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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1951 volume:

A 1 Foreword 'lille "l71':1gu11" of 1051 uf Xlm11'm- l'11i1m Sclwul I :1 l'R'L'fll'll of thc sclunrl lifc :xml thu plmsw ul. ilu Nclmul XCZIT. 'lllw plclurcs zmml XYl'llL'-H115 in llllx lm :irc :ls close :ls l'L'CUI'Kl of thc sclluul X"QIlI' ns it i5 IH Nilvlu for Us tu make. ul IN llu- hl stall will L'4lIISl1lk'l' ilu' xx'm'lQ rm ilu' llrzngmm xxx-ll xx'm'tl1 ilu- tum- :mal uilurt, xt m lun-1' j'k'JlI'5 5 1 will lmwlq ll1ml1gl1 thc lurrvlf :mfl I'L'lNk'llllDCl' :I Qwml xx-11 spent :xl ll. LII-1.8. I U VX , 4 1.--K W MRS. MALCDM To Mrs. Malcom KKK- thc stumlentx uf AIUIIITJF lfnimm High Schuu wish tu cl:-mliczltc this, the "lJ1':11fm1" of 1051, tw Mrs 5 Klxrtlc- KIIIICUIN. XM- mnlw this ch-chczntnm tm' ha-1' gm-txt help In ua :luring our fclmul yn-urs. .-Xlxvzays rczuly to givc :x huh: ing hzxml is Mrs. Malcolm. XXI- ht'1'L'lJj' nmkc this nh-di Czltinn In 11 wfnlch-1'f11l frim-ml :md tc:1Cl1c1'. 5 I NZM 011 Mr. Gibson Again Heads Monroe High Faculty' This year the faculty his done everything pos- sible to help the students learn and adjust them- selves to their situations. Heading this platoon of educational leaders was Mr. john B. Gibson, our able principal. Mr. Gibson has just completed his fifth year at Mon- MR. GIBSON PRINCIPAL, MEINRDE HIGH 5I:I-QIJDI. roe and his fourth year as principal. Besides his regular duties as principal he taught C. S. History and Socio-lic. Also, during the first semester he taught one class of English I, and assisted in the driver education activity. Mr. tiibson received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the Cniversity of Oregon in 1941. Mrs. Marguerite Macy, a graduate of the Cni- versity of Oregon, taught typing, bookkeeping, and linglish Il. She was also director of the school plays and junior class adviser. She got her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Cniver- sity of Oregon in 1937 in the field of Social Studies. Mrs. Sue flfergusonj Glatt taught home eco- nomics, girls' gym, and speech. She was also ad- viser for the ti.A.A. and Trio-O's. Mrs. Glatt earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from XN'illam- ette University, and a Bachelor of Science De- gree from Oregon State College, both of which were in home economics. Mrs. Myrtle Malcom, a long-termer at Mon- roe, has taught here a total of six and one-half years. The past year she taught linglish I and III, Spanish 1, and had charge of the library and book exchange. Senior class adviser was another of her responsibiliities. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Studies from Viiillamette Cniversity in 1926. Mr. Vtillard XY. Miller, industrial Arts in- structor, has been at Monroe three years. He also taught journalism and directed Ieathercraft as an activity. Mr. Miller served as adviser to the school publications, the "Hi-Flash" and the "Dragon," He is a graduate of North Dakota State Normal and Industrial College where he got his Bachelor of Science Degree in lndus- trial liducation in 1946. He completed work for the Master of Science Degree in liducation from Oregon State College last year. Mr. Donald H. DeLay, our coach, has been here only this year. Besides his coaching and physical education classes, he taught biology, ninth grade math., and world geography. He was also director of intramural sports and sophomore class adviser. Mr. DeLay graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Oregon State College in 1950. MR. DELAY Focuffy News, Confinued Mr. .lnhn XY. Rulzcrts, math :xml scicltcc in- sl1'uct1n', has In-cn :lt Nllll1l'UL' two YUZIIAN :mtl wut- trcshntzln class :ulvlst-1' llns yvztr. Hu also taught tlrivcr t-tlllczxtimm :tml wrcstlingt. M11 Rulw.-rts g'1':11lll1lIt'ml with Il lizlvlwlul' of SCik'llL't' l7t'g1't't' from f,l'L'Q1ll1 State fullcgc in IU-18. Mn. lfilt-cn tlilfsun taught cluwznl music unt- pt-riml t-zach clay. Slut' uttcmlt-cl C111-gu11 Cullt-gc of l'Z4lllC2lliUl1 in Mtmmrmth, :mtl had taught in grzulc schuul fm' zu mtmlwcr uf yt-zxrs, Sho tlitl :1 vt-ry gucul job with thc Clilsw :mtl tht-y QZIYL' many gum! lK'l'f!7l'll11ll1CCS. Nr. T, I.. I11lYI?CL'li, :Q at-nim' at thc L'l1iYL'I'- sity uf f,l'l'gUll, mlircctt-ml the luzmfl twu days Zl wt-ck. Ht' was 11 czlmliclzltc for zt llzxvltt-lm' uf SCiL'llL'L' I,L'gl'L't' in music ctlllczttiml in hluuc. MR. ROBERTS ' ,Www mf' Rkwgwwy 'L '- Hwfm I MRS. GLATT MR. MILLER Board Members Lisfed T110fulluwilmg'n'm11p1'isc1l the local fclmul lmzml tm' thc pmt 51.11 . L1h2liI'll1Zlll""Iiilflllll l.istc1', Ingram lsluml Cla-1'l4 Mrs. lk-tty ll1'i5lmi11, 1Xllll1I'UL' 1XIl'I1lIbL'l'SI l.1lfk' Ilumlluy. IXIUIIVUC lillllvl' SZIIIIQCX, .Xlpinc ll. AX. I'iI'ZH1liIiN, Q'L'l1U'2lI .'X. QX. XYhL'L'IOI', Irish lk-ml Thc wtuclvnls uf Monroe LVIIQUII High School uxprcss Ill!lll'0Ci2ltiUl1 of lhcil' fim- wm'k in cli- I'CL'liIlgj thc sclwul. MPS. GIBSON MR. HAVLICEK MRS. MALCUM MRS' MACY 5 1 1:1149 OM WDW 967' Graduating Seniors CARL BAKER e class of "Sl" started with the election of Richard McNeal as presidentg Doris XValden as secretaryg Deone Wilson as treasurerg and june Scott as vice-president. Twentyeone students started under the lead- ership of Mrs. Myrtle Malcom but at the end of the year there was 19. Remington Davenport escorted for Senior Princess, Deone Wilson, in the annual Carnival. "Inner VVillie" was the class play on the night of Decemher S. The Seniors conducted the Talent Show this year, giving a cup to Billy Allen VVallace for singing "There's Been a Change in Me," and presenting a plaque to the school for a record of winners of the future. The next thing of great importance was Teach Day on March 26, as well as Skip Day which was enjoyed on May ll. Class Night occurred May 243 Bacculaureate, May 283 and Commencement May 31. These were the last three senior events, and hrought the close of another Senior class. Caps and gowns were adorned for Baccalaure- ate and Graduation. Aqua and white with fl matching red rose were the class colors. "Find a VVay or Make One," was the motto as the day of June lst closed the doors to the "SI" class, a class of fun, frolic, and hard work. 6' ing Seniau of he Glau of '51, JACK BALL MLL BALL -.rv-.-v-v-.-.-.,-,.,-,-v-v-v-.AAA1-.-.Av-.-.1-. REMMY DAVENPDRT DUN ERAGG BARRY BRADLEY WALTER HEINTZ .v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.-.v.v.v.v.v.,v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.' Qaafualfinq Seniou of lfae 01644 of '51, NDRMA HCILLDWAY RICHARD MCNEAL EDWARD KING WILLIAM USBURNE FYDBERT MALCUM LURAY RICKARD Q' ing swam of Me ezm of '51, JUNE SCOTT DDRIS' WALDEN RUBY SNYDER DUN WALER .fvv-.-vA.-.fvsfv-.-v-v+v-.-.-.-v-v-.-.-.fv-. .v.v.v.v.'