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5 155 fi T5 E5 5 E 2 2 E F 5 F3 Q Q s Q E E E 2 s E E fl b D . 'A g . fn - , . i ag: 4 'r5N5"'1"-53551 A' "3 1 A AT' ' ,A-"1"-'fi--' Av":.f 'T-F? - - - '-" A V'-1.2" -ft 2' . Arfil., ' ', 'f':A W' :,"'v -'VV J' K- . 'aff' ,M 1,24 5 'A 'V "-x '-f. ' ' "L f 3 21.-.ww :VA .1 541 S-1 .AU nf-.uif-' 'Vw' A' 4 , 1 A f 5,1-Q: ,WA . 1g-. ff A- f v-1 ,'P V9'ew.-- .AQ-L. A CN . ,.-,WQLQPA . I4 Jkigf "'6'f'1A ' 5' 4' -: 'E,5i'.'i' ' if ' 1 fp g"Q'R.f?f ' 'I . V fYA"AiA.. 1 .-K. L. Vt' Aiwa- if 4 .QVLA .r .ny LR? .t "ui er., in L V ve '- -.1""- ' W Vff .' K A' ... fm, H n -U'Q.Q',l.xg ,f.Ajl,'q2-JA! rj: 4,.v UAL.: I LT N -A Eu fn - ' -Ti :A-. .ar "" . :" -'X '. 1.f""i'f ..-1-Af' A ,A.r,,., A .3 gfgni - - 3' N V ' QZPW--'-. 'Y - if-Tv if-' ' -1 ai?" -TIT Aff'-"-3' ' . Q W. L T'-a T if .fx 'QT 7: ' "-.Vu-91" 'f"'iQ,-i if T", fx"-' If-U.: 'L E H Y -2 'K ' gf, ,ff - Abi. - w,.f " 1 Lrg'-,Ax ":--F. .3 'Q' j, Q, . .g If-LN-5' .Q -9, . w,A-.' V, f. 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" 'G s' " , A' ' -Fifi-A M- :-Js.l5'Z"h '.u',g'f.!. ..- af" M-'L-xA, .1 i,'4fi.f3'-A 'cw wwf" ' f VA .A . AN. AV..-as -.... .fp-1 .r- . V, ' '14 .g gi-i4 -V 45.35 its" A 5 Aff . ' 4- ' S 'fi' Ai,-.A 3-Q"'f'4iJ1,3V YT ' ' ."' '5' A1 Q "Q V V ' A fi-AA,3,,fVVff V 'fmgA. -5'-: f+AQf5a'Af1T-:'.2vw-'.g.Yf15--,AA ff'-V, ' i1'g':Q.3,,!f'm Qi' -'F' 1 ",!'a,1,!:' Egg' 4 ,QAQA lg .+A,A.'0 14. ,Q ' 5 ' .v 'lt ' 'Q 'A ' Aw'F1.'j"L .1 "-iv-"1- 31 VJ-w..-X' V ' ' ' 6 V if k A V 'AfV'l"-A--1 ,I ' A "- .V1.'7f-.. - ,.. . . 3 M.. V " - ,Ag .six Av f-:Q 5 f "gm ' -.ASVQW . :-41.9 1 -1. VA-A, 2 1fV'?QQ'. V1a.-'Z'4 - il, 1 fl 3' A. A- ,,Q A -' A ' V A A Q A'f,w-rf 5' If .A Ar 11' rg- .4-NA' Tia' Q ,VM AI- Aff! af J' A - V A A' ""1V if " f 2 W fi, A17 J - . ' " - -n. - -FAQ 1 , -. I,J,11'A X Ss,a':k?1?,aJ Pffmflr JL .TQ :G - 31 .ws 4 '... A ' .A I xv . fr- X igffquf 5 A- A E. ww N . . Q A A. fr V M, ' R, ,iii cstei-H-.11 .ag Aw-If .-'iLR5?,. 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' 'V V' "frm .- . fm -ff - A-s if 'b V' "ww Vw-4-11 'L .mVf'f' -af V uf. 1' r' N ., '- EA .rw 1 , .- --viz: wi .rv - Jw AT"""X up 11. .. aww. fl? ww. 1' F-an--A w iff"--Q' if-.VA -2, ff ff' '.:.Av., - fl-Q - 1 5 ..4"'R""' Ai 'wh r tv? A3i,.'TM'?ff:jg' j A, Kisltlig, ' A., ,. 'V 4' 1 V -' '-an f '-V "N-V ?f'VQ."fx'vff.f ' u "ff'. 5,34 -A 1 ' Ijjef- -' Q 'fp rv " M Y 'Mi .153 JP. ,til if :fp A "' 'Jig yy- A- .IV 'W 40 , 1 41, 2 'V I, "',' .5 . ,V ff24Qf'ff2Vigf'i"""V'-" ' ' f N ff. N wiv 1:-f:V"iF7U A -V .Vw G'-.Aa - V A A f-,1f4'n.f'X:.r'6Pi'afV?"' - .A " :KAP ' --nf? ,-Q59 , ' 4 - A -' .' 6 Q ' ! .. fW5'A.3i F-.if -u - if ,ZW fi! is Fi- If A 4' -4'-' fg1gQ!,9Q'f.1f 5.-. A jg' 'ya 1- .' lv Jgvv ii Y 4 ' Az. JU: Vr. f-. V "A++-' AA 'A 3' -' 'el '. QQ. ati in-1 .V-5.x'-,- J, slfy- L, M , .A '- Af ' V A f AA nw. 'V 1'P-41.151 gfilggw -' Q I ,ri It r'?fifja. A Va' n - .f At' 'kk -by slim VJ, 3, is V V H. fig. f-is-ax 1 ,V A. s:-1--'Q-"i31jf 35' wwf 1, . -v . . '. ,li-,AA-ml V.-.1 'l"',.v.,..a I -' V . ff 1-. if 1 15- ' ff'-aff " ' '-Q-i 'bfi 'J4 Akbar- La fi-,g."'5.'g5,A-' 5 2 A - V-Q:f'3.,,.f,j,,-' . qs... 1 . - 1 G 'Ai' -...Af .A F ., . . w ,P A ' :-T.. 'TT " 'T lf, ':"'A-"""' .. ' X ' kv ' tb in - .ak '52 . is -, A A- ' Lf: J - A -4 - . V r I M '. rligia 3- :Vg ' V. . ' - : iL V' - ij, . Q , ' Q. 4 'qu 'gl , 4, V' Foreword In planning this 1939 Monrovian we have endeavored to present in a pantomime of words and pictures the events of this school year. As you leaf through the pages which follow, may you pause to wrap the robe of memories about you and dream of the days spent at Monroe. -Editor-in-Chief l21 Published By The Senior Class Of Monroe High School 1939 MONRGVIAN ll Contents Administration . Seniors . . Class History . . Class Will . . . Class Prophecy . Facts and Fancies . Underclassmen . Activities . . Athletics . Calendar . Alumni Roll ..... Features and Advertisements Alma Mater ..... E41 Left to Right Lois Petry .,....... Glenella Campbell. . , Marjorie Fowble. . . Lois Kemp .......... Hubert Houdeshell .... Ruth Cable ........ Carl Shaffer .... Norma Jeanes ....,.. Charles Overholser .... James Smith ........ Martha Jane Gates .... Alberta Ammerman. . . Marjorie Smith ...... Marjorie Strickler .... Fern Fourman .... Eleanor Woolf .... Mrs. McCoy .... Ann ual S taff l5l Sales Manager Literary Manager Activities Editor Associate Editor Assistant Business Manager Associate Editor Advertising Solicitor Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Art Editor Associate Editor Sales Manager Assistant Art Editor Feature Editor Literary Editor Jokes Sponsor TO Mrs. Frances A. Mccoyp Principal:-H Whose tireless efforts and eager enthusiasm have made our dream of a year book a realityg whose skillful guidance has directed us through this final year at Monroeg we, the class of 1939, dedicate this fourth volume of the Monrovian. E61 Admjnjstm tion Board of Education Left to Right: C. E. Schlotterbeck, clerkg Hale Aglerg E. C. Burnett, president: S. K. Miller: Charles Gzluch, vice-president. Q I7l Faculty Mrs. Frances McCoy Principal. Earlham College, A. B. Indiana University. Mathematics, English. Elizabeth Giedeman Miami University. B. S. in Education. Latin, World History, English. Olive Stoner Manchester College. B. S. in Education. Home Economics, Art, English. Elmer Holsinger Miami University. Earlham College. Mathematics, General Science, Athletic Coach. Glenn Rust Manchester College, A. B. Miami University. Bethany Bible School. Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Arts. Paul A. Getz Ohio State, B. S. Vocational Agriculture. Claude Young Superintendent. Miami University. B. S. in Education. Biology, Democracy, American History. I8l Emily Watt Earlham College, A. B. Ohio State, Ball State Teachers' College. English, Shorthand, Typing, Girls' Basketball Coach. Marjorie N. Hart Miami University, B. S. Ohio State, M. A. English, French, History, Geography. Edwina Shroll Indiana University, B. P. S. M. Music. X , Z. X - J.. 'Y Y I l9l Seniors Class Motto "Today Decides Tomorrow" Class Flower Class Colors Pink Tea Rose Dusty Pink and Imperial Gray Class Poem Our school days here are over, But ever there shall be Within our hearts a memory, Dear old Monroe of thee. Of classmates dear and teachers kind, Of memorable days, When out upon each one you poured Your eclucative rays. It's with reluctance that we go, For in your presence there was found Companionship in which we were So dutifully hound. So unto thee we give all praise For a firm and solid base, Which always with us shall remain, Whatever task we face. -Marjorie Strickler I10l Mary Eleanor Woolf "As merry as the day is long? Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior scholarship, Class play 4, Annual staff: 4-H club 1, 2, 3g Class secretary 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3g Operetta 2, 33 County chorus 2, 35 Attendant for May Queen 3. James Smith HIS not life a hundred times too short for us to bore ourselves?" Class president 1, 43 Class play 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 33 President of F. F. A. 3. Glenella, Campbell "She thinks like a philoso- pher, and acts like a Queen." Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior scholarship: Class Vice Presi- dent 43 Class play 4g Annual staff, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Operetta 2, 33 County chorus 2, 33 Or- chestra 1, 2, 33 4-H club 1, 2, 3, 4, Attendant for May Queen 1, May Queen 4: Cit- izenship Medal 25 Valedic- torian. Marjorie Strickler "I shall laugh myself to death." Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior scholarship, Class play 4, Annual staff, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Operezta LJ, 43 County chorus 2, 43 Attendant for May Queen 3g Class treasur- er 4. 1111 Meryl Donald Pence "Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Sof.ball 3. 4. Lois Earlyne Kemp "She'll entertain an hour with mimicryf' Scholarship 2, 33 Senior scholarship: Chorus 33 Class play 33 Annual :":'ff' President of 4-H club 1. 2. 3, 4. Ralph Lipps "My affection hath an unknown bottom." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. 43 Dairy judging team 3, 43 4-H Club 1. 23 Baseball 43 Softball 1, 2, 3. Lc is Elizabeth Petry "The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it." Scholarship 33 Class play 33 Annual staff3 Student council 43 Chorus 1, 2. ?: 'lperetta 2. 3: Citizenship medal 3: 4-I-I club 1, 2, 3. Charles Overholser "l am not in thc roll of common men." Scholarship 1, 2, 43 Senior scholarship: Class play 3, 43 Annual staff3 Cheer leader 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Class president 33 Oper- etta 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, Il. 3. 4: County chorus 1. 2. 3, 4. l12l Norma Alice J eanes "She was wont to speak plain and to the purpose." Scholarship 1, 2, 33 Senior scholarship3 Class play 33 Editor-in-Chief of Mon- I'OVl2ll"11 Class secretary- treasurer 1. Hubert D. Hcudeshell "A steady, reliable, pleas- ant chap." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 4-H club 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 33 Operetta 33 County chorus 3, 43 Softball 2, 3, 43 Annual staff, Rulhmzry Beane "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." Scholarship 23 Senior scholarship3 Class play 33 Annual staff3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 33 County chorus 2, 33 Orchestra 2. 3, 43 Band 1, 2: Second on Farmer's Institute Poster 2, 4. William Leon Schlotterbeck "I am sure care's an enemy to life. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 3, 43 Softball 23 Cla s treasurer 2: Ji-:e presi- dent 33 Brown Twp. school, Fletcher. Ohio, 1. U Maxine Emrick "There was a star danced, and under that I was born." Annual staff: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 3, 43 At- tendant for May Queen 43 Basketball 1, Z1 Middle- town school l, 2, 3. Richard B. Bell "His love of life, pep. and fun Has won the hearts of every one." F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Class play 31 Class president 2, Usher for Commence- ment 33 Softball 1, 2, 3, 41 Student Manager of Bas- ketball 3, 4. Mary L. Stiver "Her modest looks a cottage might adorn." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 41 Jefferson School 1, 2, 3. Billy Joe Rautsaw "Let school mates puzzle their brains With grammar and non- sense and learning Pretty girls I strictly maintain Give genius a better dis- coming." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Marie Howell "Gets around and does no wrong In this big world she'll get along." Scholarship 41 Chorus 1, 43 Basketball 1: Spelling contest lg C.phering con- test 1. Roy Parks "I hope I shall have leisure to make good." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Alberta Ammerman "An ardent believer in having a good time, The ladder of success she yet may climbf, Scholarship 1, 23 Senior scholarship: Class play 33 Annual staff: 4-H club 1. Charles Marlin Royer "Ready in heart and ready in hand." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3: Class play 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Marjorie Lou Fowble "Neat and trim and pretty, too." Scholarship 1, 2, 3, Senior scholarship, Class play 3, 4, Annual staff, Class vice president 15 Class secre- tary 2, 4-H club 13 Stu- den council 3, 4, Attend- ant for May Queen lg Salulatorian. Virgil C. House "Oh, if the world would only stop turning, so I could catch up with it." Chorus 4: Baseball 43 Softball 1, 2. Loy C. Parks "The more I see of women, the better I like my dog." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Carl Shaffer "1 was having a swell time until :omeone woke me up." Softball 2, 3, 4: Student council 2, 3, 41 Annual staff. Fern Ruth Fourman "A good heart's worth gold." Scholarship 3, 4, Senior scholarship, Chorus 2, 3, Qperetta 2, 3: Orchestra 3, 4: Annual staff, First on Farmers Institute Poster l. Avis Wilfred Hundley "Let the World slide." Scholarship 1: Class play 3, 41 Chorus 1, 2, Operetta 21 F. F. A. 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 1, 3, 4, Softball 21 4-H club 1, 2, 3. 43 Verona School 1, 2. Marjorie Ellen Smith "A willing worker, with an eye for art." Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 3: Second on Farmer's Institute Poster 3. Dale Miller "As upright as a cedar." F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 43 Judging team 2: 4-H club 13 Class play 4: Basketball 3. 4, Baseball 4, Softball 1, 2, 31 Ping-Pong champion li. -l. 4l Ruth Marcellis Cable "With such a head of blonde locks, Ruth is not the girl to whom you want to introduce your boy friend." Scholarship 4: Class play 43 Annual staff: Chorus 1, 43 Operetta 4: Basket- ball lg Attendant for May Queen 2, 43 Ciphering contest 1: Usher for Commencement 3, Harvey Junior Custer "Nothing is more trouble- some than the effort of thinking." Chorus 43 Softball 3, 4, Lewisburg School 1. 