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. k.. L , -,. .. I 4 I r .J U11 115 I ,iii ' ' iff... . 1 Q , 1 I ,, ... , 15 .ra f ,a.,1::,9w....:L x Y Q .WE 1 f p-. 1 . 1 1 - , . 15. 4.10. . . n 1 1 - 1 v .,n o 4 J - QA.- o-9 - .. Ao 9 CL Q OQVX G IVICNTANAN Published by the STUDENT BODY Montana State College 5 GLADYS ANDERSON Editor DON STANFIELD Associate Editor Business Manager bedication The year 1946-47 will be remembered perhaps more than anything else for the political machinations it witnessed. No longer were newspaper headlines concerned with battles of muscle and machine, but with battles of words and conference tables. Man, after prov- ing to himself the ultimate folly of resolving his differences by force, had at last begun to put his powers of reason, the powers which distinguish man from the rest of Earth's creatures, to the use for which they were intended. It is, therefore, with a sense of responsibility that we dedicate this book to the government of the United States, a government which, in spite of all the imperfections existing under it, still provides its citizens with the greatest measure of freedom, security, material comfort and opportunity yet available on this globe. We hope hereby to add our small voice to the rising murmur of men striving for peace. Taking full advantage of the provisions made by our Congress and national government, Montana and the Montana State College have met the challenge offered by the mass return from far and near of those who, without thought to their own future, answered the call to arms when our very existence as a nation was in the balance. Montana takes great pride in the war record of her sons and daughters. It is clearly indicated by the record enrollment of veterans at Montana State College the past year and by the fine scholastic goals achieved that they in turn are appreciative of the opportunities made available to renew their educational aspirations so sum- marily halted by war, SAM C. FORD, Governor of the State of Montana ?o1-ewvrd MORRELL HALL, familiarly known as the Ag building and center of Monicna agriculture. HARRINGTON POND, rich in summer beauty. C'ampuA Venerable MONTANA HALL, Main Hall to most of us. Scenery Dressed up for winter. At the close of a busy day These doors open to food, drink and relaxation. lu b ,. sf "?'x'f.- Q ,Q qifkfys ,xiii 'IAMILTON HALL. The characters of freshmen women are molded for their college career. GYM. Where muscles and music hold sway. HERRICK HALL. The home of smudged canvasses and rocky biscuits. Homes or bust. Constructed as, looks like, and is-a place to sleep. HM 0l'dl'lf liocwing pn F' hi... lnside or out, it's still a Quonset hut E People live in those things. a . .mM1ws,.vall CCNTENTS 14dminiA tration Student government Student 14ctiaJitieA military 14tlaleticA ?ra'ternitieA 7IurAeA 14daIertiAing Go ahead, just try and relax Who's this guy Hoyle? Just a coke, please. Dozier at work. f----fN.5.....,,..,., Art and mother nature. Who said class isn't fun f' IX!" Y flaws. M Qfhw 53 '.'- I. ji J fijwww ,I ,L D ,gy 'QI , 'f M Y ' , + 1" ? 2 5 .1 xwwia 'W T .... 5 WS R. R. RENNE President mnusam ,sv www' - President R. R. Renne, who, during the past nine months, has guided Montana State College through a hectic period of transition smoothly and efficiently, can be justly proud of his enviable record. Veteran's Administration Office H. G. KLEMME Dean of Men To H. G. Klemme, Dean of Men, this year fell the job of housing an un- precedented number of male students, nearly twice any previous enrollment. With the same ease and thoroughness with which he assumes all tasks, the job was completed in record time. A Doctor of Divinity, Dean Klemme moves many college audiences with his stirring oratory. ETHELYN C. HARRISON Dean of Women Dean Harrison, Whose job it is to solve the problems confronting the women students, gives freely of sym- pathy and advice, and helps develop personality and character sr' that they may take their place in sociegv. is a prominent and beloved figure at Montana State. Like other admin- istrators, her job this year was in- creased manyfold. bivirfivn 0 DEAN CLYDE McKEE The School of Agriculture is headed by Dean Clyde McKee, a straight-forward, and hard-working graduate of Kansas State College, ln his work, he must do teaching and research, as Well as carry out the duties of deanship. AG. BLDG. -18... WMI? 14 Nelson riculture J. A. NELSON Dafrg lndustry Monson R. H. PALMER Agricultural Education F. M. HARRINGTON Horticulture A. H. POST Agronomy F. S. WILLSON Animal Husbandry O. W. MONSON Rural Engineering Willson Harrington Post bilfidivh 0 klouafelavlcf DEAN KATHARINE ROY New Dean of Household and Industrial Arts and Head of the Home Economics department, is Dr. Katharine Roy who came to Montana State in January 1946 from Kansas State College at Manhat- tan. Dean Roy replaces Dr. Gladys Branegan, Who resigned to become Dean of Home Economics at Ohio State University, Dean Roy's special interest is child development and care, but her friendships extend to her students and staff, With Whom she is immensely popular, HERRICK HALL ....20... and In dam trial 141- tA J. W. BLANKENHORN Head of the Secretarial department is Mr. J. W. Blankenhorn, His department proudly occupies the newest classroom quarters on the campus, in the Student Union. Mr. Blank- enhorn is very popular with his students. OLGA ROSS HANNON Mrs. Olga Ross Hannon, head of the department of Applied Art, is an artist of considerable accomplishment herself. Several examples of her work are on display in various campus buildings. DR. JESSIE RICHARDSON The Home Economics Research Department is under the leadership of Dr. Jessie Richardson, one of the campus's more Well-known figures. The results of her department's research benefit the entire state, 121.- biaIiA ion 0 ROBERTS HALL W li. VJ. SCHILLING Dr. ll. VJ. Schilling, Dean of the Division of Engineering and head of the Department of Electrical Engineering. is one of the college's and state's most outstanding figures. Author of numerous technical papers and member of many high honorary societies, Dean Schilling has admirably carried out the duties of his position since the retirement of Dean Emeritus W. M. Cob- leigh in 1942. -22- fngineering Johnson Good Dodge M. R. sooo , ' Indus trial Engineering E. R, DODGE Civil Engineerin A. J. M. JOHNSON Engineering Physics LLOYD BERG Chemical Engineering F. HOMANN Mechan1'caI Engineering H. C. CI-IEEVER Architecture Cheever Homonn Berg Q " ' MW bialiafivn 0 DR. F. B. COTNER The Division of Science has as its cap- able and popular leader Dr. F. B. Cot- ner, member of the Montana State teaching staff for several years. This year Dr. Cotner took leave of absence to accept a call to Japan to do research work there. Now returned, Dr. Cot- ner has resumed his leadership of the division. LEWIS HALL ,Q-uQi""A -24... Science Mills DR. H. B. MILLS Zoology and Entomology P. C. GAINES Chemistry Gaines Vice President of College DR. JOHN W. HURST Mathematics SCHUBERT DYCHE Health and Physical Education Pepper J. H. PEPPER Zoology and Entomology Dyche "UQlnnp.g 2 R ' Hurst MRS. SARAH VINKE The English department, recently tre- Zhdfdf l mendously expanded with the addition of freshman English to all curricula, is under the able leadership of Mrs. Sarah Vinke. E.. - l DR. M. G. BURLINGAME The college history department, also re- ceiving additional emphasis because of the increase in enrollment in non-tech- nical subjects, is proud of its head, Dr. M. G. Burlingame. DR. H. S. CANNON The department of Modern Languages, including German, Spanish, French, and Russian, has long been under the able direction of Dr. H. S. Cannon, a gradu- ate of Johns Hopkins university and the University of Heidelberg, MISS LEORA HAPNER Head of the department of Psychology and Education is Miss Leora Hapner, for many years one of Montana State's most familiar and well-liked figures. billhfivn R. E. CAMERON Head of the college's Institutional and Field Service is Mr. R. E. Cameron whose department has charge of campus public relations and alumni contacts. R. B. TOOTELL The extension service, which coordi- nates and directs work of Montana's county extension service as well as doing research in this field, is headed by Mr. R. B. Tootell. EDWIN HOWARD, JR. Keeper of the students' books is Mr, Ed Howard, Student Accountant and head of the bookstore. Mr. Howard handles accounts of all student organizations, a trying job. LOUIS G. TRUE The Publications department is headed by Mr. Louis True, commonly known as "Louie." It is Mr. Truels job to publicize MSC and supervise the campus publications. -c,27.. XV. H. MCCALI, Cienial and harried college registrar is Mr. W. H. McCall whose office in Montana Hall is a mecca for those seeking advice and information. Mr, McCall is always ready with a little wit and the right answer. MRS, l-OIS PAYSON Hindered by lack of space and funds, the job of li- brarian, which has long been held by Mrs. Lois Payson, is not an easy one. Mrs, Payson, however, has made the most of her material and provided the college with an adequate library service. el-alice BERNARD COPPING The tremendous job of keeping the college books falls to Mr. Bernard Copping, Treasurer. Mr. Cop- ping's job has further been complicated by the vet- erans' education provisions, but he has managed ad- mirably. -2g... bi i ion DR. HOWARD WELCH The Veterinary Department is ably directed by Dr. Howard Welch Whose job it is to keep healthy all the campus livestock and to dispense advice and in- formation of interest and benefit to local agricul- turists, DR. HAMMER New director of the Student Health Service is Dr. Carl Hammer. Dr, Hammer's job, a most difficult one, is keeping the students healthy and caring for them, without charge, when and if they do become ill, I MISS LEIGH With freshmen Women in the game room, a bulging Coffee Shop, and an over-sized cafeteria in the ball- room, Miss Mildred Leigh had her hands full this year maintaining a semblance of order in the Student Union Building. B-2 9-. SEE CLASSES ARE FUN I 4 I Q 'IM M k ,Q OUTSIDE OR INSIDE v f F S. li g.-...-,ww Q85 ,f 5 LQ: C34 2 ,E 'L 5? Q., Q ' A 4" of wa 'lhgwa ff"f""'x.g,:5 ,: 0"- ' Mk fa,:F,.x 4' -n MAURICE GUAY President of Associated Students BACK ROW-Huffman, Lee, Lynch. DeTonancour, Dougherty, Neuman. Anspach, Miller, Beatty, Brolin MIDDLE ROW-Balch, Lyons, Blazina, Guay, Marfiuis. FRONT ROW-Anderson, Geary, Dobler, McDonald. NOT PICTURED-Cameron, Cornish, Strickfaden. Peterson, Gordon. Stenmurk. Beers. Student enate No Bilbos here . . . a Claghorn or two, maybe . . . all bigshots, BTO's, BlVlOC's and big-dealers . . . but necessary . . . little boys and girls who don't behave themselves have to have somebody look after them . . . that's the Student Senate, son . . . in fact, they even look after you if you do behave yourself . , . they listen to all sob-stories . . . and if things get dull, they sob out a few of their own . . . this is life? ..-:32.,.. BACK ROW-Dolan, Gaines, Hollands, Butler, Henderson. FRONT ROW-Ray, Barnes, Hawksworth, Hughes. No, not that kind of relations . . . not THAT kind, either . , . this is sort of a junior NLRB . . . tNhat's National Labor Relations Board . , , not that anyone If here has anything to do with labor in any form . . . but if you don't like your teacher, you tell it to these people . , after you graduate, that is. W No, not Autumn, Vvlinter, Spring . . . Associated Women Students . . . girls, ' ' . every one of them . . , they plan for XVomen's Day and keep feminine affairs cooking on the front burner . . . no, there isn't any Associated Men Students . . . men students associate with Women students . , , which is another thing the AWS looks after , . . these things can be carried too far. BACK ROWASugimoto. Stenmark. Beers, Hughes, Kelly. FRONT ROW-Guth. Geary. Burke, Kasky. Yn ter raternity They try to keep it clean , . . with some success, too . . . just goes to show you, if one frat can get along with another, Russia can do it, too . , . get along with the rest of the world, that is . . . these men do much to further inter-Greek amity on the campus, as the compara- tively stable state of affairs here indicates . . . this is good. BACK ROW-Strickfaden, Humphries, Thompson, Narkevic, O'Brien. MIDDLE ROW-Balch, Boyd, Gordon. FRONT ROW-Tietgen, Ryan, Dolan, U BACK ROW-Haglund, Gilbert, Hughes, Lunday. MIDDLE ROW-Oswald, Burke, Geary, Solberg. FRONT R0W4Arneson, McDonald, Dobler. Panlnellenic Oh, boyf . , . not here, Mac . . . these are ladies . . . they try to see that all their sisters are ladies, too . . . if you want to be a sorority girl twill you get out of here, lVlac?j you have to do as they say . . . if you already are a sorority girl, you still have to do as they say , . , every year they get together for a feed and a good cry over everybody's new fiances . , . ain't it Wonderful? -34- Student Union Koa:-d So you want a textbook? . . . tell you what l'm gonna do . , . come back next month . . . next year, even . . . if the build- ing makes money, they don't get it . . . but if the building doesn't make money, they D0 get it . . , guess Where , . . they also have to see that the place keeps clean and is used for the proper purposes . . . no cinch, this . . . give the kids a break. Kvard of Pu6lica tivnA LEFT TO RIGHT-Anderson, Huffman, Zilka, Anspach. White, Dobler. NOT PICTURED-True, Guay. BACK ROW-Peterson, Safely, Eck, Harrington. FRONT ROW-Miller, Payson, Leigh. lf you write anything naughty, they see it doesn't get printed , . . they try, anyway . . . except for the Froshponent, they us- ually succeed . . . the nastiest word the older ones know is Mjork . . . they also keep MSC on the map with propaganda and publicity . . . they try to as far as possible see that no infin- ities are split. BACK ROW-Marmont, Hughes, Ransier, Lenham. Chrestensen. Murfitt. FRONT ROWfR8S6H, Ray, Cruth. Social 14 aim A student-faculty committee W-ith a student majority vote . . , theirs is the last Word on campus social doings or not-doings . . . what a busy bunch they must be , . , Wonder who checks up on their doings . . . they look angelic though, don't they? Triple threat girls . . . if you make a pass, they can either kick or run . . . or both . . . they shoot guns, bas- kets, arrows, and birdies , . . they ski, skate, dance, tumble, swim, hike, play tennis, baseball, softball, badminton and pingpong. . . man, they do every- thing . . . everything? , . . and the ones who do the mostest the bestest get prizes . . . definitely a formidable organization. BACK ROW-Guay, Willson, Klemme, Lynch. FRONT ROW-Dobler, Halcrow, Geary. ., we S SSE CLA Senior CIMA Are all these people seniors? . . . some of them are so young and vice versa , . . college would give anyone gray hairs but pretty soon their Worries are over . . . no more books Just bills , . . life is so sad . . . only 25 per cent of a freshman class graduates . . . encouraged? . . . well if these mugs can do it, you can. ADAMS, ROBERT GORDON-Valier. Montana. Mechanical En- gineering. Independent-Alohas Amigos: Sec'y Student Branch of A. S. M. E. AIKINS. ANN GORDON-Billings. Montana. Pre-Medical. Chi Omega: Phi Sigma. Pres.: Alpha Psi Omega: A. W. S.: Stand- ard Committee: "Angel Street": "Skin of Our Teeth": trans- ferred from Dawson County Junior College. AKENSON. FRANCES B.-Roundup. Montana. Applied Science. ALEXANDER. MARIE-Bozeman. Montana. Home Economics. Home Ec Club: Waac's. ANDERSON. GLADYS-Malta, Montana. Home Economics Edu- cation. Alpha Omicron Pi. Rush Chairman 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Home Ec Club 1. 2. 3. 4: W.A.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Band 1: Fun- landia 1: "Brass Halo": Alpha Psi Omega 3. 4: Inter-sorority Sports 2. 3. 4: Panhellenic Council 3: Danforth Fellowship Candidate 3: Montanan 1, 3. Editor 4: Board of Publications, Sec'y 4: Student Senate 4: Who's Who in American Colleges 4. ANNIN. MARK H.-Bozeman. Montana. Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Chi: High School Week. Chairman of Open House Committee: A. S. M. E. 2. 3: R. 0. T. C. 2: Basketball. Bob- kittens 1: Intramural 1. 2. 3. 4: "King of the Hill" 3. ANSPACH. ROBERT-Browning. Montana. Mechanical Engi- neering. ARNESON. ELINOR JEAN-Big Timber. Montana. Applied Art, Pi Beta Phi. Pres. 4: Panhellenic Council 3. 4: Quad Board 3. 4: Art Club 1. 2, 3. 4, Sec'y-Treas. 4: Spurs. Spur of the Mo- ment: Freshman Class Sec'y-Treas.: Pi Phi Cor. SeC'Y: Ex- ponent Staff 1. 2. 3: Montanan Staff 1. 2. 3: W. A. A. 1, 2, 3: World Student Service Committee: Freshman Week Committee: High School Week Committee: Canterbury Club. BAARSON. ROBERT E.-Helena. Montana. Chemical Engineer- ing. Alpha Chi Sigma 2. 3. 4: Phi Sigma Kappa 1, 2. 3. Vic-Pres. 4: A. I. Ch. E. 1. 2. 3. 4: Intramurals. BAKER. GRAEME L.-Kalispell. Montana. Chemistry. Alphi Chi Sigma: Septemviri: Phi Eta Sigma. BALCH. ROBERT EUGENE-Cascade. Montana. Industrial En- gineering. Alpha Gamma Rho. Pres. 3. 4: Freshman Class Pres.: Intercollegiate Knights 2. 3. Treas. 3: Student Senate 1. 4: Interfraternity Council 3. 4. Vice-Pres. 4: Scabbard and Blade: Student Union Board 3: Advanced R.O.T.C.: Intra- murals 1. 2. 3. 4: Wrestling Team 3: S. A. M. 2. 3. 4: High School Week 2. 3. Student Chairman 3: Les Bouffons: Sep- temviri: Senior Class Pres.: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Montanan 2: Who's Who In American Colleges 4. BARROW. GEORGE ALLISON-Chinook. Montana. Architecture. KZDDB Sigma. 38- BEATTY, BRUCE LLOYD-Billings. Montana. Industrial Engi- neering. Associated Independent Students, Pres.: Fangs, Sec'Y: Septemviri: S. A. M., Sec'y: School Table Tennis Champion 3: Commissioner of Finance: Accountant High School Week 3. BELDEN, CHESTER LOGAN-Livingston, Montana. Industrial Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Concert Band 1, 2: Fangs: S. A. M.: Exponent 2: Advanced R. O. T, C. BICK, CHARLES FRED-Ronan, Montana. Dairy Production. BLANK, BONNIE JEANNE-Mandan, N. D. ADI-Dlied Science. BLAZINA, EMIL MATT-Anaconda, Montana. Mechanical En- gineering. Kappa Sigma, Sec'y 2, Pres. 3: Commissioner of Athletics 3: A,S., Vice-Pres. 4: Bobcat Basketball Team 2: "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee 3: Vice-Pres. Junior Class 3: Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3, 4: A. S. M. E. 4: Interfrat Council, Vice-Pres. 3. BLENKNER, CHARLES LOUIS-Billings, Montana. Pre-Medical. Lambda Chi: "What a Life": "Skin of Our Teeth" Interfra- ternity Council 3, 4: Les Bouffons 3, 4: "The Male Animal" 4. BOID, VIRGINIA L.-Helena. Montana, Home Economics. Alpha Omicron Pi: Home Ec Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Council 2: A.W.S. 4: W.A.A. 1, 2- 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2: High School Week 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Big-Little Sister Committee 2, 3: Mon- tanan Staff 1, 2: Young Pepole's Fellowship. BOOHER, MITZI ANNE-Toston, Montana. Botany and Bac- teriolozy. BRANDELAND, HOWARD ALVERNE-Radcliffe, Iowa, Chemical Engineering. A. I. Ch. E.: Alpha Chi Sigma: Lutheran Student Association. BRAWNER, HERBERT J.-Livingston, Montana. Mechanical En- gineering. A. S. M. E.: Independents Association. BRAZIEL, MRS. MARVEL M.-Billings, Montana. Applied Art. Alpha Gamma Delta: Art Club. Vice-Pres. and Pres.: Delta Phi Delta: Exponent Reporter: Mortar Board: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Chairman, Standards Committee, 1946-47: Montanan Art Staff 4: W.A.A. 2. BREBRICK, ROBERT FRANK-AnacOnda, Montana. Chemistry, BRICKER, MARJORIE ELLEN-Great Falls. Montana. Nursing. Nurses Club: Alpha Tau Delta: Delta Tau Kappa. BROWN, FRANCES LEA-Valier, Montana. Chemistry. BROWN. KENNETH RAYMOND-Valier, Montana. Electrical Engineering. Lambda Chl Alpha. BURKE, ELAINE-Bozeman, Montana, Secretarial. Chi Omega: Secretarial Club: Spurs: Sec'y of Student Senate: Pres. of Panhellenic Council: Pres, of Chi Omega: A.W.S.: W,A.A, Council: Exponent Staff: Montanan Staff Inter-sorority Sports: Montanan Queen 2, 3: Les Bouffons Queen 3. BUTLER, ELMER DEAN-Bozeman, Montana. Industrial Engi- neering. Sigma Chi: I-es Bouffons, Pres.: Scabbard and Blade, Pres.: S.A.M.: Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Ad- vanced R. O. T. C,: R. O. T. C. Club: Basketball 1: Intramural Sports: Engineering Council 4. CANTRELL. DOROTHY OLSEN-Dillon. Montana. Home Eco- nomics. Pi Beta Phi: Aloha Tau Delta, Vice-Pres. 2: Nurses Club: Home Ec Club: Riflery 2, Champion 2. CANTRELL, HAROLD M.-Dillon, Montana. Electrical Engineer- ing. Alpha Gamma Rho. CARLSON, RICHARD N.-East Helena, Montana. Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Chi: Exponent 2, 3: Froshponent Business Manager: Montana Engineer 1, 2, Adv. Mgr. 3, Bus, Mgr. 4: Intramural Sports. CARPENTER, HAROLD CLIFFORD-Richey, Montana. Chemical Engineering. CASCADEN, CHARLES LELAND-Dutton, Montana. Physical Education. "M" Club": Intramurals: Varsity Football and Basketball: Independent Club: High School Week. CASCADEN, NORMAN DOUGLAS-Bozeman, Montana. Chem- istry, CHAPMAN, PATRICIA E.