volleyball, swimming, bowling, baslceiball, badminron, skiing, soiiball, iennis, and golf. Besides Jrhese aciiviiies for universiry women, WRA presenied a day for 'rhe high school girls oi lhe region. PRESIDENT ,A , ..,, Marilyn Mowali V-PRESIDENT , .. .,.Danny Lipp SECRETARY .Jane Pope TREASURER .,... Sh-aron Flynn WRA Boa rd Firsf row: Krisiy Towe, Diane Corelle. Second row: Bamby Beaurnoni, Palsy Jes! iraelo. Sheila McDonald, Par Rose, Julie Jacobs, Mae Comer. Third row: Karherine McFarland, Connie Griffin, June Dullenry, Kiriy VanVlie+, Srevie Johnson, Jan Neville, Karla Chandler. K J N... I , Vik NM 6 .' Q' ww , I Q, LL, sq- Firs+ row: MarTi Davis, Mary Ann Everin, RoberTa Anderson, Ann Wolhowe, Sue Fisher, Derry SchulTz. Second row: Gail Myhre, Linda LenningTon, DoroThy PemberTon, KaThy Johnson, Teddy Rudis, Gail SaTerIie. lnterfraternity Council Panhel is The supervising body Tor The sororiTy women oT The MSU campus. They, working wiTh The Dean oT Women, decide policy which seTs The sTandards ThaT They live by. PRESlDENT .... ..,. D oroThy Pemberfon ADVISOR ..A., Maurine Clow Panhellenic Council IFC is The supervisory body oT The MSU TraTerniTies and is senTaTives Trom each house, one being The presidenT oT The a member of NIFC. Membership is composed oT Two repre- house who also siTs on The IFC Tribunal. Kneeling: Bob Flaynam, Bruce Ennis, Rodney Carrier. STanding: Brad Gene Klingler, Rod BaTes, Earl Bouse, Don Pangburn, Darryl ChoaTe. Bruggeman, Blaine Ackley, Roger KoTila, PaT Dodson, Mike Sullivan, Advisor: Tony Valiclc, Bob FulTon. Jon Korrison, l-lal Woods, Chuck Wildes, Leon WashuT, PeTer Albers, 1 1 .,..4 .fa- 44- -Uo- Wa Alpha Phi Alpha Phi was founded a+ MSU in I9I8. The social,ac'rivi+ies lhis year were lhe Hobo Ball and lhe annual lormal dance. The Alpha Phi philanlhropic proiecl is The l-learl Fund. This year lhe K-Delle Commander was Alpha Phi Karen Upshaw and Danielle Darby was chosen Sweelhearl of Sigma Chi. Pal Kennedy was selecled io be The Thela Chi Dream Girl. 5.35.0 'X-.T :D in 4 13, .2 Jeani Snoriland Kalhy Twila Sue Bari Lynn Sharon PRESIDENT Arnol Asperig Beery Berlelson Bourke T T l ViClKy Mary Joyce Maureen Kaycee Diane Sodra Danielle Buflidfl Calnan Campbell Clausen Cox Daly Darby -J? , A.4g ,A NWTYY jn, y L. T Sherry Marilyn Susan Gail Nancy Toni Cheryl Dix Fabian Fisher Fiare Fowler Gies Gravelle Re-Ha JoAnne Arlene Colleen Aulumn Julie Beverly Greenup l-lassing Hazelbalcer Henry l-loliz Jacobs Johnson Nancy a Linda Kammerzell Linda Lewis -s. -'O Paula Morse Sanclee Revell Pal' Saunders Scl1ul'rz Sco+'r Amie Dorollwy Kalliarine Urbanslce VanBlaricon VanVlie+ Pal Kennedy 115 Carol Lochwoocl r X ' 5,4 Mary Ellen Myrene Honore Riley Beverly Simpson l-lelen Veeder Danielle Kidder Virginia McClain Barbara Nisbef Judy Rogers Andrea S+omsvik Ann Ward Delta Delta Delta Theta Rho chapter ot Delta Delta Delta, tounded at Boston University in IBBB, received its charter in November, I926. ln common with IO7 sister chap- ters across the nation, Theta Rho was hostess to taculty members at the annual Apple Polishing Party during winter quarter, and to all engaged senior women at the Pansy Tea in the spring. Other social highlights including a casual dance at the Sno-Bowl Ski Lodge, and the annual Pearl Ball. The Tri Deltas were active in campus attairs, par- ticipating in AWS and ASMSU as chairmen and members ot committees, Spurs, and Mortar Board. As is done every year, the girls worlced tor the Mis- soula Opportunity School tor retarded children. 1' i. . --4' -aa.. . r wi Pat McClain Carol Francis Maureen Linda PRESIDENT Alley Ashcratt Beasley Branstetter -N 'Q Judy Carol Betsy Chris Ann Susan Dodd Dale Clendinning Cheetharn Burke Brown Lois Beverly Charlene Patty Carolyn l-lurd l-lughes Henderson Eclgmoncl Duselc Donna Lee Patsy Kathy Peggy Sonlia Johnson Jestrab Jestrab Jennings l'lurlbert Elinor Judilh lngred COll6ll9 Linde Johnson Kinonen Laflman Laylon Lenninqlon x QV .V l 5 -r-I' Nancy , Belly Lorna Virginia Mary Long McKim Milcelson Neal Nelson 3 7: 'v- 'i m Tessa Marjorie Judy Belly Susan Nye Owes Phillips Pryor Puphal 'X wi' M E Belly Kale Cynlhia Judy Susan Sheble Rogers Rogers Rice Relfig -0 '7 i - 4 Mary Ann Charlene Lucia Sharon Toni Mari Shugrue Sivalon Sivalon Srnilh Slelanich Pamela Charlofle SuEllen Lynne Sandra Arlene Thompson Warren Whilehead Williams Wilhee Zachary 1 '- -'H -'li Delta Gamma Pi Chapfer of Delfa Gamma has again earned fhe Panhellenic frophy for fhe highesf scholasfic average. On fhe social scene, fhe DC5's sponsored a "Big Top l-lop" and a winfer formal funcfion, "San Eranciscof' Included in fhe social aspecfs of fhe sororify is an acfive foreign ex- change program. Each year fhe Delfa Gammas sponsor a foreign ex- change fea. Under fhe auspices of fhe program, a foreign exchange sfu- denf from Ausfria lived in fhe house fhis year. Q 555' Janice Picchioni PRESIDENT Belly ' Virginia Susan RaeLee Bonnie Karen AnClerSOn Averill Biclcell Bofhwell Bowler Bowman Lorie Phyllis Braffon Brooks Sandy Margaref Birgil' Judy Helen Brown Bue Burlchard Burnefl' Cain Alice Pafricia Clapper Clark Jean Jane Evenslcaas Farmun -sv ,- X Linda Marcyes Karen J Diane Anne Codey Dean Duff Ellinghouse Ennis Viclcy Jane Lynne Diane Kafhryn Fonfenelle - Fox Frisbee Gee Gleason Karen Hansen Charlene Kay Lee Carla LOUiSS Hills Hinrichs Holcomb Jacobs Janslry Shirley Johns Elinor Lyons Jane Minleer Jean Ann Powell Carolyn Speck mms 'W Kalhy 4 Marsha Peggy Andrea Shari Lela Johnson Korin Lee LeSuer Livingslon Loughridqe JoAnn Jean Barbara Marcia Ann Manning Mallhews Malz Meagher Minreer 1 Sally Carol Judy Dianne Leslie Nealh Nelson Palch Pendergasl Phelps 3 firfi- -,,, .QL My Beverly Judy Mary Lou N5nCy Berma Linda Raclci Rogers Salvegon S3559 Saxlon Smilh Bonnie Sandy Sue Melinda Ann STGVSFIS Swank Warren Wilson Wolhowe tees ,qs .itlj - 'Y 'i 1 1 I 1 Kappa Alpha Theta + ,. Since Kappa Alpha lhela was organized al MSU in I909 Thelas have been aclive in all phases ol campus lile A semilormal dance is held wilh The Kappas fall guarler and a lormal dance is given in honor ol lhe seniors spring guarler. Several Thelas hold posilions on ASMSU and AWS commillees. Roberla larbox was chosen Miss MSU wilh Gwen Calvin as lirsl runner up. The ATO's chose Joan Bachman as Their Esquire Girl and Lynn Szalcash was Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen. Roberla Joan a DonaLee Mary Carla Anderson Bachman Baldwin Beary ec Boellcher Barbara Beverly Paula Gwen Carolyn Susan Anne Boorrnan Boorman Bowman palvin Cannon Cannon Chappe Margarel Nancy Jean June Karen Paulelle Jean Conwell Coulrighl Davies Davis Dulclelh Everelle Ferris Kafy Susan Linda Marlha Susan Linda R05-alle Fellcer Flynn Forehand Fullon Genlenbein Gardner GYFIY1 1 Nancy Nina Shelly Sherrie Juanila Mf1FlOrie Mary Halverson Harrison Hodges lngram Kellogg Knighl Leigh Marion Danelle Mary Kay Casey Melissa pdl Lewis Lipp McEacheron McFarland McGra+h Morris i L? ,4- 'T' Rulh Isabel Dorolhy Nina Kalhy Mary Rally Oslensen Passo Pember+on Poulis Rand Rasmussen Roof Calhy Cheryl Gail Judy JoAnne Rennie Eileen Ryan Saari Salerlie Schmid? Schulle Shanlclin Shea Ellen Sonia Sandy Tresa Louise Leslie Sheire Sioholm Smi+h Smifh Snyder Slallord Mary Lynn IIO Rila Joan Susan Nancy Sullivan Szalcash Viesfenz Waller Walls Welzel Wull L iv ,YY ,waff- Anne Barllell Kalhie Curran Mary Ann Everin Lorriane Langbell dnl-111.1 Kappa Kappa Gamma The sororily house ol IOO5 Gerald wilh lhe lour while pillars had anolher successful year-socially, academically-on lhe MSU campus. Al lhe Na- lional Conyenlion in June, Bela Phi received lhe Clara O. Pierce award lor social graciousness, Isl among lhe nalions' 85 Kappa Chaplers. Nine Kappas were selecled for Angel Flighl and Miss Wool, Della Sig Dream Girl, Phi Sig Moonlighl Girl were also selecled lrom lhe Kappa house. Margarel Anderson Jennie Arlee Ann PRESIDENT Allen Anderson Avery Calhry Mary Kay Marilyn Mary Lou Barlha Bayne Blaslic Bradley Brown Collins Cramer Mary Mary Julielle Marcia AUP' Anqelid Curran Danna Deschamps Dion ErlCliSOf1 Elchepare Susan Sugan Sherry JOCelyFl Thule Nancy Farley Fosler l-lunler Johnson JOl1I'1SOI'1 KGYSGY' Pal' Kalhlyn JoAnna Judy Pam Luclfii La nlis Larson Lesler Lile l-OWS l-UdW'Q Y Colleen Mary Anne Judy McCar+hy McCar'rhy McKie Mclfniqhl Deanna Suzie ' Lee Jane Mencarelli Moore Morgan Moriarly Allene PaHy Susanna Mary Lynn O'BFl6N O'Neil Paierson Pelrersen I . x Sharee Dina Gail Diane Reardon Riddle Schile Schmoll Lynn Janer Karalee Jane Sparks Spiifler Slewarl' Tangen Mary Pal Kryslol Debby Warner Warner Welch Wes? Georgia Mary Ann Emily Maclc Marsh Mellon Barbara Mary Lou Gayle Morris Murphy Myhre fs Q .C Pal Neal Ann Slar Pierce Pippy Quisel Q3- 1 if L4 Mary Jo Florine Joan Schwarlz Smilh Smlih qlpeggy wrqgia Sinn! own ar ar en Cindy Nancy Cheryl Wood Wren Zadra AcTiviTies during Tall guarTer included a hay ride and barn dance and making popcorn balls Tor Mrs. SanTa Claus oT Missoula, as parT oT our philanThropic proiecT. FrosTed FanTacy, The winTer guarTer Sigma Kappa dinner dance and our Dean's -lea, honoring Dean Clow, highlighTed ThaT guarTer. Spring guarTer They again sponsored The Red Cross Blood Driye. QuTsTanding Sigma Kappas were Carol Skalsky, chosen as The Top junior women and Mary l.ou Cushman, VenTure ediTor. i lvlarTi Davis Shirley PRESIDENT Anzion n TT gggggpa B if F? Y, , 7411 U! T. , , ,If f ff ,I,1 I? 3 i 4 -is i l F Brenda Kay Lorna l Baney BaTchelder Bell ff" - " jg' .51 ni-if gf- , F-'JI V,f,.4 ,,,Iu ,,-fa:-1 Al BeTTy Jo Sue Bryan Burns l-lV1Cl6 Barbara Judi Paula i Bellamy Berland Bradley Brinkman l l l i ! F i i l l T , is i Linda Mary Lou Carole Sharon Karen Clark Cushman Eley Emery Fowler Suzanne Fay MargareT Linda Penny i Francisco Gonsior C5risT l-lunTley HunTsberger f,2hnQi if sq l Q 21 , a - 1 s L L Linda Judy Kafhy Linda Slevie Jenkins Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Lynn Marles Mona Elizabeih Sydney Jones Larson Larsen Loefiler Malouf f-. fi 3 Diana Karen Janet ' Arlie Marie Moe Moe Monk Monrgomery MOOr1ey 'Hamann L Mary Jeanie Donna Bonnie Jo Krisfi Mosch Nichols Puinam Robbins Schilling J, '57 Leslie Genevieve Carol Nancy Kary Schlepp Schneider Slcalslcy Ullman VanAels+yn Sharon Marifh Alida Barbara Susan Janice Whi+e Willis Wrighf Young Yuhas Zirnmerer Delta Sigma Phi The DelTa Siqs 5TarTed The year by winning Third place Tor Their TloaT in The Homecoming parade. Also Tall quarTer The Playboy ParTy and a barn dance were held. Gn Feb. 2, The DeITa Sigs won Third place Tor Their presenTaTion oT The Wizard oT Oz in Snow Weekend's snow sculpTure con+esT. The largesT dance oT The year, The CarnaTion Ball was held in mid-February. PaTTy Warner oT Kappa Kappa Gamma was crowned as Dream Girl by re- Tirinq Dream Girl Sue GanTenbein. ww 11155 Gene Klinqler RiCl1GFCl Barra SCOTT Black PRESIDENT David Ellen John FosTer Carl Jahn Cliff Knapp Q Q" W." 'M 'Q Bob Liffrinq S'rephen Love Tom Lowman Kennefh Neilsen Jacob Nelson Fredrick Neser -si .Ml OHO Neser Howard Pirch Jerry Ryan Gary Sperline Sidney Sfrong Roy Trenowefh Ron Weafherill David Weinsclnrofr 's,.,- 'uw '41 Phi Delta Theta Once again as The clock Turned and The vvorld spun on iTs axis, Phi DelTa The+a closed The academic year wiTh an- oTher greaT year. Through The door aT 500 UniversiTy Ave. wallced greaT aThleTes and leaders oT MSU. One aThleTe is Terry Dillion, nominaTed Tor The All-STar Team, who repre- senTed MSU aT The EasT-WesT Shrine game. Among The long lisT oT leaders is Don Robinson, The VP oT ASMSU and a member oT SilenT SenTinel, and George Cole and Dale Schwanke Soph. DelegaTes To CenTral Board. Numerous oTher Phi's served ASMSU commiTTees. Also chosen Bear- paws were E. Adams. J. Boyd, G. Cole, D. Foley, D. l-luh- Tanen, D. Schwanlce, and S. Wanderer. Through a Tine aThleTic direcTor The Phi's capTured many TirsT's in inTramurals and are The Top conTender Tor The all- inTramural Trophy. The years social liTe sTarTed vviTh The l-lawaiian ParTy and ended wiTh The WesTern ParTy. Torn Sullivan Blaine ETon John PRESIDENT Achley Adams Ambrose Norm RoberT Denny Ph llip John Amundson BaxTer e Benson Boyd Nom D "2-,,. M V21 Dave Milne William George Carpiia Chumrau Chumrau Cole Bill Cooke 1? "1 :sa Bolo Pai' Richard Terry Dinninq Dodson Dombrowslci Dillon .mi Roberr Bob Donald Dan Dunham Ellison Fasr Foley l-lal Fraser Nelson Jim Dan Richard Fri'rz Germer Gilboe Harding Glen Richard Neil Ed Dave l-larfley l-larlman l-laughland l-lerber l-lobliff ' '33 3-vi' -75'T"?i'TQ55 lil' J' 19 "-71 f ,tg i Bob Dale Bruce Dennis I-loene I-lunranen Innes Iverson .Q "Q A -'U "VSV , 14 s lk 'wang Tim Neil Ed Larry Der1niS Jerhoii Johnson Jorclan Kamraih K6r1S6l6 'U' Mike Lewis Sruarr MacKenzie sway, . A X ff, X 'S' ffsd m if? Dick Dennis Allan Toby Kendall Lahr Larson Lawrence 4 NT? yu."ws 138 X Don Jim Jim Loranger McLean MacKenzie Jeffrey John John E-Ob Mann March Miller Moody ,Q .,' 4, Q 1 .f,. :ff -A-ni in Gary Doug James JOhr1 Morclc Moulron Olomon Osborne Y J? 5'-'Q 7' Richard David Gerald on Overby Peierson Robbins Robinson Sruarl Sherry Slephen Wanderer Laird Bill Bernd Da e Jac Charles Srone Slerling Welzsleon 1 Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa was Tounded as a local TraTerniTy in i906 and in l923 aTTiliaTed wiTh The naTional TraTerniTy. The Phi Sigs have always been very acTive in sTudenT governmenT and inTra- mural sporTs. Three oT The main Tunc- Tions which occurs during The year are: Tall guarTer's CarnaTion Ball, in which The Phi Sig lVloonlighT Girl is crowned: g Q 1 The CoTTee Dan Dance, winTer quarTer's main TuncTiong and The l-lawaiian ParTy, which Takes place during spring quarTer. mhwf' :Z Z 3 l " 'ima l 94. V if Jim Mann PeTer ' Ronald Ed PRESIDENT Albers Amidon Arneson James Jim Leon Jim Johr AusTin Berlca Bernard Braley C-EOUC A X xx 1' ,""'N NY-.f 'T' I 41 Roberf JGY Ellioff Eve-nson Ed Flacker 4723 .f-9" Doug William Lou James Lance Nilsen Vern l-loven ,,,,- eq, V' Michael Oke -w W e I za - gf wwf! Douglas Ken Jeff Jerry Robinson R055 Sardar Slaler Bill Barl Richard Jim Sfephens Svermondi' Vincenl' Webb i 11.4 r John Jackson 'A 19- , wb Marlin Owens 'QI gf Bill Snell Charles Wildes Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon was lounded al Tuscaloosa, Ala- bama, in l856, and charlered al MSU in l927. As a mem- ber ol lhe largesl nalional lralernilies, lvlonlana Bela is proud ol ils lradilion and ils parlicipalion in campus ac- livilies. Ed Whilelaw, a Sig Alph from Summil, N. J., was presi- denl of ASMSU The pasl year and Prinler Bowler, a brolher from Scobey, Monl, ediled The campus newspaper. The Roman Orgy led The fall social schedule and winler broughl Jrhe SAE Violel Ball. Supplemenling lhese are col- lee hours and special exchanges. A slrong scholaslic lradilion has always been a parl oi Sig Alph lralernily life and lhe house is usually found al The lop ol lhe scholarship ranking. x . n 'V - .I v A fl-sw M- U' , 'X . , v.,. .- ' . .K ' . ,1 i . 4 it yi N ' xr" c 1 'Q '- ' " f 'A ' ' fa' 'A . , , ' gi' . "v I if xv V' I . rf-- V i -6 f'f A .x fireysj A-IJ.. "AS David VOiQl1'f Merle James Roberl PRESIDENT Adams Anderson Anderson Flank Ted Bill Earl Chuck Bain Bergsing Beecher Bouge Chumrau FQ ,,,, ,F John Bailey Holi' Corelle Ni it 'SP' 1--s 17' Larry Bob Gerald Barry Leonard Cripe Crippen Cunningham Davis Davis J Y 5 1 1.1 33' Jerry William Gene Dale Domagala Engler Enrico Evans L Z James Richard David William Dave Finlayson Ford Fuller GOesling Graham Jim Dave Edward David Griffi+h Helier Hale Hall Les Dave David Roberm' Jon Hanlcinson Hanges HowleH l-lunron Jasper 'PE fs v K I I i Sv V X P f i Slephen Mike Mike John Don Johnson Kiley Killworih Krause Krumm fi' J on Don Dan Ken Krular LaBar Larson Lawrence --Ru V F" 'W Rod Jerry Richard Lauren John Lincoln McGahan McKean McKinsey Mallory 'W NA' Arne Mysse Waller Marlen V I Paul Dave Dave Miller Monlague Morris John Ken Nolan Jim Norlhey Osher Osher Richard ag-ox ' 'Nn Tom Mike John Schilz Schmauch Schnechlen Dennis Jay Tom Sfevens Sumner Swain 'JW if Richard Jim Jim Taylor Teoca Thompson ...a-4 Greg Randy Terry Ulmer Urbanec Veis Tony Ed Jim Werfz Whilelaw Wjlli+5 AC II" ,gap 11. Phil Gordon Shulls Smirh Rodne Tande Gary Towner J. C. VVeingar'rner Wilbur Roberl' Wood Worcesier G ...L 3 . .' 'Twlff f 221 fi 'fly' ' 'f'L 2352 Wd Charles Wenlworrh Little Sisters 'fr Minerva Kay Baldwin Barbara Boorrnan l 4 2 F ,Q l.. ll Bonnie Bowler Carolyn Cannon Kay Larson JoAnna Lesler +-swf? Gwen McLain Ann lvllmleer Judy Patch Brooke Ross Palsy Shea Florine Smith Ann Wolhowe 224 ' -93 Q: !!E'! 'T' ,lf I I f "' ':'.-G!"4r Alpha Tau Omega On March 3. l923, The Karnak Club was charlered Della Xi Chapler of Alpha Tau Omega. Maior social lunclions of The year included an Aulumn Leaves Dance Tall quarler, The lorrnal Esquire Ball winler quarler, and a Tin Can Dance spring guarler. Many Tire- sides and collee hours were also on The social calendar. Joan Bachman, KAT, was crowned Esquire Girl Tor This year. Carol Loclcwood, Alpha Phi, and Lee l-lolcomb, DG, were runners-up. Angie Elchapare, KKG, was crowned pledge girl lor spring guarler, I9o3 This year a Lillle Sislers ol The Mallese Cross was or- ganized. QQQ Gordon Anderson Mrs. Berl Baker Rod Bales HOUSEMOTHER PRESIDENT Thomas Bechlold Bill Benson Jon Canl-amessa 1 if' g if 'il - 'V Rodney Carrier John Clwaslaln Joseph CODHOFS John DGVVIPSY Alpha A Tau Omega Tom Halazon Doug Haschels 4l9w"Iy Derald Filzsimond Bob Fry Harris Gralwn 4l""s :faux Dale Hallock Eqgene Hallock Mike l'l6fFlS Scoll Helly Bruce Johnson Roger Lelson 01' 'Ut -HN f' -7' Ogg' Doug Manning John Monfegna Thomas Olson John Paine Wil' -4 --1 'U Donald Pangburn Warren Sclwulfz ' Ray Seffers James Sfeqmiller Joe Sfaudulnar Vernon Turner Miles Vandegriff Roberr Walfon Warren Wenz Gerald Zopfi George Zofo Sigma Phi Epsilon 7 l 'r Sigma Phi Epsilon was lounded al lvlonlana Slale Uni- versily in l9I8. Ourslanding in campus aclivilies, Sig H Ep members were represenled in Bear Paws. Silenl Senli- 21? nel. ASMSU Commillee Chairman, and as ollicers in IEC, Winning lhe covered MSU-AEROTC Oulslanding Cili- zenship Award marked lhe beginning ol anolher progres- W sive year lor Sig Ep, whose aclivilies included supporling I lhe l-learl Eund Drive in Missoula, a Nalional Boys Sum- mer Camp, and capluring inlramural awards. I H l-lighlighling fall quarler was 'rhe crowning ol Queen of l-learls Raelee Bolhwell al The Sweelhearls Ball. Well known for lheir social lunclions, The Sig Ep's olher aclivi- lies included lhe Bowery Brawl and a pledge lunclion. m M mm W mm llllll ll mm mm 'vi wa: Ted Schoenbom Glen Aasheirn A Darrell Anderson Dean Baker PRESIDENT Harry Bean Ken Berry Rick Bollinger Jim Burgess F--141:23 E L 5 John Buclcer Darrel Choafe Bob Deschamps Jim Donley l Q 5 E I ':'..""P' , 5 E 15 Q alangyhh. William Dorn Dick Easlon Joseph Ely ROBSF1' FUllOf1 l t , 'Q M, s Bill Griffilhs Challis l-lageslacl Gary Hall Charles Hope Tony lrvin Larry Jeffery Sieve Koch James Laas Sigma Phi Epsilon Andrew Lallu Gary Lelwne Ed Lemp Jeff Lenci Gene McClain Bill McGinley Tom lvlclnally Lee lvlallxews Dan Meehan Gary Mercer Dale Nelson Roberl Molenda Ted Noringquisl George Olsen 'fax James Pierce Dave Phipps Rober+ Rensfrom John Redfren 2 W -v-3119! L Ken? Roche Ed Refrig Reber? Romsfad Jim SHI! it wmv' Dale Swanf Joe Swindlehursr Larry Thorne Rodney Thorne Mike Tilleman John Turmell Tom Tu'r'r Gary Woodgerd Sigma Nu Sigma Nu was founded al MSU in I904 as a local. Sigma Nu is conlinuing willw plans lo build a new house. Socially, Sigma Nu holds a Barn Dance lall guarler, a pledge lunclion winler guarler and The formal Piggee Dinner spring quarler. fig? wnrfnlfw -J' Roger Kolila John Pal' Brell' Charles PRESIDENT Armsrrong Aroner Asselsiine Baeurle Jaclc Larry Roberl Bill Brad Mike Bell Bell Be'r+eswor+l'1 Bourrel Bruggeman Buckley I' AU l,.. 'za-1 ' 'N WT! James Bill Gene Cliff Ron Jon Burns Clark Clawson Crump Eickiler Eiselein 'X 'W- fs Chuck Engren Bruce Ennis James Dale Joe Erickson Frank Grover rf A Larry Jack Bill Bob Dave Hansen Harkins Henderson Herller HHQSV Roger Jerry James Rick Kermie Hill Keilh Dick Larsen Larson Jacobsen Johnson Jones Knudson Gerald Harry Kenl Mike Lebsack Leschen Lewis McDermid l l at . 1' Sigma Nu Yr 11 Milce Greg Jack Par McGiboney McKelvey Marcure Melby 11-A rim -6 a w,,.....' Jeff Dennis Allan Bob Jerry Eric Meredilh Meyer Muchmore Munson Murphy Myhre '39 41?- Myhre Dave Overcast 234 'V Todd Chris Bill Bob Clinr Nelson Nigro Nofsinger Olwman '95 Bob Gary Ken Kenr Pa nrzer Peck Perersen Price James Joe Eldon Larry Bob Rapp Reber Reimche Riley Rober+son .l if ,Q John Keilh Dale Jim Jon Russell Seim Shaurelle Sheridan Shelfon I1 'U' Don Craig Ronald Rick S+acy Ed Snorlland Sfanley Sfokes Sweeney Swor Thompson ry -l John Sian Pafriclc Mike James Thompson Thompson Todd TroHer Tyler Bob Neil Lynn Don James Ulvedal Walcley Weaver Wehfi Whipple Dick Ted Wallcer Jeff Roger Wieblfe Williams Williams Wollaslon Zen+zis l 235 Sigma Chi Sigma Chi was Tounded as a local TraTerniTy in IQO4 and in IQO6 became aTTiliaTed wiTh The naTional TraTerniTy sysTem. Derby Days Tor The Treshmen sororiTy pledges and The Frenclc ParTy highlighT AuTumn guarTer. The ChrisTmas ParTy Tor The needy children oT The Missoula area ends The evenTs Tor The Tall guarTer. Sigma Chi is sTrongly represenTed in IFC, campus commiTTees, and looTh in- Tramural and varsiTy aThleTics. The ma- ior TuncTion oT The college year Tor Sigma Chi is The SweeThearT Ball. This year Danielle Darby, Alpha Phi, was crowned SweeThearT oT Sigma Chi. Hal Woods ou Charles m PRESIDENT Alelcsich Bahe Bar+eII Jack Pau im Mi e Gayne Besso Blomgren Bryngelson CaTl n CI Tford '37 I1 411 Jack Comporesi :yy Ray Phil He-nw Cosrnan Currie Cushing Charles David Duzois Eacrer John Ron James Edwards Evans Fallon f""H -Gun. if Terry Gary Dave Joe Fifzparriclc Flalow G-ebo Gerbass "vu" Marlin Dennis Bob John Haines Harlowe l-lauclr Hauclc Tom Richard Dave Donald Hauclc Held Heslon Hooper Q I 4 vi Sigma Chi 4-0 D ' iclc -cv Gordon Theodore Brian l'lUql'16S Jackson Jensen Johnson Don Johnson Ken George John Dennis Johnson Klein Luse McGillis Q iii- 3 Byron Phil Bill Allan Marson Miller Moore Murphy 238 Y P - qs -49-1 Ronald Eddie Dick Leonard Sieve Nemec Noel Noyes Noyes Nygren Richard Jerry Bill Lynn Olson O'Neal Paoesh Pulnam 'C' ,ul no Rnchfer George Sendon Shpuel Lloyd Michael Sfeve William Ssnclalr Snavely Thompson Thompson Da e Kennefh James John Keufh Thornfon Tkach Troglla Ulyaff Urbach Roloer+ Willard Q -1 Theta Chi Thela Chi was lounded al MSU in I937 and is exemplified by comforlable living condilions, close lcnir friendship and a balance belween scholarship and social aclivilies-as evidenced by lheir lull social calendar and our posilion as lhe lop men's living group scholaslical- ly during fall guarler. The crowning ol Jrhe Thela Chi Dream Girl al lhe Red and While Ball high- lighred lhe year. Besides liresides, olher lunclions included Jrhe l-lobo Arrs Ball during fall guarler and lhe Circle Bar X ourdoor supper and dance and Jrhe pledge funclion during spring guarler. PRESIDENT-Loweell Tripp Les Blazevich Keilh Beallie V1 BGGHIG John Bergersor Roberi Carrer Louis Dudas Ronald Edwards ,ww 'V' 'Ing' 'BU'-w I M, Ed Emmell David Gregory Jack l-lernillon Jirn Kean P 4-35 -41' 1 Y ,A ,U s Rohn Kohler Jon Korrison Lee Loomis Bill Miller Barry Reed David S+eenburqen Sue Winlery Pal Clarlcg Pal Kennedy, Dream Girl: Loreffe Moser and Susan Flynn. 'PQ-' L. Allan Traunweiser Andy Uriclc ew Q 6 .Q QQ X X X fl X 455 f S 'Y Y fs 2 3 X 6 vm W 2 get ti W ..X .5 4 V I yy i 4' 1 J 5 W X w P wmv! A 'ff 1 ,Zi M ,MXY vf"WA, 5 f Af! 'K , f M X if Q f Q Q Qs, , ff.. xx 4, .fm 5 X JL? Lx 2 Q if a xi .Whfx nf im 'B :AS L , - N -Q fy 1 Q. 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Chuck Miller, officiafes for Thefa Chi in fhe measuremenf of Joe College's mus- cles, so he can impress some cufe coed during WUS week carnival. APRIL I7: Yes, we're in a confer- ence again. Wifh fhe meefing of fhe Presidenfs of 6 colleges gafher- ing in Main Hall fhe way was paved for 'rhe new "Big Sky" con- ference. APRIL I7: In fhe new pool, fhe Enchanfed Sea, a producfion by fhe Aguamaids and Dolphins, en- chanfed fhe viewers wifh precision movemenfs as fhey journeyed on fheir voyage across fhe blue land- scape. They all came . . . even fhe handicapped . . . fo donafe fheir life giving blood, buf we sfill losf "'-e".:' Pie ealinq a+ fhe Sig Alph Olympics APRIL 24: A+ Jrhe annual Barris+er's Ball, Jacque W. Best Thomas A. Ol- son, and Slephen A. Olson were Jrhe honored moulhpieces when lhey were presenied awards for ourslanding work displayed in Jrheir sludies. APRIL 25: The weekly warriors marched wilh +heir da'res a+ 'rhe Mililary Ball- rhe dance at which Janel Spiller was crowned queen. MAY I: ln Jrhe closesl eleclion in years, Rick Jones nosed Sieve Fenrer by I2 voles for The presidenr posilion of ASMSU. Ofher officers are: Jim Rich- ard, vice president Bonnie Kosilsky, secreiaryg and Bonnie Bowler, Jrreasurer. PresidenT Newburn presenTing Merle Cole wiTh his commission. MAY 3: In order To esTablish a loeTTer MSU image To The public, ouTsTanding sTudenTs gaThered aT FlaThead Lake aT Leadership Camp To discuss The ways and means To develop MonTana. MAY 5: To speak aT Their special Dean STone NighT, The Journalism School inviTed John Oakes, ediTor oT The New My ,r Q If V ,.. ,TW , 'f'fT?Tf" ' iii. P gffrliifh .. -ff I 3 V. Q- Z - . ' 'TE iz . , 1 l . , 1 A -' . , .+'s V1 Til., " Lf A 511' T' . " ' i - I, . -uv I X, W A A ,ax ' " - f 14' lib' ' , sa.