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Monsignor Coyle High School - Review Yearbook (Taunton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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. A, fmmll good Socially thel Coyle He cultivates genn panions. He is al A promote the common g his country and his oonimlmitylgf In a word, al man off st1'en0'th of character speottlfor of a ith Y SH X89 fo gx QB 6 5 BWI 9 illlllhlllllllllww W Q QQW' -lf ww' 9 is gi xx I ' 0 W 2 Ax 0 3 Q2 Explanation of the Cover design Education at Coyle-as in all Catholic schools-is Christ-centered. The Chi-rho, a combination of the Greek letters CH and R in the form of a cross symbolizes the name Christ, the focal-point of Catholic education. ' ---...,........ WEW A h fh'f PUBLISHED EACH YEAR .AJ E ' THE STUDENTS Q STAFF G-Li 8 Editor .........,....... ...........,A.....,............,,...........,.,.. A . Yelle Associate Editors -. ...,. D. Burton, J. Donahue Business Manager ,.,, .,.,.,.,...,.,,,..,.,,. D . Perrault Assistants .,,..,..... ........ R . Abati, P. Lyons ,V-:aZ9!3:, Social Editor .,... .....,.......,........... .... ...........,,............ R . R iley T Sports Editor ,.... ..........,....,....,...........................,.............. T . Taylor A Advisor Sales Promotion ........ F. O'Boy, J. Travers, W. Camara, P. LaVault BROTHER Art Editors .....................,.,., P. Shachoy, E. O'Brien, G. Desmarais It RICHARD Staff Photographers ,,,,..,...,.,.,.,,.,..-.......,,.,...... G. Tormey, E. Walsh T O'BRIEN, C,S,C, 1 I A-.4 FOREWORD This year, like any other year at Coyle High, has been crammed full of activities of all sorts. We imagine that in the opinion of the Brothers and lay teachers this has been an average year with nothing exceptional happen- ing and with no specific memories. However, to us students it is much more than that, it is something wonderful and unforgettable. We have lived it with its difficulties and joys, and from it we have collected memories that will always be very much a part of us. With camera and pen we have tried to capture these memories for you and to assemble them in a natural, life- like manner. The Review staff, like any other yearbook staff, has attempted to create a good book, a different book, and still stay on schedule. They have been beset with the headaches that only a yearbook staff can appreciate. The staff's reward is the sight of the completed book and the joy that it will bring to Coyle men everywhere. The Staff I X N I f- --W - X 1 ? , , 7! 4 , Q1 W W.. , w ,,.,g , fx ,, , my .,...... , -V ww - 'K -,.L K --...A www, 4 ge ew R98 V' ,, A 3 E 5. if DEDICATICN MARY, THE UNIVERSAL MOTHER I 51 1-A 3 1 YE rx ' li X I 5 4 TE. iw ,M:i . I Q Jil' V- kg 91-lkfgl "fx 4 357-ggi' MH ,N 1 Ni ' """ '- E Q - 3 - 1' . 2 1 N-2-M -1 - BROTHERS OFvHOLY ckoss 4 ADMINISTRATIQN Criticism and reaction of modern teens are so brutally yet disarmingly frank, thereis no teaching that will keep one more humble than the teaching of youth. But their appreciation is so very sincere and their praise so devoid of adult flattery that, when it does come-spon- taneous, unrehearsed, uncalculating-is one of the deepest human joys of the Brotherhood. And because the stakes are so high in terms of eternity, there's no type of work more suited to draw a Brother closer to God, make him so completely dependent on divine as- sistance and thus deepen the roots of his own spiritual life than Working with and for to- day's teen-agers. It is because of this the Brothers conduct high schools. REV. EDWARD J. CORMAN S.T.B., MA., Ph.D. Diocesan Superintendent of Schools 4 X, G A.B.. M.A. Prlnclpal xv l,,,,A NM yi, :14,. 14 ,L k 'V 3 ELDRED of Studiesg Inter- BROTHER ALBERTUS SMITH, C.S.C. BS., University of Notre Dame M.S., University of Notre Dame Physicsg Religion Ig Glee Clubg Religious Bulletin. BROTHER JOHN KUCHENBROD, C.S.C. A.B., St. Eclward's University General Scienceg Mechanical Drawingg ,lun- ior Prom Moderator. BROTHER MICHEL MILLER, C.S.C. A.B., University of Notre Dame M.A., University of Notre Dame Latin Ig Religion Ig Faculty Advisor of Athletics. BROTHER JOSEPH ROOS, C.S.C. B.S., University of Notre Dame Chemistryg Trigonometryg Religion Ilg Sen- ior Y.C.S. Moderatorg Bookstore. BROTHER QUENTIN HECARTY, C.S.C. A.B., University of Notre Dame M.S., University of Notre Dame Latin II, III, IVg Magazine Drive Directorg Freshman Basketball Coach. BROTHER PHILIP DI PACE, C.S.C. A.B., St. ,lohnls University English Ilg Latin Ig Religion Ig Dramatic Club Moderatong ' :E BROTHER ALBERT CIRI, C.S.C. A.B., St. Edward's University Biologyg Religion IIg Sophomore Y.C.S. Moderator. BROTHER FRANCIS FLAHERTY, C.S.C. B.S., Seton Hall Spanish I, IIg Religion IIIg Warrior Mod- CI'atOI'. I ,. ,:9r11iJsm,, BROTHER RICHARD O'BRIEN, C.S.C. A.B., St. Edwards' University World Historyg Religion Ilg Review Advisor MR. ROBERT BORERI B.A., Stonehill College U.S. Historyg Modern Historyg Alumni Club President. MR. HENRY GRIFFIN A.B., Providence College English II, III. i I MR. JAMES BURNS C.A., University of Notre Dame Director of Athleticsg Typingg Business Arithmetic. MR. JAMES KELLEHER B.A., Stonehill College Civicsg Economic Geographyg Physical Ed- ucation. MR. JOSEPH SCANLON B.S., Boston College English IVQ Algebra Ig General Math. REV MICHAEL JEDNAKOWSKI C S C Chaplam to the Brothers MR. JAMES MEEHAN Physical Plant Engineer MRS. PATRICIA COREY School Secretary 5 2 , , 3 2 ? Q RICHARD ERMENIO ABATI 242 Main Street, Bridgewater Band 2, 3, 43 Swing Band 45 Dance Committee 8, Ad Man 45 French Club 33 Band Monogram 4g Business Manager Review 4. "Dick" . . . Likeable personality . . . always a willing worker . . . first class Sax player and faithful member of the band. LAWRENCE DAVID ARIETA 1408 Somerset Avenue, Taunton Dance Committee 3g Intramural Basketball 2, 3. "Larry" A pleasant personality . . . has many companions . . . member of the Taunton Clique. ROBERT JOSEPH ARANIO 35 Pleasant Street, Raynham Track 3g Intramural Basketball 2, 3g Dance Committee 3: Intramural Football 1. "Bob', . . . Future pilot in the U.S.A.F .... popular with the fairer sex . f . favorite class, Mr. Boreri's 8th period U.S. History. ROBERT JOSEPH BELLONZI 17 Clarence Street, Attleboro Intramural Basketball lg Golf 2, 3, 4g Dance Committee 3g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Football Ig Astronomy Club 2. "Bob" . . . Leading bass in the Glee Club . . . Fon- teneau's companion . . . frequents the Taunton C.Y.0. N ORMAND AIME BOURASSA 1034 Kenmore Street, New Bedford Glee Club 2, 3g Dance Committee 3. "Norm" . . . Roller skating enthusiast , . . National Guardsman . . . unruffled by difficulties. .IOHN RICHARD BBASSARD 195 Caswell Street, East Taunton Scholastic Monogram 1, 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader 2, 35 Andre Club 2, 3, Merit Scholarship Testg Cheerleader Mono- gram 2. "Johan . . . Top student . . . Latin 4 devotee . . . de- bator extraordinary . . . active in all phases of school life . . . Pet Peeve: People who don't believe he is always right. STEPHEN C. BOWEN 54- Tanager Road, Attleboro Warrior 2g Intramural Basketball 3g Stage Crew 25 Top Salesman Magazine Drive l. "Steven . . . frequently seen in Taunton . . . rides with the Attleboro boys . . . a quiet person and a friend of all. DONALD JOSEPH BBEZINSKI 8 Clark Avenue, Taunton Baseball 1, Football 3, 4tg Football Monogram 4g Band 1, 2g Scholastic Monogram 2, Spanish Club 3g Intramural Basketball 3. "Don" . . . Rugged Fullback in the Varsity Eleven . . . a good student with a live wit . . . represents Holy Rosary in basketball and baseball. DAVID ALAN BURTON WILLIAM GEORGE CAIVIARA 3 Whitehill Street, Taunton 407 Sherman Street, Fall River Review Associate Editor, Ad Man 4g French Club 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Debate 3: Review Sales Dance Committee 4. Promotorg Ad Man 4-g French Club 3. '4Dave" . , . Faithful Review worker . . . came to Coyle "Willie" . . . One of the Fall River Boys . . . well known in Sophomore year . . . favorite class eighth period U.S. and good natured . . . enj0J'S U govfl basketball game- History with Mr, "B.n ANTHONY PAUL CARDOZA HUGH VINCENT CAROLAN 189 Brightman Street, Fall River 276 Plain Street, Stoughton Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Debate lg Andre Club 2, 33 Track 33FfeHCh Club 3- Warrior 3g Dramatics 3g Glee Club, Accompanist 4. "Hugh" , , , Spends spare time working at Calls . . . "Pancho" . . . Loves Churico sandwiches . . . Coyle's PVUWZ of his fill-Shy ties - - - P05-99S50f Uf mam' Uafiefl official pianist . . . sharp wit . . . well known and liked illlfffllli- by all. WILLIAM EDWARD CARTER WILLIAM DANIEL CHAPMAN 17641 Bay Street, Taunton 54 Wentworth Avenue, Stoughton Intramural Basketball I. Football Ig Basketball 1, 2g Baseball Ig Intramural Bas- ffgfgfr I I I Resewed but not Shy I I I drives a Chem ketball 2, 3g French Club 35 Dance Committee 3g Class Convertible . . . friendly and easy to get along with. President 1, 2, 31 Secretary 43 Ad Man 4- "Clzap" . . . Popular with the Seniors . . . sports en- thusiast . . . usually seen at the Proms. WILLIAM FRANCIS CLEMMEY DAVID NELSON CLEVELAND 615 Somerset Avenue, Taunton 230 Green Street, Fairhaven Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Dance Committee 35 In- Ad Man 4. IfHmufa1F00fba11 1' "Grover" . . . Joined us during the Soph year . . . "Clem', . . . Often seen with Mendoza . . . quiet and Fairhaverfs only senior representative . . . cheerful and serious . . . hails from the Weir. ' fun loving, GEORGE WILLIAM COLEMAN KEVIN FRANCIS COTTRELL 150 High Street, Somerset 4- North Avenue, Taunton Scholastic Monogram 1, 2, 3, 45 Religion Medal 1, 23 Football 1, 2g Dance Committee 3g Baseball lg Intramural Andre Club l, 2, 3, 4-g Warrior 2, 3g Oratory 33 Library Bf1SkCthfil1 1, 2, 3? TTCHSUTCT 2- Staff 39 French Club 3, 46 Merit SCh013fShiP T051 4- "Kean . . . works at Market Basket after school . . . "George" . . . Top ranking student . . . quiet, reserved, a leader of the Taunton Clique . . . active in the CYO. and neat in attire. RONALD LOUIS COURCY PHILIPPE. CAMILLE DENIS 299 Whittenton Street, Taunton 14 Fifth Avenue, Taunton French Club 2, 3g Archery Club 15 Football 1, Warrior 1. Glee Club 43 Cheerleader 1,. 2, 3, Dance Committee 33 Archery Club 1, French Club 2, 33 Warrior 1. "Ron" . . . sports his own Plymouth , . . always seen with Denis . . . Long time member of A8cP staff. "Phil" . . . one of the Whittenton boys . . . former Coyle High cheerleader . . . quiet and serious. GERALD PAUL DESMARAIS 1086 Stafford Road, Fall River Football 1, 2g Basketball 1, 2g Glee Club 2, 3, Debate 3g Class Treasurer 39 Intramural Basketball 3. "Gerry,' . . . Leads an active life at Coyle . . . neat dresser . . . studious and friendly. JOHN JOSEPH DONAHUE JR. 154 School Street, Taunton Library Staff 3, 44 Dance Committee 4g Astronomy Club 25 Review Associate Editorg Andre Club 45 Usher 1, 3, 4, Ad Man 4. "lack" . . . Loyal member of the Library Staff . . . beneficial worker in many activities . . . dependable at all times. LOUIS LACIDA DESROSIERS 6 Taylor Avenue, Taunton Cheerleader 1, 25 Clee Club 1, 2, 4. "Louie" . . . Valuable menzber of the Glee Club . . . can be found behind the counter at noon . . . popular and cheerful. JOHN EDWARD DONOVAN 1245 North High Street, Fall River Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Library Staff 3g Oratory 35 French Club 3, 43 Scholastic Monogram 1, 2, 3, Merit Scholarship Test. "Jack" . . . Advocator of products from the Pizza Oven . . . excellent student . . . Fall Rivefs foremost am- bassador of good will to Ireland. JAMES ROBERT DORSEY 10 Woodlawn Street, East Taunton Football 1, 4-g Football Monogram 413 Basketball 13 Baseball 13 Dance Committee 3g Intramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Stage Crew 3. "Jim" . . . One of Bristol Countyls top linemen . . proud of his hot "Merc" . . . popular and friendly. RICHARD ARMAND DUSSEAULT 7 Kurts Place, Taunton Intramural Basketball 35 Stage Crew 3, 4-. "Dick', . . . Sharp-witted . . . ladies' man . . . active in C.Y.0 .... versatile and sociable . . . friendly with all. DAVID ANTHONY DRISCOLL 130 Read Street, Somerset Basketball 1, 3, 4g Intramural Basketball 1, 3. "Dave" . . . Sharpshooter on the basketball squad . . resident of Somerset . . . has a good word for all. LAWRENCE ROLAND EMOND 5 Second Avenue, Taunton French 2, 3g Ad Man 4. "Larry', . . . Quiet and good natured . . . easy going . . . found finishing homework in room 3 before school. JOSEPH PAUL F ERREIRA 55 Morton Street, Fall River Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Andre Club 2, 3, French Club 33 Scholastic Monogram 1, 2g Library 3, 4. "Joe" . . . Member of the Andre Club . . . Excels in studies . . . quiet but liked by all. MICHAEL ROBERT GALLACHER 266 Brown Avenue, Seekonk Glee Club I, 33 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Dance Committee 3. "Miken . . . Seekonk's only representative to Coyle . . . well mannered . . . popular, well liked, and a good student. FRANCIS C. FONTNEAU 7 School Street, Attleboro Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Football lg French Club 2 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee 3, 41. "Frank" . . . Part of the Attleboro Clique . . . Known as the "chauffeur" among the boys . . . A loyal friend THoMAs ANT , 474 Summer Stree Intramural Basket "Tom,' . . . quiet Bridgewaterites . Y GARVEY idgewater I 2, Ad Man 4. natured . . .- one of the few remaining . . affable and' unassuming. I PAUL BRIAN GATANTI 36 W. Park Street, Brockton Basketball 13 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Andre Club 3, 45 Stage Crew 3, 4g Prom Committee 3. "Paul" . . . Hails from Brockton . . . plays a good game of basketball . . . well known and well liked. JOHN RICHARD GAY ' . 