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Monsignor Coyle High School - Review Yearbook (Taunton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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rffij' V ':,' .'Q' 5 "-V. . ' A, 'Q i T 4 -Avo-h v 53" ' IV L ' A ' ' - Q I 5'l'ou l's+on ,, V ' ' X ,l-, o, flzy e an . - gf' Pictorilal ap o t ee ities- hich Form a I l .IM fh C W N -E . l The Population of The Monsignor James lv sron V Coyle High School 4 I A l l 'Fgxbo . l A ' 'Easi' l Mansfield 5 fgst 6 " " O 5 9 'i W W gy 1225 3.5.9, H fgllv' ll' . A .l o e o o H of . .pm -A "h m 6 - Cf? -I H . A ' an D . X 17014 1 -,mm le. e . -Nodon 9 X 1, A Q A 'N.-Aiiizbore ,N 'Barrow vi ll ' - 7 QR ' O Q . X "fl A - Q' X ls' ' X X W. -QW H' 'lima ' Ta' E XX - -Ulm , f--' 'lull' Cl"a"+l ey e X. ' Q R .S I -Aifleboro In e -N S3 . 'rn Q , ' N i. ex x Jewefrg -N-'.D'Sh+ gf Z - C 1-ty ,. X Sa Q , A W 'Sree -"ll: . S I l X fVf6I1lOf'l'Ol ggi "- -V fm X 1.3 J ww Tower X xl , , , Qllll b '-l 1 . itll ' , ' ' f X- fm H HX l N, Q N ll g f " QP , N ,,.V 2 IF- ' X X . Ll N ' ll ff ' X l NK X V, !AA il I s 'X ' flu, 1 , ,V ' rl X f sgx ,msevu FERNANDES - mass csv ww h 1 Colgfe Review OE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND EORTY-NINE A PUBLICATION OE MONSIGNOR JAMES COYLE I-HGH TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS CO-EDITORS John P. Cronin John M. Driscoll LITERARY EDITORS PeterJ. Cummings Charles J. Grady ADVERTISING MANAGERS James F. Moynihan John E. Kearns BUSINESS MANAGERS John H. Byington Martin W. Laffan if 0215 f - " " Af.-L' ff -3'!'J4 a Congfe v iv u n.:-n I. r r N . , .xt cg. , f i 1 . ' I D , ' 5 XJ 2 - " .v Y, ". TQIF' , A r l if N xxx' al - . . QL, X .. -' ri- i . , "--11", iq s.- C . 4 7:25 i . 0 .sig -5 ada. Qu Q'f?'z,V mf .. vi i. "' W , , A i 'H .. ,. 4..- ' a E- page four 1' 1 l llllllllllllll To the Class of l949, who are about to embark upon your life in the world, one which will merit for you an eternity of bliss or one of misery, which will incur upon your Church glory or disgrace, which will bring about the fortification or the enervation of your coun- try, we present this edition of the REVIEW. We do so with the fullest confidence that you will employ the knowledge and training accorded you during these four years to the betterment of yourself, and, through your constant Christian example, to influence the minds and the actions of your neighbors, thereby be- coming actiye members of the lay apostolate. May these pages be to you a recollection of friends, events and incidents of your high school life. John P. Cronin and John lvl. Driscoll Co-editors I 1 lllllllllll FOREWORD THEME DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES Dramatics, Debate, Stage Technicians, Review, Warrior, Band, Christmas Prom, Camera Club, Decorators' Club, Declamation, Oratory, Student Trip, Christmas Assembly, Cheerleaders SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT' ATHLETICS Football, Basketball, Baseball, Physical Education HONOR PAGE COMMENCEMENT PICTURES OF THE MONTH ADVERTISEMENTS Page f Page six I THE DEVELOPMENT OE THE WHOLE MAN The type of education one receives is directly related to his understand- ing of life and the philosophy upon which it is based. The philosophical ideal of Coyle has for its foundation three inevitable factors: that man must earn a livelihood, live, and die regardless of the form of training he has received. To exercise each of these to its fullest requires a completely rounded personality, the total man, whose mind, heart and hand have been equally and at the same time properly developed to their respective ca- pacities. Coyle students have been subjected to the influence of one of the humanistic movements which hold as its chief tenet, the develop- ment of the individual. The Ancient Greeks and Romans, lacking the supernatural goal given men by faith, centered their studies about man and the problems of his materialistic happiness. Their conclusion was that each should struggle for the fullest development of his individuality in order that life might be J, J.. 1 ,".- ,-1, ,a, A, - ..,. ,L .,, ...IA- . , , 1- ,. , as harmonious and complete as possib e. Thus their emphasis vvas upon a sound mind and a sound body theory, We ot Coyle follow the traditions ot St, Thomas More and St. John Fisher which adapt the culture ot the ancient writers to Christian stand- ards in order that the strength ot the mind and body might be matched with spiritual fortitude The Pagan l-lumanists tail in obtaining their goal tor the omission ot the spiritual development produces incomplete personality. This book was undertaken with the purpose ot presenting in a concrete and graphic manner these principles and their ettects upon the mind, the heart and the hand ot all Coyle students. Page seven 1--.4-...4....-. .,: A .....-n-w-.,.v-9 f wwwfiI'i31-M--"IS H "W " '-4'-" - f - ,... . A- ' ,W ..-wf,,Q-J, J' ' . . X , ..........................--,- A . ,,-.,.,, ,-., xif' 'Fw' ,,,5,,,,,v N ,,, ,, 1? by ... Bmthvr Richard, C S C GNA EST GLGRIA EJUS AUXILIO T Ulllllllllll To Brother Richard, C.S.C., our principal, in acknowledgment of his sincere interest and gratuitous labors in behalf ot his students, we, the Class of l949, respectfully dedicate this volume ot the COYLE REVIEW. Brother Richard is observing this year his Silver Jubilee in the teaching profession which was devoted entirely to the development ot the spiritual, mental and physical man, the total man. For twelve of these years, Brother has been guiding the students here at Coyle to their fruition into Catholic manhood, We depart as the truit ot his unrestrained labors. With humility and gratitude we pray that we may be sound truit - worthy exponents of the high ideals established within us in order to be an asset both to God and to our Country. lVl!-XJESTATEIVI ET DECOREIVI ROSUISTI SUPER EUNI Pag 2 Page ten L. 5. - , ,-0,5 4-Z.. 5 . X: -,., N K. '- -v " ' B I - -- " x I, 1. o . v.. V . - - ' ' , .. 1 . 't ,, ' . . -,. , - ans... 1.1. X N ' n.-.e os '-Q' 4- .um Let it not be forgotten that as the Character is molded in the formative years,tI'1e same shall it be tor the rest ot the span ot lite. X Ns, Zia-9 6 HH I, Y MEN W L? LN- fs f lmmm 41mpWz:11aar11ne1f mr PM AUMlNlSHWlUN ANU HXEUUY NIHIHIII is LW, TI-IE ADIVIINISTRAT we ,lm 7T'Iullulmmmw WM The Most Reverend James E. Cassidy, DD., LLD. Bishop of Fall River P ge twel e AND EACU Y' C 3 alll! iliinglliv, fi Ell'l5ilaU!C' A ni ' 'A l SJ TO HIS EXCELLENCY, BISHOP JAMES E. CASSIDY Upon the occasion of the celebration of your Golden Anniversary of Ordination to the Holy Priesthood, vve feel that our personal thanks should be expressed in gratitude for one particular act of your administration of this diocese,-that of bringing Monsignor James Coyle High School into existence. Though there are many other acts, we feel that this alone was of a sufficiently personal nature that no one but ourselves, who have been in- fluenced directly, could adequately thank you. As our course within these walls draws to a close, we, in parting, wish by this expression to assure you of our sincere gratitude. THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE Lrv f e we g g 5 49 J.M.J. Page thirteen ul Ill. ull livllllllllllllllll , 'E THE ADMINISTM-xTloN Qllllllll Yllllf Gif T The Most Reverend James L. Connolly, DD., DSCH. Bishop of Mylasa Coadjufor To the Bishop of Fall River Pgft AND FACUI. x0 A 844, T Y ,S 2 ?-ETS? U 7- Q ?p ...49 J.M.J. The Reverend Raymond B. Bourgoin, ST.B., MA Assistant Superintendent of Diocesan Schools Director ot the Monsignor James Coyle High School The Reverend Edward J. Gorman, S.T.B., MA. Superintendent of Diocesan Schools 1 Q Page fifteen 7 QW it ,ta -lilili ink llllll T qilililimft !Tlllli THE ADIVIINISTRATIGN ,Lfwl Page sixtee BROTHER THADDEUS, CSC., BS. BS, University of Notre Dame Vice-Principal Criemigtry, Geometry, Camera Club BROTHER RICHARD CSC MS I , .. 4, .. N BS., University of Notre Dame MS. in Ed., University of Notre Dame Principal Algebra, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry r-P'-0 ED ND FACULTY t tf, -'we ws: g ga 5, 52 tl 9 .49 J.M.J. BROTHER THEOPH ll.US, CSC, M.A. AB., University ot Notre Dame MA., University ot Notre Dame Religion, Latin, Mechanical Drawing, Dramatics BROTHER GERARD, CSC., M.A. A.B., University of Notre Dame MA., University ot Notre Dame Religion, Latin BROTHER MARTlAL, CSC., A.B. AB., University of Notre Dame Geometry, Algebra, Spanish Page seventeen QHNN in ,LGR Mi' Ri'iINliui " 'T llli Page eighteen THE ADMINISTRATION BROTHER RALPH, C.S.C., A.B. A.B., University of Notre Dame Religion, French, Prom Moderator, Senior Counsellor BROTHER CASPER, CSC, M.A. A.B , University of Notre Dame M A , University of Notre Dame X Religion, American History, Cheerleader Moderator BROTHER ROLAND, CSC, MS IN ED. ,. A.B., University of Notre Dame M.S in Ed., University of Notre Dame Religion, English, Faculty Manager of Athletics, Declannation ll i AND EACU BROTHER CYRINUS, CSC., A.B. AB., University of Notre Dame English, Warrior Mocerator, Oratory Religion, Physics BROTHER RENATUS, CSC., A.B. A.B., University of Notre Dame Religion, Ancient History, Band I. T Y S te, 7- 1: ?":fir.r"9 BROTHER CHARLES BORROMEO, CSC., B.S. BS, University ot Notre Dame Page nineteen M THE ADMINISTRATION lilw , :S Q fl. BROTHER FLORENTIUS, CSC., AB. AB, University of Notre Dame Religion, English, Ancient History, Library ,e.,5e, BROTHER MICHEL, CSC., AB. A B, University of Notre Dame Religion, Algebra I S- . BROTHER EAGAN, CSC., BA, BA., University of Iowa Religion, English, Review Moderator, Decorator's Club, Oratory Page twenty AND MR. JAMES J. BLJRNS, C.A. CA, University of Notre Darne Business Arithmetic, Typing, Director of Athletics ?7f.L5l - fcgemed MR. F. HAMlLTON LANE, JR, A.B. A.B., Holy Cross College French, Gereral Science, Assistant Coach MR. JOHN J. O'NElLL, A.B. A.B., Harvard College English, Civics, Debate Moderator FACULTY t t, E 2 91 as f, 0 . ......49 J.M.J. Page twenty -one mix, ff? ' 525185 MS-?l:i.+,2:x 1- f ll l l ' ' xllll"il'iiii , yr A AoMiNisTRATioN-FACULTY BI Page twenty-two 'eh 5-keg, MR. JOSEPH C. SIKORSKI, M.A. B.S., Columbia University MA., Columbia University Biology, Physical Education, Assistant Director of Athletics MISS HELEN BIRD School Secretary MR. JAMES MEEHAN Building and Grounds Superintendent l WALTER DERMODY, President WILLIAM WARREN, Vice-President JOHN CONFORTI, Secretary GERALD MCNALLY, Treasurer HXHUHS ri i I --rf' musty! , 1 l llrllllalwr 323 a sv Q OB ' ' lf rf A l ntramur aske I ' - I . f ,rv 2 ' ' 1 I7 f Ruler of the Highland Bus... Ay,-if ll and basketball star....always ready with a joke .... faith y night Westem serial at the Plaza .... liked by all .... " s V the shades, and cheers us as we go through life." i ARMANDO ANNUNZIATO l08 Tremont Street, Taunton Honor Group l, 2, 3, Scholastic Monogram l, 2, 3, Football 3, Mono- gram 4g lntramural Basketball 3. 4 Spirited football center .... gives his all for the team .... smooth talker .... out in front scholastically .... all around "swell" fellow .... "lf anyone be- gins well his task, it is likely that the end, too, will be good," u JOHN FRANCIS ANTHONY 92 Ashland Street, Taunton lntramural Basketball 2, 3. Model airplane enthusiast .... artistic abilities made evident in his draw- ing and carving endeavors .... asset at nearby Woolworth's .... lover of the ' outdoors .... "True art is reverent imitation of God." Q ANGELO ARIETA 198 Broadway, Taunton Camera Club 4. A reserved sort of person but not at all shy .... very talented in the field of music .... accordian player at the, school assemblies .... "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." 11.4 Page twenty-four , ' . V I . , - ig'i,s ' :',,f ,. li p ji 1,-. t -Q f :I-I 1 N V 'ml M L I A F- A 4. tk 4 ,NJ :Zn A K .N 4' idb h 'I 75:7 2 ,t x ,Y .-,, at . if 3 OYLE REVIEW LEO ALFRED l3EAUVAlS lO Arthur Street, Taunton Dance Committee 3. Plays baseball and basketball for St. Jacques' C.Y.O ..... avid hockey fan .... good-natured .... sociable ,... "What sweet delight a quiet life af- fordsf' 'Pzgmqyx if RICHARD N. BERGERON 34 Holmes Street, Brockton Yearbook 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Dance Committee 3, Basket- ball 4. Tall .... well-lil-:ed .... one of Brockton's proud admirers .... travels with his "Shoe City" colleagues .... "The heart that is to be filled to the brim with holy joy must be held still." ALPHONSE BEssETTE 242 fzjvemo freer, MA ' N .. Wg, l ltr. Came to oyle in h' io ye a a hitch in the y 'a y .... identif' d by his hai n eys ,... liki for flas ies .... dubbed "Fre chi '.., in p ra uate from oy ." appy family is but an rlier avenf' w f f l r N 5' -K Y ' ig ' F 1- .fr 5' ,yrt ,,,r JEAN PAUL BOURDEAU lO Tremont Avenue, Taunton Honor Grouo l, Z, 3. Greatly disturbed by difficulties .... takes his school work with great seri- ousness .... la.1ghs at the most insignificant jokes .... an all around good fellow .... "Good humor is the health of the soul." Page twenty-five CLASS OF I949 LAWRENCE A. BURKE 39 Burkeside Avenue, Brockton Baseball Monogram 3, Dance Committee 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. Possesses a very pleasing personality .... one of Coyle's star pitchers....well liked among all the students .... "Repose and cheerfulness are the badges - of a gentleman." JOHN HOWARD BYINGTON 977 Robeson Street, Fall River Honor Group l, 2, 3, Scholastic Monogram I, 2, 3, Debate 2, Yearbook Business Manager 4. , Quiet .... reserved .... proud of a '36 Ford or a facsimile thereof .... plays C.Y.O. basketball .... a true scholar .... "Resenfe is the truest expression of respect towards those who are its objects." RAYMOND R. CARRIER I4 Chase Street, North Dighton Honor Group 3, Scholastic Monogram 3, Camera Club 2, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Football 2, Yearbook l, 2, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, Basketball l. Nice dresser .... an admirer of the feminine set .... good basketball player ....socialIy inclined...."ln clothes clean and fresh there is a kind of youth with which age should surround itself." HUGH CHAMBERS l760 West Street, Mansfield Quiet .... Mansfield's diplomat .... co-pilot of the "Yellow Streak" .... forever taking horizontal exercise in class .... loves farming .... "A man who, toiling in the soil, can bring forth rich fruits has learned the secret of success." Page twenty-six Em 1 -L .. ,, . J- i. ,:a.mim... OYLE REVIEW ROBERT A. CHARBONNEAU 38 Third Avenue Taunton Dance Committee 3. ' S lsinf "Purgative secretary" .... says History is his best class .... spends free hours ,snv :-' i f Z writing for History class .... "History is philosophy teaching by example, l T , and also by warning, its two eyes are geography and chronology." , 'T " sf -fmt he 'SN C JAMES F. COLE 22 Dartmouth Street, Taunton Camera Club 2, Dance Committee 3, Yearbook 4. Quiet and unassuming .... neat and conservative dresser .... never at a loss for words .... possesses a clever sense of humor .... " d nature is one of the richest fruits of true Christia ." ' U W ,W We T ,147 all X . J JOHN L. coNFoRTi d l'2 VE Honor Group l, 2, 3, Scholastic Mow l , 3, seb ll Monogram l, 2, 3, Yearbook l, 2,'4, Class reside , 3, Vice-president 2, Secretary 4. "Zip" .... a brilliant student and "live wire" thl e .... always willing to lend a helping hand .... magnetic personality .... has a wide circle of friends ...."The best men ever prove the wisest too." , UL FRANCIS CREAMER 599 Walnut Street, Fall River Dance Committee 3. Friendly .... outside work prevented him from taking part in Coyle's acti- vities .... conscientious worker .... one of the rulers of the Highland Bus .... "He deserves praise who does not what he may but what he should." Page twenty-seven - W. -.fqvn k CLASS OF I949 JOHN P. CRONIN 542 Broadway, Fall River Declamation lg Dance Com ittee 3, Honor Group I, 2, 3, Scholastic , Monogram l, 2, 35 Warrior l, Circulation Manager 2, Business Manager 3, Yearbook Co-editor 4. A very quiet person who is ex e - Ily conscientious about everything undertaken .... a very like - - ' .