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Dedlcatlon As the Semor Class of 1955 we W1Sl'll0 take thls opporlumlx oi acknowledgxhg the loyal supoort and helpful co onerduon of our pare r 5 'Wlthout thelr help We. would never have altalneu the helghtb to VKhlCll vm haxe clxmbeo To Ill6IT'l we gratefully dedicate thls edltlon of THE PILOT IN r Ivlr Iwlr lx r r lx r and lwlrs and Mrs and Iwlrs Ixlre and 'Vlrs ana Mrs lwlrz- Ernest Puroum Ldxxal rl bhy Russell lNd.ll6I'S h.rnn11tL Boxc Ruseell Llghtle Pzanclb Nlxon 1 . ' ' . john Underhill '1 .and f '. '5 "' 5 M . l i ' 4' ' lVlI'-ind ' "' IFACZULW ""' "',...'- 1,1 K Y' 1 MR. GORDON OXLEY Superintendent College-Ohio University Teaches-Senior Science, General Science . Industrial Arts MR. AUSTIN BURNI-IAM College-Ohio State University Teaches-Geometry, General Mathematics . 7th and Sth Math- ematics , 7th Geography. MRS. HELEN ROUDEBUSH College-Ohio State University Teaches-Home Economics I, II. III, Typing I and .II.Bookkeeping. General Business. MR. WILLIAM FIFE College-Cedarville B. S. Education Teaches-Civics, 7th and 8th Scienc 8th History, Physical Education. MR. W. C. Watson College-Ohio State University Teaches-Public Speaking A. 7th, 8th . 9th, and 10th English, Latin I. MRS. CONSTANCE LAYMAN College-Wittenburg, Northwestern Teaches-Vocal Music Uillementary and High Schoolj, Orchestra. IElementary and High Schooll 8 I N, Q .T Q- I Elementary Teachers N Frrst Grade TEACHER M155 Bertha Llttler PASTIIVIE HIGH SCHOOL Nlonroe DISLIKILIJ Second Grade TEACHER Mrs john Holland PASTIME COLLEGE W1 tenberg LIKES HIGH SCHOOL Monroe DISLIKES Thrrd and Fourth Grades TEACHER lwllss Clara Ann Harvey PASTIIXAE COLLEGE Oh1o State LIKES HIGH SCHOOL Columbus IN rth DISLIKES Frfth and Srxth Grades TEACHER lvir Kenlth Forren PASTIME COLLEGE Beckley LIKES HIGH SCHOOL Greenulle W Va DISLIKES ul' Crochetlnp Keeplng house Sew1ng Crochetlng Teachlng School Coolung Musu: Tap and Ballet Danclng Nothlng Sports Readmg Nothmg J I I I "'-. rf I fl r I- f In f 0 . AIIII x ', 5 X '. Gr 9' f x0 I . X COLLEGE? Wittenberg LIKES2 Sprxng H. Nlotoring GERALD RUSSELL LIGHTLE President PEGGY JEAN WALTERS Vice -Pre side nt NICKNAME Jerry AGE I8 WEIGHT l60 HEIGHT 6 EYES Blue HAIR Brown LIKES Short Glrls DISLIKES Clvlcs Tests AMBITION To go to College FAVORITE SONG Tweedle Dee Dee HOBBY Scrauble ACHIEVEMENTS Basketball 1 Z 3Base ball 1,2 Carnxval 1 3 Class Play 3 Edxtor of Monroe Mxrror, Yearbook Staff Dxzzy Baton NICHNAME-"Paggy' AGE- l 7 WEIGHT- 1 15 HEIGHT-5'4 lfZ EYES-Blue HAIR-Brown LIKES-Boys DISLIKES-Nosey People AMBITION-To get married FAVORITE SONG-"Ko-Ko-Mo" HOBBY-Hot rodding in Fords ACHIEVEMENTS-Girls Chorus- l .Z .3 ,4- Mixed Chorus-1,2 .3 ,4 Saxophone-1 Dizzy Baton, Essay Winner-Z Carnival- 1,2.3 Class Play-4 Monroe Mirror Staff. Yearbook Staff, Variety Show. XA I OPAL. KA THLEEN PURDUM Secretary GENEIEVE LOUISE SHY Treasure r NICKNAME Katie AGE 17 WEIGHT 137 HEIGHT 5 R lfl EYES Blue HAIR Dark Brown LIKES Friendly neople DISLIKES Liars AMBITION To get married FAVORITE SONG Little Things Mean A Lot HOBBY Reading ACHILVLMENTS Girls Choru5 l Z 3,4 Mixed Chorus 12, 4- Violln I 