236 Bay Street, Taunton Intramural Football lg Dance CommitteA3, 4g Golf 1, 23 Scholastic Monogram. "John" . . . Quiet, but well liked . . . a serious student . . . good worker . . . capable and courteous. PAUL EMILE GAUDREAU 44 Maple Street, Attleboro Ad Man 4-g Dance Committee 4. "Paul" . . . Came to Coyle in Junior year . . . good natured . . . early riser . . . a perennial smile. RICHARD R. GONCALO 90 Washington Avenue, Somerset Basketball 1, 2, 4g Intramural Basketball 3g Spanish Club 2, 3. "Dick" . . . Hot shot with the basketball squad . . . well known by another name . . . popular student from Somerset. RICHARD ROBERT GONSALVES 155 East Street, Mansfield Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Ad Man 4. . . . Hails from the thriving metropolis of Mans- field . . . quiet and conscientious . . . serious at work. "Dick" f vm GERALD JOHN HARKINS 56 Center Street, Raynham Baseball lg Art Club lg Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Dance Committee 33 Track 3. "Gerry" . . . Sociable and energetic . . . always ready with a smile . . . a neat dresser . . . popular. RICHARD PETER GRANITO 218 Pelham Street, Fall River Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Merit Scholarship Testg Clee Club 23 Debate 35 Spanish Club 3. "Dick" . . . Sports a hot Ford . . . popular with the boys . . . studious, but fun loving. FRANCIS ROGER HOFFMANN 1054 Bay Street, Taunton Football lg Stage Crew 4g Baseball Monogram 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 3g Dance Committee 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. "Roger', . . . Coyle's answer to Yogi Berra . . . con- scientious student . . . expert on pipes . . . "Tonga" . . . goes all out for school activities. RICHARD P. HOFFMANN 1054 Bay Street, Taunton Baseball lg Stage Crew 4g Intramural Basketball 3g Dance Committee 3. "Rich" . . . other half of the Hoffmann team . . . active in CYO sports . . . member of the Whittenton sect . . . quiet and easy to get along with. CORNELIUS FRANCIS KILEY PHILIP R LA FRANCE 28 West Britannia Street, Taunton 333 Washington Street Taunton Baseballlg Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Scholastlc Monogram 1 2 Merit Scholarship Test Ad "Connie" . . . Always enjoys a good laugh . . . anxious Manll' Warrior 1 to please . . . serious thinker and well-liked Senior. Phi Gvvd Student CSPCCWZZJ' W Eflgll-Sh JOSEPH MICHAEL LARZAZ PETER H. LAVAULT 22 Godfry Street, Taunton 500 Montgomery Street, Fall River Basketball Ig Intramural Basketball 1, 25 Dance Com- Intramural Basketball 2, 3g Debate 3g Basketball 35 mittee 3g Glee Club fit. French Club 3g Glee Club 4. "foe" . . . One of the taller men around school . . . "Lefty" . . . Member of the Fall River Trio . . . re- Holy Rosary's contribution to Coyle . . . favorite class, liable . . . good natured . . . capable basketball player seventh period, room 10 . . . capable and serious. CARL DANIEL LORDEN DANIEL THOMAS LOWNEY 110 Hart Street, Taunton 232 Fifth Street, Fall River Basketball 1, 2g Football Ig Intramural Basketball 39 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Debate 1, 2g Ticket Seller 15 Dance Committee 3, 4. Dance Committee 3, 4. "Carl" . . . Member of the Taunton clique . . . quiet "Dan" . . . Hails from Fall River . . . likes to take life and well mannered . . . neat dresser . . . sociable. as it comes . . . his hair is short, but his friendship is lasting. JEROME FRANCIS LOWNEY 291 South Street, Somerset Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Band Monogram 4, Andre Club 1. 'flerryl' . . . plays a hot horn in the band . . . has an infectious smile . . , serious student and a goodvworker. PAUL MAILLOUX 14 Edna Street, New Bedford Ad Man 45 Dance Committee 4. "Pauly . . . Quiet and reserved . , . called "Rocky" by a few select friends . . . hard-working student . . . a gentleman at all times. ' Y 5 S 3 t PAUL RICHARD LYONS Q Purchase Street, Taunton Glee Club 3g Dance Committee 3, 4g Basketball 1g As- sociate Business Manager Reviewg French Club 3, "Paul" . . . Spends some time in AcS'cP . . . friendly and sociable . . . a good word for all. PAUL DUFFY MARTIN 43 Clifford Street, Taunton Football 15 Intramural Basketball 1, 2g Dance Com- mittee 3, 4. "Paul" . . . Larzazfs associate during seventh period . . . never at a loss for words . . . combination of wit and enthusiasm. LAWRENCE VIERA MENDES JR. 77 Church Street, Raynham lntramural Basketball 1, 2g Ad Man 4. "Larry', . . . A true Coyle admirer . . . studious and helpful . . . A loyal friend. 4 VL -12.251, JOSEPH JAMES MIRANDA 26 Buffington Street, Somerset Art Club 1, 25 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 39 Andre Club 3g Warrior 3. "foe" . . . one of the boys from Somerset . . . a good student . . . qualities of a gentleman . . . says much in a few words. JOSEPH NORMAN MENDOZA Elm Street, Dighton Football 1-3g Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. "Norm" . . . A great friend of Clemmey . . . Hails from Dighton . . . a carefree yet confident student. Q 5 THOMAS JOSEPH MOITOZA 70 Tremont Street, Taunton Intramural Football 13 Ad Man 4. "Tom" . . . St. Anthonyls gift to Coyle . . . converses with "Braz', in Spanish . . . calm and gentlernanly. PHILIP JOHN MORRIS 262 Robinson Avenue, South Attleboro Glee Club 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3g Intramural Football lg Astronomy Club 2. "Phil" . . . cheerful disposition . . . an asset to the Glee Club . . . appreciates a good joke . . . good student. .IAMES JOHN MULLINS 134 Packard Street, Brockton Ad Man 4. "Moon" . . . Advocate of the crew cut . . . carefree and easy going . . . always seen reading N, Y. Times. RICHARD ALLEN MORRIS 11 Pearl Street, Taunton Vice President 2, 35 Archery Club 1, Baseball lg Foot- ball 1, 23 Football Monogram 25 Basketball 15 Intramural Basketball 3, Dance Committee 3g Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Track 3, French Club- 1. "Dick,' . . , Liked by all who, know him . . . quick to smile . . . reliable and capable . . . plans to take up engineering THOMAS F. MURPHY 25 Ashland Street, Taunton Class Treasurer lg Scholastic Monogram lg Football lg Baseball 1, 2, Dance Committee 33 Spanish Club 39 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. "Tom" . . . Piersall's greatest fan . . . Virgil's right hand man . . . plans to attend Holy Cross and study dentistry. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER MCCANN 314 Fifth Street, Fall River Intramural Football lg Intramural Basketball I, 25 Dance Committee 3, 4. '5Brian', . . . magnetic personality . . . keen sense of humor . . . thoroughly enjoys himself. FRANCIS MICHAEL NORTON 39 Jefferson Street, Taunton Library Staff 3, 4g Football Ig Declamation 1, 2g5,Oratory 3, 4-g General Manager Magazine Drive 45 Dance Com- mittee 3g Art Club lg Merit Scholarship Test, Scholastic Monogram I, 2, 3, 4. "Frank" . . . excellent student . . . sharp wit . . . well liked . . . a loyal booster of all activities, , ES 2 RONALD MCGRATH s Barrows Street, Barrowsville Intramural Basketball 2g Intramural Football 2g Dance Committee 4t. "Ron" . . . Noted for his Ford . . . Barrowsvillefs only senior representative . . . quiet and friendly. FRANCIS MICHAEL O,BOY 53 School Street, Taunton Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Football Monogram fig Intramural Basketball 2, 3g Boys' State Representative 3g Declamation 3g Oratory 3, 4+g Dance Committee 3g Merit Scholarship Testg Track 3. "Rock" . . . Stalwart on the Coyle line . . . industrious, well mannered, leader of the Seniors . . . hopes to attend N. D. EUGENE JOSEPH O'BRIEN 9 Dana Street, Taunton Art Club l, 25 Dance Committee 3, 4g Track 3. "Gene" . . . Coyle's answer to Al Capp . . . talkative . . . enjoys a good laugh . . . noted for his cartooning ability. WILLIAM .l. OTIS 209 Pearl Street, Brockton Dance Committee 4g Glee Club lg Stage Crew lg Andre Club 45 Merit Scholarship Test. "Bill" . . . takes pride in his set of wheels . . . quiet and well mannered . . . commutes from Brockton. FRANCIS J. O'REAGAN 29 Winter Street, Fall River . Art Club l, 2g Intramural Football l. "Frank" . . . Fall River's own prodigy . . . takes a happy-go-lucky attitude on life . . . favorite period: lunch. RONALD JOHN PATRIANI 52 Walnut Street, Mansfield Football 1-39 Intramural Basketball 2-43 Dance Com- mittee 4g Math Club 4g Merit Scholarship Testg Andre Club 4. "Ron" . . . Drives a sharp pick-up . . . favorite subjects are science and math . . . a pleasant and sociable person. DANIEL THOMAS PERDICAO 33 Monk Street, Stoughton Intramural Football 15 Intramural Basketball 35 Warrior 3. l, PHILIP ROGER PERRA 264 Washington Street, Taunton Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Stage Crew 3 41 French Club 2 Intramural Basketball 1 2' Dance Commlttee 3 "Dann . . . An army reservist . . . frequently seen in gym 1 r during lunch . . . plans to become a record spinner. "Phil" . . . Handy man backstage very popular and well liked . . . good sense of humor 5 DONALD FRANCIS PERRAULT 10 Waverly Street, Taunton Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 3, 45 Business Manager Review 45 Library Staff 4-5 Dance Committee 3, 45 Merit Scholarship Test. "Don" . . . found in library 8th period . . . plans to take up engineering . . . member of the A8cP crew. RICHARD HENRY REC 17 State Street, Taunton Baseball 1, 25 Basketball 1 Dance Committee 3. "Dick" . . . the Wliittenton un homme tres comme il faut. RICHARD P. RILEY GRANVILLE EDWARD ROBBINS 110 Baldwin Street, Fall River 252 West Main Street, Norton Debate 2, 3g Dance Committee 4g Social Editor Review PTOEFHITI Seller 22 Ticker Seller 33 Ad M311 4'- 4g Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. "Rip" . . . effervescent . . . sees fun in all things that come his way . . . member of crowd around Camara's locker after second period. I THOMAS JAMES SCHOFIELD 8 Jefferson Street, Taunton Dance Committee 3g Baseball lg Football 1, 2g Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3g Intramural Football 1. "Tama . . . Usually seen at all Coyle activities . . calm . . . appreciates a good joke. "Granville" . . . Carefree . . . enjoyed his football pro- gram selling career . , . "Got the paper?" PAUL E. SHACHOY 660 Cohannet Street, Taunton Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Monogram 45 Warrior 2, 3g Re- view Art Editorg Swing Band 3, 43 Dance Committee 3, 4g Merit Scholarship Test. "Paul" . . . Popular member of the band . . . plays a hot licorice stick . . . good student , . . neat dresser RICHARD ALFRED SOUCY WALTER A. SCROZINSKI 5 Garden Street, Attleboro 184- Van Buren Street, Taunton Andre Club 3g Archery Club 2g Ad Man 4. Archery Club Ig Scholastic Monogram I, 25 Merit "Dick,' . . . Expert on cigars . . . Gene Krupa of the Scholarshlp Test' Attleboro C.Y.0 .... occupies front seat in French 3. "Walt" . . . takes his school work seriously . . . a great buddy of Phil . . . quiet and cooperative. TIMOTHY JOHN TAYLOR RICHARD NORMAN THIBERT 26 Russell Street, Taunton 720 South Main Street, Attleboro Warrior 1, 2, 3, 45 Review Sports Editorg Junior Prom French Club 1, 2? Intramural BHSkCib3H 19 Ad M2111 4- Chairfrla-r1S Art 1, 25 Play Pllbliciw 3- "Dick" . . . Hails from Attleboro . . . affectionately "Tim" . . . Coyle's answer to Dave Egan . . . possesses known by another 'lame - - - Ownfff Of 0 quidfi friendly a sharp wit and a cryptic tongue . . . can often be seen smile. around the depot. GEORGE LAWRENCE TORMEY RICHARD FRANCIS TRACY 163 Washington Street, Taunton 6 Hopewell Street, Taunton Football lg Stage Crew 25 Band 2, 3, 4-3 Review Pho- Library Staff 45 Ad Man 4-5 Dance Committee 3, 4. tographer 3, 45 Warrior 3, 4. "Dick" . . . a serious and well mannered student . . . V "George" . . . Known for his work as a shutterbug . . . commonly found in Library workroom . . . capable with actgve member of the band . . . quiet, faithful, and genuine school spirit. stu iaus. JOHN EDWARD TRAVERS EDWARD EMMETT WALSH 366 Bayview Street, Fall River 11 Hodges Avenue, Taunton Intramural Basketball 1-3g Art Club 2g French Club 2. Football lg Football, Basketball, Baseball Manager 1, 25 ffchaakv . a A always ready ta laagh . l l papalar among Student Manager Monogram 1, 25 Dance Committee 3. the seniors . . . a pleasing personality with plenty of "Ted" . . . Another photo bug . . . noted for his career school spirit. as a manager . . . easy to get along with . . . willing worker. RICHARD S. WELLS JOHN COLEMAN WHITE 110 Water Street, Stoughton "Dick" . . . The pride of Stoughton . . . Good-natured . . . Has gained many friends at Coyle. 24 Fruit Street, Taunton Cheerleader 2, 3g Baseball lg Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3g Intramural Football 1. "Coleman" . . . Remembered for his cheerleading as an underclassman . . . Has an active interest in Coyle . . . Friendly and cooperative. JULIAN LEON WITENGIER 1396 Plymouth Avenue, Fall River Baseball 15 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3g Merit Scholar- ship Testg Andre Club 2, 3, 4-3 Intramural Football 1. "Wit" . . . Always ready to lend a hand . . . smart dresser . . . amicable andlquick to make friends.. ARMAND JOSEPH YELLE 82 School Street, Taunton Intramural Football 13 Library Staff 35 French Club 3, 45 Scholastic Monogram 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Review Editor-in- Chiefg Ad Man 4g Dance Committee 43 Merit Scholar- ship Test. "Armand" . . . Hard driving editor of the Review . . . excels in studies . . . often seen at C.Y.0 .... plans to take up teaching . . . popular and sociable. fy i ",. fe mx X x T' JU IORS First row: R. Laine, R. Guillette, S. Koss, D. DeThomas, P. Dooley, D. McMorrow. Second row: F. Bartek, J. Lewis, A. F. Correia, R. Freccero, R. Greco, R. Schriever, P. Levis, E. Reilly Third row: R. Poyant, W. Driscoll. L. Morin, C. Arguin, R. Lima, J. Lima. First row: J. Crowley, P. Schriever, E. Cunniff, C. Donovan, D. Nichols, K. Perry. Second row: J. Ricketts, P. Frazier, D. Lowney, D. Ryan, J. McNamara, F. McAuley, D. George, T. Cushman. Third row: D. Stuart, W. McNally, C. Trainor, D. McDermott, J. Carvalho, D. Nerney. JU IORS 1 First row: R. Boyer, J. McAloon, F. Longo, A. Bagge, R. Murphy, F. Tabak. Second row R. Grace, K. Meyer, R. Clark, W. Mazzoleni, J. Haggerty, D. Cracia, R. Couto, W. Purdy Third row: J. Raposa, C. Cote, A. Desrosiers, P. Fraga, R. Lowe, N. Sharkey. First row: M. St. Pierre, D. Sullivan, C. Riendeau, P. Menard, F. Fitzsimmons, J. Conroy. Second row: W. Devereaux, G. Couveia, D. Yelle, K. Welch, A. R. Correia, R. Demers, M. Barber, K. Sullivan. Third row: M. Nolan, D. Cardin, T. Robbins, D. Robistow, W. Lowney, D. Bunavicz, P. Lorranger. JU IORS First row: J. Kennedy, F. Rezendes, N. Racine, J. Lariviere, G. Sousa, H. Aubut. Second row: A. Porier, G. Costa, S. Turkalo, R. McMorrow, T. Cummings, B. McManus, J. Rego, L. Pepin. Third row: R. Bishop, E. Mahoney, W. Hughes, R. Riendeau, T. Kendall, R. Legere. First row: R. LeFrancois, W. Precourt, R. Sears, J. Mador, J. Dubena, J. Corbett. Second row: P. Sullivan, J. Doherty, R. Dufresne, E. Correia, H. Forcier, J. Harrington, D. Hutchinson J. Coogan. Third row: R. Rebello, J. Harney, T. Wynn, J. Collins, E. Smith, S. D'Arruda . Wi 1 WW SOPHOXH DRE CI .ASS OFFICERS Tnw-z1slll'm'. John Zawackig SPc'rvlal'y. Ffclwaml Hoyle: l'n'f-sislmll. Pete: zulu: Vive President. John Dalev. - SOPHCMORES First row: R. Desrosiers, C. Croteau, D. Roach, J. Vicino, D. Thomas, R. Cazemiro. Second row: T. O'Keefe, J. Reynolds, T. McCracken, R. Verrier. T. Mikuiis, J. Robertson, H. White. G. Tomase. Third row: R. Houde, J. Levis, P. McCaffrey, P. Cazzola, F. Pagnini, F. Antosca. First row: R. Pothier, C. Sylvia, P. Bartek, K. Chorlton, W. Fanning, J. Boyle. Second row: J. Czekanski, A. Balthazar, D. Paquin, D. Pontes, G. Freitas, P. Wilkey, A. Donovan, H. Taft R. Stefanik, A. DeCosta. Third row: R. Boardman, L. Colbert, R. Dowd, T. Bourne, E. Blake M. Branzell, M. O'Hearne. I SGPHOMGRES First row: D. Carmichael. K. Ryan. J. Kerrigan, R. Lukaszewski, P. Trucchi, J. Morrisey Second row: E. Eddy, T. McCunniff. R. St. Germain. M. Demers. E. O'Nei1, D. Trucchi, G Curran, H. Mathieu. Third row: J. Daley, C. Martin, E. Kaloust, C. Hoye, T. B. Cunniff, R. Yelle .