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Montana State University Bozeman - Montanan Yearbook (Bozeman, MT) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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 Montanan Staff •' i , • ■ Cover and 1 ndsheet Design Mic hael S. Hammond Lon C. Berry LONG BERRY, Editor in Chief Martin Peterson, Managing Editor Bobbie Rice, Business Manager Dusty Dunbar, Layout Editor Division Page Design Dee Stearns, Copy Editor Michael S. Hammond Dave Dawes, Photography Editor Lon C. Berry Louise Riley, Editorial Staff Editor Kathy Germann, Greek Editor Copyright « 1975 by Lon C. Berry Photography Staff Lon C. Berry Tim McCormick and the 1975 MONTANAN, First Edition 1975 Scott Armstrong John Peters Dawn Faye Phebus A special Thanks to: Ada D. Berry Jan Dunbar Mark Armstrong lorn Milkovich Mark Eckert Copy Staff Lon C. Berry Mark Peterson The MONTANAN 1975 edition was printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dalla Texas, by the offset lithography process on 80 pound laylor high bulk enamel, Fc River Wic ker Ivory basis 20 and Fox River Miners Gold basis 80 paper stoc ks. Optirr standard UPS, the basic copy type font and Optima Italic UPS the basic headlin . i Layout Staff 1 on C. Berry Mark Peterson type font, were composed photographically by the Intertype Fototronic Compute Taylor Publishing Company hand separated all c olor from transparenc ies, of the 2' 4x2Vi format. The cover is an embossed and silkscreened fabric with a har ii cover, and bound to the book with Smyth binding. I he endsheets are printed o French Aged Text Parc htone paper stock. The division pages are printed on Strath more Fiesta paper stock. The cover, endsheel and division page designs are b Mic hael S. Hammond and Lon C. Berry, Lditor in Chief of the MONTANAN. A pros - 1 7 run of 2,500copies was made for the first edition. 1The 1975 n TANAN YEARBOOK is the second such publication of which I have been privileged to sene as Editor In Chief. It is ray wish that when you read this yearbook you will each discover something that personally touches you. While cccpiling this yearbook I tried to present as many facets of student life, froc the everyday activities of classes to th more distinctive happenings such as cultural affairs. The only value this yearbook nay have for several years is a documentary of a year you have spent at Montana State University. But in twenty years it will become semething to look hock at, and hopefully, reexsaber good tines and the good friends that you ret at MSU. I wish to dedicate this yearbook to Michael S. Hanaond, an individual I adrire, respect and feci is a genuine personal friend. CVer the past four years he has helped re in nany ways, free, helping with the design of the cover, endshects and division p3gcs of this yearbook, to just being sincerely interested in me and what I an doing as a person. Kike is a gifted person, in that anything he tries he is successful. But the reason that he is successful is because he sincerely' tries. Mike, I thank you very auch for all you have given re and I hope that I have done the same for you. Lon C. Berry Editor In Chiefr Table of Contents Montana: A Natural Land I Theater; Cultural Affairs, Campus Entertainment and Programming Teams II Major and Minor Sports III Administration: MSU ASMSU IV Educational Schools V Campus Medias VI Royalty; Organizations and Creeks VII Underclassmen VIII Graduates IX Index XMontana: A Natural Land He did nol look upas I opened the door ol (he dilapi dated saloon. Ions since christened "Injun loe's." The drone of a haltered electric fan mixed with Ihe plaintive notes of I'd Rjlhrr Hr a Cowboy, as the jukebox spas medically swung into action Ihe only occupant of the l ar, an ageless old man, tottered on the edge of a metal bar stool. His shaggy, gray head suspended dreamily over a frosted glass ot golden-beer, which he slid back and-forth across the1 much-lingered l ar He seemed to lx made of dust, his entire tx-ing an amorphous haze; there was nothing alxiut him that was distinct. His hair was a formless, gray cloud, crowning a shapeless head His features were blurred, each running into the other as though pressed to escape The nose spread lazily above a meandering mouth, which in turn was covered by the white-cotton candy of his beard: the eyes a blue-gray, looked like window panes during a heavy ram As I reached the l ar, he slowly raised Ihe frosty glass. In a wispy voice, audible only to Ihe | ast, he murmured. "!o Charlie. Where have you gone — where have you gone?" Draining Ihe glass of its amljer liquid, he set it on the worn surlace of the bar. He turned to mo with a puzzled look in his cloudy eyes. "Did you ever see us . did you? Used to be the tx-st in Ihe state, you know Called us the Montana kids, Charlie and me. Ihe Montana Kids." He turned back to the bar and regarded it with a hazy gaze. "We were the lx st Weren't nolxxlv who didn't know our names. Boy those were the days. We roped in every dadburn town in this slate — pretty near — Charlie and me. from little ol' Brady right up to the steps of Ihe capitol in Helena. Why we even played for the governor once . . and members of Ihe legislature too. Yes sir’ fourth of luly — last Chance Siam pede. But it wasn't the last chance for us," he chuckled, "we were really going strong then. We were a team, you know. Charlie and me. Did rope tricks — every rope trick in the fxxik, and some that wasn't Oh, we was good Why, that Charlie-, he could twirl a rope like nobody's business, and I weren't none loo shabby myself. We was asked to hit h up with Calamity lane's 'Wild West Travelling Show' once. Course wasn't Ihe real Calamity lane, but — well that was quite a show." The old man selected a bottle of Great Tails Select trom ihe cooler and emptied it into his glass. "But Char lie an' me. we couldn't leave Montana; it was our home. It wasn't like it is now. back then Back then, things was different! Weren't none of these contrived things; everything was sorta natural, if you know what I mean. Miles-and-miles of open range and clean forest. Ihe streams and lakes was so clear you could see plumb thru them. "Course," he snorted, "there was always Butte, and places like that. That town — seems like somebody was always trying to dig it up. If it wasn't the- Company, it was somebody else. Nearly tunneled under the whole city. But boy. did those- people know how to have- a gexxl lime! I rememlx-r on St. Patrick's Day — the liquor fairly run in the streets. And labor Day’ But Butte wasn't half as 'citing as it was in Dillon What a celebration' That place was re-ally jumping' Yup. them was the days." He drained his glass. "But Montana wasn’t all gexxl times. There was other things tex . Montana must lx-about ihe most beautiful place on earth, lean remember seeing antelope , deer, and elk by the elozen. Wilel flowers dancin' in grassy meadows; blue- sky: must lx lx ut the biggest ever maele. Oh, it was beautitul! But it's changed. The m elays is gone. I'm not savin' it’s not still Ix-autiful. but it's different now. The screen dex r scrc e cheel e |x n, then, clanked shut as a man and woman stepped into the tear. The man was small, thin, anel sweating profusely. Water seemed to spring from every pore, dark stains ringing his unele-rarms and spreading down his back, sticking his Disneyland tee shirt to his skin Rivulets of water ran down his forehead onto his nose, where they merged into a miniature waterfall which he impatiently wiped away. He removed his Grand Canyon souvenir hat and revealed a balding, sweat-coated head; even his bermuda-shorted legs glistened with moisture. Ihe woman was large. She- wore a wrinkled, shapeless dress in muted grays and brownv Her hair was matted-brown, and her skin a murky gray. Both she and the sweating man jpproar hed the bar. "We're on our way to Yellowstone Park." the watery man simpered. "Is this the right road?" "We. . "And then we're going to see Big Sky," Ihe woman interrupted, "can you imagine? We're actually going to see Big Sky." The old man looked from one to Ihe other, a shimmer, of forlornness ran across his dusty face. "Yup. Ah. you folks ever hear of the Montana Kidt? Why back in the old days, we were the Ix-st there was . . His voice trailed off as I walked out into the sunshine. Louise Riley IfflRain Dance You and I move in strange water, the fog and the firs have stolen our sight The rain is a dance around us; we are complete, enclosed in a grey cage Swallows glance off the river, out of reach as beams of light Even the mountains are a mystery in a pale Chinese painting at the fog’s ragged edge beth chadwick Com«fcmP,$ . . . t c tta btftO Ge s fxoasp. bsjaifc lugkt I kzai sixains of past fi Ws and (W and a t 00nfat wlykt upoKakdl. . . Comeftm«$ . . . I (fid sad, oo ujJidndng mefWJiafca. because tkose clays may neu vbeagabu Campy of me IS $tt£i 04v fCtcbcey Boon,. . . 