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 - Class of 1946

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Monsignor Coyle High School - Review Yearbook (Taunton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1946 volume:

in 4, ' ,1. .u . ' ' ' s 5 .'. : ,F , 4' 5.- ' a . D W . i ' , a.g M, Si B fx s' ,- ummm...-W .:w,.,w- ,- 1 vw-mmm .,,. . mwMmm,.1, ,nw , , .,-.wg -.uv ',H.v W ., 1-, AQ, - , . W-1 1 ' hifi ' WIP 3 C0 le " Review EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: W. Alan Fitzgerald MANAGING EDITOR: Iohn Reagan ASSISTANT EDITORS: Hugh Donahue, Iarnes Martin LITERARY EDITGR: Richard Regan ART EDITGRS: Robert Prairie, Donald Sullivan BUSINESS MANAGER: Leonard Ryohlik ADVERTISING MANAGER: Robert McCormick SPQRT EDITQRS: William Casey, Donald Corrigan, Thomas McCann, Harold 0'Donnell PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OE MGNSIGNOR IAMES COYLE HIGH SCHOOL OF TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS Thr Must Reverend James l. Unnnully, DJJ., ll. Sc. H Ilishnp ul Mylnsu l'nmliulur In the llishnp ni Full lliwr l'unsPrrnlud May 24, I945 Dedication I N . X J N , x r.3kjk,fL.' ,Q--x K" Aygjl .. ...5 --3, .ZL -N vjg- fn...- "",'Q lg ,,.JN- 21- """' f X Iraqi-1559 Q' ' T0 Brother Richard. . . With grateful appreciation tor his sincere interest, loyalty and unseltish sacrifice, the Class of l946 respectfully dedicate this Annual. T0 the Graduating Class of '46s ln order that pleasant memories ot your high school acquaint- ances may not perish too soon, the Review Staff presents you with this annual and may you find it a source of pleasurable reading. May its pages be a recollection of our friendships and experiences. W. Alan Fitzgerald Editor-in-Chief Administration 9' AB 3 mm Q YWP Q, 383 Co fix Q' " 'wumuuwiwwW 9 W fs 0 ,sq ll' The lluvvrnnd Edward J. liurmun, S. T. ll., M. A Supurintl-nd:-nl uf Ilincusun Hchuuls 1 L The Hcvvrvnd llaymund ll. llnurguin, S.T.Il., M.A Principal J Brother Richard, C.S.C., M.S Vice Principal I l Facult V Y ' XXX! 1' X XX I ' fx X X E XA P, x I I ff! f ,X V X , I, V. fXY xf X ,KYV x ,f -xx 'X XX X 1 Xf ,V - X i ' f f, l -lx i 2 xx X 5!,!! I x ,ff ' A X K5 fx XX K-'Qxx9 NX X RX. -X X X I ,' R f f. x X fx! i Gum Brother Richard, C.S.C., M.S. B.S. at the University of Notre Dame M.S. at the University of Notre Dame Advanced Algebra: Intermediate Algebra Brother Theophilus, C.S.C., M.A. I-LB. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at Chicago University, Warsaw University, Poland, Northwestern University, Illinois, Fordham University, New York MJ-X. at the University of Notre Dame Religion 5 Latin Brother Jarlath, C.S.C., A.B. A.B. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at Notre Dame University Lating Dramatics Brother Thaddeus, C.S.C., B.S. B.S. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Mathematics 5 Chemistry Brother Sigismund, C.S.C., MJ-X. A.B. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at Fordham University M.A. at the University of Notre Dame Religiong Englishg Library Brother Ralph, C.S.C., A.B. A.B. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at Fordham University Frenchg Yearbook Moderator Brother Isidore, C.S.C., A.B. I-LB. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Englishg Biology: History: Music Brother Casper, C.S.C., A.B. A.B. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Religiong Historyg Cheerleader Moderator Brother Roland, C.S.C., A.B. A.B. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Religiong Englishg Faculty Manager of Athletics Brother Germanus, C.S.C., I-LB. A.B. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at Fordham University Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Religiong Englishq Warrior Moderator Brother Malchus, C.S.C., A.B. A.B. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Algebrag General Science dk Brother Johann, C.S.C., B.S. B.S. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at Catholic University Physicsg Geometryg Mechanical Drawingg Assistant Coach Brother Anton, C.S.C., A.B. I-LB. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Spanish 5 History Brother Callistus, C.S.C., A.B. A.B. at the University of Notre Dame Graduate work at the University of Notre Dame Religion 3 English Mr. James A. Burns, C.A. CJ-X. at the University of Notre Dame Comrnerceg Director of Athletics: Physical Education f5qf CDR .3 'S C0 MCH 54 U15 c.fJ47" D ,J ' ieniur Class lllficers HERBERT O'CONNELL President ANDREW DOOLEY Vice President .I L JOHN REAGAN Secretary GEORGE BELMORE, IR. General 44 Mount Prospect Street East Bridgewater Dance Committee, 3, 4. George came to Coyle in his lunior year .... always ready to lend a helping hand .... cheerful .... dependable. Page twenty SEN! CHARLES M. ARSNOW General 501 Whipple Street Fall River , Band, 2, 3, 45 Band Monogram, 45 Chairman of lunior Dance. Pleasing personality ..... argumentative ...... willing worker ..... deep, hearty laugh .... reliable. DAVID B. 'BOOTHBY science 38 Pearl Street 3 North Dighton Honor Group, 2, 35 Scholastic Monogram, 35 Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Monogram, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 3, 4. Likeable .... dependable .... industrious .... eager to be an engineer ....un vrai guerrier....played center on the football squad. OR CLASS 1946 REVIEW IRVIN BRUNEAU Science 303 Kilburn Street Fall River Intramural Sports, 4. Cheerful disposition .... well known in the C. Y. O. League .... a jolly good fellow .... outside activities prevented participation in school activities .... a noted punster. THOMAS l. CONNELLY Classical . 253 Buttington Street Fall River Decorator's Club, 15 Dance Committee, 3, 45 Baseball 4. An ardent sport fan .... good student ..... likes dancing ..... name "Tuna" has always been a mystery .... dependable .... cheerful and friendly .... one ot the most popular seniors .... plans to enter Fordham .... a medical career tor Tom. IOSEPH CARVALHO Science 22 Tremont Street North Dighton Honor Group, l, 2, 37 Scholastic Monogram, 35 Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Monogram, 47 Dance Committee, 3, 4. Good student .... enjoys sports ot all kinds .... math is his favorite subject .... radio is his hobby .... a familiar figure in the library .... conscientious worker. Page twenty-one SENICDI2 CLASS ALFRED A. CORMIER General 163 Bay Street Taunton Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Monogram, 45 Band Award, 4, Dance Committee, 3. Friendly .... loyal ..,. fine musician .... faithful worker .... dependable. HENRY FRANCIS CORREIA Science 319 Iencks Street Fall River Varsity Football, 2, 3, 45 Football Monogram, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball, 2, 33 Baseball Monogram, 2, 35 Stage4Manager, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 3, 45 Chairman of Senior Danceg Intramural Sports, 2, 4. Dreams of a professional baseball career .... a willing worker .... reliable .... possessed a keen sense of humor .... had real school spirit .... present at every Prom .... at present is in the Navy. EDWARD F. COYLE Classical 14 Bryant Street Taunton X Warrior, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Band Award, 23 School Reporter, 3. Reserved though not shy .... courteous .... content to go along in his own quiet way. Page twenty-two 1946 REVIEW H. LEO CREAMER Classical 599 Walnut Street Fall River Dance Committee, 3, 4, Baseball, 4. A conscientious student .... a popular lad from Fall River .... chooses French as his favorite class .... has fine school spirit .... small fellow with a big heart. CHARLES F. DALY General 21 Briggs Street Taunton Dance Committee, 3, 45 Review, 45 Intramural Sports, 2, 4. Petit Charles was a booster of all Coyle activities .... conscientious ....always in a hurry to get places....a boyish grin....plans to enter business. TIMOTHY JOHN CREMIN Classical 34 Ellsworth Avenue Brockton Review, 4, Dance Committee, 4. Studious .... popular .... gentle .... retiring .... defender of the Irish .... earnest worker .... seen in a foursome. Page twenty-three CARLO DE CLEMENTE General 272 North Main Street Mansfield Band, 3, 45 Band Monogram, 45 Oratory, 35 Review, 3, 4. Could be heard beating the count on the bass drum .... strong supporter for Mansfield .... efficient solicitor. Page twenty-four SENIOR CLASS RICHARD DALY General 46 Manton Street Fall River Honor Group, 45 Scholastic Monogram, 45 Band, 25 Dance Committee, 3, 4. Friendly .... ever cheerful looking for the bright side .... retiring .... quiet .... dependable .... ultimately a good student. MANUEL DEMELLO Science Elm Street Dighton Band, 2, 3, 45 Band Monogram, 4. Intensely interested in music .... hopes to be successful with a band of his own .... neat in appearance .... quiet and reserved. 1946 REVIEW HUGH P. DONAGHUE Classical 16 Spooner Street North Easton Honor Group, 3, 45 Review, Assistant Editor, 4, Dance Com- mittee, 35 Scholastic Monogram, 4. Came to Coyle in his lunior year .... excellent student .... alway's neat .... a perfect gentleman .... genial .... friendly nature .... pleasing personality .... great ability in reading French and Latin lines .... affable Hugh has hopes of a surgeon's career. CHARLES E. DOUCETTE General 133 South Street Somerset Band, 1, 2. Though Charlie had to commute from Somerset, he still found time to participate in Band activities .... quiet and reserved .... amicable. ANDREW I. DOOLEY Science 9 Monica Street. Taunton Honor Group, 37 Class Secretary, 31 Vice-President, 45 Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4, Football Monogram, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 3, 4. An aggressive quarter back .... faithful .... a loyal friend .... neat in dress .... a future coach. ' If Page twenty-five IAMES F. DUFFY Science 649 Second Street Fall River Decorator's Club, 25 Dance Committee, 3, 4. Debonair .... romance boy .... neat in appearance .... has a fondness for yellow ties and green sweaters .... un beau Chevalier .... an entertaining raconteur of social activities .... good student .... witty .... always willing to help .... reliable .... recognized by his laugh .... plans to enter a school of pharmacy., Page twenty-six SENIOR CLASS CHARLES DRANE Science Main Street Chartley Honor Group, l, 2, 3, 45 Scholastic Monogram, 3, 45 Band, 2, 3, 45 Band Monogram, 45 Band Award, 4 Like his brother William, Charles is quiet and reserved .... friendly and reliable .... good musician .... excellent student .... Valedictorian of his class .... graduated with highest honors .... un homme de lettres. WILLIAM I. ENGLISH Science 33 Oak Street Brockton Dance Committee, 3, 45 Poster Club, 2, 35 Intramural Sports 2, 4. A very good student .... assiduous worker .... neat in attire... friendly and loyal .... cheerful .... reliable .... sports enthusiast .... a facile sketcher .... career as commercial artist .... quality of leader ship par excellence .... expects to enter Notre Dame. 1946 REVIEW JOSEPH C. FALVEY Classical l58 Hunter Street Fall River Honor Group, 3, 45 Review, 45 Dance Committee, 3, 4. Serious minded student .... reserved though friendly .... love for loud clothes .... un homme comme il faut .... attends games with great school spirit. EDWARD F. FINN General Q 73 East Street Mansfield Retiring .... quiet withqut shyness .... the type that follows faith- fully .... a smile with a gleam. IOHN FINGLAS Science 38 Ellsbree Street Fall River Review, 3, Warrior, 35 "Our Girls", 37 Dance Committee, 3, Baseball, 4. Pleasing personality .... likes dancing .... quiet and reserved .... agreeable .... a loyal friend .... plans a medical career. Page twenty-seven EDWARD F. FOLEY Science 48 Winter Street Fall River Honor Group, 25 Dance Committee, 35 Varsity Football, 45 Var- sity Basketball, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Mono- grams5 Football, 45 Basketball, 3, 45 Baseball, 2, 3, 4. Witty .... sports enthusiast ..... lover of Coronet Magazine ..... an excellent guard both in Basketball and Football .... Annapolis is his ambition. Page twenty-eight SENIOR CLASS W. ALAN FITZGERALD Science 30 Second Street Taunton Honor Group, 1, 2, 3, 45 Class President, 15 Review Managing Editor, 35 Review Editor in-chief, 45 Varsity Football, 3, 45 Foot- ball Monogram, 45 Scholastic Monogram, 35 Intramural Sports, 2, 4. Anxious to become an electrical engineer .... finds pleasure in taking life easy .... an athlete .... a gentleman ..... a friend ..... slow people are his pet peeve .... likes to eat and dance. I AMES GARVIN Science 37 Kilmer Avenue Taunton Honor Group, 35 School Reporter, 4. Serious .... journalistic .... ambitious .... school reporter for the local paper. 1946 REVIEW ROBERT GERMANE Science 1312 Bedford Street Fall River Honor Group, 2, 3, 4, Review, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 3, 4. Able mechanic .... has liking for Model T's .... honor student ..,. ambition-medical career .... will continue studies at Tutt .... homme a tout faire. ROBERT S. HACKETT Classical 599 Walnut Street Fall River Varsity Band, 1, Varsity Football, 1, 2, 35 Dance Committee, 3. Witty .... star of Sacred Heart C. Y. O. baseball and basketball leagues .... dotes on sports .... conscientious .... student .... believes in being prepared .... in constant competition with the Attleboro representative. BERNARD R. GIBBONS Science 52 Cottage Street Mansfield Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Band Monogram, 4, Decorators Club, 37 Dance 'Committee, 35 Intramural Sports, 4. Coyle's ace on the Trombone .... good natured musician .... quiet and reserved. Page twenty-nine WESLEY HOWARTH 275 Bank Street Quiet and reserved .... conscientious. Page thirty SENIOR CLASS THOMAS HIGGINS General 489 Center Street Fall River Good-natured .... neighborly .... a sports enthusiastist .... quiet General Fall River EDSON LE VASSEUR General 42 Shores Street Taunton Basketball, 3, 45 Basketball Monogram, 4. A good athlete .... sportsman .... quiet and reserved. ' 57771 ftif'ff5,Q'tii?Zf 1946 REVIEW EDWARD I. MOONEY General l4 Horton Street Attleboro Review Business Manager, 35 Circulation Manager, 45 Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Monogram, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Captain, 45 Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Monogram, 2, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 3. A sports enthusiast from Attleboro .... better known as "Mouse" ....likeable and popular....pleasing personality. EDWARD MULVEY Science 212 Washington Street Fall River Conscientious worker .... friendly .... plans further study. HENRY T. MUNROE Classical 45 Thompson Street Fall River Honor Group, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff, 45 Dance Committee, 3, 4. Studious .... serious and reserved .... willing worker .... a fine charac- ter .... gentlemanly .... always enthusiastic tor everything Coyle. Page thirty-one IAMES A. MCFADDEN Classical 301 N. Pearl Street Brockton Honor Group, 2, 35 Warrior, 35 Dance Committee, 35 Intermural Sports, 2, 4. Humorous,..un causeurmcheerful .... a good student .... determined ....plans further study....ace of good fellows....a bit of the "sod" ....people who talk too much are his pet peeve. Page thirty-two SENIOR CLASS ROBERT MCCORMICK Classical 160 Highland Avenue Taunton Declamation, 1, 25 Declamation Bronze Medal, 15 Oratory, 45 Honor Student, 1, 2, 3, 45 Scholastic Monogram, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Award, 25 Band Monogram, 45 Dance Corn' mittee, 3, 4. ldealist .... name never absent from the honor roll .... jovial .... cordial and dependable .... will enter Holy Cross in September .... ambition-chemist. GERALD G. MCGUINNESS Classical 54 West Weir Street Tdur1iOH Honor Group, 35 Band, 3, 45 Warrior, 35 Review, Assistant Busi ness Mgr., 45 Intramural Sports, 2, 4. Ierry has found time for outside activities as well as extra-curri cular .... all will remember him as a faithful drugstore cowboy... a fine student .... a gentleman at all times .... neatly dressed... lover of good music. 1946 REVIEW EDWARD T. NICOLETTI Classical 444 Center Street Fall River Honor Group, 3, 47 Warrior, 3, 47 Warrior Editor-in-chief, 47 Review, 3, 47 Declamation, 1, 27 Oratory, 3, 47 Dance Committee, 3, 47 "The Imaginary Invalid", 37 "Our Girls", 37 School Re- porter for Fall River Herald News, 4. Grand to have around .... devoted his surplus energy to the Warrior and the Review .... has a blush like a red apple .... usually seen in a trio .... endowed with plumpness .... dependable .... sincere and friendly. all State half-back .... friendly. HERBERT O'CONNELL Science 109 Lincoln Avenue No. Dighton Honor Group, 1, 2, 3, 47 Scholastic Monogram, l, 2, 3, 47 Varsity Football, 2, 3, 47 Football Captain, 47 Football Monogram, 2, 3, 47 Varsity Basketball, 3, 47 Basketball Monogram, 47 Dance Committee, 47 Class President, 2, 3, 4. ' Scholarly .... scientific and athletic .... noted for brush haircuts .... ROBERT F. PALING General 9 Bryant Street Taunton Dance Committee, 37 Review, 4. A modest classmate with great ability .... likes swimming and basketball .... neatness personified .... sympathetic and well dis- posed. Page thirty-three HENRY PERRA Classical 264 Washington Street Taunton Honor Group, l, 2, 3, Band, 2. Army is his career .... good student .... Brown's Drug Store occupies most of his time .... dependable. Page thirty-four SENIOR CLASS FREDERICK S. PAUL General 168 Bartlett Street Brockton Review, 43 Dance Committee, 3, 4, Intramural Sports, 2, 4. Sociable and affable .... office boy .... well liked by the students... inclined towards Army career. EDWARD A. RAUSCH Classical 41 Lawrence Street Taunton Honor Group, 2, 35 Scholastic Monogram, 35 Dance Committee, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Band Monogram, 4. A good student .... actively engaged in Band and Orchestra... anxious to follow a musical career. 1946 REVIEW IOHN C. REAGAN Classical 723 Prospect Street Fall River Honor Group, 1, 2, 3, 4, Scholastic Monogram, 3, 45 Secretary- Treasurer, 45 Review, Managing Editor, 45 Warrior, l, 45 Dance Committee, 3, 4. Honor student .... well-liked by the student body .... work after school kept him from participating in many extra-curricular activities .... a sunny disposition ..... magnetic smile ..... friendly atti- tude .... a pleasing personality. ' RICHARD M. REGAN Classical 372 High Street i Somerset Honor Group, 2, 3, 4, Scholastic Monogram, 3, Review, Literary Editor, 4, Warrior, 3, 45 Oratory, 45 Dance Committee, 3, 4. Somerset occupied most of Dick's time, making it impossible for him to participate in Athletics .... leans toward English and Latin .... ambition-law career .... sincere .... neat in appearance .... cheerful .... an honor student .... an exemplary character .... will continue studies at Holy Cross. HUGH REILLY General 357 Grove Street Fall River Review, 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball, 3, 45 Baseball Monogram, 3, 4, Intramural Sports, 2, 4. Lanky .... good natured .... hockey and baseball enthusiast .... likes science .... interested in scholastic activities .... has a good word for all .... fine baseball pitcher .... pitched va one hit game at Braves Field that made him as famous as Babe Ruth .... hopes to play professional baseball. Page thirty-Five BERNARD RYCHLIK Classical 311 Somerset Avenue Taunton Dance Committee, 45 Review, Editorial Staff, 4. Leonard's chauffeur .... industrious worker .... serious .... friendly .... plans a medical career .... to start studies at Tuft's this fall. Page thirty-six SENIOR CLASS WILFRED J. ROY Science Sturdy Street Chartley Intramural Sports, 2, 4. Affable .... an authority on the doings of the social world. LEONARD P. RYCHLIK Classical 311 Somerset Avenue Taunton Scholastic Monogram, 3, 45 Honor Group, 2, 35 Yearbook Staff, Business Manager, 3, 45 Warrior Staff,.2, 35 Oratory, 3, 45 "The Arrival of Kitty", 4. Leonard joined the Coyle Ranks in his Sophomore year .... a consistent student .... capable .... dependable .... willing to give as- sistance .... cordial .... plans a lawyer's career .... hopes to enter Holy Cross. 1946 REVIEW DONALD SHEA General 40 Cottage Street Taunton Sports enthusiast .... plans to enter Northeastern to further his studies. WILLIAM I. SHEA General 415 Warren Street Fall River Dramatics, 35 Review, 4, Dance Committee, 3, 45 Intramural Sports, 4, Baseball, 45 Baseball Monogram, 4. Comedian of the Senior class .... ruler of one of the famed Fall River busses .... tloorwalker of the 7th and Sth period .... genial personality. RUDOLPH SIBILIA Classical 10 Dean Street Mansfield Band, 2, 3, 4. Our quiet little "Italiano" representative from Mansfield .... a defender of this "large" suburb .... sociable .... cheerful. Page thirty-seven IOHN l. SILVIA Classical 290 Middleboro Avenue East Taunton A quiet chap with a likeable disposition .... chooses physics as his favorite subject .... plans to go to college. Page thirty-eight SENIOR CLASS EDWARD HAROLD SILVA Science 214 Oak Street Bridgewater Good student .... likes to hunt .... loyal Coyle booster .... favorite subject is History. FREDERICK STORCH General 450 Snell Street Fall River Dance Committee, 3, 4. Well disposed .... quiet and reserved .... well-liked by all. 1946 REVIEW FRANCIS SULLIVAN Science 626 Robeson Street Fall River Varsity Football, 2, 45 Varsity Basketball, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 3, Poster Club, 25 Football Monogram, 4, Basketball Monogram, 4. Sports enthusiast .... genial .... companionable. ARTHUR L. TURCOTTE General 5 Ridge Street Fall River Warrior, 3, 4, Camera Club, l, 2, 3, 47 Yearbook, 1, 2, 3, 43 Archery, 2, 4, Yearbook and Warrior Photographer, 3, 4. Camera fan .... photographer for the school .... always present wherever there was something of photographic interest .... cheer- ful