Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA)

 - Class of 1958

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Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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ff '---1p --1-,Q ---1z.--- -Q-2--Q - . " ,2:.,...--- 'gJE'..::--sf...-uk AXEXXX1 X xx 'SSE if XX E Q XM A fffi, 43. g ,+ 1 'Qi X Ei I 1 5 ER msn 30,041 S 'iq l -. Jug n n 'I Q o lm: li had -I ll S2- 5 X EQ QW? 3+ X S xx X X i s Q gg 'my' I ,P '-. EH: mg ll: l E!! U22 ' ,- '1 .hi gli! f"-- 3, ' -5 ' me 'll N X J: H ' -'I . Til fi 8 x , - ' I ' : "2 if E.. ' 1 I 'fsl' ' Sl! rl .lg 0 in I ln. - 5 I. 1 '. + H -- .. , -V I Q ., , Q, . N l I 'Al Pip: - 3 i Lqg Fl - I f 2 1 --- -a,A,,lgi ,, Q 3 I ! I i I , - .. - ,J ll , g ln! vga - ' - -: Q Q- 1 "Q I E I I Q ur -- lllllg -U L Q V! 12 la' f I U -- E 1 - , - L o 1 1 A I V V -A l' ' Q' ' ' I 'i' if 1' ' B i I .f I 1 is E.. I I A nl I I X F1 , D' iii , . , 1 ' 5? v 4 s , gf, A V ,.- 1 K ' nz- S Wfiifi' , " 1 5 Y c L.. A ,V : ff 1' 25 5 .af A I gff if J ,.,j, 454 ' ' yffifffn '1 3' I h Wy' bf ' " ' ' f QQ' 1 ff V 0 . , s ' 53 ,A gl if 1 Q 1 if 1 'V' I lx' 53 ' " n 2 HX 3 iff . - QV' if ' P f 5 -- 4' vs. A avr-, , ,Z vu.:-e Er! H f ,,s' 2 ,,,f 1 , F ' K :Ei W ? 'f Ki i :S- , ,ff-, A vi. - Q , ,qv .. if g . . ' i ' f"Hfifg! Q , TELEVISION SPECTACULAR 195 8 MONSIGNOR BONNER HIGH SCHOOL f' 1 . ,fp , nfr N 1 Y if I '. X f ' ff ,w ! 1 I 1 H 'fp ,iff 5 ff , g S s, -f I fi, Y"-1. Q-5 s x A , he Wg? . ,I I , .v I , V J" ,M,'::' 1. ,'f'iff21m , . s-A 'r-1-a",w.:g,' . f 'J f' -' 'AI Y Q M , , .n --1 -1Q'fE'??'f"f-L' 'J 5? 1 . , , " N 15 5132 flifgijfij fn , A j .- 'ff-'.,wHp3?W9i'T'lf 2 f' V V mf 5, .ff f V1 ,Q ,Q-.21-5:35 4 U V x ' V ,rj 3,1 , 15793-V ,Ap , . .. gf, .. J-, '- ""'2r"' . , xi W ,fm x 'I s nnsxel. HILL Q PENNSYLVAN' IAf,' f ' I ,'HFff'T iff it 53' X in - gyf-1 A ,.. .al .. 6 K ff awk , ,, F - Y 22 . -N 1. ,' 1.. .fr : , 'N' 'lf' " 1 EHEIILB 'Wi HUMF " VI:Q'TDR You Are There 1 . ." YOU ARE THERE-Upon entering the grounds of Bonner, one cannot help but feel the spirit that prevails. The pleasant setting of our school serves as a particularly fine introduction to the spirit that lives and breathes within the school itself. Monsignor Bonner .High School is more than the mere assembla e 5 of materials that comprise it. Bonner is a way of life.. an ideal which we strive to achieve. On hearing the name of Bonner, the student does not think of a school, but of the life he has learned to live in that school. N. I V , f""'!5! f M ' 1 vi K YA .s X. , fi 3 M, .,,,,,,,....,.....-+-gijjf' cg.. t '.L er A 3 ff 1-'X hifi' M , f ' ,f'l 'R ,,' 1 si K! ' F ik W x 'Q funk 1 I+? 3 EMM xi fx w ' Y 2 . x n if 4 H X E:gzgi+3 75553 3 X 0' 'mb Sy f Q1 'A' 3594 1 ' V wma xx! M 'A ' .1 X ' 'ffff , "xi X x X g A61 Xxx .K Y in 5 , fs wfw if 1' nj ' I ' I ,J-' N VJ. ff., -,P x mm 9 fi I! E. L all .21 4 A? an.- jf' .ig ff 4", ., as -, "' M, 4, . -w-rg in fn :ze-at - "wif,-st W""f"""f K ' ""'- - f ft' , fig . ' ' ,. .R ,..-1-4'-'ff' , ,V-. 1 fr- - ,, K . Q' H ,...?',T?': iw-4'1'4,.V, . 4w"?.7.L-I"'f' HGUI' WOFH . . .H Our life at Bonnor is varrivd out in a colorful. exciting world. The many nspm-ts of this world te-nd to nmlu- lifv xnorf' intvrt-sting. As studvnts. wc' urc- instrut'tf'd hy vapahlf' iPllf'llt'I'S in surroundings that sharpvn our appetite' for lxIl0V'lt'llg1Q'. As uthlvtvs. wo arf' truinvd hy 1-mnpvtont coat-ln-s to perform to Ihr- lwst of our alrility. And as ge-ntlvnlen. wo rfflax with good C'Ill9I'l8lllIIlPIlt prvsontml in at Cutholiv 8iIll0Slllll'I'f'. Four years of this graf-ions living conu-s to an uhrupt halt at graduation as wr' pass on into the- outside' world. lvpon tho rmilization that tilnf' is running out. Parh and ovvry one of us reqsolvvs to tak? advantage of tht- opportunitivs provided for ther dcvc-lopnlvnt of our vharactvr. ., A ' xf 'Q-1 I v I . 1 0 sPoRTs H Q ACTIVITIES n .,. I ., C GRADUATES I mi QI' In F X1- THE MOST REVEREND ARCHBISHOP JOHN F. O'HARA, C.S.C., D.D. Archbishop of Philadelphia THE MOST REVEREND THE MOST REVEREND J. CARROL MCCORMICK, D.D., Ph.D. JOSEPH McSHEA, D.D., Ph.D. Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR EDWARD M. REILLY, J.C.D., LL.D. Superintendent of Schools 4-i.' REVEREND REVEREND FREDERICK J. STEVENSON JOHN 1. GRAHAM, D.D. Assistant Superintendent of Schools Assf-Siam Supefifnendffll Of 50710015 BENEATH A PICTURE OF OUR LADY of Good Counsel, His Excellency, Archbishop 0'Harn, chats with members of the Bonner family after dedication ceremonies last fall. Monsignor Bonner's sisters lleft to righti, Sue Bonner and Mrs. Catherine Dwyer, must have been overjoyed as they witnessed the ceremonies on that bright, warm afternoon. The glistening corridors, spacious classrooms, and wonderfully new facilities of our school must have impressed them as a truly magnificent monument erected to the memory of their dearly beloved brother, Monsignor John J. Bonner. HE Augustinians who teach at Monsignor Bonner High School might well be likened to directors of a show. The directors in this case. however. are themselves directed. and the man who directs them is Very Rev. Henry E. Greenlee. 0.S.A., Prior Provincial of the Augustinians of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova. Father Greenlce's direction extends up and down thc east coast, from Florida to Massachusetts. and it even includes such far removed places as Cuba. California. and ia flourishing mission in Japan. Over four hundred Augustinians are subject to his com- mand. His directives guard, guide, and govern the lives of his subjects so that they may best fulfill their heavenly vocations. For them, his directions are the directions of God. AS A PROVINCIAL of the Augustinian Order. Father Greenlee finds that his tasks are of gigantic proportions. Some of his most pleasant obligations are concerned with two Augustinian institutions situated on the east coast, Villanova University in Pennsylvania, and Merrimack College in Massachusetts. ln the picture at right Father is pictured with Yery Rev. James A. Donnellon. O.S.A., President of Villanova University, and Very Rev. Vincent A. McQuade, 0.S.A., President of Merrimack College who has just been awarded an honorary degree. ln the picture below. Father Greenlee texlreme left! looks on with approval as Archbishop .lohn F. O'Hara of Philadelphia applies final mortar in the lledica' tion of Dougherty Hall. Looking on are His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Spell- man and Very Rev. James A. Donnellon, O.S.A. ..--"T 'mf' l N ofi 3' X THE VERY REV. HENRY E. GREEXLEE, 0.S.A. Prior Provincial of tho Province of Sl. Thomas of Villanova ff: -6' if M - 2 'jffwfsf ifyffifwgg,-, A Y1v,zg1ff,,. 7 , My 0 , kg . ag? if -1 f gf . ffpw, . '?- ,,,.. "Jim .ea - fa- YQ? E K km ff frvxfg 52 sf 53321 . , A gk ,Q K WE' s f? , Yi f X Y ai, gi Q ,fe 5 , ,S K VY ZEQQ . -lf 1 4' "Uv V . 15" ififff f -efizw - VF 22 ' " AS :Q I -2 ,N 'fn-A 5. -wg, ,A Q , 4 - 515 Q . f -V , ,ws - fm.. M8353 , A At 59' N ls ,. Q My U' ' 1 X . U J Tfrxl , '?' ,.jf"?" Q , 3 '4 M. Wm , ff "755h- , -A 'F'-' v x1 A ,, QL ,,,. ,.. g.,,,o: .. fy, 'Km t d. ,HN if , is ONE OF THE lllGHl.lGHTS of Father f:1llllll1lN'I'.r tive year tenure of ofhrv was the dz-diration of tht- new sq-hool. lie is shown here in the pre-sence of His Excellent-y, Archbishop John F. 0'llalru, who oflic-iated at the reremony. COMMAND PERFORMANCE - Long before Prendergast became Bonner, Father .lohn Leo Gallagher, 'O.S.A. began his work as the first principal. He was there to welcome us in September, 1954 when high school was new and unknown to us: He will he at our graduation to send us into another new and unknown life. And in between .A . . four years of anxious labor and fatherly prayer for his hundreds of adopted sons. The most formative years of our life have been spent under the conscientious supervision of this great man among men. Fatherhas seen us grow into manhood, he has watched our intelligence become the beginning of wisdom, and long after he has left our lives, we will still he in his prayers. What we owe to Father Gallagher we cannot realize, and even if we did realize it, we could not repay him for it-he has given us something of himself. DURING THE PAST FIYE YEARS. Father Gallagher has found himself behind this desk in two different schools. He has had to fare the problems that come with il new school-he has had to face them twice. CAPABLE ASSISTANTS . . . WIRE SERVICE No om- run ra-ally iwlie-vc' that il N1-hooi day has fturtmi until Fallhvr Flynn's voive vonwf on-r the- PMN. Syst:-rn. Rr-v. Chnrlv- R. Flynn. 0.5,-K., Yin--l'rin1'ipnl. find, tinw in hi, hufy -4-ht-thlh' lo nluke- tht- lllH10llI'll'f'Illl'l1iN e-:wh mnrning and afternoon. Through this me-tlium. tho- -tmh-nl hotly iwrnriwr- an'quainte'fl with tht- hzlppt-nings in tht- svlnml. Tha- xtluh-nts lll'l' ilitervsle-cl in ull tht- illlll0lllll'Q'lllCI1lS, hut the- one which if mort NCIPOIIIIT i-, "Tmnorr0xs 7 will hc an ililiidllyf 41 ,..--su f'!!fw t 1 ft il 1'.1rd" 011 any one of us. Tralnivripth, SECRET FILEXHL-re we all have "re1'or1L." and the kevper of the 'km-r1-1" 1111- i- Rvv. Bernard J. L11- ' 'LAI 7 14,2 Us 1, ,AML yu, f 1111111d. 0.5..'X.. AN-i-Iillll llirvrtor of 51111111-N. Fathvr IAIIIIOIIII vould "pull and 1-ollcgf' rvferenvf-f pass through llix hand- daily and room-r or laltcr 1 1 all mu-l I llher I 1111011 , f if xllnl JI 11111111 0 N X - x I XTHER YIXIT Thr IJFUIJIBIII Ihn me 1r IIKOIIIIIIIN lh n111nt1 n mr- of 1 1 1 :hoo hlll ln mpahlw hnndled .at Brnnfr bw Ru 11n1 urru N F11 mr urrn 1 0 111 Qt 1 m s MII x OHL vrrndnr 1111 111 1k1111. 11 4 1111 mg. un 1 FUIIIIIH1. 1110011111 Q 'F " 9 Wa V as 1 1 .. , H' 5552 , luv-vm ,?"'LQ1 Q -.M 1.-' 4 f -- ' V 'dayt- QQ-5,,jQI m . . .DIRECTORS OF THE SHOW I ' , ll J' f , A The running of our svliool is r-olnparalnlv to the produvtion of a television "1 I fhow. Without the capulflf- fupvrvision and applied knowledge of the direc-tori. lr' thv shows would P0850 to Im outstanding. ,lust as TY land has its distinguifl1f'd 'I --. , F1 alirm-tors. -o too. wo haw' ours. in tlir' person of Illf' fumiltv. It is vom nor-ml xx I - I , I ' of Stllllf' T6 llll'IlllIf'I'h-'32 xxllullrllllliill FatI14-rs. 21 uric-sts of tht- Philudvl llliil 1- I I Arc'Ildio1'csc and 23 lay furulty llll'llllli'l'i. 'Erw- lk aslhlgl' V, ,L V: l ,, Ri-V. Rolrvrl F. Alulrcsss. 0.9..X. Rev. l7rum'is J. llalrlos Mr. Hurry J. Iielluonr linglifll 1, BA. xvili1lll0Y2l l'niwr-ily, Biology, Religion 2, BA. Sl. Cllill'lC5 lluaincss lxIillllCIllilllt'S, B.A. 51. .losm-ph M. A. Catholic l'niwr:ity Seminary College OFFERING THEIR SKILL AND KNOWLEDGE mx il .gay l' E51 Q ' ,xx L ! ,R Z- J-nw " WW E a wg Mr. Joseph C. Bloll Ili-tory 1-2, BS. St. Joseph Collogc , F01 RTI! "li" Nlviiilu-rs of llu IJ:-pzirlnu-nl of Re-ligion ini-lmlv flvfl In righlh Rm. Nornlaln liillhbhllf 0.F.,X.: Rm. ,Iolin Lu-e-5. 0.5. X.: lim Nllxalorel iiUIIil4'l'l!l'Ni. O.5..'X.: HM ,llbllll Molton. US..-X.: HM. i'll'LlHl'i llzlrlo-, Rm. illiurle-5 llonilmy. lla-pair! mont He-url: K:-v. ,Iofe-ph Gill. 0.F.'X. lim. ,lo-Q-ph viiIllt'l'. Oh. X.: Rm. lid u.irfl rlllllblllllxlill. Rm. .lov-pli Lznvrly U.5."l.: lim. Jolm Quinn. Uh. X.. alll lim. ,'s Ylalrllv. O.5..X. "Cowl morning. l'lilllll'l" Cas v "Cowl morning. l'lillllPl' lf.:-vi." Uur Inn lfnllie-iw lf.:-vp Llnlm. H.S.X.. anal Williuni --xl-l1.n1gv growling- in Ilu- fogvr ut vxzwlly . . - .3 Nflllblil. l'lillll!'l' 1Q.lllonuy point- ll llhllllglllflllllg lingvr all Irilllllfl' William C.m'y. Rvv. Sulvulon- S. llomwcorxi, OS..-X. Religion l. BA. Yillunovu l.711ivcrrily Rev, Francig T, Boylan Rev. Frunci, B. Brian, OS..-L lliflory 3, BA. X'lllllIl0Y1l Univcrfity Illllill 2, Fffnfh 1-2. BA- C0lll'lllUU1 ' i. Svrupllirunl, Holland Rev. Rolmrt M. Burke, 0.S.A. Rev. ,lolln J. Byrnes, 0.5.5. Rev. ,lohn F. Casey, 0.5.3. Phybirs, Trigonometry, Solid Ceom- Geography, BA. Villanova: fniverfilv Religion 2, B.A. Yillunoval lfnivcrfily c-Irv, B. 5. Ylllllllfllll lvniverfilv. 11.5. Catholic lfrlivoisitp' -ilu-if l THE LAST WORD And thc- firfl, comprise the lin-ld of the Department of Englifh llvft Io righfi: Rev. Roln-rt .Mnlrt-ns, Mr. Thonia- Conway. Mr. ,loss-ph Grilhn. R:-v..Neil M1-Gi-ttigzili. 0.S.fK.g Mr. Jlllllvw Mvliritlv. Rev. Charles Flanagan, llc-partnn-nt Head: Rex. Roln-rt Gill. 0.5.A.g Mr. Ronalil Dirk, Hr. Charles Xogel, and Mr. Thomar Foley. IN THE BEST OF TRADITIONS . . . Rev. Robert M. Churburli, 0.S.A. Mr. Robert L. Collier Algebra 2, Englifh 3, BA. Yillunova Typing, B.S. St. .l0seph's College lfniverrity, MA. Villanova Univcrfity l Rev. W'illiam F. Casey Religion l, Latin l, B.A. St. Charles Seminary Rev. Harry A. Cassel, 0.S.A. Athletic Director, Librarian, BA. Villanova University, MA. Catholir University Mr. Thomas J. Conway' English 1, BA. St. ,lo-eph's College Rev. Walter J. Daly Bookkeeping, Typing, B.A. St. Charles Seminary Rev. Eugene A. Del Conte, OSA. Merhanival Drawing l-2, B..-K. Yilla- nova University, M..-X. Villanova University Rev Charle' J Domlnw Rex Franci X . . s . aj '. . s . Dreger Religion 4, BA. Sl. Charles Seminary Religion 3, Problems of Democracy, Wll.XT'5 IT FOR? llalln-r Spinelli. 0.51- explain- part of the Fpani-ll exliilri! to vuriou- onlool-wr-. lfatlu-i' San lfufra-io. -l.iml- lay lu-Q-ping 1-lose 1-In-4-lf. on l"LIlll0'l'-r story. B..-L St. Charles Seminary I , Mr. Ronald F. Dirk English 2, 8.5. Sl. ,loscplfs College K Rev. James P. Elliott, OSA. Religion 3, Economics, B..-X. Villanova University ,gli Ji, if' Rev. Louis A. Eliz, ,l.C.D. Algebra l-2, B.A. St. Charles Sem J.C.D. Catholic L'niver:ity Mr. James J. Ferry Biology, BA. Mary lmmzlculul lege Mr. James C. Fallon Geometry, BS. St. Joseplfs College Rev, Clmrlvs J. l"la1nag,a1n Englifll 3, BA. SK. Charles Seminary -. U-.-.-. ...f an,1 l IVOREHQN INTRIQLIH xl.-mlm-. ..f 4 ilu- llvpurlim-nl of Nlmlvrn l,AlIlfIllilg!h'N llIl'lllllv' flfjll In flyhllf lim. ,low-pl: Nlllllflll. U.F.X.: ll:-x. I'.lllllItl 5.111 l'lllfl'.l'l4l. 0.R.F. K.: lim. .Lum llugllv'-. ll4'lIQIl'llll!'Ill ll.-Ml. .Illll lim. l'r.nm'1- llflllll. U.F.X. Mr. Thomas J, lfolcy Ifnglifll 1, ILS. St. Jufcplff Collvgv f? - 1-2 ps .1 TO DEVELOP CATHOLIC MEN Rev. Nornmn E. Cnllmsuy, OSA. Rev. Jo-eph F. Gill, O5.,-X. Rev. Robe-rl T. Gill 0 N Clmplnin. Rc-liginn 1-2. BA. X illnnmu Religion 2, BA. Villanova fnixerfily Fngli-lx 1. ISA. Yillzmm: I nn s l'niu-r-ily. MEL fldllltllli' lvniu-r-ily NI X Y Ill lnuxi lniu-rfilx X N A i Y-.-1 53' , . 2 fu., Nb' ig Mr. Joseph T. Griffin Rev. John R. Havencr. 0.S.A. English 2, B.A. La Salle College Physics, B.A. Vilannova University, Rev. James A. Hughes German 1-2, B.A. St. Charles Seminary MS. Catholic University TOWARD THE IfNKNOWN-Mem- bers of the Department of Mathema- tics include fSeaIed. left to rightl: Rev. Gerard Steffe, Rev. Robert Chur- bucli, 0.S.A., Mr. James Fallon, Rev. Wilfred Maloney, Department Head. Standing: Rev. Robert Burke, 0.S.A., Mr. Joseph Kershner, Rev. Louis Eltz, Mr. William Nolan, and Mr. Francis Jost. Rev. James J. Howard Latin 2, B.A. St. Charles Seminary Mr. Francis W. Jost Mr. Andrew L. Jacobs, Jr. Algebra 1, M.A. University of Cluj, History 1, B.A. Muhlenberg College Roumania Mr. John F. Kopeik Rev. Charles P. Laferty, O.S.A. History 1, BS. St. Josephss College Religion 3, Chemistry. BA. Yillanova University, MA. Catholic University WE GAIN THESE QUALITIES . . . Rev. Richard T. La Hart Hiatory 1-2, B.A. Sl. Charles Seminary Rev. Bernard J. Lamond, 0.S.A. Assistant Prefect of Studies, B.A. Vill- anova University. THE PRICE I5 RICIITf Members of the Department of Business invlude llefl lo righll: Rev. James Elliott. Oi..-X.. Mr. Harry Bellnoar, Rex. Wral- ter Daly, Mr. Wvilliam Wrarcl, Depart- ment Head, and Mr. Robert Collier. TODAYS WORLD-Members of the Uepalrtnlent of Sovial Frienres include fSvnlPd. IPI! In righili Rev. Francis llregr-r, Rm. l"raln1'is Boylan. Rev. E. Vllrcl Km-lwl-. ll:-purlnlenl Head, Rev. .lohn Byrnes. US..-X. Slumling: Mr. An- drews ,lalrolv-. Re-v. Rim-hard l.zl Hart. Mr. John Kap:-ik. Rev. ,lalnies Mullen. Hr. ,lo-c-ph llloh. Rev. Joseph Mc'Cl0r- lwp. und Mr. George Fergufon. I Rev. Joseph F. Laverty, O.S.A. Religion 1, BA. Villanova University Rev. .losepll C. Mcclofliey Hiftory 3, BA. Sl. Charles Seminars 5 Rev. Joseph A. Maller. OSA. RSV- Wvllfwll F- MKUIOYV-'Y Religion 1. B..-X. Villanova Knivcrfily, CCOIIICYFYQ BA- SI- Charles Seminary MA. Callllolic lhiverfity Mr. James J, MQB1-ide Rev. Neil J. Mr'Cetligzm. OSA. Englifh 2. B.,-X, La Salle College English 1-3. BA. Villanova lfnivergity MA. Catholic l.'niverfily A 5 Mr. Edward J. McGinley Latin 1, B.A. Duquesne University, B.D. St. Mury's College 1 i Mr. James F. McGrath Physical Education, B.A. St. Mary's College Rev. L. James Mullen Problems of Democracy, B.A. St. Charles Seminary se Q A wif ,Auth H 4 if A, ' gf" my 1 ' ' Rfk' - ea, f 115 1.41 A vg if ,,.-mf H , . Q Rev Henry F Scmlm OS X Rev .lohn X Slmrku Blologv BA La Sllle Lollege lalml Religion 2 B-X St Llllfltb Rev Richard J Slxells Res Rawmond .l Tdler fhcnustrw Ceometn B A St Lhnrlz NCIIIIHIIW 'VI A Qt Chlrln NLIIIIIIIIW Sunlnary Rex Jo eph -X qplnellx O9 K Nxlllnma Lnncr :tw Res Edsmrcl J Thomp on Rc-llgxon 13 BA Nt Ch'lrlc Semin urs M A St Charle enunar Rm Tlmma J Qhcl Og 5. Rrlnglon 1 Intm 1 3-1 B A Xlllll'l0Nl Unlur lu 'NI X Xllllll0Nl Inner :tx Rex Gerard A Stella Ru W nllmm Y ln Bred: O Q K mlm 7 fermun l B A Collngxuxn Mrnphuunl Holllnd 'Y l l l '. . Q a a , . .I . '. I . Q - '. 5 . . 4, . ' l, . . 2 1 , , ., . . ' 4 -' - , . -I , .. . 1 'A 3' 'Ws'-',..:. 'a 'A l"':',' H ' - ' ,' '. s . . . ' ', ..f.: . '. . Blology, B.A. Sl. Charles Scnunary Spanish 1-2, General Science, B.A. Geometry, B.A. St. Charles Semmary '. ,' - ' '. '. . s ". U " li a, ...L . 1 '.', j, 'f -, ..f. . s '- I.a'1.,l 1 . 1' , 1-fs aj 15, SS "y '- , 1 FATHER NORMAN CALLOWAY, O.S.A. celebrates one of the class Masses, which are part of his duties as Chaplain. FATHER WlLLlAM CASEY fleftl, and Fa- ther Calloway, O.S.A. frightl, laughingly relax in the Chaplain's oilice on one of those few afternoons when the obligations of their posi- tion leave them free for such things. CHAPLAIN "Though: for Tomorrown Our spiritual life at Bonner has heen entrusted into the fatherly hands of our Chaplain. Rev. Norman Galloway, U.S.A. It is his duty to see that the spiritual life of the student is health- fully maintained. Mission drives. re- treats. encouragement of vocations - these and many similar activities go to make up his regular routine. Father Galloway is assisted in his office hy Father William Casey and Father Jo- seph Maher. O.S.A. The chaplain's day is a long and often weary one. There are always prohlems to he solved, students to he aided, and many days he finds himself at his desk long after the final hell for class has rung and the halls have emptied. 'L MORE THAN FIFTH' GYEST SPENKI-QRS, who ntl:-mlm-d n0llll1'l"s Sr-rond Annual Cain-er Night, were ufwtiihled on the auditorium Ntztgv. 51-.ned with e-an-h rvprewntative is ax famults ine-mlmr who ft-ru-d nf an ho-t for our gut-ate. und uve-oinpzinie-d thi- ,pe-ulwr to il t'lllmSf'00lll for tht- four different dirfllrrillll perindw, whit-h eurh gut-ft comlm-tvd. G U I D A N C E . . . PICTURED AT THE RIGHT are Futht-rs Rin-hard Skellv, William Murrav 0.8.-X.. and John Meltnn, OSA., ulmse efforu niudelllureer Night sur: vefsful. The tremendous prnlrlvni- of 1-onturting men from practically every field. and organizing tht- giant program, ft-il to the-e three men who compriae our Cuidalnre Department. BELOW. Mr. Thflfllilr Mentzer of Yillunosafs fuvultv. addresses the Cen- vral Affemhly its keynote speaker of tht- exvning. Later, in an vias-room. Mr Mvntzer spoke about the te-avhing profea-ion to the ftudents of Bonner contemplating it an their future lifcl work. . ,, ,, it K3 L Q 0 "MOMENT OF DECiSION" l-Q-. gimp' V' 3 my . K. i s MISS MARY Mm-CARRITY is an synonym around Bonner for ofiice efficiency. She has become an symbol, lo teachers and stu- dents alike. of the Bonner spirit of devotion to one's job and loyalty to one's school. BETTY YICKER, who recently replaced Horence Kraus, husily types away ut the latest bit of correspondence that needs immediate attention. "Private Secretary MARJORIE CLAYPOOLE spends a good deal of her time it Bonner with her ear to thc phone. id X -lga., az.. ,1'1 1. l Ns UNDERCLASSMEN AUDITION FOR THE FUTURE All the world at Bonner is a TV stage. Each year a whole new cast of actors enters upon the scene. Wvith each succeeding year, minor roles to major roles, each role becoming demanding. The experience gained serves as the the all important senior production. Q4 " SECTION D1 flefl to right!--Botlmn Row: J. Birch- ill, R. Amato, R. Angelut-ri, R. Andcraon, E. Bauer, l'. Benson, .l. Arner, Y. Aquarola. Second Row: C. Blum, Wh Bn-laser. C. Alrle, ll. Bellie, ll. Bello- pede. J. Bodo, A. Borda, L. Bcamen. Third Row: R. Berry, R. Basener, R. Bouchard, I.. Blivkley, E. Anderpon. F. Allard, D. Boddcn, P. Barr, R. Base- nf-r. Fourth Row: C. Beatty, R. Boaco, P. Blass, G. Boyce. .l. Bernard. N. Baxter, .l. Bernal. E. Bonnvr. C. Bastian. Fifth How: R. Albertson, Wh Bcirnc, R. B0t?HgC'?Ill2lIl, H. Bowman. W. Boyd, E. Aughc, A. Atkinson, J. Burger, K. Auer, F. Booth. SECTION D2 flefl Io right! Bottom Row: J Bron n. WY. Byrne, l.. Bradley. C. Byrne-, T. Bruner, ,l. Bradley, A. Bryniarflii. A. Capriotti. Svvonll Kon' 5. Brot-rhul, YV. Branagan, ,l. Cam-0-0, YY. Cahill. R Brown. T. Cappie, E. Cad.le-n. Third Row: l" Burns. P. Carrara, R. Burgy. T. Brudvrle, I". Byrd l". Broun, T. Campbell, .l. Burn-. Fourth Ron' .l. Campagna. C. Butnvr. J. Czlirnx. J. Broun, Burn-. F. Bradle-y. C. Bro-nnan. T. Bradle-y. E. Cal u-llo. Fiflh Row: R. Bradln-3. Nl. Brasllvy. R. Buggy .l. Bright. R. Burgharl. R. Bulrlc, .l. Calnplrcll, .l Bufhong. FRCSH . . . N0n Trial" THE FINISHING TOUCH'-A-ln a few :hort months the almost tiny Freshmen undergo a remarkalulv 1-hangv. The rlflilll, timorou, lads soon ln-ronuc poi-ed students who conduct the-rnfelws in a manner lmevoming to a Bonner roprcwntative. xg SECTION Da flvfl to nghll Bottom R ll ,I 111 n X lam ,I e D N DL e rl I D1I re-gorm T Ducr T Donohue Svcnml R011 mlll lonne 1 F D01 I 1 I I no 1 1 1 wr 0 Dc N 1rg1 111 1r4I R014 T 0 1 D11 lm 1 1 Il omo IDI 1 1 on 1 ntrae 1 IHIIIIIIO Dulm N IIOLIHIIIIIW F011 Ih ou IICFIS e I o I e 1 Do ll IX D1I 1roI II 11 1 o F1 I Doug 11rt1 'N Do 1 ll 1 e er 1 wr 1 I 0 1r11 V Doughirh R Dun I IJICILLUTIO FI, ION DI1 I fr I r I1!! 