.,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.v.v.v.v EDB STRDDA DEDNE WILSON fncfiaiiual 14 flecaacfd of lfaaizmlinq Seniaad CARL BAKER Baseball ..............,YY. .VWKA 2 -3- "B" Basketball l.... Track ..,,,.......A......, Tennis .,.........,., Football ....................,l.,. Letterman ...Vl..,....-l------ff, Intramural Manager S. B. Play ..,......,.,.,,.....,..., Senior Play Staff ,.......V....., Annual ..,A...,, Fire Chief .,,.... JILL BALL 3. 3. M. H. s. ,...,....... .,..l...,.,,...l- 1 -3- Alsea H. S. .....f-----,,,-----A - Class Secretary 4A1seaJ A. S. B. Play 4Alseal C., A. A. ................... ....... - Volleyball ,.......... Booster Club ,..... JACK BALL M. H. S. ..... . Alsea H. S. Football ,..... Basketball .... Baseball .... ..... Track ...... Band ........... Letterman Staff ............ ....--.A- - -- BARRY BRADLEY Football ...................... "B" Basketball HA" Basketball .... . Letterman ...---. --,-- Secretary ..... Baseball ......................,..- REMMY DAVENPORT 1-2- 1-3- 1-2- 1-2- 1-2-3- 2. 3. 3. 1. 1-2-3- 1-2-3- Student Council .........-.-..--.----- Letterman ........ .---------- Tennis ..............---.------ Carnival Escort ....... DON GRAGG S. B. Play .......... Senior Play ..... Football .................. "B" Basketball Tennis ................. Band .................. Staff .....................-.. 2-3- 2-3- 2-3- 2. 2-3- 3. 2-3- Editor ......................... ...--.-------- Letterman's Club ....... Sec. Treas. ......,..... . Carnival Manager .... Ass't. Manager .... 2-3- 4 3 4 1 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 2 2 2 4 3 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 1 4 4 3 4 2 4 4 4 2 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 WALTER HEINTZ Senior Play ............... Letterman .................. Class President ............ Letterman President ..... Staff .............................- Business Manager Football ........................ Baseball ........................ Wrestling .................... NORMA HOLLOWAY Tri Os ......................... G. A. A. ....................... . Volleyball ........... EDWARD KING Football ................... "B" Basketball "A" Basketball ..... .. Baseball ............... ..... Senior Play ..... Letterman .... ..... Band ........ Staff ............................. ROBERT MALCOM Football ........................ "B" Basketball ...... .. "A" Basketball Student Council ....... Tennis ..................... Staff ...................... Letterman .................. RICHARD McNEAL Class Play ................... Letterman's Club ........ Football ...................... Baseball .................. .... Class President ......... Vice President .... Staff .......................... Carnival escort ...... Senior Play ................. WILLIAM OSBORNE Vocational Ed. .......... . RUBY SNYDER S. B. Secretary ..... Senior Play ........ Tri-O's .... ................. G. A. A. ..................... . Class President ....... Yell Leader ............... Carnival Princess ........ Staff ............................. S. B. Play ,.............. Volleyball .... Drill Team ...... Music .......... 2-3-4 2-3-4 2-3-4 2-3 2-3-4 2-3-4 1-2-3 2. 4 2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 3-4 4 2-3-4 2-3 -1 2-3-4 2-3-4 1-2-3-4 2-3-4 1-2-3-4 4 4 4 4 4 2-3-4 2-3-4 3 2 2-3 .. 1-2-3 1 LORAY RICKARD Softball ...................................... 1 Letterman ........... ........ 1 -2-3-4 Chorus ......... ............... 4 Wrestling ...... Baseball ........... JUNE SCOTT 4 3 Senior Play .................. ..... 4 Class Treasurer .............. ..,.. 1 Class Vice President ............ 4 G. A. A. ..................... ..... 3 -4 Yell Leader ............... ..... 3 -4 Booster Club ...... Staff ................... Volleyball ............... Music ........................... Carnival Queen ....... BOB STRODA 4 2-3 1-2-3 . 2 3 Staff ..................... .......... ..,.. 3 Vice President S. B. .............. 3 Student Council ................ 1-2-4 S. B. Play ............... . Letterman ........ .... Class President ............ Senior Play ........... M.C. of Carnival .. Football ...................... Baseball .................. 1-3 1-2-3-4 3-4 2-3-4 S. B. President ...... ............... 4 Choral Music .,... .... Wrestling ......... DON WALER "B" Basketball ......... Class Vice President Tennis ............................... Letterman ..........,..,........ Carnival Escort ,..... DORIS WALDEN Student Body Play .... Senior Play ...........,... G. A. A. .................... . Vice President ....... Yell Leader ........... Booster Club .......... Class Treasurer ....... Class Secretary .....,. Staff ......................... DEONE WILSON 1-2-3-4 2-3 2-3 1-2-3-4 1 .. .... . 4 3-4 2-3-4 4 2 2-3-4 Senior Play .................. ..... 4 Student Body Treas. .............. 4 Tri O's ................................ 2-3-4 G. A. A. ................................ 3-4 Class Vice President ...... ..... 2 Pep Club ........................ ..... 4 Class Treasurer ....... Staff ............................. Student Council ....... Carnival Princess .. .... Chorus ...... .. ...... .............. Yell Leader ..... 3-4 3-4 1-2-3-4 5115 amen 7fze anim GM' 7f Reuiewecf Front Row: Nadine Furlong, Carol Hogans, Barbara Estey, Carolyn Elliott, Pat Daugherty, Freda Snyder. Mrs. Macy. Second Row: joan Shook, Glenna Hill, Alice Blackwell. Carol von Krosigk, Lois Dykstra, Loretta Mauldin, Wesley Stewart. Third Row: Larry Malcom, Dick jones, Maxine McBride. Marjorie Johnston, Don Lowdell, Buster Elrlrcdge. Fourth Row: Vern Bittner, Vern Steward, Bill Oakes, jim Caruthers, Dick Wooley. The iuuior claw stztrtt-tl out this vt-:lr with :tu You can ht- xurt- thc juuiork wt-rc proud of t-urolliuit-ut of ZW. lluriug tht- year, 'l,ort-ttzt llil- thc-ir :tthlt-tic tnlzlyt-tw. .-Xll of tht- hops pztrticia sou tuovt-rl :tual Shirley Xlltlt-r, llorothy Swift, putt-d iu :tt It-:lst out- sport. :tml Llztrl t'ool4M-5' droppt-fl, lt-:wing tht- class with 35 iuciuht-rs. 0 0 4 The juniors ortlt-rt-ml their claws rings last S " -f l-':""-lU'toltt-'itll piuix, wo tiny llllNtt t 1 . . lhc ztuuuztl Qxtruivnl wztf Il lug t'Vk'll'f for tht- lwwmmn ' Ywlmn Hmmir juniors. 