Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA)

 - Class of 1948

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Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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'4 f va- . -- -. ,,,. 1 ' , 5' , u 1 '- .. . -vm . 1.4 V - , VV N1 - t V , , L, X 1 , ,i . ' - . f . T L J' .- . 4. , nf' - N . -.,pr,L2 V ,,, . .. ' ' Q 3- Q11 4 -J 1. It M , , .. X it , . ,, I Qu., . 1 . v Ml. fx ' 1, Ju V 1- ' Q . 4 f-1: :La 1' -... lf Y-:i5,ii1 ,V f - ' S -4 , .JS . Q11 'LV' M - ,, ' ' Q ill-44. x. , , ll' r ' ' " ' 1 I v . ,X x. gi - -- ' , .1 . , , .4 ,4 R, I us ' " . - , gh, -.5 , A: f '. Y' 'E .-- - u 11 5' , . ' ff' . aw- x 1 , - 46 1- ' rr- , m'.f1- 1 .. nw . - ,- -' P' """ : , .. 4. . 2 v - .1 , .-and '.:-F ' 1, ,1 ' :w.a.,.,- -.31 .er THE MIJNHUVIAN STAEE PUBLISHED BY EU-EIJITIIHS ELLEN HAHIJWAY ir JUAN HAHTEH BUSINESS MANAEEH PAT EUIIHHELL fur THE ASSIIEIATEH STUDENTS MUNHUVIA - AHIIAIIIA - IIUAHTE HIGH SEHIIUL MII HUVIA FIIHEWIJHIJ BELOW TI-IE SIERRA MADRE MOUNTAINS LIES OUR "MAD WORLD." IT COVERS MANY ACRES OE GROUND THAT CONTAIN NUMEROUS BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS. MOST IMPORTANT OE ALL, IT IS INHABITED BY A STRANGE SPECIE KNOWN AS "THE YOUNGER GENERATION" AND CALLED MADITES. N F gzgw I ai ,ar waz Sikh .4 1: gr-vu-' ,Www Wh! Wh, ww VBS x ff M v m W WW Wd ww' ,, f. ....::, f' 2 A ' ' W ' Y it Q Mm wg , , E Another broken heart? TO BE A MADITE a person must inhabit the buildings and spend rnucli ol his time on the Campus. Aniona tliese strange beings are intellec- tual characters and otliers who are dominated loy muscle. Definitely all ol tliein are lVl.A.D. . . DME UF THE MAH CHARACTERS .J EWS www m,,..w fini WHIJ WUHH ANU PLAY Soft lights, heavenly music. What more could you ask-1 the Senior-Iunior Prom Idle moments - lonely hearis Playing hard to get! llHQM1UCAMP 5 Give up. Mr. Hudson, the laws of inertia are against you. . s . Mm lax. xw mx v fm . Q a ggi lie 3 1111! a,.,,A:'s:5F gaisliurfll ffn -an new X WORK 1 , n". 1"" 0 . P . O . 9. ' 1 ' . .- . , Q , , 5- Elf-fi 5.2: VB:-.W f wfv, . U1 ,,., - , 1 1 .i.. ,. sm - 2 .N- . it ,im Ei 'w b fs 'f In Q . V : .A, X X ip N 4 x if if Q' A k Q :rf Q yb PY x is 3 I x .F i fa Ps . , V , m K -fp 5 4 U L A 5 . 1 'WWSERIES UUH MAD WUHLD I5 ARTHUR K. WILSON, Superintendent Fortunate indeed are we people, Mr. Wilson, who have known you through tho years. We appreciate your line and just counsel, your never failing kindness, I your calm and clear thinking, your high ideals, your keen insight into human nanlrc, your ability to hold your counsel and know when to speak- and, you are never too weary at the close ol the day to lend a helping hand. With your wealth of service to us all- may lile's richest blessings be yours- always. 5 X 5 STEAIJIEIJ BY LEADERS, s Dean of Girls , , RUTH E. FOREMAN "S HS ONE IN A MILLIONV' Many girls have said this of Ruth Foreman, our Dean of Girls. She is not only an advisor and counselor but a friend to all the students. More than one student has been set on the wright track" by her sincere and helpful understanding. STANLEY C. MCCLINTIC. Principal MR. S. C. MCCLINTIC, who this year became principal of MAD., is a personality long to be remembered on this campus. His enthu-- siasm, Congeniality, and progressive leader- ship has made him a favorite with both students and faculty. Mr. McClintic has for many years aided and encouraged most stud- ent activities. Beginning next year he will be superintendent and principal of our M.A.D. World. We congratulate him in his new posi- tion and wish him the S551 of everything in hf uture Work. X' S is X Dean of Boys ROBERT S. MANNING AS DEAN OF BOYS, Mr. Manning advises and counsels all the boys of our MAD. World. His knowledge and under, standing of the students' problems has helped to guide many individuals during the past years. Recently he has also assumed many of the duties of vice-principal. 49 A 5 1- A bg ,r . 2 2 5? 3 , fb, 1 Q 2 . ,,..!,:.-.: .559 P 5 fl 'L H Q . 'gQQ5?L x .-1-sa, :-1:45, .. 2 aww .e:i!2f" ji. H '-f:3gE.f A V L N w pfggfu f Twif' fx 'gs 4' fe, ,fr ,441 I BA , 355m W fm W5 A 'A x Q1 S V ,QM WY W, Mx, wf mf lm :QLL'mws:r22fm .i'R!L1'isir 1 Q X wanna 'NX W .W N i -,H , w AND EHEEHF IIFPIIIE STAPF5 THE GROUP OF ladies pictured here are the willing workers from the Main, Gen- eral, and Adult Education and other offices. They are as follows: Miss Mar- garete Weigel, Mrs, Carol Higby, Mrs, Audrey Sharpe, Mrs. Nell Hanft, Mrs. Muriel Chamness, Mrs. Wilma I-loregian, and Gloria Higel. IIAPETEHIA STAFF THE EXCELLENT COOKS and their helpers in our cafeteria deserve the thanks of any ot us who enjoy the con- venience ol having a wellrserved hot lunch at a minimum price right on our campus. O Assisting Mrs. Stevens in the cafeteria are: Mrs. Goller, Mrs. Pinter, Mrs, Fargo, Mrs. Naggs, Mrs. Gregory, and Mrs. Ericksen. MALT SHIIP THE MALT SHOP stall, consisting ol "Ma" Park and her helpers, have pro- vided many a coke and hamburger to quiet the ravenous appetites of hun- dreds ol MAD. students throughout the year. O lncidentally, "Ma" has been an excellent ad salesman forthe Annual. L WUHHEH5 Nksg .V 5 , ' ., 4 , . Q 1 M u mf mv -- f 'iw 5 i Qxgnmg-, H ig iris ff ' 5 , 3 i . Q .Wig A, V 4 XX 4. ., L-x-- A 5 4- Mz, ,. . I am '15, gf n X psig, A ' 4' A ww. ' 32g:fa'5E34 .. ,R 43922 fvm ,i Y -' q"'Vf'x, 'qw 'suv-3 .- 'I ' ltd! ' Q ' Q' ,sg , is ,z , '34 'LL' Yty, V i , , Q-Rs, X, , S in LL. 1 51153332551 -M r he qgtrgggg gi Ss 1:-'f3::,. f Z 'Eg my Q Q rwvqf, Hirst, Milf' X - Q: A , 1 I ggi f' f,ls?5xgimMff5'igE'f1 7, A' Sys 5 MES S , , Zfwgiggg ,gg mia . fbaggggjjeg- ,gsag , Q3 as: bww' fvi-ffzsf aw ,, 1 H mtgzhf ' 61,1352 5- 1 f fam' X, 95 K Q . k KV? an g A 53-sux' 3 :QQ y X zizwfiww-fm Qpmiki sm F1 fig ,w""" Y 4 fg x 1 I R- 4 Walk - jf :: - . 9 . ' x x F-1-. Z .,,,..l if ,E 5 i., is My . ,QW B X g gi: af ,WV ff 3: ,bww- 'r if X L ,Q --A'V Q1,. ,,: pf gf , ' , If JT -..! www f f ,I W W I g ,ff if , ' 1 359 ,R N4 3 ai n w ig 'lil' ., six ,PM Q V k A F rwfvgfiew w""""""' A fy K Q fr . 5 .r -a 'U 4.2-L5 f Zia., A X Wiki f ' li! ,iff is S1 R 4. ..x. .. S -w f L V3 X 1.35 5 Ii E1 Q jf wfffx 'Qi 2 0. Z iff I' 5 1 lff?,,A A ei Mr my IN MEMUHIAM L 4 A' l I mu I' ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Symbol of the hopes and dreams of our MAD World 'f l I I 1 1 1 Row l Row 2 it -Betsy Ward, Pat Ko- hout. Iohnny Ochou. Mr. McClinlic, Phil Bortells, and Marilyn Deering. -Dick Walters, Tom Taylor, Leon Iohn- son, Winston Goller, Bill Wagner, Mike Stevens not present. ST IIE T LE IJEHS PHIL BORTELLS WERE GOING TO WIN! Isn't that right, gang? This battle-cry has rung through the assemblies and the halls of M AD. They are the fighting words of our student body president, Phil Bortells, 0 Phil has been an inspiring leader who has raised the school spirit of our M.A.D. World to an all-time high. We would say his yedr os president has been one most students will not soon forget. His record for leadership is one that future presidents of the student body will try to emulate. STUDENT BUIIY EAHINET Probably more changes and improvements for the good of the school have been carried out this year than ever before. Phil Bortells and his efficient cabinet have been very successful cts the representatives of the student body. Cooperation between :students and faculty has been excellent. ' The cabinet has fostered the spirit which has been shown by the students of Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte High School this year. UF UUH ll WIJHLH BUY5'LEABUE CABINET THE GIRLS' LEAGUE is one of the two most important student organizations, the other being the Boys' League. 