130110111 Ixou e1I1e YY PIIILI nr1 ll I1 R I,X'LlIllIllUllII 'NI l11111.11r11k ,I I1lL11 1lr14 Ix Sc Cond 1014 1 1 I' nrre 1 n 1 1 llurrl felill R I1I1g1I1 1on ou v IX e lll I :gn Dram I I IFII 11r1rtI1 IL Frnk on Fourth 4 url 1 I1nmg.1n E Drown r PN IL 1 I1 fl N011 F I I I1lLg.c Fd 1 V1 DUH1 Dunning. I Dur 111 ION Di 1 I 0 flglll Ho tom R11 Q I sl I0 11 4 I and I 5Pl0HlI IIIHI 1 I lrfl ro I :rr I ur: nu .I Il 1 1 lrlton I luv 11: ourllz lum I or1 1 1 1 1 I 0 1 1 1114 r I' I,1r11e1 I I,1 1 SECTION DI fleft to flglllj Bolton: Rau O ngell I lJ1n11f1n1 T Deemcr NI D1 CI n1110 Del ordo L0 her P I,0 1r1 S0ron11R014 ,I IOIIIIIH NI I,0x T Cunnmgham D111 son R 1.111 up EN IJ -Xmuo IJt'IlflPN Thlfd fxou ,I Ionneen I, I,ra1g W Ionro1 W I,o1Io A D -Xllf 1nIr11 J Connor N1 Ioll P Con1111 I Cook Fourih Rau R Comhe I D111 I I0nnoII1 C CUIIIIIIIQIIIIII I, D -XIICIOIIO .I Coll R Dengue WI Cunmff D DCIADCN F D111 F1 Ih R014 R IJCFITIO W D1I6N I D Xngelo D Ionnell I, D1I1 ,I I,olI1n T LOIICI R I,0 lello II Cook Xf fk.J1ff,,,. N TION ll I 11 1 1111111 ellll lil' X ltl lu1l1ng I I'r111r 5111111111 11 1 1 a 1 IN r f 111 11.1 T 11r1 UH I 111 ffl D I I 1111rlh 14014 1 dll 111111111 1' 1 1 1ft1 111 1111 1 '10 I 11N PINE I I Pi A 1 'X- Wa NFS Hmm "UM s-1 1 I -B MWA 1 X 6-rn ,yd .V NE TION IJ8 fl ft 111 r1g.l I B11 111111 11014. 1 ew L tl 13 R Hann on H uko l, 1r IFTI IN J H ll l N1111111l ,I Hlllllli l I If lf!! lx1111 r 1 1 1 1 13 ll 1n11 111 H 1rl1111 Ullffll 11111 1 Ill ,I H 11' 1 Y 1 111211 I 1 R111 ll her 'l If ll ll Q3 u 1 1 e klll Ill 1 1 1 H uket HFCTION D9 fl fl ln 111.1111 12111111111 R011 Y I Y Y lll 1111 11151111111 N 111111 J lung. V1 lx llll 111 1 Ilfl lcllll 1 1 11 lllll 1 1 1 1 111 ru Ollff 1 1111 1 1n111 lx 7n11r 1 1t111 Clllll 1111rx lx111 l'1 1 Hllllltf ,I lxlo 011 kl XY lxnonle kt 1 'Nl H11H'111111 R ,lone NI l11l11L11 IJ R1 11 11 1 11111 81111111 I 1111 lx 1 ,I I Ixern IKQHFHCN H01 lem 111 T R1-llx X Hodllx H IIOX IHH I 1 111111111 11111 0 llIll0llt l Ulli IDN n ll ll 11111 11 5.1 1 111 1 1 llfl 11111 1 1 IXUI lllll 1111 1 1 11 Fourlz 1 ll R L1-1 U UI 1 l 111 l I1 1 1111 11,11 1 tl ll 111 J N11 11 A LL! NEI TION D17 fl ft lo fl ht! 13111111111 Ixo11 J N11 1 111 T 1111re W tl 1.1n orrl W 1rr1 fll I 'WI1 III NX YI11I'1.111 R VIII 1l1zL1 Nero 11 1111 11 11 111 111111 rx NI 1 111 1 111 IJ 'Nurphs NI rphs 'Nl g 1 L 1 111 :nl Ifllll W u 11 and 'Neuuw u 1 V1 W 11r III YN N11 n11l1 W 'Ilorroxs rget J N11 I UHIIIIH I 'NI1N1ll1 fourth 1 ll 1 111n 1111r1 1 1 r W Nlelre 10l11111 I ll 'N 111 I 'Wloor J lm flffh R011 F '5I1II1f111 J 'Nldfxlgzh N NIOIIIIO 'Nl 'Nlulqmen R 'WI1I lLlgIlIll1 J xIlIXlYll'N J XIUIIFU WI1111I1111 X WI11d111 .I LL NELTION D13 llefr to flgllfj IIOIIUIII R011 R 1 m 1 N ILI O on111 quar1II11 OIir11 ll I' 0 1 11111111r ,I I 1111111 Seton: llll 11rr.11 I 1 1 0 If 1 ll l 0 IJOIIII I11111 1 llllffl 11111 ISI 111 11 1 111 11 0 D1111111 ourlh R1111 Ii N 1 1 1 N 111 P I 1 1 1 11r 1 I 1111 N 11s 1 11r 1 11 1 11.11 IJ U L111111111 U B111 ll J NIUIPIIN .ECTION UH flvfl I1 righll-U11t!11n1 R011: H. '1- ar1If1111. J. R- 14111. Q. . . . I. '- i1-. '. ' 1-5. . 5 111. . I 'l 'lI'. Spronrl 1111: . 11- 1' '. I. -' 1. . , in.111. J. i1 KX Y . . 1'jI1l1IlI-. . 11' . . ' N. . r' '1'. Third 1111': T. ' . . ' 1. . ' . .. 11 IIIIN . .- . ' -5. . ' '. ,. 1-r.1zz.1. T. Rit1'hi1-. fourth 11 1: .. ----. . 1in-1111. . -' .. . xy. .Qui .. uzuk. . '. vo . . 1 -'1 . 'il 1 :.. ,11inl. 1. Y. - -A. f. 1' 1. . yfun- '. .. II1111'rIN. -1- . . 1111.1 -. . 1' '. I fs IJ. 4 Ll .PV uf, COME l.lTTl.E CHILDREN - Ilcwitt-llccl, lrolliern-cl. and bewildered. tht- I'll'0NIlIll0ll cn- Iurvtl the- -vllool in Septeinlwr for a four 51-ar -lay in tlwir -4-are-li for lmoultwlgc-. Fw-n from tln- n-ry lwginningz. a- xlionn he-re-. tln-5 liacl tht- lxinnlly fnpe-iwifioii of the farulty. SECTION D15 flvfl lo right! -Holton: Rolf: A. Si-va. R. Svhmiclt. W2 Sandvrs. J. Schiavo, B. Sher- xsin. E. Srully, J. Shin-ltls. T. Shinal. Sevoml Rolf: .l. Rusfel. E. Schilling. R. Simonv. R. She-ruin. J. Fanrlcrf. C. Rutlanrl. Tlxirdl Row: J. Shim-lllf. C. Ryan. J. Sli:-riflan. R. Sanders. R. Ruggvri. A. 51-hoiza. R. Sante-lli. J. Sm-tl-. Fourth ,TONY ll. Rose-tti. J. Hrhiavoni, K. Ronaynv. T. Ravle-tt. J. Rufcnko. R. Svrnyah. J. F1-hulz. J. Ryan. Fiflh Noir: J. Rogers. J. Sale-rno. C. Srhafer, T. Fvanlin. R. Srhmidt. J. Sinclair. T. Sviclnor. Sixlh Row: ll. Salnalino. W. Rosv. IJ. Romagnoli. T. Fcanlin. II. Sliiller. C. Shilling. I.. Rom-y, L. Sect-ia. SECTION D16 flvfr lo righil Bottom Razr: J. Sul- livan. H. Smith. S. Slattvry, A. Trcvisan. H. Thoma-. ll. Taylor. J. Taggart. ll. Stahl. Second lclllff R. Smith. Fl. Smith. E. Sp:-vr. I". Ftaliilo. R. Spaidv. S. Tighe. If. Taylor. C. Sta-vs-nf. J. Thais. Thirrl Rolf: I.. Toomey. W2 Slook, YV. Tolmin, R. Taylor. E. Smith. E. Smith. W. Toner. J. Sonierr, R. Sullivan. Fourlh Noir: J. Skov ronek. Y. Small. J. Sullivan. S. Thomas, J. Thorton. R. Small. U. Talamini. L. Thiliault. T. Fou-a. W. Stoke-5. Fiflh Row: I'. Talnaffo. .l. Smith, N. Starnor. J. Skovron. IJ. Smith. J. Stmsart, R. Stoll, R. Fit-fankiexsirz, T. Tliomaf, C. Taylor. SECTION D17 Ileft to right!-Botlom Row: C. Whilefide. J. Walkvr, R. Yenuti, J. Zeminfki, G. Wlfir, J. Wlest. R. Tykwinflai, J. Ullman. Second Row: J. WYHISII. G. Wood, C. Wleiber, J. Vfeeney, A. Vivzrrller. T. Troil. J. Vlfall. Third Row: M. Walsh, R. WK-igland. T. Woods, I'. Wlude. If. Zapiev. I". Trufsel, N. YVilliams. I". Urlnan. Fourth Row: J. Whalen. U. Uincolato. W. Whalen, J. Young, R. Wood. F. Nfclwll, YV. Wzil1li'on. Fifth Row: R. Yogan, J. Tryson, Y. William. D. Willianls, E. Yeager, C. Wandall, J. Try Fon, C. Valentine. SOPHS "Bold .lourneyu Q-1" 5 aw 3 '-THE I'I.AY'5 Ting TIIING3 -xi Opf-n Nighi. ' Q ix . Ifathe-r John Cafe-5. O.5..X.. pointx out tht- im- ,.,,5tlWiJ?'f' portant de-tailb nf tht- dranmtit' di-play tu tnu in in 'Q boplmnwres. Leo Madigan and Jovi-ph Neulrcr. -o-,rg-'LMA 'ff' Q 43 kk' .em .. Q-'an' 4'5- C 1 XV! :v X as A 1 g . SECTION C1 fleft to right!-Bottom Row: L Troilo, J. Mayrides, J. Cassidy, J. Butler, J. Morri I fun, YV. Feewer. J. Linipan, I.. Rofintofki. Svcom Rllllf J. Keegan, II. Blix, W. Matthews, R. Boyce- I.. llvlnney. M. Ilvnfon. R. SIIILIYI, W. Smiley. Tliirll R0l4'l I". Dillclla. J. Jcnemann, I". llirrcn. R. Ilvnilt T. Colman, Wh Ifm-In'i'y, A. Eivhi-nlaiilr. C. Sne-th-ke-i' If. Pltrolln-. Fourlh Row: J. Lindsay, J. Mum-rvliia Il. Simino. M. Mant-uso, R. Hamilton, R. UvCarIu A. Lt-ming, F. Furia, T. Herbert. Fifth Row: J Triolo, J. Spoitvl. N. Rohak, D. Suplcv. H. Stonvlalw J. Burns. F. M.-cu,-. L. Ruggeri, F. McColdrii'lft, Jf Ifitzgilphons. SECTION C2 flvfl lo right!-Bottom Row: L. Kel- ley. G. Parfio. T. I"ilecvia. S. Svuderi, J. Matthews, R. May, J. O'Connell, J. Garvin. Sevonrl Row: S. NIll1'l'IlClII. J. Burks. J. Mulqui-rn. J. Gavigan. J. Hutchison. A. lI1'Carthy. R. Feinait. I'. Eaton. Third Row: F. Gallo. C. Ilairkinf, W1 Lnuderniilk. L. Hon- iiini. T. 0.STl1'll. IJ. Mnrria, NI. Kozvnipvl. H. .Minni- irk. Fourth Rout J. Santini-, R. lirmxn. C. Murphy. A. Thompfon, Wh I'i'njuIw. M. Hit-ki-3. J. Donahue-. Fiflh Row: I.. Ilvnnn-tt. I". Dallahan. A. Gaughan. NI. Amoruso. J. Conway. R. Ya-nuto. D. Renzulli, W. Larkinr, C. O'D0nneII. SECTION C3 flvfl In right! - Bottom Rauf: R. Bui- lm. C. Cimnutti. II. I,:- :tin IJ. Hou 'he-rtv M. Rink- . I - P- .- ' M-ll. J. Connor. fl. Hyniol. J. Cufvr. Svvonrl Knut J. Nlivhaler. F, Cnrtlaim. J. Xiu:-ai. Y. Fullixan. VI. Niullc-r. 5. Orr. R. Fkiilnark. J. Sli-Ilrmigle. Third limi-: R. Ftankiguirz. X. Zudiavo. H. Cla-f. P. Viyatt. F. Fauo-r-. If. Columbo. J. Ft-ll. J. Fi-rrill, J, Kailua Fourth lfmr: J. Curvy. I.. M4-Conn:-ll. C. IIl'Q'!lIlAllI. J. NI1-Crm--Ii. J. Ra-figiio. II. 'I'IininaN. C. ,bitirlr-iwiiii. J. Hi-Hranv. X. Ilintinn. J, Ilome-r. Fiflh Huw: R. Lhulio-r. J. II:-ldiiwr. H. Iiunnvr. II. I-m'kyn-r. Ii. Iiamli-t. YY. Pennartz, C. Marrino, R. Canipbcll, C. Costello. W. I'riw. T. Redden. a SECTION C1 flvfl lo right! -Ration: Razr: M. Illnfgfm. II. Struck, Y. lflllisfv. J. Barrett. S. Mau'- nanm-v. T. Sliilllllll. R. Ilvrnuvy. Mf Carey. Svfond limi: I". liullum. J. llivinnvy. F. liolrili. R. Kern:-r. If. Guinun. R. Illlllnlllfl. J. lrligginf. S. MJ-do. Third Rnir: T. NTil4'llLlIll1ll'il. M. Mvfiuire. T. I.ynum. NY. Connor. ll. Clark. C. Mnngie-llrn. A. Ililllgllll. R. N11 mli. N. Riu-ll. Fuurlh Rmr: M. Murry. Y. Kc-nail, I lf. Hnrrllin-lxi. R. Ilozzvlli. J. Rurre-ll. R. llalffvy. R. Illllll-NUFIII, Il. Rivri. M. IAIIIQLIOII. Fiflh Rim: II. lillv. J. 5lIl'lIflxUISNlil, Il. Fllvil. R. INFHII-lxf. R. Kililllffn-. I". I..-ary, J. K1-lly, J. Dcxinv. I'. Ilcliln-rly. R. Rlxilv. SECTION C5 flvft lo right!--Horton: Rolf: I7. Loon. ll. Naughton, F. Longo. F. Murphy, R. Hudeclxeck, J. Ile-ulin, Il. I'ug1lnn, A. Zuvvurelln. 501111111 Row: I.. Conlin. I.. IJ-AIIQZPILIN. R. Rrumlielcl. M. Kornf. R. Ruaulge-lift.l. J. Kyrie, C, O'ReiIly. Third Row. WY. Rurtfm. M. Cuniff. F. Simlairs. R. Tennglio. I". Cam-llo. I". Fu-vin. J. Ilililvlnrancl, J. Eidonlwrg. Fourlh Row: J. NXilm1-th. T. lllvlle-ttigalll. J. Igonf, X. Ifronzvu, X. Scinrrmllnal. J. MvCuflwr. T. Ellis. ll. ilunlz. Fifth lloiv: M. Cullullun. R. Molloy. M1-I'llrone-. J. lin-arm-5. 5. llallvlx, J. Ii:-xillc, . J. R Brennan. J. Bllcklvy, J. Mahon. SECTION C6 fleft to right!--Borlom Row: XY. Wuolurd, C. Connolly, IJ. Della Ifrnnco, T. Gown- Iin. J. Rui, J. Rullo, M. Rolindo, E. DuHy. Second lclllfl C. Rudilvrms. J. Loltuf, G. Beck, J. Gum-negro, I". Runuync. J. Kaine, J. Baily, E. Dillmore, J. 0.IIlll'il. Third Rolf: l'. Hazel, E. Axery, C. Czlrroll, R. Ryan. J. Cnrrity. G. Dinsmore, M1 Curnoxs, C. Sim-lair. C. Mvlim-gsm. Fourth Row: J. RIIIIIIOIIHINI, I.. Rldfllgilll. J. Tuilino, M. Ilicrunmzzi, I'. Culluglwr, li. lnmngo. J. Ilnile-r. If. Cunlpln-ll, E. I'0rlraNky, A. Maura-ilxis. fifth Rani: J. l.ilIis. J. Sllofl. If. Sulh-r. If. IllilllllIl1ll1'llt'lIl. T. Rrauly, C. Conner, ll. I'ngrr, A. I'i-rri-Ilan, C. O'Donm-ll. E. Cluypoolc, T. Cornialx. SECTION C7 flvf! In righHfBotfom Row: J. Con- nn-lly. J. Amlrmss. I.. Coyle, E. Sulyulini, J. Perma, R. llurnmurino. R. Furla-y. R. Rutter-on. SPFOIIII Rini: Il. Mille-r. R. Walsh, T. Lalnlieri. C. Fairmou- fuki-. J. Ih-xvruux. Vs. I'liIzpalrii-lx. T. Ilolmf. R. Negrun. J. Murphy, Third Rout J. Johnson, I". flillnpio. N. Mrlvhiurre. J. Mirugliu. J. I.inin. C. Graff. J. NPIIUIU. 5. Rerrlzuln,-0. MY. Mvliee. A. Cul- luzzo. J. Form--le-r. Fourth 1:0Il'l M. I,aml. I'. Il.fl0I1l10l'. J. 5ll1't'Il1lll. J. I.e-onzlrrl. C. Antler-on. I". Cunnan. XX. Mull.nn. M. f,rug.1n. R. I.llN'l'l.J.F1lIlIilg. l'ifll1 Ron: ll. O'M.nllvy. R. Mi-Cunncy. F. Ilmluk. J. Mirln-r-llurll. ll. Wulf.-. T. Mvycr. I'. I'upi-. J. I'illu. J, Small. R. Mujurof. SECTION C8 Ileft la righll--Bottom Row: J. Dalev, J. Doherty. J. O'I.aughlin, J. Nm-uln-r. I". Connell XI. Jarof. I.. Haylxo. R. Ilaggvrty. SPCUIIII Karr: T John-on. A. lla-Maiorihuf. G. Gutzle-r. J. Etlzwalcl, IJ Royle. C. Dowling. ll. Cer-In-r. tl. Hart. Third Run' J. Ratlrlilte-. NI. Shufft-r. .-X. Simpson. R. Grillo. R Hiller. W. Flu-rlovlx. W. Burt. J. 5Tl'Nillllt'Q'. J. Fottile- J. Traynor. I"uurIh ,TONY C. Rott:-ra-el. R. Solve-l. I" Street. J. Falaa-a. E. Mahi-r. C. Runner. D. Rt-rko nitz. M. Wimcle-fllivlt. J. Siano. J. Nlalonvy. I.. Mai' net. Fifzh Row: J. Carlin. J. Re-nson. J. Rilvy. M hamlnol. NK. XX into-rlmttom, In lie-rk. J. Goodwin. Ri Marino, J. Broun. R. Carr. E. Laulvxs. SECTION C9 flvft to righllf-lloltmn Row: TV. O'Rrien. J. Fallelli. 5. Miko, A. Forte, J. Marinelli. ll. Kaminslxi. E. Zavvhei. J. Nlrxulty. 59007111 Rout R. Edwards. M. Enright. K. Corr. J. Ganf. G. Negra-y. E. Sriulblra. R. Carroll, A. Leonvtti. Wf Ruanv. Thiral Row: J. Surdykoxsflxi, R. Wvkll'IlIl'l', If. Wcnrich. C. Duddy, A. Dolvcraniore. G. Natali. I'. Annunziato. J. MOKvnna. A. Santoro. Fourth Row: T. Derham. M. Goodwin, J. Taylor. H. Hartnett. R. Lutz. J. Gillin. C. Mzwllonalil. P. Rah-. H. Barton. Fifth Row: F. Martin, ll. Hivkey. F. Holi-omh, R. Don- nelly. T. Conway, F. Skonronek, A. Contino. T. Lane, C. Richter. SECTION C10 flvfl lo right!-Bollonz Row: R. Nlaxlow. J. l,1lNl'Q'lll't', R. Lehmrc, IJ. Howarth. T. Nt-pi, R. l'oue-r. R. .-Xnge-lini. IJ. AIItlt'I's0ll. SPFOIHI Row: R. Rumw-. J. Martin. J. l"e-nnvll. R. Collira R. Pit-kt-tt. R. Royle-, J. I,IfiIillllT0lllt'llIl'0, R. Allvn Third Kmr: II. Murtm-r. J. Mvllroarty, J. Rutlcr. J Gala. J. Castle-. U. Cugini. J. Fagan. J. Joyce-. J llvflmern. J. Connvy. Fourth ITUIFS J. Don he-rtx 2 -- E. R0-N. E. Maloney. A. Tvcve-. I". llclfilippo. J. Daxia. 5. Par-on-. C. Frt-fvoln, J. Gaudrosa. R. Clark Fiflh Roux' ll. Kanv. C. Keating. T. Higgins. E Malone. A. Haiko. R. Croflry. J. Burzynski. F. Lake? W. Keating. J. Lopez. Nil X' u N-l V 'f.f'L 1 I A Ig -in-I f"L.24 ' I'.5 1 A U I H' G PM IUXFT YEARS I'NllERf1I..K55 CII.-XNIPION in Ina-lwtlnall ma- Se-rlinn C-8. Tln-y an- Ill-ft In righlv lfntlum Hun: I.. lf:-rnio. J. Fi'--.l. ll. Jolin-ton. J. Xxill.llt'll. .Nw-mul Noir: J. l.. Capuzzi. R. tlionvi. I". K.-lly. aml J. llvrn- ill-ITU. 34 f 4 lx 'I 4 'x ff 5 'z I i YOI'TII ON TIIE JI.-XRCII In th.- thirty mltl minutv- -pe-nt in ahuflling from ont- rlax- to anutln-r. vu-n our Soplmnmrv- rvaliza- tln-rv is at-riou nvff to lu- haul in thi., af well af in lllv nlmlt- of rrhool lift-. I . AIR- : L I A SECTION CII HPI! to right!-Bolton: Row: P. Q Ruvlwr. M. Taggart, WI. Murray, T. I.iIIit'rapp, VI. V Foy. J. Spe-mu-. C. Iilithc, J. Lawler. Second Ron: I Y. Ifcrullo, R. Donnelly, W. May, J. Dailey. H. Ippultlo. C. Stitvs, C. Sen-rino. R. Nll'C1ll'II1j, J. Murphy. Third Knut Ii. Fulliw. II. Roi, J. Cassidy. J. I.aR1r-a. J. Iivnny, G. IVIQ-.'Klary. II. M4'Ni4-lml. I'. IIITIIIIIO-1'Ix. Fourlli Hair: I'. Shivltlx, II. I'u1'illo. II. Zungznlo, J. Martin. II. Ifram-is. J. IIa-ihl. Il. Iflanigan, I". Martin. A. Short. Fiflh Row: J. Smith. W. Mt-gill, E. Carr. J. Cunningham. G. Knapp, J. Iflamini, J. Galloway, D. 51'IlilCHL'I', I.. Maraelli, J. Brennan. SECTION C12 Ileft In right!-Bottom Row: F. I.umI4-y, II. Ilnnowan. E. Ncntwig, C. Grasfini, C. l'n-llc-riln, .-X. Tullio, R. Ilart-lay. I". Re-my. Svvoml Razr: J. Jnnik. A. SilINllt'i'I, Y. Maltiu. A. Ilraullt-5, I'. Ile-Iwrer, II. Rumhargvr, H. Nurcliet-Is, M. May, II. Ilitoro, J. I.0ughry. Third Row: IQ. Sheridan, E. Gilmore, J. Ile-rk, J. Brown, F. Gross. J. Ruvlter, J. Hagan, Il. Long, J. Mcllride, M. Richman.-Fourth ,TONY M. MvlIl'0ry, J. Mahoney. J. Mvllonnell, J. Klllnit-Ity, T. Iii-nm-fly. J. Hicks-y. W. Keenan. ll. Ifaith. .I. Ilarr. A. I.i-t. Fifth Knut W". Moi--in-r. J. Nlaivafve-, T. Tatv. I". Uallagln-r, Ii. Taylor. J. Ilrvnnan, J. Rink. C. Ilaaf, T. I.ylIt'Il, YY. Ott, A. I'aIumho. A. IJ'AIOnz0. SECTION C13 IIPII to righlj- -Bottom Row: I.. Arpa, C. I.ore-llo. J. Sullivan. U. 51-iohriu, WI. Murphy, E. Thea, R. 51-anlon. J. N14-Ceo. Svronll Row: E. De- I'hiIlip0. Ii. Cunningham. R. Jami-on, T. Patti-rmn. A. Ifinan. I.. III-Santi-. J. I'ohe-X. W1 Santoro. Third Noir: C. O'IJonnn-ll. W. Ki:-1-lmff. II. Ilnrvuzl.. S. Nnthony. I. I.uI're'-ti. I.. Tn-two. J. Mvaly. T. Gill. Fourth Rmb: T. Galue-Ii-. II. Sullixan. E. Burn-. I.. ilrzr-Ievlxi . Clvarw. R. Walker, Wi. Hove, M. Yon . I , ' kaufke. FIIIII Knut fl. Bell. 5. Martroianni. I". Coram-. W1 NIrKvnna. J. Mar-hall, D. Cane. C. Aver- itt. BI. Capuzzi. E. Donahue. Fig. f"'S QQJI xx F1 P S P1 wif' f ,M-' M AY 4" .1-1 NEC TION Cl flvft In r11.htl 13111111111 R011 11Ing R 1r1r N.11'1'0 1 Ill 1 r11n1l11r 1 1 I N1I'll'lYllfIl T II11I1I1n Pr 111111111 R1111 I Ix 1 I dn I' 'NI111 r1 111r Nl IIWUI 11 11 N ff ll 1 lrln If llfl Xllll 9 r IJ u n 1111 1 1 1n11 1 1 1 fe 1 four! I 1111 1rr11 R 1-r 1 11r1 1 I '1I111n1- 1 g N 1 TIOX C11 I 11 r 11 011 1 11 1111 111 11rr1 xlllllll 11111 111 r11 F1 lxt 1 llfl 1111 1 IIIIIQ. T I ll 1 'I rll 1 1 lllflh Rllll .I Ixn 111 T N 1 r 1 1 1 1r 1 1 011111 lll I lou If f ll 51 fm Ill IW 1111 ll 1111 dIlltN ll 1 N TION Q 1.1 111 t I fl, ll! I 111111111 11111 1 ,I Epo 1111 N 1 11.I111 I F 1 lt 1 1 1111 N1111111I 1111 lllIt'II 1 1 lllllllllldrll NN II111111 1 1 I' 5tl'l 1 Urll 1r1l I11111 1111 R11111 r CY 1 1- 1 r11 111 ffllll ll ll 11111 1 Four 1 11111 R 'NI1 ll 11I1I11n IJ 11111 I 1r u field J I 'N B 1111n P1 H1111 ,I WIIKUIIC R IIIUIIIII T lulrk J WI1II.1I1 L NuII1 1111 IJ Ix11111c-11 J LIHIITIJCII E D11111I QFCTION C16 11141111 rzghlj Bottom IIOIL ,I WI1 Ix111n R Dlitepllmo T Br11n R Tum Ifl T Del R11 1 I Brlcken J We Ion J I 1 l0r1 Mrnnd R011 1 111 Ill ll 11111 1 11n1 1 It 1 H1r1m 111 ll11r1l 1111 II PN Ollllf tl 111I111 1 1 1111r1l1 R011 1 111 11111 .I WI1IIh1 DIIQX J NI NCIIILN Loman B11111. JUNICDRS taIcea... "Giant Stepu WICILONIE, CENTIEMENI Fr. Mv- CIofIu-y hI1llllIS with fix "xuIuntm-rf' an- hm- Iwgin- LIIIIPIIIUI' -Q'-HIUII of hiQ IIII-lllIl0llr Cluh 306. Thi- vluh offvr- many opportunities for auIxum'a-nu-nl in the field of self-ronlrol und cpe l'0l'IIill'l. SECTION Bl flvfl lo rightl- Hallam Row: B. Mv- Ilavitt. WI. Hznnillon. R. Falgioli, T. Gill. R. Radzialk, NI. Ill-I Ifrzi. A. M1'KinIf'y. II. IIiI'e'ppv. 50601111 Roni: .I. Ilulie-k. I'. Ursulli, II. Uillnnm-II. .-K. I,0llgIIt'l'If. R. I,e-lullv. P. Inga-I, R. Ilvlunvy. R. IAIIIILQ. Tliirrl Rolf: I'. Ilillunu. J. Royle-, I.. Ailzutaufi. R. Rum-- pau-kvix J. Ifllgilll. .I. nllfllly If. Cunigaln. J. For-ylh, R. Cululli. Fourllx Rolf: J. Clvnry. I. llolhiv. T. Yarkin. .I. Smith. .I. Murphy. F. Gruhius, I.. Ralligan, R. Szmtnni. J. Xulvniine-. Fifrh Row: L. Slmppe-tl. E, Shinzll, J. Simkiff. I". I,ii-nkivser. IJ0Iu-rly, ,I. Tzltv. A. Wieftuff. .I. Welsh, YY. Hauskinf. Qt V J L SECTION B2 flvfl In fijlllll Rnltom Row: J. CauuI- Iie-III. Il. N14-llurron. T. I,1nin. T. Crifhn. II. Ilunh-y .I. Ce-rmuno. R. CIIIIIIIHQLIILIIII. .I. Curr. Svc-nnrl llnuf C. Isirvvslinv. I'. RIUYIIIIU, ,I. IIiI,u-uno. fl. Connolly 12. Nixon. R. IIPFIIIKIIRI, IC. I'ryxsilnmfIxi. ,I. lllzlrlw 'fhirll R014-: W. Nluguirv. I". R1-lily. ,I. -X. Hun IUII.WY.Sl1j.Ik'I'.I".IIflIINilj. N. NI1-Iii-num. II. Martino Fourth Row: R. 5l'1'1'ILl.IT. IIPSIIIIUIIV. If. fI.nalnalllgIl XY. Mziauirv. J, NIc'fI11rcIy. J. 0'IIalrn. I'. I'inlli. ,I Clay. Fifth Rolf: Y. NIVNILIIILIIIIRIH. fl. Fox. ,I. flnl Izuglwr. R. I,ym'I1. If. I.0l'IiIILllllIl. R. Nlorim-IIi, ,I lilaffa-3. R. Bixh, J. IIIQIIII. sl 1 -fi- TION BI fl fr In rlghlf lin mm Ium I I ln r N se Q Ht N 1 II Ill lu mu 0 uulul Run R I uxrmx III I ul nr: um FUI! Q 4 UU I ILIYU u r nur I una urn ll 1 W r N z I 1 I I lxnu ll I Ill 1 1 e lh 1 Ill om or 1 Im 'Ff'I'IO'N B: flcfl la TI hi! Bottom lmu C But e Inn 1 :mud mul I :rms IW IJufTs I' 0 Nz ull T Brllllltll sflllllll R011 lr: x NN IJ: llen ne I I U 1 mmm I :nn urr nu N l1IdXiI r UI I Y mu 1 ll Ilonm s u ourll um ll f P C 1 I IQ nu :rc N ex F1 In IIN I I S I Q 1 I en 1 f I Il Ix 1 u mu W L "ECTION Bo flefl Io ri,h1 f--Bullom lxuzr: J. Bola- . . . 'L , . - xsoglr. . Iin"' 1. '. inni. .- , 1- i 'fu ' . Qonu. -. .'41'olu xmr: .. 'IDF' . . I- 'F. . ' fl . 41. lll1i'r. 1. l' '. , ' uzzn. . lg , , A .1 uirv, NI. lQunning.nm. Ulirrl lxmr: . '-ou 1. . "-x. V. run-. . amy. . I u . I - . '. .'lfQ'.,. ' 'Il1'l'. 'nur I xuu: . .' . I -f' -3. '. . ' s' . . . I . . . ' . . 'I ' A . . .1 ' . . n-rlux. 11-11 I mu: , uno -. . le- I-. , gn ignn. , V' 5. ' '. 7 . 1 fa . . rf cr-4 . . f'uri, .V . " -- ', .Ilullvr 4 - . ION I ullul no III 1, Q 1 I N1 1 Illll fx nu 1 lh HS 4 I ur: nu 4 4 Ullfl 1 kllll X I rt: I x NU 1 x fl I I um I rul Ill III bf 45'-I 'B XJ' K F5 SECTION BT flvfl to right!---Rollnnz Row: J. Kvl- l-r J folhvr R Mulligrln A gl'llUl1'T Vi' NIM-- I 1 , . . a . . . , . . . .. . . uit-lt. I.. Rll'I,kIllfllllll1. K. Rvge-r. Y. Mu-Cinnix-. Svrvnrl IQOICI J. M1-Ni:-lml. XY. Kmirnf. R. Tofvuni, R. SIIIIIHIP, I". Ftolfo. J. Iflynn. M. TfQ'lll'fl1tT. J. M1'Connc-ll, A. O'llrivn. Third Kmc: YW. Smith. W1 Zzlpicr. II. Kaine-. C. Smith, K. Tobin. ID. McCloy, If. Ilornifh. I.. Peterson. YY. Roth-xeol, l'. Rudnivlx. Fourth lcfllljf If. Manning. II. Mm'-Kvoy, H. Kano. Wi. Curtin. If. Sln-ppard. R. Hoxsuril. Il. McClain. l'. Kvrno. C. Kvil. WH Crulrln. J. Stanley. Fifflz Row: WI. Torvlliunal. J. IJt'lllllrt'f'. II. Nlctrallf. If. M1-ngvl. J. N'IrColdrivlt. I.. M1-Kvllzie, T. Ilurlur, C. Row- munn. R. Morrif, J. Mn-yor. if -'N ,'v fi OCR DAILY BREAD Fr. Rolrcrt ClllII'llUl'lx, Moderator of the Junior Clzlff. he-lps mliqrilnutc Communion to elu- dvnl: during one of the Cluff NILISMN. All atuclents are gixen tllc opportunity to go to Mass ut ll regularly 5l'llk?II- ulctl Class Mala: and during IA-nt added provirion is Illlldtb forthe daily rvreption of Communion. Q35 SECTION B8 flvft to rightl4Hol!oni Row: T. Rauln, H. Moore, J. Hvrmun. J. Kildoal. J. Sl-aalmn. R. Mr- L:l'01ll'Ij, T. Huy. J. Sulvi. Second Karr: R. Madden. J. Se-vu. NI. Linton. J. M1'Closlxy. J. Lulny, I.. Fur- rell, J. Nvlfon, E. Murray. Third Rolf: VY. Burli- iillilll. J. Ilol-In-in, J. Yo-llillu, R. Caisvrtu. J. Canon. I.. Cupnzzi. J. I.ofluf, T. RURIIIP., J. Nvoly. Fourlh Row: T. RIl'l,4'l'lIl0ll. J. Manning, E. NIIIITRIX. J. .Iuclgr-. C. I'I1'lit'l'. I'. Eng:-I. R. Manger, J. lIl'I'llllI'1I0, F. Rurmes. Fiflh limv: I". Rolrinfon. J. Ifrunvionv, J. Burns, T. Brady. Y. Wilson, L. Grebb, J. Moore, J. Whalen. E I M . 5 A .. I fi? 'il ' :'- . Q. il 3 ,l'Jf H it . 55 ,,l XM 1: f PI..-XNNINC "TlIIi BEST FOR TIIE BEST'--Fr. Jon-ph Cill. 0.5.A., Moderator of the Junior Prom. rhoae thi- af lllv theme for thi+ eu-nt. Affifling him urv Lwulvll. lvft lo rigllll 1 J. Clurlw. Put Sln-rrp. R. Ccrniglin. Suv M-sillf-, annul J. Murphy. Stunrlingf .L Cullen. R. RllIIlhIHll'lxCl'. lfr. Gill, R. Cionri. und J. Nlvlinigllt. Q .Il'NII'IN4L JI-NIOIIF Foilie'uI1q-i'v IICIIPAIIII thx' lxsisting: .lrm- .mil Nffklllliliillgl I:-gr-. IIll'!'t' Junior- vnjny to the' hilt Ihr- IIIQHI-lll't'f nf ai Imxiwllvull gunna' Thi- is .ull pair! of the fun thai! gov- to nuke up gpm period. 3I.I5.II.5. SECTION II9 flvfl In righti, -lfoltum 1:01411 I.. Cum- Ixy. R. x1l'Ii0l1IgIC. I'. Mrflolluni. J. BI'0llI'1lI0. .L Ilipi1'll'o,.I. Kozin. Il. Ifitzpallrivk. I". Dooley. SPFUIII Knut IJ. IJIROIIIIIPIIIU. If. I'mwrN. J. Iirunilin-III. J. Nlnnvini. F. Cm-1-Ilia. J. Ilummn-II. I.. Ilnrry. Tllifll Noir: H. xI4'IiI6'llll'llI. II. Hoy--r. XX. I,0ll0Illl4'. JI. YI:-Ifimiu-5. R. filrlnlyrv. J. x.I4'I:lIllf,1Il, T. Flin-1-mil. J. Raulznio. l"n11rth Knut If, xIl'tiIIllI04'Ix. IJ. Tauisivu. I Lyriun. Il. Nlullvr. J. XII-.nh-5. J. Manning. R. Ciunri. Ii. Nh-Cl1,ke1'. SECTION B10 llvfl In righff V-lfollom 13010: J. Ili- Ilidmmiu. R. Walla:-I-. J. 3Il'Iil'Ill'j. If. 0'C0nimr. I". lin-1-n. K.. .-'IppIvlon. J. IIoI1.inn.l. N. Iilll'IllI'1'i. Sw-mul Knut A. Rmiingimlili. Ii. NX1-llurk. 'I'. Frunion. J. Ihnm. NI. I.4nrroII. J. Ilurgnn. I.. Nlurr. I.. I.LllIl1llll'- 1-ux. ll. Nlulziriii-ki. Tllirrl Him: I". NI.:-riungi-lu. NI. Collin-. J. Krnholt. R. Lincoln. Ii. Jnrxznu. IJ. If.:-L Ivurn. NI. Nll'I.1lllgIlIIll. If. Nl:-Ilinni-. If. N14-Nluliaiglv-. finurllz Hou: J. Knllriu-yn-r. J. Ixu-Iiv. II. Xivllun- nugh. IQ. ilu--. R. XXFIQLIII. J. Ilrif-5. I". I'vdl'IlL'-0. M. llolun. C. Curl-is. I I ming trophy In hi- cI.zh-. an- thi- couple' Ill'C.lIxN susan' frm 1'l'f IX' THE SXXINI OI" THIYGS Miko BAIFIIIPF pointf out Al fu A n thi mein-cl iiulim- floor. WK- hope- lhzil thi- rhorl IllrII'lll'lIUIl ln 1'l'0llFClI hun' .ulmirulinm for Bonner. I I H If Q. I - xxXXXXXx g i-- nhiin C300 R-f 4 FECTIOY D10 flvft to rigid!!