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-. 5 n,. 4 Ja -.5 , , ..,S14.,..S.,..,,:-. - 'inf . 1-,f-. - . -- ,.,,.,. ,. .,. . ,E ,, ,,,,,,,,.., , i r s 5 . E 5 . , f v V r x r 9- L. A .. K , x x ' r 1 . , i' Y 'rn 'ir ' 1-L ' ' ff---A+ ----' I - - -f , f- -nd b- A v . l - - Y . . - ,fx , . V v . ' . -. - -,,. W: -V-+a.. 5 ,, ' . .,-',,' t ' , Hg - ,mi I1 -l ff' -' H ' E -SHT . .lfli lm i-gi fiz-if - 2,1 'I Lp- .9iu...,,,, 'Fu 1 'M U' 4 ., Mm 39 ... ww W"w ,, 'N . , fg'nrjYwM,,,,yTf5,,,,4n'v'w" 'Q J " 1 M'-'I Y 'N , fm W sw" I I ff W L h -W4 YW , 'N Muay ,W wx . W W i 'W ,,2v'mfr' N ww y- W- ,.,.+ xuqgwwb an W N , ,uv Mmm M My WMI' LIBRI ,,,.,.f-- -'-if-W . X ij vgfifsf-,W B X .iigfl-Q.. . I l -P' o"':0"'N if , 2 -rp ,. ,vm-R, +- . , L' ' 7 w fnw,-. '1 xy x - 0 f., . ' x A , . A' , "- ..,, ..., ,wyxfw -N 4. - ,g " V ' JJ..-P'-3',:',,Q731- -,f fu 1 ' -xy fi' , V ff' ff',:,. r,.f,- V 'J-.-5 K, V 1, , 1,61 f ' , t-.,. , -I ' ,.i.-.. . 1' LQ '-sk: :V-' v,.1' 'I , ' K . .4.f. . RZ, .' 'd' : . 1- .z f ,- .,, .W L.. 1 zu :qw . K V x.- , ...V . HE BULLDQG bF614vn4f549'1"", Jw J 9 54 A ,.,,,2WNw1l+ Z ff "UWHH11Jlw1w DEDJCfXTlQN We, the Seniors of 'Sh, wish to dedicate this issue of the 'Bulldog t our parents, whose thoughtful guidance, loyalty, and patience through the years surely mean the difference between suc and failure in our lives k Mrs M Mrs R Mrs Mrs Opal s E Edith Mrs Mrs Hrs Mrs Mrs Hrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Mrs Carl Poynter John Hazelett Jay Wg Allen Brewer Smith Blunk Paul W Scott Charles R Phillips William Clyde Cordell Carney Scott Glen Gentry Dan Kirk Clyde Hurt Virgil A Hunt Earl C Simpson James E Allman Alonzo K Jaggers John E Archer Ott Carter Julius Tucker Cecil Harrison odxiigxba C633 I 'V' I u O Mrs e Mr. . MP: e Mr . . O. Mrs. Mrs R e o MP: E e o Mr. A . Mrs Q 0 Mr..A . Mr. E . Mrs R 0 , Mr. E Mrs. Alva B. Day Mrs 8 e l Mr. R Mrs. . MT: k e 0 Mr. R . . Mr! k I U Mr. k . MP0 86 o I R O BULLDOG SAF? Editor in Chief Assistant Advertising Manager Assistants Senior Editor Assistants Art Editor Assistant Sports hdi tor Assistants Class Pictures Assistant Snapshots Assistants Band News Clubs Assistant School Calender Su Nell Harrison Joida Tucker Wayne Poynter Bob Miller Jesse Gentry Herlin Kirk Barbara Scott Nancy Phillips Shirley Bower Colleen Day Jim Allen Bob Cordell Don Hazelett Kenny Archer Patty Hunt Lois Zelahy Janice Ward Phyllis Jagger Jim Hurt Virginia Allman Callie Simpson Marshall Blunk Eugene Scott Bill Wiley UM mv if XE 1 kg? Ujilliam jvlgfraclcen, Monroe Jowrzship Jrustee, who hcL5 served long cmcl fCLfZ'f1fuHy. nmgumi MR. BRQW N 1D'cZ'nCZ70m Danvii e Central Butler University 'MO Indiana University Indiana State WeacHer's COilGnG 30 Years' rience K Eff srlq'i'Q-My -wzwmivy MISS CQQK Earlham College Ball State Teachers College Be Ao Danville Central Normal Butler University 22 Years' Experience -'iw .gf- MR. Q R M A N D Y Indgia 19619 faczflcl State ' hers' C lleg B S. 17 Years E p ri Contestants egmrzers Gmc MRS BMLE lJ69l'7'2fff'ZQ'ZCZ ,an L bw Swlmiiwf 'HP : 'VK X U K J . 1. Si' 'f A M ig Qiyw.l y W. sw k K K Y ' 3 '.:I ' U T J 3 4 X ,:,.,,.w - A..,1gwgg55waimggmgg K. ug, m QQ ' if AEE-, X , X if x WQQ Q K 5, ei 1 E m .X gn ?ENw- K Danville Central Normal B. A. ll Years' Exwerience MR, SH Ui FR 'Z D 111 C t anv e on ral Normal Indiana University 9 Ao Be But er University 19 1 Y if M RX WA G NE R ,L C9f'ZfC'l1 ffa 76 SPN 'OR F FA fXJ VJ? ml MRS. WANG J LDE R Jqnloreflzes - Unnsomefies MR, BECK fxfx 01 Franklin College A. B. 1921 University of Illinois Wabash College University of Michigan Indiana University Butler University 16 Years' Experience W , . fx ,F I Q 11 . ki Indiana University -Ig WN FFXTXSI E P saucy. mf, CHQ s. wgsl, -Em MRT Le. SMM1 ma 1 Bobby M R, WE ST .yll fin- 'Ill I GMU -li Q I :avg fa 'I K 4 X gl 5. 5omo. , T3Q.U.f Temcfzeza 0 6 Lowe? QUMXQJ Treva Hiatt Ruth Curtis Edna Shuler Indiana Central Indiana University Indiana University Tul Bala Agnes Stark Sylvanus Finchum 8 7 Indiana State Teachers Indiana State Teachers Danville Central Normal College College 1, 5. l, ,,.,.-- ,. , I BNI fx As ar- , if 'Q w Su Nell Harrison MHJOP Commerce Martinsville 1 Class Play 3-A Annual Staff M Class Sec. A Bill Wiley ' Major Basketball Baseball Annual Staff Class Play President F.F.A. wayne Poynter fl x , -M 5 S, -L+ Mathematics 5 v 5 SJ 1-2- 3-LL Jessie Gentry Major English Mooresville 1 Basketball l-2-3-M Baseball 3-M Annual Staff Lp F.F.A. 1-2-3-Ln Vice Pres. M Class Play 3-Lg, President 3 Vice Pres. M Major Amo Pres. Trees. val 2 Annual Staff g'N3' Class Treas. 533' Class Play Baseball Basketball FFFFFHTTE mound I F uno 3 m n H o m X Allman History 1-2-3-U 1-2-3-A M 3-M 1 I M Allen Mathematics I FU I MJ 'ev I Wc- MJ I 41" E 0 '4 'U D' H- P-' I-' H- 'U la HOITIB Ec 3-M M l-2-3-M 2 1-2-3-M Kenneth Archer MHJOP History Annual Staff A Class Play 3-M F F A l 2 Kirk History 3-M M 2 l-2-3-M 1-2 Colleen Day Major English Annual Staff M Class Play 3-M Cheerleader 1 Don Hazelett Major Mathematics Basketball l-2-3'U Baseball 1-2-3 A-H Club -2-3-M Pres. -M Class Play -M P.F.A. -2-3 Sec. Class Tres. Joida Tucker 1 3 3 Annual Staff M 1 3 1 Major Com erce Annual Staff M Class Play 3-M i Phyllis Jaggers Major History Annual Staff M Class Play 3-M Band 1-2-3-M Chorus l-Z-3-M 'flu llsw Barbara Scott Major Com erce Howe H.S. l Class Sec. 2-3 Class Play 3-h Annual staff A Bob Miller MHJOP History Annual Staff M Basketball l-2-3-M Baseball 1-2-3-h F.F.A. l-2-3 Student Council l-2-3 Class Play 3-A Pattie Hunt MHJOP Co merce Annual Staff L1 Class Play 3-M Class Treas. Shirley Bower Major Commerce Martinsville l Annual Staff M Class Play M Jim Hurt Major Mathematics Baseball l Basketball l-2-3 Annual Staff M Class Play M F.F.A. l-2-3-A Marshall Blunk Major Agriculture Annual Staff M F.F.A. 1-2-3-K Treas. 