2 3 4 Dizzy Baton Essay Winner Z 3 4 Carnival l 2 3 Class Play 4 Monroe Mirror Staff Yearbook Staff Cheerleader 2, Variety Show NICKNANIE-"jenny" AGE- 17 WEIGHT- lZ7 HEIGHT-5'7 EYES-Green HAIR-Auburn LIKES-Dark Hair Men DISLIKES-Two faced people AMBITION-Beautician FAVORITE SONG-"Shake Rattle and Roll" HOBBY-Going out with jim ACHIEVEMENT Girls Chorus- 1 .2 .3 .4 Mixed Chorus-1,2 ,3 ,4 Saxophone-l . Dizzy Baton . Can-Can Girls , Carnival- 1 ,Z .3 Class Play-4 Monroe Mirror Staff. Yearbook Staff. Variety Show LARRY I..EE NIXON NICKNAME Chlp AGE 17 WEIGHT 135 HEIGHT 5 8 EYES Blue HAIR Blonde LIKES Shy Glrls DISLIKES Cxvxcs Tests AMBITIOIN To get away from pumpmg gas FAVORITE SONG Hearts ol Stone HOBBY Scrabble ACHIEVEMEINTS Basketball 7 3 4 Baseball 1 Z Carnlval Z Class Play 3,4 Monroe Mmrror Staff Yearbook Staff Varxety Show MARCELLA LUCILLE UNDERHILL NICKNAME Fanny AGE 18 WEIGHT 109 HEIGHT 5 Z EYES Blue HAIR Brownette LIKES Boys who are 6 1 DISLIKES Nosey People AMBITION To accomplish somethmg FAVORITE SONG Let Me Go Lover HOBBY Baby Slttlng ACHIEVEMENT9 Girls Chorus 1 Z Mxxed Chorus 1,2 Dxzzy Baton Carmval 1,3 Cheerleader 1 2,3 Monroe Mirror Staff Editor of Yearbook, Class Plav 4 Varxety Show EVERETT EDWIN BOYD NICKNAME Cork AGE Z0 WEIGHT 180 HEIGHT 5 9 EYES Brown HAIR Dark Browr LIKES Cnrls DISLIKES Cxvxcs Tests AMBITION To be a smger FAVORITE SONG Melody of Love HOBBY Smgmg ACHIEVEMENTS Basketball l Z 3 Baseball 1,2 3 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Carmval 1 3 Llass Play 3 4 Monroe Ivhrror Staff Yearbook Stalf , Varxety Show q l 11 X Xl lx X fa, 5 GT 1l1fW FN 1 L 9' I Y I WIT, tx X M fx X 'V ! .,. IL s gygp -,315 I I K is ' of X- ' ---"iii-59.57 -X ' X Q ' .4 E A X f 3 7 F5 , fs , ff1,f B " ogg 3 0 I Q74 sf l N J , - , 9 .Lf 1, Q ' ' Q Class History The Senxors of 1955 started thelr long journey ofthe twelve years of school ln 194-3 The only one of that orxglnal class to come through was Kathleen Purdum jolnlng the class ln the second grade was Larry NIXOH comlng to us from London ln the thlrd grade we were jolned by Peggy Walter from Mldway Marcella Underhlll left West jefferson to 1o1n us ln the fxfth grade followed by jerry Llghtle who came from Summerford Cork Boyd jolned us ln the seventh grade Geneleve Shy was the last to come ln the elghth grade comlng from Rosedale The three boys of our class played on the junior Hlgh Basketball team We had three members who placed ln the upper twenty of Madlson County ln the elghth grade test and also one honorable mention They were Kathleen Purdum jerry Lxghtle, Larry Nlxon and Marcella Underhlll In the fall of our Freshman year we were glven a l1st of horrlble clothes and objects by the Senlors of that year We had to flnd all the ltems on the llst and brtng and wear them to school the next day We were fed all klnds of mzxtures lt was the annual Freshman 1n1t1at1on At the end of the day all came through okay and were able to attend the party that was glven ln our honor ln the school audltorlum ln our Sophomore year we declded Ito put out a newspaper W1th a lot of help from Mrs Puckett we were pretty successful In our unlor year we sold