disposition. IOHN E. SULLIVAN General 29 Central Square Brockton Intramural Sports, 4, Dance Committee, 4. Fond admirer of Brocktonian culture .... friendly .... bowling and golf are his hobbies. Page thirty-nine 6 y . r ' ' miov F. WHIT'I'LE ' A General 155 Oak Street Taunton Varsity Football, 45 lnterclass League Basketball, 1, 27 Warrior, 2. Silent and willing to help .... sociable. Page forty SENIGR CLASS ROBERT L. WESSA General 15 Exchange Street Brockton Varsity Basketball, 45 Review Staff, 45 Intramural Basketball, 2. Good sport .... likes to dance .... humorous .... favorite subject is mechanical drawing. JAMES CLARK WILLIAMS Science 397 Spring Street North Dighton Review Staff, 3, 45 Varsity Football, 2, 3, 47 Varsity Basketball, 3, 41 Football Monogram, 45 Basketball Monogram, 47 Dance Committee 3, 43 All-Bristol, 4. One of the seniors who makes the wheels go round .... happy go lucky .... popular .... shows interest in scholastic and extracurri- cular activities .... industrious. . Scholastic Monograms 'Review . . . .Warrior .... . Football .... C Band ..... Junior Joseph Bettencourt, Edward Moran, Henry Legere, William Coady, Richard Boreri, John Kearney, Vincent Mullaney, Paul Harrington, John Paquet, Francis Repucci, John E. Sullivan, John Wittig, William Glavin. John McNamara, James Martin, Edmund Farrell, Robert Prairie, Paul Harrington, Joseph Bettencourt, Frederick Twomey. Paul Harrington, Francis Repucci, John Kearney, William Torphy, William Glavin, Joseph Bettencourt, John Manning, Robert Fontaine, Joseph McDonald, Henry Shea, Andrew Galligan, Raymond Wilson, Robert Prairie, John Cronin. Anthony Chambers, John Hennessey, Charles Sullivan, William Williams, Normand Dion, Graham Butler, Vincent Mullaney, John Sheehan, Raymond Lemieux, Henry Legere, Raymond Wilson, Richard Boreri, Edward Moran, John Hudhes. Anthony Bruno, Mario Geminiani, William Bellew, James Clark, Joseph Betten- court, Joseph Scanlon, Edward McCaffrey, William Fagan, William Booth, Francis Repucci, John Sullivan, Vincent Fitzgerald. .Basketball ......... Edward Moran, Daniel McMullen, Raymond Wilson, John Sheehan, Henry Shea. 'Oratory . . . U Athletic Monograms Page forty-two Paul Harrington, Robert Cleaves, John Kearney, Vincent Mullaney, William Torphy, Francis Repucci, William Glavin. Edward Moran, John Hennessey, Charles Sullivan, William Williams, Normand Dion, Graham Butler, John Hughes, Richard Boreri, Henry Leqere, Daniel McMullen. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Edward Moran ......... .... P resident John Hennessey ....... Vice President Normand Dion ..... ...... S ecretary sont Row, left to right: lohn Hennessey, Jbert O'Donnell, David Higgins, lohn fittig, Daniel McMullen, Richard Boreri, :lward Moran, lohn Sheehan, David lcGarry, Samuel Pino, Fred Wallace. enter Row, left to right: Charles Sullivan, .mes Marshall, Frederick Twomey, Eve 'ett McGovern, William Williams, Gra- am Butler, Andrew Galligan, loseph orrea, Thomas Lynch, Robert Fontaine. ack Row, left to right: Robert Alexander, nthony Chambers, Raymond Lemieux, nton Vaz, Henry Legere, Albert eaulieu, Robert lones, Paul Marum, abert Valliere, lohn Conlan. 'ont Row, left to right: Francis Powers, ihn Sullivan, Mario Geminiani, lames 'onroy, Henry Shea, loseph McDonald, filliam Coady, Bernard Burke, econd Row, left to right: lohn McNamara, 'onald Bergeron, Edmund Farrell, Richard chofield, Edward Roach, Frederick Kav- naugh, William Booth. hird Row, left to right: Richard Mahoney, filliam Bellew, William Glavin, Francis epucci, George Ferreira, lohn Reilly, lilliam Eaton, lames Corbett, op Row, left to right: Roland Gonsalves, filliam Fagan, lohn Paguet, lames Martin, filfred Hamel, Walter Roberts, Gerard forin. sont Row, left to right: Basil Walsh, nseph Cronin, Vincent Mullaney, loseph sanlon, Leo Menard, Raymond Wilson, obert West, lohn Hughes, lohn Cribben, ormand Dion, Patrick Straccia. enter Row, left to right: Vincent Hem- igway, Robert Briand, Donald Beauvais, harles Sanborn, loseph Bettencourt, aul Harrington, Gerard Marvel, lames lark, Robert Prairie, Owen Melvin. ack Row, left to iight: Kenneth Custy, ihn Kearney, lames Mulcahy, Franklin rown, Ernest Enos, David Leonard, Jbert Cleaves, Vincent Fitzgerald, Ed- arcl McCaffrey, Philip Farrell, William Drphy, lohn Manning. mx Q J9ii'iTf?V'W' 'M' aswm, , , fn Mqmm Page forty-three 0 Scholastic Monograms . . . . . . . U Review .... . Warrior .... 0 Football .... nphnmnres Richard Scully, William Sullivan, Patrick O'Neill, Francis Murray, Thomas Selleck, Richard Oliver, Francis Nealin, Gerald Shovelton, William Wishart, Kenneth Burke, Dennis Cunningham, Maurice LeVasseur. Harold DeLisle, Edmund Menard, William Wishart, Patrick O'Neill, Leo Tuite, Oliver Beaulieu, William Casey, Edward Logan, Donald Sullivan. lohn 0'l-learne, Robert Fontaine, Donald Sullivan, Patrick O'Neill, Donald Corrigon, William Davis. Charles Hoye, Casimir Malinowski, Edmund Menard, Robert McConville, lohn Murray, Thomas McCann, Frederick McKenney, Harold O'Donnell, Oscar Peters, Thomas Shea, Robert Shaw, Ernest Plasse, Vincent Smith, lames Twohiq, Paul Bourdon, William Casey, Cassistant student managerj 'Basketball ......... Thomas McCann, Ernest Plasse, Maurice Levasseur, Vincent Smith, Richard C Athletic Monograms . Band ...... .Dramatics. . . . .. . .. C Declamation 0 Stage Technicians Page Forty-four Scully, William l. Sullivan from Brockton, Leonard Hackett, William Casey lassistant student Manaqerj William Casey, Paul Bourdon, Thomas McCann. William Bourque, Anthony Bruno, Robert Boreri, loseph Martin, Bernard O'Mal- ley, Francis Pinto, loseph Rivard, Charles Seekell, lohn Silvia, Paul Sullivan. Harold DeLisle, Normand Durand. Kenneth Burke, lohn O'l-learne. Richard Scully, Ralph Carroll, Patrick O'Neill. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Thomas McCann ..... ..... P resident John O'Hearne ........ Vice President 4300 5.6 H llllllltll 'WU 4' l N l1ll'Y ' 'lik xy '- Seated, left to right: Ronald Rodriques, loseph Rivard, Francis Pinto, Robert Shaw, Francis Murray, Richard Menton, Francis Silvia, Frederick McDonald. Center Row, left to right: William Sullivan, Edmond Menard, Harold O'Donnell, Richard Scully, George Spiro, Francis Nealin, Frederick McKenney. Last Row, left to right: loseph Clancy, Thomas Eagan, Robert McConville, Roger Mello, Edward Campbell, Ralph Carroll, Gerald Guay, Frederick Tarsa, Ioseph Holden. Seated, left to right: Thomas Selleck, lohn O'Hearne, Edward Kent, Leo Tuite, Robert Boreri, lohn Cote, Richard Coo- gan, Francis Gibbs. Center Row, left to right: Iames Holland, lohn Murray, James Donovan, Philip Dumoulin, William Pedini, Richard Pale- schi, Gerald Shovelton, Patrick O'Neill. Last Row, left to right: Henry Gangswich, Daniel Cardelli, lames Derriq, Iohn McGreavy, Timothy Kelley, Daniel Reds gate, Paul I. Sullivan, lohn Silvia. Page forty-six I l FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS John Conforti .......... President George Dion ....... Vice President Walter Dermody ....... Secretary . Scholastic Monogram .Review . . . 'Warrior ' Band .... C Basketball . Football .... C Baseball ..... .... C Declamation ...... Q Dramatics ......... . Athletic Monogram . . . . . . .....-..- John Driscoll, Armand Annunziato, John Byington, John Conforti, John Cronin, Joseph Mastromarino, Armand Almeida, Thomas Patnaude, John Driscoll, John LaTulippe. Thomas Moran, Thomas Guglielmo, George Horan, Charles Walter Dermody, George Dion, Paul Silva, Joseph Lewis, Raymond Carrier, Edward Shay, Robert Jarvis, Robert McCormick, Peter Cummings, Robert Murphy. John Cronin, John O'Brien, Edward Shay, Edward Selleck, John Driscoll. Page forty-seven nur-., , ' , U0 9' f.-gfiiifww 'vu QW! T' Seated, left to right: George Morris, lsidore Lanzisera, Patrick Phelan, Arthur Messier, David Texeira, loseph Maloney, loseph Lewis, loseph Ryan. Center Row, left to right: George Dion, Edward Sweeney, Edward Selleck, lames Hayden, Paul Creamer, Armand An- nunziato, Norman Kelley, lohn Byington, lames O'Brien. Back Row, left to right: Charles McKenney, loseph Wilson, Charles Farrell, Richard McCormick, George Silva, William Mul- laney, Robert Medeiros, lames Cole. ffigp.. r fi .S :i .1 Z- sr. my :H Seated, left to right: George Horan, lohn Kelliher, Walter Dermody, George Iohn- son, Iohn Leary, Donald Manning, Francis Tosti, Gregory Gallipeau. Center Row, left to right: Louis Ring, lames Fleming, George Asacker, Francis McGuinness, Edward Morrissey, Leo Perry, Iohn O'Brien, lames Brady, Albert Desrosiers. Back Row, left to right: Richard Nuttall, Roland Raymond, Arthur Valente, Leo Beauvais, Robert Reagan, Robert larvis, Paul Drumgoole, Edward McGinn, lohn Scully. Page forty-eight .I t Seated, left to right: Michael O'Grady, lohn Driscoll, Arthur Michaud, Leo Pieri, Richard Pickett, lohn Conforti, Edward Shay, Louis Galligan. Center Row, left to right: Wilfred Saint, lohn Cronin, Charles Lincoln, Paul Silva, Raymond Gagne, lames l-lill, George Kimball, loseph Thomas. Back Row, left to right: loseph Mastro- marino, William Warren, Robert Murphy, William Wade, foseph LaPlante, Harold Gracia, David Derrig, Manuel Dominqos. Seated, left to right: Donald Arieta, Armand Vasconcellos, lohn Kearns, War- ren Bucchino, lohn Cumiskey, lames Mclntyre, lohn Hart, Thomas Moran. Center Row, left to right: Charles Mc' Donald, Thomas Guglielmo, Antonio De- Costa, Normand Menard, Richard Gracia, lohn LaTullipe, lohn Finn, Peter Cuma mings. Back Row, left to right: Robert Char- bonneau, Frederick Smith, Andrew He- bert, Robert Anger, Raymond Desmarais, Robert McAloon, loseph Motta, lohn Charette. Seated, left to right: David McGeary, Martin Laffan, lohn Anthony, Angelo Arieta, Raymond Carrier, Robert Repucci, Thomas Duffy, Normand Carrier. Center Row, left to right: Lawrence Burke, George Harnett, Charles Grady, Arthur Wingate, Richard Littleton, loseph Fern- andes, George Benjamin. Back Row, left to right: Robert Mongeau, Theodore Olivera, Thomas Patnaude, William Griffith, Armand Almeida, lames Melvin, Dennis Sherman. Page forty-nine et. cholastic unugrams At the end of the 4th Grading Period, the following boys have received at least High Honors 3 times and Honors They are, therefore, awarded a Major School Letter for Scholastic Excellence with accompanying certificate. Richard Daly loseph Bettencourt Richard Boreri William Coady Kenneth Burke Dennis Cunningham Francis Murray Armando Annunziato lohn Byington SENIORS Charles Drane JUNIORS Edward Moran Vincent Mullaney lohn Racquet Hugh Donaghue William Glavin Paul Harrington lohn Kearney Henry Legere SOPHOMORES Francis Nealin Richard Scully Richard Oliver Thomas Selleck Patrick O'Neill Gerald Shovelton FRESHMEN lohn Contorti Charles Grady lohn Cronin Robert McAloon lohn Driscoll Charles McDonald Herbert O'Connell Francis Repucci lohn E. Sullivan lohn Wittig Robert Sousa William l. Sullivan CFRJ William Wishart Theodore Oliveira