0 Since all girls of the student body are automatically members, it has been the purpose of the Girls' League cabinet this year, under the leadership ol Earlene Knisley and Virginia Bower, to plan a program of activities which will be enjoyed by every girl. This year's program was high-lighted by many interesting assemblies. The annual Mother and Daughter banquet this spring was enjoyed by all, as was the "Hick Hop", the Sadie Hawkins dance, sponsored by the league which started the school year oft. HlHL5'LEAHUE CABINET UNDER THE LEADERSHIP ot Art Wilson and the supervision ot Mr. Manning, this year's Boys' League Cabinet has worked efficiently to give the League one of the best years in its history. 0 The Cabinet has advanced and worked on many worthy projects. The snacks you have enjoyed at the lootball games, and the bigger and better pro- grams turnished tor the games are two oi their outstanding accomplishments. Row I-Sharon Spurgeon. Virginia t Bower. Miss Foreman. Earlene l Knisley, Sue Perkins. Sonya Hedeen. How 2-Iudy Bowsher, Mary Crumpton, Barbara Bowman. Marian Haw- kins, Dolores Bader, Elmer Gril- liths. Maureen Callahan, Elea- nor Rothwell. Iudy Draper and Dorothy Worrell, not present. Row l-Bill Marchi. Bob Humble. Art Wilson, Tom Taylor. Row 2-Ed Losee, Marshall Wix. New- man Porter, Skippy Carmichael. EIIMMISSIIINEHS THE COMMISSIONERS ARE chosen from second period classes to help bring order to our MAD. World. During the past year, they have done a commendable job in keeping the halls quiet and assisting us to live within the laws of our student government. HIIUSE UF REPRESENTATIVES MORF THAN EVER before the House ol Representa- tiven has accomplished many important steps toward the betterment of fachool government. With our Vice-President lohnny Ochoa to help them along, the representatives from each Znd period Class meet trequently to iron out the problems that arise on the campus. They have acted as a link between the stud- ent body and cabinet, EUVEH ED AN Row l Row 2 Row 3 -Bower. Hardway, Hedeen. Spurgeon, Harter. -Ward, Bowman, Hawkins, Bow- sher. Pottenger, DeNault. -Loury. Rutherford, Rothwell, Nugent, Miss Foreman. Barbara Scofield and Earlene Knisley, Winter graduates not present. SERVED MAHUUINS MADQUINS, AN HONORARY club ot senior girls, is one of the most admired organizations at M.A.D. The fifteen girls are chosen on the qualifications of outstanding contribution in school activities, friendliness, scholarship, sportsmanship and cooperation. This year they have established several precedents for future years, One outstanding service was ushering at all home football games and the decoration of the bleachers and goal posts. 5 WELL MUNAHEH5 THE MONARCS IS one of M.A,D.'s outstanding clubs. It is composed entirely of senior boys. These boys are the school leaders, those who excel in athletics and scholarship and every branch of school activity. With the Madquins they sponsored a very successful dance for the student body. Membership in this club is a coveted honor. Row 1-Mr. Manning, Bob Humble, Row 2 Leon Iohnson, Bruno Harris, Alan Tanner, Walt Anderson, Richie McC1intic. Iohnny Ochoa. Dave Felix, Laird Moody. --Ebby Thompson, Roy Hall. Art Wilson, Ed Bell, Duane Bassi, Phil Rheingans, Winston Goller, Newman Porter. Iohn Covell, Marshall Wix, Phil Bortells. 'n . - n ' . - 1 .- " u .'.-.a- Q . ,.. y '11.5'.'3' -" '--- s' ' .V 1 n u '- 1, la- .- Nz, an O-r 1? , "f, X . ,E-. ..,,, ww '9a"5, M 4, 3 35. b Wasg, MALI? . ..,,. H g,...4 1.41" . . ,-, v 1 S n . , Al i '- n 1 ' . u u M . Uv f 47 4 wi ,af NAu'my5 4 - wr vs K 1 ,gg , af Q '51 v l M x ,W F3 W if -wa E1 , Med Lixi 'fr A H 4' ,Sir 1 x if A 'B 'gpii sms. , QK K5 W WALTER ANDERSON W. M. BOULTINGHOUSE DONNA ANDRESON RAY BROWNWOOD IAMES AUSTIN ED BELL Leon Iohnson, President WI TEH SE IUH5 Walt Anderson, Vice-President DICK BRADBURNE IACKIE COLLIER RUTH CHAPMAN PAT CLEAHY STANLEY CARD IOHN COVELL ICE CARNER BEV CONNOHS EDWIN CALDWELL THEIR SPIRIT f I AURA CUELLAR LOUROY ELDER FLOYD FRALEY EILEEN FERGUSON IOYCE GILMOUR ARY CRUMPTON HERMAN EICHENHOFER MARILYN FREDERICKSEN OREN GORHAM CARMELA GIULIANI IMES ESPINOSA LOIS FALLER DAVID FELIX ROBERTA GOODWIN ROY HALL :QSM fx -X AN IEHOME HUMPHREY ILLA MAE HICKS LEOTA HARTLEY GARY HUFF LEON IOHNSON EARLENE KNISLEY DICK KIRKHAM LOIS LARSEN NANCY LAKE DON LANDON LE HEHSHIP PHYLLIS IEAN LEN1 PAT LOCKWOOD LUCINA MAXWEIJ BENNETT MCCOHII LI BEH5 ll . B MCPHERSON HRD MOODY ILL MORLEY RILYN MINTON Efw. Lu VONNE MARQUIS SHIRLEY PETERSON BARBARA SCOFIELD SHARON WYNNS EARLE McxcDONALD VIRGINIA RIVERAL LOUANNE SMITH FRED YOUNG SUE PERKINS MARVEL ROBERTS SUZANNE SMITH DON CONDIT ROBERT PHILLIPS PAT ROBEY ALAN TANNER RICHARD YOST BILLIE MAE AUTEN DAVID ARCHIBALD DOLORES BADER Richard McCl1nt1c Presldent Fred Garslde Vlce Presldent Dolores Bader Secretary Barbara Pottenger Treasurer B DE S F HEWELI. 'HIL BORTELLS LAUREL BOERSTLER KENNY BRYANT VIRGINIA BOWER LEROY BOVEY RGARET BIDDLE IAMES BRIDEGUM LOUANNE BOVEY GENE BUNCH IUDY BOWSHER .BERT BOWMAN MARY LOIS BOS ROBERT BOWIE BARBARA BOWMAN REGINALD BROADWAY THEY VE BED KATHLEEN BRAHAMS IANICE BROWN D ORA B ROWN BEVERLY BROWN LEE CARMICHAEL MAUREEN CALLAHAN IOAN CAMPBELL WATSON CARPENTER TONI CAWARD BETTY CLARK MARGIE c mrou Amer: con nl-:nAs noms cpoox Gsoncm ANN coop ELLA Mm: iCLARK PUHTH TU EU IJ EH X wi .,,A.. 5 DY COLEMAN VOM COMEY DON COX B CHISSINGER RALD KOHNER ETHEL COTTRELL ESTELLE CURRIE VIRGINIA COUCH DUANE DICKSON BARBARA COWGILL ROSEMARIE DAVIS BETSY CRUSAN ISABELLE DELFOSSE CAROL MADIGAN WADE SHURTLEFF PAT DOLAN IAN DIEHL MARILYN DOERING YVONNE DUNLAP ANNE STANKOVICH N Q EILEEN DUNHAM LUANNE DuVAL TED EARLEY IOYCE ELLEFSON CAROL SCHULTE EW FIELDS. . ,Bw X -I ,Q my W 1 CLEO EYHE MAX FANELLO SUE ANN FENNIKOH DON GALLOGLY DONNA GAHRISO1 IAN ELLET KENNETH FLINT DORIS FETTERS KENNETH GATES ANNABELLE GEOHC SHIRLEY FAULKNER GORDON FRALICK PAT FODDRELL FRED GARSIDE IOANNE GERE LOIS FARHAR ANN FENNER DONNA GALLIANO MALCOLM GERSCHLER DENA GODBER THEY H VE 'ATRICIA GODBER BOB GINTHER .ENNA GOODRICI-I LYLE GILLERSTROM HIRLEY GARLOW WINSTON GOLLER BILLIE GRIFFIN DICK GAEBEL GIVE ELAINE HAGE ANN HAMILTON VIRGINIA HANSON DONNA I-IAZELRIGG GEORGE HARPOLE ELLEN HARDWAY DAVE HARVEY IOAN HARTER DON HATFIELD SONYA HEDEEN BOB HIROI-IATA IOAN HEMBORG MARIAN HAWKINS ELEANOR HERZIG BARBARA HOWELL LADD HARLAN S BRUNO HARRIS BOB HUTCHINS BOB HUMBLE GLORIA IRONE I SPIH TIUN AN IOANNE IGERT GERALD IENSEN VIRGINIA KELLY ARLENE IELINEK IOANNE IESME GEORGE KAHL CYNTHIA IENSEN CHARLES IEFI-'ERSON MADELINE KEMPTOI HAROLD IACKSON LEE KAUFMAN RICHARD KBCKLER HIGH IIJEIILS .IIS BETTY KENNER DAVID KIMBALL BEVERLY LEACH IOI-IN LORENZINI LILLIE LETT IAROL KIRCHNER IOI-IN KIRKPATRICK SHIRLEY LEADINGHAM ROBERTA LEEPER NATALIE LEVINSON IOANN KOLLING AGNES KURTNAKER EDWARD LQFLEUR NANCY LEE IOAN LINDEN PAT KOHOUT OREN LAIDLEY MARILYN LEE BARBARA LEGG ANNIE LIU THEY H VE ,,-v-ff" DOROTHY LONGERO IEAN LONGFELLOW DEON LOURY MARY LOUISE LOVE IOAN LYON STANLEY LUCAS NAN MANDY BRUCE MacDONAI.D IAMES Mc CALLUM PATRICIA MASTERS E PTIV TEH LEE MAIIREH PAT MAURER NANCY MCHAHLANI cmzor. MCCILASSOI U H M!-IIIITE CAMPUS. BILL MARCHI NTEVE MARSHALL IEITH MCMURPHY IAMES MILLER ii!