'lllu-ir l'riuct-as, fztrolyn lflhott, was t-lt-ctcd Qin-t-lt. Tht- .ltuuor Script llooth took X"lCL'-IlI'k'SltlL'lll llick lout-s st-cond prim- among thc gym hoothw. lltugo got ' S-S'-rr' za st-c-:mtl prim- for tht- rooms. HHH 5 LUN M 'hum , , . . . , 'I'rcz1su1'c1' . . I.oi5 Ilvkstrzt lht- mzuu project this yt-:tr was to rzust- money ' for tht- hzuultu-t, which was hc-ld .Xpril Z7 in tht- Stutlt-nt Council . Vt-ru Stt-w:tr4l -wut. The tht-tuc wus "S u'iu1"." ,. , . . S' I 'N turls l11lI'1lIllllI'Jll4 . Kl:trjoi'tc hlohuston 'i -'l:.. :r' 'z.h-ll: l'-it ,z -':'l'. - 'ht L 'ii ln I5 ll lx l 4 It 'L I lm I lm I H X llovs lutrzuuurztlw llou l.ow4lcll 'lilu-rv was za good turnout :md cvt-1'yo1ic ztp- ' pt-1111-tl to ht- liztxiug' fun. .Xtlvist-r Xlrs. Nl. Macy with Il hang tm l'Clll'llZll'y l-lth with :1 Yztlmitim' .. . sw, Elma f4a1fiui1fie4 Front Row: Marilyn Bittner, Pat Jones, Pat Brittain, Betty Cantrell, Pat Schwin , Heintz, Margie Peek, Carolyn Bittner, Mary McFarland. Second Row: Lorence Hofenbredl, Ann Bell, jean McNeal, Barbara Pollard, Marilee McClaughry, Dorothy Haffner. Donna Cain, Bessie Gilmore, Shirley Dodson. Third Row: Lloyd Vineyard, Allan Ralston, Don Oakes, Freda Walter . Betty Clark, Nancy Rickard, Rex Mills, Frank Scott. Fourth Row: George Daughery, Darrell McBee, Lynn Wilaon, Fred Foutch, Paul Daniels Irven Smith, Mr. DeLay. dt, Tommie Holbrook Millie , Bob Barnes, Bill Richards, 9 4 0 Thi' suplwmzwrcs all thought that the frcsltmcn wt-rc good sports at thi- initizitimm, :mtl evcrymte y r N haul fun tinclurliug the fl'L'Sllllll'Ill. ll'f'5lflf'm - lalllll llllwll ' YiCc-pu-sirlt'11t lirmlmt-rt llztrncs lXl:11'g'1c l'ccl4 was clwscn to i'cp1'esent thc , Q U swplioiiwim- cfziss at thc C1ll'lllVZll. Her escort was N'C"t'lfl"5' Dlllll'-'F' ll"'l5"ll liivhznitl lllclkcrll. The sopl1'mnu1't-xmtilcttc lmuth fl-l.mmI.L,l. ' ' t lgussic Gilnww tmlt first prize at thc czirmvztl. lhc Stllllltlllltlll' party cznm- off with Il hung on l"t'lll'll1ll'j' l-lth Ntutlt-nt Louncil lisp, . llorutliy llzaffm-r . l - y - . tiirl s lnti':1mul':1l Mgr. . l'l:1i'l1:11':t l' lL'lllt'. lt was :1 lug success. Class 1ltlVlSCl' fm ' the un wus 'XII lltl IX ' 'z. 1 '. lm-Vs lntrzxmurzil Mgr. lfrzmlt Scott afzwlfz Nclfiae in Sdaaol rqffaiad .V-Q1 C ' . Q lf' Front Row: Judy Brandt, Gladys jones, Rose Tuhy, Charlotte Graves, Marlene Larsen, Judy McCallum, Peggy Sherman, Rita Crocker. Second Row: Roger Koroush, Jim Dymond, Evelyn Baker, Claudiia Brown, Carol Swartz, Betty Shook, Verla Foutch, Betty Fox, Roger Oakes. Third Row: Bill Malcom, Wayne Rickard, Everett Belvill, Ray Joyner, jim Maxwell, Richard Elder, Carl Wallace, Danny Miller. Fourth Row: Richard Bradshaw, Bob Stone, Robert Charles, Eamest Snyder, Harry Smith, Philip Osbome, Floyd Oakes, Larry Anderson, Larry Burch, Allen Schwindt, Stanley Dake, joe Holloway, Harold Rictor. Fifth Row: Mr. Roberts. jimmy Newbill, ln the initiation the lmoys were toltl to wear girls' swimming suits or shorts ancl halters, silk stockings, antl high heels antl makeup. The girls wore short skirts, silk stockings and high heels. They wore a man's jacket, pigtails and makeup. An assembly was helcl Friday morning of the first school week. .lutly Mcfallum was chosen as queen antl l'ete Smith was chosen king. An initiation party was also given that night. Char- lotte Graves was selected princess to represent the class at the carnival. She chose llalter Heintz as her escort. Soine of the hoys took part in the school sports. They were: Ray .loy- ner, l.arry fkntleson, Robert Charles, l7loycl flakes, Harry Smith, Haroltl liictor, Hill Mal- com, Stanley llake, liarnest Snyder, Larry llurch, -lim Maxwell, 'lim llymoncl, and llanny Miller. Mr. Roberts was their class aclvlser. +++ FRESHMAN CLASS 0 The freshmen class officers year were: l'resiclent . . Vice-president . Secretary . . 'l'reasurer .... . . Student Council Rep. . Girl's Intramural Mgr. . ll: my's lntrainu ral M gr. FFICERS electetl for the Ray .loyner .lim Maxwell Marlene Larson Rose Tuhy Charlotte tiraves . lletty lfox -loe Holloway 5 I NZM Oil '7!w 8 G 'Z Front Row: Dorothy Haffner, Charlotte Graves, Deone Wilson. Second Row: Ruby Snyder, Vern Bit! ner, Vern Steward, Third Row: Bob Stroda, Bob Malcom, Mr. Gibson, +++ A11 Classes Represented on Council The Student Council is an organization made np of the Student llody officers and Class Repe resentatives. This group meets about once a month to take care of school matters such as hills, checks, and other business. Deone llilson was elected at the half to take l-ee llilliams' place as secretary. Ruby Snyder was elected at the half to take Shirley l'Valer's place as treasure er. The other officers were: Mr. Gibson, as ad- riserg l-loln Stroda, president: Vernon l-littner, vice-president. Class Representatives were: Roh- ert Malcom, senior classg Vern Steward, junior class: Dorothy Haffner, sophomore class: and, Charlotte Graves, freshman class. W Jlamlle Puilicalfiand Front Row: Charlotte Graves, Margie Peek, Deone Wilson, jean McNeal. Pat Daugherty. Second Row: Doris Walden, Millie Heintz, Barbara Pollard, Loretta Mauldin, Lois Dykstra, Freda Snyder. Third Row: Waller Heinlz, Buzz King, Norma Holloway, Dick McNeal, Wesley Stewart. Fourth Row: jack Ball. Mr. Miller, Carl Baker, Don Gragg, and Remmy Davenport. Monroe High School Represented At University Press Conference lllonrue High Selmol's pulmlieations, the Drag- im anml the Hi-lilash, were put nut hy a group of volunteer students :incl the journalism class. This group of stuclents all ecmtrilmutecl much to the selinol paper aucl mlifl the write-ups in the l"l5l llragmi. ln October 1950, l'at Daugherty, Lois llykstra, Carolyn liittner, ancl .lack llall attemleml the Oregon Scholastic l'ress Confer- enee at lfugene. The ecmferenee was helil at the new lfrlm Memorial liniim lltlilcling on the Uni- versity of Oregon Llampus. Many interesting suggestimis mi school papers aml annuals were ulwtaineil from this conference. Mr. Miller is Staff Adviser Mr. Miller was staff aclviser, aml the stuflent staff ermsistecl nf: liilitur . . . l'at llaughertx Assistant liclitor . . Lois llylrstra llusiness Manager . . XM-sley Stewar Exchange K Mailing liml. Loretta Maulcliii Sports lid. . Carl llalcer K XYalter Heinty Artist ....... ,lean KleNea The journalism elass aml other stuilent voltln teers servefl as reporters on the staff. The Hi-lflash was awarilecl seecmcl place in thi state improvement contest helcl each year lay tht Uregmi Seliulastie l'ress. rqmmal eafmiaal 3 aaa! Left to Right Remmy Davenport, Deone Wilson, Bob Strada, Don Waler, Walter Hemtz Charlotte Graves Dick McNeal Margie Peek Center, Queen Carolyn Elliott. Carolyn Elliott Elected Carnival Queen The Carnival for 1950 was held on October 28, and proved to be very good. The net profit came to 3230. The Royal Court was made up of Queen Carolyn Elliott from the 'lunior class. Her escort was Don VValer. The princesses were Deone Vlfilson from the Senior class, whose es- cort was Remniy Davenportg Margie Peek from the Sophomore class, whose escort was Richard McNealg and Charlotte Graves from the Fresh- man class who was escorted hy VValter Heintz. The Roulette Booth, a Sophomore class conces- sion, took first place. -lunior Script Booth took second place, and Senior Trinket llooth took third place. efnaaal Qaoup or TRIO Gm Gowalla Shim L11111'i1l Nl11s11' 11':1x 11111-1'1'11 111'N 11-111' 115 :1 11111 111-1111 1'11111's1-, 111111 1111- 1'1:1fs 11:11 :11111z11'1111111 11-:11'111111 1111111' :1 1111 111111 Nlw. 11111w1111 115 1111'1-1'1111', rlxlll' g1'111111 mug :11 1':11'11111s 111'11g'1':1111w 5111111 :nl 1':11'1-111 1'1:1w lxlglll, l.111ll1'C11 111'11g1':1111f, :1 11111111 1'1-1'1l:11, :1l 11111111013 111:15 111111 L111111111'1'1'::11 111111. 