0 c wOAm nXykte moon kft £ and thb Z tdteliOwks wiKyUiy stWtfy befcwe c tiieTbwft s • . • Look IA shadow of bttfoutag halt pacing, caiessUig my fxce Sufiuta afkweYou tell me how 1 must feel what 1 must think the manner in which I should react. But you are not me — How can you know how I should be. Nor am I you. and therefore am content to let you discover for yourself yourself. Meanwhile, ’though it hurts to have you stumble over me, I must — 1 will — continue on this way. Ardis Kay Whitman How many times have you tried something new different exciting? And still you continue trying searching entertaining yourself flitting from one of life’s meanings to another. You bore me with your inconsistency and day by day utopias. Settle down to one — security for you shines on your face, and still you do not see. Blind men leading more blind men. Ardis Kay Whitman'Jfu dandelions Have lest Ifieii Heads (aidinserts aie tnovinej sieve non. nipples f all and )rt uHeu llieij lie. some Hided dean studs andalleijs Inf sdwolicijs. i.MTawnv golden moon rests on quiet mountain crest before ascending behind the blackened thunderclouds. It lies hut a short distance bevond the naked willow r branches through which I peer. Ardis Kay hitman Lilac bushes stretching gnarled fingers toward a frost-nipped sky lacing wind in their branches. Mittened hands groping inside a wooden apple crate; a cave where she crawled and birthed the frozen forms silken fur plastered against the stiff blue skin. One small mew tiny spastic steps tell me one escaped the cold. Trying to stoke life in a dying furnace only prolonging pain Searching for an old sweater to shroud the tiny form I note the muddy footprints on the back of the scrapbook lying there; a self-written epitaph. Ji Linda QuigelyMOODS Moods were balanced on a thread darkened by the heavy overhanging clouds dampened by the constant drizzle. Sleep came easily, though, and when I awoke this morning my heart soared like a swallow. Sol was streaming through the window-panes spreading its warmth across my body scattering the mist that swirled around my world. Images of you flowed lazily, and I basked in the light of your memories. 24 Sylvia GlennSinking back in murky twilight into scratching dust covered grass listen to the distant lawn-mower drone and the last call of the bird before settling in feather fluffed sleep Alone in the tall grass I gloat that no one can find me. Watching spiders and ants crawl in and out of dead matted jungles smelling earth odors and barbeque smoke choosing to ignore the sound of my name as someone screams it across the yard. Oh damn. Vm found. Wagging his tail like a flag grinning at his own cleverness my dog slobbers on me. Linda Quigleyofyiitted To find nujSetf dm in jc-tti House Moiled u itli afta-slim and tedlfin and tile siTtted swob, of (Ufa 8 a ant To tifdoit To feei-cut Tfu afta intone cf ijCfiii fmence. 8find a (faltntj fumej in a dosed soon. d (OuKjfit in tlit foMj (f nuj ca n (iniosit J nuut (it Mit in antics ShidinO t)(fiindMi( fxuntS. Unfitted Why did I glue mysefy away tost night'? Toe-doped to- xemenbei hou- itoMis ' in the gxog of- the moxning adieu both auohen to ce How doomed out sickness not xeatty eating about the othei not xeoMy wonting to took the othei in the eye andseeugty scenes of the previous night $ tutting. I try to couei up uith ties and fatse exaggerations but nothing hides the despoil and disgust that wefts Inside my body and conscience. It s a futile path that ueeted fxom a. tong time past but stepped into once mote tost night. Witt I eoei tecum? 77 Cytuio GtennThe parties over the doors all locked we walked all night trying not to say goodbye Julie Henry"Daughter ' he said, "I didn't love your mother when we were married." And then, "Twenty-five years ago I didn't know what real love was." And, as I longed for his words, "But I love her so much now, and even more tomorrow." Ardis Kay WhitmanJO My father spent many years instructing me that “crying doesn’t help at all.” I can well remember his words through the veil of tears I shed. Ardis Kay WhitmanShould I neither touch you nor peer into the depths of your eves, Surely my heart would not ache so. And, Should I speak only of light matters with you, and never discern vour smile, No doubt I'll feel less numb. If I could but lay a wall of stone around myself, And deaden it with night’s silence, Vi ould thoughts of you still find me? Ardis Ka WhitmanHow is it that I am crying and yet no tears fall? Ardis Kay WhitmanWomen who wait For all the women waiting out another West like the last, let the winter go. Fire begs the wood to burn; the stove grows eold. Can you hear a wind at your back? The eold breathing out and in? Ask to hear it played again, ask for the song of a wind he couldn’t fence in. In w inter, what whispers thru these cracks? If you wore a shaw l, you’d pull it closer now and rub the wool against your pale face. "What do you wait for?’ whispers that wind, “Is it snow, is it snow?” I sit by the same stove as you, I could sew thru my fingers and never touch bone. If you chink every crack, this house would still moan. f For what do you listen?” w himpers the wind. "Is it footsteps you hear?” The dog at my feet could he stone. I don’t wait for anyone that would walk in this door. The coyotes have voices that no one could ow n. For the price of my skin, I’d join them out there. Beth ChadwickThe ancient appointment, the bdood urge diftng us M has brought us tethis (Am. Corona dashes and orangedisced eyes burning down meeting Sundae breasts. even trees Sweat Sap beads grow on trunks honey disked ftom ftngerS and drifting among Smoke rings and patient monologues. 3 Linda QutgdeyJS K»i ) if'iUv Music My body and soul are beginning to throb with fine music. They were once taut as harp strings begging to be plucked as the musician begs to strum his fingers through my life strings and release the rigidity that has set in from too many off key artists. My body and soul now hum mm mm softly and gently — a single note — to harmonize with your symphony of life that we may discover our own true melodies, and share. A single note is all it takes . . . a single desire for me out of love, and my harp string body and soul will relax for your composition only, and no-one else's. 36 Sylvia Glennr $ie ttotte in ifie ban Has been paletted u fttt stiau (ttitnnetp and tools seemed eu ainst ttte u ind ijeeo Spiinepnej fiosi utteu apples sttould be. 37Silver ghosts have settled over the land. Sky cold and clear a frosty playground where spooks frolic. The grass grey and crunchy beneath my boot. I rejoice in the excellence of this morning. Ardis Kay WhitmanNo hope? Ah, but God is not logical. Know Him. Nor did He create you logically. Know hope for yourself. Ardis Kay WhitmanMoon's pallor — your face Gold sunlight — your hair You stand halfway 'twixt night and day. Ardis Kay WhitmanI am numb. And should you direct a word of kindness or concern towards me, I will surely begin to weep at having begun to feel again. Ardis Kay Whitman ONothing Marks the worth of this world. And it still exists. Amazing. Ardis Kav WhitmanHOMEWARD BOUND ON HIGHWAY 97 Topping the Iasi hill on ihe Iasi curve ihe ciiy sireiches beyond slumbering fluorescent sequins on a velvei cushion. Ardis Kay WhitmanAwake or dozing She passes to and from that dimly lit region where faces and time exist as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Linda QuigleyThe hotSO shakes h i emhufOniC MAnb as somites down tke oeute i the wood twuvgcM. A tlviust ofy mcudct extends friOm th highut y ntembtAne, tido'flips ofrsky Andeo dh . Veins in the hemiSphetb: AjQmffiess cothmuood. fZobRomexio-Untitled I am so very tired beaten senses, bloodshot eyes waiting for the bus to take me to the city by the shore. To open heart and toasty warm hearth — a cat that will play to pass the time. What have I got to do but wait? Hoping that my baggy eyes can identify bus No. 4 so I can reach my destination leave behind a happy past that I’d really rather call present. 