-N RICHARD MCCLINTIC BETTY MYERS IAMES MICHAELSON BILL NEWBERRY MARY IANE MISTRETTA DENNIS MCNULTY HARRY MILLER GERTRUDE OAKLEY IANE MOORE GEORGE MENCY WESLEY MUNGER BOB OLDS CARYI. MURPHY RAY MEYERS CHARLENE NUGENT FLOYD OLSON Y THEIR F HES BE P72 IOHNNY OCHOA BARBARA POTTENGER NEWMAN PORTER ROBERT OLSEN IACKIE PURCELL DON QUALLS PHYLLIS PETERSON WALTER PALMER PAT QUIGLEY LOIS PINKSTON DONALD PARTRIDGE DOROTHY RODGERS SUSAN ROGERS CHARLES RODGERE IOSEPHINE ROSS EUGENE RONALD RICHARD RANDALL LOLITA ROTHWELL PHIL RHEINGANS IOYCE RUTHERFORI 5 S ROBERT ROSS ASEL SAMUELS ISAN SANDERS MARY SASI EEESSF L A'D PPY ALICE SHAW KENNETH SAIN IAMES SAMP LARRY SAYLOR RICHARD SANDERS MATHILDA SIEMON DONIS SIMPSON MARY SLAYTON BARBARA IEAN SLICK IAMES SCHERER CHARLES SHARPE BOB SMITH CLAY SMITH PAT SMITH IEANNETTE SNEDEKER MILDRED SPRAGUE AS THEIR FU R YEARS BARBARA SHAFFER CHARLES STAFF IEAN TAYLOR TOM TAYLOR IOANNE TURNE SHARON SPURGEON BOB STEPHENS MARILYN TAYLOR BOB TIETZ DIANE TUPPEF IOYCE STUTESMAN MIKE STEPHENS BEVERLY TRIPP RICHARD THOMAS WARD UPSON CAROLYN SWANSON DAVID STONE IOAN TRUDEAU EDWIN THOMPSON DIXIE 'VAAGE in X U H MAH WUHLD. DON VICK BARBARA WILKINS DICK WALTERS MARSHALL WIX EROY VOGEL WANDA WOOCK RONALD WEITZMAN HAL WHOLEY .EE WALLICK BETSY WARD IOHN WEBER ARTHUR WILSON DRGE WALTERS CAROLYN WATSON LEO WHITLOCK SYLVIA YOUNG UNIIJHS Eddie Losee, President Bob Fordham, Vice-President Betty Bailey, Secretary Charleen Noyer, Treasurer W: " nnnmmww Wm 1 We +wNww l 'QlT'Tw Row 1-Harold Shapiro, Bob Giniher, Don Bean. Don Burrell, Kenneth Zerbe, Bob Siroud. Warren Hall, lack Simpson. How 2-Bob Capranica. Kent Berge. Andy Cullincme, Ierry Raquel, Lloyd Hill, Ben Massey, Iohn Earl, lack Fenner. THEY HE WIJHTHY Row Row Row How Row l-Pat Landers, Katy Brown. Pat Sringer, Betty Bailey, Nell Hill, Betty Tuggle, Dolores Hansen, Lou Ann Bigge, Mary Lou Garzon. 2-Eileen Noser, Virginia Benson, Frances Bishop, Mariane Blaine, Ioanne Peterson, Ann Owen. -Margie Oliver, Phyllis Leach, Donna Hobbs, Ioan Chambers, Marlene King, Sharon Kruse, lean Nelson, Leona Peterson, Bernice Strainer. -Pat Berry, Frances Peterson. Pat Edwards. Florence Nash, Barbara Flannery, Margaret Gillespie. Fern Feldman, Margo Glyn. Barbara Hoefler, Viola Hayes. 5-Sylvia Sievert, Kathy Griffin. Row Row Row Row Row 1- 4-Eugene Michelson, Dick Pringle, Richard Gish, Sam Cauiield. Dwight Hulse, Bill Hunter, Iere Robinson, Darrell Anderson 5- 2-Alonzo Collins, Morris Washington, Morris Lee. Lee Schailel, Walter Shelly, Fanning Oakley, Max Bengel, lack Cooper Ed Iacoubowsky. 3-Lloyd Nickoly. Lee Griiiin, Don Webster, Klane Robinson, Arthur Dawson, Eugene Morotta, Richard Lopez, Bill Carlson, Leon Van Noy, Don Doll. Gordon Smith. lack Weber, Bill Meyer, Bob Cox. nolds, Iohnny Waddell, Pete Densmore. Iirnmy Flores, Bob Broadway, Francis Spichletz. Norman Baily, Robert lacks, Dale Iockish. Gordon Iuvenal, Bob Fowler. Bill Nelson, Paul Muller, Reggie Wear. Larry McNamee, Wally Thompson, Allen Hathcock. Richard Scharnecchia, Burt Rey- Lani-QS' A 953 :all - A I'- L-quill V f Sk Q S xzik. ,- M 5' 7 will nsnnlnllw N M. ag K , . " R .anna sw Q M giggqisgmn 'L ww N. "fm 'Rafi ga, ff J 1 Aw i'-I ll!- l 5 Wm m -V . :V by- +8 W k 935: K .Me via .pk gk fflw gj X A. ' N X Q - A fswrf if fwfi-iHflQF13Q5if.-'WFU' A 9,1 W asm- l fa W mag? ww, in gg , 5 N- f 'Sz pm... ""':au.q:5 ia? N-mm s 'A A A rw. A f xv? f -N Q- -ay - K K X 5 I 1 L '4 Nr R' 5 J 'X f . '45 ' gh 'X' n v M an iw Q. wi-1' ,Quint-' X El Q. 'C 5 T A Q k ' x ,, Q, , , . .. an gif?" I 2...- f . , X A 'E x - XX . v ,X K ku ,-1 x -aww SET BY THE SE IIJHS. Row How Row Row How 1-Thelma Phillips, Virginia Brennan, Edith Michel, Ruth Ann Gardner, Lisa Larson. Iulia Wall, Kathy Hopen. 2-Winnie Lou Card, Ioan Miller. Pat Van Pappelendam, Carol Fowler, Lois Benson, Betty Grout, Ianet Noyes, Ianice Iacobs. Ellen Ann Geibler. 3-Marilyn Galvin, Georgianna Bissel, Connie Stokes. Helen Doty, Verna Lee Baker, Beverly Smith, Beverly Contner, Ianet Troxel, Patsy Bishop, Peggy Bishop. 4-Carol McClung, Marie Schmidt, Gloria Ward, Katherine Tosh, Ann Gollands, Ina Mae Kellar, Eleanor Iohnson. 5-Florence Nash. Frances Peterson, Barbara Flannery, Margo Glyn. Barbara Hoetler, Leona Peterson. How I How Row Row -Darya Berg, Ioann Lee. Lorraine Murphy, Frankie Lee, Margaret Faulkner, Caroline Castle, Rosalie Nash, Mary Pollgreen. Virginia Helph, Rita Duryea. 2-Dorothy Daniels. Charleen Noyer, Ierri Balling, Pat Siegrist, Frances Cureton, Iessica Blount, Lillie Lett, Mary Armstrong, Helen Dickinson, Carol Hadsel, Ruth Van Meter. 3-Marilyn Baker, Bobbie DeNault, Dorothy Worrell. Marilyn Boehm, Elma Grillitts, Evangeline Filla, Saralyn Grossman. Alice Quayle Carolyn Chadwick, Phyliss Quigly, Barbara Harris, Marianne Schouten, Barbara Hutt, Audrey Iones. Ardith Shearer, Marilyn Brown, Mary Contreras, Beverly Harbert. Pat Groener. SIJPHUMUHES-FUTURE LEADERS ABE NIJ LUNGEH EHEENIE5 A MAHITE FUTURE - ..- K., ., '., v ..- an ,4 s 1. JR ag H l . MHJJ, 'v' , 'ay' 1 1 .--, w .,,4,-. ,-Wk 'Sv We U . ,.f'-"' .mx 5 ,ax ll f we 465 ' s 5 Q K 1 wr . -...www 0' A ,, sa L., N7 'ix vfx U C., QR- faf E ,LX f Q' X N N ww 'if cm 'W fq fwi5 2. ' KKKA . ,, , It W' . X ".. : :.:a-aw.-v'f-'- , f K 4 CEQA A17 ,N ,Nw-qw. ,W ELLEN HARDWAY THOMAS W GRIFFIN IOAN HARTER Editor Advisor Editor THESE P T THE MAH HERE IS YOUR 1948 Annual! It has been a joy and a privilege for us to review our MAD, World tor the past year. We have selected and chosen the pictures which we hope are repre- sentative of our campus activities. Our thanks go to clubs, their sponsors, the members of the student body, and, most of all, to the adminis- tration for their fine cooperation. We hope you are satisfied with the result of our efforts. The book took shape as the months rolled by. Snaps to be edited . . WDHLIJ I Bllllli Decisions to be made . How 1--Bill Murchi, Elaine Huge. Ioan Hurier, Ellen Hurdway. Pal Foddrell, Iudy Draper. Kenny Bryunl Row 2-Buddy Lumley, Duane Bassi. Bob Olsen, Phil Bortells. lack Fenner, Ann Hurry, Tom Taylor Marlene Bowers. Mr. Griffin. 3 Row Row Row How Olsen. Lumley. McMurphy. Stone. Goodwin. Covell. Miller. Garrison. Bussi. 2-Bader. Spurgeon. Rogers. Leach. Oliver. Abeling, Rnderson. Bowsher. Humble. 3-George. Dolan. Islinek. Stokes. Hill. Lee. lacks. Haque. Purner. 4-Boestler, Slick. Saunders. Crumpton. Miss Mosher. WEEK IAMES MILLER VIVIENNE MOSHER Editor Advisor W N' Q9 I y X X-fix Xt, .ww ,Q-.NJ sq . 