chances on a cake sold pecans, scarves and shlrts In the sprlng we gave a banquet 1n honor of the Senlors After the banquet the Semors treated the junlors to a movle m Columbus We all had an enjoyable evenlng In our Semor year four of the members of the class took the Semor Scholarshlp test glven 1n London Two of the members placed ln the upper twenty flve of the county They were Kathleen Purdum placlng thxrteenth and jerry Llghtle placlng e1ghteenth Other events ot the year were the Freshman m1t1at1on wh1ch was not too successful the Semor Dance the Magamne Sale the Semor Class Party the jumor Semor Banquet and the commencement and graduation We are eagerly looking forward to our tr1p to Washlngton D C by Kathleen Purdum Q ? If WV ff fl f . ly I ' Q ' . . I Q . . C C J l 'Jr , ' 2 C ' " K ll V ffl , lf, Class Poem Here s the class of fifty f1VC they ll take you for a spxn And lnto then' very midst We shall enter ln Peggy Walter IS the prettxest one But stlll IS a lot of fun Marcella Underh1ll IS a busy llttle lass, just as she has been ln the of the past days Kathleen Purdum IS a nlce kld to rneet She always has a smxle or wnth whlch she ll always two , greet that s our lucky s Geneleve Shy wlth the fboys she stlll rates , Even though jim and her are plan mng to be mates jerry Llghtle at the head of the class ln our opxnlon he ll always pass Everett Boyd is qulte a crooner We thlnk he ll be a star ln a decade or maybe sooner Larry Nlxon only fwe feet elght We hope he ll grow more but xt s probably too late SVCD of mneteen flfty f1ve In mneteen mnety mne we hope they re stxll alwe MARCELLA GENEEVE CORK KATHLEEN PEGGY Class Prophecy It IS now the sumxner of 1965 I have decxded to spend my summer months tourlng Europe and eastern Unlted States As the lxner left New York Harbor xt was Wlth ii llffle regret but wlth and mterest to see new places that I looked back at the Statue Of Llberty In the center of a group oi young men standmg on the deck was a very attractlve young lady It seemed to me that I had met her before On lnqulrlng about her I learned that she was none other than Peggy Walters from good old M H S Later on she and I talked of old txmes She sa1d that she was stlll looklng for the r1ght person and she had a few prospectlves After tourxng several of the forelgn countrles I stopped 1n uermany to see a cousln who was mn the army He sald that a young man that I would be mterested ln from the States was appear-mg that mght on stage When he took me to meet hlm I saw that It was Everett Boyd of the cla s of 55 at Monroe He mvxted me to stay that nlght for the show He sang a song that brought back memories of when he used to slng lt on the stage at Monroe Oh .My Papa After s1x weeks 1n Europe I was happy to set saxl for the States A few days out at sea I declded to go up on deck As I started for the deck I am bumped by a hurrymg young man who looks famxllar As he starts to apologlze I hear a voxce saylng, Comlng 11117 and he rushes off I proceed and see a fashlonably dressed young lady Gene1eve fShyl Geron Geneleve and jlm own a fashlonable shop ln New York They were returning from Parls where they have been