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SENTINEL Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MISSOULA, MONTANA 1962 SENTINEL STAFF JAMES M. WEILER Editor LARRY JUELFS business Manager DALE GRAFF Head Photographer CYRILE VAN DUSEK . _ Adviser Shirley P.iJmcr Assistant Business I Nancy Long - Associate Editor (Administration, Faculty Students] Beverly Hughes Associate Editor ( Central Board, Fine Arts) Sharon Mjddox P „„ Associate Editor ( Royalty, Greeks, Living Groups) Robert l.iffering . .. Sports Editor Jacob Nelson 1963 Editor (Organizations and Military Science) Ted Dickson ... Assistant Photographer John ftiegler Assistant Phw raplier TABLE OF CONTENTS YEAR IN RETROSPECT A ur umn Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter AfAfiEMIfC Freshmen MlMULffHV. J Sophomores and Juniors knultv 3nd Seniors 4 14 118-134 238-2 $2 65- 84 135-160 253-296 ADMINISTRATION ATHLETICS FINE ARTS LIVING GROUPS MILITARY SCIENCE ORGANIZATIONS ROYALTY STUDENT GOVERNMENT INDEX A LJtuirm Qu.irier Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Autumn Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Freshmen Upper Classmen Greeks I I- 36 I07-] 17 181-196 325-338 95-106 173-1 SO 315-324 85- 94 161-169 34 - 393 339-347 197-217 218-237 37- 64 394-408 i FRESHMAN CAMP Freshman camp in September On Flathead Like brought new students a week of bmtinj; (and volleyball), sessions wuh srudent counselors, a first taste of ' college ' and a chance 10 get acquainted. Homecoming Weekend brought many alums to see the game against New Mexico and tt visit the campus. Living groups spent Friday night building floats, raking a break to atterkd the pep rally and the S.OS, at which Mary Gam sun was crowned Hnmccoming Queen. Saturday floats completed the parade was the largest and finest yet. The game was an upset and the victory bell rang for MSL Y5™ FOREJTCff ' J 8AU Nov Paul and Babe once again lead MSU students to the big social affair fait quarter — The Foresters Rail ' . A ful! house- watched the Foresters ' Convo. Entertaining were the DXj. Can Can girls, the Jubilecr, the jug band, and skits aimed at lodge food, lawyers and cries of wheres Bertha? ' The dance was elegant and ended with the traditional falling of hhwr snow. As Christmas drew near the women ' s Jiving groups caroled for the men and the School of Fine Aris presented the annual Christmas Convocation. These were welcomed breaks, as it is ft time for review and projects hurriedly finished before fall finals. MONTANA STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Photo b ' CorUflKTCuL Photo Shflp, Hfltnj. Montana MEMBERS OF THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION, left to ri S hl: Mrs F H. Pelro, Mr. Jolin E O ' Neill, Mrs. H F Byrne, Mr. George N Lund, Miss Harrier Miller, 5toK Superintendent of Public Instruction; Gcvcrno Tim Babcock, Attorney General Forrest H. Anderson. Dr EoH Hall, Mt. Gordon Mullendore. Dr. GoMcm Doermg. Mr. Boynton G. Paige. B.E. 1928, Western Illinois University; M.A. 195 I, State L " mv{.r i:y of U:-a. i. PRE " ) 1933» State University of Iowa, Honorary Doctor of Humane letters Northern Michigan College, 1957. Pres- ident, Association for Higher Education. l946-47j Member, Presidents Commission on Higher Education, 1946-47; Executive Committee, Amcri- can Council on Education, 1951-53; National Commis- sion on Accrediting, 1950-54 member. Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa IX ' lta Phi. Mr- Phutu by fcoberl Callin PRESIDENT H. K. NEWBURN To The Students of Momumj Sr.iu I " nivt-rsny ■ 1 appreciate this means of extending greetings from Mrs. Newburn and myself ID you, the students of M:t.-i ' ..ju Si.trL- l ' i-.ivt:Miy. " [ ' in I ' ; ' . 1 f:i ' M!i-: - h i u ' cds i!i .i iivwt attractive form the activities of the past academic year, should serve as a constant reminder of an important year in your lives. In your learning experience, both in and out of rhe classroom, you have been influenced by a faculty wdl- quilifttd in experience and educational background. Montana State University is firmly dedicated to quality education as exemplified by teaching excellence. We will maintain these strengths and make every effort to add others, so that the University may continue to offer students the apporruniry ro develop to the full extent of their iocclIeCRial tenacities. H. K Newborn President CHAIRMAN OF HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, AND ATHLETICS Walter C- Schwank Professor, Health Phyiicfll EdwCOliOrt. PhD. State Unh ttrsity of Iowa, 5 955. CHAIRMAN OF HISTORY Vin C Wren Professor, History. Ph.D.. Stoic Lfnivcr- ily of Iowa. 1 93 CHAIRMAN OF HOME ECONOMICS Mrs, Emma Briscoe Assistant Professor Home Economics, M.S., Colorado Stole University, 1957. Co-Sponsor ol Beta fpsilon. CHAIRMAN OF MATHEMATICS Arthur Livingston PrafewOr, Mathematics. PhD., Un sitv or Oregon, 1952. CHAiRMAN OF MILITARY SCIENCE M F. Moutho Lt. Colonel USA, Profrssor, Military Science and Tactici B.S., U S. Miliary Academy. Wesl Poinr. 194]. Graduate of Regular Course, Command and Gen. ?«M Collefl , F«t Leavenworth, CHAIRMAN OF PHILOSOPHY Edwin L. Marvin Professor, Phrla$OChy. Umversity, 1923. MA, Harvard 22 CHAIRMAN OF PHYSICS C- ftulon Jcppcsen Professor, Physics. Ph.D., Uni versify of California. CHAIRMAN OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Tbomos Payrto Professor, Political Sconce. Ph D , Uni- versity of Chicogo, 1951 Member of Budget and Policy Committee. Sponsor of Young Republicans. CHAIRMAN OF PSYCHOLOGY William )■ Griffith Professor, Psychology. Ph.D., University of Cincinnati. CHAIRMAN Of SOCIOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIAL WELFARE W. Gordon Broader Professor, Sociology, AnPhropofagy, onrf Social Welfare. Ph.D, University of North, I 943 CHAIRMAN OF SPEECH Ralph V, McGmms Professor, Speech Ph.D , University of Denver Sponsor of Tau Koppa Alpha and Debale and Oratory Association. CHAIRMAN OF ZOOLOGY Philip L, Wright Prolcss r, Zoology. Ph.D., University of WiWJnsiri, 1940. Sponsor of Wildlife Club. 1 DIRECTOR SPEECH AND DIRECTOR, WILDLIFE RESEARCH UNIT HEARING CLINIC J hn J C ' aiflheod Choflw D. Poriter Profewor, Fwcitry g d Zooloar- Ph.D., AiB.stant F ror«»r r Speech Polho ' oay. Urtiversily of Michigan. t950 Ph.D., Stoic University of Iowa 24 DEAN OF SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Paul B Blc rigren ProfCttOr, BusirtCii Admin lirrotiOfl. D 8 A, Indiana University, 1952 DEAN OF SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Linus J CorlcIO " Professor, Education, of Oregon, 1956. Ed D., University ft I DIRECTOR, BUREAU OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND SERVICE Vernon O Sletfeo Professor, EdutoiiOn. Ed.D., University of Oregon, 1954. Member of Admis- Hon and Graduation Committee, and Budget ond P lic-y Committee. CHAIRMAN OF ART Walter Hook Associate Professor, Art. M.A., University o New Mexico, 1 950, CHAIRMAN OF DRAMA Firman H. Brown Assistant Professor, Drama. WA, Mon- tana Stole University. 1953 Sponsor ol Montana Masquers. CHAIRMAN OF MUSIC Lioyd Oakland Professor, Music M M,, NOr|hwc%tem Uni- versity, 1936. Doctor of Music Honorary, Cornell College, 1956 DEAN OF COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS Luther A. Richman Professor, Fine Arts. Ed.D., University of Cincinnati, 1938 25 DEAN OF SCHOOL OF FORESTRY Ross A. Williams Professor,, Forestry Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1932 Di rctor of Fo«ir and Conservation Experiment Stotion. DEAN OF SCHOOL OF JOURNAL I SM Nathan 8. Blumberg Professor, Journalism. D. Phi., Oxford University, England, 1950. Advisor to Sigma Delta Chi, DIRECTOR, RADIO-TV STUDIOS Erling 5. Jorgensen Associate Professor, Journalism. Ph.[ University of Wisconsin, 1955. DEAN OF SCHOOL OF LAW Robert E Sullivan Professor, Low, LIB., University Notre Dome, 3 946. CoSpomCW Newman Foundation. DEAN OF SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Robert L. Von Home -Professor, Pharmacy. Ph.D., University of lawo, r949 Sponsor of Young Americans for Freedom. 26 NON Emma B LemrrMmon Aii«STanf Registrar ' fnjtrueiarj liable M Drawer Reference Assistant, L brtify Mn- Adenine 5 Midgeli Autttarvt Catalog Librarian ln- TEACHING FACULTY PROFESSIONAL STAFF ANNE E. ALLEN don Baldwin iupenntwJf ni , Trer Nursery; SupttviUJr. School Fwtir JEAN H. HECKWITH A Ji rant H«d joanne e Slack AMnTanl., Catalog uVpOMmenr, Ligrdjfy RUTH A DnliMOrl, Fcmd Service KtNOftlCK 5 CLARKE MARY JOHN CROWLEY iii JCAM R, DA VIES ROBERT L DUNOAS Astmanr to Tha FRrD CLASP FY WARY K GRIFFFITH ermr hjjliker ) H06ERT HiOHAW JOAM HOMSON RUPPEftt HOH.AMU HELEN HOCPER ARTHUR JETTE FRED- JOHNSON PHOEBE JOHNSON LEONARD LEWIS S.VLV1A LlLlEHAUGEN Cirewlatian Librarian IBM SuptKxtC, Scr mil At rnM. (tuiinns OHiiC T«hnteo1 P f«C» M» Oepartmcnl, L-brary WALTER J. LONNER A»iSf a f!l lei hc- Own of Students CLALD E LORD ETJZA8ETH V MOCRt Asiiitont He«J Reiid nr. Fr«»wnan Wam n r RcJiCfcni HgHi WILLIAM H PALMER Aecrjunlcjir, Sludor and Auxiliary Organization Tcehrticol AttiHant, Rodio-Teteviikm Srudiai IHalf-tinnAt fKhn c ' Qn, ReKflo- Teievin« Studios; Electronic Equipment Rwdmen WILFRED STErNGAS GERTRUDE STEWART ' r»nr n|j Department 5«fVk A«oun a r r 6unrw« Office FAITH H. VINDEDAL AMi5lqrtr r TfHthpKcal Prottsw, SMiaJl Department, Library rom. tTH WESSEL Di lil an, Food Service MAXlNb WILSON A.VMiEar r Director, Placcm-cnl Bureau JEAN E. WftltiHT OirliTian. fo d Scrvieo EARL McCONNELl ConwrvOtiOfl ELAINt WHITE iwelurivc Secretary LducaNon 31 RETIRING . . . Am t ?ktt When Miss Plan retired from the University on April 9, the Board of Regen ts passed thu revolution: " RESOLVED, that upon the occciion ©f The retirement of Professor Anne C. PfoM ham the faculty of Montana Stole Univer- sity, the State boord of Education, -officio Regents of the Uni- versity of Montana, ,oins with student , alumnae, faculty, and friends ocrois the stats in expressing appreciation for her many year of tireless service to Montana State University, the Fenian, Ond the nation fauna her thirty-nine years ct the University. Mrss Plan ' s standards, both personal ond academic, hove been a constant example la students and hove contributed] to th high standards maintained in the department. She will be par- ticularly remembered f flr her close association with individual student . h C r sympothetie concern over their problems end her continued interest in students long offer th ey hove left the campus. Mils Plait has mode an invaluable contribution to national, nsgionol, and state organizations of nutritional and dietetic special- ists where she hos served on numerous committees, lectures, and held offices of responsibility and honor. She was □ charter member of the Montana Dietetics Assocj- atron ond has guided the development of this orgonuation from its inception. Outstanding m her many years Of on University Ccmmirtscs hos been her tireless lobe on the Commencement Committee, where she courd always he counted upon to assume a major responsibility in smoothing the course of any official social function. Borh the University, community and the state at large will be much I he poorer for her retirement . . . FACULTY %u A. UdliMu. When Dean Wllioms retired from the University an April 9, the Board ol Regents passed thts revolution; ' ' RESOLVED, that upon the occasion of the retirement of Dean Ross A. Williams From rise faculty ol Montonc State Univer- sity, the State Board of Education, ex-officto Regents of the Uni- versity of Montana, joins with students, alumni, faculty and friends in expressing appreciation of h,s loyal service to Montana State Unrvcrs.ty. A graduate of the Unvcrsity ' s School of For- etfry in !92f, he pursued a career that included graduate work, assignments with the U S. Forest Service, teaching, and U yean as Regional Forester with the U.S. Soil Conservation Service. With this brood background he relumed to Wcmuno m 1940 as Dean of Ihe School of forestry ond Director of Ihe Forest Con- servation and Experiment Station to devote his professional efforts toward improved education of forestry students as well os to prob- lems associated with the state forestry industries His laithlul service to the University, and forestry education, combined with hi-, advisd y service to Montana relating to forest resources, ha won him the respect ond appreciation of h.s associates, and from all ouortcrs of the state, When Mrs Berry retired from !he University on April 9, the Boord of Regents passed this resolution: " RESOLVED, that upon the retirement at Mrs Ruth M u »hrad Berry as head resident of Elrod Hall, the Slate Board ol Education recognises her outstanding service la the University and the Uni- vcrstty and the hundreds of it men students who hove been fortunate enough to hav her counseling and core over The ten years she hos served nn the residence haNs staff ol Montana 5Tgite University. Mrs. Berry made a way-oi-hfe of her job, far her every waking moment wo 4 devoted to the interests and prob- lems of her ehorflci in Elrod or the problems of youth in general. Her great vitality which she retains even at retirement age gave her energy not only for the job of coring for 150 men ttjdems nine months out of the yea , but to write three novels, all based upon problems of youth, rh r values and religion For ten years, Mrs Berry hos been Elrod Hall, ond she hos mode o petmo- nent place for herself m lhc hrliary arid HadWoht nl thi- Univiv siry. Her presence will be greatly missed, os will her annual Autumn quarter report ia the Dean of Students office: " Dean, this year | have the finest bunch of men ever in Elrod " When Professor Freeman retired from the University on December ll r the Board of Regents passed this resolution; " RESOLVED, thol upon the occasion of Professor Edmund L. Freeman ' s retirement from Montana State University, the Slat Board of Education shares with student, faculty an4 frrends throughout the stole its appreciation of his long ond courageous service for more than forty years Professor Freeman, in his unfairrng sense of whot is awing to the Me of literature and the humanities, taught with honesty and humiltty ond rave. To this his many students can give deep-Felt testimony, For more than forty years he hos helped shope, in his wisdom and concern for Ihe dignity ol teaching, tho c patterns of foculty government and dutes which hove aided immeasurably m the growth and dignity of the University. And for more lhan forty years hr has shared with others Ihe joy ond the burden and the success of Ihe labor movement in Montana. Alwoys he has been Ihe good teacher in the world OS weH as in the University, betievmg ever in the per- sistence and pertinence of literature to oil that is alive «n these most dangerous times. To hove experienced Professor Freeman is to hove experienced a University To think Ihot these marks of o mon ' s ooodness end with his retirement i impassible; our gratitude to him is but a small measure of our sense of this continuity, of the conrmumg effect of his courage ond wisdom in the affairs of the University. 33 Ohf J. Hue, Professor in Journalism, passed away March 7, 1962. Professor liue served on the journalism fatuity at MSU from March 19-B until the time of his death. IN MEMORIAM 34 $®md 2. Cox Forrest B. Cox, Head BaskcrbaH Coach and Assistant Professor of Health jnd Physical Education, passed away May 22, 1962. Mr. Cox joined the faculty of MSU in 1955. Governor Nutter was killed in an airplane crash near Wolf Creek Canyon on January 25, 1 96 1. Gov- ernor Nutter is an Alumni of M.S,U., receiving his LLB in Law in 1954. Lt. Cot. Tim ftibv.xt (pTCKflt Governor oi Muntmi) ind. the lit Governor D, G. Nutter taken Jt Tkr AJumrn Lunch darin ihr I " 5 1 ritwncc tuning Vi ' cckcnd icuviiiiM. W. P. Clark, retired fatuity, died November 15 th, 1961. Dr. Clark was Professor of Classical languages, Serving at the University from 192 1 to 1952. Flora H. Weisbcrg, retired faculty, died October Hth. 1%L Mrs. Weisberg was Professor of German, serving the University from 1920 to 1942. Laurence Toner passed away July 7rh,, 1961. Mr. Tonor served as Head Custodian of the Uni versify until his retirement in June 1961. He was dedicated to the University .md v.-fvtd i 1 for ye.US. ASMUS OFFICERS HEAD The governing body of the Associated Students of Montana State University is Central Board. Composed of eletted representatives from each class, ASMSU officers, and faculty representatives, it supervises and co-ordinates ill campus activities through various ldmu nit tecs. Two btL;-narne enttrrjiiurs brtr. hr to the campus this year wc:c Us Bn v.;i and His Band and the Limelighters. These committees bring lecture and film series as well as art exhibits to MSUi help finance MSLT publicity: supervise traditions such is rallies, SOS (singing on the steps) , and painting the ■ " M " ; and control the student publications Kaimin. Sentinel, Venture, and " M " Book. Extra-curricular activities and recre- ation are also sponsored such as bridge lessons, bowling parties the Popcorn Ball, and the Quartet Contest. All students are encouraged to participate and be active in their student government. FIRST ROW, left To noht: George Cole, Dale Hoar, Diane Mossey Young, Erf Wlvllcw, ond Dave Browman BACK ROW, left to rt S ht: Suzanne Patterson, Rick Janes, Mo k. Hamlin, Sari Lynn Bcrrtesdn, Ann Mmleer, Steve Carroll, and Bob Haynam, budget and finance committee. seated.. h lo righr: Sharon Biuret, Bonnie Kositzkyj Myra Shells, Lyme, Ge av Jamce Pic c hi on i, unidentified BACK ROW: Kcirh Nichols, Bloirw Ackley, Er n Hobbs, John Ston«. Doug Griffcfh, Da e BrowinQn, Gib Cla k, Ray Young, chairman; Bfyce Fish. Boh Wotnc, Notan Other, Joff Lend. Gary Gal- lagher and Bill Wallace COMMITTEES ARE CONCERNED LEADERSHIP CAMP, fttff to right: Bptly Andersen, John Barker, Bill PflWr, choir- men; Dan Biert, Sharon Law- son, Pgm Merit Richard Kendall, John Monregm. Barbara Simpson and Bill Goesling. •il) WITH CAMPUS AFFAIRS CULTURAL INTERESTS ARE PROMOTED INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS COM- MITTEE, BACK, left lo r t flhT: Kathv Vktihng Lecturers Committee hod a very suc- cessful year under the chairmanship of Dororhy McBride with Or, Ralph MeGirvnis acting as fatuity advisor, and representing the Public Exorcises program. Shown or the right with Mrs, Harry K. Newburn in I he foreground is rtiss Maroorer Mead, anthropologist, psycholo. gist, writer, lecturer and college professor wbo spake cn " Some Controsts of Eost and Weit " Directly below is Senator Barry Goldwatcr wnp Spoke on " Conservatism in American Politics " and Jo his right ore Pres. Horry K. Newburn and Dorothy McBrjde. In the lower left hand corner art shown Dr. Ralph AAcGinnis (left and Sen. Goldwater (right) with some of his supporters who met him at the airport. His speech drew a largo crowd from all over the stale 0 well as out of store Supporters which al- moir filled the ? r 5O0 sear Field Howe. Tr give same diversity to ihe program, the United States Army Field Bond (shown below), composed of 10f) of Ihe Army ' s finest musicions, pre- sented some very fine entertainment. ACTIVITIES BOARD, left to right: Eric Myhre, Mary RADlO-TV: Don Kinney product stuaW interviews to Lau Pengclty, Autumn Hottr r Rick Jones be sent to tKeir hometowns to be broadcasted- PLANNERS PRESENT SPECIAL EVENTS — SEATED, left to right: Jon Fox, Miriam Larson, Mary Ellen Covrley, Judy Rogers, Mory Lou PcngcMy, chairman; Janice Jordan, Elizabeth osfield. BACK R.OW; Phil Curric, Mac Frorcr, Mory Lou Slovefjon r Penny Mather, Fronces Driver, Borboro Johnston, unidentified, Terry Berber. ENTERTAINMENT T- BOARD — SACK ROW, kit to right: Glenno Nelson, S-nndi Knudsen, Joon Smith, Hal Woods, choifman- Bill Ber on, unidentified. Mike Stoidnoff. FIRST ROW: Maty Low Bj C ri.. Exer Vollep, Sue Gantenbierv Pom Lowe ond Donno Baker. 45 PROMOTE MSU PUBLICITY AWS GOVERNS The Associated Women Students ire governed by a woman ' s service, social and standards organisation. Dele- gates from each of rhe women ' s living groups and officers elected from the campus women at large complete the board. This year in October MSU hosted the Convention which drew delegates from all the schools in Montana, Other activities sponsored by AWS rhis year include the Big ' Littk- Sister Program, Winter Carnival, the Miss MSU Contest, a Christmas Benefit for Missoula children, and the Lantern Parade. Presiding os President over AW$ furtcliom, Shoron B ' osiefc gave much Cft her lime ornt effort to produce an gCtive organ nctirn Sherrie, an elementary education major, is from Missoula and a member of Delta Delta Delta sociot sorority. BACK ROW, left to right: Gwen McCtain, LSr da Wood Jean Madsen, Penny Huntsberaer, Jan Preston, Sandy Crosby, FRONT ROW; Mory Lou Biere, Pat SeotT, Maureen ScssJy, Key Knutson, Lois Kraus, Helen Dwelle, Donna Cociari. minutes Of th meeting Ond did ether secretarial tasks. and budget. Also o member of Alpho Phi soool A member of Delta Deltq Delta social sorority, Ellen Mwority, Karen majors in Music and haifs Irom Chinook is from Tray and an Elementary Education major, 51 The Miss MSU Pogeant involves o greet deal of work both by its director ond the contestant!. At left, while Lewis Gartis explains Ip the girl what he wonts, Month McGinnis, Joanna Lester end Patly Jo Show rehearse their number " Miss MSU Sisters " , Above, all the girls join in the final production of the number, . . . MISS MSU ... AND . . . LANTERN PARADE During Graduation Weekend AWS hcld the traditional Lontcrn Parade honoring senior women. The new AW2 offi- cer ' , ore installed that evening. Ne olli«rt arc Kemmic Kanv mcrzcll. President, Helen Dwelle, Vice President; Dee Mast, Secretory; and jhgrGn Johnson as Treasurer. In the Spring 1962 elections Dove Hunt, a write-in One can always tell when election ore rolling around candidate in the primary elections, gave Ed Whitelaw by the. compcign poolers in (he lodge, some compeNion with same very clever compoig,ning- ASMSU SPONSORS The iectmd annual presi- dential debates were held in the Lodge dating the Spring 962 eteciicns. Shown left ta nght ore Ed Whittlow (victor), Dave Rionda,. and David Hunt. Election polls were In the Lodrje, Liberal Art . Building ASMSU sponsors se cro1 dances during the yeor. At and other buildings on eompus. Elections Comm ( |l« the onnual Popcorn Ball free cakes and popcorn are was in charge of oil elections. provided VARIOUS ACTIVITIES Parents ' Doy is sponsored onnuoliy by the Public Relations Committee. SEATED, left to r»ortt: Mrs Theodore Jacobs, Jo Heber (Chairman of Campus Visitation Committccl. President H, K, Ncwburn, Theodore Jacobs fChgir ncin of in toco! executive boord), Mrt. H. K. Ncwburn. Standing: The Rev, George Ferritin, Mrs John SkaKky. Denis AJam;, Sue Ccdwell Director of Patent Doy), Jerry Agc-n, Carol Skalsky. 