Montana State University Billings - Rimrock Yearbook (Billings, MT)

 - Class of 1949

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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1949 volume:

YEARBOOKEaite m Montana College of Education BILLINGS, MONTANAfyan ujia iA In this issue of the RIMROCK we have tried to portray life at EASTERN as it really is. We have been informal because we believe that informality is the only way to portray the real spirit of EASTERN. In the final analysis a college annual should serve one principal purpose — that of recalling, in future years, our college days. We sincerely hope this book will serve that purpose. Milo Grue EditorMISS MARY CONDON Over a period of time there appears an individual whose contribution to a school is so outstanding that it cannot go unrecognized. Miss Condon's whole-hearted interest in the welfare of the students and her determination to place EASTERN on the map," characterized her two years as Student Counselor at EASTERN. In grateful appreciation of her sympathetic and efficient leadership, we, the "Rimrock" staff of 1949, dedicate our annual to Miss Mary Condon.CatnfuU, fUi upL A-FO£TY-NINEDR. A. G. PETERSON, President The good life, which must include health, happiness and occupational efficiency, can be attained only when one has achieved a high quality of existence based upon a high degree of self-realization. To achieve this end, education must assist the student in choosing that vocation which is best suited to his needs and interests. This important function is now of much concern to our colleges and universities. Their interests have become comparatively less engrossed v ith the development of the students' vocational or professional skills, thus creating a well-balanced educational program. The consequence of this change is increased efficiency and satisfaction for all concerned. Success results in self confidence and self assurance. It eliminates fear, bigotry, and selfishness. The person who succeeds is usually hopeful and cheerful. He is the kind of person who elects to serve others and in this service forgets himself. He is invariably useful to his country, to his community, and to his neighbor. All this should be the ultimate goal of our educational institutions. Every student should insist that education fulfill this goal. He should insist upon a high degree of self-realization in order that he attain a high quality of existence. Dr. A. G. Peterson, PresidentMR. MILTON E..JOHNSON Business Monoger of Eostern Montono College of Education MR. LINCOLN J. AIKINS Registror of Eostern Montono College of Education I FOETY-NINEI ] DR. VERNON COOPER Sociol Science MISS MARJORIE STEVENSON Physicol Educotion DR. HARLAN C. HINES Psychology and Philosophy MR. RAY HARSHFIELD Director of Speech Arts MRS. M. E. JOHNSON English DR. RICHARD MEANS Mathemotics and Science MR. RICHARD MITCHELL English MR. LYLE COOPER English MISS RUTH NOURSE Music 10 MR. RICHARD E. HULL MISS DAPHNE DEAN MR. OLIVER PETERSON Sociology ond Economics Director Kindergarten Mathematics ond Physics MR. OSCAR BJORGUM Athletic Director Coach MISS IRENE GROOM Education MR. HAROLD ALTEROWITZ Assistant Coach Physical Education MR. GEORGE GLOEGE Science MRS. FLORENCE 3ROWN MR. WILLIAM HOHEISEL Director of Student Activities Laboratory Sciences -1 1 MR. EARL R. LUCAS. JR. Art MISS RUTH WILLARD Director MR. A. V. HIMSL Spomsh MISS PAULINE RICH Librarian MISS MARJORIE ORNER Secretory to the President MISS HERMINE ROBERTS Art MR. JAMES D. MITCHELL DR. P. E. GRIFFIN MR. ARTHUR E. SOULSBY Chief, Veterans Guidance Center School Physician Director Guidonce Center • • MISS ELAINE CARLSON JOYCE MARIAN MRS. MARGARET MATTILA Education ond Student Activities Guidonce Center Bookstore MRS. NELLIE HELGESON MISS DONNIE WITT MISS SYDNEY STEWART Business Office Registrar's Office Registrar’s Office MISS WAHL, MRS. SMITH MRS. VIRGINIA SCHWENK FRANCES M. THOM Cafeteno Business Office Veterons Guidonce Center MR. EARL CREEK Buildings ond GroundsFO TY-NINEACHESON, WILLIAM H Billings, Montono Elcmcntory Educotion, Freshman Activities -M E A.; Chorus ADAMS, JOHN LEE Billings, Montono Bcsic, Sophomore Activities Dcbotc Tcom AIK INS, JEAN ELLEN Billings, Montono BosiC, Freshmon Activities—Kotoyo, W A A ; Pep Club, Bond, Student Council ALBERTUS, MARILYN Lourcl, Montono Elcmcntory Educotion, Freshmon Activities M E A ALLISON. DOROTHY GRACE Lewistown, Montono Elcmcntory Educotion, Sophomore Activities —M E A ANDERSON, ELVERA H Gillette, Wyoming Educotion, Junior Activities—M E A ; Ketoyo ANTON. GUS L Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities -"M" Club, Football, Trock ADAMS, CATHERINE Billings, Montano Elcmcntory Educotion, Senior Activities M E A , Chorus; Pep Club AGTE, MARJORIE Billings, Monteno Elcmcntory Education, Freshmon Activities—M E A ; Pep Club; Chorus, Rimrock Stoff AKINS, VERNON H Colstrip, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities- Boskctboll Manager, "M" Club, EMCOE Stoff ALLES, ARTHUR Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon ALLMAN, RUTH HELEN Billings, Montono Elcmcntory Educotion, Junior ANDREW, CHARLES Belfry, Montono Elementary Educotion, Freshmon ARTZ. MABEL RUTH Rosebud, Montono Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M E AARVIN. WILLIAM. JR. Billings, Montono Elcmcnfory Education, Junior Activities—"M" Club; M.E A ; Pep Club, Football; Trock; Treasurer, Jr.-Sr Class BARFIELD, LEE V Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities Pep Club BARRICK. A LORRAINE Moccasin, Montano Elementary Education, Sophomore Activities W A A., M E A ; Band; Student Council BECKER, LORRAINE Billmgs. Montano Elementory Education, Sophomore Activities—Pep Club, Tennis; Baton Corps, Sophomore Secretary BEMER, GLADYS Culbertson, Montono Elementory Education, Sophomore Activities—M E A ; Bond BERGQUIST, LORRAINE M Lodge Gross, Montano Elementary Education, Sophomore Activities—M E A . Pep Club; Band, Bond President BJORGUM, RICHARD K Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club, ME A; Pep Club; Footboll; Bosketboll (Intramurol I BAKER. SHIRLEY I Billings, Montano BosiC, Sophomore Activities—Pep Club; International Club, Chorus; Boton Corps, Student Council I Vice Pres., Sec'yi Student Union Board, EMCOE Staff BARR, BONNIE Lourel, Montono Elementory Education, Freshmon Activities M E A BAUSCH. LOUISE Billings, Montana Elementary Education, Senior BELL. PATTI DORIS Roundup. Montana Elementory Education, Freshmon Activities—W A A,; MEA, Bond; RIMROCK Staff; Boton Corps BERG, JUNE C White Sulphur Springs, Montana Elementory Education, Freshmon Activities Katoyo, W A A . M.E.A.; Debate Tcom, RIMROCK Stoff BERRY, DOROTHY B Bridger, Montono Education. Sophomore Activities MEA. Ski Club BLACK. RETA Plentywood, Montana Elementory Education, Sophomore Activities—W A A , MEA; Chorus; BandBLAIN, GERTRUDE Joliet, Montono Elementory Education, Freshmen Activities—W A A Basketball BOONE, ELDORA MAE Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities—Pep Club BOSARD. DICK H Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman Activities—Ski Club, President BRADFORD, JOHN W Billings, Montcna Basic, Sophomore BRISTOR. HUGH Billings, Montano Bosic, Sophomore Activities RIMROCK Stoff, School Photographer BURNS, DEWEY Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities- Ski Club, Pep Club CATTNACH, BONNIE Billings, Montono Elementory Educotion, Freshman Activities—M E A , Debate Teom, Chorus BOCK, KEITH R Jolie;, Montono Basic, Freshmon BORGEN, BEVERLY ANN Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman Activities—Pep Club, Kotoyo, Ski Club, Cheerleading BOYD, PATRICIA Albcrton, Montono Elementary Education, Sophomore Activities--W A A ;M E A BRAKKE. LEONARD L Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore BUNDY, GERALDINE Worden, Montono Elementory Educotion, Freshmon Activities—W A A., M E A CAIN, HELEN Stoccy, Montono Elementory Educotion, Freshmon Activities—W A A ; M.E.A. CAMMOCK, PATTY LOU Joliet, Montono Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M E ACHAPEL, WILLIAM Billings, Montano Basic, Freshman Activities—Pep Club; Ski Club CHRISTIAN, LYNN Billings, Montano Basic, Frcshmon Activities—Chemistry Seminar; Student Council CLAYPOOL. JUNE Hinsdale, Montano Educotion, Junior COLLINGER, MAY Wilsall, Montona Education, Freshman Activities—Katoyo, President; M E A , Pep Club, Chorus; Student Council • COLE. JACQUELINE MAY Ballontme, Montano Education, Freshman Activities—W A A COON, MARY ANN Sidney. Montana Elemcntory Educotion, Freshman Activities—W A.A.; M E A , Pep Club CURRAN, J. GORDON Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities—Band CHRISTIANSON, ADOLPH Mildred, Montono Education, Freshmon Activities—Katoyo, M E A Pep Club CLARK, ROBERT L Billings, Montono 8osic, Freshmon Activities Football; Basketball "M" Club CLARK STELLA Billings, Montono Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M.E.A.; Treasurer; Pep Club, Chorus, RIMROCK Staff, Baton Corps; Freshmon Class Treasurer; EMCOE Stoff COHN, DOROTHY Billings, Montana Basic, Freshman Activities—Kotoyo, Pep Club; Cheerleader COOKE. BOB D. Billings.Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities—Basketball, "M" Club CORTS, BARBARA Billings, Montano BcsiC, Sophomore Activities—Ski Club, Pep Club, Presdent, Chemistry Seminar; RIMROCK Stoff, Cheerleader; Baton Corps, Student Council CUSICK, JOANN Butte, Montano Elementary Educotion, Freshman Activities—Katoyo, W A A , ME A.; Pep Club, Debote Team; RIMROCK Stoff, EMCOE StoffDANIELSON, DANNY Billings, Montano Basic, Freshmon Activities—Ski Club; Band Chemistry Seminar DEAN, DUDLEY Billings, Montano Basic, Sophomore Activities—Ski Club; Chemistry Seminar DEMARS, MAUREEN Lewistown, Montana Education, Freshman Activities—M.E A ; Pep Club; Cheerleader, Basketball DOOKS, DONNA A Billings, Montana Basic, Freshman DRISCOLL, JOANNE Butte, Montona Elementary Education, Sophomore Activities— M E A DUNN, DONA Billings, Montono Education, Freshman Activities—Pep Club; Chorus, Cheerleader, M E A DUSTIN, FRANK Billings. Montano Bcsic, Freshmon Activities—Basketball, "M" Club DAY, FREDERICK Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Ski Club DEFFERDING, MIRTH Baker, Montana Bosic, Freshman DONOHOE, IRENE Luther, Montono Education, Sophomore Activities—W A A . M E A DORFLER, DONNA Billmgs. Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities—Kotoyo; W A A., Pep Club; Debate Team, Chemistry Seminar, Freshmon Closs V Pres. DuGARM. HENRY Billmgs, Montona Education, Junior Activities- -Debate Team; RIMROCK Staff; M E A DUSAPIN, DOROTHY Billings, Montona Basic, Sophomore Activities- -Ski Club; Pep Club; Chemistry Semmor; RIMROCK Stoff DYKEMAN, KENNETH Red Lodge, Montana Basic, Freshman Activities—Ski Club, BandENGLAND. M JACKSON Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshon ERICKSON, ELWOOD Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshmon Activities—"M” Club; Football FARWELL, ROBERTA J Powell, Wyoming Education, Freshman FIRM. RUDY Klem, Montano Basic, Freshman Activities—-Football; Bosketball; "M" Club FORQUER. PATRICIA Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman Activities Chorus, Katoyo, Pep Club FOX, LORRAINE Park City, Montono Education, Freshmon Activities—W A A , M E A FRANK, JANICE Billings, Montana Education, Junior Activities—Katoyo, W A A ; M E A.; Chorus ERICKSON, DOROTHY Billings, Montono Elcmcntory. Sophomore Activities—W A A ; M E A., Chorus; RIMROCK Staff; Pep Club EVJU, KARE Norwoy Basic, Freshman FIELDS, LAWRENCE Billings, Montono Elementory Education, Freshmon FISHER, EDWARD Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Pep Club FOSTER, ALBERT D. Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman FRANK. ELMER Laurel, Montono Educohon, Freshmon FRANK, VICTOR Laurel, Montana Bosic, FreshmonFREEBERG, CATHERINE Billings, Montano Basic, Freshman Activities M.E A ; Pep Club, RIMROCK Staff; EMCOE Staff FRENCH MARY I. Gross Ronge, Montano Education, Sophomore Activities —Chorus GEIKEN, VIRGINIA L Billings, Montano Basic, Freshman Act.vities- Cheerleader; Pep Club GERMERAD, JOY A Billings, Montano Education, Freshman Activities.M E A , Pep Club, RIMROCK Staff, Cheerleader GOSHMAN, DONALD C Billings, Montano Basic, Frcshmon GRUE, MILO Billings, Montono Education, Senior Activities- "M" Club, ME A; Pep Club, Tennis; RIMROCK Editor GUENTHNER. HOWARD Silesia, Montano Bosic, Frcshmon FRENCH. HENRY J. Gross Range, Montano Basic, Freshmon FUSON, BARBARA L. Musselshell, Montono Education, Freshmon Activities—W A A.; M.E A GERDES, CAROL E. Missoulo, Montana Education, Sophomore Activities—W A A.; M E A GLOEGE. DONNA L Billings, Montana Basic, Freshmon Activities—Katoyo; W A A ; Pep Club GRAM. OSCAR E Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman GRUMAN, WILLIAM Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Ski Club Pep Club GULLICKSON, CLAYTON Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—"M" Club, Football EMCOE StoffGUTHRIE. ALVIN Billings, Montono Educotion, Junior Activities—M E A ; Kofoyo HAGBERG, ELLEN L. Two Dot, Montono Educotion, Freshmon Activities—Pep Club; Cheerleoder HALVERSON, EARL Billmgs, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club. Football; Bosketboll; Cheerleader HANNA. JAMES Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Chemistry Seminar; Student Council ' HARRIS, BRENDA MAE Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshmon Activities—W A A., M E A Chorus, Ski Club HARRISON, ROSS Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities ME A; Pep Club; Bond, Trock; Cheerleoder HARTLEY, MARGERY LOU Laurel, Montono Education, Freshman Activities—M.E A HADDOW. WILLIAM Red Lodge, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club, Tennis; T rock HAGEN. REID Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore HAMILTON. VIRGINIA Parkmon, Wyoming Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M E A Pep Club, Band HARDT, WILMA Joliet, Montono Educotion, Freshmon Activities'—M E A HARRISON. JACQUELYN Billmgs, Montono Educotion, Freshman Activities—Kotoyo, Pep Club; RIMROCK Stoff, Cheerleoder HART, KATHERINE Billmgs, Montono Educotion, Freshmon Activities- M.E A ; Ski Club; Cheerleading HEIKEN, MARIE Billings, Montono Education, Junior Activities—Kotoyo, M E A ; Pep Club, International Club, ChorusHEISKARI, WAYNE RAY Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon HILL, SHIRLEY Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—M E A HOFMANN. ERNEST Billings, Montano Education, Senior Activities—"M" Club; ME A; Bosketboll, Boscboll; Freshman President HOLDEN, LORAAINE M Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon HOUGHTON, RENEE Bndger, Montono Educotion. Freshmon Activities—W A A.; M E A HOY, HAROLD H Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Football, "M" Club HUMPHREY, RICHARD Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club; Chorus; Bosketboll; Golf HENDERSON. WILFRED L Miles City, Montono Education, Junior Activities—M E A HOCHMUTH. MARY E Roundup, Montono Education, Junior Activities M E A,; Chorus, RIMROCK Stoff, EMCOE Stoff HOGENSON. EDWIN Laurel, Montono Bosic, Sophomore HORMANN. ROBERT Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon HOWARD. WILLIAM Billings, Montono Education, Junior Activities M.E.A.; Student Union Board; Junior President HUDGINS. DOROTHY Billings, Montono Educotion, Jun or Activities—W A A , M E A Chorus; RIMROCK Stoff, Student Council HUNTLEY, MARVIN GENE Huntley, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities- -"M" Club. FootbollI AMS, CELESTE LUCILLE Billings, Montano Elementary Education, Freshman Activities—W A A , M E A IVERSON. IRMA Comertown. Montono Elementary Educotion, Sophomore Activities ME A, PIMROCK Staff, Student Council, Freshman Ocss Vice President JACOBSEN, ELIZABETH Scobcy, Montcna Elementory Educction, Junior Activities- M E A ; RIMROCK Staff. Student Union Beard JAMIESON, ROBERT F Billings, Montono 8osiC, Sophomore JOHNSON, CARL Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman Activities -"M" Club; Football JULL, Wll I I AM Joliet, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club. Boskctboll, Track, Student Council; Sophomore Closs President KALTENBACH. JOHN Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman Activities—"M" Club, Footboll; Boseboll; Bond IAMS, ISABELL B Billings, Montana Educotion, Freshmon Activities- -W A A.; M.E A ; Chorus JACOBS, DONALD Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—"M" Club, Footboll JACOBSEN. Lo Vctto Scobcy, Montono BosiC. Freshmon Activities W A A , M E A . Ski Club, Pep Club; RIMROCK Staff JIMMERSON, RUTH Lcwistown, Monfcno Elementary Education, Freshmon Activities W A A , M E A Chorus JOHNSON, CHARLES Joliet, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club. International Club, Chemistry Seminar, Basketball. Baseball KALARIS, ANGELO Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshmon KALTENBACH, LOIS Billings, Montana Basic, Sophomore