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L ' ' v J -.jg ,, i. I . 1f.,, ,, 5 'LXR' .f - V 'J FS y W ? J. .ig iff' ' QW 3 M" 4 'ff' , ,A-1. 351, .4 XYZ K Lf il if A 31. 'El sg- K. 5 . x -6 1 s 'H .x- Y: I 5 i 5 I 2 ' E 1 2 1958 ON ROVIAN IVIONROVIA - DLJARTE HIGH SCHOOL IVIONROVIA. CALIFORNIA 'sry v K 'ff f 's A N fag ,f 5 . . flffw-:YW ggi- Aggf ,qs-i W:-I 'A , ,-4' ' 1 O vw ,frm , , Q x .J ev' ' . 4. A..., ' ' v 1 I 5 I " 56 Qi :J a 5. QN-. 3 1 V xi. 1 7 33, K 3 R T E M3 E1 2 ff? ri gi Q T H f ,, gay- 'ww .. 1- , ta n, N q 'ni 4 my A ,K W , H , . . - . A -N ,.g-has-A " ' , , I -HW""" mfg,-fv .' M maxi, M... Q, I ,, 1 ,,. I-M-M" N"" ' "' w-1ZIi?1f1'n "'. , f' " A M -P - , W -..ff ,f X.:-, - 5 ,i , Swim: 11. ' f :V-i' . - ,....-P"""" I ,,1 f M ,1i1iQ : 11ieI ,, T? Lf ll 1 r ll S Ill I 5 . L , ,T ,, . -..fe- fl rlf.. ,f K V. ,A i ' f .M ,- .,W. .V -nuan- qu-.ns -nasal , ,, 4 X : 1-xfvmyg If gy u 9' xr, g , WA: , 4 97. I y P 'S .3 , F- , rf 1, '4 ', ' A if ' yy-4,0 I ' 1 ff K. 1 4' 'W' '-5 .i in ,Q 7741, -V sv, f-gg Qi ffm, - 'V j " ' , I. , fir, 'Zu' . , 4"..i' M, df-'QL-" , Yfv ff ,. f' '. , 5 ' V gf 3 -in . .. x' '- IJX, :X-f. .x W! , sh. .,,,'3a V QW-.5 ,VE I ij. ,A ..-' - , ' .L ! . + iv I- ' , l 's , 1. .M ,P ,M ' 2, my In , ,L :ftfg,P,1.f-,L N . . -46?-pw.-' 1,-1154,"Wf5L X. fx.. w v xc ..-.- il 1 1 Q ' -'xiii' N. G. 2 .4 V 1 'P 1 1 'ji ' 'E 6 k..k, , , 4 . VV . ' 1.1-if - Y - K 5 A K z -s. .1 ,Q , - v V . V-.,,:, 1 '5..,1l:,' bl fi-. , ,fx .,, ' 7 17 '24-N34 1 , - 'ff M , W A 1 , -Awy ,fa-. g ' A --1 A - J Zu' Y if A7?".- " v E? Wg1:n3" 'U ., -, f ,kg.f,,3r , A W . . I 1 . ,, . w ,, , Q . M - J f -W .KA -' . ,L ' Q - 1 1 A Hr" , ' --L f 5. , , . .. - Q. . , f W- i"'4Y 2- f y 1 ' ws- 1 gs 4 nf' A Y " ' . ., 'Ik - 1 -Q -sau ,, , , . 1'-1, ,V . X I4 -:bg . Al rm.- M Q1-7 ,L ,Ms f , .ar A -., ,Ha Q 3 Hu 44 f - xgsF1::8ff2isvP'f , i r , ,Y kN 4'7 L, A ,fl . i V J A ., K A ,-1,57 fr K, ' - 'V 'bg . M Q K, .- ,,. ,,.,,. , ,A ., .,, . - . . , V 7,5 .gm .V 7 . lb L V , N-,, 4.- V I V. , 1. '15, , - Y - mn, tl, ' ' ""' ' 'if4'Q" g ' T", MI' ' 4 M X A . ,- - ""' My ,' xy f, I M , 1 , ' ,rift-5,-N W 1 I ,.:35?f4 ' f ,, 'f:Q'ffK'f H- f" K I - 'f . W' . ' M. T . '- ff A N" ..- W 'K , fa fum., High School Highlights through the Year To every Madite, important highlights of the school year are the seasons: fall, winter, and spring. The meeting with new friends in our administration, faculty, and campus organizations, together with an eventful football season, creates a busy fall schedule. As winter's cold weather comes on, we are found hard at work in scholastic sessions. However, we find plenty of time for our Christmas activities and basketball games. Spring brings more time for play at M-D. Our drama and music departments furnish the traditional entertainment of the season. Our spring elections provide widespread school participation and give us the opportunity to choose capable leaders. Wilmas and Willies alike find fun in varied sports activities. Most important event of the spring is the finale of the year, graduation. From the registration of the freshmen to the graduation of the seniors, the '58 Monrovian brings you High School Highlights Through the Year. FALL... IO WINTER . . . 66 SPRING . . . IO6 FRESHMAN TEAS. I2 DEANS .... . . 68 DRAMA . . REGISTRATION . . I3 COUNSELORS . . . 70 MUSIC . . . . FIRST WEEK . . I4 CLASSES . . . . 72 ELECTIONS . . . . RALLY ....... . . I5 CHRISTMAS . . . 95 STUDENT LEADERS ADMINISTRATION I6 BASKETBALL . . . . 98 GIRLS' SPORTS . . FACULTY ..... 24 HIGHLIGHTS . . . IO4 SPRING SPORTS . ORGANIZATIONS ..... 33 HIGHLIGHTS . . HOMECOMING . . . . 48 SENIORS . . PEPCATS ...... . . . 50 BESTEST . . MARCHING BAND. . . . 52 HONORS . . . . FOOTBALL .... . . 54 GRADUATION . . HIGHLIGHTS . . . . 64 ADVERTISING . . -Nu 5.4. may x""..,,5 W Q: O 'iii ie. ', L31 s is r'-46, X' 4'7" 1"""F" xr fe 43 EE i J ms..-MM'---.,. We can appreciate the tranquillity of our main patio only during class time With students in it, our main patio serves as a hub for social activity outside of class. vi ,Q NN an' ,- 3 ig '--. v ML! , 1 1 u, EW! 'x Qi 8 M +14 fi ', 3 iw, -,, , f-433347 The souThwes'r entrance To The Social Science Building shows us o more modern por? of our campus A quiet corner ofthe Arts Building near The big ook. If's :J long wcilk to The gym Oreo' ,x i' My 4 we L 0 N 2 Q if W 51 W 'LX 'fr'-ev me ,,,,.,,.- T? A, ,,.,,,Wf - Y.. u , F L, , , .. -. A ., J, 'I Q fe . . -.4 , , .- I 'iv-J' vw-'P fi Q 1 Q- 3 ..,. 1 . W:L-, - --yik ' 1 f . Q!!! In The autumn, The approach To The Science Building is very loeoufiful. The Kitten Koop is ci welcome place for hungry Mcwliies. H1 Line up for lunch Time! ,fx . - fi. fK i',i le H .,'i A' i',i 'ei' AK iiiii Q '. in 1 ' K f fi ffe.?i'4'iE:'J f ,-' , M ., F Ky m f- A ,Ti fy es ,gi 1 . ,V ,E Q e e e W M 4 ,JF uele i fi xi ie, 'N W l u ,V Q1 : fi f , i i Q- 1 . L - .,,,f.4. gt W i- :V f 'i"! Y ,lKf : "?'533f? mr? 'Kia ,-"i W J? ' -.'-l 'fi A ,,.,.,,,-,,-,.W,.W- ,M N... , .,..,ff,..,. ' -K+ ' 2:'K1f'3-,5-1?5l1L.P "f '5-12 ' -2 K A' 2 'K K W K K ' ti - 15, 3 4.1-JP., if gf- "' - +1:,,,f. N 'wg ,.-f'-- fn - , K :-' 'fggdi' ix fiigiff' i 1' "'?','1K Q3 Ni is Lkg: ,ll,. Vkvl. I -----'- - I K, ., . K 7i,'t' - 'f 7 3 4 - ,Q K .fuggix 1 : l I "li . ,. . K ",,. eg :-' e lK4'1- .' I t kiwn ,ii - . ':-, 2 ':.. I f-Wi-- "'i ' W1 Llkh 'ill ' I A ji! ' - CE me KV: 991 : K ii.kiiiWf,i ,LVLK ir ge, I M A ,,KlVV VW ,, L ' z W. Q. ,YV A g ,n-,nz if 5 1-i- md. Hel i' X . K1. ' 1. , K . .. ,E L Z ,AL, e..V. 1 ,,.,W. it 1 W , L A L 1 ,.,.. X ii,: , L Vg Q , N, g N, , iw. W .. M ,M 5 if ' N 43, 6: ' '11 -'Kf' 2 -'1-i. i.' , K L u,iu , uieeeiiuii iiii i ' ' K fK' iff-,1,,,' ' 1 i u llu i ' .'., 1 ,iiu Q i .iie if our Old Tower ' ' ' Our M on the mountains . . . memorable traditions A 'W na M we 4 'f . 1 ,J QKQ . f ml Q J ff -fi' Af I , 4' 7-f 4, , 'J 2, w1'sff ,'Q3f:f,-i"' x I A lf' 'Z' ., :K KK:Vs. f4.:iK ef ' Q.,,x,. , ,fy ' Tas. .4 Ae. Ale jfs u 6 4. -1' ' 3 .-,gh x 'J IU' , A x 4 ,Q W, H Q K, X' KK K" an K K, A .xr S I f wh A A 'kr X if 1 v ' 1 y 0 vid 1 ' 'il ' " N95 f '-- ,fx ' 1' w at K,,T3TKKi ix 1.6 rg - . 5 if - If K . KK J 13' JK, K? ,-.K 1 ,K,K,i1K Q 'k Kap F' - . ,. .K 5 f .4591 . Q Zi Fw ...J ' a,. ' K KK K ..,r,,.f- K 1- .Q fps wwf Q K N. K: W,i, . , . - Q- L "" w :.M1gz 3' ' L A ag.. 1 ' fri. A ' W x .W ' '4'??i1v. ' b K K , ww , Q K ,af . E Q - ,, f Xifmfi-vf f KZk..,2,5,f.,Q.iKaK.Jif 9' ff K ' . 4- Q Q M3 4 K , x .Ami gy ,gn-f --4 ---+-- -- W W-..-...... -- 1 nu c- - a 1 r , 1 H 4 i l A: r -M-' a W of-f ,gg , e--Jl""'iQ-f n f 'M ' N-M 'F' 31 , - 5. ,M .,,, W.. ,,,, ,W 3 ,. ,.,,1,..,4 ... ,,.. ,, ,,..,,,... ,,,,.,,,,.,.,., n- .., ms.,,Q,.:m-E.,-1 w-.ln1 Our Wildcats come Through with a spectacular season. FALL. A.S.B. Prexy Frank Kozlowski acquaints freshmen Betty June Ellingson and Ricky Shanks with campus traditions. The first of these is the friendliness shown among upper and lower classmen. Our studenf leaders were introduced To The freshmen. Disfribution of locker keys preceded on tour of The campus . A great amount of anxi- ety was felt on Registra- tion Day. "Will l get Mrs. ,.... . for English? Will you be in my class?" Before class, comparing of program cards was es- SGNTIOI. Madites couldn't wait to see who would share classes with them. Monrovial--Duegi9teiH.igh School, many for the first time, as guests of the Girls' and Boys' League at their annualfreshman Tea, anreception serv- ing cts CI frietililtly get-Together for the freshmen after the A program introducing our administration and student leaders was fol- lowed by the distribution of locker keys and a tour of the campus. Registration Day for all classes came on Monday, September 16. This year, because there were no forms to be filled out by most students, they could pick up their pro- gram cards as soon as they arrived. Madites then gathered in the patio to greet friends. Newcom- ers spent their time looking for their classrooms. -W - ae..1m4,l1w.1m.s fmam.fsmmw..m-xMm...e.ummn,mn1-:Jo "2""'t'3z"" 'MMK "Cheese!" Snap goes the camera, and lD's are taken. Could there ever be so much happening in one first week? Students were getting used to classes, and teachers, to students. We were meeting all of our old friends - and making new friendships. The Publicity Committee was already busy handing out Hi-Week tags, and by Wednesday the A.S.B. sales were in full swing, Thursday we lined up in our gym classes and had our identification pictures snapped. The big day, of course, was Friday. We held the traditional pep rally in the football stadium. A.S.B. salesmen pulled several gimmicks to help sales, and the drawing for the A.S.B. cards was held. Our song and yell leaders and maiorettes led us in our hurrahs for M.D. The pep rally was closed, as always, with the singing of our Alma Mater. Bill Lewis makes an A.S.B. sale to Fred Bowden. "Did you say 56.50, Cathie?" asks Judy. "l'd do anything to sell an A.S.B. card," says Rannie Franklin, A.S.B. salesman. To help start the year with the right spirit, Coach Gicldings gives a pep speech. -..- ip... 1 .J iv J- px-, As our songleaders wait their turn, our maiorettes twirl out a song. ao. ,gs ,Nkilf .WE JH in . O ', 0 at 1 ' us.: f f Q 14.2 e f', ue .avi , 4 n v 1 ,' .Tl '1'f, f ue N a ,Mg yu - U 'A' 1. Mr McClinTic and his secreTary Mrs Portwoool confer with Victor Shupp and Francis Kawasaki abouT school affairs. on OUT Cempws, end eeieve being eefeef in 1918, Mf- Science Teacher, before becom- ing superinTenoIenT in 1948. The rehabiliTa- Tion of M-D's auoliTorium and The enrollrnenT of sTUolenTs in The new high school in DUarTe were Two of Mr. McClinTic's major achieve- nnenTs This year. Mr S. C. McClinTic, our superinTendenT. 'X-.,:-. Q l i s ., ,..., is sllls if r .-M I' H ..wsi ? ?ik4 Q. Mr. Nathan McCray, our vice-principal. Mr. Frank Williamson, our principal As principal of Monrovia-Duarfe High School, Mr. Frank Williamson believes in and encourages an infensive learning program for each sfudenf, followed by a variety of exfra-curricular acfivifies. He also feels Thai' sfudenf ac- Tivities as Well as individual sfudenT's vievvpoinfs are of vifal imporfance in a well-rounded curriculum. His friendly smile and air of easy confidence win him many friends on our campus. Being vice-principal of a high school The size of ours is a Tremendous responsiloiilfy. Mr. Nathan McCray occu- pies This posifion vvifh disiincfion, since he possesses a pleasing personalify and a good sense of humor as well as oufsianding adminisfrafive aloiliiy, This year, in addi- Tion To faking care of his regular dufies, he served as chairman of The Curriculum Commifiee. On her way fo class, Nelda Rankin stops to talk with Mr. Williamson and Mr. McCroy. -..., l C' 55 l . ' ,uw The Board of Trustees Messrs Rex W Kramer William H Feeler Curtis Kaufman Business and Accounting Office SeCf9TC1fi6Sr ltopl Ml5S A- Robert M Baker and P L McNutt discuss bids for the multi purpose building soon Harmon Miss B. Lunkr llDOTTOf'f1l MlSS B- RObldOVT, MVS- H- Our Board ot Trustees members are men who have voluntarily given their time to help our administrators progress in improving our educational opportunities. Our Adult Education Department, under the direction ot Mr. Thomas W. Griffin, adds new classes, like the class in in- come tax forms, to the already varied and interesting program. Many of M-D's trusted custodians have special duties, such as those ot our keeper of the keys, our maintenance supervisor, and our heating engineer. Between their morning and afternoon ioy rides, our bus drivers assume the title ot Jack-ot-all-trades as they busy themselves by doing repairing, mowing, or painting. 1-M-d,,,,.,..,. T49 Q X if 6 ":lf is.- '03 Mr. Laurence Brownell and Mr. Paul Addis examine blueprints. Although it was his first year as business manager at Monrovia-Duarte High School, Mr. Paul Addis did an excellent job of purchasing supplies leverything from ink to mowing machinesl, maintaining and operating the plant, transporting students, and feeding everyone. His special helpers were Mr. Laurence Brownell, Supervisor of Business Office Serv- ices, Mr. Ralph Sutton, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Bus Drivers, Custodians, and Maintenance Men, and Mrs. Catherine Gill, Supervisor of Food Services and Cafeteria Workers. Q ,f,, ' l V, , '.,, l ' ,' 19" 5, SIDS I Standing: Sal Cordova, Leslie W. Yeats. Sitting: Charles E. Rupert, E. H. Adams. Left to right: J. F. Michalsky, Harold Horton, Carl M Gleich, E. F. Eastburn. esenting our many helpful custodians are Mr. Leslie Marsh, parking attendant, Mr. Henry Dillard, "cleaner-upper," and Mr. Thomas Eubank, boiler engineer. m' ' -4' waxy Kun--3J 'tk J. jul l H , , ff iw 1. . , Q - ' fr' 1, k , H K ., , V 13 1 .l ,f ., .gl . C X x . 5 , V iffy. V Snack bar: Mmes. Crawford, Naggas, Brown, Flournoy, Ewing. Teachers' service: Mmes. Gill, Fannin, McMullin, Stamatis. Malt shop: Mmes. McMahon, Merwar. a, ,,,, c, , X g f A ,AQ-fl .wwe NM f x -1 A Elini 3 - M.. f,,, 'E t' " ef sift . --wwf" 1. N, Q-.Q-i. ,, 5. ...ffl 'L 'til' in Plate line: Mmes. Etcheverry, Erickson, Kirk. There were a few days when the potato chips were miss- ing from the salad plates, but on the whole our cafeteria E workers did an efficient job of preparing delicious salads and hot plates. The snack line down in the cafe- teria was always ready for the rush of business at snack time. Our Kitten Koop also sold snack items as well as very good hamburger plates for lunch. One look at the long lines in front of the Malt Shop, commonly known as the Gopher Hole, told us that M-D students cared little about calories and a great deal about those creamy, thick malts. Kitten Koop: Mmes. Capen, Pfaelzer, Vondrck, Gallagher. will iii' ,c,,c.., , WU 'W mm ll' N ti J 5 .f1.' dvi' "L ,f-. fs.. Q fQhu-- 20 l 1 i wg' gmrgzlfvf fs... "if Par Lashbrook, Linda Lomax, Miss Jahr, and Mrs. De-Merre make library plans. Mrs. Vivian Sharbondci, our nurse WiTh Mrs. PaTricia DeMerre and her assisTanT, Miss June Jahr, in The library, There was always someone willing To sTop work in order To help us wiTh our re- search and sTudy problems. And whenever we needed new sup- plies ar had To pay club dues, Mrs. Ann Fox in The STudenT STore was The one ready To help. During The year sTudenTs were always able To go To The nurse's office To receive advice on proper dieT and hygiene Trorn Mrs. Sharbonda. To geT advice abouT our TexTbooks and locaTe losT books The besT place To go was To Mrs. Mary WhiTTier and The bookroorn, from which all school supplies were issued. sri' , 1 T. is aided by Mrs. Mabel SmiTh Mrs. Ann Fox s'rarTs The day at The Srudent Sfore with Judy SmiTh as firsT cusTamer. Judy Dickinson helps Mrs. Mary Whittier in The loookroom. X WI ii Q W i i 2 i Q . an W 3 1 5 M ii 5 -f J Q 5 " , 7 Y - 5h. General office lrear To fronTl: Mmes. Mills, Peterson, Andrews lsfanolingl, and Boeffcher. Fffimli Kozlowski gives OH GW0VCl T0 MVS- DOVOHW Brown: Business office: Mmes. Tronvig, Clinger lbackl, and Porfwood, secretary To our superinfendenf. The busiesf of all offices This year was The General Office, headauarfers for all sTudenT and personnel acTiviTy. The care of losT and found arficles, The publishing of club and daily bulle-Tins, and many ofher Types of business were Transacfed There. ln Mr. McC,ray's office, Mrs. "SvveeTs" Brown was an indispensable friend To all sTudenT leaders. When she lefT in November, all sTudenTs greafly missed her. The imporTanT financial maf- Ters of school affairs were Taken care of in The Business Office. Records Office: MVS- KGHWYVW l-GVSOVW Gnd Miss Gloria Higel. Affendance office Mr Clovis Smith Mrs Mary Baumgarfner and Mrs Phyllis Every day hundreds of sTudenTs vvenf Through The Affendance Office To be checked in or ouT of classes. The busy season was in The fall when M-D had a Touch of The Asian flu epidemic. IT was generally The senior who pafronized our Truly undersfanding Records Office secrefaries in order To have his Transcripfs senT To The col- leges where he .vvas applying. In The Audio- Visual Office Mr. Eugene McAllisTer direcfed his boys in The Thousand and one dufies of caring for and running The proiecfor, recordx players, and Tape recorders To The besf advanfage. Audio-Visual office: Mr. Eugene McAlIisTer and Mrs. Annette Gardiner. Lewis. 'X .. ,,, .,,L A f- ssf,f,s..W..W- W., - i E 'n s , ,... i ,,,y,t Ill., g , ,,f1iliIIf7I 41:1 " 'f - e--.M .----1 We-f f--- 1 ,f-:w..f.:t, .cm My-.M H -'-' 14 C . ,.., ...Q-pq -vim , , ms.- The Curriculum Comm: tee met every Monday afternoon to report results of individual proiects. :rr Ctbliminisfroiion and faculty this year orig- Committee to consider ex- our curriculum to meet special needs ofour. school and community. With Mr. Nathan McCroy, ourivice-principal, as chairman, the iciornmiifteeimet every Monday to discuss profit- able procedures of grouping students in classes, problems and methods of teaching specific skills, and standards for selection of students for special classes. The committee made several recommendations to our administrators for the school year of 1958-1959, which it hopes will result in increasing educational opportunities for all of our students. MISS Georgmno Beck of The Girl S Physical Faculty Club Officers. Bottom row: Mrs. Ethel Brelos, Miss Violet Albarian Top Miss Georgiana Beck, Mr. Robert Long. .Z Mr. George Davison Miss Edith Dort This befuddling gadget fascinates teachers of the Social Miss Vivian Elmgren Mrs. MGFY House Science Department. By establishing a special class in world history for accelerated students and by grouping sen- ior problems class members according to their future plans of college or immediate work, the Social Science Department pioneered this year an experiment that should help the Curriculum Committee in its planning. Miss Gladys Jahr l r W , M L 5 Mr. Allan Maxwell M6 'Q Mrs. Eva Silva Mr. James Stewart Mr, Hqrry Sfrubbe Mrs. Gladys Lee warg . ' ,G ,Q H f , Q W .3 3 .. ,ttst .rm s ig ., ' . mtg 'A A as t feas t. Mr. R. Mitchell Oliver Miss Edith Vorees Mr. Lewis Beall Mr. Charles Dunson Mr. John Hulihan MV. Ross l.C1viOl6TTG NWS- Marion MiCl'1Sl 435 'Ima 2 if 4- 1 "1 - f'... , Vybh 'V '--- "," . . f'-zEi5',-1.:,1'r mmAA ,m', " LL 1 S 341' or ., wiki Mr. Richard Wilkinson Mr. Paul Yeager Because of The sudden emphasis on science This year, The Science Department Tound The re- habiliTaTion of The Science Building very Timely. Among The many improvemenTs were beTTer lighTing, more adequaTe venTilaTion, more sTor- age space, loeTTer seaTing arrangemenTs, and in- creased classroom space. Q Our Three maesTros approve ci composition. Mr. John Hulihan discusses The care of microscopes with members of The Science Department Mrs. l-ledvig Finkenbinder Mr, Harold SCOTT Mr. ChesTer Ullom The Three faculTyi members in The Music DeparT- menf helped Their sTudenTs win acclaim This year for appearances before local groups and for compeTiTion in Pomona, Long Beach, and The Los Angeles area. BesT Triumph was The spring show presenTed aT Pasadena Civic AudiTorium. , '1 Mr. Omer Bailey Mr, Harvey Brubaker Mr. Robert Culp Mr. William Finder Mr. Whalen Hickey Breaks are short and far between for our Industrial Arts teachers. In printing, arts and crafts, mechanical and archi- tectural drawing, wood working, auto mechanics, and electrical and metals work, the Industrial Arts Department offered students a fascinating variety of opportunities to use their hands and creative abilities to learn crafts for future work. Miss Dorothy Clemmons Mr. Robert Strawn With its colorful gallery of student pictures, 28 Arts, home room of the Art Department, displayed at va- rious times during the year entries for the Bill of Rights Poster Contest, Bullock's Scholastic Arts Award, a safety poster contest, and other local proiects of great interest to imaginative minds. Miss Dorothy Paletteers. Mr. Richard Martin Mr. August Swyke Mr. William Yocum Clemmons and Mr. Robert Strawn compare paintings for 4 si!!-Y" AA fl 5' l i S Violet Albarran in V A 'z ' 'L I W':"'w may - - --fwic, y iitwgl Loween Mayer if Richard Savage Lillian Stone Gladys Walker Rolland Watenpaugh 1896-1957 The Commercial Department checks the accuracy of its adding machine. Regular classes in office practices and salesmanship, as well as miscellaneous assignments in typing and mimeographing from other departments ofthe school, gave students in the Commercial Department real experience preparing them for entry in the business world. Patricia DeMerre Mr. Richard Kramer, school psychologist, confers with Mr. Arthur Langdon, Mr. Richard Kramer, new part-time psychologist, Mrs. Patricia DeMerre, school li- brarian, Mr. Eugene McAllis- ter, director of audio-visual education, and Mrs. Vivien Sharbonda, school nurse, were in charge of special services at M-D this year. Eugene McAllister Vivien Slflclrbonolol 'Y dean of boys. if' if i 'Q' 28 , Miss Ruth Nivens, Mr. Frank Pilmer, Miss Lois Moyer, Mr. Robert Long, Mrs. Theodora Taylor, and Mr. Anthony Molodowitch study new mathematics books. ln the past year our Mathematics Department has had many honors bestowed upon it. At Occidental College Mathematics Field Day, a team of four en- trants won us an honorable mention among seventy other teams from Southern California. Mr. Robert Long "Il r 1 - f . 1 4:4 , K V i.,. "ft:1"jf A Z : E ya W q 5:34 Miss Lois Mayer Mr. Anthony Molodowitch Mr. Frank Pilmer if 5. if i X R.. . Mr. Michael Gidolings . if Miss Ruth Nivens 'iff' i ,J Miss Mary Manning bg lf Mrs. Theodora Taylor Mrs. Vera Altman Mrs. Mary McKesson Mrs. Thelma Yenney Q--sau-can-aunt-sv Miss Georgiana Beck Mrs Ethel Brelos ln addition to the usual physical education program, the Girls Physical Education De- partment sponsored two playdays, invita- tional tennis matches, a dance festival, and a G.A.A. banquet to award honors. Mrs. Vera Altman, Miss Georgiana Beck, Mrs. Ethel Brelos, Mrs. Mary McKesson, Mrs. Thelma Yenney. Q -sss. i E Mr. John Daniels Standing: Messrs. Alvin Katich, Virgil Stevens, Richard Wilkin- K son. Seated: Messrs. John Daniels, Claude Walker, Verl Murray W ' Teachers in the Boys' Physical Education l im i- 1 A Department, besides working early and late ,- on special seasonal assignments in football, iii 5 basketball, and spring sports, added two Q iii ' new offerings to the regular schedule this r "'- 5 " year - trampoline workouts and weight Mr. AI Kmich lifting. r"i 5 Mr. Verl Murray Mr. Virgil Stevens Mr. Claude Walker 'E 4'--N. ir 'N 1 we-red T' Mr. Lloyd Hulse, Miss Cryssie Hotchkiss, and Mrs, Bernice Curnow compare foreign language test resulfs. .. 4, x 9 l -':" 11 ,',' I-Ti , 35 Mr. EvereTT Wood l 900- l 957 Mrs. Phyllis Hepburn 4 5' '45s 3 if W .,. y gg. sm New members of The Lan- guage Department This year are Mr. Lloyd Hulse, teacher of French, and Mrs. Celia Christopher, Teacher of Latin. Mr. Everett Wood passed away in September. During the spring the Home- making Depurfmenl' had a gala fashion show. The Home Decoration Class made its annual Trip To Barker Brothers Furniture Store and also had a party for a group of children. 15 lv-1 wx 'ii' lf Mrs. Jean Schultz Miss Angie Verenis lx Q Mrs. Celia Christopher Mrs, Bernice Curnow Q- Q . Miss Cryssie Hotchkiss Mr. Lloyd Hulse Mrs. Phyllis Hepburn, Miss Angie Verenis, and Mrs. Jean Schultz plan future homemaking proiects. 'idx V Q., ,1L,. LLWN, Y Q Q Miss Beverly Bartlett ' ,.-ow' 'Z' K f . T et e lee T B Mr. Joe Burcham Mrs. Thompson shows anthology essays to new English Department members, Reviving a publication not attempted since 1937, the Eng- lish Department this year issued an anthology of forty pages of student writing. New feature of the anthology was a short biographical sketch and picture of each of the sixty students whose writings were accepted. Students of the English Department also won awards in various local essay and speech contests. 3 f.. Miss Madeline Emmert 7 e k' tw sl ' is NP . K . M A, i f,f, ,. Ahh., Miss Amie Gilbert Mr. William Hatch Mrs. Muriel Holmgren Mrs. Karen Lauterbach Mr. Robert Oliver Mrs. Barbara Stine Mrs. Thelma Thompson Miss Emroy Walker Mr. Louis Baer .eirrW"r 1 Miss Bernice Carpenter an S, Miss Kathryn Geddes .V RE. sal ll s' Mr. Leonard Morris if 1 r Mr. Jut Williams Joys sorrows and secrets all shared with a very special friend Miss June Jahr Miss Dorothy Clemmons approves the yearbook layout A busy school day like ours leaves very little time for that extra touch of friendliness which comes when teachers and students meet to- gether on voluntary protects of mu- tual interest. Our teachers and stu- dents do, however, manage to find time to meet at club functions, sports activities, and occasionally in a classroom iust for a friendly chat. ln such meetings this year, Miss Clemmons, art teacher, helped us with professional advice in plan- ning our yearbook layout, Mr. Frank Pilmer welcomed students to his room before and after school for chess games and mathematics puz- zles, and Miss June .lahr exchanged pleasant confidences with visitors to the library. Junior Civitans and CivineTTes, our Two service clubs aT M-D, parTicipaTed in various chariTy drives, such as collecting Toys and food aT ChrisTmas and holding car washes and dances To raise money during The year. Civitans and CivineTTes sponsor a noon dance for our pleasure. Under The guidance of Mrs. EThel Brelos, Catskill Racqueteers, while irnproving Their Tennis skills, helped To build a firm foundation of friendship be- Tween M-D High School and iTs compeTiTors, while conTending for The Player of The Year Trophy. ln a friendly huddle, Catskill Racqueteers compare Their scores. This could Turn out To be a real blasT. Field Trips To various colleges, lecTures, and laboraTory experi- menTs were iusT a few of The acTiviTies on The agenda Tor This year's Science Club, under The direcTion of Mr. Charles Dunson and Mr. Paul Yeager. ,..