48 Sylvia Glenn Yes, folks, this is Colstrip, otir pride and joy. look al those beautiful 7fX)-megawatt oal-fired generators spewing that harmless black smoke into the clear blue sky. Isn't it a great contrast? We dig a lot of coal here, all right, but we cover up the trenches and plant grass. Oh, it grows sometimes, but this soil around here never did support anything but sagebrush and scrub grass. Yeah, we had to get Units 3 and 4 approved before 1 and 2 were built so those damn environmentalists couldn't scream. Ihc Cheyenne Indians had a lot of coal on their reservation ! ut we lx ught it all from them. They’ll get their land back when we get the coal dug Why the acre's and acres of trailer houses? That's tor the- construe lion workers No. they're not poor, most of them make at least $6an hour. They choose to live like that. Cowboys, you ask? Sure there used to lx- a lot of them around here, but most of them pulled up stakes a few years ago. No, I don't know why. Their cattle caught some disease and were dying, I guess.make people more careful! Only you can prevent forest fires (Of ...and PLEASETheater; Cultural Affairs, Campus Entertainment And Programming Teams n r 1IndiansBlythe Spirittw? The Real Inspector HoundBernadette Devlin □ 69Representative Charles 70 Fernando ValentiMarcia Taylor Miss Montanan I 1975 »iNabuku ImaiBuckminster FullerAnthony Burgess Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company 7778 Jeb Stuart Magruder Robert BlyiCampus Entertainment|im Stafford Diane RoanStonegroundTim Wiesberg I zz Top i ew Riders of the Purple Sage Cold Blood Lon C. Berry Mr. Montanan 1975 J y ltw J % (SAr i r J s r ll xr ltsxv ill r Ju tr lu r D j0 y CO MS. u. homecoming festival SPiHSORto r u.iu.a £, 1 5% - OCTBR MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY . FIELOllOUSH STUDENT $4.00 -r" ,J2 CroftsProgramming Teams m Christmas Decoration Contest 9SCasino Night 79$10010174-75 Football Scores Dare 9-7 MSU vs Portland State 9-14 MSU vs U. of North Dakota 9-21 MSU vs fresno State 9- 28 MSU vs Boise State 10- 5 MSU vs Northern Arizona 10-12 MSU vs Weber State 10-19 MSU vs Idaho State 10- 26 MSU vs University of Idaho 11 -2 MSU vs U. of Montana 11- 16 MSU vs North Dakota StateMajor And Minor Sports 011974-1975 Men's Basketball Scores Our Opp. Date Score Score 11-30 MSU vs Kansas State 73 96 12-3 MSU vs U. of Minnesota 58 78 12-6 MSU vs San Jose State 60 72 12-9 MSU vs U. of Washington State 81 79 12-14 MSU vs Eastern Montana 78 64 12-20 MSU vs St. Cloud State 73 66 12-21 MSU vs U. of Akron 69 74 12-27 MSU vs U. of Puget Sound 60 59 12-28 MSU vs Portland State 76 82 1-3 MSU vs Northern Arizona 74 70 1-4 MSU vs Weber State 74 85 1-10 MSU vs U. of Montana 77 103 1-11 MSU vs Seattle Pacific 60 56 1-18 MSU vs College of Great Falls 80 67 1-25 MSU vs U. of Montana 57 70 1-31 MSU vs U. of Idaho 79 93 2-1 MSU vs Gonzaga 77 88 2-7 MSU vs U. of Idaho 78 69 2-8 MSU vs Gonzaga 57 56 2-14 MSU vs Idaho State 77 86 2-15 MSU vs Boise State 92 105 2-21 MSU vs Idaho State 62 69 2-22 MSU vs Boise State 81 71 2-27 MSU vs Northern Arizona 111 109 3-1 MSU vs Weber State 74 78 3-4 MSU vs Utah State 69 95 112GymnasticsCMlil Track 1975 M116177MSU RODEO TEAM Men's Team butch bratsky grant dunning pat greanv lee levino bud monroc kent mosher jim solberg kirk vvebb Ciris' Team cinde bolen debbie bratsky sheri delp marly greany mikal heggen 131Wrestling Our Opp. Date Score Score 12-3 MSU vs Western Montana 4S 0 1-10 MSU vs Utah State 15 21 1-11 MSU vs Boise Idaho 3 34 1-17 MSU vs Simon Fraser 21 29 1-17 MSU vs Washington State 18 13 1-18 MSU vs Pacific University IS 18 1-18 .MSU vs Whitworth College 35 6 1-18 .MSU vs Eastern Washington 26 14 2-7 MSU vs Dickenson State 25 19 2-8 .MSU vs Blackhills State 36 12 28 MSU vs SW Minnesota 33 12 2-11 MSU vs Idaho State 15 24 2-14 MSU vs Weber State 21 22 2-17 MSU vs Wyoming 3 37 2-18 MSU vs Colorado State 6 31 2-22 MSU vs Boise State 3 34Skiing IW140 FencingOn Pole Field Behind KoskieWeight Lifting UJSwimmingAdministration: MSU ASMSU IV President Carl McIntosh A university president, noted Whitney Griswold, the former president of Yale University, "is thought to be omniscient, omm present, and Mr. Chips all rolled into one." Perhaps we sometimes ask too much, but in President McIntosh Montana State University has a man who is at least aiming for this ideal. A true scholar and, more importantly, a warm human being. Dr. McIntosh has worked since his appointment to make MSU an institution that teaches its students how to think, not what to think. The past year has not been an easy time, but it has been a successful year for MSU. Of course a remarkable staff, a delightful wife, and a competent faculty don't hurt, but Dr. McIntosh deserves much of the credit. He is, in his own right, an excellent administrator, a fine man, and a real friend. — Steve Rovig — President, ASMSUDr. Irving Dayton V. P. for A cademic A ffa irs William Johnstone V. P. for Administration 149Edward Hanson Acting Dean of Men Patricia Anderson Dr. Harold C. Rose Dean for Professional Schools Acting Deans of Women Donald Belding Maureen Franklin Dr. John Jutila Dean for Letters and ScienceDr. Earl Ringo Dean for Education Dr. Kenneth Coering Dean for Graduate Schools Dr. Byron Bennett Dean for Engineering Dr. John Asleson Dean for Agriculture Dr. Gardy Van Soest Dean for General Studies 511J2kVOFFICE OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTSEducational Schools I » VArchitectureNursing ■ 60Letters and SciencesCollege of Engineering 1M160College of AgricultureThe Monijnjrt Sian Tours Iho 1 aylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas. I to R Dave Dawes, louise Rilev. Bobbie Rice. T un McCormick. ar l Lon C Berry._______________________________ THE MONTANAN STAFF Lon C. Berry Martin Peterson Tim McCormick Bobbie Rice Louise Riley David A. Dawes E. Dustin Dunbar Dee Stearns Cathy Cermann Scott Armstrong Dawn Eaye Phebus John Peters Editor in Chief Managing Editor Past Managing Editor Business Manager Editorial Staff Editor Photographic Editor Layout Editor Copy Editor Greek Editor Photo Staff Photo Layout Staff Photo Staff NCampus Medias • VIMarlin "Mouse" Peterson Managing Editor I imoihy "Turtle" McCormick Past Managing Editor E. Dustin "Dwarf" Dunbar I ayout Editor Bobbie Rice Business Manager Ion C. Berry Editor in ChiefDoris "Dee" Stearns Copy Editor David A. "Denver Dave" Dawes Photo Editor Ul 110 ! . rThe Montanan Photo Staff John Peters, Scott Armstrong, Tim McCormick, Martin Peterson, Dwarf, David A. Dawes, and John Brandt, Jr.Lath year between March and May, the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Association holds their annual Convention, sponsored by an individual school that is a member of the Association, The 1975 Convention was sponsored ivy the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three delegates from the MSU Montanan y ir-book attended the Convention held April 22nd through April 26th, 1975, David A. Dawes. Photo Editor, E. Dustin O n-bar. Layout Editor, and Scott Armstrong. Photo Staff member, enjoyed the lectures, associated with delegates f m schools in the ten state area, and hosted unforgettable parties. The 1974 Montanan on First Place in Black-and-White Photography and Third Place in Cover Design, The phot g-raphers from the Montanan also placed well, taking 1 Best of Show, 1 First Place, 1 Second Place, 3 Third Places, and 1 Flonorable Mention. Scott Armstrong, David A. Dawes, and Tim McCormick entered the Salon and Nature Contest 1975 KMC PA CONVENTIONTHE FREE QUARTER Co-Editors: C. M. Bickenheuser Brian L. Brandt Roger E. Metz Editorial Assistant: John Pickart Front to back Left to right Alice Flynn lerry McDonald Chief Engineer Becky Roeder General Manager Kris Hahn Scott Peters Kit Antonsen Production Director! Mary Mitchell News Director Ralph Wilson IV Patty Michels Secretary Leslie McPhersonU - Brown New Station Manager Jerry McDonald Chief Technician Kit Antonsen Production Director Becky Roeder Past Station ManagerDale Kleirtart Announc er Patty Michels KGLT Kirk Michels Chief Annount er Mary Mitchel News Director 1975 — STUDIO IN STEREO On November 15th, 1974, a campus-wide election proved that the students of Montana State University wanted to increase ten-watt KGLT-FM to 1,000-watt KGI Stereo FM. To house the additional equipment and provide greater convenience for the KGLT staff that mans the sta tion, a new studio setup was built over the winter. New tower and transmitter facilities were also constructed. I 'V+ jf' Front to back Right to left Pat Dawson ... Ginny Prior Dennis Brosten Deb Burgess .. Tim Hill....... Tony Bubany .. Kurt Ahrensfeld George Rosok . John Brandt, Jr. . ............Editor . .Associate Editor ......Editor Elect Business Manager .........Graphics .....News Editor ......Copy Editor .....Photo Editor .... Photographer Wayne Wienke ............Photographer rat Dawson tclilor Ginny Prior Associate Editor Darkroom Crew: I to K George Rosok, John Brandt, |r., Wayne Wicnke Dennis Brosten News Editor Kurt Ahrensfeld Copy Editor lower right Tony Bubany News Editor upper rightRoyalty, Organizations And Creeks VII Homecoming Queen Wendy HeadapohlRodeo Queen Jean MyllymakiDerby Darlings Kitty Stetzner Kathy Anderson Pi Queen Cretchen Jones188 A ClotildeOudin March 74 Doris Wilson April 74 Leona Barne December 73 Jeanne Claus Ann Seibel |anuary74 loan Stovall November 74 Lambda Delta Women of the Month To honor Alpha Lambda Delta's 50th anniversary, the 1973-74 chapter established the Woman-of-the-Month Award. In recognition of her time and service for students on campus, we ask each chosen woman to select a book to be placed on a special shelf in the library. The award has been continued as a bi-centennial project. Officers Deltorah Kolar...... Synneva Shekel... Sunny Kay McDowell Laurie Heidi Peggy Reynolds..... Carol Ann Pehl . V,Jan Blickenstaff Secretary Alpha Phi Gamma Lon C. Berry President hw wi ( . Vrt ft .’ (.u.i'rt r, % l «» w I r%s IK - -! r . m1»m Ihtr tf..W-, -. I.« fc ! •«• |f%4 li Ar. Ut K 1«« li« W fcA lljsr M« «' 04 «- lf» 1 A lh»r ► I NW f«v ANw, iftir I m Pfc- 'l i«fc | -«•» k - lm (w •• ■ ! ► « • ! » •» C K« nf). U •••» llAiw !. fMIr (A 1 MA am. r M I U t IAm. I.% (AM a i HrtjnliAmirt |i «iam kv|194 Spur of the Moment — Patrice Koch Fang of Fame — Bill MoorseMu Sigma Alpha Busk diJ( ,itors dlional ( onK'rriK cSeptemviri Dave Kelsey Wayne Hammond Sieve Rovig Sid Thomas orm Kalbfleisch 196 Les Bouffons (©Mortar BoardArnold Air SocietyAssociation U.S. Army Army ROTC 199JOO201MSU Skydivers JOJIntravarsity Christian Fellowship "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding" University 4-H 205New Genesis 20» Animal Science Club209PRE VET CLUBAmerican Society of Agricultural Engineers21? SECOND EAST CORRIDOR HANNON CULBERTSON FOURTH MSU RODEO CLUBThe First Annual Attaboy Award7975 Officers left to right: l)ebbie Thiesen, President I »Clark, Kush Chairman; Denise Schoer. Treasurer I’aUi Boyle, Secretary; Melinda Brown. Publicity Debbie Monger, Vice President ol pictured: Susan Berg, special delegate Members «a k row. left to right: Mary Palffy; leslie Dickson; LaDonna Pruenger Wendy Meadapobl; Debbie Thiescn; DeniseSchoer; Janet Cox Middle row. left to right Chris Larson; Susan fowler; Jo Clark, Pam lurnquist Patti Bovle; Donna Challender; Sue Denson; Nancy Chandler; Cretchen lones Seated, left to right: Diana Stemhauser; Sharon Hammond; Tracy Bradford Melinda Brown; Cindy Baelv; Shelly Culp; Debbie Monger. Sanna Yost; Shorn Smith Panhellenic Council 215Wtv I MM( SA (MMI1 MOINKJS tai corns MnwjiMMiMnr Cma iis VIKCltONt _____________________AiMrtwCh— MlCMAll M|!C COSOOIIA Mnr r.«A UMVlt KOItW'AtDAIl ItKCVIXMAS PA I GRAHAM M ALP IVI AS Alplja damma Sljo Al A CCtl OWTC ■OSSII AAttfll Ut AMlMCAItOII UNtlOlsrn CAKOt Kt IIV VIAKOS IKMACIl CONS UA 1 AVI AUC.MIIN tll AJU 1H KXMU CMtAl •KXIIsSACfc llWMlttO lircJt Montana fctatr Kniorraitgv scvs »viii tiGAStiM »A«(sOM(Kvuuu «M«|AJtAUIUO OJIWISMH Otf KH lOMStt . (MtMt(ISOi MAUHNSUM makoa winkmh PAiiiKmi UATVM tM MAIIllI VkOtCAS VA.SCVC(M 1K 4A AS HAISIS V tH Y Veer I OCA f AMI IA K Al C K Torture (Elji ©mrga IBM UIIISII WWWiMtM XniWMin fHontaita fctatr Smorraitg Mil 0 1 AI» lOASMCAttl IASII MOBIIIIAI) fAWAl AXtO « BAtlAtAAUOIMV DOWA OUIIIMMR •OeiSWAUACI IOI4MIWA !ittmttana tatr llmupnnty «£iTM k.iRSChES plji tgma iKappa PATRICK APNOtO ZETA TRITON CHAPTER219Kappa Delta MniMI na«iini»» 220CASCST AM»JlttN ’ VARA m . .: . RAVI .ii.ii SiO SJVA'W. ■OVOtT R(RtS$«l JO«i» i COX - OCAN ELLIOTT R CMC ' •«o o i»«e« u«. uimi imhiovti i»m i»m»- t.M.' .i » • mik (» »' :obh»c.;ii' DAS X'tOROWiJi iWtS A'J'i iuuma Alpha fcpsilmt NTANA ALPHA iHnntana tatr llnuirrsihj Oixv •ULIAM BOTH i-ftCS' T.B OO-O-AS THAWEu. .WXETT EVELYS . ’ VVEREB i 0E0»0E TmOUBSOS OMR'S RAAllW RANDALL OALT OMbt tD NOiwtRS V!- 'OV SODOM AS OO SiO OUT T XWSAS r: x . uMCm jOms SCmTh scsl.:CMMUIRMtt Vnr fVcwdtrM OCLTA CTA CHAPTER lOMMIUOSKH T»«C MAS MAT1KI lOHfH W H AMU Montana £ tatr UnitiFraitij IAWISVASMV (Earnatinn (girla touvurmui KICMAID UIUIDELTA TAU CHAPTER jQnntana tatp Mniurraitg yuwos WAlfftS911 uV'wcf'O Mt + 4 ■Nmaom «i( «— upwj « ,-v»| ■ ». IV)--S rfurfowm1 wwwwte »t « 0 ■•■•►'tl BOArauBS • »«« w» N'O'U'O U rmfrf ■U»|‘W»'|" ej dC7 ?LULue[) eqa y • 7 wwww U iWAmoo OvV VtMynk.llivisom MltAlCAMCAOl KIVHOtUtS lv 0» USOfOUMV KMINHCKIT (MSSliCOMdiON liAS« CMI( CAUItOSIO««M ML II VIW4II nAVN INC«USO niKWKMUOni CnndlirMW OiftJ sour 44 C «ndMiv« OjAdPtmu'»w OjaJVaIk moMAS VXIMKVIV lACXHUIAWD miKit vsuvon tooMvcou nCMACoooni shmiimowm ill maos OuXUtOWCTii i.asiii useir fHantana frtatr Iniorraitg PAUM GOOOWAS ItlllllICK B4O40tr Kills ™'«.l GIOCCI KIIMtKS (XILCI AV4 ITSt« WUUAW vKMAll «U(W in AUISC HOCir MABSH VAA« «X M » KIMVftOCII n SAMMWOV MLKHISVVSIt V roils MAKA imisimn Lvst). veALiVI XIVW MVIAD IMKtlt WAIAOVXM IIUKttUZ KAMSOJIttMUt PAVMl A MAUCX IM (OtAM UCKIIM JAU.OOMAMOO IL'.KImCaimOds Cl AS CAtnOS tAIIIM «OCA»T 229front row, left-right: Caylo Amundson. Cathy O'DonnvIl, Linda Ball. Jan Stenbcrg. Brenda Parker, LaDonna Preuninger, Molly Montgomery. Sue Uravich, Leslie Erickson. Second row: Shannon Shane. Robin Henderson, Jamie Me Gavin, Rhonda Mosher. B« v MacDonald, Lou Ann Valjacic. Mary Palffy, Mrs. Coy ms — housemother. Colleen Burke, Marcia Taylor, Heidi Headapohl, Callie Hart, Julie Paugh. Third row: Jancee Pust, Karen Kiemele, Marsha Boll. Kristie Cooper, Leslie Pasha. Leslie McKee, Bobbi Rosenthal. Terese Runge. Lynn Trask, Syd Karaffa. Kathy Anderson. Deo Bartkr Margy Burgess, Patty Lovell, Pal Jaracaeski, Suzanne Howard. Denise Jacobson Kiemele, Lynn Westlake. Debbie Sullivan Fourth row. Ali Odegard, Cindy B Cmny Grossman, Laurel Erickson. Christie Otness. Carol Van ddindcr, Donna R Gigi Griffiths, Denise Schoer, Robyn Wild, leanne Uhlrich, Carolynn Hoeb, Dt Nansel. Connie Hoi len back, Peggy Pascoe. 2XICambha (£ht Alpha ER9L0N OElTA CHAPTER Montana S tatr Uniurrsitg RICHARD UICHAU STEVE RENNET OANIEL. CHIPPENDALE MCHAEL VANOEVEER RICMARO HOP ACKER STUART CHALLENGER fHmttana S'tatr Itniurraitii iugnta pfi iSpsilmt , 8ETA C MONTANA BETA CHAPTER ?3J ROBERT PLATH UAS-3T «I3T DONALO WAXWtU. ANTHONY CEROVS ' LINDA ROSS GARY WITT MCMAtL JAEGER JOHN WcOCNALO STEVEN HOLMAN  bhlmk utauiiknir tain a !(TA vy C« rC» iTUuttana tatr lltmirrmtij737MONIV VAlINlrM fc M»WMiMT GAUM A KAPPA CHAPTER M MA1I iMlrtlN fHotttana tatr Btiiarraity WU I KM NfMCO AKI) AXANNOCAXItDelta Gamma 1975 Gamma Owr koUn Delta Chapter«r-« i242Underclassmen5rv«v .1 »lrv h Mx lAvf M fiM«hft 249 MjKj frmr CJKrflrv r iutw-.jrtd vunl (m«f«Ar .|r UnrC tr s «v$ G Va» MOYkMfM ■unkwp C« i Wiw Oltt«)Mw IwaWw KarloXmon IrMletmox Kmlotmoa fwttw WWW"®' lom toXmcn Down 255mmm 2S73V 1 « Mmo  l tr s i try , bv«rM l ; «|H K.KjKN U« « 1 r -.» 1 ‘Vn-v 1 l.v. t ](NntMAi SI ,-V-rtS rmUcnl. lw»Vom lbuUlt 269Witm VWty Wnki CW» W h rt iH HkVVV K ! «■ « V%«jH u- wk o r v cM W WMf SWh«HWMGraduatesTerry Ackerman Elementary Education Bozeman, MT Eugenie Allen History White Bear Lake, MN Julie Anderson Elementary Education lewistosvn, MT Nyleen Anderson Home Economics Lincoln, MT Kent Alger Commerce Bozeman, MT Erick Anacker Medical Education Bozeman, MT Laurits T. Andersen Physical Education Westfield, ME ludy Asbury Microbiology Cut Bank, MT 77737 Patricia Barnmgl Home fconomt'i Butte. Mi. Ronnie Baxter | Agricultural PrtuU Culbertson. mi. 3 looBeiiman Marketing Billing - Ml lanna Boiler Mirrobiologt Billing'-. Mt Susan Bent son tnri l iok gv Glasgow ttlolene Bonanck r I lememjr tduCJlion Bo eman. Mi Bonnie Bm man Sociology Bo cman. mi lamt K Bu'gen Sccontlan ItluCJtion Uilvall. VI! lonC. Berry Morion I’u lurr Television Phoiogrji h Casper. Wyoming Mary Biiiw Ilemenun fdwjlion Bozeman. Ml. Sands Biiney Commerce Kalispoll. Ml. Candare Bla ma Cornmo c e Roundup Ml Craig Bolme Common e KalbpHI. mi Kaihs Bolme ursing KaliypHI. Ml 179Pamela Brown Microbiology Havre, MT Gail Bruski Elementary Education Huntley, MT lame Stephen Buska Chemical Engineering Billings, MT Doug Cameron Chemistry Butte, MT Marianne Cargill Speech Edina, MT John Coefield Earth Science Great Falls, MT Steve Colgrove Agricultural Business Columbus, MT Norma Cooley Home Economics Great Falls, MT Pam Crawford Elementary Education Valier, MT Melinda Culberson Predietetics Houston, TX |oy lynette Culver Commerce Crass Range, MT Robert Davidson Microbiology Billings, MTKathi Dick Elementary Education Newport, Rl Peter B. Doty Induitrial Arts Bozeman, MT Nancy Dukart Home Economics Wibaux, MT Karen Duncan Commerce Cut Bank, MT Wilson "Bill" Dunkcl Industrial Arts Bozeman, MT Steven Dyce Elementary Education Billings, MTKurt Dyer fish and Wildlife Brady. MT 28J |o Anne Davis tide Physical (duration Anaconda. MT Kathryn fllison Sociology McLeod. MT Marly Erickson Home (conomics larslan. MT Creg (vert 2 Agricultural (duration loliet. MT Samuel fenimore Industrial Arts fort Sami John. B C CanadaBarbara Fisher Microbiology Butte. MT Billie Fulton History Miles City, MT Sam Gillie Mechanica Engineering Butte. MT Georgia Goodman Heffner family Life Science Billings. MT Shalom Frager Film and Television New York City, NY Doug Freeman English Augusta. MT Frank French Commerce Plentywood, MT Debby Garfield Film and Television Forsyth. MT Robert Gebhart Mechanical Engineering Helena, MT