-.f 1-O4 x.,! First row: B. Curtis, F. Clynes, L. L'Homme, R. Seneca, C. Pimento, W. Murphy. Second row: R. Mattos, J. Rausch. W. Silva. J. Campeau. T. O'Brien, R. Levesque, R. Brouillette, E. Teixeira. Third row: R. Blackader, R. Fay, A. Costa, P. Sheehan, L. Legace, E. DeChellis. SOPHOMORES First row: D. O'Reilly. C. McEachern, B. Bird, W. Orsi, D. Taylor, J. Dooley. Second row R. Hall, M. Fales, R. Camache, J. Hanieski, R. Fagan, F. Pino, J. Byrne, L. Asack. Third ro J. Conlon, J. Edwards, J. Sparks, J. McCabe, S. Roach, R. Craney. First row: G. Caron, J. Cross, J. Dutra, R. Webster, D. McKinney, L. McGovern. Second row: E. Labrecque, J. Madigan, A. Gibbons, J. Zawacki, J. Wheeler, W. McAloon, T. Unsworth, J. Dansereau. Third row: E. Boyle, R. Getchell, T. Hanford, R. Desrosiers, R. Munier, A. Poirier, S. Hewey. FRESHVIAN CLASS OFFICERS Secretary, Paul 0'Boyg President, John Kalrle: Vice President, William Hove: Treasurer, John Philliue. , S 3 Q: First row. J. . row: G. Rice, P. L, ., ,,. Second P Krockta, W. Mc- R. Lane, G. Menoche Rec, Kenney, T. Gallagher, Wm f J. 0'Gara, J. Amaral, R. L. Smith. Second Ckmtreras, R. , G. Bonenfant, W. Barkang J. E. 0'Neill. Third.r6iv:LT. Gallagher, P. Whittemore, G. Stanek, R. Desrosiers, O. Rbdrigue. ' me 1 5? gs gg! QT ,Q 5 Q if? 223 Coyle Life To recreate pictorially all the events of this school year is well nigh impossible within the limited confines of this book. Then, too, our individual memories and apprecia- tion of life at Coyle will naturally run along separate lines of thought. We all have benefited-more or less-according to the amount of per- sonal interest given to study, school activities and intellectual develop- ment. The year's contribution to our K M.. 53,3 f..:..7,3 .qlfgfgygg J f - " ' ' A' ' 5Ef.3fi,l1 , ' :Yr-"wi-' W A Lf'f.S3f1f?'f"' ' .'QiQ'fV"3S??35!W3'5" ""'3?' 'V 'V ' "W ' uu,',. zzzfygf 2 wi M f .15f..v- f f gyzgf aw-fiif. f.fsfn...g.1, , iG:.FnYsWf"3f11f.-" 'fi TK5 EM L, 'ff'ff"f':... , V-Lflv I' -HF fl' 'U'M:1.-1. ,.'.,T2fEEE?53iZ:s'59E Lg, ...F g .Sig fa, K rg 11,5-.1 Hg, K- '?L'Ms2f'7,sf 'H A ,s , wi .L 1 'A X - ' wwlafiwf--v ,, ..-.xmffzw . ,w..w:,g2 S " 'hiiffi .- -'fw,-sntawhwzga gggrgggmgffi -' 5 Z2'f2af:lp.gi3i ,fi ,wiiii?45s:,Z:,,, 1-'vwnlzfg . sp2s3f..fz,f:'i.- .. M , , 'W ,. A ,. Tv A . '. Af , A vm.. ...L ...Q . .WZ-'.,.' xv.. x ,' 1 ,z gm'4,.:,ffy.5A...g,,W.:,.f ...f.f'v:7- gmff . 7. vz',w.1v1.if-im .ers fgwgxgiii52229447?iI.?f9i52bi??g5 "ig 5w2?Z5Q,hz5Qfff Lf isiiifiiiigfagfqifagz-.ggi ',,f'-,.i: at-3: i 5 I '- ,js 1,wieS'3ks?,3sgig.gifgf-fri Q- zzQQf5iIE5Sg2iff5m,byuZlW3ff.4g, 3 gm. ' f.gf5'.2ii5S:?eEf52egl 1 ' A f fmifif-'I ' P L. .. x .- 1 f ' A .1 H i - ' " V' " : '11221-.wfEk5siEef'ffQfgfss.iea7' ,.x4,:1.e2i.sf.3,eT'f'..Q 'L.iv'i?iElaH'Q .... - f. ' I f z f 2. 'S+-,+'ifW ,f'-hs,f.:w:isrf-.ik.iw -5523 .gpsiwifvf 'J-r,g1,' . 1 , -515':z1.:A3g-.413-5.11, gj'5jfzyx3.rggf ssz2i2if3ze5'z-ie:-f -ff'L+fs.afxsW2ses.fsf1k?i?Zf 2.f.'x?Ea?ff1?vf,f' : - ' -53-gg.s5gLE5ieE5fg2l3gST32s. ' ' yfffwfiglr ,..,.g+y-wf 112is,.fg.,.S11.f2 w1.p.f,g,4fq , f uqssg.Aw71351As?i'iz:a:1gtHqg',gf:hz mg-I If . Q 4-:,- A 1 'zlfelt' f :mg , - .,: f ,wg xy, .: 2? 1 A 'I 4"ifW5feii5a?5ik5i'a??3k'H' wi11'.f5Lggffeif3m:H2ffSE?f33Q.5.55fmyX,,.. w-wsf,- -, .ff -Fig 4' f ii" . ,M 5 ' , -2:55 . 1we2figsrQZ5HF5QQgfs5ia21 , .,,, .. ..:,. U,,L, N , .,.,. W . .,,, .. , . . . . , V, A ,.g:g.:e.,.,z 1, ,,..iggg,Zg!ggkg,ggm3iiymwsg ues, ., ,,4gA,Ag g Z., . .lay 3532 ? mf., :"-as 2 , ,. iw' ' '.,-f,lwQg5iw2x.ef K 4i.V.w?1?Tg.i Agri. ,. lfsw v vw . 7,5 32.2 Ig A A A q V ' Y 1 w 3 Q' V . 5 " E W ., gg. .9 3 1 ' ,....,. W 2 g 5 wi f ww A .W Ee - 1, ,. ,W " 1 1- " 'Wkiif WE s:9ifWQ?1fr?Ll ?luf"' . ' ' .J " .. V . if af? L3WgQf'..Il w:.f.g,.1- - f . 353:22 f f ' 52321, J Q f 5 -- 2 Q V ... ' A K - W . , -- 4 " , Y gm -- w1f,2-g..,.1w:g5e..Q:f., 6 q ' 'lf' '557"' 77555: ' , .g.Q.,i1lE:,-.1,- V . i'?'5'15Z55,.. ' '.1f,y:igS5iEi7?ii'L ' 1, " -' Ql!5'2il'l1 H - ,here at ' M A A' . sw: aussi, 359.5 ic9sfSM5'fiI' Ev -W wx fe ' W fi fsz,,xxm,,.v ig 'svj3RN3s?2g11e1fuA A ' il5??3g5ZivEH'a3fhf?fa-ff' g?igf45s5?'f'ficifE-if ' '- A - g 1 ,,.., ,,,. . S 1. m,.f.x,.m,,Li. , 1 Iviiaisfaigiz l,.,. V V uf- 31... , X. ?'??rS7f4fff1x by Lv ,-J5wwz.s - , Zzwwx-K , A . .5 Qg55??mg'2?T: Sv ' ' . - ,2.1:62wz'.ww .- - +Q.f.:1.dw. Y, ::zsf'fi'W, Wm, ' " ygsgfsigm' 1--2' 1, 55925 L, :?iT1!1"E:5f'5Y,' ,' ' :Sm fs f fhgwww f., f,. Libs 2? X 1 , . ....,m,. . "fi.f21'igg.,p igiafmffge-ex, 54455 VT ' ' . ,, - f f ,,..w.g.v,g,,5y5,.k..5 .ggiw-.K 'K is-,lg V ft wfgsu.z1g51fg,i, f 3.25?62ZtHq,3E?f552gQl?S?aiisi15E1?g4.f-1 'QQ J,fmw:Lk.L .w.,wm:1:1 -gg, zw.4uwf21gf?sg5b5zQ41ig 1, :fam-1 Sa12Hs'if f f- 5 A -ffaiaz,.ILiz"?'T'J I ' - . ' ,.,,,,.?,Lsf.-Lf , f1fLfMg3,2.gE31-1.wg. y E. 5 'G 3 4,31 ,,-ggiewWfs,f.. , . ' V A Zi"355gQi.ig?.gsl?,2gSg,s1g3g.gi5sr' gg A : ' E:'7f-jgsqzgggg-A' 7.y,.11H . , I H ir- 22 153223: H ' .f'zff.,1ff:fm.3w. nf, ' -," m:m,..-, , .wL'Q.z'ssvz4'ifW-M ,sa 1,.1s"ZifYL1S'Li",,-- 2l5F5'iZZS1f?f,'il. . ,3ik5.7,V INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA 2 F HMI., 51 , .. .L QW' f 2 'wiszfa f s ,fix J '. 'Q ,gf ff, gzsep, .mx 1:im,g:e:fff.mfi1,,Lg , f,.g,.gf..fw...La:Q?..:Q , .' 'if f'?',,:Il' W,'ziiiiigu1Q'5Wfx?'Q,E'21!i'L. '.f5tWg5if??5i512ig5S, 'QQ' , ' ,iw , -'I ?f.'5',,zEf3, Z, IH f 52'sE'f53Sil."i'4.x 1 11 , . , " Q s , , . .,XRVWg,ff,.fg'jgzL35ggg?,ft: f ,N f N ' 5 'N' , Q Aww, QQ? f' f Q, if-if fig W -f '- - 2 ' , KM -. f f -iffiiel ., , ,ffgyazf f K s V K f ' 'A I v' :. n- Q -VM, "S 4 1 'mf Brother tresses being the heart jaw n a :N V Sandwich break-Peanut butter sticks, H.-1 --., W , fkzsf -f .M - ' I if 55 'F 5 X, Q I LJ' , Q 1 4? J - an f 'Q 'S and R Brother Richafd s of symbol ljgion tht. K . i 4 3 si +4 s S , Q ., W ' ,I mx . ex I H23 an d 4, my V , wma Q azz? 2355 I y f 9552 2 1 P LG .L i Fira f :-f wty,,,. . A 1 zu- ' ' in 1' i iilfx ,ji . L K i ' K? Msfgggf,::ffgi,w.'2gffkg 5 ,Q,i,ei, , .,,,. -Y ,5 L. WLM 'f1a1.'2z,' ,z V 225 xgumt 5 5 959 ' , ,M,. 1 5 5 5 NGS' W W Ee V' is Qi -1 T, A .IQ Q: X : SL 135 :f, . :.. - ,Q I f sf' fall was .. ,1 Mq mw Wi is ,f if rms f- -' M 43 ii! ,Q '5 5 as W' ,xx M 1 sqm , K3 f fpiuvi' Q'fff'ff ,zifgkf is x x 2' uf - V, Li? X 'xii f i 4 f' '7'L K, sei 5 . Y kk 2. A ggjf, -5- 25335 , ,162 fs 'ieggai - 'L nf z ' 33532 ai? if a smile vst is ':JsA:1f ' 'f Mr-chanical Drawing: Bnovthfrf., chucks sp:-cifivalions uf Coyle-'s futurm Ca-nz-ral Motors' cnginmfrs. A 25:2 P. Levis with M,,..4unl .5 , LY' hw iw in ,F 5 i Qfi 9 s Wil-mww M,L, W, , -V , V ,L N, y K- ,,,,,,W,,,,g,,,,,v,m,,.,..,k,f,,- - ,,,,,,,g The Brothers' Chapel On August 16, Brother Christian observes the twenty- fifth anniversary of his profession of vows in the Con- gregation of Holy Cross. In the course of these years he has seen service at Cathedral High School, Indian- apolis, Indiana, from 1936 to 1944, Central Catholic High School, Monroe, Michigan, from 1944 to 1950, and Vincentian Institute, Albany, New York, 1950 to 1955. In these last two schools Brother served as prin- cipal. Completing his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Notre Dame, Brother has also done graduate work at Fordham University and the Catholic University of America. On this happy occasion of his silver jubilee as a Brother of Holy Cross, We, the students and faculty, wish to convey our congratulations and best wishes. May God grant him many more fruitful years in the cause of Catholic education and Holy Cross. Ad multos annos, Brother! SPE S CA Religious Bulletin ' Andre Club l Young Christian students-Y.c.s. " Retreat ' Vocation Day Mass MONSIGNOR COYLE HIGH SCHOOL Jam1aI'Y 7,1957 Taunton, Mass. N - - . e 's 0' 2 Religious Bulletin -39 x '90 me O I - 'E-'I L x06 TH E RELIGIGLIS 1 ,yy M U w i Y 69 Xi 0 ly BULLETIN "1uent'l XNQFQ-:e'N We K it the oo N 00 Q59 W Q01 to religion teacners is: now many QI N vxiyifyg 9- i5Q5i5'iQp Ea - -W - 'X hols are regular weekly Cgnjnunicf 15 fb 36056 Qgeee ytexxye. X sam so po seo I 'X ' 'X Q Cn- Frldays they encourage on- ie? Q, Hoax QW? GPX geo QQQOIOOO XXQQXN 3666 6 .V , . Q, ine aitar rail on Sunday s.66yQk6p 6wN'6ykd8p ated? A?,v55 6 taey ave no way of actual Q9 X YQ g get tp x .b o0',ge9- si 0 . Q X0 me eg X0 .tix oe - whether or not the majority y952dyp6d562Q39sQya9 qoaoqeadaawbaic as XSN5 . ' - e ' 'o- a - ' zeoeige Christ every week, K 5. Qg05dyR59xw?QTg6p isgai gp C5Qar6o9d .5 . 0 X ertainly they do v--- ,age-.990 Q 000 0 gow t eo X065 xg to X know that there are Vex x-2209 800 did 46563 ee eil? N0 909 so many distractions on 6 oe Q geo Of? X Q95 33? mx 4 Q00 459 ' . OO eb' Koi Q05 og? NQOXCJ Xxelyi 0 6 Q0 any week-end which may and do foil the best of lntentions. There are the weak-and inhn uhinh fe 1800 1 G 6,55 at Q 89 QQ Z-s 09? 6 1 9 Q0 ,Oo Q Q0 S-Y '60 6x39 '51 59 9 5 XX X69 A 'b 0,6 X 0' 5 O X' 9 XX X 01 40 X ren K Q e Q5 6296 0 666069 ae as 'AX XX N50 4X Q9 w Y Q 9 o xg vb GY K0 ee as vo oe .ver candi 'X X610 Q ,og-FQ Ox 5 50 do 5 gp Q5 Ior football eac ar? Do you find you' self smirking when sac- rifice is mentioned? N' ? 0095? X Q . 0 S 4 e as GY? 0 45 G Q W . 5 ' Re 1 G 555 E- Q A X e - Yi Y X979 to Q0 tax fb we A ox 50 05 905 NA STQQQ Y Q Q5 Q. so o Y Q 0 'S X X X 6 'A Q, X Q, x Q W , Q' YP K we xxoe 4 5 oo Qxx XNX, 6 6 we xx 0 5005- 6 Q06 6' . , 0 ek, YG QQ?-ds? 69 66' 65.45 xt 5 J H CJ I 6 X Q, A . ,X 9 0 X066 X 9 N.. . I A Q Xe X 6.0 X - 5 X o 5 - S - X 9 -w o .K xo Ps ' Q Q exe xxx ee? - .QP o K ,- X 6 X A, K9 Q e0 . Q5 . s f -5 X 5 S . H 0 - f'5 ff' t 5' K K oe f' I X Y X o 0 ' 4 K Q, , . X X X K O . . P0 as if psf ae wee hours of a Wally means that en the craving ate-late show on ptation to break another Sunday 1 to feast on union fails to be Has the desire Wto be longn separated you from the sacrament of Love? The most deceptive angle of this cor sideration is that sin is not a part of 'the picture. When one lists the three com on reasons which prevent one from receiving Christ: ll mortal sin, 21 fail-1 ' ure to observe the prescribed fast, and 31 religious indifference - then one can see that the third is the most deadly,anf e lack of will power in observing ond leads to it. t positively. Make the effort to a regular weekly co municant? You excuseg you belong to an enlightf ration. Weekly communion is im- to your family life, your parish , and the moral stamina of your ty and country. Isn't that what we believe? ontinue to remember in your pray- Mrs. James Meehan who is still seriously ill at Morton Hospital, Mft ,fffs . f.v,,w K X fi 1 41, J is I i il f ' ,, ' li 1 5 ,Ein 1 fb l M7120 IJ ?:fZ,Q42627':6Qi 6.56. THE A DRE CLUB The Andre Club, under the capable direc- tion of Brother Thomas, is an organization for those students interested in a possible religious vocation to the priesthood and Brotherhood. Talks on the life and work of the priestly and religious vocation by Brother Thomas are supplemented with literature to provide a fuller understanding and appreciation of these high vocations. From time to time, trips are organized to seminaries and religious houses to provide first-hand contact with the life. -4, ,A 1, a s h B v I Q. ,i ,xfxf 'g ig ' aa BROTHER ANDRE, CS RETREAT Time out . . . for God The annual retreat, coming at the first three days of Holy Week, affords an excellent op- portunity for self-appraisal and reflection on religious truths. The conferences, recitative Masses, question periods and time alloted for serious read- ing play a big part in provid- ing meaningful significance to our student life at Coyle. To pray well, study well and play well is our reason for being at Coyle. man stands for nothin "If a g, he will fall for anything." FATHER JAMES KELLER, M.M. Founder of the Christophers Man is incomplete unless he knows Cod mans work is undone unless he serves Cod. VCCATICN DAY MASS 'tlf We think of Godls plan for His Church, we might liken it to a vast mosaic. Seen close at hand the design of a mosaic is not always clear, and what is obvious is the number of pieces of glass of different colors and of every shape and size that go to make it up. Seen at a dis- tance, only the design and the glowing color attract the eye. So in the Church of God, the glory that will be finally re- vealed is not always clear in its day to day activity. We see problems and persecutions, dif- ficulties and dangers, and we see all the differing members who are joined together in the Church. Seen at the perspective of final judgment the Bride of Christ will be of unsurpassed Reverend John E. Boyd, Monsignor James Dolan and Bishop Connolly. mx., A .4 -:.,,.,a me .Q I ,.- --us. -W-w.wm ,, in ,Milli Bishop Connolly with Coyle and St. Mary's students, following the Vocation Day Mass. beauty, and each of the ap- parently plain pieces will have made its contribution to this. A priest, a Brother, or a sister may seem plain or his task plain. But the people and the tasks are completely neces- sary to the building up of the Church of our age and the church of our age is the trans- mitter to future ages of all that has gone before, since through the Crucifixion Christ became our atonement to God." Archbishop Richard J. Cushing, D.D. The May Vocation Day Mass was held at St. Mary's Church, Taunton. Bishop Connolly was in attendance and the sermon was given by Father .lohn E. Boyd. Y. C. S. YOUNG CHRISTIAN STUDENTS Young Christian students, a newly or- ganized activity at Coyle, has for its chief object to train students in realizing that the future of the Church depends in a great measure on the lay person. Pope Pius XII has frequently stressed the importance of Catholic Action among the lay people. lt is the layman that comes in daily contact with others both in the Faith and out of the Faith. How the Catholic or Christian acts will determine whether or not he will influence his companions, lives for the bet- ter or for the worse. By reading the life of Christ in the Gospels and studying how the God-Man acted, the members decide how they should act and what they could do to improve their manner of living. The Sen- iors, Juniors, and Sophomores each have a Hcelli' composed of seven or eight mem- bers. The cell meets every two weeks to read and discuss the topic for discussion and the Gospel narrative related to the topic. After seeing how Christ acted and deciding how they should act, the members plan means and Ways of acting according to the Gospel Model. External works that would help increase the spiritual lives of the student body are also within the scope of the Y.C.S. Any student who is desirous of becoming a lay apostle for Christ by improving his daily living chiefly through spiritual reading of the Holy Scripture and other inspiring books is welcome to be- come a member of the Y.C.S. Brother Albert's Sophomore cell meets. Left to right: R. Houde, J. Levis, P. Gazzola, Brother Albert, C. Hoye and R. Verrier. ez lllllw hl "Be not overcome hy evil, bu overcome evil by good." fRomans 12:21 J R. Bellonzi and D. DeThomas read thoughts from Father Keller's "One Moment, Please" over the P.A. DRAMATICS PROMS PUBLICATIONS ASSEMBLIES W UCAN x'!O'fE:, REPU9 LIBR RY STAFF The smooth operation of the Coyle Library is, to a great degree, accomplished hy this volunteer group, which assists in all phases of library work under the direction of Brother Thomas, C.S.C. Processing new hooks, repairing old ones, binding magazines and keeping the stacks in order make up the hulk of their work. Any upperclassman interested in the inner workings of a library is invited to join this staff. The staff hard at work. Left to right: J. Donahue, D.. Perrault, R. Tracy, I McA1oon, F. Norton. Top: J. Ferreira and F. Longo repair much-used books. Bottom: S. Hewey and Brother Richard look over a new display of books. 