Activities—Ski Club; Pep Club. ChorusKASER. DORIS Billings, Montono Bosic, Frcshmon Activities—Kotoyo, Chorus; Student Union Board KELLER, DOLORES Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities- RIMROCK Stoff, EMCOE Stoff KEMPENAAR, MAURINE Lewistown, Montano Education, Freshman Activities- M E A ; Chorus, Pep Club KENNEDY, HELEN Billings, Montono Elementary Education, Senior Activities—W.A A , M E A KIMBALL. LUCILLE Myers, Montono Elementary Education, Frcshmon Activities M E A ; Chorus KIMMEL, SHIRLEY Billings. Montono Bosic, Freshman KOBER, THEODORA Pork City, Montono Elementory Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M E A ; Chorus, Bond KAUFFMAN. ROXYLINE J Livingston. Montana Educotion, Freshmon KELLY. JOHN D Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman Activities—Kotoyo, Pep Club KENNA. HOWARD Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club, Football; KENNEDY, LEO VICTOR Billings, Montana Bosic, Sophomore KIMMEL, CLEVE Billings. Monona Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Chemistry Seminar KLEIN, DOLORES Billings, Montano Elementory Educotion, Frcshmon Activities- -M E A Pep Club; RIMROCK Stoff, Chccrleoder Frcshmon Class Treasurer KONCILYA. FRANK Roundup, Montono Educotion, Sophomore Activities -BaseballKYGER. VIRGINIA Billings, Montana Basic, Sophomore Activities—Pep Club; Internotionol Club; Rimrock Stoff; Baton Corps; Student Council; Freshman Closs Secretory, EMCOE Staff LARSON LAVONNE Andes, Montono Elementory Education, Sophomore Activities—W A A ; M E A.; Pep Club LEAK. GILBERT Billings, Montano Basic, Sophomore Activities—Student Union Board Treasurer LEIMBACK, CLIFFORD Joliet, Montono Bosic, Freshman Activities—BosketboM; "M" Club LEWIS. LUELLA Seottle, Washington Education, Sophomore LINTHACUM, DARRELL Hardm, Montano Basic, Freshmon LIPPMAN, RUSSEL Billings, Montono BosiC, Sophomore LANGSTAFF, ADRIAN J. Joliet, Montana Basic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club, M.E A , International Club, Trock, Student Council President LAWSON, JAMES Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon LECHNER, JAMES Pompey's Pillar, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities —Kotoyo; Student Union Board LEONE, ROBERT J. Billings, Montono Elementory Education, Senior Activities—"M" Club, M E A , Football, Baseball, Student Council; Senior Closs President L1NDGREN, Cloire Billings, Montana Bosic, Sophomore LINTHACUM, DONNELL Hardin, Montono Elementary Education, Freshmon Activities—M E A MADSON, BEVERLY Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshman Activities—W A AMAMMEN, ROBERT Billings, Montana Bose, Freshman MASON. DONALD Absorokee, Montano Bosic, Freshmon McCOY. NORMAN Billings, Montana Bosic, Sophomore McCurdy, duane Billings, Montano Basic, Freshmon McDermott, ARTHUR Billings, Montona Basic, Freshmon McFarland, clintcn Molt, Montano Basic, Freshmon McVEDA. MARJORY J Lewistown, Montano Educotion, Sophomore Activities- M E A MARTINDALE, MARY LOU Weldon, Montona Elementary Education, Freshmon Activities M E A McCASKlE, GRACE Vanondo, Mcntono Educotion, Junior Activities—Kotoya, M.E.A.; Pep Club. Debate Team, Chorus, Chemistry Seminar; RIMROCK Staff; Student Council. Junior Clcss Vice President McCullough, peggy Billings, Montano ElemcntaryEducotion, Junior Activities—Kotoya, ME A ; Pep Club, RIMROCK Staff McCurdy, crville Billings, Montano Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Chemistry Scminor. Band McDowell, bruce d Silesia, Montono Bosic, Sophomore McKINSEY. AMES Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman MILLIGAN. JACK Laurel, Montana Basic, Sophomore Activities- "M" C’ub Football, Bosketboll; TrockMITCHELL, PATRICIA Red Lodge, Montano Education, Sophomore Activities—M E A MOORE, WILLIAM Billings, Montana 8osiC, Freshman NICHOL, BERNARD Billings, Montano Basic, Sophomore Activities Ski Club Chem-stry Seminar NORRIS, GLADYS Scobcy, Montona Education, Sophomore Activities Band; M E A.; W A A , Chorus ODEA, ANTCNE Menlo Perk Californio Education, Senior Activities—"M" Club, M E A.; Basketball. Student Council; Student Union Boord; Freshmon Closs President CRR, JAMES Billings, Montano BosiC, Freshman Activities- "M" Club, Band, Football PACK WOOD, OTIS Billmgs, Montona Bosic. Freshmen Activities Editor of EMCOE, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Dramotics MOORE, HEBER Belfry, Montcna Elementary Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M E A ; Pep Club, Band MULLOWNEY. BETTY SUE Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities- Ski Club, Cheerleader, Boton Corps NICHOLSON. JAMES Roundup, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—"M" Club. Footboll Bosketboll; Freshmon Closs President; Boseboll O'CONNELL, VIRGINIA Billings, Montona Basic, Junior OLSON, MARJORIE ANN Billings, Montana Elementory Educotion, Freshmon Activities -Ski Club, Pep Club; Cheerleader; EMCOE Staff OSTWALT. HAROLD Billings, Montana Elementory Education, Sophomore Activities- M E A ; Chorus, Chorus, Student Council, Service Club PADDOCK. MAE BELLE Billings, Montana Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Katoyo. Pep Club, RIMROCK Staff, Activities CommitteePARKER, MABEL Billings, Montono Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M E A PETERSON, JENE Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman Activities- EMCOE Business Monager PORTER. KEITH Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman RAFN, BRUCE Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities M E A.; Pep Club, Chemistry Seminar, Chccrlcodcr RASMUSSEN. HARVEY Sidney, Montono Basic, Sophomore REICHENBACH, VICTOR Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman Activities—Chemistry Seminar ROBBINS. JACK Amarillo, Tcxos Basic, Freshman PAYNE, MARLIN ALBERT Bndger, Montcna Basic, Frcshmon Activities—Katoya, EMCOE Staff PETERSON, JEAN A Plcntywood, Montono Elementary Educotion, Sophomore Activities W A A , M E A , Chorus PINKERMAN, DUANE Poison, Montana Elementcry Education, Freshman RANDOLPH, MARINELL Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon REED. THOMAS Laurel, Montono Basic, Freshmon RENNER, WILLIAM Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmen EMCOE Stoff ROBINSON, EDWIN Billings, Montana Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Bosketboll, "M" Club, Student Union Board BaseballROMEE. CHAROLETTE Billings. Monfono Elementary Educotion, Frcshmon Activities—M E A ; RIMROCK Stoff. Cheerleoder, Pep Club RONNIE. STANLEY Lourel, Montono Bosic, Sophomore SAMEL, ARTHUR Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities—"M” Club, Ski Club, RIMROCK Stoff; Footboll Moncger; Student Council; Sophomore Class President SANDS. KEN Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman Activities—"M” Club, Footboll, Golf SCHRUNK, CARYL L Billings, Montono Educotion, Junior Activities—Junior-Senior Class Secretary SCHUYLER, ROBERT Billings, Montono Educotion, Freshmon Activities—M E A SCOVEL, JAMES Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities- -Basketball, "M" Club ROMEK, BERYL Red Lodge, Montono Basic, Frcshmon SAMEL, ROLAND Billings, Montana Basic, Sophomore Activities—Chemistry Semmor SANDO, BOB Mildred, Montono Education, Junior Activities—Katoya, M E A ; Boskctboll Monogor, Debate Team, Student Council, "M” Club SARGENT, PEG Hordm, Montano Elementory Educotion, Freshmon Activities M E A. SCHRUNK, CONSTANCE Billings, Montono Educotion, Sophomore SCOFIELD. ANN Billings, Monfono Educotion, Sophomore SERRETTE. BILL Nye, Montono Elementory Educotion, Freshmon Activities—M E.A.SIELBACH, JR., FRED Billings Montono Basic, Freshman Activities—Ski Club; Chemistry Seminar SMITH DONALD Laurel, Montano Bosic, Freshman SODERQUIST. BETTY LOU Hobson, Montono Elementary Education, Freshmon Activities—W A A ; Pep Club; Chorus STALEY, ALVIN Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities— Pep Club. Band STEVENS. DORIS ANN Poplar, Montono Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M.E.A ; W A A STROUF, ANNAMAE Danvers, Montono Elementary Educotion, Freshman Activities- Kafoyo, W A A ; M E A ; Pep Club SUKIN, BUD I JOE • Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—KotOya; Pep Club; Debate Team SMITH, ANITA Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—RIMROCK Stoff; EMOCE Stoff; Secretory of "B" Association SMITH, KINGSLEY Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Basketball; "M" Club SPEED. ALLEN R. Billings, Montono Basic. Freshman STARNER. JOY