Gretchen George Sociology Mclean, VA 213Wayne Haidle Electrical Engineering Fallon, MT Ted Hall Animal Science 8rowning, MT Mary A. Harriet Agricultural Busmen Buffalo, WY Callic Han Mathematics Kalispell, MT Karen Neckstad Ha Elementary Education Fairfield, MT ■vnes on 1 Michael . Heffner Architecture Billings, MT Janice Heopfer Elementary Education Fairfield, MT lee M. Hcnion Chemical Engineering 1 Billings, MT Robert Heyd Chemical Engineering ■ Billings, MT Melanie Hockett Commerce Havre, MT Ruth Hoellein Elementary Education 1 Butte, MT Steven I. Holland Industrial and Management Engmeerin. Bozeman, MT «Doug Jackson Accounting Billings. MT Mary Janssen Nursing Volborg, MT Ken Johnston Distributive Education Bozeman, MTSu ie Jones Home Iconomics Bui to. MT KriS Kjm (lomeniary fducjhon Bozeman. Ml Karen Kariala Commerce Billings. Ml M6Warren Ketchum Agricultural Education Moll. MT Cordelia Keillor Art Grand Junclion, CO Debbie Klusmann Elementary Education Billings, MT Linda Kolar Home Economics Absarokee MT Kerry Kovanda Agricultural Business Columbus. MT adoen Marten Kovanda Business Education Columbus. MT Sieve Larsen Finance Culbenson, Ml Nancy Leibrand Zoology Sc obey. MT 3878ev Lode Elementary Education Bozeman, MT Ted Luehr Constfuction Technology Helena, MT Kentlybeck Business finance Chinook, MT Rebecca Marinks Home Economics Saco, MT_______________Debbie Merlin Microbiology Englewood, CO Florence Marlin Home Economics 8ozeman, MT Debbie McCaulley Cursing Huntley, MT Joane McCormack Secondary Education Butte, MT John McFadden Commerce Whitehall, MT Mary McRae Home Economics lewistown, MT Carla Meeks Secondary Education Carter, MT Carmen Mezzacappa History Bozeman, MT Louise Moore Home Economics Livingston. MT ff Michael Moore Criminal justice Conrad. MT Darrell Moran CE Technology Glasgow, MT Kimberly Morse Nursing Billings. MT 290 Barbara Ann Mrachek Microbiology Miles City, MT 8erna Nicholson Botany Cascade, MTAll Odegaard Momentary [dur ation Croat falls, MI Carol Ophus Homo Economics Sidney. Ml Guillermo Palau Industrial Engineering Cal, Columbia, South America Mike Patterson [ngmeering Divide, Ml lames Peak Agricultural Production Livingston, Ml lean Pirrie Commerce Ryegate, MT 791Kendall Pfeiffer Agriculture Production Livingston, MT Corleilc Prows© Elementary Education Butte, MT Rick Pokorny Range Management Big Sandy, MT Evelyn Pheiffer English Livingston, MT Don Raffety Business Management Bozeman, MT Henry Ravcy Commerce Bozeman, MT Roberta Rice Office Administration Choteau, MT Linda Riley ursing lewist own, MTloycc Robmsoo Commerce Browning, MT fish and Wildlife Chesire, CT Sharol Ruf Commerce Thompson Falls, MT Roberta Rimpie Art and German Billings, MT Frank Charles Robertson Agricultural Production Billings, MT Carol |oy Salusso Clothing jnd Iext He Bozeman, MT Sieve Salusso Rjnge Science Divide. MTAllen R. Sartain Agricultural Production Bozeman, MT Charles Schedel Art lewistown, MT Diana Schedel Microbiology Glasgow, MT Cynthia I. Schock Elementary Education Valier, MT Richard S. Schock Agriculture Education Great Falls, MT Darryl Seeley Range Science Musselshell, MT 29 Jack Sewvello Mathematics Anaconda, MT Catherine Shaw Elementary Education Culbertson, MT Wade Sheldon Agriculture Production Great falls, MT Wendy Shelton Home Economics Billings. MTMargie Shields Home Economics Anaconda, MT Sally Shortridge Agriculture Education Augusta, MT Mary Skinner Home Economics Belgrade, MT Diane K. Smith Elementary Education Laurel, MT Mauritz Sterner Fish and Wildlife Bristol, NH Peggy Swan Home Economics lewisiown, MT Kay Swenson Elementary Education Bozeman, MT Donna Thompson Speech Bozeman, MT James D. Thompson Commerce Malta, MT Ian Thorne Home Economics Bozeman, MT Ron Tuss Mathematics Harlowtown, MT Debbie Vick Elementary Education Power, MT Roanna Violet! Home Economics North Ridge, CA 29SSusan Wolff Home Economics Hall, MT lay Wright Agriculture Business Circle, MT Deborah Wallace Agricultural Production Maple Hills. OH Ruth Walters Mathematics Butte, MT Debbie Wauer Home Economics Hobson, MT Harold Wehrman Electrical Engineering Somers, MT Tory Westwood Nursing Lodge Crass, MT Bob Wmgert Agriculture Product Belgrade, MT Walter Wood Electrical Engineering Deer Lodge, MT Carolyn Wood house! Microbiology Bozeman, MT Gayle Yablonski Home Economics Forsyth, MT Doug Young Commerce Power, MT Index Xblx l, Nam y 227 Apple, Suvan 243 Barker. Barb 221 Bit k. Donald 216 Brandt. Allen 244 (knmin.lorri 239.277 Appling, lleth 243 Barker. Susan 227 Bit kenheuser. C M 176 Brandt. Brian 176 dams, Rodney 243 Armon, Mk hard 228 Barnard, Colleen 243 Bit kle. Kerry 228 Brandi, John |r 181.170. 173.182 hrenxfekl, Kurt 181 182.243 Armstrong. Allen 231 Barnartl. leanne 209 Bierlein, Debbie 24 3 Brass. Sharon 244 llx-rlini, Arden 243 Armstrong. Scott 170.173.174. Barnard, |ohn 209 Biersdorf, lelf 228 Brassey. Alean 244 loxander.Sue 214 175. 243 Barnhart. I lien 234 Biggs. lerri 234 Bratsky. Butt h 131 dexander, Susan 2 43 Army ROIC 199.200.201 Barningham, | Ann 278 Bird. Clifford 216 Uralsky, l)e! bie 131 tiger, Dale 243 Arneson, Larry 231 Barmngham, Patricia 278 Bird, Kenneth 216 Braunberger, 1 tna Lou 234 tiger. Kent 277 Arnold Air Sen iety 198 Barrett. Bonnie 225.24 3 Bitney, Mary 279 Brckke, Davit 1 236. 244 Jlaire, Both 234 Arnold. Patrick 218 Barrett, lames A., |r. 243 Bitncy, Sandy 279 Brese, Gary 231 tllen, Eugene 277 Arnsl, Gary 203 Barry. Tom 238 Bit , |ulie 245 Brewington. Sue 234 illen. Ronald .. 216 Arthur. Dave 209 Barsness, Peggy 243 Blalot k. ludy 245 Brit man. Bonnie 244. 279 tiling, leffery 228 Asbury, lurly 277 Barta.Craig 243 Bla ina, Cantlace . 279 Brooder,frttlerick III 228 tlmas. lay 228 Ashworth. Phyllis 243 Basketball Blee, leanne 245 Brogen. lames R 27 1 tl| ha Gamma Delta 226,227 Askin, Cora line 24 3 114.115,116,117,118 Blitkenstall. Ian 18 1 Brooks, Daniel 236 dpha Gamma Rho 216 Ask-on. |oni 234 Bale helor, Diane 239. 24 3 Bly, Rol ert 78 Brosten. Dennis 181. 182 ilpha lambda Oclia IKK Aslyson. Dr |ohn. Dean for Bates. Kiml erly 24 3 Blylh. Barb 234 Brower, Bet ky Lynn 244 tlpha Omit ron IN 230 Agrit ulture 151 Battershell, Debbie 220.243 Blythe. Spirit 54,59.60,61 Brown, Brut el). 244 ilpha Phi Gamma .... 18 1 Asmussen. 1 rnesi 222 Baxter, Bonnie 278 Bodine, Brian 2 32 Brown, fmily 234 dpha lau Della 190 Association of U S. Army 19 3 Bayless. Bruce 24 3 Bolane. Kathy 27 1 Brown, frank 244 dpha eta 190 Astrup. Diane 217 Beard. Dave 190 Btilen. Cmtle 131 Brown, |ar is 190 tmtxose, Kelly 216 Atkinson. Christi 243 Beaulieu, Mary Anne 225 Boflenbat k. Brut e 218 Brown. Melinda 215.225 Lineman Sociely ot Augare, Mark A. . 243 Bet k, Alvy 243 • Bolrne. Craig 27 1 Brown. Moana 245 Agrit ulUual 1 ngmeers 211 Aughney, Ann Marie 24 3 Beck. Roger 2 32 Bolst at 1, Dave 209 Brown. Myra 2 34 tmundson, Gayle 230. 24 3 Aughney, I3arl ara 217 Behrents, Diane 234 Btilstatl. lames 218 Brown. Pamela 280 mat ker, luck 277 Aughney, Daniel 218.24 3 Beiiman, |tx- 278 Bt mantlet, lolene 279 Brown. Stujrl 228 intlerson. 1 li alx’ih 243 Ayres. Nant y 243 Belilmg, Donald. At ling Dean Bond. Michael 236 Brown. Terry 179.180 intlerson. Gerald 24 3 Bat ka. Kathryn 243 of Women 150 Botilh. Marily 234 Brown. W. lavlor 216 intlerson. |im 209 Baton. Bill 243 Beley. Byron 231 Boss, Roger 232 Krurniieltl. Denist 234 inilMson, lulie ...277 Baely. Cindy 215.230 Bell, |ohn 222 Btrssler, Kris 239 Bruski. Gad 280 intlerson. Kathy 186 230. 24 3 Baier. louise . 243 Bell, Mart ia 230 Bowers, lames 216 BuImoy. Tony 181. 182 inik'iion, Kerry 234 Bailey. 1 ynne 239 Seller, lanna 239. 278 Bowling 146 But hanan. Bonnie 234 Intlerson, laurils I 277 Bailey. Sandy 243 Bennett. Dr. Byron. Dean for Bowman, Bina 234 But k. Dian .245 Intlerson. Mark 131 Bain, lames R 243 Ingineering ....151 Bowman, Larry 236 But kk s. Ridr 203 Intlerson. Nyleen . 277 Baker. Gary 243 Bennett. Clarissa 243 Boxing 146 But kley. Cheryl 2 39. 245 Intlerson. Patricia, Acting Dean Bakker, loan Ann 243 Bennett, |atk 243 Boyle. Patti 215.217 Buer. Brut e 238 nt Women 150 Bale. Sue 220 Benson. |ern 239 Brailtorti. lames 238 Bug. Sue 23‘t Intlerson, Vicki 24 3 Ball. 1 mda 230 Bcnlson. Susan 278 Bradford, Sari 226 Bunker. Carrie 217 ingel 1 light 198 Ballard. |ohn 278 Berg, Susan 215,220 Bradford, Iraty 225 Bunker. Itxri 245 Immal Science Club 208 Ballard.Suse 220 Bergland, Penny 226 Bradshaw, Kaylene 224 Buras. Kells 245 innala. Keith 243 Bart lay. lames 278 Berry, Chut k KI.82 Brady, fvert 231 Burger. Don .245 intonietti. Karen 243 Barfknecht, Dee 243 Berry, Ion C. Bralknet ht. Dee 230 Burgess. Anthony 76 Intonsen. Kit . 178,179 Baril.lrankC. 243 189.279 Branaugh, Rtiberl 244 Burgess. Deb 181 197Burgess Marjy .............230 Burgess, Nancy.............239 Burke, Colleen 230 Burkell, Dean 236 Burris, Fmilie.............220 Burnt!, Donald . 