-Helena, Montana. Secretarial. Alpha Gamma Delta: Secretarial Club: W, A. A.: Funlandia: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Omega Pl. CILCOTE. WILBUR BYRON4Missoula, Montana. Chemistry. Sigma Nu. CHRISTENSEN, ANN LOUISE-Hot Springs, South Dakota, Bacteriology. Pi Sigma 3, 4: Orchestra 1: G. A. A. 1: Inde- Dendent Club 3. CHRISTOPHERSON, DORIS IRENEAKa1ispell, Montana. Nursing. CRATER. THEODORE VINCENT-Spokane, Washington. Elec- trical Engineering Club: Debate 1, 2: A. I. E. E. 4: Camera Club 1, 2. CORNISH, JOHN MERRELL-Hamilton. Montana. Secretarial. Phi Sigma Kappa. CRECELIUS, ROBERT L.-Plains, Montana. Chemical Engi- neering. DAI-IL, ELDON HAROLD-Bozeman, Montana. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DANIELS, CHARLES A.-Scobey, Montana. Industrial Engineer- ing. S, A. M. 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1, 2, DANSKIN, ROBERT EUGENE-Cvlendive, Montana. Pre-Medical. Wesleyan Fellowship 1. 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Band: Montanan 3, 4: Septemviri 4. DAVIDSON. DEAN CARL-Joliet, Montana. Agricultural Edu- cation. Ag. Club: F. F. A. DEROOY, FELIX JOSEPH-Vaughn, Montana. Mechanical En- gineering. Lambda Chi Alpha: A. S. M. E. 3. 4: Newman Club 1, 2: Intramural Sports 1, 2: Advanced RO. T. C. 3. DIXON. WALLACE JAMES-Billings, Montana. Chemical En- gineering. DOBI-ER, RUTH EY-AINE-Helena, Montana. Bacteriology. Alpha Gamma Delta: Chi Sigma: Student Senate 3. 4: Board of Publication 3: Student-Faculty Social Committee 4: Editor of Eicponent 4: Panhellenic Council 3. 4: Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4: W.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4: High School Week Committee 2: Bobcat Band 2, 3. 4: Chorus, Ski Club, Camera Club 3, 4: Montanan Staff 1, 3: Pep Club 4. DOUGHERTY. CHARLES NELSON-Butte, Montana. Architec- ture. Debate 2, 3, 4: Student Senate 4: Architects Club: A. S. C. E. DRUMMOND, JAMES-Anaconda, Montana. Animal Industry. Alpha Gamma Rho: Ag. Club 1, 2. 3. 4, Treas. 3: Little Inter- national 1. 2, 4, Manager 4: High School Week 3: Montanan 1, 2, 4: Intramurals 2, 4: Intercollegiate Wrestling 2, DYER. ROBERT' JAMES. JR.-Augusta, Montana. Industrial Engineering. Kappa Sigma. EAKMAN, BETTY BUN-Great Falls. Montana. Horne Economics. ELLIS, WILLIAM WESLEY-Havre, Montana. Chemistry. EMERY. JEAN M.-Bozeman. Montana. Secretarial. Alpha Omi- cron Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Spurs. Spur of the Moment: Pi Omega Pi: Mortra Board: Phi Kappa Phi: Who's Who in American Colleges: Women's Day. Chairman. ERICKSON. RAYMOND LEROY-Libby. Montana. Chemistry. Alpha Chi Sigma Septemviri: Rifle Team 1. 2. ERPELDING. LAWRENCE F.-Forsyth. Montana. Agriculture. FACEY, JOHN K.-Great Falls, Montana. Civil Engineering. FAGENSTROM. RICHARD L.-Bozeman. Montana. Industrial Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRAZER. KENNETH J,-Butte. Montana, Electrical Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRAZER. SELMA LEE-Hardin. Montana. Home Economics. Alpha Gamma Delta. GAINES. JANICE RAE--Bozeman. Montana. Applied Science. Chi Omega: Phi Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: Spurs: Who's Who in American Colleges: Phi Karma Phi: W. A. A.: Senior Class Sponsor 4 Funlandia: Junior Prom Committee: Panhel- lenic Council: World Student Service Fund: Froshponent: Ex- ponent. Bus. Mgr. 3: Montanan 4: Local Education of National Spur Magazine 2: Canterbury Club: Inter-sorority Athletics. GEARY. PATRICIA EMERITA-Helmville. Montana. Secretarial. Alpha Gamma Delta: Spurs: Funlandia: W. A. A. 1. 2. 4: Treas. Secretarial Club 3: Spring Formal fSooh -Jr. Prom: 2: Pres. Newman Club 3: Rec. Sec'y A. G. D. 3. 2nd Vice-Pres. 4: Student Senate 3. 4: Commissioner of Student Union 3: Re- ligious Emphasis Week 4: High School Week 1: Woman's Dav Chairman 3: Vice-Pres. Panhellenic Council 4: Pres. Associated Women 4: Social Committee 4: Who's Who 4. GEORGE. JEAN NI.-BOZSITLRII. lVI01'1t8.I18. Home Economics. GERMERAAD. BETTY J,-Billings. Montana. Applied Art. Pi Beta Phi. Pres. 4: Secr. Club: Delta Phi Delta: Student-Faculty Assembly Committee: Woman's Day Committees: High School Week Committees: Quad Board: Montanan Staff Exponent Staff W. A. A. Mortar Board: Quad B Pres. fFresh,l: .Alpha Lambda Delta: Panhellenic Council: Snurs. Pres. and Jr. Soon- sor: Grand Nat'l Spur Council of Spurs: A. W. S. Council: Senate 2. 4. Vice-Pres, 4: "Who's Who": M. S. C. Delegate to Pacific Northwest Peace Congress. GIBLER. JOHN WESLEY-Choteau. Montana. Agronomy. Ag. Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Zeta 4. GTLCHRIST. NORMAN ARLIE-Miles City. Montana. Electrical Engineering. Kappa Sigma: Montana Engineer 1. 2. 4: Mon- tanan 2: Band 1. 2: A.I. E. E. 1. 2. 4: Intramurals 1. 2: High School Week 1. 2. GORDON. JOHN--Cascade. Montana. Agriculture Economics. I-ambda Chi Alpha. Pres. 3. 4: Intercollegiate Knights 2. 3. Pres. 3: Ag. Club 1. 2. 3: Student Book Store Board. Pres. 3: Student Senate 3. 4: Interfraternity Council 3. 4. Sec'y 4: Mikado 1: College and Field Service Council 4: Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4: R. O. T. C. 3: High School Week Committee 2: Les Bouffons 4. GRAMMENS. PAULYCuster. Montana. Agronomy. Kappa Sigma. Veterans Club 1. 2. Sec'y 1: Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Ag. Club 2. 3. 4. Vice-Pres. 2: Fangs 2: Interfraternity Council 3. GREER. RAY F--Simms. Montana. Horticulture. Alpha Gamma Rho: College Play 2: Ag. Club 1. 2. 4. GUAY. MAURICE EUGENEQButte. Montana. Electrical Engi- neering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sec'y 2. Vice Pres. 3: A. I. E. E. 3. 4: Les Bouffons 3. 4: Fangs 2. 3: Septemviri 4: Interfrat. Council 2. 3: Student Senate 1. 2. 4: Freshman Class Pres.: Sophomore Class Pres. Pres. A. S. M. S. C. 4: Who's Who 4: Student Union Board: Newman Club 2: Intram. Sports 2. 3. 4. GUTH, ELAINE-Wilsall. Montana. Physical Education. Biological Science. Alpha Omicron Pi: Spartanians 3. 4: P. E. Majors Club 2. 3. 4: W. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: W. A. A. Council 1. 2. 3, 4. Pres, 4: A.W.S. Council 4: Volleyball. Basketball. Softball. Tennis. Swimming. Badminton. HAECKEL. BETTY ANNE-Bozeman. Montana. Home Economics. Alpha Gamma Delta. HAGLUND. PHILLIP GUSTAVUS-Watkins. Montana. Agricul- ture. Ag. Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Zeta 3. 4: Alpha Gamma Rho. HAHN. GILBERT FREDERICKfHelena. Montana. Architecture. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HAUSEMAN, DEAN-Bozeman, Montana. Secretarial. Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. HAWKSWORTH, THOMAS W.-Bozeman, Montana. Industrial Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HEDEGAARD, MARION T.-Savage, Montana. Animal Industry. HEIDT, JACK WILLIAM-Helena, Montana. Electrical Engineer- ing. Independents 1, 2, 3, 4: Lutheran Student Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: Interchurch Council 2: Phi Eta Sigma 1, 2, 3, Pres. 2, Advisor 3: A. I. E. E. 3, 4. Sec'y 3, Treas. 4: Phi Kappa Phi 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. HELEEN, MRS. ELAINE-POISOII, Montana, H0318 EC0l'l0IIl1CS. HERZEL, HARRY A.-Bozeman. Montana. Chemical Engineering. Alpha Chi Sigma 4: A. I. Ch. E. 1, 2, 3, 4. HINTON, CLYDE B.-Poulsbo, Washington. Electrical Engineer- ing. Sigma Chi: A. I, E. E: Intramural Softball: Marine Corps: Montana School of Mines-Debate, Football, Baseball, Basket- ball: Montana University-Dramatics: University of Colorado. HIPPELY, PAUL R.-Livingston, Montana. Chemical Engineer- ing, Kappa Sigma: Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: A.I.Ch.E 1, 2, 3. 4: Montanan 1, 3, 4: Exponent 4: Montana Engineer 2: Navy. HOWARD, RAYMOND H.-Bozeman, Montana. Kappa Sigma, Vice-Pres. 3: Fangs 2, 3: High School Week 2, 3: Student Senate 3: Student-Faculty Health Committee 4: Veterans Housing Committee 4: Canterbury Club 2, 3. HOWARD. STANLEY W,-Savage, Montana. Agriculture. HOY. NORMA I.-Billings. Montana. Nursing. HUFFMAN. HOWARD L.-Highwood, Montana. Industrial Engi- neering. Concert Band 1, 2: S. A. M. 1, 2, 3, 4: Engineering Council 3. 4: Editor, Montana Engineer 4: Board of Publica- tions 4: Student Senate 4. HURTT. LEON ELLIOTT-Missoula. Montana. Mechanical En- gineering. Men's Co-op. JACOBS, MARGARET VERONICA-Binford, N. D. Secretarial. JOHNSON. ROBERT--Marmarth, N. D. Mechanical Engineering. Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha. KARLBERG, RALPH-Missoula, Montana. Architecture. Kappa Sigma. KEGEL, WESLEY VERNON-Turner, Montana. Animal Industry. KINDSCHY, EMIL O.-Lewistown. Montana. Chemical Engineer- ing. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: A.I.Ch.E. l, 2, 3. 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. Pres. 4: Phi Eta Sigma 1. 2: High School Week 1, 2, 3, 4: Board of Publications 4: Student Senate 4: Exponent 1, 2, 3, 4, Asst, Editor 4: Montana Engineer, Reporter 3: Montanan Photographer 1, 2. Adv. Collector 3, Editor 4: Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4: Advanced R,O.T.C. Captain 4, Major 4. KIRK. ROSEMARY CAROLYN-Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Inde- pendent: Home Economics Club: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Veteran Club: Twirling: Out-of-State Club. KIRSCHER, FREDERICK JOSEPH-Townsend. Montana. Agri- culture. Alpha Gamma Rho: Ag. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Alpha Zeta, Treas. 3: 4-H Alumni 1, 2: Little International 2, 4: High School Week 3: Intramurals 3, 4. KITTERMAN, DAVE C.-Bozeman, Montana, Agronomy. KRINGS. FRED C.-Lewistown. Montana. Electrical Engineering. Men's Cooperative House: A.I. E. E.: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Phi: Phi Kappa Phi: Captain. Infantry. LAMPEN. JOSEPHINE-Great Falls. Montana. Home Economcis. LENHAM, JEAN-Bozeman. Montana. Home Economics. Insti- tute Management. Alpha Omicron Pi: Ski Club 1. 2. 3, 4. Treas. 3. 4: Funlandia 1: Home Ec. Club 1. 2. 3. 4: W. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Council 4: High School Week 3: Woman's Day Committee 4: Montanan 1. 2. 3. 4: Interchurch Council 3. LILLIGARD. ROBERT JAMES-Stanford. Montana. Agriculture Education. Alpha Gamma Rho. LOFFEL. LIDA PEARL-Musselshell. Montana. Applied Science. Chi Omega: Phi Sigma. Sec'y: W.A.A.: Gold Basketball W. A. A.: Northern Montana College. LOTT. HARRISON DAWES-Twin Bridges. Montana. Agricul- ture Industry. LUNDBERG. WILLIAM D.-Billings. Montana. Industrial Engi- neering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: S.A. M.: Les Bouffons: Scab- bard and Blade: Infantry. LYDICK, HENRY WINTER-Helena. Montana. Electrical Engi- neering. Sigma Chi. Mac GOWAN. FRANCES RAE-Great Falls. Montana. Archi- tecture. Independent: Arch. Club: Delta Phi Delta: Phi Kappa Phi: Independent A. A.: Engineering Council: Beaux Arts: Montana Engineer: Newman Club. MARMONT. GYLA MARGARET-Shelby. Montana. Physical Edu- cation. Health Education. Biological Science. Alpha Omicron Pi: W.A.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: W.A.A. Council 1. 2. 3. 4. Vice Pres. 4. Sec'y 3: Alpha Psi Omega 2. 3. 4: Spartanians 3. 4. Pres. 4: P. E. Majors Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Pres. 2: Camera Club 3. Sec'y 3: Swimming. Basketball. Tennis. Badminton. Modern Dance: Play Day 3. 4. MASSING. ROBERT W.-Moulton. Montana. Mechanical En- gineering. McBRIDE. THERESA MARIE-Butte. Montana. Home Economics. Chi Omega. McCRACKIN. FRANK L. ---- Drummond. Montana. Engineering Physics. MCCULLOUGH. DAVID-Ashland. Montana. Civil Engineering. MCDONALD. RUTH R.-Butte. Montana. Secretarial. Alpha Omicron Pi. Pres. 4: Secretarial Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Spurs 2. Pref. 2: Junior Sponsor 3: Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4: Ski Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Treas. 2: Mortar Board: Interfrat. Concil 3: Standards Comm. 4: High School Week Co-Chairman 3: Womarfs Day Comm. 2. 3: Exponent 1. 2. 3. Society Editor 2. Managing Editor 3: Montanan 1. 2: Newman Club: Basketball. Volleyball. Basebali. Swimming. Skiing. Tennis: W. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: A. W. S. Council 2. 3. Pres. 3: Jr. Panhellenic 1: Panhellenic Council 4: Student Senate 2. 3. 4: "Who's Who" 3. 4: Soph. Class Sec'y 2: Junior Prom 3: Jr. Class Steering Comm. 3: College Play 1. 2. MCDONOUGH. JAMES ROBERT-Glendire. Montana. Electrical Engineering. MCKEEN. THOMAS BOYD---Bozeman. Montana. Industrial En- gineering. MERCER. MARTHA ANN--Bozeman. Montana. Secretarial. Alpha Omicron Pi. MILLER. DORIS RUTH-Sidney. Montana. Home Economics Education. Alpha Omicron Pi: Home Ec. Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Treas. 4: W. A.A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Phi Upsilon Omicron 2, 3. 4. Officer 3. 4: Alpha Lambda Delta: Danforth Fellowship Candidate 1. 3: High School Week Committee 3: Funlandia 1: Basketball: Montanan 4: Chorus 1, 2. 4. MURAKAMI. AKIRA-Chicago. Illinois. Electrical Engineering. Independent: A. I. E. E.: Montanan Photographer 1. 2. 3: Col- lege Orchestra 1. 2. 3. NERTNEY. ROBERT JAMES-Bozeman. Montana. Engineering 3: R. O. T. C. 2. 3. 4. Physics. Camera Club 1. 2. 3: Band. Concert 1. 2. Band 1. 2: Septemviri 4: Navy: Physics Club 1. NEWMAN, ALBERT-Reed Point, Montana. Pre-Medical. NORDEN, JAMES LOUIS-Bozeman, Montana. Animal Industry. O'BRIEN. DAN JOSEPH-Butte. Montana. Electrical Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-Pres. 4: Interfraternity Council 4: A. I. E. E. Sec'y 4: Newman Club: Handball Doubles Champion 4: Signal Corps. O'CONNELL, GLORIA MARGARET-Helena, Montana. Home Economics. Institutional Management. Alpha Omicron Pi: Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3, 4, Officer 4: High School Week Committee 3: W. A. A. 1, 2, 3. 4: Montanan 3: Volleyball. Basketball. Softball. OGLESBY. FRANCIS LORRAINEYMiles City. Montana. Home Economics. Chi Omega: W.A.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Exponent 1. 2. 3: Chorus 3, 4. OMAN, GERALD EUGENE-Manhattan, Montana. Civil Engi- neering. ONKEN. CARLA ILSE-Silesia. Montana. Physical Education. P. E. MaJor's Club: W.A.A.: Publicity Committee: Religious Emphasis Week: Lutheran Students Association: Eastern Normal School. OSWALD. FRANCES GERTRUDE M.-Great Falls. Montana. Bacteriology. Pres. Alpha Gamma Delta: Panhellenic Council: Pres. Phi Sigma: Sec'y Spurs: W. A. A.: Mortar Board, Editor: "Who's Who": High School Week Entertainment Comm.: Stu- dent Rehabilitation Drive Comm : Chairman. Concert Comm.: Chairman. A. W, S. Banquet Entertainment Comm.: Freshman Week Assemlby Comm.: Canterbury Club Religious Group: Athletics-Volleyball, Softball, Football: Funlandia. PAHNISH, OTTO FLOYD - Dillon. Montana. Animal Industry. PAROCK. WALTER M.-Great Falls, Montana. Engineering Phys- ics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Engineering Council 4: Physics Club 3, 4. Pres. 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3. PARSONS. ARTHUR C., JR.-Helena. Montana. Electrical Ei!- gineering. Sigma Chi. POPOVAC. DANIEL OBRENfButte. Montana. Chemical Engi- neering. Alpha Chi Sigma: A. I. Ch. E.: Advanced R. O. T. C. 1942-43: Army 1943-46, Captain, Infantry PRESCOTT. RICHARD HARRY-Bozeman, Montana. Electrical Engineering. Men's Co-op. RANSIER. THERESA COLLEEN-Hardin. Montana. Physical Ed- ucation. Alpha Omicron Pi: Physical Education Malor's Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Spartanians 3, 4: W. A. A. 1, 2, 3. 4: W. A. A. Council 3, 4: Basketball. Volleyball. Softball, Hiking. Archery, Swim- ming. Modern Dance, Tennis, Badminton. RASMUSSEN, ALBERT DEAN-Antelope, Montana. Agricultural Education. Men's Co-op. REIQUAM. C. WILLIAM-Collins, Montana. Pre-Medical. Phi Sigma Kappa: Band 1: Wesley Foundation 1. 2: Chorus 3: College 4-H 3: Concert Chorus 4. REIQUAM, M. EILEEN--Collins. Montana. Home Economics. Alpha Omicron Pi: Home Ec. Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Spurs 2: College 4-H 3, 4: W. A.A, 1, 2. 3. 4: Exponent l, 2: Woman's Day Chairman 4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2. 3, 4: Volleyball. Swim- ming. Archery. Basketball, ROACH, JAMES ROBERT4Chester. Montana. Chemistry. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres.: Les Bouffons: Septemviri: High School Week Committee. ROBERTSON. JOHN C.-Bozeman. Montana. Chemical Engi- neering. Alpha Chi Sigma: A. I. Ch. E. ROBINSON, PATRICIA ANN-Lewistown. Montana. Home Eco- nomics. Pi Beta Phi: Home Ec. Club. Program Chairman 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 21 Orchestra 2, 3. 4: Big' and Little Sister Captain 3: Pi Beta Phi Pledge Mother 4. RHODE. CHARLES R.--Kalispell, Montana. Agronomy. Ag. Club 2, 3, 4: Collegiate F. F. A. Chapter 3: Alpha Zeta 3, 4: Sep- temviri 4: Phi Kappa Phi 4. RONNING, JANE MATSKE-Bozeman, Montana. Secretarial. Alpha Gamma Delta. ROOT, AGNES CAROLINE-Great Falls, Mont. Botany and Bacteriology. Alpha Gamma Delta: Phi Sigma: W. A. A.: Fun- landia: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Playday 3: Exponent: Volleyball, Softball, Swimming. RUGGLES, ROBERT LEWIS-Bozeman, Montana. Mechanical Engineering. RUZICKA, MARY INEZ-Hardin, Montana. Home Economics. Pi Beta Phi: Home Economcis Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Montanan 1, 2: Exponent 1, 2. SAUBERT, WILLIAM R,-Great Falls, Montana. Industrial En- gineering. Pi Kappa Alpha. SCHARFF, DONALD K.-Three Forks. Montana. Entomology. Kappa Sigma: Fangs: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Sigma Scholarship Award: Phi Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Septemviri. SCHMIDT, KENNETH JAMES-Fort Benton, Montana. Mechan- ical Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha: A. S. M. E.: Advanced R.. O, T. C.: Concert Band 1, 2, 3: Veterans' Housing Com- mittee: Football 1, 2: Intramural Sports: Army Air Forces. SCHNEIDER, RUDOLPI-I CHARLES-Bozeman, Montana. Elec- tI'lC2.l Ellglheeflflg. SEELINGER, LEONARD JAMES-Great Falls, Montana. Phys- ical Education. SHERROW, IRENE OGLE-Laurel, Montana. Secretarial. Chl Omega, Treas., Vice-Pres.: Pi Omega Pi, Pres.: Secretarial Club: W.A.A.: Exponent: A.W.S. Sec'y. SIMPSON, MARGARET ANN-Miles City, Montana. Architec- tural Engineering. Alpha Omicron Pi: Architectural Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4: W.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 4: Tennis, Musketry. SKAALURE, DALE LEVERNfBig Sandy, Montana. Agricultural Economics. Alpha Gamma Rho: Lutheran Students Assn. 1, 2. 3: Little International 1. 2: Ag. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: M Club 3, 4: Wrestling Team 3, 4: High School Week Committee. SMALL, BARBARA GIBSON-Cut Bank, Montana. Home Eco- nomics. Women's COODSTBUVQ House. SMITH. HAROLD L,-Belt, Montana. Range Management. SMITH, VICTOR A.-Butte, Montana. Chemistry. Phl Sigma Kappa: Alpha Chi Sigma: Fangs: Interfraternity Council: Les Bouffons: Scabbard and Blade: Sentemviri: High School Week 3, Co-Chairman: School Service Committee, SNAPP, MARION-Lewistown, Montana. Home Economics. Asso- ciated Independent Students 2, 3. 4, Treas.: 4-H Alumni Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y-Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Veteran's Club. Sec'y 3: Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4: Mortar Board 4, Treas.: Quad E Senior Counselor: Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4. SOLBERG, RAUSIE LOU--Big Timber, Montana. Home Econom- lcs. Pi Beta Phi, Vice-Pres.: Home Ec. Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Pres.: Mortar Board, Vice-Pres.: Spurs: Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas.: Jr. Advisor: Jr. Class Treas.: Jr. Prom Comm.: A. W. S. Treas.: Canterbury Club: Panhellenic Council, Sec'y: Montanan 1: Ex- ponent 1: Who's Who Among College Students. STANFIELD, DONALD I,iGreat Falls, Montana. Industrial En- gineering. Alpha Gamma Rho, Treas. 3. House Mgr, 4: S. A. M. 1, 2, 3, 4: High School Week 1, 2, 3: Montanan 1, 2, 3, 4, Bus. Mgr. 4, Acting Editor 4: Exponent Mgr. 1, 2: Montana Engineer 2: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: M Club: Wrestling Team 2, 3, 4, Captain 4: Student Senate 4: Les Bouffons. STEWART, DOUGLAS GORDON-Bozeman, Montana. Civil En- gineering. iNot pictured.J STROMNES, HAROLD-Lewistown, Montana, Applied Science. AlDha Gamma Rho. SWEENEY, THOMAS-Kalispell, Montana. Electrical Engineer- ing. A. I. E. E.: Cross Country. TAYLOR, LOIS M.-Billings, Montana. Botany and Bacteriology. Associated Independent Students 1, 2, 3: "The Wilderness": Ski Club 3, 4: Inter-Church Council 3: Lutheran Students Association 1, 2, 3. 4, Sec'y 2. Vice-Pres. 3: Chorus 3, 4: Concert Chorus 4: Band 1. TEIGEN. MONS-Teigen. lvlontana. Range Management, Ag. Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Intramural Athletics 1, 2: Montanan 2: Little International 1, 4: Veterans Co-op Vice-Pres, 4. TESLOW. FRANCES-Bozeman,Montana, Secretarial. Pi Beta Phi. THORPE. MARILYN-'Butte, Montana. Botany and Bacteriology. Band 1. 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Jr. Panhellenic Council 1: Ski Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Chairman Freshman Week Entertainment 3: High School Week 1: Assembly Committee 3: W. A. A. 1, 3. 4: A. W. S. Council 3: Exponent 1, 2. 4: Nurses Club 1: Canterbury Club. TIVZTJEN. ROBERT-Great Falls. Montana. Civil Engineering. Kappa Sigma: Chorus 1: Fencing 1. 2: Fangs 2. 3: Mothers Day Committee 3: Commissioner of Dramatics 3: Student Senate 3: Student Chapter A. S. C. E, 3. 