R. Billings, Montano Basic, Sophomore Activities—Student Un-on Board; Chorus, Pep Club. EMCOE Stoff STRECKER, DAVID ROBERT Billings, Montano Basic, Sophomore Suso, Dorothy Golvo, North Dokota Elementory Educotion, Sophomore Activities—M E A SUTTON. JACK Billings, Montono Bosic, FreshmanSWIFT, KENT Broadview, Montano Bosic, Sophomore I AIT, KENNETH Billings Montono Basic, Freshman Activities—Ski Club, Chemistry Seminar VANDE VEEGAETE, CHARLES Billings Montona Bosic, Freshmon WARD, ROSE MARIE Gollatm Gateway, Montono Education, Freshman Activities M.E.A ; Pep Club, Cheerleader; Freshmon Secretory WILLIAMS, ELENOR Glendive, Montono Education, Sophomore Activities—M E A. WOEHL, DON Billings, Montono Education, Freshman Activities—M E A YATES, CHARLES Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities- Ski Club TAIT, GERALD Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmen Activities—Kotoyo, Student Council TUNBY. MAURICE Baker, Montono Basic, Freshmon VOGEL, BEATRICE Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activitic: Kotoyo. Bond, Chemistry Seminar, Ski Club WHITE, EDWARD Livingston, Montono Education, Freshmon Activities—M E A WINKLER, ROSEMARIE Billings, Mont; no E.'ucotion, Freshman Activities—M E A WOLVERTON, HARRY Billings, Montano Bosic, Sophomore YOUNG, DONALD Billings, Montano Bosic, Sophomore Activities—EMCOE Assistant EditorZUPAN, DONALD Roundup, Montano Bosic, Freshman Activities—RIMROCK Stoff; EMCOE Stoff ALEVIZAKES, PETER J Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Student Union Boord ALLWIN, VERNON JOHN Laurel, Montana Basic, Freshman ALTMAIER, BETH Billings, Montano Bosic, Sophomore ANDERSON, JIMMIE LEE Bridger, Montano Basic, Freshman ATKINSON, CARROLL Georgetown, Texas Basic, Sophomore BATT, HENRY R Laurel, Montana Bosic, Sophomore BATT, MARVIN Laurel, Montano Basic, Freshman Activities—"M" Club, Football BEALL, MADYLENE L Billings, Montano Basic, Junior BEDE, JACK Great Foils, Montono Basic, Freshmon BEHRENDT, RICHARD Billings, Montono Elementary Education, Sophomore BERGMAN, ALVIN DEAN Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman Activities—"M" Club, Football; Golf BERGMAN, BESSIE Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman STUDENTS NOT PICTURED BLANK, FREDDIE Butte, Montono Bosic, Freshmon BLEVINS. KENNETH Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman BLOOD. BERNARD B llmgs, Montano Bosic, Freshman BOALE, GEORGE D Billings, Montana Basic, Sophomore BROWN. ALBERT EDWARD Billings, Montcno Basic, Freshman BROWN, GENE GORDON Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon BROWN, HARRY J Billings, Montono Basic, Pressman BRUNSTETTER. GEORGE W New York, New York Basic, Freshmon BUCK, PEGGY JEAN Billings, Montana Elementary Education, Senior BURGESS, KEITH PAT Billings, Montano Basic, Freshman CAMPBELL, ERNEST Manhattan, Montano Education. Sophomore CHURCHILL, DONALD Red Lodge, Montana Basic, Freshmon Activities—International Club, "M" Club, Track CLAUS KENNETH Frombcrg, Monona Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Chemistry Seminar; Intcrnotionol Club CONRAD, VINCENT Billings, Montana Education, Sophomore CORBETT, DOROTHY ANN Billings, Montana COREY, LENA Billings, Montono Education, Junior CORKINS, JACK P Billings, Montana Basic, Sophomore CRAIG, JAMES DAVID Columbus, Montana Basic, Sophomore CUTTS. ROLLIN Billings, Montana Basic, Freshmon Activities—Ski Club DAVIS, DON R Billings, Montano Basic, Freshman DAY, ROBERT W Suffolk, Montona Bosic, Sophomore DEPNER, EDWIN M. Billings, Montano Bosic, Sophomore DIETRICH, WALTER L Laurel, Montano Basic, Freshman DOWN, ALLAN Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore —32-DRAKE, DONALD W. Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities—Footboll DUNHAM, EVELYN L Kalispell, Montana Education, Freshman Activities—Kotoyo, W A A ; Pep Club, Student Council; Cheerleader FISHER, SYLVIA Billings,Montana Elcmcntory Education, Sophomore Activities M E A FREESER. JANE Horlowton, Montono Education, Sophomore Activities M E A FULTON. TOM R. Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon GALLAGHER, JOHN Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore GARRIOTT, CLARENCE BRICE Baker, Montano BosiC, Freshmon GENTRY, EUGENE Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon GEORGE, ALVIN T. Roscoe, Montono Bosic, Freshmon GERMERAAD, WILLIAM L Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore GOODALE, DANIEL C Circle, Montono Education, Freshmon GREWELL, RUSSELL Joliet, Montono Basic, Sophomore GUTH, DOLORES Billings, Montono Basic, Junior HALL, WALTER R. Laurel, Montono Basic, Sophomore HARTMAN, HAROLD T. Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore HELMS, SHIRLEY SUE Butte, Montano Bosic, Sophomore HERREN, MARIE G. Billmgs, Montono Education, Junior HERZOG, CARL H Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshman HETLAND. DONALD Joliet, Montono Bosic, Sophomore HOI NESS, S. JOAN Billings, Montano Basic, Sophomore HOOK, JAMES Billings, Montono Activities—Boseboll HORTON, MERRIMAN Billings, Montono Education, Junior Activities—M E A HOULE. FRANK Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Kotoyo, Debote Team HUTCHINS, WARREN D Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon IVERSON, RHONALD DEAN Hardin, Montono Bosic, Freshmon JAMESON. MARY L Billings, Montono JENSEN. EARL Stonlcv, North Dokoto Bosic, Freshmon JONES, MARIAN Billings, Montono Bosic, Junior KENNEDY, WILLIAM B Billings, Montana Bosic. Sophomore KUCERA, CLARE Bndger, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities—Chemistry Semin, r LACKMAN, JOHN W Laurel, Montono Educotion, Sophomore Activities—Footboll LACKMAN. MELVIN K Lourel. Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities—Football LEHMAN. LEWELLYN Billinas. Montono Bosic, Freshmon LESLIE, LARRY BILLINGS. MONTANA Basic, Freshmon LEWIS, CLAYTON A Lovmo, Montana Education, Freshmon LIKENS, JENNIE Winner, South Dokoto Education, Sophomore LIMING. ALICE Billings, Montono Educotion, Junior LOGAN. ELDORENE Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman LYNCH, CHARLES P. Billings, Montana Bosic, Sophomore MacRAE, DOUGLAS Billings, Montono Basic, Freshmon MALMSTAD. BOB Billings, Montano Basic, Freshmon Activities—Footboll MARCH, JAMES LEE Cody, Wyoming Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Kotoyo MILLER, WILLIAM Bndger, Montono Educotion, Sophomore MORAN. JOHN R Laurel, Montono Bosic, Sophomore MORTENSON. MARJORIE ANN Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities—-Chorus MURPHEY. GERALD Circle, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Footboll MYERS, MILTON Minneapolis, Minnesoto Bosic, Freshmon NELSON, CATHERINE E Billmgs, Montana Educotion, Sophomore PANTON. JAMES Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore PATE. BILL Shendon, Wyoming Educotion, Freshmon Activities EMCOE StoK, Sports EditorPAULSON, ELMER W Hardin, Montano Education, Sophomore PEDERSON. ALDEN W Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore PEKICH, STEVAN Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman PERRIGO, ROBERT Billings, Montana Bosic, Freshman PERRY, WILSON Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshman PETERS, NORMAN Billings, Montano Basic, Freshman PHEBUS, DRURY Baker, Montono Basic, Freshman Activities- -Debote Team PHILLIPS, RUDY Laurel, Montana Basic, Freshmon Activities—"M" Club, Football PORTER, RICHARD Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore Activities—Ski Club POWELL, JOSEPH Billings, Montano Basic, Freshman POWERS, WENDELL T Billings, Montana Basic, Freshman Activities Footboll, "M" Club RAWLINS, JOSEPH Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshmon REETZ, AUGUST F Billings, Montano Bosic, Freshmon REYNOLDS, MARGARET Fromberg, Montana Education, Sophomore Activities—M F A ; Chorus RHOADES. DILLCN Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon RICE, FRANK Joliet, Montono Basic, Freshmon RICHARD, LaVERN Billings, Montano Education, Sophomore Activities—Basketball; ”M" Club, M E A.; Chorus, Baseboll RING, JACK Billings, Montana Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Ski Club, Pep Club RIST, SEVERT Billings, Montano Basic, Freshmon Activities— 'M" Club, Student Coach—Football RISVOLD, STANLEY Red Lodge, Montono Basic, Sophomore ROSS, BARBARA Livingston, Montono Education, Junior Activities M.E.A RUPPEL. MAXINE Reed Point, Montono Elementary Education, Junior Activities— -W A A SCHREIBER, JOHN Billmgs, Montono Basic, Freshmon SHEETZ, PATRICIA