Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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20,24 4 Cjffp '!ifffil ffzff696Y' W! 131' ff-7 X1 fix bg x Wvff 1 f gp + I 1 nj 4:5 K'7VN JV!-955 6 ft r ,. , -'LN5 QQ, fZ,la rm ,42fV+11 'tif Z J ' R xx Q 12b7!cX.f 1 Cf'fCffZ4-'N If C 5- X A-4,1-J WMQQ Q f 75 ,gi G X 2 .gag C fc rg! zild-J-A-fkvgl QC2? Qc . My get S 5 A BV .U I' 7 Q- 1 X 1 Qfx -2-3 Wg, X 35 C ,N-fc F QQ Q X A 2? my Q Q X5 5 55 ' ff Q Y M' f ' Q we yy 3 JN 9' Q A my X N 1 3 s R 1 , . 3 K W lm VWQ I 'wwf Nff X Njifww W , FM Sp Jpxyricyiw Wm QW N9 N - fx .1 + A 3: U ' "'f' KXXWXXX , J .l G Q 1 M A UHH' q Qi iil , f i4 fu aww X3 MMI A WZLJLLM ML 1, 7X QW Qilfiwlff , .N L J ' XXV, wwdmi MW M M 9 kj LALUCUPJV-X L uf aw MQL W Qfwguij mf H Q13 x ji, K, gig- QM gif iM'7 ii 7534? W MKW 1' . ffffufj 'kljwmf WVXWJW f QE H MM Mffffvff! , ji , , 1 W Zia Qfiiii W W 2? gage ik wif ggagf 55424 W M, W M 4 illatg fad iff ,M jg! GJ ,M gf 1, mx we my fjflfiim 5 PX WQ1.qXdmj9A USSSMFQXX im ,I ix blchbo WM x ' A K Q 1 S S 1 0 v, ,J WN' it Q MM 0 BWV - f L' WM Mzwzxfmfk ,X A k MJ WMWWM 7 'WMV Vw: , f WV J27,..gQJ J C, QM of M- ' .LMMJ-J f 1 ,,,,vL F1753 ,M,W'z:u,7zff77fi 'MU - . 45 J ZZ Muff f f ? ij fnw.-:xii ' Mvbd +2 J 592,91 rmffwzfl ef,..M 3 5 3 n? ""2iL44fffc-'Mfg' ffiifeaff-'lf S I 43 J 'M' 'f"f - 'f'f.3""-V ,f 4 X44 gf 3 ki 5, i L ,wwf ,,,,iL..M1m x ,T jbwfjil "'f"5'2+-4' fL64f:Z.,,l1.L.,L 4 :Dim g . 'M0'ff'fL.? ff-ff-KWQLJ Q13 "' 'ff , f X Rx W' 'W ' DM 'L QQ L- zbfu Qjddlmm -' R lA65"7L-- f vc, xg xii 133 G A r J-U EYE l ,WM ,df 4:11.19 bw WMM x. . Wf Q52 fx 2? f , , MX fir QW MLW M M xwi iffy. R fy' J? X mf? Wulf EUHR EEHUUL . . . 'W ARM iqlbvwi hmsipwam Qiimqggs 4M,fmJ2zGQ5 Mgggfwbvvb M5550 V156 H605 wmopa EUHR EUHWUHHH 1 .Q l g 'V ' ..'x, 4 J 5,5 Q-TL? JK Q 4 Lo 37 CX 4 O17 7 X Q? Sujac. 5 f IW f Lf - 'XV H, L' fl ef 5? X' by W' vwfl fdxzxoxxxv X 77 Q I W5 V' JW -f G0 H I 16 FM N -U E j ,U Ur XJ v' f F 3 V 0' ff W! MA Q fy n 4441 UPL W gl J W X X X x 2 X 7.1-ffl? f -X 45 id 454: ,-' I J ff A Q' A 43,52 ,.-,.,wh' 5' UiUlEHiiiiH To The citizens of Monrovio ond Duorfe, growing, Thriving communities Thor nove ters of our lives, this book is warmly dedicated, A, .LQ--A -- :ii-f as wma Q 9 4 2 1 I1 5 USUN: AY.-..... v A ' f....... r-f V-eh! ??"' There is ci speciol feeling thot you have for your home Town, The school you offended, ond The people you knew during your growing-up yecirs. To record your memories, here pictured are you . . . your school . . . your community . os they were in 1954-55. AD MINISTRATION lfl U classes 'I STUDENT LEADERS 6 CX iw X N Q RS N X ER Wevw efsivfsfs El G gf? I ' I J k ffff xy if fl! 'ff' L' j U I Lx U IW tif Viv. f,L.LL'1 7 QW -ON I si O x K. -we HHUH SEHUUL. als. -'Q ,Y 'iw ' , ' Bti' ' ' i A 'hx Q! 4 L , 'P . X N IO 'if'- C Y '1 ,-ilk -us. So good mth 1:7 Judy Coleman Dick Brcxeger WEUHHWH m' 'E N-Q R r N '11 --I 'ICQ D331 1 n 3 . Lfi 1' 4 so A o 'fip.19f,vvr1m'xwlbfn-.M -w.4-.oooTT'f5a.s'+qr'ny-'-'Q- K N N-Q - Q f,' . ,. . .- i,i:,gf-'vw--f .. + -- -' K . Qpyy r gif, 4- 'iqqf L 'L he 1 I - -1 W su, . od' ,A RN, - -9'-fm ,. -8-Q. ,Y .Q 5 -' 5,43 . 9 5 'f'L-'V y' .1 'j "QA" x,. .vu A - fs, 1 . .J W Wx., 4...4q:.-f 4 K Q ,Q xr' K Q: 'E .,, ,. , ,W , om- S K Y' M g,.N,f,,,, ' o -A "'-fig' Q 5 4-'ferr-Qfff3:5'."".1' r. .L . M, Hiya u,,agV.- . -Q , fr, si.,-0 45, 111 R., N ' A- ,I qt , ' Oar. - ,b D . o, g.fq, . oi., , ,R ' A ,, , , A .-.- - ,: v"'R,'LN, . of ' iq, ' , fy 4-N, .2-. fb. Fgxgxbgf:-g ':.E5"1l,- to f. 0 N- on , o X 'x-no-LY. - 4, .1 o - .- 4 4. , . at xo, ,, . I f X- 1... MZ . f Q , Tj! -,ogre-3 "g"'u.Ak,- bi., .-Lt ,I . . H- ,g.,g.f wg f -V " .' ,A . K S-'Is' ,Q-M I X' " 15 . Q.,'.i',.,K1" 1 1' u ... - r , or ' Motif 'J it X' ,, H ws- ,o-, 9- 5 " Q Q-1-limi-016 X- 5' 'N '.:'::.:','3I'.u " ,wif ' '- V. Q, 1 . ,JP-V A ,. I ,' fo M: , o , , ,-ny o .rx-V3 . 3 xii:-N. -X -w- ..,,g2"' ,kara Y Q' , A . V , N .ru I .W ,,5A.s -N.--,,,., Q , X , . A ....n- , , ,. .'..7-- w ,,.,,,p ..- . 7 K . it .AA, x A I - . Nancy Ross 'X ' ,.,g f 2 - ,' s Q - -1 Jim Purbcwgh i ,5 . ,V . . ,, A ,, ,V , Q- L ',,-3. -, 'us ' sv' fi?-fX.,s-. ' Xqwrfni -. "wAf.m--'-,g7 f: A x - 1 .f-,, , , Q 1. .w Q . - .n- f '. s 5-1 , fl vv rv. J. W S X. ' . X- A, ul : ,, w-' 4- . -N' . ,N 4 xr V Q .,-..., ,, i""lixf.a. '- F' 'gf-. if Y" 1 . . 't SWUCQ.. A " .4 o " . . Y A - y r. - N.. -. I f ..,: .v 1 uw 5 fa' +- ' I , 6 W-TY? KU JP., , 'UN :Jw ' al , ., -'f 'H - '-. ltr- 'Hia' 1 . V' sf!- Q.. fc 15' " -- 'fffh' .X ' 'wf".xX , -,V ,-A-.f: ., 1: ' :.- 'ZA' it 'A , -. 4 . . . K . 7 'v 'Q - ru. 1-. fl '. l .Unit 'L , .y .51 if 'aa dx -r' ' . -s' ". HB2 . ,u 7. ,av .L g .I.m, .'x','nQ,"l ' :fix - 1. A' Q! .u-? . 'rl its ,."'?.- '., -. . -3 1. "'. ,'- J if-"" ' ' I . I 1' Q' NX A ..- f xi .,-Q! l 14 .Ax X .T UH W H ST HUWH R HUM Nb., X Q-M 'YM Mr. Stanl9Y MC i5 PetersO'W Clintic Qleels Monmc Fred Slllllllllllllllllll The very best I can h These ideals--loyalty, to choose and attain hold fast to ideals which through more than titt Consideration for others, desire to be of ope for you, our students, is that you y years have become a tradition at M-D. friendliness, courtesy, responsibility, service--are ideals you had a part in establishing at M-D. The vv'll h I y i epyou worthy goals. They will make the future bright with hope. Mr. Frank Williamson Sharon Nord H ' e llll-llllllllllilll - As members of the Monrovia-Duarte High School community you have shared a wide range of experiences designed for promo- ting good citizenship and lifelong benefits. May you carry with you the high regard you have developed for community citizen- ship as you go on to richer experiences. I' C G ., K 15,6 ,ix X Q N f ' 'fl' - , x L ' X---, ! L 5 r 1 1 Q1 .nnlllf , ' '-Lv 'Q . 'N W XJ X - 1, . ' ' ul 1 " 5 ' X l 4 X fp .r Y 4 4 v v K . "'.- 'J N ' . ' X: v ' x . lf' l xfiw g Miiliuiiiiii WM The distribution of this yearbook, the 1955 Monrovian, marks the completion of another constructive and beneficial year. To the grad- uating seniors we extend our best wishes for their future success, and the assurance that the students who are here next year will exert every effort to maintain their high school at the same high standards for which it is so well known. Fredericks, Mr. Nathan Mqfjm M Y. orilyn Dyer, . i , 4- M .- , as , -4 g .- .- ,- .4 1--.4""' -uf" l at fi' . ,r 1 yr , t ,J tt t t - Miss Ruth Foreman, l-'Udo We Ing on l ,fi Or' LC' f J .- 1 'L f1f1fL,,fL.fx,, K'U59t Charles Sears M-D's deans and counselors are a busy four. No small task is theirs, but they cheerfully and expertly undertake tt. Tactfully side-stepping pleas for a particular lunch period or class are Mtss Ruth Foreman, Miss Clytis Cummens, Mr. Robert Manntng, and Mr, Glenn Grout, who calmly and competently go about the task of guiding some 1700 students. M f . tss Qlytts Lontnwng, Pm gpmgeg Bennie gugl Mr, Glenn Grout, J im Story Q 5 t M' H- C. Danforth Our business manager, Mr. H. C. Danforth, has a big job. He must keep the M-D plant running smoothly, purchasing such needed supplies as stoves or sewing machines for the home economics department, paints for the art room, books for geometry, and bats for gym classes. These smiling secretaries have the ri ht to lo k d Mr. Thomas Griffin At night M-D's buildings light up, once more come to life, and Mr. Thomas Griffin and his adult education faculty welcomes adult students, who are preparing for citizenship or just interested in learning something new. 1 . , ll' ' - ' . 1 ,. 1 . W , ,.x,f3M','- I xx NWN, yy, Q I. fjji., V. 1 ' f, A. g o prou . As they run their clicking typewriters, buzzing switch- ' boards, and rattling mimeograph machine , th h s ey prove t at they are an indispensable part of M-D life. Row lf Mrs, Ann Fox, Mrs. Theresa Timko, Mrs. Edith Harthan, Mrs. E t ll P t r s e a e erson, Mrs. Nell Coger, Miss June Jahr, Mrs. Ann Newkirlm. , Row 21 Mrs. Linda Heinrich, Mrs, Kathryn Larson, Mrs, Mildred Tronvig, Mrs Theresa Wenger Mrs. Mabel Smith, Mrs Jes C k M . M . , , sie oo, rs argaret Bpthelson Row 3: Mrs. Audrey Hebert, Miss Gloria Higel, Mrs. Jane McKee, Mrs, Dorothy Swedburg, Mrs. Muriel Chamness, Mrs. Dorothy Brown. , K . -'r'J""" lllllil llllll Your Kitten Koop is like an oasis to you, the hungry student. Whether it's for ice cream, hamburgers, or turnovers, if your desire is to satisfy the inner man, this is the place for you. Under the super- vision of Ma Park, who has presided over this domain for thirteen years, the Kitten Koop means food, gay talk, and occasional friendly guidance from Ma. ln the picture with Ma Park are Mesdames Mary Vondrak and Della Stamatis. - 11 lllfllillll Battling against a dishwasher which breaks down frequently, cold water when they want hot, and other almost insurmountable odds, these ladies are still able to provide you with tasty, nourishing food. Although their duties are rather routine, your cafe- teria workers are able to combine pleasure with their chores. Whether you want a thick, soul-satis- fying malt at the Ugopher hole," cookies and milk at snack time, or a full-course plate lunch, you will find your MAD cafeteria workers friendly and ef- ficient. Left: Mmes. Ressie Kirk, Lottie Erickson, Toni Coler-Dark, Anna Carlsen Dessa Osborne. Below: Mmes. Jessie Etcheverry, Rita Jura, Effie Naggas, Cassie McMullin fin llllllllllll lllllll Ever absent? Then youll know about this place, Your attendance office is very important in the busi- ness of keeping records at M-D. This is the place where the attendance office staff members listen sympathetically to your excuses for being absent or tardy. They strive to levy equal iustice with malice toward none and charity for all. Mrs. Phyllis Lewis, Mr, Llovis Smith, Mrs Mary Boumgartner llUllElE "Band'aid? Sign here please." Sound familiar? On the second floor of the Girls' Gym is the Nurses! Office. Always calm and friendly, Mrs. Sharbonda, Miss Kaiser, and their assistant, Mrs. Smith, are ready to come to your aid. Miss Margaret Kaiser and Mrs. Vivien Sharbonda Sllllll Elllll Pencils, paper, and all your other school needs can be bought in the Student Store. This now familiar little building, under the friendly direction of Mrs. Ann Fox, has become a busy stop on the M-D campus. HHS Ul5lllllll5 Ml Waiting patiently for you to run those last two blocks and board their magnificent yellow coaches are M4D's friendly bus drivers. Leslie Yates, Harold Horton, Charles Rupert, Frederick Molloy, Orlan Miner, Emory Adams S Ann qv-v -1. 5 2 lllll 'IN ' C Y .43 an 5 ox Ellllll llllElllllS. I C ff' Ati.-tg s i 2 I 4 X ' K' .Q , A w?'Ji0.' l . f fs. '23 E M - l - . - ,- . ' l Y Mr. Omer Bailey Miss Georgiana Beck Mr. John Broe Mr. Harvey Brubaker , Q V Mrs. Helen Adams Mrs. Ethel Brelos Mr. Joe Burcham 22 Miss Elizabeth Axte Mr. Keith Broaders Miss Bernice Carpent ef F? Mrs. Esther Bradley Stop! Please pause here for just a moment To cast af least one glance af These familiar ou r teachers, and as y faces. Here are you ' ' tting their may see, som heads Together to discuss y hinking of you at all you'll find, fhey're nott Just look! And after only thirty days with Charles Atlas. We'Ve I 760 d . r of flngerngilsxbu' h eodnailgo ehmes theyre pu ou, but often, li ffljnj K, L f1, ' Shoes and Ships i ana Seqhng Wax 'lv . 'thef' . never riQl'l el e fortune 'S Mr. Max Cramer i iairns her penny SCC' Miss Edith Dort She C 'Y' Mrs. Patricia DeMerre 'Y H Mr. Robert Culp Miss Mabel Drummond lx - . x Omiridf, ' l ridqy speokm 9 Miss Dorothy Clemmons Mr. John Daniels Mr, Charles Dunson Miss Gladys Coblentz Mr. Wesley Davison I Miss Vivian Elmgren if F' I , . fy , X -L . rf., xi. ,ff l X AR X bu 49 1 I Il 415 Mr. Jack Greene I Lf n ,.,, 1 . 5. . I, .MHA 4 .Q V 1 " Miss Amie Gilbert s Mr. John Hulihan "I 'Jn f' Ji? . . 'X - . My . jig kill,- ' 'L ', 7' aff ' EA f lf-1 - 1533 ,K f. . , f Miss Kathryn Geddes L L Miss Myra Hotchkiss '. Q L Mrs. Gladys Lee ,ai X V. ' L A 1 2 9 A . X X I 4 ' Mrs. Hedvig Finlcenbinder X 4 N Miss Cryssie Hotchkiss ix fl . . Mr. Arthur Langdon N V ' V' EX if. - Mrs. Shirley Martin if , sq.-N1 X ' - , 5 Xl A r' 4 K tl 1 Nxt A Qlxw ' I X 1 Q ' A W1 li i I fr .' ll. avg lit.: 51 L i ' i L V A XX XX L y-T Ns! L X S l L X if i "V 4. f Mr. William Finder ' XX v ' t T- NX' Mrs. Muriel Holmgren I Ml.. 3 Q X"-QR -3 Mr. Alvin Katich ' K V "" ' X I ' Mr. Alan MacAdam - L fd Mr, Eugene McAllister I Miss Madeline Emmert Mrs. Margaret Haney Miss Gladys Jahr Mr. Donald Lipking Mr. Allan Maxwell Mrs. Mary McKesson Mr. Leonard Morris 24 Mrs. Eleanor Farrell Mr. Whalen Hickey Miss Margaret Kaiser Mr. Robert Long Miss Lois Mayer Mrs. Marion Michel l f Y I V .k -. ,Aw 5 Vivacious Vivian makes G Q T':3,-5 L . -few 'W' ' ood impression at Graurnw S- .Mit tell Oliver r. eorge Reuter r. enneth Scheel . Virgil Stevens I iss Angie Verenis f r. Everett Wood X v Mr. Frank Palmer Mr, Verl Murray Mr. Robert Oliver Mrs. Joyce Reyes Mr. Harold Scott Miss Lillian Stone Mr. Claude Walk Mrs. Thelma Yen er ney 9, x Mr. Edward Ryan J Before goin b k - Mrs. Eva Silva R14 1 ,.,.,, A 9 OC To The Old 9"f1d they drink it. Mr. Chester Ullom r. ut Wi ' s ,f I o ' Wi if Q Miss Bernice Rogers 'g 1 Mrs. Vivien Sharbonda l Mrs. Elizabeth Thornton Mr. Rolland Watenpaugh A .A I - . PQ i T , or Mrs. Jean Schultz 5 Mrs. Thelma Thompson A if V d Mr. Virgil Ward 9 ks i X.