-.rf4':. if is ig' LQ 6' ,. Q. , ,4 Wal Y AT Leadership Camp Mary Lou Cushman Helps STamp OuT ForesT Fi res. . A4 1 Timwir T AT. York Times To Tell Them abouT New York's newspaper blackout MAY 6: CuTe coeds Turned inTo TighTing dogs aT The Sig Alph Olympics when They parTicipaTed in eiTher The pie eaTing conTesT or The egg Throw. As a Team DelTa Gam- ma Took TirsT, buT Danny Lipp was The excepTional con- TesTanT. MAY I4: The good and The bad came in one blow aT The Board oT RegenTs decreed a Phd. degree could be presenTed by MSU. BuT, aT The same Helena meeTing our PresidenT, H. K. Newburn resigned. i , M'f...,.. . NEWBURN 1 Hlow ri-f OF 5,541 gf. Y D --Av L. - Am' 2 MonTana weafher and sTudenT creaTiviTy Team up To display The sTu denT loody's reacTion To Newburn's resignaTion. The secreT balloT, wiTh sTudenT's voTing, pushes Rick Jones inTo The Presidency of ASMSU. Twig-vii' .N ' iff.. lf' ry, 5 by MAY l5: Trophies were presenTed To The muscular, curvy Temales during The Women's RecreaTional AssociaTion's STealc Fry. MAY I8: Sponsored by a special Sociology class, The lnsTiTuTional Man- agemenT ConTerence Panel loroughT some oT MonTana's mosT excepTional sociologisTs To Missoula To discuss social problems in our socieTy. JUNE 3: FaThers. moThers, broThers, sisTers. and all oTher relaTives gaTh- ered To see Their boy graduaTe Trom college in The Tield house aT The 66Th MSU commencemenT. AT This ceremony 475 young bloods were casT away Trom Their Teacher inTo biTing, TighTing socieTy To shape a world Tor Themselves. 262 The Beginning The End QA! .35 A 877.433 n mmf B 1 J H K x 3 .. f I D Assembled casl Murder in lhe Calhedral The Tragical I-Iislory ol Doclor Fauslus Direcled by Sara Grey Direcled by I. Claudelle Johnson Noel Young ..... .....,......, T homas Beckell, John Fauslus James Kelley ,,.. ............. I sl Templer, Isl Knighl, Luciler Jack Upshaw ..4. ..,,. 2 nd Templer, 2nd Knighl, Priesl, Wagner Mark Brown ....,.,i.. ,.., 3 rd Templer, 3rd Knighl, Duke ol Vanholl Thomas Williams ,..,.....,.........,..., 4lh Templer, Mephislophilis Chorus ol Women ol Canlerbury and Seven Deadly Sins: Joan Campbell ..............................,.,............ Envy Palsy Maxson ,....... ................. .............. W r alh Margarel Bovingdon , ..., Pride Nan I-ligham .. Sandra l'larris . Sharon Emery . Peggy Jennings Alice Ann I.ory William Lensin ......i.SIolh , . ............ Glullony .Leachery, Nun . .. ...........,,.... Covelousness, Nun .......Woman g , I. ,... Priesl, Friar. I-lorse Courser, Scholar Ned Taylor ....... .,......,.....,..... P ope, Old Man Joan Campbell . . . ..,...... Good Angel Palsy Maxson . ., S .,......... Evil Angel Nan I-Iigham .... ...,Duchess ol Vanholl Thomas Williams ,. ....,..... Messenger Palsy Maxson ..... ......... A llendanl Margarel Bovingdon ..... Devil Peggy Jennings . I . .... Devil Noel Young, Thomas Williams, Mark Brown. Nan I-ligham. Noel Young a 5 W Z ., A V , ' 'DQR-lv S? f x 12? a iv Jack Tiger at the Gates Andromaclwe . Cassandra ... Laundress .. I-lecfor . . . Paris . . . Priam .... Demolcos .... l-lecuba ..... Malhemalician Polyxene .... Helen .... Abneos .... Troilus . . . Busiris Aiax . . . Ulysses .... A Topman ... Olpides .... Assembled c:as+ of Tiger by Jean Giraudoux, Jrranslaied by Clfirislopher Fry. Direcred by Cl'1arlo+'re Ferree CAST . . ....... ......... K allny Cody .......Corliss Niclwerson Clmrisiine MacDonald ..........Jack Upslfiaw .........Noel Young .....Peier Jensen .....Gene Buck ....Ka+l1y Kibler ,... .Bill Pederson .. ...lone l-lulchings . . . . .Joan Campbell .......Ron Engle . . . .Mike Fallon . . . .Bill Lensing . . . .Mike Fiedler .........Dan Will ...Douglas Bankson ....Firman Brown, Jr. Jaclc Upsliaw, Mike Fiedler, Kafliy Cody. Jack Upshaw, Kalhy Cody. ,..,..,,f 4 EXW' Casi: Peler Jensen, lone l-lulcliings, Noel Young, Kallwy Kibler Kallwy Cody, Jack Upsliaw, Gene Buck, Bill Pederson. Don Will, Jaclc Upslwaw. Ka+hy Cody, Jack Upslnaw, Gene Buck, Joan Camp- bell, Milce Fallon. i X N, X X f w , A ,M W, ,,,, 7, ,..,.,,. ,Y .bfi K- . L if is Y fou- Y. Original One-Act Plays Outer Space, Out of Mind by Calherine Vanflxelslyn Direcled by Susan Salher CAST The Chief .... .........,...... T om lvlcDermand The Girl ,..... ....... .,..... L i ndy Porler The Young Man . ..... Doug James The Chained Frame by Ron Engle Direcled by Delberl Unruh CAST Grandmolher . . ....,.... ..... B obbie Cuslcer Violel .i..... ...... ......... S a ra Grey l-lenry .,.. ..... J ohn Sloianoll Merlile . . . .... Alida Wrighl The Drum by Fred lvlcGlynn Direcled by Calherine Vanfxelslyn Cass .... .. ..........., Jim Morrow Judy ..... ..... C hrisline MacDonald Falher .. ........... John l-lenry Ellen .......... .,...... ........... B a rbara Lape Doug James, Lindy Porler, Tom lvlcDermand. . , S1 H, V-QW? ' 'f -, f ' R 2 A A, wdrlgixw 3 X"' iliifi' - ' ' 2: 5 f ,N X ,,, 1' " 5253? R21 'i , X - , -'is wx ff. 13, Z! ln' 4 H XX 's 'qv . V . i ' 5 Nik, ,' hw . Q xv Q k M PM ? ffm N ff' 5 :QE Qi 4' Z if: 92 ,'f' 41323 TL gilffi X W f W I l X X is X' , I 1, Q 'U 4 ff X. I In be .v,,.- ,aa Q , -- ,L 1 Sv af fs' X ,f"'i'N'-+ , ,fl ' 5 " x 'iw 'ff Q 1 .4 ,A .7 , G K .3- . J, Q5 gl ,J wi' sw 'H I ww AIWN-aiu 'N 1 O of a. wr I t - W ,A 8- 7, X n 'Y . J 'L A , X :V ,I Q - it Qi , 'Tw .g r.. V I 2 A ' x Hi nm. , 1 ,,..AwlO vm 45 , ,Q,, 1 ,, V Y R 2 A Sxkhf rex , MW if f is i Q 'Sf i -Kaffe-q.AL,,5 Q 'S QA ,, J! 'Y fre '2 1 527 B 'gig S' Pg ' V00 x f , f wh X- W . :X 'KSA A , 1 Q 1 N. - ff , my N59 55712,-' .Q ' 4 ..,, , s ,au It ? 7 5 9 i,4 g?i4g,..,,,,,1,,,,,V1,.s.-.saw MW Mae ir? 'WWW' Bill Rice clears lhe bar fo sriffen The compelilion for his opponenfs on Dornblazer. Wirh I9 relurning leriermen, hopes were high in +he sky before aciion srarlecl buf posl-season nofes proved Jrhal Jrhe Grizzlies were shol down more Times Jrhan ihey bombed 'rhe enemy on lheir missions. l N994 N if is fe P' Yue, V. is ,Y R .fi fi. r, I 4 Aff' ik K in ..., ,yi WA , i . , 1: 'K ' l963 Track Team, From' row, Ief+ fo Phil Dwighl, Larry Jakub, Lynn Eugene Meyer, Jerry Shorr, Ron J Track he-M irii s as-as-- r I f is i . ' E S g S I an 'W . 4,, . 4 ' 8 is I ' ' 0 i 0? ' I lf' fl N .-w ! 2 Q?" IW 1 , 4,1 I JM. ' 2 cf ' .. W, U f -1 1131 1 I I I I g if' if 0- I 5 i'gp,, 'ff 1, STerling WeTzsTeon, Doug Brown, Alan RoIsTon, and .Ion KruTar. Coach Harry Adams. Third row: Glen I-larTley, Bill Engler, Bill Rice, :ond row: Tom Simpson, Gordon PagenkopT. MarTin Ueland, La Fay Ed Whifelaw, Glynn DeVries, and Dave MonTaue. pe. Jerry Biork, Warren SchmidT, Chuck Larson, Harley Lewis, and Bill Engler posTed The besT discus Throw in The new Big Sky ConTerence Tor The year in The MonTana STaTe College Indoor Track MeeT aT Bozeman April 6. Engler's heave wenT I46 TeeT 3 inches. Alfhough a young Team, I-larry Adam's group posTed a second place wiTh MonTana STaTe behind MonTana. BeTween UTah STaTe and US, iT was The high hurdle evenT ThaT proved To be a disappoinTmenT To MonTana when a UTah man won. In a Dual meeT MonTana Trounced WesTern MonTana by winning all TirsTs in The meeT April 27 aT Missoula. Doug Brown was The ouTsTanding compeTiTor by posTing a 4:l5 mile, shaTTering The sTadium's previ- ous record. 2 In a Triangular meeT in Missoula I '.'1 I ii? , View 'iz-QQ ' 1 ff ' againsT Idaho and UTah STaTe, Mon- Tana beTTered boTh To come in TirsT on May 4. Lynn PuTman vaulTed I3 TeeT3 inches To esTablish a new rec- : ,K T M ord Tor boTh himselT and The School. I Logan, UTah on May I8 saw BYU sTeal The blue ribbon, wiTh MSU placing a lowly sixTh place in The Beehive InviTaTional. Doug Brown seT a new record Tor The 2-mile run wiTh a Time OT 9:l8.9 minuTes. 273 . i .ai rj,,g f Z" i "'n , I 43' ' .' 1 v- -V BT8835- . 4 ,N K Maw ' ' - f. rf-2 . 4 ' ms """""-" -Irvine , I Wirh muscles like a Greek, Dave Montague lifrs +he missile foward heaven. Bill Rice qualified for rhe NCAA Jrrack meer when he iumped 6'63L1" in a rriangular meer in Moscow May 25. Monrana finished behind Idaho and Web- er came in Jrhird. 274 TF .si 1 5 K l i r i s Before The rrial begins, Bill Rice sheds all excess clorhing in order To soar even higher in Jrhe high iump. The bamboo slick is passed and 'rhe relay confinues. .i rf' 4414 I MonTana's Doug Brown leads all The way in his record breaking 2-mile gallop. in-A Up 8: Over The bar. ln The Tall, The SilverTip Cross CounTry squad aTTacked The Bozeman sTronghold Twice. buT was repelled boTh Times To posT a no vicTory season. Members of The Team were: Phil DwighT, Glynn DeVries, Larry Jakub, Marv Miller, La- Fay l-lope, and MarTy Ueland. Nine seniors who were car- ried on The l963 Track squad were: Phil DwighT, Tom Simp- son, Gordon Pagenkopic, Ed WhiTelaw, STerling WeTzsTeon. Glynn DeVries, Jerry Biork, :-larley Lewis, and Marv Mil- er. I PuTnam sTarTs The long run before hurling himself wiTh The grace and power of an eagle. 275 ......,,,.i.---1 -V ,, L .Z . , nik? lsiuv I: 'te Ray Rocene-Missoula's and MonTana's god TaTher of sporTs. , V. The iob of keeping The baTs Chuck Miller, Gfillly in line Talls To Buddy Jenkins. OuTTielder. f',. r 'av r rj' f .JY vJ', I 'T A The ears oT MonTana are Tuned To Campbell Park when The Uni- versiTy nine play ball as Sam Gilluly broadcasTs. Wifh a shorT spring, comes Tew pracTices, wiTh Tew prac- Tices come misTalces: and misTalces add The spice To liTe and The exciTemenT To baseball. Early in The season The Grizz- lies performed like vaudeville arTisTs when Three TeammaTes gaThered on Third loase and Then sc:aTTered safely in a game againsT Carroll College. Tom Croci sfudies The opposing piTcher's sTraTegies since he is The nexT To baT. !"""""'I r---" :mini-i' ' ',szs5t-suv! , zir- wii ,f"'i I-87 K1 - r-I ul, -A w X ' ITI I1 . 6:1 , A . A flg "li , 5 6 h K rx T fi Y ,.w- .agp-an .-Q.-Q-'..s?h-k, -T ' Q io-- , m 0 ." T , ., ,--Q 'ff Q-.lg-fx, .ff . :vu4avf:-1'0"""'. 451.-'g.'iL.',AM- li f Q f A ' 1 3 ll i I"TiI'?'Il'T'!'f'1'!'l"'l1 rv: rv rv " fr .,. 1"""'1"""'1 w ja if a 1'?'lU"Q'- T"""""""Tl"l l jw il X 1 7 fig i '-1--n-uw .ill if if N iv k 3' si ... f 1 we T fl' 1 if! " .wi 'V ia'!2's..'a,f-51.5, .1 ', , '-f. - -. 5. T I Y vghitfxhnff IJ? f 5: i . -F r, U QV .. Au 4, ,J fm ' 9 4 . A f:.E'f? . .Tiff fr-1 '2ff'i'3j:5. if,11i'E'ii'4iJ3l" T, 'T ' iff "ff . JA 6 f-ph 'N . Ivan fa' -F32 . ,.Tz..1 v".aKQ.-', GRIZZLY DIAMOND SQUAD-Fr0nT row are: Hal WesTberg, Jim Forman. Arne Mysse, Bill lrwin, Ken Bicha, Tom Croci, Mike Dishrnan, Chuck STone, and Joe Kraiacic. From lefT in The back row ere: Coach MilT Schwenk, assisT- anT coaches Chuck MilTenberger and Guy Owen, Ron Jones. Don Morrison, Tom Dumay, Dan Sullivan, Mike Cyrus, Chuck Miller, Gary Eudaily, Tony Dumay, Perry MelTon, and Carl SchwerTTeger. Bafboy in The 'fronT row is: Bill AusTin. Baseball l-lal WesTberg led The small gianTs in boTh The baTTing column l.336 averagel and The Tielding deparTmenT l4O puT ouTs, 52 as- sisTs, and no errorsl. FourTy-Tive sTrikeouTs, a 2.034 earned run average, and a 5-6 won-losT record were recorded by Don Morrison To lead The piTchers during Their excepTionally well balanced season. PiTching was The sTrong poinT in The Grizzly baseball parade. ending wiTh a 3.807 earned run average. The Team possessed a miserable .246 baTTing average and .920 Tielding average To bring up The rear in perTormance. Mill Schwenk--Grizzly coach. 4 l ' li N ., 5 o Q, J wiv in 'K 1.9.12 s'f A I C. ss -as ',-511. be 4' Y. .ai USE . ,Q Us-I. eff ',f 'F V' R."f"f F ' 1 .f if wf!'.z. 1M , , "? ' .ar I I 9 f. 1- V- I, .Q fm 1-4 'g,yi5fg,5fl5'f "Sin he .fbi , Finishing wi+h a II-II record, Ihe grizzlies had Ihe besl season since I957. The scores of Ihe games: MSU Enemy O Idaho IO I Wash. Slale 8 7 Columbia Basin JC I2 7 Gonzaga 3 IO Monlana S+. O 6 Monlrana SI. 4 O Gonzaga 2 5 Gonzaga 8 IO Carroll 6 IO Carroll 6 5 Gonzaga 8 MSU Enemy 7 Gonzaga 4 6 School of Mines 3 I Weber 6 O Weber I 3 Idaho SIaIe 4 9 Idaho Slale I II School of Mines 2 I Carroll 3 4 Carroll 6 5 Idaho Slale I 8 IdahoSIa're 7 ING, I-if 168' -D.. .,, 'hiv Z "'-5 1? e 4 ,7 'Af 'KqQ Four ball players who ended Jrlieir baseball careers in Camp- bell Parlc Jrlfiis season were: pilclfiers Don Morrison and Carl Scbwerlleger, oullielder Dan Sullivan, and second baseman l-lal Weslburg. Calclwer Ken Biclwa Jrries college slyle lo score as Jrlwe Carroll rnaslced man slops him. Q- 'K ' ' .szfswh - 'Z 1 W My v ' -'ci s 4 '.z MS' ',."i.. 279 in Coach Chinslme shows Ihe righl way lo 280 Golf Manned by underclassmen Ihe Grizz- ly Golf Ieam sei an amazing 9-2-I rec- ord under The waichliul eye ol Coach Ed Chinslce. MSU I2 5'f2 I5 W2 l4V2 4'f2 IZV2 l5'f2 IIV2 9 QV2 I3 The scores were recorded: Gonzaga Idaho Siale lvloniana Slale Washinglon Slrale Whilman Easlern Washinglon Gonzaga Whi+worIh Carroll Carroll Ivloniana Slale Easiern Monlana 6 W2 O I IV2 IV2 4V2 5'f2 ZV2 V2 l ZV2 2 Pulling and driving his way Io an undeiealed season in 6 coniesls was Jim Bryngelson +o be Ihe besl oi Ihe Grizzly Bears. Jim Roberls posled a second wilh a IO-I record. L! ,J f, I 52,2 Xi- f i sr iw-si I iwikegz I 5 . I ' J i" ,f.J7i Tennis Under a new coach in Jrlwe person of Buiclw Hendricks, The malcli makers weni courling 'ro posl a 3-I-I record, whipping Gonzaga 5-2, Monlana Slaie College 4-l, and Wlnilworlli 4-3. Wliilworlli bounced back To Tie The Grizzlies 3-3, and Easlern Wasliinglon aced lvlonlana 5-2. Jim Cronin bounced To The besi singles record of 'l'l'lG season wi'rl1 one loss ou+ of live coniesffs. Togeilwer Jrlie leam swepi' I5 viciories in 25 maiclwes, buf neiled only 3 ou+ of eiglwl wins in +l'1e doubles compeiilion. Coach. Ed Cliinske smiles al' successful I963 Silverlip golfers, who are: Jim Bryngelson, Jim Freel, Don Waller, Jim Wallinder, Jack Mercure, and Jim Roberfs. QU' 'f GFP 3? -LL fwfr X. "j if ix " 44 V, t. g i- .4 .'o 2. -r- NN 'n e is 5 re'c'n e 5 over "e n :L '50 V 1 cf'- oi 5-35 C'T'C" C' S' S 5"'S "D OA -1 - r-All GSH-6 game mc we Cid Females develop +he curves -elim DVM CY we ,wma essenlial in bofh body and ' bowling while oul sporling. ,..Q , . f: ,I ... A-,A.-2--f-""1 ,zsyi1,,l. . . J , Y ,V hh, Doly, re+urn Thal ball wI+h viqarl Intramurals Allhough lhe Raml leam ol Diclc Curry and Gordan Gienly won lhe doubles championship, Sigma Phi ended on Top ol lhe heap lo grab The leam lille in lhe Tennis Tourney. .JGN Val? S o ffro and heads for home aller 'leammales punches a hif pasl lheir helpless opponenls f 4 J 1 X 'Y Yon lids W4 4 A ' 4 a' "' , it 1 T 'J bu? 141 """1'b-Q... -VAJ.- . Sigma Nu leaps across The snake piT To earn glory Tor his TraTerniTy. Coming Through wiTh 4 runs in The TiTTh inning, The Boomers won The SoTTball TiTle over The ApoThocaries. PaT Campbell piTched To win The game. Ron Couch rang The vicTory gong aTTer bidding and win- ning The horseshoe compeTiTions. ATTer placing The singles in his lap, Couch Teamed wiTh Jim Basolo To Take The dou- bles, also. In girls' Tennis Barbara MaTz placed TirsT in The singles while Alice Bilile and Luclcii Ludwig neTTed The doubles. Ted Zelio, oT The ping pong club, paddled The lighT- headed ball enough To sTeal The inTramural Table Tennis honors Tor This year. An independenT Ram Team swepT pasT all comers To dash away wiTh The universiTy's inTramural Traclc blue ribbon. Lee Swanson placed highesT on The individual scale wiTh The achievemenT oT nine poinTs. x sr Endurance, and more endurance Tollowed by exhausTion aTTer The race oT The milers. 284 -. ,,,, ..,.,i. ,,,, ln... l e -2 I Coach Harry Adams poinTs ouT a Tew Tips To Doug Brown. Pumam preparing for a lump Doug Brown 8 Lynn Putnam BoTh ouTsTanding MonTana l-ligh school aThleTes, Lynn PuTnam, Trom Opheim, and Doug Brown lTrom Red Lodgel decided MonTana was Tor Them and They were Tor lv1onTana. Doug Brown won naTional recogniTion when he won The Los Angeles Golden WesT lnviTaTional by shaTTering The 2-mile record Tor high school sTudenTs. This summer, aTTer smashing many universiTy records, Doug placed second in The NCAA Track Tinals in The 3-mile run. ln I962, Lynn PuTnam was lv1onTana's TirsT Junior Olympic Gold Medal Winner when he vaulTed I3'2" in an AAU meeT aT ChoTeau, MonTana. AT The UniversiTy, Lynn seT a new record Tor boTh himselT and The school when he pole vaulTed l3'3". egg.. K ,W H I Z, ,A ,yy Gi. 2, My , ' iw Q . fg L Q Q ,X giiyigg fm? 4 'Qi' MWZyjfQgfff7:'f'4' X' .Am ,api - x ,L .K V yi' , ff . W' X, V V , Lx . ' 'ff - 2 Q, - , V Q V ' 1 , , ' ' . fi ' A ' ff , W ' ' 571514 ' Q-i A Af 4 X cj Q x f Q ' .' if tif Z V ' gi" 3? wg 1 '1 . f , ak K ' 4, , TfSg+. Maas, Capl. Gannell, Major McCollor, L+. Col. Velde, Capl. Emmerl, MfSgl. Lebsaclc, ir Force RCTC Cadet Wing Det. 455 Senior Cadets SfSg+. Walden. QTY Duncan Bedford Darrell Clark, Merle Cole John Cook Allen Dellmann Richard Dill J -nl Edward l-lale Mack Hamlin Kennelh Lawrence Charles Slone Slerling Welzsleon 286 I Flighi' lnslruclion Program Cadels Junior Cadets . Q ' , , . f ai- 3 new .feb 1 e4 lodney Aldrich James Berka Roger Bosse David Cloninger Gary Hall Scolf l-lefry 'Vt fs 'ii y ,, i 42, ,,,.alnuf xx .1 5:1 QA ' f U es l-lerller David l-lilger Roberl Holmes Gregory l-lulla l-larold Jolnnslon Dennis Kansala G , 4,4 2 -z f f ff. ,lf 'YIIBP' fonaqw 'if ard Knudsen Thomas Laird Marlin Leeman Roberf McBroom William Marlin Allen Murphy 'STE 'W an 'T'-E"'5 Jake Nelson Roberl Nofsinger Bruce Noifingharn Glenn Timm Jerry Valenline Ken? Websfer William Wilburn Richard Wing Cadefs Wefzsfeon, Dill, Hale, and Clark 1 Raylee Bolhwell COED COLONEL Mary Alwrencles Twila Aspevig if Marjorie Clarlc Dianne Ecln Charlene Howe Sandra l-lurd ngel Flight Sophomore Staff MC? Diane Gee Sally Nealh Allene O'Brien Carol Barllell Mary Blasllc Karen Bowman Margarel Bue Susan Farley Susan Fosler Nancy Hendricks Kay l'lir1riCl1S fun. I? Jocelyn Johnson Pal' Kennedy Leone Lillis Lela Lougllrldge 288 Virginia McClain Lee Morgan Barbara Nisbel Neal Ann Pippy PGQCJY Rismon 4 sxfv Q' A s 'Li 3195 :xr 'iff iii' ii .ii if Dianne Schmoll Jo Anne Schulle Janel Spirller Lynn Szalrash Firsl row: Scoll l-lelly, John Cook, Dave Cloninqer, Gerhard Knudsen. Second row: Kennelh Law- rence, Greg l-lulla, l-larold Johnslon, Gary l-lall. Third row: Merle Cole, Roberl Nolsinger, Allen Dillmann, Alan Murphy, Jake Nelson. Fourlh row: Roberl' l-lolmes, Edward Hale, Glenn Timm, Jerry Valenline, Roberl lvlcBroom. Valkyrie Air Force Drill Team ln lheir lirsl year, lhe leam appeared in lhe Spokane Lilac Feslival. Firsl' row: Jerry Valenline, Glenn Timm, Commanders. Second row: Tom Daley, Roy Miles, John Seines, James McKee, Gerald Johnson. Third row: John Pricer, John Fish, James Webb, William Clarlce, Sieve Eaves. Fourlh row: Roberl l-lolron, Ronald Normandeau, John Sandroclc, William Benel, Clinl Ohman. Eiflh row: Milne McDermid, William Henderson, Angus Myres. Roberr Wick. as '14 Virginia Ward Arlene Zachary rnold ir Society The Zemke Squadron was reaclivaled lhis year under The direc- lion of Commander Cook. Arnold Air is The nalional Air Force ROTC Honorary. , in Vs.. FF!" ini. ?' 'R in E i A i L 6 X, The Air Force ROTC Floal won lirsl place in fhe Deparlmenlal Division af The Homecoming Parade. Angel Flighi members, Raylee Bolhwell, Sallly Mealh, Diane Gee, add 'rheir beauily To +he lloal. I 1 4 K , Cadel Col. Cook being presenfed wilh 'rhe Roiary Leadership Trophy. The Wing Commanders lor The I962-63 school year were Cadeis Lawrence, Dellmann, and Cook. Cadels Coolc and l-lamlin discuss lhe silver bars ol newly com- missioned 2nd L+. Cole a+ lhe receplion following The commissioning ceremonies. 290 qw, fb. an' Kg 5 A Eta. -C 2nd Li. Weizsfeon has his bars pinned on by his mofher and Marli Davis. Senior Cadels being sworn in ar commissioning ceremonies in June. The ceremonies were held inside lhe lieldhouse because ol inclimale wealher. Army RQTC Firsi' row: Capl. Angus MacDonald, Capl. Max Cannon, Mayor Donald Fox, Colonel M. F. Moucha, Capl. Alfred Pedersen, Capl. Hardy Slone. Second row: SFC. Charles Allen, SSG Wallace French, MSGT Loren Simpson, SFC Duane Shurlz, SSG Cecil Zachary. 7 l ix ff l O , V -. , fi V M , V-is , r' 1 an-N' V Cys- .Q 'i'...- V ' ii A X 4? '9iff:TgiV 1 , f 'ig . I i W vii ll , Q NWN lf K Ai- S, Y V f 5 Ii a fs fc' -3. -' m - 5 i l . M -,oy i 1 7 Q A - N N 4 if iff. "ff L , 1 A X 1 Q l '15 ' Q 5 Q Y ri ::D ii i 4 -c x 'x gl N 5 1 iikuii I ' l 4 . Aa l. ,, . . 'W Pbxisr I..-X 3 XY.-K -4 1 s sv, V-Q , X , , zu M 3 Z" g 7 A S I 1 Q 5 xg X 1 if A, 3 +-NW s EQ p v S , z SN X A l-K :N 'Q- F I., .. ilk . . ,Mg I , is l - s- ,. 2 niefwifgs fr 1 " 5' er 1- fgggygg ger u f? ,W , i 4 f ..-...W JW. ...,...,.. ....., rf v .gf vvf MS IV Cadets Firsl row: Kil Valenhne, Scoll kliason, Michael Slephens, Jacobsen, Craig Parker, David Eacrer, Dale Evans, Third James Johnson, George Gralzer, Michael Ford, Sruarl Garri- row: John Praler, Dolphy Pohlman, Douglas Wold, Richard son. Second row: Charles Underwood, Gary Gallaher, James Silverslein, Prinler Bowler, Michael Balmer, C. Kirlc Buls. Firsf row: Lawrence Jakub, Wenzel Pasley, Bradley Bruggeman, Carl Iverson. Third row: John Redgren, Roberr Baldwin, Larry Srephen Fenrer, William Gibson, Cliff Jacobsen. Second row: l-lansen, Fred Calder, Tom l-laucli. Fourfh row: Leon Washur, Joseph Connors, Dennis Sfevens, Jay l-leilclcila, George Olsen, Kennelh Bicha, Roberi l-lunlon, Kennelh Ross. Y MS III Cadets f-ra. 4.-M-. 1-.-. ' I E r l f l 'i 1 . gg dad! -HN x .ff 7 Firsi' row: Karen Upshaw-K-DeTTe Commander, Linda Phillips. row: Nancy Jones, Kay Baldwin, Andres STom5vilc, Penny Hurl Melinda Wilson, Beary, Sharon FiTzqerald. Second row: berT. Four'l'h row: Linda Wood, lvlarTha FulTon, Nancy Halverson, PaTTi Moore, Judy Berqum, Linda Johnson, Peggy Paucher. Third Linda l-lalsTead. K-Dette Corps The K-DeTTes perTorm aT The MSU-MSC Game. S' Q -1 ' QE The K-DeTTes Traveled To Spokane Tor The Liliac FesTival Parade in May. The many hours ol: early morning pracTice paid oTT as They did a very commendable iob. 1. Q in h S ,Tw ww, 0 TV .vm , M.. ' Q' ei , ew ea agua 'QE any T am ,N 2 ' 'M .K ov-.....,... 'T "' Hs- 4 binau-..,.,,,,, 1 1-5...- -fin-,,,,, f no v ix The SenTinel sTaTT wishes To honor The ouTsTanding sTudenTs oT The universiTy. Our ouTsTanding are chosen on The basis oT scholarship and conTribuTion To The UniversiTy communiTy. l wish To Thank The various deparTmenT heads Tor Their cooperaTion and Time in selecTing The sTudenTs Trom Their respecTive deparTmenTs. Also l wish To Thank The UniversiTy News Service Tor The use oT Their records. In :ig Il! .'l Robert G. Anderson Law Mr. Anderson is Trom Weed, CaliT. l-le is vice presidenT oT The Law STudenTs As- sociaTion, serves on The Law School l-lonor CommiTTee, EdiTor-in-ChieT oT The Mon- Tana Law Review, and is a member oT Phi DelTa Phi, The legal TraTerniTy. This pasT year he was appoinTed assisTanT in law. Upon graduaTion he will begin his appoinTmenT as law clerk Tor Judge W. J. Jameson, Federal DisTricT CourT in Billings, lvlonT. Tom Anderson Pre -M ea' icine The Pre-med lacully has selecled Tom Anderson from Ekalalca, lvlonlana. Mr. Anderson is a member ol Jrhe Pre-med Club and pariicipales in inlramural sporls. MM K? , li Robert A. Athearn English Mr. Alhearn is a member of Alpha Tau Omega, social lralernily, and is from Seafile, Washinglon. l-le has coniribuled works of liferalure To The Venfure, campus lilerary magazine. Mr. Alhearn has received a Wood- row Wilson Fellowship and upon gradualion will con- linue his sludies a+ Jrhe Universily of Washinglon Graduaie School. f 297 M? Douglas C. Chojjey Po!z'1fz'cczl Science rw, xg Mr. Challey has received many ollers ol fellowships, a Fulbrighl Scholarship lo India and a John Hopkins Fellowship, lhal were lurned down in favor ol a Uni- versily ol Wisconsin Fellowship lhal he will begin upon gradualion. i john W. Cook Air Science Mr. Cook is a Dislinguished lvlililary Graduale and during his school years he has been awarded The Chi- cago Tribune Gold Medal, Jrhe Airman Award, and The Rolary Leadership Award. A+ STU, Mr. Cook was awarded lhe Taclical Officers Award. l-le is major- ing in Chemislry and is a member of lhe American Chemical Sociely. Mr. Cook is married and lhey have one child. He received his firsl Jrwo years of college al Lehigh Universily. Bamx P. Davis Physzks Mr. Davis is from Livingslon. lvlonlana. l-le is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, social lralernily, and of Phi Mu Epsilon, malrh iralrernily. lvlr. Davis was a worlhy scholar and has received a graduale assislanl- ship Jro Jrhe Universiiy ol Washinqion. where he will enler following gradualion. Robert E. Evans H istogf Mr. Evans is from Bulle, Monlana. l-le is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, nalional hislory honorary. Mr. Evans has been awarded a graduaie assisfanlship a+ Monlana Slaie Universily. 299 if . af, sf- Q jean Kay Ferris A rl Miss Ferris is a member ol Kappa Alpha lhela, social sororily, and Alpha Lambda Della honorary. She has served as Arl Club secrelary and as arl eclilor ol Jrhe Venlure. Miss Ferris is from Choleau, lvlonlana and upon graclualion will begin a leaching career. ri' n N yy? M Jo Mx 1 , Q ., if Tr ' 4 xx fd, fl i '51 ""c,,,w I a 3 f .F , 5 xx, inf an H X -'A--, 8, wi x, ' an 5 J Stewart W. F ritts Geography .f"" The Geography cleparlmenl has selecleol Slewarl Frills as The cleparlmenls oulslanding sludenl. lvl Frills is from Dover, New Jersey. john E. Frook journalism lvlr. Froolc is Trom Gull Lalce, Saslc., Canada: is mar- ried To The Tormer Norma ParTridge oT Gull Lalseg and They have one child. Prior To coming To MSU, he aT- Tended Saslf. Teachers College and The UniversiTy oT Saslc. I958-l96I he served as principal oT Condor ElemenTary and Junior l-ligh School in Condor, AlberTa. l-le served as managing manageruolf The lVlonTana Kaimin. l an E if Ei Stuart E. Garrison Zoology lvlr. Garrison, selecTed as The ouTsTanding Zoology sTudenT, is Trom GreaT Falls, MonTana. l-le is a member oT Phi Sigma honorary, oT UniTed ChrisTian Campus Fellowship, and oT The AssociaTion oT The U. S. Army. 301 Hengf L. Goetz Foreslgf Mr. Goelz has been a member of lhe Foreslry Club and has served as ilrs Presidenl and Secrelary. l-le is also allilialed wilh lhe lvlonlana Druids: Xi Sigma Phi, nalional loreslry honorary: and Phi Kappa Phi. l-le was lapped as a member of Silenl Senlinel, senior men's service honorary, and is from Depere, Wisconsin Y J sw ' isa U 4 fi 4 . 