'Al ws vm' f f 'Vik P1 fy:-x I ,l 1 k vw wJ' I-'Q 'N P BLISHI E THE WILDII T THE WILDCAT, the weekly school publication, is compiled by the students and the English department with the cooperation ot the printing classes. Under the new supervisor, Miss Vivienne Mosher, and editors lohn Covell and lames Miller, this activity has played an important part in school lite Each Friday morning before classes land sometimes during them tooth practically every student could be seen with his head buried in that week's edition, reading about all the latest events around school. Reviewing the social whirl Sport page - a must for Madites Editing the MAD campus news Proof-reading the Wildcat THEY BHIJ SHT HU E ans il t u lb le. my i 4 t t l 0 l A EAPPELLA THE HEIGHT OF ambition for all Maclite songsters is membership in our A Cappella Choir. Because of their outstanding work in competition with other groups, in concerts and in operettas, the choir has added to the prestige of MAD. Much of the success is clue to the generous and helpful leadership ot the choir's director, Chester Ullom. The choristers have made several broadcasts over KFWB, which are generally followed by the Citizens of this area. Around school, the name A Cappella has become synonymous with good inuinic and line entertainment. UH PIANU ULUH SPONSORED BY Mrs. Potts, every member in the Piano Club is active. He must be willing to play lor the group some time during the year. He is tree to choose his own classical selection. lt is a valuable experience to play for other students who can give constructive criticism as well as praise. TU ll NAME VARSITY BUYS' HLEE ELUB "IT'S A GRAND NIGHT for singing." It we've heard it once, We've heard it a hundred times, coming from the direction ol the Varsity Boys' Glee Club room every third period. These A Cappella aspirants, under Mr. Ullom, can give out with anything from "Dry Bones" to the Alma Mater and are often called upon to do so. SENIDH GIRLS' BLEE CLUB "BIGGER AND BETTER things!" That was the cry of the Senior Girls' Glee Club this year. They started an outside choir of the very best voices and still managed to keep up with the strenuous program that their popularity demanded. JUNIUH BUYS BLEE CLUB THE IUNIOR BOYS' Glee Club has become one of the largest groups in school. Their membership has reached titty-five. Singing for all they are worth, the boys have tried to reach a greater degree ol musical perfection. SENIUH HAND ANU JUNIUH HAND THE SENIOR AND Iunior Bands arc the outstandirtg l'1f3iT1lTT'9I'1iC1l O.'QCl!llfZGllO"'lZ at ltfl.ll..l'J, Corn- poned ol the rhythm experts, and supervised by Mr. Scott, they provide us with music for asrzomw- blie s, concertr, and other special- ty programs. These top-lliaht groups, when in competition with other schools, always bring home honors tor our school. JUNIUH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Under the immediate supervision ot Mrs. Potts, the lunior Girls' Glee has done an excellent job again this year ot inspiring girls to join their club by the grand work they display. The organization is open to all girls who really enjoy music. WITH IJUTSTX-XNIII IAHEHING BAND 4E MARCHUM3 BAND,un- ar the direction ot Mr, Boyer, ive spirit and pep to the etween-hall period during otball season. Their colorful 'iilorms and splendid marchf g will long be remembered y those who watched the xmes. IIIIUMPLISHME ATS SENIHH UHEHESTHA AND JUNIUH UHCHESTHA THE SENIOR AND Iunior Orch- estras provide the musical background of our M. A. D. World. These "horn blowers" and "bow scrapersu, through self-sacrifice and hard work, have given much to our MAD lite. They receive the funda- mentals ol instrumental music and develop a number of fine and promising artists, Mr. Scott is the director of the instru- mental department. FUIJTLIBHT5- "Tl!iH" "IT WAS THE BEST play liore in years " Thats what tliey :said about tlie League Play, Mary Robert.: Rlioiriliarfsz comedy, "Ti::li." Tlie appreciative crowd was kept "rolling in tliv ai:ale:1" as a :skilf- fully directed and cleverly :staged play unfolded before a packed audience, I "Tian" was :so well received that tlie Winter Seniors :sponsored a repeat per- formance with tlie idea of piircliafsing CI football ascorelioartl witli tlie proreedss HT!-ll CALLS "llUH HEARTS WEHE Yflllllllj ANI! BAY" Tl-lE SENIOR CLASS Play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Cray" provided a humorous and delightful evening of entertainment Pat Dolan as Cornelia and lucly Bovvsher as Emily, gave an excellent performance ot this comedy con- cerning youth in the Twenties. The support- ing cast included Deon Loury, Sharon Spur- geon, Don Partridge, Gene Mariotta, Nancy McFarland, Maureen Callahan, Lee Carmi- chael, Ed lacowbowral-cy, Chuck Staff-and "Hone at Pierief' A464524 , . , A-2? , - - i"6W'f?r1u -s i g E ,iw , cl fw Nb f 1:-Q f Q K .N ...wi GREASE-P!-TI T "THE SAINT" FOLLOVVING A TTt!l.lWlTlON at yearn the Drainaticiz aitl Miizic Departments presented the Christina.: play The play offered iliiez year, i'The Saint," wa: one ot dignity and quiet humor Its setting was the Middle Age.: and the castiiine.: added color to a theme that illustrated the true Christmas spirit. Mrs. Doty and the cast have our congratulations, Mr Ullom and his choriin our thank.: tor rome tine music THESPIANH THIS CLUBS membership is made up of the outstanding students in dramf aticm Under the able direction ot Mrs Doty, they not only participated in several plays this year, but enjoyed trips to theaters in the metropolitan a:ea. They have had as guest speak- ers prominent people connected with the theater and occasionally enjoyed a party among themselves. STAGE CREW DUILIJING THE SET, supervising the stage scenery, lighting and sound ellects, our Stage Crew has been the "behind the scene" element in all our musicals, plays, and assemblie: They have proved indi zpensable to all M A D productions THRU GH ACTIVE PALETEEHS "A NEAT POSTER on the bulletin board?" "Get the Paleteerslu "See if we can have Egyptian decoration?" l'Ok, go ask the Paleteerslu This type of conversation goes on all year and as you can gather, the guys and gals who carry the load ot these MAD. brainstorms are the honor art students, the Paleteers. Under the able leader- ship ot Miss Clemmons, this paint brush and pastel corps has accomplished an outstanding record of achieve- ment this year. They're the ones who fixed the trash cans with clever green and white hints and planted the football posters through the campus. Wherever the talents of artists are needed the Madite Paleteers are ready with snappy ideas and the enthusiasm to carry them through. JUNIIIH STATESMEN WITHOUT A DOUBT, one of the most active and popular organizations in school is our Iunior Statesmen. Parti- cipating in worthy affairs ol school-wide and even state-Wide importance, these hard working Madites conducted our March ot Dimes campaign, sent delegates to regional conventions and were even represented on the air. They are led by Mr. Martin and have really built up a proud name for themselves and their school, UHEANIZATII1 S, WE LHS HUENUS VEEINU5 'QCOM0 ESTA USTED? Muy bien, gracias!" And it's not Greek, either!! Thats the kind ol lingo they spout in M.A.D.'s Spanish Club, Los Buenos Vecinos. Made up of second, third, and fourth year senors and senoritas, the organization is designed to create a living interest in our neighbors to the South. Even meetings are sometime.: conducted in Spanish so that the members will have a real feeling ol lite "South of the Border," LATIN CLUB SALVE MAGISTRAF Salvite, Discipulil These phrases might start another of the monthly meetings ot the Latin Club. The magistra, the teacher, being Miss Mabel Drummond and the discipuli, the students, her budding young Caesars. The members, second year Latin students, belong because ot their interest in Latin and their love tor good times. The club combines these interests in parties at Saturnalia CChristrnasl and picnics a la Roman style BBI CAMEBA CLUB "THE MAD. CAMERA club has be- come one of the largest organiza- tions in the school. This year it has been divided into two groups, ad- vanced and beginners. Interest has been high in contests both local and national. Good speakers have talked on the use oi the camera and the proper developing of film, USHEBS THE MAD. USHERS are those fellas