3 Pres. M M-H Club 1-2-3-H Vice Pres. 3 Class Play 3 M , f ,J' Callie Simpson Major English Annual Staff M Cafeteria l-2-3-M Bob Cordell Major Mathematics Basketball l-2-3 Baseball M Vice Pres. 1-2-3 Annual Staff h Class Play 3-h F.F.A l-2-3'h 'S Eugene Scott Major Agriculture Annual Staff Class Play 3-M F.F.A. 1-2-3-M Basketball l X 3 CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 19hl, a group of very timid, bashful, and questioning young- sters arrived at that big brick building known as the Monrovia School. Miss Stegemoller soon had each of us in place and we enjoyed her hearty laugh for we soon learned to laugh with her at our mistakes. The second year seemed very similiar to the first, except that we did enjoy the rhythl band. In the third and fourth grades our teacher, Hrs. Meeks , believed that we should learn the three R's very thoroughly. We built a big Indian wigwam and put it in the back of the room. The girls made necklaces and The boys, head dress es. This interesting project was photographed and later published in the Indiana Teacher. Of course, we were very proud. Mrs. Meeks drew a brick wall on the board. Each pupil had a brick and if you got three cracks in it you were punished, Oh, that brick wall! We remember that during the fifth and sixth grades we gave several plays and operettas. Mrs. Jett helped us build a beautiful castle at Christmas time. In the seventh grade we organized with a president and secretary-treasure. We also chose Mr. Grmandy as our class sponsor. We had a basketball team and cheer-leaders. We also had two parties. Then, came our freshman year and we elected Hr. Wagner as our sponsor. The initiation was most exciting. Oh, those clothes we girls had to wear - hip boots, pajamas , shorts, and on top of all a gunny sack. We even had to bring our lunch in a coal bucket, carry a toy, wear an onion, and bring an apple and chewing gum for those kindhearted seniors. 'Ihe boys had to wear dresses and high-healed shoes 'I'he sophomore year wasnlt exceptionally exciting. We elected Mr. Wagner as sponsor. We ordered our class rings as is customary. As we were growing older, our thoughts turned to the expectations of the junior year, We lost four of our number that year, too. Next but not least' is our junior year. We elected Miss Cook as our class eponsorahd really got off to a good start with our magazine sales ,' by breaking all previous records with a grand total of 8l,036.00. At basketball games we sold candy, ice cream, and cokes which made us quite a bit of profit. We,, sold Christmas cards, stationary, and all-occasion cards. We had a wonderful reception at the Rivera Club in Indianapolis. Finally, after a long fight we are now SENIOR5 and elected Mies Cook and Hr. Brolm as our sponsors. We gained one new member to the classy Wayne Poynter, from Amo, Indiana. But, during the year we lost two students Lois Zellalv and Janice Ward. We new have twenty two :Ln our class. Nov, the thoughts of gradu- ation are in the air. What will we do afterward? For some, college, others, positions in Indianapolisg and a few have decided to become farmers. However, we are feeling a little sad to leave M. H. S. but that trip to Washington D. C. and New York as well as Niagara Falls gives us e. glorious feeling of anticipation. C l x ,, ff A i s .......-Q--.-...... Hux- Pr' Tim Shirley B A R B A R. A Don, PROPHEE! In the early spring of 1961, as I was driving cross country on my world famous evang- elistic tour in the latest of q Cadillac convertibles, I came to a very large town where traffic was so heavy that I stopped awhile and united till the traffic had cleared so that I would not get my new car banged up. I was also interested in a very large church that I had just passed. It had marble steps, gold plated doors, and jewel studded windows. As I climbed the steps, the door swung open autmatically and standing behind the diamond stud- ded pulpit was Jim Allen leading his congregation in worship. He became s preacher after his successful experience in the class play. Leaving the church, I passed a barber shop and by chance I happened to see Kenny Archer doing the barbering. He seemed to fit in perfectly with his curly hair and long mustache. Sitting in the chair was a little man with a bald head, whom I recognized as Merlin Kirk. lalking up the street I passed a bright Lighted movie theater, featuring the latest and most astounding movie, 'Gone with the Hail", starring Bob Miller with Phyllis Jaggers as his co- star. llext I saw a large cafeteria, and as it was past dinner time and there were such de- licious aromas coming from inside, I went in. As I glanced over the menu, I found to my as- tonishment that frgg lggs were not listed although this vas one of a very famous chain of cafetsrias belonging to Callie Simpson. The cafeteria, however, was not doing well as Cal- 1:l.e's clasaate, Patty I-lnnt, had opened a dietary kitchen across the street. She promised plenty of good food with no gain in weight. Further on down the street, I happened to see a lovely evening dress in the window of a very large dress shop. Going in, I saw Nancy Phillips giving her assistant, Colleen Day Bakerfvho in her leisure time creates interesting hair styles for characters in hit plays on Broadwayj instructions an how to wait on a customer. It seaaed that Nancy had started her own dress shop and was one of the top dress designers of New York. I asked what had happened to Virginia Allma.n. They replied that she had become the conductor of the New fork Symphoru Orchestra. As we were talking, a suddm blast of noise sounded across the street. Looking out we saw Barbara Scott cling out of the opposite doorway talking a mile a minute. It seems that she and her advertising manager, Wayne Poynter, had gotten into an argument about their slo- gan for the Anti-Smokers Union. Looking at my watch, I bid my friends good-by and started back toward my car. As I crossed the street, I was blocked by a very impressive policemn, none other than W former clasuate, Bagene Scott. I asked him dust had happened to Bob Cordell. He said that Bob was now coaching basketball at Harvard. As we were talking, we heard the shrill music of a band. We turned around and to our amaaemsnt we could see a giant band approaching in all its splmdor. As the parade proceeded a large crowd gathered and there, waving and shouting ns the Sresident of the United States, Don Hazelett, riding in his white presidential coach. It seemed that the is-esident was being shom around the town by the Governor of New York, Bill Wiley, who was driving a splendid team of six white horses. llext in line, came a sight for sore eyes, Marshall Blunk, black coat and top hat, riding in the latest style sports car escorted by several beautiful girls dressed in bathing suits. Marshall was the new Secretary of Agriculture elected by a landslide of 931 of the voters. Returning to q car, I turned on the radio. They were giving the dates that the fam- ous acrobatic team, Joida Tucker Russell and Sullell Harrison Morrison, were performing. The newscaster said that they were now performing at Hall and Wilbur, Indiana, night only. llesding gas, I drove to the nearest filling station. To my surprise I saw that the name was Gentry's Reliable Service. I asked the filling station attendant if it belonged to Jessie Gmtry of Mcnrovla, Indiana. He said that it did and that he owned a network of filling stations around the world. As he was filling my car with gas, we heard the awful clashing of machinery. 