1 i ' Q ' 1 . C , Q .W I xii ' ,ft 'l 92 sad- 1251? 1. E . as ,,. . , ji' gf 5 .9 1 l fig .' ' -,3 S ' Q -- 'Mi 4 ,:fds... ,. ,1 L.. l 1' Nangf Ellen Good Plzarmogz Miss Good is a member of Rho Chi, Kappa Epsilon, pharmacy sororily, and of lhe American Pharmaceuli- cal Associalion. She is from Helena, Monlana and upon gradualion will inlurn in Grear Falls. Upon be- coming regislered, Miss Good plans lo furlher her sludies. Sara Lee Grgz Drama Miss Frey is a member ol lvlonlana lvlasquer and is also a Royal lvlasquer. During her career in school Miss Grey l'1as acled, clirecled. ancl has been associalred willi numerable plays lor Jrlie lvlasquers ancl drama sclwool. lvliss Grey is from Hanover, New l-lampslwire. UN Margaret Ann jennings Chemistgf Selecled by Jrlie Cliemislry Deparlmenl, Miss Jen- nings is from Helena, Monlana. Upon gradualion slwe will accepl an assislanlslwip lrorn Ohio Slale Universi+y lo do graduale sludy. 303 Kenneth W. Ifoenzlg F orezlgn Language Allhough he is a iunior because ol his inleresl and abililies exlend +o several areas of foreign language school, lhe deparlmenl says lhal he is Their mosl ac- complished linguisl. He has received Foreign Language Awards and is from Greal Falls, lvlonlana. s "3 Lee H. Loomis Ea'ueatz'0n Mr. Loomis is from Bu'r+e, Mon+ana and Jrhis las+ year he was a Residenl assislranl in Elrod l-lall. l-le is a member of 'rhe Sludenl Educafion Associa+ion and of Thela Chi, social lralernify, for whom he served as rush chairman. Raymond Lucien Physical EdIUCdlZ.0H Mr. Lucien is a member and Treasurer ol Phi Epsilon Kappa, physical educalion lralerniry, and was lapped as a member ol Silenjr Senlinels, senior men's honorary. l-le was an oulslanding baslcelball player and was voled lhe mosl valuable player lor his senior year. Originally from Balon Rouge, La., he now resides in Bremerlon, Washinglon. 2 VV 0 Y' 'Y .nnllll"""""""" 4 Katheiine M cFarlana' Physical Ea'uca1fz'0n lvliss lvlcliarland is a member oi Kappa Alpha -lhela, social sororily, whom she has served as Rush Chairman and WRA Represenlalive. She is presidenl ol Lambda Rho and has servedias Treasurer and presidenr ol Della Psi Kappa. She was sludenl chairman of Monlana As- socialrion ol Heallh, PE, and Rec. Miss Mclzarland is from Missoula, lvlonlana. 305 Marcz'a Gai! Meagher Home Economics Miss Meagher is a member ol Della Gamma, social sororily, whom she served as social chairman and Can- Can Girl. In l96l-62, she was social chairman ol AWS. She is pasl presidenl ol Bela Epsilon, local home econ- omics honorary, and is presidenl ol Kappa Cmicron Phi, nalional home economics honorary. As a sopho- more, she was lapped as a Spur and as a senior she was lapped inlo Morlar Board, senior women's hon- orary. Miss Meagher is a member ol Phi Kappa Phi and K-Delles and is lrom Sunbursl, Monlana. Ji s 'K ,gi f , xx ix xy. , W Z 4 L in . I 1 ,V , ,L y A, li Loma Clarine M ikelson Musz'c Miss Milcelson is a member ol Della Della Della, so- cial sororily. She plays oboe in lhe Missoula Civic Symphony, lhe MSU Treasurer Slale Band, and in lhe Chamber Band. Miss Milcelson holds membership in Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Kappa Lambda: Mu Phi Epsilon, music honorary: and was lapped lor Morlar Board. She is lrom Sidney, Monlana and upon gradualion she will leach inslrumenlal music in lhe elemenlary school syslem ol Greal Falls, Monlana. sf Maroz'n R. M iller Geology Mr. Miller is originally from Big Timber Monlana and now resides in Bozeman, Monlana. l'le is a member ol Sigma Gamma Epsilon, geological honorary. Mr. Mil- ler has been a member ol 'rhe MSU Track Team and his senior year he was a co-caplain ollhe Jream. Follow- ing gradualion he will allend graduale school al lhe Universily ol lndiana under a NDEA Fellowship. 'a f 1 F is ,. 89 A 5 y 9 , I if A ea M Wisggjiizfof 2' I Anne Shzlbloy Sociology Miss Shipley is a graduale assislanl in sociology and is from Bulrle, Monlana. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Della, sociology honorary, who she served as vice-presidenl and ol Philosophy Club. Also she is a member of Kappa Alpha Thela, social sororily. Kit Valentine ir Mz'lz'la1j2 Science ,Q A Mr. ValenTine is lrom Jacksonville, Arkansas and is majoring in Toresl conservalion. l-le was a member ol Wildlife Club, Foreslry Club, Xi Sigma Pi, and Jrhe MSU Army RCTC Drill Team. While in advanced RCTC, he received 'rhe Rofary Leadership Award and served as Army ROTC Cadel Baffalion Commander his senior year. l-le was desiqnaled a Dislinquished Mililary C-Braduale upon gradualion. AND FACULTY P I R E S E N T I OUR SENICR CLASS 963 N G IP 3 V3 na : D. cn Q. ro 3 0 ro V5 I0 ZmZ7U-IP College of ROBERT W. COON ROD DEAN AIR SCIENCE BOTANY LT. COL. ROBERT L. VELDE REUBEN DIETTERT IXNX CHEMISTRY ECONOMICS JOHN M. STEWART ROBERT E. WALLACE FOREIGN LANGUAGES GEOGRAPHY ? Q1 Q 5 'EN' 41 'X 5 ROBERT M. BURGESS CHESTER B. BEATY ENGLISH ROBERT w. OOONROD GEOLOGY ,Q :ARB FRED S. HONKALA 311 i, HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS HISTORY Lf Kim-"N V... HOME ECONOMICS hw. x T'wpH,f I I My Wk fi' VM ...L WS, .r M s . all-4... WALTER C. SCHWANK MORTON BORDEN EMMA H. BRISCOE MATHEMATICS MILITARY SCIENCE PHILOSOPHY I I I2 H5 Q WILLIAM M. MYERS JR. COL. M. F. MOUCHA X Q Tx EDWIN L. MARVIN L-?i'x,.f-----... PHYSICS POLITICAL SCIENCE PSYCHOLOGY ,f f ' Q- -FF Hx ' A 'xx C , X A N l 1 C. RULON JEPPESEN THOMAS PAYNE WILLIAM J. GRIFFITHS, JR SOCIOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIAL WELFARE SPEECH ZOOLOGY 'in 5 I .- GORDON W. BROWDER RALPH Y. MCGINNIS PHILIP L. WRIGHT vfwamw q ..a- . Q90 N 'l Harry F. Adams Professor, Healih and Physical Educaiion f ,,,,v,,, 4.4.1-I is R. B. Ammons Professor, Psychology as 5? , I r."M James D. Allen lnsirucior, English 12 L., yas 5 qi N U ' ' A E N aa r Judy B. Adkins lnslrucror, Healrh, Physical Educalion E. A. Aflrinson Professor, Psychology r XA, f X 3 :Q W ,lf I .Q R K Amer .9-W William R. Ballard Associale Professor, lv1a+hema+ics Mark J. Behan Veldon BenneH lnsfruclor, Bofany lnsfrucior, Foreign Language 314 ai ,. , ., i ,. x 3 I 4 IX M 15, wif ami i . 4 '27 W!! ,Cnif X 'Y , ..r,g ,, I W ' f . ff ,z as . gl , if 9 , .Q El i 'ii fi -Q 'ff if Ralph Bingham lnsfruclor. Mafhemarics ,JY ul , Y""'4 - r ,sW,m.A ww. L. -bed W I o as-lf A, ,,,,,,,.......... r f ' llls B f rj. - , James H Bowden Kenneih Bre'H' lnsfruclor English lnsfruclor, Foreign Language .-M .W ' sf N Ludvig G. Browman Walier L, s If .....--.-...........,., S C Parhology, Audiology English I .... ..,,m Y E N T4 F A C U L C AND E S Brown Royal B. Brunson Thomas C. Burgess Professor, Zoology Professor, English Professor, Zoology Associale Professor, Nan C. Carpen+er Meyer Chessin Edward S. Chinslre Professor. English Professor, Bolany Assislanf Professor, l-lealfh Psychology '3-2. George W. Cross Assislanl' Professor, l-leallh and P. E. 315 f NN Aol" Q -in X My .W w-"""'w QU..--' George P. Dahlberg Prolessor, l-lealrh and Physical Educalion Q. :X ,wk 7 ,A , T' 7' 'TI.""fJ Bruno, DeLas+range lnslrucfor, Foreign Language Mills' I Rol:aer+ J. Dwyer Assoc. Prof., Sociology, Anlh., and Social Welfar ...S v '11 Marguerife Ephron Associafe Professor. Foreign Language 316 6 'ing' il 3- D. I i. Il " fu ' x7 I , Hugh Davidson lnsrruclor, l-leallh and Physical Educalion gf . IK L Sax fi , ., -Qucxhi Frank M. duMas Professor, Psychology u. f Cap+. Merle W. Emmer+ Assislanl Professor, Air Science .wax ...---I 'M ---- jf' -il-X- as -GNP . S ldris W. Evans Richard A. Fausf Assisranl Professor, Sociology, Assisfanl' Professor, Anrhro., and Social Welfare Microbiology "' as .XXI Leslie A. Fiedler Roberl' W. Fields Associare Professor, Geology Professor, English !l , , s " .3 xt ' , V , Xl I A All .X James A. Flighfner Insiruclor, Foreign Languages Associafe Professor, Milirary Sci. and Taclics Maior Donald C. Fox Q s."'xwus.u-T X. 'Q Fannie E. Efheridge Cap'l'. Willard L. Gannefl' M9l'l9 GBITSH' Assisfanr Professor. Home Assislanl Professor, Air lf1S'fFUC'fOF. Home Economics Economics Science e GQPY Gerard A. Gibbons Assisfanf Professor, Polifical Science 1 5 fi, 5- -, is A :ti 2 'V yr- 3l f r.. fl 4.14" 'V E1 , . vi. we Vedder M. Gilberf Professor, English Krishan K. Gorowara Mason Griff Assisfanf Professor, Assisfanf Professor, Sociology, Mafhemafics Anfh.. and Social Welfare A 'W wh, - A James R. Habeck Assisfanf Professor, Bofany -qv , V Ei .Eg ill f 42' Andor H. Gomme Visifing Lecfurer, English 5, 3 Wu. . MM Clarence C. Gordon Assisfanf Professor, Bofany , A we fn-.-B Lynn B. Graves Jack S. Gufhrie Assisfanf Professor, Zoology lr1SifUC'fOF. Ef1QliSl'l Oscar J. Hammen Axel E. Hansen Professor, Hisfory lnsfrucfor, Geography A 9' Phyllis M. Harris Leroy H. Harvey Richard J. Hayden lnsfrucfor, English Professor, Bofany Professor, Physics F A S C C U I L E ARTS N Y C E S AND ll? Berf Hansen Professor, Speech Alberf C. Heinrich lnsfr. Sociology. Anfh and Social Welfare 317 3 . f, r ,. 5 ' l. s V .vm .W--gf e 4 1 2 x H ' l .f , , Rss. ax 3 if 1 . X 'S 'L 5 P . - .1-ex . S, A PHP ik 1 . ix A sf R Q4 " 're' -, i W 3 , 1 sr? .W J P 5. , 11. 'T' ,HWDP5 'J"""' .4 3? if ll George B. Heliker Charles F. Her+ler Ray Jenkins Associafe Professor, Professor, l-lealfh and Assisfanf Professor, l-lealfh Economics Physical Educafion and Physical Educafion . , X if ,- . .' i I 9 Gloria C. HewiH' Assisfanf Professor, Mafhemafics John Hower, Jr. lnsfrucfor, l-lealfh and Associafe Professor, Geology Physical Educafion Sonclra Horfon 3 'WIS' 1 ., 1 V. ,Z fi " Y . i, ' if ,V is , fl. , -s fl ' Ea wg' H ,, . 'Q' W 2, X I ff' if x " 1 .5 .s NS iq'-. 5 P 1 mf 1 J f 4 ' X .,,,,, wma. - ,Z JK ' ii., ,Ii f ev f 1 4 ,- ,0- . fs.. fi i 'if ,M ,W . . ,, 4. M W P i ,UQ Jr is ', 3 N 1 I 4' x 5 ,, N f .- it x Os fl Q X. fi. v 4.a55'Q?f" X ' ' 1'.'-,.- X X 4' 'W' X -. ff "" S -Z . VN A ,,,.. 5. .A M gk , . f . ' "'iV l '- .. Q M I ,., ' 33,4-' Roberi' S. Hoffman Randolph H. Jeppesen Professor, Geology lnsfrucfor, Physics yr Nba, Jules A. Karlin Professor, Hisfory and Polifical Science w- Mark J. Jalrobson Horsf Jarlca Fred K9"5'l'9" U Professor, Physics Assisfanf Professor, Foreign lnsfrucfor. Philosophy Language 318 Henning Jensen lnsfrucfor, Philosophy , f , ' ci, ll J Y if Richard E. Juday Professor, Chemisfry Harvey G. Kebschull Assisfanf Professor, Polifical Science ,oP" Walfer N. King Associafe Professor, English ,lk 5 SQ A S -M Mm.. U I Allan H. KiHell Naialie Kluge Gerfrud Laclzschewi+z Pefer P. Lapiken L E Assisfanf Professor. Visifing Lecfurer, Foreign Assislani Professor, Foreign Associale Professor, Hislory Language Language Foreign Language N - E r. . If 30 if sys L, --- AND s Ls- in Carl L. Larson John F. Lawry James R. Leonard Vane'l"l'a Lewis Professor. Assislanr Professor, Philosophy lnslrucfor, Economics , Assislanf Professor, Microbiology Home Economics .L ,W ill? ,wi Meeiings, such as 'rhis one of The speech depar+men+ which is iusf abouf fo gel under way, are an impor- fanl parl of fhe +eacher's clay. 319 I l. , I 'vi ,., X .jx 2 ' ,' i fb V I 1: xx XY is '1 " qw M' 4, E , -'S ,A Mavis Lorenz Assisr. Prof., Heallh and Physical Educalion Harrieii' M. Lyon Assisianr Professor, Home Economics 2 I f FI l lm , ,LA Qs ii C' .e 5 1' ' in 1 Jesse McGuire Assisfanl Professor, Speech Palhology Carling I. Malouf Assoc. Prof., Sociology, Anfh.. and Soc. Wel. 320 r l l Earl C. Lory Arnold Miller Professor, Chemisiry Assislanr Professor, Psychology LW? Miisuru J. Nakamura Associale Professor, Microbiology Capf. Angus MacDonald Assislanr Professor, Milirary Science and Taclics Donald B, McLeod Pafricia Nonnenmaclrer lnslruclor, English lf1SlFUCfOV. Foreign Language up .-mv ' - 1113? ,.2. s,,.,. . ., .,. A V ' W Mix Wire Domenico Orfisi Associale Professor, Foreign Language Merele E. Manis Ins'rruc'lor, Malhemalics --in I--I John E. Moore Professor, English -K Clyde E. Noble Professor, Psychology Ronald V. Nord lnsrruclor, Healfh and Physical Educarion s-S R. K. Osferheld Associale Professor. Chemisrry ,Q ,pf ic..- -' 'Y vc' . 5. ...iw , , Charles D. Parker Associafe Professor, Speech Pafhology and Audiology F . i i , r cliff? fr Q ' i :" I f , f 'P if 11 , . I tag f Q E. W. Pfeiffer Assisfanf Professor, Zoology img 1-...-.M ' A . .--:Q . -i. ,W H Riga? Capt Alfred L. Pedersen Assisf. Prof., Milifary Science and Tacfics sci: N -We mv if Ward H. Powell Associafe Professor, Foreign Language ,va- S C I 12239. Psrsfgir.. L E Ma+hema+iCS N C E AND S Sherman J. Preece, Jr. Assisfanf Professor, Bofany 1 ...1 f " 2.1. . ,, fffus Q . ' "sv :mu L , . G5 ' -- ,....2..:w,' 5 .,g 4 . .M J ' ' 'fi 77" 4. 2 I " Li. . . ., 1-an 9 - rr er l as 'A .A .,,. . J 4 i "diff , M ,.- ,,, ,,,,,,.Qn-mq,.k Beniamin G. Rader Howard E. Reinhardf Naseby Rhineharf Jerome Richard lnsfrucfor, l-lisfory Associafe Professor, lnsfrucfor, Healfh and lHS'fFUCiOf. EVWQlISl'1 Mafhemafics Physical Educafion as . Z N Kiwi Ber'I' R. Sappenfield Cynfhia Schusfer Milfon E. Schwenk Clyde M. Senger Professor, Psychology Associafe Professor, Professor, l-lealfh and Assisfanf Professor Philosophy Physical Eclucafion Zoology 321 2 are? is T ris' ,L 1 sscy fe. Y Q 6,11 fm! it 1 "'- f if D X E J ,., , . iff Richard E. Shannon Associafe Professor, Economics Arnold J. Silverman Assisfanf Professor. Geology Vernon F. Snow Associafe Professor, Hisfory Thora Sorenson Professor, Foreign Language 322 ii s..-..c s Q!! Theodore H. Shoemaker Frederick A. Sieison Professor, Foreign Language Insfrucfor. l-lealfh and Physical Educafion Rober+ G. Smifh Harlan L. Swanson Assisfanf Professor, Speech lnsfrucfor, l-lealfh and i av- . , ,J J " .G wrwf ...ef 3 ' , , . X 'P' ff' , g X 'A N.. y .H 5.3. . , i X ff 1 l X 'sl I .' W is nf :rf M' Q 1 . Richard A. Solberg Physical Eclucafion Harold Tascher Assisfanf Professor, Educafion Professor. SOClOl09Y. Anih- and Bofany K M' M T 'Q OHo L. Sfein Assisfani Professor, Bofany ropology and Social Welfare A Dee C. Taylor Associafe Professor, Sociology. Anfh. and Soc. Welfare 4 1 as g i mv ' .se Agnes L. Sioodley Professor, l-lealfh and Physical Educafion .m. John L. Swifl' Lecfurer, Sociology. Anfh., and Soc. Wel. ,ws ....... . kb- - ' Q Toshimi Tafsuyama Assisfa nf Professor. Religion 'if 1 W s 5 6' Me' 3 J . .. s 5 John J. Taylor Assisfanf Professor, Microbiology H 1 'ffl 4 Forresf D, Thomas Roberl' T. Turner John Van de Weiering Assisianr Professor, Prolessor, l-lislory Assislani Professor, l-lis+ory Chemisfry Jacob Vinocur Ellis L. Waldron John P. Wehrenberg Associafe Professor, Professor, Poli+ical Science Associale Professor, Geology English E F' 'Y' Wayne P. Van Me+er Assislranr Professor, Chemislry "W"--. Roberi' M. Weidman K Assislanl' Professor, Geology F A C U L ARTS Y AND '11 George F. Weisel Rober+ D. Wheeler Vincen'r Wilson Donald WInSl'0rl ll Professor, Zoology lnslruclor, Economics Associaie Professor, l-lealrh lnsrrucior Geology ,gin-.., and Physical Educa+ion 5 our - 5 6 W. Ross Winferowd Daniel M. Wi++ Leland M. Yaies Louis Zuclr lns'rruc'ror, English lnsfruclor, Speech Associale Professor, Chemisiry lnsrrucror English Glen Aasheim Lou Alelcsich James R. Anderson Zoology l-lislory l"lis+ory , zbllzk V ,V,,,,, ,,-v 5 at '-4? Margaref Anderson Russell Anderson Frances Ashcrafi- l'lISlOFY German Home Economics ng., of-its Ann Bar'rleH' Rod Bafes Karen Beach English lvlarhernalics Eclucalion English it -'ii' Ray Beck Larry Bell Bill-Benson Psychology Physical Sciences Business it xc, is Sylvia Benion Hisiory and Poliiical Science F .X '7- ,4nsw4 1. 'sun Ea rl Bouse l-lisiory W B -Sl H-w.w,'+' Bari Lynn Berfleson English ...sf 'qw 'S' S -'Il' .W 4' 4. Barbara Boorman Poliiical Science . 1 an wg, fn"""5 ls: 3 sr-s . 8' I A, 4, s,, 52 5 ' 19 4' gd , 1 I vizwf 1- , 6 f, 4. ,riff ,v Bill Bourref Physical Sciences V UH Jim Bryngelson Milne Buckley John Burker Pre-Med Pre-Deniisiry English 2:30 and class is in session on anofher snowy aliernoon. The only person 'ro be seen is a receni casually of The weekends skiing and her friend. 4"'h ll' Pa+riclc Byrne Economics and Polirical Science 91? Sue Ann Cadwell l-lisrory and Spanish 'ffff' Helen Cain Carolyn Cannon Spanish English F , gm A , -i Douglas Chaffey Polirical Science lip 1 , H3 Xxw if 2 , Donna Cociari English Judy Cooper Polilical Science Lynn Chrisfopherson l-lisrory '--ral' Jaclc Comporesi Physical Therapy Ron Couch lvlalhemaiics FQ l. Nancy Welrach finds Thar good grades necessilale spending lime in +he library. even lhough, sornelirnes finding rhe righr book lor lhe occasion is mosl dilficull . .. F, -an ' y an. Q ,"-mf Sieve Dalby Polilical Science f Q c ,i A, ""e.1x .vw V. , . cf ,-,., c, Jean Davies Home Economics i yi fl , Carol Dale Social Welfare Barry Davis Physics and Malhemalics be . . . as Jaclc Basehearl seems 'ro be discovering Marcyes Dean Zoology and Pre-Med . wi Carolyn Deevy Hisiory Mary Jo Donnes William Dorn Don Dunwell Karen Du'H' Bill Ellison Geography Polilical Science Liberal Arfs Speech Palholoqy l-lisfory and is 'Y -1 ,K fw"m W v ww Y 1 ' fr x- -AQI my . , Q s N an Roberi' Evans l-lisio ry 152' ,t ,,-vv , x AW N ,, X Jean Faulsfich Home Economics Q' W fe? Z . X,V 1 FE Ronald Garfon Wildlife Technology nv ., Donald J. Gordon English James Fallon English 'Wa Jacqii Fisher Home Economics 1.4197 David Genfile Geology 1 Phillip Griffen l-lisiory Jane Farnum Microbiology V wf,, X 1 4,41 ,dnlwiwf Sfuari' Garrison Zoology -G',". William Goesling Chemis+ry CL My Joe Grover Pre-Deniisfry A sieaming bealcer and a vile odor 'rells one +l1a+ he is in ine chernislry lab and +l'1a.+ an experimeni is under way. Dennis Harlowe l-lisiory Richard Held Liberal Aris 'V Ed Herber Plnysical Educa+ion Willis Heron Wildlife Technology Carol Hilliard l-lislory and Poliiical Science Ted Hoeeland James H0lmll-'HCl Aulumn Hollz Jon Hudalt David Huglwe EnQll5lW English Foreign Language Poliiical Science Economics 329 Carla Jacobs French , ,fggg NA 1 , . -: E I If- 1 f -Y . as 5,-of 1 James L. Johnson l-lealih and Physical Educalion I Mariha Johnson Physical Sciences Jim Johnsion l-leallh and Physical Educaiion Linda Kammerzell Polifical Science .e Peggy Jennings Chemisiry V? Ka+hy Johnson English S+ephen Johnson Sociology Pa+ Jones l-lislory Howard Liplre Wildlife Technology aut! ""' ,. wwf s Jim Kean Judy Kelly Dennis Kimmi'H l-lealih and Physical Microbiology Physical Therapy Educaiion ,W f M ,M ,X X - ws ef 'RWN1 1- fl? Z 2 A as 9 X , ,Si - mQ,..,,, "573.5,, ' - Correcl form is shown by Cindy Schroeder for +hose who wan+ +o be good pool players and don'+ wish 'ro become seniors. 330 IV! i - sd'- ,if 1 '17 Roger Kofila Tony Krafi' Judy Lampi Psychology Malhemafics Medical Technology vw 4 Q 4 013 Af .ani ,,,,,?, .rw fi W I l Fl'ahCiS l-lf'ldSk0l' DaneH'e Lipp Judy Lifo Physics Medical Technology Microbiology N , "'-5 iff i i i Casey McFarland l-leallh and Physical Educaiion Byron Maison l-lisiory Sfewari' Miller John Mills Economics Speech Pafhology and Audiology 331 JSM .AH 1 px 'iu,T f wc K ,I ! is Larry LaPlan+ Wildlife Technology if if ,i J f 31 . L i i l Bob Lund. Wildlife Conservalion l l l 5 ii A 1 grew V '11 Q' A 1 ff 'srl ,ji-"ew A hz- , Gwen McLain Marcia Meager Marvin Miller French Home Economics Geology ai fro gp, 1 A I T. "' "'f" LF-if Dave Morris Donald Morrison Gayle Myhre Liberal Arls l-leallh and Physical English Educa+ion , 22 y lb r ww Glenna Nelson OH'o Neser Eclclle Noel Home Economics Sociology Pre Med 7 J0l'lf1 NOl'+l'IY Alfred Nybaclz Leslle Olson i Liberal AWS Liberal Aris l-lis+ory and PoIi+ical Science y l E , l ,- I X 'C ' 'dxf' ,gfjifi 'GW -uv Nolan Osher Gordon Pagenlropf Brad Parrish y Maihemaiics Chemisiry l-lisiory and Poliiical Science l M fc John Passmore Richard S. Paul Gary Pelo Zoology l-lislory Liberal Arls i l 4 l l Q' ,J -Tfj ,f L i we ,'V W 4 i .ff . M., 6 , if A tg fa nl fw- '-us im? Doroihy Pemberfon English Dina Riddle Speech I , wr-""'9Q" Dolphy Pohlman Jr. l-lisfory and Polilical Science -an ii' Larry Riley Polifical Science lei .Q-15" .rg grx R if val, Bonnie Jo Rance Ronald Quilling l-lislory and Polilical Sociology Science if ' James Roberfs Don Robinson Economics Pre-Law i - Q April Gray and Don Dozier discover +ha+ Jrhis Type ol sfudying may no+ be conducive 'ro higher educafion. bu+ i+ sure is Fun. he , ' ,Ali Mike Rollin Poliiical Science 5 ,gf . Ted Schoenborn Poliiical Science Pafsy Shea French ,- Tedie Rudis English ,-nf Derry Schulfz Q , Marion Scheeler Home Economics Age Tam Scriven Healih and Physical English Educaiion Ellen Sheire Psychology Darrell Sheneman l-lisiory and Poliiical Science Richard Silversfein Beverly Simpson Richard Smiih Polilical Science English Wildlife Technology . fm - 4, K , A 2 an-"L , X if 2 f J Bill S+aniger Liberal Arfs Sara Sieaclman Hal Sfearns James Sfegmiller Home Economics English Sociology """"4'lh, ichael J. Sfephen Charles Sfone Sandy Swank Roberi Sy1e'H' 'ildlife Technology Physical Sciences Speech Pafhology Anlhropology 6 wail mg- 4-up WY, NM" -ww! main 11' The grass is for walking on, no+ looking al. even fhough, as Jim Osel discovers, somefimes if is more difficulf Than olhers. rn- ii m""'1"" Ed Thompson Physical Therapy ,v""'lup 4? Janice Thrusfon Sociology George Kennefh Tkach P re - M ed mms-A Duane Torgerson Pre-Med in if Mavis Tremblay Social Welfare Peggy Town Speech Pafhology owing, I an Mike Troffer Physical Educalion John Wallin David Voigh+ Polilical Science Gregory Warner English Liberal Aris A .MQ '-di' Excilemenl' ran high al' graduarion ceremonies as +he senior class lisrened lo a slimularinq speech, which was followed by a srimularing speech, which was followed by a . . . Linda Wasley l-lome Economics Ron Weafherill Susan Welzel Wildlife Technology l-lome Economics Ed Whi'l'elaw Roberl' L. Willard Sandra Wilhee Polilical Science. Physical Therapy English Economics and Malhemalics 414, Sharon While l-leallh and Physical Educalion Q an Ei if '- ,,,. ,.Vi 5 Hal Woods Liberal Arls . . . lhen an amazing lransfiguralion occurs wilhin +he ranlcs of lhe caps and gowns as lhe diplomas begin 'ro be handed out '7 V V-life!! ff' 77 w J' F"-'Tr-"... """:::""':":-EE-.'E-z"-":.".E School of Business dministration Glenn R. Bar'l'l1 Assislanl Professor Donald J. Emblem Professor ,A-""" ,gf l PAUL B. BLU MGREN DEAN l ,nf K ff il?" Ei. Y WF' Viv' -'1 3 A i2.a,.,5s4n , Zigi?" A ffgf ,T 1 ' fx' T g..f?.,y1a-f I 'fix l 59 .f"YiT" twy,' v'f6?AA 41 5 J: A iff .,f .M .. N. ws ff , Kennelh W. Cubloage Assislanl Professor of-'ifrsff 3 xo X y Rx , .W J , s V 1 , gf .4 ,.... ' ,gag l Gene L. Erion Associale Professor ss.--,,gs-"' ins. Qui '55 3 i Roberf C. Haring Alberf T. Helbing Frederick A. Henningsen Mrs. Maxine C. Johnson Assisfanf Professor Professor Assisfanf Professor Research Associafe Q- in 41" 1' X 'QL' I J Kffiip Alvhild J. Marfinsofl George L. Mifchell Mrs, Margaref A, Swanson -Mfg, Brenda F, Wilgon Assisfanf Professor lnsfrucfor Assisfanf Professor Professor ' f 1? 'Eve '03 '-.Kr Vern Anderson Jerry Arfhur Jim Basolo Jim Barfell Business Business Adminisfrafion Accounfinq Business Adminisfrafion Y' 'su Bill Beecher Jack Besso Roberf Beffesworfh Gary Bouck Business Business Markefing Markefing Adminisfrafion r""" gain A 0 Richard Beaffy Business Admnmsfrafion .Q I g is , vvv- 'fa if ' 1' 4'x""Il' Paula Bowman Business Adminisfrafion 339 Michael Brown wsqs Lawrence Budden ny Business Business Adminis+ra+ion Adminis+ra+ion X 5 Q Q' 4 .all-im Marilyn Byrd if Rodney Carrier Business Adminisiraiion Business Adminisiralion Q , .4 is 2 ,p..p..-insult 'Ii-K' Mervin Chapman R. D. CoreHe Jr. Business Business Adminisrralion lea F' 'rd 'UY7 Phil Currie Business Adminisiralion Timorhy Driscoll Accounring ,,-yer Terry Dillon M a rkefi ng David Eacrei' Bus. Adminisfrarion mg 47's wwf: Roberi' Andrew Ellio'H' Bruce Ennis Arihur Erickson Business Aclminislraiion Business Adminisfraiion Business y Adminisiraiion Ronald Folfz Donald ox Gaylen Freeman i Accounhng Accounhng Business Adminisiraiion l s i ,riryy , f X A 'K . ig B B irrs if Q , X 5, Q s 1 fsfix Q GafY Gallahef Darlene Graham Marilyn Grande BUSWSSS Business Adminisiraiion Business Adminisfraiion 5:21325 . . .,,r M Mar+in Haines John Hauclc Hayden R. Howard Business Accounfing Business -V fs: "" Qi 'rf' s 1,1 .1 34 . Thomas Hines Business Aclrninislraiion , -fn William Huni' Business Tim Jerhoff James Johnson Kendall Kingon Business Business Adminislralion Business Adminishalion RGY l-imPl John Layne Jeff Lenci BUSIHGSS Business Aclminisiraiion Business Adminisiraiion Sandi Knudson Business Educafion QQWS Ji' ,f Sfephen Love Business .J 'lf "Q, ff 'N'-s.,L John Luse Business , Ei Jerry McArlhur Business Adrninislralion me i ll wh-' - - , df,-0 -Q1 f' - "vs gig X '. f - ,cf Dave Ma'Hi Accounfing Wi Q Zi 7 2 , gr Q' if Vu ' N 2 James L. Mehrens Managernenl B '. Nfl , id, ...,:.Z1.::. we ,Q ' .R Paul Miller Accounlinq 90' Doug Oien Business Adminislralion Judy Palch Business pl we--w Bill Moore Business Aclminislralion 4 .... 4, wx m i " R . ,ys - .MM B3 X F45 f V ,, . 5 ff Charles Pannage Business Adminislralion Waller Paulsen Business Pxdminislralion e v-era! j Q , f rv..