-Ifaltonl Row: T. l.znin. H. Ling. T. Lilly. C. Llllll., T. Lullom-. M. Nlllillllllllk C. Lynch. R. Litliv. Sefconrl lfoir: M. XX. lxuhler. R. Lklllllllill. L. lX0rl'lllriNU. A. 1 XY Nildliffll 'WI I'lRu-v Thin! hinge-. l, l.yn1'i . . . : . . . .. , . Hair: X. Nlnim-vo. E. Lynvh. C. Huh:-r. F. Kunn. Y linwlrin 9 Kopie-v R Lillv E I -' is ' 1 .e.1l .. Pour! 1 Iflillf J. l.znsl4-r. T. Ijnlhur-I. P. Nlmultvi-. R. J.:-yfvri. J, Nlaigulon. XX. Ixmflm. ly. Leliillalll-er. M. l.nnni-. lu I.:-Banu. Fifth Rolf: N. Lalrguy. H. Mullun. R. N Hug:-1-. J. Imnlhun. It. :xI1lgllll'0, lf. Hzigzvr, In .lur- Nlinn. J. Mallum-. FXTIIER FI.,XY.XCAN'S BOYS- Sm-- tion R2 vnjuy- ai laugh with Fr. Fixin- ugun in .Xnwrivnn I.ill'!'1lllll't'. Nvvcl- la--F lo rug. lhvy lived happily eser uflcr. 52 s I . 1 X 1 3 K..- . fl FECTION B11 fleft to right!-Boiron: Row: R. 'Xrrixie-ilo. ll. Ronufulti. A. Fioriglio, J. Furlong, R. l'4u'itli. F. Wiyutl. G. Hughvs. SPFOIIII Ron-: I.. King. J. Enright. J. lioggf. F. Constantine. D. Folie-tl. A. ilullvn. J. Orion. Third Rout: R. Slivknm-3. I". Fm-. R. xl2iNll'1lIlfltFJ0. A. Morrie, J. Ilnrgun. P. Nlilgllliflk R. Cronniillvr. J. Moon. Fourth Rmr: J. Willixnnf. lf. Nlullc-n. E. Km-ily. R. Kane. C, Bulur, J. Heller, J. Griffin, J. Tomlin-on. SECTION B12 fleft to rightlfliottom Row: B. WX-in-r. J. Ilrflorory. E. Fitzpatrick, R. Smith. R. yIl'flL't'hiIlL A. Pieraintozzi. G. Murphy. F. Mulligan. Sl'l'lH1II Knut T. Ilfhlgustino. E. 0'C0nn0r. ll. Mr- Xnully. A. Cuiliamo. E. Delizzio. M. Corr, T. llmlo, F. Ke-lly. Thirrl Rolf: C. Lozinak. A. II:-lirkn-J. X. Mu-vilri, J. Sheridan. E. Curr. E. Crzlfftronl. T. N14-flaif'f1'a'y. I". Fallvey. P. Murray. Fourth Row: J. Konouuli. F. Burr. J. Dfwvr. NI. M1-Clin-ki-5. J. xIl'Klligill. A. Tuinftra. J. Cray. C. Kelly, J. Xfurmi. 'fr-we 5.1 101'T11 WANTS T0 KYOXY Jun- ior- lixle-n inn-nlly 41- 1".l11l1'l' fryfzlllllll' 5.J.. Npanlkx nn l'l1y-i1-- un 11.ll'l'l Xlg1lI. 1111111-I' lrfitblllbl' ix .l 1'rufn---nr , - N .II .!. ,llP'l'Il1l f Lnllvg.-. 1'11i1alc1v1p11i.1. IN. f gf? SECTION B11 flvf! to riglzljf-130110111 Row: J. Wwilkin-on. J. Difliorgio. R. Hvllauxalin, J. VY1lgIl6l', T. 1.von:u'f1. J. Bll1'1x1t'f'. 11. Ilvlfnzio. Svrnrul Rolf: , . . . N , 1'. S1Hl'1lIil. J. 1XlIlgl1l11j. A. .1il1u11'i1x. J. 1I'l'I1f1t'I'gll'1 J. M1-l..n1n, J. 11lPlIfl1lt'l'1j. M. fJllIlril11llr. Thirll lflllfl XY. f11l.lITl1Jt'l'N. T. M1-flilllvy. W1 llallugxlwr. J. Inm--. D. Hodgin-. D. Us-11zn1cx.n. M. fiillldilltb. J. J0lll'l1.lll. SECTION 1113 flvfl In fl-gIlll"RlI!lllIll Rout 17. If-pn-itfr. T. Rf-lly, 17. xY.l11xl'T. R. 1'.nu1. XY. 11.nrI1l1w1- urllvu. M. 11r.lf11n'y. J. 1glll'1lLlI1.lll. Nvrnrxrl Hurt: '. J. 1111111-11:-n. NI. Hnxilv. J. 51ll1l11l'ilLll'I'. J. 111:-ary. lf, Ni:-11n1m141. Thirrl llnu: ' . Q4 .gg 1- . Rl1l1n'11zl. 1'. f,11.l114Il'lll1. K, X1.l1lZ. A1l'll1U'1xl'f. 11. Mvliule-. C. El'1liil't1I. :fx Yu na ,yy SECTIOYV 1513 'Iffft to right! Hnllonz Razr: T. M4 ,. .Q-rlnu. A. 1,Q'1ll1'il. J. Nluriaum. 1'. 1Qt'l'il1l1j. 1" Iv-1.1, J. IllZl4l14I. J. Loyle. 7l11r1l Ruff: 1'. Shvrrx R. Whrk. E. Moore-. T. C.lX1ll10UQl1l. NI. Doolingl C. Jalmcf, YY. Cox. B. C1l111lg1l0I'. G. 01.1. 'A 5 I- ., 9,-4..gff' , 3 11lll1Q'j. W. 130341. In IJ ,-Xnmtu. '1. Ruffu. 11. 1.nlrlr 'N Ru-an. J. Smvmrl Huw: R. 11'-llnpe-:lv QQ S x, K f' 9 . f -245-1 5 , FQ.,-if Q 6 -Ky Rf , 1 QT. X , 'J' . f 2 3 ., 4, Q b ' B w ,Q - XJ: y Q " f N f J "" " I E E s 1 j 'Z gfvr A 41 Wag 'ge'-7"-' 'gifs' yr jf, 51 Bottom Row fleft to rightl: R. Still! T Llllll0l'l .l Anthonw .l Cl ew F Cnppello .l Bradw E Wloore A Coll R Crlllo P. Gallagher, J. Cerino, A. Testa L Sullnin A Dolcemore E 'NIrClu ker Top Ron .l Wlvllale R Gila A Rainer P ll. Dejefse, R. Miller, D. Cugini. Muldle Ron A Scarcellx BSI fr D ODOIIIICH A 5101.111 C RHCNUIO P Sheff! R Vf. Gallagher, Y. Wilson, R. Bifh, b Dlbrcgorlo L Ruggiano CIODCI W Cruhh L bl :nl .l HCIIICN SUSPENSE IS INTENSE-As Bonner "nails', another first down, at least on the heneh. The eyes of the Bonner bench are directed toward the field of play as every Sunday the game if played over and over again in the mind, and spirit: of everyone on the squad. 56 , ,DU r r ,Mir TJXQM' BRUISED, BENCHED. AND BANDACED-Eyes fixed firmly on the action on the field, Dick Cionvi completely ignores the ministrations of .loc Apalucci. HIGHLIGHTS H The Lineup" TO TELL THE TRUTH Wa: 32 .... . North Calholim '... . 6 ,,.. . Roman Catholic- . 12 , . , St. Thomas More . 7 .... . , lliahop Neumann 7 . . , . La Salle , . . 26 . . , Father Judge , , 26 . , West Catholic .. 7 ,.., 5t..lames They 12 27 0 18 27 6 0 18 MAY I CUT IN-Bonner's "Thin J Man," Don Delesse, cuts in as Paul - Gallagher r-uts down a would-be tav- ' I kler. Blom-king :ur-h as thi- if fast lm- - ' coming a Bonner trademark. FOCTBALL TWO MANY TOMMIE5' Part of Bonncrk offensive mm-h wi mrried on the 'houldere of Al Rwvner Here I 4 r- 1 5 , , A . ' . he altempth lo elude two Tommie More player: in Bon- ncr's I2 to 0 victory over the Golden Bean. 2- -!r'bg A' v 1 EXCELLENT COACHING was a prime reason for Bon- ner's profirieni showing in the Catholic League. Helpful assiftunve is heing given here hy Larry Czllrrelli, Jan-k l'l8l'l'ilI'llt'. unal llielx Bjorklund to l'0-Cilplllllla Al Rayner und "Weed" Diilregorio. PILE-UP--The Blue and White smothers the Friar's offensive nllempl as a puzzled bm-kfield looks on. With lhe next play, Bonner turned the table: on the Burrs, by ai pubs into the end zone. 1 1 Q 5 HBA 'EJ 3 TAMINC THE WILD WEST-Charlie Ricev- uto. the p.a.t. specialist for Bonner, adds another point in Bonner! win over West Catholic. The Friar's 25 points hardly seems to bother th:- Burrs as they make a desperate attempt to blot-It the kick that brought our final point. De.lE5SE'S DOWN AND OUT-Trailed by fall- f- -v- W ing Romans, Don Delesse is about to hit the dirt himself after a sizeable gain on a sweep around right end. To the left of this action one may see a "Weed" being cut down. SPORTS REVEILLE-For the second successive season, Bonner's football team made its presence felt in the Catholic League. Our opening game with North saw the Friar eleven pull the surprise of the season with a 32-12 victory over last year's league champions. Then, the shock of the year-Bonner was handed three defeats in a row. Roman dealt the initial blow with a resound- ing 27-6 thumping. Neumann and LaSalle proceeded to rub salt into the wound with two more losses. Fighting valiantly, Bonner bounced hack with three decisive victories. All hope of a league championship had long since vanished, but the Bulldogs added one more loss to the list just to convince us further. Our season was not a resounding success-but-our victories were of such a decisive nature that we can only hope this potential powerhouse develops into next vear's Catholic League Champions. 1 K ifng nw If ' fi 2,i1'Q1fwN.f "QM A PAIR ARD A SPARE wwf PASSED OUT 1. ',Q4J ,L 7 F la' C17 2 s"""'A 1 Q CO-CO-CO-GO! FRIARS CO! X173 Y ,Y AB sa LL n. ,xx DETERNIIN is Ulf "M" DC an-J" tvs :stung I 'W----.---.......-S......,,-... , ' aff! M f,-fem Q 4. , ,, 'S .N-f, 9 f fi 'e . ku .J , , U4 3 x,. , U I RLLCI. N0 ROMPr A QS, , .g-vifivf stubs 4 Q, 4 lc. :lui -' I pi, A A in Y , ., V . '--.- '-1:,'gf'.:. ' 34, , . -u 2310 'ggnfiaffiaifi' 'h' 'Qig.g,,.,j , 2 :' . 'A , 1.-wr -.-www-up-....-..-H -, A N 'El Q 2-In Tr f ay HAPHAZARD IILDDLE . . Q A A 1 , ':'. w 4 4 ' 'Q DOWN X OL' GO h Xi, k XXEE Iuckfilm ISONNER T V 4 , , . . 1 , I . Rf tis! ' P Q 'F' 51:11, If . il. .V X EXE ll 0 a St O t e THE TOAST OF THE TOWN l'4lKl-llllillllli A. llU'l'Hl.I.0 Zml lvlllll .-ill Cullmlir Srfl lvum ill lmlllezv X. , ' . 1' ' .ff S ' ,f .1-an ll llvlmrublv .llvnlion All Sflllllflillf. T All!!-IR'l' E. Rn Nl-LR All H1181-IJPIFU. llonorulzlv .llvnlmn 411 flllhlllll 0 GIERINO J. lJlGRE1:0Rm All liust-lh-Ivo. 21111 team ill lui 10 ll Dum F. 0'D0NNr:l.1.-f.-ill Catholic. Jirrl leum fill l'uslDclm Honorable Mention All Scholastic. fm-W' . f dfi Ali, f , ' ,L . 1 f 1 2' . P:- - , wg, .-ff-'f .gk lii 4 f -A sv Q-L j 1 ,l I ' 1 ' . , R f 811 X A Q fm ia' rg 'ffv .l gf, Z V N 7511512 CIYE ME A UB". The men whowe voices led the multitude of vheers all the Bonner games are left In right: fkneelingzl R. Fagioli, R. Aximlli. ll. llrllzlrrong lsluml- ing! E. Meehan. J. Calrallrcllo. Nl. Re-nzulli, A. Berrodin, R. McCann, T. Burnr, J. Clarke. ,- .- - '7 ' ..'ug l.'.Ig ' I ' , " J 4- .1 f ,ov 5 QU! -5,0V',. g, fs' f ff .','x . ,Q .sn . . P In . " 4 ' A ' ' 1 2 :, 5 I 3 Nu '-162 f Q . 4, . uv , ,...'-lf", 132 f'f1"""',.,,,.. +R A, I : wfafw 5- if . .-3 , qi 5 A H , v ' ' N, ' wi: ig, f'?,qj +s1v'H'b-'ffl-fm .-49' I ks U fx Q! Az l xx., E, Q M , 19 'S 14 K ir 1 F M "ix -r "1 5 , " is V X Sz 52 fn fa wx 1 'M wax: 'Q jf 4 2 . " -' br VQ571 I A 44 ' fl, .54 ,L ,. 'fr , . 1 Q F, u 6 5 l THIS WAS THE DAY the hand fol- lowed Drum Major John Yoshida into second place at the Catholit- School Band Contest held in La Salle Stadi- um. Marchers will not easily forget the sea of mud that claimed more than a few loafers that day. TRUMPETS, FRENCH HORNS, tubas and more trumpets make up the hack row of Bonner's Music Makers on stage for the festivities of Open House night. "To P Tunesu TOWERING ABOXE A BLAZE OF BRASS, Mr. Kent direr-ts un Open llouse concert on the auditorium Ango. The Bond is Bonnt-r'f lnrgt-at 5tudent organization, including not only 38 nlurchers hut fl-5 Freshnlzln music rtuduntf. Seen at right ir part of the Clarinet section. 71 315 MR. EDWARD KENT, DIRECTOR. and Father John Carey, OSA., Moderator, look up from ai vonfcre-nve on-r neu inftrunirnts in the lruntl room. Mr. Lilverio and Mr. Burher have algo gixcn part-time nsriftunce to Mr. Kent. ,L X AE fn up i Q 'K 'W 4 1 i f I Mfff fl .ff ff , J , ,, f Q ,gm Q1 Q ffvh if A an KK Z 3 X J, Y X ,Auf 2' ' Y . X7 , B fi 133342 ' in ,-Q 422 A 5- ' N Iinnncr 1,1 35 13 Bl UU ,nl 12 W Us .ml fl ll-.-p-- i An " Ii.XFlxH'I'IS'Xl.l, HgXl.l.lf'I' fl.llll.liIl lllmuvk Haney alriu-x lmrd put nn oppn mg plnur to ink mother In kr! ll nk fx ellen! hu dlxllnrln hul lllm .1- on NI. linux- Prrp xx 0'-I PlliI.l1ll'Ill II'l'lll0!l 1..nIlmln lni.1 XX n-NI l'h1l.ulvlplll1 ,I. Jn-rl Fl. JJIIIQ nh 0'-I 1..lIlllIlIl lil-llllll Nvllllllllll I H1 nm- U rrlll Mft' fdllllollv l..II'IilIlIl U 1 nugh.-rlx ntmr. prvn-1-mn ll.lllll.lIl4HilIfl 4111.1 rorlflalnl h rf nf lln- hm-r Il.l4'lN'l4UUI'l men in Ihr: len 1931311 SCIIFIJLIE Opp. 30 fri SW ffl' U3 me 02 31 13 Ll nl ol Ulf 03 37 54, SH SS ' 1,3 U nin- ll .t. Ih lxulln-r Jllligl' 1,.umlr-n 1l.1lhuli1 HHIIIJII flalhulir FI. ,luxe-pl! - Prvp l..x talle- Ft. J.un'-- Xxzwl flllllllvlil' Iii-Imp Na-unmnn u-llc Ulllilr More 11 lur- fl M1 31 H 13 OH ST fri .J fy 0 C: k TOM SAUDI., CICNI.-Xl, NIICNTOR of llunnq-r'r laaflu-llpall loam. haf alum: an nut-landing july as mal-lm for thn- pafx lin- ye-ara. Mr, Salml, an Q-x-Yillanova au' of the' 'Xrizin ln-ylag. fum-we-il, in fharing with his in-ann th'- xalualnlv l'XllL'I'lt'Ill'Q' he- haf guinvd mer the- yeah. H The Wela" COURT" PIIYSICIAN, PAR EXCEILENCE -Tom 'Nlrlfny gin-f jim Hoffman -mme "emerrgc-nm", lirwl aid xx l"r. Mull:-n. llunm-rl affalnle lraflu-llnall Mode-rator, gin-s Jim -unnv liglltln-arlvcl aclxirm-. Trainer fllorl. thc frivml of all llonne-r 1lllll4'lt'N. if xln- lnan rc-lmlhilrla' lk-Xl, YP! UP! AND AWAY llc-pile oppofing hands. .lohn l,ie'lr dlrlillljs hi: patented jump fhol againnl North Catholic. ,lohnl hm- -hunting pull:-ll Bonner out of many light frrapvf, efpf-rially against La Falla when he hil 8 out of 9 fhols. cinrlling an upbrl xiclory. LING FOR lllllflf WEA play-rf flanal aghaft at the fav! or ilu- phyiral welfare of thc lnaflu-tlrall lcam. that liunnx-r'f alar -Ianxlf rollxpla-In-ly free for an va-3 two pointer I 9 . ,Y- 7 JN K 1 Qgg"E"5'2 ,- 4' '-1 'V 'J A'.,A ill Wi! I 5,1 qt, gg 4 ,fi-at 151 43 ug. 'Q UP... AND IN FOR ANCTHER WIN . . . RECORD: 10 Wfins, 3 Losses . .. Bonner . , , 50 , . Bonner ,. 51 . , Bonner 39 , . ,. Bonner 36 , , Bonner 45 . , Bonner . 46 . , Bonner . 45 . , ., Bonner . 39 .... .. Bonner 43 . . . . Bonner , 44 .. . .. . Bonner . , 58 . . . .,. Bonner . 45 ,., . , Bonner . . , 50 ,. . . . St. James West Catholic Bishop Neumann St. Thomas More North Catholic Card. Dougherty Fr. .Iudge Roman St. Joseph LaSalle St. James Bishop Neumann St. Thomas More Q. BONNI-fR'S .IAYVEE COACH this year was Jim McGrath. Jim McGrath. in taking over the Jayvees, did a particularly fine joh in teaching these young stars of tomorrow the funda- mentals necessary to win today. The season record of 10 wins and 3 losses is indicative of how wt-II they were schooled in the art of playing fine haskethall. Such standouts as Doherty. Radziak, Gallagher, and 0'Donnell have huilt up hopes here on the campus that Bonner may he great next year in basketball. 0l'R JAYYEE TEAM this year was composed of tleft to righll: J. Doherty, L. O'IJonnell, WI. Cruhh, M. Mcflrory, I.. Seccia. M. Murray, J. Donegan, M. Malachinski, P. Gallagher, C. Rudderow, K. Cunningham. and R. Radziak. TRACK . . . Hstate Troopers" The cross-country squad completed this season with a record of four wins and eleven losses. 'Although success was not to be theirs this year, the team kept running in a true Bonner tra- dition. In the New York University Invitational, the hill and dalers came in fifth in the meet. Their best showing was at the Inquirer Invitational Meet where they placed fifth again, but in a more solid fashion. Captain Bob Collins and Captain- clcct Roger McGroarty spurred on the team, hampered by illness and injury, through their individual accomplishments. Despite an unimpressive season, the seeds have been sown for next year, and a strong team returns to Bonner and to the great success that the future holds for them. COACH DIXIE DUNBAR whispers words of encouragement into the ears of Fr. Byrnes, for indeed, things do look brighter for the Bonner Harriers. Departing Seniors, Bob Collins, Jack Keefe, Joe Spingler, Frank Kenney, Vince Donohue, George Hamilton, his brother Tom, Ron DeCarlo, Ed McCaffery, Ed Gallagher, and Steve Smith will be hard to replace, but Coach Dunbar plans to draw heavily upon the Sophomore and Junior runners to fill the vacated ranks. -' "'.-0--M' A uv 1, A .w, Q. 'N -.gyf .,.gy. .,-.. ,!.,.s. my l'qf., all Vp., 4 '44w , , Th, - -'-,, r ' -..-..-1'.A5-,sf-: . , , Q , ""'f... ,. ,v , . 4 ' ,r ,--faq.: '., - A-- ,. .j."'.:4vs'-Y' 1 f- k, , ,- ,.,a . -5'-....., -U 'wily "--, ,wfff 'P AL Q JA 4- A ' "' W. J 'L .. Q-55. ..,. f.,.F'...,,,4. ,. .... , . , 1.7. mdk., Inf' HF.-XTING THE CLUQIK tlvft In right! Boh Collins, Rug Mcflrourty. and Boll llc-Simonv nmdu an nrt out of jufl thut. This 1-2-Ii punvh vnalhlvd Bonner to rompilc ll noteworthy record and maintain prominent-c in the tlntlmlit- Lcalguv. 2. I xc-N I 1 .5 t!" K ar,-at ', f ,L 0 fyfftx --. 5 T. I Q11 fs. -5 1 . ' J ' of 3. foocu it 5 ll Have Gun Will Tra vel" 1-r bpm-xlsu-rs lnrulu- cw-11 in the four nl truvli nu-1-is pal'ti1-ipalvd in this Our luwsm-s lu VS 1-sl mul Roman W4-rf' rl ln' llu vivturil-s ow-r Jlulgc- zuul 1- llllllIll'Q'l' Nll'l'l R4-mls U'Domu-ll. Hula x . Bull1.ullinsauul.l1u-k Ke-4-fv pliu-4-ll in ilu- tiillllllllt' l.1'2lglll1' Nlilm- R4-luy. llaumllon mul Frunlx lil'Ul!lH'l' minu- - llllrilllll auul lilly yairel Ill ln ilu Ill . - ianlnlv lillgjixl' Nlm-Cruul'- 'wlH'l'llY1'lf R41 Iulurlll.lvlalrd-ll1lwll'1mg1Illll'tl lll ilu Ill. li u'L le-gun will lu- ll1'LlXllf' hit llllllbtbl' 'a luuliun. llu- pruslu-1-1, for tlu- l.llllll'1 1-rx grim: that is. tlu-y laurlu-4l w-ry -- ' - - - 'a -kim-4-1 ntnl llu- ra-11 nllx uuullu ta nl ll ll inlrumurul lmsis. 'l'lu- illllllf'lliAll4 l nl llu-iv trau'lx lll1'1'lH will lu- fm-lt ln ll u'lx In-um. fu that ai rlH'f'f'rrl'lll lelfunl' 'A a Hur- wx-ll fur ilu- fulurl for tlu-nl Ill, ll1'I'.r iiuluur Iruvlx ll'illllr. X If HUT IIONNI-Ql1Tl0NF" Bull Nir- wgin- hi- lf-g in the milf- relay after 1' llu- lunlun frum "Re-cl-N Uiljonncll. l- likl- thi- Q'Il.llllk'1l Bumu-r to phu-e lourih liuluin-r N 11-01, IIYRNINU lvl' THE IKOARDF Tin- spirit that ulmund- ul lionm-r if exem- plified in the pvr-on of Tim Campbell. Hr he- gm-5 all-out for Ll win at Come-ntion Hall. Tim if one of the most promhing Sophomore, on the squad. I4-it f5X ow i an m I p 'x i A , I y A . K is 1.-L X ia, 4 .D Q ii' ik f, Q! Q K k ,X X A K 4 QMXW . .gy wx' N X . 3 n 1 . X M i 1 li J t FV EXT 'Y FTR HY Bonm-rl pun:-r in -prinb -le-nh from two Junior- uho lun- rvpf-.uh-lily plan-ed in the-ir raw--. N1-il Bnnnvr 'lvfl' amd Frank tlrupprr 'ffpllf' .Irv -homing thr- . if-.lgliv that iinnm-rl forlunv- un Ihr- !! lm.ird- .ire on the- up-ming. il 76 y its 59 y it Q., ffl' ! Q. and ,Y 'sv 5 "nr "First Run Theatre" The outdoor track team finished in second place both in the Catholic League and in the Catholic State Championships. Our two mile relay team set a state record. Five members of our track team made the long trip to Pittsburgh for the Knights of Columbus Invitational Tournament. Injury reduced their num- ber to four, but those four men returned with seven trophies. All things considered, Bonner has already gained considerable prestige in track circles. In an effort to better an already good team. more emphasis is being placed upon two things this year. First. a concentrated effort is being made to strengthen ourselves in field events. Secondly, we are seeking to acquire greater depth for our team. It is hoped that that Intramural Track Meet will provide the solution to both of these problems. KICKINC UP A ST0RM4Roger McGroarty pours it on during the last few laps, leaving his competitors behind to bite the dust. Roger and Bob Collins will be our topnotch milers this year. ROUNDING INTO SHAPE-Three of our mile relayers see what it's like going around the track together during an early spring prac- tice. They are tleft to right! Joe Spingler, John Lieb, and Bob Collins. f a H' WHO THROWS SHORT SHOTS?-Not Nick Maita lleftb, and Pete Federico as they ready themselves for the track season. The Friars hope to pick up valuable points in the field xx events this year. 'nag'-,f., CROSSING THE BAR-Jim Horn, Corky Irwin Hopi, and Jake Lincoln, Jack Keefe lbottomb are caught in the act of passing their bar exams. V ji 5.05 WINNING "HANDS DOWN"-Sprint men, lleft to rightb Bob McNulty, John Lieb, Fred Leinheiser, Tim Campbell, and Alan Forrester line up in starting position. Good sprinters such as these are fast becoming a tradition of Bonner. 'ffi-..MA. Q. 5. nw, 1 AQ. n. a ' - ,, M ,.,W ,v 4 ,Q , . 'f' wa. ,, 'i xt 4? 3 ll, iw. M nf.,-wmyquw , -'f"' .Q,l-'M V- . ' W .A N" WL W A ' ,bm A .T V r a l, E14 if , -ff' M fwgv ,,i,:-ff g ""' iw 'G' f a ,, ,W V, .W-uv MW, 'YQ 1 'M 'Mn ' " .- gf? f . . V ' wifi 0 'fv- 61, ' UQ' W, Eff' w 1... Q. -W- . I ' A 5 ,,,-, 3. 1. .. Z .. A . ' ' vy . A' , ' 1 I nz . , vm 4 . vs "'Q"' ..- qu -av 5.vn0:'f' ' 'm Figf ,Q,. f ' -1 Q, KQQQ' xv,Q.xV'v.v1' . 4- cg ,J .. ,,f-. ,. W, lr, , f., , f I' in ' Y' I Q '13 N X , ,,, A ki, ,.,, , Ai b , 1 , , 13 A J A ' . A . A mcg, . e 4, AQEQR ,, v ' I X " , f .,f.3y4,g -1, , -2 , 4 W Z A . Z, 4. K 1 Q 3 Y W 9 5 13 AW , 'gd ,Win B .. ...Q 4 S I "' ' ww' A V- ' jf Y 1, w s. J , , s " , A . '91 pgf f ' - V v if ,. V xl sf, f 'f-.,, -1 . Y., M ' Q 'Nl' '4 ., 4 " f qs- ' V. Ls F 'Wwfi :ff'3'1,r2-4iT7'3' 'L , A - ef fe. -,, .M -:ff 'UQ-r . '- 3 '. W 'lf W is '- A 1 Wray .-fy K CAITSHT IN A DIVE is Boll NIOTIIIIII Gen I V' 1 gh tional Frofhnlan diver. Boll rt Blll Hlnll ton vu-rv pain-cl togvtllvr thi r HQ lfonnvr an unlmatablc divin unnnnnnm uhin-li pil:-tl up point upun p0 ll wlll'4'l't'llillg din-. 'N WX. N BREAKING THROUGH THE "Wi-XTER BAR- RIER' 'opposite page! -- go Phil Ranieri lIlbIH'!'l and Bill Dellevigne tleflt and Steve 54-lnsalr trighlt. Consistent vicloriea by thvac lionnvr natalorf helped the team immensely in I I I 1-nmpiling its :even and one record for the t t IC 0 f 6 ea THESE BONNER MERMEN vvon thc- Callloliv W. llvllvvigm-, W. Hamilton. P Rlllllfl l In l.e-aguv anzl l'hila1lm-lphia City rhampionfllip-. Front llunm-ll, lf. Duffy. T. Lavin. T. l :ugh n Ru 1 rms tlvfl In righllz Mgr. W. WX-fthe-atl. J. Ya-uln-r. R. Fantvlli. l". Rall:-ln. J. I.avin. R. Fcindt, E. Fpnr. J. Nilllllllvvll. A. Fit-lwnlauln. W. Fheerv. Jlirlrlle rmr: A-fl. Coarll Robert Collier, Mgr. A. lJ'Alonzo liam Yan Br:-tla, moderator. Thirll ron F 5utter T. NI1lI'N2lllllll'Al, J. Manning. R. Hin on J E .-X. B1-rrodin. S. S1-hvvab, Capt. Nul 'VIaD0nncll H lit-nson, and Coarh Joseph Bloh G 2. it' , 1 , , l jg - ,ft . ,f, t , l J, Arrj Iv, r ,.i,1'.,, g , ,. , "fr hh 1 vy, . W v Q if ,Y : J .Q pf, 1 i . Q. S C' PA 3 X-s.. A T0 THE YIIITORS lll'Il,0NG Tllli SMILES Tln- vivlorie-Q of '0 re-ally put llonnvr on the "aqua-nlalpf' Thia pin-lure was lllu f ortly ufh-r the-xv lfriur- ln-lped 1-inch llle- city lille-. Tln-y t to rightm l'l1il Rani:-ri, Art Bcrrodin, and lloly licnfon. , I , . -,.,.....,.N., 5 1 , ,, :V , ,,.,.,,-. ,.1.33'..'ZLIL."'. CATHCLIC CIT l'U5T-l'R.HQ'l'llQE l'0Ol.5llJlf l'.XHl.l-IY lluurlx Joe lglllll Ilvfl' nml hi- uf-ixlunt. liulr Collier gin- Fume puintvrf tu N.-il Nlrllonnell 'far rigllll llllll llill llvllrf- xignv. No-il na- ll0llI1l'l'.- 4'.llll.llll and Iln- lnurklmru- of ilu- Nunn .ull No-.1-nn. ullllv lllll llll'Il4'4l Ill .1 p.lrlll'ulurly rlllklillllllllg pf-rfurllluxwv in tlu- playoff nn-vt sxilll Fl. Ju-1-pllx LEAGUE CHAMPIONS IN THE WAKE OF FYCCESF you'll find Bill Ifllve-ry Ilvftr uml Tom l.znin. The-sv fan!- mming Inu-Ivlrolwrf In-lped fn-rrp llonm-r to llll' xll0I't'r uf sim-tory. CHAMPICJNS HIGH TIDE AT lll'TClllNSON-Couch Bloll found himself luv-ed into the uulvr hy hi, Imiflvroufly happy City C'll1ll'lllTS. Thig mn, all purl of the- fun an Ilnnnvr won ilf Iirfl city title. Even the Ill0dQ'l'.ll0l' got into tha' swim of lhlngf. PRELKDE T0 "SHORE l,E,'XYE" -Theffe denizens of the deep. Ralph Fzlntelli Ilefll unxl Tum Mau-Nunlzlrzl. rome up to mm-h an hreulh of alir und our 1'lilll0I'llIIlilll vnlvhes tllenl--hreathlef-. INQ -4 J fs. 'N "Waterfront" L Y if? FL-.iv RUNNER? OARSMEN will uae the Penn A. C. a- their home "port" this year. The first rail d h l h to how I ln' e body of volunteers for rerruits went out on March tenth an as t e a rove p o w 5. A a g l ' th mote-ntiul varsity eight may he Seen limhering up answered tht- 1-all. On tie opposite page. e I as the-y carry the bout to the waterside and shove off into tht- river for the first time thi, year. Last year the Bonnvr crew finished third in the dual meets of tht- Catholic League. ln the Catholic League Regatta, Bonneifs varsity four scored an im- pressive victory to give the sc-hool its first Catholic League crew trophy. Another highlight was the erewl initial victory over the Navy plehes at Annapolis. This yearis 1-rvw neet every hoat. Although ls manpower in praetieally three of the championship varsity four rt-turn this spring. the varsity eight needs many replacements. With tho ehange from Fair- tnount to Penn A. C.. Bonner! crew had a new coach, George Nlattson. the eoaeh of Penn A. C. Two new moderators, Father Teller and Father Shelly, com- pleted the "new look" on the coaching staff for thc oarsnien. Mr. Flick and Hr. Simpson Continued to furnish alnle asaistanee and promotional enthusiasm to the rowers at Bonner. vv--gm 'in-gq ig. EE:-H I 'wats ffl, Y r w?- N4 be x 3- - -is 5 ?"'f- Kg 1' R A .3 .