'EWS 63 ,S ' ' x M if f W 'I E gpm, . mf, 'G S . ,,,, Fifi., ,. . -..4:. - .555 FE gjfMfgA'E1fs ' - Ji gw - 1 1- W K ' ' k T :I f- :V K 4 ,Q Qu an 2 f Q v. my - iw , Q an -4 "I: : - MAGAZINE DRIVE - I956 - The magazine drive for 1956 was under the direction of Brother Quentin, C.S.C., and his very capable slide-rule assistant, Frank Norton. Though falling short of its lofty goal of ifS5,000 in sales, the drive made it possible to purchase a set of portable basketball hackboards that many boys are making use of be- fore and after school and during the lunch periods. Individual honors for high salesman went for the third year in a row to Junior, Louis McAdams with 315114 in sales. Freshmen William Con- treras and Joseph Callaghan also topped the 3100 mark with 35119 and 35101 re- spectively. Brother lVlichel's homeroom with its 3650 and 18329 quota topped all the rooms and these boys are look- ing forward to their trip to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game in the spring. Above: Top salesman L. McAdams and Brother Quentin, C.S.C. Below: F. O'Boy, W. Hoye, F. Norton, D. Brezinski, F. Fitzsimmons and W Chapman check the day's returns. Bottom left :X Brother Quentin and J. Callaghan. Bottom right: Coyle's top salesmen pose with Brother Quentin and Mr. Schultz Curtis representative. 4.-.11 --- STAGE CRE Prop construction, painting, lighting and curtain come un- der the capable hands of the Stage Crew. The success of a performance d e p e n d s in a great measure on the smooth operation of this indispensable segment of play production. Left to right: J. Haggerty, F. R. Hoffman, D. DeThomas, P, Catanti P. Perra, R. Hoffmann, D. Dusseault and Brother Philip. C.S.C. W T H E O F F I C E R NTL l xii F' W GZ A., Y . --2. 4 a Wh ig Q9 fi 2 iA F 1 we 11 1 s QoY 16, 'I 509 First row: P. Mulhern, G. Menoche, G. Caron, C. Riendeau, C. Donovan, D. McKinney, T. Ouellette, N. Sharkey, M. Fales, E. Smith, C. Trainor, J. Kennedy. Second row: J. Silva, A. Poirier, L. Champagne, D. Paquin, R. Bishop, R. Rehello, P, Menard, R. Ahati, D. Casey, D. Bunavicz, D. Roach, R. Grace. Third row: G. Boiros, D. Lowney, M. Picciandra, E. Fitzgerald, J. Dutra, R. Gamache, J. Sparks, R. Webster. Fourth row: R. Gonsalves, R. Croteau, R. Czaya, J. Cross, R. Hall, J. Doherty, G. Tormey, P. Shachoyi J. Lowney, W. Silva, D. Carmichael. 5 Q 'P3 ia. - ' ll rf' 'R THE BAND COUNCIL-Left to right: J. Lowney, P. Shachoy, R. Abati, President, G. Tormey and R. Consalves. THE COYLE BA D ,, :Q Q , ' x 4. J ' .H -L g , Y Mit ,Mw- f A t,..XQ.f' W ,sniff ww A xwggs X QI x we 'A 125 Q' Q ffwfwi , ww 3? 0 THE COYLE GLEE CLUB Director, BROTHER ALBERTUS, C.S.C. . Accompanist, P. CARDOZA GLEE CLUB OFFICERS-A. R. Correia, Treasurerg R. Bellonzi, Presidentg P Perra, Vice Presidentg S. Turkalo, Librarian. FIRST TENORS: M. Black R. Bellonzi L. Lagace E. Blake R. Luiz S. Dowd K. Meyer P. Fortin E. Pereira P. Frazier C. Pimento T. Gallagher P. Sullivan J. Larzaz E. Teixeira T. O'Keefe P. Wade P. O'Leary D. Webster J. Rausch D. Thomas C. Tomase S. Turkalo P. Wilkey FIRST BASSES: SECOND TENORS: J. Balthazar R. Brouillette G.'C0sta L Desrosiers D Erwin F Fontneau G Freitas E. Mahoney C. Martin R Murphy W. Murphy P. Morris P. Perra J. Ricketts SECOND BASSES: J. Campeau L. Colbert A. R. Correia P. Denis P. LaVau1t J. Levis R. Pothier H. Taft D. Trucchi Below: Spring Concert .sfo f'K VI' .5 s 2 if "xl S99 , THE SPRING CONCERT Under the sensitive hand of Brother Eldred, the combined band and Glee Club gave a joint concert on the evenings of May 7th, Sth, and 9th, Selections ranging from the semi-classical '6The Chocolate Soldiern to Beethoven's HVic- tory Overturef, were per- formed with polish and ver- satility. With the stirring strains of 4'The Battle Hymn of the Republicf, and amid a tumultuous a p p 1 a u s e, the Coyle music men brought down the curtain on another successful season. .5 l. X f li z . ! lah. R. DeLuca and friend entertain. Brother V ctorlan s scrlnl adds to the cl1 actic finale Left to right: P. Shachoy, J. Dutra, J. Conlon, W. Sroczinski. Below, left to right: F. Boucher, R. Poirier, E. LaBrecque, J. Buczek "A BOY NAMED BELlLAH" A three-act play by Jay Tobias and under the direction of Brother Philip, C.S.C., was one of the highlights of the first semester. The major roles were played by F. Fitzsimmons, J. Sparks, R. Bishop, J. Lariviere, W. Devereaux, R. McMorrow, R. Rebello, and D. Roach. St. lVIary's High School's D. Sullivan, J. Bouchard, I. Miller, C. Tonry, J. Benoit, E. Cayer, P. Cooper, and K. Corrigan. ln addition to providing us with a first-rate comedy, the play introduced to Coyle the character "Tongo," who was so overwhelmed at his favorable recep- tion that he attached himself to the foot- ball team as their mascot. I I . ,,...,.. . r ., t ' , t ",i 'Q C -.-.a-.--32 1 I H R ea 91 W2 ,XXX Cac' f nBXwwXfw X , '+wO?'W' 2 X9 XA X 'XP- ted YW? Xo p X X539 X n X XX W , fwse Gow w2pg5fi,am1vaX,X X . X,XX 1 swag, .,,,oXX1Y' 'FM' 'P XXAXXQXQXO' GXWYXX Q V29 76? fa-X .v Xm 1'- 61 ,il . 32 ,F 47 34 '35 .Xi , FALLPR QDUCT IO 'XV,:-XX. X XXX X sw XWXXXXXNX WW- ai-ff. , XX 4, X XX X, 0 . 'X IX- 'Mi -1 X.XX1f + ,X .X X .- ' 'X fd , A AQ X.X,XAXXfX2XX,, .X X,.XXXA X 1 , ,L ' "" X W "I" 3' R X, X A F ,, ff!-1 1-ff"m"'a5.' X X X Ing c ' X' X -YPX . . . X- f . A f ,V ag - - Lm.L 0-4.1 X FALL X ,-X-XXXXJXXXXX ' X' X ,, Xiffjzih, ' XX. XX'Xf,f' X fX'9X7XyX f K' f w ' X RWE - OB-X X D AXXXXXX. . X X' XX. XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXX -XXXXXX XXeXX X X X X XXXX,XX X QXXXENXQX XXX XXXXX X XXX XXX? X X XX X Y x X X X i X XX X yy Hsignhr and G: and The sch Reber 2:0165 Zo! Audit 'Sse 'hd aQ"""u,, 0" I Hines X XX, N QXXXN XXXXXXX XXX, XX X XXX XXX X X XXX XX XXXX 9XX ,f X ,X XXXXXXX ,XX X X X XX X X m,XXX,XX,X, W XkXXX,,X.,XX XXX XXXXXXXXX Y XXXXX,X,X XXX XX Q X ?., , X ' XX ' AX, kwx X ,X ' X qfXq .4gj,X,XXX" X X , , .X gh y- gg . X, y t.,- , my I I ., ,-...A , X .X.,, ,,, XXX-.XXXX5-rXjaX,.g' ,X X - , f X -X JXQXX5, -XX,XXXX ,X XX ,XXXX,fXX X XXWXX- -. , -- ,-5 5 - , -' X X XXXXXXWXXA XLXXX ,Q,XXXXXX,,X,XXXXXXXXXXXXXX X X- g.1g,, X X -X X X, , I . ,XM XXzXX,-.XXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXkgXk wXMXXXXX,XX.XXX,XXXXXXXX XXWXXXXXXXXXXXXX. W WXXN ,. - - XX 1 wg X -. X X,XXf R.,---XX,X,X,XXXXX X-XXX VWXX-XX,XXX,XX A L .X I A... QA ,X 5, ,X. XX.X.X W ,4,YXA .- W, XXX X g.i'X,1'f 'X - .X XX-'.XXXXXXXXX?X'M T51 iw EX XX .,g XXXX. X.::': , 'XX XXX X X XX -X -X M i, -- X XX ,X WX ,A.X,. ,X LXA, X .N X ,,XX,WWn .X X - X,,X,X .AXXM XXX-XXX,,X,,,XX,X,XXXXX, K- , 4, I? X,XXXX.X .X . , w X Xp XX XXXXXXX,,X,IXX,X g ' ,X X. , X ,WXMXXX XXX X X XXXX-XXQ,,XXXAXX.,XX ,X, , X ', A 31 ' , 5 , , ,- X,X,. .XXXXXVXWXXXX X XXX X XXXXSXMMXN 'WX' X XX f 'v 4 U? QNX QIXIXXXXXX X X X XX 15 , 'X , - 'X X'XX'Xi1?,XiX'X X X" K X ,X X , ' LX: yy, X X X , . .- vfa,a1'.fi-X XX X ,,.-XXXX:X'X,,XXXXXXX :XX-,,,-X -- f ' M1141 X , X M QX XXX-XXXXXXXX ,XX:X. X- . - 1 XXXX XXXXXXXXXXWWX-'S 'W-X' X2 ' X XXXX ,- XXXXXX'.XXXXXXXc X X-,X ' X . X ., ,, T' Q X XX W X ' -, -XXIXXXXXXXXXX, X ,X XX . X1 XXX ,,XXX,,X,,XX,X-XXXXXXXXX-X X XXX X, X X X XX' XX X .U X -1 X-gy? -A " , , X X- XX-XX X. ,XL,XXgXXXX:,XfX,jXX,jf:k:XXX,- XAXXXX , X XX . , A k A X .XX,XXfk, V XM X.X,X,,X'XXXX1XXQ,XXXXgX,XXXX,X.XXXX,XXX X XXX XX R X X X-f-XXX.. Q, ,, X XX -X-XXXX,X,XX:XXXXXQXXXXXXXXXXXXX X RX X , X, X ,X XXX,XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX,XXXXXXXXXXX XX , ' M - K X ' , ,XX X-XX-XXX XQXJXXXXXXXX,XvXQXX:'W X X , C ' ,i .XXXQXXQQXXXX6XgQ5:X?XXXXX XX X XX 0 , X X X2 ' ' ' ' X -"X X ,- X ull! 2 "X X X X'1z,1',Xi, X X ,X,. X X e u .f,I f Ta? 'ii' . si, 1 4. , ,1.1r,:X Hmmm x HG x0 .af 'L ,. 4 0.0. 5 539 :,qiif3a.1aw , ffyfllif: K 2 gf ,.,m,5:' ' 3393? .x".f an mix, . f.,,.,.,, . : ' ff. eww wa., :MM .:1f,Q4fv f - Lv f ' . if W, .f , -., .55 Z: ,fi ,lv gm , x v - it ...4 X Q 1 . H A 1. A ff' J 5' 1 , S 94 1 Q 2 1 M iss ii L 3 ' e '35 gig ,yy v f A .T w M 1 . S S X my Ai ,, , , l fh.2 3fs?S W . . ff M 5 , -fbi, '3-E ' ' 'In ' ,, mv -5 , 'fl ' K M ,441 nn- LS- ,Q 1-f,.seQ2.,gf :, 5 ,, 61 - . ' 341-nwixxyn-4A. - Q v. . , 'iw ,Q , .- K fi' ., aw. f ?'.,-ws-Pfilfvfei A ww - H W Q , 253 "UI, . A A. fue,-552 .2 v s A v . 3 51153 hbiwaaww Q 4 at H '2- Q... T612 -H I it-4.4 Z Melody f PsfMusica1Com4idfj??fm,Thxee Acis ' I S X hfby Priscilla Sprague", Q PY-ii -2, 'J Msqr. Eames co-yxeiwaagh Schmgi EQ Dramatic Chxb 2 Qqfqr Qrofhen olzlidly - 2Lf"""':- ?Qfk?.'1.L.u-. 'T "-3 -'u v". .9 " . :i'!,'.J"45' ' .' "G niwl-+ ...1?, ,K y : .D . . , fz 'la Wigs:- -2' .' -xii' . ' .N . .'.v '1 L' THE JU IOR PROM ' Under the leadership of Brother John, C.S.C., and to the theme of Henry Cot- trell and his orchestra, the Junior Class successfully put on their annual class dance. Among the many emhellishments were a huge chandelier, snowflake de- signs, snowmen with top hats and canes and other winter scenes. But the complete story of the Prom could not possibly he told here. The exciting feeling of the Juniors. knowing that this was THEIR dance, that they helped to make it, or the thrill of the student's first prom can never effectively he put into words. Nor can the enjoy- ment and the sense of relaxation truly he expressed. The memories can always he recalled that went with the decora- tions that were taken down from the hall as souvenirs. Many of the evening's high- lights are lacking here, hut the lrig thing that should he mentioned is-the sim- plicity of the evening-the simplicity of the quiet pleasures of the Coyle High School Junior Prom. Left to right: D. Yelle and N. Griswold, F. Longo and S. Lavoie, L. Conroy and C. A WI TER FA TASY 1+ MONSIGNOIQ JAM ullior Vu I li V- '-0 N 1 S4 J ES C0 H1GH SCHOOL YLE plain I " in kk NYJ' K ,. , x " 2? f :HV i. 'I ' I. Qt y I X , 'P K ' .955 if ubzler Zlj WEDNESDAY E ondefland Un-,, ' VENING lllfnf, .,. Nh, 1.1166 rotlo, F. Corcoran Dooloy. R. Le-gore and E. Pivi- aml P. A 3 I Q 'KJ v ki". In 4 .K Q' ' V Y N S Q- ix' 1. EF Q ' i Q ' I ,, J 35 'Aff 4 -nA , ,Q xp-1 'k'! i, ff 1 15' , er +-im f f I' ' :HEX ,QQXSYTM Nw N' bak P 1 Em 1 fa"" M 'fm X M- Magi? ,f AN rf.. 1-.fx N-NN. YN MASS. . l 1956 less, eedom and Wlgre has V e need for charity so ecuticm of the faithful by the God- we should keep in mind Jun o ga a sem fox The e or am at hberty to mentxon the theme of the pxom but I wxll say thxs lf you mlss thxs event you will be mxssmg one of the blg social events of the lem As an added at- ractlon the mothers ard fathers of he students who are gomsf end the Prom wll' rop in arf" we given by evls of No. f their son lst' his life - e acci- raduation ent, This 'llty and 7 a stu- s way UZ' thiS ill be five I Toyle Col- lej TCIIEW OUT' IUTI ove, into to Christ ve all ...Ax WE and prxijludice. We soclose-ly associated love for all mankind for thg sake of our Saviour all men, who and redeem Associate Editors D. DeThomas and W. Precourt examine the merits of a candid shot. THE WARRIOR Improvement implies change and change there was aplenty this year. At mid-year the format and size was changed, enabling inclusion of more news, pictures and features. Another first was the relocation of the paperls office to the newly re- decorated offices in the Annex. Under the direction of Brother Philipg C.S.C., The Warrior, like a fine wine and a cherished hriar, improves with age. The staff of Wa1'rior is hopeful that the students will like their re- vamped Warrio1', and from every indication, they will have no reason to he disappointed. - EDITORIAL STAFF - 1236 C012 '51 S ..1- J' Z A r Q Dixon lil 1 19 V hw? sf 'if' jf if Q? it 'GR' X ' Co-Editors ,,,.,,.,,,.,........ Richard McMorrow and Brian McManus Associate Editors ............ David DeThomas and Walter Precourt Sports Editors ,,,.,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Tim Taylor and James Coyne Staff Photographer ,,,,,..,,,.....,.........,.............Y.,,....,.... George Tormey Staff Typists .............,.. Richard McMorrow and Brian McManus Contributors-Robert Loew, Arthur Balthazar, John Kennedy, Frederick lVlcAuley, John McNamara, George Souza, James Doherty, Paul Dooley, Peter Sullivan, Timothy Robbins, Terrance Kendall, Douglas Roach, Louis McAdams, Walter Hughes, Peter Schriever and David Stuart. REVIEW STAFF These pages are essentially for the purpose of rewarding in some way the sincere efforts of those who have contributed in a great measure to any success the RE- VIEW niay enjoy. Without some- one to carry out the h u g e amounts of detail work necessary in such a publication it would be impossible for us to assemble this book. W ' This year's REVIEW is-as in those of the past-essentially a book by the students. To these Coylemen who have worked so faithfully, we wish to take this opportunity of publicly thank- ing them for all they have done in-1 helping 'us assemble a book for Vyou'that will in years to come, recall the memories of this past year. gli' in 3 G- Desmmisassisrsin 'he an department- BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT: J. Travers, R. cfanim P. LaVault, D.'Perrault, Business Manager, P. Lyons and R. Abati. Q. 1 Brother Christian, C.S.C., assisted by S. Hewey and D. Cardin make a final check on the day's OFFICE HELPER Checking the absentee list are P. Sullivan, P. Perra, L. Desrosiers and A. Balthazar. Giving a helpful hand in the running of the school o ff i c e, these Coylemen greatly contribute efficiency. Collecting attendance slips, making up the daily list of absentees and running er- rands constitute their duties. y . 'Y v x ,A ia DURFEE PEP RALLY SSEMBLY The Fall River boys filled with enthusiasm sta ed their pep rally prior to the Coyle Durfee football ame The a embly was filled with surprises 1nclud1n visit '4Tongo," and a special appearance of '4The Libberf' The spirit gen- erated by the student gathering spilled out onto Hopewell Park the next day, when the Warrior football squad, playing a tremendous game, went down to defeat by two touch- downs at the hands of a highly favored Durfee. THE THANKSGIVING-TAUNTON GAME ASSEMBLY The big game of the year was responsible for the biggest rally of the year. The show got off with a comic opera, 4'Trial By Jury" fwith apologies to Gilbert and Sullivanl staged by the Glee Club. The Taunton foot- ball team was sentenced to be beaten by Coyle. "Tongo" made another appearance, as well as "The Little Warrior.7' The Three Shaves and a Haircut Worked Taunton into a lather with their antics. Two varsity start- ers, Brezinski and Turkalo, were included in a trio which also performed. The rally must have helped in some Way, for the next day the Warriors beat Taunton 12-7. Qi ga 1 X 2, 1 x -t 5 L f g' HL Z 1' 3' ' 1 ' W -LA ' - g,A5.,4L,v' K In . THE WNRRIUR :Yl'lll.l'f'l'lff S'l'.