-. . ax. 1.1 i ' - 1 X Mr. August Swyke Mrs. Theodora Taylor l Miss Emroy Walker Miss Gladys Walker -' 5, f A i'f2'f's 'l 4 f ,, x l rs, Q ax -3 0- . I , S vi N X'-. es S. 1' Q tb' ,-7 ir X 1 ws 1- Fr-., u ' ll - - - T? --L I 26 31 7 t' M bk 34,5- 0 if aff .xy FZ, va. ,r ', Yr 1 . ,, 5' :J H' ' X Q' 3' ri .,, -Af l . I .'l ' Y' f A yvrm ...fa if X f-324 Y, . Q , I 38 tl 3:14 v lv K -Q Bennve Bua, Vuce-Presndentg Barbara Dollar, Treasurer, Martina Miller, Secretary, Winston Fuller, President Mrs. Esther Bradley, Miss Myra Hotcltklss, Sponsors Winston Fuller Row I: JU ROW 2: 'llm ROSS' lvffv Watson Mar H elssl Vermece Schad, John Scott. Representatives, V Y cms' Kem Herkenrotlw, Ne-ile Lincoln J O f erry gje, di Lrndman, Pot Wilernan Karen VV Ut- , V 1, lx ht 5 4 xx o M' - Q . ar t' Q .rlzl 1 ' al , o 1 'im Y' ,ff S- .Il 1 as 0 Q .1 , 9 fn Hi iv - "V ..f' I. A. .4 :lilly ai' ': SIIIIUIIE. . . Congratulations, seniors! As freshmen you gazed in awe at the seniors with their class rings, as sophomores you were thinking about becoming upperclassmen and look- ing forward to your Junior-Senior Prom, and as iuniors you were dreaming of becoming Monarcs and Madquins. Now you have scaled the Senior Wall and are ready to go on to new heights of achievement, and as you look back on your senior year with its football games, its Senior Mixer, your last prom and dances, your senior assembly, and your graduation, you may be proud of your senior year. TOM ARBOGAST PATRICIA BAINBRIDGT SHIRLEY AUTEN JANICE ALLISON JAMES ARNETTE ORLA BARNES CLAIRE ALLEN ARLIVA ANDERSON ANN AUSTIN FRANK BARTLETT ', -1: ROBERT ACKLEY PATRICIA ALLEN CAROL ANDREWS WARREN AUSTIN SANDRA BATEMAN 3 Mg,-4, . SALLY BOCANEGRA LARRY BOWDEN DORIS BOWSER RICHARD BRAEGER , rf fu? U I 1.. I 1- f' Z. i Y. Q . 7 . gg X ,A 5 I A1 ! LLL i I LOIS BEEGHLY LOIS BERRIAN DAVID BELL PATRICIA BRADT LOUINE BERRY BILLYE BROOKS HAROLD BEST CHARLES BUCKNER l 'D J -0 T-7 A 3 HARRIET BERNARD PAUL BESS THOMAS BISHOP ELAINE BLOMGREN ROBERT BURNS -I fi GEDENE CLARK C ab ' f N A JOHN BURT KEITH CHAUSSE ni' JUDITH COLEMAN JIM BURT DIXIE CALVERT LARRY CLARKSON NANCY-JO COLLINS JOHN CRAIGMYLE ROBERT CRANE f ,ar JACK CALAWAY PRESTON BURTON FRED COUCHMAN JAY CRESS I f "r"'!Y .,, X Il' I LuANN COOPER DONNA COWLEY PATSY CUNNINGHAM 5 Q- QQ MARY ETTA COONS ANTOINETTE CORIO LOIS CRAFT PATRICIA CURRIER 'Q -J 127 If S Q, 'l"."' KAREN CURTIS BETHANY DeBOW BARBARA DOLLAR JOAN DRAPER 32 I: GRETCHEN DAVIS PAUL DIFFLEY MARILYN DYER KEITH DAVIS DENNIS ELLEFSON JOHN DETTBARN LUCY FERNANDEZ DARLYNE DOWNER RAMON FAU RIA LUCILLE EGGSTAFF DOROTHY FELTUS NANCY DAY JUDITH DEARDORFF DOROTHY DUARTE THOMAS EARLE PATTI EMERSON RICHARD FISHER can HAL FOLT5 JILL FREDRICKS DONNA GORHAM PATTY GOULD ROSALIE GRIFFO GARY HARBER fi 'O -J wk GREGORY GRAEME MAUREEN HADLEY EVE HARDESTY JOHN FREED WINSTON FULLER ELAINE HAGAR DOUGLAS HARLAN 5? E? Z ' A 17 IV' 154 J , fn , if ' 1 'ie - . Q . I O 'r ,4. ' s QUI- :gil X , 5' 10M LA 1 JANET FREIDMAN FRED FULTON JUDY GEE ANNVEONE HARMAN 4? ELEANOR FRISKE JOSEPH GANDIELLO KATHLEEN GIBBY ROBERT GOODEY 3 ' 1 4 i , A1 KL ,,2i'.-Q. 33 L if-J. 53 -1 WILLIAM HINER HARRIET HOEGEE LEVON HOOKER COLLEEN HOWSER A- 15 A TERRY HARNEY EUGENE HOLT NORMAN HOOSE CLARENCE JACKSON QTY we- X RTI, MARVIN HARRIS DEAN HEFNER HARRIET HOPPS JACK JACOBY 'D al! lm I' IQ X 5 .f KATHLEEN HARRISON ANN HEITMAN ROBERT HERITAGE DARRELL JASON ALFRED JAY I' ni 1 . PAULINE HEBERT ALLAN HERITAGE KENT HERKENRATH JACK HILL 4 '-'- Y. , 2 Gr E f W1 Q5 -ah WED .la WILLIAM JENKINS JANET JESSEN KENNETH JOHNSON BARBARA JONES fm 1 FRANCES JENNER BARBARA JOHNSON RODERICK JOHNSON KAREN JENSEN ROSE JENSEN JANET JOHNSON JOAN KIICK TQM KILEY DENNIS KELLY ANNA KINNEY wr? .J JAMES JURY DAN KESSLER ALVIN KISTNER . '? X I 'EY RICHARD JONES GAREY KETTLE GERALD KETTLE SHARON KOLLAR .L . 2.1! fl ' 1 E317 "2 'K Q? 3- JOSEPH KOZLOWSKI WARREN LAMM NEILE LINCOLN CAROL LIPPS 36 j , DOROTHY KREINER DIANNE LAWSON JUDI LINDMAN DIANNE MANTHEY ROBERT KRISTOV BETTE LEWIS JAMES MACKIE ROBERT MARTO 311. 3 D Id 'B' I f BURLEIGH KROENER DAVE KRUSE MARLYNN LLOYD PHILIP MACARTNEY LOREN MANNING KENNETH MAYNARD MICHAEL LOZANO DARRELL MAGGARD ROBERT MAXEY I QLA PATRICIA MAZZARELLA FAYE MCCRACKLIN LOLITA MEYER ALAN MICHAEL LEROY MILLER gs In DON MCDAVITT PHYLLIS McKEE BEVERLY MILLER MARTINA MILLER i O l . I 4" fi vli MARILYN MCINTYRE IRENE MCKINN KATILYN MCNEESE JOHN MCNERNEY 37 JESSE NORTON JAMES O'BRIEN RICHARD OLIVER ROBERT OVERBAUGH tw .si . 'Q Ai X WILLIAM MOBERLY GERALD OGLE JAMES OLSON CORA PARCHOMSKI s. "wr M' I IU. QQ . Q fl! CHARMAIN MOHR SLJZANNE MOSS MARIE OSTERGAARD MAURINE PATTERSON T, MADELINE MORAGO BONNIE MULLER PAUL NADER DARLENE PEARSON JACK MORGAN MICHAEL MURPHY EMIL NELSON SHARON NORDELL JEAN PELKEY 'VY 'an A -5 V3 I. FRED PETERSON RONALD PYTLE l BEVERLY PERO CHARLES PHIFER JERRY PENNINGTON FRANCES PETIT MICHAEL PLAIA CAROL POUPON JAMES PURPAUGH BRUCE ROBERTS MARY PENNINGTON FERN PETIT EDWARD PIERCE JOANNE PLUM MARLYS RENFRO WILLIAM RICKMAN KAREN PUNDT BARBARA RIVERA fi HERBERT PORTER HOWARD POWERS CAROLYN REEGLER ALICE ROE 32 If-Q6 E? 1' 4 Al :Mies r 3 3 1, Idea ,Q '--ff NJ f P9 I ESTHER ROMERO ALLAN ROWE CHARLES ROSE JANICE SAXTON -I A .X WESLEY ROOD LARRY SAMUELS MARGARET SCARFF JEAN SCIVALLY PATRICIA SAYLOR R955 SHADE VERNIECE SCHAD JIM ROSS NANCY ROSS RONALD SCHLAX JOHN SCOTT GEOFFREY SHELDON I., ,L J f. I' f 1 CHRISTA SCHOELLENBACH BEVERLY SCHOONOVER CHARLES SEARS JEAN SHIPLEY ' 5 Cl' -3- S"- 0 I Q JIMMIE SELLERS I . , 3 1 Q4 L, I 7 ' 9 I 1 I 1 CRAIG SHOEMAKER JOHN SHOOK EMIKO SOYESHIMA PATRICIA SPIEGEL JUDY STEELE JAMES STORY A 'Q PATRICIA SIEM BILL SKELTON I . 1 f-" 'IL IA -A MARGIE STARKS SUSAN SIEMON JAMES STELLE MARIA STRAUB LEONARD STOLLE LOUISE STRONG T 4-sn RS A CHARLES SLOCUM LAWRENCE SMITH DANIEL TATUM 'x mi .Q .- I FRANK SIMPSON CAROL SMITH STACIA SNYDER PATRICIA SOWERS 41 ROBERT WALTERS PAT WARD PHILIP WEBBER WAYNE WELCH I .""1Yk sw SHIRLEY THAMES LARRY WATSON KAREN WEISS LINDA WELLINGTON ' 1 'W X . 315 ' :, 'S , .a I x C71 ,ii DIANNE THOMPSON GERALD TORREY ROBERT WELCH DONALD WENGER -Q I Q 1 I - V -J eff '33 , ff' TNS? ARLENE THOMSON GERALD TOWNSEND CAROL ULLOM DAVID WEST - 'UK RONALD THREADGILL ROBERT TYLER CAROL VANCE BARBARA VAUGHN HAROLD WEST ROBERT WILKNS JOHN WOOD DAVID YARNELL PATRICIA WILEMAN 2 I ti N T 440' -.A',,..- 'ff ,7 gf' . ' J Bti" ,a"" . . r Q ,Ref f U ...dh S r.. 11. N fiaiq WF J- y-- -. '. .. Q., hwy y"f0:-'V' fi .fav ' . is ,. . .rw is , ,K ,L , . ... .f Nah: '2., 1' .. ' A , . K , Ay! f's..fJ "": I 4 A- 41:5 '... Q ,'qw,.. -2' Q' ' 4?-u'f' K- 2 """7f,Lf Qqrifvwletff-,,.','f , ,. 13? ,x17,'. ,,. ..,. F ,-Q-5 --:-t .. -Y'W"Xsr'w.'. ' '- f' 1"-3,1 '-.Jn ' . .- . . ' " i.f:'Z.'5-' W '- . A ,,4..4- , . A .5-Phi ' A W . 45,5 1 x 4. -xrtfegk , 44 X' ,L., " 4163 ' ' . .1. ' ' I -i Vu-I 4? Q., 4 ""sf fvh' y.. M I : FT A 2.-: ' A1401 r,fsjx:'Qf3' Q ru .v 4 NA -. 3 Y , xx , .., A 5, x Xb Vx, J-. , VX Y , 'S-4 ,x. X. 1 In :fur N ' ,, r X x L i IQ X ltr "f'fS'a-Y fn ' I l ui l l l I l l ,nv AQQK e, R nneY meld' Secremfyy Sherry Peck, Treasur r a Bull Bornt, Vice-Presidem: SUE Hn Draper, President Pow Row Row Raw Pow lllllllllll. . . Your first prom, class rings, the feeling of su- periority at being upperclassmen, and dreams of your senior year-all these things have made this a memorable year for you iuniors. As next ye-ar's seniors, from your class will be chosen your student leaders to carry on your school ac- tivities in M-D's best tradition For you, your school, and your community. lg Ayon, Anthony, Chalette, Carneryfgauer, Bunn, Burns, Choln, Barnett, Arbogast. Biasotti, Campbell, CaldweQecl5er4fBower, Castellano, D. Black, B. Brown, Ayala, Bates, 3: Cervenak, Blount, Ball, Baldwin, Boggs, Belote, Banner, J. Brown, Bateman 4: Carter, Clarke, Aldrich, P. Brown, Cobbe, Adams, Bornt, Byerly, 5- Brooks, H. Black, Boyer, Basinger, Bryant, Boyd, Anderson, Chase. J' 1 F' 1. . ,- L " e ,Ji-P ' r' -'iw-'ji lo., k . f x HP' rf' J' L.. 2- 5 ,Er ,-N N -A Eh. '- Jeff' A P f' ,. ? 'S- fi f -52. wx' I. 3 Q A vi 1 -H' I S' Q' 'Q Q .VH L K 1 gd ,A 'Suki K S' ... ,fr W' Q S L9 j L 181 .A vin .D ,Mr 1 Q1 bpv N.: 41910 K 3-.4 E1 w- FF' l 3' da 4 .. gn ' " gs 'bt 1 Q. ,R K. Q41 gp UQ- .A 'Tw 1, Ah s I Q ' 4 n 43, 1 b F' is U nl, A- J'- 1.9 xjx' ,-ns nfs Jan Cltlldlessl Trecisufrl GSZISZFGIY. President Undo Aumg om' Y Don DYke' SU llllUlHlllllE. . Looking forward to becoming upperclassmen, feeling superior to the "lowly" freshmen, dreaming of next years prom, and thinking about when you too can select your class rings - all this made your sopho- more year interesting. Although you seemed to be in the middle, over the excitement of being freshmen, but not quite upperclassmen, you have made this an active and memorable year for your sophomore class. t -WR Q1 nn f it It it '7' , . 1- -- I '.- 1 J '.- 1,k f 'n', A Q. . 4 Q '-.4 xl mags: , Y vi lo if-5 I nd' A ui 4 ,- rf - vi' f t . s, 1. A. ffi. "I g 1 . sqft ' X N fi' ,lg- we ' 3 by Adv. 0 . 'K fl' , 5 llllEllllllH. . . At lasf-high school! You felt conspicuous of first in your new green beanies, but when the first excifemenf died down you began To feel as though you belongedg and with your clubs, your activities, your Memorial Day Assembly, and your presence in general you have confribufed to the welfare of yourself, your school, and your community. Q9 ' I , 7-S- Q...o 'ill H 3"V i 33 lb! ' wr fl I I xx' .9 'IC Q9 IV w 4 3 xmas- f 1 "2- H ,,..o 1 BQ . 5 , .f 'ai f' uni Q. sf" ,AAL , sf 3 Q 15,5 ' fn 7 IIT QM.. vi N- c L -if , I age' fy K .df 'J :ga 'Q S ' ,,v . S . gr, N .5-NSW 4- - 1- I' ' ' Q '-ls, ,Q L ... ,. in ' x Dick Broeger turned T.V. odor Willie WildC0T N l complrslw cmollwr MTS for Tlwe yawn '54 55 VVnlnlcC1Ts lwcncl from X VVOl'l4IflQlOWC1VClAA'D 5 lu Dlfk lumerl l.V,, uclor, Time our for o picture V. ly", W Xi Riff., UIWT Q v 3' 0 ' ' :ll QiEYi:M.er5,gmf U K we moving lllrouglw llw lmcllla or sprcuvvlm-fl Ill sleep Tlwouglwl ul lwus Clfvslc 90 U 0 0 q Q l'xlllillClBlll1'ljf'l lu rnlclr all l nb nl cluly Om lwls lullsy sflwfllllf- ru ASB Prexy. YOU.Vf? Ollvm awww lm-, lcxmlllru e rm- ol Dlcl K. pro VVUH' lrclrwalvrrmcq Wullll flu wrlll lo llw vvull cm lam' nwnmrwrwq pool lr 4lf,lClllIOll 10 lwurwq cvmcev lor srlmol 11-w.:-mlulw cxppvclrmq an llw lrufll flomll Oulluf Ql Wlllltx Wxlf lcul vxllwm Nl D W nm mvllocl To Gem- lXlOl'ITlClll5 Cc1mpw.Clwlmor1 Klll Duck lms also louml lime To lvl 1 ? ' Ollf W 1 M llf llll Uslwr, cmfl cx Key flulu me-mlwr 41" ' -1 1' xl N 1- 1 lllll-lllllll lhv mom lywhmd Thw scenvs oplly desciihefcl Al Tho position ol Tom Emile, ASB. Vifev-Prexy. though Tom dicliil loll iiwio Tho limelight os Proxy Bioeger, The M-D Commuriiiy Could noi him, A5 head of The Tho did hlive- prO5pevifil Wilhoiii llouw ol Repivsvrmiliyvs ond ossisfcmf To A SB pivsiclmit, Tom worked hord cmd diligently lor your school. In oddifioh To being vicefpre-si .lviir lom loimd limp lo vwilTefGvWOUgl1 inclwg lor The Wilelcnil to gum iwwmlyursliip in Quill cmd Sfroll, he elvclvcl To AAOHCIICS, cmd Succeed To Block M by lehefrmg in foolhdll and trock, This wus fl hi-uyy Qilwilulv, hu? Tom lollillod his fob whll our scropbook Picture for Y .ll ----1 .....-fx, X 4 an behind the scenes, Tom 50,56 Dggnified le oder of T he Hwse l l !..':'....-""" .rf f' AV, 4 fp' L4 X, Row 1: Soyeshima, Brooks, Ostergaard, Gaebel, L. Halley, Jones, Earle, Dollar, Row 2: H V arney, Johnson, S. Halley, Mclntire, Atlas, Kozslowski, McNerney, Sheldon, Becherer. Hlllll Ut llllllllElHlllllllE The activities of the House of Representatives, led this year by Tom Earle include makin g laws for the election code, regulating sports awards, char- tering organizations, collecting dues, appropriating money, and providing for the common welfare of the student body. Ellllllll The presidents executives are Bob Overbaugh, director of activities, John McNerney, director of athletics, Kenny Johnson and Geoff Sheldon, direc- tors of conduct, Marilyn Jones, director of finance, Terry Harney, director of organizations, and Bart Porter, director of publicity. Row l: Johnson, McNerney, Jones, Porter, Row Q: Overbnugh, Broeger, Harney, Sheldon lxunug 'J A ,ps s. X X. Q I' 1 1 Commissioners work for Disneyland. llllll lllll Ullllfll Guilty! With this word come demerits for the hapless student who is the holder ofa blue slip issued to him by a commissioner. Lavvbreakers are iustly tried by your three justices or if the culprits prefer, by a jury of students. The latter's verdict of guilty, however, carries ci more severe penalty. At all times proceedings of this court must be dignified and orderly. While the court is trying cases and issuing demerits, it is perform- ing its job as the heart of your law and order, Tom Kiley, Bailiff, Bonnie Covert, John Burt, Ross Shade Judges EUHlllllSElllHfilS b Pius Schad Farr N Day Frishe Wolfe Rhoderi Z W b , Kckmon, Bockmiller, Koviak Oxio Y D ROW l ennelSellil g Moss Snyder MontheY, Cowley Dollar M Miller Nordell Ackles EdQU'5l R095d'-'le D'0Pe' G oy d H ROW 2: Bucher' ml ll Q G' 1 R Wright J Mott Lora Lamm Moberly Martin J Wright R Oliver R Jones WOO Qri Row 31 Mr. M. Oliver, Howar , IOUQU-ef f 0 1 good citizenship ot M D Early this year, however, they took time off for play and spent a day in llllllllllllll Adding a Touch of excitement to