- .. X . A xx X xx 5- fx it ig ii, ia" 'wx' 'w 'ff HGUHSITIOICCH 0 Y,,r UNDER THE WATCHFLT, EYE of Fr. James Hughes, the Senior members of the rifle squad display the excellent form which has enabled them to win several medals for outstanding accomplishment. Thcy are tleft to rightl: F. Cotterall, C. Sinclair, J. Carahello, H. Feindt, and R. Benson. Despite the complete absence of practice, due to the lack of a tiring range, Bonncris rifle team was able to compile a record of six wins and four losses. They are thus reasonably assured of capturing second place honors in their league. Most credit for this remarkable showing should be given to Fr. Joseph Spinelli, U.S.A., and Fr. James Hughes, who offered helpful assistance throughout the season. With the team displaying great improvement with every match, Bonner has the makings of another outstanding sports representative in the years to COIIIC. . THE HOPE OF BONNERN achiexing fame in future years rests in the hands of these young hgunslingm-rs". They are tkneeling. left to righllz R. Campbell, J. Sixeas. l". Morrissey. Standing: J. Luby. R. lfribe, J. Dwyer, Fr. mx Spinelli, O.5.A. 4CoachI, R. Mclntyre, M. Rhea, and F. Hauder. The Athletic Department, in an effort to complete its already well-rounded athletic program, added soccer to the list of sports at Bonner. Our first team was roughly initiated into Catholic League play, suffering setback after sethack without tasting victory. They had many close matches and managed to secure one tie, hut victory eluded them. With half of last year's squad returning next year, the Friar hooters are hoping to find vic- tory more gentle with them in 1958. "BOOTS BONNERS BOOTERS in ,ST were llefl to right, kneelingl: C. Sweney, M. Mc Numara, J. Kiniry, L. McLaughlin. F. Ui Bello, A. Hughes. Standing: R. Ramspacher 1. Kirlin, F. Houder, W. Long, J. Nicosia, L. Centrella, P. Federico 4Captainb, E Maher, P. Belfie. and P. Stanton. and SADDLES" -"'-vr'- --. 'nv' A 1 , .1 . .-, . x . 4 V. 5-,.-. A.A, J, 1, Lv"'L.'.: A' fm, . 1 'xii-.. we Y .1 14. wi aff' 'f'f!?"' ' - ' +f1'x".f.f"m..f4e HITCHINC HORSE SENSE TO HORSE POWER- Fathers Maloney and Fkelly take a group of students horseback riding every Tuesday afternoon. This new sports activity was enthusiastically received by the stu- dents from the very start and this enthusiasm has perdured. Many an enjoyable hour has been spent riding up and down the countryside that surrounds Bishop Hollow Riding Academy. i 0? 1 , . .. Q os , E. ,,4Lwg,,,. - 1 " " ' , , M V , ., r . .V H - . -Y Q.. .gg .N . .. , , ,, ' 7 'v sf. E , .. --1 .-if 4" "Strike . . . It Rich" JAMES GRECH captained Bonner's NOW A SOPHOMORE, Charles Mur- howling team to a second place in the phy, who finished the season with a southern division of the league. 165 average, will be the key to a championship team next year. ONE OF THE SENIOR stalwarts of the team, Bim Burke is shown rolling a practice shot before a league match. THIS YEARS BOVVLINC TEAM was comprised of tkneeling, left to rightb: John Wagner, Thomas Sacco, Robert Cottille, James Kane, Stanley Crabias, Nicholas lJiMarino. Standing: James Grech, Lawrence McElroy, Charles Ricevuto, Rev. Charles Domhay, Mr. Ronald Dick, Rev. Richard l.aHart 1ModeratorsD, Charles Mur- phy, Patrick Pinto, William Konrad, and James Burke. To the uninformed, howling might seem to lic a minor sport at Bonner. Yet it is not minor to thc members of the team or its moderators. Through all-out effort in every match, Bonncr's bowlers captured second position in the southern division of the Catholic League. Linder the guiding hand of Fr. Domhay, many memlicrs of the tealn proved them- selves to he competent athletes. Among those howlers who excelled this season were William Konrad, who rolled high game. and Charles Murphy, who carried the high average. THE CAMERA CATCHES Bill Kon rad bowling his high game of 248 ll ll e Par Show in X 31 R Wihen Bonne-r's golf team tees off again this year, they will aim to mateh the fine reeorml of past Bonner golf teams. In the last two years our hlinli" men have tieil for first honors only to see a championship clucle them hy virtue of a playoff loss. Father Frank Bartos, Yloilerator, has another strong team this year- a team fully capable of winning the championship. P fmxw. ,S e 3 S in -. '53 ... f f.3'-- if 'L i i he m llvfl FAIR E' O 4 iv THE PROOF IS IN THE PUT- TINC- "Gig" Gallagher, anchor man of the golf te-ani, is on his may to the 1-up af Joe Nelwon prepares to pull the pin. WAY FRIARS The Creen S White will ell represented on the green thi5 year by lo right. kneelingv: C. Mullen and J. , Nehon. Smmling: H. Reilly, R. Burton, Fr. Bartos 4Coach', and E. Gallagher. x it v av Racket Squad CATHOLIC LEAGUE CHAMPS I M f ,ffm lvndcr thc guiding hand of its coach and moderator, Rcv. N1-il Mc-Gettigan, U.S.A., the Bonncr tcnnis tcaun has gaincd much rcspcct throughout thc Catholic lmaguc. A large por- tion of this rcspcct wus acquircd whcn lust yt-ar's tcann swcpt through the lcaguc with an rccord of six wins against no losscs. Thu tcani linishcd thc scason with a log of cight wins and onc loss. With thc cxpcricncc guincd in the past years, thc 1958 varsity tcnnis tcani has the potential of capturing the lcaguc crown for the second straight year. If this feat is accomplished, it will hc anothcr "first" in the imnals of Bonncris liiography. K.-3 ,P ,L uv, ,-. G' A S ' A ,.-R A cj" 1 1 l ,Q af" THEY MNETTEDM THE CHAMPIONSHIP -The boys that brought the first Catholic League Till? to Bm-,n,.r are 41,41 U, righf, kywplingl: ,luck Ludlum, Ed tiusunnugh, Robert Sticliney, .lim Corr, and Bob Mu-Conn:-ll. Standing: Boll Turnbull, Larry fi0ld'el'lll'llldl, John Cleveland, lloh Kelly, and Val Lilmralce. fx P4-sf K 4 f KINCFQ OF THE COURT? Before invading the Upper Darby Court to pravtice for the coming season. the 1958 xarfity nctmen pow with their voarh an.l moderator, Rev. Neil Mr'Gettigan, O.S.A. They are llefl to right, kneel- ingt: Will Allard and Jim Corr. Standing: Fr. MvCettigan, C.S.A. ICoa1-ht, John Cleveland, Bob Kelly, Ed Caxanaugh, and .lark Ludlam. FWEET SMILE OF SUCCESS Thru- l'lll'IIlllL'I'i of the championship team admire the trophy won by the nelmen Ia-t year. They are llvfl In rightt: John Cleveland, Bob Kelly, and ,lark Ludlum. If H Your Hit Parade" 501 .QV ft ' 1? 4. ,. .I tl K-ff 'ff I X4 tj gQjQ.Af7f6, W 29.5 I - JRIJ ,Q I f 9-S 'f iff, V,- r 'i Wilt, EYEh RIGHT on the 4-oavh, .lim McGrath, as he gives a bit of advice to some of the hopefuls trying out for this year's team. Listening attentively are ileft to right, kneelingb: ,lim Holl- man, ,lim Gallagher, Tom Holden, and Tony Coll. Standing: Chuck Harvey, Rirh Radziali, Charlie Ric-evuto, Charlie Sibole, and ,loe Gothe. The turnout for spring training this year was especially large and Mr. McGrath will inevitably have to face the problem of "cutting", With so many bright young stars turning out, he should find this a rather difhrult task. BETWEEN YOU AND ME-Tom Holden lets go with his famous rurve ball as ,lim Hoffman gets set to catch it. Ton1's curve ball. along with a battery of other pitvhei, cooled off many of the league's "hot" batsmen. His pit:-hing talents are expected to add considerable strength to this yeur's team. 'QV -, wi. , ' X 'li' 'TH ax g 1, Qs.- 1 1 it wars? ,, vi - - -' QM: gl , H .. -4 K' E t E, d ul. -' I fix , ,S ff-5 -19 W V If. ,--Q' 'v . A Myipli new 'Mr N.. 1-'f" ., - TWOWAX STRETCH Tom Coll tretthes ln nun for -1-A 'H'- 'ff.-+ the lite. throw from short-top 1 Jim Hoffman s1fely uses 1rt in 1 prlt t- 1 n Hoth .llhl md Tom nrt uputtd to lld grenly Bonner otftn ne powtr Nav' an , Q ,A-sf HG Ni, QL, M-M .xa- " 7-I-'v""" and WG, M A W KN' 5 A PILTURE OF PITLHINC POISE 1 .lim Clllagher as 4 he follows through on tht! hlrd high f1t one Jllll 1 one ofthe n11ny p1tch1ng prospett who hopts to lah the mound for Bonner thts wear m B . 2 1. .1 ws r ' D 'ffl' , r" 1i' 1 ' 'A ,, ',f7':. ,. ' 'f',.gg1 1' ag 24259 , I- ': 1 V 1 , his Q- gi . -- , nj' "94io,T' up V H E ...ef K ' ' , A:x4r".s' 1 Y ,.. ,-, ? fu W- N21 4' '11 ,v- W'ith tht advent of spring, gloves and spikes are dusted off after thtir winttrs hihernation. The hrisk sprinlf air around the school i: filled with ll3SPlDilllS and evtryone knows that soon another season of :hllll rit-a's favoritt sport is ahout to t-01111111 nu. Uur lov in the Catholic .salute last your was a tlisappointinv :J won and 9 lost tally. But art -' ar's tam 'frat ua u. suvt for ll -w. antl with this nuvltu' Coac i111 Ht-l'rutl1 i: huiltlinv a new lliilll. 'lu lar-ff' turnout for pravtirt- was vt-ry 0111-ottraffiwf and thc won- tlorful array of previously unknown talent partivularly in pitchinlf and hattinv, has intltul hrivhtt nul tht picture. Only the future will tall the whole story. M 4, -, ...t ' nt 9 ..-stein, . :ta ."Z, -bv ,- ,rf -.. t j,, ,, ff R , fs., fy nl ". :,, . ' fjrsvlff' fm.dfi'. " ' -.... , il' 1' Ht 'N Ay N X. , 'M , ,ez LOOK MA, ALL HANDS- Typiml of the ftlrl and some- times furious an-tion of an intramural contest, several players stretch their must-les in an effort to pull down n rebound. "OUR Although deprived of some facili- ties for intramural sports, due to the Cllilllglt' of svllools. we were allnlu to C'0IlllIlllt' some of the inter-rlaiss Contests. lnelenient weather. wido- spread sickness. and the leveling of the front lawn, prohibited the holding of footlrull. However. intra- mural lnaskethull. howling and truck gave the students an chanel: to display their athletic prowess and increased the spirit of friendly Competition between sections. As usual the varsity eoaelles were alnle to spot some "hot prospects" for their respective sports. axs 5 ,, iff? I GANG" Soon aftvr tlie' vluw of tht- vanity lrztslxctlxull watson. tlw stutlvnta wt tllvir rights on till' lntrumurul l.t'1lglll1'. Ylziny ulmvv uw-rugv play- ors. who lark fvrtztin tlllillillliititllli for at varsity pofition. art' givvn at Cllilllil' to display tlicir ability. Although the prvstigrm- is not as great as that attachc-tl to participation on the varsity team. the gainvs are played with a spirit of keen competition and all-out effort. V '1 n "Rolling Your Wayl' Intramural Bowling is playing Il more important rulv t'ill'll ytfill' in tht- Sfllllfllii intramural pro- graun. 'llllif yvur. tht- 1'1nnln'titi0n wus vxcvp- tinnailly lu-1-n. 'llrupliivs wt-rv ziwuiwlml to tlixi- fion. vlufs. ainll at-lluol 1-llznlipimis. .-X lftlllllf' wuf ailsu aiwarmlml to the' lmy with thv lliglwft uvvrugv. The Bonnm' stnilvnts mvt ew-ry uftrr- noun in fricnrlly lIlillI'll4'S with tlw lmpv of winning one of tlmsv vovrteil statiwttvs-tlm tiinv: 3:30 to 5100: tht- place: Plilyll0llSl' or lit'llI'lS Bowling Alloys. TRPSTING FOl'l.5? NI:-inlwrf uf ilu' intrannurul tenmf from wrtiun- 4 I ook on-r tht- wore- of the-ir rwpvrtixe fquaul-. 'flu-y ure' .X-1 and A-6 l vft to righllz M. xl1'f:All'Yt'j', l.. Elliott. R. Znlt-fky. J. Carroll, R. McCann and l.. Cc-ntrellu. frniwlurqmr- are H. Foimll and R. Rcpive-. I I Q -'Q as THEIR VISION IS PINNED- -Mm-nllrerf of the division winning teams of the Senior Class are pivlured during their playoff nlulrh. They are 1Iefl I0 rightr: J. Clevelunfl, H. Ryan, R. Axivolli, J. Kelly, L. Forturvi, A. Tomnsvo, J. Girone and J. Lutz. 1 E iin,' fit , img, Q 5 iq, Liu' ,.. 4"'57' ggp W, M,,' , I LED THREE LIVES-,lust as television actors play diilerent roles and gain valuable experience with each new rolc they play. so too, the student at Bonner has a vast field of activity into which he may enter. These outlets for his interests cause him to lead a thrce-fold life, social, cultural, and recreational. Socially, he meets and associates with the other memhcrs of the large cast which comprises the school. Culturally, he develops hecause of the added contact with his teachers in a less formal atmosphere than thc classroom. HC lnecomcs aware of the scope and depth of their intcrests and learning. And lastly, his recreational lifc is increased through the enjoyment hc derives front the activity in which hc participates. PARADE 0F STARS ii. ,Ill lg 1 lj 4 'ff I V" vi B IIJIICLII' lmppy and rvlicn-1l lliall Ilia-ir q-l'fo1't- han 1- prmcxl fllrrcfflill. Fuvulty unfl pupils frmn nvurliy g1ll'li.'Sl'll00lS. Prvpara- life to llu- fullvst. A Comedy K1 NIY l.lYl'i IS fllfllllfll XTINIQ, lfnjoying xmnv of ilu' fe--Iixiliw ll of u plum lllglll. lfxnlln-rx lfllioll. llriun. llznvnvr. mul l,alf4-fly l Q IFXX inf? N Q .rrfgfg it ll 1 . ll Q my Q What s My Line. . . LL Um' Drainu Cluln is om- of llic lurgvst and most H' llllI'l'4'Sllllfl Ufgiilllllillllllli in tlm si-lmol. lt not only prcsvnls an vxvilingg zmrl lllll'1'I'l'lll lximl of uvtivily for our QlllIl1'Illi lull it allen zittrau-IQ nianv lllf'IIlllCl'S of our , or Bonnel lion. llI'2H'lll'P. IN'l'l.ll!'IllilIll'1'. uncl inurv lDl'il1'lil'0. arc' thi- lmsic' tasks of llll'lIllH'l'S in tliv Clulm. xwllll most lllC2il!'l- ral groups siivm-ss of lN'l'f0l'lIllllH'f" is ilu' Illllllllllf' pur- Se pow. lm! at llonne-r it is vunjuim-cl to thi- fnrtlwr llllll pre ul' l'Ul'llllll:,1 l'l'i4-mlallilrs un4l nfing UIIPAS Iulvnis In vnjoy will-XTX NIH' l,lNl'i T0 lllf? ln Iln- vairlv flalga-N of lllltlllllllllllgl. lulm l,llH-Y. Claire Km-galli. .-Xgmw llill. an-cl Mivllaicl Cunninghann 1' xx 1-rv unmng the- many purliripunh hoping lo ulrlnin an part in "Tile X Curiuu: 5.uangv." T 1 K ' v by .lOl' 25 V ii V CI Curkair Auditorium on .Fx Q 1 QX ,f . Q f if 4 GH DREX9- U MY LINES A SET lil' ---- Struggling to ner in the "Palace of I'added Cell Charlef Caralucllo. Gerald 5IcKeegan, Laurence .-Knaflahia. and john Dwyer 5 erect a hook cor- " arc ftagehands Michael IJelI'ra, 4' .--R. fi Q' , fi' I QW v 6' 4' wif' m:vi..if Q5 f :ESL xv? 'i , af I Q, J' v . --I. H. Q, - ,Q-iii 9 .b fp f A ., S7 rmzqbgexf CASTS sCh0Ol cts Thursday-Saturday Lois Creyson .,..., Richard Riley Agnes Hill . . John Buckley. ... Mary Coldschmidt. . Barbara Mongelluzzo Gerald West . . . , . Catherine McKee .Ioseph Clarke ...... Charles Meyer . .. . Michael Cunningham James Doherty ..... , .Ioseph Creynon . ...FLORENCE .. .HANNIBAL FAIRY MAY ...JEFF .. MRS.PADDY ...MISS MARY ....TITIfS.... . . . LILY BELLE ..,..SAML'EL.. .... DR. EMMETT. . . , .MR. SAVAGE I Mill h Decellllmf N51 MY LINE IS ACTING. A scene from opening night find? Florence lLoi: Creyfonf. Fairy May lAgnef Hilll. Mn. Paddy 'Mary Gold-chnlidtt. and Jeff 'John Buckley F. all enjoying Han- nibalk 1Richard Riley! unmelodiou: attempt at mufic. FR. SEERS ...... JOHN THOMAS Friday-Sunday .... .Marita Williams .......John Dulfy .,....Agnes Hill .... John Brown . . . .Frances Lyons , . . .Isabel McKeon . . . .William Ranieri . . . . . .Beverly Smith .......James Kirlin Laurence DiAngelus ... . .Francis Dooley ....Richard Fagioli . . . . .Joseph Greyson 1? 2 k,. b X iz K I 'ii' 'Q " Q, .4 N l cm , A ' '11 mmfxsx. ,fx Q,-l N 2 ' N 'fn' , Ag: '17 F: 1 F ' vf, xg ww nw :X x -r . 35 Q .J bk ,Vx R 1.1 'ixil' I HUMMMPPH -CANVI' MAKE ME TALK Silent Mn. Paddy 4Frun1'es Lyonsi, huh-s cxery thing and everyone in the world . . . until Mr Savage comes into her life. X . ' .,.' ffl. "THE MILLIONAIREN-looked upon by his money-hungry children, Lily Belle tCatherine McKeeI, Samuel tjoseph Clarker, and Senator Titus tllerald Vvestl as a demented fool who carelessly philanders the family's money ap- IF YOU HAD A MILLION The 1958 theater season at Bonner opened on December 6. when the curtain rose on "The Curious Savage". The scene was set in a lrencvolent hug house. All through the play a sulntle comparison was made hetwcen the kindly Nlr. Savage and his "sane" step-children. Senator Titus is trying to lnuy his way to political fame: Lily Belle is currently rid of her sixth huslmand: and finally. the hlulnlrering idiot step-son. Judge Samuel. is still hoping for a right decision in court. All seem insane in a respectable sort of way. The inmates apparently have found a simple contentment that money canit huy. Hannibal plays his tuneless violin and hears heautiful music. because he wants to hear it. Florence mothers a lifeless doll. John Thomas. and enjoys it as much as any mother enjoys a real child. The plain and unattractive Fairy May pictures herself a elassic heauty and to her admirers in "The Cloistersq, she is. Mrs. Paddy has her simple artistic ability and refusal to answer questions and Jeff has his hidden musical talent. This play, written hy John Patrick. is unlike other comedies to the extent that its termination does not eome with the last curtain call. It lives on in the minds and hearts of the audience. This effect is largely due to a heautiful fantasy scene which placed the inmates in the "ideal" world they had created for themselves-the "ideal" world that Mr. Savage always wanted to remember. pears happy and content despite what his step- children may think of him. ll ll Take a Bow TAKES TWO TO TANCLE. Valiant xllri Marv S 'Barbara Mongelluzzol halts the aggressive ap- proach of Senator Titus 'Gerald West' and thus protects her husband. "Craft Theatre" COT THE W'ORLD ON A STRlNG4Tin10lhy Kelly and f:1'I'1llKl Mc'Ke0gan pre-pure' in raise the vurlalin as Craig Connolly amd llougluf DiTul'u lend to the round clivrlw on opening night. my 1 E. f W xx 4 l A l. M. U l. JUST A PUSHOYER. Memlmrf of our zlhlc hodied stage f'l'f'M' seem to nuke light of ll heany ohji-rt. Michael Dc-l Fra. John Dwyer Mir-has-I D1-Xlonzo, John Flaxin, and Charle Carabello appear to he enjoying the task. wg, ,,,,.4 STAGE PARTY. Father I,afm-fly, 0.5..'X.. alum-F I an re--training :arm on Mic-hm-I IJ'.-Klonzn lv-I h gixv- Haxrlmm Nlungvlluzzo nhq- "hruNh-ruff." Julnv- klfllll 1- ju-I lntf-rf--te-rl IH 1-fmlnv-. nhiln- Xpril Fhrmvr-. Nluurm-n Nlvllunne-ll. unrl IMI fllvnry -sem romu-rm-d .shout Blll'bLl!'.I.- pr4-dim'.n- lllt'Ill. CIRCVIT RIDERS. yIt'IlllIl'I'S of our 1-lrvlricall pzlnvl show pn-0 with om' of our IIILIFNPIUIIH now pie-4-fw of vquipme-nt. The-y arf- flvft In righlf: John Czurolun. Joann flilld-l'hlIli.h. John Fluln, und l Arthur Torvlli. Though! me-tal put an plug in for them.. Ns "American Forum" The 1957-58 edition of the Austins is a revamped version of the great, trophy-hagging teams of the two pre- vious years. This was the team that won, among other tournaments, the Philadelphia Catholic title for two straight years. Despite the departure of every veteran, except Junior, Richard Gordy, the dehaters have managed to keep Bonner prestige high along the east coast, matching, in fact, last year's win-loss record. The log of 67 victories against 15 defeats in tournament com- petition, included first place in the early Camden and Red Bank tourneys, the second place trophy at St. ,Ioseph's College, third at Bonner, and creditable performances at N.Y.U., St. Peter's Col- lege, and Georgetown University. Growing stronger week hy week, the Bonnerites are now setting their sights on winning repeat victories at Passaic, the N.F.L., and the Philadelphia Cath- olic tournaments. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - This is almost literally true of our debating team, which has made this phrase, standard pro- cedure---the touchstone of their success. Dick Cordy, far right, cross questions Jerry Melchiode as Frank Battaglia llefll and Dennis Suplee check their data during one of the many mock debates our dehaters enter to keep their technique sharp. gr' THE MODERATORS of the Green and W'hite debating team are tleff to rightlz Mr. Charles Vogel. Father .lohn Quinn, OSA., Mr. John Kopvik, and Mr. .lobeph Kerfhner. It is through the many hours of hard work put in by these men after at-hool and on weekends that the suveess of the debating team can be attributed. ' A hu fp? l ff l n ln t L Y. X .5 H 0414? 5 is j E ty ,J 1 A " .- , "if f ,s ,- A PORTION OF THE DEBATINC TEAM poser with their Moderator Father Quinn, 0.S.A. Through hi, untiring etiorta thehe eloquent speakers are developing into worthy aut-venorf of the Bonner Vanity. They are lleft In righlt: Wvilliam Ranieri. john Valentine. William Hewitt, Father Quinn, John Jenneman, Matthew Cuniff, joseph Triolo, and Frank Murphy. 9 HBOHHGI' B6ndSf8fIdll BONNER'S MUSIC MAKERS are ilvft Io rightl: J. Mivhale-v, ll. MrCarve3, Y. MrGuinnvfs. R. Guenth- er, L. braahlnl. J. llulik, R. Rllilv. W. llaxskins, J. liar- rvtt. J. Rink, P. llillona, W. 0'Nt-ill, lf. Gibson. and C. Murphy. . v . ow. rw, fem J 4 u ,,, , 'x sv. if '22 Wg 5 At tht- lwginning of the year, Mr. Kvnt organizvtl a tlanvc hand. From small lmginningls thiq organization has grown so that now it is comprisml of some' fiftvvn llllTIlllN'l'S. 'l'hrough long hours of practice and the pativnt flirt-ction of Mr. Kont, tht- hansl has taken ll'K'Illf'IlllUllS slritlvs towarcls slim-1-ss. "'l'lu' Bon-.-Xirt-si' mault' their tlvhut at the svhool at the tlanve for St. Patrit-k's Day. 'l'hrough this anal similar 1-ngagvxm-nts, thvy hope to pay for thvir rovontly pllrcllasc-tl lranflswtancls. "The Bon- Aircsi' play a very smooth typo of lllllrlil'-SW'l'l'l and mellow. They are a wolf-omvrl uflclition to the school and thvy should :lo much to brighton tht- sovial lift- of tht- Bonnvrmvn. QS ,r N"" Ie. "lflll'iNI" FQl',XlD Tlu- lfli-'uii-try lllula ronliuiu-cl iulu il- llliril ye-.u'. allowing llu- .IIll.IlI'llli. in Lili-ul uml xml. In prolw xhf- unlit. lllI4'll.lI'lt'll uurl4l uf 1-ln-iiiienll 4'l1.ingc'. l"ur Illi- ye-.u' ai wriv- uf 'mpf-n-.-ml" vxpvri- Illvlll- ua- pliuiiiml .nnrl 4-xr,-rutml. 5Ire--- un- gin-u to Ihr' following .Irvin- nf rr-Ne-girrliz p.ipe-r rliruiiinlugrupliy 'pri-fn-ro'liIi.ll Nldllllllg uf Iui:'rnln-- .mal Nlldllllllrl. rm-lu-I luv-lx Inu-lgnllir du-Isl. voiialrm-limi of :in Emliuv nun-him-, mul 1-lin-uiirul imliiuntorf. Ollie-r group an-tixitia-N iuvluile-ml: pur- Iivipuliun in x.u'iuuf -1-ie-:iw fair-. llllt'llflLIIlK't' all exhibits at lui-ul 1'0llt"gl'r, group tripx In inmlu-triall :mil rullural in-liluh-x nf thi- ure-.i. .mil re-vre-ntioiliil an-lixitif--. llvrr-. lfiltliz-1' l.uf4-rty flum- lalr Ierhniqur- to annie of the Chem- iftry Club mcnilmerf. ll . ll Science Theatre mi isis-iifiisa V Iwi sf was MMI 25 RAFFLE 25 1I':1QslaLi.frifLvH ua'i.am1fnm, e.g.,A..,,qp, W -w 1 I iq .L 5,16 Nllirlllli TlllfATRE The purpofe- Qf linliiwf- lflvvlroriii- Pliyfir- lilulr i- to iw- hun tlif-uri uurlx- out in pr.u-live - Iliruugh -ua-li prnjvvt- uf: the ssirvlef- i v. the- -olzu' lnnsvrml lxuliu rvrc-iu'r. ixliia-li uw- Ihr- in-uly iiiu-ulvrl -un I-.nth-ry. .A mini.iIuri- lun llc-r UNH A2t'II1'I'.lIlII'. in l'lAl-r!'00IIl dcrnonstrantimi mle-l uf qu working Nhorl range radio lI'.IllflllIlll'I' .lllll l'Q'1't'lXt'l'. klllll Xl ,rl"l.l ' . ' ,git .1 l'lll0l't'rl't'IlI lmullr In-u lm-I .muy Nllll "no vin-5 .lllLll'llCll.u l'ivlure-il lu-rv with Fulhr-r l'lilYt'l10'l' ire- Nunn- ul lln- Nvuiur- of thi- l'hx ir -I n righlrz Louie F0l'llH'1'l. ju-Q-pli Fpiim. Hurry Klemm and Run- zlml Rmpiu "Life With Fa ther MR. THOMAS HAMILTON, President of the Father and Sons Association, addresses the parents and students in the auditorium, before they leave to view the exhibits, on Open House Night. 