who guard the doors like jailers dur- ing our assemblies and look so "classy" while on the job at evening programs. Under the guiding brain UD of Eddie Losee, the ushers, along with their regular job of handing out programs and taking tickets, do a line job of controlling our MAD "traffic" and our loud voices. Hats to you tor a hard job Well done! MATH CLUB THE MATH CLUB has been under the supervision of Mr. Pilmer tor the past several years. Its purpose is ta fill the need of those students who enjoy higher mathematics and plan to make a real study of these sub- jects. This group may be small but they do not lack in brain-power. B B T SPECIAL T LE T5 HE DEH EIILLEBIIZNNHS WITH A MEMBERSHIP of hundreds, cmd under the leadership of Miss Cummens and President Eileen Dunham, this club of Iunior and Sen- ior girls is organized to promote friendship and sociability among all the girls on the campus. They have had guest speakers on poise, charm, good-grooming, and other subjects in- teresting to High School girls. SEHVIEE AND SHE TLY SPEEIIH HIINIIH ONE OF THE main duties of the Speech Honor Club is to provide speakers for the many contests offered the stud- ents of M.A.D. each year. This Worthy group is ably sponsored by Mrs. Holmgren. The winners this year of the American Legion Contest were lack Fenner and lanice Iacobs. The Lions' Club competition was Won by Dwight Hulse and Louanne Bigge. WIIHLII FRIENDSHIP "TO STRENGTHEN THE bonds of friendship around the globe" is the purpose of the World Friendship Organiza- tion. With Mr. Wood, their sponsor, they meet the second Friday of every month to work on such worthwhile projects as boxes for "CARE" and correspondence with high school students 'round the world, I THI-HI-Y EU THIB TE TI1 THE MKTITING THE THIRD Friday of every month, the Tri-HiMY is one of MA Dfs most active service clubs. Under the auidance of Kathie Hopen, these gals accomplished Wonders this year. In December they sponsored the annual Motlier-Daughter banquet, and went caroling at Christmas time, The club also sent representatives to the Tri-l-li-Y Conference held at Pacific Palisades. This hard Working group, open to freshmen and seniors alike, ia: :sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. Fr? SPIRIT, U DEBATE CLUB THE DEBATE CLUB is the newest addition to our M.A.D. Campus. Organized early this year, this group has made rapid progress under their sponsor, Mr. Smith. From this beginning, we are eX- pecting some finished orators in the next few years. MAH SIIIENTISTB MANY INTERESTING experiments and talks were given in the meet- ings ot the Mad Scientists. Those students interested in any branch ol the physical sciences should be a member of this group. 0 The club sponsors this year were Mr. Ward and Mr, Hudson. HALIHEES THE CALIBEES WERE organized in l942 tor the purpose of pro- moting good citizenship, leader- ship, and entertainment. This club has endeavored to bring out the talents ot each member ot the group. Under the sponsor- ship of Dr. lohnson and Mrs. Michel, the club stressed leader- ship as the important point for the year. NITY ll E PHIJJEIITIIIN IIHEW VISUAL EDUCATION is becoming more im- portant every year in our M.A.D. education. The students pictured here are the technicians who keep the films rolling. They have given much time to the success of the visual program and together with their sponsor, Mr. Oliver, deserve our thanks. STUDENT STUHE THE STUDENT STORE is a co-operative effort which supplies a convenient shopping center tor the students of M.A.D. Much appreciation is due to the group of students who have devoted their time to dispensing these articles which prove necessary to our educational program. SEHIJLAHSHIP SIIEIETY THIS YEAR, under the co-sponsorship of Miss Iahr and Miss Mosher, the "Einsteins" of M.A.D. have accom, plished a great deal. Under the leadership of Betsy Ward and Iarnes Miller, they held the annual "Gold Seal" banquet, and of course took advantage of their yearly ditch day. We are justly proud of our "ten pointersng gone is the idea that the "brains" in Scholarship are just un- enthusiastic book worms! PPI E55 UP I l IIIHELE M THE GIRLS WHO belong to the Circle M are CI select group. This club is the highest athletic organiza- tion in girls' sports. Membership is gained by accumulating l8U0 points which are given for being a member of several girls' teams and partici- pating in the "extra" activities. Under the leadership of Bev Conners and Charlene Nugent, they have had a very successful year. The year ended with the spring Banquet where the awards for the year were presented and new members and officers announced. I1 H MAD WUHLI1 , mx, .X' HIGH SEHIIUL CHRISTIAN ASSUIIIATIIJN THE ACTIVITIES of the High School Christian Association are a source of inspiration which should be re- membered by the members of this club for many years to come, The periods devoted to prayer and song should impress all of us with the feeling that life is composed of other than frivolous things. EAL-IIAIIETS "HUP, TWO, THREE, FOUR! Shoulder arms!" Yes, it's the Cal-Cadets at it again! Under the commanding eye of Mr. Verl Murray, this regiment of future Generals C?l drill third periods, polishing up their military routines, The past year, several cadets have made trips to the neighboring junior high schools, giv- ing demonstrations to encourage membership in this worth while organization, HEHIJE5 UF THE BLUIIH LETTEHMEN IILUB MEMBERS OF THIS CLUB have the distinction and privilege of wearing the school They have this honor because they have been granted ct letter for participation on school teams. No one can be a member of this select group who has not been officially awarded this letter. Under the leadership of Mr. Murray and Winston Golfer, they have had a very successful year. EHZUVIPIU S UVEH ALI. li.A.A. WHO ARE THE reigning queens ol sport in this valley? Why our own Madite "Glamazons," What is their organization? The GAA. natchll Under the direction ot Barbara Pottenger, our "muscle maids" have held the champs crown again this year. Besides their lively meetings, the GAA. sponsors the spring banquet and pre- sents awards to deserving feminine athletes. The gals in GAA. are those who have earned the necessary 200 points, which are harder to earn than the boys are willing to admit! The G.A.A. is also the first step towards "Circle M," the highest girls' athletic organization in our "Mad Muscle" World. msgid-yr: "' M Y' is W . i . V . "X ' - . ' " XM. i x ,w..a,mmaafww,.w., A 'A"'45"""""" '- a Nb 4.5 ,A .J Sith "M A fflfiw. A,f'f'2:,, . .J fa. 