2. Martha Jane Gates "The necessary atom in chemistry class." Scholarship 1, 41 Senior scholarship: Spelling con- test l, 2, 3. 41 Class secre- tary 33 4-H club 1: An- nual staff: Attendant for May Queen 2. Hubert Edgar Ott "The terrible burden of having nothing to do." F.F.A. 1 2, 3, 4, 4-H club 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Howard Mayers "Never pu. off 'till to- morrow, the laugli you can have today." Class play 3, 43 Softball l, 2. 3, 4: Cheer leader 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: Perfect attendance-12 yea.s. Class History In September, 1927, thirty tiny seeds were planted in the 'rich soil of Monroe's garden pro- vided by the Board of Education. Under the careful cultivation of Miss Siler and Miss Crawford each plant sprouted and soon peeped through the earth eager to grow. As each plant grew, more help was needed for their welfare and during the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth years of their development Miss Eikenbery, Miss Leach, Miss Swink, Miss Markey, and Mr. Baker provided plant food in the form of reading, writing, arithmetic, history, grammar, geography, spelling, and physi- ology. During these years some plants were added and some were transplanted to other gardens, but those new plants that remained were Ralph Lipps, Carl Shaffer, Meryl Pence, Eleanor Woolf, Hubert Houdeshell, and Charles Overholser. By this time the plants were beginning to show signs of tiny buds forming on each sturdy stem. At the beginning of the seventh year, six new plants from Eldorado and Elsie Mae Banta, an out- standing plant from the sixth grade, were added to this bed. Mr. Rust and Mr. Holsinger aided the development for the next two years until at the time of the Eighth Grade Commencement, May 7, 1935, these buds opened into half blown flowers. In April of 1935 Martha Jane Gates won a silver medal in the County Written Spelling Contest. At the close of this year Glenella Campbell and Charles Overholser won the American Legion mfdals. The following year the plants were placed in a somewhat different environment and fifteen new ones added from West Manchester and Butler, making forty-four in all, the largest plot in the garden. These blooms, now classified as freshmen under the guidance of Miss Tressel, held a meeting and chose as their leaders: James Smith, president: Marjorie Fowble, vice president, Norma Jeanes, sec- retary-treasurerg and Billy Joe Rautsaw, Student Council member. A memorable event was the first freshman party at which nearly eighty were present. That year, in the County Scholarship Contest, Charles Overholser placed first in algebra, Marjorie Fowble placed first in Latin I, and Marjorie Strickler placed second in Latin I. In the district contest, Charles placed first and Marjorie Fowble fourth. In the state contest, Charles placed seventh. At the end of the year this class won the at- tendance contest and was awarded a trip to Dayton while the other classes were studying. In the morning they visited the Wright Airportg in the afternoon they enjoyed themselves very much at Lakeside Park, which the caretakers opened especially for them. During the sophomore year three plants were transplanted and seven were added, but only three of these survived-Junior Custer, Avis Hundley, and Leon Schlotterbeck. At one time during the year the garden flourished with forty-six plants, the most abundant growth it was ever to pro- duce. The officers that year were Richard Bell, presidentg Roy Parks, vice president, Marjorie Fowble, secretary, Leon Schlotterbeck, treasurer: and Carl Shaffer, Student Council member. Miss Weaver was a most affable and efficient guide. Charles Overholser placed first in geometry in the county. Glenella Campbell was awarded the Citizenship medal. Since this garden had won the distinction of having a larger number of plants than any other garden bed, the proud plants felt quite a let-down on the first day of their junior year when six plants were found to be missing. Then, too, during that year four more plants were withdrawn, but just as they were about to become discouraged two new blooms, Maxine Emrick and Mary Stiver, entered and they felt better with their total then at thirty-six. Charles Overholser was chosen presi- dent: Leon Schlotterbeck, vice president: Martha Jane Gates, secretary-treasurerg and Marjorie Fowble, Student Council member. With Miss Watt and Miss Hart as advisers they felt quite prepared for the big and busy year ahead. The year was started off with a bang by having a scavenger hunt at which they scoured the country for miles around for everything from a whalebone to a freshman. Under the excellent direction of Miss Watt the presentation of the Junior play, "Fixin' Aunt Fanny", was a great success and the auditorium was filled to capacity. After the proceeds from the play were safely tucked in the bank they felt wealthy enough to start plans for one of Monroe's most outstand- ing Junior-Senior receptions. With the splendid cooperation of Miss Watt, Miss Hart, and the in- dividual plants the Eaton Country Club was miraculously transformed into the deck of a ship, ready to leave the harbor for the uneven jounrey on Life's broad sea. Tiny sailboats marked each place. silver shells served as nut cups, and bowls of goldfish were interesting centerpieces. Honors that year went to Marjorie Fowble, who placed second in American History Scholarship, Marjorie Strickler, who placed first in French I Scholarshipg and Lois Petry, who placed second in French I and who received the citizenship medal. They felt quite important when, on that thrilling night of March the eighteenth, their tournament team composed of James Smith, Billy Joe Rautsaw, Leon Schlotter- beck, Avis Hundley, and Roy Parks won a fast game from the seniors of 1938. i151 Class History continued The first day of the senior year found thirty-six plants present and eager to take part in the many senior activities. With competent leaders-James Smith, presidentg Glenella Campbell, vice president, Eleanor Woolf, secretaryg Marjorie Strickler, treasurer, and Lois Petry, Student Council memberg and the splendid advice and cooperation of Mrs. McCoy, they completed a year which all will remember with happy and loving memories. They Went to Dayton to have their pictures takeng presented one of the Judge Hardy Family plays called "Skidding"g sponsored the annual Basketball Team and Scholarship Team Banquetg planned and executed their Baccalaureate and Commencement programs. This plot of the garden produced many prize blooms in senior and general scholarship examinations and in athletic events. Charles Overholser won seventh place out of the first ten in Senior Scholarship, Fern Fourman won first place in typing scholarship, Marjorie Strickler won second place in English IV Scholarship. Five of the Basketball squad were seniorsg namely, James Smith, Billy Joe Rautsaw, Leon Schlotterbeck, Avis Hundley, and Dale Miller, seven of the Baseball team were seniorsg namely, Billy Joe Rautsaw, James Smith, Leon Schlotterbeck, Avis Hundley, Dale Miller, Charles Royer, and Ralph Lipps. Again this year they won the class tournament. Those that have weathered the rain, hail and sleet storms of life together in the garden through all twelve years are: Richard Bell, Glenella Campbell, Martha Jane Gates, Marie Howell, Norma Jeanes, Lois Kemp, Dale Miller, Hubert Ott, Lois Petry, Billy Joe Rautsaw, Charles Royer, and James Smith. Since Jesse Harrison and Ila Pepper withdrew during the Christmas vacation, there were only thirty- four plants remaining. These plants, nurtured for many years in rich soil and cared for by Monroe's capable and efficient gardeners, the faculty, are now ready and eager to spread joy, beauty, and beneficence wherever the future may place them, thereby making this old world a more pleasant place in which to live. -Glenella Campbell Class Will " We Bequeath " We, the Seniors of the Class cf 1939 of Monroe High School, being of sound mind, that is, of as sound mind as Seniors usually are, with well trained memories and almost superhuman under- standing, and realizing that we are about to make our demise forever from these halls in which we have engaged in the process of gleaning knowledge for several years, do make and publish this our last will and testament. First we do direct that our funeral services shall be conducted by our friends, superintendent, and his all-wise and ever competent faculty, who have been our guardians for so long, only asking, as the last injunction of the dying, that the funeral be carried on with all the dignity and pomp becom- ing such a solemn and momentous occasion. From our vast store of scholastic possessions and varied experiences, we will and bequeath the following: I, Glenella Campbell, grant my winning personality to Albert Roe. Here's hoping Albert will not take too much advantage of it. I, Fern Ruth Fourman, bestow upon Ettaleene Irwin my flirting ways. I, Mary Lucille Stiver, bequeath my ease in winning friends and my ability to assist girls who work in the library to Junior Petry. To John Farst, of next year's Senior Class, goes the right and duty to be the best all-around student dramatist. This right is bequeathed by Lois Earlyne Kemp. I, Ruth Marcellis Cable, grant my trucking ability to Gerald Shaffer. We are sure he would be an attraction for the Senior play next year? '? ? ? I, Marjorie Lucille Strickler, bequeath to Albert Roe my poetic ability with the hope that he may say in a more eloquent way to Ettaleene Irwin, "I love you." I, Marjorie Lou Fowble, willingly forfeit my fear of mice to Wallace Campbell. I hope he enjoys them better than I do! I, Maxine Emrick, bestow upon Ada Mae Miller my quiet manners and twinkling eyes. I, Martha Jane Gates, leave my race horse gait to Forest Barnes. I, Lois Elizabeth Petry, leave my ability to converse in Democracy class to Martha Deaton. I, Norma Alice Jeanes, leave to Irene Gruber my gray hair from worrying over the annual. ll6l Class con tin ued I, Alberta Jayne Ammerman, leave to Marie Harrison my angelic ways. I, Mary Eleanor Woolf, bestow upon Roland Miller my bronze curls. To Martha Wagner, is bequeathed the right and duty of being the school's best girl athlete next year by Marjorie Ellen Smith. We hope this training will enable her to be the head of her "House". I, Ruthmary Beane, leave to Bill Sink my trumpet. It is amusing to think how he will annoy the neighbors as he prepares to participate in the 1940 Music Festival. The privilege of being the biggest talker in school is left to Carrie Rose Shaffner by Mary Marie Howell, who has had that questionable distinction in our class. I, Billy Joe Rautsaw, bequeath to Arthur House my standing on the baseball team. I, James William Smith, will my most highly prized possession, a cackling laugh, to Helen Eiken- bery. I-Iere's hoping she will be able to exercise it in English class as I did. I, Meryl Donald Pence, will my "suave finesse" to Bill Sink. I, Hubert Edgar Ott, will my studiousness to Emil Lipps. I, Carl Dorsey Shaffer, bestow upon Wallace Campbell my capability of securing dates with the girls. Here's hoping he can use the library telephone as often as I did. I, Loy Clinton Parks, will my bashfulness to Marjorie Dalrymple. I, Roy Clayton Parks, will to Betty Chellis the amazing ease with which I can coax up a straight face when a teacher is looking at me. I, William Leon Schlotterbeck, bestow upon Fred Young my job as class entertainer. I, Charles Marlin Royer, bestow upon Junior Johnson my stoppage in speech. I, Charles Lindsey Overholser, leave to Junior Houdeshell my ability to make love, especially to Freshmen girls. I, Hubert Dean Houdeshell, bequeath to Junior Fowble by guitar and mountain music. I, Virgil C. House, leave to Kathryn Duffield my low smooth voice. But we don't want Virgil to lose it entirely now that he is dating Martha Deaton. I, Richard Benjamin Bell, bestow upon Irene Gruber my jolly good nature. May she be the belle that I was. . I, Howard Allen Mayers, leave to Mary Elizabeth Copp my red hair and freckles. I, Avis Wilfred Hundley, bestow upon Forest Barnes my basketball suit. I hope it fits him as well as it did me. I, Dale Leon Miller, bestow upon Jeanette Royer my height and slenderness. To Allie Tidd, Ralph Willard Lipps bequeaths the right to become the official sheik of the Senior Class. I, Harvey Junior Custer, bestow upon Virginia Somers my pessimistic attitude. The subjoined list will be