55 VENTURE Venture Magazine edited by Patty Jo SJ»w, is a liraary magazine supported by Central Board. It supplied the student body at the end of each quartet with a variety of articles, short stories and poetry provided and writrcn by srudenis and faculty. Writing contests with award were offered, indicating how welt organized Patty Jo is in managing and editing this exceptional magazine. Boh Liffering took over the oj.s.ianme.nt of sjlOrts CdKOr y im Weiler giv AssociOte Editor 5horOn Maddox some of iKc J 62 Sentinel. Bcb has been appointed cs Asso suggestions and help for her section , . . this editors CiOte Editor in 1963 and he and ;ake Nelson will be job eon ' t be so bad offer all. the only members returning to the Sentinel ttoff. Hit annua! job of recording the year ' s school acrivirtes in pictures md words takes many hours of plan- ning m4 chis year because of enlarged enrollment continues growing. Sharon Moddox was appointed fall quarters ci on Associate Edrlor end assumed I he Royalty, Living Group and Greek sections of the yearbook 6, Sentinel Advisor Qrik- Van Dusur (pittun-d above) was always rhcrc wirh a friendly smile, priceless advice and guidance, and much assistance in rhe area of picture raking and dark room work. Cyrile served a busy year as 1 loriK-ccvvji News SltvIll- iWmr. Sentinel Photographers under the direction of Dale Graff, head photographer, are indispensible to :hc staff. As usual photographer troubles plagues harried staff members when either photographer, subjects, or both did not show up ar scheduled times. DALE GRAFF Heed Photographer fit SuSanne Burns Dennis Bijrrcrf icM Mory J. Colnon Bcrbora Carncrcn Swion Ccrtnan Thomas Corobos Ross CorfetrcL Jr Dove Corrson Reno Id Ccrpenlcr Corcjlvn Catrcw f 5 «s 0 a . , Q ft B«l ,v Ctcndinntna Georq Cole llhnta Moo Comer Tirrrarhy Canvcr Ko ' Cn Coolidq Holt Corcifc Wovnc Co ev Noncy Courl right Diane E. Cox Judy Co Anne Choppe Haztf Charters Dorrel Choote Carol C risMan vt oniric the Ju«]r " il tnit ill wwrk. SMASH f 1 FRESHMEN Clifford Crump Kolhy Currcri Michael Dchch Judy Davidson June Davis Willirjm Dcncnd, )r L Opv foot hnc -»i!i lb mirtred 59 Lorry Cnpe Robert Crippcn Susan Crowder iff Bruce Denison Jeon Mot Dt:V« Gec-rge Dickson Maria Dillon AAordo Dion Ttrry DougOrl Melvin Dauclas Charles Doiois Donna May Dringman Dicnc Durham Robert Durachr r Patricia Dwight William Earl, Jr. Sharon Ebe-Nng Maureen Egan FRESHMEN Barbara Francisco Robert Fnouf Mortha Fulton Robert Fulton li Lindo Gardner Haory Garner Rondo 1 1 Gay Dianne GXX Connie Genger _ Riio German — 7r ™ Lynne Gesos KcnneT Gilette Nancy GPa« r% f% 0 ft ft © % Raymond Goere Fav Gonstor Dorryl Gray Judith Graybeol Rctto Greenup Sharcn Grefiq Constance Griffin Eliaobcih Grtufield ftuda Haaknwn David Hall Mary Jo Holm Linda Halstcod Nancy Halver on Anita Hambfack Julie Hammer Sruort Mock nire 5olly Maemillan Mario Mad sc i Sub Mogee Susan Mahrt Lanyo Maki Dc Terry Marks Anita Marsh Walter Morten Judith Martinson Mormon Mo ' son Jeanne Matthew? Judith Manila Lcc Ma ty Danial Mee on Emily Melton Mora Mikelsons John M. Miller Janet Monk Marte Mconcy Detiise Mcrqan Judith Mundale Jerry E, Murohy Steve Mykcth Arne Mysse Morv Myrene Ttiftmo , Nor tcn Virginia Steal Sondro Nears SrjHy N oth ■A 1 ' ti?ji44ii i 4 rSt m ft ' 5 4 ' lift f3 £3 d 3 Worv Nelson William Nelicn Janice Neville Jean NJeholj Keith NiehoU v. Roj Nordbv Allertp O ' Brien Michael Okc John O ' LtfQry Thamat Olson Gieqary Os bo n Ru1h Ostenwn Richard Overfay O f% f% Jtrri Robbini Jack Robertson Helen ftogan Adelle Roger Palrioa Rooi Margaret Ross MicWc Ross " And - - , us . , . in , , , oft wuh MunliTii iufi " Jt HdmKOmillft lt» Mt N«v Mexico John Ruhc-H Laurence Rutagumirwo Jack Ryan ln« Somi Carole Sounder Hernia Sax Ion Barry 5the«44 Jud.ih Schilk Charles 5chmicdelt.c Ai ene Sehfaeder Bfirnd S hulte John L Dole Sthwanke William Schwin SQ Q 9 9 Patrick Sweeney Sracy Swor Robert Tollman John Taylor Jamet Te«a Gene Thibadeou Nylo Thi lmon lames. Tyler John Ulyatt III Keith Urbach Amie Urbortikc Andr«w Unck frothy Van B7ori om Myles Vorufegrift Judith Viehweg CO ' lyn Walker James Waller Rjta WaFler Stephen Wanderer p (5 f (I Mary Thomas Beverly Thompson James ft. Thompson John Thompson, Jr, Tommy Thompson DonokJ Thofson Noncy Tharson Kalherine Tinker Thomos TuH .« 83 FRESHMAN 1 1 John Wontyroc Maria Ward Marv Wrjmer §22 1 0 Q Q Q j ' 1 til 4iJ Sue Warren Charlene Waiters Joan Woirs Judy Weber John Wrirvgonner Juanira Wcllman Chorl-cs WcrtlwOrlJn Worrcn Wenz Lawrence Wertz Deborah West Jamei Whipple Morgrjret White Robert Wick Richard W.ebke Owiohi Willcn Vp ' trifle 1 1 William ftrielinda Wilson Roger Wilson Julie Win Raymond Winn Virginia Wood Roberro Wootverltirt Nancv Wren Aixlrca Wright NWy Wolf Eucjeno Wuribufg Wiffiam Yctter Cheryl Zadra Roger Zentri . Ltovd Zimmerman The gowning body of Triangle ore l lt lc fight), S a «4 On floor; Mary Lou Bien, AWS Rep.; Sheryl Wright, Trfasurcrj Steph Swanberg, Soc Chairman; Beverly P»ict1e, WfcA Rep.. Second Row; Bmy C lend inning. Pub. Rd. Comm. Rep.; Coleen Adorns, WRA Rep.; Pot Scon, AWS Rep.; Bonnie Bowkr, President; Roe lee BoTh- vrcM. C.B. Rep.; 5ievre Flink, Sec. Sending: Lucky Lud- wig r V.P. Mo. Coram; Sondy Brown, V.P. Brantly. TRIANGLE Triangle serves jh ihu governing body of rhe Freshmen Women ' s Dorms — Brandy, Corbin, and North Corbin. Socially rhc Tri- angle arrange rhc Peppcnninr Prince Ball fall quarter and other quarterly tunetioiis. This yeai Triangle and Craig. Hail joined to- gether for their spring function. Executtya coyn«l of Triangle includes: Lucky Ludwig. No. CofWn V.P.; Sandy Brown, 6 ' ontly V.P.; Sheryl Wright, Tricing It- Trees. ; Slcvoe Pl nk, Triangle Sec., and Bonnie Bowler, President. Miit Joon Hodgson Heod Counselor Women ' s Residence Hall Junior Sponitw who live in the Irejhman women 1 ' , dorm 10 Curb homesickness end provide n«ded advice end ihouldCft. for crying were Kc.tny John, on. A lite Cur fly. Autumn Holtj, Karen Up- tKaw, Pan Mcdoin, Bar- bara Bcormon, Carol N«lion, Linda Kammerzell, Helen Dwclle, Joyce Chnitenson, Sandra Swank. Necessary equipment for any dorm oft the house mothers with the-ir friendly smiles, pertinent advice, and oble guidance. Mrs, Huff, Mrs. Moore, and Mrs. Beckwilh. ui it- i lid for wcrkfnJ II hor 1 Ump with i kmU ifn BRANTLY HALL Brantly Hall this year received a face uplifting with a new entrance facing rhe clover bowl. Needless to say it prevented some of the congestion at the 1 p.m. rash. Brantly Hill serves a headquarters for the freshmen women ' s residence. BRANTLY OFFICERS Sandy Brown — Vke-Presidenl Pal Scoit — AW$ Repreicfitciiive Bev PfeiHe — WRA Rerxcwniativc Stephanie Swonbcrg — Social Chairman NORTH CORBIN OFFICERS Social Chairman; Nancy Court wrighr WRA Representative: CoJIeen Adams AWS Representative; Mary Lou Bieri Nutty Courtwrkght, M JT Lou then, Lucki l,udwig, ind CiiJlcfrj Adami. North Corbin is the youngest of the three dorms which comprise the Triangle. Having the disadvantage of no front door and serving as ;t thoroughfare betwLrn EJrjritly J.11J Corbin, North Corbin seems to be headquarters for mischief. n That four pie cum pntir wetl »nm up the icti . ittn jn the wo«nen ' » derail, 89 90 Sprawling ever the area in back of che Lodge, Craig is rhe home of freshmen men, athletes, and any over flow from ElrcxJ. The men of Craig sue active socially, in intra- mural spores and the rush material for rhe greeks. The reason for a lack of identification on Q jg Hal] Officers is [liar (hey took their own pictures and failed to provide rhe sentinel with ID. President— Ken Gsher Vice-President — Howard Heaion Set-Treasurer— Keith Nichols The UiBKIighi of Crjijt ' l y«r « the semi-farm ! Cr i Hill- Tnjn S [ rpaflMrcd " RhiptoJy In BJut " Amct snii buifrr. Mane Wii provided l v l c Bru r lJuvii Quiutcl frum Holly ™!. Thcw It men wprewnc their win it Craij; Hill mttiwig nd report its tilioti lO merotww of the darm. DfinctU the wcul |i ipring ( ' unction. 94 THE VISIT Anton SctiilL (Alan Nulund) plradi with Chide Zachanuuiin fGtttfgt Bcnccm) — but to no anil " The Visit " by Frcidrkh Duerrenmart, was the major production fall quarter under the direction of Dr. Douglas Bartkson. Richard James served as designer and Technical Di- rector. For Miss Ronton it won her the Masquer Best Actress Award, The plot con- cerned an incredibly wealthy lady ' s return ro her etfjnomically troubled hometown after an absence of many years. The lady promises to aid the community,, but on one condition: that rhe life of her lover of long ago, vrba caused her ro be expelled from the town in disgrace, be taken. MEMBERS OF THE CAST First Man . ..Larry Btug Second Man _ Jones Third Man Hd Mud Fourth Man Jim Smith Paint«- Douglas Grimm Station Master. Charles Dnlson Burgomaster.. r jin, RaJfc- Teacher Jay Hopkins Pastor „ ,„.„ .Gene Buck Anton SchiU _ Alan Naslund Claire Zadunassian ,„. r .Georgia Benton Jerry Hopkins Louis Garcia um , ...,,,,„.,..JfcajiDon Bruce ...Getaldin Park Rosemary Wright ..Wayne Finney Larry James James Bom part Frau Burgomaster GeraJdine McCarthy Frau SchiU „ Joan Campbell OrtUie SchilL Chris Chectham Karl SchiU Russell Eliasson Conductor... Pedro Bobby First Grandchild Second Grandchild Policeman ,„. Mike Max Urucc (Limner i ' ' lit atlilttc dun tkc dirty nmrk fat tht Aim N ttifid in J Gtur Buck Hinkinwn, John tUilejr. nnd W jm Finney 97 THE CONTRAST The Contrast, a comedy, by Royal) Tyler was p c BCP Mrj Nov. 3 and 4, under the direction of Sarah James, Senior Drama studenr. The ptay deals with a spoof of the officious British and the backwoods Americans afrer the Revolutionary war. Letitia Helen McKcjguc Charlotte,--.- i .Chrisrine MacDonald Maria Rough Leslie Shumate Q Iocid Manly ... James Bompart Jessamy Gordon Jensen Jonathan . Mike Fallon Billy Dimple Delbert TJnruh Jenny. .Tarn Striven CAST Storyteller... , Margo Mix son Hazet Witch Kary VanAelsryn Wanda Witch Felicia Hardison, lone Hutch ins Rumpelsditskin Larry James King. ....David Lester, Jay Hopkins Queen Pompus the Proud Gerald ine McCarthy Prince,.. . Les Hankinson Princess Perunia ...Carol Larimer Serena Helen MtKeague Miller, Larry Bong Miller ' s Wife Joan Campbell Bobby Clarence Motes Prime Minister ,,.Gene Bjock Soldiers. Russell ElttSSOfl Jerry Hopkins, Jay Hopkins Nurse Margn Maxson PRODUCTION STAFF Directed by Jerry Hopkins Advisor — Firman H. Brown Jr, Technical Advisor — Richard James Technical Director — l-any Birag S«agc Crew — Larry James, Les Hankinson, Margo M-axson Joan Campbell. Russell I j. -■■ :n. }.:■; I uykin-, Cosrumcs — Kary VanAdstyn, lone Hutching; f.rghring— Felitia I IjjJlmjii, T my Ayw Pm j r; 1 es — Margo Maxson Production— Jerry Hopkins, Felicia Hardison, Larry James, Jay Hopkins Cndte made by Gene Buck TREASURE STATE BAND The Treasure Stare Band, ihe brgc parent organisation including xhc Marching Band, rhe Chamber Band, and many other specialized groups, participated j n many activities. The band a]so made a Sraie- wide rour fc bringing good music live ro many lppmiarive Montanans. Forest Cornwdl, Ass«stonl Director; Harold Huni, President; Boyce Fowler, Manager; PoHy McClom, Librarian, Charlotte Warren, Librarian, Jay Anyrdal, Recording TcehnicKHi, FLUTES: Lor ttg R os h, Elaine Hoem, Kathtyn Larson, Chor- Jott Warren Jane Nelson, Mory Louise Nelson, Mary Jo Halm, Marilyn Parker. OBOES Lama Mi kelson, Rita Carol Kopp, Harpld Herbio.. BASSOONS: Jam« Sny. ' cr Larry Chnvrophvrscn, Forest Comwell. CLARINETS: Tom Kenney Rita White, Arhe Montgomery, Keith Nichols, Marie Kujawa Jerry flowers, Memory Robertson, Keren Rademacher, Lynn Vcr- olt. Gary Galbreath, Marilyn Kirfloy. Marlene Bocheid«r, William Wjnmnj. ALTO CLARINETS: Jay Crump, Juiic Conowoy. BASS CLARINETS- Palsy Mctlom ALTO SAXO- PHONES: Norma Brunken, Susan Barns Joqn Rose Sue Wei I men TENOR SAXOPHONE: Kcnncm Walker BARI- TONE SAXOPHONE: Harold Dem n TRUMPETS: Da ' e Frank, Roger Letson, flelty Etehernendy, Wcjyn Peter ion, David Hafer, Boyce Fowler, Chorle Haugon, Jack Hoggcrty, Ron Soger, Harold Nichols. Duanc Harden, Rick Hull, Helen Broley, Clyde Noble, HORNS: Charles Wentworfh James Larson. William McGinlev, Li la Knudson, Maureen Beasley, Tom Spotafore. TROMBONES: HctraSti Hunt, Robert Haburchak. Karen Cootrdge, Herbert Johnson. Gory Thomas, Charles Bryson, Gory Wulf, Vernon Hover,, William Barrel r BARITONES: Dale HaJtock, Edward Hale, Richard Miller, Alice Gorber. BASSES: Robert Wi k, George Wpjhina«irt, Robert C Ow«n, LOrry Luke. DonoJd Johnston PERCUSSION; Phil Oerty, Roy Lindsey, John Mar- shall. Jim StiFl, Donnamae Nichols. 102 Jomti Ewer ole, Marching 6-and conductor, direct the band on it field. Leading the Ma chir»g Borvd iHi yc r inure: Lou Goroo, drum mojof, ar d drum ma- jorcltcs ftuth QtTenswi, Kay Baldwin, Sharcn Sirokman, Sandra Swortk, qnd Mqtziq Meagher. SOPRANOS — Ann Avery, Ann? Erhckson, JucV fisher, Jeanne Funk, Foy Gontior, Hslen Hecb, Joanna Lesler, Done rnosi, Carol Nelton, Own Olson, L»ndy Porter, Kgihie 5here, Diane S mun r Roberto Tarbox. Karen Upshaw- ALTOS — JeaneNe Both, Bev Bman, Judy Carter, Gail Clark, Loreen Craig. June Daviv Kiiry ©easan, Peggy Gottgned, Autumn Hoirt, Donnomac N ch{ ls, Geraldine Park, Dir c Riddle. Ann Wrjlhowe. TENORS — Chuck Bryson, Bruce Buckingham, Kent Gortinghouse. Phil Harris Bob Lucas, Norman Wlikelscn, Galen Prendce John Provott, Tom Sporafore, Eddie Starr. BASStS—Le Barron. Richard Beatly, Cedr Calness, Drnms Oain, Warren Good, Lorry Hagen, Doug Jomes, Mike Kiley, Tom Larson, Richard Lee, Bruce Lester, Lorry Luke. Daug Manning, Lee Mathews, James Terrell Ralph Wolf. UNIVERSITY CHOIR The University Gioir, under the direction ot its new conductor, Kenyard Smith, spent 3 busy year re- hearsing for its full schedule which included perform- ing Jt the Christmas Concert, ind making a tour in the Spring. Kenyard Smith, Conductor { x r!i- h. ulm-sv .-S-tfisunr (.uruJuc r Roberta Tarbox, Accompanist Marianne Whelan, Wardrobe supervisor Donnama Nichols, Secretary-treasurer The Madrigal iirwjeri presem ihoir numbers at the Chfistmo Convo Left to right: John Baber, Gerald Grill, Tom Sparafore, Ann Erickson, Koorcn Larson. Diane Simon, Bcv Buron, Pat McOain, Dorwiomof Nichols, Dennis Craig. Warren Gcod, Larry Hogjtn. CHRISTMAS CONVOCATION The twenry fifth annua] Christmas Concert was held December 8th and t Oth- The program included the University Choir, Choral Union and the Orchestra in Gloria ' , the Madrigal Singers, and Twas the Night Before Christmas by the Jubileers, It was a happy note to dose FaJ] Quarter on, Grizzly IkHXtn i« Jcnkjctt off ihf tkli tU r I tofrmomiitg upwt (Miwrnihin Photo) FOOTBALL l : ullbu ' lt Sruli li plunjjo uvtr linf tor iSilyerup T-Ouf IiJ-u-wi-. MONTANA GRIZZLIES FRONT ROW, left to right. Bab O ' Gillovich, Pat Dodsan, Gary Ekeoren, Steve Wood. Paul Gustoison, Ron Werba. Pad Miller, Bill Bwjchcc SECOND ROW Gary Smuh, Lorry Bcdd :4, Don Peter , J«k RudiO, R h Biro n h r r, Mike Trotter, Bill Stack, Gkri S rensort. THIRD ROW. Dick Miller, £d Herber, George Dennis, Dave Kosiur. Eugene Moe, 8)11 Ellison, Jack Shevolier. FOURTH ROW: Lorry Scovel, D«ck GiWer. Dcon Swmjon, Carl ScKwcMicgcr, Ken Nielsen, Tom Hauck, Dick Husrj. FIFTH ROW: Bill Marlm, Dvflflb Kimrmlt, Terry Dillon, Gene Leonard, Mike Thomson, Gary SchwerlFeger, Jim Grosky. On the left side, in jackets arc; Ruppcrt Holland, John Motto, ond Hugh Duvtdjcn On ih v right aw; No ' ,by Rhinehart, Mill Schw nk, and Roy Jenkins Going . . , Going . . . Gon? Duwnl Go-Clpuifl Jack Rudio toai tekctrd. 11 Hoi Mmtian for ihe All-SkytiiK Team. On iKc All-Skyliiu: Sctond Team, bob O iLlovich mi ih« | captain of tht Grtnfitor LETTER AWARD WINNERS Junes Band] i; Gkncoe, ILL ) Lawrence Beddes ( Billings Richard Birgenheicr (Harlowtawn) William Bouchce (Livingston) Wayne Dennis ( Vancouver. B.C ) Terry Dillon ( Hfjpk ins, Minn.y Patrick Dodson (Shelby; Gary Ekegren ( Harlem) Richard Gilder (Redlodge) James Grasky (Miles City) Paul Gustafson (Vancouver, B.C) Thomas Hauck ( Butrc) Edmund Herber ( Camas, Wash. ) Richard Huse ( Great Falls) David Koslur (Wetaskiwin, Alta.) Pan] Miller (Mite City) Richard fttnicr (Hopkins, Minn.) Eugene Moe ( Helena } Robert CTBillovich (Bune) Dan Peters (Butte) Jack Radio (Helena.! Carl Schwertfcger (Milwaukee, Wis.) Gary Schwertgcgcr (Milwaukee, Wis ) John Schulrr (Missoula) Jack Shevalier (Helena) Glenn Sotenaoo (Billings) Gary Smith (Whitefiih) Mike Thomson (Billings) Mike Trotter ( Longview Wash, ) Bruce Wallwork ( Waimanalo, Hawaii ) Ronald Werba (Chicago, HI.) LETTER AWARD WINNERS John Barbcrie Dan Birenj Raymond Beaupri: John Burke Robert Crippcn Rocky Grecnield Midiact HoLlendoner Thomjs Huffer Albert Kwiw.iJi.vks |ohn M Jt l.LMii Terry Marks Patrick MdLemore Richard Overby Larry Petty l.cwii 5dmdlcr Daniel Smdko I IX ' sW.L. ' lVjrL Mvles Va.nder.gnft Tim Walters John Wamulok James Whipple Cubs. Cuba GAMES .12 USC Bobkir.tcns 7 0 Western Montana 46 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL WSU CUflS— Frcm 1 e ft to right, FRONT ROW Ron Carpenter, Jim Whipple, Terry Marks, Mike Tilleman, John Nonglc Frank Singer. Ron Beowpre, Lewis Schndler, ond Jim Hart. In the 5ECOiNO ROW ore Pole Le«h r oy Hurley, Don Wku Jim Walters, Gone BomJioli, Rocky Greenfield, Richard Ovcrfcy, and Mike Hollendoner. In the THIRD ROW are Dan Bare-no, John Barbaric, Harry Hudson, Mik Miller. Torn Huffcr, and John Wonlylok. In ih r FOURTH ROW on Dtnnis Burr, Fred khmidr, Frank Stephenson, Lorry Petty, Jack Burke, Jnhn MocUon, Lee Swartton, Pal Melemore, Bob Crippen and Wayne Belt. On rh c left is Assistanl Coach Bill Hawler, and On the right, from top to bottom on: Assistant Coach Boh Bollinger and Coach John Malte. Nor pictured is Cooch Ed Chinjke, L13 INTRADURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS— Sigma N u . From left Ashcraft, Jim Pork, B.ll Tddyman, Scou StJresworTh. Eric Myhre Oornety, Jerry Jacobs !., Don Morrison. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL 1 1 I Ttarfh fuolball i nmuli jmt pit kcJ »itli thrills wlwn lhc boyi pJiy. Because of student participant ], intramural athletics has become rhc most popular of cvnpus activities. Containing everything from team sports to individual competition, from physical exercise CO skill needed SpOftS, tlx ititfamLifals give every student the chance to exemplify bh talents, L15 MEN ' S CHAMPIONS The Jn« it blocked by %U.iJJed oppwvtrn- INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL Johnson md Lirlmn ttim up MEN ' S CHAMPIONS Rams A " INTRAMURAL SWIMMING Pretty girls always beautif y an area. Top to bottom am Jcne SiauV Kirty Vgn Vlict, ond Connie Griffin, a moment no the swimming pool. WOMEN ' S CHAMPIONS Turner Hall i r LODGOLOGY By far the most frequented place on campus is the lodge, particularly during the winter months. The cafeteria is a meeting place, a between class breaks fur coffee bridge, cukes, and study. Upstairs there is T.V., lounge l hairs and complaints of the necking going tin. WINTER CARNIVAL Winter Carnival was sponsored AWS and as higHy successful Living groups were teamed up to work together on snow sculpture and cnosiag andldtires ior Old Man Winter, At the Winter Carnival Dance Gary Fish presents a plaque to Betty Sctnt t Turner Hall I jt second place in snow sculpture And Tim Kichman re- ceive the trophy for rhe Delta Sig-Kaffpa Alpha Theta Ncuiprurc — " Three Pigs and the Big Bad WoJf. Prinrer Bowler, representing Corbin HalJ wvrs (frffvned Old ' Mjn Winter. 125 " Oh. for the life ai a do ! ' P«Kn here wait for ihf b W1 in com fori in the lodge — f tbff thin OUHiJe in thr col J. Earlier in the yearbook you have seen the cartoon character — Herk, and possibly around campus. Creator of ' Hcrk ' is Jane Ndsco, art editor, who is a freshman at MSU. Hcrk has gained popularity this past year on campus — appearing t n sweatshirts, posters, ski- jackets, ami now as the little man around campus in the Sentinel. Li ' l btir Gnttk in diapers sonvrhoV ajtlill wound up in Boscmin. The picture »4( r«e v«s from r n unofficial MSC lOJfC — of courK. L28 AND SO ITS UP WITH MONTANA BOYS . . . ' ■ I I I M I I i I J I f I I I I j DEDICATION . . . . . . 