Montana State University Bozeman - Montanan Yearbook (Bozeman, MT)

 - Class of 1972

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Montana State University Bozeman - Montanan Yearbook (Bozeman, MT) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 90 of 386
Page 90 of 386

Montana State University Bozeman - Montanan Yearbook (Bozeman, MT) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 89
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Page 90 text:

door dr.. fri. mar. 10 survived another finals weok. it was touch e a go for a while, boy. will tho sunshino fool gooo fort lauderdale. here we come! back ogain. doc. fri. mar. 3l took my water bed down south and enjoyed the ton gorgeous doys of fun in tho sun. oh. to bo there now instead of in snowcovered montar • . . . thon i com© bock to this institution, poy m, fees, and the next thing i know it s announced the’ sum-mor work-study has boon shoftod. rool cool. dear dr.. fr - !«"• 28 i wonno go home back to sunny skies, balmy beochos ond falling coconuts, who has overy heard of -75' except in freezers, at that temperoturo evon my oyos quit blinking, three Chinese cheers for the u of m jocks, seems they triod to pull a fost ono on tho state ond get some work study funds that i can't get any of. appoars they had a beautiful set up and then had to go and blow it. door dr.. tues. feb. I oh. now thoy'ro investigating us for mismanaging work study funds, boy, i guess they've reolly blown it oround horo couso i novor got any. dr. dear. fri- fob. 4 had the big gamo of draft roulette . . . know some guys who got pretty low numbers, i guess they re thinking of toking o vacation in Canada. door doc. tues. fob. 8 anybody ever heard of rip van winkel — i mean van winklo stadium? thot's whoro the bobcats are going to bo playing next year, it could bo a really sloopy sooson. whon i first hoar look homeward angel i thought someone was going to dio but tho only casualty of tho play was the audience. dear dr.. tues. fob. 15 fhoy started a now game today — it's called beat the computer (otherwiso known as pro-registration.) maybo i'll sign up for flag pole sitting 412. there's a nasty rumor flying obouf that raro earth is com-ing. personally. I've always like my music woll done, bobcats just lost the big sky title, maybe wo'd bettor send sherlock holmes out to see what hopponod to it. hi. doc. fri. feb. 25 my condition and ski conditions just don't scorn to be compatable. one of these days i'm going to die coming off these exccllont lowor slopes." and speaking of coming down, the new life science building seoms to bo doing just that, when faced with the quandry of whether to sink or swim it choso to sink, saw the devil in real life for the first time since last Saturday night in a play callod scratch, boy. what a hangover. door dr.. fri. mar. 3 i'm tired of ironing my own shirts, i think i'll send them to third floor hannon. they seem to bo doing a real good job. boy. is somebody snoopy around here, now they want to know whot tho folios woar to bod. maybe i can offer my assistance for research . . . hoy. doc. tuos. mar. 7 didn't know we were in a hurricane zone! tho winds wore so strong today that i saw a tree winging south . . . door doc. tuos. apr.4 the latest big name ontorfoinmont here or comp.-, is student senote. i just wish they wouldn .se swd big names for each othor. somo people i_ t might not undorstond. dear dr. fri. opr. 7 everybody yells about the ecology and nr they're finally doing somothing. ecology barrels a-- cut m compus and everybody s putting thoir newspaper in them for recycling, i'm improssed. oh . aah. i'v» finally signed up for a free u class — .-. dames survivol. so i can make it thru tho night. dear doctor. tues. april II hoy. things are starting to happen, now montpirg is in effect on campus, they are trying to project the public, maybe msu is concerned ofter oil -re trad toom is doing ok. seems they won the cc ge division at their last track moot. doc. mcintosh f' ■ apf-14 chet huntloy is in the running for gover.-or. asmsu president frank dudas is rotirlng (ho sur doesnt look 65). and msu cooks serve carcosses orney.' think this place is getting to be too m - . i a r out. oh. wait. . tho exponont soys this is -e spocf issue, gulp.

Page 89 text:

r antennas. or were they trying to start a recycling project of their own? whoops, i almost forgot to vote fo student circus, oops, i mean student senate. dear dr. toes. nov. 23 they screwed it. i'll reed to go ond vote again cause of some voting irregulerities. maybe they need some axle , ok. that's pretty bad. sorry, doc. going home for the first timo this quarter — thanksg • ng. you know, wonder if the olece has changed any. welcor-e me back, doc! fri. dec. 3 going o go vote again, sure hope they get it right this time, humph, tried to go see Virginia woolf tonight a» the shoestring thoator. the place was jammed and they wouldn't let me in. pre-registration, what a assle. i signed up for line standing 213. form • ng 412 and advisor cotching 307. i know i've final v mode big timo. dear doc. ♦“ • doc. 7 i came down with a bad case of the pre-exam jitters. wc"der if finals ore os terrifying as everyone says tney ore. i can hardly wait for morgue hours to stort. hi. dea' dr.. f«. dec. 10 hey. wow!! the posters soy john denver is coming. he’ll be here tomorrow night, suro hope i can scrounge up the money to go see him. the snow in montano falls and falls and falls and foils . . . moybe there's hope for our jocks after all. the basketball team is winning. dear dr.. thurs. dec. 16 finols were os bad os everyone soid they were going fo be. i can't believe i actually survived them, it's a good thing christmos vocation is coming up. i need all the rest and relaxation i con get. dear dr.. fri. dec. 17 free at lost — at least for a couple of weeks, and os the saying goes, "no more school, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks." hollelujoh! back again, doc fri. jen. 7. 1972 really had a super vacation, couldn't believe new year's ovo . . . woll. it s bock to tho old grind. 7300 of us poor fools come bock to this institution to try it again, ugh. slept through the Chicago seven film, wasn't relating thot night, the "worm" finally found a home, i think, they’ro going to let the thing rest in peace at hannon. hope it gets a good homo, and now flash Cadillac's coming, ol-ways been a ford mon. myself, but moybe i'll go. dr. dear. tues. jon. 11 hey! the bobcots won two gomes, i hope thot's sign of the chonging tide, gatton field went the way of the buffalo — it is officially no more, and by the woy. folks, the good dr. soys there oren't ony incompetent teachers on campus . . . he's probably right — they oil live somewhore else. hi, dr.. fri. jen. 14 progress hits msu. the new life science building has a preview ond fronk dudas asmsu president wos sick, i think they've finally made it to the big time, (really, snort, you sound like jomes prosto — big time again.) dear dr.. tues. jen. 18 my opera glass and i had on outstanding time at die fledermous the other night, that's the best (and only) opera i've seen in a long time, sow the bod squod in action lost weekend, i must admit they add something, suro do got a lot of bolls. door dr., fri. jon. 21 shades of scandal! it seems that prof, goetz and the attorney gonerol ore hoving o feud, it will be interesting to see what develops, maybe they'll run each other through with swords? speaking of politicians. jesse unruh gave a most revealing talk the other night, i suppose i should have gono and found out how to corrupt a government in three eosy revolutions, maybe my elation of last woek was premoture. the cots dropped two big ones this weekend, oh. well, i'm used to it now. dear dr.. tues. jan. 25 hey. the eiponent just told me that i can only get sick in the morning, the health center is only equipped to dispense pills in tho early hours until noon, another silly rule — only this one was from helena. ond speaking of the capitol of our state — our con con is meeting there trying to updote us. wow.

Page 91 text:

deor doctor tues. apr. 18 mw jmr oian. i moan amphityron 38 last night, caught up on my sloop oftor tho first act. i was amused part but i wish it hadn't boon so long, read in “o exponent all the candidate's views: wondor -io exponent is playing politics, just liko big timo. hey. dec. fri. apr. 12 .« were supposed to do something hero on a survey to help benefit lifo at msu. but we decided to do a survoy to help benefit us: male nightwoar survey- jrderwear pj's refusals other cokey boxer fresh -I 8 4 0 0 8 raked sopho": 20 2 1 1 2 smiles 3 naked juniors 20 4 2 0 2 smiles 1 naked seniors 12 6 0 0 4 naked fotal 60 16 3 1 20 well. doc. tuos. apr. 12 well, doctor, in tho primary oloctions, it seems that it's a case of he who bullshits most wins best, all acting soems, just like "everyman." saw that play o d was vaguely impressed with tho loopard hot par t . door doc. fr'■ «Pf- 28 have ' ey rearranged the campus? i vo boon asked by dozens of toony-boppers whoro the sub is. soccer practice started, hope they have more luck than the rest. door sowbonos. tues. may 2 uh. doc. the new student senote now exists, sounds like those guys may do ok. anyway that's what their posters say. you missed the "nitty gritty dirt band" and you would havo liked if. hoy. i thought tho only thing around here that was erratic was the computer — snow in may? blazes. doctor, doctor fri. may 5 my drawers have boon rifled, yech. all in tho nomc of a panty raid, hasn't been a successful raid on third floor hannon since 1951. nico iob. back again doc. tuos. may 9 wow. what a weekend, ron perrin quit and is leaving for missoula. i wondor if ho will bo tho only ono. we had a drug raid, just like a big time university. the cowboys ond girls won again — this timo at oastern. there is a group coming that can chill your blood. dear doc. fri. moy 12 big weekend coming up. i think i'll go to the peace march, you missed m day. it was groovoy and tho music flowed like wine (hie), cold blood and steve j goodman hoedod tho ontortainors and for free even. doctor mcintosh tues. may 16 boy. it was suro a poacoful wcokond. wo had a peaco march, a festival of life and a new genesis sing, all was quiet until a bullet hit Wallace in mary-land. dear doc. fri. may 19 it's been a quiot wook doc. not much going on now. i guoss everybody is getting ready for the big end of school rush, finenco board is getting roedy for their annual blood letting, i gues tom paroc is first, i hope ho can got o transfusion from somewhere else, he'll need it. hey doc. foes, may 23 we hod a drug war hoax, how about that, a few faces are red ond the administration is upset, it’ll do urn good, the froshponent came and went. dear doctor. fri. may 26 i wont and saw alien ginsberg. i couldn't understand him but i enjoyed it anyway, hey. i saw a dance repertory last night, it was great, i'm going to go next year too. spring football practice started but they are only playing each other, that can't bo too much fun. dear doc. tues. may 30 i attended the last theatrical production last night, ubu rex was suro different but i sure liked it anyway. finance board put it to athletics last night, who’s noxt. woll doctor this is it. fri. jun. 2 megan medonough sang in the cafeteria today, she is pretty good, it holpod tho food even, student senate endod the year with the longest session in thoir history, they finished tho budgets ond most everyone was happy, well, it's nearly the end of anothor yoar. we have the notiono! rodeo finols and a national spur and fangs convention bu? they just about wrap it up. thonks for a good year doc. we need more medicine like this year, see you in the fall, don't get sunburnod.

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