recognized as entailed estates to which we do declare the Class of 1940, the real and rightful successors: To next year's freshman class we bequeath our sincere sympathy. We would comfort them with the reminder that we were once freshmen-but look at us now. What man has done, man can do, runs an old adage. To next year's sophomore class we bequeath consolation. The first year was the hardest. We urge them to deal mercifully with the freshmen, but they will doubtless forget our admonition, as all sophomore classes do. To next year's juniors we bequeath the fact that your journey is half finished. We urge t.hem to enjoy high school life cleanly and beautifully, for they will only pass this way once. To next year's seniors we bequeath our dignity. May they uphold it forever, with all serious- ness and gravity, endeavoring to realize its vast importance, in spite of their natural lightminded- ness and irresponsibility. Also we bequeath our seats in the Senior Assembly to whoever is able to grab them first. We bequeath any stubs of pencils, erasers or scraps of paper that we may accidently leave behind us in the excitement and haste of gathering up our cherished treasures for the last time. May they feel free to make use of them, and feel perhaps, that they may, in some mystic way, im- part some of our great knowledge to them. The foregoing bequests are made by this Senior Class, about to reach its state of dissolution. The Class has not-in its high spirit of philanthropy-bequeathed its entire possessions, for, although the class is making its demise collectively, it will continue to function individually. Each member will retain his or her heart forever unless the rightful owner claims it. Given under our hands and our collective seal, this, the 39th day of Apriary, 2013. -Martha Jane Gates l1'7l Class Prophecy "A Trip To Mars" After sitting and writing for an hour or so, I leave my paper and vow that I'll go And visit a while on Mars in the air, As in 1950, it's done everywhere. So I plan to leave the earth the same day In the new-fangled rocket, which I've heard people say Was invented at last by the great Hubert Ott, Who pondered and studied on this rocket a lot. On the way through the sky I pass a great plane, As it comes nearer to me, I see through the pane The pilot is someone I know very well- Yes, I know it's James Smith, I plainly can tell. When at last I arrive at my destination, I find a great laboratory quite near to the station, And I wait not so long until I discover It is Miss Norma Jeanes'-a classmate fanotherj. I hired me a guide and was shown all around And it happened, by chance, during this that I found Virgil House, who had come to Mars to explore, But who really on earth ran a hardware store. Then a thought of my telescope comes to my mindg At once I procured it and hastened to find Anyone on the earth whose face I might knowg And to get a bird's-eye-view of my home world below. As I sight down past the moon and the stars, I forget altogether that I'm really on Mars, For very near I see Ralph Lipps, on a tractor With radio attachments which is a new factor. And there I can see in a field of bluegrass, A large group of thoroughbreds.which none can surpass: I know them immediately and can easily tell They graze on the farm of Dick and Bertie Bell. To Cincy, just now, I direct my attention, For surely it is worthy of mention, For there I can see on the baseball field Rautsaw, who really his left arm can wield. And there on the side carrying the bats Is Meryl Pence, in person, who's saying f'Aw, rats!" When with his arms full he takes a big spill, And slowly gets up and goes on with a will. In the great sea of faces I see in the crowd One face that seems most unusually proud She waves to the pitcher when she catches his eye, Marjorie Lou is content when she sees his reply. In the suburbs I see two cottages small And in the back yard talking over the wall Are Marie Howell and Mary Stiver living side by side, And ever their friendship shall live and abide. To New York City next I take view, And as I search the large city through, The first that I see is a great rocket company, The Parks brothers find that the dollars are many. The next thing to meet my wondering gaze, As I look down upon the great city maze, Is a designer's shop with most beautiful stylesg Emrick and Cable fashions are known for miles. Now whom do I see over this radio? CTe1evision has long been in use you knowj To be sure since the death of the late Major Bowes Leon Schlotterbeck took his place as everyone knows. And there goes Avis Hundley down the street Whom, I've heard it rumored, no one could beat As secret detective number fifty-five, Who always catches them, dead or alive. E181 Class Prophecy comm ned A hospital now comes to my sight, And I wonder if I'm seeing aright, When Junior Custer emerges therefromg So a doctor at last he decided to become. A moment later two nurses enterg On their work alone their attentions centerg Martha Jane Gates and Ruthmary Beane Each has become a surgical queen. Through the window I see Lois Petry at work As she types nothing seems at all dismal or murk When in walks Carl Shaffer and prepares to dictate And tells her to hurry so they wou1n't be late. My aim I now take to a state in the west, To Hollywood, yes. as you surely have guessed, For across the MGM studio lot Goes Howard Mayers the comedian, right on the dot. For a while in San Francisco now I shall pauseg You'll find that I have a most worthy cause, For at the university I have several friends, Each of whom some subject attends. The first that I see is a tall dark-haired man, Who as mathematics professor some years ago began, Bright people like him he hopes to incite, 'Tis Charles Overholser who has proved genius quite. The next whom I see as I still search around, Is Glenella Campbell who, I have found, Is the Englfsh professor we all had expected, With the sweet disposition time had not affected. Then I behold a teacher of history, Her position thereas does not seem a mystery. For Eleanor Woolf has a great history knowledge, Which one must have to teach in a college. The last I recognize is the music teacherg I know her broad smile and each other feature Fern Fourman has always tried her best, And puts forth an effort whate'er be the test. I glance at the harbor and see there a ship, That just is returning home from a trip, I see Hubert Houdeshell in captain's uniform, Who can handle his ship in sunshine or storm. Now I scan again the country over, For perhaps, in so doing, I may discover Some one else there whom I might recognize, And, indeed, I do, to my great surprise. I see Lois Kemp with pencil and paper, Who, in way of cartoons, has cut a new caper, For though she had told us that "Herbert" was dead, I'm sure in the comics of him you've all read. Next I notice a sign on a picturesque house, Which does immediately my attention arouse, It says "Marjorie's Beauty Shop", then I well know Marjorie Smith in beauty culture has at last made a Ngo". Who's that who seems in such a big hurry, And who down the street does scurryard flurry? I smile to myself when at last I am sure, It's Charles Royer, the dog-catcher, very demure. I'm about to withdraw my telescope at last When in Washington, D. C., at the courthouse so vast Dale Miller to the Supreme Court is recently elected For him such a position no one had detected. I've become very weary and lay my 'scope down And think of the people whom, in searching, I found: I conclude that each one whom I saw there below Had been '39 seniors from good old Monroe. -Marjorie Strickler I 191 Facts and Fancies fs.-,.,,,,,',,-f,,,,-,,,.,,l',,,- ,,:: ::::::::::,,:::::::::- 0 ,,-,- ,,,,--,,-,O -,,, ,,,, Q, Name Nickname Alias Pet Saying ofilbglgllsrlzlilnonn no 1?lfi Y,ll?QLQlsl Allgellc "Y91l Dim-Wifi HBquLhgg1l Bgge Pinkf -7- -- gh, My I-Eau i "I Like You, Too" no lllsk on Eiil Brave BOY o on ,mnllilglgown giljg Awww' --MH B10I1dif2V gggiy Mighty Clever W- S "IV'11 Mow Han lgolnl Glgmgjla Carnpbell A P.AG. A W 355,31 Elemicggmpany "Jiminy wry?-M MA ,,MifBL,QlQ--. wo ..,.. o 'TQ Cs- -, Sluts on "Ohn9fEh'Q V - ..fS!i!fi9Q5Qf.Wn-.o. JYFFF. will-2, Ever Qsayswg-3.1 "I S'fB'QonW,oho,, E901 Foufman A no Fllfie no I'1:fi1im4.B5lQl Ln no no nj ffffio-, T oonoLo ff"i5 no nnofon11YfE,lmoLiksswF,l!yYgdL,,,, 'FEET QQIYIELM o,o2fl2eo,o , 25223 ,, on 31l2ll,lol3erlQl3Srfel1g ilifLIlfQSh9l! nonl?oonnnioogalmnfllllfillsl Hllllllllxnno f'9fL9f?if . no- Virgil House o TifinnoonnL21fgx,o95l1o1S-Hlr1lo-o nnono ,, on oh, Marie Howell oslexle, o n o 1521 Wllelli on no mn, 6iH2lQlLno o n EfmeyonAnQvv5lfllleadach.eno noonxn2FIil,Py3sQlllt3'L A Norma emeitn o o.MTI??f'?fnno-nnl1:5Ao-Bliligoonnoooo on onoo 3lBJ?llr5lP3ll3lQLM Lois Kemp non o o?i'?'?T?PY .,o,,A,. oonn,,o l'L3l?55l2l'5 Tight- ooooo Y iwfil EZZMQ o o "Anlfnoilslliioonu fledw, o gglllyiliwful lfllfll' Allllifff Qekolmefo Qf?nqHi.yoonol331DlleaveoMeoo H1 - Hubert off n ongtt no on gii?33tS..,Q!?i0l,, o ,,ffff'fZ,'ho onw- Charles Overhqlxr o onC'3iQie Sllfglgmlllves On oooo I "HEfVS?hieQW,-o.. impafkso ,no onEo9"?onnnnotg5Ko1Qplo,mmnlo o MoQ9FF,EiPf' W? ROY Parks H,f?9?fLToQ1,cfgLgsnliaorkonno lo "Wait, WWF- Waoifg. jlgxloklleen on D03 o Mggmazinanmg Pet ,o "AY, R?fS'Q,n, A Anno noj7ifi oooo ,mn 35525 Every Pet n, Pelef Bllllmlgwo ooooo nonn on .nwillie ,nogggba11'SJuSt1!ghL o Mlgjflifi o no N Charles Royer Jessie H Make Rhythm M "-lemsus l!!o,SGhl0!fe!'bQCk o no l ffii nnn L35 Img W A on,go no '1TF'i? Ff??ELov ElF!,SbiffGLo H 9121 , H Down Souruo o oono n 'lloiiggylloxo lalxlsll Smith Jfnlonnoollis wnhosenlqfs nm, o, no 3?255:?5?'Tnaobe,ooo Aled9l1isoSmQh no 5'?e?' navel-ylblngosall , oollg.-Qleogigsfoffff, M.- omgyoomgfoonnno on no ?ll'1flLnjLfQl osborlyn oooo o, o ffllewlnolsrllrfglwlll Blgillfie Slriclrkz o onoFT??'lo+non oyllfablgosmlar , ,ofE'HHT?P" on Eleanor Woolf E1 MEW HYOU Simpy thingn ' -QQ "0::::::'::4- Must Entertain Weekends Qfooo- - - ::::::::::::::::ro::::Qo:: ----- -- ----QQQQQQQQQ -- ---Q--0Q- E201 'i Facts and Fancies "'-' """ "'-"" """' "' """' "" 1-"'-"v" "'0"::':::"::::::::::: :::::::., Weakness - Petfeeve Prize Possession -4 Theme Song - Ambition lirting Being Alone Bell P-f-'AM m l Hayle' Eyei Farmer's Wife Dys-. n Teasing Trumpet 1 'liejygaiqg Beljlfj- M Nurse iff :L A. M T0 Dance Model A rig A ski T3 Te11A Liei swcig-pea5r Sify Black Whislqirs Blonde Hair You Look Good To Mei - Secretary M Vchers W N0 Qne F.-Ei A. Pin Jimmy Had A Ngkel Eng. 1f'rofessor -f Freshman To Beiljet Down Freshqmanj Letregk Jeepers Crfpers f giyentriloiquist-,Mfr .ln Flat Tires Baker MV XoEeiVg:?FuF5ggyBeen Stenograpner vi- riurcliwvi-A Jitterbugs Aeegrdian W Simple Sz Tet W fxeegiel aseball F - Sissies - Bi11's Picturemff f mgg?BIgI1i gg-rio Y V- CollegeQQo:ed .V 'emfsify I, ,BZ 2511 53311 Ever Smilenod W 32af?fffr9BEZLiQ- yiggiy ff iwboy Songs Q Speecllei Gugiar if -Mnlcllgzxros Please I 2nd Ee--.,eHiiL'9Qee, -I ,weeegerieieeeneeee .,,e I5i9ia3f913QS9f9s?, -M Mefhilig illfins -H To Be Aggravated Lipstick A I Won't Tell A Soiiff Houseyvife W kes B.k13 'ro Be Quiet Trinkets if--A q Haviiiliyiyggf A 'Iiimei Aviaioi- IE Efjacing I ,I Styivinsm.