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montanan nineteen hundred seventy two icontents photo essay — place; pq 3 campus entertainment pg 11 photo essay — people pg 27 tports pg 35 happenings pg 75 communications pg 101 student government pg 133 organizations pg 157 acadomics pg 209 greets pg 221 living groups pg 287 index and ads pg 354ft . i -Tssftj ’ 3 campus entertainmentjames gang morgan, love and company J06UIUU01U ■john denverhans einsteinalbert szent- gyorgyirare earth 331 rainier ecologyClsportsfootball41gymnasticsestlingcrosscountry 63 • Mrifle teambobcat? a wrestling the bobcat rostling oom. lod by standouts bill spring and ric- iohnson. completed a very successful season, the cats placed third in the big sky conference championships held at pocatello. idaho. the msu gj.;cpl rs. under the directio of k ah,fhe -and of, powerhousos, wajhir if. cloud minn.. and big sky champion i .. JP— emsick, complet'd their season winning twelve end losing only fo dual meets, three of the losses came ah tho ands of powerhouses, Washington is participated in by a huge portion of the student body. leading this year's nordic team was veteran steve settle, defending big sky cross country champion. other nordic ontries are wayne hanson and John pickett. rob Hamilton and dave beeman. entries woro jim reining, gary hehn. dick collins. f john shompeny and rick j csen. ng of boioman won 25 of 28 w'nd up as the leading point get-15-1 duol moat record and 10-2 ;ring 12 falls in the 28 matches, 4 88-pound senior hied on 18-9 re-ind s8red 72 team points, others with win-ecords worn: sid monts. 15-8: bob owens. 17-manlev 3-7-1: don fellor. 16 7; marc fioh besel. 9-6: ken stuke'r. 4-1: bob ; bot stonko. 4-2: and norm omsborg. re c th ee seniors on the squad and w Lho-o o strong nucleus returning no ’ fVk. skiing the sport et mu thot should be the biggest ond the best suffers ’hrough a disastrous yoar which ku'miiieted in the r csignotion of its coach and little fUP 9 irJ the skiing tear , coached by barry dunlloy. only entered two me- ’his year, they managed a fifth and third in the b;g : y championships. msu will probe’ either basketball o for skiing, after a never be known notionelly for footbell teams but it should bo ’ s a native sport and one that tennis the tennis team suffered through a so-so yoar losing more than jKwon. msu. who had five of their so members off last year's team that finished fifth in the big sky. duplicated the feet with onother fifth place finnh this year, ; 0- ’ A 7 v i it yjjti the tennis tineup included: tom foote. bob story, stove barman. jimmyxjohnstono. ross benson and nek hilrr■«,. U track the msu cindermon broke from the blocks cleanly, ran a good race, but didn't havo tho kick to finish the soeson strongly, however, it wes a great year for individual performances which saw many rocords broken or tied. Mn i ' m j4 u tho cat trackmen won their first four dual meets, easily won three streight invifationals. but lost the final two dual moots of tho soeson and finished e dismal last in the b"sg sky conference championships. biyr . .«t, y hub of this year's team has been jim gunlikson. a junior, he has come up with these marks in his specialties: 9.6 in tho 100: 21.4 in tho 220: 24-1 in the long lump; ond 46- -3 in the triple jump. many other track stars saw action this year and contributed to the cats winning record, among them were: jim robbins in the mile (4:11.9): ray ermstrong in the pole vault. (14-6): rich cherlson (468) and tim walker. (46-3) in the triple jump: mike flynn in the 100. bill remey in the high jump and jim poteneude in the 880. also active were dennis gruo in the hurdles ond weight man curt brondon who wos sidelined most of the season with a leg injury. crosscountry the bobeet crosscountry year was terriblo whan you consider team scores, but when you consider I individuel performances it was a good year, lod by jim robbins who won every meet but two, the team had some sparkling performances from: |im pate-naude. ed dorflor. john hess. roger robbins. do« meH. and tim down ay rodeo the msu rodeo team enjoyed one of their finest years this past season and are one of the top choices in the notional finals to be held at tho fieidhouse in late jure. at the time of the national finals, the bobcats (both men and women) were leading the northwest regron of the national intercollegiate rodeo division in mony avonts. the northwest region includos Washington, Oregon, montono and northern idaho. twenty-four colleges and universities are active in intercollegiate rodeo in tho region. this yoar the cats woro led by many strong individual performances, included in those performances are fivo bobcats who leod the entire nation in thoir particular event, (os well as load the region) they are: jan anderson (breakaway roping): bob scholl (bareback): jock mcdowoll (soddle bronc): doon parkins (ribbon roping): and lynn parry (steor wrestling). in addition to the abovo tho cat rodeo team also had soma othors piecing in the top fhroo or four in the region, they are: tom hollond (bareback): cleva looey (saddle bronc): lynn perry (calf roping): and bob schall is leading in ell around with lynn perry in second place, in the women's division sally kamm (breakaway roping) and debbie burghduff (barrell rocing) ore in the top three, jan anderson is loading the region all around women's competition.i -O rv r-v o -O ' 't — NNCOCO NNOO I -t'el il l I ! •fii-s i ill! lii« 11 '!C?S SSSS8 XSKg?582!S? t Q.=- C • C |4 -H ?i I 1' !?|ii 1 It 4 f f-4 l iiJ.| 7 3: 'i ‘ 1 ? 11 i!| I ? I 5il|ls|l! 11 ij|- 2 -°. s s-e ! l-f -S-S ?£ t £■ . 1 I 8 si I ffly! ! Jllill! 2 Qscoaco -arwog g — 04 04 N N M U + o c -S _ O o ; © o 5 ■f f I| «ji s si-l « U « t tt 1 E - N n N » S£oSSg8££££5;S;:££S3S£3£SS855Ss o - - “5 1111 It i Jllill II lilllt 1l Hi §' • • tt tt tt tt g-g. ■ u to o o - n i rs i i m -O O COthey never taught you how to handle this in french 101registrationth tred't Oft sjrW ri )bt ®n at CoU 9«t and univer-these d m™ ' no exception, the traditional home-ng wasn't what »t used to be. it was a fun weekend but •he feitivitie bed n «'r opetby bat seems to prevail at fhese daw. itudent co-chairmen for the four day activi-■ f. were dow bit end nancy woodward and they did a good job and’dwexvo praise, the whole thing started thurs- J¥ night with rf nt night, it was on the light side and everyone enjoyed flpmsolvcs. the next morning the parade was held in « little bettor weather than last yoar. based on the ,t me "it’s yotir thing" the parade lasted nearly an hour and was a prelod ]fflB e football game, the bobacats were hav--g e dismal year and the snow was falling and audience was scarce. everyW Bvas chilly except the play of tho bobcats, they held off leader weber and fought and clawed f eir way to a @ 2l tie. their best game of the year, tho weekend's enta Bimont came in two segments, on friday night the homecoming dance was held and marcia moxinor was crowned queen. music was provided by a great group from salt lake city — morgan love, and company. Saturday night a group biled as "one of the greatest up and coming musical organizations" thrilled about 14 people and left the rest wishing they would have got up and went, the james gang put on a imMcre to extremely poor performance and even did it with Hie benefit of a contract so no one could charge things, we ll r halt that up to the first concert of the year and the inexperience of campus entertainment commit-anyway, it was a high'' evening for all. so another homecoming has com end gone and all of us have memories, tome bad and hopnfuly some good.iNWtNammadrigal dinnertime capsule dear dr. mcintosh. sun. sopt. 19 arrived at institution today, brought all my junk with me. but they wouldn't let mo koop my water bed. the establishment just doesn't understand. dear doctor. wed. sept. 22 the nice man on the radio just told us again that it's 31° and snowing in bozeman. we woro rudoly awakened at 6:30 this morning to bo fold that sigma-seven has been fixed and we will register — i guess they got a new shipment of rubberbands. dear dr. mcintosh. tuos. sopt. 28 hey! this place is different than high school! hero they worry about the price freozo on admission tickets and books, and the logal implications of the proposed new stadium, then in high school they didn't have courses in line standing and form writing. i guess i really made the big timo. dear dr.. tues. oct. 6 goo. the ploys at this institution aro roally professional. saw the price tonight, i'll make a bot it goes far. . . dear doc, fri. oct. 8 wow!! in the exponent it says that tho jamos gang is coming to moo u. big name entertainment must bo roolly something, finally got my official msu i.d. today — now i've got an official number and everything! dear dr.. fri. oct. 15 this is kathy pidino week, it seems that kathy wos injured in a cor accident, now she's paralyzed and people on campus aro holping. kindo humanizes this institution, oh. yeah, the jamos gang is coming. dear dr.. tues. oct. 19 the james gang came, sure enjoyed the frisbees. wish i d taken four cases of oxcedrin. the real thrill of the week was a talk on how to be raped in three easy lessons, reminds me of tho north dokota joke dear dr.. wed. nov. 3 big name entertainment soys tho youngbloods are coming, i don't think i'll go ... i still have th nightmares about the james gang, doctor. dear dr.. fri. oct. 22 not much happening around the hallowed halls lately, football is shifting into high goor. hop« they don't pop the clutch like they did los- yoa-and go putt putt into the sunset, jt would be nice to be on the winning side for a change, but you know, like they say. what does it matter! door dr., tues. oct. 29 the bobcats lost to isu. i suppose it was the minidome that did it — the bobcats just aren't used to playing in such fancy surroundings, oh. well, basketball practice started last week. doar dr.. fri. r.ov. 5 environment, pollution, population control . . . within tho next 30 years this planet will be smofh-orod in tho debris of our civilization, maybe i should havo stayed in bod today. dear dr.. tues. nov. 9 didn't go see tho youngbloods, but they te me i should ve. darn! tho jocks blew it again — bcocats lost 30 0 to u of m. i wonder if they know they’re not out thero to collect dust . . . dear dr.. fri. nov. 12 election timo at moo u. rood in tho exponent vhat the candidates for asmsu hod to soy. it's goc-d to know someone is doing something on campus. hi. doc. tuos. nov. 16 do judge soid "no" to the associated students — thoy’re moking us have a new health and pe complex after all. i thought that's what we hod the heolth contor for. well, wont to the opening ght at the sub theater of the Caucasian chalk circle, it was really relevant, as my history prof, would sav. dear doc.. ft'- n«v 1$ the janitors here aren't hoppy with the estob sh-ment eithor. seems that thoy wont more mone.. i thought that was a disease common only among college students in their letters homo, somebody