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xx WP gxxww Q2 uvvlxxxyxx aw , AW ' Si. -Suv 1- I s' VW W- ' sron I Ss, X, I - 1 Z, f 1 cuom i ALAb. semmnn Lnsmls Louuoe 'QE -" ou. 11111 jjj! 11111 1953 X W Wwwfm-PM gym? , grxw 5 wt . f , ,qiw Editor Helen Lenhart Business Manager Peder Hoiness Associate Editors Patricia Thomas Douglas Anderson Jerry Murphy Beverly l-lemme Published by the Associated Students of Montana State University M KAY PHOTO MC KAY PHOTO CATLIN PHOTO Dr. W. P. Clark Dr. B. E. Thomas J. B. Speer DEDICATIG To three men, each of whom has given over a quarter of a century of service to Montana State is this book dedicated. Dr. W. P. Clark came to MSU in l92l as assist- ant professor of foreign languages,, teaching French and Latin. Later he served as chairman of the classical language department, and after l946 was Dean of the Graduate school. He also taught in Kansas, Texas, New York, and at Wil- liam and Mary. Dean Clark spent ten months at the University of Mont Pelier in France and re- ceived his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has written for classical journals and now writing for educational magazines, he has enough writing and editing to keep him busy for some time. Relinquishing his position as Chairman of the mode-rn language department in September, l952, Dr. B. E. Thomas retired after completing 29 years on the faculty of MSU. ln l9Ol when the first group of American teachers went to the Philippines, Dr. Thomas was one of the 800 to make the trip. He remained on the islands until l9lO, Before beginning his work at the Butte School of Mines, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in l935. At MSU Dr. Thomas became chairman of the modern language department and for some time headed the lnter- national Education committee and also the com- mittee in charge of Foreign Students on Campus. After spending his entire career at this University, J. B. Speer retired from the faculty in July, l952. Though he finished in law at the University of Michigan, MSU is also Mr. Speer's alma mater. A very active student here, he was editor of the Sentinel in l908 and served as Kaimin business manager. Mr. Speer took his first position as a member of the faculty at MSU when in l908 he became secretary to the President and to the Registrar. He held this post until l9l2 and later returning to MSU in l9l7, he continued as secre- tary. ln l92O Mr. Speer was advanced to the position of Registrar and Business Manager and in i945 he became controller for the University, a position he held until last year. ew Classes, Seniors by Departments ...., Faculties, Clubs, Honorories, Juniors, Sophs, Frosh, Religious and Other Clubs Student Administration ,...........,.,.........,..... l2O Publications, Drama, Music, Athletics, Varsity and Intramural Living Groups .,.... .....,,..... ...........,...,. ....., l 8 4 Dormitories, Sororities, Fraternities, Queens, Advertising and Index Z' J FACU LTY DMINISTRATICD Even the Moin holl tower took on o new ond brighter look this yeor, In the fall the clock wos repointed By spring there were plans to ploce the Main holl corillon. re- bell with o GOVERNOR J. HUGO ARONSON serves as Ex Officio President of the Board of Education. OARD F EDUCATIO Left to right: Clarence L. Pop- ham, Mrs, F. H. Petro, Merritt N. Worden, Emmet J, Riley, Mary Condon, J. Hugo Aron- son, Arnold H. Olsen, George N. Lund, G. A. Bosley, Mrs, George Clwdmbers, Horace J. Dwyer. 7 DR. RICHARD H. JESSE, Vice President of the University and chairman of the department of chemistry, received his BA. from the University of Missouri in 1902, his M.A. from Harvard Uni- versity in 1907 and his PhD. in 1909 from Harvard. www ,Qi im we 1' Il I wma '5 wil Biwqn DR. CARL McFARLAND, Presi- dent of Montana State University, received a B.A. in 1928, an M.A. in 1929, an LL.B. in 1930 and an honorary LL.D. in 1949 for Montana State University. In 1932 he received a Doctor of Juridical Science degree from Harvard. IMPORTAN DR. A. S. MERRILL is the Dean of Faculty besides being Di- rector of Institution Research, Director of Veteran Education and Chairman of the Depart- ment of Mathematics. l'le re- ceived his l3.A. from Colgate University in 1911, his M.A. in 1914, and his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1916. GORDON B. CASTLE is Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Senior Academic Dean, Director of the Biological Station and Professor of Zoolo- gy. l-le holds a l3.A. from Wa- bash College, a M.A, from the University of California. HERBERT J. WUNDERLICH Dean of Students and Professor of Education received his Doctor's degree this last year from Stanford University. He holds a B.A. from the University of ldaho and an M.A, from Harvard University. PEOPLE AT MSU MAURINE CLOW, Associate Dean of Students and Professor of Psychology and Philosophy received her B,A. from Stanford University in 1934, her M.A. in 1936 and her Ph,D. in 1946. also LEO SMITH, Registrar, takes care- of admissions, both freshman and trans- fers, registration, records and grad- uation. I-le holds a l3.S. from Whit- man and an M.A .from the University of Washington which he received in 1934. 9 J. B. SPEER, who retired this year, has served the University as Con- troller. He receives all the cash and all disbursements must ga through his office. He holds a B,A. from Montana State University and a l.l..B. from the University of Michigan, ANDREW C. COGSWELL is the Di- rector of Division ot Public Service. He received his BA. from MSU in l927 and on M.A. from the Uni- versity of Minnesota in l943. 1W"'f :Wm E. KIRK BADGELY took over as Con- troller of the University last summer. During the regular school year he served as auditor and helped with the student budget. He received a B.A. from MSU in l924. KATHLEEN R. CAMPBELL, head of the Montana State University Library has a BS. from the University of Denver and also an M.S, which she received in l939. Awww E. A. ATKINSON, Director of summer school, is also chairman of the Depart- ment of Psychology and Philosophy. The University of Denver gave him a BA. in i920 and in l922 he re- ceived an M,A. from MSU. T. G. SWEARINGEN, MSU's mainte- nance engineer, received his BA. from Montana State Universtiy in l92O. IO CYRILE C. VAN DUSER, manager of the Student Union and coordi- nator of all activities which take place inside the Student Union re- ceived a B.A. from Montana State University in l927. KERMIT E. SEVERSON is the di- rector of the University Counseling Ce-nter. Open throughout the year the services of the Counseling Cen- ter are available to any student desiring help in selecting an edu- cational or vocational field suited to his abilities. S. KENDRICK CLARKE, takes care of housing students, finance and accounting as Manager of the Res- ident Halls. DR. M. P. WRIGHT is Director of the Health Service. He directs the examining of all entering students and attends to the general physical welfare of all students who come to the Health Center. ROBERT W. BREEN, Director of Family Housing. The Family Hous- ing Units constitute temporary fa- cilities available to married stu- dents and their families. PAUL CHUMRAU, Director of the Placement Bureau, which assists graduates who need jobs. Two other functions of this office are teacher placement and undergraduate em- ployment. -qw --..,"" W' i l l YUK- Q-an My .0 0 ,QQ- ff 'W M 4 . ies. M U KEEP PACE ITH CHA GI GWCDRLD lf some change is normally inevitable-, then it was a way of life on MSU's campus. The view that greeted a student's eyes each morning was different than the one he had seen the day before. Pits were started and enlarged, then filled with wood and concretefg metal beams were raised, then covered from sight with bricks and glass. Through all this students carried on overtly in much the same' manner as they were accustomed but it is reasonable to believe that they were affected. For students there is first the big vacant feeling of homesick- ness and dissolutionment as we lose our old manners and prejudices. With more learning comes a solid foundation of awareness and tolerance. Finally we acquire- the trimmings and polish of educated people. At any rate everyone knows that through these little day- by-day changes, a big chance lperhaps an unfathomable onel is coming to Montana State University and her students. l3 KEY TO CAMPUS BUILDINGS: l-Dorn- blaser stands: 2--Correspondent's schoolg 3-Main hallg 4-Old Scienceg 5-Women's gymj 6-Math-Physics building lformerly Craig halllg 7-Low schoolg 8-Simpkins Little Theaterg 9--Humanities Classroom building lnewlg lO--Art and Women's Club buildingg ll-Natural Science buildingg I2 --Health centerg I3--New hallj I4-Music Practice houseg lS--Libraryg l6-Forestry schoolg l7-Corbin hallg l8-Journalism schoolg I9--Student Uniong 20-Men's gymg 21-University Heating plantg 22- Craig hall lnew men's dormitorylg 23- Women's Physical Education and Home Ec- onomics center lne-wig 24--Cook hallg 25- Narth hallj 26-Chemistry-Pharmacy build- ingg 27--Business Administration and Edu- cation buildingg 28-ROTC departmentg 29- Music school lnewlg 30-South hallg Sl- Jumbo hall. SUMMER Shortly after i952 grad- uates said good-bye and undergrads finished spring finals, students and teachers alike returned to MSU for a summer of study, confer- ences, workshops, and fun. MSU Writers' Conference brought many well-known authors to the campus be- tween July 30 and August 8. Headlining them were Van Wyck Brooks, Pulitzer Prize winner, David David- son, Hilde Able, and Dale White, magazine non-fic- tion writer. Dorothy Johnson, formerly of the Woman's magazine, now news editor for the Whitefish Pilot was another celebrated confer- ence member who spoke on magazine fiction writing. Norman A. Fox, featured speaker, lectured on Joseph Kinsey Howard, author of Montana, High Wide, and Handsome. Dr Leslie A. Fiedler, who attended the conference after spending a year in Rome, was amazed Students take time out from sum mer studies to enjoy water skiing at scenic Flathead lake. S SSIO to find the booming popularity of John- nie Ray's songs and the sensationalisms of Micky Spillane. l'le was overcome, after a year abroad, by the health and wealth American people reflected. With everything from our comics to the best novels. "We've Americanized Europe." They carry the true picture of America to Europe where we are much misinter- preted. Tourists, military men, and of- ficials give on entirely different opinion of America than the novelist, Dr, Fiedler returned to Rome to complete another yeor of teaching and study under the Fulbright scholarship. A participant in the Northern Rocky Mountain Roundup of Regional Arts using tongs and asbestos gloves removes a dish from Between the two weeks of Writer's Conference, the staff and me kiln' registrants travelled to Virginia City for a colorful week-end at the home of the Vigilantes. The Roundup of Regional Arts qave both amateur and profes- sionall talint ad chance to display itself in paintings, ceramics, Writer Von Wyck Brooks Ourogrophs hm novel! The Flowering mem WW ' on 'awe ry' of New England for Natalie Norby, Missoula Pow-Wow student At right is Henry Larom, director of the writers' Conference and Sonia Smith, high school student, I5 5 2 as VX.. I. if?T?'?f' X ll s W we . 4 5 . " Y iii" fi Q . V. NV X 5 i, . . , T X .ig f A Vi? H During summer session in July, three Hollywood citizens visited the MSU campus. Robert Wagner, star of "What Price Glory," Donna Reed, star of "Saturday's Hero," and David Diamond, inde- pendent producer and cinema veteran were on a good-will tour from Hollywood. They answered questions presented to them by townspeople and University students about the movie industry. Warm August weather brought a receptive audi- ence to hear the 78-piece band composed of Music Camp students under the direction of Uni- versity Band Director Justin Grey. The other sec- tion of Music comp that performed for the public was a 52-voice choir led by Lloyd Oakland. Professor Olaf A. Bue' demonstrates the art of tape recording to a few of the lOO high school students who attended the journalism Pow-Wow held between July 27 and August 2. These high school seniors will be responsible for their respective school newspapers and yearbooks for the school year l952-53. In addition to publishing the Camp Crier and the Summer Session Sun, under the direction of Prof. E. B, Dugan, Pow-Wow members enjoyed many recreational activities such as sports, dances, and picnics with Music comp students. These elected members from the summer's Music Campers form a dance band led by Paul Abel, instructor of music, Here they join in a lilting arrangement of "Tenderly." From July 27 to August 8 one-hundred and five high school music students from all over the state worked under the direction of Professor Stanley M. Teel. l6 Election Year Raises FALL QUARTER FE ER We xmorwl 'Ne woml Cerwlrwq em the MSU lredltnerw el rmqmg The bell ln Mem Hell eller cm erlwlelle vlelory! lreglmmem mg end pull on llwe clepper rope To let 'er ring. Per- llClDGlWlS end by-Sremders ere: lbelewl tl' V 3 E l w 5 a fx ifipfmw it lu-xx R N 'P I Nerme l-lellermerw, Dome me Geedmcmserw, Xlcjwlye Alllgemilelrwf Cermelllu Cox and Merllym Hume long 4 ebevel Cum! Grew dy, Hellermem, Alnggerwe elem, Q D d N 0 r m Q rw Nelsem, Aeeerdmg Tru lredlworwf omly lreelwmerew way gueffpwm llw ffwl-E TNQB RIENTATICDN WEEK HECTIC AS EVER LIKE CAMPAIGN LEAFLETS caught in a l-lellgate wind, 6lO freshmen hurried around the campus to complete tests and ta attend meetings and parties. They tried hard to adjust and with only a few spare moments left each day in which to feel homesick, it was easier to adjust. Freshmen women met upper classmen labovel at the counselor- counselee party. Pictured are: Ruby Lindstrom, Sue Mann, Ruth Neptune, Carla Wetzsteon, Joan Brooks, Pat Koob, Myrna Dolven, Alice Stack, Pat Turrell, LaRene Kisling, Sylva Pedersen, Darlene Dahlman, Rowena Day, Dian Giulio, Phyllis Kind, Winnie Dinn, Gert Stene, Verna Johns, Sharon Dalling, Jeanette Ke-hrie and Jerry St. Onge. RUSH ENLIVENED Orientation week even more. Fraternities pledged l34 men with the Phi Delts taking the lead with 34 men and Sigma Nu was second with 26 men. Sororities claimed l26 women in their first rush with Alpha Phi taking 36 and Delta Gamma pledging 26. The freshmen seemed a little uncooperative at first when the painting of the M was left unfinished. With another try and some more lime, however, they finally persuaded the upper- classmen to pronounce the job satisfactory. Temporary class officers were elected. Jim Abbott became president, Bobette Reader vice president, and Nancy Schilling, secretary-treasur- er. Later Abbott became Central board delegate. In their primary elections, 9l more freshmen voted this year than last. For the first time freshmen were requested to fill out activity interest cards to determine in which clubs and organizations they might be most happy. Some of the more energetic fresh- men started yet another activity group--the Grizzly Growlers. Headed by Armand Pepe, the Pep Club worked closely with Traditions board. During Orientation week, frosh men were required to tnke physical examinations lbelowl for the ROTC program. A ' A5155 W HCDMECGMI G EVE TFLIL D Y E TERTAINS ALUMS ABOUT 800 ALUMNI returned to the campus for the 34th annual Homecoming. Saturday they took in a family reunion breakfast, the Homecoming parade, a barbecue and the- MSU- BYU football game. The classes of l902 and i927 were honored, After the game lBYU 28, MSU 73 receptions, open houses and an informal dance ended the festivities. Because so little time was available to prepare for Homecoming, fra- ternities did not put up house decorations. Instead they helped the sororities build the floats. Delta Delta Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon won the trophy for the best float which rep- resented a pair of dice. No trophy was given for the best school float this year because not enough schools entered. Queen Kay of Rapid City, S. D., was crowned during the half time. One of the floats, decorated by Kappa Kappa Gamma and Phi Sigma Kappa labovel depicts the honored classes. Riders are: queen candidate, Barbara Pence, l952, Ellie Anderson, i927 lunidentifiedl and l902, Barbara Berg. Queen Kay Hudson, lleftl New hall candidate, smiles radiantly after receiv- ing the Homecoming crown and flowers. She competed for the title with Barbara Pence, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gentria Cummings, Sigma Kappa, Carlene Drag- stedt, Delta Gamma, Donna Wynacht, Delta Delta Delta, Cathy Wonder, Syna- delphic, Marilyn Foster, Kappa Alpha Theta, Janet Howard, Alpha Phi, and Phyllis Webber, North hall. With buckskin fringes flying the twirl- ers performed intricate routines on Hig- gins avenue Kbelowl for alums and townspeople. From left to right they are: Nancy Schilling, Mae Behner, Mur- iel Griffin, Georgiana Coppedge, Georgia George, Shirley Spehn, and major drumo, Don Hardisty, Fall Quarter Standby Parties TOPPED BY SADIE HAWKINS A HIGHLIGHT in the toll soeiol whirl wos the Sodie Howkins donce, Publicity shots ond new stories written in Dogootch venocisilor ottrocted wide-soreod otten- tion, Rosemory Akers lriohtl posed with Fronk Nor- bero to help sell tickets, A bobble blowino contest lbelowl entertoined the Crowd during interrnission. FRIDAY AFTERNOON bee t o r e th e l-lomecoming gomey freshmen gotheted cordboord ond wood tor the bontire thot night. A oorode led by the Spurs, bond, ond Beor Pows, followed by the teom riding in convertibles ond snoke doncing stu- dents, oothered oround the bonfire tor o beb folly 'nghtl led by Yell King, Gene Hoyt BEVERLY HENNE frightl goye owotds on Docl'5 doy to F J tlotdenburgh, 67, os the oldest dod ond to S. C Smithiiicl ot Eugene! Ore- gon os the dod who troyeled the torthest As the dods otnyed on comous Endoy eionini they sow o unioue cnnwo-line beb tolly Soturv doy morning, SbtitS led the dods on tours ot the com- o u 2 Soturdoy ottetnoon, the Grizzlies oldyed the Bobcots ond won 35 to i2 Thot eyening the Moon Nfloods oloyed tor o donce in the Gold room THE ATMOSPHERE wo 5 oenneoted yy i th election news ond otliciol ond un- otticiol comoozons. When llqels troin stooped ot the N P deoot, hundreds ot townspeople ond students turned out to greet him ond to heor his quiet Siindoy eyenino speech l-le oyoided politics thot night Cn comf ous two groups the Young lQ9DlllDllCQGl'lS, ond the Young liDemocrot5 SDVOOQ up ond C'll5CLlSSlOlW5 in closes olten clrilted to the election l'lGWS or become more heoted thon iisuol F LL HIGHLIGHT STAGING THE FIRST convo of the year, MSU's humor society, Kams and Dregs, kept an audience entertained for an hour with music and skits, Some of the high spots of the program were a wedding with Pat Kaob singing "I Came to Your Wedding," the silent madrigal singers, the Sigma Nu quartet singing "Old Shep," and a political rally labovel sponsoring "Deacon" for President of the United States, Kams and Dregs are: 'left to rightl Gene l-loyt, Pinlfy McCallie, Don Enebo, Neal McCurdy, .lerry Mitchell, Pete Densmore, Doug "Deaconl' Anderson, Kay l-ludson, Pat Fraher, George Boifeuillet, Pat Koob, Lew Penwell, Gordon Travis, Gih Leibinger, and Danny Lambros. The organization pulled a tew more stunts during tall and winter but by spring it seemed to be fading away, DR. MURIEL R. LORAN stands beside a Sl0,0CO Klett electrophoresis llett' in the pharmacy laboratory. With this machine she worked in animal tumor research. Grants totaling more than Sl6,0CO have been made to Dr. Loran, an assistant professor in pharmacy, tor her work. The grants came from the Damon Runyon Memorial fund and the American Cancer society. 71 WI TER BROUGHT REALIZATIO OF PLANS AFTER TWO MONTHS of student debate and voting, Governor l-lugo Aronson turned the earth an March l2 for the fifth building on campus---'fthe Field l-louse. The building would cover an area of 300 feet by 200 feet with a clear space of 200 feet by l60 feet. Large enough to hold six of the Math-Physics building, it would accommodate as many as 6,000 persons for basketball games and 3,000 for concerts or shows. The building was not meant to be used only for athletic purposes but was designed for social and entertain- ment purposes. ROTC departments, the athletic department, the Public Service division, and the Alumni offices would also be housed in this building, Pledqing their Student Union building fee and the amount of the annual cthletic contribu- tion from the Student Activity fee for the next 30 years in order to get lower interest rates, students voted 637 to l69 for the Field l-louse. Before ground was broken, how- ever, students went through another hassle with the admin- istration about mergina a new Student Union with the Field l-louse. After considerable debate and surveys, the concensus of ooinion was definitely against the move. MRS. GEORGE GOSMAN cut the ribbon 'rightl across the front entrance of Craig hall, the new men's dormitory after l.t. Governor George Gosman spoke on the history of MSU and members of the band presented a short concert. With Mrs. Gosman is Pct O'l-tare, Spur president. NQQBQQ ' Winter Weekends Wore Well WITH THE BIG PARTIES BANK NITE SHARK. Peder I-loiness labovel grinned gleefully as stocks went up and down and anxious stock holders kept the money circulating. On the gambling side of the board are Don Wall, Jim Norris, an unidentified, Danny Mullady and Jerry Smith. THE MUSIC 5CHO0L'S lush and plush Nite Club formal featured toe dancer Jackie Woodahl llefti and about five other acts. Six hundred students danced to the music of the Moon Moods while flower girls sold aardenias and sitters munched pretzels. Proceeds from the Saturday night affair went into the coffers of the student aid fund of the Music School foundation. The program was produced and directed by John Lester of the Music school faculty. 26 SINGING W A I T E R S, freshmen boys' quartet, lrightl Don Schessler, Lewis Knox, Torn Nelson, and Bob Spiwak, held a lang note at the Nite Club dance. The quartet, minus string ties and aprons, also filled the air with melody at the Music school's convocation. SPONSURED BY ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles and Sponsor Corps, the Military ball was the scene for dancing, tapping new members and a silent drill by the Pershing Rifles. Colonel Ercil Porter con- gratulated a new member and his date lrightl while Dick Joy pre- pares to announce another name. Bill Dankers was in charge of the Pershing Rifle drill. NEVER CEASING to entertain all tastes, the music school students and faculty gave recitals, Professor Eugene Anclrie, orchestra conduc- tor, lrightl went through a tough practice session in the auditorium before his recital. l-le was accom- panied by his wife, a. ' 'W " WWW an- "WO 1 A Q . 5 4 1 Q X 5 9,5 . Q.f!q? , 4 -'IT M' i P, 7. .xv o Q .Lx sq' 'S itil, A , I Q fi f W1 .1 5 nv A W v .00 il . Y 1 . ,fi Nzfygwg B' lsifffigwg 4 'Wi fV,'1p2"'3' , Q , iv 7751 K ..,.. A V , Q W , '3:iH2'Qif ' , . V-1 1. , wa, 1 1 JH 1 5 .W F 152 A 4 13 "3 . mv 5 'S wk Q A fvfiyf 1 k 355- 1- 2 -,T-51:5 4 - -if :,: .:.,.Z:g:.-.,,,--- A W . f - 3 Q ' A gg, "' 1 Q f 1 0 ylsgij y 'E yi' W QQ v 1 in fs N 'K I M . AQ 4 , 1. .i .. ' ,si 5 W U -E .,,. .- egg. W 'W' " :.'.'I-1-my if L .W -...' S - :yu r :s,,. . .1-E: . 1. ..,.:.M.,,..,, ,M A X Q 4 vi: ff Wrfhn WM 'X-2 'iff' - I . r .:, .'f:: 12.Z 55'- ., if ., ..:i ,. ,E :. S I-5: .f 5. . ,,..,. Et, ..... ., P' it ?'1:f 1.,:..j2- Q, . Q W w was 5 , fi ww. WIN v W1 , u , ,S Sr12Aew,l,1- x Biggest Winter Function FORESTER'S B LL WELL ATTE DED "MAN. CAN I USE THlS!" says bearded Art l-lolzweissig as he accepts an electric razor from Rolf l-larmsen at the Farester's Ball. The razor is given as a first prize for the best bush of hair cultivated over a three month period preceding the Ball. POUNDING THE RICKEY-TICK piano is George Stone who "let loose" with the old time stuff in the Forester's "barf' Singing along are Jim Pfusch and Doyne Tank. PAUL BUNYAN'S PRODIGIES were out "en masse" for the pre-Forester's Ball convo lbottom le-ftl in late January. Designed to advertise the Ball, the convo featured songs and music by the woodmen and the usual satire directed toward the lawyers. Some of the talent shown here, along with old "Bertha" lmoose headl, are: Dan O'Rourke, Ralph l-lershberger, Dennis Swift, George Stone, Jack Chamberlin, Phil Hanson, Don Lantz, Bob Greenan, Don Williams, Bertha, Frank Kirsf chten, Dick Joy, Prof. Fay Clark, Bill l-lummon, John Lowell, Jack l-lautzinger, Allen Hearst, Jerry Taylor, Doyne Tank, Dick Faurot, Mr. John Krier, Jim Pfusch, Ted Rieger and Art l-lolzweissig. Qifiiiiiiiiv SOMETHING DIFFERENT in the way of a party, the annual Newman club Mardi Gras afforded games, dancing and a chance for ingenuity on the part of the living groups, The ever popular Theta sponge throw ileftl puts Shirley Sphene in an uncomfort- able position. THE KAPPA FREAK SHOW lbe-low, left! afforded some unusual sights. Joan Grundstrom, tatooed lady and Janice Weatherston, bearded lady, were popular with the spectators. CROWNED as Mardi Gras queen and king were Befrta Huebl, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Bill Stong, Sigma Chi, Looking on were Grace Donisthorpe, Synadelphic candidate, and Van Ol- son, Phi Sigma Kappa candidate. ROYALEERS, square dance club lrightl, practiced weekly for exhibitions in Missoula, Butte and other towns. In winter quarter they presented the Miss Photogenic contest and dance. Joann l-laftle, Kappa Kappa Gamma freshman, was awarded the tra- ditional silver cup and rose corsage by Bob Jasken, Royaleer president. Royaleers pictured are: Betty Russell, Ethel Henderson, Bob Jasken, Peggy Ask, Ralph Backa, Carl Wohlgenont, Fred Woeppel, Frank Kirschten, Larry Holt, and Joan l-larbolt. AQUAMAIDS PRESENTED one of the best pageants they had ever staged according to perennial audi- ences. About 25 women swimmers did the numbers to the music of Morton Gould's orchestra. Wall decorations carried out the theme of Gould's music. Coached by Mexican foreign student, Magda Brueg- gemann, Olympic swimmer, the Aquamaids learned many new routines. ln the number, "Singing in the Rain," Kbelowl Phyllis Kind, Mary Calvert, Gerene Wilson and Ann Stephenson pose before entering the water. MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT and a dish called Neptune's Noodles brought many a wandering col- legian to the Bear Paw operated Fish Bowl. Bear Paws waited tables wearing broad costume sashes in keeping with the modern under sea paintings and draped net. Harry Roletto did the murals. Lucille Nichols, Ralph Rundle, Bob Senner, Jeanne Couture and John Beam spend a leisure moment at the night club. '--: ,f-', "" - :I --'- ff I I ' fi ni' if V s Q-1-W? . A " 5 ..,' ' 'W wi fr' Q1 - W fnrw Q ff-gf B -N"MM-- W V-K' ' ,X mf,,5,,, if y ABER DAY BECQMES USEFUL After coming under taculty tire, partici- pants gave Aber day a nevv lease on lite tliis year. Good planning by cbairman, Bob Graves and vvork committee bead, Dick Sbadoan, kept tlie events moving smoothly, wbile Marynell Curtis staged a bang-up variety sbow with trot and sorority aid. Planting grass vvas a job tackled by tour Sigma Cnis iabovel. While Don Nyquist and Tom Nelson rake soil over tlie seed, Bill Mclvlaster drives a stake from vvnicli to band rope markers, Bill Campbell looks on. Curbs near the Student Union vvere painted lriglfitl by Pbi Delts, ilett to rigntl Wayne Rosetb, Don Talcott, Bob Malmstad, and lan Davidson was BUT TILL FU ln the afternoon rough and tumble Aber day contests were traditionally in order. Some of the boys made a pass at the five dollar bill atop the greased pole. ln the initial scramble? white shirts were still whitefDick McDonald fright! led by a length on the climb. After a ten-minute free-for-all, Quentin Marino reached the money with the support at two pals. Justice was meitted to delinquent females, not through High Court but through the strong orrn of the M club, Women with pins or clips in their hair or makeup on their taces received the full penalty of being marked with lipstick as did two lContinued on next page' Mmm-S. ...wi-ff. ,Q A W mi. Thetas llettl, Arlene Hoiland lmarked J. B.l and Nancy Schilling lwith mustachel. Sympathetic onlookers are Doris Sandsmark lon benchl, Sue Travis lon tablel and unidentified lstandingl. "Justice" was also dealt to five defendants at High Court "Deacon" Anderson was sentenced to the water trough for belonging to a "questionable organization," Kams and Dregs. Bev Henne was released on the some Charge. The trough also claimed Dan Lcmbros and Bob Newlin for lll bringing the Snake River boys to the campus, and l2l plotting to take away the athlete's "financial" support. Kamelia Dregmont was charged with making "false" claims and was sentenced to wear a pair of flood lamps around her neck. The court was slow in starting due to interception of the five judges during their trek from the Law school to the "bench" by a group of foresters. Gene Tidball, High Court boss, was complimented on the higher caliber of humor displayed at the court. lt wouldn't be Aber day without pie eating contests. ln the men's competition lbelowl Don Orlich lbehind the lemon meringuel took top honors. The two lost in the berry creations are unidentified but they are being coached by M Clubber, Bob Hudson and several small boys. " " ' ,vas ln the more eventful wornen's contest, marked by a full-face custard hit on an M club member, Bette Rae Wolfe and Katherine Hetler were announced as winners. AFTER LUNCH lrightl nearly every student went to the first Aber day variety show. The auditorium was packed and very few left till the two- hour show was over. Twelve acts kept the house laughing and applauding. Best two of the acts were the Delta Gamma-Sigma Nu production, "My Gun Won't Even Work" which was a satire on Mickey Spillane's works with Bob Lazich starring as Mike Hammer, and the Corbin-New hall skit depict- ing different Coke store scenes. The grand finale laid 'em in the aisles with George Hummell playing a duck call as one of the "Rake Sniver" boys. Twelve faculty mem- bers in can-can costumes spiritedly wound up the show. More of the- lawn raking was com- pleted by coeds lbelowl this year while the men planted lawns and did repair work. Facing the camera are Carolin Porter, Georgia George, Kay Hudson and Marlene Cresein. Chow time found everyone ready and waiting. With the men working else- where, coeds finished the raking in short order. Singing on the steps of Main hall. Alpha Phis decorate for Track Meet TRACK MEET l TERMISSIO , O LETUP F R COLLEGIANS UNIVERSITY STUDENTS were kept busy dur- ing lnterscholastic week by either entertaining the high school students, refereeing their com- petitions or accommodating them with information. An SOS lleftl put colleaians in the spirit of Track Meet on Thursday evening. Friday began the competition of students from lO4 Montana High schools in events rcnaing from track and field contests to golf, tennis, speech, drama and newspaper work. Meanwhile, the fraternities, sororities and dorms put the finishing touches on their displays, not only to compete for the prize, but to explain by audio-visual aids why MSU is best. Alpha Phis lbelowl expanded their Wizard of Oz theme to include MSU. SIGMA NU TOOK first place in the fraternity house decora- tions ond Sigma Kappa first place in the sorority house dec- orations. At the track field Spurs awarded medals to winning trackmen ond officially gave their spurs to the freshmen members they had tapped early that morning. Track Meet provided thrills even to the most hardened spec- tator when die-hard energetic, teen-ogers fought for points and medals lobovel. On Friday and Saturday evenings the Bear Paws sold refreshments in their Fish Bowl to high school students who came to the Gold room dance. THE MARCHING BAND members lbelowl pressed their uni- forms to be reviewed by the high schoolers and to lead the parnde of athletes. Earlier in the week the symphonic bond gave o concert on the corner of Front and Higgins to boost interscholastic ticket sales. At the some time the M club, Spurs, Bear Paws, Kams and Dregs, American Legion, Air Force Cadets, Bond Sponsor corps, J-school, speech, drama, and tennis and golf team members met at the NP. depot to assemble for a porarle with decorated cars ranging from l9OO models to l953 models, The parade was led by Mayor Starr and Karen Whittet. SPRING MEANT OLITDOGR ACTIVITIES FORESTERS made trips through- out the West to study torest and range management Those who went vvere Clyde Blake, Bernard Coster, Bill Covey, Max Dolato, Neil Edstrom, Charles Gansel, Bob I-Iayes, Allen I-Iearst, John I-leck- man, Arne Jacobsen, Don Jensen, Carl Johnson, Jim Johnson, Ray Karr, Dave Kauttman, Bob Kem- ler, Charles Knutson, Ralph Lead- er, Dick Marks, Don Lantz, Charles Rogers, Dave Saltsman, Everet Smith, Bob Steiner, Davis Weistaner, Jack Yarnall, Art I-lolzvveissig, Ed Burroughs, Bob Lake, Gerald Stern, Jack Royle, Doyne Tank and Clarence Almen. Practicing to out themselves in trim tor the lvlonday night revievvs, the ROTC Sponsor corps lbelovvl marched on the tootball tield under the direction ot Bob Jasken. The 695th Air Force band from Great Falls. FIRST BIBLER BOUNCE PROVIDES E TR FU Bev Henne names Bibler characters. ASMSU PROMOTION anglers whose pulses and minds quick- ened with the hint of sprina fished around for an idea to liven up the season. With the Bibler Bounce as an excuse for a dance and a little unprecedented voting, they hooked the Great Falls nir base band to provide dance music and a convo. A lorqe crowd took advantaae of the opportunity for fun. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ellie Anderson was elected Frieda, Jules Karlin, professor ot history, was elected Prof Snarf and Jerry Murphy was elected Worthal. The hand "qiyes" labovel with the sweet and sentimental. Beverly Henne, ibelowl Traditions board chairman, calls Frieda, Snarf and Worthol to the bnndstand at intermission tirne. Payoff for a hard year of study and drilling are the awards given at the last review. Seniors live high during senior weekg underclassmen foot the bill. PRI G ENDS I ABOUT 95 STUDENTS received honors at the last ROTC review. Bill Rife lleftl received an outstanding in- fantry cadet medal and o handshake from Colonel Porter. During spring quarter, colorful reviews with the ROTC students, the ROTC bond and the Sponsor corp were staqed each Monday from 5 to 6 p.m. Like so many rounds of dinners and parties lbelowl aiven for graduating seniors by underclassmen, the kids who hanq around the main floor of the Union lfor one reason or nnotherl dave a dinner, planned and prepared by Walter O'Donnell, tor the seniors who hang around the Union llor one reason or anotherl, They are: Pat Thomas, Harry Burnell, Norm Anderson, Don Cameron, Helen Lenhart, Cyrile Vcn Duser, Jerry Murphy, Beverly Johnson, Elmer Lloyd, Mary Nicol, Harold Nicol, Bob Dundas, Sandra Hamilton, Shirley Gueftler, Danny Lambros, Crefa Sfucky, Muriel Griffin and Hurley Wilson. mt FE TIVITIE ONE OF THE FEW purely senti- mental traditions of MSU is the lantern parade for senior women. Underclassmen lrightl arrived early to unfold their lanterns and to be sure their candles would burn. Among them are: Rosemary Cosens, Joyce Pikkula, Cynthia Bryson, MaryAnn Kocar, Carlene Dragstedt, Janet Thomson, Kathleen Booth, Donna Murray, Patricia Koob, Janet Tier- ney and Alice Mowatt. Truly impressive are the professors and deans in their black robes and strikingly colored hoods. Like bright- ly plumed birds, they carry them- selves with assurance and a trace of vanity. lt's enough to make a plain-colored graduate envious, Underclassmen prepare for lantern parade. Faculty members were colorful on Graduation day. UNIVERSITY GRADUATES 327 ON PLEASANT, COOL DAY MSU contributed 327 ot the nation's 300,000 college graduates in spring l953 and granted 20 master's degrees Commencement exercises were more enjoyable this year than last because the day was pleasantly cool with a thin overcast. The procession labovel began at lvlain hall, came around the oval to the entrance ot the oval and then dovvn the vvalk on the west side ot the new humanities building to the Student Union building, The Bishop ot the Diccese ot Helena, Joseph M Gilmore, gave the Baccalaureate address. A speaker vvasn't scheduled tor commencement because it would make the ceremony too long. Biggest moment lrightl came vvhen tamily and triends vvere greeted, pictures vvere taken, bars were pinned, kisses given and hands shook Look- ing torward to some tree time and rest at home, a job, marriage, travel or the army beyond that, it's a happy moment to live throught Stan Kenton's "lnovations" AME BANDS FREQUE T I '52--'53 Henry Busse Les Brown's Band of Renown Stan Kenton with his "lnovations" labovel was the first name band in '53. Giving a concert and then a dance, a half hour at which was broadcast over NBC, the ZO- piece Kenton band attracted a full house. 'Henry Busse lleftl first band in fall '52 allowed ASMSU to break even in its investment. His l6 pieces were pronounced most danceable by name-band regulars. The "Band of Renown" lbelowl played lo a full house November 25 at a concert- dance engagement. Whot was made on the Brown band and the other bands was lost on on engagement with Johnny Reitz. Those who wont said he was good and his floor show was tint: but ho wasn't wcll cnouah known, Horace l-leidt appeared in Moy with his cast ot -lO including the Heidtsteppers, the Musical Knights, Johnny Standley, Ralph Siawald, etc. Ot the three local con- testants, Jeanne Couture received first place tor her sinainag Jack Miller, saxaphon- ist, second placeg and Eleanor Fox and Lewis Knox third place tor their vocal duet. .W Q wx ., HQ f in lwiiv I llwf S Q ff 1 ml gif --tw 4 "ik-S3 "' grit-f-W-fywy:-, pain. 2 is X ffif' mffbfk- Gigs Q gig SS? SQ Y a , 3 V f L, W xg k V i fit , my J 1' K yf mb L 2 l A J V Q f f gf L. """-.,' f Ii ,N , . t X x , y 31 if M , if N S ' KYIA-S! ' I A S ,EX 9' .,,Q I' , m 9. S ,,., I , Q : -'I 3 x 1 3 5. C . ij' Q 5 if If g , 'gg . ,f Y ' QBV A 55 f ,,,,,pnfl!'H' f f ,illif , Q 3, f y. , . Yx J ,, ii 1 1-.- I C ASS OFFICERS SENIORS Betty Smith, treasurerj Pat Lovely, secretary, Tom Sher- lock, vice'-president, Ward Shana- presidentg Marilyn Nichol, han, Central board delegate. Not and pictured: Beverly Henne Jack Coppedge, Central board delegates. JUNIORS Bill Jones, central board delegate, Doug Anderson, vice- president, George Paul, presi- dent. Not pictured: Mora Mac- Kinnon, secretory and Beth O'HanIon, treasurer, Dave Leuthold and Norman Ander- son, Central board delegates. SOPHOMORES Joan Bachman, vice presi- dent, Arlene Werle, secretary, Janet Harper, treasurer. Not pictured: Bob Griffin, president and Bob Newlin, Central board delegate. FRESHMEN Bobette Reeder, treasurer, Jim Abbott, central board dele- gate, Virginia Vanl-lorne, sec- retary. Not pictured: Mary Helen Pemberton, vice-presi- dent and Don Erickson, presi- V dent. 46 THE CLASS OFFICERS met a number of times during the year to discuss campus problems and gain o better understanding of them. The official name of the officers collectively was the Student Ideas for University Better- ment committee, but it was known by its nickname, Gripe board. The class officers carried out the individual closs proiects and kept track of the new student activity interest cards. Back: Cnoirmon Tom Sherlock, Bob Griffin, Douq Anderson, and George Paul. Middle: Joan Bochman, Betty Smith, Mary Helen Pemberton, and Arlene Werle. Front: Bobette Reeder, Mora MacKinnon, and Pat Lovely. Not pictured: Marilyn Nichol, Beth O'HonIon, Jane-t Harper, Don Erickson, and Virginia Vanl-lorne. f A -x ,D 2:' ' ': .1 . ":::. 251.22-2 "': Mw S .? if . . M rt F51 ,.Af' - 5 X 'M 5 S s I s 15, .E ,if .,. . ns: -asf-1 ms f s., S vig , .,.sn A I ,Wil- X 3 SCHOOL QF BUSINESS DMINISTRATIC Dean Theodore H. Smith received his B.A. from Heidelberg College in 1921, an M.B.A. from Northwestern Uni- versity in 1926, and his Ph.D. from Ohio State University in 1940. ' ROBERT B. ABBOTT, Kalispell ij if ALVIN c. ANDERSON, Harlowton 3 ""' ELEANOR ANDERSON, Bozeman ::'i' 'Z A ROSEMARY R. ANDERSON, Billings ll 5 . RAMON N. ARCHER, Conrad ' HELEN AuNE, Havre A HOWARD R. AUSTIN, Columbia Falls ""' f LLOYD BABB, Billings i-i RICHARD H. BAIRD, Billings FRED D. BAUMAN, Butte JOHN D. BENNETT, Milton, Mass. RICHARD S. BIGGERSTAFF, Lewistown WILLIAM S. BLACK, Butte JOHN H. BLAIR, Missoula THOMAS H. BLANKENSHIP, Billings GORDON BOE, Wibaux LOUIS F. BORCHERS, Great Falls MARLENE BREDBERG, Fallon H. P. BROWN, Great Falls MAGDA BRUEGGEMANN, Mexico City, Mex ROSE IMA BUGLI, Missoula PATRICIA C. BURNETT, Missoula DON R. CASEY, Miles City ELDON E. CHELGREN, Richey 47 ...f"1. ' it I A"' . "A' A CHARLES w. DAVIS, Glerraire 51' 'A' W 'W IAN B. DAVIDSON, Great Falls X R ' ...., .V ff.. 8 Ili 2 W ALLAN CLARK, Missoula ' NORMAN CLAYPOOL, Havre ' BENJAMIN L. CRAIG, Geraldine 5 ' S :PZ CHARLES DUDLEY DEAN, Billings . ax .,.,..,,. M .RR Q is 4 1 as MARGARET CONWAY, Havre Q DAVID cRossMAN, Deer Lodge 1' ir. '?li35Sr Qje, ' ' PARK DENSMDRE, Los Angles, Calif. 1 . ' 4 4 - . PETE K. DENSMORE, Los Angeles, Calif. . "-- I ' uqzii -I -V,'.i ROBERT L. DuNDAs, Watford City, N. D. , "-- ' JOHN w. EMMERT, JR., West Glacier RUDY FIRM, Missoula " GWEN rl.lGHTNlzR, Darby TOM P. FOSHAG, Lewistown DOUGLAS R. FRASER, Ronan 5 S . . if ' HARRY E. FUHS, Townsend DONALD GULDEN, Missoula RICHARD GUNLIKSON, Shelby ROLF HARMSEN, Bismarck, N. D. .. ..5-Eg ' ' ANTON P. HOLLINGER, Missoula 1 . , as ,l WJ' EARL s. l-lol.sT, Kalispell rl y' a slLl.llz JOHNSTON, Billings 3.5 ' ,..- 'P' Q CLAIRE E. JOHNSTON, Terry if s xr 144 1. wQgR X, N.. FRANCES JORGENSEN, Great Falls Y .gp DEAN W. JOSCELYN, Missoula y DALE W. KISLING, Virginia City LARENE KISLING, Virginia Cify EVERETT F. KOFOED, Everett, Wash. CARL A. LETWIN, Bozeman JAMES A. LOEBACH, Hobson JAMES A. LUND, Sidney 48 ROBERT L. MALMSTAD, Billings FRANK G. MARTIN, Missoula LOWELL MAXWELL, Butte RICK MO'RRlS, Billings GAYLE MURPHY, Miles cily ."' I P'A'rRlclA O'GRADY, Great Falls . if WALLACE R. o1'1'ERsoN, Missoula RALPH A. OVITT, Dillon I' L::l SYLVA M. PEDERSEN, Billings NOHL D. PE1'ERsEN, 'reeele, Utah b.,": f fi .I -.-1- Q A EDWIN v. RICHARDS, Butte ---. BYARD w. RIFE, Miles cily Eilbzlv MARY RILEY, sleveiisville I ' PAUL o. RQHNKE, Helena IEE: QF DALLAS A. ROOTS, sl. Regis WAYNE 0. ROSETH, Great Falls I qlllll ' -i'--' -: 3 Q Q. , lzl jp PRISCI-LLA RUSSELL, Miles cily g Q' oRRls sEvERsoN, Chinook A ' ROY w. sl-llPLEY, Livingston "'E ' LOIS sTAuDAcl-lER, Chester "':' " " ROBERT STEWART, Billings DONALD B. TALCOTT, Great Falls ""' JOHN R. THOMPSON, Salem, Iowa GLORIA A. TINSETH, Billings GERALD M. TUCKER, Missoula DONALD C. WHITE, Butte I .,..." Q-9 , F. LEE WILLIAMS, Butte S. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Butte ROB R. WILSON, Great Falls BETTE R. WOLFE, Billings CLIFF M. WORDAL, Missoula EDWARD Y. ZUMOTO, Havre 49 l gl AHF W A A fl Y' . E... we Hi ir E ,Nj Y B' ? e if iw BACK ROVV: H. J. Hoflich, Prof., T. L. Whitesel, Assoc. Prof., O. F. Rydell, Asst. Prof. N. E. Tcyfor, Instr., A. T. Helblng, Prof., E. J. DeMaris, Asst. Prof., D. J. Ernblen, Prof., E. T. Fritz, Instr., R. C. Line, Prof., E. O. Dwyer, Instr., F. A. Henninosen, Asst. Prof. FRONT RCW: Francis L. Colvill, Instr., A. Martinson, Instr., J. Stevenson, Instr., B. Wilson, Prof., M. Johnson, Research Assoc., H. Lambros, Secretary, T. H. Smith, Dean. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIO FACULTY BACK ROW: Lois Teigen, Frances Hagan, Martha Mannen, Gayle Murphy, Ruby Lindstrorn, Helen Hayton, Priscilla Russell, Mar- lene Bredberg, Rose Bugli. BOTTOM ROW: Sylva Pedersen, Brenda Wilson, LaRene Kisling, Margaret Conway, Miss Alyhild Martinson. NOT PICTURED: Ruth Metvedt, Carol Crouch, Mary Riley. 50 NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S FRATERNITY OFFICERS: President LaRene Kisling Vice-President Margaret Conway Recording Secreta ry Sylva Pedersen Corresponding Sec. Martha Monnen NATIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIOR HONORARY OFFICERS: President Norman E. Taylor Vice President Deon T. H. Smith Sec.-Treas. E. Joe DeMaris BACK ROW: Charles W Davis, James L. Nielson. Hurley C Wilson. LenArd S. Zipperian. Dean T. H. Smith. Norman E. Taylor. BOTTOM ROVV: Byron L. Robb, Marlene G, Bredbergz Gwen- dolyn Flightner, Mary C. Riley, Edwin V. Richards. E. Joe DeMaris. NOT PICTURED: Fred D. Bauman. ROW FIVE: Dean T. H. Smith. Wayne Roseth, Don Clark, Peder Hoiness, Don Erickson, Wally Otterson, Doug'Ande1'son. ROW FOUR: Lew Penwell, Tom Foshag, Everett Kofoed, Bob Abbott, Hurley Wilson, Marvin Hobbs. Ben Craig. ROW THREE: Norman Taylor, George Shrum. Harry Fuhs, Harry Burnell, Al Anderson, Bob Rasmussen. ROW TWO: Don Emblen, Ed Dwyer. Fred Henningsen, Ian Davidson. Jim Nielson, Glen Burton. BOTTOM ROW: Danny Lambros, Don Cameron, Chuck Davis, Eldon Chelgren, Dick Bizgerstaff. NOT PICTURED: Doug Beighle, Tom Blankenship, Ron Faust. Sterling Graeter. Anton Hollinger, Dallas Roots. Don Rees, Dick Shadoan, Bill Stone, Don Talcutt, Gerald Tucker, Bob Wallace, Carl Wohlgenant, Stone E. Paulson. Gary Gal- lagher, Harry Kirkham, Robert Davison, Hugh DeMers, Robert Miles, Clyde Alexander, Jim Muir, Richard Spalding. Ray Feldt. James Madison, Normand Olson, Richard Mar- keson, Tom VanMeter, PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS FRATERNITY OFFICERS: President Chuck Davis Vice-President Don Cameron " Treasurer Eldon Chelgren Secretary Dick Biggerstaff Master of Rituals Danny Lambros 51 SCHOOL OF EDLICATIO Dean Linus J. Carleton received his B.A. from Intermountain Union Col- lege in l925 and his M.Ed. from Montana State University in I94O. MEREDITH L. BEAR, Creston JACK M. BELLAND, Havre JACK L. BUCKINGHAM, Terry DONALD J. CAMERON, Miles City K A' - I MARYNELL P. CURTIS, Billings 'wx ., .H A,,, i N, 3 f!!'l' CHARLES H. DAVIS, Dillon Y JOSEPH H. Esuclc, sl. Ignatius .. ii u Aj AA:,q'f ' ii": PHYLLIS GALT, Havre vvvv X do W Sm W 'I it ,E in if i RICHARD GALT, Stanford DIXIE L. GOLDEN, Kevin ROBERT D. GRAVES, Billings LEROY HOCKETT, Havre EDWARD S. HOLIDAY, Libby JOHN D. IMSANDE, Lewistown THEODORE E. LANDKAMMER, Whitefish WILLIAM J. McMASTER, JR., Butte li RICHARD G. MILNE, Roundup DONNA MITHUN, Missoula ELIZABETH NELLIGAN, Boulder DONALD J. OLSON, Butte DONALD C. ORLICH, Butte DONALD G. SMADING, Helena .. . BUD SMITH, Bainville V WILLIAM A. STANNARD, Missoula 52 sHzRMAN L. sTuAR'r, Missoula ...- - q...,,:,: , Aim-lun A. 'ruoMi, Sand couiee " . ' , J JANICE M. WEATHERTON, Sidney . . l A':' 9 9' i ff 'Q' W HELEN L. WINTERS, Stevensville if in if 'J .,..1 'I 1' if JOHN F. ZENTNER, Burt, N. noi.. , i ""- A 1 '-.: . ,f-,Q i ':""' ' - . J' , EDUCATION FACULTY BACK ROW: John L, Moody Instr., Benjamin R. Frost, Asst. Prof., John F. Staehle, Asst Prof. BOTTOM ROW: Henry W, Knapp Asst. Prof., James E. Short Asst. Prof., Sverre J, Knudsen Visiting Prof. NOT PlCTURED: Linus J. Carle- ton, Dean, Walter Ames, Prof BACK ROW: Arthur Tuomi. Vernon Hintznian. Frank Mehtala, Frank Boedecker. Lyle Berg, William Stannard, Melvin Nelson. MIDDLE ROW: William Rife, Lawrence Warn, George Swords, A L Fred Woepple. Clarence Albertson, Ronald Mattson, George u Brush, Julian Scheytt. BOTTOM ROW: Betty Jansen, Meredith Bear. Ronald Jackson. Dean Kleinhans, Bruce Milne, John Moody. A Q A ,, . OFFICERS: President Ronald Jackson Vice-President Deane Kleinhans Sec.