-Xl-'F Htllllllll rms. lvfl In right: Broth:-r vrlllllllilr, lf.S.lf.. Frufh lwmullvalllz ,lim Uurnx. Varsity II1-ad lfuarll: Hroilu-r Nlivlu-I. lf.5,lf.. Fuvully xlilllilflfl' nf ,Mlllr-lic'-. lop naw: .llw Svanlon. lfrnsln Ffmlluzxllz Hmlln-r ,lu-1-pll. C.5.lI.. Frufh Hawke-llmll: anal Iirnlhvr Qu :lin VQI' l"r:- h llzwkvllvaull. Pl . . ... ' :QQ DONALD BREZINSKI 4'Braz,' No. 72, F.B.,Q5' 11, 165-Taunton Best Game-Qiagainst Taunton Biggest Thfill-nailing Dick Galavotti of Taunton on the Taunton five, it the kickoff play of the Thanksgiv- ing Day victory. f gm, 1435 .- 1 W? if 7214, 14 ,1 ,, X xii 333 S JAMES DORSEY L'Mutt" NO. 78, L.T., 6' 4, 220-Taunton Best Game-Taunton+Voted Coy1e's outstanding Senior in game by Taunton Boosters Club. Biggest Thrill-Tackling Russ Gibson I of Durfee for a loss in the Armistice Day gamtf. E FRANCIS O'BOY Hnocla' No. 82, L.T., 5' 10, 180-Taunton if Best Game-Against North Attleboro Biggest Thrill-Beating fgaunton. if 72131 'iyiti 'A 5 M, - Q' W ' 1 fx :s 1, - 5,5 r H - if Q 5 s K v SE!- sf-51 3215 3232 ST .32 Q tt, 5 if' ty? , it , . EFL? 555' Zigi if 'S 'fin if 5 gt ffl? 2131 25' A X it 92 s .yi 5 EK mi , rt, at ,gg5?5Qg H-7 Q ,ft ,Q Q 4 s QP First row: B. Dennett, A. F. Correia, ,l. Levis, G. Arguin, R, Fra-ucero, E. Boyle. M. O'Hearne R. Schriever, .l. Zawacki. Second row: L. McGovern, E. O'Neill, R. Houde, E. Cunniff, R Demers, D, Yclle, F. O'Boy, N. Racine, D, Sullivan. Third row: A. Gibbons, F. Longo, D Hutchinson, P. Levis, S. Turkalo, D. Brezinski, E. Reilly. J. Daly, R. Greco, Coach Burns Fourth row: E. Borges, P. Gazzola, M. Nolan. A. R. Correia, J. Dorsey. K. Welch, C. Martin Brother Michel, C.S.C. '4To the winners belong the spoilsv . . . The Lions Club Trophy, won by the War- riors on Thanksgiving day, is admired by Brother Michel and Coach Burns. Three suc- cessive wins are needed for permanent pos- session. This is Coyle's first. In the in-town series the Blue and Cold have claimed two of the trophies, while the Herringtowners have clinched one. Coyle 0-0-6-0-6 Stoughton 7-0-0-7-14 Anyone who claimed that the Warriors didn't get their share of breaks through- out the season need only look as far as this game to see why. The Blue and Cold eleven were handed chance after chance to cop their first Win of the year, but all they and fate could do was not enough. The first Coyle touchdown of the year came in the third period when Bob Freccero swept 24- yards around end for the score. Although the Warriors failed to capitalize on a num- ber of breaks, their overall game was much improved over that played a week earlier, and the idea was begin- ning to be tossed around that here was a team worth watching. Coyle 0-0-0-0-0 Barnstable 0-0-0-7-7 Barnstable's Jim Alymer dashed 45 yards around the Coyle right end, as the Cape Codders handed a green as grass Coyle Varsity their first loss of the year, 7-0. The game, played at Hopewell park, proved to be a loose contest, with both elevens hamstrung by fumbles. The much outweighed and inexperienced Warriors were only min- utes away from what would have been a shocker of a scoreless tie, when a momentary defensive lapse, following a Coyle fumble, set up the TD. Although Coyle never showed any offensive punch in the contest, the defense play was surprisingly good. With their backs to the wall on many occasions, the Warriors showed that they had the guts to hit just as hard as their opponents, a fact which surprised highly favored opponents all season long. Coyle 0-0-7-6-13 Attleboro 6-0-0-O-6 Attleboro fans were shocked severely twice on the afternoon of the Coyle game. Their first shock came when an underdog-winless Attle- boro eleven--charged up and down the grid- iron in the first half to lead at the midway point 6-0. Their second came in the second half when the Coyle club, hopelessly outclassed and overconfident in the first two periods, settled down to business and struck twice for touchdowns to revenge a hard-fought defeat handed them last year. A Coyle fumble on their own 11 set up the Jeweleris touchdown midway through the initial period. The score loomed bigger and bigger in View of Attle- boro's spirited play until, in the opening min- utes of the third period, Freccero drove through the middle for the equalizer. Gazzola booted the winning point. Two key plays set up the score to revitalize the Warrior's sagging spirits. The most spectacular running play of the season was pulled off in the final period when Daley charged right through the middle of the Attle- boro line and electrified the crowd with a 59- yard touchdown dash, insured with a perfectly thrown block on Pete DeLutis at the 10 by Ed Boyle. Coyle 7-0-6-0-13 New Bedford 0-0-0-6-6 After two close losing contests. the victory hungry Warriors upset New Bedford to post their first decision of the year. The Whalers, undefeated in two games, met their match on Hope- well Park as Steve Turkalo and Ed Boyle tallied six-pointers. Pete Gazzola booted the seventh point. The Warrior line hit their stride in this contest with the second touchdown coming as a re- sult of a blocked Crimson punt. A 53- yard sustained drive was capped with success, as Freccero tossed an aerial to Turkalo which was good for 17 yards and a TD. Gazzola added the point and Ed Boyle iced the contest with a 12-yard dash around the Crimson left end. New Bedford averted a shut-out when, with seconds remaining in the contest, Gus Pimental snared a pass in the Warrior end zone. Sights were now set upon the next game when the Warriors were to be entertained by Attleboro. Coyle 7-7-0-6-20 North Attleboro 6-0-7-0-13 The Warriors best played game of the season was turned in when they met the Red Rocketeers at Hopewell Park. The Red scored their first T.D. with shocking ease. After recovering a Coyle fumble, North scored on the first play. With the game less than a minute old, ,lack Valade dashed 35 yards for the tally. Later in the period, Tony Correia came in to punt, but instead of booting, he tossed a 25-yard T.D. pass to Turk- alo, who scored the tying points. Coyle scored again in the second stanza on the longest pass play of the season. Af- ter Dorsey grabbed a loose North fum- ble, Freccero, on first down passed to Daly, who completed the 65-yard play by going over untouched. Gazzola booted per order but North roared right back to within a point on a third period four-yard rush and extra point. Daly set up the third Coyle touchdown with a 36-yard dash to the North 17, from where Ed Boyle took over and scored on the next play. 'W""f"t- wt WSW Coyle 7-8-6-6-27 The Warriors collected their fourth win in a row as they belted crippled Vocational 27-0. Voke, hampered by injuries and inexperience, could offer no challenges for the fast improving Coyle club, although they tried with noteworthy spirit. Freccero went over from one yard out and a first,period touchdown. Gazzola got the point to set the Warriors off and running. The score was upped to 13-0 as Freccero pitched to Daly on a 28-yard scoring play. Gazzola blocked a Voke punt and the resulting safety accounted for the 14-th and 15th Coyle points. Freccero scored a third touchdown of the morning as he circled across 24 yards of the gridiron to pay dirt. The final points of the massacre were marked up when Dave Sullivan grabbed a mis- guided Artisan aerial and returned it 34 yards across the Voke goal line. The win was a costly one for the Warriors. for Frank O'Boy had to be helped off the field with a knee injury which kept him sidelined until the Taunton game. The senior lineman was just one of the Coyle forward wall which turned in a bone-crushing account of its tussle. Coyle 0-0-0-0-0 Durfee 0-6-0-6-12 One of the most bitter pills the Warriors had to swallow all season came on Armistice Day when the underdog Blue and Gold played their hearts out only to see a veteran, poised Durfee squad calmly capitalize on the breaks to edge the Warriors 12-0. The 4,000 fans who jammed Hopewell Park shouted themselves hoarse when, in the opening minutes of play, the Warriors drove to the Durfee six-yard line. But this opportunity was lost when the Hilltoppers re- covered a Coyle fumble. A wobbly punt was taken on the Coyle 34, and seven plays later Bridge scored for Durfee. Chet Martin blocked a Durfee punt on the Durfee 14, caught the ball in mid-air and returned it to the 10-yard line, but from there the Warriors couldnit get started, and they lost their second golden op- portunity. Salvo scored for Durfee in the final period, giving the Hilltoppers the decision 12-0. Coyle 0-0-0-0-0 Fairhaven 0-7-6-0-13 Rough, tough Fairhaven had all they could do to down the Warriors as the Sailors left the friendly earth to take to the unfamiliar skies in besting Coyle 13-0. The rugged and swift ground at- tack, which had won Fairhaven fame throughout the season was ground to a halt by the superb play of a hard charging Warrior line. The Sailors were forced to take to the air to net their touchdowns, while th w a r t i n g Coyle drives were climaxed on the Fairhaven 35 and five yard lines. Both teams slugged out a grueling ground game and outside of Fairhaven's two touch- downs, the Sailors netted but 14 more yards than the Warriors. The longest run of the game was only 12 yards, which was a tribute to the crushing line play of the opposing forward walls. The Warriors lost little if any stature in absorbing their third loss of the campaign. The fans were now looking forward to the Durfee contest which had the underdog W a r rio r s pitted against the County champions. Coyle 6-O-7-0-12 Taunton 0-7-0-0-7 If ever there was a Hdreami' Coyle-Taunton game, this was it. Both teams had identical 4-4 records and both had particularly strong points, which made either team a favorite to only the most partisan fan. The Warriors had lost their last two contests prior to the Turkey Day clash, while Taunton had turned in two wins, one a giant killer feat over undefeated Somerset. The Warriors jumped to a quick lead in the first period. A 17-yard dash by Don Breiinski on the first play of the game, was the key play in the series, which moved the pigskin to the Taun- ton 10. On third down the Warriors scored for the first time in two games, when Freccero heaved to Daly, who sidestepped a Taunton would-be tackler at the five and went over for the score. Dick Galavotti tied up the contest in the second period when he raced 18 yards for a touchdown. Taunton went into the lead on a sucker pass for the extra point and led at the half by that one point margin. The Warriors, not to be beaten, charged onto the field after the half, full of fight and spirit and, five min- utes later they were back in the lead. Freccero climaxed a 56-yard drive with a quarterback sneak for the winning score. The trailing Her- ringtowners battled grimly through the final 11 minutes of the game, but were completely out- hustled by the Warriors, who, when the,final gun sounded, were looking for their 'third touchdown. This win gave the young Warrior footballers a five-four record for the season, an envious feat accomplished through hard work and rugged determination. Y 8 ay, iff They ought to be able to score from there . . ." Worried faces at the Durfee game What's the word? Hoooooooooo-rah! SEASON RECORD C5 29 Won-5 Lost- W1 KW goyle ..................... ..,........ 0 0 0 0 0 arnsta e .... Coyle .,..,.... 0 0 6 0 6 Q Stoughton .,..,. 7 0 0 7 14 I I I J o l .................... .,.,,.. BoloeBodford ........ .,..,,. 3 382 12 X 'tg' K Coyle .....,.......... ....... 0 0 7 6 13 Attleboro ...... ....,.. 6 O O O 6 Coyle ....,..., .....,. r 7 0 6 20 N. Attleboro .- ........ 6-0-7-0-13 Coyle ...,.,.......,.. ..,..... 7 -8-6-6-21 V N. B. Voke ...... ........ O -0-0-0- O O Coyle ............ o.,.,.,. 0 -o-o-o- 0 0 'L' Fairhaven ........ 0-7-6-0-13 Coyle ..,.. .,....., 0 -0-o-0- 0 Durfee ......,. 0-6-0-6-12 Coyle ...., ........ 6 -0-6-0-12 I Taunton , ........ 0-7-0-0- 7 ' Player Position Year TD PAT SF T Y Total WI mm Points 1956 COYLE VARSITY FOOTBALL STATISTICS 4 - - - - , 45 2 'N- 0-0-0-7- 7 f Qiiiiii I 2 1 1 . - ---- nglf' f 0 . ' .... , fn O5 F fo A C , Freccero, QB, Jr. ...... ,,..o.... 5 Daley, RHB, Soph .....,.,,,,,,,,, 4. Boyle, LHB, Soph .....,,,.,,, , .,,, 2 Turkalo, LE, Jr. ...............,.,.. 2 Gazzola, FB, Soph .,,,............ 5 1 Sullivan, RT, Jr. ,......,........., 1 14+ 5 1 Coyle-Average points per game-9 Opponents-Average points per game-8.7 Opponents 12 TD's ......... ,,,-- 6 PAT .......,.,,, ,,-,, TOTAL .... ..,,. Longest running plays of Season 59-Daley-Attleboro-TD 4-2-Daley-New Bedford 36-Daley-N. Attleboro 34-Sullivan-Voke-TD' 31-Daley-Durfee 29-Daley-Attleboro 24.-Freccero-Stoughton-TD 24-Freccero-Voke-TD 17-Boyle-N. Attleboro-TD 'Interception 30 24 12 12 7 6 91 72 6 78 Longest over-all pass plays 65-Freccero-Daley North A TD 39-Freccero-Demers Attleboro 32-Freccero-Turkalo Durfee 29-Daley-Demers Attleboro 28-Freccero-Daley Voke TD 25-Correia-Turkalo North A TD 17-Freccero-Turkalo NB TD 10-Freccero-Daley Taunton TD Longest punts-all by Tony Correla 50-Taunton 4-5--Barnstable 4-3-Taunton S1 if 235 1 ,W The 1956 Coyle Frosh turned in the best record of the four year existence of Frosh football here at Coyle as they came up with an undefeated and untied season. The Frosh showed an abundance of football talent in the rough which will undoubtedly be utilized in the future by the Coyle Varsity. The Frosh opened their campaign by host- ing North Attleboro and creaming the Red Rocketeers, 25-0. Ted lVlcGovern scored all four T.D.'s with Leonard rushing the lone extra point. Coyle picked up its second win with a 26-0 lacing of Somerset and once again lVlc- Govern tallied all Wa1'1'io1' touchdowns. Hoye and Leonard rushed the extra points. The game with the Dighton .l.V.'s went right down to the wire with the W'arriors Winning again. Trailing by 12 late in the third period, the Frosh finally began to click and culminated their rally with the winning extra point rushed over by Leo- nard with one minute left to play in the game. lVlcGovern scored all three touch- downs with 1-loye getting the other extra point. Although crippled with injuries the War- riors overcame first half resistance by Taunton to dump their in-town rivals, 20-7. The Warrior scoring was highlighted by a last second, first half touchdown on a 36 yard Hoye to Tom Gallagher pass. Scoring T.D.'s for Coyle were Phillipe, Gallagher and Hoye with Leonard and Gallagher get- ting points after. Bob Martin shifted to end with one minute left in the Randolph game and caught a 12 yard Hoye pass to post the winning score as the W'arriors took a seat-squirmer from Randolph, 12-6. Phillipe scored the other Warrior touchdown in the win which capped the undefeated season. Ljk, THE 1956 UNDEFEATED FRESHMAN TEAM-Fitzsimmons, Hoye, Martin, Rice, Kable, Tim Gallagher, Fioretti, Bullock, R. Lane, Rodrique, A, Lane, Tom Gallagher, Phillipe, Harpin, Cronan, Buckley, Andrews, O'Gara, McDermot, McKenney, Sleight, Dumont, White, Whittemore, Rodth, Donahue, Mattos, Laughlin, Leonard, McGovern, Deane, Coyne and coaches, Brother Thomas, C.S.C. and Joe Scanlon. Let's see . . . that dent came on Leonard's extra point in the Dighton game . . A variety of expressions following the Ran- dolph game. Martin and Kable can't he- lieve it. 1 1 ., .A W., . N 1 ,, . , - '55 1 ,- 1 n..w K 1--'M' I- ff? . ff A 1 17221 6 L E WON Somerset .....,, Coyle ,.,.,,.., N. Attleboro . Coyle ,.,.......,.,, 1 1 Dighton J.V. ,,77. 