- ' -' X- .... wonderful command of the English lan co N- , o e onor Roll .... "Only when I know God, sh 1 n , I ' N g A , 1 Joi-iN curvuskev Ml wr t Dance Committee 3, Football 2, Captain 4N'Floot pam 3, 4. President of the "Cumiskey-Cummings' F ' t sixth period lunch .... Diocesan Champion Star Third Baseman .... o of the most popu- . lar Seniors .... known for his outstanding play in the Durfee game .... "A popular man soon becomes more povi erful than power itself." . all . u MWZUET' 7' 6jjI'i5f'f aww PETER J. CUMMINGS 908 Plymouth Avenue, Fall River Dance Committee 35 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Literary Co-editor 4, , Short but popular .... always seen with "Cumick" around school .... avid basketball player .... pride of' Saint Peter and Paul's in Fall River .... "Good humor is one of the best articles of dress that one can wear in society." - X' il ' W , ,Jil I , . I WILLIAM J. oAv1s A 75 Shaw 1 ee, I 5! I Warrior I 5 Dance Committee 35 Camera Club 2, I ral 1 f 2, Captain 3, Stage Crew 4. A t Takes pride in the new Mercury .... firm admirer o the .H.A. ' popular among the student body .... "Where jud r x- if press it, there is the best orator." Page twenty-eight 911 C Ee gg"f11'Y'Fd'Ff"1"-?'g1F1"'T'?' """ D '-j X 1 'fr F 'N' 4' - jf, '-"" -"W" 'P'-S ' "re"--!j'14 '- L 'i f-yjv, 'Y-ef L gy-rggyyg-,pm ,L-U 4--1 wx-T-:-qyunpb i. - r .Q I , 1 ' ' ' . ' ' 1 1'1" 1' fe' , i I 11 'lf c-oYl.EREv1E if O50 ANTONE T. DeCOSTA Football 3, Dance Committee 3. Known as "Deco" .... intends someday to become mayor of Fall River's North End.t..spends a great deal of his time lifting weights at the Boy's Club...,"When our hopes break, let our patience holdf' DAVID DERRIG Dance Committee 3. Fourth period office boy .... frequently seen writing Article One of the :I A Constitution .... small in stature .... swings a "mean" dishrag at eighth period .... "Youthful rashness skips like a hare over the meshes of good counsel." i l to Qflywfjde Mil eww off' 3Sl Lindsey ff gy l4 Grove Street, Taunton 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer I, Vice-presi- ent basketball player .... outfield star of Saint Mary's C.Y.O .... . good word for everyone .... popular since his Freshman year....often seen in a green and white truck .... "Nothing is hard to a willing mind." 1,1 X 793 Broadway, Fall River-K W 1 RAYMOND F. DESMARAIS 80 Taylor Street, Fall River Basketball 45 Baseball Monogram 3. Talented with a melodious singing voice .... favorite pastime is drawing .... possesses a keen sense of humor .... enjoys trading ties with fellow stu- outstanding outfielder .... "Oh give us a man who sings at his work." Page twenty-nine llneacg- -.1-4: A . 4 a I ,ui -Q I l ,... -. .U ..-.....,a.n.. ...... 1 arf .r 1 ,. ' " oe ."JA.'Y' ,- '15 ' . .3 4, .'-ve' Ei -rut ii - S . 'L F 1 ,4 E 53 3 ,. .A- CLASS OF 1949 N AZ-of 5 l W .Jw fa MANUEL ooMlNcsos 4 paso street, Bflffgewafef Holds title of being a tie with Pickett for arriving first in the moming....a0 one of the smallest in the Senior earnest student.... fun loving .... ' 'Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure," CHARLES E. FARRELL 481 Weir Street, Taunton Band Review 25 Cheerleader l, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. Outside activities kept him from taking part in many school activities ....short..good customer of the Chesterfield Company...."A light heart lives long." . fm fl 0 - el CGM Yfifffffsfl , fi! mc:-r o P ui. :oN 45 Foster street, Brockton ,gdf ,Q Honor Group 25 Dramatics 25 Yearbook 45 Dance Committee 35 Brockton School Reporter 45 Decoration Club 3, 4. Loquacious ambassador of the "Shoe City"....a sense of humor 'which presents itself at the times when it is most needed....his comic imper- sonations have given enjoyment to all who have known them .... ' 'What more than mirth would mortals have? The cheerful man is a king." JOHN MICHAEL DRISCOLL 95V2Trernont Street, Taunton Oratory 45 Declamation l, 25 Camera Club 2, 45 Football 25 Honor Group l, 2, 35 Scholastic Monogram l, 2, 35 Dramatics 45 Debate 25 Warrior l, 25 Associate Editor 35 Yearbook Co-editor 4. l948 Lieutenant-Governor of the Massachusetts Boys' out- standing scholar of Senior Class...possessor of a fine baritone voice .... lent his talent to this year's play .... ' 'There is unspeakable pleasure attending the life of a voluntary student." ' C 5 sl L is 5 5 Plot thoffY V OYLEREVIEVV JOSEPH FERNANDES l68 Park Street, Mansfield H 1 Honor Group l, 2, 3, Scholastic Monogram 2, Yearbook 4, Camera " 3 Club l, 2, 3. Q , ' 'i Well-known Mansfield emissary .... shows his scholasticism by constant J J g v appearance on the Honor Roll .... subtly humorous .... generous worker .... 3 i. noted for his flaming red sweater .... "The knowledge of words is the gate i W of scholarship." l' , ' L V ' JOHN J. FINN 73 East Street, Mansfield Reserved though not shy .... neat in appearance .... a smile with a sparkle .-.aspires to dentistry....chiet mourner of the "Blue Streak's" retirement ...."Nothing is more reasonable than good manners," 9 JAMES GERALD FLEMING Somerset Avenue, Segregansett - Honor Group 2, Yearbook 4, Camera Club 2, Dance Committee 3, J -T' ff Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 4. W , rw Tall .,,, ably filled the trying position of cheerleader .... patiently lecl stu- kg S dents in rallies .... co-operative .... willing worker .... former assistant broom Io, ' pusher .... "Zealous men are ever displaying to you the strength of their 2 gr Q4 belief." ' 2 4 'T ii i' r 15" 1 it " saa , ,.r, Q it A LOUIS E. GALLIGAN 21 East Britannia Street, Taunton J f i? . JK. Q "" Dance Committee 3. Q fx., f ,.,, Q Radio repair work prevented participation in school activities .... a radio "ham" .... quiet .... saleman .... serious minded .... interesting story teller.... " "'3.T25f K .. - . ,, . , , ,gif ,, r Style may be defined proper places.' ' J.'f,v3' 'u'i,f:, ,i'1'i5 ,X If-:.,3 t ', i Page thirty-one f, 4, c L A s,,,,s,.'r,-fo O,f,fe7Ur'l9,4,,9 f 0 If fejzy ,4 UW ,feelffwf f.7WLLf X! ii ff' .f ,4 J, if 1 4,1 f API' A. , 1, ,. .lk UFVCHARELZ lAjLM A Point Street, Berkley fl Foot 2, 3, Mgwbram 4. ff Hween ' ing a low-backed truck .... capable halfback .... works hard at all ' opportunities .... Coyle's gift to the Marine Reserve .... swell fellow .... 147 W witty .... co-operative .... "Honest good humor is the oil and wine of a merry , meeting." CHARLES JOSEPH GRADY 89 Ashland Street, Taunton Honor Group l, 2, 3, Scholastic Monogram l, 2, 3, Dramatics 4, Band l, Yearbook Literary Co-editor 4, Band Review 2, 3, "Chuck" .... Coyle's lturbi .... his talented fingers were the hit of the Band Reviews .... constantly on the Honor Roll .... hard driving Literary Co- editor .... nearly always seen with "Mac" .... popular .... "Enthusiasm is the inspiration of everything great." N , N fum' wi ,IAM s Rl H 83 Linden Street, New Bedford L Enjoy Nturning oke .... ca s his own way among his fellow students.... ti X, never ffled.. 'Iling wo i'Peace is the happy, natural state of X it if THOMAS GUGLIELMO, JR, 42 Pine Street, Taunton Dance Committee 3, Band l, Band Award 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4. Known as "Gig".,,.talented musician .... much of his time is ta n up by merlwber of th opposite sex .... friendly .... famous for quotat ons sider it hard b to arrive on time for classes .... "O po t l i ,W flatergvsl-fogll who wor an ' Q' 'hd Page thirty- . P4 K gwjzifffffw ,plete OYLEREVlEW JOHN C. HART 86 Richmond Street, Fall River Yearbook 2, Camera Club 3, Football Monogram 4, Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3. A All l want for Christmas is my one front tooth .... an ambassador from the Niagara Corner ..,, choice of three cars for cruising purposes .... a rugged football player ..., standout in the Durfee clash .... "Life without laughing is a dreary blank." ,mx .. loft l Q-v""' GEORGE J. HORAN l GY!-+L! yfddyj I 7,11 1 ' fcilflfd ,flsgwkj 4 wassw HEEEQEWQKJ ' 'lt ' ramural Bgket al 2, 3. M , if 'Khgwruot stu " u s ...knack f6r 'ngs .... en- getic booster of Coy ctivities .... Whittentodtji .-. arietfis- A ' ' s it all its flavor." Maw ft W 1 , , JL-vc. 7, .,-, 52 Avon Street, Taunton ' , .A 1 . - 4 , ffffff' I ll.. ff .... s . A Band lg Band Award 2, 3, 4, Band President 4, Band Lieutenant 3. Coyle's Harry James .... his trumpet instills a sparking note to our Band .... the band is his joy .... possessor of an attention-getting laugh .... energetic ...."The highest graces of music flow from the feelings of the heart." PHILIP JAGOE 487 Middle Street, Fall River Basketball 3, -4, Dance Committee 3. Constantly accompanied by "Crut" .... a smooth basketball player .... never excited or hurried .... characterized by his crew cut .... "A gentleman is always known by his style." ,f 'iff '37 fu 0" f Page thirty-three .fi-1-uq::u..1,,+?u,cH P. N. if F. t if 5, at L if E ,., ,A 3 'L' 'chjffffff F1949 BERT D. JARVIS l07 Nillson Street, Brocton Football l, Basketball l, 3, 4. Always ready with a ioke .... an aggressive basketball player .... popular with - Brockton gang .... occassionally known as "Jug" .... o ften seen with another Bob from home .... "A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men." GEORGE R. JOHNSON l70 Broadway, Taunton Yearbook 4, Dance Committee 3, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. Witty .... friendly .... spends most of his time at the Bonnie ite sport, hunting .... frequently seen with "Gig" around merry heart goes all the day." y M VINCENT E. JOYAL 5l4 Warren Avenue, Brockton Football 2, 3, Football Monogram 4, Baseball 4, Monogram 3, Honor Group l, 2, Yearbook 4, Track Team 2, 3, All Bristol Football Team 4. Known as "Vinny" .... one of Coyle's footballers who could do just about anything on the gridiron .... likes Saturday nights best of all the week- days....friend to all...."All human power isa compound of time and patience." JOHN KEARNS 325 Cohannet Street, Taunton Yearbook Advertising Co-manager 4, Drum Major 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Dance Committee 3. Popular .... has a good word for everyone .... sports enthusiast .... one of the tallest members of the Senior Class....always with a certain North Dighton representative .... "They are never alone who are accompanied by noble thoughts." Page thirty-four ' " . ' -float.,-.i..asg.- . 1-1a...zs.iir , 1, Ei-.S 'Lf ,W 3. 5. 4. - ,gif My COYLEREVIE Camera Club l, Football 2, Football Monogram 3, 4, wwf NORMAN KELLEY "Pop" .... a burly tackle .... commonly seen with "Paul" .... friendly .... like- able .... enjoys staying overnight in the city of Taunton .... "He has achieved success who has lived well and laughed often." GEORGE KIMBALL 553 William Street, Fall River Honor Group l 5 Dance Committee 3, Warrior lg Yearbook 4. "Don Juan" of Fall River .... ruler of the South End Bus .... follows all seri- als at the Plaza .... favorite subject is French .... quiet .... reserved .... "Life has no blessing like a prudent friend." MARTlN WILLIAM LAFFAN 6 Church Avenue, Taunton Yearbook Business Manager 4. Genial .... well-liked fellow .... dislikes school but grants it a necessity,... known for his sudden spreading grin .... work after school prevented ac- tive part in school activities .... "Self trust is the essence of heroism." QW will l L M Q!! J F. LPLUCASTER 156 Hathaway sneer, New Bedford 1 no or up 35 Scholastic Monogram 3, Basketball 3, Dramatics 4, 'l' W rio 3. A ife... lar of first rank .... deep liking for tennis....witty and morous.. . ' n for flashy ties .... known for his "Here now, Brother l" ...."Nothing ' impossible to the man who can will." 5X"A ca e t oyle in his Junior Year .... adapted himself quickly to Page thirty-five W "kr 4 CLAASS or 194.9 l. PAUL LANZISERA 270 London Street, Fall River Yearbook 4, Dance Committee 3. "lssy" .... noted for his gems of wisdom i?l .... friendly .... finds it difficult to reach .first period class on schedule .... "The impromptu reply is the touchstone of the man of wit." ORIENT LAPLANTE, JR. l28 Osborn Street, Fall River Honor Group 3, Dance Committee 3. Quiet .... hard worker .... sports enthusiast .... good student .... an outstand- ing brush haircut .... co-operative .... "There is nobility in the world of manners." JOSEPH LaPOlNTE l87 Myrtle Street, Brocton Dance Committee 3, Warrior 2, 3. D "Dodo" .... comedian of the Senior Class...known for his realistic imper- sonations....has a ioke for every to enliven the saddest moment .... came to Coyle as a Sophomore and immediately achieved popularity .... noted for his pugilistic endeavours...."Man is the merriest species of the creation." . 7 4 . JOHN . 44 Eddy Street, Fall River r r V ' ram2' Award 1,2 C.Y . X 1 , f - r e .see ruising around town in dif- M ob f V' .... quie 1 etic .... "The will ofman isby 47 V , '- 1 . , 42 93 l .. T 'un I. 'K Mage. 9 ,4 H .t I . ,. U.. , 5 do . I If RIN O I o I ' 3 -' bt"- I o i u X Page thi rty-six I 4 ty, 1-13 5' X ur, . .H g rCOYLEREVlEW 75 0' NORMAN G, LEVESQUE l73 Eldridge Street, T Tall .... serious .... transferred to Coyle in his Junior Jacque's team .... favorite subject is chemistry .... "T the deeper it is, the less noise it makes." V N :ETS iFsT'w" ' r' JOSEPH LEWIS 86 Cherry Street, Fall River gram 3, Baseball 2, Baseball Monogram 35 Sophomore Class Secretary. "Skippy" .... one of the few to play on Varsity in his Sophomore year... excellent athlete .... star pitcher in C.Y.O. league....always seen with "Butch" .... friendly...."The exhibition of real strength is never grotesque." CHARLES LINCOLN 25 Monica Street, Taunton Band 3, 4, Band Award 3, Baseball l. Plays a hot sax....twirIer for local C.Y.O ..... founded phrase "Get that".... "Music is the fourth great material want of our nature." Q, . U' " 63-hir ,335 ,X I ' "Tony" .... not toolserious yet not too gay .... in a constant state of agita- tion .... always ready for a friendly argument .... "Agitation is the atmos- ' phere of the brains." Page thirty-seven s Eta J 1- A 1, . ii-A-iilaizfi' sufegssm... LJ. J ...L-at sa , . . . I Football l, 2, Football Monogram 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Basketball Mono- Q LN, ' 'YM ' ' QJVQ' ' . C ' - q K ' 'ANTONE R. LUONGO ' 499 Stafford Road, Fall River Debating 3, 4, Dance Committee 3. g in r' 4 CMJKASS OF l949 if' lbal G1 GUIRE 372 Moraine Street, Brockton ag l 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Football 3, Football Monogram 4. JOHN F. MALONEY 32 Augustine Street, Brockton Brocton product .... a loyal booster of the school .... strives hard for his suc- cess .... dancer of repute .... always has the news of the town .... "The reward of a thing well done is to have it done." MILTON F. MARELLI 39 outh Street, Brockton 'Came to Coyle in r yea no member of the Brockton gang....usually accompani " .. easing personality and wel- colm smile .... "Faith is r ma " Page 39 8 on to , Page thirty-eight lf l He of the Brockton gang .... a good passer....well liked....spent many bw 'Ends in Fall River .... bow tie fan .... "The actions of men are like the J dex fa book, they point out what is most remarkable in them." DONALD GEORGE MANNING l26 N. Walker Street, Taunton Coyle's "Whizzer Boy" .... attracts all eyes as he zipped down the drive on his motor-bike .... otherwise a quiet student .... noted for his mop of red hair .... "He who thinks for himself is a freeman." ' 1E': OYLE REVIE Kam f-V"Q'6,fV,Z iffy JOSEPH MASTROMARINO Oratory 3, 4, Debating 3, Declamation 2, Warrior l. Famous for his orations always wanted at the sixth period lunch .... a u - ing in his seriousness .... determined worker .... on ly person able to tran e his notes .... laborious...."He is great enough that is his own master." ROBERT MEDEIROS 49 East Walnut Street, Taunton Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2, 4. A future mechanic .... received the name of "Squeaky" in his Freshmen year .... always ready to help .... conscientious worker .... "Nothing is impossi- ble with pains and patience." We I4 Church Street, Taunm JMS., QU' RAYMOND MEDEIROS 330 Lindsey Street, Fall River Very quiet .... always seen in "trio" .... has his own translation for all lan- guage .... called "Sabu" .... never rattled .... "Life is too sweet to worry." J ESQ M IN 138 enner Street, Fall River K a "Ber t h C.Y.O. su rter ...has a question for every L . sion ..eni telli of his adventure wn on the farms....quiet.... " ove fe, life l es me." A 9 Y Sl . X X 6 X Q .Q Page thirty-nine S witgli. .45 arqfivgz t 'EV- CLASS OF I949 NORMAN MENARD 152 Dighton Avenue, Taunton Dance Committee 3, Football I, 2, 3, Football Monogram 4, Warrior 25 Yearbook 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. , . Pride of North Dighton .... witty .... star guard of football team....good sport in all his undertakings....puts in all his spare time at a North Dighton market .... coined the phrase which has become his motto "details, details" ...."One is only what he makes himself." F, ,QM WJ' fl., as -ga, 4:6- ARTHUR MESSIER l203 New Boston Road, Fall River gp - 03441: Yearbook I4, Dance Committee 3. Quiet .... well dressed .... great dancer and admirer of fairer sex .... works for his marks .... next in line for Rudolph King's job .... a tremendous eater ....favorite subject is bioIogy....spends his summers,swordfishing...."No life can be dreamy when' work is a delight." i . I THOMAS M. MORAN l32 Buffinton' sneer, Fall River Band l, Band Award 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Dance Committee 3, lntra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Student Director of the Band 4. C.Y.O. Basketball star .... talented musician .... mathematics, favorite sub- iect .... knownlfor his ready smile .... a staunch Coyle rooter .... takes pride in his large assortment of ties .... crooner of the Niagara bus...."lndis- putably, a great, good, handsome man is the first of created things." 5 i l u GEORGE R. MORRIS 95 Summer Street, Taunton Honor Group 2, Dance Committee 3, Warrior I, 25 Decorator's Club 3, Yearbook 4. "Fuzzy" dresser .... funster .... ardent lover of winter sports....won- derful Impersonator .... always dependable .... iokester of the sixth period lunch .... "This world belongs to the energetic." Page forty 9 , . 4- - . - ' t'- J, f M -a ' 'lu - "LJ , v .23 3, i- 's'-E' " . ffbx Y Y ' 4 fs., 2 -..H dv- - 1: Qs- .. 