-., Qi: Signs on a deserlecl downlown slreel sei lorlh 'the call lhal here is a business loolcinq lor your palronage. P M' 'Z Os, , A E J 'K ,fl 'MB' Mx 5.1 sl .Q xx My XXV Gerald Robbins Roberl' Roms+ad James Rowlan Jeff Serclar Business Business Aclminislralion Business Aclminisfrafion Business 1-fb' "Sl, -vs Ross Smifh Jeani Snorfland Janice Sfanclley Dave Sfegmeier Business Business Adminislralion Business Educalion Business Adminislrajrion Karen S+ense+h Business Q- Z Gary Towner John Turmell Business Adminisiralion Business Adminisiralion ,1 V, Helen Veeder Business Educa+ion 11" Ronald Werba Sferling Wefzsfeon Gary Woodgerd Ralph Wrighr Business Adrninis+ra+ion Business Adminisfrafion Business Managemen+ Marlcelinq rf I John Weis+ Business vim I T if I sk' Mrzrif' Gerald Zopfi Business Adminisiralion 343 Edmund K. Colby Assisfanf Professor l. Roberf E. Gorman Associafe Professor Irene D. Groom Assisfanf Professor -menu ,A -... N.. -, Aaron W. Harper Associafe Professor WH? f"'m.,.Qf.QM Roberi' H. Jay Kennefh V. Loffick Assisfanf Professor Professor P 'Ur , W Nw, . . "N, George H. Millis James J. R. Munro Associafe Professor Associafe Professor 344 chool of EducaHon H X32 s '-'fus Q M., E - P 1 . , . N 7 ' sf ' " WV 52. P ,QW -,Q E X sg.. W. .nl ww: 'K .MXL f ., f " W 'F' f , AW w s. gi. iid? N bl. g ,viz Y, ss.. P , s - Q A as Es- 2.1 . , Y, af N ' 1 If S . , W P New . A - ,. 1 X . X M Harlan C. Riese Assisfanf Professor F' Q.. Geneva T. Van Horne Assisfanf Professor K. g, 6 f Q4 fi, f fr rr, rf f .YS K. 5'-1... LINUS J. CARLETON DEAN Vernon O. Sleffen Professor Frank J. Wafson Associafe Professor f r f v f r 1 r 5 i 1 i f f rf f rf f N f ,N if r rf f I V f f w f .-A ""'S 'T' Hilar Anderberg Michael Baker Pauline Bourquin Sarah Jane Brighi' Elemenrary Educarion Elemeniary Educaiion Educaiion Educafion f"""70 Lorynn Brgggeman Educalrion 1c""" Ann Burke Joe Cociari Pafrick D- QOHWBY Elemeniary Educaiion Eclucafion EdUC5ilOf" 4,5 Alice Curdy Elemen+ary Educalion Viclxy Fonfenella Elemeniary Educafion ' 1 , '--0' ,,..--nv Wayne Day Educa+ion Karen Fowler Elemeniary Eclucaiion Florence Dyer Elemenia ry Eclucarion . 'E'-hr John Earheari' Eclucaiion sling? Jeffrey Edgmond Eclucaiion 1 i .divx it "9-which Sylvia Fox Kay Garber Al Giocomazzi Elemeniary Educaiion Elemeniary Educaiion Educafion I Q, s 5 '73 F .J -Nag Phil Hamilion Educafion Shelly Hodges Secondary Educarion '79 gf.. . p is A Cleone Hansen Elemeniary Educarion and Home Economics Jim Jacobsen Secondary Educaiion 'fi AAHAZ in rw- ' ? I Wx I Am 1 -Z 'I K X 'U' A I 1 I 'af-"Y Allan Jeslca Sharon La Bar Educaiion Elerneniary Educaiion 1 lim.. Merlee Lafond .riff f Lorraine Langbell Elemeniary Elemeniary Educafion Educaiion Miriam Larsen Kennefh Lawrence Elem9fiif3fY Secondary Educalion Educaiion A11 , w -.,-are-V 'I " I 1. Z' 1 .M af Q X V an V W 48355. ColleH'e Layion Elernenia ry Educaiion l N... 41? Les Li++Ie Educalion Educalion David Lesfe Educalion an y I Lee Loomis Educaiion X, WM mfw -NA -.-Q1 HM Pam Lowe Vivian Lizo'H'e Mike McGiboney Elemenfary Educalion Educalion Secondary Educaiion Q ii I' ""'i 5 , 'Q i is -M :lq -13 . 1 Joe Moody Roberi' Morgensfern Andy Munson Secondary Educarion Educarion Educarion -'Na 'Y i 'enelope Gordon Secondary zducarion "sv Gail Saferlie Educarlon ' as 4 Phyllis J.,Pe+erson Elemenra ry Educafion 4.1-IF" Larry Scovel Ed u carlo n .Cir -41' ,J Xa' Jon Shelfon Secondary Educarion . George Presfon John M. Reynold Educafion Educalion Toni Marie Sfefanich Elemenfary Educafion 'fl M A f lg i Gary Sheldon Educarion .5 , fps? ful- 4.L..LJ I l, I Elf' Judy Siclcels Lucia Sivalon Sonia Sioholm Linda Smi'l'h Elemenlary Educalion Elemenfary Educalion Elemenfary Educalion Elemenldfy Educarion we "' SSS fllb am, Richard Sfoll Margarei' Sfopplecamp Kuri' Weis Richard Whife Egcondory Elemen'rary Educa+ion Educarion and German Educafion ucalion 1.f.,,f 'U Par Yares Elemenrary Educarion 347 chool of Fine Arts Firman H. Brown, Jr. Chairman Asslsfanf Professor W fi ,ff XM, ,I a DEAN O I 3, I r- rn U1 i cn O r- rn Z JvZJv7uU Douglas H. Banlzson Associafe Professor Phofoz Bruce J. McGowan Richard H' James J' lns'rruc+or 1 -A4 , xaiggfi J. E 7 PN- yum, l H ig Ali f fr xr of 4 ' .gf ' Q. ,. Waller Hook Aden F. Arnold A. Rudy Aufio Maxine Blaclrmer Chairman Professor Assislanr Professor Insfrucror Professor -e N-f s , ll 9 ' ? Q61 X? ,f I 1 1 James E. Dew Associare Professor ill 1, l i 5 1 f wr A V NL444ff??+,f g M ,Je V4 1 A , James A. Leedy Lloyd Oakland Eugene Andrie Assisranr Professor Chairman . Professor Professor Carol D. Crifelli Gerald H. Do+y James A. Eversole Harold H. Herbig lns+ruc'ror Associale Professor Assisfanr Professor Insrrucror rg Q71 QQ WGN Muriel Jane Hevener J. George Hummel Donald O. Johns+on John L. Lesier lr1SlrUClOr Associa+e Professor Assisranf Professor Professor ii l ,Un Pi .gzawxswxiz I 5 x i 2 I fl' N' L rw .- A 1- g 4--- ' '22 s ' I 'Y r . , l ' ' i . 5 ' :" A . "df , L f A - f ,. ' ff 1 I yy ,..-, , Q, X , l l? ,, ,, . ,4 , V A U "X-17 'i f "". fy f I, 1 'i , A ' ""'k.......,, . Vub' W gf A nun- N ' 5 Q, is WZ 1 X H . if fy 'C' we f Z'fZ?f"'5 George D. Lewis William Manning ' f x Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor s Ann Avery Marlene Bachelder Charles Bryson ff N Music Music Music Educafion 'Q' 4' Joseph A. Mussulman Assisfanf Professor ,nun ,... . ., - 'f Wim., William H. Richards Assisfanf Professor Eugene Weigel Professor 350 Laurence B. Perry Insfrucfor Lufher A. Richman Professor Ui Rudolph Wendi' Professor "1-udw Z 9 My sf ,.,.. .1 ff K x S Dale Franlr Kenf Garlinghouse Music Music ve, ,,:q, , -V i . ""' ,, A ' ,,.. ' 9 Virginia Johnson Music Rodger L. Lefson Music Educafion f l Kafhryn Gleason l Music Educafion l l l l l l Lila Knudson Music l RECLINING NUDE: Taken by an MSU arf sfuclenf and somewhaf censored i in order fhaf we will be able fo sfay ouf of courf. l l 55 f 1 'Q Lli.,-A wx Jean Ferris English and Ari' Anne Ericlrson Music Wlgibgy. 'Q Al' ,ang- Edwarcl R. Hale Music Warren Good Music SUV ,L Q of Kafhlyn Larson M usic Educalion Boyce Fowler Music Educalion ,rm . was W1 fi 'iff' Dale Hallock Music Joanna Les'l'er M usic Educalion Harold C. Nicholls, Donna May Nichols Jr. Music Music CQ if aw-fi? Margie Fowler Applied Music Doug James M usic Educalion 'wif-Ay id -41"-Qu Pal' McClain Music Educalion Wayne Peierson Music Educalion Lorna Mikelson Music f'Qk Karen Upshaw Music Educalion I ' r I r' ., 'fi sf V, .,. Y- 4 Carol Nelson Music Educalion ,Anim QU' Mariih Willis Drama 351 I' 4 J! Q ' Q . - 9 4 ,1 "1 ,LZ 'I 1 Q "'f'hr all W Ages ' -95,3 s AH chool Forestr ARNOLD W. BOLLE DEAN GSOFQS Blake James L. Fauro+ Frederick L. Gerlach lnsfrucror Assisfanr Professor Assisfanr Professor 'N William K. Gibson Manfred Haiges lnslrrucfor lns'rruc'ror ,.-QNUWIUQ ' 1 13 fm- gi, r . 4? Q2 A f 1" A rr uf' X., Qfffl , ,. 5 uf " P "Ji ' f j,4.,?j1 I -' 2 I '1 , f eg 2 Q Kiwi P V7 1' 1 ff? x 1 I 4 -f' fix- ' ffl -f ' , -, ., ,.,, A . .f f' I ?.x,h,f,- , Q ,- f?w5i4,W. -rv' f fffkf , ' .Ji -qw M - I , , U John P. Krier Roberf W. Lange Lawrence C. Merriam Jr. Melvin S. Morris Professor Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor Professor D any ar.- .fgv-H,- Thomas J- Nimlos William R. Pierce Roberi' W. Sfeele Richard D. Taber ASS5S'fGI'1'f Professor Associafe Professor Assisfarf Professor Associafe Professor 1? .3 xv f so 4.4 AUW7? Ronald Amndon Thomas F Beebe Ronald Brnghi' William Templefon Brown Roberl Burgar Donn Cline Ward Forrer George Grancly Al" 5 1 " ""Q sl y we f Edward Hasfings Gene Klingler David Magee Gerald Magera .la 915 I Q. 'gzse Q 'fix ,di J, Q Q -url' Carl Neufelder Richard L. Nickel Lou Nilsen Eugene illorby A -:Rb Ronald Nordberg Roberi' Pearcy James C. Poling Barry Reed Richard Roberrs l jf? ,J ,ia 25 if nw Q Dean Rosera Clifford Smifh Marla Sfefson Richard Wamsher Dave Wiclrslrom 355 I O chool l in-1 p.'!.'f"i LQ if rl vim' .AF C J Journalism llIi"""""""' san..-A Hn-if I- -""'i"" 35- QI 311 -grim l Runga: -v-.Q wg.. sri lls.,:..lglli WL- v' 1 , l:z.::nz1'4.'.11v:-yrvfifif ' maui:-uYn ww an gf 'fr 'fl Q NATHAN B. BLU M BERG DEAN V l l l l B2 Edward B. Dugan Philip J. Hess Dorolhy M. Johnson William J. Mullendore Warren J. Brier Associale Professor Professor Assisfanl Professor Assislanl' Professor Assislanl Professor I K 1 Q 1 -if XZ 5 . ur 1 ' A N il. ,- ,. W ., 4 F i X A 2 . l l l 1 l l l l l f """"""' 9,11 'ff' ScoH' Black Gaul Kenlman Mary Leigh Radio and TV Journalnsm Journalusm na 'S six J Jo Anne Wagner Journalism Somehmes an Journalism a slighf problem may creafe a need for 'rhe wrufer +o have a dnscussnon wu'rh lhe prsnler In order +0 clarify such a dvscrepancy In much +he same manner 'lha+ we :ee John Frook doing here. ww fs ifiiwwm School of Phannacy I 'Y is ng .A Q f if 'Y Q I 7 4? 'b ' lhsif Gordon H. Bryan !f ROBERT L. VAN I-IORNE DEAN I W Donald H. Canham ' Professor Assisfanr Professor L Y W N P ' 'iiff Z Q ig 'J 4 "ff .,. .ff - "Pa K V5 I , ' .' 9' l , mt , Elk N Q 'mam V ,x 'als i A Q :nc , , ' r , P ,WWJ 1 ' sl ' ' Q . , Q' ' M H , W, th? '11 Z7 I. .Vw N N Frank A. PeH'ina1'o John L. Wailes N Assislrani' Professor Professor Y . " ' John Ambrose Roberl' Campbell Ron Eichler Ed Emmefl' H5 a 3, am? Ramone Eugene Havens John Monfegna George Torp James M. Troglia A row of beakers and a lipped measurer are lhe necessary ingredienls in 'rhe Pharmacy Lab for perl1aps.a new wonder drug, or, maybe, only flue same old explosion. .' as School Law ROBERT E. SU LLIVAN DEAN J N. w X Gardner Cromwell Associale Professor Edwin W. Briggs Larry M. Elison Professor Assislanl Professor W it, .-..--Q i"-2 mi 9 - 1 O 4 :U Z 4'- Rodney M. Houghfon David R. Mason Lesier R. Rusoff Alberi' W. Sfone ASSiS'f6r1+ PrOiGSSOr Dixon Professor Professor Professor ,qu-fe' Roberi' Anderson Richard Andriolo Jim Beck Gary Beiswanger Jack Besi- IQ? r '01 Roberi' Buherin Cai Chrisfian James Dubay Sfephen Fosfer Leo Ko'Has 361 adv" K. W. McCurdy 1- 1 'uv 1' 1 49949 Thomas Olson Barney Reagan ff 1 7' QC T' ' 9' 5 fa: A if , Q Michael G. McLa+cl1y Jim Oleson f .Q If". 'J ' , ni .OI gi A,,.dlqvQ Archie Parker Roy E. Philip Ed Sedivy Vicior Valgen+i L., E A spacious and well liqlwled library is one of lhe adornmenfs of 'flue new Law School. Graduates 'Wm Gordon Bacon Dan Bieri I-lis+ory Z' f Educafion 44" 'V In M emoriam To Frederic Paxton Rewgl Mr. Rewey drawned .in the Clarks Fork River while practicing for a river race Fred was majoring in Business Administration, and a member of Theta Chi social fraternity. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Rewey of Mil- waukee, Wzs. Patrons Page 'sh to thank thejpllowing peoplefor their generous contributions to th S t l The Music Center The Chimnq Corner First National Bank of Missoula Southsia'e National Bank Western Montana Buila'ing 599 Loan Missoula Building GJ? Loan Western National Bank Garden City Floral Montana Power Company Treasurer State Bowling Center WaldoMHorner Paper Company Buttrgr Foods Inc. Montana Stoekgrowers Association Helena Citizens Bank tj Montana Havre Reiber Plumbing ana' Heating Helena Anaconda Company Butte A AbboH, Frank C. 28 Adams, Harry F. 273,284,314 Adkins, Judy B. 187,197,314 Allen, James D. 118,314 Ammons, R. B. 314 Anderson, 1-lomer E. 170,176 Anderson, James Andrie, Eugene 349 Armsby, Lucille J. lMrs.1 Arnold, Aden F. 160,349 Afkinson, E. A. 314 Aulio, A. Rudy 349 B Ballard, William R. 314 Bankson, Douglas 1-1. 348 Barlh, Glenn R. 186,338 Bealy, Chesfer B. 311 Behan, Mark J. 314 Belsky, Seymour Bier, Jesse 315 Bingham, Ralph 315 Blackmer, Maxine 1Mrs.1 349 Blomgren, Paul B. 338 Blumberg, Nalhan B. 184,356 Boehmler, Richard M. 315 Bolen, Charles W. 348 Bolle, Arnold W. 352 Boner, Agnes V. 315 Borden, Morlon 312 Bowden, James 1-1. 315 Bre11', Kennelh 315 Brewer, Mabel M. 1Mrs.l Brier, Warren J. 356 Briggs, Edwin W. 360 Briscoe, Emma 1-1. lMrs.1 180,312 Brissey, Forresl L. 315 Brock, Roberl R. 315 Browder, Gordon 313 Browman, Ludvig G. 315 Brown, Firman 1-1., Jr. 191,266,348 Brown, James A. Brown, Walier L. 315 Brunson, Royal B. 315 Bryan, Gordon 1-1. 358 Burgess, Roberl' M. 311 Burgess, Thomas C. 315 C Campbell, Kafhleen Canham, Donald 1-1. 358 Carlefon, Linus J. 344 Carpen1er, Nan C. 315 Chamberlain, D. Gerfrude Chessin, Meyer 315 Chinske, Edward S. 139,280,281,315 Clow, Maurine 32,198 Clubb, Merrel D., Jr. Caqswell, Andrew C. 31 Colby, Edmund K. 344 Coonrod, Roberl W. 29,310,311 Craighead, John J. 31 Cri1e11i,Caro1 D. 181,349 Cromwell, Gardner 360 Cross, George W. 315 Crowder, Troy F. 29 Cubbage, Kennelh W. 338 Dahlberg, George P. 316 Davidson, 1-lugh 138,316 DeLand, Mary F. lMrs.1 Dew, James E. 349 Die'r1er'r, Reuben 310 Do1'y, Gerald 1-1. 349 Dugan, Edward B. 356 366 Facult Director duMas, Frank M. 316 Dundas, O. Judi'rh Dwyer, Roberlr J. 316 E Eklund, Carl M. Elison, Larry M. 360 Emblen, Donald J. 185,338 Emmerr, Merle W. 1Cap+.1 316 Ephron,Margueri1e lMrs.1 316 Erion, Gene L. 338 Elheridge, Fannie E. 316 Evans, ldris W. 316 Eversole, James A. 126,349 F Faurol, James L. 352 Fausl, Richard A. 316 Fiedler, Leslie A. 316 Fields, Rober1' W. 316 F1igh1ner, James A. 316 Fox, Donald C. lMaior1 193,291,316 Froeschner, Richard C. G Ganneli, Willard L. 1Cap1.1 286,316 Garrelr, Merle lMiss1 316 Gebharl, James W. Gerlach, Frederick L. 352 Gibbons, Gerard A. 317 Gibson, William K. 352 Gi1ber1, Vedder M. 317 Gold, Raymond L. Gomme, Andor 1-1. 317 Gordon, Clarence C. 317 Gorman, Roberl E. 32,344 Gorowara, Krishan K. 317 Graves, Lynn B. 317 Grifl, Mason 317 Grilfilhs, William J., Jr. 313 Groom, lrene W. 344 Gurhrie, Jack S. 317 H 1-labeck, James R. 317 1-1aiges,Manlred 352 1-lammen, Oscar J. 182,317 1-lansen, Axel E. 317 1-1ansen,Ber'r 317 1-laring, Rober1C. 180,339 1-larper, Aaron W. 344 1-larris, Phyllis M. lMrs.1 317 1-larvey, LeRoy 1-1. 317 1-layden, Richard J. 317 1-leinrich, Alberl' C. 317 1-lelbing, Alberl T. 339 1-leliker, George B. 318 1-lenningsen, Frederick A. 185,339 1-lerbig, Harold 1-1. 349 1-1er1ler, Charles F. 183,318 Hess, Philip J. 356 1-levener, Muriel Jane 349 1-1ewiH, Gloria C. lMrs.1 318 Hoffmann, Roberl S. 318 1-lonkala, Fred S. 311 1-1ook,Wa11er 160,349 1-lorlon, Sondra 318 1-1os1', John R. 1-loughlon, Rodney M. 361 1-lower, John, Jr. 318 1-loyer, Bill 1-1. 1-lummel, J. George 183,349 J Jakobson, Mark J. 318 James, Richard 1-1., Jr. 348 - - Jarka,1-1ors1 318 Jay, Roberf 1-1. 196,344 Jenkins, Ray 138,318 Jensen, 1-lenning 318 Jeppesen, C. Rulon 313 Jeppesen, Randolph 1-1. 318 Johnson, Dorolhy M. 356 Johnson, Maxine C. lMrs.1 339 Johnslon, Donald O. 349 Juday, Richard E. 318 K Karlin, Jules A. 318 Kebschull. 1-larvey G. 318 Kempner, Jack J. Kerslen, Fred 318 Kilcoyne, Marrin King, Waller N. 318 Kil1e11, Allan 1'-1. 319 Kluge, Nalalie lMrs.1 319 Krieger, Frederick W. Krier, John P. 353 L Lackman, David B. Lackschewilz, Gerrrud lMrs.1 319 Lange, Roberl W. 353 Lapiken, Peler P. 319 Larson, Carl L. 319 Lawry, John F. 319 Leedy, James A. 160,349 Leonard, James R. 319 Les'rer, John L. 349 Lewis, George D. 350 Lewis, Vaneila lMrs.1 319,189 Lohn, Sherman V. Lommasson, Emma B. lMrs.1 Lorenz, Mavis 320 Lory, Earl C. 320 Lolrick, Kennerh V. 344 Lyon, 1-larriell' M. lMrs.1 320 M MacDonald, Angus lCap+.1 189,291,320 McGinnis, Ralph Y. 313 McGuire, Jesse 320 McLeod, Donald B. 320 Maloul, Carling 1. 320 Manis, Merle E. 320 Manning, William 351 Marfell, Earl W. Mar1inson,A1vhild J. lMiss1 182,339 Marvin, Edwin' L. 312 Mason, David R. 361 Meadow, Barbara F. Merriam, Lawrence C., Jr. 353 Midge11,Ade1aine S. lMrs.l Miller, Arnold 320 Millis, George 1-1. 344 Mills, Douglas Mirchell, George L. 339 Modry, Sou1hard M. Moore, John E. 320 Morris, Melvin S. 353 Moucha, M. F. lL1. Col.1 291,312 Mullendore, William J. 184.356 Munro, James J. R. 344 Mussulman, Joseph A. 158,270,350 Myers, William M., Jr. 312 N Nakamura, Mi1suru J. 320 Nelson, Ri1a lMrs.1 Newburn, 1-1. K. 27.261 Nimlos, Thomas J. 353 Noble, Clyde E. 320 Nonnemacker, Palricia 320 s 1 1 I1 1 1 1 11 1 '1 E, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 V1 Nord, Ronald V. 162,165,320 O Oakland, Lloyd 349 Ormsbee, R. A. Ortisi, Domenico 320 Osterheld, R. K. 191,320 Owen, James 321 P Pantzer, Robert T. 28 Parker, Charles D. 31,321 Payne, Thomas 313 Pedersen, Altred L. lCapt.1 291,321 Pengelly, W. Leslie 321 Perry, Laurence B. 350 Peterson, John A. 321 Pettinato, Frank A. 181,358 Pteitter, E. W. 321 Philip, Cornelius B. Pierce, William R. 353 Powell, Ward H. 321 Preece, Sherman J., Jr. 321 R Rader, Beniamin G. 321 Reinhardt, Howard E. 321 Reynolds, Florence Rhinehart, Naseby 138,165,321 Richard, Jerome 321 Richards, William H. 350 Richman, Luther A. 350 Riese, Harlan C. 344 Roberts, Dexter M. 196 Rusott, Lester R. 361 S Salvin, Samuel B. A Aasheim, Glen Harlow 108,178,228.324 Abdul, Rahman Anwar Abell, Charles Russell Abraharnson, James Milton Abrams, Jean D. Achen, Lynda Louise Achutt, Peter Lewis Ackley, Blaine Carl 55,198,214 Adamowicz, Norman Charles Adams, Austin Lewis Sappentield, Bert R. 321 Schuster, Cynthia lMrs.1 321 Schwank, Walter C. 312.321 Schwenk, Milton, E. 139,277 Senger, Clyde M. 321 Shannon, Richard E. 322 Sheppard, Douglas C. Shoemaker, Theodore H. 322 Sidwell, Dorothy M. lMrs.1 Silverman, Arnold J. 322 Sinning, Wayne Sletten, Vernon O. 344 Smith, Leo Simth, Robert G. 322 Smith, Russell E. Snow, Vernon F. 182,322 Solberg, Richard A. 30,192,322 Sorenson, Thora 322 Speer, Lucile Taylor, Norman E. Thomas, Forrest D. 323 Turner, Robert T. 30,178,323 V Van de Wetering, John 182,323 Van Horne, Geneva T. 1Mrs.1 196,344 Van Horne, Robert L. 185,196,358 Van Meter, Wayne P. 323 Velde, Robert L. 1Lt.Co1.1 310 Vinocur, Jacob 323 W Wailes, John L. 358 Waldron, Ellis L. 323 Wallace, Robert F. 311 Watson, Frank J. 196,344 Wehrenberg, John P. 323 Weidman, Robert M. 323 Steele, Robert W. 353 Stein, Otto L. 322 Stetson, Frederick A. 322 Stewart, John M. 311 Stone, Albert W. 361 Stoodley, Agnes L. 322 Sullivan, Robert E. 360 Swanson, Harlan L. 322 Swanson, Margaret A. lMrs. Swearingen, T. G. Switt, John L. 322 T Taber, Richard D. 353 Tascher, Harold 322 Tatsuyama, Toshimi 30,322 Taylor, Dee C. 322 Taylor, John J. 322 Student Director Aldrich, Rodney William 71,l93,287,324 Aldrich, Tim 165,166 Aleksich, Louis Obren Jr. 236 Alters, Barbara Thompson Algot, Gary Jerome 71 Alisch, Russell Spencer Allan John Berestord Allen Darrell Linn Allen Dianna Marie 55 Allen Allen, Gerald Richmond Jennie Lee 37,207 1 339 Adams, Colleen 55,536,179 Adams, Elton Joe 23,55,179,214 Adams, K. Rolland Adams, Merle Ha -1 ,ri lr. 37,220 Adams, Reid Ereson Adams, Richard Weldon Adkins, James Oland Aemisegger, Rosalie Fern Agen, Jerry Lee Agha, Adil Mahboub Ahrendes. Mary Jane 37,288 Ailport, John 187 Akre, Roy Duane Albers, Albert, Albert, Peter Heinz 55,198,218 Mich si 'Boy Dennis L. Alden, John Michael Aldrich, David Frint Aldrich, David Leslie Aldrich, Grover Bennett Aldrich, Jean Ann 37 Aldrich, Jerry 37 Allen, Shirley Ann Allestad, Theodore Kermit Alley, Carol Jane 37,1 12,186,202 Alley, Kathryn Lou Allickson, Bonnie Jean Allison, David Blair Allison, John Paul 21 Allred, Neal Terry Alsaker, Thomas Arthur Alstad, John Arthur Alston, Dorothy Aleen Altonen, Jo Anne 37 Alzheimer, Sharon L. 55 Amadio, Paul Thomas 134 Ambrose, John Francis 214,359 Amick, Glenda Laverne Amidon, Ronald Edwin 218,354 Ammen, Penelope May Ammerman, William Gaythor Amundson, Normar H. Jr. 55,184,214 Amundsen, Robert Bruce Anderberg, Alice Verna Weigel, Eugene 350 Weisel, Wendt, George F. 323 Rudolph 350 Wheeler, Robert D. 323 Wilson, Wilson, Brenda F. lMrs.1 339 Vincent 323 Winston, Donald, 11 323 Winterowd, W. Ross 323 Witt, Daniel M. 323 Wren, Melvin C. Wright, Phillip L. 313 Y Yates, Leland M. 32 Zuck, Louie Anderberg, Clarence R. Anderberg, Hilary Lynne 345 Andersen Andersen Andersen , Charles F. Teddy Paul Vernon Leroy 116 Anderson, Arlee Joan 55,208 Anderson Bruce Robert 55 Anderson Darrell Wesley 71,108,110,228 Anderson David Stone Anderson Elizabeth lrene 204 Anderson Floyd Roger Anderson Gary Earl 154,155 Anderson Glenn Paul Anderson Gordon Douglas 37,225 Anderson Anderson Anderson Helen Muriel Herbert Keith lvan Leroy Anderson James Robert 220,324 Anderson, Jerome Paul Anderson, John Louis Anderson, Kenneth Nathan 71 Anderson, Kent Lyon Anderson, Larry Scott Anderson, Leo Demont Anderson, Leslie Byrd 37 Anderson, Lois Arlene Anderson, Margaret Louise 208,324 Anderson, Norman William Anderson, Patricia Carol Anderson, Paul Howard Anderson, Robert Lewis Anderson, Robert Glea 296,361 Anderson, Robert Lindsay 220 367 Wayne Ausiin Anderson, Robin Philip Anderson, Roberia Lee 7l,I98,206 Anderson, Russell Lee 324 Anderson, Tom 7l,297 Anderson, Vernon Lee 3,I87,339 Anderson, William Arihur Anderson, William George Andersson, Ingrid K. I47 Andrew, Roberi Morse Baker, Michael Clemeni 292,345 Baker, Richard Earl Baker, Roy Eugene Jr. Bakke, Kenneih Vinceni Balazic, Timoihy Wayne Baldwin, George William l9I Baldwin Kay Marie 72.l29,206,224,293 Baldwin, Roberi' Orville 292 Baldwin, Bedle, William Bliss 72,I88 Beebe, Thomas Frederick l88,354 Beecher, William John 220,339 Beed, Douglas Adair Beery, Susan Kay 38,200 Beiswanger, Gary L 36I Beley, Claude Joe Bell, Gordon Denison 72,2l4 Bell, Jack Roy 38,232 Andriolo, Richard Joseph 36I Annear, Harry Drake Anionich, James Joseph 37 Anionson, Curiis John Anzion, Shirley Jean 55,210 Appeli, Gloria Dawn 37 Archambeauli, Gerald T. l80 Arensmeyer, Alfred T. Arensmeyer, Thomas F. Arensmeyer, William Allin Argersinger, William John Armour, Thomas Guy 72 Armsirong, Jack Lynn Armsirong, John Lee 37,232 Arneson, Edward Leroy 37,I26,2l8 Arneson, Ronald Dale 72 Arneii, Malcolm Wilson Arney, James Douglas 72 Arnoi, Kaihleen Sue 37,200 Arnoi, Thomas Marion Aronen, John Gary 37 Aronen, Sharon Ann 55 Aroner, Pai 232 Arringion, Mac Wallace Arihur, Jerry Gilberi 339 Ariher, Nick Edward Aschenbrenner, Dennis D. Ashcraii, FrancesiJane I89,202,324 Ashley, Ausiin Allen Jr. Askevold, David Marius Askin, Kenneih William 72 Askins, Thomas James Aspevig, Twila Lois 37,200,288 Asselsiine, Breii Clarke I03,232 Aichley, Carol 37 Ball, Douglas Allen Ball, Sherry Norine Balliei, Judiih Ann Baney, Brenda Ann 38,2l0 Bangs, Collin Kenneih 93,94 Banks, Bennie Lee Banks, Judiih Kay Bankson, Douglas 266 Banning, Walker Jr. Banile, Joseph Clair 72 Barber, John Roberi Barber, Richard Emanuel Barber, Roberi Edward Barber, Terry Owen l06,I79 Barberie, John Roberi' I34 Bardon, Connie 38 Bareiia, Daniel James Barkley, Susan Leah 56 Barlow, Dean Allan Barnell, Elena Levine 72 Barnhill, Norris V. Barr, Richard Wendell 72,212 Barran, Linda Lou 56 Barreii, Elizabeih Posey l25 Barreii, F. William 56,l I0 Barron, Sieven Kirk Bariell, James Russell Jr. l34,236,339 Barileii, Carol Anne 288 Barileii, Helen Anne 208,324 Barileii, Theodore Spohr Barion, Ronald James I88 Baseheari, John Raymond 327 Basolo, James Dale 339 Basseii, Roberi' Moriimer Baichelder, Mary Kay 38,210 Bell, Lawrence Howard 232,324 Bell, Lorna Jean 38,2l0 Bell, Wayne Philip Bellamy, Linda Joyce 37,2I0 Beller, Gerald Evereii Bender, Ronald Duane Bendler, Leon 96 Benei, William 289 Beniamin, Jo Ann Barbara 56 Benjamin, Kenneih Bruce 38 Benneii, Eleanor Benneii, Ralph Parmenier BenneH', Roberi A. Benneiis, Barbara H. Benneiis, Charles Daniel Benson, Benson, Benson, Benson, Benson Benson Benson Charles William 324 Emery Elmer Joan Oldfield Lawrence Hughes I78 Nancy Ann Phillip Sianley 38,2l4 Ronald William l87,225 Beni, Elmer Dean Benion, John Garfield 56 Berard, Walier Roland Berg, Richard B. Berg, Roy Gordon 38 Aihearn, Roberi A. M. 297 Ailas, Vivian Alice Aiiardi, Siephen Peier Jr. Auer, Carol Mae Auer, Moniie Blaine Auren, Sharon Lucille I26 Ausrin, Emma Ann 55,I39 Avellone, Harvey Carlo Baies, Baies, Barbara Joyce Rodney Earl l98,225,324 Bauer, Jr. Blasius John Bauer, Richard Henry Baxier, Roberi Thomas Baxier, Bayne, Beach, Roberi William 56,214 Caiherine Anna 208 Karen Virginia l96.324 Ausiin, James Lyle Jr. 37,2I8 Ausiin, Richard Rene Averill, Virginia G. 72,204 Avery, Ann Delores 207,270,350 Avery, Charles Douglas Axley, Lynne Marie Axlund, Dianne Rosalee Azinger, Leo J. B Babcock, Jerry Sammons Bach, Jeanneiie Doroihy Bachelder, Marlene 350 Bachman, Joan Elizabeih 72,l82,205,249 Bacon, Gordon D. I96,363 Baeurle, Charles Andrew 72,232 Bagley. Sandra Rachelle Bahr, Charles Volney 55.236 Bailey, Corrine Jane 55,89,I I8 Bailey, John David 56,I20,l2I,220 Bean, Harry Earl 38,228 Beary, Donalee 56,IIO,206,293 Beasley, Beaion, Maureen Loy 72,l26,202 Lucille Lois Beaiiie, Keiih Vernon 38,240 Beaiiie, Kenneih Loren 38,240 Beaiiie, Linda M. I80,I89 Beaiiy, Richard Louis 339 Beaudeiie. Sianley George Beaulieu, Gary Earl Beaulieu, William Edward Beaumonr, Bamby Lou I97 Beaupre, Raymond Edgar Bechiold, Thomas Willie 56,225 Bain, Frank Leigh 37,220 Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker Baker, Blaine Lynnwood Dean Carier 56,l79,I84,228 Donna Roberia James Allen I23 James Barneii Beck, David Reynold Beck, James Richard 36I Beck, Leo Thomas l83 Beck, Mary Margarei 38,206 Beck, Ralph Allen Beck, Raymond Joe 324 Becker, Carol Marion Becker, Jeffrey Emil Becker, Michael Don 38.92.94 Becker, Philip Harpel Bedard, Michael James Bedford, Duncan Jr. 286 Bergerson, John 72.240 Bergland, Roberi Thomas Berglund, Donald Alf l8l.l85 Bergman, Edward Alberi Bergman, Jim M. Bergquisi, George Karlson 72 Bergsing, Arne Theodore 38,9-4,95,220 Bergum, Julena Lillian 72,293 Berka, James Willard 72,2I8,287 Berland, Barbara K. 56,2I0 Bernard, Leon Joseph 38,2l8 Bernhard, George Lawrence Berrerh, Jack Lyle Berry, Helen Lorraine 72 Berry, Kenneih Wayne 56,228 Berielson, Bari Lynn lO3,200,325 Beriino, Clarence David 72 Besso, Jack M. 236,339 Besr, Jacque Wayne 36I Besiram, Breni Sieven Beiiens, Bonnie Ann Beiiesworih, Roberi Scoii 232,339 Beiis, Russell Marion Beverly, Henry Haich Jr. Beyer, Lois Marlene 72 Bicha, 'Kenneih Joseph 277,279,292 Bick, William Eugene Bickell, Laurence Dean Bickell, Susan Merle 56,204 Bickerion, Ronald M. Bieber, Beverly Jean Biere, Larry Carl Bieri, Dan Richard l8I,363 Bieri, Mary Lou 86,1 l2.I79 Bigcrane, Louise Mary Bigham, Darwin 38 Bilile, Alice Faye 56 Bilile Ray George 72 Bilile, Roy Clarence I8I,I85 Billings, Barbara Louise 38 Billings, Forresi Lee Billmark, Gary Gunner 368 1 Binei, William Henry 38 Bingham, Gary Allen 72 Bingham, Keenan Dal Birch, Gary Reed Bishop, Louis Adrian Jr. Bissonnerie, Jacqueline L. 72,l84 Bissonneiie, Kaihleen C. Bilz, Nioma Jane 38 Bill l93 Bivin, Biork Jerry Merle 273 Black, James Andrew Black, Jim Allen Black, John Richard 38 Black, John Sco'r+ 2l2,357 Black Richard Lewis Black, Roscoe W. I69 Black Thomas Roy