'mrning around I saw Jim Hurt racing across the road toward us. He had recognized me as he was planting soy beans on his well kept farm. He invited me home with him for supper and to meet his wife and little Jinmy. Incidentally, he told me that he hoped to be asked to help with Marshall's plan for tripling crop production with reduced labor. I regretfully left the Hurt family for my evening evangelistic service :Ln the ad- joining city. Yet, my thoughts kept returning to my fomer classmates. What a strange part, fate had played in the lives of those of that class of "5L". Shirley Bower Xiu Jiinc. Queen, Gourt J Roses for CL Queen V From ueen + mmmmfj Q gun 9573 uag NJVg 92 R 3 Qczy Hczwuii Riverlcz Club 13614151 763 N. ., Q 3' ' 7 .. wxk UJhczt cz night Ulhczt Cz flight I, I. I, I, I. I, I. I. 1. I. In I, I, CLASS WILL James Allen, will my ability to have fun at class parties to Jack Cook. Virginia Allman, will rry typing ability to Noretta Mike. Bob Miller, will ny seat on the bench to Charles West. Barbara Scott, will a recording of "I've Forgotten More Than You'11 Ever Know' to Jean Belcher. Don Hazelett, would will all ny traffic tickets to Butch Shields, but I figure in time he will have plenty of his own. Colleen Day, will rw ability to go square dancing on Saturday nights to Sonia Hiller. Wayne Poynter, will ny coaching ability to Mr. West. Phyllis Jaggers, will ny collection of freckles to Carlton Worland to add to his collection. Merlin Kirk, will ny effective charm around girls to Don Crews. Su Nell Harrison, will ny ability to wear an Eminence class ring to Judy Jesse Gentry, will nv ability tp Eugene Scott, will ny ability to Joida Tucker, will ny ability to Phiefer. play basketball to Herb Schelm. stay home at nights to Butch Shields. receive an engagement ring :Ln ny Junior year to Sandra Marley. I, I, I, I, I. Kenny Archer, will IV curly hair to Charles West. I, Nancy Phillips, will myuability to plq the truqaet to Donna Phillips. I,Shirley Bower, will ny pnrced ears to Rosalie Green. Just takes a little will Bower kid! Callie Simpson, will lu quiet ways to Larry Allen. Marshall Blunk, will ny place on the F.F.A. Basketball team to Larry Wade. Patty Hunt, will nv ability to receive letters from a soldier to Virginia Gentry. Jim Hurt, will ny ability to get along with Mr. West to Dave Hadley. We, Billy Wiley and Bob Cordell will our ability to skip school to Ray Houck and Larry Gooch. To The Classes: We, the Seniors, will our leadership and salesmanship to the Freshmen. We the Seniors will our class parties to the Sophomores. We: the Senior girls, will our driving ability to the Junior boys. We, the Senior boys, will our ability to get along well with Mr. Shuler to the Junior girls. Big Moments Class Play April 22, 23, 1951. Mother 8.1 Daughter Banquet April 28 Reception Ap,-11 30 Baccalaureate May 2 Commencement lhy 1, Trip Begins 42 Mgy 9 'B' ' vi .f ' Q C ww v M XIX e J A p Qpfl 1 0.15, , L4 543 'Q 1' -Wi '1' -'I L l 5 T7 M553 I 1 l -no Y K ,gs X, S 1- , 'rl- -, - C J .Anq by g" X Paw Eelsnickle Maw Belsnickle Ceelie Belsnickle Ronnie Mae Belsnickle Juney Lou Belsnickle Four Belsnickle Five Relsnickle Six Belsnickle Obeey Unschlager Homer Uosohlager Chlz Upschlager Ronald Maxwell Lucy Maxwell The Reverend Cousin Zeke The Cousins HILLBILLY WEDDIN' Don Hazelett Su Nell Harrison Jolda Tucker Barbara Scott Patty hunt Janice ward Phyllis Jaggers Virginia Allman Merlin Kirk Eugene Scott Jessie Gentry Bill Wiley Colleen Day Jim Allen Bob Miller Patty Parker Bob Cordell Marshall Blunk Nancy Phillins Kenny Archer Pa Felsnickle is a man with a problem, rather SIX oroblems in the form of six unmarried daughters. Ma elects Pa to hunt husbands for them. Pa takes down his shotgun, decides to Nwlngu them, pick out the buckshot, and have them married to his daughters before they know what has happened. Ceelle is far more interested in her Det rattlesnakes than a husband, but is willing to do anything but take a bath. Ronald Maxwell, a medical student,and his aunt anlve at the Belsnlckle cabin. what an opoortunity for Pa and Ceeliel Just in the nick of time, Bonnie Mae rescues Ronald Maxwell Ceelie finds a husband who really wants her and all ends well for all concerned. HQLLBQLLU UJQDDQN' lczzy critter' VH Qjff YOU Cl Qin tczrcl husbcmcl Q I wcmncz S oup 3 bn kiss yca Clic! Sl skeer- ya 9 V10 DCIW, plecnsc, pc: rs on pczw f Q do WHO'S WHO IN THE SENIGR CLASS Name Nickname Who's the helpful type Virginia Allman Ginnie Uho's the skater Jimmy Allen Butter Who's the rabbit hunters Kennett Archer Kenny Eugene Scott Scotty Who's always smiling Shirley Bower Shirley Who's the fanner Marshall Blunk Fatty Who's the oldest Bch Cordell Bobbie Who's the sweetest Colleen Day Cleotus Who's the pet Jessie Gentry Jess Who's the friendliest SuNell Harrison Nelly Who's the tallest Don Hazelett Mike Who's the youngest Patty Hunt Pat Hho's the slickest Jim Hurt Red Who's got the freckles Phyllis Jaggers Phyl Who's the class crooner Merlin Kirk Butch Who's the flirt Bob Miller Sophy Who's the smallest Nancy Phillips Nan Who's get the way with the women Wayne Poynter Panter Hho's the quletest Callie Simpson Callie Who's the shortest Barbara Scott Barb Who's engaged Joida Tucker Jody V'ho's the cockiest B111 Wiley Willie Virginia Allman Jimmy Allen ..