The performances of our marching band are The maiorettes Twirling their batons and performing snappy routines. The ma iorettes accompany The band aT all Times and work hard perfecting Their many routines for the half-time stunts during football season and parades. The ma- iorettes also perform during pep assemblies. This year Marie Ostergaard and Beverly Gaebel were co-leaders, and The other members were Billye Brooks, Marilyn Jirnerson, and Sheila McGehee. Mrs. BeTTy Thornton helped the girls plan Their routines and perfect their timing. Billye Sue Brooks, Marie Ostergacird, Sheila McGahee, Beverly Goebel, Marilyn Jimerson. PUHHEHH llUHlHlll With Bart Porter as its leader, the Publicity Com- mittee started the year successfully by making posters publicizing the Hi-Week Dance. The committee also sold its quota of Associated Stu- dent Body cards, which are the means of financ- ing school sports, the Wildcat, and the Mon- rovian. All the members who sold the cards wore colorful tags and made posters advertising the sales. SHHH EUWUHEHUH Under the competent direction of Mrs. Thelma Yenney and Mr. Max Cramer, the Stunt Commis- sion is responsible for the many spectacular half-time performances you have all enioyed at M-Ds football games. The Commission, which exists only during football season, met every Wednesday and planned the clever stunts that were performed by the Band and Pep Cats. lil EUWUHEHUH The Pep Commission, headed by vivacious Judy Coleman, has had another busy year promoting traditional Wildcat spirit. Every Tuesday night the members attended meetings where they spent tedious hours preparing the stunts for M-D's unique card section. Clever Judy was also responsible for making the gay green and white pompons, which added even more color .and spirit to the football games. Publicity Committee Members: Pot Allen, Carol Andrews, Nancy-Jo Collins Gretchen Davis, Lucille Eggstaff, Beverly Goebel, Tom Kiley, Martino Miller John McNerney, Suzanne Moss, Sharon Nordell, Marie Ostergoard, Bart Porter Jim Purbaugh, Nancy Ross, Virginia Scott, Kathy Stein, Maria Straughn Barbara Vaughn, Carol Wright, Row I: Jones, Ostergoard, Ross, Gee. Row 2: Goebel, Braeger, Miller. Row I: Coleman. Row 2: Earle, Porter, N, Ross, Goebel. Row 3: Maynard, Dollar, J. Ross, Jones, Andrews, Fuller. Row 4: Braeger, Onkin, Scott, Purbaugh. SUHE HHUEHS Z' 'N - A , -., K -Y at 7 X ,,. R ,l"'x ' if I 5. Carol Wright Nancy Jo Collins X X ,fx X XE. Y X ' . x f 139' ' 1: l Q41 Y Qu ff - w, qt ,ff M . - Q J, 'Q 'ff .', Xxxf X N fl . -. SY Nuff! K5X"1L X xi. a . " xx P" i A I Q, 9 N I " "nk ' 2. ' . fi , f F .uf-n Nancy Ross ff 'Ay 4 V X VGC. I .Y Q x f 'K -a n,a . x n 'IQ 'Z .X ,. ' fl Y' r' E I X f 9 Gretchen Davis Carol Andrews I v Ql S 'U , Q Q4 Q A.. .Q Q' b R d r 12 XX 'i H bi W 7 X, Zgx E .I . , -n 4 4 4' X 0 5 ,. J-1 Pnwgf gr., I' ' ' ffm15Q:'2"5.'- ' f 'W 'dll A . , 5 5 N I x M' ,, x I S ri f". ? 1 Q ' . 'N 'U5'5'f."7"... 1 1 J M, ,a-. l 1 0? 54-- wv ':g,.xgl.-r'vL1. HfY.,,.4 4 M: V Q' .- f '., N ,. . F x, J., ' , 4,, ., K -, ,. ,-gf "ff-f M N' f ' .:U' - .Af-'Y V . ' o ,...f T' A fab .N .V Q, , V, ,B 55 4' ' X. .. " ' KH "4 -f-lv Q- , 1 . 1 .1 '- P J n. .,,v - 3 , 1 , - , s - kr-"ff, " an ms' -QV 4 Duane Kramer, Lourse Pavverson, Maurrne SayJor, Par Carolune Kremer, Dorothy Peck, Sherry SchoN, Dadene Tucker Joan Drone mborn, Clanre Pew, Fern SchuJer, CaroJ LJNorn CaroJ Harrvei Machado, Joyce Pew, Frances ShundJe, Joyce Vauqhon ren CoJJeen Momn, June Pew, Janet Srrnpson, Judy Wedberq Susre Ohnson, Ediih Meyers, Audrey ReynoJds, Anna Soyeshirna, Ernrko XNoHe Nancy Jones, Marilyn MrNer, Marhnn Rrce, Cynthro S1eyens, JHJJ Wood MeJba Kunkade, Myrna MoNer, Bonnre Roberts, Margaret Strauss, Penny Yocurn ue Knc1ggs,Mory Ann Pans, PhyJJrs Saxton, Jan Smraeon, Susre Yoder udy Mfs- Bet! I E Y Thornton, Mrs The to porflde fOr th Take . e March , Year Tg:elnMMOnfQViG Do5?EnD:I'-files in HOIlyWOod Gnd , arting M4 spring. A fc gcvisriienip and Judy glen president: Sheiffrijers forfhe ee, f U e and Martino Mmerrt-BY Meyers, MOriIynrsJg:ere ' es, Tauqner Lyn ' A my--Q W , Enthusiastic drum major, Bob Overbaugh Hllllllllllll Meet your Wildcat band. This striking unit in Green and White has brought enioyment and Thrills to many spectators at M-D's fooTball games, where it staged inTricaTe and spectacular s'runTs. The precision and stirring Tempo ofthe band is due To The efforts of Mr. Max Cramer, new band director, who has spenf many long hours helping The group to perfecT its performance. The band's Talents were not confined To M-D only, for it won com- plimenTs at The Long Beach All-Western Band Revue in November " 9 if ' l uf ' In MBI,-it '51 rf f 4393 llllll and was honored To be one of The Two high school groups To play in The Junior Rose Bowl Parade. Par- Ticipation in The High School Band Day aT The Uni- versiTy of SouThern California-Oregon STaTe fooTball game in Ocfober gave all The members a Thrill. In The spring your M-D band celebrated The year with a banqueT, where well-deserved leTTers were pre- sented. CongraTulaTions go To Bob Overbaugh, capable drum maior of The band, for having guided it Through all iTs acTiviTies so successfully. 9-9.47 Don DYlfe, Vice-President, Lewis Johnson, President, Gedene Clark, Treasurer, Judy Potter, Publicity, Mr. Max Cramer Band Director, Pat Allen, Secretary. Weiss Schollenbach, Deordorff MUN , er -4. .,.--f Ellllli lllllll The mosT Talked-of evenT of The year for The Girls' League was The Co-Ed Dance, when mem- bers of The The club had an opporTuniTy To inviTe The boys They had long been admiring To Their beauTiTul Sea Shell Shuffle. WhaT a romanTic nighT iT was-pouring down rain, The girls with sTraighT, sfringy hair, The boys smelling of wet wool sweafers. YeT The dance had The largesT aTTendance ever recorded for The Coeds. Why noT? The girls had paid The admissions! OTher memorable projeds were The Freshmen Tea, The League Play, and The beauTiTul Mother: DaUghTer BanaUeT in The spring. I Miss M. Hotchkiss, M U A, I l NJ ml 'J , i x ' I, ox , ,. A W--s: v-Q x Hill? lllllilll "Well, guys, today we have to decide-. Fel- lows, were ready to start our meeting . . . Men, can you hear me?" Have you ever seen your Boys' League Prexy, Jim Story, on bended knee pleading for quiet? The Prexy's cabinet has. And, believe it or not, on the twentieth plea the cabinet has finally become quiet. It has been said that some of our football heroes gossip worse than old ladies. Jim has also been faced with the impossibility of keeping the ushers at their posts. Every time they saw a girl, they were off after her. However, bravely shining through these dark hours, Jim has completed a successful year, which included Freshmen Day, the memorable Christmas Dance, "Winter Won- derland," and the terrific Boys' League assem- blies. ll? O . president . ' -President: J'm Slow' Tom Bishop, Vlce Segrs Bishop , 5T0fYf ' ' . 1 , Mr. Manning- Row t: Steubner, UHCOIN' Hunan' Qenbom B ton Green, Herkenrafh, Rice, Kruse, W9 Son Row 2- Mr. Grout, Stolle. ROB' Fauna' BUG' Ur ..if4.,.iiM. i Yi' Xi ., .i, ,sf , 'W Tix 1 iq. ,gc ., . , ,ap 4 F x Lo ' uine Berry, Secretary, Donna Gorham, President. Frances Petit, Fern Petit Domm po h L . ' 1 I' Um, ' Louine Berry, Pat Allen, I F V ,-., 51' x USP- nda Wellington llllllllllll "Shes a Madquin!" is a familiar phrase around your M-D community. The words recall the spring before when New Madquin members shed tears ' ' th of happiness for having the honor of wearing e Madquin emblem, This year has been filled with rewarding experiences, one of which was decorat- ing the goal posts b finding the crepe pap mess upon arriving that night at the game. An- other memorable project was ushering for the games and listening to the enthusiastic screams of "Sit down, we can't see!" and so your Madquins would find the only seat left, behind a pole nat- efore the football games and er a completely saturated urally. EP Foremw , I Doll Y , Berry Allen, AndrewS, E995'f"l' Snxlon ' Ross D0V'5i ' Row l: Wflghlf ' k Mss ' Ullorn, BVOO 5 Bechelerl W llington Gorham, PEW' Mullerfwvelssl . -, 9 i Row 21 AUSWW' Pal' ' Miller. .A. Sitting tensely in his seat and awaiting the familiar ring of his own name is all each Monarc can re- member ot last spring. And since then, all anyone else can recall is th - ' e ever present Monarc iacket being proudly displayed by its owner. Included in the memories ot' a great year for your Monarcs are such incidents as stret lvvhich wasn't quite far enou ders to connect the decorations w goal posts, the memorable Mo ching as far as possible ghl on shaking lad- ith the football narc party, and the unforgettable melee during the Mortar c-Faculty Basketball game. Row l- Kozj - owski, B sl E pwbaughk i top, arle, Braeger, Road, Buci, Sfgry' ROW 2: Heikenrath Dettb ' Gm, Ros , L' SGH, Shade, McNerneY, Harney Ksr lncoln' OVe'bGUQlW, John- use Fuller Fqum, 2. A Rgy Fau geo Tom BishoPf -lee Kozl Ser , Dove Kruse, retar , rio Vice-President: Winston FUlle" Sec Y President- ' Kenny johnsoni M G1 Arms, I F ng, Jim StorY wslci Neile Lincoln. Berlme BUG' ROY Gull O I Uno- 'lvl H 'L eg. 5, 5 gh Y . - 1 - J A 4 r ,kwa A A 1 54 , ,ff ww b :f uw g21l , ' f' l t fm--H' - if f f - ww Lf i ,Aff ii : ,." "lh I: . QQZ2 -' " 'Ji J . Aigyiik in 1,gg,5i?fMi.' Q6 22" 5.71: 7' C ' :Z ffshth.. ! WY " 'P 'fx .- .' 'f,,' , -. -, ' Q4-5'7" fi! X -, Q25 if Y- ,f, . 4 JZ' -' ,ah - x x . E T ' Q SV, Ni, ,gq-..n,. , ,II -39' V-. . .' K 5 1 if x 'ff ,N Mob , UUE T ZH H GH UH H HUU . x Row lg Bradt, Henderson, Holden, Stinson, Edwartds, Paschal, Harris, Harney, Swartz, Koviak, Reed, Harthan, Shanbacher, Snyder. Row 21 Mr. Kenneth Scheel, Lorimore, Oxtoby, McKay, J, Treydte, Barnes, Folts, Schofield, Rice, Hartgraves, Lilburn, Gill, Boclcmiller, Stich, Mr, Robert Oliver. Row 3: Machado, Henson, Bowser, Safferd, Fisher, Brown, Betts, Quick, Dollar, Childress, Hall, Reynolds, R. Sturgeon. Row 4: Zimmerman, Taugner, Noel, Woodgrift, Winkler, Phifer, Stanley Kozlowski, Horton, C. Jones, Wolters, Shephard, McKinley, Wilkinson. Row l: McNeil, Martin, Zubak, Brown, Mr. Leonard, Morris. Row 2: Pennington, Edwards, Grantz, Harkless, Peterson, Harney. Row li Carney, DeBovv, Allen, Choin, Oxtoby, McKay, Lindman, Hopps, Kigkade, Covert, A'cKinley, Mitchell. f Row 2: Anderson, Becherer, Kroener, Mongor, Steele, Trydte, Voden, Kram aebel Bates, Wright, Lintins. l Row 31 Miss Elmgren,hSeymour, Zubok, Schubert, Esry, Eiles, Bornt, Turville, Harkless, Mr. Long. 1 Row 4: Schurr, Scott, Reedler, Saylor, Johnson, Dettbarn, Ullom, Sowers. Harney, an, Martin, lllllli Ellillllllll As your representatives to conventions held with many other schools, your Junior Statesmen discuss and debate many current topics and problems of interest. With Mr. Kenneth Scheel and Mr. Robert Oliver as sponsors, your Junior Statesmen are learning the fundamentals of be- coming better and more intelligent citizens of their school Promoting the annual American Legion Oratorical Con- and community. test was the chief activity of the year for the Speech Arts Club. lt also sponsored the Lions Club contest and ended the year's activities by awarding the traditional trophy to the outstanding student speaker of the year, EQHUllillElllll SUEIHH Once in the fall and once in the spring, the brains, beauty, and brawn of the Scholarship Society leave the halls ot learning and enioy a movie or trip to the beach. 