-Treas. Bruce Milne Sponsor John Moody 53 W if SCHOOL OF FCDRESTRY Dean Ross A. Williams has a B.S.F. from Montana State University given in l92l and an M.F. from Yale University which he received in l923. CLARENCE E. ALMEN, Hettinger, N. Dak. CLYDE D. BLAKE, Missoula BERNARD C. COSTER, Missoula WILLIAM H. COVEY, Missoula xx MAX C. DOLATO, Missoula Qu 19 NEIL A. EDSTROM, Two Harbors, Minn. Y CHARLES R. GANSEL, Alma Center, Wis. Y RICHARD J. HANSEN, Oshkosh, Wis. ROBERT C. HAYES, Missoula ALLEN L. HEARST, Plains . ,,,,::V..: JOHN HECKMAN, Arlington, Va. f' .. ARNE J. JAcoBseN, New York, N. Y. DONALD K. JENSEN, Missoula CARL E. JOHNSON, Buffalo, Wyo. RAYMOND W. KARR, Libby DAVID T. KAUSSMAN, Rocky River, Ohio ROBERT W. KEMLER, Missoula CHARLES V. KNUTSON, Noxon ROBERT M. LAKE, Missoula DONALD W. LANTZ, Red Lodge RICHARD T. MARKS, Kimball, Minn. JACK H. ROYLE, Twin Falls, Idaho EVERETT E. SMITH, Frankfort, Ind. CHARLES N. SWAIN, Johnson City, Tenn 54 DOYNE L. TANK, Hettinger, N. Dak. oAvis A. w:1sTAN:R, Missoula mf I JOHN L. YARNALL, Fonwood, N. J. FORESTRY FACULTY LEFT TO RIGHT: Foy G. Clark, Prof., Chc1rIes W. Waters, Prof., T. C. Spaulding, Prof. LEFT TO RIGHT: Melvin S. Morris, Prof., John P. Krier, Asst. Prof., Paul E, Bruns, Assoc. Prof., Kenneth E. Moore, Assoc. Prof. DRUIDS Q. BACK ROW: John Kricr, Clyde Blake. Art Holzweissig, Phil Hanson. Fay Kiser. Paul Bruns. Denny Swift, Mel Morris, Frank Cech. MIDDLE ROW: Gerald Wright, Dan O'Rourke, Ross Williams. Tom Walbridgze. George Stone. Ralph Hershberger, Don Lantz. FRONT ROW: John Lowell. Carl Johnson. Dave Saltsman. Bill Overdorff. A1 Hearst. Dave Kauffman. FORESTRY HONORARY OFFICERS: President Dove Soltsrnon Vice-President Clyde BIoke Secreto rv Al I-Ieo rst 55 FORESTRY LUB OFFICERS: President Allan Hearst Secretary Clyde Blake Treasurer Dick Joy TOP PICTURE EXECUTIVE BOARD BACK ROW: Phil Hanson. Dick Joy. Don Wells. Ralph Jaszkowski, Bob Greenan, Fay Kiser, Jack Yarnall. Denny Swift, Dave Kauffman, Bill Overdorff. BOTTOM ROW: Art Holzweissie, Al Hearst, Clyde Blake. SECOND PICTURE SENIORS BACK ROW: Al Hearst, Everet Smith, Clarence Almcn. Carl Johnson. Dave Kauffman. ROW THREE: Jim Pfusch. Dan Block, Clyde Blake. ROW TWO: Dennis Swift. Jack Royle, Don Lantz. Art Holzweissig. Ed Bur- roughs. BOTTOM ROW: Dave Saltsman. Jack Ynrnall. Doync Tank. Max Dolata. THIRD PICTURE JUNIORS BACK ROW: John H0"sack, Tex Hill, Jerry Wright, Frank Kirschten, Ralph Hershberger. Martin Reed, ROW THREE: Dan O'Rourke. John Haut- zimrrer, John Lowell. Fred Schmidt, Don Wells, Jim Eaklancl, Neil Peterson, Phil Hanson. Ken Lippincott, Dick Joy. ROW TWO: Ted Rieger. Bill Taliaferro, Larry Helwig. Gene Kuhns. Russ Dahl. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Hummon, Bob Green- an, Dick Faurot, Bill Overdorff, George Stone. FOURTH PICTURE SOPHOMORES BACK ROW: Gary Tranberg, George Stipe, Ralph Jaszkowski. Bud Hanson, Adrian Swensen. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Bean. Jack Cham- berlin. Don Williams. Zane Smith, Dave Owen. BOTTOM PICTURE FRESH MEN BACK ROW: Harlon Hars, Dick Johnson, Dave Scott, Dick Sandman. Jack Bo- lender, ROW THREE: Jack Phelps. Jim Faucett, Joanne Golden. Jean Cambbell. John Prange. Mike Turnage. ROW TWO: Fritz Wolfrum, Jim Mansion, Gary Seitz. Jerry Blair, George Grandy. BOTTOM ROW: Glenn Freeman. Mac McPhai1. Monte Brammer. Arne Royce, Libert Landeraf. SCHOOL CDF .IOURNALISM Dean James L. C. Ford received a B.A. from Lawrence College in 1928, an M.A. from University of Wisconsin in 1939 and a Ph.D. from the Uni- versity of Minnesota in 1948. ROBERT F. ALKIRE, Missoula . BRUCE D. BROWN, Polson JOY L. EAST, Wallace, Idaho "iii , x SHIRLEY M. EMBODY, Conrad LEONA M. FACINCANI, Butte ELEANOR J. FISHER, Laurel LEWIS P. KEIM, Kalispell HELEN L. LENHART, Havre BETTY E. SMITH, Miles City BARBARA A. PENCE, Bozeman DAVID M. PUGH, Missoula ALLAN R. ROSE, Malta ARTHUR F. LUNDELL, Milwaukee, Wis. VIRGINIA SMITH, Billings REBA C. TURNQUIST, Ronan ROBERT C. WEBB, Billings JACK ZYGMOND, Havre 57 LEFT TO RIGHT: Olof J. Bue, Prof. Edward B. Dugon, Prof., W. L. Alcorn, Asst, Prof., Robert P. Struck- mon, Asst. Prof., Donold K. Ross, Instr. BACK ROW: Lexx Ke-Im. Art Lundvll. B111 Jones, Tcd Hvwvlt, MIDDLE ROW: Dave Pugh. Payton Moncurc, Allan Rose. Bob CIIPSITOXCI. BOTTOM ROW: Don Ross, Jim Lurcombe. NOT PICTURED: Jack Zyumoud. Bob Webb. JOUR ALISIVI FACULTY SIGMA DELTA CHI PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS: President Dove Pugh Vice-President Allen Rose Secreto ry Art LundeII Treosu rer Ted I-Iewett Faculty Adviser Don Ross 58 JOURNALISM PROFESSIONAL SORORITY OFFICERS! President Helen Lenhart Vice- President Leona Facinconi Treasurer Eleanor Fisher Secretary Betty Smith Keeper of the Archives Reba Tarnquist K 4.1 'K sense, isa.. mms was me THETA SIGMA PHI PRESS CLUB GRADUATES BACK ROW: Barbara Pence. Joan Kilburn. Winnlfred Dinn. Dorothy Reeves. Beverly Praetz, Margery Foot, BOTTOM ROW: Re-ba Turnquist. .Joy East. Virginia Smith, Helen Lenhart. Eleanor Fisher, Leona Facincani, Betty Smith. BACK ROW: T4-ri Hvwetl. Drive Pugh. Art Iinndcli. Huh Alklrc. Lew Keiin. Larry Wilkinson, FRONT ROW: Rehn Tnrnanist. Virginia Smith. I,s'ona Fztcln- cani. Ellie Fisher. Betty Smith. Joy Exist NOT PICTUHED: Charles Rnliey, Helen Lt-nlmrt, 4 4. emi A .., .Nm we SCHOOL CF LAW Dean Charles W. Leaphart has a B.A. from the University of Missouri, 1905: an M.A., 1906: a LL.B. from Harvard University, 1913, S.J.D., 1929. THOMAS M. ASK, Vananda TONI BOYLE, Billings ROBERT S. BURR, Plains ALBERT G. CHRISTENSEN, Billings GENE B. DALY, Greol' Falls CALVIN DAVIS, Missoula RAYMOND E. DOCKERY, JR., Lewistown PAUL D. HANSEN, Missoula ROBERT E. HOFF, Dallas, Texas ARNOLD HUPPERT, .!R., Livingston JAMES W. JOHNSON, Billings ROGER A. JOHNSON, Butte DANNY P. LAMBROS, Missoula ROBERT C. LETCHER, Missoula WARREN L. LITTLE, Missoula WALTER G. LUEDTKE, Wolf Point GARY N. MAVITY, Fairview WILLIAM R. MORSE, Absarokee f- "'- OTIS L. PACKVJOOD, Billings FRANCIS L. POLUTNIK, Great Falls FRANCIS V. POWERS, Plentywood JAMES R. REID, Billings HARVEY L. SCHLIEMAN, Missoula SAM SHERADSKY, Missoula 60 CHARLES E. SNYDER, Billings WILLARD P. STONG, Billings EUGENE C. TIDBALL, Casper, Wyo. ROBERT H, WILSON, Ronan PROFESSIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY BACK ROW: Jack Thomas, Bob Letclier, Ray Dockery. Warren Little. Mac Anderson. Emer- son Stickles. MIDDLE ROW: Bill Brown, Jinx Reid. Gene 'Iidba.l, Al MeAlea1',Pa1l1 Hansen, Gene I.aLondc. BOTTOM ROW: Harvey Sclilieman. Otis Pack- wood. Joe Drake. Tom Baird, Dale Forbes. NOT PICTURED: Bob Ryan, Ted Meredith. Dun Lzimbros. Bill Moulton, Carl Sinitliwlck, Harold Stanton. OFFICERS: PrLsidenifJim Reid. Vice-PreS.f Warren Little, ClerkfGene Tidball. Historianrf- Mac Andzlrson. Keeper of Fi1esfHarvi'y Schlie- man, PHI DELTA PHI LAW SCHOOL FACULTY BACK ROW: Horner Clark, Asst. Prof.: C. W. Leapriart, Dean and Prof.g J. Howard Toelle, Prof. FRONT ROW: Edwin W, Briggs, Prof. David R. Mason, Prof.g Mortimer D, Schwartz, Asst. Prof. NOT PICTURED: Carl McFarland, Prof.g J. C. Garlington, Prof.g Sherman V. Lohn, lnsfr.g Erwin L. Anzjon, lnstr.g William C. l Coldiron, Asst, Prof.: Russell ' Smith, Asst. Prof. Q We-1 PHI LPHA DELTA KANGAROO COURT KEEPS "CLEAN" BACK ROW: Jack Thomas. Jim Johnson. Dean Jellison, Daryl Engebregson, Bob Holter, Bob Wilson, Bill Burton, Jack Pinsoneault, Conde MacKay. Sam Sheradsky. Bob Burr, Oscar Donisthorpe. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Patten, Gene Huntley, Jack Davidson, Hugh Kidder, Frank Kerr, Dan Boos. Tom Ask, Roger Johnson, Arne Hunlaert, Glen Drake, Al Kostelic, Bert Pettinato. BOTTOM ROW: Don Nutter, Emmett Walsh, Bill Morse, Paul Reynolds. Don Winship. Prof. Schwartz. Prof, Clark, NOT PICTURED: Dale Johnson, Ned Sullivan, Francis Powers, Don Cole, Dexter Delaney. Harold Hanser, Harry Mehr. Bob Riley, Charles Snyder, Louis Forsell, Gene Daly. OFFICERS: Justice-Bill Morse, Vice-Justice-Paul Reynolds. TreasurervGlen Drake. Marshall-Al Kostelie, Historian-Q Jael: Plnsoneault. Under the threot of losing Aber doy the lowyers like everyone else cooperated to moke Aber doy more sensible. They cleaned up the jokes in their High Court Q little. High Court was presided over and directed by Gene Tidboll. 62 SCHOOL OF MUSIC Luther B. Richman, ne-w Dean of the Music school holds a B.S. from Northwest Missouri State Teacher's college, a B.M. and M.M. from the Cincinnati Con- servatory ot Music. He also received a D.M. from the Cincinnati Conservatory in 1937 and a Doctor of Edu- cation from the University of Cincinnati in l938. The Northwestern School of Music in Evanston, Ill., has given Dean Richman a School and Community Music diploma VIRGINIA BALKOVETZ, Twin Bridges F ELAINE G. BRAVOS, Missoula JEANNE COUTURE, Arlee CHARLES R. FLETCHER, Billings PATRICIA FRAHER, Mobridge, S. D. Qi HAROLD W. HARVEY, Englewood, Colo. ROBERT A. HOYEM, Missoula .X DONALD LANDREVILLE, Anaconda GILBERT LEIBINGER, Miles City 4 GLADYS LEWIS, Twin Bridges PAULINE L. OBERG, Twin Bridges XM ROBERT POZEGA, Butte VIRGINIA ROWE, Coeur d'Alene GORDON R. TRAVIS, Mobridge, S. D. LAWRENCE WARN, Helena KAREN WHITTET, Livingston 63 2 ff 'f .. it 4 il ' . x I i . MUSIC ACLILTY BACK ROW: Pat Fraher, Nadine Genger, Betty Rumph DeJarnette, Virginia Balkovetz, Jane Valentine. MIDDLE ROW: Arlene Werle, Stella Critelli. Carol Critelli, Jeanne Couture, Berta Huebl, Hasmlg Gedicklan, Marajean Bridenstine. BOTTOM ROW: Pauline Oberg, Marlene McKinley, Delores George, Donna Larson. NOT PICTURED: Karen Whittet. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Justin Gray, Asst. Prof., Rudolph Wendt, Assoc. Prof., Robert Sutton, Instr., Eugene Andrie, Asst. Prof., George Hurnmel, Instr., Lois D. Cole, Instr., Luther A. Richman, Prof. and Dean, Bernice B. Ramskill, Assoc. Prof., Stanley M. Teel, Prof, Florence Smith, Prof., John Lester, Prof., Lloyd Oakland, Prof., Hasrnig Gedickian, Asst. Prof., Paul Abel, Instr. MU PHI EPSILO 64 NATIONAL WOMEN'S MUSIC HONORARY OFFICERS: President Stella Critelli Vice-President Jane Valentine Secretary Donna Larson Treasurer Virginia Balkovetz Historian Carol Critelli Advisor Hasmig Gedickian NATIONAL MUSIC HONORARY OFFICERS: President Gilbert Leibinger Vice-President Ward Shanahan Secretary Richard Fletcher Treasurer Lawrence W. Wa rn Faculty Adviser J. G. Hummel Alumni Secretary Don Landreville PHI MU LPHA SINFONIA Three faculty members gave varied and unusual concerts and recitals by playing com- positions ranging from those of the old masters to modern- istic pieces using quarter tones. They are: violinist Eugene An- drie, pianist Rudolph Wendt, and cellist Robert Sutton. BACK ROW: James R. Durado, Ed K. Colby, Clair Hallock, John Marvin, Robert Hoyem, James Cole, Jack MacFarland. ROW THREE: Don Harclisty, Gordon Travis, Paul Rhonke, Larry Coloff, Jim Carrell, Jim Hansen. ROW TWO: Art Tuomi, Quentin Marino, Lowell Burgett, Richard Kaiser, Leo Musburger, LeMar Foorilly. BOTTOM ROW: J. G. Hummel. Richard Fletcher, Lawrence W. Warn, Gilbert Leibinger, Ward Shanahan, Don Landre- ville. NOT PICTURED: Miles O'Connor, Charles Stone, Monroe De- Jarnette, Harold Harvey, Don Stagg. U IVER ITY TRIO S 65 PH RMACY ACU LTY LEFT TO RIGHT: Muriel R. Loran, Asst. Prof., John F Suchy, Prof., Gordon Bryon, Asst. Prof., Trocey G. Coll Assoc. Prof., Jock E. Orr, Prof. ond Deon. V f' SCHOOL OF PH RMACY Jack E. Orr, Dean of the Phar- macy school, received his B.S. degree in Pharmacy from Purdue university in 1940 and his Ph.D. in Pharmaceu- tical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin in l943. EMERY W. BRUNETT, Missoula ROBERT T. CARKEEK, Butte WILLIAM E. COLE, Big Timber EDWIN H. DOIG, Three Forks RICHARD R. FULLER, Missoula WAYNE O. HANSON, Wolf Point HAROLD L. JOHNSON, St. Ignatius EUGENE JUROVICH, Bridger DALE B. LAVIGNE, Kellogg, ldaho Y DOINA D. PUFESCUE, Deer Lodge ALTA R. STANDIFORD, Hot Springs JACK E. WALKER, Great Falls JACK H. WELLS, Great Falls ROBERT 0. YURKO, Great Falls H... 66 PROFESSIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS: Regent Herman Schrader Vice- Regent Jack Wells Secretary Emery Brunett Treasurer Bernard Sutl iff Historian Harold Johnson K PPA PSI PH RMACEUTICA ASSOCIATIO STUDENT BRANCH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: President Emery Brunett Vice- President Robert Carkeek Sec reta ry Doina Pufescu Treasurer William Cole BACK ROW: Marvin Levy, Emery Birunett, Herman Schrader, Robert Weimer. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Fuller, Jack Wells, William Cole, Walter Helm BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Jack Orr, Dale Lavigne, Robert Carkeek, Dr. John F. Suchy. NOT PICTURED: Bernard Sutllff, Harold Johnson. BACK ROW: Dale Lavigne, Herb Stelling, Jack Wells, Richard Fuller, Rudy Stoll, Wayne Hanson, Don Elllston. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Weimer, Marvin Levy, Norman Schrader, Gene Jurovich, Edwin Dolg, Desmond Twohy. BOTTOM ROW: Prof. T. G. Call, Emery Brunett. Robert Carkeek, William Cole, Alta Standlford, Dr. John F. Suchy. me 1 me i,,?,,: 'Ml 512: 3 at DIVISIO CDF BIOLOGICAL SCIENC Chairman, Doctor J. W. Severy in l9l5 re- ceived a B.A. from Oberlin college, in l926 an M.S. from Washington university and in l93l a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. EDWIN B. COLEMAN, Missoula g g D - " ' Bacteriology and Hygiene . 8 ml NONA v. oAl-lL, Block Eagle QYJ Gi ..,, ' Bacteriology and Hygiene V -3 .-I L- 1f:" MOLLIE ILER, Missoula 0 331- ' 'Z it" A::.V Z Zlqlvv J "'.. Bacteriology and Hygiene ' "i' " i"' ,:,V,' JOHN w. JUTILA, Mullen, ldqllo Z if it Bacteriology and Hygiene q RICHARD G. RAYMOND, Missoula IAI -f AT.: A Bacteriology and Hygiene . if. FRANCIS C. POWER, Plentywood YQ-Jil 2 ":'.A j J 753 , Bacteriology and Hygiene zz. l S ' ' -i-" A .- l.ols BAKER, Term lm "., I .Z 6- .lg Pre-medical L ,SQ ""v A l.oYAL E. CARLSON, Great Falls 5 ' "" X Pre-medical ROBERT E. MAMMEN, Billings . sax .fl - 'K 1 3- 6 . . .V ,. ,l Pre-medical JEROME G. MURPHY, Missoula Pre-medical ELTON W. BETHKE, Butte Wildlife DANIEL G. BLOCK, Trailcreek Wildlife ROBERT W. GABRIEL, Box Elder Wildlife CECIL W. GILMORE, Lewistown Wildlife 1 1 'I I .ml Pi Q .fy 5 'Q 15 in "" HOWARD S. SEARS, Great Falls Wildlife RAE A. JOURDONAIS, Great Falls Zoology WARD A. SHANAHAN, Miles City Zoology 68 NATIONAL BIOLOGICAL HONORARY BACK ROW: Dr Robert Cutler Lechleitner. BOTTOM ROW: berg, Richard NOT PICTURED SOCIETY R. A. Diettert, Howard Scott, Dr. L. G. Browman, Robert Mabel Hackett, Richard Sol- Bjorklund, Marjorie Holden. Lois Jean Baker. OFFICER: President-Richard Solberg, Vice- Pres.-Richord Bjorklund, Secretary-Treos- urer-Marjorie Holden. ACTERIOLOGY LUB BACK ROW: Ed Coleman, Francis Power, Victor Vilk, John Jutila, Richord Raymond. BOTTOM ROW: Nona Dahl. Lois Jean Baker, Mollie ller, ZOOLOGY FACU LTY BOTANY AND BACTERIOI-OGY FACULTY BACK ROW: Royal B. Branson, Assf. Prof., Phillip L. BACK ROW: D. M. Hetler, Prof. and Chr., M. Holden, Wright, Prof., Gordon B. Castle, Prof., George F Grad. Asst., E. E. Jeffers, Asst. Prof., J. Kramer, Weisel, Asst. Prof., John A. Chapman, Instr. ASSOC- Prof-I J' W- S9'V9'Yf Pfof- Und Chr- FRONT ROW: Ludwig G. Browman, Prof. and Chr., Mr. FRONT ROW: M. Chessin, Instr., R. A. Diettert, Prof., Craighead, Robert R. Lechleitner, Gr. Asst., Richard C. W. Fischel, Grad. Asst., L. H. Harvey, Asst. Prof. G. Biorklund, Gr. Asst. .fi 'W A 69 I ' RosER'r M. AR'rz cue sank fl I N DONNA M. BAR, Colstrip 'I If JACK W. COPPEDGE, Polson DON GERLINGER, chicago, ln. BERYL A. HANDFORD, Kalispell STEVE HUCKO, Missoula GORDON JONES, Butte JAMES R. McNANEY, Miles City ll - CLARA M. MATTSON, Missoula MATT c. MATTSON, Missoula JIM W MURRAY Anaconda W MARIAN NELSON, Spokane, Wash. RUTH L. REIQUAM, Choteau WILLA J. ROSEAN, Columbus Jim E. Wilson, Laurel PATRICIA E. WORDAL, Missoula PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY BACK ROW: Robert M. Os- wald, Instr., George W. Cross, Instr., Charles F. Hertler, Assoc. Prof., Vincent Wilson, Asst. Prof. FRONT ROW: Deanne Thors- rud, Instr., Margaret D. Ask, Asst., Agnes L. Stoodley, Assoc. Prof., Jane Dew, Asst. Prof. 70 ss, i NATIONAL PHYSICAL EDUCATION HON0-RARY OFFICERS: President Don Gerlinger Vice-President Chories Streit Secreto ry Bill Shreeve Treasurer Bob Artz PHI EPSILO KAPP PEMM CLUB WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR AND MINORS ORGANIZATION OFFICERS1 President Jory Nelsen Vice-President JoAnn Abbott Secretory Morvis Corin Treasurer Lynn Hughes BACK ROW: Kim Nelson. Jack Scott, Matt Mattson, Bob Artz, Fay Buck. BOTTOM ROW: Charles Hertler, Bill Shreeve, Charles Streit. NOT PICTURED: Don Gerlinger, Jack Daniels, Neil Eliason, Keith Bradshaw. Jim McNaney. BACK ROW: Marian Nelson, Beryl Handford, Jane Law, Stella Boucher, Cynthia Bryson, Darlene Speck. MIDDLE ROW: Willa Rosean. Ruth Reiquam, Pat WOYCIRI, Faith Krieder, Donna Bar, Arlene Holland, BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Hughes, Jary Nelsen, Marvis Corin. DALE BARDE, Butte Psychology and Philosophy BETTY E. BELL, Missoula Psychology and Philosophy BETSEY BINET, Missoula Psychology and Philosophy GILBERT G. CARUSO, Livingston Psychology and Philosophy RODGER E. HAGEMAN, Billings Psychology and Philosophy HENRY L. HENLINE, Mankato, Minn. Psychology and Philosophy JERRY M. MURPHY, Great Falls Sociology and Anthropology BARBARA SCHUNK, Billings Psychology and Philosophy TED H. STUMP, Livingston Psychology and Philosophy DENNIS D. SWIFT, Madison, Wis. Psychology and Philosophy GEORGE W. SWORDS, Billings Psychology and Philosophy THOMAS H. WICKES, Missoula Psychology ond Philosophy PSYCHOLCGY AND PHILCDSOPHY yon DeGreen, E. G Kellner, Instr, Bert R Soppenfield, Assoc Prof., E. A. Atkinson mit Severson, Instr., E L. Morvin, Prof. Frederick R. Fosmire Instr., F. L. Brissey Instr. 72 LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken- Prof. and Chr., Ker- 1 I DIVISIO F HUMANITIES Chairman, Dr. Harold G. Merriam, received a B.A. from the University of Wyoming in 1905, o B.A. from Oxford University, England, in 1907, on M.A. from Oxford in 1912, and a Ph.D. from Columbia university in 1939. English RALPH W. BACKA, Great Falls English HANS R. HANSEN, Missoula HELEN W. HAYES, Missoula H English Ebl ""' 1 BEVERLY J. HENNE, Butte -.:." Q "i"'- ' English ' 9 M 1 DOREEN MAGAZIAN, Athens, Greece English DONNA E. POLK, Williston, N. D. -....V E'l9liSl1 ,..:"' l '.,'i f THOMAS J. ROBERTS, Butte -:, --,E- English . . ,.,,- E . DOROTHY L. ROSS, Modesto, Calif. English GAY STIVERS, anne ' English -'-1 3 ROXANA M. WARREN, Missoula ,." - English M MARY L. McCALLlE, Billings .EQI Speech JOY A. NEEDHAM, Lewistown Speech THOMAS E. KILPATRICK Laurel FACULTY: TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edmund L. Freeman, Prof.: Rufus Drama A. Coleman. Prof.: Agnes V. Boner. Instr.: Walter L. Brown, Asst. MARY M. MAUER Llbby Pf0fA1 Mary B. Clapp, Asst. P1-of.g Nan C. Carpenter, Asst. Prof. Drama BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Henry V. Larom, Instr.: Bernard Her- ringman, Instr.g Vedder Gilbert, Asst. Prof.: David W. Weiss, Instr.: Ralph Y. McGinnis, Assoc. Prof.: Herbert Carson, Asst. Prof. -w ID . Z M v . 4 . :'1': f I if i .-1 ' -' . , '5 - ... iii , , . . -V Mm- . . .. .,., ,P si .M gg.. . l ui' RJR' '45 Q mx 3 W? KATHERINE J. HETLER, Missoula Modern Language JANECE A. JOHNSON, Drummond Modern Language ROBERT C. NOE, Bozeman Modern Language MARGARET U. STANICH. Butte Modern Language ANNETTE WYLIE, Missoula Modern Language GRACE M. CAMERON, Fine Arts Missoula DELYNN C. COLVERT, Missoula Fine Arts MARILYN M. ERB, Billings Fine Arts JERRY J. HUHN, Calgary, Alberta Fine Arts ESTELLE M. McFARLAND, Missoula Fine Arts BARBARA L. RYAN, Victor Fine Arts MODERN AND CLASSICAL LANGUAGE FACULTY BACK ROW: Theodore Shoe- maker, Asst. Prof., Thora Sorenson, Assoc. Prof., Mar- guerite l-l. Ephron, Asst. Prof., Rudolph O. Hoffman, Prof. FRONT ROW: L. Leland Dur- kee, Asst. Prof., Robert M. Burgess, Asst. Prof., Paul A. Bischoff, Prof. NOT PICTURED: Ruby Mont- gomery. FINE ARTS FACULTY AT RIGHT TOP' Aden F. Ar- nold, Prof. and Chr. AT RIGHT BOTTOM: James L. Dew, Asst. Prof. BACK ROW: Dean Jellison, Don Cameron, Jim Reid, Don Cole, I I Jim Johnson FRONT ROW: Cathy Doherty. Ray Dockery. Roxana Warren, Ralph Y. McGinnis, Teresa Lowney. FORENSIC HONORARY ' OFFICERS: President Ray Dockery Vice-President Jim Johnson Sec-Treas. Roxana Warren Advisor Prof. Ralph Y. McGinnis DIVISIO F PHYSICAL SCIENC S Chairman, Dr. G. D. Shallenberger has a B.S. from Oklahoma A fr M college, a B.S. and M.S. from Tulane university of Louisiana, and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, 1923. ETHEL L. SCHIAVON, Boulder Chemistry JEAN'NE M. SHREEVE, Milltown Chemistry LIV A. STEEN, Oslo, Norway Chemistry SCOTT A. CUNNINGHAM, Somers A Ge-ology . Q II:- DYAS KEIHE, Anaconcla Geology ' - M ig? LYLE M. LEISCHNER, Miles City ,.,.,, M W, Geology "" " Q WILLIAM G. MELTON, Lewistown "'. . yqi' ' Geo log Y fs.. ..,.'y .. . Q, '- Z: A SQ g CLAERENCE w. ROWLEY, Ekalaka I if '1'f1f 1 'f-- I ' . ii , I' Geooq' i I' 1.. I -1.,: Ai ifoffiisv RICHARD H. WlTTlNG, Cleveland, Ohio go Q Geology ,f " JOHN W. WOODCOCK, Helena Q.. :EZQ .,.,. Q' Geology ,liib , . Al bb., x . bbql Al., , Q BARBARA H. BRENNAN, Washington, D. c. Vis., . .,::,V Home Economics ZZ' "': MARLENE A. CARRIG, Butte "': 'I 1 Home Economics lf" Sing - PATRICIA A. FERGUSON, Missoula X .. Home Economics ' -if-1 ' GLADYS M. HARRIS, Polson ..I--- , H Home Economics 3 Ei' ' .fun 3' ETHEL J. HENDERSON, Ryegate .- ' so, . Home Economics is bzlv '.'::: X "" Qlll I b":-: 1 MABEL c. HOCKETT, Missoula 'E :i" ' ...... 2 Home Economics CAROLINE .J. HONEY, Missoula A . ..:.. Home Economics y " JEANETTE M. Kei-INE, Kellogg, Idoho " 5, Home Economics Q RUTH M. KINNEY, Great Falls Il ' . u i.- Home Economics " ,F MARILYN A. KINTNER, Missoula ' "Z'- - Home Economics SUSAN L. KUEHN, Helena ii'i' Home Economics ..A. - MARILYN A. NICHOL, Billings I Home Economics JOAN W. SANFORD, Deer Lodge Home Economics Ri A I, i f .,... A V A -:'E "::".,4Q VERNE G- FAUQUEI Oil'-w-If ,.... I Mathematics . if 75 ' lf 1' 1 JOANN GUNDSTROM Butte 'f Mathematics I RACHEL A. KINNEY, Gre-at Falls mg, ag, mo Q., . Mathematics AUDREY J. LINSCHEID, Viad W Q' ' " , Mathematics PATRICIA P. LOVELY, Livingston A? 5 Mathematics F X .. I' I :'3':-.,:, HOLLIS V. McCREA, Anaconda 'I ilb Mathematics Q mi We 4 RICHARD D. REMINGTON, Kalispell A P if Mathematics ' f DONALD J. scHArr, waikefvnle R Q i .- A -72, Mathematics Mem.: LIEN, Peerless physics SIGM GAMM EPSILO NATIONAL GEOLOGICAL HONO'RARY BACK ROW: Keith Dyas, Scott Cunning- ham, Albert Glockzin, William Melton, Richard Witting. Robert Fischer. MIDDLE ROW: Sid Groif, Fred Honkala, Charles Roat, Thomas Pullen, Delano Lund. BOTTOM ROW: Clancy imascoti. NOT PICTURED: Jack Yurko. Edward Weber, Gil Hornung, Myron Leischner, Robert McGuire. OFFICERS: President--Charles Roat, Vice- Pres.-Tom Pullen, Sec.-Treas.-Delano Lund, Corresponding Sec.-Sid Groff, Advisor-Fred Honkala.. PI MU EPSILO MATHEMATICS HONORARY BACK ROW: Jim Ford, Albert Gilman. Ted Mueller, Arthur Davis, Thomas Bray. ROW THREE: Verne Fauque, Robert De- Zur, Ben Kramer, Hollis McCrea. ROW TWO: Ilen Egger, Jerry Holland. Andrey Iinscheid, JoAnn Grundstrom. Patricia Lovely, Rachel Kinney. GENRE Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: George Craft, Robert Pozega, Larry Hunter, Maynard Steven- son, Prof. William Myers. NOT PICTURED: Dean A. S. Merrill, Prof. H. Chatland, Prof. T. G. Ostrom, Prof. G. Marsaglia, Joyce Pikula. OFFICERS: Director-Larry Hunter, Vice- Director4Maynard Stevenson, Secretary e-Robert Pozega. 1 z fi 7? 'I I I Q 2 ,gm 5 PHYSICAL SCIENCE FACULTY BACK ROW: Gordon Shuck. Asst. Prof. Chem.: J W. Howard, Prof. Chem.: J. M. Stewart, Assoc. Prof. Chem.: George A. Craft, Instr. Math.: T. G. Ostrom, Assoc. Prof. Math.: Albert Glockzin. Instr, Geol.: Earl G. Lory. Prof. Chem.: George Marsaglia, Asst. Prof. Math.: Richard E. Juday. Asst. Prof. Chem: Archer S. Taylor, Scientific Tech, Phys.cs: Fred Honkala, Asst. Prof. Geol.: William M. Myers, Asst. Prof. Math. FRONT ROW: Leland Yates. Instr. Chem.: Kenneth McLaughlin. Assoc. Prof. and Chr. Geal.. Harold Chatland. Prof. and Chr. Math: G. D. Shallenberuer. Prof. and Chr. Physics: R. H. Jesse. Prof. and Chr. Chem.: Rulon Jeppesen, Prof. Physics: Irving Bockelheide. Asst. Prof. Physics. HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY BACK ROW: Eleanor Gleason. Prof. and Chr.: Sylvia Stanley. Head Teacher of Nursery School, FRONT ROW: Laverne Olsen, Instr.: Anne C. Platt, Prof.: Marcia McCarthy. dietition for residence halls. NOT PICTURED: Jessica H, Krier. Instr. HOMARTS LUB HOME ECONOMICS MAJORS AND MINORS CLUB BACK ROW: Gladys Harris. Mary Burns, Pat Thomas. Cynthia Bryson MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Dallinv., P nn Francis. Marian Nelson. Phyllis Swan- son. Betty Barbee. BOTTOM ROW: Edith Herbert. Sue Vxiley. Sue Kuchn. Davis Watson. if 4- 'rt aegis Ctr l '59 aa, Q7 'fo-0' Chairman, Dr. Earll J. Miller, re- ceived a B.A. from the University of Kansas in 1910, a LL.B. in 1912. In 1914 he received an M.A. from the University of Illinois and in 1917 a Ph.D. from the same university. NEAL J. BLUSH, Whitefish , H isto ry Y i' History gt' A 1 W History History DIVISIG CDF SOCIAL SCIENCE wi ., CHARLES BCEDECKER, Missoula J A BILLIE J. LOCKWOOD, Poison JAMES A. STENDER, Missoula " "L"""' Z. CARL M. WESTBY, JR., Culbertson -- .. History Q GERALD 'r. BRITTON, Great Falls W A 1 History RAYMOND c. FELDT, Missoula .ass--0 . Economics 1 ROBERT B. FRASER, Billings 'P I 4 1 Economics 15-I an V it-ss A3 A A if ,X LOREN L. LAIRD, Miles City , .f I Economics Y 1 RODNEY C. NEWHOUSE, Shelby l Q 4 W X I A M, Economics A . ""i: 5 7, 5 In I X CARL F. WOHLGENANT, JR., Missoula N is Q I A Economics sq? I ' VIQIZI , PETER ls. BRAZIER, Helena Eiga? I . is Sociology and Anthropology ' "-- 2 i- l f 78 HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE FACULTY BACK ROW: Eugene K. Chornberloin, Asst. Prof., Pobcrt T. Turner, Assoc. Prof., Thornos Payne, Asst. Prof., Jules A. Korlin, Asst. Prof., E. E. Bennett, Prof., Mrs. Coros, Secretory. FRONT ROW: Eorll J. Miller, Prof. ond Chr., Oscor J. l-lonwmen, Assoc. Prof., Dove Smith, Instr., Melvin C. Wren, Prof., Poul C. Phillips, Prof. RICHARD G. CANNON, Butte Sociology and Anthropology KATHRYN A. COTTER, Helena Sociology and Anthropology GRACE I. DONISTHORPE, Lewistown Sociology and Anthropology GERALD M. EDMONDS, Great Falls Sociology and Anthropology GEORGIE A. FABERT, Missoula Sociology and Anthropology JOHN J. HOFFMAN, Great Falls Sociology and Anthropology BRUCE G. MILNE, Missoula Sociology and Anthropology EUGENE R. PFROMMER, Lafayette, Ind. Sociology and Anthropology RITA A. STEINBRINK, Columbus Sociology and Anthropology STEPHEN L. TANNER, Pacoima, Calif. Sociology and Anthropology GAY L. VANNOY, Billings Sociology and Anthropology PATRICIA M. WALKER, Scobey Sociology and Anthropology PATRICIA M. LOWNEY, Hot Springs Social Work MARY J. TASCHER, Missoula Social Work SOCIOLOGY HONORARY OFFICERS: President Neal Clement Vice-President Robert Fraser Sec.-Tre-ns. Roy J. W. Ely RICHARD L. VARNER, Stanford Social Work CARYL WICKES, Missoula Social Work PI G MMA MU 'J .,. . I ...,, H X lf 'A a ik it w it if? 6:5 E. -. my M ., - .,., . ,gg Q'o' . . 5- it 3 ai T 5 S S3 f i -. N 3 'Ei - l ' ' H.. 1 e . ig 5. ' . S' - -I G1 ififf i 'ili' ?'5'7'x' gg I' .- -'o:' ' A ."' A I . . X "' ' ffl . ,MG53'tEf . " - " ----- - :wt-1-' ga? iw: -: '92 1. A 5 1 it , gas xg - . Kiwi: --'- l is BACK ROW: Neal Clement, Herbert R. Kroeker, Vernon C. Vogt, Reuben C. Miller, Roy J. W. Ely. MIDDLE ROW: Robert B, Fraser, John W. Swackhamer, Wil- liam Brockley, Eugene Pfrommer. BOTTOM ROW: Thomas Hunt. Harold Tascher, Carl Wohl- genant. Loren Laird. Patricia Walker. NOT PICTURED: W. Gordon Browder. Robert J. Dwyer, John A, Harris. Mrs, Jean L. Pattie. Robert T. Turner, Roxana Warren. Melvin C, Wren, Janice Ludwig. Thomas A. Wickes, Jr., Rita Steinbrink. 79 NATIONAL HISTORY HONORARY OFFICERS: President Larry Hill Vice President Jack Belland Sec.-Treas. Annette Wylie Historian Judy McCullough Advisor Dr. Eugene Chamberlain PHI ECONOMICS FACULTY John W. Swackhamer, Asst Prof.j Herbert R, Kroeker Asst. Prof.g Vernon C. Vogt, lnstr.g Roy J. W. Ely, Prof and Chr. ......AMs.. LPH THET SOCIAL WORK FACULTY Harold Toscher, Assoc, Prof., John A. Harris, Assoc. Prof. SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY FACULTY Eugene Pfromrner, Gr. Asst.j Robert J. Dwyer, lnstr.j Gor- don W. Browder, Prof. and Chr.g Carling l. Malouf, Asst. Prof. BACK ROW: Donna Fleshman, Mary Joan Tascher, Roxana Warren, Dr. D. J. Hammen, Mr. D. W. Smith, Arthur High- tower, Mrs. E. M. Brldenstine, Catherine Doherty, Margery Foot, Dr. Paul C. Phillips, MIDDLE ROW: Thomas Kendley. Frank Boedecker, Marshall Murray, Don Cameron, Tom R. VanMeLer, Louis Cunning- ham, Paul Hansen. Dr. E. E. Bennett, Thomas Lindeman, Thomas Hunt. BOTTOM ROW-Dr. Eugene Chamberlin, Larry Hill, Jack Bel- land, Annette Wylie, Judy McCullough I! Qx . i' ' ' Maj. Charles G. Ray SFC Ferdinand W, Riggle M. Sgt. John N. Southern GROLI D ROTC P' ,fer M. Sgt. Frank Baker SFC Robert E. Shipley NOT PICTURED: GROUND ROTC -Capt. Phil R. Garn, Lt. Robert W, lngeberg, SFC Grady E. Prince. SFC Bern Chadwick, AIR ROTCf Maj. Edwin C. Frost, M. Sgt. J Charles May, M. Sgt. John W. If M- Budinci. AIR ROTC ERCIL D. PORTER, Professor of Mili- tary Science cnd Tactics retired this year as head of the Military Depart- ment, Lt. C. V. McCauley Maj. George H. Koehler Maj. Donald W. Painter Maj, Sandford G. Price Capt, George T. Zeigler M. Sgt. Richard G. M. Sgt. Morris W. M. Sgt. John M. Barns T. Sgt. William S. Feder T. Sgt. Charles Leonard Porter Anderson S l BACK ROW: H. H. DeMe1's, J. R. Oliver. C. E. Hallock, Max Larson, J. E. Carrell, R. M. Grotte, W: L, Reed, C. A. Malcolm. MIDDLE ROW: J H. Walker, T. E, Nelson, C. E. Robbin. C. R. Gerstenbcrgor, G. L. Ormesher. P. D. Reinier, BOTTOM ROW: E. P, Wadsworth. Lt, E. F. Walters. Lt. W. H. Dankers, Capt. G. C. Guettler, Lt. N. B. McCurdy. P, F Paul, Faculty Drill Set, Robert E. Shipley, 1st Lt. Robert W. Engbere. NOT PICTURED: Lt. R. J. Jasken, R. P. Richards, H, E. Richlie. R, Roda, Lt. G. P. Reese. BACK ROW1 Mary Ellen Erickson, Betty Rucker, Alice Pledge, Jeanne Hays, Paula Dybdall. Joan Bielenbcrg, Roberta Atkinson, Donna Goodmansen. Carolyn Porter. Carol Ancerson, Dorothy Lazarus, Shirley Donovan. Janet Bailey. ROW THREE: Rosie Aker. Lynn Jellneck. Janet Dambly. DiAnn Stephens, Elaine Anderson. Delores Giulbault, Kay Nordby. AHFIHINIIIQ Koxatch, Adrienne Borchers, Georeiana Coimedtre. Virginia VanHorne. Shirley Snehn. ROW TWO: Beverly Epne. Jeanne Webber, Joan Bachman, Helen Peterson, Wohlgenant, Valerie Gilman, Joan LaDuke. Rosalyn Pfeifer, Glenda Zimmerman. Marie Austin, Sally Smith. Kay FRONT ROW: Mary Ken Patterson, Marcia Oechsli, Eileen Polk, Sue Travis, Phyllis Treweek. NOT PICTURED: Wilma Paulson. PERSHI G RIFLE NATIONAL MILITARY HONORARY OFFICERS: Coptoiri, G. C. Guettler, Lt. N. B. McCurdyg Lt, W. l'l Dorikersg Faculty Advisors: Lt. E. F, Wolters, Ist Lt. Rober W. Erigbergg S.F.C. Robert E. Shipley. R.O.T.C. SPONSOR CORPS WOMEN'S MILITARY SERVICE HONORARY OFFICERS: Co-ed Colonel, Eileen Polk, Secretory, Nlorcio Oechsli Treasurer, Sue Trovisg Sociol Choirmon, Phyllis Treweek. AR OLD AIR SOCIETY zmiaa sQuAoRoN OFFICERS: Commanding Officer, Jerry Tucker, Executive Officer, Bob Abbott, Operations Officer, Bill Black, Adjutant Recorder, Fred Bauman, Finance Officer, Ben Craig. SCABB RD S BLADE ADVANCED ROTC STUDENTS HONORARY OFFICERS: President, Wesley R. Dirlg Vice Pres., Henry Loskie- wicz, Secretary, Ray Mclnturff, Treasurer, John Blair, Adviser Major Charles Ray, BACK ROW: Doug Beighle, Bob Peden. Bill Stong, Everet Smith, Bob Abbott, Jerry Tucker, Maj. Price. Bill Black, Ben Craig, Fred Bauman. Stan Thompson, MIDDLE ROW: Chuck Teague, Roy Hackett, Bob Hoff. Jack Buckingham, Matt Mattson, Bob Burke, Howard Bryan, Bill Shreeve, Eldon Chelgren, Don White. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Pozeiza. Dave Crossman, Tom Tidyman. Bob Williams, Lee Williams, Delano Lund, Peder Hoiness. Marvin Hobbs. BACK ROW: George Paul, William Dankers, Prosper Paul. Byron Lahr, Neal McCurdY. John Larson, Quentin Marino. Larry Martinez, Dick Farout. MIDDLE ROW: Gerald Guettler, Clarence Albertson, Dick Joy, Wayne Mytty, Sl-:ulason Moe, Lionel Bogut, Jack Yarnall, Donald Hardisty. BOTTOM ROW: Major Charles G. Ray, Wesley R. Dirl, Henry Laskiewicz, John Blair, Ray Mclnturff. M ne- fr Aw BACK ROW: Joseph Lesar, Edward Weber, and Enrique Skibsted. MIDDLE ROW: Doreen Magazian, Liv Steen, and Maria Scarpatti. FRONT ROW: Kathleen Pigott, Colette Joly, Claudie Francois, and Magda Brueggemann. FOREIGN STUDENTS While MSU strives to keep Montana students in Montana, many people from all over the world carry on their studies through scholarships and independently on MSU campus. Pictured above are ten of these students who participated in MSU's edu- cational program during l952-53. Joseph, from Breze, Yugoslavia also attended school in Psi, pharmacy honorary organization, Edward, the only married student of the ten, came to Great Falls. A pharmacy graduate this year, he was a member of Kappa MSU from Tuguegaro, Philippine Islands. l'le graduated from here in modern languages and is naw becoming a U. S. citizen, Enrique helped his father manage a cattle ranch in Cordoba, Argentina, before he came to Montana. Majoring in forestry, he will take- his newly-learned methods and ideas back to South America Doreen, an English major from Athens, Greece, will be remembered for her outstanding stories published in Venture. Liv, a chemistry major from Oslo, Norway, was also a member of the MSU women's Maria, Lima, Peru, majored in business administration. th roug hout the yea r. Kathleen from Antigua, British West Indies, majored native country to practice. Colette from Dyon, France, served a quarter as an a scholarship to further this work at UCLA next year Claudie, another French girl from Niece, was an English will enable her to remain in the states another year. ski team. l-ler bright smile at the cash register greeted coke store patrons in pre-med. Her ambition is to become a doctor, and return to her assistant teacher in the modern language department, She received after receiving both her B.A. and M.A. from MSU. major at MSU. She received a scholarship from Cleveland, Ohio, which Magda, Mexico City, Mexico, is completing her degree by correspondence. Although majoring in business administration, she assisted in the Dhysical education department. Magda, an Olympic swimmer, was both star and co-director of the i953 aauamaid pageant, 8-i 1.2 -4 L. iff. . v -, 14, . J, 24 , ...EE . . Q , . ' .2 . G ,,., L Y 5 .f .ww M , . t f V 1 , bf 'ii we 'H v 44 6 + " QW jf . if g we Tr, X JoAnn Abbott Douglas L. Anderson Norman D. Anderson Carol J. Andreasen Clifton E. Bailey Boyd F. Baldwin - Elizabeth Barbee Roy V. Barkley Daniel P. Bartsch Robert D. Beach Douglas P. Beighle Lionel Bogut George D. Boifeuillet Charlotte Boyer Larry H. Brown Leone Brown Howard Bryan Robert W. Buchanan Alice Ann Buls James Burke 255 'V il Tv? +2 ew as ., M., Wh s 1 Q W M Q 1. is i , r i F if' Q 1 .5 3 ff 'f f :- - ti? E ..,V.. -,. , ., . ' ' 'V i in f 5' 1 . ll ll i n Q Q ,J sics f ig, " 5 il li l: Zz' v.--V-I J -::: H 1' K Lk lg A ,. gg E -v-, A P.-I SQ K U Z!! j A , , 1,, ii . 5 i qnzn 2.51. f M3 .. ROW ONE Robert F. Burke Harry A. Burnell Lucy L. Butcher Anna J. Caldwell Kathryn J. Cardinale Frederick G. Carl Marieanne Carrol Emily A. Chesmore "Santa" P e d e r Hoiness "Claus" being jolly with two prodigies ot the Sigma Chi "Kiddie Party." The little ones apprehend 0 possible present. 86 .r-' Q gi Q' f ' ., ROW TWO ROW THREE Robert Chesnover Donald G. Clark Lawrence N. Colotf Gerald J. Comba Charles Leon Conner Gordon R. Corin Marvis E. Corin Rosemary Cosens ROW FOUR William H. Demmons Daniel L. Dennis Gwen A. Dickson Winifred M. Dinn Lawrence W. Doggett Catherine Doherty Myrna J. Dolven John R. Doohan Carol G. Coughlin Margery J. Crockett Dwight Croghan Beecher Cushman Harry Cusker J. Russell Dahl Darlene J. Dahlman Samue-I E. Davis ROW FIVE Billie Durham James W. Eakland Donald J. Echelard llen Egger Neil Eliason Donald N. Elliston Donald O. Enebo Edwin D. Erickson 1 .,,. ' ,,,. , ..,,., K R x Q it ,.. ,V ,Qi A. V, W . ws Ill... A - A :51+1 ii' : . we L ' , i l R ' A -v': "'-:'I .Egg,..!iEg.:f2.. -, 'I l 1-' " "IA 'A,',-- QE: -' I "'5 wil: T - .fe :-:- .ya In ,. l g.-I -. A Q? ' if - :f- A 35511 is A is iii? . ' -,-: E .,.,..,.: l . . :-lA. . .l l '::-'---,' K , in A ,.,. .,.. ...,. , I. :... g 55: 5 , y y y pgyyyy y ... X4 J g A M errr e ...J J -. A " ak., 1'22 ..Q- ..V-f,.: ie s . A:.'V u ' -Q ' " "F ' 1' A-'fE2.:fff :' -. ' -,., -FT' H251 1 4, ' , 5 ' "" yi 1 Q ii? 1 if 1 X .. .X :Q 2.5. :-, .EF -, it -:-. x EIIA :ll WY... k -,E-:fa-.1 fy W -54-- I- i- '-,-' i1-ij: ,lzl L Q In V 152445 ' .,,A A 'X we K in 35 2 1 Kai. X,. . if :' :3 ' :" Q ,'g.,..,:. ,..2 -, fr-V Ba. ROW ONE Jack A. Fahey Charles L. Farrand Richard A. Faurot Ronald F. Faust Margery J. Foot Marilyn Foster Anne V. Fowler Frank Fowler ROW FOUR John Hautxinger Helen R. Hayton Bernard Helgeson Joanne He-lmer Lawrence L. Helwig Edith M. Herbert Ralph E. Hershberger Wayne Hiett 2 30" .1:f:, t V 'W ...2' Ss ROW TWO Ann Francis Claudie Z. Francois Gary Gallagher , mb X . ROW THREE Donna M. Hafdahl Frances L. Hagan Marlene M. Hanlon Laura Ann Gavin Sterling Groeter Harry W. Griffiths Gerald C. Guettle-r Frank T. Hackett ROW FIVE Gary H. Hines Marvin L. Hobbs M. Peder Hoiness Jerry C. Holland V. Diane Hollingsworth Edward A. Horst Bruce R. Howe Emmet E. Haynes Philip C. Hanson Donald Hardisty Donna E. Hares George V. Harpole Edward D. Hart Sponges flew ond stopped in mid-cir os the photograph- er cought the oh- guish of premohi- tion on the faces of Thelos Tino Stohr ond Shirley Spehn at the Mardi Gros. 87 ,,:-. ' A,V. E .-.- iz ...,. g W J Y 363 Qi' v,....,V W .:5:,,:::5e5i" " Y if me 'ie an? X . ROW ONE Kathryn Hudson Robert W. Hudson L. Lynn Hughes William 0. Hummon Robert N. Hunter John F. lwen James G. Jackson Richard D. Jaraczeski Indians and air in- signas were skill- fully drawn by Lowell Maxwell, Don Vv'l1ite, and Bill Black as dec- orations for the military ball. S8 G- ' . : Ir.' 1 ' if if W W J 13' , J , ll ROW TWO ROW THREE Robert Jasken Joy Judkins Beverly Johnson Richard E. Kaiser Durwood Johnson Jerry A. Kasala Natalie C. Johnson Kenette Kenison Matilda Johnston Joan M. Kilburn Bette D. Jones William E. Jones Charles Joy ROW FOUR Vincent F. Kovacich Benjamin Krammer Thomas A. Krohn Gene L. Kuhns Byron J. Lohr Donna H. Larson John D. Larson Shirley A. Leffler Robert L. Kirk Robert F. Klant Patricia ROW Fl Fred L. Yvonne Koob VE Lehman Lenmark Robert J. Lerum David A. Leuthold Richard Thomas Kathryn Ruby P. G. Lillie H. Linde-man B. Lindseth Lindstrom 'A ROW ONE Sheilia Lowney Edward F. Lucotch Delano G. Lund Mora C. MacKinnon Thomas Main Sue C. Mann Martha A. Mannen Quentin M. Marino ROW FOUR Janice Nelson Kim J. Nelson Mary J. Nelsen Ruth Neptune Richard H. Neubauer Stanley L. Newbury Jack S. Newman Lucille Nichols ROW TWO Hildegarde E. Marks John Marvin Marie Mastorovich Royce L. Mathews George E. McCommon Marilyn McConnell Richard A. McMeekin Judy B. McCullough ROW FIVE Angelina Oberto Thomas L. O'Brien Miles H. O'Conner Marcia Oechsli Normand Olson Ronald G. Osterholrn Joan Paddington Shirley M. Pahrman ROW THREE Laurel Merritt Donald M. Miller Geraldine Mitchell Skulason Moe Robert J. Moore Betty L. Mullen Marshall Murray Leo Neiffer After iust having consumed one of Walter O'DonneIl's dishes of "Neo tune's Noodles, Richard H. Fret heirn, Bill Jefferson :I n d unidentified ones ore in o stote of indecision while :z bystonder looks for the door. 89 1 S .Y . J 5 X an . 1' ' ,. . ,, . l v t A 'M si ROW ONE Mary Ken Patterson Judith A. Patton George P. Paul Prosper F. Paul Laurelyn S. Paulson Robert G. Pedzn Connie Peek Joyce M. Pikkula High atop the New Hall float Homecoming queen Kay Hudson leads a pa- rcde of female collegians through Missoula streets. Lexie Shellebarger, Carol Dax, Marianne Benson, and Nancy Norman clus- ter around her and gather admiring glances from the townspeople, 90 i cllz .lli Ai L I Us -I-5 '1:Z,::.z , M.. r it ii an J K N "5 -5'i"j:.A:.' J ,lilg IQIQ Z ' V ' F if A "1i:': ROW TWO ROW THREE Allan L. Porter John V. Potter Robert E. Potter Beverly H. Proetz Marilyn M. Prideaux James L. Prosser Louise Ralston Robert L. Rasmussen ROW FOUR Jack B. Ryan Maria Scarpatti Patricia A. Schammel Arnold K. Schlappy Fred K. Szhmidt Duane C. Severson Lenore A. Sheridan Frances Skahan Donald M. Rees Dorothy M. Reeves Kenny G. Reynolds Marvin Reynolds Theodore I. Rieger Byron L. Robb Robert J. Ruden Ralph F. Rundle ROW FIVE Geraldine T. St. Onge James T. Slingsby Vivian Sletten Edmund M. Sullivan Monte N. Supola George L. Taylor Charles P. Teague Lois P. Teigen ROW ONE Beverly A. Terpening James A. Tidyman Thomas C. Tidyman Peggy J. Tofte Joyce Torrence Susan J. Travis Kathleen Treweek Winston A. Tustison ROW TWO Jane R. Valentine Lee N. VonKuster Edward F. Walters Ardice L. Weaver Patti A. Weitzman Lawrence J. West Dale Wing Susan Wiley ROW THREE Harry Woffenden Alice Woldstad MaryAnn Wyse Beverly F. York Lenard S. Zipperian WINDED FROM RUNNING around the football field rather than the distant proposed building site, the Alpine Kam and Dreg legion overron Dr. Carl McFarland's Main Hall office during a hush-hush Central board meeting concerning the Field House- Student Union merger. KAY HUDSON broke the laughter with, "The Matterhorn was never like this!" DOUG "DEACON" ANDERSON followed with, "l never thought it would take us a week." DANNY LAMBROS fouled his lines with uncontrolled laughter, but the day was saved by Bill Jones who questioned, "Where have you been?" DOUG BEIGHLE completed the care- fully planned dialogue with, "We've just been to the proposed site of the new Field House-Student Union." The heretics, accompanied by o planted photographer, Seldon Beck, departed. 9l l X W I Clyde W. Alexander Harvey F. Ammerman Tess D. Avery Curtis J. Austin Cyrus W. Austin Jean R. Bachman Joan F. Bachman Jane M. Baier Janet I. Bailey Ingrid M. Barstad Andrea H. Berg Barbara L. Berg John F. Blackwood Elizabeth A. Bluechel Donna Y. Border Mary K. Booth James B. Borgerson Phyllis M. Bradbury Moraiean L. Bridenstine Katherine J. Brooks 92 f . E , if X82 A rx-A - if gi, . . ...V .Q S' . Y, ' 1. w nw X 5 X- A ..:'Q. I , 3 B"2' JZ xii' Q' F ' A sseene 1 F -:-A 5 ll 13 A 5- if ttii J K Q . .,.,.' - ,. .,.. . :'l Ei' 5 ff . Q' y ,F A ,E:.f:.',X .I L .,.. V 5 - A M' -ivl g if i l, f , ,. f .r A AJ .'.e f A :fi 5 A f Vli,l,. f T QJE1 .... A gp -ig V ., .fe-,a..... .. ,..,.,, gb' ' m i iil J C ., J ., .:-. V. qziilbxlull , . P R 3 .2 ifl. . .. Q H A :,, .,1 ...A.. ': : M y is. , C S 1 4. B + M .45 ROW ONE James H. Brown Paul M. Bryce Howard Burke Mary A. Burnett Don O. Campbell Arlene E. Carpenter James Carrell Cathrine Carruthers ROW FOUR Robert E. Davison LaVerna Day John L. Dean Shirle-y DeForth Joseph F. DeLuca J. Robert Dempster Alexander Denson Richard C. DeWalt ROW TWO Glen M. Chaftin Donald L. Chaney Robert E. Chapman Ja Mae Chase Eugene M. Christiansen Edward B. Cogswell Edward K. Colby Louise Cooper ROW FIVE John T. Dorsett Carlene J. Dragstedt John F. Driscoll Jay Dubay Kenneth H. Duffy James R. Durado Mary J. Durkin Paula J. Dybdal ROW THREE Georgiana Coppedge Carol D. Critelli Eugene Croghan Richard Dallas Sharon K. Dalling Georgann Davis Gwen L. Davis Patricia A. Davison Gwen Gholson and Gerene Wilson thrilled audiences with a dance-swim routine of "La Cornparsitan in the annual Aquarnaid pageant. 93 fi? g.Q,.,.wg,,. WP is ,.g:, . it N, s. 532. -A" 25 1 2. ei? - - Q 1 ,V,, 'ea - -1. , . ., X' 5 4' 1 e. ' W ' A ' f i 'sta 2 if V it . ' if K A .K i i V313 'S 'i 1. "Il, : I 1 ,ff 35 .N H I R Q F- ,' grjfi j L,xA y " .iw W i 3' 9 X - .,,, . - if gr i X I i ' 1 ,, --f: : K' J , . u -:?:- M wi ROW ONE John A. Eorll Betty Elmore Walter W. Eyer Ruby J. Fender James L. C. Ford Lewis K. Foster Frank Fowler Raymond A. Frank Babe and Paul watch os Carla Wetzsteon, Gert Stene, ond Dave Kauffman c O m - p I e t e decoration inspection before the 36th onnuol Foresters' Boll. 94 gg . Jr ROW TWO Elizabeth T. Galasso Joseph S. Gasser Lawrence D. Gaughan Betty N. Geary Marion Geil Nadine M. Genger Dolores V. George Robert J. Ghigleri ROW FOUR James R. Graff Muriel A. Griffin Robert P. Griffin Roland Grotte William W. Gue Joanne F. Guilbault Dian F. Guilio Alfred B. Guthrie ROW THREE Gwen L. Gholson Mary G. Gibbons Robert S. Gibson Forrest E. Gilchrist Robert Gilluly Erma E. Gilleland Hal Gompf Annemarie Gookin ROW FIVE Clair E. Hallock Ray S. Halubka Marilyn Harbolt Judith A. Harden Janet Harper Daniel F. Harrington Kermit E. Hartley James R. Haslip ROW ONE Virginia Hays William F. Heintz Arlan B. Henneman Harold V. Herman Julia J. Hervol Joel D. Hillstead Alice L. Hodge-s A. Arlene Hoiland ROVV FOUR Phyllis D. Kind Faith A. Kreider Carol R. Kronmiller Claire L. Kulawik Michael Lacey Rosemary Laing David W. Larom Evelyn M. Larsen ROW TWO Arlene C. Hollinger Jan L. Howard John E. Howell Nan Hubbard Norma ller Kathryn Jelinek Verna B. Johns Audrey L. Johnson ROW FIVE Robert M. Larson Paul L. LaRoux Saralou V. Leaphart Sue E. LeBarron Robert C. Lester Be-tty J. Lewis Phillip L. Lilley Donald Little ROW THREE Camille M. Johnson Carlene J. Johnson Charles A. Johnson Joyce M. Johnson Noel Johnson William C. Kaiserman William L. Kann Carol L. Karr Girls! The center of attraction is t h e traditional Aber Day greased p o I e race, n o t M ic k y Luckman and Pat Carran . . 95 ROW ONE Bruce Lloyd Maurice F. Lockensgard Dale F. Lott Marjorie Lovberg Gayle MacDonald James M. Madison Richard K. Mallick Ramona J. Marquardt Nota bene: Sig- rno Nus plotting stotegy in upper center section. 96 ROW TWO Carol J. Murray Mary L. Marsh Kayel Martinson Jack A. McFarland Richard L, McGraw Robert H. McGuire Mary K. McKenna Janet D. McKenzie ROW FOUR Johan F. Miller Bernard L. Mogstad Ray W. Moholt Margaret E. Montague James W. Moody Patricia A. Moore William W. Morrison Theodore Mueller ROW THREE Marlene M. McKinley Betty McLeish Thomas A. McSloy William S. McVicars Alene R. Meadows Betty L. Means Mildred M. Mendel Gladys M. Middleton ROW FIVE Eldan Mullady Donna Murray Leo Musburger Jame-s Muir Thomas R. Needham David Nelson Robert W. Newlin Carol J. Nicholson ROW ONE Donna D. Nooney Patricia J. O'Hare Luayine Ohnstad Stephen B. Ollestad Carl Olsen Van R. Olsen Janet L. Olson Pearl M. Opalka ROW FOUR Raymond J. Sands Doris R. Sandsmark Jeanene Schilling Dan Schoenman Jean A. Schriver Theodore G. Sedlacek Jon Severson Jack D. Shanstrom ROW TWO Cloyce E. Overturt Lillian A. Parkin Stone E. Paulson Shirley Perrine Donald G. Peterson Jack L. Peterson Beverly J. Pitcher Alice J. Pledge ROW FIVE Nancy S. Shapleigh Richard C. Sherman Robert W. Sheehan Barbara A. Sheffels Lee W. Smith Lorene F. Smith Wilma J. Smith Zane G. Smith ROW THREE Charles E. Plowman James Rothman JoAnne Richardson Marie A. Richardson Rudolph C. Robbin Carl A. Rohnke James W. Ryan ' Steven R. Sanders Donna B o r d e r supervises as Reva Taylor and Grace Donisthorpe participate in Aber Day activities. 97 Y W' . 2. QF at Sf? .JZ ROW ONE Dorcas L. Snyder Rosalie Space Richard H. Spalding Alice J. Stack James T. Steindort Gertrude A. Stene Edward Stewart Edward E. Stocking ROW FOUR Cecelia A. Twilde Margaret Valleio Tom VanMeter LouMariIyn Vierhus Alexandra Walker Roxy R. Ward Mary D. Watson Ronald R. Welch ROW TWO Joan P. Stokan Art L. St. Peter Jack Streeter Patricia L. Strope Ge-rhard O. Struck Creta A. Stucky Lawrence S. Swenson Lynn S. Taylor ROW FIVE Lois A. We-rle Carla Wetzstean Richard A. Whitaker Gerene Wilson James W. Winters Donald W. Wolf Jean Wolf Kathryn C. Wonder ROW THREE Beverly Tecca Nancy K. Teel Everett K. Terrell Patricia A. Thomas Robert J. Thomas Ann C. Thomson Janet Thomson Jeanette M. 'Tobias GROUP SIX Dona A. Woodard Patricia M. Woodcock Donna M. Wynacht Harvey J. Young Robert D. Zarr Daniel R. Zenk s 1. 'Q if' Mai 'B' ..