- Kenny Archer .. Shirley Bower . Marshall Blank Bob Cordell .. Colleen Dey .. Jessie Gentry . SuNell Harrison Don Hazelett .. Patty Hunt ... Jimmy Hurt .... Phylli s J agge ra Merlin Krrk ... Bob Miller ... Nancy Phillips Wayne Poynter Callie Simpson Eugene Scott . Barbara Scott Joida Tucker . B111 Wiley .... Enjoy yourselfglife is short. His slowness of speech does not indicate slowness of action. Of curls he has manyg of friends he has more. ......Genera1ly speaking35hirley is generally speaking. Like a knight in his anmorgin'53 was district star farmer. He changes hair oil every 20 miles. I'm not quietgjust ask me. Hidden in his heart is the treasuse chest of his friendship. Minds are like horsesgyou must exercise them to keep them in working order. I dontt think I am good looking,but what's my ppinion against the rest of the world. This little lass is the baby of our class. Who likes fun and play, but will be glad on graduation day. An all around glrlga girl all around. No need for an introductiongeverybody knows me. Most great men are dead or dying, and I'm not feeling so well myself. Her eyes speak, when her lips do not. Busy, but never too busy. She fills her place in life as no one else can. They are making a wild man out of me. I wonder what will happen next. Why speak of love when there is so much work to be done. The combined qualities of a man and athlete. At The PS F '72 CH f Q' fn eff- y Guest 5 4 1. SSN 7710. H W 'X E H JJ LEFT T0 RIGHT-Bo! l- Sponsor- llrs. Baily, Helen Peck, lloretta llike, Judy Pheifer, Reita Long, Jean Belcher, Paula Springer, Annice Hobson, Co-Sponsor-Irs. VarGilder, Row 2 - Ray Houk, lax Green, Jack Cook, Dave Hadley, Dick Allen, Gary Pryor, Larry Gooch, Row 3 - Austin Prather, Fred Graham, Donald Crews, Marvin Scott, George Worland, Kenny Nel- SOD. JUHIOR CLASS HISTORY It was in the fall of '10, lhen we walked through the door 5 The number of pupils was 235 le were met by Kiss Stegeloller. There are only seven of those kids left, But we've gained that many, and more. In the first, our schedule was mighty' fully The second, though, was rather dull. The third was hep: The fourth was Jive. The fifth, we really got alive. They split us up by alphabet, First half to Crowe, the rest to Jet. In som girl's seat, Dave placed a tack. Allene hit Judy with a baseball hat. The rivalry was high, as we could see When Crowe's roomton the spelling " . The sixth was together again. le recall the tales that Finchum could spin le got five boys on the Junior High team, They werent too hot, but were full of steam. Tlnn we made the jump to Junior Highs For a sponsor, Shuler was a real swell guy. Donald Crews got a new pair of glasses, But it didn't help 'Breezy' get to his classes. Our class got bigger then, Cthat falll When all those rouglnecks came from Hall. We liked Hindmaw, nobody thought he was dipni. And we sun did hate it when Paul moved to liseissippi. In the eighth, we nde that sig-zag journey To go to Eminence to play in their tourney Bell Union fell from our powerful attack. But confidentially, f.Em:lnence set us backl As fmslmn, we were as green as a gourd, And we had to keep watch for the seniors' board. We had a new sponsor in '51, And Hank Tropp was a lot of fun. Our sloganzlt Was For Jean, And she got it: A Freshman Halloween Qzeen. Long bus rides didn't make ua sick, We had an all day party at llcCormick's "Krick". As sophs, we were going up in the world. Though in Geomtry class, our heads were in a whirl. Hank let the hair grow down his neck, And we got the Indian back from Tech. In this eleventh year we've worked quite To make mmey on magazines and Kms cards And a little more that'l.l come in handy We made off ice-cream, cokes, and candy. I'm sure that none were given free Cause we've 800 bucks in our treasury. There's Dave, there's Tom, and don't tor- get Larry, There's Austin, Jack, and lalt, and Gary, We don't say they're rich, but anyway Each one of them drives a Chevrolet. But there's one car not so neat and trim Because ol' Ray still drives a Plym. Now we're Juniors growing tall Just one more year and that'l.l be all. .giyvfl 6144 M2 LEFT to RIGHT- nom 1- :toss walker, Darlene Rooze, Sandra Marley, Kay Curtis Jane Moore Silver White, Patty nushton, Wilma Meyers, :Lama Simpson, Barbara ureen, Junior Jaggers. Hon'2- lhle Phillips, John Anderson, Larry Hobson, Max Cook, Billy Wooden, Butch Shields Billy Pansler Max Johnson, Billy Tracy, Joe Lee Hamm, Bob Noel. now 3- Hoger Gates, Herbie,Schelm Shirle, Green, Virginia Gentry, Betsy Devore, Jane Green, Norma Elkins Mary Ridenour Patsy Molesy Harold Yeadon, Larry Silcox. Sponsor- Mr. West. , ' ' ' 'lZ.7Al'l'l2l7. LIFT T0 RIGHTgRow 1: Carl lorland, Sue Brewer, Patty Peck, Judy Martin, Donna Jordon, Sandra Cox, Sonia Hiller, Jessie Hadley, Edith Barker, Anne Meyers, Beverly Brady, Carolyn Brovmen, Barbara Clements, Bob Campbell. Row 2: lr. Shuler - Class Sponsor, Clyde Ridenour, David A11nen,Chax-lee Archer, Ronnie Pryor-,Benny Kindle, Den Steward, Don Stewart, Sidney Sebastian Billy D. Shields, Jim Sharp, Kenmr Vaughn, Steve Hedley, Robert Tully, Carolyn Broun, Roberts Ruston, Carolyn Chambers. Ron 3: lhrlene Neal, Karen Phillips, Willene Poynter, Shirley Lewhorn, Janice Archer, Drusilla Gentry, lelvina Huff, Nina Frost, Roselle Green, Carrie Cole , Sharon Busbee, Barbara Allen, Diana Schelm, Patsy Moore, Carol Dunn. EBM!!