else needed some money, too. they stolo 56 carr antennas. or were they trying to start a recycling project of their own? whoops, i almost forgot to vote fo student circus, oops, i mean student senate. dear dr. toes. nov. 23 they screwed it. i'll reed to go ond vote again cause of some voting irregulerities. maybe they need some axle , ok. that's pretty bad. sorry, doc. going home for the first timo this quarter — thanksg • ng. you know, wonder if the olece has changed any. welcor-e me back, doc! fri. dec. 3 going o go vote again, sure hope they get it right this time, humph, tried to go see Virginia woolf tonight a» the shoestring thoator. the place was jammed and they wouldn't let me in. pre-registration, what a assle. i signed up for line standing 213. form • ng 412 and advisor cotching 307. i know i've final v mode big timo. dear doc. ♦“ • doc. 7 i came down with a bad case of the pre-exam jitters. wc"der if finals ore os terrifying as everyone says tney ore. i can hardly wait for morgue hours to stort. hi. dea' dr.. f«. dec. 10 hey. wow!! the posters soy john denver is coming. he’ll be here tomorrow night, suro hope i can scrounge up the money to go see him. the snow in montano falls and falls and falls and foils . . . moybe there's hope for our jocks after all. the basketball team is winning. dear dr.. thurs. dec. 16 finols were os bad os everyone soid they were going fo be. i can't believe i actually survived them, it's a good thing christmos vocation is coming up. i need all the rest and relaxation i con get. dear dr.. fri. dec. 17 free at lost — at least for a couple of weeks, and os the saying goes, "no more school, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks." hollelujoh! back again, doc fri. jen. 7. 1972 really had a super vacation, couldn't believe new year's ovo . . . woll. it s bock to tho old grind. 7300 of us poor fools come bock to this institution to try it again, ugh. slept through the Chicago seven film, wasn't relating thot night, the "worm" finally found a home, i think, they’ro going to let the thing rest in peace at hannon. hope it gets a good homo, and now flash Cadillac's coming, ol-ways been a ford mon. myself, but moybe i'll go. dr. dear. tues. jon. 11 hey! the bobcots won two gomes, i hope thot's sign of the chonging tide, gatton field went the way of the buffalo — it is officially no more, and by the woy. folks, the good dr. soys there oren't ony incompetent teachers on campus . . . he's probably right — they oil live somewhore else. hi, dr.. fri. jen. 14 progress hits msu. the new life science building has a preview ond fronk dudas asmsu president wos sick, i think they've finally made it to the big time, (really, snort, you sound like jomes prosto — big time again.) dear dr.. tues. jen. 18 my opera glass and i had on outstanding time at die fledermous the other night, that's the best (and only) opera i've seen in a long time, sow the bod squod in action lost weekend, i must admit they add something, suro do got a lot of bolls. door dr., fri. jon. 21 shades of scandal! it seems that prof, goetz and the attorney gonerol ore hoving o feud, it will be interesting to see what develops, maybe they'll run each other through with swords? speaking of politicians. jesse unruh gave a most revealing talk the other night, i suppose i should have gono and found out how to corrupt a government in three eosy revolutions, maybe my elation of last woek was premoture. the cots dropped two big ones this weekend, oh. well, i'm used to it now. dear dr.. tues. jan. 25 hey. the eiponent just told me that i can only get sick in the morning, the health center is only equipped to dispense pills in tho early hours until noon, another silly rule — only this one was from helena. ond speaking of the capitol of our state — our con con is meeting there trying to updote us. wow.door dr.. fri. mar. 10 survived another finals weok. it was touch e a go for a while, boy. will tho sunshino fool gooo fort lauderdale. here we come! back ogain. doc. fri. mar. 3l took my water bed down south and enjoyed the ton gorgeous doys of fun in tho sun. oh. to bo there now instead of in snowcovered montar • . . . thon i com© bock to this institution, poy m, fees, and the next thing i know it s announced the’ sum-mor work-study has boon shoftod. rool cool. dear dr.. fr - !«"• 28 i wonno go home back to sunny skies, balmy beochos ond falling coconuts, who has overy heard of -75' except in freezers, at that temperoturo evon my oyos quit blinking, three Chinese cheers for the u of m jocks, seems they triod to pull a fost ono on tho state ond get some work study funds that i can't get any of. appoars they had a beautiful set up and then had to go and blow it. door dr.. tues. feb. I oh. now thoy'ro investigating us for mismanaging work study funds, boy, i guess they've reolly blown it oround horo couso i novor got any. dr. dear. fri- fob. 4 had the big gamo of draft roulette . . . know some guys who got pretty low numbers, i guess they re thinking of toking o vacation in Canada. door doc. tues. fob. 8 anybody ever heard of rip van winkel — i mean van winklo stadium? thot's whoro the bobcats are going to bo playing next year, it could bo a really sloopy sooson. whon i first hoar look homeward angel i thought someone was going to dio but tho only casualty of tho play was the audience. dear dr.. tues. fob. 15 fhoy started a now game today — it's called beat the computer (otherwiso known as pro-registration.) maybo i'll sign up for flag pole sitting 412. there's a nasty rumor flying obouf that raro earth is com-ing. personally. I've always like my music woll done, bobcats just lost the big sky title, maybe wo'd bettor send sherlock holmes out to see what hopponod to it. hi. doc. fri. feb. 25 my condition and ski conditions just don't scorn to be compatable. one of these days i'm going to die coming off these exccllont lowor slopes." and speaking of coming down, the new life science building seoms to bo doing just that, when faced with the quandry of whether to sink or swim it choso to sink, saw the devil in real life for the first time since last Saturday night in a play callod scratch, boy. what a hangover. door dr.. fri. mar. 3 i'm tired of ironing my own shirts, i think i'll send them to third floor hannon. they seem to bo doing a real good job. boy. is somebody snoopy around here, now they want to know whot tho folios woar to bod. maybe i can offer my assistance for research . . . hoy. doc. tuos. mar. 7 didn't know we were in a hurricane zone! tho winds wore so strong today that i saw a tree winging south . . . door doc. tuos. apr.4 the latest big name ontorfoinmont here or comp.-, is student senote. i just wish they wouldn .se swd big names for each othor. somo people i_ t might not undorstond. dear dr. fri. opr. 7 everybody yells about the ecology and nr they're finally doing somothing. ecology barrels a-- cut m compus and everybody s putting thoir newspaper in them for recycling, i'm improssed. oh . aah. i'v» finally signed up for a free u class — .-. dames survivol. so i can make it thru tho night. dear doctor. tues. april II hoy. things are starting to happen, now montpirg is in effect on campus, they are trying to project the public, maybe msu is concerned ofter oil -re trad toom is doing ok. seems they won the cc ge division at their last track moot. doc. mcintosh f' ■ apf-14 chet huntloy is in the running for gover.-or. asmsu president frank dudas is rotirlng (ho sur doesnt look 65). and msu cooks serve carcosses orney.' think this place is getting to be too m - . i a r out. oh. wait. . tho exponont soys this is -e spocf issue, gulp.deor doctor tues. apr. 18 mw jmr oian. i moan amphityron 38 last night, caught up on my sloop oftor tho first act. i was amused part but i wish it hadn't boon so long, read in “o exponent all the candidate's views: wondor -io exponent is playing politics, just liko big timo. hey. dec. fri. apr. 12 .« were supposed to do something hero on a survey to help benefit lifo at msu. but we decided to do a survoy to help benefit us: male nightwoar survey- jrderwear pj's refusals other cokey boxer fresh -I 8 4 0 0 8 raked sopho": 20 2 1 1 2 smiles 3 naked juniors 20 4 2 0 2 smiles 1 naked seniors 12 6 0 0 4 naked fotal 60 16 3 1 20 well. doc. tuos. apr. 12 well, doctor, in tho primary oloctions, it seems that it's a case of he who bullshits most wins best, all acting soems, just like "everyman." saw that play o d was vaguely impressed with tho loopard hot par t . door doc. fr'■ «Pf- 28 have ' ey rearranged the campus? i vo boon asked by dozens of toony-boppers whoro the sub is. soccer practice started, hope they have more luck than the rest. door sowbonos. tues. may 2 uh. doc. the new student senote now exists, sounds like those guys may do ok. anyway that's what their posters say. you missed the "nitty gritty dirt band" and you would havo liked if. hoy. i thought tho only thing around here that was erratic was the computer — snow in may? blazes. doctor, doctor fri. may 5 my drawers have boon rifled, yech. all in tho nomc of a panty raid, hasn't been a successful raid on third floor hannon since 1951. nico iob. back again doc. tuos. may 9 wow. what a weekend, ron perrin quit and is leaving for missoula. i wondor if ho will bo tho only ono. we had a drug raid, just like a big time university. the cowboys ond girls won again — this timo at oastern. there is a group coming that can chill your blood. dear doc. fri. moy 12 big weekend coming up. i think i'll go to the peace march, you missed m day. it was groovoy and tho music flowed like wine (hie), cold blood and steve j goodman hoedod tho ontortainors and for free even. doctor mcintosh tues. may 16 boy. it was suro a poacoful wcokond. wo had a peaco march, a festival of life and a new genesis sing, all was quiet until a bullet hit Wallace in mary-land. dear doc. fri. may 19 it's been a quiot wook doc. not much going on now. i guoss everybody is getting ready for the big end of school rush, finenco board is getting roedy for their annual blood letting, i gues tom paroc is first, i hope ho can got o transfusion from somewhere else, he'll need it. hey doc. foes, may 23 we hod a drug war hoax, how about that, a few faces are red ond the administration is upset, it’ll do urn good, the froshponent came and went. dear doctor. fri. may 26 i wont and saw alien ginsberg. i couldn't understand him but i enjoyed it anyway, hey. i saw a dance repertory last night, it was great, i'm going to go next year too. spring football practice started but they are only playing each other, that can't bo too much fun. dear doc. tues. may 30 i attended the last theatrical production last night, ubu rex was suro different but i sure liked it anyway. finance board put it to athletics last night, who’s noxt. woll doctor this is it. fri. jun. 2 megan medonough sang in the cafeteria today, she is pretty good, it holpod tho food even, student senate endod the year with the longest session in thoir history, they finished tho budgets ond most everyone was happy, well, it's nearly the end of anothor yoar. we have the notiono! rodeo finols and a national spur and fangs convention bu? they just about wrap it up. thonks for a good year doc. we need more medicine like this year, see you in the fall, don't get sunburnod.brothersv.