-4' V , .iw , L,LL ,,,1 A I -fm ft' ,.,.., -W xiii? .l Our Library Club plans a trip to the Los An- geles Public Library. This year our Library Club, spon- sored by Mrs. Patricia DeMerre, enjoyed a visit to the Los An- geles City Library, guest lectur- ers, several parties, and also the displaying and sale of those beautiful Japanese silk prints. .01 Our Tri-Hi-Y Council talks over plans for a Sacramento convention. Members of the Santa Anita District Tri-Hi-Y Council, besides being active as leaders in their own Tri-Hi-Y clubs, planned for the yearly trip to Sacramento, where the Youth and Govern- ment Convention was held. This year our Crusaders, directed by Mrs. Marion Michel and Mr. James Stewart, enioyed many activities, such as a morning fellowship period, various par- ties, and their regular club meet- ings, at which they sang hymns and had guest speakers. Their morning fellowship period helps our Crusaders throughout the day. Members of Orchesis reach for falling stars. Orchesis, our modern dance club at M-D, besides participating in dance symposiums this year, Took trips to various colleges and also enioyed a weekend at Snow Valley. Field Trips to various office build- ings, a beach party, and an in- stallation of new officers were activities enioyed by our Future Business Leaders of America, directed by Miss Lillian Stone. at., if . 9 il ,gg ,,.., Carmen DiPoalo talks Q . is ss over future plans of l.ettermen's Club. Comprised of two hundred and seventy-six members, the Letter- men's Club included all boys earning letters in athletics. Spon- sored by Mr. Verl Murray, the club is designed to stimulate in- terest in sports and establish good sportsmanship among all our athletes. Our newest club makes plans for the future. 2? 5 ax 5 if 'l as 3 M 1, ,L rr wg,-1,1 X l The members of Paletteers Club, un- der the supervision ot Miss Dorothy Clemmons, in addition to taking V- first place award for beauty with their Homecoming float, held an initiation party and a Christmas ,af N5 lm if cookie sale during the year. l Rumor says they served green potato salad and black apple cider! Color crazy? Los Buenos Vecinos, composed of Spanish students who were interested in the history, culture, and customs of the Spanish- speaking nations, was spon- sored by Miss Cryssie Hotchkiss. Members of Los Buenos Vecinos decorate their homecoming float. Viewing films on nursing, tour- ing hospitals, and visiting our local health department kept our Future Nurses of America, under Mrs. Vivien Sharbonda's guidance, very busy this year. Future Nurses learn the proper handling of surgical instruments. A . V 'ki 'MQ' .Ei v i Mr. Grout gives lost minute instructions To a few of our ushers. Remember, b0Y5f This mf-meY 9095 in The KGY Club TVBUSUVY- Seating the audiences at va- rious school programs ond plays and keeping order during our regular assemblies were among the duties of our Ushers, who were directed by Mr. Glenn Grout and Mr. Arthur Langdon. Sponsoring local and regional speech contests was ci service performed by Speech Arts mem- bers, who were directed by Mr. Leonard Morris. They also had charge of a bulletin board where they posted recent news of the club. President Joanne Gus conducts a meeting of Speech Arts, Besides participating in their yearly "Shoe Shine Day," mem- bers of our Key Club, under Mr. Harry Strubbe's direction, held ci car wash and a noon dance as money raising proiects. They also had several potlucks as diversions from regular duties. lli t r if X .fpf Y 'x Weather Bureau students A1 f ex 1. 41 an x 'ZLL is 4 in dw 'H 54, 5 ff fs' its Q S' V Q, E if , J. My 4 H is 9539, V993 f, at F 5 ' Qi 1 .Nl g 3: iii, TL W" K W - ,fi l' ' W' "ix Q ' , ' ij 2 X' AIAA , check our weather every hour of the day. Physics students who knew a substantial amount of informa- tion regarding meterology were eligible for membership in Weather Bureau, sponsored by Mr. Charles Dunson. The mem- bers, our aspiring "weather- men," kept daily records of weather conditions and at- tempted a bit of forecasting. Tinkering with numerous plugs, tubes, and wires and listening for responses over the airways were pastimes of our Radio Club hams. Under Mr. August Swyke's direction, these boys studied electronics as well as radio engineering. Members of Radio Club listen for the beep-beep of Sputnik. gjj - s ' , W "1 f ,.i, i ,fp Iliff: Il . ' I wiht- s llf A I Twig A short one-day train trip and visits to the local railroad yards were highlights in the lite of the Model Railroade-r's Club this year. Headed by Mr. Jut Wil- liams, the members learned new methods ot layout construction. Model Railroaders learn about variou s parts of the engine President Peter Garber presides over a meeting of Junior Statesmen, This year our Junior Statesmen learned about the workings of a democracy by running their own model government. Headed by Mr. Robert Oliver, they wrote legislation, which was later pre- sented at the state convention, and studied the major political parties. ln addition to fulfilling the re- quirement ot two hundred in- ches of printed material tor membership in the national honor society, Quill and Scroll, members enjoyed a weekend at Mrs. Thelma Thompson's moun- tain cabin and an initiation at Christmas. We're listening, Lynda. Tell us more. The announcement of first semester Gold Seal recipients Ushering for Go-to-School Night, selling football programs, and attending the yearly Gold Seal Banquet were just a tew ot the activities enjoyed by our Schol- arship Society under the leader- ship ot Miss Vivian Elmgren and Mr. Robert Long. 2 la 9 T H F 5' 1? sw -sw, --um-N. W.. 1-4- At a special meeting come students from L. Future Teachers wel- foreign lands. This year, by having the op- portunity of visiting grade schools and attending the annual Future Teachers Con- ference at U.S.C., Future Teachers of America, direct- ed by Mrs. Gladys Lee, were able to learn much about the teaching profession. , gi.. , ,, a Fr, K .W 7 , 3 cj' UW- s But this hall pass is two weeks old' Maintaining order in the hallways during class time was the main service per- formed by our Commission- ers, under the leadership of Mr. Mitchell Oliver. The members of this organiza- tion also acted as official greeters to visitors at M.D. Discussing donation posters are officers of our Junior Red Cross. Besides donating to the blood bank, our Junior Red Cross, di- rected by Miss Madeline Em- mert, wrapped packages of food for needy families at Christmas- time and also sponsored Red Cross drives during the year. Members of our Audio-Visual Class, under the able direction of Mr. Eugene McAllister, car- ried heavy equipment such as projectors and tape recorders to various classrooms where they showed educational films. Showing an interesting film are two mem- bers of our Audio-Visual Class. Practice makes perfect, as these girls well know. Well, Qlflsi The mmf" l0PlC l0nl9lWf will be b0YS Our Maiorette Club, composed of girls who were interested in baton twirling, provided instruc- tion in developing and perfect- ing the twirling skills and show- manship of its members under the direction of Mrs. Vera Altman. g,.. . . . . , Earning l4OO points by out- standing participation in school sporting activities was a re- quirement ot all members of Circle M. With Mrs. Thelma Yenney as sponsor, these girls had many potlucks and two wonderful trips to her mountain cabin. 'i-,s . T ,s A f 7 - if The initiation of new members, the G. A. A. get-together, and a banquet in the spring were highlights of this year, enjoyed by all members of the Girls' Athletic Association, which was sponsored by Mrs. Thelma Yen- ney and Mrs. Mary McKesson. Our G.A.A. shows us a real game in progress. Our History Club of junior and senior history students under The direction of Miss Edith Dort included in its activities This year a potluck dinner and cos- tume party, which members at- tended dressed as historical figures. Special honors came to the Fu- ture Homemakers of America when Kenlyn Card received the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award, Kenlyn also represented Future Homemakers at The Governor's Youth Con- ference in Sacramento. Two Future Homemakers enjoy sewing at a faculty luncheon. East meets West as Texans mingle with Romans and Orientals. T Vic gives the signal for "up periscopef' Our Camera Club this year con- sisted ofthe photographers from the Wildcat and Monrovian staffs. Taking many pictures and then making negatives and proofs of them were the duties that made this year a busy one for each of The photographers. Joan and Judy get another ad from a local merchant. Page-proofing in the print shop is a weekly iob for page editors. Cathie, your idea's fine, but mine is better. Madly rushing to meet deadline, the Wildcat staff worked hard each week to publish our paper. Under the capable direction of Adviser Mrs. Thelma Thompson, the staff ac- complished the seemingly impossible task of collecting newsy information and putting it together for a paper each Friday. Coeeditors Forrest Bottomley and Cathie Cleland headed the 'Cat staff, their editorial staff being composed of Bruce Bottomley, Alan Dahle, Pat Davis, Gael Hanson, Stephanie White, and David Wills. Sports editor Delbert Reed turned out good copy with the assistance of Bob Ellis and Blair Vickers. Bob Davis had the busy iob of copy reading. The business staff included Ray Burby, Joan Hill, and Judy West. A new addition to the Wildcat was the Press Bureau, headed by Lynda Brangham, which reported school news to local newspapers. Bill Giauque and Carolyn Poister as- sisted Lynda. Photographers Norman Dickhoff and Gerald Rockwell were always on location, weighed down with heavy photographic equipment and ready to do an expert job. Mrs. Thompson helps Lynda with Press Bureau copy. These boys take a break from their duties of compiling sports news. Cathie helps Joan and Dave with their copy writing. ZXJ N w,-. ...., ,WWI wk X UI These work fiends don't even break for lunch. The junior staff makes an S.O.S. appeal to Mrs. Thompson. - f , .NM 5' T al . WM , -b - lv N XX XX gf X. 'H -1!'l',Kx , , , ?.Q.x".Tf- . 1 6' I -f ' . 3 Q 4 Q-'.-I'l'. '- 2' J . ""' 4 fe"'-':,-711 , . M, Z V. V . X 33fZ'.7' Lt-w A 2 r . T As J 4 , .g?j,- K . A! Hiya, M . Q, E Lzxwx -,,,w,3v3f ex? A ' I N ,Sri 'li -' 5daWf . ,,,,,., W-f 2 W g-wif A 1 s ,Q 42:12 ,, ' 'J :-' 6 .qw T fffiwf Norman and Jerry don't consider this photography work. i f of . . ,ply Q M,,, . . ' 711 if 'C' :Q . , ' Q I " BWI ' ' A f s . M X . ' , i if i f O . , . -. i, '-5 ,tri :--H Press Bureau performs its duty of sending M-D news to local papers. Wildcat reporters wait their turn at the typewriter. S Jerry O'Connell, business manager, has one of the Co-Editors Lorena Treydte and Linda Savolaine, busy collecting ideas from biggest responsibilities of the staff. Old books. fill Our Adviser, Miss Kathryn Geddes, takes time to help Pat Hitte, copy-editor. One thousand and seventy-eight pictures planned, scheduled, taken, approved, printed, and handed over to a publisher right on the deadline meant getting all sorts of people and photog- raphers together-photographers with Minoltas, Speed Graphics, light meters, strobe units, darkroom keys and darkroom skills. We began the year with Vic, Larry, and Mr. William Gill as chief photographers, but added Paul Whipple, Mr. Bob Phillips, Nor- man Dickhoff, and Dan Bruhns before the one thousand and seventy-eighth picture was done. Lorena and Linda's idea of highlighting events of the school year as they actually took place in the fall, winter, and spring meant more work, more careful planning, and more time spent by all members of the staff working together. Each staff member had specific sections to complete, but everyone helped everybody else when particular sections were due. Cameras broke, negatives were lost, darkroom facilities were a problem, but we never scheduled our pictures for a rainy day luntil track timel, and Linda and Lorena never once had temper tantrums or disagreed about the ultimate- High School Highlights through the year. Peggy Garner and Judy Smith copy dummy pages. Marvin Handy and Ronnie Franklin check some football copy. E V i l 2 -dn Pete Garber and Pat Kelly get instructions on selling from Jerry. I sf-1".K,f ,i' i M Q S L' no - E, Y: W , . , Yi ' Larry Deem and Vic Torrey check the condition of the cameras lfgli 9 . 2" ,ans .1-W ,..,-n.W -Q Ig' Christine Lee, Judy Smith, Peggy Garner, and Marianne Mitchell measure, crop, tape, and cut. Pat records pix numbers forthe index. 2 S. 2 A .- l l 1 ' 3 l .lb if 9' I Marianne, Ronnie, and Christine, still working hard. llls Uflefdeadllne PONY lime- .msg -.q ,H Don Climaxing this year's traditional Homecoming Day festivities were the parade of floats, the cars adorned with class princesses, and the varsity football team fighting its way to another victory. The Homecoming floats were displayed in a parade around the field to announce the winners for beauty, originality and best theme. First prize for beauty went to the Palatteers' Art Club, while the prize for theme and originality was taken by the Nlonarcs and Nladauins. Special halftime stunts were performed in honor of Homecoming by the Band and Pep Cats. Porter accompanies Alice Spann and Cynthia Knight, co- heads of Homecoming. As Song and Yell leaders ride onto the field, we know the parade has begun, .Q - SONG - LEHDEH5 The Madquin-Monarc Uflu bug" wins first prize for theme as the Paletteers' lovely float captures a first for beauty. uw:.1ii.,.a.. ,,.4i.: Weeks of hard work for The Band and Pep Cars pays off as we applaud their performances during a football half time. .C Senior Princesses: Sandy Pinney, Susan Leigh, Barbara Harvey, Kathy Easiman, Gale Prange. Freshmen Princesses: Gerry Logan, Linda Thompson, Cathy Capen, Joan Garber, Susan Hancock. !""'U Sophomore Princesses: Melissa Henderson, Linda Blankenship, Pai Canada, Billie McDonald, Bonnie Fiss. Junior Princesses: Joyce Walling, Carol Ann Henderson, Paiii Parsonage, Pam Pepping, Christine Lee. e--Q Mrs. Yenney inspects Pep Cats Gayle Sullivan and Alzina Kelly. Officers: J. Fenton, G. Prange, B. Harvey, S. Fueglein, J. Smith. Adams, Bannister, Bergman, Bianchi, Caldwell, J. Carter, N. Carter, Collins Crabtree, Crawford, Eastman, Ellingson, Fator, Fenton, Ferguson, Fischer, Fleming Fueglein, Garner, Gongaware, Green, Gunter, Harvey, Heflin, Henderson, Herbert Hitte, Hubbard, Jensen, Johnston-, Jones, Kaufman, Kelly, Knight, Knisley, Kuhn, L. Laird, N. Laird, Lamb, Lawson, Lee, McDaniel, Mellon, Moore, Palmer, Parsonage, Pheiffer, Poppert, Prange, Ramsland, A. Reedall, M. Reedall, Reegler, Remington, Ripley, Salmon, Schleipman, Sears, Simmons, Smith, Sullivan, Thompson, Threadgill, Tronvig, Walling, Waters, Weller, Williams, Williamson, Wurst. 1 i, V of 'X fx - , .i A iw . . L . 1 f M ' 5' '5f3?'5li,fm - B f' ' 'if' 'A V 6' ' es. . my 11 ,, , - .sy 4 , E+ tax 'rdf' I ' in ' 1 . ' I ' -' ' A' ,, E. -run, 4 5-A if W 5 K' gg. X m, 5 ftfswfw' Nw 'W Vg!' V 'LL.L ' . "f -...H -2 ff hKw "F fi - , f . ""f"f L' t- ' ' X! E4 rx -.' f :rw A- W L is ' '15 X mf " " 1' ' . V 1 VL. 'J , 4 f,. . ' gm K E , ' ..,, ff' , ,..J,,fff,.s t N .Q K, RTF? , L ma ' V Iryr ft my 'av 4' ,-' Q15 N Va, .,.. 1 , , ,. ,D .LE I . V W aw.-1 V- . .- l ew -1 ' .' Q Q 3 ,Sf 'X V"ffaf.w a . Q15 L E 5 I ., R, , i A K V:-nf Hi! f 52, L, .5 P . L Z Q 4 s f - m, , kv ,RJ F "Is W Q 1 'Q A' 5 1 ' j 5173. ' ' t . 'fax f A L,- 9 , ww, . 4' ' - .' ' 5 if?-, 0 'L 1 t 5' ' 4' Y, 1. S-yr. 0,4 A me as t n mama Wildcat Marching Band: Amon, Autery, Bonthius, Boulton, Boyd, Brock, Burden, Card, Carr, Casner, Cather, Charak, Chick, Cloe, Conti, Contreras, Deom, Ellingson, Eserin, Farr, Finch, Fleshman, Gordon, Gratny, Grunney, Gutierres, Gyarfas, l-lartigan, Heald, Hickle, Johnson, Johnston, Karasinski, Kelley, Kiley, Koons, Lewis, Lorman, Low, Matejzel, Mathis, Mays, McGraw, McQuigg, McReynolds, Means, Mejia, Miles, Milbrandt, Mongar, Montgomery, Moreland, Olivas, Paige, Pett, Rollins, Roma, Sam Shafer, Sharon Shafer, D. Sillason, G. Sillason, Singer, Smith, Sperry, Vore, Weiman, Weisz, Williams, Wilson, Wingert, Wronka. Leading the Wildcat Band is Bill Kiley, our drum maior. Band Officers: Dave Sillasen, Tony Boyd, Joan Williams, President Larry Amon. 3 i Leading cn song of a noon pep rally are our enthusiastic song leaders, an pg 9 ' an nfl? MW in ' 13" 'K' n 'B' fi Q an . . ' 1. 2 Qxf n nQ2 '39 f X- A4 Y AXK QQQN F-E "' 'N x 'v , Y 3 4 23" F5 Q S K ,, ' .1 ng n .f X in 1 , 'A i A ,Q s " A as 4" X 1' WK as Q Q V xii X 4 vm X 4 7 is ai- W' I! . , an Qs V Q W 12.4 -H- 0 my 'Suv -0' Mx ff -I MM? ,,d" A Monrovia-Duarte. .26 Monrovia-Duarte. .30 Monrovia-Duarte.. 6 Monrovia-Duarte. .26 Monrovia-Duarte. .20 Monrovia- Duarfe. . 20 Monrovia-Duarte.. 7 Monrovia-Duarfe. .33 Pomona . .31 Covina ..... 9 San Marino. . O Alhambra . .20 Mark Keppel. 6 EI Monte 6 Whiffier ..., I4 Arcadia .... O Monrovia-Duarte.168 V0 L, Opponents . .86 . . if .. .AWP N - . -.- . Mg ,h fe r' H fl M ' A 1 g if in A g ,c A P ff. rg 3 W if y H 1 T ' lemma ,,1s,,.i17 sf- 1554EE1.Qs19f+:4r' 11 V Varsity Team. Bottom Row: Walls, Carroll, Mikell, Wong, Zapt, DiPaolo, Handy, Thompson, Hall, Ellis, Lewis. Second Row: Vanderluit, San Miguel, Wurtz, West, Derrico, Teresa, Mateizel, Groghan, Damewood, Barsz, Tisor, Huffman, Pensen, Salmon, Third Row: Newland, Green, Calkins, Pelkey, T. Smith, Anthony, George, Long, J. Smith, Samuels, Hadley, Codey, Youmans, McGinnis. Not in picture: Tomberlin, Klein, Pantaliono, Sarinana. lirir T s wris t if given bi' The MONOVIG Junior llil Dink Walker said that he was ve ry it had made such excellent progress The Wildcats were not expected to do very well be- ggse- they wereygttfiigtgginexperienced team, the line-up consisting of to play football and terrific spirit helped the team to place second in their league. Next year Monrovia should have an even better team because of several returning lettermen. The boys who are expected to be a big help are linemen Boyd Anthony, Bob Matejzel, Terry Smith, Dean West, and Bill McGinnis. Valuable backtield men will be Mar- shall Hall, Marvin l-landy, and Larry Carroll. Carmen DiPoalo did an exceptional job in leading the Wildcats through the sea- son. The success of the team was largely due to the excellent way he kept the team organized. Head Coach Dink Walker and his assist- ant, John Daniels, discuss the game. 55 ww, g g M V A H K It N . f ,U -... I - f-v Q, A ' ,. V k I WV I rs-.-rw -C ,. H I. . - F .. ,, , ,.w. fs 5- Opening The season againsT Pomo- na, The VVildcaTs sTarTed slowly. Even Though They came OuT The second halT To ouTplay Their OppOnenTs com- pleTely, They couldn'T guiTe maTch Their score. Carmen DiPoalo sparked The VVildcaTs, scoring 3 Touchdowns on runs OT 33 and 69 yards and a 34-yard pass Trom Bill Lewis. Carmen DiPoalo picked up 213 OT Monrovia's 392 yards and scored Touchdowns on The Tirsf play OT The Covina game and also on a loeauTi- Tul pass Trom Larry Carroll. Touch- downs by James Mikell and Bill Mc- Ginnis conTribuTed a greaT deal To The VVildcaT vicTOry as did The pass- ing OT Bill Lewis. The VVildcaT deTensive players were The heroes in The San Marino game as The Tifans were held To 66 yards while The VVildcaTs were gaining 241 yards. Carmen DiPoalo picked up l37 yards and scored The one Touch- down OT The game. Ronnie Frank- lin's inTercepTion sTOpped The only San Marino ThreaT. Carmen DiPoalo charges Through o large open- ing in The Pomona line. Boyd Anfhony, Jim Bonciparfe, and Marshall Hall converge on a Covina runner. Jim Mikell sweeps The San Marino end. Mikell evades an Alhambra tockler as DiPoalo leads the way. DlP0GlO ClUl'7C95 GvvC1y from G Mark Keppel tackler Carmen DiPoalo,,James Mikell, and Bill Lewis accounted for 333 of the 383 yards gained by the Wildcats against Alhambra, Lewis scoring on a 32-yard run. Mike San Miguel and Gary Salmon each scored on a pass, Marshall Hall rounding the scoring with a 2-yard plunge. George and Smith bring down on El Monte runner. Against El Monte, the Wildcats scored two game-winning touch- downs in the second half to remain undefeated in league play. Carmen Dliljoalo scored two touchdowns on a 3-yard run and a 33-yard pass from Bill Lewis. Marshall Hall scored the other touchdown on a l-yard plunge. James Mikell sparked the Wildcats to their second league victory with his outstanding running against Mark Keppel. Mikell scored one of the three Monrovia touchdowns which were nullified because of pen- alties. Once again the defensive team did an excellent fob. Carroll Throws a Whittier ball carrier To the Turf. ln The Whittier game one Touchdown was The deciding factor which de- termined The Pacific League cham- pionship. Mike San Miguel scored on a 16-yard pass from Carmen DiPoalo for The only Wildcat score. The loss was no disgrace, since The Cardinals went on to The C.l.F. semi- finals. An Arcadia player rides "Fritz" Zapf To the ground. Franklin and DiPoalo close in on an Arcadian. Carmen DiPoalo led The Wildcats in Their convincing victory over Arcadia, Monrovia's crosstown rival. DiPoalo scam- pered for l26 yards and 3 touchdowns, all of which were scored in the first quarter. Marvin Handy and James Mikell each accounted for second-half touchdowns. The Wildcat defense again was superlo, holding the Apaches scoreless. As the Wildcats pulled ahead, Coach Dink Walker substituted freely and allowed the second team to play most of the second half. This game marked the end of a very successful season. 93,54 2-'T' H4 Pt . :F r, . TA 'I A llbi tx ' 'J 9 l -"' dy' - ivan.. If . ,::': " ""' 2 ' ,fvs.,.h,, .55 ,QW You wfswqsrgwggsff iq My-'fx v . T ssii T rs. p . it T A - if T 1 'ea w I s. . . . .s ' W-' mv- A- A 1"" lfQfy" 'ff . ,g.:.-Q.-jf," - fi ff- , , 'fag as 4 Q' 4-ws' . .-.J 9 .,f. .fi-Q, qv -,rw jf fi ,jg i3lo1Q51,fI':t U 1 .. fb G. I X . ,, . ,f Q W,"-it -e I . I ' .fm .1 N -M'-. W "' " ,V 4 lu .Z ,tak fe' " , ' J Qritg- J ,iw .-.wa LL,,,,Vffgrf",., . , . 1,Q'r,t,, .1 -av, ' - "4-U t " " ' v 1 I 4' 5'-"J V . V ' . T ' L' .' f f , i . ,pl if 'j- 0 A,. -- . ,Mfg - ' '- ' Q 1-Q 85,5 f ,ji-,,, -. g fl K 'ef-KV -3524! ,.f,,z. gr- . cs" Sn, .r 4. g ,. 1. fL,,'ffXi,'3,f :L 3.' yfj "rg, , K 5 ,A 'V' - i 7 - ' ' 'i Q,-ie. . - . Carmen DiPoalo was chosen Wildcat of the Week for the San Marino game. The Wildcat captain also garnered "Player of the Year" honors in the Pacific League. A big, bruising tackle, Bill Hadley, who was chosen the Wildcat of the Week against Arcadia, played consistently well all season and was later named to the All-League second team. Mike San Miguel played a game worthy of the honor of Wildcat of the Week for the Alhambra game. He scored a touch- down on an excellent pass from Bill Lewis. Against Mark Keppel, James Mikell was the leading ground gainer and scored two touchdowns, winning him the honor of being named Wildcat of the Week. Because Dale Long played a spectacular game in the line against El Monte, he was chosen the Wildcat of the Week and was later selected for the All-League l9GlT1. One of the excellent defensive players, Rannie Franklin was chosen the Wildcat of the Week against Whittier. Franklin came up from his defensive halfback spot to make numerous tackles. The Wildcat of the Week is an honor given to the out- standing Wildcat footballers. During the week following each game, the student body members cast their ballots for the outstanding player of that game. The player is then honored in the school and town newspapers. nc tem noon 1 ' " f 1 J A T if room after the game. Champs!! The Wildcat Bee Team fought hard all year Tor That Title. This team was one of The finest Bee Teams This school has ever had and finished The season with a record of 6 wins and l loss. The only loss I-O09 G0f1e"W0n9 fakes Off OH G T0UChd0Wn iGUf1T- was due To The ineligibility of a player in The Alhambra game. In his debut as a coach aT Monrovia, Mike Giddings had a very successful season. Bee Team. Bottom Row: Brochu, Shirk, Ullom, Johnston, Stacy, Wellings, Finch, Gonzales, Gill, Webber, Manning, Frazier. Second Row: Young, Thomas, Hartigan, G. Wong, Skinner, Olson, Valentine, Zschoche, Anderson, Long, Peters, Willson, Crowl. Third Row: Phillips, Mgr., Edwards, Oller, Miller, D. Wong, Childs, Hard- ing, Herrera, Goldman, White, Albaugh, Myles, McKinney, Koons, Van Horn, Days, Mgr. Fourth Row: Mr. Giddings, coach, Mr. Culp, coach. we -T f f Bee Captain Tom Harding leaves dressing Coach Giddingsintentlywatches theg The Bee Starting Team Bottom row Crowl Peters, Gill, Weber, Childs, White, Thomas. Second row: Stacy, Wong, Johnston, Ullom, Harding K S! Monrovia Monrovia Monrovia Monrovia Monrovia- Monrovia San Marino . Arroyo ..... Mark Keppel. Alhambra El Monte Whittier . 7 R - s P' Q .id is 4 . -w - ,.. +"?4- - "' 1 , ec- -- 4-1,..tR,.--wffeq . .,.h,.f.:.. f ,- . - , -. M aw- abd' - - - ' , ' if Q , i f'- -ef' - -4 'f ' -, -1 ,, ar . . ss at .X ' .rf"t'rt1Kf' . if .i-nf' r-wqrfg, V . - .. iw Q W-gg 1... .- K - s . ., -hi. J., , 5 -' '- A , r 1.9 2, in-m:"1 :qffff:"fwA-.5 -4+ ' 1 r i- .' -gre-',.:,iw ,..., ,S , 'pf 'sf , , V . 44. ' 4 f-1',.'.,' --."'x. .4 V 5. 4,44 1-I 1 4 .1.5 -vig ' f- f is :ff -fx: 45' Q f lm HH- .img I-A5 My 1 3-s, , In 1. . W as . 1- 'Lf . "W",-519' X7 '. .i.It-...!