-n Gro-46 LEFT TO RIGHT-Row 1- Dale Pickett, George Hughett, Lloyd Shane, Charles Paul, Don Greene, Nancy Kivett, Susie Morrow, Rosanell Raikes, Judy Bagnall, Lloyd Murray, John Martin, Gary Loos, Larry Busbee, Row 2 - June Stewart, Phyllis Yeadon, Vicky Parks, Connie O'Neal, Madonna Stiles, Zoe Ann Crowe, Katie Blah- ton, Andrea Moke, Wanda Belcher, Sue walker, Judy Munz, Linda Hurt, Linda Martin, Wanda Hamm, Wanda Gilman, Rosie Pruitt, Row 3- Bobby Marley, Jimmy Kenworthy, Richard Prescott, Bob Morttila, Lawrence Edwards, Thomas Nelson, Cletus Weaver, Ronald Gilman, Larry Wade, Harold Fansler, Jack Dennis, Joe Parrish, Ralph Atwell, Oscar Haggard. SGV 6 HU1 Grad? LEFT to RIGHT- Row l- Larry Burnett, Robert Burns, George Robert Terrell, Ronald Wade, Eddy Phillips, Don Haymaker, Ronnie Clark, Eugene Allen, Richard Graham, Larry Shields, John Clements, Jerry Dalrymple. Row 2- Jerry Martin, Donald Ambrose, John Houk, James Frost, Julius Tucker, Gary Decker, Eddie Puckett, Anita Decker, Shirley Brownen, Jud Ratts, Kay Ddllion, Judy Noel, Jeffie Gentry, Sandra Parks, Larry Allen, Wally Moore. Row 3- Jerry Phillips, larry Joe Shields, Kenneth Johnson, Jackie Dale, Barbara Burnett, Doris Moore, Dewayne Hobson, Homer Wallins, Donna Stucki, Marilyn Byrum, David Sims, Eugene Meyers, Michael Moore, Phillip- Dillnnn. How A- Mary Louise Elkins, Burnice Rhodus, Rachel Cook, Mary Ann Page, Linda Warmoth, Joy watterson, Bonnie Tracy, Carol Gallaway, Nancy McPhail, Mary Clayton, Elizabeth Atuell, Judy Atwell, Gloria Poynter, Karen Sebastian, Carolyn Campbell, Beverly Phillips, Joyce McCracken. Absent- Herbie Goad. Fifth and Sixth Grade LEFT TO RIGHT - Row 1 - larry Burns, Edward Peck, Kent McPhail, Vernon Elkins, James Harper Ronald Kenworthy, James Cooney, Dennis Boardman, Row 2 - Tommy Allman, Nancy Jo Finchum, Nancy Ann Rawlins, Diana Jordan, Margaret Ann Rhodus, Susan Hawkins, Linda Hadley, Mary Margaret Prescott, Shirley Frost, Donna Lou Phillips, Stephen Hiatt, Row 3 - Gene Greeson, Dean Dillon, Karen Sue Tiffany, Sandra Holcomb, Lavonnia Stevens, Sharolyn Lewis, Danny Warmoth, Carol Ann Romine, Juzb' Ihiwards, Patricia Ann Harper, James Tadd Morgan, Donna Jo Hinshaw, Steven Parker Paul Dean Green, Row L. - Tommy Hilliker, Kenneth Allen, Loretta Fay Moffitt, Barbara Jo Martin, Sandra Wheeler, Phyllis Busbee, Betty Sue McBride, Nancy Lee Stratton, Sandra Kay Lee, Saundra Corcoran, Judy Brady, Phyllis Jean Bain, Iadenrel Stevens, Sharon Parks, Sandra Ward, Teacher- Agnes Stark. pnu.l-tk and riftl Graf! le LEFT TO RIGHT - Row 1 - Louis Gentry, Janes Kennedy, Marvin Wallin, Raymond Scott, Donnie Walker, Ihvid Ridenour, Brent McPhail, Junior Burnett, Kenneth Ward, Row 2 - Betty Frost, Mary Beth Green, Sue Carolyn Jaggers, Benny Devore, Jerry Shane, Jerry Silcox, Kenneth Morgan, Ferrell Galloway, Larry Durham, Terry Shields, Rita Jo Busbee, Patty Fansler, Shirley Tracy, Row 3 - Paul Silcox, Danny Yaryan, Bobby Jackson, Eldon Gillman, Bill Decker, Ronnie Cox, Charles Johnson, Stephen Hilliker, David Rugenstein, Paul Goskie, Gordan Allen, Stephan Johnson, Row L - Mary Lou Martin, Lois Gillman, Patty Sue Finchum, Charlott. Yaryan, Mary Ruth Brewer, Matilda Medsker, Carolyn Brady, Mary Karabon, Judy Sallee, Carolyn Sue Mcffitt, Shirley Baldwin, Patty Campbell, Teacher - Mr. Finchum, Absent - Larry Terrell, 'Dom Greene, Kathryn Burgman. TAz'?0f Gtowfe Donni no 1 Lindawalker David Allen carolyn sue Tully, lhrsarvf giiirf? Riggs: gg: tzrley, Michael Brady, l chael Patrick, Snean Allman, Shirley Ygitaziig Jerry Scott. new 2: Bobby ne:-san, virginia Rove Page. Bvbbv Sfluilnv Dim' "8'g' ' 5 r Hadley Galen Watersen, Dirrell Cummins, Dickie Rawlins, Patricia Gill-Wlyn 'U' 'un' I g,n,3d'gggg new 3- Keren Sue Parka, clara Norton, Darlene Yaryan, Barbara Horaley, Non!!! Bain Kim Martin, Margaret Ruth Romine, Linda Kay Brown, like Sullivan, Linda campbell, '33-'U' Schmzltz, Diane Hillman, Hrs. Tula Belayg Third Grade Teacher. Secenof G 'ZCYUPCZ LEFT TO RIGHT - Row 1 - Patty Zelahy, Sharon Bray, Mike Risley, Ronnie Burton, Lynne Spencer, Jerry Squires, Jaquetta Stevens, Kenny Burnett, Michael Rawlins, Sharon Bowman, Connie Dale, Row 2 - Robert Tiffany, Sherryl Holtsclaw, Richard Vollroth, Lynne Vichers, Howard Busbee, Wesley Mundy, Dickie Jackson, Barbara Hammer, James Ballard, Sally Barker, Florence Karabon, Row 3 - Becky Ormandy, Linda Jordan, Sharon Hillman, Gregg Terhune, Georgia western, Michael Littell, Marlynne Aden, Billy Ferguson, Jimmy Elkins, Linda Deem, Jimmy Paul, Sandy Owen, Teacher - Mrs. Shuler. Absent: Bruce Deck, Gary Judson, Dean Puckett, and Mike Stabler. ZZJZL 6'ZC9L6'lE? LEFT TO RIGHT - Row l - Gloria Jean Brewer, Junior Paul, Linda Sue Rurton, James Belcher, Clifford Parks, Donnie Phelps, Sandra Hawkins, Ronnie Bill Jordan, Peggy Parks, Row 2 - Pongueita Livingston, Sue Cummins, Nancy Hinshaw, Dennis Devore, Vicki Lou McCracken, Bobby Archer, Millie Jo Jacobs, Bill Cranfill, Mark Hadley, Row 3 - Sherry Finchum, Nancy Walker, Sarah hiatt, Melvin Ridenour, Martha Moore, Cynthia Dale, Danny Collins, Geraldine Hillman, Jerry Wallace, Teacher - Ruth Curtis. Absent: Billy Allman. Left To Right, How 1 - Sandra Scott, Kay Boardman, Sue Ann Huff, Jerry Wheeler, Cherry Wheeler, Larry Bruner, Bonnie McB ide, Row 2 - Brenda Lumpkin, Steve Hinson, Willy Johnson, Roger Beck, Jerry Pheifer, Ben Jenkins, Karen Bowman, Bradley Bradberry, Jackie Johnson. How 3 - Anita Sue- Rugenstein, Clayton Campbell Jr., Bobby Holcomb, Johney Norton, Louie Stephenson kathy Clemmons Janice Busbee, Linda Morgan, Phil Loos. Teacher- Mrs. Hiatt. Absent Jolynn Ward and Greeg Vane. pf? HLE f E xx ' is wV J . .:.4 ' , 4 f 1 K X 2? 3 If i i 'U I A IIC mms is-99 " 0"'l mean g o 2 :A :M Ima CUSS o'o.6 ar-usa ga... 'Ill 0000 mfs HQ: 35 ii - Us 2 O I' '4 C1510 Ll L4-IL.-1 His feats are astounding, Outstanding when rebounding, To hear opponents bail, shoot the ball Go CL 13 I CLL L fl it FTJNQ IS H-F0 '51- Alf, 'C xh QAX TEAM ' 3X" 4K Q9 6 'X As Wayne anc Bob score, The crowd cheers for more, They gladly do it again, Amo High was a grieving, But. somehow we can't win. Because wayne was e leaving, But Monrovia jumped with joy, vuhen they got that talented boy. The way he shoots the Is enough to top them The best among basket He should be with the ball, all, makers, Iakers. ke 50' fo ii? A wi F." M' wwf E Q 5, Q X x 3 f 5 d , -rj 7, i 5 F Q , much Shields W i im, b Sophmore center for green and white, A very good shot and full of fight. , N, ary ryvr Dick ,um , 1318 feat' during the yearl Flaehy forward on our team, A-as caused may 8 char' In Algebra class he's quite a scream. Roe: Walker Ra Houk H, can ,SQL sho, his Stuff, Cn the floor, he is a whiz, when he'e needed, there he ie. Although sometimes he's plenty rough. A? ' A 'E A 575 ' ,- Vf,ZsLl-UU' wr oA" T 3 gd 1? 3 1 1 I ' ' Herb Schelm Top Row- Left. to night- Tracy, Houk, Shields, Sharp, i.ad1ey, mr. wean. A Fmt h' 1' got' oo Q Bottom Row- Left to Iiigxt- Prather, Graham, Ridenour, Archer, Noel. Bit 8 V017 8 811012. f -,-1, my V. I .,,k 3 -:1': r jf - ' ' -ski g ffl: W s 'QQ' - N-.I 0- 6. ,N if ' 9-A f - ,A :: '2 ' --'fm A Wx.. 