1 -' OYLE REVIEW JAMES F. MOYNlHAN l84 Winthrop Street, Brockton V Yearbook Advertising Co-editor 4. Answers to the nickname of "Mac" .... an ardent hockey fan and excellent player .... came here in his Junior year .... jovial .... popular with all .... asset on Review staff .... "Humility is the root, mother, nurse, foundation and bond of all virtue." rig!! T R 4 so 0 ,,,sts i ROBERT E, MURPHY 132 cottage street, Fall River 4 l it ',', -,,' ,,,. t if 7477 Band Review l, Basketball l, Intramural Basketball 2, 3. ' ffl, r il ,,i, fl Better known as "Red" .... most of his time spent behind the counter at ' i -:!f5.'.Tft, E 'i'ii R Smith's Drug Store .... politician of Civics class .... man about town .... direc- Lgfi-, , ,,,,s r tor of Niagara Bus .... "Judgment is forced upon us by experience." V ' f " 'i,i 5 ' is . '-if .zfa , 'iafti ROBERT L. MCALOON 3 Bliss Street, Taunton Honor Group l, Scholastic Monogram l, Yearbook 4, Athletic Manager A Monogram 2, 3, Dance Committee 3. A "Mac" .... a true Coyle man .... served untiringly as student manager in is Junior year .... unassuming .... leads a varied and sparkling life .... often seen K with "Chuck" or "Bert" .... "lt is well to think well: it is divine t ' ' ' U well.' , ARLE ' 661 Third street, Fall River ance mittee 3, Poster Club l, Honor Group l, Scholastic Mono- gram ' earbook 4, Intramural Sports l, Cheerleader l. Known as triple-threat" on the gridiron .... toed the rubber for St. Mary's ....enioys ooking at pictures of Durfee cheerleaders....seen imitating Bugs Bunny in hallways .... ' 'Truth is truth to the end of reckoning." Page forty-one f""5715ii A C ASS OF l949 flu J S YRE L' vlsion Street, Fall River ootball 2g a H. s "Mac2-pc nsistent tackle .... faithful to football practice .... i and ul .... a good all-around student .... "Good humor only tea arm to last." nay! 'f' ' Q41QJ0' BARTLEY MCNALLY las Prospect sneer, Fall River Tall and slim .... well dressed....excelIent mathematician....can be found on ,f his job at Smith's Drug Store .... "Speak but little and well if you would be A W aryvg esteemed a man of merit," Honor Group 35 n ommigee 35 Class Secretary 35 Football Mono- gram 3, Bas Scrappy ck ..., nt mathematician .... usually accompanied by his two rockton'col eagues .... never worrieg...neat in attire .... spends his summe sailing .... " he actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts." HARRY N. NORDBERG JR. ' l40 Branch Street, Mansfield Witty .... a fondness for sharp clothes .... always looking' for the bright side ....friendIy....likes fast music....accepts life as it is...."Much wisdom often goes with the fewest words." ' Page forty-two . J b . g m 1 Y. , Y 71,7 A, -V K , 4, H . .. as f . .5 ' f " wr t V V : .J D h y. A- -s - -.qw ,...- uv., ...,-v-- .-- V . ,.,, -4- - -uu-u-- ' 'rv--ry-v I OYLEREVIEW JOHN O'BRlEN 630 Main Street, Bridgewater Oratory Silver Medal 3, Declamajion Medalist 2, Debate'3, Warrior 2. Bridgewater's eloquent orator .... a dashing figure .... not easily disturbed by difficulties .... known for his Fall stormy ocean voyage .... "Extemporaneous speaking is the groundwork of the orator's art." C . -. MICHAEL O'GRADY l35 Hathaway Road, North Dartmouth Football 3, Monogram 4, Camera Club 2, 4, Golf Team 2, 3, 4, Band l, Band Award 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Coyle's center .... conditions himself at New Bedford's Country Club .... al- ways willing to lend a helping hand .... "lt is hard because it is good." THEODORE C Ol.lVElRA l67 Mulberry Street, Fall River Poster Club l, Camera Club l, 2, 4, Honor Group l, 2, 3, Scholastic Monogram l, 2, 3, Yearbook 4. Hails from Fall River .... "Review" photographer .... amiable .... C.Y.O. activi- ties occupy a lot of his time .... name appears consistently on Honor Roll his best friend is Cicero...."A picture is a poem without words." ' ,xl V . PATEN D 24 Acacia Street, Fall River onor Gro l, 2, , olastic Monogram 2, Yearbook 4, Warrior l, Intramural Basketball l Dance Committee 3. wgegr 'Review" photograph librarian .... always greets you with a smile .... wonder- ful personality .... easily pleased .... his Packard takes up most of his time .... summers spent swordfishing .... "Variety is the source of i0y.ll Page forty-three i O l O PATRICK J. PHELAN 538 Hanover Street, Fall River Honor Group l, 2, 3, Scholastic Monogram 2, Yearbook 4. Visited the Emerald Isle last summer .... twirler for C.Y.O. .... cooperative ....Iikes the study of Ontology....enjoys foreign languages...."He that follows nature is never out of his way." ROLAND R. RAYMOND lZ8 i Quiet and reserved dignity .... loyal dispen co .J l-1 .,, - 'BI' I91?C.fYi? CLASS OF i949 F ' r U Leo PERRY san aihaway, Taunton Band l, 2, Band Award l. I Famous for his wavy hair .... artist of the Senior Class....his voice re-echoed through the corridors with "Hey, Joel" .... "The object of art is to crystal- lize emotion into thought, and then fix it in form." RICHARD PICKETT 421 High Street, Bridgewater Camera Club 45 Dance Committee 3, Football 2, 3, Monogram 4. Terror of Coyle's line..s.big, strong and aggressive .... likable personality ....Coach Burn's favorite subject for what not to do....always has a cherry word for ev body .... "lt is no he victory that makes the joy of noble hearts, but bat." 'S , Taunton ications from the W office of the "high command" .... successor to il learn with pleasure, we never forget." Page forty-four y Hop .... "What we I ,, ., . 1'-r Q- If .Q 0 Ahab is or 6 Ntzkx .so 499+ Y E 'b fb' U09 0 ,gnosem F REAGAN ' 230 Grafton sneer Brockton Popular with the le femmes in the Brockton area frequently seen with Jarvis has an interest in basketball "Let us love life and feel the value of it " IA: B UCI K Awa , ,3 Y MW Iifweunot ar' itharjn We 'All m I a 2' t- l' I . JAMES A REILLY 357 Grove Street, Fall River Cox- L liuipill E.'V I W r . 9 s Qt-'X xo' ' " 0 R r A if' Q af' 4' few y . , 0 , A S . I -'Lip . .. H. .u. un. l il handy .... Mansfield's contribution to Coyle ns .... willing worker .... Better known as "Rap" be happy-" Dance Committe 3. Great sense of humor .... liked by all who know him .... cruises about the town in a new Dodge .... o ne of the Highland boys .... noted for his slow blush .... "Imagination is the eye of the soul." I5 Church Street, Mansfield LOUIS F. RING 142 Whittenton Street, Taunton . Intramural Basketball 2, 3. QuietQ...always willing to lend a helping hand .... great admirer and a staunch supporter of Coyle athletics .... class reader in history .... "The virtue of the soul does not consist in flying high, but walking orderly." Page forty-five iwiffpffa CLASS OF I949 JOSEPH VINCENT RYAN A 28 East Broadway, Taunton' Honor Group l, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, Captain 2. Quite a student .... takes Physics and Chemistry for his best subieqs... ' hi h scorer in Intramural Basketball about town .... per- so wi ,win him many friends .... "The ly defense against the rwgh knowledge of it." S cf lit? WILFRED F. SAINT I3 Monica S wiht Camera Club 25 Band l, 2, Yearbook 4. K Socially inclined .... infectious sense of humor .... spends many busy hours at Seeley's .... friendly .... leads a quiet school life .... "All things are accom- plished through diligence and labor." JOHN W. SCULLY 23 Oak Street, Taunton Dance Committee 3. Neat dresser .... has a joke for every occasion .... soda-jerk at the Square Pharmacy .... popular with the fairer sex .... known for his ready grin .... "Happiness is the harvest of a quiet lite." EDWARD JOSEPH SELLECK 66 Phillips Street, Fall River Dance Committee 3, Debate 2, 4, Declamation l, 2, Oratory 3, 4, Dra- matics 4, Yearbook 4, Intramural Basketball 3. Man about town .... an orator .... actor of more than average ability .... favor- ite pastime is either dancing or bowling .... "lf a man is worth knowing, he is worth knowing weII." Page forty-six L.. L- Q-. ,.1.:.s.,..M-is .,s.a.. -.aff 1- -ma.,-...,f 4..- a .2-3jzaak, OYLEIREVIEW GEORGE M SILVA 262 Division Street Fall River Honor Group I 2 3 Scholastic Monogram 2 3 Intramural Basketball 3 Dance Committee 3 Don Juan of Division St plays a rugged game in any sport favorite subiect English speed merchant of the corridors A man is a worker lf he is not that he is nothing . , - I 1 1 1 1 I Q . . . H . , .... .... . . . . ,, , . PAUL A. SILVA I2 Pratt Street, Taunton Football 2, Monogram 3, 4. Excellent half-back .... injured his leg in defense of Coyle on the gricliron,... frequently seen with "Pop" .... good natured .... popular .... cooperative... "Good nature is the beauty of the mind.." EDWARD A. SMITH ' ' 64 sneer, Brockton Honor Group 35 Yearbook 4. , ' Winner of,a Certificate of Merit Aw it a c rd in t honal High School Photographic Cont t 8 ..exc t hot ...like9' all sciences .... well known loca .quie ays r a se ot ...."A picture is an interme e som g be t hiv thing." 'I " FREDERICK SMITH I0 Chase Street, Taunton Honor Group I g Dance Committee.3g Intramural Basketball l, 35 Band Review lg Golf Team 2. Better known as "Fatso" .... artistic qualities .... qan be found at Goodftowfs from 2:30 to 5:30 daily .... enjoys food and "les femmes" .... "The learned understand the reason of art." Page 'forty-seven . ' 'wvrfv' v 1 '1 'icy' ll f,,9A!4,A7,QiWgj37oF1949 ill W W rl QW' D Nl J. SWEENEY E 8613 Slade Street, Fall River ' tball 3, Monogram 4, lntramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Excellent sense of humor .... known as "Tiger" .... has a deep love for Latin ....valuable man in the tackle position...."We can do nothing well without joy, and a good conscience." f 4 EDWARD ANTHONY SWEENEY 908 Plymouth Avenue, Fall River Debate 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4. Director of Senior Portraits....amateur chemist .... love to hold discussions at any time .... considers English and History his best subjects .... "Science is but the statement of truth found out." ,M X F NK'T 30 Mason Street, Taunton ll l 2, 4 o ram 3, Dance Committee 3. all .... fri l . xcell basketball player .... star of Saint Joseph's ' ree .... CfnLA?on Di ton Avenue .... "Wit is the salt of s ,WP e on l ARTHUR T. VALENTE 4 Samoset Avenue, Mansfield Baseball 3, 4, Dramatics l, 2. An ardent sports fan .... a joke is ever present on his lips .... crooner of the Mansfield bus .... pleasing personality .... "Self-command is the main ele- gance of a man" F Page forty-eight 'I-, . ...Aw fl .e . . . . . .' ':-. , r...n,i:,as ,.-:-F i:.a:Lg5,,,QA,.,-t.. -. , s,.s-agar A . .,. .L .A vc .,,..,... -.- . 5.,., .,,, F .Q OYLEREVIEW ARMAND VASCONCELLOS 655 Grinnell Street, Fall River Honor Group l, 2, 3, Football l, 2, 3. Cheerful .... friendly .... better known as "lrish" .... favorite subject is mathe- matics...staunch defender of Coyle .... man about town .... his glasses are in the latest style .... has a will molds t orld to h'mself." awe 4412 ,CMJ J 1 f . , 1 4' 4, .f J aifzklm. W 2860 North Main Street, Fall River Honor Group I, 2, 35 Scholastic Monogram l, 2, 3, Baseball 2, Mono- gram 3, Class Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4. . Always willing to help any Coyle activity .... friendly .... v ery popular .... al- ways neat .... star Coyle hurler on the mound....proof that good things come in small packages .... "To know that which before us lies in daily life is the prime wisdom." I t ARTHUR WINGATE IOO Ridge Street, Fall River Honor Group l, 2, 35 Scholastic Monogram 25 Yearbook 4. Quiet .... calm and serious....Latin is his favorite subject .... v ery coopera- tive .... always a helpful fellow to have around .... "Speech is human, silence is divine." WILLIAM J. PEDINI H5 Pratt Street, Mansfield Mansfield diplomat .... enjoys cruising to school in his '39 Chevrolet .... talented artist .... w ell-mannered .... a jeep fiend .... "Life to him who wishes not to have lived in vain is thought and action." Page forty-nine . . I An historic moment in Civics, Bob Anger has a question! Gosh! None of this was in my copy of Virgill SENIORS A l-ley Brother, let's have that step by step again, slowly . . . John Conforti holds them spell-bound in Room 3. lklld 0 GERALD Cl-IICCA, President 0 JAMES PAC!-lECO,ViCe-President 0 FRANCIS BOYES, Secretary o JOHN JOY, Treasurer JHNIURE ,.,- ,L l S. l 3 . 3 I 3 A.-D. lst Row: R. Barry, A. Desmarais, J. Buckley, D. Byington P. Delaney, J. Corcoran, P. Boyden, W. Butler, J. Conlon, G. Dugan. 2nd Row' F. Boyes, T. Donaghue, J. Brunelle, T. Breen, E. Cole, R Boucher, W. Briggs, R. Belrnore, R. Carreaux, W Cyr, R. Carnpanini. 3rd Row: J. Chambers, J. Connell, W. Coornbes, T. Bolvln, A. Doody, T. Clark, G. Chicca, R. Crowninshield, E. Cravenho. E.-L. lst Row: F. calbeff, R. Griffin, J. Lage, c. Leonard, J. Joy, ' J. Johnston, C. Jones, J. Levangie, M. Kelliher, G. Ferreira. 2nd Row: C. Laffan, J. Flood, E. Kerr, G. Fraga, R. Jewett, R. Haggerty, R. Johnson, P. Laplante, M. Grady. 3rd Row: W. Grundy, D. Gregg, L. Gibbs, R. Harlow, R. Hall, R, Lopes. Page fifty-two ldifzl ,I ,.,..f1:sc . IM ' -iw. 'EM ,CL-E1 w. 'i an-is sa: wi M.-P. lst Rowt J. McGovern, C. Malloy, R. Ouellette, G. Mador, J. Nicoletti, W. O'Neil, O. Michaud, A. Moody, J. Moore, R. Mulhern. 2nd Row: M. Powers, L. Marshall, J. Nellis, R, Marvelle, J. Marum, D. McGeary, J. McDaniel, A. Michaud, J. Phelan, T. McCloskey. 3rd Row: P. McDermott, l-l. Paquet, J. Osborne, J. Quinn, F. McDonnell, W. McCaffrey, W. Martin. P.-Z. lst Row: J. Pacheco, J. Torres, E. Roster, D. Rayment J. l-lill, F. Welch, E Rice, R. Silva, R. Simmons, J. Cloutier. I 2nd Row: P. Russo, F. Souza, D. Velozo, T. Plunkett, W. White, W. Sullivan, W. Paquin, R. Rankin, J. Tworney, E. Smith. 3rd Row: J. Walton, L. Yelle, F. Zapulla, D. Waltrnan, R. Powers, D. Viana, D. Sullivan, D. S. Sullivan. Page fifty-three , , ...a n . 'nf 5 . .Ivy V 1' ,Vw 1 --: 54 ' A R ' I , F' n pin -. Q' bv f.,,,,,,. we l ' .M -- mar , Q' .. ' ' i-L' 'P' X sf Vf . 1 Q' 9 drag' "' M 1 U l ga ff lI'.Z 'Filip W I 1- in ' I x V., 1 'Qi Q" ' . 'QV A V 4 Q f A ' " " V fK:'f4,ki, PX "Ah . 'fm A . ' , . 'Q-, ' X.. NEB rr: 5 aw E. ' o , -F -ef 7- egg.- iw kg. .l'. I 9 riwfzv F2 0 DAWD Sl-IEA!-IAN, President 0 ROGER MORE-AN,Vice-President 0 RAYMOND PERRA, Secretary 0 CHARLES CAVANAUGI-i,Treasurer SUPHUWIUJHE A A.-E. lst Row: A. Brousseau, W. Avilla, J. Costa, T. Duffy, C Eugenio, M. Dunn, W. Fitzmaurice, C. Cavanaugh. 2nd Row: D. Bellerose, J. Burke, T. Beedem, J. Drislan, D. Chris- holm, R. Bazinet, G. Carvalho, J. Callaghan, F. Ennis. 3rd Row1W. Ducharrne, E. Collins, W. Buckley, F. Fox, C. Clavin - P. Brousseau, J. Conaty, J. Donahue, W. Burnham, F.-L. lst Row: H. Fawcett, J. Ferreira, J. Finnerty, G. Jones, F. D Longshaw, C. Lariviere, P. Kirk, G. Kearney, J. Gilroy. 2nd Row: L. Labrecque, L. Laine, E. Galligan, J. Fernandes, J. Fay, A. Jackson, G. Fidalgo, W. Hurley, J. Harrington, E. Lin- hares, C. Higgins, D. Leary, R. Gagner. 3rd Row: W. Hoye, R. Glennon, M. Kershaw, R. Kelleher, P Gregory, H. Fanning, J. l-lamblett, D. Hurley, N. Fairhurst. Page fifty-six E L.-O. lst Row: E. Medeiros, J. Malloy, F. O'Keefe, R. Moffitt, J. O'Grady, N. Michaud, A. Michaud, W. O'Connell, D. Moitoza. 2nd Row: P. Naiim, L. Oliver, R. Martin, J. A. Murphy, J. Mahoney, J. McGillick, J. l-l. Murphy, F. Murphy, W. Morey, W. McCarthy, J. O'Toole. 3rd Row: R. Morgan, T. McNally, G. Quinn, S. Marry, J. Mello, R, McNally, J. Lamond, J. Leary, J. Lincoln. P.-Z. lst Row: R. Perra, T. Wilson, E. Pontiff, E. Sperco, B. White, W. Powers, P. Spillane, R. Twohig, J. Waldron, L. Pacheco. 2nd Row: D. Souza, W. Streeter, L. Vallett, J. Robichau, D. Sheahan, C. Sullivan, J. Sullivan, C. Souza, K. Smith, D. Pottier, D. Vasconcellos, J. Spillane, A. Rose, L. Tokarz. 3rd Row: D. Pope, J. Simoes, C. Sheehan, J. Regan, J. Whittaker, D. Ryan, C. Ryan, B. Sullivan, R. Welch. Page fifty-Seven The chart holds all the answers gentle- men, look closely! l-low simple if all is after you have had Geometry. 0 LEONARD PLASSE, President 0 THOMAS MURPI-lY,Vice-President 0 DANIEL GRADY,S-scretary v JOHN WILLIAMS, Treasurer HHSHIXMN A.-E. lst Row: J, Bermingham, K. Atwell, A. Annunziato, J Carney, W. Fitzpatrick, W. Bruno, E. Ellison, G. Corcoran, F Freccero, T. Clegg, K. Delano. 2nd Row: C. Ehrlich, C. Foster, J. Cosgrove, J. Fox, H. Baxter, J Cleary, F. Crowninshield, N. Bastille, T. Fox, P. Cole, G. Albernaz 3rd Row: F. Colella, J. Connors, R. DeGrange, J. Delaney, C ge?, L. Cotnoir, W. Brennan, R. Araujo, R. Botelho, J. Flood . yr. I F.-L. lst Row: J. Hopkins, G. Kelly, D. Jewett, W. Gleason, F Kelliher, A. Lenardson, L. Harlow, D. Grady, J. Hebshie, J Fahey, T. Fox, E. LaTulippe. 2nd Row: R. Keefe, E. Gorey, F. Lowney, P. Lariviere, J. Hughes J, Longshaw, G. Gouveia, J. Leary, J. Kelliher, W. Leach, J Hickey 3rd Row: R. Kelliher, E. Lahey, A. Hebert R. Girouard C Lynch, R. LaSalle, E. Kirkrnan, A. Fraga, R. Gendreau, P. Greenl wood, E. Hamer. I 3rd Row: A. Nessler, R. Pino, J. McCloskey, R. Ross, L. McGuirk, M.-R. lst Row: G. Maloney, K. Medeiros, J. O'Hearne, J. Mador, P. Moody, T. Murphy, D. Naja, R. Mackedon, J. McLaughlin, C. McDermott, H. McGraw. 2nd Row: J. Marcille, P. Michaud, A. Murphy, M. Medeiros, R. Prunier, T. O'Dea, N. Mazzoni, J. Malloy, R. Marot, R. McDermott, D. Reagan. M. O'l-lara, N. Manha, L. Pavao, L. Plasse. A. Tavares, J. Reid, G. Sanborn, R R.-Z. lst Row: H. Sullivan, Walsh, R. Rodriques, R. Scully, A. Vaz, R. White, J. Roster, B Swansey. 