-fra. ' NF Monrovia Arcadia . ,Q-.F - gf :If ol' Monrovia- Opponents eff N, 1 . . . -A '19 'A' Forfeit lineligilole playerl f " 1 ' t'2?'1l , L i n N , W f at 'H1fF5,f'lI.ei"'wWm DOF! WOH9 B695 I'f10S'f VUlU0l9le PlC'Ye" Tom Harding, a fleet and deceptive runner Childs best lineman, McKinney, most inspiring player, Gill, most improved player. f Cee Team. Bottom row. Evans, Oshima, Brown, Zermino, Groghan, Farnsworth, Brock, Benson, Haynes, Olson, Jimmink, Alloczugh, Albin, G. Miller, Newman Noel. Second Row: Olson, DeCuir, Howell, Hawthorne, R. Miller, O'Connell, Mathis, Hutt, DiNoto, White, Drayer, Roesler, Brewer, Carr, Teasley, Yates. Third row: Griialva, R. Smith, Shirk, J. Miller, Rodgers, Hayes, P. Smith, Boyer, Florek, Farr, Cash, Newland, Stueve, Cady, Samuels, Bowden. The excellent running ot Gary Hawthorne and the fierce line play ot Lee Groghan led the Wildkittens to a season's record of 4 wins and 3 losses. The Cees' most exciting game was against Arcadia when Hawthorne scored the winning touch- down with only tive seconds remaining. Mark Keppel nipped the Wildkittens 7 to 6 in another close game. Co-Captains Gary Hawthorne and Lee G,-oghonu Al Katich, coach of the Wildkittens. 1" . Roger DeCuir gains yardage against Covina. 'fig I L. 5 f Q.. -iq, wk, fi f . f f ' - . . H- ,. pg, X it sf . ..,- ,.... - ,Y , . A Q zz . A ev- V.. ,, -- . M,..a.f.. 3 ,ks Mk .. , 537, .fff , W 1 .. 41- ee" ' R ,. 1" Wh . , U ' cw V . .. , K V 4, V V , V' 9 lst .... .VK fi-W Y ' r 41 -es Q ,W .,. t vw . . .,. - . sr. .. ,,. ,,.. V .r ' . . 'L W 1. ' . 1. - . - fr f-f.sf-.Meri -ff,. .1 Kenny Rogers hands out his l408th towel. Carmen DiPoalo and Bill Lewis lead the Wildcats out of the dressing room. Graduating Seniors. Bottom Row: Bonaparte, Hadley, San Miguel, Long. Second Row: Mikell, Klein, George, Groghan, Hand. Third Row: Lewis, Franklin, DiPoalo, Samuels, Damewood, Smith. Varsity Manager Fred Klusmann carries equipment to practice field. as -?.. 1. ' f S.. lk... . B 4, 5 5 The Monrovia Junior Chamber of Commerce honors the Monrovia Wildcats of 1957 at ci banquet. Mrs. Fox sells tickets at one of our foot- ball games. Y v:'. 'f J ...Q it Student leaders carry out an old school tradition, the ringing Gene Durand and Company gave us one of the most entertaining assemblies of the victory bell, at the Alhambra-Monrovia football game, of the year, presenting a Calypso type of program with original numbers from the West Indies. A colorful parade, which consisted of students' decorated cars, the band and Pepcats, and several student leaders' cars, was the highlight of Green and White Day. An exciting Friday noon pep rally increased our traditional spirit for our championship football game with Whittier High School. ix X EV, 52 Q l , , Q, ' .QT 1 x, ,JF ,iz 4 qs 'Q , ,Ns Z ,lx kwa if Q- '13 A. , af, Ri f 'si 1 Y 5 , - 'Z x' H ' ' Jr- ' ffm 2 -f' 5. 'H A , wg, A - up . if Q, P. T . ws, A , w xea.,,L 1.4 1 'Vr ' a A av-'N ASQ? . fife " . Q, in-'L"W,. , '-7 9 . 'O X - an my Qfk,,"Ag4'5i.,,s4r'5'k,L nf Q A .aa ,gif v f',,,.' ' Z 5f . M .mg gg- Q Y- -. ., 'gif' -, '-ffxv if , q fs, W xW,f', ' .Q f P Q' A "' vf!'.,' - -M 1 1 in 1 x 1 Q I K- QQ bfi L ii 2 Q' , X 1 -in .Q gtk A U8 , Af my A Am x . 5 V ,V ,gg g - 'QA ,MV w-AM. ,f . ,gf -K+ , K t A J -I -4 , k.., E --V K , K Q fx 5 MQ 5, . . K, ,VL "VA, V. ,L 'g A' Q H i K V 4? , 1 f"ff'-ll' .. 4 ' MJD' FHQ A , 4.W, 4 651, 1 b 4 . , X A , lax ww, damn., 1 we Q 1 . W X., " w RM 'W f-,Z 1, ,JN amp.-.WN 1 i. ..,i ,'-"-- M ttiiii A 2 LLVLQX 5 I ,,.. K J, A:,.,.v fMW,.,.-.M-P.. ,W .wmwmr W " " mummy .ro-...Fwy fs. -.h-,,.Mww -,,,. .Mmwzws W. ,,,, W., M J ,. ,. fl, ,:W,.:s,Wi . V ,,-Y W,,,,s...,, f- f? gi. Lx s 4 Q if is sllf i H H 56 '15 Q Q :We it A sf -- , .,,, if? N B W' il 'W H, -if xxr 'R wwf--.N ln some classes we learn much without books, WINTER Diane Dees, Peggy Schuerman, and Lona Lincoln anticipate semester examinations. When Christmas holidays are over, We resume our busy study lite. 67 ET f Miss Ruth Foreman, our Dean of Girls. Always there are girls waiting to see Miss Foreman about college or Miss Cummens for counseling. 'SD Mrs. Theresa Timko. Dean of Girls, Miss Ruth Foreman Q,g1f0kes an inferesf in every phase of .school life for girls. She is directly con-t new students, school activi-l clubs, and each graduate. Shel "found sympathetically explain- ing about college and scholarships to al bewildered senior. But when there is al chance for her to relax, she finds great pleasure in the out-of-doors. J ew: i 'T ' '- hW 'f 1 1-f , Q h L s-...MA xxx e ss Q 4, ,,.........- Mrs. Nell Coger. Mr. Arthur Langdon found during his first year as Dean of Boys that his great- est pleasure was in being able to give a boy new ideas and hopes for his further education, the service, and his future, He readily encouraged boys to come To him for advice. His after school hours were filled with the joys of being with his family and of remodeling his beautiful house, originally built in 1900, - ! i l l l lr, as - -,,,,.ul l A f.a....,,,,.,,,s L, l Ml! Mr. Arthur Langdon, our Dean of Boys. Q 'III While anticipating interviews with Mr. Langdon and Mr. Grout, these boys entertain themselves. Girls' Counselor, Miss ClyTis Cummens, guides Sharon in The subiecfs advisable To achieve her goal in life. Miss ClyTis Cummens and Mr. Glenn GrouT, our counselors, are always undersTanding when They lisTen To our pleas To have our lunch period changed. They knovv abouT our problems and complainTs, and They do everyThing possible Tal change Them. There were rnany Times, This year,i when we would have rnade a misTake if we had noT been direcTed To The righT choice of classes.i Frarn Mr. Lang, DirecTor of Research and TesTing,Q The counselors obTained The resulTs of our sTan-T dardized TesTs To guide us in choosing subiecisj We were capable of handling. i Mr Lang discusses Bills excellenT NaTional MeriT Scholarship TesT.l 3 !5 -,,,.5 E 12 l x ij ij ia is l 1hnx.,. Q' , l 'Sr- Boys' Counselor, Mr. Glenn GrouT, lisrens lo The plans Jack has for the preseni and The fuiure. Wifh Beify helping, Mrs. Coger answers questions for Douglas and John. Joanne, Sharon, and Susan Try running an office and solving the problems Thai' go with if. 'E' :J -f--M .W 3 .,,. N ir ' - 5 L,., 1 . . i E is ,365 Judy Kopecky, treasurer, Jim Green, pres- ident, Mr. Savage, sponsor, Mr. Maxwell, sponsor, Joan Garber, vice-president, Tom Sargeant, treasurer. ' dream of being in high school has at las? come true. There were days when gp were lost, but we soon became familiar with the campus. We will always J 41-21? que., mber those first football games and dances. Our Freshman Problems' .4 , fgjects anal clubs have kept us busy during our freshman year at M-D. he 'I will J? ,Q er wing el 'fits My -in 4 ix MQ? 2 ' 'Q as '1 ,ZZ .Q . Q s mfgjllflf 1- is .. .gg .v3"w'::s1-. .- 2 5 1 New .fills Tal . M" pf 5?Yi23"15Q" x' of J, f-kafi'??1" i . ,, ,,,. ,A ' K as We Lkgff., A ..... ,....,. ., Bottom row: A. Bronthius P S. Anthony, A, Albin, R. Benson, P. Baron, F. Baily, R. Ashley, D. Autery, J. Booth. 72 ,,.,-""""',.'.,- sgsgg a - I Amr' .,.-Q-nw En. B. Aguoyo, D. Austin, D. Austin. Second row: C. Burski D. Brown, H. Brown, S. Anderson, D. Belin, J. Allen, J. Busik A. Ackley. Third row: R. Boughner, D. Bailey, S. Butler, J. Brown, T. Bates, D. Arnett, R. Bell, I. Armas, L. Bencler, E Fourth raw: B. Boston, J. Ainley, J. Boiano, L. Boulton, D. Anderson, G. Alexander, R. Autery, D. Anderson, D. Boggs, C Ag' bg -y'1l.r. V H ERP' " . . F I 45. 4 -2.50.7-"' -if A .W I W ' " ' M N ..Q.-zvffifi' T A H T, T f:1 Q ' .. . ' -' t I ..1'g"3'IE,... f.:i7"".f--5-""',': it?" 4 tg 42a-12'5,1Suu'l'5 TTT-M ,TTT ll .-an-za-T' -M T , .L an L "" ---y, E. L: Q ' 1' -'E I5 ffl' i 5 ff ' ' 1 F' 1 .Tl N3 f ' 'E . 4--Q T -M- .L ,,,. c ... Bottom row: F. Clark, S. Chick, P. Days, S. Corio, M. Coates, M. Cecco, B, Crellin, R. Counts, P. Burns, B. Cellini, R. Bramble. Second row: J. Crockett, N. Crow, D. Davenport, D. Day, K. Dennis, N. Dean, K. Capen, C. Conacher, G. Chamberlain, D, Demetreos, L. Davis, E. Danchik. Third row: B. Conti, H. Card, R. Brock, P. Cioe, D. Burleson, L. Christensen, C. Boyer, G. Cooper, D. Bracken, T. Crook, R. Clarkson, R. Clyde. Bottom row: J. Garber, B. Ellingson, C. Dick, B. Florek, J. Donofrio, D. Ewing, Z. Fremeau, K. Fisk. Second row: C. Feltus, L. Fanslow, D. Ellis, R. Fleshman, R. Evans, R, Derrico, D. Fuelling, J. Farry, T. Farnsworth, C. Dohrman, B. Finder. Third row. L. Fuller, J. Fuchs, C. Fennikoh, J. Fisher, S. Felts, S. DiPoalo, G. Dohrman, J. Garcia, K. Evans, J. Edland, K. Eckhart, N, Doroshaw. Fourth row: F. DiNoto, J. Fonseca, J. Galvz, D. Drayer, R. Geffen, B. Gilbert, R. Finch, M. Fleshman, J. Gautier, F. Florek, A. Farr, P. Eserin. 35,-rf fi' .y...1----"""'T :M--'-"""a sa . , if L ,S '11-W Bottom row: T. Hammond, M. Giboney, J. Gardiner, C. Gritfee, V. Gillroy, C. Grimes, M. Greene, J. Hooper, T. Gill. Second row: W. Goff, R. Goldman, W. Gyarfas, K, Golden, F. Gookins, F. Haynes, J. Guyon, B. Fisher, L. Groghan, B. Halsted, D, Heald, L. Green. Third row: D. Gomez, J. Gibson, J. Gross, J. Gibson, V. Ginn, D. Gratny, L. Gourley, J. Hall, D, Gleich, P. Greenwood, P. Hayes, S, Goedeck. Fourth row: E. Hartigan, J. Griffin, J. Green, D. Goggins, R. Gus, C. Hamilton, A. Doyon, D. Harvey, D. Grant, L. Gasparrelli, S, Hehn, R. Hart. G , Bottom row: C. Hamblin, K. Hose, S. Hughes, J. Hentsch, S. Hebert, T. Helm, N. Jackson, C. Hoffman. Second row: B. Lundborg, S, Kuromiya, J. Koviak, C. Jenkins, D. Johnson, K. Hoevel, B. Hunt, R. Helton, J. Jaeger, J. LeDoux, E. Kiick, J. Jimmink, S. Karasinski. Third row: C. Hill, C. Hotaling, J. Jacobs, M. Hanscom, L. Hirt J. Hendrickson, P. Jensen, D. Hellyer, M. Huyck, C. Housch, E. Hatcher, S. Hancock. Fourth row: C. Herman, J. Lent, R. Lawrenz, C. Helle, J. Jehne, L. Long, R. Kidd, J. Kingston, L. James, T. Howe, B. Jensen, R. Libbey, P. Hobson. Bottom row: M. Jesseman, J. Kopecky, S. Kenney, A. Lewis, L. Jackson, S. Kwentus, N, Klepper, M. Knoll, L. Krieg, G. Lorgan, C. Kelly. Second row: J. Montgomery, H. Montgomery, M. Mislove, M. Jones, H. Meyer, J. McLean, D. McKinney, R. Moreno, J. McReynolds, M. Manthey, T. LaVarnway, K. Lang. Third row: H. Johnson D.nKuhn, J. Knight, P. LaLone, P. Kyle, M. Kaufmann, J. Keating, G. Johnson, V. Kilde, L. Logan, B. Lampman, C. Johnson. Fourth row: M, Newland, B. Mays, D. McGraw, B. Murray, S. Morrill, R. Morse, R. Miller, O. Moreland, R. Moore, R. Newland, R. McGrath, J. Meister. ,ffstewfeff .ff""" ,.4ff"""TT ., 1. If ,I z ? 4 i L .', Bottom row: D. Monks, S. Miller, J. McCallum, M. Magee, S. Marshman, S. Meyer, S. Maier, J. McCawley, E. Marsden, M. Martin. Second row. M. Pytel, R. Olson, F. Rhein, R. Noel, C. Reese, D. Peterson, P. Noriega, E. Poague, C. Roberts, N. McFall, B. Lookabaugh. Third row: P. McKee, G. Mosley, J. Moeller, L. Lomax, F. Morton, J. Moak, J. Nichols, M. Mante, S. Mandell, C. Mattern, M. Lothyan, K. Neergard. Fourth row. D. Norlund, L. O'ConneIl, J. Olson, F. Robinson, J. Roeslar, B. Pett, K. Oshima, E. Paparteys, R. Ortolano, B. Tartt, T. Relph, G. Paige. 1 1 399' . ,-.-w'v"""""M'MunT d Bottom row. R. Shanks, R. Root, D. Shannon, T. Sargent, S. Rollins, B. Pierce, J. Perry, F. Pavlicek, C. Pitzer, C. Reightley, C. Ogle, B. Richardson, C. Pierce. Second row: B. Noble, D. Noble, J. Pemberton, J. Quinn, S. Peters, M, Noble, S. Reese, D. Rettberg, D. Peterson, L. Nonamaker, D. Otis, N. Peck, J. Patterson. Third row: D. Schiendler, C, Romney, D. Samuels, L. Scott. B. Rutherford, L. Romo, C, Rodgers, J. Ruslie, C. Schafer, B. Schmutz, R. Scott, B. Schaper. Bottom rovv: P. Tanner, A. Stevens, L, Sokoloft, J. Stockle, T. Scherer, S. Ridenour, J. Sperry, J. Roberts, M. Rodriguez, S. Russ, G. Treio, C. Roberts, C. Snowden. Second row. B, Valentine, R. Smith, J. Spencer, L. Washburn, L. Taylor, R. Vanderluit, R. Stewart, R. Stark, H. Turner, H. Taylor, L. Seargeants, D. Sheppard, S. Scnonfelclt. Third row. D. Sumako, C. SanMiguel, S. Stewart, T, Singer, S. Snyder, C. Rucker, M. Springer, D. Shank, S. Ryan, L. Shaw, J. Smith, C. Serafin. Fourth row: J. Smith, J, Villalobos, C. Wheeler, G. Stauffer, R. Springer, D. Teasley, F. Singdale, R. Strandberg, L. Stillman, B. Rowbotham, R. Webster, W. Temple, R. Thompson. M, .,., -o"1f"Tr' WW K ,FLW rf.-dl .. . -'fda "" ref. -"""h' 'M,,,',.,.4+ i 1 . IBA- 595 Bottom row: C. Wadhams, W. Titzell, P. Ward, S, Woods, S. Vaits, B. Vorey L. Thompson, L. Zermeno, L. Zermeno, D. Wallace, L. Thompson, J. Wilson. Second row. A, Ward, B. Williams, T. Wright, J. Zmrzel, J. Weimar, L. Zielstorf, J. Thomas, C. Weisz, S. Wilson, G. Wallace, N. Walter. Third row: D. Wilson, G. White, V. Warren, A. Vander Kam, M. Walker, C. Wolfe, J. Webber, C. Wadkins, V. Wilson, S. Wheeler, W. Wright. wave i ,fgr- -Q , :i,,,, my Q ,. ,gal R fl :1 tu itll yyt ' i t R ygyggg X s V I l A ir 411 mm Qc.. Walter Wright, Gale Weaver, and Martha Giboney use the quadratic formula to solve an equation in algebra. Diane Gleich shows no signs of nervousness as she gives an oral book report in her English class. A tough assignment with large words and even larger cliction- ary is a real challenge to de- termined Mike Pytel. This is the end of the road, says Pam Greenwood, espe- cially when it comes to trans- lating Spanish road signs! No.4 I 4,,,...--- . ,...-f.....,..-f , Y , , t ' ' M ,, ed 'Mm' i , , 5 5 i Q . f ff 1 - 'X cf' 76 ' ft W l if J f W i i l X In their general science class, Sharon Kwentus James Lent experiment with electricity. 2 l r MW Vvkik Wi rs, .,-, G lisf 'V A li 1, ,. W ,1-. ,- L' :Bm-. ail Dohrman demonstrates how to cook potatoes "lust Not Van Goghs? Well, Miss Clemmons knows that they are only beginners. ce Mom's." reer in radio and electronics interests Richard Law- Jim Turner, and Brad Murray. The freshmen problems class provides excellent driver education for these future motorists Q0 .0 KO Uv' 00 x 'Hs l Mrs. Lee, sponsor, Lindo Blonkenship president, Rusty Vensell, vice-president Penny Thompson, secretory. been here o yeor now ond feel more cis Though we belong. We oren't freshmen nor The superior undercldssrnen, but we con boost dbout the loirgest closs cut M-D. We have rnet The enemy - geometry, ond found so forrniddble. We ore now reody for next yeor ond The chonce to run for body offices thot meon leadership in school cnffdirs. YM' k..:: f .. 1 . if 5 Bottom row: R. Berry, C. D. Berlin, S. Allen, S Boumboch, E. Brown, E. 78 5. Anderson, N. Borrette, R. Bemon, J. Boker, B. Bell, E. Becuchemin. Third row: G. Albright, D. Allen, G. Bauer, C Anderson, D. Bender, R. Biddle, D. Berry, R. Archer, D. Blackburn. C. Beouchemin, J. Binkley, B. Bogle, J. Benson, L. Bornf, A. Agoo, J. Brown. Second row: J. Benson, L. Bennewote, r0,,,,.f F 3 iflii 'Q ip... Bottom row. E. Borrego, S. Brown, D. Brewer, J. Bolton, L. Burk, L. Boswell, M. Bush. Second row: E. Bunting, D. Carlson, J. Burkhart, P. Canada, J. Bostwick, B, Biggle, F. Casteneda, C. Calvillo, P, Caudill, R. Bullington, S. Burdick, P, Busik. Third row: D. Bulen, M, Branch, M. Brochu, W. Boyd, R. Burby, W. Bullock, B. Clarkson, G. Bonthius, B. Brown, F. Brand, P. Boswell, E. Brown. Bottom row. M. Church, M. Coler-Dark, D. Cover, J. Creamer, C. Collins, M. Church, J. Creamer, M. Comber, Second row: E. Coates, B. Cole, H. Cosand, J. Coleman J. Crichton, K. Chester, D. Chilson, J. Cowles, J. Clarkson, R. Camarillo, K, Coleman, C. Craig. Third row: D. Carpenter, T. Cheraz, J. Clark, C. Casner, J. Cecelones C. Cabrinha, B. Cather, J. Ciccarelli, J. Carter, C. Butler, W. Carter, B. Clements. I 1 .f"' Z ,Wi a ,ll Y ' 1 W..--f-V-M 'M' f 5 Bottom row: N. Dirks, L. Day, S. Eveleth, L. Dittemore, C. Fenton, M. Dalton, R. Dillehunt, J. Ferguson, R. Deardortl. Second row. J, Downhour, J. Evans, Dickinson, M. Evalenko, B. Dombroski, K. Eigenhuis, D. Elarth, D. Dees, B. Cole, D. Day, D. Dino, L. Davidson. Third row: R. Duane, D. Duhamel, D. Dedrick, DeSoto, L. Doys, N. Davis, R. Comstock, T. Decker, E. Cole, G. Doggett, L. Crabb, G. Davis. Bottom row: B. Griialva, S. Funchess, E. Goldstein, S. Frye, B. Fiss. Second row: V. Fuelling, B. Fisher, M. Goggin, K, French, L. Goodrich, S. Frazier, M. Gautier, K. Gehr, K. Forest, J. Girouard, D. Frankeberger, M. Freed. Third row: R, Finch, M. Ferro, R. Fonseca, D. Goedeck, G. Durkee, R. Ferrante, D. Goff, J. Gier, R. Every, l. Eserin, E. Feltus, S. Golden, J. Ellis, K. Erikson, Bottom row: S. Gorodetzer, R. Hedrick, J. Hart, A. Griffith, P. Haynes, A. Henderson, M. Henderson, C. Hamon. Second row: L. Hauer, H. Hada, P. Hager, L. Hough, G. Heiman, G. Handy, S. Hardesty, G. Hayes, J. Headrick, P. Harris, R. Hamlin, R. Harper, A. Greene, Third row: P. Grider, B. Hardick, D. Hager, T. Harding, D. Griffiths, L. Hahn, G. Hawthorne, L. Greene, E. Ellis, R. Gutierrez, G. Hayes, R. Grimes. rrsrrz . ,avi iiiiiii l 5 Ml llllllllllil til li .mwf""e'r .W .N ,. ,. 'N 'w,,,..--P"" r ' l ,,,.'Mf""""' nn...--Q-q 'iz 1 .r.i 'T xtxfklsliltif Bottom row: P. Husband, K. Humphreys, S. Immenschuh, C. Hill, J. Hollander, D. Hill, K. Hobbs, J. Hunt, J. Hight, M. Holmes. Second row: J. Kelleher, D. Johnson, B. Hoop, D. Hutson, M. Langstaff, B. Johnstad, R, Koons, L. Koch, J. Lee, D. La ne, P. Kramer. Third row: D. Immenschuh, J. LaFountain, R, Johnson, B. Holman, B. Keckler, M. Huffman, M. Herman, M. Hoagland, N. Hoel, B. Jacobson, B. Homan, J. Hickle. Fourth row: R. Hoffman, D. Knight, T. Johnson, R. Lane, R. Holmberg, M. Huff, R. Howell, O. Hinchman, J. Lamm, M. Hofbauer, C. Johnson, C. Humphrey. 80 , -wdf "" ' N'Y',' 'yxxdpd r,,,,.,f A 'lr 'K Bottom row: R. Mathis, D. Masterson, D. Lottn, S. Machado, N. Kirk, B. LaBorde, J. Kenney, K. Katien, K. Kelley, C. Johnson. Second row: C. Jones, N. Kaufman, N. King, B, Kruetzteldt, A. Jorgensen, L. Johnson, J. Jones, S. Kaplan, J. Kelly, M. Kemp, B. Johnson, J. Lentz, D. Hall. Third row: L. McNutt, M. Low, R. Mathis, H. McCormick, P. Loungvvay, R. Marshall, J. Lund, W, Marquardt, T. Longley, R. Manvel, F. Merrill, T. Little. Bottom row. M. May, B. McDonald, J. Lynn, M. McCawley, C. Levinson. Second row: V. Metzger, R. Miller, D. Mesick, C. Middleton, D. McGee, K. Lingo, C. Lauritson, B. Lookabaugh, D. Linn, J. Kaysen, P. Matyasi, C. Lindsey, D. Lloyd. Third rovv: J. Meyers, C. Linden, K. Lensink, P. Lee, M, Malin, H. McDonald, D, McAdam, S. MacDavid, C. Larson, M. Maynard, J. Mathes, C. Mason, G. Marshman. Fourth row: A. Micheals, G. Meiia, J. Miranda, B. Miller, G. McMullan, R Magnussen, J. Miller, D. Miles, P. Mickels, D. McGee, D. Miller, D. Midas. ,'f-'?",- I. 'Mu - WMM, 'Q' W bfi ll I 'D M-T.. than Bottom row: M. Peterson, B. Patton, C. Miller, D. Misemer, B. Nelson, C. Peterson, M. Newman, P. Paine. Second row: J. Mclntyre, D. Miller, K. Medley, D Maudsley, L. Mark, J. Mclnturtt, D. Melton, A. Miller, E. McGrane, P. McKinn, E. Melton, S. Maier. Third row: B. Opel, T. Pantaliono, D. Negus, J. Moore, D Pelkey, D. Patrick, B. Olson, J. Petersen, J. Perry, H. Olivas, H. Misemer, K. Newby. 5 rt'- .,: .5 i iii, 5 5 X fi if .-..,-..-,w.,-,..,.,.,.w..N..W.,m,m,..., , .,.,. C .- f Y ww MMM, I I ,H-V'--"'!TM ,'ff""",,TT-A ,..- s If . I".,..f-yf Bottom row: C. Robinson, R. Reed, R. J. Reed, G, Pieri, B. Salerno, C. Russell, M. Ordway, E. Nevarez, E. Owens, S. Monson, J. Nunn, Second row: B. Noiron, M. Moberly, S. Newsome, S. Mooney, A. Mislove, C. O'Marro, N. Odenkirchen, E. Miller, S. Nelson, I. Norgaard, K, Mitchell, D. Newman, M. Newman. Thirc row: B. Polk, G. Pfaff, J, Purcell, D. Rinkin, J. Ragsdale, J. Phillips, C. Rodewald, R. Regan, R. Prouse, C. Probst, R. Richardson, D. Pownall, E. Ramirez. Bottom row. L. Scharringhausen, A. Sessler, H. Schuler, J. Shirk, D. Sanders, S. Sipe, T. Sinclair, S. Prentice, C. Page, E. Radu, M. Paquette, J. Peck. Second row: M. Philpot, R. Phillips, C. Petersen, K. Smith, J. Peterson, J. Pillarcl, J, Pennington, G. Plante, V. Perkins, R. Rotzlatf, S. Pytel, J. Pollay. Third row: R. Scillion, T. Smith, G. Salmon, E. Schultz, D. Schoerner, J. Selolers, B. Simons, J. Seasholtz, B. Smith, L. Stueve, T. Smith, R. Shupp, J. Schowen. .,.f"""" ' W,yMf,, ,Ny,,,,.fw. f S ' G , ,A 5... ,Mfr leaf ,we-a.M""""'M -..N K, 3 Q "' f J l lllf jf, it tl B fi ll l I l , l Bottom row: B. Tassio, R. Tiffany, J. Stabell, R. St. Cyr, J. Roberts, J. Russell, l. Ruan, D. Schroeder, S. Saffrhon. Second row: H. Rudolph M Sanders M R R. Reischel, B, Reischauer, M. Ratt, B. Robertson, J. Royer, B. Richardson, B. Reese, D. Richardson, J. Sam. Third row: B. Stockman R. Thomason D Slay' HUVS, Cyr D. Steward, B. The-iler, L. Stroup, C. Stockwell, E. Smith, B. Talbott, P. Smith, T. Smith, R. Smith. 82 llr""' ll LV A . ,f-""' iq I Bottom row: A. Torsak, B. Walters, C. VanHorn, D. Vance, J. Waite, A. Thomas, A. Stephens, D. Simpson, D. Smith, B. Sneer, S. Sellers, S. Snoke. Second row: C. Smith, T. Spence, M. Sorensen, J. Smith, M. Singdale, G. Staples, L. Scott, S. Sommerville, B. Scott, L. Sperske, R. Stafford, C. Stallman, C. Sowell. Third row: P. Treydte, J. Walls, M. Voyles, B. Walling, F. Tomkins, J. Titone, G, Ullom, N. VanValkenburgh, J. Vanlwaluwenburg, J. Tyler, L. Turner, D. Wall. Bottom row: M. Stuart, J. Underwood, G. VanNorman, D. Vollmer, S. Tine, K. Thompson. -Second row: B. Stewart, G. Stinson, K. Still, B. Thomas, K. Talley, R. Sulzer, J. Teer, S. Sutherland, M. Vaits, T. Turvill, P. Thompson, S, Thompson. Third row: L. Williams, M. Wark, G. Waters, J. Wheeler, R. Vensell, D. Weimar, F. Weston, D. Weller, G. Weaver, A. Waltz, G. White. M i .ag QQ J WW NYKN . .,.- ' ,Al 1 Bottom row: J, White, P. Welch, M. Watson. Second row: S. Watson, C. Worroll, D. Weber, J. Weatherbie, E, Warner, J. Wright, B. Warren, S. Whiteley, J. Walton, C. Willett, P. Zamos, G. Washington. Third row: L. Youmans, F. Windsor, E. Zschoche, H. Yates, R. Wirth, E. Wronka, R. Wright, J. York, J. Woods, B. Zermeno, B. Winkler, J. Yoder. Pictures are important to this world history class in the study of ancient Rome and other for- eign countries. Joan Peacock and Paul Smith know the real meaning of iournalism-writing copy, run- ning errands, and proofing gal- leys. Latin teaches Connie Larson the importance of Roman his- tory and ofthe immortal Julius Caesar. Preparing for their final test in life science, Eric Cole and Corinne Page assemble last minute notes. m, sl i m..s,,,,s 1 .31 - 'H-u-g To keep up with the latest styles, Garry Marshman has Sometimes typing and records go together, but isn't Rock and Roll too fast? Rita Lopez raise her hem one inch. Intent on blueprint marking, Bob Regan swings his com- pass with agility. lvan Eserin, an accomplished electric guitar player, receives private lessons from Mr. Scott if is ,mfs , 'pn . gi secretory, Sue Lomb, treasurer, Ron Zopf vice-president. yeor wos one of our busiest yeors ot M-D. The long ovvoited olreom of being smen finolly come true. At our Junior Assembly, Rofer Johnson, Olympic chompion from U.C.L.A., spoke to Us oibout his trovel experiences in foreign countries. With the purchose of our beoutiful closs rings ond the of The Junior-Senior Prom, we were beginning to feel like seniors. Bottom row: B. Bontield, D. Blockstock, L. Beseke, Ames, E. Aldrich, A. 86 I 5' S ,,....,..--f.N..H-. 1 pn-Q-A , D. Adkins, C. Banker, A. Allred, O. Arnold, T. Adoms. Gary Thompson, president, Ingrid Fischer, 1 Bohocek, J. Bergman, J. Blackmore, E. Austin, G. Boconegro, C. Ackley, L. Blond, T. Albin. Second row: L, Bailey, F. Atkisson, P. Ames, S. Boiley, B. Allen, B. Bogle, V. Arnold, D. Albough, M. Alegria. Third row: E. Bortoch, G. Bailey, B. Anthony, R. ,,..s--v""f Mmwyfnww Bottom row: F. Bowden, B. Bottomley, D. Blount, C. Boulais. Second row. B. Brig hr, J. Campbell, N. Carter, K. Carlsen, E. Charak, B. Burnett, J, Caldwell, S. Bryant, R. Camarillo, M. Boucher, B. Castro, B. Bullock. Third row: R. Blacksher, T. Browder, B. Barnes, G. Barker, M. Boyd, R. Barrett, G. Bench, B. Bourbon, R. Blake, D. Bima, S. Bonham, H. Birk. Bottom row: S. Coutts, M. Cook, M. Eckerman, P. Davis, B. Dickinson, R. Dobbs, S. Coffey, D. Decker, N. Dayton, D. Doty, M. Danser, L. Davis. Second row: M Coughlan, L. Crabtree, G. Buckley, B. Cannady, E, Corley, A. Contreras, C. Cortez, J. Cogswell, C. Cash, T. Carruth, C. Crawford, J. Cole. Third row: M. Corben D. Butz, J. Cooper, L. Carroll, O. Codey, C. Coleman, W. Christensen, R. Calhoun, D. Burnham, D. Bruhns, T. Campbell, D. Christiansen. I MfWprd,,,,...--e""". K 7u.,,,.-A l .. M.. w,?,,....f-P Bottom row: N. French, J. Gaul, J. Garcia, W. Frye. Second row: M. Dawson, O. Ferrell, J. Fessenden, J. Erth, A. Edwards, J. Ferguson, R. Evans, B. Fleming S. Fuller, M. Franklin, l. Fischer, N. Dickhotf. Third row: A. Dahle, R. DeMello, R. Dirks, R. Davenport, M. Derrico, V. Drake, L. Crowl, R. Duncan, C. Croston J. Cude, W. Dooley, D. Dana, D. Green, I 1 ,..'v""""TF-K ,.-f"'r"""' L-90"-ci... aw, 2 Bottom row: J. Griswold, J. Gier, P. Gordon, F. Golden, D. Eubanks, R. Gill, R. Garcia, R. Griialva, R. Ellis, H, Gindin, M. Green, C. Glowinski, B. Funk. Second row. P. Grunnet, G. Gilsdort, C. Genova, R. Gorodetzer, G. Fowlkes, L. Frazier, J. Fry, J. Fulbright, L. Fox, J. Gongaware, C. Gene, B. Guernsey. Third row: P. Garber, B. Giauque, B. Green, J. Fleshman, C. Green, R. Extrom, S. Evans, T, Durkee, B. Edwards, M. Gonzales, M. Eller, R. Dyke. Bottom row: N. Harris, C. Heftelfinger, S. Hartle, N. Haisley, B. Hanscom. Second row: D. Hehn, B. Harmon, M. Ginn, G. Hanson, M. Gonos, E. Gould, B. Gordon, J. Gould, S. Gunter, C. Harbicht, C. Henderson, C. Hebert. Third row: W. Halverson, J. Hanson, D. Hanley, J. Grondzik, G. Hancock, D. Haight, D. Gutierrez, T. Gavanski, M. Guyon, M. Hall, R. Hanson, J. Hopkins, M. Handy. , v' ve,-0,,,.. -dy-,',,,,- ,,..,.,......-- . ..- Q 5 5 t tilt? ,Jw ,,.,.f"'r '!"""' Q lil.. X ,..,...,.w ........4 -v ...uw .......v M... i 3 .. 5 . ,,...,,ff4- , ...www , ,Mp- ,.,,..-f Wu.- .way-1 il R Bottom row. J. Hebert, B. Hauser, L. Jensen, L. Hokanson, J. Johnson. Second row: B. Hotbauer, J. Johnson, R. Hubbard, S. Hotaling, K. Hunter, J. Hill, A. Herbert, J. Holmes, L. Johnson, P, Hickle, D. Hermann, F. Hight, B. Jackson. Third row: C. Heldreth, D. Hetle, L. Jensen, R. Johnson, J. Howard, R. Hoon, B. Johnson, O. Huld, D. Harris, A. Jenkins, D. Heitman, H, Herrera. 88 rm, , .une ,..,..