1 Coyle ........,..,. You're done for now . . . here come Mthe boys." 'LNOW basicly . . . in the T- Formation, speed and deception are essential . . ." JH' Yfx Q NXN 1 5 'fir fe Player lVIcGovern Phillippe ,,,,.,,, Hoye .,...,,,..s,l,s,,, Tom Gallagher ,,... Martm ,,,.,,..,,,s..,, Leonard ,.,...,, Coyle 103 points Taunton ., Coyle ,,........... Randolph ....... TD PAT Total Points 11 66 2 12 1 2 8 1 1 7 1 6 ,. ..,, 4 4 16 7 103 average per game-20.6 Opponents 5 TD-2 PAT-32 points-6.4 5 LOST Coyle ,,s..,...,s..,,ssss.s,,.,sss,,,,,s,os 1 6-6-7 0-0-0 -12-6-0 0-0-0 0-6-7 6-7-0 7-0-6 7-0-0 0-0-6 6-0-0 Www. ,MM 11, W . . ew-xmrv ff, Sha' .Q Em! 229 Izifwff BASKETBALL BALLET 1956-57 was a poor basketball year for the Blue and Gold. The Warriors were hamstrung by a lack of tall men and consistent high point producers. Despite their weaknesses the Warriors battled hard in a league noted for fierce rivalries and high quality basketball. Undoubtedly, the two greatest games of the year for the Warriors were the first two games with in-town rival Taunton High. In the first contest the Herringtowners prevailed, edging the underdog Coyle quintet by a single point, ln the return match however, the Warriors came up with the upset of the year, ending an eighteen game winless skein,'with a 69-68 upending of the high flying Tauntonians. That old Brooklyn battle cry "Wait'll next yearn is hardly the case here at Coyle. Once again the lack of height stares Coyle right in the eye. The Warriors will be out after some high point men for next season . . . but . . . a really consistent high gun is not in sight at this time. Although we can look with much restraint as to the success of next year's varsity, we can be sure that County teams will have to beware of a team destined in all probability to be next year's uspoilersf' Coyle Varsity 66 47 44 44 3 7 48 56 83 69 34 3 7 42 49 44 46 38 43 54 34 905 47.6 Alumni . Braintree Taunton Durfee ,,,,,,,,,,A,,, New Bedford The "rare" flush of victory-Coyle 69-Taunton 68 Opponents 59 . 75 45 75 61 Fairhaven v,,,,i,, i,,A 8 0 N. B. Voke ..,, ,... 7 7 Attlehoro , ,,,, 84 Taunton ,,,,., , A,,, 68 Durfee ,....,,...i...uuu ,,e, 7 1 New Bedford ...,, .... 6 4 N. B. Voke ,,..,, , ,.,, 54 N. Attlehoro ,,.. 32 Attleboro ,,.,,,,i ,,,, 5 9 E. Bridgewater 68 Fairhaven ,,,,,,,, --,- 6 4 Braintree ..,. ,,.. 6 2 Weymouth .,,,., ,,,, 7 2 Taunton ,,,,,, ,.,. 5 6 1226 64.6 WON-3 LOST-16 VAR Name Year Gazzola, Soph Driscoll, Senior Coogan, Junior SITY HIGH SCORERS B F T 75 62 212 ,.,,,. 43 23 109 51 37 139 Goncalo, Senior .... ,.,,., 5 1 32 134 Koss, Junlor ...... ...... 2 7 20 74 High Coyle score-83 vs. Attlehoro KU High Total score-167 vs. Attleboro KD High Period scoref33 vs. Attleboro Q11 Individual High Scores- 28-Gazzola vs. Weymouth 23-Gazzola vs. Fairhaven 121 23-Coogan vs. Attleboro f1iJ 22-Goncalo vs. Fairhaven flj vg. 11.2 9.8 7.7 7.0 3.9 1 5 2 S Li 2 3 i E f A3 Q sf I 5 6 3 E S Q 8 5 4 2 E 3 gi 2? s w 3 y z L K- E Q 2 1 . ,. 2 S ? 2 Ls 2 Q 8 53 52 2 5? Q ss if E Q! .XXXXX-.XM-fX,XXXXXX.X. - .X -.X X- ---X -. 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Voke ,,,,, .,,.,,, Attleboro Taunton ,,,,.,,,, , .... . Durfee ,,,,,,,,,,,,.... ...,., W New Bedford N. B. Voke ,....... ....... N. Attleboro Attleboro ,.,.. Fairhaven .,,..,. ....... Braintree ....... .Y..... Weymouth ..,,, ....... WON-9 LOST-8 Name Year Wheeler, Soph Morrissey, Soph Bartek, Junior Bourne, Soph Leading scorers B 50 34 35 Hoye, Soph ,,,,,7,.,,,,,,,,,,v,,, 34 Unsworth, Soph .....,,,,7,,,,,, 27 Individual High Games F T Bourne-28fvs. N. B. Voke f2l Unsworth-23-Vs. Fairhaven 1025 Bourne+19-vs. Attleboro 1,23 Unsworth-18fvs. G'Kansas" Wheeler-17-vs. Braintree 12,1 Hoye-17-vs. Weymouth Avg 137 8.6 133 7 8 104 6.5 90 15.0 5 5.3 rl 5.5 V - uw www 1956-57 FROSH-Bottom row, left to right: John Laughlin, Managerg Desrosiers, McGovern. Hoye, Nolan, Fioretti, Contreras. Top row: Brother Joseph, C.S.C., assistant coachg Tom Gallagher, Tim Gallagher, Heap, Fitzsimmons, Martin, 0'Boy, Phillipe and Brother Quentin. C.S.C., Head Coach. Coyle Frosh Opponents Frosh High Scorers- 40 Taunton ,.,,,,,.r, ,.,.r,,,.,,, 4 5 30 N. Attleboro ,..... 42 43 Thacher 50 Fitzsimmons ....... 161 41 Taunton ..,,,, ssssss 5 4 Hoye "--'sss"-- 109 441 Dighton 33 McGovern .,., 101 55 N. Attleboro ,tt,.t, ...... 4 0 Heal? ----'--,- 99 67 Wareham ..,...,, .,,.r 4 7 Martm -'-'---'------ 98 49 Case hV--A 33 Fioretti ............... 65 71 Case Pbfffffww iiwwwi 3 5 Tom Gallagher ...... 47 59 Somerset ..,.,, .,,,, 5 2 Phillipe --------------' 32 53 Thacher .,..,, . ..... 41 60 Dighton ,,..,, -,-,- 3 8 46 Taunton -"""'-- ----- 4 9 Total points scored -839 49-4+ 60 Sacred Heart ,.,,. 24 Opponents scored -684 40.1 40 Tabor ,...,,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,- ,,,, ,r,,, 3 6 Freshman Tournament 31 Plymouth 26 Semi-final 50 Taunton 39 FINAL Record-WON-12 LOST-5 Left to right: Ted McGovem, Brother Quentin, C.S.C., Head Coachg Bill Hoye, Brother Joseph, C.S.C., Assistant Coachg and Mike Fitzsimmons, The three players in photo were named to Tourney All-Star Team. Tri? CCY Cn .Y ea 'EGU ' Cutneq Xe est in 'Y After getting off to a had start, losing their first four, the Coyle Frosh came along fast to become one of the top yearling clubs in the county. The fast improved Warriors lost only one in their last 13 games. The high spot in the successful season proved to be the final game when the Coyle Frosh defeated the Taunton Frosh to win the Ninth Grade Basketball Tourney championship. Going into the final fray the Taunton club boasted a 15 and two record with three prior regular season decisions over the Warriors. The Warriors came through with the upset of the season, however, and claimed the trophy pictured above plus three spots on the All-Star Team. Another successful Freshman year thanks to the patient tutelage of Brother Quentin and Brother Joseph. T.,g H 1956 BASEBALL TEAM-Front row, left to right: Dooley, Bartek, Koss Gazzola, Perrault, Freccero, McNamara, Bowen and Sears. Back row: Hoffman, Clemmey, Hook Correia, Glynn, Harrison, Miller, Kelleher and Coach Burns. Coyle High7s baseball Warriors, beating each opponent in at least one game last season, turned in a winning year, posting an eight and five record for the campaign. The Warriors took each county team once with the exception of Attleboro whom they dropped two times. They split a pair of games with powerful Brockton High and handed Somerset a defeat in the only game between the two nines. The Warriors, in compiling a six and four League record, finished third in the Bristol County League behind Durfee and New Bedford Voke. Their overall record earned them the number four slot in the standings of County Class "Aw teams. Two of the biggest victories which the Warriors registered were those over New Bedford and Brockton, both return games after being beaten in the initial clashes. The Brockton game was won on a neat one-hitter by 4'Hook" Correia while the New Bedford game was clinched with a three-run homer by Frank Harrison in the bottom of the eleventh. The season ended on a happy note whenithe Coyle club drubbed Durfee High by seven runs in the wind-up game played at Alumni Field in Fall River. 'Q Q! COYLE HITTERS IN THE .300's in Name AB H county 5 Glynn, P ,.,,.,,.....,. 29 11 10 Kelleher, RF ........ 414' 15 15 4 Bowen, 3B ..,,.,,,,,,, 33 11 17 Miller, CF ..........., 37 12 18 Hoffman, C .......... 28 9 Total Coilnty players hitting .300, or over ..,............,,,.,,., -,,,,,,., Coyle .300 hitters ,,.,.,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,, PC T 379 341 833 324 321 21 5 . 1 COYLE 6 5 0 0 11 5 8 1 5 0 9 1 9 Attleboro ..,... N. B. Voke Brockton ,..... New Bedford Taunton ..,..... Durfee ............ Attleboro ...... N. B. Voke .. New Bedford Taunton ........ Somerset ...... Brockton ...... Durfee ..........., 60 TOTAL RUNS A CENTENNIAL xgAS O cv 9 E g ips umcnsm J.M.J. On May l3, some three thousand priests and Brothers of Holy Cross throughout the world celebrated a very sig- nificant event in the life of their beloved Congregation. For on that day, one hundred years ago, their order became of age, so to say. Into the hands of their ven- erated founder, Father Basil Anthony Moreau, His Holiness Pope Pius IX, placed the of- ficial document that signified the final approhation of the Constitutions of the Congrega- tion of Holy Cross. The tiny seedling that had begun life in Le Mans, France, in 1937, had received its final stamp of ap- proval, raised to the dignity of a Pontifical Institute, directly under the supervision of the Holy See. Today Moreau's priests and Brothers are following those Constitutions on five conti- nents. In universities, semi- naries, high schools, homes for boys and foreign missions in East Pakistan and South America, in parishes and in the apostolate of the press, they carry on the Work of Holy Cross. We join with the faculty in celebrating this historic event. Brother Ralph Jaworski, C.S.C., former teacher and Principal at Coyle, The Very Reverend Christopher J. O'Toole, C.S.C., Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross., and Brother Eudes Hartnett, C.S.C., present Principal of Coyle. The Priests and Brothers of Holy Cross go to Christ, the High Priest, through Mary, His Mother, and Joseph, His Foster-Father. Holy Cross has spread devotion to Mary and Joseph Macross the Worldl' through Father Peyton, C.S.C.'s Family Rosary Crusade and Brother Andre, C.S.C.'s 6'Oratory.,' ,-...i,.,.mf-if-f The BrotherS,ilWh0 devote their liieveS'tO inthe education Ofeymg men, hope that the eu- vironrnent they Q enieintai11 in their schools will he conducive of to e il This yeiarif more lli ordained to me hiiii iholy priesthood. Rievereiid Armando Anminziato, ,49, whose picture we were unable to obtain, is still in Rome where he is completingieiudies at the North Ameri- CH11 lhelhl God iinspiregie e their ilil 1 u in and religious liiifi i i 1 i ii-ehe 1 f To the newlyordained alumni, our prayers and best wishes that God will give them many years of ise1'ViCeQ toiGod and man. i M i .e From men , . . . for men . for sacrifice 5342 X ' q..XaXX.,, X V . , X - - . ner' .5'2'Xm1aX?f2g GzXQz,,'fXQfz15faw:?k:4?2Xf:-HXX-'X ,J nfXvX'n5u'XXf2,X:f.XJrm,21w,:A'X . , . .. ,MXM t.ff ,W ,,f-L,L G .XXXf.-.,,X,XX .... X - X gX .X , K wr, g.a,XX.f:,L5eXXUe,?f:12QXXgfXi'XXf,a?1fi2lf2za,t1rnXaifX4,'.15gag .X X - - ,ayQ,i3,,QE3Xm7XmXXXXXWXVX,K so A 5 X ,AXX,,,,.,gi.X.,,h,XXKQV,V,,,XJ?M.,.. W X. XM MXXXM-.X, X. , . X, - X X X RF J ,lg 'sXf1XisX,gg,X"X1XXi. X g -, ,124 Us , X XX X, 4, X, 'mga X 2' X"fX-Xff1'i,XAi',H.,- ,fgvizft .f XiX 'H PXXQXXX 2 9:.XX,'-5X1'wXX'f1XX3n ,.X.X.Xf,1X,i 2 'J if WX X? XfmliQX5'? 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X . , - Xa is . - - ' X Xara' , fXf,e:4X:e,AX.. ,- XXX-fX,,. , School MAXIMA CUM LAUDE George Coleman, Valedzctorzan Raymond Kelleher, Salutatorzan John Brassard MAGNA CUM LAUDE Armand Yelle Francis Norton Philip LaFrance Joseph Ferreira John Donovan CUM LAUDE Donald Brezinski Francis O'Boy Richard Granito Walter Sroczinski Ronald Patriani Robert Bellonzi John Gay Gerald Desmarais Thomas Murphy Julian Witengier THE COYLE ALUM I ASSOCIATIO ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF 1956-57 aj Fund Raising Committees: l. S6 700. Booster Club 2. 33250. Alumni Dues 3. Sf 100. Alumni Basketball Game 4. S l00. Basketball Refreshment Committee 5. SB 400. Sponsorship of Football Program bl The Alumni Association has re- cently purchased new basketball uni- forms, as well as a contribution to the Library and other educational activities. Alumni Scholarships will be given to two worthy graduates this June. During the past few months, social gatherings have added to the unity and interests of the Alumni Association. It is our sincere interest that graduates reading this yearbook will "drop a linen to the Alumni. OFFICERS OF THE COYLE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION-Left to right: Joseph Scanlon, Treas- urerg Carl Caron, Secretaryg Reverend Joseph Quinn, C.S.C., who spoke on "The Family Ro- sary Crusadeg' Robert Boreri, Presidentg Edmund Brennan, Vice President. ..,,., . S. U. ,Wg ALUMNI HELPERS-Seated, left to right: T. Taylor, A. R. Correia F. R. Hoffmann. Standing: F. O'Boy, E. Walsh, R. Hoffmann, R Loew. 'THESE PRGCEEDINGS ARE CLOSED" So said General lVfacArthur approxi- mately twelve years ago on the deck of the '6lVlighty Mof' So said the Editor of this '57 Review just a few minutes ago as he sent the last few remaining pages to the publisher. This has been a tough old war, believe me. About eight months ago the Review Staff put on its collective thinking caps and began turning out the material which appears on the preceding pages. lt has been months of long hours at hard work, and also, I might add, many problems. There were times when the situations seemed hopeless, but somehow they all seemed to turn out satisfactorily. There is little time while working on the Review for the Staff to show their ap- preciation for the efforts of those who have made this book possible. At this time we wish to thank especially the following people: Brother Eudes, our Principal, for his valuable advice and generous encouragement. Brother Richard O,Brien, C.S.C., our Advisor, for his guidance and assistance throughout the year. The Faculty-Religious and Lay-for their cooperation. Brother Albertus, C.S.C., for mimeographing announcements and special write-ups. The Coyle Mothers, who once again did so much to make the book a success. Their financial assistance took care-to a great deal-of printing costs. Mr. Emmett Calvey, of the Taunton Daily Gazette, and lVlr. Robert Calvey for sup- plying us with many pictures and allowing us the use of their files. lVlr. Thomas Galvin of the Taylor Yearbook Co. for his valuable advice and pa- tient assistance. lVlrs. Patricia Corey, school secretary, for her 'patient cooperation in our bookkeep- ing problems. The Staff of Loring Studios for their complete and helpful cooperation with us dur- ing the year. The Taunton Daily Gazette for the use of their pictures. Our patrons and advertisers, without whose financial help the Review would have been impossible to publish. Our efficient and capable Yearbook Staff, especially David Burton and John Dou- ahue, who gave generously of their time in putting out this Review. Gratefully, Armand J. Yelle Erlitor ll "R0g" can't wait. 21 Must have been something you tries to keep Fitzsimmons awake. 