-. Dees Nigm. , ,fhiseiafft 1?9li?XfLe,iTLD,, I fl-lghing W To Be Serious pet -Lion cljerlgrw ui1g1iXiy?n5VeYYif?0'g'fiilaieher 'A r.'s Daughter Nothingfn - Memo,-ies W MAIIYZSE,-Iniaj Is Taking Engineer 'PWS -W T0 Shavgy Red Hair W-M4 y Cfofmef any :ruse Parties I-To Blush f 7--Ag pillgb pong WS fh9ASt1'3l'l89St Tflig 4-H Leaderm me Home-uerk Grade Card EElEZefe'?'f'frg'fften A Hee-Saw pe- if ,-Qgls-M Typing W 3-Curly Hair - Iiviglifiiefv Bi5'S1j0f in -'ief T0 fl'-1!'X'y The Other One wk irff!lnFry Bachelor iowballs To Study -Ag Y -His Twin B,-Qther 50 Help M9 Farmer rping Rggm Spinach Dates I Want Her Tailor Made "Myself" I I A ---me -- ee, , I Den A-e-,,f, mt, lHBe qw! I-ight I-b. Tgg Be wrong Catm - - This Is First Affair Beautician iggbn- v-J Mongggny w-m Llfffefilirom Ten Pretty Girls - Romantic Lover esles-iiiiksmqmeee lZZl3Ie.meiL ,DDIEIEQH 9UF611ey Undertaker gyda-M E iQr ulger'sj Dog Dimples W Irene V Plumber fviskisrsee esess 5193326 ,,ee ee,,e31e1me,e,-,me iilililhifkiingffiorro, ig so or I I 1'9Q0E31?j11iS Heir --,laugh - I SSESQYEE' some ,mrliffymifm fr W Y, A Spqbg so or mpggagwn Eyes -just A535 Named Jge Waitress iorty Shorthand Dictionary I Promise YOU wife i- -A-ee ef-ee-Yee-e --eve-e ---e-fee-ew----e-eeeee e----e-ee--e-eele-ee- eeeee-eeei e-eeieii, Qlinfgaa Y In - --'Y graeficeglieriod Frezicles W 12999 In A Dream A 1 f'2A f- d Team physics Shirt fnames, I'Ve Got A Pocket History Prof. no ---- .,ovo++- :oo'o:: o::0oQ - --fo vv... :Q-o::::: 4+ J Fug -of Dreams E211 -Lois Kemp Juniors First Row - Left to Right Miss Watt, Helen Eikenbery, Ettaleene Irwin, Marjorie Dalrymple, Betty Chellis, Kathryn Duffield, Jeanette Royer, Virginia Somers. Second Row - Left to Right Junior Fowble, Ada Mae Miller, Martha Wagner, secretary, Marie Harrison, Mary Elizabeth Copp, Irene Gruber, Miss Hart, Gerald Shaffer. Third Row - Left to Right Roland Miller, Allie Tidd, Fred Young, vice-president, Junior Petry, Arthur House, Forest Barnes, Emil Lipps, Wallace Campbell, Bill Sink. Absentees: Martha Deaton, treasurer, Carrie Shaffner, Albert Row, John Farst, Junior Houdeshell, president, Junior Johnson. Sophom ores First Row -- Left to Right Norma Overholser, Virginia Hundley, secretary, Ivola Rose, Dixie Jean Emrick, June Sarver, Eileen Geeting, Margaret Thompson, Roberta Stayton, Helen Burroughs. Second Row - Left to Right Mr. Rust, Viola Duke, Lela Haller, Catherine Eyler, Ruth Garber, Miriam Wondle, Maxine Taylor, Alma Alexander, Kathryn Brown, Miss Giedeman. Third Row - Left to Right Robert Ott, Levon Shillingburg, Bobby Copp, treasurerg Robert Hensel, Marion Coovert, Merrill Woolf, Lowell Agler, Dale Richards, vice-president, Glenn McFaddin, Lowell House, president, Earl Kelley. Absentees: Wayne Pepper, Larry Turner. Freshmen First Row -- Left to Right Evelyn Johns, treasurer, Wanda Wilt, Belva Branscome, Virginia Roberts, Velma Lee, Martha Miller, Opal Arthur, Betty Scott, Martha June Burnett, Martin Overholser, Miss Stoner. Second Row - Left to Right Dorothy Sink, Helen Ketring, Lois Jean Buckingham, Hilda Houdeshell, Lucille House, Wylnetta Oler, Mildred Harrison, Marjorie Bolen, Vena June Arthur, Lloyd Black. Third Row - Left to Right Gene Emrick, James Stayton, vice-president, Loyd Murray, Harold Walters, Annabelle Steiner, president, Mary Lois Stiver, Robert Gebhart, Arnold McFarland, Perry Lipps, Kermit Holtzmuller, secretary. Absentees: Sarah Lindsey, Donald Kitson, Pauline Schlotterbeck. l22l 23 Grades First Grade First Row - Left to Right Gerald Hanson, Dan Rose, Loren Shaffer, Francis Van Ausdal, Keith Newman, Blanch Webster, Marianna Branscome, Coy Bratten. Second Row - Left to Right Esther Mae Weyrick, Claude Thomas, Allen Studebaker, Barbara Jeanne Rust, Ruth Anna Miller, Helen Emrick, Helen Brown, Janeva Etzler, Miss Siler. Third ROW - Left to Right Dale Bowers, Kenneth Blankenship, Evelyn Steiner, Martha Jane Horn, Jane Bratten, Robert Brush, Duane Petry, Kenneth Landes. Absentees: Opal Gebhart, Nyla Schlosser, Altae Lawson. Second Grade First Row - Left to Right Robert Brasier, Genevieve Schlosser, Geneva Poffenberger, Doris Thomas, Jeanette Bolen, Twila Clemens, Dorothy Etzler, Bobby Shillingburg, Betty Shillingburg. Second Row - Left to Right Miss Longanecker, Junior Taylor, Edward Copp, Phyllis Arnett, Janice Blankenship, Ruthanna Coovert, Dean Mendenhall, Paul Marshall. Third Row - Left to Right Alvin Studebaker, Rolan Van Ausdal, Leonard Miller, Robert Erisman, Harold Parks, Paul Bake, Zebedee Taylor. Absentees: Mary Kathryn Litton, Virgil Hundley, Dale Sarver. Third Grade First Row - Left to Right Glen Royer, Pauline Erisman, Eileen Howell, Esther Rose, Esther Deaton, Bobby Emrick. Second Row -- Left to Right Miss Gauch, Cecil Newman, Leonard Thomas, Phyllis Weireter, Myra Condon, Leonard Ritz. Third Row - Left to Right Lawrence Studebaker, Chester Rose, Charles Fisher, Bobby Brown, Harold Holsinger, Lloyd Swihart, Absentees: Harold Crowe, Miriam Schlosser. Fourth Grade First Row - Left to Right Naomi Johnson, Marianna Campbell, Patricia Agler, Helen Miller, Helen Hanson, Joyce Mendenhall, Phyllis Sarver, Phyllis Hanson. Second Row - Left to Right Mrs. Fulkerson, Bobby House, Louise Bake, Geraldine Lyons, Ruthanna Woolf, Bertie Parks, Herbert Etzler. Third Row - Left to Right Theodore Hall, Billy Myers, Joe Statzer, Billy Statzer, Donald Taylor, Bobby Newman. Absentees: Lorene Barnes, Garwin Lawson, Charlotte Richards. l24l 'WN l25 Grades Fifth Grade First Row - Left to Right Junior Hanson, Dale Wehrley, Rosanna Emrick, Mary Lou Rogers, Norma Sarver, Pauline Landes, Jeanette Miller, Jimmie Bowers, Edward Krug. Second Row - Left to Right Miss Markey, Keith Parks, Pauline Brown, Vera Viola Denlinger, Marjorie Jo Swihart, Betty Jean Litton, James Smith, Lowell Holsinger. Third Row - Left to Right Max Lee, Keith Burnett, James House, Vernon Paks Leonard Stephens, Robert Petry, Gerald Etzler, Ray Duke. Absentees: Charles Schlosser, Merlin Petry, Sixth Grade First Row - Left to Right Robert Hundley, Bobby Buckley, Joan Chellis, Marjorie Jo Woolf, Clarabelle Krall, Buddy Oler, Miss Bailey. Second Row - Left to Right Helen Beck, Doris Bolen, Doris Erisman, Ada Lyons, Lola Rinehart, Bertie Studebaker. Third Row - Left to Right Robert Krug, Robert Clayman, Dale Fisher, Donald Stephens, Billy Bratten, Willard Royer, Winfield Condon. Absentee: Robert Thomas. Seventh Grade First Row - Left to Right Billy Clemens, Norma Emrick, Helen Parks, Mary Catherine Ott, Frances Kelley, Jeanette Hall, Alice Banta, Daniel Filbrun, Robert Williamson, Wayne Holsinger. Second Row - Left to Right Vera Lee, Pauline House, Maralou Juday, Elinor House, Wyvonna Oler, Margaret Ott, Anna Wagner, Elinor Spitler, Mary Rose, Miss Hart. Third ROW - Left to Right Donald Ruby, Leonard Duke. Marvin Wehrley, Lowell Howell, Stanley Ashbaugh, Jimmy Wynkoop, Robert Kelley, Gene Statzer. Absentees: Garnet Studebaker, James Clayman. Eighth Grade First Row - Left to Right Robert Chellis, Martha Duffield, June Agler, Junior Petry, Floriene Williamson, Phyllis Emrick. Second Row - Left to Right Mr. Holsinger, Bush Sarver, Hazel Ruby, Eunice Mann, Mary Bowman, Naomi Fisher, Wanda Petry, Third Row - Left to Right Orville Black, James Eyler, Ned Rautsaw, Howard Ritz, Paul Far-t, Gerald Thomas. Absenteesz Esta Arnett, John Deaton, Robert Shaffer, Earl Sorrell, Ernest Mann. i261 I27l Activities Senior Play Cast First Row -- Left to Right Miss Giedeman, Marjorie Strickler, Ruth Cable, Eleanor Woolf, Glenella Campbell, Marjorie Fowble. Second Row - Left to Right Howard Mayers, James Smith, Dale Miller, Charles Overholser, Avis Hundley. Junior Play Cast Left to Right Miss Watt, Junior Fowble, Ettaleene Irwin, Betty Chellis, Martha Wagner, Marjorie Dalrymple, Martha Deaton, Marie Harrison, Allie Tidd, Wallace Campbell, Mary Elizabeth Copp, Irene Gruber, Bill Sink, Junior Houdeshell, Fred Young, Forest Barnes. French Club First Row - Left to Right Marjorie Strickler, Marjorie Fowble, vice-president, Eleanor Woolf, Glenella Campbell, presidentg Alberta Ammerman. Second Row - Left to Right Fern Fourman, Martha Jane Gates, Irene Gruber, secretaryg Miss Hart, Lois Petry, Martha Wagner. Absentee: Martha Deaton. May Day Sitting - Left to Right Paul Bake, Leonard Thomas, Dorothy Etzler, Irene Hofacker, Harold Crowe, Leonard Ritz. Second Row - Left to Right Eleanor Woolf, Marjorie Strickler, Jimmy Wright, Marianna Stayton, Barbara Stayton, Helen Eikenbery, Beatrice Wright. Third Row - Left to Right Ruth Garber, Roberta Stayton, Kathryn Duffield, Louise Duffield. l28l Y Q ,291 Activities Student Council First Row - Left to Right Marjorie Fowble, presidentg Irene Gruber, sec-retaryg Roberta Stayton, Lois Petry, vice-president. Second Row - Left to Right Robert Hensel, treasurer, Arthur House, Billy Joe Rautsaw, Roland Miller, Loyd Murray. Absentee: Carl Shaffer. Girls' Glee Club First Row - Left to Right Evelyn Johns, Helen Eikenbery, Margaret Thompson, Betty Scott, Martha Miller, Belva Branscome, Martha June Burnett, Virginia Roberts, Dixie Jean Emrick, June Sarver, Miss Shroll. Second Row - Left to Right Dorothy Sink, Virginia Hundley, Miriam Wondle, Mary Elizabeth Copp, Roberta Stayton, Velma Lee, Mary Stiver, Marie Howell, Ruth Cable, Ettaleene Irwin. Third Row - Left to Right Norma Overholser, Ruth Garber, Lela Haller, Viola Duke, Jeanette Royer, Virginia Somers, Vena June Arthur, Marjorie Dalrymple, Kathryn Duffield, Marjorie Strickler. Absentees: Maxine Emrick, Carrie Shaffner, Marjorie Smith, Ruthmary Beane, Pauline Schlotterbeck, Sarah Lindsey. Orchestra First Row - Left to Right James Stayton, Miss Shroll, Dixie Jean Emrick, Maralou Juday, Virginia Roberts. Second Row - Left to Right Lowell Agler, Charles Overholser, Fred Young, Fern Fourman, Betty Chellis, June Agler. Absentees: Ruthmary Beane, Junior Houdeshell. E E A. First Row - Left to Right Levon Shillingburg, Loyd Murray, Harold Walters, Bobby Copp, Lowell House, Robert Hensel, Lowell Agler, secretaryg Robert Ott, Lloyd Black, Martin Overholser. Second Row - Left to Right Perry Lipps, Merrill Woolf, treasurer: Roland Miller, Junior Petry, Marion Coovert, Wallace Campbell, president, Loy Parks, Gerald Shaffer. Third Row - Left to Right Meryl Pence, Dale Miller, Richard Bell, reporterg Roy Parks, vice-presidentg Billy Joe Rautsaw, Arthur House, watch dogg Forest Barnes, Emil Lipps, Hubert Ott, Ralph Lipps. Absentees: Avis Hundley, Wayne Pepper, Hubert Houdeshell, John Farst. i301 I I I 1 N 1 w w w l"ll Athletics Basketball The 1938-39 basketball season was very successful for the Wildcats. They scored 654 points for an average of 29.73 points per game, while their opponents scored 463 points for a game average of 21.05 points. They finished the season with a record of 18 victories and 4 defeats. In the Preble County League, Monroe was second, only one game behind the leaders. The forwards, Horine and Rautsaw, topped the league in scoring with 133 and 124 points respectively. Monroe won their first three games in the county tournament but were defeated in the finals. On the All-County team picked by the sports writers, Horine was placed on the first team and Smith was given honorable mention, and on the teams chosen by the tournament officials, Horine was on the first team and Raut- saw and Young on the second team. In the district tournament at Dayton, the Wildcats were de- feated by Reeseville, one of the best Class B teams in the tournament. A Dayton newspaper com- mented on how well the Monroe team played despite the fact that they had only a small gym with a ceiling as low as the baskets in the Dayton Coliseum in which to practice. We hope that in a few years the Monroe teams will not be handicapped by the lack of a large gym in which to practice and play their games. Five members of the squad-Schlotterbeck, Rautsaw, Smith, Miller and Hundley -will graduate this year. BASKETBALL SUMMARY Monroe ...... 19 West Alexandria Monroe ...... 20 Dixon .......... Monroe ...... 24 College Corner . . Monroe . .29 Verona ....... . Monroe . .35 West Elkton . . . . Monroe . .32 Gratis ....... . Monroe ...... 24 Lewisburg . . Monroe ...... 27 Jefferson . . . Monroe . .19 Alumni . . . . Monroe ...... 34 Gratis .... Monroe ...... 42 Lewisburg . . Monroe ...... 28 Jefferson . . . Monroe ...... 25 Dixon ........ Monroe . .46 Verona ........ . Monroe . .25 Dayton Dunbar . . Monroe . .25 Jackson ....... . Monroe ...... 45 New Madison . . . Tournament Monroe ...... 40 College Corner . . Monroe ...... 30 Jefferson ....... Monroe ...... 42 West Elkton .... Monroe ...... 12 Jackson ..... Monroe ...... 31 Reeseville . . . First Row - Left to Right Robert Ott, Robert Hensel, Dale Richards, Glenn McFaddin, Lowell House Second Row - Left to Right Leon Schlotterbeck, Bill Rautsaw, Fred Young, Homer Horine, James Smith. Third Row - Left to Right Mr. Holsinger, Levon Shillingburg, Dale Miller, Forest Barnes, Avis Hundley, Bobby Copp, Dick Bell, manager. i321 s, Basketball xx-, ' , ., ,, , ,,,. ,:.. , . 1 1 1 1 f33l PK 37. PUT J Athletics Baseball PREBLE COUNTY CHAMPIONS Monroe won the championship of the county by winning two straight games from Camden, the winners of the southern division of the county. The first game was played at Camden and won by the score of 3-1. Thirteen Camden batters struck out and they secured only one hit. The second game was a no-hitter. Camden had only one base-runner during the entire game and Rautsaw struck out 11. This 8-0 victory was played on the Monroe diamonds. Monroe will represent Preble county at the district meet at Dayton this May. The team won the title of the northern division by winning five consecutive games last fall. Rautsaw gave up a total of 13 hits and struck out 65 batters in the five contests for the average of 2.6 hits and 13 strike outs per game. The Parent Teachers Association gave a banquet in honor of the team at the close of the season. Coach Owen Huntsman of Earlham College gave the address. Eight members of the squad, Rautsaw, Smith, Schlotterbeck, Royer, Lipps, Hundley, Miller, and V. House, will graduate this spring. BASEBALL SUMMARY Monroe Monroe Monroe ...... 1 5 Monroe ...... 