- f'-Q If R in -e W I " 5 t f T if y 1 James A. Abbott Judith Adams Mary Adams Jock C. Adamson Rosemary Aker John T. Allton Carol J. Anderson Georgia E. Andersen Eleanor Anderson Lola M. Anderson Patsy L. Anderson Edward F. Argenbright Roberta Atkinson Marlys L. Augenstein Marie M. Austin Leo J. Azinger Erna-Rae Barnhalt Patricia Barrett William J. Barrett Wayne S. Bauer 99 .a--. Q Y- N '- Q ROW ONE Lee Bayley John C. Beam Joyce Becky Maryanne Beecher Mae C. Behner Ray E. Benne-tt James R. Benson Marianne M. Benson Louie Knox pro- vides part of the entertainment for the annual Nite Club dance in the Student U n i O n Gold room. lOO ROW TWO Richard Bergsing Ronald D. Bibler Glenn Biehl Joan F. Bielenberg Conrad F. Bissell Arnold A. Blachly Jerry E. Blair Susan M. Blake ROlW FOUR John C. Boyd Mary L. Boyer Monte Brammer Nancy J. Brodie Darlene A. Brooks Donna J. Brown Eileen L. Brown Cynthia Bryson ROW THREE Patricia Boehme Roger N. Boettiger Forrest H. Boles Joyce Bonander Adrienne F. Borchers Jean C. Borchers Stella Boucher George G. Bovingdon ROW FIVE Rae Buckingham Beverly Buer Albert Burgan Mary J. Burns Janice Burton Ruth Buzzetti Kenneth Byerly Paul E. Caine . M . '1 if K .J , : - Q i : . lif ii if - .A My L ROW ONE Edward W. Callahan, Jr Myrna H. Campbell William A. Campbell Joan Carey Mary E. Carey Alicejane Carkeek Colleen E. Carlyle Gary L. Carter ROW FOUR Dana Dale Janet Dambly Douglas Dasinger James E. Davidson Evelyn Davis Helen Davis Wilma Dawson Charles D. Dawson ROW TWO Ralph L. Cates Juanita M. Chapman Wayne Chattin Edward L. Chfnske James R. Cinker Jean D. Coleman Charles Cooper Dolores F. Cote ROW FIVE Carol A. Dax Mary B. DeJarnette Peggy Denham Juan R. Dickey William A. Dickinson Donald R. Divine Betty A. Dixon Mary H. Doherty ROW THREE Carmelita Cox William H. Coyan Lorraine Craigheod Virginia H. Crocker Katherine Crockett Joan Croghan Roy Currell Carol Cushman Frosh members of the ROTC Sponsor Corps so- lute smartly dur- ing cz practice session in the Gold room of the Student Union, lOl ROW ONE Shirley Donovan Dolores Douglas Ronald Dufresne Aldo M. Duff John P. Dunbar John Duncan John R. Dundas Jack Dunlap Freshman curiosity brought them to the steps of the law school one day where the Kams and Dregs ex- ploined the tradi- tion of "Hello Walk". lO2 ROW TWO Ray J. Dunn Art Dyer Dan Eigman. Richard W. Edgerton Larry F. Ellefson Fred H. Ely Richard Ely Robert C. Enger ROW FOUR Wayne C. Fichtel Thomas F. Flanagan George M. Fleming Edward L. Focher Edward L. Forwood Darlene E. Forzley Donna Fosse Eleanor C. Fox ROW THREE Kristine English Beverly J. Eppe Mary E. Erickson Artha Eustance Joan Evans James E. Farrell James Farrington Betty Mae Flesch Fauque ROW FIVE Ruth Franz Glenn W. Freeman Richard H. Fretheim Jean Friend Roy M. Gallup Georgia George Howard George Clayton Gerstenberger ROW ONE Valorie F. Gierke Joanne Giesick Harold Gillet Valerie B. Gilman Delores Goetze Patricia M. Goldbrand Joanne L. Golden Donna Goodmansen ROW FOUR JoAnne Hansen Marilyn Hardenburgh James Harken Stanley C. Harrison Nancy L. Hatfield Donald Hauk Harlan Hayes Jeanne Hays ROW TWO Jacque-line Gould Carol J. Graham Carol Grandy George E. Grandy Delores Guilbault Marilyn Gunkel Harl H. Hass Norma Hafferman ROW FIVE Paul R. Heinz Clarence Hekkel Dean Hellinger Marjorie Herbert Beverly Herman Cora Hiett Joan E. Hill Lynclen Hirst ROW THREE Joann Haftle Jill K. Hageman Kim L. Haines Donald Halverson Ronald Halverson Alexandra Hamilton Roy Hammer Harold Hammersmark Questions and answers flew back and forth be- tween big and little sisters about activities at MSU during the AWS 'counseIer-lcoIunseI- ee fall party. IO3 wifi J A . 3. QU' G fi V' 4 ,.,., .. , 5 X N z Q P gf 1 A A I E .. 1 i i., . ,A 1 M W N ROW ONE Warren C. Hodous Joy Hope Joyce A. Howanach Marlene A. Hoyt Rita Hoyt Sue Huntley Marilyn L. Hunton Curtis H. Hutchins Freshmen sit back and hear what'S what on the Com- pus during an or- ientation we-ek briefing session. 104 ROW TWO Bob lsner Doris M. Jackson James R. Jackson Janice V. James Herbert Jameson Edward Janke William Jefferson Clarence D. Jensen ROW FOUR Gerald Kirkpatrick Barbara J. Knight Lewis R. Knox Mary A. Kocar Jerry Koon Shirley Kopitske Annamae Kovatch Maurice R. Kraut ROW THREE W. Connie Johnson Dolores Jones Robert Jones Shirley Jones Gary R. Jystad Patricia Kauppinen Larry Ketchner Kenneth E. Killion ROW FIVE Amy R. Kruger Ronald W. LaBuff Joanne LaDuke Beverly H. Lahn Ernest R. LaPalm William E. Larcombe Ronald P'. Latham Jane Law fi E lulul E ' ,::1 A y q'::1 ZZIL " 3 ii' ':fQ32 12::1 ., 1 ZP' " :" 2' . J II, ii all L' 2,:E .gg .A :E,. iif fl K , ,,.,,,, L , in It ,vvu V. I .i n ,Z 1:1.: . A '. .,.,,A,,,,, ,,, :,.,. i., . ' ,r Q X M I fi ,,,- - ,.,.: 35,5 3 T A.:: ""li: Z . as irue , it Q. W it ff11-Q- .,.. E in Z A 4. .. A ROW ONE Robert L. Lawrence Dorothy LaZarus Robert Lazich Lois E. LeDuc Shirley L. Leibinger Shirley A. Le-nhart Jack Leslie Shirley R. Lewis ROW FOUR James H. Merehouse Patricia A. Merrill Harold D. Mikes William E. Miller Darrel P. Montang Shirley Moran Marilyn J. Morris Alice A. Mowatt ROW TWO Kenneth D. Leuthold Forrest F. Liebe Shirley Linden Wayne E. Linnell Walt J. Lonner Jerome L. Madden Patricia J. Manning Delbert W. Mathison ROW FIVE Inez M. Myers Locke Myles Charles N. Nelson James I. Nelson Thomas E. Nelson Wesley C. Neubauer Kay V. Nordby James E. Norris ROW THREE William T. Matlock Arlene E. Maudlin Alice L. Maxwell Gordon E. McGuire Malcolm R. McPhail Brenda L. McPherson Ronald J. Meenger Barbara A. Mellott These New Hall freshmen did c take-off on "We Three Kings" dur- ing the Christmas season. l05 .N . 'WZE fr - -1ff' Qi 'Wx I l R . .fl ',V.-g 2 .,..,, L 'qi' " ' E 'E .y. ' " .5 j ' 1 . 4 .,". 1 5. Aizylzu Iulb A . , iii' ' . ""1'.r A 'Eff .,.. . -A b'bV . .I .:'i 2 552.5 .'.': i ' .m ,.. ' '-.'. i ff' fr., Whx ,.,.,.,. . Ny 5 V .ff r.. . J. .,... i, is-K iii i A A s sieec ff'-f Q ,. 3 ,. ww' S9-3 1 Gu H 'GM 1 is Z Q r, ,2 3 ,,.:.. g ,L v.:v ., t Av-- I . VV :lb 2 " " Y ',j:' JF m"s' ROW ONE Donald l. Nyquist Patricia J. O'Conner Jack A. Oldham James R. Oliver Mary C. O'NeilI Allen M. Button William L. Paulson Wilma A. Paulson Forestry majors from freshmen to seniors, constructed the complicated apparatus to hold decorations up for the annual forest- ers' ball. lO6 ROW TWO Carl G. Pederson Robert D. Pelo Mary H. Pemberton Armand 5. Pepe David L. Peterson He-nel K. Peterson Rosalyn Pteiter John R. Phelps ROW FOUR Joan M. Replogle Ronald P. Richards Audrey H. Richardson Harold E. Richlie Dorothy L. Ricketts Carl B. Rimby Helen H. Ring Law L. Risken S . ff? 'sr R B is X- a H nf if :Yen ., -..j::'- :V . .::...... - .. .. 51 - . 1,11 we ' .9 .4 4 if Q li 'K ROW THREE William J. Pledge Thomas P. Pomroy Charline J. Porro Carolyn D. Porter John C. Prange Bobette Reeder Howard E. Reiquam Peter D. Reinier ROW FIVE Thomas W. Ritter Jere L. Rivenes Harold L. Roberts James L. Roberts Richard H. Roda D. Gordon Rognlien Nancy Roltson Del J. Raod Y as- Qgiiim if Qi: I A i... My if iv Er' ii. gn I L A.,A 6 1 his , . . 1 if 5 A ' Q ii 53 " X A "" : "-A Q-I' I 5: 5 5 .. biu q L - . -.iz JJ fig. -,-,- .I 1 an "" 1 f ' 1 we now one Row Two Neva Ross Laura RYGF' Cyrus P. Roth John A. Rounds James Rowan V. Joan Rowley Arnold Royce Betty A. Rucker Edward M. Rutledge ROW FOUR Robert L. Skates John Skees Betty L. Skinner Norma B. Slaight Susanne Slavens Alice J. Smith Floyd A. Smith Sally R. Smith David L. Sanks Donald Sansouci Helen Saunders Patricia R. Scannell Donald R. Schessler Nancy E. Schilling Dale O. Schneidmiller R0-W FIVE William C. Smith Shirley L. Spehn Darlene E. Spek Darrell W. Spencer Clinton W. Spurgeon Leslie H. Solberg Robert W. Squires Virginia R. Stoves 5 ...,. ... J K :'2: SEE X , is F' il, .. X . ROW THREE Eleanor Schmidt Jeanette A. Schultz David 0. Scott Robert G. Se-nner Lexi A. Shellebarger Betty E. Shrader Laura J. Shrock James J. Sinclair MSU coeds hurried through their Aber Day duties in on- ticipotion of the more entertaining side of the day. 107 l an ea., Q fi . .l - - 1" ze.. ,F X ,,.. K it i ,. :E:. 5- -A .. .jf W QB ii' Qeizgffr in fag E Q . . . up .. y ::- " 1 QQ USU i, . 'gy ,... ,.,. 79" E '.'. 5 -v a H 1' ff if ? ' ' .....5' . li? L "" ':: 2 in ,,21, V Vi Z EE' sh LJ, K in ::5f-.2 : .. if Anlv A bfzil Q izui j M , I 'Q ff e I A siir 4 s il' at A l h ,.,. ..,,:. ,. as ,.,. X A.: Qs G ' ,sk .J :Nfl is '. I .nbl ' ' ll' -: lf. if ll' M. . .. . .r eJ iiiiiiii . .5 ROW ONE ROW TWU ROW THREE Mary L. Steele DiAnne Stephens Jean M. Stephens Anna M. Stephenson Joanne Stewart Bettina M. Stohr John A. Stopplecamp Delbert Stordock Freshmen hurried from their dorms to laugh ot the antics of Koms ond Dregs on the steps of the Law building. lO8 Georgiann Strange Betty E. Strong Ruth M. Suden Walter V. Sundeluis Jerry C. Swan Phyllis M. Swanson Donald H. Swerdfeger Alice L. Talmage ROW FOUR Beverly Toole Richard S. Traay Dick A. Turbiville Loren D. Turbiville Mike R. Turnage Cecelia A. Ullman Alice M. Utsond Ronald VanHee Reva R. Taylor Donna R. Terpening Jack H. Thom Tom T. Thomas Barbara B. Thompson John P. Tidyman Janet B. Tierney George Tipp ROW FIVE Virginia VanHorn Harold V. Vert William C. Veseth Lorraine M. Waddington Gerald L. Wolford James H. Walker Virginia A. Walker Donald W. Wall . , .2255 " ' w t: ,. A Q - 2.- 1 iw ' V1:.L. . :-- 35552155 fmwggfwi X 2 F lznqq q J . A ,.,f . ,- we ..... ..,. ,,'. . .,,-: - 'ii M so W. Fifi:-f .--:V . -1 ,.,.--' I' 1. X ' , ,,A.,n ,., .,... W ' :ZA .E :b'..VV,. s . ..,..,,., .I E ,.., J In :,.. E 3? QIQAQZ In I Q E In :Til L ,,.: Y A ' , 'L 'A'V mg x ,,. .gf . G, .AA, ' .1 I ,lnlq ..,.,,-. .A n H E 4 , Q. W 5, . ' I A""' f 1 'i': i" fi: is ff ag J , N ., .. A,.. K' H ,VIIIQ E ' A J is - 1'l"' A mil L if ROW ONE ROW TWO ROW THREE Greg H. Wallender Vera L. Walte-rs Shirley Ward Phyllis J. Webber Dolores Weingort Rudy F. Weishaar Janice E. Welch Paul Weskamp Looking forward to 0 big evening, happy "foresters" enter the free- decoroted gym. Donolee Wheelbarger Donald H. White Richard A. Whittet Joyce M. Willard Robert B. Williams Walter R. Winslow Kay F. Wohlgenant Nic D. Wood Jacqueline F. Woodahl Ann L. Woods Richard D. Woods Milton Wordal W. Keith Wuerthner Jamie B. Yule Theodore D. Zimmerman IO9 I? , I , .,., . ,Y V BER I BOTTOM ROW Ra Moholt Don Chaney D1 Chamberlam Hugh DeMers SOPHOMORE MEN'S SERVICE HONORARY OFFICERS: Chief Grizzly Hugh DeMers Right Pow Don Chaney Left Pow Jock Streefer Clow Roy Moholt Tapped for Bearpaw later during the year were, left to right: John Blackwood, Ken Duffy, Tom Van- Meter and Jim Ford, Jr. Ray Moholt, Don Chaney, Hugh DeMers, Jack Streeter. '- if Q W 6 A,:. .: V ,K 5, v ? E' A l Q ' err if rite? Y O :H i P UR SOPHOMORE WOMEN'S SERVICE HONORARY OFFICERS: President Pot O'Hore Vice President Virginia Hayes Secreio ry Gwen Gholsfnn Treasurer Mary Calvert Historian Joan Brooks Editor Corlo Wetzsteon LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Calvert. Virginia Hayes, Pat O'Hare, Gwen Gholson, Joan Brooks. BACK ROW: Marjorie Lovberg, Mary Lou Marsh, Clarlee Schuehle, Mary Ann Burnett, Creta Stucky, Millie Mendel, LouMarilyn Vierhus, Shirley De- Forth. Jan Howard, MIDDLE ROW: Nan Hubbard, Janet McCurdy, Phyl Kind, Joan Bachman, Gertrude Stene, Gerene Wilson FRONT ROW: Mickey McKinley, Joan Brooks, Gwen Gholson, Virginia 5-Iaays, Pat O'Hare, Mary Calvert, Carla Wetzsteon, Davis Watson, Carol urray. I 1 BACK ROW: Pauline Oberg, Mary Joan Tascher, Reba Turn- qulst, Gladys Lewis. W i SENIOR WOMEN'S HONORARY OFFICERS: 'President Rosemary Anderson Vice President Caryl Wickes Secretary Barbara Schunk Treasurer Stella Critelli MIDDLE ROW1 Jearrne Shreeve, Marlene Carrie. Joy East, Pat Walker. BOTTOM ROW: Stella Critelli, Caryl Wickes, Rosemary An- derson, Barbara Schunk. NOT PICTUREDZ Gwen Flightneir. BACK ROW: Lew Keim, Don Cameron, Gene Tidball, Danny Lambros, Carl Johnson, Emery Burnett, Bill McMasters. FRONT ROW: Burly Miller, Dick Shadoan, Paul Hansen, Bo Laird, Bob Fraser. ,Q-. vltllh SILE T SENTINEL MEN'S SENIOR HONORARY OFFICERS: President Dick Shadoan Vice President Gib Leibinger Secretory Paul Hansen SOPHOMORE SCHOLASTIC HONORARY OFFICERS: President Joan Bachman Vice President Jan Howard Secretary LouMariIyn Vierhus Treasurer Mary Lou Marsh Historian Virginia Hays LPH SENIOR SCHOLASTIC HONORARY SOCIETY OFFICERS: President Dick Shadoan Vice President Marlene' Carrig Secretary Reba Turnquist Treasurer Robert Pozega Advisor Rulon Jeppesen LAMBD DELT KPP TU BACK ROW: Mickey McKinley. Marajean Bridenstine, Arlene Werle, Shirley DeForth, Gert Stene. Carol Critelli. BOTTOM ROW: Gerene Wilson, Virginia Hays, Joan Bachman, LouMari1yn Vierhus, Berta Huebl. NOT PICTURED: Nadine Genger, Louise Cooper, Jan Howard, Mary Lou Marsh, BACK ROW: Mary Jo Tascher, Rosemary Anderson, Joy East, Marlene Carrig. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Pozega, Mr. Jeppesen, Reba Turnquist, Sylva Pederson, Roxana Warren, Gwendolyn Flightner, Barbara Schunk, Bob Hoyem, Dick Shadoan. NOT PICTURED: Lois Jean Baker, Robert Fraser, Robert Lake, Wayne Mytty, Pauline Oberg, Mary Joyce Quinn Keast, Bill Stannard, Pat Thompson. BACK ROW: Monroe DeJarnette, John Stopplecamp, Murray Cannon, William Rice, Victor Vilk, Norman Nelson, Robert Sherman, Bill Dankers. ROW THREE: Joe Jenkins, James Roberts, Daniel Harrington. E, William Bethke. Dick Sherman, E. James O'Donne1l. Glen Burton. ROW TWO: Dale Wing, Neal Clement, Don Wightman, Bob Splwak, Lee Bayley. BOTTOM ROW: Arthur Holzwelssie, Raleigh Smedley, Herbert Wunderlich, Tom Spaulding, Carl Westby. George Swords, NOT PICTURED: Dick Hansen, Glb Leibinger, Wayne Folden. Bob Jasken, Charles Swain, Alan Goddard, Les Solberg, Bob Tromly, Glen Ridgeway, Don Hauk, Jim Burgess, Rich- ard Edgerton, Maurie Kraut, Richard Fretheim, Charles Dawson, Tom Powers. Jr. BACK ROWi B. J. Mlchen, B111 Bell, Paul Beckstrom, Bob Jasken, Ron Latham. ROW THREE: John Lowell, Ray Woeppel, Larry Brown, Ray Keller, Don Cameron, Jim Spaulding. ROW TWO: Joan Stewart, Maryann Wyse, Win Hunt, Shirley Linden, Nona Dahl. BOTTOM ROW: Ethel Henderson, Luayine Ohnstad, Donna Border, Mary Henderson, JoAnn Richardson, NOT PICTURED: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sutton, Shirley Pahr- man. Dan Bartsch, Joan Zimmerman, Joan Harbolt, NATIONAL SERVICE HONORARY OFFICERS: President George Swords Vice President Art Holzweissig Secretary Carl Westby Treasurer Wayne Folden Advisors Raliegh Smedley Herbert Wunderlich, Tom Spaulding LPH PHI OMEG ROYALEER uruvensirv SQUARE DANCE crus OFFICERS: President Bob Jasken Vice President Don Cameron Secretary Donna Border Treasurer Ray Woeppei Social Chairman Lucyine Ohnstad Caller Win Hunt KI CLUB II5 SKI FANS had a chance to cash in on some bargains when the ski club held their auction. Used ski equip- ment of all kinds was gathered to- gether and sold to the highest bidder. Going to Whitefish for a ski weekend in January was also sponsored by the Ski club. Many students at MSU saved their money so that they could take in the big ski weekend. OFFICERS President Harry Burnell Sec.-Treas. Pat Wordal ORGAN IZATIO BACK ROW: Richard Fletcher, Tom Needham, Gilbert Leibinger. MIDDLE ROW: Shirley Leibinger, Mary Hender- son, Shirley DeForth, Betty Russell. BOTTOM ROW: Meredith Bear, Kervine Chau- vin. Ethel Henderson, Mrs. Montgomery. OFFICERS: President-Kervine Chauvin, Secre- tary--Meredith Bear, Treasurer-Ethel Hender- S01'1. WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP PRESBYTERIAN GROUP BACK ROW: Rev. Cameron, Douglas Anderson Bob McGuire. Gil Bremicker. BOTTOM ROW: Betty McLeish, Creta Stucky. Joan Bachman, Anna Gookin. OFFICERS: Prezident-Creta Stucky, Vice-Pres. f-Betty McLeish, Secretary-Anna Gookin. TLIDE T RELIGIOUS COUNCIL INTER-FAITH PROJECTS CO-ORDINATION GROUP BACK ROW: Tom V:1nMeter, Max Larson, Harvey Young, Jlm Madison, Rev. Bruce K. Wood. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Turnage, Elaine Andersen, Faith Kreider, Maryann Wyse, Davis Watson, Chuck Plowman. NOT PICTURED: Betty McLeiSh, Mary Mattson. OFFICERS: Chairman-Davis Watson, Secretary -Betty McLeish, Treasurer-Mary Mattson, Ad- vi:orgRev. Bruce K. Wood. OFFICERS: President Gert Stene Vice President Dana Dale Secreta ry Nona Dahl Treasurer Ray Woeppel Advisors Mr. and Mrs. L. Varblow INTER- DENOMI- NATIONAL RELIGIOUS CABINET OFFICERS: President Tom Lindeman Vice President Dick Fletcher Secreta ry Mora MacKinnon Treasurer Janet Bailey ire? VFW' BACK ROW: Normand Olson, Ray WOEDDSI, Harvey Young, Stephen Ollestad. Pastor G. V. Tollefson, ROW THREE: Stella Boucher. Dick Woods, Ed Janke, Mr, L. Varblow. ROW TWO: Dana Dale, Cynthia Bryson, Lola Anderson, Mrs L Varblow BOTTOM ROW: Gertrude Stene. Alice Woldstad, Nona Dahl Jeanette Schultz. Beverly Johnson. AFFILIATED SCHOOL OF RELIGION Rev. Bruce K. Wood Rev. Clara C. Wood BESIDES SPONSORING many parties, picnics, dis- cussion qroups and lecturers for students, SCA painted the School of Reliaion home last year. On the ladder is Lawrence Coloff. Don l-lardisty and another mem- ber mix paint. At one of the informal SCA gatherings are Danny Lambros, Betty McLeish, Tom Lindemari, Bob McGuire and Creta Stucky. LUTHERAN f ' Q' TUDE T CHRISTIA ASSOCIATIO I , - ll7 WESLEY FOUNDATIO BACK ROW: John Carey, Joan Carey, Mary Ellen Carey. unidentified. ROW FOUR: Cliff Bailey, Doris Ann Mudd, Tom Haggerty, Mary Doherty, Mary Ann Kocar, Maryann Wyse, Cathy Doherty. ROW THREE: Dexter Delaney, John Beam, Nick Wood, Jerry Comba, Marlene Hoyt, Isabel Gonlan, Adrienne Borchers, Clara Sperry, Carol Cushman. Mary Jo Burns, Laura Ryan. ROW IWO: Francis Powers, Dlck McDonald. Joan Stevens, Shirley Lenhart, Joyce Howanach. Joe Ward, Helen Lenhart, Marlene Crane, Ann Hodge, Rosalyn Pfelfer, Pat Moore, Pat O'Connor. Mary Joan Tascher. BOTTOM ROW: Father Fenlon, JoAnn LaDuke, Paul Bean, Betty Galasso. Mary Ann Burnett, Jean Koch, Bill Koch, Joe Roller. OFFICERS: President, Paul Bean, Vice-President, Mary Ann Burnett, Treasurer, Dick McDonald: Secretory, Betty Golosso. BACK ROW: Jim Ford, Don Schessler, Jlm Wilcox, Frank Fowler. Pat Eyer, Don Cameron, Jlm Madison, Jlm Walker, Jim Harkens, Blll Jones. MIDDLE ROW: JoAnn Richardson, Alice Carkeek, Laura Schrock. Val Glerke, Lynn Hughes, Kathy Crockett, Janet Tierney, Jere Lee Rivenes, Nancy Teel, Chuck Davis, Lee Ann Stewart, Chuck Plowman, Ted Reiger. BOTTOM ROWt Jean Herbert, Rae Staves, John Dorsett, Bill Tallaierro, Betty Strong, Marian Gell, Dick Milne. Carol Crouch, Beth Robocker, Tom Lindeman, Bill Miller, Cecil Gilmore OFFICERS: President, Cecil Gilmore, Vice-President, Pot Eyer, Secre- tory, JoAnn Richardson, Treasurer, Bill Tolioferro. EWMAN CLUB CATHOLIC YOUTH ORGANIZATION II8 AY WE THA K All those who volunteered their services in the production of the book. Those who so politely gave us information for copy when we requested it anytime between 8 a.rn. and 11 p.m. BOB CATLIN who contributed the pictures appearing on pages 4, 12, 13, 152, 153 and the queen pictures. McKAY STUDIO for oictures on page 4. The STUDENT UNION BUSINESS OFFICE that not only helped to keep us in line financially but cheerfully fixed our staplers and admitted us to our office when we forgot our keys. The NIGHT WATCHMEN who tolerated our late hours, and CYRILE VAN DUSER who let us plcn the book as we wished but who watched and worried with us at the end. With special thanks, PAT THOMAS and MURIEL GRIFFIN for the tremendous amount of effort they put forth for the conven- ience of the rest of the staff at the end of the school year. Artcroft Engraving company represented by BOB LINDBORG and HOWARD VIERLING for their visits, suggestions and acceptance of a tight schedule. Reporter Printing company represented by BILL REMINGTON and FRANK CROSS, for their concern and revision of layouts. Kingsport Press represented by GEORGE BARBERS for a new cover material and development of an idea. Helen Lenhart. SECTION EDITORS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY- Bev Henno and Pat Thomas STUDENT ADMINISTRATION AND PUBLICATIONS- Doug Anderson DRAMA-Creta Stucky HONORARIES AND ORGANIZATIONS-Pat Thomas SENIORS-Pat Thomas, Muriel Griffin SPORTS-Jerry Murphy, Muriel Griffin WOMEN'S SPORTS-Muriel Griffin JUNIORS-Doug Anderson SOPHOMORES-Muriel Griffin FRESHMEN--Pat Thomas DORMITORIES-Kay Hudson FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES-Bev Henne, Larry Gaughan ADVERTISING LAYOUT- Bill Campbell, Pat Thomas, Peder Hoiness INDEX-Merge Foot PHOTOGRAPHERS-Seldon Beck, Ted Hewett, Doug Anderson, Chuck Cooper, Helen Lenhart PRINTING--Reporter Printing and Supply Company, Billings ENGRAVINGS-Artcraft Engraving C1 Electratype company, Seattle COVERS-Kingsport Press Inc., Kingsport, Tennessee BLHLDING PATTERNS is av 44 V... ,Q ,, .. . ..,,. ,- 3,1 xl.-1 Aw..-wx, -A .- .. Q A K K u r mss l Y Nt DAN NY LAM BROS DON CAMERON ASMSU POLITICIANS ASMSU PRESIDENT DANNY LAMBROS AND BUSINESS MANAGER DON CAMERON led the student body through a controversy-filled year and left their offices with increased experience. Big issues of the year were the Field House pro- posal and election when student activity funds were obligated to the extent of 325,000 for the next thirty years. Danny's bargaining over the phone resulted in dances and concerts with Stan Kenton, Les Brown, Henry Busse, and the Snake River Boys. The- official capacities of the two arbitrators included presence and participation at Central board, Athletic board, and Social Standards committee. Don was chairman of Budget and Finance which oversaw the apportionment of student funds, Danny and Don agreed with Central board in encouraging the spending of money to increase student interest and par- ticipation in activities rather than having the money go back into the general fund. Don and Danny treked to a conference of student leaders in Utah and thus began a deluge of student trips to other confabs. The officers were always eager to discuss stude-nt body problems with interested students and helped make the gaudy ASMSU office a busy corner. The two also expressed their opinions in columns in the Kaimin. Both are members of Sigma Nu social fraternity, Silent Sentinel, and Alpha Kappa Psi. Danny is a law student and member of Phi Delta Phi, Kams and Dregs, and Student Christian association. Sample Luckies were given out by Don, who is a member of the Debate team, Tau Kappa Alpha, Royaleers, and Wesley foundation. HAZEL-EYED MARY JOAN TASCHER faithfully took the minutes of Central board and as ASMSU Secretary did her part in helping make the poli- cies and decisions for the year of student activity. Mary Joan was awarded a number of scholarships and will be doing graduate work at Bryn Mawr college in Pennsylvania. ACTIVE JAM I E BRENNAN, vice-president of A S M S U, planned the social calendar with the help of the social chairman of living groups. She is past president of Spurs and Panhellenic and former Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi, Jamie and Bob Stenbeck plan family life after graduation. CENTRAL BOARD, Standing: Edwin Briggs, Bill Jones, Beverly Henne, Jim Abbott, Ward Shanahan, Bob Newlin, Lew Keim, and Herbert Wunderlich. Seated: Mary Joan Tascher, Jamie Brennan, Dan Lambros, and Don Cameron. Not pictured: Jack Coppedge, Dave Leuthold, and Norm Anderson. ASMSU PUBLIC ERVAN S OUTSIDE ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE ca- operated with the Community Concert association and brought Vivian Della Chiesa, Igor Gorin, the Gershwin Concert Orchestra, and the Longine Symphonette to the campus. Back: Bill Jones, co- chairman Harry Burnell, Maurice Lokensgard, and John Boyd. Middle: Cecelia Ullman, Beverly Her- man, Myrna Dolven, Laura Shrock, and Jane Val- entine. Front: Pat O'Connor, co-chairman Ann Fowler, Georgia George, and Donalee Wheel- barger. CONVOCATIONS COMMITTEE obtained speakers and scheduled the year's convo entertainment which included the Kams and Dregs convo before the MSU-MSC game, a Sinfonia program, and the annual Foresters' fiasco. Standing: John Lester, Cyrile- Van Duser, Dr. Luther Richman, Robert Struckman, Henry Larom, and Edmund Freeman. Seated: Paul Hansen, Dorothy Ross, Virginia Hays, chairman Gene Tidball, and Bernard Mogstad. SOCIAL COMMITTEE planned the Social calendar for the year and tried keeping all the groups happy and content with their function dates. Members include Bob Burke, Carla Wetzsteon, Maurice Lokensgard, chairman Jamie Brennan, and Mary Larcombe, not pictured. M BOOK COMMITTEE edited the M Book, "Your Key to the Campus, "which included tips for frosh, a roster of student officials, traditions of MSU, phone- numbers and addresses of living groups, and university administration. The com- mittee consisted of Skulason Moe, Joan Bach- man, and Jim Ford. Not pictured were Maxine Hightower and chairman Wally Hoffman. 'WSF .4 PUBLICATIONS BOARD held the power over ASMSU publications: Kaimin, Senti- nel, and the newly launched Venture magazine. They appointed the wheels and cogs of the publications and helped keep them efficient. Standing: Joan Brooks, Jerry Murphy, Doug Anderson, Lew Keim, and Helen Lenhart. Seated: Cyrile Van Duser, chairman Betty Smith, Edward Dugan, and Herbert Wunderlich. 4 TRADITIONS BOARD, one of the busiest committees on campus, started the year by selecting new cheer leaders. The group planned SOS's, sponsored the painting of the M, aided in the orientation of fresh- men, Homecoming, Dads' Day, and Aber Day, had the first Bibler Bounce, and initiated the Robert Sibley award. Standing: Hugh DeMers, Lewis Penwell, George Boifeuillet, Armand Pepe, and Dick Shadoan. Seated: Pat O'Hare, Creta Stucky, chairman, Beverly Henne, and Rosemary Anderson. Not pictured: Jim Ryan. ATHLETIC BOARD discussed the possible elimination of jackets, sweaters, and M Club blankets. They planned the budget and became involved in contro- versy about the M Club section at bas- ketball games. The board sponsored the ski team for the first time and increased the traveling basketball squad from ten to twelve. They dealt with 3Sll5,000 and tried to spread it over six sports. Standing: Bob Abbott, Bob Fraser, Don Cameron, and Kirk Badgley. Seated: Mary Joan Tascher, chairman Dan Lambros, Hcrry Adams. Not pictured, Bill McMasters. BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE kept in mind activity fees, campus popu- lation, percentages of distribution of ac- tivities, while parceling out the remain- ing qeneral fund. Planning the i953-54 financial schedule took much of their time. The committeemen were slightly freer with the purse strings of the gen- eral fund than in the past and were eaaer to dive money to deserving student groups and causes. Standing: Tom Van- Meter, Kirk Badgley, chairman Don Cameron, and Byron Robb. Seated: Pa- tricia Walker and Shirley DeForth. Not pictured, Herbert Wunderlich. NEW STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE, a part of Student Union Executive board, was reborn this year and investigated various student union plans. The members met with faculty leaders and discussed needed and desired facilities. They helped veto the Field l-louse-Student Union merger and showed in- dependence in studying plans and proposed locations. ln order to make more practical plans the committee polled public opinion. Standing: Boyd Baldwin, Ann Woods, chair- man Peder Hoiness, Georgia George, Doug Anderson, Barbara Sheffels, and Dave Leut- hold. Seated: Janice Weatherston, Dorothy Reeves, Mary Mattson, Donna Border, and Ruth Buzzetti. PUBLICITY TRAVEL COMMITTEE was one of the units charged with the responsibility of increasing the flow of information from the University to high school students and other Montana citizens, Hand in hand with Andy Cogswell and the Public Service Di- vision the group allotted money to diplo- mats at large who travel and meet potential recruits. Campus musicians added greatly to the mileage and the future enrollment. Standing: Keith Terrell, chairman Doug Beighle, and Jack Streeter. Seated: Donna Bar and Virginia Hays. Not pictured: Andy Cogswell, former chairman Dave Leuthold, Naomi Sherlock, Tom Sherlock, and Leo Smith. SOCIAL STANDARDS COMMITTEE met infrequently durinq the year to discuss cam- pus and student morals, and to look into individual cases. The number of meetings was an indication of a well-behaved student body. Standing: Chairman Dr. Gordon Browder, Herbert Wunderlich, and Dr. John Stewart. Seated: Carol Crouch, Ann Platt, Agnes Stoodley, Maurine Clow, and Mollie ller. Not pictured: Dan Lambros and Don Cameron. ,Fi 'L ii? 1-of K' PRESIDENT MOLLIE ILER handled the problems of AWS with aentle hands and kept things rolling smoothly. Mollie went to the Western Regional convention in Berkeley, California and the four state meet in Pull- man, Washington. As a result of the trips four new committees were instituted. VEEP JARY NELSEN was in charge of the Judicial board which wrote a new up-to-date set of rules. Jary headed the rules revisions committee for the campus handbook and worked on the AWS constitution. SECRETARY MARILYN KINTNER posted notices of those to whom campuses were granted and took minutes at the meetings. Carla Wetzsteon and Ruby Lindstrom helped out during fall quarter after which Marilyn fin- ished the job. TREASURER MARILYN FOSTER kept track of the bills and their payment. Thanks to budget-conscious Marilyn, AWS didn't run in the red. As president for next year she will continue to be active in AWS. ASSCDCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS ASSOCIATED WOMEN STU- DENTS worked with Miss Clow, Associate Dean of Students, in formulating and enforcing rules for women students, The activities for the year included a retreat at Montana Power park, tea for the Missoula mothers, sharing in the tea for freshmen women, the Lan- tern parade honoring senior women executed by Patsy Love- ly, the handbook "Carol Coed" by Dinny Nelligan, the big- little sister program planned by Mary Joan Tascher, and a booth at the Mardi Gras. There were many long discussions over the giving of Campuses, and a hassle over the future of the Miss Montana program. The faction in favor of continuing the pageant lost out. Back: Janet Olson, Pat O'Connor, Ruby Lindstrom, Betty Elmore, and Davis Watson. Middle: Angie Oberto, Jane-t McKenzie, Rowena Day, and Lois Jean Baker. Front: Mollie ller, Jary Nelsen, Marilyn Kintner, and Marilyn Foster. Not pictured: Marie Mastorovich, Millie Men- del, Carla Wetzsteon, and ad- visor Maurine Clow. MISS MONTANA COMMITTEE be- gan planning the pageant and did much work in selection and training ot candidates, choosing ot iudges, pub- licity, and overall management. The program was discontinued in the midst of work and plans due to its im- practicability and finances. -lhe time spent was valued for the experience and stimulated interest in the pro- gram. Back: Armond Pepe, Doug Beighle, Dick Hansen, Doug Anderson, and George Boifeuillet. Middle: Mrs. Robert Breen, Gay Vannoy, Jamie Yule, Darlene Speck, and Pat Strope. Front: llen Egger, Gwen Gholson, Chairman JoAnn Grundstrom, Lynn Jelinek, and Beverly Terpening. MISS MONTANA CANDIDATES were trained under the direction of Mrs. Robert Breen and 'Gay Vannoy. The girls were nominated by students and faculty members on the basis of talent, personality, and beauty. Even though the pageant was not held the Candidates benefited from the training in department, poise, and presentation. Other girls also took part in the training sessions. Candidates were, back: Margery Crockett, Donna Murray, 'Shirley DeForth, JoMae Chase, Jeanne Couture, Rowena Day, and Donna Nooney, Front: Billy McFarland, Anna Jane Caldwell, Leona Facincani, Berta Huebl, Verna Johns, Elizabeth Bluechel, and Pat O'Hare. l27 ANDY COGSWELL, head of the division, admin- 'strates the news service, alumni ottice, and activities such as the home study and adult edu- cation services, and the correspondence school tram his office in the basement ot the Law Luilding. BERT HANSEN, community consultant, works di- rectly with Montanans on various community projects. Much of his time is spent editing scripts and directing summer pageants throughout the state. MARY MARGARET COURTNEY, secretary in the home study and adult education ottice, is the "middle man" between correspondent and the ex- tension student and his instructor and is also "dispatcher" for the University car pool, BILL SPAHR is involved in a never ending round of tape recordings and transcriptions of the audible talents ot the University. They are distributed to many parts ot the state and nation and aid in good will and increased enrollment. PUBLIC SERVICE DIVISIO as fi? '55 HELEN WARDEN, alumni records secretary, keeps records of all alumni, collects their dues, writes much of the news in the alumni news bulletin, and allocates com- mencement tickets. EARL MARTELL, director of news and pub- lications service, and TOM ROBERTS, news assistant, write and release all news ot Uni- versity and student activities, and write and edit virtually all University non-student pub- lications. The two also obtain photos of campus news events and scenery tor pub- lication. l28 xp lfl Slllliilll lllllllll N 51414: 7 PSS' its lei A A i r gg x-" THE STUDENT UNION EXTERIOR with its bright umbrella-shaded tables took an new color fall quarter. The meeting place of students and faculty, the student union was abuzz with activity and people either rushing from meeting to meeting, purchasing in the Book store, relaxing in the Coke store, lounging in the lounge, playing in the game room, or transacting in the business office. The evenings were well filled with club meetings, marching, dancing, and office work. The Student Union Executive board lorded over the functions of the Union, mulled over the Field House problem, and initiated action for next year's council which will have an elected student president and working committees. l29 BOOK STORE ond Coke store ore owned and operated by the Associated Students and are housed on the lower floor of the Student Union. The store supplies the students with text books, supplies, novelties, notions, confections, and athletic supplies. Five students and five full- time people ore employed by the store, Back: Gene Carlson, Tom Ritter, Steve Hucko, and Mark Hammerness. Front: Betty Lou Nelson, Helen Aune, and Joy Needham. Not pictured: Shirley Hardy, Ellsworth Jones, Don Olson, and Morris McCollum. COKE STORE face lifting with pictures of student personalities and murals helped in- crease its popularity. This picture shows the noon shift. Nearly forty students work here during the fourteen hour day. The tables are well filled during free class time, between classes, and during convos. The- staff consists of manager Jack Cuthbert, Harold Maus, Don Halverson, Leon Conner, Marilyn Nichol, Jerry Donnelly, Ralph Backa, Kathryn Lindseth, Mrs. Verna Rice, Diana Penwell, Mrs. Sena Hausted, Mrs, Mae Brown, and Jim Tutwiler. STORE BOARD is the elected governing body of the Associated Students' Store which in- cludes the fountain, cafeteria and book store. Store board plons the budgets of the store and discusses policies during the luncheon meetings. Standing: Jack Cuthbert, Paul Bis- choff, Park Densmore, J. W. Severy, and Morris McCollum. Seated: Jack Thomas, Helen Aune, Joy Needham, and Bob Artz. STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE BOARD man- aged the many sub-committees working in various phases of the building and student activity operation. Members of the cam- mittee made a trip ta Pullman, Washington, to review plans for a new Union. Back: Barbara Pence, Dick Biggerstaff, Norman Anderson, Peder Hoiness, chairman Anton Hollinger, and l.ouMarilyn Vierhus. Front: Vincent Wilson, Cyrile Van Duser, Edward Dugan, Maurine Clow, and Herbert Wunderlich. Not pictured: Kirk Badgley. NIGHT CLERKS helped make it possible for students to work, dance, march, and enjoy themselves in the Union, They looked after the crowds and helped check coats for dances and public functions. The clerks are Bob Burr, Hurley Wilson, Emmet Haynes, and Bill Brock- Iey, not pictured. BUSINESS OFFICE staff kept track of all the money that went through the I37 organiza- tions, five fraternities, and two sororities which have their accounts there. Streams of students received help with their busi- ness troubles. One of the purposes of the office is to help new organization officers in' planning their financial matters. The picture shows Chuck Teague, fraternity bookkeeper, Mary Nicol, supervisor, cashier, bookkeeper, and student advisor, Kirk Badgley, student Comptroller, Shirley Guettler, sorority and as- sistant bookkeeper, Joy Hope, typist, and Bob Dundas, head baakkeeper. .nd za 1' v -'l E' ff if if P k :H fir as , gf an A, am ., Hx 'Uhr' ' CAT ON ln Special Recognition Of all the students interested in the growth of the University, perhaps the one who has done the most to further that growth is photographer, Ted Hewett. Rela- tively little could be achieved in having a fine university such as ours, if that university did not communicate its l32 worth to the outside world. ln this area of publication, Ted, with the reportorial ability of Bill Jones produced a 20-minute, sound-color movie. Except for his materials and an extra reel of the movie for himself, he completed a proiect, without any reimbursement, which will in- fluence the building of Montana State University for years to come. ,-.-.-t-m...,....,,......-.....-........-,.,c, .. A. - ' ' ...,.--, .,.. W.. ....,,.. M-, mm.. -................,-f.-... -..-,vm THE MDN ANA K IMI KAIMIN kept the students and faculty well versed in their activities. The- staff end reporting class had their fingers in every campus pie and knew all the inside dope so that they soon felt like majors in the departments they re-ported. After four days a week of reporting, editing, and copyreading the busy staffers often sought nightcaps after putting the paper to bed. 'LEW KEIM. editor, with his staff covered the Field House and Student Union campaigns expertly, His best editorials dealt with the Duke Ellington dance and the proposed legislative bill to combine presidents of all the state higher education components in Montana. Lew drew fire in the letters to the editor column and was equally famous for his replies. Readers found many becutiful examples of horizontal make-up throughout the issues cf the student publication. Lew, 0 Sigma Nu and Silent Sentinel, was also a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Upon exit of the editor "Party, Inc." Completely atrophied. JOY EAST, business manager, tried to keep the Kaimin on sound financial tracks. She tolerated a small advertising staff and bravely faced the threat of outgo on less income. Much of her time was spent with Winnie Dinn, advisor Ed Dugan, and pressroom foreman Claud Lord increasing receipts and cutting down costs. The immigrant from Idaho alternated be-tween the life of a financier and that of a public relationist. Joy was a member of Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi and the Coke store, EDWARD DUGAN. Kaimin advisor, reached the eighth postwar year still intact along with his wartme Navy iokes. Dugan served as moderator between the "Great Unwashed" and the Kaimin staff. He sometimes wished that the advertising staff would produce as well as his female cat. Besides his feline' interests he spends Friday noons at Montana forum, meets with the Student Union Executive Board, carefully participates in Publications board, and is the mainstay of the journalism bowling team. 133 BILL JONES, copy editor, associate, and overseer of copyreaders, spared no time and work in covering the special events such as the Field House and S.U. merger and frequent Central board disputes. Bill spent much time reporting and writing his column, "Humoresque," as well as the script for the film, "This is Your Univer- sity." FRANK NORBERG, sports editor and associate, grad- uated at the end of fall quarter and soon after be- came editor of the Wolf Point weekly, ln his col- umn, "This We'ek," he in- terpreted the sports field and gave much play to foot- ball. A boxer himself, Frank covered with special atten- tion the boxing events. ALLAN ROSE, news editor, associate, and holder of the time record for the "paper- to-beid-in-double-quick- time" honor resigned at the end of inter quarter to take a position with the Aramy. He was replaced by Ray Moholt. l34 BETTY SMITH, feature editor and as- sociate, oversaw the society section and was responsible for the abund- ance of columns. A Tri Delt, she is a former junior sponsor, wrote "The Coed," was editor of the Theta Sig issue and the "Lewistown Daily News." aj, iff f fi Q-fL,X il? tiif TED HEWETT, photographer, also took many pictures for the News Service. Another member of "Party, lnc.," Ted, an active independent, took the movie, "This ls Your Uni- versity," as well as getting more than several journalists through photogra- phy class. ff... wr THE FRESHMEN KAIMIN in its beginning stages on the copy desk with Mary Delarnette in the slot and Earl Dutton on the rim. Ma- terial from the four-storied copy sifter goes to the copyreaders who put a head on the stories and send them down to the printer. lt's as simple as thot. ii, . 4 ,. ...Q JACK ZYGMOND, sports editor and associate, replaced Frank Norberg winter quarter. His brisk writing added color to the sports page. He was also top basketball and soft- ball player in the intramural league. CARLA WETZSTEON, assistant news editor and associate beginning fall quarter, specialized in forestry, society, and Ted l-lewett. Carla spent the year Spurring and filled in as AWS secretary. RAY MOHOLT, news editor and as- sociate, took over from Allan Rose winter quarter and was in charge of reporters and special events. l-le was kept busy as editor of the Press club, "lncinerator," and president of that organization. PAT EYER, circulation manager, re- placed a long line- of inefficient types and thrived on the early hours of snow and cold. Pat campaigned for an English bike to save footsteps in carrying and dropping Kaimins. l35 dish' GN MESH EDITOR HEI-EN LENHART' herself an independent sort, let the associates be independent in their ideas and deadlines. Spending much of her time in the darkroom and as the patron of "Venture," Helen found time to have her violin lessons and her daily fiddling. With an unprecedented filing system she kept the staff guess- ing as to where the' missing pictures and copy were to be found. Not one to be worried by things gone askew, the placid editor faced cold reality, and with a small group of loyal staff members wound up the book. BUSINESS MANAGER PEDER HOINESS watched over the Sentinel budget with a sharp evil eye. "Do you have a requisition" Peder rode herd on Sentinel nickels until he found greener pastures as i954 ASMSU Business Manager. A Sigma Chi and future married man, Peder got in training for budget mindedness. i952 Sentinels became a medium of exchange due to their scarcity, but the crew-cutted one kept them vaulted tighter than Fort Knox. ADVERTISING MANAGER BII-L CAMPBELL took over the job of looking after the ad chasers. A Sigma Chi, Bill assigned the bringing in of the much needed the freshmen ad staff. Ad sales lagged all year, until he personally put on a spirited campaign and pulled in the necessary ads to fill up the section and the piggy bank. i953 SENTINEL DOUG "BEACON" ANDER- SON,hyper-ambitious associate and Sigma Chi, plotted on Sen- tine-l time and settled for the 550 a month Sentinel editor- ship and senior class and IRC presidencies. "l'll make them do it" Deacon did the poli- ticians, student journalists, and third year sections and assisted in last minute '53 work while putting out the '54 edition a year ahead of time. PAT TI'IOMA5,Sentinel's most consistent associate, led the staff in the race for deadlines. Between organ lessons, Aqua- maids, and Alpha Phi, Pat managed to apply for the Sen- tinel's business manager post and took over the responsibil- ity early. During the last part of the year Pat finished up the senior and faculty sections as well as her own organization section. BEV HENNE, associate, also Traditions board chairman, Kams and Dregs High Poten- tate, Central board delegate, and KAT, had her chief in- terest in Dick Doyle-. Between meetings and trips she worked on the Greek, senior, and queens section. Chosen out- standing senior woman by Theta Sigma Phi, Bev leaves all this for housewife life. JERRY MURPHY, associat was in charge of the sporf section and had part respon sibility for the seniors. Throug the exuberance of Muriel Grif' fin the sports section cam through. Jerry was electe "Worthal" of Bibler fame b a slim majority. His reputa tion with the ladies lingere on to the end, although he be gan resting on his laurels. SE'-DON BECK, chief photographer, acquired the nickname, "Seldumb," and came to the rescue with tech- nical knowledge . . . also smoke bombs and radio transmitters as Sen- tinel's Edison, Always up to some- thing, Seldon worked ungodly hours in the darkroom getting out the final products of negatives. One of the office fixtures ar:d new associates, he never failed being the focal point of the wrath of the editors and ad- ministration. fbx MARGERY FOOT. the only person at MSU who understands the system of indexing, carried off the grueling task with efficiency and dispatch. While she worked she was never too busy to observe and be amused by the antics of the staff. MURIEI- GRIFFIN, a complete and con- densed Sentinel staff herself, did everyone- else's work and contributed to the cheer and high spirits of the staff. She baked cakes for birthday parties and kept mem- bers supplied with goodies. Muriel will take over as an associate next year to become one of the rare female sports editors. TED HEWETT, photographer, shot for the News Service and the Kaimin and loaned a majority of pictures to the Sentinel. Ted qt? always saw the campus with the eye of a ,V ,ia shutte-r-bug and Carla Wetzsteon acted as " Q ," the birdie. THE ADVERTBING STAFF under the direction of Bill Campbell and with the immovable shadow of Peder Hoiness, started fall quarter with a bang in the selling of ads to local establishments and home' town merchants. Left to right they are Joann Haftle, Jere Lee Rivenes, Lois LeDuc, Don Wall, Alice Smith, Ron Munger, Audrey Richardson, and Mary Ellen Erickson, in front are Bill Campbell, George Bovingdon, and Jim Norris, and not pictured is Don Olson. l137 7-lf' GEORGIA GEORGE typed and eagerly helped with the Greek section during her spare mo- ments. Georgia also appeared often in the office to assist in drawing layouts. CHUCK COOPER contributed to the usable file of abstract photographic art which appears in the book. He also filmed the faculty and sports events. INEZ MYERS, stickler for de- tail, aided in the initial fall quarter duties. She turned out impressive letters to the en- graving, printing, and cover companies. DEL MULKEY stepped into the office during the last part of the year and wrote activity copy in an informal appealing style. Del also did artwork for "Venture," CYRILE VAN DU- SER, Sentinel ad- visor, dropped in from her office around the corner to see how the book was coming along cnd to help out with her pho- tographic knowl- edge, equipment, and advice when it was needed. KAY HUDSON reintroduced the activity pictures and stories for her dorm section, Another one of the 54 associates Kay, during her fourth quarter in attendance became ASMSU Vice-president, a post which ordinarily requires at least seven. LARRY GAUGHAN worked on the fraternity and sorority section while he was hiding out from his fraternity brothers who have a custom of tying to trees those who have hung their pins. l-le and Shirley DeForth both active on cam pus, did considerable- grade curve sharpening CRETA STUCKY wrote copy for the dr ma section as well as stories for national magazines. One of next years associates, Creta believed in "a finger in every pie and had her share of campus activities BUSY TYPING out the index on one of the two new machines are Margery Foot and Rita Steinbrink Joan Croghan lnot picturedl, one of the hardest working freshmen, also put in many hours in the corner office in the Student Union building. Happily planning the '54 book are future Business Manager Pat Thomas and Editor Deacon Anderson. 138 VE TLIRE THE NEW ALL-SCHOOL MAGAZINE attempted to give students cn outlet for their creative abilities in the fields of writing and drawing. Allan Rose, one of the students receiving rewards for writing, was the recipient of the Joyce Memorial prize for his article on fire fighting in the winter issue. Doreen Magazian, Ful- bright student from Greece, received the second Joyce Memorial prize for her story, "Fog," in the spring issue. Delbert Mulkey received a Venture award for his line drawings. Advisor Henry Larom sparked Publication board into making money available and establishing a Venture staff. Helen Lenhart, as a senior journalism project, took responsibility of getting the first issue out and continued editing during spring. Appearing in snappy abstract covers, Venture printed articles and stories from students representing the English depart- ment, to the Physical Education and Pharmacy depart- ments, Artists too represented departments from Busi- ness Administration to Wildlife. Back: Advisor Henry Larom, co-art editors Dick Crist and Art Jette, makeup editor Helen Lenhart, editorial board member Bill Jones, and artist Del Mulkey. Front: ad staff member Joan Carey, poetry editor Emily Chesmore, business manager Juanita Chapman, and fiction editor Alice Anne Buls. lNot picturedl: Doreen Magazian, business manager Winnie Dinn, Lewis Keim, Jack Shapiro, Gene Tidball, Betty Smith, and Beverly Johnson, editorial board, Jean Herbert, Lois LeDuc, Ruth Franz, Kris English, Maryanne Beecher, Helen Davis, Darlene Dahlman, Darlene Speck, and Pat O'Hare, advertising, and Edmond Freeman, fac- ulty aide. if Mtlli :0G...2ld: '55- F RE TRY K IMI THE STAFF OF THE YEARBOOK ot the For- estry school out llW a busy year rn thelr Forestry burldlna ottlce lncluded IIT the yearly are artn- cles ot a technlcal and semr-technlcal nature written by forestry students, accounts ot the year's torester actlyltles, and a llst ot students and thelr addresses, The Bt?