'lillk' 11111511 L'1IlNS gnu' ll L'111'1s1111:1f 111'11g1':1111. 1111-1 g:11'1- :1 111:11 'IX L111"'1111'1x L '11'111 .8 1. 1 . 1111 1111' 511111111 111 X1:11'1'11 llll' 1'1:1w g:111' :1 15 ll11ll1l1K' 17111111 111'11g1':1111 111111' 1111111111 1i1Q1'1 L'111'- 1:1111s. S11111':111111's: LSJ11111111 1f1111111, 1':11 ,I11111w, N:1111'1 1q1l'1X1l1.ll, 1'1-ggy S111'1'111:111, :11111 X-t'l'1I1 17111111111. S1-1'111111 S11111':111111's: k'1:111111:1 111'1111A11, 111-111 S11111111. ,-X11111-5: 171-11111' lx11151ll1,.1lll1f 1'1l'J1lll11, .111 gxllll S11lJll1i. 'll1'11111's: v1ll1l L':11'111111-rs, 1.111111 Yi111'- 111111, 1.011211 1i11'11:11'11, 1q4lg1'1' 1i111'1111w11. 131151: 111111 S11'1111:1, 1.11111 1X'11w1111, 1'1l'I1111i S111111, 1l:11'1'111 1 K11'111'1'. R11io11. . W.: -E S, nf-. N .,..Q1-a-a-va-:arms-1-:a1g 1 -l qs Front Row: jucly Brandt, Pat jones, Carolyn Elliott, Peggy Sherman. Second Row: VL'Tl3 Fo11t1'h, Drone Wilson, Claudia Brown, Betty Shook. Third Row: Mrs. Gibson, Doro111y Haffner, ,loan Shook, Nancy Rickard, Lloyd Vineyard. Fourth Row: Lynn Wilson, Bob Strorla, Frank Scott, ,lim Carutln-rs. Fifth Row: Roger Koroush, Darrell McBf'e, 1,1'11 111 111111111 111-11111' lK11x1111, 111111114 111111111, 1111111111 CHORAL GROUP 1'11 ij?-w We!! Sguacf 70,14 in Salma! 8,1141 Left to Right: Front, Row: Shirley Dodson, Carol Hogans, Maxine McBride, Deonc Wilson, Marilyn Bittner, Murilce Nlvl'l:mgIiry, :md llmlmm Imllaril. Secmui Rf-w: -l.l1 Ball, Barbara Estey. Pat Daugherty and Rita Crocker. June Scott and D01-is Walden Served skirts. Hy this time thc girls hzul 11-Cvivcml their . umlmlt-ms. lluris :mtl him' haul lzirgc white nicga- AS Yell Leaders During Past Year phones with orznigc t'M's" in thcm :mel l.m'ctt:1 Fm- my 105051 xhtml Wm., lum, Sum and :mil Mlurglclizimellziiggt-n1'z1figgc"Ms with :i small Ilurls llzllclcii wcrc clt-Ctccl ycll lt'Zltlt'l'S. ln the nKi?'fll-Wllulilp ian? 'ffl titmi, Q V Cl I ,mn niiclmllc of footlmll st-:isrm Margie l'vclt :mtl l.m'f ' mln' ,UA lun .ll '15 mt 'WMU , U L .HS mm Mwumin WWC dwwn tu quiet them club cmisistccl nf fittccn mt-mlicrs. llhc rlutu-s A K ' H ' ' uf the llocistt-1' Club wcrc to kccp up thc pop :mtl 7 lluriiig fuutlmzlll 50215011 lluris :mtl .luiiv wort' :assist tht- ycll lc:ulci's. The l-misty-1' Club girls whitt- pcclnl llllSllt'l'S :mal lnluc SXVCIlll'l'i. l.0l't'tl1i wurt- plvntcd hluc- skirts :mtl whitc swvzttvrs. :mal Marfic wort- lmluc vt-clal mushcrs :mtl white Sc-vcn g'rls had lctters un thcii' swcutcrs to spt-ll L l I swvzutcrs. ll2lSlit'llJllll56215011 was sumitipmi Mon- out ll-IQ-.-X-ti-U-N-S. The othci' eight wort rm- High :mtl it fouml Iluris :mtl hlum' in NYllllt' llrzigmi ht-mls. The swczxtcrs wt-rv pruvimlccl by ph-:itcml skirts :mel l.ui'cltz1 :mtl Margie in lmluc the Stuclt-nt llmly. ILE? A futurt- yell loader gots a littlf' instruc- ffflc tion from pres- ent members. ,MA '74-,,,,.4' 74i-0' 1444641 all lfffamf qanclianft Front Row: Carol Hogans, Deone Wilson, Margie Peek. Second Row: Mrs. Glatt. Marilee McClaughry, Alice Blackwell, Norma Holloway. Third Row: Ruby Snyder, Dorothy Haifner, Lois Dykstra, Freda Snyder. Five New Members Initiated Into Organization During Past Year 'lllic 'llri-UR sim-:url their guml will Ilirmiglif nutllicwclwulyn-211' lay selling ticlwlf :nt tlic gnincs. Xllll-'lllill School Assciiilrliw :incl uslivr- ing :ll the Senior l'l:i5 :md ilu- Stumlvnt llmly llzly. New Tri-UR initizite-ml cluring tlu- ywii' wmv: llvrrmtliy l'lZll'fllL"l', lllzirilcc lXlCfllIlllglll'j'. Klzirgic lk-ck, Norma Hulluwziy :mil Lois llyli- Nll'1l. flfficcrs fm' tlic 'llri-UR we-rc: l rcsulcnt ...... liulmy Siiyelri' Yin-fpix-aimlciil . . l"l'v4l:l Niyllci' Si'Cl'ClIll'j'-'lll'k'1l5lll'L'l' . Xlzirgu- l'm-li Klrw. illllll was ilu- mlxifcr, .Ed 1 Glad Q A- Front Row: Bob Barnes, Frank Scott, Walter Heintz, Geo:ge Daugherty, Don Gragg. jim Carntlrcrs, Carl Baker. Second ow: Vern Bittner, Vern Stcwartl, Bob Strotla, Don Lowdell, Dmlt XlrYt-ul. llqrrry lim-Ill-5. Imrwll X14-llux 'l'l1ml Rott: R,.1,,-,, Charles. Don Waler. Ray Joyner, Remmy Davenport, Don Oaktw, Iluf Kung. Frrrrrxlr Rott: lhrlx Inst'-. l,.ury Xldltmm, INN, Nmlllr, .lsarlt llirll. lt-rl: Xlnlfmll, llrll llztlws, Xlr. llx'l,:lx. Club Raises Funds by Sponsoring Donkey Basketball Game llrv yum' tqwm-tl with tln- clnlr t-lt-Ct ll" tht- fnllmvirrg nfflt't'1'N2 - s l'lAt'5:llL'lll . . , Xlltltm' lflvlnlz Sccrx-l:a1'y-'l'1't-zrsllwr' llmr tlrzngg St-rgt-url!-:rl-Jnrms . ' . I lflll l,1 ,wth-ll H11 lla-l.:ty was tllt- mlviscr :mtl lvzttlw. 'l'l1v clulf irritiztlwl '-t'Yl'll nt-xx' rut-nllwrs. 'lllrt-5 XX't'l't'I linlmt-rl Llmrlt-s, lrxcn Nmtlr. wlIlk'li llzlll. lim bloyrrvr. Curl llztlwr, liulrcrl llzrrm-s :mal lfrzrnlt Small. The clulu 5lDHll5UlAL'Ll lln- llorrltex llzzsltcl- lmll ganna- on Nzrrclr 23 In Inuiltl up zrtlrlt-lit' sup- plies for next st-zrsenr. 'llu' lcttt-1'1m-11 umm 1,11 lllt'lI' hlltt- Xlslx' -l. llrt- clulr uplu-ltl ilu' rflltml rules to t-llmlrl.1lt- llltllltllf cltstxrtrirn .tml ln lat-vp rmlt-1' tlmmglrfmt the sclwul jt'IlI'. l'n-ck, l':1t51' l11'1tt:1111, li:11'l+:11':1 l'11ll:11'4l, :mtl Blur- XX'tlllll'll'5 t1111111g1N111111 1,11 111t- HWM1111 SI-Qllt' tbl lpt Ilmlu , Dali 'Moet' fVew4 Front Row: Shirley Dodson, Pat Brittain, Marilyn Bittner. june- Scott, Loretta Mauldin, Carolyn Elliott. Pat Daugherty, Freda Snyder. Second Row: Bessie Gilmore, Margie Peek. Barbara Estey, Lois Dykstra, Alice Blackwell, jean McNeal, Maxine McBride, Doris Walden. Third Row: Mrs.. Glatt, Deone Wilson, Marilee McClaughry, Barbara Pollard, Carol Hogans, Marjorie Johnston, Nadine Furlong, Ruby Snyder, Dorothy Haffner, Ann Bell, jill Ball, Carol von Krosigk and Norma Holloway. Special Point System Set Up For ln lll'1lt'I' to 41l1l:1i11 lbllllllw fm' L-:1ri11g lllllllt'l'IllN 'mtl lt-ttclw ll X X Q'll'lN pntltiiltul i11 i11t1 Y . .. . :":1' 1-1 l l't'5ltlt'lll , l.u1'vtt:1 Kl:111l1li11 claw lmznwltctlmll, Hlllvjililll, :mtl i11t1':1111111':1l xlmrlw. yiwxlwwillmn DUNS Xxwuhhlu ll..'X.1X. girls WL'1't' l'L'lIllll'i'll to 11:15 fifty t't'll'lN 1lllL'h zmfl t'2ll'll tl111't1 llflllll5 pm' yum' In l't'lll1l!ll 111111. 1111191111-1.11 in tha' Clulv. 