1 1 Verona ....... Jefferson ....... Jackson ....... West Alexandria Monroe Lewisburg ..... Monroe Camden . . . Monroe Camden . . . First Row - Left to Right Bobby Copp, Robert Ott, Lowell House, Robert Hensel, Charles Royer, Glenn McFaddin. Second Row - Left to Right Mr. Holsinger, Levon Shillingburg, James Smith, Fred Young, Ralph Lipps, Leon Schlotterbeck. Third Row - Left to Right Virgil House, Dale Richards, Dale Miller, Bill Rautsaw, Bill Sink. I34l Baseball Q y Q X, ont"-BECK 5494!- Amie fiim RAUTSAW me 'YA Ro , ,ir 4' H ENSEL, 3rd 42.12 HUNDL-EY, Uufnffd E351 112 :Hifi rar ' o1l'5t0FA lv Athletics Girls' Basketball The girls' basketball team has an excellent record. This was the second season that they did not lose a game. This year they played 5 games-won 4 and tied 1. The team scored 85 points for the average of 17 points per game and their opponents made 56 points and an average of 10.2 points in each game. No member of the squad will graduate this year. THE SEASON 'S RECORD First Row - Left to Right Monroe ...... 16 West Alexandria . Monroe ....... 7 Lewisburg ..... Monroe ...... 23 Alumni .... Monroe ...... 19 Lewisburg . . . Monroe ...... 20 Lanier ........... Dixie Jean Emrick, manager, Virginia Hundley, Martha June Burnett, Lois Jean Buckingham, Ruth Garber, Norma Overholser, Miss Watt. Second Row - Left to Right Ada Mae Miller, Marie Harrison, Roberta Stayton, captaing Mary Elizabeth Copp, Irene Gruber, Marjorie Bolen. Soft Ball First Row - Left to Right Gene Emrick, Howard Mayers, Earl Kelley, Martin Overholser. Second Row - Left to Right Mr. Rust, Loy Parks, Allie Tidd, Marion Coovert, Hubert Ott. Third Row -- Left to Right Meryl Pence, Dick Bell, Roy Parks, Forest Barnes. Absentees Junior Custer, Junior Houdeshell, Hubert Houdeshell, Carl Shaffer. I36l iuvf Calendar Sept Sept Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 6 8 9 13 16 23 26 27 30 7 14 17 18 21 26 28 4 10 11 17 18 21 23 24 28 l 2 9 12 15 16 23 2 3 4 5 6 9 12 13 17 18 20 23 24 25 27 30 31 2 3 6 8 10 13 14 15 16 17 22 23 24 27 28 Vacation time over, everyone back in school. Old friends are together again. First Senior Class Meeting. How time does fly. One week of school gone already. The typists with their new typewriters are really showing some speed. First Baseball game at Verona. We were victorious. Baseball at Jefferson. Another victory. Ho! Hum! What a week end. What's this we hear about a flat tire? School dismissed for Northwest Territory celebration at Eaton. First Senior Party. "Barnyard Jamboree". First Junior Party. Baseball at Lewisburg. We won. Seniors went to Dayton to have their pictures taken. What a time! Seniors all present, but sleepy. Agriculture boys went to St. Louis. Report cards. Poor Teachers! Juniors received their rings. No school! We need the vacation. Basketball game at West Alexandria. Monroe victorious. Baseball Banquet at Monroe. Home basketball game with Dixon. We lost. Armistice Day. Amateur Program. Basketball game at College Corner. Victorious again! What's this we hear about Ruth Cable and Billy Joe in English Class ? ? ? ? Basketball game at Verona. We won. Thanksgiving vacation begins. Play Cast went to Richmond to see "Out West With the Hardys". at noon that friends might attend the funeral of Charles McCoy. at West Elkton. We won! We received Report Cards. Home basketball game with Gratis. We won. their pictures. What mugs? School dismissed Basketball game Seniors received Senior Class Play, "Skidding". Home basketball game with Lewisburg. We lost. Home basketball game with Jefferson. We won. Santa Claus treated us today. Basket- ball boys received new jackets. Everyone back in school. Oh! What a nice vacation. All made resolutions to study harder than ever before. Everyone telling of Santa's visit to them. Wonder if he missed anyone. It seems that Marie Howell chewed her gum incessently. "Cud" she be thinking of Stevie? Basketball game at Gratis. Victorious again. Charles Royer came to school with his fingernails painted bright red. Billy Joe hurt his back in basketball. I wonder how? ? ? Hundley out of English. What again! School was dismissed at 2:30, due to bad weather. That's one time we like to see it snow. A victorious basketball game at Lewisburg. New Democracy Books. How nice! Girls wearing green bow ribbons. New fad! Report cards today. Oh! What a lot of worry! Fred Young has chicken pox, wonder whose chicken house he has been in ? ? ? Billy Joe and Miss Hart had quite an argument about politics in English. F. F. A. boys had a basketball game at Lanier. Farmers' Institute. Basketball game at Jefferson. Basketball game at Dixon. Victorious again. Fred Young back in school today. Mary Copp very happy. F. F. A. boys went to Columbus. Home basketball game with Verona. Of course we won. Home basketball game with Dunbar team from Dayton. We won. Seniors had an English test. Tut! Tut! Home basketball game with Jackson. We won. We drew College Corner for our first game in the Tournament. First Annual Staff Meet- ing tonight. What noisy girls!! Chemistry Test. Two heads are better than one !! Mr. Young tardy. Could it be late hours? Tournament at Richmond. We were victorious over College Corner. Everybody talking about the Tournament. Leon Schlotterbeck out of school. Too much Basketball!! In Democracy the Seniors talked about the proper way to secure a job. They'l1 soon be needing one. Tournament time again! Monroe vs. West Elkton. We won! Everyone admiring the trophy which we received as second place in the Tournament. Miss Giedeman fell in a mud puddle. E381 March March March March March March March March March March March March March April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April May May May 2 6 9 16 17 20 21 22 23 29 30 31 1 4 4 6 7 10 11 15 17 18 21 22 24 25 26 27 28 2 5 6 May ll May May May 16 19 21 22 May May May May 23 24 27 C'C1IeI1dC1I' continued Senior class meeting. We decided class flower and motto. Lost basketball game with Reeseville at Dayton. Expecting Washington's Birthday Play any time now. Senior class meeting. We appointed Commencement and Baccalaureate Committees. Senior class meeting. Speakers for Baccalaureate and Commencement chosen. Seniors collected food for banquet. Out of classes again! Basketball Banquet. Moving Picture Show at school. . Resolved: No more eggs! Annual Staff Meeting. Charles Overholser took Fern Fourman home. Everyone full of PEP. Getting ready for Class Tournaments. Class Tournaments. Junior girls and Senior boys victorious. Staff Meeting. Everyone taking pictures. Probably a lot of broken cameras. Junior Class gave previews of their play. General Scholarship Test for Seniors. Charles Overholser and Glenella Campbell won honorable mention. Junior Class Play, "Guess Again". Every Pupil Test. Puppet Show. Good Friday Program, Candlelight service. The bus had to wait 11 minutes on Rautsaw. Wonder where he was Sunday night ? ? ? ? During Senior Class Meeting, Mayers, Smith and Parks broke the seat down. Was it because they were so heavy ? ? ? County Elimination Scholarship Tests. In the contest this year Monroe won 20 percent of the first place honors: 23 and 1X3 percent of the first and second place honors and 21 percent of the first four places. The members of the Monroe team are as follow: Typing: Fern Fourman, Eleanor Woolf. Shorthand: Ruth Cable, Marie Howell. Physics: Charles Overholser, Wallace Campbell. Chemistry: Martha Jane Gates, Ada Mae Miller. General Science: Wylnetta Oler, Marjorie Bolen. Biology: Alma Alexander, Kathryn Brown. Algebra: Mary Lois Stiver, Vena June Arthur. Geometry: Margaret Thomp- son, Dale Richards. World History: Merril Woolf, Bobby Copp. American History: Martha Wagner. Latin I: Martha Miller, Mary Elizabeth Copp. Latin II: Eileen Geeting. English I: Lloyd Murray, Annabelle Steiner. English II: Virginia Hundley, Lowell House. English III: Marjorie Dalrymple. Betty Chellis. English IV: Marjorie Strickler, Glenella Campbell. Grade cards. They tell! Staff Meeting. The May Queen and Attendants were chosen as follows: Glenella Campbell, May Queen: Maxine Emrick and Ruth Cable, Senior Attendants: Virginia Somers and Ettaleene Ir- win, Junior Attendantsg Dixie Jean Emrick and Viola Duke, Sophomore Attendants: Annabelle Steiner and Wanda Wilt, Freshman Attendants. Ciphering and Spelling Contests at Jefferson. Glad to see Maxine back at school. Seniors had class meeting and chose Kathryn Duffield and Wallace Campbell as Ushers for Commencement Exercises. Won baseball game at Camden. Music Festival at West Elkton. Rautsaw kicked out of English. ' What! Howard Mayers sent out of English? Home baseball game with Camden. Can we play ball! Rautsaw kicked out of English again. It's an every day occurrence. High School Operetta, "Hilltop District School". Elsie Parks and her helpers are going to Dayton. Senior Party at Hubert Ott's home. District-State Scholarship Test. Those representing Monroe are: Typing: Fern Fourman. Biology: Alma Alexander. Algebra: Mary Lois Stiver, Vena June Arthur. Geometry' Margaret Thompson. English II: Virginia Hundley. English IV: Marjorie Strickler. French II: Marjorie Fowble and Glenella Campbell. Junior and Senior Reception at the Y.M.C.A. in Dayton. "We don't want pork chops." Senior Day. You can expect anything. Last day of school, basket dinner, May Day Program. Eighth Grade Commencement. Baccalaureate Exercises. Teachers make out grades., Last time the Seniors will ever receive their report cards. Boo-Hoo! Commencement Exercises. Alumni Banquet. -Ruth Cable, Maxine Emrick l39l , . Alumni Roll 1917 Dola McKee Shewmon, Dayton, Ohio Ruth McKee Holer, Dayton, Ohio Edgar Guenther, Upper Sandusky, Ohio Levi Spitler, Eldorado, Ohio Harry Juday, Eldorado, Ohio 1918 Willard Brown, West Manchester, Ohio Hugh Stephens, Lewisburg, Ohio Russel Horn, Lewisburg, Ohio Susan Guenther Copp, West Manchester, Ohio Treva Sheller Banta, Eldorado, Ohio Edna Rautsaw Campbell, Indianapolis, Indiana Florence Agler Geeting, New Madison, Ohio Orla Emrick "' Helen Leas " 1919 Iris Smith Chellis, West Manchester, Ohio Olive Howell, West lvianchester, Ohio Amanda Poffenberger Moffatt, Bradford, Yorkshire, England Burley Rautsaw, Eldorado., Ohio Everette Emrick, Denver, Colorado Merrill Guenther, West Manchester, Ohio Letticia Kimmel West, Kansas City, Migsouri Orlan Denlinger, Dayton, Ohio Joe Colvin, Dayton, Ohio 1920 Florence Black, Dayton, Ohio Loren Judy "' "' Carl Campbell, Eldorado, Ohio Harold Longanecker, Brookville, Ohio Karl Miller, Dayton, Ohio Leonard House, West Manchester, Ohio Carl Leas, Dayton, Ohio Grace Hoover Hapner, Dayton, Ohio Esther Ware Richards, New Paris, Ohio Katharine Penland Litton, Eldorado, Ohio Helen Blackford Brown, Lewisburg, Ohio Elizabeth Horn Hale, Dayton, Ohio Edward Creech "' " Lowell Wehrley, Eldorado, Ohio Karl Coning, Johnsville, Ohio Carl Suman, Arcanum, Ohio Howard Morris, Cincinnati, Ohio Paul Christman, Eaton, Ohio Robert Swihart, Lewisburg, Ohio Lowell Penland, Casper, Wyoming Lois Richards Schlosser, Eldorado, Ohio Lois Hoover Woolf, Eldorado, Ohio Eva Parks, Lewisburg, Ohio Fern Woolf Etzler, West Manchester, Ohio Mary Gingry Glick, New Madison, Ohio Alma Miller Funderberg, Richmond, Indiana Ruth Crane Denlinger, Dayton, Ohio Fannie Smith Duffield, New Paris, Ohio Frieda Spitler Kimmel, Eldorado, Ohio Dola Brown Fudge, Eaton, Ohio Gertrude Hoover, Eaton, Ohio Lois Ware, Eldorado, Ohio Levi Creager "' 1921 Williard Kimmel, Eldorado, Ohio Florence Hoover Marker, Eaton, Ohio John Puterbaugh, Verona, Ohio Treva Funderburg Mumfort, Dayton, Ohio Lowell Beard, Dayton, Ohio Fern House Horn, Lewisburg, Ohio Flossie Woolf House, West Manchester, Ohio i401 Claude Davisson, Richmond, Indiana Delbert Woggoman, Hamilton, Ohio Alene Glaedell Carter, Richmond, Indiana Carl House, Camden, Ohio Leonard Minnich, West Alexandria, Ohio George Oda, Arcanum, Ohio Velma Howard Verness, Dayton, Ohio Mary Leas Francisco, East Orange, New Jersey Ray Smith, Dayton, Ohtio Anna Eikenberry Fudge, Eaton, Ohio Helen Siler, West Manchester, Ohio Elsie Petry Olt, Richmond, Indiana Iora D. Kimmel Clise, Eldorado, Ohio 1922 Robert Furrey, Cleveland, Ohio Dorothy Flaig, Dayton, Ohio Edgar Parks, Cleveland, Ohio Treva Howell House, Eaton, Ohio Pride Chellis, West Manchester, Ohio Loree Marshall Christman, Eaton, Ohio John Blackford, Hicksville, Ohio Ada McKee, Eldorado, Ohio Eugene Shewmon, Dayton, Ohio Mary Grace Blackford Healton, Dayton, Gladys Richards Barton, Dayton, Ohio Fay Rule, Akron, Ohio Elsie Parks, Lewisburg, Ohio 1923 Merrill House, West Manchester, Ohio Bennett Owen, Dayton, Ohio Hugh Christman, Eaton, Ohio Irene Leas Bilger, Arcanum, Ohio Paul Emrick, Denver, Colorado Thelma Barnhart Ducher "' " Clarence Gates, Eldorado, Ohio Christin Crawford, Castine, Ohio Mae Ricker Rehmert, Troy, Ohio Sumner Henn, West Manchester, Ohio Mary Eyler Swihart, Lewisburg, Ohio Evin Kimmel, Ronan, Montana Lillian Jenkins Siler, West Manchester, Ohlo