43 6 r Q F -' ' es. ff 'X' UNF OI Tlllr RIA XNONS for tht trtmtndou suucs of Ops n Hou e Night 1 inr lm Noi Otlll 1 Hire one of 1 f thmr t ix idx lllllgt of the ltuatlon to enroll ont more number into z Otlill Over the vears. the Fathers and Sons Association has been the proud sponsor of many of the productions that originated at Bonner. This very active organi zation has helped practically every student activity. Their most recent con tributions to the student bodv have been in the form of donations to keep the excellent Guidance Department functioning. Through the Clubs never endinff resources, manv activities have been born and kept alive The Falther and Sons Association also sponsors events as a means of supple- mentinff their income. This year we bring to your attention Sports Night. This annual event is staged to enable students and their fathers to meet famous names in sports. For all that they have done for us. we. the Sons of Bonner, thank you, the Fathers of Bonner, for your kind interest and aid. CHAIRMAN OF THE SPORTS NIGHT committee. Mr. John lVIcCreesh feenlerl, discusses plans for this annual event with Mr. Carl Simpson llefll, Fr. Benjamin Kiernan, O.S.A., and Mr. John McKenna lrightj. I BDHNGW ' 'K' I I L ax -, , SPORTS NIGHT-1958 Vim. . -5-'xiii- f K 'il 'I ' il I,l'l.lll nw lla-ll 'ifll 1 49? T.. xrulzr Xu xifiivf 1' BANDMOTHERS ll Features . . . PICTURED BELOW' are the present officers of the Band Mothers Association. They are lleft to riglui: Mrs. Helena Lhulier, Ser-retaryg Mrs. Doris Hazel. Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Marie Dulik, President, and Mrs. lrcne Cnllazzo, Treasurer. FATHER JOHN CASEY, 0.S.A., Moderator of the lland Mothers. looks on as his sister, Miss Josephine ll. Casey, tries her luck at the Bingo Party. THE LADIES who were responsihlc for nialting the liingo Party the huge success that it ma-'are llefl to right! : Mrs. Mary May. Mr-. Farah Miller, Mrs. Catherine Sauers. Mrs. Lillian Land. Mrs. lrene Collazzo. Mrs. Doris The Band Nlothcrs Association. moderated hy Father ,lohn Casey, US..-X.. plays an important role in supplying the Bonner Band- with necessary equipment. The profits, of the various social evcnts sponsored hy the mothers throughout the year, are used chiefly for providing the hand with new instruments. The results of the Band Wlothers' hard labor are reflected in the fine performances put on hy the sehool hand. We here at Bonner are vcry grateful for the assistance given hy the Band Mothers. They have helped to make the hand thc smooth functioning organization that it is today. Hazel, Mrs. Marie Columbo, and Mrs. Rose Daley. N 2 I ,,.,. For Womenu ALTAR SOCIETY 47 '3 2 SOME MEMBERS of the Altar Society take a few minutes break to po-e for our photographer. Pictured ileft to righliz Mrs. J. Buckley, Secretaryg Mrf. C. llarlxinf. Mn. R. Hagerty, 'l're-afurcrg Mn, A, Tore-lli, l're-fident: Mrs. M. Sarmou- fakir, Mrs. J. liiniry, and Mrs. R. Smith, Nice-Prefb dent. CIISTEREIJ AB0lfT1healtarin1lie I newly erected chapel in the faculty ' lxuilding. there altar motherf apply the finifhing touches to job well begun. xsell done. This year, as in the past four years. the niemhers of the Altar Society have devoted much of their time to the upkeep of the chapel facilities at the school. Cleaning, sewing. patching. laundering. and ironing-all of these form the lot of an altar mother. A sincere thanks is due to them for their selfless service in providing for the immaculate appearance of the vestmcnts and altars of the school and faculty house. f if if N 3-,Q 3 f 2 u ll ll Meet The Press 'lihv Spire started its fifth year with an vn- tirvly nvw stuff. Thv 4ll'Il2ll'llll'l' of last ya-urls gLl'il1lllilll'h lurought :nanny nvw fuvvs to tht- top. lfranik llurphy. Ellilill'-ill'tillll'l.. gxllllltlllf lfelitor. unll Boll lxl1'l5ll0l', Photo lftlitor. ull of tht- S1-nioi' Class, moved into thc kt-y posi tions us The Spiro took on ll "new look." They nrt' slipplvilia-iilt-el lry an numlwr of Juniors :mtl lllllll'l'4'lilrSIll1'Il. who un' in lint' lo take ovvi nt-xt ye-ur whvn lhvir "illDlDl'l'lllil'l'Sllllbn has lD0t'll llugln-s. News lftlitor. Pc-tt' Ft'tlt'rit'o. Sports l'l'l.5E OF THE NEYY5 -The Spirel nuvlt-us Q11llllt'l'S about type-writers to pn-pure 1-opy for the printer. Sitting: llvft tu righli: 'xNr01'lillt' Eglitors Ed l'rynitnuslxi. I.:-0 SNK:-iiziv. uml l.e-n l'e-tvrsun. Slllllllllltll tlvfl to Tighlli Htl Muniiingz. ll.m lit-ll. and lfrnnlx xlllflllij. htlitor. 3 3 L ,pf 6 -P-ef roinplclml. Sv S 'Ca X 'Wi ? S-1 E -.v I F 'Ar A . f--1, .. l -li U ri' , Y A' up f TONIURRONVS liDl'I'0RS, TODD' RQ-port.-r-, 1-.nrtmmi-tx. .tml "fnrvign rurra-fpuntl:-nt-N, who rnnlu' up tht- lairgvr part of tlu- Fluff. ure' nm-tly iinclt-rvlgifmn-ii. Sonia- of thu--v will prolmlrly nnrk tht-ir may onto the Editorial Stuff of if-ucv ,till fur in the future. Cain you pick out the Editor? , . A - n I .Q NX 00lmt14ls. uftvrimuns. :intl smnvtiiiws Ovvn fan' into if I , , , lr, - tht- night. pi'vfsrmnii lights lnurn alison- tht- untirlng lmttinw of ty' Jvwritvrs annul rusr of mnllvss wrilrlrlirllf. I ,. y P .1 1 .- . is thv flvaillillv IIIOVPS vlosvr anti vlowr. Illllll panif' if? A1 X J ilcvvlops into frvnzy' wlwn no unc' is zilmlv to Hnal lll'Ill'll' iff' null pivturv 43. SUllll'M'll4'I't' annong tht- 'fs"f'2eQ..,4 . . . . . . '1g"f , llllllllllillll ol 1ll'lll'lSlllt'IlllSrlllf1llliIl1'I'llll turns up. tlliu-0 My-,iz the-v haul to riflv lllfltllgjll tln' wash' lmskt-tin 5Ullll'll0N' 1 'bfi' ' . . l'Yl'l'NllllIlQ1 falls into oralvr unfl tln' pupvr unnl Lilo staff jf both go to lu-rl. if x i i' ff 4'2" Q 1-, , if V. . f THE DESK "SET" The deadline muat he very' rloae, for .it Furh time-5 even the llodcratorb un- driven to the typevsritvrf flathervd alrnuntl tht- de-sk arf- 1lvfl In righllz Fr. John Sharlwy, I.:-0 M1-K1-liziv lyivtiin of 4-lvrin-all Q-1-lipn-I, I.:-n l'r-te-r-on, llhuvk liutlcr fwith tht: atriped lraclxl, and Frank Murphy. SENIOR SCRIHE5 SCXN the pr0of4 of the nr-xt i--uv of The Spire-. Hufying Ih0I'llrQ'lNt'N with pugt- proof, .nt un impromptu vnnfvrviicw- nrt- Slunrling 4lvf! in righflz Ni'-k P:-tt-r-rm, Pe-tv Fe-de-riro, Bill Long and Ste-w Hmigln-r. Sillinyu Ilvlt lv righlrz Tony Hughcf, Frank Murphy and Bob Mei-ner. NEWS ROI Nlllil' I'i.ll'll i--uv uf Tin- Fpirv -lurtx with .A ge-ne-rul -t.lff ine-1-ting. -u4h LIN thi-. in Iln- pri--Nrmnn, Nmnrllnu ilvfl In righlif l'aiul limi'-. jm- 1.l.iy. ll.lIl ll'-ll. Ed Nlunningi. lfl l'i'ynilsm-lxi. I.:-n l'v-tvr-fm. l.:-in xIl'lXl'lllll'. Tnny llllgllvn l'e-tv lie-rlwrii-u. ,lim Nugvr. Hill l.nng .intl liuln Nlvi-in-r. Sitting ilvfl In righttz Nluale-ixnturx Rm. John Fhurlwy. He-y, llt'I'I'l.lI'll I.ainmn4l. Ubi.. .und Ilalitor lfrunk Murphy. v' A x UL2 - ,,,- 1n"'. 1 """' Snr: 6 "The ,B Editor-in-chief .... Associate Editors Sports Editors . . Social Edietors , Typist ..,,.... F9 P F rw Story" .. Laurence Lavin Stephen Smith Ronald Repice . . , Joseph Gomes .lohn Ludlam John Hart Frank Murphy Richard Riley William Rademaker ,,.....,..lohnDesko Robert Meisner Harry Klemm Rev. Robert F. Andrews, O.S.A. . , , U Q.. .I ,. . 1 '-'4 'ni Photography Moderator .. . V, ' ' 1 ' My .1 NL. .1 N' Q s P1 Y' ff 5 'Z fa Q '-. X-we S' TW ul J U fi . ,bn ,F99 Giro rs .' thai HL-'Wi' '11 VF 'H Q-ff" 0:1 QPF-Lf' if , or C' J wp! ". ". 7 ,W fi? is pr all L, '1f5'2i- ' r - . v . vb ll, fill fx 'lu' f' 'i Q 535 gi ft f P0 1 L' .I 5 .LH -.Q NW EE I 'I , .P 'Z Sf.Q'?'?1 pi' ' . I .if ,luv PRESENTING OUR EDITOR, Larry Lavin, a distinguished per- son on and oii the campus. Under his competent leadership and tire- less efforts, the staff was inspired to give Monsignor Bonner High School a second edition of the Bon-Aire. I FATHER KNOWS BEST-Asso- ciate Editors, Steve Smith and Ron Repice, listen attentively to some sound advice offered hy their experienced moderator, Fr. Andrews, who points out a need- ed revision in a planned article. E35 ggg5f,gg?tgj1m an I , mm x PTS .fisesmswiil 1 3 ., . Xt- x 1 X ' " X i i'H0TO-SYNTHEFIFHLooking oxor lhv lraxlwtlmll we-vtion, fluff In right! ,lm-L I,udluni and Juv Cnnleu. Fportf Edilorf, arrange ai hlaiyoulv, while Bill Raificrliziiwr. Social Editor, read- over ai vuption. UH-r an In-rimi of nmntli-. Iliff lIll'llliM'l'S uf tin' yn-ui'Inmk -tail' iN'1'ilIll1' fumiliur with runny in-is Ihingx. 'Hn' runny lmur- fpvnl in lemkingg fur in il'lPl1lN'lixi iiiil'S.ilklflllil1i4'lil1'lll'i1X guiule-5. I i . Lmuh 1'rDl'l'iiliiX gulvrt ul lllix no-is lx nv ul' "muni- i . i . i X Ciliilllgl. " lmini Iii rnlnm. -llllilll,. imnnl ni Ilii- i . . F xlll4ii'I'iliUl'. Km. Kuirvrl if. Xlleiiwwss. U.5.,K.. tin' -tail' -mm in-4-urine' iluniliau' with muvii of , Il 1- ul:-elgv Ill'1'Q"NillAf lu put out ai y1'ui'lnmk. ung iinur-. alla-1' -flnml auul nn um-iv lvy your uppi'vvi1iIiuii uf our lumix. li KX ING X "ROY.XL" TIME Typixt John De-lu: 'fun'- gruunrll i- jninvfi il? una- of tho- Sm-i.ul Efiilorx. Dirk iiiivy. in gvlling xhf- vupy type-d for tho' Illlilii'ht'l'. Frank Nlurphy. alnorhe-r me-mln-r nf Ihr- -tglff, pondvr- use-r u po--iiric lkllllillll for ai pirlurr. "End Of The Rainbow" 'l1ill'0llQ1,il0lll the sc-howl yt-ur. Bonnvrinvn am- giu-n uniplf- opportunity tu fhuw lhf-ir agility on tha- IIRIIIVI' floor. 'lihv an-liuol's scwizll mth-iimlztl' is nrruiign-ul to lPl'UXltlf' ut I1-zist unc- OIIISHIIIIIIIIQL tlumw' an wusmi. Our first tlumw-f this yvui' wt-rv spoilsurvfl hy the Athlfitir' IJUIPHFIIIlf'Ili'fllllll't'S whivh will long hv l'1'IIll'IIliN'l'l'd as "soc-ku tlunt-vw. Fm-ks won gave way to shnvs to thc tlvlight of ull. Thi' Suphuiimrv "5h'igh Ritlvli and tho "S4'l'ililvl4'r's Ilnpq' fillt-tl tht- hill for tht- wintvr months zintl tht- Stuflvnt c:ltllIli'il.S "Sw0cthCzii'ts Slulfilvu was a sellout slim-Pss. The big darn-cs is ore pot to l'0IIlf"thC Junior unel Sc-nior Pruinf. FONIIC l.IlxZC IT F.-XFT. fume likc it -long thi- rouph- wvni- r.nrin' to gn. The 5t'I'iiJihlt'l'.x Hop war one of tht' IIIUNI -lll't'l'--flll flnnre- uf it wg:-oil uf out-tilnfiing danrv- .tntl thi- ruuple- ix typiull of tht- humlre-df who 4-njuyml thvrli-1-lu-N un the night of l,t'1'0'llliN'l' tw:-nly-third. II6 HIGH SCHOOL +- HIGHLIGHTS The special events, which add to the life of Bonner tend to make our high school career more interesting. Many of these functions have become traditions at Bonner, while others ap- I .-.- pear only on particular occasions. Whether 'L' Y-we they occur often or seldom. the importance of each affair is felt by the entire student body. The enthusiasm created for such things as Open House, Sports Night. Band Concerts. and the Bonner Fair goes to show the appreciation our students and faculty have for the different type of entertainment these events offer. HIS EXCELLENCY TAKES ANOTHER STEP-Archbishop John F. O'Hara, C.S.C., took another step forward towards his goal at the dedication of Monsignor Bonner High School. His goal is the establishment of a school system that will provide a Catholic education to every child in the diocese. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS -Monsignor Edward Reilly was busy blessing Bonner this past year. In the left photo he is shown blessing the cornerstone of yet another new archdiocesan high school. In the other photo, Monsignor Reilly once more raises his hand in benediction, blessing, this time, the new faculty building which houses the Augustinians who teach at Msgr. Bonner High School. II 1 .xg ,gn l,ET'S TAKE A TRIP - The C.Y.0.'s National Conference took place in Philudelphizfs Con- vention Hull last full. Our Senior Class attended Mau- there in at body, ulong with the thousands of other -tudents who had gath- ered from all part- of the United States. l".-XSCINATIN' PHYSICS -- The physics di-play was one of the outstzlnding fCilllll"l'N of Open House Night. The array of ncxs cquipment und the electronic project- demon-tralted lry the -tudenh vu- viewed lay many and ual- proof to all that Bonner'- Science Department is up with the time-. HANNER BANDSNIEN AT BON- NER 'Our -chool mu- cho-en u- thc location for one of the con- ccrt- gin-n thi- yr-ar lay the All- lfatholic Band. WX- me-rc Zllell honored in that ten of our ligand-- rncn were in thi- -elect group. X M Q .5 FTW X.. u-fi SENICDRS n E P k -W' 6 L I! l Tux Q5 Live Ir Up Tonight FKLPNP 'Hu' Ury-tall lgllllftltllll of ilu' lgC'llAi.llllill Franklin llutvl. IIQIXIP 92011 tu 1210012 Nl.. Xpril ll. 1938. 'I'H+ ur Xp:-il Lu! -f I luv N-nmr 1.111--. 5lXlXIXR1 or PI.O'l' tLf-mfgv SUIlllllQ'l'.- Bum! lm,- xula-fl ilu- lllllrll' inr tha' tlllf-tllllillllfl llumw' nf ilu- ye-ur the- S4'Ililll' Prmn. Paul Hvillf- fluiv. Fully liuylv. un- 4-lm-4-11 '1,lll'l'll of ilu- 4-xe-nl. VI4lll'-ll4'l'1'--llffIl1'lli:lIlI u.n-1-xhla-Ill irum the- lm-ty munm-r ln XNIIIVM thai lmur- xs llizz:-ul guszay. fs f w I 3 K" R no 1 Ji' Fm' ll11'1-1- 51-111w ue' 111-11 1l111l1-1'-l111li1'- lm' Illv lf-111li11g l'l7l4'N nl, 51'111111'- 111 ll1111111'1'. xllll'l' il lung Nlrugglv nv' llllilllf l'1'Lll'll4'll -lq11'1l11111 tlnv -4-11i111' fl'llI'. 'lvl1111111gl11111I llli-51-111'i11 pl.1yi11g tllll' purl- Ll' illlll1'l1'N. -1'l111la11'-. illlll Q1l'Illll'Ill4'll. 111- -1-I il guml 4'X1lllI'bl1' lm' ilu- 11111l1'1'1'l.1--1111-11 In llllll-ll1'. lll playing 11111' lmrl 11- 1111111-1'1'l.1--1111-11. uv llI.lf 11111 l1.1x1- .1ll lr :-1- Il .1u.11wl1-1l 'WL1-111'-,M lrul wr fun 1li1l try. . Nou uv llgua- 11111' Nllillillu llulll' N1'z1I'1' ull! l1l'llUl44'llll'l.1NIlll1lll'. flHllllflllt1'1l , Iulxin: Hur lu-I Inns- RIN Nt111l1'111- ut l5111111v'1'. H1111 Mllvll tllv' Vlllxlillll full- fm Q . .1.. ' . . II11' lu-I llllll' Ill ,l11111'. ulll uv lu-3111 In l'1'.llll1' lnm lung il -lmu 1t 1111-. llllll O , lmms 111111-l1 lt 1l1'lH'llll1'Il 1111 ll-. 9 FACE THE NATIQN ...--.1 .-.....-.........-. ! 1 5 lm 1 . ,ig ' HPFOCJUCCFS Showcase . . .ll Louis CENTRELLA V Serious-minded Louie is one of those rare "ideal" students. Devoting most of his time to studies and work, he still finds time for the lighter side of life. An eager listening ear, and a sincere effort to please are characteristic of his friendly nature. Always striving for the finest, Louie has gaincd for himself distinction as one of the finer students at Bonner. N'-oy. N KX , X X. st 1,11 ,s fi, ,f..,. X 554 W4 I i, ,w i 9? 71 v i: .Jr 'tc ff ws I IL . ' ffpsi fp-A EDWARD GALLAGHER - "Gig" has com- bined his keen sense of humor and his ability to study into a character truly representative of Bonner. As a four-year member of the golf team, Ed has shown that his talents athletic-wise are above par. Through an avid devotion to his curricu- lum, he has maintained an excellent rec- ord, which has marked him as an outstand- ing Senior. can Y tif D, W e I TX .aug A A 2. -V -455. Y 'r y . 5 2 x 5 Q KK x 3 t 'WM A . Q i 5, in ft 'G x Joux StLlJI.l.Y "St-ull" in a gifted stu- dent one who seems to get things almost effortlessly. The outer calm almost belies the busy activity of his mind. Well liked by his classmates, .lohn's natural way lifts him above the ordinary in all he attempts. Whatever he may choose to do in the future he will be successful at-John, pick your peak and climb! 4 Joris Wanxt-:R U- A gentleman and a fcholar indeed. The one who likes to study if an "exceptional" -tudent. and a fource of cdification to thofe around him. That to a "T" is John. He -eem- to haye lneen liorn with a natural loye of learning: he i- one of those -eriou- rtudent-. who if rich in the knowledge that he ha: made hi- own. liIlCHAEl. D'ALoNzo-f--First as student pro- ducer and finally as stage manager, Mike haf acquired a thorough familiarity with almost every stage craft. llay and night, Mike liyew and breathes for the Drama Cluli. The near perfect mechanical coordi- nation of Bonnefs last several plays stands to the credit of his remarkable powers of organization. Now Mike can take his curtain call. 11 fi-.41 Ronanr KELLY'--ThFOUgh0llI his stay at Bonner, Bob has gradually grown in loyalty to the school. As a member of last year's championship tennis team. Boll did yeo- man service in the light towardf the title. Of late, he ha- turned his talents for effi- cient organizing. to aiding in the smooth functioning of many of the Father and Sons' Affairx. lndustrious Bob will he accepted well by the awaiting world. W an w ',. Ly ey Mtn' N-. 4 ' i 1 A nn ..v,.L, I? "Hall Of Famel' G- I f , 5. N x Y D ..,,,-i N 21 FRANCIS MunPHY4Whatever Frank does, he does in an outstanding and excellent way. As a Sophomore and Junior, he entered the ranks of the Drama Society and almost immediately he reached the very top. As a Senior, Frank diverted his talents along literary lines, and he became Editor of the Spire. Whatever Frank does in the future, he will be eminently suc- cessful at it. L41 mi" Jossrn ROMANEl.l.I"fD6l8llS are important to Joe. As football manager and right hand man to Athletic Director, Fr. Cassel, "Rompy" ia the first to arrive and the last to go. Checking equipment and keep- ing a quiet eye on everything, Joe can start and finish any job armed with no more than the "keys" and a few simple instructions. Ronsnr Cotuxss-Bob, our prominent Senior trackman, has shone in cross- country, indoor. and outdoor track for four years. An outstanding student. he has always achieved honors and ranked among the top ten of his class. His latest feats have been as a member of the Constitutional Committee of the Student Council. He has made his murk at Bonner: he will, no doubt, make it wherever he goes, and in whatever he does. 1 Q H ,s "K N ,X X gee'-W-W, JAMES HOFFMAN-Jim has been one of the best known personalities of our class from the beginning of his Freshman year. Noted mainly for his basketball achieve- ments, .lim has also been a member of the track and baseball teams. He has set five school basketball records of his own and tied one. "Hoff" has given much of himself to Bonner, both on and oil' the court, and no one will easily forget his ever-present sense of humor. X'ssssQ,, st u E29 oe! Q9 Q. Ig. U' i . -'Z' Pqwl 'f 'ir me : Wg, - 2.2 W . ig if atiiiq .5-:fi It S Q 9 if 0, 'X , u ' .. Q X. -x x S 4' Q H Xml. NI4.lJoxxEl.L-Neil llals gone about Dum O'DONNEl.l. i'Redsw,1l fl o rex his llUsillt'ss. as one of llonnm-r's outstand- for four years. climax:-d his stu lt Bonner ing athletes. in such an quiet. sh-anly nay, by ln-ing chosen l're-side-nt o tla 1 oo that thcra- is danger that his prom-ss go Mllh-licully. Dane llils also bun out ta unnoticed. Four yn-urs of hard work ham- ing in football and track. ln footn lt nnidv 'Neil the 1-ran-lt swimmer of Bonne-r's Mats lirsl string :XII-Catholic channpionship tn-am. Outstanding as an Svlllfll' QPZIT- The- fleet-looted 1 an u bacltstrolwr in WST. this holder of thren- nnulv good use of his spvcd on the boirf school re-cords. sxsitclie-tl to the free-style and cindcr path. helping llonmr brna ll 1 People s Choice" Great etrieles were made this year to increase the role ol' the Stutlent tiouneil in the government of the sehool. 'l'hrough a more elahorate system of organization and more speeifie tlepartinentalization of the different areas of student interests. the Student Couneil has grzulually grown into an ellieient organization whieh can aeeep' the responsihilities of student government. THE BURDEN OF RESPONSIBILITY Seems to rest lightly on the shoulders of the Student Council as they pore for this pieture. Iiarli :eu-lion of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Claes is repreaentcd on thi: Council. I ar' -Q? .. .,. W H fl gy Q.: '?' 'WP' GSL A 1 x.. 5 THESE ARE YOIWR I.EAIJI-IRS -- Counse-lor, for llll' Council l"4ltl11-r- Holton. Elliott. and Murray lxl0llPl'1ll4ll'r', ll. O'llomn-ll :mtl Uf'fire-r- of tho llounril work 'und pow! -itlv Ivy -iclv in tht- 4l'n--.I. J. xlllfllllf 151 v.'. R. Ciom-i 'Trp-ala.l. G. Dillrvgoriu 1-nrle-:nor to form an strong goxvrning hotly that may llllllu' its llirc-Pref.P. influvm'r- ff-lt lay ull tht- -tuflents in the school. Loft to Right: TIIE CONS'I'lTl'TIONAI. llOMMl'I'Tl-IE if that part of thu fiffhf- SNl'1'1il1!JJ .l. lfal-PQ. B. C0lillIlLlr1'0. R. Cionri. R. Collin-. Ftutlvnt Count-il whivh rnvvt- to drum up a wt of privilegv- J- lllllFlPlU. U. lfillre-prorioz .wulwlf Fr. .l. Elliott. 0.5.1- :tml rnlv- Nllll'll will wru- not only tln' Im--n-nl -tulle-nh but lll"fl1'F1l!0F- lllhl DUN' Unllflllltvll. l'l'Uwiflm'llt llllbf' in llll' lulurv. The- l:0lIlI'lllllt'l' ix vornpofe-d of Ivft In J 'z v 2 J I JV Q15 xg. Oh . ' 'lalrfs . WILLIAM E. ADAMS AT 1TlbWellington Rd. ' Ipper Darby ' St. Alice Class Officer l-1, Baseball l, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4 EDWARD l.. AGNEW A5 I9 Llaufair Rd. ' Ardmore ' 5t,Colmau Baseball I, Intramural Sports I-2-3-lg Physics Club sl, Biology Club 2 JAMES W. ANDERSON A2 3902 Dennison Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Charles Class Ofbcer I, Chemistry Club 3-I, Rifle Team I-2, Basketball and Football Program -I JOHN G. ANTIIONY A4 1261 Center Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Football 1, Glee Club 4, Band l-ZZ LONG JOURNEY-John Cat-abello and Bill Hurley lead the Class of "STM to St. Joseplfs College Field House, just one more contribution that the senior class bas made to the smooth and efficient functioning of the school. - ,gb tt GEORGE A. ARNHOLT A6 IO6 Argyle Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Colman Student Guard 4, Crew 2-3-1. Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Catholic Action 1, Dramatics -I. Cheerleader 4 CARLOS E. ASTIRIAS A3 1509 Sllllllt'liil1d:ANt'. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Intramural Sports I-1, Dramatics 1-3, Biology Club 2 JOSEPH l'. ATKIN5 AI l20I Knox Rd. ' W'yl1nessood ' St. Colman Class Ofiicer l-2. Crew 2-3-1. Intramural Sports l-2-4. Physics Club sl, Biology Club 2, Baud 3, Student Guard 4, Swimming I CHARLES A. AUSTIN A8 616 Dayton Rd. ' Bryn Maur ' Our Mother of Good Counsel Student Guard 3-4, Intramural Sports I-3-I 1' se- si T27 Club 4 't'f .IANIES I BARR1 A6 Stratford Court Lan don ne Nt Plnlomena Ntudent Guard 4 New p :per 3 WILLI ANI A BANTIAN A8 43 No Nu :more Nt Primo Nt Eugene Intl :mul nl Sport 1 7 3 Band I 7 .IANIEN T BELL AI -ll' W llnut Axe Aldln Nt .Io tph Ra ketbnll 5 them: trw Club .S Phw It Club I Blologx Intramural Nport I 7 34 ROBERT .I BI' NNON Al lr t lhexrl Hull N Annu nmmg. nn mu mul tum en I u nr nm 1 I at lh 1 Club 1 Bnolop L u 1 THOWIAN .l BENZINI ER A8 A nn xe Alilllllgdllt. t ,Io epll Iruotlmll li Int lurnl Npont 1 S RICHARD J. AYICOLLI A2 807 Laurel Rd. ' Yeadon ' St. Lou: Intramural Sports 1-2-I5-4. Chemistry Club 3, Cheerleader I Bnulo x Club 2, Glee Club 4, Camera Club 4 DANIEL S. BADER A2 Stradone Rd. ' Bala Cynuyd ' St Wlnttlna Debating 1, Rifle Team 1, Nessfpaper 2, Calholn Action EDR ARD XY BAILEX A8 'I Rodnes Drne Newtown Square N na Intrlmural Nporta 4 FRANLIH X BALDINO AQ 6 No nth Street Dlrbs Ble ed Augm 'Nlns otlnll 123 Bn ltetlnll 7 Truck 7 3 Cro 5 Countu 1 I In murll Nport 234 Blulogs Club 7 .IANIEDI BARNHART A8 4030 Wlarmhlll Rd Drexel Hull Nt Llllllt, Ll: Officer I YXILLI ANI J B XRRETT AJ 274 W uhlngton Axe NIIIIOI Namrul lil. nrt Ihw lL Club 4 Rddl0 Club I Club 2 JOSEPH A BERRODIN A2 923 Penn -he Drexel Hill St Bernadette Student Gulrd 4 Stslmmlng 1 2 I lntrwmurll Sport 12 3 4 Cheer Le lder 4 Clem Club 4 THOWI -XS I' BERRY A7 245 Clmton Rd Lpper Ddllly St Cull Student Counul 2 Cll Offilu 2 Intlamurll 'Sport I2 3 4 D XNIEL N BII ONI A7 26 'N Wxcombm -Me Lm dotsne x Intrlmural Sporta 125 I Rlrle TL llll 7 JOSEPH I' BILDER A7 236 We mood Plt Dr Wllnofn Snued Heut Tratlt 1 Cro Countrs 1 Intxamurnl Sport 12 34 R APII KEL .I BINNI X6 .58 Furxlux -Me Lm doune St Phllonunl Intrlmural Sport 3 4 C lthollt -Muon 12 3 4 .I -XNIEH .I BLL ETT -X6 1404 Lau nd Ile he H n ertoun Pleaent ltlon Intxamul ll Sport 14 Cltholu -Muon 12 .5 4 XICTOR .I BOL-XND A5 112 Flmtloclt Rd Drexel Hull St Dolotln Intramural Sport 1234 Rlfle Team 12 5 4 Chemx tn Club Blology Club 2 Band 123 Camera Club 1 JOHN .I BONE A6 227 A hbv Rd Upper Darbw S klue Cla -, Officer 12 5 Student Guard 4 Footb lll 12 Intramurll Sport 12 3 4 Catholic Attlon 12 .5-4 WILLIAM F BOW ERS A8 740 Rnely Axe Glenolden St ,Io epll Art Club 3 DON ALD .I BOW IE A6 152 Su :more Rd Hasertown Sacred Heir! Bom lung 2 Intramural Sport 12 3 4 Catholic Action 12 3 4 ALBERT .I BOXD A9 224 N Sycamore Sl Clifton Helghta Holy Cro: Football 1 FRANCIS X BOXD A7 219 IN Su-amore bt ' Clifton Henghts ' St Charles Intramural Sports 14 7' - " ' '. ' ' ' Q. 1 A .. -..