4: Intramural Ath- letics 1, 2. 3. 4: Interfraternity Council 4. TOCCI. PATRICIA-Three Forks. Montana. Applied Science. Alpha Gamma Delta. TODD. NEVA-Bozeman, Montana. Art. Chi Omega. TOOHEY. JOHN E.-Bozeman. Montana. Architecture. TRAVER. BOB-Cut Bank. Montana. Mechanical Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha: A. S. M, E.: Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3, 4: Advanced R, O. T. C. 3. TRAVER. JIMMY LEE-Cut Bank. Montana, Pre-Medics. Lambda Chi Alpha: Advanced R. 0. T. C. 8: Interfraternity Council 3: Football 1: Intramurals 4. TRAVER, NONA--Columbus, Georgia. Home Economics. TUNNICLIFF, AMY-Bozeman. Montana. Nursing. UHLRICH, PAULfBozeman. Montana. Electrical Engineering. Alpha Gamma Rho. URICK, JOSEPH-Belt, Montana. Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho. VAUGHAN, EDWARD DEAN-Montrose, Colorado, Agriculture Economics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treas. 3: Exponent. Bus. Mgr. 3: Alpha Zeta 3, 4: Who's Who in Colleges 3, 4: Sen- temviri 4: Ag, Club 2. 3. 4: Winner Swift Essay Contest 3: Veterans Club 3: Institutional Relations Committee 3. WALTON, CHARLES E.--Harlowton, Montana, Civil Engineer- ing. Men's Co-op. WARDEN, ROBERT L.-Ballantine, Montana. Agronomy. Kappa Sigma. WILDE, EUGENE-Bainville, Montana. Civil Engineering. Pi Kappa Alpha: Septemviri: Les Bouffons: Phi Kappa Phi: Big Ten: A. S.C.E.. Pres.: Who's Who in Colleges: President of Associated Students. WILKINS, HARRY!Glendive. Montana. Civil Engineering. WILKOWSKI, VICTOR-Lorain. Ohio. Botany and Bacteriology. WILLICK, MARY EDI'I'HfDutt0n, Montana. Home Economics. WILLITS, CLAIR A.-Simms, Montana. Animal Industry. Alpha Gamma Rho. WINGFIELD, DAVID CLIFTON-Calgary. Alberta. Mechanical Engineering. WOODRUFF, RUTH-Ismay, Montana. Home Economics. WRIGHT, MARTHA J,-Belgrade, Montana. Home Economics. Alpha Omicron Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2, 3, 4, Pres.: Mortar Board, Pres. 4: Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3, 4: A. W. S. Sec'y 4: 4-H Club: W. A. A. 1, 2. 3, 4: Funlandia 1: High School Week Comm. 3: Intersorority Sports: College and Field Service Comm, 4. 48 S 0R UN I 'Q IIN' CAROL MARIE ADDIS Francis Secretarial Chi Omega ASA WILLIAM ARMSTRONG Cut Bank Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha BARBARA KAY BEERS Judith Gap Botany and Bacteriology Alpha Gamma Delta JOSEPH GENE BOURDET Bozeman Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon A I WILLIAM M. ALLISON Soils WILLIAM A. ASBURY Bozeman Zoology and Entomology SIGVALD LEWIS BERG Helena Electrical Engineering ROBERT JAMES BOYD Anaconda Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpa Epsilon Qi' LOUIS JOHN ANDERSON Raynesford Agricultural Economics NANCY C. AUSTIN Townsend Secretarial Pi Beta Phi RAYMOND ARTHUR BIEBER Big Timber Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma ROBERT L. BRADFORD Bozeman Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha JOAN P, ANDERSON Decker Secretarial JOSEPH BALLARD BARE Columbus Electrical Engineering J EANNE ERNESTINE BLONDET Ennis Nursing EARL H. BRADFORD Bozeman Mechanical Engineering .-48.-. ROBERT M. ANDERSON Fort Benton Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi JOHN L. BARNES Bozeman Animal Industry Sigma Alpha Epsilon HELEN BOLLER Lewistown Alpha Omicron NORRIS J . BRUNSVOLD Bozeman Chemistry I9 an VIRGIL RICHARD ANTONICH Great Falls Secretarial Sigma Chi ROBERT CHARLES BARNES Hot Springs Chemical Engineering DAVID WILLIAM BOSSLER Kalispell Zoology and Entomology KENNETH RICHARD BRAZIEL Billings Chemical Engineering MARY KAY ARCHIBALD Sheridan. Wyo. Art Pi Beta Phi MARJORIE HAYMOND BECKMAN Bozeman Bacteriology HELEN LOUISE BOTTOMLEY Billings AI'Chlt9CU.1l'E Chi Omega HELEN E. BUCKHOUSE St. Ignatius Botany and Bacteriology Alpha Gamma Delta l0l'.J OMAR PAUL BUNDY Bozeman Applied Science Lambda Chi Alpha ROBERT EUGENE CLARK Bozeman Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon BERT-E ELDON DAVIS Judith Gap Chemistry DAVID HUTCHINSON DRUMMOND Bozeman Mechanical Engineering 48 DOROTHY MARJORIE CALLAN Anaconda Botany and Bacteriology Kappa Delta GERALD N. CLARY Roy Agronomy DONALD NEIL DAVISON Highwood Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho ZALES NELSON ECTON, JR. Manhattan Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon LOIS MARIE CALLOW Butte Home Economics SHIRLEY ANN COLE Billings Secretarial Kappa Delta BOYD LEWIS DETONANCOUR Anaconda Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon BETTY ANN EIK Forsyth Art Pi Beta Phi WILLIAM ROBERT CAMERON Great Falls Industrial Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha EUGENE M. COLEMAN Fort Peck Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma THOMAS AUSTIN DOLAN Columbus Civil Engineering Sigma Chi CHARLES R. ELLIOTT Fort Benton Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho -49- RHODA C. CHALLENDER Bozeman Secretarial Pi Beta Phi REBECCA EMILY CONARD DZIIVCIS S6CI'9t2.K'ia1 JEANNE ANDRESS DOLLIVER Conrad Physical Education Chi Omega MARY B. DANIELS Hamilton Art M, JANICE CHRESTENSEN Anaconda Botany and Bacteriology Pi Beta Phi LESTER EARL CROUSE Belgrade Animal Industry Sigma Alpha Epsilon ARNOLD B. DRAPER Red Lodge Electrical Engineering ARDEAN W. FIALKA Missoula Architecture LESLIE J . CLARK Helena Electrical Engineering Alpha Gamma Rho RICHARD PADDOCK DAVENPORT Spokane, Wash. Electrical Engineering JOHN JAY DRUM Miles City Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma DONALD ARTHUR FISK Bozeman Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma BLANCHE E. FRANKLIN Hardin Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi IRENE M. GIOVANINI Butte Chemistry GERALD H. HANLEY Butte Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon EDWARD J. HINES Bozeman Secretarial Sigma Chi BETTY G. FRY Butte Botany and Bacteriology Chi Omega ANN GOTLAND Butte Botany and Bacteriology MARY ADELE HANSEN West Yellowstone Secretarial Pi Beta Phi GEORGE FRANK HOFFMAN Bozeman Civil Engineering Sigma Chi VENEVA JOAN FUNK Malta Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi CHARLES WILLIAM GOEDECKE Gillette, Wyo. Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha NORMAN MARTIN HANSEN West Yellowstone Pre Medical Work Sigma Chi VERN E. HOVERN Salmon Architectural Sigma Chi FRANCES LOUISE GALT Stanford Secretarial Pi Beta Phi WILLIAM REID GOULD Helena Pre Medical Work EUGENE J. HARN Livingston Industrial Engineering LOIS J. HOYT Shelby Botany and Bacteriology Alpha Gamma Delta EC- JACK E. GALT Great Falls Agriculture Sigma Alpha Epsilon BLAINE W. GUSTAFSON Bozeman Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi GEORGE WALTER HEIDE Circle Agriculture Sigma Chi WAYNE H. HUFFMAN Floweree Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma I9 un WALTER J. GIBBONS Eureka Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha MILDRED JOYCE HAGEMAN Laurel Nursing Alpha Gamma Delta ROBERT MAURICE HENDERSON Bozeman Industrial Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon DORIS M. HUMPHERY Glasgow Zoology and Entomology Women's Coop House D. JANE GILBERT Manhattan Secretarial Alpha Omicron Pi ELIZABETH L. HAGLUND Watkins Home Economics Pi Beta Phi BARBARA B. HITCH Hobson Applied Science ALICE GAIL HUGHES Anaconda Botany and Bacteriology Kappa Delta 10106 JACK R. HUTCHINS Hinsdale Civil Engineering MYRNA LOIS KODALEN Dodson Nursing MURRAY C. LIND Butte Industrial Sigma Alpha Epsilon WALTER JOHN MANSBRIDGE Bozeman Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi 48 ALICE M. JOHNSON Livingston Botany and Bacteriology Alpha Gamma Delta LAWERENCE T. LAKEY Missoula Chemical Engineering CHARLES LIQUIN Bozeman Civil Engineering ELEANOR ANNE MARX Deer Lodge Art Pi Beta Phi ROBERT ANDREW JOHNSON Big Fork Mechanical Engineering A. MARIE LANE Three Forks Electrical Engineering ROBERT EDWARD LIQUIN Bozeman Secretarial FRANKLIN GILES MATSLER San Francisco, Cal. Pre Medical Work Lambda Chi Alpha MARJORIE A. KASKY Butte Art Kalllla Delta PHILIP GORDON LANGSTON Bozeman Applied Science ELAINE HAMMERSTROM LIVERS Bozeman Botany and Bacteriologi' Alpha Gamma Delta KATHARINE GRANT McCONNELL Butte Chemistry Pi Beta Phi THOMAS FRANCIS KENNEALLY Butte Electrical Engineering EDWIN BRYCE LEE Klamath Falls, Oregon Engineering Physics JAMES BRYON LYONS Billings Il'ldLlSlQl'l3.l Engineering Sigma Chi HELEN McCULLOUGH Ashland Home Economics ROBERT MILES KLUZEK Havre Chemical Engineering JEAN L. LEN!-IAM Bozeman Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi DALE V. LYNCH Highwood Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho CLARK B. McKEE Great Falls Chemical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha DOROTHY LOUISE KNESAL Miles City Secretarial Kappa Delta MARGARET L. LEWIS Twin Bridges Secretarial Pi Beta Phi JOYCE M. MANSBRIDGE Bozeman Home Economics Chi Omega GLADYS MARIE MILLER, Livingston Applied Science Pi Beta Phi JOHN ALFRED MILLER Chinook Agricultural Economics Kappa Sigma MILDRED MARIE MOUNTJOY Camas Physical Education CLARENCE WILFRED N ORWOOD RUTH MAE POETTER Bozeman Home Economics Chi Omega ROBERT WILLIAM MILLER Belgrade Animal Industry Sigma Chl GEORGE DONALD MUELLER Lewistown Applied Science JANE OLIVER Bozeman Applied Science Chi Omega MARJORIE V. POTT Butte Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta JAMES LAURENCE MILNE East Helena Chemistry Phi Sigma Kappa NINA HELEN MURFITT East Helena Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi JAMES JOSEPH O'NEILL Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi THELMA JEAN PRICE Bozeman Botany and Bacteriology FREDERICK DWYER MITCHELL Anaconda Secretarial Sigma Chi MARIE CHRISTINE MYSSE Ingomar Botany and Bacteriology WILLIS K. PAULL Butte Physical Education WALLACE QUAMMEER Lindsay Mechanical Engineering ..52.. RUBY MITCHELL Billings Secretarial Kappa Delta Chi Omega BURTON NELSON Lewistown Civil Engineering Sigma Chi R, D. PEACE Butte Physical Education MARY PATRICIA RAFFERTY Butte Secretarial I9 un DEAN JAMES MOORE Bozeman Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi DONALD MORRIS NEWELL ElD0rad0, Ark, Ch9IHlStI'Y ROD PETERSON Great Falls Electrical EUEIHEBTIHQ' Lambda Chi Alpha MILTON RAILE Philipsburg Industrial Chemistry RUTH ADAIRE MORRIS F0rSyth Home ECUHOITLICS JEANNE P, NORENBERG Livingston Nursing CLINTON RAYNE PILGERAM Armington Range Management MARY AGNES RAGEN Townsend Physical Education Alpha Gamma Delta iv:-A HELENRAY RANDALL Miles City Home Economics Pi Beta Phi RICHARD PETER ROTH Sidney Architecture HOWARD WILLIAM SCHLEPP Conrad Chemical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon ARTHUR FREDERICK SHAW Sc obey Agronomy 48 ALICE RASMUSSEN Havre N11 I'SlIlg GEORGE ROBERT RUZICKA Hardin Industrial Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon DANA ORLANDO SCHRUPP Great Falls Animal Industry Alpha Gamma Rho BERT AARON SHERROW Laurel Industrial Engineering Sigma. Chi SAMUEL ANDREW RITTER Rudyard Agriculture MARY INEZ RUZICKA Hardin Home Economics Pi Beta Phi DONALD A. SCHURCH Deer Lodge Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi RICK SHERWOOD Wilsall Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon ALBERT LYNN ROBBINS Gallatin Gateway Physical Education RUDOLPH SABO Great Falls Electrical Engineering KEITH ALEXANDER SEATON Great Falls Industrial Engineering Alpha Gamma Rho HAROLD SAM SITZMAN Park City Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha -53- MARJORIE JANE ROBERTS Butte Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi GLORIA LEE SAMPSON Butte Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi CAROL JANE SEEBART Livingston Physical Education Pi Beta Phi RALPH SMALLEY Powell, Wyo. Mechanical Engineering A. JEAN ROBINSON Malta Botany and Bacteriology ROBERT SHERWOOD SANDBO Belgrade Engineering Physics WILLIAM E. SEIFERT Bozeman Chemical Engineering LINDA LEE SMITH Butte Secretarial Pi Beta Phi MAGNAR RONNING Libby Dairy Production Alpha Gamma Rho LLOYD WILLIAM SANDILAND Bozeman Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARTIN SETTLE Martinsdale Agriculture Sigma Chi MARJORIE NELL STANDENMEYER Secretarial KaDDa Delta ELVIRA C. STEFANIC Dillon Secretarial Kappa Delta WALTER F. STOKAN Anaconda Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha PHYLLIS ARLENE TABER San Diego, Cal. Home Economics RUBY MARIE TRETHEWAY Butte Secretarial AGNES THELMA JEAN STENE STENMARK Bozeman Glendive Nursing Home Economics JAY WILLIAM STOVALL KEILL San Francisco, STRICKFADEN Calif. Great Falls Zoology and Architecture Entomology Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma JAMES GRANT WILLIAM B. TALCOTT TAYLOR Bozeman Bozeman Architecture Secretarial SigmaAlpha Sigma Chi Epsilon DOUGLAS LOUISE A, VAGG TURLEY Saco Musselshell Chemical Secretarial Engineering NANCY RUTH STENSON Choteau Secretarial Alpha Omicron Pi ALICE I-IATSUYE SUGIMOTO Los Angeles, Cal. Home Economics JOHN ROBERT THOMPSON Highwood Animal Industry Alpha Gamma Rho ELOISE M. VAN DEN BIESEN Hysham Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi .15 4.- JANET HELEN STENTZ Kalispell Botany BETTY LOUISE SUMMERVILLE Fargo. N. D. Nursing Alpha Omicron Pi ORVILLE EUGENE THOMPSON Lindsay Agricultural Education WILLIAM H. VAN HORN Bozeman Chemistry I9 an JEAN STEPHENSON Bozeman Home Economics Chi Omega ODNA JEAN SWANSON Botany and Bacteriology Pi Beta Phi MARILYN S. THORPE Butte Botany and Bacteriology Pi Beta Phi LARRY VERVOORT Whitefish Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha JOSEPH EARL STEVENS Butte Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRED L. SWINGLE Bozeman Agricultural Education Pi Kappa Alpha DOROTHY JEAN TRAVER Bozeman Zoology and Entomology Chi Omega VIOLA M. WALSTAD Opheim Applied Science iam 48 an-nvgl' HELEN MAYO JOANNA ROBERT OWEN HELEN G. VINCENT BETTY ELLEN WALTON PETERSON WATSON WEIR WARNER WEST Livingston WARDEN Hobson Kalispell Bozeman Oakland, Cal. Industrial Bozeman Agricultural Home Economics Architecture Secretarial Chemistry Secretarial Education Alpha Gamma Alpha Gamma Alpha Gamma Delta Delta Rho LAVONNE DOROTHY ANN EDWIN M. JOANE S. HELEN MARIE RITA G. WEST WHITE WISMEYER WOHLGENANT WOLF WOLFE Billings Bozeman Billings Miles City Livingston Milwaukee, Wls. Applied Science Home Economics Secretarial Home Economics Home Economics Home Economics Alpha Omlcron Pl Sigma Chi Alpha Omicron Pi BERNICE CLARA WILLIAM PAT BEULAH AGNES WILBUR JAMES THEODORE WOOD WOODLARD YOUNG ZEZULA JOHNSON Bozeman Bozeman Bozeman Whitehall Bozeman Secretarial Range Secretarial Secretarial Pre Medical Work Management ...5 5- univr CIMA Well, well, what have We here? . . . the junior class , . . my, don't they look intelligent? , . . all right, so they don't . . . the look is just one of satisfaction . . . the result of three years in this sanitarium . . . they ought to get something out of three years besides eyestrain . . . from looking at, or is it for, pretty co-eds. Juniors and their evenings JAMES LYONS Chief of his class Relaxing between classes Ralph Kenneth Aaker Marilou Adamson Aina Lorraine Alm Wallace Howard Ames Clam Frank Trygve Anderson Margaret J. Anderson Herbert E, Anderson John Oscar Anderson Norman Lewis Anderson Ruth Marie Anderson James R. Appenzeller Mary Elizabeth Baarson Richard Leigh Baker Gisele R. Bare James E, Barfknecht John H. Bartells John Henry Barton Rachel Batch Robert Manuel Bateman Betty Lee Bath Donald C. Beckman Judy Belshaw John C. Bequette Barbara Birkeland Robert Charles Blenkner Linda Geneva Bliler L. Pauline Blue George Alton Blyth Alberta Ellen Bohn Ruth Boller Carol Luella Bolmeier Helen Margaret Boylan Duane Franklin Brobst William Arthur Brolin David John Brooks John William Bullette Elsie Carr Bundy Barbara Ann Bunnell Wilson Albert Burley Russell Edwin Bush Dorothy Elizabeth Butler Clarence Carlat Mary Lillian Carrington Lois Marie Cass Theodore Chemodurow' Robert Fred Chenkovich Dirck C. Chilocote VJilliam L. Chittick Barbara Ann Clark Clyde O. Clark 0 1949 Mark Sterling Cockrill Betty Jo Col France e s Rosalie Coleman Eugene P. Conners Norah Connelley Joyce Marie Cooper Dorothy Jan e Corrigan Ernestine Adare Cox Robert Ellen Craig Margaret Rosser Cruttenden James Walter Cusick Elmer H. Dahlberg Mary B. Daniels Patricia Catherine Davidson Candace Lynn Davids Roberta Louise Davis Vsfilliam L. Davis Merrill Robert Davison Betty Louise Dekay Lorna Louise Dawley Leonard William Decco Betty Jo Depuy Andrew David Dingman Dorothea Mae Doll May Ann Dockery Beth Ann Dole Donald Glenn Dopkins Margaret Jean Dorsett Joe J. Eagle Walter Eagle Marion Ethel Driscoll Douglas Ramsay Drysdale Lorraine Eaton Edward Eck Allen H. Eby Betty Lou Eck Mildred J. Ehlenburg Edwar Floyd C. Evans Viola J. Eva Richar d Richard Ellis Sidney Engstrom Alice Erb ns d L. Farrand Sara Jane Forgy Donald C. Foster Dorothy E. Frankovich Kirke W, Frantz Grace C, Franzen Jean I. Fraser Al W. French Barbara E. Prey Raymond J. Froelich Jack R. Gaines Lois E. Galt Patricia J. Galt Robert J, Garnett Dorothy A. Garrard Betty C. George Marian J. Geurkink James R. Good Sam Goutanis Harold A, Gunderson Leonard D. Gustafson Ralph E. Hales Mary Haley Jerry M. Halford John W. Hall James L, Hanson Beverly Ann Harrison Evelyn Harrison Stewart J. Hauptman Vivian L. Heald Stanley W. Hedrick Kenneth Heen Betty J. Herrick Ruth M. Herzog Walene Hockett Nancy Hodgson Betty L. Hoffman C1444 Robert E. Hoffman Andrew G. Hoiland Delroy F. Hollern Donna K. Holm Patricia J. Howell Nellie C. Hubbard Clifford T. Huffman Herman R. Huisenga Kenneth L. Humpherys Theodore R. Hunter John W. Hurst Don Paul Hurwitz Robert Ioth Bunny Jackson Julius Jascot John J. Jeakins Hortense C. Jennings Lois J. Jensen Barbara J. Johnson Earl W. Johnson John L, Johnson o 1949 Julie Johnson Robert C. Johnson David A. Jondrow Edwin Joscelyn Vernon Keller Shirley J. Kelly George J. Kafke Wilma D. Kennedy Gordon A. Kiefer Joe C. King YVilma M. King Henry M. Kilpatrick Elaine R. Kirk B. Jeanne Klousie Florence Koenig Robert M. Koch Harold A. Kortum Garnet R. Kotkin William K. Krismer Walter E. Lab Robert J, Labrie Grace Kurtz Beryl L. Lane Don Miller Langhor, Jr. Neil R. Lardy Robert E. Larson Billie Lansing Patricia Lavin Renetta L. Lawrence Edward L. Lea James E. Leary Benjamin Lawrenson Robert E. Lentz Robert P. Lettinga Warren L, Lintz Jean E. Lloyd Edward Lien Jesse VJ. Long, Jr. Ann L. Lunday Francis E. Marick Jack Marquis Carson May William E. Marantette Ina J. McAlear Daryl R. lVlcClanahan Clifford H. McBratney Betty Don McMillan Doreen L, Miller Edward C. Miller Muriel E. Miller Armarlys Moecker Eva Corrine Moger Leila R. Moniger Mons T. Monson Clam Thomas William Moody Georgia Mooney Norma Montgomery John Fulton Moore John Moorhead Douglas Bradford Morrison Maynard Robert Myers Robert Evan lNlyers Annabelle Lee Nesbit Grace C. Nissen Hugh Weston Norville Darline J. Norwood Ray Norwood Dean Morse Nylin Banjini B. Ochitani Alice Olds Helen Louise Paddock Paul Paddock Jerome Pakis Val Pakis Mary Lou Pasha Robert Edward Paulsen Clifford S. Paulsen James Stewart Payne Lawerence E, Pedersen Anne Pekovich Eileen Fay Penland John Robert Penwell John Edward Peterson Frank C. Petr William J. Purvis Margaret A. Ragen Olive M. Rathman Ruth R. Reed Wallace A. Rehberg John Reichel John O. Reuss Phyllis M. Richards Eula C. Ring Frederick C1, Ritter Peter B. Roberts Warren J. Roberts Edwin F. Roby Doris J. Rogers Charles Ronning Trilby E. Roser 0 I9 49 Donald Ross Marie M. Rowe Joyce A. Russell Robert P. Ryan Allen L. Sales Mary L. Ryffel Theodore VJ. Sander Marjorie L. Sargent Robert L. Sargent Frances L. Schellhorn Carol A. Scherrer Lorelei Schaeffler Harry Schmautz Ralph E. Schmiedeskamp Doris L. Seel Roy Seagren Bunny Seidensticker Lowell W. Seidensticker Kenneth D. Shearer Carol Sherrer .Andy T. Shields Ralph A. Shelton Joyce E. Shipton Patricia J. Shrewsbury Orlo B. Silvey Edward E. Sikora Barbara E. Simpson Marilyn Smith XVillian1 H. Sippel Max A. Sklower Rhua E. Slavens Robert D. Siverts John R. Smiley Jack Smith Louis F. Spencer Robert J. Stanbury Shirley M. Snyder Beverly L. Stearns LeeRoy Stein Donald E. Stevens Robert C. Sternhagen Jeannette D. Stevens Stuart P. Stone Robert L, Storey Doyle V. Strandlund Joanne Stripp Martha P. Story Rachel Strobel William P. Strom Leonard R. Sundell C7444 v i949 Lila L. Swan Marion E. Swanson Weldon A. Swanson Floyd O, Swenson Hans Sylling James Talcott Melvin I. Tarum Frances E, Thomas Otto M. Thompson Eino Tittinga Phyllis D. Todd William A. Tooke Donald T. Torell Charles W. Totten Thomas E. Tovey Robert E. Tremper Charles E. Trowbridge Roy H. Tunby Edythe M. Turley Charles G. Turner lone M. Turner Robert David Vallance John Franklin Vandaveer Lester Vanvig Frederick Howard Varnum Beverly Elise Vatcher Donald James Voelker Jerome Martin Waldorf Elizabeth Ann Watson Audrey Marie Wendel Wilbur J. West Stanley Alan Williams Jack Willis Charlotte Mae Winkelman June Ann Wismeyer Ciardyn Elaine Wolfe Donald Claud Woodside Harold F. Yaeger Kenneth Caryl York Harold Eugene Young Soplc omvre C7444 A sophomore knows not and knows not that he knows not . . . are you with me? . . . anyway, these people are all superior beings and lose no time im- pressing the freshmen with this fact . . . they now know that Bozeman is the only town in Montana with robins all year round . . . two years is a long time. 50 EN M SH E FR 19 CIMA First row-Betty Darlene Albro, Joan M. Allen, Ted Leroy Allen, Ila Dona Rene Allstot, Betty Louise Althouse, Marion Huntley Amos, Carl Robert Anderson, Kenneth Robert Anderson, Lee Marshall Anderson, Myrna Ellen Anderson. Second row-Noel Anderson, Jr., William John Anderson, Alexander D. Arick, Betty H. Arneson, Hubert D. Arneson, Dale E. Atkinson, Alice M. Aughney, Michael John Aughey, Jr., Marjorie Third row-Walter Paul Bahr, John Baier, Jr., Jack Edwin Bailey, George J. Barth, Richard C. Barthelmess, John Baskett, Dorothy Fourth row-Ray Richard Batey, Lois Ruth Beal, Robert L. Beaman Bell, Jack Foster Bell, Samuel Owen Bell, Bonnie Lois Bennetts: E. Austin, John Siegfried Bader. Earl R. Baker, Joyce Evelyn Baker, Robert W. Baker, Louise Batch. Lila May Bean, Marvin T. Beatty, Barbara Elizabeth Charles Allard Bentley. Fifth row-Edward Alfred Bentley, Harold Robert Bentley, Gwendolyn E. Berger, Leroy William Bergstrom, Peggy Karen Berryman, Evelyn Zola Betz, Elenore Lea Bieler, George Richard Bing, Archie C. Bishop, Carolyn Beverly Blackwood. Sixth row-Doris Lucille Blank, William A. Blenkner, Charles'Henfy Bliss, Laurelie Mae Bolton, Dolores F. Bone, Bill Andrew Booher, Clinton C. Booker, Colleen Eunice Boothe, James A. Borer, George Norris Bower. 