Eileen Smith Ervin, Richmond, Indiana Myrl Smith, Eaton, Ohio Mildred Christian Bolen, Eldorado, Ohio Mildred Crane Lucas, Dayton, Ohio Ohio 1924 Pearl Brock Holsinger, West Manchester, Ohio Bessie Burket "' "' Mildred Coning Austerman, Cincinnati, Ohio Vernon Carter, Zanesville, Ohio Norma Brown Eyer, West Manchester, Ohio Blanche Dalrymple Guthrie, Dayton, Ohio Janeva Frank, Richmond, Indiana Floyd Morris, Piqua, Ohio Alma Marshall Sitloh, Lewisburg, Ohio Esther Nichols, Dayton, Ohio Dorothy Rautsaw Wynkoop, Eldorado, Ohio Dwight Spencer, Troy, Ohio Roland Smith, Dayton, Ohio Naomi Steele Wilson, Richmond, Indiana Floyd Spitler, Eldorado, Ohio Mabel Strickler Harrison, Dayton, Ohio Russel Shell, Savona, Ohio Raymond Weaver, Cleveland, Ohio Virgil Furry, Columbus, Ohio Margaret House, Scottsboro. Alabama Charles Keckler, Dayton, Ohio Lilian Miller Harter, West Manchester, Ohio Mary Creager Henn, West Manchester, Ohio Byron Chambers 'i 4' Deceased 'F it Location unknown 1925 Denver Ott, West Alexandria, Ohio Ralph Burroughs, Germantown, Ohio Mabel Thompson Beasley, New Madison, Ohio Ralph Clark, Dayton, Ohio Lester Studebaker, Dayton, Ohio Irene Petry, Richmond, Indiana Melvin Miller, Eldorado, Ohio Ruth Crawford, North Star, Ohio Edward Judy, New Paris, Ohio Mabel Shaffer Studebaker, Dayton, Ohio Treva Keckler Curtiss, Woodstock, West Virginia Harris Miller, New Paris, Ohio Philip Eyer "' Leon Develbiss, Castine, Ohio Inez Howell Oliver, Greenville, Ohio Martin Gates, Eldorado, Ohio Velma Kesler, St. Augustine, Florida Ralph Moses, Dayton, Ohio Weltha Eikenbery Kisling, Eldorado, Ohio Olive Petry Miller, Eldorado, Ohio Paul Smith, Eaton. Ohio Evelyn Hendershot Johnson, Columbus, Ohio Herbert Hamiel, Castine, Ohio Wendell Clark, Dayton, Ohio Irene Fourman Oliver, Castine, Ohio Fern Wilt Sunday " 1926 Paul Bilger, Arcanum, Ohio Esther Strickler Omlor, Dayton, Ohio Chester Parks, Lewisburg, Ohio Harry Bussard, Eldorado, Ohio Russel Howell, Celina, Ohio Mildred Laird, West Manchester, Ohio Vernie Wilt, Lewisburg, Ohio Kenneth Knapp, Columbus, Ohio Reva Coning Gruber, Eaton, Ohio Carl Gauch, Eaton, Ohio Willard Houdeshell, Lewisburg, Ohio i Mildred Beck Statzer, Eldorado, Ohio Ostia Oliver, Castine, Ohio Richard House, Dayton, Ohio Treva Swink, Trotwood, Ohio Theodore Richards, Eldorado, Ohio Glenn Duckwall, Centerville, Ohio Anna Sullivan Huber, Dayton. Ohio Hazel Thompson Emmel, Dayton, Ohio Merly Oliver, Greenville, Ohio Irene Kirtland Strawsburg, Brookville, Ohio Charles Schlotterbeck, Carroll, Ohio Nora Cluster Ganger, Eaton, Ohio Elmer Parks, Lewisburg, Ohio Marie House Brasier, Dayton, Ohio Glenn Rust, West Manchester, Ohio Wanda Fulkerson Bussard, Eldorroc Ohio Clyde Hendershot, East Liverpool, Ohio Lucille Aydellotte Elekler, Castine, Ohio Dorothy Shumaker Pence, Eaton, Ohio Ralph Gruber, Eaton, Ohio Jeannette Trick Bord, West Alexandria, Ohio Thelma Creech Wilson, Dayton, Ohio Fred Leas, Dayton, Ohio Susie Shaffner Rose, Dayton, Ohio Oren Wandle, Richmond, Indiana Helen Minnich, Eldorado, Ohio Lowell Campbell, Dayton, Ohio Ethel Mae Kesler Martin "' "' Harold Hoblitt, Dayton, Ohio Alice Emrick, West Manchester, Ohio Clarence Rose, Dayton, Ohio Mary Horine Sleppy, Arcanum, Ohio Harold Hamilton, Eldorado, Ohio l4ll AIUIHHI continued Vaughn Petry, Richmond, Indiana Helen Cloyd Michael, West Manchester, Ohio 1927 Robert I-Iapner, New Paris, Ohio Edna Ketring Broyles, Eldorado, Ohio Kenneth Spitler, Eldorado, Ohio Violet Sanderson Davison, Richmond, Indiana Clemerd Boner, Dayton, Ohio Martha Thompson Moore, Dayton, Ohio Mary Johnson Gosling, Dayton, Ohio Harold Price, Lewisburg, Ohio Dessie Siler Fasnacht, Greenville, Ohio Vinton Siler, Cincinnati, Ohio Esther Longenbaker Mayers, Oxford, Ohio Cedric Davis, Richmond, Indiana Ethel Howell Johnson, Greenville, Ohio Janeva Schlotterbeck Parks, Lewisburg, Ohio Florence House, West Manchester, Ohio Henry Smith, Dayton, Ohio Donald Crawford, Greenville, Ohio Fremont Turner, West Manchester, Ohio Harold Thomas, West Manchester, Ohio James McGriff, Dayton, Ohio Winfield Smith, West Manchester, Ohio Mary Wilt Heath, Cleveland, Ohio Loren Kisling, Eldorado, Ohio Herbert Oehler "' Harold Emrick, Eldorado, Ohio Evelyn Miller Schlotterbeck, Carroll, Ohio Homer Emrick, Eldorado, Ohio Harry Eyer, New Madison, Ohio Kenneth Johnson, Greenville, Ohio Lola Shaffner Henderson, Middletown, Ohio Mildred Stout, Richmond, Indiana Paul Petry, Dayton, Ohio Mary Horn Shaeffer, Lewisburg, Ohio 1928 Carl Clester " " Hubert Miller, Columbus, Ohio Hallie Wilt Petry, Dayton, Ohio Edward Wilt, Eldorado, Ohio Myrtle Jeanes Straley, San Pedro, California Carl Petry, Dayton, Ohio Anna Gauch, West Manchester, Ohio Mertie Flatter Shaw, Dayton, Ohio Robert Lodge, Dayton, Ohio ' Kathryn Krickenbarger Ridenour, Dayton, Ohio Geneva Chambers, Dayton, Ohio Annabel Oliver Nixon, Dayton, Ohio Mildred Richards Bush, Dayton, Ohio Charles Fudge, West Manchester, Ohio Myrtle Dalrymple Lodge, Dayton, Ohio Frank Wicheal, Dayton, Ohio Denzil Spencer, Richmond, Indiana Mary Alice Hoover, Eaton, Ohio Heber Gauch. West Manchester, Ohio Dorothy Parks White, Richmond, Indiana Etyel Thompson Lehman, Richmond, Indiana Carl Duckwall, Brookville. Ohio Velma Trace Spencer, Richmond, Indiana Floyd Emrick, Lewisburg, Ohio Alice Marie Thomas Farwig, Winchester, Indiana Rolland Byers, Brookville, Indiana Samuel Arens, Phillipsburg, Ohio Carl Nisonger, Verona, Ohio Olive Eyler. Richmond, Indiana Mary Gauch Dine, New Paris, Ohio Melvin Richards, Eldorado, Ohio Dola Petry Garber, New Lebanon, Ohio Paul Schlotterbeck, Deshler, Ohio Garland Parks. Eldorado, Ohio Goldie Kimmel Parks, Eldorado, Ohio it Deceased 'l' " Location unknown AIUIHHI continued Mary Moses Jones, Dayton, Ohio Donald McFaddin, Portland, Oregon Grace Gates, Eldorado, Ohio Maurice Davis, Anderson Indiana Merrill Gilfillan, Ravenne, Ohio Martha Blackford, Eldorado, Ohio Paul Deaton, Dayton, Ohio Mildred Dalrymple Deaton, Dayton, Ohio Viola Swank Aydelotte, Dayton, Ohio Warford Oswalt, Eldorado, Ohio Lewis Hawkey, Camden, Ohio Geneva Eikenbery Richards, Eldorado, Ohio Lucille Parks, West Manchester, Ohio 1929 Geneva Rice Cabiness, Dayton, Ohio Helen Glick, Dayton, Ohio Lucille Stawser Kimmel, Dayton, Ohio Geneva McFaddin, Castine, Ohio Keith Turner, West Manchester, Ohio Anna House, Eaton, Ohio Rudolph Michael, West Manchester, Ohio Mabel Siler Miller, West Manchester, Ohio Kenneth Fourman, Arcanum, Ohio Clara Lee Weirtier, Eldorado, Ohio Edgar Houdeshell, Columbus, Ohio Kathryn Miller Petry, New Paris, Ohio Harold Sell, Eldorado, Ohio Lavone Schlotterbeck Lindy, Dayton, Ohio Esta Richards, Richmond, Indiana Florence Wolford Rust, West Manchester, Ohio Kenneth Miller, West Manchester, Ohio Ethel Longanecker Fish, South Bend, Indiana Margaret Wichael, Dayton, Ohio Harry Chambers, Troy, Ohio Vada Burroughs Siler, Lewisburg, Ohio Ruth Leach Sell, Eldorado, Ohio Donna Petry Stoner, New Madison, Ohio Martha Ritz Hershfield, Richmond, Indiana Dwight Crawford, North Star, Ohio Devona Howell Campbell, Eaton, Ohio Norris Thompson, Dayton, Ohio Elizabeth Weaver Getz, West Manchester, Ohio Ala Minnich. Union City, Ohio Elsie Gates, Cincinnati, Ohio Eugene Hensel, West Manchester, Ohio Zeula Sanderson Kyle, Eldorado, Ohio Forest Siler, Lewisburg, Ohio Martha Spencer, Eldorado, Ohio Carl Fourman, Arcanum, Ohio 1930 Waldo Holtzmiller, Farmersville, Ohio Annabell Fleenor Barnett "' Earl Pence, Eaton, Ohio Mary Frances Parker Cook, Eldorado, Ohio Emil Miltenberger, Lima, Ohio Elmer Chambers, Richmond, Indiana John Morris, Dayton, Ohio Mildred Schlotterbeck Sisson, Porter, Ohio Hugh Gauch, Chicago, Illinois Wilma Richards Wheeler, West Manchester, Ohio Russel Guenther, West Manchester, Ohio Estelle Michael Wilt, Eldorado, Ohio Rufus Smith, West Alexandria, Ohio Cecil Ketring Gruber, Greenville, Ohio Harold Petry, College Corner, Ohio Harry Johnson, Arcanum, Ohio Max Trone, Lewisburg, Ohio John Petry, New Paris, Ohio Bertha Troutwine Bohn, Dayton, Ohio Martha Somers Campbell, West Manchester, Ohio Leonard Price 4' Charles Trump, Castine, Ohio Lloyd Kessler, Lewisburg, Ohio Sylvia Richards DeCamp, Richmond, Indiana Harmon Wilt, Greenville, Ohio Evelyn Rule Norman, Dayton, Ohio Ellwood Spencer, New Madison, Ohio Evelyn Duckwall, Arcanum, Ohio Willard Campbell, West Manchester, Ohio Dudley Gilfilan, Rochester, New York Russell Miller, Lewisburg, Ohio Arline Eyler, Eaton, Ohio Beryl Hensel, Columbus, Ohio Glen Laird, West Manchester, Ohio Mary Arens Whittie, Dayton, Ohio Charlotte Marshall, Eaton, Ohio Clarence Parks, Lewisburg, Ohio Scott Trace, Richmond, Indiana 1931 Opal Eyler Turner, West Manchester, Ohio Vonda Ketring Johnson, Eaton, Ohio Thelma Shumaker Fourman, Arcanum, Ohio Cecil Rust, Cincinnati, Ohio Foland Oswalt, Eldorado, Ohio Paul Hogston, Richmond, Indiana Beulah Norris Rhinehart, West Manchester, Ohio Gladys Petry Turner, West Manchester, Ohio Edgar Glander, West Manchester, Ohio Herman Gauch, West Manchester, Ohio Leota Shumaker Fudge, West Manchester, Ohio Harold Eikenberry, Lewisburg, Ohio Mary Leiter Brookey, Dayton, Ohio Emerson Baker, Dayton, Ohio Paul Fellers, Castine, Ohio Mildred Shaffer Crawford, North Star, Ohio Bruce Turner, West Manchester, Ohio Helen Schlotterbeck, Dayton, Ohio Lester Richards, Dayton, Ohio Pauline Trace, New Paris, Ohio Robert Moses, Dayton, Ohio Mildred Thompson Sherman, Dayton, Ohio Harold Swink, Richmond, Indiana Beulah Waldren Turner, West Manchester, Chio Bessie Houseman, Richmond, Indiana Paul Fitzwater, Sabina, Ohio 1932 Martha Parks Downing, Richmond, Indiana Edith Garber Hans, Worthington, Indiana Robert Wooten, Richmond, Indiana Lois Swihart, Lewisburg, Ohio Myron Fulkerson, Eldorado, Ohio Opal Miller Spitler, Eldorado, Ohio Dale Shillingburg, Richmond, Indiana Marjorie Leas Eikenbery, Lewisburg, Ohio Herman Parks, West Manchester, Ohio Waldo Emrick, Richmond, Indiana Blanch Gates Long, Middletown, Ohio Melvin Tanner, Eldorado, Ohio Dola Duke Mowery, Dayton, Ohio Elvin Spitler, Eldorado, Ohio Daniel Woggoman, Richmond, Indiana George Duckwall, Columbus, Ohio Florence Gates, Eldorado, Ohio Carmen McGriff Smith, Arcanum, Ohio Carl Fleenor, Greenville, Ohio Charlotte Laird, West Manchester, Ohio Lucille Steele Alberts, Dayton, Ohio Clarence House, Eaton, Ohio C. W. Crist, Dayton, Ohio Stella Godsey, New Madison, Ohio Vera Gauch, West Manchester, Ohio Ruby Wolford House, Eaton, Ohio Ruth Pence, Eldorado, Ohio Irene Spitler White, Dayton, Ohio "' Deceased " "' Location unknown Hugh E. Furry, Dayton, Ohio John House, Eaton, Ohio Evelyn Eikenberry McClure, New Paris, Ohio Forest McKee, West Manchester, Ohio Darline McGriff Sink, West Manchester, Ohio Gene Smith, California 1933 Paul Baker, North Manchester, Indiana Robert Brower, Eaton, Ohio Charles Cable, Greenville, Ohio Woodrow Coning, Richmond, Indiana Robert Davis, Dayton, Ohio Russel Duke, Brookville, Ohio Harry Glick, Eaton, Ohio Roland Hoover, Eaton, Ohio Nevin Houdeshell, Lewisburg, Ohio Frank Keckler, West Manchester, Ohio Harold Kesler, Lewisburg, Ohio Gayle Ketring, Richmond, Indiana Gerald Markey, Eldorado, Ohio Leon Miller, Arcanum, Ohio Paul MtCastle, Lewisburg, Ohio Robert Oda, Richmond, Indiana Carl Petry, Eldorado, Ohio Kenneth Richards, Richmond, Indiana Paul Richards, West Manchester, Ohio Kenneth Steele, New Paris, Ohio Lucille Howell Campbell, Arcanum, Ohio Lois Longanecker, West Manchester, Ohio Dola McFaddin, Castine, Ohio Evelyn Parker, West Manchester, Ohio Marie Parks Ammerman, West Manchester, Ohio Fern Rust, Cincinnati, Ohio Edna Shumaker Turner, West Manchester, Ohio Agnes Shaffer Frantz, West Manchester, Ohio Margaret Spitler Razor, Indianapolis, Indiana Mildred Troutwine Johnson, Carroll, Ohio Harlan Snyder, Eldorado, Ohio Merle Troutwine, Dayton, Ohio Dudley Turner, West Manchester, Ohio Florence Arens McKee, West Manchester, Ohio Beulow Coning Wogoman, Richmond, Indiana Mary C. Emrick Lackey, Camden, Ohio Drusilla Fark Hamilton, Eldorado, Ohio Artis Fleenor Ketring, Richmond, Indiana Mildred Hoffman, Lewisburg, Ohio Lois House Stiver, Lewisbuig, Ohio 1934 William Arens, West Manchester, Ohio Galen Brown, Eldorado, Ohio Lloyd Dalrymple, Dayton, Ohio Robert Garber, New Madison, Ohio John Gates, Eldorado, Ohio Willard Hapner, West Manchester, Ohio Marvin Hensel, West Manchester, Ohio Robert Kimmel, New Paris, Ohio Herbert Laird, West Manchester, Ohio Burdette McGriff, Dayton, Ohio Emil Miller, Eldorado, Ohio Rodney Mowery, Arcanum, Ohio Kenneth Newman, Castine, Ohio Leonard Norris, Arcanum, Ohio Harold Petry, West Manchester, Ohio I Harry Shaffer, West Manchester, Ohio Kenneth Slade, Arcanum, Ohio Leverett Sleppy, Gettysburgh, Ohio Richard Somers, Ansonia, Ohio Harold Thompson, Plattsburg, New York Hubert