'Vi -O I 1 .l sni-ir. 1'--' 4 l ..l--- llllll ls Hi fs Xs! gi lll"llq .9 0 III. llxl 4 ff' 1 ,,,-1 3 is Row I Jalte, Hawes, Bell, Ackles, Bennett, Zisk, Klotz, Leahy, Shephard This year the Camera Cluh sponsored the "What ls lt? contest in which many students participated. Ken Rogers, Jack Esry, and Fred Couchman, three of the clubs mem- bers, contributed outstanding pictures to both the Mon- rovian and the Wildcat. Mr. John Hulihan and Mr Wes- ley Davison provided guidance for this shutteresnapping group. illl lllll llllllll llllllll Your Junior Red Cross Council has contributed greatly to making this a more wonderful year lor you, your school, and your community. Under Miss Madeline Emmerts helpful direction, members made tray decorations for the City ot Hope, wrapped packages for overseas at Christ mas, and carried on their annual successful drive tor l ll ll 9 , i il U l ll E HHH This enthusiastic group of Crusaders deserves recognition funds, this year, as it has in the past. The Crusaders enjoyed a Christmas fun-test, but their greatest accomplishment was the sponsoring of MeD's March of Dimes drive, IJ o 2 3 Q 2 Us 9 , 73 o co rv U- cn o 4 ra A r fi: 3 Q 3 or o 2 07 1 KX 0 c fs 5 X3 -vi E 3 i TE , . v 3 I ll mm R" Trydte Stinson, Post, Miss Emnwit Smith Vhilei Oxtoby, languer, Swartz, Steele, McKay Row l. Higbee, L DeBow Wennerbeig Baines, Nelson Crorharn, lucli-r, lawiunri Mrs, Michel Row 21 Payne, S DeBow, Kistner, Berrian, Hill, Hilo, Hartle, Rankin, Brown Qovv 3 McKinley, Hadley, Anderson Minnix Freeman, Blorngren, Vellcrty, Edwards, McCready, Jones, Row 4 Kroener, Clemens, laude-rs, Bowers Hardgiavr-, Osborne, Ki-Ily, Lloyfl -215s . l lllllll HUHSTS Although just organized this year, the Future Nurses have al- ready made their mark on cam- pus. They had a float in the Homecoming Parade and made several visits to nearby hospi- tals. Row I: Miss Kaiser, Reyes, Benzango, Countryman, Leahy, Cotton, Farris, Bunn, Mrs. Sharbonda. Row 2: Thompson, Schanbacher, Lori- more, Bennett, Wilson, Weller, Ackles. Row 3: Dillehunt, Walker, Ayala, Noel, Bell, Jenkins, Hargrove, Blomgren. Ullll lllllllllllllll The Future Homemakers, with a membership ot fifty girls, started this 'years activities by sending three delegates to the state con- vention at Asilornar in Novem- ber. They made food baskets at Christmas and in the spring at- tended a regional convention at Pomona. Miss Verenis and Future Homemakers Officers Meyers, Gould, Thompson, Har- riS0n. fl' lllllll HHEHTHE The Future Teachers had another profitable year in 1954-55, Their most enioyable activity was a field trip to the University of Southern California, where they were shown methods of teach- ing social studies in elementary schools. Mrs. Gladys Lee and Mr. George Reuter were their sponsors. Row I. Hopps, Barqes, Becherer. Row Q Mrs. Lee, Seyrnoijs, Soyeshima De-Bow, Query, Andrewsy Collins, Mr Reuter. Row 3. Phifer, Sowers, Lloyd, Patterson Ward, Rcegler, Saylor, Ullom, Oliver. Sllllll Kill Want to know something about minerals, metals, the life of Jo- seph Priestley, or astronomy? If you have been a member ot the Science Club, you have learned much this year about these Topics and many others from talks given by other stu- dents during monthly meetings Row l: Yerman, Harris, Martin, Miller, Kroener, West, Crane, Townsend. Row 2: Mr, Ward, Mitchell, Burt, Siren, Davis, Patotzka, Philpot, Strathrnann, Kelly, White, Stinson, Mr. Dunson. lllllllll Ellll The purpose ot the Radio Club this year has been to further the knowledge of its members in radio and electronics. The mem- bers also took a field trip to the KHJ television station in Holly- wood. Row lg Hebert, Snowden, Mr. Swyke, Higbee, Barrington. Row 2: Welch, Mattice, Calaway. Hllllll lllllllll year the Spanish Club be- its activities with a Christ- dinner at El Poche Restau- rant in San Gabriel. At one ot the if regular meetings the members were given instructions in Span- ish dancing by Ramon Peraita, M-D's new student from Madrid, Spain. To climax a profitable and enjoyable year, the club traveled to Padua Hills to learn about the customs of our Span- ish-speaking neighbors. Row la Permta, Bocanegra, Dorninis. Row 2: Fredericks, Hile, Hartle, Meyers, Yoder, Weiss, Wedberg. Row 3: Sowers, Campbell, Becherer, Query, Haynes, Sturgeon, Scott. Row 4: Miss Rogers, Price, Griialva, Roine. 79 JI f 5 Row Row Pow Pow L llllll llSHl3ll Elllll If you see ony boys oround with slightly lop- sided shoulders ond one very rnusculor orm, you con be sure they ore one of the film-running experts ot the Audio-Visuol Department, trained efficiently by Mr. Eugene McAllister. Ulllllllll lllllllll 'Chili todoy ond hot tornolef' l-low old con 0 joke get? However, this old one still goins o grin frorn your weother forecoster when oll the godgets ond mothemoticol colculotions end in confusion. Row lg Mr. Dunson, Reegler, Becherer,Sc1xton,Hopps, Brrtdt Row 2: Tyler, Sornuels, Kiley, Ferro, Ripe, Eurlo, Broegci Row 3' Couchmon, Wehrung, Pennington, Bowden Burns, Reed, Horney. Row 4- Creme, Johnson, Shade, Townsend, Harris, McNerney, Burt Row 51 Kroenerl, West, Stelle, Sheldon, Moberly, Wrinlit, Dertbrirn llllll HHH Sllllll bers of Quill ond Scroll cloirn. Still it doesn't toke tolent to hove fun dt odviser Mrs. Thelmo Thompsons initiotion porties. Row l Uhler, Herlqenroth, Austin, lurvlll, Ermrle Row 2 Mrs. Thompson, Mitchell, Covert, Fxecherw, Metcoll, Rryero, Vooen, Soxton, Schollenbrich 0 :QU xl, lllllllill Ellll Behind the circulating desk in the library stand Mrs. Patricia De Merre and Miss June Jahr, ready to help Madites find material for that U.S. history research paper, English book report, or Frosh problems project. Row I Vit-tio, Brown, A Blank, Lundberg, Stewart, Cotton, Kistner, Botanegia Row P Zisk, Rivera, Baiiivtt, Voyles, Blackwell, Lipps, Kelle Iwi, Salter, Mis. De Metre Row 3 I Blank, Coty, fallen, lorirnore, lfartcr, Clemens lallett, Sclimiilt Row 4: Wiityiit, llioinas, Bates, Bennett, Bell, Bradford, Ware, Wicklntriii llllll Hlill lillllS SlllllllE Your Boys and Girls Staters spent one week last summer at Sacramento, learning how your state govf ernment operates and enjoying meeting other Boys' and Girls' Staters. Uyt-ibtiiigh Bishop, Becheier, Harney Wi l llfllll Happily splashing paint in a room that reeks of tuipentine and teeins with creative ideas, Miss Doro- thy Clemmons' Paletteers created gold-trimmed or' naments for decorating classrooms at Christmas time, bright red feathers for aiding the Community Chest drive, and spectacularly colorful decorations for the "Sea Shell Shuffle." The busy Paletteers found time lor an excursion to Walt Disneys studio, where they watched professional artists at work. ROW 1 Stink, J Treydte, Wilkinson, Veenboer Pius, Studebaker, Kioener, Fioehdch, Wolpert, Lewis, Stockdale, Soyesliima, McNeill, L ireyrltfr, MISS Dow . , i . r l Cl, 5. H , T l , K. Lauritson, M lows l'lV""' Lib' qerttggirtnhy Scot' gwm gptegel Nouqtttl Sgylor, ,Mullerg Beseke, Montgomery, Caughlin, K Lauritson ow 9 ow A- I ' i f s i ' ' ' , Oliver, H Galt, Gee, Crow, Herrera, DeCliClliS ROW 3 Harmon, OKOltI10l I Acuna, folov-Dark, Gardner, Ellefson, D. Samuels, Lamm, 0W9Yf Fx '54 ' wiki .X ,I I, I Row Row Row Row -1 llll lllll Shoe shine? This was the question prote itably asked by your Key Club last Jan- uary on its annual Shoeeshine Day. This Kivvanisesponsored club also held a solt drink sale on Monrovia Day and a dance in the spring. Row l. Draper, Green, Scott, Sheldon Row 2: White, J. Rood, Story, Clarke, Burton, Ewell Atlas, Bua, Mr. McCray Row 3. Macarney, Bishop, Burns, W. Rood, Braeger, Gronkzik, Fauna. Row 4: Bornt, Nutt, Anderson, Warren, Rogers, Ful ler, Kruse, Sears, lllelellllellel Ellllll l-li-Y and Tri-l-li-Y Council members dis- cuss the problems and achievements ot your Hi-Y's and Tri-l-li-Y's. Through their activities, including presenting your Eas- ter assembly and sponsoring a dance, as Well as many other contributions, they Work for you, your school ,and your community. Row lv Reed, Smith, Wood, Adams, Whitlow Row 2: Knaggs, Peck, Covert, Kinkade, R, Sturgeon M. Jones, S. Sturgeon. Row 3: Taugner, Farris, Miss Walker, Noel, Metcalf, Bergfors, Villalobos, Ullom, Dorninis l: Bockes, Fisher, McCall, R, Bornt, Reyes, .l, Fauna, K. Lincoln, G. Bishop, Pankopf. 2: Bua, Story, Draper, T, Bishop, Braeger, Burton, Shoemaker, Green, Mr Manning. 3: N. Lincoln, R. Fauria, Stuebner, Grondzik, Rice, Town, B. Bornt, Dudley, Mr. Grout. 4: Watson, Johnson, Dettbarn, Lamm, Stolle, Shade, Sears, Kruse, ,425 J ' x nv ' 3 3: ,f I .:,,g',:. -. ph ' ll ll iiiii 3' 55' Row l. Moss, Strauglin, Hatfield, Vaughn, Parr, Schoellenback, Kinkade, Wood, Coleman, Ostergaard, Collins Row 2- Miss Mayer, Deardorff, Scott, Stein, Dominis, Walker, Wedberg, Sturgeon, Kramer, Jones The Civinettes, under the direction of Miss Lois Mayer, have accomplished much this year. Carving pumpkins for Santa Teresita Sanitorium was the first project for the girls. They also served at the Sports Award Dinner, made food packages for Thanksgiving, decorated the Christmas tree in M-D's main hall, and stuffed toy animals for Christmas gifts. The Civitans had another busy year, again proving their worth as a valuable service organization. After many hours of hard work and planning they co-sponsored with the Civi- nettes a winning float inthe Homecoming Parade. In March they were again busy, this time sponsoring the P.T.A. dance. Besides all this hard work, the Civitans also found time to relax and enioy themselves by having several potluck din- ners at the homes ofthe members. Row lr Lyon, Johnston, Austin, Carter, Patotzka, Fauria, Ray, Woodgrift, Healey, Oliver Row 2. Mr. Ryan, Town, Ross, Burt, Stelle, Harris, Dettbarn, Burt, Peterson, in lllllll -sn- -- A6 I 4-O Q T1 Y. 4' MF! N v l 3 xi? Hlllll llllllll , fr. yQ,ulh0J fll lllllllllllll You walk into the auditorium, tind your seat, and wait tor the performance to begin. Then, from near the stage, comes a musical strain, and the twenty-tour members ot your Monrovia-Duarte High School Orchestra provide you with appropriate music tor awakening a responsive mood. You are proud to belong to a school with such an orchestra. Two members ot M-D's orchestra, Marilyn Greve and Desiree Mongar, belong to the San Gabriel Valley Symphony Orchestra, and tive others, Jean Pelkey, George Grizenko, John Carlson, Norman Coupland, and Zoe Olson, are members of the San Gabriel Valley Junior Orchestra. Furthermore, one member, Desiree Mongar, has attained the distinction of being chosen to participate in the state district honor orchestra. This year your school was host for other school orchestras during the State Musical Festival, held at M-D in March. This has been an active year for your orchestra, which continually progresses in ability from September to June under the able instruction ot Mr. Harold Scott. Your orchestra is truly an asset to you, your school, and your community. l-'ow I. Pelkcy, Greve, Moor, Hayes, Carlson, Prior, Sclianbacher Row 7: Grizenko, Murphey, Smith, Clarke, Mongar, Johnson, Norton, Olson, Wrzenski, Yerman, Allen. Pnw 3- Scott, l?oe,Potter, Rogers, Anderson, Couplancl f an Q -..- . .- 'l Q' l ' - i ""i. -Q-f-V Alison, Clinton Blomquist, Robbin Boyd, Anthony Drury, Richard Henfsch, David Koons, Marland Amon, Larry Burdon, Noel Cgrrrighf, Jerry Ellefson, Becky Hough, Dgvid Koslowski, Frank Becker, Dgnny Brubaker, David Dgmewood, Bob Ellison, Gary Jenson, Sgm Lemmon, Randy Beldon, Glenn Bfvant, Bill Debow, Lois Gordon, Gerry Johnson, Bruce Loe, Mike Bimq, Alf-in Boulton, Alan Diqkensgn, D071 l'lGl'I'lS, Bob Kiley, Bill MONTE, Walter Jlllllll Hill Moss, Albert Peters, Jim Rogers, Ronald Russell, Bob Schipper, Stephen Shafer, Sammy Sillasen, David Wallace, Gary Wennerberg, Betty Whitlow, Suzanne Day after day, month after month, the members of your Junior Band conscientiously work on scales and pieces. Why are they inspired to work so hard? That's easy. They soon will become members of that senior group to which they aspire. A few mem- bers ofthe neophyte group have already had the honor to be asked to perform with the marching band. Mr, Max Cramer di- rects the junior band. Ellllilll HHHU ln the course of a year members of your Concert Band receive instruction in the fundamentals of playing in an instrumental ensemble and become acquainted with a wide range of music literature. Their officers this year were Lewis Johnston, presi- dent, Don Dyke, vice-president, Pat Allen, secretary, Gedene Clark, librarian, and Judith Potter, public relations. Their new band director, Mr. Max Cramer, who will help them for their annual spring concert, has already succeeded in increasing the number of members in the group. Allen, Claire Allen, Pat Amon, Larry Bannister, Donna Bartlett, Bob Bima, Alan Bishop, Gordon Blackburn, Ted Blomquist, Robbin Bowden, Larry Boulton, Alan Bowers, Norman Boyd, Anthony Brooks, Wayne Brown, Paul Brubaker, David Bryant, Bill Burdon, Noel Challette, Jan Clark, Gedene Debow, Lois Diffley, Paul Dyke, Don Ellefson, Becky Gordon, Geraldine Johnston, Bruce Harris, Bob Johnston, Lewis Hensch, David Kiley, Bill l-loush, David Koons, Marland Jay, Alfred Kozlowski, Frank Jenkins, Bill Mante, Walter Jensen, Sam Lemmon, Randy Johnson, Carol Martin, Howard McDonald, Dawn Miller, Bob Mongar, Desiree Moss, Albert Olson, Zoe Overbaugh,, Bob Pink, Frances Potter, Judy Pulin, Marvin Rogers, Ronald Russell, Bob Schipper, Steven Schlax, Ronald Shafer, Samuel Stacy, Ronald West, David White, Gary Whitlow, Suzanne Wallace, Gary Yerman, Edwin 'Q -' - 5 w :- ,Q f bmw' fi-, lx -sffqwfsg N Q V xr s , X e 4, aw 'kg gl i f 353' ,vii N X? 5 gy mv 3 Vagiig K . Q ' I .fn .W V x 1 x. F. v' 2-ta ' 1 X Q x . ! fv':r3.f Ev 79? Q: 23, S 5 Q .. 3 'G' ' Q' .rw . 'if ,V V qw 5 5 5' 5 2 5. ' r if 1 I sg' Q: -' . 