-wwmwr' ,004 ,,.. ...Wag ,g., if ,. ll 49 .MZ Bottom row: J. Jorissen, P. Killgore, L. Johnston, M. Julian, S. Langrum, S. Lawler, S. Lamb. Second row: N. Laird, D. Kellogg, S. Lawson, E. Lester, R. King, D. Lotton, R. Litzmann, N. Lehner, D. Kuhn, S. Koch, S. Klockow. Third row: S. Jorgensen, B. Kreutzkomp, M. Kelley, E. Kuetemeyer, D. Kittson, R. Krohn, B. Link, H. Lang, R. Larson, D. Logon, K. Kimbrough, J. Lee. Bottom row: J. Streicker, J. McMinn, R. McCroy, L. Mandell, J, McKinney, G. Lis ke. Second row: C. Lett, K. Marsh, D. Lothyon, C. Lee, A. Lefebvre, M. Lloyd, G. Long, R. Klein, J. Lenhart, L. Lincoln, P. Loe. Third row. l. McFadden, B. McGinnis, E. Lorman, G. McDavitt, R. Lorimor, J. McCarty, D, Mazur, B. Matejzel, B. McLean, J. Mansell, F. Klusmann, D. McCreary. ,M-f MN' ' My JIT "'0',,,,,.'- Pao.,-,,,,,,v I fy i W +'f""t' ....- ,A'Ap,,,- - . M... ,MW H- V' 'fr' -. .Q ,,,.,.ffN"' , ww-'Wd-,,.,.. ! Bottom row. B. May, M. Mateizel, E. Miller, M. Miller, D. Nolland, S. Murray, W. Mency, D. Morrow, S. Morris. Second row: M. McGowan, M. Mitchell, W. Moore, L. Maxson, S. McKinley, P. Miller, S. Moore, C, Miller, S. Misner, M. Mellon, J. Montgomery, B. Militello. Third row. A. Mooers, D. Meeker, L. Murrell, N. Moak, G. Myers, D. Meyer, C. Michel, J. Nagy, L. Morse, G. Mongar, H. Meyer, M. Meiia. ,...--f" Bottom row: B. Orsburn, S. Porter, J. Past, M. Peat, S. Peters, C. Pohorely, P. Pepping, P. Parsonage, V. Nerby, J. Primm, N. Panknin, W. Pinger. Second row: E. Nelson, N. Ochelfree, N. Noble, J. Nelson, M. Pendergraft, M. Phillips, A. Pemberton, M. Pfeiffer, M. Palmer, J. Petersen, P. Phelan, M. Osfdiek. Third row: F. Newton, P. Newland, M. Parsons, J. Newland, G. Peters, J. Purbaugh, P. Neergard, R. Oshima, G. Oltmans, T. Penders, S. Plagemann, B. Petry. Bottom row: S. Salmon, B. Rodriguez, J. Sanders, D. Ross, D. Stacy, R. Roth, A. Sagely, L. Salter, D. Schuler. Second row: J. Ririe, L. Riggs, E. Roberts, P. Ripley, P. Rude, L. Reegler, C. Poister, M. Reedall, G. Purifoy, E. Polk, P. Pytel, J. Raitt. Third row: R. Schell, H. Scherer, R. Rudloff, K. Roberson, R. Robinson, G. Sillasen, E. Roddy, L. Racltke, D. Ross, R, Shannon, G. Robinson, R. Rahman. ,Ks l one feb Bottom row: A. Sipe, W. Schleipman, R. Salmon, A. Sandoval, M. Rzehak, W. Sinclair. Second row: P. Scott, N. Schweitzer, P. Schwennesen, R. Secco, U. Small, M. Scarff, V. Secrist, C. SanMiguel, D. Sass, L. Schoonover, M. Selby, J. Shook. Third row. F. Shiendler, D. Smith, G. Smith, R. Stone, J. Skinner, P. Replogle, J. Schipper, D. Shehee, R. Shearhart, R. Seliga, G. Smith. F 3 'z pf. M A Y v 'gg . .1 ,. , f ft 4 A. W, . 9 kv- we lx I ' W ., to . iw. I - ff 5 .. , "' ., -og - tg - Q, ,y -.7 Q XX' 141- . ,Q i N I ag'. , 'n I ln . 1 Bottom row: E. Tarabek, B. Sutton, T. Stawowy, J. Taylor, J. Shaw, J. Stueve, S. Shafer, R. Stewart, C. Thomas, J. Taylor, D. Snowden. Second row: H. Sherman, L. Stefan, C, Stone, E. Smoot, P. Serafin, J. Smith, K, Smith, G. Stehle, L. Stafford, J. Stabell, D. Shank, D. Singdale. Third row: F. Stricker, T. Terhune, E. Thomas, C. Swanson, B. Taylor, J. Sumrall, D. Swartz, J. Drumheller, B. Stuart, G. Thompson, M. Talley, J. Teresa. Bottom row: J. Tuzinski, G. Trippe, R. Tison, K. Tronvig, L. VanZwaluwenburg, P. Turner, G. Sumner, S. Thompson, M. McDaniel, P. Terrell, C. Taylor, J. Tanski, J. Treio, L. Torkelson, J. Tiner. Second row: G. Vradenburg, D, McKinley, R. Tibbetts, H. Vanderluit, T. Tyler, K. Walter, B. VanHorn, B. Tucker, B. Vickers, R. VanHorn, B. Tomberlin, B. Tall, l 'Q A A- , 1? Kill I ,Q-is 16 44" Bottom row: B. Wingert, A. Williamson, A, Worroll, P. Wand, S. Vineyard, J. Williams, L, Wright. Second row. L. Wellings, R. Zapf, J. Wurtz, J. Wilson, F. Wheeler, J. Wenger, C. Wells, C. Wardlow, R. Young. Third row: J. West, E, Vore, D. Westfall, L. Wilson, S. White, A. Williamson, S. Williams, J. Walling, S. Threadgill, J. Williams, A. Wilson, E, Wear. Fourth row. D. West, G. Wong, J. Young, W. Wright, J. Wear, H. Watson, V. Yeager, D. Wiliams, P. Werner, D. Wyland, R. Walty, W. Webber. 91 lr All iuniors take United States history, but these students were the first to volunteer to show us the map. Remember Linda Jones' "Mary had a little lamb" speech? Oxygen, HCO-3, Alan Moores, chemistry, formulas, Carolyn Genova, carbon, and what's next? With an oo-la-la, Mademoiselle Arlene Herbert expresses de- lightful enthusiasm over the A she got in French. Q.. Spending much time in Hernando's hide-a-way, Norman The boys may laugh and talk, but Bonnie knows the answers in Algebra II. Dickhoff knows all the intricacies of photography. A child development class pauses while Judy Griswold, Marilyn Palmer, and Carol Ackley bathe "Susie." Away from the noise of reconstruction, this English class meets under the old oak l .,,!,.,-wr , SSW? 55? bfi? QEXQ 'Mew 2,2 any ig? fig F l fi 1, 415' as ?Ef5F 5 -fem? ., : 1. W4kfmf,,eeH-w:,.1:,,.,,W Our poor Freshman Gennus at work Don 5 fast asleep! 'lAnd The answer To eleven?" Sophomore Heide cleverly asks. Hey! Where-'s our Senior? Off to The dance, maybe . . . il, g A announcement of the King and the Christmas Coronation Ball, Bill Lewis were crowned Bob Graeme and naeofw the school gym Min Christmas colors ot green and reol with a white Christmas tree in the center ot the olance tloor. Special features ot the dance were the clever interpretation ot "Fever" by Alan Green and Mike DeChellis and a gay Mexican hat dance. The Jack Stewart Combo played throughout the evening. A wonderful beginning to a wonderful evening. l FY T y - I "'-s. av' WIVNGII Bob Graeme and Sandy Pinney crown Barbara Harvey and Bill Lewis as Queen and King. With the Christmas tree lending atmosphere, couples enioyeol the dance. The Christmas season marked a midway point on our calendar and lorought us glamorous festivities as well as opportunities to be generous to others. Madquins packed groceries for a local family, Civ- inettes prepared a Christmas dinner and provided toys for another family, and Future Teachers went caroling on Christmas Eve. On Campus, Concert Choir l sang familiar Christmas carols in our halls, and Spanish students learned Spanish carols in their classrooms. Concert Choir I sang favorite Christmas carols in our halls. Our M-D personnel enioyed the festive Christmas luncheon. The Civinettes enioyecl the honor of decorating the Christmas tree. as li J' N' lx W .1 ssiis . r,.s if i W 'f,i ' if . . ,..1,, ' kV.V 'H ,V F r as 1 f .res t Y? ll l l ei i . ' f ' - .. ' l lv A 4 jx 5 Q' 'll . V ' i Varsity Team. Bottom row: Oaties, Howard, Siren, Avery, Sowers, Hetle, Codey, E. Fisher, mgr. Second row1 Coffman, B. Fisher, Aster, Amborn, Grondzik, Newby, Moak, Bornt, mgr. Y?-ix Coach Wilkinson gives his Varsity basketball team o few pointers during a time-out. Varsity Basketball captain Bob Coffman and coach Dick Wilkinson were certainly proud of their fine team of hard-working players, particularly three-year member Jesse Oaties. With tremendous effort, our Wildcats worked up from fifth place to a tie for second place in the league. Climaxing the season was the Whittier game, which qualified the 'Cats for the league play-offs with Burbank, ending with a heartbreaking loss of two points in the last twenty seconds of the game. Dennis Avery scores two points from under the basket as .lim Grondzik comes up to assist. Dennis Avery, forward Rick Aster, forward .lim Grondzik waits for the tip off as Ricky Aster out jumps an Alhambra player. Ed Sowers, center Jim Grondzik, center if W. , K , ..r,, K . ,, .. K g A ' , , i, T - a rr e rrr , I kV,, . 1: -r K Bob Coffman, guard Jesse Oaties, guard Varsity captain Ricky Aster, driving in for a lay up, is backed by Bob Coffman anticipating a possible rebound. .- J.V. Team. Bottom row: Vore, l-lowser, Franklin, Brannon, Taylor. Second row: Mr. Walker, coach, Hadley, Smith, George, Mooers, Stricker, Meeker, Kozlowski. Hey, Ronnie, get that ball! Led by Rannie Franklin and Terry SrniTh, The J.V. BaskeTball Team had a very suc- cessful season, a 6-win, 2-loss record putting iT in second place in our league. Under the expert coaching of Dink Walker, players Bob Brannon, Larry George, Deon Steckling, and Fred Stricker also succeeded in scoring high, while The entire Team insisted that it could have Taken on any Team during The daily six o'clock morning practice. l30V1V1le Ff0f1l4lifW, C0PTain Claude Walker, Junior Varsity Coach it 2, V 4' 'lf' if i X' 1 V 1 f' x . Y f Q k ..,.. B T T .' , 1 "': 1 " ' i if - T' . ' - i . if C ' Xl 9 T i 3 - 'Que " You-1' Bee Team. Bottom row: Berry, Robinson, LoLone, W. Christensen, L. Christensen, Downer. Second row: Wcill, rngr., Bontield, Sipe, Allison, Ruon, Lewis, Meyers, mgr, Bob Downer lays it up for two points ogoinst Arcodio. With Bob Downer, John Ruon, cind Coptoiin Bill Lewis os the Bees' most consistent ployers, the Bee Basketball teom, in the first round, tied with Whittier ond El Monte for The ledd. In the second round, however, iniuries hgrnpered the Bees, os Ruoin broke his gnkle ond Lewis received ci slight concussion. Following this, the Bees lost Two heortbreoikers, both by one point, sending them from The leogue leod to fourth ploce in just Two games! Bill Hatch, Bee bosketboll cooch Bill Lewis, coptoin 5 Q A L ' L , Q li The Apaches haven't a chance with Gary Hawthorne and Roy Howell on our side. Artie Jenkins, Charles Virgil Stevens, Hinchman, co-captains Cee basketball coach Pacific League champs, the Cee Basket- ball team, coacheal by Virgil Stevens, couloln't ask for a better season, for they went undefeated in their twenty games. The Kittens owe their great record to the high scoring of Artie Jenkins and Carl Robinson, the ball handling of Gary Hawthorne and Roy Howell, and Charles Hinchrnan's terrific board control plus the backing of a bench of good reserves. Cee Team. Bottom row: Miller, Griffin, Bauer, Mathis, James, Ullom, Jenkins, Hinchman. Second row: Robinson, Howell, Rowbotham, Cole, Weller, Griialva, Hawthorne, Oshima, O'Connell, Howe. :Pu T C Qs H . ii Al - ,L yr, ss.. Virgil Stevens, Dee coach, and Greg Miller captain Coach Virgil Stevens' Dee Basketball team also won tor itself the Pacific League championship. Because the boys were determined not to be out-done by any of our other teams, They went out to win every one of their practice and league games. Willie Mency, Jim Ben- son, Charles Cash, Art Farr, and Greg Miller, Dee captain, were the outstand- ing players ot this well-coordinated team. Dee Team. Bottom row: Schinler, Evans, Farr, Smith Don Anderson Wright David Anderson Second row Thompson Mency Benson Miller Newland Oshima, Cash, Wright. ,QQ H ai' Juniors will certainly remember the two days spent taking the Before the rally for the Alhambra basketball game, Coach Mike Giddings pre California Mental Maturity Tests in all United States history classes. sented silver footballs to the championship B football team. A large crowd enioyed the music from the iuke box at the Our league opener with Alhambra brought a large crowd of M-D students to the first noon dance sponsored by the Civitans. exciting home games, lO4 Mid-Term regisfrafion came on The in- evitable rainy day. l l l Detorated in a Valentines Day theme, The annual "Date wiflw Dad" Banquet, spon- sored by the Girls' League, provided a delightful evening for the girls and their dads. Q if I ff if 1, --'--K1-'J'2'f:'i""iSai:i?'tH , Qfmim ..,. ..W,. . M ,,,, mf, V! ffs.-fb ff -be ' .3 1 f. " ff 4- l av d, lqit R 'fly 1' 4 ,L A ' 2, F, 4 5 . Wi ,. k P' M fi' I , NH , 3 A' K .Q . , , " I 3 gf 'J .,- . 4 y , ,-2319" 'U ,If .i K A. A M .X Wx, Ki 5. Y 494 .Quiz ' Q , ' ,, 4 5-'-,m3', ' ' -s ,V ' ' A4 4 , f' MJ' , 3 'fff A Q 35- 0. . Q 2 41: :PQ- 'W ai ' "' EMI ua X A ivwlywfbinu H' wwf.. ti? if 1 V, Seniors take the spotlight. SPRING Undo Adams cmd Jim Bonoporie , . . lfs spring! i Z i L Miss Amie GilberT goes over The scripT for The conTesT play. The hopeful dream of all drama sTu- plays and working backsTage wiTh This year's sTars earned poinTs for elediion TTT1 Under The supervision of Miss Annie Gilberf, mainTained The excellenf repuTaTion of M,D's wiTh The presenTaTion of The comedy, "STai"lQighT, and The Pasadena Playhouse play, "Soldadera." Thespians in The play "Soldadera" depicf scenes in which Concha returns from deliver- ing ammunition To The enemy. all Maria, her guard, walks To The windows To look ouT over The mounTains as Concha be- gins her sfory. Miss Gilbert draws The scene To a climax as Concha Tells AdeliTa of The horrors of her Trip. An important lesson for beginning students is the application of make-up. The COSTume Committee selects costumes for a period play i' sl' 7 1 ':-: 117 ,Q ln beginning drama classes, students learn basic arts ot drama and practice them in class performances, In iiii 'iii each class, students prepare one-act plays, practice l'l' iit' applying make-up, and learn correct speech habits, 1 I 3' ll, -we Janet Peterson and Sharon May talk over plans for the birthday party Bob de Botgblgnc and Jack Frost rehearse their parts "Star Light, Star Bright" was a three-act comedy about the problem ot turning an awkward girl, Lucy Macon, played by Gloria Merwar, into a charming rniss for a birthday party. Susan Townsend and her girl friend, Jenny Clayton, portrayed by Janet Peterson and Sharon May, got themselves into a predicament, but all turned out well after they wished upon a star. Student directors were Sherry Hartle and Jerry Cortright. Sharon May, Judy Dean, Alan Green, and Paul Treyclte The house guest, Gloria Merwor surprises Janet Peterson Sharon May and Bob DeBoisblanc Maria, Marcia Ridgewayg Mute, Margie Mayg El Rico, Wendel Webber, N4 Capturing Best Play and Best Actress awards, our drama department was well repaid tor its time and effort in the production ot the Pasadena Playhouse Contest Play, "Solda- dera." The setting of our prize-winning play was the Mexican Revolution. The heroine of the play, Concha, was the leader ot a band of women who were guarding revolution ammunition. Lead parts were played by Kathy Eastman, who received the Best Ac- tress award tor her portrayal of Conchay Gloria Merwar as Adelita, and Wendel Weber as El Rico. Mute, Margie Mayg Tomasa, Elmira Collins. Tomasa, Elmira Collinsg Viejo, Janet Peterson. x. if I . ' ,at ., -A ffarery ' Cricket, Judy Robertsg Maria, Marcia Ridgeway, Tomasa, Elmira Collins, Vieio, Janet Peterson. Bottom row: L. Salter, L. Adams, I. Fischer, D. Tolbert, S. Fueglein, M. Henderson, S. Baker. Second row: J. Braida, V. Shupp, L. Brangham, S. Lorimore, D. Muller, M. Ruiz, J. Bonaparte, B. Betts. Third row: P. Replogle, B. Graeme, E. Hegg, J. Oaties, B. Meyers, W. Gordon, D. Brubaker. In this part of "The Creation," according to Mr. Ullom, volume is the ultimate. as di- rector, Contert Chibifjjlf made its first . Ugpieeerqhqeij. . V90 f Ot ,C I u b tor I' ,CIS B ra tn ey s...srs Of t1Bi5sgzrh1e1s2gPi2n of the year came when the choir sang at a program tor Los An- geles County's annual Bill ot Rights commemoration in Los Angeles, telling ot America in song while drama department students presented a patriotic tableaux. Singing tor the Cruis- er Club ot the First Presbyterian Church and presenting programs tor our P.T.A. and tor the Chamber ot Commerce all add- ed to the busy schedule ot choir members. . gmgrnfu iifiii' Hessian Ingrid Fischer, secretary, Loren Salter, treasurer, Diane Muller, vice-president, Lynda Brangham, publicity manager, Bob Graeme, president. From the very first day of school, Concert Choir II worked hard preparing songs for presenta- tion before various groups. Pro- grams for the Kiwanis Club, Chamber of Commerce, Arcadia Presbyterian Church, Monrovia- Duarte P.T.A., and Monrovia Woman's Club were among Those presented to citizens in the community. The most mem- orable events were a trip To Huntington Beach and a trip to Pomona to participate, along with other musical groups, in the Southern California Vocal Festival. Concert Choir II cli- maxed its year by singing in the beautiful spring show at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena. Ed Sowers, vice-president, Dienna Ellingson, president, Lorna Blomgren, treasurer, Bill Hadley, publicity Sandy Pinney, secretary. l l lBottom row: Vensell, Tucker, Cash, Shirk, Betts, Michel, Baker, Motts, Pillard, Reegler, Weatherby, Hough, Homles, Overbaugh. Second row: Sowers, Kelleher, Shupp lYates, Martin, Coleman, Bonaparte, Johnson, Stoner, Ellingson, Herman, Stabell, Fueglein, Wilson, Rollins. Third row: Miranda, Calhoun, Replogle, Larson, Corley Braida, Brown, Hoagland, Pinney, Tolbert, Taylor, McDaniel, Crawford, Oliver, Larson, Fuller, Ridgeway, Fourth row: Hadley, Hegg, Graeme, Brubaker, Gordon Newland, Meyers, Hinchrnan, Brangham, Lorimore, Muller, Blomgren, Schwennesen, Ruiz, Powers, Weller, Woehler, Kaufman. Fifth row: Wilson, Ullom, Duncan Reva, Peterson, Torkelson, Deem, Foley, Urbanski, Fischer, Adams, Reedall, Blystad, Flournoy, Hebert, Hartle, Robertson, Bolton. l I Bottom row: Reese, Young, Scott, Newland, Spencer, Hammond, Stewart, Kingston, Schuler, Camarillo, Nerby, Sumner, Scott, K. Eigenhuis, S. Eigenhuis. Second row: Guild, Brown, Gutierrez, Armas, Bennewate, Cash, Anderson, Schmutz, Peat, D. Singdale, Newsome, Frank, Comber, Bunn. Third row: Wahl, Belden, D. Gutierrez, Florek, White, Bramble, Mency, Gould, Selby, Staples, Lothyan, Mooney, Collins, Barnes, Harris. Fourth row: Melia, Holman, Hopkins, Harvey, Spicer, Manuel, Funchess, Stockwell, Montgomery, Thomas, M. Singdale, Smith, White, Bemoll, Linden, Johnson, Bailey. Fifth row: Boyer, Miller, Webster, Burleson, Rowbotham, Stautfer, Berry, Roberson, Yeager, Theiler, Creamer, Dillehunt, De Bow, Bryant, Dayton, Frankeberger, Holmes, Montgomery. Mixed Chorus members learn a new song to be presented at the spring show. M Mixed Chorus with nearly eighty voices sounded very promising This year. Under the direction ot Mr. Chester Ullom, the choir learned many new selections, sang at two local club programs, and participated in the glamorous spring show, "Make Way for Music," singing "Madame Jeanette," "The Angel Rolled That Stone Away," and "Green Cathedral." With high hopes ot being selected for either Concert l or Il, members ot Mixed Chorus looked toward their next year with eager anticipation. 2 Mrs. Hedvig Finkenbinder works wiTh sopranos, seconds, and alTos in The Advanced Girls' Glee, TesTing The qualify of their voices and drilling Them on Their individual parTs. 4 Y Q 0 Under The direcfion of Mrs. Hedvig Finkenbinder, The Advanced Girls' Glee Club had a Tull schedule. Four of The girls-Helen Cosand, PaT Zamos, Nancy Dirk, and Connie LauriTson--broughT honor To our school when They were selecTed Tor a choir of eighT hundred sTudenTs from all over California To sing aT The NaTionol ConvenTion of Music EducaTors AssociaTion in Los Angeles. Members of The Advanced Girls' Glee Club also song Tor The Panhellenic ChrisTmos ParTy, Tor o luncheon aT The ChrisTian Church, and Tor The FoculTy ChrisTmc1s ParTy. BoTTom row: Welsh, Logan, S, May, M. May, Watson, Bullock, Goedeck, Housh, BarneTT, Levinson. Second row: Hancock, LauriTson, Jackson, Zamos, Dean, LenharT, Harris, Whheley, Sutherland, Patterson. Third row: Larson, Thompson, Homan, Kirk, Crichton, Neergard, STuarT, Van Zwaluwenberg, Koenen, Hoss. FourTh row: McNichol, Pfaff, Riggs, Teer, Hubbard, Heine, West, Edward, Cosand, Lensick, STav, Beach, Biggle. Bottom row. Austin, Chavez, Kwentus, Pollay, Abrams, Wand, Brewer, Berry, Ferguson, Miller, Bohacek, Sam, Maier, Hoffman. Second row: Burdick, Melton, Hill, Boiano, Armas, Thompson, Gorodetzer, Blanco, Jackson, Linn, Conacher, Kaysen, Shook, Kenney, Kopecky. Third row: Matyasi, Webb, Webber, Wadkins, Long, Canada, Schoonover, Peck, Wilson, Gardiner, Belin, Miller, Ertl, Weston, Fisher, Monka. Fourth row: Bunting, Mandy, Collett, Weber, Stefan, Baldwin, Lett, Mclntyre, Rudolph, Jones, Bernat ,Ward, Davis, Cole, Howard. The sixty-seven members of Intermediate Girls' Glee Club, led by Mrs. Hedvig Finkenbinder, worked very hard this year to perfect vocal techniques, good voice production, tone, and interpretation. The girls sang many types of songs, but their favorites were "Over the Rain- bow," "Elijah Rock," and "Beautiful Savior." Many of the girls sang in church choirs. The girls made great progress and prepared eagerly for future appearances. The director of the Junior Girls' Glee Club is Mr. Chester Ullom. Many of the girls in the higher vocal groups at M-D have received their preliminary musical training in this group. The fifty-four girls worked hard to improve their vocal techniques, practicing every day during sixth period. For them the most exciting event during the year was participation in the spring show, "Make Way for Music," at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Bottom row: Funk, J. Roberts, Hall, Baldwin, Borrego, Tanski, Luera, Treio, Camarillo, Peterson, Johnston. Second row: Ryan, G'Connell, Elling- son, Swanson, Kaysen, Phillips, Tine, Sam, Fisk, Allen, Hill, Eckhart, Thompson, Hebert, Third row: Noble, Sumako, LaVarnway, Becker, J. Johnson, Dennis, Arnold, Bullington, Bunn, Tennant, Tennant, Browder, Moak, H. Johnson. Fourth row: Gilsdorf, Hirt, Logan, Bailey, Felts, Kellogg, E. Roberts, Lee, Sanders, Smith, Scott, Fuller, L. Johnson, Mix, Brown, Warren. Fifth row: Holmes, Sowell, Primm, Funchess, Washington, Miller, Wallace, Ewing, Lawler, Rearick, Killgore, Thomas, E. Garcia, Helm, M. Garcia, Aguayo. Bottom row: Bennewate, Spencer, White, Roberts, Armas, Young, Reese. Second row: Bramble, Boyer, Hopkins, Funchess, Phillips, Kingston, Hayes, Schuler Third row: Harvey, Manuel, Spicer, Holman, Berry, Stockwell, Stautfer, Anderson. Fourth row: Webster, Singdale, Rowbotham, Miller, Theiler, Robinson, Montgomery. The Boys' Glee Club is a preparatory group whose members are invited to ioin Mixed Chorus at the end of the first semester of school. Under Mr. Chester UlIom's direction, the thirty boys be- came acquainted this year with various aspects of choir work and vocal technique. For its ap- pearance in the spring show, "Make Way for Music," the Boys' Glee Club sang "Navy Hymn" and "Army Blue." The Junior Band had thirty-one members this year. Their director, Mr. Harold Scott, said they proved to be a most satisfactory beginning group and showed great promise as future Con- cert Band members. Some were already profi- cient enough to take part in activities of the Senior Band. During the year members learned fundamentals of playing in an instrumental en- semble and became familiar with music they will play next year. First row: Gyartas, Heald, Bouler, McQuigg, Conti, l. Eserin, Casner, Chick, Ellingson. Second row: Sperry, Rider, Singer, Pink, Cather, Van Horn, Helle, Bonthius, Autery, Weisz, Hartigan, McGraw, Card, McReynolds, P. Eserin, Means, Roma, Karasinski. -NZ t .-I First row: G. Mongar, N. Lorman, P. Hager, D. Weimar, T. Boyd, A. Boulton, S. Chick, R. Milbrandt, L. Johnson, M. Koons. Second row: J. Williams, D. Gartny, T. Singer, B. Gyarfas, L. Amon, A. Farr, B. Noel, S. Shafer, L. Miles, G. Paige, B. Ellingson, M. Mateizel. Third row: J. Hickle, C. Casner, D. Heald, J. Mc- Quigg, R. Brock. Standing: P, Grunnet, E. Charak, G. Smith, G. Melia, B. Vore, B. Kiley. Under the direction ot Mr. Harold Scott, the Concert Band completed another successful year ot presenting thrilling halt-time stunts, adding much to the spirit ot our football and basketball games. They also participated in the annual West Arcadia Parade, the All-Western Band Revue in Long Beach, and the Band Jamboree in Corona. They attended the State Music Festival at Pasadena, where they chose to play "Scherzo" by Fauchet and "Toulon" by Pares, and they By devoting his own life to a study ot music, Mr, Harold Scott has been able to lead students toward a musical career. presented a memorable band concert in the spring. The band was expertly led by Drum Major Bill Kiley, who also assisted Monrovia Day otticials in selecting the bands par- ticipating in the parade. Bill received an invitation to join the All-American Judging Association, which travelsthrough- out the United States, iudging parades and other activities in which bands participate. The French horns, trumpets, flutes, and saxophones concentrate on perfecting a piece. Marilyn Greve, president and leader of our orchestra, has also been a member of the San Gabriel Valley Symphony Orchestra for several years. The thirty-five members of our Orchestra are very active students of music. Some of them study individually with Mr. Harold Scott, di- rector of their orchestra, and some play in the junior and senior San Gabriel Valley Symphony Orchestras, also directed by Mr. Scott. At the State Music Festival at Pasadena the group pre- sented "Waltz" from "Eugene Onegin" by Tchaikovsky and excerpts from the "Romantic Symphony" by Howard Hanson. i l First row: G. Grizenko, D. Williams, M. Koons, N. Rollins, A. Hays, S. Porter, Mr. Scott, B. Pett, C, Hayes, J. Carlson. Second row: H, Cosand, P. Owen, P Werner, D. Haight, B. Simmons. Third row: D. Coates, C. Motts, J. Bolton. Q' .QV R l Y '35 WO 'is V 6 J. f Ng . ' I . N v. , -4- ' A 7 ' i : 'lr .3 . , p' -. K ' I f if 1 lvl. ll V 'fl i 5 4-'yvi This is a human being? Time for the animals to take a lunch break. "wwf L A N Open the gates forthe Oklahoma land run! Ist '1 'ff'- ix I i2O al 5 sims mag mm 51 Our election dance is a place of mixed emotions as it climaxes several hectic weeks of careful planning for poster parties. N . I Q5 IL 'a 3 .3 if V l S ,.,,....