Trump, Eldorado, Ohio Esther Banta, West Manchester, Ohio Mildred Boomershine Tanner, Richmond, Indiana Edna Brill, Clayton, Ohio l43l AIUIHHI continued Iris Burton Wichael, Dayton, Ohio Lois Eby Fellers, Castine, Ohio Marie Houseman, Richmond, Indiana Jeanette McFaddin Irwin, Castine, Ohio Mary Alice Norris, Greenville, Ohio Naomi Ruth Norris, Greenville, Ohio Ruth Petry Daton, Lewisburg, Ohio Reva Strickler, Eldorado, Ohio Esther Swink Kneisley, Dayton, Ohio Mary Trace Hawley, Dayton, Ohio Mildred Wondle, Arcanum, Ohio 1935 James Bell, Lewisburg, Ohio Harry Brown, Versailles, Ohio Leland Emrick, North Manchester, Indiana Stanley Eyler "' Alvin Jeanes, Richmond, Indiana Edgar Petry, North Manchester, Indiana Laurent Schlotterbeck, Lewisburg, Ohio Hugh Stivers, Columbus, Ohio Richard Tamplin, Eaton, Ohio Raymond Wooten, Yakima, Washington Clara Buckingham, Mt. Washington, Ohio Helen Carter, Greenville, Ohio Gladys Eddins, Eldorado, Ohio Hazel Eikenbery Spitler, Eldorado, Ohio Ruth Gauch, Eaton, Ohio Violet Howell Henn, Lewisburg, Ohio June Huebner, Miamisburg, Ohio Ruby Ketring MtCastle, Eldorado, Ohio Mildred Leach White, Eaton, Ohio Emma Mikesell, New Paris, Ohio Sarah Richards, Dayton, Ohio Helen Shivadecker Knoederer, Sunbury, Ohio Evelyn Smith, Dayton, Ohio Virginia Stayton, Eldorado, Ohio Helen Sullivan, Eaton, Ohio Heleen Swihart Richie, New Paris, Ohio Bernice Troutwine, Richmond, Indiana Dorothy Williams, Dayton, Ohio 1936 Gerald Brown, Eldorado, Ohio George Davisson, West Manchester, Ohio Raymond Deaton, Lewisburg, Ohio Earl Hall, Columbus, Ohio Robert Hapner, West Manchester, Ohio Dale Harris, Eaton, Ohio Byron Hensel, West Manchester, Ohio Ralph House, Eldorado, Ohio Ross House, Eldorado, Ohio Raymond Kimmel, Eldorado, Ohio Deo McGriff, Cincinnati, Ohio Chalmer Mowery, Arcanum, Ohio Paul Parks, West Manchester, Ohio Leo Petry, Richmond, Indiana Melbourne Petry, Richmond, Indiana George Robert Tanner, Johnsville, Ohio Leon Thompson, Eldorado, Ohio Lenora Deaton, Lewisburg, Ohio Sylvia Fleenor " Evelyn Fovi ble, Lewisburg, Ohio Marjorie Hall, Eaton, Ohio Jeannette Hawkey, Eldorado, Ohio Myrtle Hogg Casserman, Lewisburg, Ohio Hilda House Kemp, Eldorado, Ohio Vera House, Eldorado, Ohio Mable Houseman Tate, Dayton, Ohio Margaret Leach Folkerth, Castine, Ohio Lora Longenecker, Trotwood, Ohio Genevieve Ott Trump, Eldorado, Ohio Marguerite Sanderson, Richmond, Indiana Evelyn Slade, Bradford, Ohio it Deceased " 'F Location unknown Nfl 1 1 E E 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 1 11 11 11 i 1 11 1+ 11 11 11 11 1 11 11 11 11 11 1 D 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 P 1 11 11 'r 1a 1 5 11 1 1 11 1r 1 11 11 1 1. 1, S 1 'r 'r 1 S 1 1r :L 1 11 1: 11 'r 1r 'r P 1'- 000 000000000000 00 4-v of :viva-:vow :riff-I4-0000 0 00 of 0-f 0000000000 ,000 IVIARKEYS STORE JAMES MARKEK Proprietor White Villa QSECZQQQ Products Groceries I Fruits I Vegetables Home Dressed Fresh Meats Sucher's Victory Brond Cottoge Boking Co. Cured and Prepared Meats Treasure Bread and Rolls Notionol Biscuit Co. Richmond Baking Co. Ritz and Premium Crackers and Cakes Honey Boy Bread and Rolls Armour ond Co. Fresh and Cured Meats Canned Products ELDORADO, CHIC Phone 24 00-000::::4-0::::0-0:0 0-00: ,-00000 ..,... - v l44II Ruth Spitler, Eldorado, Ohio Clarabelle Stayton, Eldorado, Ohio Lucille Sullivan, Eaton, Ohio Emma Swink, Trotwood, Ohio Ruth Alma Troutwine Eby, Dayton, Ohio 1937 Robert Farst, Columbus, Ohio James William Copp, West Manchester, Ohio Martha Walters Copp, West Manchester, Ohio Eileen Miller, Richmond, Indiana Russell Waggoner, Stevenson, Virginia Lowell Spitler, Eldorado, Ohio Lowell Markey, Eaton, Ohio Lowell Petry, West Manchester, Ohio Helen Price Richards, Pyrmont, Ohio Dorothy Miller, North Manchester, Indiana Lorene Duke, Eaton, Ohio Marvin McGriff, West Manchester, Ohio Anna Glick Kimmel, New Paris, Ohio Ruth Petty, Greenville, Ohio Edna Mae Richards Thompson, West Manchester, Ohio James Somers, West Manchester, Ohio Donald Overholser, West Manchester, Ohio Helen Banta, Eldorado, Ohio Alice Bell Young, Lewisburg, Ohio Dorothy Swihart, Hamilton, Ohio Pauline Shaffer, West Manchester, Ohio Ruth Baker Emrick, Richmond, Indiana Roscoe Shaffner, West Manchester, Ohio Daniel Deaton, Eaton, Ohio f::::::::0::::::::::::::::::::::0Q 'I 'I I, 1, 1, 1, I, 1, 1, 1, I, 1, :I 'I I 'I I, 1, I, 1, 1, 1, 'I I, 'I 1, I, 1, 1 I I 1, :I COMPLIMENTS :I I I I I I 1, 1 'I I I I I 1 1 or 1 I 'I 1, 1, 1, 1, 'I 'I I II I I 'I ' I, 1 E P. Tnffschuh, M D. 1 'I I: 'I I, 'I 1, 'I 1, 'I 1, 1, 1, 'I 1, 'I I, I, 1, 1, 1, I, I, I, 1, I, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 'I 1, I, 1, 'I I, Iv:::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::J i451 Alumni continued Virginia Sink Bach, Verona, Ohio Alice Juday Lee, Eldorado, Ohio Kathryn Laird, Dayton, Ohio Betty Lou Brown, Athens, Ohio Dola Bunger Brown, Versailles, Ohio Ray Schlotterbeck, West Manchester, Ohio John Wagner, Eaton, Ohio Eugene Warrick, New Paris, Ohio Eugene Folkerth, Eaton, Ohio William Garber, New Madison, Ohio Carl Lipps, New Paris, Ohio Furman Howell, West Manchester, Ohio Kenneth Fowble, Eldorado, Ohio 1938 Robert Acton, Eaton, Ohio Denver Mowery, Arcanum, Ohio Reed Fleenor, Richmond, Indiana Jean Agler, Eldorado, Ohio Byron Rutan, Eldorado, Ohio Waldo Stoner, Eldorado, Ohio Beatrice Wright, Dayton, Ohio Helen Lucas, West Manchester, Ohio Betty Swihart, Richmond, Indiana Marianna Stayton, Oxford, Ohio Unger Buckingham, Eaton, Ohio Garland Eyler, Eaton, Ohio Helen Dalrymple, Eaton, Ohio Louise Duffield, Richmond, Indiana Esther Pence, Eaton, Ohio Lydia Trump Blankenship, Dayton, Ohio Mary Catherine Schlotterbeck, Columbus, Ohio Grace Deaton, Eaton, Ohio -Norma Jean g-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::44I I 'I :- I I 'I :I 'I I I :I :I I I 1 '- I 'I :I I I 1: 1: I, 1, 'I 'I I' I' I I :I COMPLIMENTS :I I I, 1: 'I 'I 1, 1, :I 'I I 'I 1, 1, , OF 1 I I I ' I II 1, 1, 1, 1, I 1 I I 1 C E Mamma, M D. 1 I 1, 1, 1, 1 1, 1: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 'I 'I 'I 'I 1' 1' I 1 :I 11 1: 'I 'I 1, 1, 1, 1, Ir:::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::J P P I 'P 'P '::":::-Af: v::::fff::: IOOIJ- 'P f:::::::: :v ::::00:::::0::::::::::.-, 1, 1, 1, 'I It TI 'P P 'P I 4, 4, 1, LeW1sburg Lumber QI ., P 1, 'P 4 'P :P 'P 1, Company ,P Q, ,P 1: 1: COMPLIMENTS if 4 'P 4, Dealers in , 4, 4 , 4 I P, Lumber, Building Material OF 'P 'P , 4, 4, 1, Fencing and Paints QI E' IL P P ' gg gg Q: Q: Dr. H A. Kemper P M P P D. D. S. P f-when You Build, 5, 1, Buiid with The Best." 1, 11 1, 4 4, w, iiiillf... .. . P 1: Lewisburg, Ohio 1: 'P 'P 'P 4, 4, 1, Phone 45 EP ., P P 'P 'P 'P 'P LEWISBURG, OHIO P Qt 1: 1: 5 'P :P 4 "'00"""'e"'000'004-'sl-0000-0-0-0-X 4i::::::::::::: - - -:::::::oo - +:::::l : A A A - -:::::: A -:::'::: A:::'::: -::::::: :::::C:::::::::::: "' - A A::::'E, 'P il 'P Baci.-- Come our customers of previous years for their Chick Feeds this 5 season. Their success comes from feeding the RIGHT FEED 4, - --- P and buying at the RIGHT PRICE. P ..l....l.. , P OUR STOCK OF I P F A R M S E E D S Are also of the same high quality that our standard of excellence demands. 4 'P WE INVITE YOUR INVESTIGATION. -O . gi ' CCC'-W" C S 'P 'P THE LE WISB UR G ELEVHTO 3: P C. W. PONTIUS :P :P 4 72 45555553 ff: 'Psi 4'l5?Q5iJ5Q i461 LONG LONG Aao O15 Sfmoli CLASS nv fk 5 ' . fy... 5 li 1 5 5 3 i S bg ' 4 f zs ' M D mf e ELMER fi fx ., 1 Q4 W 'Q 5 sa 5 5 E f-:ff T 2 , , P. :-., BQAIH ChBLtl,F'owbLEQ,JOHllS gmna . Q gg ff' ' flffvfl 35 X 'W , ps. ww -'fu 5 A K it m'k5!'f VIH H, E L E A M013 l47l -000000000000000000 0000000 000-A--00- ----- 0000000-000.-0',.,, ,,,,,,,,, ,- ,---o-v-,,- v-vovv 0---000-v COIVIPLIMENTS OF H A. GEETING AUTO CO. Foz-QD PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTORS OF SINCLAIR PRODUCTS R. M. Brown H. A. Geeting WEST MANCHESTER, OHIO LEWISBURG, OHIO -- ..,,. - .....,,. 0----0000 ,.... ---- - ----,,,-- --.--- ,,-v, FRANCIS ci ROSSER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber Builcler's Hardware Builder's Supplies Sherwin Williams Paint We now have a full line of Insecticides. WEST MANCHESTER, OHIO 0.00.0-.0.0N4 T481 500000000 0000000000000 00000000 If lr 5 3 1: Ammerm an 's lr ' I G. A. Store QUALITY GROCERIES, 52 MEATS and NoTloNs AT VERY LOW PRICES! ' watch our Sale Bills 1 P for Specials You Cannot l Afford to Miss! 1 1 1 WEST MANCHESTER, , OHIO 1 'I n 4..0::::::::00:::: :::::00:::: Juli us Seltz -lo.-l "THE HOME OF GOOD CLOTHES" 1-.-O . EATON, OHIO 108 North Barron Street MARKETS STORE F. C. Barber, Mgr. FARM MACHINERY TRACTOR SERVICE North Cherry Street Telephone 177 A11 kinds of farm machinery. EATON, OHIO T491 ::::.'::: FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Eaton Posey Shoppe zos EAST MAIN STREET Phone 123 EATON, OHIO C'ampbeI1's Drug Store "The Store of Quality" Main Street - Opposite Court House PHONE No. 20 EATON, OHIO -, ......... ----- -:::'Q0'::::Q:::- Spitlerfs Clinic Eaton, Ohio F H V ,0,Q,,'4Q0o0QQQQQ"o4,,,'0Q-44,0'0,',,4Q',','0"'Q'QQQQQQQQQQQ' Compliments of C. WALTER MCCOOL FUNERAL DIRECTOR AMBULANCE SERVICE LEWISBURG, OHIO TELEPHONE 5 OUR AIM IS TO BE WORTHY OF YOUR FRIENDSHIP E C. KRAMER Home Furnishings and Funeral Service LEWISBURG OHIO -'v' 0 0Q00'Q0'QQQQQQ""'0Q'Q""-,"","'04'f"'0 00""', ,"',,",,,-f,,'0,""',,,4',"",,',""" ,,,,',"" Vernor D. Grabill REXALL DRUGGIST LEWISBURG, OHIO Drugs, Medicines, Toilet Articles, Magazines. Pipes, Cigars. Tobacco. Cigmw-ltes Soda Fountain 0' ',"',,,',,,- Q ',,,',,,,,, ,,, , ,',,",,,"""""' Tm: ONLYCOMPLETE In Low PRICED CAR ONE HEVEQOLET SALES S ERVICE PARTS EATON OHIO 9 - Q, YL . 5 D1 tx HI TflxN'FL'tZ N- .,., ..,, . X Axik xxx " J .-.-.- N XE .. . ..M W , ., E , , . , 9 C 1 E NC E T 0 U R E0-GE-J f'VIc1,Vf?0E's i'1?c,'c HERB WIN VA HARVFQQAL ToP CHAR'LiE H- HIS FfefGHmMva.m'5 l51l B " rv 'fwfz THD!-VS iQ .jf BR3Affv TRUULLIL . 3, x vi' 6 , x 'bE VX 1f!TT'EVa'AN'f'S in Us A 1, V1 I v 3 - -:1 B E Til .v DiT7'o '36 WVAGQN wf'iifaZL: :.-:0::: ------ - - -::::::::::::: A gnu 9 U CBe5f Wishes From F. N. Wait Co. Makers of Fine Funeral Furnishings Richmond, Indiana Q9 K , a,.p,',.',,.-4.-::::::::::: - :::::::.f- i521 ,- .1 VS fi x 13? BABY DAYS HURRAY! NEW BUSSF-5 inseam.,-,.,.,.. WANNA NODE P PU RAE PUELLAE FEEDING THEIR FACES THE APPLE OF HIS EYE NOP? ! PEP-ER UP-ERS Y PEEXJEE Q if . SENIORS PAL 5' 5,415 I ZOUP 'S ON ,v,, F I , WA, BARBER snap HARMONY " ' b, M 1 W6 E53 ri 'W HI 1 .vioxme WW' xfxca P5 7,3 5 NUNBERQ 14.311 mic' ' QUEEN crm 3 ,ami , 3 lzzqivzzz ggs, Izq wno's A NSLQGERD Aurrr mxuczs ' , N, " 1 55' sopuormue seven ' NUNPS INN GIRL TROUBLE ELDQRADO, OH IO MASTIN'S DRUG STORE - Phone 34 COMPLIMENTS OF ELDORADO BAKING COMPANY A. V. MCCLURE ELEVATOR - Phones 33 and 52 HARVEY SHEWMON FILLING STATION - Phone 45 THE HARRY L. BUSSARD CO. - Morticians - Phone 21 RICHMOND, INDIANA WHITEY KESSLER'S SPORT SHOP - 12 North 9th Street BARTEL, ROHE dc ROSA NEW MADISON, OHIO THE J. A. FLAIG LUMBER COMPANY EATON, OH IO THE HOOVER PHARMACY -- John F. Phares, Prop. - Phone 230 LEE W. SCHLENKER, Jeweler CLIVE V. SPITLER - Groceries and lVIeats - 520 North Maple St. GIRTON FUNERAL HOME - Phone 253 C. B. O'HARA - Veterinarian -- Phone 8073 HARRY NISWANDER - Farm Supplies - Phone 106-Y MRS. WAGNER'S KITCHEN - 122 East Main Street - Phone 96 WILSON HARDWARE CO. - Hardware - Stoves - Glass - Pure Seed BRUMBAUGH COMPANY - Farmall Tractors and Implements C. N. MORRIS - D. S. A. For Hobart Mfg. Co. -- Phone 268-R SEVEN MILE TAVERN - Parties and Receptions WEST MANCHESTER, OH IO ROBERT IP. EYER - Insurance of All Kinds - Phone 124 SILER FURNITURE CO. - Funeral and Ambulance Service C. B. McKEE 86 SON -- Wayne Feeds DR. C. W. BEANE, M. D. CHAS. A. FORD -- Hardware Store TURNER'S BAKERY HOLSINGER'S DRUG STORE -- Best Wishes to the Senior Class PATRON S MR. CLARENCE CROUSE, Eaton, Ohio MR. C. E. SCHLOTTERBECK, Lewisburg, Ohio MR. CLAUDE YOUNG, Eldorado, Ohio U41 1 5-- I 1 1, I, 1 I 1, ,z The P P 1 1 '+ . MCDOnQ1d S Camp 1' 1: Peoples BQ11k111g I P 1, 1 FOI' Good Food 1, 3: Company 1, , 1, 1, 11 1 Lewisbur Ohio gy In 11 L P Mobilggs 11 Solicits Business AND On the Basis of 1 Mobiloil " , , 11 :E Friendly and Helpful Service at your service. 1 ,, 1 1 1, 1, We will appreciate your 1 1 patronage. O 1, , 1, 1, MCDONALUS CAMP I: 11 1, 1, LEWISBURG, OHIO 'f 1 1, Ig All Deposits Up To 55,000 1, 'v Insured by the Federal De- 1, 1, posit Insurance Corporation. 1 1 i ..........s ..... - -- BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS MjIler's Food Market ZOO East Main ST. Eaton, Chia -v--ao---- vv-- -:v-::::-o ::,'0'o" 0 -- ---- -A-o COMPLIMENTS OF O. E RICHARDS cgi SON Complete Line of Farm Machinery Fairbanks-Morse Refrigerators, Washers and Radios Anker Holth Cream Separators Buyers of Poultry All Through the Year PHONE 106 - WEST MANCHESTER, OHIO of-oo-oQ4o'o' 0-04-.ff-.4-.00'00'04-4-4-0 - - - ------A--+-+-------- i551 -::::'0::: ::::c::::: ::::- ::::0:::- 4 F l li 4 0 1, E l 1 ATON, ACROSS FROM 1' OHIO POST OFFICE il I I H.