-page book lS dusf trlhuted Ill the tall to torestry students! Ulllmllll and others lnterested rn the tleld ot torestry I4 Back' Photoarapher Ralph Jaszkowsla, Clrcula- tlon Manager Dlck Johnson, and Layout Man aaer Blll Taliaterro Front: Adyertlslna Man- ager Nell Peterson! Business Manager Phll Hanson, Edltor Dlck Faurot, and Photo Editor Blll Qyerdortt, In addltlon to the statt pictured, rnuch tune was contrllvuted lvy Faculty Adylsor Paul Brunsy Layout Alde Boh Greenan, Cover Deslaner Dayld Owen! and Wayne Futchel, Ani' flv ,.M-10" v"""" ,,!-""""' ,...--"""'-V W gf V ff!! I ! r M6 X V, k W . Ji . 4 Q1 .5 4 W r R . X vavsi.. it Q J' 'YUA . ,,,,-.. .Fw 'Z ' mf A .1 , , ,, 3 I ? ,M Aiffhf-31' 'K 5 V' W TU x' I 2 . ' ' G g W 'N 'W Ni Kiwi 1 wx ' ij' MM in hz jsk , sf K s VII. Af . A'-. . A I , 4 fv A' I ' '73 I LOCAL DRAMA GROUP OFFICERS: President Nancy Hays Vice-President Dorothy Ross Secretary Helen Hayes Treasurer Beverly Praetz Historian Donna Mithun DR. STANLEY HAMILTON replaced Mr. LeRoy Hinze'who was working on his doctor's degree at the University of Illi- nois this year. Dr. Hamilton directed the summer session little theater and the three major MSU productions, "Androcles and came here from Santa Barbara col- lege. He received his BA. and M.A. degrees from the University ot Iowa and was director of Play Shop at Purdue Uni- versity. During the war Dr. Hamilton was the entertainment director of China, and the Lion," "Death of a Salesman," Burma, and India theaters and while and "Light Up the Sky." He received there went on seven tours of Asia with his Ph.D. from the University of Utah his company. MASQU ER BACK ROW: Thomas Kilpatrick, Robert Haight, David Weiss. Charles Schmitt. Jack Shapira. MIDDLE ROW: Nancy Hays, Donna Mithun, Helen Hayes, Patricia Koob. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Linscheld, Beverly Praetz, Donna Murray. NOT PICTURED2 Thomas Sherlock, Marjorie Lovberg, Doriothy Ross, Alice Anne Buls, Art Lundell, Carol Murray, Mary Maurer, Tutti Sherlock. DAVID WEISS designed the sets ranging from a Roman Coliseum to a New York pent house apartment for the three Masquer productions this year. He also took a major role as Ferrovius, a Chris- tian of tremendous strength and a quick temper, in the play, "Androcles and the Lion." Weiss who received his M.A. from the University of Wisconsin, spe- cializes in lighting and design. Before coming to MSU last year, he worked with professional summer stock and with a road show for a season. Page l4l : While plans for a proposed little theater were being drawn up, MSU dramatists continued to produce high-caliber plays. On the "Androcles" set they are: lleft to rightl technical director, Dave Weiss: director, Dr. Stanley Hamilton: Jack Shapiro as An- droclesp Pot Koob as Androcles' wife: and Tom Sherlock as the lion. 142 ANDROCLES AND THE LION HANDROCLES AND THE LlON" portrayed the story ot Christian martyrdom in the times of ancient Rome, Androcles llack Shapiral, a hen-pecked husband, betriends a lion llom Sherlocki in the torest who later protects An- drocles tram his wite lPat Koobi and trom death in the Roman Coliseum, The group ot Christians along with Androcles who face mar- tyrdom represent several kinds of people tram the whimpering Spintho lGordon Rognlieni who wants to die and gets himselt thrown all over the stage, to the gigantic Ferrovius lDave Weissi who doesn't know his own strength and though he wants to be gentle, yet thrills in overpowering the gladiators Lavina lthe te- male lead played hy Marge Lovhergl, a Chris- tian who tolls in love with the Roman captain lFrank Arnessi, provided the romantic interest in the play, Like most humans, the Christians did not tully understand the cause tor which they were willing to die. But all ends happily when Androcles meets the lion and they dance through the tinal scene. Playing a very human part in a table play and an obviously unrealistic one, Jack Shapira re- ceived special praises. Well deserved, too, were the praises given to Tom Sherlock. The "Androcles" cast rehearsed for a play that was to be well received: lleft to righti Harold Hansen, Dorothy Ross, Donna Brown, Los eDuc, Jerry Wolford, Jack Shapira, Jim Farrington, Dave Weiss, Gordon Rognlien, and Bob Engebretson. -zfbiri Y '-'- L ' K1-'1 .LU iifffffoey f..iL'HS',f'iiJ'f14--if ' M X 1-:am 1 - i , N ,ii r ' "'3r49?:aw:'f:?4'1E4:fini my , ,K XV, me 1 W lm' 1 Karl! l W 1 i he, i E X i "HAVE YOU SEEN HERB CARSON?" was on the lips ot every theater-going student during winter auarter, Herb brought to the stage ot MSU one ot the most human portrayals seen in his Char- acterization ot Willy Loman in "Death ot a Salesman." Herb and Slap Rognlien laboye lettl, Wil- ly's boss, talk ot Willy's growing failure as a salesman. Marjorie Loyberg laboye rightl who "puts him to the buyers" derides Willy in his hotel room in Boston, This scene poses one ot the main problems in Willys lite when his oldest sony Bitt, tinds that he has been untaithtul to his wite. Wil- ly's relatiyes and triends lbottoml attend Willy's tunerali llett to rightl Willy's youngest son, Happy, played by Jack Shapiraj his wite, played by Pat Kooby his oldest son, Bitt, played by Tom Sherlockg Willy's best triend, Charlie, played by Tom Kilpatriclq and Charlie's successful son, played by Alan Goddard. 144 'Y' ggi' 551 3 WILLY KHERB CARSON! and his wife lPat Koobl watch with horror and concern as WilIy's wealthy brother, Ben, played by Neil Edstrum, shows Biff lTom Sherlock! and Happy Uack Shapiro? how to fight in the jungle. TOM SHERLOCK, Herb Carson and Jack Shapira talk over old times and discuss ways of get- ting ahead in this world. Credit goes to the stagecraft people and to those who worked on lighting for the show. Two "girl friends" lLois Le- Duc and Donna Murray? who join Biff and Happy at Willy's dinner wonder about Willy and his reactions when Biff tells Willy that he didn't sell his idea to set himself up in the sporting goods business. ' " gl Axelh as R : cy yy B wryty H h e ' ., M. .e y i'i' mf' 9 4 W Principals in the cast toast Gordon Travis, the director. Left to right are Ron Richards, Pat Koob, Helen Hayes, Harold Hansen, Marjorie Lovberg, Jack Shapiro, Travis, DiAnne Stephens, and Jack Howell, Above: The air clears as producer lJaCk Shapiral sees the human side of show business and of show people and savs so. Left to right: Hansen, Lovberg, Shapiro, Travis. The audience cheered with the cast when the reviews of the play were successful. Gordon Travis completely fixed the scene with his eternal, "l could cry." Left to right: Hayes, Lovberg, Shapiro, Travis and Stephens. l46 LIGHT UP THE KY Above: Harold Hansen and .lack Shapira plead with Morj Lov- berg to continue with her career on the stage. DiAnne Stephens and Ron Richards watch. Right: The Shrinkers are in town --and in and out ofthe apartment, to add their drunken comedy to an already lively scene. ln this scene author, Harold Hansen, doesn't seem too ready to accept their cheerful spirits. "We could have cried," we laughed so hard during "Light Up the Sky." Helen Hayes did an outstanding job with her swinging strut and her loud and rather un- couth language. Jack Shapiro, Pat Koob and Marjorie Lovberg in their third play of the year por- trayed their parts with their usual ease and talent. Cthers in the cast were Ron Richards, Gordon Travis, l-larolcl Hansen, DiAnne Stephens, Jack Howell, and Tom Needham. Upper left: Jack Shapira greets Harold Hansen, the playwright, and a detective, at the door of the apartment. Mari Lovberg and Gor- don Travis glumly wait the out- come ot the scene. wi: gf? 13 in Q -90 X iw: , sf- 1 'Tsai 1:12. 39,2 , , . Q f 5 Q V. ga may ' W M5231 UNIVERSITY SYMPHONIC BAND includes: flutes, Judith Harden and Joanne Giesick, oboes, John Marvin, Delores George and Shirley Lenhart, English horn, John Marvin, clarinets, Monroe DeJarnette, Harold Harvey, Jane Valentine Arlene Werle, LaMar Forvilly, Joel Story, Marieonne Carroll, Stella Boucher, James Carrell, Thomas Thomas, Marie Duff, Katherine Crockett, Alice Smith, Ann Hodge and Joyce Howanach, alto clarinet, Cecelia Ullman, bass clarinet, Richard Eichholz, and Patricia Gray, bassoons, Don Hardisty and Shirley DeForth, saxophones, Gerene Wilson, Judith Patton, Wilma Jean Dawson, Marlene Hoyt, and Dan Jamieson, cornets, Sam Davis, James Hansen, Don Landreville, Richard Ely, Roland Grotte, Jack Lind, Carl Rimby and Don Divine, trumpets, Wayne Linnell, Jack Newman, Tom Nelson and William Dehon, French horns, Marlene McKinley, Ronald Bacon, Eleanor Schmidt, Lou Ella Knudsen, Audrey Richardson, and Beverly Lahn, baritones, Ray Halubka, Clair Hallock, Quentin Marino and Nadine Genger, trombones, Jack McFarland, Leo Musburger, Gerald Wofard and lnez Myers, bosses, Earl Walton, Donald Schessler, Ed Colby and William Dickinson, percussion, Harold Gillet, George Tipp, Bobbie Atkinson and Ruth Buzzetti. AN S FLDLIRI H AS THE STUDY OF MUSIC becomes more important to MSU, the four Uni- versity bands flourished. The concert band labovel gave several concerts throughout the year playing compositions ranging from Bach and Wagner to modernists like Frank Skinner and the University's own Paul Abel and Monroe DeJarnette. The concert band made several trips around the state, one along with the orchestra and the Jubileers to the Butte music festival, The Marching band faithfully performed for parades and half-time entertainment and two small Pep bands alternated at basketball games. The Varsity Chamber band continued, obscure to non-musicians, as an experi- mental organization for students of music. This band performed new compo- sitions while giving students practice in conducting. ROTC drills aided in precision by the performance of the ROTC band, made colorful spring evening entertainment for "civilians." Eight outstanding bond members were selected to attend the Northwest interscholastic band in Bellingham, Washington. They were Monroe DeJarnette, Harold Harvey, Judith Harden, Richard Eichholz, James Hansen, Leo Musburger, Jack McFarland and Richard Ely. Justin Gray lrightl sets up half-time performances for the Marching bond. A recipient of degrees from the University of Michigan and Eastman School of Music, Mr. Gray, himself a proficient clarinetist, is well known as a guest conductor in ldiho, Washington and Montana. ln spring i953 he was elected chairman of the district organization of college band directors. PROFESSOR JOHN LESTER lleftl stands at the entrance of the new and ultro-modern School of Music. l49 UNIVERSITY AVENUE spectators watched Indian dancer-twirlers leading the Homecoming parade. Cancan dances, tumbling and twirling combinations, and new tan buckskin cos- tumes supplemented regular twirling routines. Baton twirlers this year were Nancy Schilling, Georgiana Coppedge, and Shirley Spehn, double batons, Mae Behner, a Theta, and Helen Ring, tumble-twirlers, and Muriel Griffin, DG, Georgia George, KAT, and Rowena Day, Alpha Phi, single batons. SPECTACULAR TWIRLING EXHIBITIONS by leaders .lack Howell lrightl and Eileen Polk thrilled football and parade audiences throughout fall quarter. Eileen, a Theta from Williston, N. D., was an Aquamaid, Co-ed Colonel, and a member of Publications board. Jack, a transfer form Washington, has twirled for lil years. The appearance of this Sigma Chi gave the girls something to watch beside the band formations between game halves, DON HARDISTY, drum major from Butte, led the band through their difficult numbers and formations exceedingly well lexcept for the time he lost them at one- end of the fieldl. ln one capacity or another this talented music major participated in the majority of musical events, A member of Phi Mu Alpha, his most memorable performance wcs in their annual assembly, He played a female movie-star in a bathing suit. DRESSED in their white buckskin Indian costumes, the three double baton twirlers led the Parade' of Athletes for the l953 lnterscholastic Meet. NANCY, a DG from Missoula was one of the finalists for Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, a leader in Grizzly Growlers, and will be a Spur and Sophomore veep next year. GEORGIANA, a KAT from Polson, spent most of her time polishing Ran Faust's SAE pin. Aquarnaid and Sponsor Corps activities took up the remainder of her time. SHIRLEY, a Theta from Missoula was usually seen in the- company of "George." Dancing was the sideline hobby for this smiling 5'2" PE major who is also a member of Sponsor Corps. ,,.Allv' SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA includes: first violins, Betty Rumph DeJarnette, Virginia Balkovetz, Mora MacKinnon, Dian Giulio, Dorothy Blegen, Lois Gram, Adelaide' Thornton, and Irving Boekelheide, second violins, Stella Critelli, Pamela Brechbill, Kath- ryn Cardinale, Jean Stephens, Andrew Browman, Beverly Lahn and Robert MacDonald, violas, Pauline Oberg, Larry Martinec, Helen Wunderlich, and Lloyd Oakland, cellos, Carol Critelli, James Carrell, Gladys Lewis, Lawrence Coloff and Alice Carkeek, basses, Judson Maynard and Robert Sutton, flutes, Judith Harden and David Line, oboes, John Marvin and Delores George, English horn, John Marvin, clarinets, Monroe DeJornette, Harold Harvey and Joel Story, bassoons, Donald Hardisty and Justin Gray, horns, Marjorie Holden, Eleanor Schmidt, Lou Ella Knudsen and Paul Abel, trumpets, Sam Davis, Don Landreville, and Richard Ely, trombones, Jack McFarland, Leo Musburger and Donald Schessler, tympani and percussion, Harold Gillet and Rich- ard Ely, piano, Virginia Rowe. CDRCHESTR PERFORMS FOR DEDICATIO As for as pure cultural development is concerned, the symphony orchestra prob- ably contributes the most at MSU. Besides giving a campus concert each quarter as well as out-of-town concerts, the orchestra accompanied the choral groups in the Christmas program and in convocations, Coming to their glory in the dedication services, the orchestra performed the specially composed, "Proud Music of the Storm," by Lowndes Maury, a native of Butte and a graduate of MSU. They also performed other difficult modern music by current composers including Monroe DeJarnette, Robert Sutton and Paul Abel, This concert was taped for CBS network broadcasting. Students in the orchestra as well as other music majors and music faculty presented weekly recitals. Soloists for this group included violinists Betty DeJarnette- and Virginia Balkovetz and clarinetist, Monroe De- Jarnette. A group of 20 selected to tour is known as the Symphonette. Eugene Andrie, conductor, often toured as adjudicator and solo violinist. He- has received degrees from Western Michigan Colleae of Education and the University of Washington. As a member of the University trio, Mr. Andrie performed with cellist Robert Sutton and pianist Rudolph Wendt. ln one program they presented a piece using quarter tones. 151 Well traveled and highly praised, the Jubileers presented I4 programs at ten Montana cities including a performance sponsored by the March of Dimes at the Livingston Civic center. They were broadcast as far away as Nuremberg, Germany, Besides singing such diverse numbers as "O Eyes of My Beloved" by di Lasso to cowboy ballads with guitar accom- paniment, the Jubileers also sang four of Gilbert Leibinger's compositions, "Gotta Get Me a Man," "l-leyl Hey! You're Playing With Fire," "l'm in Love With an Angel," and "Won't You Be- My Valentine." The Jubileers are: back, Gary Reese, Gordon Travis, Charles Stone, Robert l-loyem, Clifford Collins, Wayne Folden, James Cole and Arnold l-luppert, front, Berta l'-luebl, Danna Nooney, Jeanne Couture-, Marajean Briclenstine, Ruth Palmer, Patricia Fraher, Jane Gaethke, Billy Ann McFarland, Marjorie Lovberg, and Donna Murray. Gilbert Leibinger at the piano and Lloyd Oakland directing. JUBILEERS, SEXTET GRCW I POPULARITY Popular entertainers are these six talented freshmen who sang at civic organization meetings in and out of Missoula. They were fea- ---'-"" tured on the Benefit Choral pro- gram and at the Music School Nite Club dance. They are: standing, Joan Giesick and Betty Rucker, seated, Annamae Kavatch and Jill Hageman, on floor, Elea- nor Fox and Virginia Vanl"lorne. They are directed by James Cole, Bt 153 OPERA WORKSHGP KEEPS IN TRIM THE OPERA workshop group, worming up to o tull-scole production next yeor, troyeled obout the stote presenting excerpts of operos. During dedcotion week they presented the "Sailing ot Noncy Bell," "The Telephone," ond excerpts from l'Shovvboot." Some ot the outstcinding numbers from "Showboot" were "lVlol4e Believe," sum by leonne Couture ond Robert l-loyem, llite Upon the Wicked Stogef' o comedy num- ber performed by Mdrlene Mcliinley ond the vvomen's sextet, ond Jim Coles version ot "Qld Mon River," Workshop members ore: Bock, Roy lnlolublco, Chorles Stone, Lewis Knox, Robert Hoyem, Jeonne Couture, Jomes Cole, Thomos Nelson, Donold Schessler ond Woyne Eolden, middle, Potricio Eroher, Ruth Polmer, Robert Spiwok, Berto l-luebl ond Pdtricio Ullore, front, Betty Rucker, Joonne Giesick, Arinomde Koyotch, Donno Murroy, Eleonor Fox, Virginio Vonhlorne, ond Jill hlogemon. VIOLINIST MORA MacKINNON, pianist Pauline Oberg and cellist Gladys Lewis performed classical and semi-classical music at re- citals. Occasionally groups like this one and the string quartet entertain or provide background music at teas and at other gather- ings. String Groups Received Little Publicity BUT PRO IDED MUCH E JQYME T THREE SENIORS and a sophomore make up the music school quartet which played at recitals and other functions, The two vialinists, Betty Rumph DeJarnette and Virginia Ballcovetz both acted as concert rnistresses at the various orchestra concerts. Stella Critelli acted as principal for the second violins in the orchestra and sophomore, Carol Critelli as principal tor the cello section, They are: lleft to right! Virginia Balkovetz, yioling Betty DeJarnette, violing Carol Critelli, Cellog and Stella Critelli, viola. l55 Mishel Piastro, Conductor Longines Symphonette Vivian Della Chiesa, soprano CCMMUNITY CONCERTS George Gershwin: Jesus Moria Sauroma Igor Gorin, baritone Gershwin concert 156 WW ,X gf ,f'f x Bob Antonick Guard Don Gerlinger End Gene Carlson Half Back Eddie Chinske Bob Lamley Head Coach Tackle John Zeger Hal Maus Line Coach End Fred Mirchoff Assistant Coach Full-back Frank Milburn I952 UTAH STATE 7--MONTANA 0 Under the illuminating lights of Dornblazer field, the first Skyline Con- ference contest of the l9'52 football season was played between Utah State and the University of Montana. Although school's start was scheduled a week later, many MSU students attended the game to see the Grizzlies actually better Utah State in total yards l73-166 and in first downs IO-8 only to lose in the all important points' department O-7. While the first half was domi- nated by Montana, the second was played on more even terms except for the Utah State march in the third period that was culminated by Del Ray Camp- bell's touchdown. The line play of Jim Murray and the punting of Bud Bellis greatly improved the Montana cause as they did throughout the season. WYOMING I4-MONTANA O The University of Wyoming was Montana's next obstacle. The Grizzlies traveled east to Laramie to lin the words of Greeley! "go west", but the Cowpokes hadn't the right meaning of this phrase as proved in the treat- ment of their guests. This game proved the main inadequacy of Montana: the impotence of its offense. Although strict Grizzly line play stopped Wyo- ming's two great backs, Spaulding and Geldien, two pass plays covered the necessary distance. The fumble played a destined part in the Grizzlies' thrust. These two game losses that could have been decided either way were bitter disappointments to Montana, and the difficult task of re-building morale fell heavily on the shoulders of Coach Chinske. Regardless of the losses the Grizzlies were far from thought of as being the conference "push- overs". it OCTBALL BRIGHAM YOUNG 28-MONTANA 7 Amidst Homecoming celebrities and celebrations, the Grizzlies enter- tained Brigham Young University for both teams' third conference game. Spectators were treated to a close, though somewhat disappointing garne for the first three quarters. The Grizzlies swatted the Cougers around like house cats but iust couldn't muster enough to cross the final white stripe. Mon- tana outrushed the boys from Provo by 2-l, but unfortunately the score was a reverse of this, Aside from all the pitfalls, the sun wasn't the only bright spot on this day of l-lomecorninafl-lal Gompf scored Montana's first touch- down of the season with a little more than four minutes left in the game. DENVER 7-MONTANA I7 Feelings in the "Mile High" city of Denver must have been low after the revenging Grizzlies somewhat atoned for their embarrassing loss of the previous year to the Pioneers. Montana wasted no time in driving to their first touchdown as Dean Brott scored on a pass. Denver tied the score at 7-7 in the fourth canto. At this point Don Gerlinger entered to kick a 28-yard field goal which proved to add the winning points. Minutes later Bob Dantic broke loose for 20 yards and the game's final touchdown. Specialist Gerlinger again converted. Mel Ingrarn Guard Gordon Jones Tackle Bo Laird Half-back i Jim Murray Tackle Dick Pinsoneault End Dick Shadoan Quarter-back Naseby Rhinehart Trainer Bob Luoma Manager Hal Maus Captain Jim Murray Outstanding Player Moy I have the next dance? Ed Anderson Jim Burke Bob Groves Marlyn Jensen OREGON 14-MONTANA I4 The Grizzlies flew to Eugene to play the University of Oregon Webfeet in one of the season's most exciting games. Big Bo Laird scored the game's first touchdown to put Montana in the leadg but Shaw, Oregon's great passer, threw two scoring passes to put the Webfeet out in front I4-7. Late in the last quarter Dick Heath threw Montana's only completed pass of the afternoon to Dean Brott for the tying touchdown. Seconds later Don Ger- linger missed an attempted field goal. Captain Hal Maus and Jim Murray showed well for Montana along with the superb punting of Bellis. MONTANA STATE IZ-MONTANA 35 From over the mountains came the Bobcats eager to engage the Grizzly Bear in their annual encounter. At game's opening the eager Bob- cats scored first blood against a seemingly overconfident Grizzly squad. By the finale the Bobcats were subdued per se, by Murdo Campbell who threw two touchdown passes to Ed Anderson and Fred Mirchoff, and ran 33 yards for another score. Dean Brott advanced his season's scoring total by driving for the Grizzly's first points. While Bob Antonick played the part of Gibralter in the middle of the line, linebacker Murray ran an interception into scoring territory. COLORADO A 6' M 4l-MONTANA 0 Two Colorado Aggies, Don Burroughs and Alex Burl, were fleet with the pigskin to outpass and outrun the Silvertips in a clash at Fort Collins. Brott and Dantic won the majority of the 56 yards gained by the Grizzlies. Jim Wilson Don Brant Deon Brott Murdo Campbell Don Orlich Joe Roberts Bob Stewart Chet Swearingen IDAHO 27-MONTANA 0 Montana's hopes for spoiling the Vandals Homecoming exercises were nil as Idaho outfought and outplayed the Grizzlies. The squad from the po- tato state could do no wrong as they took advantage of blocked kicks and fumbles to score four touchdowns while keeping the Grizzlies pointless. SAN JOSE STATE 39--MONTANA 20 Faced with the nearly impossible' task of erasing a 39-O half-time deficit at the Spartan's home in San Jose, the Grizzlies fought to three touch- downs in the second half, holding the sons of Sparta scoreless. San Jose, sporting the best offense in the nation, had their hands full in the second division as Dantic scored, followed by Brott's two touchdowns. NEW MEXICO I2-MONTANA 6 Albuquerque was the site of one of the better defensive conference games of the year when two teams met that were not exactly noted for dazzling offense. Montana, playing a definitely underdog role due to the Lobos 3-O conquest of the Colorado Aggies, was again plagued by "breaks", the maior one being a blocked punt. Fred Mirchoff scored from the five- yard line to be one of the few conference players to do such a feat against the Lobos this year. The dopesters did miss one prophecy, however, that of a possible kicking duel between conversionists, Mike Prokopiak of New Mexico and the Grizzlies' Don Gerlinger. Prokopiak missed his first of the season and Gerlinger's lone attempt was his only miss in the conference. Bob Crumley Bob Dontic Joe DeLuca Owe-n Deuchler 'v .. ff. 'hlil i THUS, Montana ended the season with a record of two wins, one tie, and seven losses. Statistic totals were much closer, however, as the Grizzlies earned l2l first downs to their opponents l4O Gnd were out- rushed by a mere l707 yards to l67l. Bud Bellis, Grizzly punter, led the conference with a 40.7 yard average while Bo Laird and Bob Dantic played sixth and ninth, respectively, in rushing offense. Gene Carlson and Murdo Campbell earned conference honors as they were eighth and ninth in punt returning. Campbell also placed eighth in the passing de- partment. Dean Brott was the top Grizzly scorer with 30 points to gar- ner a seventh place ranking in the conference. ,ai .ii so Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov -.-.-. im., --hi lg Nov. Opponent Sept. Utah State ..... Sept. Wyoming ...... Oct. Brigham Young Oct. Denver ......,... Colorado AC-rM Oregon .......... Montana State Idaho ............ San Jose State ...... New Mexico .. HAL GOMPF BILLY GUE DICK HEATH DICK LINDSAY DON LITTLE FRANK NICKEL GEORGE SAMUELSON ED STOCKING Mont. Place O .... .. . Missoula O .... ...... L aramie 7 .... .... 1 'viissoula l7 .... ........,.. D enver O .... ...... F ort Collins l4 .... ...... E ugene 35 .... .,.. M issoulo O .... Moscow 20 .... ....... S an Jose 6 .... ,... A lbuquerque Burly Grizzlies move in on hapless Bobcat BA KETB LL Total lzjlaluable lgliver 'Word 'Te0m Nl' Znd . i e SW ln .n Codcopkll ack i.uck"""' . ,159 Total WONT?-,Q Best C -Shar? r Dleferwlve Playa Awcfd CO-Copgglft Jock Covpedge -roto P D 'total Pom 'l X omtS?4 Totfil pomlsf . Ndney -W" Mc io ts h So" ole 30 n XBX Z Front row: Rich Johnson Ed Anderson Co Ca atin J k L , , - p s ac uckman and Chuck Davis, Pat Curran and Bill Kahn. Second row: Don Welch Don Chaney, Ed Fine, Jack Co Steve Sanders, manager, Dick Trinasti h G Johnson and Coach George Dahlberg. COMM ability, Coach George Dahl ENCING THE SEASCN with a squad of unknown berg tutored the l953 Grizzly basketball team through a hard but successful year of Sky- line Eight basketball competition. Because the 1954 games will mark the opening of the new Fieid House, this proved to be the last season in which Montana "fives" played in the old Men's Gym. Almost as a passing gesture, the old Men's Gym provided a loyal homeground for the Silvertips to whittle opposing Titans down to a pliable size. On their home court the Montanans beat Utah, Utah State iwinner of the Madison Square Garden Invitational tournament which features such teams as LaSalle and N.Y.U.l Young, Denver, New Mexico, Color , Washington State, Brigham ado AGM, and Montana State. They lost only one game to the Cowpokes of Wyoming. The Grizzlies performed at a high degree of efficienc Y pus determination in cstablishIng a seasori's record of four- teen wins and eleven losszs while earning fourth place rank in the Skyline Conference with six wins, and eight losses. S h . .. . . uc individual stars as high scoring Chuck Davis lMost Valuable Playerl, Jack Luckman lco-sharer of Best Defensive Player Awardl, Dale Johnson, Jack Co ppedge, and Jim Mc- Naney are lost through graduation, ppedge and Jim McNaney. Back row c , eorge Samuelson, Dale TEAM RECORDS Most points in one game-1946, 103 points against Gonzaga Best average for season-11950, 77.4 points for 31 games Most points for season--1950, 2400 points Most wins in one season-1950, Z7 games Most successive wins-1942, 13 games Best FT percentage--1953, .626fZ7 Most FT in one season-1953, 580 Best win percentage-1950, .8714Mp Most FT in one season--1953, 34 against Wyoming Best FG percentage in one game-1951, 53619 against Portland Best FG percentage for one year--1950, .337 Wa High-paint man Chuck Davis scores against Cougars W1 Coach George Dahlberg WASHTNGTQN STATE MONTANA Pullman, Wash. IDAHQ UNIVERSITY MONTANA Moscow, Idaho G-ONZAGA UNIVERSITY MONTANA Kalispell GONZAGA UNIVERSITY MONTANA Butte WASHINGTON STATE MONTANA Butte WASHINGTON STATE MONTANA Missoula MSC MONTANA Butte COLORADO AGM MONTANA Ft. Collins, Colo. WYOMING UNIVERSITY MONTANA Laramie, Wyo. BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIV. MONTANA Missoula UTAH UNIVERSITY MONTANA Missoula MSC MONTANA Missoula MSC MONTANA Missoula BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIV MONTANA Provo, Utah UTAH UNIVERSITY MONTANA Salt Lake City, UTAH STATE COLLEGE MONTANA Logan, Utah DENVER UNIVERSITY MONTANA Missoula NEW MEXICO UNIV. MONTANA Missoula COLORADO AGM MONTANA Missoula WYOMING UNIVERSITY MONTANA Missoula NEW MEXICO UNIV. MONTANA Albuquerque, N. DENVER UNIVERSITY MONTANA Denver, Colo. MSC MONTANA Bozeman MSC MONTANA Bozeman UTAH STATE COLLEGE MONTANA Missoula 'Conference games. INDIVIDUAL MSU BASKETBALL RECORDS Most points scored in one game. Robert Cope, 40, 1948-Opponent: Gonzaga University Most points scored in one season: Robert Cope, 701, 1950. Individual game average record: Robert Cope, 22.6 for 31 games, 1950. Total scores: Robert Cope 1808, 1947-50. Total free throw points in one season: Charles Davis, 159, 1953. Total free throw points: Robert Cope, 452, 1947-50. Best percentage of free throws: Richard Carstensen, .71 1 Wy, 1947-50. Individual best percentage of free throws: Henry Dahmer, .793fK,, 1942. Individual free throw points in one game: Robert Cope, 14. Opponent: Gonzaga 1948. James Graham, 14. Opponent: Nevada 1948. Best field goal percentage in one year: Pat Curran, .48fM7, 1953. Best field goal percentage for entire varsity competition: Jock Luckman, .4Z0'Kp, 1951-53. 165 Utah M. Ed Anderson Total Points-316 Honorable Mention All-Skyline Pat Curran Total Points--77 Ed Fine Total Points-85 Rich Johnson Total Points-254 Co-Sharer of Best Defensive Player Award George Samuelson Total Points-31 Dick Trinastich Total Points-131 Steve Sanders Manager Del Mulkey, Dick Solberg, Lew Penwell, Ray Ruana, and Cliff Wordal. Not pictured, Paul Maxwell. SKII G One of the most enthusiastic sport groups on campus, the Ski team set out to prove their worth in represent- ing the University in several contests which featured top-flight skiers. While competing in the Denver Invitational, the Ski squad earned seventh place honors, cnd at the Northern Division Invitational at Kimberly, British Colum- bia, the tecm ranked sixth cmong some of the nztions best skiers, ln a duel meet with our country cousins from Boze- man, MSU was defeated by the slim mar- gin of 394 to 387. V253 marks a year of progress for the Montana Ski Team. lVll OR SPORTS Jack Daniels, Captain, Bob Moore, Coach John Zeger, Antone Hollinger and Fred Carl. f X' l 166 Under the leadership of Coach John Zeger, the Montana Swimming team competed in two triangular meets and the Skyline' Conference meet. Using mainly a three man squad consisting of Captain Jack Daniels, Bob Moore and Fred Carl, the Silvertip Swim squad gained a fourth place at the Conference meet by accumulating five third places plus a first in the lOO-ycird backstroke by Daniels, Others cccounting for points were Moore in the 50-ycrd free style and Carl in the lCO and 220-yard free style. lMinor Sports continued on l74l M CLUB BCDXI G TOUR AME T Dedicated to Billy Merritt, former MSU student who was killed in Korea, the M Club staged its annual boxing tournament for a Capacity crowd. Eager fight fans came in anticipation of exciting bouts. Nearly all were satisfied since most ot the boxers were evenly- matched, spirited, and clean fighters, Most pugilists on the card were from the University, some from Missoula High, and several from the Ronan boxing contingent. Phi Delta Theta took the team trophy and George Tarrant won the Merritt Memorial Award as the tournament outstanding boxer. WINNERS OPPONENTS Gary Carter, l-10 lbs Bob Lawrence, l4O lbs. Floyd Pidealue, l-i2 lbs. Kim Nelson, l-48 lbs Chellis Newaard, I46 lbs. Clint l-lumble, l5O lbs. Stev Sullivan, l52 lbs Del Road, l52 lbs. Bill Kaiserman, l-14 lbs. Maury Lokensaard, l75 lbs Jack Skahan, l8O lbs. Wally Berard, l75 lbs George Tarrant, l6O lbs. Marty Behner, l6O lbs Vern Snyder, ll6 lbs Eddie Lockett, ll8 lbs. Skip Buck, l5l lbs. Bob Shatz l55 lbs. Joe DeLuca, l9O lbs. Del Swerdfeger, l85 lbs. Don Bissell, I74 lbs. Ken Duffy, I74 lbs. Henry Camel, l58 lbs. Jerry Bowlin, l6O lbs Don Pachico and Ron Snyder fought to o draw. Top: Maury Lokensgard accepts team trophy for the Phi Delts from Bob Graves Bottom: George "Pugger' Tarrant recelves the first Billy Merritt Memorial Award as the out standing fighter for l953 Behner bows to Tarrant's gloves. Koiserman lands the winning blow. Ooooooooooof' everal points, Predicted to lose their first meet to Brigham Young by s the Grizzly trackmen over-ran all expectancies to easily win 73-58. This victory presented a glimpse of thinas to come as the underdog Montana speedsters continued throughout the season to overthrow predictions. Coach Harry Adams did his usual fine job of extending individuals' remote possibilities into actual point-winning performances. Evidence of on Brant ledged out in a photo his work showed in the running of D finish by Burl of Colorado AGM at the Conference meet at 9.5 secondsl, the hurdling of Dick Lindsay, the javelin throwing of freshman Hal Utsond, and the high jumping of freshman, Ray Dunn. These more or less "unexpected" point-winners with the reliable services of Leon Connor, Mick Luckman, Marv Reynolds, and Bob Beach produced a ' ' l t first place in the Western Division of the Skyline and a third pace a the Conference meet. Tarrant, Rich John- Delaney, Captain Front row: George son, Ray Dunn, Doug Leon Connor, Don Halverson, Don Archibald, Floyd Smith, and Skip Weis- Back row: Ed Stocking, Don Bisse ii, sar. Bob Hudson, Jack Luckman, Marv Rey- nolds, John Helterline, Walt Lonner, Don Brant, Hal U son t d, and coach Harry Adams. Coach Harry Adams Capt. Connor leads his teammates in 440-yard time trials TRACK Don Halvorson Bob Hudson Event: Half mile Event: Broad jump Best mark: 1:59.5 Best mark: 22' 10T'3" Total points: 12 Total points: 23 Western Division Meet Montana ,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Brigham Young University ..., University of Utah ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Utah State College ,....,.,... 57 5f6 521!3 371!3 19112 Skyline Conference Meet Colorado AGM ......,..,.....,...... University of Utah . Montana ....,,,......,... ........,..... Brigham Young University University of Wyoming ,,,,,.,,,. Utah State .,..,,,,.............,..,s,,,, New Mexico University .......... University of Denver ...,.,. .... 62 47112 42 34 2X3 20 l!2 15 21!3 1 Don Archibald Events: 440 and relay Best mark: 50.4 sec. in 440 Bob Beach Events: Shot and Discuss Best marks: 47' 1 Vg"-shot 137' 6"-discuss Total points: 21 Don Bissell Event: 440 Best mark: 51.4 sec. Don Brant Events: 100 and 220 Best marks: 9.6 sec. in 100 21 sec. in 220 Total points: 50 Doug Delaney Event: Pole vault Best mark: 12' 5" Ray Dunn Event: High jump Best mark: 6'4" .lack Luckman Events: Shot, discuss, and broadjump Best marks: 48' 5"-shot 139' 2"-discuss 22' 8111"-broadjump Total points 30 Marv Reynolds Events: 440, 880, and relay Best marks: 49.4 in 440 2200.8 in 880 Total points. 19 Floyd Smith Event: 440 and relay Best mark: 51 sec. Ed Stocking Event: Javelin Best mark: 180' 9" George Tarrant Event: Pole vault Best mark: 12' 6" Total points: 14 Hal Utsond Event: Javelin C1 broadjump Best mark: iavelin 192' 1"- 23' l 3h"-broadjump Total points: 31 Dual Track Meet Results BYU ..,........... 58 Montana 73 Utah State ...... 38 1!3 Montana 92 213 U. of Utah .... 81 112 Montana 491!2 MSC ..,........... 31 Montana ...... 102 Dick Lindsay Walt Lonner Event: High and low hurdles Event: 440 Best marks: 14.7 sec. Best mark: 49.8 sec 25 sec, Total points: 17 Total points: 3 3 l Bill Rlfe sets new University record at 4:17 against Brigham Young. Rite earned a total of 51 points this season to lead all scorers. n w mile record he set the two-mile record at 9:28.2. These men lleftl broke the conference MSU RECORDS Besides his 100-yard Jack Emigh 9.6 1938 200-yard Jack Emigh 2O.7 1938 440-yard Jack Emigh 48.0 1939 880-yard Mike Fleming 55.9 1951 One mile Bill Rife 4.17 1953 Two mile Bill Rife 9128.2 1953 Relay Murphy, Veland, Eiselein, Emigh 3216.8 1939 Shot Jack Luckman 48.5 1951 Discuss Dick Doyle 171' 5" 1950 High jump Ray Dunn 6' 4" 1953 Broad jump Joe Luckman ' 23' 53fs" 1950 High hurdles Dan Yovetich 14.5 1947 Low hurdles Dan Yovetich 23.5 1947 Pole vault Jim Mayes 12' 1 1 Vg" 1949 Javelin Friefz Krieger 199' 4" 1942 DIVISION CHAMPS Brant 100-yard 9.7 Brant 220-yard 21.0 Rife Mile 4217.7 lConf. Recordl Ufsond Broad jump 23' 1 3A4" Tarrant Pole vault 12' 6" Smith Mile relay 3:2O.5 lConf. Record! Reynolds Archibald Conner CONFERENCE CHAMPS Luckman Shot put 48' 4 Vg" Utsond Javelin 192' l" Heweft Just a crazy mixed up kid' Captain Leon Connor Front row: Manager Bill Campbell, Don Nicol, Carl Rohnke, Sam Davis, Jim Graff, Co-Captain Don Olson, Clint Humble, and Dale Kisling. Back row: Ed Anderson, Clare Johnston, Chet Swearingen, Dick Hansen, Co-Captain Gene Carlson, Jim Murray, Dallas Roots, and Don Clark, Missing-Roger Marshall. BASEBALL GENERAL MILBURN PILOTED the Montana baseball nine to a tie tor second place in the western division of Skyline play. ln gaining a seven vvin-tive loss record in Skyline competition, the Grizzlies split their series with Utah and Briaham Yoanci and won three ot tour from Utah State, The Silvertips took all aarnes outside ot Conference play except tor a tvvelve-inning tive to tive tie with the Bonner Lamberiacks. Renevvina an old base- ball rivalry with the Bobcats from Bozeman brought about the usual resulti a tour-aarne sweep, Pitcher and Co-Captain Gene Carlson signed a protes- sional contract vvith the New York Yankees and tarrned out with Boise at the Pioneer Leaaae. l7l Frank W. Milburn, Coach Top: Utah out by a stride and a half. Bottom: Strike three! Manager Bill Campbell PITCHING Name W L IP S0 BB H R Carlson ..... .... 5 l 57 53 26 43 Sl Hansen .... .... 5 l 57 48 l5 54 29 Marshall ...,. ,.,. l 2 2l l8 l5 23 22 Johnston .... l l I2 4 8 l5 l l Roots ......... .... l O 9 88 2 IO l I Totals .. ..,...... l3 5 l56 l3l 66 l45 lO4 lW-Wins, L-Losses, IP-Innings Pitched, SO-Strike-Outs, BB-Bases on Balls, H-l-lits, and R-Runs.l Co-Captain Ed Anderson Gene Carlson Don Clark Sam Davis Jim Graff 172 Dick Hansen Clint Humble Clare Johnston Dale Kisling R09e" Marshal' BATTI NG Name AB Anderson ,,.. . .. 78 Carlson ..,... .... 6 2 Hansen ,,,. 29 Olson ..,.... Murray ,,.,.. Nicol .... Clark ....... Rohnke ...... Humble ...,,, Davis ....... Marshall .... 79 76 62 66 7l 54 25 7 Swearingen ...,. .... 9 Klsling ....,,,, Roots ....,,, 3 4 .lohnston ,.., .,,, 3 Graff .....,. .,,. 2 Totals .... ....... 6 30 181 SEASON'S RESULTS Montana Opponeht 2 Brigham Young 6 Brigham Young 8 Utah University 6 Utah University l l Utah State l l Utah State l Utah Universtiy 6 Utah Universtiy 7 Brigham Young 2 Brigham Young i Utah State 4 Utah State 5 Gonzaga 5 Gonzaga 23 Montana State 3 Montana State 6 Montana State l l Montana State I l Lumberjacks l l Lumberjacks 6 Lumberjacks 5 Lumberjocks AVE. .423 .387 .31 O .291 .290 .274 .242 .240 .24O .l6O .l43 .l l l .333 .250 .OOO .OOO .287 Score l 2 2 6 2i 8 8 3 O 5 9 6 3 3 3 3 2 4 5 2 O 5 5 Jim Murray Don Nicol Co-Captain Don Olson Dallas Roots Carl Rohnke Chet Swearingen l73 .s1'F O lContinued from Page I66l ,j,,,,,,e5, TENNIS Awft ,wr Jim Ryan, Dick Crist, and Dick Fletcher. Not pictured, Pete Densmore, Park Densmore, Dick Solberg, and Coach Moody. PRACTICING IN BRIEF PER- IODS between the rains, the racket men ot MSU prepared tor an extensive schedule ot Skyline meets. Coach Moody had to cope with one ot the more wet springs in Missoula but still rounded out a team that placed titth in the Con- terence. MORE MI OR SPORT ALTHOUGH WEAK IN DUAL MEETS Ctour won and tive lostl the Montana Golf team scored when most needed to place second at the Northwest Invitational meet at Moscow, Idaho, and tie tor second in the Conference, Doctor Bar- nett was the able teacher ot the nearlv all-senior squad. GOLF Charles Davis, Don Welch, Lee Williams, Bob Williams and Coach Barnett. I74 R I F L E R Y Front row: Bill W. Rife and Don Schessler. Back row: Fran Power, Adviser Sgt. Milton C. Hansen, James A. Pfusch, and Charles T. Coston. AGAIN SUPPORTING ONE OF THE BEST RECORDS in MonTana's i952-53 sports year the Rifle team posted scores of 75 won and eleyen lost in dual and triangular meets, In l-learst Team competition, The Montana Team under the coaching ot Sgt, M. C. l-lansen placed Tirst in The Sixth Army Area and Tourth in The nation. There were approxi- mately l,5OO Teams participating in This tournament. Carl O'Loughlin Paul Chumrau Ross Miller General Frank W. Milburn Equipment Manager Athletic Business Manager Publicity Director Athletic Director l75 SIGMA CHI BY VIRTUE of placing first or second in most of the sports divisions, the Sigma Chis took the Intramural trophv with 2,750 points over the Phi Delts. Sigma Chi placed first in volleyball, horse- shoes, swimming, and tennis. g ITR Front row: Lee Williams, Ed Overturt, Dick Shadoan, and Jim Wilson. Second row: Dick Lillie, Tom Tidyman, Rollie Grotte, Jack Streeter, Bob Williams, and Fran Power. Third row: Neil Hunter, Hank Henline, Holly McCrea, Stev Tanner, Bill Stong, and Dave Crossman. Fourth row: .lack Fahey, Jerry Smith, Bob Potter, Kim Nelson, and Royce Mathews. Bock row: Rodger Hageman, Don Clark, Jack Tidyman, and Bill McMaster. ATO .,........,... . .... . Forestry Club Jumbo Hall Sooners ....,.. . PDT PSK ...... SAE ..,.,.... Ski Club ...... ,.... Sigma Chi .... ..... Sigma Nu .... ..... SPE .....,.......... ..... l south Hall ....s ..... Theta Chi ..... ..... Law School Touchboll Volleyball Horseshoes Bowling Basketball 330 l3O 240 4l 0 235 290 370 370 265 500 450 280 l70 290 450 330 265 240 290 500 215 265 450 320 480 300 200 280 480 450 250 265 4 l 0 410 235 l 30 230 340 290 410 370 2l 5 l 70 250 370 300 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON A LARGE. FAST TEAM from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house continued through the touchball season and play- otts to emerge undefeated and achieve the year's first maior trophy. Front row: Vince Kovacich, Dick Hansen, and Jim Winters. Bock row: Ron Faust, Marsh Murray, Bob Hudson, Fred Molton, Don Welch, Ted Cogswell, and George Paul. SOON ERS COMPRISED MAINLY of lettermen from various sports, the Sooners pulled the maior upset of the year when in the final games of the basketball tournament they beat the SAE's and the SN's to receive a well-earned trophy. Front row: Bob Stewart, Howard Burke, and Neil Hunter. Standing: Gordon Jones, Bob Antonick, Jim Burke, and Don Orlich. M Ll R L Swimming Track Tennis ATO ..,....,.... 260 240 280 Forestry Club 290 Jumbo Hall ,... 255 Sooners .,....,,.. PDT ............,, 280 300 290 PSK .,.. ,v,, SAE ....... ..v. 2 40 250 Ski Club .,,, , Sigma Chi ,..... 300 280 300 Sigma Nu ...... 270 220 SPE ...,,,.,.,,.,... 230 255 South Hall .... Theta Chi .,,, 250 270 270 Law School ..,. Golf 200 185 195 190 Softball 380 340 500 460 280 480 440 400 340 280 340 Front row: Jim Eackland, Neil Eliason, Bill McNutt, Murrill All- ing, and Joe Ward. Standing: Allen Bradshaw, John Dorsett, Jerry Murphy, Jack Zygmond, Lynn Colvert, Bob Murray, and Harl Hass. 1 gm JUMBO HALL 2 ' 4--J "" CONTINUING THROUGH a hard season of intra- mural and non-intramural games, the "Black Sox" were undefeated in sixteen contests. The last two wins were won by home runs in the playoffs against the Phi Delts and SAE's. W Total 1562 1295 1 150 660 2657 1895 2380 320 2750 2225 1922 955 2315 300 , fi A George Cross lntramural Director Lu B MEN'S VARSITY LETTERMEN'S CLUB TOP PICTURE BACK ROW: Bob Williams, Don Enebo, Don Welch, Dick Lindsay, Don Olson, l-lal Snippen, George Tarrant. MIDDLE ROW: Dick Trinasticb, George Samuelson, Gordon Jones, Bob Graves, Lee Williams, Ed Stocking, Jim Mcblanev, Jack Streeter. BOTTOM ROW: Rodger Marshall, Hal Maas, Jim Murray, Dan Gerlinger, Bob Stewart, Jim Wilson. BOTTOM PICTU RE BACK ROW: Rich Ganlikson, Jim l-laslip, Marlvn Jensen, Bob Hudson, Pete Densmore, Don Little, Joe DeLoca. MIDDLE ROW1 Bill Gue, Sam Davis, Don Brant, Park Densmore, Don Clark, Jim Burke, Murdo Campbell, BOTTOM ROW: Jack Coppedge, Gene Carlson, Bob Antonick, Dick Hansen, Bob Lomley, Leon Conner. NOT PICTURED: Bob Beach, Ed Anderson, Dick Sbadoan, Joe Roberts, Frank Nickel, Dick Moomaw, Cbuck Davis, Mel Ingram, Bill McMaster, Dean Brott, Cbet Swearingen, Owen Deuclwler, Bob Dantic, Dick Pinsoneault, Don Orlicl'1, 178 OFFICERS: President Don Clark Vice President George Tarrant Finance Sam Davis Secretary Don Olson BACK ROW: Eileen Polk, Marian Nelson, Beryl Handford, Jary Nelson. Reb ,S Turnquist. a ATHLETIC MIDDLE ROW: Ruth Reiquam, Bev Ycrk, Jean'ne Shreeve, Marvis Corin. HONORARY Pat Wordal. QQ ,, 1 B BOTTOM ROW: Donna Bar, Willa Rozean, Mary Riley. NOT PICTURED: Susan Kuehn, Maxine Bellls. OFFICERS: President Willa Roseon Vice President Donna Bcr Secretary-Treasurer Mary Riley WOMEN'S THLETIC ASSOCIATION WAA REPRESENTATIVES BACK ROW: Willa Roseau, Lynn Hughes, Bev York, Mary Swearingen, Pat Turrell, Rosemary Laing, Jerry Holland, Jane Baier. Arlene Holland. MIDDLE ROW: Ruth Reiquam, Margaret Montazue. Carol Grandy. Jane Law, Marvis Corin, Jary Nelsen. Nonie Brown, Betty Barbee. BOTTOM ROW: Kenette Kenison. Deanne Thorsrucl. Beryl Handford. Reba Turnquist, Peg Tofte. NOT PICTURED: Donna Bar. Marian Nelson Sue Wiley Nan Hubbard. OFFICERS: President, Beryl Hcndfordg Secretory, Keinefie Kenlsonj Treasurer, Peg Tofte. I79 INDEPENDENTS Atter two games to determine women's bas- ketball championship, the Independents emerged victorious oyer New hall with a score ot l9-l8 Earlier the teams tied 20- all, thus necessitating the second game, Sue Blake and Mary Riley tied tor scoring honors with l5 points each: FRONT ROW: Shirley Linden and Pat Turrell. BACK ROW: Glenda Zimmerman, Sue Blake, Alice Stack and Willa Andreasen. DELTA DELTA DELTA Upsetting undefeated Sigma Kappa 6-5, the Tri-Delts took the sottball champion- ship tor l953. Caryl Wickes scored the winning run on a Sigma Kappa error, FRONT ROW: Shirley Perrine, Jane Baier, and Ken- ette Kenison. SECOND ROW: Betty Elmore and Audrey Johnson. BACK ROW: Jean'ne Shreeve, Gerry Mitchell, and Catherine Carruthers. NEW HALL For the third consecutive year New hall copped the volleyball championship unde- teated. In their tinal game with the Inde- pendents Mary Riley, Faith Kreider, and Dorothy Ricketts were high scorers winning their laurels 25-20, FRONT ROW: Mary Riley, Faith Kreider, and Willa Rosean. BACK ROW: Shirlee Moran, Dorothy Ricketts, Beryl Hcndtord, and Lynn Hughes. WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL Peggy Ask did a swell job ot otticiating throughout the basketball season, Recog- nize any ot the teet in the background? HEER LE DERS Reducing the number of cheerleaders to four, Tra- ditions board elected these peppy freshmen women to lead the students through school songs and yells. Mae Behner, DiAnne Stephens, Eleanor Fox, and JoAnn LaDuke. VICTCRY BGCDSTER Leaders: Armond Pepe, Roberta Atkinson, and Nancy Schilling. s he fe ii GRIZZLY GROWLER Peppy freshmen were new- ly organized to promote lagging school spirit ot MSU. Sitting in O block at the games, they lent their enthusiasm and voices to the cheerleaders gallant efforts. 4g. A. .4 ...g. 4... BACK ROW: Glenda Zimmerman Marilyn Hardenburgh, Carol Anderson, Carolyn Porter, Helen Ring. Helen Aune, Diane WOMENIS Hollingsworth. Row FOUR: Eileen Polk. Judy Adams, Ji-,Mae chase, Mae Benner, Pam Thomas, Lillian Parkin, Diana Penweu, SWIMMING ROW THREE: Ruth Reiauam, Paula MacMillan, Rosie Laing, Dorothy LaZarus. Betty Rucker, Tina Stohr, Nancy Wise. HONORARY ROW TWO: Nancy Brodie. Gwen Gliolson, Mary Calvert, Gerene Wilson, Phyllis Kind, Ann Stenhensan BOTTOM ROW: Betty Barbee, Georgiana Coppedge, Virginia. VanHorne, Dorcas Snyder, Gayle MacDonald. NOT PICTURED: Magda Brueggemann, Pat Wordal. OFFICERS: President-Mary Calvert, Vice-Pres.