-.mwlnv-- ,nj A,S.B. President Frank Kozlowski Tall, dork, and Frank lnafurallyl. Q? .., F Eg, Frank aT ease in his office. Tall, dork, and Frank lnciTurallyl, our A.S.B. president, Frank Kozlowski, always smiling and optimistic, managed To guide us Through cs year of rehabiliTaTion of our moin building and consequent curTaiImenT of student body ocTiviTies ThaT would hdve per- monently frusrraied mosr people. YeT Frank moved confidently among his various com- miTTees, found Time Tor memordble cissem- blies, ond succeeded in leoving Three noTe- worThy improvemenTs aT M-D: d cemented Big M, on screen on The mdrquee, and a movie ccimera Tor school use. AcTive in oThleTics, Frdnk also was ci member of Key Club, Junior STaTesmen, ond Monarcs. Willie Wildcat performs aT The Covina game. li in 'Y I 'ind J, , --my Dick in The role of weaiherman. We hear ThaT Dick Philpof, familiarly known as "PoTsy" among his friends, freauenTly Took refuge from "life" in lofTy places in- habiTed by his weaTher bureau friends. Like his counTerparT in The Whife House, affable Vice-PresidenT Dick was able To win friends and influence people while carrying out his official dufies, in his case presiding over The House of RepresenTaTives. UnTil The rehabili- Tafion of The audiTorium began, Dick Took his place as emcee for our second assembly. LeTTering in Track and golf, Dick was a mem- ber of CiviTans, Quill and Scroll, LeTTermen, Scholarship, and Monarcs. A.S.B. Cabinet Boffom row: Green, Jouromsky, Pinney, Eastman, San Miguel, , QQ A,S.B. Vice-President Richard Philpot Siren. Second row: Grizenko, Samuels, Kozlowski, Strcifhmonn, Amon, Wyman ir C' 'mis-I ' --f W 3 X isa Student Court: Wyman, Muller, Albright, Overbaugh, Mr. Mitchell Oliver, Blomgren, Kelly. House of Representatives. Bottom row: Strathmann, Amon, Betts, Grizenko, Wyman. Second row Kozlowski, Jouromsky, Siren, Green, San Miguel. Third row: Pinney, Knight, Spann, Tucker, Sothcott, Lee. Peck, Knisley, Eastman, Leigh, Our Student Court maintained law and order effectively this year with Diane Muller as chief justice. Her assistants were Judy West and Bob Albright, associate justices, Lorna Blomgren and Doris Overbaugh, recording secretaries, and Jack Wyman and Pat Kelly, bailitts. Dick Philpot and his assistant, Bill Siren, speaker ot the house, presided over The House of Representa- tives, our law-making body. Representing our district at Sacramento last June were Girls and Boys Stclters Gaye Tucker, Bill Lewis, Andy l-lays, and Pat Kelly. These students were among the twelve hundred who participated in mock city, county, and state governments. The Pep Com- mission, headed by Sandy Pinney and Ken Jouromsky, had another busy year promoting traditional Wildcat spirit. This group was re- sponsible tor the clever card tricks during the football season. By means ot announcements, the Marquee Committee, Bob Meyers and his assistant, Doug Wall, told the community what was going on at M-D. A.S.B. card sales, posters, and handbills were the handiwork ot the Pub- licity Commission, headed by Bill Siren, Girls and Boys Staters: Andy Hays, Gaye Tucker, Pat Kelly, Bill Lewis. l77?eJf Pep Commission. Bottom rowf,Kiley DeChellis, Shipley, Cortright, Prange, Koz- lowski, Lemire, McNeil, Graeme, Leigh Bowden, Voorhees, Pinney, Tucker, Coo- per, Green, Jouromsky, Eastman, DeBois blanc, Fiss, Knight. Marquee: Doug Wall and Bob Meyer. Publicity Commission. Bottom row: Adams, Spann, Kozlowski, Betts, Grizenko. Sec- ond row: Rankin, DeCheIlis, Overbaugh Savolaine, Ramsland, Hays, Kelly, Bona- parte, Third row: Tucker, Greye, Bran nan, Cleland, Fenton, Siren, Bailey, L t 3 . L' Q at A Gloria McAllister, secretary, Sheila Lorimore, president, Mary E en McNeil, veep, Anne Reedall, treasurer. Vivacious Sheila Lorimore, president of Girls' League, led the girls of our student body in a variety of activities. As capable as Sheila were the remaining Girls' League officers, Mary-Ellen McNeil, veep, Gloria McCallister, secretary, and Ann Reeolall, treasurer. The first Girls' League Assembly was a glamorous fashion show by McBratney's Department Store. The coed dance was a traditional "must" for the girls, as was the Father-Daughter Banquet, held in February. Prize winning boxes and fathers at the Girls' League banquet. Girls' League Cabinet. Bottom row: Logan, Thompson, Bergman, Smith, Adams, Reedall. Second: McNeil, Miss Gilbert, Miss Albarian, Lorimore, Powers, Greve. Third row: Rankin, Bell, Prange, Laird, Leigh, Harvey, Goldstein, McCallister, Jackson. ,,. s 'if i lx ll V B - i Many girls were tempted to join the Boys' League this year when they dis- covered Bob Graeme was president. Assisted by Rannie Franklin, veep, Bob Brannan, treasurer, and Phil Bailey, secretary, Bob's men made the year noteworthy with a welcoming party for freshman boys in September and The very beautiful Christmas Coronation Ball. Boys' League Officers: Phil Bailey, secretary, Bob Graeme president, Bob Brannon ,treasurerg Ronnie Franklin, vice president. ' 1 an ii if ll. 1' T T ' T Q 1 l T 9 1 l 1 3 vm M , IL- ff . ...' L - V 'I ' 'A' A U . R le- H 9 l i ' H. ff . hal Madquins. Bottom row:HirTe, Piss, Spann, DeBow. Second row: Fueglein, Smith, McNeil, Tolberf, Powers, STeele, Rankin. Third row: Greve, FenTon, Harvey, Muller, Blomgren, Lorimore, Cleland, Tucker, Gordon. l The dream of owning one of Those beauTiTul white Mad- aw quin sweofers came True for Twenfy lucky junior girls E lasT spring. During Their acTive year The Mudquins served sl?"- as ushers aT home foofball games and oTher special -, TuncTions. A prize-winning TloaT broughT honors To The Madquins and Monarcs. ParTies and poflucks helped To complefe a busy agenda. The officers of This honored group were Nelda Rankin, presidenT, and Sally STeele, secreTary-Treasurer. AssisTed by Their sponsor, Miss Ruth Foreman, The girls enioyed a memorable year. Two or more Madquins, plus food, equals plenry of gossip! V , 7 VW J , 'rw ,N . ' Nelda Rankin, presidenT, Sally Steele, secretary-Treasurer. 2 L-...... J, , N ,. 4 ' +fw f,.f.zf.-WOM'-if MON!-XRCS7BoTTom row: Bonaparre, Green, DiPaolo, Cortright, Second row: Oaries, Siren, Kozlowski, San Miguel, Hays. Third row: Amon, Graeme, Grizenlco, Q? G YD uv o G. E o 3 9 Ln -T 1 Q -T T 3 Q :s 3 -U I 5 O I' on o O' U rn U1 Q. in I o 3 9 l a i r x ' A X IT is The hope of every boy aT M-D ThaT he will one day become a Monurc. The TwenTy members of This club were chosen from The boys of The junior class To serve The school in Their senior year. Proudly wearing Their maroon and silver iclckeTs, The Monarcs performed many services, which included The decorafing oT The goal posTs Tor TOOT- ball games ond The distribufing of cards Tor half-Time sTunTs. The Monarcs rounded ouT on enioyoble year wiTh The Monorc-FoculTy boskeTboll game ond ci poTluck wiTh The Madquins. Bill Lewis, John STrc1Thmann, and Jim BonaporTe presided as officers of The honor group. Must be "musical boys." .,.... me 4 1 i H i , Mk, ,.. i 4 Ch! Jim Bonaparte, secreTary, Bill Lewis, president. X .. f - s. Fx, "i 4,4 Y ' 3if31f'5-Fktxli, I 1 X. af 'tug ' Q x A Dolly I-Gmife Judy Dean Sally Bowden With our songsters in charge, spirit couldn't be better. Mike DeCI'xelIis Jerry Cortright "QQ-'I--.11 i S . '37-T' Q 'nr 'A' ' .m,,:.' Q, . ... I ..- ....""'il. A .-,.....,,...... ,,.,,...- s. r 5 if liq , .UQ Bob D A F f 42 - 'irr 3' UH r . x ,,....l.-2.1 ...........---alas eBoisbIrmc ..-..-.---s....- ,,.,....--.-qv -- --Y g.....- Q ,-Fk"""vu l E X .wx ,1 - r l Ax' ' ,. . HK?- il?-f. ill-nu :Suu F' , ,,,,-,, . ' Q ov 90 . A Hike 1 .l9,,h5'iYffllrg c QXLK 'wir ff 33 l 1 xlk Lindo Von Gundy, head song lecd'er. JUdV COOPSV PO' H55 Mike Peck, head yell leader. Entertainment of The Crosstown assembly included our song and yell leaders A f"N 'SQ'--. 35.3 an :IH l R" 41. ...........-..... .gge--.., ,..... ....N,..N., ,,,A,,, W--,, .,,. lil' i ll ll wllw' 'U f 5 , ' ' ..,-,..,,g y .. "' ' ' ! h Y ' w iluuq I .3 'sf -I-Q 'ilhq g- .J 'lg "' A I 1 f-"1 .. 1 f nk' . sup' .RNA U iq, am., K Junef Peterson Sylvia Sofhcorf Alice SPOON ,I W YZ,l",L:,,, wal A --15 iQ ,W J thumb i gggn-an dillvv--' Q5-vu-qv ru-vvuvv-vw-'-'H Junior Maiorettes: Judy Lynn, Bonnie Fiss, Koy Hobbs, Karen Lensik, Gail Stinson, Roxie Stafford, Delores Volmer, cmd Penny Welch. H--'-f ' ""'-wxf-- z------r1-- ' V'-? ,K x K 'WI 555 ,RBI :f ,...,......- .......-- Goye Tucker, head moioretfe Sally Steele COVOIYFI Toylof Our mojorettes made cm good show both in competition cmd of games. As fulltbrought us back to school, we rbusfilyiagathered gym suits, shoes, socks, Sweatshirts. Mrs. Cook helped by issuingtfniew locker combinations and by reminding us of our towel numbers. The playing of basketball, volleyball, and speed-away developed us into co-ordi- nated athletes, while on rainy days we rested from strenuous sports and played checkers, lacks, and ping-pong. The Gym Department offered special classes in Tennis, modern dance, golf, and archery. Mrs. Cook helps the maiorettes prepare for a pep rally, and, oops, accidentally sticks Carolyn with a pin. Mrs. Yenney, head of the Girls' Physical Education De- partment, discusses grades with Diane, as Marianne checks squad cards. Mrs. Cook hands out Towels to the girls. Nw J' 12- l X 2 l Qs, it RY . gr, ,, 53,5 -1 31 . l Y Being expert mcrksmen, the girls get to practice with live targets! . -Z . QF vi f cf' -if R . 4 l ir .L Modern dancers, Donna, Claudio, cmd Dinevo, in G state of suspension A heated pool enticed the students to swim oll year round. e. f i W. ' "' km N 'nf , ' " fig, f , .ig ' ' t QQ e i lf' 1--f" i,-- 2 J' Ar-3 .,, .W ,.,m, , pw , xy- -.wwmw s-.4 Q , v i N. ' :mera mmuzlauiiili' N -4" fill' A ' f" X f , , , i . Ii n x ,F XI, , I J fs 'u N One-two-th ree, down. Mrs. Q Q Altman Z leads her classes through daily exercises. A mad scramble for the rebound. 5 ,,....n--""""'A""T- .,..,---- suns... it 11 ' f1',f 15, . 34" . I fl . - -. 6 , Mrs. Ethel Brelos, tennis instructor, pauses a few minutes with Melodie Hoagland. i.V, K ' 3, "ff Q Barb and Ruth should be on the Varsity! ag 1 Q ' I: ' , , or is i r ' fd in ,f l lx 9 x 2 ,A L- 4 s if I v F' " , , , A K f"' s ,Q flqv-w " 1 'Q '- H " J ' 45' M i' + ..,.. ,. lv -5" At , ' zkfil ' M' N - W"r mm " . f ' . iff QI .35 i gj riffirkafil A x .. L l K "-" - ,e,l. l 1 W' A ' mfg as ' Q - f M --W K N L .K I . K . N rn V K As 21 K ,,k.,, . ., -.,,. I . . , nraiw K . 'M-"tt'f . N ' ,,,, 1 .,L, msn- ,, . ' WVW: A U VVKA F i c l.c,,i E , ss,,,, ,.,. . A A h , ,, Axis ., I, fl ,-Mi .Q-may J K, I fi , W l it A A r , Ms 5 s,,7,5,.,g.,l.fM Wwgllat ' 'r' A , A .1 - 4 . 1 B Mrs. Ducommun keeps the girls' locker rooms ' ' J 1 'js Q' sf r f f in tip-top condition. vi- 1 W K V H r,, 5 , .,,, i b n hairy we 2 X i X ,. . 1 , gli V + ' I36 aren Neergard gives a mighty kick in a speed-way game. X . . Pfww-M 0,3 ' Q X 5 .,',,, . "' i 'l 1? Q'- " 3, 4 M , Mtg., ,,,, K .qnsw ,-. 4 -pf a M, 1, I -Q,,,z-sjisy ,gn 15.5 ,L M. X, fi.. A . ,i,,+.-4. Of all the sports offered to M-D girls, volleyball is iheir favorite. fiilll! Fiiiifi ll A-, wr 1 1- Q-4 - ,Ei N. in ' LKM,jn5LJA.V fmf, sw-xww. .. New-'i 13,2 1 ' e gf 'xjig . fm, .af ,. .f f Judi and Jo Ann begin a friendly game of badminfon. Helen Sherman, Catskill Racquefeer member, helps Pai' Turner in a Tennis game llF 'i ,,reii, gn iff-F W , ,. 1 Bonnie ond Louise prepare To make c long drive down the green. Locker room interlude in no mc1n's land. ,.mm- -.3 V' f 'H + 'ifsif7f5f,f5TW ' e f I 'HF 1 i 5 I t rw, , 1 r f' , 'T i, ,F. 1+ 1 ' - we Jr r 'rr W 1, eg ff ggi Wi 1 fs,fg,'1' '. 4511131117 W ,., -5,156 ., .Si"'?ll ' A 1 1 K' I 1,,,,r,,.,. ci, ,r,, , I 3' ,' 4 5 H , Q , 6 4 fr, 7,- eend i nnnd ii r if e d d i w r, rrerr ii- if , A j , I ,W L , L , Hflflf ff ' l " ff f f e ' f L11 r r ,hc Q f ,:.,, 1 F 1rL 1' l 138 1 4 4 f Sharie Snyder worms up, swings, and . . . strikes out! Mrs. McKesson teaches Tennis and golf, and Miss Beck, modern dance 'Q Y,---,...:-N Y' fe M-D scores winning point against West Covina. Play day opponents exchange school ideas over a game of ping-pong. "Sputnik" was the Theme chosen for the G.A.A. playday with all decorations carried out in a space motif. Three hundred girls from Arroyo, California, Duarte, and West Covina met in the basketball gym, where the modern dance class presented a short program. School cheers and songs followed an introduction of G.A.A. presi- dents and sponsors. The girls competed in bas- ketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, and tennis. 1 . .- ,L"P:ff W ,,.fEnt.'!5,!p sg' wiv ads, J A close match with Duarte proves that a newly formed school has lots of spirit. Two-four-six-eight, who do we appreciate, Monrovia-yea! l39 f M Cross Country Team. Varsity, Bottom row, Larson, Giauque, Parsons, Dahle, Werner. .l.V., Second row: St. Cyr, Van Horn, Hanley, Davis, Tarsak, Baker. Coach Verl Murray Murlen Parsons, Varsity captain A-A " 'Qv .:. -.., .,,. if-1, v we '55::55'K+--:f boys, not a ffm '0U""Y TO defwf their men was def- mfmv SChOO'S boys 'H competition. While Coach Verl MUrray's harriers managed to crush Keppel by eighteen points and Arroyo by three points, They lost Their other meets. Don Hanley and Bob St. Cyr Juv. Co-Captains Murlen Parsons, Phil Werner, and Ron Larson-M-D's Marathoners-practice for an upcoming race. E ! E r -:fe-EY'I'W7 f 1'Ei f!?f977 Wxelff... , V .. I - "--' 40 W W ' W W - , , ' r ., ,,,, 3. " ,L 1. , . . ,,,,. 'K .. , . M Al. Varsify Track Tearn. Bofrorn row: Sillasen, Boyd, Franklin Bailey San Miguel Jones Mikell Oahes de Boisblanc Second row Asfer Beecher Hanley Parsons, Darle, Coleman, McGinnis, Sowers, Green. Third row Grauque Nelson Davis Van Horn Salmon Fisher Coaches Virgil Stevens, Verl Murray, and John Daniels Our Varsity Track Team has been contin- ually hampered by bad weaTher and has had only Two meeTs Thus Tar. AT press- Time, The WildcaTs are undeTeaTed in dual meeT compeTiTion, having deTeaTed San Marino, 52 To 48. They have also run in The El MonTe Relays againsT some of The finest compeTiTion in The SouTh- land. James Mikell, Mike San Miguel, and Bill de Boisblanc have been con- sisTenT poinT-geTTers in Their respecTive evenTs - The sprinTs, hurdles, and shoT puT. Coach Verl Murray's experience in coaching Track has been one of The Team's mosT valuable assefs. -...,,,,qMm "'N-"- W '72-.f W. Fx? W A '3-""'--"'--...., ..LA,,,h,,,,,A I Ricky Aster easily clears ll feef. James Mikell hurdles his way to victory. l. 5 if 51' 2"- Gef your camera, boys! lT's going to be a photo finish, Bill de Boisblanc's best efforf, so far. Crossing The bar-could it be Tennyson? we Bee Track Team. Bottom row: Pieri, Boyd, Theiler, Zapf, Thomas, Miller, Handy, Hayes, Hartigan. Second row: Longley, Larson, Edwards, Crowl, Wellings, Talley, Stacy. Third row: Kelleher, Oller, Wong, Sillasen, Werner, Yates, Robinson, de Boisblanc. With only two meets under their belts, the Bee Trackmen look very good and should tigure prominently in league standings. Coach Verl Murray is count- ing heavily on Marvin Handy, Dallas Oller, and Ron Larson in their respective events - the hurdles, shot put, and 660. Calvin Thomas, Rogers DeCuir, and Richard Johnson in the lOO'yard .5 ,y I L M x Xi -V ' ,mi 3 ' lil: ,..... 6- ' A-:!54..e1f5 I Ln' -' , dash. A Dallas Oller practices for shot put event. Marvin Handy strains toward the finish line. x 5' gi T . . , . is , it 'Q 2 ,I , . I ff n t I Q K5 A KM ss, LM 4? X .., , mi iw H -2- -lrfxsez... "...:t T fl 5' A -' f ' .:a...n..z,-- - ' 3 - i, X si si ff" il'j7!lfT7?vm- 'R l it , Q M wi fi fff fffffff g.fgsl.lllllllg t 3. 1 3? 'Q' N, 3 I ff 'eff V , l ' .Q,fQnf-:fgt..,g,,i,,,'.Qmif .1 ' :VTR I ga gg ,-Qvmsuzwhjgw Q 'V .Q M 2 L, ' sim. " Wg'-1 W -M , ' ,, - :a-sae ,.- W - , T , W ' Q A , or .-,L gui gr,-jig, Q, , 'i,Q-'ff.31,M,,zs my s k h r ,AZ 5 y - . - Qlwirj 4.fffZj,qQw' '-Y ,swf 35 'Eggs 3,1 4' .y , I 11 ,,,1b": t ..,:f"" . fr- I .-ff , , gf MJ - ,,,K,3f?37-'s5':2i'4 44 4m,,...:. .43 as V1 Cee Truck Team. Bottom row: Blake, Washburn, Clemmons, Cash, Childs, Bauer, Robinson. Second row: Weimer, Hammond, Stewart, Shannon, Johnson, Gillespie, Martin, Brown, Wronka, James, Magee. Third row: Reese, Bender, Pierce, Gus, Schoerner, Probst, Ullom, Haynes, Wright, Hawthorne, Selders, Reed. The Wildcat Cee Track team, sparked by their 400- yard relay team consisting of Gary Ullom, Gary Hawthorne, Frank Haines, and Carl Robinson, has made an excellent showing in their first meets. Also attracting well deserved attention is Brian Johnson in broad lump competition. The Cee track team has a good chance tor the C.l.F, title. Gary Hawthorne strives to top his record of 20 feet. Carl Robinson and Gary Ullom lead the Wildcats to a victory over El Monte. ' f Vi .1 -. o 'ia . ., , ., if ,... X , 59- 'l gi Ls H 4,3 il? E l , 3 I 3 T Ms- sf - i lm ily- T F ' J s i 4 R 'fa' li- -, , . - G- A, i l is lg? 1' 'fx M, 3 gf 4 - l S Q rw 4 :wi my 2 ss., givin? t, 'Y fini: ' K lfs l ts so i 3 D xv' f i s f 1 4 8 JV 5 . - 5.19: r. . ,,, it 1 I i Qi t ,j ii. f B .- 3 l .rerstw ij . l I A WX. A' ' ,fi 4 , 2 X LL Ji" M , 1' Q G? i , W CS. Varsity Baseball Team. Bottom row: Brochu, Bourbon, Damewood, Bornt, mgr., Seday, Albin, Wong. Second row: DiPoalo, Hart, Long, Matejzel, Dortch Penders, Carlson, Taylor, Carroll. E! NX ! Q'-'if 3 "-if l . up :H 8 k if rlaa i Aw--has 112:49 J .,. Y W si i 2 NH uffffi J' 'tv ruf- ll . , Ins' t Mara.. A K Nil Coach Al Katich Carmen DiPoalo and Don Wong Co-captains The Wildcat Varsity Baseball coach, Al Katich, has high hopes of a winning season after his team's fine start, Sparked by the pitching of Larry Carroll and the hitting of Carmen DiPoaIo, the Wildcats are looking like a potentially strong ball Team at press time. Pleasant surprises this year are Sopho- more Mike Brochu and Junior Bruce Bourbon who have been playing exceptionally well. fi. la, ft a Alia 45 Carmen DiPoaIo, pitcher Come on, Larry, let's make it o home run! WhGf'S your hurry, Carmen? Watch ir, Don, if is going to be close. QQ, Q 3 'i 1 M' -.ig r Y t 5 'hh-.LQ Catcher Bob Damewood always alert lt's Tom's turn. Will it be CI hit? J.V. Baseball Team. Bottom row: Benson, Miller, Zermeno, McKinney, Midas, Newton, Bullock. Second row: Bracamonte, Smith, Tassio, Griialva, Lehner, Eriksson, Tomberlin. Third row: Kramer, Brand, Extrom, Meeker, Brubaker, McCormick, Cole, Lund, Vore. Coach Michael Giddings A championship team is in the mak- N' ny 'J ing of our Junior Varsity Baseball ,ffi'l ' ' g ' Team which is coached by Mike Gid- l A dings. The team, after losing their first two games, came back strong it 1 .,,, I to win their next eight games in fine c -M 'i'c 1 1, fashion. , f. s,,. --s, 5 l l Bob Zermeno and Marty Bracamonte V Je Co-captains ' ' 71 -A s Jim MCKlnV'9Yf Pllchef Jim Benson slides safely into home. Wk of "'---h....,,,k qw if , FX' T' fi -:geese My ifilfi f" , K,::W, . V1 ,.,, ,',' ll fa 1 3 is lf? 5 li? " 1 'f , 'iz' W it s Freshman Baseball Team. Bottom row: Cooper, Schiendler, Clarkson, Howe, Willson, Newland, Farr, Griffin. Second row: Thompson, Goldman, Evans, Hart, Boggs, Spencer, Morse, Samuels. Third row: Schuler, Roberts, Lundborg, Albaugh, Grayer, Long, Carr, Baron, Jimmink, Vanderluit, Osborne. a will lf. " 122, t- if ifm iifi fi, , V ' QS? I , S ' fiitf -ez ' Fw The Freshman Baseball team has started slowly but is expected to improve rapidly as the season pro- y gresses. The team is composed of many ambitious but inexperienced trosh who are being taught the -- basic fundamentals by Coach Richard Wilkinson. Art . Farr, Steve Kramer, and Roger Evans are expected to S ' have man excellent ears of baseball at Monrovia. . . is Mil 7 5-gf 3 my ,s, 1 if -,,, Dave Willson, captain Coach Richard Wilkinson , Im, fi - . wt ,L 1 C T T , fi ' W' ' ' ,T si. 'st' se it i s '-,i ,,f ,,,, t . ,,,, , , M, 7' 3 ' ,,, T, V' T S S . C i qi ' 'rsr .c' i 1 is ,. sscri -' be stiisss S ' " ss- t Spencer swings as Samuels backs up the play. He's our in Q Close plgy gf second. ,ixxl-D 54? wi Q, gem ,, s s, Varsity Tennis Team: Sipe, Rinkin, Kawasaki, Kelly, Siren, O'Connell, Goss, Deem, Phillips, mgr. Coach RoberT Oliver's VarsiTy Tennis Team had an even 4 win, 4 loss record when The Monrovian wenT To press. Paced by Bob Goss, PaT Kelly lTeam capTainl, and The doubles combinaTion of Bill Siren and Frank Kawasaki, The Team has made a vasT improvemenT over lasT year's record and is expecTed To fare much beTTer in Pacific League play. l Coach Roberf Oliver PaT Kelly, capTain 'E 5 George Grizenko serves a fasT one. First man, Bob GOSS- Bill Siren slices as Frank Kawasaki waifs return. Jerry O'Connell J! R Q .1 ,, . J , .,,:3, I' s M A' r iiii' lv- -G i . fr ,5 Q. 5 ?'su"'T, i i ""' , M ' rrrrr Clarence Rinkin Larry Deem Pat Kelly and Bob Goss rally at the net. Jerry O'Connell and Alan Sipe win match poinf against Citrus. .. 3 BK!-WI' I fr'--, ,irzl . , A ""' I .,,..rc. E ...pp U- EE seg V , ,.,.,. W., 'Y' 'lf' XLKD 42, J.V. Tennis. McKinney, Panknin, Wright, Pytel, Gordon, O'ConneIl, Rinkin, Betts. Our J.V. Tennis team has had a successful season with 6 wins, 3 losses. Most of the credit goes to the doubles Teams of Larry O'Connell with Norman Panknin and Wayne Gordon with Jim Wright. Dennis Pytel deserves recognition for singles competition. Coach Robert Oliver Wayne Gordon, captain - ' 1 :sg ,B ,,,. ., , M.,-.- S 3 are .. v lkfmgg fr faq, sf IQ. , K. :F .1 ,. , ,re-,,.:,1, ff , I -:Q f, f' -it ff ,. .. r s , Jim Wright and Wayne Gordon improve their game by practicing with Larry O'Connell and Norman Panknin. , '13 A at Ms., ,"" ,.' .1 .:rr.2 "" W 8 In K f sf' - , ,. , ,,.,i .- 2 , 1' gg, :2,,,:g 1 . G 7' 4352325-irirl 'iff F' ssist srsi v ,- i 2 ,L , Q, ..r... ", ,W W fi i -rg Q as ., ,,sss, Q, Q L no H if L . 'Q Z Xu A lg l 1 l ju lv- it is W sg Q T X XL in X! we 1 fr -5 -v wr. 3,715 ' i',' i'-- 'girls f li rrr rr, ,. , ' Y ' , in G' V-r X ggi ,r-. rr s 1 f ' t' ' if L , ., 11 N f e i, s, . ,,.. ' 'i ' ' if , ees, . -rrr-,, ' s sisss eeir s s H V ' im-- i ".s is rrsr H G ' G Q re ss'r-, iiil it l ll l rg K ' L' . f.- 'f irf- ff' it'ii it - -. I mf " -f . .. :S , 5 1 V i H V 1-'M j E in i V ., , , H QQ! .M ,:f,. if ...rrr.: . W, W- -W iik I , .M ,. :Ne-Q-M W N A W ,sm rr ' Jwwmmda, ,,,., M Nt' x A . r' , Xtz, 1-ff A, . V 1 .. zi. ,,:, K, t kk 5 . Vh,V V ,lg A A r r,,, r ssr iiss Q ,sssss L W , g d s Golf Team. Varsity, First row: Philpot, H. Taylor, Stricker, Howard, Peterson, Bouler. J.V., Second row: McGraw: Cioe, J. Taylor, Negus, Birk, Gerfen Porter Purcell. The Wildcat Golf team under the able supervision of Coach Leonard Morris is just getting started at presstime and has had only one match. Even though its showing hasn't been too good so far, the team has some good possibilities with such experienced players as Harry Taylor, Dick Phil- - 2, 'r-i pot, and Ernest Howard. i K Te. ,-rv" Coach Leonard Morris Ernest Howgrd fakes Careful aim, Dick, Chris, Ernest, and Harry give helpful l?l advice to Fred. HF. Ingram-fwwem-vu I IW, MM- . ., ww -. Aw- me-.1 .. .. ,. dark- 3 wee V,VWf NM T News K as : f-- . . .I """k ""' , I ' W ' E - ,, A -' ' M ,,.. , ' ,,AA ' Lm.. I -I "', , ,. ffff - -- T - - . E . ,,,.. - s :fifth r r . ' K fIi.1I. ,wh S--if Y -,E fff---'f M -ff,--f -- ,,,.,, ., , -- K :I K, K 4 . ' ' I .,., 3 I I K Q . , . ir- -f w w : f 4, '- II I- I 3 . ",- - i . ,II-: -- . g . . . , - , ..., , I I I I , - I .sw I . Q ' '- ' ' T " , -"'- ,,.. I ,. I - - "'-- H U , J , I . ' 3 a -,3 . , , II - ' , , . - ' ,,..,, . ,,,. Ijllf, r"E"'f- V- 'qfiis ,-: 'gi' A K 'j 'L . ,, -' ' E : .. . , H. w---W' . . . H ,. ,III,. ...MM -'TEIH-il-FN-S-M'1"'l""f""'f"1"""""" " A ' -: 'E ss. . ' . ,I . ,- , -I I-I- - I --II -I . .I , . - W -, T FMP? :vi if Igs,fi,-ff: H231-fi?'iif?fff55f?,ff'L 7f5lfi'f1fl'f1'1f1?? fLffff:5i?Efs"i I. , ' . -7, - ,ps I "kkk W"'k 1 ,. ,,... - . k"k .. ' H ' --III I ' W' ,T A in T- s s T LL., ' ' -I I I , . LL ,. ,,,.. II ff If-- -"' 4"' H ' . f- H ' """" " I--II -- w'ff--ff' . ---f'f--- W '- ,,,, W, -I-,...,,,.vggm,--1-rfII. ---- I, , ,, .,,.., --III- kk""kkk' ., " d , , , QW 'Y' Mr. Tuzinski checks The pool's chlorine conTenT. Wi Teo me dur hed and we Boys Anyone for o swim? ciTher. musT be boys-musTn'T They? Th fuTure plcins direcfed Towards ci swimming m, The boys of The physical educciTion deporT- nT spenT 0 good biT of Time in The pool, boTh ing Their class period and c1fTer school. The Ted pool welcomed swimmers on some cold rdiny dciys, os well cis during clecir and fair I 3, -was ......-, !,--- sf . My? , , W K I KKKVVN II , lkli' K M ,I ,u.,,,.. ,Wm G . ' if i . . "DO YOU wont to l'1C1Ve G Pf0m?" Members of The PVOTU COFT1- Old faithful, after picking us up at our familiar bus stops, brought us to our opening mittee asked this convincing question when Junior Class dues Classes, lagged. Roost beef dinner, waiters gorbed in roaring twenties costumes At the Leprechaun Hop shamrocks and leprechauns lent an Irish atmosphere to the dance and models showing new chemises brought smiles and ap- sponsored by the Key Club and Thespians. 4 plause from the audience at the Girls' League Mother-Daughter Banquet. With the costumes providing laughs and the game providing excitement, the Monarc'Faculty Basketball Game, spon- sored by Scholarship Society, was deemed a success by those who attended. of our last exciting moments of our lol year came when we received the ual, our record of our year here at l. Q ,gf Affwf hy ,. ws, ,WY as g f Q 0 Q QUEA LW ,V J .ww N 155 4 Sponsors Davison and STewarT Talk wiTh Andy Hays. Andy Hays, presidem, Judy Fenton, secreTary, Jim BonaparTe, vice-president Barbara Harvey, Treasurer. orf ys , a n d D i c k B ra eg e r p res id i n g . finally slipped by, leaving Senior Mixer, and Career Day Looking back over The years, We! days, single lunch periods and us aT M-D Tor The TirsT Time in our sophomore year, and our iunior year broughT us The memorable Iowa and DiTTerenTial ApTiTude TesTs along wiTh The "Taps Tor The Top," meaning, of course, The selecTion of The new Monarcs and Maalquins. BUT now we are apprehensively enTering a greaTer school, The school of life. We hope This school is jusT as enioy- able as our "high school in The valley." Senior RepresenTaTives: lleft To righTl Sowers, Adams, Lewis, BonaparTe, DeBow, Blomgren, Lorimore, McCall, Bishop, Hays, Leigh, Muller, Harvey, Laird, SmiTh, Bell, Savolaine, Kaufman, Fenton, Siren, Grizenko. B w i ft 'tn Liwulqif Q -im ,. 