3 3 1 x .4 ' l' , . . , U , ' f fy s J, Q L sd I 'A ' - l - - - 35es',1,? Adams, Larry Burt, John Carpenter, Phyllis Emerson, Pat Folts, Hal Hatfield, Sue Holt, Eugene Jimmerson, Marilyn Baumgartner, David Brown, Betty Chilcoate, Robbie Farris, Beverly Gerfen, Tom Hatfield, Kay Houston, Danny Kramer, Louise Bess, Paul Bridges, Brenda DeBow, Bethany Farris, Bobbie Gould, Charles Harlan, Doug Henderson, Mary Kelleher, Sue Boyd, Frederick Bridgespltflixrilyn DeNoon, Jon Fisher, Douglas Gorham, Donna Hayworth, Pat Johnson, Ernest Kustner, Barney Burns, Bob X Becker, Pat I Ehlert, John Fisher, Richard Giboney, Terry Hardesty, Eve Jones, Barbara Kistner Barbara Elilillll ll Under the skilled direction of Mr. Chester Ullom, Concert Choir Il has brought great enioyment to the citizens ot the community at Rotary Club and Woman's Club meetings and also to many other groups, including the State Superintendents' Convention at Long Beach and assemblies at Whittier and Citrus Junior College and South Pasadena High School. Their singing, together with that ot Concert Choir l, in the Christmas program, "Gloria," and the Spring Concert will long be Ellllllll Concert Choir I, with its selected membership, has won great praise for itself in appearances before the State Superintendents' Convention at Long Beach, at a Ladies' Day meeting of the Los Angeles Kiwanis Club, and at a Spring Festival at Bridges Auditorium in Claremont, where they ioined Concert Choir ll in a Spring Festival, "Feature Program for '55." remembered. Anderson, Kim Carter, Allen Edwards, Bill Harkless, Leroy Kinkade, Myrna Patrick, Bruce Ullom, Carol Austin, Ann Clark, Donald Erles, Dick Hoegee, Harriet Manwarren, Ronald Roberts, Marqaret Simpson, Judy Brooks, Brllye Covert, Bonnie Graeme, Gregg Jones, Richard Ostergaard, Marie Ross, Nancy Roe, Alice May logan, Tom Martinez, Richard Noel, Susan lynn, Edward McKee, Phyllis Peck, Sherry Molina, Thomas McKee, Corinne Parr, Sunny Mackie, Jim Martin, Mary Peterson, Dorothy Morgan, Terry Mazzarrella, Pat Peterson, Fred Porter, Bart Plata, Mike Purbaugh, Jim Ray, Dennis Reneker, Susan Ross, Jim Romney, Jane Ricks, Patsy Scott, Virginia Scott, David Stelle, Jim Smith, Roger Schuler, Roger Snyder, Carol Snyder, George lllHHUllllll lllll xSeymour, Jack Vaughn, Brenda Skelton, Bill Wcllker, Susan Thompson, Arlene Weaver, Robert Taugner, Lynita Winkler, Dick Theiler, Gary Wilkins, Bob Providing an opportunity for students to enioy each others performances of keyboard music is the purpose of the Keyboard Club. Together with their sponsor, Mr. Jut Williams, who is himself a talented organist, the group held regular meetings and completed the year with a party. The officers of the club are Barton Price, president, Judy Carson, secretary, and Larry Deem TFGCISUFGF. Row I1 Rankin, Betts, Deem, Larson, Row lg Dyer, Roby, Parker, Peat, Pius, Raine, Lundberg, Kelly. Row 3: Mr. Williams, Ayala, Jaffe, Wright, Miller, Kroener, Edborg, Price, Jessen. Asbury Sandra Connolly, l-'at Glidden, Virginia K9llOQQ, Suzanne Baldridqe Pat Coons, Mary Etta Goddard, Shirley Ledbetter, Jeanette Belin Gayle Cunningham, Rosemary Hall, Coral Lilburn, Claire Brown Treevo Davis, Janet l-lalley, Bonnie Little, Donnette Caldwell Lynda Evans, Barbara Hamberq, Lee Ann Loiimore, Ann Carter Joan Farris, Betty Hedrick, Josetta Lucero, Esther Carter Sandra Farr, Donna Hill, Barbara Lynde, Carolyn Clemens Mary Feltus, Elaine Jessey, Betsy McGehee, Sheila Mclntrre, Jackie McKinley, Jean McNeese, Katy Miller, Janalee Miller, Shirley Mortenson, Donna Muller, Yvonne Nelson, Sharlene Peterson, Margo Phillips, Judy Pierce, Judy Pollard, Pat Reyes, Roseavis Rice, Cynthia Scholl, Darlene Schoonover, Beverly Snyder, Stacia Sturgeon, Rosemary Tucker, Joan Turner, Betty Westbrook, Faustine White, Virginia Walt, Dorothy HUVHHETU Ellllg' Elil BLUE The Advanced Girls' Glee Club members with their lovely voices are trained by Mrs. Hedvig Finkenbinder to make each song really live. During the year the girls have sung in "Gloria," at a Parent-Teachers Association meeting in February, and at the Girls' Glee Club Assembly in May. They were also important contributors to the Spring Concert Program, i'Feature Program tor '55." HUHS' Elii Mil Under the excellent direction of Mr. Chester Ullom, the Boys' Glee Club completed another successful year ln cluded in the groups activities were singing in the Christmas Program, "Gloria," and in the Spring Concert The boys have worked hard and will receive a deserved reward when they are promoted to membership in Mixed Chorus. Barkley, James Brown, Raymond Graeme, Robin Masterson Michael Olegario, Willie Town, Ed Berg, Alvin Brown, Wallace Hadley, Bill McCall, Jerry Ross, Danny Urbanski, Richard Bornt, Richard Davis, Ron Jackson, Clarence Mann, George Roehrich, Jarnes Vandenlaurg, Michael Braida, John De Cuir, Roger Jason, Darrell Manning, Wayrnond Schlax, Bob Wahl, Bobby Brando, Rudy Gee, Bob Kullbom, Steve Moreland, Jerome Sowels, Archie Wallers, Ronald Brown, John Gordon, Wayne Martin, Richard Oatiez, Jesse Stacy Ron Hamburg, Lee Anno llll llll lllllllll Don Clarke, accomplished vocalist and piC1f1lSl The Four Polka Dots: Bethany DeBow, Donna Gorham, Elaine Blomgren, Carol Ullom Eve Hardesty, vibraharp artist Versatile Judy Coleman in version ot Charleston 9l S X I 3 X i uf. 'ANTH' Q I pdf , I I 1 -7 HP Q'h'5"4y 4 Y N 'QL D ff?" . s I .--Q 'l , . ?5l5"!i",,6 ,Q Jxl- W 10" 'J Jr x PQ 4 lu. Q. I ,Y 5 ' 1 e'L353g.'i . ip 5 X 1- '9' P'- 'KQV '55 Qwf ' ' v , . 3 . ff! lllllllll llllllll ' ' "Young April" was the opening production ot the Thespians for this year. Ann Austin starred as the lovely Terry Mclntyre in this clever play. Complicating Terry's lite were her father, played by Charles Phifer, her mother, Fern Petit, and her brother, Barry Martin. The men in her lite were Terry Harney as Bert Parsons, Robert Swartz as Stewart Miller, and Paul Dittley as Brian Stanley. Last years award-winning actress, Frances Petit, appeared in this play as Mrs. Miller, mother ot Stewart Miller. Being light comedy, "Young April" provided an enjoyable evening tor all, 'x Ply. ug ll '-ti charles Phiter Fein ll' llllllll' Ably directed by Miss Amie Gilbert and Mr. Chester Ullom, this years Christmas pageant, "Gloria," told the beautiful Christmas story ot the birth of Christ, Pat Ward was student director, and Charles Phifer was coordinator of the over tour hundred members of the cast. Donna Mc' Fadden and Dick Winkler played the parts of Mary and Joseph. The music, stage settings, and dramatization were beautifully united into a memorable production. Hurry Mriitin Ann Auviii, Vrmlri lvistvlliimi T 4 45.4n-4 P l Dttlev Ann Austin Frnnu-s l'Pll' Slmlon Nolllpll nu ' tt Al Rowe Paul Diftletft GeorQ0 Wo0rlQ"ll' DOUG Hmllm , l 1-lknrt kGI0l9 lyml ...- ,OWJ fs'-gg' w , 1 llll lUlllllllllE Elllll lllllll Courageously shouldering the iob ol constructing stage- sets, changing scenery, and controlling the lighting of M-Ds dramatic productions is the industrious stage crew Under the capable supervision of Mr. Joe Burcham, the group set up attractive stages tor all performances. Pow l- Rehnlce, Kirlchani, Qovvan, Blaem, Mr Burcharn Row 2' Craigmyle, Heritage, Jordan, Gruber, Alan, B. King Pow 3- Clarkson, Samuels, Michaels, falaway, llll l3lHHlllE In the entertainment department at M-D, the Thespians hold a coveted position. They have reason to be proud of their plays here at school and their successful ap- pearances in the one-act play contests at the Pasadena Playhouse and at the The-spian Festival at Montebello. Jason, Ball THESPIANS Row l: Fern Petit, Wedberg, Griffo, Hubingei Jensen, Melton, Draper, Nelson, Johns Row 2: Miss Gilbert, Sturgeon, Castellano, Taugner, Petit, Patterson, Chatfield, Mclntire, M. Martin. Row 31 Austin, Swartz, Patotzkci, Harkless, Rowe, B. Martin. dden D nna MCFQ Roxie Hvblngel and O lllU'S lHUlHlHlllS llllllll M.D.'s mummers presented their tournament play, Rachel Field's "Three Pills in a Bottle," at the Pasadena Play- house on March 22. Fantasy, gaiety and sadness com- bined to set the mood of the play. Tana, the wistful little girl who from her window greeted busy passersby, was played by Julie Melton. Widow Sims, her mother, was ably portrayed by Frances Petit. Charles Phifer acted the part ot a pompous, wealthy gentleman, Bob Swartz was his ragged, care-worn soul. A tolling scis- sors grinder was portrayed by Paul Ditfley, and his dashing, troubadour soul by Barry Martin. A contrast to the bent, kindly scrubwoman, played by Fern Petit, was her dancing, star-dust adorned soul, played bv Ann Austin. Behind the scenes were Miss Amie Gilbert, drama director, Donna McFadden and Roxie Hubinger student directors, and many others who worked to make this year's entry a clever production. Julie Melton, Paul Diffley, Barry Martin Eve Hardesty, Shurlene Nelson, Frances Petit , My ' aff' 1 A gl f s' . f ' "!lj?7"b-1 . Nfl! . .5 4. M Q . r-gs ,SE . V s- - V 'L ' 35, Charles Phiter, Suzanne Kellogg Bob Swartz Q s HUHH llllllltg EHl5lllll llllEUUlllTllS The purpose of the Catskill Racquetteers is to improve girls' Tennis and to bring together girls of like interest Activities the members have participated in This year 5 , include tennis matches with Whittier, Covina, and I ' , 7 , Q l I , l X' -T f 6 7 Anoakia, and special parties within The group. CATSKILL RACQUETTEERS Row l: Thompson, Veenboer, Shirk, Oster gaard, Hopps, Gould. Row 21 Sturgeon, Walker, Goebel, McNeese, ' Mrs Brelos, Llovd, Muller, Reealer Gnrlmm The Moiorette Club, under the leadership ot your tive marching maiorettes and Mrs. Betty Thornton, consists ot titty girls, of whom only the secondeyear members are pictured. These girls meet after school and learn the tvvirls and routines from the regular maiorettes Looking ahead, members of The Maiorette Club hope some day To become leading maiorettes themselves, ,Rf- MAJORETTES Row lf Ostergaard, Jirnerson, MrGehee, Gne bel, Brooks. Row 2: Leonard, Mulligan, S. Noel, Swartz, Raine. Rovv 2: P. Allen, Austin, Soyeshima, Duarte, Friedman, Moss, Lindman, Saxton, Kremer, Metcalf, Row I S Halley Row 3: Mis. Yenney, Ullom, C. Allen, Lloyd, Reegler, Saylor, Goebel, Patterson, Petit, Dollar, Becherer, L. Holley, Sovvers, Muller, Spiegel, Mrs. Thornton. of .fl C A 'R " , ' A If" 5 . it A 401 'si Q-vu llllllllllll Ullllllll The Letterntens Club had an active year as they sponsored Campus Clean-up, saw rnany interesting sport movies, and brought about the introduction of Lettermen iackets. Sponsored by Mr. Verl Murray, the boys participated in every phase ot Monrovia's sports program, Johnston Anrleisnn, Dettbarn, Herkenrnth, Bartlett lllllll ll To be eligible tor Circle M a girl must have secured l4OO points by participating in sports before and alter school, Each year Mrs. Yenney entertains these girls at her cabin in the Valley ot Enchantment at Crestline. Duarte, C Allen, Saylot, Spiegel, Saxton, Re-eglet Patterson, P. Allen, Soyeshima Mrs Yenney Hllllll ll Block M is composed of M-Ds top athletesgthose who have earned three hundred points by lettering in different sports. The club president, John Dett- ltatn. is one example ot the talented athletes in the group. Some ot the clubs activities included Campus Cleanup and a Faculty-Student Noon Dance, which liloclr M and Circle M sponsored iointly. Row 1: Reyes, Bua, Purbaugh. Row 2: Earle, Johnston, Powers, Loller. Row 3: Bornt, Roby. Row 4: Dettbarn, Walker, Bartlett. lllllll lllllllll. . . 1 " ,,,,"p1 bu ' f"",:, 5. RJ f. ff'r2,i- ,Ye V3 1 lo Anii Beclielu 1. V9""Y'W Editor-in-Chief: Jo Ann Becherer Adviser, Mrs, Thelma Thompson Have you ever saT in your first period class and Tried To read The laTesT copy of The 'TWildcaT"-which is wedged inconspicuously beTween your knees and The desk-while The Teacher casually sfrolls down The aisle Toward you? AlThough This Trick is noT rec- ommended To The sTudenTs who wanT high grades, iT is noT uncommon To find many a sTudenT Trying To geT away wiTh iT in many a Friday morning class. ApparenTly a perusal of The paper is worTh The risk. EdiTor-in-chief JoAnn Becherer and her ediTorial sTaTT of Paul Turvill, Gwen Vaden, ChrisTy Schollenbach, Bonnie Coverf, and Carmen MiTchell worked madly each Tuesday morning wiTh wrinkled brows and clicking TypewriTers, racing To meef The Three o'clock deadline and The approval of Their very capable adviser, Mrs. Thelma Tnompson. Their eTforTs, combined wiTh Those of The eTficienT sporfs sTaTT of Mike Uhler, Woody AusTin, Tom Earle, and Ronny Swope, and The calm and sysTemaTic business sTaTT of Sharon Kollar, Maryan Koviak, Maxine Weinfeld, Arlene Thompson Rosemary Leahy, and Donna MeTcalf, resulTed in The regularly scheduled Friday appearance of yourprize-winning newspaper. WILDCAT STAFF Paula Baron, Jo Ann Becherer, HarrieT Bernard, Norman Bowers, Phyllis Carpemer, Bonnie Coverr, Rhoda Fair, Jackie Johnson, Sharon Kollar, Maryan Koviak, Glenn Kuklewski, Rosemary Leahy, Donna MeTcalT, Carmen MiTchell, Caryl Prather, David Renaker, Kenneth Rogers, ChrisTy Schoellenbach, Verda Sink, Barbara Smith, Ronny Swope, Arlene Thompson, Paul Turvill, Michael Uhler, Gwen Vaden, Susan Walker, Maxine Weinfeld, Melba Wood. i S- .,,-- THE LUHUUH if -ms . I P A l i O' 5 1' n 1 'I f"AKnN v 2- 'Q 1. Hllllli Hllllllll. . . A' Janice Saxton Kent Herkenrath Barbara Rivera Have you ever wondered what goes on in THAT room during sixth period? Miss Kathryn Geddes, Monrovian sponsor, can testify that when the Monrovian staff meets, 20 Main bears more than a little resemblance to bedlam as each staff member goes to work on his pet project. Your T955 Monrovian shows the results of their activities. Fred Couchman, photographer, snapped many of the prize pictures for you, including those king-size division page pictures. Gayle Dominis' skill put your organization section together. Kent Herkenrath edited the sports section extraordinary, assisted by George Winchell, who also had the tough chore of keeping the "Bestest" results secret. Carolyn Stinson combined her journalistic and diplomatic talents to compile the faculty pages. Diane Lawson, Martina Miller, and Leroy Harkless made up the trio of scissors-snippers, Leroy to clip snaps for his pride and ioy, the senior pages, Martina and Diane to sever choice items for the "morgue" and pictures for the snap section. You may credit Jan Saxton for many of the Monrovian's original layouts and for special work on the student leaders section. Here and there throughout the book you will find Barbara Rivera's clever touch, especially in the features section and in the art work. Pat Saylor covered such exciting events as G.A.A. Play Day to fill the girls' sports section. Howard Kuhnert flashed both contracts and smiles at Monrovia, Arcadia and Duarte merchants as he sold space for the advertising section. The hectic work went on-and on-and on, sixth periods, after school hours, weekends, holidays- And now it's over. There aren't any more deadlines to meet, dummies to plan, pictures to take, or advertisements to sell. The ten- sions, worries, and crises are things of the past. But so are the excitement, the satisfactions, and the glory of creating your T955 Monrovian. W Wummvmn fi 4' l-I-,E ,' ,..,- M ueauuvi 166934 , , gilxill t Ein 5 i. JQVNS- 0 " A .f ' ,.. f ' " 'u Q. Q, x ' Agn ga 0 -,E v- . M LJ -:AAA,kkR.A:g5riA. 1 RQ x nil,-A i . .kkfn 'vs' .asv ww . - . ff 1 ,J M, 9-he 'Q A' as-4 .Q Q ' - - ' si V '1 1 f' ,, , , , I + ,A w ,f+f,,LAl',.' ' in 5, ff..