- peace march the following statomont was issued by msu president carl w. mcintosh thursday, may 11, regarding the proposed student boycott of classes friday, may 12. "at montane stato univorsity each day every student must decide whether to go to class, this is true whether the alternative is tho opening of the hunting soason. frosh snow on the ski slopes, or the first warm day of spring. a symbolic absence is no different, no special penalties are assessed and no special exemptions are awarded, classes are held for those who choose to attend, no one is entitled to prevent their attendance. those who choose not to attend are similarly privileged to exercise their free choice.'" 94tokyo string quartetvine deloriagraduation and i still ask whysJ- Hoc at bool-•tore. forfait $75.00 25- you ttarva. no breed. nsova tloxty 26- credibility gap 27- you gat diploma adva- a one or go bacl two 2S- avaryona alta hat tona too. 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PKOePAfA_C) station personnel 71-72 manager — rick thompson kglt program diroctor — ronn bayly kglt chief onnouncor — borry white kats program director — jhelby kuenning kats chiof announcer — tom bafutto secrotary — alice flynn news director — jim dewolf chiof onginoer — steve rice production — rogor yaogor business manager — nancy landgren radio station personnel 72-73 managor — nancy landgren kglt program director — borry whito kglt chief onnouncer — todd hubbell kats program director — shelby kuenning kats chief announcer — tom bafutto news director — kayle jackson chief onginoer — steve rice production — jeff tong businoss monagor — roger yaeger TRY IT - YOU'LL LIKE IT! montana state universityMUSIC When a particular musical format is not scheduled. Potluck...sniff, sniff... i O'Clocic Wednesday Interviews, discussions, .n which the listening iudience is invited to all the studio and have jonments aired and jues tiers answered. 5:30 NEWS half hour of the latest Jews, sometimes witty ;cmctimes not...Includes National, Montana, Carpus, Sports, Weather and Editorials. i UuihjmiuuHvWMadia Reeds moral restraint (raMTOgrof t ni M M) u •" ! Morwns ptopte. «r.: Jwi cf wetoh hi f tpeKVk eieux ;w e rkcUo-j.iWirfl is bow |Vrt» tO (W»K , pH anMitod du« , « of e to ,.-330' »» WP K . C tO I fC -cdu h» MS co (h« rijhdy so. ■-f been a '•non. Such a at the urn -II. Witness : election, his b«n common That it was. to i --.stake - it abo Hut Che • :rec [ton. ijed" Is. t. A moot -itiorubte r.r Rice. ‘•at includes til basis for :-it v«n«sr ♦ . 25 ftb. 1 a natural. Mr. Rice'j acUons Hit principles in this matter are. indeed, very commendable Kit actions, however, are another matter. The announcements made by Mr. Rice, not only on KCLT and K ATS but on the local teutons as well. ceciptotely peciudaced the outcome of the election. These actions forced the election committee to invalidate the election r. a moot s-p t x»ihc »t hl, t-sMscfoae person. St Cut cassot. and 1' « ?. dspate the me ktrtOStt. leSrealiy Stole-ranWr l-i. 95 11 eat trtrOed as « «».»r»hne.r osi-1 •KJta as Be euairy ■ ■ ItvBWi'teApti! ' reCOJftsolasjetfr.. o . lira toward tot -y.« trasn't MiHf 4dm M dud acrid M ary tic of Hmor • such an ttawet axaSent •a»c«'SSidhilOc -. l w1m"u»S Thanks To the editors. I would like to Hunk and commend Radio Sutton KGLT for tho consistently high quality of thets troadcaiowa. Then mure spectrum of peofpi tuning. from the very best us contemporary sounds to the etc ruve documentaries cf Pacifica s ado, constitute a sipuficant coatributBM to the cultural bfe of our uniradiy community. Ron IVnin Assisi, prof., philosophy Huzza, Expo TO CHAR PHOTO MIX-UP To the editors. You. the Exponent suff. and the contributors deserve to be coajya tote ted for the November 5 edition I hope that many us addition to those of us at MSU have the oppeecunity to read it. •an Teyhnpen Architect 1 Montan n wants students TV staff of the 1972 Vtteaaa 3 a skint - rodents tor toil picture til- last year t tap by the Monu nan office a sale tut the picture w ill be i tie icoual. Thu doe not 4)de petures that - ere taken 51 aid winter quarters of this •iSrcecorv I wt is comptemr i , -a thank •3T hr a eicedem programming •41 Pacifica a pear, and so is V «W of local prop and w Tkask you. KCLT. • And Vai Eapoacat. foe - ntn the »rfKbed«kd prop ms Mftesd _ scncaeiavt year, only last year. The mixup is due to the fact that there were problems with the photopapher last year and some of the pictures were lost and never Iransferred. The Montanan has an uptodatc list of everyone wrho will appear is (he 1972 annual and if there is any doubt please stop at (heir office and check to see if your name it on that list. The 1971 Montanans should be available shottly after Oct. 1, reported Editor Don Pilottc from his temporary vantage point in Boise. Ida. Landgren plans year-round broadcasting By dins Prcctc Exponent Reporter The new station manager for What do MSU males wear to bed? lo Be editors Smce 4 is ease to ante to you rather than adlress a separate keer to every • Be to canpus we ad use Ms means to comey cur nnuic Be have come under consdwrtle pressure Irom our rotor to coTOset a hseannjtil survey concrmnf some aspect of rte e Ik Alter Brough aN cf the ad records ae foend that -|ieam»cM Storm' have been done on tvterltitg rangni Iron the rato ot males to ferrules. «e timber ol peed, who wear ttasses to tv average narsber of cancerous orostr b ces per ttrot We have. Iherefort slier auck scsi search ng and mTOUtoo deeded to condact a shdy on the mponant sitjro cf the brtlme litre ol the men aScndng MSU We retort that ttss survey coidhm tar reaching scent and politico consequences aed tor Pvs reason please help us when ae cal you (V 4 day or ragh-j Bane Be neit week Ouac am Sion 1972 tvedors ol Sooal Research ind Related CcncecO for the 1972 McnUruh to the ediors llrkiowri to many stuSents on fte MSU can pus Were n a fourth loor to our sc tod ktrary 4 cont.vs the irchves. a lanussc store cf back ntormabon about oar ichod. comnunty. and state Conlrwy to the briefs ef sooe it is readfy Kccssitfe to any studert eager enough to seek 4 out Students wisrv-ig lo do primary research can ind a gold mne cf on®nil i.fcrmatoo m the irchves Ihe rare picture cdlecboa olleis a vrnety ol He pittoeg back tntory that n’more than rrt erasing Rack issues of bett the Mvoionon and tv lip n nt are os tie there ler anycne mshve to eiamne them. If you are eithei sophomore, junior, or senior you are elipTile for a free gift from the Montanan. Have you gotten yours yet? If not. stop in and pick up yours today. It s FREE. radio KGLT. Nancy Landgren, has year round operation as her main goal. The KCC has been cracking down cm 10 watt FM stations that do not eperate on yearly basis. KCLT doe not because of school vacations and holidays. Landgren said the station, with more aid. could and would broadcast on a year-round bosls. Landgren began as KCLT first business manager last February. Since that time she has helped with production work, announcing, and otter facets of radio. Other persons Involved wtih KCLT are Steve Rice, chief engineer; Roger Yaeger. business manager; Barry White, FM program director; Tod Hubbcl, FM chief announcer; Jeff Tong, production manager and Kayie Jackson, news director. The station has approximately 66 students participating indifferent capacities of radio produclion. Recently KCLT has teen asked about Increasing wattage. This could be done, but student money would be needed for some new equipment to complete the Job. The station presently has everything to go full stereo except (or the transmitter. A new transmitter would be needed, as would an air monitor, remote transmitter facilities, full-time engineer, license change, and the moving ot the antenna tower. The tower is now located on the SUB. it would have to be moved to one ot the high-rise dorms. These changes would add up to some IB thousand dollars. KGLT would then have the capability of going full stereo. This b something new tor thl area of the country; Montana docs not have many stereo radio stations. The coverage area tor the nation would be much greater, also. The station could then broadcast their educational programs to other areas beside Bozeman. Student senate slaps hand By Jim Ryan Senate Reporter On the eve ot the general election, student senate held a brief meeting with the main point of business being the censuring of the Expooeot editor and Its election editorial policy. According U resolution No. 60 40, the editorial staff of the Exponent has refused to print any non Exponent staff Input (Le. letters to the editor) concerning the qualifications or limitations of a candidate except through the medium of paid advertising. The resolution also charges the editorial staff of the Exponent with being In ethical violation of (he average students' freedom of the press and freedom of expression. The reason tor this charge Is that the Exponent allegedly printed formal endorsements - etaUr »SMSU candidate- 'Ing allrgatl- A ner candid- .nr jwln "T oO vV ’ UN of A) IS| wm with V .uitmcntsof b. .Bern radio station positions. Landgren was anrv lM« w4 •••' -• Fatigued quartz blitzes KCLT By Joe NbUer A piece of quartt In the KCLT radio station transmitter failed over the weekend, causing the enure station to become non-functional for two day . According lo Steve Klee, chief engineer for KCLT. a quart crystal Inside a tube called a crystal oven malfunctioned Friday night. "Apparently, the quartz became fatigued to the point where It wouldn't vibrate as It should." he said. Rice explained the crystal generates a frequency signal which the sound Is modulated against in (he station. Since the frequency of the quartz determines the frequency olan fm station, and slice this frequency Is affected by temperature. II is kept In a crystal oven with heating filaments and a thermometer to keep the quartz at a constant t» degrees centigrade. Rice was able to "kick the crystal up" Monday afeemoen by increasing the small amount of voltage used to drive the crystal oven. He boosted the signal on the crystal tour or five times, toping the present crystal wit' last unlit a new one can arrive from Illinois in about a week. Bv late Monday afternoon KCLT had been revived. However, the radio station still has Its problems. The new crystal oven and a spare oven to be ordered will also coat 110 each. Rice said a crystal oven has a variable life span — anywhere from a couple weeks to twenty year .music — msu style "the music programs at montana state university aro dosignod to interost all studonts who wish to establish, expand or elevate their contact with music." that is how music programs are definod