'lla 1-11tv1' ilu- 111'g:111ix:1ti1111 :1 girl wnx N ' 1 I't'tIllll't'fl tu llllli' 75 1111i11ts. iXlL'llllIt'l'S witl1 ltltl ll'l'5lfUl'VV k3'l"'l lluiilll' puiltts 411' www' well' 11t'1'111iIIt'4l In l111Y1 jl Bflllllbl Axtlviwl, ' MVN lm uhm sxwzntt-1'. Nlllllt'l'Jll5 :mtl lm-Itch 11't'1't- l't'Ct'lXt'4l fm' ' ' llfillllb t'Ill'lll'tl ln' 1:11't1fi mating i11 wlwul furrlx , -- . . v l I. 1 . . , l Xvw Illt'Illllt'I'S who lliltl t'1ll'lIL'4l IU lltllllls 111-11' 111' l't'tIllll't'll l111111'f 1111 1:11"r+11w 1111l1111l11:1l s11411'ts. i11iIi:1lm-ml in -l:11111:11'-1' lw t1lflCt'l'S :mtl 111c111l1t-1s. AX 1-11155 11111111-1-111 1, 11-1-1-1x1-11 f1,1- 511 ,1,11115, 11111 l ll1L'St' new lllt'lllllL'l'5 1111t':1tt-ml XYt'l't'I l!:11'l1:1r:1 11111-1--i111x11 "M" fm- ltll l,1,1,,1,. 1'iH.-:m-11 --M" l'.Slt'YX', lit's51t' lnlllllwllg lillll, lltwlrlllj' Hill" ful' lgll IW11115 111111 fl 51-yt-11-111111 "fl" 1,1114 ,fllll fuer, .xllll llvll, Nlzirilvt- NIt't'l:111g'l11'j, t':11'11lv111 1,1,i111, ,X N1Dt'Cl2ll gnlfl tl..X.,X. lllll if :1w':11'1ln'1l l11lt11v1', lczm NlcfXt':1l, Nl:11'1l111 l11tt11t-1' Kl'11'1'1c' '1' 7' ' X ' ' D - . - a 111 mtl -.1U1111111t,, .X Nllllllllllllg 11:11't1 :lt Ilia' H1 lege t':11111111x w:1x 11l:11111t-tl fm' lzllt- Spring, Ham! plaid ai lwcuuf aunclfmnd Front Row Bob Stone Pat Daugherty, Freda Snyder, Donna Cain, Sirley Dodson. Second Row jim Caruthers Rex Mills Don Gragg Buz King, Darrell McBee. Third Row: Larry Malcom, jack Ball Irven Smith Jimmy Interest in Band Work Increases Greatly During Past Year The Monroe High Band progressed well this year under the direction of Mr. T. L. Havlicek. The band met two days a week, Mondays and NVednesdays, to practice for their many perform- ances, which included all home basketball games, a concert, and many other occasions. The junc- tion City Grade School Band gave a short con- cert at Monroe February 7th, The Monroe Hand gave a return concert on May lil. The Monroe High School Band and the Bellfountain, Alpine and Monroe Grade School Hands presented a concert at the high school February Zlst. They played several numbers together and there were a number of solos, duets, and trios. Those who will be lost from the band because of graduation are: Buzz King, saxaphoneg -lack llall, clarinetg and, lion Llragg, Cornet. There will be a full time band program next year. ' u fauna ZUillie" Smile" F,-edk v:aie..u. Ru Y penile nick ST :is Walden- Walter Ueinw, Rxckafdv D0 htm Gfmlg' 1 , Nancy' b Sunday Right' "ni, Bo A Lek fo, , nm. W Seve M to gdgln. Standing Le On December 8, 1050 the seniors gave the CA plav, "The Inner VVillie." This play attracted flung illlzl ' ' ' ' . f un ouls one of the largest audiences ever had at a school e l Aunt Hestei play. The play was .a three-act comedy. All Carol Martin l 4 scenes were centered in the living rooms of the Trudy Marshall Adams. The plot was of a boy named XYillie who ,l11U0f M2l1'ShHll had always been hovered over bv his three old Ma"5'IWH,,Turm"' . . .. . ' lnner Vllllie . maid aunts until Inner Willie came along. The Milf . . . 4' X playcast consisted of six girls and four boys. It was directed by Mrs. lllaev. Wlillouglibxi i T T " Adams Stanl - ' ' Q Clark . b S.nYde' WW' ximwl' W' lk-one VVilsc Doris Wlaldu Freda Snyder . .lune Scott Ruby Snyder Freda S Y DTI Tl nyder . ancy Rickard llob Stroda XYalter Heintz Don tiragg lidward King s aaaapzws Seated: Carol von Krosigk, Wesley Stewart, Donna Cain, Pat Daugherty, Shirley Dodson, Vernon Bittner. Bar- bara Pollard. Standing: jim Maxwell, Larry Malcom, Irven Smith, Darrell McBee, George Daugherty, Lynn Wilson, Lois Dykstra, Evelyn Baker, Freda Snyder, Loretta Mauldin, Mrs. Macy. The Student Body Play, "Ghost Wanted," had a good turnout despite the fact that it was held on Friday, April l3. About S100 was taken in lint after expenses were taken out about S65 was left. Mrs. Macy, the director, was given twin table lamps as a gift of appreciation from the cast and staff. The plot centered around an old island home in Maine which was lielieved to be haunted. Af- WESLEY STEWART VERNON BITTNER DONNA CAIN ter exploring and looking around the island, it was found to be an arsnel for a foreign spy ring. There was a good deal of suspense, with mon- sters, murders and screams. liveryone enjoyed the play. The east included: Hugo Bromley .left Hall . . Troddy . . . Ginger Stormgay Ciale Stormgay Hatcher . . Granny Kate . l'rofessor deVallan Madam Zolga . Azalea . . . Nora Vane . Mr. Rradshaw . The Monster The staff: Director . . Stage Manager Business Manager Pronipters . . 'lim Maxwell Vernon liittner XXX-sley Stewart . Lois llykstra . Shirley Dodson . llonna Cain llarrell Mcllee l'at Daugherty . l.ynn XX'ilson Carol vonlirosigk , lfvelyn Halter liarliara l'ollard George I Daugherty . . lrven Smith Mrs. M. Macy Larry M alcom . Freda Snyder Loretta Mauldin and Scene From Student Body Play PAT DALIBHERTY IRVEN SMITH Gir1's Sports News- The first thing the girls did to "get the ball rolling" in their sports was to elect intramural managers. They were: Senior: Ruby Snyderg junior: Marjorie -lohnstong Sophomore: Bar- bara Pollardg Freshman: Betty Fox. Mrs. Sue Glatt, the P. lf. teacher, was the director of the program. The girls signed up for the sports they were interested in, and then played off in the differ- ent classes. The winners from each class then played off for an individual winner. lfach girl who played received Li.A.A. points. Five points were given for each sport played, and the win- ners were given ten points. Sports participated in were: Badminton, Ping-pong, Shuffleboard, Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis. 5113 am 011 '7eam 7m 404 L' e 7dfle .5 , Front Row: jack Ball, Darrell McBee, Bob Stroda, Walter Heintz, Vern Bittner, George Daugherty, Larry Mal- com, Don Lowdell, jim Caruthers, Carl Cooksey. Second Row: Harold Rictor, Earnest Snyder, Buzz King, Dick Mc- Neal, Frank Scott, Vern Steward, Dick jones, Ray Joyner, Red Charles, Mr. DeLay, Third Row: Stan Dake, jim Dymond, Carl Baker, Don Gragg, Floyd Oakes, Harry Smith, Irven Smith, Lynn Wilson, Don Oakes, jim Maxwell, Larry Burch. Monroe High had a very successful football season this year. The team was the champion of the county, tied for the championship of the llenton-Lane League, and missed the district championship by losing to Pleasant Hill 25-6 on November 10. The game was played on the freswell field. The coaches of the five schools in the lien- ton-l.ane League met at Corvallis soon after football season was over, to choose an All-Star team. Three members of Monroe's team were on the All-Star team and one received honorable Vern Bittner, guardg Vern Steward, fullbac and lYalter Heintz. D. B. W. G V. L. D. R. R. F. V. Line-up McBee ,.........,.,, L.E. Stroda ...... .,... L .T. Heintz ...,,,...... L.G. Daugherty ,..... C. ' R.G. Bittner ,.,....... .. Malcom ,. ..,,. R.T. Lowdell .. .,.,. R.E. Jones .,.,..,....... Q.B. Joyner ,........... L.G. Scott -R. McNeal RH Steward .,,....... F.B. Scores Monroe 12 Elmira 19 Junction City 14 Philomath 14 Pleasant Hill 6 Stayton 21 Alsea 33 Mapleton District 6 Pleasant Hill mention. The boys were Hob Stroda, tackle, E ST RTING EN TH A ELEV Left to Right: Dick McNeal, Darrell McBee, Bob Stroda, Dick jones, Walter Heintz, Vern Steward, Vern Bittner, George Daugherty, Ray Joyner, Larry Malcom and Don Lowell. I I 4 I 26 0 0 14 21 0 0 -25 E64 '7eam .9 Front Row: Vern Bittner, Dick jones, Vem Steward, Ray Joyner, Frank Scott. Second Row: Mr. DeLay- Bob Barnes, Larry Malcom, Roh Malcom. Buzz King, Bill Oakes. Third Row: Barry Bradley, Darrell McBee, Larry An- derson, Don Oakes. Starting Five Returns Next Year To Provide Neucleus of Srong Team The Monroe Dragons, with only four return- ing varsity players and less practice because of an extended football season, got off to a slow start. However, under constant coaching of Mr. DeLay, the Dragons improved to win a few games and made good impressions against other strong teams. Prospects are bright for next year with the starting lineup and two substitutes returning. The county jamboree was held at Alsea where Monroe yielded to Philomath ll-lb, and to Alsea 0-IZ. SCORES- Monroe vs. Halsey ........,....... Brownsville Sclo ,,... ........-....-4. . Corvallis "B" Alsea ,.............,.. . Philomath .......... Halsey .....,....,,.... Brownsville Harrisburg ........ Alsea ........... Shedd .......... Harrisburg ...,..,. Shedd .,...........,.,., Philomath ........., Scio ......,....... 23-47 32-24 31-34 35-29 22-33 35-45 37-47 35-43 32-68 36-35 45-42 42-47 30-42 45-55 44-62 Edq fbfzagnwl Win :Jae Front Row: Paul Daniels, Bill Malcom, Danny Miller, Fred Foutch, jim Maxwell. Second Row M DeLay Lloyd Vineyard, Floyd Oakes, Wesley Stewart, Rex Mills. Gene Tanselli. Third Row: George Daugherty Robert Charles l,zu'ry llurrll, liarnrsl Snyder. The "ll" lmaslrctluull team won fin- out of 14 ganu-s. Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe me gzunes with scores were as follows: 8 Halsey 48 , .,... 20 Brownsville .....V.., 25 17 Scio 23 12 Alsea 25 43 Philomath 40 14 Halsey 23 21 Brownsville 13 21 Harrisburg 35 23 Alsea 20 35 Shedd 30 29 Philomath 44 .. ..... 29 Shedd ,.,.. 24 24 Scio 29 23 Harrisburg 31 www aware mu, swf . On mat: Mr. Roberts, Everett Belvill, Walter Heintz. Standing: Roger Oakes, Harold Rictor, jim Dymond, Don Lowdell. jim Caruthers, Jack Ball, Stan Dake. There was quite an interest in wrestling this year. After about six weeks of practice the team challanged Shedd High School to a series of matches. The boys worked hard hut were out- pointed 15-13. The boys participating were: Don Lowdell, Harold Rictor, james Dymond, Stanley Dake, Everett Helvill, and .Tack Ball. Mr. Roberts acted as instructor. fbaaqawi Win 864-BAG!! eaawn Front Row: Irven Smith, Larry Anderson, Carl Baker, Vern Steward, Dick McNeal, Lynn Wilson, Darrell Mc Bee, Mr. DeLay. Second Row: jack Ball Lloyd Vineyard, George Daugherty, Dick jones, Dick Wooley. Bob Bames Ray Joyner. Third Row: Jim Newbill, Richard Bradshaw, Bob Stroda, Frank Scott, jim Maxwell, Buz King Larry Malcom, Fred Foutch, Floyd Oakes. Monroe turned out with a very successful baseball season this year due to the constant and willing coaching for a grand team by Uon De- Lay, the Coach, and all the boys who are out for baseball. They really tried and had very good sportsmanship throughout the season, and so changed their hopes to a reality, taking first place in the county. The Lineup L. Wilson .............. L.F D. McBee .............. 1 B R. Joyner .......,.. 2 B.,P R. McNeal .....,,......... C B. Bradley ........,... S. S D. Jones .............. C. F L. Anderson .....,,... 3 B C. Baker ..,........... R. F V. Steward ..,........... P B. King .......,.. ....... P D. Wooley ...,........ 3 B G. Daugherty ,,........ C B. Barnes .....,........ 2 B Substitutes: L. Malcom L. Vineyaed J. Maxwell Managers: Irven Smith Harold Rictor 7aack '7eam fllacea In IV Mala This was the first year Monroe had a track team for some five years. Most of those parti- cipating were somewhat green with the excep- tion of Vern Steward. The team consisted of: Vern Steward: javelin, 440 relay: Vern Bittner: shot put, discuss: Frank Scott: relay team, 100 yard dash, Buz King: relay team, Bob Stroda: relay team, 220 yard dash: Ray Joyner: Broad jump: Carl Bak- er: high jump. Monroe entered in two meets, the VVillamette Relays at Salem and the Hayward Relays at Eugene. In the Wfillamette Relays, Vern Stew- ard took third place in the javeling Vern Bittner, second in the shot put: Frank Scott took fourth in one heat of the 100 yard dash: Bob Stroda took a third in another heat of the 100 yard dash. The relay team came in third. At the Hayward Relays Monroe placed in on- ly one event. Vern Bittner took third in the shot put. There were several other meets coming up as this went to press. One was a duel at Shedd, a district meet, and a state meet. llern Stevvard Sets Dievv State hdark hm Javeling Tosses Spear 168 Feet Vern Steward, one of the schools best all- around athletes, took first place and also broke the existing state high school class "B" Javelin record May 19th in Corvallis. Competing against a field which included the top men of Oregon's class "B" schools, Steward's winning toss was 168 feet, SM inches. BOYS' INTRAMURALS This was the second year for intramural sports. This year it was under the able guidance of Mr. DeLay, our coach. The results are as follows: Basketball: Seniors, champions: juniors, run- ners-up. Volleyball: juniors, champions, Sophomores, runners-up. Singles in Badminton: Billy Richards, cham- pion: Vern Bittner runner-up. Singles in Ping Pong: Don Lowdell, cham- pion: Frank Scott, runner-up. Doubles in Ping Pong: Larry Malcom and Don Lowdell, champions, George Daugherty and lion Oakes, runners-up. Foul Throwing: Juniors, champions: Fresh- men, runners-up: Vern Steward, individual champion with 40 out of 50 shots. '7enm2t aclllilfied .7 cf Front Row: Vernon Bittner, Don Gragg, Don Oakes. Second Row: Rex Mills, Remmy Davenport, Wesley Stewart Paul Daniels, Third Row: Everett Belvill, Wayne Ricl-cards, Robert Malcom. There was very much more interest in tennis this year than usual. The line-up in order was as follows: Vernon Bittner, Don Gragg, Rob- ert Malcolm, Remmy Davenport, Paul Daniels and Donald Oakes. The team played three matches at the time this went to the printer. They won one match with junction City and won one from the Salem sophomores. The next match with Junction City was a tie. The school bought new sets this year and was beginning to build new hack stops. They hoped to have new posts for the nets also. i N S a ?Q1M4? Q 5 Bet You Miss iiurci at Work 1 Broken Window Mrs . Glabt Coming up ..g. .A,.4 ,- Q nk mx ' 'V ' Ruby V fff ' L:xi3I'2.LOI'S M, Steward Jones nk 1:-asf S Q S v A Y za E ff If 4? My -K W Q, fi Alix' Mym ww Jones'und JGYHGT Sneaklng Out s Hi, gang nr. Johnson Cute even rem ,mhlnd Let me In Gm This, too ' Newly Mods strict ChiNDiUnShi9 Game Q -' m,W h ghwm 3 L I I I x , :I aj ' 'f3'hat's Th Mabt6T? 2 vj ' 2 5 5. R Carl Baker A V5 5 Buz King' Norma A., -Q -...W .... .,.. Y.....,.,, M-..