-, . 1 . 5---, 2 , .. ,, , 71.1" .- 1, ", :sb , " 1. 's ' . . , , 5 3. . 1. . 4 't.. ' ' 4, -0 5I.C"l'l1 A '. ta 1. ' 'S' '. . ' .1 . ' 1' "', ss ,', " 1 'A ".'. ' 1: ' .. 'A ' 1 - K 5 .,3 -A- .'.. A a5'. o 4- Q ---1' " 'ae Q-,L X o L S A ..,., 3 ,. ,.,. . 3' 15' .' I ' " .I.:" 'ff --... . A -', ' 1 . x " '. ' ' . : 1 ' 1 ' .' ' --ua .I ' ' O K V , . 5...,f A . 4. to ' ' N 0 -' -5 DANCING DONE AND DOLLS- Don Simpson and his date, Eileen Penjuke. stop to po-e for the camera. but Don Dele-se if murh too busy turning the l'IliiI'I'Il on his danving partner. Mary ,lo Ingalzo. to native. EDWARD J. BOYLE A8 JOSEPH F. BRAZEL A1 154 N. Carol Blvd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Laurence 15 E. Rambo St. ' Bridgeport ' St Augu tine Golf 1, Intramural Sports 1-2 Football 1-2, Student Guard 4. Intramural Sports 12 3 4 Chemistry Club 3, Physics Club 4 EDWARD J. BOYLE A6 277 Glendale Rd. ' Upper Darbv ' St. Alive 1-2-3, Catholic A1-lion 1-2-3-4, IntramuraI Sports 1-2-3-4 JAMES J. BRADY A7 1036 Serrill Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis . . . ' DAVID A. BREEN A1 Class Offirer 1, btudent Guard 4, Football 1, Basketball 1, Baseball V O T . 1, Cross Country 1. Newspaper 1, Biology Club 2, Saeristan's Asst. Cross CO?I?lrIQ,IlHntE5rs-lrrilllral SIJJOIZ-lgfrliggrby Si Alice JOSEPH M. BREEN A2 671 Cricket Ave. ' Ardmore ' St Denis Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Glee Club -4 MICHAEL A. BRAUNER A1 w , , 223 Glendale Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Alice THOMAU A' BRENNAN A3 Class Officer 1, Intramural Sports 3-4, Chemistry Club 3, Student 211 Forreit Ave' ' Narbenh 7 St' Margaret Guard 4, Physics Club 4 Intramural SPONS 1 'B' tn- kt .xqgigigx E 'T fl, JEL o 1 LN. in ' 2. aff-1 K ' .' J' . 1 G 4 ROBERT A. BRETON A6 4026 Dayton Rd. ' Oakview ' St. Charles JOSEPH F. BROCAN A5 6813 Wlalnut Park Drive ' Lansdowne ' St. Cyril Intramural Sports 1-2-3 CHARLES T. BROWN A2 618 Furlong Ave. ' Havertown ' Sacred Heart Class Officer 1, Student Cuard 4, Intramural Sports I-2-3-1, Glas Club 4 JOSEPH W. BROWN A5 34 Llandillo Rd. ' Brookline ' Annum-ization B.V.M. Intramural Sports 1-2-3 '53 L 2' f RICHARD D. BRUNS A1 11- DeForest Rd. ' Oakview ' St. Charles Intramural Sports I-2-3, Tennis I-2, Catholic Action 2, Altar Society 1-2-3, Aeronautics 2 JOHN L. BLTCKLEY A4 220 Windsor Ave. ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Class Officer 4, Swimming 1-2-3--1, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, News- paper 3, Cheerleader 4, Dramatics 4, Altar Boys I-2-3-4 JOHN F. BUCKLEY A9 408 Spruce St. ' Clenolden ' St. Joseph JAMES F. BURKE Al 635 Drexel Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Class Officer 1, Swimming l. Howling 2-3--1, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Physics 4, Biology Club 2 , ff' J X i JOHN CLEVELAND seems to have caught one of Father Mt-lton's sly re marks while Walt Kropp ponders over a page in one of the local college catalogues. Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Rifle Team 1 WILLIAM J. BURKE A7 883 Penn St. ' Bryn Mawr ' Mother of Good Counsel Student Council 4, Class Officer l-4, Baseball 1-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 ROBERT E. BURNS A9 8 Farwood Rd. ' Phila. 31 ' Presentation Intramural Sports 2-3 ROBERT W. BURTON A4 101 N. Morgan Ave. ' Havertown ' St. Bernadette Class Officer 3, Crew 2. Golf 4, Intramural Sports 3-4, Dramatics 2, Band 1-2, Orchestra 1-2 JAMES J. BUSHONG AS 900 Pembroke Ave. ' East Lansdowne ' Intramural Sports l-2-3-4, Student Guard 3, Rifle istry Club 3, Dramatics 3-4, Biology Club 2 St. Cyril Team 1-2-3, Chem- BURCHARD BYRNES A5 606 Allen La. ' Media '. Nativity Student Guard 4, Swimming 1. Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 ANTHONY R. CAGGIULA A3 946 Serrill Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis ARTHUR D. CALLAGHAN A8 1424 Elmwood Ave. ' Sharon Hill ' Holy Spirit Officer 1-2, Student Guard 3-4, Football 1-2, Swimming 3, Committee 3 Class Prom NEIL R. CALLAHAN A6 302 Hampshire ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Officer 1-3-4, Student Guard 3-4, Swimming I-2-4, Intramural Sports 2-3-4, Catholic Action 4 Class CHRISTOPHER .I. CAMPBELL A2 1501 Wynnewood Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Colman Intramural Sports 3-4, Rifle Team 1-2, Chemistry Club 3-4, Radio Club 2-3-4 HARRY J. CAMPBELL A5 213 Wright Ave. ' Darby ' Blessed Yirgin Mary Student Guard 3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Rifle Team 1, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 EDWARD J. CAMPUZANO A7 430 Llanerch Ave. ' Havertown ' Annunciation Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1 JOHN J. CANTLIN Al 212 Wright Ave. ' Darby ' Blessed Yirgin Mary Camera Club 2 K G. FREDERICK L. CAPPELLO A9 30 Schappelt Ter. ' Lansdowne ' St. Philomena Student Council 3-4. Class Oflicer I-2-3-4, Student Guard 4, Football I-2-3-4. Intramural Sports 1-2-3-I JOHN F. CARABELLO A1 1202 Angora Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Class Oflicer 3-4. Student Guard 3-4, Golf 2, Rifle Team 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports l-2-3-4, Biology Club 2, Physics Club 4, Drama- tics 3-4, Cheerleader 4 WILLIAM P. CARLIN AI 223 S. Madison Ave. ' Upper Darby ' St. Laurence Soccer -I, Rifle Team 1, Intramural Sports 2-3-4, Band 1, Biology Club 2, Chemistry Club 3, Physics Club -4 .IOHN C. CARROLL A3 13 Princeton Rd. ' Havertown ' Annunciation Rifle Team 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 WILLIAM J. CARROLL A3 217 N. Norwinden Rd. ' Springfield ' Holy Cross 1-2, Sacristanis Asst. 4 THOMAS B. CASEY A6 T028 Emerson Ave. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Action 1-2 EDW'ARD M. CASSIDY A7 1131 Vlfilson Dr. ' Upper Darby ' St. Bernadette Student Council 2-3, Class Ollicer 2-3, Football l, Basketb Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 all 1, THOMAS F. CASSIDY A9 6957 Guilford Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Baseball 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3 LOUIS J. CENTRELLA A4 T24 WI. Cobbs Creek Pkwy. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Ftndent Guard 4, Track I, Rifle Team 1, Intramural Sports I Soccer I, Biology Club 2 -2-3- I. CERARD W. CLARKE A8 1008 Edfcrton Rd. ' Secane ' St. Eugene Rifle Team l, Intratnural Sports 1-2, Biology Club 2 .IOIIN C. CLEYELAND A2 1216 Morgan Aye. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Student Guard I, Tennis 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Riding 4. Cheerleader 4 JLLES F. CLOLX A8 142 Richfield Rd. ' Lpper Darby ' St. Alice C Student Council 2, Swimming 1, Intramural Sports 1-2, Dratnatics Class Oflicer 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Dramatics 1-4, Catholic HERE'S A SWITCH! Ron Reganato, and Bud Murphy take pleasure in gixing this policeman a ticket at one of the dances, while their date: look on in :miling approxal. -X S103 .W YI' Uv C51 5' I fa GERALD M. COLLINS A1 5035 Dermond Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothv Student Guard 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-1, Bowling 3, Neiisspaper 1, Biology Club 2, Physics Club -I ROBERT .l. COLLINS Al 316 Norlhcroft Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Student Council 4, Claes Officer 3--I-, Student Guard 3-I, Track 1-2- 3-4, Cross Country 2-3-1, Swimming 1, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2, Indoor Track 2-3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-I EDMLND J. CONNELLY A8 107 Chestnut Ave. ' Narberth ' St. Margaret Crew 3-4, Intramural Sport: 3-1, Band 2, Biology Club 2 JOSEPH B. CONSIDINE A8 209 Kingston Rd. ' Lpper Darby ' SK. Alice I38 .IOHN .I. CREWALK A7 53 South ' Darby ' Blessed Virgin Mary Intramural Sports l-2-3, Cheer Leader I-2, Stage Crew l .IOHN M. CROSBY A4 312 So. Penn St. ' Clifton Heights ' St. Charles Student Council 2, Class Officer 2, Intramural Sports l-2-3--I JOSEPH G. CROSBY A3 4 Pearson La. ' Havertown ' Sacred Heart Student Council 2, Class Officer 2, Intramural Sports l-2-3-4 RICHARD T. CROWLEY A6 103 Grandview Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Colman Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 IS THERE AN USHER IN THE HOUSE? The privileged seniors, who as juniors were ushers for the last year's graduation, are: Bottom Row tl. to r.t Maj. E. Snell 1Ret.t, E. McCaffrey, M. D'Alonzo, J. Burke, A. Hughes, C. Morroney, Mr. W. Irons. Second Row: .I. Faiss. J. Gomes, .I. Cantlin, L. Lavin, J. Atkins, L. Reynolds, W. Eells. Third Row: J. McNulty, W". Carlin, J. Bell. H. Kelleher, R. Benson, J. Riley, I. Hola- han. ANTHONY R. CUCCHI A5 404 Blythe Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Student Council 3-4, Class Officer 2-3-4, Football 3, Intramural Sports 2-4 .IOSEPH A. CULLEN A3 l620 Winton Ave. ' Havertown ' Annunciation Class Officer l, Track I-4, Cross Country 1-2, Crew 2, Intramural Sports l-2-3-4 .IOSEPH Wh CURRAN A8 403 Sycamore St. ' Clifton Heights ' St. Charles Football I-3, Intramural Sports l-2-3-4 GERALD F. CUSTIN Al 74 Houston Rd. ' Lansdowne ' St. Cyril Intramural Sports I-2-3-4 1.-,tm .- 5.5.5. Qi 1 . ,awffs .- -: , ,-ess, ' ,- ' iffwsi -N ..- . . ,ww f - f,g+ - ' Q f' . 5 , A--1 - . V, , gpg . , ' I Siu 3 ,sf-s t: ,.-f , 1-m y gam e' 4 'G- 3-ffff' 2 vt7'1':.f i ' ' , . 5, 6 ,,,..5,,f v, 1 "- 'f 'ff-f .sf Q5 ,, f, ,sf 4 2 MICHAEL P. D'.-XLONZO Al 2306 Crasslyn Av'e. ' Havertown ' St. Denis Club 3, Physics Club 4, Dramatics 1-2-3-4 Track 2 1mgr.P. Cross Country 2 4mgr.P. Rifle Team 1, Chemistry vu-Q KENNETH J. DARAS A3 1132 Yeadon Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 MICHAEL M. DAYIES A7 ural 521 Country Club Lane ' Havertown ' Sacred Heart Baseball 1, Cross Country 1. Intramural Sports l-2-3-4 RONALD 1. DeCARLO A1 3943 Stratford Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Charles Class Officer 1, Track 1-2-3-4, Cross Country 1-2-3-4, Intram Sports 1-2-3-4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 WILLIAM C. DECKER A6 236 James Dr. ' Havertown ' St. Dorothy Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Catholic Action 1-2-3-4 RICHARD D. DEFEO A7 606 Country Club Lane ' Havertown ' Intramural Sports I-2-3-4 Sacred Heart FRANCIS P. DeCENOVA A3 510 Commerce Rd. ' Darby ' Blessed Virgin Mary Cross Country 2, Intramural Sports 1-2 DONALD R. De.IESSE A3 2204 Hillcrest Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Class Officcr 1-2-3-4, Student Guard 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1, Track 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 JOHN A. DelGRIPPO A8 23 0verl1il1Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Alice Intramural Sports 1-2 PHILIP P. DELIA A6 14 Princeton Rd. ' Havertown ' Annunciation Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Catholic Action 1-2-3-4 JOSEPH T. DEL OREFICE A2 322 Wh Spring Ave. ' Ardmore ' St. Colman Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Altar Society 1-2 DENNIS A. DEMPSEY A2 535 Bonsall Ave. ' Yeadon 0 St. Louis Student Guard 3-4, Intramural Sports 1-3-4, Rifle Team 2 CEORCE C. DENLINCER A2 1100 County Line Rd. ' Bryn Mawr ' St. Thomas of Villanova Student Council 2. Clan Officer 2-25, Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-1, Riding 4 DONIINIC J lJePETRIi A5 69 S Brighton Au Hlghlllld Park St Laurence Illtl lmurll Sport 125 LllL8l1f!ld6I' 1 Rldlng 4 JOHN N lJESlxO X6 617 Wltlgnolll Me bltnoldul ht ,lo eph 5111111111 blllld 4 lntlalllurll Nportn 1254 Xglrlloolx Stall' HXRR1 E DEBDENDER A4 229 W lrosldulle Rd Ald ln St Jo eph Nttllllllllllf. 12 lllllillllf. 5 1 Rlfla. Tenn 2 Illlldllllll' l1 Sports 12 .5 1 nd 1 Cllll r C ull 12 5 Llltll lly Club JOHN J DENINE A 240 NX 001llll'li1f,.C Xu Clifton Hugl 5 Holx C10 Student Cuald .5 lntrllllul ll Sport 12.5 4 l KRNIEN J lJll5ENElJETTO X 119 Nllglltblll Ttr Hlghllnd lark St Llurulte Illtr lnlul ll 5110115 12 .5 CLERINO J DLCREGORIO A2 l42 Cornell Au- Drvlel Hlll St Andlew 12 .5 4 lntrflmur ll 'Sport 12 .5 4 Cathollt Altlon 1 JOSEPH E DlNOFl-K Xl 1.508 WI llll Nt D Ill!! B11 ed Y llgln 'VI nw Inlldllllll Sport 1 ELI ENE T DOCHERTY A 228 5 Iwnn Blvd Highland Park bt Llulence tudent Guard .5 lntrlmural Sport: 12.5 4 EDW ARD P DODDS X8 33 E Wlldl on -Xu Lllfton Height bt Clldl1t?S lnlramurll 511011 1 .54 JOSEPH L DONOHLE X6 5225 Flllllltkfl he Clifton Hught Holw fro 3 ffifer 1 N udnnt 1 lnt lul ll polt 1 Band 12.54 Orthr: 1ll 12.54 ltarlnoolx btlff4 XINCENT J DONOHLE 4' 1419 Nunm Hlll Llne Haxertmsn Sltred H8'lll Ntudent bulld 4 Tratk 4 C o Countrx .54 Intramural 511011 12 .5 4 " ' ' A ' ' ' 'A Af 5-'-1,J"l ,"1 . 1. A I s L.'r 'ap--o 'f 1 of. 5 ' ' 1 A' f, " A ' "A ' 1' 4 I Y Q 'JE AJ A " ."'-',.' a'.'.s .' "V, V"I-, '- A , " Af 15a , 'A ea 'l -'-I, ' 'lla"1 I5 L " ' 1 I -A. 4 " .',n- 4 - .35 .' " ', A 'A Q 5 If . 1. . ' 1 17 '.A '1'.' 'A ,"'.'.A" 4 4. ' . " ' A A t -- lr . ,. ,I YY lv I I "' -4. o 4- ' c L". - ' Student Count-il 4. Claws Oflil-er I5-4, Student Guard 15-4, Football A A .' 5 ' " . ., p- ' .A'.'.' A'," 'rf "'tA',' " 'il1.' s -2-15-1 fl f . ',5 '1..' '." ""'.A' Q ' '- . . . ,--, A, , . I - rv -..1.s 's"."' 1 .1 ': -25' "f 1.'1':'.' 1' " s' -'Iss 6 ClufsO - .ft ' Guan 4, run 'A S 'S -2-I5-4, ' - ET -1.-'-, -- ' A -' ' A ' ' ' ' QA' .' ' J E .- ll' V- J 4' , , E .- . A , , lr: , ', 5 I W ' ,fl WALT KROPP and hi- tlalv. Dvo Nletloff, di-play fine form while clam-- ing to the mu-ic offered by the Melodicrs. l 1 - .. ,, CHARLES J. UONOYAN A8 GEORGE J. IJOYGHERTY A8 203 Clifton Axe. ' Sharon Hill ' Holy Spirit. 121 Ea-t Berkley ' Drexel Hill ' 5I.C1lkll'1!'a Intramural Sport- 1-2-Ci-1 Clara Officer 3, Swimming 1. Intramural Sport- 1-2-3-1, Bowling FRANCIS P. DOOLEY Al JAMES A. IJRIXKHALI, A3 2313 Han-field Axe. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew 18 5.111-rion Ave. ' Bryn Maur ' Mother of Gootl Counsel Student Cuard -1. Intramural Sport- 1-2-3, Php -in Club -1. Dram: Intramural Sport- 1-2-3, Biology Club 1-2 tie- -1. Biology Club LZ PETER J. IJRISCOLI. All THOMAS XI. IJOOLING A3 23 Pouell Lane ' lipper Darby ' St, Alive 11H1 Cornell Axe. ' lit-me-l Hill ' St. Bernadette Swimming 1, Intramural Sport- 1-2, Rifle Team 1, New-paper Ba-lwtball 1-2. Intramural Sport: 1-2-3 Chemistry Club 3. Dramatir- l. Biology Club 2. Sam-ri-tan'b A-t 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-1. Orche-tra 1-2-3-4, Camera Club 1-2 IIPMBERT A. IYORAZIO AI 130 Colonial Park ' Springfield ' Holy Crow JAMES M. IJVYYER A3 Sssinnning 1. New-paper 1. P113 wie- Club 1. liiology Club 2, Catlio- 222 Whotllaun Ave. ' Collingdalc ' St. Jo-epli lit- At-tion 1, Camera Club 1-2-3-1, Radio Club 2-Zi Cla-a Officer 3, Intramural Sport: 1-2-3-4 6- Y i M' 495 VV. f .A , 5 1 , WALTER A. EELLS Al 2631 Rada-liffe Rd. ' llroomall ' St. Anaftafia Student Guard 3, Intramural Sportf I-2-3-I, Physics Club I, Biology Club 2 JAMES K. EGAX A9 ll Mather Axe. ' Broomall ' Sl. Piuf X Clans Olhcer I, Intramural Sporta 2 LESTER F. EIIIOTT A6 200 Stanton Rd. ' Iiroomall ' St. Pin, X Student Guard 3. SOCUBI' 3, Bowling 2-3, Intramural Sports 2 Catholit' Action I-2 s EDWARD .I. EHERY AT 2366 Clifton Axe. ' Clifton Heights ' St. ,Iowa-ph Football l-2-3. Swimming I, Newspaper l, Intramural Sports 2-ll Sacri:tan': Arst. I 1 THOMAS J. EMERY AT 32151-anford Rd. ' Darby ' Blessed Yirgin Mary Ifootball 1, Bart-ball 1. Intramural Sports I-2-3-I NEAL M. ERICKSON A9 110 Green Xalley Rd. ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Intramural Sports I-2 GEORGE Y. ESCHENBACH A9 H35 Walnut St. ' Collingdale ' St. Joseph Rifle Team 1. Intramural Sport: 2-3 FRANCIS S. IIAIIRIZIO A9 32I Walnut St. ' Clifton Iloightr ' St. Charles Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 3 VIIICII WYAY ARE 'IOC GOING, DAVE? George Hamilton, Steve Smith, IN-to I"v4lerim'o, Toni llamilton, Ronnie Di-Carlo. Charle- Nlorronvy. and Ed Maher try to appear ra-ual EIS they "-vrotingn-" a ride honn- from Dave 0'Donnell who i- leaning on hif car door. .K- was A JOHN J. FAISS A1 1206 Myrtlewood Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Intramural Sports 1-2-4, Debating 1-2, Physics Club 4, Chemistry Club 3, Biology Club 2 JOSEPH M. FALCONE A8 141 Stockton Rd. ' Bryn Mawr ' Mother of Good Counsel Class Officer 2-3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 DANIEL J. FARLEY A6 A A 432 Burnley La. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Class Officer 1-2-3, Football 1, Basketball 2-3-4, Track 2, Swimming 1-2-3-4 g . 5 s FRANCIS X. FAULKNER A3 7228 Pine St. ' Upper Darby ' St. Alice Track 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 PETER C. FEDERICO A2 914 Edgewood Rd. ' Havertown ' Annunciation Class Officer 1-2-4, Student Council 1-2-4, Soccer 3-4, Track 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Newspaper 2-3-4, Glee Club 4, Cheer- leader 4 WILLIAVI D FEEHAN A5 227 Boro Rd Cllfton Heights St Eugene Student Guard 34 Football 12 Intramural Sports 123 4 K' HARR1 A FEINDT A6 1008 Layynton Tr Collmgdale I Jo epll Cla s Officer 12 Student Guard 4 Syylmmlng 1 Foothill 1 Intrl mural Sport 123 4 Rifle Team 1234 Biology Club 2 DON -XLD J FELRER A3 103 W lyne Aye Colllngdale t Joseph """'r Football 1 1 Biology Club 2 'Hb' ROBERT P FEYNELL X3 lla Wil on Aye Wlanoa Sacred Hean Baseball l Footbtll 1 Intramurll Sport 1234 R41 WIOND .1 FIELDER -16 3244 Clenthorne Rfl East Lansdoysne St Cyril Intramural Sport 2 Catholic Action 4 I THEODORE .1 FILLILS 41 M 3 6942 Ru lun L Ea t Lan doysne St Cyrll Intramural Sport 12 3 4 vf I Tiv- EIJCENE L Fl'N'N Al 190 A hby Rd Lpper Darby N 41:11 Cla s Officer l Ba ketball 1234 Track 4 Intramurll Sion 1234 Biology Club 2 Phy us Club 4 ' . . . Q . i r. . , . . e . , ' - . . . 3 Q . I 5 , 0 ' - , . ' ' ' ' S . s 5 s - , , . ' . 4 , a V . s -' - - , ' -' - - , ,' 1 Y ' W, : 'R . A . ' , ' . , 5 I , , " 2 - 'La I 3 L, ,-1, " '- 5 A .. , A . . . kj. . ,rg,,N7if1' . . , ' ' ' , 1 , ' a . s - - - ' " .. ' ' ' ' ' 0 Qf . ' ' ,-' . . L' S - v '. ' . . ' g ' 1. ' s " a. ' ' s ' s ' ' . ' ' -, gc-p ' -. , , i -s 1?-25" ' j , A , , V N - A S .. U . 1 1 '. , hat' A -1 ' , v s ' , 's ---, ' -, ' A -1 'ts x t " . 12, 1351 ROBERT P FITZGERALD AZ 603 Woodland Dr Havertown Slcred Heut New paper 12 3 Bmd 12 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Stage Crew I WILLIAM G FLECIX A1 510 Gland Ave Havertown Sacred Heart Intramural Sports 4 Phv lcs Club 4 Biology Club 2 EDWARD O FLICIx A4 310 Maplewood Ave Merton St Mtrgftrct Class Officer 1 Crew 12 3-4 Intramural Sports 2 3 Cheerlead Band I IINCENIT D FLOLNDERS A9 29 N Maple Ave Lan downe St Phllomena Rifle Team 1 Intramural Sport 12 Newspaper 1 JAMES E FLOYD A9 2538 Franklin Ave Newtown Squire St Plu Y Student Councll 1 Cla Officer 12 Intramural Sports 123 THOMAS .I FLXNN AI 347 'V Lansdowne Ave Lansdowne St Andrews Intramural Sports 123 4 Blologv Club 2 Physics Club 4 CI' fin LOUIS A FORTUCCI A4 600 N Eagle Rd Havertown Sacred Heart Student COUIIPII 3 Cla Officer 3 Bowling 4 Crew 3 4 Rifle Team I Intramural Sport 123-4 Dramattcs 2 Altar Boy 123 RICHARD B FRAWCHOIS A6 218 S Manor Dr Ylllage Green St Joseph Cl: s Officer 1 Basketball 1 Intramural Sports 1234 Debating I Blologv Club 2 Catholic Attlon 1234 Glee Club 4 WILLIAM .I FRIEL A4 800 Arbor Rd Headon St Louxs Traclv 24 Intramural Sports 1234 Altar Boy I EDWARD .I GALLAGHER A4 101 E Baltimore Pk Lansdowne St Phllomena Golf 1 2 3 4 Intramural Sports I 2 3 4 JAMES M GALLAGHER A9 101 Lafayette Ave Colllngdale St .Ioseph Cla Officer 3-4 Student Guard 4 Football 3 Baseball I2 Intra mural Sports 12 3 JAMES P GALLAGHER A2 316 Laltevxew Ave Drexel H111 St Andrew Intramural Sports 12 3 4 Student Guard 3 Glee Club 4 jun Z GZ, Te' ,. aft.