in tho official listing of msu musical groups, this is how the groups aro defined. chamber choir (cham' ber kwir) n. group formed for 32 vocalists who do both littlo — and well-known choral literature. chorale (kor‘ al) n. soloct organization containing 55-60 members: sing with other groups at st. celi-lia's day concort. madrigal dinner and others. orchestra (or' kis-tra) n. co-sponsored by the university and bozeman symphony socioty and are known to present four concerts annually. Symphonic choir (sim- fon' ik kw7r) n. membership of advanced students who perform with the bozeman symphony. the montanans (the mon tan' ans) n. crack group of 18 people who vocalize upon roquost. both here and on tour; costumed and choreographed nicely, university chorus (o' ni-vur' si-ti kor' us) n. open to any interested students who sing: large variety of pieces. campus bond (kom pas band) n. says they meet a noon on friday on on informal basis: seldom hoard on campus. concert band (kon sort band) n. group of 50 wt play loss technical and difficult piocos. court jesters (kort josf or) n. known to exist by fe people: supposedly at all basketball games: merr bers must sight-read well. jazz bond (joz band) n. (other wise known as stogt band): popular group who play jozz ond some roc-(msu moch ing band) n. open to all bandsmen; b band sound with rhythum routines, symphony band (sim fgny band) n. 100 musicio' chosen by audition after marching season; make tour of high schools in north west, wind ensemble (wind an sam W) n. performs orig nal bond and wind music: composed of 35 artists.for m » roifar 1 0" ipaath tammy hall if gnetti david -faaV bin rula »id thomai mil ditton phyCt raitar a«dy ailing kadaoa hirth nick nurnion dannH broitan grant harror tom shaahy dava lari mar jim watan tad hudion tua horton bonn'a botta miliar wayna bouiton bob kaie forensicsprospects look good for next year, the three main trophy winnors for doboto aro underclassmen (sid thomas. mike ditton. phyllis reiser) and the awards are impressive, at tho eastern moot sid and mike got second place in senior debate, third in senior debate at idaho state university and second in jun- ior division debate ot the westorn spooch association tournament, tammy hall captured first place in oratory ot the western spooch tournament, the team winning sweepstakes in junior division competition. made quite o name for itself, too bad about tho lock of money . . .r. wot the first production of the non ploces on life, it wos eiecuted the price rn nnn lh«nlr« AttO- he omoricon college theotre osso-o be one of ten to compete ot theho's afraid of Virginiaaucasian ialk circlelook homeward angel look homeward angel — take ono marble angel, one domineering mother and a decaying boarding house, add a cast of characters? and total audience participation, mix well with shadowy lighting, nostalgia and self-evaluation, and you've got it in a nut shell, die fledormaus — in your mind, envision a stage filled with rainbows and light and music and you'vo got a pretty good idea of what tho opera die fledermaus was like, the bat, by johenn strauss. involved 90 people, headed by rebecca thomas and gary ketron. the set was simple, the costumes elaborate. the singing outstanding, and the audience was ecstatic! omewasneiujapai-} aipamphitroyn 38 from a cloud back to the stark reality of the theater all in one ploy, tho sconery was great, the acting was passable and the play was too long, and that's when tho thoetor came back into focus.everyman is an old play — a 15th century play, the Impact still the same when it was presented to small audiences in the shoestring theatre, was im mediate and strong, weakened only by an unsure cast and shakey staging, when something old can be polished and made to reflect the world's past over again it's like polishing eloddin's lomp. listen, watch, and enjoy . . . guys and dolls sang danced and laughed their way through two and a half hours of audience time and no one even noticed that the dock moved, the choreography hardly dented the overall e cellence of the production by alpho psi omoga. guys dol Is 131 student govt. 13:student govt. — a political myth - f concop of student leadership is jaund-msu student uly 27. I 771, you've told out 'o the establishment!" msu stu- april 26. 1972-were is nothing either good or bad. but think-eg —aies it so." shaiespeore. so claim that asmsu. 1971-72. was rogingly suc-cessfJ. is as ridiculous as to assert that it was a •oral failure. Its tangible successes were varied, on the cam-cvs it fled suit agamst the university, it initiated a schdership program, and a housing listing service. revitalized a free university and a literary mages' . it ran the m successful ontertainmont pro-9 »m msu has had at least within the past five '• — a progra- that culminated in a froo con-'•rt spring quarter t made the services of the stu-t elth cento- available to part-time students on an optional basis for the first time. off-campus, asmsu was eminently successful in its lobbying effort at montane's constitutional conven-tion. the basic concept of university governonco. as embodied in the new document, derives from a proposal prepared by asmsu. its tangible failures were equally varied, the suit against the university failed to force a reconsideration of the 1969 decision to build a new stadium, it did not sook. actively and forcefully, to expand tho degree of student participation in university decision making, it failed to communicate with tho stu-donts as affectively os it should hove, it failed to bring forth student concern over national issues. but the most important successes and failures of the post year ere intangible — they are the successes and failures osmsu encountered in changing attitudes, this was the basic goal of the 71-72 asmsu administration, the changes asmsu sought wore toward increased acceptance, by the students. of pertiol responsibility for the quality of academic programs, the changos sought to bring to each studont a greater cognizance of the function and identity of the university, to bring to each student a sharper focus on how the members of the university community interact, and how the university rolates to the society in which it lives. whether asmsu this year was a success in chang-ing attitudes connot be deciphered — for the ben-efits of that success will not be apparent for some time to come, thot it did not change attitudos overnight is obvious, but the direction osmsu assumed bogon the change. that in itsalf is important, thot. in itself, has mo do asmsu. 1971-72. worthwhile and meaningful. frank dudas. 1971-72 asmsu presidentonce upon a time, thoro lived a clever tortoise, friond tortoise, whom for these purposes we shall call tortoise dudes, camo to these ports unknown, from o land where patience and attention to detoil were held in great esteem, with him ho brought letters of introduction from his relatives, the day-lees and the ya-grrs: many, mony of whom hod already settled throughout the land, but our friend stood virtually alone and helpless when focod with the quick wit and osteblishod good reputation of the hore senate, the hare senate you soe. had lived in these ports a good long time and had made mony friends. these friends were, for the most port, quite influential. for hare senate never went out of its way to mi with the ordinary folk (although mony of them wished that they too might benefit from its talents). ono day. after tortoise dudas had lived in those parts for many years, he realized that he too wanted to become acquainted with the influential folk. although he hod for years now been ablo to offer his friends many of the samo good qualities os the hare senato (to whom many people thought he had no great resemblance), not everyone wos quite aware of his versatility, by working very hard he had loomed much about the arts which tho senate had developed, and boing quite original, he had developed many extra qualities of his own, oil in all. becoming a very good fellow to have around. finally, he could wait no longer, friend tortoise hit upon the idea of challenging the hare senate to a 2-' 4-hour dobato on the great sub basement toilet tissue issue. now hero senato merely laughed and scoffed at tortoise dudas' lofty ambitions, its tittle—tottle (look thot up in your tittle-tattle manual) had never before been challenged, it was smell in stature but big in voice, and its resolutions were singularly bad. its power, well, it did its best to got os much os it could, which is still very little. after all. wosn't it the undisputed queen of all it surveyed? queen, perhaps, but no longer undisputed. with the debate almost upon him, tortoise dudas built himself up to incrodibfo strengths, unknown to hare senate he turned to his family for help in building up his body, it workod. the improvement, in mind not body, would make all the difference in the cutcomo of the debate, while the hare senate, assuming that its superiority could never be questioned, novor bothered to keop up with the tortoise, and let its thoughts wander off to getton fiold. where it remains to this very day. moral: in spite of the time it takos o tortoise to build up o great senate, it proves worthless in the long run.itodant gov fo-r nf «im« pr tid At — ff "l dodat etmto vie pfoiidant — bob |Ov k atmto butioMl — 'ota'-sa babcod laaaton bfoca bandar "tana coop ' jack cowKthaw dannit daiay ioa arickton daborah gaorga wayna gildroy wayna houttoo chock humphray bob ka:e kor kroagar r kalawtec lynn myart don p.!o»fa phil raor.wMa« dava rotalaip dannii rota' p r »ka y agar ioann p'atnar118 the associated students of montane state university has been c gonized to discharge the administrative and legislative functions of student self-government, any student who is registered at msu and who has paid the student activity fee for the current quarter is er rolled as an active member of the associated students. the governing board, the senate, is chosen each spring at a g eral all-campus election, the president of the associated students s also president of the senate, the constitution - and bylaws are p lished each year. in and out of the clossrooms the student is given every oppc nity to develop and e ercise responsibility and initiative, there minimum of administrative rules and regulations, students ore couraged to govorn their own affoirs. o diversified student life, . ing each student opportunity for a variety of interests and octivii is rogardod os necessary for the proper fulfillment of tho ins? j-tion's objectives. 