William Warren OUC9 The nnual Retreat TO BE IN THE "KNOW" Your mind demands OF THINGS to know. You glory to be in the Hknow" ot things: the use ot a secret weapon, the newest invention, and especially to share the secret ot an important person. THE RIGHT WAY So God, knowing your eagerness to be in the Hknowu ot things, has sent Christ down to make known to you secrets which had been hidden trom the beginning ot the world. Besides, it you are on the level with Christ, He will make you the contident ot His secret joys and hidden knowledge - secrets tor which no language exists to express. Ask the clean young man, tor he is the keeper ot such secrets. Why? Because he has paid the price. What is the price? "Blessed are the clean ot heart, tor they shall see God." THE WRONG WAY You steal trom God when you misuse your mind and body tor your own pleasure. To do this is to be in the Hknow" the wrong way, the way ot the udead- end kinds." This excludes you trom the secrets ot the King. Prometheus, tor stealing tire trom lupiter, lay bound eternally to a rock with vengetul Furies tearing torever his throbbing liver. Like Prometheus you will be lett standing outside ot Crod's love, eating away your own heart in an agony ot despair. I-low will anyone know? You will be restless ot eye, wry ot mouth, pallid ot tace. You will not be in peace, l'For who hath resisted God and hath tound peace?" Uob., 9 chap., 4th verse.D This was the challenge given by the Rev. Law- rence P. Sullivan, C.S.C., in the course ot our Annual Retreat, April l5, l6, l7 ot the Holy Week ot the year ot Our Lord 1946. Page Fifty-one Class Room canes asdfg-h Future Chemists Perxod III French II Page Fifty-three Vocation Display Page Fifty-four English II Engineers in the making 4 L ,qw Q , 5 f , f v' W Pi' f ' . FW, . L.. - I any W h h M L N W 4,,AQNZ1, Q V X Sig 5 N FT. ig M , ur- Cllifs-ls' G N 3 H-Thi AVYNBX 03 f-E Left to right: Brother larlath, C.S.C., Director, Miss lean Gregg, Gregory Gallipeau, Miss Barbara Scully, Miss loan McNamara, Leonard Rychlik, Normand Durand. llramatics The Coyle High School Dramatic Club was under the direction of Brother larlath, C.S.C. for the scholastic year l945-46. Grganized in l934 it has always ranked as one of the major activities in the school curriculum. The purpose of the dramatic club is manifold: To provide an outlet for self- expression on the part of the students participatingg to instill in its members the spirit of cooperation with others, to engender an appreciation for the fine arts, to present to the public, plays of high calibre time tested on the stages of Broadway's play houses. Much of the success of this year's play belongs to the girls of Saint Mary's High School, who contributed so generously of their time and talents. The custom of using girls to portray the feminine roles was inaugurated two years ago. The major production was Norman Lee Swartout's hilarous farce, "The Arrival of Kitty." Each member of the cast played his and her part superbly. However, it was through the combined efforts of the members of the cast and the production staff that made for an excellent presentation. "THE ARRIVAL OF KITTY" Cast b Sam ............ ...... .... l-l a rold DeLisle Ting .,.,.......... ,... l ames Conroy William Winkler ..., . . .Leonard Rychlik Aunt lane ....,..,, .... M iss loan McNamara lane ......,..... ,... M iss lean Gregg Bob Baxter ........ . . .Normand Durand Benjamin Moore ..... .... G regory Gallipeau Kitty ........,... ,... M iss Barbara Scully Page Fifty-seven Kenneth Burke. . .John O'Hearne. . .Edward Selleck lohn O' Hearne .... Declamatinn Kenneth Burke .... . , . "Going to School." Edward Selleck ..,. . . . "Casey at the Bat." lohn Driscoll ..... , . , Upeacetime Conscription lohn O'Brien ,.,. Edward Shay ,.,. lohn Cronin ..... William Sullivan. Page Fifty-eight xx . . . New Patriotism." u . . , Love of Country." u . . . Modern Pioneers." u ,. . . . A Tragedy." FATHER DOLAN MEDALISTS Gold Medal ........... Edward Selleck Silver Medal ......... Kenneth Burke Bronze Medal ......... John O'Hearne llrator SENIORS Richard Regan Hugh Donaghue Edward Nicoletti lohn Reagan Charles Drane Robert McCormick JUNIORS Paul Harrington William Glavin Francis Repucci Robert Cleaves Vincent Mullaney William Torphy lohn Kearney Page Fifty-nine Front Row, left to right: Edward McCaffrey, William Fagan, lohn Silvia, Wilfred Saint, Bernard O'Mafley, Leo Perry, Richard Brady. Second Row, left to right: loseph Rivard, foseph Martin, Donald Bergeron, Vincent Fitzgerald, Francis Pinto, Charles Seekell, Francis Repucci, Thomas Guglielmo, Edward Rausch, Vincent Hemingway. Third Row, left to right: loseph Scanlon, lames Clark, Robert Boreri, loseph Betten- court, Robert McCormick, Charles Drane, William Booth, Alfred Cormier, Thomas Moran, George Horan. The Band The Coyle Band with an enrollment of forty members, completed a successful season under the direction of Brother lsidore, C.S.C. lt made its initial appearance at the football games. Novelty numbers as well as school songs were added to the Band's repertoire. During the football season the Band accompanied the Team on two out of town games. The Band helped to arouse school spirit at all of the pre-game Pep-sessions and regularly at basketball games. It also participated and added color in the "Welcome Home Veteran" celebrations Sept. 24 to Nov. 23 ..,.. November November December December December December May 30 . . ll ....... l2 ,... 4-5 ..... l2 .... l9 ..,........ 28 to March 2 ..,,. Tune 27 .... Page sixty in Taunton and Fall River. Football Games. Fall River Day Celebration. Taunton Day Celebration. Guest of Veterans of World War ll. Drum Major lames Martin was awarded second prize for his fine performance and leadership ability. played during the intermission of the Dramatic club's play, l'The Arrival of Kitty." played at the football banguet. Band accompanied the student body in community singing of Christmas Carols. played regularly at Basketball games. Memorial Day Parade. Guest of United American Veterans. Graduation Day Exercises. Trumpets loseph Bettencourt loseph Scanlon Robert G'Donnell Mario Geminiani William Bellew George Horan Eugene McComb Manuel De Mello Charles Drane Bernard G'Malley Wilfred Saint lohn Lalqulippe Trombones Bernard Gibbons Francis Repucci Donald Bergeron Alto Horns Rudolph Sibilia loseph Rivard Drums Snare: Edward McCaffrey William Fagan lohn Silvia Bass: Anthony Bruno Cymbals loseph Martin Bass Carlo De Clemente Charles Seelcell Saxophones Thomas Moran Robert Boreri Robert McCormick William Booth lames Clark Alfred Cormier Charles Arsnow Francis Pinto Baritone Vincent Fitzgerald Clarinets Leo Rerry Edward Rausch Thomas Guglielmo Richard Brady Gerald McGinnness Bells lohn Sullivan James Martin : Drum Major Cfaylf, 'DN llljarctde, ., .. 5 K .fs,s.ffwfw- - sv' Edward Nicoletti Editor-in-Chief Circulation Department gives its approval. Editorial Staff, lett to right: lohn Kearney, Edward Nicoletti, Editor-in-chief, Donald Sullivan. Back Row, lett to right: Donald Corrigan, Raymond Wilson, Patrick O'Neill, Paul Harrington. The arrior LZ", J COYLE WARRIOR Published by Monsignor Coyle High School STAFF Editor ...,...... Edward Nicoletti Associate Editor, .Paul Harrington Editorial Statt: Edward Coyle, lohn Reagan, Francis Rupucci, Pat Straccia, lohn Kearney, lohn O'l-learne, William Torphy, William Glavin. Reportorial Statt: loseph Betten- court, lohn Manning, Robert Fontaine, loseph McDonald, William Davis, Pat O'Neill, Ken- neth Custy, George Kimball, Thomas Patenaude, Richard Re- gan, Henry Shea, Andrew Gal- ligan. Sports Editors. .Raymond Wilson, Donald Corrigan Statt Artists .... Robert Prairie, Donald Sullivan Circulation: lohn Cronin, Armand Almeida, loseph Mastermarino Stattphotographerz Arthurllurcotte Business Manager: lohn Kearney John Reagan W. Alan Fitzgerald Richard Regan Managing Editor Editor-in-Chief Literary Editor he eview The Editorial Staff Leonard Rychlik Robert McCormick Business Manager Advertising Manager Page sixty-three Lett to right: Donald Sullivan, Edward Logan, Raymond Desmarais, Fred Paul, Gerald Guay, William Wishart, Thomas Gilroy, lohn Cote. Yearbook M S EASTERN A S Z V7 a E Q 'E -xx Sf mscnol ia , Qxou lO' rs, 'Q M' 5 Est.I9ZI H 'Q fiussoqnw :mess Editor-in-chief ..,.A.........,......... Assistant Editors ,.... Managing Editor ...... Literary Editor .......... Assistant Literary Editor. . , Literary Staff .,.,........ Business Manager .,......,. Assistant Business Manager .... ...,, Advertising Manager ............ ..... Assistant Advertising Manager ......... Advertising Statt .............., ..,.. Art Staff ............ Circulation Manager ..,, Sports Editorial Staff ..... Photography ...,.... Patron Solicitors ..... Page sixty-four Alan Fitzgerald Hugh Donaghue, lames Martin lohn Reagan Richard Regan loseph Falvey Edward Nicoletti, Richard Oliver, Bernard Rychlik, Patrick O'Neill, Paul Harrington, Edward Thorpe, David Higgins, lohn Dris- coll, William Glavin, Edmond Menard, Vincent Mullaney, William Torphy. Leonard Rychlilc Gerald McGuinness Robert McCormick loseph Bettencourt Harold O'Donnell, Carlo DeClemente, lohn Paguet, Hugh Reilly, Charles Daly, lohn McNamara, lohn Cremin, Daniel Redgate, lohn Moran, Fred Twomey, Paul Adams, Leo Tuite, Harold DeLisle, Oliver Beaulieu, lames Clark, Edmund Farrell, Robert Wessa, Robert Rodenbush, Raymond Carrier, lohn Reilly. Robert Prairie, Donald Sullivan, William English. Edward Mooney. Donald Corrigan, William Casey, Thomas McCann. Arthur Turcotte, William Wishart. Fred Paul, Henry Munroe, Edward Logan, lohn McDonald, lohn Cote, Wilfred Hamel. fi Jll 11 waive -N53 ::a Qi mf- oc? 1' -1255-W I X K 1451 ww 9 ' iz, . Q 3 lil I 9 1 o Q . 2 1. .ff ? f't:ff"ir lm.: 1 4, c is '40 gn .1 9:4 mm! dk N, y f 9 L, A if .2 , - , . 