Blahnik, Bruce Alan Blain, Grace Ellen Blair, Leslie Boward, Marilyn Louise Bowden, James Henry Bowers, Jerry Charles Bowler, Bonnie Edeen 56,I03,204,224 Bowler, Prinier L. C. I l4,I l5,I78,l84,292 Bowman, Karen Louise l39,204,288 Bowman, Paula Jo 206,339 Bowman, Richard Douglas Boyce, Franklyn Murray 96 Boyce, Norman L. Jr. Boyd, Teddy Roy Boyer, John Edwards 92,94 Boyd, John Ronald 56,I79,2l4 Boyle, Thomas Edward Boyles, David Alan Bradbury, Ann Mederise 56 Bradford, William Leeds I96 Bradley, Elaine Kay 56,l06,208 Bradley, Judiih Ann 56,2l0 Bradshaw, John Allen Brown, Sandra Lynne 57,I79,204 Brown, Susan Penelope Brown, Wayne Clair l88 Brown, William James Jr. Brown, William Templelon 354 Brownlee, Margarei Joy Bruce. William Nalhaniel Brueck, Henry Glen Bruggeman, Bradley Philip 73,I98,232,292 Bruggeman, Lorynn Layne 345 Bruingron, John Douglas Brumbaugh, Richard Allen Bruner, Lavern Thomas Bruneil, Thomas Dean Brunken, Norman Ronald l26,I29,I83 Brunner, J. David I88 Bruns, John Ernesr Bryan, Belly Jo 39,2I0 Bryanr, Paul Wesley Bryant Randall Jay I88 Blake, Daniel R. lO8,ll0 Blakeslee, Valerie June Blanchard, Fred Blaze I85 Blank, Alvin Andrew 96,97 Blankenship, Pamela 38 Blaslic, Mary Mariha 38,208,288 Blauel, Russell Alberr Blazevich, Leslie Maihew 56,240 Bleihen, Roberl' Howard Bradshaw, Kielh Charles Bradi, William Crisper l70,I88 Brady, Deeanna M. Brady, Michael Alberl' Bragg, Parricia Pump l82,I85 Bragg, Roberi Beniamin I85 Braley, Helen Cloy 56,l09,l l0,I I2,l79 Braley, James Joseph 39,2l8 Brandoii, Todd Alan I93 Bryani, Ray Andrew Bryngelson, James David I06,236,28I,325 Bryson, Charles Wayne l58,l83,270,350 Bubniak, Thomas Louis Buchanan, Wayne Graham Buchanan, William James R. Bucharl, Boniia I26 Buck, Clifford Melvin 57 Buck, Gene David l56,I9I,266 Blevins, Joseph Arrhur Blixf, Daphne Pairicia 56 Blomgren, Paul Brown Jr. 38,236 Blomgren, William Russell Bloom, Gary James 38 Boag, Larry Lee I20,l57,I9I Bocksnick, Gary Lee Bodeen, Gerirude Joy Bodie, Waller Louis Boeholi, Gary Allen Boellcher, Carla Beih 39,206, Boelicher, William C. I42 Boeiiner, Janei May Bohn, Doroihy Reeia Bolender, Jack Allen Branslelier, Linda Kay 39,l26,202 Branum, Paul William Braiion, Loralea 56,lI0,204 Braun, Dennis Ludwig Brauw, Claii Evan Braun, Philip Chrisiian Brazill, Jack Roberi Brelie, Moneen Moneire 73 Brennan, Pairicia M. 73 Breslin, Charles Arihur Brelr, Carol Joanne Brerz, James Joseph Brew, Roxanne Marie Brewer, Margarer Ross 39 Bricks, Gene Marvin Buck, Thomas Richard Buckingham, Bruce Archie Buckingham, Douglas Alan Buckland, Adrian Lee 92,94 Buckley, Mike Gordon l7l,I76,232,325 Budden, Lawrence Lee 340 Bue, Margarer I. 2I,39,204,288 Bueniemeier, Ronald Henry 98 Buergi, Susan Elizabeih Buescher, Karen Dale 57 Buhler, Larry Howard Buhler, William H. Buirge. Barbara Toni Buldhaupi, Jean Ann Buls, Charles Kirk 292 Bolic, Diane PauleH'e 39 Bolin, Twila Kaihleen Bollinger, Jack Fredric Bollinger, Rick Leonard 39,228 Boiron, Paul Joseph Bollon, Roberi' Harry Bomparl, James Lewis Bonavisf, Anihony Joseph 56 Bonebrighi, Sharon Lee Bonner, Jerry Ray I8l,l85 Boorman, Barbara Rae I78,206,224,325 Boorman, Beverly Mae 72,206 Border, Alberl James Briden, James Donald Brien, Palricia Jean Brighi, Ronald Wray l88,354 Brighi, Sarah Jane 345 Brill, Thomas Barlon Brinkman, Paula Diane 56,2l0 Brinley Bri+'ron , Mary Kalhleen 39 , Maureena Rae Broers, John Andrew Brooke, Charles Palrick Brooke, Joseph Gerald Brooks, Phyllis Marian 57,l08.l89,204 Brophy, Roberr F. Bulimann, Charles Henry 57,134 Bumgarner, Palricia Anne Bunn, Roberi Edward Burden, Gary Allen Bureson, Richard Wayne Burgan, Roberl' Edward 354 Burger, Frances Marie Burgess, James Daryl 57,228 Burgess, Merle Olive Burkari, Vicky Lynn 57,I04,l 10,200 Burke, Anne Noreene II2,202 Burke, William lgnaiius 345 Burker, John Oiio l08,I82,229,325 Border, Donald Wayne Bordner, David Daniel Borg, Vicror Anrhony Boring, William T. Borsheim, Roger Michael Bosse, Roger Harding 287 Bosion, Melvin E. Bolhwell, Raelee 204.253,256,288,29O Bouchee, William Lewis I34 Bouck, Gary Dean 339 Bouma, Peier Harold I96 Bounous, Gary Carleion Bourassa, Marrhan Marius Bourke, Sharon Lynn 73,200 Bourne, Daniel Claylon Bourquin, Janice Rowena 9I Bourquin, Pauline Beily I82,345 Bourrei, William Leon 232,325 Bouse, Earl Frederick Jr. I98,220.325 Bousliman, George Louis Bovingdon, Margarer 264,265 Brose, Dwighl Marion Broslen, Arne 57 Brower, Floyd Aaron Browman, David Dudvig I00,l03,l08,I09 Brown, Alan Douglas 73 Brown, Beverly Susan 73,202 Brown, Clark, Roger Brown, Donald Eugene 92,94 Brown, Douglas Owen 273,275,284 Brown, Everell Ward Brown, Gary Allen Brown, George Douglas Brown, Kalhleen Helen 39 Brown, Leland Merlon Brown, Marilyn Jean 57,208 Brown, Mark 264 Brown, Michael Ray l8O,l85,340 Brown, Raymond William Jr. Brown, Richard Alan Brown, Roberl William l88 Brown, Ronald Lee Burkhard, Birgii Marianne 57,I06,l09,I79,204 Burneil, Judy Kay 57,204 Burns, James Hall 39,232 Burns, Susanne Marie 57,86,l79,2IO Buros, Helen Jeanne I86 Burr, Dennis Marvin Busch, Joann Elizabelh Buskel, Edward Alfred Bussinger, Ronald Paul 73 Bufchari, Boniia Marie Burorac, James Joseph Buiirey, John Orio Bufzerin, Roberf Roy 36l Buzzard, Yvonne Alice Buzzell, George Leroy Byers, David Frederick IO9 Byingion, Barbara Q. Byrd, Marilyn Rulh 340 Byrne, Pairick Anihony Y. 326 369 C Caciari, Donna Nordeen Caciari, Joseph Carmello Casieel, Roberf Lee Cafe, James Clifford Caflin, Michael Phillip 39,236 Clawson, Eugene Herman Jr. 40,233 Clawson, Roberf T. Jr. 57,I26,I58 Clay, Kennefh Sfuarf Jr. 57 Cadieux, William Louis Cadwell, Sue Ann 326 Cady, James H. Cahill, William Pairick Cain, Carl Harvey l09 Cain, Clemence M. Cafrow, Carolyn Elizabefh Cafferlin, Roger Theodore Cavender, Kay Marlene Chaffey, Douglas Camp l82,298,326 Chaffin, Beverly Alvina Chandler, Charles Fay Clearman, M. Rebecca H. Cleaver, Jerry Arnold Clendinning, Berfha E. 57,86.I09,I I0 I79 202 Clifford, Gayne Alan 40,236 Climie, Roberf Charles Cline, Donn Elfon 354 Cain, Helen Louise 20,l78,204,326 Calder, Fred Vicfor I34,292 Calder, Michael William 57 Caldwell, Roberf Olshen Callum, David R. Calnan, Mary Joyce 57,200 Calvin, Gwendolyn 23,206,270 Cambridge, Roberf Louis Cambridge, Warren Duane Cameron, Barbara Jo 57 Cameron, Carol Jean Camp, Joyce Faye Campbell, Ann Elaine 39 Chandler, Karla Rae I97 Chandler, Vernon David Jr. Chandler, William Henry Channel, Carl Douglas Chapman, Barbara Chapman, Fred Johnn Chapman, Jeremy Chapman, Mervin Arfhur 340 Chappe, Anne Brobeck 57,206 Charfers, Hazel Agnes Chase, Alfred Lee 98,188 Chase, Ronald Buell Chase, Shirley Jean Chasfain, Jack Gray 39,226 Cloke, Sharon Lynn 40,l I0 Cloninger, David Russell 287,289 Close, Mary Cafherine Close, William Edward Clough, Charles Aaron Cluzen, Roberf Carl Cobb, Joyce Virginia Cociari, Joe 345 Coday, Linda Joy 40,86,l04,204 Coder, Harold William Jr. Codman, Sheridan Winfield Cody, Kafhy 266,267 Coffman, Raymon Curiis Coffman, Roberf Karl Campbell, Gary Rodney Campbell, lnga L. Campbell 267 Campbell, Maureen Ann 73,200 Campbell, Pafrick Merrill Campbell, Pafrick Michael Campbell, Richard Alan Campbell, Roberf James l8I,l85,359 Campbell, Roger Russell Canby, Richard Boyd Cannon, Carolyn Virginia I78,206,224,326 , Joan Marie l54.I55,l9l,264,266, Cannon, Rudy Lawrence Cannon, Susan Porfer 57,206 Canfamessa, Jon Frederick 39,225 Canfou, Pierre Michel Cape, Duane Herberf Capron, Frank Oscar Carabas, Thomas James I I8 Card, Phillip Wesley Cardon, William Ross Carl, Fred G. Carleffa, Ross Anfhony Jr. Carls, John Mario Carlson, Carl David Carlson Carlson, Clinfon Earl I70 Carlson, David Lynn Carlson, Donald Melvin Carlson, Gary Marvin Carlson, Lee Fred Carlson, Roberf Andrew Carlson, Russell Carlysle Tony Clifford Cheefham, Chrisfine Ann 73,I24,202 Chell, William Lloyd Cherner, Roberf lra Cherweck, Eddy Oresf Chesbro, Charles Allen Chinske, John Ernesf Chisholm, Norma Jean Chisholm, Roberf A. Chisholm, Roderick A. 39 Chiffim, Bonnie 39 Choafe, Darrel Lee 57,l79,l98,229 Choafe, Thomas Scribner Chor, John Michael I69 Chrisinger, Kennefh Lee Chrisfensen, Gail Marie 57 Chrisfensen, James Gordon Chrisfensen, Rebecca Jo Chrisfenson, Charles O. Jr. Chrisfian. Calvin Thomas I88,36l Chrisfian, Carol Virginia Chrisfian, Paul Thomas Chrisfiansen, Florence A. Chrisfiansen, Thomas M. Chrisfopherson, Gerald G. Chrisfo herson Larr Lee l26,I29,l83 P I Y Chrisfopherson, Lynn L. 326 Chrisfou, James Gus Chu, Francis Chai Wai I8I,l85 Chumrau, Charles Thomas 39,220 Chumrau, Mike 39,2l5 Chumrau, William Paul 73,2I5 Ciano, John Frank Clapper, Alice May 39,I86,204 Cohen, Sfanley Bruce Cohenour, John Thomas Jr. Colberg, Richard Alan Cole, Cecelia Louella Cole, Diana Jo Cole, George Arfhur I03,I79,2I5 Cole, George Paul 57 Cole, James Barclay Cole, Merle Howard 26l,286,289 Collins, John Richard Jr. Collins, Leon Dale Collins, Linda Darlene l85 Collins, Mary Lou 73,l I0,l84,208 Collinson, Gordon Alvin 40 Collogan, Joseph Walfer Colson, Sylvia Wenden 325 Comer, Jennie Mae 57,I97 Comis, Paige 57 Commers, Donald Leroy 40 Comporesi, John Joseph I83,l92.237 326 Conaway, Julia Margaref I26 Conklin, Julianne D. Conner, Janis Euree Conner, Michael Aaron Conner, Samuel Binger Connick, Karen Bea Connor, John Pefer Jr. 73 Connors, Dennis Michael Connors, James Pafrick Connors, Joseph Francis 226,292 Connors, Pafrick Joseph I69 Conrad, Ralph Marlin Conrady, Douglas Lew Carman, Rag 39 Carmichael, Glenn Alan Jr. Carney, William Pafrick Carpenfer, Jimmy Granf 39 Carpenfer, Judifh Ann Carpenfer, Mary J. Carpenfer, Michael Clark Carpenfer, Ronald Groff I88 Carpifa, David Delmore 39,2l5 Carr, Frances Jean 39 Carrier, Rodney Jerome I80,l85,l98,226,340 Carroll, Sally Lynn Carrufhers, Peggy E. M. Carsfens, Chrisfy M. Carfer, Roberf Leon 73,240 Carfer, Wayne 73 Carfer, William Carroll 39 Carfy, Sylvia Wigen Carver, Gary Lee Carver, J. Barfon Casebeer, Mary Anne Casfeel. Gary Frances 370 Clark, Clark Clark: Clark Barbara Ellen Bernard Oliver Darrell Leroy 286 Eugene John Clark Gilberf Jamieson Clark Harlen Darrel Clark James Herberf Clark James Leslie Clark, Linda Lee 39,l26,2l0,28B Clark, Marjorie May I94 Clark Michael Clark Myrna Jean 40,9I,ll2 Clark Pafricia Maureen 40, I 04, I 39,I40,204, 24I Clark, Pefer NMI I94 Clark, Roberf Barsiow Clark, Roberf Harrison 73,94 Clark, Roger Brian Clark, Thomas Roger l58 Clarke, William Howard 40,233,289 Clausen, Karen Jean 40,200 Clausen, William Conrad 40 Conrady, Sfeven Richard Consfans, Henry Philip Conver, Timofhy Earl IO8 Conway, Pafrick Dale 345 Conwell, Margaref Sharon 73,206 Cook, Basn James Cook, Gene Edward Cook, John Loy 73,I80,286,289,29O Cook, John Wesley 298 Cook, Richard James Cooke, William Louis 40,2I5 Coolidge, Karen Sandra 57,l26,l29 Coon, Lionel David 40 Coon, Norman Marland I88 Cooney, Walfer P. ll Cooper, David Lawrence 73 Cope, Theodore Vivion 40,l9I Cooper, Judifh Carolyn 326 Coppedge, Gerry Michael Cordwell, Ann Kifson Coreffe, Diane 57,I97 Coreffe, Hol'r 58,220 Dinning, Roberf Sherman 74,2l5 Coreffe, Roberf D. Jr. 340 Coreffe, Susan Corkish, Gary Lee Cormack, George William Cornell, Del Ray Cornell, Fred Rogers 40,l26 Corr, Eilene Clair 40,l25 Correia, Raymond Dean Cosgriffe, Richard Harry l9l Cosman, Raymond James 237 Cosfello, James Budworfh 58 Cofrell, Sharon Anne Coffer, James Fredrick Couch, Ronald Clarence 326 Counihan, John Alfred Counfryman, Elizabefh L. Courfrighf, Nancy Marie 73.206 Cox, Diane E. 58,200 Cox, Judy Cox, Roberf Dennis Coyle, Danny Nicholas Coyle, Jerome Pafrick Crabbe, Don Angus Crago. Nancy Lee Craig, Dennis Lynn I58,I83,l9I Craig, Loreen Esfelle l58 Cramer, Barfha Kafhryn 73.208 Cramer. Terry Roy Crane, James Darwin I79 Craver, Gary Allan Crawford, Clifford Dean Creekmore, F. Larry Creer, Donna Kindrick Crego. Nancy 88 Crichfield, Jerelyn 58 Crichfon, James Wiley Cripe, Larry Ford 58,22l Crippen, Roberf Lloyd 58,l34,22l Croci, Thomas Dennis I83,277 Crocker, Joseph Whifney 40 Crockeff, Roberf Free Crofoof, Sheila Mae Croghan, Anna Maria Croghan, Gerald Leroy Cronin, James Pafrick 28I Croon, Gale Walfer Croonenberghs, Sandra J. Cropper, Sfeven Louis Crosby, Sandra Glennine 73 Crosley, Donald Edward Crouch, John Russell Jr. 40.I26,2I8 Crouse. Jr. Charles Colin Crowder, Befsy Rice Crowder, Lillian Devaney Crowley, Johanna Pafricia Crump, Jaye Irene Crump, J. Clifford 58.I l0,233 Culberfson, Arfhur Paul Culberfson, Denny Durfee Culberfson, Gary David Cumiskey, James Michael Cummins, Gary Trisfram 73,96,97 Cummins, William Charles Cunning, Charles John Cunningham, Ellen Moore 73,l58 Cunningham, Gerald G. 22l Cunningham, Keifh C. Cunningham, William Penn I69 Cunningfon, Dennis Neil Cushing, Henry 73,237 Curdy, Alice Jenneff 345 Curran, Kafhleen 58.l06.208 Curran, Mary Ellen 208 Currie, Philip L. 237,340 Curry, Richard Condran Jr. Curfis, Vicki I94 Cushman, Marylou 73,ll8,I84,2IO Cusker. Bobby 269 Cusker, Bruce Wallace Cyr, Barbara Alice Cyr, Pafricia Jean Cyrus, James Michael 277 D Dahl, Donalda Jean Dahlberg, Jon Andrew Dahlin, John Roberf Jr. Daigen, Carol Ann Dalby. Sfephen Howard 327 Dale, Carol Jean 20I,327 Dale, Enes Warren Daley, Thomas Walfer 289 Daly, Sondra Lee 73,l l2,200 Dana, Mary Jean 40,208 Dennisfon, Sharon Lee 40 Depner, David Gene Derby, Walfer Charles Dermoff, Conway Anderson Deschamps, Charles S. I88 Deschamps, Julieffe Roman 74,208 Deschamps, Roberf Louis 4l,229 Deschamps, Romie Joe Desroches, Karen E. 4l Desrosier, Dennis Gary Deferf, Roger Raymond 74 Deffmann, Alan William 286,289,290,327 Devoe, Jean Mae Rose Devries, Glynn Allen 273 Dewif, Kyla Rae Dexfer, Roberf C. Danald, Rufh Mae Danichek, Frank Daniels, Jerrold Barker Daniels, Roberf Charles Daniels, Roberf Earl Danskin, George A. 74 Darby, Danielle Kay 24,74,200,252 Dasenbrock, Mary Ellen l26 Dafsopoulos, Milfon Davenporf, Raneid May Davidson, Linda Lee 88,89 Davidson, Olive Anneffe Davidson, Richard Edwin Davies, John Morgan Davies, Marie Elaine 74,327 Deyoung, John Wesly Dezorf, Bruce Marshall Dhawan, Saf Parkash Dickman, Mary Ellen 4l,l89 Dickson, Sandra Lynn Diefrich. Joseph K. Dighfman, Mariorie L. 74,9I,l04 Dignan, Thomas Joseph Dill, Richard Lee 286 Dill, Roberl' Lowell Dilley, Raymond George Dillon, David Lee Dillon, Maria Cecile Dillon, Terry Gilberf I32,l34,l44,2l5,340 Davis Barry Philip 221,299,327 Davis Delores Deanna l96 Davis Earl Sidney Davis Gerald J. Davis Judy Lee Davis Jean Marie l80,I89,206 Davis June Marie 58,86,88.89,I5l Davis Kafherine Frances 58 Davis, Davis Davis Davis Leonard Spencer 40,22l Mary Marfha 74,l98,2l0 Sherron Elizabefh I39 Thomas C. Davison, Lawrence T. Day, Roberf Alan 40 Day, Wayne Roland 345 Dean, Judy Lea Dean, Marcyes Grace l96,204,327 Dean, William Edward Dearsfyne, Paul Debolock, Kafhleen Mary 40 Debourg, G. Roger l57 Debruyn, Noel Howard Deck, Earl Duane Decker, Cynfhia Sue Decker, Gary Lee Decock, Mary Jean 40 Deeds, Jack Lee Deevy, Carolyn Alice 327 Deevy, David Alan Degenharf, Daniel N M N Degroof, Richard James Deida, John Wafson 94 Delisle, Gerard Wesfley ,l79,206 Dion, Marcia Shaw, 58,I I0,I79,208 Dishman, Charles Michael 277 Divis. Wayne George Dix, Cheryl Ann 4I,200 Dobrowski, Francis Jude I85 Dodd, Judifh Ann 4l,202 Dodge, Donald Allen Dodge, Mary Lu 4l Dodson, Pafrick Andrew l33,I34,I 260,327 Domagala, Jerry E. 4I,22I Dombrowski, Richard S. 2l5,327 Dominick, Raymond Malcolm Donahue, Terry Joe Doney, Roger Lane Donley, James Michael 74,229 Donner, Nancy Hina Thea Donnes, Mary Jo 327 Donovan, Richard Pafrick Donfigny, David Rolfe Doonnbos, Vern A. 4I Dorn, Charles Sfuarf Dorn, William Elden 229,327 Dorsch, Darrel Dean Doffer, Jeannine Lynn Doffer, Walfer Roscoe Dofy, Philip Charles 74,l26,l29 Dougan, Terry Michele l33,l39 Douglas, Garry Leonard Douglas, Melvin Leroy Douglas, William Augusf Doull, Jack Arfhur Downey, Ella Vernon 38,I97,2 Delude, Neal Sfewarf 354 Demaree, Gary Fred Demille, Gary Lynn 40 Demko, Consfance lris 58 Demmons, Thomas Turner Dempsey. John Joseph 4O,94,95.226 Denecke, Richard Selden I88 Denegar, Kennefh Wayne Denison, Douglas Roberf Denison, Hal John 58 Denison, Maislein Bruce I65,I66 Dennis. George Wayne I34 Dennis, Marshall William I9,74,lO3 Dennison, George Marshel Downey, Thomas Roberf Dreskell, Wally I87 Doyle, John Howard Dozier, Daniel Presfon 93,94,333 Dozois, Charles Frederick 58 Dramer, Pefer Maffhew 94 Driggs, Donald Raymond Driscoll, Frances Riley Driscoll, Timofhy Thomas 340 Driver, Frances Caroline 90 Drusf, Conrad Joseph 74 Dubay, James Roberf 36I Dudas, Louis 74,240 Duff, Ronald George I26 371 Dugdale, Bradley Edward Duklelh, Karen Irene 4l,206 Duklelh, Marcia Jeane Dullenly, James Kennelh 96,l l5,I84,I96 Dullenly, June Linda 9l,l96,l97 Dulmage, Harlan Duwaynne I89 Dumay, Charles Anlhony 277 Dumay, Thomas Edward l83,277 Duncan, Maynard Websler Duncan, Richard Boles Dunham, Charles F III Dunham, Roberl Dayle 4l,l69,2l5 Dunham, Roberl John I69 Dunkley, Glen Ronald I94 Dunmire, Kalhleen Anne Dunn, Dennis Allan Dunn, Ray Joe Duzois, Charles 237 Dunn, Palrick James Dunn, Richard Olis Dunn, Roberl Ernesl Dunnell, John Gill Dunlon, Lee Richard Dunwell, Don Francis 327 Durand, Leroy T. Durham, Michael Joe Eley. Carole Irene 58,2l0 Eliason, Warren Scoll 292 Eliasson, Russell Leigh Elison, William Willord Ellen, James David 4I,2l2 Ellinghouse. Mary Diane 4I,204 Ellinglon, Wayne Alan Ellioll, Carl Irving Ellioll, Roberl James 74,94,I8O,2I8.34O Ellis, Donald John 4I Ellis, Richard Ivan Ellison, William John l34,2l5,327 Elmore, Hugh Evan I85 Elms, James Richard Elser, Arnold Dean Ellon, Pal Ann Ely, Joseph Connolly Jr. 58,IO8,229 Emerson, Michael Ross Emery, Sharon Diane 2I0,264 Emison, William Berl Emmell, Arlhur Edward I8I,l85,24l,359 Empereur, Larry John Engel, Lawrence Irvine England, Eslher Louise 4I,I26 Engle, Ronald Gene I56,I9l,266 Engler, Carol Lee 4I Fallon, James Milchel lO7,I23.I56, 237,266,267,328 Farley, Leland Wayne Farley, Susan Anne 4l,208,288 Farlin, Wade Clive Farnum, Duslin Duane Farnum, Jane Lavon 204,328 Farnum, Sandra Lee Farringlon, Maurice Chas. Farringlon, Thomas Louis Farver, Howard Marlin Fasching, Dale Alberl Fasching, Linda I26,I29,I58 Frilsch, Linda Mae Fasl, Donald Lee 42,94,95,2I5 Faulslich, Jean Eleanor 328 Fauss, David Lloyd I88 Fearing, Ray Earle Jr. Fechner, Janice Marie Fedson, Mary Adele Felker, Kalherine Louise 74,206 Fellon, Richard Ralph Fenler, Sleve Lloyd 292 Ferguson, Clyde Alloerl B. Ferguson, Frank W. Jr. l87,I88 Ferguson, Nancy Ann 58 Durnlord, Richard H. Jr. Dusek, Carolyn Rose 4l,I06,202 Dusseaull, Jean Paul Duslerholl, Palricia Fry Dull, Karen Lee 204,327 Duvall, Gary Alan Dvoracek, Deane Anlhony Dwelle, Helen Marie I80 Dwighl, Paul Thomas Dwighl, Philip Marlin 273 Dwyer, Mary Louise Dwyer, Ronald John Dyer, Florence Helen 345 Dylrl, Glen Warren I96 E Eacrel, David Theodore Eamon, Douglas Bruce Earharl, John Calvin Jr. 345 Earling, Ronald Ed Easlon, Richard Roberl 58,229 Ealon, Alden Way Ealon, John Sim Eiselein, Jane I86 Eaves, Slephen Douglas 289 Ebeling, Sharon Joanne Eccleslon, Darryl Irvin Eck, David Lowell Eck, Dennis Keilh Eck, Dianne Cheryll 4I,288 Eddinglon, James Rodney Edgars, Gordon Peler I8O,237,292,34O Engler, William R. 58,22I,273 English, William Millon Engren, Charles Lee 58,233 Ennis, Anne Louise 4I,204 Ennis, Bruce Lesler I78,I98,233,340 Enrico, Eugene Joseph 4l,l26,l29,22l Ensign, Linda Lee 4l,I26,l28 Ensign, William Warren Eplin, David Neil Erickson Anne Marie 20,l48,I58,208,270,35I Erickson, Arlhur Orville 340 Erickson, Carolyn Ann Erickson David Roberl Erickson Erickson Erickson Erickson James Sheridan 74,l l0,233 Leil Barlon Raymond James Roberl Newman Erler, Paul J. Jr. Erny, Roberl Melvin Erskine, Waller Hunler Erusha, Angeline Louise Esles, Margarel E. I8O,l89 Elchepare, Angela 4I .208 Elhridge, Fannie I8O Eudaily, Gary Elberl 277 Euslance, Judy Ellen 74 Eva, Roberl William I9l Evans, Dale Franklin 292 Evans, Jack Babe Evans, Roberl Emlyn I82,299,328 Evans, Ronald Gary 74,237 Evans, William Richard 74,22l Ferguson, Richard William I57 Ferkovich, Malhew Mark 74,l8l,l85 Ferree, Charlolle Belle l9l Ferrell, Joe Edward Ferrier, Douglas Mack Ferris, Jean Kay lI8,206,300,35l Ferriler, Daniel John Ferrlan, Helen Irene I39 Ferry, Gardner Wallon 58,l88 Ferron, Donald Raymond Fellkelher, Richard David Fiala, Gayle Virdell Fiedler, Eric Ellery Fiedler, Mike 266,267 Field, Robin Allred Filby, John Carrel Jr. l80 Finholm, Karl Hunl 74 Finkenhagen, William Lee 74 Finlay, John Brooks Finlayson, James McGuire 58,22I Finley, John L. Finley, Margarel Eslher Finney, Wayne Howard I23 Fischer, Allen Joseph Fischer, Llewellyn M. Fish, Bryce Lewis 98 Fish, John Tilus 42,289 Fishburn, Rosemarie Fisher, Alan Joseph 75 Fisher, Dave W. Fisher, Jacqueline Deanne 328 Fisher, Judy Ann l58,270 Edge, Pele Kazuhiko Edgmond, Jellrey M. 345 Edgmond, Palricia Leah 74,202 Edwards Elaine Hope Edwards John Thomas 4l,237 Edwards Kay Irene l84 Edwards, Ronald George 74,240 Een, Larry Michael Egge, Karl Alberl Eggen, Gerald Carl Eichler, Ronald Elmer 359 Eigeman, Douglas Frank Eiselein, Eddie Bill Eiselein, Jonalhan Earl 58,233 Ekegren, Ernesl Peler Eveland, Nicole Farrar Evenskaas, Jean Marie 58,I09.204 Evenson, Jay Wallace 4I,I26,2I8 Evenson, Keilh Leroy Everell, Paulelle M. 4I,206 Margarel Susan 75,I98 Fisher, Fisher Michael Jack 58,I79 Fisher, Susan 200 Fisher, Tanya Mariory Fisher, Fisler, Viclor Arlhur Graell Tobias Eve rell, Suzanne Eslelle Everin, Ewing Ewing Ewing Mary Ann 74.I98,208 , Charlolle Fraser ,John Hinderager 4I , Verle Kennelh F Fabian, Marilyn Josephine 4 Fager, Carl N M I Fairless, William F. I,2OO Ekegren, Gary Lee Ekslrom, Roy Alvin Elder, Donald John Eldredge, Thomas Henry 372 Fake, Slephen William Falacy, Palli Jo Falacy, Slephen Michael Fald, Karin Joyce Filch, Roberl I58 Filzgerald Sharon Arlene 293 Filzgerald, William Brook Filzpalrick, Ralph Leroy Filipalrick, Terrence D. 59,237 Filzsimonds, Derald K. 59.226 Fiare, Sigrid Gail 42,200 Flaccus, Roberl William Flacker, Edward Allen 42,2I8 Flanagan. Jonni Palricia 59 Flalow, Gary Marvin 75,237 Flechsinq, Lila Eulalia Fleharly, Alvin James 42,93,94 Fleig, Franz Wilhelm Fleisher, Vernon Ray Flink, Slephanie Ann 59.I86 Flinl, Frederick Arlhur 42 Flore Flugs Flynn Flynn Flynn n, Larry Gene lad. Joan Lynn , Colleen Carol ,John Michael ,Sharon Ann 90,197 Flynn, Susan Ann 42,206.24I Foley, Daniel Joseph 59,l79,I84,2l5 Foley, David Francis Folso Follz, m, David Orrin Ronald Paul l85,340 Follz, Trudy 59 Fonlenelle, Vicky Dale 204,345 Foole, Geollrey Goodall Ford, Ford, Ford, Ford, John Michael 292 John Warren 59 Larry James Richard Lyle 75,22I Forehand, Linda Louise 42,206 Foreman, Roberl John Form an, James Leonard 277 Forrer, Ward, C. Jr. I88,354 Forresler, Donald J. I89 Fosler, Bayard Fosler, John 75,l49,2I2 Fosler, Roberl Wallace Fosler, Slephen Hall 36I Fosler, Susan Carol 42,l lO,208,288 Fouls, William Waller Fowler, Boyce Dale I26,I83,35I Fowler, Karen Lee 42,2lO,345 Fowler, Margie l58,I8l,35I Fowler, Nancy Hannah 75,200 Fowler, Roberl Allan I88 Fox, Donald Eugene l85,34O Fox, Florence Fay Fox, Mary Jane 59,l l2,I79,204 Fox, Richard Allan 98 Fox, Sylvia Ann 345 Francisco, Barbara S. 59,86,l79,2lO Frank, Dale Lewis l26,I29,l83,233,350 Frank, John Herman l87 Frank, Thomas Edward Franklin, Judilh Lynn l84 Franklin, Mike Lynn Fraser, Roberl Macmillan 75,2l5 Frazer. Connie Jo Frazier, John Joseph Frazier, Paul Perry Fredrickson, Floyd M. Fredrickson, Sharon L. 9l Freel, Jim Winslon 75,28l Freeman, Clarence Gaylen I8O,l96,34O Freeman, Roberl Morse lll Freibolh, Wray Ranier I85 Freilag, Cleo Barbara 59 French, Duane Frey, Roberl Wayne Friaul, Roberl Richard 96 Fricke, Charles Augusl Friedrich, William Friend, Richard Paul Frisbee, Alice Marie 42 Frisbee, Lynne Calherine 75,l9l,204,260 Frilsch, Kalhleen Margie Frills, Slewarl William 300 Frilz, Nelson Herberl Jr. 59.2l5 Frizelle, Erwin Parke Jr. Froehlich, James Edwin Froien, Charlene Mae Froien, Chesler Duane IIO Frook, John Ellard ll5.30l,357 Fry, Dennis Lee Fry, Paul Richard Fry, Roberl Bryan 75,226 Frydenlund, Eva R. Fuller, David Edward 75,lO3,22l Fuller, Linda Frances II8 FulIer+on, Harold William I65,l67 Fullon, Gayle Frances Fullon, Marlha Rulh 59,l lO,206,293 Fullon, Roberl Bingham 42,l98 Fullon, Roberl Dulane 59,l79,229 Fusko, George Michael 98 Fussell, Nancy Alice 86 G Gable, Donald R. O. l85 Gadach, Charles Slanley Gagnier, Emma Galbrealh, Gary Kermil I26 Gallagher, Eileen l57 Gallagher, Laurence NMN Gallagher, Richard F. Gallaher, Gary Grayson 292,340 Gannell, Palricia Lyell Ganlenbein, Susan Brown 2l,75,206 Gapay, Leslie Lawrence Garber, Alice Louise 9l Garber, Kay Ellen 9I,345 Garber, Miles Daniel lll Gardner, Linda Ray 59,206 Garlinghouse, Kenl Armin l58,l9l,350 Garner, Harry Roberl Garrell, Roger Lee Garrell, Tennys Maurene 59,l86 Garrick, Clair Ray I26 Garrison, Bernard Fehring Garrison, Sluarl Earle 292,301,328 Garlley, Norman Buchli Garlon, Ronald Ray 328 Garver, Donald Edward Gashwiler, John Hiram Gaskill, Verlin Eugene Gasser, Marvel Jonelle Gasser, Russel Linn I08,I9I,260 Gales, Alberl Harry Gales, Gary Waller 42 Gay, Randall William 59 Gayne, Clillord 94,95 Geair, Andrew Smilh l88 Gebo, David Ray 75,l8l.l85,237 Gebo, Joyce Kay 42 Gee, Dianne Elizabelh 59.204,288,290 Geery, Colin K. Gendle, Edward James Genger, June Orpha Genlile, David John 328 Genlry, Marlha Elaine George, Charles Willard George. Douglas Fosler 42 George, Kalhy I89 Georgeson, Fredric Joseph Geraghly, Joseph Palrick Gerbase, Calhleen Jan Gerbase, Claude Jossl Jr. 42,237 Gerdes, Slephen Kenl Gergen, Dennis Clyde German, Rila Rae 59 Germer, James Smilh Jr. 42,2l5 Geller, Bruce Eugene Geyer, Jack Harvey Giacomazzi, Bernard Allan Gibbons, Dorolhy Anne Gibbs, Frank Kendall Gibbs, Rex Huberl Jr. Giblin, James Michael Giblin, John Palrick Gibson, Charles Herberl Gibson, Denny L. 75 Gibson, Gerald Leon Gibson, Jellrey Brand 75. I 84 Gibson, John Richard Gibson, Gienly, William Douglas I85,292 Gordon Sawyer Gies, Karl Anlhony 42 Gies, Paul Juslin