2nd Rowi J. Schofield, F. Sullivan, J. Williams, J. Wingate, R Valle, W. Sheehan, L. Rego, A. Sullivan, P. Smith, J. Tranter 3rd Row: D. Williams, M. Wood, M. Tansey, J. Reilly, P. Wayner, J. Rego, J. Thomas, F. Westman. Page sixty-one The Freshmen learn new uses and values for x and y. Robert LaSalle locates Athens, the seat of Greek culture. uri FRESI-IIVIEN Page sixty-two Alfred Fraga is "on the spot" during a Latin l spell-clown. Roger Araujo finds no difficulty in ex- plaining the Divine processions between the various members of the l-loly Trinity. -- 4--.- .1 ,al -. ff af' ,f ,pf nf 2 5 ,M fgmaizis xx ff A Mdfki' My ,Q Q1 ,T 1. 5 Q AEHVHH K ,R S '4 our 1005! . . - ,, A .'M.x,z, 1 -,V . ' ,' K - 45" . wggffgvqaggzqy g ff Q: .,,1es.i, Q ,g 1 y ,, Le Tl-lE DRAMATIC CLUB Page sixty-four Acting is but one of the many opportunities of- fered a high school student to develop within himself the art of self-expression, By participating in such undertakings, the faculties of concentration and re- tention are exercised. This was the case of the twelve hopeful thespians as they began the long, tedious work of preparing this year's production, "The Big Help," under the direction of Brother Theophilus, C.S.C. As is the case of all knowledge, the end fully rewards all efforts undertaken in its attainment, BROTH ER TH EOPH ILUS, C.S.C. The plot, of this year's presentation, centered around the short-tempered and bellowing Mr. Hop- ford Uohri Driscolll, whose chief concern was his election to the office of Alderman. These efforts were constantly interrupted by the many problems that arose within his own family, The entrance of the aesthetic Gail Parkhurst Uohn Lancasterl served as a catalysis to cause a chain reaction in a series of adolescent problems. Gail soon finds himself at- tracted to Jackie l-lopford llvlaureen Mclvlanusl, who, misunderstanding his attention, treats him coldly, Eventually this difficulty is overcome through the assistance of her movie-minded sister, Janet lGertrude Zavvackil and her "not-too-bright" boy friend, Bob Davenhall lCharles Gradyl, whose fatlfer happens to be opposing Mr, l-lopford for the Office of Alderman, lnterwoven is the story of Claude l-lcp- ford, Junior lWilliam l-lurleyl, who, detesting his name and desiring to change it to plain Bill, tries varis ous means to disgrace the farrily name in order to force his father to give the required permission. The calm steady guiding hand of Mrs lflopford lJean Romanil is continually required to restrain the youthful zeal of the incomparable Joe Dobson lWil liam Sullivanl the family maid Gertrude llxflarciue rite Gracial, the Waynesborough l-ligh gossip, Dadie Evans lAudrey Politellal, the reporter from the local newspaper lBetsy Jonesl, and the man from the Welfare League lEdward Selleclcl, from destroying the dreams and hopes of all concerned. 3 . .U i .av i ily' A 4 ,,, 9 1 YL tel in .Q .A ,. , af' 5 -, S 'A K ri- UA 1 t . ill T i 'N t f.,4 i,' In 9 1 it I rad? X P. . In JJ : -2 -v' v. Page sixty-five . 4' i 4' ' i Q in N ECW Q 35 cl fy ' '.'.f,!4 . , ,5. DEBATE CLUB Antone Luongo and Mor- gan Powers demonstrate their technique. Page sixty-six This year's Debate Club found itself faced with two varied and interesting problems for discussion. During the Fall season, the topic touched upon the issue of the day by challeng- ing the justification of the l-louse's un-Ameri- can Activities Committee. With the opening of the Spring debating session, the topic was al- tered to treat the subject of outdoor advertis- ing. Although both subjects demanded totally different treatments, this year's team arose to the attack in the Narragansett lnterscholastic Debating League. Under the directorship of Mr. John O'Neill, the Club sent two teams in the arena of mental combat. Representing the negative were Mor- gan Powers and Antone Luongo, with Joseph Delaney and Roger Araujo as substitutes. De- fending the affirmative's position were William Briggs and Edward Selleck, with Richard Bel- more and Francis Boyes in the understudy positions. lst Row: F. Boyes, A. Luongo, President, Mr. O'Neill, Moderator, M. Powers, Secretary, R. Belmore. 2nd Row: W, Briggs, R. Araujo, E. Selleck, J. Delaney. STAGE TECHNICIANS During the school year many events occur in which the Stage Technicians play a necessary and an important role. Some of their activities during this past year included the remodeling of the existing stage set and the building of new pieces, during Thanksgiving vacation, in order to create tor the audience the l-lopford home in "The Big Help." This work required the sawing of lumber, the driving of nails, the swishing ot paint brushes, the arrangements of lights and those problems back stage during the actual presentations. The creation of the roof-top ot an oriental palace for the Christmas assembly proved to be their next assignment. Also on their agenda was the stage setting tor the Annual Band Concert. Although this small group of students do not receive prominent recognition for their labors, they freely devote their time to make this invaluable contribution in support of those activities which require their assistance. lst Row: C McDonald, W Briggs, J O'Toole, H. Fanning, D Pottier 2nd Row: G Dugan, W. Saint, W. Davis, J. O'Brien, W. Buckley, N. Kelley, R Petra. Gerald Dugan and Wm. Briggs run a last minute test. Wm. Davis hoists a trough of lights. Page sixty-seven Editorial Board: P Cummings, J Rxinginn, J Kearns, J Drisroll, J Cronin, C fiiady, J Mowiltaii M l, 2nd Row: Mr OT-rarly, A VVingatw, C7 Morris, C Fleming, R Bergeron, E Selliicl., P Plivlan, O liiiitlmll, VV Saint 3rd Row: T Oliveira, T Pafcnauile, l laiiiisgra V loyal, J Contoiti, N Mwii.ii.l 'li liiiilivlinw, E Qiinitlw 4th Row: VV Dtgritiodx, J Cole, J Eeiimndus, T Nliuran, C MfDt'iiialtl, A Mvswivi, l Smwitx hi Diiiii CCDYLE Journalism, as a tool ot the people, has become a rapidly advancing profession Newspapers, periodicals and novels are in demand today more than ever due to the enlivened reader's interest in the world about him, Each ot these forms of reading matter evolves Q-. A 7 REVIEW from numerous and tedious tasks executed before- handfa--vvriting, proof-reading and the Construction ot lay-outs. The i949 COYLE REVIEW statt met and solved these problems, thereby gaining an aequaintanceship X 5 Q Q X,-J wil ,. .tmxiifz Hard working Literary Editors, Charles Grady, and Messers McDonald and Menard in Advertising Managers, John Kearns and James Peter Cummings Collfelenfe- Moynihan pause for a moment Page sixty-eight usiness Managers John Byington and Martin Laf- with the process of publication that may benetit them later in life. Involved in such an undertaking as a yearbook is invaluable experience in the matters ot advertising contracts, business records, the neces- sity ot meeting dead-lines which will have an imme- diate carry-over value into our lives after graduation. In reality the Advertising Managers tired the gun which started all, including themselves, on the year long race to meet those ever pressing onward dead- lines---the taskmaster of the profession The Co- editors, with their staff, took turns in running the relay, cheered by the exhortations and the dire prom- ises of their moderator, This intricate, touch-and-go action continued through the entire length of the-year, as the statt met and conquered the obstacles in their path to publication Typical ot such a struggle is the usual last minute "deadline" despair, all hope ot meeting this is abandoned Yet, on the appointed cay, the as- signments pour in almost without exception and the Co-editors John Cronin and John Driscoll. is book is finally ready tor distribution, A 4 " . n QL 75 'vii I ' i N -1 ,. K 3 X Sflfa S " .V ,. gi Q' ltr ,V,1- IMI! , i .xii In htlkt f' NL -1 Q i . ,, i, , i ppfs 90 Qi riiii NS l L - ,,i- if usixl A r i Photographers Charles McDonald, Tom Moran, and Ted Oliveira, RQRETN 'Qi A scene duplicated during the eighth period any an are open for orders, day, Page sixty-nine M of 'IH 7 wx 9 ls! Row: M Pfxwrs, V, Sufmar' D VQMVO, Aw! ECMTAHV, J Parimcfu, Edmv ww Cincf J Qumrv Amr Edwtwv Vw Chwm, D VJVIJCI 2nd Row: W CW, C F-mga, J lags, E Roster, D R.ayrm'vwt, C? Duqam, VV Huggy P ldlvhniw WARRICD X D S n ..,,, R 125, pb 0 , 9 V ,QQ 4 ,J-nv , ' A. , ff N? , 1 f- f fD x 4' D 11. ,, , . U ' 5 . V' P.. -R-f Where most gf me "work" IS accomphshed, Mr Poweridrrves his point home, Page seventy Under the direction of Brother Cyrinus, CSC., the COYLE WARRIOR entered its thirteeth year of publication, as a printed paper, to serve its designated purpose of bringing to the entire student body the activities of various groups within the family of Coyle. By present- ing the aspects of Catholic Action as practiced by the various organizations, it also fulfilled the obligation of the Catholic Press, that of ac- quainting students with the various ways in which they may serve their Church, their coun- try, and their school. Last year the WARRIOR attempted, as an experiment, to produce its paper entirely from the funds allotted this organization from the Activity Fee which necessitated a dimin- ished form of the paper, At the requests of the students this Fall, the WARRIOR again re- turned to its original format which was made possible by the solicitation of advertisments. The large scale edition, as it reached the stu- dents throughout the year, has fulfilled all ex- aectations. Another change that occurred was in regard to staff membership, Following the lead of the REVIEW, which last year became a Senior ac- tivity, this year's WARRIOR staff was com- posed entirely of representatives of the Junior Class. As a newspaper cannot be the sole publica- tion of one man, it was upon the shoulders of the staff, under the direction of their Editor- in-Chief, James Pacheco, that the task of de- signing the WARRlOR'S "new look" rested, By many hours of labor, they were able to produce a paper deserving the gratitude of the student body. Stimulated by the immediate interest taken by theistudents, the members of the staff were more than willing to give their free time to gathering material, to proof-reading, and to preparing dummies, required to develop a better newspaper. A Round Table Discussion on the coming issue. Running through those last minute corrections before . t. A pm mg Page seventy-one lst Row: T Moran, J. Conlon, P Brousseau, T. Breen, R. Campanini, F. Powers, C. Jones, G Horan. 2nd Row: W. Leach, C. Souza, L. McQuirk, W. Martin, W. McCarthy, R. Repucci, D. Bellerose, W. Bruno, D Pope, A. Brousseau, W. Grundy, A. Annunziato. 3rd Row: C. Lincoln, M. Grady, D. Naia, T Guglielmo, M O'Grady, W Flood, D Ryan, H. Fanning, C. Sperco. Standing: Brother Renatus, E. Medeiros, L, Oliver, P. Boyden, P. Najim, J, Costa. THE BAND Organized during the early days of Coyle, the Band has served to develop the cultural life and to teach a worthy manner in which to use leisure time, in order to round out the total personality of the student body. lt has become an asset to the school by its participation in the activities of the football season, and, in its own right, by its annual Spring Concert. The spec- tators at the games will remember the preci- sion maneuvers and the varied formations exe- cuted on the playing field during half time under the direction of Brother Renatus, CSC., Page seventy-two and carried out by the band officers George Horan, President, Thomas Moran, Student Di- rector, John Kearns, Drum Major, Henry Fann- ing, Manager, and Charles Souza, Librarian. ln addition to their half-time displays, the Band spends much time in the preparation of the Annual Concert. This year's concert, truly a major event, was held on May 9th, The varied program included a series of popular overtures arranged for concert band work such as Oliva- doti's "CarnivaI of Roses" and ButcheI's melo- dic "Shalimar." No Band Concert is considered complete without a section totally devoted to traditional marches delivered with brilliant trumpet work and military snap Besides those long standing favorites of this type of music, the Band presented Afford's "Colonel Bogey" and McCoy's "Lights Out" which found imme- diate audience approval. In acknowledgement of their faithful service and the fulfillment of the requirements, Mono- grams were awarded this year to Thomas Gug- lielmo, George Horan, and Thomas Moran, George l-loran, President Thomas Moran, Student Director John Kearns, Drum Major Charles Souza, Librarian Henry Fanning Manager ,fm 1 , sr- ' KW .glggjlfk K 3 t , , t ' gifg-5, "ip - i ,, r , N, sl' 1 i ,,a. ,,, Q , c. , 'IS-xigms' 'L' 1.-f . z - - . , , Q - it Page seventy-three Cl-ll2lSTlVlAS The l948 Christmas Prom, presented by the Junior Class for the second consecutive year, proved to be a grand success to more than one hundred couples in attendance. The elaborate decorations, the fruits of the Dance Commit- tee's labors under the direction of Brother Ralph, CSC, well merited the praise it re- ceived as it marked one ot the high lights of the evening's festivities. Numerous lighted trees adorned the walls of the auditorium, while, suspended from the overhead streamers, brilliant sparkles representing snow crystals added to the wintry atmosphere. The music of Artie Shaw lent an air ot sophistication to the dance, except for the traditional comedy number which has become increasingly popular with the years, Much to the pleasure of those in attendance, a number of requests were honored by "Maestro" Shaw. Adding to the dignity ot the social evening were the chaperones, Mr, and,Mrs. Gilbert Chicca, Mr, and Mrs, Frank Pacheco, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hunt, and Mrs and Mrs, John Joy, who were greeted with heartfelt applause upon being presented to the students and their guests. The event was also honored by the pre- sence of many alumni, some of whom were home on leave from various branches of the armed forces, The dance itself, the pinnacle of the Christ- mas vacation, was fully enjoyed by all, most ot the guests remaining until the very last num- ber, After the intermission repast, many parti- cipated in the Grand March which was led by the officers of the Junior Class and their guests, With the strains of the last serenade echoing throughout the room, a galaxy of starry-eyed dancers reluctantly acknowledged the termination ot a long awaited but quickly passed, event. Page seventy-four DANCE COMMITTEE Chairmen: Lawrence Cashin and John Twomey. Business Manager: Donald Rayment Orchestra Committee: William Coom- bes, Chairman, James Conlon and John Walton, Program Committee: William Sullivan, Chairman, William Cyr, David Gregg. Decoration Committee: Richard Bel- more, Francis Boyes, William Briggs, Gerald Chicca, Robert Crowninshield, Patrick Delaney, Gerald Dugan, .ohn Flood, Richard l-lall, John Joy, Charles Laffan, Paul Laplante, Charles Leon- ard, John Levangie, George Mador, Charles Marshall, Arthur Michaud, Oscar Michaud, Paul McDern'ott, Francis McDonnell, David MCGeary, John Nicoletti, James Pacheco, Mor- gan Powers, Robert Powers, John Quinn, Robert Silva, Edward Smith, Francis Welch, Kiwi 'iv 1 Page seventy-five CAMERA Cl-LJB The Camera Club, under the supervision of Brother Thaddeus, C.S.C., has been meeting during the eighth period, once a week to dis- cuss the basic principles of photography-de- veloping, printing, and enlarging photographs. For those more advanced, Brother Thaddeus has posed the technical problems of toning and copy work to challenge their activities, Besides studying the mechanics ot photog- raphy, this organization has opened to its members the opportunities of entering their work in National Contests. ln past years, sev- eral of the members have earned Certificates of Merit in the National High School Photo- graphic Awards Contest, As an added activity to inspire not only its own members but other students in school to greater artistry in their photographic endea- vours, the Club sponsored, during the Fall, an exhibition of outstanding examples of the work produced by other high school students throughout the nation. The next time you see a man with a camera look closely and you will usually find him to be one of the members of this organization. lst Row: E Hamer, T Oliveira, W Brennan, C Eugenio, A Arieta, C Lariviere 2nd Row: R Araujo, R Pickett, D Chisholm, J Whittaker, R Carrier, J Burke, R Medeiros 3rd Row: F Sullivan, J Delaney, L. Yelle, F Zapulla, M O'Grady, J Driscoll, G Mador, J Cole With pen and pencil, paint and brush, scis- sors and pins, the busy members of this organi- zation, under the direction of Brother Eagan, CSC, provided the gay and colorful banners, pennants, streamers, Warrior heads, and posters which contributed so much to the at- mosphere and success of the home football games. The Decorators' Club, revived last year in an unofficial manner after a long period of dormancy, proved to be so successful that it was restored to the calender of Coyle Organi- zations this Fall This activity deserves praise for originating and executing this unique meth- od of arousing and sustaining extra show of spirit connected with football. The members, few as they were, offered their Saturday morn- ings on each of the home game days to promote this display of Warrior ardor in support of their team. lt is the hope that this "infant" in the list of extra-curricular activities, will prosper with each succeeding year in order to serve the school in an even greater capacity. lst Row:J Marcille, R Belmore, E. Kirlcman, T Plunkett, P Russo, 2nd Row: R. Perra, R Dion, J Levangie, R Welch, G Dugan, W, Briggs lst Row: P. Wayner, W. Hurley, H. Fanning, J. Delaney, R. Araujo. 