'Q mf , gm M X L ja I mr SUNG LEADERS YELL HINHH AS A RESULT of their tireless efforts, Dick and Denny were re- warded with ringing enthusiasm from the packed bleachers of faithful fans supporting the MAD. Wildcats. They have really done a fine job of leading yells and arousing our school spirit. SPIRIT-SU FROM THE OPENING stanza of our "Fight Song" to the closing bars of the Alma Mater, Ioanne, Bettye, Ioyce, Dorothy, and Nancy were always on the job, ready to bring out the best in our lusty voices. On the field, in the gym, or on the :stage their flowing pom-penis and flashy outfits were much in evidence as the sports year unfolded before M.A.D,'s eyes W ' A i lg I 4" ' li ff' , QQ? ww x. x ,gm i'a"g Q - x , xii., K . V. , v , J D 5 fs , Q fn x Q gg? .A S H gf?" ,Y 3 XA. , avg igix , Y kg X AB fs ,fa x . i i Q fr ' ,ag if S :LV 5, as K ' V Q , A Q 1 Head-coach Blackman Coach Musick How Row Row Row Row w-Porter, Bortells, B. Cox, W. Hall, Arian, Goller, Iohnson, R. Hall, Bell, Anderson, McPherson, Coach Blackman. Gallogly, Densmore, Hirohata, Brownwood, Losee, Carruthers, Moody, Chrisman, Marshall, Barrett, Dickson, Coach Musick. Nicklin, Carmichael, Girvetz, Hill, Bryant, Shurtlefl, Hart, DeMore, Levine, Adams, Humble, Mgr. Stelle. Miller, Maag, Hancock, Goodwin, Huges, Burge, Broadway, Gould, Collins, Bender, Bridegum, Shook. Rockenbach, Harrison. -1" ' . -.41 -SCORES? M.A.D. 20 Muir B M.A.D. 50 Citrus 6 M.A.D. 7 South Pasadena 7 MJ-LD. 33 Hoover 12 M.A.D. 20 Covina 0 M.1X.D. 21 Montebello U M.A.D. 18 Burbank 20 MJ-LD. 7 Glendale 21 "Loyal sons and daughters in a chorus now unite ME UF IHU WITH ONE THOUGHT in mind, Head Coach Bob Blackman and Line Coach lackie Musick combined their talent.: with the team and school spirit to give the Wildcats one of the best squads ever assembled. The team was un- defeated after the first six games, but injuries weakened them and they lost the last two games. At the close of the season, many 'Cats were mentioned for honors. Alan Tanner, Walt Anderson, and Winston Goller were named on the first team all league, while Leon lohnson made the second string. Walt and Winston were also placed on the all-San Gabriel Valley first team, and Winston brought further honors by being tabbed as second team all-CIF, tackle. To our team, our hard working coaches, and all who worked with the Cats this season, goes our unending and grateful praise. Barrett heads for pay dirt IM D DU UH- ANDERSON BRIAN BELL BORTELLS BROWNWOOD CARMICHAEL CARRUTHERS COX DENSMORE DICKSON GARSIDE GOLLER H. HALL W. HALL HIROHATA HUMBLE IOHNSON LOSEE MARSHALL MCPHERSON MOODY PORTER TANNER WILSON DIEQME ,P 'iam ,, Xiwwsiiwmm wm- '1,A'AA' i f . -GW Q . U. v ,- isis nec' is S., x Y .s..1. My ' A 1 4 ' XS.. f 3 ,X N. .. 1 if N ax in YQ if Q 1 NQSHQ 4 A XRS 3' 'X ,A SS lj: x I g 5 QX W 5. it is 2' :2:- . " X 4 ,sk tg. A K GN K MQ , Q Q ,, sg WM BEE PIJUTBALL 'Q THE BEE TEAM ended a very good season by coming in second in the Foothill League. They tied the Champions, Burbank, in a l2 to l2 game. The Bees had the distinction ol being the highest scoring team among their competition. Benny Vance, one ot the high scorers, was loaned to the Varsity and therefore missed the last two Bee games, This may have meant the margin of victory. Many of the Bee lettermen are moving up to the Varsity next year and We are expecting great things from them. -SCORES- M.A.D. S Mark Keppel 19 M.A.D. 25 , , , Citrus 5 M.A.D. 6 South Pasadena 7 MJ-LD. 24 , Hoover 13 M.A.D. 60 ,,,,,, Covina 6 M.A.D. 18 , Montebello 6 MJLD. 12 ,, , , Burbank 12 M.A.D. 6 , Glendale 8 Coach McAllister BEE5 FU SHT H HD Row l-Qualls. Regan, Waddell, Gillett, Thompson, Shapiro, Stroid. Vllear, Sadler. Captain Wagner, Zerbe, Bean. Row 2-M. Cox, Larson. McMullan, Bills, Ronald. Adams. Vance. Simpson, A. Bowman. Cartagena, Cullinane Row 3-Woods, K. Palmer, Upson, Caulfield, Deliosse, Keavney. Iohn Adams, Iim Adams, Humble, Iones, McMillin. Row 4-Edgar. Parkinson, Burns. Glick. Hardy, W. Woods, M. Moody. Chatters, Maxwell, Smith, Carnine. How 5-Crapo. Zerbel. I. Gates, Kratavil, Snedden, Washington. Bedney, Wilson. H. Iones, Lee, Epler, Mgr. Springer. Row 6-Laileur, Widrig, Willis, B. Gates, Knutson, Weismann, Kewell. Gerber. lviowry. Iohnson, Mgr., Greer, Mgr., Coach McAllister F .Q Q Q .M . fy 5 - W 'iii Q ,M mm, Wm: 1.9 5 4.5 Hi 'WND EU' R 'P ., ffm' naw? ... My S , 5 x.. A s- H. D W W 2, Law? -i.wff 'M 9: 'Q' wigs 'fb' 2 M.A.D. M.A.D M.A.D. M.A.D M.A.D. M.A.D. SWISHI I3 ETS VARSITY BASKETBALL S C O R E S South Pasadena 50 M.A.D. 26 South Pasadena Glendale Hoover ,, 60 MJ-LD. 29 Glendale Hoover Covina , ,428 M.A.D. 28 Covina , , Montebello ,5U M.A.D. 25 Montebello Burbank 40 M.A.D. 23 Burbank , Glendale 37 M.A.D. IB Glendale , SD sn Z1 4f5 25 85 Row l-Iohn Covell, Walt Anderson. Richard McClintic. Alan Tanner, Ed Bell. Don Condit. Row 2-Coach Stevens, Laird Moody. Gary Hull, Newman Porter, Bob Miller. Louie Gallel. Ed Losee. THE VARSITY BASKETBALL team played a courageous season against superior teams. Often they looked like championship material, but the score was usually in favor of their opponents, As the league competition ended, they found themselves next to last in the zztandings. Fortunately, they stood above Covina and could remember many a hard fought game. as .fi 4 A D EHEE SHUTS BEE BASKETBALL THE BEES PLAYED a hard session this year and ended in a tie for third place with Burbank, Many who watched the games were thrilled by the close scores that separated them from being the top of the pile, The Bees are to be congratulated for their undying spirit and will to Win. l M.A.D. M.A.D. M.A.D. M.A.D. M.A.D. M.A.D. M.A.D M.A.D. M.A.D. M.A.D MJLD. M.A.D. SCORES South Pasadena Glendale Hoover Covina , , , ,. Montebello , Burbank Glendale South Pasadena Glendale Hoover . Covina ,,,, ,, ,,,,, , , Montebello ,, . Burbank ,, , Glendale ,,i, Row l-Bill Wagner. Kenny Zerbe, Andy Cullinane, Ebby Thompson, Bob Bills, Bob Stroud. How 2-lack lessen, Bart Keaveny, Don Camine, Chuck Henderson. Ken Palmer, Iohn McMillian Row 3-Coach Stevens, Milan Moody. Louie Best, David Kimball. Horace Gillett. Dave Knudsen 1' valine 'D , 1 'E ,V--Q 1 A ffm!! Qi? 3 S ,.. , , 3 , QQ WP. M-....... a A 1 J ' 9 Z - A MIGHTY MITE5 EEE BASKETBALL Row l-Kent Beige. lim Adams. Bob Max- well. Lloyd Nickoley. Ralph Qualls. Dave Peterson. Mgr. Row 2-Steven Reed. Larry Shallers. lohn Peters. Gus Goller. Stan Denburg. Steve Brodie. Tony Wynn. Harry Miller. Row I-Dewey Nickoley. Mgr.. Richie Humble. Tom Sutherland. Roland Moody. Dale Hicks, Ierry Raquel. Row 2-Ralph Niclcoley. Mgr.. Richie Adams. Roland Marchand. Adolph Wilner. Billy Hicks. IIEE EHAMPIUN5 THE CEES WON three games and lost two to their opponents. This placed them in third place ir1 league standing. These boys deserve a round of applause from the students ol MAD for the hard fought games they played, X . se THOUGH THEY ARE small in size, the Dees are the proud champions of MAD basketball players. This team of mite coasted to a championship with a win- ning streak of 100 per cent. We congratulate them and their coach Iackie Musick. VllllHl'l'Y Tllflllli Row l-D. Barrett, E. Losee, I. Hancock, R. DeMore. B. Humble, A. Wilson. B. Olds, I. McNew. Row 2-I. Regan, M. Adams, B. MacDonald. D. Gallogly. D. Walters, W. Shurlleli, D. Hatfield. D. Fuller, B. Rice. Bow 3--Coach Murray, Mgr. B. Balough, I. Lorenzini, B. Chrisman. D. Hoggalt. H. Holdridge. L. McNamee, B. Massey. B. I-lirohata, C. Miller, M. Wix, B. Vance. Mgr. G. Kahl. Nlllll THAIIH Tlllf 'TRACK SEASON 15 opehiriq ogcxiri just oss the 1948 MAD World is going to press We nm hopeful arid expecting the best. Our teams have shown progress and championship mrrtferml in rlfirly competition, Before the season is over We are hoping lor new records fmt! ri lifffiltliy respect from our lellow members ot the Foothill League, .ef-rw , THIN-IILAIIS ..--My 'X III lJEHP!