-:S12,ff5"5:! .Q A O .QNX - 7, 4,51 5, 1. .. Q 1 1 ' g , -z4...ff-g . , , 14" . . N, fe' 'F7 ,f::A.fiR.,,:fQF,b. fffx-,xg if tt., ,pf "' ,. , lfgj ' , A-, . x,.r ,, .v 5,--k,w.f'Q'Y:Lif?,x.' JY' 'ji-,g,'L" ' Qfhyxkl , 'I K: ,e I.. , t 7 V vm ' I K 'A .-x x! ' 1. iQ.'71.""xW" ' ' ' "' ' , lull" ' SA W-.5"' Ai, - Q ,ax 'yg': , m5+frsaSasv J, fa ' C-rsxf '53 , ,J ,, .L,4- . -- . -15 - Q.. ,, ' A., X ,. .J Y- I J -A x Q.. A .' 5 V. - H' A , 1, Q M , M ' Q 0 Q.. -1 o Q A 5 LA: Q55 N-: A 'ha ,N ' " . - ,...- N - K ,-4 N-4 . , bf H Q-if L X' X" .4-3.1, - W 4 .S - 'f' Q Q l 9' Q 5-'31 - g 4 " 414 ,f M ,Lx as 'L . 4 h. f- -Q13-:FA .J 5 7'A"',i-' f "' 'fx . x ' , .1 ' .M ,- y -s ... wwf... I ,X 0.9 x. ' V 5.4: .A ix ' ig ff I 'S , ' "' ,. L .4 - 1 J T , rr , , " E- 'V 1-8 9 " . , N t 5 if 5 ., ,X "" A 1 - . x -'- .. ' :A ,Q 5 -'-x , 'av Y -sg . 5' .,g. s-A-17. Sir X ' " . wg . ' 51' cl ., 4 --' ' , ' g - . N' ' "is, . 'ii' .n ' , A .W I ., ,K -ob 'X t , N.-' ' K ' 'UC' 1 s ' r ...nn , , vi 4",v ' . ' , , A VC., , .1 i , - - u . ' 4. . .1 - I 'X , . gym . -QQ L I- , 'gghpf-Q'-,X Q A ln A Ntkse' . , H, Q. L q X - , ' 1 s rs 1 ,I xl A N 1 - ' 1 x , r x, X x' ' "L Y. -f 'W T ojm I' ' K-r," .,f, 1'1" xl. ' ' mi? ' 'Q I ' g 2 :fs u . 1 Q, - , I I x' ' s ' , ' -aw X! x Mil' . , !,rl I , ,p 'vu q x Q. ,gpm J L- '-ps' xi' .v -wa N! ' 4 P i- - Q fx Cf: an Q., v. N? Q: lla t, U ,1- 1' 4, Q N. -a -www ,I M s ejxh Q ! Y 2 . Q 5 if 5 " 7 2 ig K ., Q , 1 4 R A Q . f a Q, g f Y-"x Nj -I' 3. ! N . 'll' , ,YK in A 0-v 1 . i I u it w K 5 ' lllllSIlH 1 4 A . li f . 5.5 I I lllll. . ll .4 l' A ls ' 'I "-'1 :ow lg Plaia, Fuller, Folts, Sears, Burton, Kruse, Loller O'Brien Deffbum Lomm F . B, h ow 2, Hayes' Adomsl Hush d H . ' ' f , auriu, IS op. Row 3: West, Mgr Bua Shoecnk omson' Slllllde' Robells' ROSS' Green, Hill, Austin, Lincoln, Peterson, Carter. ., , ma er, Story, Lewis, Johnson, Gorman, Clarkson, Powers Town Krieg Earle Miner Mg F' h M ' ' ' I . r., inc , gr. x Head Coach John Daniels ,J Captain Bennie Bua i Your two capable coaches, Mr. John Daniels and Mr. Al Katich, have this to say of the '54 Varsity football team: "These kids played good, hard, clean football. Win or lose, they were members of one of the finest groups of boys we have ever coached. We considered it a privilege to belong to such an outstanding team-one of the gamest ever to repre- sent M-D!" combined with little depth and even less weight, put Lack ot experience, two strikes against your Wildcats. Injuries and colds did their best to add the third strike. Still, the team won two games and lost two by one point two by one touchdown, and three by two touchdowns. Its not whether a team wins or loses that's important, but how the boys play the game. Your Wildcats of '54 comprised one of the gamest teams ever to represent M-D! . J .1 S Q 4 L '-5f'Ee?iti ii eil 'ill f ' ll lim Backfield Coach Al Katich 'P T ' . Larry Clarkson Wildcat of Week Warren Lamrn Wildcat of Week BIG Most lrnproved Player of Year Dove Krug? Week Wxldwl All-Leogue lst Wig Mew Preston Burton lsr Sfring Guard Frank Barfleff lst String End 3vCl 5xn0Q TEN Travis Loller Wildcat of Week 2nd String All-League 8.4 Chuck Sears 2nd String All-League Bennie Bua Wildcat of Week 2nd String All-League John Detfbarn Defensive Middle Guard Neue Li VVIIQI ncoln week W'ldCaf of year C'0f9 s Halfboczoemake, I' ,- ' i ig. M if W .. T'Uvi Holfl-,ack S Lolfer if D r R' John D Holfboczfrbarn Howie p Hclfbcckowefs ' I is y ' , in - 1 ,1- l in A Jim Srory Quorrerbock K e End and n Hush Roserneod proved to he no equol for the revenge-seeking Mon rovions os they Went oll-out to regain the previous weeks loss to Whittier. John Dettbcxrn ond Neiie Lincoln sparked on iron line thot ollovved the Panthers C1 rnere two tirst downs While the 'Cots picked up 111 tor themselves. As the fourth qudrter ended, the scoreboard told the story: M-D, 31, Roserneod, O. P his After oofsformg Yiwu Alhambra Moors, 21-6 mm The fnrst half, 1Iw NVD Wsldccxfw were unable to cope WMM C1 second-lwcml' fully of the Moors amd dropped The HIT, 33-21. Travis Loller ugum c4er1wov1sYruIvci ,WIS AllfLGc1gUo obilwies, Us he gained cm ovvrogo of IO vcwrds per Curry cmd scored two Touch- downs, I? OV Four! End O Po r ode Qfkfe S3 Sh HOWQrd DQV e Kruse Glford LOW Cf Qrk Quorrerbq Son Ck Fullbock Oms I Warren Lam Tvckl., D' I Lody Luck vvdsni with The Green ond Wliiie, ds they out shone The Red Devil squad in every phase of ploy hut one --Wthe final score. Bennie Bud played ci great game, scoring hoih of The Cars TDS. A Wildccul drive fell shorf on the eighffyord stripe os The gun sounded with The score of 19-13 vfss-Y' 2 if 'f3'.xi,, t Seq 5.1. r 5 ,ww , a X, ' ' new 1 'I nk Bot i y W' no ind ' Xom Bolle Hollbock XX n Cone! 6 Pl Hollloock I . Ai m Bishop T 0 F Uxxbogk ed low Cenlel offlSon 5 H Rolonguord .P'.,v' Ron Gwen Cefile' , 0 Bennle Bi pullboc . X0 e Lmf-0 'X Nei Tockxe ..f- L i is Q chuck e don Presmn B2 evo' Your VVilclc'ai-N again liaiiiblefl ilieir mow Traclifiomal rival, Arcadia, by ii more ol 41070, The Apaches weak defense wa: no matcli lor tliw explosive Car ollense, as Bennie Baa rolled lor Two Tapcliilowiis, aml Travis Loller, picked as Tlie ou? standing player of The game, rambled for three T-D's. Craig Slioviiiaker, a Traiisler lrom Arcadia, also lui? pay flirt lo: six points aaaiiisl liw laimei' Teammmes, Semi' nd nord Sloue Leo Monogef wil N H2 lllllff . .. Coach Keith Bwodels Playing with determination and skill and ably coached by Mr. Keith Broaders, your .Iayvees learned in their games this year the fundamentals of skillful playing. Kim Anderson, speedy halfback, and Robin Ririe, aggressive full- back, were elected co-captains. Another of the team's outstanding players was Frank Dooley, who piloted his team with professional ability from his quarterback position. All the Jayvee games were fast and rugged, many being won or lost in the last few minutes of play. Row I1 Hadley, Durden, Harvey, Lacy, Rowbotham, Richter, Lincoln, Ririe Row 21 Fisher, Mgr., Knisley, Funchess, Brewer, Lothyan, Samuels, Jarosz, Boyd, Dooley, Warren, Burton Row 3: Patton, White, Doggett, Brooks, Thompson, Anderson, Harris, Cumberland, Fauria Vx C . aptains Kim Anderson and Robin Ririe lill... Coach Alan through an Because of lust one of tain by his Coach Alon Mqmdam MacAdam expertly guided this year's Battlin' Bee team T average year, in which the boys won half ot their games. 42 his consistent Spark and Oggressiveness, Lewis Johnston, if J the team's many outstanding players, was chosen cap- I teammates. You can look forward to seeing many of , "" these boys in future Varsity action. L' , f i , 0 V , ' l c prom LewiS Jolmslon G Row Row Row Mgr. 'ND R- , li Johnston, Orrenn, Kirchefer, King, Gee, Jackson, Cobbe, 2: Bell, Johnson, Polk, Bartlett, Barkley, Sowers, Stacy, Lilburn, Ball, Ross, Juke Collins, Perry. 3: DeBoisblanc, Mgr., Castro, Argetsinger, Paredez, DiPoalo, Urban, Roby, Wallace, Wunsch, Brown, Collins, Elliott, ..-A , IO , ll , ,lbw 'WJ is 5 lm .' fx l -' , , Yf, ' ,s.. va ii 'A . g xy - i,,f1,,, A vu fu , , J ,M-. .sf W ' J, f7"':2:?I'.z+,gf,lgPff'r'11-txt, e 'M . ss , 7" ,. ' 1' . ' 5' W -A. , '4-it cgnlw 'fast Qft-nf' W 5 ,wxvyi V A Y -B.. A It 'i t' 1"" i f' fqntfn '.. . ' ' ' kwwi, ,, t - . J S, , , 1 H 'Y .aff 4 't bf 'Q ,sfisixgezgspxlxs X .,,. . sy A- Wx. 3e,,W!' 15-'sl Mfg, , A. . 'U l B 1 , wi i t we f in gffqf,.gg 9?sQf,:s.:mA9sAm, Qi ,ms ,QQ C , .f.-nominal M. .. iii, , Co ach l'Dlnkll Walker For the second consecutive year your Cee toot- ballers, under The experienced direction of coach Dink Walker, defeated every Team in their league. Unfortunately, however, The Cees lost the Pacific League Championship because of in- eligibility ot players. Sharp passing and a fleet- Tooted loackfield, protected by an aggressive line, gave the Kittens a championship combination. Raymond Reyes, playing his Third year ot Cee football, was elected captain. H4 18 T31 40 1lQ2S,,,1e ' .r Captain Ray Reyes .E ,T . O' fi 5 we g Q J I5 we I I Row I: Swope, Schurr, Hebert, Montesanto, Lewis, Philpot, Chapman, R. DeBoisblanc, Yager, Brady. Row 21 Decuir, Reyes, Green, Buckley, Franklin, Black, Mikell, Funchess, Bishop, George, Grueber. ' S 'th Sillasen, Furgeson, DeBoisblanc, Clemons. Row 3: Everett, Mgr., Barnes, Olegario, Patten, Allen, Lang, Doe, mi , ,vw Y U is -5 W, rg A if ii, gi: L s 'Sai' W . . llllllll llllllllllllllllll Ellllllll Ullllllllllll lll we - s . illxfsi x K' .cf 5 X, -YF . vaiti,-rgg: Rooters' busses, caps, pins, cards, and pompons, pep rallies, song leaders, and yell leaders, and always the singing, applauding, and shouts of victory - all symbolize the excitement of high school spirit. You at M-D have been praised for your unparalleled spirit, sportsmanship, and skill. The golden Cross-Town Trophy stands erect and proud for all to know that "There's a high school in the valley, which is lacking not in fame." 5 'IF ff ,, -. - VHllEllH. .. Q 'fel 1 .,V ', 1 ,E cs in u . 'ia . I , Q Coach Keith Broaders AKJOQ Row l: Gorman, Hutchens, Kettle, Husband, Morgan, Mqnwq,-,en Row 2: Stovall, Carter, Loller, Bornt, Jones, Anderson. . -D was turned in this One of the finest iobs of coaching ever seen at M Broaders, who fashioned a tough squad out ofa team year by Mr. Keith that was the pre-season favorite to wind up in the cellar. Come-through performances provided the Monrovians with an even . . . F h record of six wins and six losses. With the exception of the CI c amps, Alhambra, the 'Cats defeated every team in the league at least once to ca ture fourth place in loop standings. Included in these victories was P the season's biggest upset over second-place Mark Keppel. band was elected captain by the '54-'55 hoopsters and made Kenny Hus second string All along with Travis Loller and Dick Eiles. Captain Kenny Husband ."' QV U 1 . .., 4 42 Kgs' Trovis Loller Dick Eiles Q Kenny Husband John Scott Dick Jones Allen Corter Bill Borni Kim Anderson Ron Monwarren Jerry Kettle Q A cg 'al .15 ISI4 .5,. .8 Row li Oaties, Miller Sower . , 11' , s, Grondzik, Ewell, Stuebne Row 21 Miles, M Qf-I Coach Jack Greene and Co r. Fentress, Smith, Hodson, Lincoln, Miller, R ni- i Qt' ns, '- HG fi A,,,, 4?-had i V gn. 559' W I ,..Ii.i 5:23121 I 7 ay, Vore, Earnest, Mgr. lun!! ptain Tom Grondzik The 1955 Bee fought out the talents of numerous prospects for next year's varsity team. Finishing the league in fifth place is no disgrace to the Kittens when the experience and knowledge gained are considered. Tom Grondzik was chosen cap- tain, and Jack Greene served his first year as mentor of the Bee Basketeers. basketball squad b H9 A y M l 'g'.'fW Row l: Green, Schubert, eymour, Theiler, Loller. Row 2: Franklin, Rowborhom, arnes, Olegario, Mgr. Our Cee Cagers were Taught the fundamen- ' h J hn tals of the game This year by Coac o Daniels. The entire Team displayed an un- irit and skill, enabling The boys To look like professionals. The Mighty ir ca Midgefs chose Larry Schubert as The p- usual arnounf of sp tain. I N , S f " ' i 5 . N' ' 'fanbf' -- F 5 - Q l , 4 I S-if -. u -,.- ,. Jig lJ.p ,tv WJ Nlb,hJ!,.!,. ' . 1. 4 ' N r 7-"QT:-rw ..- ' , Q. ' . r ' V - 5 . ' " aI,.'J-an-A ix, 47 NN. . -- - - '.e , f 5 ... if:-'3.'.'-I' ' 'J ..'- L'T - 'Qi sn- ' 'T "':"'-L-f :,- .- X, jj. 3 ff ':s 1-3. PV 3.1: -N- 1. - - I if L "n if N' -- -lf P' "i 'G -Ii ' i f-rr-22 . .- 3"'f " vw. ' Ca pfain La rry Sch u bert Hll... Row 1: Aster Becker Bima M , , , ency, Coffman, Lewis. Row 2: Hard' ' in, White, Schurr, Downer, Wong, Anders on, Bayley -7- 5 'vgkty t w- ' 'Q' lil 'Zyl . 5 nn, .il 3 Jilin.: .....--- 41 u-4" ,...l The Dee basketball t eam of '55 had the most successful season in its history. Easily capturing the championship, the Dees set a new league record f ' o ll wins and I loss. Captain Bill Lewis paced the team to many a victory with his spark and enth usiasm. t . ' 11-,i ""' ,4 f A A13-271' '- L91 'a vs .. V, ,-A -- g 2-sf , t 122:25 W 4-'L 5- 6 as-cg... W -.:' '-+ 1 eff H- 'W ,QW . 'Ai--2 .A 5 -Q It I A 'f '-Q wi' l' f l X '-: Q F., . 'gc -3. '-.1 ' - 'N' 4 as -E? Captain Bill Lewis IQ, sf J' I . THHEH H, y1 f, V NJ! ffifi 3 1 C 1 9 I A. Q. .4-f ""FN1..- 5 ' .W- X. ll - .113 . ul. it .. X, . .M .J , Q Q... Q 33" Yin kv 3 New , ,.,. ... Q--N -ff -'31, L - ' W""'S"'5' A ' ' M 44, ,uv -'AX U 'f , W , .unu- C W as., .tit ' -. -- - cu-af .. W ' ,- 'S . ,. 4 . b 1 -. , 5 -, Q D W - A. . 