Gies, Toni Elizabelh 200 Giese, Meldon David Gilberl, Allred Samuel l88 Gilberl, Barry Eugene Gilberl, Sylvia Doly Gilberl, William Edwin Gilboe, Don Arve 75,I42,2I5 Gilder, Richard Henry l34,I83 Giles, Thomas Wilson l93 Gillealher, Frank Larkin Gillealher, Myrna Marie Gillespie, Duncan Gale Gillelle, Kennelh Wayne Gillelle, Roberl Russell Gilliland, Roberl Wayne Gilliland, Viclor Clyde Gillin, Lloyd Louis Gilmore, Kenl Willis Gilmour, Ernesl Henry Gilroy, Mark Thomas Gleason, James Michael I83 Gleason, Kalhryn Louise l58.204,270,350 Gliko, David Vernon 42 Gnose, Donald Davidson Jr. 42 Goehring, Daniel Edward Goesling, William Hayes l09,22I,328 Goeres, Raymond Vincenl 59 Goelz, Henry Lloyd l88,302,354 Goelz, James Garrilh Goke, Alberl Evan Gonsior, Fay Marguerile I8l,2I0,27O Gonzalez, Felipe G. l58 Good, Good, Good, Good, Henry Kerry Melvin Roberlson 75,I80 Nancy Ellen I80,I85,302 Nalhaniel Michael Good, Warren Douglas 270,35I Good, Wyley Paul Goodman, Sherrill Hall Goodrich, Larry Clarence Gordon, Donald Bruce 328 Gondon, John George Gordon, John Roy Gordon, Penelope 347 Gordon, Roberl Glenn Jr. Gornick, Roberl James Gosselin, Henry Arlhur Gossell, Rex James Golay, Peler Wilhelm l33,I34,I38 Golllried, Margarel Joan 9l Gould, John Colguill Grall, Laura Olles Graham, Charles Roberl Graham, Darlene Dorolhy I82,340 Graham, David Allan 22l Grahn, Harris Slephen 59,226 Grande, Marilyn Ann I96,34O Grandy, George Elmer l88,354 Granger, Carole Slone Granley, Gary Alan Granl, Dennis Norval 42 Granl, Gary George Grasdock, Orville Wayne I96 Grasky, James Michael Grallon, Daniel Bruce Gralzer, George Michael 292 Graveley, 'Charles Russell Gravelle, Cheryl June 42,l82,200 Gravelle, Sharon Lee Gray, April Allyn 333 Gray, Darryl Monroe Hasfings, Gray, Doreen Yvonne 42 Gray, Gerald John Gray, Harold E. Graybeal, Pafricia Jean 3,59,1 17 Green, Laura Marie Green, Michael Ellis 75,109,182 Green, Roberf William Greenfield, Rocky Guy 164,165,167 Greenheck, Roberf Roy Greening, Susan Carol 42 Greenup, Reffa Rae 59,109,179,200 Gregg, William George Gregor, John Joseph Gregory, David Lee 42,241 Gregory, Gary Roberf Grey, Sara Lee 155,268,269,303 Griffin, Consfance Louise 186,197 Griffin, Eleanor Nellie Griffin, Philip Lewis 158,189,328 Griffin, Thomas Scofl' 3,117 Griffifh, Douglas Lloyd 75,118 Griffifh, James Richard 43,169,221 Griffifh, Lynn Morgan Griffifh, Michael Clark Griffifhs, William John 43,110,229 Grigel, Joseph Edward Grimm, J. Douglas 109 Grinde, Paul Allison Grisf, Margaref Ann 43,210 Grosshans, John Marfin Groffs, Donald Dean Grover, Clark Joseph 233,328 Grover, Frank Elef Grubisich, Andrew Anfhony Guelff, Carol Larie 43 Guerin, Michael Joseph Jr. Guesf, Gary Vicfor 75 Gundlach, Donald Blair Gunwall, Bruce Gilberf Gusfafson, Carl Arfhur 188 Gusfafson, Lynn Evelynn 59 Gusfafson, Paul Norman Gufhrie, Gail Elizabefh Gufhrie, Richard Alan 120,121,158 Guza, Richard Sfeven Gynn, Rosalie 75,206 H Haarr, Dale Wilking Haas, Allen Joseph Haburchak, Jane Nelson 126,128 Haburchak, Lih 128 Haburchak, Ro13erfH. Hacker, Douglas Barclay Hackman, Tod Ernesf Haddon, Sammy Ellis 1-lafer, David Winfield 75,126,129,221 Haffner, Harold G. Hagedorn, Barbara Adele 59,189 Hagen, Paul Thomas Hagen, Terrence Don Hagesfad, Challis Lemonfe 59,229 Haglund, Sfephen Arfhur 59,188 Hahn, Roger William Haiges, Janice Loy Haines, Harry Allen Haines, Jon William Haines, Marfin Lee 237,340 Habbiff, Dave 60 Ha Kim, Johng 189 Halazon, Thomas Harry 59,226 Halcro, Gary Russell Haldi, Kafhleen Louise Hale, Edward Raymond l26,129,221, 351 Hall, Ann Hall, David Thomas 60,221 374 286,289, Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Frank Washingfon Z Gary Lee 75,287,289 , Gary Woodrow 229 Lionel Daryl Minard Lane Thomas Leaviff 97,124 er, Frederick Ray 43 Hallford, Jack F. Hallock, Dale Glen 126,129,226,351 Hallock, Eugene Roy 75,226 Hallock, Virginia B. Halm, Mary Jo Halsfead, Linda Joyce 60,293 Halverson, George Ted Halverson, Nancy Helen 60,110,206,293 Halvorson, Gary Lee Hamel, Kafhryn Dee 60,189 Hamilfon, George Harker Hamilfon, Jack Allen 75,241 Hamilfon, Monfe James Hamilfon, Nina Lamoreaux Hamilfon, Philip John 345 Hamleff, George Marshall Harris, Sandra Kay 60,264,265 Harrison, James Thomas Jr. Harrison, John Scoff 76 Harrison, Lloyd Oflis 43 Harrison, Lynda Kay 189 Harrison Harrison, Nina Lyn 76,207 Roberf Pafrick 43 Harsell, Michael Francis Harshner, Margaref Jeanne 60 Harf, Sh irley 60 Harffelder, Gene David Harfford, Theodore L. Harfin, John David Harfley, Harfley, Douglas Leo 43,170 Ernesf Alberf Harfley, Glen Harvey 76,215,273 Harfman, Duane Darrell Harfman, Richard Fred 76,215 Harvey, Susan Chrisfine Hascheck, Doug 60,226 Hassing, Joanne Marie 76,100,103,104,200 Hasfings, Edward Alan 355 Valerie Lynn Hamlin, Edward Henry Jr. Hamlin, Mack Fosfer 286 Hammer, Julie Ann Hammerness, Mark D. Hammill, Joseph John Hampfon, Jacqueline Joyce 180,189 Hangen, Dave 221 on, Lesfer Harvey 60,93,94,l20,l79, Hankins 184,221 Hanley, W. Bruce Hannah, Riley John 75,180 Hannum, Elizabefh Reifell Hansen ,Alexander Nils Hansen, Donna Marie Hansen, Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Karen Myrick 60,75,1 10,179,205 Larry A. 75 Larry Lee 75,233,292 Lauleffe Lucile Marilyn Ann Royal Glen 1 Walfer Roberf 43 Hanson, Cleone Mae 346 Hanson Hanson Hanson Harvey Ray ,James Arfhur Marcia Ann Hanson, Merle Leroy Hanson Hanson Hanson Hanson Neil Jerome Richard Donald , Roberf Duane Ronald Lee v Harden, Duane Earl Harding, Richard Howard 43,215 Harger, Haring, Harkin, Richard Mary Anne M. Douglas Gordon Harkins, Jack William 60,233 Harkness, Errol W. 193 Harlow, George Harry Jr. Harlowe, Dennis Sanford 237,329 Harmon, Gerald Wallace 179 Harney, Harper, Harper, Harper, Mary Carol Daniel Aaron Ronald Ray William Henry 111 Harr, Michael James 60 Harr, Sharon Ann Harring Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, fon, Michael F. Carol Beverly David Michael Edward James 60,158 Edward James Jr. Kenf Jeffrey 158 Michael James 226 Roberf Earl 93,94 Hafch, Charles Roberf 188 Haffon, Judifh Lee Hauck, John Chrisfian 237,340 Hauck, Roberf Lawrence 76,237 Hauck, Shirley Ann Hauck, Thomas Coreffe 76,134,237,292 Haugan, Charles James 126,183 Haughey, Brace Sfephens Haugland, Neil Clifford 215 Haugo, Theodore Andrew Haun, Loyal Marshall 76 Haupfman, Charles Pafrick Havens, Ramon Eugene 185,359 Haver, Dale Harry 60,188 Hawe, Roberf Glen Jr. Hawk, Ramon Elroy 60 Haxfon, Sherry Lynn Hayden, Howard Haynam, Roberf Thomas Jr. 198 Hazelbaker, Arlene Gay 76,182,200 Hazelbaker, Rebecca Jane 43 Head, Frank Mace Jr. Heard, Richard Walfer Heafon, Bonifa Marie 43 Heafon, Bonnie Adele 43 Heberly, Jo Anne 60,112 Heddifch, David Roberf Hedman, Wayne Arfhur Heeb, Helen Louise 76,158,181 Heffingfon, Donald R. Hefferan, Pafrick Joseph Heffy, Raymond Scoff 76,I87,226,287,289 Hegland, William Gurdeon 43 Heidelman, Paula Ann Heikkila, Jay Neil 292 Heimark, Pafrick Joseph Heinrich, David Eugene Heisel, Joan E. Heifzman, Arlene Emma 60 Helbach, Melvin Doyle Held, Doris Cafherine Held, Richard Wallace 237,329 Helding, Carl Edward Helgeson, Alvin Herberf Heller, Alberf Simeon 43 Helvik, Gary Eugene Helvik, Sandra Diane 43 Hemgren, Eugene Carroll 43 Henderson, Charlene Kay 76,90,I82,202 Henderson, Thomas Eugene Henderson, William P 111 43,233,289 Hendricks, Blaine Ronald Hendricks, Nancy Lee 43,288 Hendrickson, Allen Ward ,,, 1 1 1 1 1 i ,1 ,i 1 1 1 1 Q. 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 Hendrickson, Alfon Paul Hendrickson, Arlo Dennis Hendrickson, Lawrence Henry, Colleen Virginia 60,200 Henry, John Richard Hensley, Darrell Oren Henson, Gordon George 193 Heppler, Lynn Garfh Heppner, Ronald Gene Herber, Edmund Henry 215,329 Herbig, Berna Jean 194 Herbig, Harold 126,129 Herman, Warren Jeffrey 184 Hermann, Dianne Alene Hermes, Dean Walfer Heron, Willis James 329 Herriges, Mark Duane Herring, Roberf F. L. 93,94 Herron, Larry William 185 Herfler, C. William 287 Herfler, Roberf John 43,106,233 Hervol, Frances Elizabefh Higgins, Michael 187,341 Herzog. Gary Gene Hess, Jay Edmond Hesfon, Frank David 76,181,l85,237 Hey, Roy Elmer Heydorf, Michael Thomas Hibbs, Barbara Jean Hibbs, William Rexford 185 Hickefhier, Kennefh E. 187,341 Hicklin, Theodore Norman Higgins, James C. 76 Higgins, Johney Lewis Higham, John Roberf Higham, Nan Elizabefh 264,265 Highness, Raymond Earl Highness, Rufh Consfance Highfower, Jacqueline Highfower, John Lance Hilloerf, Roberrf Donald Hilger, David Clarence 76,162,165, 287 Hill, Diane Elayhe 76 Hill, Evelyn Arden Grandy Hill, Marvin Dale Hill, Roger Evan 43,233 Hills, Charlene Carol 43,205 Hilliard, Carol Befh 329 Hindsley, Norman Franklin Hines, Larry Alan 60 Hines, Thomas Sewell Jr. 341 Hinkle, Sfeven Owen Hinman, Alvie T. Hinman, Dwayne Harlan Hinman, Jo Ann Evans Hinrichs, Kay Lind 43,205,288 Hirning, Dennis C. Hirsf, Dorofhea 'Elizabefh Hium, Lynda Larsen Hium, Roberf Adolph Hiorf, Barry Lynn Hobbick, Harold Clemenf Hobbs, Ervin William Hober, Terry Floyd Hobliff, David Harold 215 Hocevar, Maryann Jolene 43 Hodges, James Wesley Hodges, Sheldon Adelaide 207,346 Hodges, Thomas Mains Hodgson, H. Joan Hoehn, Richard John Hoene, Roberf William 60,216 Hoepfner, Gerald Richard Hoffman, Joan Marie Hoffman, Richard William Hoffman, Wayne Douglas 166,233, Hagan, James Joseph Hogan, John Bernard Jr. Hogan, Thomas Michael Hogarfy, Barry William Hogeland, Elizabefh Anne 76 Hogeland, Theodore Walfon 108,109,329 Holcomb, Helen Lee 3.43.1 17,205 Holden, Dennis A. Holdi, Kafhleen 60 Holender, Allan Morris Holiday, Karen Amy Holladay, Delmar Gurney 126 Holland, Dennis Wayne Holland, Raymond Dorn Jr. Hollingsworfh, Laurel E. Holloron, Jerry Roberf 76,184 Holloron, Phyllis Kay 341 Holly, Joseph Sfanley 3,117 Holman, William Howard Holmes. Benson V. Holmes, Duane Dee Holmes, Richard Hood 125 Holmes, Roberf Hughsfon 287,289 1-1o1m1und,James William 329 Holsfrom, Jack Albee Holfen, Sally Ann Holfon, Roberf Edwin 289 Holfon, William John Holfz, Aufumn Sharon 178,200,329 Hom, Roberf Hing Chee Honey, Lowell Ray Honey, Paul Gerald Honey, Roberf Dean Honkala, Rudolf A. Hooper, Donald Sfeover 237,341 Hope, Charles Harper 76,180,229 Hope, David Wallace Hope, Lafay John 273 Hope, Russell Walfer 60,191,260 Hopkins, Gerald Claud 120,121 Hopkins, James Edwin 122 Hopper, Roberf Frank Horeisi, Brian Louis Horie, Roger Shigeo Hoschek, Douglas Joseph Hosferman, Arfhur Henry Hosfefler, Dennis William 76,154 Hofh, Dale Wayne Hovde, Karen Joann Hovdey, Carl Clarence Hovdey, Paul Frederick Hove, Judy Ann Hoven, Gordon E. Hoven, John Terrel 126,129 Hoven, Vernon Bernard, Jr. 60,219 Hovey, Wayne Claude Hovland, Milfon Ellis Howard, Jan Allen Howard, Marcia B. 76,180 Howard, R. Hayden 180,187,340 Howard, Roberf Laverne Howard, Sidney Raymond Howe, Charlene Karen 43,288 Howell, Alberf Archie Jr. Howell, Andrew Morfon Howleff, David Roberf 43,221 Hoy, Roberf Dean Hoylo, Burfon Alfred Hoyf, Anfhony King Hubbard, Charles George 44,92,94 Huber, Dale Frank Hudak, Jon Arfhur 329 Hudson, Laura Wolverfon Hudson, Raymond Arfhur Jr. Huffer, Tom Lee 134 Huffine, Mary Kay 60 Huffman, Linda Camille Huggans, Mary Dolores 341 Huggins, Pafricia Anne Huggins, Russell Edward Hughen, Janef Hughes, Beverly Jean 76,202 Hughes, Carolyn Marie 44,110 Hughes, Charles Richard 61,238 Hughes, David Thomas 329 Huhfanen, Dale Edward 61,179,216 Huhfanen, Frederick Hull, Richard Jon Hulla, Gregory G. 287,289 Hulse, Sfephen Roberf Humphrey, William Roberf Hungerford, Mary 60 Hunf, James D. Hunf, Larry Paul Hunf, William Clarence 187,341 Hunfer, Roberf Evereff 188 Hunfer, Sherril Lee 44,86,87,208 Hunfley, Linda Claire 61,210 Hunfon, Roberf Lee 76,221,292 Hunfsberger, Penny Marie 77,210 Hunfsberger, Roberf R. Hurd, Lois Jean 77,202 Hurd, Sandra Eileen 44.288 Hurlberf, Soniia Jane 61,202,293 Hurni, Jerry James Hursf, Ray William Huse, Richard Bernard 134 Huse, Roberf George Hufchings, lone Cafherine 157,191,266,267 Hufchinson, Ralph Zelah Huffon, Roberf Wakefield Ikeda, Lesfer Takashi lmbery, Lydia 61,186 lmus, Kafhryn F. lngraham, Dennis Earl lngram, Sherrie Ilene 44,207 lnman, Harold Lee lnman, Richard Harf lnnes, Charles Bruce 77,216 lrwin, Howard Anfhony 229,341 lrwin, Joan Harrief lrwin, William Lewis 183,277 lsaacson, Roberf W. Jr. lverson, Carl Duane 292 lverson, Dennis D. 61,216 lverson, Gary Wallace J Jackson, Barry David Jackson, Gordon 77,238 Jackson, John Younger 77,219 Jacobi, Fred Walfer Jacobs, Carla Jane 205,330 Jacobs, Julie Ann 77,197,200 Jacobsen, Cliff Carl 292 Jacobsen. Douglas Charles Jacobsen, James Forresf 96,292,346 Jacobsen, Jerry 233 Jacobson, Morris Karl Jacques, J. Lynne Jahn, Carl Gordel 77,212 Jakes, Carlyn Leslee Jakub, Lawrence Michael 273,292 James, Douglas Meade 120,121,158,219,268 269,270,351 James, Larry Earl 125 Janczyn, Larissa Jansky, Gene Louise 22,86,87,205 Jansons, Uldis Jansson, Rufh Caroline 109 Jarreff, Charles Monfe Jarreff, William Frefz 98 Jasper, Jon Paul 44,221 375 Jasperson, Gregory P. Jeffery, Jellison, Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins, Morey Lawrence 44,229 R. Gene Gary Clark I34 John Barry Linda Lee 6l,2ll Jenks, Margarel Ellen Jennings, Margarel Ann 202,303,330 Jennings, Peggy 264 Jensen. Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Clarence Golden Peler Jacob 44,266 Susan Kay 44 Theodore Wayne 44,238 Jr. Waller Sleward I69 Johnson, Philip William Johnson, Ralph Juslin Jr. 77,l88 Johnson, Richard Dean Johnson, Roberl Frederick Johnson, Roloerl William Johnson, Robin I9l,260 Johnson, Roderick J. W. Johnson, Ronald Craig 273 Johnson, Ronald Leslie Johnson, Rulh Caldwell Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Sharon Louise 77,I I I,I I2 Johnson, Slanley Axel I69 Johnson, Slephanie Jane 6l,I97,2I I Jerholl, Timolhy Franklin 2I6,34I Jerome, Roy Edward Jerrim, Joln Sherman Jeska, Allan Edward 346 Jeslrab, Kalhleen Elaine 44,202 Jeslrab, Palricia Ann 6l,l97,202 Jelle, Janel Anne Jelle, John Arcade 6I Jewell, Charles Norman l88 Jezick, Donna Lorraine 6I Jimeno, Gerald Beniamin Johanningmeier, Charles W. Johannson, Caroline M. Johanson, Faye Ellen I96 Johanson, Larry Ray John, Leonard I-lerman John, Wallace I-larvey Johns, Jerry Everell Johns, Sharon Emily 77 Johns, Shirley Louise 44,205 Johnson, Slephen Lance 222,330 Kegel, Dennis Mark Kehoe, David James Keilman, Gail I84 Kelleher, Joseph Neil Keller, Eugene George Kelley, Terrence Lynn Kellogg, Juanila Rae 77,207,330 Kelly, James Michael 264 Kelly, Roberl' Earl Kelsey, Joan Ilene 6l,9l,l79 Kelly, Peler Girvin 94 Kem, David Oliver Kem, Margarel Alice Kembel, Bob Dana Kendall, Richard James 77,2I6 Johnson, Johnson, Thula Virginia 6l,208,350 Virginia Jean Johnson, William Lars 44 Johnson, William Richard Johnson, Wilma Lee 44,l26,I29 Johnslon Donald O. I26,I29 Kendrick, John William Kendrick, Susan Marie Kennedy Barbara Jane I26,I28 Kennedy Margarel' Joan 77 Kennedy, Palricia Moran 45,2OI ,24l Kenney, Sue Anne King Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson , Beverly Ann , Beverly Jean 44,200 , Brian George 44,238 , Bruce I-loegg Jr. 6I,226 Johnson, Claudelle Morlon l54,I55 Johnson, David Henry l7O Johnson, Dennis I-lans Johnson, Dick Elwin Johnson , Donald Ray 44,238 Johnson, Donna Lee 77,l89,202 Johnson, Edward Andrew 44 Johnson, Elwyn Garlh Johnson, Florence 44 Johnson , Florence 9I Johnson, Ford William Johnson, Fred l-larry Johnson, Gary Edward Johnson, Gerald Jay Johnson Johnson , Gerald Jesse 44,289 , Gordon Richard Johnson, Gregg Morgan Johnson, I-larold Marshall Johnson, I-lerberl Ward 6l,I26,I29,l83 Johnson, Irene M. Johnson, Jacquelin Vee Johnson, James Dorr 233,292,330 Johnson, James Richard 34I Johnson, Jean Allred Johnson, Jocelyn Rulh 44,208,260,288 Johnson, Judilh Jean 77,2lI Johnson, Kalhleen Kay 6l,205 Johnson, Kalhryn Elaine I03,l97,2I I.330 Johnson, Kaye Johnson, Kennelh Paul 77,238 Johnson, Lawrence Milo Johnson, Linda 44,2ll,293 Johnson, Linda Jeanne Johnson, Lucille M. Johnson, Margie Lynn Johnson, Marlha 330 Johnson, Mary Eleanor 203 Johnson, Neil Donald 77,2I6 Johnson, Neil Eugene 376 Johnslon, Eugene John Johnslon, l-larold K Il 287,289 Johnslon, James Alex Johnslon, James Lloyd I83,330 Johnslone, John C. 77,I80 Jonas Jones Elizabelh Anne Alan Eugene Jones Allen Almer Jones B. L. Jones Freda Elizabelh Jones Glenn Thomas I72,I83 Jones I-larry Rick 77,I04,I08,233,260 Jones John Ernmell Jones Leslie Lynn 77,I I2,I80,I89,2II Jones, Michael Fred 44,96 Jones, Nancy Ellen 6I,20I,293 Jones, Olwen Mary Jones Palricia Delores I82,2OI,330 Jones, Rolaerl I-larry Jones, Roger Edward Jones, Ronald Lamar 277 Jones, Thomas Arlhur 98 Jones, William Darold Jones, Winnie l76,I86 Joramo, Floyd Alan Kenney, Thomas Reid I26,l28,I83 Kennis, John Dwaine Kenl, Bonnie Mae 45 KenI', Raymond Dennis Kepp, Rila l8l Keri, David Myron Khalil, Faris Kibler, Kalhryn Lucille 266,267 Kidder, Danielle Kay 45,I09,I I0,20l Kidder, Susan Jean 9I,lO4,l79,I94 Kiechle, William Charles Kielman, Gail I93 Kienilz, Kari Linn 45 Kiley, Michael James l58,222 Killick, John Winslon I85 Killworlh, Michael Nelson 6I,222 Kim, Johng I-la Kimmill, Dennis Joseph l34,330 Kimzey, Dennis Dwighl Kinchen, Duncan James Kind, Sara Maureen I8I,2Ol King, Dave 94 King Joye Robin 6l King Laird Reed Roger Lincoln Jordan, Edward James 77,2I6 Jorgensen, Roberl Fullon Joy, John William 77,l88 Joyce, Keilh Mellord Joyce, Roberl Richard Jungers, John Bernard Junker, Roberl Lee Jurica, Rila Lynn Jyslad, Marvin Craig 44 K Kaan, William Joel 94,I82 Kaiser, Kenl Kambo, Bernard Ludvig 44 Kammerzell, Linda Jean llI,l l2,20l,330 Kamralh, Larry Dean 77,2I6 Kane, Larry Evan Kansala, Dennis Edwin 77,2I6,287 Kargacin, Thomas John Karlsgodl, Juli Ann Karlsgodl, Permilla Mary Karslens, Judilh Ann Kalsel, Gary Edward Kaufman, Leonard Lee Kaul, Kennelh Dale Kayser, Nancy 6l,208 Kazmierczak, Ronald M. Kean, James Auslin l83,24l,33O Kean, Jon Moorhead Keeling, William Lloyd Keenan, Alice Kalhryn Keenan, Rulh Geraldine 45 Kinglon, Alberl Thomas I88,I9I Kinney, Donald William Kinney, Roberl Louis Kinonen, Judilh Ellen 45.203 Kinsley, Glenn I-loward Kinyon, Kendall Edward l85 Kinzey, Marjorie E. 45 Kirchmeier, Mary Ellen Kirk, Marral Ann 77 Kirkaldie, John Risley Kirkham, Charlolle May Kirsch, Dwighl Barry Kirschmann, Clara I-l. Kirlley, Marilyn Jane 6I Kirwan, Thomas Pafrick Kirwin, Anlonia Kirwin, William John Kilahara, Michio Klein, George William 77,238 Klies, David Iver Kline, John Gordon Klingler, Gene Edward I98,2I2,355 Klolslad, Glenn Sande Klolslad, Wayne Alden 45,93,94 Klopfer, Richard Clarence Knall, Brian Lawrence Knall, W. James 97 Knapp, Leroy Clifford 6I,l43,2l2 Knaplon, Douglas James Kneedler, Gregory John 45,I88 Knighl, John Harry ,254,288 Knudson Knighl, Mariorie Ann 6l,207 Knoyle, David William Knudsen, Alan Dale Knudsen, Gerhard Marlin 287,289 Knudsen ,Sandra Joy 2Ol,34l Knudson, John Wallace l88 Knudson, Kermie Allen 45,233 , Lila Bealrice l26,l29,l8l,350 Koch, Slephen Howard 6l,l08,229 Koch, Vivian Laraine Koenig, Kennelh James Koenig, Kennelh Wailer 304 Koens, Judilh Lilllehaug Koepplin, Leslie Wayne 45 Koeslner, Ernie F. Koessler, Horlon Brierley Kollord, Lawrence Claylon Kohler, Rohn Lee 6l,24l Kolesar, Kolppa, Kolppa, Mary Marlene 9O,I78,l82,34I Charles Kennelh Helene Sellzer Kone, Saribov 98 Konkell, Fredrick Waller Koons, Byron Edward Kopilzke, Edmund Roger Kopilzke, Roberl Wayne Kopp, Rila Carol I26,I29 Kopp, William Paul Korin, Marsha Kay 6l,86,l79,205 Korman, Donald Wesley Korrison, Jon David 77,l98,24,I Kosilzky, Bonnie Rae 78,IO8,I I0 Kolila, Roger Reino l98,232,33I Kollas, Jr. Leo Joe 36I Kolls, Donald Arndl Kollwilz, Bruce Arlan Kover, Jonas Kozich, George John Krall, Anlon 33I Kreiner, Kraiacic, Joseph Francis I34,277 Kralich, Joseph Andrew Kramer, Barlha IO7 Kramer, Kennelh Everel Kramer, Larry Kene Kramer, Kramis, Paul Louis Roger John Kramis, Ronald Charles Krause, John Chesler 45,93,94,222 Krause, Margarel Lelia Daniel Charles Kvamme, James Lee I26 Kyle, James Melvin L Laas, James Allen 78,229 Labar, Donald Alem 62,I79,222 Labar, Sharon Lynn 2OI.346 Labard, Roy Allen Labonle, Daniella Labonle 45 Lackner, Johnny Ray Lacombe, Allen Neil Lacombe, William Arlhur Lalond, Merilee Kae 346 Laliond, Sherry Anne Lallman, lngrid Elisabelh 62,203 Lagerquisl, John Carl Lahey, Edward T. Lahr, Dennis Rex 78,2I6 Laidlaw, Hugh Clark Laird, Peler Paul Laird, Thomas Frank 287 Laisy, Paul Alberl Laioie, Everell Roy Jr. Lake, George Alberl l85 Lake, William Lee Lalonde, Joan Mary Ellen Lamach, Alice Sevier Lamey, Donald Douglas Lamoreux, Anela Kay Lamphere, George Roberl Lampi, Judy 33l Lampi, Ray Delvin 34I Lance, William 2I9 Landers, Palricia Jean 62 Landslrom, Conslance J. Lane, Vernon Willard 45 Langaunel, Bruce M. 45 Langbell, Lorraine Helen 208,346 Lange, William Ray 78 Langen, John Allyson Langlield, Peler Michael Lanier, Keilh Arnold Lanier, Roy Allen Lanris, Palricia Lee 62,208 Lape, Barbara Ellen 45 La Pierre, Laurence Roger LaPlanl, Larry 96,33I Larango, Sam Anlhony Laridan, Donald Waller Laridon, Gordon Ray Larimer, Carol Ann I9I Lalham, Leonard Paul Lalimer, Margol Ann Lalourrelle, Slephen N. Lalla, Clyde Arlhur Lallu, Andrew Charles 62,230 Laudermilk, Palricia Joan Laughrun, Sleve Lavalley, Ronald Howard Lav in, Michael Allyn Law, Keilh Slewarl l65,l66,l83 Lawrence, Barbara Ann Lawrence, Don Eugene Law rence, Kennelh Ray 222.286,289,290,346 Lawrence, Susan Elaine 45 Lawrence, Toby M. 62,2l6 Lawrenz, Mayo Joseph Lawson, Richard Sylvesler Lawson, Sharon L. Layman, Virginia Auqusla Layne, John Anlhony 34I Layser, Earle Franklin Jr. Laylon, Collelle C. 203,346 Leary, Emily Denise Lease, Russell Duane Lebsack, Gerald Lee 62,233 Leclair, Jerry Brew Lee, Jack Laroy Lee. John Paul Lee, Margarel Anne 78,l l0,l82,205 Lee, Richard Clyde l58 Lee, Sharron Edna 62,89,l79 Leech, Peler Ellred I34 Leeman, Marlin Augusl 78,94,96,97,287 Leeson, George Tellier Legrandeur, Daniel John Lehman, Carolyn Marie Lehmkuhl, Dennis Merle 78,96 Lehne, Gary 230 Lehrkind, Harry Thompson Kreis, John Gilberl Krekeler, Randall Dee 45,92,94 Krekula, David Lee H. Krieger, Michael Woll Krier, William James Krissie, Donald Glore Krislovich, Frank James 78,I85 Kronwall, Marlene Elenore 45 Kroul, Karen June Krubsack, Judilh Eileen Krumm, Donald Mark 78,222 Krular, Jon Arlhur 45,94,95,222,273 Kryger, Adolph Hendrik Krywko, Wayne John Kubasko, Wayne Paul I93 Kubesh, Elaine Dolores 45 Kubesh, Kennelh W. Kucera, Anlhony Edwin Kuenzi, Wilbur David Kuiawa, Irene Francis I26 Kuiawa, Marie Alice 62,9l,I26,I29,l8l Kuker, Thomas Lee Kunkel, James Willard Kuney, Carl Russell Kurlen, Gunilla Kusner, Karen B. Kulyna, Anloinelle Marie I86 Larison, Hoyl Humphreys Laroche, Roberl Louis 45 Larsen Larsen Keilh Denlon 45.233 Miriam Gay 346 Larsen Mona Kay 62,2II Larsen Richard H. Larsen Sandra Jean Larson Allan Roy 62,216 La rson Larson, La rson Larson Larson Larson Larson Larson Larson Larson Ann Alicia I26 Arlhur Duane Barbara lrene 45,l86 Charles Jerome I83,273 Daniel Ove 78,222 James Bradley I83 James Olis I26,l28 Johnny Dean Kalhlyn Ann l26,l2B,208,224,35l Mark Alberl Larson Marles Bea 78,l I8,2ll Larson Norman Jr. Larson Richard 62,233 Larson Richard Nelson Larson Roy Lee Larson Waldo Henry Gusl 78 Larson Wallace A. I26 Larler, Roberl David Lassen Janel Louise Lehli, Shirley Jean Leigh, Mary Isabelle l84,207,357 Lemmer, Slephen Vincenl Lemp, Ed 78,230 Lenci, Jellrey Edwin l08,230,34I Lenerlz, John Joseph Lenihan, Thomas Louis Jr. Leninglon, Linda May l98,203,346 Leninglon, Marilyn l9l Leninglon, Marilys Lennox, Penny Jane 45,20l Lenoue, Marvin Dale Lensing, William George I9l,264,266 Leonard, Anne Pescor Leonard, Eugene Joseph l35 Le Piane, Brenda Jewel Lepiane, Jordan Richard Lepiane, Louis Anlhony Lepiane, Rila Eugenia Lepole, Michael Anne Leppink, Allen Roger Lerner, Paul Leroy, Roberl John Leschen, Harry John lll 45,233 Lesmeisler, Roberl Ray Lesler, Bruce Alan 62,l58 Lesler, David Roberl 346 Lesler, Joanna Kalherine l20,l2I,I78.208, 224,270,35I Lesuer, Andrea Gail l80,I89,205 Lelson, Roger Lee l26,I29,I58,l83,226, 270,350 Leulhold, Belly Louise Lever ing, Thomas Theodore Lewin, Byron Curlis LewiS Lewis Lewis , Charles Howard , Clarence Heil , Harley William I83,273 377 Lewis, Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewis James Carler Kenl 78,233 Linda Rae 45,201 Lynne Maureen Mariella Johnslone Marion Rae 62,207 Michael Keilh 78,216 Lewis Lewis Reginald Lee Jr. Lewis Slanlon 78 Lewis Vannella 180 Lhommedieu, David Craig Liebe, Foresl Franlc Liebowilz, Slanley M. Lubiclc, George Michael Lucas, Roberl Eugene 270 Lucey, Dennis Allen Luchau, Gerald Thomas 135 Luchsinger, Carl Edward 188 Lucien, Raymond 98,163,165,166,167, 178,183,305 Luding, Kalhleen L. Ludwig, Jane Mylene 62,208 Luedeclce, Allen Duane Lulce, Larry Lee Rew 126,129,158,183 Lulce, Ronald Ever'1r Lulces, Anlhony James Jr. 188 Liedle, Carrolle Ann Lillring, Roberl Francis 3,62,1 16,179,212 Lill, James George Lilley, Mary Alida Lillis, Janel Leone 46,288 Lincoln, Rod L. 62,222 Lind, Larry Leroy Linde, David Alan Lindgren, George 46 Lindgren, Phyllis Rulh Lindguisl, Ronald Wallred Lindsey, Raymond Francis 126,128 Lindslcov, Francis Thomas 331 Lindslcov, Marilyn Ann 109 Lindslrom, Arlhur Hugo Jr. Linn, Palricia Lucile Linguisl, Susan Jean 126 Linlz, Suzanne Kay 143,184,357 Lipell, Granl Norman Liplce, Howard Allen 330 Lipp, Danelle Wells 197,207,331 Lilchlield, Millon R. 96 Lilo, Judilh Karen 208,331 Lund, Alice Lee 126 Lund, Biorn Lund, Roberl Charles- 188,331 Lund, Ronald Ernesl Lund, Thomas Lee Lunslad, C. Sleven Luse, John Herman 180,238,342 Lussy, Yvonne Thelma Lulgen, Carol Jean Lulz, Beverly Ann 62 Lulz, Roberl Michael Lulz, Slephen Donald Lympus, Ted Oslcar Lynch, Roloerl George Lyon, Roger W. J. Lyons, Elinor Merridy 46,1 10,170,205 Lylle, Calherine Ann 126 Mc McAdams, John Clillon McA1ear, Dewayne Lee McAllisler, James Roberl Lillle, Leslie Neil 346 Lillle, Roberl Arlhur Lilllelield, David Oliver 165 Lilzerman, Jerry Roger 196,346 Livesey, Elizabelh Ann Livesey, Gerald G. Livingslon, Sharilyn Sue 46,109,205 Lizolle, Vivian Marie 196,346 Loclcwood, Carol Joan 46,201 Lodmell, Donald Louis Loelller, Elizabelh Ann 62,211 Loendorl, Jerome Thaddeus Loendorl, Joseph George 185 Loendorl, Larry Lee McArlhur, Jerry Lee 342 McArlhur, Roberl John 180,186 McAlee, Edward Dale 181,185 Mc13room, Roberl Lee 287,289 McBurney, Marlha E. McCaig, Carol Mae 63 McCaig, Roberl Donald McCabe, James Bernard McCain, James Palriclc 46 McCallum, Barry Gordon McCallum, Palricia Ann McCammon, George Eli McCammon, John Hurley McCarlhy, Colleen P. 46,209 McCarlhy, Geraldine W. Logan, Mary Ellen Logan Monle Roberl Long, Brendan Francis Long, Frances Sandra 62 Long, Nancy Anne 78,203 Longan, Thomas Lloyd Longpre, James Daniel Lonne, Karen Jean Loomis, Lee Harrison 96,241,304,346 Lopp, Daniel Clarence Lopp, Larry Lee McCarlhy, Mary Ann 78,106,209 McCarlhy, Michael Mahnlcen McCarlhy, Palriclc Quinn McCarlhy, Roberl Michael McCarlney, Orville C. McCarvel, Phillip C. Jr. McClain McClain McClain, McClain McClain Gene Emerson 62,230 Palsy Anne l26,l28,l78,l8l,202,35l Peggy Jeanne Sleven Arlhur Virginia Marie 46,201,288 Loranger, Donald Eugene 46,216 Loring, Emilie Smilh Lory, Alice Ann 264,265 Louderbaclc, Frederic C. Louderbaclc, Mary Alice 62 Loughridge, Lela L. 46,86,205,288 Love, Sleve 212,341 Lovegrove, Roberl Emerson Loveland, Chesler Bryan Lovell, William Henry Jr. 341 Low, Margarel Lucille 62,109 Lowe, Pamela Eileen 106,208,346 Lower, Ronald Gould 78 Lowman, Tom Gerald 62,212 Lowry, Slephen Hews 164,165,166 Lubliner, Laurence H. 378 McClellan, Joan Margarel McCollom, Lonnie R. McCollor, Rosslyn C. McCombie, Allan Barnell McCombs, Douglas Arlhur McConnell, Roberl Ronald McCullough, Michael M. McCurdy, Keilh Warren 362 McDermand, Thomas Lionel 268,269 McDermid, Michael Leon 46,233,289 McDonald, Carson S. 188 McDonald, Charles Alan 78 McDonald, Sheila Ann 90,197 McDonald, Timolhy Michael McEacheron, Mary K. 63,109,207 McEachran, Denny Brian McE1henney, Ted Thomas McElroy, Richard George McFarland, Casey 207 McFarland, Kalherine 1. 