-lTHS--- BEE THAEK How l-Spichlig. Bell. Boehme. Sanders. Row 2- Regan. Thompson. Zerbe. Becker, Carlton. Vance, Wix. Lorenzini. Gaebel. Black. Stephens. Row 3-Mgr. Cash. Mgr. Wiltse. Washing- EEE lon. Archibald. I. E. Burns. NVol- koys. Hoggall, Ames. Blain. Dunl- ley. Wagner. Baynham. Knutson Garcia. Coach Verl Murray. TRACK How l--Mgr. Batlerson. Ruhle. Culp. D. Stephens. Relph. H. Miller. las. Adams. Comey. E. Adams. Hatch I. Becker. Row 2-Coach Eugene McAllister. I. Bailey Brodie. Marbury. Berge. Head Wynn. Nickoley. D. Humble. Ash- brook. Craigmyle. Schaar. Lusk Row 3-Gillings. Marbury, Stanford Towles. Scalora. Greer. Marchand Wagner. Fetiers. Faries. Denburg Geller. Graves. Eilner. Kiltle. Con lreras. Burke. HAEETU MAH HLUHY Lumley. Anderson. Gates. Cox, BASEBALL SEASON FOR the M.A.D, Varsity and lunior Varsity has just begun, wliile not championship material, will give their opponents many good games. hoping experience and hard play will find us near the top in league standing. MAD men hit the ball. and the dirt! VABSITY BASEBALL Row 1-Coach Blackman. McCallum, Bride- gum. Cox. Adams, Ronald. Rhein- guns. Row 2-Porter, Franco, Bowman. Cameron. Huliord, Bunch. Killian. JUNIBB VABSITY BASEBALL Row 1-Thompson. Burt, Talcolt. Schccr, Chatters, Maxwell. Mortensen. Peters. Coach Musick. Row 2-D. Edwards. Edgar, Doluhson Anderson. Beeps. Purner. Wuhner. Ahlunder. Forrest. Ruimondo. Merlo. Mgr. Row 3-Stelle, Wooden. Bensen. Willsey, Waddell. Co Jington. UN HEBBE Early estimates are that both teams, As the season progresses we are TENNIS A GREAT DEAL ol interest has been shown in tennis this year. At least nine of the team are returning letterrnen from the lunior Varsity and Varsity of last year. Early indications are that the MAD net-men will give a good account ol themselves. Most ol the practice games have ended in our iavor. ' The team is ably coached by Mr, Oliver, VA H 5 IT Y T E N N I S Row I-Densmore. Capranica. Taylor, Gilleti, Bryant How 2-McAdams, Clark, Marchi. Moody. ,I I n H H S Row I-Bokenko, Hightower. Cauifield. Stephens M Moody Valencia Levinson Henderson Row 2-Garber, Hasenai. Smith. Shapiro, Raquet Peterson Prager Sutherland Wilson Ford ham. Coach Oliver. HAIIU ET-WUHLIJ was i Game-Set-Match Men! an 3 r MAIJITE HAHHETHALL TEAM I How l-Cooper. Hurry, Woods. Row 2-Hurbert. Brownwood. Auten. Hansen. Lu- Rouche. How 3+Brown. Nute, Mrs. Yenney. How Row Row How HASHETHRLL TEAM II l-Ielinelc. Woods. 2-Poitenger, Brownwood. Auten, Rbeling. Brown. 3-Cooper. Hurry, Hcxrbert, I.cHouche. Nute, Mrs. Yenney. -Draper, Rasey. Bowers. Goen, Ward. HPEEUHRLL Row l-Clark. Draper, Colbert. Row 2-Bowers, Gracicr. Davis, Anthony. Cahill. Mrs. Yenney. Row 3--Hasey, Goen. Lawson. McMaster. Stewart, Griifitts. ISLAM!-XZIJ S BASEBALL Row lv-Hurry, Doty, Woods, Brownwood, Auten, Gracia, Nugent, McGlasson. Row 2-Foddrell, Auten, Goodrich, lelinelc, Cooper, Pottenger, Dolan, Nute, Cahill. Row 3-Mrs. Yenney, Paulson, Abelina, Harbert, Hanson, Watson, Glynn, Ward, Berg, Worrell, Snedeker, Galliano, Row 4fMoore, Colbert, Anthony, Annin, Noyer, Kenner, Hawkins EAT5HHJ.HAEUUETTEHS THOSE GlHl,S WHO sport the snowy white lettermen with the fancy green letters are the Catskill Racquetters. Under the coach- ing ol Mrs. Brelos, the players who meet the still membership requirements are really hep on the art of hitting that fuzzy white ball. Without lail, the girls bring bacli top honors when in competition with othe- schools. When they call game! setl matchl, they really know what it's all about, and we can be very proud of them. VULLEYBALL How l-Bowers, Gracia, Draper, Nute, Lawson. Row 2-LaRouche, Hasey, Hanson, Mrs. Yenney. Wfa . 5 . Q . 1 . . ,."' .J- n 1 , , - W w K. 4 ,yfifffv WB" I X 2 A fw-,N at 2 gkx if , Rig 47 is 'Aix 11, H .gi W WW 54? xg 1 ,- AW. WRX a ww ,gy his af fb , :Nh 'Qu 5 I W ww Sw 'saw if fig .1 'E Q Q m y ww Q - CNS Y: Ju' xi' g X Q , ' M Il x QQ 'i X , SEQ E dev wiv X I , 'J WRU .qw WN 0 an Q' Gmini n Ein In H459 A avr V -wi-...Q 2 '3 S X , S ,il , 3 :rf Q, .,':"" fim tl 5 -X X Q Q If . Q. x as fiflxa., i Nlvm llnlllrar lllalll zlllvfarlvsr nur WilI'f!!i wle l'I!lIlllIlll.1Il llll. Dill' flll' yuur illllllIjl'ilUh" Cunqrululalinns an Wishes FIHHSI !XHIllIlHAl'lIfi AHIIADIA ,fri .fi 5 1 55. Y ' Ex- Riff' : E Yi 1-ff .3 .ski . l ' rg. .--F' L, , v sig ,, L 1 ,, I - - .f L . f R X LUMBEH EU P'- ART'S For Yardage 515 S. MYRTLE AVE. MONROVIA, CALIFORNIA Telephone 11691 Kongralfoafafiond, graoluafedf Bl1BNAI.I.'5 PHARMACY LW-fffif KINGS PHARMACY ITI'Ie Rexaii Storei if 'il' 'il' PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 'Ii' YY 'fir Telephone AT. 7-2859 54 E. Huntington Drive ARCADIA M I L L E H Jewelefs Ltd. 'll' 'Q' 'lk jar Me Mai in jelflleffy 'ii' 'A' Tk Tel. At-75345 445 E. HUIIIIIIITIIIII UT. I AHEADIA from . . . I ELET ARCADIA I - STATIONERS 'A' 1' T SCHOOL SUPPLIES MENS WEAR ART SUPPLIES OF QUALITY DRAFTING SUPPLIES I Inn WEST HUNTINBTIJN IIIIIVE Pf ff P PR'NT'NG 8' ENGRAV'NG 28 E Hunan ton Drive GIFTS-GREETING CARDSI AHIIADIA ' 9 'i I ARCADIA 111 East Huntington Drive X At, 7.4963 ATwQIer7-3o92-Am-IdIQ,cQIIIi I MONROVIA BOOTERY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY -Z 514 S. Myrtle Ave. Monrovia, Calif. ORPE'S BARBER SHOP E. A. CORPE . . . Proprieto 42 E. HUNTINGTON DRIVE ARCADIA CALIF OFFICE PHONE AT. 7-1669 RES. PHONE AT, 7-2355 o AIR CONDITIONED 30 ouye oin So11toAoito ytogeg 9 Warrie Motors W 'J Ford Authorized Yflinfhng Sfa fion ery SERVING THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY with . . . Qnzlizy cjlflerclzandise Since 1907 McBratney's MYRTLE AT LEMON MONROVIA VALLEY HARDWARE HOME APPLIANCES DEPENDABLE TOOLS DELTA POWER WORKING TOOLS 523 S. Myrtle Ave. Hales and fiorvine SEE MQNROVIA Yom' PR1N'r11:Rs AT. 7-E753 - AT. 7-EIEE5 S AND TATIONERS 134 E. HoNT1NoToN oo. 128 E. LEMON AVE' MON- 15361 AHEAIIIA MoNRoviA. CALIF. Raymond A. Dorn Co Developers of - Santa Anita Calcs Rancho Santa Anita Shore Cliffs and Builders of - Many of the finer homes in these distinctive Residential Communities 340 E. Green St., Pasadena Tract Office-Foothill Blvd. at Rancho Rd. and Foothill at Michillinda RAYii9iiQMfGG 610 South First Avenue Arcadia ATwater 7-2757 il? in jeafuring COLEMAN and HOLLY FLOOR FURNACES GENERAL ELECTRIC DISHWASHER 81 DISPOSAL CIRCULATING HEATERS HOT WATER HEATERS Established Since 1900 CAREY E. HARDY DIRECT FACTORY DEALER CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS Esi. 1927 Complefe Service Mo+or Recondiiioning Genuine Faciory Paris Body and Fender Repairing, Painting vw We Pick Up and Deliver ff Telephone: 1-0841 202 Soufh Myrile Avenue Monrovia, California EUNGHATULATIUNS GRADUATES EITIZEAV5 BANK UF MUNHLIVIA MON, 1-5611 SEWING MACHINES . - Q EN ED . RE AIRED MON 14961 SOLDVACEIUMTS REPAIREaD M O N R O V I A BOWSHERS B O W L SEWING MACHINE SHOP 606 SOUTH MYRTLE MONROVIA, CALIF FOR HEALTH 8. RECREATION GUARANTEED PARTS SUPPLIES SEWING MACHINE REPAIR RENTALS 4 60lYLp6l'l'LeI'Lf:i 0 7 8 Cl, In 0 lfl 6 SPORTING GDDDS PHONE MONROVIA 5562 416 Em. MYRTLE AVENUE BILL TILLMAN MONRmvlA. CALIFORNIA Smead E laura .gjcudclero PEANUT BUTTER Congra fu fafiond grazluafezi DAVID HQUSH of 1948 MUSIC 7 117 WEST LEMON AVENUE B A I N 5 MONROVIA, CALIFORNIA H TELEPHONE 2271 "Med U! iDf4ff"ff""'L ACR055 FROM MARKET BASKET Phlme 11421 4EU 5. Myrtle Ave Read the School News in the IIBCIIBIII TRIBUNE fThursdayJ IIIICIIIIIII BULLETIN ISur1dayJ Phone Alw. 7-2131 215 S. First Ave. Arcadia ..!4l"tAMl" 3616115011 All 0 FURNITURE - RADIOS - APPLIANCES 618 So, Myrtle Ave. - Phone 8291 - Monrovia, C If HOME OF FINE "HOFFMAN" RADIOS A f . . f . IAIAQPQ AUDI' Atfllltufe L5 E55 2X,1ZI'L.1ll!6 gurl' Ze!L0wifz . . REALTDR EUSINESS TUNITIE Arcadia Texaco Service Slalion COMPLETE LUBRICATION GOODRICH TIRES G BATTERIES Phone: A'I'water 7-9977 BALDWIN 6. GRESSETT - FIRST G HUNTINGTON BEN FRANKLIN STORE 48 E. Huntington Dr., Arcadia T. COMSTOCK lfumplimeuts nf SAFETY BUT HATE IJHUIJ lin. 4UH SUUTH NIYHTLE, MUNHUVIA Phone 13381 dll 0 o 7 l I1 l if Youn l'0lN'll'lil'l'l'l'l 13331 East lluntiugrton Drivi- ARVADIA 1 FASHION STORIC Wifahinq Mntzhiiursa Gas Hanqes lrnners Heating Equipment GERALD L. KIHVEN HDUSEHDLD APPLIANCES SEHVEI. BAS HEPHIBEHATIIH AUTHORIZED DEALER ENJIIY GHAPETTE A scientific reproduction of the flavor of Fresh Concord Grapes. When you drink GRAPETTE We think you will notice how much the flavor tastes like biting into a lush, ripe, Concord Grape. ii. Nlyrlln Phnnu 13951 C Compliments of 1 Olllld llllellfj Mommvm llnnnwinn: Cu. COMPLETE LINE 233 EAST HUNTINGTON DR OF HARDWARE ARCADIA. 