0 190 First row-Joseph Edward Bower, Frederick Keith Boyd, Marie Louise Brakstad, Donald W. Bratton, Phillip H. Bratton, Ferol Lee Brawner, Burrell R. Bredberg, Roger Ward Breggs, Shirley Anne Brooks, James T. Brown. Second row-Myrtle Lenore Brown, Paul David Brown, Richard Allen Brown, Verne Wesley Brown, Roger Bruins, Walter Eugene Buckland, Bessie Jean Buckley, John Edwin Bullock, Lawston I. Burke, Ida Harriet Burns. Third row-Betty Jane Bussinger, Carroll Pierce Butler, Patsy Frances Butterfield, Leland P. Cade, Alice Viola Cahill, Ellis Jason Callantine, Constance T. Campbell, Gladyce Joanne Campbell, Milton Hugh Campbell, Earl Frederick Carlson. Fourth row-Kermit Oliver Carlson, Warren Donald Carlson, Richard J. Cassutt, Charles Jerome Cavanaugh, George Fred- erick Chambers, Roy Chapman, William F. Chapman, Richard W. Chauner, Raymond C. Cheever, Gladys Marie Chesnover. Fifth row-Hubert C. Christiansen, Glenn Howard Clapp, Allen Clark, Gene L. Clark, Donald Moore Clarke, Eldora Clausen, June Marie Claypool, Dolores Marguerite Cline, Athalie Collins, Patricia Collins. Sixth row-John Eugene Compton, Ruanne Conant, Denny Louis Condotta, Thomas James Connelly, Donald James Conver, Dora Mae Cooper, Clarence Adair Cosner, Alvin Russell Cowan, Donald Edward Craig, Lois Jane Craig. -67... Claw r First row-Roger Crane, Waldo Emerson Cranston, William R. Crawford, Charles Lowell Cranshaw, Jean Wise Crecelius, Alfred H. Croonquist, Albina M. Crottogini, Coleen Isabel Crumzny, Joan Arlene Culbertson, Bayiiss E. Cummings. Second row-Robert Cutler, Gretchen Ann Daley, Mavis Danssaert, Donald Arthur Davall, David Scott Davidson, Esther Lee Davidson, Wilma Davis, Ralph W. Day, Robert W. Dean, Peter E. Decker. Third row-Dorothy Lee Dedman, Elizabeth Louise Derooy, Frank Lamar Dickover, Jr., Robert Emerson Dingman, Angelo Patrick Dira, Robert Dodson, Patricia Dolan, Gale S. Dorn, Wil-ber Adnee Dow, Ray Ford Dowling. Fourth row-Horace W. Driver, Paul Harlan Dull, Helen Louise Dunbar, Barbara Maude Duncan, Roy Ellis Dunn, Hector Joseph Durocher, Frederick Mark Edson, Joyce A. Egeler, Dale Elser, Carl Alton Erickson, Jr. Fifth row-Shirley Jean Erickson, Patricia Marie Erpelding, Leonard W. Etchart, Sylvia Evenson, Gene Feist, Jack Fenton, A. Haydn Ferguson, David B. Ferguson, Katherine Alice Ferkovich, Roman Sylvester Fink. Sixth row-Robert F. Firehammer, Margaret Jane Fisher, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Edith Chambers Foster, Eva Louise Fredrick- son, Harold Shaw Freeman, Gene C. Freshour, Helen Lucille Freshour, James H. Frisbie, Dolores Pearl Frisell. ..53.. 190 First row-Carolyn ,Rae Fritz, Lester M. Fryslie, Shirley Jean Furman, Marion Gackle, George Leonard Gale, Jay Louis Gam- rath, John E. Gander, Martina Jean Gardetto, Lawrence Leon Gebhardt, Miriam Eleanor Gessaman. Second row-Gene Gilman, Laura Ellen Gloder, Harold Peter Godtland, John W. Goebel, Darrell D. Goodmundson, Maxine L. Gordon, Donald Frederick Graff, Clarice Nadine Graves, Charles W. Gray, Donald Joseph Green. Third row-James Kay Greenslate, Horace W. Gregory, John Price Griffiths, Jr., Emma Marie Guertzgen, Francis Wayne Gustafson, Patricia Mae Haeckel, June G. Haigh, James A. Hall, Duane Hugh Hamilton, Helen Ione Hammerstrom. Fourth row-Adele Marie Hansen, Richard James Hansen, John P. Hanser, Anna Marie Hanson, Glen F. Hanson, Homer. Willis Hanson, Ileana Elizabeth Hanson, Mary Ameila Harberd, Benjamin Franklin Hardin, Edwin N. Hardy. Fifth row-Lucille Lorraine Hardy, Barbara Lee Harryman, Betty Ann Hartmann, Ned Lamarr Hatton, John Clayton Haven, Jerre Todhunter Hawk, Dan B. Hazen, Milton Foster Hedrick, Albert D. Heetderks, Bernard John Heetderks. Sixth row-Daniel Herbert, Alma Jean Herminghaus, Rudy Herzel, Dorothy Mable Hicks, Joseph Ellington, Hightower, Neil L. Hildebrand, Glen H. Hitchcock, John Hoff, Helen Clara Hoffman, Shiela Joan Hoiness. ...59.. C7444 First row-Mary Alice Holecek, Chester S. Holje, Howard J. Holtan, Arthur John Holter, Samuel Robert Hood, Patricia Louise Horrom, Robert James Hosfeld, Jerome Raymond Hould, Shirley Ann Marie Hould, Robert William Hoyt. Second row-Gerald Joseph Huff, Patricia M. Hughes, William Donald Hulben, Eunice Jane Hunt, Jane Rae Hunter, Mary Elizabeth Hunter, David Charles Hurst, Harold Keith Husebye, Allen Robert Hutchinson, Dorothy Jean Hyatt. Third row-Marion Irene Hyer, Richard Louis Ideker, Merle J. Isaac, Donald Howard Jackson, Edith Virginia Jackson, Peter V. Jackson, Cato Jacobson, Donald Vincent Jacobson, Kathleen Ann James, Patricia Joan Janke. Fourth row-Dora Lenora Jansen, Victor Charles Jauron, David Franklin Jay, Mildred Belle Jenni, Gloria Belle Jensen, Jay A. Johannesen, Barbara Jean Johnson, Carmelle Irette Johnson, Duane Carlton Johnson, Lowell Johnson. Fifth row-Melvin Johnson, Robert Lloyd Johnson, Ruth Alice Johnson, Shirley Patricia Johnson, Wesley Johnson, Doris Maurine Johnston, Gerald Miles Johnston, Charles Shelton Jones, Donald Elwood Jones. Sixth row-Janet Mildred Jones, Kenneth R. Jones, Marvin D. Jones, Wayne Newton Jones, Clarence Elnora Juedeman, Mrs. A. Dixon Kamhoot, Bruce M. Kamhoot, Mary Carol Kelly, Kenneth Kempt, Elsie Janis Kenline. ..-70.. 190 First row-Conrad John Kercher, Lydia Sophia Kercher, Laura Louise Ketterer, Juanita Kiehn, Daniel Dean Kilbride, Marvin Keith Kildahl, Gloria Ruth Killeen, George Eggen Kirk, Nick Kleinschmidt, Clifton Donald Knapp. Second row-Jack Marshall Knodle, Elfrieda Louise Kober, Marie Kober, James Kovack, Merle Kovatch, Albert Norman Kraft, Herman A. Kraus, Marylin June Kremer, R. Paul Krenz, Edward Michael Krisman. Third row-Betty Ann Kuhr, William H. Kuhr, Nira Helen Lacher, Barbara A. Laehn, Shirley Elaine Lamb, Sidney C. Lancaster, Anne Laverne Lane, George William Langdorf, John Samuel Lansberry, Ardis Marie Laroche. Fourth row-Patricia Ann Lavery, John Preston Lawson, Charles Lee Lear, William Lee, Merla Leishman, James Wallace Leland, Donald Paul Lentz, Ruth Lentz, Jerry Levine, William Dexter Liddell. Fifth row-Robert F. Linfield, Gordon Thomas Litton, Carlos F. Livers, James Henry Livers, Dorothy Marie Loch, James O. Lodge, Charlotte Joan Logan, Leona Marie Logan, Mary Theresa Long, Henry Baker Lorentz. Sixth row-Richard Luchan, Mary Elizabeth Luhm, Calvin B. Luding, Margaret Louise Lundgren, Charles Russel Lynch, Earl R. Lyngaas, Reginald J. MacDonald, William H. Mackay, Felix Madrazo, Mary Kathleen Manaige. L71... CIMA First row-Margaret Lilly Marantette, Robert Joseph Maranette, Alverd R. Marcure, Margaret Jean Marquis, Donald Odell Marriage, Richard D. Marshall, Barbara Jane Martin, I. Richard Martinsen, Joseph Henry Mathias, Robert Keith Matsler. Second row-Lewis Keppie May, Mary Francis McAuliffe, Ramona Carolyn McCarten, John K. McDonald, Robert Glen McDonald, Elizabeth Ceclia McDonell, Helen Jean McLaughlin, Deward Peter McHugh, Donald John McIver, Joan Elizabeth McLaren. ' ' Third row-Madelene Virginia McLaughlin, Margaret E. McLaughlin, Earl S. McLees, Yvonne Selma McLeish, Helen Marie McLeod, Patricia Ann McNerney, Donaleen McRae, Curtis Vergil McVee, Judith Adele Mead. Fourth row-Howard B. Mecklenburg, Clarence Robert Mehl, Fred Floyd Menzel, Donna Mernin, Robert Donald Merrill, J. Dwain Meyer, Marjorie Jean Mikalson, Donald B. Milam Paul Norman Milam, Jack Milburn. Fifth row-Jack Floyd Miller, Patricia Ruth Miller, Richard Lewis Miller, Richard N. Miller, Marion Marguerite Mitchell, Marjorie Gladys Mitchell, Kenenth O. Moore, Margie Ann Morrow, Mabel Eleanor orse, anley O. ortensen. Sixth row-Rosalie arie Mueller, Norman Mulder, Joyce Leona Murphy, Mary Ellen Murphy, Bernice Anne Mysse, Lyle Adair Nadeau, Audry Nelson, Helen Louise Nelson, John Howard Nelson, Marion Frances Nertney. -7 2- l90 "tl" 'TI' :RW X We First row-Ardine R. Ness, M. Evelyn Nicholson, Barbara Mae Nickelson, Carl Nielson, Ronald Charles Nivala, Madge Clara Niven, Dave Norton, Nancy Lee Nye, Wyman E. Nyquist, Ellen Betty Nystul. Second row-John V. O'Brien, Robert Brady O'Donnell, Patricia O'Leary, Audrey Elizabeth Olesen, Nels Cummings Olin, Raymond Arthur Olson, William Kermit Olson, Dan E. O'Neil, Peggy Lou Orcutt, Jack Edward Owen. Third row-Hugh Parker, Juanita Lois Patterson, James Thomas Paugh, Earl Jung'Peace, Jo Ann May Peck, Jennie Mae Pemble, Priscilla Anne Penwell, Kathryn Perrine, James William Peters, Oscar Johan Petersen. Fourth row-A-Clayton Raymond Peterson, F. Laurel Peterson, Mary Jane Peterson, Maxine Peterson, William Peterson, Robert Keith Phillips, Carole Mae Phipps, Bruce Norman Pierce, Joan Aleta Pintler, Martha Lee Pope. Fifth row-Charles William Popovich, Howard J. Porter, Pamela Elaine Porter, James Frederick Poynter, Abe Preston, Dwight E. Preston, Jay W. Preston, Delores Anne Quayle, Joe M. Quinn, Clara Mae Quinnell. Sixth row-Joan Quirk. Gerald Edward Raab, Frank Joseph Rambosek, Larry Rangitsch, V. Joan Rasmussen, Leonard James Reber, William Wayne Reed, Helen Carolyn Reese, Joseph John Reese, George Albert Reichman. 6144.4 First row-George William Reiter, Colleen Avis Reynolds, Margorie Louise Rice, Carolie Mae Richardson, Robert Richey, John R. Riedesel, Lois Jean Rinan, Dupont E. Rindy, Ralph Ernest Risdal, George Risdal. Second row-Vera Gabriel Rita, William Harrison Roach, David Wright Robinson, Jack Beattie Robinson, A. H. Rongstad, Donald W. Rose, Margaret Ann Rosean, Fred Richard Ross, Harry D. Ross, Warren H. Ross. Third row-Kenneth John Roth, Stewart Irving Rowe, Roberta Joyce Rowse, Kenneth Avery Sage, Virginia Frances Salansky, Glenn Wallace Salo, William John Sanders, Michael Sassano, Martha Mildred Saunders, Constantine Scaffidi. Fourth row-Deward Clyde Scharn, Joan Mary Schillinger, William Howard Schlieman, Bernard Henry Schmitt, Harold Miller Schmitt, Kenneth Paul Schoenek, Ernest C. Schultz, Frances E. Schwanekamp, James Walter Scott, Theodore Charles Beavy. Fifth row--Robert Howard Sebastian, Roald Selvig, Conrad Edward Setterlund, Marian Leone Shay, Joyce Eileen Shively, Shirley Ann Shoal, Bonnie Jean Shotwell, Bethe Evelyn Shuey, Verna Marie Siebenforcher, Bob Jean Siebrasse. Sixth row-Donald L. Sampson, Helen Elizabeth Simpson, Robert Duane Siperly, Maurice Ronald Sivertson, Delbert Anthony Slabbekorn, Virginia Harriet Small, Connie Smith, James Robert Smith, Joyce Smith, Joyce Helen Smith. -74.. 0190 First row-Linda Lee Smith, Mabel Bernice Smith, Marcia Clair Smith, Mary Helen Smith, Robert Allen Smith, Victor H. Smith, Charles Ray Smola, Valeria Marie Smola, Robert E. Smyth, Paula Snavely. Second row-Roland Gerald Soft, Leroy Warren Spain, Sally Ann Spencer, Leo Raymond Spogen, Shirle M. Steel, Eldon P. Steffens, Patricia Ann Stenhjem, H. Warren Stensland, James Bart Stephens. Third row-Dane Lamont Stevens, John Stevenson, Charles Morris Stewart, Robert Donald Stewart, Bernette Erline Stiff, Helen Ada Storey, Alice Lorraine Stork, Dean Warren Stovall, Ommund Benard Strand, Shirley Jeanne Strandluud. Fourth row-Joe Curtis Street, Philip Weddle Strope, Maurice Francis Sullivan, Robert Allan Svoboda, Dorothy Jean Swanby, Eugene Ridgely Swank, Clarence Hilding Swanson, Dale Charles Swanson, Gelorg B. Swenson., Marvin Lciver Swenson. Fifth row-George A. Swords, Hans O. Sylling, Elizabeth Johanna Tabor, Myrtle Irene Tannehill, Ann Claire Thompson, Jean Dolores Thompson, Thomas Peter Thompson, Matthew Thornton, Homer B. Tilton, Ralph Milton Tipling. Sixth row-Jack Tipton, Jeanette Tomsheck, Enice Marcella Torske, June Ruth Tracy, Anna Marie Travis, Carole Trent, Katherine Joyce Tribble, Mary Tucker, Sylvia Arlene Tutvedt, John Edward Tweedy. C1444 I9 0 First row-William Herbert Tweedy, Theo Kathryn Tygum, James A. Ussin, Eugene B. Van Artsdale, James Frederick Van- denburg, Kenneth Raydeen Vanhorn, Elsie Lois Varcoe, Helen Louise Varelia, Walter Voorhees Varnum, Lyal D. Viers. Second row-Wayne A. Viers, Mary Jean Voden, Jay Arnold Vollin, Ruth Myrtle Voorhees, Dorothy Ann Vorell. Ned Erven Wagner, Betty Joyce Walden, Daisy Jeola Walker, Wayne Walker, Malcolm Keith Wallen. Third row-Richard Linderman Waller, Clayton Monroe Ward, George J. Watson, B. Lorraine Weedman, Gale M. Wegener, Martin Francis Whalen, Elsie Ruth Wheeler, Grant Leon Wheeler, Stanley Meyer Wheeler, William S. Wheeler. Fourth row-Ramon Stephen White, John Wild, Robert Wilton Williams, William Williams, Grace Caroline Wiprud, August Ray Wolf, Robert Conrad Wolf. Fifth row--Richard Frank Wollin, Richard Sherwood Woolley, Stanley Jerry Yecha, Fred T. Yonkee, Gordon Young. Sixth row-Dale William Zadow, Neva Joyce Zeits, George Auburn Zettler, Avril Grace Zigay, Mary Ellen Zinnecker. -S444 F-ll lm: El I-I 3 lvl Pl cs ICE 'ki :g if Y? 3' if 4 gg W aff we 458 Af, , ,L ..,. . JE eg! K 55 44 9? n ig? Q1 , 24'2'5'5g'i 9 52 35 ,. as ',' ::: '-'- s' 1' 1 4: 'kwa 9 1 Q 3 , 1 , e W E. . lf, f ii 5' 3, 1 , W g,,iA 'af KW? xi xv ' 1 Ii 522 iw, 4. .Q wr Q: 1 S il ' ' if aa. The annual, all-college Pi Phi Derby Dance was originated in 1934 when the King of the Hill was crowned with carrots and on- ions . . . this year's king, Bob Tietjen of Kappa Sigma, received the now traditional derby which will remain Kappa Sig property until next Derby day. kin, of the Iii!! Gladys Miller holds coveted crown C'andidateA Bob Tietjen Boyd DeTonancour Don Stanfield Ken Humphries Louis Blenkner Tom McKeen Vic Smith Art Shaw -30.- Mon tuna Kem: tieA Billy Rose had the tough job of picking these five out of the group of twenty-five on the following pages . , . the five were picked to reign at the Montanan Ball in February . . . and a fine dance it was, too, if we do say so ourselves . . . complete with dramatic coronation ceremony and appropriate decorations. Pat Collina flux Nw glut QM X. Qbb xx Nw 0' Queen Candy Davis Grace Franzen Edythe Turley Arlene Tudvcdt Not pictured: Frances Schellhorn -54-. 'E' Marj Roberts Joyce Smith Burnett Stiff Betty Ann Haeckel Charlotte Vxfinkelman 14 ttendan M Marilyn Kremer Marion Amos Elaine Burke Julie Johnson Virginia Boid Lois Cass Arlyn Sampson Rosalie Coleman Theresa Long Yvonne McLeish ...3 5.. School Dorothy Balch Les Bouffon Queen Joyce Smith Ruth Dobler Harvest Ball Queen Prom Queen -35- Queerw Betty DeKay Spur of the Moment Rosalie Coleman Alma Jean Herminghaus Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha -g7.. gig en These students have been chosen by a faculty committee as the leaders of the campus during their college careers . , . they have been outstanding in activities, scholarship and loyalty to M. S. C. . . Joe Urick Marvel Braziel Frances lVlacGowan Maurice Guay Ruth McDonald Agi a ,L SJ' ig? ,. , - 2 , , . . 4 A 'fx Es t. M i, , li gig Ten The Big Ten committee consisted of: W. H. McCall, chairman: Katharine Roy, Marga Hosaeus, Ethelyn C. Harrison, H. G. Klemme, E. W. Schilling, M. G. Burlingame, W. G. Walter, Russell Davis. Vic Smith Rausie Solberg Dean Vaughn Frances Oswald Bob Balch Winch Who Janice Gaines, Ruth MacDonald, Dana Schrupn, Rausle Solberg. Betty Germeraad, Dean Vaughn. Jean Stephenson, Jane Ronnlnz. For recognition of merit and accomplishment of students. Names are published upon faculty recommendation in Whos Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. First row-Maurice Guay. Jeanne Emery, John Gordon, Marvel Brazlel, Michael McCormick, Elaine Burke. Second row-Nancy Austin, Dawes Lott, Gladys Anderson. Boyd DeTonancour, Frances Oswald, Dale Lynch. Third row-Arthur Dusenberry, Janice Chrestenson, Bruce Beatty, Ann Aikens, Bob Balch. Pat Geary. ww rs Efif MEETIN sm, ss SPM SPUR F-'ANG 5 PM WED HURTBR BURR D SPM THUR5 ssprznvm ?angA When they snarl, you can see them . . . the fangs, that is . , . snarling is not the approach they usually use, however , . . their chief excuse for existence is to exude sweetness, light and helpful information at our college functions . . . occasionally they stoop, or rather the freshmen stoop, to physical chastisement of wayward male frosh . . . or they did in the good old days, anyway . . . they're all sophomores, too . . . what do you mean, you can tell that? FIRST ROW ileft to rightl: Pete Swanson, Blaine Gustafson, Don Woodside, Frank Holman, Andy Dingman, Bob Stanbury. SECOND ROW: Mag Ronning, Jim O'Neil, Zales Ecton, Bob Miller, Rick Sherwood. Ardeen Fialka, Wilbur Zezula. THIRD ROW: Jack Robinson, Leonard Gustafson. Bill West, Hans Sylling, Cal Holland, Harris Hesser. Jim Sheffield, Kenneth Humphreys. FOURTH ROW: Ted Hunter, Jack Howard. Bob Blenkner, Harlod Kortum, Jack Marquis, Mark Cockrill, John Johnson, Elmer Dalberg. Zezulag Miller, Duke: Fialka ...QQ- Spur Useful as well as ornamental . . . these young ladies, sophomores all, are mem- bers of the campus women's service organization . . . an organization, further- more, which was founded here in 1922 . . , chosen for popularity, leadership and scholarship . . . they used to blow w-histles if we trod on the grass or otherwise misbehaved, but this excellent tradition seems to have expired . . . they do perform many deeds of kindness, service and supervision, however, and the campus couldn't be without them. Galt, vice president: Swan, Dresident FIRST ROW ileft to rightlz Corrine Moger, Pat Galt, Lila. Swan, Grace Franzen, Betty DeKay, Vivian Heald. SECOND ROW: Doris Rogers, Mary Lou Pasha, Bobby Lou Davis, Barbara Bunnell, Muriel Miller, Frances Shellhorn, Lois Cass. THIRD ROW: Mary Baarson, Lois Galt, Georgia Mooney, Betty Lou Eck. Audrey Wendel, Eileen Penland, Rosalie Coleman, Annie Ragen. -93, eA Kouffvnai Literally the clowns , . . and clowns they can be, sometimes . . . especially during their initiation ceremony . . . Les Bouffons is Montana State's first honorary, born 1900 . . . membership consists of big-Wheel senior men of out- standing popularity and personality . . . they meet occasionally to discuss topics of interest, probably women, mostly, and decide on the Les Bouffons' Queen . . . nice work, if you can get it . . . contrary to rumors, some of them study a little . . . after all, they are seniors. v are FIRST ROW fleft to rightb: Maurice Guay, Bob Balch, Elmer Butler. Jim Lyons, Don Stanfield, John Gordon. SECOND ROW: John Cornish, Jim Roach, Tony Antonich. Norman Hansen, Louis Blenk- ner. Vic Smith, B111 Lundberg. B111 Zupan. , 194.- Mortar Koa d These are the, and we mean the. female wheels on the campus . . . a very exclu- sive, national organization for the best the senior class has to offer in women of highest leadership, scholarship and personality qualifications . . . each year, in addition to their other functions, they sponsor one of those turn-about affairs where the girl invites the boy and furthermore pays the bill . . 'twould be a delightful arrangement except there aren't enough girls. FIRST ROW rleft to rlszhtrz Jeanne Emery. Martha Wright, Marian Snapp SECOND ROW: Rnusie Lou Solbern. Ruth McDonald. Marvel Braziel. Irene Sherroxx Frances Oswald. Betty Gernmraad. :ft 1 as ., K' W5 rw M fvm ssl 195i if f! Sep tem iri Didn't you take Latin? . . . Seven Nlen , . . only now, there are more . . . left over from the war . , . chosen by the faculty for scholarship, personality, activ- ities and leadership . . . it says here , . . they do as much as seven men can to set forth and uphold campus traditions . . . an assembly is supposed to be held every autumn to enlighten the rest of the student body on these fine points . . . it is, as a matter of fact, FIRST ROW tleft to rightlt Chuck Rhode. Dean Vaughan. Vic Smith, Tom Dolan SECOND ROW: Graeme Baker, Ray Erickson, Jim Roach, Robert Balch, Maurice Guay, Bruce Beatty, Charles Dougherty. ..95.. 