Billings, Montono Educotion, Sophomore SHERMAN, ROBERT Ballantine, Montano Bosic, Freshman SIMPSON, ALICE Billings, Montana Educotion, Senior SINCLAIR, GAIL Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman SLAYTON, WILLIAM lomo, Michigan Bosic, Freshman STARK. PAUL Fromberg, Montano Posic, Sophomore Activities—"M" Club, International Club, Footboll, Basketball, Track, Baseboll, Student Council STEWART. RALPH Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshman SWAN, VALLY Bndger, Montana Basic, Freshmon Activitie;—■Football, Boskeball; "M" Club. Trock SWANSON, SHERMAN Billings, Montana Bosic, Freshmon TALBOT, CLAUDE Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore TAYLOR, RICHARD Frazer, Montano Educotion, Sophomore Activities- Football, Bosketbcll; "M” Club.M E A., Band, Chorus THOMPSON. ROBERT Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman THORPE MARILYN Butte, Montono VAN HAUR, IRVIN Hilger, Montono VANNOY. CLEVE B llmgs, Montono Basic, Freshmon Acvtivities—"M" Club, Footboll WALSTROM. MARCEAU J Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore WALTER, RALPH Billings, Montono Basic, Freshman WEATHERMAN, LEE Bndger, Montono Bosic, Freshman WHITE, LUCIA Billings, Montano Bosic, Sophomore WIGHT. PATRICIA Billings, Montono Basic, Sophomore WILDER, GENE Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore Activities—Track, "M" Club WILLIS. FRED Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Ski Club WILLIS, JACK Billings, Montono Bosic, Sophomore WILSON, BETTY JEAN Billings, Montono BosiC, Junior WOLF, BETTE JANE Billings, Montono Bosic, Freshmon Activities—Cheerleader, Pep Club WOOD, BARBARA LEE Volberg, Montono Educotion, Freshman YONCE, HENRY VERNON Columbus, Montono Basic, Freshmon Activities—Bosketbo'l, "M“ Hub Activities—Bosketboll; "M" Club; Boseball —36—Sestiosid, ROBERT J. LEONE Billings. Montana CATHERINE ADAMS Billings, Montana ANTONE O'DEA Billings. Montana HELEN KENNEDY Billings. Montana MILO GRUE Billings. Montana ERNEST HOFFMANN Billings, Montana —37—Student Council OFFICERS President...........................................ADRIAN LANGSTAFF Vice President .... ... SHIRLEY BAKER Secretory................................................VIRGINIA KYGER Treosurer..................................................GERALD TAIT MEMBERS Senior C'oss .... Bob Leone Jun or Class ... Groce McCos'oe Sophomore Closs ... Bill Jull Freshmon Closs Representatives, Jeon Aikms, Jim Nicholson, Lynn Chnstion "M" Club .... Paul Stork Katoyo - Moy Clonmger W A A - Lorrome Borrick, Fall Quarter Beverly Modson, Winter Quarter M F A - - - - - Bob Sondo Chemistry Scmionr - - James Hanna Pep Club ... Barbaro Corts Student Union - - Eddie Robinson Ski Club - Dick Bosard SPONSORS Dr. A G Peterson Mr Lyle Cooper Mrs. Florence Brown The Sludenl Council serves as the governing body of the students and an advisory board for the school administrators. The president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer are elected by the student body; representatives of each of the four classes and the presidents of the active clubs on the campus make up the rest of the council. Flection of officers is held every fall quarter, and the officers' terms are for the year. The Council holds weekly meetings.m. e. a. At the organiation meeting in October, Bob Sando was elected president, Bob Leone, vice-president, Dorothy Erickson, secretary, Stella Clark, treasurer and Mr. Oliver Peterson, advisor. The group meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month and carries on an active and interesting series of programs. In November six members attended the Delegate Assembly in Helena Bob Sando, Milo Grue and Adrian Langstaff as delegates, and Stella Clark, Grace McCaskie and Marie Heiken as alternates. Two special meetings were held jointly with the Montana State College Student M.E.A. In January approximately twenly-eight members and Mr. Peterson were guests of the Student Local at Bozeman. On April 2 the State College group attended the Billings meeting and were guests at an intercollegiate dance following the meeting. Adams Catherine Ante. Marjorie Alberlua. Marilyn Allison. Dorothy Anderson. Elver Art . Mabel Arvln. Willie Barr Bonnie Barrick. Lorraine Bausch Louise Bell. Patti Berner. Gladys Berg June Bergqutst. Lorraine Berry. Dorothy Black. Beta BJorgum. Dick Bundy. Geraldine Cain. Helen Cammock Patty Clark. Stella Claypool. June Christenson. Adolph Cloninger. May Dcmars. Maureen Erickson Dorothy Farwell- Roberta Frank Jams Freeberg. Kay Frecser. Jane Gerdes. Carol Germeruad- Joy Orue. Milo Guthrie. Alvin MEMBERS Hamilton. Virginia Hardt. Wilma Hartley. Margery Heiken Marie Henderson. Wilfred Hochmuth. Mary Hofmann. Ernest Horton. Mcrriman Houghton. Hence Howard. William Hudcins Dorothy Iverson. Irma Jacobsen. Betty Jacobsen. LnVetta Jiinmerson. Ruth Kennedy. Helen Kimball Lucille —41-- Klein Dolores Kober. Theodora Lackman. John Langstaff. Adrian Larson. Lavonne Leone. Robert Lewis. Luelln Llnthacum Darrell Llnthacum. Donnell McCaskie. Grace Martlndale. Mary Lou Mitchell. Patricia Moore Heber Ostwait. Harold Paulson Elmer Peterson. Jean Reynolds. Margaret Richard LaVern Romee. Charlotte Sando. Robert Sargent. Peggy J Schuyler Robert Scofield. Ann Scrrette. William Stevens. Doris Strouf. Annamae Taylor Richard White. Eduard Williams. Eleanor Woehl. Don Wood BarbaraW. A. A. OFFICERS Winter Quarter President. BEVERLY MADSEN Vicc-Prcsidrnt. LAVONNE LARSON Secretary, BETTY SODERQUIST Treasurer. JEAN PETERSON Barbara Fuson Jean Aikms. Maxine RupdcI. Donna Dor Her. LaVetu Jacobsen. Donna Olocgc. Lorraine Fox. Annamac Strouf, JoAnn Cusick. Reno Houghton. Isabel! lams Celeste lams, June Berg. Dorothy Erickson. Mary Ann Coon. Jams Frank. Carol Oeides. Belly Sodcrquisl. Jean Peterson. Beverly Madsen. Lorraine Barrick Lavonne Larson. Reta Black Not pictured Gertrude Blain. Pal Boyd. Geraldine Bundy. Mae Cole. OFFICERS Autumn Quarter President. LORRAINE BARRICK Vice-President. JEAN PETERSON Secretary. RETA BLACK Treasurer. BEVERLY MADSEN Jean Aikms and Bevery Madsen, winners of table tennis doubles. Jean Aikms. winner at badminton. Jene Peterson and Donna Dorflcr winners of the shuffle board tourney. The purpose of the W.A.A. is to promote recreation for the girls at Eastern. Through such participation they may earn a sweater and a letter. The girls who earned sweaters this year are: Lorraine Barrick, Beverly Madsen, and Reta Black. During autumn quarters, tournaments in shuffle board, badminton, tanle tennis, basketball and volleyball, and rope jumping exhibitions were held. The W.A.A. sponsors the Spinster's Spree each Spring Quarter. Miss Marjorie Stevenson is directo- of the group. Mondoy Night Is "Ploy Night" ot EostemRIMROCK gta{l Borboro Corts, Mory Hochmuth, Potfi Bell, Rosie Ward, Dorothy Dusapm, Betty Jacobsen, JoAnn CuSick, Hugh Brtstor, Anita Smith, Milo Grue, Cctherme Freeberg, Art Somel Editor Milo Grue Making Staff Appointments Donna Dunn, Charlotte Romee, Rosie Ward, Joy Gcrmeroad, Hugh Br.stor, Dolores Klein, Dorothy Erickson, Don Zupan, Jockie Harrison i Mrs. Brown, Faculty Advisor —43—EMCOE The hordworkmg Art Department, Delores Keller and Anita Smith, supervised by Photographer Hugh Bristor and Editor Milo Gruc. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF..................................................MILO GRUE ASSOCIATE EDITOR..............................................DOLORES KLEIN BUSINESS STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER..............................................HENRY DuGARM ADVERTISING MANAGER.........................................DOROTHY ERICKSON STAFF........................................MARGE AGTE. DOROTHY DUSAPIN. KAY FREEBERG, MARY HQCHMUTH ACTIVITIES EDiTOR.....................................................BETTY JACOBSEN ACTIVITIES STAFF.....................PATTI BELL, JUNE BERG, JOY GERMERAAD, DOROTHY HUDGINS. GRACE McCASKIE, CHARLOTTE ROMEE PHOTO DEPARTMENT EDIT0R.........................................................ART SAMEL PHOTOGRAPHER................................................HUGH BRISTOR —44 _EMCOE THE STAFF OF EMCOE Editor....................................................Otis Pockwcod Associote Editors .... Jene Peterson ond Don Young Sports Editor - -- -- -- -- - Bill Pate Assistont Sports Editor - Don Zupon features ------ Marge Olson ond Shirley Baker Humor - -- -- -- -- - Marlin Poyne Society.......................................................Joy Storncr Student Reporter - Virginia Kyger Art ........................................................Dolores Keller Reporters...............................Maebelle Poddock, Pot Mitchell, Alden Pedersen Catherine Frecberg, Stcllo Clark, Howord Kenno. Cloyton Gullickson, Anito Smith, Vernon Akms, JoAnn CuSick, Lois Kaltcnbach Secretory..............................