-ff 1 Q, 4 4 E lff 4 , v 'VL if 95? l' of ,QTQE I .. PS ' if "' -. f 6' K"1"' i PHILIP H. GALLAGHER A2 257 Afhby Rd. ' Ivpper Darby ' St. Alive Intramural Sports I-2-3-1, Bareball 1. RiHe Team 1, Band 1 THOMAS J. GALLEN A4 39 Loysrys l.a. ' Rofemont ' St. Thomas Track 4, Crow Country 4. Golf 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Debat- ing 1, Altar Society 1-2-3-4 JOHN T. GARDNER AT 258 Wynrliffe Ave. ' Clifton Height, ' Holy Cro-5 Football 3, Track 2, Intramural Sportr 1-2-3-4, Band 1 JOHN .l. GARYEY A6 51127 Dermond Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy' Class Officer 2, Crew 2, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4. Student Guard 4 DICK CROWLEY TAKES THE OPPORTUNITY to introdure I-Idiv Edling to Iiather- Mullen and Brian at the Srrihblefs Hop, uhh-h -erxvd af a -end off for the Chri-Ima: holidays. st 1- at -fa- DANIEL H. GATTONE A5 424 Lansdowne Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Student Guard 3-4, Cross Country 1, Intramural Sports 4, Band 1-2 Cheerleader 4 FREDERICK C. GIBSON A7 256 Ballymore Rd. ' Springfield ' St. Francis of Assibi Rifle Team 1, Band 1 JOSEPH A. GIRONE A4 615 Hawarden Rd. ' Springfield ' Holv Cross Track 4, Bowling 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-4, Newspaper 1, Chem- istry Club 3, Biology Club 2, Camera Club 1-2, Altar Society 1-2-3 RAYMOND A. GIULIANO A6 101 Aluerbtone Rd. ' Springfield ' Holy Cross Student Guard 3 a ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT-Three members of last year's crew are pictured above receiving their trophies from lrr. Shea, Moderator, on Awards Night. They are tleft to right John Hart, Joe Atkins, and Ed Maher. JAMES M. GLASGOW AS THOMAS P. GORMLEY A5 3 Union Ave. ' Narberth ' St. Matthias 600 Woodland Dr. ' Havertown ' Sacred Heart Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 MICHAEL F. GLESSNER A? CHARLES J. GOVAN A8 1005 Sprure Pr' ' Lollmgdale ' bl' Joseph , 502 Montana Ave. ' Collingdale ' St. Joseph Soccer 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 4, Camera Llub 3 Intramural Sports 12.34, Band 1.2, Orchestra 1,2 JOSEPH F. GOMES A3 Y 823 Lindale Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette CHARLES R- COVE A6 l Class Officer 3-4, Student Guard 4, Basketball I-2-3-4, Cross Country 662 Woodcresr Ave- Ardmore ' Sl- Dems 2, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Yearbook Staff 4 Intramural UPOHS 2'3'41 Carholrc Acuor' 2'3'4 PETER J. GORDON A8 EDWARD J. GRACE A7 329 Inwood Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Colman 850 Eaton Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Student Guard 4, Swimming 1, Intramural Sports 2 Student Guard 4, Rifle Team I-2, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 I-. .N 2 fag.. 1 ROBERT K GRAFF A3 408 S Seventh St Darby Ble sed Ylrgln Mun Football 123-4 Basketball 123 Intramural Sports 4 Rldlng LAWRENCE A GRANT A2 1433 Sunny Hlll La Hawertovsn Sacred Helrt Class Officer 3 Student Guard 34 Football 1234 Intrlmurul Sports 123-4 Band 1 Dramatic 1 JAMES A GRECH A2 1118 Mann St Darby Blessed Ylrgln Marx Bowllng 3-4 Intramural Sports 12 3 4 RICHARD M GRECO A2 2425 Bryn Mawr Awe Ardmore St Dems Student Guard 3 Football 1 Intramural Sports 12 3 4 WILLIAM S GRECO A8 17 Pennsylvania Awe Havertown Annunultlon Intramural Sports 12 Band 12 3 Orchestra 2 3 GERARD F GREY A5 41 S Madison Ave Hlghland Park St Laurence Class Officer 3 4 Intramural Sports 1 2 4 1214 W ALTER S GROSZXK A 603 Woodcrest Awe Ardmore St Dem Student Guard 4 Intramural Sports 2 3 4 Chemistry Club 4 Phy slcs Club 4 Biology Club 2 JOHN R HAFTL A9 122 Sharon Awe Colllngdale bt .Iosepb Track 4 Intrlmural Sport 12-4 GEORGE I. HAMILTON A1 26 Glencoe Rd Upper Darby St Allce 234 Cross Country 34 Swlmmlng 1 Intramural Sports Physics Club 4 Biology Club 2 Indoor Track 4 Track 1 2 3 4 THOMAS P HAMILTON Al 26 Glencoe Rd Upper Darby St Alice Student Guard 3 Track 4 Cross Country 4 Intramural Sports 123-4 Debatmg 2 Physics Club 4 Blology Club 2 DAVID .I HAWAHAN A5 1005 Serrlll Awe Yeadon St Louns Officer 12 Basketball 123-4 Baseball 3-4 Track 1234 Country 23-4 Intramural Sports 123-4 Class Cross WILLIAM C HARKIW A2 207 Staley Awe Collmgdale Blessed Vlrgln Mary Cathohc Actlon 12 3 Chrlstophers 2 3 Altar Boys 12 3-4 w D . 0 0 5 " ' -3' .. , .., -, 4 . , .. 1 . . Z , ., ' ..., 3 3 I G.. ' , A ' I o 1 Q - " ' . Y 1 ' ,. , ... , , -... as 2 , . .. 4 , vu, .1 , ,K L., .., -- . l .N ' . . . I l ' U ' -, '.- Q 454 ' .J 1. 5 ' " at - A us.. 1 l V, 4 v 1 ' ' ' . 's -f ' 1 'K 1"1 ' 1 ' , - , 1 '. ' ' ' S. ' F ' , 1 ' s- . I . .' ' ' . ' ' "1 I 1 1 "'1 1 1 1 I . 1. I .' ' . I 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' " 1 1 'I 1 . V.. . .. . - ., .. Y , ..., . , .. . 1 i ... . . Q -. . .., ., .. THOMAS P. HARPER A2 2712 St. Mary's Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Denis Intramural Sports 2-4, Glee Club 4 THOMAS J. HARRON Al 106 Bryn Mawr Ave. ' Bala Cynwyd ' St. Matthias Student Guard 4, Baseball 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Chemistry Club 3, Physics Club 4, Dramatics 3, Biology Club 2 JOHN N. HART A2 405 Bell Ave. ' Springfield ' St. Kevin Student Guard 4, Crew 2-3-4, Soccer 4, Tennis l, Track 1, Yearbook ' Staff 4, Cheerleader 4, Glee Club 4, Prom Committee 3-4, Intra- mural Sports 1-2-3-4 CHARLES F. HARVEY A4 896 Main St. ' Darby ' Blessed Virgin Mary Class Officer 2-3-4, Student Guard 3-4, Student Council 3-4, Basket- ball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-4, Sacristan's Asst. 4 ..- CHARLES J. HATTON A8 2 North Bridge Rd. ' Penn Wynne ' Nativity Class Ofiicer 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3 JAMES R. HATTON A8 2 North Bridge Rd. ' Penn Wynne ' Nativity Class Officer 1 Cross Country 1 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 ' ' W EDWARD J HAUER A9 1367 Park Lane Darby Blessed Y irgm Mary Class Officer 2 4 Intramural Sports 12 3 4 Riding 4 "' JOSEPH G HEFFRON A7 168 S Highland Rd Springfield St Francis of Assisi JOHN J HENDRY A8 39 S Greenhill Rd Broomall St Plus X Football 1 2 3 Intramural Sports 12 3 4 Student Guard 4 JOHN J HERON A7 7106 Locust St Upper Darby Cross Country 1 Intramural Sports 23 St Alice THEODORE A HESSER A 353 Margate Rd Upper Darby Baseball 1 Intramural Sports 123-4 Z St Alice THOMAS M HIGGINS A2 3829 Marshall Rd Drexel Hill St Charles Baseball 34 Track 12 Cross Country 1234 Intramural Sports 1 2 3 4 K4 A PAIR OF QUEENS!WGeorge Ham- ilton, whose date, Cecile Mugnier, was chosen Miss Spire, and Larry Lavin who escorted Joann McFadden, chosen as Miss Bon-Aire, seem quite happy about it all. MARTIN A. HOESCH A2 10 S.,Fourteenth St. ' Darby ' Blessed Virgin Marv Class Officer 1-2, Student Guard 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4,'News- paper 1-2, Biology Club 2 .IAMES C. HOFFMAN A8 6915 Clinton Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Student Council 2-3, Class Officer 2-3, Student Guard 4, Track 1-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Newspaper 3 ROBERT M. HOFFMAN A8 42 Sycamore Ave. 0 Aldan ' St. Joseph Intramural Sports 2-3-4 JOSEPH D. HOLAHAN A3 T10 Roberts Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 2-3-4 -9-I ROBERT J. HORIEL A8 3945 Mary St. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Charles Class Officer 4, Student Guard 3, Football 1, Track 1, Swimming 1 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 JAMES F. HORN A9 217 Green Ave. ' Lansdowne ' St. Philomenl Track 1-2-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Riding 4 RICHARD F. HOSPOD Al 7048 Ruskin La. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Debating 1-2, Physics Club 4 ANTHONY C. HUGHEs Al 283 Wayne Ave. ' Lansdowne ' St. Pllll0lllL'llll Track 1-2-4, Cross Country 1-2-3, Soccer 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-l Newspaper 1-2-3-4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 .43 ff. ., s W 45" aa.. 'E I W' ss A Q A 1 U w. e . ...L 4235, X-5' f ff'-f , ji: N., , 5, , '1 ic' ' n '1 a N, W , ,fggjf . "" J. MICHAEL HUGHES A1 605 Lanmore Ave. ' Slrafford ' Our Lady of the Assumption Class Officer 2, Student Guard 15, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Chem- istry Club 4. Biology Club 2 PAUL C. IILGIIES AS 3507 Mary St. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Charles Class Officer 1, Swimming 1, Intramural Sports 3 ROBERT I". IILGHES A1 505 S. Narberth Ave. ' Merion ' St. Margaret Class Oflieer 2, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 WILLIAM J. HLRLEY A1 2320 Highland Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Ftudent Guard 3-4. Football 2-3, Rifle Team 1, lntramural Sports 1-2-3-I, Chemistry Club 4, Physivs Club 4, Biology Club 2 15. Qi - W6f CHARLES B. IRWIN A8 161 Burmont Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Charles Student Count-il 2, Student Guard -1, Track 1-2-3-i, Football 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3 JOSEPH I". ISEL A8 3820 Berry Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Cross Country 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3 ARTHUR L. JOHNSON A9 929 Old Lancaster Rd. ' Bryn Mawr ' Our Mother of Good Counsel JOHN .I. JIJTZI A5 5203 Crestwood Dr. ' Springfield ' Holy Cross Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Biology Club 2, Sat-ristan's Asst. 1 PETTICOAT PARTYLINE W Art Callaghan strains to look nom-halant srorts four of the fairer sex to the cafeteria for a light refresh- ment. THOMAB E KANE A6 112 Elmwood Axe Narberth St Margaret Intramural Sport 12 3 4 Cathollc Action 4 PAIL H KEARNEY .IR A6 26 Clifton Awe Aldan St Joieph Cla s Officer 2 Student Guard 4 Football 1 Intramural Sporta 1234 Nevwpaper 2 Biology Club 2 Catholic Actlon 1234 JOHV P REEFE A6 915 Cornell -he Drexel H111 Qt Bernadette Student Guard 3 Football 1 Baiketball 2 Track 3 4 Cros Coun trv 234 Indoor Track 34 Intrlmural Sport 1234 Cathollc Action 1 2 3 4 WILLIAM .I IXEEGAN A6 1608 Kewstone Awe Upper Darbw St Laurence Student Guard 3 Intramural 5ports 13 4 Clthollc Action 34 JAMES E REENAN A2 120 Wayne Awe Collmgdale St Joatph WILLIAM A KEENAN A6 908 Walnut bt Collmgdale bt Joseph Swlmmlng 12 Rlfle Team 1 Intramural Sports 1234 Dramatlm 1 Biology Club 2 HARRY L KELLEHER A1 115 Rhodes Awe Collmgdale Blesbed xlfglll Mary Intramural Sporta 12 3 4 Phy rcs Club 4 Blology Club 2 ALBERT .1 KELLY A7 127 'V Pennock Ave Upper Darbw St Laurence Ba ketball 3 4 imgr l Baseball 2 lmgr P Intramural bporta 2 3 1 Debating 2 Altar Boy 2 4 JOHN W RELLX A4 119 Wlldell Ave Drexel Hull St Dorothw Clas OHicer 1 Student Guard 4 Baseball 4 Track 12 Cro Country 13 Swlmm1ng14 Intramural Nportm 1234 Biology Club 2 LAWRENCE .1 RELLX Aa 2429 Axon Rd Ardmore bt Dem ROBERT .1 KELLH A3 120 Che tnut Awe Narberth St Margaret Tenn: 1 2 3 4 ROBERT W KELL1 46 132 Golf Hills Awe Ardmore Et Dems Llas Officer 1 Student Guard 34 Football 1 Ba eball 12 lnlra mural Sport 12 3 4 Dramatu 1 Bnology Club Z 7 TIMOTHY J. KELLY A1 1113 Serrill Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Student Guard 4, Cross Country 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Debat- ing 1-4, Chemistry Club 3-4, Physics Club 4 FRANCIS .I. KENNEY A4 115 Academy Lane ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Student Gllilrd 4, Tfllvli 3-4, Cross Country I-2-3-4, Altar Boy 1-2, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 ROBERT A. KENNEY A5 300 N. Oak Ave. ' Clifton Heights ' Holy Cross Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 THOMAS A. KILCULLEN A7 542 Litllecroft Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Class Omcer 3, Football I-2, Crew I-2, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4 JOSEPH E. KINIRY A3 2444 Eldon Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Track I-2-3-4, Cross Country 2-3, Soccer 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, facristnn's Asst. I-2-3-4 JOHN H. KLEMM A4 333 Highland Lane ' Bryn Mawr ' Our Mother of Good Counsel Biology Club 2, Chemistry Club 3, New spaper 4, Photography Club 2-3-4, Yearbook 3-4 WILLIAM R. KONRAD A1 49 Hirst Ave. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Soccer 3, Bowling 3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Biology Club 2 1 Physics Club 4 JOHN C. KROEGER A5 345 Clearbrook Ave. ' Lansdowne ' St.Philomena Student Guard 3, Track 1. Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Band I-2 1 Biology Club 2, Physics Club 4, Riding 4 WALTER R. KROPI' A6 1005 I-'oss Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Class Officer 1-2, Student Guard 4, Swimming 2, Baseball I-3-4, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Cheerleader 4, Catholic Action 4 FRANCIS J. LALLA A6 Yirgin Mary 18 MacDade Blvd. ' Darby ' Blessed Class Officer 2, Student Guard 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Catholic Action 4 1, Intramural Sports LAURENCE M. LAYIN A3 126 Margate Rd. ' Ifpper Darby Student Guard 3-4. Intramural S orts 1-2-3-4, P Newspaper I, Dramalics 3, Yearbook 4 JOHN C. LEMING A7 328 Margate Rd. ' Upper Darby Football 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 St. Alice Cross Country I, St. Alice qu JAMES A. LETSON A4 249 Blanchard Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' Class Officer 1-2, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Debating l, Chemistry Club 3, Biology Club 1-2-3-4 WILLIAM LEWIS A4 233 Sedgewood Rd. ' Springfield ' St. Student Guard 4, Swimming 1-2-4 JAMES E. LHULIER A8 101 E. Madison Ave. ' Clifton Heights Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 JOHN F. LIEB A4 234 Windsor Ave. ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Student Guard 4, Basketball 3-4, Track 3-4 1-2-3-4 FATHER KNOWS BEST-Bob Collins, one of our outstanding seniors and trackmen, listens attentively to some sound track advice offered bv Father John J. Byrnes, O.S.A. 'A ' ,M .. - h A, ai JW- A '.fL-A, f4.",'-,Y .. RICHARD T. LINAHAN A9 4 Englewood Rd. ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 1-2-3 THOMAS A. LOFTUS A5 848 Fairfax Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Student Guard 4, Baseball 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Rifle Team 1, Physics Club 4 WILLIAM K. LONG A1 109 Browning La. ' Rosemont ' St. Thomas of Yillanova Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Soccer 4, Debating 1, Newspaper 4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 STEPHEN R. LOWDEN A9 46 Walnut St. ' Clifton Heights ' St. Charles Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1, Swimming 1, Rifle Team 1-2, Newspaper 1 fl' 'F Sf: 04, I K c nada.-.,..., U ' I I' -Ahhh-f 'z ' ' : ,- 9, it RICHARD J. LUBICKY A7 1035 Coates St. ' Sharon Hill ' Holy Spirit Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 JOHN J. LUDLAM A2 515 Irvington Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Student Guard 4, Tennis 1-2-3-1, Basketball 2, Yearbook Stall' -I, Physics Club 4, Cheerleader 4, Glee Club 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 JOHN H. LUTZ A4 108 Cedarbrook Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Denis Football 1, Track 2, Tennis 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Bowling -1, Newspaper 2-3, Biology Club 2 JAMES J. LYNCH A1 4127 Taylor Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Bowling 2-3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 THREE .IOES WITH NO DOUGH- "Well You See It's Like This . . .H .Ioe Holahan, Joe Gomes, and Joe Crosby explain their financial em- barrassment to their dates, Marie Lauria, Maureen Sullivan, and Pat Hanahan. l FRANCIS X. MACEE A1 41' E. Lacrosse Ave. ' Lansdowne ' St. Philomena Student Guard 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3--1, Physics Club -I GEORGE P. MAGEE A6 208 Linwood Ave. ' Ardmore ' St. Colman Intramural Sports 1-2-3 EDGAR A. MAHER A4 106 Kent Rd. ' Springfield ' St. Francis of Assisi Student Guard 4, Football 1, Crew 1-2-3-4, Swimming 1, Soccer 4 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Prom Committee 3-4 THOMAS F. MAHER A6 72 S. Brighton Ave. ' Upper Darby ' St. Laurence Student Guard 4, Track 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3 NICHOLAS P. MAITA A9 1320 Angora Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louir Football 1, Basketball 1, Intramural Sport: I-2-3-4 GEORGE W. BIAJOROS A3 669 Rose St. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Intramural Sport: 1-2-3, Riding 4, Biology 2 JOHN J. MALLAY AT T106 Cloxer La. ' Lpper Darby ' St. Cyril Class Officer 3, Intramural Sport? 1-2-4 JOHN H. MANNINC A4 I9 W'illoubr0ok Rd. ' Broomall ' St. Anaftavia Class Officer 1-2-3, Football 1-2-3, Barketball 1-2, Baaeball 2-4, Trac-li I-3, Swimming 4, Dramatics 1 DENNIS L AIARQ HEI A4 671 Rose Street Xeldon 5 LOUIS Intrimural Sports 12 ROBERT H 'NI ARTIST At 319 Ballymore Rd Springfield ranub of A Intramural Sports 2 Band 1 JAVIE5 A 'VIARIWO A5 Lpland Rd Haxertown Sacred Heart Intramural Sports 2 3 4 BERTRAVI .I MARKS At 87a Addlngham Axe Drexel Hill St Dorothy Intramural Sport 12 3 4 Swimming 1 ROBERT O 'NIARSH-ALL Ai 178 Lincoln Dr Hawertoun batted Heart JOHN F NIARTIELLO A3 Im Klum-don Dr Darbw Ble ned Alrgln 'Alan Ba elnll I Intramurll port IZ 3 4 Btologx Club Z CHARLES E NIARTINO A6 156 Iielbeld Aw Drexel Hill St Doroths Inlrnmurll Sport 1 " 5 4 Biologw Club 2 Catholu Action 3 4 PETER .l AI ATTSON A4 If 7 N I in downs se Lan downe St Phllomena Football I Intrlmural Sport 17.54 Track I Soccer 4 Biologx Club 2 :V:.,...,',:. .,'L Ib V 4 . V .- Q ' 'l - surf -' ..a,i I lg K , . Is . 'X . G X T1 ' '. - V - ' - 1.' . ' '.A: ' - 9. ' 1 ' Q 5 -'-A-,S ' ' L ' . . -.A-A -A 4 O... . Suinnning 4, Bareball 2, Track 4, Intramural Sports 3-4, Band I-2-3 , 5 -1 2 ' I :..'..t. ' .1 . - , Q ! 'J A 5 JOHN P. Mt-ALARY Al .jg p 120 Staley Ave. ' Collingdale ' Blessed Virgin Mary ' Q,- Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4. Rifle Team 1-2, Newspaper 1, Physics 1' V Club 4, Dramatirs -I, Biology Club 2, Chemistry Club -I If se. 1 il L, ' , JAMES F. M4-ALLISTER A7 254 Glendale ' Upper Darby 0 St. Alive Intramural Sports 2-3-4 GERARD J. MQCAFFERTY A9 221 Ardmore Ave. ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Intramural Sports 4 J. EDWARD M4-CAFFREY AI 927 Lindale Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Student Guard -I, Cross Country 3-I, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 KEYIN P. M1-CALLUM A9 912 County Line Rd. ' Bryn Maur ' Our Mother of Good Counsel bludent Guard -I, Baseball 4. Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 RICHARD T. McCANN A6 3200 Marvine Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Crew 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 4 ROBERT J. IVRCLOSKEY A7 9 Elder Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Philomenl Intramural Sports 2 JOHN E. Mt-CORMACK A9 118 Kenilworth Rd. ' Merion ' St. Margaret Intramural Sports 1-2-II-I WILLIAM J. Mt-DAID A8 1056 Marltee Terr. ' Bryn Maur ' Our Mother of Good Counsel Class Officer 2, Intramural Sports 1-3-4 NEAL W. Mt-DONNELL A4 221Warrinr Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Track 1-4, Swimming 1-2-3-I, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 DAYID C. Mc-ELHINEY A5 32 N. Harwood Ave. ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Intramural Sports 2 0L'R HOUSE OF REPRESENTA- TIVES--On the night of Open Housc the following Bonnermcn represented their respective sports Front lcllll' Il. to r.P .lohn Hart. Crew: Bob Ben- w0n. Rifle Teamg Pete Frcdrico, Soc- cer: Bob Collins, Cross Country: .lack Keele, Track: Chuck Harm-y, Basketball. Back Roxc: Neil Mc- Donnell, Swimmingg Al Rayncr. Footballg Joe Cothie. Baseballg and Bob Murphy, Bowling. LAWRENCE P. Mt-ELROY A6 57 E. Stratford Ave. ' Lansdowne ' St. Philomena Bowling -I, Intramural Sports 1-2-3 PETER 1. McELROY A8 57 E. Stratford Ave. ' Lansdowne ' St. Philomena Class Officer -1, Football 3-4, Intramural Sports I-2-3-I DANIEL Y. McGARYEY A-I 482 Thatcher Rd. ' Springlicl-.I ' St. Kevin Bowling 2, Rifle Team I, Intramural Sports 1, Biology Club 2, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 4, Chemistry Club 3 MICHAEL P. McGARYEY A5 1508 Sunny Hill La. ' Havertown ' Sacred Heart Foccer 4, Rifle Team 1, Intramural Sports I-2-3--I, Riding vl, Physics 4 THOMAS J. McGLINCHEY A5 209 Shirley Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Alice Biology Club 2 JOSEPH H. McGLYNN A1 323 Owen St. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew' Intramural Sports I-2-3--1. Chemistry Club 3, Physics Club Biology Club 2, Camera Club 1 .IOIIN P. Mi-GOVERN A6 2419 Avon Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Denis Intramural 5ports 1-2-3-4, Biology Club 2, Catholic Action 3-4 WILLIAM .I. McGUIRE A4 232 Hampden Rd. ' L'pper Darby ' St. Alice Cross Country I, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 1. C G' -if or ug - 0" 61 'V' 13 ai . l57 DENNIS M. Mt-HALE A4 532 Arbor Rd. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Class Officer 1, Football 3, Track 1-2-3, Cross Country 2, Debating 1, Intramural Sports 1 TIMOTHY E. McHALE A9 21 S. Lansdowne Ave. ' Lansdowne ' St. Philomena Football 3-1, Baseball 1-4, Crew 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-1, Dramatics 1 HARRY I. Mt-HENRY A2 417 Dorset Rd. ' Berwyn ' St. Monica Swimming 1. Tennis 1-2, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-1, Bowling -1, Chemistry Club 3 FRANCIS C. Mt-LAUCHLIN A9 901Mason Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Intramural Sports 1 I JOHN J. Mt-LAUGHLIN A3 475 Windemere Rd. ' Drexel Park ' St. Andrew Student Guard 4, Crew 4, Swimming 1, Riding 4, Dramaties 3, Intramural Sports 2-3 JOHN F. Mt-NULTY A1 215 Sharon Ave. ' Sharon Hill ' Holy Spirit Intramural Sports 1-3-1, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2, Radio 1-2 ROBERT J. Mt-NULTY A2 116 S. Highland Rd. ' Springfield ' St. Francis of Assisi Class Oflicer 1-2-3-4, Student Guard 4, Football 1, Basketball 1-3, Track 1-2-3-4, Cross Country 2-3-4, Newspaper 1,'Saeristan Asst. 4, Indoor Track 2-4 CHARLES W. McQUAID A6 259 Williams Rd. ' Rosemont St. Thomas of Villanova Class Ofhcer 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Biology Club 2, Catholic Action 1-2-3-4 COKE TIME. Relaxing during a short retreat from the crowded dance floor, Bill Hurley, Terry Mucchetti. Joe Smith, and Ann Schmidt enjoy a few laughs at the Scribblerls Hop. ROBERT .I. McSHEA A4 82 Lownes La. ' Springfield ' St. Francis of Assisi MICHAEL S. MEAGHER AT 26 Elmwood Ave. ' Narberth ' St. Margaret Class Ollicer 4, Swimming 4, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Newspaper 3-4 THOMAS W. MEEHAN A6 93 Frances Ave. ' Sharon Hill ' Holy Spirit Class Oflicer 4. Student Council 4, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Cheerleader 4, Catholic Action 4 .IULIAN R. MEISNER A2 907 Myra Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports I-2, Newspaper 2-3-4, Yearbook Staff 3-4, Chemistry Club 3, Biology Club 2, Glee Club 4, Camera Club 1-2-3-4 GERALD A. MELCHIODE Al 5017 Fairway Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Student Guard 4, Debating 2-3-4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 WILLIAM I. MELCHIORRE A4 238 Ardmore Ave. ' Upper Darby ' St. Laurence Intramural Sports 3, Rifle Team 1, Chemistry Club 3 ANGELO F. MICALIZZI A3 50 Branford Rd. ' Darby ' Blessed Virgin Mary Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 EDWARD D. MILLER A2 1107 Chestnut St. ' Collingdale ' St. Joseph Track 2, Intramural Sports 1-2-34, Biology Club 2 PAUL J. MILLER A2 351 Congress Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Philomena Intramural Sports I-2, Chemistry Club 3 ARTHUR C. MINCHIN A2 1023 Guenther Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Class Officer 2, Student Guard 3, Cross Country 1-2, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Rifle Team 1, Biology Club 2 ROBERT J. MINK A7 215 N. 7th St. ' Darby ' Blessed Virgin Mary Intramural Sports I-2-3-4 PAUL F. MISSAKIAN A2 2815 Garrett Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Intramural Sports I-2-3, Chemistry Club 3, Dramatics 1, Biology Club 2 WILLIAM D. MORAN A4 216 Sedgewood Rd. ' Springfield ' St. Francis of Assisi Crew 3-4, Bowling 2, Intramural Sports 1-3-4, Rifle Team 1, Biology Club 2 MICHAEL I. MORLEY A5 825 Pleasant Rd. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 CHARLES T. MORRONEY A3 381 Gleaves Rd. ' Springfield ' St. Kevin Crew 3-4, Intramural Sports 2-3-4, Student Guard 4, Biology Club 2 ALFRED J. MOYER A9 266 Hampden Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Alice Student Guard 4, Baseball 1, Intramural Sports 1-2 RICHARD M. MULHEARN A5 229 Hathaway La. ' Ardmore ' St. Denis Intramural Sports 1-2-4 DAVID J. MULLEN A8 842 Whitby Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Swimming 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 THOMAS J. MULLEN A5 110 Merion Ave. ' Merion ' St. Margaret Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Rifle Team 1, Biology Club 2 GERALD A. MULLIN A9 7824 Vfestview Ave. ' Upper Darby ' St. Laurence Basketball 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3 DENNIS E. MURPHY A8 2724 Morris Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Denis Swimming 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 FRANK J. MURPHY A2 64 Warrior Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Student Guard 4, Debating 2-3, Newspaper 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Chemistry Club 3, Dramatics 2-3, Catholic Action 1-2 HARRY F. MURPHY A7 681 Dutton Circle ' Springfield ' Holy Cross Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Football 1, Baseball 1, Class Oliicer 1-2-3, Student Council 1 JOHN J. MURPHY A6 35 N. Linden Ave. ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Football 1, Baseball 1-2-3, Crew 4, Swimming 1, Class Officer l-2-3, Student Guard 4, Cheerleader 4, Biology Club 2, Catholic Action 1-2-3-4 Student Guard 3, Football 1-2-3, Basketball 1-2, Track 1-4, Crew 4, A 0:3 I Qi ' T713 , . G ii-v Y"" 1 ' .AF '7 .. gs. L ' Q -' ' ,-:fi f . N' ,V 1 gi V gr V 211 ft Q. rw , of FRANCIS J. MLRRAY A3 WILLIAM R. MLZIKAR A3 319 Wvcstbrook Dr. ' Springfield ' Holy Cross T160 Marfllall Rd. ' Iippcr Darby ' St Cy Ftudcnt Cuard 3-el, Intramural Sportn I-2-3-1 Student Guard 3, Bowling 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-I THOMAS .l. MURRAY A7 STANLEY P. NAIJIJEO A3 626 WY. Cobb, Creek Pkwy. ' Yeadon ' S. . urs 320 Brookline Blvd. ' Brookline ' Annunciation tudenl Guard 4, Track l, Rifle Team I, Intramural Sport: I-2-3-.1 Student Council 2, Class Officer 2-3, Bowling 3, Intramui il Nportb 1-2-3-4 ELGENE I.. MLRTER A9 212 Sharon Ave. ' Sharon Hill ' Holy Spirit RICHARD ll. NACLE A3 Intramural Sports 2-3, Camera Club I 128 Sutton Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Colman Rifle Team I, Bowling 3, Crew 4. Intramural Sport I-.. l I CARL F. MLSETTI A6 217 Afhby Rd. ' Lipper Darby ' St. Alice- MICHAEL Y. NAPOLI A2 Football I. Bowling I, Baseball I-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-l, 115 Powell La. ' Lpper Darby ' St. Alicc Catholic Action 1-2-3-1 -- ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ACTION ?-Many of Bonn:-rl promi- Illini SUlll0l'r LIFP rllflkfl llf'I't' ll'l il fllfl' moment of re-af: ' ' 1 Iixition during 1 lull - cftixitic: of the Scribblcrl in tln. l Hop. Intiamural bportf I-2-3-4, Chemlbtry Club 3 .--ofgik I62 . GLOBAL FRONTIERS. Section A-I enjoys one of Father Burke's many clever witticisms which add humor to the Solid Geometry class. ANTHONY J. NICIIOLS A9 GREGORY N. O'BEIRNE A3 900 Clifton Ave. ' Collingdale ' St. ,Io-cph 231 Glengary Dr. ' Broomall ' St. Pius X Student Guard 3-1, Cross Country 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-1, Swimming 1, Intramural Sporth 1-2-3-I, Band 1-2-3-I, Orchestra Dramutics 1 2-3--1 C , C , I WALTER M. O'BRIEN A6 h, Q , JOHN A' NIROTIA 'U Q 555 E. Scenic Rd. ' Springfield ' Iloly Cross i 1-0 5. Woodlawn Ave. ' Colllngclale r' .t. Jowpll Intramural Sport: 1-2-3-I, Catholic Action 4 boccer 4, Rlilc foam I, Intramural bports 1-2-J-4 JOSEPH C. O'CONNOR A2 LAWRENCE J. NORTON A7 w TUTW1 Greenwood Ave. Upper Darlrvy ' bt.ICyril T31 Moore Axe. ' Bryn Mawr ' Our Mother of Good Counfel fludem Guard 54, Football LZ' Intramural 590115 1'2"I'4 Intramural Sports 1-1 IJAYIIJ I". O'lJONNELI, A3 1009 Delaware Arc. ' Havertown ' Annunciation JAME5 P, NIQGENT A' Ftudent Council I II'ref.t. Claes Officer 2-VI, Student Guard -I 151TCountyI.in1-Rd. ' Rosemont ' 5t.I'I'homa: of Xillanova If001lH1II 1-2-3-L Tl'il4'li 1-2-3-1, IHd00l' Tflivk 2-3-1, I1'llf0Fl1Ul'1ll Crew 2, Swimming 1, Intramural Sport: 1-2-3-I 5130115 2-4. Band 1, Bi010t:y Club 2 S' ir C35 gs 5 Q.-4 STANLEY W OSMANSKI A6 6136 Jefferson St Philadelphia 31 Our Lady of Lourdes HARR1 W OWEN5 A3 5361 De Lamar Rd Clifton Helght Holy Cross Student Guard 3 Intramural Sports 2 4 Biology Club 2 ROBERT R PALVIERIO A3 5425 Tw on Rd 'Newtown Square bt Ana la 1a Cla Officer 3 Student Counul 3 Intramural Sports 123 4 Band 1 2 3 DOWIENICO N PANACCIO A4 2519 Ro emont Ate Ardmore St Dem Trult 1 Lros Lountrw 1 Crew 4 Cheml tn Club .5 Phvslc Club 4 Biology Llub 2 Altar Bos 12 Intramural Sports 1234 JOSEPH 4 P-VNEBIANCO A8 327 Che wold Rd Drexel Hill St Charles Football 12 Track 12 Intramural Sports 1234 Biology Club 2 NICHOLAS lx PETERSEN A1 259 Cllomal Park Dr Springfield Holy Cro Football 2 Rifle Team 12 Intramural Sport 23 New p :per 23-4 Chemistry Llub 3 Phy lc Club 4 Biology Club 2 Lamera Club 234 Radio Club 1,23 321 S. Church St. ' Clifton Heights ' St. Eugene Class Officer 2-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports 2-4 128 Wvestwood Park Dr. ' Havertown ' Sacred Heart Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 RICHARD J. O'DONNELL A8 226 W'albenarle Ave. ' East Lansdowne ' St. Charles Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 400 Bryan St Havertown St Bernadette Class Officer 124 Student Guard 4 Football 123 Intramurnl Sports 1234 Newspaper 1 Dramnucs 12 Catholic Action 34 Yearbook 4 Clee Club 4 7818 Wlndrm Rd Lipper Darby St Laurence Intramural Sports 123 Newspaper 12 Chemistry Club 3 Drl matics 12 3 Biology Club 2 Band 12 3 4 Orchestra 12 3 4 5101 Bond Ave Drexel Hlll St Dorothy Intramural Sports 2 Bowling 3 Biology Club 2 Catholic Action 4 43 PATRICK J. PINTO A4 617 Church La. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Baseball 4, Intramural Sports 3-4, Bowling 4 ANTHONY A. PIZZI A7 422 E. Eagle Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Denis Soccer 4, Intramural Sports 3-4, Sacristans Asst. 4 JOSEPH A. PORRECA A5 1016 Turner Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Tennis 1, Chemistry Club 4, Band 1, Stage Crew 4 RAYMOND J POTTS A9 209 Drexel Court Apt Drexel Hill Qt Andrexs Clas Officer 1 Student Guard 4 Football 1 Track 1 Intrrmurnl Sporta 1 2 3 4 ROBERT B PREbTON A5 23 Linden Ave Lan downe St Phllomenfl Student Guard 4 Intramural Sport: 12 34 C thollc Action 12 FRANK lx PRESZ A9 317 Berxley Awe Clifton Helghte Slcrtd Helrt Basketball 1 2 J BRUNO .I PROCOPIO A7 2944 Normandy Rd Ardmore St Denl Intramural Sportm 124 Drflmatlcs 12 bacrl tans Ant 1234 .lA'VlEb A PUCILLO A2 124 N Pennotlt Ave Highland Park Qt Llulence Intramural Sport: 123 4 Chemlatry Club 3 Biology Club 2 FRANK .I QLINLAN A7 171 W oodlnne Rd H nertown Sacred He nrt 1 2 3 4 WILLIAVI .I RADEMAKER A1 110 Black Frnr Rd Ro emont St Thoml of 1111 mon Nludent Guard 1- Crew 4 Tenn: 1 Intramurll Sport 234 1earhooL Staff 4 Cheml tty Club 34 Phw it Club 4 Biology Club 2 Dramatlt 2 LEO R RAFTER A8 5124 Gramercy Dr Springfield Holy Cross Intramurll Sport 1234 Dramatns 1 Band 1 WILLI-XVI F RANIERI AZ 1229 Nia on -Me Drexel Hill bt Bernadette Student Guard 4 Debating 1234 Chem: try Club 3 Dramatic? 1234 Catholic Action 12 1 n . 7 . n n I . hh s , . , , , z 1 ' ' ' ' S , ' C . ' . . , . . . -'- , G . , ' - I 0 ' ' - 0 3 1 I ' 4 - I w I Y . ' . ' . 's ' n - 9 C . s 7 E -5 " ' u n - A N A 1 5 7 . " ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' ., . 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 . , . , .. , . i , 1 I V . , W Class Officer 2, Cross Country 1-2-3-4, Track 1, Intramural Sports ' " '1 . ' s ' . as " A 'a .Y ' P, ' , 5 , a . s -'-, , K , y 5 ., L, is .5 , a ' I '5 h ., 1 I Q Li ' . n A .l s - - - , ' " , ' ' . 'S . ' . ' . ' ' 1 . ' -3 1 l ' 'I' s If 1 .9 4 I 1 .71 5 u 5 I i A 1 - 0 e 5, F ' I ' WHO NEEDS A GREEN THUMB? Pete Herberer seems amazed at the Chemical Garden experiment which Tim Kelly and Charles Anderson, displayed in the Chemistry lab dur- ing Open House. ALBERT E. RAYNER A8 T10 Broadway Ave. ' Primos ' St. Eugene Student Guard 1, Track 1, Baseball 1, Tennis 2, Football 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4 JOHN I. REDDAN AT 623 Dayton Rd. ' Bryn Mawr ' Our Mother of Good Counsel Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 GEORGE H. REED A4 1232 Edgehill Rd. ' Darby ' Blessed Virgin Mary Class Officer 1, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Dramatics 3, Physics Club 4 RONALD S. REGANATO A8 249 Wiltshire Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Alice Class Officer 1, Student Guard 4, Baseball 3-4, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Newspaper 3 Qs A -' PFI, is A 'V ,,1-wffargaa , f .- x er- . V' x QQHQEQQR-X -' iv' If ' GSI. 'lv PALL S. REILLY A5 628 Beverly Blvd. ' Beverly Hills ' St. Laurence Class Officer 2-3. Student Guard 3, Track 1, Crew 3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Debating 2, Cheerleader 4 FRANCIS I. RENZI A7 6815 Walnut Park Dr. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 MICHAEL H. RENZULLI A1 913 Shadeland Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Student Council 2-3. Class Officer 2-3, Track 2, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 4, Glee Club 4 RONALD M. REPICE A4 110 Sharon Aye. ' Collingdale ' St. Joseph Class Officer 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Radio Club 1, Biology Club 2, Chemistry Club 3-4, Physics Club 4, Dramatics 2-4, Glee Club 4, French Club 4, Yearbook 4 . If-1 . .av Y is . L, . "? ?'3'.9 ,RQ W f - 9 M tt Q-A, is ...f 2,3 el LAWRENCE E. REYNOLDS Al 1028 Steel Rd. ' Havertown ' Sacred Heart Crew 2-3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Camera Club 1, Biology Club 2, Physics Club 4 JOSEPH A. RICCIOTTI A7 806 NayIor's Run Rd. ' Havertown ' Sacred Heart Intramural Sports 2-3-4 GREGORY R. RICHARDS All 437 Strathmore Rd. ' Havertown ' Annunciation Class Officer I-2, Student Guard 4, Bowling 2, Intramural Sportb 1-2-3-4 JOHN J. RIDGWAY A1 1423 Sunnyhill La. ' Manca ' Sacred Heart Student Guard 4. Baseball 1-2, Cross Country 2-3, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Biology Club 2 x 1 me MAURICE W". RIHN A5 5028 Fairway Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 JOHN F. RILEY Al 218 Sedgewood Rd. ' Springfield ' St. Frans-if of Afsibi Bowling 2-3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Biology Club 2, Phpics Club 4 JOSEPH B. RILEY A9 91 Hartley Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Intramural Sports 3, Chemigtry Club 3 RICHARD P. RILEY A2 1010 Edgewood Rd. ' Havertown ' Annuncialion Student Guard 4, Rifle Team I, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4. Neus- paper 1, Biology Club 2. Chemistry Club 3-4, Physics Club 4, Dramatics 1-4, Yearbook Staff 4 "DID YOU SEE CHEYENNE LAST WEEKT' G. DiGregorio, Schwabb, WL Lewis, ,1. Ludlum. and D. Felker enjoy a few moment? free from their dates to get in -ome "man talk" at a recent Bonner dance. HENRY J. ROCK A4 7245 Bradford Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Alice Intramural Sports I-2-3-4 DENNIS I. RODICHOK Al 256 Prospect Ave. ' Springfield ' Holy Cross Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 2-3, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 PETER M. ROHR A3 Providence Rd. ' Malvern ' St. Patrick Class Oflicer 3, Intramural Sports 2-3, Football l-2-3, Track I-2 JOSEPH V ROMANELLI Al 52 MacDade Blvd Darby Blessed Y lrgm Marv Student Guard 4 Football 2 3 4 f'VIgr I Intramural Sports Physics Club 4 Biology Club 2 WILLIAM V ROSATI A7 10 S Harwood Rd Highland Park St Laurence Intramural Sports I 2 3 4 FRANCIS .I ROSENBAUIVI A9 824 Arbor Rd Yeadon St Louis Baseball 4 Riding 4 Intramural Sports I23 4 .IOHN D ROSS A3 2004 Greenhill Rd Lansdowne St Phllomena Student Guard 3 Intramural Sports 1234 Bowling 3 Rifle Team I Class Officer 2 JOSEPH P ROSSETTI A5 7601 West Chester Pk Upper Darby St Laurence Intramural Sports 1234 Bowling 24 Physics Club 4 LOUIS M RUGGIANO A2 Class Officer 12 3 4 Student Guard 3 4 Football 12 3 4 Intramural Sports 12 3-4 Baseball 1 FRANK .I RXAN A3 305 Powder Mill La Havertown Pre entatlon Student Guard 3 Intramural Sports I2 3 4 Crew 4 Rifle Team I B,and I GORDON .I RXAN AZ 128 Marlboro Rd Upper Darby Sl Allte Intramural Sports 1234 Rifle Team 12 Dramatrcs 1 Chem: trw Club 3 Biology Club 2 HEWRX A RIAV A2 109 Clamar Awe Havertown St Dorothy Student Guard 4 Intramural Sports 1234 Rifle Team 2 Dramatlcs I s I ' ' .- ' 9 A I I i '19 ' - I 0 ' I - o U 1 , n s , . I I . . . fi , f . ' . I t . L . . - - 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 l 1 I 242 Garvin Blvd. ' 'Sharon Hill ' Holy Spirit , w 4 J. , ' ' ' 1 ' 1 ' ' ' s I ,, p v . . ' . ' ,A . 5 I . 'I 9 ' 'I' v ' s I ' s f ERNEST J. SAN JUAN A7 333 S. 6th Sl- ' Darby ' Blessed Virgin Mary Class Officer 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 DONALD A. SANTANGINI A8 430 Church Ave. ' Clifton Heights ' St. Eugene Student Council 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3 DAVID H. SCHAFFER A3 281 Aronimink Dr. ' Newtown Square ' St. Anastasia Class Officer 3, Basketball 1-2-3, Intramural Sports 2-3-4 RICHARD D. SCHMIDT A4 34 N. Belfield Ave. ' Havertown ' St. Dorothy for Newspaper 1-2 STEPHEN J. SCHWAB A5 194 Chapman Ave. ' Upper Darby ' St. Cyril Track 1-4, Swimming 1-2-3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 BERNARD B. SCHWEIKER A5 2902 Morris Rd. ' Ardmore ' St. Denis Football 2, Track 1, Soccer 4, Catholic Action 1 JOHN W. SCULLY Al T62 Fern St. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Class Officer 2-3. Student Guard 3-4, Track 1. Cross Country 1-2, Tennis 1, Rifle Team 1-2, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 WALTER J. SHEEDY Al H YVest Chester Pk. ' Upper Darby ' St. Laurence Intramurals 1-2-3-I, Band 2-3, Stage Crew 1-2 DONALD B. SIMPSON A9 2136 Cloverly Hill Rd. ' Broomall ' St. Pius X Football 1, Crew 1-2, Intramurals 3 GEORGE T. SINCLAIR A2 314 Cherry La. ' Havertown ' St. Denis Student Guard 3, Intramural Sports 1-2-3, Rifle Team 1-2-3-1, Chemistry Club 3 LAWRENCE C. SMARGIS A3 328 S. Sth St. ' Darby ' Blessed Yirgin Mary Intramural Sports 1-1 JOHN W. SMITH A2 952 Yeadon Ave. ' Yeadon ' St. Louis Class Officer 1, Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Rifle Team 1, Biology Club 2 Tennis 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Biology Club 2, Photographer 'Q R' ': x Q-Q, ' ,vqafg ff-f Qligffi . Q. , ,J Awxf, 1 6 3 Y? 1 f: 3-I 5 if-2' to . t,Q?FZb':" 1? 4' v . JOSEPH A. SMITH A3 .55 .p , " ffwzgn. , . Q wt. Y .QA , ,M 5 A . ' ,Q 1 6.5-5 ,W r., A.,-ty. , :mg .K f ,ai THA Zia. t .K 9. 6, I ' i-,,?"i5z? ' -iffxgf f-'54 , .4 ,. ri I , ., 1 , -h h' 4. t -' LL-'I' ,Y .,,f, . E, :V E ,Q has S 94' u 'OV 'E' WILLIAM J. SPEERS A8 ' ill ,Ianwf Ur. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy 1737 Huntliorne Ave, Q Ardmore . 5 Dem: Student Guard 1. Tratvk I-2, Illlfillllllflll Sporta I-2-3-I sTEl'HEx s. SNIITII A1 , . JOSEPH M- SPIM- JR- M Il'i.lfiStr.ntfo1'tl Htl. ' Ure-xel Ilill ' Sl. llllttrlu- X 12l,,h'.Pm.lS Rd' .. I',li"w'-:ill .0 bf Inu' Stntlt-nt Council Il. Clair- Uflit-er l-3-L Ftutla-nt ljuttrtl 3-L lfootlmll f'I"I'i'l"'f " -f'l"1""""1' Llul' jfl- lllvffs LIU' I' Ur ' I-2. Trnrlt I-LZ-3-1. Crow Country 1. Intraniurul Sportf I-2-3-I. Bmlogl Llul' " Ulu" mul' 1' UH'1f"'11 Llul' 7 It-urlrook Stuff 1. Pliy-it-N Clulr 1. Biology Clulm 2. Cleo Club -I, Allan' Boy I JOSEPH .l. Sl'INtQl.ER X4 Ro-I-niont K ElllllllIIdS Axe-5. ' llrt-xcl Ilill St Xnln JOHN j.5UlAEX5lg1 A5 Trnrk 3-1, Croft Country 3-1, IIlll'LlIIIllI'lIl Fit 'I 1 fill lf. Br0.ulxstuy Aw. ' Clifton Ile-ight: ' St. Clmrlc: BU? 1'2 Student Guard 4. Intramural Sport, I-2-li-1 , . . . , ROBERT J. ST,-XIJNICKI A5 .,-- Cl 1 ANTQSNH Ji-FOROIIXAAIAL U g C .1 I QIH Rm-lx Clean Htl. I'enn Xlynne- ' PrP tllldlltbll 'H fmflofmf ' Muir 'UD J' ln Rifle TL-ann I, lntr.nnuratl Sport: 1-2-3-I. Callltblll -Xttlon CHALK ONE fl' FOR FATHER HAYEXER. A-3 perronifios extreme interest us Fatlter Hzuvrwr explain- ljllflll- I..ot. No nmttgr lion ronipli- 1-.ttf-fl it tnuy lw Slll'll rontplvtt- aut- tvntion .mtl -nrli tlt-t.tile,-tl t-xplangttiotl will l't'I'l.lll1lj re--ult in .1 full Illhlt'I" -Ltntling of tht- n1.ttte-r att lmnfl. ln- it Iyllj-ICS, Uct' or .tny other :ull- jerl. l l l PATRICK J. STANTON Al 331 Pearisood Rd. ' Carroll Park ' Prefentation -Qi-' SMILE! SMILE? SMILE! As Ron Repif-Q tleftt, John Carabello lrightr, and dates put on their best rmilef for Student Guard 3, Soccer 1, Intramural Sport- I-2. Yearbook Staff -I, Biology Club 2, Altar Boy I-2, Camera Club 1-2-3--I ALIIERT I". STI-II-'AX A3 3924 Ifarlw Rd. ' Iirvn Maur ' Mother of Good Counsel Claus Ollicei' 3, Stull:-nt' Council 3. Crew 1-2-3-1, Footba Basketball 1-3, Intramural Sport- I-2-3-4 PAUL Y. STEPHANO A3 Marple Rd. ' Broomall ' St. Anastasia Crew 3, Intramural- I-2-3-I EDAYARD A. STINGER A8 283 Chesisold Rd. ' Springfield ' St. Charles Class Officer 3, Football 1, Intramural Sports I-2-3-I II -I, the camera, Bob Meisner and hi, date continue dancing undieturbcd. E CHARLES P. STROUP A3 T11 Fairfax Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Andrew Ftudent Guard 3, Baseball I, Track 1, Swimming 2, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4 GEORGE M. STRUNISKY A3 -121 Darby Ter. ' Darby ' Illeesed Virgin Mary Intramural Sport, I-2-3-I, Dramatic-s 1-2 DAX ID .I. SUHERS A6 ' Kenm Axe Qharon Hill Holv S irit 83 j . '. ' . ' ' I .p Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports I-2-3-4, Biology Club 2, Catholic Action 4 DONALD Y. SULLIVAN AS I0 E. Newfield Way ' Bala Cynwyd Intramural Sports 2-3, Prom Committee 3-4 - 51. Matthias f .E in 1 P 5. 1, ,-. '- I 'Q' -3 W' ,- I 4 ,- Rx W' 4 92 3 M A ""' 4 """" 'iv fy TNQ an , I 8 . "- 5, , an F 1 A lf 4 ,7 .ef A -+3 'Yr' J o , "" ky VN' V E-0 I l, .,, z L-V V , I W' I THOMAS F. SYKES A5 132 Friendship Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 JOHN A. THISTLE A9 1134 Bryan St. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Bernadette Football 1, Baseball 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 DAVID T. TOLAND A9 16 Pickwick La. ' Newtown Square ' St. Anastasia Student Guard 4, Intramural Sports l-2-3-4 ANTHONY T. TOMASCO A4 1102 Alexander Ave. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Dorothy Class Officer 3-4, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2 CHARLES J. TONKINSON A4 3204 Berkley Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Charles Student Guard 4, Swimming I-2-3, Football 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2, Sacristan's Asst. 4 RAMON J. TORELLO A9 166 Glencoe Rd. ' Upper Darby ' St. Alice Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 WILLIAM D. TRESCA A4 1016 Edgewood Dr. ' Morton ' Our Lady of Perpetual Help Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Chemistry Club 3, Physics Club 4 Cheerleader l, Biology Club 2, Photography Club 1 LOUIS F. TROIANO A9 108 Earlington Rd. ' Highland Park ' St. Laurence Student Council 4, Class Officer 4, Intramural Sports 1-2-34, Swimming 4 THOMAS J. TUMOLA A3 206 First Ave. ' Newtown Square ' St. Anastasia Student Guard 3, Swimming 1, Intramural Sports l-2-3-4 ALEXANDER R. TYKWINSKI A4 6952 Clinton Rd. ' Drexel Hill ' St. Cyril Intramural Sports 2-34 DAVID H. YEITH A4 260 Hathaway La. ' Wynnewood ' St. Colman Intramural Sports 2-3-4, Dramatics 4, Biology Club 2 ROBERT F. VELEZ A3 213 Rock Glen Rd. ' Penn Wynne ' Presentation B. Y. M. Class Officer 1, Catholic Action 1, Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4, Football l, Track 1-2 JAMES W VENUTO A3 4127 Sommers Ave Drexel Hill St Andrew Class Officer l Crew 2 Bowling 4 Intramural Sports 4 Rifle Team 234 Chemietry Club 3 Biology Club 2 ROBERT J VERNA A6 88 E Mar hall Rd Drexel Hill St Phllomena Student Guard 4 Intramural Sports 23 Band 12 FRANK J VOCHIINSKY A8 712 NIacDade Blvd Colllngdale St ,Joseph Class Officer 3 Student Gulrd 4 Football 1 Babltetblll 1 Intramural Sports 123 RICHARD C W'AG'NER A4 230 Sunnybrook Rd Springfield bt Franu of A Biology Club 2 Camera Club 12 .JOHN E WALLACE AS 1134 Broad St Collmgdale St Jo eph Clase Oliiter 3 Intramural Sporta 2 3 4 Phy ance Club 4 JOHN J WALSH A8 10 N Warner Aye Bryn Mawr Our Mother of Good Coun el Student Guard 4 Track 1 24 Crow Country 2 Intramural Sports 12 3 Football 1 LEO S WALSH A-1 631 Country Club La Havertown Sacred Heart Clase, Oliiter 23 Student Loumll 2 Student Guard 4 Intramural Sports 1 2 3 4 JOHN C WARNER A1 7236 Hazel Axe Upper Darby St Iaurence Intrlmural Sporta 4 Chemistry Club 3 Phybu: Club 4 LOUIS A WARRINER A2 4 W' 'Vlarthart Aye Ardmore St Denis Intramulal Sports 1234 Cheml try Club 3 Biology Club JOHN J WELSH A8 112 Sytamore Collmgdale St Jo eph Intramural Sport 23 Band 12 LAWRENCE M WERNER A2 4659 Woodland Aye Drexel Hill St Dorothy Intramural Sport 12 3 4 Biology Club 2 JOSEPH P WHELAW A2 2974 Eantburd Rd Newtown Square St Ana tasla Band 1234 Orche tra 1234 Intramural Sportb 1 Cheml try Club 3 . ' . ' t. ' 9 1 2 1 "9 ' 1 - 'S . . . 1 , - ., . T f 'A--- V. 0 ' 0 I 5 , . 7 a 5 1 'TCR 9 . . . 'Us ' ' . ' ' ' ' 1. ' "5 ssifi , , . , l.' ' ' ' . s . . , ..., . ' '.' " r f .. N- - ' 1 c x 1 , 7 ' .., A-. 1 A ' 1. O I' ' Q nn 1 ' I '1 ' 9- ' 5 1 vs. ' I . n-.A 5 , . , .r' '. ' ' . J . H -J-, S J I 2 o ' -1.. 0 ' ' . g I 5 S., . I . 1 1 'D . . . .- 1 5..., 'N . ' . " ' . s " ..., 5 ..., - , 5 .IAMED .I ZALE A2 ALBERT T ZEITTER A9 112 Academy Highland Park St Laurence 326 Vlrgmla Ave Havertown Sacred Heart Football 2 Wlgry Track 1 4Mgrl Tenms 4 Intramural Qports Intramural Sports 3 bacrlst ms Asst 123 1 2 4 RICHARD D ZALESKY A6 THOMAS F RYAN A5 6834 Radbourne Rd Upper Darby St Cyril 205 N Morgan Axe Havertown St Bernadette Bowlmg 4 Intramural Sports 12 3 4 Intramural Sports 14 Zin illilemurlam RICHARD BERNARD Ruhard Bernard ln his short tame here at Bonner ful filled to the be t of hz ablllty his dunes as a child of Cod In Nosember of hl Sophomore year Guy we knew hlm met a sudden death through an accident In our memones he shall alwaw be a member of the Class of 58 . -. . ! . . . 'l..a. ' ' ' . ' ' ' . ' ' ' . 4 s . ' , I . , . , , I , 4 . ' ' 1 Q . . s 1 ' n I 4 . I . n , I . . . . r K, 1 L s s , -, - tt ,, H . 1 5 , , ds , ' , u . . 1,5 in ' I . Y 44 ' T' . 15 Q 5 --if W 0 fr i g f K if A rv! ,S 5 , "This ls I Your Life f ' onanngmgk . mmf hy "'... fs V v' ,, ' 1 V. 1' L U, ... n. 0 Q L 1. rw J! , . ' , L , - . f , x W? Y ll- x J " -qv? , , r , L fi? I 5 all Q ,V KIA 4 XT!!! THE BACCALAUREATE MASS for lad yea1r's graduating vluas wan held ul Saint Alive-H in Uppvr Darby where the fermon wan delivered by the Very Rev. .lamef Hurley, OSA. a .il ' 'na ' I if . g ' , F .b , ,xl ., X 55 Sing 1216 35343 x 3 V X - 0 -x. .f" ,Q "1-su...- , 1,1 a,,aJ,.. .Y ,su AN+ -xN.,,5 .. Ng , ifxgxvai, K . --1i-,,, K, xy., .,, .fo fi-.,.,. Q , r, V , 'f A if K, 5 . Kx"x5':'!: far, H x'xiXX'g'AL'x v I . - K - In ' 1 e , I , -ra "1 -- .""Rf"s41fi-?'.'+4 - 3 i I - .. 14. W , Q. ' 1 ' - gy- I 1 5 3 fig" if rf--.1-. 'rw .ff - - W., , Jvzh,-1. 31. 4, LM, "'L'faN'.lq."inrVN ."!'A'v' ll, fx Vg- , in + . -f 4 YT .v- r,,1h'j.,- -I ' ,' . 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Suggestions in the Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA) collection:

Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Monsignor Bonner High School - Bon Aire Yearbook (Drexel Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 87

1958, pg 87

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