+- l 1: iwiiitittiii l S Furniture Rugs Linoleum If 5 ll . . l 11 Philco Radios Speed Queen Washers s 12 l Dutch Oven and South Bend Coal Or Wood Ranges if I E Tappan Divided Top Visolite Oven Gas Ranges l 1 I 1 E Florence and Boss Oil Ranges l " 2 Ladies Read -TO-Wear Dr Goods S y y 1' 5 1: E Shoes Clothing Groceries E S A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE E :E yr ff: -:::":::: ::: 1 l 1 l 1 l ' I' 1 Flrsf State Bank z 3 Acton s Meat Market 13 l MEMBER E. D. I. C. E Home Killed Meats ' ' 1 t 1 1 1 5' The Bank of Friendly 5 PHONE 431 i and Helpful Service. E :I , S i, WEST MANCHESTER, OHIO 3 l, EATON' OHIO jf i 'HNNNNNNNN ' l:NNN'N,",'N'NNN.NNM"3 T iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i . """"""""""'ii l 1 CONGRATULATIONS , 2 11 1 SENIQRS g 2 Eldorado Creamery CO. :Q l li 1 1 S g 11 1' l PHONE 41 or 5 'g QC MIIIGI Funeral Home If 2 ' Gives you the Highest 8 , Phone 102 2 Price for Butter Fat. l I I Ig ELDORADO, OHIO If 2-NH-:::-H--xMH:--:::: 3 - :::::-H:---::::v --xl l56l AGGIN' Us on ' X ' ,.,,., 1 CHAMPS OF '39' 1 THUMBER TINE amuuru-+sRANoPA BELL ,cow HERE! 1 5 e :211 -:-:-v ' v m u eu1oRS ' x.-Am. HERE we come! Q K ff 'BATTER UP KICK 'ER OUT HERE we Aan AGAIN bPEE.D I UPN W aa f::-. ' -V'. Q " srmkie wmzef-v5d5ki our M005 RN ART 'fc " l57I ::::::::::::::3:F: :fiol-c:4:::::::::::::: BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS AT POPULAR PRICES Howard Knoll Studio 608 Canby Bldg. 137 S. Main St FUlton 8642 DAYTON, OHIO ::::: :::::::: - ::::0:::: :.-:::- A A - - - - A -:::::::: Aren 't We Punny? Scull-A place of learning. Touchers-What it takes to make pupils learn. Buoys-The masculine essentials of every class. Curls-The feminine essentials of every class. School daze-180 of vvhich n1akes a school year. Algebra-A species of striped animals. Beet-Plural of boot. Rink-What a boy gives to a girl. Thing-What we do in chorus. Text--What Miss Giedeman gives. Study-A certain kind of boy-friend. Xlase-VVhat you forget to vvash in the niorning. Feather-The one who writes the checks. Icicle-What Flash fell off of. Since-What seniors have in their heads. Pitcher-What you hang on the Wall. Bat-Not nice fPeck's Bat Boyb. Velocipede-A kind of insect. Chair--A kind of yell CChair, Chair for old Monroej. Myth-An unmarried lady. Scholarship-JK boat for scholars Yoke-Something to laugh at. Brook-Past participle of break. Mistake-A kind of meat. Sympathy-A famous musical composition. Quotient-A saying of some famous person. Tin-To be able CI tin do ith. Collar-The absence of white. Tied-Drunk. Postum-What you do with letters. Chorus-What is left of apples. Log-Not short. Chalk-What you do on the green carpet. Cantaloup-A kind of animal. Catcher-Often eaten on hamburgers. Prophecy-A professor's meeting. Baccalaureate-A famous poet. E581 W. H. STUTZ J. E. SANDO M. . SANDO H "The Home Should Be First" Headquarters for the following: Furniture, Floor Coverings, Frigidaire Electric Refrigeration and Ranges Magic Chef Gas Ranges, Philco Radios Globe Heaters and Ranges STUTZ :Vi SANDO FUNERAL DIRECTORS and EMBALMERS Lady Attendant 24 Hour Ambulance Service ARCANUM, Phone 22-M NEW MADISON, Phone 16-M WEST MILTON, Phone 51-W ----,-,--- 'P Y' l 1 r l 1 1 li 1 5 .3 Stanley Bell 62 Sons Unique Beauty Shop If DEALERS IN LIVESTOCK 'r lf l Barns in Gratis, Ohio, and ll l Richmond, Indiana l 16M North 8th Street ,1 11 E West Manchester, Ohio 1 1 Machineless, Notonic, E if and other Waves. ll E frr: -:::::::::::::::- 'I i Open evenings by appointment S E CCMPLIMENTS 'u PHONE 7621 5: E OF Naomi Hollingsworth , 5 . I Richmond, Indiana 1: 3 Palestme Feed M111 I, H. L. Shaffer K. D. Newman 5 :E Palestine, Ohio l J - .........,... ,..,.,,- l59l Jokes Miss Giedeman coming into the library, "Oh, Lenora, how do you stand it in here?" Lenora replied: "I usually sit." Ruthmary, on the phone: "Call for me tonight at eight sharp." Ralph: "O. K. What time will you be ready?" Glenella, after summer vacation: "Have you ever seen the Catskill Mountains?" Lois Petry: "I haven't, but live seen cats kill mice." Virgil: "Junior's been sitting there all day, doing nothing but wasting time." Howard: "How do you know?" Virgil: "I've been sitting here watching him." "Dale, you seem to be in deep thought," said the hostess. "Yessum," replied Dale, "Ma told me something to say if you should ask me to have some cake and I bin here so long I fergit what it was." B ll Rautsaw went to the city to buy some supplies, sending them home before him. When Marjorie looked at the largest package, she uttered a cry and called for a hammer. She explained to Glenella, who came up to her, that the inscription on the box said, "Bill inside." C. D. Kworking on Englishl: "What is a definition of dust?" Hubert H.: "I guess it is mud with the juice squeezed out." Ruth: "Is he a reckless driver?" Maxine: "Say, when the road turns the same way he does, it's just a coincidence." Avis tin a restaurantlz "Say, waiter, there's an insect in my soup!" Waiter: "That's all right, it's most likely one of those vitamin 'Bees'." It is said that that doctor's daughter is just a little pill, but the one we know is a little Beane. Mr. Rust fin chemistry classy: "Carl, will you give the formula for water?" Carl: "HIJKLMNO." Mr. Rust: "No, it is H2O." Carl: "Well, that's what I said. H to O." Miss Stoner, reading from a book: "The boy's finger nails looked as if they were in mourning." Norma: "I have my finger nails in the evening, too." Mr. Getz: "What do you call people who walk in their sleep?" James S.: "Night Crawlers." Bertie: "Did anyone ever tell you how wonderful you are?" Dick: "No, I don't think so." Bertie: "Then I'd like to know where you got the idea." Mrs. McCoy: "Leon, what is the opposite of create?" Leon: "Cremate." Charles R.: "Say, how did you get in the theater without buying a ticket?" Loy: "Sh-h. Don't tell anyone. I walk in backwards and the doorkeeper thinks I'm going out." Miss Shroll: "What is a rime?" Hubert Ott: "The outside of a watermelon." One cold, rainy day Martha Jane went to the window and saw a tree covered with ice. "Oh," she cried, "the dogwood is in bloom." Miss Watt: "How do you define 'black as your hat'?" Roy: "Darkness that may be felt." It must have been a bright boy like Howard Mayers, who said: "Rubbers are something which if your feet are dry you haven't walked thru the snow without." Mr. Young, in History class: "Who was Ta1leyrand?" Meryl Pence: "She was a fan dancer, and what do you mean by pulling that baby talk on me?" Mr. Holsinger: "Where is Detroit?" Marjorie Lou: "In Chicago playing the White Soxs." Mr. Rust, in physics class: "Can you give an illustration of the use of hot air, Charles O.?" Charles made a long incoherent recitation. Mr. Rust: "Yes-that recitation is a very good example." "Oh, Mother," said Marjorie Strickler. "I-Ie loves me! He loves me!" "Oh, my dear child, has he told you?" "No, but he's down in the living room playing checkers with father." A question in an exam: "What is a water line?" lVIary S.: "The mark around your neck." Note well: All this stuff is really to fill up space. Who are we to try to fool the public? Woof! Woof! l60l Would It Be Monroe If . . Miss Watt didn't dream? Ruth Cable didn't play the piano? Marjorie Strickler never lost her temper? Dick Bell and Bill Rautsaw never came to West Manchester? Leon Schlotterbeck didn't like dairy maids? Mr. Young weren't singing? Everybody didn't like Shucky? We didn't have the Sophomore Seven? Jr. Fowble didn't wear loud shirts? Fern Fourman ever flirted with a boy? Lois Kemp didn't tell about "Herbert"? Red Mayers weren't Hfixingl' typewriters? Martha Jane Gates didn't like peanuts? Elmer couldn't shake his head? Bill Sink was ever on time? Ruthmary Beane didn't giggle? Wallace Campbell minded his own business? The French class didn't gossip? Mary Stiver cou1dn't tell Sunday School jokes? Harvey Petry wasn't bald? Mrs. McCoy didn't like the seniors? Wayne Holsinger had not started the Seniors "cooing"? You ever saw Copp and Gruber apart? Avis Hundley was a good little boy? Charles Royer talked like Peter Rabbit? Bobby Hensel's face didn't turn red? Beth Giedeman didn't fall in mud puddles? Seniors weren't so angelic? Juniors weren't so bad? Sophomores weren't so silly? Freshmen weren't so green? The Parks Twins liked the girls? Miss Shroll ever wore dirndle skirts? Charles Overholser wasn't such a block head? Marie Howell didn't write letters? -Alberta Ammerman - -..---- - .A-- ---A-- ----- , 4, - ----- ------- vv------v--vv ----------ff 'I if-----v--v----::::::,,:,:,,:,,, 1, 1, I IL .I 1: STORE YOUR MEAT, 'I 'I , I F I if 1, VEGETABLES and FRUITS I I I :E in one of our refrigerator lockers. It Designers and Manufacturers of will Pay YOU to investigate now. I 'I 'I 1 5: We have an up to date plant for I School and College Jewelry doing custom butchering all during If the year. Give us a trial. 'I 'I Graduation Announcements :I I :I :I IRON FURNACE STOKERS I I 1: are still the leaders. We have sold them Medals for over eight years. See them before I :E you buy. 1, 1, Indianapolis, Indiana 'I 'I 1 lg FLORY ICE, coAL 'I 'I I 1 JEWELERS 'ro MoNRoE :I :I 65 TRUCK CQ, 'I 'I TOWNSHIP RURAL SCHOOL Phone 111 Eaton' Ohio -----------A ----A-A--A----All 2-A--Mu --AA------ l61l A Word of Appreciation To Mr. Rust for his splendid cooperation in taking and developing many of the pictures which appear throughout this hook. To our many friends who helped us fi- nancially. To everyone who gave us helpful sug- gestions and encouragement in editing this annual. To all of these, we as a class, wish to ex- press our sincere thanks. l62l Alma Mater Ruthmary Beane and Marjorie Strickler Dear Monroe, to thee we singg With our praise thy walls shall ring, May our school forever stand As the best one in the land, May she ever have her name Placed in glorious halls of fameg Ever, always we will he Loyal, faithful, true to thee. Though in time must all depart, Memories rest in every heart, Of the days when they were here, Singing with great joy and cheer, Of thy desks and chairs and walls, Laughter ringing thy halls Though we'd search the wide world through, We'd find none so fair as you. l631 H A Yr A 1 . " ,fl Av? A 41. . ., 8 'L UA. VK 4: lv. il NV' .1 . an 4 gd, W4 X me - , - Q' k xi , D. 1 WA. nf. 1 'V' 1 ' J' 1 "P-r.--. "' ' -Hifi'-. A --21--2 v. .-A , , Q. 1 :H - .- -.4 A"-":'- 1 .. I, V- -Af - - H- an-4. A. As, , g l fi Jr, in Y. ,V .sv 4: wt ,. 4 All ,A wiiz u I 'Ap 'P' A-A , A -.Q -A S :fm , ff. .A W :N .- .., 1 vw. A4' ' . ,,1' 'VF' 'R-,F . .af if. A. - 2" wi ' W. A-K A. 2, f, - A k y ' 1 . -:FAH A axblfvfi ,L?"':.: v " 'a .Jw X' ' 'I A , fuss f v gin-'L 'A ,gg-L1 ff!! -' ' ' :il yi ' ' 42. 113, ' Lg n A . A , A- -1 .v - a.. .5..,..-Q s up K- .,-Inv: Ibn' r :A A , A 444. 5 A -,Q .xfiw A J W rf , -. ag-2' 4 Q Sf' H. 7 -H" ,A W V 1. y O ' . ' g f Q ,MQ Aw Akasa' A -.., 'M v ' L: . In ' ygazr, AR Y' . W U P, ' , Q4-Q, .Q K . .-,,.,?iW ,Y J - . r '.u 1, ., , 4 A 1 ' 'A' I ,. af ' ., Fx.: r L ,K ' 'lv ' , "ui: N "' -Q .W ' ff' . ' " ' W Hff" V151 ,A wi .555 , A, , 1. 3.--'3 , , , VJ. f gga- . e"'+ H".- ' at-F1 u f:4.,'3' - .G .. A .fnig-.p, SAB' ,, 'P' M . m, 32" ' ' xv 1 A ' 91: .D G' ' YE' M ' . ,N , It ,- z if . Q . ' , - t .pn . , A-,. rf ' a .K 1? i' 3, . Q . - . 4 ,it l .X ,M , A , ' A A: -. . , -5 f -A :QW K 7- '. Lff 1 5 A Q. . ,Y-K' A .w W, ., ' l 4 v V N A -1, , 4 V P- ,.A,,,, . . f , x . - A A . . ' ' ' " 1 dv' if : ' ff r Q. Q. A ' .. , . 1 'An' U4 V A . , E . 6 -,. 1 i D, ...ill I-1 AT 9+ 'J -.nh A " .1 f A .. , A A, ' 1 A ,X , ' - V ry . . ,, , . . ., , . . , 6 , ,W , , . . 1, 3 M! ifyf V . . 4 . .9 . P ' Ha X - 'f 1 'lf ' , . ,. , , ,Y A ' ' X , v 1, . f fa U! Q 1 U A, , x - Ar I . . , , - .- ' AA 1 f' ' sat J f wg, .7 - rl uf, Q ' ,I 5 'Q' 'ni .,.'A, , 1' 4 Q -, ' ' x ' 'A L. A A 1 5 4, 'x' Lf '- ' " fx A' in ,ff v If 'HA Q' ,WE Fl ,gp X -1 6, -6. , '-gs. A I, . 1 H .gl 4, . . .4 4 - L. . f A ,I , , ,-4 , , 1 . Af 1. A h Ah ,Gi .A V, b b ,. , 'A .- . 'W'-3' " A - -1 ,,,..-, A ' H 7fA:"' Ar. A ,M H 'li I ,H in ?A. f. M-, U H k',v.,f-L.g,q A!! A ',,, '- 'A -.,.3,.: ,wi "' lit A . 447, M V ' ,Q QI'.,5A N AA " Zfw N1 J p f ' A , " 1 1. T'-A ." RT?T-5.2. Hi."-L5g9'ji1'fW'J,fA ' :J .1- A ' ': " rx '-A-"ix A ' A A ...4 fu " A K. -- .i . ' ' - A f. A ,1,..M...a-1 ,.Af..v,,.1, N-.4-am..-L..Q.,,5-J,,.r51mgggAg3i ' ' "ev.1.14 ' 1- " -'az-:.:. ' ' wanna-" "N-r..1asaun5v:.2io:?r .

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