197,305,331 McFelridge, James Boyd McGahan, Jerome 63,222 McGee. Charles Clarence 188 McGiboney, Michael Jon 234.346 McGillis, Dennis 238 McGillis. Joseph Palriclc 46 McGinley, William Andrew 63,110,230 McGivern, Edward Roberl McGlynn, Fred F. McGowan, Bruce James 115,184 McGowan, Marlha Harrielle McGralh, Melissa Ann 46,207 Mclnally, Thomas George 46,230 Mclnerney, Rolnerl E. Mclnlyre, Ann McKay, Donald Dean McKay, Larry Lee McKay, Mary Oclavia McKay, Roberl Murray 63 McKay, Terry 46 McKeague, Helen Eileen 122 McKean, Richard Phillip 63,222 McKeen, Diana Lynn McKe1vey, Gregory Ellis 63,234 McKerlic1c, Thomas C. McKie, Anne 63,209 McKie, James King 111 46,289 McKim, Belly Maureen 46,186,203 McKinley, Gary Harrison McKinley, Sylvia Jan 46,126 McKinney, Berna Rulh 63 McKinsey, Lauren Sluarl 63,222 McKinsey, Roberl Auslin McKinslry, Scoll Dale McKnighl, Judilh Ellen 63,209 McLain, Deena McLain, Gwen Elizabelh 20,201,224,331 McLalchy, Michael Gene 362 McLauchlan, William P. 98,182 McLaughlin, Mary C. McLean, James Arlhur McLean, James Rodney 78,216 McLean, Karen Cecelia 88 McLean, Tracy Arlhur McLemore, Palriclc Colin 135 McLeod, Darlene Rae McLure, Douglas Kimmerle McLure, William Parlc McMahon, John Power McMarre11, Curlis Eugene 63 McMillan, Kalhryn Ann McNees, Carol Jean 63 McNu1ly, John William 185 McOmber, Philip Dean McRae, Waller Bruce McVay, Donna Mae McVay, Gerald Edward McWhorler, Danny Arlhur 183 MacDonald, Alice Joanna 78,103,201 MacDonald, Chrisline 266,268,269 MacDonald, Joy Suzanne 186 MacDonald, Lee MacDonald, Ronald Clark 78,188 MacDonald, William Brian MacDonald, William Z. Mac lnnes, David M. 111 MacKenzie, D. James 46.216 MacKenzie, Sluarl Charles 63,216 MacKnigh'r, Jerri Kale 46 MacLean, William David MacDonald, Roderick Lee Mack, Eugene Arlhur Mack, Georgia Kalhleen 46,209 Mackie, Terry Howard 94 MacLay, Samuel S. Jr. MacMi11an,Sa11y Leanne 63 M MacNab, Chrislina Molly Mader, Jerry Willard Madison, Marla Mary 63,88,151 Madsen, Jean Marie 91 Magee, David Kimbrough 355 Magee, Thomas Marvin Magera, Gerald Gail 355 Magnussen, Daniel O. Jr. Magsladl, Daniel John Maguire, Edward Francis Maidmenl, Ray Sidney Jr. 184 Maier, B. Neal Maiil, Aaron Louis Maior, Dorlhy Marlin Maiors, David Lewis Maki, Bobbin Field Maki, Lanya Marie Malcolm, Carl Abram Malcolm, Dale Andrew Malkasian, Neil Adams Mallory, John Richard 46,222 Malone, Joyce Gale 78 Maloul, Richard Taylor 10 Maloul, Sydney Sharlene 78,191,211 Managhan, Linda Jo Manicke, Juanila Jane Manicke, Ramona Chisline Manley, Donna Marie 139 Mann, James 1-larmond 79,219 Mann, Jellrey Lee 79,216 Mannakee, Nalhan Dale 63 Manning, Douglas George 79,158,183,227,270 Manning, Joann 46,205 Manning, William 126,129 Mappes, Carl Richard Marceau, Gerald Raymond March, John A. Jr. 216 Marcure, George John 79,234,281 Marcy, Marvin Lowe Marini, Alberl Angelo Mark, Ling Quong 79 Mark, Palricia Lea Markerl, Thomas Joseph Markle, Brinlon Bayard Markle, Thomas Orval Marks, Terry Gene Marley, John Slewarl Marlowe, Thomas Nelson Mars, Sharon Lea Marsh, Bruce Beniiman 63,104 Marsh, Mary Ann 1 79,209 Marshall, Charles Edward Marshall, John William 79,126,128 Marshall, Mary Palricia 63 Marl, Dean J. Marl, Gene Roy Malher, James Noel Malhew, Lee 63 Malhews, Lee Roberl Jr. 79,158.183,230,270 Malkin, Ronald Eugene Malson, A. Norman Malson, Byron James 238,331 Malle, John Francis Mallhews, Jeanne Ann 63,I09,179,205 Malli, David Francis 180,185,342 Malz,Barbe1 79,I47,l70,I86,205 Maughan, Miles Gordon 185 Maxson, Margarel E. 191 Maxey, Lee Burke Maxwell, Dwighl Thomas Maxson, Palricia Louise 125,264,265 May, James Edward May, James Tale Mayhew, William Arlhur I1 Mayo, John Scoll Mead, Rodney Adair Meadows, William Edward Meagher, Marcia Gail 178,l80,205.306,33I Measure, Edward Michael Mealh, Donald George Meckling, John Wayne 46 Mecredy, Dolores Jean Meehan, Daniel Lawrence 63,230 Mehrens, James Leo 342 Melby, Palrick Edward 46,234 Melby, Rulh Faye Melichar, Leslie Joseph 47,126 Mellor, John Lee Melsheimer, Melvin Lee Mellon, Emily Jane 63.106,139,209 Mellon, Perry Sanders Jr. 63,277 Menard, Charlu Ronde ' Mencarelli, Deanna Eugene 79,1 10,139,209 Mendel, Marlin James Menle, Ronald Fredrick Menler, Duane Franklin Mercer, Gary Roy 63,230 Mercer, James Andrew Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Charles Melvin Craig Alan l-larry Richard James A. Miller: James Philip 64,104,238 Miller, John O. 79,216 Miller, Leslie James Miller, Marvin Ray 307,331 Miller, Michael Donald lviiller, Paul Daniel 135,l39,222,342 Miller, Richard Frank Miller, Richard Merle 133,135,138 Miller, Roberl Edwin Jr. 126 Miller, Roger Lee Miller, Slewarl William 79,241,331 Miller, Violel Elaine Milleson, Jaclyn Janeanne Millhaem, Meredilh Gay 79,90 Mills, John 1-lue 331 Millon, Emily 110 Millen Minor, Minor, berger, Charles J. John Morris Judy 64 Minsler, Gary Allen Minleer, Geraldine Ann 79,205,224 Minleer, Mary Jane 47.205 Milchel, Michael Charles Milchell, Delvin Glenn Milchell, Rosemary Milchell, Tom Wenlworlh Milcheson, Gary Kennelh Millal, Barbara Jane 115,184,357 Miuweni, Lloyd Slephen 47 Mochizuki, Roberl Dean Moe, Diana Marie 47,211 Moe, Eugene Ralph Moe, Karen 47,126,211 Moeller, G. Jean Mollall, Mary Elizabelh 79 Mohammad, Sami Kadir Mohler, Jean Paul Mohler, Luisa Jaloba Merchanl, Sally Jean 47,110 Meredilh, Jellrey S. 47,170,234 Meredilh, Jon Arlhur Merrick, George Wm. Merrick, Joseph Edward Merrill, Roberl Allen Merrill, John Thompson Merrill, Roy Donald Messier, Norman Maurice Messner, Joseph Jacob 64 Melzger, Rodney Craig Meyer Meyer, Meyer, Bryce Eugene Delaine Rosalie Dennis Edward 47,234 Mohr, John Frederick 47 Molenda, Roberl Kenl 79,230 Moles, Clarence Alberl Molinario, Marlin Jr. Moncure. Peylon Monger, Janel Darlene Mongold, Dan Leroy Moniazes, Arashmidos Monk, Janel Auslin 64,211 Monlague, David Ririe 47,222,273,274 Monlegna, John P. M. 181,I85,227,359 Monllorl, Terrill Lee Monlgomery, Arlie Rae 79,l26,I29,l81 Mood, Douglas Karl Meyer, Eugene Waller 47,273 Meyer, Leonilla Belle Meyer, Wayne Edwin Michaels, David Bruce Moody, Joe Thomas 346 Moody, Krisline Leilani Moody, Roberl George 64,216 Mooney, Florence Marie 64,186,211 Marlella, Don Leroy 169 Marlen, Waller Julius 63,222 Marlin, B. Ann Marlin, Bill V, 135,287 Marlin, Duane Puis Marlin, 1-lans Marlin, James Donald Marlin, Lynne Marie Marlin, Palricia Ann Marlin, Ronald Louis 180,185 Marlinich, Raymond John Marlinson, Judilh Michael 63 Marvall, Marilyn II2 Massey, Diane Masl, Dana Elaine 79,1 1 1,1 12,201 Mickelson, Quenlin 1-1. Mickens, Marvin Leroy Micklewrighl, Gary Lee Middlelon, Jack Alan Midgell, Douglas Kenl Migge, Anella Marie Mikelson, Lorna Clarine I26,129,178,l8l,203, 306,351 Mikelson. Norman Keilh 270 Miklich, Romalie 90 Milaney, Terence Sidney Mildenberger, James D. Miles, James Doran Miles, Roy Carroll 47,289 Miller, Arlhur William Miller, Arlhur William Moore, Clay Wendell Moore, Lynda Joyce 47,293 Moore, Michael Fredric Moore, Palsy 1, 24 Moore, Sharon Ann Moore, Suzanne Elaine 79,209 Moore Moorh Moorh ,William 1-lerberl 238,342 ouse, James Alan ouse, John Edward Moran, John Leo Morck, Garry Dorph 47,217 Morga Morga Morga Morga Morga n, Denise Lee 64,1 10,148,201 n, John 79 n, Sandra Lee 47,209,246,288 n, William Robson nslean, Charles Kirk Masl, Nancy Marie Malhany, Mark Evall Miller, Charles Chedel 277 Morgenslern, Roberl E. 196,346 ,2 379 Moriariy, Jane Frances 79,209 Moriarry, Luann Rae Moriariy, Roberr Joseph Morley, Gregory H. Morrell, John Benr Neal, Siephen C. 80 Neal, Virginia Charloiie 64,203 Neaih, Sally Johanna 64,l l0,205,288,290 Nebel, Sandra Lynn 47 Neely, Gene Paul Nordwick, Sianley Lewis Norick, Richard Alex Noringquisr, Ted 230 Norman, David Brubaker Norman, Donna Lee 48 Morris, Alan Alberi Morris, Barbara Jane 209 Morris, David John 222,33I Morris, Marfin Kesler Morris, Pairicia Elaine 47,l 10,207 Morris, Roberi McCune Morrison, Donald James I65,l66,I83,277,33I Morrison, James John Morrow, James Jay I23,269 Morse, Paula Diane 79,20l Moriensen, Glen Alan Morion, Morion, Douglas Keirh 47 Sievid Ann Mosbaugh, Keilh Ray Mosch, Mary Helen 47,2ll Moser, Loreiia Lou 47,24l Nemec Moucha, Milo Frank 47 Moulron, Douglas Driscoll 79,2l6 Mousavi, Zeia Mowali, Marilyn 79,9O,I97 Mowarr, Thomas Charles Mowen, Thomas Lee Mowery, Jacqlin Cleaiha l06 Moy, Randall Frank Moy, Richard Marshall Muchmore, Allan Eugene 79,234 Mudge, Kennerh B. Jr. Mueller, Lois Jeanne 3,64,l I7 Mueller, Roberr Douglas Neff, Carherine Grace Neibauer, Douglas Leroy Neidhardr, Henry Gerald Neill, Ke nnerh Roger Neirzel, Herberr Paul Nelles, Terri Eleanore Nellis, Carl Hansen Nellis, Emily Jane Nelson, Arnold Eugene Nelson, Barbara Nelson, Carol May l47,I89,205,270,35I Nelson, Caroline Maree Nelson, Charles Lee Nelson, Chrisiopher John 64,234 Nelson, Dale Meyers 64,230 Nelson, Dolores Elaine Nelson, Eileen Karen 47 Nelson, Frank Gerald Nelson, Gary Lynn 47,l70 Nelson, Glenna Joyce I89,332 Nelson, Henry Hialmar Nelson, Jacob Michael III 3,80,l04,l l6,l85, 272,28 7,289 Nelson, John William Nelson, Lana Kay Nelson, Mary Louise 64,l79,I8I,203 Nelson, Sharon Dee Nelson, William George Ronald Ro 80.238 Normandeau, Dwayne Earl 48.l26 Normandeau, Ronald Edward 289 Norihey, Elizaberh Ann 80 Norihey, John William 222,332 Norfhridge, Sharon Louise Norion, John Alberl' Jr. Nosie, Nonan Viril Noiiingham, Bruce Alan 287 Nove, Pierre Bargeboer Novorny, Nancy Ann Nowasad, James Nicholas Noyes, Leonard Dennis 80,l I0,l80,l85, l87,238 Noyes, Richard William 48,238 Nusbaum, Elihu Galen Nuiier, William Burion Nyback, Alfred Waller 332 Nybo, Michael Nye, Tessa May 48,lO6,203 Nygren, Sieven John 64,238 Nyquesi, Thomas E. L. Nyquisr, Paul Franklin O O'Brien, Margarei Allene 64,209,288 O'Brien, William Emmeir I88 O'Connell, John Richard O'Connell, Larry Louis l88 O'Connor, Brian James P. O'Connor James Byron Mues, Mary Gail Mulcihy, Larry Dean Muller, Jean Arrhur Muller, Jean Arrhur Jr. Mulleri, Michael A. Munson, Andrew William 346 Munson, Roberi Warren 79,234 Muri, Welland 79 Murie, Jan Olaus I Y Neser, Fred 80,2l2 Neser, Orio Hugo 2l2,332 Ness, Tom Rowland 80 Neudeck, Lowell Donald 80 Neuielder, Carl Evereii' 355 Neville, Clark Dean Neville, Janice Ruih 64,lO9,I97 Newburn, Mike K. Newcomb, James Ralph O'Connor, John William 48 O'Connor, Mary Louise O'Connor, Michael Perer O'Connor, William Odegard, Bill 80 Odegard, Perer Brenr Odegard, Terrence Paul Odell, John Claylon Nickerl, Mussulman, James Ellis 47 Myhra Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy, Murphy Murphy Murphy ,Allan Thomas 80,l l0,l92,287,289 Ellen Marie 64,238 Jay William Jerome Richard 80,234 Jerry Emmeri 47 Margo Kaihleen Mary Lou 80,209 Peier John Murray, George Alexander Murray, Michael Aloys Murray, Terry Eugene M usburger, Todd Woody Museus, Beiiy Corrine Musioe, Carol May 90 Myers Angus McGregor 289 Myers Dennis 94,95 Myers, William John Jr. Myhre, Eric John ll4,l l5,234,357 Myhre, Gayle Adele l98,209,33l Myhre, Todd Richard 64.234 Wayne Dennis 80 Newgard, Kennerh Morris Newman, Julie Anna Newman, Lawrence Henry Newion, Roy Eugene Nicholls, Edward Charles l84 Nicholls, Harold Carey Jr. l26,I83,35l Nicholls, Roberr Lyle Nichols, Donnamae Ella 90,l58.35l Nichols, Jean Karen 64,2Il Nichols, Karyl Jean Nichols, Lowell Keiih Jr. Nichols, Marjorie Ann 47, I 8l Nickel, Richard Leigh I88,355 William Wilmer Odell, John Seymour O'Donnell, Roberr Terrence O'Fallon, Donald James Ogle, Lynn Parker 48 O'Hara, Melvin Lamoyne O'Leary, John Owen l08 O'Leary, Joseph Donald O'Neal, Jerome Scoil' 64 O'Neal, Dean Francis O'Neill, Parricia Ann 80.209 Oakland, Daniel Louis 96,97 Oakland, William Morse 80 Ohman, Clinr 289 Ohman, Clinr Duane 48,234 Myllymaki, Gary Dean Mynor, John 80 Myrdal, John Allan Myrene, Mary Ellen 64.I79,20I Mysse, Arne Ralph 64,222,277 N Napion, Thomas Roberr Napion, William David Naranche, Mickey Naslund, Alan Joseph I54 Nay, Niles Byron Neal, Melba Jensen 380 Nickerson, Corliss Ann i25.l54,I55,266 Nicolay, John Biebel Nielsen, Ken 80,2l2 Nierenberg, Dennis Eugene Nienhouse, Gene Roy Nigro, William Joseph 64,234 Niklas, David Neil Nilsen, Louis Richard 2l9,350 Nisbel, Barbara Ann 47,2OI,288 Noble, Clyde 126 Noble, Jack W. Noel, Jr. Lloyd Edward 238.332 Noisinger, Roberi E. Jr. 80,234,287,289 Nokes, Nancy Corberr 48 Nolan, Michael Harrison Noland, Ronald Wayne Noon, Roberr Jerry I9l Norby, Eugene Allen I87,l88.355 Nordberg, Ronald John I88,355 Nordhagen, Arnold Daniel l26,I89 Nordsirom, Roberr Gene Ohman, Jerome Clair Oie, John Frederick Oien, Douglas Johnson I85,342 Oiala, Leslie Frank Oke, Michael Allen 64,2l9 Oklsnd, Philip Dale 80,180 Oldberg, James Louis Oleson, Harvey James Oliver, Judirh Elaine 48 Oliver, Roy Herman Olmsread, Douglas C. Olomon, James Pairick 8O,2I7 Olsen Andrew A. Olsen Donald Richard Olsen George Mariin 80,I8O,230,292 Olsen Jay Frederick Olsen Marrha Annerre 9I,l80 Olson, Amy Jean Olson Arihur Douglas Olson Carol Joann Olson Claudia Joan 48 71-i l i l Olson, Donald L. Olson, Gail Frances 80 Olson, Gary Irving 48 Olson, Harold Lloyd 48 Olson, Janice Jean Olson, Larry Joseph Olson, Leslie Arlhur l82,332 Olson, Peler James l88 Olson, Richard Keilh 238 Olson, Richard Lynn 48 Olson, Thomas Andrew 362 Olson, Thomas Marlin 64,227 Oman, Donald Guy Oneal, Jerry 238 Opalka, John Douglas Opp, Raymond Leroy Gpsahl, Harry Marlin Orll, Bryanl Roswell 48 Osborn, Gregory S. l23 Osborn, Jean Osborn, Larry Wayne l88 Osborne, John David 80,2l7 Osburn, Dennis Lee Oscarson, Aldon Osel, James Edward 8O,I84,335 Osher, Kennelh Alan 80,222 Osher, Nolan Lee I96,222,332 Oslby, Gary Lee 65 Oslenson, Rulh Sheryl 65,I79,207 Oslrem, Donald Lee Oswald, David Gary Oswald, Karen Kesling Oswald, Roberl James Ollem, Jack Norse Ollenbreil, Barbara Ann 48,l26 Ollo, Palricia Ann Overby, Richard Jay 65,2l7 Overcasl, David Alan 65,l l0,234 Overcasl, Louis Earl Overlell, Clarence Overgaard, Raymond Melvin Overholser, Donald Lee Owen, Guy Madison Owen, Keilh Owen, Vicloria Ann Owens, Marlin Frederick 8I,I87,2l9 Owes, Mariorie Ann 8l,203 P Padden, Willard John Page, Wallace Leroy Pagenkopl, Gordon Kyle 273,332 Pahl, Waller William Paine, John Roland Jr. 65,227 Painler, Wynn Bruce Palass, Rainer Waller Palmer, Carla Jon I86 Palmer, James Leonard Palmer, Karen Joy Palmer, Merle Elvin Palmer, Roberl James 48 Palmer, Shirley Lee I96 Palmer Slephen Weslbrook Palomaki, Peler William l88 Pangburn, Donald Duane 65,IO9,I l0,l l5,I79, l98,224 Pangburn, Edmond Delberl Pannage, Charles M. Jr. l80,342 Panlis, Pal ll0 Panlzer, Roberl Thomas 8I,l90,234 Paolini, Frank Samuel 48 Papesh, William George 65,I08,238 Paris, William Marlin Park, Geraldine Ann Park, Jerrold Douglas Parker, Archie Glen 362 Parker, Craig Delle 292 Parkey, Cecil Edward Parko, Judilh Rae 48,l26,I28 Paro, Joh Parr, Teel n Francis Edna Parrish, Bradley Bell I82,332 Parsons, Brown Alan Parsons, Millon Glenn Parsons, Roberl Taylor Pasley, Wenzel Alberl 292 Passmore, John Charles 332 Palch, Judy Kay 205,224,342 Palerson, Susanna Jean 65,86. l 79,209 Palrick, Diana May 65 Pelerson, Wayne Clarence I26,I29,35l Pelerson, William Oscar 266,267 Pelre, Preslon Olivier Pelroll, Thomas Pelsch, Verl Earl Jr. Pellersen, Duane Dennis Pellerson, Mary Lynn 8l,209 Pelly, Laurence Douglas Pevear, David Reckard Plall, Eugene George Pleiller, John W. Jr. Plrimmer, Donald Ross Phelps, Leslie Lynn 48,86,l l2,205 Philley, Michael Ouinn 48 Philip, Roy 362 Pallerson, Carolyn Louise 8l,20l Pallerson, David Earl I83 Pallerson, Miriam Leib Pallerson, Roberl Charles Pallerson Scoll Duncan Phillips, Carl Eugene Pallon, Gary Edward Paucher, Peggy 293 Paul, Richard Slanley 332 Paulsen, Waller Emery 342 Paulson, Dale Lee Paulson, Gary Joeseph Paulsrud, Nichali Sandra 65,20l Pavlas, Grace Irene Payne, Douglas Clyde Payne, John Roberl 48,96,l88 Payne. Terry William Peach, David James Pearcy, Roberl Woodwell 355 Pears, Sandra Margarel 65 Pearson, lvy Dorolhy Peck, Gary 65,234 Peck, Raleigh N. Pedersen, Erwin Leroy Pedersen, William Arlhur l26 Pederson, Mary Ann I39 Peek, Guy Richardson 8l Pelall, James Daniel Pelayo, Alvin Theodore Pelo, Gary Lee 332 Pemberlon, Dorolhy Ellen l78,I98,207,333 Pendergasl, Dianne E. 8I,205 Pengelly, Mary Louise 8l,l80,l85,20l Peppard, Alice Levisa 48 Peppenger, David Eugene Perkins, Donald Lee 48 Perkins, Royce Woods Perkins, Slanley Perkins, Thomas Joseph Perrone, Roberl George Peschel, Bonnie Faye I85 Peschel, Edward Paul Peschel, Waller Howard Pelaia, George Richard Pelers, Daniel James l35 Pelersen, Pelersen, Dorolhy Jean Kennelh Clark 65,234 Pelersen, Mervin Gene Pelerson, Aaron Gordon Pelerson, Alan Harry Pelerson, Andrea Louise Pelerson, David Ray 48.2l7 Pelerson, Deanna Karen 65 Pelerson, Dennis Leroy Pelerson, Donald Ray Pelerson, Erik John Pelerson, Francis Thomas Pelerson, Gary Henry Pelerson, Harold Wayne l65,l67,I82 Pelerson, James Crawlord Pelerson, Judy Wynn Pelerson, Karrol Kay Pelerson, Larry Charles Pelerson, Phyllis 88,89,90,247 Pelerson, Phyllis Jean 4.20,347 Pelerson, Roberl Lee 65 Pelerson, Thomas Roberl I 83 Phillips, Dwighl Edward Phillips, Harold Wayne Phillips, Judilh Ann 3,48,203 Phillips, Linda Berniece 65,l04.293 Phillips, Slephen Craig Phipps, David Russell 65,23l Picard, Paul Picchioni, Janice Ann 8l,I78,l80,I85,204 Picchioni, William Frank Piccinini, Sandra Gail Pickelick, Nicholas R. 49 Pickering, John Allen Pickering, John K. Pickerl, Roberl Waller I85 Picklhorn, Jerrold Lyle Pierce, David Roger I88,I93 Pierce, Harold Joseph Pierce, James Melbourne 65,97,23I Pierce. Palricia Marlha 209 Pierson, Dallon I96 Pilling, Denny Charles Pippy, Neala Ann 209,288 Pirch, Howard Roy 8l,l8l,l85,2l2 Pirrie, Sluarl Leclaire Pilch, Myron Eugene Pill, Harold Ronald 49,I26 Plakke, Ronald Keilh Plall, John Alberl Plenger, Roger Brian Plummer, James Theodore Plunkell, Richard Ellon Plule, Daniel Palrick Poerlner, George Ronald Pogue, David Bruce Pohlman, Dolphy Orvin Jr. l82,292,333 Poilras, John George Poling, James Clyde l88,355 Poliquin, Wilfred Harvey Pomaievich, Chris D. l35 Pomaievich, Kennelh M. Pomarleau, Lowell James Pomnichowski, Ralph M. 49.92,94 Pope, Jane Louise 8l,l09.l97,20l Pophal, Susan 8l Porler, Alice Linda Mar IO6,l58,l8I,268, 269,270 Porler, Barbara Jane Porler, John Arlhur Porler, Roger Burr Posso, lsabel Carrion 65,I47,207 Poslon, John Pal Polls, William Joseph Poucher, Margarel Ellen Poulis, Eugenia Corine 49,I25,207 Powell, Charles R. Jr. Powell, Jean Ann 49,236,205 Powell, Jeanne Powell, Wayne Noel Powell, William Gordon I58 Powers, Michael John Pramenko, James Michael I65 381 Price Praier, John Rueben 292 Prarl, Larry Ralph Prchal, Charles Henry Preile, Julius John Jr. 65,l26,l29 Preslgaard, Edward 49 Pre-sion, George Alexander 347 Presion, Norman Allan Price, Alberl Byron Price David Allen Price Dennis G. l35 Price Kalhleen Ann Keni Demers 65,l IO,l79,234 Pricer, John Charles 289 Priniz, J. Louise Priveir, Donald Gordon Prodor, Edward Leonard Pryor, Beiiy 8l,203 Pugh, Ronald Ray 49 Pulliam, Fred Lee Pumarlo, Cheryl Louise Puphal, Susan Marie 203 Purnam, Claude Barron Reagan Barney 362 Reardon, Sharon Eileen 65,209 Reber, Dianna Jean Marie l39,l40 Reber, Joseph Edward 234 Redanl, Philip Douglas I26 Redgren, John Allyn 8l,l83,23I,292 Reed, Barry Wilson 24l,355 Reed, Elberl Orval Reed, Fred Warren 81 Reese, Marshall Waller Reese, Michael Alan Reesman, Lloyd Lavern Reid, James Arlhur 66 Reid, Jerry Ray Reimche, Eldon Emil 66,234 Reiss, Peier Tiark 49. Reiih, Leonard George Reilloier, Mike I93 Remick, Joe Bernard l88 Reminglon, Ray Cecil Reiiig, Edward Pryor 66,23I Relrig, Susan Kay 49,203 Roberis, Kay Darla Roberis, Richard Maurice 355 Roberls, Siella Elin Roberis, Susan Geary Roberison, David Garih Roberlson, George Perry Roberlson Jack Alex 66 Roberison James David I26,l28 Roberison Memory Lee Roberison Richard M. Roberison Roberi Paul Jr. 8l,234 Roberrson William James Robinson, Clarence D. 49,219 Robinson. Diane Robinson, Donald Clarence I00,l03,l 333 Robinson, Donna Norma 90 Robinson, John Frederick Robinson, John Warren Robinson, Laird Alan 8l,2I7 Robinson, Robinson, Lesrer Scoir Ronald Lee Purnam, Donna Jean 8I,2Il Puinam, Lynn Morris 49,238,273,275,284 Puzon, Louis Malrhew O Quarrier, Archie Monroe Quarrier, Mary E. Mrs. Queahpama, Anioinelsle Quilling, Ronald Gordon 270,333 Revell, Sandra Lee 49,201 Revlin, Marlin Rewey, Frederic Paxson 364 Reynolds, Harry V lll l9O Reynolds, John Michael 347 Reynolds, William Reynolds, William S. Rhoades, Gerald Harry 49,237 Ricci, Francis Michael l63,l65,I66 Roche, Keni Melvern 49,23l Rocheleau, Larrae Eugene l65,I67 Rocherle, Roberi J. Jr. Rockman, Terry Lloyd Roe, Helen Theresa Roe, Joseph Theodore 49 Roe, Palricia Ann Roehl, Myra Shulis 8l,I78,l80 Rogers, Quinlan, Vincenl' T. lll Quirk, Faye Margarel Quisel, Siar Laureile 65,209 Quisi, John Charles 49,l69 Quillenbaum, Brian F. R Ricci, Paul A. Rice, Judiih Ann 8l,203 Rice, Nancy Lee Rice, William Marling l69,272,273,274 Rich, William John l65,I66 Richard, Carolyn Carey Rogan, Rogers, Helen Carol Adelle Helen 66,lO7,I79 Rogers, Cynrhia Margarei 49,203 Rogers, James l85 Rogers, Judilh Jane 8I,2OI Rogers, Judy Lynne 49,205 Kale Browning 49,203 Rabe, Roger Roy Racki, Beverly Jean Marie 65,205 Radabah, Richard Keirh Rademaker, Karen Lorene 65,l26 Raifeiy, Samuel Oakley Raiieiy, Roberr Oakley Raiiiery, James Gerald Raison, Clifford P. Ragsdale, John Paul Jr. Ralslin, Donald Lynn Ramer, Gerald Leroy Ramm, John Anlhony 49 Ramos, Anrhony Paul Rance, Bonnie Jo 333 Richard, Gale Clayron Richard, Jim Earl 8l,222 Richards, Cheryl I06 Richards, Dick Joseph Richards, Don Croy 49,239 Richards, Rober'r Bruce Richards, Ronald Paxlon I84 Richardson, Bland Zeno Richardson, William P. Richlie, Ernesi Anrhony Richier, Rick Duane 49,239 Rickard, James Francis Ricks, Leon B. Riddle, Diann Louise 209,333 Rogers, Mary Ann Rogers, Roberi Morris Rognas, Richard Roberr Rohel, Carol Ann Rohrbach, Frederick G. Rolczynski, David Joseph 49 Rolison, Roberl' Allen Roll, Thomas E. Rollin, Michael William 334 Rollins, Judilh Beairice Rolsion, Alan Thomas 273 Roms+ad, Roberl Adolph I78,23I,343 Roney, Ernesl Elmer Jr. Roo'r, Palricia Gail 66,207 Rand, Kalhleen Ann 49,207 Randall, Ronald R. Jr. 65,lO4 Randolph, Raymond William Randsirom, Roberl 66,23l Ransirom, Gerald Allen Ransirom, Lee William 66 Ranslrom, Linda Kae Ranslrom, William Roberl Rapp, James Arrhur 49,234 Rash, Eldon Leroy Rasmussen, Carolee Mary Rasmussen, Donald Linden Rasmussen, Mary Palricia 65,207 Rasmussen, Michael Leigh Rasmussen, Peler Ernesr l65,I67,l79 Ridle, Laurance Edward Riegler, John Charles Rieke, Ted William 66,l08 Riel, Sianley Joseph Ries, Joanne D. Riese, Vera E. Riggs, Sfanley Roberl' Riley, Honore Lee 66,20l Riley, Larry Edgar l78,234-.333 Riley, Roberl Gordon Riley, Wayne Clair Ringhand, Norman Lee l88 Rippeio. Mary Noel 8l,l80 Risdahl, Ronald Dean Rismon, Peggy Jean 49,288 Rorvik, David Michael Rose, Gary Ray Rose, Joan Ann I26 Rose, Michael Andrew Rose, Parricia Lee I97 Rosenbaum, Lawrence Dee Rosenberger, John Barry Rosera, Dean Roberr I87,355 Ross, Alix Brooke 8I,20I,22I Ross, John Walker 50,92,94,I06,239 Ross, Kennelh Bruce 8l,2I9,292 Ross, Michael Blaine Ross, Michael Harold Rolhfelder, Paul Waller 50 Roilhlisberger, Daniel L. Raiherl, Frederick C. Rarherl, Kalhryn Rochelle Ra'rher'r, William O. Ralhke, Carolyn Joyce Ralzburg, Ernesr Maulden l8l,l85 Raundal, Mary Margo Rauscher, James Leslie Rawson, Neal Waller Raymond, Roy Edward Raymond, Ural Wayne Readicker, John Alan 382 Rilschel, River, Jo Janei' Florence 66 ann Rives, Douglas Leroy Robbins, Bonnie Jo 66,l58,I8l,2l l,270 Robbins, Gerald Dean l43,2l7,343 Robbins, Jerri K. 66,l89 Robbins, Sandra Lee 49 Roberls, Alan Harold Roberrs, Craig Edmund Roberis, James Alden Jr. 28l,333 Roberis, James Blackford Rouane, Mary Doherry Roueche. Bradford Rounds, Richard Allen Rounds, Sandra Lynn Rowlan, James E. 343 Roy, Philip Eugene