- Miss Elome Corlson, Student Activities Secretory Editor OHS PACK WOOD Eastern's student newspaper made its first appearance on January 21, 1949. Under the guiding hand of Mrs. Brown as faculty advisor, and v ith a s aff of journalistic-minded students, EMCOE was published as a weekly, five-page mimeographed newspaper. _____ The immediate and favorable reception of EMCOE by the faculty and students of Eastern has made it possible for the publication to become a permanent and vital activity of the college program. EMCOE is now a reality in print, appearing bi monthly during the fall, winter and spring quarters. —45—Stux esit Qaa idl TONY O DEA President V cc Pres dent Treasurer Sccretrry Tony O'Deo Ed Robinson Gilbert Leak Betty Jacobsen Members of the Student Union Board are chosen by the student body. Their duties cover the financing, setting up of rules and general duties which concern the Student Union Hoorn. Three faculty members act in an advisory capacity. MEMBERS Joy Storner, Gilbert Leak, Betty Jacobsen, Ed Robinson. Shirley Boker. Bill Howard, Doris Koser. FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. M E. Johnson, Mr George Gloege, Mr Wm Hohcisel —46—feattdi The band at Eastern, under the able direction of lack Quilico. was organized to provide enthusiasm for all college activities. The band played for all the Eastern home games this year. Members of the band are: Jean Aikens, Beatrice Vogel, flutes; Jim Orr, Gladys Norris, Bobby Berner, Clare Kucers, clarinets; El-wood Erickson. Buck Hoy, trumpets; Ross Harrison. Heber moore, Patti Bell, trombones; Alan Speed, bass; Russ Lipman, Dan Danielson, baritones; Gene Brown, Jene Peterson, Art McDermott, snare drums; Alvin Staley, base drum; John Kaltenbach, Cymbals. 47- JACK QUILICO DirectorKcUoqa Peggy McCulloch, Jeon Aikens, Bcb Sondo, Annomoc Strouf, Donno Dorfler, John Kelly, Mr Roy Horshfield, Director Dorothy Cohn, Jackie Harrison, June Berg, Moy Cloninger, Doris Koser, Beotricc Vogel, Jams Frcnk Not Pictured—Elvero Anderson, 8cvcrly Borgcn, Adolph Christenson, JoArn Cusick, Evelyn Dunham, Potty Forquer, Donno Glocgc, Mcrrimon Horton, Fronk Houle, Jomcs Lcchner, Jomcs Morch. Mocbclle Paddock, Morccau Wolstrom OFFICERS FOR FALL QUARTER OFFICERS cOR WINTER QUARTER President - Evelyn Dunham President - - - Moy Cloninger Vice President - Jim Morch Vice President June Berg Secretory .... Moy Cloninger Secretory Dons Koser Treasurer .... Annamae Strouf T reosurer Fronk Houle KATOYA. meaning Players of the Pine, is the dramatic club at EASTERN. Those who wish to be members of this group must work at least five hours backstage or participate in one major production during each quarter. "Heaven on Earth," "The Marriage Proposal," and "Fresh Fields" have been the major productions this year. —48—The "Green Room"- workshop of KATOYA. The cast of "Fresh Fields" at the mercy of the make-up crew. A scene from "Fresh Fields," the major production for Winter Quarter. iaai —49— Ecltaal LABORATORY STAFF Laura Priekszas, Shirley Voyta, Barbara Ross, Helen Vest, Hope Brown, Ruth Willord, Daphne Dean, Ruth Horvey Mokmg Butter Churning supervised by Miss Ross Serious Business —50-CfOAie.n. 1 JlalxoAoio iu School Eastern Laboratory School operates as a laboratory for the College of Education from kindergarten through fifth grade. It is here that the education students get their initial teaching experience. Eastern has a well-equipped kindergarten. It is the only place in the state which trains kindergarten teachers. While the work of the school is systematic, the general atmosphere is natural and informal, and the children achieve freedom through self-discipline and acceptance of responsibility. They share in planning and evaluating their work as well as in the general conduct of the school activities. Each child is helped to face his problems squarely and to know how to go about analyzing those problems and where to seek help. Each child is challenged and encouraged to work up to his capacity and is helped to realize that any growth which h9 makes is of value to his own development and to that of society. Each classroom is equipped with a working library. Interest and understanding are further facilitated by the extensive use of films, field trips, bulletin boards, and constructive activities. The school emphasizes the systematic development of an adequate command of the fundamental tools; reading, writing, spelling, arithmetic, and language, both through direct instruction and through use in other curricular areas. It stresses thorough instruction in the social studies, with a strong emphasis on geography. It has a planned course of study in science. It affords both creative and appreciative experience in art, music, and literature. It provides instruction leading to good physical and mental health. It gives careful attention to the development of well-rounded and well-adjusted personalities. 51 —Top Row Dons Kcser, Mary French, Potty Fcrquer, Mabel Parker, Grace McCaskie, Marjorie Agte, Jams Fronk, Lucille Kimball Bottom Row Betty Soderquist, Bonnie Cottnach, Carol Gerdes, Miss Nourse—Director, Maurme Kempenaar, Jean Peterson, Ruth Jimmerson Maunne Kempencor, Ruth Jimmerson, Miss Ruth Nourse, Close Harmony Bonnie Barr, Marjorie Agte, Betty Instructor and Accompcnist Ruth Jimmerson, Patty Forquer, Soderquist, Bonnie Caftnoch Maxine Ruopel, Dick Humphrey, Bill Achcson Christmos Chorus —52—MuAic cMaill CllG imb The Music Department at Eastern under the capable leadership of Miss Ruth Nourse displayed much of the outstanding talent of the school in many unforgetable and inspiring appearances throughout the school year. The Chorus really made "beautiful music," especially at the impressive Christmas play. Heaven on Earth." The combined efforts of the students in t e harmony class produced an original solo for tenor Dick Humphrey which was outstanding. Their convincing rendition of the ridiculous comedy song. "The Small Town Band." brought a rumble of laughter from the audience during the Spring Quarter Assembly, and the sympathetic and reverent quality of the beautiful anthem, "Panis Angelicus" gave a finished touch to this impressive song. Members of the Chorus are: Shirley Baker, Mabel Parker, May Cloninger, Patty Forquer, Brenda Harris. Lois Kaltenback. Doris Kaser, Mary Hochmuth, Bonnie Gattnach, Margaret Reynolds, Dona Dunn. Isabell lams, Lucille Kimball. Maurine Kempenaar, Grace McCaskie, Betty Scderquist, Janice Frank, Joy Starrier, Dorothy Erickson, Patti Bell, Irma Iverson, and Jo Driscoll. Many small choral and instrumental groups could be found at Eastern this year as well as a galaxy of individual stars. The Quintet composed of Dick Humphrey. Bill Ache-son. Maxine Ruppel. Patty Forquer, and Ruth Jimmerson; and the Girls' Sextet with Bonnie Barr, Maurine Kempenaar, Ruth Jimmerson. Marjorie Agte. Bonnie Cattnach. and Betty Soder-quist performed at the Winter Quarter Assembly. Other Choral groups are: a trio with Mabel Parker. Dona Dunn, and Maxine Ruppel; a mixed quartette with Patty Forquer, Maxine Ruppel, Dick Humphrey, and Clare Harris; and a double mixed quartette with Gene Brown. Bill Acheson, Dick Humphrey, Bonnie Cattnach, Maxine Ruppel. Patty Forquer, Stella Clark, and Clare Harris. Gene Brown's demonstration on the drums brought down the house at the Winter Quarter Assembly. Jack Ring prepared a beautiful piano solo for this same assembly, and encouraged by the burst of applause from the audience, and the persuasion of Miss Nourse, we finally "pulled" Jack on the stage for his performance which was a highlight of the occasion. Jim Orr, our talented clarinetist, gave his usual polished and sparkling performance. Vocal solos by Patty Forquer, Maxine Ruppel. and Bonnie Cattnach completed the program. Our tenor, Dick Humphrey, walked off with the laurels at the Annual Talent Quest held at the Fox Theatre to win a trip to Ogden. Utah, and an opportunity to participate in the regional contest there. Soprano Patty Forquer gives a fifteen minute sing over radio station KBMY each Monday evening in a program called "Songs by Patty." This program is a source of pleasure to many regular listeners