-Phyllis Kind. Sec.-Treas.-Gerene Wilson. Instructor Deanne Thorsrud helps Ei- leen Polk plan pageant swimming patterns while Helen Ring acts as "guinea fish." Gerene Wilson and Gwen Gholson patiently wait their turn. Clad in purple bathing suits, pensive Aquamaids gaze at white gardenias while tantalized audiences listen to strains at Deep Purple. This was one of the many numbers that pleased capacity crowds attending this year's annual pageant. Living Grou P an-. Q45 Nm. 'WW K ' . ..,. , CORBI H LL .W L ' .P BARRETT. WILLIAM . ad A N ' 3 1 ft 3, BAYLEY. LEE In H L -3 2.1, . if . BENNETT, RAY ,.,,,., 2 J i J, BETHKE. ELTON W. A LW, 21 BLANKENSHIP, THOMAS A if ' I 1... - A BURGAN. ALBERT qu It I A .I 'Q' ty In Q, CHRISTIANSEN. GENE M. . ' gf If I COLOFF, LAWRENCE N. , DAHL. J. RUSSELL A,.f .. ' DAVIS. CHARLES W. Ab. QA f A . .I I ,Y If -fi ii" A ' DAWSON. CHARLES D. ' up .H QL- X' ' Q.. J M .. - DICKINSON. WILLIAM A. I V. ' 5 it DUNDAS. JOHN R. , , I I C JJ FOWLER. FRANK Q . - DUNDAS, ROBERT L. New ' '1' A , ..., 1 I FREEMAN. GLENN W. W .. . 1' FRETHEIM RICHARD 'V b -' GoMPF. HAL , .I 5. J - ' " HARDISTY, DONALD 0 4 HARPOLE, GEORGE Q. 3 . ' ' . .Af - 55. I C t .I t HARRINGTON, DANIEL A -V, , E, - HAUK, DONALD nz- f 4... V. 6-2 . 33' , .Q up ' 'Qgii ,,,., 3 ,' 5 nf HELGESON. BERNARD f . " H -4 HELWIC. LAWRENCE A " . " ,fs - HOWELL, JOHN ht Sr ,mi .I In V- ISNER. Boa f ' JACKSON. JAMES f 5 W ' in W I KILPATRICK, THOMAS e I .ag : v V ff KRAUT. MAURICE . -' KUHNS. GENE el. Y I in A . " 'I A if -. . ' LARCQMEE, WILLIAM ' ,V K 4 I . T- -I LAZICH, ROBERT .. of '. Qs .. We N .E 51 Pl' LETWIN. CARL ' ' ng: f ' -1' ig , 'E LLOYD. BRUCE .. ,... . LUEDTKE. WALTER 3. ,. H X3 G Q 'SY 4 ' ll. I . " J fr rl 3, f . ' in K Qfi .E A s h A far I , , ..... .. 4 , P .E . .H Q y . . 3 . e g? ' . . . I Ffa! ag. " .15 B .Q 2.11. -ev.f'5' i I 1211- 'T"'fEf'fZ " "' , V .. E my as . . .4 I H lg hi. 12.5. - .252 I --'-'. ,. Y L I Q " IA , . Q. if ' . , . . , l Age ' 'ip I- --. ' .KU ai. ff' ' . -. 'f-f F -112' ' Zz, 'iiji'-3.2221 2 -. e. milf: 4' A ' ' """ 2- i 4' " .- ., ,GENE K - .,- ,., .:,:,f "., "Do you 'spose . . uhhh . . . what about Say, are you busy Satur day night?" Commanding the strategic location between New and North halls puts Corbin hall men in a somewhat enviable position especially come spring and the sun bathing season. They have a strong alliance with New hall, probably as a result of sharing meals in "Mrs. Hucko's Gypsy Tea Room" down- stairs. Socially they indulge in Smorgas- borgs, dancing, platter parties on Sunday afternoons and a Christmas formal with New hall. Service wise, Corbin functions as the unofficial campus headquarters of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. LUND. JAMES MAXWELL. LOWELL MILLER, WILLIAM E. MOE, SKULASON MOORE. ROBERT J. NELSON, CHARLES NEUBAURER. WESLEY ROGNLIEN, D. GORDON RYAN, JAMES SMITH, ZANE C. SOLEERG. LESLIE SPURGEON, WILLIAM SWERDFERGER, DON SwoRDS. GEORGE TAYLoR. GEORGE WALLANDER, GREG WESTBV. CARL M. OLSEN, CARL REIGNAM. HOWARD RIEGER. TED ROBERTS. JAMES STOPPLECAMP. JOHN SULLIVAN. EDMUND SUNDELUIS, WALTER SWAIN. CHARLES N. WHITAKER. RICHARD WILLIAMS, ROBERT B WINSLOW. WALTER R WOLFORD. GERALD L ABBOTT, JIM ALLTON, JOHN BAUER. WAYNE BERGSING. RICHARD BRAMMER, MONTE BYERLY, KENNETH CAMPBELL, WILLIAM CARTER, GARY L. DICKEY, J. RAYNER DOOHAN, JOHN R. DOWLING. DONALD DUNBAR, JOHN P. FLETCHER. RICHARD FOCHER, EDWARD GASSER. JOSE S. GEORGE, HOWARD W. HEINZ, PAUL HELLINGER, DEAN HOLT. BILL JANKE. EDWARD SCDUTH H LL Made up largely of Independent upper- classmen who have migrated from rigorous Jumbo, but with a liberal sprinkling of freshmen, South hall manages to be a bit more sedate than its neighbors. Aside from their winter splurge with Jumbo, they en- couraged rnore combined social functions, particularly with New and North halls. Like their brother and sister freshmen, South hall neophytes attended the round of meetings during Orientation week. 1 I5 x V- Q, : V ' f t t. .,.,. BIBLER, DOUGLAS "' V 402. 9 7 We ,. Di ,,13g1g- .5 ., BLACHLYV AgNOLD g W ij., V 1 u Y W J ' :iii g' 15-35-E.. Ag BLACKWQQD, JOHN ., 'V :gnu 4 L- . y :.1" 'i':5. E i. Ask Q' .ily -i3g5.,g.:::f. 'li BLAIR, JERRY E. I ' " . X . 5 an " L ' " Si ' BOVINGDON. GEORGE Q if If 4 ' iw? I' l ' CHATTIN, WAYNE 'F -3 , QW ? -qw v Q' 33 " W' ii' ffsf W A - 'ffir ,-'53 f 5 'Hg ' ' "" -:.-:lf A CINKER. JAMES ' . 5 , z S j zjggf ,, 1: COOPER, CHARLES . fri' ft --I ,..., : 5 Y . CURRELL, ROY -is ' l' .' -1 I' DAvIsON. ROBERT I. 2' 9511 , Q J ' .:222rz2frf .Q--x Ain V ,,.. ,.,,, , , DYAS. KEITH E. 2, 'V tl V. i 31, W fl' ---- is M , 6 I V "' EDOERTON. RICHARD I A' 1 5 r I 33 5 ELLEFSON. LARRY az F " J .- nqlv V 9 FARRINGTON, JAMES A Y X , ' , .,---. 'Eff' " . FICHTEL. WAYNE f X - Q " is-55 I if GERSTENBERGER, CLAYTON A .IE::1.,. ' ' 1 if-W if 2.5. , W , -2 HAMMER. ROY X L l 'I ,N 2 , 'V ' ' A HAMMERSMARK, HAROLD 'ii if if '-51' Q ,jj -1.1 -3 HARKEN. JAMES ' I,-5, " " ":j155..,,,, '-I " ' HASLIP. JAMES I M i A2333 -'I S 4 Ii JEFFERSON. WILLIAM lf., 4' , . 1' ,W 2 ff' , QS " fi if 5 KETCHNER. LARRY - ,,., 5 . 4 -I ' lin.. 5' ' Q- H ' 3, KNUTSON, CHARLES . ' is ii ,.,, LABUFF. RONALD 3. J 1, ' - ' . LAPALM. ERNEST I 51" s , .12 71 ff. LARSON. JOHN D, ," ' . E , . ' ' . LESTER. ROBERT Q- . g .EZI-:gg mg .gg 'Ky In W, 5-4. LINDEMAN. THOMAS ,-H. X Y V. MADISON, JAMES M. 1. A. , , - MARINO, QUENTIN , 3: , ' I - V' . - 'F MCGUIRE. ROBERT il in W MCPHAIL. MALCOLM ' -1 ..,. 'sg II 'if-" Ef1i"' P1 5 MONTANG, DARREL , , 3" H H . so . 2 . W it :ink ,I .W - , MUNGER. RONALD J. U - "if A .5 fr :S ' I 3 ' NORRIS. JAMES x NYQUIST. DONALD .1,g.- ji L OLLESTAD, STEPHEN ix K .. K in .Eg E PAULSON, STONE E. 'tr it ,gh f is, -' gy PELO. ROBERT D. '- . is E T ,l i , PETERSON. DONALD .- ' -I " , PHELPS. JOHN R. 55. if W A L . Iii.: :SI PLowMAN. CHARLES E is .. L E RIMBY. CARL B. A -A Q . A R A A RISKEN. LAw L. b is 'X ' ' RITTER. THoMAs Q ' , A llgl ROBERTS. HAROLD .... " ., r , if RUTLEDGE. EDDY ,... 5 A in E E . . RYAN, JACK B. - V 1. X . ' 6. , SCHESSLER. DONALD 'P . Nm SCHNEIDMILLER, DALE 2- 'iq-...T , , SEDLACEK. T. G. -an-I " f " -ff ' -' . 5:-'.ZE,' - .QF M gl ' A . A.-. S w . 4' ..... SENNER. ROBERT E P SINCLAIR. JAMES if -1 5 i .. 2' -: Sw , SKATES. ROBERT -ig gm X SKEES- JOHN ' 'ff52i2'f35i': , ' SMITH' WILLIAM Q . W s -rf.. . j 1 f Ie . Il Q l SPALDING. RICHARD -, In lvl, .. P SPENCER. DARRELL A iii , I 'Q .: iii SQUIRES. ROBERT Qi I TERRELL, KEITH , L w , L ja., E THOMAS, TOM T. ' .A ' , as Zssfztai. .. A ' 'ffieft " J' ...Y. ..... .. :, Z" ..'. g55ggg:jg,'5- Q - V TURBIVILLE, DICK K t TuRBIvILLE, LOREN .V -.Z A H VANMETER. TOM ma y , I Q AIAE " VESETH. WILLIAM ,I E 2 he ' gg -. li.. WALL. DONALD W. ,, I! WHITE. DONALD V , , WHITTET. RICHARD "-552. . Z, ig. . " ' WOOD, NIC D. ' ., if' .' 111 'l I La. 1: L .L '5I'.,,-L1 . . ' " x ,215 WUERTHNER. W. KEITP- .lf A 51 -pf . ZENTNER- JOHN ""' ---. X' - . ,.,.,, . .. 'F A A if t J. . E we 4 as li? W L . J' 'f wa, -I ...A+ -,-- ..,'. I . . .. " "" A ' K N . 9 33 ,Ffa X 4 Aj If QP 1 9 Q 0' 1 ,A., I 33 ' . A x I 1 -I... N ' -A-. I .1 l ,.,. 1 ""l gr I .5 'h w f ' 6 at if ar' 22 ':-: . :" H. L, gt. I.. iw? ' - EIEIT? l if 5 5 E 'W 5 l X ii wks-1 We . .... ,fi as is I ay W. S Z. 1 Y E s I t AI. seg !,., W if g W AMMERMAN, HARVEY F. ARGENBRIGHT, EDWARD BARTSCH, DONALD BIEHL, GLENN BISSELL. DONALD F. BOE. GORDON BURKE, HOWARD BURKE, JAMES CAINE. PAUL E. CASEY. DON R. CHAPMAN. ROBERT E. COLVERT, DELYNN CONNER. C. LEON COYAN. WILLIAM H. DASINGER. DOUGLAS DAVIDSON, JAMES DAVIS. SAM E. DELUCA. JOSEPH F. DIVINE, DON R. DUBAY, JAY DUNLAF. JACK DURADO. JAMES R. DYER. ART EAKLAND. JAMES W. ELIASON. NEIL ENGER. ROBERT C. FLANAGAN. THOMAS F. FORWOOD. EDWARD 1 I 3 YQ- 4 eps . l.. ., . .,... .. ii ff' QS" 1 x F . . my ... 5 ii. 'Z ggi . ..., -. wx k A .Ii- AI. ...AI X Y ? f A E? A ' f iiiii. A X.. X X " If - ' 7 GRANDY, GEROGE E. Y. M y , .. .5 S ...... qi .. F . - M' "' 7 ' V . -3' - Q. il 186 JUMBO HALL This low-slung building houses a het- erogeneous group of University men from athletes to scientists. ln intramural oth- letics they copped the softball trophy. Socially, they combined talents with South hall and staged a gay formal dance at the Legion club winter quarter. FOSTER. LEWIS K. ' GALLUP. ROY M. , . , GHIGLERI, ROBERT J. GILOHRIST. FOREST 1- I Q GUE. WILLIAM W. M ' E- HAAS, HARL H. 5 iv, HAINES. KIM L. HALVERSON. DONALD HALVERSON. RONALD HARRISON, STAN C. HAUTZINGER. JOHN HEKKEL. CLARENCE ., ' A HOLIDAY. EDWARD S. IWEN. JOHN F. JAMIESON. DANNY H. if Q i 3 Q 'G' J if Q 3 JOHNSON, W. CONNIE JOHNSTON. CLARE E. JONES. GORDON . JONES, ROBERT ' JUTILA, JOHN W. .gf JYSTAD. GARY R. I 5 KASALA. JERRY A. ' my KIRKPATRICK, JERALD 'H KNOX. LEWIS R. LAIRD. BO LANTZ. DON I LATHAM. RONALD P. l E LESLIE. JACK I L LE U T H O L D . K E N N E T H ,Q - ...E . LIEBE, FOREST F. .f LINNELL, WAYNE E. "' lf . LONNER. WALT J. LOTT, DALE F. MADDEN, JERRY L. MAVITY. GARY N. MATHISON, DELBERT MCGUIRE. GORDON MOHOLT, RAY W. NEUBAUER. RICHARD O'BRIEN. THOMAS L. OLIVER. JAMES OLSON. DONALD ORLICH. DON PATTON, ALLEN M. PEDERSON. CARL PETERSON, NOHL PLEDGE, WILLIAM J. POMROY, THOMAS P. PRANGE. JOHN C. REINIER. PETER RICHARDS, EDWIN ROOD. DEL J. ROTH. PAUL C. ROYCE. ARNOLD RUNDLE, RALPH F. SCHMIDT. FRED SHIPLEY. ROY W. SMITH. FLOYD A. SNYDER, CHARLES E. STEINDORF. JAMES T SWAN. JERRY C. TANK. DOYNE TURNAGE. MICHAEL R. VANHEE. RONALD VERT. HAROLD VONKUSTER. LEE N. WARN. LAWRENCE W. WELCH. DONALD R WITTING. RICHARD WILLIAMS, F. LEE WILLIAMS. ROBERT Ante up . . . Some of Jun1bo's men relax in a poker game until the wee hours. 4 Bw ' I f - - if I I A. - A A ..R . In I I -lvl I: - Z V . , -,,- -,,- 5 I ,.-:- - I I A XQ 'V .555 "": A 5' ..,.I j.,,J V 52- - M i: -3 A I f 1: ..,., hm Q I Q, K, , Q4 U in V. Q G. W Nz., . 1: " ',, . -3 53 'ILA .A j? X' X r g ' A 'V "-P M P 3 : iz FT: :f ..,. Z Q3 E In I wx t f 1, F- E di f Q fy- '93 I . ..A I ,L . 'I . i " W .. . EY - . '- . " - .- E. ...I I P FIP - ., ,Q O E. PM IX IQQH 'E f , l". ' E HQ- 1 :v. , 1 . .ga Q5 4 . b K .,.. . .w iv LQ vi 1 .. I A ' . :H I I Q Q . I' if fgg r- E' , if X ,M .. A F '--A . X . A 1 - 'I" " I 3 ..-., I B1 J A . Ex I Q.. Y J A ',,. . I "ii: , " , 3' W. 'WEE 43:1 sf A I I .... .... . - .wsams WOLF DONALD W R K I X . WOODS RICHARD D I - 3 WORDAL MILTON . K . , 1 . ZIMMERMAN, THEODORE ' A-A' ik' '-.. I - I '- Y 3 - Z . E wARD Y. . '25 , ' ff, ,. 2 , ' 'fi '.,, .13 . Zyggggnh gm ,.,.,. 3. ,.,.,.,., x .., , . z , '- ,5--, :gal A -If V -:. A -- ' VS i,.,... .Ug , . ,,,, ,.-., ...I " AS... We ' 187 ADAMS, MARY L. AKER, ROSEMARY ANDERSON. ELEANOR ANDERSON. PATSY ATKINSON, ROBERTA AUGENSTEIN. MARLYS AUSTIN. MARIE BARRETT. PATRICIA BECKY, JOYCE BEECHER. MARYANNE BOEHME. PATRICIA BONANDER. JOYCE BORCHERS. ADRIENNE BORCHERS, JEAN BOUCHER. STELLA BOYER, MARY L. BROWN. EILEEN BRYSON. CYNTHIA BUER. BEVERLY BURTON, JANICE BUZZETTI. RUTH CARKEEK. ALICEJANE 4-1.':i'iea:, gf -..- , gi A .I X. ks if -. fs' W? CARLYLE, COLLEEN COUGHLIN. CAROL 53 K 9 W ai 135 I . 3? H Cox. CARMELITA CRAIGI-IEAD. LORRAINE CROCKER. VIRGINIA CROCKETT, KATHERINE CROGI-IAN. JOAN CUSHMAN. CAROL DALE, DANA DAMBLY, JANET DAVIS, EVELYN DAVIS, HELEN DAWSON. WILMA DINN, WINIFRED DONOVAN. SHIRLEY DUFF. ALDA ENGLISH. KRISTINE EPPE. BEVERLY EVANS. JOAN FORZLEY. DARLENE . FOWLER. ANNE Fox. ELEANOR H 15: '.'- f ' FRANz. RUTH - ' i FRIEND. JEAN 1 ' GIESICK, JOAN , FOSSE, DONNA , ,. GOETZE. DELORES GOODMANSEN. DONNA " GOULD. JACQUELINE H . HAFFERMAN. NORMA ' 1- - ir 'O HAGEMAN. JILL ,V in HAYSQ JEANNE ' - " A fi HERBERT, EDITH 1.1. A . . HAMILTON. ALEXANDRA ' ii HERBERT, JEAN . ' HERMAN. BEVERLY HILL, JOAN HowANAcI-I. JOYCE " 'S . :gr 1 HUNTLEY, SUE 5' KAUPPINEN, PATRICIA , KOCAR. MARYANN ig 12:-. ' KOPITZKE. SHIRLEY Frosh women running over with vitality and the enthusiasm to conquer, liust what varied with the individual? made their mark on the campus. This year's crop was as active as any. So socially minded that they needed two social chairmen, one for large functions and one for small functions, they inaugurated the "Peppermint Prince" and elected Bob Peden as their first hunk of confection. They also lured fraternity row into exchange dinners in addi- tion to the usual round of pajama parties, birthday parties and spring picnics. Famous for their nightly dilemma of 'fdeadlock on the doorstep," they had a busy year to speed them off toward college sophistication. 188 " Q . ig wh N... Dr. and Mrs. McFarland QQ' and Dr. Clow, always at- ' tentive to freshmen, at- tended orientation week programs foo. S CDRTH H LL In - -"A f a I . A I eo e A E K ids: - -5 S439 .I..., 4 , A ' - A59 , A Q ,lll I ...F 3 : . A . R :,,, ,-A .lp Ti I .,,..:Q:, 0 :Y , .. er ..,. I "'s:-" Tm., wat. 1 x Q . x 131: ,Q ....-- A 51.1. Av r A I b it IQQI -I . I . 91, . ,I ,fit , , . I . I ,1f-e . I 1- T I A A so si 35- ,Q.V :tj ,,., F ' ':i: .-,"' M Q I:g,::,,. - -Vx: :g .,,,., N .. .. -' A af. .,, --,... ., QE . . J 1 L 1 3. 4 E Q ai Qi-f 1 .fa , 4 f ., 12. ' -I rx ..., V, - , "--e . 'wh ,K KOVATCH, ANNAMAE LADUKE. JQANN LAHN, BEVERLY LARsoN. DONNA LAW. JANE LAZARUS. DOROTHY LEDUC, Lols LENHART, SHIRLEY LEWIS, SHIRLEY MAUDLIN. ARLENE MELLOTT. BARBARA MERRILL. PATRICIA MOWATT, ANN MYERS. INEZ NELSEN, MARY O'CONNOR, PATRICIA O'NElLL. MARY C. PAULSON, WILMA PEMBERTON. MARY H. PETERSON, HELEN PFEIFER. ROSALYN PoRRo. CHARLINE REEDER, BOBETTE REPLOGLE. JOAN RICHARDSON. AUDREY RIVENES, JERE L. RUCKER, BETTY A. RYAN. LAURA SCANNELL, PATRICIA SCI-IULTZ. JEANETTE SLAIGHT. NORMA SMITH. ALICE SMITH, SALLY STEPHENS, DIANNE STEPHENS. JEAN STRANGE. GEORGIANN TALMAGE, ALICE TERFENING. DONNA TIERNEY. JANET TooLE. BEVERLY UTSOND, ALICE VANHORNE, VIRGINIA WADDINGTON, LORRAINE WEBBER. PHYLLIS WELCH. JANICE VVILLARD, JOYCE WOODAHL. JACQUELINE WOHLGENANT. KAY 1 OW' I'I-I 2 I I- r- P??S8Q?55p? Liza-CZLf5-O Y 'Y QQESSQQEQQ- Og," mF,l"O Gui:-UQ QOFCQFVEO WEUMSDE 0 ""gIog-f'j.gO.1iJ BUD-o'9m3-9. - 1 1ngOOg2mg 8.9--'Q' N O3 -1-, -.- fD?F35fsE5fO3 Qmsigaggb' 33'U'2U343O" Q-OJ' 3 .,-. Egg- moz- OG S3w"a'5' CO Rl-+ O. fx' 'RV' 031441: -.E. IDQ mm 'U O23 --QE -O -Q-I"-.3 3043 ::I'o- lmmimo 'D if--S2 Og U53 CD D 3 -r mV'uIU':e--Yfbm Soc 323194: 5395 02358 gQD.m0UJ2'-,-.m 330,333-1 fUgT-NOQQ-'.OlOQ. Eigixawaeg C-my aigmm -I.0U'Zm -U 2 O'4rD 30,940 -1 -1 -1-.f'D U 00-0003 DD 1 19 -WQCQE?-'5 .:L:4O". ,-.S Om OD 49' UL-Q I-23 QSFD-iO'Q 5'o0w:3"'-. 3-502.210 509-g 1 2.0 rD3'4.,0:g U xaw ggrmgl d5g'2fiSf,fg?r O. :O I: Dig-S533 ww rn 'U IO 2 T S2550 E A- L 'W -'S- U. m0 3'f3OO no-"' 30..3Q2F.z'21 3579- 30130 N 'DO O-V' on UV' P' 39332225 5"ZO4InwnD'Z -. 5'15g?2-+0 .i-N4m'OIfM:g-2 -1 :I -1-4tO,.,U'C I J'm:"' O".OD 5'-' 3--E: FL cn-.-:sm 2 img va 9739.2 EPO rn-4 U'm7iD- 5 3 Ur,-om IEQIE K: OOUQSETIUI Z' O.: 52:35 32' 0 "'On 3gwE.Q23m ,. i 5 A ' .. ..,. 3 ...,. If Il? I --,-. . . A fi, . ',---A, A A :--- I 4 jg KM ' -. QKQ, : - ' . If Q 3 , it:::'::':::Avji'::::"'V- Ez., ..... I 4 - in ' wqgfffiffglf I- "1" - I lt ...,.: I -.-.- Q .X .- 'girly ,, . Q, V .q:dV,:. ,I b i, Y .. Y .,,, A .,Q- ' I ,-ms: ,sg 1 ' 'Q . Ia'f?.4"' in 4 . . '4"1',T? ,gt ,Q X., 6 my 59 Wm . 5,145 w5,,4,,,'Z,Wya I,--if 4, .N .V A .5 . , 'N A-'H x.. Q' A 'N Y S iff 1... , 4355, ANDERSON. ELAINE ANDERSON. LOLA BAKER, Lols JEAN BALKOVETZ. VIRGINIA BARNHART. ERNA-RAE BARSTAD, INGRID BEAR, MEREDITH BENSON. MARIANNE BIELENBERG, JOAN BOYER. CHARLOTTE BRADBURY. PHYLLIS BROOKS, DARLENE BROWN, DONNA BRUEGGEMANN. MAGDA BUCKINGHAM. RAE CALDWELL, ANNA JANE CAREY. JOAN CAREY, MARY CHAPMAN, JUANZTA COOPER. LOUISE COUTURE, JEANNE CRITELLI. CAROL CURTIS, MARYNELL DAHL, NONA DAVIS. GEORGANN DAX, CAROL DEFORTH, SHIRLEY DENHAM, PEGGY DICKSON. GWEN DIXON, BETTY DOLVEN. MYRNA DOUGLAS, DELCRES FACINCANI, LE:NA FISHER, ELEANCR FOOT. MARGERY GALASSO. BETTY GEIL, MARION GEORGE. DELORES GIERKE. VALORIE GOLDERAND. PATRICIA GOOKIN, ANNAMARIE GRAHAM. CAROL HAFDAHL. DONNA HAGAN, FRANCES HANDFORD. BERYL HANLON. MARLENE HANSEN, JOANN HARBOLT, JOAN HELMER, JOANN HOLLAND, JERRY HOLLINGSWORTH, DIANE HOPE. JOY HOYT, MARLENE HOYT, RITA HUDSON, KATHRYN HUGHES. LYNN HUNTON, MARLYN JACKSON. DORIS JAMES. JANICE JOHNSON. BEVERLY JOHNSON. CARLENE JOHNSON, JOYCE JOHNSON. NATALIE JONES. DOLORES JONES. SHIRLEY JOURDONAIS. RAE JUDKINS. Jov KNIGHT, BARBARA KREIDER, FAITH KRUGER. AMY LARsEN. EVELYN LEFFLER. SHIRLEY LEIBINGER. SHIRLEY LENHART. HELEN MANNEN, MARTHA MARSH. MARY Lou MARQUARDT. RAMQNA MASTCJROVICH. MARIE MCKENNA. KATHLEEN MCLEISH. BETTY MEADOWS. ALENE MORAN. SHIRLEE MORRIS. MARILYN MULLADY. DANNY MURRAY. CAROL NIcHoLsoN, CAROL NORDBY. KAY PAULSON, LAURELYN PITCHER. BEVERLY PRIDEAUX, MARILYN PUFESCU, DOINA RALSTON, LOUISE RICKETTS. DOROTHY RosEAN. WILLA ROWE, VIRGINIA SCHMIDT, ELEANOR SHAPLEIGH. NANCY SHEFFELS. BARBARA SHELLEBARGER. LEXI SHERIDAN, LENORE SHRADER, BETTY SLAVENS, SUSANNE SMITH. VIRGINIA SMITH, WILMA SPEK, DARLENE STEINBRINK, RITA STENE. GERTRUDE STEPHENSON, ANN STIVERS. GAY ST. ONGE. GERALDINE STRONG. BETTY SUDAN. RUTH V25 .. t . . x .,,, Q .f in - ,tgzzl ...L Q is , I . I 5' W 1 RIT. 3 I I":" . 1. A. ff A 1 I . If-.1 2 .... I If -- , JZ 'f-2". I .,.. : -.-'1 "-' . . . ,-:-f I ..." ".- . ' ' A .. . ,,,,.,. . A. , Quvuu Z Ei. . .,.. I .2 .,.V. .. M if '- .nzlv "" L -. V 3 .,..,. if W LW y X 1 . I X .I H -2553, - I IQII tllt z..-.Z -I , .N .. 'H . - Q Q iff. f.. ,..--,..: I - ' i .. . xx K , ,--- A - .V I ,,:- S' . . ..,. , . ---- ""' V. I N L ..,,, Z .E ubiu HHZH: I I ' .... , V ,,,.... . S . V 6 .F 5' y I I-'- iqb. I A. f . -,,, E Yi' Hd v.:l ,vlz E I :ru -,.:, gf... ,--. I. -F Iv-, .,., Q , .- I IAII' . I YLAA- A Y.L. A I AZYR , I 1 xr. --:-. 5 - Q- H ' -- 2 if I 42, . - A 'fi gem if 2 ff 3 ' A . A -RART -. if 'I-. . ' -. I A 'Y ' I f ,N ,SE 'F H 1 ' , Q .. 3 il- I I 1 '2""" i X . E it . .. I , ,. Q , V,A: 5 . Qglz- 1 .,.- -A: lvnz -I 5 . ...,,-I-v . ""- 2 A . , y I :L "" W 5: If Z I"": 7 , . -, If I 2 ' Y "" K f . . vs ...,, - gif? 4-,.. Q -R-.A. ' Ia. 5.1. If . ' '-.,., I . A-,.1.,qA I I ' I 3' -. J . If ' ' F' .. Q... ...," - ' "Z" A A f iw - . ' .- ..-- .3 I K b - pr L Y 'i I -.:" ..,.. .., H xi W! ,n ga TEIGEN. LoIs 2. A' . V I - T . B M ' "" t ' Q ,.2.fE -'-, U' -T .,.. - Ig, :-- L .zzx.zfz:I.Qrr:RA I is , . 4 If-. ULLMAN, CECELIA 4, .. I .-.. -1. ..... ,'.-' . . I 1.5.4 j w . R I .. I - ..': . I2.1.11a:.1,. I . Q 'b.-" 1. ,." I 251' --'-- jf' gg wigs, SSTRYLEY .gg qihi "1"- , v H I . .,....T , ,xggljejgzlfg I 'SEK "'? i R.. z -V-f N-,S WEAVER, ARDICE WEINGART. DoLoREs WETZSTEON. CARLA 1 I' vi Spring and the volley ball net are in the air at about the same back of New-makes for good public relations, too. time in if . - 4 E 1, z.: If ,K "ff: .. l a., 'I - ' ., f '-".b, -3 C , ,, fr . , rx 'ff' F PARKIN. LILLIAN bi" ' ' SCHIAVON. ETHEL .... - WONDER, KATHRVN A 12: """ , is 'S' N2 52, I TAY LOR. REVA The first breath of spring brought a house Aber day that left even the shrubs spotless. With a name synonymous with working together, and the circle of pine as a symbol of their co-operative order, the Synadelphics spent another successful year, tucked in the shadow of Corbin Hall. BORDER, DONNA DoNls'rHoRPE. GRACE GENGER, NADINE GRANDY. CAROL LINDSTROM, Ruav S NADELPHI 4' r K l92 PANHELLENIC BACK: Jon Howard, AP, Sue Mann, SK, Joyce Pikkulo, SK, Donna Bar, KKG, JoAnn Grundstrom, KKG. FRONT: Kayel Martinson, SK, Pat O'Grady, KAT, Susan Travis, KAT. NOT PICTURED: Joan Bachrnan, DG. INTERFRATERNITY BACK: Clifton Bailey, TX, Don Little, PDT, Don Erickson, SAE, and Lionel Bogut, ATO. MIDDLE: Dave Larom, SPE, Torn Foslwag, ATO, Jon Severson, SN, Marvin Hobbs, PSK, and Tom Tidyman, SX. FRONT: Jack Belland, PSK, Jerry Brit- ton, SX, John lmsande, TX, Dudley Dean, SPE, and Gil Caruso, SN. GREEK5 Activity wise, the Alpha Phi's captured five places in Spur, with PAT O'HARE serving as president of that organization. Other Spurs were PHYLLIS KIND, SHIR- LEY DEFORTH, MICKEY McKINLEY and IANET HOW- ARD. As vice-president ot ASMSU, IAMIE BRENNAN climaxed her active college career. Through winning the Northwest debate tournament, CATHY DOHERTY made her way to Hawaii, and another debate tourney. MAXINE BELLIS served as president of Panhellenic council, GLORIA TINSETH successfully co-chairmanned the WSSF drive, BOBETTE REEDER was elected fresh- man vice-president. and the Alpha Phi's boast ot seven Aquamaids. Pledge ANNAMAE KOVATCH became the Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa. Activity minded WINIFRED DINN and PEG TOFTE both served as North Hall iunior sponsors: Winny also was initiated into Theta Sigma Phi and Peg served as WAA treas- urer. PAT THOMAS conscientiously spent much oi her time as an associate editor on the 1953 Sentinel. Mu Phi, International Relations Club, band and twirl- ers, and Student Religious Council iound Alpha Phi's in their ranks. LPHA PHI ln tront oi their Gerald Avenue mansion, the Alpha Phi's are here seen constructing their lnterscho- lastic track meet house decora- tion. 194 Campus big Wheel MOLLIE ILER suc- cessfully maneuvered both the Alpha Phi's and the Associated Women Stu- dents throughout the year. -. 4 A 1 S l tr- H f if 2 l t. t ..,, , :,, ,, , . .,,, 1 ,,...., r J li IH it Sgr IB me .... I K ..... , L g Q' w ,. LOUISE COOPER HELEN DAVIS ROWENA DAY SHIRLEY DEFORTH GWEN DICKSON WINIFRED DINN CATHERINE DOHERTY MARY DOHERTY BILLIE DURHAM DARLENE FORZLEY PATRICIA GOLDBRAND JACQUELINE GOULD DIAN GIULIO NORMA HAFFERMAN JILL HAGEMAN ALICE HODGES ARLENE HOLLINGER JAN HOWARD MOLLIE ILER NORMA ILER JANICE JAMES VERNA JOHNS PATRICIA KAUPPINEN PI-IYLLIs KIND ANNAMAE KOVATCH ROSEMARY LAING Lols LEDUC MARY MATTSON ROSEMARY AKER HELEN AUNE MARLENE MCKINLEY MARGARET MONTAGUE MARILYN MORRIS JOY NEEDHAM JANICE NELSON PATRICIA 0'HARE JOAN PADDINGTON MARYANNE BEECHER MARIANNE BENSON LOUISE RALSTON BOBETTE REEDER RUTH REIQUAM ELEANOR SCHMIDT NORMA SLAIGHT SALLY SMITH FRANCES SKAHAN - ""' 'jj1if3:,5Q- Q' A -E" A . ' 'W A ,iv f .,,,, , E, ,.,, ,Q L E, mf PATRICIA BOEI-IME TONI BOYLE JAMIE BRENNAN JEAN STEPHENS BEVERLY TECCA PATRICIA THOMAS GLORIA TINSETH PEGGY TOFTE PHYLLIS TREWEEK DONNA BROWN LEONE BROWN ALICE ANN BULS ALICE UTSOND JANICE WELCH JAQUELINE VVOODAHL ANN WOODS MARYANN VVYSE JAMIE YULE 'X -L- fx: , 7,41 v MARLYS AUGENSTEIN MARIE AUSTIN JANE BAIER JEAN BORCHERS RosE BUGLI MARY BuRRos JEAN CAMPBELL COLEEN CARLYLE ARLENE CARPENTER MARIEANNE CARROLL CATHERINE CARRUTHERS MARVIS CORIN DARLENE DAHLMAN SHIRLEY DONOVAN ALDA DUFF ILEN EGGER BETTY ELMORE BEVERLY EPPE GEORGIE FABERT RUTH FRANZ BETTY GEARY ERMA GILLILAND VALERIE GILMAN DOLORES GUILBAULT JOANNE GUILBAULT MARLENE HANLON DONNA HARES AUDREY JOHNSON CAROL KARR KENETTE KENISON RACHEL KINNEY RUTH KINNEY CLAIRE KULAWIK DONNA LARSON GLADYS LEWIS V Q I E .I:,' t .E .,--I 'VJEZ Qvlu 2 :I "' A 4 IIAINI pf . ai 3 , W3 V DELTA DELT As CI transfer from Sioniord University, RACHEL KINNEY went for to become president of the Tri Deli house. She concluded her college coreer by mor- ryinq or Siqmo Chi in iote Moy. 196 agp-I .I ,Q ' Km if DELT tit R PAT LovELY BETTY McLEIsH GERRI MITCHELL KAY NORDBY PAULINE OBERG ANNETTE WYLIE DONNA WYNACHT SYLV PEDER N SHIR PE I ALICE P EDGE MARIE R C R N PAT CIA S E L PA R CIA S EL BE T S HRA JE E S REEVE BETTY S TH LIV STE MARGARET STANICH GERALD E ST. ONGE NANCY TEEL BEVERLY TooLE ALEXANDRA WALKER VERA WALTERS PATTI WEITZM N C RYL WIcKEs JOYCE WILLAR KAY WOHLGENANT The Tri Delts treat themselves to a backyard picnic during spring quarter. Ierry St. Onqe leads the way in the sampling oi qoodies followed by Bev- erly Toole, Colleen Carlyle, Marlys Auqenstein, Donna Larson and Shirley Donovan. The house on University avenue was a picture of per- petual motion as the girls of Delta Delta Delta moved right into the campus spotlight. The big boomer of the house was MARIE AUSTIN, elected Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, who also found time for ROTC Sponsor Corps. Seven other Tri Delts donned the uniforms of ROTC, too..- Teaming together the Tri Delts took first place on their Homecoming float.. CARYLE WICKES. IEAN'NE SHREEVE, PAULINE OBERG and GLADYS LEWIS made their way into Mortar Board, with Pauline also serving as president of a cappella choir, and on Kappa Tau. KENETTE KENISON took the gavel for WAA, while MARVIS CORIN took the responsibility of vice-president. BETTY SMITH served as associate- editor on the Kaimin. and Bacteriology club claimed PAT SCHAMMEL and IERRY ST. ONGE. l9'I N Pirates CKathy Booth, Carlene Drag- stedt, and Creta Stuckyi, merrnaids Clean and Ioan Bachmanh Balloon fish CAnn T1'1ompsonD, and deepsea diver CPat Stropeb appeared at the DG Deep- Sea rush party in the fall. PATSY ANDERSON ROBERTA ATKINSON JEAN BACHMAN JOAN BACHMAN ANDREA BERG JOYCE BONANDER KATHLEEN BOOTH JOAN BROOKS RUTH BUZZETTI KAY COTTER CAROL COUGHLAN CARMELITA Cox VIRGINIA CROCKER EVELYN DAVIS GWEN DAVIS MYRNA DOLVEN CARLENE DRAGSTEDT JOAN DURKIN SHIRLEY EMBODY LYNN ERB GWEN FLIGHTNER ANNE FOWLER DELT MM I,.,. ' . ..,.v :il lv-- K .,IJ5 ' "" I. In ,fl nf... 3 ' ' 'fr' 1 '.,' - I ' 'sf ' - ,V:., I X ,., :.:5.,:: I I, tg? ii 3 2 R Delta Gamma enioyed a year of profitable activity and service under the leadership of GWEN FLIGHTNER and MARILYN MCCONNELL. The DG's combined talents with the Sigma Nu's to win the trophy for the best act in the Aber Day variety show. The DG's came through to take the trophies for schol- arship, the Booster parade and Sonqlest. The sophomores chose two DG's to lead them through the year: they were IOAN BACHMAN. vice-president, and ARLENE WERLE, sev- retary. ANN FOWLER efficiently ran the outside entertain- ment committee, while IOAN BROOKS took over as an associate editor of the Kaimin. DG proudly boasted ot nine Spurs during the year, two ot which belonged to ALD. DAVIS WATSON served as AWS secretary. as well as community service chairman for SCA. PAT KOOB, CAROL MURRAY. MARGE LOVBERG and DONNA MURRAY were initiated into Masquers, while Pat also became a member of Masquers Royale. Marge and Donna were also in Iubileers. MYRNA DOLVEN, CAROL COUGHLAN, and ANNE FOWLER breezed through the year as North Hall sponsors. M. rr r a rr eer re Y A A Qi .gig,, Y y 5 E5 Wi?" z . Ng -- 2:-ti." 4 ggki i ., .... . .. '--: M h KRW BEVERLY TERPENING ANN THOMSON JANET TIERNEY DAVIS WATSON ARLENE WERLE SUSAN WILEY I :.V , .--- , - l 3 ' 1 X 't" A A ' A l A rs. A , Eit ,,., V .. if 'il 1.:, I gk M 'rf is rttt If 5 Q db . :,, ,.,7t: . . E Y gag A Q A L X - in t i a I A E is 3' 2 X as if GWEN FLIGHTNER versatile pres ident of DG, was or busmess ad ministration major who hopes for O future with the army ln Iapan VALORIE GIERKE DELORES GOETZE JOANNE GOLDEN DONNA GOODMANSEN MURIEL GRIFFIN JUDITH HAROIN SUE HUNTLEV JANECE JOHNSON LARENE KISLING PATRICIA Kooa JEANETTE KEHNE SHIRLEY LEFFLER MARJORIE LOVBERG MARILYN McCoNNELL BRENDA MCPHERSON MARY Lou MARSH MILDRED MENDEL PATRICIA MERRILL MARIANNA MERRITT ANN MowATT CAROL MURRAY DONNA MURRAY PEARL OPALKA CONNIE PEEK AUDREY RICHARDSON JERE RIVENES JOAN SANDFORD JEANENE SCHILLING NANCY SCHILLING JEAN SCHRIVER ALICE SMITH GERTRUDE STENE PAT STROPE CRETA STUCKY -,,.:- ' ,.,A:: A ,. , .xf4,,,A .. Mr ,.: H' 1 I 'wi ii., M93-A 'I A""l': '- In in . in 5 J ,.,,.,.,, .,:,,, 3 , I -I f sigj- - "-- 3:-I lb , .,,,... A K 4 V . ..,,.:: .I A::. 2 my .'2' I "-'-- - A V .,.- :-. ' -I ' I.. V : L - , . if -A w - . , , , I , ., 'I , , .. I . A Q " W , " I - ---, 1 .i j Wg-v,:.. , . M aia NIQ.: -If 1 :i5s.:5,..-w if :-,. :::. .E A I.. . 'EE -I . ., ., "" " fi " 1 s z , .... 2 , "" ' ' " I , I -'-A V I A Ai, .A r ' ff X .I - -' E ' 3: A 'ggijigz' Q It"ras':"25::g:ZI:5:S4F 1.52: Ig Q ' i 1-Ili: JUDY ADAMS JANET DAMBLY JEANNE HAYS MARILYN KINTNER CAROL ANDERSON ELAINE ANDERSON ROSEMARY ANDERSON JANET BAILEY DALE BARDE MAE BEHNER GEORGIANA COPPEDGE CAROL CUSHMAN PAULA DYBDAL DONNA FossE MARILYN FOSTER GEORGIA GEORGE GWEN GHoLsoN GAYLE GIBBONS MARILYN HARDENBURGH JANET HARPER VIRGINIA HAYS BEVERLY HENNE KATHARINE HETLER ARLENE HOILAND KATHRYN HUDSON LYNN JELINEK BILLIE JOHNSTON BETTE D. JONES JoANN LADUKE JANE LAW KATHRYN LINDSETH MARY MAURER PINKY MCCALLIE ESTELLE MCFARLAND BETTY L. MEANS PAT MOORE KAPPA LPH THETA KAT president BILLIE IOHNSTON, an education ma- jor, when not concentrating on her presidential du- ties, spent her spare time with SN Mike Flemming. ZOO . gg. 'I Q MARILYN NIcI-IoL , I - ' ' PATRICIA O'CONNOR -55. Q - gt E PATRICIA O'GRADY .A in K JANET OLSON t l Qs. WILMA PAULSON X ri HELEN PETERSON k in ROSALYN PFEIFER tt Q f 5 .V yy, P I if f .. I it IE' f ' lvlll . I -'vtff I K Inbz- - nt ,,:v ik EILEEN PoLK CAROLYN PORTER DORIS SANDSMARK VIVIEN SLETTEN DoRcAS SNYDER SHIRLEY SPEHN DIANNE STEPHENS BETTINA STOHR JOAN STOKAN ALICE TALMAGE MARY JOAN TASCHER SUSAN TRAVIS LOUMARILYN VIERHUS PHYLLIS WEBBER BETTE R. WoLFE DONA WOODARD lt seems the Thetas' favorite pastime must be singing. Here the pledges are found singing at a banquet, and the ever-active Theta Trio sang at many campus and house functions. Down on Gerald avenue at the Theta abode, the girls capitalized on their many abilities to breeze through another suc- cessful year. A variety of campus affairs claimed the time of many. EILEEN POLK enthusiastically served as co-ed colonel of ROTC, and president of Aquamaids. BEV HENNE, who was associate editor of the Sentinel, Central Board delegate and Traditions Board chairman, was honored at Matrix Table as "Outstanding Senior Girl." Graduate scholarships galore were offered the popular ASMSU secretary. MARY IOAN TASCHER. A house of royalty, KAY HUDSON was Homecoming Queen, and BERTA HUEBL, Mardi Gras queen. ROSEMARY ANDERSON, a Kap- pa Tau, was chosen president ot Mortar Board, and MARILYN FOSTER became president of AWS. MARILYN KINTNER capably served as vice-president ot AWS. Saucy MARILYN NICHOL was elected by her classmates as senior vice-president. However, the sisters took their minds oil campus activities long enough to plan some highly successful social affairs. The Kappas skillfully divided their time among campus activities, awards, and lun hours. As a group the Kappas won the swimming trophy, and shared second place honors with the Thetas on their Homecom- ing float. A Spur and Aquamaid, GERENE WILSON also served as secretary of the iunior class. Another secretary was NAN HUBBARD of WAA. who also was elected vice-president ot AWS. Pledge MARY HELEN PEMBERTON took many freshman honors by becoming freshman treasurer and president oi North Hall. Sigma Phi Epsilon honored BARBARA BERG by choos- ing her "Queen of Hearts." and IO HAFTLE became Miss Photogenic. Included in the membership of Kappa Tau and Mortar Board was enthusiastic MARLENE CARRIG. IO GRUNDSTROM successfully maneuvered the Miss Montana program until the franchise was dropped this spring. " ELEANOR ANDERSON D BAR B TTY BARB This Kappa senior class, the largest on campus, was active in many phases ot campus lite. E If 'Q ly mlm MARGERY CROCKETT KATHARINE CROCKET R was ag, PA-rmcm DAvlsoN . Q S4 ,Qin V J AN H LL ' E 5 DIANE HoLl.lNGswoRTH . Nm HUBBARD Q? ,, Ur ., .,r, V- '--t-- 5 P Pert Pat Ferguson! Kappa Kappa Gamma president, was an especially busy gal with her many hours of practice teaching. 20 K PP KAPP G MM BETTY BELL BARBARA BERG JOAN BIELENBERG ADRIENNE BORCHERS MARY A. BURNETT PATRICIA BURNETT GRACE CAMERON MARLENE CARRIG MARY E. ERICKSON ARTHA EUSTANCE JOAN EVANS PATRICIA FERGUSON PATRICIA FRAHER JOANN GRUNDSTROM MARILYN GUNKEL JOANN HAFTLE -. .qvi P , JERRY HUHN FRANCES JORGENSON JOAN KILBURN CAROL KRONMILLER SUSAN KUEHN DOROTHY LAZARUS SHIRLEY LEIBINGER SARALOU LEAPHART -Q' if an sy..-Mr I., .if .1 iifffli -. nfl? Q'-. ZZ M., Q: 5 :.' :' 203 GAYLE MACDONALD JANET MCKENZIE ALICE MAXELL DONNA MITHUN ELIZABETH NELLIGAN MARIAN NELSON MARCIA OECHsLI MARY KEN PATTERSON MARY H. PEMBERTON BARBARA PENCE DOROTHY REEVES DOROTHY ROss LENORE SI-IERIDAN GEORGIAN STRANGE CECELIA TWILDE GAY VANNOY JANICE WEATHERSTON KAREN WHITTET GERENE WILSON PATTI WOODCOCK SIGMA K PPA Vfith a theme of "ShoWboat," the Sigma Kappa house dec- oration Was a real eye-catcher. It merited tirst place in the so- rority division durinq Interscho- iastic. Mortar Board PAT WALK ER, a sociology maior carried out her plans for a May Wedding 204 I -gr.: 1 . ., Y - gy ,,,-,,. . ' : f ' In ji- 3 ,A - Q"'11,, A f . , ' .47 -'--' ,H Q.. V ,.,, , , W llllbiil I 'Q lyqvg 5 i ' -A ,K . . , I. A A ..,,. .3 - X 4 EE. , , ,, as . : as - ' g,,g5:r:.3. . 3-:LE I 'H -1::.". I V 'xtglffii 'giz '.- f r .11 W .. t. , i t. . .u.. HELEN HAYTCN AMY KRUGER AUDREY LINSCHEI SUE MANN E, ,N an ,,, ,A , I ,A 5 sz .:."- , - '!ijfE5eE:a.E5E . '31 ..z: - I ' '4 - ' . , -1 B ETTY M U L LE N "" ' . 'I ..,...g:'E:.tZ: "" 3 . ' I ' ' ' ' J A R Y N E L5 E N - .-:g,..: .I D 5 ':, ':: sy ' . . it 25 .QL K' t is, it it-A RUTH NEPTUNE DONNA NOONEY A 5. ANGIE OBERTO JOYCE PIKKULA Y Q BEVERLY PRAETZ RosALIE SPACE I A R JANET THOMSON R Tu N uIsT ROXANA WARREN ARDICE WEAVER JANE VALENTINE BEVERLY YORK Sigma Kappa ingenuity paid oft when the girls were presented with the Traditions Board trophy tor the most cleverly decorated house at Interscholastic. In the course of the year many other events were celebrated with typical enthusiasm. On campus. the girls starred in activities. IARY NELSEN. who held the gavel ior PEMM Club, also was a North Hall iunior sponsor and AWS vice-president. Both PAT WALKER and REBA TURNQUIST were chosen for Mortar Board. IANE VALEN- TINE, who marked among her activities vice-president ot Mu Phi, was selected as "Outstanding Iunior Girl" by Matrix Table. The Panhellenic presidency was capably taken over by Kam SUE MANN. ROXANA WARREN and REBA TURNQUIST both maintained the high scholarship demanded for mem- bership in Kappa Tau. Roxana was also president ot Radio Guild. Both BEVERLY PRAETZ and AUDREY LINSCHEID were admitted to the ranks of Masquers, with Audrey also being a Masquer Royale. Bev co-chairmanned the AWS handbook. Sigma Kappas and their dates dug around in closets and came out with some unique costumes for their "Suppressed Desire" spring function. 205 MARAJEAN BRIDENSTINE JANICE BURTON LucY BUTCHER ROSEMARY CosENs SHARON DALLING MARY DEJARNETTE CAROL DAX GLADYS HARRIS D KAYEL MARTINSON MARILYN PRIDEAUX EBA R Q PATRICIA WALKER H' ,. ,sg -as J gif I., fi I . .t . .,,,, ,f is -0 'N sniff 1 f I 9 I " -593 ,'5 1 X W. . in ' If Ea V , . V 9 J .gi nfl . if KI ' JACK ADAMSON JOHN ALLTON LIONEL BOGUT TOM FOSHAG CLAIR HALLOCK WAYNE HANSON BILL HoLT JAMES JACKSON MICHAEL LACEY DON LANDREVILLE PAUL LEROUX ROBERT M. LARsoN FOREST LIEEE JAMES LOEBACK ROBERT MAMMEN J:aHN MARVIN JACK MCFARLAND WILLIAM MELTON JAMES MIREHOUSE THOMAS S. O'BRIEN JACK OLDHAM FRANCIS PowERs RICHARD REMINCTON BYARD W. RIFE JoI-IN ROUNDS JAMES ROWAN DONALD SANSOUCI ROBERT SHEEHAN RICHARD VARNER HARVEY YOUNG LPH T U OMEG 206 Alpha Tau Omega president, 'WAYNE HANSON guided the Taus to another successful year. 1 ,A Y .. 'Y X 3 ,,,. Qf3is?"'U'A 2 .. w ATO's could be found in almost any phase oi cam- pus aotivity. Many a friendly argument was waged in this house be- tween the Young Republi- cans and Young Demo- crats. No paddle, and the second annual Help Week program highlighted the achievements of the boys from 1414 Maurice avenue. The Seventh Annual dinner dance. the best function each year, highlighted, along with two firesides, the social end of fall quarter. Winter quarter the Prohibition Daze party. with all the brothers and their dates rigged in gay 20's costumes. stole the show socially. Spring quarter found the Taus off to the Toolies for functions, picnics and exchange dinners. Organizationally speaking, the ATO's spread themselves thin, having members in Kappa Tau, Student Christian association, Sinfonia, rifle, track and ski teams. as well as the National Pharmaceutical association. BILL RIFE, who was for the second year an outstanding track man on the Grizzly squad, managed to carry his Maltese cross to the finish line, breaking records in the mile and two mile. HAL UTSOND is considered by many to be the prospect to take Bill's place. Hal chucked the iaveline 192 feet 1 inch to take top honors in Skyline meets. 207 ROBERT ALKIRE NORMAN ANDERSON CY AUSTIN DONALD BISSELL GEORGE BOIFEUILLET PETE BRAZIER H. P. BROWN GENE CARLSON CHARLES COOPER SCOTT CUNNINGHAM ROY CURRELL IAN DAVIDSON JOHN DEMPSTER DONALD DOWLING GERALD EDMUNDS RAYMOND FRANK WILLIAM GUE HAROLD HAMMERSMARK JAMES HARKEN JAMES HASLIP BOYD HENNEMAN GARY HINES WARREN HODOUS ANTON HOLLINGER JOHN IWEN ARNE JACOESEN RICHARD JARACZESKI CHARLES JOHNSON DURWOOD JOHNSON GORDON JONES WILLIAM KANN ERNEST LAPALM WILLIAM LARCOMBE ROBERT LAWRENCE DONALD LITTLE MAURICE LOKENSGARD ROBERT MALMSTAD RONALD MUNGER JOHAN MILLER HAROLD MIKES BERNARD MOGSTAD STEPHEN MALMSTEAD DAVID PETERSON WILLIAM PLEDGE JAMES RATHMAN JAMES REID HOWARD REIQUAM LAw RISKIN PHI DELT THET Q 9 E? GENE TIDBALL TOM VANMETER DONALD WHITE JOHN WOODCOC JACK ZYGMOND ROBERT YURKO wp Q1 l 4' CH R N After taking first place in the clothing drive, the Phi Delts gave themselves and bystanders a show. MAL INGRAM divided his time between the Phi Delt presidency and var- sity tootball and lvlargy Young. He Watched proud- ly as trophies accumu- lated. A I. s 1 D L R Q5-F W YNE R Ro E T Ru J MES SI R R ERT S T D D SMA G WILLIAM S ITH EDWARD S NG DONALD TALC TT Getting oii to an early start the Phi Delts began the year with the campus's biggest pledge class. Pledging was followed by the Hawaiian party and the spring Installation Ball. In the social swing of things. the Phi Delts hung more pins this year than any previous year. Not to be outdone, the Phi Delt brothers claim eight of the varsity football team, and three men on basketball. EDDIE ANDERSON and GENE CARLSON captained the basket- ball and baseball teams. To an already overcrowded mantle, the Phi Delts added eight more trophies for intramural sports. Mention must be given of the Phi Delt contribution to the WSSF clothing drive. chairmanned by GEORGE BOIFEUILLET, which netted four thousand pounds of clothing. HOLLY HOLLINGER actively engaged in campus aiiairs as chairman ot the student Union committee, and NORM ANDERSON was elected as Iunior Central Board delegate. IIM LARCOMBE maneuvered the Sigma Delta Chi's to a successful year. 209 A great time was a great time Whenever more than two Phi Sigs got together. Loud laugh- y ter could always be heard com- ing irom the Phi Sig comer. The fun-loving Phi Sigs will long remember this past year as a very successful one in every way. Even though Uncle Sam and members of the opposite sex struck a telling blow on house membership, it was, to say the least, a memorable year. To show they didn't feel completely contemptible to- ward the "iocks" and their activities, the Phi Sigs claimed FLOYD SMITH of the Grizzlies record breaking relay team, and TOM RITTER, the "fish-boy" on the swimming team. a So- cially, the Phi Sigs outdid themselves. The Coronation Ball, the Barn Dance, the PI party, weekend picnic on Flathead, and the famous Coffee Dan were a few of the "greater" Phi Sig functions. Large sized wheels were TOM SHERLOCK, senior president, and DALE FORBES and IACK BELLAND, grad- uatinq with honors in law and education respectively. The Phi Sigs found time to complete plans for their new home, scheduled for construction this summer. Location? Who would think of leaving 1011 Gerald? Man, they're surrounded by three sororities. 2lO RICHARD BAIRD JACK BELLAND JOHN BENNETT ROGER BOETTIGER PAUL BRYCE EDWARD CALLAHAN ELDON CHELGREN ALBERT CHRISTENSEN EUGENE CROGHAN DON DIVINE CHARLES FARRAND FRANK FowLER DOUGLAS FRASER GARY GALLAGHER MARVIN HOBBS EARL HOLST BRUCE HowE KENNETH KILLION THOMAS KROHN LYLE LEISCHNER WAYNE LINNELL EDWARD LUCOTCH DELANO LUND JAMES LUND RICHARD MCGRAW MALCOLM MCPHAIL JAMES MUIR LEO NEIFFER VAN OLSEN ROBERT RASMUSSEN TED RIEGER THOMAS RITTER CLARENCE ROWLEY JAMES PROSSER ROY SHIPLEY FLOYD SMITH LAWRENCE WEST ROBERT B. WILLIAMS ROBERT WILSON Phi Sig president CLARENCE ROWLEY, is CI Geology mcuor from EkcI1cIkCI. 211 is Q A d .,,,: eff' if E ff ie f ., ., 2-4- 1 -i f 7 J J E 1 ik if M sl - ibl ,Q ., yt , ' ., , f , EF- ? 5: A 1 .il A' .',,.V :.. ' it me fi, H 1 -1 .:,Q- f . its r"1-j , - .gp ---' ':-" , Z I Izl --1QA. I R if M fi Z ulq- Ji . Q' , - . K I 1 rt df Qs , N I ,.,: ..,.. , :J -, in it if V A bA-, 3 Q 'V R , Q' .1 33 , , """ j ig Q , ' E if fit as 3 5 miie ..., .'. ,I d O t ,a t ,'b'iQ:g:'.,: t - .- c- . w- :,:., ft x ,. , 1? 5, K W ig? hi? it I 15: g , 55,5 kr. 3 3 K is ZX: 4 - " "ti: , A:E,. A - 1, , N XX. .. .,:: 1 - A h, I :rv I ,1 ..,,::.: 1 L Q . ' , ' I rj .... , Q VX , 2 11' A .: : . ---- W : ' K Q1 I. It d J ----1 A '- A " ., ,vqqu Duzq :.V 1 R Q ff, .. 5 3. sg 2 532561 V A "" :':r: "':5 K -,,. K . 'l'- at R ' K t tt r g, , + oss R 5 A V i Yi A r 5 in SIGMA ALPH EPSILO Sigma Alpha Epsilon strove to participate and excel in the scholastic, cultural, philanthropic and social aspects of campus life. Its success in scholarship was shown by its ranking first among fraternities four quarters in a row. Another first came in the homecoming float which they shared with the Tri Delts. Two intramural trophies for football and golf were added to the SAE mantle. Among SAE's notable in activities were DON GERLINGER, PEK president, IACK COPPEDGE and DAVE LEUTHOLD of Central Board, PETE DENSMORE, tennis captain, and IIM MURRAY, " senior football player." The Sig Alph's came through the Aber Day elections with three out of four class presidents. DON ERICKSON, BOB GRIFFIN, and GEORGE PAUL served as freshman, sophomore, and iunior prexies respec- tively. Publicity-travel chairman, three Bear Paws, PARK DENSMORE of store board and twenty varsity letterrnen were claimed by the SAE's. 212 R H H R CH H K RMIT HA TLE JOEL HILLST A ROBERT HUDSON ROBERT J K CONNIE JO NSO ROBERT J E5 DALE KI ING JERRY K VINCE K v c CH BYRON L R FR L HMAN R ERT LERUM GLENN BIEHL JOHN H. BLAIR JAMES BORGERSON MONTE BRAMMER JAMES BROWN LARRY BROWN DON O. CAMPBELL GARY CARTER GENE CHRISTIANSEN EDWARD B. COGSWELL JACK COPPEDGE DOUGLAS DASINGER CHARLES H. DAVIS SAM E. DAVIS DANIEL DENNIS PARK DENSMORE PETE DENSMORE JACK DUNLAP RAY DUNN ART DYER JOHN EARL DONALD ENEBO EDWIN ERICKSON PAT EYER RONALD FAUST IHDMAS FLANAGAN JAMES FORD W t .,. Q I RQ-. Q 'in Fa :Z-It J ":J':' ' 5i' 'M 'K T I I ff ef Iv I E. 5 I - ..j:...:,g..,,,5.E..' it I ni S 4 if Q xx 'WE' H? ,T A 'f at 3 3 ' . :g:2Z'IE Look long enough cmd many cr well-oiled Wheel will emerge from the door of 1120 Gerald. A 0 4 .IIZA w e .,,MN -if-'1 wi- ? .A A rOrIo EAEM S2 ij? h A '2 M A 5 is , ' X vw A T' Af S T I glfiszwffz K. S Q ,, I I e.eo rE'IQr SS S AIEAZ EE' -9 9 I 'I:. , I ' A it I , 213 EDWARD FORWOOD RICHARD GALT DON GERLINGER ROBERT GHIGLERI HAROLD GILLET ROBERT GILLULY JAMES GRAFF ROBERT GRIFFIN RICHARD GUNLIKSON JACK LESLIE DAVE LEUTHOLD KENNETH LEUTHOLD WALT LONNER JERRY MADDEN RICHARD MALLICK ROBERT MCGUIRE JAMES MCNANEY SKULASON MOE RICK MORRIS JAMES MURRAY MARSHALL MURRAY DAVID NELSON JAMES E. NELSON GEORGE PAUL NOHL PETERSON THOMAS POMROY ALLAN ROSE JAMES RYAN ART ST. PETER DALE SCHNEIDMILLER LEE SMITH JERRY SWAN KEITH TERRELL LOREN TURBIVILLE HAROLD VERT GREG WALLANDER RUDY WEISHAR DONALD WELCH PAUL VVESKAMF DONALD A. WHITE WALTER VVINSLOW JIM VVINTERS MILTON WORDAL LEONARD ZIPPERIAN A DOUGLAS L. ANDERSON RAMON ARCHER BOYD BALDWIN WAYNE BAUER ROBERT BEACH DOUGLAS BEIGHLE ARNOLD BLACHLY JOHN BLACKWOOD GEORGE BOVINGDON GERALD BRITTON ROBERT BUCHANAN WILLIAM A. CAMPBELL ROBERT CARKEEK FRED CARL RALPH CATES ROBERT CHESNOVER DONALD CLARK EDMUND COLBY DAVID CROSSMAN JOSEPH DELUCA WILLIAM DICKINSON JACK DRISCOLL RONALD DUFRESNE JOHN DUNBAR KEITH DYAS LARRY ELLEFSON JACK FAHEY GEORGE FLEMING ROBERT FRASER ROBERT GABRIEL ROBERT GRAVES ROLAND GROTTE RODGER HAGEMAN HENRY HENLINE ROBERT HOFF M. PEDER HoINEss JOHN HOWELL ROBERT HUNTER JAMES JACKSON DANNY JAMIESON Eligible bachelor GERALD BRITTON, number one Sigma Chi, spread his in- terests Over ROTC, law, and singing With the SX quartet. IGIVIA Campus men of Sigma Chi were of Bear Paw. and PEDER HOINESS. two important positions, chairman committee, cmd business manager CLARK succeeds BOB GRAVES as CHI HUGH DEMERS, president who successfully managed of the New Student Union of the Sentinel. DONALD the new M Club president. DICK SHADOAN, one of the most efficient and busiest men on campus. served as president of Silent Sentinel, Kappa Tau, and was on Traditions Board. DEACON ANDERSON. IRC prexy, finished as Sentinel business manager and was a '53 Sentinel associate editor. The Sigs claimed the campus kings this year. "STINGER" STONG was voted King of Mardi Gras, and BOB PEDEN became North Hal1's first Peppermint Prince. Proud of their twins, LEE and BOB WILLIAMS, who won many Skyline golfing honors, are the Sigs, as they are of their many athletes, both varsity and intramural. Memories of many fine parties filled the minds of members, who best re- membered such events as the Sweetheart Ball and the newly founded Sigma Chi weekend at Seeley. BI4 Getting reol churnmy the broth- ers obliged the photogropher by lining up for or picture. CLeit to rightl Gerry Britton, Richard Lillie, Bill Mc Muster, lock New- rnon. Q5 J, g F 'W Q A 35: l wt V ,pu 5 Q, 2 Tl , I .. .,,. .I flat X x 3' 8' Q ff O 'rg 1 . y his K -'.""'- Q if ,xii t- 1,, S 3 X ' if f ,iii ,. ' ' 1 J W ' i-1' fig"-' f 'J ' RICHARD JOY GARY JYSTAD ROBERT LESTER RICHARD LILLIE ROYCE MATHEWS HOLLIS MCCREA WILLIAM MCMASTER WILLIAM MCVICARS DARREL MONTANG KIM NELSON THOMAS NELSON JACK NEWMAN JAMES NORRIS DONALD NYQUIST DONALD OLSON EDWIN OVERTURF ROBERT PEDEN ROBERT POZEGA ROBERT POTTER FRANCIS POWER MARVIN REYNOLDS STEVEN SANDERS ROBERT SQUIRES ROBERT STEWART WILLARD STONG JACK STREETER STEPHEN TANNER JOHN TIDYMAN JAMES A. TIDYMAN THOMAS TIDYMAN DICK TURBIVILLE WINSTON TUSTISON RONALD VANHEE WILLIAM VESETI-I DONALD WALL F. LEE WILLIAMS S. ROBERT WILLIAMS JIMME WILSON KEITH WUERTHNER DANIEL ZENK g. 2 I ,':2i54'55f' JIM ABBOTT ROBERT ABBOTT EDWARD ARGENBRIGHT ROBERT ARTZ ROY BARKLEY LEE BAYLEY RICHARD BERGSINC RICHARD BIGGERSTAFF WILLIAM BLACK LOUIS BORCHERS HOWARD BURKE JAMES BURKE ROBERT BURKE KENNETH BYERLY PAUL CAINE RICHARD CANNON DONALD CAMERON GILBERT CARUSD WAYNE CHATTIN DONALD CHANEY BENJAMIN CRAIG JAMES CUSKER DICK DALLAS JAMES DAVIDSON ALEXANDER DENSON EDWIN DOIG KEN DUFFY JOHN DUNCAN DON ELLISTON HARRY FUHS LAWRENCE GAUGHAN ROBERT GIBSON HARRY GRIFFITHS BERT GUTHRIE PAUL HANSEN HARL HAAS VAL HERMAN ARNOLD HUPPERT BOB ISNER WILLIAM E. JONES WILLIAM KAISERMAN LEWIS KEIM ROBERT KIRK RONALD LABUFF DANNY LAMBROS ROBERT LAZICH GIB LEIBINGER WARREN LITTLE THOMAS MAIN DELBERT MATHISON GORDON MCGUIRE WILLIAM MORRISON JEROME MURPHY LEO MUSBURGER THOMAS NEEDHAM ROBERT NEwLIN 15" I J an I Q S mil? y 3 , If i if 2:22 ., ' .. ... Q .- WS fl RR!! ' Q Jg? if k, .. ' av WI Q ,. IQ W If' QW ? I E 5 5iWQe1?fE: 'E Ii ..II W 2' ':" " --'. " , af y 1: . 61' If I I 6:24 216 6: I Ry . M. Y Si'-mai X 8 new I .,,'Q 'P ' .ggig- fl fi, ,..." 5:3 I ' A W "--- ' A I 5 Q ,.,I ,YI' A QI ff: A "" 1 it .,.. ' A W A .Ls2z:52QE2v . K gg V I n 'Q ...QI I F ' EI J .I , 1 , ii I HxE:H K' II, Q I ...,.,., I .. qv 1 ,',, . QJXI, H W x - I - 2 faia -., 1' I .',I5..z:' . I: .Q I ..,. 5 Ki :,, ',-' V King . A Q, -,gr E Y I .. - .Wy 4 The White Star boys on Gerald avenue added versatility on campus and a booming social season to this school year. Central Board predominated with Sigma Nu's BOB NEWLIN, BILL IONES, WARD SHANAHAN and IIM ABBOTT. At the helm of student government, and leading the CB meetings were ASMSU president DAN LAMBROS. and business man- ager DON CAMERON. The Kaimin was again edited by a Sigma Nu, LEW KEIM, who was capably aided by associates BILL IONES and RAY MOHOLT. Sigma Nu also claimed tive Silent Sentinels, and ten Bear Paws. plus a mighty crew oi varsity lettermen. Loud cheers resounded down Gerald Ave- nue from the Snake house when the brothers learned ot their first place in the song fest. Cadet Colonel BOB ABBOTT gave the orders tor ROTC, while brother DICK DALLAS took over the Stan Kenton appearance on campus. GIB IEIBINGER, the music master of the campus, is also a noted Sigma Nu. Putting their best foot forward in the social whirl, the Sigma Nu's outdid themselves at their annual Pigge dinner dance. Another successful party was their winter quarter gangster dance. SIGMA uf. Armand Pepe and Iinx Var1Horne pose for Crime Photographers Inc. at the an- nual Sigma Nu gangster party. A smor- gashord dinner and dance completed the underworld theme. In I ,- , 551- Q. ' ' ' MILES O'CONNoR 'fi I .gr M E, 1 "QE ' 'EE' t Q ' R 1 M CARL OLSEN K 'T ,wb ' X ,n WL N' . G- I 5 be 57 " gg 'V Sn, 33 NORMOND OLSON . - . A , , " ,Ay I ', , iw' f::..: js . ARMOND PEPE 'W ' N -: A ..,. ' 5 JACK PETERSON . '- ..,. ar ' . - ' I , I. .,f- I - ui t . 