vlewlng the latest In fall fashlons I was very happy to get back to New York I vlsxted many of the places of lnterest that the graduatmg classes v1s1t One place where I stopped was the Umted lN3t1OHS buxldlng Our group was gulded by a very efflcxent young lady that knew the answer to any que stlon put to her As she walked beside us I recognlzed her as Kathleen Purdum form Monroe Between explanatxons we chatted about old txmes As I headed back to Ohlo I took a plane to Columbus The stewardesss d1d her joo very Well She put us at ease so that we were ln the axr before I knew xt She was nolb other than Monroe s own Marcella Underhmll I was glven the best of attentxon from the tlme I boarded the plane untu we landed at Port Columbus In Columbus I accldently met a bxg buslness man IH the Standard Oxl Company had worked hxmself up from pumpmg gas to a blg executlve ln the company I-le was a former classmate from Monroe Larry Nxxon Larry had always sald he wanted to get away from the gas pump In Plumwood I am welcomed back by rnany frlends Among them was one I hadn seen for a long tlme erry Lxghtle, Who had just returned from Wyomlng to VISII h1s Darents Today erry IS a very successful shepp rancher He has a large ranch and IS doxng a good yob By Kathleen Purdum . . , . . , . . . . . .He ' . 't I - J ' - Class Wnll We the Senlor Class of Monroe bchool, city of Plumwood county OfMad1SOn commonwealth of the state of Ohlo belng of unsound mlnd and memory do make publlsh and d Clare th1s our last Wxll and testament ln the manner and form BS fo11oWS Item Item Item Item To the JUDIOTS, we wlll as a token of our appreclatxon, l cent to thexr treasury so tnat they rrnght have a Senlor trlp as we dld To the SophomoreS leave two great years ahead of you so you mlght someday be Senlors To the Freshmen we Wlll you the ablllty to exoand your knowledge so you mlght become Senlors of M H S Also we leave you all the gum on the bottoms ofthe chaxrs To the teachers Mrs Roudebush Mrs Layman Mr Watson,Mr Fxfe Ixlr Burnham and Mrs Oxley We leave our apprecxatlon of thelr patxence ln helplng us to reach the helghts to whlch we have aemeved The Seniors to W111 the followlng Se ctxon Sectlon Sectlon Se ctlon SPCIIOH Se ctnon Sectlon l Peggy Walters wxshes to wxll her abnllty to sklp school and get caught to Madge Galhrnore Genelve Shy Wlshes to wxll her height of 5 7 to Dlane Spachner Ixlarcella wxshes to wlll her smallness to Lucky Colller or any one who IS crazy enough to take It Kathleen Purdum wlshes to wlll h er ablhty to keep books and get her bookkeeplng done on tlme to Barbara May Larry Nxxon Wxlls hxs ab1l1ty to get a perfect score on an Ewery Pupll Test m Geometry to Bxll Cornwell Exerett Boyd w1shes to W1llhlS XOICC and hls abllxty to get along wlth glrls to Bob Lxttler jerry Llghtle wxshes to wlll hls false tooth to Ronald Duncan Stlll be-lng of unsound mlnd we wlsh to leave thxs our last wxll and testament 1: . . . . . . ZZ ,. 2 ' 32 ' ' ' A 42 . . 1, . , . . ' , Item 53 ' ' ' I . Z- . - V V. . l . V . . 3- . . . . - . 4- . . . . l V . 5- . . . . . V Y . 6- 7 . Q . . V . . 4 . Y , 7- . . . . . -1'-1'i' ! UNDEIRGWWQ '? 