1 I ' r 'MH 'Qu " "' 4 . in W .. mf .3 V in ., 4- V ' -.frm - NWN M Y " - - ' . L 1' -, 'L' I EHUEE Elllllllll .-stil" Few onlookers realize the time, energy, and unyielding stamina involved in forming a successful cross country team. Your Mara- thoners of '54 trained long and vigorously to attain their high position in Pacific League standings. The team lacked depth, but made up for it by the fine running of Seymour Jordan, Jerry Sullivan, David Roberts, and Jesse Oaties, captain ofthe harriers. All of these boys ran the mile and seven-tenths course in under ten minutes, a record seldom equalled by their competitors. Captain Jesse Oaties .muff M Row Row Row Row . Bullock, Oaties, Sullivan, Roberts, Ellison, Jordan. ' M' Svllivcn, Smifh, Dunn, Coler-Dark, Wardlow, Peralta, Ray. : Wilkins, Patrick, Taylor, Herkenrath, B. Roberts, Townsend. Coach Verl Murray l lftlllSllH. .. FielCl COOC h "Dinl4" Walker For three straight years-cu total of 24 track meets-your varsity thinclads have remained undefeated in league competition. Few schools in the Southland can beat that record. But it would be even more difficult to match the 'Cats' Tremendous reputation. Everywhere the spikesters compete they receive the full respect of their opponents. This admiration is due to the fact that the M-D cinder- men never allow their abilities to outweight their sports- manship and spirit. That's the greatest accomplishment of any team. Congratulations to Coaches Verl Murray and "Dink" Walker for instilling the right attitude into Tf'QCk COGC sl their championship squad. Row 1: Lincoln, Herkenrath, Roberts, Dettbarn, Hooker, Bartlett, Powers. 1 . Row 2: Reyes, Porter, Harrison, Johnson, Gorman, Husband, Buck, Ralph, Jackson, Loller. Row 3: Barkley, Dudley, Harris, Sheldon, Durden, Ross, Bunn, Sullivan. dllllllnw P 4'-'bg Q W 5. k J gl' hh A fw x , K Na-.X-,.-N C 5 Q . If ' l I "" KC , FQ l 1 1 t A t' 7A 'ff1 ,,,tlu1 I W 'Nj 3 s J.. 7133 ., --""" . 9 f "n """ fy ' I I j 4 5 - ! fvwvf' 1-' Q I? 3 l 'nil 1 In fx sb L -1 0 , e 124 C6 MJ i. i EU-' 519' h Verl MU -4 . 1. , -AJ l'l'Qy I 5 ffl 40 YOUR LIGHTNING-FAST 880 relay comb 1 sl'-1 WINNING the 880 by 20 yards ot Citrus is Dove Roberts. JOHN DETTBARN, on his woy to o tremendous lecp of 22'6". N , o of Qonney Draper, Kent Herkenrath, Dove Roberts and John Dettborn. CLEARING the bar at 6' are Levon Hooker und Kenny Husbgnd, FLASHING through the tape in u 10.2 hundred is Kent Herkenrath. 'C- -ttv -11 bc' ' ' "'l.s 'J as gp., 1 l ' P ' I ,fag " is .-- 1 ---in 4 l -:L I' "' It i , If IS! fQg 2.-., - ' 'tv 3 - ., u f- N .. ' " lker and Vefl Molloy ches Dunk W0 Coca 1 an-ul Row l: Ray, Johnston, Draper, Houston, Kirchefer, Green, Perry. Row 2: Winchell, Stacy, Ellison, Sowers, Oaties, Guardado, .Druce, Gee. Row 31 Ross, Brown, Nelson, Collins, Wardlow, Eller, Carlson. Our Bee trackmen, the perennial league threats, are again the team to beat for the league crown. The Kittens have already defeated Rosemead, the favorites to win the championship, in a real thriller. The relay was the decider ofthe meet, as M-D's Ranney Draper nosed out the Panthers' speedster, Barnett, for the important victory. Other Bee cinolermen who have been giving sterling performances are Leon Perry in the hurdles, Lewis Johnston in the broad jump, and Qeor e Vllipchell in thejrhot. PUT- I 'fn L. 'FH -.. A " M J I D 5' ..- i ,. 5 Iffiisdifr, , ,, ' 4 'Ne-.. ,W W g . wa A . Aygg f ' A ..i- W ,J W.. j, L f , -M W ....-........ UP AND AWAY is Louie Johnston for a leap of 20'6" against Arcadia. UNDEFEATED Ronny Draper adds another victory to his sprint triumphs. ...f Q-- Row l: Olegario, Buckle, Mikell, Franklin, Saladin, Decuir, Brown, Patton. Row 2: Bima, Miller, Wright, Rowbotham, Grondzik, Karelius, Hardin, Everett, Aster, Johnston, Parieta, DeBoisblanc. Row 31 Sullivan,Ferguson, Grubar, W. DeBoisblanc, Amon, Smith, Lang, Loller, Betts. Coaches "Dink-- W Gllief Q Boasting CIF material in several events, this year's Cee trackmen are going to be tough to beat. Ray Reyes has been turning in terrific performances in the CEE 660. Reyes is a solid favorite to place in the CIF finals. James Mikell will be counted on to go all the way in his specialty, the l8O-yard dash. Coaches Murray and Walker have been doing a great job in forming these beginners into possible future Olympic stars of 1964. - , -Amar-Ki-QQ, ge -'tv -0-F ll -' IE Qmfi s ' i 5 s Q , eil 'un 41 Pnl 3 Fla pl 1 Q' 1 U I ll c .ages A "'u:.....,,'T I, . vo-M. .-' Q U gg may . 'K ' K x vhrwzr ' - 4- f'-ws., , -1 ,4' 3, .. K ,s .. p- V--s ,, g. N M V - .f-Q M., WJ -V ,A i WF. I .-nfs? lv ,Qs .hu E vi' ., "H I' W K fre- nf -'LA -An' 1-N S WINNER ' R Re es in his specialty, the Cee 660-yard run. FINE FORM is displayed by Bee high hurdler, Leon Perry, at Rosemead. EA Y is ay y Q . ,e I I nd Verl Murray I if 4. I ' .wi . -'v 7' O I 41 's A 'xg .4 -4 1-fa , ,,,. ....- N - 'it or-9 .r -.,. Q A-:Ng x 1 v K 0-'FM' P .' I-"st kgf' ,gn -A 1 -,.f"3...una-.' " W.: x 4 -9--. , Q .. Ju. ,4"?vg"- Q "Lbs J .. ,Q W "s,' 'f9',, Q 6, .L l,'i'?..?'y5.-ft 5: A' wmvthiu ,, x 'fy' Aqlfw -kan M- can 'V-as mxw lv' Agpvw ' ..n ,, . . L -I K ,fiiifrosq-li Q d'ij' A .nn ' "w-A" .J . .. .. - . . .. - A mgas-,,, . 3.9. , ,. 'Nu 4. wil ' 1 - Tifir- -- J T . . -4 Ni, Q. 5' " " -si- " f-. -so s.Q nv Wim W5 58 b h Peterson Roby Jones Finch, Mgr. Row I: Casper, Mgr., Kettle, Shade, Simpson, Pur aug , , , , ' ' ton Fauria, Green, Brcieger, Macartney, Bishop, Bua, Lemos Row 2: Blaugh, Mgr., Eiles, Penning , A hustling group of horsehiders are representing your varsity basebal team this year. At press time, they hcive lost only one league tilt-and that one loss to a power-laden Whittier nine. We are hoping experience and hard play will find the Katichmen near the top in league standings. Setting the pace for the 'Cat baseballers are Ross Shade, Jimmy Pur- baugh, and Dick Jones. Shade leads the team in batting with a .375 average. Purbaugh is hitting .333 at the plate and has saved the day more than once with his fine defense play at second base. Jones, ci ' d' 8-4. curve-ball specialist, recently tossed a three-hitter to defeat Arco ia, I 3 xy lq,f"" CEFZlEN9K"M H' - A A I Coach Al Katich I dl 129 - 'X :iff A - 11 at 'f Avi A Q . . ,, . i - ...QW . K--, -M is 1 I ' .W f ' ' wt . i ehbflifop f 'Y T43 , ,CUYQQQ K K ie' ' ' x h I 1 gf mmzm E tg .. ...,. , . Ki . ,V 5 , K r s ,E Ti v Rigby In B6 .w . , , w.,,1Qyi . Q . 2 ev. if 1 - k e I in ' ., K WH A A -rwg-,Q V, K K , K .K,.5,iK K it -w fe 'A ef rd base - 4 ' ' mek euqs, fm 4 1 S--,aw ' -W .,- ... 4 K . K . 4, , I - A ,K . .,- "vi KK ganna- Ng " M vw: -- ' ' h' . Q-W. .Q ' mx , gm' ' , A - f- R: 1 K , M K -. . .1 .-K qw, K It Kwk e ,KK I - ' K ,fan ' . . ,rm K .. . X W: V . Ross Shade' 'eh hw N F ,e e KK W L"fL'W'5"H5ess+A'xfffl '98 MXN? Jerry Kettle. Pnche' .M . "T'.,-A"'i.19'7q,!,QW 'Vai-n1""f f "".'li1VeT We mf ,, ,- MK ' N . any .. " A " 'Ep' ' ff -af-.e , Q. W ' .N . 'S ,ZZ ' , -QANJXARXV w,g,., we -64' fd J ' 7' - 'ash' held 1.2 X,.f Tw: 05' "N-. Q, K4 ,, .5 W ' 1- f 0 ,- ' 3 . N-me A 5 A - i""'v v 46 for ...ns 4 ' 4 rvkmn 3 5 A .. ' 21.4-v V. A -40 am Q Mgfw-0---' ." 'P' A " -' 1 C 'an X iw ' we 'A ' M' A ' 'ffv' Roh Green. ' S' e -- Q' ,, 5 f ..f 1 e.. - - Q-' ' 'e ' . .4 f .. , . A-5.5 1, A .QP :,h.:":H, T, 1 " , nu ,fy - 1, K' - 1 f ' .. ,K K , ln. '. ., e ' ' ff,-0' - ' .- "' - , e . K , -, 'K .K 'mn-Qbvhf' ,fu K, X , I K -., V . .. K nw r 5 1 . - 1 - 9'--'ff' 'MN - Af L ' 'e A -gh5'i!',.Lf ' ., , K . , X 5 ' , 7 1 -. ,, A. J- ' H ' ' --U 1 e wav If 19 3 e KSN fixes, N Q mm A " wxaQUlQlvQX A39 W X Wigs waxy, HRX Give 'R gg-- 1. 18'- 'QU-s lx wi: N :mf 'SN ...wr-f' Q -Nw., 1- 9, an 1' .. Q 155551- AD-Y 3? QA x New . wwf N m.. -is ,,,,.. ..- Q. Q--g... Tom sg :sh0P, center field 'NSU' 4-f Shy-wap-vw, ' N " Q.. YQ. -' km 'Q ,- 5 A QL A iw. ,.,,,. . i A sn-N . . N ., wh Rs!mS,ggf""" ff QQ' . , - - ii T! N Q -. -' . :Lf X ., .. + I 3 - 5 A XX Q Q . Mk XXV- I i 3. ,. ' X 3? 93? k S S . Wssfik-?XL1 .Wig uv A' ' M 0. k A W kr .x.,f' - ' 4 , . -WW . 1 3 ' W. H. L . KL K ' ' J ' . an xv ' K., MN. x . ,hw . X A 1 . J .. N X.. viffmi S. ' , -5- 5- 'fi X f- N'L-FH ggi . mi, -- .. W . ' if. ' -A .X- xx . .. - Q J 1. Q JI P K v-4 6 .J Y A vs 4 , ..u-0 K in KN .Qs ' 1 x Nb O 'Q Q v . - 'ff - .. .- K A V xc Q L -K 1' A ' ,SW .. - N 1. . Lt 5.55. ,. -Sim: Sh NA' N .xr i - .- , '.,s. Y -v - xv: QQ , .xx 'jk 'INLNAQR f A -xx . , Q ' 4. .. --Qi' " Q .K ..' S wg, t f5'l4i .1 X xg ' M 1' g Z. A Q S. Q- QQ .9 iw-Q, :Lt + WYQ. Q ff vw. Q fl Q X k A A NX . , - .. X. . W F QM 5 K ,, ...,,,..v Q ' , , ,. ..Qlg. ....,,...... .,.,..,....,,.......,. . if I 1 - - ' 2 :sw . ...ik .V -U. .gf 'N - . - , w S Q. W a . I I 2 if ' ' . my L V' W V' vw 3 : 'N ,T . ' . . A-fx. -W' is. " .. , 0- ...,, . f qu-w-vp,..,, '- ,vga-N M AQ -'id "IQ Myzgr- H - . ,Q X . "x A aw. -Q9 W. . . ,kv Q, -., ,K - MN.. Hunk...--f Q . f , s -:KKK - N A ,Q hw K .gp f If ,. fv-,i -. .W y Q , 4 M 'W .- .. ,Wg ' L' ' ,, fg My pp , "' 'uv ,Q .W 74' 1 j -N M W" ,K ,fu M gy Q.. ,gf n 1 ,, my " is 'Su.f,.. ,.- .W ..... . ....,-..... ..... ,.-..., ....... ... .-..,,..- .......... ..,. . , Am-T- 1. ,.. ..A.. ... ' an W G ,P-5 , ff: mr, ., A . f sf- W .W -f .. W im: W ' . f- , . M ...f gnu I K ww, hr-f'9". . , , M, W , K L Q ' 5. Ri' if :ks 4 Vaughn Smith Gaining experience under the leadership of Coach Jack Greene, the '55 baseball squad is preparing for future varsity action. Lacking out- standing players, the diamondmen are winning Their games through enthusiasm and teamwork. Coach .lack Greene B05 Harris Row 1: Smith, DePaolo, Hart, Argetsinger, Howard, Anderson, Albo. Row 21 Hodson, Mandy, Barnes, Wong, Fentress, Downer, Ewell, Harris. Car men Dipaolo Q as ' ' 0 '-1 YTBWFN alll xc, X' 5 mils? 0, Vf' lp- Al ff ANN . j f1f4lYliNAK- i 1- , V 1 L IX Row 1: Johnson, Secketo, Klotz, Bossi. Row 2: Ross, Thompson, Brewer, Brooks. Coach Leonard Morris At press time, the divotmen have an even record of three wins and three losses. Though the golf team lacks quantity, they certainly are to be lauded for the quality of work they are doing. Coach Leonard Morris may very well be forming future Ben Hogans from this year's team. Ron Schoenwald, a sophomore, has been consis- tently shooting in the low 80's. 1 gif s nv. v if sf 'R dp J NX - 6 ' !f 1. Q fi K U 'f 55 3? I 7 " 'M '5 mg, ii " ',jQ,g,, "1j 'A' 'Wm 0+ .--A ,, -...A f f . li T15 Tr -'k?1 -wr m wL:f-,,-:f i' ' ' 3 A if J v rf 'f if I r if - ' 5 . f " 1 .HI +V- AL - if f f A ....:pp4L1 ,. ,L -.fT,,,,..,?.,,,,igk M-H U +-- ,,. - M ,,A, -, . f 1 Q "YS fr' ' fl If 5 1 ' I5 i5 f 1, 9 g . , , ,A , , A ,, . pw, L -..W 3. .,g.M,. ,, , V .S rg g , ,. f , Q'- -M NM -Wir' --HM HW '- M- ' , , L '. 1T+' - 5 T M rg if if ff x A ' I !I gg ,A F I if X K 1 t 5 I , -. " .+,.,.'L-A-.,'y I -g:.-.,g ,, gym . A, g, ,,4,, If q- J- - ,T , r . I I Q Ili .Ii ,V K , . , I 5 , --ff-f -- - M -4... ., ff 1 :f f1 M Vlllllll . .. ,V jiil- -":2,.,1lli tgblfif 144' 0 . 1 4 Wim i ,f Q-mg .X lg, 3 y y 13. fm ' ' ' lf' 5 ' V " Q 1 x i Q ' Y Q . f . 'Ai . ' 5' i - g 'Wk , 1 fx ,df 6 ,J 1 3 , ff if '35 5 Row 2: Yerman Cook Olive J if Row l: West, Gerhardt, B orton. in ,Nair '- 4 3 l E- a. lt ff gr ,C fC.f C5605 ff' 6605? of? fs? ,rg . . .1 t .V F fs f Lf-C0 , 1 ,, ,- Y , 5, . Q 'Cf . K - ,C f ,- 4 . C r f U71 i r Viz' I "' L v,-,'- ,- ,vffv v v-'W' v-.- vvvfe- v vv- ,rr 532 fl'2?:1q+'5it gaQ.'Nf' 993, i1jo'o,g:' Qfoiojltfa . 'fa - ' Q Q Q ,,, . . N ZZ, u. , s ,933 .Q.!a4:4tg2.fa,f,Aeg:!a,tQ,IQ if Z-LQ Ouoobsan '99 'D 'ivy' ' uf v' 0 . 5,0 n.o,o.o'q'o, so 9 , 9,2 'gf' ' CEP VENAKL Coach Max Cromer M-D's netmen, the defending league champions, have been determined to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. However, lack of experience has greatly hindered their chances. With only two returning lettermen on the squad, the '55 tennismen have had a hard time finding the winning path. The guidance of Coach Max Cramer and continual hard practice should pay dividends for the team before the season ends. 135 QV 'IQ 3 A, UN lm xo gil: o C 1? ,Wa l u .,., x-, ,vue r.. .11 --1-sm. 1 Burleigh Kroener ond Don Gerhordf g xvlf ' qu ir Q ? . A V y Lc1Verne Cook , Ed Yermon ff 5:1 4 V Dick Oliver rf N Don Horton 136 S Lf ' .lock Seymour V' f Y N ' John Burf ond Dove Wesf Q A H N-12, " IWS5 E 57 .L f .-,, if 'iullllla 'I 1 Y '. .....X4-3 ' .as ff" j . f 1 If . uf, . . 6',1,1 Q,7f,.-', Lfffyf ff Qty!" I' 56412 Xf,44n , ff- I' 1 4 -' 7 I1 I Q ff!! 116' f, - ei N N Coach Max Crarnef As the Annual is being put to bed, the J.V. Racketmen are resting in the cellar of Pacific League standings with a record of O wins and 3 losses. However, Coach Max Cramer ' h 'Cats to start the has high hopes for t e ' A h I dder in the second round. climb up t e a ' ' b en contin- Iot of spirit and hard play has e ually displayed by these beginners. ' 1 'l 'floyd-' Ch, f ',f . Hutchens Larry Schubert lf' Terry Harney Row 2: Scott, N is if Row I: Pritchard, Kiley, Frost, Schubert ader, Hutchens, Harney, Esry I J 2' .. - ,Nici AAA i- l 4, i 6 Q 1 ' . , y ,,,f 5 l' 'i i "E 1 17' il 1 1 t V it 3 V I tb! i ,Aa .- W fry. '-vb-0-qfw'-VV -3-M... - . .. -,....... , ...-. ew..-v..--van-Q.-S.,-. Q.. . .. . EWHLS SPUHTS fb: 1 "gd .Ds ,.. I 'W ,fl I Q., M..-0 . 'M' ,an bt M" " W3 'Z 'ii Hi THE SPUTUE+Hl XX -sv xl Ns' Q . o X ,M - 'N' " "Mn ' - 0 :nigh . , ,- --..,, '. irw-"..1 'ff ' .M 1 x Q..U,M - K 1 N. 