5 ' ' H JOHN PHELPS f- " r ' 22. 2 it - .,,., . f ' I . I , . 'A . 1 I ' f .ig A Sir? 'I ' ERN! 2 ' , A 1: I I . X E' 2-is ' 3 FRANCIS POLUTNIK ,la ' ' 55 I f ' BYRON Ross - 2 ' 1 A 4 --'-- ' . ...... If" D s N ve- 9, 'W' 'S 'W' an .I W J " I In ff J 'Z' H2325 sf: f.'l1,tN gh . B' , Ltfkf - S, R JON SEvERsoN I " ., '- A 9 A , .,., - J ., 3 :I r JACK SHANSTROM KA ' I . ,-:I1I'i . I' " ..,5IEZEI5i: , - :lv gn?-Z l - E I.. I ' W 1' I i Q ,,., " ' ' ' . -- " y E . A IE In b ,fi ,V .If RICHARD SHERMAN I A' JOHN SKEES as '- A, '1j1IFI:, , A. gm 4 I 4 .I Q -1 0.5: 4 lg, we EDWARD STEWART 4 5 ,,,, -:px 'K Q 5: ,,,, EE QU it g:.,.,. Q' I. -5 X DEL STORDOCK I if K, 'iii ...... '. , jx, -E1 ., ' ' TED STUMP Q, Y .. if I H I . , . DON SWERDFEGER , ,r J -, JACK TI-IOM ' -::2:I. ' .. '-Iii' .- - , fi' " I 'Egfr-Y L I I . Tir if . . y ' I I GEORGE TIPP . ' GORDON TRAVIS 1 Q I if- Wm W ,gk ,fm GERALD TUCKER . I Q, "' ' Q mga I T 'f JACK WALKER 1 gl 1- ,Q lg RICHARD WHITTE1' j'I'f"' I if 5 aj RICHARD WOODS 1 .lf ...,.,. - Q1-ff I 5 5 ROBERT ZARR 1 55.21. I It R , y 3 'Ss - I:.1.:, ge, ,Q 1 -A A 2 I 7 LEO AZINGER JAMES CARRELL DuDLEv DEAN WILLIAM DEMMONS RICHARD DEWALT JAMES DURADO JAMES FARRINGTON JAMES FARRELL RAY HALUEKA DONALD HALVERSON PAUL HEINZ RALPH HERSHBERGER JACOB HOFFMAN ROBERT HOYEM EUGENE JUROVICH TED LANDKAMMER DAVID LAROM PHILLIP LILLEY ARTHUR LUNDELL MATT MATTSON DONALD MILLER JOHN POTTER CARL ROHNKE PAUL ROHNKE 1 'L' I 'H 33' A if , 44 JIJJJJJ JJJ III F Em " A :i j " E t ? lg' V ' - S.. 3 V fi., Q V: fm ' f' ' I A A IIJ -. if ...' I tml: -V 5 I , T Kwai is .llbl A M W " gg? n' I X 9 ,al vrkirfifl P . .,.,, W 5 as Q' I 'Fa Ilu X '1 44 I1 IGMA PHI EPSILO 218 Our photographer arrived just in tirne to catch some of the SPE's finishing up their Inter- schoiastic decoration before the judges arrived. DA ID SANKS L EN SMITH GERHARD STRUCK CHARLES TE GUE T M THOMAS CARL. VVESTB RI HARD WITTING DALE WING CLIFF WORDAL T EODORE ZIMMERMAN 219 Dudley Dean, capable Sig Ep president, was graduated from the University the end of Winter quarter. I-le immediately accepted a position with an oil com- pany. Under the cold stare ot big brothers DUD DEAN and CHUCK TEAGUE, the SPE proletariat plodded through another pleasant year with adequate di- version provided by such afiairs as the dinner dance, the Queen of Hearts Ball. and the fabulous Bowery Ball, all planned by social chairman DICK DEWALT. Local sports pages praised DON HAL- VERSON, Grizzly halt-miler. MATT MATTSON gave the orders as Cadet Colonel for Air ROTC. Yell king GENE HOYT served tall quarter as Im- perial Potentate oi Kams and Dreqs. BOB HOYEM took an active part in all University music circles. and IAMES CARRELL, IAMES DURADO. and PAUL ROHINKE participated in chorus and Sinfonia. band and orchestra. President oi the Lutheran Student Association was SPE RAY WOEPPEL. The brothers cornbined forces to produce the smoke jumping exhibition as an lnterscholastic house decoration, going all out to make their exhibit letter- perfect. ALVIN ANDERSEN CLIFTON BAILEY JOHN BEAM JAMES BENSON CLVDE BLAKE JAMES CINKER GORDON CQRIN CALVIN DAVIS FRED ELY ROLF HARMSEN THETA CHI Theta Chi president IOHN IMA SANDE also served as presi- dent ot lnteriraternity Council, both jobs ot which he carried out in his usual capable Way. "'.5 K fn V15 ...:,: Q ff A221253 ,""" fx . r .,..... llvlnn -I .,,.. I vi, .:..ig:5g ::: ,z . -,Ev -'--'-v gi 3, - ," f 220 GEORGE HARPOLE DEAN HART HAROLD HARVEY JOHN IMSANDE WILLIAM MATLOCK RICHARD MCM EEKIN ALLEN PATTON WILLIAM PAULSON PETER REINIER RONALD RICHARDS HAROLD RICHLIE RICHARD RODA D. GORDON ROGNLIEN RALPH RUNDLE JACK SANDS DAN scHoENMAN ROBERT SENNER DUANE SEVERSON b 3 Onms SEvERsoN .. .9 , -4, DARRELL SPENCER ' -I QV RICHARD TRACY ' EDWARD WALTERS Q Nlc wooo Q4 I Hammers. saws, and paint brushes went flying as the Theta Chi's moved into their newly remodeled University avenue abode. Interior and exterior alike of the house were again remodeled temporarily by the brothers for the annual Hobo Arts ball, one oi the campus's most successful functions. Win- ter quarter Theta Chi's don their formal clothes, shoes and all. and grandly produce their Red and White ball. Back to their levis in the spring. the boys gave a Circle Bar-X Roundup party. Individuals who were well known on campus were PAUL BEAN, Newman Club president and general chairma:n of Mardi Gras, BILL SHREEVE, president of PEK. Traditions board member NEAL MCCURDY, who also was in Pershing Rifles. and ROLF HARMSEN, who won the Forester's beard contest. 221 Introducing: Miss Berta Huebl Mardi Gras Queen Introducing: Miss Kathryn Hudson Homecoming Queen 222 S 6 LIEENS 3 M, CDF MSU Introducing: Miss Dorcas Snyder Pershing Rifle Sweetheart :gift f 9" ., Introducing: , Miss Marie Austin Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 223 s Q i t tw i n 'Mfr ikfiixx sw .WM s Barbara Berg, SPE Queen of Hearts Eileen Polk. R.O.T.C. Coed Colonel Annamarie Kovatch, Joann Haftle, Miss Photogenic Phi Sig Moonlight Girl l 224 DVERTISING AND I DE While the staccato rhythm of pound- ing hammers blended with the hum of electric saws and straining motors, new plans for more buildings were being made this year. Above lleft to right? Kaimin editor, Lew Keimp Student Union director, Cyrile Van Duserp President Carl McFarland, and Dean of Students, Herbert Wunderlich discussed the Field House and a new Student Union. MONTANA GROWS KMM5 MQW ff jkg! A if Q2 jk bf f4,,,6 . . M"-+.,,,-W NMMA Order QQVMiQW 'QQ- fCg53,fLE on N? 1 Tv 'A '- QgX 1 ....... g - , 1E"7f'1'L'wfMx an ,, , de 6, J A ' 0" Jbfruq, J So 5' ghd www Mmsmw Www www ffm. M 0 gala CALL DOES IT ALL SEM.. 7237 M0fY1S ABEL, PAUL L. ......., . Adams, Harry F. ,,,,... . Ahrens, Nada 64, 151 1111124, iss Alcorn, W. L. ,........ 1 ..,...... .............. 5 8 Ames, Walter R, Anderson, Charles R. ......................... 1.81 Andrie, Eugene .......,... 1. ....,,. 27, 64, 65, 151 Anzjon, Edwin Armsby, Lucille J. Arnold, Aden F. .......... ......... 1 ,..... . .1 ............. 74 Ask, Margaret Dean ...... 1 ......... 31, 70, 180 Atkinson, E. A. ............ ..., .................,...... 1 0 BADGLEY, E. KIRK ...... 1 ....... ......... 1 0, 124, 131 Baird, Jeannine Baker, Buna Baker, Frank ........ ....... 8 1 Baker, Lora Barclay, Alvina Beatty, Benjamin W. Bennett, E. E. .,......, 1 ...... 1 ........ .......... 7 8, 80 Berg, Elvera S. Bernhardt, Betty Berry, Ruth M. Bischoff, Paul A. ............. .......... ........ 7 4 , 130 Bjorklund, Richard G. ....... 1 ....... .....,........ 6 9 Blanchard, Lois H. Blue, Josephine C. Boekelheide, Irving ................. 11 ......... ....... 7 7 Boner, Agnes V. ........ . Boone, William T. Bray, Thomas A. Breen, Robert W. .... . 1 ....... 3 1 .,.......... 1 ....... 11 Briggs, Edwin W. ...... ........ 6 1, 122 Brissey, F. L. ................ .............. 7 2 Browder, W. Gordon ................... ........ 8 0, 125 Browman, Ludvig G. .11 ....... 1 ,...... .............. 6 9 Brown, Judith J. Brown, Walter L. .,... Bruns, Paul E. ...... . Brunson, Royal B. Bryan, Gordon H. .... . Budina, John W. -..- .... - ..... -.......-.66 Bue, oiat J. ................ ,,,,,..... 1 6, 5s Bull, Cecil Burgess, Robert M. ...... .......... - ...... - ....,., 7 4 Burns, John ................. .......... 8 1 CALL, TRACEY G. ....,.... ........ ............... 6 6 , 67 Campbell, Kathleen .................. 1.11 .... 1 ............. 10 Carleton, Linus J. ......... 1 ............................ 1 ........... 52 Carpenter, Nan C. ...1 .... 1.1 1 ....,....... 1 ............... -.M73 Carroll, James W. Carson, Herbert ......................, ......... 7 3, 144, 145 Castle, Gordon B. .......... 1 ..,,..... .................. 9 , 69 Chamberlin, Eugene K. ..... .1 ............... 78, 80, 110 Chapman, John A. .......... ..- ..... - .......... -.----69 Chatland, Harold .......... .......... 7 6, 77 Chessin, Meyer ........... .......... ....,...... 6 9 Childears, Lucille Chinske, Edward S. ........ 11.1 ........ ............ 1 58 Chumrau, Paul J, ............... 1 1 ............. 11, 175 Clancy ....................... ..,........... 7 6 Clapp, Mary B, ...... .............. 7 3 Clark, Fay G. ............. .......... 2 9, 55 Clark, Homer H. .......... .......... 6 1, 62 Clark, W. P. ......... 1 .......,... ................ 4 Clarke, S. Kendrick ........... Clement, Neal D. Clow, Maurine ............ Coffman, Colleen C0gSWell, Andrew C. ...... . Coldiron, William H. Cole, James H. 1 .......9, 125, 131 ........10, 128 Cole, Lois D. ........, 111 ...,.....,... 1 ,...,,, 64 Colema,n Rufus A. ..,,.. ......,., .....,, 7 3 Colvill, Frances ................... 1 ........ ....... ....... 5 0 Cooney, Robert F. Courtney, Mary Margaret ..... 1 ................. 128 Craft, George A. ...................... ....... 7 6, 77 Cross, George W. ................. 11 ....... 70 Cunningham, Fred C. Cunningham, Louis J. Cuthbert, Jack F. ..............,... 1 ........ 111130 DAHLBERG, GEORGE P. 1.... ....... . .163, 164 Davis, Grace DeGreen, Kenyon ......... -11 .......... .............. 7 2 DeLand, Mary F. DeMaris, E. Joe ..... .......... 5 0, 51 DeMiller, Dorothy Devan, Eleanor Dew, James L. .... 1 ........ -...1...- ....... 1 ........ 1.......74 Dew, Jane ...1 .... 1. ...... 170 DeZur, Carol DeZur, Robert S. Diettert, Reuben A. ...... 1 ........ Dixon, Genevieve J. Dool, Charlotte A. Drake, Chester C. Dugan, Edward B. ........ ........ Dunton, Norene P. 1.11.69 58, 124, 131, 133 Dllfkee, L. Lelafld 11...... ..........,..........,,.,.., 7 4 Durnford, Richard H. Dutton, Earl B. Dwyer, Edwin 0. ....... . Dwyer, Robert J. ......... . ECKLUND, CARL M. Egan, Mary L. 111150, 51 Ely, Roy J. ..................... 1 Emblen, Donald J. .......... Engberg, Robert W. Ephron, Marguerite ...... . Ettinger, Helen FEDER, WILLIAM ........ Ferguson, Mary Elrod Fiedler, Leslie A. Firm, JoAnn Fischel, C. W. ........ . Fleshman, Donna Foley, Evelyn H. Folsom, Gwendolyn B. Ford, James L. C. ......... 1 ...... . Fosmire. Frederick R. ....... Freeman, Edmond L. 111 .... Fritz, Edmund T, ....... 1 Frost, Benjamin R. ..... . Frost, Edwin C. GARLINGTON, J. C. Garn, Phil R. Gedickian, Hasmig ....... Gilbert, Vedder M. ..... . Gleason, Helen ........... Glockzin, Albert R. ..... . Gray, J. Justin ,............ Grimes, Wilma H. Groff, Sidney L. Guettler, Shirley E. ...... 1 Guyor, Edith L. HAMILTON, GEORGE S Hamilton, Stanley K. 111. Hammen, Oscar J. ........ 1 .,.... . Hansen, Bert ........ . ..... 1 Hansen, Milton C. .... . Harris, John A. .... 1 Harvey, LeRoy H. .... . Heath, Helen C. ...115o, 51 ...........a2 ........74 ....,1181 ....1...69 1 ............. 57 , 1 23 64 1 ........... 73 16, 64, 149, 151 13 1 .........141, 142 80 1 ................. 1 75 11.1.1180 ...1169 Helbing, Albert T. ..................... ................. 5 0 Henningsen, Frederick A. ............ 50, 51 I-Ieringman, Bernard ......... 111 .......... 1 .... 1 ............. 73 Henderson, Mary A. ........... 1 ......... 1 ............... 114 Herrington, Donna R. Hertler, Charles F. ................. .................... 7 0, 71 I-Ietler, Donald M. ...... - ....... - ................... 69 Hill, Lawrence A. Hinze, LeRoy W. Hoffman, Rudolph O. .......,.....,... ....... 7 4 Hoflich, Harold J. ...- .... - .... 1 ....1.... ......... . .50 Holden, Marjorie ....... .............. 6 9 Honkala, Fred S. ...... ...... 7 6, 77 Howard, Joseph W. .... ,, ........ 77 Hoyer, Bill H. Hubbard, Clyde W. Hucko, Jeanne G. Hughes, Ruth Hummel, John G. ..... .......... 6 4, 65 Hunter, Larry C. INGLE, NOREEN JACKMAN, EDITH F. Jackson, Elizabeth B. Jackson, Ronald B. Jeffers, E. E. .................,.. .........,. 6 9 Jenkin, Eugenia H. Jeppesen, C. Rulon .... 1 .......... ........ 7 7, 113 Jesse, R. H. ................. .............. ........ 8 , 77 Johnson, Maxine ....... 1 ......... ........... 5 0 Johnson, Phoebe Juday, Richard E. ......... 1 .... ....... 7 7 KAFENTZIS, BETTY A. Karlin, Jules A. ................ ....... 7 8 Kellner, Edwin G. ....... .... ....... 7 2 Knapp, Henry W. .............., ....... 5 3 Knudsen, S. J. ..... 1 ...... 1 ....... .1 ...... .53 Koch, Jeannette Koch, William G. Koehler Geor e H , E - ---A----- Kramer, Joseph ...,..... 11 Kreitzberg, Hilda S. Krier, Jessica H. ...... . Krier, John P, ............... Kroeker, Herbert R. Kroeker, Lillian M. LACKMAN, DAVID B. ..1...1.1.1,..111.11111.81 1.1.1 ..........................69 1 ............... 77 .......29, 55 Lambros. Helen ................ .................................. 5 0 Larom, Henry V. .............. ......... 1 5, 73, 123, 139 Leaphart, C. W. .......,...............1..... - ............... 60, 61 Lechleitner, Robert R. ..... 1 ........1...................... 69 Lemmon, Donald Lennon, E. James Leonard, Richard G. .... . 111.111.111111111111.18 1 Lester, John L. ................ ...1.164, 123, 148 Line, Robert C. ................... ....... ........ ......... 5 0 Lommasson, Emma B. Loran, Muriel R. ............. ....... 2 4, 66 Lord, Claud E. Lory, Earl C. 1 ....... 1 .................... ....... 7 7 McCAULEY, CLARENCE V. ...........,,...................., 81 McCollum, Morris H. ..........................,.,.............., 130 McFarland, can .1 ..................... s, 25, 138, 225, 253 McGinnis, Ralph Y. ...................................... 73, '74 McLaughlin, Kenneth P. ................................... 1.177 McP1ke, Margaret MacArthur, Eleanor MacDougal1, J. D. Malouf, Carling I. ..,........ La -I I W .... .......1...1.1..80 DMI ISTR TIDN AND FACULTY I DEX Mansfield, Michael J Marsaglla, George ...... Martell, Earl W. ........ 1 Martlnson, Alvhild Marvin, Edwin L. ..... 1 ...... . ....1...176, 77 1 ...,... ......... 1 28 11.11.50 72 Mason, David R. ...... ............. ........ 6 1 Merriam, Harold G. .... 1 ................. 73 Merrill, A. S. ..................... ................ 9 , 76 Middleton, Tomme Lu Milburn, Frank W. .......... ....... 1 58, 171, 175 Miller, Aletha Miller, J. Earl ....... - ....... ........ 7 6, '78, 112 Miller, Harriet E. Miller, Reuben G. Miller, Ross ......... 1 ,......, 1 .,.,,,.., 1 ,,.,.,,,-,,,,,, 175 Moody, John L. .,,.. 1,1 ...,.... ,,,, ,,,,,-- 5 3 MODIS, John E. Moore, Kenneth E. ...... .,.. 1 1. ,,...., ,,..,,,, 5 5 Melvin S. ....... . - ....... ........ 5 5 Mueller, Virginia Murphey, Gladys F. Murphy, Calvin L. Murphy, Dorothy Myers, William M. ....,. 1 ...,,.,. ,.,.,, 7 6, 77 NELSON, RITA M. Nicol, Gloria J. Nicol, Mary L. .11 ......... 1 ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,, 40, 131 Niemeyer, Pauline OAKLAND, LLOYD ..... ........ 6 4. 151, 152, 153 O'Loughlin, Merlyn O'Loughlin, Carl ..................,.... 1 ........ 1 ..,. 11, ,,,,,,..,, 175 Olson, LaVerne ,......, 1. ........, 1 ....,,,, 1 , ,,,,, 1 ,,,-,------ 77 Ormsbee, R. A. Orr, Jack E. ......,.. YYYYVY, 6 5, 61 Ost, Barbara Osterson, Cheryl Ostrom, T. G. ......,.,,,,. 1 .,., 1 ,,,,,, 1 ,,,,,,,--,,,,- - -,,,,,, 70, 77 Oswald, Robert M. ....... 1111 .,,,,.., 1 .,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,-- 1 -M70 PAINTER, DONALD W, -,,-,, - --IA - --,---,---- 31 Patten, O. M. Patterson, Ann Eileen Pattison, Frances Payne, Thomas ,..,...,..,,,, --,,,,' 7 8 Peterson, Leona Pettinato, Marjorie Pfrommer, Eugene ...... 1 ,...... 1 .....,,. ,,.,,,, 3 0 Phelps, Ragna A. Phillips, Paul C. ........ 1 ,,,, 11, M ,,,,,,,-- 73, 80 Plshkin, Vladimir Platt, Anne C. ..,...... AYVVVVQQ 7 7' 125 Plumb, Eileen Poole, C. Virginia Porter, Ercil D. 1.1 .... 1 ........................,, M--721, 40, 81 POI't6l', Morris W. ,,,,, , -,-,,,,-- Y ---,,-,,4,,-----------,, 'FYYY 3 1 Price, Sanford G. ...... 1 ........ 1 ...... 81, 83 Prince, Grady E. Prius, Robert F. RAMEY, HELEN M. Ramskill, Bernice B, ...,.,.,. M ,,,,,--,--,-,-- 64 Ray, Charles G. ......... 1 ..... 1 ....,,, ,,,,,,, 3 1 Raymond, Richard G. Reardon, Katherine Reznor, Jane T. Rhinehart, Naseby ..... ............. 1 ............,,,,,, 1 -,,,,,, 1 59 Richman, Luther A. ..... 1 .......,, ,,,,,,, 6 3, 64, 123 Riggle, Ferdinand ..... .....,,,,,,,,,.,,, , '81 Rimel, Vera S. Ritter, Donald C. Robbins, Faye Robinson. R. H. Ross, Donald K. ......... 1 ........ .,.,,. 1 ,,,,- --,, 5 3 Ross, M. Eileen S. Ross, Robert G. ......... 1 ...........,..... 1 .....,,. 1 ,,,,,,, 58 Rydell, 0. F. ................. 1 ................ 1 ,,,,,,--, 50 ST. AMOUR, ERNESTINE V. Salvin, Samuel Sappenfleld, Bert R. ..................,...,..,. 1 .,...,,... 1 ....,.. 72 Schwartz, Mortimer 62 Seversen, Kermit E. 72 Severy, J. W, ...,.,,.,.,, 130 Shallenberger, G. D. 77 Shepard, Charles C. 111.11e1, .. 1 ........ .............. 6 s, 69, 75 Shipley, Robert E. ............................... ,.,..,, 3 1, 3,2 Shoemaker, Theodore H, ,.,, 1 ,,-,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 74 Short, James E. ..,.......,...,..,, ,.,,,,,,,, 5 2, 53 Shuck, Gordon R. ......... 1. ,,.,.,,,,.,,,, 77 Smith, David W. ,1,,,, 177778, 80 Smith, Esther M. Smith, Florence ..... 1 .....,.. 1 1, ---1,764 Smith, Jean G. Smith, Leo ....... 1 ...1 1 .1,.111 1 ,,,.,,., M ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 9 Smith, Margaret Smith, Russell E. Smith, Theodore H. .........1...1..........,.1,111111 47, 50, 51 Sorenson, Thora ....11... 1 .......1..1..1 1 ...............,,..,.1.,.,.,, 74 Southern, John ......... 1 .......1 1 .......... ....111111.... 3 1 Spahr, William E. .11 1... 1, 11...1 1 1...... .........1., 1 112.3 Spaulding, T. C. ....... 1 ....... ........ 5 5, 114 Speer, J. B. ............... 1 .11........1....1.. 1,,1,,,,, 4 , 10 Speer, Lucille Staehle, John F. 1.1 ....... Stanley, Sylvia ........... Stelngas, Wilfred Stevenson, Jessica L. Stewart, Gertrude H. -..-- ............ . ...... 53 77 W.. -.......... ...........11.50 Stewart, John M. 1 ......1 Stoddard, Helen F. 111.177, 125 KNGW MQNTANA Education In the Early-Day Mining Comps Four years after the first school in the Montana territory was opened at Bannack and three years after the first regular public school Was started in Virginia City, pioneer teachers in 1867 were providing their students with an education through what today is the eighth grade. However, any student who completed that training-through the eighth grade -was considered to have a high school education. Pupils starting in school were assigned to the eighth grade and graduated from the first grade-just the reverse of the present system. Upon graduation from the first grade, students were required to take ex- aminations to obtain a certificate. Tests were given in the home and the cost of the diploma Was set at SB. All problems in the test had to be accurately answered before the applicant qualified for the certificate. Because early-day schools did not have a common textbook of any kind, study in each varied. The commissioner of education-that was the title of the superintendents-however, tried from the start to establish regular courses of study. lt was not until 1881 that a uniform textbook law was placed on the statute books by the legislature, and not until 1889 that a uni- form course of study was made mandatory. A list of those who attended the early-day schools and who later became prominent in public life in Montana were Austin Gormley, Cascade attorney at one time: Dr. LeRoy Southmaid of Great Falls: Iudge Lew L. Calloway, State supreme court, and Iudge Lee Word, former associate justice of the high state court. ANACONDA COPPER MINING COMPANY "Work for a Greater and More Prosperous Montana" rms is A Pnoiscr THAT si-iouu: iNcl.uDE Au. MQNTANANS 228 Stoodley, Agnes L. ..,.... . Story, Joel M. Strange, William C. ..- .... -...'70, 125 Struckman, Robert P. ...... ................. 5 8, 123 Stump, Patricia A. Suohy, John F. .........., ......... ............................ 6 6 , 67 Sutton, Robert .................... .......... 6 4. 65, 114, 151 swackhamer, John W. ..............................1............. 80 Swearingen, T. G. .Y.Y........ . TASCHER, HAROLD ....... Taylor, Archer S. ....... . Taylor, Norman E. ....... Teel, Stanley M, ............ . Thompson, Iola A. Thompson, Jane J. ,,,............... ...,.......10 80 ...........50, 51 64 Thorsrud, Deanne ........ ............ 7 0, 179 Toelle, J. Howard .......... ............. s. ...... 6 1 Torgrimson, Herbert Turner, Robert T. ........ .......... 4 9, '78 UNGAR, KENNETH VANCE, ESTHER C. Van Duser, Cyrile .... 11, 40, 123, 124, 131, 138, 225 Vogt, Vernon C. . ........................ - ...... - ................. -..80 WALBRIDGE, THOMAS A. ................. - .......... --.67 Waldron, Ellis L. Walsh, Jean Ward, Joseph T. Warden, Helen L. ....,... ,..... A ............................. 1 28 Waters, Charles W. ................... - ............................. 55 Weisel, George F. ....................... L ........................ 1.69 Weiss, David W. ......,........... '73, 141, 142, 143, 147 Wendt, Rudolph ................... A ........ - ................... 64, 65 White, M. Catherine White, Elaine Whitesel, Theodore L. ......... ...- ............. 50 Williams, Ross A. ........... -. .......... 54, 55 Wilson, Brenda. F. ......... ........... L ..--..50 Wilson. Vincent .............. ............. 7 0, 131 Wise, Marjorie M. Wollock, Abe Wood, Bruce K. ...., .....116, 117 Wood, Clara C. ...- .... - ..1........... .117 Wren, Melvin C. ...- ..,.... ..1,..1... 4 9, '78 Wright, James P. Wright, M. P. ..,,................. - .....,.. L .......... . ............ 11 Wright, Philip ...... ...,-- .................,..,...,.................... 69 Wunderlich, Herbert J. .............. 9, 114, 122, 124, 125. 131, 225 YATES, LELAND M. ......... ......... - ..- ....... '77 ZEGER, JOHN F. .......... ..... - ...158, 166 Zeger, Mabel S. Zeigler, George T. ........ . Zeuty, Edward J, ......-..-.81 You'll Find All Your Friends ot the BLACKFOOT TAVERN CLAUDE IONES. Prop Enjoy Its Friendly Atmosphere GREETING S "GRIZZLIES" . . . cmd Best Wishes to all Gui' Friends ot S. U." from Your Friendly Bank Located Atop "The Richest Hill on Earth Metals Bank S Trust Compan Butte, Montono "HELPFUL BANKING SINCE 1882" Member F.D.I.C. 229 When In Butte Enjoy Yourself at the Friendly H TEL FI LE C. PAT EGAN, General Manager .l,.E',I2.!ENT5 Abbott, James Arlin ,,,.,, 46, 99, 122, 185, EVERYTHING IN FLOWERS PREPARED BY EXPERTS OVER 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE GARDEN CITY FLORAL COMPANY Heinrich Jewelers MISSOULA, MONTANA ART CARVED DIAMONDS ELGIN WATCHES 216, 217 Abbott, JoAnn ,,,,,.,..,...,,,,,,,,,,,,1,.,,.1,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,, ,,,,, 7 1, 85 Abbott, Robert Bradley ...,,,.,,,,,,, 47, 51, 83, 124, 216, 217 Adams, John Lee, Jr. Adams, Judith Sidney ,,,,A, .,,,,,,,, 9 9, 182 200 Adams, Mary Lee ,,,,.A,,,,,.,,,,...,...,,, ,..,....,,,,, 9 9, 188 Adamson, Jack Clyde .,,,,..,..,,,,,,,,,,....,,..,,, 1...99, 206 Addor, Marian Francis Cline Aker, Rosemary .,,,,,..,,,,,,,, 22, 82, 99, 188, 194, 195 Albertson, Clarence Gerald ..,,.,,,,.,,..,,..,,..,.,,,, 53, 83 Ales, Peter John Alexander, Clyde William ,,,,, ,,,,,.,,, 5 1, 92 Alklre, Robert Frank ..,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 7, 208 Allen, Edward Ray Allen, Franklin Gates Allen, John Aloyslus. Jr. Allen, Sara Joan Alling, Robert Merrill Allton, John Tlbbetts ,,,,... Almen, Clarence Elroy .,,,,,,,,,,,, Alton, L01'I'8.1I19 R0bEl't Ammerman, Harvey Francis . ..,. . Amundson, Marvin Alfred Amuro, Alfred Masao Andersen, Georgia Elaine ,,,. Andersen, Kenneth Bruce 185, 206 ss 186 82, 99,1l6, 190, 200 Anderson, Alvln Clifford, Jr. ..,,,,,......, 47, 51, 220 Anderson, Anderson, Charles Roy Anderson, Dorothy Nyleen Carol Jean ...,....,,,,,, 82, 99, 182, 200 Beck Anderson, Douglas LeRoy ,,L,,,,,,, 24, 46, 51. 85, 91, 116, 124, 127, 136, 138, 214, 255 171, Anderson, Edward Wayne ,,,,,,,, 160, 163, 165, 172,178,209 Anderson, Eleanor Joyce ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,, 20, 47, 99, 188 Anderson, Eleanor Pickens ,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... 202 Anderson, Lola Mae ,,,.,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,, 99, 117, 190 Anderson, Lyla Lee Anderson, McKinley Theodore, Jr. ,,,,,,,,,,,,...,.,,, 61 Anderson, Norman Duane ,,.,,, 40, 85, 131, 208, 209 Anderson, Patsy Louise ,,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 99, 188, 198 Anderson, Rosemary Ruth ..,,,,,,,,,.,, 47, 112, 113, 124, 200 201 Andreasen, Carol Jean ,,,,,,,.,,. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, E 5, 182 Andreasen, Willa Elizabeth ..,,,. Andrus, Earl E. Andrus, Michael Allan Angel, Charles Frank Antonlck, Robert Louis .. .. Archer, Ramon Nelson ,,,,.,,,.. Archibald, Donald George ,,,,,,,,, .158, ,....,..L..168, Argenbright, Edward Frank ,,,......,..,, 99, 186, Armentrout, Adella Regina Armour, George Renauld Arness, Franklin Delano .,,,,,,., . Artz, Robert Manford ..,,.,,,,, Ask, Thomas Martin .,.....,. - ,,,,, . Atchlson, Robert Bennett .,....70, 71, 130, Atkinson, Roberta Hazel .,,,.,,,,,,, 82, 99, 149, 188 Augensteln, Marlys Louise Aune, Helen Marie ,,,, .,,.,,,,,, 17 99, 188, 47,m130, 182, 194, You'lI Like PREMIUM BEER none Finer ,...,...,.180 178 214 169 216 216 , 62 181, 198 196 195 ...92 208 ...47 223 .,.92 218 ,..47 199 113, 198 73 .149 196 220 200 211 ...61 Austin, Curtis Joseph ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,....... ..,,,,,,,,,,,.,.. Austin, Cyrus Week ,,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,, 92, Austin, Howard Ralph ,,,,.,,, ,,,,... ....,, ,,,,.,,,, Austin, James Thomas Austin, Marle Mi1dred...82. 99, 188. 196, 197, Avery, Lois Arlene Avery, Tess Darlene .,,,,,,,..,,,,,, ,..,.. ....., .,,...,, Azlnger, Leo Joseph ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,.... - .,,,,,,,,.,.. 99, BABB, LLOYD C. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..... - .,,,,,,.....,...,,,, . Bachman, Douglas Lawrence Bachman, Jean Rae ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. ...,,,, 92. 198, Bachman, Joan Fae .,,,...,,,,, 46, 82, 92. 111, 116, 123, Backa, Ralph William ,,..,,,.......,, . .,,,,... .....,, 3 1, Bacon, Ronald Neal .....,... - ,,,,...,,..,,...,,,,,,. - ,,.,.,,,. Baier, Jane Marcia .........,..,,.,,.,, 92, 179, 180, Bailey, Clifton Earl ,..,, - .,,.,...,,,.. 85, 118, 192, Bailey, Janet Irene ,,..,,,, ..,,,,,,..,,..., 8 2. 92, Baird, Richard Harris ...., ..,,,,,,.,,...,, . .4'7, Baird, Thomas Alva .,,,,,,,,,.,.... .,,,.,,.,,....,,,,.,,,... Baker, Fredric August 230 Baker, Lois Jean ...,,,.,. .,,,,,,. 6 8, 69, 113, 126, Baldwin, Boyd Franklin, Jr. ......... ..85, 125, Balkovetz, Virginia M. ...... .,46, 63,-9151, 155, Bar, Donna Mae ................ 70, 71, 125, 179, 192, 202 Barbee, Elizabeth Rodes ...,.... '77, 85, 179, 182. Barbieri, Albert F. Barde, Dale ..,- ......,,...,..... Barkley, Roy Vester .........,.. ......... 8 5, Barkman, Audrey V. Barkman, Edwin Charles Barnhart, Erna Rae ..,,...,.... ......... 9 9, Barone, Vincent Anthony Barraclough, Mary Edith Barrett, Edgar Morton Barrett, Howard Eugene Barrett, Patricia Jean ...... Barrett, William Johnson Barry, Donald Vincent ......,..99, Barstad, Ingrid Marie ........ ......... 9 2, Bartlett, Ronald Douglas Bartsch, Daniel Paul ........... ....... 8 5, 114, Batten, William John Bauer, Wayne L. ..,.......... ...-...185, 190 214 190 181, 255 202 200 216 1 90 188 184 190 185 214 Bauman, Fred Donald ....... Bayers, Byron A. 51, 83 Bayley, Lee Harvey ....,...,, ,Y,,.,, 1 00, 114, 184, 216 Beach, Robert David .,,.,,,, ,........ 8 5, 169, 178, 214 Beam, John Cooke ..,.,,.. A ...1.., 31, 100, 118, 220 Bean, Paul Bernard ,,,,.,.,., ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 5 6, 118, 221 Bear, Joseph Thomas Bear, Meredith Lorraine ,.1,.,..,,.,,, 52, 53, 116, 190 Beccari, Paul Joseph Beck, Howard Selden ....,,,,,,.,, ,,,Y,,, 1 37 Beck, Roderick Bryant Beckstrom, Paul Chalmers ...., ....,,....,,,, 1 14 Beckwith, Donald Ernest Becky. Joyce Lenore ,,,,,,,,,,.1.,...,. - ..........,,,,,,, 100, 188 Bedey, Frank William Beecher, Maryanne Charlotte ,,,, 100, 188, 194. 195 Beeson, David Lloyd Behner, Mae Christine ..,,.,..,,,,., 21, 100, 150. 181. 182, 200 Beighle, Douglas Paul ,,,,,,,,. ....,YY, 5 1, 83, 85, 91, 125, 127, 214 Belcher, Robert Lee Bell. Betty Ellen ,,,,,,,,..Y .,,,YY.................. .1.... 'T 2 , 203 Bell, William Archie ,,,,.,.,,,,,,,Y,.........,,,V,.Y,,..11..,,,... 114 Belland, Jack Merlyn ,...,,,,,, 52, 80, 192, 210, 211 Bellls, Harold Allen Bellls, Harriet Maxine Hightower ,,.. 179, 181, 194 Bennett, Arthur Alexander, Jr. Bennett, Charles William Bennett, John Dacre .,,,....,,.,,.,,,,,,, ,,,.... 4 7, 211 Bennett, Raymond Edwin ,,,.,,,, ,,..,,,,.... 1 00, 184 Bennie, Robert Thomas Benson, James Robert ,,,,,,,,,,.....,..,..,,,,,,,,,,, 100. 220 Benson, Marianne Margaret ...........,.. 90, 100. 190, 194, 195 Berg Andrea Helen .,.,....,,. .,.. ........................ 9 2 , 193 Berg, Barbara Lou ,.,,, ..,...., 2 0, 92, 202, 203, 224 Berg Edward Arthur Berg, Lyle Louis ....,.., .......... .,,...... 5 3 Berg Paul Frederick Berg Thomas Raymond Bergqulst, Eddie James Bergslng, Richard Maurice .............. 1C0, 185, 216 Berlin, Gaylord Roger Bernatz, Fred Theodore Bethke, Elton William .,...., . .,....... 68, 114, 182 Bibler, Ronald Douglas ..,,... .....,........, .....,, 1 0 0. 185 Biehl, Glenn Alexander ...., ....,......., 1 00, 186, 213 Bielenberg, Joan Frances .......... 82. 100, 190. 203 Biggerstaff, Richard Stephen ,,., 47. 51. 131. 216 Binet, Betsey Louise Sherburne ,,,,.................,.,., 72 Bingham, Ralph Lee Bishop, John G. Bissell, Donald Frederick .i,,.....,,,.... 100, 167. 168. 169, 186, 208 Bjorklund, Richard Guy .,,,.. ,,,,,..,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 6 9 Blachly, Arnold Allen ..,,..,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,. 1 00, 185, 214 Black, William Stason ,.,,,,,, .......,. 4 7, 83, 88, 216 Blackburn, Joe Blackwood, John Feely ................ 92, 110, 185, 214 Blair, Jerry Eugene ......., ............. 5 6, 100, 185 Blair, John Holbrook ........... ................ 4 7, 83, 213 Blake, Clyde Davies. Jr, .,.. .,....... 5 4, 55, 56, 220 Blake, Susan Marie ., ,....,.,. ......,.......... 1 00, 180 Blakely, Lawrence Mace Blanchard, Ralph Edward Blankenship, Thomas Hall ..,,,. ..,....,. 4 7, 51, 184 Bleakman, Emma Lee Block, Daniel Garth ...... ...,.... 5 6. 68 Blodgett, Max Herman Bluechel, Elizabeth Anne ..... ,,.,,,..,, 9 2, 127 Blush, Neal Jellison ...,............... ...,,, ,,,,.,. 7 8 Bobinski, Zenon Alexander Bockes, Olin Duane Boe, Ned Gordon ......................, ,..........,.... . 247, 186 Boedecker, Charles Francis .................... 53, 78, 80 Boehme, Patricia Ann ,,.,..,......... 100, 188, 194, 195 Boettiger, Roger Nelson ..........................., 100, 211 Bofto, Leland Maurice Bogut, Lionel James ........1............. 83, 85, 192, 206 Boifeulllet, George Don ............ 24, 85, 124. 127, 208, 209, 255 Boileau, James David Boland, Edward Michael Bolender, Jack Allen .,,..,...,.... ,...... . 56 Boles, Forrest Howard ,.,,..,...... . ,... 100 Bollhorst, Forrest Darrell Bolte, Oick Fredrick Bolton, Frank Leslie, Jr. Bolton, James Aloyslus Bonander, Joyce Mary Ann ............,. 100, 188. 198 Bond. Edna Merle Bonres, Robert Gene Boos, Daniel Stewart ....... ....,......... ........ 6 2 Booth, Mary Kathleen ..,..,, .... ..,... 4 1 , 92. 198 Boots, David Alan Borchers, Adrienne Florence ............ 82, 100, 118. 188, 203 Borchers, Jean Cecelia ..............l....... 100, 188, 196 Borchers, Louis Frederick, Jr ........,..,,....,,,, 47, 216 Border, Donna Yvonne ......,,.......... 92, 97, 114, 125 Borgerson, James Briggs ..,..............,..........,, 92, 213 Boring, William Thomas Boucher. Stella Lorraine .....,..,..,.. '71, 100, 117, 188 Bouck, Arlene Beth Bovingdon, George Geil ............ 100, 137, 185, 214 Bowlin, Jerry Tennant Boyd, John Charles ..............., ........ 1 00, 123 Boyer, Charlotte Phoebe ....... ,......... 8 5, 190 Boyer, Mary Lynell . ,..,..... ........ 1 00, 188 Boyle, W, Antoinette ..,... - ....... 194, 195 Brackett, Helen Ann Bradbury, Phyllis May ..... - - ..... 92, 190 FLIGELMAN S Helena. Montana ONE OF MONTANI-1'S FINE STORES r if-s IN 5 Eel ff? l 3 ia Q Ay I You taste its quality 1 X 'XZ DRINK Nf+,6"5l .. jf., ft? ' ' BOIHED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Missoula MISSOULR HOTEL Jungle Club-Coffee Shop Crystal Bcr Montmorte Cafe U15 Style' Imp GREAT FALLS ERNIE SHADOAN PHYLISS SHADOAN 231 BOOKS AND SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS GIFTS TOILETRIES CANDY - TOBACCO Keyed to the student needs, the Student Book Store provides a place to shop economically and easily. Sound management and efficient operation bring you the most favorable prices. ln short . . . your best shopping bet is the STUDENT STORE. Don't forget the STUDENT STORE mail-order system which allows you to take advantage of many fine buys even after you graduate. Student Boolc Store STUDENT UNION BUILDING Relaxing Refreshment Between Classes in Your Student Fountain and Cafeteria STUDENT UNION BUILDING i 222 Bradley, Gordon Ronald Bradley, John Andrew Bradshaw, John Allen Bradshaw, Kleth Charles ...................,..........,,,,,... '71 Brammer, Monte Franklin ,,,,,,,, 56, 100, 185, 213 Brant. Donald Wlllls ...........,..., 160, 168, 169, 178 Bratton, Jeannette Henrietta Bravos, Elaine Georgia ..,.,,,,, , ,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 6 3, 153 Bray, Thomas Arthur ..r,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 'I 6 Brayman, Bonnie May Brazier, Peter B. i,,,,,,,,,... ,,,,,,,, 7 8, 208 Brazlll, Floyd Robert Brazill, Robert Joseph Brechbill, Anna Brechbill, Beryl Alice Brechblll, Carol Flightner Bredberg, Marlene Gloria .,,,,.......,,......,i., 47, 50, 51 Bremlcker, Gilbert Theophilus, Jr. ,l,,,,...,.,.,,, 116 Brennan, Barbara James .... 75, 194, 195, 122, 123 Brldenstlne, Ellenore M. W., ...,,....,...,.... 1 ..... 80, 153 Brldenstine, Marajean Lavonne ....,. 46, 113, 205 92, 152, 153, Britton Gerald Thomas ............, - ....... 78, 192, 214 Britton, John Lars Brockley, William Robert - ..... - .......... -1 ,........ ,.... 4 9 Brodie, Nancy Jo ......,.. me ...... .- 1- ..- ....... 100, 182 Brome, Joseph Louis Brooks, Darlene Ann ,,.........,.........,..... ,-...100, 190 Brooks, Katherine Joan ..,.... -,.,l8, 92, 111, 124, 198, 199, 253 Brott, Dean ...,.......,.,,.......,.,.. ....,.,..,......,,,...,,. 1 60 Browder, Alice Jarman Browman, Andrew Arnold .,..,..,..,..,,.,,,.......,,...... 151 Brown, Bruce Oliver ,.................... - .....i - .,.,..,. - ,.,. ...57 Brown, Donna Jean ..,....... 100, 143, 190, 194, 195 Brown, Eileen Lucille ....... -- ...............,....... 100, 188 Brown, Firman, Hewitt, Jr. Brown, H. P. ........,.......... -,.,.- ........ ...,........... 4 7, 208 Brown, James Howard .......,. .- ..,... -.93, 213 Brown, Kenneth Joseph Brown, Larry Huff ...,...i... - ......... 85, 114, 213 Brown, Lenora Ione ................... - .......... e...179, 195 Brown, Leone Vlrglnla ......... - ......... - ....,....... 85, 194 Brown, Margery Arlene Hunter Brown, Robert Lee Brown, William Kilgore, Jr. ...,...,...r.....,,.,....,...... 61 Brubaker, James Lyman Brueggemann. Magda ...rr...... - ,..,,.. 47, 182, 190 Brumley, William Brunett, Emery Walter ..,,..,,...... ,............ 6 6, 67 Brush, George Shaffer ...-..- ......... . - ......, ..53 Bryan, Clolce Howard ........... ........... 8 3, 85 Bryan, Donald Dean Bryce, Paul Michael ..,.......... - ...,...,..,, , ....,..., 93, 211 Bryson, Cynthia Elizabeth ..,.,., - ,,..,.,.... 41, 71, 77, 100, 117, 188 Buchanan, Robert Walter ..... .,.........,...... 8 5, 214 Buck, Fay Louis ...................... ,- .................,.,. 71 Buckingham, Jack Lyle ....... - .... - ........... 52, 83 Buckingham, Rae L, .,...,,.. -..- ,,.,..,. ...... 1 00, 190 Budina, John William, Jr. Buer, Irene Beverly ..,..... ....... Bugll, Rose Irma ..... .... - ...... Bukovatz, Ray Fred Buley, Charles Arnold Buls, Alice Anne .... ........ 8 5, 139, Bundren, Dorence Lee Burdick, Thomas Grier ..............-.. 188 196 .100, - ..,.,.... 47, 50, 147, 152, 194, 195 Burgan, Dwight Albert, ........... - ..........,...... 100, Burgess, Jlm Afthlll' ....... --..... Burgett, Lowell Ormand ...................,......,... 65, 184 1 4 153 216 Burke, Howard Eugene .,.....,...,..,.,.. ,,93, 186, Burke, James Edward .......... 85 Burke, Robert F. ......,..,,...,,.,. -.... Burke, Wilbur Myers Burnell, Harry Allison ....... Burnett, Mary Ann .,.,,.,...,, Burnett, Patty Carole .......... 160, 178, 186, 216 .,..,83, 86, 123, 216 ...........40, 51, 86, ...- ..........,.,,,,,,, 47, 123 ......83, 111, 118, 203 203 196 Burns, Mary Josephine .............. 77, 100, 118, Burr, Robert Stanley ,.,............ -...60, 62, 131, 254 Burroughs, Edward Robbins, Jr. .....,,.......,....... 56 Burton, David Eugene Burton, Glen David ....... - ................ - .,......,.. 51, 114 Burton, Janice Joy .......... -...- ...... .. ,.... 100, 188, 205 Burton, William James ...- .....................,.l,.....,. ,...62 Bush, Owen Harold Butcher, Lucy Lee ......... .... - ...- ........ 86, 205, 253 Butler, Charles Davld Butorovlch, Robert Buxton, William Neal Buzzettl, Ruth Ann ..... - ..... 100, 125, 149, 188, 198 Byerly, Kenneth Rhodes ..-...--..- ..... 100, 185, 216 Byrne, Robert Lee CAINE, PAUL EUGENE .,...,........,,, -...100, 186, 216 Caldwell, Anna Jane .......,.. Calhoun, Donald C. Call, Viola Ruth Clifton .-...86, 127, 152, 190 Callahan, Edward William, Jr. ..,,.Y... -...101, 211 Callahan, Jack Martin Calvert, John Martin Calvert, Mary Alice ...,........... - ,..... --...31, 111, 182 Cameron, Donald John ....,, 40, 51, 52, 74, 80, 112, 114, 118, 121, 122, 124, 216, 217 Cameron, Grace Marie ..................... A-,--,J74, 203 Campbell, Buddy Eugene Campbell, Don Ollver ......1.. - ....... V- ..., -1.-,93, Campbell, Murdo Angus 213 178 101, 196 Campbell, Myra Jean ...., Campbell. William Armour ........ 32, 101, 136, 137, 171, 172, 185, 214 Cannon, Paul Murray .,.......,............. - ................. 114 Cannon, Richard G. ......... - .....,.. - - ...--.. '79, 216 Cannon, Vernon Melvin .,..,.. .... Q . - ,. I , i M A ' P"2:1E2E2?2:'I':E151 """"' f "":ifff"f' ""' I I':'5'iwI'5'2:I5I5I555E555E55EE52EEEEEEE2E2E1EIE5E35E5E5E5S5EiI:k2.':'.--5.1 -I351525235555555525551 ' " ' ' - ..., ,--. 5 If--f"' .....W..,. 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Carey, Joan Margaret ,,..........,, 101, Carey, Mary Ellen ....,,..........,,,,. ......,,, Carkeek, Alicejane ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 101, Carkeek, Robert Thomas 118, 139, 190 ,101, 118, 188 118, 151, 188 214 Carl. Frederick George Grover ,,,,,,,,,, 816, 166: 214 Carlson, Loyal Eugene ........ 68, 130, Carlyle, Colleen Elmora ....,...,.,,,,,,.,,, 101, 188, Carpenter, Arlene Estella ...,,,,, ,.,Y,YY,,,,Y,YYY, 9 3, Carplno, Paul Samuel Carrell, James Emmitt ...,...,..,,..,,,, 65 Carrlg, Marlene Ann ,Y,,.,,,..., 75, 112. Carroll, Marleanne Dolores .,,,.,..,,... Carruthers, Arnold Vane 158, 171, 172, 178. 208, 209 196 196 , 82, 93, 149, 151, 218, 219 113, 202, 203 .,,96, 149, 196 Carruthers, Catharine Jean ......,,... 93, 180, 196 Carruthers, Robert Vern Carter, Gary Lee .....,,...............,,.. 101, 167, 185, 213 Carter, Harley Willis Caruso, Gilbert George ....,,,,, -...72, 192. 216, 217 Casey, Don Robert ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 7, 186 Casey, Patrick James ...... ...,...., Casteel, Robert Lee Cates, Fred Hayes Cates, Ralph Larson ........,..... Cavan, Robert Henry Cavanaugh, Robert Vincent Cech, Franklin Charles ,.,,.,,..... Chaffee, James Leroy Chaffin, Glenn Myers, Jr, Chamberlain, Karl Stephen LWW253 ,, , 101, 214 ,.,.,.,55 C193 Chamberlin, Jack Leon .,,,..,,,,,, ,,....,, 2 9, 56 Chamberlin, Rex Albert Chambers, Hyrel MacDonald Chambers, Milton Winfield Chaney, Donald Lee ,,,.,..,,,,1,,.,,,..., 93. 110, 163, 216 Chapman, Juanita Mae L...........,,...,, 101, 139, 190 Chapman, Robert Everett ....,,,,,,.,,,.. .,..,,,, 9 3, 186 Chase, JoMae ..,,, .. ...,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,, 9 3. 127, 182 Chattin, Wayne Howard ,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 01, 185, 216 Chauvin, Kervlne , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,.,,,,,,,..,,,.,,,, 1 16 Chelgren, Eldon Edgar ,,,,... L ,,,.,,, 47, 51, 83, 211 Chesmore, Emily Ann ,,,,,,.,.,.,,. ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 6, 139 Chesnover, Robert Charles ...,. .,,.,, 5 8, 86, 214 Chinske, Edward Lee , ,..,,.,. , Chrisinger, Shirley Ann ,, , 101, 158 Christensen, Albert George ee,., .,,. , ,, L 60, 211 Christiansen, Eugene Martin ,,,.,,,,,, 93, 184, 213 Clnker, James Russell ,,,,,.,,eeee, ,,..,,,, 1 01, 185, 220 Clark, Allan Robert eee,e,e,,e,,,, ,,,,, , ,, ,. L 48 Clark, Allen Thorman Clark, Donald Grant, Jr. ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 1. 86. 171, 172, 178, 214 Claxton, Charlene Elizabeth Claypool, Norman George ....,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 8 Clearman, Richard Vincent Cleland, John Franklin Clement, Neal Duane ,,,,....,,........,,. , ,,,,,,, 49, 114 Cline, Beverly Ann Odden Coakley fSwartz1, James Elton Coffey, Georgia Ann Coffman, George Raymond Cogswell, Edward Borden, Jr. ,,,,, . 93, 213 Colby, Edmund Kinzel ,,,,...........,.,,, 65, 93, 149, 214 Cole, Ann Luclle Rawlings Cole, Donald Duane .,,,.,,,,,, .,,....,,,,,,,, . , ,, ,,,,, 62, 74 Cole, James Howard .,,,.,.., L ,,,,,,,,, 65, 152, 153, 154 Cole, William Edwin ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 6 , 67 Coleman, Edwin Baker ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 8, 69, 254 COIOIIIBJI, Jeall Duane ,,......,,. Collins, Harold Clifford ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, . . ,..., 153 Coloff, Nathanell Lawrence .,..,,,,...,,, 65, 86, 117, 151, 152, 184 Colvert, Delynn Coard ,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,, 74, 186 Comba, Gerald Joseph .,.,..,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,, 8 6, 118 Combo, James Emmet Conaway, Claudia Carlotta Conley, Margaret Reeser Connell. Patrick Conner, Charles Leon ,,,,,...,, 86, 130, 168, 178, 186 Connors, Dorothy Marie Connors, John Edward Conway, Margaret Mary ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 4 3, 50 Cook, Robert Eugene Cooke, Bob D. Cookson, William Van Coober, Charles Nathan ........,,,, 101, 138, 185, 208 Cooper, Edwin Thomas COODSF. LOUlS8 ,.,......., E ,,,,,,.,......... ,93, 113, 190. 195 Coppedge, Georglana ,,,,,,,, 21, 82, 93, 150, 182, 200 Copnedge, Jack Wayne ,,,,,,,, 70, 163, 178, 212, 213 Cordlrey, Nedra, SuzAnne Corin, Gordon Rankin .,......,,..,..,,,,...,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 6, 220 Corin, Marvls Elizabeth ...... 86, 179, 181, 196, 197 Corning, Joyce Virginia Cornish, J. Howard Corr, William George Cosens, Rosemary Christine ....,, .,,.,,, 4 1, 86, 205 Coster, Bernard Arthur .,,,..... -. Coston, Charles Thomas ,,,...,....... Cote, Dolores Eileen ,,,,,,,,..,...,.,.,,,,.,. 198 Cotter, Catherine Cecilia Ann ,,,,..,..,.,..,.,,,, '79, Cotter, Thomas William Coughlan, Carol Grace ....,, 86, 188, Courchene, Charles Lloyd 198, 199, 254 Couture, Jeanne Louise ,,,,,,,... 31, 46, 63, 127, 152, 153, 154, 190 Covey, William Howard ,..,,,,,.,,,.,,.,,,,..,,,,,, ...,...... 5 4 Cowley, Robert Mathias Cox, Carmellta, Jane ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 17, 101, 188, 198 Cox, Urvin Wayne Coyan, William Harold .....,,...,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 01, 186 Cragholm, Ellsworth Andrew Craig, Benjamin Lawrence .Y., - ,YY,,, 48, 51, 83, 216 Craig, Charles Eugene Craighead, Lorraine Jenevieve ,,,,,,,,,,r,...,,, 101, 188 Crane, Marlene Joyce Cresien, Marlene Ann .,,,,r..,,,,.,,,, ,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 5 Crist. Richard Lavelle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,... 110, 139 Criswell, Theodore Johnson Crltelli, Carol Diane .,,, 46, 93, 113, 151, 155, 190 Critelll, Stella Adaline ......., 46, 112, 151, 152, 155 Crocker, Virginia Ann .,,,,YYY,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 101, 188, 198 Crockett, Katharine Ann ,,,,,,,, 101, 118. 127, 149. 152. 188, 202 Crockett, Margery Jean ,,,,.,. , ,,,,, ,86, 152, 202 Croghan, Dwight Eugene ,,,,..., ,,,,,,,,,, 8 6, 93, 211 Croghan, Joan Marion ..,,,..,.,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 01. 188 Crosser, Loraine Marion Thom Crossman, David Allen ,,,,,,,,,,..,,,., .,., 48. 83. 214 Crossman, Gerald Roy Crouch, Ethel Carolyn ,,.,,,,1,,,,,, ,,,,,.,, 5 0, 118, 125 Crumley, Robert Lee ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,,....,,.,.. 1 61 Cummings, Gentria Alizabeth Cunningham, Louis John .,., .,,, , ,,,,YYYYY Y,YYYY,,,,.... 8 0 Cunningham, Scott Alan ,,,,,.,,,, ,,YY,,,, , 75, 76, 208 Curran, Patrick W. .Y,Y..,, .. YYY,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,, 163, 165 Currell, Roy Synder, Jr. ,,,,, .,,, . ,101, 185, 208 Curtis, Marynell Patricia YY,, YYYY,Y,,,Y,, 5 2, 190 Cushman, Beecher Patrick .,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... 8 6 Cushman, Carol Marie ,,,,,, ,,,, 1 01, 118, 188, 200 Cusker, Henry James 1..,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 8 6 , 216 Cutler, Robert Eugene ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,.. - ,.... 6 9 DAHL, JEROME RUSSELL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 56, 86, 184 Dahl, Nona. Victoria ....,,,,,,,,., 68, 69. 114, 117, 190 Dahlman, Julia Darlene ,,,,,,, ,,,,, , 18, 86, 196 Dais, Eugene Vincent Dale, Dana Louise ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,. 101. 117. 188 Dallas, Richard James ,,,,,,1,,, , 98. 110, 216, 217 Dalling, Sharon Kay ,,,,,,, ,. 518. 77, 93. 205 Daly, Gene Benedict ,,,,. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 0 , 62 Dambly, Janet Marie ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 8 2, 101. 188, 200 Daniels, Jack Tupper ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , .. .,,,71. 166 Dankers, William Henry ,,,, ,, ,,,,, ,82, 83, 114 Dantic, Robert Gene ,.,,,,,,,,,, .,,.,, 161. 178 Dasinger, Douglas Delano , 101. 186, 213 Davenport, Jack Davidson, Ian Bruce .,,,,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,. 33, 48, 51, 208 Davidson, James Edward ,.,., ,,,,,,,,,, 1 01, 186, 216 Davidson, John Robert ,,,,, .,.,.,,,,,, .....,F2 Davis, Arthur Edwin ....,, E Y,,,,,,, , .,...,,,,,,,,,,,.... '76 Davis, Calvin Ray ..,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, .....,. .,,,,.,,,, 6 0 . 220 Davis, Charles Henry ,,,,Y,,,,, 52, 163. 164. 178, 213 Davis, Charles Wesley .,,,,.,, , ,,,, 48, 51, 118. 184 Davis, Donald Wilson Davis, Evelyn Ida .,.,....,,,, ,,,,, 1 01, 188, 198 Davis, Georgann ,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,, ,,,,,,Y,,,,.,, 9 3. 190 Davis, Gwendolyn Louise ,,YYY,,,, ., ,Y,, W93, 198 Davis, Helen Lucia, ,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,., .,101, 188, 195 Davis, Samuel Eugene ,,,,,,,, 86, 149, 151, 152,, 171, 172, 178, 186, 213 Davison, Patricia Ann ..,,. .1 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,1., 9 3, 202 Davison, Robert Earl Y,,,,.., . . Y,,,,,,,,,,,Y, 51. 93, 185 Dawson, Charles Douglas ...,,,,,,,,,,, 101, 114, 184 Dawson, Ralph Morris Dawson, Wilma Jean ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 01. 149. 188 Dax, Carol Ann. ,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,, ,,,,. 9 0. 101. 190, 205 Day, LaVerna Rowena ,,,, 18, 93, 126. 127. 150, 195 Dean, Charles Dudley ,,,,..,, . ,,,, 48, 192. 218. 219 Dean, John Lewin .,,,....,....,,.,,,,,, ...., .93. 110 DeAndre. Douglas Carl DeForth, Shirley Jean ..,,,,,, 93, 111. 113. 116. 124, 127, 149, 190. 194, 195 DeGreene, Kenyon Brenton Dehon, William Nixon ,,,,,,,,,,....Y,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,.......,, 149 DeJarnette, Betty Joan Rurnnh ..Y,,,,, 46, 151, 155 DeJarnette, Mary Brewster, ,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 01, 135, 205 DeJarnette, Monroe Campbell,,,65, 114, 149, 151 deJung. Alea J. Gerdes Delaney, Dexter Lee ,............,...,......,,., ,..,.,,, 6 2, 118 Delaney. Douglas Lee ,,,,. ........ .,,..., ,.,... 1 6 8 . 169 DeLuca, Joe Frank ,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 9 3, 161, 167. 178, 186, 213. 214 DeMers, Harrison Hugo ,,,, 51, 82, 86, 110, 124, 214 Demmons, William Herbert W ..,,..,...,,..... ....,... 2 18 Dempster, John Robert, Jr. ....,, ,,.,. . 93, 208 Denham, Peggy Jane ......,,,,.. .. ....,...1 101, 190 Dennis, Daniel Leslie ......, ,,,,, , ....,, 8 6, 213 Denny, Earl Walter Densmore, Marillyn Barrett Densmore, Park ......... E ....,,, 48, 130. 