245 Burwell, )oni Kay..........234 Buska, lames Stephen 280 Busse, Lila 245 Butcher, Bob...............245 Butler, Tonny..............231 Butlleman, |ohn ...........228 Calhoun, ludith............228 Calvin, Frank 245 Cameron, Doug 280 Cameron, Mark .............224 Campbell, Cynthia 245 Campbell. Dennis P.........245 Campbell, Susan M.. 245 Campus Entertainment 80 Capp, Barlsara ............220 Capra, Mike................245 Card, lewis................236 Cardon, lean ............. 228 Cargill, larianne..........280 Cargill, Marianne..........239 Carich.Greg................245 Carlin, Ioann..............217 Carlson, David.............216 Carrasvay, Melissa ........234 Carter, Cynthia ...........245 Carter, Duane..............190 Cash. Connicjo.............245 Casino Night.............97,98 Cates, Candace.............245 Cerovski, Anthony..........232 Chadwick, Beth...........17,33 Chaffee, Carol ............239 Challender, Donna .. 21S, 217 Challender, Stuart 231 Chandler, Kim .............245 Chandler, Nanzy.......215,220 Chaney, Randy............. 228 Cheney, Fred ................2 Chi Omega .................217 Chilton, Carol 220 Chippendale, Daniel........231 Chopper, Claudia 245 Christensen, Alan......236-245 Christian, Marilyn ......... 246 Christmas Decoration Contest 95 Clairmont, Dennis............209 Clark. |o..............215.234 Clark, Ramsey.................79 Clarke, Ronald 246 Clemmer, Wanda...............246 Cloud. William 232 Cobb, Alfred Burl III 231 Coble, loci..................238 Coefield, |ohn . 280 Cold Blood.................85,86 Cole, Bill D.................246 Cole, Karen . 246 Cole, Rodney ..........190, 228 Cole, William .............236 Colgrove, Steve . 190,280 College of Agriculture. 168,169 College of Engineering 164,165, 166,167 College of Professional Schools 157,158,159.160,161,162,163 Collegiate FFA .............207 Collins, Beth 217 Collins, Carol .........217,246 Collins, Kay 226,246 Colver, Nancy ..............217 Comfort, Norman D. Ill ... .246 Condotta, Stephanie 240 Con k lta, William..........216 Conroy, Patti...............246 Con elman, |im..............236 Cooley, Norma...............280 Cooper, Cynthia I 246 Cooper, James 246 Cooper, Kristie.............230 Cooper, Mark 228 Copyright 2 Cottle, Ian 234 Cottle, Teri 226 Courtney, Anne . 214 Cox, lanet 215. 221 Cox. Joseph 222 Crampton, Matthew W. 246,209 Crary, laurel 225 Craven, David 246 Crawford. Pam 280 Cress, Bryan 232 Creswell, Patti 246 Crocker, Brian W. 246 Crosby, Lorraine 240 Crow. Debbie 227 Culberson, Melinda 280 Culbertson Fourth 212 Culp, Shelly 15,225, 246 Culver. Joy lynette 280 Currie, Frederick 242 Curtin, lane 234 C orny. Andrew 222 Dadey, Mark 247 Dahl, Chris . 227.247 Dahl, Denise 234 Dahl, Floyd 247 Dahl, linda 234 Daly, Randall 222 Dance Company .. 77 Danolson, Robyn 217 Danford, Cheryl . . 240 Danforth, Cheryl .. 247 Danhof, Charles 247 Darrow, Roy 247 Daum, Vickie 226 Davidson, Ian 234 Davidson, Marjory 247 Davidson, Robert 280 Davis, Jeanne 247 Davis, Juanita, Housemother 217 Davis, Leila 247 Dawes, David A 170,172.173. 174,175 Dawson. Pat ........ 181,182 Dayton, Dr Irving, V.P. for Academic Affairs . 149 Dean, lanet 247 Dean, Paula 247 Deitchler, Jeff 247 Delp, Sheri . 131 Delta Gamma 239,240.241 Delta Sigma Phi 224 Del er, Eileen 247 Denson, Sue .215,240 DeShannon, Jackie 81,82 Devine, Patrick 224 Devlin, Bernadette 69 Devlin, Ronald 216 Devries, Dorothy . 247 DeWit, Robert 2 36 DeWolf, Ken 231 Dexter, Donald ... 232 Dibenedelto, loanne 234 Dick,Kathi :... 281 Dimock. Glenda 247 Dixon, Carrie 221 Dodge, Ted 209 Dolan, lames 247 Doran, Jerry 216 Dostert. Paul 248 Doty. Peter B 281 Doubel, Kirk 248 Downs, William 236 Doyle, Richard 228 Drabbs, Francis 216 Draxton, Paula 217 Drga, Jim 190 Drill, Mary 248 Drummond, Daniel 238 Drummond, James .. 236,248 Dudley. Pal 248 Dukart, Nancy 281 Dull. Mary 234 Dunahoe, Sally 228 298 Dunbar, E. Dustin 170.1 174,1 Duncan, Bob Duncan, Karen...........2 Dun an, Randall ........ Dunkel, Wilson "Bill" .. Dunn, Bradley............ Dunning, Cram Durbin, |ohn Dutcher, lea Dutro, Donald Dwyer, David Dyce, Steven Dyer. Kurt Ebert, lames Echoes......... Edens, Jill.............2 Edwards, Elaine-Edwards, Thomas Eggar. Patti .... Eggebrecht. Debra Ehlert, Alan....... Eickhoff, Donald Eide, |o Anne Davis Elias, lance........ Elings, lorna Elliott, Dean Ellison, Kathryn Elmslie, linda Elser, Russ......... Elting. Andrew Emery, Heather Emmons, Barry______ English, Dave Englund, David Erickson, larry Erickson, laurel Erickson, Leslie........21 Erickson, Marlys ......... Erman, Kayle............... Erness, Calmer............ Ernst, Barbara ........... Ernst, Ward............... fowler. Susan 215,2)4,249 fox, Sard 249 frager, Shalom 281 frank. Sandi ...217.249 f ranklin, Maureen, At ling Dean of Women .................ISO f ram , Paul 249 free Quarter 176.177 freeman, Doug 283 f reeve, Marla........240, 249 french, Dan 204 french, Elaine.........224,240 french, frank..............281 fresh Start 82 frost. Mack 249 fry. Carol 217,249 fuchs, Amy ............... 226 f uglevancl, Paul......... 249 fuhrman, Brian 190,216 fuhrman. Miles.........216,249 fuller. Buckminster 75 fuller, Ernie, |r. 249 f ullon, Billie........... 281 Caardcr. David 216 Calxsc h, I inda 221 Gabler.lane 249 Gallagher. Nam y S............ 249 Gamradl. Miral 228 Gardner, Gregory.......... 218 Garlield, Debbie 226.283 Garnett, Carol .214,250 Garrott. Elizabeth 216,226 Gaston,Carol!............. 250 Gebhard, Rol crt 281 Gee, |im ..................250 Geist, Randy 232 George, Crete hen..........281 Germann. Cathy 172,221,250 Giacoletto, Glen 236 Gidfewski, Tom.............228 Gierke. David............. 250 Gilamn, les 190 Gillrertson Danna 240 Gymnastics 120.121.122 Haddcm. Pam 251 Hadstrom, Cynthia I, 251 Hagen, Lee 228 Hagfeldl 251 Hahn, Kris 178 Haidle.Wayne 284 Hain« s. Susan 217 Hall, Ph.l 201 Hall, Rosemary 224.239 Hall, Ted 284 Haller, Marjorie . . 217 Halseth, Sharon 251 Halverson, Duane 216 Haini urg. Gary lee 251 Hamilton, Bruce 203 Hammel, Bruce 228 Hammer, lane 235 Hammond, Sharon 215 Handball 144 Hanisc h. Barb 251 Hanley. |ohn 222 Hanley. 1 auric 226 Hanson. Chris 240 Hanson. Idward. Acting Dean of Men 150 Hanson. Mary . 251 Hanson. Randal 212 Hanson, Vicki |o ...251 Happy Birthday, Wanda |une 66 Harada. Kimi C. 251 Harcharek,lori 251 Hardin, Dana 209 Hardy. Brian 204 Haroldson, f ugene 236 Harriet, Mary A 284 Harris, Beth 252 Harrison, lulie 252,235 Harsh, Imda 252 Hart.Callie 230,252,289 Hastings, Lydia 252 Hastings, Mark 218,252 Hauck, Pamela 217, 228 799Hitch, Mark 20$ Hulbcrl, Deborah 221 lohnson, lane- 255 Keene, Rolierl 228 Kovanda. Nadeen Marti Hoard. Kerri 217 Hunt, Kolx-rt 254 lohnson, Jeff 255 Kehres. David 216 Kraus, lanice 1 Hockell. Melanie 284 Hunter, Dave 254 lohnson, Karmen 255 Keiffer. Larry 256 Krause. Sandy Hoellein. Kuth 284 Hunter. Inez 216 lohnson, Ken 285 Keil, Gail 256 Kraulter, N Hojac ker. Kit hard 2$1 Hupp, Andrea 254 lohnson, Patti 255 Kellogg. Mark 222.2 56 Kravik. Gayle Holden, Ken 228 Hurllx-rt. Bill .2 $6 lohnson. Robert 255 Kelly. Carol 216.256 Kreuse. Lisa Hollanrl. Roxanne 226, 2S$ Hutchison, Debbie .217,252 lohnson, Scott 218 Kelly. Mary Kathleen 256 Kuc hera. Chris Holland, Steven I. 284 Hutchison. Kic hard, |r 228 lohnson, Tom Kelly. Robert 2 $6 Kurtz, lee Hollcnbac k. Connie 216.2 $0. llybner, Roger 228 lohnslone, William, V.P for Kennedy, lean 286 Kurtz. Lynn 253 Imai. Nabuku 74 Administration 149 Kenney, Steve 211 Kuti. Ric hard 1 Hollinger, Scott 222 Index 207,208,299, $00. $01. $02. lonas. Bob 232 Kenozka, Donna 256 Kvilhacig. Del l)ie Holman, Steven 2 $2 $0$. $04 Jones, Bill 209 Keogh. Noel 256 1 alx'f, Steven Holmberg, Zane 25$ Indian Club 210 lones, Dan 255 Kephart, Kenneth 216 labric. lane Holmes, David . 218.252 Indians . 54. 5( . 57, 58 lones. Crete hen 186,215,240 Ketc hum, Warren 287 laden. Kim Holmquist. Karen 25$ Indreland. Trent 236 lones. lane 235,256 Ketller. Cordelia 225. 287 lagiK ki, Alan Holst, Terry 200 Ingalls. Kelly .236.254 lones, Susie 286 KC.I I 178,179.180 lahr. Paul Hollan, Timothy 222 Ingram. Barbara 254 lones, Suzanne 220 Kiedrowski. Dan 222 lalum. Mark Holier, lodd 25$ Iron Butterfly 82 Iordan. 1 ynette 221 Kiemele. Karen 230 1 ambda Chi Alpha Holier. Ian 285 Iverson, Renee 227 lorgenson. Dale 216 Kiemele, Teri 210 lamlwecht, Ted Holier, Mark 218 |ac kson, Debra . 254 luel. Grant 256 Killen. Gerry 190 lamoreux. lanelle HotZwarlh, Mic hael 25$ |ac kson. Douglas 2$ 1.285 lulila. Dr. lohn, Dean lor Letters Killion. 1 inda 235 lane. Brian Homes, Ginny 2 $5 lac kson, Melville 216 and Sc ienc e 150 King, David 256 lane . Nanc v HcH ker, lanice 227 |ac olwen, Carolyn 254 Kain, Kris 286 King. Vicki 227 langlunais. |ell Hopgood, Thomas 2$6 lac obson, Denise 210.254 Kallx-rg, |ohn 256 Kinney, lohn Gregory 256 Lankulis, Teresa Horae ok, Sharon 216,252 lac obson, |o Anne . 