1972-74 msu buHo’in editor's note: bullshit»Ka lacond coming MM praddan — bill word aimw vie prwidaM — Iwrt kruagar •ww btttinau managar — vawghan bat r (anatori 0 ry »mrfnJton iacl comthaw loan da a paggy aldridga marc flaKafty dovg gard -a» dabb.a gaorga jamai giroUmi d»»a goWiwOftKy wayna hov» on wily io Aton lynn myart fandy ogla rcnam»fy oiton ricKard parki ffitj fOOl ia«y rotaWip (id tKomai wada onlliemt bobbi wrflh (gatton field gallon field. msu's football stadium for 40 years, has disappeared from campus. first to go woro tho temporary bleachers, then tho coment and steel grandstand were torn down, the health and physical education center is well on its woy toward its completion dato this fall. the degree of nostolgia one felt about gatton field dopended primarily on one's longth of time as a bobcat football fan. the field is named after Cyrus j. gatton, o former msu football great who wos killed while flying for the french just a week before ormistico in 1918. still standing is a brick gotoway orch and monument. obout 50 yards east of whoro tho main grandstand stood, bolted onto the monument is a box containing gatton's medals and ribbons, including the french croix do guerre. much of montona state's football history wos recorded at this field, world war II brought the most poignant memory many people have of msu football. 13 members of the 1941 team died during the war. o succession of brilliant coaches kept msu in the spotlight as they produced some of the grea- ;t tearrts to wear tho blue ond gold, among th n were such greats as the memorable clyde car: ter: tony storti; herb egocs: jim sweeney: tom i-rac: and current coach sonny holland. many athletes who performed on gatton d have gone on to have great professional care' -.: duane thomas and mercury morris of west texe bill munson, lionel oldridgo and jim turner of rh st.: dennis show and fred dryer of son diog; t.: ond of course joe tiller, jon stonerud ond ron ist of montana state. looking to tho futuro, msu is to havo a new -a-dium on the south edge of the campus, the -a-dium would hove on initial sooting copaci’ of 4.500 on the student side. 3.000 on tho re -ve seat side and 2.000 in ooch ond zono for a -otel capacity of 11.500 seats. college traditions dio and ore novor born but one lone pillar will stand as a marker memories of one man and the stodium narr him. jam. the for 140 y A L PROBLEM CONST OCT OtO OF PUs) WO CIRL fW xe«neroT SSMfiTORiftuwelcome to montana... of the big sky...145 .. .native forests......serenity... ...abundant wildlife... MWG i.lffPW ...sparkling water... 147...native forests... MS ...and smogless skies the oir is no longer pure and sweet. pollution, an untimely consequence of man's great strides toward an efficient technological society, spreads its ugliness over tho earth, not just in la or new york. or faraway places, but horo. in boieman. on the campus of montone state university, now. 1972suddenly the tempo has gone wild!! the nationalr. AMirl % wm better thi for better throughyoung people are rebellious largely because their uptight, self-righteous, and hypocritical parents are not giving them a meaningful piece of the action. dr. roy w. menninger, 1968 the I960‘s and 70 s will be recorded in the annals of american history as the decade of the youth movement and revolt, historians may note that youth has been rebellious and defiant for hundreds of years, but they may not ignore the currently growing power of the young voices in american society, a power which may well mold the shape of our social institution as we know it today in a manner never before noted in history. the u.s. is in a stage of conflict, a war. social pressure from within, racial issues, starvation . . . there are many issues facing us today, perhaps if someone listened to . . . all we are saying, is give peace a chance . . . perhaps??? today's young people are turned on by many different things, some only an idea, in each way and on each different day the youth of america are experiencing life to their utmost, in many different ways . . . music music styles will keep on changing, that fact is evident. perhaps we have seen the end of the festival fad. no one really knows what is to come, one thing is sure . . . everyone likes music, country, jazz, acid, blues, etc. someone digs it. it's every- . omeone dig k one's personal high, if the sounds cles twitch and feet stomp it's no feel it and it grabs you. you're ini bag. no one makes war to music, no murders while listening to music, music is ecology in proportion to the earth's size, the laye that surrounds it is like a glove, a shallow the surface provides a limited supply of other resources, this tiny amount of air shallow crust are the biosphere — the par world that supports life, it is a closed system where all things are reused in the life process. man is part of this closed system and is v ry dependent on it for his survival, he alone is ipable of consciously cooperating with nature to i jre survival and progress. a new word, ecology, has appeared on th and is making its presence known from on of the globe to the other, there is a wave of lie indignation about our problems in which are many. noise, water, air. solid waste, radiation and cide pollution have surfaced their ugly heads. "the nineteen-seventies absolutely must when america pays its debt to the of its air, its waters is literally now or ne 30 astrichard ind violence lean - istory is violence, the history of human-repe tious with violence — from the civil to i' american revolution and from civil ‘ to vief nam. battles rage and range from reiudice are luck, in this state because we are not yell to the p udice scene, we are prejudiced from jr. the ke prejudice means a prejudgement or teconce: reached before information has been sde ava ole to you to help make a decision on matter. have many prejudices in our society, the old lixiom of ere is, in human nature, a distinct dislike for the unlike.’’ minority groups suffer in this country anc will for some time. [prejudice mes in bundles, anyone who is preju-agains one minority group is sure to be prej-jced toward all others, there is also a tendency iqua e prejudice with education, the more iou know e more you are liked. upon a time there was a white man who in a nice clean neighborhood, but he was by black men. the black men did not ac-rn im, but they left bits of insults around and he could hear them carousing e he was trying to sleep . . . complete _______________________________uversi scale student riot: from a ele"isidr assassinated national leader to a television carte on Saturday morning: from a home town police force to an army in viet nam. violence brainwashes through media, slowly infiltrating violence describes Vietnam, Vietnam is violence. violence is even present in the us. both countries cry out for a declaration of peace. violence wastes food for the hungry, care for the sick, homes for the lost, and education for peace. violence erupts with demonstrators vs. police; police vs. demostrators; police supporters vs. demonstrators and ironically, demonstrators vs. war. violence spreads like a sickness, infects the mind, and cuts deep into the skin, there seems no salve to soften it, no medicine to heal it and no treatment to cure it. "love is not an easy feeling to put into words." ted kennedy at the funeral of his brother, robert w % vv change brings conflict confnct breeds violence violence brings death a nation in mourning 154dissent future past behind us ie present with us :he future but a shadow of man's mindmoo-u’s dubious degrees the serta presidential mattress award has to go to third floor hannon. after all. you can't bea‘ service quality and price, plus free delivery. the "ringmaster'' award is given with sincere gratitude to the student senate who provided many students with hours of fun-filled entertainment. the "good housekeeping ecology" award goes to the msu dorm cefoteria system for being years ahead in the recycling of waste material. we award the poverty ranch with our first oull-its-her prize" for outstanding literary accomp shment in a classified ad. the good taste and good grammar award goes to who else ... the exponont . . . why? oecause they had neither. the winner of the "why i want to be in politics in 25 words of less" goes to william bell III . . . or is it II ... oh, well thank goodness thore is only one of him. the "you've come a long way baby" winner has to be dean paisley for her progressive work for equality of womon. "the groat sub marathon run' award goes to "hor-man. you've wanted at the main desk.' the first annual "lifesaver" award goes to jack blizzard whose periodic trips to coorsville helped keep us in our daily ration of grog. we feel that dean kaiser deserve recognition for tho outstanding way she helped counsel senior students in home ec and for how sho always kept their welfare in mind when she hired end fired her teachers. the cop-shop had a million seller this year — "i'm going to ticket your ride. ' to our compus architect, andy van tey gen, we offer our sympathy, anyone that can have so much go wrong in one year doesn't need any more trouble.we feel tho the president of this university do-jorv » an award but unfortunately, we couldn't ttink of one. so ... wo award president macintosh the award, (please fill in the blank) a priio for the oddest wedding goes to fat Indian and the demerged dwarf, the wedding, held in the spacious cited" of y. plastics was attended by such notables as sugar bear, hob and o (shudder) . . . troll. to mike yeagnr and dennis daley. we offer our condolences. jack cowlishaw wins this year's "friend of the media" award and i am sure he can be assurod of a lot of sincere support from the media next year. torn parac gets the keep the faith baby" award, all you have to do is win conference championships in every sport, then you get a raise. james gang come bock ... we have o sur-prize for you. our "think snow" or "ski now . . . pay later" award goes to sherry from billings, incidently. she also won the girl who received the most "sorry you broke your leg skiing" cards. we hod a special oward all picked out for finance board with spangles and glitter but. olos. they cut our budget ond we couldn't afford it. wo were going to give the exponent business staff on award too. we needed some information from their secretary, but i guess she was all tied up. sorry: cm. bob. Ion, mock. jack, ond jim. but insto-matic won camera of the yeor. '♦ isn't often that a group wins two awards in one year, but third floor hannon (bettor known as sigma •psilon chi) deserves it. they win "best organization of •he year.” i understand next year they are branching to h. north ond hopner. ISObob maricidi Urry icktnW kim ntaBi rod toundstod do«g p r«or d »el »Ko«p o« p. i. dovgWty jim hodgdin croig hvMm jorry iaticlo n brry propp don fc gg» mod coqWon rojef taodiUnd gary johnson les buffons lAOexecutive council vmra- langfordmra-- hedges s. mra--culbertson mullan 1668 mon than $ 13 million in construction is either underway on the montana state university cam-pus or planned for the immediate future. projects, are wide ranging and represent improved facilities for teaching, research, recreation. student housing and community service, they include: leon h. johnson hall, built at a cost of $3.8 million, this structure will be ready for occupancy this fall by teachers and researchers in the life of the rockies. work is almost completed on the first of what will ultimately be a complex of eight modern buildings costing more than $2 million. the first structure, costing in tho neighborhood of $ 185.000. is scheduled for completion this fall. creative arts complex, construction is well underway on the complex, bids totol $3,726,214. football stadium, bids were opened in may on this $750,000 structure and work has begun with a target date sometime this fall. health and physical education building, work on ♦his $1.5 million project is well underway and final completion is expectod to be summer of 1973. school of nursing building, the cornerstone of this $500,000 building was laid in early june end completion is rapidly approaching. running track bids were asked for in mid-summer with a cost expected over $50,000. an additional 125 apartments for married students. remodeling of some of the existing rooms into efficiency apartments and additional facilities in roskie residence hall are still on the drawing boards, cost will be around $3 million. construction of a new class room building, at an estimated $2.9 million, has been delayed for at least a year by the state supreme court. 