in the Midland Empire each week. Yes, the Music Department at Eastern is an outstanding and vital part of school life. Courses in Sight Singing and Ear Training. Eurhythmies,, Music Appreciation, Public School Music, Conducting and Interpretation. Harmony, and Instrumentation, along with Band. Orchestra, Chorus, small Choral groups, Piano. Strings, Voice, Woodwind Instruments, and Percussion and small Ensemble Groups broaden the knowledge and appreciation of every student for music, and lay a background in it which contributes to the enjoyment of life after school days are over. The year 1949 has been one of accomplishment and pleasure for the Music Department of Eastern, and has shown the way for further progress in the years to come. —53— DOLORES KELLER Woll murals, ' Montona and Its Colorful Settings," in the Student Union Room were painted by Miss Keller. —54—The Winter Quarter Art Exhibit Under the direction of Mr. Lucos the Art Depart stresses group work and cooperation with individual emphosis on design Many new courses will be added to this deportment Fall Quorter, 1949. Mr. EARL LUCAS, Instructor —55— ANITA SMITH at the easel"M" OFFICERS President Vice President Secretory Treasurer Paul Stork Jock Milligan Clovton Gullickson Dick Bjorgum It is the duty of the members of the M" Club of EASTERN to promote sportsmanship within the school and create interest in the college athletic program. The 1948-49 "M" Club has the largest membership ever attained at EASTERN. The "Club" sells refreshments at the football and basketball games and entertains all visiting athletic teams. MEMBERS Vernon Akins Gus Anton Willie Arvm Morvm Bott Dean Bergman Don Churchill Bob Clork Bob Cooke Fronk Dustin Woody Erickson Rudy Firm Milo Grue Bill Hoddow Eorl Halverson Ernie Hofmonn Buck Hoy Dick Humphrey Gene Huntley Don Jacobs Carl Johnson Chuck Johnson Bill Jull John Koltenboch Howard Kenno Melvin Lackmon Adrion Longstoff Bob Leone Cliff Leimback Bob Molstod Bill Miller Jim Nicholson Tony O'Deo Jim Orr Rudy Phillips Wendell Powers LoVern Richard Ed Robinson Art Samel Bob Scndo Kenneth Sonds Jim bcovel Bob Shermon Kingsley Smith Vally Swon Dick Toylor Spike Vcnnoy Gene Wilder Henry Yonce —56-o tf-ootball TOP ROW Jim Nicholson. Dean Be reman. Melvin Lack-man. Jim Orr. Carl Johnson. Gene Huntley. Don Drake SECOND ROW—Mr Bioreum. Coach; Gus Anton. Bob Sherman. Bob Clark. Buck Hoy. Earl Halverson. Marvin Batt. Valley Swan. Art Samel. Mgr THIRD ROW -Bud Rist. Student Coach Bob Hor-mann- Clayton Gul-lickson. W oody Erickson. Howard Keiina. Bob Malm-stad. Don Jacobs. Kenny Sands. John Kaltenbach. William Arvin. Mer BOTTOM ROW -Wendell Ott. Shorty Phillips. Bob Leone. Carl Her20c Dick Bjorzum. Jack Millican. Rudy Firm EASTERN YELLOWJACKETS HAVE GOOD GRID SEASON EASTERN'S "Hornets” won the Montono Smoll College Conference grid title and won one gome out of three ogomst Dokoto college elevens to amass o seoson's record of four victories ond two defeats Cooch Oscar Bjorgum used two squods throughout the compoign The Billings collegiotos moved to three straight victories ogomst Montono elevens to capture the Monona Small College Conference crown, with o 32 to 6 victory over the Corrol Saints Previously the Yellowiackets defeoted Western College of Educotion, 19 to 6 and Butte Mines by o 6 to 0 score. The Hornet gridders found their foes in the Montano-Dakota Conference onother story- ond were oble to score but one win in the league The lone victory come ogomst the Black Hills Teachers eleven by o 7 to 6 margin South Dokoto School of Mines posted a 25 to 13 victory over the blue ond gold while Dickinson scored o 13 to 0 triumph over the EASTERN aggregation in an Armistice Day encounter Leading scorer for the Biorgum cooched eleven wos fullback Jack Milligan, who tallied five touchdowns during the course of the seoson Jim Nicholson, starting end, wos runner up m total points, scoring three six-pointers However, the forword woll of the Buzzers should also be remembered, for its greot line ploy helped set up the touchdowns mede by the EASTERN squod The new champs scored eighty-six points while holding their opponents to fifty-six during the year The following ployers mode the Montono-Dokoto oil-conference eleven or received honorable mention; FIRST TEAM Jim Nicholson ................... End Clayton Gullickson Tackle Howard Kcnno Guard Jack Milligan Fullback Dick B|Orqum, Quorterback, honorable mention Jim Nicholson ond Wendell Ott were elected co-coptoms of the 19-49 grid teom. . . 9n Action -59-feaA.he£ball TOP ROW: Dick Humphrey, Kmgsley Smith, Shorty Alterowitz- -Coach, Bob Cooke, Eddie Robinson, Volly Swan. BOTTOM ROW Bob Sondo—Manoger, Frank Dustin, Henry Yonce, Cliff Lcmbock, Bill Jull, Jim Nicholson, Bud Firm, Bill Miller, Dick Toylor, Bud Richords, Vern Atkins—Manoger EASTERN BASKETBALL RECORD 1948-49 Dec 3 Black Hills Teachers College 64 Eostcrn 40 Dec 12 N Dak State Teachers College .74 Eostern 40 Dec 16 N Dok. Stote Teachers College 51 Eostern 47 Jan 4 South Dakota Mines 69 Eostcrn 55 Jon 1 1 Rocky Mountom College 50 c o v» o tu 39 Jan 13 Butte Mines. .70 Eostcrn 67 Jon 14 Powell Junior College 72 Eostern 57 Jon 18 Rocky Mountom College 65 Eostern 55 Jan 20 University of Alberto 57 Eostcrn 59 Jan 21 Northern Montano College.. 67 Eostcrn 47 Jan 22 Northern Montana College.. .67 Eostern 54 Jon 1 Northern Montano College,. .70 Eastern 55 Jan 28 Carroll 82 Ecstcrn 57 Jan 29 Corroll 74 Eos'em 52 Feb 3 Corroll 79 Eostern (6 Feb 4 Powell Junior College 78 Eostern 54 Feb 5 Custer Junior College 45 Eostern 64 Feb 10 Western Mont Col of Education 57 Eostern 46 Feb 11 Butte Mines 64 Eostern 59 Feb 12 Butte Mines .. 71 Eostern 52 Feb 18 Western Mont. Col. of Education 77 Eostern 62 Feb 19 Western Mont Col. of Education 68 Eostern 62 Feb 22 Rocky Mountain College 48 Eostern 51 —60— Zatetuill tiacJz at £aite i i $? £$? TRACK . . ... , . r nrh Rioraum's diamond nine had short but success- Coach Alterowitz s thincla . n eets and set two new records during the season. lul campaigns. The track won h fa dual meet and caotured first place in the Mont-Tho Hornets outclassed Rocky Mountain m a dual meet a a w to 47 win over the ana Sports Carnival a. Carro l broad jump record of 21’ 11 Vi". EASTERN'S THINCLADS VERN AKINS 8rcodjump Earl Halverson, Vcrn Akins, Coach Altcrowitz, Don Churchill, Buck Hoy, B II Hoddow (Not Pictured!. BILL HADDOW Two-Mtler BASEBALL Victors in three of five games, the Buzze: nine finished the season with a winning percentage. Rocky Mountain fell twice to the mighty slugging of the Bjorguinen; Spearfish once. The Club was rained out at the Montana Small College Sports Carnival. THE HORNET BASEBALL CLUB Duone Pmkerman, Frcnk Koncilya, Victor Reichcnboch, John Kolten-Bock, Blackic Yoncc, Bill Perry, Bud Rist, De n Iverson, Art McDermott, Ed Robinson, Coach Bjorgum. Official Scorer Luces, Jim Nicholson. Standing Bill Jull, Bud Richards. Not Pictured: Bob Leone, Jim HookFOkTY-NINEMISS MARJORY McVEDA of Lev istown, Queen of Homecoming c cunecosnuuf' Homecoming this yeor included o variety of events spread over three days, October 28, 29, 30. On Thursdoy evening on the stage of the Fox Thcotre, the queen. Miss Morjory McVeda, was crowned Homecoming Queen On Fridoy evening the gymnasium was the scene of the donee which was climaxed by the presentation of Queen Morjory Saturday morning downed bright and booutiful for the Homecoming Porode Immediately following this, the cross-country run took plocc The Queen greeted the winner. Bill Hoddow, with o victory kiss. The three-day offoir wos brought to o close Saturday with o football game with Ropid City, South Dakoto. MISS DOROTHY ERICKSON of Billings —64OFFICERS D ck 8osord President - . Bernord Ntchol Vice President - LoVetto Jccobsen Secretory-Treosurer Dorothy Dorothy Jim LeRosignol Don Smith, Beotnce MEMBERS „ „„„ Dowey Burns Borbaro Courts. F,cd Doy. Dud Dyon. Allison. Bov Bo.gen.rOewey J m Honno Ross Hort,son. Angylo Kolons. Pederson. Dick Porter, Tom Reed. Jock Ring, Kay Marge Agte, Dusopm, Kenny Dykemon, l Alumni) Morge Olson, Alden Gene Wilder, Fred W.llis Kenny Sands, Vogel, One of the new organizations at EASTERN is the Ski Club. During the winter the mem-bers took ski trips to the mountains where the beginners were helped by the veterans, they also sponsored a "Ski Dance.' G iod L Country, Run Outrunning six competitors. Bill Haddow won the EASTERN Cross-Country Run for the secona successive year in 7.21. Don Churchill took second with 7.31. and Bill