3k uc jtutm o[ a iftau e( uwtie to Sativtd vu£ tic (bwmiy ik tofy u jwiktjd to T dtrtt tki ?62 St tt d to ■ V-iii Duicr has Served » Sentinel advisor since 1945 and her advice and help is evident in every yearbook since then. Yearbook sraffs can attest to the fact that wonderful Cynic was always there viiih a friendly smile, priceless advice and guidance and much assistance it] the area of pic- ture talcing and dark room work. Ihc ' 62 Sentinel could not have been fin- ished without her assistance. In addi- tion to rhe Sentinel Cyiile is Home- town News Service director, which is a job in itself and finally,, she is the Uni- versity Photographer. On behalf of past editors, MSU students, and the administration I wish to say Thank You Cyrile ... you are the greatest. 134 SOPHOMORE JUNIOR ACADEMICS l4q Bonme R« KQSJtlkv Jomes Lass Nancy LaGrane Denni Lahr Poiri ia Lwtttf James Larson KMrtn Larson Marlci LoriOrt Marqot Latimer Patricia Laudc rmi 1 1 Peggy L« Martin Lccman Lofrto Lehtota i t ii u t- . j l Edward Lemp o o Q Andrto LeSucr Michael Lewis Phyllis. LindQfCfl Raymond Lindsay Vrvian Lizotte NaiKv Long Ronald Lower Ted Lympus David Lynn Mary McCarthy Douglas McCombs ChaHes McGcc 143 SOPHOMORE Sharon Sn-irih William SacII Danno Soltwrg Lynn Sparks Charles Sparrow TP ' Janet Stond«sh Joe Stauduhar Jomci Steffes Bonnie Sieveru Dennis Sttvens Lorry Stroie Roberta Tarbox Chuck Thcmcisnn Stanley Thompson Rodney Thorn Richard Thofson Oovrd Tiinorion Glenn Timn Allen Tftftely Albert Trounweiier Oe ' cris Tumor Gwenolyn Tyler a r C -, O O Q 1 Q Q £3 (14 Noncy Ullman Rondy Urbonec Larry Vahl Jerry Valentine Kitty Van Vliet Ho V.estenz Jam« Vcegcte Marie Volk l Neil Wakley Marilyn Walford Marilyn Word Penny Warden Charlotte Warren Kcnl W«b»l«r KrystoJ Welch William Wertz Dod.e Wholen Jamc Wicfuriih Anoroaret Wileo Ronold Will Lvnrw William Ted Williams U few Donna Wilvin Barborrj Wiisolinaer Ann Wolhowe JtMrev Wollaston Wilbur Wood Geraldine Woofrrdge Donald W u l Samuel Yewusiak Barbara Vmjncj Noel Ynuncj Jcdy Zadra 49 150 152 JUNIORS Mack Hamlin Cleon Hanson SOr |0 Harris Linda Harrison John Hcuck Robert HaLKk Loyal Haun Howard Hcgrcci Willis Heron Larry Herrort Mithacl Hiaams Carol Hilliord Theodore Hogelorid KOy H llorOn AuHjmn HrjlTz Edward Hole Dale HalJock Jack Hamilton Nina Hamilton 21321 111 4 1 it Robert Hum " Tony 1rwio Jo Israel Carlo Jocobs ;ornes Jacobsen Pcggv Jennings 155 JUNIORS Judy Life Wallace Lor»fl Lee Loomis Stephen Love 156 JUNIORS i Walter Pcschel Wayne PctdrsOn Chip Perre Albert Pcthbone 1 1 Q Jonke Picchioni Gory Pilflrim Dolphy Pcblman, Jr. Wayne Powell John Prater Jan Preston Antoinette Queohpoma SQrry Reed Tim Richmond Diann Riddle Larry Riley Ceroid Rabbins Donald RobulSOfl Reno Rodeahierc Robert Romslad Kenneth Rci Teddi Kud ' S Geil Sorerlie Marvio Schlabs Larry Schmidt Ted Schoenbom Derry Schudz Charles Secret Dora Scrouina Jon Shelton Jock Shtncrrton Catherine Shields Wvra Shu Its Judith Sicked Beverly Simpson ' w Q 5 John S ' ltca Lucia Sivolon Sonja Sjaholm Linda Smiih Roii Smith Scolf Sorenien William Stack Janice Starvdley C% Q William Stoninoer David Stcnvfi ' Meredith Ston Gary Steven Morgarel Stoppli-como Roger Strombera. irtd Garry Soronstfn SprinS Qujmr f f Vhisdjw, new prnident oi ASMSU, JlhJ l 4»t Bro nu: , liynno) Monger, prfiide tivrr JtWUns tC»nCcf fling C hkc ' Ejirjduj Tom Sullivan Sandra Swank Robe 1 Swcnson John F. Thomas Ed ThompiOrt William Thorcn WiHiam Tidymon Goorqc Tkock Dvione Tornefson Stanley Toryik ft ' tiay Town Gary Tcwner Jonet Troik Mavis Tremblay |_ John Turmeir K jrtn Upthaw TURNER HALL Turner Hall— the residence of upprr-dass non-sorority women students, had a busy year. Beside studies, social affairs, date and edfee hours die Turner girls won die WRA Volleyball and intramural Swimming championships. Government within TurrH ' r H provided by Q coticicil consisting of holl and wing officer . FRQIVfT ROW, left tO right; 5u Unii, Betty Scott, Marcio McDonald, SuC CoolicJgc, Corol Mjsloe. SECOND ROW: Kay Roberts, Sharon Johnson. Sue Ann Everett, Ela«ne Zipperia Martha Comer. THIRD ROW: Marlene Kolesar, Judith Davison. Sally Holten. STANDING: Linda Wood, Dec Soger, Jocr Carlson, Barbara Middle, Corinne Collier. 11. 1 SYNADELPHIC Svr, kh w j r.AuiLS .in l-cow | U-. U:t m ji w .m.! ■ d vdops luopeiation be ' rwtvri the girls living and working togctfwT. They sponsor functions eufc quarter and participate in univtrsicy activities. Mrs Gait has been hfjust-motrier since 1950, I to 5h rc i Mldd«I, I Wirl l H I tdi«:r. mit« i fcirjf bftnrffd brulr in J {lunged htt ntmc to Mtf. C n Bricki. TWO HEADS ARE BETTER . . . 166 Cfxighmd ijMrmW " . which arr ur»ivcrtj(y owned, houMi jrinjr irurfitd MuJtiut «ii campui. ITui large colony ot Kutlriili fin lm in unjveniEy Wuing, ttnt ptWUtij or as miiijr do mailt paytnCflU on iriilrrhiniM. Ever suk£ Adam and Eve set up housekeeping in Eden, girls have been playing house and practicing for rhc day they on run just fast enough to get caught By ihe freshman year in college rheir riming is getting accurate and before many summers arc over, most have succeeded in gening their names changed. 167 168 170 OUR FELLOW STUDENTS 171 1 72 IN MEMORIAM.. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT MEMBERS OF THE CAST Raskolnikov Jay Hopkins Svidrigailov Jerry Hopkins l-uzhin . Larry Boag MaimtLikw George Gratzer AIjpoimu., „ Jane Nelson Liaveta. Melinda Wilson Katerina .., Joan Campbell Polenka Mkrgo Maxson First Workman Jim Smith Second Workman Clarence Mofcs Landlord ,, Gene Buck Scmia Helen McKejgue Priesi Russell EJbsson Dimiiri Mike FaJlon Zamarov Ned Taylor Fine Painrer Russd] riiatwm Second Painrer L« Hankinson Mrs. Raskolnikov .Sharon Cotretl Duunia Chrisinc MacDonaL! Porfiry Frtd KfcGfynn Crime and Punishment adapted from Fjffdoc Dos- toevsky ' s book by Raymond Bruce, senior in English, was rhc firsr srudent-written, full-length drama to be p r esen t e d in rooft than ten years. Basically it is a story of a man who transgress mural law for the flood of humanity. The play was directed by Douglas Banlcson with Richard and Sarah James as rechnical director and costume designer respectively. CAST Henry IV ALin Nasi u rut Hotspur Roger DeUouig Prince HaJ Djvid Hunt Falsxaff Jim Baker Thomas Percy Wayne Finney Lidy Bncjf l- ' tln... II .::. . Francis Tam Scriwn M or timer Noel Young Sir Richard eVrnon Jerry Hopkins Sir Waiter Blunt George Baldwin EXjugLaj; Jjy Hopkins Earl of Westmoreland Larry Junes Mistress Quickly Charlurrc Fcrrec HENRY IV, PART I WilJiam Shakespeare and the MSU Drama Dcpantiicrir united to bring tne Masquers their biggest success, plus a state- wide tew, H try IV, Part i, was under the direction of Firman H. Brown, Jr., chairman of the Drama Department. Richard and Sarah James did outstanding robs with stage settings, lighting and costumes. The plot involved an uprising against the king, lead by Hotspur, portrayed by Roger DeBourg cxirsuruiing was Jim Baker, in the role of Sir John Fafctaff, FquaHy 176 THE ROPE DANCERS THE CAST Margaret Hyland Cordelia Brown James Hybnd James Bompart Lizzie Hyland James Nelson Mrs, Farrow Geraldine McCarthy Clementine Margo Max»m Dr. Jacobson Boone Sparrow 1 Lamcshnik Ron Engle The Cop Don Hetherington The Moving Man Tatty Theriault Toward the end of Winter Quarter, iryouts and rehearsals began on The Rape Dancers, ,i production con- ceived and planned by George Cusscn . The play opened April fifth, under the direction of Douglas Banksoo and technical direction of Richard James. The story deals with an Irish American family living near the mm of the century, Lizzie Hyland, afflicted with a strange illness, K torn between her withdrawn mother and her warm- hearted father. FRONT ROW: Month McG rni, Bob Lee, Wo ren Good, Norman Mikdwn, Ann Avery. SECOND ROW: Kitty Gleason. Pick Jam , Louts Garcia, Diane Olsc i, Doug James, Larry Luke, Roberta Torbox. THIRD ROW; Sob Lucas, Diane Mas cv Joanna Lester, Bruce Buckingham. Gwen Calvin. Judy Carter, An™ Erickvorv, Dennis Craia, Judy F sher, Borbare Wheeler, Rcy Joeobv JUBILEERS The Jubileers, " Montana ' s Finest Voices " gave several performances this year, in- cluding appearances at the Christmas Concert, the Night CJub Show, Parents ' Day aru{ during Commencement Week. i Miniiuirv:! .1 srm-wtdc r njr during Spring vacation, The Jubtlarii iluiuin ihtic pert in tnct ii i he Night Club Show, i ?a MISSOULA CIVIC SYMPHONY This year, students participating in the orchestra program at MSL 1 were involved in the University Symphonette and the Missoula Civic Symphony, a community -University cooperative organization. They participated in six COD- certs: the Campus Concert, Feb. } Bunc Concert March 15; Gvic Symphony Concens of Dee. 3, March 4, April 29, and May 3; and in five performances of the All-School Show. Street Scene. The students also became acquainted with a variety of music masterpieces and music of many types besides the pi tees pcoKrammed on concerts, in the " reading sessions. " «f the Symphonette. Gail Anderson Dennis Butter field Eton f h.K Larry Chriscophcrson Forest CornweU Juffrvy i cmood Dale Frank I iL-riJd -C .nil Robert Haburchak Kay Maozari Judith Martinson [jorna Mi kelson Arlie Montgomery Jane Nebon Harold Nicholb Keirfi Nichols David Hafer Elaine Hoem Harold Hunt Herbert form son Virginia Johnson Thonus Kenney James Larson Kay Larson Thomas. (.arson LOKCtl Rash Lynn Rickets James- Snyder Lowell Swenungesen Roberta Tarbox Charles VX ' ' enrworth Rita White Sharon White Robcrr Wick Th im BuknbJlE Trim-- First r nr h hit n ft K ht: Hot] O ' Billovick, H, v Uliitn,. Butch Her DjviJ l-jtclttidd. Koch Liw, Uin Sutlivjn. Sttve Low y. fUwtd Ftflkrron. ' Froaty " Cai. tcl . Ron Quilling. SffWfld ft : BASKETBALL Tlw crowd btviHHei tl [r«- ' 4 Sieve Lolfrfjr link i crucial foul i!wt. « _ GAMES AND SCORES MSU 76 Oregon State 82 MSU 56 Oregon State 5. MSU .42 Washington 59 MSU S7 Washington MSU - .63 Montana Stute College 45 MSU ..101 Eastern Montana College.... 63 MSU . 62 Idaho 81 MSU ....69 Montana State College 61 MSU 65 Idaho 61 MSU 59 Brigliam Young University 65 MSU 91 New Mexico 79 MSU ■ ■ Denver 60 MSU 66 University of Utah 68 MSU 57 Uiah State College 62 MSU . 65 Montana State College T MSU 36 Colorado State 58 MSU 64 University of Wyoming 72 MSU .61 University of Utah 97 MSU ....63 University of Denver ... 54 MSU . 75 New Mexko _ 47 MSU . 66 Brigham Ytajng University 80 MSU 62 Utah State University .66 MSU 78 University of Wyoming 72 MSU 71 Colorado State 63 FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS Utah 15 1 Utah Sure 12 I Colorado Scale LI 3 Montana 5 9 Denver 5 9 Brigham Young 5 9 Wyoming 5 ' ' New Mexico 2 12 GRIZZLY HONORS Co-captains; Tli b O ' Billovkh and Dan Sulti van, Farrurr Award {Best Defensive Player): Bob OTBilkmch, Djagstedi Award { Mosr Valuable Playtr • : Di:i Sullivm Stc-vi I. .vz were selected for the Second String All- SkyUnc Team. Lueien jumps scores. .■Ritrt, wick the icon H i4. 2 }t% £ ' SENIORS Bbint " Hutch " Hendricks Missoula} Bub O ' BJlltJviih (Butte) Ron Quiljln (Sidney) [ jn Sullivan (fkncc,) O ' Bplluvkh nulut tkrwa h ;«m for t tttup- The cum pctj ion is kerrvrr In the Inter rrwwnrnU of the Sim . ■ jh k h H h h The members of Ihe Freshmen Basketball ifom ore: FRONT ROW, left to ri B hf: Joy Sumner, Dali: Fuller, Jim Freel, Bill Enalci, Charl Doiais, Dan Foley, Dennis Sicken , end Dove HMger. BACK HOW: Coach Hugh David- son, Francis Rieo r Bill Rke Rocky Greenfield, Pete ftosmussen. Bill Wcrtj, Bruce Demion, Sieve Nygren. Tom Colfotic QTid Pave Liirlefield, team manager. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL LETTER AWARD WINNERS Unite Denison { K;li|l S iJuzois William Lfigkr Daniel FnJey Dale l : i)v,iLT James Frccl R: . ky t..rki;,l Dave Hilger Sreve Nygrcn Peter RjsmuSSen Rancis Ricci Witlijm Rice Dennis Stevens Jay Sumner William Wertz Lifry Roclic-k-au James Pramenko MSU Slunven; from t k left: Dive Kimlul, Mike buckliy. Clint Carlwn, Cotch H .:, r V:.i.-r-..:..« .mt K x I ! -r - . - . i.-.; |. I| h r J I C SKI TEAM Mike Buckley wi (He AlhAmertcin Ski Toffl. cluu with hi couch, HiHncr Andfrtmn. LETTER WINNERS William Bruit Michael Budcky Gin ton Gujson George ThemuJr BOWLING TEAM An Auxiliary Sport sponsored by ASMSU, liimlmt; U.nn K by Vinte Wilson The ream participatc-d in the 10ih Annual region 1 I Bowling and Gaines Tournament in Pullman Washington and other tournaments. TEAM MEMBERS Roy Newton, 200; Bob Kochcttr, 190; Dean Vaupel, 189; Norm Mnscxi, 186; Dick West, 182; Fred Jackson, 382; Dennis Lalif, 182; Gary Andersen, 179; Larry Biere, 178; Ray Johnson, 176; Glen Sorenson, 175; and Doug Jac ohsoo, 175. Iff) GRIZZLY SWIMMERS: leJt o nohr, FJRST fiOW: Mike Gleaion. Wolf Kne er, Dov Bfurvier. George Pionn., and Doug Brown. STANDING one Assistant Ceoth Ron Smith,. John Wets I, Denny Bell, Greg Hulln, George Klein, Sieve Cropper, end Head Coach Norton Swansan SWIMMING Herkimer ' OlimjMi: foot LETTERMEN Dennis Bell Douglas Drown David Bntnncr Steve Cropper ( Senior j Michael GJeason Glenn Jones Wolf Kreiger RonaU Kramis. Rcdgc Murrin (Senior) John Wccsel Giorgio Piecing Mgr. Hockey at MSU is an auxiliary sport supported by some funds from A5MSU and the rest from the team members pockets. The Ram has worked hard to make; Hockey a recognized sport at MSU — which h rather difficult because of rin rink. It is made up of mainly Canadians who enjoy skating and who wish to demonstrate that hockey could be a big gate drawer as ir is doing throughout the state. The team played this year in Great Falls, Butte, and Goniaga in Spokane and did surprising in view of the facr that they had no pJace for practice as the ice fink was not in operation this year. HOCKEY TEAM J91 PHI DELTA THETA— MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS. FRONT ROW, toft to nghi. contQirti; Roger Si omberg. Jetty Dillon, Wayne LesNc, Tom Sullivan, artd John Ambrose. n the BACK ROW ore; Hd Froser r Tim Jerhoff, John MeUer, Bill Ellison Spike Moe, ond Coach Pat Godson. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Ajwther p»m h txjsun 11 (I Ttrn of i lull. MEN ' S CHAMPIONS Rnuch. jctiun Kuti «t l the (tirlt bmlc it OtK for thr tmrkrhitl chjmpiofithip. Turner Hill ' t fait team ii the winner in the bii-ketball WRA BASKETBALL All women ' s living groups parrid- patcd in WRA liaskttkill arid com- petition was bjr no hair pull- ing or battles were erHt Juntcfed. Star B ' s from Turner Halt won rhc champiun hip from the Carlson Curies. Playing for the winning ream were G lleen Adams, Helen Rurms, Bt-v Pfcifle, Bffilicc Prodor, Kay Robcrrs, Barb Shcnk, and Sara Blackburn. MEN ' S CHAMPIONS Runs HcK ruCI Mother Strike for Jim Biter. INTRAMURAL BOWLING Excellent (arm ti diipfayet) by thtte- iwq jiils while thtj bowl. WOMEN ' S DIVISION CHAMPIONS Missoula 195 m 1 INTRAMURAL WRESTLING CHAMPIONS 196 0 3 0 BACK ROW: Bonn. Sevens, Chris Cheethom, Beverly Boorman. Dec Wast, Bonnie Kosmsky, Peggy Kickr, Joan Mary Lou Mu ' ph -. Mart. Davis, Joanne Hrj iS rr g, J 00 n Bachman, Donne Wilson, Mary Ann Marsh, Drone IVideroasr . MIDDLE ROW: Alice MacDonold. Shoron Flynn. Mary Doyle, Mary Ann S iugri e, Lynn Jones, Connie Jens, Wendie Wilson, Lynn Eyer, Oee Serjtr, Barbara Young, Eleanor Bennett. PROMT ROW: Charlcne Froicn, Kay Baldwin, Nemcy Lona, Ann Wolhowc. Mary Rippelo, Carol Stalky, Roberta Anderson TANAN OF SPUR The purpose of Tanan of Spur, national sophomore women ' s service honorary, is to promote school spirit and to support all activities in which the student body participates. The Spurs sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins dance during Winter Quarter, worked at the Interscholastic Meet, conducted campus tours during Orientation Week and tor special groups throughout the year. They also ushered at football and basketball games. concerts, and at Masquer plays OFFICERS. President, Ann Wholhnwe; Vice President, Ch.iriene Frojen; Secretary, Mary Rippeio; Treasurer, Kay Baldwin, BEARPAWS Beat paws. MSU ' s sophomore men ' s service honorary, has rendered much service to Montana Scare University in die past year. They ushered ar football and basketball games, worked at the Interscholastic Meet, and assisted during Orientation Week They also help to promote ASMSU activities and ro uphold traditions of the University. OFFICERS ' : : . M. titLL ' si: Vkc :-. side ii r , 1 ,: rrv HoJlor«n: Scirttary, Kent WebsieiJ Trtjv;;..T. ti ink h.iw BACK ROW: Lorry VoKl, Dove Cooper. Lourj Dudo . Bob Nofs-naer, Ted Williams, Doug Milton, Rick Jones, Bob Pcntzer, Dennis Kanscta, Doug Chaffcy, Tom Lchrkmd. MIDDLE ROW; tarty Steele. Denni Bein , Darrell Anderson. Leonard Nayes, Cliff Jacobstn. LFtjyed Sinclair, Ran Bimmger. Red Thome. Steve Corrnli, Jim Ericksan, Dave Bowman. fRONT ROW: Lorry Honnn, Kent Webster, Jerry Hollaron, Michael Gw C n, Frank Sbaw, Dafe Shauretle, Roy Korkalo. r rj n 0 " » 1 ri " X n n n - r r , Y f 1 f i BACK ROW: Jordrt Erickioo, Penny Loucas, Carol Cooper, Kor l Lorensen, Dorothy McBnde, Lwjiw Johnson, Annette Smith, Morvo Kirby, Sharon Dodoe, Mcrie Stephenson. FRONT ROW; Elmo Knowlton, Judith Rollins, Dionc Mossey Young, MorlKo Come , Ellen Porker, Gloria tudoity MORTAR BOARD The purpose of Momr Ikurd, national senior women ' s twnarary, is to promote scholarship, leadership, and service. As in the past, they sponsored Smarr Parries for campus women with rhe above qualifications. They sold M: Board Calendars and helped with Friends of the Library. President, Louise Johnson. SILENT SENTINEL Silent Sentinel, senior men s honorary, work behind the scenes of many MSLJ activities. " Hie group includes most of the campus traders and scholars. SEATED- Frank Wokh Dale Haorc, John Coflion. Dr. Roberl Turner STANDING: Larry JUiif Bob 0 B.H.vich. Dennis Adorns. Jack Griffith, John Uv.lo, Brod Nichols, Paul M.ller, Milton : IRST ROW; Robert Elliott. Wayne Ferguson, Bob Bowing Mil 5yri 0 . Tom Fousek, Dale Faschmg. Jack. GriHirh, Tom Grasiesthi, Gerald Zoplx SECOND ROW; Charles Lonnagc R, C. Haring r David Matli, William Hunt, Corl Malone, Terrene Rieger, Rodney Carrier, Dave Williams, Bruce Getter. THIRD ROW: HoroW 5rK?rkcy, Owie Hope, R Hoyden (-toward, Gilbert Clark, Dovid Eocnjt, Denis Adorns, Jaon Luse, Roitcr H a hn. FOURTH ROW: John Diredzic. Kendall Kinyon, Ray Ycung r Don Morris, Wayne Schoonmaker. Roger Doney, Robert Rogers. Gory GarisorY J. F. Go cdnik, Mike Good. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Ted Leckbond. ALPHA KAPPA PHI This professional Student organization in business administration is the tenter of communication wirh businessmen and their organizations. The purposes art to fusicr research and inquiry into the applied areas of eonimer . ac- counts,, ami finance; to promote and educate the public " to appreciate and recognize the role of business schools and iheir graduates; and to develop in business administration ttudeftts an understanding of tin; business environment that facilitates their smooth transition into many industries and into j uY .Tiu:iL:it OETK.LRS: President, Hob Uoul:cr; Vice President, Mel Syria; Treasurer Ted Leckhond; Faculty Adviser, R. C Haring. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta, national fresh- men women ' s honorary, has been on the MSI. 1 campus since 1 936. Its mem- bership eonitsts cjf freshmen women who have attained a 3 5 or above grade average for fall and winter quarter. President Sandra Crosby Vice President Francis Driver Secretary Harbara Simpson Treasurer Sharon Smith Historian Maty Lou Cushman Diane Pendergast, Bonnie Begumor.?, Alice MaeDonald, 5bnri3n Smilh, Dean Mourin? Clow iFoculty AaVivdr), Sandy Crosby, Charlcnp Frozen, Ann Wolrwwe, Judy Krub-.ack. BETA EPSILON The purpose of lkra F-psi] m is to promote scholarship, leadership, .mci interest in the advancement of Hume Economics and to further professional interests in this fieJd. Beta Epsilon is now in the process of becoming affili- ated with Kappa Omtcron Phi, the national Home Economics honorary. President Marci.i Mejeher Vice President Helen Dwetle Secretary Martha Olson Advisers Mrs. Emma Briscoe Miss Fannie Etheridge 1 FIRST ROW: Nancy Hirst, Hd n Dwelle. Marcia Meagher, SECOND ROW; Janice Jordan. Cecil Loquo, Soiidy Lindlief, Jean Davis, Wr 5 . Emma Briscoe. MISSING FROM ICTURt. DeJla Boc, Boblnn Maki, Martha Olson, Shirky HolwOfjner Janice JohnVOfl- KAPPA PSI The purpose of Kappa Psi is to advance the profession educationally. fraternally, .md serially. Also Kappa Psi fosters scholarship and pharmaLcutical rebirth Every fall a " Get- Acquainted " smoker is sponsored for all phar- macy students. OFFICERS: President, Thomas Mitchell; Vice President; Robert GimpbeU; Secretary, Neil Snyder; Treasurer, Jack Dahlin; Historian, Art Lindlief; Chaplain, D;m DriscotL SACK ROW, (eft io right: Jcme Blfldfl, Roger West, Roy BlMfc Marvin ScMobs, Maihew Fcrkovich, MIDDLE ROW- Dan Driscall, John Montegna, Ed Emmett, Brtl Thorcn, Gary Helvik. = RONT ROW; Ernot RoLiburg, Robert Campbell. Thomas, Mitchell, Df. F. A. PeJlinato, DeWayne McAlear. DRUIDS The purpose of the Montana Druidi is to bring the active members,, the alumni ana 1 the faculty of the forestry schtxjl into a closer relationship. President ... John Stephenson Vice President .... Tony Carlson Secretary John Inrnan Treasurer Charles Butts Ilisroriisi Roger Rogtaske FIRST ROW: Malcolm Broatch, George Dern, Fird Gerloch, Jomt Portion, Gone Kalkpski Marvin LeNoue. Andrew Gtoir. SECOND ROW- Bill Johnson, Morton Wood, ftetein Morris, John Stephen -., Dean Willirjtns G. M. DeJarrwIhe, Retort Memrod, Donald Drommand. THIRD ROW; John Hqu. Fred VonDc-ichmann, John Inmon. FOURTH ROW: Henry Go U r Roy Brown, Frank Ferguson, Lorry Frjirmrjn, Arthur Ronald Roa. imke, Ronald Yoyno. Lawrence Merriam, Arthur Brackcbusch, Riehrjrd Behan. FIFTH ROW: Tony Carlson, Ronold Wachsmurh, Honan Noste, Jamei Moorhauwr. Arthur Tower Mike Hardy, Loren Glade, Jamrs Lomrn-rr, Charles Butts, SIXTH ROW- William Pitfrce, Donald Kfebcrvow. Corwi McDonald. Robert Boiworrh Reubin Djctcrt, Arnold Bollc, Fred McBmle. KAPPA EPSILON Delta Chapter of Kappa Epsilon has as its purpose the fosrcring of a spirit of fraterna lism among women students In Pharmacy, They annually h iJd a luncheon honoring pte-pharnULV women students. Prcsidenr ., . Ruth Poertet Vice President Nancy Good Secretary Vernice Sullivan Left to right- Janice- Picchnjni, Myra Shullt, Vcrnicc Sullivan, RulH Poettcr. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Noncy Good. MU PHI EPSILON Epsilnn Rho Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon endeavors to pro- mote music on the MSU campus and ro provide service ro the music school. Requirements far ■ii!.rVilxTs5iip itl- Mum. rnafors nr minor with a 3.0 grade point average. President ELiine Hotm Vibe President .... Pat McClain Treasurer Kay M iizari HRST ROW. Elaine Hoem, Barbara Burrell, Arf.e Montgomery, Linda Porter, Morityn Parker, Margie Lynn Johnson SECOND ROW: Betty Etcho-mondy, Jarwt Wynne. Loretta Rash, Joyce Schotflcr, Joonna Lester, Dorwiamec Ni hoti, Li la Knudyon. THIRD ROW: Lomo Mikeban, Autumn Horn, Koy Mor rC ri, Pol McDair. Helen Hceb. Mary Ann Sbugrue, Morlene BotHufltJer, Roberta Tarbox. PHI EPSILON KAPPA PI Oiaprer of Phi Epsiton Kappa has as its goals the foster- ng of scientific research in the ftdds of Health Education, Phy- sical Education, Recreation Edu- cation and 5afety Education. President Donald Gates Vice President Robert Dick Secretary Harold Johnson Treasurer Richard Bartow FIRST ROW, left To right; Don Morrison, Donald Gates, Jomes Johnston., Harold Johnslm, Roy Luccrv Leo Beck MIDDLE ftO ' W Tom DuMay, Wayne Leslie, Jack Compcrisie, Les Litrlc, Wo»y McNeil BACK ROW: Vmcent Wilson, Robert Bol linger, Allen Hoss, Robert Oswald, Harlcy Lewis. PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi T national scholas- tic honorary, each year gives a scholarship cc a third quarter sopho- more and publishes the Grizzly Guide. The requirements for mem- bership are that you have ro be in the top V " of the juruur class or a 33 or above grade point average and he in the iup ' ' ' • i tin- senior class. President ...Mrs. Marguirccc Ephron Vice President John Utvtla Secretary Dr. C R Jeppesen FRONT ROW. Jert to riflht: Mrs. Schuster. Gloriq Eudnily, M s, Pot Otlich, Mrs. Ephron, Slioron Gravel le. (Catherine Dpi I, Virginia Wanson. MIDDLE ROW: John Carlson, Dr Jeppeven, Mr. Morvrn. John Ulvila, Robert Meon . Henry OWenhwrg. Dr. Briggi. BACK ROW: Mr. Freeman, Dr. Castle, Or. Browmon, Or. Lory, Mr. J. F. C ednik, George McRac, Den i Adams, Dr. Sletten. " Gn — arte % Jtt hit D work to jjrt i FIRST ROW, left lo right: Dale Frank, Lorry Chr lUophe son, Roger L son, Ron Soger, Joseph Munjenridvr, Tom Spala- fore, Dennis Craig, Wayne Peterson, Norman Brunkcn. SECOND ROW: Jim Snyder. Gol n Prentice, Larry Luke, Tom Kcnney Harold Hun«, Warren Good, Charles Bryson, Mike Kiley. Tam Lorion, Doug Mannmg. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Hit; purpose of Phi Mu Alpha is ro advance the cause of musk in Amenta, Phi fu sponsors the Jazz Festival each year. OFFICERS: President, Jim Snyder; Vict President, Larry Luke ' Secretary, Larry Qiristophersun; Treasurer bruce Buckingham; Historian, Joe Munzenridcr, FRONT ROW: De et!e Jorrell, Joan Anderson, Gcn vt Williams, Gcrold-ne Ticmcy, Patricia Jonv . Payhn Bourqwm. MrDDLE ROW-. Ov:ar Hommcn, Shomn Gravellc. Henry OJdenberg, Dan Bicri, Paul A. Carter, Vemon Sngvv SACK ROW: Kenneth Neil, Daugta Chalfey, Ronald Quilling, Jnhn Burkcr, William Burke, Horry Fritz, Dale Johnvjn, Don Cornchuy David Taylor, Bun an Hoyfc, JQ. ( Doiphy Pohlman. PHI ALPHA THETA Beta Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Thcta, national history honorary, has as its purpose the discussion of histori- cal subjects and ro promote fellow- ship Among like-minded scholars. Phi Alpha mecrs month ty tfj hear papers on history by faculty members of the organization. President Henry Oldenburg Vice President John Carlson Secretary Sharon GravelJc Historian Dan Bieri Advisu: Ur () I ].l:::y m PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Thcta, women ' s business honorary, is dedicated to the promotion of business education and the foster- ing of high ideals for women in the business field. They held their annual Business Awards Banquet. President Pat Bragg Vice President Marlene Kolesar Secretary Mary HuggaOJ Treasurer . Jean Huldhaupt FRONT ROW, lef 1 to right: Mory Huggan , Morva Chfistron. Miss Alvhild Martinson [advisor), Marrha Comer, Delrene Riggs. BACK ROW: Jee-n Buldhoupt, Shirley Warchime, Martene Kotesor. Korcn Stoncieth, June Genger, SliorOn Honien, Janke SlantJIcY. Pat Bragg, Lois. Krous, Cnrof Raunig. SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalism fraternity, each year covers the annua] Montana Intersoholastic Meet s events for local news media and for the wire services, OFFIC ERS: President, Rnr GxtOTJ Vice President. John Sihulz; Secretary-, Printer Bowler; Treasurer, Turn Flaherty. MSU CLUB SITTING, left to right; Rose Nordby, Shonjn Adair, Helen Dwclle, AAarthc Olson, Sue Wvuel, unidentified, Morcio Meagher. KNEELING: Jonke Jordon, Phyllis Brooks, Jocque Hampton, CeciTe Laquo, Lynda Harriwn, Glenno Nelson, Del Ore Leuthald, Jerry Robbins. STANDING: Mrs. Lewi,, Nancy Kayier, Sandy Lindlief, Linda W g5 1ey, Linda Beolhe, Janis Johnson, Andrea Leseur, Gail Shaw, Oeone Horrvcn. Rose Ahsh, Lynn Jones Caroline Nelson, Bobbin Moki. Penny Gordon, Dawn Drummond, Sally Amos, Jean Davis, Helen Rogan. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club provides for professional development of college home economics. They annually have the- Spring Dessert during spring quarter to honor graduating seniors in home t; imam ' s President .... Cedte Laqua Vice Prtsiilem (iJcnna Nelson Secretary Glenm I . an hold Treasurer Linda Harris AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION The purpose of APhA is to encourage the advancement of pharmacy as a science and a profession, APhA holds an annua] Christmas party, spring picnic, and an Awards Banquet, Ai rheir monthly meetings they have repre- sentatives from the various pharmaceutical companies to speak on subjects of common interest. OFFICERS: President, Dan Driscotl; Vice President, Jim Biotii; Secretary, Vernicc Sullivan; Treasurer, Art Lindlief. FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Priicoll, i ' m BiofTi, Vemice SuJJ. von, Ruth Poetier. C. W Rtncmt, Art LMdjMf, SECOND ROW Dwaync- Meehon. Donna Schrmdr, Janice PJcehioni, )ahn Mnni no, Bob CompbcH. Ed Emmert. THIRD ROW. Marshcll Holmberg, Wyro Shult , Allan Hcdman, Tom Mitchell, NeiT Snyder, Roger Wftl. FOURTH ROW. Jacob Nelson, David Roll. Gene Honson, Gary Hefeik, Peter Oovis, Ronald Larson. FIFTH ROW: Georgr Thorp ;, M 9rvm Schlabs, Bill Thoren. John Arnbro . FIRST ROW, left to right: Gkn Borth, Jchn Dncdi George Scott, Sandy LindWef, Harold Sharkey, Roger Doney. SECOND ROW: Dave Suk, John Odeaoord, Rod Powell. Duncan Stewart, Ron 51ovok r Don Hcwcl, Ted leckband. THIfiO ROW: Woyno Krywko, Hayden Howard, Bill Hunt, Tom Fousck. Bruce Getter, Bill Lynch. FOURTH ROW: Gary Kennerer, Poig Comis, Bill Btn on, R on Long, Gory Woptcwick, Lou Sullivan, Harold Gilkey. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Dick Sicm, Bob Hopper. Donald Kr»ssie r Ron Will, Gere Hicketfcier, Ken Miller. Tun Shrehofi, Darold Saver. MARKETING CLUB The purpose of the Marketing Club is to acquaint business majors with practical side of rhe business profession. At their bimonthly meetings they have lectures given by prominent professional businessmen and also ihey have tours through various Missoula business establishments OFFICERS President, Roger LXmty; Vice President, Harold Sharkey; Secretary, Sandy LindJicf; Treasurer, George Scott. MONTANA MASQUERS The purpose of Masquers is 10 pro- mote and develop the highest type of dramatic art at MSU. A new project thij year was the Children ' s Theater in which ' " Rurnpclstilskin " was pre- sented to the Missoula grade school children. Prcstdcnr Ray Maidincnt Vice President Felicia f htrdison Secretary lone Hutching? Treasurer Jim Baker Historian Kathy Van Aelstyn FRONT ROW, left to right: Kathy Von Afflilyn, Jim Baker, lone Hutchings r FeNcia HardJson. SECOND ROW: Dr. Bankson, Christine MacDona d, Lorry James. Rpy Maidment, Marga Maxscn, Joy Hopkins, Firman Brown. THIRD ROW: Chris Cheethom, fv ik c Fallon. Montr. McGinn is, Joan Campbell, Jfrry Hopkins, Brean Alexander. FOURTH ROW: Larry Boog. Wyyne Finney, Doug Gvimm, Anthony Ayto r George Baldwin, Alon Noslund. ACCOUNTING CLUB .... The purpose of the Ac- " counting CJub is ro acquaint members wiih various aspecrs Hl H of the accounting field. Their bimonthly meetings feature speakers from all areas of the accounting field, and discus- sions held by the members ■ VSH MV concerning problems ami as- Ml I Tl peers of accounting. m n H WM m President Hal Donahue Vice President. Harold Wolff FIRST ROW, (eft ro right: Shirley Worehi me. Jack Kempner, Horold Wolf I, ho|h De-oW W™»nr v Wivrw Sihrmnirttkrr 0011 Mof ' is, Wayne Schoonmaktr. SECOND ROW: Preston Pgrky Dove M tj. Walter ' wxn-ur) ,w,ij4K jvii wuhw Paulsen. Mdvyn Syria. John Grey, Bcb 8ragg. Ray Young. THIRD ROW: Wtcy ' Fre.fc.o th, Ireasurer minala Morris 5t0 l y Ursen, Huflh Elmore, Den Adomy Mike Good, Hoi Pj C rcc FOUMTH ROW: ob Boulter, Jim O ' Neill, Donald Emblem, Joseph Govednik. In COSMOPOLITAN " -n club ■T Hp JN B Thc Object of tin.- (-osmopahnjin, M H Club is c I l-l- exchange oi ideas aiming _j H j ' l students i F Americas. They hold an hi- hold round table discussions of in ' " JL t jt u | ttrnational affairs. A I President Henry Joe H H Vice President [amis Dudas B T Secretary Jack Johnstone . K pV p I 1 ' ■jJJJJJJJ pm- Treasurer Amy Shanu-Wtlson FRONT ROW. left to right: Jaye Crump, Mary Lou Hoppe. Judith Johnson, Kristy Tow . MIDDLE ROW: George Pork, Lauu Duddn, Shchfry Williams, Jock Jahnttone, Marlene Beyer, Diane Simon, L. Lusheke Rula, Rat Harrison, Cliff Crump. BACK ROW: Carolyn Wilker, Ralph Hutchinson,. Amy Shanu-Wil on, Henry Joe r Rantit DeSilvo, James Kelly, Ling Mark. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The purpose of the Chris- tian Science Organization is Woeship, and discussion: of religious ma«ers. Membership is upen ro any student nrjrivtn interested in Christian Science. President Anthony Aytu Vilc President: Pit tit i a Jnnes Secretary.. Jacqueline Bissonnette Treasurer Ray Maidment FIRST ROW, left to right: Anthony Ayto, Pot janes, Roy Maidmenl. SECOND ROW: Jackie Bissonnette, Jo Israel, lenc Hutching . THIRD ROW: Kofhy BissonneTic, Judy Fisher. Karen Harris. FOURTH ROW: John Minor, Frank Masak. GYMNASTICS CLUB The Gymnastics Club encourage? men and women students of MSU to participate in organized gymrmtics and other physical, stxiia], and leisure time activities. This year they per- formed during half-rime m a MSU basketball game. President Pamela Umc Vice President l an McQuarter Publicity Joe Dietrich Secretary- .. .. Sonja Harris SEATED, (eft to right: Mrs. Linuv Cartelon, Mts. RobeM Jcy. Dean Corlcion, Sharon Evefi£ i, Casey McFaflond. SECOND R.OW; Korvn Beoeh, Delays Davis, Loretto Rash, Alice Quirt. Bev Simpson, Janice Jordan, Kav Pappos. THIRD ROW: Mr. Robert Jay, Gordon Bacon. Jerry UHt-rmorv. Mr. Frank Watson, Fred Carl and Fred ProebUct. STUDENTS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Student Edu- cation Association is to stimulate growth tif professional attitudes and to foster active cooperation between student groups in reacher-educarion insiitutiuns. President Gordon Bucftn Vice President Karen Beach Secretary Sharrm White ■■ ' Ji r Erie ttrvii arc file Kln ft Dreg today? WRA OFFICERS WRA P«»d«it -Dinny Lipf r to right: Jane Pope, S re t a ry; Dcrfy Schulti, General Sports MarWfltr; Joci Cdrlion, Publicity Manager; Sue lintx, Vke PfesioW; Roy Robert. Recording Sports Manager; Carol Mustoe, Treasurer, M ss Ella Brown, Advisor. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION WRA is dedicated co the organi- zation an J sponsoring of worth- while recreational and intramural sports program for the women of MSU. Every spring WRA has its Steak Fry where it presents awanis ii.r tin- yt-jrs .n tivities and :iJmj spring quarter they hold a High School Play Day for the Missoula area high school women. FIRST ROW, left to right; Sharon John sen, Bamby Beaumont, JoAnn Wicgncr, Linda Wood. SECOND ROW: Sharon Johnj, Marilyn Mowolt, Gail Schneider, Casey MeForlond. THIRD ROW: Kristin Towe, Colleen Adams, Jane Fgrnum, Pomelo Lowe, Sharon White. FOURTH ROW; Saro Block burn, Morfone Owes. Margaret Wilce™, Borboro Srwnk, Bev Pfeifte. TRA wwnrn II lU U Bow lire Lanrt. The M$U Sfc Club is dedicated to promoting the interests of skiing at the University. It docs this through its sponsorship of Ski Weekend at Big Mountain. M5U students take a thiee day break from classes to enjoy the great outdoors and skiing. SENIOR FORESTERS —FRONT ROW, kit to right: Ro r Dobwn, Dfck. Miller, Arthur Hostcrman, Robert Meinrod, Ga y Gregory. Mokolm BrOO h. MIDOLE ROW: Einar Johnson, Arthur Tower, Phil Poulsen, Tony Carlson, Donald Rogmske. William Fa»rless,, Chorl Buiti. BACK ROW- Loccn Glade, John McCulloch, Fred Mceridc. James Mershon, Robert Boswarlh, Donn C »r»e, William Bivin SOPHOMORE FORESTERS— FRONT ROW, left 10 right; Charles Jewett r Ranged MacDonald, John Joy. Edward Trudel, Charles Hatch, unidentified. BACK ROW; Wilson Salisbury, Conrad Omit, Harold Hunter Alfred Gilbert, Philip Rut ledge JUNIOR FORESTERS — FIRST ROW, left to right; Eatnost Han- ley. Joe Remiek, Neil Smith, Henry Goeti, Gen C Ngrby, Neol Delude, Donald Schramm. SECOND ROW: William Morgan, Rkhard Nickel, Brown, Ronald Buentemeher, Robert Starch, Deon Rowra. THIRD ROW: Thomas Boebe, Howard Lipke, Bernard Clark, Wil- li am Rutin, Front Ferguson, William Brodt, Ronald Wach;,- rrvoth, Clifford Smith, David Wickstrom. FOURTH ROW: David Lhomedieu, Bland Rfcher J on, Carson Mc- Donald, Andrew Geair, Jack Schick!, Lorry OConnell, RonoM Barton, Fred Dermorr, Dcvid Fauss. FORESTRY CLUB The purposes of rhc Forestry Cfub arc to promote Fellowship and understartdinf; between members at rhe forestry school ami to provide a means of disseminating information pertaining to forestry and allied fields, Every year for the past 45 years the Forestry Club has pur on the Forester ' s Rail, the proceeds pi which pp ro rhc support of scholar- ships and to a loan fund. President Marvin LeNouc Vice President Bill Rusin Secretary Henry Goeta Treasurer Ray Brown FRESHMAN FORESTERS— FIRST ROW, lelt la right: Dole Haver. Lawrence Rutogumirwo, Devoid Fittirnonds, William Cun- ningham, Pickthorn, unidentified, umdenlilied. SECOND ROW: William O ' Brien. McMarrell, RingharwJ, Hansen, David Decvy THIRD ROW: Brunner, Kendall Gay, Jock Robertson, Peter Polomoki, George Zoto. FOURTH ROW. Ronold Carpenter, William RichordwSn, Gordon Gienty, John O ' Leory, Hansen, Frederick Rohrboch. FIFTH ROW: Horns Grehn, Darold Ward, Carl Luehsinger, John Connell, William Argersinger, SKYDIVERS The object of the MSU SlcydivefS Club is to develop the spore aspect of parachute jumping. Members must have jumping srarus and persons join- ing the club will be trained by quali- fied members of the club. The MSU Skydivers have in the past year pr- m iria:. i y.lf y. .i re uaipeririun with Muni una State College, Oregon State T and the University of Washing- ton. OFFICERS: President Paul Tag; Vice- President, HiJI Rivin; Secreraiy, Rii.ruid Peterson; Safety Officer, Chuck Underwood; Jumpmascer, Jeff Davis; Adviser, Major Donald Fox. Thftr MSU SkyJiY fi win t con.d in nitLoriil meet Left to right: Pete Harness, Paul Tag end Chuck Underwood Prwiict Jump ll i.i: l: j fellow ■pumper down y FIRST ROW, left to right: Pete Hark- ncii, Paul Tag, Chuck Under wood, David Oil Ion. SECOND ROW: Dick Hole, Don Zeidler, Doug Kutrasko, Lorry Schmidr, Tim Walters. THIRD ROW: Todd B ' Ondoff, Sob Schutte, Tom Giles, Bob Yokely, Douglas Payne, Jim £lm%. fOURTH ROW: Perm Stohr, Merch Ward, Garden Henson, Robert StOfr, Doug Falconer MISSING FROM PICTURE. Mo|0 D C. Fo r Lorry Slurtevgnt, Jrff Dgvi . Goil Kielmon, John White, Jim Peterson, Dan Pelenon. 2I The pfeporotron of Homecoming Activi- ties lies in the hands of this committee, Onti 5 Hrvrj of, left (O right, Bob Burke, Vice Prcsidem, )wn Tories, Se Tary; Daniel Lom roj, President, Nelson Fritz, Porodc Chairman; and Boh Pontic . Stu- dent Chairman. U% fulfillment Met m the support given by Us partrcrponti SliirLey f ' almer Business Manager PATRON ' S PAGE Just as the preparation of Homecoming Activities lends support to the student body of Montana State University, so have the merchants and the professional men who contributed to the fi nancing of the IWi L I ' lNlil. Hi:- iiclcjitioruJ interest shown bj ttttt patfUU m ; b«t effort, .sn.! QUI ' i baoJfl to you — our Fan tons. ' Bnnkrnan Leisa Montana Mireantile Co, Strand Theater Building 1600 Barker Avenue Kalispcel, Montana Missoula, Montana The Chimney Corner Prudential Federal Sating! Loan Association 1025 Arthur Avenue 4 c ; North Main Street Missoula, Montana Butte, Montana The First Naif Mat mk Suet On Drug Store, Inc. H iggins Avenue at Front Street Higgins West Main Mi Mumim Missoula, Montana Hentith Jewelers Montana Stockgrowers ' Association 132 North Higgins 7 Edwards Street Missoula, Montana Helens, Montana liigktnxi tr ft Lubricbt Construction Co. M 5 Ready Mix 734 South First West 1601 South Avenue West Missoula. Montana Missoula, Montana John R. Daily, inc. The Music Center 1 15 West Ftoni Street 310 North Higgins Missoula Montana Missoula, Montana KMSO Tun isian South Side National Bank 340 West Main Brooks, Mount Avenue Bancroft Missoula, Montana Missoula, Montana LydiJs Treasure State Bowling Center Butte, Montana Michigan . Dcefborn Avenue Mitsoula Building tfim Aaodathn Missoula, Montana Higgins Main Western Montana Building Sc. Loan iAsoeiation Missoula, Monrana 100 Easr Broadway Missoula MerchmtiU Co. Missoula, Montana Higgins Front Street The We item Montana National Batik Missoula, Montana 248 North Higgins Missoula, Montana Ail Phottfc in Realty SccriwQ by RoberrGolio Aflrt Wh [ KCtrW hom» Of wiiTios— Joanni LtiW Ctflwiu til .-. .: 1 1 -t » THE 1962 CAMPUS Proudly Presents MISS MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY Mm Ala itJAi itjlc Unitrniiy — All American, r K J L in MSU Uk»« of fun. i I f MONTANA ' S MISS WOOL 1 HOMECOMING QUEEN OLD MAN WINTER 7 fid £«F PEPPERMINT PRINCE ALPHA TAU OMEGA ESQUIRE GIR DELTA SIGMA PHI DREAM GIRL OF THETA CHI ft MARDI GRAS KING AND QUEEN 4)o totluj -Pemb6itton candidate for NATIONAL COLLEGE QUEEN representing and Colorado Rife . Spnng quarter opened with a visit from Senator Guldiwatcr and Margaret Mead, sponsored by Visiting Lecturer Commutes Miss Mead packod the U. Thearre in rhe afternoon, and Sen. Goldwater drew over £j,000 that evening in the field fnnisc, Trouble was brewing by rhc visir — some Montana Democrats took up the chant . , , ' " a political rally ' Ok Hirkntu, Paul Tig, tad Chuei Umicrwood cjpiurcj «urtd in I be uioflil Sliy-d« injc cwnpecitinn held «fi 243 MUSIC FESTIVAL Sprite quarter the U wrvfrf » J»M to (he Ujlr nig«( Intel TllOUlinJl tf 5! udi ' l ■ tprnt (he weekend in romper itkwi in. I pf- CCi?H jt mjnjl . Si(Urdl ewrnine. ihr con- cert drew J full houw jnJ ihe combined £rnup rhrilttd ihf iihJifnit wi h ' " A Mighty Fortran " . MODEL UN The picture 11 right iky Raprr Zrntn) Wii liken it :H Mofium M«M UN firly in the ytlr il MSL ' During sprir»K quarter UN member! representing Nj rionilhr Chim, vcrc off to Sin Dkfo for I be Nationwide Model L ' nnd fii im- m«tii«1y chiUtrifttd by Alb ni4, 4 WORLD ' S FAIR OPENS April 2 n tta world ' f-n it opfiW in Senile, which earned a number of Jlu- dcnn (t quil uhool w " h hnpti of senine. work. Far the rnt of tlic jiudcnu ihc fnir hid in wiii until June. Spring quarter i$ the rime of year when scholarship is given its recognition. New Silent Sentinel members are chosen, Murtar Board members are shaken out of bed at 6:30, Tanan of Spur rapes new spurs, Mjtrix Table cho es outstanding class women and homirarys and professional fraternities in- itiate new members. l r. Turner welcome or - tntmbff oi Sdeni Stntinrl " Bnndwxy Showtime " u thr title of tl»c AdUiMuid Pirmih. Siwre from " Pijinu Giwt " W« performed by StcHc JohnwiV - f illicit Bam, Filth irhwrrtfcojir. Kitljr Vin Vliel And Judy Tlwffli , Spring quarter calls for boating, swimming and Greek weekends. The lakes around Mis- soula (Scaiey and Flathead) make idea] locations. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FACULTY Mark J. Bchan Instructor, Botany LeRoy H. Harvey Professor, Botany; Curator, Herbarium; Assistant Dim tor, Biological Station Meyer Chess in Associate Professor, Botany Sherman J. Prcccc, Jr. At its, ' ant Pryfessor, Botany Clarence C. Gordon Assistant Professor, Botany John P, Robinson Preparatory, Botany {Part-tint :) Carl C. Lory Professor, Chemistry James R. Habcck Assistant Professor, Botany Richard A. Solberg Assistant Professor, Botany ami Education { Winter and Spring) Auofiate Professor, Chemistry R. Mer«in Grimes Richard H Juday Assistant Professor, Chemistry Professor, Chemistry William R. Pope Storekeeper, Chemistry I.cland M. Yates Associate Prof c nor. Chemistry (irt charge of uoreroam) Rob D. Wheeler hitfrttcior. Economics Agnes V. Boner Associate Professor, Enghth John M, Stcwarr Chairman and Professor, Chemistry Gcnrgc B. Helilter Associate Professor, Economics Herbert A. AJf Instructor, English Professor, lingiitb Forrest D. Thomas Assistant Professor, Chemistry Jamts R, L mard Instructor, Economics Seymour Betsky Professor, English Nan C Carpenter Professor, Eagtifh Wayne P. Van Meter Assistant Professor, Cficmistry Richard E. Shannon Associate Professor, Economics Jesse Bier Associate Professor, English Ruben A. Charles Aitiilant Professor, BftgUsif 255 Merrcl D. Clubb, Jr Associate Professor, English Leslie A. Fiedler Professor, English Edmund L Freeman Professor, English Phyllis L Harris Instructor, English Walter King Associate Professor, English John F-. Moore Professor, English Jerome Richard ItutrtiiSor, English John Mi SchWlfi Instructor, English Vol P. Sharma Instructor, English : r Jacob Vinocur Assistant Professor, English l I ml r- Dushan Brcsky Assistant Professor, Poreign Language Kcnnc-ch C. Brett instructor. Foreign Language James R. Bennett Asisstsmf Professor, English Ruben M. Buries Chotrmon, Foreign Language Thomas J. Dai to hutrucior, Foreign language Donald B McLeod Instructor, English Em$t S. Dick Instructor, Foreign Language Patricia Nonncnmacher Instructor, Foreign Language Theodore H. Shoemaker Professor, Foreign Language Vinttnt K. Shandy s Chairman and Associate Professor, Geography Marguerite Ephron Associate Professor, Foreign language Domcnico Ortisi Assistant Professor, F ' sTcigis language Thon Sofcnson Professor, Foreign Languages Robtrr W Fields Anoeiat Professor, Geology Gerturd Lackschewitz Assistant Profetsor, Foreign Language Ward Powell Associate Professor, Foreign Languages c Chester B. Beaty Assistant Professor, Geography John Hower Associate Professor, Geology Peter P. Lapiken Associate Professor, Foreign Language Douglas C. 5heppaid Associate Professor. Foreign Language Axd E. Hansen Instructor, Geography Arnold J Silverman Assistant Professor, Geology 257 John P Wehrcnbcrx Associate Professor, Geology Robert M. WeidmAti Assistant Professor, Geology Donald Wiastoo, II Instructor, Geology EJta C Brown instructor, Health and Physkal Education I Edward S. Chinske Assistant Professor, Health ami Physical Education assistant rooieait Loac Instructor Health and Physkal Education Charles F. Herder Chairman and Professor, Men ' s Health and Physical Education Robert M. Oswald Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education 258 Niscby Rhienhart Train ; Instructor, Health and Physkal Education Forrest B. Cox Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Professor, Health and Physkal Education Q 4 » Ray Jenkins Head Football Coach; Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education SI Walter C. Schwinfc Director, Health, Physical Education, ami Alhlctkt; Profetior, Health and Physical Education George W. Cross Assistant Professor. Health and Physkal Education Marvi;, l.urtnz Assistant Professor, Health .u:,i ; : .j. ' l:.iti-;j:i ' ,n Milton F. Schwtuk Astiuant Football Coach: Instructor, Health ami Phy sical Education Kay F. Sekfc Instructor, Health and Physical Education Agnes L Stoodley Chairman and Professor Women ' s Health and Physical Education Harlan L Swanson Instructor, Health and Physical Education I Harold Wallace Stcimmme Coach Vincent Wilson Associate Professor, Health and Physical Education Morton Borden Associate Professor, History Paul A. Carter Associate Professor, History Herman Freudenbergcr A. ' siUJtil Pr- U •• ■ . Hfi " T1 Oscar J. Hammcn Professor, History Jules A. Karfin Professor, History and Political Science John Van dc W Assistant Professor, Mdvin C Wren Chairman and Vernon F. Snow Assistant Professor, History Pi 5- Emma H. Briscoe Chairman and Assistant Professor, Homo Economics Robert T. Turner Professor, History; Director, Museum Joan Chrittopbcnofl Head Teacher, Nunen School; instructor. Home Economics 259 Fannie E. Ethcridge Assistant Profetsor, Home F.connmics Assistant Professor, Mat he motifs William M. Myers Associate Professor, Mathematics Richard A. Fausc Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Public Health Vanetta Lewis Assistant Professor, Home Economics Joseph Hashisatti Associate Professor, Mathematics John A. Peterson Assittant Professor, Mathematics Mitsuru J. Nakamura Associate Professor, Microbiology and Public Health Parricia Orlich Instructor, Home Economic! (part-time) Arthur E. Livingston Chairman and Professor, Matbematict Howard E Reinhardt Assistant Professor, Ma hematics Pauline Niemeycr Mediamaker, Mierobioloby and Public Health Ann Plait Professor, Home Economics George D. McRae Instructor, Mathematics Donald V. Sward htsfttti tor, Mathematics John J, Taylor Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Pmblic Health Merle W. Eramen (Cape.) Assistant Professor, Air Science Donald C Fox; (Major) Associate Professor, Military Science and Tactics Willard L Gannett, (Capr.) Assist ant Professor, Air Science Alfred L. Prdersen (Capr.) Assistant Professor, Military Science and Tactics Richard E. J, Scott, (Major) Associate Professor, Air Science George W. Small (dpt.) Atsistant Professor, Military Semite and Tactics Zygmunt Adamraew ki John F. Ijiwry Assistant Professor, Philosophy Assistant Professor, Philosophy William R. Ellis Technician, Physics Richard J. Hayden Professor, Physics i 1 1 Randolph H. Jcppescn instructor, Physics Kenial Karpat Atlcn 4t Professor, Political Science AJbcrc C Stillson Aaistant Professor, Political Science Hung-chao tai Instructor, Potitu .,: • Frank M. tit-Mas Professor, Psychology Arnold Miller Assistant Professor, Psychology Clyde E_ Noble Ptofessor t Psychology Bert R. Sapper field Professor, Psychology Robert J. Assistant Professor, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Welfare Idris W Evans Assistant PfoftSsOr, Sociology s Anthropology Raymond L Gold Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology il ' Iii HoCSiji U " i ii jrf Mason Griff Assistant Professor, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Welfare Richard M Boohnok-r Associate Professor, Speech Pathology and Astdiology 262 Forrest L Rrissey Associate Profestor, Speech Bert Hansen Professor, Speech Charlts D. Parker Associate Professor, Speech Pathology and Astdiology; Director Speech and Hearing Clinic SENIORS 1962 265 270 LOU TID3ALL it jl }. Montgnfl Economic BILL WALLACE Butte, V: ' - : ' 3 Fngliih and Philosophy CLARICE IWrighll TlOrHAH Chotfou. Montana Ingliih TON If WA4TCOAT Wildlife Techfwtogy DIE W( AVF11 Vlnthrop Harfro 1 3 1 no I W4dli!f Technology LA It (I ¥ TUCKER JOHN ULVILA , M on I aria ftc-d Lodoe. Montana lislcv Phyucx and Mothcmohti Lwilh high hofionl im WFILER IILFEN WIINGaRTWIR W«1by. Wonlortti Bulfe, Wft " 1nno History o Xf Speech Pathology Polrhcel 5 i n« honarif MAHTJ H E. VE LAH □ Hillary oritl PqIiItoI Jcicncr UNOA WIITRUM Miuoulo Monona PaJilical Sconce 9 Q 9 BARBARA WHIELIfi jpokrs»y.. Wdihirnjltyv Sociology MARIANNE WMtlAN MiMCA,la r Montana Eighth KEHHFTH WICKMAN Momili n, MOntOnfl 5f Oni h MELVIM WILK GCNlVA WILLIAMS FluihiM, Ntw York MiimkiIo, Montana fnqliih Sociology ( high hc-nri: RAY WILLIAMS MJsiaula, Montana Sandra witmee r«Kt Folli, MonlQfn fngliih |wi1h high honorij DIANNE TTOUNfi 0«n1«i. Mania ™ Mothetnoltci iUDITH IQElKE Wn! A.|. s , Wiicani.r H.VH ry and Politico) Bocncc mS Journalin LOLITA ZOOK Engirt BILL BOmCHIR Polwn. WfrAtofHS Physical Educanon 271 9. CORDON BACON Portland. O 0Vt Education THI0D0R1 CLEAHMA N Mm WAYNE HO FlMl pt| Bilhngi, Mjn ' nji WILLIAM JAREFTT Waihinoton, I}.C Etonorntc SENIORS GRADUATING IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES WITH NO PICTURES ANtHOHV TO jxahx, England MAJtD S, ATRaQChI Baghdad. ItoQ SUSAN DAVIE ■- ' • i W.iconun Botany Daniel bjllko G af Falii, MoAlaMj C »emutfv WILLIAM CAKILU R •v.Ov ' a " AC ' Cn:: Chcmldry RQ EHT COLE SHU LA ROTFLER MILTON DATiOPO-ULQJ M uguJg, Wontqr%Q IcDnanx:! Iwlln Honw RiCH ADO MALI, JR. TKONLAl I MASSING M kuIg, Mor JAMES AHTOMICH ESMATL FAlllH Tthrgn. ht- KATHIRINI JQiEPH B-n Etna Mal l Stanley per kins Carom. Montana EVELYN TKACHTK Wmoujo. Montana JAM! BOftOfH BuTTe. Montana LOUISE RASHAM WALTER MORTON Chuquiwnofa. ChiM tmomas walker Greet FgH Mwvtang G«l03 FERGUS QUISLE AJtatra rilonj. Htoirh and Pti ea fdocalppo MORRIS PAR MM ILL M.mduIo, Ma vt sna Hutrxv HOBfRT CA R L B F R G Dulcn Ja m »JlaN HUtOfy M(MA MARV CUMMINS JOSEPH D-AMBROSIO GEORGE PEHNISON Kiio Moo i one Hitfary ( t th ALAN [ MAN U EL Anocondo. Montana Hiitgr LLFWILLtN FISCHER BUflto, Montana HO LLANO Mi« ula Montana HATMFHINI JONES GERALD LIVUIT M ' siDvIa Monlono DWAtNE HjiSOt AAlniOula, Montgng SUlAN MOWBRAY « » - ' a, V.v- I:jr j DAVID W. FATTEN MniOVl , Man Mitres DENNIS RaaEM Colunia.a Fqrfli. Won!, h l«giy DAVJD TAYLOR Mi»KHjtQ 4 Mtjn ' ana H«tt« y IwiEh Honon WILLIAM CAIN M uot4a, Mo toirK} K t hy and P«|. Sctinc EtURTOtJ WOYLO MitiOula. Montana Hiiturr E Pol „■■-.■ DAYitl RAMNiN Calaofy. Albdira NiiEgi Pol. scHnct tICHARD PRIftHOW Larr h+rl. Mon ' aaa THOMAS ROLL Kaliiatll, Monlg ig PAUL WALLMIR Chmoofc. -Montana (JMral ArPt KFITH JOYCE ■iMOvlg. Montana Mathtnvjtif ) TEH R If MARJt rtiiKHjla., MgnEang Mafhematiei Hugh sullivah Butt». Montana Mrnihmvqfio. GF DEC [ TFHCKEY MluOula, r onrana Mathcrna ' iCi VICTOR YAWDA Ed-nornon. A h rf Q Mafheaiofitt JAMES iiiirz Pincha Creek, AJbC ' lO Ph.lawphy CO M RAD COUY tfATHERINE POLL B -i j " :.-n Winh ng | Philowphy w AMY HARRIS HiaMand Park, lllin Phifmophy C HAH OLE N SHEAFE MiMOula. Monramq Phyirts with ' lonori; JOHN DaTSDFOUI.05 M.iufluiD, Montana Polit«al ScitfH ARTHUR HUDSON Billing , Montana PoWital Sc mn-Ec«n. JERRY AfilN Shel y, Montana PoWWol 5cience 0 Kl Hratafy MARTHA GlMENEE Cordoba. Afgen ' ma FolHiienl Science and HiMory JEANNE LAUDERMILK fdmoriiof . A lb fro Pairhcai Sconce ROBERT tlAhK FJiiUngi, Montana Pre-Mtclical Sc. LEHQY PAY IS Omaha, NobfoAa Pte-Medicoi St RICHARD BAUER Misiouta. Montana Psychology EMtRV behsqn D«r LoJflc, Woniarto Psychology CAROLE FUNK Bammon, Montana Psychology GAIL HOWARD MiHOulO, Mofirarxi PiyfhclOgy l ' ' h Honof%,i WILLIAM HAUL, JR. Mi ' .icula, Montana Psychology JOHN MUELLER Buttt. Montana Ptycharagy TWILA BQLlN Miliaria, Montana VSOology f.w»lh Honori! WILLIAM GILBERT Foipfi«i J, MenioAO Social ogy WTMAH MocDOHALD St. Ignal.ui, Montana Sociology RfJBCBTA FENDtfiORAS Cut Bar , Montana MARJORIE PORTER Missoula, MonlQ«o Sociology JOSEPH E, iCHARA MihouIo, Montana SMrolOOy ANHE SHIPLET Buire, Montana Sociology iwith MonwiJ ROiE IHAuGHNES-SY Mmouta, Montana SpamiH JOHN BASEHEART llrooktield, Wiicomtn Speech NANCY CROIBY Mfcwoula, Montana Spaeth JOHN RUHI Mifioula Montana Speech WILLIAM B. KHOWLTON Butft, Speech BARBARA SUD-ip turmoil, Araika Speech Path, [frith Honor me warp iartow Cvit Bank, Montana Health and Phy. £d. CLARICE BECK MlUoula, Montana Hcafrh end Phy (a LAURIE BUT LFB Cofo ' itpn, Alberto Health gntt Phy €d NEIL FEHTOH Edmonton. Alberta Health ond Phv Ed DC- aLij GATES Mile Dry HtaHh and Phy £d RUSLFI l. GRANT C«lb4 ' t, Washrnglon HflQtrh and Phy £4 LESLIE HUDSOH 0 chards , yVash-ngron Health and f hy Ed EARL KEELEY MiilOulo. ff ■ ' Health qnd Phy Ed □ ART UK KENNEDY Hamilton. Montane He-ollh and Phy id JOHN PEKLEWJKt Great Fall , Monrano Health ond Phy Ed HARLEY REM I IMD.TO H Ronon. Wcnr.iffl Heollh ond Phy £4 KAY HOBEBT} f Newton. Kama Heaim and Phy Fr! GARY 6 SCHWERTFEGER Mitwaukee, yYncont n Hcolrh and Phy Ed WATNE E E N E MA H if oho Fall , Idaho Health and Phy Ed DELL A BOi Mjtwyio, Montana Hsnn Ecooeraict JAHIS JOHHION Florence, Monlana Hon-.e fconomici HDAEEN KILEY No Hollywood. Caiilo« .a Home Strcnpm.ct SAP am LENBKIHD Bayeman, Monlond Hryne ErDoomici SANDRA LINDLlEF Kalitpflii Monlo a Horn Iconomie BITTY WASON Mtsiaijla, Monrona Hocf-b Econom c% wilti Honon] MARLEHE PR IE BE Mjtn ,ia r Morttarw Hjrni Eton ynit, BETTY 5 HAL HOPE Medlard, Oregon Home EcoTrfHTiici HElTjE El I ft K M««0«l3. Monl50 IO Wildlife TeeHnolooy HOWARD OH REST Glendiye, Montana Wildhfe Technology RICHARD ELLIS 5pco 1il i t Soulh Dakalo Wildlile Technotogy RICHARD EUlSOH MlMauia, Montana w.laile TKhnotaov EPWABD ILKKIHGER SornrriBl, Pcnnoylvanta Wildlife Technology CHARLES FRITH Miiwlo Montano Wildlife Trchnolorjy GORDON KERR Coleman, Alberta WiMlil Technology WALTER MATHEWS Grand Fo kv No Ookota W ldlile Technology DEHNIS SlVAJC Dtekvnum. h . Qal O Wildlife Technology PAUL MiiwmIo. Monl ana Wildlitc Tpthnalogy NfJB maw TWEED Springfield, Mutoun Wildl.fe Technology SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 3 ft q 9 DIMII ADAMS JOHN ALLISON CAVID BAKIR RMtKT T BAXTIR RICHARD BEAVER LAWMHCI firnc-.-S W r " ' H ,ltflnC D " VIMr C6t ' 0 Billing!, Manlara Thsmpi™ fain. ]W Tnna M.sw i ci r Mantra BiFhrtg , Montana 1962 SENIORS ■ BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION € ' ' i . JOHN J DZIIDEIC DA LI A_ FAICHIHG ROBERT W. FtflfiLMON iOSIfrM FINf THOMAS M. fOuSlK JAMtS R ftlLMAM L»thljr»a9f, Albt Q Wibaux, Wool ana Ca fiOry, Albrrla iriih|jt, Mwttflna Gre-q.r Fo:ij r Montana Bwtr», Wonfarw Y«il|% Hmngrt 275 9 277 HA BOLD L. WORM AT H AYMOHD C. YOUNG SENIORS GRADUATING FROM THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WITH NO PICTURES QABTf p. ANDERSON MiMOylO, Montwo RAT 0. DATES, JR. Muloula, M nronc DARfiTL L. BRUNO Bvtl . Montana GART MARVIM CARLSON Hamilton, Mantorva CAROL t. CHAK0S Hill.n -i. Montana MARTHA [. COMER. Dec LwJ-jc RICHARD L tOU fSillina. ' S. Montana HAROLO K DONAHUE Gle-ndivc, Montana JOHN L. EDWARDS Miijoohj. Montana RONALD ' C ELLIS Billing!, Montana WILFRED D. (ViRAflD Mi votjla, Montana ELIZABETH J, FARMER Arnmart, Jo dan wilh Hon 1 ROBERT J. FERRARI tclht nda« J Altoerta TRUPI FOLLINOLO M 5%oula, Montana ROT N. fOftO GfKJify, Cawonrit) KENNETH I. FORDIK Kclrtcwll, Montana JOHN B. FMA ER tJiiiingv Montana LARRT H. GEMBERLIHG Billing!, Monfano JUNE O. GEN ER Fairfiald " ,, Montana JOHN M. GOOD Buflc. Montana JOHN M . GREY Anaconda. M.c-ntona JOEL S. HARRIS Lau ol, Monfa ' -O WAYNE A. HINRlCNS Mihn C lv. Monfano WATNI A. JEHIEH Pafian, Montana JOHN E. KENHEALLT Butlo. Montana RUSSELL L. LaFOKD BIH nOi, Manrona THOMAS 6. LANG WILLIAM D. LOU5HRIH 6vti r Manias VICTOR L LUCIAK Gl it n, AlbeTO WILLIAM. 8. LYNCH Missoula, if.ctana WILFRID A. M £ C ANNELj jr. Chinook. Montana FRIJCILLA K, MtGILL Cintrai Po nr. Oca n EARL E. WORSEN ROTH IVAN T. NtLSOH BfDwning, Montana wiHi Honor WAY HE L NELSON B llinge, Mnnta-o GARY R. FAUUOH MoltQ. Montana GEORGE R, PRAMENHO Mit 0«jlQ r Montana iUKHDEV I. PUNlA lodhpur, Incfca GERALD W. RICHARDS Oirtook, Montana TIMOTHT " 0. SHEEHAN Suite, Montana NtWTQH 0, SIMMONS BMttngft, Moniona LAWREHCI R. SPEEIO £oxton. PBAmylvontn WILLIAM t STEVENS Wnrfrhall, Montana HARRT C. TAHIJA Butte-. Montana WILLIAM H, THOMAS Ronan, Montana BRUCE L. TlSOR Laurel, Montana DAVIE E. WILLIAMS Klfin. Montane SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS JEHHlhli M. FUNK Mutic Education Edtjdr, Monroe Mu ic Education K I CH A If D SHERMAN HOWELL Hamilton, Montana H AHOLD- C. HllHT Miiwlo. Montana «vi ' t F.dueor on LOU IS t A. JOHNSON PrintvlJIe, Oregon Art — with Honor 1962 SENIORS - SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS THOMAS LARSON Laurel. Montana Muaic Education JUDITH K. MANlAAl Livingston, Montana Mnifcc Cducghon with High Honofi C DIANE OLSON J OHM C. GlnSiaow, Montgna Mil Oty Munc Cdvcglion Music Educati LORETTA J. RASH Farv,rh, Monro r-a Music Education O, Q Q JOYCE is SCMOTTUH Austin, Minnfjoto Myve Education JAMES H. i N Y O E 3 Miiioulg. Montana Muck Mutation RAYM0MO I. waLSETH RICHARD WHITE Miwoijla. Montana Polion Montana Art Edu Otr-f n SENIORS NOT PICTURED RICHARD WILLIS MiHaulg, Montana OfQma JANET . WYNNE Spokonc, Waininalon Music Education JAMES E. STEPHENSON, JR, Milts City, Montana Art SARAH J, JAMES M iaou.o Montana Dfomo with Mpngri ELIZABETH A ErCHlMEN Y fnm , Montana MLnH Education ! |. HAHAM MjnouJa, Montana Munc Education LflftOT McDOHAlO Music [(l.-ca ' on OAVIP M - THOMAS BoiemaTi, Montana Organ wrth HctWi MAHILTH A SHYOES M»d.tin Hat t Alfcerta Picao w " h Hiah Hgner SCHOOL OF - EDUCATION 2W3 1962 SENIORS SCHOOL OF EDUCATION IS 1962 SENIORS EDUCATION 0 f 5 . THOMPSON ELLEN A. TKORWARDSo-N Eii Ifingt. hAonEona 5 o a 9 SENIORS NOT PICTURED FREDERICK i 8LACKMAN NATALIE H. CAN MO N H tnq, Mpfijonq with High Honor CORDON N CNANOELL. JR. KCHNETH O. McKlMNlE, Jft. Chinook. MAHY f. HAKAMUfA Mw-j ' jli. Won- :j.-irj wrth Hi«h HonOri MARIAN C. C REACH E CLAR1NE KIAY1 Clinton, AAoMona with Hi Ah H«i« J Mi. SCHOOL OF FORESTRY O. ft. HOWELL JOHN P. KKIER COUPON O. LIWIS LAWRENCE C. MELVIH S. MORRIS A«J tonr P(G tauW, Pr faiior. For « try Atftftanl Prppe-wsr, MIRRIAM, JR. Prgfof« , Ftftilry fftfUtry forestry A«lHarH P ' Offiiidr, F X itfy THOMAS J. NIMLOJ williau H , PIERCE ROBERT w. STEELE RICHARD 0. TAItR VOLLRAT VON AjuiTa-.i Prafciw, Aitntcint ProffriKK, AtintaM Prafe icr, Aiwcialo Profr«tif r DEICHMANM FDreilry tw%Uy Ftwcirry Forcirr - AlDitanl PfOteiiW, Fa» itry 1962 SENIOR SCHOOL OF FORESTRY ss 28$ 1962 SENIORS FORESTRY ROBERT H MFINROD JAMES I. MEftSHOM ALBERT C. MICHAEL PHfLIP R POULSEN CplwmbUV Otuo Mcjapulg, Monlono Mtuoulc, Montana B«tt£ndarf, Iqwq fffclry forffitry Farntrv Foretfry f « p, ri ru y «)Moio SON ALD f. Wnwv ' a. MortTanO F f try AO IRT J SHIRVE Pliwian . Mimtinra Farm r - CAUL H STEOALL Spfii fietd. OWo CHARLES, ft. WATTS wh ffc.Q i. Montana Foiwify SENIORS NOT PICTURED RONALD ). YOUNG Mqicj , Montana RAYMOND w ABBOTT M-uaula. Won I ana RONALD L. fi ART LET MtWKjro. Montana RAYMOND t RJENTZEN Sn«r»lan J Wycfn-ng F4?r«try ROBERT W BOtWOHTH Mr 1 CiTy, N i» MAhiCO Ffimlry CHARLES D. BMTTS L ' twrtynll , lllino FOfOlVy CABL H. CAIN C Of £jnotJv . Co ' i ' orrua WESLET C. CHE1TOH Nifllol, Bntnh Cotum .a CLARENCE S. CROFT Clonmant., N Han p«h.r« Fgw»Ir ROGER S. DQHDN CHARLES V jAMDA MiUflu ' a, Montana FtHiit Conservation THOMAS J. KOVALICKY WiKJofll,. Montana F(Jf 5lr v THOMAS W. LAWRENCE Wi MMilo J Montana Fanwlry LEB0V ft, UWPUS Wrftifffcl, Mentana Forestry CRAIG JEROME LiNDH y iMu a. Montana Fttnittn FRED I McBRIDE Miiioula, Montana jonn r, Mcculloch Bmmgn. Msnra a MATCHETT Chinook. Montana NEIL H. MITER NMw Carlisle. Qtvo GUILmETTI Mrugulo. Montana NONAN V I R I L NOSTI MuKuio, Montana EDmOHU C PACKIE Miiwauhrt, Wseamin F- .r-., CHARLES ADRIAN PETERSON Greybull, Wiuomin GLENN W. PETERSON Trenton, Nrw JerseY FiVMIry WHIP Horary LLYOD L. ftEESMAN Mi HMia. Montana. Fawlry BRYAN H, hi. rr: Oqji Parte, INlnon Fornfry CARRE LL LLOYD ttUMLEY MiumJa, Montana Fowlry EK)N F. SHALHOPE La Grange, rn.non TILFORO C, SHIFE Reat rd. Moniana FofMtfy THOMAS I SILVER Aurora Itlifiai Forestry DAVID C. SIM I Gilby, No Dakota FornVry JOHN STEPHENSON Pa ictiviii«, Rmntyivonio faraHry DEAN |. WE EDEN FOrtHJ-y WORTHINGTON Calflary, Albtrta Forestry 290 SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM FACULTY NATHAN B. BLUmBCHG SOT E. COTTER THOMAS J. FLAHEATT DOUGLAS A. KlENJTZ Sidney, Montana R -d Lcdgt-. Montana Ple rywocd, Man-fl " " 1962 SENIOR JOURNALISM NOT PICTURED JUDITH B. HQLUM5 EfilNrvgi Montana with Honwt MARIE F. STEPHENSON Eur«ka r Montana 291 SCHOOL OF PHARMACY FACULTY ■5 HARttlLTTt RdiCOS StjSwrviior of ' j, 1962 SENIORS O flAHY HfLVIK MARSHALL Oflft WHkhm. Mortana HOLMR1RG NOT PICTURED VfRHICI A. SULLIVAN Miuouki, Montana DAVIQ B ROLL with High Harat SCHOOL OF OF LAWS FACULTY 1 J5 A»li KQPM[lf H . HOUGHTON Lo Librarian DigiMitrict it the Law School Lkdi- CiliiWi in Sept. 1st I, » it«l left Lo rijjhc: Rev. I.. Stefl.ii ;. Judfe G. H. BuMi, J t.Lr T. C Chrfc J. C Satccrfield, -Mil w D. Bumy. Rt». J. M. GOttOff. SllnJing from lefc D jn Rubtri SdifH, Wilier Pope. Dean O. J. HoJJu, l» m i Uiu K. K Nflvfaat VP. T. Bowie, Simuil L . Lhuriuin, Chief Jiutice J. Hitrriton, Rrri B«fc Jr. RICHARD WILLIAM ANDERSON KENNETH DONALD BEYER ROBERT J BRCX1KS Whitehall, Muntaiu Miss la, Montana Missoula, Montana B ; A " i " ?P eech , A B in Economics BA in History and Pcilirical Science Montana S ate Uwvettlty, I960 Illinois W«lc. 7 an University, 1959 Montana State University 1958 1962 PROFESSIONAL DEGREES - BACHELOR OF LAWS RICHARD WILLIAM [OSEPHSON HARI.1LS M JOS1.YN CHARLES F MARIS Billings. Montana tirt-iu Falls, Montana Rtmndup. Montana B.A. in Economics, HA Ui SockJogy B.A. in Sociology Montana State University 1959 College of Great Falls, 1958 University of Washington, 1958 1962 PROFESSIONAL DEGREES - BACHELOR OF LAWS GEORGE L MITCH EU. RJCHARD J. PINSONEAULT JOHN N. RADONICH Polk, ArizcHia St Ignatius, Montana An.u und.i, Montana B.A. in English B.A. in Education, B.S. in Business Administration University of Arizona, 1%1 Montana State University, 1953 Montana State University, l%0 295 1962 PROFESSIONAL DEGREES BACHELOR OF LAWS JAMES WILLIAM THOMPSON Rye. New York B.S. in Business Admimsiratioii Montana State Universiry, 1958 GRADUATE STUDENTS AND SPECIAL STUDENTS THOMAS EDWARD TOWE Circle, Montana with Honors A.B, in Political Science, Earlham College;, 1959 KENNETH R. W ILSON Wutdiesrer, Massachusetts B.A. in History. Ckrk University, Massachusetts, 1%2 THOMAS p, BULLOCK Minoulc, Momono CtiduO ' t 5ludt t PeWfccal Satnct ■ONNIE CHO Chong Ro Ku Kort Gfaduaf Sludfnt ■OLAND L. ILUM4SON MiiUXAa, Montane (VoduOl Student Education ftOHALb R GAATON MituxilO, Montcng GradL, fte Student JULIAN W. CUAt E-tjmartton, AJbtrtd of fce.Kt in Biologxal SciiT «. B.A. in Education Montana Staf» Ur,v«rnrv. i960 MYfiHA SFE UAT Miswulg, Montona Dtgree of Ma-fter of Art i " Guidance ay»(J Couni l ■ TO. B.A. in Education. Morrtana S af Umvervly 1940. cru WHAM LIE B Domington, Ind, GraoVjals Student Education PJCCIMIHI NEAGIQRIC, (knavD, Ita v Scwcial Siudant on Fuirbr.ghr Scholgrthio JAMEI J. ICHMFIDtft Hslena, Monfw Oj Graduate l xMni l Administration DEPARTMENTS HONOR OUTSTANDING STUDENTS While serving as associate editor on the yearbook staff acid reviewing other yearbooks I have found thar there is a lack of recognition to outstanding students. A University must build its athletic stars, have its queens, but its prune objective is to build scholars and advance higher education. With this idea in mind I decided, as editor, to incorpotate a new section to give outstanding students and sc hi riarship due njoUoit ion along with the fond memories of to! lege which the Sentinel usually covets very Thoroughly. In an attempt to bring this recognition to outstanding students I asked the Department Heads n meet wi:h their faculty members to pick the student whom they consider to be deserving of special honor in that department. Scholar- ship, leadership, and service art the three bask attributes considered by those selecting the students. Credit must be shared with Cyrile Van Duser. Sentinel Advisor, for her encouragement and help, and to the " Yucca " , No. Texas Srate College yearbook, for the idea of how to present such a section as this. My thanks to the faculty for their contributions. Army ROTC John G Benton, Junior from Silver Spring, Maryland, was selected or this honor by the Army ROTC De- partment. John is a Biological Science and Education Major, a member of Theta Chi social Fraternity and Phi Alpha Theta history honorary. He has received the Distinguished Military Student award and the Daughters of the American Revolution Award. Mr, Beaton frill spend the summer working for the U.S. Forest Service in Missoula and will continue his edu- cation fall quarter. Sociology r lTn.