140zlca Zambia belta This sorority probably has more trouble getting pledges than any other on the hill . . . for obvious reasons . . . not only does one have to be a freshman girl iithis eliminates most of the student body at one swoopj but a freshman girl with a ninety average for fall quarter or the entire year . , . they do have mem- bers, however, who are active throughout the year sponsoring teas, dances, high school week exhibits and other worthy projects. FIRST ROW tleft to rightl: Jeannette Stevens. Pat Jelinek, Betty Don McMillan, Pat Galt. SECOND ROW: Trilby Roser. Nancy Stenson, Vivian Heald, Audrey Wendel. THIRD ROW: Rachel Batch, Marjorie Sargent, Eileen Penland, Rennetta Lawrence. Doris Seel. Dorothy Butler. Leila Moniger. -Q7- Phi fta Sigma They're so young to be so smart . . . a 90 average is necessary . . . you think it's easy? . , . remain active until the end of their sophomore year . . . during this time they put out that indispensable adjunct to college life, The Fusser's Guide . . . contrary to popular opinion, an apple is not part of their standard equipment . . . they come by dhose A's honestly . . , well, don't you? . anyway, the rest of you guys are just jealous. Dr H G Klemme John O Anderson Floyd D Swenson Maynard Myers Lowell Seldenstlcker Stuart P Stone Jack Games Donald Schurch John Johnson Darwin Moriarty Mark Cocrrll Deward Ellis Leonard Gustafson. Walter Eagle James Olloughlln Clyde Roark Daniel Saya tovich, Kenneth York, Henry Kilpatrick, H. V. Rice, Raymond Agee, and Creed Allen. 141-clnitec tural C7116 What with the housing shortage, these boys should find themselves in the chips when they graduate . . . this local club, organized in 1919, is for upperclass architects , . . and hopes to produce upper class architects . . . some of their pretty pictures can be seen on the top floor of the engineering building . . . their meetings feature discussions of the latest developments in architecture and, of course, bodily nourishment . . . they also sponsor several art and architecture exhibits. Secre tarial 61116 Are you comfortable there on my lap, Miss Olliggins? . . . Dear sir, colon , . . Sincerely, comma, Joseph VJ. Kilroy . . . everybody who is enrolled in secretarial studies at M S. C. can be a member of the Secretarial Club , . . classes in their swanky quarters in the Union . . . meet monthly or so to discuss matters of gen- eral interest and have themselves a time . . , active in many all-school activities and do their best during High School Week to attract unsuspecting graduates. -lOO- Jlpha feta Moooool , . . Baaaaal . . . how does a horse go? . . . anyway, these gentle- men are members of the National Agriculture Honorary . . . in addition to regular discussional meetings, the organization presents several awards to out- standing men in the department . . . every year they get all the livestock washed and simonized for the High School Week display . . , and there is a nasty rumor about the frequency of pedigreed beefsteak on their tables . . . they're not agriculturalists for nothing, FIRST ROW lleft to rightlz Joe Kircher, Charles Bick, Dale Lynch. Larry Erpeldingv Joe Urick, Phil Haglund. SECOND ROW: Charles Rhode, Louis Anderson. Irwin Smith. Dana Schruup. Jack Rasmus- sen, Robert Watson, Burnell Brink, Charles Panish, Eugene Olson, Dean Vaughan. Dana Schrupbi Joe Urick, Pres -101- belta Phi belta You have to be able to draw something besides money out of your bank account to get into this outfit , . . they are the better class of artists and architects . . . Mrs. Hannon, there, was formerly national president of Delta Phi Delta . , . you can always tell artists . . . they're so gay . . . imagine drawing pictures of beautiful women for your homework . . . they also paint other subjects . . take a look at this book, for instance . . , are you all right? S FIRST ROW5eft to rightlz Elinor Arneson. Betty Germeraad. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Kasky, Miss Wilbur, Eleanor Marx. Marvel Braziel, Frances McGowan. Joy Lott. THIRD ROW: Vern Houvern, Dick Roth, Charles Dougherty. mm., -1o2- Flni Sigma A bunch of bright, budding biologists . . . villains of the anti-vivisectionists . . . better watch your pet cat . , . only the brightest dissectors can be Phi Sigmas though . . . the national organization has high scholastic standards . . , besides being cat-snatchers they are butterfly and odd bug hunters . . . every spring, armed with a net and a gleam in the eye, they go in search of queer insects . . . so far, none of the faculty has been caught. FIRST ROW fleft to rightbz Janice Chrestensen, Helen Jean Finch, Alice Johnson. Gladys Miller, Frances Oswald. SECOND ROW: Dr. Hammer, Helen Mott. Ann Aikens, Lida Loffel. Bill Reiquam. THIRD ROW: Marjorie Beckman, Janet Stentz. Barbara Kay Beers, Dorothy Callan. Alice Hughes, Dr. Pletsch, Cliff Davis. FOURTH ROW: Doris Postlewait, Bill Asbury, Harold Watling. Don Scharff, Gerald Rowen, Henry Kathrein, W. G. Walter. --I 03- Plai ilprfilon Umicrvn Mammy, smell them biscuits . . . biscuits and honeys, yak, yak, that's a joke, son , . . these gals are the best cooks, home-makers, baby-minders and Duz duzzers of the whole junior and senior classes . . . chosen for their outstanding scholarship, leadership and character . . . they put on numerous shows, including the High School Week displays, in Herrick Hall, the only classroom building on the campus with curtains . . . active in many school affairs, .M fn-ww. tif' hw ' x was l FIRST ROW lleft to rightbi Rausie Lou Solberg, Marjorie Roberts, Marjorie Pott, Ruth Woodruff. SECOND ROW: Jean Stephenson, Martha Wright. Marian Snavv. Alice Sugimoto. THIRD ROW: Mary Willick, Ruth Mae Poetter. Rosemary Kirk, Tod Haglund, Gloria O'Connel1, Blanche Franklin, Eileen Reiquam, Marceline Yates. -I 04- Pi Umega Pi Those curlicues they scribble really mean something . . . at least they hope they do, they have to transcribe them later . . . members must be pretty good at this sort of thing, too , . . a B average or better in secretarial studies . . . plus an interest and aptitude for professional secretarial work . . . the organ- ization went national here in 1941 from the local secretarial honorary, Lambda Phi Kappa . . . just a young group yet. FIRST ROW Cleft to rightbz Eileen Bourdett, Jane Gilbert. Peggy Conrad, Elvira Stefanie. SECOND ROW: Miss Robertson, Nancy Stenson, Pat Chapman, Jeanne Emery. Irene Sherruw. THIRD ROW: Miss Barnes, Miss Lamb, Mr. Blankenhorn Nancy Austin Miss DeFrate -105- lflome fconomicw C106 Do you realize these gorgeous creatures can cook, too? , . , and mind the baby scientifically . . . some husbands may be inclined to mutter "calorie happy" . . . but they will be healthy husbands . , . the organization, if not the members, is ancient, having been founded here in 1895 . . . Well preserved . . , largest feminine membership of any local club . . . men, if you want a girl who studied how to be a wife for four years, step right up. F-106- fleet:-onA These busy femmes are all Wrapped up in chemistry . . . occasionally you see one all Wrapped up in a chemist . . . but almost always one or more of them can be found in the bowels of the chem building muttering unkind things to a test tube , . . they also frequently sponsor pie and cake sales to succor the struggling hopefuls in chem lab and, independently, or with Alpha Chi Sigma, several dances. FIRST ROW fleft to rightbz Irene Giovanini, Kay McConnell. Helen Walton. SECOND ROW: Emma McGuire, Anna Lee VanArtsda1e, B. L. Johnson, Frances Lea Brown, Peggy Lee Blyth. -IO7- Spa:-taniam Oh boy, all this and muscles, too . . . not only are these gals educated, they can swing a mean tennis racket, are sharpshooters, golf in the seventies, bat .300 and run a lighting hundred yards . . . a formidable combination . , . they are also adept at badminton, swimming, ping-pong, skiing and hiking . . . exam- ples of their prowess can be seen annually in the "Funlandia" program . . . all upperclasswomen: chosen for scholarship, leadership, health and athletic skill. FIRST ROW tleft to rightbz Phyllis Fox, Joyce Lott, Miss Hosaeus. Gyla Marmot. SECOND ROW: Louise Turley. Terry Ransier, Elaine Guth, Carol Seebart. Janice Chrestensen E faire, -lO8- 61116 Ooo, look at those great, big, beautiful men . . . all the slick chicks' hearts go pitter-patter for a letter sweater . . . those of them that aren't playing can usually be seen in a body at athletic events . . . they sponsor an all-school dance every year and are generally as busy as athletes ever get . . . membership from varsity teams and first place Winners in minor sports . . . lettermen at this school work for their honor. FIRST ROW fleft to righth: Ray Pilgrim, Boyd Detonancour, Bill Zupan, Mike McCormick, Dale Lynch, Emil Blazina. SECOND ROW: Tom Sweeny, Joe Urich, Leland Cascaden, Dawes Lott, Bill Taylor. V. Harvey Nelson, Don Stanfield, Harold Sitzman. ' THIRD ROW: Spencer Konpanfz, Dean Robertson, Burt Nelson. -- lO9- Slei Club Have you got a broken leg, neck or clavicle? . . . do you ache in embarrassing places? . . . do you jump with joy when a blizzard is forecast? . , . then you must be a member if the Ski Club . . . they spend as much time as they can at the Bear Canyon ski run perfecting their technique . . . on the campus they are active in organizing ski meets and arranging various entertainments of interest to skiers. -llO-- 71111-AeA' C7116 Open your mouth . . . stick out your tongue , . . say ahhh . . . ahhh to you, too . . . these girls are supposed to know your inside story . . . when they come at you with a thermometer or syringe, don't hate them, they mean Well , . . their organization is composed of nursing students on the campus and at the Bozeman Deaconess Hospital , . . they get together frequently for technical discussions, lectures by local doctors and work of interest to them. -as fl? -Ill- Nlumni 4-H Grown-up Head, Heart, Hands, Health kids . . . they no longer have time for the usual 4-H projects, but they do get together frequently for discussion and promotion of 4fH work and also for an occasional fling . . , in spite of the fact that they are now college students, they are interested in the goings-on of their younger confreres in their home-town schools and do what they can to give advice and assistance. -ll2- Hgricultural 6,116 Commonly called plow-jockeys by engineers and other self-esteemed sophisticates . . . it's all done by the Ferguson system now, fellows . . . grandmaw doesn't pull the plow' any more . , . this huge club, probably the biggest on the campus, does numerous things of merit throughout the year, besides having the usual luncheon meetings . . . they put on the Little International Livestock Show, sponsor judging contests and even have picnics with the Home EC. girls . . commendable activities. ---ll3- Yn ter- Cl: ul-cl: Council They keep the peace among the church-goers , . . two representatives from each local church meet to further interdenominational amity and to plan church func- tions throughout the year . . . campus religious activities are sponsored by the group Working with members of their respective churches . . . religious activities of campus and city correlated. BACK ROW lleft to rightbt Father Don Skinner, Dr. Burlingame, Doug Morrison. Paul Uhlrich, James Milne, Kenneth Rennick. FRONT ROW: Pat Geary, Janice Chrestensen, Jean George, Mary Willick. Dllllg Morrison -ll4- Cizlil ngineem Well, they're civil most of the time . . , but not when someone spills ink on one of their complicated stress diagrams . . . they meet and eat like everybody else, except they discuss bridges and beams, transits and train-tracks, stresses and strains and other fascinating and pertinent topics . . . one of the oldest clubs on the campus, too, dating back to 1908 when it was called the Civil Engineering Society . , . aged, but not decrepit. Tom Dolan, President -HS- f'lai Kappa Phi Somebody said you either got it or you ain't . . . they got it . . . brains, that is . . , do you realize it takes an 86 average or rank in the upper one-fifth of the senior class to get into this bunch? . . . a positively depressing number of grade points . . . an accumulation of A's most of us are in no danger of collecting . . . besides promoting high grades, this organization doesn't do much . . . what do you Want, blood? -ll6- l402,ld Chi Sigma Do you recognize some of your favorite teachers in the front row here? . . . you don't? . , . well, chemistry and chemical engineering are such difficult subjects to make appealing to the masses . . , and that's just what these boys are studying . . . wonder how they find time to have as many dances and luncheon meetings as they do? . . . one of their principal delights is thinking up those fiendish displays for the High School Week open house. Graeme Baker, President hm nd l402,ld P i Omega This comparatively new organization H9453 embraces the campus Thespians . . . you know, matinee idols, theater-folk . . . alas, poor Yorick, they know him well . . . occasionally they forget a line or two, but Yorick they know well . . . their one-acters are always excellent, if less known than the big, quarterly productions . . . anyway, if you're good at emoting in public, you'll probably wind up in Alpha Psi Omega , . . then it's up to the talent' scouts. FIRST ROW fleft to rightb: Ann Aikens. Gloria Sampson, Edmund Lee. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Tapor, Gyla Marmont, Bunny Seidensticker, Gladys Anderson. THIRD ROW: Arnold Draper. Betty Jean Loch, Lowell Seidensticker, Virginia Barnett. 3,54-1 W'- 'W' Aiken 11 Sampson, President --lI8- dlplaa Tau belta Do you feel sick? . . . well, these girls know how it is . . . at least they should know . . . they're all candidates for bachelor's degrees in nursing , . . smart ones, too . . . in company with their sister unit at Great Falls, they work to foster high scholarship and desirable qualities in future nurses . . . many of them plan to go into teaching and administrative work upon graduation , . . thus they are getting bachelor's degrees in addition to their regular training. Q-Us 'AMN' -ll9- Galt, Thomas, Kennedy Anderson, Wendel flectrical ngineel-A ls your hair standing on end? , . . it is? . . . well, some prankish electrical engineer is probably applying 200 volts to you just for the jolt of it . . , stranger things have happened in EE lab . . . have you seen their electric chair, or Watched them fry eggs on a cake of ice? . . . when do they find time for the serious stuff? . , . such as discussion meetings, High School W'eek displays and lectures must be strength in numbers. ' W whmiwsfif -1 20- chneider, Ulhrich, Frazer, Heidt. 1414 C1116 Every student in the art department can be, and usually is, a member of the Art Club , . . they dabble and daub and it comes out a picture . . . maybe a Rembrandt lurks in their midst . , . who knows? , , . they sponsor local art exhibits and coin a few honest pennies Knot of their own designj on the side by selling some of the objets . . . and look at the art work in this book. Kasky, Marx +-l2li- fiewman 6lll6 O, ye of Catholic faith! . . . gather together and join the Newman Club . . . many devotional as well as purely social functions, skating parties, all school dances, etc., are held throughout the year . . . large turnouts at all of them . . . they boast the largest membership of any religious club on the campus . . . while they're at it, boasting that is, their church building is the largest in Bozeman, too. -122- 5 Q ng: Q Q 240' il QQ 2 3, fy lr ,X rf WF s f X i X, ,. was Q ,Q , f, I '31 as M A 552555 1 I an A 1 www 1 J nw, my WE , vga if 3? v Mr. Sanford Wheeler. bfdmd The busy drama department is under the direction of Mr. Sanford Wheeler, graduate of UCLA CA, BJ and Cornell QM. AJ . . , Mr. Wheeler came to Montana State in 1946 from Huntington, West Virginia, where he was Director of Theater. Mr. Wheeler at work. l "Theater of the Soul," a one-act play by Evernov. presented in the l,ittle Theater last summer quarter. Summer 771 eater An original one-act play, 'In a Mirror, Darkly," by Gene Feist, freshman in secretarial studies. "The Brass Halo," third of a series of oneeact summer productions, also by an Nl. S. C. student, Don Sayatovich. ' -l25- w r Scenes from the fall play- A hilarious comedy by James Thurber. The male Nnimal Snyder, Morrison, Woodside. Blenkner. Seidensticker, Woodland, Dole, Cooper -126- Skin o Our eetln Anderson, Aikens, Morrison, Lansing. 1 Aikens, Adamson. Lansing, Aikens, Anderson Scenes from the spring quarter 1946 production of Thornton Wi1der's experimental comedy "Skin of Cut Teeth" Brolin memorizing. Looking down on "Theater of the Soul." Blenkner, Seidensticker and Seidensticker talk the situation over dramatically, Bunny, Lou and Don 4,5 kf A - ,:,..: ,W 1.m.:. .. . D . , .,.:.w.g.,,-Q , . 1-M.L-:f:::s::,.:,-::..:,Q. .1 fu 5 Q .X v W Tv .... ....k f b ' : Www Y, ., 'Q a Q wg. .. 5 S 2 S . 22, 5 5553. gf, wzflw.. Ms, A as 5 NW 3? , 2 gg? 1 X if 2 2. X? H Igmsaffh , WV., S 5 4 2 1 Q , 5 Q ':.:--1w:1:Q:, : .--.: -.-. M f s Q mf: . 2.5 5 . , if 2 V F4 Q . Q r . u I 'E 'Q E5 4 1 , bw, X 4 is .X Q as , 'Q ' Txiwlwfii' f Q I f 1 - Q. , -:::: :.:g.g::. : W :fx ,... . rua- seas .: as ' ia.. ::-we :sf :ff I-, Q45 V ggeunmz . if A5332 F? ' b 4235 ffl A 512352255 4 W Ifiaiig. QW" D fs ' 5 v T7 Q 'i , " W1 9 E i , mag? Z Wee fxpvnent REPORTERS, TYPISTS AND PROOF- READERS--Renetta Lawrence, Pat Jelinek, Garnet Kotkin, Alice Stork, Martha Saunders, Denny Condotta, Leila Moniger, Linda Bliler, Marie Lane, Florence Koenig, Phillis Todd, Shir- ley Brooks, Pauline Davis, Marj Pott, George Heide, Jean Swanson, Helen Wolf, B. K. Beers, Dorothy Butler, Donna Hunter, Alice Johnson, Ruby Tretheway, Ruby Mitchell, Doris John- ston, Maynard Mountjoy. av"""' 130- Editor RUTH DOBLER Business Manager BOB HENDERSON Photographers ROBERT DANSKIN J. H. CLAUSEN SPORTS AND ART STAFF Left to right!-Jay Stoval, Ralph Fix, Hank Young, Bch Vine. Gordon Meagher, Yvonne McLeish, Jerry YVilliams, EDITORS , .sf if A J is no CIRCULATION STAFF Left to right-Betty Walden, Doris Johnson, Jim Smith, Elizabeth Tabor, Grace Wiprud, Helen Hammerstrom. Front.-Ralph Tipling tCirculation Mgr.l. Left to right-Mary Mysee 1Society Editord, Stuart Stone fAssociate Editory, Ralph Fix mssistant Sports Editorr, Hank Young lSDorts Editorb. Center--Bob Anspach fAssociate Editorl. BUSINESS STAFF Back row, left to right-Martha Saunders, Arlyn Sampson, Earl Bradford, Floyd Pahnish, Joyce Baker, Don Langohr, Jim Good fAssistant Bus. Mgr.J, Pat Hammond, Jack Griffiths. Front rowgDonnaleen McRae, Bob Henderson, Joan Hoiness. Not pictured-Joan Culbertson, George Zettler, Lois Call. jx if Ri Www he ?rvAla onent Sports Staff-Jerry Williams, Dean Stovall, Bill Odneal. Society Staff-Pat Haeckel, Don Rose, Marilyn Kramer. Business Staff - Patricia Hammond, Ci Joan Hoiness, Marion Mitchell, Pat Miller, Helen McLeod, Juanita Kiehn, Francis Schwanekamp, Elsie Varcoe, Bill Bowden, Bessie Buckley, Marvin Kildahl, Paul Dull, Jack Aughney, Bob Svoboda, Fred Yonkee, Avril Zigay, Hollie Hardy, Dick Bing. rculation Staff-James Smith, Pat Dolan, Shirley Johnson, Janet Jones, Donaleen McRae, Judy Mead, Mary Ellen Zinnecker, Alma Jean Herm- inghaus. Photographic Staff-Jim Clausen, Cor- ley Wright. Proofreading-Lois Beal, Betty Arne- son, Paula Snavely. Typists-Ruth Killeen, Shonnie Rich- ter, June Tracy. Copy Boy-Bob Dingman. Co-Editors - Shirley Brooks, Ralph Fix Associate Editor - - - John Haynes Business Manager - - Jack Griffiths Sports Editor - - - Gordon Meagher Society Editors - - - Bernice Mysee, Chub Murphy Art Editor ------ Bob Vine Editorial - Don Graff, Denny Condotta Circulation ---- Ralph Tipling News Staff-Alice Stork, George Eng- strom, Ruth Johnson, Carolyn Fritz, Jean Thompson, Kathleen James, Kay Ferkovich, Bonnie Bennett, Gene Feist, Betty Lou DeRooy, Virginia Salanski, Carole Trent, Pat Lavery. Peggy Fisher Jack Griffiths Bob Vine Gordon Meagher Ral,-h Fix Shirley Brooks Bernice Mysee Ralph Tipling Don Graff, Ruth Johnson, Carole Trent, Alice Stork, John Haynes, Bob Vine, Dean Stovall, Peggy Fisher Kay Ferkovich. Seated-Pat Lavery. Don Rose. Gordon Meagher, Jerry Williams, Paula Snavely, Bob Dlngman, Ruth Killeen, Virginia Salanski, Shirley Johnson, Pat Dolan, Donnnleen Pat Hammond, Joan Hoiness. McRae, Jim Smith, Pat Haeckel, Ralph Tipling, Elsie Varcoe Bessie Buckley Pat Hammond Jack Aughney Joan Hoiness Jack Griffiths Juanita Kiehn Dick Bing Hollie Hardy Marion Mitchell Helen Story Paul Dull Francis Schwanekamp The Mon tanan GENERAL STAFF--George Watson, Jim Drummond, J. K, Kohler, Jack Nelson, Barkara K. Beers, Helen Buckhouse, Lois Hoyt, Janet Jones, Virginia Boid, Marjorie Pott, Tod Haglund. BUSINESS STAEE-Jack Marquis, Bill Andrews, John Drum, Jim Brown, Alice Stork, Shirley Brooks, Pat Hammond, Joan Hoiness, Bobby Jean Siebrasse, Elizabeth Haglund, George Watson. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF-J. H. Clausen, C. H, Wright, Ike Mura- kami. Editor HAP ANDERSON Associate Editor - Business Manager DON STANFIELD Assistant Business Manager BOB THOMPSON Sports Editor DICK VENABLE Copy Editor PAUL HIPPELY Photography Editor JACK SANBORN Mounting Editor JIM DRUMMOND Jack Sanborn John R. Thompson Greer. Brown, Hammond, Haglund. Marquis, Drum, Hoyt, Buckhouse, Pctt, Watson, Nelson, Thompson, Stork, Brooks, Stanfield. gmw ART STAFF: Leila Moniger, Put Jelinek, Marvel Braziel, Betty Germeraad. COPY WRITERS: Paul Hippely, Del Hollern. Dick Venable 4-an Editor HOWARD HUFFMAN Business Manager ROD CARLSON Mon tuna ngineer An Engineering Publication discontinued during the War but again appearing once a quarter, Back row-Huffman. Kluzek, Draper, Nordquist, Davidson, Carlberg, Canty Poirer, Trowbridge. Front row-Williamson, Zllka ffaculty advisorj, Carlson, Gilchrist, Ruzicka -usef- A' M1315 . 