lull finished crossed to EASTERN from Entrance21where Ave"Ue‘ Continued to 12th and 30tl finish. a Peering mob of students saw the thrillin —65—ClteeA.lea e'ii. In action. Joy Germeraad, Rosie Ward. Marge Olson. Jackie Harrison During the football and basketball scosons EASTERN'S cheerleaders put forth tremendous energy ond enthusiasm cheering our teoms win or lose. The organization included Dorothy Cohn, Borboro Corts, Maureen Demars, Donno Dunn, Joy Germcroad, Jockie Harrison, Morge Olson, Rosie Ward, Betty Wolf The twirlers, uniformed in blue and yellow, performed between halves for the Alberto, the Dillon and Rocky Mountain home basketball games this yeor. Those who comprised the twirling team are as follows: Shirley Baker, Lorroine Becker, Potti Bell, Barbaro Corts, Virgimo Kyger and Betty Sue Mullowney. behciie MEMBERS JUNE BERG JOHN ADAMS JoANN CUSCIK ROBERT SANDO RAY HARSHFIELD. Cocch The big question of the National College Debate Conference was Resolved: "That the Federal Government should adopt a policy of equalizing education in tax-supported schools by means of annual grants." Six colleges met at Carroll College, Helena. Montana, on April 8th and 9th for the Montana State Forensic Meet. On April 15th and 16th thirty-three colleges participated in the Northwest T.K.A. Intercollegiate Speech Tournament at Montana State University in Missoula. Members of the debate team appeared as speakers before many civic organizations in Billings, giving talks on federal aid to education. —67—QUeMuAisuf, Se ni ta i OFFICERS President GENE WILDER Vtce-Prcsidcnt BRUCE RAFN Secretary-Treasurer CLARE KUCERA Director General JAMES HANNA Faculty Advisor MR CLEOGE MEMBERS Burcess. Keith Christian. Lynn Claus Kenneth Corts. Barbara Danielson. Danny Dean. Dudley Dor Her. Donna Johnson. Charles Kunmel. Cleve Mammen. Bob McCaskle. Grace McCurdy Orville Ntchol. Bernard Relchenbach. Victor Samel. Roland Sielbach. Fred Tan. Gerald Tait. Kenneth Vor.el. Beatrice The objectives of this dub are to study and investigate current science problems, study questions of special interest, encouraqe work of higher quality, and maintain interest in the work of the club. This year the club has vtsited the sugar refinery at Hardin, the weather station at the airport, and the "weedicide" plant at the Occident Elevator in Billings. EASTERN'S "HELLO" GIRLS fanis Frank, MayBelle Paddock, Lois Kaltenbach, Dorothy Allison, Marjorie Agte, Joy Starner, fune Berg —68—THE CAFETERIA feoAhethcUl Ibi+ute Chance. The ''Yellowjackcts ' their parents and guests, Eastern s cheerleaders and baton twirl-ers enjoyed an evening of entertainment at Shangra-La at the conclusion of the 1948-49 basketball season. The dinner dance v as planned and sponsored by the team, interested faculty members, and the parents of the team members. —69—StaeeUtea U flail Miss Stella Clark Hillings Miss Lavrtta Jacobson Sc obey Miss Dorothy Erickson Billings Miss Catherine Freeberc Billings Miss Shirley Baker Billings MISS DOLORES KLEIN of Billings was selected to reign as "Sweetheart of Eastern" by the popular radio star Perry Como. The announcement was made at the annual sweetheart Ball on February 25. PERRY COMO, popular radio star, who made the selection of Sweetheart of Eastern.” The Candidates for "Sweetheart of of Eastern"Announcer Leroy Swecker of KBMY. Master of Ceremonies Harold Alterowitz, Dolores Klein, "Sweet-of Eastern.” Art Samel presents colonial bouquet to Miss Dorothy Erickson, candidate for "Sweetheart of Eastern.” Candidates Miss Lavetta Jacobson. Miss Catherine Freeberg, Miss Dorothy Erickson. President Bill Juhl announces the selection of Miss Klein by Perry Como. Candidates Miss Dolores Klein. Miss Shirley Baker, Miss Stella Clark. —71 —Scene from Chief Black Otter Trail on the Rimrocks above Billings, 0 LUALDRICH LUMBER CO. HOME OF SILENTITE WINDOWS And YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS 2725 4lh Ave. North Telephone 3103 KASPER’S Photo Shop BILLINGS • MONTANA PENNEYS cuts your cost of living. NEW LOW PRICE C . »(««•• . 6 0.. IMS.FAMOUS FOR DIAMONDS 106 NORTH BROADWAY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '49 When You Think of Your Sewing Needs— Think of Your SINGER SEWING CENTER We Are Here 1o Please You SINGER SEWING CENTER 111 NORTH 29th STREET BILLINGS. MONTANA Snook Art Co. Billings, Montana We Carry the Brands ARTISTS' SUPPLIES. PAINTS. GLASSFlowers HOME GROWN----LONGER LASTING HOPPERS BILLINGS FLORAL Joe Hopper Next to Woolworths ROCK'S RESTAURANT For Better Foods and Better Service 110 North Broadway 7:00 A. M. — II :00 P. M. WIN- A Pan-American Band Instrument For Particulars Inquire at LINDAMOOD MUSIC CO. 224 NORTH BROADWAY —76—SIMMONS JEWELRY The Friendly Jewelry Store 2810 SECOND AVENUE N — PHONE 8515 BILLINGS. MONTANA Congratulations From CHAPPLES INC. DRUGS • BOOKS KODAKS • STATIONERY Ijo+iSi Jlealth IS OUR BUSINESS Phone 2244 HARLEY M. HUEBNER HUEBNER PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Hart-Albin Block 210 N. Broadway BILLINGS. MONTANA —77—COMPLIMENTS OF DRESS SHOP Where You Dress Well for Less 119 NORTH 29th BILLINGS HEATING SERVICE fiQffljajJ.Q.G S)1 ft f it? r frt.ypi I HC u. t • o»». Warm Air Winter Air Conditioning — Furnace Installation 231 Avc. D. — Phone 3553 BILLINGS. MONTANA Compliments of the MIDLAND AUTOMOBILE DEALERS BILLINGS. MONTANACOMPLIMENTS OF Fuch’s llltt NORTH BROADWAY BrLLJNGS. MONTANA Midland Empire's Store of Fashion Phone 9-1944 Smith's Funeral Home In Billmgs Smcc 1896 Billings, Montana Best Wishes From the Montana Power Company TODD’S SHOE STORE For Men For Women BRITISH WALKERS RICE O'NEIL - SELBY ROBLEE TWEEDY - JOYCE 2815 First Avenue North in Billings —79—Congatulations Class of 1949 Billings Hardware Company Completing Almost a Half Century of Service to The Midland Empire . . . HART ALBIN COMPANY Since 1902 —80—Holliday Furniture Co. HUGHES A T. Peterson, Owner Beautiful Furnishings for Feminine Apparel All Homes Right Prices Alwoys • 112 N. 29th Billings, Montana 1 12 North 29fh Street 116 North 29th Street Billings, Montana Billings, Montono Compliments of Famous Brand Zuck’s Studio Names . . . • Mallory Hats • Van Husen Shirts • Jarman Shoes "Portraits of Distinction" • Many Others! 113 North 30th Street Phone 4858 SHADOAN'S Billings, Montono MEN'S STORE PHONE 8323 2908 2nd Ave. North —81 —COMPLIMENTS Graham Lumber Company © Lumber — Hardware Paint — Farm Supplies • 515 Central Avenue Phone 8300 BILLINGS, MONTANA fyan. QatnjjO-'it In the Home ★ Rowe Furniture Co. Grand Hotel TRUE WESTERN HOSPITALITY ★ Coffee Shop And Lounge FOR A FEAST OR A SNAK STOP AT CONEY ISLAND 2717 1st Ave. North —82— 2709 2nd Ave. NorthOne of the great Stores of the Midland Empire , Inc. A Smart Shop for Ladies Stores in Billings, Bozeman and Sheridan THE HALLMARK STORE "Symbol of Quality" Distinctive Furniture Fine Domestic and Imported Gift ware NORTH 33rd and DIVISION BILLINGS. MONTANANORTHERN JEWELRY HAMILTON—BULOVA—WALTHAM—HELBROS WATCHES DIAMONDS AND SILVERWARE Northern Hotel Building Phone 6882 Christianson Plumbing Heating PLUMBING - HEATING - VENTILATION REFRIGERATION - AIR-CONDITIONING P O Box 1625 3615 Montona Avenue BILLINGS. MONTANA STROUP HARDWARE COMPANY Wholesale Retail 2810-1214 Minnesota Ave. BILLINGS, MONTANA —84—J. C. Boespflug Construction Co. Plays a Major Role in Midland Empire's Development Program The mony and varied Boespflug jobs here in the Midlond Empire merit and get the attention of private investors ond public officials when they plan to build. Such projects afford ample evidence the Boespflug men know their business. The competent engineering ond construction staff of the Boespflug Construction Company, alwoys ready to hondlc ony construction project, is ready to serve YOU. J. C. Boespflug Construction Co. 502 North 25th Street Phone 3569 Billings, Montono Get the Finest in a Portable Typewriter—a REMINGTON DELUXE PRINTING SUPPLY CO., Inc. 1402 1st AVENUE NORTH • BILLINGS. MONTANA One of the Northwest's Largest Printing and Office Supply Plants —85 THE BOWLING CENTER Montana's Finest and Friendliest J. H. "Hub" Davies, Owner-Mgr. Peterson Print Shop and Stationers Personalizing Your Gifts the Year Around Wedding Stationery Pen Repairing 2712 Second Ave. No. Phone 3513 America's Traditionally Fine Gift A Hamilton From Montague's JEWELERS 2817 Second Ave. No. Fillings, Montana FRANCES $100 00 90484848000001010002232348532323482353485323535353482348010123530202MettuvUeA,YEARBOOK

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