'x ,, if JUNIOR CLASS y, ,, D Ag, ,G H 'rr 2 , 1: ::: P' l -J a ,l 4- 'Q-27 , , I gr A M C 5 y, e ' ,7 gk A, H M ', w .i 4. H K iffy? 'V 5 . gs, 'w 'ix qw, . 1 in -tv f '-4 1?"7f . ' 1 ' 'ggi I 'VX V6 ' llfky W 2 1' E, 1 1 "4 ' a L 'il-Vik' 'W-71' ' I y W P tkx' V CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-Charlie Oiler VICE PRESIDENT-Vicki Spachner SECRETARY-Madge Galimore TREASURER-Betty Howsmon ,- km ,pa X , X "Tv," , ,. Q' 'VX ln, v ur x "J 1 lfe x 1. . .. f 'L IST ROWZ Charlie Oiler, Vicki Spachner , Madge Gaiimore, Betty Howsmon. Alan Dillion. and Robert Zimmerman. ZNT ROW: Nancy Streator . Tom Reed. Barbara May. Chuck Cordia1,joe Sanders . and Wayne Dilllon. 3RD ROWS Jonas Fraleyl, and Mary Purdum. ABSENT David Van Dyke Ar C .1 15 7 11 OPHOMORE CLASS fb -1'--v . NN! V 143. val' Cl 'Lx V 0 7 s. 9 g vs.. ,.,'v. .. gl' ,PQ ' f 9 5 Q 7 I y, . f, ,g n. 'U G5 A X-- V . -iffy ' h',1, l Q 'IR ,gxx 5 ,ff , V , V. in vw iq.-Q A f than .X I Q ik W" f I A M P WJ' "V , 1 I A X M- P sa, 'V - V Zim, ' Q XIX i N ri, fi ,,, XV' fi md 41 CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-Diane Spachner VICE-PRESIDENT-joy Dillion SECRETARY-Patty Limmerman TREASURER-Patsy Phillips IST ROWZ Diane Spachner . joy Dillion . Patty Zimmerman, Patsy Phillips, Eileen Kronk. and Barbara Foulk. ZND ROWZ joy Newman . Helen Smith, Retha Becker . Delores Puckett, Barbara Underhill. and Helen Lee Roudebush. 3RD ROWS Fairy Glass . Marvin Yutzy, Bill Conway. and Richard Newberry. ABSENT-Anita shy 16 T, FRE HMAN CLASS -ww 1:37 vlrf ,sum 4m V50 """'? 'Wi ara, ij . . K, f Q W... x , gy , .- Ay ' f ?,'2f Q' , f WL C? v. Q ' f f, ff g 45, ' my K 1, Il if H H- i " P ':2'Zfmf'W my 4 l 9 ,om .v-xiii? ...LQ gy'-'-TQ 'Sa 1 I il CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-Robert Littlen VICE-PRESIDENT-Shirley Zimmerman SECRETARY-ALICE FAUVER TREASURER-Maxine Finley 1ST ROWZ Robert Littler . Shirley Zimmerman, Alice Fauver . Patty Armentrout, Ronald Duncan. and Donald Duncan. ZND ROWS jerry Knox , Melvin Hamilton, Harold Fraley. Norma Crisp, Dixie Blentlinger , and Charles Streator. 3RD ROW2 Ruth Purdum. Patty Oiler, Eddie Srnith, and Ronald Newberry. vii an 5' ww.: My 'Iliff ,X wJ Q ,- N 'i x . " l 1 5 1 ,lv in 5 fl -w-fe Qs ' X li le x, I I : -, W M Z VA, Mm DM. A A . V ' we r , 'iw r 4 N ,v , ' QW .- A Yale W R N R 'I H gg.-. .' 5 - If-'Q 4, X. ff he-if 'QNX 1: 'E in Q ' fl. Y - . ,Il gg O IU . W - . w nl 1 'n,,.,'Q Eighth Grade wgl x , nur fi was Qi., 'AL' 1 " ., ..,,,..,......,.i,,,t.. aswvg -.M-,,,,hZ,e . E: aqua ,V M A VV VV f R' f Q WM 6 rl ll a s r Ni Zig A fc f' 1 O , ll. 2 -"' .t sl 5 I V, ,A ,, in .f 1 " gn I K T3 W sq I Q , 3 j Q 1 l CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-john Underhill VICE-PRESIDENT-Norman Herron SECRETARY AND -- -Judy Reed TREASURER K, 4-se 13? 'll!'il , Huw 1, if-U 3 'AQ 'Navy L. IST ROWZ john Underhill, Norman Herron,judy Reed, Linda Thomas . Florence Warfel, and Bill Cornwell. ZND ROW: Paul Duncan, Donald Foulk. Teddy Glass, Louise Crisp . Richard Holland, and Ronnie Howsrnon. 3RD ROW2 Fred johnson. Gary Leach. Stephen Newman, Bobby Persinger V. Bill Pratt, and Albert Scales. ABSENT-Bobby May jg -qw. W ' .