-.M Don Gram g V5u1te1'Iieiil1562 Aqx 'f 3uQenEoo'ptm7""'ik' , Mm. ,,.---MQ., M. .WA M yy ff x Q .,,. 1. L ,,..v..-A-.w,ww.. ,.....,... ...,,,.,..........-.-A-.4-M rf--l"7 Rob Malcmm hgh Strada Lo Ray Rickard Dick McNeal False Maxine fgailzzly Serious Thought Jack Ball Poor Ernie Cute 60113319 Pin-Ups Papa and Diane 51 lb amen CHAMPION Service Station "WHERE SEIIVIJE GIIMES FIRST" ir CASOLINE -- STOVE OIL -- DIESEL OIL WHOLESALE 6: RETAIL COODRICI-I TIRES AND BATTERIES ul' XX II I I XIXI I I I RRX, Owner PHONE 2903 MONROE, OREGON HULL LUMBER COMPANY INCORPORATED i' Manutacturers and Distributors DIMENSIONS BRIDGE MATERIAL TIIVIBERS ir MONROE, OREGON Telephone Bellfountain 1835 M3lllIi3CiUI'BfS Fif LUIHDBT WITUIBSHIS and Heiaii I. P. Miller Lumber Company PHONE BELLFOUNTAIN 2025 MONROE, OREGON - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .'.'. - - .vAv. .'.v.v.'.v.v.v.'.v.'.v.v.'.v.'.v.v.v.'.v.',.vAv,,vvv.'.v.'.v.v,,,v,.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v. ,v.v.',v,,V.'.v.v.v.v,v TWU WAYS TU GUARD YUUH FUTURE . ACT NOW ! I ! Q Start Regular Saving Today ! ! . Buy U. S. Savings Bonds Regularly ! ! Q Start a Savings Account at Your Bank ! ! MONROE STATE BANK MONROE, OREGON Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp t' 'I' - 'P 4. -I..-..- -.- -..- .... -. -. .. -..-I- .....- .- --,- -m---- - - 1--+--- - --'- -m-i---i-i- -5- Always A Good Time At Benton-Lane Park Picnic Grounds Roller Rink Fountain and Coffee Shop 'A' Swimming Pool Heated - Filtered - State Tested Water Supervisor and Life Guard on duty CHEVRON SUPREME GASOLINE RPM MOTOR OIL STANDARD HEATING OILS AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL OILS AND LUBRICANTS -..4,L.. Wayne A. Reid, Distributor Standard Oil OI Cnliforniu PHONES: Plant 2202 Rezidence 2203 MONROE, OREGON 1...1.1 1 -- 1 1.1 1 14.1my1.4.11m1uIl1..u-I.-.1....-....1 10.1.,1,,I1,I.1...1..1..1.1...,1,.,1 I -1- - ' -- - '-'-'-w-- ---- -L-1------ '--- ----- ----1--e-+- -W-e-- -w- --'- - -- f'- --m- -H-'-H-- H-!-'----e- -4- 41 ' .rflf ..,,, Q QL Q F FQ-glfiji E' --E be f 4 Q V- AR1'lsT s ep D H o'ro e :mm-I E Q Studio Bldg. Eugene, Oregon Burch's Market FOR FINE FOGDS AND IVIEATS ir ALPINE, OREGON 1 .-n.-u -H., 1 1 - .1 1 1 - 1 - .-. .1 .1 1n1.ll1.l,,1un.-ul.1nn1 .- -H1 1 1 1..-,.-. Compliments of MONROE FURNITURE COMPANY "l.0W8SI Prices lll lhe Vallllyn APPLIANCES - HARDWARE - PAlNTS84ELECTRlCAL SUPPLIES Ask For.. Red Monroe Phone 1935 Oregon 5,..,W-ff""W' Q2..f,..f1'T..'.QI7 'WWE' 1. , M E M .M M ng, - " M ., ...'. liwm' 4 who . , , . N, in at W , A 1' Conn - Pan American Band Instruments .3 Gullbranson Pianos - Repairs - Organs - Accordions 181 E. Broadway - Eugene, Ore. Phone 5-1215 ,Mix-. Qsigiiasaa, m ,Fifi ffmhfw A91 E,fyh.f..g,,L1 -..-v-.-11 11 - lzl blah In 5 FASHION C l'.N'l'l'.R INow in Albany. tool For your added convenic-nce we have opened a siore in Albany where you will find the same smart fashions you always expect of us. JUNIITIUN CITY IMPLEMENT GUMPANY PARTS - SERVICE - TRACTORS IMPLEMENTS - TRACTOR TIRES PHONE 46 Pacific Highway South. Junction City un-n..1....-...u1..Ii1., THE HOUSE OF VALUES j. C. PENNEY CO. "Where YUU Will Find New Things FirSi" Corvallis, Oregon BROWN'S PHARMACY For All Your Drugs Ph e 87 junction City, Oreg TWIN OAKS BUILDERS SUPPLY A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE FOR YOUR BUILDING MATERIALS "We Have IUSI About Everything and Anyihing" Ph 92 Junction City, Ore BUY RIGHT AT IVIAULDIINVS RED AND WHITE MONROE, omseom i...,1.,..-...,1,...1.w- 1- ...M1.......i...1,....-...U1W1.4..1H.41...i-....11..,.1...-...H1....1....1,..i1....1....-W.......-.....1....1.,...-.w- ..,..1....1,i,,1.,.41.,.,1.i CILLASPIES LIVESTOCK MARKET Your Home H'iQCl'1llill2liu Market The Sure Way to Save - Safe Way to Buy! Phone Corvallis 1030 Col. lf. i.. iiiii21SIJiL', .'XllCii01lCk'I' -:.A.-:.+.A.-,-,-,-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-.Av-.A-.-v-.-.-.-v-v-v-.-.-.-v-.Av-v-v-v-v-v-v--.-. v--v-.--v'v- -A-'v'v'v'v'-'v'v'-A-'J vNmN Telephone 466 Chas. S. Wilson WILSON MOTORS mE RECAPPING AND REPAIRINS Third and Adams CORVALLIS, OREGON O'TOOLE MOTOR COMPANY 244 North 2nd Street Corvallis, Oregon CHEVHULET - ULUSMUBITE SALES - PARTS - SERVICE Phone 495 "YOUR STORE OF FAMOUS BRANDS" Phone 1424 Third at Madison -,..,-.-14.1. ... in-. 1 1 ...1 1, 1 -.. 1 1 1V.1.y...-.,..1.y..-un.-....1u......,.,1-...1.,.,1H I-IENDERSI-IOTT'S School Alhlelic Supplies Phone 4-9325 Eugene, Oregon - .. .-.-v-v-v-v-vueve.-:v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-v-v-.-vwvvvx.-.-.-.-.Av-v-vs v - .-.-.-.-.-v-.Av-J vv-:v--rv-v-w Tl-IE ECONOMY GROCERY STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES VEGETABLES, GARDEN BEST Phone 4--4281 104 East Broadway Eugene, Oregon ,-,-,-,-,-,-,N-.-v-v-v-.-.-vA,s-.Av-f-.-.-.-v-va:v-vev--.-.-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-ve.-.-vxzvvvvv w-.-v-.-.-. MOTOR INN GARAGE D. D. Foreman, Prop. - Phone 4502 PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING Wrecker Service - Body and Fender Work Standard Oil Products HUNDLEY'S STORE Phone 4701 Monroe, Oregon MUUBTII LUGKBT Plant -- UUSTOIII UUTTTIIZ GROCERIES - FRESH MEAT AND VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS DRY GOODS NOTIONS 'IX '- "" " "" - "" ' "" ' "' "" -""' " -' - " """" -" 'I' +.-Y-AA-v-.-v-v-v-v-w-vA.-.-.-.-.-v-v-.-'Av-vs-v---Av-v-v-v-v-v-v-vwvvwfv-.-.-.-v-4 -vs,+.+.-.-.-.'w-v--- -.n1m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1-111 1 1 1 1nrIl1nvvf1ri1l1yv.f1.IH-my-.-In--111,1-. 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1M FLOWERS BY LEADING FLORAL CO. 458 Madison St. Phone 201 ' CORVALLIS, OREGON Whiteside Theater CQNLIN IMPLEMENT co. SHUPE FURNITURE Co. Corvallis, Oregon "Horne Furnishers" LINOLEUIVI - Cl-IRPETS - DRAPERIES :NTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FURNITURE TRUCKS - THACTOHS - MACHINE PARTS Phone 650 252 Madison St AND SERVICE Corvallis, Oregon IIIVI LEIVIOINVS LES AND BOB'S ' CHEVRON STATION THE FINEST EQUIPMENT IN SPORTS Monroe, Oregon 1.41 1.1.11 n1nn1 111'-111 N1-In--U11 1 1 1' n1n 1 11.11 4.1M-qu-. -..u1.in1..1.m1ml1im1 1 1.1 1 1..1.1..1.,.1....1 Corvallis, Oregon C A R O I-A I S Congratulations Class of '51 . . . Junction City, Oregon II B A R G I E , S SPURTSWEAR WHITE S-I-AG RICH NIAID ICE CREAM Junction City, Oregon PhOflC TRIIUERS JEWELRY STURE IUNUTIUN GITY BUILDING SUPPLY QI Sixth ,gl Holly Stsl -. Junction City ff'Z'1" ' li 1 fr H 'III' IU ' Hn U '-IIIUYI IH HH H' BIG ENOUGH T0 SERVE YUU, Highway junctions 99-E and 99-W NOT T00 BIG T0 KNOW YOU Junction City. Ore. P1-lorle 324 Trade With Us and We'll Both Be Happy ,-,+,-.