178. 212, 213 Densmore, Peter Kennedy ,,,, 24. 48, 178, 212, 213 Denson, Alexander ..........,,,,.,,, ,,,, , , ,.,,,,.... 93, 216 Deuchler, Owen Herbert ....,, ,,,, 1 61, 178 Devan, George Andrew DeWalt, Richard Charles .,,,... W ,,,, 93. 218, 219 DeZur, Robert Steve ...,.,...... ,.,. , ...,.,..,,....,, 7 6 Dick, James Kern Dickey. Juan Rayner ,,..,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,.... 1 0 1, 185 Dickinson, William Andrew ,,,,,, 101, 149, 184, 214 Dickson, Gwendolyn Anne ,,,,,,.,,, 86, 190, 195, 254 Dillon, John Benner Dillon, William Eugene Dinn, Winifred Marian ,,,, 18, 59, 86, 188, 194. 195 Dirl, Wesley Roy ..,.....,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .....,,, N83 Dissly, Robert Louis Divine, Don Ross ..,,.....,, ,,,,,,,, 1 01 149, 186, 211 Dixon, Betty Ann ,.,,....,,..,.,,,,,,,,, W ,,,, , ,,,, ,101, 190 Dixon, Claire Leigh Dockery, Raymond Edward, Jr. ,,,,,,,,,,, 60, 61, 74 Doggett, Lawrence Wyland ,.,....., Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 6 Doherty, Catherine Clara ..,,,.,,,,,, 74, 80, 86, 118, 194, 195 Doherty, Mary Helen ........, ,,,,,,, 1 01, 118, 195 Doig, Edwin H. .....,...,,,,,,,,., ,,,,, , se, sv 216 Dolato, Max Clarence ....... W ,,,,,,,,, 54, 56 . . . 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MONTANA 256 Dollan, Jack Martin Dolven, Myrna Joanne ,,,, 18, 86, Donlsthorpe, Christine Ann 123, 190, 198 199 Donisthorpe, Grace Imogene ,,,,,,, 30, 79, 97, 253 Donisthorpe, Oscar Lloyd ,,,,.,,,...,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,.,,,.... 62 Donlin, Robert John Donnelly, Jerry Daniel .,,.,.,,,,.,,,....,l.........,....,,,,,, 130 Donovan, John Edward Donovan, Shirley Ann ,,,,,,,,,,,, 82, 102, 188, 196 Doohan, John Robert ,,.,,,. ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.. 8 6, 185 D'Orazi, Marie Rose Dorsett, John Thomas ,,..,,,,,, ,,,,,,.....,, , 93, 118 Douglas, Dolores Faye ,,..,...,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 02, 190 Dowling, Donald Burnett ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 02, 185, 208 Doyle, Richard Norman ,,,.,. ,,,,,,,,.....,........ 1 70 Dragstedt, Carlene Joyce ,,,,,,,,,,,, 41 198 Drake, Glen L. ,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,r,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,..,. 6 2 Drake, Joseph William, Jr. Driscoll, John Francis, Jr. ..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 9 3, 214 Dubay, Jay Wilfred .,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,.Y,,,,.,,.,Y,,,,YYY,, 93, 186 Duff, Alda Marie ...,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,102, 149, 188, 196 Duff, Martha Phyllis Busey Duffy, Kenneth Hugh .,,,Y,,,., .....,,,,,,,,,, 9 3, 110, 216 Duford, James William Dufresne, Ron Cole ...,,,,,,,,, ,,,..,.,, 1 02, 214 Dunbar, Garrell Robert Dunbar, John Philip ..,,,,,,, Y,,,,, 1 02, 185, 214 Duncan, John Asa ..,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,.i.. 1 02, 216 Duncan, Thomas Leland Dundas, John Ramsay ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,, ..,.,,,,,, 1 0 2, 184 Dundas, Robert Lee ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,.,.,,. 40, 48, 131, 184 Dunham, Evelyn Louise Marie Dunlap, Jack Glenn ,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,.....,,,,, 102, 186, 213 Dunn, Ray Joe ,,,.....,,,,,,.,,, 102, 168, 169, 170, 213 Dunning, Francis Edward Dunwell, Don Francis Durado, James Rocco ..., 65, 93, 152, 186, 218, 219 Durham, Billie JoAnn ,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,...,..,. 86, 195 Durham, Lonnie James Durkln, Mary Joan ....,. ,,,, ,,,.,,,, 9 3 , 198, 253 Dutton, Delos Marl Dutton, Earl Boyd ,,,,...,,,,, ,W ,,,, Y ,,,,.,,.,,,,,.1., 135 Dyas, Keith Eldridge ..,,,, .,,,,,,, 7 5, 76, 185, 214 Dybdal, Paula Jean ,,,,, ,.,,,,.,,,..., 8 2, 93. 200 Dye. Ethlyn Fay Dyer, Arthur Lee ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,u,,,,,,,,, 102, 186, 213 EAKLAND, JAMES WARREN ........,,,,.. 56, 86, 186 Eaklns. Gilbert Royal Eaman, George Robert Earll, John Angevlne ,,,,,,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. 94, 213 East, Joy Lenore .,,.....,,,..,,.,.,, 57 59, 112, 113, 133 Echelard, Donald Joseph .,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,........ 86 Econom, Samuel Nick Edgerton, Richard Wallace ,,,,,.,,,,..,, 102, 114, 185 Edklns, William John Edmonds, Gerald Myron .,,, ,,,,,...,.. 7 9, 208 Edstrom, Nell Arthur ,,,,,,,,,, ....,,...,,,,,,,.... 5 4, 145 Egan, Thomas Douglas Egger, Ilen Freda ,,,,.,,,,,,,,1,,..,....,.. 76, 86, 127, 196 Ehlers, Murray Fredrick Eichholz, Richard S. .,,,,, .,,,,,1.,,,,,,,,,,,,... ..149 Eidel, Philip Thomas Elgeman, Daniel James Eliason, Nell Harvey ....., ,,,,,,, 7 1, 86, 186 Ellefson, Jay Richard Ellefson, Larry Frederick ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 1 02, 185, 214 Elliston, Donald Neil .,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... .,,, 6 7, 86, 216 Elmore, Betty Rose Myrle ,,,,..,, ,94, 126, 180, 196 Elmore, Louis Neal, Jr. Ely, Fred Hutchinson ,,,,,,,, .,,.....,,,,,,,. 1 02, 220 Ely, Richard Wright .... ,,,,,,, 1 02, 149, 151 Emanuel, Alan Emanuel, Karen Helene Embody, Shirley Marie ,.,,...i, .,,,.... 5 7. 198 Emery, Olive Joan Emmert, John William, Jr. ...i.,,...,,,,..i., - ........ -...48 Emswiler, Marion Rodney Enebo, Donald O. ...,.,,,,,..........,,,i.. 24, 86, 178, 213 Engebregson, Daryl Eddy ,,,,,.,,,,.,.....,.....,. ..,. - .-.62 Engebretson, Carl Robert ,,,,,,, .... . . ........,,,,..,, 143 Engen, Robert David Enger, Robert Clifford ,,,,,,,, ...,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,, 1 02, 186 English, Kristine Dolores ...,., .,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,.., 1 02, 188 Eppe, Beverly Jean ,,,,..,,. - ..,..,,,. 82, 102, 188, 1.96 Erb, Marilyn Mae ii...,,,. ,,..,, ,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 7 4 , 198 Erickson, Arthur John Erickson, Don LeRoy ....,,,,, ,,,,,,,.. 5 1, 192, 212 Erickson, Edwin Donald ,,,,,,, , .i,.i..,,.,,1,,,,, 86, 213 Erickson, Elwood Alfred Erickson, Mary Ellen ,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,, 8 2, 102, 131 203 Esllck, Joseph H. ,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ..., ,,..,,,,,,,........,,,,,. 5 2 Eslyn, Wallace Eugene Estey, William Rodney Eustance, Artha Louise ,,,,., ,,,....,. 1 02, 203 Eustis, James LeRoy Evans, George Evans, Jack Elton Evans, Joan Marlene ,,,,,,,,, ,...,,, 1 02, 188, 203 Everard, James Lynn Eybel, Mary Jo Whelen Eybel, William Walter Eyer, Walter Warren ,,,,,,,,,, 94, 110, 118, 135, 213 FABERT, GEORGIE ARLENE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,79, 196 Fabert, Melvin Marion Facincani, Leona May ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 57, 59, 127, 190 Fahey, Jack Allan ,.,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,, 8 7, 214 Faln, William Lee Farrand, Charles Louie ..,,,,, ,,,.., ,...., 1 . ,.87, 211 Farrell, James Edward ,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.... 102, 218 Farrington, James Woodrow ,,,, 102, 143, 185, 218 Faulds Gordon Ray Fauque, Betty Mae Flesch ,,,,,,,,,,,, ......, .,,,,....., 1 0 2 Fauque, Verne Gerald ,,,,......, .,,..,. 7 5, 76 In the Shopping Center ofthe Midland Empire . . . TWO FINE STORES TO SERVE YOU HART-ALBIN CO. Hart Albin Store BOWENS for Men BILLINGS Meet -You r ,Fnends al' the PALLAS CAN DY SHOP 0 x li ' Best Wishes to the Closs of i953 From YOUR SERVANT OF OVER 50 YEARS IN MISSOULA THE MISSOULA DRUG CO. 227 SHADOAN'S MENS STORE H A D O A N ' S QUALITY CLOTHES AT POPULAR PRICES Faurot, Richard Allen ..., - ..,,,,,, 29, 56, 83. av, 140 BILLIN GS MONTANA SHERIDAN, WYOMING Everyone Stops at BROW IES 18 IN 'N' OUT V r On Highway 10 DR L R BARNETT DR. W. L. BARNETT DR. D. R. BARNETT OPTOM ETRISTS GLASSES FITTED ALL OPTICAL REPAIRS E Broadway Missoula, Montana BON TON BAKERY Missoula, Montana 238 Faust, Ronald Francis ...,... ,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 1, 87, 213 Fawcett, Wilbur Train Fehr, Dale James Feldt, Raymond Charles ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,, 5 1, 78 Felsch, Fred Fender, Ruby Jean ,,,,,,,,..,,, ,,,,,,, ....,....,,,,,,, 9 4 Ferguson, Patricia Adele ....,. ,.,.,,,,, 7 5, 202, 203 Flchtel, Wayne Christian ,,..,. ,,,,.,,,,,,, 1 02, 135 Field, Edgar John Fine, William Edward, Jr, .,A,. ,,,,,,,,, 1 63, 165 Fink, Gregory Burnell Firm, Rudy Frankleon ,,,,... ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , , 48 Fischer, Robert E, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , 7 6 Fisher, Eleanor Jean .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 7 , 59, 190 Fitzpatrick, Francis Harvey Flanagan, Thomas Francis ....,,,,.,.,,, 102, 186, 213 Flanagin, Douglas Max Flechsing, Daryl Lee Fleming, George Miller ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,, 1 02, 214 Fleshman, Donna Corinne ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,..,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 8 0 Fletcher, Charles Richard ee.. 63, 65, 116 152, 185 Fletcher, Thomas Edward Flightner, Gwendolyn ,,,, 48, 51, 112, 113, 198, 199 Flightner, James Arthur Focher, Edward Lee ,,,,,,,,, - ...,,,,..,.. -..,102, 152, 185 Folden, Wayne Wesley ..,......,,,,, 114, 152, 153, 154 Foot, Margery Jean ,,,,..., 59, 80, 87, 137, 138, 190 Forbes, Alton Dale ..,,....,..,,,...,.,........,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 61, 210 Ford, James Lawrence Collier, Jr.,,,76 94, 110, 118, 123, 213 Forman, Bernard Kim Fornall, Jerald Edward Forsell, Doris L. Clark Forsell, Louis Otto ,,,,...,. ............. ,,,, ..., . ,,,,.... 6 2 Forvilly, LaMar Maximillian .,,,.,,,.,,,, ..,.,,,, 6 5, 149 Forwood, Edward LeRoy ...,,,,,., ,,,,,,, 1 02, 186, 213 Forzley, Darlene Eunice ,,,,,,, ...,....., l 02, 188, 195 Foshag, Thomas Philip ....,, ..,..,,, 4 8, 51 192. 206 Fosse, Donna Mae ,,,,,,,,,,, ......,,, 1 02, 188, 200 Foster, Albert David Foster, Lewis Krause ,,,,....,,,,.... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 9 4, 186 Foster, Marilyn June ....,,,,.,,,...,., 87, 126, 200, 201 Fowler, Anne Vlvette .......,,, 87, 123, 188, 198, 199 Fowler Frank Austin ,,,,.,,,.,,, 87, 94, 118, 184, 211 Fowler, Hugh Herbert FOX, Eleanor Claire .,..., 102, 152, 153, 154, 181, 188 Fraher, Patricia Louise ....,,.... 24, 46, 63, 152, 153, 154, 203 Frame, Albert Allen Francis, Ann Josepha ....,..,. 77. 87 Francois, Claudie Zyte ..,,.. ..,,,,,,,,,. . 87 Frank, Lawrence Lee Frank, Raymond Albert ,,,.... ...,..,,,, 9 4. 208 Frankovich, John Albert Franz, Ruth Margaret ,,,,,,,,,,..,,......,., 102, 188, 193 Fraser, Douglas Robert ,,..,.....,ee.....,,,,,,, 48, 211 Fraser, Robert Berkeley,,65, 78, 112, 113, 124, 214 Fredeking, William Joseph Fredricks, Duane Leonard Freedle, Elmer Oliver, Jr. Freeman, Glenn Wayne, Jr. ..........,,,, 56, 102, 184 Fretheim, Richard Henry ......,,. ,,.,,,,,,, 1 02, 184 Frey, Gary Eugene Friend, Jean Marie .,,,,,,,,,,,,... .,,,,,,, 1 02, 188 Frisby, Dorothy Coad Pope Frost, Edwin Charles Fry, Harry Wellman Fuhs, Harry Edward 1... ,....... .....,, 4 8 , 51, 216 Fuller, Richard R. ...,............. ....66 67 Fulmor, Maureen Bentley Fulton, Martha Jane GABRIEL, ROBERT WILLIAM .,,.., ,..,,,, 6 8, 214 Gaethke, Jane Ellen ,........ , ,.,........... ,.....,,,,,....,.. 1 53 Gagermeier, Louis John Gaines, Thomas Lee Galasso, Elizabeth Teresa ....,,,,,, 94, 118, 152, 193 Gallagher, Gary Joe .,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,,...........,,, 51, 87, 211 Gallagher, Seumas Vickie Gallup, Roy Marvin 1,.,,,,,.. ,....,... 102, 186 Galpin, Bill Harley Galpin, Donald Robert Galt, Phyllis Diana Clark ...,.... ...,... .... , . .52 Galt, Richard Kelly ............... ....... 5 2. 113 Gansel, Charles Ray ...........,,.. ,,,, ...54 Garber, Frederick Charles Garding, Leon Eugene Garn, Phil Rlter Garrett, Donald Edgar Garrick, Norman Lynn Gasser, Joseph Samuel, Jr. ...........,,,.,,,,,,,, 94, Gaughan, Lawrence Dennis ...,.. 94, 110, 138, Gavin, Lorna Ann .....................,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....... Geary, Betty Nadine ,,,,,,,,..,... ..,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 9 4, Gebhardt, LeRoy Geesey, Al C. Geil, Marian , ..,...,,,................................. 94, 118, Gels, Anthony Felix Genger, Nadine Mae ............ 46, 94. 113, 149, Gennara, Mary Della George, Delores Viola ............ 46, 94, 149. 151, George, Georgia .....,.............. 21, 35, 102, 123. 138. 150, George, Howard William .................,,,.,,,,, 102. Gerdes, Florence Whitmore Gerike, John William, Jr. Gerlinger, Donald ....,.., 70, 71, 158, 178, 212, Gerrard, Donald Benton Gerrard, Doyle Wister Gerstenberger, Clayton Raymond ...... 82, 102, Ghlgleri, Robert Joseph ...L ...,,.....,....,, 94, 186, Gholson, Gwen Laura ,,,, 93, 94, 111, 127, 182, Gianoulias, Anthony Chris 185 261 ,187 196 190 152 190 124. 200 185 213 185 213 200 eaiiin Siiiciia pinky ibm gulllw Mitzi? BQDDV, BARBARA IDHN R. DAILY'S, INC MELLO-TENDER W and Fine Sausage 3 STEAKS . s',- HELENA DEER LODGE MISSOULA - LIVINGSTON MONTANA PAY ROLL PRODUCTS We're both selling the some thing-SERVICE Pardon us if We seem to be presurnptous . . . but we are both selling service. Montana State University is selling education as a serv- ice and we are selling energy. Both are essen- tial. You at the University have been at your sales job longer, more than a half century, but We've been operating more than 40 years, so feel able to make a few observations on service. lf We may say so, we think the University is doing a better sales job than it used to . . . You're bringing your services to the people in their own communities to a greater extent. As a result cities and towns a long Way from Missoula have learned to appreciate what you're doing and what your problems are by seeing and hearing University groups and individuals. VVe've been doing that trom the beginning, as it's the nature ot our business. We believe the people appreciate what We're doing, too. We're serving them. Congratulations to the 1953 graduates ot MSU. Vlfhy not cast your lot with Montana from now on? The ontana Power Compan 240 Gibbons, Mary Gayle ..Y,,,,, ,Y,,,Y,,,,, ,YYVV 9 4 200 Gibson. Robert Stephen ,,,,,, , ,,Y,,,,,,, , 94 216 Gierke, Valorle Floriene ,, ,l03, 118. 190 199 Giesick, Joanne Marie YY,, 103. 149, 152, 153, 154, 188 Gilbert. Violet Murrill Gilbert, William Spencer Gilchrist, Forest Eueene Y,,,,,,, ,,,, YYY,...,, , , 94 185 Glllet. Harold Andrew 103, 149- 151. 213 Gillette. Marilyn Joan Gilliam, John Joseph Gilliland, Erma Ellen YY,V, 2 W, 94, 196 Gilluly, Robert Samuel H ,Y,, ,. VYY, 94, 213 Gilman, Albert Franklin, III ,,,,,,,V,,VVV,V,, ,,,,,,,, 7 6 Gilman, Valerie Vee ,,,,,,,, ,, , ,,,, 82, 103. 196 Gilmore, Cecil William ,,,,. . ,,,,,,,VV,, .68 118 Giroux, Mary Joan Giulio, Dian Flora WL., .,,,,,, ,, .,,, 18, 94, 151 195 Goddard, Alan Anthony . , , ,, ,,,,,,,.,,, 114, 144 Godward, James Robert, Jr. Goetze, Delores Marilyn .... ,...,,,, 1 03. 188, 199 Goldbrand. Patricia May . , .,,.,., 103, 190. 195 Golden, Dixie Lee .,,..,,,.. ..,,,, ,,.,, ,,,,, , , , 52 Golden. Joanne Lucille .....,...,.... 56, 103, 199 Gornpf, Hal Wiley ...- ..,....,,,,..,. ....,,,,,.,.. 9 4 162, 184 Goodmansen, Donna Joan ,17, 82, 103, 188 199 Gookin, Anna Marie ,...,,,..,,. , , ...,,.,, 94 116 190 Gordon, Dennis Burton Gould. Jacqueline ..,,...,, -.., , .,i,, 103. 188, 195 Graeter, Sterling Glenn .,,, ..,. ,,,,,,,,,,,., , 5 1, 87 Graff, James Robert ...... ..... , 94, 171. 172, 213 Graham, Carol Jane ....,,,,,, ........ ,,,, 1 03, 190 Graham, David Adelbert Graham, Robert H. Grandy, Carol Jeanne .,.,, ....., 1 7, 103, 179 Grandy. Evelyn Arden Grandy, George Elmer .... H .,,,,,,,, 56, 103, 186 Graves, Robert Dewing ., ,, 52, 160. 167 178, 214 Gray, Charles Gause Gray, Fielding Louis Gray, Florence Mighell Greenan. Robert Edward ,,,,. 2 .,,,,...,., 20, 56 Greenup. Charles Wilson Grcuory, Juliet Minson Grenimer, Edwin Grice, Howard William, Jr. Griffin, Muriel Anne ...,.. 21, 40, 94, 137, 150, 199 Griffin, Robert Patrick ,,,,... , ,,,,, 94, 212, 213 Griffiths, Harry Warren ,, ...,,,,, 87, 216 Griswold. Gillett Gary Groif. Sidney Lavern ..,,,, ....... 2 ..... . ,, ,..... 276 Grotte. Roland Miles .,.., , 282. 94. 149, 214 Gruhn, Charles Ray Gruhn, Thomas Steventon Grundstrom. JoAnn ........ 30, 76, 127, 192. 202, 203 Gue. William Wesley ....,..,,,.. 94, 162, 178 186 208 Guest. Allen Gucttler, Gerald Cramer , ,,,..... 82. 83, S7 Guilbault, Dolores Frances , , ,,..., 82, 103, 196 Guilbault, Joanne Florence . ,, ...... 94, 196 Gulden. Donald Frank ,,,.,. , , ..,,.. 48 Gunkel, Marilyn Rae ..,,,, ,, .,,,, W103, 203 Gunlikson, Richard Duane ,.., 48. 178, 213 Guon. Marvin Gustafson, William Frank Guthrie. Alfred Bertram ,...,,,, 94, 216 HAAS, HARL H. ,,,,.,.,.....,,,,, , ..,. 103, 186, 216 Habeck, James Robert Hackett, Frank Thomas ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , , ,,,,,,,, 87 Hafdahl. Donna Marie .- ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 87, 190 Hafferman, Norma Jean... 17. 103, 188, 195 Haftle, Helen Joann,,,,,,.,103, 137, 202, 203, 224 Hagan, Frances Lauretta .. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 50 87, 190 Hageman, Jill K. ,,,,,,,, 103, 152. 153. 154, 188, 195 Hageman, Rodger Edward ,,,, ,,.,,,,, , ,,,, 72. 214 Haegarty. Thomas Joseph ,,,, .,..,,.,,,. , ,,,,.,, 1 18 Haight, Robert Duane ..,.,,,,., , ,.,,,,., 147 Haines, Kim Lew .,,,,.,..,.,,. . ,,,., 103, 186 Hall, Lois Jeanne Haller, John Burnett Hallock, Clair Eugene 65, 82. 89, 149, 206 Halse, Kenneth Karl .,,. ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, , .1216 Halubka. Raymond Samuel 94. 149. 152 154 218 Halverson, Donald Lewis ,,,,, 103. 130. 168, 169, 186, 218, 219 Halverson, Ronald Cecil . ,, ,,,,,,,.,,,, , 103, 186 Hamilton, Alexandra Jean ,,,,,, 40, 103, 188 Hamilton, Donald Earl Hamilton, Keith B, Hamilton, Marian Eloise Hamilton, Stanley Keith Hammer, Roy William ,,,.... ,,,,,.,, 1 03 185, 212 Hammerness, Mark D. ., ....,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, , , , 130 Hammersmark, Harold ..,.,..,.., , ,,,,,,,, 103, 185, 208 Hampton, Mariciuita Anne Handford. Beryl Ann ..,. 70, 71. 179. 180, 190, 254 Hankins, William Joe Hanlon, Marlene Marie ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 8 7, 190, 195 Hansen, Hans Richard 178, 212 Hansen, Harold Clifford ,147 Hansen, Howard Froberg Hansen, James Albert ....,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,, . 65 149 Hansen JoAnne Adair ,.,,,,,.,.,,,,,,.,,, L ,,,,,,,,,, 103, 190 Hansen, Paul Douglas,-..60, 61, 80, 112 123 216 Hansen, Richard James ,,,,, 54, 114. 127, 171 173 Hauser, Harold Francis ,..., ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,62 Hanson, Harold Eugene, Jr,,, ,,,., 56, 143 144 Hanson, Philip Charles .,,,,, 29. 55. 56, 87, 140 Hanson, Wayne Orrin ..,,....,,,, 66. 67, 206 207 Harbolt. Marilyn Joan . .... ., 31. 94, 114 190 Hiifden, Judith Ann ,,,,.,,,,, ,, 94, 149, 151, 199 Hardenburgh, Marilyn .,,,,,, , , ,,,,,, 103, 182 200 YOUR DINING HOST- WALT JENSON Fon THE FINEST IN FOODS ---DRINKS LUB CH TEALI 4 Miles East of MISSOULA, MONTANA Phone 5-1042 RALPH MARCHILDON Owner and Manager CARL E. DRAGSTEDT, '23 BOB BONNES, 54 ELMER S, DRAGSTEDT, '29 WINTON ROSETH, ex-'46 Whatever Your Future Plons Moy Be Safeguard Th-em With Bl Saleh! MEDICAL - SURGICAL -- HOSPITAL PROTECTION P. O. Box 1677 Telephone 3577 Helena, Montana 241 Hardisty, Donald Mertz ,,,,,,, 21, 65, 83, 87, 149, 150, 151, 152, Hardy, James LeRoy Hardy, Shirley Jean 117, 184 Hares, Donna Elaine ,,,,. .,,,.... 8 7, 196 Hares, Frances Louise Harger, William Henry Harken, James Henry 1..,...,,,,,,, 103, 118, 185, 208 Harman, Dolores Viola Harmsen, Rolf Frederick ,,,, 29, 48, 220, 221 Harper, Janet ..YY....Y,....f,,,,,,,v,VVV .wffYY,,Y,.... 4 6, 94. 200 Harpole, George Brooke V,,,Y,, VV,,,,,YV 8 7, 184, 221 Harrington, Daniel Francis , YY,, 194. 114, 184 Harrington, Mary Louise Harrington, Thomas Lloyd Harris, Gladys Mae .Y.........,V.1... ...-'f. 7 5- 77, 205 Harris, John Root Harris, Robert William Harrison, Stanley Cooper ,,,,...,. Y ,1.... - .,,.... 103, 186 Hart, Edward Dean ....-..,.- ....,., .--.--..87. 221 Hart, Jennye Georgia Hart, Russell Charles Hartley, Kermit Edward .1..1.... - ............ ...94, 212 Harvey, Dale Gene Harvey, Harold Walter ....,, 63, 65, 149, 151, 221, hash, Charley 'Thomas Haslip, James Raymond, Jr ..,,, 94, 178, 185, 208 Hatfield, Nancy Lou .,......,,....,.,Y.. ...-,-.- vYY-----ffA -,-- 1 03 Hauk, Don ,.,,.,,,..... - .,,.......,,,,,.., - ,........ 103, 114, 184 Hautzinger, .Jonn Lee ,,,,, .VVYYYY 2- 9, 56, IH, 166 Hawley, Vernon Duane Hayes, Harlan LeRoy ,,,,., , ...,,,,,.....V,,....VV 103 Hayes, Helen vvanreta ,,,,,,,,, 1..V.. . .73, 147 Hayes, LakiWl'91'lCS Anlow ha,es, Robert eo.e ,,,,......,,, - ...Y,,, ,54 rra,e.,, Roger L,-elald riaynes, Cordon Stanley 1-lays, Ueila .Jeanne ,.,,.,,,, ,W ,.,,,,,,, 82, 103, 188, 200 Hays, Nancy Carol ,,,..,,., A ..,,,,,,,, ,,,,..,...,,,.,,..,YY.1. 1 47 Hays, virginia Lenore. 95, 111, 113, 125, 124, 200 Hayton, 1181011 Ruth ..,,,., ,,,,,.. ,,.,., 5 u , 87, 147, 205 Hearst, Al.en LOTID, Jr, ,,,,, ,,,, .,,,,,, A 9 , 54, 5:1 Heath, Milan Ronald Heath, Rlcnard lvl.lan ,,,,,,, Heath, 'lusco D. Hecxman, John Howard .,,, , ,56 , .,,,... 95 HBIHEZ, William Ferdinand ,, ,,,, W.. ,.,, Heinz, Paul Richard ,,.,..,,,,,, ,.,,,,, l 03, 185, 218 Heklcel, Clarence Leo .,,,,,,,,, .1..,,,,,.... 1 03, 186 Helgelien, Duane Elliot He.geson, Bernard ,,,,,,,,,,..... ,,,,,,.... . ,87, 184 Hellinger, Dean Allan ..,,,, ..,,.,... 1 03, 185 Helm, Walter Arthur ..... .,,.,,,,1,.,,,, - ..-WS7 Helmer, Joann Ruth ......, .,,, - ,,,....., 8 7, 190 Helms, George Alan Helterline, John Robert .W ,,,. A ,.,... 1 ,,,,.... - ,...,...... 168 Helwig, Lawrence Leonard ,M ....,,,,.,,1. 56, 87, 184 Henderson, Ethel Josephine ...31, 75, 114, 116 Henderson, Mary Agnes .,,,,,... - ...,,,,.,....,,,, 114, 116 Hendricks, Robert Harold Henline, Henry Lawrence ,,,, ..,..,,,,,,,.,,,.,, .,.. 7 2 , 214 Henne, Beverly Joan ..,,,,,, 23, 39, 73, 122, 124, 136, 200, 201, 255 Henneman, Arlan Boyd ,,,,,.. ,,,,,.,,,,.,,1.... 9 5, 208 Herbert, Edith May ....,,,,.,.,,, ,,,,,.,,,., 7 7, 87, 188 Herbert, Marjorie Jean 1.,,,,,, . ,,,,..,, 103, 118, 188 Herblg, Phillip Horace Herman, Beverly Ann ..... ,,,.,,, 1 03, 123 152 188 Herman, Harold Val ,,...,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,....,,,, 9 5 110 216 Heron, Walter Eugene Herrington, Irene Catherine Herrington, Roscoe Burwell Herriott, Ralph Lynn Hershberger, Ralph Elmer... 129, 55, 56, 87, 218 Hershey, Marvin Cline Hervol, Julia Jeanette ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.. . .,95 Hestekin, Bryan Milton Hetler, Katharine Jane .,.,,,,,,,,,,,. ,.,74, 200 Hewett, Theodore Robert ,,,,,., 58, 132, 134, 137 Hiett, Cora Andrea ,...,,,,,,,,, H ,,,. -- .,,, ,,,,,..l03 Hiett, Wayne Joseph ,,,,,,,,,, ,.,, 1 ,,,. - ...,,1...,,,. ..87 Hightower, Arthur Omar ..,,,,, .,,.,,........1 A ,... A .80 Hill, Elbert Bernard ...,,,,,,,. Hill, Joan Edith L ..... -..- ,,,,,.,, , Hill, Lawrence A. .......,. . Hillstead, Joel Dean ..,,,.. 202 ,,,,,,,103, 188, ,,,,.....-.,.--..-,80 2 12 .,,........95, Hines, Gary Haydon ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,.,,..,, 8 7 , 208 Hlntzman, Naomi Davis Hintzman, Vernon William ,,,,,,,,,,..... -..L ..,....,, 53 Hirst, Lynden Lee ....,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,....,. 1 03 Hobbs, Marvin Lavern ...,,,,,,,,, 51, 83, 87, 192, 211 Hockett, Clarence Guy Hockett, LeRoy Paul ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 5 2, 83 I-Iockett, Mabel Caroline Flansaas ,,,,,,,,,,,, 69, 75 Hodge, Ann Charlotte ..,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 18, 149 Hodges, Alice Lee ,.,,,.,,,,.,.. ,.,,,,,,,,, 9 5, 195 Hodous, Warren Clyde .. , , ,.,, , ,,,,,, .104, 208 Hoff, Robert Earl ........ ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 0 , 33, 214 Hoffman, James Lawrence Hoffman, John Jacob ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 7 9, 218 Hoffman, Wallace Donald Hogan, Doris M. Hoiland, A. Arlene ,,,,... ,,,, 34, 71, 95, 179, 200 Holness, Melvin Pedern ,,,,,,,,, 26, 51, 83, 86, 37, 125, 131, 136, 214 Holden, Marjorie Claire .. ,.... ,,,..,.,,,,,, -,69, 151 Holiday, Edward Sidney ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 2, 186 Holland, James Nelson Holland, Jerry Claire ,,,,, ,,..,... 7 6, 37, 179, 190 Hollinger, Anton Peter .,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 4 3, 51, 130, 166, 208, 209 Hollinger, Arlene Catherine , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 95, 195 Hollingsworth, Vivian Diane ..., 87, 182, 190, 202 WHILE IN BUTTE . . . U 61 I SHOULD HAVE A PLEASANT DRINK AT THE LUB 136 WEST PARK ED HORGAN BUTTE GOOD USED PIANOS O RCA VICTOR 6. COLUMBIA RECORDS 0 MAGNAVOX TELEVISION. RADIOS. PHONOGRAPHS I BALDWIN, KIMBALL, WURLITZER PIANOS 0 KING, REYNOLDS, CONN INSTRUMENTS "We've Got Everything Musical" THE MUSIC CENTER Formerly Hefle's For DISTINCTIVE CHINESE and AMERICAN FOODS THE GOLDEN PHEASANT Est. Since 1941 Phone 9-9953 BUTTE SPECIAL I BEER 242 VRDM 499' M Qgiwzs 9?-N ME GUN' 414, qx65I'ie,f-.roi Z Cl WI OICIQ. 0 PLUMBING 6. HEATING BW' MISSOULA. MONTANA "7" z""' S 231 W. FRONT O PHONE 33054 .77zqfmm4'4 ,f I f dmwxeIX65f BEST WISHES FROM MISSUULA AUTUMUBILE DEALERS IISSOCII-ITION BAKKE MOTOR CO. NYBO ci CO. I-I. O. BELL CO. OLNEY MOTORS WESTERN MONTANA MOTORS INC. ROOSEVELT-OSBORNE MOTOR CO. GRAEI-IL MOTOR SERVICE SANDY'S SALES SERVICE KRAABEL CHEVROLET CO. TUCKER MOTOR CO. MOORE EVERETT CO. TURMELL MOTOR CO. GREENAWALT MOTOR CO. MURRAY MOTOR CO. 243 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE Western Montana National Bank MISSOULA, MONTANA Friendly Service Since 1889 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio Leonard and Westinghouse APPLIANCES Serving You Since 1928 Refrigerators Ranges Water Heaters EMS REFRIGERA TIDN IU. 432 N. HIGGINS PHONE 4I00 McKinnon - Decker Co. Engineers and Contractors HELENA. MONTANA BUILDERS OF FINE SCHOOLS Member Associated General Contractors oi America 244 Hollopeter, Daniel Frank Holst, Earl Stanley .,,,,A.,,,,,,,...,. ,,,,..,.,.. 4 8, 211 Holst, Sandra Jean Moore Holt, Bill Vaughn ..- Y,,.......,,, . Holt, Lawrence Martin ..,,..,.. Holter, Robert Morton ..,,,,,,,., 206 185, 206 Holzweissig, Arthur Carl, Jr. .,Y,.,., 29, 55, 56. 114 Honey, Caroline Joy ...,...,., .. Hoogendyk, Dammes Hope, Joy Elaine .,,.,.........,,,,Y,Y,,, .......104, 131, 190 Hornung, Gilbert Charles ,,,.,, Y,,,,.Y A ,,,YY,,....,,Y. 7 6 Horst, Edward Allen ..,,.....,,,,, Hossack, John Finley ....,,, Hough, William Clark Howanach, Joyce Agnes L ee,,e,,,,, 104, 118, 149, 188 Howard, Janet Lea ...,,, 95, 111, Howard, Thomas Crandall 113. 152, 194, 195 Howe, Bruce Ronald .,,,,..,,,,,,,..,, ....,,,,,,,,, . ..87, 211 Howell, John Ernest ...L ,.,,,,,, 95, 144, 146, 150. 184, 214 Hoyem, Robert Andrew ,.,,, .,,. , 163, 65, 113, 153, 219 SUCCESS-HAPPINESS TO EACH OF YOU IN THE CLASS OF '53 088811381 QUALITY - VALUE - INTEGRITY 154, 217, 218, Hoynes, Emmet Edwin ...VV ....,l.l..-..........l,. 8 7, 131 Hoyt, Charles Eugene .,,,..,,,,.....,,,. - ......, 23, 24. 219 Hoyt, Marlene Ann .................... 104, 118, 149, 190 Hoyt, Rita Mae ..,,ee,,. -..L ....,,.........,,. - ...,,,,.1,, 104, 190 Hrynyszyn, Myron Hubbard, Nan ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.. - .,.,,,,,,,, 95, 111, 179, 202 Hubbard, Richard Wesley Hucko, Steve .,,,...,, ......,,,,......,,,,,,,....l1 - ..,.......... 7 O. 130 Hudson, Kathryn Ann ....,,,, 20, 24, 35, 88, 90, 91, 138, 190, 200, 222, 255 Hudson, Robert Weston..34, 88, 168, 169, 178, 212 Huebl Berta Mae .,,l.............. 30, 46, 113. 127. 153, 253 Huggins, Dennis Burke Huggins, Donald LeRoy 154, 222, Hughes, Lysbeth Lynn ,,,. 71, 88, 118, 179, 180, 190 Huhn, Jerry Joan W.- ,,,1..,,,. ....,............ - ......- 7 4, 203 Humble, Clinton David ....,,,,,Y Y,Y,,,Y,.... 1 71, 173 Hummon, William Dale .,,,,,, ....,YYYY 2 9, 56, 88 Hunt, Thomas Richard ,,,,, ............. 4 9, 80 Hunt, William Edward Hunter, Floyd Hunter, Larry Clifton .,.,... .............. 7 6 Hunter, Robert Neil ...,,,, ...... - ...88, 214 Huntley, Marvin Gene ,,,,, Huntley, Sandra Sue ....... 199 ,.....,....,..104, 188, Hunton, Marilyn Louise ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,,.,,, 1 7, 104, 190 Huppert, Arnold, Jr. ....,,,,.,,,,, 60, 62, 153, 216, 253 Hurst, Allen Dean Hutchins, Curtis Harry .....,..,.....Y1. - ............,....-... 104 ILER, MOLLIE JEAN .,,, 68, 69. 125, 126, 194, 195 Iler, Norma Anne ,.,,......,,, - ..,,,,,,,...., - ...,,....,,,, 95, 195 Imer, Richard Lee Imsande, John David ............Y. Ingle, Noreen Barbara ,.52, 192, 220. 221 Ingram, Malfred William ,,,,, L ,,,,,,,.. 159, 178, 209 Ireland, Elizabeth Isner, Robert Joe .,,,....,,,,..... Iwen, John Franklin .,,.,,.......,., JACKSON, DORIS MARIE ,,,,. Jackson, James George ,,,,..,.. Jackson, James Robert .,..,, Jackson, Ronald Burton ,,,,.. Jackson, Wayne Dennis Jacobs, Evart Thomas Jacobs, Olive Smith Jacobsen, Arne John ....,. Jacobson, Bruce Eldon Jahn, Robert Willam James, Janice Valerie ..........,,,, Jamieson, Herbert DannY...-... Janes, Lawrence Verne Janke, Ed George .......,........ Janke, James Neil Jankovich, Sammy Mike Janssen, Betty Marvel ,,..,..,,, Jaraczeski, Richard Dale .,,,,... Jarrell, Ben B. .......1o-1, 184, 216 208 ......,,88, 186, .....,,.........104, 190 .........8'z, 206, 214 ..,................104, 184 - ..................... 53 ,- .........,. 54, 208 ..........104, 190, 195 104, 149, 186, 214 ......104, 117, 185 ...1 ............. 53, 140 ............aa, 140, 208 Jasken, Robert Joel .......... 31, 38, 82, 88, 114, 212 Jaszkowski, Ralph Theodore 104, 185 Jefferson, William Leslie ...... Jeglum. Jelinek, Jelllson, Howard Ferdinand Kathryn Lynn ...., E ......... 82, 95, 127, 200 74 M. Dean ...L ....Y. .. ,.,..... ...... - ....... 6 2, Jenkins, George Calvin Jenkins, Joseph Lee Y ......... ..---------- - --,-------- 1 14 Jensen, Clarence Done ,.... - ...... - ---...-,- -104 Jensen, Donald Kraig ....... ..... 5 4 Jensen, Earl T. Jensen, John Leo Jensen, Marlyn George .............................1.. 160, 178 Jette Arthur James ......... - .... L ...,........1... M -....--- 139 Johns, Patrica J. Johns, Verna. Belle ,.......... ...,.... 18, 95, 127, 195 196 OPEN 24 HOURS Star Garage TOM A. WICKES TOWING and WRECKING SERVICE STORAGE 0 CHEVRON GAS PHONE 4740 149 WEST FRONT Missoula, Montana NORTHERN BOUND . . . "When Youre Hunting Pleasure" now with PAGE takes the guesswork out of page-end typing! Johnson, Audrey Louise .....,. ............ 9 5, 180, Johnson, Betty Joy Johnson, Beverly Jean ........ .L ......... 40, 88, 117, 190 Johnson J0hI1S0l'1v , Camille Mathilde Carl Eugene ..... L ,...,.......... 54, 55, 56, 112 Johnson, Carlene Joy ....... L .... .................. 9 5, 190 Johnson, Charles Alfred ...... .............. 9 5, 208 Johnson, Dale Marlin ...L ....... ..,.... 6 2, 163 Johnson, Diana Johnson, Durwood Milton ....,.. .- ..... 88, 208 Johnson, Eldon De Johnson, George Harold Johnson, Harold Lyle ,...... - ......... ..,..- ..... 66, 67 Johnson, James Andrew ...- .,....... .-..62, 74 Johnson, James Warren .., ........... ............. 6 0 Johnson, Janece Adele W-- .....,........ ........ 7 4, 199 Johnson, Joyce Marie ..... - .......... -..95, 190 mithfC0 ona Worldis QE PORTABLE WorId's fastest PORTABLE THE OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY I H5-119 West Broadway MISSOULA, MONTANA Liberal Trade-in Allowance Easy Terms. 24 EN IQHNSQN coMPL1MENTs GAMER DIXON 6. HOON SHOE STORE Shoes House Slippers Hosiery Harold E. Woods Wm. N. Dixon, Jr. 133 N. Higgins Missoula FLYING SERVICE, INC. Student Flying Charter Service Helicopter Service HALE FIELD Mlssou LA, MONTANA MEN'S SHOP 9 EAGLE CLOTHES 9 ARROW SHIRTS ond TIES 9 FREEMAN SHOES ' KNOX HATS The NEW GRI LL CAFE THE PLACE OF GOOD EATS 113 W. Main Street The Srncrrtest Girls in the West Shop ot A I L E E N ' S BILLINGS sl-IERIDAN Johnson Laurence E. Johnson Maxine C. Johnson Nancy Buntln Johnson Natalo Carter - ..,.... - Y.... - ,.,Y, -.-.-88. 190 Johnson, Noel Herbert ,L .....,,,, .........Y.......i.. - ,,.,.. 9 5 Johnson, Norman L. Johnson, Richard Arthur ,......,.., -.-..163, 165, 168 Johnson Richard Forrest ,,,, .L .,,,r,...r..r 56, 140 Johnson, Roderick Wilhelm Johnson, Roger Agard ..,,......... - ,.,................,. 60, 62 Johnson, Walter Connie ...,....,,,,.,.,..., 104, 186, 212 Johnson Walter George, Jr. Johnston, Billie Jeanne ..,,,,,. Johnston, Clare Edward ,,,,,,,,,,,, Johnston, Matilda Myrna ,,,,, Joly, Colette Jeanine Jones, Bette Deane .,,,,....,,i, Jones, Betty Louise Jones, Dolores Lorraine .,,,.. Jones, Frank Neale Jones, Franklin Fay Jones, Gordon B, , .i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 70, Jones, Kathryn Priscilla Jones, Robert Wayne .,,,, Jones, Shirley Arlene ,,,,,,,,,,,.., 200 148, 171, 173, 186 ....,,,,,88, 200 ...,..,104, 190 159, 178, 186, 208 ., ,,,,......., 104, iss, 212 .,.............,,104, 191 Jones, Walter Brian, Jr. Jones, William Arthur Jones. Willlam Evan ...,,,,,,,,, 46, 58, 88, 118, 122, 123, 134. 139, 216, 217 Jonkel, George Matthew Jonkel, Jean Dickson JoDD, Harold Edward Jordan, Lee Ashley Jorgensen, Frances Mae ,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 8, 203 Joscelyn, Dean Wesley ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i, 48 Jourdonals, Rae Arlene ..,,,,, ,,,,.,.,,,,, ,,,,.... 6 8 , 191 Jourdonnals, Jon Adams Joy, Charles Richard ....,,,,,1,,.,,, 27, 56, 83, 88, 215 Judkins, Joy ..................... ,...,,.,,,,...,..,,,,.,,, 8 8, 191 Junilnger, Hilbert J. Jurovich, Eugene ....,,.. . .........,,, 66, 67, 218 Jurovtch, Robert Jutlla, John Wayne ,,,. ..,,,,, ...,,,.,.,.. 6 8 . 69, 186, 254 186 Jystad, Gary Ronald .,.- .,,,,.....,,,.,.,,..... 104, , 215 KAISER, RICHARD ERVIN ,,,i ,,,,,,,, 6 5, 88, 153 Kaiserman, William Clark ,,,,, ,.,,,,, 9 5, 167, 216 Kann, William Lloyd ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 9 5, 163, 208 Karlberg. Karl Robert Karr, Carol Lee ,...,,,..,........, ,,,,,, , 95, 195 Karr, Raymond Walter .,,,, ,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 4 Kasala, Jerry Anton ,ii,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Kauffman, David Thomas ,,,,, , Kauhanen, Talno Eli Kaunpinen, Patricia Helen ,,,.,,. iss 28, 54, 55. 56, 94 104, 188. 195 Keast, Mary Joyce Quinn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,113 Kehne, M. Jeanette ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 18, '75, 199 Keim, Lewis Parker ..,,..,,,, 57, 58. 112. 122. 124, 133, 216, 217, 225 Keith, Robert Gay Keller, Ray B. ,,,,,,,,, A i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 14 Kelley Allen Frederick. Jr. Kello, James Stephen Kelly. James Duval Kelly, Marlyn Jeannette Kemler, Robert William ,,,,.,,. , ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,v,, ,.,,54 Kendley, Doris Marie Lyons Kendley, Thomas Edward ,,,,,,,,.,,,.. ....,...,,,,,, ,..,,,, P 0 Kenlson, Kenette Jane .,,.,,,, 88, 179, 180, 196, 197 Kerr. Frank Marion ,....,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,62 Ketchner. Larey Donald ,,,,,,,, ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 04, 185 Kidder, Hugh Gerald ....,,,, . .,,,.,,.,..,,,, 62 Klehl, Richard Lawrence Kiel, Kenneth Rolf Klburn. Joan Marie ......,,.,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 59, 88, 203 Klllion, Kenneth Edward . Kilpatrick, Thomas Everet ,,1,,, '73, 144. 147, 184 211 Kind, Phyllis Dawn .,............., 18, 31. 95, 111, 182, 194 195 Kinney, Rachel Arlene ,,,,,,,,,.,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, '16, 196 Kinney, Ruth Maxine ..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,. - .......,, 75, 196 Klntner, Marilyn Ann ,,,,..1...1,..,. 75, 126, 200, 201 Kirk, Kathleen Phyllis 'Ilreweek lSee Treweekl Kirk, Robert Leonard .......,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 88, 216 Klrkham, Harry LeRoy ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,....,.. 51 Kirkpatrick, Jerald James ,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,, 1 04, 186 Kirschten, Francis William ,,,,,,,,...,,,,,..., 29, 31, 56 Klser, Fay Elwln .,,,,,. ..- ....,...,.,,.,,.....,,,.,,,..,..... 55, 56 Klsling, Dale William ..,,,...,,,,,. .,.48, 171, 173, 212 Klsllng, LaRene Dorothy ....,...,..... 18, 48, 50, 199 Kjorness, Lloyd Halbert Klant, Robert Frank .WL ,,,,... Klecker, Francis John Klenhans, Bernice A. Kleinhans, Deane William Kluwe, Carl Heinz Knapp, Harold Gene ....53 Knight, Barbara Joan .,,,,,, .,,,,..,,...,..,,......,. 1 04. 191 Knox, Lewis Reuel ,,..,, 27, 100, 104, 152, 154. 186 Knudson, LouElla Mary ,,,,...,,,....,,........,,,,,, 149, 151 Knudson. Maurice Karl Knutson, Charles John ,,,,....,,,.....,,. ,......,,,, L 54, 185 Kocar, MaryAnn Veronica ..,,,,,. 41, 104, 118, 188 Koch, William George .,........,,,.,,,,,,.,,,..,,.............. 118 Koehler, George H. Q Kofoed, Everett Frederic ....,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,. 48, 51 Kohler, John Brooken Koob, Patrlca Lucille ,,,,.... 18, 24, 41. 88, 141, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 199, 255 Koon, Jerry Fay ....... ....,.,,.,,...,...., -..- ......... 104, 212 Kooreman, William John Kopltzke, Shirley Elaine ,,,,. Kordos, James William Koskela, Matt W. 246 ...,.,.104, 188 FOR FINE Spices-Extracts--Teas and Prices AAA No. I Coffee It's F. B. PRICE, INC. Butte, Montana of THE TOGGERY MEN's 8 BOYS' SHOP Don O'Nei1l Will Tiddy - BUTTE - SHOE STORE BUTTE, MONTANA "We don't meet prices . . We beat them" Stoick Drug -MlSSOULA- CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Hightower 6 Lubrecht Construction PE CGNSTRUCTIO CO. ' Cream 2 ' Butter ' Cottage F-5 Pmwmzgg Cheese dm M 5 . 2 Ice Cream GARDEN CITY D IRIES 122 W. Front Phone 2166 247 Kostellc, Albert A. - ..YYYYY - 4..-...---...---.VY.4.V- --.YY-.-.--.--. 6 2 Kuehn, Susan Lemire Y,,,, ,.Y,,,, 7 5, 77, 181. 203 Kovacich, Vincent John YYYY.,A,,,YYY,....,,,,,,,YY,, 88, 212 Kuhns, Gene Lee ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,A,,A,,,A,,,, 5 6 , 88, 184 Kovatch. Annamae ....,, ,,.82, 104, 152, 153, 154, Ku13,w1k,C1a,1re Lenore ,,,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 95, 196 139, 194. 195. 224 Kuney, Lawrence Ardel KOViS. Jerome M- Kyser. John Larrabee Kramer, Benjamin Myron W- ,,,.......... - ...,... 76, 88 Kytonen, Everett J, Kraut, Maurice Raymond Y,Y,YY, , Y,,.,,, 104, 114, 184 Krebsbach, Wayne William LaBUFF, RONALD WILLIAM ,,,,,.,, 104, 185, 216 Krelder, Faith Alice ,,,,....,,,,,, 71. 95, 116, 180, 191 Lacey, Mickey Joseph ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 9 5, 206 Kreitzberg, Leonard Darrell LaDuke, JoAnn Elizabeth ......., 82, 104, 118, 181, Krohn, Thomas Alexander ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,., 8 8, 211 189, 200 Kronmiller, Carol Rae ,,,,..,,..,, ,,,,,,.,,.,, ,-,.,, 9 5 , 203 Lahn Beverly Hope ,,,,,,,,,,...,..,,,, 104, 149, 151, 189 Kruger, Amy Rose .,,,,.,,,,.,,,. ,,,.,.. 1 04, 191, 205 Lahn, LaQuita, Joy LISTENING IS EASY lust Set Your Dial at 1290 KGVO CBS Serving Western Montana 22 Years and Bringing TV to You in 54 MOSBY'S, INC. MlSSOULA, MONTANA ForViews Home Sites I for 27 E. Main TOPS IN MOTORING USE wowa I-n-PowER .f'-'ge GAS OLIN E And 5 0 HECCOLENE o1Ls 83, 88, 179, 182, 112, 159, Lahr, Byron Jennings ,.,,, ,,,, ,,,...,. . . Laing, Rosemary .,,, .... . .,,,,, . .,,,,,, 9 5, Laird, Loren Lee ,,..,..,.,.,,, 49, 78, Laird, Walton Thomas Lake, Robert Maurice .. Lalonde, Eugene Albert .. .. Lamberg, Edward Swan Lamberson, Don LeVerne . ....54, 212 195 186 113 ,.., 61 112, 255 178 ...56 218 206 186 208 209 123 208 218 191 196 185 206 H83 186 , 67 200 208 189. 253 203 ...95 ...69 145. 195 199 212 110. 217 152. 203 211 124, 191 189 . 88 206 212 Lambros, Danny P .,,,,..,, 24, 40, 51, 60, 61, 117.121, 123, 124. 216.217, Lamley, Robert Eugene .. . .. H 158. Lancaster, Raymond Benjamin, Jr, Landgraf, Libert Kalanikanu ,,,,,,,, ,,,,... Landkammer, Theodore Edward ..,,,,,, 52, Landreville, Donald Joseph 63. 65. 149, 151. Lantz, Donald Walter ,,,, ...29, 54. 55. 56, La,Pa1m, Ernest Francis ,,,,, . .......,,, 104, 185, Larcombe, James Russell ,..,,,,, ,,,,,,, . 58, Larcombe, Mary Ann ....,,,, ,,.....,.... . . ............ .. Larcombe, William Edward, II .,,,...,, 104. 184, Larom, David Woolsev ,,,, . . 95, 192, Larsen, Evelyn Marie ...95, Larsen, Harold N. Larson, Alfred L. Larson, Benny M. Larson, Donna Helene ., .. ,,,,,, 46. 88. 189, Larson, John David .,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 8 3 , 88. Larson, Keith Thorwald Larson, Robert Max ,,,,,, . ...., 82, 95, 116, Laskiewicz, Henry ........ .. . .,,, . Iafter, Ben Norman Latham. Ronald Philip .. W ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 104, 114. Lavigne, Dale Ben ...,....,,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,..,,,, 6 6 Law, Jane ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 1, 104, 179, 189, Lawrence. Robert Louis . ,,,,..,,,., .105. Lazarus, Dorothy Ann ,,,,, ,,,,,, . 82, 105. 182. 203, Lazich, Robert Lazzari, Gilbert Joseph Leader, Ralph James Leaphart. Saralou Vernette ,,,, . ,,,, 95, Leary, Donald William Leat. Merlin George LeBarron, Susan Elizabeth ,,,,, ,,,, LeBlanc, Robert Eugene Lechleitner, Robert Richard ,,,,,, ,,,, LeClaire, Algeroy Robert LeClaire. Lawrence LeDuc, Lois Elizabeth ,,,,,, ...105. 137, 143, 189. Lee, Marietta Meta Lee, Ray Henry Leffler, Shrley Ann ,,,,, ,,...88, 152. 191, Lehman, Alan Lyle Lehman. Fred Leroy ., .. . .. ....88, Lelbinger, L. Gilbert ........ 24, 63 65, 114. 152. 153. 216, Lelblnger, Shirley Lucille ................ 105. 116, 191, Leischner, Lyle Myron .. .. ........ ....75. 76, Leitch, Donald McLean Lenhart, Helen Louise . 40. 57, 59. 118, 136, 139. Lenhart. Shirley Ann .... 2105. 118, 149, Lenmark, Yvonne ........ .... . ..... . . ,.... Lennon, Edward James, Jr. Leonard, Adele Louise Leonard, James Robert. Jr, Leppanen. Richard William LeRoux, Paul Leonard . .. .. .. .. ....95. Lerum, Robert Joe ...... . 2288, Lesar, Joseph Leslie, Jack William . 105. 186, Lester, Robert Carlton .. .... 95. 185, Letcher, Robert Clement .. . .... .60 Letwin, Carl Alexander , ,,,,,, , 48. Letz. Tommy Noel Leuthold, David Allen ..... . .....l.. 88, 125, 212, Leuthold, Kenneth Duane . .... 105, 186, Levchak, George LeVeClue, Evangeline Mary Levy. Marvin .. . ........... .... ......... . ........... . , ,. Lewis, Betty Jeanne ....... .... ............ ........... Lewis, Gladys Rose ..... 63, 112. 152, 155, 196, Lewis, Shirley Rae ......... Forest Frank ....... . .. Liebe, Liedlne, Calvin August Lleding, Donna Hollingworth , ..., .... 1 05, 105, 186. 206. Lien, Merle Thorman .. .... ...... . . Lien, William Henry 213 215 . 61 184 213 213 ...67 .. 95 197 189 253 ...76 Kramis Hardware ' Electrical Appliances ' Sporting Goods ' l-larclware Supplies ' Toys 248 Western Montana's Shopping Center Since I865 First National Banlc Of MISSOULA ESTABLISHED l873 OFFICERS Theodore Jacobs - President Randolph Jacobs - Vice President 6' Trust Officer L. J. Stock - Vice President R. E. Noel - Cashier J, L. Kellogg - Assistant Cashier R. E. Burns - Auditor INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPARTMENT Charles A. S. Riggs, Assistant Cashier John R. Collins, Montancis Oldest Bank DIRECTORS Theodore Jacobs Randolph Jacobs L. J. Stock R, E. Noel Oakley E. Coffee Russell E. Smith Mabel Jacobs Assistant Cashier MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Lilley, Phillip Leroy ..,.....,, Lillie, Richard G. ....,..,. .1 ..,.,,. Llmpus, Mike Lind, Jack Dayton .......,,,.... Lindberg, Shirley Ann Lass,, Llndeman, Thomas Henry ,.,, 80, 88, 117, 118, Linden, Shirley June ......................,,,. 105, 114, Lindsay. Richard Curtis ..,,, Llndseth, Kathryn Belle ,,,,,, 130, Llnstrom, Ruby Pearl ..,,... ,,,, ,.,.. 1 8 , 50, 88, Linn, John Alfred, Jr. Llnnell, Wayne Earl .,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 05, 149, 186, Llnscheld, Audrey Jean ,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,, 76, 147, Lippincott, Calvin Kenneth Llpson, Noel Joseph 218 215 .149 185 180 169 200 126 211 205 Little, Donald David ....1....... 95, 162, 178, 192, Little, Warren Lewis ,..,,,...1.,. ...,,,..,....... 6 0, 61, Lloyd, Bruce Howard ....., ........ ..,,,..,,,,,,,,.1,,, 9 6 . Lloyd, Ted R. Locke, Myles Glen ..,, - ,,,,,..,.... ...1.................... Lockwood, Billie Jean ...............,,.,.,,,..11.. -..-...- Loebach, James Anthony - ........,,,,..,,,,, - ,,,,,., 48, Lokensgard, Maurice Foss 1.......,,,, 96, 123, 167, Lonner, Walter Joseph .......,...... 105, 168, 187, Lory, Naomi Ryan Lott, Dale Francis .,,,,.........,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,....,,.... 9 6, Lovberg, Marjorie Anne ..., 96, 111, 143, 144, 147, 152, 153, Lovely, Patricia Pearl ......,.. .11..... 4 6, 76, 196, Lowell, John Harvey ..,.,....,... Lowney, Patricia Mary Lowney, Shellia Jean ,,,.l.,, Lowney, Terese Irene Lucier, Eddie Gerald Luckman, Jack LeR-oy ...,........ Ll1COtCh, Edward Fl'8.I1C1S Ludwig, Janice Darlene ,,,,,,,,, Ludwig, Thomas Howard Luedtke, Walter Gerald ....... Lull, Lynn Patrick Lund, Delano Gerald ,,.., Lund, Harold Jesse Lund, James Alvin ,,,,........,, ,--- Lundell, Arthur Frederick Luoma, Robert Oliver .... W McALEAR. ALLEN LEE , McBride, John Robert McCallie, Mary Louise McCammon, George Eli ,, ,, McConnell, Marilyn McCrea, J. Hollis Victor , McCullough, Judith Boyd McCurdy, Edward B. McCurdy, Edward W. ....m29, 55, 56, 163, 168, 169, 208 216 184 .105 ,..78 206 208 213 187 146, 199 197 114 .L79 ,189 ... 74 170 211 -,,...............49 ,.,.,.,76, 83, 89, 184, ,,,,,57, 58, 147, . ..24, 73, ,,,,89, .,,..,,76, , .... 80 184 211 211 218 ,159 .,..61 200 ,189 199 215 89 McCurdy, Neal Blake .. , 24, 82, 83, 221 You'l I Li ke O COMMUNITY PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM O HOMOGENIZED-WITH ADDED VITAMIN D 0 GOLDEN NUGGET BUTTERMILK 0 COTTAGE CHEESE 0 ICE CREAM I CREAM O BUTTER 420 NORA PHONE 3174 250 Loon Association McDonald, Richard Edward .........Y....VYY.YYYYYV 33, 118 McDonnell, John Patrick McDorney, Mary Frances Alexander McFarland, Billy Ann ...............Vv - ..-YYV,VY...... 127, 153 McFarland, Jack Allan .... -..65, 96, 149, 151, 206 McFarland, M. Estelle YYYYYV. - .....V - Y,vvYVV..Y.vYVVfA-- 74, 200 McGhee, John Thomas McGowan, Agnes Charlene McGraw, Richard Lawrence ,,,,. ........Y, 2 6, 211 McGregor, John Henry McGuire, Gordon Edward .....,,,Y,,,,,YY,, 105, 187, 216 MCG-uire, Robert Hillary .,...,,,.,,, 76, 96, 116, 117, 185 213 Mcllroy, Malcolm Eugene Mclnturff, Raymond Melbourne ....,,.., ,,,,, ,,.,,,,, . 8 3 McKenna, Mary Kathleen ..,,...,,,....,....,..,,.... 96, 191 McKenzie, Janet Dona .,..r,,,...............,,. 96, 126, 203 McKinley, Marlene Mae ,,.,.... 46, 96, 111, 113, 149, 152, 194 195 McLelsh, Betty Blake .,.. .r,,,,,,,,,, 9 6, 116, 117, 191, 196 197 McMaster, William James, Jr .,,1,......., 32, 52, 112, 178 215 McMeekln, Patricia Mae McMeekln, Richard Alan ...,,,,11,.1.....,.....,....,, 89, 221 McMillan, Leroy A. McNamee, Bartlett Lowe .1,,111,,,..11,1.,,,,,,,..11,,.1,,,,,, 28 McNaney, James Raymond .,,, 70, 71, 163, 178 213 McNellis, Fred Thomas McNutt, Willlam Thomas .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,, 28 McPhall, Malcolm Raymond .,,,,, , 105, 185, 211 McPherson, Brenda Leigh ......,,,...,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 105, 199 McPlke, Max Weldon McRae, Robert James McSloy, Thomas Arthur .....,, ,,,,,.. 1 ,,,.... 9 6 Mcvlcars, William Stanley ...,. ..,....,,,..,.... 9 6, 215 MacDonald, Daniel Duncan MacDonald, Gayle .,..,,,......,,.1,,..,.,,, 96, 182, 202 203 MacKinnon, Mora Christine ,,,,.. 89, 151, 152, 155 MacMillan. Paula Maude ,,,.,,,,,,. ,...,..,,....,,., 1 82 MacPherson, Gordon Ward Mackay, Conde F. .,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 62 Madden, Jerome Lee ,,,,..,...,,....,, 105, 152, 187, 213 Madison, James Marion ..,,,,,1 51, 96, 116, 118 195 Magazlan. Marie Doreen Z. .,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 73 Magnus, Melvin Edward Main, Tom Jack .,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,. 89, 216 Maklch, Max Albert Malcolm, Carl Abram ,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,, , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, , 82 Mallick, Richard Kinsman ........, .,.,,.,,. ,,,, 9 6 , 213 Malmstad, Robert Lawrence ,,,,,, ,.,,,,, 3 3, 49, 280 Malone. Sara Gertrude Malone. William L. Maloney, James Richard Maloney, Martha Elizabeth ..,,..,, ,,1,,,,,,,, 1 52 Mammen, Robert Eugene ,,,...,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 68. 