254 Kalbfleisch. Norm 2 $6 Kinshella. Daniel 218. 256 larnc el. lohn Morel, Lynne 25$ laeger. Barry 218 Kalsher. Patty 235 Kinier. Mary 94 Larsen. Roger H urges, Laura 25$ laegar. Mic hael 2 $2 Karnp, Lois 256 Kirscher. Keith 218 Larsen, Ruth Hoskins, Leslie . 25$ larnar. Robin 214.255 Kappa Alpha Theta 225 Klausmann. Debbie 287 Larsen. Ste-ve Hotveelt, David 25$ lansson. Mary 240. 285 Kappa Delta 220.221 Klelfner. Irene 217. 256 Larson. Chris Hoversland, Debra 25$ larac eski, Pat 210 Kapi a Kappa I’m 199 Kleffner, Millie 235 Larson, lerry Howard. Suzanne 2$0 laramillo. Pixie 217 Kappa Sigma 228 Klemart. Dale 180 lascano, Mic hael A Howard, Wyatt N. 254 leglum. Trie ‘ 4 Karaffa. Syd 230 Klempel, Alan 256 lav. William Howe, Beth 226.254. 285 lenercaux, Terri 240 Karate 119 Klinke, Mike 20$ leach, Harley Huber, lean . 254 lensen, Mary 255 KarateClub .... 202 Knox. Gary 256 Leary. Mary |o Huber. Paulette 254 lenson. Dawni 255 Karjala. Karen 286 Knox. Steven 216 Leary. VLil i . ... Hubley. Steven 2 $8 lessop. Burl 255 Kaslx-rg, Debbie 235 Koch. Patrice 256 LeDuc. Henry HuddlcsOn. Helen 254 limmerson, Christie 216 Kasman, Craig 286 Kohlbrv, lorn . 257 Lee , Brian Huelee, Carol 254 lohannsen, Tracy . 227 Kautman, Kerry 256 Kolar, Karen 257 lee, Bruce- Huffman. Dr. Roy, V.P. for lohnson, Cheryl 217 Kauli. lames 222 Kolar. Linda 287 lefever. Paul Kesearc h 140 lohnson, Cindy 255 Kavafian, Ani 79 Kolstad, lohn M. 257 leilxnann, Steve Hughes. Kathv 254 lohnson, Cindy |o 255 Kearns, lerry 209 Kommers, (d. . 222 leibrand. Nanc v Huisinga. Debbie 240 lohnson, Debbie 255 Keating. Kim 2 $6 Korin, Gregory 257 leinard. Mara Huisinga, Marla 285 lohnson. lames 255 Keene, Randy 286 Kovanda. Kerry 287 leinharl. Peggy 300linger. Wayne 209 ilike, Lisa 190 nn. l isa 215 hardl, 1 inda 288 Boultons 1% er ol Introduc tion 1 ine.lee 111 alien, lean 240 is. Cherie 240 is. Kristen 288 is. Steven 228 is. Sue 227 .. Debt 215 i. lac k 204 lj. Danelle 227 leberg, Roliert 258 Igren. 1 lenry 216 htrand. lane 288 Istrom. Montana 187. 258 i, |nn 204 e. Ilc'th 258 lepage. Daw n 225 yd, Roger .218.258 kman. Russell 218 le. Bev 288 gering. Cory 218 demann, Sharon 258 engo. Marianne 258 engo. Sandy 1 258 e. Gary 216 ell, Patty 210 ely. Larry 259 han. Ric hard 211 ks. Dawn 204 •hr. Ted 288 id. Curl 204 irlby. Leonard 211 lger. Ruth 259 m. Dennis 259 |ohn 211,259 leek, Kent 288 hard. Marc ia 259 ic h. Silly 215 Lynne, Karen 259 Malx riY, Rana 259 Mac'Donald, Bev 210 MacDonald, lorry 178.179 Mac Donald, Mike . 2 52 Magruder, |eb Stuart 78 Maichel, Melvin 259 Majerus, lanis .. 259 Maki, Kevin . . 218 Makin, Doris ............ 241 Malesich, Edward 216 Malkovich. I Virtue 228 Mallon, Larry 190,2U Mallow, lorry 2U Maltby, Toni .............240 Manion, Daniel .218 Mansfield, Colleen 259 Mannks. Rebecca 288 Markelle, Kathy 235 Marlowe, layne 225 Marta. Kristine...........228 Marsh, Paul 201 Marlin. Debbie .......... 289 Martin, Florence..........289 Martin. Kelly . .215 Martin. Manbeth .........28 1 Marling. Kelly 241.259 Masses'. Montana 269 Masters, Dan 259 Manic e, Thomas 22 1 Mattson, Cindy 241,259 Malison, Holly............227 Maunder, Thomas ... 259 Maxwell, Donald .. .212 Maxwell, Rotten A. 289 Mayer, |ohn 259 M Carthy, William 211 Me Caughan. Roliert 228,259 Me Caulley, Debbie 28 1 Me Cleary. Kathy......... 241 Me Cor mac k. |oanc 259.289 M Connie k, |ohn 190 McCormick, Timothy 259, 170, McCoy, Sue 171,174 ...241 McDonald, |ohn 212 Me Donald, Mary 227 Me Donald. Shirley 260 McDonald, Tracie 260 Me Donough, Brad .224 Me Dowell, Sunny 260 Me Facklen, |ohn 289 Me farland. 1he odore 216 Me feely, Melinda 260 Me Gavin, lamie 210 Me Inerney, Thomas 1 10.228 Me Intosh, Dr. Carl, President Me Intosh, Marcia 147. 148 217 McIntyre. David 260 Me Junkin, Phyllis 260 McKee. Leslie 2 JO Me Kenzie. Roliert I) 260 Me laughlin, Mary 216,241 Me Nulty. lueliann 260 McNutt, Dallas 260 McPherson, Leslie 178 Me Rae. Mary 217.289 Meccage, David H. 260 Meeks, Carla 260. 289 Me'ier, Dan 260 Melder, Kenneth 216 Mc'llo. lulia 260 Melle. Richard 224 M l VC 199 Mcnghini, Barbara 260 Menghini, Bill 260 Merc hant. Ric k 260 Merdink. lanice 261 Meroney, Ron 260 Metcalf, Julie 261 Mete alfe, Mike 216 Metz. Roger 176,177 Metz. Sally 190 Meyer, ludy 261 Mover, Keith 218.261 Meyer, Randy 216 Meyer, Steven 218 Mez a Cappa, Carmen Mic helolli. Peter 289 Mic hels, Goln 261 Mu hels, Kirk 180 Mic hels. Pally 178,179 Mickilemist, Ross . 216 Miles, Buddy 85.86 Miles, Charles 212 Milkovich, Tom 224 Miller, Camille 261 Miller. Christine 261 Miller, Craig 218,261 Miller, Diane 217,261 Miller. Kirk . 228 Miller, Mary Jo 215 Miller, Stevia 261 Miller, Tom 261 Miller. Wayne 204,261 Milligan. Carl 261 Mills, Kirk 216 Minow, lulie 215 Mistovvski, loseph .224 Mitchell, Karen. 227 Mite hell, Mary 178. 180 Mitchell, Roger 218 Milsehke , Beth 241 Mlekush, Monte 211 Modern Dance 100 Moe, leanne . 215 Moerkerke. Nanc y 261 Molnar. Bruce 222 Monahan. Karen 241 Monger. Debbie .. 215.227 Monroe’, Hud 111 Montanan 170,171, 172,171, 174.175 Montgomery, Mollie 210.261 Moore, Dave 228 Moore, loni 215 Moore, Louise 261,290 Moore, Mic hael 290 Moorse. Mary |o 261 Moran. Darrell 290 Mnrehead, lanct 217 Morgan, Anne .227 Morgan. Cliff 261 Morgan, Marilee...........217 Morgan, Mike 261 Morgan. Val 211 Mork. Colleen 261 Morris, Mike- 222 Morse, Kimberly 290 Morse. Steve..............211 Morstad, Holly 228 Mortar Board 197 Mosher, Kent 111,222 Mosher, Rhonda 210 Mrac hek, Barbara Ann 290 MSUI lying Botx als 204 MSU Rodeo 110 MSU Sky Divers 201 Mulletle, Larry 261 Mullin. Randy 262 Munis. William 262 Munson, lanel 262 Munson. Peggy 262 Munson, Ric hard 262 Murfitl, Russell 212 Murgel, George ..........262 Murnion, Daniel 216 Murphy, Denis 262 Murphy, Wall 262 Murray. Brent 218 Music (rluc ators National Conference .............195 Mu Sigma Alpha 1 1 1 Myers. Susan .............262 Myers, Terry..............262 Myhre. Clayton. |r 211 Myllymaki. lean 185 301Nayemalsu, Elaine ... 282 Nell, loronc e 2 J6 Neill, Nona S. 282 Nelson, Amy 282 Nelson. David 282 Nelson, lames 212 Nelson, Virginia 281 Nowinan. Leslie 225 Now Riders ol the- Purple Sage 85 New Genesis. Newmac k, Gail 208 Nic hols, (ouise 241 Nicholson, Berna 290 Nicholson, Dolxirah 281 Nickel, Sue 281 Nilsson, Paul 211 Noonan. Eleanor 281.291 Noraker, Alan 218 Nordrum, Esther 261 Nerrgoard. Kenny 218 Nyman. Mary Lou . 261 Nyciuist. Porkv 291 Nyrap. Karon 227 Oberly, Richard O'Berl, Charlc s II 222 Odegard.Ali 210.262.291 Odegard. lean Ann 261 Odenbach. lynell 225.261 O'Donnell, Cathy 210 Ohrman. lohn 261 Ohs, Stevens 228 O'Leary, Dan 261 O'Leary. Paul 224 Ollson, Roller! F 261 Olson. Cyndi 261 Olson, Kim 212 Olson, Kris 263 Olson, Kyle 281,218 Olson, Margo 225 Olsson, Rol ert 211 Olsson, Shelley 261. 227 0| hus. Carol 291 Oriel. Ian 227 Orlady. Sue 217 Orsello. Unda 217 OrteRa. Samuel Adrian 264 )stermillc r, Karc n 217.228 OstreHn, Susan D 264 OtrK-ss, Christie .. 210 Olnc ss, lanet 216 Ovirmier, Dalon 264 Ovitl, Victoria 264 Owen, Arme 204 Owen. Dale 264 Owen, GiRi 217 Owen, loe 204 Owen. Mike 204 Owen. Ric h 204 Owens. |a k 190 Owens. Sharon 227 Palan. Guillermo 291 Pallly. Mary 215.210 Panhellenic Council 215 Paris, Heather 227, 264 Park, lohn 264 Parker, Brenda 210 Parker. Terry 264 Parkes, Libby 217 Parrnan. Dennis 218 Pascoe. Pc Rgy 210 Pasha, Ec slic- 210 Patch. Dan 218 Patterson, Dave 190. 264 Patterson, Harlan F 264 Patterson, Mike 291 Paugh. Cindy 227 Paugh. David 218 Paugh. lulie 2 Ml Payne . Gene 209 Plrair. Ilarl ara 227 Peak. |amc s 291 Pc arson, Cindy 264 Pearson, Roger 264 Poe k, lohn 190 Peek . David 2M 302 Pederson, Debra Pederson, I r« «l Pehl, Carol Anne Polo, Kill Polton, Dave Pol , Randy Pennell, Rolwrt Penner, Karon Poeessim, Robert Pelers, lohn Peters, S oil _______ Peters. lorry Peterson, Marlin .51, Peterson, Rick Peterson, Vickie K Ptau. Brarlley Pfeiller, Kendall Phebus, Dawn Faye PhciEfer, Evelyn Phillipp, lori Phi SiKma Kappa Pi Beta Phi Pi kart, lohn Pimley, Connie Pirrie, lean Pitman. Kenneth Pitts. lorry Plaggoinoyor, I ouis Platt. Rol ort Pletcher. Christine I) Pokorry, Rick Polanec, Ralph Pollock, Brian Pomeroy, Mary lynn Popa. lohn C. Porter, Bev . Pmvderface. Marilyn Poor, Susan Pro Vet Club Prescott, Gary Priljyl. |ohn Pribyl, lohn W. 264 209 190. 209 231 264 264 232.265 265 222 170. 171 178.265 265 170,171. 173 26S 265 218 292 170 292 265 218,219 214.235 176.265 265 291 218 216 265 212 265 209,292 231 .... 222 265 216.265 266 265 265 210 218 228 265 Price, Kenneth 212 Prior. Ginny 181,182 Programming Team . 91, 94,95.96,97. ‘38.99,100, 101 Prossse, Corlelte .221.292 Prueninger, laDonna 230,265 Pugrud. Signed 227 Pullum.Deli 201 Purdy. Denice 265 Pust,lancee.. 210 Quigley. Linda 21,23.25.26. 14. 17. 