14'msu is suffering from growing paint, this it evident from on® end of campus to the other, it is great to have new buildingt. etc. but it it onough? what about the other problems that come with expansion? the university is in a difficult spot because it is extremely difficult to build new buildingt with a static student population, the woy the field of education and research is heading only aggravates the problem. currently, the univertity it on a bi-annual building review progrom. it would seem more feasible to go on a long-range expansion and university planning system, again we are faced with the monies problem. around horo thoy don't know what their budget will be like from year-to-year, let alone 25 yoars from now. however, there seems to have been some mistakes made in planning our univorsity expansion, they might not be mistakes as far as actual construction goes, but they could be mistokes when the students are concerned.montana is known for its beauty and spacious lands, what has boon done is that our campus is shrinking from within, the one main wooded. landscaped area is under considerable danger, already, there is a new life science building there with the class room office building slated for the same area, this would ruin the fineness and quality of this particular landscaped area. as far as landscaping goes, msu has a non-existent landscape planning policy, granted, there is a certain number of trees planted each year, but it is not enough, at present there ore only two mature trees per acre, which is quite inadequate. there are sure to be other problems orise when construction hits its peak, what about traffic, areas with no sidewalks, pedestrian crossing, parking lots, otc.? all these things hove to be considered. we are lucky in this stote to hove such a beautiful countryside, it should be reflected in our campus for visitors to see ond relote to others. it would be a shame to build a city-like campus with barely enough room between buildings for a sidowolk. instead of a brood, spacious campus with trees, flowers and soft landscaping.C PAflKI Jqiv w. 1 •• spurs and fangs174spur of the moment barb kaaschalpha tau de ta mortar boardrSSST--- flying cats outdoor clubTHE SHADO'V: IAVE LONG DMIRED YOU FROM APVR. R PRESENCE ND BODY RK BALM MY SOUL AND MIND. VY HEART 1 K riLLOV IKD BENDS PARTOER APART :n TIME I SEE YOU AND YOU : 0 NOT 2 ME LURKING IN THE SHADOWS(you 11 kindly note the pun). I ‘AT . 1 NE !) YOU. AND MY VHOI E BEING . ! SOMETIME IN THE DARKROOM AND MAY BOOB (oops) I MEAN BOB KILL TEACH TO TRINT PICTURES!! HI'!!, HUH, I..... PASSIONATELY YOURS, (this is n fill-in-the-blank) 6060 CONTEST HOST PRIZE MONTANA ST ATI UMVIRSITT BOZCMAN. MONTANA RHONt SIMU1 180Hope to see you at dinner! The Brothers of SAE 1WI KHttltt SIAIf f RSI IV sge'trfri pur. CD = IN CONCIRT oos tckcU a.nUbte at umpui mtKIamM Mudent irton tufc ng bojcnv 1 nytm CM 587 3«2l e.t -«80 oTHE YOUNGBLOODS DETACH AND MAIL TODAY! .hi — THE BIG-UNIVERSITY YEARBOOK; Breathing hard COMING ATTRACTIONS — SOB THEATRE THE PRICE—-(Special Benefit Performance; I SCRATCH (Readers’ Theatre) AMPHYTRION 38 GUYS AND DOLLS ... February February 24-April 18-May 16-PONENT GON AGA ONvnsmr or idaho I'KUMIM) promises! PROMISES,,. niversity, Bozeman 1971 1972 Basketball Schedulel On. I VJflV. ot FACET SOI NO On. II MIDWESTERN I NIV. On. tO SEATTLE UNIVERSITY Dn. tl ITifttBrnr rfCAlff. THE OF MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE STUDENTS! READER’S DIGEST! MONTHS FOR ONLY MiS y No — you're teo okJ ' Huninf Ccoteit1 Announces tl?e 1971 - 72 Jan. 7 Jan. 8 Jan. IS Jan. 78 Jan. 29 BOISE STATE IDAHO STATE UNIV. at MONTANA Feb. 7 UTAH ST ATT Feb. II MERER STATE Feb. 12 NORTHERN ARIZONA?V: i IS your _ YEARBOOK RUNNING IN THE „ BLACK...? i«3 NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAN SA CAT. 0 NO NO. VC 1 U( SOTANY S 19 5 0 SP TOPiLGAL PHYS SPAING QUA TCP 1971-72 CAtOMS SEC TINE 0 A Y $ POOH 810G INSTRUCTOR CONTINUED S 19 589 5 19 590 V 19 690 V 22 TOO 5 2? 20S 5 22 215 V 22 217 S 22 726 1 22 32V- Git AO CONSULT "SIRS THESIS DOC TMESIS CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - Of LNG LECTURES R CHE COMP PUGH INDUS! STOICM INDUS! STOICM UNI! OPERA! 1 NO INSP TRIP CHIM PRCC 1M0 Brand new shipment o' WrSStT Wfy do in toe tetuMi ■ Hi ' including opium, heroin, c nabis, marijuana. Indian hemp, pr mescaline, and others is made ..nder I oth federal and Mate I- . j punishment for violating th is very severe with convicti- v .ing in long-term imprisonim - .ally two to fortv years) a- 0e special limitations oil the co drug offender's right to PfO’os0 .id parole. Further, with the advi . I.SD and STP and the increasing use of stimulants or depressants, the federal law has lieen broadened to in. i % • 4 pi omega pi chaff dustffa 18$ ag clubalpha phi gammayoung republicans circle k isbowling club pi tau sigmalittle colonel sandy martenson V" MILITAI ' AEROSP 191aws hilltop hoedowners 192ima student club i .home ec 194septemviri 19Sthurs. nite drinking club mpoverty ranch 19 :T b Ck sigma epsilon cfji 199 cowboys — national champions bob schell's victory whoop soid it all — "wa re number one!" schell's cry capped off a weak of rodao competi-tion in the national collage rodeo final which taw the bobcat cowboy capture their first national rodeo crown. led by four national champion the cowboy held off a rally by touthern Colorado ttate college to lead coach tandy gagnon to tate. "they're a great a team at you can come by. they all did it. you ju t can't tingle anyone out. they all take credit, we had tome bad break toward the end. but it the best we've ever done." individual event winner in men' competition found mtu tweeping four title . bob tchall won the nation' title for bareback riding, with teammate jock mcdowell the top point man in teddle bronk competition. fynn perry collected the top total to garner the iteer wre tling title, with dean parkin the top ribbon roping man. all received pecial award addlet for their top performance . in addition, team members schell and perry were named second and third all around cowboys in the nation re pectively.r% the nol thr » rls fini th K e • n tition. » su Qirls w«n »1 timos throughout tho ■n « two-way tie for seventh • m mons univoriity of ob ilono. girls’ tod m standout, wo i tho tho notion's olito. she finished ts think of the finels? fcx k :uSt greet. when osWed Kow . themselves. sche» r x - •- - - f1. . - "T. another Victory whoop and burst out. “we re eN greet-. |utt greet."’ the bobcats presented coach gagaon with a buckle in appreciation for his outstanding l««d«r. ship to conclude the ceremonies, his comment -- "’•you live with them and make tho best of it- this time, we stuck together and come out on too- it’» just greet.' . in addition, msu and boxomon was awarded the n0„O0.l ch.mpion,K;ps for another thr— str. ht years. 201dobra quinn who’s who kitty cutting L mard flarKoty 20nancy woodward 2(1 000,•« Jabo icon donforth nancy morris david uMerick roa sue hennessy stove sherrick john ullery john ullery bevedy poJIard mary holekamp thorman brown lusan milojnick marcia iobnjon larry benson mary holekamp uier Cleveland 20ann carlson jamas Howard micholla middlasworth 208top loft — vice president william a. johnstone, top right — vice president irving e. dayton, bottom left — vico president roy o. Huffman 2i a vice presidents chain of command tho board of regents leaps tall buildings with a single bourn is more powerful than a locomotive, is fa or than a speeding bullet, walks on water a id typhoons, gives policy to God. the president leaps short buildings with a single bou d. is more powerful than a switch engine is just as fast as a speeding bullet, wall on water if sea is calm, talks to God. the vice presidents leaps short buildings with a running -art and favorable winds, is almost as pov ;ul as a switch engine, is faster than a speec ng bb. walks on indoor swimming pools, t' to God. the deans barely clears quonset huts, loses tug of-war with locomotive, can fire a speeding bullet, swims well, is occasionally add sed by God. the administration makes high marks when trying to eap buildings, is run over by locomotive can sometimes handle a gun .without inf cting self-injury, dog paddles, talks to animals. the professors runs into buildings, recognizes lc omo-tives two out of three times, is no issued live ammunition, can stay afloat if pr perly instructed in the use of the mae we talks to walls.+he teachers fdHs Over doorstep when trying to enter building, says ’’look at the choo-choo.” wets the bed. plays in mud puddles, mumbles to himself. the student lifts buildings end walks under them, kicks locomotives off the tracks, catches speed ing bullets in his teeth and eats them, freezes water with a single glance, he .s God. right —- dear cdward I. hanson, below — dean max worthington, bottom right — dean marjorie paisley at deans1 upper left — ernost ohrondos, director of extension community services, upper right — dr. edward purdey, director of student health service, lower left — thomas nopper — business manager administration have you ever wondered just what exactly a tcachar means when he is heaping praises on you. you (right be surprised, here are some examples: terms overago student active socially girl friend is activo socially forceful end aggressive stern disciplinarian a keen onelyst great value to msu actua conditions not too smart drinks heavly she drinks too bull-headed bastard thorough . confused usually gn’ to school on timetop left to right — lou luclce, director, computing center, Joseph frezior. registrar. ray sperry. director of continuing education, bottom right — r. p. "bud" purdy, director of the fieldhouse top loft — tom parac, athletic director, top right — dr. robert dunbar, director of the center for intor prog, bottom left — don skerritt, chief, university police, bottom right — martin whalen, director of the physical plont.upper right — edwin Howard, monager of the bookstore, lower left — alice mcclain, director of libraries, lower right — dr. carl isaacson, director of office of information. 