206 Mandelko, Neal Louis Manlon, James Thomas .,r,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 56 Mann, Sue Carol ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 8, 89, 192, 205, 255 Mannen, Martha Anne ...L ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,.50, 89, 191 Manning, Patricia Joan ....... ...,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 105 Manuel, Albert George Marhut, Gary Raymond Marino, Quentin Merale ,,,.. 65, 83. 89, 149, 185 Markeson, Richard Carl ,,,.,, -H ,,,,,,.,,, ,,,, , , ,,,,51 Markle, Delbert LeR,oy Marks, Hlldegarde Eileen .,,,, ,,,,,,, 8 9, 152 Marks, Richard Thomas ,..,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,, 5 4 Marmont, John Samuel Marquardt, Ramona Jayne ,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 96, 191 Marsh, Mary Lou ...A ..,,,.,,,,,........ 113, 191, 199 Marshall, Frank Richard Marshall, Thomas Roger ..,,1,. ...171. 173, 178 Martin. Frank Gartland ,.,,,..,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 9 Martinec, Larry Steve ,,,,,,, - ,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 83 Martinson, Kayel Elizabeth .....,,.,,,,,,,, 96, 192, 205 Marvin, John Willard ..,, 65, 89, 149, 151. 152, 206 Mastorovlch. Marie ,.,....,. - .,..,...1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,., 89, 191 Mathews, Miller Andrew, Jr. Mathews, Royce LaDene .,..,,..,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,, 8 9. 215 Mathlson, Arthur Martin Mathlson, Delbert Wallace ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 105, 186, 216 Matlock, William Thomas .,1,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, 105, 221 Mattson, Clara Mary .................. 70, 116, 125, 195 Mattson, Matt Copeland..70, 71, 83, 218, 219, 253 Mattson, Rfonald Boyd .......,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 53 Maudlln, Arlene Esther ,...... 1,1 ,,,,,,,,,,,, 105, 189 Maurer, Mary Myrna ...............,,,.......... 73, 147, 200 Maus, Harold Raymond ,,,., , ..... 130. 158, 159. 178 Mavity, Gary N. ..........................,,.................. 60. 187 Maxell, Alice Edna ........ - ......................... 105, 203 Maxwell, Lowell L. ........... ....., 4 9, 88, 184 Maxwell, Paul Norman ,,,,.. . ,,,,,,..,,.,,,,, 166 May. William W. Mayo, Richard Gordon Meadows, Alene Rae ......., ,, ,,., 96, 191 Means, Betty Lee ,,,,,.. , .,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 9 6, 200 Meehan, Thomas Llsk Meeks, James Vern Mehr, Harry John .,,,,,,,,..,,,..,,, W ,,,,, 62 Mehtala, Francis Reynold ,..... ,,,, , .53 Melfi, James Joseph Melgard, Christian Xavier Mellott, Barbara Ann .....,.,........... ....,,,,,,., 1 05, 189 Melton, William Grover, Jr. ....,,...,.,,,,. 75, '16, 206 Mendel, Mildred Marguerite ,,,,,,,,.,,,,. 96, 111, 199 Meredith, Edward Lee ............ ,,...,,,,,, - ,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 1 Merrill, A. Patricia ....... - .......,..,,....,, 105, 189, 189 Merritt, Laurel Marianna ....... ....,...,., , ,,,, 8 9, 199 Metvedt. Ruth Marian ........... ........ - ...50 Meuchel, Joseph Michaels, Willard Linder Mlclcen, Ewlnz Martin KI You WILL BE . . . "TH RIFTY" WHEN YOU SHOP AT THE NEW MISSOULA, MONTANA ' x ,Q Q 1, , H 4- .. , . ' fl .151 ft i J' I, A "A L71 H! . . , Q Q41 -I Ig zu Wi 3? lf 'ive 0 I f f rj ' f,! fl - I Calif: N - 7' ' ' :Q 7 , , -, I v X , 1 -xr '--jf. X ' ,fs 1 0176- ' ,Q-7, -'f"'l f l ""i Z 5 , , ,X 5 Z X F K X INSURE YOUR FUTURE Missoula Building 81 Insured Savings Account - Home Loans 114 E. Main Phone 6944 ' DRESS SALC3 "Missoulc1's Finest" 806 Wilma Bldg. Phone 4-4816 251 F Theater The Big Name In Entertainment Mowatt, Alice Anna N.. ,,,,,,,,A, M41, 105, 189, 199 Mudd, Doris Anne ..,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,, , ,,,-,113 Mueller, Theodore Conrad, Jr. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 76, 96 Muir, James Thomas ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,51, 96, 211 Mulkey. Delbert Martin ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 38, 139, 166 Mullady, Eldan Sharon ...,.. Mullen, Betty Louise ,,.,,.,,.,...., Mulligan, Matthew Jerome Mullowney, Tim William 96, 191 205 Munger, Ronald Joseph ..,,,,,,..,..,,,,.,.,, 131, 185, 208 Murawskl, Walter Stephen Murphy, Gayle Marie .,,,..,,....,. ,.........,,...... 4 9, 50 Murphy, Jerome Gordon ....,.,, V...........,..,,,, 6 8, 216 Murphy, Jerry Michael ,,,e,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 40, 72, 124, 136 Murphy, William Frank Murray, Carol Jean ,-..... Y... 96, 111, Murray, Donna Marie ,,..,,,, 41, 96, 147, 191, 199 127, 145, 147, 199 152, 153, 154, Murray, Jim W.,e,,.70, 159, 171, 173, 178, 212, 213 Murray, Marshall Hugh ,,,.,,,,..,,.,,,,,..,.,, 8-0, 89, 213 Murray, Robert Burns Musburger,, Leo Clyde, Jr ,..,. 65, 96, 149, 151, 216 RAWLINGS SPORTING GOODS A. . I-I O LT E R HARDWARE COMPANY HELENA, MONTANA Musgrave, James Lawrence Mutch, Martin Edward Myers, Inez May ..,...... - .....,.....,.,, 105, 138, 149, 189 ' 113 Mytty. Wayne Edwin ...- ,,,,,,.,,,.,....,,......... ,...B3, NADEAU, DONALD ARTHUR Nash, John Gilbert Nash, Kenneth Arthur Nash, Marguerite Annie Bean Needham, Joy Ann ..,.... - ..., - ..,,,,,,,,,.,, .,,73, 130, 195 Needham, Thomas Robert ,,,,.,,, 96. 110, 116, 152, 216 253 Nees, Jack Duane Nei, Kenneth James Middleton, Gladys Mae ........ .................. 9 6 Moe, Skulason ...,,,,,.........,...... 83, 89, 123, 284, 213 Mikes, Harold Dean ....,,,,..,,,.,,,,.. ,,,,,,, 1 05, 208 Mogstad, Bernard Lewis ....,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 96, 123, 208 Milburn, Frank William, Jr. Moholt, Raymond Willard .... 96, 110, 187, 135, 217 Miles, Billy Lee Mola, William Lawrence Miles, Robert Edwin ..,,...... - .......,,........ 51 Moncure, Walker, Peyton ,,,,........,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,........., 58 Miller Donald Marvin ,,.., ,.,,,,,.. 8 9, 218 Monforton, Joseph Franklin Miller Frank Bert Monroe, Beverly Jean Miller George Edward Montague, Margaret Ella ,,,,...,.. 96, 179, 195, 255 Miller, Harriet Evelyn Montang, Darrel Philip ....... ....,,,,.... 1 05, 185, 215 Miller, Jean Joan Montgomery, Robert Earl Miller, Johan Frederikson ,.......,,.,,,,,..,...,,., 96, 208 Moody, James William ,,,,,,, ,,..l1..,.,,.,........ 9 6 Miller, Margaret Kathryn Mammen Mo0Maw, Richard Llglyd ,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 78 Miller Reuben George ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, 49 Mooney, Robert Miller Robert Marlow Moore, Howard Robert ..,.... ..,.,.......,,,,...,,,.,,..... 1 66 Miller W. Norman Moore, Patricia Ann ........., ,...,,,.......... 9 6, 118, 200 Miller, William Eugene ,,,, ,,..,,.r 105, 118, 184 Moore, Robert John ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,, 89, 184 Milligan, William Tomas Moore, Sandra Jean Milne, Bruce Gordon ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,.,,,. ..., 5 3 , '79 Moran, Frances Joy Milne, Curtis John Moran, Shirlee Ann .,...,..,, ,,,,,,,, 1 05, 180, 191 Milne, Richard George ......., .....YYoo 5 2, 118 Morris, Marilyn Joanne ,,,,, ,,.,.,,, 1 05, 191, 195 Mirchoff, Frederick 1..oooYY.........o..oooY....,,........V,......1o 158 Morris, Rick A. ..,,......,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,..,. 49, 213 Mlrehouse, James Howard ....oooo,,....,,,,.,..,, 105, 206 Morrison, John Albert Mitchell, Geraldine Anne .,..,, 24, 89, 180, 196, 197 Morrison, William Wallace Jr .,,,..,.,, 96, 110, 216 Mithun, Donna Louise ......................,, 52, 147, 203 Morse, William Robert ,,,,,.,.,,...l.. -- ...,,.., -,.,60, 62 Miyake, Alfred Yoshto Morton, Helen Glyde Moe, Peder, Jr. Moulton, Alfred William ..... 1 .... 61 252 Neffer, Leo Richard ..........,,,,,,,, - ..,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, 89, 211 Nelligan, Elizabeth Grace ....,,,,,,........,,,,,,,... 52, 203 Nelsen, Mary Jane fJaryJ .....,.... 71, 89, 126, 179, 181, 189, 205 Nelson, Bernyl Emmett Nelson, Charles Norman ...,.,,,..,,,, 17, 105, 114, 184 Nelson, David Harvey ..,,.., A ,,,.,,,,,.,,,..,,,.,,..,. 96, 213 Nelson Edward Ernest Nelson Gerald Eugene Nelson, Jack Kimberly .,,,. ,,..1.,, 7 1, 89, 215 Nelson James Edward ..,......,....,,,,....,,.,..,,,, 105, 213 Nelson. Leon Harris Nelson, M. Janice ......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,........ 89, 195 Nelson Marian Estelle .... 70, 71. 77. 179, 181, 203 Nelson Marvin LeRoy Nelson Melvin Lewis .......,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,...,...,....,.,, 53 Nelson Thomas Edgar ,,,,,,,.,, 27, 32, 82, 105, 149, 152, 154, 215 Nelson, William Eugene Neptune, Ruth Merriam ,........ ,,,,,,,, 1 8, 89, 205 Neubauer, Richard Arlen ...... ..,,......., 8 9, 187 Neubauer, Wesley Conrad ..,, ,,.,,, 1 05, 184 Nevin, Joseph Richard Newbury, Stanley Lynn ..,,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,...,,,..,, 8 9 Newhouse, Rodney Curtis ..,,...,.....,...,.....,,,,,...,,,, Newlin, Robert Wayne .......,....,... 96, Newman, Jack Samuel ..,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 9, 149, Newt-on, Harold Grove Newton, Violette Marie Nichol, Malrllyn Annette ..,,....,,..,, .78 122, 216, 217 215 46, '75, 130, 201 Nichols, Lucille Bernice ..... ......,,,,,.,..,,...... 3 1, 89 Nicholson, Carol Jean .,.,......, , ,,,.,,............ 96, 191 Nicholson, Donald Ewen Nickel, Frank Gerald ..,,..., ,,..,. 1 62, 178 Nicol, Donald Leroy ...,.... ,,,,,.. 1 71, 173 Nicol, Robert Harley Nielsen, James Lane ................,,,,,,.,,,........... -- ..... 51 Noe, Robert Cyrus ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,........,..,.,..... 74 Nooney, Donna Dolores ,...,, 97, 127, 152, 153, 205 Nooney, Jean Nooney, William James Norberg, Francis Ray ........,,....,,...............,..,, 22, 134 Nordby, Kay Viane .,,,,,,....... 82, 105, 191, 196, 197 Norman, Nancy Ann ................,.,,,,,.,,,.,.........,,,,,,.. 90 Norris, Alice Mae Norris, James Everett ,.,,,...,, 26, 105, 137, 185, 215 Nutter, Donald Grant ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1,62 Nyquist, Donald Irving ,,,.........., 32, 106, 185, 215 0'BRIEN, CLAUDE ROY O'Brlen, Thomas Lee ,..,,,,,. , ,,,..,,,,,,,,,, 89, 187, 206 217 O'Connor, Miles Harvey .,,,.....,.,...,,,,.,, 65, 89, O'Connor, Patricia Jane ,,,,,,,, 106, 118, 123, 126, 189, 201 O'D0nnell, E, James, Jr, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W ,,,.,,, 1 14 O'Donnell, Walter Ray ,.,,,,,.,, ....,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,.,,, 2 54 O'Grady, Patricia Lee ,,,,,,,,,,..,....,,,,,,,,, 49, 192, 201 O'Nei1, Kay Phyllis O'Nei1l, Bill John O'Hare, Patricia Jeannette .....,.. 25, 127, 154, 194, O'Neill, Mary Catherine ,.,,. 97, 111, 124, 195 ,,,,,,,,,,106, 189 O'Rourke, Daniel James .,,, ..,,,,,..,....., 2 9, 55, 56 Obehaillel, Gary EVEIIS Oberg, Pauline Louise ,...,......... 46, 112, 113, 152, 155, 196, 151, 197 Oberto, Angelina Marie ,....... ..,,,,,,,,,,., 8 9, 126, Oechsli, Marcia Ann .,.,......,,,,.,,, 82, 89, 203, Ohnstad, Luayine Anne ........, ,.... ..,,,,,.,,.... 9 7 , Oliver, James Robert ...,.., Ollestad, Stephen B. ....,,.. . ,..,,.,97, 106, 117 , 185, 205 255 114 Oldham, John Arthur ....,.... - ,,,,,,.,,..,,....,...,. 106, 206 187 208 217 Olsen, Carl Mark ....... - ,.......,,,,,......,..,,.,, 97, 184, Olsen, Richard Lawrence Olsen, Van Roger ..,,,,,......,,,,,,,,,,.,, 30, 97, 211, 253 Olson, Donald Leroy ..,,... - ,,,,, 52, 171, 173, 187, 215 Olson, Doris Mae Olson, George Arthur Olson, Janet Leta -H ......... ..,,....., 9 7, 126, 201 Ryan bcarpatti, lvlaria Martha ...L....L .................... .....9u Olson, Normand Lockne ............,, 51, 89, 117, 217 Onlshuk, Martin Warren Opalka, M. Pearl .......,....,,,,,,....,,,,,,...........,.... 97, 199 Orllch, Donald Charles .,..Y,,Y.Y 34, 52, 161, 178, 187 Ormesher, Gordon Louis ....,,1,....... L.L .....--f.. L ....,.. 82 Ormiston, Lester Murray 0st, Otto Henry Osterholm, Jewell LaVerne Osterholm, Ronald Guay ..... ....,.... 8 9, 217 Ostrom, Glenn George Otterson. Wallace Russell .,.,... ..............,.. 4 9 51 Overdorff, Blll R. ...L .... L .....,.Y ........ 5 5, 56, 140 Overturf, Cloyse Edwin .......... .....,, 9 7, 110, 215 Ovitt, Ralph Arthur L ............,,... ...L .... -..L .,... L-49 Owen, David Leonard ..... L ,........ ...,.... L .-...56 PACKWOOD, OTIS LARRY ..... L ,,...,,,.1.. L ,..1. 60, 61 Paddington. Joan Patricia .,,.,,,,., LLL ...... L.89, 195 Pahrman, Shirley Margaret .,.,.. ......... 8 9, 114 Painter, Donald William Palmer, Jack Romalne Palmer, Ruth Arlene ....,,.... ..,,.... 1 52, 153, 154 Papenfuhs, Merilyn Rose Papenfuss, Joseph K. Papke, Robert Fredrick Parker, Ray Dick Parkin, Lillian Agnes ...L ........ L .... LLLLL...-.97, 182 Patrick, James Matthew Patten, James B. ......... L ........ L ......... L ....... L .,...... L..62 Patterson, Mary Ken ..................... -L...82, 90, 202 Pattie, Jean Lila Setterstrom .... ..... .L ...... L L49 Pattie, Leonard William Pattison, Frances Patton, Allen Marvin ....,. L .....,,. -,L..106, 187, 221 Patton, Judith Anne .... .,....., L .LL.90, 149, 152 Paul, Floyd Earl Paul, George Patrick ,........,. L.46, 83, 90, 212, 213 Paul, Prosper Frederick ..... L ...... LLL.L..82, 83, 90 Paulson, Laurelyn Sweetman ,....... L.LL..L90, 191 Paulson, Stone Edwin, Jr....L .... L .... L.L.51, 97, 185 Paulson, William Lenning ........,.. -L.L ....... 106, 221 Paulson, Wilma Agnes ....,..... LL82, 106, 189, 201 Payne, Opal Joyce Peden, Robert Glaud ......... L ......... ..... L -83, 90, 215 Pedersen, Sylva Marie .......... 18, 49, 50, 113, 197 Pederson, Carl Gilbert ,...,...,l........ -LL..-...106, 187 Peek, Constance Orrice ......... L .... L..L ........... 90, 199 Pelo, Robert Dale ....................... L ............ L...106, 185 Pemberton, Mary Helen .......... 106, 189, 202, 203 Pence, Barbara Ann ...........,., 20, 57, 59, 131, 203 Penwell, Diana Alaine Reynolds ..........., 130, 182 Penwell, Lewis Fred ...,,....,.,,,.,.... 24, 51, 124, 166 Pepe, Armond Sam ............ 106, 124, 127, 181, 217 Perrlne, Shirley ...LL ........ L ........... L ...... 97, 180, 197 Peters, Betty Lou Petersen Nancyann Petersen, Nohl Douglas ,... ...... ,... L . .49, 187, 213 Petersen, Stanley Petersen, Wllllam Arlington Peterson David Lee L.L ............. ......... L ...106, 208 Peterson Donald Gene ............... L ..,. LL..-97, 185 Peterson, Glenn Alphonso Peterson, Helen Kathleen-.82, 106, 189, 201, 253 Peterson Jack Gunnar ...- .... L ........ L ........ ----217 Peterson John Leonard .........,.................. LL-.L.97 Peterson Lavonne Johnson Peterson Myles Clayton Peterson, Neil Orton ....,...,.,..................... 28, 56, 140 Pettinato, Fllbert Peter ......... L ........ L. ....... L-L-.62 Pettinato, Frank Anthony Pfeifer, Rosalyn ...L .... L ......... 82, 106, 118. 189, 201 Pfohl, Russell Louis Pfrommer, Eugene Richard ............... -L..LL.49, 79 Pfusch, James Adrian ...................... 28, 29, 56, 175 Phelps, George Alfred Phelps, John Robert - --.- L...56, 106, 185, 216, 217 Philips, Robert Eugene Piazzola, Dan Ernest Pigott, Kathleen Ann Pikkula, Joyce Marie ......... -.L41, 76, 90, 192, 205 Pllon, Velva May Pinsoneault, Harold John ..., L. Pinsoneault, Richard James Plssot, Henry Joseph ..L..LLL .... - ..,, LL..62 178 ....L..LL..Ll59, Pitcher, Beverly Joanne ......... L ........ L.L ....... 97, Pledge, Alice Jean LL.. Pledge, William John . .............. L..L-...106, 187, Plowman, Charles Edwin ......... Plumage, Joseph Paul, Jr. Plumb. M. Eileen Pogachar, Frank Thomas Poier, George LeRoy Polk, Donna Eileen .............. 73, Polutnlk, Francis Leonard ......... L .......... -..60, Pomroy, Thomas Patrick .................. 106, 187, Poole, Robert Baldwin P01'I'0, Chafllhe JOAIIII .ss. L .,.., Porter, Allan Leroy ........, L ....... Porter, Carolyn Dale L .,-----.. 35 Porter, Garey Dean Porter, Marilyn M. Prideaux Pottenger, Sam Sater Potter, John V., Jr. ......,.,... .L ....... Sheffels, Barbara Ann ..,......... Potter, Robert Edward .....,.. Poulson, William L. Powell, Donald Robert Powell, Nina B. Power, Francis Carlton .............. 62, 69, 175, Powers, Francis Vincent, Jr. ........... -.254, Powers, Thomas Matthew -.-.L ,... -..L.L..L..L. 191 ....82, 97, 197, 253 208 .97, 110, 116, 118, 185, 253 sz, 150, 181, ls2, 201,224 217 213 .L ............ L..1oe, 189 ........L..L.L.-L..L-90 , 22, 106, 122, 201, 218 215 215 206 .114 215 Pozega, Robert Edward ........ 63, 76, 83, 113, Praast, Clifford Ray Praetz, Beverly Hannah .............. 59, 90, 147 Prarige, John Christopher .......... Prideaux, Marilyn M, ........,., . Prosser, Jimmy Lee ...,.......... Proud, Jim Lee Prussing, Fred William Pufescu, Dolna L-L- .,.... L Pugh, David Marcus ,....,.. Pullen, Thomas Hoover ..,.,, Purdy, James N. QUINN, MARY JOYCE ..,,.. RALSTON, E. LOUISE .,., . Ramer, Elmer David Ramey, Helen Marian Rasmussen, Robert Louis ....,, Rathman, James French ..,,.,, Rathman, Stanley Floyd Ratigan, David Gordon Rawlings, Ann Lucile 205 L......56, 106, 187 .LLL90, 191 205 .L.....L...90 211 67 191 58 195 191 .........51, 90, 211 208 Ray, Charles Guthrie ............. L ..,............................ 83 Raymond, Richard Gaylord ................ 68, 69 254 Redding, Joyce Luetta Hickey Reed, Martin Edward .....,,.....................,...,.. L ......, 56 Reed, Wilbur Lee .LL .... --L ,............. LLL ..............., ...82 Reeder, Bobette Doris .......... 46, 106, 189, 194, 195 Rees, Donald Martin ............ L ........... L .... L .,..... 51, 90 Reese, Gary Pat L ..............................,...........,. 82 153 Reeves, Dorothy Maurice ...... 59, 90, 125, 203 255 Reid, James Robert LLL .,,........ L. ...... 60, 61, 74 208 Relnler, Peter Dirk L .................... 82, 106, 185 221 Reinltz, Charles Albert Reicluam, Howard Edward .,........... L .,.,..,,. 184, 208 Relquam, Ruth Lorraine ..,. 70, 71, 106, 179, 181, 182, 195 Remington, Harley Russell . Remington, Richard Delleraine LL ..........,. -76 206 Replogle, Joan Marian .L .......... L...LL.-L-106 189 Reyman, Travis Eugene Reynolds, Diana Alaine Reynolds, Kenny Gordon ,............, L..L...L.LL..L...90 Reynolds, Marvin Porter ............ 90, 168, 169 215 Reynolds, Paul Franklin ................... L .... LL ........ .62 Reznor, Glenn Stewart Rice, William Patrick ....,....... L ....... ....... L .114 Richard, Rudolph Robert Richards, Edwin Victor ...L .......................,... 51, 187 Richards, Ronald Paxton .... 82, 106, 144, 146 221 Richards, William Morris Richardson, Audrey Harriet ...... 137, 149, 189 199 Richardson, Jo Anne Richardson, Marie Ann L ..,,., L .....,,,,.., L ,,,,,,,,,.,,, 197 Richlie, Harold Emmett .L- ................................. 221 Ricketts, Dorothy Lee L ,,..,. L ,,,,, L ,,,,....,,,,,, 180, 191 Ridgeway, G.enn Alvin L ..... L.- .... L.L..- ...,........... 114 Ridley, Joseph Edmund Rleger, Theodore Iver.L.29, 56, 90, 118, 184, 211 Rite, Byard William LL...L ......,..... LL49, 170, 175 Rlfe, William Edward L.L ............. 40, 53, 170, 207 Rightmlre, Charles Paul Riley, James Robert ..... L ........., -L.L ........,.......,.... 62 Riley, Lawrence Charles Riley, Mary Catherine L ...........1.... 49, 50, 51, 180 Rimby, Carl Burton .... L.--L ............. 106, 149 185 Rlne, Virginia Hope Durrer Ring, Helen Marie L.-...L .................,, 106, 150, 182 Rlpke, Robert James Rlsken, Law Lawrence ...L ,...... L ........ 106, 185, 208 Ritter, Thomas William .... 106, 130, 185, 210 211 Rivenes, Jere Lee L.L..- ..... 106, 118, 137 139, 199 Roat, Charles Celeste .L .................... L ..., L.LL.- ,...... 76 Robb, Byron L. .L...-.L ........ L ...... L ..... LLL51, 90, 217 Robbin, Rudolph Charles ...... L ......... 97, 110, 209 Robbins, Delos Edmond Robbins, Edward B. Roberts, Arthur Herbert Roberts, Fred George Roberts, Harold Lee LLL .,.,,,,,,,.,,,,, L., ,,,,,, 106, 185 Roberts, James Lee -ml ......,. L ,,,..,, 106, 114 184 Roberts, Richard LeRoy Roberts, Thomas Joseph -L ....... LL.L.73, 161, 178 Robey, Charles Hartley Robinson, Jack Ronald Robinson, Loy Dick Robischon, James Alexander Robison. Paul M. Robocker, Ruth Elizabeth L.L.LL ....,................. 118 Roda, Richard Harvey -.L .... L ............. 82, 106, 221 Roemer, Conrad Joel Rogers, Charles Michael Rogers, Robert Lawrence Rognllen, Dyvart Gordon..106, 143, 144, 184 221 Rohnke, Carl Arthur .... L ........... 97, 171, 173, 218 Rohnke, Paul O. L-.L..-...49, 65, 152, 218, 219 Rohrer, Willis Lee Roletto, Harry J. Rolfson, Nancy L.L...L.,L.L ,.,,,,,, LL, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -0.106 Rood, Del J. L ,,... LLL..- ,,,,, LLL, ,,,,, 106, 137, 209 Roots, Dallas Alex -..LLL ............. 49, 51, 171, 173 Roper, Lois Mae Rose, Allan Ralph LL.-.-. ............. 57, 58, 134, 213 Rosean, Willa Jeanne .LL ..... 70, 71, 179, 180, 191 Roseth, Wayne Orin -.L ........ L ....., 33, 49, 51, 209 Roshong, Ralph Dean Ross, Dorothy Louise ............ 73, 123, 143, 147 203 Ross, Eileen Scott Ross, Neva Joyce ........... -L ..... -L .............., LL ,... L.,1O'7 Ross, Robert Gerald Roth, Cyrus Paul -....- ..,.... L. ..,,. -LLL ,.,, 107, 187 Roth, Urban Leo Rothwell, John Paulson Rounds, John Albert L ..,................... - ..... 107, 206 253 Rowan, JR-IHCS Morgan ...s.. Rowe, Vrgima Lucille ....,.........,, ......, 6 3, , 191 Rowley, Clarence William ,....., ..,........,, 7 5, 211 R-Owley, Viola Joan ............... 107 Royce, Arnold Glenn Royle, Jack H. ..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Ruana, Raymond Miles ....... Ruckdashel, Virgil Allen 107, 206 151, 107, 187 56 Rucker, Elizabeth Ann ...... 82, 107, 152, 153, 154, 182, 189 Ruden, Robert James ....... L L ..................... 90, 209 Rumpn, Betty Joan Rundle, Ralph Frank ....... ....... 3 1, 90, 187, 221 Ruppel, Howard John Russell, Betty Eunice ....... ..1....... 3 1, 116 Russell, Joseph Quinn RUSS011, Priscilla Dean ........ ...... . ..L...49, 50 Russell. william bruce Rutledge, Edward Marvin ....... L ......... 107, 185 Ryan, barbara Lots Jones Ryan, Donald Charles Ryan, .Jack lsertrand L ......,. Ryan, James warren .............,.... 97, 110, 184, 213 Ryan, Laura Elizabeth L ...........,........ 101, 118, 11-.9 Ryan, lvlelvyn lvlerle Ryan, ratrlck Lawrence ..... .L.............'l4 185 Robert Phllllp LL -.......-.----..................... L ..... 61 Ry e, 'Glenn Elwood ST. AMOUR, ERNESTINE VIOLET BENSON St. Onge, Geraldine 'lheresa ............ 18, 90, 191, 197, 291 St, Peter, Arthur Lucien .......... ......... 9 7, 98, 213 bagara, Eunice Chleko Salmonson, Earl Bernard Saltsman, David Wllllam ..... Saltsman, Joe lrl bamel, W. Arthur LLL55, ss Samuelson, ueolge Ve1'non...L...162, 163, 165, 178 Sancnelll, Perry Sanaoo, Preston O. Sanue, Reuben rlenry Sanders, Steven Roy . ......- 97, 110, 163, 165, 215 Sanclrord, Joan M. Watoon L ...... .L ........ L.Llo, 199 Sandman, mcnard John ........ S Anaor, John A. Sands, Rayrnond Jack .......... Sanusmark, Doris Ruth ..... Sanks, David Lee ....... L .......... Sansoucl, .Donald Oliver ....... Sauoert, Donald Ivan Saundels, 1-lelerl ...LL .........,-.. BBULSY, Russel Maynard Sayler, Richard rcooert L .-........--.. L, ---. -bo 221 .......-34, 97, 2,01 L ......... 107, 219 --...107, 206 , ....... 107, 152 Soannell, ratricia Rose ........-........... 107, 189, 197 BCHBAI, Donald Jerome ......, BCIIEHIHICL, Patricia Ann ...LLL ...-... --90, 19'I, 254 Schessler, Donald Richard. -.... 27, 1u'l, 118, 149, 151, 152, 154, 115, 18:1 217 Scheytt,Jul1an O. ........--... L .-.. L. --.-. L .... -L...L .... LL53 Schiavon, Ethel L. ...L ..-----....--..,.,.....-.. L --.... L.L ...,. .75 Schilling, Jeanene Ellen ...-..... .L.L .-.. -LL.-97, 199 Scnilllng, Nancy EllzabethL.L.21, 34, 107, lbu, 181, 199 Schlappy, Arnold Keith ....... ...... . ..-...LL..L.-...90 SCILIRDPY, Reldon Dale Schlieman, David Ross Scnlleman, harvey Lee .......1................ 60, 61, 217 Schlosser, Fred Arnold Schmidt, Eleanor Anne .... 107, 149, 151, 191, Schmitt, Cnarles James ..............-.. L .......... L..-. 195 Schmidt, Fred Carl .L.L .-.-................... -..56, 90, 187 147 213 Schneidmiller, Dale Orian .....-... -...107, 185, Schoenbaum, James Richard Scnoenman, Dan Alan ....,............ L. ..... LL-...97, 221 Schrader, Norman Udo ............. L ..... .... .... L. L L67 Schriver, Jean Anne .L ......... L ....... .... L ....... 9 7, 199 Schuehle, Clarlee Ida L ............ 1 1 189 - Schultz, Jeanette Agnes ...L ............... 107, 117, Schumacher, John Edward Schunk, Barbara Helen ............ ....... 7 2, 112, 113 Scott, David Osborn, Jr. ......................... L...56, 107 Scott, Howard Allen .L ........ L ....... ...... L ..... L L.-L69 Scott, Victor John -L ....... L ........ L ............ .... LL 71 Scotten, George Francis Seaman, Jane Gibson Seaman, Robert Wilson Sears, howard Shirley L ....... L ........ -..L ........ L .... -..68 185 Sedlacek, Theophilus Gustav, Jack Clifford Seitz, Gary K. ......... L.-LL ...... Selstrom, John Purcell Selvig, Cecil Glenn Senn, Ralph ...L ........ L ....... 97, ............56 Senner, Robelrt Gust .................... 31, 107, 185, Severson, Jon Roberts ...LLLL ........... --90, 192, 221 Severson, Duane Cyral L .... L ..... L ...,.............. 90, 221 217 221 Severson, Orris Kermit ........... L. ..........,.. .LL49, Shadoan, Dick Albert....L..L ...... 51, 112, 113, 124, 178 214 159, , Shanahan, Ward Anthony ............ 65, 68, 122, Shapi-ra, Jack Pshoonlck .... 141, 143, 144, , 217 Shanstrom, Jack Dale L ................................ 97, 217 145 147 191 Shaplelgh, Nancy Suzanne ................... L,-97, Shaputls, Edward Charles Sharood, Margaret Call Shawl, Janice Glenmar Hays Shawl, William Frank Sheehan, Robert William ......... LLL ,.,,.,, 97, Sheldon, Marshall McKusick 206 LL ........ 125, 191 Shellebarger, Elizabeth Ann ...,,.,, .,,,,, 9 0, 191 Shelton, Charles Arlle Sheradsky, Samuel .,.,.,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.A,,,,,,,, 6 0 , 62 Sherburne, Betsey Louise Sheridan, Lenore Alice ..,.. L .,........,. .90, 191, Sherlock, Rita Naomi LL ...,, ...L.LL ,,,, L ,.,,, LLL- Sherlock, Thomas H ......,..,.,.. LL46, 141, 143, 145, 147, Stagg, Donald Tracy .,,,,,,, . Thomps 203 147 144, 210 Sherman, Richard Channing LLL ..,... 97. 114, 217 Sherman, Robert Waldo ...,................,,,,....,,. LLL114 Sherwin, Thomas Willis Sherwood, Frederick Renshaw Shipley, Rloy William ...,..YY,Y.......... 49, 82, 187, 211 Shrader, Betty Elizabeth .,,,,,.,... L ,.... 107, 191, 197 Shreeve, Jearl'ne Marie ...,.. 75, 112, 180, 181, 197 Shreeve, William Charles .,,A.........., L ..... 71, 83. 221 Shrock, Laura Jane ,,....... L.LL ...,,,... -..107, 118, 123 Shrum, George Thomas .A..... ...... L ......., L ....... 5 1 Shupe, Leonard Dale Slckler, Harry Patterson Slebenforcher, Richard Joe Silvernale, Kerma Ann Silvernale, Roger Floyd Sim, Katherine Louise Simon, Dorothy Simon, Wllliaxn Keith Simpson, Russell Jay Sinclair, James John ..,,A ........ 1 07. 185, 209 Skaggs, Artemus Skaggs, Virginia Joy Skahan, M. Frances ....,, ,.....,.,,,,....,., 9 0, 195 Skates, Robert Lee .....,... ......,. 1 07, 185, 209 Skees, John Richard ....,, ..,......,.. 1 07, 185. 217 Skibsted, Enrique L .l...,,.,. L .... L ,1,....,.. L...L..84 Skinner, Betty Leone ..,,.... ,..,.1..... L ....... 1 07 Slagle, Martin Van. B. Slllght, Alvln Frank, Jr. Slalght, Norma Beulah ,,.... ...,,.. 1 07, 189, 195 Slavens, Susanne L ...,YYY,...... ..L...107, 152, 191 Sletten, Vivian Rae ....... ...,....-. 9 0, 152, 201 Slingsby, James T. ,.........,A L ..........A.A,........, 90 Smadlng. Donald Gene ,...,,.. ...Y,.... 5 2, 209 Small, Blanche Selma Small, Wallace Edward Smith, Alice Julia .......,..,,,Y 107, 137, 149, 189, 199 Smith, Betty Eloise .,,,.,,,,, 46, 57, 59, 124, 134, 197 Smith, Bud ........,,..,,.,,,...,YY,...,,....,.,,........,,Yl,............. 52 Smith, Carl Everett Smith, Everet Ernest ,,,,,,,,.,.....,.,,....,.,..,,,, 54, 56, 83 Smith, Floyd Anderton ,,..,, 107, 168, 169, 187, 210 Smith, Jerome Arnold ....,,,,,,..,,,,,,....,,.,,,..A.,,.,.,,,,,,, 26 Smith, Lee Whitmore ,,,,. ,,....,,.,,,,,....,,,,.,....,, 9 7. 213 Smith, Loren Floyd .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,Y,....,.. 9 7, 211, 219 Smith, Mary Vlrglnla ,..,............,.,,. .....,,.. 5 7, 59, 191 Smith, Sally Rae .,,,....,,,,,,......,,,,,, 82, 107, 189, 195 Smlth, Thomas Meredith Smith, William Charles ..,,,.,., Y,,..... 1 07, 185, 209 Smith, Wilma Jeanne ..,.Y,,,,,.....,, .....,...,,..... 9 7, 191 Smith, Zane Grey, Jr. .,,,.,... L l.......... .,,, 5 6, 97, 184 Smlthwlck, Carleton G. ,,,,....,,,l..... ..,,..,....,........., 6 1 Snlppen, Harold Jennings, Jr. Snyder, Charles Edwin .....,,,,,....,,......, L ..,...... 62, 187 Snyder, Dorcas Louise .,,,....,,.... L98, 182, 201, 22.3 Snyder, Relnard Friend SOADETB, Leslie Howard ..... ...... 1 07, 114, 184 Solberg, Richard Al.en ....,,. ......,..,,,,,.. 6 9, 166 Solvle, Adolph Lee Space, Rosalie Joan ,,,,,..,, ......... 9 8, 205 Bpahr, William Edward Spalding, Richard Hobart ....., .,,,..,,,, 5 1, 98, 185 Sparks, Robert C. Spaulding, James Nelthel ....,,,,,,..,,.... ....,,,,.,,..., 1 14 Speacht, William Howard. Jr. Spehn, Shirley LouL.21, 30, 82, 87, 107, 150, 201 Speck, Darlene Evelyn ..ll,,,,,....... 71, 107, 127, 191 Spelman, James Walter Spence, James M. Spencer, Darrell William ..YY............ 107, 185, 221 Spencer, John Small, Jr. Splwak, Robert ...,........Y,,,,l....,,,,,, 27, 114, 152, 154 Spuhler, Lee Spurgeon, Clinton William ,,,,.......,......,,.,,, 107, 184 Squillace, Anthony Eugene Squires, Robert William ..,.,,,. ......,. 1 07, 185, 215 Stack, Alice Joy ....,,. L, .,,,,,., ,.,,.,,., 1 3, 98, 180 Stalcup, Patricia Ann Stamm, Sally Eloise Stanbery, Phyllis Irene Standlford, Alta Ray ....... L ,.,........ 66, 67 Stanlch, Margaret Jean ....,. ,,,....... 7 4, 197 Stanislaus, Eugene Wilber Stannard, William Albert ..... LL ..,,, 52, 53, 113 Stanton, Dona Mae Stanton, Harold Gene ....,.... ....,.,,,,.,,,.,,.. 6 1 Stanton, Wendell Dean Stark, Eugene Galen Staudacher, Lois Virginia ,.,...,., L ,..,..,. ,.......... L .49 Staves, Virginia Rae ...,,,,,, L .,.... L ,.,..,........... 107, 118 Steele, Mary Lorene L .,,,....... L .... L ....,.,...... L ,.., LL108 Steen, Liv Anette .L ..,,.,,,,.......... ...... L L75, 84, 197 Stephenson, Ann Marie .,,,,,,,,,, 31, 108, 182, Stephenson, Ronald Edwin Stern, Gerald Gerhardt Stevens, Joan Kathryn ......,,., Stevenson, Alberta Lamb Stevenson, Maynard Branson .. ...... . ..........Y. 118 L..-.L......L.L..L.....76 217 stewart, Edward Albert LL ........ L ........... Las, Stewart, Joanne Sandra L.LL ..... L ............. 108, Stewart, Lee Ann . .,...... L .....,..................... L ......... 178 Stewart, Robert B. ...... L .............. 49, 161, , Stlbal, Shirley Ethel Stlckels, Elbert Emerson ...... Stlpe, Alfred Coolidge Stlpe, George Branson .,..., Stivers, Gay ......... L ......,....... .,...,..........,.,.... Stock, Ida Mae L73, Stocking, George Edgar ...... ........ 9 8, 162, 168, Stockstad, Dwight Senor 178, 191 Stohrr, Mary Bettina ..... L..- ...,..... 87, 108, 182, Stokan, Joan Patricia ...... .L .............. 98, 201, Stoll, Rudy John ....,............,, . L.L ..................,. LLL67 Stone, Charles Maris ...L ............. 65, 152, 153, 154 Stone, George Emerson L .,............... L ..... 29, 55, 56 Stone, John Youngblood Stong, Willard Perry ..... L30, 51, 83, 214, 215, Stopplecamp, John Alvin ......... LLL...108, 114, Stordock, Delbert Wayne .......................... L108, ' 149 Story, Joel Marvin ,........ L ..l.. L Stout. Fred J. Strange, Georglanrl ............................ 108, 189, Strange, William Clarence Strate, Charles Lamar ............ Strate, Shirlene Zoe Stevenson Stravens, John Raymond Streeter, Jack Delton ..... LL98, 110, 125, 178, Strlngham, DeVan Turner Tldyman, John Paul Tldyman, Tom Carson .,.,,...,,,,,,,,,, 33, 91, 192, Tierney, Janet Belle ...,...... 41, 108, 118, 189, Tinseth, Gloria Ann LL ...,,....,..,,,,,,,,.,, 49, 194, Tipp, George Dualne, Jr. ..... L ........,, 108, 149, Tobias, Jeanette Mary .,.,,,,,,,,,,,, -,W ,,,,,,,,,,,, 98, T0fte, Peggy Jeanne ............ 91, 179, 194, 195, Toole, Beverly Joan .,,.,,.,,,,,, Toole, Brice, Jr. ......L....L..1os, 189, 215 215 199 195 217 191 254 197 Torrence, Joyce Louise ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 9 1 Tracy, Richard Sidney ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 03, 221 Tranberg, George Gerit ,.,,L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 ,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 6 Travis, Gordon Ray .......1.... 24, 63, 65, 144, 147, 152, 153, 217 Travis, Susan Jean ..,,,.,,,,., 5.34, 32, 91, 192, Treweek, Kathleen Phyllis ,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 32, 91, Trlnastlch, Richard Paul ,,....,.,,,...,,,, 163, 165, Trivpet, Edgar William Tromly. Robert Roy ....... Trutton, Frank Dean Truzzollno, John Melvin 201 195 178 14 Tucker, Gerald Arthur ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 11 Tucker, Gerald Martin ....... Tulninga, Gene Marvin Tuoml. Arthur Alfred ....... Turblvllle, Dick Alden ...... ..L...49, 51 Turblvllle, Loren Dean L......... 108, 185, 213, Turrlage, Michael Robert .......... 56, 108, 116, Turner, Richard William , 83 , 65 185 215 187 Turnqulst, Reba, Carroll ,.,,.,....,. 57, 59, 112, 113, 179, 181, 205, 254 Turrell, Barbara, Ann .,.,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 18, 179, 180 Tustlson, Winston Andrew ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, 91, 215 Tutwller, James Douglas Twllde, Cecilia Ann ,...,,.,...., ,,.,,,, 9 8, 202, 203 Twohy, Desmond Daniel ........ ......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 7 UGLUM, JAMES EUGENE Strong, Betty Esther L ,...... L ..,....,......... 108, 118, 191 Strong, Jack Stevhen Strope, Patricia Lee .,.,, L ....,,............,,. 98, 127, 199 Struck, Gerhard Otto ...........,......l......l..... -L.98, 219 Stuart, Sherman Lou ................................. L.L ...... 53 Stucky, Creta Ann..LL..L.40, 98, 111, 116, 117, 124, 138, 199 Stump, Ted H. ......... LLL .... L ............ L ........ L...72, Suden, Ruth Marie ...., .L .......... ........ L 108, Sullivan, Edmund Michael ........ ......... 6 2, 90. Sullivan, Gerald A. Sullivan, Nancy Helen Sullivan, Philip John Louis Sullivan, William Joseph Sundellus, Walter Victor ,....... Supola, Monte Nell ....... L ......... Sutherland, James Allan Sutherland, Kenneth Ian .,.... Sutllff, Bernard Ivan ...L ...... Swain, Charles Naive ...L ..... Swallow, Gene Alan Swan, Gerald Clinton .......... Swaney, William Wesley ..L...108, 114, ..L...108, 187, Swanson, Phyllis Mae .................................... 77, Swearlngen, Chester William .... 161, 171, 173, Swearlngen, Mary Monica ........................... LL.. Swedberg, John Edward Swenson, Adrian ............................................... L .... Swenson, Lawrence Stanley ......... L.. ........... 98, Swerdfeger, Donald Albert ..,,............ 108, 184, 217 Swerdfeger, Delbert Milton Swift, Dennis Duane .......................... 29, 55, 56, 72 Swords, George William II .....,.... 53, 72, 114, 184 TAS SEVIGEN, KENNETH EMIL Talcott, Dexter Clarence Talcott, Donald Bradford ................ 33, 49, 51, Taliaferro, Wllllam Mark ..... .L ....... 56, 118, Talmage, Alice Lee .............. .... L .108, 189, Tank, Doyne Leon ............................ 29, 55, 56, Tanner, Stephen Lewis ....................l..l........ 79, Tarrant, George Henry ............ 167, 168, 169, Tascher, Mary Joan .............. 79, 80. 112, 113, Tawne George Wllllam 122, 124, y, Taylor, George Lynn ........l... ............L..90, 184 Ullman. CeCel1a Ann ...........,1., ...,..,, 1 08, 149, 119 Underwood, Gerald Edwin Utsond, Alice Marie .......,.....,.. ,.,.... 1 03, 189, 195 Utsond, Harold Vernon ....................,, 168, 169, 207 VAARA, MAUD M. Valentine. Jane Roene .......... 46, 91, 149, 152, 205 Vallejo, Margaret Mary .,........,,,,..,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 9 3 Vallle, Floyd William Vanek, Loren Joseph Van Hee, Ronald ................,,...... 108, 120, 137, 215 Van Horne, Virginia Ann .......... 46, 82, 108, 120, 152, 153, 182, 189 Van Meter, Tom Rae .... . ........ 51, 80, 98. 110, H 115, 185, 208 Vannoy, Gay Lee . ........ .... . .... 7 9, 127, 203 Van Vleck, Lowell Varner, Richard Lee ......... . ...................... 79. 206 Vawter, Louella Rea Veltch, Robert Henry, Jr. Vert, Harold Verl ................... ..L.108, 120, 187, 213 Veseth. William Carl l....... .............. 1 08, 185, 215 Vessey, Norma Andrews Vierhus, LouMari1yn ...,.,... ....... 9 8, 111, 113, 201 Vllk, Victor Joseph L ....l... ........,.... 6 9, 114, 255 Vlnje, Gordon LeRoy Vohs, John Lynn VonKuster, Lee Norman ..............,................. 91, 187 WADDINGTON, MARGARET LORRAINE 108,189 Wadsworth, Eugene Paul ...................................... 82 Wagner, Leo Wahlstedt, Betty Waldron, Phyllis A. Walker, Alexandra Ann .......... ......... 9 8, 197 Walker, Beverly Mae Cron Walker, Jack Eugene ............... .... L ....... 6 6, 217 Walker, James Henry ............................ 82, 108, 118 Walker, Jerold Eugene Walker, Patricia Mae .... 49, 79, 112, 124, 204, 205 Walker, Virginia Helen ............,.................. L ....... 108 Walkup, Georgia Schwab Walkup, Robert Harry Wall, Donald William .... 26, 108, 121, 137, 185, 215 Wallace, Robert Harry ................,.,.... L ....,............ 51 Wallander, Gregory Hugh ....,........... 109, 184, 213 Walsh, Emmet Thomas ....... Walsh, Mary Theresa Walter, Walters Dolores Irene Edward Fredrick ....... ........ 8 2, 91, 221 Walters, Mark Delano Walters, Vera Lucille .......... ....... 1 09, 197 Walton, Earl Elmer ......... L .... ........,.... 1 49 Wanner, Kennedy Alfred Ward, Eugene Harry Ward, Joseph Thomas ....... L Ward, Roxy Ray ..... i ....................... L ............, 98, 118 191 Ward, Shirley Adelaide ............. L .... L ...l... 109, 191 187 205 Warn, Lawrence W. .,............ 53, 63, 65, 152, 113 Warren, Roxana Marie ...... 49, 73, 74, 80, , Watkins, Ted George Taylor, Jerry Lee L ...... L..L ....... .l....... ...... L ...,... 2 9 Taylor, Lynn Stuart ......... L ........ L ........ ....... L ...98 Taylor, Mary Marguerite Taylor, Reva Ruth ......... L ...... L .......... L.L ...... 97, Teague, Charles Paul, Jr. .....L. L..L.83, 90, 131, Tecca, Beverly Mae ......... L ...... L..- .... -L.98, 195, Teel, Nancy Katherine ..LLL.L .......... L.98, 118, Telgen, Lois Patricia ....... . ..... L ......, 50, 90, Terpenlng, Beverly Ann .L... .L ....... 91, 127, Terpenlng, Donna Rae ........................... L.L108, Terrell, Everett Keith L ................ 98, 125, 185, Thom, John Henry, Jr. ................... L ......... 108, Thomas, Myles John, Jr. ..... L ......., L ..... 61, 62, Thomas, Patricia AnnL ......, L ....... 40, 77, 98, 138, 182, Thomas, Robert James LLL ..................,................ L98 Thomas, Thomas Theodore ....., 108, 149, 185, 219 Thomas, William JoseDh on, Barbara Betty .......,.. ....... 1 08, 191 TDOIDDSOII Steinbrlnk, Rita Ann .................. ....... 7 9, 138, 191 Stelndorf, James Theodore ..... 187 Steiner, Robert William Stelnmetz, Esther Stelllng, Herbert Ernest ..,,. Stenbeck, John Robert Tl'1,01'K'lDS0l1 Burton Eugene Thompson, Donald Lovell Thompson, John R. L.LL ........,.. ...L L ......... 4 9 Thompson, Marilyn Joan Thompson Patricia Ann ...... .............. L ..L .... 113 Stan Lewis L ...,...........,............... L.L .... 83 199 Watson, Mary Davis ...... 77, 98, 111, 116, 126, 199 Watterson, Larry J. Weatherston, George Carl Stender, James Alvin ............LL..............................., 78 Stene, Gertrude Alice ......,. 18, 94, 98, 111, 113, 117, 191, 199 Stephens D1Anne Deborah ..... L82, 108, 144, 147, 181, 189, 201 Stephens, Jack J. Stephens, Jean Marie ............ L108, 151, 189, 195 Thomson, :Ann Carol - ....... ..L LL.. LLL.....98, Thomson, Janet Charlene .,...... LLL ....... 41, 98, Thornburg, Robert Dale Tldball, Eugene Clayton ........... L61, 112, 123, Tidball, Thomas William ...........,...... L.L.L110, Tldyman, James Austin .... 254 Weatherston, Janice Mae ............ 30, 53, 125, Weaver, Ardlce Laureva .... ......... L .91, 191, Webb, Robert Clinton ..... Webber, Phyllis Jean .... Weber, Edward Hans L... Webster, Della H. Welmer, Robert John ........ ..L...82, 109, 189, 203 205 58 201 .L ....................,.... 67 191 Welngart, Dolores Lily .....,..........,,.., L .... LL109, Welshaar, Rudy Fredrick .....,. L ..,,,..,, 109, 121, Welstaner, Davis Andrew 213 -...L...L...55 197 Weitzman. Patricia Ann ..L ......,..,.,..,. L,,L,91, 187 Welch, Donald Robert ...... ..L...98, 163, , 213 Welch, Harvey Laverne Welch, Janice Edna . . ..109, 189, 195 Welch, Walter Mackay Wells, Donald Kenneth ,,,.,, ,,,,....,,.... 5 6 Wells, Jack Howard ,,,, . ,,,,,,,,, A .l,.,., ..66, 67 Werle, Lois Arlene ,,,,,,,, 46, 98. 113, 149, 152, 199 Weskamp. Leonard Paul .. ,,,,, 109, 213 Wessel, Malvin Lee West, Lester Lynn Westby, Carl Martin, Jr. ,,,, .78, 114, 184, 219 Wester, Donald Dale Wetzsteon. Carla Jean.. 18. 94. 111, 123 135, 191 Vlfheelbarger, Donalee .. . ,,,. ,.Y,,, 1 09, 123 Wheeler. Claire Elaine Wheeler, James Nathan Whitaker. Richa1'd Allen ,,,,,, . .,,,,,,. 98, 184 White, Donald Arthur . ,Y,, 109, 185, 213 White, Donald Clyde ,,,, 49. 83, 88, 208, 209 White, George Matthews White, James Henry Whitesitt, David Dean Whitten, Alfred Duncan Whittet, Karen A. . .. . ,,,,,,,,,,,, ...63, 203 Whittet, Richard Allen . .. 109. 185, 187, 217 Wickes, Caryl Vinal ,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,, 5.79. 112, 197 Wickes, Diana Calista G1'abow Wickes, Thomas A., Jr. ,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,, . 249, 72 Wightman. Donald Glen ,,,, .. ...,..,,,,,,,,,,...... ..114 Wikert, Milton Arthur Wiley, Susan ,,,,,,,.,,,,, . 77 91, 179, 199 Wilhelm. Jerry Joseph Wilkinson. George Fredrick, Jr, Willard, Joyce Marie .1., ,,,,,, . .. 109. 189, 197 Williams. Clayton Charles Williams, David James Williams, Donald Dean Williams, Donald Vincent .. . ,,,.,,,......, .....56 Williams, Ella Louise Vllilliams, F. Lee ,,,, .. 49, 83. 178. 187 214, 215 Vllilliams. Robert Boyd ,,,, 83, 109, 184, 211 Williams, Samuel Robert . 49, 187. 214. 215 Wilson. Gerene Mabel ,,,,. .31, 76, 93, 98, 111, 113, 149, 182, 202, 203 Fish Bowl n i g h t clubbers were Dr. McFarland and his wife one evening. They shared a table with Tom Needham and Joan Brooks. 219 213 71, 254 ,56 215 197 197 195 . 83 205 206 195 ...76 209 217 215 185 182 219 213 187 187. 209 Wilson. Hurley Carl, Jr. 40. 51, 131 Wordal, Clifford Milton 49, 166, Wilson, Jimme Lee 70. 160, 178, 215 Wordal, Milton Oliver .... 109. 187, Wilson, Keith Ernmette Wordal, Patricia Evelyn Penderaast , 70, Wilson, Rob Roy .......... .. .. .. ..... .... .....49 181, 182, Wilson, Robert Henry .......... s...62, 211 Worden, Roy Francis Da? ---- ---,, 91, 114- 219 Wornath, Harold Lymon in ' ey, ran orne 4 -11 Winship. Donald Ross . .. .. , 62 aight' Everett Winshin, Miles Lyman . ' Winslow, Walter Robert . .... 109. 184, 213 Wflglll' Gerald GT?g0lY A 5 55 VVinters. Helen Lois .... ........................ 5 3 W1'194l'lf1 James Plllllp Winters, James Wallace ............ 98. 213 Wright. Keith Melvin- Jr. Wise, Nancy Jayne ......... ..... ....... 1 8 2 Wright, Lucinda Withamb Ted John Wright, Thomas can Witting. Richard Herbert .................. 75, 76, 219 A - - w Woegopel, Fred Raymond. . 31, 53, 114, 117. 219 xjiffhgfljieffgllls Kmh ' 'mga 133' Wo enden. Harry S. ..... .............. ......... . . .91 ' """"""' " ' ' Wohlgenant, Carl Fred, Jr,... ...... 31, 49, 51 78 Wynaclllr Donna Mae H V 98- Wohleenant. Kay Frances .. ..... 82, 109, 189, 197 Wyse' Maryann ""----""' 91, 114' llll' 118' W0lClSlL3.d, Alice M211'le . ............... .... ...... ...91, 117 YARDLEY, RAYMOND WARREN Wolf, Donald Wayne -A '-'-f-- 981 187 Yarnall, John Lee ............. 55, 56 Wolf- 'lean Ellen W , f f---"- - l"'-- 98 York, Beverly Frances .... .. 91, 179, 181, Wolfard, Gerald Lorain .. ...... 108, 184 york, Herbert John Wolfe, Bette Rae .... .. .. . 1.49, 201 york, Ouver Ernest Wolfe, Jefferson Franklin young Harvey Joe YYYVY 98' 116' 117, Wolfrum, Bert Fredric . ........ . . 56 Young' Jack Mfred Wollschlacer, William Paul Yu1e' 113411119 131941116 vffi. 109, 127 Wonder. Kathryn Colleen , .... .... .... .... 9 8 Y urko' Jack Amen ---V1- H YVVY Y Wood, Nicolas Daily .. ..109, 118. 185. 221. 253 Yurko, Robert Owen -V H 66 208' Woodahl. Jacqueline Fay . .....26, 109. 189, 195 l Woodard, Dona Ann ....... ........ ..... , .... 9 8, 201 ZARR, ROBERT DUANE . 98. Woodcock, John Winterbotham .... 75, 208. 209 Zeiglef. R0b91'l Adair Woodcock, Patricia Margaret ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 98. 203 Zeltinger, James Mathias Woods, Ann Lenore , ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 09, 125, 195 Zenk, Daniel Richard .. .. 98, Woods, Eugene Ray Zentner, John F. ,............ .... ..... 5 3 , Woods. Richard Donovan ..107, 117. 187. 217 Zeuty. Edward James Woods. William Donald Zimmerman, Everett Alfred Woodward, Fred Victor Zimmerman. Glenda Lee .. . 82. 114. Woodward, Lee Albert Zimmerman. Theodore Ormand ........ .... 1 87. Woodward. Mary Kathleen McKenna Zipperian. l.enArd Splan ........ .... 5 1, 91. Wuolfolk, Mary Jo Zumoto, Edward Y. ........... . .... ....49, Woomer. Merrill Ethelbert Zygmond, Jack James 56. 57. 135, Wooten, Gille Vining 208, SOME EXTRA PAGES SOME EXTRA PICTURES 255 "Our loss is your goin," lBob and Ray, i953 A.D.l in o sense anyway. A few less ods provided us with a few unexpected pages back here and since we know you don't exchange autographs, the spoce is filled with some informal pictures. Mardi Gras king and Queen candidates lleftl were: back, P. J. Casey, PDT, .loan Durkin, DG, Mott Mattson, SPE, Alice Pledge, DDD, Bill Stong, SX, and Grace Donisthorpe, Syno- delphic. Middle: Helen Peterson, North, Von Olsen, PSK, Dorothy LaZarus, KKG, Woody Lie-be, ATO, Joon Stokan, KATj ond Arnie l-luppert, SN. Front: Lucy Butcher, SK, Chuck Plowman, South, Beverly Tecca, AP, Nick Wood, TXg ad Berto Huebl, New. The Virginia City players attracted a large crowd labovel with their comedy-melodrama, "Rustle Your Bustle," and with the "Bale of Hay Varian, Show" which featured skits and dances in a Gay Nineties cabaret. hmmm ln the fall Women's M club tapped six members at the an- nual Santa party. They were Marion Nelson, Sue Kuehn, Jary Nelsen, Mavis Corin, Bev York and Maxine Hightower. The Women's Athletic associa- tion entertained about IOO people, including President and Mrs. McFarland, Kirk Badgley, Dr. Maurine Clow, Danny Lam- bros and Mollie ller. Honorary M pins were given to Mr. Badg- ley, Danny, Mrs. McFarland and Mrs. Peggy Ask. At the buffet table iabovel are Pat Wordal, Peg Toffe, Donna Bar, Reba Turnquist, and WAA president, Beryl Handford. IDELIGHT One of MSU'S newer organizations, Bac- teriology club redecorated the bacteriology department in the Natural Science building. The club painted desks, cupboards, and laboratory tables in the media room, the main classroom, the advanced room and office of the department. This club was organized as an outgrowth of a bacter- iology seminar that met at the Rocky Mountain laboratory each week in Ham- ilton. The purpose of the club is to promote interest among bacteriology majors in the department and to attract high school grad- uates, Members of the club are majors who have completed two quarters of bac- teriology or the equivalent. They are ibelowl back: Pat Schammel, Carol Cough- lan, Victor Vilk, Francis Powers, Ed Cole- man. Front: Dick Raymond, Jerry St. Onge, Gwen Dickson, and John Jutila. -...K F' ' . ' i 15121 1 01 MMV A Apjikgfgwww ,,4f,fw fb 33553 H3UM3xf'f'Mi'Wf D?QiM' ,MfM5' 0j 2QQMMX E MM f QNQQE79 Wx Aw , x , in ' fy . ' 1 S 's T O A l 1 .. 4 ri I IDT 'DDT 'b'?J'YC QJQDU 92? 'i'C I lm SECOND FLOQ PL HQ I " 5 llllplll ll llll 7 f'll r U llll iaql- U3 lm ig 'J E -1 ! EL , . O -fiili lilliii 1 S 5 Q r ' f 5 999999 . .z I 999999 -I I P92229 .E 31 4 I--61! .44 H LZ D 7 l' D A ,i ...... - QWBZUMQQDJ V ,F 9fgfPcp9399999pgjJg9 A 5g9Q9999999,,4p5 1 ' ' r 999999 T loom Q5l,Q9a1f23999b06fp'p6f': I LEC ul: '- 99 619,01 9 LQ Loom f f' D B Ill ' ' - L, ,W 0 -,W ni: :ann t 1 ., . r . . ,,,..,.,... 3' .1 f r------Q . "Ak - "' Zi... QM 0 Pac: ,LIBKAIL Q Plc s 5 ' ECONOMICS - DEPARTMENT

Suggestions in the Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) collection:

Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Montana State University - Sentinel Yearbook (Missoula, MT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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