2' Ylfflfwf Za! ' 4 it M cA,JIm?"ehQgM55, I r A ' K3 M mf firaixxmn i 123 13514: ff:'u3,efzwx wzKk5 A' wyiiwi 6:13 ff!" gi. 53553 V555 Mmm 26, "'lV55eP"gW'1'iI xnfngf2,nXv'vafv Ab V ...ff H ...,...-2 A if I 4' ,,,,..--1' , xp! E Gigi' ,375 L? 'ga'0f"f'pf7"Wi"'A 3:-U f,a'i5i5'f? 5 " 5 f coed! ' ' ? an av ' V fi 3, lf I' ff 1 1 .035 g S Q,'g,i?k ' x ,,,,,..-an-'L ,M Q., 1.72 ui ig v 5 L,Kfy,,,:-k.,5,::n:fk3a5,,',,fmL,,,i,,'nga wiv fwxwkf' fy J' V A1 ffm ww 3.1 , --'6',.....---"' ,jug n!uv.,:"J p,vr,,ar,n.,n,Atdrul' o',"'1,. hf"y"..., . 'E Y .rf of Q ! S3 if J J X, Ihww- w' y .ar mg- ings' Sl K i Q in l'p,,"', , :S , A A , ar!! uv , 54 ffl f ,gg-3: 'al qs .W .nf , ..: fx ,I k. Wir Q -,Vw , i-ty! .,'Y","":,, FW? Q y, "','Iv"m m""vf 450 " ,SF X ' , ,k .V g' sa . Y A 5 mm-W va, J, 1 1 , 1 - nuns: 4' "-I-v-"" 'V' UR 5' 6 "1"'x 1 2 R ,, Q13 A xg , Q., if Q i .VS ,J 4 Q A iii' ,ff il Qf rf 44 z ax- I 'j x I A """""""" M""'vW"v""' Mo--num-N-W ,,....-wwvvw ,w gf , A L4 1 ,"'V "f' -'V 'ffl' '05,-v "A,-Q,..f 'riff awww .qu-annum we " Jw , 1 af' A ,-f , S 'mf kndfgfimi i pup 1 gn gow W rch eA tra Director: EDMUND P. SEDIVY What's that noise? . . . that not noise, that's the orchestra . . . that's what I said . . . it's not really noise, Mr. Sedivy . . . they practice so hard and this is the thanks they get . . . really an indispensable adjunct to college life . . , music, .ll all our better functions. --l38-- Kane! Head of Department: L. E. OPP Pride of Lou Howard and of MSC . . . it don't always come out which is blowed in , . . but it always sounds good to us . . . some people join the band just to go on band trips . . . it is rumored that, in the past, things went on during these trips . . . will thc girls change all that? . , . wc arcn't fussy, who's got a piccolo? -l39- C7101-uA Director: CONRAD SANDVIG Oh, those pear-shaped tones , . . always the mouth is open . . . and they get applauded for it . . . some people aren't so fortunate . . . if you like to sing. the chorus wants you . . . that is, if you can sing , . . no complaints so far, so it must be all these boys and girls can sing. . . they do sing, anyway. every now and then . . . but not often enough , . . we should hear more from the chorus. -440- ,,.,...u-WW, Wm. .V x, m.,M,, v' 1 r' 5' - ik ,M ja Q is I 1 ff .NW wx' W A ,, Qsywwzw A A 1. if Q Q ow X .Ma ,Q miie 25 Ai N y , Q f , F i - . , .. 5:5:z:risEE.:E:,g:sxI', ff 4 ig giffwx , Aa may 55322, i gffsifw, Vg, 3 I 5925 95123-'km ziggy? Iliff Q 1 f 32135 35:32 yew Vw Cokm el C. D- Renfto Ufficem M . ajor Carl Peterson Capt I ' am W T W, , . . llhamson Ln. Qoxond W E. Rhxfmtd Company A Cvmpanq C' Company lb lliilital-1, Kant! Staff Ufficem --l45- Master Sergeant Small at work Starkey, Hassman, Shaw, White Small, Uptain -146- Rifle Practice X ,VA-xy zany- fyk, in-1 a wif Kb,- ,X -fvsww X, Y!-yy ,,,,.x , 1,,,v ,W my 'H M.A f: w twfxl gf. ,mww4, v-1 lqnh igk,,,,1 W, Xwgv ,H xhrlt' FHL? gays m1hHbG' vu wwf., bf ,MQ w wmv Wm yNA mx Q,w. v ask QV , .,,,4,, wx Q my kv Q .,f .M.h.3. , , 4, U ,,, ,Aa ma:-M QA vw pak' R'2Vi"2 1 ww, ww, f ,Q .1 W as sm: ffwagva g my WMM' 'Q' wwwMl:'W1M' ' ffiwwfwfmm . , Q- r . .F Q A v iiiwwv vii :uw we W gb-is-G :ww-:Q Sfwqgy swab 14-mg. ifllw'-E4 Qilwix mix mvygv wvffai ,lN,.g wvv HR' w naw at s g fa W A fa 9 ww- K 4 wwf .v fn W X at X SQ ,Q ww '-'S f Q15 Q -X ifxisi Mia ?oo Mall I Coaches These men deserve much credit for the superb coaching and training job which was in a large measure responsible for the best season that M. S. C. fans have seen in many years. Adam Marshall, Halfback Harry Perrigo, Halfback George Rumberger, End Bill Nelson, Left Half The Harbor Bowl game, the Rocky Mountain Conference championship, the hard, twisting, running of 'ARed" Brooks, the Bourdet-to-Kampf combi- nation, the crowd-pleasing brand of playing and the fighting spirit the UCats" carried into every gamefthese things will be remembered by the aver- age fan as typical of the '46 season. Bobcats Mark Hampton, Fullback Billy Odneal, Right Guard Len Larson, Right Tackle Ben Auck, Right Guard ?oot6all Gatton Field In the first game in five years on Gatton Field the "Cats" took a close 13-12 Win from Brigham Young University . . . After much more practice on the "T" formation, which was used for the first time at Montana State, they traveled south to Colorado where they tied a game with Colorado College. Neil Brooks, Fullback Charles Masten, Center Gene Miles, Right Halfback Earl Nadeau, Center if 5 Snow on the field Continuing on to Logan, Utah, they suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of the Aggies from Utah State, who came out on the long end of a 28-14 score . . . Their next game was the traditional battle with the Griz- zlies from the U , . . When the gun sounded, the Grizzlies had taken their tenth straight game from the "Cats" with a 20-7 score, James O'Laughlin, H Ben Kampf, Halfback William Boston, Center 3 . Alfred Croonquist Tackle 1 l 1 Dick Ball, Left Gua a"'lf l thu Ili. Board Talk They then returned to Colorado where they handed the Colorado State College a 27-7 trouncing . . . Going on to Reno, Nevada, they came up against their toughest opponents of the season . . . Nevada U., at the time the nation's top team in the passing department, took to the air to beat the powerhouse the Bobcats proved themselves to be. Final score: 38-14. Ken Card, End Ed. Berger, Halfback Mike McCormick, Left End Gene Bourdet, Quarterback Smash-up Returning home they rolled over U. of Portland with a 19-6 score and then on an icy, muddy home field the "Cats" again proved their power with a 39-18 victory over the North Dakota State "Bisons' '... Then at Golden, Colo- rado, the final gun signalled a 45-7 victory and the championship of the Rocky Mountain Conference for the Bobcats. Don Dunn John McClellan . Cliff Brisben Joe Kelly Spencer Koppang N252 "4 I Kzwlze tba!! U. of Wyoming .... U. of Wyoming .... Eastern College of Education Eastern College of Education Utah State College U. of Utah . . U. of Iowa ..... Kansas State College . . . U. of Omaha ..... U. of South Dakota , . . Morningside College , . . St. Thomas ..... North Dakota State College Idaho Southern .... Idaho Southern .... Colorado State College . . 52 -40 56-50 45 -49 54-56 54-50 65 -29 76-49 51 39 59 -40 -66 -63 54-62 47 44 48 46 -44 -59 -61 -57 44-56 51 62 52 55 72 64- 55 74- 68 58 46 71 65 55 -45 '57 31 35 52 74 29 -40 44 -48 -63 -49 74-58 68- 58 58-60 Glenn Gordon MSNAMSA Colorado State College Colorado School of Mines Colorado School of Mines North Dakota State Teachers North Dakota State Teachers Montana State U, Montana State U. Western State College Western State College Idaho Southern Idaho Southern Colorado College Colorado College Montana State U. Montana State U. Houston University 2 ai Kzwlze Mal Coach Breeden and Bobcat cage fans may well be proud of the record of the team this year. The Cats won 25 of their 35 games, and captured the Rocky Mountain Conference and the Montana title. More than 120 men reported for practice at the beginning of the season and out of these, eight were lettermen. When the official season started the Bobcat lineup was made up of the following men: Jim Anderson, Bob Blodgett, Eddie Collins, Boyd DeTonancour, George Hossack, Mike McCormick and Dick Wollin in the forward positions. The centers were Glenn Gordon, Joe Kelly, Spencer Koppang and Joe Mathias: the guard slots were filled by Cliff Brisbin, Tom Brown, Ray Kuka, Walt Narkevic, Bill Peden, Dean Robertson and Tom Stach- wich. The traveling team Was: Koppang, Kelly, DeTonancour, Narkevic, Brown, Gordon, Kuka, Robertson, McCormick, and Stachwich, Tom Stachwich E a ff fi 1 'f -STATE ' Boyd DeTonancour y Ray Kuka I :TAT E -I 55- Jim Anderson Eddie Collins M1 Walt Narkevic EaAlzet6all A record turnout of more than seventy men reported for basketball practice at the first of the season. This made it necessary for Coach Brick Breeden to divide them into the Blue and Gold squads so that he could select his team from all this talent. The Blues and the Golds took two games apiece from the Red Lodge Eagles and Montana State Normal in pre-season games. At the official start of the season Brick had chosen those men who were to make up the full Bobcat team for the year. In their first official game of the season the Cats dropped a duo to the sky-scraping Cowboys from Wyoming by scores of 40-52 and 50-56. The Eastern College of Education came to Bozeman and gave the Bobcats two hard-fought games but were unable to get on the winning end of the score either night. Score first night, 49-45: second night, 56-54. Over the Christmas holidays Coach Breeden took his men on an experience-gaining, barn- storming trip through Utah, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and North and South Dakota. They opened their tour by dropping a close game to the Utah Aggies by a score of 50-54. Then they moved on to the University of Utah for their second game. -l56- rf 'll' K1 Mike McCormick Kaffe Mall The Cats lost this one by a decisive score of 29-65. Traveling east into Iowa they lost another one to the University of Iowa by a score of 49-76. About this time the Cats started playing some fine ball for they came out on the long end of the score in the next three games. They drubbed the University of Omaha with a score of 66-39 and then went on into South Dakota where they took a 63-59 win over the University of South Dakota. In their game with Morningside College the Cats held the winning margin of a 62-54 score at the final gun. The Bobcats winning streak was broken by St. Thomas who took a 44-47 win over them. In their last game of the tour they handed the Aggies of North Dakota a 59-44 loss and then headed home for a well deserved rest. The Bobcats started 1947 by taking two wins from Idaho Southern with scores 61-48 and 57-46. The next week end Colorado State split a pair with the Cats by winning the second night's game 51-55 after losing the first game 56-44. Bill Peden Dean Robertson 'Y wsw -, . , , KaAlzet6all Four straight wins came in a row when the Bobcats trounced the Orediggers from Colo- rado, 62-45 and 52-37, and then sent the North Dakota Teachers home stinging from 55-31 and 72-35 losses. Play for the Montana title started with the Cats splitting a pair with the playboys from Missoula. The first game went to the Bobcats, 64-52. and the second to M. S. U., 55-74. Conference play got off to a good start when the cagecats dealt a dual drubbing to West- ern State College by scores of 74-29 and 68-40. They met Idaho Southern again and won the first game, 58-44, but the second went to the Bengals by a smarting 46-48 score, The Rocky Mountain Conference champions were decided when the hardwood hoopsters of Mon- tana State College trounced Colorado College, 7l-63 and 65-49. Two nights after winning the conference title the Bobcats entertained the Montana University Grizzlies. The Playboys did not get on the winning end of the score either and the Aggies from the State College added the Montana trophy to their conference title. As a result of winning the Montana title the Bobcats were eligible to participate in the National Tournament at Kansas City. They were eliminated from further play in a story-book thriller of a gfme with Houston U. With but a few seconds of play left in the game Houston took the ball out of bounds, then drove it in to set up the winning play, 58-60. -l58- DeTonancour goes up after ball and gets his Anybody's ball yet. eyes full of fingers for his trouble. Boyd DeTonancour Walt Narkevic Ray Kuka -l59- Mike McCormick KaAlzet6all That fellow from Idaho wrestles, too -160- Kaffe Mall McCormick out-jumps a playboy in Missoula game. ' Jumping Joe" Kelly in action nh. Bill Peden Stachwich adds two points to the score. Kaffe Mall Going out of bounds . 1-2 H A --, g Q 2 It 'X Dean Robertson Robertson drives thru for a good one. Kaffe Mall The tipoff in the Western State game. Is that ball going in? Kaffe tba!! They sure took a lot of pictures at that Idaho game Peden ready to take another one off the backhoard. McCormick makes a nice push shot Zaire tba!! Gordon makes one, too. Skiing There I was at 30,000 feet. .-.--Q, -. vs-.4 ff if if 5 ggi' ,, His skis didn't throw up all that snow! The Montana State College ski team, under the able tutelage of Bob Beck, had a highly success- ful season. They took many trips, the most famous being to Sun Valley and the most suc- cessful being to Banff. The ski lodge-home of broken bones, bruises, and sprains X Kvxing i W Here comes a lot of nothin'. Boxing was another pre-war sport that was renewed this year. Only one meet was attended by the boxing team this year and that was with Montana U. Eight bouts were arranged and out of these Montana State won four. Jim McGowan and Ted Hunter, of the 130-pound class, were given forfeitures, while in the 165-pound class John McClellan and John Gerry took a decision over their opponents. Front row, left to right-Jim McGowan, Ted Hunter, Lee Lear. Back row-Bud Clark, John Gerry, Dan Kilbride, John McClellan. 2 3 E fr wreA fling Callantine in a hammer lock. Wrestling was another sport which was put back on the active list this year. Only one meet was scheduled for the mat men this year, This was with the grunt and groan artists from the U, Out of the eight matches scheduled M. S. C. Won seven, Three by falls, three by forfeitures and one by a decision. The one match lost was by a decision. Front row. left to right- Jim Greenslate, Cole. Jim Drummond. Back row-Virgil Benson, Joe Urick. Rudy Sabo. Jason Callantine. Alpha Gamma Rho boxing team In tram arab Alpha Gamma Rho volleyball team -T69-- Kappa Sigma bowling team In tl-amuralA -170- Jay Stovall, manager of the bowling league in '46 and '47 Intramural sports were coached and directed by Bob Fleiger, lVlen's intramural sports include basketball, volleyball swimming, handball, boxing, wrestling and bowling. This assures everyone a chance of participating in a sport of some form. At the beginning of the basketball season, a record turnout of thirty-two teams reported. This necessitated the inauguration of a new system. The teams were divided into two sections, the winners of the first game in one and the losers in the other. If a team lost two games, they were out of the competition. This made it more like tournament play and the playing keener. "The Oaks," a team of veterans, came through the season undefeated to win the title. Volleyball was played in two leagues, the Blue and the Gold. This is the first intramural sport of the year, therefore, there are usually some very close contests and fine examples of sportsmanship. The Alpha Gamma Rho team won first place in the Blue league and went on to win the title. The same team also took first honors in the boxing and wrestling divisions. Bowling was resumed this year with outstanding success. The league was run in two rounds with a play-off at the season's close, The first round was Won by the Kappa Sigma team and the second by the Men's Co-op. The Kappa Sigma team won the play-off to gain the trophy. -l7l- Hand Stand Star Tumbler, Class of '33. His spirit lives on to drive our tumbling team to more and more victories. 7um6ling Tumbling was a new sport introduced to Montana State this year. Under the capable direction of Bob Fleiger this group has given many thrilling performances during the half-time periods at the basketball games. In the latter part of February they entered the gym tournament at Colorado State College. Top row, left to right-Jim Lyons, Jack Foust, Johnnie Omvig. Bottom rowe-Jack Swift, Wally Leland. lntermission . . , Pep Assembly . . . Vaccilation? . . . Bowaangf . , . Harbor Bowl . . . Even skiers get cold . . . More Harbor Bowl . . . Football fans . . . More Bowaangf . . , lVl.S.C. I3-New Mexico 13 at Harbor Bowl . . . Did it fall in? . . . Hollywood prospect . . . Bobcat Band, full dress parade . . . Sports editor and staff. are S Sharpening their eyes and coordination for outdoor tennis. Women lf Sperm Miss Hoseaus has done a very capable job as instructor and she has injected into the various sports a spirit of fun and enjoyment. The VJ. A. A, is open to all women and it is through this organization that the women work for points toward their sweaters and trophies. All tournaments and games are under its authority, The Spartanians is the honorary athletic fraternity for upperclass Women. Their general aim is to promote womens sports at M. S. C. and they have charge of the officiation and coaching of all women's sports. ls at plug' -l74- Oh, for the life of a lifeguard They practice cupids art. There are a wide variety of sports offered at M. S. C. and every girl on the campus has the chance of par- ticipating in any of them. Volleyball, basketball. swimming and badminton are Well attended during the fall and Winter quarters and in the spring, tennis. archery, softball and golf are the popular sports. There are several awards given at the end of each year to the individuals and organized houses which have the greatest number of points to their credit. This is one way to. get a date for Sadie Hawkins day. -175- a i Q -X0 i t . - tt i gt ra . . ii Q 33 i ' aahfgw f ' , + I ? gif .xx -.41,, 4' 5' of ' fa V 5 K aipx . g yi WJ' ,I a f ' ' i atm' t, Nh K' X wax-at ' ffl -qty if . Mn Q fra ff: i QP N X X im'Wwa,t A MW"N..aiQ,,. Ra Wag! Vu . 590.9 Zittle In ternativnal Show Ring, Little International Robert Kropp Charles Bick Grand Champion Showman, 1942 Reserve Champion Showman, 1942 The Little International is again back on the campus, having been discontinued since 1942. It is one of tlte outstanding events and is sponsored by the Ag Club. Over S600 in awards and trophies are given at this show that is patterned after the International Livestock Show at Chi- cago. Joe Urick and Jim Drummond were co-managers of this all-school activity this year. -l76- 6 'X 49 A Q 140264 gamma belta President - - - First Vice President - - Second Vice President House Manager - Social Chairman - Rushing Chairman Fran Oswald-Phi Kappa Phi, XVho's Who , . . Frances Oswald - Pat Geary - Lois Hoyt Alice Johnson Marjorie Pott Ruth Dobler Ruth Dobler-editor of Ex ponent, Phi Sigma, Student Senate, Board of Publications, P. N. C. C. delegate Pat Geary-president of A, W. S., Who's Vwfho . . . Vivian Heald-secretary of Spurs, president of Alpha Lamba Delta. The house we live in . . . Klondike Kate and Kronies , . . Here's how! . . . Black-eyed beauty . Going down? . . . Happy about somepin' , . . Oh, the AGD's are happy . . . Contemplarion . . . The Helmuzlle kzd gosh! . . . Pin-up gals , . . Gabbin' before bed. . . Rub-a-dub-dub. Bucky . . . Lucku duck . . Mrs Plew E ll' 1 H P-W ,aff il' 'ra 'HF if W, Y-..,,N 5 rweiw 'R r First row-Frances Oswald, Pat Geary, Ruth Dobler, Marvel Braziel, Pat Chapman, Betty Anne Haeckel, Selma Lee Frazer, Barbara Beers, Helen Buckhouse. Second row-ALois Hoyt, Alice Johnson, Marjorie Pott, Agnes Raeen, Pauline Davis, Mildred Hageman, Linda Bliler, Alberta Bohn, Lois Cass. Third row-Patty Davidson, Betty Cole Davis, Marion Driscoll, Jean Fraser. Vivian Heald, Donna Holm, Florence Koenig, Beryl Lane. Doreen Miller. Fourth row--Ann Ragen, Eula Ring, Trilby Roser, Dorris Seel, Frances Schellhorn, Aina Alm, Evelyn Betz, Shirley Brooks, Joan Culbertson. Fifth row-Wilma Davis, Mary Ann Dockery, Pat Haeckel, Helen Hammerstrom, Adele Hansen, Pat Janke, Ruth Killeen, Betty Kuhr, Pat Lavery. Sixth row-Pat Lavin, Margaret Marintette, Yvonne McLeish. Marian Mitchell, Coleen Reynolds, Martha Saunders, Rhua Slavens, Virginia Small, Joyce Smith. Seventh row-Lorraine Weedman, Marcia Smith, Elizabeth Tabor, June Tracy, Joyce Trlbble, Elsie Varcoe, Betty Walden, Not pictured-Jean Warden, Jerry Weir, Jane Matzke Ronning, Margaret Waltari. -179- -J Q10 14 pina Omicron Pi President - - - Ruth MacDonald Vice President - - Gladys Anderson House Manager - - - Doris Miller Social Chairman - - Jean Robinson Rushing Chairman - - Jane Gilbert Ruth MacDonald-secretary of Student Senate, Mortar Board, Who's VVho . . . Martha Wright-president of Phi Upsilon Omicron and Mortar Board, High School Week Committee , . . Elaine Guth-president of W. A. A .... Cwyla Marmont---president of Spartanians . . . Virginia Boid-vice president A. W. S. . . . Lila Swan-president of Spurs, Brick mansion . . . Profitable prediction . . . Senior threesome . . , Madam Marmont . . . Bare shoulders . . . Hang on! . . . Irish in heaven . , . Jean, Jane, Joan . . . Spring in Bozeman . . . Miss Ritchie. 'Q X? J E X Wi First row-Ruth McDonald, Gladys Anderson, Mary Baarson, Rachel Batch, Virginia Boid, Ruth Boller, Helen Boller, Helen Boylan, Anita Bruce, Rosalie Coleman. Second row-Betty DeKay, Betty Lou Eck, Jeanne Emery, Blanche Franklin, Geraldine Fitzgerald. Joan Funk, Jane Gilbert. Elaine Guth, Betty Lou Hoffman, Jean Lenham. Third row.