217loft — mr. torlief aasheim, director of the extension service, right — mr. glonn lewis, director of on campus living, below — mr. harry cockrum, director of the office of admissionsabove — dr. albert suvak, director of testing counseling services, below — dr. harry hausser, director of the honors above — jame craig, director of student financial aid employment. below — dr. leslie drow, director of the mu- .----. i:—greeks222 inter .1Montana £talr Itniuprattij r t jC"VS oousv xt w BiHI’ r-cvi: JV«t« r UNCYtlo listers of minerva — gwen nelson, linda phillipe. ginny vickio swan, katio schaffer. sv» »sk. vickie maierle, poggy notingham. joen carter, shelly roid. harriet reid. harriot agro. margaret alfs, toby strand, betfy bartholet. mary bartholet. karen walker, penny ruff, diene tope aurio robot226 l appa ©eltaahrer-t. lirxia bein. nenci barter, ten browntee. eyle butcher. 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Connie kaahcok, laufio bowse. fi»8 krautter. nancy lonton. vicki miller. marguerite miller. w« rroi'qoard caylet'o morgen. donna 234 ' iflmttana latr Hniurnuty rMx f kurl 111 237sigma chi sweetheart — arm harstad togetherrod clairmon johnny honton harv lulow dennii robertson 24)242stardust girl — candy arringtonbray. don b'ooki da" c'-»pp r. jim d ruiha. brian do-ni bill diC . ltOv« •by. frronco •liston. todd • andy okagran itan •ri ki«n. itav f nton. bruca frtW. dint gaidnar. dava gJbart. rodgar foilond. jotdan Karn torn Herokhon aggen hurfaii. rhatt indraland. trant kaarcbar. iamoi tngran. banry Snti. da-a rnahar. kan mayar. randy miHi. kim milh. kirk nayamatlo. varnon olton. dovg pdo. leott robarti. horoid rodanbarg. jim land, courtnay iK w. mlk« iKapard. glan itwpard. rm i mvrdak iok»n ihoahy. thomai wit« r. Urry Ztabi th. r«y  i rr«i»V .... ...........ffinttlana Umurrsttg f KiTRKK HU y WKE FCCICR MCHU1. « YWH. KASC.V 0 MWSCA r WAS C SAT SC 0 fiOTTNOHA ! BEST OOXKTY %nwsmtfor many years now greeks have had a poor reputation on many college campuses, they were known as the powers of the campus — you had to be something special in order to get in. fortunately, this connotation has been slowly changing over the years, there is still a small amount of favoritism and judging when joining a greek house, but it is a lot better than it was. greeks on this campus still have a hand in the politics of the students, they still dominate, to an extent, the social life on campus, but they don't really do it collectively — they do it as individuals, after all. what difference is there between a greek house and a dorm, it's a little smaller, you know everyone and problems surface quicker. nowadays greek houses don’t have a monopoly on social life, good housing and status, there has been a shift to the university-wide activities, with the advent of the campus entertainment committee and the speakers that come onto this campus, it has helped to alleviate some of the social selectiveness of frats and sororities. JJ4 apartment parties and the fact that you don’t have to live in the dorm for all four years has led many to find that there is a rich and rewarding social life outside the greek house. but, why do college men and women continue to pledge frats and sororities? what draws them to that way of life, especially if they can get all the other things somewhere else? they are joining to be with others, to live with others, but to maintain their individuality, but what happens when you join? aren't you just known as a lambda chi or a sigma nu. maybe to some people, but in a house everyone knows your name, your personality, your habits, your likes and dislikes, sometimes this is bad. you find you have to live with yourself and others, you have to take into account others and their feelings, you are an individual but collectively. naturally, there are group pressures and some kind of status quo you must maintain in a greek house, but for that matter they areprevalent everywhere in society, they are certainly there in a dorm just as they are at home, no one denies that this pressure exists, what is denied is the extent and scope of that pressure, or that it is anything unusual. fraternities and sororities used to demand a specific type of behavior from their members, if you didn't live up to their expectations you didn't fit. that isn't true anymore, the days of the house distinctions are gone, you are apt to find a jock with an engineer or a music major, everyone does his own thing, sure, they still do things together, they have their parties and get-togethers, but each person does what he wants without any pressures from within. another connotation of greek life is the parties. the wild, all-night, crazy things that go on. they have not left, it would be sad if they did. it is a characteristic and even a tradition in greek circles, jungle parties, roaring 20's parties, cowboy parties, all are a distinct part of the party circle, but greeks are more than just that. greeks are getting along together . . . working together . . . studying together . . . solving each other’s problems together . . . failing together . . . and achieving together. no one sees fraternity life for what it really is. everyone sees it, as most of the pictures on these pages represent, as greeks playing and having a good time at activities such as sigma chi derby days, greek week, the sae Olympics or at their own greek houses. but no one sees fraternity men spending house stuffing and pasting labels on envelopes for the march of dimes; no one sees the greeks going door to door on the kathy pidino drive; no one sees the little boy who learns to walk under the donations of a sorority; no one really sees that the money that comes out of greek week goes to muscular dystrophy: no one sees that a sorority adopts a local family; nor sees that greeks care, because greeks want to, not because they seek publicity. no one claims that fraternities and sororities are not without disadvantages, no one will claim that fraternities and sororities are for everyone, what is claimed is that they contribute to campus and community life, and they can be and are meaningful and relevant experiences for their members. 25! 4 fc bv •nQr«n. chri% f!»rg« ald. f«y« chriifona K»f t d. nn koH. chrisfrirv® k »Y. kf«®k o». 257UaHnaf, dorothy In agar. batky Ua. a«n !ead». jar lahma . katkia Ukm«A. 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IUU fdespite our groat technological advoncei in tho past decedo. man realises on everpressing noad for more officiant and productive techniques of raising food to supply tho growing populations of tho present and of tho future, originally montane state university, being a land grant college, wos on agricultural school and has continued to the present to be one of the leading agricultural research and teaching institutions in the notion, concerned primarily with the education of futuro agriculturists, the school of agriculture employs the most modern methods and techniques in their educational program. ruuel looms. jr »t fait brute metdooe'4. 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Hunfcnqton. ca. dav bamab Q. tvparior builder, planner, designer, responsible for the world's technology — the reelm of the engineer, be it the man behind the transit at a building site, or the man in the research laboratory with slide rule in hand the future of the world is being crystalled by them, the gratitude of the world for these men is only offset by the debt that the engineers have to mankind, when the transit and sliderule are put away and the laboratory door is locked, the wheels of the world will stop turning, true, the world will not end. but statis quo in the development of physical assets would lead to world degradation. above — dr. byron j. bennett, dean of engineering. engineering 347n jifX orin j ctH hortom. 9im| 'all koitk Imdborgh. drdo donna bV. groat fob don Hovon, fidoy. «-d-?« ‘rvgor. bakor nancy My. bi ngi loro loraon. tfcortdon nOdrod Moot, oroot fob Boyd mcduro. inophord oarron mcconkoy. ronoa dark motor, groat fall pm mdto. lamo door I nogongait roy mtiw . cvt bonk mko »ytt. 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Won, i,d. ianar chaHarfiaW. great falb A k cMien. Wlo-ron i»m« dava’and. Kelene ba'b conitj. Kavra eatKy co-ay. cKetaeu peddi dami Ka« Kavra JJ4 mm letters and iciancas the college of lettocs and science has a two-fold function: general aducation for the whole institu-tion and professional training or orientation in the natural sciences, social sciences end humanities. the general education function is carried out in the basic courses of al departments in the college, these courses form a generalized common cultural background for all students graduating from mon-tana state university, some of these courses also perform a fundamental service more closely connected to particular professional fields in this college and elsewhere on the campus. torn dtvA tvingiton wrfr damp tec. abtorlaa •Sc driest, anaconda ardyca dr , maabattan cbarlotta acton. bidsay dorofky amarto . borwaA dan frantL watt grow. a. maccia fratAour. for Hi Snda sabbacy marrcBan. n. j. cadana ganmti boaaman janva gradrud. cJbartton latSa Iranian. dear kxtya taon to rear, troy duaaa Knar, boiaman pbyttt koaiama. marbattan don hoWman radman. wa. daaita koflaod. ckotaaw albarta Kjqkat. graat (alt patnd i b-1 kanf. law'utown iota lammaci kadowtoa laura Im. Icwytk tandra martimoo. ailaa city robarf martin, poplar 3SSUttars and sci«nc«s JJ •Karon matKao. mtaa city dona mcUoahKn. botaman cWn rM nq f. cut banl (•WiW laaflpran. W091 Iast Uy « k. Uvr rutK rralir. hatana r tK manor. Ka ona w»iam morafaid biBog» nancy morm. b-IWvji andraw moviin. bo.'»w loo mAn. paabo. co. mabol m.rrny. lidfimv robart namac. 4 Ulfcy ohw. harriaon alaarcr Odum. Irvington batty jo yn» ata itavan ottanbralt. irlatafnh Ital owm. wKtalail joa« paulbact mitaouU contra pttanw, qratt f t» don potation. Q»a«t faSi bavarty pollard. W»nto»« barry po nqton. abtorUa carol pooa. mluoeta kriitrfi pritchard. ofyrr« » »«. dabby r.lWt, K r n frta roo . ftaivila dacnii rotalaip. 4 «9 " j«.r acMti. laMtOM gW'di •chuta. ioma ft) ft) lattofi and ci 5yellowstone ioo years h340general index academic .........................209 advertising and patrons...........366 ag club...........................185 angel flight......................190 alpha psi gamma ..................186 alpha tau delta...................176 asce..............................166 asme..............................188 ausa..............................177 aws...............................192 basketball.........................41 bowling............................66 bowling club......................189 chaff and dust ...................184 chi opsilon.......................167 circle k..........................187 collegiate ffa ...................185 communications....................101 crosscountry.......................62 denver. john.......................18 drama.............................123 einstein...........................20 overly brothers....................90 exponent..........................107 fantasy fair.......................95 fangs.......................172. 