-.,...c" -4 if V. iv A f xygf f AW as 1' , 41' .z 1-s IQ ,- glsx-I Q . if -r .. gf, in 41' Seventh Grade N V ,eq ,. , - -0- v- av- I .f .. " , if an , , . - 'KY f s Qu tn? V , -"fx Y? N V. , 1 4- 4 at Q ,: f: 2 G, x "1 . .ull '29 I 'Gr-y W5- 5 fl 3 ' 'Y' . CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-Beverly Boyd VICE-PRESIDENT-Carl Oiler SECRETARY-Ruth Blumenschein TREASURER-Virginia Scales 1ST ROW! Beverly Boyd. Carl Oiler . Virginia Scales, Ruth Blumenschein. Lucky Collier, and Georgia Brakes. ZND ROWS Mary jane johnson, Rose Purdum . Betty Cline, Betty Fooce , Donald Knox, and john Lindig. 3RD ROWZ Henry Patton , and jerry Sloat. Q9 ixth Grade .M , ,sw 5' Q Q Y 1 A A x .ui f R - -, -M' 1 , ,g 3, -,,...., ' ' v fr -4 if K J' I gf. W e"'Rl'iy ' N " 'AA f X W. ' ff f 10 ,QR , ' , -A ' " O J. 5 'Y- .,,.., 5 Z0 IST ROW: ZND ROW 3RD ROW ,,,,. 'Ziff Q-'MY , sq,4 , r ,. Ex, If X! 'I Doris Blumenschein, Pearl Cline . Leahbelle Glass, jerry Hackett. Beverly Herron, and Barbara Hgwsmon. Michel Laule . Velma May. Brenda Nelson, Alfred Plank. Martha Plank, and james Puckett. Dick Reed . Dale Sanford . Betty Shy, Mary Smith. and Charles Tatman. s 'I G, -. X992 , Q ,JW 1,4 .tx C L, l S. Fiflh Grade 'Aww Z v---..,. - env' n-,"fT,g'x L X ffm' -M' 'QE WQQQ. f-iv' IST ROWZ Tommy Thomas. Max Phillips. jerry Blentlinger Beverly Foulk, and Janice Dillion. ZNT ROW: Bobby Boyd, Gary Underhill. Patricia Fitzpatrickhlimmy Ward . William johnson. 3RD ROWZ Gary Long. ABSENT1 Lewis Durham, Eva Scales . Donny Durham, Russell Allen, Allen Lloyd . Daryll Driscoll, Richard McGraw, Woodrew Delong, Lexie Collier. Z1 Fourth Grade F6 V? NJ fl HY QQ 41' 4"'ig T -vrvf or WW N 3' 1 1-aff, 'Du nl Aw' 'Ci avgx, lil is all IST ROW Sharon Long Glorla Patton Earllne Sexton Vlrglma Sloat Ronald Byerly ZNT ROW Robert Crisp Llnda Walters Leslie Hunter Charles Knox and Larry Newberry 3RD ROW Dale Oxler Paul Ward and Wayne Lllnmerman ABSENT Sandra DeLong Frances Fauver Max Llndlg and Donald Gartln W , , 6 , ' A' V z A .1 . , " -vm 'f J i L E O .1 ' XJ QL V -b f b 47,7 ,tl U , my fi ' R N ff ' f 'V 3 . 4 x - fl, 2 . A 1 A ,fm , , I 4 ,Q H I N 3 X, Q l 1, J K K Vrrv ' 4 ' Y i .Q l if . , 1 va C ' A ,X ,W 1 C-X is lx ., ij ,YZ W 4,1 A 5 F" 3 1 . a t - , ,- Y .5 .,. -. . ..-. E Q ' 'g 5 ,jj V m f . . , r f W uf ' V 1 , f . V 5 1 . 4. . it s yr: ik X ., " ' Z "-r. mf: A l Third Grade 1 . ,- A , , I "" in 1 , ve- W 7 , "' "' ' 1 -- I All Q ' his ,V A., g V Z X . . 4 5 ,, .. I - V I 'S-O , 4 V V W 1 X " ' 9' -, F M DQ q",ff'o' 035 Nagy' ' - l xii!-bl-'lllll I 5 5' ' ' . ,,,. IEA z 1 .gp . 'I ' B I ", .V I-V ull 1' 'W ' ,, ff 52' L 7 - A ' 1 ,O 4 . an 2 la mr 'W ' '17 'BM Q x f A Q g - ww Ur' X I s I l W ' ' , . l ' f If "ag 5 Aim gg rj? ' -I ww I . - , 0 2 -T M 11 7 ,. yrwj V W 5 'W' R V f ,W,..::5...,j: 52 I X X Ziff 2 12151z":'-4':,1:l132."1 5 I :fff::ziE?i?5i' i a A 1-3?gz?2i::?E?Ea2zzzs..ftsizzzzgagq s 1, 1 " Y A4.,,,0 q,: :: :3rg 22:1 1:1-1 warfq 'isfefm 'Wx' 931' IST ROW: ZNT ROW: 3RD ROW 4TH ROW FEKQYQ i r ""? av- Updi' Q- x, - ima 7 i Elizabeth Watson. Rose Glass, Bobby Blumenschien, Donald Boyd, Carol Ann Crisp and jimmy Durham. Earl Henson. jerry McClary, john Hackett. Nicky Kinder,-Ioy Butz. and Rhea Green Jean Pratt. Donna Lou Scheiring, Portia Miller . jackie Durham, David Fisher. and Orville johnson. Stephen Murray. Donald McGraw, Cary Watson, Leslie Zimmerman, Thomas O'Donnell, and William Fooce. ABSENT-Gary DeLong. in K 2 Q e S' fx 4' 'lx mfg, 15 1' Q55 Ulfx -.iii 9'-. 