-.-v-v-v-vAvsA1vv-'AvAv-.-.-v-.-.-.-v-.-v+v-.Av-.-.-. .-v-.-.-.-v-.--v-v-v-.-v-.-.-v -.-v--.-v- KAISERS DEPT. sToRE DRY GOODS STORE Stumpff's Clothing Store NIEN, WONIEN 84 CHILDREN'S WEAR Junction City, Oregon PHONE-33-W it JUNCTION CITY. OREGON . Phone 70 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS . . . II , ".I func 'um' I7 "rm cu Lmoo S FLowERs ' I" ' ' I NELSUN'S HARDWARE ANTI FURNITURE - Greenhouses - Junction City, Oregon junction City, Oregon .5 -.I- - -'-' -'- --li --- - -I-. '-'- - -I - - - IIII - - Iflv -"- --I-I-I-I-I--H..-.,.,-,f, inniun-. If Drop in and get . 0 -,,,,,.,m,,,.,w.,.- , 1E acquainted at . . . 4 fu S sell s if 13 R 1 STQW ' 5 Dial 53314 Eugene, Oregon JEWEI-ERS Eugene, Oregon Compliments . . . -0 If-04. 740 Willamette 1, Eugene, Oregon 30 East Broadway Eugene, Ore. if ' Vile Give S 8: H Green Stamps Dick and jim's Compliments of . . . EI.. PRONTO DRIVE-IN fu! , , , FINE F000 etdfteltl J ewelerd NYC appreciate your pzitrmiagc. 885 Willamette Street South Willamette Eugene, Ore. EUGENE, OREGON , TUIIT 81. TELL IIIIIVE-IN Compliments of . . . I: on philomath Road MILLEII IIEPAIITMEIIT STIIIIE IQ Also TooT 8z TELL JR. just south of QE Corvallis on Eugene Highway 840 Willamette St. i i Specialties CHICKEN IN BASKET BARBO SANDWICHES Eugene, Oregon 4, .. -.-- - - .. .. - - .. - .. - - -....-.,..-,...-....-..,.......-...-....-,...-....-..- ..,.,.-.....-4, ..-.. - .. ... - - . . .-. -'nn-n-I-In-I1ull.-'In-.Iu1 - .-. - 1 .- - -I--1m4-.m.......-m..-.m..-.m-mug.: -.. .. -. I1 1 -H..-.1nu1wv1 MUNRIJE BRICK 80 TILE, ING. Phone 2525 MONROE, OREGON vvv.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.'.v v v V.v.Y.v.v.v.Y.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v v v 1 1.1 ..- 1.1.1 -. .1...-..-.........-..-...-....-.....1 ... .....1.....-...-M1 ALTA Sz EARL'S CAFE Greyhound Bus Depot Monroe, Oregon I. H. CARPENTER GENERAL MERCHANDISE ELECTRIC WATERPUIVIIPS HARDWARE - FEED u ' ' ' " I1I'UCL'l'ICS Ifor Less Licensed Meat Dealer Phone 3154 Monroe, Ore. I v-v-.-.-:-v-v-Ar I-I. A. IVIGCALLUIVI Phone 1903 Monroe, Oregon FURNITURE gl APPLIANCES ADMIRAL ZENITH BILTWELL Phone 2404 JIlIINN'S GRUGEHY 8. VARSITY FRLENDLY SERVICE Monroe, Oreg:11 MONROE MOTORS E. A. Bales, Prop. "76" G83 -- Union Uil FITBSIUIIB Accessories A A - - -,-,-,-,-,-,vvy-v-.-v-v-.-r ---v-,--v-vws,vv-v-v-.f-v-v-.- - HAVE IT cur AT ALBIIXVS BARBER SHOP Monroe, Oregon -.-.-.-v4-zsrv-.A.AY-.-.--v-Avvv-v-.-.-.Av-.A-rv vv-.-v-v-.-.-.-v-v-,-,-4 A,-v-,.,.,. W'OOD'S DRUGS I IITIIQS - FUUIIIHIII SBTVICB Monroe, Oregon DAY'S SUPER MARKET "AT'1II'I'v Lott' 1,l'il'L'.l' .Irv HuI'I1" A COMPLETE SHOPPING CENTER Corvallis, Oregon C. S. RONDEAU REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 131 N. Second St. Phone 999 Heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley SPURLIN 8: ROBNETT HARDWARE AND FARM INIPLENIENTS 400 S. Second-St. Phone 1212 Corvallis, Oregon QIEAGAAO Emlmlmil CORSETS 8: APPAREL 128 S. 3rd St. Corvallis, Oregon Phone 1460 WOOD MOTOR CO. Dodge 8: Plymouth Passenger Cars Dodge Trucks 2nd and Jackson Phone 60 ,-,-,-,+,-, -v-.Av-v-Av-.Q vvx+.-.A.-.-.- UREGUN STATE THEATER 'fToP PICTURES AT ALL TIMES" JURUAN 81 IJIIIIGE AGENCY INSURANCE 0F ALL KINDS Julian Hotel Building Corvallis, Oregon Phone 560 II1N 1I.IT1.III1.0.1III.1III.1,..I.-.I...- -,.1, 1 1 1IiII1III.1.I..1I.II1I-II1.,I.1 1 1 1 1 1.-...1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1.1.1 04. Coleman, feweler WATCHES - DIAMONDS - SILVERWARE CHINA AND CRYSTAL Corvallis, Oregon +- - -. -..--- - ----.- -- -- - -- -------- ---- --T-- -- -- - I----------- -- - - ------ -----I-- ----I- - -I---+ 1 ,I ARNSBARGER MoToRS LEE MOTORS NASH SALES 8: SERVICE Ii KAISER ' FRAZER PHONE 1960 3 HENRY4 3rd and Jackson Corvallis Corvallis, Oregon 5 GRAHAM gl THQRP I HENIJEHSllN'S BUSINESS MACHINES 1, 115 Jackson Street Phone 240 A Big Shoe Store Devoted Entirely CORVAU-15' OREGON To Footwear for RUYAL TYPEWRITERS - AUTOGRAPHS ADDING MACHINES - DUPLICATORS OFFICE FURNITURE AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE Men - Women - Children CORVALLIS, OREGON KELLEY JEWELERS ' TI-IE TOT SHOP QGeorge W. Kelleyj INFANTS' WEAR CH'ILDREN'S APPAREL Iflgin - Hulovzi - XYyIer NNI2ltL'IlCS Next to Oregon State Theater Ages to 8 years Tho. lim 49 cm-wllis. ol-cg fiii Corvallis, Oregon CORI-:S BUCK SHOP IIUBUIS CLEANERS Booxs - STATIONERY - GIFTS TMLORS 81 FURWERS GREETING CARDS 0 "' Q "" IW' U f'f"' f"ff" Madison at 5th C0fVauiS, Oregon Next to Whiteside Theater - Corvallis In 3 I 4 ,,..,,.- - .- -. - ,I,. --,.-. ---- ---- - - - - - - - - - - I--H.-4, I run-AA-nn1n'1.mi.mi-m1-.u1Hn-..n1....1 1 1 1 .. .. 1 1 .- .....-..- ..-m..-I...-..m1.H..-.I...--.II-.-In1......uH1H..-.I-..1.I.,1 .-m.1.m1 Office: Carson - Apartments 48 Commercial St. V2 Block West of Monroe Bank WILLIAM H. CARSON REALTOR REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Member ol the Corvallis Real Estate Board and National Association of Real Estate Boards Phone Monroe 3202 PARKER REAL ESTATE 8a INSURANCE ACENCY Selling Farm, City and Suburban Property INSURANCE THAT PAYS AT YOUR SERVICE 215 Monroe St. Corvallis KINGS GARAGE CLAUDE R. VUNK AUTOMOBILE gl TRUCK REPAIRING BICYCLE REPAIRING 81 ACCESSORIES WELDING ' BATTERIES Moclcl JNIFIJIZIIICS X IIoImI1y Supplies Ph. Bellfountain 2206 - Alpine, Ore phone 1234 - 118 S' Znd St. Richfield Gas and Oil " Corvallis Oregon VIV'S GROCERY L GENERAL MERCHANDISE ----------- ------. ,, VERN'S SPCRTS CENTER FISHING - HUNTING - SKIING SUPPLIES Beufountain, Oregon COMPLETE REPAIR SHOP SERVICE EE 308 South 3rd - Phone 361-W - Corvallis, Ore. UIVUIH' l:7'ii'IlfI'1A' Olrlrlum' .S'fvm'l.x' .S'lrm"' IVIGI-IUGI-I MOTORS s. W. McHugh CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Third and Monroe Streets Phone 175 - Corvallis, Oregon I:0T AII YCUT Needs it's E L D R E D G E ' S in Alpine ,I ........,......,.-........... - -.,..-- ......... -,.,,....,.... -......,...-.........- - - .. - .... .. - .. - - .. - .. - -..-4, THANK YUU SPUNSUH! Clark's Flowers-Corvallis Miller's Bakery-Junction City Mitchell Hardware 8: Furniture Store Junction City City Hall Pharmacy-Corvallis Mode 'O Day-Corvallis Monroe Feed Store-Monroe Printing and binding by BENTON COUNTY HERALD Corvallis. Oregon

Suggestions in the Monroe Union High School - Dragon Yearbook (Monroe, OR) collection:

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