-Julie Johnson, Gyla Marmont, Ann Mercer, Doris Miller, Nina Murfitt, Gloria O'Connell, Mary Lou Pasha, Terry Ransier, Eileen Reiquam, Marjorie Roberts. Fourth row-Jean Robinson, Gloria Sampson, Barbara Simpson. Margaret Ann Simpson, Nancy Stenson, Jeanette Stevens, Rachel Strobel, Lila Swan, Phyllis Todd, Eloise Van Den Bieson. Fifth row-Beverly Vatcher, Audrey Wendell, Lavonne West, Helen Wolf, Martha Wright, Marion Amos, Joyce Baker, Beverly Blackwood, Harriet Burns, Connie Campbell. Sixth row4Albina Crottoeini, M'Lis Eaton, Hollie Hardy, Helen Hoffman, Pat Horrom, Shirley Ann Hould, Eunice Hunt, Kathleen James, Dolores Johnson, Leona Logan. Seventh row-Jean Marquis, Mary McAuliffe, Margie Morrow, Helen McLeod, Joan McLaren, Nancy Nye. Martha Lee Pope, Clara Mae Quinnell, Helen Reese, Dorothy Swanby. Eighth row-Shonnie Richter, Joyce Rowse, Frances Schwanakamp, Bernette Stiff. Not pictured-Marjorie Frazer, Glendamae Chadbourne, Avril Zigay. -181- Chi Umeya President - - Pat Burke Vice President - - Irene Sherrow' Treasurer - - - Beverly Harrison Secretary - - - Ann Aikens Pledge Mother - - Betty Fry Ann Aikens--president of Phi Sigma, secretary of Alpha Psi Omega, Who's Who . . . Irene Sherrow-president of Pi Omega Pi, secretary of Mortar Board . . . Pat Burke-president of Panhellenic Council, Who's Who . , . Jean Stephenson-Who's Who, secretary of Phi Upsilon Omicron. uad F . . . Ready for study . , . Jest for fun . . . Nice out? . . , Sittin' on the steps . Bunny and Corrine , . , Borrowed from brother? . . . Three in white . . . Mrs. Seidlitz. may we 'Ww- 7 wmv' Q1 we wi 3 ., . Sl 5 k J 'P my ui sf 5 fn ,,, First rowvElaine Burke, Irene Sherrow, Ann G. Aikins, Janice Gaines, Lida. Loffel, Terrie McBride, Pamp Oglesby, Neva Todd, Helen Bottomly. Second row-Jeanne Dolliver, Betty Fry, Joyce Mansbridge, Marie Mysee, Jane Oliver, Marilyn Smith, Sindy Snyder, Jean Stephenson, Ruth Mae Poetter. Third row-Dorothy Jane Bruce Traver, Rita Wolfe, Marilou Adamson, Betty Lee Bath. Nora Connelley, Joyce Cooper, Jean Dorsett, Loraine Eaton, Beverly Harrison. Fourth row-Evelyn Harrison, Marjorie Huffman, Bunny Jackson, Ann Lunday, Corrine Moger, Georgia Mooney, Grace Nissen, Alice Olds, Joyce Shiriton. Fifth rowgJoyce Russell Vorrell, Alice Marie Aughney, Barbara Dell, Doloris Frisell, Barbara Duncan, Margaret Fisher, Shirley Gilmer, Clarice Graves, Alma Jean Herminghaus. Sixth row-Joan Hoiness, Ruth Johnson, Marilyn Kremer, Elaine Lamb, Patricia McNerney, Bernice Mysse, Jo Ann Peck, Vera Rita. Seventh row-Alice Stork, Grace Wiprud, Mary Ellen Zinnecker, Judy Mead, Pat Collins Uncles. Not pictured-Doris Breimo, Dorothy Butler, Adena Parsons, Patricia Hammond, Dolores Quayle, Lois Rundle, Arlyn Sampson. -183- is W Kappa Delta President - - - - Alice Hughes Vice President - - Ruby Tretheway House Manager - - - Dorothy Knesal Social Chairman - - Mildred Ehlenburg Rushing Chairman - - Marjorie Kasky Alice Hughes-A. W. S. Council, W. A. A. Council, Spartanian, Panhellenic Council, Phi Sigma . . . Dorothy Callan-Phi Sigma, A. VJ. S., Big-Little Sister Committee, Panhellenic Council, Pep Club . . . Marj. Kasky-vice presi- dent of Delta Phi Delta, treasurer A, W, S., Standards Committee . . . Charlotte Winkelman-president of pledge class, president of Junior Panhellenic Council. On Cleveland . . . Is she heavy? . . . Little girl . . . W'here there are hula maids . . . there is the navy . . , Some Sunday morning . . . Jackie . . . Foxy doings . . . You try it . . . Nice setup . . , What's up! . . . Saturday , . . Mrs. Harris. First row-Alice Hughes, Dorothy Callan, Shirley Cole, Phyllis Fox, Marjorie Kasky, Dorothy Knesal, Ruby Mitchell, Marjorie Staudenmeyer, Elvira. Stefanie. Second rowwRuby Trethway, Mildred Ehlenberg, Alice Erb, Dorothy Frankovich, Lois Jean Jensen, Amarlys Moecher, Doris Rogers, Betty Watson, Ruth Anderson. Third row-Myrna Anderson, Lila Mae Bean, Myrtle Brown, Gladys Chesnover, Coleen Crummy, Jerry Halford, Ileana Hanson, Mary Harbred, Wallene Hoekett. Fourth row-Shirley Johnson, Louise Ketterer, Anne Lane, Dorothy Loch, Mildred Mountioy, Madge Niven, Jacqueline Sehlitgus. Fifth row-Helen Simpson, Patricia Stenjhem, Helen Storey, Ann Claire Thompson, Charlotte Winkelman. -1 85- Pi Zeta Pi President - - - Elinor Arneson Vice President - - Rausie Solberg House Manager - - Gladys Miller Pledge Mother - - - Pat Robinson Rushing Chairman - - Tod Haglund Rausie Solberg-Who's Who, Home Ec. Club president . . , Gladys Miller4 chairman of Standards Committee, president of Quadrangle Board, Student Union Board . , . Pat Galt-vice president of Spurs, treasurer of Sophomore class . . . Carol Kelly-president of Hamilton Hall. Quad D . . . lVhose rushin' . , . Where's the dummy? . . . From the bottom of the deck 'White sidewalls . . . Carol S .,.. Rushing someone . . . You old meanie . . . First verse Spring cleaning . . . Name il. First row-Elinor Arneson, Betty Germeraad, Rausie Lou Solberg, Pat Robinson, Helenray Randall, Jean Swanson, Marilyn Thorpe, Frances Teslow. Joy Reeder. Second row-Mary Ruzicka, Eleanor Marx, Mary Hansen, Frances Galt, Dorothy Cantrell Balch, Gladys Miller, Nancy Austin, Tod Haglund, Janice Chrestensen. Third row-Betty Arm Eik, Carol Seebart, Ruth Aclaire Morris, Linda Lee Smith, Mary Kay Archibald. Betty West, Jeanne Klousie, Rosemary Perkins, Grace Franzen. Fourth row--Patricia Galt, Margaret Cruttenden, Marta Story, Elaine Wolfe, Muriel Miller, Sara Jane Forgy, Barbara Bunnell, Judy Belshaw, Barbara Frey. Fifth row-Hortense Jennings, Margaret Lewis, Jane Howell, Jean Lloyd, Dorothy Garrard, Bobby Lou Davis, Barbara Birkeland, Candy Davis, Kay McConnell. Sixth row-Pat Rafferty, Carol Kelly, Theresa Lone, Marjorie Mikalson, June Wismeyer, Joyce Shively, Bonnie Shotwell, Shirle Steel, Betty Arneson. Seventh row--Peggy Berryman, Betty Lou DeRooy, Pat Miller, Olive Rathman, Joan Logan, Caroline Fritz, Joan Allen. Eighth row-Esther Lee Davidson, Donaleen McRae, Arlene Tutvedt, Lois Jean Rinan. --l87- 14,254 gamma Kino President - - - Bob Balch Vice President - - Dale Lynch Secretary - - Joe Urick Treasurer - - Kenneth York Bob Balch-Senior class president, XVho's Who, Student Senate, treasurer of Les Bouffon , . . Dale Lynch-president of Newman Club, secretary of Club, member of Social Committee, Student Senate, Who's Who, lnterchurch Council, Alpha Zeta . . . Joe Urick--president of Alpha Zeta, co-manager of Little International. The White House . . . That time of the year . . . B. T. O ,... That did it . , . New initiates . , . Is it alive? . . . Bold knights . . . Dead end . . . "Boogie" Balch . . . This side up, please! . . , Double trouble . . . Easier here. i l s -40 First row-Robert Balch, George Barth, Richard Bing, Don Davison, James Drummond, Charles Elliot, Dave Ferguson, Ray Greer, James Greenslate, Harold Gunderson. Second row-Joe Kirschir, Robert Kach, Robert Lillegard, James Lunney, Dale Lynch, Joe Quinn, Magnar Ronning, James Rose, Dana Schruprl, Keith Seaton. Third row-Ken Shearer, Dale Skalwie, Bobby Siebrasse, Don Stanfield, Don Stevens, Harold Strommes, John R. Thompson, Orville S. Thompson, Don Torrell, Joe Urick. Fourth row-Jack Vandavere, Les Vanvig, Don Voelker, George Watson, Robert Watson, Willie West, Clair Willits, Ken York, Archie Bishop, Robert Blenl-zner. Fifth row-Harold Cantrell, Les Clark, Phillip Haglund, John Hall, Lee Lear, Russell Lynch, Jack Nelson, Dave Norton. Sixth row-James Paugh, Earl Peace, Eugene Pederson, Don Rose, Hans Sylling, Paul Uhlrick. -189- Kappa Sigma President - - - Bob Ryan Vice President - - Bob Hoffman House Manager - - Bruce McKee Emil Blazina-vice president of Associated Students, treasurer of "M" Club, president of Kappa Sigma, '46 . . . Ed Eck-president of Ski Club, Drum Major, treasurer of Architect Club. Closest to campus . . . Cute, isn't she? , . . The pipe . . . Lovely lemon . . . More pipe dreams , . . Buddies . . . Beyond the garbage cans . . . Mrs. Boylan. First row-Norman Gilchrist, Emil Blazina, Edward Chauner, Robert Dyer, Emil Barrow, Paul Hinpely, Raymond Howard, James Karlberg, Donald Scharff, Robert Tietjen, Robert Warden. Second row--Raymond Bieber, Eugene Coleman, George Corrv, John Drum, Donald Fisk, Paul Grammens, Wayne Huffman, Gordon McLeod. John Miller, John Mortensen, Ernest Neumann. 'l'hir drow-Oscar Novak, Harold Young, William Brolin, Edward Eck, Richard Farrand, Raymond Froelich, Louis Gates, Kenneth Heen, Robert Hoffman, Delroy Hollern, Herman Huisenga. Fourth row-William Krismer, Robert Larson, Carson May, Raymond Nordqulst, H. W. Norville, Paul Paddock, Wallace Rehberg, Charles Ronning, James Ross, Robert Ryan, Robert Siverts. Fifth row-Jay Stovall. Robert Tremper, Robert Wix, Delmar Zezula, Ralph Clark, Roger Briggs, David Davidson, George Engstrom, Harold Freeman, .James Frisbie. Donald Hauck. Sixth row-Henry Lorentz, Donald Marriage, Lyle Nadeau. Robert O'DonneZl, Jack Owen, Don Clark, James Payne, Edward Sikora, Ray Urbach, Carl Anderson, Ray Batey. Seventh row-Warren Carlson, Robert Dean, Hector Durocher, Gene Gilman, Harold Husebye, Kenneth Jones, Malcolm McRae, Mons Monson, John O'Brien. Eighth row-Nels Olin, William Olson. Jack Robinson, Robert Smith, Dean Stovall, Wayne Walker. Not pictured-Pat Barrett, Jim Bertrand. Gordon Briscoe, Joe Corcoran, Bob Cunningham, Albert Curry, John Dimock, Bob Edwardsx Doc Farrand. John Fowler, Fred Fernstrom. Dale Gullings. Manuel Gonzalyes, Galen Lindner, Bill Keenan, Edgar Johnson, John McDonnell, Bruce McKee, Micky Mc- Roberts, Aaron Schenck, Paul Scotten, George Urbach. -191- lambda cu ,4,l1.,, President - - - John Gordon Vice President - - Louis Blenkner Social Secretary - - - Franklin Matsler Rushing Chairman - - William Armstrong Louie Blenkner-cast of 'AThe Male Animal," "A Doctor in Spire of His Wife," and "Queen for a Day," Les Bouffon member, Alpha Psi Omega John Gordon-Commissioner of Demonstrations, Les Bouffon member. 201 So. Third , . . Lowe . . . Comparing foliage . . . To class, fellas . . . Whose 1' , . . Yukon days . . . Whatta show . . . Snorin' Gordon. s the longest? 'Daiwa N: Q iam Haag, li :, A ig an-.,eN V ha, 1 1 .L First row-John Gordon, Roscoe Bellingham, Ray Brown, Robert Traver, James Traver, Felix Ken Schmidt, Louis Blenkner. Second row-Robert Bradford, Paul Bundy, William Armstrong, Frank Matsler, Joe Gibbons, Cameron, Wayne Bertholt, Rod Peterson. Third row-Charles Goedecke, Bruce Johnson, Earl Bradford, Robert Craig, Don Dophins, Mark Jay Juhannson, James Leary. Fourth row-Elmer Dahlberg, Edward Ellis, Leonard Gustafson, Clark McKee, Ted Allen, Charles Denny Condotta, Leonard Etchart. Fifth row-Wayne Reed, Harold Yaeger, Robert Baker, Donald Jackson, Clayton Peterson, Keith Howard Schlieman, Dwayne Siperly. Sixth row-Jay Vollin, Samuel Bell, Richard Miller, William Blenkner. Clarence Swanson. Kermit Homer Hanson, James Daley. DeRooY, William Cockrill, Stewart, Matsler, Carlson, Not pictured-William Reid, Fred Staudaher, Clarence Mehl, John Penwell, Wilbur Dow, Robert Bauch, Kenneth Young, Robert Bauch. -193- Sigma 1402114 fpafilon Eminent Archon - - - Bob Boyd Eminent Deputy Archon - - Dan O'Brien House Manager - - - - Ralph Winnes Social Chairman - - - Andy Dingman Rushing Chairman - - Bob Henderson Maury Guay-Les Bouffon, president of Associated Students . , . Bob Boyd -president of Interfraternity Council . . . Bob Henderson--business manager of Exponent, member of Student Gripe Committee . . . Jim Good-Assistant business manager of Exponent, member of Fangs. Outside . . , Inside . . . Poore boy . . . Some of the mob . . . On way to convention , . . Mz'nerva . . . Ridin' high . . . Brothers . , . Looks good . . , Where have you been? . . . Mom Lewis. Wmaf 9.1 swf. 'Q' 2 First row-Jack Galt, Kenneth Baugh, Eldon Dahl, Richard Fagenstrom, Kenneth Frazer, Maurice Guay, Thomas Hawksworth, Russel Houghton, Emil Kindschy, Bill Lundberg, Dan O'Brien. Second row-Walter Parock, Howard Schlepp, Dean Vaughn, John Barnes, Chester Belden, Gene Bourdet, Robert Boyd, Lester Crouse, Boyd DeTonaneour, Gilbert Hahn, James Kelly. Third row-Ralph Winnes, Robert Myers, George Ruzicka, Lloyd Sandiland, Harold Shotwell, Kenneth Stanbury, Joseph Stevens, Jim Talcott, Bill Zupan, Robert Henderson, Ray Anpenzeller. Fourth row-Shirley Ashby, Dick Baker, Robert Chenkovich, Andrew Dingman, Douglas Drysdale, Robert l P00r, Joseph Eagle, Zales Ecton, Sidney Engstrom, Jim Good, Horace Gregory. Fifth row-Frank Holman, Earl Johnson, Bob Johnson, John Moorhead, Bud Paulsen, Dan Pyfer, Peter Roberts, Warren Roberts, Roy Seagren, Rick Sherwood, Robert Stanbury. Sixth row-Lyle Smith, Jack Bartells, Charles Bentley, Edward Bentley, Robert Bentley, Charles Bliss, Lawston Burke, Milton Campbell, Donald Conver, Robert Dodson, Jack Griffiths. Seventh row-Ben Hardin, Edwin Hardy, De Heetderks, John Heetderks, George Zettler, George Kirk, Murray Lind, Jim Peters, Bob Phillips, John Relchl, Mike Sassano. Eighth row-Phillip Strobe, Robert Svoboda, Grant Wheeler, Fred Yonkee, Clinton Booker, Donald Jacobson, Ralph Tipling. Ninth row-Gerald Huff, Gordon Litton, Robert Dingman, George Gale, John Baier, Gerald Hanley. Not pictured-Dean Hauseman, Roy Hauser, John Ryan, Sam Phillips, Ed Bower, George Bower, Don Woodside, Robert Clarke. --l95- Sigma Chi President - - - Keith McConnell Vice President - - Bert Sherrow House Manager ----- Rod Carlson Social Chairmen - - Cal Hoiland, Verne Hovern Rush Chairmen - - Tom Eagrelius, Bert Sherrow Jim Lyons-president of Freshman, Sophomore and Junior classes . . . Stuart Stone-Phi Eta Sigma, associate editor of Exponent . . . Jack Marquis--Eangs, president of Sophomore class, Montana Engineer and Montanan staff . , . Clayton Ward-president of Freshman class. House on the corner . . . Coffee nerves . . . cheap help . , . Could be spring quarter . . . Goan someplace . . . Well, shut ma' mouth . . . Looks good . . , Some of the brothers . . . Fearless Freddie . . . Again . . . Hungry? Flrst row-Keith McConnell, Richard Carlson, Conrad LaSalle, Bill Taylor, Henry Lydick, Edwin Wismeyer, Virgil Antonich, Mark Annin. Bill Goan, Allan True, Norman Hansen, Fred Mitchell. Second row-John Hansen. Vern Hovern, Paul Poirier, Bert Sherrow, Ben Miles, George Hoffman, Don Lanaohr, James Lyons, Jack McBride, Henry Gay, Allan Eby, Clyde Clark. Third row-Jim Smith, Phillip Lundy, Maurice Siverton, Dick Wollin, Bill Sippel, Noel Anderson. Jim O'Neill, Burt Nelson, Robert Miller, George Heide, Dean Moore. Fourth row-Vernon Keller, Edward Hines, Don Schurch, Ed Garnett, John Smiley, Robert Labrie, Robert Garnett, Floyd Swenson, Robert Storey, Scott Cooper, Blaine Gustafson, Douglas Morrison. Fifth row-Frank Heck, Donald Marquis, Herb Anderson, Stewart Stone, Bill Wheeler, Calvin A. Hoiland, Dave Jondrow, Grant Wooly, Ralph Day, Joe King, Thomas McKeen, Oscar S. Peterson. Sixth row-John Callantine, Robert Mercer, Mark Edson, Gale Wegner, Marvin Kildahl, Maynard Meyers, Thomas Dolan. James Barfknecht, Jack Mansbridge, Art Parson, Ralph Hales, Clayton Ward. Seventh row-John Bullock, Dave Shlvely, Paul Dull, Warren Ross, Harvy Cosner, Clarence Cosner, Dick Marshall, Marvin Jones, Robert Linfield, Dick Wooley, Paul Milam, Joe Street. Eighth row-Jim Brown, Jack Bell, Jack Melburn, LeRoy Spain, Peter Decker, Ken Roth, Carroll Butler, Danny Kilbride, Dwain Meyer. Dick Martinsen. Ninth row-Allen Hutchinson, Al Croonquist. Dick Miller, Dan O'Nei1l, Bill Williams. -l 97- Pi Kappa 1404114 - ww., -A .:.. President - - - Kenneth Humphries Vice President - - Bill Strickfaden Social Chairman - - Tom Ryan Athletic Manager - - John Peterson James Roach-Alpha Chi Sigma, Les Bouffon, Septemviri . , . Robert Crowe -Alpha Chi Sigma, "M" Club. Back to original quarters . . . Let 'em have it! . . . YVho's manager . , . The usual pastime . . . V for victory . . , Setting up housekeeping . . . lVilde dreams . . . Barbecue . . . Studied sleep. First row-Kenneth Humphreys. John Frankovich, Jim Roach, Bill Saubert, Jim Schultz, Walt Stokan, Gene Wilde, Bill Asbury, Floyd Jenni. Second row-John E. Peterson, Harry Setzman. Bill Strickfaden, Fred Swingle, Blaine Boothe, Buell Burch, Alex Haburchak, Jed Hunter, Bob Lettinga. Third row-Bill Marantette, Val Parkes, John Ruess, Art, Roach, Larry Vervoort, Jack Willis, Bob Beaman. Jim Borer, Keith Boyd. Fourth row-John Compton, Horace Driver, Jerry Hawk, Jerry Hould, Bob Hosfeld, Wayne Jones, Cal Luding, Reg MacDonald, Bob Marantette. Fifth row--Joe Reese, Bill Roach, Tom Ryan. Ed Scharn, Tom Thompson, Stan Wheeler. -199- Phi Sigma Kappa President - - Walter Narkevic Vice President - - - Joe Murray Secretary - - James Milne Treasurer - - Ross Peace Walt Narkevic-co-captain of basketball team , . . Vic Smith-Septemviri, Les Bouffon, president of Phi Sigma. The house . , . Posed but not good . . . This one is better . . . Guys and gals . . . Big or little wheels . . , Some of the gang are tired . . . Narkevic, the chief. First row-Walter W. Narkevic, Everett Shuey, Robert Baarson, John Cornish, Vic Smith, Harold Johnson Jr., James Milne. Second row-Gerry Casman, Ted Paul, Ben Laurenson, Thomas Gountainis, Harold Kortum, John Webster Carrol Walsh. Third row-Raymond Claus. A. Hightower, Robert Wilson, Larry Rangitsch, Robert Cornish. Fourth row-John Schwartz, Hershel Birrer, Jerome Jans. -2Ol- en Z Co-operative President - - - Marion Hedegaard Vice President - - - Bob Massing Secretary-Treasurer - - Dawes Lott Manager - - - - Jack Rasmussen The Men's Cooperative is an organization for independent students who work together to make school more pleasant socially and easier financially, Shoosh! . . . Chow . . , W'orkz'n' hard . . .K. P ..., Mrs. Johnson. First row-Marion Hedegard, Alfred Pontet, Gerald Raab, James Sargent, Robert Sargent, Richard Rohdei Tom Moody, Albert Rasmussen, Larry Erpelding, Ned Wagner. Second row-David Bossier, John Bequette, Robert Barnes, Robert Massing, Eugene Swank, Cato Jacobson, Doyle Strandlund, Malcolm Wallen, Charles Dougherty. James Poyter. Third row-Richard Prescott, John Barton, Robert Wolf, Leroy Stein, Peter Jackson, Robert Itoh, Arnold Draper, Robert Ashenbrenner, Ted Crater, Hayden Ferguson. Fourth row-Louis May. Arthur Shaw, Gordon Kiefer, Ardean Fialka, August Ray Wolf. Duane Brobst, Norman Hanson, Frank McCrackin, John Jeakins. Fifth row-Ernie Schultz, Elliot Hurtt, Leonard Decco, Walter Luke, Robert Hood, Elden Steifins. Sixth row-Leroy Neerwold, Byron Nelson. Charles Walton. -203- Women 14 Co-operative President - - - Eileen Heleen Vice President - - - Francis Thomas Secretary-Treasurer - - Louise Turley Manager ------ Thelma Stenmark Social Director - Edythe Turley, Doris Humphreys The Women's Cooperative is a housing unit for independent women who Work together toward an enjoyable four years of school at minimum expense. The house on S. Third . . . Catching up on home town gossip , . . What'cha lookin' at? . . . Stepdown . . . Gag nineties. , . Off to church . . . Line up , . . Gollg gee! . . . Something missing? . . . Smiling through . . . The wheel. Q First row-Elaine Heleen, Frances Akenson, Barbara Small, Mitzie Booher, Thelma Stenmark. Louise Turley, Doris Humphreys, Agnes Stene, Edythe Turley. Second row-Margaret Anderson, Frances Thomas, Helen Paddock, Viola Evans, Ruth Herzog, Patricia Shrewsbury, Marjorie Sargent, Elaine Fischer, Beverley Needham. Third row-Rosalie Mueller, Corrine Smith, Ruth Lentz, Patsy Erpelding, Jane Hunter, Shirley Stranlund, Elsie Wheeler. Fourth row-Mabel Morse, Madeline McLauchiin. Peggy McLaughlin, Shirely Jean Furman, Merla Leishman. 1205-. Hamilton Hall President - - - Carol Kelly Vice President - - - lla Allstat Secretary-Treasurer - - Ann Lane Hamilton Hall-the beginning of college life. Conditions were crowded, but the spirit was unbeatable! The prospect of fine, active college women this year is especially good. Freshmarfs paradise . . . Co-eds . . . Looks familiar. , . Posin' . , . Step up! . . . Don't look intelligent , . . Snoufs deep . . . Mrs. Hiley. GEM' "7 f ' , LW is 51 g I 5 , we lR1r,52gvvsp W First row-Ila Allstat, Marian Amos, Joan Anderson, Betty Arneson, Alice Marie Aughney, Marjorie Austin, Dorothy Batch, Gwen Berger, Peggy Berryman, Evelyn Betz, Lucille Blank. Second row-Carol Berkland, Gladys Campbell, June Claynool, Athalie Collin, Albina Crottogini, Esther Lee Davidson, Helen Dunbar, Joyce Egeler, Margaret Fisher, Eva Louise Fredrickson, Dolores Frissel. Third row-Miriam Gesseman, Laura Gloder, Helen Hammerstrom, Anna Marie Hanson, Illena Hanson, Luclle Hardy, Alma Jean Herminghaus, Shirley Ann Hould, Patricia Hughes, Maria Hyer, Merel Isaacs. Fourth row-Janet Jones, Edith Jackson, Kathleen James. Mildred Jenni, Doris Johnston, Ruth Johnson, Clarene Juedeman, Marj Kasky, Carol Kelly, Janice Kenline. Alfredia Kober. Fifth row-Anne Lane, Margret Lundgren, Dorothy Loch, Joan Logan, Leona Logan, Theresa Long, Barbara Martin, Judith Meade, Marjorie Mikalson, Pat Miller, Marion Mitchell. Sixth row-Joyce Murphy, Byrnice Mysse, Ramona McCartin, Joan McLaren, Yvonne McLeish, Helen McLeod, Donaleen McRae, Barbara Nlckelson, Evelyn Nicholson, Nancy Nye, Audrey Oleson. Seventh row-Peggy Orcutt, Katherine Perrine, Joan Pintler, Clara Mae Quinell, Joan Rasmussen, Helen Reese, Lois Rinan, Barbee Robertson, Ann Roseau, Joyce Rowse, Martha Saunders. Eighth row-Bernice Smith, Helen Smith, Marcia Smith, Joyce Smith, Shirley Steel, Pat Stenhjem, Helen Storey, Dorothy Swanby, Alice Stork, Elizabeth Tabor. Ninth row-Myrtle Tannehill, Ann Thompson, Joyce Tribble, Betty Walden, Grace Wiprud, Neva Joyce Zerts, Avril Zigay, Mary Ellen Zinnecker. -207- Yndependen t Quad iw 'C' First row-Helen McCullough, Dorothea Doll, Peggy Conrad, Dorothy McLaughlin, Eileen Penland, Barbara Clark, Carol Bolmeler, Ann Chrlstenson, Mary Willick. Second row-Lois Callow, Frances MacGowan, Betty Eakman, Annabelle Nesbit, Laurelie Bolton, Janet Stentz, Zoe Wilkins, Mary Ryffel, Leila Moniger. Third row-Pat Jelinek, Alice Sugimoto, Viola Walstad, Helen Mott, Joane Wohlgenant, Betty Jo DePuy, Irene Giovanlni, Beverly Stearns, Norma Hoy. Fourth row-Mary Daniels, Ruth Voorhees, Lois Galt, Shirley Kelly, Wilma King. Grace Kurtz, Mira Lacher, Betty Don McMillan, Peggy Conrad. Fifth row-Carla Onken, Priscilla Penwell. Lorelei Schaeffler, Carol Scherrer, Ruth Woodruff. -208- gn ,ig,a, IJ' 1 -nik? 