- Sociology Department puked Miss Twila Bolin U its outstanding student. Twila a senior from Mis- soula is a member of Alpha Kappa Delta — sociology honorary and served on publicity committee of ASMSU. Miss Bolin received a graduate assist- ant.ship from MSU and plans to continue her educa- tion fall quarter 1963. Microbiology Another Missoula, girl, [.jrula Mjne Bag. is tin- inu- standing student chosen by the Microbiology Staff, Miss lierg, a senior, is a member of Phi Sigma — biological science honorary and received the Phi Sigma Scholarship Award at the Awards Convo held June 1st- Linda was a member of Angel Flight her fresh- History As the 29ih Rhodes Scholar from Montana, John Carlson will receive a stipend of about 750 British Pounds pel jvjt ft n two yvars srudy at Oxford I ' m- vcrsity and may apply for a third year. John, a senior from Terry, Montana, representing rhc History Depart- ment, is a " straight A ' " student, works parrtimc in the University Museum, a member of Model UN, and served as Vice President of ASMSIJ. He is a member of Bear Paws, Silent Sentinel, Phi Alpha Thcta — history honorary, and Phi Kappa Phi — schol- astic honorary. Sigma Phi Epstlon is John ' s fraternity. Radio and Television The voice Montana heard on the University Concert Hall Broadcast, was that of Jerry Colness, outstanding student of Radio-T.V. He is a member of Sigma Alpha social fraternity, Bearpaws, Silent Sentinel and is a senior delegate to Central Board. Musically in- clined Jerry is a member of Jubileers and the: A CappeEla Choir He is the recipient of the A. J. Mosby Radio- Tele vision Journalism Award. 300 Zoology A transfer student from Wetlcstey College, Mass., in i960 and coming from Stamford, New York T Mary Fedson was chosen as the outstanding Zoology student. " Although a junior, her qualifications for this recog- nition are far beyond any student we could name, " states tlie Zoology staff. Mary received the Tri-DeJr National Scholarship for 1961-62 and a University scholarship in 1962. Miss Fedson is a member of Mi u-.Lii.L Ftmmi and found time for pankipatiun in women ' s intramural sports. AIR Science Distinguished Military Cadet John Griffith, senior Business Administration Major, receives a helping bifid from his Mother upon receiving his 2nd Lt. bars (tight): John comes from Missoula and is an outstanding student scholar — belonging to such hon- orary organizations as Dear Paws, Silent Sentinel, Alpha Kappa Psi, and receiving the Montana build- ing and Loan League Scholarship. The Air Science representative is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity and fail quarter 1%I John was Air Force ROTC Cadet Wing Commander. Biological Science and Botany Deanna L. Hill was selected by iwo departments for out- sending student honors; Biological Sciences and Botany. Dwniu t a senior in Biological Sciences from Missoula, is a member of Phi Sigma (Scc-Tieu, 1961-02 and Phi Kappa Fhi, National honorary society. Miss Hall was rebirth .i sum iu Dr. Stein in radiation biologj hcrt at MSU- The summer of I%1 and again this coming sum- mer she will be research assistant for Dr. H. Ttttstlei at the Brookhavcn National radiation Jab in New York. She rec Lived tin. Morton Jnhn Eilrn.! Memorial Prize at the Awards Convo and has received a graduate asiistantship to the University of Washington (Seattle) for graduate work toward her masters and Ph.D. decree. Foreign Language Felicia Hardison. a senior majoring in French at MSU was awarded a Fnibri ht Scholarship to the University " f Caen in Normandy, France, and was selected for the outstanding student by the Department of Foreign languages:. Felicia was active in dramatics, serving as president of Montana Masquers, and was initiated into Royal Masquers, and re- ceived the Danilc Bandmann Award foi her outstanding work in drama. In 1961 and 196.2 Miss Hardison received the French Consul General ' s Award for scholarship in French. Her other activities include Delta Delta Delta sorority, Alpha lambda Delta, Spurs, and Phi Kappa Phi. " Bon Voyage " — Felicia. Art Graduating with honors in An, Louise Johnson of Princvilte, Oregon, represents thai department in this honor section. Louise, a very active scholar, has served ,is a Spur, President of Mu:ur board, l ui- hclkntc President,, Secretary-Treasurer of Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec. -Treasurer of Montana Forum, Vice President and President of hei sorority — Sigma Kappa. In her junior year she was a junior sponsor, served as Chairman of Visiting Lectures Committee, and chosen as Outstanding Junior Woman by Matrix Table Her Senior year she was selected as a Little Sister of Minerva by the SAE ' s. Miss Johnson plans to go on into graduate- studies this coming fall. Drama Bo Brown (left) presents Mrs. Sarah James, her Masquer " Oscar " as the best direaing award for " The Contrast " , a senior student directed play, Mrs, James has costumed all Drama Dtparrmcnt shows for rhe past three years, is an excellent student and has con tributed a great deal to the betterment of the Univer- sity through her participation in theatre. Dramas out- standing senior comes from South Bend, Indiana, and has attended Northwestern University. Sarah was initiated into the Royal Masquers spring quarter. Home Economics Representing the Home Economics Department is Janice Jordan of Billings, Montana, Janice, gradu- ating with honors, was past President of Alpha Lambda Delta, a Spur, and member of the Newman Club, Her sorority is Delta Delta Deita and she belongs to the Home Ec Club and a member of Beta Epsilon, Home Economics honorary, As for the future teach- ing and marriage appears 10 be next — early in the fall. Political Science Dotothy MtBride, a Liberal Arts Major graduating with high honors, was selected as the outstanding student by the Political Science Department. Dorothy, because of her outstanding abilities and interest, has been awarded the NDEA Graduate Fellowship to Vanderbih University in Nashville, Tenn., for thtee years to turn piece a Ph.D. degree in Political Science, Her ■cavities include Assoc. Editor of [be 1960 Sentinel; Model UN Delegate in I%1; Chairman, Visiting Lectures Committee, and Orientation week group leader for two years. Honor groups include Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta {history honorary}, Mortar Board, and Phi Kappa Phi, Miss MtBride belongs to Delta Gamma sorority, of which she served as Vice President and comes from Butte. Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, men ' s professional journalistic society, awarded its annual citation for the outstanding male graduate to Alexander Madison, of Missoula, Montana. He also received the SDX Scholarship Award Certificate fur the graduating senior with the highest scholastic average in Journalism. Mr. Madison is a member nf Newman Club, Kappa Tau Alpha, " J " school honorary, and recipient of the Sigma Delta Chi Kaimen service Award in 1961. Al works for rhe University press during the school year. MuSlC Chosen to represent the Department of Music is Joe Muiuenrider from Helena. Montana Joe, a senior, graduated with honors in music, specializing in Organ He served as assistant University Carilloneur, and Associate of the American Guild of Organists t, AAGO } Mr. Munzenrider is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, honorary music fraternity. 506 Health, Physic a] Education and Athletics A candidate for all -American Honors in football, Bob O ' Billovich a graduating senior from Missoula was selected as the outstanding student fot Health and Physical Education and Athletic . Bobby, an exceptionally well rounded athlete, wis a Gruzly quarterback, a basketball star, and on the U Baseball team. In 1%1 he received the Dracstedt Trophy as the seasons most valuable player in basketball. In is year he received the John F. Eaheair Award for Best MSi; Defensive Player of die season in basketball and rhe Grizzly Cup presented ro rhe athlete of good scholastic record who has been outstanding in service to MSU Bob is a member of Silent Sentinel and has signed a pro football contract with the Denver Broncos. Education Elementary Education is the major of Ellen Parker representing the Education Department. Ellen, a senior from Troy, Montana, is a member of Delta Delta Delta sornrity, serving as rush chairman, and Fanhcllenic representative. In her Junior year she was a junior sponsor to the freshman dorms and served as AWS Secretary. Miss Parker is a member of Spurs and Mortar Board, women ' s honoraries, and Phi Kappa Phi, National Honorary Society. Women ' s Health and Physical Education The Department of Health and Physical Education for Women selected Judy Thomas, senior from Lewis- town. Montana for honors. Judy was President of W.R.A., a Junior sponsor, a member of Aqtlamaids, and Sigma Kappa is her sorority. Judy belongs to Tanan of Spur women ' s service honorary, and Lambda Rho. She plans to do advanced study toward her Masters Degree. Geology Geology student, Thomas Walker was selected by thai department as outstanding student. He- has maintained a B-f- average overall during his college career, and a 3,65 average in his chosen field. Thomas, a senior from Great Falls, Montana is a member of Sigma Gamina Epsilon — Geology honorary, and was redpieoi of the Sigma Gamma Epsilon Award at the Awards Convocation June I sr. ENGLISH Graduating with high honor Elma Knowl- ton of Butte, Montana, represents the Eng- lish Department ' s selection. Miss Knowlton is a member of Delta Gamma social sorority and belongs to such honoraries as Mortar Board, Phi Alpha Thcta history honorary, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary and re- cipient nf the Joyce Memorial Award in English. Pharmacy ALA1NE HUETRIC RESEARCH Grant recipient for graduare study toward a Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Washington {Seattle), Dave Roll represents the Pharmacy Department. Dave, from loliet, Montana worked under Dr. Roscoc for two years with a Narional Science r Hjndation undergraduate research award. He has received four university scholarships and is a student inemher of A 111 A, Rhc Chi -pharmacy honorary, an J Phi Kappa Phi. Mr. Roll is also recipient of the Bristol Award from pharmacy and The Lehn and J ; ink Pharmacy Award. 309 Anthropology Selected by the Department of Anthropology, Bill Palmer, a senior from Poison, Montana, is an active member of Alpha Tau Omega social fraternity. A University scholar for two years and a member of Alpha Kappa Delta honorary, Bill has served as a group leader, leadership camp chairman, and is a member of traditions board. FORESTRY Representing the School of Forestry is Marvin LeNoure. Marvin is a transfer srudent from KD. Stare School of Science and comes from Kent, Minne- sota. As a very active member in Forestry he served as president of the Forestry Club and is a member of Montana Druids — forestry honorary. Law From Billings, Montana, James W. Thompson repre- sents the bw School. Jim received his B.S. in Business Administration with honors here at MSU in 1958 and his C P A. in 1959- Accounting internship with Haskins and Sells, CPAs, Seattle, and Arthur Young and Co., CPA ' s, New York, Extra-curricular activities include Sigma Chi social fraternity; Phi Delta Phi Legal fraternity; Editor, Montana Law Review; and the Law School Honor Com- mittee. 1959 60 Jim was instructor in Business at Eastern Montana College of Education and in 1961 a parr-time in- structor in Business at MSU He received the Allan Smith Company Award f Law i at the awards convocation. AWARDS A J Mosby Radio-Television Journalism Award Jerry L Coined Riy . Maidmint, Jr. The 1SKM Class Prize Jahri M. Ulvili Phi Chi Theta (Business Administration) J nr A- Butdruupc Mjtvj ri. Chmtian Phi Delta Phi (Law) Ri?t rT Coranum Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship Mary Lw Cuduntn Phi Sigma Scholarship Award { Biological Science) Linda M. fltrg Edwin Home Phi Mu Epsilon Awards Barry P, DiTtt John M. UKil» Pin Cushion Training Scholarship (Home Economics) Suilrj Jo WVtlfl Presscr Foundation Scholarships ( Music j Huh V. BnchtUtr I 01 il C M.l;: !■ !•■ Procrcr and Gamble Trophy (Home Economics) Ajldrta G. L SoH Qucsenbcriy Memorial Award (Forestry) Stephen A. Haglundl RexaJJ Trophy (Pharmacy) Daniel F- DriicoJJ Rho Chi Prize ( Pharmacy) Mytt L- Shohi Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Scholarship Jcli a N, Radkwiich George Saycr Memorial Award (Educarion) Linda K. Smith Sigma Delta Chi Citation for Outstanding Male Graduate Journalism) Altundcr P. MjJii.ii Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Scholarship Award Alcumter P- Mid boo Sigma Gamma Epsilon Award (Geology) Thomas F. Talker Allen Smith Company Award (Law) Jim«i V. Thnmpion David FJ. Smith Memorial Prize in Piychology Robert S. Meant DeLoss Smith Memorial Scholarship Music i Ajio D. Avery Carl J. Snyder Scholarship ' Pharmacy) CdJecn Ad m . Dean Stone Award (Journalism i Printer L. C Bowler The Robert Siruckman Memorial Award (Journalism) Suunne K Lintz DtAit W Vilwn Tanan of Spur Scholarships Joan I. Kdwv Morton John Elrod Memorial Prize Deanna Lynn H rJ Faculty WoflKll ' s Club Jujiior Scholarship Prize Sllljr A- Hulteil AND PRIZES Faculty Women ' s Club Scholarships P ukiiM. Brendan lew J Vtettdf Forestry Alumni Memorial Award Robert Si Bur n Bureau of National Affairs Award (Law) Chirk F, Mirii OlaJ I l i.M Mcmurial Award Journalism John E. FkkjIi Chemical Rubber Company Achievement Awards TW Griffin Marifijjh c. sh«rr Chemistry Alumni- Faculty Award Gbria M. EudaJy Cobb Foundation Awards Barbara R. Bootrfian Ronald P. 8u»ut£er Sidney J. Coffee Scholarships (Pharmacy) Nancy E. Good Myw L SKgln Consul General ' s Awards in French Felicif M. Hird»on Autumn S- HoJlz Kenneth W " . Kutflift PtlKlopt It I.tiucas Consul General ' s Award in German Raymond R. Brwc John Crowdtr Memorial Scholarship { Music) Lafit a Jj-neiyn Aber Memorial Prize in Oratory Cbarin Kirk But Doft-U Torjttntud, Jr. William P. V ' Kite Alplia Kappa Psi Awards (Business Administration i Gerald V. Richard Alpha Lambda Delta Scholarship Award Judith Kiy Manxiri The American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Schnl.irs ' iipx John R- Dahtlin, Jr. Arthur E. Em men DtW ' iyr L MtAle r RifhurJ R. Ragnaj Bab O h ttiJlD ich ittiim the Grirzly Cup from Drift Carlton. John Ulvila wcnrt h Phi Sjma Seholjnhir ' Award fftfn Dean Culton. The Art Department Awards Ojv,J M Atkcndd Gent D. Buek Sharon L Frcdnck»n LouLte A. Jflhnnjn Jue R. N W Associatei! Worm-n Students Memorial Scholarship Marilyn A. LindikuV Bancroft- Whitney Award fbw) Grorge L. Mitchell Riisrnl Award ( Pharmacy ) David H Roll ted Memorial Scholarship (Music) Larry L. Luke B. E- Thomas Memorial Award {Spanish) Mary Louw Hoppe Silas R, Thompson Jr. Memorial Scholarship Foresrry Henry L Owrr UBEA Sme d Award (Business Administration J Mart hi E. Cottier Union Bank aticJ Tryst Company F-statc Planning Award ( Law) Geore I Miuhdl Tlit Dave Vest-ley Prize History ) Dun E. CornrNiu Wall Street Journal Award Hubert Corontros Wall Street Journal Achievement Award tnm T. Nrl«m 0. 5. Warden Award ( Journalism) Dan C Baker Elizabeth A. SipprttfiflJ Charles W. Waters Memorial Award [iotany Riclurd K- Cirrk Missoula Rotary Club Scholarship [ Business Administration) Leonard D. Ni y i Montana Bankers Association Scholarship Terry " . Payne The Montana Building and Loan League Scholarships CeraU R. Allen P , : n , i ± f rlrau Mick«l R. Brown Kenneth H. Vmurr Montana Communiry Antenna Television Association Award i Journalism ) Kir I. £dv4rdi The Montarta Congress of Parents and Teachers Award Sarah Jjrvr Bright Montana Motor Transport Scholarship Jeffrey ) VidJiUon The Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarships Gerald W. Richard rfamM E. v„if Mortar Board Scholarship Cup for Freshman Woman MiifXMi a.!. ■ ' ii:. ' , The Joyce Memorial Award (English) LJmi R- Knowlioo Kappa Alpha Theta Award in Speech Pathology and Audiology Karen L Duct Lawyers Title Award Robert Coronwoi The Lehn and Fjnk Pharmacy Medal David B, Roll The N. J. Lennes Mathematics Scholarships AtloO, Hertdnckion Anton fir Jit Gcoree W. Trie key Denon D, Viltumi Merck Buuk Awards ( Pharmacy J Verntce Ann Sullivan Justin Milter PrUe ( Law | Douglai C Allen MissOluj L : Jks ' (.Lib Scholarships V«ky D. Fonccndlr ojjine M. Haling Kathleen K. johiuori Robert O. Votburjjih Foresrry Loan Fund Schtilarsriips Raymond V. Brown, Jr. Joe B- Rfmick Fox Fund Scholarships M Btrnadtllc Burke June L- Pullenry SJuran L. rrederickion Anne MeKie Untie J- Piincer Charlotte L. Webb Hugh D. Galusha, Sr., Schtilarship Award {Business Administration Jean A. Buldkaupt Great Falls Advertising Club Scholarship (Journalism) The Grizzly Cup Robert G- O ' Billovich The Rosslene A. and Donald M. Hetler Memorial Award Theodore E, Tabor Home Economics Faculty Award Shirley A- Hol» irnrr Johnson Jthnson Mortar and Pestle Award (Pharmacy) Ruth M- ttattt Davis Brothers Scholarships (Pharmacy) Franc b Chii V«i Chu Jerome CI Short Delta Delta Delta Local Scholarship Mute A- Kit) Delta Delta Delta National Scholarship Mwy Martha Da»h The Dragsredr Award Oaniel J. FuNivin President C. A. Dun i way Prize for Scholarship KitncriAt N. Doll John Eahearc Memorial Award ( Basketball ) Robert C. O ' BLllMtfh MSU RESEARCH GRANTS One major function of .1 University is to do research in any number of fields and MSU is no exception. Listed below are the Research Gram which are in effect June 30, 1962. When one considers that the University received $170,000 for science in- stitutes atone, a considerable amount of money is involved and the importance of research is indicated. Shiran Catc drmonsiralrt tiff nt IwifiUft aid Vhkh (b) tlllMcf Jwr W h »r- The irniEr is due to itic % 1, 00 j{r nt u ihe MSIJ Sptwh ud hearing tlimi: b thr Hillgalr Elk) Lodge- PklUTfJ wnli Shamm irt ithn Urinrich I HcLljfitf Llkt Lodjje) . Don.dd OlJtll tH r «»rLli for thr clink) and PfdLdtfl! Ncvbutft. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY — RESEARCH GRANTS IN EFFECT JUNE 30, 1962 Grant A%wk ' } National Sciinte Foundation Title lu u-t ligation " Chemical Composition Structure oF Natural Hikes Synthesis ol llliic J Hower " Research Participation for High School Teacher Program " { Biological Station) ...P. Baldwin " Summer Institute fur Teachers of Ma the marks . W, Myers Summer Institute for Teachers of Biology S. Preece " Phytosociogical Srudy of Forest Communities " J. Habeck ' Photo -Ntutron Cross Sections " M. Jaknbson " Comparison of Recent and Ancient Glauconitcs J Hower " Ecology of Alpine Communities in No. Rocky Mr Area R, Taber R. Hoffman " Plant Succession on Areas Disturbed by Biological Agents " M. Mortis Undergraduate Research Participation Program M. Maksim ura " In-Service Institute for Teaeliers of Science Math ' M, Ballard " Radiu Tracking ' if Ursus HoffibUis " (drizzly BhW Study MO ighead " ' Ccnojcok Stratigraphy Vertebrate Paleontology of the Intersuontanc Basins of Western Montana R fields " Ecology ol the Grizzly Bear {Ursus Horribilis) " , John Craighead Undergraduate Instructional Scientific Euipment Program (Computer Center) W Myers " Summer Fellowships for Graduate Assistants " F Abbntr Institutional Grant for Scientific Purposes " F. Abbott Jn scrvicc Institute in Radiation Biology " .. R. Dicttert " Controlled Environmental Facilities " O. Stein " Biology of Proiosirongylus sriksi (lungwormj of Rocky. Mt. Bighorn Sheep " C. Scngcr " Endocrine Factors Controlling; Behavior Breeding Plumage " E Pfciffer R. Hoffman Undergraduate Research Participation Program " R. VanHornc ' Undergraduate Insiructional Participation Program " J Stewart " Summer Institute in Radiation Biology for Secondary Teachers G. Castle " Analysis of Trial Error Learning " C. Noble US. Atomic Energy Commit fion (Morphogenisis of Radiation— Induced Tumors in Graptopctalwfl Paraquaycnse " i ' Effete of Chronic Acme Ionizing Radiation on Growth of Kalanchne " O Stein " Summer Institute in Radiation Biotogy " G. Castle " In-Service Institute in Radiation Biology for High School Tochers " R Hierren American Chemical Society ' Subviruicd Cytlic Sulfides " .. - - J- Stewart " Fries Rearrangement Friedcl-Crjttt Reaction With Napthaknedinls " F. Thomas Montana Fish and Game Comtttission " Presentation of Conscrvarion Education Programs " L Pengelly Washington Water Pauer Company " Social St EcooOttWC Effects of Noxon Dam on Thompson F.lJIs " F. Abbott N ilir ti,ti Park Service " Archcological ha vcAt lotions. Within The Foxr Peek Rcscxvoita Area " D. Taylor " Continued Grizzly Bear Study J. Craighead " ArcheoJogical Investigations in Yellowstone Parle " C. Malouf Sc D. Taylor Research Corporation ' Determination of Phase Diagrams for Pyrophosphate- Metaphosphate Systems " K. Osterbeld " Photon-activation of Ultraviolet Irradiated Entamoeba Histolytica ' " .M Nakamura Suit Duncan Memorial Fund Branchial Asthma " R. Cooruod Office of Education — Dept. Health 84. Si Wei fare ' Foreign Language Institute " R. Burgess " Counseling Si Guidance Institute " R. Gorman Ford Foundation • ' Educational TV " E, Jurgeiison Montana LnttiJUlici Cnmmitiion " Economic Survey of Aviation Facilities " P. BJomgrcn " Aviation Education Workship " L Carieton Smalt Bunncn Administration Small Easiness Administration Research " P. Bhtrngrcn Smith, Kline French " Research Library Project in Microbiology " R, Dictrerr Upper Mid we it Heottumic Study t U. of Minn,} Mor.:a:ij ' t Rrtv E ' r: . " s In.-.js-ry A. BuMe " " Urban Planning in Montana ' " E Wajdrtui US. Air Force Factors of Urgency, Mastery Set in the SeriaJ Rvpr l-.jcrii.n ;f Information ' F Brissey Western Management Sdertce Imtiiute " Conditions of Originality in Complex Regular Solving m Simulated Business Management Situations " R AftUDQQt US. Public Health Sertice " Physiology of Plant Virus Diseases " M Chessin Preservatives Antagonists on Mold Respiration " J. Wailes " Mechanisms of Dimorphic Variation in Blastomyces " J, Taylor H) :r n.t[ rl:.ik-;K .is (..itKcr Chcmotherapeurk Agents " ...... ..., .....R. Juday " Physiology of Shigella Sounei " M. Njkamura " Mental Health Roles of Montana Clergymen " ...R. Gold " Symbol Accentuation Method (Inter modal Fcrtep. Proj. (Word recognition) A. Miller ' " Study of Central Optic System of Microthafmic Rats " L. Browman " Study of Hatching of Freeliving I.U-M tif Ntmjtvdstuji Sj-.i; ' .i«ccr " C Sender " Audiotogy " C Parker " Physiology of BcudetelJa Pertussis " ...R, Faust " Effect of Electric Shock on Behavior of Rats " W. Griffiths " Support of Senior Fellowship " C Parker " Mechanisms of Dimorphic Variation in Blastomyces " „ tl _ — J. Taylor " The Riihs i)f Mci:mL i ' l -.i::h Practitioners in Montana " R. Gold Tntermodal Perception Project " A. Miller U. Naty Verbal Learning Individual Differences " ,...C Noble " Geomorphic Changes i " Farrhqiu n. ' Features, Hebgen Lake, Montana ...... ,.M. Morisawa " Research in Nuclear Physics " M, Jakobson US. Army " Effect of High Protein Diet Upon Renal CAiiutTicranrig Response to Vasopressin to Dehydration of Aplodontia Rufa fie Domestic Rabbit " . E, Pfeiffer " Compounds of Oxygen, Fluorine fit Boron " W. VanMcter Re source 1 for the Future Corporation Resources for the Future— Wildlife Conservation " A„ Bolle Dt. E, V. Pitiifet, If ft, hotJi 1 f Philoprop foe com pi moo wirh 1 mil Md bjr In cinh-jguc, Or- Robert 5- Hoffc n- The MSU rw.-ch OH UTilwn ' i PhoJoropt 1 jupptntrd by i $7,20fl fffinl from ihe Nittoruk Science Found man. THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE April I9 f rhc Montana Masquers opened with William Saro- y H ' s V ' ' t 7 ' mv r,r )W Jj r, under The- directinn of Richard Howell, technical direction by Richard James. The COOMflQpO rary play rakes place id a run-down, waterfront saloon in San Francisco. The dissolute, searching characters who coincide with the environment ding to life with a sense of humor and love, Members of the Cast Jack Mueller Noel Young Carol Larime r Ned Taylor Dave Zimmerman I e!bcrt Unmh Bill Moore Richard Lee Joba Uailey Ron Johnsoti Chris Cheetham lone Hutching Gary Fish Jim Baker Marianne VVIluJjji Sarah James Toni Kutyna Greg Osbom Par Whclan TJoocc Sparrow Judy Gray heal Pat McCarthy 1 jnya Malci Joan Cucpbefl MacLeish ' s Pulitzer Prize winning play, J. fi- r directed by Daniel Win of the Speech department was a combined project of the speech and drama departments. The contemporary play draws a parallel between a modern, successful businessman, J. B., and the Biblical character, Job. J. B, " s search, like Jobs, was for the meaning of his afflictions. No scenery or costumes were used the characrers performed their parts as a reading wirh musical background. Roger DeB Wayne Fim Jim liikcr Jim Bompa. Sarah Grey Mike Fallon Joe FenelJ Aim : ELMER RICE ' S STREET SCENE adapted ro music by Kurt Weill and Langston Hughes The Schtx J of Fine Arrs selected " Street Scene™ as this year ' s AEI School Show. The drama takes pla c in an aid apartment House (in a Manhattan Srreei. Spilling out on the sidewalks arc rhe gossips, the roughnecks,, and the likes- It tells a srory of the Murrani family, of a husband who kills his wife and her lovcr h of a daughter and a young student who long to escape their surroundings- PRODUCTION STAFF Firman H. Brown. „ ....JXrecrtiff John L Lester Musical Director Richard H, James, }c Designer and Technical Director James Ever so] e ....Conductor Kenyard Smirh . Choral Director Sarah James Cos«ximc Design™ Aniu Mjurnnt (Judy Fisher) talk CAST Abraham Kaplan..,.. Norman Mikelson Greta Fiorencino Roberta Tax box Oil Oisen «i Doug Manning Emma Jones Diane Olson Olga Olscn Dortnaniac Nichols Henry Davis Lee Mathews Willie Maurranr Pets Dermisoa Anna Maurrant Judy Fisher Sam Kaplan Bruce But-kinghain Daniel Buchanan Charles Bryson Mrs. Hildeburu! Joan Campbell Charlie Hikicbrand ... Ricky Stewart Mary Hildebrand. „„.. Alexis Smith Lippo Fiorcntino, . - ...Bob Lucas Frank Maurrant. , Cedric Colness George Jones — , Doug James Jennie Hildebrand Ann Eockson Rose Maurram Joanna Lester Harry Easter John Provost Mae Jones Lindy Porter Dick McGann Louis Garcia Shirley Kaplan ..Helen MtKeague Vincent Jones Larry James Steve Sankey _ » .Alan Naslund Dr. Wilson . Greg Osfcom Officer Murphy Kent Ga jinghousc City Marshal Jim M Fred Cutten Robert Clawson First Nursemaid Card Ntkm Second Nursemaid Margaret Gottfried Myrtle. Terry Turner Jtxin Cathy Stockner Grace Christ! Romswd Joe . Charles Briggs Suzie..... Laurdl Johnson R m fiurrjn( J unhj Lot m.i;hjm) ling of their daire i NurrtmaUl Carol Nel clw i.rti dl " tht tthtOlm WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS Written by Felicia Hard iron Directed by Felicia Hardison 4 r r Cast Use , „„.K«y Van Aclstyn Drunken Man Don Hcatbcringron Jacques Raymond Bruce Edward. , Bill Moore First SchooJgtrJ Beverly StUttJ Second Schoolgirl Margo Maxson Third Schoolgirl GcraJdine McCarthy Small GirL.- Mary Jo PulJen IT STARTED WITH ATOM Written by Mary Qcarman Directed by Jay Hopkins Cast Zeus _ Warren DaJc Apollo ..Elwood Stetson Prudence Judy Graybej] Natalie Sue Mahrt Roger Tcim McDermund Hera Ckudctte Johnson Jerry Jim Smith FLUTES Elo«r Hoem KaiKlyn Larson Jane Nelson Loretra Rath ChorloMe Wqrrcn OBOE Lorno Mikelson BASSOON James Snyder Clarinets Morlene Bachclder tarty Bowers Tern Kenney Arlw Montgomery Rita Whue ALTO CLARINET J JV Cnump 6AS5 CLARINET Patsy McClam ALTO SAXOPHONES Norman Brunken Susan Burns Joon Ro« Sue VVcdmon TENOR SAXOPHONE Kermerh WoJker BARITONE SAXOPHONE Harold Deruson TRUMPETS B»rty Ercriemendy Dale Frank David Hof r Row L tSOn Wovnc Peterson HORNS Lila Knudson James Lofton Chorlss Wrntworlh TROMBONES Charles Bfvton Karen Coolidae Robert Haburthak Harold Hunt Herbert Johnson BARITONES Edward Hole HeUoch BASStS Larry Luke Robert W k PERCUSSION Ray Ltndsey John Marshall Dannomae N chals 122 WHEN SPRING COMES TO M.S.U. TRACKMEN INHERIT DORNBLASER FIELD. TRACK MEETS MSU 86 Eastern Montana College 55 MSU 85 Montana State College 46 MSU 27 BTigham Young 104 MSU 59% Utah S«re Univejstiy 7iy A MSU GS»Va UmwrtScy of Utah 61 JVH KN EJJVISION MH.T 4 h PLatu. SKYLINE CONFERENCE MEET 7th Place, LETTER AWARD WINNERS Jim Grasky (Mites City) Blaine Hendricks (Missoula) Craig DeSilva ( Missoula) Gary Wojcowkk ( Hariowron } Coach Ad«n tend the tbiachdb (JiKttg)) iJmw pat GRIZZLY HONORS Gary Wojrawkk was elected captain of the 1%2 Track Team. Hurley Lewis — G izily Shorpurrcr THE M5U CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM; from left to « 0 ht ore Lar y Joktjb, Gary WojtCwick, Glynn DeVries ond Phil Dwighl. This team placed third m the Skyline Conference Meet. ft 4 J» i?. i ThroHgh rii«i nd mow (He Trackmen iJc, Trick ■■ not j clean iport in Monunj. SL ... CROSS COUNTRY RESULT MSU 19 MSG 6 MSU M MSC 7 MSU 23 Skyline Conference (Third) GAMES AND SCORES Columbia Basin Junior College , 5 Montana 7 Columbia Basin Junior College 5 Montana 7 Idaho J Montana 2 MSG 2 Montana 1 Gonsaga 5 Montana 5 Washington State University 5 Montana 8 Gonsaga University . ... .... -i Montana 1 1 Gonsaga University 7 Montana 1 1 MSC (5 Montana 8 MSC 3 Montana (3 University of Utah 6 Momana 12 University of Utah 5 Montana 4 Brigham Young University 9 Montana 0 Ilrigham Young University 1 1 Montana 7 Utah Srate University 15 Montana 5 Utah State University 8 Montana 7 Brigham Young University B Montana 7 University of Utah 6 Montana 8 University of Utah 13 Monranj 12 Utah State University J 3 Montana 1 Utah State University 3 Montana 3 SEASON RECORD— Won 9, Lost 11, Tied 1 Xaw — I ' d ay ihil it prtuy «d tir t BASEBALL MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY BASESALLtRS from Wt to right, FRONT ROW: Chuck Stem?, Ken Bit ho, R« Robcy, Jim Barrel!, Butch Hendricks, Hal Wesiburg, Paul Miller and Bob O ' Bdlovich. SECOND ROW, Irom Iclt To right: Gary Eudaily, J m Mason, Dor Morrison, Bucky Hold, Oan Sullivan, Carl Schwrrtrcrcjcr, T rt ' Cf«i. Mike Cyrus, Bryson Taylor, and Coach Milt Schwcnk S lu«vc Pit) ' , SENIORS Mike Dishman (MissouU) Dick Held (Butte) Blaine Hendricks ( Mi SOuh Chimlt Milci-nbcrgcr {Garkston, Wash.) I Kin M ' i:ris. n : ' J ' ruj .1 Bt)b O ' BilJovkh (Bvtce) Daii Sullivan i timet) Cangrit uljtiwii in in orilcr after i bumf r?B. untdenMf ied r Jack Mar urv qnd hm BrynQtrfsgri GOLF TEAM LETTER WINNERS There were no seniors m rht koM t MATCHES Montana 9V ' 2 Idaho State College 8% Montana . . 7 Vj University of Utah I U], :■ Montana ... 10 Brigham Young 8 Montana 5 Utah State University I J Montana 2 Washington State 19 Montana H University of Utah - LQ Montana 7 ' ; Brjghun Young lOVi Montana . . 7 Utah Stale JO Mlmhjiu. . .. lO ' i Washington State U. ... Montana _...10 Eastern Monrana College 7 ' v OVERALL RECORD: 5 wins. 5 loses MEN ' S CHAMPIONS Full Huusc INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL WOMEN ' S WINNERS Turner Thttticn ' s dumpiimi— Thf FuJl I!muw. MEN ' S CHAMPIONS A Ijit buret H f energy pul ' I lie runner in firet pin Sigma Nu INTRAMURAL TRACK Th enhm«cd campcticor it tarried from s)k nif by h " «th mim. 555 Practice mifcn perfect. INTRAMURAL TENNIS MEN ' S CHAMPIONS Singles: (Miller f SAE) Doubles: Nick Arthur .ind Joe Gicnry (Rams) WOMEN ' S CHAMPIONS Inrcrmcdiarc: Barb Schwcnk Novkc: Linda Wood 536 MEM ' S CHAMPIONS Jerry Cunningham WOMEN ' S CHAMPIONS Jant- Farnum INTRAMURAL GOLF Jerry Cunningham AFROTC STAFF, left ro right; Sat. Waldon,. Airrtun Baldwin, Sot Smilh, Copt. Gcnrret, Lt. Col. Seolr. CoJ M Coat. Fmrneft, Sqr. Lcbsoke. AIR FORCE ROTC CADET WING DEL 455 Senior Cadets Direct Activities for the Corps Raymond Mart in ich Edward Peter John Schulz Devid Bckcr John Griffith Thomas H 0 in ) Raymond Jacob? CADET ACTIVITIES Caikt Li. Pdtffi-in duett his uimdfnn 344 FRONT ROW, left to right: Lt. Cal. Harry T. Srempin, f . Frank Abbott, Lt. Col, W. F. Woucha. BACK ROW: Major W. E. Jacobs, Coptcin M. G. Wilson, Maior D. C. Fox. Reviewing Polity for Fifrh Army Curps [nspcctOf GcniTal Parade, ARMY ROTC U.S. rmy ROTC RarrEt? Group Staff for a Paradc FRONT ROW: Cadet Colcnel John G. Benton, Battle Group Comnwnder. BACK ROW: Cadet Lt. Col. Thomas A. Grassescb, Cadet 2nd Ll. Stuart Garrison, K DETTE Col. Sordro Swank, Cadet Major Henry Mader, Cadet Col. Craiq OeSdvio FRONT ROW. reft lo right; Rone Id ) Slovak, Philip Poulsen, Bryon H. River, John G. Benton. Craig DeSilvin Lawrence R. Spend, Thomas A. Grasseschi. Eugerw; J. Johnston. Sam Alarantio, Le$ter T, ikeda. MIDDLE ROW: Dennis C AAvc . Michae ' Curfan, Robert Meimed, Gory L Mellon, Gory E. Johns, Blaine R. Hendrirts Ronald G Quilling, D Brumorai. Richard M. Pnbnow, Williorn D Cain, Douglas Knopton, Edward P. Car»lv. BACK ROW: Fred Propel, Charles D Butts. Ri hard Wamsher. Gerald G Manure-, Henry J. Mader, Richard HfrW. Thomos P. Ross. Joe E. Ferr ll r Sionlcy H, Larson, Joseph Dietrich. U. S. ARMY ROTC M.S. IV CADETS The purpose of Army ROTC Is 10 product- junior officers who have the qualities and Mtribdtet essential io their progress and continued development as officers in the Uniccd Stares Army. I ' r. Prink AMxki, Aijdrmii: Vict rv • ,! •• i V! sf ;■■ dw A went inn nf th L ' niftrJ 5tnlo Array Award to fJjdci Second Lc KU J. VilcritinL. Vii ' FIRST ROW. le ' l to hghl; Sond ' O Swonk. SECOND ROW: Helen V«dcr, Koy Baldwin, Nancy Thor cn Linda Wood. THIRD ROW: VircjirHa Swonson, Vickev Burkarl, Peggy Lcc. Kacen Upshaw. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Pati rsOn, Joan River, Judy Bergum, Gerry Schuil FIFTHROW: Maroo Meaciher, Judy Gray bill, Lynn Eyer. Dee Soger. ARMY ROTC K-DETTE CORPS Now in their second year, die K-Dettes promote xboUstics and perfection in drill. They practice many hours and join the Army ROTC in Monday evening drill. i ' INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Composed of Fraternity representatives and meeting rwice monthly under the advisersrup of Mr Longer iFC keeps intcrfrar relations operating smoothly, plans and supervises Rush Wtxk, and works with Pan Hdtenie on matters involving Greeks in IV n: ' ■: nfi !! ' fP i rieft to right: Elortdirto: Lynn Hast ings, Barbara WhMfer, Loui Kraus T cVJ, Rudi s gfe d JSr ' 1 - SeQ,Cd; DC ° n CI ° W Arwietl 5 r»i,h (pSd S Dorothy PANHELLENIC COUNCIL PanheJknic Jike JfC is n national organization, supervises sorority matters, wirli authority and dispatch. Meeting place pur mecring and presidency pet fttt ttWc aroofu the six member houses. thr Kip t » Ufi crUf ruined a I in thr jitnui) Six Mph Olympic ipriitfi I LVVVl Alpha Phi, a national sorority, was founded at NfSU in 19 18. Among their social activities rhe A Phi s held the Hobo Ball and their annual formal dance. Use Philanthropic project of the- girls is the Heart Fund. They also sponsor a foreign exchange student, this year being Bonnie Cho from Seoul, Korea. Thc outstanding A Phi ' s on campus included Linda Kammerzdl and Karen U pshaw who served as vice president and treasurer of rhe Associated Women Students and Betty Lent hold who was secretary of the Associated Students of MSIL Mareio Hdmci President Vicki Bernard Bori Lynn Bcrtdson Vicky Burkart Jo Ann Buich Mary EJlen Cowley Bonnie Cho Diane Go Sandra CrOOncnbCrqhs Sondrq Dolv Gloria Fudaily Lynn Ey r Susan Fisher Gail Fronke Jane! Fredrickscn Jenmne Funk Relta Greenup Judith Hoskell Jeanne Hassmg Lynn HcMrnqs Artene Haielbaker Colleen Henry Autumn Hoftz Jutte Jacobs Nancy Jonii Linda Kommerrcll Sara Kind Joyc King Sandra Knudsen Sharon Koon Sharon LaBar r i «5 EWry Leuthold Gw?n M ;Loin Ahce MocDondd Jonet MocKtfnzie Mary Ellen Mahar Dana Janice Wo son Dcnise Morgan Pamela Morgan Pomelo Morris Bonnie OJsOn Diane Olson Tinsley Palme Carolyn Patterson Nikki PauUrud Mary Penqelty .J r: n r P : ipe Carol Poun g Nancy Rfcc Judy Rogers Brooke Ross Joon Rung Deletes Soger Dtrry Schulrt Patricia Scott Myro ShulTs Barbara Simpson Beverly Simpion Jeom Srtartland Jane Thomas Sally Thompson Nancy Thorson Gwendolyn Tyler Ktiren Upsrtow Amie Urbanske Dorothy Van Elaricom Kitty Van Vtier Hc ' cn Vccder Monlyn Wrtrrf Margaret Wilcox V orris Delta Delta Delra, national social sorority, was organ jjed at MSU on Novem- ber 12 f 926. Their rnajur function of the year was the annual Pearl Bill during winter quarter. Spring quarter they featured the Pansy Tea to honor aJi senior engaged women on campus. The Tri Delta girls work for the Missoula Opportunity Sxh-xrf and each year present a scholarship to an outstanding woman on campus. They also par- ticipate actively in campus activities. Among them Sharon Bkszek served as president and EJkn Parker as secretary of ihe Associated Women Students. Francis Asr croft Sharon Bloszek Anrte Burke Syrvio Campbell Peggy Carrutr»er$ Chr»s Cheeihcm 6 1 iv Cl(nd nninp Coral Dale Patricio Esmond Martha Gentry Judy Graybeal Sharon Grefig Julie Hammer Felicia Mardijon Carolyn Hartley Arlcne HeUimon Mary Jo Ha Inn Karen Hoist Ben Hugh Softia Hurlbert Pvtjqy Jennings Patsy Jrtfrab -fonice Jorrjan 554 Suiannc Kflywr Kov Knufson Lois Kraus Carol Larimer Linda L nington Pol McClQlrt Lorna Mikelsen Virginia Meal Evo Meissor Mary Nelion Shirley Pointer Ellen Porker Jan Prcsron Susan Pupnal Judy R.c Judnh Schilii- GOil Show Bctry Sriebfe Lucia Siva Ian Sharon Smirh Virginia Swonson Sever lv Taylor Charlotte Warren Sandra Witheo Roierrwrv Wright Sheryl Wright Diane Mousey Young D E L T A D E L T A D E L T A JS5 Pi chapter of Delta Gamma again this year won the Panhdknic trophy for rhc highest scholastic average- Among the social activities they sponsored a Pajarna Parry and their annual formal dance. Along with brains the DGs have beauty. Mary Garrison was elected Home- coming Queen and Carol Nelson was chosen Miss MSU. The national Ddta Gamma philanthropic project is aid to the blind. Betty Anderson Conftie Arnooili VifQiniQ Averill Barbara Bell Mary Low Bien Susan BicfccH Bonnie Bowler Lorie Brofton Phyllib Brooks Sandy Brawn Pot Bumtjorner Birgtt fcurkhard Carol Cooper W.orcyes Dean Sharon Dodge Karen Dxjtt Nkwicv Enaelbach Nicole Evelomd Jean Evenskaas Jane For n urn Vkkv Fontffnpllc Jane Fox Lvnn Fnvbe Charter FrOrCn Dvon Gee- Nancy Glass Govle Haaerncrt Carlo Jacobs K-oihy Johnson PeqjOV Ki kcr 556 Elmo Kncwllon Nancy LoGrone Pco»v Korel Lonjn«n Penny Loucas Dorothy McBfide Judy Mclntyr McrciO Meagher Ann Mintcer PaTnlo Morris Coral Nelson Canine Ndson Jane N lion Boel Orilivon Martha Okc Judy Patch Dianno PenderaoU J an ice Picchioni Beverly Racki Lynn Rickets urv L-Ou SalveiOn Berma SflKtOn Cord Swuldmg Bonnie Stcvpn$ Sandra Swank Dod Wholtn Donna Wil«m Melindo Wil»n Ann Wolhrjwc D E L T A G A M M A Mory Kay McEocheron Casey McForlarid Banna Monley Elin MisFeldt Mar lent Murphy Mrjry Lynn Orson Ruth Qitwiion Dorothy Pcmberton Maggie phaicn Undo Phillips Isabel Posio Peggy Pouch r Meg Rolf Mary Rasmussen Djar-e Reber Patty Roof Cathy Ryan GaiI Solcrhe Polli Jo Shaw Eileen Shea Potiy Shea Pouia Simmons Sonja Sjohalm Sand o Smith Louts Snyder Roberto Tofbox Ellen Ann TborworaSan Janet Trasfc lo Vr-estenz Joon Wairs Sunn Wetzel Nancy WuK K A P P A L P H T H E T Pre denT Kappa Kappa Gamma, national social sorority. Founded -it Monmouth College in 1870 and organized at MSU in 1909- Socially rhe Kappas have a Fall Function with Kappa Alpha Theta, plus their Spring Formal. Joanna Lcsrcr, Miss Montana was among the busiest Kappa ' s with her doing a ».-tHid.erful ob representing c hit- University. tin.- Kappa ' s, and Montana. The Kappas support fit conduct rhe Multiple Sclerosis Drive. EwJy spring quarter the Kappa Alumni presented " Broadway Melodies " under the direction of Louis Garcia and the Kappas, with profits going to the Opportunity School. They arc also active in campus activities. 