'N' I 3 x X HQ!! E as X i1 rv 5 xf 1 1 NTI r T W f fl 3 1 mnvuu, n 4 an f szntwuzz "'Nl4n4 I :mu-nun ,I K 'Qtllblsn 1 A '55 5 V, N5 5 X I r M I W s 'Q if N LE:-ij ' u QNX U A J? :X JM N 'Y x 'J 'P Oi 2615 ef 1' f Ae 5 Ke 5? .4 iff Ze Cfllfud Q NN RIBBQN WNNERS 45? heczcl M 11 m z ' Q00 60,2 cy ' xx ' -J f Q 97ouItry Quclging Jectm ow'-wwfmwg t fi EFA. Convention Goncrcttulctttons U J . Contestants for Stctte Awctrcls QMNML ,aurw-nz.QH CROWNING OFQU EE N N 2 w 5 RING-THE DU Q-wmqhen Cnlomz I-jefaf Q Q , 2 '-vim X i -. .kx Y i H, Emi sg WF af ' A 'QI 'N-Q . W' x... .. . Enjby N5 QNWY Lov 5 W1'YN fimd 1 ,Ji ll o'1"o ' ' ' X ,Q gg. K 4 it ga' mmf Wi , 5 P Y'Sl: E'1akli it f 1 lf 'K Q5 xxxiifll von Bfqx Q 4' .J Tire Yflnel Svraiy Not aQM, c if f Q' ,X ' 4 5. Zz. 519,11 QNNN Rod 4' Q P74011 Plovn Jef A SN A 3 f ' if Q5 I I -J 4' l G QQQ! Us resrmc: P 1 V? 5- 'EQ 5 s ZH 1 B -gl Q 5 pczis L5 s f K. ., . W-wxv: W , , ,.,,. ...W-.V . H: " ' 'nw -1. W ERT IN rm 4 si. fx l 834 88 88 88 834 88 814 834 R34 814 334 PIR ilk I I Phone 3840 Your Home Open Evenings Should Come FIRST HAPPY VALLEY FURNITURE Appliances Where Quality is Higher Than Price W. E. Potts 2Vz Miles West of Plainfield. Indiana on Road 40 3 814 XR K8 88 88 814 R8 88 88 814 R14 88 R14 88 ill! 88 88 88 88 38 88 88 88 88 '7C8"K8 as an an Jr as 5 MONROVIA GENERAL STORE Groceries and Meats E HUBBARD MILL Wolvenne Work Shoes at Feed - Fence I Coal - Grain Ball Brand Footwear 3' Phone 11-25 Dry Goods - Notions an Quality Merchandise at Fair Prices 3' MONROVIA. INDIANA as MONROVIA. INDIANA se i .. nr as sr lr"gg af- 5 gc' Compliments of BRAY'S HARDWARE Q MONROVIA. INDIANA E 4 SCHNAITER LUMBER CO. All Kinds of Building Materials in gg gg gg gg gg mc MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA 5 4 Compliments of E. A. KIVETT 5 Wilbur - Beech Grove - Hall x ac x an I F 88 xx xx xx xx -nf xx xx as me xx as as 38 R8 38 88 88 R8 88 814. 88 ilk 834 H14 HH g I E HADLEY 6. HINSHAW Q Tile Ditching Footings Cut Drains of all Kinds Q Phone 12-43 and 21-4 MONROVIA. INDIANA 1 E ii E IL- ' 88 88 834 R8 R8 88 88 H8 88 815 834 K8-1-H I I i LATTA FARM EQUIPMENT Your Allis-Chalmers and New Idea Dealer in Mooresville Q Phone 259 Brownie Lcrtta - Phone 12-34 Monrovia Q George Price - Phone 231F20 Mooresville MONROVIA. INDIANA E 4 5 4 i R84 RH R8 88 R8 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 R14 I ilk 88 38 R8 88 88 R8--.88 88 R8 H8 '88 334 I 2 Compliments of 5 THE INDIANA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Congratulations to the Graduating Class D-x SERVICE STATION of 1954 Earl Knoy at A Good Bankszcz Ggzggd Community x MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA 3 Member FDIC Q Martinsville. Ind. Paragon. Ind. RH na as me as xt-1 gas na as sac its as asc ac x as Mlatfsglzzwfm as 1 X DUGGER S DRIVEJN MARKET Flour. Feeds and Building Materials C- D'-19991 x Buyers and Sellers of Bulk Grain MOORESVILLE. INDIANA 7 IVIARTINSVILLE, INDIANA as se mn -was as me as me 5 an xx me -as me an-4 5 as MAXWELL HENDRICKSON 5. soN HAR MPANY 'C DWARE CO x Telephone 330 211 N. Main St. The Store for Quality and Service x MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA se 5 5 RR 88 88 814 88 ilk gb!!! R8 Bk 334 H8 38 IG if um f MARTIN GARAGE comp ents O x Auo Repairs - Brakes Relined ARTESIAN LAUNDRY 2 B . attery Service 7 Telephone 7 5 5 All Kinds of Generators TINSVILLE. INDIANA MAR MONROVIA. INDIANA 5 I F me as me me as vm as ax R8 as 88 xx me ilk 88 88 88 ill! R14 48 4134 88 88 88 R8 R14 Q X I ' ac x as x 4 as 4 Class of "54" Congratulations BLACK LUMBER COMPANY Phone 938 MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA .814 88 88 88 R8 88 R8 88 R8 R8 88 HIL na me as me me me .ax vm me na me me I as as 1- i ac T c a. E noor BEER DEIVEIN gg FAMILY FINANCE' INC' Lodns S25.00 to 5500.00 Coneys Popcom 5 Signature. Household or Auto Root Beer Friendly One-Stop Service Road 67 One Mile North of Mooresville Phone 397 2,7 East Main Street 3301 Shelby Street - Indianapolis, Ind. N MOORESVILLE INDIANA ar X I as sr an x rm na me am as mv 5 mf as ill? as-4 me me ' 5 If sr 3? Compumem of I B E IONES DEPARTMENT 'THE TIMES I STORE Interested m You and Your Nexghbor Q MOORES E INDIANA MOORESVILLE. INDIANA ' 5 5 5 it I I F xx as na ss as as as :nee xx xx as sa xx 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ill! 38 28 T88 H!!! 88 ilk ilk ilk B8 R8 R14 314 at E I Z-E' Z-.Q MOORESVILLE PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY . INC. "There is a lift to living electrically" MOORESVILLE. INDIANA a:':ue use 'aw X8 as an A as am me me me was Lau i X " 1 5 as " 1 5 5 5 E. A. FREEMAN new 5 ALLISON 'rms co. Q P Complete Coz and Truck Service Flowers for all Occasions 5 Car Lift - Truck Lift Phone ll3 if MOORESVILLE. INDIANA MOORESVILLE. INDIANA 5 5 5 5 5 5 0 5 S 2 88 88 R8 R8 R14 KR HR 88 88 M6 834 RR 814 5 88 H8 814 88 88 88 88 R8 88 88 38 88 X I X I I X 1' 4 I SHOULD BE TAKING Compliments of THED 1gll:ig,ILLE X I I- C- PENNY Co- SS Only S2.00 U Year 'rms INDIANA Their Printing is Always Good ? MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA X 2 I 1' 5 ll HH' RR 88 88. 88 H8 g RN H8 ill! 88 88 X I I 1 I X Phillip C. Iohnson Howard V. Iohnson IOHNSON ORCHARDS Apple cmd Peach Growers MOORESVILLE. INDIANA KEI.LY'S 5 DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Gooo room E MOORESVILLE. INDIANA ac x 5 X 1' I I X I E 88 88 88 88 88 88' - 88 IK8 88 88 88 88 as me as an-4 as me as su-e as sa as me me g I Class of "54" Congratulations THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MARTINSVILLE Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of Federal Reserve System Q 4 F814 XR 88 88 88 R8 R8 R34 H14 88 ilk B8 814 me mt me 'wx :IL B8 88 88 wx me 'ww 'fm 5 1 Compliments of 5 LOIS 6 ELLEN BEAUTY SHOP Compliments af gg Phone 197 128 N. Iefferson St. gg! CHAMBERS RESTAURANT Illene Adams Rosemary Burpo MONROVIA. INDIANA Q Wyona Blankenship 5 Night Appointments f. MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA as al wa R8 sa mv me as gm R24 as mc: his na mc: E 5 'if . Compliments of Q C0mP11m9nf3 0f 5 HAYES DRUG STORE REXA1-L DRUG STORE MQQRESVILLE, INDIANA Q MOORESVILLE. INDIANA 5 as sc at Xian: . ,ug 'y'k- gg' gg gg g RH 'IH H8 -ill! ill? ilk i an sr 5 Compliments of BERTEI.SEN'S EWELRY STORE 5 WILD C RY INN x I Steak and Chicken Dinners sr 48 S. Jefferson Street as MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA " 5 an nr as il rm vm xx as me xx Q:-ls xx as me as rm an 5 S5 WESTERN AUTO 5 Compumems of Assoc1A'rE sronr: GREGG INSURANCE AGENCY A Home Owned Und 0P9fCfed bY1 i 29 E. Main sz. Phone 125 Harland B' H"d1eY MOORESVILLE INDIANA 5 15 East Main St. Phone 32 5 MOORESVILLE. INDIANA ac as 3 I P 88 as ns 88 We xx as me was RK mv xx as 434 814 SIR 88 424 R8 38 YK ilk R8 ilk R34 R8 Q 5 If I CA Good romeo umm Aumomv or rn: coca-cou comma uv COCA-COLA BOTTLINO CO., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. H4 RH 'IR ilk 'II' ilk 'll' ik 348 ilk 434 834 'Il' il Compliments of IOHN SEXTON 6. CO. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -418 388 88 32511 ilk 48 314 ill' H8 - 88' KENWORTHY AND SON. INC. General Hardware NTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Farm Machinery and Trucks Speed Queen Washers and Ironers - Philgcts Stoves cmd Appliances A Complete Stock of Parts - Trained Service Men for Repair Service MONROVIA. INDIANA PARAGON. INDIANA i 884 814 N14 R8 88 88 88 88 H8 88 R8 R8 88 BK RH ' 88 'WH 88 88 88- R8 88 R8 R8 R8 R8 an sr as e me as Compliments of 5 as THE MANITORIUM CLEANERS Walter V. Eskew. Prop. Q Since 1903 Cleaning - Dyeing Guaranteed Moth Proofing at CURE AND SON sr Water Repellent and Storage Service "Suits Made to Order" Office and Plant: 50 W. Washington St. W Phone 94 MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA QE K 1' I X 8f"'HY'i Furniture - Rugs - Stoves MARTINSVILLE, INDIANA I X X x x X 1' Compliments of 4 COLEMAN INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 5 Phone 151 25 East Main Street - Mooresville 1 MARTINSVILLE OFFICE 201 First National Bank Bldg. E Martinsville Mooresville ac an 5 Compliments of HARVEY FUNERAL HOME MOORESVILLE. INDIANA SE as I i 88 B8 B8 38 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 RR Bk 814 88 R14 88 48 88 824 HR 88 R8 314 814 RH 2 I 4 4 E 4 i WE WILL BE i YOUR PHOTOGRAPI-IER POR ALL OCCASIONS 2 PORTER'S STUDIO 312 Illinois Building 1 INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA Established 1909 Pl. 9114 Q Your Wedding Pictures CAt Home or at Church? I Birthdays Valentine Day Mothers' Day i Fathers' Day Christmas Furlough Pictures 1 Pleasinqly Posed. Popular Priced Photos, Please Particular People E E 5 4 5 1 i 5' 881 BIG 839 88' -X8 88 H8 88 88 88 88 R8 HILL H8 H8 88 IK 38 X8 BH 38 R8 I8 H8 HH WR Z X X x as as O 95 35 MOORESVILLE '15 FROZEN 1-'oon LOCKERS T- T- NEWBERRY C0- Phone ns X MARTINSVILLE. mnumn Curing - Cutting - Freezing x Southwest Comer of the Square MOORESVILLE. INDIANA as "Ah Conditioned" 3' as I I SS as X 1' X 2 RH 88 3 HN 88 .38 -88 Bl ik i i 5 5 SS X 2 4 HUDSON REGAL srons The Thrifty Wife's Source of Savings GRAFTON J. K1vE'r'r 5 10 North Mm St MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA 5 5 5 5 as X I x F B8 88 88 R8 ilk 88 88 88 88 RK H8 88 814 ilk 834 88 RR ilk 824 88 81+ R8 ilk 88 814 88 Q JC I I COMPLIMENTS OF "THE FAT BOY" -834 ilk ilk 88 88 RR 88 88 88 ilk ill ill 171 PI'IEIFER'S PURE OIL STATION AND BUI.K PLANT Purelube Phone 2-20 MONROVIA. INDIANA 5 ...JCR R8 R8 .Mk R8 RR ilk 88 R14 ilk RR 88 334 H8 88 RK-831 H8 R8 RH HK!! 88 H8 R8 5 4 O LAD 6. LASSIE SHOP Infont's and Chi1dren's Wear E Boys and Girls Cradle to 14 Q Betty R. Tousey West Side of Square Phone 1651 JC 5 MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA i 4 Q4 88 R8 8? R8 '19 88 'lk ilk 'Bk 38 S8 88 il 4 5 ALEXANDER'S SHOES Q Smart Enough to go to School South Side of Square i MARTINSVILI-E. INDIANA i at se I4 me his as-e as -as fra- as as -as as 4:4 88.--Hi as x MARTINSVILLE AUTO CO. E Home of Buick Since 1907 MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA X sc ac X I 1 O 8 88 88 88 88 ilk 824 48 88 88 88 R8 ilk E 88 88 RH 814 88 88 814 834 88 R24 38 88 R34 Q X I i ac Always Ask For SCI-ILOSSER'S ICE CREAM A Real Treat for Your Family Distributed by SCHLOSSER BROS.. INC INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -88 88-R8 R8 blk X86 88 R8 88 mt me mr' 'wx me 88 sa.. me 88 I R8 vm na.. 9-ur S i 5 Mrs. Edith Shirley - Mrs. Callie Cooper at Compliments of sr TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOP A913315 g Women's Apparel - Gift Novelties at DEPARTMENT STORE MoonI:sv1I.I.I-:. INDIANA " MOORESVH-I-E' INDIANA g as ar I as an fu-e as as as 'I-ca vw an-s mc fm me mcx x Oifi Ph 198 R Ph 114 gg Ce one es' one WILLIAMS IMPLEMENT co. 5 K. R. DORSETT AGENCY 5 ..Newt.. Wimm General Insurance - Real Estate Sales and Service Q Farm Loans at 4Vz9?v 23 West Main Street gt' Phone 520 270 W. Morgan St. as MOORESVILLE. INDIANA TINSVILLE' INDIANA x S5 at an .au na its wx as fun 415 na as as as as use 1 as x i SMITHERMAN HATCHERIES g Compliments of Purina Feed 5 Baby Chicks and Poultry Supplies BOOK NOOK MOORESVILLE. INDIANA SE MARTINSVH-I-E' INDIANA 5 5 i gg gg gg gg gg gg iam as as as me as as 5 5 A MARTINSVILLE CANDY KITCHEN 5 Compliments of Homemade Ice Cream and Candy HQBBS FQOD M ARKET f Phone 3-93 5 MOORESVILLE. INDIANA MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA E x 1 as ac I 1 F me xx as ss as as xx as xx me as me as 834 38 RR R8 38 R8 RR 188 88 834 88 R34 88 Q i 4 4 CITIZENS BANK MOORESVILLE. INDIANA A Friendly Bank in a Friendly Community i 5 4 E I ' K-.JW 88 XSL-.88 88 RH 88 RH PIR X8 834 ISL-H 5 5 i E 4 COLLIER BROTHERS CREAMERY. INC. Since 1916 E "Du!ch Maid Dairy Products" Phone 485 5 MARTINSVIILE. INDIANA i i I 4 1 F' me me me me na an me ax xx me as me me S ' HH H8 88 '88 88 RH Hifi!!! 88'-' .88 JIM- A X B8 RK E COPELAND APPLIANCES 5 Frigidaire Appliances . Records, Radios, Television Compliments of 5 Sales cmd Service HARRIS FRocKs A . 