5, by fs B ida Adams Bob Albright Elaine Allen Clinton Allison William Amborn Lawrence Amon P use ' p-+ve, i X. , if id Argetsinger lginia Bailey K , as I is f :len Barnes T-D 9"""fv Irene Armas Glenda Baldwin 'N fb. , x ' Lp A -609 .N K 8 Ricky Aster Rosernae Baldwin 'S 'Ui A 5 .,......-v vis' gr ,if B., David Auzenne Al Ballew .Jugg- N' of-'np 1. I i Q., - 4 "'ii,.r ,w Dennis Avery Robert Banks an ii-W ii B N5 XHIFD' i A it Phil Bailey Donna Bannister s B , A ssi,rii J , 1.4, . -it 'ww 'Q' ix an-Q, PWR 'QW-v Pin Sandra Barnes Donald Barsz Donna Bassett Charlotte Baughner Marie Becker I57 i Www. ,,.,...,, 0-s. Glenn Belden Antoinette Biasotti Neena Blystad Alan Boulton V-we i -Q W? or '-3 , lf' fglgil-fl fi 'gh fl 35 ss' Q -43, Patricia Brown 158 Carolanne Bell Susan Bender Barbara Bird John Bernot Rebecca Bishop Gloria Block we 5 rf., if B . ,ii ' B 9 W- '-a .411 ,. wx' , . 'Q' if . Q Wav I B R B rrir R .3 XR . ijlby- -fry. uf ix W Y Valerie Boiano Charles Bollen Sally Bowden Anthony Boyd Q li. ,,,. imc' "'i it . . I ri. K 'N-me , 2 ., gl, I r ' qs' as is L :Tj xi ' N I if ff, Sharon Brown Wallace Brown James Bonaparte John Braida 65" K 2 if be Fl ,V-X Wi! KW' 5 Robert Betts Lorna Blomgren il? . Q! a,rr , Sq? f -, Richard Bornt Lynda Brangham ., ,Y -, - f V llrqcjy e 2-R l in Yrs. . .. 009' I V my lg rwflfv M A fi li af David Brubaker 51 QIVS7 Marylou Bianc Richard Blu ii, , , N ' B V ' z Forrest Bottom Robert Brannc M- ' ttf Glenn Brumbaugh Jerry Buckle' ean Bunn Arthur Calkins :nice Carter rothy Chick ix Noel Burden Kenlyn Card frrr Ercella Chadwick Donald Chisum Nancy Burke Calvin Carlson ii 3' we 'ag W we uiiu ,N ,fr Shirley Burke John Carlson Trudy Burleson Herschel Carpenter w? it Agri Q E 'E J sss,l as .l ss::.sQlr slsr sllslis Yfff' Judith Chase Thomas Clark , iiy. i,... s -?.. U KL z,,.., I C ' W Ap 1 C lss J ,N R Q Pi Kenneth Chausse Catherine Cleland lim. lmira Collins Judy Cooper Constance Corio June Cortner John Chavez Robert Cottma n as igs C , . ,.,r is D, , ffm IQ! ,ff this 'Jn iiil if A I Gerald Cortright 5' HF' J., Donald Burton Carole Carter William Cherry Wanda Collett JCM Violet Craemer l59 - wk ,..- ', fi XV gan? vu L 5 sm i f 1' Suzanne Cristich Steven Crow Norman Croxon Robert Davis Judith Dean Robert de Boisblanc l tix Wh x it Q A 7 :kgg I I Michael DeChellis Roger DeCuir Larry Deem Carmen DiPoalo Judith Dittemore Robert Downer , 'San ' -. IIL 1,1 I X Roger Earnest Katherine Eastman Rollin Eckis o ... V17 ,sa c- 5 A . .v ' . . Denis Dagoft Robert Damewood William de Boisblanc Lois Debow 5 lln' I FI J I -in., A X ls.. l.. at me ku N ' iv- 1 Q. L V wif wx S P- .raai rs sr L t sa.i i L tiai is Judith De Haan Richard Drury lb. 1 4 aug? A .. 6,3 I 1 1 Lloyd Eggstatf Roger Dickey Gary Durbin 'lair fs' L '73-'7 1 . 3- ! ll"'ln.4v""n' '4'V'fU5 ix ki K ' ,ir -Llffj., Sharon Eigenhuis Qmmiy Ag, Charlene Eller Betty Fator Robert Fisher Randolf Franklin 4 A in , , ,i vy , rg ! 9 yn of--Q. ' Q-if , Alan Ellis Judith Fenton portfw. .63 wr 1 sends tZ7r Patty Fiss Sheila Freiloerg X 'l il 3' 'lv-if All ll' . wif? We J, ' .-if., I U Lhir Michael Fryhotf Sheila Fueglein fri? ei Dienna Ellingson Delores Ferguson 'Qi' if I' N , N , I Wx """f5 Linda Freeman William Frey ug, , A , A sq .is ,vw W VW .f , N, it , 7 ,fl If 4 ,ps , if w. K Kenneth Fuller Joan Elson Judith Finfrock R 79? Q . .ax is ix ,,sr 5. ,N 'NN- , ' sy M5 - My ' ' Birgit Eriksson Edward Fisher l C57 'lv I , l , vi kkl ., 4,k. kkk. KKAV J Bk Janet Flournoy Wayne Foley Bonnie Froelich Jack Frost i l W 1 is Q, -14 'Y av' kvzw .f'KxL 1 . -. .W nil , ,-. . ,A-ag if Donna Funk if . 5 ,- John Garner K: "ja .. H X S r """' :L G ll f rrrrl 4 'Rv 5 Larry George Kent Giboney Geraldine Gordon Wayne Gordon Robin Graeme Gail Griffee Carolyn Gray Alan Green Georgella Green Marilyn Greve ,gif J 4-'U"lw Qi 3' ..A.,, -lx mem 'DEM vu-ag. George Grizenko Robert Harloichr 51.1--,H vVVf-f,., 1 .. AAEZ 4 rizffs E 'wx' if-' R22 .V ,Q . K wr, Roger Groghan Diane Gunrer I' in Vrf, rs 'Kam 1 MA' M ,fi mg s ,E s William Hadley Charles Hand Noel Hanson .lOC1I'1I'1e GUS GCIFY Guyon Goodness! Even Andy looks puzzled with This physics apparatus. Jr 12 Wayne Harman Chester Hayes A KY H .fl I ,- ' - I ., l Bonnie Heine William Hoon V91 'it of-., Joy Harr Andrew Hays Sf, if 'E' ,i Anthony Herrera Diane Hoss Qin. Y aol' " , 'I Dick Hart Faith Hedrick 1- '34 Barbara Harvey Patricia Hawthorne Cynthia Hetlin Edward Hegg in s.. vi- - Q ' -42" A A 3 'N ,-.4 z 'l"f',.w3f q 9, V l K S 4. X Roberta Higgins Patricia Hitte John Hoffman fi A 'VN mf , 5. Q ' -lisa . ,puns iq-, xg. Rl uv-X W 5.3 A iuq"V fi David l'lOUSl'1 Ernest Howard "But you gave me on A on this poem in my sophomore year, Miss Walker!" Shirley Howard Anne Johnston 'll " 'iA"- . ., 'fl lil H 'ff-f'5 is nooor Diane Kaufman William Kiley Scott Kroeger 164 Lewis Howser Bruce Johnston "'-new is. Qi 'tl' W, X .. W vwzh- - ,X , Li? Q- H: 51:53 'ilqffz Francis Kawasaki Nancy Kinn Linda Laird Alegra Jackson Albert Jones Wisgw' Y NF' . .Q V. Harriet Kaysen Cynthia Knight me awk We J i ssii rrir tt? , J. A iii- J' tg f rra a Roberta Jaffe Kenneth Jouromsky Y Rosemary Jensen Angela Kaloliska iw iii, . 1 Q., . Aw" Alzina Kelley Rose Mary Koenen 'HW J 4 A Kenneth Kelly Marland Koons L ,sits iss y Sylvia Laitinen Ronald LaLone Judith Larson l Mi A xx Sam Jense Eddie Kara K isys - I' sax' ,i 1-Y: 'J as ttteeiy "veit" ,ts' ,z-awww A Patrick Kell' Fran k Kozlows 1 I , in . Judy Lefebv iafw K N Q? haw li l5usan Leigh heila Lorimore Q - " I 95 if-ffl' f,'5.' ,fr 3 5 , 'A sf' 3 an li , 7 .V XX L C' Diane Lemire Pauline Loveland Mm LPN. A CIN' if 3, Nalter Mante Sharon May Ward Marquardt Gerald McCall f Qui? W ix if 'AR :Q- Q , x , Q'-M 5-.av X L Randolph Lemmon Warren Ludvigsen new M riff H n 1 ,I f ,, L nk ..,,,, 3 A L James Martin Gloria McCallister 'Qs as-1, At hie McReynolds Kenneth Means Gloria Merwar n wa' - 5 l -L if L 'rss ' 'VML7 J .fi 5 R R erl L ' 1 L L A l William Lewis David MacEwen fa vs.-L Q.. -If rw ffwcifir l MK- BW . r Richard Marti n Robert McGlynn , '15 'f .X gg" fm L nr ,,,,QN: MFL'-7 PJ .W f Ka ren Metzger Dale Long Katherine Madison xlvi T' Esther Martins Mary-Ellen McNeil 1 , C139 iit - , la ,L 1' ' E ll we N- Czar Richard Long Sheryl Mandy .-ing 'ir M" y -we wer Judy Maurer Brenda McNichol 1 ii- Wanda Mewhinney Robert Meyers I 65 James Mikell Louis Miles Yum 1 f' L Eff .Q Bruce Miller Carmen Miriiunio Leslie Modie Claire Monfgomery Alberi Moss Carol MoTTs Louis Nagy Roger Nelson M Qs Q lf' is gr? rf' 'N-i so siil Lawrence Moyzes Georgia Newby A Gregory Millins Harolol Miner Victoria Moore Jerome Morelanol Diane Muller Marilyn Mulligan Richard Newby Melvin Newman Carole Oliver Jesse Oaiies Jerry O'Connell Theresa O'Connell William Olegario Walter Oller Carol Orr Donald Osborne Doris Overbaugh Michael Peck Susan Pfaff Richard Philpof Gary Pike Q my ,,,, 'gg'- Marie Popper? Joan Powers Gale Prange Bob Query Eugenia Ramsland Nelda Rankin i sa.-xi. F 'fri Elsie Proffiir Delbert Reed 2, K, Rosemary Reighfley Janice Rerningfon James Reva .Claudia Richardson Colleen Paden Sandy Pinney A ,. ,TI Dennis Pytel Anne Reedall .4 is Marcia Ridgeway ,..VI , .: ,l r h 5 V hhxhirg S l 'Qi .1::. . 'A'2" R Clarence Rink Margarita Ruiz in Robert Robertson Gerald Rockwell Lydia Sarn Roy Sam i. ZF R 1. Mary Ronlcainen icltard Samuels J' . il,, i gi, llll Jolfin Ruan Eunice Sanders lk M .. ,,, ,J U 'tt flh- Qi Wallace Sanger Michael San Miguel Patricia Santo Pietro Harry Saunders Linda Savolaine Wanted: A special spot for seniors. y V i Barbara Schmidt Daniel Schurr Bill Seday John Sheehy Jacklin Shephard Mary Shirk David Sillasen Barbara Simmons William Siren .lust another reason Andrea Seymour Samuel Shafer Marian Shipley Sharon Shriver Nw' Cecilia Smith Jack Smith we are late fo class. S aa Z We , HTL, Judith Smith Burton Stanley My Sally Steele Mary Stockdale Elizabeth Tachdiian 170 3' John Snowden Sharon Stark S .. S VS S'?S, fl gl, .. vi' it eS' " 'E X 1 d a i Andrew Steiner Paula Stoner " ,Q -S , if j ee S SSSSS Sylvia Sothcott Edward Sovvers Alice Spann Louise Stadelm Virginia Stav i X of lril ii,l S x 5 new a.i, S S Karen Still IOOW sale in senior dues pays off . . . yum! Carol Strandberg John Strathmann 3 , l11:if1li,,,, W 55.11- l"'vw-wav Gayl Sullivan 5 ff X 'xii llll . 'QLD' -awk William Swa ,, 'Wg 5 R ".1 Q 1 ' 4' Sharon Tedder Ronald Thornton Donna Tolbert Victor Torrey Lorena Treyd W7 pf Pat Truchon Gaye Tucker la Van Gundy Margaret Voorhees 'T Qaren Walsh Robert Wahl nrilyn Waring Pamela Warren 1? ' ,,..:'- 5'-F' 'rx-Q Iherie West Linda West .+A penn Richard Urbanski John Vore 4' ii 'ess Marilyn Ward Donna Waters YV? Ruby Weston fin, XV A Louise Vail Melinda Valenzuela Jack Van Brunt The selection of senior announcements brings the final day closer. Judy Webb Douglas Welch Beverly Weller 5 i R ,iiilillxi x 'V' 'Vis X l ........ 'I R I3 A lx Don Wetzel Walter Wheeler Edward White 171 Michael White Robert White Suzanne Whitlow Robert Wiebe Victor Wild Wilma Williams David Wills Walter Willson Larry Winkler Janice Woehler Hazel Wolfram Donald Wong Janet Wong Eleanor Wurtz Jack Wyman Bernadette Yetsko Mary Zermeno During yearbook signing season there is one sweet sentiment written over and over again: "To a sweet kid in my English class." -as K , 5 J e,eii 'fei i i wish Mr, Long tries to calm anxious seniors who are about to take the long-awaited National Merit Scholarship Test. Yes, that's what we love to see. Gentlemen - pure, warm-hearted, unselfish, but disgustingly lazy gentlemen. Senior wall? There it is - behind that mess! Dancing and the pizza pie eating contest climaxed a marvelous Senior Mixer. 74 Barbara Harvey for her lovely poise and tact and, well-look for your- self. Bill Hadley for his lum yeahll many admirers and delightful way of blushing. Linda Van Gundy for her effer- vescent song leading, warm heart, and winning smile. Jerry Cortrighl for his cheering section finger con- trol and crazy antics. ,pphlvf ,pqpev-w In A ip- iNTEi.i.iG-ENCE PERSONALITY Judy Fenton for her superior scholastic abilifies Mary-Ellen McNeil for her sparkling Sense of Und 9V9"'Pfe59hl l0Ve of fUh and C0mP0nl0n5- humor, journalistic talents, and entertaining Bill Lewis for his ability To score equally as gifr of gcib. Alan Green for his impressive high lh his CIGSSGSI friendships, Und Glhlellcs- showmanship, and truly sincere friendliness. 'x 'K 'Q Government Day Representatives: Bottom row: David Willis, utilities superintendent, Marilyn Greve, city clerk, Sheila Lorimore, assistant city engineer. Second row: Pat Kelly, fire chief, Larry Amon, chief of police, Sheila Fueglein, civil defense, Jack Wyman, city attorney, Frank Kawa- saki, street superintendent. Third row: Burton Stanley, city treasurer, Andy Hays, iudge, Bill Siren, city manager, Jesse Oaties, recreation superintendent. Those not pictured: Alan Green, mayor, Dennis Avery, Dick Samuels and Bill Hadley, councilmen. By the time a Madite reaches his senior year, he has a chance to earn many and varied honors, awards sponsored by both the school and the community. Those earned on campus included the honor of Gold Seal and placement in the National Merit Scholar- ship Test. Early in the year the D.A.R. gave a Good Citizenship award, while the Optimists Club presented Youth Awards to a senior boy and girl. To promote good citizenship, local clubs sponsored such essay and speech contests as the American Legion and l.ion's Club Student Speaker contests, and the Woman's Club Essay competition. Steven Crow and Robert Davis, finalists, and Sylvia Laitinen, semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship Test. E i i s l i i i 3 .Ln ...--1 w-,.., . ,. 435' K aawwfij ,aa N L, 6 ,yfssif 7, ' V E T 4, , W' 1.4-v if ff llflllllf ,Jn-....,,.m.,,,. ,gm " .. , W ' K 'Bw' - ,i lb, W, '32, , v"kVkg'x'l' ' 'Y ' :ff A Y . ' ' , ' ww if fir if - X - f' wg --,L ' K F.-l r rd " BUCKLEE'S 1620 South Myrtle Avenue BEN'S SMOKEY PIT 125 West Huntington Drive THE FASHION 417 South Myrtle Avenue FOOTHILL MEDICAL BUILDING PHARMACY 600 West Foothill Boulevorol SAV-ON SHOES 127 South Myrtle Avenue JlMMY'S BARBER SHOP 710 South Myrtle Avenue BASlNGER'S FLOWER SHOP BAlN'S 511 South Myrtle Avenue 418 South Myrtle Avenue aa af . ii , LeFOHN'S THE KNIT SHOP 504 South Myrtle Avenue 346 West Foothill Boulevorol PARK WAY SHOE REPAIR BOX JEWELERS 403 South Myrtle Avenue 518 South Myrtle Avenue av Apu: BAKER'S PHARMACY 302 South Myrtle Avenue CARPENTER'S SANTA ANITAN T25 West Huntington Drive, Arcodicu RESS SHOP 412 South Myrtle Avenue pm. wus 5, J nge, N BONITA CLEANERS 201 South Myrtle Avenue We T. L, CRUNK'S SPORTING GOODS 231 South Myrtle Avenue MONROVIA CAMERA ond GIFT SHOP 410 South Myrtle Avenue 2 ' 'V BOB LONGPRE PONTIAC FOOTHILL BOWLING LANES 335 Wesf Hunfingfon Drive 923 South MyrTIe Avenue A I i if I Q .. K- K .g HUGHES TYPEWRITER SERVICE SANTA ANITA STUDIOS 618 South MyrTIe Avenue T42 E051 I-Iunfingfon Drive, Arcczdio 0 BILL POER CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH ARTS YARDAGE 202 South Myrtle Avenue 515 SOUTH Myrfie Avenue :miss -A in -iw Lf W, .F 5 ii H A v I . Y 1 , L A 'f l i X i ff' , -if 'Si fi. V VALLEY HARDWARE HENDERSON OLDSMOBILE 523 South Myrfle Avenue 333 Eos? Huntington Drive, Arcadia ff' -bl . .. . ..,...... Gloria Merwar You r Representatives ot our aj: Www Ba rba ra Burnett Qzimz Wid- myrtle at lemon 0 monrovia 4 sportswear 0 elliott 9-l l ll 0 campus corner Mary-Ellen McNeil Maryann Pfeiffer W...-lf DAILY NEWS POST - 119 West Palm Avenue QCOTCII ' K' Navi, -U, GO ' ' --. "rw l,, """""""1 g, ., Yziifemzrr K1 an arf? wa.-'f' llllll ARCADIA LUMBER - 214 North Soma Anifa, Arcadia 1 1 , gf Y 1,15 M K. ' 53 , iz- ' ' A ,gi U SWK, - fY'1 eeee e ' Yr ,e We ,z . . 5 I A A W "'- -N . af ' 2 I rf? 1 -r ff If J! . f ' - W -1' if 5 1 .,.. KVG7 f r l ' r E Y' i Q ! . W 5,5 x wwVi N fvwllo Qiwwhwvm ,,--' Lo -vi' w gbega-34211,-af r -I ,Y ' 1 or QE KMQMT kiwi? HQEHMQ M'M" M'k voouE WATER sms HI 7-9219 5540 North Temple City Boulevard, Temple Ciry fl Elm . 5 1 fenukl SETS: menu. 3175 sg 5 A C' :J Q. LE VTE LL: Kg BECHERER BUICK MAYFLOWER MEATS 2543 Peck Road 840 West l-lunfinglon Drive BlLL , DING TRI-ClTY MOTORS MYRTLE AVENUE LUMBER COMPANY 420 West Foothill Boulevorol l525 Souflw Myrfle Avenue an ..!. I 'WN PM 2 ' be ,ffm T, T, Q. F 7 . SILCOTT MOTORS QUIK-N-EASY PRODUCTS T23 South Myrtle Avenue 934 West Foothill Boulevard 3.. ,J X xx ., , Aw . LY v Y CLIFFORD T. NUTT CARTER MOTORS 245 West Foothill Boulevclrd 209 East Foothill Boulevard ., K .lf . K ,l-. 1 lg T .ft J -N' Nfl! D I 3' I IIE if S I If MONROVIA PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY JOHNSONS MUSIC COMPANY 430 South Myrtle Avenue 510 South Myrtle Avenue X 2 at A- -vs- I L5 I eg N 1: , IQ 13' -E Eg 'I' -- "..-ao' 1' DECKER'S JEVVELERS BUEL'S 512 South Myrtle Avenue 502 South Myrtle Avenue ANDERSOINVS STATIONERY 521 South Myrtle Avenue I 'bf PLUTO ond BAKER FLORISTS 126 South Myrtle Avenue. MORT'S FRYHOFF'S BARBER ond BEAUTY SHOP 508 South Myrtle Avenue 527 South Shamrock Avenue REGAN'S TOYS MONROVIA FLORAL COMPANY Bank of America Building, Duarte 608 South Myrtle Avenue " A 5 Q-.K ' it flllfarqiig W gl. i-'J MCDONALD and O'BOYLE DUARTE PHARMACY 201 West Hunfingfon Drive 1230 Eost Huntington Drive, Ducirte JACKSON'S SPORTSMAN SHOP HEALD and ROBINSON 1525 Ecist Huntington Drive, Duorte 420 South Myrtle Avenue 4u ,,,v"' I BLOCKS CLOTHIER LARRY WRIGHT MOTORS 411 South Myrtle Avenue 925 West Foothill Boulevard 'H-tgp' k - , 5 "" ' i'i7 J In ' 3 -, 2. X kj. , , .N 19' no' so HAMMOND JEWELERS SAFETY DRUG 1813112 East Huntington Drive, Duorte 408 South Myrtle Avenue MAYFLOWER MARKET 2543 Peck Roczol DOWN'S JEWELERS 402 South Myrtle Avenue REED'S APPLIANCES II9 West Foothill Boulevczrol BILL FEELER PRINTING 3l9 West Foothill Boulevorol 54 lll 0 0 CLAUDE CHESS RADIO STORE 332 West Foothill Boulevard SPORTSMEN'S PARADISE 934 West Foothill Boulevcurd " If H 'YQ W ww iiii. 'pf' Scorch Tape, worry, time, flu, rain, deadline, work, names, numbers, envelopes, Saturdays, copy, picfures, holidays, cover-These make up The '58 Monrovion "ThirTy days hath Seprember, April, June, and November - - -," and we of The '58 Monrovian sTaff have really counTed The days of each monTh. They added up To a full Three hundred and sixTy-five, beginning wiTh The firsT ThirTy days of April lasT year, which we spenT planning our Theme. WiTh May came The choosing of a new sTaff and The phoTographing of evenTs of ASB elecTions, for we had an idea ThaT picTures of Those memorable evenTs would help us develop our Theme. June came "busTin' ouT all over," as did our many ideas. Working regularly Through The summer monThs, we arrived aT school in SepTember wiTh a compleTed layouT dummy and a cover plan. OcTober broughT finishing Touches, suggesfed by Miss DoroThy Clemmons, To Lorena TreydTe's dummy, and Through The help of Mr. Phil Clark of The S. K. Smirh Cover Company, a finished cover To dress our book. Cn November i5 we surrendered our dummy To Mr. Bill Hubbell of Yearbooks, IncorporaTed, of California. ln November our phoTography deparTmenT, headed by Mr. Bill Yocum and consisTing of sraff phoTographers Vic Torrey and Larry Deem, Turned in beauTiful building shoTs and sporTs evenTs coverage. Mr. William Gill of SanTa AniTa STudios compleTed his full auoTa of class picTures, and Mr. Paul Whipple gave us professional assisTance in prinTing. December ran inTo January Too rapidly. On January 15 a Third of our book wenT To press, pages of fooTball prepared by Rannie Franklin and his assisTanT, Marvin Handy, classes by Marianne MiTchell, opening pages by Lorena TreydTe and office personnel by Linda Savolaine. To meeT our February i5 deadline, PaT HiTTe conTribuTed her club secTion, ChrisTine Lee, drama and highlighTs, Judy SmiTh, seniors and Teachers, Peggy Garner, in-class secTions and Homecoming, and Mari- anne MiTchelI, music pages. March came in like a lion wiTh no lamb in sighT. WiTh The assisTance of Larry Deem, Linda Savolaine Took over The baskeTball and spring sporfs secTion, firsT girl ever known To ediT a boys' sporfs secTion. Lorena Treydfe compleTed her sTudenT leaders pages, and Peggy Garner assembled girls' sporTs pages. Jerry O'Connell and his assisTanT, PeTer Garber, compleTed The adverTising secTion wiTh The smooThesT record of any of us, Mr. Bob Phillips a local phorographer, having Taken all of The picTures. All exTra help Turned Toward Par Kelly, who had To iniTiaTe The procedure for our new feafure, The index. Our spon- sor, Mrs. Geddes, ceased counfing deadline dafes and pages and began Thinking abouT nexT year's book. When April Fools' Day rolled around, we didn'T care who played Tricks, for we knew we had reached our goal and puT The book To bed on Time. AUDIO VISUAL STUDENTS Arnette, Gary Bartlett, Paul Blackburn, Dennis Chausse, Kenneth Cogswell, James Davis, Gary Dawson, Michael Days, Leonard Decker, Tim Dortch, Vernon Durkee, Gary Ferro, Michael Fuelling, Donald Gordon, Wayne Holman, William Immenschuh, Donald King, Richard Lane, Robert Little, Arthur Long, Dale Loungway, Philip Masterson, Douglas Melia, Gilbert Miller, Charles Miranda, John Moore, John Orr, Gordon Osborne, Donald Rockwell, Jerry Scillion, Ronald Shirk, John Simons, George Snowden, John Spicer, Jessie Stewart, Donald Talbott, William Theiler, Robert Treio, Leonard Wahl, Robert Walker, James Wark, Michael Weaver, Ray Yeager, Virgil Yehle, John CAMERA CLUB Bruhns, Dan Deem, Larry Dickoff, Norman Rockwell, Jerry Torrey, Vic CATSKILL RACQUETTEERS Burke, Shirley Cleland, Cathie Garner, Peggy Gordon, Gerri Greve, Marilyn Hunter, Karyn Mitchell, Marianne O'Connell, Theresa Oliver, Carole Powers, Joan Reedall, Anne Selby, Marsha Sherman, Helen Smith, Judy Sumner, Gayle Tolbert, Donna Tucker, Gaye CIRCLE M Cleland, Cathie Fueglein, Sheila Garner, Peggy Gordon, Gerri Hunter, Karyn CLUB ROSTER Lorimore, Sheila Oliver, Carole Powers, Joan Reedall, Anne Reedall, Marijon Remington, Janice Spann, Alice Tolbert, Donna Tucker, Gaye Waters, Donna Wingert, Brenda Woehler, Janice COMMISSIONERS Abrams, Rita Albin, Annette Blake, Phyllis Bowden, Fred Carlson, Darlene Cisco, Mary Creamer, Joyce Danchik, Ethel Day, Dorothy Dohrman, Gail Duperron, Beverly Dynes, Linda Fanslow, Lynn Fiss, Bonnie Florek, Barbara Froelich, Donna Gerber, Valerie Gibson, Joyce Green, Jim Hanscom, Barbara Hatcher, Edith Hehn, Steven Hendrickson, Janet Hentsch, Judy Hill, Carol Hose, Kathryn Jackson, Lee Ellen Jones, Janet Kelly, Joy Kingston, Jack Kittson, Richard Macias, Lorenzo Maier, Sandy Mante, Madeleine Marshman, Sue Mason, Carmen Mathas, Sue McCrawley, Margaret McKee, Patricia Mislove, Mike Noble, Marilee Norgaard, Ingrid Pavlicek, Florence Peck, Nancy Peters, Susan Petersen, Carla Pytel, Mike Reese, Barbara Richardson, Claudia Sass, Donna Schroeder, Donna Shirk, John Spicer, Jim Taylor, Bill Thompson, Ray Williams, Harold Wright, Sylvia CRUSADERS Beach, Jean Bennewater, Dan Bergman, Joyce Church, Merle Corley, Eddie DeBow, Lois Drury, Stan Duncan, Ross Freeman, Linda Kemp, Mary Ellen Lawrenz, Richard Lenhart, Janet McReynolds, Kathie Muller, Diane Ratzlaff, Rae Jean Schroeder, Donna Watson, Sandy White, Gary FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Ames, Pam Autery, Danny Biggle, Brenda Corley, Eddie Coughlan, Marilyn Decker, Donna Frye, Sally Frye, Wanda lmmenschuch, Sybil Morrow, Donna O'Connell, Theresa Ordway, Peggy Ruiz, Margaret FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Beauchemin, Carol Beauchemin, Elaine Bel, Carlene Bogle, Bonnie Card, Kenlyn Contreras, Yolanda Coughlin, Claudia Crockett, Judy Danchik, Ethel Davenport, Doreen Davidson, Lynne Dohrman, Gail Edland, Judy Ertl, Joyce Gordon, Pam Hehn, Diane Kuhn, Dian Loe, Pat Lothyan, Diane Lothyan, Marylin Mark, Linda May, Bonnie McGowan, Margaret McReynolds, Kathie Noble, Diann Norgaard, Ingrid Peacock, Joan Philpot, Margaret Reese, Sandy Rettberg, Dianne Richardson, Claudia Ririe, Penny San Miguel, Carmen Sass, Donna Schweitzer, Nancy Secco, Rose Ann Secrist, Valerie Springer, Margie Stefan, Lana Sulzer, Rosalie Tachdiian, Rosie Tennant, Sharlene Tennant, Sharon Terrell, Pat Valenzuela, Melinda Wallace, Donna Warner, Beth White, Stephanie Wilson, Verdia FUTURE NURSES Barnes, Helen Boughner, Charlotte Charak, Ellen Chick, Dorothy Coughlan, Marilyn Dombroski, Barbara Doroshaw, Natalie Hatcher, Edith Hirt, Lana Hubbard, Rhoda Jaffe, Roberta Jones, Carole Kwentus, Sharon Lashbrook, Pat Lawson, Sharon McCallum, Janice Moeller, Judy Montgomery, Jackie Scott, Pat Serafin, Connie Serafin, Patricia Vore, Elizabeth FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Bannister, Donna Brubaker, Dave Charak, Ellen Cosand, Helen Cowles, Judy Dees, Diane Dillehunt, Rosie Downhour, Jeanen Elarth, Diane Evalenko, Margaret Fischer, Ingrid Fleming, Bobbi Gage, Pam Garner, Peggy Gindin, Harriet Greve, Marilyn Griswold, Judy Hamlin, Rachel Hanson, Gael Harper, Rita Hart, Charlene Hayes, Betty Hoagland, Melodie Hoel, Mary Johnson, Judy Kropke, Judy Laird, Nancy Larson, Judy Lee, Pamela McAdam, Deanna Medley, Kathy Peat, Margaret Pendergraft, Martha Pheiffer, Mary Ann Reedall, Anne Reegler, Linda Russell, Judy Russell, Karen Ruwe, Melinda Savolaine, Linda Shipley, Marian Smith, Jeri Sorensen, Marie Tronvig, Karen Tucker, Gaye West, Judy White, Stephanie Williams, Sally Wilson, Linda Zemos, Pat GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Belin, Diane Bennewate, Lynne Blake, Phyllis Brown, Dolores Burski, Cynthia Chamberlain, Gail Cleland, Cathie Dean, Nancy DiPoalo, Sandy Eveleth, Judy Evans, Karen Ewing, Diana Fisher, Jacqueline Frankenberger, Diane Fueglein, Sheila Garcia, Ernestine Gardiner, Jo Ann Garner, Peggy Giboney, Martha Gier, Jo Ann Goedeck, Sally Gomez, Deanna Gordon, Gerri Gordon, Pam Gourley, Lynne Gratny, Darleen Gross, Judy Hall, Julie Harris, Pat Helm, Thoma Hoffman, Charlene Hotaling, Carolee I-loush, Carol Hunter, Karyn Jackson, Nancy Jesseman, Maureen Johnston, Faith King, Sharon Kopecky, Judy Lang, Kathy Logan, Linda Lorimore, Sheila Luera, Mary Maier, Sandy Mattern, Carol McGowan, Margaret Moak, Jean Neergard, Karen Nonamaker, Lois Noble, Barbara O'Connell, Theresa Oliver, Carole Orr, Carol Ann Peck, Nancy Pemberton, Janet Peters, Susan Powers, Joan Reedall, Anne Reedall, Mariion Remington, Jan San Miguel, Carmen Schmitt, Marylyn Shaw, Linda Smith, Jeri Smith, Judy Spann, Alice Sperry, Judy Thornton, Ann Tolbert ,Donna Tucker, Gaye Vander Kam, Arden Wallace, Donna Waters, Donna Webber, Joan Weller, Bev Williamson, Frances Wilson,Verdia Wingert, Brenda Woehler, Jan Woods, Sharon Wright, Sylvia Zarilla, Juanita HISTORY CLUB Beecher, John Bell, Carolanne Bolton, Jennifer Boyd, John Burleson, Trudy Fueglein, Sheila Garber, Pete Greve, Marilyn Hanson, Gael Modie, Leslie Plagemann, Steve Rankin, Nelda West, Judy White, Stephanie Wills, David Wright, Bill Wyman, Jack HI-Y, TRI-HI-Y COUNCIL Fenton, Judy Fischer, Ingrid Gordon, Gerri Griffee, Gail Rankin, Nelda Ruwe, Melinda JUNIOR CIVINETTES Adams, Linda Austin, Eloise Bowden, Sally Cooper, Judy Dean, Judy Heflin, Cynthia Henderson, Carol An Knight, Cynthia Laird, Linda Lee, Christine Leigh, Susie Lemire, Diane Miller, Paulette Moore, Soniie Mulligan, Marilyn Petersen, Janet Pinney, Sandy Taylor, Carolyn Van Gundy, Linda Walling, Joyce JUNIOR CIVITANS Bailey, Phil Bonaparte, Jim Bottomley, Forrest Brannan, Bob Cortright, Jerry Grizenko, George Hays, Andy Long, Dale Kelly, Pat O'Connell, Jerry Peck, Mike Philpot, Dick Pytle, Dennis Reva, Jim Siren, Bill Strathmann, John Vore, John Wyman, Jack JUNIOR RED CROSS Blystad, Neena Hays, Chester Keen, Roberta Kelly, Colleen Lincoln, Lona Molleer, Judy Paden, Colleen Phillips, Mary Shank, Donna Warren, Pam Webb, Judy Fl JUNIOR STATESMEN