65 Helpful and friendly ate, Mahoney. 31 "The Thinker" ala Rec, 41 R. Starvish Cafeteria ladies. 71 Mid-winter's foe, Joe Larzaz. and R. Desrosiers pause for the tamera. 55 Brother Richard MM: ,114 1353, 1'!' H s..e""",....-:f""-53,1 f if '5 .ei N - xx g. ' , f an ' 'M , N ' ,4 Im, I Wx 'N ww, Z K . PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Ermenio Abati Mr. and Mrs. William Adair Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Aranjo Mr. and Mrs. Theophile Arguin Mrs. Arguin Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Arieta Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aubut Band and Glee Club Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Barber Mr. and Mrs. N. Barriteau Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Beauregard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bellonzi Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bird Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Blackader Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Blomer Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Boardman Mr. and Mrs. James P. Boland Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Boreri Mr. and Mrs. Henry Borges Mr. and Mrs. Aime Bourassa Mrs. Vital J. Bourgeous Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowen Mr. Norman A. Boyer Mr. Richard Boyer Mr. and Mrs. William T. Boyle Mrs. Branzell Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Brassard Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Brezinski Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Brouillette Mr. William Bullock Mr. and Mrs. John Burton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Cabral Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Callaghan Mr. Antone Camara Miss Victoria Camara Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Cardoza Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Cardoza Mr. and Mrs. Vincent H. Carolan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casey Jr. Mrs. Leo Chabot Mayor and Mrs. Joseph C. Chamberlain Miss Dorothy Champage Mr. and Mrs. William Chapman Mr. and Mrs. John C. Chappell Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Chappell Jr. Mr. John C. Chappell III Mr. and Mrs. Armand Charpentier Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Chorlton Mr. and Mrs. William F. Clemmey Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. Francis Clynes Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Colbert Mr. and Mrs. John Collins Mr. and Mrs. James Conroy Mrs. Mary Contreras Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Coogan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Cardin Mr. John S. Correia Mr. and Mrs. George Costa Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cote Mr. Louis G. Courcy Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cronan Mr. and Mrs . John Cross Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Croteau Mr. James E. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Miss Jean H. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Crowley Paul Cummings Anthony Czaya Silvino D'Arruda . Joseph De Bisio Samuel De Chellis Alicide Demers Demers Joseph Demers Hector Demers Mr. Armand Desrosiers Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Desrosiers Mr. Louis Desrosiers Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Camille Denis Mrs. P. DiMartino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Devereaux Mr. and Mrs. Perry DeThomas Mrs. Helen F. Donahue Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Gerald J. Dooley Paul Donovan Howard Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . John E. Donovan . Charles Donovan Mr. and Mrs. . James Dolan . John B. Driscoll George L. Dooley Mrs. Albert Dufresne Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Dusseault Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dutra Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Emond Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fagan Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Fales Mr. and Mrs. William Fanning Mr. and Mrs. John Fernandes Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferreira Joseph Ferreira Mr. William Fioretti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fitzsimmons Dr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Fitzgerald Mr. Ovila Fortin PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Fontneau Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Fortier Mr. Joseph Foster Mrs. E. Fraga Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frazier Mr. Paul Frazier Mr. Bernard Freccero Mr. and Mrs. Antone Goncalo Mr. and Mrs. A. Freitas Mr. and Mrs. Manual Freitas Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . Richard Gallacher Joseph Gamache Philippe J. Gamache Thomas Garvey Mr. Joseph P. Gatanti Mary E. Gatanti Mrs. Juliette B. Gaudreau Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gay Mr. Raymond Gazzola Mr. and Mrs. George P. George Mr. A. St. Germain Mrs. Nellie Getchell Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs .John J. Gibbons, Jr. . Arthur Giard . Joseph Gonsalves Mr. and Mrs. . Charles T. Graney Daniel Grace Sr. Miss Judy and Lucille Guillette Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Harriet Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs . Louis Guillette . Robert Hall U . William R. Hall D. Hanford . Frank Hanieski Alfred Harpin Mr. and Mrs. . Bernard E. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Harrison Walter L. Heagney Sr. . Frank Hoffmann Mr. Joseph D. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. George Houde Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Mr. James M. Hughes Constance Hutchinson Mrs. Phyllis Kable Mr. and Mrs. William J. King Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Kelleher Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kelleher Mr. John Kennedy Mrs. John Kerrigan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krockta Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Labrecque Mr. Eugene H. LaCroix Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ladebauche Mr. and Mrs. Rene La France Mr. and Mrs. Leo Laine Mrs. Emma Lane Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Lariviere Prof. and Mrs. Rudolph LaVault Mr. and Mrs. John Laughlin Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Lefrancois Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Legere Mr. and Mrs. Francis Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Francis Levesque Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Levis Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Mr. Joseph Lima Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Loew Mr. and Mrs. Frank Longo Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lorden Mrs. Irene M. Lowney Mr. Stanley Lukasewski Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mador Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Mador Mr. and Mrs. Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Maigret Miss Lena Mailloux Mr. and Mrs. Rodolphe Mailloux Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Mailloux Mr. Al Martin Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Martin Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Martin Miss Brada Mathieu Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mattos Mr. Francis L. McAloon Mr. and Mrs. Louis McAdams Mr. and Mrs. William A. McAloon Dr. and Mrs. Jerome McCaffrey Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McCann Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. McDermott Mr. and Mrs. John McEachern Mr. Lloyd McGovern Sr. Mr. Robert McGowan Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McKinney Mr. Charles McManus Mr. and Mrs. Barthy F. McNally Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Menard Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V. Mendes Mrs. Margaret Meunier Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mikulis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Miranda Mr. and Mrs. Philip Morris Mr. Joseph P. Mulhern Mr. and-Mrs. Arthur J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Edward Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Nerney PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nolan Miss Eileen Norton Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. 0'Boy Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. 0,Brien Mr. and Mrs. William J. O,Brien Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. 0'Gara Mr. and Mrs. John M. O,Hearne Mrs. Thomas 0,Keefe Mr. and Mrs. James O'Leary Mr. Peter O'Leary Mrs. Catherine Orsi Mr. and Mrs. William Otis Mr. and Mrs. John 0,Reilly Mr. and Mrs. O. Pagnini Mr. and Mrs. Z. D. Paquin Mr. Richard Parker Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Pothier Orazio Patriani Mr. and Mrs. T. Pepin Mrs. Eve Perdigao Helen Perdigao Mr. Henry A. Perra Mr. and Mrs. Girard Perrault Mr. and Mrs. Albert Perry Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Perry Mrs. John Peters Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Phillipe Mrs. George R. Pike Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pimento Mr. and Mrs. John L. Pontes Mrs. Cecile A. Precourt Janet Precourt Mr. Walter F. Precourt Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Victor Racine Mr. and Mrs. Jesse S. Raposa Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rasmussen Mrs. Alfred Rausch Mrs. Julio Rebello Mr. Henry Rec Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Rego Mr. John A. Reynolds Lillian E. Rice Mr. and Mrs. William Ricketts Mr. and Mrs. David Riendeau Mr. and Mrs. George W. Roach Mrs. Timothy L. Roach Mr. -and Mrs. Granville Robbins Mr. and Mrs. James Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Albert Robistow Mr. Thomas Rochford Mr. A. J. Ruskey Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ryan Mr. Joseph L. Scanlon Mrs. Eunice Santos Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Schofield Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schriever Mr. Leon J. St. Pierre Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Seneca Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Shachoy Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sharkey Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Sheehan Mary and Ann Silva Mr. and Mrs. Victor Silva Mr. and Mrs. George A. Sleight Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Snow Mr. Alfred Soucy Mr. and Mrs. George Souza Miss Nora Spillane Mr. Robert Spillane Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sroczinski Mrs. Mary L. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Starvish Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Sylvia Mr. and Mrs. James Sylvia Mr. Raymond St. Germain Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tabak Mr. and Mrs. J. James Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Hermand Thibert Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Thomas Mrs. George Tormey Mr. and Mrs. Francis Tracy Mrs. Catherine M. Trainor Mr. and Mrs. Manuel C. Travers Mr. and Mrs. William Trucchi Mr. Stephen Turkalo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Unsworth Mr. and Mrs. James Vicino Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wheelock Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Welch Mr. Francis B. Welch Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wells Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wheeler Mrs. Angela K. White Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. White Mrs. Anita Whittemore Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilkey Mr. and Mrs. Julian Witengier Mr. and Mrs. Armand J. Yelle Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Rodier Sr. Dr' and Mrs' B. E. Zawacki ' 1'1 3 E '54S"'.: A: - B A L F O U R L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY AH'leboro, Massachuseffs 0 DISTINCTIVE CLASS RINGS and PINS DIPLOMAS - PERSONAL CARDS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS MEDALS and TROPHIES CLUB INSIGNIA Known Wherever There Are Schools ancl Colleges 0 MR. THOMAS GALVIN, Represen+a+ive A++leboro Office F To THE CLASS Elf' ' THE Q stronghold ll VASIININ VIIY PURPOSE America's Best Known Name ln Nails There is only one STRONGHOLD Line-The Original. Made only by INDEPENDENT NAII. 8 PACKING CO Pioneer Developers and Largest Manufacturers of Threaded Nails BRIDGEWATER, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A. 3 C pl 1' THE SHERRY CORP 823 D I S FALL RIVER MASS f TAUNTON CASH MARKET, INC. 283 SOMERSET AVE. TAUNTON. MASS. VA 4-805I QUALITY FOODS for Cus+omer SaI'is'Fac+ion We wani' you +o be sa+isfied-+I1erefore we carry only 'Ihe 'finesl' grades of merchandise, and sell a+ reasonable prices. For your convenience, we handle a full line of groceries, mea'I's, fruiis. vegefables, fresh fish, 'frozen foods, I1eaI+I1 and Iaeauiy aids. OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 P.M. FREE DELIVERY and FREE PARKING Compliments of MANSFIELD BLEACHERY H11 Read the TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE for LOCAL NEWS OF SPORTS AND DAY TO DAY HAPPENINGS in Nor+I1ern Bris'I'oI Coun+y THE GAZETTE HAS SERVED THIS AREA SINCE I848 Published by WILLIAM REED AND SONS CO. 5-9 CoI1anne+ S+. TAUNTON. MASSACHUSETTS NASON OIL COMPANY AMOCO Distributors Gasoline and Motor Oils FUEL and RANGE OIL 24-Hour Burner Service PLANT Dana Street, Corner of Danforth Street OFFICE 46 Taunton Green Taunton, Mass. "Our Heating Oils Make Warm Friends" WALTER H. GOREY, Manager LARIVIERE'S PHARMACY ROBERT'S PHARMACY 600 CoH'age S'I'ree+ 629 Brock Avenue New Bedford. Mass. New Bedford, Mass. Reg. Ph. OSCAR LARIVIERE Reg. Ph. CLAIRE AND CHARLES LARIVIERE THE FOUR LARIVIERE DRUG STORES BAILEY'S SQUARE PHARMACY VILLAGE REXALL DRUGSTORE Bailey's Square Main S'l'ree+ and Rou+e 6 New Bedford, Mass. Ma++apoiseH', Mass. Reg. Ph. THEODORE LARIVIERE Reg. Ph. LEO P. LARIVIERE Compliments of COYLE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and COYLE BOOSTERS' CLUB Com plimenls of THE SEELEY COMPANY Dress Well and Succeed Whefher for Graduafion or any similar occasion - you 'find our clo+l1es always loolc well and con+inue fo do so during +l1e life of l'l1e garmen'I'. ARROW SHIRTS SHORTS NECKWEAR HANDKERCHIEFS INTERWOVEN SOCKS STETSON HATS PALM BEACH GRIFFON MIDDISHADE CLOTHES 52-54 Taunlon Green 7 Weir S+. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '57 From the BAND AND GLEE CLUB Complimenis of BELLAVANCE, INC. ATTLEBORO. MASS. COMPLIMENTS 1' THE CLASS OF I957 From DEFIANCE BLEACHERY NORTON, MASS. COMPLIMENTS of GEORGE M. CAREY ALUMNUS I Complimenfs of JEWELED CROSS CO. NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. Compllmenfs of THE FALL RIVER HERALD NEWS COM PLIMENTS of THE CRAFT, INC. SO. ATTLEBORO, MASS. THE FI COMPLIMENTS of RST NATIONAL OF ATTLEBORO I9 Park S'I'. ATTLEBORO 679 Washingfon S+. SO. ATTLEBORO BANK PIERCE HARDWARE COMPANY Disfribufors of HARDWARE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES I5 M S T CHORLTON FOUNDRY CO., INC Gray Iron Cas+ings SOMERSET MASS T I OSI: 2 296I Complimen+s +o +he CLASS OF '57 A FRIEND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '57 From the ATTLEBORO BOYS ine Fashion Accessories for 1 I Over 30 Years rr wi EVANS QVAN5 f EVANS CASE CO. Nor+I1 A++Ieboro. Mass. HANDBAGS CIGARETTE LIGHTERS COMPACTS MEN'S AND WOMEN'S PERSONAL ACCESSORIES GD JAMES P. SHEEHAN Religious Gifts BROCKTON. MASS. Graduafe of Monsignor Coyle High I939 256 MAIN STREET Complimen+s of 'THE HOUSE OF GOOD QUALITY" Complimenfs of ARLAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Complimen+s of WARMSUTTA MILLS New BEDFORD, MASS. MCWHlRR'S FALL RlVER'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE On +l1e Air a+ I2:30 WSAR THEODORE LORANGER AND SON General Consfrucfion NEW BEDFORD. MASS. AMERICAN PRESS, INC. PRINTERS I Coffin Avenue New Bedford, Mass. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY of Fall River Complimenis of BROCKTON CUTTING DIE AND MACHINE CO. AND BROCKTON OPERATING CO. Shoe Manufac+uring and Mill Supplies AVON. MASS. HARRY F. LYONS Plumbing and Heating 9 Purchase St. TAUNTGN. MASS. Compliments of STOUGHTON DINER W. H. RILEY 84 SON, INC Distributors for Cities Service Petroleum Products FUEL OILS RANGE olLs e. E. BOILER BURNER UNITS RILSON BURNERS 24-HOUR BURNER SERVICE bl Cohannet Street Taunton, Mass. Tel. VA 2-i282 T1- Louis G. Courcy Range and Fuel Oils Tel. VAndyIce 2-I I73 299 WI1i'r'I'en'Ion S'I'ree+ TAUNTON, MASS. Tel. AHIe. I -I 286 ERNEST J. PRECOURT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR ResicIen'I'iaI and IncIusI'riaI Wiring R. F. D. Box I49 A'H'Ieboro, Mass ODAMS CLEANERS Office Plan+ ll Weir S+, 94 Tremon+ S+. Taun'I'on, Mass. DAN'L AND M. J. COUGHLIN, INC. FUNERAL HOME Since I88O 229 WINTER ST. FALL RIVER, MASS. Com pIimenI's of LAUGH LlN'S MARKET "Quality Always" M. J. DUNLOP FURNITURE CO. FurniI'ure 'For BeHer Living Bedford S'Iree'I' Tel. II River, Mass. OSIoorne 4-2205 D. J. SULLIVAN, INC. Contractors Builders is RANDALL STREET TAUNTON Bes+ Wishes From MULHERN'S PHARMACY Druggists ESTABLISHED l904 SULI-IVAN'5 DE SILVIA ELECTRIC CO OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 75 Broadway 29 Weir S+. Tel. 4-4076 Taun+on, Mass. Taunfgnl Magg. H. CompIimenI's of CHERRY'S FALL RIVER. MASSACHUSETTS GOODNOW'S "Good CIoI'hes Help Io Make a Successful Man" 4I-47 MAIN STREET TaunI'on, Mass. CompIimen+s of A FRIEND LOUGHLIN CHEVROLET 545-569 Mill S+ree1' NEW BEDFORD, MASS. The Boys From THE HIGHLAND BUS of FALL RIVER R. KELLEHER J. DONOVAN G. COLEMAN J. LOWNEY J. FERREIRA P. CARDOZA T 1 vfffy flffffl Tel. I-075l ATTLEBORO, MASS. Complimenis of ANTAYA BROTHERS ATTLEBORO, MASS. BAY SUPPLY CO. Polishing, Buffs and Compounds l70 Taunion Avenue Norion, Mass. CHET O'LEARY Complimenfs of THE STOUGHTON AND THE BROCKTON BOYS KIRLEY COAL 81 SUPPLY CO. Wes+ Church Sfreei' MANSFIELD, MASS. Tel. EDgewood 9-2955 or 9-2956 Tel. VAnclylce 4-7374 R. DUSSEAULT AND SON Asphali' Walks and Drives Esfimaies Cheerfully Given 7 KURT PLACE TAUNTON. MASS Complimenfs of GUKNEY BROS. CO. Jewelers Since I84I BROCKTON, MASS. Complimenfs of THE GONDOLA Bay S+. TAUNTON 'Besi Wishes LE COMTE'S MEN'S SHOP I263 Acushnef Ave. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. FREITAS' JENNEY SERVICE l762 So. Main S+. FALL RIVER, MASS. Tel. OS 2-9607 LANOUE BROS. Foofwear by +he Coun+ry's Leading Makers 45 Legion Parkway BROCKTON, MASS. WETZELL'S SPORT and MARINE SHOP 644 Beimoni' SI. ROUTE I23 BROCKTON. MASS Complimenfs of C I f ' + FERNANDES MARKETS """"me" S " Norm, Main S+. DURANDS CHOCOLATE SHOP Issxiholsfsion IKIAZIIZ I9TTau+n+on green E. Bridgewafer Bedford S+. aun on' ass' HALL'S MUSIC STORE I69 Norih Main S+ree+ FALL RIVER, MASS. Everyihing for 'ihe Music Lover. OSCAR'S WATCH SHOP 2I Park S+ree+ ATTLEBORO. MASS. Q JOS. J. BRAGA Wholesale Dealer in Cigars, Tobacco, Confecfionery Toys and Novelfies TeI. Broc. 8-0930 570 No. Elm Sfreef PAUL'S BARBERSHOP In fhe "HUB" of ihe Easi Side I97 Pine S+. ATTLEBORO. MASS. EDDIE'S SUPER MARKET Easf Taun+on Mos+ Modern Food Shopping Cen'rer Complimenis of AUTO SEAT COVER SHOP 97 Weir S+. TAUNTON, MASS. Complimenfs of MOREY'S BARBERSHOP 3II Bay S+. TAUNTON, MASS. Complimenis of A FRI END TROY SHEET METAL WORKS. INC. I64 HarI'welI S+ree+ FALL RIVER, MASS. Complimenfs of STONE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE I7 TrescoH S1'ree+ TAUNTON, MASS. BEST WISHES CARLTON H. BLISS Nor+I1 AH'Ieboro Mass. CompIimen+s of NORTH ATTLEBCRO GAS CO Complimenfs of JEROME A. MCCAFFREY, M.D. Complimenfs To The Class of '57 ART THOMPSON'S "NATIONWIDE" MARKET BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '51 Complimeni-S of .he Ffom PARK NEWS MR. AND MRS. ANDREW STEFANIK THOMAS CLARK, Prop. Complimenfs of a FRIEND From ATTLEBORO LEONARD STREET AMOCO Corner School and Leonard Sis. TAUNTON, MASS. OLD COLONY HARDWARE Old Colony Road NORTON, MASS. D 81 M SUPPLY. INC. Lumber and Building Supplies New Conveniences and Comforfs 'For Your Home 395 Oakland S+. Mansfield Phone IO92 MILOT TELEVISION SERVICE Radio-Television-Appliance Sales 437 BAY STREET. TAUNTON VA 4-447I HAROLD GOREN, O.D. Eyes Examined-Visual Training Confaci' Lenses By Appoin+men+ 20 Main S+. Taun'Ion Complimenfs From HENRY A. PERRA 264 WasI1ing+on S+ree+ PLUMBING AND HEATING Taun'I'on, Mass. HOUSE OF HENNESSYS' 238 Foresf Avenue 2I0 Foresi' Avenue BROCKTON, MASS. THE COLONIAL PRESS Phofo Offsel' Wall Sl. A'H'Ieboro, Mass. Tel. AH. I-00II "Choice of Smarl' Women" ANNE R. ABATI BEAUTY SHOPPE "S" 242 Main S'I'. Briclgewaler, Mass. Tel. 2245 ANNE R. ABATI, Prop. Complimenls of GASKINS' PHARMACY Norfon, Mass. THE PROFIT SHARING FACTORY John E. Lucey Co., Inc. Bridgewaler. Mass. A 81 M FLYING A SERVICE Complele Lubricafion General Repairing 63 So. Washinglon S+. Phone My 5-9005 NO. ATTLEBORO, MASS. Complimenls of D 8: F LINEN SUPPLY CO. Union Hanal Laundry 22 Franklin S+. Taunion, Mass. Tel. 2-002I Complimenfs of A FRIEND Day and Nighl' Towing Service ARMAND'S GARAGE General AuI'o Repairing Va 4-950I I7 Arlhur S+. A. DESROSIERS, Prop. Taunfon, Mass. Complimenis of B. J. REILLY DAIRY Oualily Milk and Cream Proclucfs 73 Crescenl' Ave. Fi 4-926l Sloughlon, Mass. Complimenls of CINDY LEE SHOPPE I64l So. Main Sl. FALL RIVER, MASS. Wearing Apparel for AII I'he Family WYMAN JEWELERS Cerlifiecl Wafchmalcer Diamonds--Wafches-JeweIry-Gifl' Ilems-Greefing Cards Fi 4-2760 I2 Wyman S+. STOUGHTON. MASS. Complimenfs +o ihe Class of '57 MANNY'S NEWS Besl' Wishes 'I'o 'Ihe Class of '57 JOE'S SHELL STATION S'I'ough'I'on, Mass. Complimenls of DESOUZA BROTHERS MARKET Taun'ron, Mass. JOE'S GULF STATION 8: VETERAN'S TAXI Sfoughfon. Mass. JOSEPH GOMES COLONIAL DO NUT SHOP Taunlon, Mass. BRIDGEWATER-INDEPENDENT I7 Cenfral Square IRearI BRIDGEWATER MASSACHUSETTS CompIimenI's of SPENCER SHOE STORE I3 Taunfon Green CENTRAL SQUARE PHARMACY The Rexall S'Iore Cenfral Square and Main S+. BRIDGEWATER. MASS. Complimenis of KAPLAN FURNITURE STORES New Bedford MassachuseH's CompIimenI's MORRIS MOTORS I322 Purchase SI'reeI' NEW BEDFORD, MASS. POYANT'S SHOE STORE I494 Acushnei' Avenue NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Samples-Reiecis-CanceIIa+ions CaII Wy..2-2905 A FRIEND CompIimen'I's of THE FROLIC CLUB Wes'I' Main SIree'I' NORTON. MASS. BOURASSA'S HARDWARE LORETTA LUNCHEONETTE I832 Acushnei' Ave. Grocgries NEW BEDFORD, MASS. MOIJII9a5 EAST FREETOWN. MASS. ORSI BROTHERS Fancy Fruii' Baskeis Free Deliveries Tel. Va. 4-8I4I WOLLISON DRESS SUIT PARLOR Formal Wear for Hire 888 Purchase S'I'ree'I' Rooms 209-2I0 New Bedford, Massachuse'Hs CENTRAL PHARMACY ARMAND H. CHARPIENTIER Reg. Phar. Cen'IraI and Acushnef Ave. New Bedford, Mass. YELLE'S MARKETS I Pickney SI'ree+ 246 TremonI' S'I'reeI' TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS CompIimen'l's of GRAY TYPEWRITER I34 Second S'I'ree'I' FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS WATERFIELD'S MUSIC SHOP 6 Trescoff SI'ree'I' TaunI'on, Massachuseiis Complimenfs of FALES ICE 8: FUEL CO. I5 Pleasanf Sfreel' M f' Id M ans ue , ass. YOUR FRIENDLY FUEL DEALER Complimenfs of ATTLEBORO MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY Founded I844 AH-leboro Massachuse'Hs HEAGNEY'S Two Fine Luncheoneffes Nexf 'Io ,Union Theafer Corner Park and Union Sfs. Nexl' I'o Posl' Office CONSTANT'S JENNEY SERVICE I850 Acushnef Ave. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Dial WYman 3-8205 Complimenfs of McGOWAN INSURANCE AGENCY Complimenfs of A FRIEND ROBERT'S Full Dress Ren'l'aI Service Telephone 9-6I9I 383 Spring S+. FALL RIVER, MASS. Complimenfs of BONNER'S FLOWERS Fall River. Mass. Fall River's Largesl' Men's and Boys' Clofhing THE HUB S. GOURSE 8: SONS Fall River. Mass. Ge'I' 'Io Know BLANCHARD CHEVROLET Bridgewafer, Mass. Tel. Owen 7-6935 Buy Your Home Furnishings APPAREL GIFTS APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS Come in 'I'o Lovolc, If Nol' I'o Buy aI' WING'S in New Bedford The 82 Year Old "Friendly S'I'ore" Besf Wishes From TOUHEY'S PHARMACY 202 Rock S+. Fall River, Mass. Complimenfs of WILFRED J. GINGRAS Complimenfs of NEW YORK LACE STORE Insurance 330 Granife Block 89 M,-,in S+, FALL RIVER, MASS. TAUNTON NASH Sales and Service CARAMOS MOTOR SALES 265 Bay Sf. Taunfon TAUNTON OFFICE SUPPLY. INC 29 Weir SI. TAUNTON Van Dyke 4-8603 Complefe Office Ouffi'Hers CQUGHI-lN'S BROOKLAWN PHARMACY Fine Foomgar Since JosEPH A. CHARPENTIER R . Ph . ATTLEBOROI MASS- I902 Acushni? arrNew Bed'Ford HOBBY TOWN SPORTING GOODS Complimemg AND HOBBIES of a FRIEND I50I Acushnei' Avenue NEW BEDFORD Complimenfs of 'l'he EompIImenIS.oI New Bedford Boys epresemahve PETER B. GAY ACUSHNET PHARMACY Acushnef, Mass. RAYMOND E. LAGUE, Pharm. GUIMOND FARMS, INC. "A" Qualny Milk 83l R-obeson Sireef FALL RIVER, MASS. Tel. Osborne 8-5286 or 2-6240 CompIimen+s of KIM BEAUTY SHOP CompIimenI's LOPES' VARIETY STORE 479 Somersef Avenue TAUNTON, MASS. Complimenis of RIENDEAU FUNERAL HOME PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE 436 Bay S+ree+ Taunfon, Mass. Tel. VA 2-037I Free Delivery ARTHUR E. POWERS, Reg. Ph. Complimenfs of GOULET'S BARBERSHOP Three Corners TAUNTON STERLING AUTO SCHOOL E. F. Ogden Assonef, Mass. For +he Finesi in Pianos VINECOMBE'S PIANO CRAFTSMEN I086 Robeson Sfreei' Tel. OSborne 2-5789 PIANO TUNING AND REPAIRING RED'S VARIETY Candies-Soda-Groceries SOMERSET, MASS. CompIimen+s of MR. AND MRS. OSCAR GRANITO MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR Formal Wear 'For Ren+ M. VIGORITO 6 N. Washing+on S+. N. A++Ieboro, Mass. Every Type of Young Men's Shgeg CompIimen+s of a+ CanceIIa+ion Prices A FRIEND WINER SHOE CO. 56 Cen+er S+. C- T- C- Brocldon, Mass. CompIimen+s of HECTOR DEMERS RAGO'S BEEF AND PROVISION 263 Kennedy S+ree+ FALL RIVER. SERVING TAUNTON Dial VA 4- I 779 CompIimen+s of JOSEPH S. ROSE CompIimen+s of DETHOMAS BARBERSHOP 38 Weir S+. TAUNTON L. E. ROBERT'S MARKET Groceries and Provisions 473 Ashley Blvd. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. HELEN'S HOUSE OF YARNS 24 School S+. HELEN NASON DONAHUE. Prop. Dry Cleaning Fur S+orage DERMODY CLEANERS 34-44 Cohanne+ S+. TAUNTON, MASS. Phone VanDyIre 2-6I6I "BuiI+ on Values, Growing on VaIue" NEW YORK LACE STORE 89 Main S+. Taun+on, Mass. TOWN CLUB Broadway RAYNHAM, MASS. We Specialize in Banque+s ORA A. ANDREWS Main S+. NORTON, MASS. Insurance of All Kinds POST OFFICE PHARMACY Prescrip+ions J. A. NORRIS, R. Ph. New Bedford, Mass. W. H. LUDDY 8: SON Bus Service E. BRIDGEWATER, MASS. CompIimen'I's of HASKINIS PHARMACY Wesi' Main S+reeI' NORTON, MASS. "JOE" CURTIS REAL ESTATE I3 Nor+h Washingfon Sfreei' NORTH ATTLEBORO Myr'I'Ie 9-4487 600 Lisfings-AII Types of Properiy PETE'S LUNCH EON ETTE I78I V2 ACUSIIHBT Avenue New Bedford, Mass. PETE POTHIER, Prop. Complimenfs of STAPLES COAL CO. 35 Taun+on Green TAUNTON, MASS. TeI. VA 4-58I7 DANA'S Home of Fine Furnishings 85 Main S+. TAUNTON, MASS. Complimenfs of CHIESA 81 TOSTI 70-74 Couri' S+. TAUNTON, MASS. TREMONT SUPER MARKET 63 Tremonf S+. TAUNTON, MASS. SILVEIRA'S SHOE REPAIR I834 Acushnei Ave. NEW BEDFORD. MASS. ATTLEBORO MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY R. BURTON FORBES Treasurer AHIeboro, Mass. BRISTOL COUNTY RADIO CO. "Taun+on's Larges'I' Furniiure and Appliance S+ore." 70-72 Main S+. TAUNTON, MASS. LEONARITS RESTAURANT LUNCHEONETTE THE NEW ENDICOTT JOHNSON Bakery Producis SHOE STORE Ice Creagrg Main S+. Candy 3' Main S+. TAUNTON, MASS. Taunion, Mass. Live High on a Low Budgei' Buy Your Home Furnishings Apparel Giffs Appliances Sporfing Goods AT WING'S New Bedford, Mass. Complimenis of ADRIEN LEMIRE'S MARKET New Bedford, Mass. CLIFFORD CLEANERS Ou:Ii'I'y Service Tel. VA 2-633I MERCHANTS LANE Taunfon Free Pick-Up and DeIivery Hove You Thought About THE BROTHERS OF HOLY CROSS? Teachers of Youfh . . . on All Levels of Educaiion . . . Foreign Missionaries . . . Skilled Tradesmen . . . Office Personnel . . . "Going, Therefore, Teach . . ." The brofhers labor in +wen'I'y diocese in +he Uni+ed S'l'a'I'es, and iheir educafional work ex+ends 'From grammar school fo universify. Though all Brofhers share in fhe educa+ional aposrolaie, abouf one-'rhird of +hem are in occupafions o+her +han +eaching. A young man who knows someihing abou+ 'ihe life and work of +he Holy Cross Broihers, and who has +he desire and qualificafions +o serve God as +hey do, can presume +ha'r he has a vocafion +o fhai' sfaie of life. Brofhers of Holy Cross, Eas+ern Vice-Province 26-20 Francis Lewis Blvd. Flushing 58, N. Y. ,lf X V01 f VV M v - .L W "' re :Rik , 'fv V lj v awp' g . Av I ff! O AM 91' I: ' - 'bf 1' XC X ,lWW,W,, IDL Q , f M" iv LITHOGRAPHED BY Lon PUBLISHING co DALLAS 0 T ms NX Ee S . Q55 ,, ,- I v 0 E 1 k f ff! 7 2 . vwbwf ,,5,.? ll 4 M' ykwfiw Ap f H M24 low- Z Iliff! egg I SVU Qjmjwgfjg Jw' ai3,,,,.j"2V Sfpuepz ,aww 'WL W V Af PE? 17 'W , 1 J Q an inlanix SOITIC and qualities of goodsportsmanship. Q Socially the Ccmyleirnkilimgjs always a gPllliCI1lilIl. ' He ouitivates genuineiifificifidsifips with good com- ' panions. Ho is El wortinrvhiie citizen Whofolriives- . promote the common good hy serving his Cod. his country and his community. In a word, a man of faith and honesty, of strength of chin-meter through Sf?ii--IIIHSYFYY.. of ro- 25 ,SpQff?Lfif01'.fl1fa Ci11'iSii?3ilf?1'?'iilY Midi 1awofwlfdvUwifv- h i 1 ,i,o o ,.oi owno 'o,' ' oi" o'nnnni Q h gn fl , x P? f M Eggffi. XXX C '-H, , www HH" , 4 - i , '. ?1'4'4'23'f'5i' 7, 4-' , V,'2Qiff'f' ua- 3 - Mlm, Km' - . ',,i,,f,-1' . Wi, 5 iii Q ' 'lib 'Mg ks., cog 3 'G+ www' S' 'faq 'I'

Suggestions in the Monsignor Coyle High School - Review Yearbook (Taunton, MA) collection:

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