2nd Row: L. Harlow, R. Perra, J. O'Toole, D. Bellerose, R, Walsh, P. Najim. DEC After weeks of preparation, eleven finalists, chosen from the Freshmen and Sophomore Classes, paced nervously behind the blue curtains as they awaited the Master of Ceremonies to announce their names. For several, this activity marked their first opportunity to appear before their assembled class- mates. One by one the pieces they had chosen were recited - now impassioned, now pleading - as they interpreted the author's words in an attempt to win the audience, the judges and the coveted Father Dolan Declamation Medals. The last speaker had finished, an excited buzi arose from the audience as all awaited the judges' verdicts. Tension increased as Edward Selleck, the Master of Ceremonies, began to read the Medalist's Page seventy-eight LAIVIATION names. William Hurley captured First Honors for the second year with his recitation of "The Ride of Collin's Grave". Joseph Delaney's treatment of "Our Responsibility As A Nation" earned Second Honors, while Henry Fanning won Third Honors with his "Liberty or Death" speech. The other contestants and their selections were: Roger Araujo, "The American Experiment", Dale Bellerose, "The Charge of the Light Brigade", Leo Harlow, Hamlet's "To Be Or Not To Be", Paul Najim, "Gunga Din", John O'Toole, "The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver", Ray- mond Perra, "Antony's Funeral Oration", Raymond Walsh, "The Definition of a Gentleman", and Peter Wayner, "My Last Duchess". DRATDRY ln addition to the Bishop Cassidy Medals in Ora- tory, the honor of Class Orator for the Commence- ment exercises formed an incentive towards a scho- lastic attitude in the competition among the mem- bers of the Junior and Senior Classes. After weeks of careful research and preparation, the many hopeful orators presented their papers and anxiously awaited the results of the eliminations which were to be posted the following morning bearing the names of those elected, from a group of fourteen, to compete in the finals. When the awaited list appeared, it bore the names of two Juniors, Francis Boyes, "Com- munism on the Move", and, David Gregg, "Social- ized Medicine", along with those of four Seniors, John Cronin, "Humanity Debased", John Driscoll, "Man Must Work", Joseph Mastromarino, "The Presidential Term of Office", and Edward Selleck, "The Christopher's Call To Arms". One short week later, after several post-school practice sessions, the day of the final competitions arrived. Needless to say, the usual signs of nervous- ness were exhibited but these students speaking their own thoughts with conviction, showed poise and, at times, flashes of oratorical prowess. The judges, having taken all the factors into considera- tion, awarded the honor of First Place and the title of Oratorian for the Class of l949, to Edward Selleck. Joseph Mastromarino was the unanimous choice of the audience and the Judges for second place, while the bronze medal of Third l-lonors was presented to John Driscoll. Seated: J. Driscoll, E. Selleck, J. Mastromarino. Standing: D, Gregg, F. Boyes, J. Cronin. Page seventy-nine STUDEN A Early Sunday morning, November Zl st, many Coyle students and followers gathered at Saint Mary's Church for a special Mass before start- ing their lengthy journey to New York City and the long anticipated football game with Cardi- nal Hayes l-ligh of that city. After the Mass, four busses transported the loyal supporters to Coyle for breakfast in the cafeteria, About six o'clock, as the sky in the East began to grey, began the journey to the great Metropolis, After much cheering and excitement, the passengers finally arrived at West Haven, Con- necticut, the home of the recently constructed Notre Dame High conducted by the Brothers of l-loly Cross, where the fans had the oppor- tunity to stretch their cramped muscles and to receive nourishment in the school cafeteria. The Coylelites will long remember the hospl- tality tendered them on this occasion as the entire school was open to their inspection while music drifted through the PA. system. An hour later the busses were once again on their way, non-stop to the Tri-borough Bridge and the Randall Island Stadium, Upon arrival, everyone was amazed by the immense, beauti- ful stadium that was to be the scene of that day's game. Although the Warriors put up a stubborn fight they went down before an I8-O Cardinal and Gold score, After the game, the students and fans were again aboard their conveyances for a sight-see- ing trip through the City Under the gay lights and towering buildings, everybody had a won- derful time singing the school songs, shouting Fruit do-nuts and coffee before starting. . . We're on our way . . . West Haven: Who has the key? Page eighty cheers, and above all, admiring the great spec- tacles of "Gotham," as the busses rolled through crowded Times Square. Leaving behind the noise and glitter of the busy City, the busses turned northward to begin the return trip to Taunton, After the first hour of riding, a stop was made at a roadside restau- rant for a lunch which had been eagerly antici- pated by everybody. Their appetites satisfied, their muscles tired, their voices nearly reduced to a whisper, the students settled down for a ,,,, 1 i, more or less quiet ride home. 1 , . . A T ln the dim hours ot the morning, the brigade 1 5, of busses pulled into the school yard where a r -.cs weary but contented group of Warrior sup- l as - xiii! 5 - N ' i - , , 47? 2.1 H21 ' porters departed for their respective homes ' 5 2 'J -- with a glorious memory to recall many years from now. . Q1 t J' JDZ Within the shadow of Middle: Coachs and team in- Lower: Teamwbelore the l will it ie Tri-borough Bridge . . . spect the City . . . game . . . 4 f'fVlfi SM ,i,1t 'i.r , f Ji i I N. - r Q , . i' ,wg cv.. , r a 3' 'W X' wxapf " W i' i - L agm3f?,,4fi','f,.u..'i1s+tii, fs-we s tttf , Ryan teaches a class in how to smoke Another first down, but not ours . . . Well, do we not look nice? , , , chalk . . . Page eighty-one Sofiamor defends his master's gift. Balthazar displays his gift of myrrh. Difference settled they are ready to follow the Star. CHRISTMAS On the last day before the beginning of va- cation, the Freshmen presented their traditional Christmas Assembly. This year's program was opened by the joyous notes of favorite Christ- mas carols played by the Band. Immediately fol- lowing, the Vested Freshmen Choir, especially trained for this appearance by Brother Floren- tius, CSC., presented a vocal tribute to the Birth of Our Lord through the rendering of four numbers, "l-lark The Herald Angels Sing," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "O Little Town of Bethlehem," and "We Three Kings," accompanied by l-lenry Fanning on the piano. As the last notes reverberated across the au- ditorium, the curtains parted to reveal the play which had been rehearsed for two weeks under the watchful eye of Brother Eagan, C.S.C. Their selection, "lt Was Written ln The Star," treated the theme of the three Wisemen and their choice of suitable gifts that were worthy to be presented to the long anticipated Messiah. The two scene play had for its setting the palace roof of Lord Balthazar Uohn Regol, one of the Wisemen. As the play opened Sofiamor lRoger Araujol and Sikrit lAlfred Page eighty-two Lenardsonl, members of the palace staff, were excitedly awaiting the arrival of Lord Gaspard Uoseph Delaneyi and Lord Melchoir Uoseph l-lopkinsl for the star of the prophecy had ap- peared in the sky. SSEMBLY When the auditorium lights went on again after the last ucurtain, the approving applause of the upperclassmen and the faculty expressed their appreciation to the members of the Fresh- men Class for their many hours of practice to prepare this program Father Bourgoin's and Brother Richard's Christmas Messages stressed the theme that this season should not be simply a day marked by the reception of gifts, but should be a time in which one could serve others, not merely by giving gifts but, more important, by offering thanks to God in Whose memory all these pro- ceedings take place. The next part of the program was marked by the awarding of the long awaited Football Monograms. ln the opinion of Coach Burns and the other members of the Board, twenty-one members of this year's squad merited the mon- ogram award which brought ioy to those so honored and served as an inspiration and a goal for others to obtain in the future. The Christmas Assembly was closed by a community sing directed by Brother Thaddeus, C.S.C., and the Recessional number played by the Band. MEMBERS OF Tl-lE VESTED CHOIR Cyr, Clement, Clegg, Thomas, Delano, Ken- neth, Fox, Terrence, Fox, Thomas, Fitzpatrick, William, Gleason, William, l-lebert, Albert, Kelley, George, Lahey, Everett, Lowney, Fran- cis, Mackedon, Robert, Mador, Jean, Michaud, Paul, McLaughlin, Joseph, Nessler, Albert, Smith, Peter, Tansey, Martin. Robert Medeiros receives his Cheer- leader's Monogram. A Football Monogram goes to Nor- man Menard. Brother Florentius and his heavenly choir, Page eighty-three Page eighty-four l CHEERLEADERS Much ot the credit for the color and the pep boys to perfect their technique and style dis- played upon the gridiron and the basketball court while leading the student body through their cheers. shown at the athletic contest must go to the cheerleaders and their moderator, Brother Casper, CSC., Much tree time is required ot these tive Saint Mary's girls and tour Coyle THE 1949 CHEERLEADER ROSTER Gerald Fleming, Captain Joan Taylor, Captain Alphonse Bessette Janice Leonard Robert Medeiros Jane Powers Louis Tokarz Joan Williams Virginia Williams ln silence and quiet the devout soul maketh progress , . . for thou canst not both attend to Me and at the same time delight thyself in transitory things, Thomas A Kempis Each year as Holy Mother Church, in her liturgy, turns her attention to the sufferings of her Founder, Jesus Christ, in commemoration of His three great acts of love--the redemption of the human race, and the institution of the Sacraments of Penance and of the Holy Eucharist-Coyle students withdraw momentarily from the distractions of the world to examine themselves in their relationship with God and to plot a course of life which will prove their love and their gratefulness as recipients of these gifts of Divine Love. This retreat from all earthly confusion is charac- terized by a spirit of silence which lends the mind to acts of contemplation and adoration, averts the hearts to God and permits a resultant realization of our ingratitude to God for His innumerous benefits thus leading to a firm resolution to correct these conditions. 9 ANPHJAL Along with this most essential inventory of the past year with its beneficial effects, the retreat permits the student to reflect upon the choice of the road he wishes to transverse in his quest of happiness and to question himself as to the state of life most suited to his personality. For this reason, the youth of today need an opportunity to withdraw temporarily from the world in order to ponder over the vocation in life to which God is calling him. Just as the sound ofa dropped pin is imperceptible in the din of a subway station, yet quite distinctly heard in an empty room, so also is God's grace and bidding difficult to distinguish in the confusion of ordinary existence while quite easily understood by the mind which is elevated and dedicated to Him in medita- tion. Thus it is that annually Coyle students withdraw from their ordinary occupations to dedicate the first three days of Holy Week to Christ in honor of His great love for us. Father Edward V. Winsper, RETREAT S. J., the Retreat Master, chose Christ the leader, the fighter, as the central theme of his series of lgnatian conferences. Developing this theme, Father stressed in particular Christ's manliness and His fighting spirit as those qualities most appealing to the students in order to draw them more perfectly to our crucified Lord, as their Model. His insatiable "thirst" for our love and petition, His infinite yearn- ing for our eternal welfare compelled Him to present us two salutary gifts, that of His own Mother to aid us as our heavenly Mother, and that of Himself in the Most Blessed Sacrament, to be the Food of our soul, our Divine Nourishment, The three days of exercises terminated with the imparting of the Papal Blessing followed by Bene- dction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Each stu- dent left the chapel-auditorium feeling more fully prepared to celebrate the mysteries of the Passion with greater appreciation during the latter days of the Holy Week. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION AND Tl-IE TOTAL MAN Paganistic humanism sums its principles into the text that man alone, and by himself, works out his salvation. We see the dialectical banner of Marx raised today throughout the world proclaiming that man does not need God but that he must and can achieve his own destiny and salvation. lf this be true then man is free from any jurisdiction or de- pendency upon God, Difficulties arise from the fact that human society and everything which surrounds man bears a likeness to God and shows its relationship to the Creator. Thus it is that the Marxist, the Communist, to gain his selfish end, must first purge the Creator from the mind of mankind, to proclaim an emancipation of the intellect from that one object which can satisfy it. To combat this malignant growth, Christian humanism maintains, since the time of Christ, that man is not a creature of isolation but an intrinsic organ of society which binds him in service to his fellowman and in reverence to his Creator. No longer is the end of man limited to his materialistic comforts but is expanded to include a preparation for the Kingdom of God in eternity. Thus it is that Catholic education throughout the world has insisted upon the principle that all physical and mental training of man be Christo-centric. With Christ as our com- pass we may be assured that the voyage upon which we are sailing will be a safe one. To enable the attainment of this end, we students of Coyle have religious instruction in our obligations and duties to our God and our fellowman. This instruction does not end with the religion class but permeates all our undertakings in the search for truth. In times of difficulty we are taught to petition God for assistance, and, in times of prosperity to direct heavenward a hymn of thanksgiving. Thus is the manner in which we are formed in order that each may better fulfill his obligations as a Catholic and as an American, The Freshmen install their new statue An inspection of the Vocational Exhibit If -'x The school day is opened and closed as well as eact fa it 1 class, in prayer '1 -JK I, Page eighty-eight A, .- v" 5 W M ,I ia.a,x1f 5 ' . f r 3. ., . Nz! 09' ' f. r 53 Y 1. fQf1f : x 'gl J S Q , Z, f, x , I. ff' Q , 5, 1: if fi. B , Ki A Ja A g I fy M fm.?if,l ,a q, . , Q I 1' .1 . xx .,,,.v.f I1 36,3 eww f 1. 1 -X 1:41 Q 1. ::'1l:il V , . .,A,. . f. . .L i . .W K., - K .. : B? wa ' " v l 'Q fffiai 1 fi? 2 5? E23 ,.ij'f lwwa, 2 M ,gg , lie-WMF' .Ng ag, 'W 5 ffl fxfm-'iffil 11 FV ' . Q ' f f 3 We e,,' .1f 5 V -, 5 4 ' ,,h, nf P i if W i A' yn W, M WAf,:1.,i,, :Q-Q 1551...-Q 1.y:,:7f, -:-- - if . 71 ' f ' b . A 'A ' Lx 1 llilw-fiifi-'5:'5"v'i:1:4'f.1f'Ll 1" L A:,,,g,.,,V,,,h?,XT-Q f 'iiQ2f,ig- ,.,.. A V--Q, V - Q ,,.' Q,i,..,.xWw,fv '-4-""""" WNUV K . A ,HN 4"f'4""1"' ", JL 'z,gX.gL1 , ,a,M--wh - Q ' f A 3 , , , , -- are x uk 1 -fi , -Qu ga F? , , me .asia err.: - 'LA' "-T - lst Row: P. Silva, G. McNally, N. Menard, A. Annunziato, D. Sheahan, A. Murphy, A. Desrnarais, J. Twomey R. Gracia, N Kelly. 2nd Row: Bro. Roland, C.S.C., Athletic Manager, Mgr. W. Sullivan, J Chambers, R Pickett, J. Lewis, Capt. J. Cumiskey, J. Hill, E. Roster, M. O'Grady, Mgr. E. Collins, Coach Burns. 3rd Row Coach Sikorski, A. DeCosta, J. Kelliher, J, Mclntyre, R. Maguire, D. Sweeeney, J, Hart, V. Joyal, Coach Lane Mgr. J. Torres. 