1, Eg . Q i ,P . , L. , ,. , Bottom Row, left to right: lames Twohig, Charles Hoye, Normand Menard, Robert McConville, loseph Thomas, Armand Vasconcellos, lohn Murray, Paul Silva, lames Mclntyre, Edmond Menard. Second Row, left to right: William Casey, Harold O'Donnell, Oscar Peters, Alan Fitzgerald, Normand Dion, David Boothby, William Williams, Charles Sullivan, Ioseph Carvalho, lohn Hennessey, Andrew Dooley, Anthony Chambers. Third Row, left to right: Brother Roland, C.S.C., Vincent Smith, Frederick McKenney, Graham Butler, Casimir Malinowski, Vincent Mullaney, Robert Shaw, lohn Sheehan, Thomas Shea, Oliver Beaulieu, Thomas McCann, Raymond Lemieux, Henry Legere. Top Row left to right: Coach lames Burns, Clark Williams, Herbert O'Connell, Edward Foley, Raymond Wilson, Richard Boreri, Edward Moran, Francis Sullivan, lohn Hughes, Paul Bourdon, Brother lohann, C.S.C. Coyle 52-De La Salle of Newport O Not too much was expected from the l945 edition of the Coyle football team. The previous year had seen the entire line lost due to graduation. But Coach Burns with the assistance of Brother lohann managed to build another good football team as was evident after the first game. The Warriors smashed their previous high scoring record of 51 points for one game by trouncing De La Salle 52 to O. Captain Herb O'Connell, who scored four touchdowns, led his team to victory while an inspired line made Coyle followers forget those players lost by graduation of the previous year. Coyle l5fFairhaven O Coyle met its first real test of the season by defeating a stubborn Fairhaven team that refused to admit defeat. The Warriors so-called green line showed that it had the stuff to win. Dave Boothby made the team's only safety of the year with a spectacular tackle behind the Fairhaven goal line. Coyle l9+Attleboro O The Warriors won their third straight game of the year by defeating a much talked about Attleboro team. Herb O'Connell made one of his longest runs of the year as the Coyle line held Martineau, the lewelers' star, in check throughout the game. This win definitely stamped Coyle as a contender for the Bristol County championship. Coyle 27-Barnstable 14 Coyle journeyed to Cape Cod to meet the undefeated Barnstable team. At the half it looked like the Warriors had met a team that they could not defeat. Behind Page sixty-eight by 7 points in the second half Coyle managed to tie the score just as the third period ended. But it was not until the last four minutes of the game that the Warriors came to life and scored on a long pass. Norm Dion iced the game a few minutes later by intercepting a Barnstable pass and running half the distance of the field for the final Warrior score. This victory proved the Coyle team to be a great team. After the game the Barnstable coaches admitted that they had been working three weeks to defeat Coyle. The victory was the most exciting win of the year. Coyle 3lffTaunton 0 Coyle completely outclassed their arch rivals and won easily 31 to 0, in what was probably the best played game of the l945 season. The victory gave Coyle a second leg on the prized Lions Club Trophy. A win over Taunton in 1946 will give the Warriors the trophy for good. Besides being the greatest margin of victory over Taunton, Herb O'Connell brought his seasons total of touchdowns to ll. This was the last game of the year for Dave Boothby who had to undergo an operation. Coyle 2-4lfNorth Providence l3 Though Coyle was the better team in this game, North Providence made the going tough for the Warriors by their very deceptive passing attack. In winning its sixth straight game of the l945 campaign, Herb O'Connell repeated his per- formance in the De La Salle game by scoring 4 touchdowns which brought him among the leading scorers in the state. Coyle l2fDurfee 26 As in l944, fate again played the leading role in permitting Durfee to administer Coyle its only defeat of the season. Fumbles proved to be very costly to the War- riors as two of them brought to a halt long marches that put the team in scoring position. The services of Dave Boothby and Andy Dooley were greatly missed. The more than 6000 spectators were treated to some good football by both teams as Herb O'Connell gained 325 yards. The Durfee hoodoo continued to stand in the way of a Coyle victory. 1 , Lx X kk T L .. A ,Z I 111, 1 3 2 Q K If ' 1' . ! f+f?'f ' .f f s Li! 7 A 4 ip Q R X 'gy xy fy, X 4 , ww M. ,M ,grfw 7? ,V gi ffffiw 5 K .x, A A 1 1: " lj , v'h- W, W. x wi W . M 3 if ff J: sfmm if H if E .. - , 2 ,534 ' -P' ' k W f Q., if Q1 , L. 55 -0- Eff I A V K .. . 7 fl ,V QQ ff pk Y. A . I A V 5 gggmplg X' ,V Wgieq I y1,,..q K L e X- Tfwfiim Y fl-f Q4 V is 5 9 'Wi -,,f . Q ,f ff -4 if-LLL-. .. W ig is 1 If ., K M , , .. 5, ,N . La 11 f-.A M 4. ? gi'f5'z?, A f , . Y g K ky ,Z . if J , 5 fl , VM, K---gg.q.,53r1 -X f f .. fax 4 f ff 1+ N . Y? ,,,. 'W 'T' 2 - A W K. A ,K af Egg ' ' - 5 Q if , fig wyk S331 ,K S I XA wqgrf 3516 M54 sVgJ3gLA6rQQ,r kxvkwzysi 34 3 ya ,XSD 4 A U J '7 Q Z K R VARSITY FOOTBALL Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle 52 15 19 27 31 24 12 13 6 The first team De La Salle O and Subs- Fairhaven Atfleboro Barnstable Taunton N. Providence Durfee Taunton Walpole . 1 1? ,C 4 ' gn, ,- 'Wk Coach Burns The Backfield .lf - an .N-,qw Y-fm!! 2- 111'-:ummm-nuu --nw .ummm-my mm-1-mr 7-fn-1 w-in-in Bottom Row, left to right: Edson LeVasseur, Herbert O'Connell, Edward Mooney, Robert Wessa, Thomas McCann. Back Row, left to right: William Casey, Francis Sullivan, Edward Moran, Coach lames Burns, Daniel McMullen, Edward Foley, Henry Legere. arsity Basketball The Coyle basketball team began its l945-46 season in grand style. The first five games resulted in victories for the Warriors. First, Mission of Boston, a representative in the New England Catholic Tournament, went down in defeat, 3l to l8. The Alumni team, composed of some of Coyle's best players, lost 30 to 2l Barnstable proved to be a tough opponent but Coyle won in an exciting game 4l to 40. The next two scores read: Coyle 474 Cathedral of Boston 3lg Coyle 69f' Prevost 27. Captain Mooney got 23 points in this game. After this good start Coyle lost three games in a row. The first defeat was at the hands of a good Attleboro team 34 to 23. Durfee won 27 to 20 while.Taunton upset Coyle 28 to l9. These three games saw the Warriors play good basketball but the enemy was just a little better. Coyle returned to the win side by defeating Plymouth 48 to 28 and Fairhaven 58 to 32. But Attleboro and Durfee again de- feated the Warriors 43 to 36 and 27 to 26 respectively. ln this second Durfee game Coyle had a good lead in the early part of the game but were unable to Win as Durfee went ahead for the first time with but ten seconds left in the game. Fairhaven went down in defeat 5l to 31 as Coyle won its 9th game of the season. But at the Plymouth Convention Hall our boys were off form and lost by a single basket to an inspired Plymouth five, 32 to 30. Coyle made up for its earlier loss to Taunton by winning 35 to 17. Taunton was held scoreless in the first quarter and managed to score only 3 points in the first half which must be some kind of a record. The Warriors won their second game from New Bedford Vocational 45 to 29 and closed the season with a 35-33 loss to Taunton. ln the Principals Tourney held in the Coyle gym, the Warriors lost out in the first round to Vocational by a single point 39 to 38. Thus did the Coyle team close the basketball season with ll wins and 7 losses in the regular season. Page seventy-two Varsity Scores Coyle Opponent Coyle 23 Attleboro 34 30 Plymouth 36 Attleboro 42 19 Q Taunton 20 Durtee 27 35 Taunton 26 Durtee 27 33 Taunton 58 Fairhaven 32 30 Alumni 51 Fairhaven 31 41 Barnstable 38 New Bedford V. 30 47 Cathedral 49 New Bedford V. 26 31 Mission 48 Plymouth 28 69 Prevost O O Junior Varsity Scores 1 aavee Opponent Iaavee 45 Bristol A. 14 28 N. B. Voke 25 Alumni 39 42 N. B. Volce 61 Barnstable 17 33 Taunton 45 Case 24 21 Taunton 20 Attleboro 42 27 Plymouth 38 Attleboro 41 33 Plymouth 16 Durtee 13 40 Fairhaven 28 Durfee 27 40 Fairhaven Cpponent 32 28 17 35 23 40 31 18 26 Opponent 32 41 22 23 13 8 31 18 Lett to right: Raymond Wilson, 1ohn Sheehan, Leonard Hackett, Henry Shea, Vincent Smith, Richard Scully, William Sullivan, Maurice LeVasseur. Page seventy-three ,nuff QQ, F-L. Edwazipmgogney - Francis Sulhv rm Dqjgfzel 'V"l"'hff4LIlaq 41 yrjk TUOWQS W' - LXEQ ,gf 356, wUWLl WYLL He:-bid: O'CovmsH Edward Voliy fdw Grd AUWK E E J Jimgs bJN?qm s "1kT. jx I mi ,Q Roloavt U16 5511, q w 5'E IYJQYH Page seventy-six Bottom Row, left to right: Brother lohann, C.S.C., director, Robert Iarvis, Raymond Desmarais, George Dion, Top Row, lett to right: Paul Silva, losepli Lewis, Richard McCormick, Peter Cum- mings, Raymond Carrier, Walter Dermody. Freshman Basketball Coyle Qpponent 3l Prevost 29 27 Prevost 28 l9 Somerset 29 47 Bristol A. 33 68 Bristol A. 8 44 Bristol A. l3 34 Manstield l8 46 Manstield l8 39 Attleboro l9 47 Attleboro 22 27 Taunton 26 35 Taunton 33 29 Taunton 25 53 St. Mary's 28 3l Sacred Heart 23 Baseball April 23Aaf Prevosf April 26eat Somerset April 3OeSt. Anfhony's May 3eAttleboro May 7-New Bedford Voke May 9-Mansfield May lO-at Taunton May l4Afaf Attleboro May 15-Prevost May l6-at Mansfield May 2OfSomerset May Qflfat Durfee May 28-af New Bedford May 3OYTaunfon May 31-at New Bedford Voke l une 4fDurfee lune 7--New Bedford QOH! 134-0.5741 GJGIVU The Pitching Staff Page seventy-eight llur thanks tn... The Reverend Raymond B. Bourgoin and Brother Richard, C.S.C., for their advice and encouragement. Members of the faculty and student body. Miss Helen Bird for her patient co-operation. Mr. Robert B. lones and Mr. A. Parksg Parks-Mowbray Company for their interest. Mr. Thomas O'Connell of Brockton for his assistance. C. A. Hack Sz Sons, Inc., Printers of our Annual. Coyle Alumni, Parents and friends who have offered their assistance. The mothers who so generously co-operated in making the Bridge and Whist party a great success. The entire staff of the Review for their unfailing assistance. All our Patrons, Advertisers and Friends. . Page seventy-nine Page eighty WWW 9'-kt ' Fall River Spe Drums along William Streei Little O'Mall1 "whited air." Brother Caspe McGreavy at Cathedral Gloucester ye book Conven' Hero of Bataa1 Tim Kelly Cleopatra's needle Band on the march Coyle 's Broad caster Strike three. . Marvel and fr' Foursome Richard Olive1 Oliver Beauli1 Explorer Ralpf Chambers Brockton cornerstone .f ., so serene "Going my v Clearing the highway Pageeighty-two Engineer Orsi ' Sun-tan Dramatic club members "Putt-Putt" Didi Curley '45 Bourque New Bedford "night-out' ' Research Choral Club Lamont and tl GI Bill An admirer Patron Most Reverend James E. Cassidy, D.D., LL. D. Most Reverend James L. Connolly, D.D., D. Sc.H. Rt. Rev. Edward Moriarity Rt. Rev. Michael O'Reilly Reverend Raymond B. Bourgoin Reverend George Benaglia, C.S.C. Reverend James Coyle Reverend Emmanuel De Mello Reverend James Dolan Reverend Charles Flynn, C.S.C. Reverend James Gerrard Reverend Edward Gorman Reverend Edward L. Killigrew Reverend Alfred Levesque Reverend Father John, O.M.C. Reverend Francis Maloney Reverend George E. Maxwell Reverend Francis McKeon Reverend E. F. O'Brien Reverend John Shay Reverend Dennis B. Sughrue, C.S.C. Reverend Richard Sullivan, C.S.C. Reverend Thomas Taylor Reverend Manuel J. Texeira Reverend Edmund Ward Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dooley Mrs. William Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Durand Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DeClemente Mrs. G. L. DeLisle Mr. and Mrs. Edward Falvey Mrs. Ina McCann Mr. and Mrs. Larkin McCann Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McComb Mrs. Edwin McCormick Mrs. Charlotte McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McDonald Mrs. Catherine McGreavy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Annunziato Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Beaulieu Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bettencourt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Boreri Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Boothby Mrs. Milo P. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William D. Burke Jules Briand - Joseph Casey Raymond Chamberla Ralph Chambers James Clark Mrs. Mary Cleaves Mr. and Mrs. William Coady Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Cole Mr. and Mrs. John Condon, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Conforti Mr. Richard Conlan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Connelly nd Mr. and Mrs. Leo Farrell Mr. and Mrs. William Farrell Mr. John C. Finglas Mr. and Mrs. Edmund T. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Yvonne Mr. Mr. Edward F. Foley Oscar Fontaine Gagne Henry E. Gangswich James Garvin Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Rocco Germane Mr. and Mrs. John Gibbs Mrs. W. H. Gorey Mrs. Annie Gray Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Guay Mr. Aurore E. Hamel Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. . J. D. Hart and Mrs. Philip Hemingway Thomas Higgins Charles L. Hoar Michael Holland Mr. Charles E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. William Kearns and Mrs. Charles H. Kent Mr. Mrs. Louis Kosior Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Orient Laplante and Mrs. Henry Legere and Mrs. Thomas J. Logan Stanley Malinowski Mr. and Mrs. Edward Malo Mr. and Mrs. George E. Maloney Mr. George Manning Mr. and Mrs. John Manning Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin and Mrs. James P. Melvin Arthur J. Messier, Sr. Mrs. Rosette Mooney Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Christine Conroy Mrs. James L. Corbett and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Antonio Correia James L. Cote Timothy Cremin Louis Croker Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Daly Mrs. Mary A. Desmarais Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dion . Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donaghue Page eighty-four Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. George Morris Francis Murphy Francis Murray John Murray Mr. Leroy J. Marvel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Francis Edward T. Moran Thomas Moran William H. Moran Henry T. Munroe L. McAloon Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKenney Edward McNamara John I. McNamara Nealin James Nicoletti Frank R. O'Connell John J. O'Donnell Mrs. John O'Hearne Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Edward Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Oliver William O'Neil Joseph Orsi Francis H. Patenaude Fred Paul Attilio Pedini J. A. Pinto F. Powers Ernest Prairie Cornelius Reagan Daniel S. Redgate Harold J. Regan H. Frank Reilly Mrs. Josephine Repucci Mr. Harold L. Rheaume Mrs. Mabel C. Roy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Watson Sanborn Timothy Scanlon Vincent Scully Charles Seekell Henry Shea Louis Shea A. Sibilia Augustus R. Silva George Silva F. C. Storch Frank B. Sousa Edward A. Sullivan Frank R. Sullivan John E. Sullivan Hon. and Mrs. William A. Torphy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Fred Twomey Basil Walsh Alfred Wessa James E. Williams Raymond L. Wilson William Wishart upreme 'acrilice for God and Country ' . ,...,.r.f , . , ..,,W,-.,,...,w..1 Q l l R . r l l 3 5' V 3 I i Q s' 1 E Y i rr' 3 le s - r - X 5 .-' :, ,,,. Q I 3 1 - gV" V' Charles Wyatt George Brilliant lames Coady Walter Kudzia Edmund Fitzgerald Henry Bissonnette loseph O'Connell Francis Linnane lames Prairie Leo Queqan Robert Conroy Timothy Sullivan Donald Gregg Iohn Shaughnessy Richard St. Dennis Robert She-erin Page eighty-Five I I X fd' X . 14' Honor Roll CLASS OF 1934 Arsenault, Philip A. Boudreau, John Carr, William L. Cleary, John F. Do le, Howard V. Dully, Joseph E. Dunne, James Fornal, John S. Gay, Peter Gilchrist, John J. Kirkman, Joseph J. Lovenbury Raymond Mooney, George H. McManus, Joseph F. Sheerin, James S. Vallett, John J. Welch, William J. CLASS OF 1935 Bird, Joseph A. Bissonette, Herman CMissing in Action? Connor, Gerard J. Gorman, James J. Jr. Harraghy, Edward J. Hogan, Walter H. Lane, John T. Larivee, Lucien A. Lynch, Cornelius V. Mulhern, Daniel T. McAloon, Joseph F. McCarthy, John J. McKenney, William C. Toner, James V. CLASS OF 1936 Clemmey, Francis N. Collins, Stephen F. Dowd, James W. Flanagan, William F. Gamache, Paul L. Gorman, Thomas F. Howell, Joseph C. Hyland, Edward F. Klevas, Anthony Lang, John J. Lord, John F. Mahoney, George' L. Moran, William . Mulholland, Charles V. Nasser, Thomas R. O'Connell, John F. Poirier, Joseph E. Quimby, George Sparkes, Thomas M. Stroiny, Raymond F. Toole, Arthur F. White, William E. Wyatt, Charles R. A CDied in Servicej CLASS OF 1937 Bolger John J. Borges George Briody, John Broder'ck, William J. Carroll, John W. Cayton, Kenneth F. Cleary, Harold J. Coady, William F. Coady, James E. Costello, Thomas F. Curley, Leo M. Daley, John T. Dalton, Dermot P. DeMello, Albert Dion, Arthur J. Dooley, Richard H. Dowd, John F. Downes, Herbert J. Eagen, John T., Jr. Ellis, Thomas Fenton, Edward L. Guinard, Gilbert L. Horan, John D. Keating, John D. Kingsbury, Charles L. Kingsbury, Roger Martisus, Frank J. Marvel, Louis J. Meunier, Wilfred Murray, Richard E. McCarthy, James H. Q'Neill, John J. Reilly, James A. Blackwell, Robert E. I Reynolds, John R. Starvish, Walter J. Wade, Joseph F. Williams, Joseph CLASS OF 1938 Breene, Martin V. Brennan, Edward Brennan, Robert Burke, William l-l. Caron, Louis Czaya, Francis E. Darcy, William E. Dignan, Richard J. Doherty, Thomas F. Dowd, Arthur W. Flannery, Charles L. Flynn, Thomas A. Fournier, Joseph A. CPrisoner of Warj Friary, Edward P. Gangwisch Joseph P. Gafaeiia, Charles A. Golden, Robert Hinchcliffe, William A. Hurley, William J. Lortie, Arthur J. Mahan, James E. Masterson, Patrick J. Medeiros, Joseph J. Menard, Robert W. Mitton, Roy A. Muldoon, James E , Jr. Murray, Raymond K. McCaffrey, Francis Piche, Roland A. Powers, Robert E. CPrisoner of Warj Quegan, E. Leo CKilled in ActionD Quigley, Robert l-. Reynolds, Francis J. Ryan, Robert F. Spearin, Everett F. Steele, William J. Twiss, Frank J. Yelle, Raymond P. Zagrodny, Francis B. CLASS OF 1939 Baran, Joseph W. Biedak, Theodore Bliss, William J. Bouchard, Bertram Cahill, Roy E. Clayton, Hugh F. Comerford, Joseph F. Condon, John F., Jr. Conlon, Richard, Jr. Crofton, Joseph M. Crowley, William E. Crowninshield, Stephe Cyr, Robert E. Dwyer, Francis K. Gagnon, Raymond G. Galligan, Francis J. CPrisoner ol Warj Gamache Marcel Giiian, Charles J. Grandfield, James J. Gre55, William R. Guglielmo, Henry M. Haggerty, Edward J. Hickey James J. Kennedy, Arthur L. Lamont, Joseph E. Lane, Matthew J. Lathigee, Daniel B. Lewis, Walter J. Linnane, Francis J. Lucey, John J. Lyons, Paul J. Mahoney, Thomas C. Manning, John E. Marlin, George A. Masterson, Charles P. Moran, Daniel J. Morin William J. Mulcahy, John J. Mulhern, Richard P. Murphy, James J. Murphy, Joseph G. Murphy, Leo F. McAloon, Henry McCaffrey, William McCarron, James E. McCarthy, William T. McGovern, George E. McGraw, Andrew J. nJ. 'kirir McGreavy, John A. McManus, Henry P. Naylor, William F., Jr. O'Connell, Henry O'Malley, Charles H. Palazesi, Dino R. Perreault, Laurent R. Perry, Joseph A. Plunkett, Matthew Prairie, James D. CKilled in Actionl Precourt, Francis Ramos, Manuel Rockett, Paul M. Ryley, John P. Sawyer, William C. Smith, Philip F. Smith, Robert L. Smith, William G Starvish, Chester Sullivan, Robert J. Thigpen, Robert F. Tokarz, Stanley Turkalo, William P. White, Daniel A. Wright, Robert Zolnoski, Joseph P. CLASS OF 1940 Baran, Stanley F. Berube, Henry J. Bohietti, Charles Bowker, Howard W. Caron, Albert W. Carroll, John F. Carter, George J. Carter, James F. Carvalho, Louis E. Cayton, Edward Clemmey, Maurice D Coady, Vincent P. Condon, Francis M. Cormier, Alyre J. Costello, Ernest F. Crosson, Frank A. Crotty, William E. Davitt, John H. Doherty, William T. Donahue, Richard A. Dulfany, Lawrence Flannery, James J. Fox, Charles E. Gagnon, Laurent A. Gilchrist, Leo A. Gilchrist, Louis F. Grandfield, James L. Graniield, William J. Grant, John B. Gregg, Donald L. CKilled in Actionj Harrington, Francis J. Heher, John M. Henchy, John F. Hurley, Dennis C. Hyland, Bernard P. Kennedy, David H. Lane, Francis H. Laskowski, Adolph Malone, William A. Matteo, Thomas A. Maurer, William K. Maxwell, Richard E. Melancon, Frederick R. McNamara, James P. Nuttall, Charles R. O'Connell, Joseph D., O'Connell, Paul J. Q'Connell, William F. Q'Connor, William T. Reilly, James C. Rocha, Gregory F. Rouille, Raymond T. Ryan, Daniel J. St. Denis, Richard J. CMissing in Actionb Sheerin, Robert G. Sullivan, Vincent A. Vallett, Walter F. Wade, John D. Whittemore, Walter J. Wyatt, Frederick J. CLASS OF 1941 Beaulieu, Allred J. Blount, James E. Bousquin, John A. Burns, Thomas Cahill, William W. Carroll, John Charette, Joseph N. Coyle, Charles J. Crosson, James A. Curley, James M. Dahill, Arthur J. Daley, Joseph J. Doherty, Robert E. CPrisoner of Warj Dowd, William C. Dowling, Edward F. Finnegan, Owen E. Gorman, Paul F. Gregg, John T. Hart, James D. Hebert, Bernard J. Holland, James E. Jackson, Roger R. Kennedy, William E. Kevican, James D. LaFlan, John F. Lamb. Charles W. Lamb, James H. Laughlin, Edward T. Lynch, James F. Lynch, John E. Malo, Edward J. Marshall, John, Jr. Morris, William F. Murphy, James C. Murphy, John J. Murphy, Thomas R. Murray, Joseph E. McDonald, Vincent P O'Brien, John F. Oullette, Louis H. Reilly, Edward F. Reilly, Edward P. Ryan, Charles E. St. Denis, Gaston P. Shaughnessey, John CKilled in Actioni Sheridan, Thomas E. Sienko, Joseph P. Silva, Edward R. Steinhol, Edward J. Sullivan, Charles W. Sylvia, Gordon Trucchi, John P. Whalon, James l-l. CLASS OF 1942 Abbott, John R. Biedak, Walter BoFletti, Raymond Boulanger, Raymond Bourgeois, Henry F. Brahmstedt, William Brilliant, George CMissing in Actionj Burke, John Cassidy, Joseph Castle, Edward J. Charette, George J. Chisholm, Robert J. Coady, James J. CKilled in Actionl Conlan, Walter J. Currivan, Robert C. Deniger, Robert Dermody, Richard J. DeSilva, Rudolph Dion, Harold H. Dowd, Richard J. Duffy, Frank E. Dumoulin, William Emsley, Albert P. Feeney, James H. Flavin, John T. Gallup, Ragmond C. Goldrick, dward F. Hoar, Charles L. Kearns, William Kelley, John A. Kelly, John J. Killoran, James W. Lallan, Vincent E. Lamont, William J. Lemieux, Raymond R. Lenon, Harvey A., Jr. Lucey, Bernard J. Lynch, Raymond D. Lyons, William A. Mahoney, William V. Malo, Louis Marrotte, Clement L. Medeiros, Fernand CPrisoner of Warl Murphy, William R. McCaFlrey, Robert T. Murphy, George E. McFadden, Daniel W. McGinn, Richard W. McGowan, William R. McGuirk, Robert M. Newell, John A. O'Connor, James V. Orsi, Joseph Parent, Albert L. Quigley, Joseph M. Ramos, Joseph Raymond, Russell R. Ready, William F. Reagan, Joseph A. Reynolds, Robert E. Rose, Frank Russell, Thomas F. Seaver, Joseph