95 xx f econd Grade Xxj A TS? AMX JOY! -af "ui 'M dlkts .5 49' Y iv -Q1 K 34 Q! 10' rw' !'ip"'x ,J -.. 5' 995 I X Lil 'ST ROW ZND ROW 3RD ROW 4TH ROW 5TH ROW ABSENT J' mb 115 "V'1n 'QQQ 1? - x74 Q Left To Rlght Jane Blentlmger Alxce Blumenschlen, Dune Collier Sharon Patton Gwendolyn Ward and Esta Sue johnson Barbara Garett Dxane Puckett, Kay Laule Elizabeth Taylor Mary Ann Underwood and Mary E Miller Brenda Lloyd jlmmle Boyd john Crouse Roger LEWIS joe Adlesburg and john Scales Sam Plank Eugene Pemberton Donald Mlller Bobby Muller Leroy Plank, and ,Iohnme Stover W11l1am Miller Elma Allen Claude Gartln, and Edward Baker - n - A ff' -A 7 'vm -out f N e - , ,,, ,Y A ,nn in v 1 .Sky Y jf , .-, 6 1 Qwuxvx .4 , "" 1 V X , ' ' '7 " . , kr Q iff, ,.g,:g.Q5QfQf,-.m , ax f -Y, T L 'L 4' 1: 3 W 'L 4' 'ff K Q 1 -M-9' asf K ' ' -A A . ' , t J A f 'X , Y. x Z . O . ' x ': 5 A . , 9 f 'W-.. Aff, ' 4 . . en ,Y J ' wil 1 , . 5 X 'f in ' "Ik ii, ' 'fi' -1 I L I Sh 1:2759 LV 'Vs X Qs X . X M , fi 7 LVAK 'nn Y ,W .Ni Y Q fl, I 'gif 2, , N lgjlbt z "3,S'v,glM . V , ' ' ' ' x , 1 In xx I .5 ,f mfxilx 1, X . J - . , ' Ia 0 ' S., if if ' ' C I, l ' X ' v 'L , X 411 , f ,Q K, 4 . . - ,, , V , , I Ii.: , :O 1 x Q. f awiu 'Q F 5? V ' T kg- 3 L 5' ' s 1. h J , Q ,L . W gg A P V I 5, , .- ff as , , 'Gu l , Q i V if A V' , .Z ' ' k ,ma W 4 ,Q ,M M N. mv' aan- ,.,, -'Q -::. f ,, '-- ' - - , C - 'J ' '23 yr YQVMYU-I 1-,Aww . ," t My k , 1 , f i W g ag' '-R 3, ffl or Q fg W X E A W 3 , - 1 ,f R . L V' A . - -f ' 11 if my N H 'fa 1 Z .. 3 . . . . . . . , , K' rw, . ' . 1 V W, 5 ' ' f ' f .- s.,L-f . X . 1 V9 'X' 'Wwnr' IQ N 'V First Grade 4.4101 'YQ NTU? wwf '---r wr' .l Jim. IST ROW: ZNT ROW: 3RD ROW: 4TH ROW ABSEZNT: 'XX -13' .QQQDL ' "' v-O ' 'd I 1 -QV' 11004 -.-aa? X 'Ql ff'Zf'z, NJ, vixvll 1: iii, "-'rr 1 P 'L 4 rm'-n s! F1 A 'Q ' m'w V! .411 4 A Raymond Durham, Virginia Blumenscheinululie,john Schiering, Paul Miller, and David Long. Rena Miller, David Galimore. 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Suggestions in the Monroe School - Pilot Yearbook (Plumwood, OH) collection:

Monroe School - Pilot Yearbook (Plumwood, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Monroe School - Pilot Yearbook (Plumwood, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Monroe School - Pilot Yearbook (Plumwood, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 56

1955, pg 56

Monroe School - Pilot Yearbook (Plumwood, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 30

1955, pg 30

Monroe School - Pilot Yearbook (Plumwood, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 30

1955, pg 30

Monroe School - Pilot Yearbook (Plumwood, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 24

1955, pg 24

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