2- Jul«o Aqcr Sally Amos Artec ArnJvrvon Margaret Anderson Ann Avery Ann Barf |«| r Kay Bradley Cordy Brown Marilyn Bfj n Carolyn Colrow Mary Lou Cnlhrn Ban ha Cramer Kathleen Cu ' fan Man a Dillon MortrO Dion Terry Douaon Kuy Edward Mary Ann Ewnn Mttna Eyerly Pfiwilla Gilkev Gail Paige Sonprj Morris Gcoraen toad Thulo Jt hn n Barbara Jc-hnslon Larratne Lanabcll Patricia LianHi Joanna Lester Phvlln Lindqfen Judith Lito til. 360 Pamela Lowe Jane Ludwio Mary McCarthy Anne McKic Judith McK mahi Mary Ann March Dcanno Mencarelli Emily Milton Suzic Moor Mary Lou Murphy Gov ' e Myhre Allene O ' Brien Patricia O ' Ncil 5u50nn S PfltefSOn Mary Lynn Petterson Linda Porter StOr QuiteJ Oina Riddle Sheila Roffler Go Annette Smith Ftorme Smith Joan Smith Vr)rerie Smith Lynn Sparks- P«ggy Town Marie Valkel Penny Warden Eileen Weinqortntr Krystol Welch Lyndo Wc-Jrum Barbara Whcrlcr Noncv Wren Cheryl Zodra Jodv Zculra K A P P A K A P P A G A M M In 1921 Boca Zeta, a local sorority , petitioned the national organization of Sigma Kappa to affiliate with them. This petition was granted and in that year Alpha Nu of Sigma Kappa was founded ar MSU. The major functions of ihe SKs were a fall pledge dance, winter formal and a spring house party. Their service project of the year was to manage the campus Red Qtss Btood Drive. Arming the honors held Louise Johnson was Mortar Board president. The Sigma Kappa philanthropy is to work with the aged of Mksoub and support the Maine Scacoast Mission. Shirley Anifdfi Dconna Atchison Susan Berkley Ann Bradbury Judirh Bradley Barbara Borland Manqen Brdje PouFo Brtnkman Sue Burns Sue Codwell Gall Clark Wary Lou Cushman Mar 1 1 Davis Donne DrirMjmen Carole Eley Sharon Everson Stephenic Flink Karen Fowler Sofbaro Francivca Eluabeth Grostteld Sherry HrlxtOn Sharon Hirkcklev Judith HoFFman Joan lrw n 362 Linda Jenkins Judith Johnson Stephanie Johrison Lynn J one! Roberto Kerr Morlev Larson Cccitc LsquO Sharon Maddo Sydney WqIchjt Helen March Jonel Monk Artie Montgomery Jean Nichols Diane Poppas Donna Putnam AIM Quirk Foye Quirk Lordta Rash Jem- 1- RilcHel Bcnn.e Jo Rabbins lr die Rudis ShgrOn Sirckman Carol ShaJsky Sandra Smith JurJy ThOfnm NofiCy UMtnon Sharon vVhite Jane Wynn Barbara Young S I G M A K A P P A CM. Karnack Club formed in [922 to petition Alpha Tau Omega for a charter. The group was accepted by the national frarerniry March 3, 192 J, Social events of the ATOs [his year included a Tin Qui Dance, the Esquire Ball and many firesides and exchanges. Thomas Bechrold Joseph Connors Robcrr Cox Robert Durocher DerokJ Firrs«monds David Flo Bob Fry Dale Ha I lock Eugpr.i! Haltcck Scot} H. -i , Kenneth Johmion 364 Carl Malone Douq Wanning John Wears John Montcgno. Dick Olvsn Tom Olson GOry Pilqrim Reno Rodeajhieyo Dick Rohrer Esquire rl Ann Avery Tin T«n i vuis i ' .e»; jihc m ih Q )irt(? Camcic tlm yeif. Left 19 rijjlii ciwy ire: John Msjri, IJoug M inning, Dile Hillock, Robert S C iiOn -4B Allen Toft Icy p, ca n Chuck TKompwn Jerry Walker Warren Wenz. Donold Wulf Gerald Zapfi ATO CONTINUES The ATO ' i jow J «riih TuxTi r Hall m produce iha »r»w tculfKUfc of Gulli- Wn Tr»¥ lt wbkli von ind pUtf in [}ic Winter tifoiviil competition. 66 Sigma Alpha Hpsilon was chartered m February 13, 1927. Although proud of their reputation on campus as the singing f raurni ty, " the Sig Alps ljd not confinu tliumstkis to serenading soro ity houses. They topped all fraternities in scholarship, participated in intramurals, wcic active in campus activities, A Brother Printer Bowler ttxilc ova the position of Kaimin Iiditor. Rebel r Mcons President Mts, Joseph Hodgson Jim Anderson Robert Andersen John Bailey Mike Baker Bill Beechcr Elbert Borden William Boucher Earl Bouse Wenzel Brawn Jerry Cofn«i5 Ken Cooper HoU Corette Kov Boldwin Barbara Boormofl BrooU Bonmc Bowler Corulyn Cohort LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA Jayce Ctirisitomon Sherry Hoxtwi Wanda HillmQn Louise Johnson JoonnQ Lester Judy Mclr»ryre Gwen McLain Ann Mintetr Judy Porch AAeiy Raff Poijy Shea Myrc Shultt Ferine Smith Lynda W«trum Ann Woolehowe vn John Narthey Douglas Oicn Kenneth Osher P ter Rasmuisen Jim Ri hofd Thomas Ross Robert Sankovich Phil 5h u lts Sill ToniqCr Dennis Siemens Dovid Suit Jim Tcctc Jim Thompson Gary Towner John Ulvia David Voioht John WcinflOftner Charles Wenrworrh Lawrence WtrH William Werti Ed Whitelow Jomes WilliU Gary WOftOWfcfc Wilbur Wood Delta Theta of Delia Sigma Phi was founded on th r MSLf campus in 1904. Although small it is growing steadily and is active in campus activities. This year six Delta Sigs worked on the Sentinel including Jim Weiler as editor The 196 Sentinel will be edited by Jake Nelson. Socially, DSP along with the usual coffee houts and informal gatherings, had a Barn Dance, chose Diane Barkw as Delta Sigma PJaymaie, crowned Sue Gantenbcin at the Carnation Ball, and held the Sailors Ball at Flathead Lake spring quarter. Graduating this year is Jim Taylor, a member of Zeta Psi fraternity who has lived with the Delta Sigs fot three years. Jim has helped and advised us a younj; house, with building traditions and what a fraternity should stand for. The Delta Sigs all express a word of thanks to Jim Taylor our stray greek. Go fry lortniGn President Robert Engelboch Dale G ' off AAorshal Holmtierg Ben Holmes Jorrel Horm Gene Klingler CM+crd Knapp Robert L f feting Wally Long Stephen Love 1 Iverelt Brown Vilhom Oenend oe Dietrich 0 1 1 1 ■ Tom Lo rrvan Dove Lynn Roy Merrirf L«n Motlui Kenneth Nielson ?72 ft. MocMillan Frastf Neil Hanson Rich HortfYion Ed Hcrbcr Lorry Herron Tom Hirsr Barry Hogorrv Dale Huh: a u- n Bruce Dennis Iverson Tim Jerhoff Neil Johnson Robin Johnson P H I D E L T A 1 T H E T 375 " " Hirer Men in a Tub M wn the Phi Ut t entry in tht Wintrr Cjnural inaw Kulpiure contnc. 6 La " Y Ajhcrafr Dick Austin Roger Bochman Davtd Boker Rov Beck Scott Bet re worth Lorry Sell Bill Bocttcher Charlie Boeorle Bill Bourret Bab Bragg Brod Bruggeman Mike Buckl«y John Burke Dqve Carlson J km Oork Marshal Dennis Sam Donaldson Jon Eisetein Bruce EnnK Sigma Nu was founded in MSU in 1904 as a local. After years of constant growth Sigma Nu may be without a house temporarily as plans for a new arc in rhe final stages. SiLjrru N ' -j is active in tampus politics and are tops in imraniurals — winning foot bail, volleyball and track. Socially, Sigma Nu is held in hij ti regard for its Barn Dance fall quarter, the pledge function winter quarter and the formal Piggcv Dinner Spring quarter. Oovid Aldrich Tirn Aldrich Gary Anderson Tht chimp in iction Jon ' she I r L -n Don Snoaland Jim Steffcs Rick Sweerwv Bill Stock Ron $lok ?i Stocy Swc-r Ed Thompwin Ston Thompson Jim Tyler John Wontolok Tom Word Roger Wes! Jim Whipple Richard Wlcbkc Amdi Wilde H-tt Well a-, ten Ted William Eugene Wurztwrg Roger Zeritzi INDEX ACTIVITIES INDEX Accounting- Club . A.lmlnbtratbm Air Forte ROTC Alpha lambda Delta - Aljfh.ii Knfim T ' M Alalia Phi 3M Alpha Tau Omega , . , American Phaftftawtieat A» ek tion Be!. F.n i1on Bowling Team Chri-iTinn S-ience Club |Ofi A JT . StVM SI 1.31? School . f l!u»inr AdrntaUlTs ' .ion 2T4-.iT: Sehoel or Fine Art! gfiU W School of Education -.l a ' h,«ji »r roraatry WMPC School of Journnli ™ 811 School of Pharmacy 2M Wwal of Law 2i3-2M roMMi tofun Fonatry Club 14 S -M (iymnaitics Clu b . , , . Zll B Hockey Home Economics fill IM PacaHy Student Intcrlruternily Ii. ' -.r.i.i-:.: J hi ElmEon Kappa Phi Kappa Phi ■;. -fii S-nl r ( et Faculty n«| Senfen) Sb ma Alpha Kpaiton — M7- 71 Sinw CM _»« K A| SEa-m firita Chi MS iiijfma Kippt _ Hirma Phi Kindlon Silent Srntin-I SW Club Hlsi Team Sir Dkwr» So-phohiorea Dedication r h T lt l tta Delta tJ ■ m it ■ Dvlta Sigma Phi Dram Country Girl ( " rinse A PunUhmenl iv Hurt, Fain and Ache 1t Started with Atam ■m.b. " . Juatic in a Far-off RumfifkUltiiLIn S " .ri.-1 Sv nr Trif Cwilnut Th Rap f ane r Th Tim? of Your Life Th Vb-it _ Wurth Thousand Word Dm Mi SM-3S-7 372-373 Kitel - IW» Kappa Alitha Theta Kappa Epaibn Kappa Ktpwi damn: Kappa Pat m .ae -wi M Mjirki ' linir j ' luli Sai Marriwl Stndanla IRfi-l6 j Montana iia gu -r _ BOB Mortar EkiatJ HSU Reaearch Gran Mu Phi Ep ik.n a« H N ' vwninn Club _ .si Thcta Chi Track . Trfa urc Stata Hiin.T Tri-uurr Stale Marching Ban.t TruiMitfc Using Group. Turacr Hal] . , University Choir W,; i-i.i. FACULTY INDEX AND ADMINISTRATION INDEX Ahboit,. Frank C, Adamcanwakl,. Zyvmunt A.1u, i»», Harry F. Acata, Mo nun C All. H fWt A. Alk-h., Ann E. Atkn. Jtna D, Amman., ft. B, . Horn Arniahy, l.urijk , Arianl4. Allen P. Atkimnn. E. A, Autio. A. Rudy ItaM Italia nl. Wiltlnrei ft. Iljmk»i,n, D«tttlaa H. E!«rr,1i. Richard V. Itarth, Glrnn ft. It CV- ' i-i H tft«kw|U , J-nn II. Hehan, Marb J r Uroni-tt, J. inn ft. Q rr . Kuth M. BatKT Scrmtiur Ub k. Joanar E. blomvrrn. Paul p. UaunhorH, N iban U. E(o ht«ilrf. RbeharJ M ItuJIe. Arnold W. Bopar, Aje ' mil v. l|.i .jm, Morton tkorJ, ttuth A, Drttt. Krnnrth Brm«r, Mabel M. BrbjooB-. Kmrin K Urtsif-y, Fi fre»t L. BlQOk, Robert Ft. Etrowder, W. n r lon BrnwBi» i, t.udvlr J- Hrjiwrr, Dorothy M . Drown, RIJ a : llr««f, Firmnn H„ Jr. Hm n , Jumn A r Hrovrn. W Her L. B rtHSKKkj Royal B. . Ur an. ■.■■ndiii H. OU J. Hurtes . Raborl M ftuneeaa. Thorn -, C. CaM|ilH !|, Knthlr.-n Carlrt jn Lrnu» J. C»rf™u , n f»n C. Carter, Paul A. Cutl , Gordon D. ChambrrLaEn, D. Gertrude CfaarJea, Robert A. Che jtin. Meyer ChSo kt. Edward B. Clark , fi. KrMrtrk ClWr. SUurin Clu . Mcrttl D.. Jr. Cvitb ' fcII, Andrew C, Colliiu. Mary H. Cox, Fnrrmt Craighead, JiVhn J. Crdtnw H, Cfcrfluf C rci-.i, W, Growfer, Tttrj 1 Crovltr, John w. Colbertaon, Ann L. DaMbcrif, Georae P. DalgJe, Th--rnu J. IXkVhlrfan, Hiijrh fjkvt. . Mn It DeLum). Mar F. Dew, James E. DU, Enrt S. . Diett(rrl, ftr-uben A. Doty, derail H. 1 ; ,l:h„. K l»-ar,l H. .!..« ».. Kr r»k M. . 5. I Hi. I». in, m, aw dith Dundas. Rubcrt L. Durnford, Richard H. Dwyer. Hartbetli Dwyrr. Robert J. KJII-, WiJlEott, lc Etpbhrt. Donald J. rin-.m-n. K t v W. Ejihr.-n. Martraerllc Erioiv, Gena L. . Elherldge. Fanisi E. Evaa . Jdri W. Ev thuI«j, J»jhw A j- ' aurctt, Jamr L. Float EUdwrt a. F»aix, wtiftaa J„ Jr. . Kivk. ' L.r. Hk-fcard D. Fiedler, IaIh- A. Field , Robert W. Finley. Lola . Fax, Donald C Fr«nm, Mftmiul I.. GMMftt. WilUnl L. im:i. ttt HI GerJa-rh, Frederick L. Gluprr, Fred Gold, lliiy p, " h l L. GoMen. Virginia Tiffith. Mary K. riff ilk, . William J., Jr- rime . R. Mervio tJmhru-, Jack S. BaUUt) i y. }irr Robert W, Hariri -. E crt C Harj cr, Anr--n W Hmrria, Harold D. Harria, Phi-Ma L. Harvey, Lrft«y 11. Haahkaaki, Jo f jvh Hay.tch. kleWd J. hWnrtejl, AllK-rr, C. H h i it AlUm T. FM.LrT. PtUp HfUk ' T. f urat- B, HtUi. HaroJd II. Hertler, {. ' hark. F. Muriel J. [ham. J. Robert dawn, Joan Hoffmann, Robert S. Holland. KuriM-rt Hoakala, Frtd Hook. Wah r 1 [■•.■!■ ' r. Hi ! ' -n Ho,l. Jn Iir, K. HomrMon, HhhW, M, Banna, H- Hnvrrr, Jnhn Jr. Hoyer. Pill H. Kuff, EJirli Kummel, J Gearrcv Hulk, Helm Jrtir, ATlbur JurpenaMi, ErHnf S. Karlin. JuIm A. Karfat, Kvniai K.-i |-,. i . Jnrk KltalaJL KiJ»nrd L. Kinii. Vi-allcr N. KrUajer f Frederick W KrVer, Jufan P. EM, J ' i ■ Laraiib, C tI U, tar tm, Kif h T. I iwrr. Jukn F. Lwdy, James A. Leonard, Jim» J(. |j»li;r r John I,. UttU. OtOTta D. I ewkt. ik r4( n U, t - lH. l.nHiHrl Lrwiaj VaLrtLa l.l.i-l.ftlilfr?.. ... LlvLntr [i rk, Ai-clikjr Y, Lfjmirtaj.i.fL, K»itn.« 1 Loniiar, WalUir J, Ux " l, Cl«u ( E. U f xn Navia M. t«r . Earl C. Lwttiek. Kennelk % r . Mrt.„,, t .,:l, larl M,-]J..i J„r,„ W,. J r SlcUinnln. Ra4ph y. MfHw, | , Uwrne Mni,.„r. 4. ' t|iTl|f L. H nniiir, WlJUani . Hani , Mtrk K. Mnnball, David E. Martcll r W- Mi.r-.ui, K.lnin [. UkJun. Ua ld R. itititunn. }j»»rKntr V., Jr. UhlK. Lt. A.K ' latnv S. Mlll- ' r. Arnobl Mwre, EUzat lh V. Moore. John R. Morrla, Mi- in 8. Moucha r It. P. Mi. iim. J II r. r. J It M J: J ' hy. | M ■ • I ' harha U Mus.i4.|iimhi, Jweph A. Hr«n, WUIiama H., Jr. Nakamuri. Mil»uru. J. ifN.m, Rita Newuurn. Jt. K. Palmer, Wlllmr,, li. PaBli»r, Hutrrt t. Parkrt, Obflaji U, pRjfjn ' , TKnmHi Wmal, AITtcJ i„ l J i..,j! .Ny. Vf, L lir Penland, GetHva T. PrrT, Ijurenre U., Lloyd OlMin. Grange li. .1 , PalrleLa Prlltnatu, Frank A. Pfciffrr. E. W, IV. n.i, , li I ' .I-: V.I-KlnU . _ ClHir. A n ..4- l B ' .jpn, WilUnm K. Povrf.n, Ward H. i J.. Jr. rU-inhar RcynohlM, Fiomux Rinenart, Kaacny Rianda, David klehafd ,, JxrvO kleluirdi., Ilt.q P, ]tiL-h»i,U„ WLHi m if !iH-Jimnn. I,uLhtT A. Hl Harlan C. . Kubinw.n r John P. Rohdc. {. ' harlw W. Roacoe. Karrk-tl Ruppul. Robt-rt Riuoft. l t T R. RvtB. Jack Salv.n„ 9«iitijc[ B. atipenfietd. Bert R. Scbtrpwuvel. Xiotivrt H S.r. t. r. I viil ' iliL Schwank, W ivt C. Schwari, Jolih M- Sckwer.k r MiHun K- Scott. ttkcb r4 C, J, . ■i.v, Km y l- i i ly.k. H. ttk l».m. Kkhard E. «h»rma. V d P. tvaudrs, Vincent K. Shrpnard, Douilu C SluH ' tiutkrr, Tnvodore I SUil ' fNitM, Arnol.t J. MI.-H.-q. Vemini O. Hi«»IIL i yjTite W. |,..H, Smith, Kenyaid Smith, RuawU E, SiiJU-rK. R»eb r4 A. Snow, Vi-jntin F. Sa-reiuuH. TlWra Sfmar. Lucilk . _ S| J Robert W. ytniia 1 . Wilfred . Su-war(. fiertrudr Slawart, Jokn kt. SlillwMi. AJbert C. Sionr. Albert W, Biwllry. Ajf or t, SuMivan. Kn Hfi R, N- „i IE-r,„ I Swaruoh. alaniaTet A. Sward, Donald V. S .nri.i|f... n . T. C». Tal . HichurJ U. Tal, liunff.i-hj.ii T.L . I . -. Itn r-ti :-i TatMmvnma, TrwhUwl Taylor. Aicl.. r. ii. Taylor, D.v r:, Tavlor. Jftfca. J Thcmaj-, F..rre»t D. Tunirt, Hi4 crt T. Van Jo V " H-rinp, JnTin Van 1 hi „.. |- f ,,v Ymt Hume, RqVkI I Van MfU-r, W. )n » P Vinoear, Ja««h vuta DelehiiMlin, Vollral in, ieuv [-0T-. in «fala , Jn.!.n U WnMfiM.. r :ili I. Wall . Rubert F WeuH. Utonjra F, Waiwlt, ftuJclph WlVreJrr, HoU-rt t . Whit,-, F-iaJflf WlllJam«. ir »» A. Wli ■ ■ ' : Hrenda F. M, 1?. A; fisT JWH Maiine W1l-.ii. Vinrml Win .ton. D-..uiJ:r, I Wltl. OaflKl X. _ Wt«. J lvfl c. _ WfiirhC at J«an Wright, rhiNr tc STUDENT INDEX Aaahelm. Clrii .aa llltn a, llt.rl -.- . K. AbduL Kahman Anwar Al-rnrlhy. Richard John AWnmnnhl Any Lortitu Abraham. Dawn J -ann im ' Ahifcha m «,n r Juin Hinon kejrjty, beam GwJ AJair, Shawn Lee _ W, Hi, IM 37. W, B5. 126. 19!1. iMf. Ida, ST4 Adm,.. Thorn AiUinp. Waya - TtwuTin Ai!Lin.4, Jam«-» Otord Aemiamrer, Bvaaliv Fern Airen, J rr» Lee A -rr, JuHi Ehutrih MMf . Dernafd John AV«t». Carol tjlxew Akre, Roy Oiiatie Afb»m. Reier Erin Alt-rt. Mirriarl liny A Mm, I ' rWiila ttunv A Win. Ji ha MirhaeJ Aldrich. LiavMl Frint Aldrich. Rodney W UU AJ.Snrh. Tim HiItl ' , Jut» Harry Aldrfch. GwHir Hrnnrtl Alekiteh, t ui» Obritd, Jr. AkjUMll.r, HrruQ Kdward Aleut, Gary Jeroerie Al»rh. Rmt Alii a, John Q+reifard A Urn, Plan an IC.rtfe AJkn, Gtr H RirJinMMv4 Alkn, I.uriSa JriDiir ARm. Hhirlry Aon A On, Thmui Juta AlH»y. 1 . i.r.n- [Irate AUcatad, Tr«r ore KerrnU Alky, ffernihr Hani ARJaan, r»ul AUWn, David ilJ lr M Saanl. JtKKntnmiHk All }| A lube . Tab Huaaala 3. tat. IrH. IDS, 4 ArailiT.Mj-. Franria — j Mat A Biiil n, Ronalit J- wj n ArwiP, Sarah ft. Ckir Amumkwn, NWman II., Jr. Ann wtwr . CliHut H Andctann, FrjMt llrtnki Aadvnon, Carol QUI A nitFraitrt. ParnrU Wnlrr AwHnn Din AnilMrwitt. Herbert Kritn A»n " r dfi, Gary Dnn AiiJ rpnn. iary Tnartvaa Antrum, Clran P.-.jl Ander«jn, Hiffca Muriel Jmtnm Rnberk Aniiermm, 4i n LduU V. ! • • r. Jiwb Atidrnmn, Jciy » SM,, „ AmlmoB, Krni«ih Nukftn a fir, IK. 3-3!!. S7 AnJerwtk, Lurry SmiII Ali.lrni,in. HimM Lodiae AfH.TKjn. M ltun Knh Andrrauri, Surtnan WiUlam An-jrnujq. RowrLI r tf An fioh. Palrketa Cfcrol Aii pthb. HKh»nt AAddnun, IiMbin |-h|| !p Amkrrton. KirtidifJ Wit|i.»m , I w H.i«anl Ardrt, I4 rttt, A alpb Andnck.. hrrhBrd J.-.-fh AriJtup. Joyrrlflo Man Andnta, Thoma. |, n d Aliijofi. Shirty Jran Aoicnleh, Jamn Juarph Arehambnulc, OraM T. Awhiloikl, Fj»jim » Lynn Arnfiart Lhi Vinrmt Anctu.mrr f Wi!|,»m AILui Ars-aBhrfjfhl. Hue Ann Aie r»||i(pr. WLlliara Jofpn an a Atin Arriaoni, t ' H iu»ta r rc H. Arthur, ttitk A.rju n or. VLrjilBka Ar n AnhrraJi, Fran J ant A-nb-jir. Mjcn i.l l jrfn Aahr.rait, J.»ttt Conway Aibih ra, Judith Krllfnt A. km. Krun.lS William Atrniion, Ih ' iM Albvarii, iintr-Ry Jnnc Atkitn. l-l-.i |i E Alkih..h|i, Janm Al| h Ati-pq.-hi. Sfajhi Auer. Month Blarnr Akulla, E hd»a Ann Aualia, C ni Jran Ati«lih» Jikharil Kwn ( Av«D«nF. BbTVB Carb Awry. Ann iMaraa Ualxr, John On Ke tUUcb. Sam Jferharri Hach. Ji nhti. in- rt.;iri thy §fath Wrt. MarJcnt- lUwhtnah, Rmtwr Frank H cnrnan. Joan — HachmaBn. Diatia Kay Daeon, CordVin Ua.lir. E ' al 1 1 Haonrn, KammmH JiMlih llarark ' , Charb Andrrw IUl- j. Sandra H- lirlir Kahr, Charfea,. K Watch. Joaapl) Mhlhaol llaUr,, r, rrlnr Janr lUilrr. Jutin I avid Haird, Larry Wys.n, flakrr, ItUinr t. s nn «t«k1 Uakur. Da .W HaroU . . Hakrr, Donna Roberta faker. Don Carter Bak -r. Jamn Allen Dakar. Michael CVmeal Jiak. .. Krichard Earl J! kkv r Kennrth Vlftncnl DaUridR . Miriam J. DaUwIn, Ka» Marie Raldwtb, ,vtr WiUlait, ISiiJdnjn. Robert «rv«k Hall. Duuvtaa AH-n HaJI. JShwy Woriae llaJUrt, JiHiih Ann BaJlnear Robert Oak ll-r)».r. Knhtrt Rdward fUrl r. John H«bnK Barber. T rry Owen i ' -,Tt- ... . J.. I.-, Itchert Itaticia. DariH-l Jamn Itarhl ,, Su an l mh :■■• ■ r |l,.„| AU4B Rarkrw. Dianr Adair _ _ Karnall. Elena Lrn ir Rarnta, [krnai Aarmumi Rarn«a, thmallaa Edward Uarnnill. ycrrl V. Ikarrnn. 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J„ho Mkhael Foul. Richard Lyle Ford, tvy Fonlifc. Kmrirth Jack Foreman, ftcilwrf John For man. Jnitin Leonard F rtrr, Ward C, Jr. Fo «, John Dtake Foaler. Bayard Poller, Dennk l,undln let, -, Monk Lou Foaier, Michael Reynotc Fm.ii-t. Slrphen Hall 71, 1ST. 3S6. m Fowkr, rltay? Dak Fowler. thUw Koatene - _ Fowlae, Karen Kay FOirlar, liolKrt Allan ft%. Dun aid Eueeno Foa. Mary Jane Foa, Richard Allan Frualko. Gary Dean • ■ . Darbara S. Frank. Dak L«vla 102, I J.,!H, H-rnun Frank. Th.,m»« Edward Franke, r.iail Frtjer. John Hrrtbijld Fraaer, Harold J„ Jr. I ' riMr Ja[,et K-y Fraairr. Robert Mn.-Millan Fratkr, John Joa enh 1 ■..l:,, .. r,. r . ta ,| Hradl-y J t,n K.I -T Kr.-ki.-L.-iun. I. FrreL Jim Winalon Frreman. flarr-no- H.yVn I r.-itH.tli. Wr»y KanitT Feajuyr, Cleti Itarbara UWJTi • " hariuUe Ann Frey. William Georee Friauf. Robert Rkhard Frickr. CharlM Anrat IcL-l-n-, l.ynne tatrifriTir Frith. Cttarle Robert FrHU, Stewart William Frila. Harry WLQIam Frill, NeUon Herbert. Jr. Fr.uUe. 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Janke Marie 2(W, 2HI9, 2:7 ItK, ZbJ TLl T S3. 162: 279 ia«, !«, 17 J. 2W, 37S Z01 a 2 7 . :I2H I in, i:i . M«, Hie lay, w It. it .. . . , «. «n ih, m, Ifo aw ! ' T, I • . ' I | tM. 119, Tl, ! 99 d u.. l u. i Kav Net-Kart, Marttarrt Carol Gw, Diarme Ktlulwth f hfcr. WllJmhn .S hlOh Cpfthg. Karl Roland GnnrH-rlmtf, Larry Kowatd iMwIb, Edward Jim« Geneer, Jupe Orpha lirJiarr, Clltlftk Lee GenUle, David John Genlry, Martha fclaln Qwrfr, Ahnamier Andrvw r.vurire. Charl WUbrH OMli« MtYXfll Ururt l rbur, (Jalhlrvn Jan firrHnir, HrpHtal Ptoyd rk-rmnn. Rita lUr Lynn K l|,hM • Better, Hrucc Eugene „ GLariimauj. Drrnard Allan Gkamundo, Calaldu ,it.ln,. W» r trkk 2oa, 21 let., 206. S7U QHmM. I ' rt ' i. — i ib »n. J ftr«y Etna! liili- " r», J-atin Richard Git «n. William Klair GK ' Bty. Condon Sawyer GUt. tiary Urwun tilm ' Mirnton David fil«, ] J »«I J,in,e, CWca.. tiafy Knnald Giea, Karl Anlhu-ny Gilta-rt. ALft .t Samuel Ijilher . William Edwin Gilbert. Syhwt limly tiilhw. 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Felicia Mnr ]i ], ELmrlftW, tirorirc- Harry, Jr. Elarkiw . r eni» Sanford Harmon. Cerald WaJtaew Harnt- . Mary Carol Hartvr, Gladyi Eiuahrth Harr, M if hurl Jam Harrisi. Arthur William Uarria, Edward Jansea. Jr. H„rr,-. l;,lKaJ-t1 J.hlft Harria, Karoitt Dousuaa, Jr. Harria. J t Survtrt Harria. Lyfci Evrrell Harrl . Karen I tuLu Harris li-rbrrt Arthur Harria. Sonja Karen Harri oh, Jantea L«e Harriaen, Jamea Thomo . Jr. tfarrUon, John S uM Harrkwn, LyBda Kay Hart|nea. RmtxTt Ayra Horriaoa. Patricia 1, HarrlaoB. Nina Lyjl Hindi, Michael Franria R»« hfaM, IMMfl John Harahner, MaTtarel Ji-anac Murtf.,M. Dlan Hartin, John David Hartley, Erar l Alhart Jlprrj.-y. illon Harvey Hartley, Catvlyn Ruth Hartifan. Rlehard Fred _ Hurtman, h rna«-J l-ylo- Haahbakl. Mary Jane Ha-ketl. JudMh Hull " Ha-. A4hm Hajwlnr, Jcianne Marie Haalinea, K4 afi| Alan K»-!inE . Valerie Lynn B«Uk, Ckart. ttmbert Hauta. John t ' hri.t m Hauck, Tbfttna Cirrrtte Hauck. fhirit - Ann Hauck. ftttirrt " Haujre, Gkbt . 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Thmdifrr Jufaa Wohl, Rerrrly Ana Wojiowiek, font K4waH £09. i W. ir, R«tph l.rror ' Wolf. JoM-ph Martin WoUc. Swain Wolf -, Ju.JiO, itUrk W«lff, HarulJ Krvln Wolff, Richard Frarwia Wolhont ' , Arm SCvphaiil I CM, 142, ! 2W t 223, WVilvft-twu. tjiara Jran Wiillaatali, Jrffrry Jay Wntvrrtan, Rohrrt Hnvn Wood. Jame Itxmtr ir..Ea I : m.rUfW . E0, Ifi2, ICS. WtHaJ. Kai W--..- M r, V(pr1nt» Im Ury lialr- , Harold tuitrnc , Cbcrin Ann , Harry Jmn. J r , Ahri KaihPmi ■ Sr Ur Jm Wri(fhf, Aiutrra Sh.-uJ WriaKt. Dotom r frnpu. Wil K kt Ka,0 h Wriihl. ttueMnarj Ann Wulf, Cary Stiamlfju Wuif. Umiw BliwiMtb Wunliunr, Kucvnt Warrm Wuif. Donali! |M «b . Wynn. Jann KaHlrya Wrnni ' , Janet Wrniu Juon Addbana Yarnall. Maurcrn F. Yalrt. , )un Roy Yuk,, ratriria Kilrrtr Ya»i. Stopfctm Vfcrior Yraiwr. i tml Eurrnc Yiitw ' " -. Mkharf Pranei. Ymktl, Carl Laub Yackai Suu r. Niu-» Yir ilaiak, San irel Y«tutr. WtpHiTn Jl ify Yin, P i t Tune Y.iun . Barbara lvOttaM rnupir. Draniir Yuunic. Nor] V ' TIHir. liayirmTld ilharh Yovru. Farria Joha rtfaa Vouiiif. Ronald Jiarrb Ywiftjfyjiat, fj»r JtMrph. YunKdaU. Pum L« ITtirliovl b, Juddli Aflh 14V, in MS NH. itn. ;ijn W. 40. f0«, 27 H ..I -l.n t V , l.r .1 I s Kaback. tM v. r. r I Zadra, JT.nly Ann Zopti, Gvntld r. • nix 409 Another school year has passed and once again we of the Sentinel Staff have endeavored to record this wonderful year in our colfege careers. As with any project of this nature, the yearbook could not have been completed without many hours of work on the part of o great many people who gave of their time to complete it, Thanks are in order to Mr Crowder for his advice; Cyrife Van Duser for advice, photo work, and for being a good listener; and many thanks to my capable staff And, out of necessity apologies are in order also to those students whose names we have misspelled, who have wrong identifications, and for numerous unavoidable errors and mistakes. My thanks to Robert Catlln for taking the class photos; and especially the pictures of the Royalty, the President and for having patience with myself and my staff. For the two pictures of the grixzly bears, my thanks to Frank and John Craighead, Jr. Colored pictures in the Sentinel are due to Cyrile, Ling Mark, Tim Richmond, Dale Graff, Ted Dickson, Doug Grim, and Jim Taylor, Thanks are in order for many others who helped complete the book and if I fail to mention tho i here,, forgive me, A special thanks to Joe Holly, for the major port of the photography printing, Sharon Bl aszek, Cathy Yon Aelstyn, and members of Delta Sigma Phi, And finally — thanks to Yearbook House, of Kansas City, publishers of the 1962 Sentinel, for their help, advice, and patience to make the Sentinel a fop notch yearbook and a memorial memory. Sincerely, Jim Weiler Editor 1962 Sentinel

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