410 S. Alyrtle Avc. CALIFORNIA Proprietor COI'VLl9Al'l'L8l'Lf5 0 DURY BIINITI-1 CLEANERS c. R. WILEY Bn'IFTI:l?NI2iEL:rnTENE 201 s. MYRTLE AVE. " ' MONROVIA, Pasadena, 4114 S. Myrtle Ave. CALIF- Ealifnrnia Mlmmvm TEL. 188 Telephone 17294 Professional an and cc Concessionaire COI'Yll9Al'I'l6I'1f5 slim Anim Golf counsf 0 ourferiy QD? MCLFJBIQ 14 - 3, J B AHB AHA coueimuririous, men CIOAFSS 48 HAHINQ EU. OFFICE SUPPLIES BOOKS MONROVIA STATIONERY Co. 414 S MYRTLE AVE MONROVIA CALIFORNIA PHONE 10401 GEORGE S REID SANTA IANITA AUTO PARTS Complete Automotive Machine Shop 521 S. FIRST AVE. ARCADIA, CALIF. ATwater 7-3586 TIRES AND BATTERIES ATWATER 7 5355 SHLIEEIQT TIIQE EU. GUUDYEAR DISTRIBUTOR - CAR AND HDME MERCHANDISE - H3 E HUNTINGTEIN DR ARCADIA EALI MONROVIA CAMERA AND GIFT SHOP CAMERA SUPPLIES 4 PHOTO-FINISHING FINE GLASSWARE and GIFTS Phone 133 528 S. Myrtle Monrovia Z?iaaeff'a mehcioud :bo - Wufa I Special Attention to Party Orders ff CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS 0F 1948 Arcadia Feed and Seed Store "Your Friendly Ranch and Garden Supply Dea1er" 1. 1 1 11 12771 941 W. HUNTINGTON DR 145 EAST HUNTINGTON DRIVE 97 1, ATwaTer 1-2408 AT 1 7 3861 MONRSISZORNIA WE DELIV E R QZ8?abx2-Q O e 4 4 1 n .711 . ag l18VOX M ' fu L 0 Radio Phonogrnplm 1 ou Lava Leen waifin or ? 9 jf fum dean a pzzauwe Arr 14,5 ,3 ,ww on Jbpfay at fo fale ffm Pl1CtblJ'6:i Ar ffm 1948 m0nr0u17an U I-Yfwater 7-311152 ,-aah., ,fm I S. MYRTLE, MONROVIA PH. 72 'i P' t giiigizg, Q 311N.1f1m11-1111. 11 Ar1:a11ia,Ea1if. QQ Tw 1 GPXWNIE CYCLE 61 MODEL SHOP 160 E HUNTINGTON DR AT t 7 3181 ARCADIA CALIFORNIA 1. HAI-iEH'S PHARMACY SIUE 511. MYRTLE 1 WE DELIVER 1 1 1551111151181 19119 Ph. 52111 1 1' 207 SOUTH ATWATER FIRST AVE. 7-4923 TELEPHUNE 1E1 GLENN L. BOX JEWELER ,Zim WafcA unc! Jeweny Repairing MUNRUVIA, CALIF. 51B S. MYRTLE AVE ESTABLISHED 1921 HE S S S H ll P 'lflkmma ,4,0,WJ 412 5. Myrtle Avo. Monrovia, California PHILLIF' DCILIELASE MIJFQTLIARY LIME AND MYRTLE PHONE 15 ZEHELL 8 WIEH5 w SHELL DEALER ff COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 324 SOUTH MYRTLE PHONE: 8 argaref Ogiioff Women? Fashions Bud MiIIer's Molarport QI!!-Ck Serzficc' Sales jorj Service :Accessories . w ALL MAKES or cms w 285 EAST HUNTINGTON ' ATWATER 75190 I33 WEST COLORADO BLVD. - Mownovm. CALIF. ARCADIA Phone One O Eight' for Your Ford V-Eight COMPLIMENTS OF Arcadia Hardware 52 EAST HUNTINGTON DRIVE ATLANTIC 7-2434 TOOLS HOUSEWARES PAINTS SPORTING GOODS o FISHING TACKLE GIFT WARES MON ROVIA Floral 81 Seed Co. "The House of Service" 608 SO. MYRTLE PHONE 16093 ENGLE PHARMACY 7 Phone: ATwater 7-2372 34 EAST HUNTINGTON DRIVE H W ARCADIA WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO. GLENN R. LASELI. Authorized Dealer 231 North First Ave. Arcadia, California San Gabriel Valley Lumber Co. Yards v San Gabriel o Arcadia o Temple City o Baldwin Park WISTAHIA BAKE SHOP we TI-IE HOME OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT ff O O 4 EAST SIERRA MADRE BOULEVARD PHONE: CU. 5-3332 Compliments MCMAHAN FURNITURE 612 So. Myrtle Ave. Monrovi CONGIKIXTULALXTIONS ChmlM8 ESTFLCZZFQ IULZABJ Kar g0btl" ffttlftfd llleyllflf 37 2 411 5. MYRTLE AVE. - MEINRDVIA - MUN. 67 Compliments 9. C penile? 0. 501 sol MYRTLE Avi. MONROVIA girperl ,lflAzlcA, unc! Jewehfy fepairing DECKER IEWELERS HUUSE DF PERFECT DIAMONDS 512 SEI. MYRTLE AVE.. MEINREIVIA TELEPHONE 4972 Compliments of BUELB Duality Shoes 5112 5. Myrtle MIINHIJVIA Phnne 189 Merry 's Arcadia Womerfs Apparel ,,,,- --- I8 NORTH FIRST AVENUE ATWATER 7-4553 ww ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA BALPH5 SHUE STIJHE O OPEN DAILY 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. O S I E H R A M A D R E CU. 5-8146 41 NORTH BALDWIN CU. 5-4127 PAT I-Ic1rtmc1n's .760 HXHfffpAdI'l'l'I,H,Cy RELIABLE PHONE CUSTER' 53311 25 NU. BALDWIN INVESTMENT SECURITIES BINGHAM, WALTER Sn HURRY MEMBER LOS ANGELES STOCK EXCHANGE HARRY W. HLIRRY PASADENA PARTNER 623 SECURITY BLDG. PASADENA1 SY 3 4196 SIERRA MADRE LDS ANGELES WEETWDEID COMPLIME NTS .IllHlIINY'5 PET SHUP 150 w. ms 1'uNAs G. I-ICPPER rv I e w e I e r 0 SIERRA MADRE, CALIF. COMPLETE LINE FOR PETS O P E N D A I LY A'l'water 7-5685 STUDENTS! F9lX1'F2CDP4I2IEI CDLJF2 ADVERTISERS onrouia Lbaify 74ew:i-,Dorff 119 W. Phone Palm 15201 .An infereafing neway paper for 39 yeara. you can? feffwAaf11 Lafalaening in Wonrouia unku you reazl jhe Daffy Wewa-pod COMICS - PICTURES - SPORTS - NEWS CONGRATULATIONS 1 9 11 B GRADUATES H. G. WAGNEH Eeurqe H. Ii. Jnhn ROYAL DRUGS rv PRESCRIPTION PHARMACIST ff Sam Perlof H9321 - 17 KERSTING COURT CU. 5-3320 S I E R R A M A D R E 170 EAST HUNTINGTON DRIVE - Phone: ATwaIer 7-2676 Best Guruge 8 Service Station ,, RICHEIEl'D nnooucrs .. KWICKWAY VALVE REFACIIIG - CYLINDER REBORING FOR GOOD BUILDERS See HHUMMETT 8 IIEMBLIIN, INC. 507 Mission St. South Pasadena Tel. PY. 1-1741 LEWIS H. FENNER, Supt. WIX NURSERY sAvEwAY MARKET Cvmpfmffnfd Complete Food Store unc! Try our fine qualify meafs 3310 Live Oak 4 Temple City 1 Block W. of Dbl. Dr. Km! IMAJLEQA BAILIFF 81 VAN HORN REAL ESTATE s. GENERAL INS. 140 E. HUNTINGTON DR. KUSTNER'S PHARMACY W 419 S. MYR'fLE TEL. 144 MONROVIA, CALIF. Ice Cream 71? Sandwiches HAY BOWMAN'S AUTO SERVICE if 1 118 w. FOOTHILL BLVD. Candies PHONE 15671 -:Q -MONROVIA if Where M.A.D. Students Trade 522 SOUTH MYRTLE S 706 W. HUNTINGTON DR. 150 W. LAS TUNAS DR. MONROVIA, CALIF. ARCADIA, CALIF. PHONE PHONE Monrovia Mwqter 4904 7-6172 AEKNUWLEDBMENT5 THE l948 MAD WORLD has now gone to press. lt is our privilege to extend our thanks to the following people who so willingly gave of their time and assisted in the many problems of publication necessary to make our Annual successful. Lessin's Studio, for the cooperation given us in taking the many necessary pictures. Buddy Lumley and Robert Olsen for their fine photographic con- tributions. Special thanks to Mr. Ioseph C. Theilmann, for the frontispiece of this year's book. Many thanks to Pat Eoddrell for making this book a financial success as Business Manager, and for the many hours she spent typing the text of our Mad World. Iudy Draper, Marlene Bowers, lack Fenner, and Ann Hurry deserve our gratitude for the never-failing interest and cooper- ation they have shown. ' Contributing his artistic talents to the publication of our book was Dennis McNulty, who is responsible for the art work on the divi- sion sheets. To our advisor, Mr. Thomas W. Griffin, with his never-tiring patience and help, goes our deepest appreciation, for without him this book would not have been possible. THE EDITORS ELLEN and IOAN 4 A it :L . Hui was Q N EN -x..N xx,

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