5 MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA mana Upright Freezers gg MOORESVILLE. INDIANA 4 ns 88 ax as as vm time HW ' 88 as has me mcg FRANKLIN ICE CREAM gs' Q Good Food - Ice Cream ComP1imenIS of Phone 65 gg THOMPKIN s IEWELRY MOORESVILLE. INDIANA Q MOORESVILLE, INDIANA i 2 'IH 31+ 'H+ W 48 31" saw as rn- mc xr- me mc: SS 3 SHIREMAN 6. REESE COAL CO. as Compliments of African Violets 3' MOOREVILLE FURNITURE CO. 5 MARTINSVILLE, INDIANA MOORESVILLE. INDIANA SE in me an 'xx me his me ,C sn-1 its vw -as nu rm ar 5 MCCARTHY x WATSON 5. soN HOME 51 AUTO SUPPLY x Wallpaper and Nuda Paint I Firestone Tires and Batteries phone 978 it MARTINSVII-I-E. INDIANA " MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA i su me as 88 as as ggxu rw 88 an as me mc i Compliments of 5 COmplimBnlS of gg DALE IEWELRY C 6. E DRUGS Diamonds - Iewelry - Watches Q Bill Coy Sam Eggers 5 MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA PI-AINFIEI-D, INDI-ANA as " 5 5 gg gg gg gg gg gg :ik Rh 814 H8 88 88 81 3 , I 6 S LINOLEUM STORE . 3' Floor Covering Service x Compliments of Tile, Linoleum, Venetian Blinds 1' BLANTON MILIS 5 South Side Square Phone 469-W CLAYTQN' INDIANA MARTINSVILLE, INDIANA x ac x I II as an as as vu' -xx ilk xx nk as as xx me R8 R8 +88 88 38 RH 38 48 88 88 H14 834 814 Q A 3? 5 F MARLEY'S STATION TURLHY RADIO BND 4 MARATHON GAS A OA APPLIANCE SALES AND SERVICE Tank Wagon Service 5 Gravel Hauling Phone 3 Phone 2-19 MONROVIA. INDIANA 5 Mormovm INDIANA SS S5 as sr .xx Arm rm rm run wa as me vm THE FARMERS STATE BANK Our aim is to give the people of this Community a broad Banking Service backed by long experience and based on policies that are sound and construc- tive. Our Dual Posting Statement system eliminates error. If the customer keeps a correct account. our balances must agree. Some of Our Services: Banking by Mail -- Personal Loans - Checking Accounts - Mortgage Loans Time Certificates - Travelers Checks - U. S. Bonds Member of American Bankers Association - Indiana Bankers Association Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation EMINENCE. INDIANA ilk 88 JI! RIG R8 R8 R8 K8 88 R8 X14 K8 R8 F fx R8 88 4 O at E Congratulations Seniors CARL'S SERVICE STATION Gasoline - Fuel Oil - Lubricating Oils - Grease 143 East Main Street Phone 359 8- in R8 R8 38 R8 948 R8 S8 R8 88 88 88 3 CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE VESTAL MOTOR COMPANY. INC. MOORESVILLE. INDIANA as 1 O 8 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 R8 '88 R8 28 R14 48 ilk 314 R14 R8 R8 H34 or if ,Wt I , ---it-vvwr ' iii? ' K fi-Jllll I-g Y' I1 Q92 ,, , L 55: -"s1.'IiHi71:v ',. f -1 I vim-a.l1"J3 Cf , I ' 1,'m7:'771,,r 1 f'? -J--"A'f'fA"1f1fE1gsf" i I -mn as rn- sa- ss as -rs as as as rcs wx.. M D. C. Jessup I. C. Jessup D. C. IESSUP 6. SONS Iohn Deere Dealers Hardware and Supplies Phone 37 MOORESVILLE. INDIANA 4 vu-4 ,Jax as as ax- as A as xx war- mf' as ar 5 an ar Best Wishes THE EWING STUDIO suns. nozsucx 5. co. 5 1. Bama swing For Photographer as Farm - House - Auto 7' Over Penny's Phone 1320 gg Shop and Save at Sears Portraits - Weddings - Groups MARTINSVILLE. INDIANA E MAR'l'INSVILI.E, INDIANA 5 1 4 5 E i g 1 mf' KK me me me me me as was me Ra xx as f 5 RH 88 88 314 814 H8 834 834 88 88 834 I8 ill 5 I x O MOORESVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS 6 LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings Insured up to 510,000 Current Rate 3 Percent per Annum Phone 1096 MOORESVILLE. INDIANA Savings Mortgages and Loans Real Estate ix as 814 me R14 H24 -2:4 as fc:-4 me its at-4 Phone 371 Mooresville R- S- SCHAUB 6- CO- 1. E. ALBERTSON 6. soN Wholesale EI-EVATORS Potatoes , Onions Phone West Newton 113 Fruits and Vegetables Friendswood iCambyJ Route 1 317 South New Iersey Street Feed of an Kinds INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA We Buy and Sell Grain Anytime During the Year 1' Q Q if as as as sa- -us as 88 -ts as as 88 as 88 R8 ilk 814 48 R8 88 ilk 28 88 ilk 38 8 x x Cool! + Smooth I UST COMPARE ll 'ru sf" Yr 9 t the golden richness . . . smooth texture and creamy goodness of MAPLEHURST GOLDEN VANILLA with any other ice cream . . . You'11 agree . . . It's the best ever! -88 88 R8 88 814 88 88 88 88 88 ilk il g 2 LEE SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. School Supplies and Equipment TERRE I-IAUTE. INDIANA F R14 814 R8 88 88 88 88 88 ilk 88 H8 814 88 B34 334 '18 88 B34 88 88 88 W4 88 ' N8 mf' se Com H t 1 MONROVIA GARAGE P men S o Q Arc and Acetylene Welding MOORESVILLE General Repdifing WELDING SHQP Standard Oil Products Q Donis Miller, Prop. Phone 17 gg MOORESVILLE. INDIANA MONROVIA. INDIANA xx as vue as as aim: ws an as as as mc 4' 5 LEFFORGE HARDWARE Frigidaire Appliances TIDDLER BARBER SHOP x Heating and P1 ling MONROVIA. INDIANA x Phone 1 CLAYTON. INDIANA ac sr sr vm 88 48 4:4 88 R8 .av :uf as xt: '-as me :nc it Compliments oi at HAPPY HOUR CLUB Fnolvr A FRIEND 1 Dancing M WILBUR. INDIANA 1: H8 gg wg im gg, W x an as xx --uf as ax ' if i C0mP1imentS of gg Compliments of HORTY'S BEAUTY SHOP HQRNADATS GRQCERY MONHOVIAI INDIANA 5 HAzr:LwooD, INDIANA 5 as xx as as as as " as na as an as me ni Compliments to the Seniors WILBUR COMMUNITY CENTER. INC. Our Motto: "Oi the Community for the Community" You are invited to join Q 814 me wx as as as are its ss as its mv as THANK YOU Is our simple but appropriate way of extending to you our appreciation. as CLASS or '54 Q E. nk xx sk as ass as sk as xx me ilk nu as K, .,Wa. j V. L. -if 4. k ,.4 J.: i s : cl , Il-'I JN R ' V. E . -M , in ' V i gl " V t -if. -'US 1- 14 l. ,-, Y'-xii-'A-F-"g.7'3"f T A1211 ,TAX ' -' - 1, , ' 7 ,":5' "fff3y' 1, .1 il iw:-, ,A- J . ,Q . -.. 1 lg gig' . 1 ,fm-,Z 1' 5 M -f' Jax .1 -"" .'1 ,L ,V .f 'M Q ff ' f Y . 1 ,L : gww ,-.f'p,11-H .. is ,gg,"" ',: ir1-vial? QQ-Q - L sg: -f A J-..f:. ,:- - ' 1: A . " .- - f 'Q 2: 1, 111' . .:, 4 ' - wqwmkmv .ifgguw -. .5 mkwwiwg Sgr- miiai-H ji'i+rark-Q AZ iff ' " .vw , ff- - , I ' 'fA31':'? "w - 1 , . . , . .- . , P ol.-Willlii ' k ' V" 'iiamtifiikimzil' wibaqmlg ' W 'EYSWME' v f' J TZ ,M E -T- ----- - , - -.- - - - ,. --'- - . 1?-H f 1-- - , . . ', - ' 5 w. ' . ay -'-I-,J -. f 471. 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Suggestions in the Monrovia High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Monrovia, IN) collection:

Monrovia High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Monrovia, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Monrovia High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Monrovia, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 48

1954, pg 48

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