Biggle, Brenda Bolton, Jennifer Boyd, John Brown, Wallace Charak, Ellen Dillehunt, Rosie Garber, Peter Hagar, Pat Hanson, Gael Hoagland, Melodie Kuromiya, Steve Loe, Pat Lomax, Linda Lorman, Ned Malin, Merry Phillips, James Poister, Carolyn Reed, Richard Reischauer, Bonnie Stanley, Burton Taylor, John Thomas, Barbara Wills, David Vore, Barbara West, Judy Wright, Bill Zinser, Glen KEY CLUB Adkins, Dennie Avery, Dennis Banker, Charles Biddle, Dick Bonaparte, Jim Bourbon, Bruce Carroll, Larry DeBoisblanc, Bill DeBoisblanc, Bob Drumheller, Jack Green, Alan Grondzik, Jim Hadley, Bill Hinchman, Charles Kozlowski, Frank Lewis, Bill Mathis, Dick Samuels, Dick San Miguel, Mike Siren, Bill Smith, Gary Smith, Jack Sowers, Ed Stacy, Duwane Talley, Mike Thompson, Gary Yates, Hugh Zapf, Ron LIBRARY CLUB Anderson, Sharron Anderson, Sandy Boughner, Charlotte Brown, Jean Burleson, Don Burleson, Trudy Coughlin, Marilyn Datien, Karen Dougall, Dorothy Frost, Jack Hager, Dennis Hermann, Dineve Jaffe, Roberta Jesseman, Maureen Johnson, Richard La Borde, Brenda Laupman, Betty Lashbrook, Pat Lomax, Linda McCallum, Janice McCroy, Rex Mclntyre, Joan McKay, Tomey Martinez, Nancy Mervvar, Gloria Mesick, Daryl CLUB ROSTER Mislove, Mike Noble, Barbara Past, John Pennington, Judy Pierce, Cheryl Pillard, Judy Reed, Rick Robinson, Roy Sutherland, Sharon Turvill, Terrie Van Norman, Gloria Wright, Bill LOS BUENOS VECINOS Bottomley, Bruce Boyd, John Dees, Diane Dillehunt, Rosie Elarth, Diane Gage, Pam Garber, Pete Garner, John Grossman, Jody Hoagland, Melodie Hoel, Nancy Medley, Kathy Modie, Leslie Romney, Clyde Russell, Judy Tucker, Gaye West, Judy Zamos, Pat MAJ ORETTES DiPoalo,Sandra Ewing, Diana Gardiner, Jo Ann Giboney, Martha Goedeck, Sally- Gourley, Lynne Helm, Thoma Housh, Carol LaLone, Pricilla Lensink, Karen Lynn, Judy Maier, Sandy Moah, Joan Peters, Susie Petersen, Janet Pierce, Cheryl Sothcott, Sylvia Spann, Alice Steele, Sally Stinson, Gail Taylor, Carolyn Tucker, Gaye Wallace, Glennis Welch, Pennie MODEL RAILROADERS Autery, Bob Autery, Danny Bailey, Larry Benzango, Ronald Cope, Reynold Heald, David Hoffman, Robert Johnson, Thomas McGraw, Don McQuigg, John Mongar, George Porter, Scott Van Horn, Carl MONROVIAN STAFF Deem, Larry Franklin, Rannie Garber, Pete Garner, Peggy Handy, Marvin Hitte, Pat Kelly, Pat Lee, Christine Mitchell, Marianne O'Connell, Jerry Savolaine, Linda Smith, Judy Torrey, Vic Treydte, Lorena ORCHESIS Bernat, Suszanne Berry, Ramona Brewer, Donna Broughner, Charlotte Bunn, Jean Dayton, Nancy Frank, Ann Girouard, Julie Hedrick, Rita Hickey, Roselee Jorgensen, Ann Mandy, Sheryl Melton, Dixie Melton, Ellen Monson, Sharon Sears, Marilyn Smith, Cecelia Stuart, Micaela Valenzuela, Melinda PALETEERS Cather, Robert Chipman, Jack Clyde, Robert Davis, Gary Dougall, Dorothy Ellingson, Betty June Evans, Rae Gier, Jo Anne Hartigan, Eugene Herbert, Arlene Hoon, Bill Hunter, Karyn MacDavid, Sandie Martinez, Ronnie Mitchell, Marianne Miller, Erma O'Connell, Jerry Oliver, Carole Roddy, Earle Shehee, Dennis Shirk, Mary Spann, Alice Stockdale, Mary Swartz, David Tanner, Sharon Treydte, Lorena Trippe, George Tronvig, Karen Villalobos, Al Williams, Sally QUILL AND SCROLL Bottomley, Bruce Bottomley, Forrest Brangham, Lynda Cleland, Cathie Davis, Bob Dickhoff, Norman Franklin, Rannie Giauque, Bill Hanson, Gael Hill, Joan Hitte, Pat Kelly, Pat McNeil, Mary Ellen O'Connell, Jerry Philpot, Dick Poister, Carolyn Reed, Delbert Savolaine, Linda Treydte, Lorena West, Judy White, Stephanie Wills, David RADIO CLUB Boulton, Larry Brock, Richard Davis, Neale Davis, Robert Doyon, Andre Meister, John Newland, Gene Opel, Bill Ruslie, Jerry Scott, Harold Talbott, Bill Thompson, Kathleen Wronka, Ernie Wyland, David Yehle, John SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Albright, Bob Amon, Larry Betts, Bob Blacksher, Roy Bolton, Jennifer Boswell, Paul Bottomley, Bruce Bottomley, Forrest Boyd, John Brock, Dick Busik, Patty Card, Kenlyn Cleland, Cathie Cosand, Helen Coughlin, Claudia Crow, Steven Decker, Donna Eserin, Ivan Fenton, Judy Giauque, William Giboney, Martha Goedeck, Sally Goldman, Ron Goldstein, Elizabeth Goss, Robert Greve, Marilyn Grizenko, George Grunnet, Pat Hagar, John Hahn, Lowell Hamlin, Rachel Hancock, Susie Hanson, Gael Harper, Rita Harvey, Barbara Hays, Andy Hoagland, Melodie Hokanson, Larry Hose, Kathryn Housh, Carol Johnson, Lou Dean Johnson, Thomas Kaufmann, Margaret Kawasaki, Frank Kelly, Pat King, Nicky Kuetemeyer, Ed Kuromeya, Steve Kwentus, Sharon LaBorde, Brenda Lamm, James Larson, Ron Lee, Pamela Lensink, Karen Logan, Gerry Lomax, Linda Malin, Merry Mathis, Richard McGowan, Margaret Medley, Kathy Moeller, Judy Modie, Leslie Monte, Walter Neergard, Karen Noble, Barbara O'Connell, Jerry Oliver, Carole Owen, Patricia Patterson, Judy Pettiiohn, Barbara Phillips, John Plagemann, Steve Prouse, Randell Rankin, Nelda Regan, Robert Remington, Jan Roberts, Judy Ruwe, Melinda Savolaine, Linda Sinclair, Woody Singdale, Dorothy Siren, Bill Smith, Jeri Smith, Thomas Sorensen, Marie Spann, Alice Stadelmeir, Louise Stewart, Sharon Sutherland, Sharon Swain, Bill Treydte, Lorena Tucker, Gaye Van Valkenburgh, Nick Walton, Jo Ann Walty, Richard Warren, Pam Waters, Donna Weller, Bev West, Judy White, Stephanie Wills, David Wyman, Jack SCIENCE CLUB Allen, Shirley Anderson, Arvid Blystad, Neena Bruhns, Dan Christensen, Wayne Craemer, Violet Hanson, Gael Hoffman, Robert Hokanson, Dale Housh, David Kwentus, Sharon LeDoux, Jim Loe, Patti Motts, Carole Montgomery, Tom Panknin, Norman Plagemann, Steve Poister, Carolyn Robinson, Fred Stewart, Sharon Stone, Ron Thompson, Kathleen Torkelson, Larry Treydte, Lorena Van Horn, Ben Van Norman, Gloria Walty, Richard Warren, Pam SPEEC H A RTS Brubaker, David Burleson, Trudy Craemer, Violet Flournoy, Janet Gus, Joanne Gus, Ronnie Kozlowski, Frank Kroeger, Scott Miller, Diane USHERS Aster, Rick Baker, Steve Blunt, Richard Bonaparte, Jim Brown, Wallace Carroll, Larry Christensen, Wayne Cortright, Jerry Earnest, Roger Eckis, Rollin Fisher, Bob Foley, Wayne Franklin, Rannie Graeme, Bill Hadley, Bill Lang, Harry LeDoux, Jim Lewis, Bill Love, Paul Martin, James Mateizel, Bob McCarty, Jack Meyers, Robert Mooers, Alan Peck, Mike Reva, Jim Ruan, John Schuler, Gene Shafer, Sam Siren, Bill Smith, Gary Smith, Jack Stanley, Burton Winkler, Larry Zapf, Ron WEATHER BUREAU Albright, Bob Amon, Larry Avery, Dennis Bottomley, Forrest Boyd, Tony Carlson, John Craemer, Violet Crow, Steve Davis, Robert Dickey, Roger Fenton, Judy Greve, Marilyn Grizenko, George Hays, Andy Housh, David Kelly, Pat Motts, Carol Nelson, Roger Philpot, Dick Query, Bob Siren, Bill Stanley, Burton Vore, John Wills, David Wyman, Jack WILDCAT STAFF Bottomley, Bruce Bottomley, Forrest Brangham, Lynda Cleland, Cathie Davis, Bob Davis, Pat Dickoff, Norman Ellis, Bob Giauque, Bill Hanson, Gael Hill. Joan Poister, Carolyn Reed, Delbert Rockwell, Jerry West, Judy Wills, David White, Stephanie Bullock, Abrams, Rita-72, 116 Ackley, Alice-72 Ackley, Carol-86, 93 Adams, Lindo-50, 113, 120, 125,126,156,157,171 Adams, Thomas-39, 45, 86, 1 12 Adkins, Dennie-86 Agoo, Arthur-78 Aguoyo, Barbara-72 Aguilar, Rosie-72 Ainley, James-72 Albaugh, Dennis-60, 86 Albaugh, Tim-62, 146 Albin, Annette-72 Albin, Timothy-62, 86, 145 Albright, Gary-78 Albright, Robert-39, 124, 197 Aldrich, Ernie-86 Alegria, Manuel-86 Alexander, Gary-72 Allen, Barbara-86 Allen, David--78 Allen, Elaine-116, 157 Allen, Judy-64, 92 Allen, Shirley-45, 78 Allison, Clinton-101, 157 Allred, Arlen-86 Altmeyer, Errol-78 Amborn, William-98, 157 Ames, Pamela-86 Ames, Robert-86 Amon, Larry-52, 118, 123, 124,129,157,173,176 Sondra-78, 191 Anderson, Alon--60 Anderson, Arvid-86 Anderson, David--72, 103 Anderson Donald-72, 103 Anderson, Ronald-78 Anderson, Sharon-72 Anderson, Anthony, Sharilyn-72 Anthony, Boyd-54, 55, 56, 86 Archer, Robert-78 Argetsinger, David-157 Argetsinger, Paul-69 Armas, Armas, Arnett, Ignacio-72, 114, 117 Irene-116, 157 Don-72 Arnette, Go ry-44 Arnold, Janet-63, 116 Arnold, Owen-86 Arnold, Vivian-86 Ashley, Curtis-72 Aster, Richard-98, 99, 141, 142, 157, 173 Atkisson, Fred-86 Austin, Donna-72 Austin, Doris-72 Austin, Eloise-86, 97, 108, 1 16 Autery, Daniel-72, 117 Autery, Auzenn Robert-52, 72 e, David-157 Avery, Dennis-98, 99, 154, 157 Ayers, Larry-86, 92 Bailey, Diana-72 Bailey, Fred--72 Bailey, Gordon-86 Bailey, Larry-86 Bailey, Phil-125,127,141, 157 Bailey, Sally-86, 114, 126 Baker, Janet--78 Baker, Stephen-86, 93, 104, 112, 113, 140 Baldwin, Glenda-116, 157 Baldwin, Rosemae--116, 157 Baldwin, Zelma-114 Bollew, Al-157 Banfield, Billy-86, 101 Bannister, Donna-50, 107, 157, 173 Banker, Charles-86 Banks, Robert-157 Barker, Grant-87 Barnes, Helen-114, 157 Barnes, Robert-87, 93 Barnes, Sandra--157 Barnett, Arlene-78, 1 15 Baron, Peter-72, 148 Barrett, Ronald-87 Barrette, Nicole-78 Barsz, Donald-55, 157 Bartosch, Eugene-86 Bassett, Donna-157 Bates, Tommie-72 Bauer, George-78, 102, 144 Baumbach, Charles-78 Beach, Carol-78, 115 Beadle, Pat-86, 182 Beauchemin, Carol-78 Beauchemin, Elainc+78 Becker, Marie--116, 157 STUDENT INDEX Beecher, John-141 Bel, Carlene-78 Belden, Glenn-114, 158 Belknap, Edwin-'93 Belin, Diane-72 Bell, Barbara-78 Bell, Carolanne-126, 156, 158, 181 Bell, Roland-72 Bemoll, Karen-78, 114 Bench, Gary-87 Bender, Don-78 Bender, Leroy-72, 144 Bender, Susan-71, 109, 137, 158, 184 Bennewate, Don-114, 117 Bennewote, Lynne-78 Benson, Ernest-62, 72 Benson, James-78 Benson, Janet-78, 109 Benzango, Ronald-39, 72 Bergman, Joyce--50, 86, 126 Berlin, Donna-78 Bernat, John-158 Bernot, Suszanne-78, 116 Berry, Bonnie-191 Berry, Dean-78, 101, 114 Berry, Ramona-78, 116 Beseke, Linda-45, 86 Betts, Robert-40, 97, 112, 113,124,125,151,158, 176 Bever, Frances-84 Bianchi, Marylou-50, 158 Biasotti, Antoinette-158, 181 Biddle, Richard--78, 154 Biggle, Brenda-36, 79, 114 Bima, Don-87, 93 Binkley, John-78 Bird, Barbara-158 Birk, Harry-87, 152 Bishop, Rebecca-156, 158 Blackburn, Dennis-78 Blackmore, Joan-86 Blacksher, Roy-87 Blackstock, Donna-86, 104 Blake, Phyllis-72 Blake, Raymond-87, 144 Blanco, Rosemarie-116 Bland, Lola-86 Blankenship, Linda--49, 78 Block, Gloria-158 Blomgren, Lorna-113, 124, 128,156, 158,168 Blount, Donald--87 Blunt, Richard-158 Blystad, Neena-41, 43, 113, 158, 170 Bocanegra, Gloria-86 Boggs, David-72, 148, 189 Bogle, Bonnie-86, 93 Bogle, Buddy-78 Bohacek, Linda-77, 86, 116 Boiano, Joseph-72 Boiano, Valerie-116, 158 Bollen, Charles-158 Bolton, Jennifer-79, 119 Bonaparte, James-11, 38, 56, 58,112,113,125, 127, 129, 156,158 Bonham, Stuart-87 Bonthius, Anita-52, 72, 117 Bonthius, Gene-79 Booth, John-72 Bornt, Larry-78, 145 Bornt, Richard-98, 158 Borrego, Elena-79, 116 Boston, Bruce-72 Bostwick, Jaan-43, 79 Boswell, Linda-79 Boswell, Paul-79 Bottomley, Bruce-40, 87 Bottomley, Forrest-40, 44, 45, 158 Boucher, Mary-87 Boughner, Charlotte-157 Boughner, Rose-72 Boulais, Charles-87 Boulton, Alank-52, 118, 158, 162 Boulton, Larry-72 Bourbon, Bruce-87, 145 Bowden, Fred-14, 62, 87 Bowden, Sally-48, 64, 65, 125,130,131,158,179 Boyd, Anthony-52, 118, 141, 158, 173 Boyd, John-40, 43, 87, 143 Boyer, Charles-62, 73, 114, 1 17 Bracken, Dennis-73 Braida, John-112, 113, 158 Bramble, Richard-73, 114, 117 Branch, Michael-79 Brand, Fred-79, 147 Brand, Judith--72 Brangham, Lynda-40, 44, 45, 97,112,113,158 Brannan, Roberte-15, 100, 125, 127, 158 Brewer, Donna-79, 116, 135 Brewer Gary-62 Bright, Bonnie-87 Brinkley, John-84 Brochu, Mike-60, 79, 145 Brock, Richard-52, 62, 73, 1 18 Browder, Martha-116 Browder, Thomas-87 Brown, Dolores-72 Brown, Edward-78 Brown, Everett-79 Brown, Jimmy--62, 78, 144 Brown, Marlin-39 Brown, Patricia-158 Brown, Sharon-158 Brown, Wallace-41, 65, 113, 114, 158 Brown, William-79 Browne r, Henry-114 Brubaker, David-41, 97, Bruhns, Brumba Bryant, 188 112, 113, 147,158 Dan'-87, 93 ugh, Thomas-158 Suzanne-87, 114, Buckley, Galen-87, 154 Buckley, Jerry-158 Bulen, Donald-79 Bullington, Rita-79, 116 Billie-87, 115 Bullock, Willie-79, 147 Bunn, Jean-114, 159 Bunting, Alice-79, 116 Burby, Raymond-45, 79 Burdick, Sharon-79, 116 Burden, Noel-52, 159 Burk, Lora-79 Burke, Nancy-159 Burke, Shirley-159 Burkhart, Judy-79 Burleson, Don-35, 73, 114 Burleson, Trudy-35, 43, 159 Burnett, Barbara-87, 154, 184 Burnham, Darryl-87 Burns, Patrick-73 Burski, Cynthia-72 Burton, Donald-159 Bush, Marilyn-79 Busik, Judy-72 Busik, Patty-79 Butler, Christopher-79 Butler, Sharon-72 Butz, Dennis-87 Cabrinha, Clayton-79 Cady, Terry-62 Caldwell, Janice-50, 87 Calhoun, Robert-87, 113 Calkins, Arthur--55, 159 Colvillo, Cecilia-79 Camarillo, Rose-87, 114, 1 16 Campbell, Jo-Anne-87 Campbell, Terry-87 Canada, Patricia-49, 79, 116, 155, 189 Cannady, Bruce-87 Capen, Kathy-49, 64, 73 Card, Harold--52, 72, 117 Card, Kenlyn-136, 159, 183 Carlsen, Kathleen-41, 87 Carlson, Calvin-69, 145, 159 Carlson, Dolene-79 Carlson, John-119, 159 Carpenter, Donald-79 Carpenter, Herschel-159 Carr, Jeffrey-52, 62, 148 Carroll, Larry-44, 55, 58, 87,127,145,146,180 Carruth, Thomas-87 Carter, Carole-41, 159 Carter, Janice-50, 154, 159 Carter, John-79 Carter, Nancy-50, 87 Carter, William-79 Cash, Charles-62, 114 Cash, Chet-41, 87, 93 Casner, Clifford-52, 79, 113, 1 18 Castenedo, Frances-79 Castro, Bernadino-87, 93 Cather, Robert452, 79, 117 Caudill, Peggy-79 Cecelones, .lack-79 Cellini, William-73 Chadwick, Ercella-159 Chamberlain, Gail-73 Charak, Ellen-52, 87, 118 Chase, Judith-159 Chausse, Kenneth-159 Chavez, Carol-1 16 Cheraz, Terry--79 Cherry, Bill-159 Chester, Kathy-79 Chick, Dorothy--159, 163 Chick, Stephanie-52, 73, 1 17, 1 18 Childs, Beniamin-60, 144 Chilson, Donna-79 Chisum, Donald-6, 159, 170 Christensen, Leslie-73, 101 Christensen, Dale-87 Church, Merle-79 Church, Myra-79 Ciccarelli, James-79 Cicco, Mary-73 Cioe, Paul-52, 73, 152 Clark, Jon-79 Clark, Thomas-159 Clarke, Bettie-73 Clarkson, Jeanette-79 Clarkson, Richard-73, 148 Clarkson, William-79 Cleland, Catherine--14, 40, 42, 44, 45,125,128,129, 159,168,173,181 Clements, William-79, 144 Clyde, Robert-37, 73, 77 Coates, Donna-119 Coates, Edward-79 Coates, Marge-73 Codey, Charles-55, 87, 93, 98 Coffey, Shirley-87 Coffman, Robert-98, 99, 159 Cogswell, Jim-87 Cole, Barbara-79, 116 Cole, Eric--79, 84, 102, 147 Cole, Judith-87 Coleman, Chris-87, 113 Coleman, Joyce-79 Coleman, Kathleen-79 Coler-Dark, Margaret-79, Davidson, Lois-79 Davis, Ann-87 Davis, Gary-79, 140, 141 Davis, Linda-73, 181 Davis, Martha--116 Davis, Neale-79 Davis, Patricia-45, 87 Davis, Robert-39, 160, 176 Dawson, Micha el-87 Day, Donna-73 Day, Dorothy-79 Day, Leslie-79, 180, 188 Days, Leonard-60, 79 189 Collett, Wanda-116, 159 Collins, Creola-79, 114 Collins, Elmira-50, 108, 111, 159 Comber, Mariorie-79, 109, 114 Comstock, Rodger-79, 105 Conacher, Cotherin1+73, 116 Conti, Robert-52, 73, 117 Contreras, Albert-52, 87 Cook, Maria-87 Cooper, David-144 Cooper, Gary-73 Cooper, Juan-Ray-S7 Cooper, Judy-14, 48, 53, 64, 65, 97, 121, 125, 130, 131, 159, 186 Corben, Michael-87 Corio, Constance-159 Corio, Sharon-73, 195 Corley, Edward-36, 87, 113, 183 Cornter, June-195 Cortright, Gerald-15, 34, 45, 48, 53, 64, 65,114,125, 129, 130, 131,159, 174 Cosand, Helen-79, 115, 119 Coughlan, Marilyn-87 Coughlin, Claudia-180 Counts, Ronnie-73 Coutts, Sandy-87 Cover, Diane-79 Cowles, Judith-79 Crabb, Lewis-79 Crabtree, Lucy-83, 87 Craemer, Violet-34, 38, 159, 162 Craig, Carl-79 Crawford, Carol-41, 50, 87, 113, 183 Creamer, Joyce-79, 114 Creamer, Judith-79 Crellin, Robe rt-73 Crichton, Joy-79, 115 Cristich, Suzanne--126, 160 Crockett, Judy-73 Crook, Thomas-73 Croston, Charles-87 Crow, Nora-73 Crow, Steven-160, 176 Crowl, Larry-60, 87, 143 Croxon, Norman-160 Cude, James-87, 104 Dobbs, Rita-87 Doggett, Gary-33, 79 Dagoff, Denis-160 Dahle, Alan-87, 140, 141 Dalton, Mary Lou-79, 136 Domewood, Robert-55, 56, 108, 145, 146,160 Dana, David-87 Danchik, Ethel-73 Danser, Martha-87 Davenport, Doreen-73 Davenp ort, Roy-87 Days, Patricia-73 Dayton, Nancy-65, 87, 114 Dean, Judith-34, 48, 53, 64 65,95,97,110,120,160, 173, 179 Dean, Nancy--73, 115, 130, 131 Deardorff, Rylena-79, 187 DeBoisblanc, Robert-48, 53, 64, 65,110,120, 129, 130,131,143,160 DeBoisblanc, William-63, 125,129,141,142,160, 173 DeBow, Lois-114, 128, 156, 160 DeChellis, Michael-48, 53, 64, 65,12O,121,125,13l 131, 160, 170, Decker, Donna-87 Decker, Tim-79 DeCuir, Roger-62, 160 Declrick, Dennis-79 Deem, Larry-43, 47, 113, 149, 150, 160 Dees, Diane-66, 79 DeHaan, Judith-160 DeMello, Richard-41, 87 Demetreos, Diane-73 Dennis, Karen-73, 116 Deom, Paul-52 Derrico, Michael-55, 87 Derrico, Richard-73 DeSoto, Gary-79 Dick, Carol-73 Dickey, Roger-101, 160 Dickhoff, Norman-45, 87, 91 Dickinson, Beverly-87 Dickinson, Judith-21, 79, 139, 180 Dillehunt, Rosemary-79, 114 Dino, Dee Ann-79 DiNoto, Frank-62, 73 DiPoolo, Carmen-13, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 63, 129, 145,146,160,173 DiPoolo, Sandra-73 Dirks, Nancy-79 Dirks, Ralph-87 Dittemore, Judith-160 Dittemore, Linda-79 Dohrmon, Clinton-73 Dohrmon, Gail-73, 77 Dombroski, Barbara-79 Donofrio, Jo Ann-73 Dooley, William-87 Dorosl-iaw, Natalie-73 Dortch, Vernon-41, 145 Doty, Donna-87 Dougall, Dorothy-37 Downer, Robert-101, 127, 160 Downhour, Jeanen-41, 79 Doyon, Andre-73 Drake, Veralcl-87 Drayer, Dale-62, 73, 144 Drumheller, John-91 Drury, Richard-160 Duane, Peter-79 Duhamel, Donald-79 Duncan, Ross-87, 113 Durbin, Gary-160 Durkee, Gary-80 Durkee, Terry-88 Dyke, Ronnie-88 Earnest, Roger-160 Eastman, Katherine-49, 50, 104,108,121,123,124, 125, 160, 163 Eckermon, Mary-87, 93 Eckis, Rollin-160 Eckhart, Kathryn-73, 116 Edland, Judy-73 Edwards, Ardythe-87, 115 Edwards, Robert-60, 88, 143 Eggstoff, Lloyd-160 Eigenhuis, Karen--79, 114 Eigenhuis, Sharon-114, 160 Elarth, Patricia-79 Eller, Michael-88, 104 Ellingson, Betty June-10, 37, 57, 73,116, 117,118 Ellingson, Dienna-50, 113, 161 Hollander, Jennie-80 Ellis, Alan-55, 161 Ellis, Edward-80 Ellis, John-80 Ellis, Peter-73 Ellis, Robert-44, 45, 88 Elson, Joan-161 Eriksson, Birgit-161 ' Eriksson, Kenneth-80, 147 Ertl, Joyce-87, 116 Eserin, lvan-80, 85, 117 Eserin, Peter-52, 73, 117 Eubanks, Danny-88 Evalenko, Margaret-79 Evans, Jolene-79 Evans, Karen-73 Evans, Larry-182 Evans, Rae-87, 93 Evans, Roger-62, 73 Evans, Steve-88 Eveleth, Judy-79 Every, Ronald-80 Ewing, Diana-73 Exstrom, Ronald-88, 147 Fanslow, Lynn-73 Farnsworth, Terry-62, 73 Farr, Arthur-52, 62, 73, 103, 118, 148 Farry, Joseph-73 Fator, Betty-50, 161 Felts, Sharon-73 Feltus, Carol-73 Feltus, Ernest-80 Fennikoh, Carolyn-73 Fenton, Carol-79, 161 Fenton, Judith-35, 40, 50, 125,128,156,163,171, 175, 176, 185 Ferrante, Robert-80 Ferro, Michael-80 Ferguson, Delores-50, 161 Ferguson, Janet-87 Ferguson, Judy-79 Ferrell, Olive-87, 135 Fessenden, Jill-87 Finch, Robin-52, 60, 80 Finch, Ronald'-73 Finder, William-73 Finfrock, Judith-161 Fischer, Ingrid-35, 41, 50, 86, 87, 97,112,113 Fisher, Betty-80, 116 Fisher, Edward-98, 161 Fisher, Jacqueline-12, 73 Fisher, Robert E.-38, 98, 120, 161 Fisher, Robert W.-73, 141 Fisk, Karen-73, 116 Fiss, Bonnie--49, 80, 132 Fiss, Pat-48, 64, 65, 125, 128,13O,131,161,186 Garcia, Jean-87 Garcia, Roland-B8 Gardiner, Jo Ann-73, 116 Garner, John-161 Garner, Peggy-34, 42, 46, 47, 50, 183 Gasparrelli, Louis-73 Gaul, Judith-87 Gautier, Mary Ann-73, 80 Gehr, Karen-80 Gene, Carol-88 George, Larry-55, 57, 63, 100, 162 Genova, Carolyn-88, 92 Gerfen, Richard-73, 152 Giauque, William-40, 44, 45, 88,140,141 Giboney, Kent-6, 162 Giboney, Martha-73, 76 Gibson, Jeanne-73 Gibson, Joyce-14, 73 Gier, James-80 Gier, Jo Ann-88 Gilbert, Bud-73 Gill, Richard-60, 88, 93 Gill, Thomas-73 Gillespie, Robert-144 Gillroy, Virginia--73 Gilsdorf, Geraldine-88, 116 Gindin, Harriet-88 Ginn, Marilin-88 Ginn, Virginia-73 Girouard, Julie-80 Gleich, Diane-73, 76 Glowinski, Constance-88 Goedeck, David-80 Goedeck, Sally-'73, 115 Goff, Dennis-80 Goff, Walter-73 Goggin, Marilyn-68, 80 Goggins, Kenneth-73 Golden, Florence-88 Golden, Kenneth-73 Golden, Steven-80 Goldman, Ronald-60, 73, 148 Goldstein, Eliza beth-80, 126, 188 Gomez, Susan-73 Gongaware, Jean-50, 88 Gonos, Milan-88 Gonzales, Augustine-93 Gonzales, Mike-88 Goodrich, Linda-80 Gookins, Fred-73 Gordon, Geraldine-35, 128, 162 Gordon, Pamela-52, 88 Gordon, Wayne-97, 112, Gus, Joanne-38, 71, 162 Gus, Ronald-38, 73, 144 Gutierrez, David-88, 114 Gutierrez, Richard-52, 80, 1 14 Guyon, David-162 Guyon, James-73 Guyon, Mike-88 Gyarfas, William-52, 73, 1 17, 1 18 Hada, Howard-80 Hadley, Charles-56, 59, 162 Hadley, William-11, 38, 55, 57, 59, 63,100,104,113, 154,17O,173,174,186 Hagar, Pat-80, 118 Hager, Dennis-80 Hahn, Lowell-80 Height, Den-sa, 119 Haisley, Nancy-88 Hall, Dianna-81 Hall, Marshall-55, 56, 57, 58, 88 Hall, Sylvia-116 Halsted, Barry--73 Halverson, Wendell-88 Hamblin, Charlene--74 Hamilton, Charles-73 Hamlin, Rachel-80 Hammond, Timothy-73, 114, 144 Hamon, Connie-80 Hancock, George-88 Hancock, Susan-49, 64, 74, 1 15 Hand, Charles--162 Handy, Gail-80, 180 Handy, Marvin-46, 55, 58, 63, 88, 180, 143 Hanley, Donald-88, 140, 141 Hanscom, Barbara-88 Hanscom, Mary-74 Hanson, Gael-40, 43, 44, 88, 104 Hanson, John-88 Hanson, Noel-162 Hanson, Roy-88 Harbicht, Carol-88, 183 Harbicht, Robert-162 Hardesty, Susan-80, 181 Greene, Arthur-80 Fleming, Barbara-50, 87, 190 Fleshman, James-88 Fleshman, Monte-73 Fleshman, Rolland-52, 73 Florek, Barbara-73 Florek, Floyd-62, 73, 114 Flournoy, Janet-113, 135, 1 161 Foley, Wayne-113, 161, 168 Fonseca, Jesse-73 Fonseca, Rudolph-80 Forest, Kathy-80 Fox, Lewis-88 Frank, Ann--114 Frankeberger, Diane-80, 114 Franklin, Melanie-87 Franklin, Rannie-15, 38, 46, 47, 55, 58, 59, 100, 104, 127,141,154,161,173 Frazier, Larry-60, 88 Frazier, Sandra--80 Freed, Mary-80 Freeman, Linda-161 Freiberg, Sheila-136, 161, 173 Fremeau, Zo Ann-73, 137 French, Karen-80 French, Nancy-87 Frey, William-161 Froelich, Bonnie-41, 161 Frost, Jack471, 108, 110, 161 Fry, James-88 Frye, Sally-36, 80 Frye, Wanda-36, 87 Fryhoff, Michael-161, 189 Fuchs, Jean-73 Fueglein, Sheila-42, 50, 97, 112,113,128,161,176 Fuelling, Don-73 Fuelling, Vonda-80 Fulbright, Jim-88 Fuller, Kenneth-113, 161 Fuller, Linda-73 Fuller, Sharon--87 Funchess, Harold-114, 117 Funchess, Shirley-80 Funk, Donna-116, 161 Funk, Roberta-88 Gage, Pamela-190 Galvez, Joseph-73 Garber, Joan-49, 64, 72, 73 Garber, Peter-37, 40, 43, 47, 88, 179, 186 Garcia, Janette-73 1 13, 151, 162 Gordon, William-88 Gorodetzer, Louise-36, 80, 88, 116 Goss, Robert-149 Gould, Elliott-88 Gould, Jerry-88, 114 Gourley, Lynne-73 Graeme, Robin-95, 97, 112, 113,125,127,129,162 Grant, Dennis-73 Gratny, Darleen-52, 73 Gray, Carolyn-162 Green, Alan-38, 110, 123, 124,125,129,162,170, 173, 175, 186 Green, Georgella-50, 162 Green, James-55, 63, 72, 73, 141 Green, Larry-73 Green, Michaelene-88 Greene, Louis780 Greene, Marguerite-73 Greenwood, Pamela-73, 76 Greve, Marilyn-34, 39, 119, 125, 126, 128,162, 176, 191 Grider, Philip-80 Griffee, Cheryl-73 Griffee, Gail-35, 162 Griffin, James-73, 102, 148, 191 Griffith, Annie-80 Griffiths, David--80 Griialva, Barbara-80 Griialva, Raymond-62, 88, 102, 147 Grimes, Carol--73 Grimes, Gerald-80 Griswold, Judy--88, 93 Grizenko, George-39, 64, 119,123,124,125,129, 149,15O,154,156,162, 163 Groghan, Lee-62, 73 Graghan, Roger-55, 58, 162 Grondzik, Jimf88, 98, 99 Gross, Judy-73 Grunnet, Patricia-52, 88, 118 Guernsey, Betty-88 Guild, Allan-114 Guill, Lannis-36 Gunter, Diane-50. 162, 181 Gunter, Sandra-88 Hardick, William-80 Harding, Thomasi60, 80 Harman, Donald-120, 121, 163 Harmon, Barbara-88 Harper, Rita--80 Harr, Joy-163 Harris, Donald-88, 114 Harris, Nancy-88, 114 Harris, Patricia--80, 139 Hart, Charlene-161 Hart, Janet-80 Hart, Raymond-73 Hart, Richard-120, 145, 163 Hartigan, Eugene-37, 52, 60, 73,117,143,189 Hartle, Sherald-88, 113 Harvey, Barbara--12, 40, 49, 50, 95, 126, 128,129, 156, 162, 163, 173, 174, 190 Harvey, Dale-73, 117 Hatcher, Edith-74 Hauer, Lawrence-80 Haugh, Linda-80, 113 Hauser, Bryan--88 Hawthorne, Gary-62, 80, 102, 144 Hawthorne, Patricia-137, 1 63 Henderson, Alice-80 Henderson, Carol-49, 50, 88 Henderson, Melissa-49, 80, 97, 112 Hendrickson, Janet-74 Hentsch, Judy-14, 74 Herbert, Arlene-50, 92, 88 Herman, Charles-74 Herman, Mary Lou-90 Hermann, Dineva-88, 113, 135 Herrera, Anthony-6, 60, 163 168 Herrera, Harold-88 Hester, Lee-65 Hetle, Dale-88, 98 Hickle, Judith-52, 80, 118 Hickle, Patty-88 Higgins, Roberta-163 Hight, Frances-88, 185 Hight, Janet-80, 185 Hill, Carol-74 Hill, Claudia-80, 135 Hill, Dottie-80, 116 Hill, Joan--40, 44, 45, 88 Hinchman, Charles-80, 102, 113, 189 Hirt, Elyana-74, 116 Hitte, Patricia-40, 46, 47, 50, 120, 128, 129, 163, 188 Hoagland, Melodie-80, 113, 136, 179 4 Hobbs, Karen-80, 132, 187 Hoel, Nancy-80 Hoevel, Kenneth-74 Hofbauer, Barbara-88 Hofbauer, Michael-80 Hoffman, Charlene-74 Hoffman, John-163 Hoffman, Robert-34, 39, 80 Hokanson, Lawrence-34, 40, 88 Holman, William-80, 114 Holmberg, Ronald-80 Holmes, Joyce--88 Holmes, Marguerite-80, 113 Homan, Beverly-80, 115 Hoon, Roger-88 Hoon, William-163, 170, 173 Hopkins, James-88, 114, 1 17 Hopp, Robert-80 Hopper, Joyce-73 Hose, Kathryn-74 Hoss, Diane-115, 163 Hotaling, Carolee-74 Hotaling, Susan-88 Housh, Carol-42, 74, 115 Housh, David-163 Howard, Ernest-98, 152, 163, 173, Howard, James--88 Howard, Shirley-116, 164 Howe, Thomas-74, 148 Howell, Roy-62, 80, 102 Howser, Lewis-100, 164 Hubbard, Rhoda-50, 88, 115, 180 Huff, Michael-62, 80 Huffman, Mitchell-62, 80 Hughes, Sidney-74 Huld, Ole-14, 88 Humphrey, Charles-80 Humphreys, Karen-80 Hunt, Bernard-74, 179 Hunt, Jean-80 i Johnson, Donald-74 Johnson, Floretta-81 Johnson, Gunilla-74 Johnson, Hattie-74, 116 Johnson, Jeanene-116 Johnson, John-88 Johnson, Judith-88 Johnson, Linda-173 Johnson, Lou Dean-52, 88, 1 18 Johnson, Richard-35, 88, 1 13 Johnson, Stanley-80 Johnson, Thomas-39, 80 Johnstad, Barry-80 Johnston, Ann-50, 164 Johnston, Faith-116 Johnston, Graydon-52, 60, 164 Johnston, Lynda-89 Jones, Albert-141, 164 Jones, Carole--81, 109, 116, 179 Jones, Janet-81, 120 Jones, Linda-50, 92 Jones, Michael-74 Jorgensen, Ann-81, 187 Jorgensen, Svend-89, 154 Jorrissen, Judith489 Jouromsky, Kenneth-104, 123,124,125,164 Julian, Maxine-81 Kabliska, Angela-164 Kaplan, Sheila-81 Karale, Eddie-164 Karasinski, Stanley-52, 74, 117 Katien, Karen-81 Kaufman 134, 1 , Diane-50, 120, 56, 168, 186 Kaufman, Ma rga ret-74, 164 Kaufman , Nancy-81, 113 Kawasaki, Frank-16, 41, 149,150,164,176 Kaysen, Geraldine-81, 116, Hunter, Karyn-42, 48,88 Hayes, Chester-41, 119, 163 Hayes, George-80, 143 Hayes, Georgia-80 Hayes, Oliver-62 Hayes, Patricia-'73 Haynes, Frankie-62, 73, 117 144 Haynes, Patsy-80 Hays, Andrew-119, 124, 29, 156,162, 163, 125, 1 71, 176, 191 Headrick, Judith-80, 137 Heald, David-39, 52, 73, 1 17, 1 18 Hebert, Catherine-88, 109 Hebert, Johnny-88 Husband, Patricia--80 Hutson, David-80 Huyck, Marlene-74 lmmenschuh, Donald-80 lmmenschuh, Sybil-80 Jackson, Alegra-115, 164 Jackson, Barbara-88, 93, 120, 180 Jackson, Lee-74 Jackson, Nancy-74, 116 Jacobs, Jane-74 Jacobson, Barbara-80 Jaeger, John-74 Jaffe, Roberta-164 James, Leon-74, 102, 144 Jehne, John-74 Hebert, Sandra-113, 116 Hedrick, Faith-163 Hedrick, Rita-80 Heffelfinger, Cheryl-88, 183 Heflin, Cynthia-50, 107, 109, 173 Hegg, Clyde-97, 112, 113, 163 Hehn, Diane-88 Hehn, Steve-73 Heiman, Georgina-80 Heine, Bonnie-115, 163 Heitman, David-88 Heldreth, Charles-88 Helle, Charles-74, 117 Hellyer, Diane-74 Helm, Thoma-74. 