4f Raaum.Chris 222 Rader, Donna 2 Hi Ralfoly. Don 292 Rainville. Konna 266 Ralph, Mark A 266 Ralston, Gary..........216 Ramsfield, Ron 216 Rang, David . . .212 Range Management Club 209 Rasmusson. Phil 266 Ravey, I lenry 292 Ray, Nancy.............266 Raykowski, Keith 232 Read, Tim 266 Real Inspector Hound, Ihe 54, 62 Redern, George 228 R« dfield, Alan 266 Rodfield, Sylvia.......266 Redmond, Cary 266 Regan, Ionia 266 Reid.lorie 241 Reigvarn. Carmen 227 Reindl. Delibe 217 Reinig, Sandy 266 Remus. Keli 224 Reukauf. Rob 216 Reuter, Ian 216,227,266 Reuterdahl. |udy 266 Reynolds, lerry 232 Rhoades, lisa 227 Ri e. Andrew Ri e, Huliliir t Ri e, lerome I kit hauls, David It Richey. Mark Ri hter, Dan Rickerl.lohn Ridgway, David 2 Riedel, Mike Rieger, Wayne Riehl, Lorraine Rifle Team Rigg. Davirl Riggleman. Mi hael Riley, liana Riley, linrla Riley, louise 6. Rimpe. R« gan Ritnpre, Rolierta Ringo, Dr. lari. Dean of f duration Rine -Woodbury Dam e Company Risa. Brian Ri h. Dan Riter. I)ellx rl Roan, Diane Rolilie. Clyde f....... Rolx'ds, Harold Roller Is, Kaihy Roller! son, Dennis.... Rolicrlson, f rank Charles J Roliertson, Keith ........ Rolxnson, Charles......... Robinson, lerriann ..... Robinson, loyce Rolimson, lisa Rrxleo 110,131,13 Rodeo Club Rodeo learn Rodgers, Corinne Rodnaldson, Gail Rooder. Reliecca 178,1oehm, Eli alx-th 216, ogers, lynne olf, Mailer omerio, Rob onan. Marilyn or»se, Timothy............. ose. Charles OmS Or. Harold C„ IX an of Professional Schools osenthal, BoW i« 2 JO. osholl, Ronald ............ OSOk, George oss, tinda ...2)2, olh. Bob olh, Ranrle olh, William ovig, Sicven owe, Kalhryn G. owfand, Ted oy. Gail Mane oy, Russell lee ........... ulire. Sc oil uf. Sharol uff, Barbara urnans, Mark ling, Cherie ungo, Terese 2M), upper!, Cyndee ussell, |ohn C............. yles, Ian ibragia. Annelle lolynn ifralowich, I orric .... ilsbury, Dianna ilusso, Carol loy.......... ilusso. Sieve ............. iinrnons, Gregory imuel, Elaine irxlars, Debra inrlers, |an irxlerson, William irian. Allen R nron, Bernie .............. illerler , Craig Sauskojus. Mark 268 Seymour, George Sayler, Rex 267 Shaffner. Gail Sr anion, Mike 268 Shammel, Alan S baff, Gary 268 Shane, Shannon Schaner, Emelie ... 268 Shankar. Ravi Sr haner. Marcy 268 Shanks, T im Sr hot lei, Charles 294 Shapples, Gwen Sr herlal, Diana 294 Shaw, Catherine $ henk. Tim 268 Shaw, Mir hael St hindele, William 224 Sheehy. lanel Sr hipf, lohn 222 Shekiika, Chris Schrx k, Cynthia |. 294 Sheldon, Wade Sr hrx k, Rn hard S. 294 Shellerud, Gary Sr hmirll, Roscoe 268 Shelion, Wendy 2 Sr hmit, Kay 217 Sheperd, Glen Sr hmill. Brarl 268 Sherman. Bradlorri Sr hoenhuth. Spring 268 Sherwood, Ron Sfhoer, IX-nise 2IS, 2TO, 268 Shields. Margie Srhrank, Diane 241 Shiell. Susan Sr hrr erler, |im 222 Short. 1 mrla Sr hull , William 268 Shorlridge, Sally Srhusler, 1 aune 268 Sir keler, Delsorah Sr hweil er, Dennis 218 Sielhai h, Kurl Sr oil, Mark 268 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Stoll, Debra 268 Sigma Nu Sr oil, Susan 227 Sigma Phi Epsilon Srovill. David 268 Sikorski. Peler Seals Crfis 92 Simonsen, Indy Seronrl Easl Corridor Hannon Simpon, Roln-ri 212 Sims, Sheila Set or. Bet ky 227 Singer. Daniel Seel, Karl 2)6 Siorski. Warle Seeley, Darryl . 209, 294 Siruter, Dean Segerslrom, lorn 2)8 Ski Demonslralion Seilsiarl. Nancy 268 Skiing Seilslarl, Roger 216 Skinof Our Teeth Seilsiarl, Stoll 216 Skinner. Mary Sell , Mrs 221 Sle ak, Mir hael Seivig, |o 268 Sloan, Karen Sepl. Caron 217 Smart. Marilyn Seplemviri 1% Smith. Cheri Lynn Selher, lorraine 268 Smith. Diane Sewvellow. lack 294 Smith, Donalrl 268 Smith, f dward 269 Sterner. Mauritz . . 295 268 Smith. Gene 209 Slet ner. Kitty 186.217 216 Smith, Jacquelyn 269 Stevenson, Sam 270 .210.269 Smith, John 201 Stewart, Julie 217 90 Smith, Karen 269 Stewart, Linda 270 218 Smith, Killy 269 Stickel, Synneva 270 221 Smith. Marcia 217.269 Stokke, Banner 270 294 Smith, Pam 201 Sloneground 81 216 Smith, Randall Stonehcxker. Steven ... 270 227. 269 Smith, Sherri 215 Strauss. Mary Diane 270 269 Smith, Sherwm 212 Stretl, Fherese 225. 270 294 Soccer 142 Slromlx-rg, Cindy 270 216 Sodaro. David 218 Stuckey. Kim 270 6,220. 294 Soest, Sandra. 269 Sullivan, DeMiic .210 2.16 Solberg, Jim 131 Sullivan. |oe 270 224 Solum. Dale 269 Sundlx rg. Debbie 216. 220 212 Sorensen, Neal 218 Sutton, Rolxvt 270 295 Sorenson, Gail 217.228 Svaren, Paul 270 225 Sorenson. Kim 227 Swallen, left 204 227 Spaulding, Vivian 221.270 Swan. Peggy . 295 295 Speckalske, lanine 241 Swank. Mark 270 228 Sperry, l)et ora 270 Sweet, Lawrence 211 222 Spiroff, Linda 219 Sweeting, Jeanette 270 222.221 Spogis. Chris 270 Swenson, Kay 225.295 .216.237 Spooler, Nancy 217 Swimming 145 212.211 Sponheim, Danny 270 Table of Contents 4 269 Spradling, Sally 228 lau Beta Sigma 199 225 Springer, Dave 222 Tau Pi Phi 197 218 S|Hjrsand tangs 191.192.193, Taylor, |ohn f 190 268 194 Taylor, Marc ia 71,72,71, 181, 228 Stafford, |im 81 210 268 Stanaway, Donald 222 Iomple. Robert.. 224. 270 236 Stearns, Dee ... 170.172 Tennis 141 101 Stebbins, Nancy 270 Terland, Jerry 190 118,119 St«-ele, Charles 270 Terland. Terry 209 61,64,65 Stefferud, Dr. John, Dean of Tessmer, Julie 241 295 Students 149 Thiesen, Debbie 215.219 218 Steinhauser, Diane 241 Thehen, Michael 218 269 Steinmelz. Mike 201 Thieson. Roberta 241 216,217 Stenl erg, Ian 210. 270 T hompson. A George 222 227 Slenberg. Phillip 216 Tbompscxi, Bruce T. 270 221.295 Sterne, Marlean 217 Thompson. Carol C. 270 269 Stepper, Kristy 270 Thompson. Donna 295 303Thompson. Howard 271 T h xnpson. lames I)..... 295 1 hompson, lane 227 Thorne. Jan .....295 Thorsrud. Darci 227 Tidwell, loan I. ...271 Tipton. Connie............241 Tollelson. Ivclyn 271 Tooke. William ...........235 Track....... 127.128.129 Trainelli. Ooutas 222 Treat. Thomas 222 Trowbridge. Barbara . 217 Trowbridge, Connie 271 Trowbridge. Jill P. .174.175 Turn. .Mary 271 Tunby. Maureen........... 227 Tunby, Roy 2IH Turddy. Tina 271 Turk, Albert 222 Turmen, Larry .271 Turner, lames 218 Turnquist. Pam .215.217 Fuss. Ron 295 Tutvedl. Bruce............216 Ulior. Ron 190 Uhlnch, leanne 230 Ulrich, land .221.271 Uhlrich. Robert.......... 236 Ulrnen, Karen 271 UnderdaCAllan 209 Underwood, Beatrice 271 Upshaw. Gary 222 Uravich, Sue ' 2 30 Utah Symphony 67.68 Vadnais. Craig 231.271 Valenti, Fernando 78 Valentine. Monty 238 Valiacic.Lou Ann 230.271 Van Dellinger. Carol 230 Van Deveer, Mic hael 231 Van Cordon. Diane 241 Van Horn. Victor 236.271 Van Sen's!. Dr. Grady. Dean lor General Studies 151 Van Wechcl, Pamela 217 Van Winkle, Mark 271 Varner. Richard 271 Vaskey, lames 224 Vergeront, Charles 216 Verlanic. Kenneth 271 Vessey, Linda .271 Vick. Deblne 295 Vik, Angela 271 Vik. Fonrad 271 Vine, Leanard 271 Violet i. Roanna .241.295 Vogel, Curtis 231 Vogelsong. L lien 225 Waarvik. Karen 271 Wagensen, Ian 271 Wahl, Flair 271 Wallac e. Deborah 296 Wallace . Robin 217 Walsh. Ken 190,216 Walters. Ruth 296 Wangerod. Marti 271 Ward, Greg 203. 271 Ward. John 232 XM Ward. Synde Wardall.Scoll Warner, lulie Waters, Bryan Waters. Shannon Watkins, Vicky Watsin, Claudia Watsin. Myrna Wauer. Debbie Way. I«»n Webb. Kirk Weber. Brian lee Weller, Warren Albert Webner. f laine Weddle, loan Wchrman, Harold Weidinger, 1 mda Weight lilting Weile. Denise Weisner, Raymond Weil , Ratty Weil , Shellie Wellman, Debra Wenger, Fredric k Western Savoyards Westlake, Lynn Westwood. Tory Wetzel. Kendra Whaley, lames Wheeler, Michael Whisky |a k White. I) I White. Rosemary C. Whitehead, lames Whitman. Ardis Kay. . 227 10. 11. 12. IS. i«. 19. 40. 41. 42. Worthington. Debbie 216 41.44,4S Wrestling 114. 1 IS. 217 Whitright, I’at ...272 Wright. Bfu e 272 Wick lor. Dan 228 Wright, Cara 22S Wiegand, lohn 272 Wright. |an 272 W ienke, Wayne 181,272 Wright, lav ... 272 Wiesburg. lim 84 Wright, 1 inda Sue ... 272 Wiest, Carol 221 Wright. Mary 296 Wiggins, Charles 70 Wright, Regan ... . 272 Wild, Robyn 210 Wright. Tomi 131 Wildo. Bronda 217 Wyatt, lohn ....272 Wilhelm, Michael 272 Yal lonski. Gayle . 272 W ilkerson, 1 aura 227 Yost. Sanna 241 Wilkerson. Ron 216.271 Young. Doug 272 Willard. Douglas 216 Young, Roger 2% Williams. Arlene 241 Yuhas. Barbara 272 Williams, David 271 Zeiter, Douglas 141 Williams. Khea 227 Zimmerman. Ben 221 Williams. Robin ... 227 Zimmerman. Evelyn 231 Williamson, loseph 271 Zimmerman, Gary 227 Wilson, lollorv 228 Zimmerman. Rusty 227 Wilson. Ralph. IV 178 Zimmerman, Ihais 22 S Wilson. Roliert 21.271 Zoanm. Mavis 272 Wingerl, Bob 296 Zook. Chryl 74 Wirlh, Za k 216 Zupan. Barbara 2W Wiiner. larry 216 2% Will. Cary 212 .... 272 Wolll. Suvan 296 272 Wood. Waller 296 272 Woodburn. l onna 241.271 81 W Kxlburv. Rolx il 216 216.272 W KKlhoiiM‘. Carolyn 296 ....• 272 Wrxxlland, Sh-vii- 221 272 Woodmansee, Bill 218 20.22.29. WiKxImanM'e. |ohn 218 

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