M. Smith, Mark Smith, Walter E. Souza, Thomas A. Sullivan, John C. Sullivan, Timothy Susol, Fernand F. Tapper, Anthony CPrisoner of Warj Twiss, John E. Wade, Clement L.. Walsh, Thomas F. CLASS OF 1943 Alden, John M. Annunziato, John P. Benoit, Eugene E. Brady, Frank deS. Cabral, Manuel Chadwick, Howard C., Jr. Chamberlain, Matthew H. Connors, William H. Conroy Robert M. CDied of Woundsl Cosgrove, Edward J. Coyle, Francis G. Coyle, James P. Crowley, Joseph W. Curley, Edward . Delaney, Robert F. Devlin, Francis G. Dion, Francis D. Donahue, James L., Jr. Ferrari, Ernest P. Fitzgerald, Edmund T. CKilled in Actionl Flynn, Robert E. Gagnon, Normand P. Gendron, Normand Hickey, Edward F. Kudzia, Walter J. Lage, Arthur Leddy, John F. Lemieux, Paul Martin, Charles F. Morrisey, Donald J. McCormick, James O'Donnell, William H. O'Keele, Francis W. Ottaviani, Lewis J. Pieknik, Henry Quagan, Harold F. Quegan, Robert F. Riordan, John P. Scully, Vincent F. Shea, Daniel F. Shea, Louis A. Silva, Richard E. Silvia, Richard J. Smith, John B. Sullivan, Dennis J. Sullivan, Frederick L. Sullivan, Walter Sullivan, William K. Tokarz, Edward M. Trucchi, Edward M. Walsh, Conan CLASS OF 1944 Baran, Michael B. Coady, Edward J. Cole, Harold Corcoran, James Cormier, Rene H. Crowley, Edward J. Cyr, Philippe L. Dennin, Francis H. Fitzgerald, John E. Flynn, Hugh W. Gregg, Robert S. Heaney, James A. Hedberg, Raymond D. Keane, ohn A. Kelleher, Gerald P. Keohane, John J. Laughlin, Joseph P. Leonard Richard G. Logan, Thomas J. Martin, Fred R., Jr. Mastromarino, Anthoi Mottau, Francis C. Murphy, Robert Murphy, Robert T. McCann, William F. McGinn, John R. Neilan, John Neilan, William Palladino, James Rice, John E. Santry, Cornelius B. Scully, William J. Seekell, Beniamin A. Shea, Arthur E. ' Sibilia, Philip B. Sullivan, Edward A. Theroux, Roger J. Walsh, Thomas E. White, Donald F. CLASS OF 1945 Bowker, Donald J. Caron, Carlton A. Carreaux, Richard N. Chambers, Ralph H. Coleman, John F. Connors, Daniel J. Conroy, William R. Cosgrove, Charles H. Cyr, Gerald L. Deehan, O. Everett Dennen, Robert Desmarais, Arthur Donlan, Thomas E. Donohue, William C. Donnelly, Edward J. Doran, Joseph F. Dulily, Joseph E. Dugan, Edward Ellis, William H. Faulkner, Thomas K. Grise, Lawrence F. Harrigan, David Hehr, Louis C. Holden, John T. R. Hoyle, William Q. Kavanaugh, Joseph D. Kearney, Thomas F. Kiley, John Lamoureux, Oscar J. Leonard, John Levesque, Donald J. Lucey, Leo Lynch, Edward C. Magsamen, Joseph J. Monarch, Edward C. McCarron, John F. McClellan, Robert J. McDonald, Joseph W McGovem, James A. Maghery, Richard L. Milot, Robert J. Minardi, William R. Murphy, James E. Nadeau, Edmond J. Noonan, Thomas F. O'Connell, Joseph E. O'Connell, Robert J. O'Neill, Francis J. Q'Neill, John H. Patnaude, David E. Petruccelli, Aloysius ll Reed, William H. Reilly, Peter J. Roy, Homer J. Rodri ues, Octavio R. Ryan,qEdward M. Ryan, John Selleck, George A, Simmons, Robert B. Simpson, Robert J. Sullivan, James F. Valentini, Henry Zolnoski, Dominick J. Auxiliary workers for the yearbook staff. Co! as Mi! School Q? F h h 0 w Zfliiifp 6' 'Y' -1. N Page eighty-seven Henry Thomas Munroe, lr. Henry Adrian Perra Leonard Patrick Rychlik Edward Alfred Rausch William Alan Fitzgerald loseph Carreiro Carvalho loseph Falvey enior Honors -magna cum laude- Charles loseph Drane Herbert Francis 0'Connell lohn Cornelius Reagan Hugh Patrick Donaghue Robert David McCormick -cum laude- Williarn loseph English, lr Robert Crerrnane lames Anthony McFadden David Bradford Boothby Richard Monarch Regan Bernard Anthony Rychlik Edward Francis Foley Brother Marcian Medal For Scholastic Excellence Charles lose-ph Drane Monsignor O'Reilly Medal For Excellence in Religion Henry Thomas Munroe, lr. ex aequo l lohn CorneliusWReagan Henry Munroe, Jr. Charles Drane John C. Reagan Monsignor O'Rei1ly Medal Brother Marcian Medal Monsignor 'O Rexlly Medal Page eighty-eight r cqctoezttssmants Readers of the COYLE REVIEW are asked to patronize the reliable firms whose advertisements appear in the following pages. Their kindly, cooperative spirit has helped to make the book possibleg our patron- age will assure them that it pays to advertise in school publications. HEMINGWAY BROTHERS INTERSTATE TRUCKINC. COMPANY We Serve New England and New York New Bedford, Mass. ,-ff 4 ff sign . nf 'Rfk ,xg---. ' fm ,EL Nj.. ' - -, ' T. r ii r 'f it - 3 Q fnv. ' "ve kii'-?vAQTT J XT X T ' ', wi , NX E T7 R37 'vi , Ego it 111' if Q,-M ' X1 oe- .. 4 . , - Yo. .-. . ef. " 2 W-xzm ,,- -- 2 5 .,..i . 4 w e :e1fn1T E1Ei ' - 1 .T f " Q .wE!f' TW'.JE rntitlltu 53? ,-i-' rnnuf- Q ,. 'i' --- -. f ' fl- i Le 1 ' wuaufsr fziw ffif.-1. Heir 1"' 4-35" who ' --- ' 4? Established I 844 C. A. I-IACK 8: SON, INC. Printers of 1946 Coyle Review 42 Court Street Taunton, Mass. Telephone 660 I946 COYLE. REVIEW Photographs in I 946 Review by LORING STUDIOS 392 Spring Street Fall River, Mass. Pgt ADVERTISEMENTS 5, NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS Your Favorite Department Store 1851 1946 Satisfaction for over ninety years STAPLES COAL COMPANY Phone 1250 COAL STOKERS OIL BURNERS GENERAL HEATING EQUIPMENT COAL OIL COKE Z I946 COYLE REVIEW We Congratulate the Editors of the I946 Coyle Review on the Publication of a Distinguished School Year Book...and express our pleasure at having had a part therein, through the production of the required Photo-engravings. PARKS - IVIOWBRAY COMPANY Photo-Engravers ARTISTS PHOTOGRAPHERS RETOUCI-IERS 56 Pine Street Providence 3, R. I. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 EASTERN IVIASS. STREET RAILWAY COMPANY I VI. K. RILEY, Manager Best Wishes lo the Class of '46 PLEASANT VIEW FARM RANDALL DEAN 8: CO., INC. Allan IVI. Walker, Manager T IS9 Dean St. Tel. 2648-R INSURANCE NICHOLAS COURCY, Prop. Tel- 328 38 Crocker Bldg. Taunton, Mass. Page four ADVERTISEMENTS Best Wishes to the Class of 46 UNITED CI-ICDCOLATE REFINERS, INC PEDINI MOTORS IZ Pratt Street Phone l42 M H ICI M . B ' k - S I cl S ' - Ch I ir Best Wishes to fhe Class of '46 IVIANSFIELD BLEACHERY ir ADVERTISEMENTS Best Wishes to the Class of '46 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Burke Best Wishes to the Class of '46 Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Shay Ps I946 COYLE REVIEW SILVA FUNERAL I-IDIVIES DOROTHY E. SILVA Registered Embalmer and Funeral Director Taunton Fall River New Bedford 740 2-5672 3-2968 IVIACKENZIE 8: WINSLDW, INC. LUIVIBER 6: BUILDING MATERIALS POULTRY AND DAIRY FEEDS Fall River, Massachusetts P 3 glwt ADVERTISEMENTS Best Wishes to the Class of'46 WALDRON HARDWARE CO. ROBERT H. PARK 44 Weir Street Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 ,. 7. Z Mid' 60. Since i884 Taunton's Smartest Menis and Boys' Shop 45 Taunton Green Taunton, Mass. SANDERS LUIVIBER CO. LOCAL AGENTS FOR MODENE PAINT 36 Weir St. Taunton, Mass. Tel. IZ34-610 GRADUATES OF COYLE HIGH The Allen School is proud of its service in the past to Graduates of High Schools in this vicinity. Courses offered: I Accounting 0 Secretarial Training C Business Administration Day School Bulletin on request THE F. G. ALLEN SCHOOL Granite Block Fall River, Mass. Page nin 946 CO E REVI Wishes to the Class of '46 SENATOR WILLARD A. ORIVISBEE Raynham Mass. J. FRANK CQNLEY FUNERAL HOME ADVERTISEMENTS O'I'IE.ARNE. INSURANCE AGENCY COPE BOTTI-ING CO- Tel' 745 Manufaclurers of High Grade sodas I2 Taylor Bldg. Taunton, Mass. GORI-IAM PRESS Qualify fob Printing 5 Leonard St. Taunton, Mass. Tel. 859 Best Wishes fo the Class of '46 IVIANSF I ELD M I LI..I NG CO MaHSFlCld, Mass. Best Wishes GUCLIELIVIO BARBER SHOP I0 High Street Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes of ST. IVIARY'S SPA . Leon W. jackson, Prop. J. R. TALLMAN 6: CO., INC. Insurance of all Kinds Est. IS39 I3 Weir St. Tel. 527 Oldest Insurance Agency in Town Always call a CITY CAB Phone I600 Waiting Room Behind Post Office Page eleven I946 COYLE REVIEW "Our Heating Oils Make Warm Friends" NASON OIL COMPANY FUEL OILS Power Oil Burners 24 I-Iour Service Prompt Metered Delivery Tel. IOI I 46 Taunton Green Best Wishes lo the Class of '46 ROYAL COAL COMPANY COAL OIL COKE TEL. 3700 TAUNTON, MASS. Pgtelc ADVERTISEMENTS Best Wishes to the Class of '46 Councilman Francis X. Casey Best Wishes to the Class of '46 CHERRY 8: WEBB CGMPANY Fall River, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 c ' ' Fall River's Largest Department Store On the Air I2:3O, WSAR Page thirteen 1946 COYLE REVIEW DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED Whether for Graduation or any similar occasion-you'll find our Clothes always look well and continue to do so during the life of the garment. 52-54 Taunton Green 7 Weir Street Stetson and Mallory I-Iats. Interwoven Hose. Arrow and Cape Cod Shirts Pace Setter and I-Iart Schaffner 6: Marx Clothes Barbizon Slips and Underwear for Ladies 9 41-47 Main Street We Make a Specialty of Young Men's Clothes for Graduation WEBCO OIL BURNER SERVICE Distributors of RAY OIL BURNERS Industrial-Commercial-Domestic I0 Durfee Street Tel. Fall River 5-7484 JAMES F. CROSSON, Prop. COBB'S, INC. 31 Main Street Tel. 940 "Right Goods at Right Prices" Page fourteen ADVERTISEMENTS EDIVIUND T. FITZGERALD Plumbing 8: Heating Sheet Metal Work 30 Second St. Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 JENICS OYSTER BAR, INC. 20 Belmont Street Brockton, Mass JOHN E. SULLIVAN, Mgr. W. SEYMOUR GRAY FRENCH CLASS Typewriiers P I d H I45 second st. Fall River em Best Wishes of A FRIEND MT. HOPE PHARMACY D. F. Glavin, Reg. Pharm. The good name of a business is built on the solid foundation of quality merchandise-and a good name like character, takes time in growing to full stature.fFor twenty years men who appreciate quality- and a run for their money, have been patrons of the Toggery. Gel to know ........ The Modern Mount I-Iope Toggery, Inc. North Dighton, Mass. Famous for clothing and apparel that look better longer. Page Fifteen I946 COYLE REVIEW COMPLETE ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS 'Gp '-5 is T T E is TTT Tl T T HA E A EQ Everyfhfhg a Hardware .ffare Uagflf fo Have I5 MAIN ST -TAU NTON - PHONE 57 Featuring Famous Brand Names .SPAULDING .... GOLDSM ITH WILSON. .. ....RAWLINGS Besl Wishes to the Class of'46 P. 8: Q. CLOTHES I69 MAIN ST. BROCKTON, MASS. FURNISHINGS FOR MODERN HOMES Floor Covering Specialists Window Shades 0 Venetian Blinds BOSTOCK FURNITURE COMPANY I0-I2 Trescott St., Taunton, Mass. Telephones 3421 and 3422 " Your Store" Page sixtee ADVERTISEMENTS Best Wishes of the MAYOR Members of Taunton Municipal Council Best Wishes of E. A. THOMAS CO. 77-79 Main St. CAPE COD FISH MARKET and A FRIEND SEA GRILLE HYLANDS FISH MARKET C. CFQSQOLLY U '8'l0 Teonard St' ' H 30 Trescott Street If lt swnns' we have lt' Telephone 3l40 Taunton, Mass. SOUTHERN MASS OIL CORP. ESSO PRODUCTS FUEL OILS Hayward 81 Gilbarco Burners 63 Broadway Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 ll. D.'s SWEATER SHOP 7 Taunton, Green CAMERA ART SHOP " Your Photo Finishern Developing-Printing-Enlarging Weir St. Taunton Best Wishes to the Class of '46 BROADWAY NEWS MASON'S FLOWER STUDIO STONE'S BEAUTY SHOP 9 Leonard St. Taunton, Mass. 3 Trescott St. D. 8: P. LINEN SUPPLY CO. MCGLINCHEY or RUSSELL "A Service for every Store" FUIEE2gpEr?:gdME 32 Franklin Street Francis J. Russell Michael T. Russe Tel' I65 Belmont St. Brockton Victory Courses For Young Men and Women Business Administration, Accounting, Executiv Secretarial, Dictaphone and Finishing Courses For hi h school and colle e raduates. g g g Train for the Best positions at A Bristol County Business College 43 Taunton Green BERNIER'S RESTAURANT 8-I0-I2-I4 Winthrop St. Tel. 3499 Taunton Page seve t e I946 COYLE REVIEW "The best in Drugstore Goods" "The best in Drugstore Servicen FITZGERALD'S PHARMACY The Rexall Slore 623 Locust Street Fall River, Mass. WILLIAM A. TORPI-IY Attorney at Law Granite Block Fall River, Mass. QUALITY SERVICE P E2'l'ff ZUJI-, FALL RIVER HERALD NEWS Page eighteen ADVERTISEMENTS CORNER FRUIT STORE Corner of Cohannet 8: High Sts. H Tel. 73 O'CONNELL 8: SIMMONS Range Oil-Range Burners Heaters Tel: 2578-M or 1769-M Best Wishes I B W' h h CI '46 , es' 'S as 'Of 6 of GALLIGAN 5 DINER, INC. I6 Leonard St. Taunton, Mass Commissioner of Public Works Fifty YEHYS Og COLEFIBEUS Service and ne 00 S. FRENCH CLASS Period I lVIcCLELLAN ICE 8: FUEL CO Range-Oil-Fuel 733 Somerset Ave. Tel. 2303 JACK PETERS Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Groceries, Confectionery and Tobacco Telephone 293 79 Broadway Taunton, Mass. FRENCI-I CLASS Period V f A FRIEND OLSON'S FLOWER SHOP C. CI-IESTER RODENBUSH 6: SONS Manufacturers' Agents 7 IVIOnteIIO Street Brockton 35, Massachusetts A FRIEND FRENCH CLASS Best Wishes period W NEW BEDFORD BOYS W. I-I. RILEY Gr SON, Inc. C. E. O'IVIALLEY DfSfffblll0fS of Gas, Oil, Accessories and Radio CITIES SERVICE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Goodyear Tires, Willard Batteries GASOLENE FUEL OIL RANGE OIL T 1 97 W I4 S M , S C.. s. WILLIAMS, Manager e' ' 0- am t' 61 Cohannet St. Taunton, Mass. Tel. 3020 Mansfield' Mass' Page nineteen I946 COYLE REVIEW E. R. JONES, INC. 6 Pleasant Street CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH - INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Sales Service JOI-IN j. CARR Groceries and Provisions Cor. Washington and Purchase Streets Telephone 434 Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to lhe Class of'46 IVIORTON LAUNDRY COMPANY Telephone 429 ' Best Wishes lo the Class of '46 PINTO'S BARBER SI-IOP Page twenty ADVERTISEMENTS NORTH END DAIRY Besf Wishes fo the Class of 46 Pasteurized Milk-Cream-Buttermilk Dairy-549 N. Belmont St. Residence-IZ9 Westamoe Fall River Best Wishes to the Class of '46 PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE Arthur E. Powers, Mgr. Phd. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 NICHOLAS COURCY 6: SONS GRAIN COMPANY I2 W I S T t Three Corners Taunton, Mass. avery Meet Tel 2060 mm on Best Wishes to the Class of '46 NAPPY'S INC- Shoe Rebuilding WHOLESALE 238 Whmnton St' Taunton' Mass' 52 C.-,banner st. Taunton Tel. lsll Best Wishes to the Class of '46 BET QGSEESVICE RAOUI.. DUCHARME STATION Representative of John Hancgek Taunton Dealer of Goodrich Oil Products ' T l. 3972 Mutual Life Insurance Company I64 County Street e Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 KIRLEY COAL 61 SUPPLY CO 208 N. Main St. Nlansfield, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of ,46 CHARLES I-I. TRIPP ORGANIST .....,. DIRECTOR St. IVIary's Church Taunton, Mass. J. O. NEIL SUPPLY CO. Home of Carmote Paint Six Stores-Tel. 6-8237 Best Wishes to the Class of '46 IVIR. and MRS. A. BEATON 130 Bedford St. Pall River C J at Best Wishes to the Class of '46 . l P . , l NEVITT 81 COMPANY rznters G I C t 1 35 I-ludner Bldg. Fall River cncra on me Drs 348 Bay St. Tel. 324 Taunton, Mass TOUHEY'S PHARMACY ARTHUR J. SHEA Reg. Pharm. Prop. 202 Rock Street Fall River, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of ,46 C1ILlVIORE'S MARKET 46 Grove St. Brockton, Mass. Page twenty-one I946 COYLE REVIEW FRANK A. FOWLER "The Class Ring Man" ALL CLASSES FROM 1937 TO I947 Telephone LlBerty 3162 Representing 828 Park Square Building Loren Murchison 6: Co. Boston l6, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 D. D. SULLIVAN 6: SONS 383 Spring Street Fall River, Massachusetts NORTH DIGI-ITON GARAGE, INC. MOTOTEST Automotive The Complete Check-up Electrical Service Expert Auto Repairing Tel. Taunton Exchange I63I North Dighton, Mass. Page twenty-two ADVERTISEMENTS Best Wishes to the Class of '46 BOSTOCK 8: INMAN ELECTRIC CO. I8 Trescott St. Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 J. I... CLEMMY COMPANY Best Wishes to the Class of '46 lVIAC'S VARIETY STORE "Ask for it .... we have it" 364 Bay St. Taunton, Mass TAUNTON WATCH SHOP 3I8 Bay Street F. A. McGuinness, Prop. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 SAWYER'S BARBER SI-IOP I59 N. Main St. Mansfield, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 A BONNAT'S BAKERY 97 N. Main St. Fall River, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 MORO'S MARKET SUNF LOWER STORE MEATS GROCERIES Tel' 640-W 69 Broadway Tel. I I42 Taunton, Mass. at Best Wishes to the Class of '46 85 Cohannet St. Taunton, Mass. Tel. 2046 Friendly Service Radio and Sound Equipment 36 Washington St. Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to me Class of '46 WOL cElg"Iggge SUIT JOSEPH DOWNEY PARLOR ayor 888 Purchase Street Brockton Mass- New Bedford Tel. 2-3422 "Don't Take a Chance- Take a Checker" HALL QEISQEOEIZORIST CHECKER TAXI . PHONE 3100 Flowers for all occasions Private Appearing Sedans Tel' '422 5l Taunton Green Taunton, Mass. LAFRANCE Registered jeweler AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 763 Purchase St. New Bedford, Mas Tel. 3-I I37 S. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 ROBERT P. LOVELY Page twenty-th ree 1946 COYLE. REVIEW DAN'L 6: IVI. COUGHLIN FUNERAL I-IOIVIE 229 Winter St. Fall River, Mass. JOHN MARSHALL Textile Machinery Domestic and Export Granite Block Room 315 Fall River, Mass. GAS IS TI-IE IDEAL FUEL Q for cooking Q for refrigeration Q for water heating Q for house heating MODERNIZE YOUR HOME WITH GAS TAUNTON GAS LIGHT CO. Besl Wishes lo the Class of'46 DRUIVIIVIQND PRINTING COMPANY Printers and Stationers Phone 3878 56 Cohannet St. Taunton, Mass. Page twenty-fou ADVERTISEMENTS Best WiSt112S 10 U16 C1055 Of '46 Best Wishes to the Class of '46 "THE BOYS IN THE- BAND" RIENDEAU FUNERAL HOME ART SHAW-Dfnn-.S GAY VIERA-Pinnn Tel. 588 AL HARZOG-Guitar MIKE MEGAN-Sax Tel. 3630 476 Bay Street Taunton Best Wishes Best Wishes to the Class of '46 V. DECLEMENTE WARING YOUR JEWELER DEPT. STORE Next to Durfee Theater Fall River Mansfield Mass. HudsonfSludebaker Sales and Service , A fine Collection of Used Cars-All Makes S C A 4I Cohannet St. 60 Fremont Str?-ei 2656 WTaunton, Mass. Taunton, Mass. C' ' Hamid Rauuung .- laerfculer Best Wishes to the Class of ,46 F- D- MONE EDWARD F. POWERS Attorney-ab Law Barber Tel. I64 Taunton I Taylor Bldg. 67 Broadway Taunton, Mass. N. Y. CLOTHING CO. Young Men's Clothing MONTE'S JEWELER I7 Weir St. Taunton, Mass. 396 Spring St. Fall River, Mass. GEORGE C. HARRINGTON Phone 823 Optomcmst lVllLTOl5lEvEliiLlal3ACKETT iililgzxigyceglgl Watch and Jewelry Repairing Taunton- Massachusetts 40 Main St.-Upstairs Taunton, Mass. JOI-IN J. CURRIVAN RecappingfTire 6: Tube Vulcanizing New-Used Tires FRANK SMITH TRUCKING COMPANY Tel' 656'M General Contractor 26 Shawmut Ave. Mansfield, Mass. DANA'S TAUNTON HARDWARE 8: Everything to Furnish Your Home PLUMBING SUPPLY CO., Inc. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Nlain Street Hardwegf, Pglnhgvallfsaper and um lQg upp 168 Taunton 74 Main st. Taunton, Mass. Phone 2041 Page twenty-Five I946 COYLE REVIEW HUTCI-I I NSON 'S COYLE HIGH CAFETERIA A" Shop Pictures, Picture Eraming, Artists' Jack Shaughnessy, Manager T 1 h 2 02" SUPPIICS E t 1862 eep one - s . . I54 Second Street Fall River, Mass. F. P. MCCABE Plumbing and Heating Best Wishes to the Class of 46 Tel- '607 MR. 6: MRS. JOSEPH C. CASEY I I0 Broadway Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 TRIPP ,PHARMACY Prop., Frank Murray I54 New Boston Road Fall River WILFRED V. SAINT Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal Work I3 Monica St. Tel. 905 NOEL'S ICE CREAM We Make Our Own RESTAURANT 425-427BaySt. TeI.733 Taunton, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE Bw' WfshCiX3!i'x'iRC'ass of '46 R. A. WILCOX Co., INC. FALL RIVER School Equipment and Stationery Supplies I480 on your dial Fall River, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of '46 LANE'S BARBER SHOP 20 High St. Best Wishes to the Class of'46 BRISTOL COUNTY RADIO CO. 70-72 Main St. Home of Quality Furniture MARCKS THE TAILOR, Inc. Best Wishes of JOHN F. MULI-IERN Druggist 7I Broadway Tel. 2398 Established I904 Best Wishes Io the Class of '46 CLEANIxg?l2OIgtV?DYERS WILLIAM F. FARRELL Taunton ' 20 Broadway 334 Bay St. Page twenty-six ADVERTISEMENTS Best Wishes of FRANK MARKEYQ ' Best Wishes to the Class of '46 W IVIANSFIELD BOYS Best Wishes to the Class of '46 JAMES I-I. TAYLER Best Wishes to the Class of '46 BRIDGEWATER BOYS Best Wishes to the Class of '46 FALL RIVER BOYS South End Best Wishes to the Class of '46 MT. I-IOPE ATHLETIC CLUB Best Wishes to the Class of '46 No. Encl BOWLING Alleys No. End RECREATION Center Arthur Morin and Philip Emond, Props. 205 Whittenton St. Taunton Best Wishes to the Class of '46 FALL RIVER BOYS Highland Best Wishes to the Class of '46 Representative JOSEPH W. DOOLEY Best Wishes to the Class of '46 CARD 8: GIFT SHOP Specializing in Greeting Cards FOR ALL OCCASIONS Gifts and Baby Clothes 43l Bay St. Taunton, Mass. gvfliiziyl-31,510 grlsfgr? Best Wishes to the Class of '46 . . COYLE BOOK STORE Complete line of Bay State Paint Wallpaper and accessories Alan Fitzgerald Robert Wessa Tel, 469 James Martin john Moran 298 Bay Street Taunton, Mass. John Kearns Best Wishes lo the Class of '46 F'REDDIE'S MARKET , G ' -P ' ' -Ch ' M Best Wishes to the Class of 46 mcenifredniigiijciizshe, P135 eats 579 Bay Street Taunton, Mass. Tel. ZZIO Free Delivery BROCKTON BOYS 46-47-48-49 FRENCH CLASS Period III Page twenty-Seven bfuyygf- 'QM k9wWAZf'4f2 M752 Q,,.f275z.v,fz. -ffffswf Awww W 'EL rpwuhu 'W 76 M ca wwwffpug LH XGQ,,,Nw.Qw--.N"4v 9p4QZ,,,,Z7 gf?" MWWMM -Qmdl 66511. oifmb Wv1.,.Mwm WWW" .q,.k... 2 F uf. --Q. ur.- pmmm.-tywngn, fa .M -,Q,,1-v.-,.n,v.h,.,-,,,-M-L--W fu- n-.,,g-N--,nw 1-'nu '-,mt ' . mg,,Q-V-wfwm, -1 s ...glgxi '. , . , . , ,,,, fn . V, 4. wily X Ax

Suggestions in the Monsignor Coyle High School - Review Yearbook (Taunton, MA) collection:

Monsignor Coyle High School - Review Yearbook (Taunton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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