182 Helton, Robert-74 Jenkins, Arthur-88, 94 Jenkins, Charles-74 Jensen, Brian-74 Jensen, Lance-55, 88, 93 Jensen, Patty-74 Jensen, Rosemary-83, 154, 164 Jensen, Stanley-88 Jesseman, Maureen-74 Jimnink, Jack-62, 74, 148 Johnson, Arlanda-114, 173, 189 Johnson , Bobbie-81 Johnson, Brian-88, 144 Johnson, Carole-81 Johnson Johnson Johnson , Charles-80 Cheryl-74 1 David-so 164 Kaysen, Harriet-116, 188 Keating, Judy-74 Keckler, Robert-80 Kelleher, John-80, 113, 143 Kelley, Alzina-6, 50, 164 Kelley, Karen-81 Kelley, Michael-58, 89 Kellogg, Diane-89, 191 Kelly, Colleen-74, 137 Kelly, Joy-81 Kelly, Kenneth-164 Kelly, Patrick-47, 124, 125, 149,150,162,164,176, 179 Kemp, Mary Ellen-81, 109 Kenney, Jo Anne-81, 116, 180, 188 Kenney, Sandra-74 Kidd, Raymond-74, 77 Kiick, Edgar-74 Kilde, Valdine-74 Kiley, William-52, its, 125, 164, 171, 190 Killgore, Patricia--89 Kimbrough, David-89 King, Nicola-81, 183 King, Richard-89 Kingston, Jack-74, 114, 117 Kinn, Nancy-164 Kirk, Nancy--81, 115 Kittson, Richard-89 Klein, David-63 Klein, Ruth-89, 136 Klepper, Nancy-74 Klockow, Suzanne-89 Klusmann, Fred-63, 89 Knight, Cynthia--6, 12, 48, 50, 97, 107, 124, 125, 164, 173, 179 Knight, Donald-80 Knight, Jane-74, 181 Knisley, Jean Ann-50, 104, 120, 124, 155 Knoll, Marianne-74 Koch, Lowell-80 Koch, Sandra-89 Koenen, Rose-115, 164 Koons, Marland-52, 118, 1 1 9, 164 Koons, Roy-60, 80 Kopecky, Judy-72, 74, 116 Koviak, James-74 Kozlowski, Frank-10, 15, 38 64, 95, 100, 104, 121, 122,123,124,125,129, 164, 173, 185 Kramer, Paul-80 Kramer, Steve-114 Kreutzkamp, Robert-89 Krieg, Linda-74 Kroeger, Scott-164 Krohn, Raymond-89 Kropke, Judith-190 Kruetzfeldt, Billie-81 Kuetemeyer, Edward-89 Kuhn, Deanne-50, 74 Kuhn, Patricia-89 Kuromiya, Steven-74 Kwentus, Sharon-34, 74, 76,116 Mikell, Kyle, Patricia-74 La Borde, Brenda-81, 109 La Fountain, John-80 Laird, Linda-12, 50, 63, 97, 126, 164, 173, 188 Laird, Nancy-50, 89, 120, 156, 191 Laitinen, Sylvia-136, 164, 173, 176 LaLone, Priscilla-42, 74 LaLone, Ronald-101, 120, 164, 181 Lomb, Suzanne-50, 86, 89 Lamm, James-80, 84 Lampman, Betty-74 Lane, D Lane, R ovidf-80 obert-80 Lang, Harry-89 Lang, Katherine-74 Maier, Susan-81 Malin, Merry-81 Mandell, Lee-89 Mandell, Sandra-74 Mandy, Sheryl-116, 165 Manning, Waymond-60 Mansell, James-89 Monte, Madeleine-42, 74 Monte, Walter-120, 162, 165 Manthey, Mikef74 Manuel, Ronnief81, 114 Mark, Linda-81, 180 Marquardt, Ward-165 Marquardt, Wayne-81 Marsden, Adelane-74 Marsh, Karen--89 Marshall, Robert-81 Marshman, Garry-81, 85 Marshman, Allyn-74 Mesick, Daryl-35, 81 Metzger, Karen-165 Metzger, Victor-81 Mewhinney, Wanda-165 Meyer, Dennis-89 Meyer, Harold-84 Meyer, Raymond-74 Meyer, Sherrill-74 Meyers, Robert-6, 112, 113, 125, 165 Micheals, Andrew-81 Michel, Charles-89, 113 Mickels, Peter-81 Newland, Paul-90 Newland, Raymond-74 Newman, Marcia-82 Newman, Melvin--166 Newman, Mickey-62, 81 Newsome, Sylvia-82, 1 14 Newton, Forest-90 Nicho ls, Judy-74 Noble, Barbara-75 Noble, Gladys-75, 116 Noble, Marilee-75 Noble, Nancy-90 Noel, Roger-62, 74 Midas, Dennis481, 147 Middleton, Charles-81 James-55, 56, 57, 59, 141, 142,166 Milbrandt, Ruth-'52, 118 Miles, Louisfi 18, 163, 166 Miles, Welton-52, 60, 81 Langrum, Shirley-89 Langstaff, Michael-80 Larson, Connie-81, 84, 113 Larson, Judith-113, 164 Larson, Ronald-89, 140, 143 Lashbrook, Patricia-21 Lauritson, Connie-81, 115 LoVarnway, Terry-74, 116 Lawler, Susanne-89 Lawrenz, Richard-39, 74, 77 Lawson, Sharon-50, 180, 188 LeDoux, James-74 Lee, Adella-85 Lee, Christine-47, 49, 50, 89, 97, 124, 154, 155, 180, 188 Lee, John-89 Lee, Joseph-80 Martin, James-144, 165, 173 Martin, Marlenef74 Martin, Richard-113, 165, 173 Martinez, Nancy-68 Martins, Esther-165 Mason, Mason, Carmen-81 Gary-120 Militello, Barbara-89 Miller, Ann-81, 116 Miller, Brion-81 Miller, Bruce-166 Miller, Carolyn-89 Miler, Charles-81 Miller, Daniel-60, 143 Miller, Dennis-81 Miller, Diane!-81 Lee, Pamela-81, 188 Lefebvre, Ann-89 Lefebvre, Judy-164 Norton-89, 93 Lehner, Owen Leigh, Susan-49, 124, 125, 126, 156, 165 Lemire, Diane-48, 64, 65, l25,13O,131,165 Lemmon, Randolph-165 Lenhart, Janet-89, 115 Lensink, Karen-42, 81, 115, 132 Lent, James-74 Lentz, Jean-81 Lester, Edgar-89 Lett, Claudia-89, 116 Levison, Carole-68, 81, 115, 180 Lewis, Alice-74 Lewis, William-14, 55, 63, 95,101,124,129,156, 165, 173,175,176 Libbey, Richard-74 Lincoln, Lona-66, 89 Linden, Cynthia-81, 114 Lindsey, Barbara-136, 137 Lindsey, Carol-81 Lingle, Karen-81 Link, Bob-89 Linn, Dorothy-81, 116 Liske, Gerald-89 Little, Arthur-81 Litzmann, Ralph-89 Lloyd, Doris-81 Lloyd, Margaret-89 Loe, Patricia-89 Lofton, Don-81, 89 Logan, Douglas--89 Logan, Geraldine-49, 64, 74, 115, 126 Logan, Linda-74, 116 Lomax, Linda-21, 74 Long, Dale-55, 56, 59, 63, 145, 165, 186 Long, Gayla-89, 116 Long, Larry-74, 148 Long, Richard-60, 165 Longley, Thomas-81, 143 Lookabaugh, Betty-74 Lookabaugh, Beverly-81, 136 Lopez, Rita-85 Lorimor, Ronald-89 Lorimore, Sheila-34, 42, 105, 107, 112, 113, 126, 128, 129,156,165,170,171, 173, 176, 186 Lorman, Edmund-52, 89, 118 Lothyan, Diane-89, 114 Loungw Lovelan Low, M ay, Philip-81 d, Pauline-165 ichaelQ52, 81 Ludvigsen, Warren--165 Luera, Mary-116 Lund, J ames-116 Lundborg, Bernt-74, 148 Masterson, Douglas-81, 154 Mateizel, Margaret-52, 89, 118 Mateizel, Robert-55, 56, 89, 93, 145 Mathes, Jo Anne-81 Mathis, Richard-52, 62, 81 Mathis, Ronald-81 Mattern, Carol-74, 138 Matyasi, Patricia-81, 116 Maudsley, Diana-81 Mauer, Judy-165 Maxson, Lauraf89 May, Bonnie-89 May, Margie-81, 109, 111, 115 May, Sharon-70, 71, 110, 115, 165 Moyers, Jean-81 Maynard, Marcia-81 Mays, William-52, 74 Mazur, Douglas-89 McAdam, Deanna-81 McCall, Gerald-156, 165, 184 McCallister, Gloria-12, 126, 165, 176 McCallum, Janice-74 McCarty, Jack-89 McCawley, Janice-74 McCawley, Margaret-81 McCormick, Herbert-81, 147 McCroy, Rex-89, 93 McCreary, Don-89 McDaniel, Mary-50, 91, 113 McDavitt, George-89 McDonald, Billie-49, 81, 120, 189 McDonald, Helena-81 McFadden, Ivan-89 McFall, Nita-74 McGee, Don-71 Mccsinnas, Bill-55, 57, 63, 89,141,142,187 McGlynn, Robert-165 McGowan, Margaret-89, 139 McGrane, Elizabeth-81 McGrath, Richard-74 McGraw, Donald-52, 74, 1 17, 152 Mclntruff, Joyce-81, 188 Mclntyre, .loan-81, 116 McKay, Tomey-35 McKee, Patricia-74 McKinley, David-91 McKinley, Sharon-89 McKinn, Patricia-81, 89 McKinney, David-74, 151 McKinney, Jim-60, 89 McLean, Jerry-67, 74 Mclean, Robert-89 McMullan, Garry-81 McNeil, Mary-Ellen-40, 105, 125,126,128,129,165, 173, 175, 184 McNichol, BrendaQ115, 165 McNutt, Lee'-81 McQuigg, John-52, 117, 118 McReynoIds, James-52, 74, 1 17 McReynolds, Kathie+165 Means, Kenneth--52, 117, 165 Medley, Kathleen-81 Meeker, Don-89, 100, 147 Miller, Erma-37, 82 Miller, Evangeline--89 Miller, Gregory-62, 81, 103 Miller, Jack-62, 81 Miller, Paulette789, 190 Miller, Ronnie-62, 74, 114, 117 Miller, Sharon-74 Millins, Gregory-166 Miner, Harold-166 Miranda, Johnny-41, 81, 113 Miriiunio, Carmen-166 Misemer, Melbcn-81 Misener, Dorion-36, 81 Mislove, Amy-f82 Mislove, Michael-74 Misner, Sherry-89 Mitchell, Kathleen-82 Mitchell, Marianne-33, 34, 47, 89, 134, 183 Moak, Joan-74, 116 Moak, Neil-89, 93, 98 Moberly, Marion-82 Modie, Leslie-37, 43, 166, 173, 187 Moeller, Judith-74 Mongar, George-39, 52, 89, 93, 118 ' Monka, Diane--74, 116 Noiron, Beverly-82 Nonamaker, Lois-82 Norgoard, Ingrid-82 Noriega, Patrick-74 Norlund, Dee+74 Nunn, Judith-82 Oaties, Jesse-98, 99, 112, 129,141,166,176 Ocheltree, Nancy-42, 90 O'Connell, Jerry-46, 47, 149, 150, 166, 186 O'ConneII, Larry-62, 74, 102, 151, 191 O'Connell, Theresa-116, 166 Odenkirchen, Noel-82 Ogle, Catherine-75 Olegaria, William-116 Olivas, HenryY52, 81 Oliver, Carol-42, 97, 113, 139, 166, 169,173 Oller, Dallas-60, 143, 167 Olson, Reggie-74 Olson, Robert-60, 62, 81 Olson, Rodell-62, 74 Oltmans, George-90 O'Marra, Carolyn-82 Opel, Arthur-81 Ordway, Margaret.-82 Orr, Carol Ann-42, 107, 109,167,168,173 Philpot, Richard-39, 40, 64, 95,123,129,130,152, 167, 181 Pierce, Boneta-75 Pierce, Cheryl-75 Pierce, Linford-144 Pieri, George-82, 143 Pike, Gery-167 Pillard, Judy-82, 113 Pinger, Wayne-90 Pink, Lois-117 Pinney, Sandy-49, 95, 104, 113,123,124,125,167 Pitzer, Cheryl-75 Plagemann, Steve-34, 40, 90 Plante, Gerry-82 Poague, Edward-74 Pohorely, Carol-90 Poister, Carolyn-45, 90 Polk, Bobby-82 Polk, Esther-90 Pollay, Jean-82, 116 Poppert, Marie-50, 167, 168 Porter, Scott+39, 90, 1 19, 2 1 15 Powers, Joan-43, 48, 113, 126, 128, 167 Pownall, Dennis-82 Prange, Gale-49, 50, 125, 126, 167 Prentice, Sheila-82 Primm, Joyce-90 Probst, Clark-82 Proffitt, Elsie-41, 167 Prouse, Randall-82 Purbaugh, John-90 Purcell, James-82, 152 Purifoy, Alice-90 Pytel, Dennis-151, 167 Pytel, Mike-74, 76 Pytel, Pamela-90 Pytel, Sharon-82 Query, Bob-167 Orsbu rn, WilliamA90 Ortolano, Russell-74 Osborne, Donald--148, 167 Oshima, Kenneth-62, 74 Oshima, Ronald-90 Ostdiek, Mary Jo-90 Otis, Dorothy-75 Overbaugh, Doris-113, 124, 125, 167 Owen, Patricia-119 s, Eloina-82 Monson, Sha ron-82 Montgomery, Claire-114, 166 Montgomery, Franklin-51 Montgomery, Hydro-74 Montgomery, Jacqueline-89, 1 14 Montgomery, John-74, 114 Mooers, Alan--89, 92, 93, 100 Mooney, Susan-82, 114, 187 Moore, John--81, 100 Moore, Soniie-50, 89, 97, 154, 191 Moore, Roy--74 Moore, Victoria-107, 166, 173 Moore, Wanda-89 Moreland, Jrome-166 Moreland, Oscar-52, 74 Moreno, Ruby--74 Morrill, Steven-74 Morris, Sharon-89, 183 Morrow, Donna-36, 89 Morse, Larry-89 Morse, Ray-74, 148 Morton, Florine-74 Mosley, Gwendolyn-74 Moss, Albert-166 Motts, Carol-113, 119, 166 Moyzes, Lawrence-166 Muller ,Diane-121, 113, 124,128,129,156,166 Mulligan, Marilyn-34, 166 Munoz, Thomas-127 Murray, Brad474, 77 Murray, Sandy-89 Murrell, Leslie-89 Myers, Glen-89 Nagy, John+41, 89 Nagy, Louis-166 Neergard, Karen-74, 115 Neergard, Phil-90 Negus, David-81, 152 Nelson, Elaine-90 Nelson, Jeanette-90 Paden, Colleen-109, 167 Page, Corinne-41, 82, 84 Paige, Galen-52, 74, 118 Paine, Patrick-81 Palmer, Marilyn-50, 90, 93, 1 14 Panknin, Norman-90, 93, 151 Pantaliono, Thomas-81 Paporteys, Edward-74 Paquette, Marguerite-82 Parsonage, Patty-49, 50, 90 Parsons, Murlen-90, 140, 141 Past, John-35, 90 Patrick, David-81 Patterson, Judith-75, 115 Patton, Robert--81 Pavlicek, Florence-75 Peacock, Joan-84 Peat, Margaret-90, 114 Peck, Judy-82, 124 Peck, Michael-15, 48, 64, 65,104,120,131,167 Peck, Nancy-75, 116 Pelkey, Daniel-55, 81 Pemberton, Ann-90 Pemberton, Janet-75 Pendergraft, Martha--90 Penders, Thomas-90, 145, 146 Pennington, Judith-82, 109 Pepping, Pam-49, 90, 155 Perkins, Virginia-82 Quinn, Jeanne-75, 137 Radtke, Leonard-90 Radu, Esther-82 Ragsdale, Joe-82, 120 Raitt, Judith-90 Ramirez, Eugene-82 Ramsland, Eugenia-50, 120, 125, 167, 181 Rankin, Nelda-15, 17, 35, 43,125,126,128,167 Ratzlaff, Rae-82 Reed, Delbert-40, 44, 167 Reed, Richard-82 Reed, Russell-82, 144 Reedall, Anne-12, 34, 50, 113, 126,167,187 Reedall, Mariion-45, 50, 90, 120, 155 Reegler, Linda-50, 90, 93, 113, 191 Reese, Barbara-82, 85 Reese, Charles-74, 117, 144 Regan, Robert-82, 85 Reightley, Rosemary-167 Reightley, Susan-75 Reischauer, Bonnie-82 Reischel, Veronica-82 Relph, Tom-74 Remington, Janice-50, 167 Replogle, Paul-90, 112, 113 Rettberg, Diane-75 Revo, James-113, 167 Rhein, Herman-74 Richardson, Barbara-82 Richardson, Betty-71 Richardson, Claudia-167 Richadrson Richardson 1 I Frances-82 Rona ld-82 Richardson, Shirley-75 Ridenour, Sandra-75 Ridgeway, Marcia-108, 111, 113, 167 Riggs, Lee-90, 115 Rinkin, Clarence-149, 150, 168 Perry, James-81, 109 Perry, Janice-75 Peters, Calvin-60 Peters, Gary-90 Peters, Sandra-90, 108, 109 Peters, Susan-75 Rinkin, Daniel-82, 151 Ripley, Patricia-50, 90, 92 Ririe, Joneil-90 Roberson, Kenneth-90 Roberts, Cathleen-75 Roberts, Clark-74, 148 Nerby, Lynn, Judith-42, 51, 132 MacDavid, Sandra-48, 81, 1 85 Meister, John-74 Mena, Gil-52, 81, 118 Mejia, Miguel-89 Mellon, Maureen-50, 89, 182 Nelson Nelson , Robert-81 , Rogerf141,166 Nelson, Susan-82. 114 Verla-36, 90, 114 MacEwen, David-165 Neva rez, Esme rlinda-82 Machado, Stephen-81 Madison, Katherine-165 Magee, George-71, 144 Magee, Mary-74 Magnussen, Robert-81 Maler, Sandra-74 Melton, Dixie-81 Melton, Ellen-81, 116 Newby, Georgia-166 Newby, Kenneth-81 Petersen, Carla-82, 189 Petersen, Janet-12, 15, 90, 108, 109, 110, 111, 132, 133, 134, 190 Petersen, Marshall-81 Peterson, Chris-81, 113, 152 Peterson, Danny-74 Peterson, Dottie-75, 116 Peterson, Janee-82 Peterson, Michael-81 Petry, Robert-90 Pew, Robert-52, 74, 119 Pfaff, Gary-82 Pfaff, Susan-115, 167 Pfeiffer, Mary Ann-45, 50, 90, 184 I Phelan, Patricia-90 Roberts, Edna-90, 188 Roberts, Joanna-82, 1 16 Roberts, Judith-75, 11 1 Robertson, Robertson, Robertson, Robertson Annie-1 13 Barbara-82 Kenneth-90 Robert-168 Robinson, Carl-82, 144 Robinson, Fred-74 Robinson, Gary-90 Robinson, Robinson, Rockwell, Roddy, Ea James E.-1 17 James Lf-90 Gerald-45, 168 rle-90 Mency, Willie-89, 103, 114 Merrill, Arthur-81 Merwar, Gloria-108, 109, 110,165,173,184 Newby, Richard-98, 166 Newland, John-55, 90, 113 Newland, Michael-62, 74, 114, 148 Phillips, James-60, 82, 149 Phillips, Mary--90, 93 Phillips, Pauline-82, 116 Philpot, Margaret-43, 82 Rodewald, Charles-33, 82 Rodgers, Charles-62, 65, 75 Rodriguez, Benny-90 Rodriguez, Marjorie--75 Roesler, John-62, 75 Rahman, Ronald-90 Rollins, Nancy-119 Rollins, Sanders-52, 75, 113 Romney, Clyde-75 Romo, Leonard-52, 75, 117 Ronkainen, Mary Ann-168 Root, Ronald-75 Ross, Danny-90 Ross, Lewis-90 Rowbotham, Brent-75, 102, 1 14, 1 17 Royer, Judith-82 Ruan, Ina Rae-82 Ruan, John--101, 168,173 Rucker, Chiquita-75 Rude, Phylis-90 Rudloff, Richard-40, 90, 93 Rudolph, Heidemarie-82, 94, 1 16 Ruiz, Margarita-36, 112, 168 Ruslie, Jerry-75 Russ, Susan-75 Russell, Judith-82 Rutherford, William-75 Ruwe, Melinda--35, 82 Ryan, Sharon-75, 116 Rzehak, Marlen-90 Saffrhan, Sharon-82 Sagely, Alwyn-90 Robert-82 Garold-55, 82, 141, 113, Salerno, Salmon, 142 Salmon, Regna-50, 90 Salmon, Steven-90 Salter, Loren-90, '97, 112, 183 Sam, Joyce-82, 116 sum, Lydiq-116, 168 sam, Roy-168, 173 Samuels, Don-62, 75, 148 Samuels, Richard-6, 55, 123, 168 Sanders, David--82 Sanders, Eunice-168 Sanders, Jim-90 Sanders, Mincola-82 l, Alice-90 Sanger, Wallace-168, 173 San Miguel, Carmen-75 San Miguel, Christinef90 San Miguel, Michael-55, 59, 123 12 12 1 142 Sandova 168' 4, 9,1-4, , Santo Pietro, Patriciai168 Sargent, Thomas-72, 75 Sarinana, Ray-63 Sass, Donna-90 Saunders, Harry-168 Zermeno, Lucy-75 Savolaine, Linda-46, 47, 94, 125,135,156,168,176, 190 Scarff, Marcia-90 Schaefer, Charles-75 Schaper, Bobby-75 Scharringhausen, Louis-82 Schell, Richard--69, 90 Scherer, Gertrude-75 'Scherer, Helmut-90 Schiendler, Frank-90, 93 Schiendler, Richard-75, 148 Schipper, William-90 Schleipman, Wendy-50, 90 Schmutz, Robert-75, 114 Schoerner, David--82, 144 Schonfeldt, Sandra-75 Schoonover, Loretta-90, 116 Schowen, James-82 Schroeder, Donna-82 Schuerman, Peggy-66 Schuler, Dennis--90 Schuler, Gene-114, 117, 148 Schuler, Howard-82, 114 Schultz, Emil-82 Schurr, Daniel-169 Schweitzer, Nancy-90 Schwennesen, Patricia-90, 1 13 Scillion, Ronald-82 Scott, Laurence-75 Scott, Lorna-83 Scott, Patricia-90 Scott, Ronald-75, 114 Scott, Sheryl-83 Seargeants, Lynne-75, 182 Sears, Marilyn-50, 154, 190 Seasholtz, John-38, 82 Secco, Rose--90 Secrist, Valerie-90 Seday, Bill-145, 169 Selby, Marsha-90, 114 Selders, John-82, 144 Seliga, Richard-90 Sellers, Sandra-83, 191 Serafin, Constance--75 Serafin, Patricia-37, 91 Sessler, Barry-82 Seymour, Andrea-169 Shafer, John-6, 52, 169, 173 Shafer, Sharon-52, 91, 118 Shank, Diane--75 Shank, Donna-91 Shanks, Richard-10 Shannon, Douglas-67, 144 Shannon, Robert-90 Shaw, Judy-91, 108, 109,182 Shaw, Linda-75 Shearhart, Richard-90, 93 Sheehy, John-169 Shehee, Dennis-90, 127 Shephard, Jacklin-169 Shepard, Donna-75 Sherman, Helen-91, 137 Shipley, Marian-125, 169 Shirk, John-60, 62, 82, 113 Shirk, Mary-48, 169 Shook, Josephine-90, 116 Shriver, Sharon-169 Shupp, Robert-82 Shupp, Victor-16, 112, 113 Sillasen, David--52, 141, 143 Sillasen, Gary-52, 90 Simons, Barbara-50, 119, 173 Simons, George-82 Simpson, Donna-83 Sinclair, Thomas-82 Sinclair, Woodrow-90 Singdale, Dorothy-91, 114, 189 Singdale, Fred-75, 117 Singdale, Mary-83, 114, 189 Singer, Tracy-52, 75, 117, 118 Sipe, Allan-90, 101, 149, 150 Sipe, Steve-82 Siren, William-38, 40, 70, 98,123,124,125,129, 149,150,156,176,185 Skinner, Jim-90 Smith, Carolyn-83 Smith, Catherine-82 Smith, Cecilia-34 Smith, David-90 Smith, Diana--83 Smith, Edward-82 Smith, Gary M,-52, 90, 118 Smith, Gary W.-90 Smith, Jack-38, 55, 173 Smith, Jeri-83, 114 Smith, Jerrilyn-75 Smith, John-75 Smith, Judith-50, 126, 128, 156, 170, 179 Smith, Judy L.-21, 33, 46, 47, 91, 183 Smith, Karen-91 Smith, Paul-62, 82, 84 Smith, Ralph-75 Smith, Ronald-62, 82 Smith, Terry-36, 57, 63, 82, 100 Smith, Thomas-55, 82 Smoot, Evelyn--91, 93 Sneer, Bonnie-83 Snoke, Shirley-83 Stewart, Ray-91 ,, Stewart, Ronald-75, 114 Stewart, Sharon-75 Still, Karen-170 Still, Kelsie-83 Stillman, Larry-75 Stinson, Gail-77, 83, 132, 154 Stockdale, Mary-170 Stockle, Joan-75 Stockman, Richard-82 Stockwell, Charles-82, 1 14 Stone, Caroline-91 Stone, Ronald-90 Stoner, Paula-113, 170 Strandberg, Carol-107, 170, 173 Strandberg, Richard-75 Strathmann, John-64, 120, 123,124,129,170 Streicher, Joan-89, 93 Stricker, Fred-91, 100, 152 Stroup, Loren-82 Stuart, Alvin-91 Stuart, Micaela-83, 115 Stueve, Jacqulene-91 Stueve, Lloyd-62, 82 Sullivan, Gayl-50, 170 Sulzer, Rosalie-83 Sumako, Diana-75, 116 Sumner, Gayle-91, 114 Sumrall, Garland'-91 Sutherland, Sharron-83, 115 Sutton, Brian-'91 Swain, William-41, 127 170 Swanson, Calvin-91 Swanson, Marchal-116 Swartz, David-91 Tachdjian, Elizabeth-170 Talley, Karen-83 Talley, Mike-91, 93, 143 Tanner, Margaret-75 Tanski, Joan-91, 116 Tarabek, Edward-91 Tartt, B. T.-74, 77 Tassio, Bill-82 Taylor, Carolyn-12, 50, 91, 92, 113,133, 134 Taylor, Harry--75, 152 Taylor, John-91 Taylor, Joseph-91, 100, 104, 145, 152 Taylor, Larry-75 Taylor, William-91 Teasley, Don-62, 75 Tedder, Sharon-170 Teer, Laura-83, 115 Temple, Walter-75 Tennant, Sharlene-116 Tennant, Sharon-116, 137 Teresa, Joseph-55, 58, 63, 91 Terh une, Terrence-91 Snowden, Colleen-75 Snowden, Dale-91 Snowden, John-170 Snyder, Sharie-75, 138 Sokoloff, Lois--75 Sommerville, Sharon-35, 83 Sorensen, Marie-83 Sothcott, Sylvia-12, 15, 124, 132,133,134,170 Sowell, Claudette-83 Sowers, Edward-98, 99, 113,141,156,170,173 Spann, Alice--12, 15, 42, 48,124,125,128,129, 132, 133, 134, 170 Spann, Bill-93 Spence, Theresia-83 Spencer, John-75, 114, 117, 148 Sperry, Judith-52, 75, 117 Sperske, Lorraine-83 Spicer, Jessie-114 Springer, Margie-75 Springer, Ronald-75 Stabell, Fredrick-82 Stabell, Joscelyn--91, 113 Stacy, Duane-60, 90, 143 Stadelmeir, Louise-170 Stafford, Linda-68, 83, 91, Terrell, Patricia-91 Theiler, Robert-82, 114, 117, 143 Thomas, Albert-83 Thomas, Barbara--83, 114 Thomas, Calvin-91, 143 Thomas, Eldon-60, 91 Thomas, Jean-75, 136 Thomps 91 on, Gary-55, 65, 86, Thompson, Henry-82 Thompson, Kathleen-83 Thompson, Linda-37, 49, 64, 75 Thompson, Penny-78, 83, 116, 126 Thompson, Robert-75, 148 Thompson, Sharon-50, 91, 104 Thompson, Sharon-83, 115, 190 Thornton, Ronald-170 Threadgill, Sharon-50, 91 Tibbetts, Robert-91 Tiffany, Randolph-69, 82 Tine, Sandra-83, 116 Tiner, Jim-91, 121 Tisor, Raymond-55, 91 Titone, Jim-83, 109 182 Stafford, Roxeen-84, 109, 132,' 189 Stallman, Carolyn-83 Stanley, Burton-170, 176 Staples, Glenda-83, 114 Stark, Richard-75 Stark, Sharon-104, 170 Stauffer, George-1 14 Stav, Dale--69, 82 Stav, Virginia-115, 170 Stawowy, Tom-91 St. Cyr, Henry-82 St. Cyr, Robert-82, 140 Steele, Sally-12, 15, 128, 133, 134, 170 Stefan, Lana-91, 93, 116 Stehle, Gayle-91 Steiner, Andrewf170 Stephens, Alice-83 Stevens, Anita-75 Stewart, Brenda-42, 83 Stewart, Donnie--82 Titzell, Wallene-75 Tolbert, Donna-42, 97, 112, 113, 128, 170, 183 Tomberlin, Barney-91, 147 Tomkins, Fred-83 Torkelson, Larry-91, 113 Torrey, Victor-43, 47, 170 Torsak, Albert-83, 140 Treece, Dennis Treio, Grace-75, 116 Treio, Joe-91 Treydte, Lorena-o, 47, 23, Treydte, Paul-33, 46, 47 110,17O,187,190 Trippe, George-9I Tronvig, Karan-48, 50, 91 Truchon, Pat-171 Tucker, Bill-91, 113 Tucker, Gaye--12, 15, 34, 42, 45,124,125,128,133, 134,168,171,181 Turner, James-75, 77 Turner, Lawrence-83 Turner, Patricia-91, 137, 189 Turvill, Terrie-83 Tuzinski, Joseph-91 Tyler, Joe-83 Tyler, Trent-91 Ullom, Gary-60, 83, 102, 113, 144 Underwood, Judith-83 Urbanski, Richard-113, 171 Vail, Louise-138, 171 Vaits, Marika-83 Vaits, Solveiga-75, 94 Valentine, Richard-60 Valentine, Robert-75, 77 Valenzuela, Melinda-171 VanBrunt, Jack-171 Vance, Donald-83 Vander Kam, Arden-75 Vanderluit, Harold-55, 91 Vanderluit, Richard-75, 148 Van Gundy, Linda-48, 53, 64, 65, 97,13O,131,171, 174 Van Horn, Ben-41, 91, 140, 141 Van Horn, Carl-39, 60, 83, 117 Van Horn, Ross-91 Van Norman, Gloria-83, 191 Van Valkenburgh, Nicholas- 69, 83 Van Zwaluwenburg, Jackie- 83 Van Zwaluwenburg, Lucille- 91, 115 Vensell, Russell-78, 83, 113, 183 Vickers, Blair--91 Villalobos, Joseph-75 Vineyard, Sandra-91 Vollmer, Delores-83, 132, 187 Voorhees, Margaret-125, 171 Vore, Barbara-75, 118 Vore, Elizabeth-45, 52, 91, 95 Vore, John-'100, 147, 171 Voyles, Michael-45, 83 Vradenburg, Gary-91 Wadhams, Sharolyn-75 Wadkins, Carol-75, 116 Wahl, Robert-114, 171 Waite, Jimmy-83 Walker, James-36 Walker, Marianna-75 Wall, Douglas-83, 101, 125 Wallace, Donna-75 Wallace, Glennis-75, 182 Walling, Joyce-49, 50, 91, 93, 97, 180, 188 Walling, William-83 Walls, John-55, 83 Walsh, Karen-171 Walter, Kenneth--91 Walter, Norma-75, 136 Walters, Robert-83 Walton, Sarah-83 Walty, Richard-91 Waltz, Allen-83 Wand, Patricia-91, 116 Ward, Arnold-75 Ward, Marilyn-116 Ward, Patty-75, 171 Wardlow, Francis-91 Waring, Marilyn-171 Wark, Michael-83 Warner, Elenor-83 Warren, Barbara-83, 171 Warren, Pamela-34, 173 Warren, Vera-75 Washburn, Lee-75, 144 Washington, Gloria--83, 85 Waters, Donna-42, 50, 85, 171 Waters, Gary--83 Watson, Harry-91 Watson, Margaret?83, 115 Watson, Sandra-83, 85 Wear, Edith-91 Wear, Jim-91 Weatherbie, Judy-83, 113 Weaver, Raymond-76, 83 Webb, Judy--116, 171 Webber, Joan-75, 116 Webber, Wendel-60, 91, 11 1 Weber, Darlene-83, 116 Webster, Robert--75, 114, 117 Weimar, David-52, 83, 118, 144 Weimer, Johnnie-75 Weisz, Carol-52, 75, 117 Welch, Douglas-71 Welch, Pennie-42, 83, 115, 132, 171 Weller, Beverly-50, 113, 171 187 Weller, Richard-83, 102 Wellings, Larry-60, 91, 143 Wells, Clark-91 Wenger, John-91 Werner, Philip-91, 119, 140 West, Cherie-171 wesr, Judy-37, 40, 44, 45, 91 115 West,' Linda-171 West, Dean-36, 55, 56, 91 Westfa ll, Dolores491 Weston, Fred-83 Weston, Ruby--116, 171 Wetzel, Don-171 Wheeler, Freddie-91 Wheeler, James C.-75 Wheeler, James V.--83 Wheeler, Sam-75 Wheeler, Walter-171 White, Edward-60, 171 White, Gary L.-83 White, Gary P.-62, 75 White, Jo Ann-83 White, Michael-172 White, Robert-172, 173 White, Stephanie-40, 44, 91, 1 14 Whiteley, Sharon-83, 1 15 Whitlow, Hazel--172 Wiebe, Robert-172 Wild, Victor-172 Willett, Carol-83 Williams, David-91, 93, 118 Williams, Harold-93 Williams, Joan-52, 91, 119 Williams, Judith-91 Williams, Larry-83 Williams, Robert-75 Williams, Sally-41, 50, 91 182 Williams, Wilma-172 Williamson, Alice-50, 91 Williamson, Frances-91 Wills, David-44, 45, 120, 172, 173, 176 Willson, Walter-172 Willson, David-75, 148 Wilson, John-183 Wilson, Judy-75 Wilson, Linda--41, 91, 113, 182, 189 Wilson, Arleene-91 Wilson, Sarah-75, 116 Wilson, Verdia-52, 75 Wingert, Brenda-42, 52, 91, 120 Winkler, Lawrence-95, 172 Winkler, William-83 Wirth, Ronald-83 Woehler, Janice-109, 113, 172 Wolfe, Katherine-75 Wolfram, Beth-172 Wong, Donald-55, 60, 104, 145, 146,172,173 Wong, Gordon-60, 91, 143 Wong, Janet-172 Woods, Jay-83 Woods, Sharon-75 Worroll, Amy-91 Worroll, Carol--83 Wright, James-151 Wright, Lynda-91 Wright, Mary--83 Wright, Ronald-83, 103 Wright, Sylvia-75 Wright, Tregg-75 Wright, Walter-76 Wright, William-35, 37, 43, 91, 103 Wronka, Ernest-52, 83, 144 Wurtz, Eleanor-50, 172, 173 Wurtz, John-55, 91 . Wyland, David-39, 91, 93 Wyman, Jack-123, 124, 172 173, 176 Yates, Hugh-62, 83, 113, 143 Yeager, Virgil-39, 91, 114 Yehle, John-39 Yets ko, Yoder, Bernadette-138, 172 Jon--83 ' York, John-83 Youmans, Leon-55, 83 Young, James-60, 91 Young, Louis-114, 117 Zamos, Patricia783, 115 Zapf, Ronald-55, 58, 86, 91, 143 Zermeno, Lupe-75 Zermeno, Mary-172 Zermeno, Robert-62, 83, 147 Zielstorf, Larry-75 Zmrzel, Jerry-75 Zschoche, Edward-60, 83 199 RESERVED EGR IV Q ,WW L W 491 awww WWW W W J 45 G QHgy W filer creafiorz . . . . PUBLISHERS OF HYEAREQOOKS FORLTHE DISCRIM Che .Jfonrovia

Suggestions in the Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) collection:

Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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