4th Row: L. Plasse, P. Kelliher, G. Quinn, C. Sheehan, G, Carvalho, J. McDonnell, R. Silva, P Cleary, B. Sullivan, J. Williams, J. Donahue. Sth Row: F, Ennis, R. McNally, R Johnson, C. Mclienney, J Corcoran, J. Whittaker, R. Ross, R. Griffin, D. Williams, D. Sullivan, R. Simmons. T B Having lost most of the I947 team through gradu- ation, the Coyle Warriors opened their season with a comparably inexperienced squad. Plagued with an unprecedented number of injuries throughout the season, the team fought gallantly to end the season Coyle I3 - Gerry McNally and Andy Raposa led the Warriors, in their curtain raising game, to defeat a spirited Fairhaven eleven on Father Woodley Field. Vin Joyal accounted for the extra point by his kick through the uprights following the second touchdown. ln the first period, after taking the ball on their opponent's thirty-seven yard line, the Warriors drove to the twenty. Skippy Lewis picked up five yards on with a record of four victories against five defeats. Their finest game was the hard fought battle against Durfee in which the Fall River team barely managed to edge a last period victory, 25 - 20. Fairhaven 6 an end run with McNally plowing through his own left tackle on the next play for the first score. Coyle again took the ball, in the second period, sending Raposa galloping twenty yards around end. After Butch Maguire threw a pass to Lewis, Raposa went around right guard for the second score. Joyal's con- version raised the score to i3 --O. Sherman Kinney, the outstanding Blue and White back, scored their only tally on his end run during the final period. Coyle Z6 - Attleboro 31 The Warriors suffered their first defeat at the hands of a strong Attleboro squad at Hayward Field by a slim margin of five points. Maguire sparked the offensive play for Coyle by his passing and running plays and he set up all the touchdowns in the War- riors' spectacular second half comeback. After trail- ing 25 -6 at half time, the Warriors showed signs of that old Coyle fight by running the score within five points of that held by the highly favored Attle- boro team. Maguire threw two touchdown passes to Joyal and one to Jim Hill. Later a fourth pass set up the final touchdown which was scored by Paul Silva. Joyal con- verted two of his four tries for the Warrior's extra points, John Cumiskey and Ed Roster stood out in Coyle line. Two of the Attleboro tallies were scored by Marcoccio. Randell, Thomson and Young scored the other three touchdowns with Cassidy kicking the extra point. The second victory of the season came as the War- riors edged out Barnstable High on a fourth period score ending the game l4 - 7. Silva and Dave Shea- han scored the two Coyle touchdowns with Joyal kicking both of the conversion points. The records show that Coyle gained 204 yards by their running and passing during the afternoon. ln the first period, Brown faded back, threw a twenty-five yard pass to Bearse who ran the last thir- ty for the game's opening score, Ashley then skirted the left end of the Warrior's line for the extra point. After Fred Murphy blocked an attempted Barnstable punt, Dick Pickett fell on the ball giving Coyle pos- session on their opponent's twenty-five yard line. Three plays later Maguire threw a pass to Sheahan in the end zone for the Warrior's first tally. Later in the final period, Silva crashed through his own left guard for the second touchdown from the Barnstable thir- teen yard line. Coyle 0- New Bedford 33 A crippled Coyle eleven went down to a defeat at the hands of a strong New Bedford team at Sargeant Field, 33 AO. Suffering the absence of seven first- string players, the Warriors were handicapped from the beginning. During the game, the second defeat in four games, Silva was removed from the game with a fractured left leg following the opening kick-off and Jack Twomey was injured in a clash during the last period. The touchdowns for the New Bedford eleven were Coyle 0 -Taunton 7 Taunton defeated Coyle in a close contest for the City Title by a third period tally which proved to be the deciding factor of the game. The win, the first by Taunton in the past four years of competition for the Lions Club Trophy, was predicted to be a iugger- naut rolling over a crippled Coyle eleven. But Captain Keough, of the Orange and Black, scored only one tally on a pass from Charlie l-loye after the ball had been advanced to the forty yard line, The Warriors outgained their city opponents in total yardage for the game by gaining eighty-six yards on rushing to Taunton's one hundred and eigh- teen, coupled with seventy-nine Blue and Gold yards on passing compared to seventeen yards by their ri- vals. An outstanding play of the game was Raposa's thirty yard run around left end for the longest single gain of the game. Coyle 6-Vincentian Institute 0 To maintain their record of never having lost to the Albany team, the Warriors gained their third vic- tory of the season by defeating V. I., 6- O. A fourth period touchdown by Raposa accounted for the War- rior's only points. Rivalry between these two schools scored by Watkins, Chapman, Nickerson and two by Taylor, The extra points were accounted for by two Louro kicks and a Nickerson pass to Gilium. The Warriors threatened to score three times but were unable to bring them into reality. Capt. Cumiskey and Coach Burns check strategy. was instituted in l938 for a two year period with the current series being resumed in l946. McNally made the longest run of the afternoon by dashing off right guard for a gain of twenty-eight yards As the third period ended, the Warriors were in possession of the ball on the Vincentian thirty-two Coyle 20 - A strong Durfee squad, paced by the running and passing attacks of Joe Andrews, nosed out a 25 - 20 win over Coyle in the Armistice Day game.Durfee took an early lead chalking up twelve points while holding the Warriors scoreless. Coyle fought back hard in the second period, not only matching the Fall River score but to take the lead at the half, 20 -l 2. The Warrior scores were claimed by Raposa, McNally, and Dick Gracia, the extra points were kicked by Joyal. yard line. After the opening of the fourth quarter, the ball was advanced to the seven by three succes- sive runs where Raposa picked it up to run through his own right guard for the score, Maguire, Joyal, McNally, Raposa, Cumiskey and l-lart stood out for the Warriors while Wilson, Condon, Cos and O'l-lara demonstrated the Albany style. Durfee 25 The Durfee team struck back in the third period to come within two points of a tie, the scoreboard read- ing 2O-- l8 in favor of Coyle. During the final min- utes of the fourth quarter, the strong Red and Black team scored to take the lead and the game 25 -- 20. Andrew, the star back of Durfee, scored the entire twenty-five points for his team making him one of the leading scorers in the state with one hundred forty-three points in his favor, Coyle 0-Cardinal Hayes 18 The Warriors lost their fifth game of the season to a powerful Cardinal l-layes team in New York City, i8 aa- O, The win was the sixth in seven games for the New Yorkers. This year's score was nearly the reverse of Coyle's 20 7 victory over the Cardinal and Gold last year, Neither team was able to push across a score in the first quarter. The first score came as Caccoppoli spir- Managers Collins, Torres, and Sullivan line them up. ited the ball across the line following Rossetti's spec- tacular reception of a l-layes' pass. The second tally by the New Yorkers came in the final period with Graduis running seventy-four yards, Caccoppoli ac- counted for the final tally as he carried the ball over with only one minute remaining in the game. Captain Cumiskey, Armund, Armando, Annunziato and Raposa stood out for the Warriors with Brennan, Ros- setti and Caccoppoli as the Cardinal and Gold heroes. There they go . . . Page ninety-two Coyle 7 - Walpole 6 The traditional Thanksgiving day clash between Coyle and Walpole proved to be a thrilling finale as the Warriors ended the game with a one point lead, 7 - 6. The loss was the eighth in ten starts for Wal- pole, winning one and tying the other. Maguire scored the first tally of the contest on a quarterback sneak from the three yard line in the first period, less than three minutes after the kick- off. Joyal's attempt for the extra point was successful giving the Warriors the winning lead. The Walpole team held the driving Blue and Gold scoreless in the second half and managed to chalk up one score. ln the third period Cisternelli carried the ball seventy yards behind beautiful blocking by his team mates only to be tackled by Joyal after over- coming a twenty yard lead. A few plays later Cister- nelli gained his revenge by carrying the ball across from the two yard line. Mike O'Grady blocked the Walpole attempt for the extra point and saved the victory for Coyle. Coyle Opponents I3 Fairhaven 6 26 Attleboro 31 I4 Barnstable 7 0 New Bedford 33 0 Taunton 7 6 Vincentian Institute 0 20 Durfee 25 0 Cardinal Hayes I8 7 Walpole 6 Warm up time before the game. The Coach checks McNally's shoe. W ll. 14,4 ' Page ninety-three f 'J 4 ..:". if 'Af , , gg? 'mg' wx Jfydcfifg' K""'.3w.w.,- Capt. Cumuskey A. Annunziafo '! ' Wg? W nadgrmia 1 .Y K J ' ar "M" -- , 3 UAL. LW .ffm if 1 A --M' X " wb'-,J 1 N ' A R. Maguire W -- ' " V N. Menard , N MW' NJN 'I' Hin D. Sweeney' -'f1f?w1:. 'fi- 22 4 x 1 . X -KA L., N .n .-ubqlmilypyp 5 ,Mu3n,m:,1J,x . '-1 7 .' l IL: 1 'QQ'-v X A. Desmarais K 'raw' - ,H 1 1 : 5 "t, 4 , -li,2wlE"aA72".-5 - fs A , -,. ,, ,-f?,ff:g'-,awk '- Hwfmxa ., I lwvkxh : f,,A,.. .w , ,, , , R. raEkm fi:-43 r..: pe-,51:.Puf - h QWMQ: 4 VI 7 8. .gf ' Y 1 "":g" 8. .w . , ' A , 1' " ' ""' ?ff19"1l f',- Q: 'iw K 42.,1s,'. , I L !"V3ff?L2", f ' . -. . cg ' ' A ' ' -' S' Q ' wif' 'U ' , ,. af ' W ., .fit , .,, 1: ' ag' .,y' "Q - ' 1 ,gy A . if' ui, - ' Q.. Y R. Gracia 'XA A lv- -'-:.:,, . X - ,4 4 - JL-- , gb, .1 ' - My r H1 ,T.,.,:, X W5-7 Coach Lane f I . .1 ' 'Uri ' . ' '- lg!-a'.rF-gtujiv-,55, 'WHIP 9" 4' "2 ,Li '-Y' :W A. ILR Coach Burns my hm h ,I ,,,Z.:.9-l6lL. ' K -4. eff'-" gif X 11 I -35.41 C 1 G. McNally V A W W, 2 ,, , .L,t , J. Lewis Q.. . ,wr "J X Coach Sskorsku isjiv-tri hy , 'N in -if Q .fy LLY Q Q. . .,,, 4 Y av A'-lg .,,. i , . g'-,.g.,' Lj'ggzkg:Q0?i '99 'T 7 h N. Kelly X ,harm T5 21-:JC - v 9? 'S X Q-..,'-M"f1"i..,+ .zxl P. Salvjbg ' '-gfl.f.fZs,,,791,ghQ , iffy h C.QC ,wi 143, Qs' Q.: f-W-1 Roster X 1" ,H .gl .gag Cnc fi ,S an I' Y ' BA SKETBA With five varsity men graduated last year, Coach Burns had to depend upon his two vet- erans, Skippy Lewis and Frank Tosti, for the backbone of his l948-49 squad. The Coach, a firm believer in hard work and aggressiveness, Capt. Joseph Lewis lst Row: P, Cummings, W. Der- mody, F. Tosti, D. Sheahan, G, McNally, 2nd Row: H. Paquet, R. Bergeron, J Kearns, R. Ma- guire, Capt. Lewis. Page ninety-six W chose for his team only those who demon- strated these qualities through the weeks of strenuous practice. ln making their first appearance, the War- riors suffered a 45 - 30 defeat at the hands of a much improved St. Sebastian team. The Coyle men had a poor start and did not start to func- tion as a team until they encountered thc strong New Bedford team. The Warriors had lost seven games and won only three up to this game. None of the wins happened to be in the Bristol Country league. Their close defeat by one point to their city rivals, Taunton, 37 -36 Ll. Richard Bergeron proved to be a stinging blow, With their past record coupled to the fact that New Bedford ranked second in the league with only one de- feat, little was expected in this conflict, The score mounted slowly for both teams until the dying moments of the game when Coyle scored the tying basket bringing the count 27 -27, Roger Morgan, playing his first minutes in a varsity game, received a pass from Captain Lewis and shot from outside the bucket to break the tie. New Bedford tried to tie the game again but their shot missed its mark. Lewis nabbed the ball on the rebound and was able, with the aid of his team mates, to freeze the ball giving Coyle an upset game, 294 27 Only two games later, the Blue and Gold turned in another upset defeating the much publicized Attleboro, 33 -30, After a record of two upsets over two of the strongest teams in the league, the newspapers knighted the Warriors with the accolade of "Jack the Giant Killer." VARSITY Coyle Opponents 30 St. Sebastian 45 34 Northbridge 24 '50 Alumni Sl 33 New Bedford Voke 34 35 Attleboro 77 57 North Attleboro 21 36 Taunton 37 53 Battery "C" 24 34 Durfee 45 36 Fairhaven 47 29 New Bedford 27 29 North Attleboro Z1 32 New Bedford Voke 51 33 Attleboro 30 29 New Bedford 33 66 St. Anthony's 21 24 Taunton 34 21 Durfee 43 47 Taunton 39 Walter Dermody John Kearns David Sheahan Frank Tosti Richard McNally Page ninety-seven 25 St. Sebastian 10 21 Dighton 49 39 New Bedford Voke 52 25 Attleboro 37 60 North Attleboro 17 30 Taunton 34 35 Battery "C" 31 Durfee 41 37 Fairhaven 38 45 New Bedford 47 41 North Attleboro 22 46 New Bedford Voke S6 34 Attleboro 39 30 New Bedford 35 45 Saint Anthony 16 37 Taunton 33 20 Durfee 51 JUNIOR VARSITY R Silva, J. Simoes, J. Drislan, R Morgan, R McNally, R. Westgate, J, Johnston, J. Nellis. Coyle Opponents 38 Caswell 24 31 Normandin 40 25 East Taunton 24 23 Taunton 30 52 North Dighton 13 S4 Coyle Sophs, 21 48 Cohannet 29 39 St. Mary's of Taunton 35 35 Attleboro 29 39 Taunton 36 47 Attleboro 43 37 Normandin 26 35 Roosevelt 18 39 T aunton 36 35 Roosevelt 29 48 Fall River 43 F RESI-l M E N Page ninety-eight Isl' Row: G. Albernaz, F. Lowney, R, Rodriques, D. Grady, 2nd Row: M. Tansey, J. McCloskey, D. Williams, J. Williams, L, Plasse. 3rd Row: A. Hebert, R. Kelliher, W. Brennan, C. Lynch, R. Girouard, J. Longshaw, vtfi . QOYL sow., hav 'J' ,ia x it sii - - fy 1 , . N H1 1 " 53,115,595 X ADTWTXQ K 'T - x sl Q" 1 Au Y .Y 1 Tlx 1, .K Page ninety-nine '54 Q9- Page one hundred As a new baseball season comes into view, it would be appropriate to review some of the highlights from the many games played last year which remain predominantly in our minds, The "super-duper" pitching turned in by "Skippy" Lewis during the ninth inning rally over New Bedford, Frank Shea's death-dealing hit for two bases that produced the winning run for the Warriors, and the numerous other thrills that give that added zest needed to make this sport the nation's favorite l-laving had a fairly successful baseball season last year, Coach Burns is looking towards the l949 season with searching eyes . Graduation claimed such players as Leo Tuite, who was chosen out of a large field of competition to represent Coyle as catcher on the BOSTON POST ALL STAR TEAM, "Reese" LeVasseaur, the alert and capable second baseman, Billy Sullivan, whose strong and accurate outfield throwing arm will be missed along with Archie Franco's fine playing in the first base position. This year's team will be well supplied with such seasoned players as "Skippy" Lewis and William Warren in the pitcher's box, Ray Desmarais and Vin Joyal defending the field, John Conforti for the fourth year as short-stop and Bob Silva at the third base position, should be the combination to produce a highly successful season. April May June 26 29 30 2 6 I O I 3 I 7 ZO 25 27 30 3 BASEBALL 1949 St. Sebastian New Bedford Voke Brockton New Bedford Taunton Attleboro Durfee New Bedford Voke New Bedford Brockton Aftleboro Taunton Durfee Away Home Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Away Hs Q? nn. w Page one hundred one PHYSICAL EDUCATICDIXI Physical education holds the important position of a bulwark to every phase of the curriculum of Catholic education. At Coyle, every physically able freshman and sophomore is required to devote one pe- riod a week to this wholesome, physical activity. The main emphasis of the pro- gram is devoted primarily to group-com- petitive athletics consisting of basket- ball, touch-football, soccer, softball and other similiar group games. If personal happiness and service are worthy educa- tional ideals, what better opportunity is provided for the realization of these ends than the happiness derived from partici- pation in group athletics at Coyle? The principle objectives of the physical education program may be summarized in terms of their educational values: first, to promote skill in various games and sports, second, to develop such desirable qualities as sportmanship co-operation, self-reliance, and friendliness, third, to develop group loyalties which enable a student to put forth his best efforts sub- iugating individual interests to the wel- fare of the group, and fourth, to provide healthful exercise which contributes to the development of the individual. Thus it can be seen that the many de- sired outcomes of the physical education program parallel those desired in the Ca- tholic education of the mind, the heart, and the hand. Page one hundred two Wy , . ",',,.V, , a . .,,,,, '.,:.4, ,.,- . .3 - XM....4,.. , I-:Vi2.'1il5 'JW - Q " Ama-nf A .-gm. . LQQMQH-- ,:g.u,.-K. .,f. ,,,.A,. 45ga.':,..,.. , . .wr .I , 5.. . ...,Y qu., V 1 -' .9--f ,F'f,:i.ZL ., V A mfs Ze, ,, , .....- ...,.