'Q' A .-Ct, . ff - + '0firQ'sQ-naw 5 V. .",.f b - .svn-. .5 ,. fr-w:wrw.uQ 5i'b' .WN LJ.-m,,,, .M ,., . . fc -L ,f N. -4.91-891144 -GQ' -A O l N A li .V 'il A, ,ll l 1 2 l "3 r J-L-v-'H' 5 fl X. . 1 , , . I . I ., If like J Th lma YenneY. Mrs. Ethel Brelos. MVS' Helen Adams' Kessorh Mfs' 8 Row lr Mrs. MGYY MC ' Beck. Row 2: Mrs. Betty Thornton, MVS' Georgmno Mrs. Jessie Cook Faced every day with a horde of scream- ing female gymnasts literally snatching towels from her grasp, Mrs. Cook, a new addition to the girls' gym department, has suc d ' ' cee ed in doing a valiant job as secretary to Mrs. Yenney. Perhaps you think of your gym teacher s as whistle blowers, score keepers, nose counters, or shower checkers. You greet them with groans when they pass by, ringing the infamous "cow bell" to herd o y u out of the dressing ro oms, or marking down your U-cuts and sock checks. You will find them friendly, understanding, and sincerely interested in you and your problems. in . T19 . M y if l it lyn,1fvlAmf -mii- ig., ? Q X 4 lllllllllll If you have a flare for slamming that ball over The ne? or demonstrating the arf of Tricky ball hanolling, then volleyball is your sport. Coming as The first game of the season If quickly gets Those kinks out and also helps any player 'ro lose poundage lt IS surely noi a game for slow l'T1OV6l'S. 1. Ks ,QQ ,ik-3-fquilfvflv g 5 '3A,e'dl"f X' "X s fs. K iwn 2' Nw K T . Q A v-. 3rg" '1'-a,"-ig, -. 'f ' ,,Qie','fiwQ A l . ,A W 1 --A- . fm, ,h ,., . 1 p msua. '. i x. ,wwssginwr 'jg X 2' v s Y 1 51 fu' r,T f WN lv " .. ,,'3f+ ' W9 lb' 'Nw 1 7 l S L.. V N :,5,g riitggffgg s W jkisa. N ,W we -.s fr r-ff .Q 33'- - 1 Y .gf 4 1 ,s Eif +1 . ,Ns all mar., if - K yy sw-W X. . .X Q .X - u!'f.1 Hlllllllllllll "Penalty! Free shot! Foul!" These are but a tew ot t e many ye To all those who don't like bumps and bruises, the answer is "Stop! Don't join!" Being able to take hard knocks is definitely a qualification necessary tor basketball players. Of course, the game goes more smoothly it you can make baskets and do a little guarding. 1 h lls heard on a court of basketball during a class period. I Q Wd ul fx 441, Bqgl-,gf:'QIsf1?'..' 1 I, ' ' l fi" 1154!- Ellllllllllll "nl find a game that somewhat bl h b v D ,..o--""' I A-F" 4- ' Nyx - 'X -S' .-. , , H' NMA Since girls have always liked boys and football, naturally they had to resem es t e oys' game. Speedball most nearly answers the purpose. Speedball requires talent in three cate orie 1 ' th f A h g s in e eet, in t e hands, and in the head. Members of a speedball team are assured of an enjoyable game if they have necessary qualifications, especially the talented feet. ,T.,,i1,5"' ai xt.-l"' f iflgfx . A 'Qs -we-f.:-A f VQVQIQ' ."'Hhn-"'4 I 0 GJ -.f..,,,-9 cr 1 Q C '. 1.'s'L,. ' .. . -.s ' - ."" 4--Q -'--w 'L ' ,." '4 L V K, Q l 'Q N.. - . N Q 5 Q.. ' ' Q . 1 , - - ' - - . , 3 5 Q -sl X .."' -" s ills' Q h .- Q - if 5 ,-nl 4 K ' 5 5 7 . ' TQ' 39 "':.. - .. " .W -. .li A -44 -.v :.x6.,,f s . K -., 9 'Z' .. qv...,,:'g. A-ZA 1 s- -N, 1. ,-qv, '-Q, - ,.- S,-sf , --..-... T. .- .-- . 2. - ' u Q ' ' Y Q - Y . s ,-vi'-xr -.. 'ti-J Q-qq.-ujw N 53- . -.1 s ,,,.-. - X 'TQ-Q Q' ', " .s"-- -"-- '-. i"'s.,'f A - -F.. 'J sl: 01' 4 g . D-an .. -- .. I , , -Ass .ML .13 . L... ... - nt-xfip Q- ",,13,"" .H 'G e' ' E 15,4 Nxt g- ww ., , L- 4- ui.:-1 V" '-Sa, a W .142 AQ I W, K K T.-ff""'f-355.4 -- , L F f' ,. .--1 sggaw .u X .. gmwl . , . Mba, Dorff dig up The Turf "M-w V:Q,B,:,,.5. h M35 Q ,e W... . ls'-e...,,. .-s' Sorry, it's useless Oh whof beautiful form Keep your eye on that bcull ' sv. ' . 1 .5 -,,.' -o- z -9. ,.-V . .hmm , 4. 'f' sf' "1 - " f"1'f-mwti .M . ' s .-lj-g' ,vm -444 -Q-:C X "" 44 M- 4 f . J. ww ., eu ,,, ,, "Y X - A . ' :A ' , I, q. . I 4 ,:mfQ' Q fi.-avg .. '-gpwt ' 1 ,.. 'N , ve A , .fi W3"T-"!Vi- - 1:-1.4 Q' Working hard? Sh, smile pretty for The people Four!! Slum it 4-uv-' 'fr .5 ' . K- f- w - 145 I, V .A Q -A,..3iffgf,:.3..i,i-.w--?- - Q nr. -U .. ,A H u ' 5' - 1 r- -' - .. .SWL lilll. lllllllll . . . Play Day with its nautical theme was THE day for sports-minded M-D girls. Weeks before the big event, G.A.A., Circle M. and gym class members could be seen absorbed in such tasks as snipping strips of crepe paper, designing fish of assorted shapes and sizes, taping pieces of paper together, and artistically drap- ing fish nets to lend that salty atmosphere. The morning of the big day found girls still flying around tacking signs and numbers on game courts, decorating tables, and making further prepara- tions to greet their five hundred guests from Baldwin Park, Whit- tier and Montebello. The visitors were welcomed aboard the USS Monrovian by Circle M members, dressed as sailors to carry out the nautical theme. The formality of registration was followed by a gay, colorful assembly, which featured two-legged fish, modeling the latest in wearing apparel for denizens of the deep. Beverly Gaebel, dancing a sailor's hornpipe, and Alma Cureton, portraying Miss Seaweed of 1954. Competition was keen in the games that followed. The "Squids," .ryi "Shrimps," and other teams played basketball, volleyball, ten- nis, badminton, and ping-pong. With such activity, no wonder everyone had developed a terrific appetite when refreshment time rolled around! The hungry gymnasts entered the gym to find the walls gaily decorated with comical fish, nets, and multi- colored crepe paper streamers suspended from baskets and balconies. While impatiently waiting for refreshments, thelglrls gave their school yells and songs, each trying to outdo the other. Since the M-D girls were hostesses, they politely stood aside to let the ravaging 'hordes decrease the food supply. "No more!" were the words that greeted the hostesses when they finally reached the refreshment table. Despite this disheartening experience, they waved a friendly goodbye to their guests and turned to the task of cleaning up. Thanks to the teachers and students who worked so hard Gnd gave up so much time, Play Day this year was the biggest and best possible. 44 Xxx 609 -Aa 'f 148 iw Hs EE R HHH! H HHH lilllli lllllllllll ara '- Are you interested in the type of interior Library study scene and RSS jurreclalgl Merge Mrs. Pomclo if ., lj 5 TIMM x draiii-ii' 1 fw,'Q S X hi,-70, rl 'lv e s Genes decoration employed by Mr. Pithecanthropus Erectus? Do you wonder what the fashion- able ladies of tlie Upper Nile were wearing in 500 B.C.? Do you want to read Sam Pepys' account of the Great London Fire? Are you looking for a diagram of the inner complexities of the latest jet engine? Your M-D library is the place to find tlfie answers to these perplexing problems. Mrs. Patricia DeMerre and her staff are always ready and willing to lwelp. j if Book Week HHH WEEKS Aufo Shop 0 News 60' own 'iff -X ArTs ond Crafts Spvnmh nf , L1 1 4g ' It 'Q 1 , K fs ti N TIF! - 151 Homemoklng Music Typing 'F 1' w 'MAA 3 A , -1 1013 V' Q1 2? 'QD X '. V. Y C Nxff-Aj L 1 ' X J w Lf' J S f .wUU!'i!k Wi 5 A 'WI 'jk . K ff XX yi x Public Speaking i NX L K ' I 'lk ' if-Uvmk 'I , x ' X ,Y - . Qi wi' i In if and . Radio-electronics i iii if 'E x f A ' X f ' pl xA 4- fi i Q K llfs-N x 2-. .fxlfjaxx Print Shop il OIC l llilillillllilil 4 Mascot pepsters Ann Petit and Bobby Road it u X 'x Q49 GPX-P" pXOXl goti 9 Q90 'X 1- tdlon Do you remember decorating your car for the Green and White Parade, making merry at the Senior Mixer, listening to your parents talk about their experiences on Go-to-School Night, or admiring the colorful Homecoming floats? lt's that great M-D spirit, living from year to year in the form of I ' I these traditional customs and events that makes your high school year memorable. Autos take on o festive air for Green and White Day -.Q I 1 A rv, 'W Vfcvfiwgv, R-'iw Q x emo, M Im: dufj 5 1 ' gf .2-gl'!nmnI ,' I-..--' Q xx f-------M x U1 Q Q 6 . 1 1 , 4 A A- y Homecomwm inf- 4 J, S, 5 1 ," 2 1 I X X ,- wh I Double-length Frrdoy Iumh Vmenvs Gofvo-srhooi Nuqhv 1 J X . A A 'Kr Cr. f F ik l'Nl ggi v - i . sllll lilHU llllllllE fi '-7 -CA-LA at "H ' mf K Fourth period on Thursdays broke the monotony of many a school week for Nladites. Whether the program called for a Girls' League fashion show, a Boys' League boxing match, a colorful pageant, a rousing pep rally, or a gala dramatic production, it was received with appreciation and enthusiasm. 'Q-,W s i l llc ft llli llllll t ,I ll gy X Q Co me ond Trnp If as you go ef . ei wow . . g xf' xo' On wivh the dance! 2 L wa I , I fl sf ff N f ff x f i 'R V ,L D5, fhofw fff 1 my -Lx XX fn XX XJ K ,Hlulluu Co-ed, sock hop, or promenade-M-D turns out en HUUH EHHPSHUWE 11 ,,..-' .4 4-. .' 'Ps K-Q. I La , I tx ha, .. X , fit... X wail' .ag A 1- , A 'n ,AX Q, . , . ' A A-il- :XE 4 JU, Lv -5. V! 'W 1' 'o V3 ' A 5, N 4- 1, , mq 'wx . . if-D 41 Zig vff """""llun. in- Q . "s, 'v ? MV n. 0- C' 5 51152 .- 1 w 5- 4' eu. 5,47 .QW f 52556 V . . fur' 4 M ., ,,. ui 5 ix nr?- ffl 7. W, 'M s.J fa md' Qs 'Qsfr-uf , -. 6-3. 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E, IO FHS De fihx 9' United Sfofes Notlonol Bcmk fry pC7f'ffT1enr Monrovia Police Department f.., ... A ,..v...f,..,.,. ..,,..w Colonia .. b..f..-e-pun..,-., e' 2 X' A-Q' WQFMWIWQ QW! rf" i Chvpei of 'he ! ,.X-Ws:'-:w1+f-"' qlm' 4m 9. . "' N K X 1, fx x na-x.f.wMf,,..a..--1.x , FooThiHS Monrovia Presbyterian Church ..i...n.-ganna I : Monrovia Recreation Park 'P-rw, -.-gy, ' f4"'.I'-."" -was-6-Hi-J, A ...- -:F w iv' 5..- - R D 2 un , I 5- 11 Q 1 IJ GREYSVTONE MONROE PL omcs H A Z 4 E CJ LU I- U7 AV 9 ,M?F6Q 5 n PAK Z Z- CC D -'L 'JJ 5 v FANO ST PON- A 11' A 9: 2 Z W sl X Rfb SPANN BOB mom' s'r CH P- 'SQTQ VW f El. SuR AV 5 AV Lj en. sun :- E-ATAFA MILLBRAE sv xx AJ N f x If I' f 'f f X ' 1--F X. X X S , 1 5303 Q N'-X I 4 I if I Xxswcf-I XXL J X! 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Myrtle Monrovia, California BAKER'S PHARMACY 302 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California THE FASHION 417 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California ARCADIA MUSIC MART 21 E. Huntington Arcadia, California A-ff' ' T 1 Q ' X. N ARTS YARDAGE 515 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California BECHERER BUICK 135 W, Foothill Monrovia, California 'WW , 0 1 X 1 J!'.O?WQ , ,tx bl. 7' .. .,, uv. , 0 ,l Q .gu 1,-9. , n My if Aff' .X r Q Q 1 . O . . I .ml 4 401 -Q, -O- 'T' 4' N0- we 4. , . . 1,0 -v A - 1 1 1 V H 1 , , , , . f- - f- +V-G-f,..,,,4 , ,,Q, .. - -J - - - - .A. Q' 3'-f+-f1m'f'1.:t-y .+,F,,,.,,+I Q ii. , N, ,,- ,..T V.. ,, .. . "5 - F 'f-if '?"!O-6 ' "'f"4"3"5"?""1'W4' "' -w++ - 1 + ,.w+... . .. . jp. OL- . ' D' Badge-iaq. ,V ,N 4 9 . - "4' '?"'V 7"- Q "M T" fuff-P?""' ' 'ff rf" ' " - vrfr-+?'+ - ' ' P Q' y-5f'+w-w"+'+6,a- -v-'f' 'b -- . f l , . ,rt ,Q .h,,.,.y ?QQ- x - Lrg? tug... . v ' 4- x .5 . Q . fu t X u.Q.4--1.4 .- , 'Q WK ' ' ' sf Y'-, 4.-Q 'A - ,- , , ' I -,,,..5++++'+"'sfQ 1.+f+ --g++ ,. 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Foothill Monrovia, California BURGER HOUSE 531 W. Huntington Monrovia, California DECKERS JEWELERS 512 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California SERVISOFT COMPANY 509 W. Foothill Monrovia, California 0' BLOCKS CLOTHIER 411 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California BAIN'S 418 s. Myrtle Monrovia, California HUB HARDWARE CO. I3lI S. Baldwin Arcadia, California FOOTHILL MEDICAL BUILDING PHARMACY 600 W. Foothill Monrovia, California C J'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY FRED'S RA 948 W. Foothill Monrovia, California DIO TV SALES 84 290 E. Foothill Arcadia, California SERVICE 41.4 K MYRTLE AVENUE LUMBER CO. .lOl-lNNY'S PAINT 84 BODY SHOP 1525 S, Myrtle 131 V2 Er Foothill Monrovia, California Monrovia, California PICTSWEET FROZEN FOODS FARBERS CAFE 1206 S. Maple 114 W. Colorado Los Angeles, California Monrovia, California Y A QQ Q1-va :U 'J fi BASINGERS FLOWER SHOP CRUNKS SPORTING GOODS 511 S. Myrtle 416 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California Monrovia, California BUEl.'S SHOES 502 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California I, LU J ja 4, C Q I Q 5 9 '-. . ,.,..v'f"' ,X . q A I '.... P A I 0 A 7 'v-,, , -4.-5 . I Q .L . . 3, U ,. i""'Q'v71 'Q ' I K Wm-gifs and llkddm 5:42. n.,, SWG f msngrkrganlygmnm atm ,Y f I 1 .. 4 tv'-A., ..- Q "'Nv,L,' 'fl l If . W mf W '1wfj WJ Ny W L CW? WW 5LJf7L9LMf7Qf gr VM Milfs ff: if M, f M f QW if My ,ifg5fifixif'M' XB' 9539 f A fffi zfMf..faz,WQfM jigf Wigiw ' qv M66 M I fm JW Hi? x, Z ,4.Q!?E,Qv' 09 f S' Qyux 5 ,' JD, Q f L, U " Wk J ,'N L' 49 Zi ff-V ki. Q ,yin f 1 if L1 yi' M A Y, ri C3 Eg Q S WWW, fi Y ffgjgl Mifff 2 I x : H Q-2 A My My fy W 4 f4d Gfnoflwr U 3. Hi .mum 0.--Ya, G18 U56 W My ,WW M 3 W yy WMQMW L' MW Rf Q wwf W' Jgiffjffgfg W ff W Wf K W Q5 XM diss X MQ! Aa CJAWQ um J Esikvgsfwyk S , ,, , , ' CDUE 2 fw JZ L JfL'iA1 1. WL? JWM , Efwffzfq. raWe,.g'7Zffv2. g ., QM sm f6?ff'f':Z'L'5 ,Ma 56. ff MMM? f ff,7,,gf5Mif,!f1fWJ S 6 QW- QJGS-7+J,4.-QLQJ-QfA,,u.JL-Lf xWu..,ewf.,H4.N jfo7,z7lYQ-Nilwdfffbodv Jlwrf W MPM qw C,yLf14L'ywmk Me. 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Suggestions in the Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) collection:

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