'fffxgylif K ' ., .,... 'wfmflhziz U. Lf ., s A ,,,i,biiA Wm , Q Uk im e 5 ,, A 5' JJ f S ' 'f..f.'i:1f:: . ,mWw?'mgg,we . Q w,, ' ,say ' " 2 we V ,V 1 . f - -:iii if Q: ,. .. . Ax 2 Senio great EDITH ABENROTH, Plentywood ROSE MARIE ALLISON, Red Lodge JEANNE BLONDET, Ennis-Nurses Club 1 MARY BOTKIN, Glasgow-Student Council 2 JOAN BRAKSTAD, Livingston-Nurses Club 1 HAZEL VIRGINIA BRENDEL, Whitefish-Social Chairman 1 MARGARET JANE BUTTERFIELD, Williston, N. D. CATHERINE CENTANINO, Red Lodge ALICE CLARK, Townsend-Nurses Club 13 Independ- ence Club 13 A. W. S. 13 W. A. A. 1 LUELLA COLE, Plains EVA COWAN, Chinook-Alpha Tau Delta 1, 2, 33 Nurses Club 13 Co-Editor of Annual 33 A. W. S.3 Chi Omega ELIZABETH CUMMINGS, Plains MARGARET CAROLINE DORSEY, Harlowton-Stu- dent Council 1, 23 Annual 2 MARIE ENGMAN, Turin, Alberta, Canada LlLLIAN ERICKSON, Welling, Alberta, Canada LORAINE B. FLUEGEL, Belt DOROTHY GARBER, Fortuna, N. D.-Vice President of Class 3, Student Council 3 GUNHILD HALLENBERG, Shelby FRANCES HALLETT, Glasgow DONNA FAY HANBERG, Fairfield-Nominating Com- mittee 43 Student Council 43 Beacon Staff 4 HELEN HEVVITT, Anaconda WINONA HOLLENBECK, Butte LOIS V. HOPKINS, Custer-Nurses Club 1, 2, Alpha Tau Delta 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 23 Twirling 23 W. A. A. 1, 23 A. W. S. 1, 23 Kappa Delta GRACE JOHNSON HOUCHEN, Hartford, Conn. MARY JO HURLY, Glasgow-Nurses Club 1, 2 CLAIRE JOHNSTON, Butte-Student Council 3, 43 Dramatics 23 Nurses Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Assistant Editor of Annual 43 Class President 3, 43 Alpha Cmicron Pi JEAN JOHNSTON, Terry CLAIRE JULIAN, Helena-Deaconess Beacon 4 RENEE KIND, Anaheim, Calif. MAE KNEBEL, Glendive-Deaconess Beacon 3 DOROTHY KNUDSON, Helena MYRNA KODALEN, Dodson-Nurses Club 1 IO- ?allA Zlnit BARBARA LARSEN, Harlowton JOYCE LOGAN, Billings-Social Comm. 25 Student Council 35 Pres. House Council 3 ROSEMARY LORENSEN, Drummond-Alpha Tau Delta 2, 3, 45 Nurses Club 1, 2 BETTY MCCAFFERTY, Belt-Nurses Club 15 Student Council 35 Photography Ed. of Annual 35 A. W. S. 1 MILDRED MAKI, Cascade BEVERLY ZOE MANLEY, Poplar-Student Council 25 Beacon 2, 35 Social Comm. 1, 2, 3 'SHIRLEY MEHLHAFF, Eureka, S. D.-Alpha Tau Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 25 Chorus 25 Class Pres. 15 House Manager 15 Student Council 35 Nurses Club 1, 2, Vice Pres. 25 Who's Who 35 Chi Omega BETTY JANE MEYER, Fairfield-Editor of Beacon 3 5 Business Manager of Annual 2 IDABELLE G. MILLER, Great Falls ELAINE MORRIS, Ronan-Nurses Club 1 MARIAN OSBORNE, Sidney SANTA PALUMBO, Redgewood, Brooklyn, N. Y. DORIS PARSONS, Harlowton-House Chairman 25 Student Council 35 President Student Council 3 SHIRLEY JOYCE BAYNHAM PUTZ, Glasgow PAULINE MAE RICE, Pendroy JULIA REID, Billings-Vice President of Class 25 Co- Editor of Beacon 25 Student Council 3 PHYLLIS ROWLEE, Whitefish-Independent Club 1, 25 Alpha Tau Delta 2, 3, 45 Band and Orchestra 1, 25 Nurses Club 1, 25 A. W. S. 1, 25 W. A. A. 1, 2 JOAN RUMMELL, Helena-Editor of Beacon 25 Stu- dent Council 25 Class President 35 Secretary of Student Body 3 CLARICE RUSHER, Glasgow HELEN SECORA, Big Sandy WINNIFRED SEIFERT, Shelby RITA SMITH, Havre BETTE LOUISE SUMMERVILLE, Fargo, N. D.- Nurses Club 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 25 Glee Club 25 Stu- dent Council 45 Social Chairman 1, 25 Vice Pres. of Student Council 45 Alpha Omicron Pi GLADYS SHELSTAD, Wagner-Secretary of Student Body 35 Vice President of Class 3 HELEN L. STIEG, Baker-Nurses Club 1, 25 Student Council 3, 45 Deaconess Beacon 35 Student Body President 4 LORENE TIHI-STA, Nashua-Student Council 3 AMIE E. TOPE, Fort Benton-Student Council 1 BEVERLY TRIPLETT, Kalispell-Class President 15 Beacon Staff 25 Student Council 3 ELLEN W. WALTON, Ennis LOLA WILKINSON, Fairfield PALMA WOLFF, Terry -211 MARILYN BAIR RUTH BARTEL VELMA COX BARBARA BEIRDNAAU MARGARET DARLIN G DORIS FOSTER PHYLLIS DAVEY MARIANNE HART BETTY HUNTER MARVELYN HAWLEY GERALDINE MCROBERTS CLARICE NIELSON ESTHER MILLER MARTHA NIRIDER PAULA PANTING DOLORES O'BLIZALO LORRAINE RICE RETHAL SCHUSTER FRANCES ROTH BETTY SITZMAN MARY WOLFE JEAN SIT ZMAN ALICE RENO WORTHINGTON -21 2- EMILY YOUNGE Killing Senior JEANNE MEDFORD AHL, Bozeman HELEN REED BORDER, Bozeman JEAN HANSON CLARY, Bozeman-President Class 1, 2, 3, Social Committee 23 Student Council 1, 2, 33 Annual Staff 3 HARRIETTE EDWARDS, Opheim JACKLYN FORSYTHE, Monida,-Secretary Class 2, 3 MARJORIE FRICKLE, Hardin-Secretary Student Body 2, 35 Annual Staff 32 Secretayr Class 1, 2, 3 JOYCE GEE, Bozeman-Student Council 23 House Committee 2 EVA INGRAM, Terry-Social Committee 23 House Committee lg Vice President of Class 1, 2, 3 CHARLOTTE KNAPP, Oswego VIVIAN LELACHEUR., Bozeman-Annual Staff 33 Vice President of Student Body 3g Vice President of Class 1, 3 MARJORIE LOOP, Beach, N. D. THELMA LORD, Conner-President Class 2, 32 Sec- retary Class 15 Student Council 1, 2, 3, President of Student Body 35 House Committee 2 MAIEY MATHER, Lafayette, Ind.-Social Commit- ee 1, 2 BOLETTA MORSTAD, Outlook HELEN REIKOFSKI, Columbus-Social Committee 1, 2 PATRICIA STUCKY, Portland, Ore. MILDRED VOGEL, Bozeman-President Class 1: An- nual Staff 35 Social Committee 23 Student Coun- cil 1, 3 -213 BOZEMAN FIRST ROW Juanita Whiteaker Phyllis Kershner Eleanor Todd GREAT FALLS FIRST ROW Marvel deYoung Neva Horr Henrietta Carlson Mary Lou Alley SECOND ROW Phyllis Walley Lois Norenberg Laverne Mittwock Bernadine Martin BILLINGS FIRST ROW J. Whitney A. Smith F. Hunter K. Sheets B. Jacobs H. Sitzman M. Peterson SECOND ROW E. Blakesley N. Hagen D. Caudill H. McDowell P, Eastlick R. Johnstone J. Kawulok unior '-an 1 . W '9' ,gsm .W-'wwf ' . ri 11 f f fu-iv. fs 'wx' , QS' if ' A SEV BOZEMAN SECOND ROW Virginia Bryan Evelyn Nelson Sylvia Christensen Okarche Colbern GREAT FALLS THIRD ROW Audrey Fangstrom Dorothy Leonhardy Agnes Bugden Ruth Kruger Pearl Goodman Kathleen Senner BILLINGS THIRD ROW F. Schleining W. Hoagland J. Hare B, Irvin V. Wojahn S. Rice C. Feldman B. Lenz eiflamen GREAT FALLS BILLINGS 2 Z E E E E . I , Agyjliflx . .. , fr f"' H W1 J.. S 4 W fix W , J gi. . 4 we Q I Q ,W , . . A p 5 H 1 'at at iq Q 1 We . 4 A, .a .' 7 - 7 ,.,wf.z First row, lcft to right!-Lois Larson, Elizabeth Kane, Doris Rasmussen, Gail Avery. Second row-Marion Fuller, Doris Murphy. Nina Lee Norman, Marie Varelia, Beulah Young. BILLINGS MONTANAN STAFF Left to right-C. Koga, B. Murphy Cadvisorl, E. Vigus, R. Schuster, G. McRobertS, A. Smith. GREAT FALLS MONTANAN STAFF Left to right-Betty McCafferty Marie Varelia. Bernadine Mar- tin. Eva Cowan. Claire Johnston. Marvel deYoung, Not pictured-D. Christopherson, faculty advisor. gba., X -'T 6. .. V gi z.... 5a W 4' .f:.,.' any - ,jjj - 4 .a Ffa?-5 5 . . 1 at . -, A 5'6- il . I , W' kv rx . 4 - .ff s , . 2 P . ' 2 11' wr' ' rx' r I asf? ar' J, 113 ,V . .. we First row, left to riahtwC. Haines, S. Kennison, D. Turner, B. Dobson, C. Koga, E. Vigus. Second row--M. Carey, T. Barr. Third row-D. Harden, L. Raisl, L. Gregg, S. Njaa. L. Gibbons, J. Fiene, M. Fouse, D. Cate. GREAT FALLS BEACON STAFF Front row-Marie Varelia. Second row-Claire Johnston, Ruth Kruger, Bernadine Martin, Marvel deYoung:, Beulah Young. StandingkMary Lou Alley. BOZEMAN MONTANAN STAFF First row, left to right-Evelyn Nelson, Eleanor Todd. Second row-Jean Clary, Lillian Nyman tadvisori, Mildred Vogel, Vivian LeLacheur, Sylvia Christensen. B m......., Lwwlq FIRST ROW Cletf to right! Doctors Hall., Strain. Durnin, Howard. SECOND ROW Doctors Crary. Holtzberger, Crago. Wolgamot. Weisgerber. Layne. Sandmeyer. Gleason. Hurst. FIRST ROW lleft to right! Dr. Gerdes. Miss Buckles. Hosp. Supt.. Mrs. Bennett, Asst. Snot.. Doctors Hall, Larson. Bridenbaugh. Drew. w FIRST ROW ileft to rightl Doctors Brewer Smith Keaton Hammer Seerley Kearns medical Staff GREAT FALLS - BILLINGS BOZEMAN SECOND ROW Doctors Yeatts. Craft. Enler. Eneboe, Heetderks. Vadheim, Seitz. THIRD ROW Doctors Hurd. Hall, Hanley. Fuller, Davis, Adams. Greibe. Forbes. SECOND ROW Doctors Hagen. Weedman. Nelson. Irwin. Gordon. McIntyre. Farrg MIR Harry Wheeler Hosp. Mgr.: Doctors Dunkel Brogan. D. M FIRST ROW tleft to right? K. McDonald F. Florman G. Chapman M. AISDD G. Trefney M. Kellison SEATED E. Heaton FIRST ROW Christopherson B. Huxtable M. Bergstrom L. Himsel M. Wright B. Mcvicker FRONT ROW Cleft to rightl B. Murphy M. Knudsen . Thompson Toy G. Buckles H. MacRae B. Bayliss My Hur ing Staff BOZEMAN ' as . M. ew .g Q I i W if N www 1 5 syn? ff , ,A gow' P 'Q' WQEF 'Zi' Q A GREAT FALLS AND BILLINGS SECOND ROW B. Isaac L. Nyman I. McDonald M. Barkley M. Vaughn M. Erickson SECOND ROW E. Qualls B. McCann S. Curry J. Frame F. Porter L. Hart F. Ackerman J. Hanford I. Christianson SECOND ROW M. Beall J. Swain A. Hemmer M. Kucera Student Council tLeft to rightj C. Koga J. Fiene S. Kennison D. Foster C. Haines L. Gregg C. Nielsen FIRST ROW B. Martin A. Fangstrom M. deYoung C. Johnston B. Farrell 4 if 'X .sk lf F 1 I, U' rl wif if lf KA I ,Ei . 3 SECOND ROW 9' iii' 7 K , S. Johnson V M, L. Alley Vx .Q 7 , . ' X 3 ..- lLeft to rightj P. Kershner J. Clary V. LeLacheur T. Lord V. Bryan GREAT FALLS - BOZEMAN M' Cam uA lbiuiaivn Left to right-Anna Pearl Sherrick, Frances Macdonald Lydia DuQuaine, Lala Handorf LEWIS HALL Home of Nursing Eduction --21 9- Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Division Montana Deaconess Hospital Division, Great Falls New italA Billings Deaconess Hospital Division Hm italA Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital Division, Glasgow Supervisor: Miss Maybelle Stensrud E Kennedy Deaconess Hospital Division, Havre Supervisor: Miss Irene Fisher Shodair Hospital Division Supervisor: Mrs. Helen Hagele -221- New italA Montana State Hospital Division, W'arm Springs Supervisor: Miss Edith Lamb Montana State Tuberculosis Hospital Division, Galen Supervisor: Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson -222- 14,2114 7411 belta MONTANA DEACONESS HOSPITAL DIVISION , 5 E 4 is ,li I X VE I iq I F' 2 :E I Left to right-Miss Hart, Miss Qualls, Claire Johnston, Phyllis Rowlee Standing--Eva Cowan, Nina Lee Norman. A4 rl hi work and workers SnapAlwtA Who said LUC1IlfIOLUC!'S.? Goznq to classes XVhat now? Using the back steps my 'Wwe Cappmg MD Studying -wh 'W' sf '?el a llivn tafnmw . . . Ah feel Ah can call yuh fella Montanans, 'cause it's so crowded full of the kind of people Ah like and an abundance of picturesque coun- try , . . Ah say, Montana is in reality a true state of the SOUTH. lt's up there in the north just to annoy them Yankees. Everybody knows where the Montanans' spirit of patriotism is. Half the population is engaged in minin' and if they can't move the state, at least they're diggin' toward it . . . SGUTH, that is. And it ain't exactly been a waste of time. They've found copper, gold and silver in their veins . . . the kind that flows in every true blooded SOUTHERNER that's worth his mettle. Speakin' about education. Education is a wonderful thing. No college should be without it, There are some, of course, that get along without it like the Montana State University at Missoula and don't let anybody fool yuh, They started out to be co-educational and the reason it ain't co-educational is, that no gal in her right mind would be seen near the place. Talkin' about feminine pulchritude. Although everything is peaches down in Georgia and some a them southern belles are quite appealing . . . southern belles , . . apPEALing . . . that's a joke, son. Don't just sit readin' this like a disillusioned leafless book worm. If yuh can't laugh, smirk, and if yuh can't smirk, smile, and if yuh can't smile, lift your upper lip a couple inches. As Ah was sayin,' Montana sure has a lotta pretty gals, Ah once knew one, but Ah can't remember if she was Helena from Butte or a "Beaut" from Helena. Anyway we didn't get along so well. Everybody told her Ah'd make a good catch. Trouble with her she couldn't catch me. Bein' that Ah'm so long winded Ah outran her in the Bitter Root mountains. Hopin' these few words will suffice and in the spirit of fun, Ah salute yuh, one and all, on behalf of the Confederacy. Senator Claghorn P. S.-Ah only accept Confederate money. --226-5 .:v,, 1 ,K an A .Fifi , v W 5 5' if L+.. -Wm x ? - 113'- fif. J ' ' . f , . I X54 if: - . T 4? A. K ?"f's f f. Wwe.-af 1 .fu fy .Aw in . Q.. . H .. 'ks 1..- wi .MM A- 'W .1154 1311 ng 1 1. 32 M ,MQ V -Sv Wblfwum me-V, M P1 , K 1 ' Q .,7 """'f ,nh uv Wyre Qw- svff .wk .-Ol? uw pf 'mlb i ff w ' se ss e-nw?' , A as Q. 1 1 , 1 ,Q If W 9 H4 lg 469 if ws ., Q wma 4, 'm1::,WW. als w , ,Q Q A' Q vm Si ,,,,x ,w W wfrwfldd' as Q City Taxi Service Waaners Chambers-Fisher Co Owenhouse Hardware Lanaohrs Willson Co. Nash Finch Kessler Dairy Arcade Artcrait Printers Northern Auto -228- A. M. Russell Theaters Gallatin Laundry The l-lub Gallatin Druq Poetter Drug McCay Hardware l. C. Penney Co. Pictsweet Foods, Inc. Compliments of Americas Premium Corn, Peas AYVSIAI re ry and Frozen Foods General Office, Mt. Vernon, Wash. -229- Home oi Montana Ayrshires Great Falls, Montana FINE JEWELRY- EXPERT WORKMANSHIP O "Efficiency Always" DURAN D'S A. C. Durand Swiss Watchmaker 3 East Main Phone 794-J TH E C U E Billiards Fishing Tackle and Supplies Cigars, Cigarettes, Candies, Soda Fountain BOZEMAN, MONTANA JACK DE JARDINE 118 w. Main SCHLECI-ITEN STUDIO GOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS 19 South Willson Phone 419 BOZEMAN MONTANA CITY DYE WORKS "Dry Cleaning That Satisfiesn 126 East Main Phone 185 BOZEMAN MONTANA ROWLES ROWLES-MACK CO. The Place to Go For the Names You Know BOZEMAN, MONTANA 17 East Main Phone 1073 Yours tor Photos LINFIEI.D'S STUDIO 109 South Willson Phone 76-W Bozeman Montana Boho rt's Meat Market and Quick Freeze Cold Storage Lockers All Kinds of Meats and Livestock Featuring Gallatin Products W. O. 61 W. P. Bohart. Props. Bozeman, Montana Phone 46 229 East Main For Popular Home Furnishing Mo rshol I Furnitu re Co. 33 South Tracy Phone 372 Bozeman Montana Photo taken 1894 by Dean Emeritus of Engineering, W. M. Cobleigh Aileen's Sport Shop Bozeman lewelry Bozeman Coca-Cola Dahl Funeral Home The Campus Kenyon Noble Lumber Co. Bozeman Courier Pines Cate Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Butte Wilhelm's Flower Shop, Butte -23 1 - 'ik' il? established at ARTCRAFT through twenty-seven years of faithful adherance to the principles of Quality, Integrity and Dependahility. Our completely new and modern equipment is concrete evidence of this policy. Our staff of experienced craftsmen are care! fully supervised hy experts in the field of distinctive school puhlications. Schools throughout the Northwest recognize our policy and our interest in their publications outage?- ENGRAVING C7' ELECTROTYPE COMPANY sr af 1010 First Ufvenue, Seattle 4, Washington + as is 1-NN KS -232- Q -A.. Activities L . ,iii iii,i i,,ii, , . - Administration .,..., .,i, Advertising t,..t .. ..,,,.,, -W Agricultural Club ,rr,r,r.t. Agriculture Divisionamt , Alpha Chi Sigma, ...., Alpha Gamma Delta v,,,rre. Alpha Gamma Rho .,...v Alpha Lambda Delta d,r..... Alpha Omicron Pi v,..,r,., Alpha Psi Omega d,,,,rr, Alpha Tau Deltae ,..r... Alpha Zeta aaaa..ava.a..,.aa. Alumni 4-H Club. ...t. Architectural Club, ,a,,. Art Club aaaaaaaa,. A. W. S. Council, ...,r.. Athletics ....a.,,,,,,,.,.....,,,...gagg.Y -B- Banda, ,,..a,..,,. . Basketball ,,,l,,,.ggggag, Big Ten aaaa aaafaagaal Board of Publications vtt,,. Boxing ....,.aa,,,,,,,,,,,..aaw,...aga LC.. Chi Omegac .,,7, aggggfg. - - Chorus ,,,,.,,,,, do Civil Engineers L Classes ,,,,,,, , a..,aaaaff Clubs .,,,,,,, 3 a.aaaaa. 3 f.Vaa.fffa. 1 1 - Dedication ,, aDa,f,7DDDaaD Delta Phi Delta, ..,a Drama aaa. ,,...Daaaa. f -E- Electrical Engineers tt,r,..c,a Electrons ,,,,, ,,,,, , .,..,,,aaa Engineering Division Exponent . a...,.,,,,.,,,,, 53 a.aD 3.55- -F- eneml Index L-,77-90 15-29 227-232 -e,--3e113 ----18-19 117 178- 179 188-189 181 180- 1 18 19 01 L 1 12 121 145-176 ,L .... 139 154-165 88-89 67 182-183 e-,,Lc140 15 -,,-L37 ,LW91 02 123-128 1 20 L 107 ,322-23 130-131 Faculty-Relations Committee, ,,,.,,,, ,.V35355355. 3 3 Fangs aaaaaaaa Y ,,,,,.,Y5, as 3533,...,3 5..,, 7 ffrff -392 Football ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,.., , , 7 ,,,,,,3 Foreword , Fraternities C Freshmen , Froshponent ,,,,,,, -G- 146-153 177 L 6 5 -7 6 13 2-13 3 General Divisionec aaaaa L ,. 33..,,,1 H326-27 -H... Hamilton Hall ,,,,,, , ,.,,,,,,,.. 204-205 Home Economics Club , ,L 1....,... 1 , ,,... a---106 Household and Industrial Arts -1- Independent Quads aaa, C 1, lnterchurch Council ,L W Inter-fraternity Council Intramurals tatt tatatat at L .J- Juniors .tata,a ,. D820-21 L a3d.3 208 14 -3.t,,-34 169-171 -------47 -K- Kappa Delta, 3a,,Y L, Kappa Sigma 184-185 190-191 King of the H111 33,3 , .V33..33.1 3 580 -L- Lambda Chi Alpha 192-193 Les Bouffons .,D3.,..3......,.... ...f...f1 3 33394 Little International ,333,..,333D. 3.3,..vv 1 76 M Clubea .,.3,3,3,..... D 3.....,.1 f...a....,,. 3 3 1V1en's Cooperative .33.333,3.D .3.,... 2 02- Military ,ca.,,,.,,.,......,.v Montanan ,...a,.....,,,. Montana Engineer ,..L, Mortar Board . ,.,,,,,,., . Musica. Laaaaa, Y ,7,,,,,...,. ,. ,,,,..,.. -N- Newman Club ,,,.,, ,,..,, Nurses Club aa.. ,a,tt, Nursing 3,3.3333..... ,,,,.. -Q-. Orchestra ....3.33 ..,, Y , -p.. Panhellenic Council ,,,L Pi Omega Pi. ...,,,,,,, Phi Eta Sigma 3a,,aa,. Phi Kappa Phi ,,,,,, ,,,,., Phi Sigma Kappa ...,... Phi Sigma 3...,,,,,,....,,.. Phi Upsilon Omicron, P1 Beta Phi , ,a,...,,.,,..,.,, , Pi Kappa Alpha, .....7,3 , President Renne ,ea,.. Publications ,,,.,1,...,, .eee ...Qi Quadrangles ,,,, Y - 3ee3......ege eg Queens ........7,.., Y .,..7,.....,1..... ,.,...1 Y -5- Science Division ,,c,,e Secretarial Club Senator Claghorn, e,,a ,L Seniors 333333a3,,,,,,, ,..,, Septemviri ,, 7, Service Division 33,,,.,. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi 3333e53...3.,i3g,... fffffff ski Club ttapa ,.., A skiing .....a.. aeeaee. Sophomores .,a.., Spartanians .....,... Spurs 3333333. .13335.,.v..eeeee3e33 Student Government -- 371 9 F1595 109 203 141-144 134-135 136 95 -140 122 1 1 , ,,,, ,,,. ,,..,e L L 209 Y, ,,,eeeee c.,,.. . 138 34 --,---,e105 98 16 200 201 L, .,ea1e. S8103 104 -187 198-199 ,16 136 -. 208 81-87 - eee., D324-25 , eeec.,ve 100 8 ...3.3a3.a 226 e,-,-,L38-46 ,. . ,eea at 96 L ,C 3,,,. L28-29 194-195 196-197 , ate..,-,... 110 66 57-64 , ..,.,.1a 108 .C 93 31 Student Senate ,,,,,,1,,.,,,.,,., 37 Student Union Board 35 HT- Tumbling .3333 eeee5.....35333e . W egf... . 172 -W- W, A, A. Councilw ,,,, ., 36 Who's Who, ,. ,.c,.,, , , ,. 90 Women's Athletics 174-175 Women's Cooperative 3 L 7 , M3204-205 Wrestling .,..,,,....,c,,a, 168 faffvfz Yhanlm . . . This has been a year of tears and sweat for the staff-one that will not be long forgotten. The editing of this book has been an education in itself-my thanks to those of you who helped me struggle through. For the sake of the editors to follow I sincerely hope the printing, en- graving, photography, and the ever-so-many other stumbling blocks straighten themselves out with the slow return to normal. With the availability of supplies, perhaps once again the annual will be published and delivered before the close of school. The many workers behind the scenes that often no one but the editor and business man- ager have the pleasure of meeting are the engravers, printers, photographers and cover manu- facturers. On behalf of the ,staff and the student body I want to extend thanks to these men. The local studios responsible for many of the pictures have been Linfield's, Schlecten's and Lovelace. An editor would have a tough job, indeed, without the able assistance and experience of Bertil Linfield. Jim Clausen, a student photographer, was a most willing and untiring Worker. Al Salisbury, of the Artcraft Engravers in Seattle, besides helping with the plans and makeup of the book, has helped greatly in his support of morale. The Reporter Printing and Supply Company will receive our recommendation and sup- port at any opportunity. Bill Remington and Frank Cross have indeed extended a friendly and helping hand. The North American Press deserves thanks for the fine cover that stayed within the means of our budget. To Don Stanfield goes my personal thanks for taking over the job Winter quarter while l obeyed doctor's orders and gave my nerves a much-needed rest. Bob Stanbury took charge of the annual Montanan Dance and beauty queens and did a mighty fine job. Jim Drummond and George Watson were life-savers on the mounting staff. This could go on and on, but best l just say THANKS' HAP ANDERSON Nasa-- M3 1 mm R CWBILIILZTLCP 9195 -I marginal f REPORTER PRINTING A SUPPLV Co., DILLINGS. MONT

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