- sw V. . f-A ,U v-1 SCHOLASTIC IVIONOORAIVIS At the end of the fourth grading period, the following .rtudentf have fulfilled the requirement: for a major Srholartir Letter for .rcholartic exrellence with arrompanying rertijcate : Armando Annunziato John Conforti John Cronin Francis Boyes Edward Cole Dale Bellerose Gerard Carvalho Charles Cavanaugh Thomas Duffy John Donahue Henry Fanning Roger Araujo John Carney Joseph Delaney SENIORS John Driscoll John Lancaster JUNIORS Patrick Delaney George Fraga SOPHOMORES Daniel Hurley Roger Morgan Paul Najim John O'Toole Raymond Perra FRESHMEN Cyril Ehrlich William Gleason Paul Michaud Gerard Sanborn Theodore Oliveira William Warren Arthur Wingate James Pacheco William Sullivan Walter Powers David Sheahan Charles Souza Donald Souza Daniel Vasconcellos Bruce White Jeremy Thomas Raymond Walsh Peter Wayner HONOR GROUP At the end of the fourth grading period, the following Jtudent: have made the Srholartir Honor Roll for earh of the grading periodr: Richard Bergeron Alphonse Bessette Jean Bourdeau John Byington Thomas Breen Gerald Chicca David Gregg Walter Buckley John Drislan Michael Dunn Norman Fairhurst William Bruno Paul Cole Kenneth Delano James Fahey Page one hundred four SEN IORS Raymond Carrier Joseph Fernandes John Finn Charles Grady JUNIORS John Johnston John Joy Paul Laplante SOPHOMORES Joseph Fernandes Francis Fox Richard Glennon Joseph Harrington FRESHMEN Thomas Fox Walter Leach John Malloy Richard McDermot 1' Gerald McNally Patrick Phelan George Silva Edward Smith Morgan Powers Edward Roster Joseph Torres William Hurley John Mahoney Leonard Pacheco John Regan Hugh McGraw Leo McGuirk Thomas O'Dea Richard Prunier cXXQbX Eby iff! ff? If if 'J t an J b . Y , ,fha , 3!IEi5?gjQEx?aI EL Sitlolzcb : Qzziowhb ts iiiliiim ll lliil i ly my llll lllllllllllll llllla GQMMENGEMENT At the Sixteenth Annual Commencement of The Monsignor James Coyle l-ligh School, the following members of the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-nine were graduated with l-lonorsi MAXIMA CUM LAUDE John Louis Contorti John Patrick Cronin Armando Annunziato John Michael Driscoll John Frederick Lancaster MAGNA CUM LAUDE Theodore Carnelas Oliveira Arthur Kirby Wingate Charles Joseph Grady William Thompson Warren George Moniz Silva Joseph Fernandes John l-loward Byington, Jr. Patrick Joseph Phelan Armand Vasconcellos CUM LAUDE Richard Norman Bergeron Raymond Robert Carrier Walter Joseph Dermody Jean Paul Bourdeau Charles Arthur McDonald Norman Kelly Robert McAloon Wilfred Fountain Saint Richard Paul Dion Thomas Francis Patenaude Edward Allen Smith Joseph Foire Mastromarino John Joseph Finn John Kevin LaTulippe Joseph Orient Laplante, Jr. Joseph Vincent Ryan Gerald Edward McNally, Jr. Edward Joseph Selleck I . nf' I Q4 ob In 4 4 Q Q x V 1 MQ! Cl 5 The President presents the Governor , . . C25 SOS ..,, C35 After lunch ... C45 Attentive understudies . .. C55 Turn around Deco. . , C65 Charge itl ... C75 The forward wall , .. C85 "Jack" . ,, C95 A trumpet tantare . A ,ClO5 "Many pollsters will be red taced on election day plus one' '.,. Cl l 5 Time out . ,. Cl25 Dressing up the building , . . Cl35 "l-lot lips" Moran . ., Clfll "Gig' '... Cl55 From Senior to Freshmen . 4 . Cl65 Smitty poses . . . Cl75 Practice makes perfect '... Cl85 Morale builders , . . Cl95 A pep talk , . . C205 "Let me show you 4 . . " C2l5 Loyal rooter . ,. C225 Making it pretty . .. C235 "Now this way" . A . C245 l-lalt-time, s 5 Isl mi sm ms ms 531515-'f A .. Ax l ...J 3 2353255 i sy Q., ,K 2 STAR- . , , lliil zo I D j iz M, fsf .Q a H, ,f uf, 4- an-2 44 rv . T 48. f' 5 he iii- ft , , V5 1.1 g, 1 is .X A ' 'Of-5 55155 E asaamaa VVINHH mmf I P .- fi Q if? 'f L, wp, t 'W ll' IIUN J 'BJ' A '- LA 5 "' 1 ,453 'M u Z1 nu wg, a ldii llll 'fl f1-- f l,lll n w P ' --........ ,,. 1 'u 'I A s v i I . ef I Cl l l-lungry? . . . C25 Warriors ot Coyle , .. C3l l-lappiest moment ot the day ... C47 A familiar scene . .. C59 Santa . .. C6l Modern reindeer? . .. C7l Big secret . .. C85 Ye old portal A ., C9l We fare department at work . . .ClOl The tests are "atomic" , A . Cl ll What's the situation? , A , Cl2l Whoops, broken bottle. , . Cl3l The March is on . .. Cl4l Fighting spirit. . . Cl5l Fakers. .. Cl6l Nice background anyway . .. Cl7l Serene . A. Cl8l Nine more dollars to go . .. Cl9l Gerald F ..., C2Ol Recitations galore. S . A. 5 jx . N T X f . , if C C 1 f ll ' ' , In if , S fr' 5 C J-fi A S g 1, ff- i C' .s g , I if if tif.-51' ff C C 'X A X, ft t ,i aa. C 4 'Q ,7 all 7 1' '- .. x A ,L rift N ' 2. if 1 I A - fxaxs ,A 31 X Ex' ij' kv! p ,A 5 6:3 1 Y? X .- Q , C .. ' " A : Xi f - C M y C QV. M it Q Vrvi A . 5. , ,ii V x f 74 C Q19-15 f hifi s il' time l 1 ,ci .,. 5 Q ,Tab rryy pi K if ,b an VJ A4 B ' , F hifi? f l . Mm ia: V M5313 ' , s'-., 'lifes 2 ' ll: -O 4: -A It , .t,.i ......i l N, 'Qt Wwe ti C sw fx 6,6 gag M9 JU f HIIHEIF' GI!! DIE! 'H mm zz 524 ll so INE Pvc' . -. - af -r I I 1 . X . - if R '. . . g ' R' Q V I 1 'mi' If' ,. H, I, :eg A f n E I .qi 5 ' 2 :wg- "' 5 22 , 20 V' " .gf r . . a . I, LX 'N' ' A 2. ' J 'kr . 1 - ' - N -ff 1 L 1 .m-LLA. J xg - Zl 1 M m fa. . . -- u L! A, ,N W4 4 5? txfvv xx , 25 1 I... P VLL, ,. : - tx if Cl 3 Forbidden territory . . , C23 The Chaperons . ,, C33 Old Salt himself . . . C43 Warming up , .. C53 Buddies . . , C63 Grady the third , ,. C73 Coming soon, summer . . . C83 Last minute . . . C93 Coach , .. CIO3 Another run , ., Cl l 3 It"sez" herel . . . Cl23 l-lappysmiles. , . Cl33 Wishtul thinking . , , Cl43 Early birds. .. Cl53 Leap frog . ,. Cl63 The great pose , .. CI73 Nature Boy ,.. Cl83 Going home . ,, Cl93 Billy Coombes. A . C203 Serious tor once . .. C2l3 I-larpooning . . . C223 Our leatherneclc , . . C233 Easy lite , , , C243 "Capt" Messier . . . C253 Bergeron . , . C263 Big night . .. C273 Our gang . . . C283 "Rocky", . . C293 Vin Smith . ., C303 Protector . . . C3l3 Farmerl . .. C323Sightseeing . .. C333 What, a physique? . .. C343 Aboard ship. . . C353 Angelo. 'i""io fttt ' "ff: w e istt " ? ' 'A 1.fvri?-,,Q,..:: . 254. '4 l. f 3' IE 13,23 ,, W 5 'M is Q. 2 Q TOMORROW, AND TOMORROW, AND TOMORROW Thus we bring to a close this, the l949 edition of the COYLE REVIEW amid the varied symptoms ot Spring. We have attempted within these pages to illustrate some of the many ways in which the mind, the heart, and the hand of the Coyle student is trained in order to produce a total entity, a well-rounded personality that will not only be an asset to the individual but to the society in which he will one day take his place For some of us the closing ofthe school year, so quickly elapsed, marks our last at Coyle, while to others, it has only been the commencement, or another stepping stone towards the termination of our high school lite. For those who are venturing into a confused world, a world worrying about the possibility of another depression, a world engaged in the death struggle ot a cold war between two mighty ideologies, a world trying to solve the problems ot a recent military victory, and to those who remain behind, this year will hold many cherished memories from which to draw our strength for tomor- row. What lies beyond the horizon in tomorrow only Divine Providence knows and time will reveal, Formed as Christo-centric men, we will meet the challenge with determined courage and taith. Page one hundred twelve Qur thanks to . The Reverend Raymond B. Bourgoin and Brother Richard, CSC., for their advice and encouragement. Brother Ralph, CSC. and all the Mothers who so generously cooperated to make the Bridge and Whist party a great success. Brother Eagan, C.S.C., our Moderator, for his gudance and assistance throughout the year. Members of the Faculty and the student body for their assistance. Miss Helen Bird for her patient labors in behalf of our bookkeeping problems. All the members of our staff for their excellent spirit of cooperation. Mr. Jack Brown of the T. O'Toole and Sons for his kind encouragement. T. O'Toole and Sons, lnc., Printers of our Annual Mr. Robert Renn of the S. K. Smith Company for his assistance in obtaining the new cover design for this year. Mr. Emmett Calvey for his pictures of the Taunton-Coyle football game and formal groups at the Christmas Prom. Mr. Paul Goss and his staff of the Loring Studios for their many artistic portraits and other pictures. Coyle Alumni, Parents and friends who have offered their assistance. All our Patrons, Advertisers and Friends. John Cronin and John Driscoll Co-editors, Coyle Review of I949 Page one hundred thirteen PATRONS Rt. Rev. W. H. Gill Rt. Rev. Edward Moriarity Rev Rev Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Raymond B. Bourgoin James A. Coyle E. Sousa DeMello James Dolan W. H. Dolan Charles Flynn, C.S.C. Rev. James J. Gerrard Rev. Edward L. Killigrew Rev. Alfred J. Levesque Rev. Francis J. Maloney Rev. George E. Maxwell Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev Rev. Rev. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Francis McKeon John O'Connor Edward A. Oliveira William H. O'Reilly Joseph R. Pannoni Joseph L. Powers John J . Shay William J. Shovelton Denis Sughrue, C.S.C. Richard Sullivan, C.S.C. J. Ward Edmund and Mrs. M. Annunziato James G. and Mrs. Argiros Frank Arieta and Mrs. Olivier Beauvais and Mrs. Louis E. Bellenoit and Mrs. Norman Bergeron and Mrs. Alphonse Bessette and Mrs. Godfrey Bessette and Mrs. Roy F. Boyden and Mrs. Henry E. Brunelle and Mrs. Thomas J. Burke and Mrs. William D. Burke and Mrs. John H. Byington and Mrs. L. Carrier Mrs. John J. Cashin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassulo Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cavanaugh and Mrs. R. H. Chambers, Sr. Leonard B. Clayton Mr. and Mrs. William Coady, Sr. Mr. Mr. and.Mrs. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . and Mrs. Robert H. Cole John Conforti Christopher F. Corcoran Vincent S. Cotnoir H. L. Creamer John Cronin William F. Cummings Erwin M. Custer and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mrs. Antone DeCosta Mrs. Dennis Delaney, Sr. Mr. Mr. Patrick F. Delaney, Sr. and Mrs. John DeNadal Page one hundred fourteen Most Reverend James E. Cassidy, D.D., LL.D. Most Reverend James L. Connolly, D.D., D.Sc.H. Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Dermody Mr. and Mrs. Emery Dion Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Domingos, Sr. Mr. Charles E. Doucette Mrs. John J. Drislan and Mrs. William H. Driscoll Mr. Mr. George Faidell Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Farrell and Mrs. Joseph Fernandes Mr. James Fernandes Mr. and Mrs. Frank Finn and Mrs William E Flemin Mr. . . g Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Fortin Mrs. Annie Gray Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Gracia and Mrs. Charles J. Grady Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Guglielmo Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Hall Mr. James D. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hemingway and Mrs. Charles L. Hoar and Mrs. Charles L. Hoar, Jr. and Mrs. George Horan and Mrs. James Hughes and Mrs. Raymond Jagoe Mrs. Maxine L. Johnson and Mrs. John H. Johnston Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Armand Joyal Mr. and Mrs. William C. Kearns Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelleher Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kelley and Mrs. Timothy Kelly Mrs. Alice Kimball Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kimball Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Laffan Mr. and Mrs. Alban Lancaster and Mrs. John LaTulippe and Mrs. George Levesque Mr. Mr. . and Mrs. Joseph Lewis and Mrs. Charles H. Lincoln Thomas E. Logan Antonio Luongo William P. Lynch George E. Maloney Mr Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Aldina Medeiros Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Medeiros Mr. Thomas Mello Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Menard Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Messier, Sr. Mrs. Maria P. Moniz Mrs. Thomas Moran Mr. and Mrs. George M. Morris and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. George Manning Frank Marelli Luigi Mastromarino and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr, James Moynihan Mr Francis L. McAloon . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. William J. McGann ' Mrs. Mary B. Mr. and Mrs. Mclntyre Bartley F. McNally Dr. and Mrs. John J. McNamara Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. and Mrs. and..Mrs. Gerald E. McNally and Mrs. Michael O'Grady and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Orsi L. C. Osborne John B. O'Toole, Jr. George Patrick Daniel Perry . Mr. Mr. and Joseph F. Phelan Dr. and Mrs. David W. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Patenaude Mr. Ernest T. Pickett Miss Mary E. Pickett Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ponimasz, Sr. Dennis Reagan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Arsene Raymond Mrs. Josephine Repucci Mr. and Mrs. John Rice A Mrs. W. E. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred V. Saint and Mrs. Watson C. Sanborn Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John Scully Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Selleck, Sr. Daniel M. Sheahan Frededick J. Sherry Mr. and Mrs. George C.'Silva Joseph S. Silva Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mrs. Frededick H. Smith Mr, and Mrs. Guy E. Smith Mrs. John E. Sullivan Mrs. Edward A. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sweeney Frank Tosti Mr. and Mis. Charles H. Tripp and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Twomey Anthony J. Varanese Mrs. Mary Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Wayner Miss Raymond A. Wingate Mr. Arthur J. Yelle Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Yelle The Bill's Buddies Basketball Team The Compliments of a Friend The lnterstate Venetian Blind Company The Gerald E. McNally-Contractors The Mohican Company Incorporated The Pellegrini's Shoe Shop Mr Mr. and Mrs. 1.a.......m.a- 3 'f l' ia'-1-an-4,5-af.:c.i.:.' Q... .4'.,a..-um" 'U ' ' ,fldwrflscmenfs Readers of the COYLIL REVIEW are asked to patrontze the reltable firms whose advertisements appear tn the ollowmg pages Thetr ktndly age wtll assure them that tt pays to adverttse tn school publtcauons Success to the Class of 1949 ODAMS DYE HOUSE INCORPORATED WFAR CLEAN CLOTHES Dlal 45621 or 20621 Best W1ShCS to the Class of 1949 BONNIE BROOK RESTAURANT Route 44 Taunton, Massachusetts f cooperative spirit has helped to make the book possibleg our patron- L . Page one hundred fifteen T OTCDO E E5 SONS INCQRPQRATED LITHOCRAPHY QQf0 PRINTING MASTERS GRAPHK ARTS ' LJ ' 31 JEFFERSON STREET - STAMFORDCQIBECTICUT - TELEPHONE A-9226 PHOTOGRAPHER to the COYLE REVIEW OF 194-9 IL IPHHULQW STIUHHUH 392 Sprmg Street Fall RIVCF Ma sachusetts Telephone 8 5022 141 I WM? Page one h d d t BOYSVILLE ST CHARLES BOYS HOME THE CONGREGATION OF HOLY CROSS Umted States Brothers Provmce VINCENTIAN INSTITUTE Albany New York ST FRANCIS ASSISI Brooklyn New York GILMOUR ACADEMY Gates Mxles Ohxo CATHOLIC CENTRAL HIGH Monroe Mxchxgan CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH South Bend Indiana oP-5'-4,,, ks? 'Yiffif' SCHOOLS SAINT EDWARDS UNIVERSITY Austm Texas MONSIGNOR IAMES COYLE HIGH Taunton Massachusetts NO'I'RE DAME HIGH Bxloxz Mxsszsslppx ST THOMAS AQUINAS Brooklyn New York CATHEDRAL HIGH Indxanapohs Indxana HOLY CROSS HIGH New Orleans Louxsmna HOMES HOLY TRINITY HIGH Chxcago Illmols REITZ MEMORIAL HIGH Evansvxlle Indxana ST ANTHONY HIGH Long Beach Cahf NOTRE DAME HIGH Sherman Oaks Calxf NOTRE DAME HIGH West Haven Conn Mllwaukee Wzsconsm GIBAULT SCHOOL FOR BOYS Terre Haute Ind1ana Macon Mxchxgan ST IOHN BOSCO CENTER Spokane Washmgton HOUSES FOR THE FORMATION OF RELIGIOUS DUIARIE HALL ST IOSEPH'S NOVITIA'I'E Notre Dame, Indxana Rollmg Prarre, Indxana SACRED HEART IUNIORATE ST IOSEPH OF HOLY CROSS IUNIORATE Watertown, Wlsconsin Valatxe. New York FOREIGN MISSIONS EAST PAKISTAN IINDIAI ST GREGORY'S HIGH HOLY CROSS HIGH Dacca. Bengal Hashnabad. Dacca Dt OUTLAYING MISSION STA'I'IONS X 'A 55 : fs Page one hundred eighteen JAMES P SHEEHAN RELIGIOUS ARTICLES 256 Mann Street Brockton 4,4 5 NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS S1576 Your Favorzte De rartment Store Graduate of Monsignor Coyle High, 1939 A 'T G Our Heatlng Ozls Make Warm Frlends NASON OIL COMPANY FUEL OIIS Power 011 Burners 24- Hour Servlce Telephone 2 2282 Danforth St Taunton ROYAL COAL COMPANY COAL 0 L COKE Telephone 4 7182 Taunton Massachusetts J Prompt Metered Delivery . ,, I ' 9 P g h dred twenty MACKENZIE 81 WINSLOW, INC. LUMBER 81 BUILDING MATERIALS POULTRY AND DAIRY FEEDS Fall Rlver Massachusetts STAPLES COAL COMPANY CoAL on COKE Tlmken Rotary and 1 un Type Burners Hlgh Grade Fuel and Range O11 Twenty four Hour Servzce On Automunc Heczung Equzpment Telephone 4- 5817 . 7 G - A .. Automatic Coal Stokers ' 3 Page one hundred t ty TOUHEY'S PHARMACY ARTHUR J SHEA Reg Pharm Prop Prescrlptlon Speclallsts Slnce 1883 Fall Rlver, Massachusetts DRUMMOND PRINTING COMPANY PRINTERS and STATIONERS 56 Cohannet Street Taunton Massachusetts F L COLLINS AND SONS, INC GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS JAMES H CoLuNs CS Presndent Reglstered Clvxl and Structural Engmeer Member of the Natlonal Soclety of Professlonal Engxneers FRANCIS L CoLuNs Jn Treas THOMAS K COLLINS Secy Academy Bldg 102 S Mann Fall Rnver Mass Mumczpal Counczl Francis X Casey Pres Harold F leld Thomas McCarthy Harold Johnston Mlchael Welch Peter Gay Wllllam Dulfy Henry WllllHmS Joseph Chamberlaln ' ' ' MAYOR JoHN F. PARKER Incorporated 1937 Page one hundred twenty-two FALL RIVER HERALD NEWS D D SULLIVAN 81 SONS Sp gSt FllR k F SURPLUS SALES COMPANY CARTER Sz: BEEDEM COMPANY e yth g f e and yo g me Dress Wea Spo ts Wear a d Wo L Wea W ll T l 3-8221 B df O O 383 rin reet a iver, Massachusetts Success to the Graduate Congratulations to the Students Than s to the aculty Ev r in or m n un n in r, r ' n r ' r i iam Street e . New e ord P g one hundred CREAMRICH ICE CREAM SHOPPE and RESTAURANT Route 133 Somerset Centre Massachusetts GENERAL ICE CREAM CORPORATION FRANK MAZZONI GEORGE C SHIELDS Fall R1 er Mass ALLAN M WALKER AND CO Incorporated C J CONNOLLY lFor lerly Rand ll Dean 81 Co Inc J FLORIST INSURANCE In All Its Bra hes 30 Trescott Street 38 C ocker Bu ldmg Telephone 4 5875 Telephone 4 7941 Taunton Mass Taunton Massachusetts 9 Compliments of Best Wishes of . v , . l v C, I . n a ., . nc r i ' - ' s , P g one hundred twenty-four TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE E A THOMAS COMPANY The good name of a busmess 13 bullt on the sol1d foundatxon of quallty to full stature For twenty years men who appreclate quahty and a run for then' money have been patrons of the Toggery Get to know The Modern Mount Hope Toggery, Inc North Dlghton, Mass Famous for clothlng and apparel that look better longer U D merchandise - and a good name like character, takes time in growing , . I Page one hundred twenty-five l 7 BALFOUR L G BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rlngs and Plns Commencement Invltatlons Dlplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques MR. THOMAS CALVIN, Representative Attleboro Office , 4 L .E -.' 