Rubino, Vincenr Eugene 50 Rudin, Judiih Ann 50,126 Rudis, Theodora Anna l98,334 Rudolph, Shirley Ann Ruegamer, William Howard 50,2I7 78,217 Ruff, Roberl' Laverne Rugg, Raymond Paul Rugh, Roberl Glenn 50 Rummel, Allred Theodore Rummel, Jay Richard Rundhaug, Wallace R. Rusin, William Richard Rusk, Florence M. Russell, Brenl 1-lomer 135 Russell, John Frederic 66,110,235 Russell, Kalu 81 Russell, Luanne Karen 50 Russell, Richard 1-lomer 81,189 Rulagumirwa, L. L. 66,107 Rulh, Richard 1-1. Ru11edge, Philip Michael Ryan, Calhlene Shirley 20,82,207 Ryan, Jerome Michael 50,212 Ryan, John Michael 184 Ryan, Kennelh Edmond Ryan, Palrick John Rylander, Paul Neil 94 S Saari, Cheryl Anne 50,207 Sacia, Niles Fredrick Saellzer, Dudley Viclor Saewerl, Peler Frederick Sager, Delores lrene 82,1 1 1,112,182,201 Sager, Ronald Douglas 82,126,183 Sagunsky, Paul Louis Sailer, Gayle Marie 50 Sainl, Inez Roberla Salas, Rolando Salisbury, Wilson Leroy 191 Salmond, John Collins Salo, Dorolhy Smilh Salveson, Mary Louise 82,106,205 Sampson, Carol Ann Samuels, Andrew Wylie Sandberg, Norma Painlon 50,110 Sanders, John Frederic 188 Sandrock, John 1-lugo 50,289 Sanford, Sherri Mace Sanford, Vicior Wayne Sasse, Nancy J. 50,87,205 Salerlie, Gail Ann 198,207,347 Salher, Floyd Denver Sarher, Susan Elizabeih 125.157 Sallerlee, Mark M. Saul, John Woodruff Saunders, Carole Lee 66,201 Savage, Roger Lee Sawyer, James Wesley Saxlon, Berma Mae 66,205 Sayler, George Chris Sayre, Thomas Wesley Schaefer, James Michael Schafer, Larry Allan Schara, Joseph Edward Scharr, Leroy Louis Schalz, 1-lerberl Marshall Scheeler, Marion Carole 334 Schendel, Dale Wilson Schielelloein, Kennelh L. Schield, Jack Les'1er Schiess, Barry 1-1ar'r 66 Schiff, Slephen Edward 82 Sc1111e,Gail Kaiherine 82,209 Sc1ii1e,Vincen+ Philip Schille, Carol Judilh Schiller, Richard Marion Schilling, David Eveland Schilling, Krisli Ann 50,211 Schilling, Rodney Edwin 196 Schilz, James Nickolus Schilz, Thomas Richard 50,223 Schindler, Mary Ellen Schlabs, Marvin Andrew 181,185 Schleindl, 1-lans Michael Schlepp, Leslie Doreen 50,211 Schlule, Bernd 217 Schmauch, Frederick A. Schmauch, Michael Fred 50,223 Schmid, Daniel Clinlon Schmidl, C. Diane Schmidt Donna Margarel 82,180,185 Schmidl, Fred Roberl' 66,239 Schrnidl Judilh Anne 50,207 Schmidll Larry Dean 193 Schmidf, Warren Ernesl Jr. 273 Schmiedeke, Charles W. Schmill, Whilney Thomas Schmoll, Diane Marie 50,209,289 Schmoll, Edward A. Jr. Schnechlen, John 223 Schneider, Gail Marie Schneider, Genevieve 82,211 Schneider, Ruperl C. Schnelle Schnelle Schoen, r, Lewis John 98,135 r, George John Leon John 194 Schoenborn, Theodore F. 228,334 Schoenenberger, Florence Schalf, Mildred Arliene 50 Schramm, Donald Maurice Schreiber, Richard C. Schroedel, Richard David Schroeder, Cynihia Rae 330 Schuldheiss, Timolhy Lee Schuler, William Norberl 50,239 Schulre, Bernd Anron 66 Schulle, Jo Anne 50,207,289 Schullz, Derry Lynn 198,201,334 Schullz, James Donald 103 Schullz, James Michael 67 Schullz, John Lawrence Schullz, Warren Slanley 50.227 Schulz, Dennis Duane Schumacher, Lee Russell Schuslrom, William C. Schwanke, Kermil Dale 66,103,104,110,179, 217 Schwarlz, Mary Joan 50,209 Schwechlen, John Lewis 50 Schweilzer, Edmond Erwin Schweifzer, Roberl M. Jr. Schwerlieger, Carl Roberl 135,277 Schwin, William 1'1arry Schwisow, Kennelh Eugene ScoH', Belle Jean Sco++, Gary Everefl Scolr, George Davis Scoll, Michael David 93 Scoll, Palricia Joy 66,201 Scoll, Sandra Jane Scovel, Larry Allen 133,135,347 Screnar, Chrisly Margarel 82,194 Scriven, Tam 191.334 Seaman, John Jackson Jr. Seaman, Sharon Norlhrup Searle, Terrence Wayne Sears, Joni Marie 51 Sebek, Edward Charles Secresr, Charles Flelcher Sedivy, Edmund Paul 362 Seel, William F. Jr. Seeley, Roger Wilbur Seerup,Judi1'h Rose Seim, Kei+h Douglas 66,235 Seim, Mary L. Seim, Richard Norman Seines, John Dennis 66,289,191 Sell, Lowell Earnesl Selig, Susan Ruh 187 Sellzer, William Ross Semon, Lee F. 111 51 Sendon, George Robles 67,239 Sepl, Wallace E. Seraline, Pairicia Sunday Serdar,Jei1rey Paul 180,219,343 Sellers, Raymond Amos 51,227 Sevedge, J. Pal 66 Seymour, Mallie Lee Jane Shackeliord, Richard A. Shaliner, Donnee Rea Shanklin, Pennie Rae 5l,87,207 Shanu, Wilson Amy Ella 67,147 Sharma, Upendra Narain Sharp, Denice Kalherine Shaughnessy, Rose Eliz Shaureile, Dale Dexler 82,235 Shaw, Frank Warringlon Shaw, 1-larlan Lee 67 Shea, Eileen Marie 67,207 Shea, George Pairick Shea, Palricia Ann Shea, Palricia Claire 206,224,334 Shea, Margarel' Joanne Shearer, 1-lenry Audoun Shearer, John Mallhew Sheble, Belly Jean 82,203 Sheire, Mary Ellen 207,334 Shelden, Roberr Merlen Sheldon, Gary Allan 188,347 Sheldon, Jerry Gene Shell, L. Leverne Shellon, Jon Lewis 235,347 Sheneman, Jack Darrell 217,334 Shenk, Barbara Jean 88,197 Shepherd, Alice B. Sherick, David Mark 82 Sheridan, James Leslie 67,235 Sherman, Diane Gloria Sherman, William Claylon 51,194 Sherry, Sluarl James 51,217 Shevalier, Jack Allen 135,183 Shields, Calherine Ann 82 Shipley, Anne 307 Shirls, Carolyn Ann 126,129 Shoemaker, Dennis Alberl Shore, Kalhleen Ann 158 Shorr, Jerome Corllandl 181,185,273 Shorl, Margarel Ann 3,86,104 Sidwe11,Dora+1wy 180 Shpiel, Edmund Peler 67,239 Shugrue, Mary Ann 82,181.I90,196 203 Shulls, Philip Edward 22,87,179,223 255 Shulund, Lynn Shumale, Marcia Shummon, Samuel Joseph Shurlleii, Dwighr William Siakels, Carol Jean 51 Sickels, Judilh Ann 347 Sieben, Kennard Leroy Siebrechr, Myron Dewilr Siegliord, Ben Erwin Siemens, Roger McCar1y Silversfein, Richard 292,334 Simms, Rober+S1o1z Jr. 51 Simon, Barbara Ann 51 Simon, Bruce Wallace Simon, Diane Jane 158 Simonsen, Laura Marie 189 Simpson, Beverly Jean 106,178,201 334 Simpson, Thomas 1-lenry 183,273 Sinclair, Lloyd Dean 82,158,180,239 Sinkey. Slephen Kenl Sinkhorn, John Baxler Sipma, Karen Anne 126 Sisco, John Randell Slomsvik, Andrea Kay 67,20I,293 Sisco, Neil Roger Sisson, Joan Elaine Sivalon, Charlene Frances 82,203 Sisch, Diane 5I Sivalon, Lucia Calherine 203,347 Sioholm, Sonia Ann 207,347 Siursen, Frank Harold Jr. Skabronski, Carl George I69 Skalsky, Carol Linda 82.l58,2Il Skari, Carman Morkrid Skellon, Randal Lee Skinner, Roberl Vernon Skolslad, Dennis Earl Skones, Orville Michael Skroback, Lawrence M. Slaler, Jerry Raymond 5l,2I9 Sleighl, Douglas Hoyl Sloan, Peler W. Smail, Donna Rae 5I Smeiko, Daniel Bowman I35 Smilh, Smilh, B. A. Ross 2l7,343 Beverly Jean Smilh, Charles Adam Smilh, Clillord Bruce l88.355 Smilh, David Wade Smilh, Derald Glen 67,l70 Smilh, Donald Leroy Smilh, Donald N. Smilh, Donald Nelson Smilh, Smilh, Dorolhy Jean Florine Kay 209.224 Smilh, Frank Gilder Smilh, Gordon Homer 82,223 Smilh, James Francis Smilh, Smilh, Joan Clare 82,209 Juanila Rose 5l,l58 Smilh, Kalherine Anne Smilh, Lamonl Claude Smilh, Linda Kay 347 Smilh, Smilh, Lucille Joyce Lynda Dianne 205 Smilh, Michael Alberl Smilh, Michael Fred Smilh, Neil Edward Smilh, Oliver Douglas 82 Smilh, Richard Harry 334 Smilh, Roberl Charles Smilh, Samuel David lll Smilh, Sandra Jon 67,86,l79,207 Smilh, Sharon Marie 82,l82,203 Smilh, Terrill Ann 5I Smilh Tresa Vivian 82,207 Smilh, Ward Henry Smuin, Douglas Kelly Snavely, Michael Robinson 67,239 Sorge, Violel Hazel Soucy, Leonard Alberl Soika, Frank Jr. 82 Sparks, M. Lynn 83.l08.209 Sparr, Charles Edward Sparrow, Boone Sparrow, Charles Miller Spalalore, Thomas Anlhony I26,I58,l83 Spaulding, Raymond Leo Spear, Frank James I69 Speck, Carolyn Jane 83,l89,205 Speelman, Gene Richard Sperline, Gary Paul 5l,2I2 Spelay, Allen Spelhman, Kay L. Spilller, Janel Elizabelh 5I,209,248,289 Sprall, William Conley Spring, Richard Mallhew Squires, Jim Lane 83 Squires, Kennelh Allen Sree, Gary 67 Slack, William Thomas Slall, James A. Slallord, Leslie Doris 207 Slallord, Sandra Kay Slahl, Dick Leroy Slalcup, Leon Acy Slallard, Berl Eugene Slanden, Richard Earl Slandish, Janel Susan Slandley, Donna Rae Slandley, Slanlord, Slaniger Janice Irene I82,343 Sandra Rulh William Loren 335 Slanley, Craig Ellison 67.235 Slanley. Daylon Dee l89 Slanley, Joyce Ann 83,I89 Slansberry, Aaron Anlon Slark, Cody Auslin Slarr, Ro berl George Slarry, Beverly Jane 9I,I96 Slauduha r, Joe Mario 83.227 Slaullacher, Thomas J. Slecher, Valerie 5l Sleadman, Sara Ellen 335 Slearns, Harold Joseph 335 Sleenburgen, David Arlhur 83,24l Slelanich, Marie A. 203,347 Slelles, James Rae Slegmeier. E. David 335,343 Slegmiller, James Edward 227 Sleinbrenner, Gaye Gene Sleiner, Maxine Sleiner, Peler James Slelling, Jack Ray Slewarl, Sharon Lee 69,I92 Slewarl, William Gordon 83 Slidmon, Larry Tiplon Sliles, David Reed Sliles, Ivan Leroy Sliles, Ward Leon Slill, James A. 83,23I Sliver, Sharon Ellen 67,I9I Slobaugh, Nadine Ada 5l Slockamp, Torval Arlhur Slocklin, Michael John Sloler, Francis Jacob Slohle, Alan Harold I9I Slohr, Penn Reymond Slohr, Slan Jon Sloianoll, John Roger 268.269 Slokan, George Anlhony Slokes, Sheila 83,l86 Sloll, Richard Allen 347 Slone, Charles Meredilh 2l7,277 286 335 Slone, Harlan Lowell Slone, John Franklin Slone, Roberl Lee Slokes, Ron 67,235 Slopplecamp, Margarel L. 347 Slorch, Roberl Louis I88 Slolls, Morgan Richard Sloul, Charles Alberl Jr. Sloul, Michael Charles Sloverud, Leon Brendl Sloverud, Linda Ann Slrackbein, Arlhur C. Slralas, Georgia Diane 67,IO9 Slrale, Larry Daniel 83,l80 Slreel, Douglas Gerald Slrickland, Dale Homer l26,l29 Slrickler, William John Slrizich, John Franklin Slrobeck, Curlis Jerome Slrode, Curlis W. Slrode, William Lewis Slromberg, Roger Edwin Slrommen, Philip Arlhur Slrong, Marcia Aleen I86 Slrong, Sidney James 83,2I3 Slruve, Margarel R. Sluarl, Charles Neale I79 Sluarl, John James 83 Slurdevanl, Keilh Fay Slurdevanl, Larry Ross Slurm, Lorence Gaylord Sullivan, Dennis Kennedy Sullivan, Hugh Daniel l98,277 Suermondl, Barl I26 Sundslro Snead, Donna Kalhleen Snell, William Norman 82,2I9 Snider, Roy Sluarl Snorlland, Donald Edwin 67,235 Snorlland, Jeani Elinor 20I,343 Snyder, John Edward Snyder, Lois Kyle Snyder, Mary Louise 67,l06,l07,207 Snyder, Roy Owen 67 Soans, Livingslon I 89 Soderslrom, James Michael 5l Sol, Mark Slephen Solberg, Donna Margarel 82 Solem, William Marlin 67.2I7 Solum, Richard Lee Sommers, Allen Craig Soniu, Jon Andrew Sonslelie, Lawrence C. Sorensen, Garry Dale Sorensen, Roger Scoll Sorenson, James Curlis Sorenson, Karl Edwin Sorel, 384 Edward Henry Slelzer, Gail Lorraine Slenselh, Beverly Ann 67 Slenselh, Karen Olene I82,343 Slenselh, Roger Douglas Slephen, Michael Joseph 96,292,335 Slephens, Merlon Ernesl Slephens, Roberl Z. Slephens, William C. 5l,2I9 Slephenson, Frank Alex Slephenson, Larry Wayne Slerling, Edward Lehman I96 Slerling Susan Lee Sullivan, Ken I69 Sullivan, James Edward Sullivan, Marilyn Frances 9l Sullivan Mary Palricia 3I,207 Sullivan: Thomas Neil 83,2I7 Sullivan William Joseph I69 Sumner: Jay Slanley 67,I62,l65. m, Charles Wesley 94 I67,223 Slelson,i Howard Allred I96 Slelson, Slevens, Mark Raymond 355 Bonnie Sue 83,1 l8,205 Slevens, Dennis Leroy 83,223,292 Slevens, Gary Lee Slevens, Russell Douglas Slewarl, James Gary Slewarl, Slewarl, Slewarl, Slewa rl, Karalee Ann 3,5l,I I7,209 Linda Louise Mark McCall Philip Arnell Susoll, Ron Alvin Svee, Gary Duane l35 Svehla, Roberl L. Svennungsen, Mark William 83 Svermondl, Barl 2l9 Svien, Marlo Weslley Swain, Thomas Berglund 5I.223 Swanberg, Gorham Eric Swanberg, Gregg Alan Swanberg, Slephanie Marie 88,89 Swank, Sandra Claire 205,335 Swaney. Daniel Henry Swanser, Ward Marland Swanson, Harlan L. Swanson, Lee Eskil I35 Swanson Swanson Swanson , Loris Sue Marilyn Sonia Swanson. , Vernon Ronald , Slephanie M. 67,I79,2OI Swanl, Dale Lee 83,23I Swarlz, B. A. Swarlz, Slan Lesler Swearingen, Edilh A. Mrs. Sweeney, Palrick Charles 67,l79,235 Swenson, Dean Lavern Swenson, Linda Lee Swenson, Roberl Sluarl Swell, Roberl Lyle 335 Swezey, lan Alexander Swindlehursl, Joseph T. 67,lO6,23l Swor, Slacy Ward 67,IO6,I79,235 Syverson, Bessie B. Szakash, Lynn Marie 5l,207,245,289 T Tabingh, Suermondl Bouwe 5l Tabor, Norman Rollin Tag, Palmer Leslie Tag, Roger Allen Tahiia, Dale Michael Tainler, Frank Hugh Tainler, Nancy Lou 5I,86,87 Takala, Ramon Gus Talbol, Marlha Leone Tamielli, David Eugene Tanberg, Carl J. l85 Tande, Rodne L. 52,223 Tandy, William Desmond Tangen, Jean Diane 83,lO6,209 Tannenholz, Harold Tarbel, Roger Daniels Tarbox, Roberla Kay 6,l l2,l47,l58 270 Targell, James David Tarranl, William Chandler Taylor, Ned 264 Tascher, Ina Mai Taylor, Barbara Mae Taylor, Bryson D. l84 Taylor, Carol Jean 52 Taylor, Connie Lee Taylor, Douglas Wasley Taylor, Edwin l-l. Jr. Taylor, John Edward Taylor, Richard Arlhur 68,223 Tecca, James Edward 68,223 Templeman, Nelson Bradley Templin, Bonnie Jean Tennanl, Belly Rae 52,l86 Terrell, James l-lale l2O,270 Theroux, Warren Gene Thibodeau, Gene Edward Thibodeau, William Ray 52 Thiele, Barlon Allred Thielman, James Edward Thill, James Roberl Thomas, Gary Edward I26,l29 Thomas, John Fosler Thomas, Richard Arnold Thomas, Richard James Thomeson, Slan 83 Thomley, Margarel Louise Thompson Beverly Jean Thompson Charles Edward 235 Thompson James Roberl 68,223 Thompson Jerry Eugene 52 Thompson Thompson James Palrick John A. Jr. 68,235 Thompson John Raymond Thompson Melvin Thomas Thompson Michael Dale 68 Thompson, Thompson, Pamela Elhel 68,203 Phyllis Marie 52 ,l8l,244, Thompson, Russell Dean Thompson, Slanley Paul 235 Thompson, Sleven Lewis 52,239 Thomson, Michael Lee Thomson, William Mahion 68,239 Thoren, William Daniel 83,l80,I85,336 Thorne, Annelle Ora Thorne, Larry Marlin 68,23l Thorne, Rodney Carmon 83,180 Thornlon, Dale Edward 52,239 Thorpe, Donald Charles Thorsen, Marcus Waller Thorson, Donald Palmer 68,I78 Thorson, Richard Dean 83 Thorwardson, Ellen Ann Threlkeld, Paul Russell Thruslon, Janice Louise 336 Thuesen, James Dean 52 Thurman, Diane Louise Tibbells, Wesley l-larold I9l Tidball, William Peler Jr. IO9 Tiddy, Lea Frances Tidyman, William Gay Tillany, Thomas Eugene Turner, Georde Edward 52 Turner, John Roy Turner, Richard William Turner, Vernon Dee 68,227 Tuss, David I26 Tull, George Thomas 68,23l Tuxbury, Colleen Denella Tweed, Norman Sperry I89 Twelen, Marlen Oren Tyler, Gwendolyn Kay Tyler, James Michael 68,235 U Udelhoven, Jerry Keilh Udelhoven, Melvin Graydon Ueland, Marlin Enrighl 273 Ulberg, Thomas Andrew Ullman, Nancy Ann 83,2Il Ulmer, Gregory Leland 52,223 Ulvedal, Roberl Jerome 52,lO3,235 Ulyall, John Rowell lll 68,l lO,239 Underwood, Charles l-laberl l93,292 Underwood, Donald Ray Unruh, Delberl Leroy 98,l56,l9l Tilleman, Michael John 68,23I Tillman, Jerald Edwin Timanson, David Morlon Timm, Glenn Lee 287,289 Timmons, Elizabelh Jane 52 Timmons, Gordon David Tkach, George Kennelh 239,336 Tobel, Dave 52 Tobin, John Palrick Todd, Frank Slurlevanl Todd, John l'-luslon Todd, Palrick John 68,235 Tollely, Allen Richard Tolliver, Slanley Ralph Tompkins, Judilh Lee Tonnsen, John Joseph Jr. Topley, Charles H. Torgenrud, Penelope Ann Torgerson, Duane Richard 336 Torgerson, Leil Hegg Torp, George l8l,I85,359 Torvik, Slanley Howard Towe, Krislin Anna 9l,l47,I97 Tower, Arlhur Eugene l87,l88 Town, Margarel Jean 209,336 Towne, Roger Lawrence Towner, Gary Alan 223,343 Traber, l-larvie Hall Trask, Janel I84 Trask, Roberl Traunweiser, Alberl Allan 83.24l Tree, Georgia Benlon Tree, Wayne Edwin Tremblay, Mavis Olive 336 Trenary, Darrell Gordon Trenowelh, Roy Wilbur Jr. 83,2I3 Trickey, George Waller Tripp, Kalherine Eileen Tripp, Eugene Louis Tripp, Lowell Alien 240 Troglia, James Marlin Jr. I8l,I85,I9l,239, 359 Trosper, S. Paul Troller, Clarence Michael 235,336 Trubell, Deloris Anila 83 Trudell, Edward Richard I88 Truscoll, Francis Drake Tschirgi, Joan Claire Tucker, Joseph Lawrence Tucker, Byrd Weslon Tung, Slephanie Hung Yin I47 Turck, Philip Raymond 52,I26 Turk, Philip Ernesl Turmell, John Roy l70,23l,343 Upshaw, Jack 264,266,267 Upshaw, Karen Joyce 2OI,256,293,35l Urbach, Keilh John 68,239 Urbaner, Randy 223 Urbanske, Amie Louise 68.2Ol Urness, John Duane Ulick, Andrew John 68.24l Uller, Pauline Held V Vahl, Larry Earl 83 Valenline, Gwendolyn l58 Valenline Jerry Gregor 287,289 Valenline, Kil Jolyon 292,308 Valenline Lonny Vern Valenline Ray E. Valenline Scoll L. Valgenli, Viclor Frank 362 Valleio, Eslher l. Vallinson, Lynn Ervin Vanaelslyn, Calherine A. 84,l9l,2l6 Van Blaricom Dorolhy C, 68,86,l79,2Ol Vandegrill, Myles Malcolm 68,227 Van l-loulen, Rulger Arn Van l-loven, Jan Edward l89 Vann, Peler Dennis 52 Van Nugs, David Whilman Van Thiel, Michael James Van Vliel, Kalharine 84-,l39,l97,2Ol Van Wichen, Raymond Jacob Varker, Roberl Clinlon I94 Varner, Jerry Miles Vashey, l-l. Roberl Vasser, l-larry Bruce 84 Vaughn, John Charles Vaughl, John Edward Vaupel, Dean Verni Veeder, l-lelen Louise 2Ol,343 Veis, Terry Marvin 52,223 Vennum, Waller Roberl Verbeck, Nicolaas A. M, Verwoll, Lena Joyce I94 Vick, Peler James Viehweg, Judilh Ann Vieslenz, llo Marie 84,l l2,207 Villemure. Arlhur Paul 52,94 Vincenl, Richard Waller 84,2I9 Vinson, Karen Jenny Vining, Roger Thomas Vinlon, Marie Glaspey Vinlon, Theodore George Violell, Richard l-l. 52 Violelle, Belly Ann 68,9I Violelle, William James 385 Vivion, Ronald Elliol Vogl, Roberl Frank Jr. Voighl, David Kim 220,336 Vollmer, Douglas Alberl Voorhees, Richard Lewis Voorhis, John Roberl Vosburgh, Roberl Orrin Volh, Roberl Elmer Vranish, Sally Jo W Warner, Palricia Ann 53,209,250 Warner, Slephen Joseph 53,217 Warner, Waller Charles Warren, Charlolle Lei 84,126,179,203 Warren, Sue Carolyn 69,108,l89,205 Warwick, Vance Wesley Washinglon, George A. 126 Washul, Leon Paul 84,198,292 Wasley, Linda Darryl 91,337 Walers, Helen Carolyn Walne, Roberl Allen Walson, Hugh Dale While, Arlhur Leroy Jr. While. Clillord Eugene While, Francis Edwards 194 While, Margarel Ellen While While While While , Richard Gerald 347 , Sharon Vicloria 11O,196,211,337 , Susan Jean 194 head, Suellen B. 53,203 Whilelaw, William E. 100,IO3,223,273,333 Whilmer, Duane Ellon Whilmer, Jerry Dean Whilney. Bernice Carolyn Wade, Eugene Ross Wade, Ronald Keilh 68 Walslel. Wagner, Wagner, Kalherine R. 84 Belly Margarel Earlene Roberla 84 Wagner, Jerome Roy Wagner, Lolus Anne 115,357 Wagslall, Richard B. Wahl, Jannie Vicloria Wahl, Ken 190 Wahlslrom, Frederic D. Jr. Wakelield, Sam B. Wakley, Neil Francis 84,190,235 Walby, Rosalie G. 84,158 Walch, Kennelh Allen Waldron, Donald Roberl Waldron, Jean M. Walikonis, Barbara E. 52 Walker, Glen Alan 97 Walker, Kennelh Lee 84,158 Walker, Richard Warren 52 Wall, Judi Helen 52 Wallace, Wallace. Wallace, Wallace, Barbara Susan Jane 52 William Campbell William Lowell Waller, George Don 281 Waller, James Allon 68 Wall Hagen, Edward 84 Wallin, John McRae Jr. 239,336 Wallinder, Jim 281 Wallwork, Bruce William 98,135 Walralh, Willard Paul Jr. Walsh, C. Thomas 98 Walsh, Francis Eugene Walslad, Neil Roger Waller, David John Waller, Barbara Ann Waller, Rila Ann 68,179,207 Wallers, Douglas Norman Wallers, Linda Lee 52 Wallers, Tim Leroy 193 Wallon, Earl E. Wallon, Richard Earl 52,84 Wallon, Roberl William 106,227 Walz, Richard Allen Wamsher, Richard Campbell 355 Wamsley, Roderick George Wanago, Roberl Anlhony Wanderer, Slephen L. 68,179,217 Wanek, Philip Morgan Ward, Warburlon, Clinlon Brenl Ward, Darold Edward Ward, Doyle Vaughn Jr. Ward, J. Ann 53,201 Ward. J. Mersch 96 Ward, John Roberl 53,239 Ward, Marilyn Lois Ward, Marla Gale 69,186 Ward, Virginia Lee 209,289 William Leon Wallers, George C. Jr. Walls, Bodil Susan Walls, Joan Silvia 69,104,1 10,207 Waugh, Roberl Winlon Wealherill, Ron 213,337 Weaver, Blanchard Dee 94,235 Weaver, Lynn Harris 53 Weaver, Marvin Thomas Webb. Charlolle Lerean Webb, James Granl 53.93,94,95,219,289 Webber, Sandra Roxene Weber, Dolores Elizabelh Weber, Joann Rulh Weber, Judy Arleen Websler, Kenl Arlhur 84,239,287 Wedum, David Edward Wedum, Neal Carl Weeks, George Thomas Wehl, Don 345 Weie, John 93 Weingarlner, John Charles 69,223 Weinschroll, David John 53,186,189,213 Weis, Kurl Johann 347 Weisl, John Roberl 180,343 Welch, John Charles Welch, Kryslol Lee 84,112,209 Wellman, Juanila Sue 69,11O,126,129,l81,19I Wells, Harold Lee Wells, John Richard Welsh, E1Iiol+Ashlon 11 Welli, Donald William 53 Wemple, James Roberl Wenlworlh, Charles Lesler 69,126.128,223 Wenlz, Carol Jane Wenlz, Mariorie Ellen Wenz, Warren Carl 69,179,227 Werba, Ronald Bernard 133,135,2l7,343 Werner, David Darrell Werner, James Ellioll Werner, Kennelh Howard Werre, James Waller Werlh, Lee Forresl Werlz, Lawrence Anlone 68,l79,180,223 Wessel, Wayne Leighlon Wesl, Deborah Jean 69,179,209 Wesl, Dorolhy Alice 53 Wesl, Richard Ellison Wesl, Roger A. Weslberg, Halvor Holl 277 Welsel, John Leland Wellach, Charles Edward Wellach, Nancy Reed Wellerling, Sharon Marie 201 Welzch, James Preslon Welzel, Norman Michael Welzel, Susan Jo 207.337 Welzel, W. W. Wel'ZS'1'eor1, Slerling M. 217,273,286,290,343 Whalen, Dolores Diane Whealley. Cylhia Ann Whill, Marlin Radlord 357 Whillaker, Carol Fay XfVhillaker, Palricia M. 53 Wichman, David Roger Wick, Daniel Lewis Wick, Roberl Alan 126,289 Wick, Ronald Casper 196 Wickslrom, David Edward 355 Widilz, Colleen Sue Wiebke, Richard Winlield 69,108.1 10.179, 235 Wiegman, John Henry 69 Wiegner, Jo Ann Wihlborg, Shirley Jean Wilborn, William Francis 287 Wilburn, William King Wilcox, Damian Bernard Wilcox, Mary Craig Wilde, Andrew Emil Wildes, Charles 69,198,219 Wiley, James Warren Wilkerson, Michael L. Will, Edward Dale Willard, Roberl Lee 337 Willard, Roberl Floyd 239 Willard, William Allen 69 Willell, Dwighl Jon 69 Willell, Kennelh Arlo 53 Warden, Penny Donna 84,209 Warehime, Shirley Jean Waring, Roberl William Warner, Gregory Howard 336 Warner, Mary Claire 69,110,209 86 Wheeler, Nancy Jean Whelan, Marianne Palricia Whelan, Palrick John Whelan, John William Whipple, James Leo 69,235 Williams Williams , Dennis Dale , Dennis Jay Williams, Fred Lee Williams, Jean Ann 53 Williams, Jerry Boyd Williams, Lynne Aldice 84,203 Williams, Noel Eugene Williams, Roberl Earl Williams, Roberl James Jr. Williams, Roberl Paul Williams, Rulh Shelley Williams Williams Williams Williams , Theodore Judd 84,235 , Thomas George 123,154,155,264 , Walker Townsend 69,235 .Wendell Alan 69 Williamson, Dean T. Willis, Marilh M. 191,351 1 Willis, Richard Clark Willils, Connie Jane 53,126,185 Willils, James A. 84,223 Willson, Judson Choale Wilson, Donna Wynn Wilson, Douglas Norman Wilson, Geollirey Ford Wilson, James Floyd Wilson, John Dale 126 Wilson, John Palrick 53 Wilson, Kemp Jell Wilson, Melinda Grace 69.108,1 10,156,157 179,205,293 Wilson, Monle Maryal Wilson, Roberl Fredrick Wilson, Roger Burgan Wilson, Sande John Wilson, Vince 183 Wilson, William C. Jr. 92,93,94 Will. Michael Edward Z Winberg, Karen Elaine 69 Wine, Margariia Mimi 53 Winegar, Margarei' Efhel Wineholr, Ellwood Frank Wing, Richard Jay 94,287 Wing, Thomas Lawrence Winn, Jacqueline Schnase Winn, Raymond Clarlc Woodgerd, Gary Dale 343 Woods, Flarold Eugene lO3,lO4,l98,236,337 Woolridge, Geraldine J. Worboys, Kenneih Donald Worcesier, Roberi Ausiin 53,223 Wren, Nancy Priscilla 69,209 Wrighi, Alida Louise 53,2l l,269 Wrighi, Dolores Dempsey Winsor, Gene Edward Winfer, Karhryn Elaine Winier, Sue 24I Wise, Rheif Slcillings 96 Wifhee, Sandra Lou 203,337 Wifi, Dan 266 Wrighl, James Clarence 53 Wrighl Ralph Sieele 2l7,343 Wrighi Roberi Lyle Wulf, Donald Dean l85 Wuli, Gary Shandon Wulf, Nancy Elizabeih 69,lO8,207 Wilierling Sharon 69 Wiizel, Roberi Charles Wohl, Beverly Ann Wolchulc, Joseph Gerald Wold, Douglas Jerome 292 Wolfe, George Allen Wolfe, Swain Wolfe, Vicioria Ann Wolff, l-larold Ervin l78,l85 Wolff, Richard Francis Wolhowe, Ann Siephanie 84,l98,205,224 Wollasfon, Jeffrey Jay 84,I74,235 Wood, Cynihia Clayre 53,86,209 Wood, Karen Mae- Wood Linda Darlene 84,l42,293,308 Wood, Siephen Louis I35 Wood Wilbur Hoadley 84,I l5,I84,223 Wuihrich, Roy Fredriclc Y Yalcimov, Andrei Simov Yancey, Homer Gilberr Jr. 53,96 Yanziclc, Joe Alan Yaies, Leland Marshall Jr. Yaies, Pairicia Eileen 347 Yales, Siephen Vicior Yeabower, Michael Francis Yeclcel, Susan Miles Yeiier, William Henry Yoasi, Bruce Allan Yonce, David Ross I96 Yoppe, Janiel Louise Yorlc, Donna May Young, Barbara Louise 84,2Il Young. Charles R. Jr. Young, Noel L. I9l,264,266,267 Young, Parris Jon Arden Youngman, David George Youngquisi, Gary Joseph 69 Yuhas, Susan Mary 53,2lI Yungdahl, Dora Lee Yurlcovich, Judiih Ann Zabaclc, Edward Thomas Zachary, Arlene Frances 53,203,289 Zachary, Gerald Rex Zadiclc, Roberr William Zadra, Cheryl Jean 69,209,25I Zalcos, Mary Diane Zeidler, Don Roy Zelio, Theodore Wesley Zemlce, l-luberi Royce Zenizis, Roger Marlin 3,69,l I6, Zieg, Kaiherine Gail 53 Zimmerer, Janice Kay 53,2II Zimmerman, David Ward Zimmerman, Gail Dean Zinneclcer, Roland Dean Zipperian, Elaine Clare Zopii, Avis Gail 53 Zopii, Gerald F. I85,227,343 Zoio, George Adam 69,227 Zuleger, Edward Gordon 53 Zuzel, John Francis l84,235 I have triea' to moclernize the style ofthe book this year with a new type fyfpepef and afree cleszgn layoutfor pictures. I hope that there are not too many mistakes as we triea' to double-check evegf section. I wish to thank Irving Llovcl ancl joe Holhz far the clivision page picturesg Tom cluMas for the basic cover ia'ea,' ana' joe Holhr also jar his wona'erfuljob on the senior section. Also many thanks to Bruce McGowan, joe, ana' Cyrile Van Duserjpr the printing they clia' cluring the summer. I also wish to thank the American Yearbook Company jbr their patience ancl prompt service. s,,Q..w..... 1 1 1 M1 1 f X l 1 xg F?T171171y..,,, , ' 11 1. 7 'I 1 qv- ,, u 11 l2ngW1,1,r1.. ,N 1 11.1. Fffw-y,,,Wvw 11- -. 1 - .. 111.-1,. ,7 1 '111 ' - pf-1 v , 1 1 ,.- -.--W? -W " ' iw-vw-L.. '1' " "x".,.,ggl '.1f' 1, 5 ' , u .1 V ' 1 I 1- ,mf ,- 115 ,I 1 1 U ,1 '1's"Qf Y . , 111 x "lf ..'9' .111 1,1 1 I1 I 1 ' 1 G .J 1 .wi 1 1 . , 11 lil. W , ' I ,lf -1- H11 1' , L '. 1 ,Te11. '-.I 1:K'1fv nik- .4 , 4 1111 ,111 ..., 1 . 1 1- M., 1 ,1 1 1- 1, 4 1 Q J' 1 1 ' 1-1 ffm. 1 Il' '1 N 'Y 1- ,211 N' ! ' 1, rx .111 1' I 1 1'! H. 1 11 K 1 1 W H ' ,um 1 N, ""1 av, . K 'V uv. .115 1-vp 3,1 1 1 1 1 "1,11... 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