362 fencing ...........................58 fiedler............................15 flash Cadillac.....................16 flying bobcats....................179 football...........................36 forensics.........................121 four-h............................166 gatton field......................140 general index ....................364 gorgyi.............................21 greeks...........................221 graduation .......................98 gymnastics .......................52 happenings........................75 homecoming........................80 home ec .........................194 hilltop hoedowners...............192 india association................194 indian club .....................167 interfrat council................222 international bazaar..............83 international club...............188 james gang........................12 judo..............................59 kaplow. herb......................97 karate ...........................59 kglt ............................Ill les buffons.................... 160 living groups....................287 madrigal dinner...................84 menninger.........................15 miss wool pageant.................91 montanan ........................102 morgan love and company...........14 mortar board.....................176 mra..............................163 music............................116 national scene...................149 new genesis......................197 nitty gritty dirt band............92 organizations....................157 organizations index..............201 orientotion ......................77 outdoor club.....................179 pan hoi council..................222 peace march.......................94 pi omega pi .......................184 pi tau sigma.......................178 photo essay — people................27 photo essay — places.................3 poverty ranch......................198 ranier ecology......................26 rare earth..........................22 rifle team .........................66 rodeo...............................67 save our barn......................178 seniors............................341 septemviri.........................195 sigma epsilon chi .................199 skiing..............................48 skydivers..........................162 soccer..............................64 sports capsule......................71 sports scores.......................72 spurs........................172. 362 state government...................144 student government.................133 table of contents....................2 tennis..............................65 time capsule........................86 tokyo string quartet................96 track ..............................60 unrah. jesse........................21 vin deloria.........................97 whitewater .........................24 who's who..........................203 wrestling...........................54 xmas sing...........................85 yellowstone. 100 years.............385 youngbloods.........................25 young republicans .................187ads—business patron wo of tho montonan staff would liko to express our sincere appreciation to all those businesses and patrons who advertised in our yearbook this year, although a yearbook is not a viable means for advertising. we acknowledge their support both in the community of boxemon and throughout the stato. patronize these friends and neighbors, they will appreciate it and so will we. 1972 montonan stoff patron ads j. I. graesser — bozeman livingston elks club, b.p.o.e. 246 vicars health center — livingston enid's livingston floral john's iga. open 24 hrs. — livington tore reuterwall — livingston whiting motors, incorporated, livingston kprk radio 1340 — livingston hardesty real estate — milescity cody taxidermy shop — jess frost, taxidermist — cody. wyo. first national bank — miles city mr. and mrs. b. r. thomson — miles city mrs. dorthee c. thompson — great fallscongratulations to the — montanan staff for this edition of one of truly outstanding yearbooks of 1973 taylor publishing co. is proud to have taken part . . . montana representative: pat Campbell 2328 spruce street billings, mont. 59101 phone 252-8098tacos burritos tostados enchiladas taco burgers 303 n. 7th 587 0373 a w drive in an islan refreshment 1013 w. college 51 I w. mendenhall 586 9810 joe's parkway d WofniD nY y ■ ir:..... Tu j--ryour one stop shopping center 544 e. mein 586 5207 free deliverybooks, sundries, school suppli gifts, film, clothing, snacks msu associated student's bookstore it's your bookstore — ■ — V ? conveniently located for all your immediate needs so come in and use it B congratulations to: the class of 72 your alumni association wishes you evory success in your future endeavors. we are always ready to servo you so feel free to call on us at anytime. we are your link to the years you have invested at msu. please participate and remain active {b« suro wo have your latest address). this space donated by bozeman auto dealers "the northwest guitar center" — band instrument rental — instalment repair — authorized conn dealer 587-4761 1008 no. 7th ave. JOOS MUSICacademic work? special forces excercises? advancement? comradeship? combat leadership? go army rote leadership for tomorrowphotography by country store ait — wedi 16 i. trac commercial clothing for the entire family 24 o. rrtain 587-7003 hop aWkolworths and fcecleaning omatic m senior high indent on duty ABC RENTAL formerlyATOZ RENIALj, Ill on© stop shopping for students and skiers alike westgato village 586 6125 205 s. wilson sales — repairs — exclusive ski and mountaineering241 ©. main 587 0677 social, businoss and quality color printing. bools on all subjects • classics • crafts • fiction • western • cooling • childron 1528 w. main 5869746 586 9544 ■ I a rv AinI-IMO t c Baxter Hotel Pharmacy PKAt MM1H MHVJW. MOM. proscriptions our specialty veterinary supplies free delivery 379 b ' v'»g « ♦ b «IPM i» co M( ••« - home of western auto complete hardware and automotive store buttreys shopping center 586 5139lAft DfCK at 10 e. main showcase we'ro supporting education in montana through • taxes • scholarships • grants to schools • participation in school activities employeesa special thanks! it takes mony more people than jolt a ttaH to turn out a completed annual, this yoar we wore fortunate enough to have the help of many people to completo our tail, a speciol thonlt ihould be g von to: duncan macnab and iohn groauer and the whole staff at macnab ttudioi. they were always there when we needed them especially when o problem eroie. iohn modeller, our advisor, for being there whenever we needed him. it was his duty to try and find the things we couldn't and generally do the impossible, which he aid. paul and chris schlecten for their photography in tho senior section. to the fat indian and the black forest troll for their services including: photos taken ond printed, advice given, and parties thrown. S at Campbell, our montanan representative from toylor. who provided us with words of wisdom ways of doing things within our budget, and for buying us free dinners. finally to fred koger. jim thompson. ond mac up shew of taylor for making this thing of Ours a reality photo credits bud purdy for always making sure we were takon caro of. it made Our job elot oasior knowing that photo credits these arrangements were taken care of. color jim preste the exponent staff for being moro than just administration bob thomson someone to get missed photos from, they were underclass macnab studios friends. seniors schlecten studios bob baker and bill warden who gave us all the royalty lorry thompson cooperation possible to photograph compus enter- darkroom technicials bob thomson tainment. pete freivalds foxco for running all our color, no matter what special assignments mack frost time of day or night we brought them to him. ©rgoniiotions iohn groener Sullivan photo for a 1 the help they gave us drama pete freivalds throughout the yoar. additional photos the exponent ■mm pip® specifications the 1972 edition of the montanan was printed by the offset lithography process by toylor publishing company, dalles. taxes. the entire book is printed on 80-pound taylor enamel paper, the basic type front is vogue light, composed photographically by the intertype fototronic computer, a-1 color was hand separated by taylor from transparencies. primarily 2' « « 2' « format the cover is grained vinyl with a hard cover, the cover, designed by stan reed of msu and engineered by mac upshaw of taylor is the first of its kind in the nation, the new process consists of its heatsealmg of the cover for e tra strength and its eiperimental backbone, press run was 6.S00 copies. an end or a begining? o lack of intorost ka plagued tho montanan for years, We feel h«t a yearbook has a definite place on your bookshelf. »ke 1972 staff was dedicated to this volume In the hopes that student in torest in the yearbook would be rejuvenated. i am sure those of you with ony powers of observation at all have noticed that there are quite a few deviations from the traditional form of the msu yearbook, you may have noticed for e«amp!o that the book Is punted on a new forma and that it is encased In a vinyl cover w - also have 24 pages in full color including b«g name and sports. those of you who were inquisitive enough to read this far may be tempted to ask of all these changes, why? that as every person on the monte-nan staff would testify is a good question, the an-swer IS. why not? a yearbook is a Work of art not iust an accumulation of facts and figures. In what more effective manner can the year be captured than by an action pictorial presentation, the lack of copy in this year's book is not an oversight, but rather a purposeful omission, we mean to catch the reader into our use of action pictures, we felt thot stopping to read copy on each page would destroy this action situation we hove worked to create, words would be superfluous. few can comprehend the 12.000 or so hours of work that go into putting an annual together, the small band of unrelenting workers have one shot to capture their feelings on paper — it better be dedications are traditionally made to outstanding educators or outstanding people in the field of education, in making dedication: this year’s dedication, i have deviated from this fact in a small way. i would like to dedicate the 1972 montanan, in memoriam. to mr. harry I. thompson, my father, who knew better than anyone what an education meant. 3 3Mt

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