3 r., Y -Fi: U O C 9 I Page one hundred twenty-s' Wm Fall Rlver s Largest Department Store On the Alr 12 30 WSAR UNION HAND LAUNDRY A Service For Every Home 22 Franklln Street Dial 2 0021 Taunton Massachusetts CHERRY Sr WEBB COMPANY Fall River Mlssachusetts c ' ' . : 7 A Service For Every Store . . - 1 , . ' , : Page one hundred t ty FURNISHINGS FOR MODERN HOMES Floor Coverlng Speclallsts Wmdow Shades V eneuan Blmde BOSTOCK FURNITURE COMPANY 10 12 Trescott St Telephone 4-5889 Taunton Mass I OUR STORE COMPLETE ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS H A F W A E Everyfhmg a Hardware .ffare Uagfzf fa Have 15 MAIN ST TAUNTON PHONE 4-6921 Featuring Famous Brand Names WILSON SPAULDING GOLDSMITH RAWLINGS JOHN MARSHALL Industrlal Propertles Textlle Machlnery APPFHISHIS Llquldatlons P 0 Box 815 Fall Rlver Massachusetts Telephone 6 82 1 7 . . I . . K . , , , SS 7 99 4 'L""" n,,..,..4 Clnlw ---"- 'e"' ""' A A ,M """ A Q I D . , P g h dred twenty-eight DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED Whether for Graduation or any similar occasion - youill jind our Clothes always look well and continue to do so during the life of the garment. THE SEELEY COMPANY 52-54 Taunton Green 7 Weir Street Arrow Shirts -- Shorts - Neckwear - Handkerchiefs Wolverine 81 Hart Schaffner 81 Marx Clothes Barbison Slips and Underwear for Ladies JACK PETERS Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Groceries, Confectionary and Tobacco 89' Broadway Taunton, Massachusetts PEDINI MOTORS 12 Pratt Street Phone Mansfield 14-2 Mansfield, Massachusetts Buick - Sales and Service - Chevrolet DANIEL AND M. J. COUGHLIN, 'INC. FUNERAL HOME 229 Winter Street Corner of Locust Fall River, Massachusetts Page one hundred twenty-nine Best W he to the Clas f 1949 WALDRON HARDWARE CO ROBERT H PARK W S We M ke a Sp c alty f Yol g Me s Clothes for G ad anon UNITED CHGCOLATE REFINERIES INC TAUNTON PRINTING COMPANY T 1 ph 4.4305 QUALITY SERVICE P FRANK LEDDY P p 93 W St t is s s 0 I 44 eir treet Taunton, Mass. 9 41-47 Main Street a ei o UL n' r u ' 9 0 e e one O . , ro . eir ree P hddh' COBB'S, INC. 31 Main Street Tel. 4-7531 "Right Goods at Right Prices" ALBERT E SMITH STUDEBAKER Sales Service 54 56 Court Street Telephone 2 1275 Taunton, Mass MANSFIELD MILLING COMPANY LEONARD S Known for Over 60 Years for Hlghest Quahty FOOD CONFECTIONARY RES'I AURANT LUNCHEONETTE BAKERY SUPPLIES HOMEMADE ICE CREAM CANDIES 35 Mann Street Taunton Massachusetts CAREERS IN BUSINESS QANDER S LUMBER COMPANY CW11 Service P0S1U0U5 Agents or Taunton and Vicinity or ONE OR TWO YEAR COURSES MUDENE PAINTS SPECIAL SUMMER SESSIONS BRISTOL COUNTY BUSINESS COLLEGE Quahty Materlals Bullders Hardware Oflice 36 Weir Street TEL. 2 1565 TAUNTON Ya d End of Cushman Street I . . , 7 . 3 - - 0 , 9 ' 9 n u L' Prepare for Accountlng, Secretarlal or L- . . . . , . ' l' 2 Page one hundred thirty-one MANSFIELD BLEACHERY in RAUSCH S RESTAURANT ALL HOME COOKING 3 BySt C plme tsf A FRIEND FLINT SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY 1052 Pl I F ll R h 6-8201 MITCHELL S PHARMACY 6 S lhM Su- Fa1lR1 Mas Tlph 21572 Page one hundred thirty-two TAUNTON AWNING COMPANY ANTONE DACos'rA Prop Tallored Awnmgs Complete Awnmg Serv1ce Awnlngs Tents Canoples Flags Storage Repazrmg Waterproof Truck Covers Weddxng Carpets 16 Winter St Taunton Tel 3 3652 J R TALLMAN 8: CO Insurance of All Kmds Est 1839 19 Broadway Tel 4 4051 Oldest Insurance Agency rn Town JOHN E McMAHON 81 SONS MASONS CONTRACTORS Telephone 2-4772 LEARN TO DRIVE Joe Vanclal and hls son Ross Respect O HEARNE INSURANCE AGENCY TAUNTON CHARLES COMES Meats Grocenes Vegetables F rults 213 Washington Street Telephone 2 0141 Taunton Complzments o HEBERT K PRATT PUBLIC ACCOUNTAYT 60 State Street Boston O KEEFE S FUNERAL HOME HALL THE FLORIST 26 School Street Flowers or all Occaswns Telephone 3 3251 RUSSELL FUNERAL HOME Francls J Russell Mrchael T Russell 105 Belmont Street Brockton Complzments 0 A F R I E N D BETTY ALDEN PRODUCTS LORENZO E SAVARD DEPUTY SHERIFF Realtor ' Insurance 235 Pocasset Street Fall River Baldwm Planos Hammond Solovox Ansley R8dl0B THE MUSIC SHOP 105 Bank Street Fall River Te-l. 5 7721 Lew Dalhec, Prop. . . . . . . . . . Q, Y - ' . CC 99 ' 66 99 353 Bank Street Fall River C0147 39-sy ' Patience 9 , h 9 9 ' I . . I f . ' f . . 3 . a ' Page one hundred thirty-three PAT MOORE'S Tire and Auto Supply Time to Re-Tire Get A Fisk A 81 C SUPER MARKET 592 Washington St. Phone 2-1441 Taunton BONNEAU Prlntlng and Greetlng Card Shop 93 North Mann Street Fall River Massachusetts TRINITY Auto Top and Body Works Seat Covers Auto Tops Truck Cushlons 10 Franklin St Providence R I Tel Pl 7286 FRANK SPA 42 Weir Street Taunton Massachusetts Be Choosey Buy Your Car From BAY CITY MOTOR SALES Jack McGrady 1148 Davol Street Tel 964-18 Fall River FALL RIVER MOTOR MART 998 Pleasant Street Cars Bought and Sold WILLIAM S HATHAWAY FALL RIVER H T McNEILL Chxef Prohatlon Oilicer Fall River Massachusetts F E DUFFY PHARMACY Fall River CURLEY'S P X Luncheonette and Fountam 991 South Walker St New Bedford T 1 phone 5 7960 WALSH PHARMACY Charles D POIIICT Reg Ph Prop 1224 Pleasant Street Fall River Telephone 6-8939 GORHAM PRESS QUALITY JOB PRINTING 5 Leonard Street Telephone 3 3734 SPILLANE SHOE STORE Footwear For The Entire F amlly Dlal 8828 29 School Street Brockton Auto and Truck Refinlshlng Qualzty Work Only E COUTURE AND SON 94-8 958 County Street Authorlzed Dupont Duco Statlon Established 1917 HERBERT KING FLORIST Flowers for all Occaslons Wholesale and Retail 4-95 New Boston Road Fall River Dual 2 034-1 I l -, . , s u Superior Court 907-911 Second Street I . . . I , - -, . e e ' ' Page one hundred thirty-four WILFRED V. SAINT Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal Work I3 Monica Street Dial 3-3914 A F R I E N D SAM HALL'S MUSIC STORE 169 North Main Street Fall River, Mass. Dealer in Pianos - Musical Instruments - Music Accessories THE SPORT SHOP 64 MAIN STREET "Exclusive But Not Expensive" 19? RICK'S SERVICE STATION Oils - Gas - Lubrication Telephone 2-9308 COMMERCIAL WEEKLY BRIDGEWATER INDEPENDENT 757 Robesen Street Fall River RIENDEAU FUNERAL HOME SWEENEY MOVING CO. Phone 3-3171 82 Borden Street Fall Riv 476 Bay Street Taunton Phone 3-1791 Packing - Shipping - Storage JOSEPH E. LAWLOR FLORIST 0LSON'S FLOWER SHOP BW Taunton Green Taunton Phone 4-8337 - Res. Tel. 4-6842 LOUGHLIN CHEVROLET GUGLIELMO BARBER SHOP Taunton, Massachusetts Page one hundred thi 1 HUTCHINSON S ART SHOP Ptctures P1ctureFrammg Arttsts Suppltes Telephone 20211 Est 1862 154 Second Street Fall River Mass P 81 Q CLOTHING SHOP 169 Mann Street Brockton Massachusetts ROBERT S Full Dress Rental Servtce 398 Sprlng Street Fall River Telephone 9 6191 Best Wlshes to the Class of 49 Bristol County Radlo Co 70 72 Main Street Home 0 ualzty F urmture MOR0 S MARKET MEATS GROCERIES 69 Broadway Taunton Mass Telephone 3 314-1 Best Wlshes to the Class of 49 LANE S BARBER SHOP 20 HIGH STREET Fall Rlver Councll 86 Knlghts of Columbus Dlstrlbutors of 85 Cohannet Street Taunton Mass Ctty SCFVICC Petroleum Products Telephone 4-4117 Radlo and Sound Equlpment Gasoline Fuel O11 Range O11 Arthur Morm Manager 61 Cohannet St Taunton Mass Tel 2 1282 MASON S FLOWER STUDIO 9 Leonard Street Taunton M ss KIRLEY,S COAL AND SUPPLY COMPANY MANSFIELD MASSACHUSETTS SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY 77 BROADWAY Laundry Done ln 30 Mmutes Bendzx Automatzc Washers SILVA FUNERAL HOME so BROADWAY At Samt Marys Square R A WILCOX CO , INC School Equzpment and Satwnery Suppltes Fall River Mass MASON 'S CLEANERS AND DYERS 30 Broadway 334 Bay Street 20 Howard Street Taunton Massachusetts 7 - . 7 - fQ ' ' 9 ' ' . . 7 . DAVID B. DEAN sf co. W- H- RIFEY 81 SON, INC- Page one hundred thirty-six O'Neil's Fisk Tire Service, Inc. A I E N D Corner of Central and Durfee St. Tel. 3-2361 and 6-8270 Fall River, Mass. "Built on V alues, Growing on Values" P, Crowley and S0115 NEW YORK LACE STORE LUMBER Taunton, Massachusetts 89 Main Street Taunton I It Pays to Shop at Penney's MARCKS THE TAILOR, INC. Penney's Department Store 4-9 Main Street 71 Broadway Telephone 4-4921 Clothing for the entire family More than 1600 Penney Stores from Coast to Coast COYLE HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA Mrs. V. Leonard Mrs. L. McGrath F' D- MUNE DEVLIN'S BAKERY ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 615 Locust Street Dllll 4-8381 T t l Taylor Bldg' Fall River, Massachusetts aun on DR. HAROLD GOREN DAN-A95 OPTOMETRIST Everything to Furnish Your Home 85-87 Main Street 19 Broadway Taunton Taunton BEST WISHES OF JOHN F. MULHERN DRUGGIST Established 1904 FALL RIVER PUBLIC Betty Lee Fountain Service 62 Main Street 178 North Main Taunton Massachusetts Fall River, Massachusetts I Page one hundred thirty-seven HYLAND S FISH MARKET 8 10 LEONARD STREET If It Swzms We Have It L Grossman and Sons, Inc Oak Street at Depot Telephone 4 5851 C J LEARY 81 SONS, INC PRINTERS 35 Hudner Bldg Fall Rlver J O NEIL SUPPLY CO Home o Carmote Pam! Slx Stores Tel 6 8237 130 Bedford Street Fall River GRAY TYPEWRITER CO 134 SECOND STREET Te 3 174-1 Fall Rxver HYLAND S FIVE AND TEN Open dally 9 am to 9 pm Robeson Street Fall River Mass No Parking W orrles Congratulations to the Class of 1949 PORTUGESE HOLY GHOST SOCIETY OF BRIDGEWATER WALTER FERNANDEZ Preszdent JOSEPH MARTIN Treasurer 4 DONNELLY PAINTING CO Excluswe Prmtmg Servzce 135 Franklin Street Fall River Phone 2 1911 COYLE BOOK STORE Taunton Hardware 81 Plumblng Supply Co , Inc Wholesale and Retail Dealers ln Hardware Pamt, Wallpaper and Plumbing Supplies 74 Mam St Taunton Phone 4 4065 SOMERSET NURSERY Landscape Service 3256 County Street Somerset Mass Trees Shrubs Evergreens Seeds Garden Tools and Supphes 9 . . . f . 9 lo , . . . JOHN LUIZ, Mordormo MANUEL RIBEIRO, Secretary Page one hundred thirty-eight FOR TOPS IN TRANSPORTATION RIDE THE INTERSTATE BUS SERVICE M ddl bo o P h INTERSTATE TRANSPORATION CO , Inc W t T 1 ph 3 3182 0 Providence 0 i e r 0 lymout Charter Coach Service I I es ern Union Corner e e one - P h d d h INDEX T0 ADVERTISERS A 81 C Super Market ...... Bay City Motor Sales ...,.....,. Balfour, L. G., Company ........ . Betty Alden Products .......,.., Betty Lee Fountain Service ...,... Bonneau Printing and Greeting Card Shop ...,....,.....,.4,........,....., Bonnie Brook Restaurant ....... Bostock Furniture Company ...,, Bridgewater Independent .,,,...., Bristol County Business College Bristol County Radio Company Carter and Beedem Company Cherry and Webb Company ..,.. Cohh's ,..........,....,.......,..............,. Collins, F. L., and Sons, Inc. Congregation of Holy Cross ..... Connolly, C. J., Florist ...., . Coughlin Funeral Home ....., Couture, E., and Son ..... . Coyle Bookstore ...,... Coyle Cafeteria .... Creamrich ............,..... , ,..., . ,,.... Crowley, Wm. P., and Sons .... . Curley's P X .,........,,..,..,...... Dana's ,,,.....,....,...................,..,....,,.. Dean, David B., and Company , Devlin's Bakery ,.................,,.,.., Donnelly Painting .,...,, Drummond Printing ...... Duffy, F. E., Pharmacy ........ . Fall River Herald News .,..... Fall River Motor Mart .....,... Fall River Public Market ,.....,., Page one hundred forty Flint Self-Service Laundry ......... General Ice Cream Corporation Gomes, Charles .......,................... Goodnow's .....,........ Coren, Dr. Harold .....,.,. Gorham Press ,........,.....,........ Gray Typewriter Company .....,. Grossman and Sons, Inc. ....., Guglielmo Barber Shop ...... Hall's Music Store ..,...... Hall The Florist ..,.....,.... Hathaway, William S. .... . Hutchinson's Art Shop ......., Hyland's Fish Market ....... Hyland's Five and Ten .............,. Interstate Transportation Co., Inc King, Hebert ,......,....,.....,............ Kirley's Coal and Supply Company Knights of Columbus fFall River Council 861 ..,........,..,........,..... Lane's Barber Shop ..........,... Leary, C. J., and Son, Inc. ,... .. Leonard's .....,..,...........,..,... Loring Studios .....,..,... Loughlin Chevrolet ....... Lowler, Joseph E. ........,.......... . MacKenzie and Winslow Inc. Mansfield Bleachery ........,... Mansfield Milling Company ,.... Marck's The Tailor, Inc. ....... . Marshall, John ........,............. Mason's Cleaners and Dyers .,.. Mason's Flower Studio ......., INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Mayor Parker and Municipal Council ..,,........,...,.........,..,......,..., Mazzoni, Frank ........,... ..... Mitchell's Pharmacy ,..,,.........,......,. Modern Mount Hope Toggery, Inc. Moore's Tire and Auto Supply ...,. Mone, F. D. .........,.............,..,............ Moro's Market ..,.........,..,......... .,,.. Mulhern, John F., Druggist .......... . Music Shop, The ........,......,..,.. ..,.. McMahon, John E., and Sons ...... . McNeill, H. T. ....... .......4,,..... .... . McWhirr's ,..................... ...,. Nason Oil Company ........,,.,... ..... Neil, J. O., Supply Company ......,. . New York Lace Store ,..,.....,.......,... Odams Dye House, Inc. .............,..... O'Hearne Insurance Agency .....,,.w O'Keefe Funeral Home ,..,.......,..,,... Olson's Flower Shop ........,...,... ..,... 0'Neill's Fisk Tire Service, Inc. O'Toole and Sons ,..........,.......... ...... Pedini Motors ......,....,...... ..... Penney, J. C., Company ......... ..... Peters, Jack .....................,......... ..,.. Pierce Hardware Company ........... Portuguese Holy Ghost Society P 81 Q Clothing Shop ,.......... .......,.... Pratt, Hebert K. ..,,......,. ..... Rausch's Restaurant ....,... .... Rick's Service Station ......... ,.... Riendeau Funeral Home ....... ..... Riley, W. H., and Son, Inc. ,........ .. Robert's .,,.....,...,.....,,...........,. ...,. Royal Coal Company ...... .... Russell Funeral Home ...... ....,. Saint, Wilfred V. .....,..........,...,........ . Sander's Lumber Company ............ Savard, Lorenzo E. . ,...,.........,......... . Seeley Company ........ ,..... Self-Service Laundry ....... .,.... Sheehan, James P. ..,.... ...., . Shields, George C. ....,.. ...... Silva Funeral Home ....... ,..,.. Smith, Albert E. ........ ..... . Somerset Nursery ....... ...,.. Spa, Frank ................... Spillane Shoe Store .....,,.. ...... Sport Shop, The .........,. ,,.... Staples Coal Company ...,.. ..,,., Star Store .....,.,...............,.... ....., Sullivan, D. D., and Sons ...,.. ,..,. . Surplus Sales Company ...,.... ..,... Sweeney Moving Company ............ Tallman, J. R., and Company ....... . Taunton Awning Company ,......,.... Taunton Daily Gazette ...,..,... ...... Taunton Hardware ..,.......,...,..,........ Taunton Printing Company .......... Thomas, E. A., Company ......... Touhey's Pharmacy ...........,...,....,... Trinity Auto Top and Body Works Union Hand Laundry .........,...,...,.... United Chocolate Refineries, Inc. .. Vandal, Joseph ,...,.............,............... Waldron Hardware Company ........ Walker, Allan M., and Company... Walsh Pharmacy ...,...........,.............. Wilcox, R. A., Inc. ....... ..... . Page one hundred forty one U0 9 Q, A U T Q G Q A P I-I S -Avon . 0 1 5 f' 5'l'ouSh+on ff J Ries dy e an Pctorual Map of me Cuties Whth F 'N -Q 1. ' 1' 4 I orrn ff, The Populahon of The Monsxgnor James lv as on X-J A X Coyle High School Q 'Fgxbo - ' 'Eas-! Mansfield V , f7"5t W," - House .f 1e-+ ' fini? ' '. uuuum-,fg!5'f L' -f2z,oQ4v!Q?::'T'1" 1 :- 'VVc Afeflevdeo' ul r 1 Cf? fu ' i'1 2.6. 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V , L5 U X , ' ,V , V 1 il 1 . y 5'i.'Qg . ' YL!-. g 'V g . X w Q -' - ' 'E-"Brid5q,wa-kc.r- Q, 'K . f I , . Tj . ' b 1' me Ov I I 'zu af V f ' . , E - Q9 ,Q ' 7, Q 1",2f,,f, . ,, U . if "" ,gk ' B"'d5"""+"' ' ,Q 19, 1 ' 1 A 6 y ,,.Lm" ,, " X c w:-N -'BLA q f . ' ' ,0!gm'o u t ff f -Br .d5cwa+cr OC K ff-g Lb-'iff i 'aaynham i ,f x Wh ef e 'Q 3 1 O Rgsanham ' , X 1 5 f 5 Q ,ja C-G +C? z jeg . A ' - 6 I 2 b o ro N 'E.Taun+on "---- fx . , kk Qfi s Q ' M! X X! N gg '-sz.-up Q. 6, " Q' Y - Q A . X 44 5 if . lflf-ks ' x We Are Headed ., ff' i by Eos 6 QQ .U V' 'I , 5 as f 1 1 X I Q M:-12' 4 . f xr x 3 ,rg 1 -v , , .1 X , 3 ,f Y' f X x ' f MZ? f ,X ' If ' '5 47 577'ovvb e FFXIS 5 Q' ,wr ffl var' W' I N cred- V- I I . ' ' " jr ' 'll' rl? - it of ' i x ' ' 4 ' -5? if f ' U X ' - 'K , uslfmc+' K , x mf A " 'O Q A ' Qi 'Fairhaven J W S" , N-naf3m..,+h wg . V Sf , Q ij , V f R 01:8 .RIVCP ' A' f All f . 13 ffffs J 1l.s,' D il 'y V' ' . iv E ',", .q ' -, M , . 0

Suggestions in the Monsignor Coyle High School - Review Yearbook (Taunton, MA) collection:

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